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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., July 9, 1964

CatholicAlumnus 'Unique Asset' To Society

Sees Value For Teen-agers In Welt" Conducted Parties

SPOKANE (NC)-Catho­ lie colleges and universities produce a graduate "who is unique in his acquisition C1l

By Rev. Joseph T. McGloin, S.J. A weed is sometimes billed as a flower out of place. Unfortunately there are a lot of weeds going strong in life, even teen-aged life, long before the real flowers get to do much growing. Take that hallowed institution allied with dating, for instance - par­ up in an orgy rather than ties. Parties are great in aends party. themselves, but indulge in Plan it well, invite the right them too soon, too much, or crowd, keep out the drifters, in the wrong kind of party, and you've got a weed patch which will choke off any 1 0 vel i e r growth before it can even get started. Certainly par­ ties are not the right diet of the very yo ung. Even older teen-agers can ruin ago 0 d thing by be­ coming so wrapped up in partying that everything else-sucll as their religion, education, and home life- become annoying obliga­ tions wedged in between the parties. Some parents seem to think they're insulting their kids when they chaperon or even show up at their parties. But such par­ ents aren't even as smart as their kids--there isn't a teen-ager in existence who has even been to an unchaperoned party who couldn't wise them up. Types to Avoid Sometimes, you'll know right away that a party isn't for you. You get this-from the types in­ vited or from the v.ery way it's being planned and the attitude of those in charge. This type of party is easy to recognize and avoid - if your will' is any good at all. Much more difficult is the tactful handling of the inevitable lone Clod who has convinced himself that God created him for tile sole purpose of being "the life of the party." He's the character who turns out the lights for gushy, senti­ mental dancing, because he hasn't much of a personality even with' the light on. He's the one thinks that "party," and "necking and petting" are synonyms, because his IQ and his age aren't too far apart. He's the sparkling persl;mality who has to bring along some booze and ridicule others into drinking it - because this seems to make him a big man. Planning Important The most important prelim­ inary to a real party is that it be well planned, from the invi­ tation list down through the food, drink, and activities. It's the poorly planned party, "pre­ sided over" by some feeble ex­ cuse for a host or hostess, that

New Shrine Basilica To Open in August CAP DE LA MADELEINE (NC)-Formal opening of the new basilica of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary will take place h.ere Friday, Aug. 14. The occasion also will mark the 250th anni­ versary of the old Shrine Chapel of Our Lady. This shrine is popularly known as that of Our Lady of the Cape. Thousands of pilgrims visit it each year. The old shrine chapel here is n<lW the oldest Catholic church in Canada pre­ served in its original form. It has been a perpetual shrine ded_' icated to the Queen of the Holy Rosary since 1888. The new basilica, which can accommodate some 6,000 per­ Ions, will supplement the old .tone shrine and not replace it, \fficial.<: said.

and you have a ball. Let it be haphazard and invite or allow in any slob at all, and it's a disgrace to you. The planned party will include plenty of chance for good fun and entertainment and will leave no room for the immature antics, such as kissing games, which the unimaginative clod will invariably fall back on. (Even doting parents some­ times smile tolerantly at such stuff, until it becomes obvious that debasing a kiss to the level of a toy leads to the desecration of far more serious things as well.) Offer Opportunities There are plenty of party gaines which, far from being corny and infantile, are so much fun even the adults enjoy them. There are fun-dances, too, which have a lot more imagina­ tion. and less bad manners to them than the twist. . Even apart from the fun they provide, parties give you a chance to show what sort of or­ ganizer you are, how good a host or hostess, or how proficient you are at helping a group to enjoy each other's company. Parties give you a good chance to see how unselfish or self­ centered you really are, an occa­ sion to practice charity and self­ denial. The teen-ager who is maturing into man or a woman knows the place parties should have and what a good party should be. Closer to God Above all, know the "why" of parties just as you know the reason for everything else: to help you to get to God, who is your only Purpose. The party which takes you farther from God or even dis­ tracts from Him isn't the right kind. The one which brings you closer to Him, in the enjoyment of His life and the appreciation of His creatures, the party which makes you a better balanced, more alive individual-this is the party God wants you to en­ joy to the full. It's a foretaste of the eternal party awaiting you in heaven.


Assures Lithuanians Of God's Protection WASHINGTON (NC)-Dele­ gates to the Lithuanian Ameri­ can Congress were assured here that God would not forget their native country, oppressed poli­ tically and religiously by Soviet communism. In a sermon at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Con­ ception, Msgr. John Balkunas, pastor of the Lithuanian church of the Transfiguration, Maspeth,: N.Y., declared that "we are ap~ to lose sight of the fact that Divine Providence rules over the world's destinies, and that in our days--as in the days of old­ God is shaping the course of these events to suit His own pur­ poses." Msgr. Balkunas said religion jn Lithuania is being "slowly choked to death" by government pressures on the clergy and faithful. While he said political' action . was necessary, he em­ phasized that the final victory. would not come by political in­ tervention or armed might. "This concerns Christ more than us," he said.

Christian wisdom and hence GIl unique asset to society," a Jes­ uit educator declared.

CONFESSION BY BOOK: Father Charles F. Theobald, priest of '~he Archdiocese of Newark who works for deaf chndren, "hears" the confession of one 'of his charges with the help of an illustrated 32-page book, "Confession Aid for Children." They enter a special, well-lighted confessional and hand the book to the priest who points to the different .illustrations and awaits the answer. NC Photo.

T,,'ice Speed of Sound Forrner Air Force Chaplain Flies Jet 1,400 Miles per Hour ALBUQUB:RQUE (NC) - Fr. Richard E. Spellman, pastor of Our Lady OJ: the Most Holy Ros­ ary church here in New Mex­ ico, has piloted an Air Force F-104 jet fighter to twice the SPe4:!d of sound about 1,400 mil4!s per hour.

such speeds, Father Spellman said many priests are very ser­ ious about flying. We feel there is a definite use for aviation in the priesthood, in the Church and in' the field of relig·iolJl," he said. .

Father Paul C. Re; 'Sidem of St. Louis Y. told a conference o. .o:ie high schools, held at Gonzaga University here in Washington, that "only the Catholic college can produce the individual with the adaptability to meet the de­ mands of dynamic revolution in human knowledge and the sta­ bility to remain unperturbed in adherence to the God-given principles that alone can g~ve meaning to human existence." Urging the- 200 persons atten­ ding the meeting to forget the arguments usually given in fa­ vor -of Catholic colleges, Father Reinert said only the uniqueness of the product provides a ration­ ale for Catholic higher educa­ tion. Spiritual 'Investment' Catholic colleges cannot claim they have cornered the market in methodology or appreciation of liberal arts. But, said Father Reinert, "our education is based on the Catholic idea of human nature and the Catholic ideal of human development. "For us, the hwnanistic tra­ dition, philosophy and theology all come to the same conclusion: the highest and noblest level of man's life is his ability to know and to love." Father Reinert admitted that in a time of increasing costs Catholic colleges are expensive, but he called upon parents te make a material and spiritual "investment" in their childre.a.

A licensed pilot for 24 years and a former Air Force chap­ lain, Father Spellman took off from Kirtland Air Force Base_ with Maj. William Cato and took control of the jet plane about 30,000 feet over the Rio Grande River. Said Cato: "I never feU; quite so secure. I told him before we took off that if we got into any trouble he should contact his Bosll." B,elieved 10 be the first clergy­ man ever to pilot a plane at

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Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...