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THE ANCHOR­ Thurs.. July 16, 1964

Ask Republicans Include All Pupils In Education Aid


Minor Seminaries Need Effective Guidance Plan

SAN FRANCISCO (NC)­ The Republican Party was asked by the National Cath­ olic Welfare Conference to

BURLINGTON (NC) - A well planned and conducted , coun8eling program is "one of the major needs" of minor

include all school-age children as beneficiaries if it supports Federal aid for education. The request was made of the GOP platform committee by Msgr. Mark J. Hurley, superin­ tendent of schools, diocese of ~tockton, and Thomas Mellon, San Francisco businessman and fo.rmer member of the California board of education. They spoke for the NCWC, na- , tioool secretariat of the U. S. ' bishops in Washington,D. C. Ac­ companying them was William Consedine, director of the NCWC's Legal Department. Give Due.Recognition Msgr. Hurley said of a GOP platform for the 1964 elections which would include all chil­ dren, regardless of the school they attend, as recipients of any proposed Federal program to improve education: "It is our conviction that such" a platform will give due recog­ nition of the public service ren,;.' ' dered by private nonprofit schools in the total educational' I effort of this country and that' , such a 'platform is essential to ) good 'public legislative policy." '. " Mellon argued thalt GOP sUP~" Port last year of Federal aid for conBtruction-of academic facilj':': ties' at' colleges indicated that in- , eluswn of private grade and high ': schools in aid proposals might be acceptable to Republicans.

STONEHILL HOSTS SCHOOL LUNCH CONFERENCE: Principals planning the School Lunch Conference for public, private and parochial schools to be held at Stonehill College, Aug. '~n - Sept. 4, are, left to right: Brother Herman ZaccarelIi, C.S.C., co-ordin­ ator of the conference; Very Rev. John T. Corr, C.S.C., president of StonehilI; Henry Seguin, supervisor of the lunch program at Feehan High, Attleboro; and John C. Stalker, director of the lunch program for the Department of Education of Massachusetts.,

Director Advocates, Better, ,Preparation Properly Motivated Personnel Necessary

seminaries, a Franciscan voca­ tions conference here in Wiscori­ sin was told. Fr. Carroll Tageson, O,F.M., a psychologist from San LuIs Rey, California, said counseling , and "personal spiritual direct­ ion" are important ~o the minor seminarian in helping him to "evaluate his' seminary expel'i~, ences, clarify his own motives' for being there and con~inuing' and easing him through the in­ evitable, stresses of his trans­ itional status.",' Some 50 Franciscan vocation d-ireciors and rectors from the U.S., Canada and England at­ tended the 19th meeting of the American Franciscan Society fQr Vocations at St. Francis Monastery here. Theme of the meeting was "Aggiornamento in Vocations." , father Juniper Alwell, O,F.M. Conv., of Union City, N.J., said, that' 'in recruitment a vocations director "should have the good of "the individu~1 boy foremost in his mind.

N;EW YORK (NC)-Increased on the· sick patient 'untrained personnel in the health fields, Vatican 'Plan ,: eifortsto recruit and train young aides and a hodgepodge of raw Father Flanagan said "we must "Whatever is good for the boy " people for careers in nursing recruits." , do more than advertise' and re­ wiVl" all t~ings being ~c:iual, ,be and other "paramedical" fields -Urging better ,preparation of cniit - we must help set up eventually' good for ,the diocese, were urged at the 17th annual training centers or get t1\e, as~ or' religious" cOmmunity," he" meeting 'of the" Conference of, sistance 'of educational' institu­ said'.' " , ", , , , CatholL. •• I S 'lions, and agencies." -, F-'h CP . . .Schoo'· . . . . of Nursing ..... er 'Godfrey P oage, ' ...' here. Most'Vital Faeet Vatican vocations expert, said 'Same Logie' "

The meeting was held in ad­ the Vatican hopes to double the' . '" . "we attempt ,tQ interest ' , , V'ance of' the 4!Hh annual con- , ' , :Noting that 19 GOP Senato-

