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NCWC Assumes Ca utiousAttitude On Prayer Issue

Tells Canadians Resp'ect Rig hts Of Others

WASHINGTON (NC) ­ Legal Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference has adopted an attitude of caution and reserve toward the proposed constitu­ tional amendment to pennit Bible reading and prayers in the nation's public schools, the de­ partment's director had advised. William R. Consedine made the point in a statement sent to directors of Catholic bureaus of information in dioceses through­ out the country. . The statement accompanied issuance in pamphlet form of a series of articles written by George Reed, associate director of the department, on the prayer and Bible reading case. "The department continues to believe the present clauses in the Constitution are of incalcula­ ble benefit to religion," the Con­ sedine statement said. "The first amendment separates Church and State by prohibiting estab­ lishment of religion and also by prohibiting government inter­ ference with the free exercise of religion. "The government is thus un­ der a constitutional obligation to show special respect for the religious liberty of all citizens; forbidden to prefer one religion to another, or to prefer irreligion over religion." Add Confusion The statement said the House

Judiciary Committee hearings conducted by chairman Emanuel Celler of New York, "contrib­ uted to the confusion presented by the proposals themselves and provided added reason for cau­ tion." Among the principal Bible reading and prayer proposals was that sponsored by Rep. !<'rank J. Becker of New York, which would provide the con­ stitutional amendment to pennit school prayer. Catholic spokes­ men took different views in tes­ tifying before the committee. No position in the controversy was taken by the U. S. Catholic hierarchy. "There is too much uncertainty as to what sho.uld be none, let alone the possible ultimate effect on the existing guarantees," Consedine asserted.



Thuus., July 9, 1964

]\WNTREAL (NC)-Paul Emne Cardinal Leger of Mon­ treal has told French Cana­ dians they must respect the

FAIRHAVEN GIRL WINS CONTEST: Grand Prize inthe Ninth Annual Safety Poster Contest sponsored by the Massachusetts Safety Council has been awarded to Anita Des­ Roches, an eighth grade student at Sacred Hearts School, Fairhaven. Present at the special presentation ceremony at John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, are from left, Bruce Campbell, executive vice-president, Massachusetts Safety Council; Rev. Alexis C. Wygers, SS.CC.; Miss DesRoches; Mrs. DesRoches and Mr. Elphege DesRoches.

Dominican Nuns Provide Family .living for Girls

CHICAGO (NC)-The house on Chicago's northwest side is like any other home with teen­ age girls. Rock 'n' roll records are stacked on a table. A wilt­ ing corsage wastes its sweetness in the refrigerator. Bobby pins, jars of cream and magazines are strewn across a dresser ~op. But this is not an ordinary home. The eight girls, aged 13 to 18, who live here are directed by two Dominican nuns. The home provides an unusual ex­ perience in family living for the girls who for one reason or an­ other, cannot stay with their parents. The gids go to school, hold jobs and have parties under the guidance of the Sisters who share the home with them. All the girls were referred there by the Catholic Home Bureau. "We want cooperation from

the girl," explained Sister M.

TRENTON (NC)-GQv. R~h­ Elizabeth, who with Sister M.

ard A. Hughes has vetoed a bill Anthony is in charge of the home. "She must want to come which would have forced aU children in New Jersey public here, ,though we realize that every girl objects to being taken schools to participate in the salute to the flag and the Pledge from home. Before she comes, we try to give hera clear idea of Allegiance. of what jot means to live here." The bill was said robe aimed It means cooperation, for one at Black Muslim children. Earl­ thing. The girls share the chores ier this year the State Depart­ of running the house. It means ment of Education, .Iuling in a ' responsibility, for they are given case that developed in Eliza­ a clothing allowance and can beth, N.J., schools, held that decide on their own clothes and Black Muslims should be ex­ hair styles. ­ empted from the patriotic cer­ This Summer two of the girls emony if they request it. are working full time and four

The ruling was based on a others are going to school. Dur­

1944 law which said children ing the evenings they may stay could be excused from the two at home and have a party for rites if they held "conscientioUs teen-age boys and girls, or they scruples" against them. The bill may go swimming, or bowling, vetoed by the governor would or to a parish social. have repealed tHat section of the Free of Charge law. "Friday is the big night of the

week," Sister said. "It's the girls'

night out. They plan Fridays

themselves and tell us where

ST. PAUL (NC)-The College they'll be. We only insist that of st. Thomas here in Minne­ they be in by the 11:30 curfew." sota has received a $49,000 grant Sundays are family visiting from the Louis W. and Maud Hill days. "We encourage contact Family Foundation to start a with the families," Sister con­ master in education degree pro­ tinued. "We Sisters visit the gram in the so-called new math­ families and invite them here

ematics. The three-year program for special occasions like grad­ will begin next September and uations which should be family

involve 30 semester hours of affairs." course work. This home was founded in

1962 and is free of charge for the residents. It is supported

by Chicago's Catholic Charities and by private donations. While it is the only home of iu. kind in Chicago, the same community of Dutch Dominicans haa two

similar "group homes" in Miami,


The girls live here on an aver­

age of two to four years, during

periods when their families can­

not provide for them. They are DOt delinquents.

rights of other persons in their search for justice for themselves. The prelate said French Cana­ dians must imitate th~ir patron, St. John the Baptist, who "re­ jeeteo the temporal messiahship of the political agitators, as well as .the satisfied conformity of the ~::thorities of his day." Ris words apparently were di­ :-ected against exeremists seek­ :ng :ndependence for French­ speaking Canada. Declaring that St. John "set l~imse1:f at a higher level and ir.vaed all men of good will to bring about the necessary chenges," the cardinal con­ tinued: "There is imposed as a necessary preamble the study of the exact nature of our cultural and political community. There must also be an effort to deter­ mine and explain, with the greatest possible clarity, the legitima,te aspirations of the nation."



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Vetoes Compulsory Salute, Pledge Act

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Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...


Members of the Staff of St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River, were among delegates to the Catholic Hospital Associa­ The moral issue has been rec...