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THE ANCHOR Thurs., July 9,

Jurist Urges Education To Protect Marriages

Golf Champion Voices Thanks After Victory

DAYTON (NC)-A practicing authority on family life advocated here a fresh emphasis on marriage counseling on the parish level coupled with appropriate courses in Catholic high school to prepare young people for marriage. Judge Vincent M. Shields Sr.. to remarry, but at times does of Montgomery County Do­ provide certain benefits and mestic relations court made protections, he said. Judge Shields said of 3,494 the suggestions during, an

interview in which he 'urged persons granted divorces in his Church leaders to buttress court last year, 315 were Cath­ against the tragedies of broken olics. He said a study of the 1,747 divorces granted disclosed homes. The Ohio jurist, a leader in that the greatest danger to Catholic lay activities, said pas- , wrecking a marriage comes within the first five year6 of toral counseling is needed to im­ married life. plement advice given in the' con­ Children always are the real fessional to couples plagued with losers in a divorce, he said. The marriage difficulties. He said competent guidance emotional and psychological ef­ for high school students is fects of a divorce on children needed in the classroom because are underestimated greatlY, the most parents either are not judge asserted. qualified to impart the kind of direction needed or shun the re_ sponsibility.. The judge said that because the Church holds the marriage bond is indissoluble, Catholics .WHITBY (NC)-The loyalty are reluctant 'to face certain and the faithfulness of the Brit­ facts dealing with civil divorce. ish Church to the See of Rome Few Catholics involved in· ciVil . was praised in an unexpected divorces seek prior permission message sent by Pope Paul VI from Church authorities 'befOl'e to. 4,000 Ca'f;lWllcs cele~ating taking sUch action. ,.am,id the gale-swept' cliff-top Children Real Losers ,: .ruins' of Whitby Abbey the . He explained that in certain' 1,300th annive1'S.llry of the synod cireun1stances the 'Church win", .held in the abbey in 664. permit a partner· in marriage· to ' . 1Q the message, read at the obtain' a civil divorce. The de­ POntifical High Mass celebrated cree does not entitle a Catholic by ,Bishop George Brunner of MiddlesbrQugh and attended Archbishop . Igino Cardinale, 'apostolic delegate to Great Brit­ ain, the Pope emphasized the faithfulness asserted' and WASHIN(}TON (NC) - Rep. strengthened at Whitby which Hugh L. Carey of New York made reiigious life in England has criticized the U.S. govern­ most fruitful, "producting saints ment for silence on religious and scholars, noble institUtions persecution in the Soviet Union and admirable organizations." and Poland for such non-com­ Pope Paul said he rejoiced munistic countries as Viet Nam, that these celebrations recalled the Congo and the Sudan. an event of 13 centuries ago. Carey, introducirig a reso,lu~ ,\\·hiCh had confirmed the "loy­ tion calling for the imposition 'alty of the"British Chutch to the . by the United Nations ofsanc­ See of 'Rome" and added that tions on any member nation . "union with Rome is not a practicing religious discrimin­ 'serviture but a brotherhood." ation, 'said the U. S. Should sup-' The Pope called upon the in­ port religious liberty' "Where-' ter.cession of two English saints, ever in"the world it is SUffering" ",St.. John Fisher and.. St. Thomas and dying'"· . " MOre, .who "gave their lives.Jn But,' he 'said,.-itis· "iIad to re-. defense of unIty with the Chair late that our record as a nation O! Petez:' a~d prayed tha~ "con­ in recent years is one of sorry tinued fidelIty in the tradItion of silence in the face of aggressive ,_ Whit~y may bring abu~dant atheistic intolerance." : ' blessmgsof' peace and samtliness upon the Church in Brit­ Vie t nam Misa d ventu re ain." "No. high ranking . official in . .. either the State Department or our United .Nations delegation has ventured a statement on thia matter of great concem to ,~ free world," he said. DUBLIN (NC) -The bishops He said this record is "more of Ireland laid the groundwork deplorable" because of "our re­ fo~ changes in the cli!lebration of cent 'misadventUre in Vietnam,' the lltl.lrgy during their annual where we were duped by com-' meeting here. .,' munists who used alleged' re-' The bishops did not reveal ligious persecution as a ruse to . overthrow Christian 'leadership." . any of the changes· tM!Y had ar­ rived at. during, the. ·,two-day meeting except to say they had made a number of decisions re­ garding the use of the vernacu­ lar in the Mass and the Divine Office. Their deliberations' have WASHINGTON (NC) A young Carmelite Brother show"; been forwarded to Rome. '. The bishops did appoint the ed what made him a standout high school football tackle 10 first director of the Jrrish Com­ munications Center, follOwing years ago when he threw a purse· snatcher for a long loss the instructions of the Vatican council's decree on communi­ here. Brother Michael Stoegbauer, cations. He is Father Joseph O.Carm., 28, and four other Dunn, known here for several television productions. Brothers at the Carmelite White­ friars Hall were on their way to Mass when they heard a wo­ man scream. Rushing out of the monastery RICHMOND (NC)-Parochial building, Brother Stoegbauer en_ &Chool students in the Richmond eountered a husky 17-year-old diocese are going to be watching youth who had just snatched a educational television in the purse belonging to Dorothy M. classrooms this Fall. The diocese Sherwood. The monk tackled has joined the Central Virginia the thief with the same form he Educational Television Corpor­ showed when he played football ation which beams science, art, in hia hometowR of Appleton, ,music and language programs Wi&. to 155,000 public 8chool lIJtudenu.