4.... ' d i l l ' d 'number of Catholic religioue XD vention of the Catholic Hospital t' .' , d' NE.W HOLSTEIN (NC)~ur- JUnlQr an ·sen or co eges m eand 107 Republican members ...,. ~ ' 1 . " h ' d voca Ions durmg the next ec­ A~ociation of the United States plus food clothing and a wonder ve opmg programs, ' e sal. d H 'd th 'I f d' . the House supPorted the' college and Canada.' Abo,ut' 500 nursing drug calied sUlfo~ are the in­ "We .can help them, organize a e. e, sal . e p an or (lmg aid bill, which benefi.t! both -"1 d if so includes mcreased prayer for 'educators attended. struments 'of mercy that an ~eanlD6~"" programs, ~n. 0 er t' d 1 .-tb th 1 bo to d I 1f voca 'IOns; goo examp e, ...., Publ,ic and prl'vate, instl'tutl'O'ns, J 1 S J American missionflry priest is '. e.~ a, ra. ryan c lDlca a.., f' F Mellon 'oDld .....- same 10gl'C ,ather John . F anagan, .., lit e h h they m ed an e fectlve" public rela t·Ions -.. loin: • • ' of th using to bring new hope to len.... CI I S W. IC d . ,ay ne. . ". which applies at the, colle­ ,ex.ecu,tive d.lrect.or. ,e H os­ .. , W d t." ,program t 0 enh ance th' e "Image ' ers' In a mountal'nous region of ...... tal A ted th ,e .can glve,"1 Vice an assls -', f" th .' . t ' th d­ level applies also to the eiemen;,,' \. pi ssoclatloh, CI e suc-, , . 'ance to vocatjonal education,: 0 " e prIes U1 e mo ern ta ' d ' d' 1'" ", ' " cess of the Peace Corps as proof MeXICO. , ' . , ' ' world;' and intelligent spiritual ry an secon.arYlev~. , ": that"young l>eople want 16 help, Father Daniel 'Carroll,S.D.S.. . ageq~le~.. We ~~n 'Pe ,prepar,ed ,direction. counseling. ali<;l g~idMellon also. CIted .GOP suppo,-i " others and .said "positions in ibe."'· 11M traveled some 9,000 miles "to l?~rticlpate, m.; g.overnmental. 'ance.' ' in ~958. for the ,Na,tlOrial Defen~ ' ) paralnedical field will ,enable the' 9tateof Guanajuliiflo, 150 pr~g~ms, for traUllDg ,and, re­ Edtre.~lOn Act,,~veral of ,,:ho~ , them to 'help people' not for a 'miles northwest of MexiCo City, " tramu;J.g personnel, '. . p~ov1Slons ,in,~ Iud e pr!vate,: year or two, but on a permanent 'seeKirlg v,icUms of. the disFat~er, Flanagan said areaWide schools and their teachers. , , basis." " ' ease' and' giving' them food, clo:' plapnmg for health. care ' ~hat COVINGTON (NC) - Mother In. a prepare,<! statemept; He deplored what he termed a' thing and medicine., co~c~~trat~s only on phYSICal ,Anile M. Berchmans, Superior Msgr. ~~ley ~ressC«i.tha1 tQe·" willingness on the part Of the Efforts to aid are paying' off, . facihtie~ does n~ r.each the , General, is coming here ,to Ken-, NCWC IS not .an o~trIght Pr~ , , health professioJIfl "to turn loose", herep6rted on a visit to Salva':;' most .. Vital facet ,m the total tucky from Mo~eUej France, f~l' ~on~.?t ,of Federal ,aid to educa~," , ' I ' torllih 'F:athers' : headquarters problem of health, c~~e-the ,cry­ the' celebration of the 75th an­ tlO11. , , .." , ' , , : .. ' , , : ".' '" 'here in 'Wise<>nsin " mg n~d f9r qualified, person­ , niversary of 'the arrival oftl)e ," The NCWC ~lieves, he 'said, "!"to I nger do lepers sit :' nel~pabl.e and pr~perly~oti- , Sisters of Divine' Providence in that the question of Whether,. • - , 'Ion road c" vatf.d ,to gIVe techDlcal and pro­ ryin g'''Unclean the' Covington diocese. The sis-, a 19 ~, d th t~re shoUld be ·Federal aid is Id I pe'r col' :fessional care of sick people." terhood's provincial house is ill t h' h 't une ean, an e 0 e ­ , 1 r nho Pldroptaek y one ?ti~ w BICt ~ DUB'LIN (NC) - More than onies are about gone," Father Melboure, Ky. , s ou e a POSI on. u •• 530 students were awarded di­ C 11 'd IT d y th holds that if Congress does plom, as by the Catholic Workers' arro f sal. 0 a ., letr~ are 1 h 'd "'t . . very 0 f ISO a mg a ~vor suc al ,liS our conVlC­ training" ,by the Jes­ . t ew cases 1.... 1 f h' - OMAHA (NC)-Gen. Thomas bon that the general welfare 'of '·ts i t ' patlen comp C'.e y rom IS B0­ S. Power, commander-in..:chief the eountry and the national in­ Ul Theer;:hoOl trains workers' to ciety. ., of the Strategic Air Force Com­ terests dictate .that all children participate, in trade unions,' "fos­ Travels Widel,. mand, and Mrs. Power have re­ h 11 this h i n d "LeprosY is contagious, but s are equa y I,? epa tering among its students," "as DOt· as badly as people believe.' cei,,~ ,. decoratioJIfl from ,Pope ~couragement. Father Edmond Kent, S.J., di­ YoU cahShake hands 'with them' . Paul VI. The general was named , recto,.. of studies, ,declared in his arid' not 'be' in any real' dangeT'.' . a Knight of the Grand Cross of an~ual repor~, "t~e spirit of in- 'One would have to have an open ;the: Qrder of st., Sylvester,while. ;Mrs. Power was awarded the : telligent participation in the ' ,

affairs of the po'litical, economic, 'cut or sore to CoIitnWt the dis~ Pro Eeclesia et Pontifice medal., 0 IC ' ~per 'ease." i social and cultural societies of The tr'eatment I -r 1""","osy' 'i-'" ' EORGETO N NC G

, ' W '( ) - The : whiCl).,they ,members." , LV~.... " chief salesman of Georgetown's the drUg sulfone. As. a consultant' diocesan Catholic Stiuldard The courses, since their foun-tothe Inter-American Council SERVING n~spaper ;has ,been shot and ; dation in 1951, are attended at 'for' Medical Assistance, Father ' NO JOB TOO' BIG FI~E ITALIAN FOOD killed in the latest in a series 9f : night by the 'student-workers. 'Oarroll travels widely in Guan­ NONE TOO SMAU violent incidents that have Father Kent said he hopes it ajuaf(l, a region criss-crossed by will be possible in the near th 'S' ra M d M ~",-' d' P lagued British Guiana sl'nce , future to haved,aytime classes. ' e ler a re oUulI.s1ns, IS­ RESTAURANT and LOUNGE

March. tributing the drug. The dead man, Charles Mig­ on Lake Sabbatia

gins, was the father of 10 chil­ PRINTERS

1094 Bay Street

dren. The number of people who CHICAGO (NC)-More than Main Office and Plant

have died in the latest wave of 2,000 American and Canadian TAUNTON VA 4·8754 violence now exceeds 60. LOWELL, MASS. membeT'S of the third order sec­ Divided both politically and ular of the Carmelite Fathers 0185,2 racially, British Guiana is head­ are expected at the organiza­ ing for a showdown election in tiOJ}'s 15th national conference Telephone Lowell October, which might result in 'here starting Friday, July 17. 458-6333 and 457-7500 So. Dartmouth: the ouster of left-leaning Prim­ ! J:r. Howard Rafferty, O.Carm., : Auxiliary Plants ier Cheddi Jagan. Jagan's Peo­ .. natjonal director of the organ­ .J~ph' A. Charptlntier

and ~yannis : Reg. Pharm,

ples Progressive Party has been ization for laymen founded in : BOSTON TEL WY 6-0772

supported largely by East Indi­ .' the, 13th century, said the' con­ OCEANPORT, N. J~ an&-most of the1D Hindus and ':fereIKle~s theme will be "After .50. Dartmouth wy, 7-9384. PRESCRIPTIONS

Moslems-and has 'been opposed 100' Years in America" to com­ PAWTUCKET, R. I. . : • Hyannis 2921 • '1902 ACUSHNET AVE. ,by the Negro population-m~ memorate the centennial of the PHILADELPHIA ' NEW' BEDFORD, of them Catholic.. ',Cai'meliteain North America. I'll ••••••••••••••••

U'S"" P' rlest '.' :A'-d'": , M. ' ­ eXlcon L epers

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J,esul,ts Run School 'For ,irish Workers


Jubilee Rites


Papal Decorations



Murder Scd,esinan Of , Ca th I• p"



Ca'rmelite Meeting


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~issio~ who will work out A Retreat for the Handi­ capped, first such event to be sponsored by the Fall River Diocese, will be held fruitful...