Pontiff Recalls W·h·It by Synod

· 'S·1' Scores I ence

On Persecutl·on

Irish Prelates PI(ln .Liturgy "Changes

Shows Old Form In Tackling Thief

Educational TV

19 1964

CLEVELAND (N C ) ­ Champagne Tony Lema, golf champion and sometime altar boy, unabashedly poured out

PAPAL GREETING: At the College of Saint Peter­ Apostle, in Rome, Pope Paul VI greets, an African priest. He was there for the opening of a new wing of the college which is a residence for pries'ts from mission lands who are studying in Rome. NC Photo. .. .

Seminary for Delayed Vocations To Open With Fun Enrollment BOSTON (NC) Richard Cardinal Cushing, was as tick­ a theatrical producer with the "SRO" 'Sign hung out before opening night. The Archbishop of Boston said "now we must study plans fo~ expansion" of the new Pope John XXIII Seminary for Delay­ ed Vocations in nearby Weston, which will open this Fall. , Fifty candidates already have been accepted for the seminary believed to be the first of its' kind in the Western world. This' is'double the number 'Which the Cardinal had planned original­ ly to accept and necessitated the' shIdy of plans' for expansion· even before the seminary open­ ed. "Vadety of Backgrounds A wide variety of experience is 'represented among the men' who have decided to study 'for



the priesthood at the seminary. They include two physicians;, a school superintendent and sev- . eralteachers, salesmen, a court reporter, store manager, public relations executive, advertising consultant, government employ­ ees, printers, journalists, air line executive, geologist, radio station engineer and a number of other professions. 'As ' the' 25th anniversary of his consecration' as a bishop neahi4, Cardinal Cushing re­ m!ll'ke'd: "I dpn't .. want any,. party. If anyone .wants to do an~ing they Oli\n. give .me something to help me pay for the' Pope John Seminary 'for" D~laYed Vocatio~" .

his thanks to God after he won the Cleveland Open golf tour­ nament here. At the presentation ceremony a:f.ter he had bested Arnold Palmer in a sudden-death play­ off for the tiUe, Lema bespoke' his thanks to the tournament officials and others who had contributed to his _success. Then as 20,000 hushed spec­ tators listened, Lema said: "But most of all I thank Almjghty God. Without the courage he gives me at the Communion rail, I would not be standing here ai this moment." Prized Possession Lema was at the Communioa railing during Mass at St. Dom­ inic's Church a few hours befQ~ the playoff. He. responded. "Amenh as' Father Fred RittY said "Corpus Christi" and re­ ceived Holy Communion. , During the presentation cere­ monies, 'Mrs. .Lema displayed one of her husband's prized pos-' sessions' - a medal which had been .blessed by Pope Pius' XII just.12 days before the Pontiff· died. The medal was given to­ Lema by a local golfer.

Nea'rly Five Million": See Vatican Pavilion, NEW YORK (NC)-The Vati­ can Pavilion at the New York World's Fair' drew 4,758,081 visitors by June 28, more than' 44 per cent' of the total number of visitors to the fair, since it opened in April, officials said. ., The average daily attendance­ at the pavilion, which features Michelangelo's Pieta, is running: about 70,000. ,­

. BUCK'$


,Montie': Plumbing &', Healing Co., Inc. Two .College StarS·,' ...

$ign ·.With Majors SOUTH ORANGE (NC)-Two' crack infielders on the Seton Hall University baseball team which had a 25-2 record and purl: the Pirates in the college world series have signed bonus major"league contracts. . Third baseman John Montel­ eOne, who 'batted in 25 runs and hit .357, signed with the New York Yankees. Second baseman Jack Tracy, who hit .320, cast his fortune with the New York Meta.






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