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Plan Obsetvance Of Millennium ,In Chicago

OTTAWA (NC) - More than 500,000 marriage prep­ aration courses distributed in Canada, the United States and 14 other world countries during the past 20 years owe their origin to the Catholic Cen­ ter of the University of Ottawa. In addition the Catholic Cen­ ter has distributed 15,348 spe­ cially prepared courses for mar­ ried couples, and another 7,371 courses dealing with domestic economy. These figures were contained in a sPecial brief prepared for the recent Canadian Conference on the Family held in Ottawa. Before the Second World War, the French-language Christian Young Workers of Quebec prov- , ince investigated home condi­ tions and found an urgent need for a marriage preparation course which would give young couples a good knowledge of all aspects of married life, spiritual, physical, economic and legal. In 1944 Bishop Albert Sancha­ grin, O.M.I., of Amos, asked the founder of the Catholic Center of the' University of Ottawa to edit and prepare a text of the marriage, preparation course. Father Andre Guay, O,M.I., founder of the Catholic Center, agreed and thus began whet was to become the most extensive 'and worJd famous marriage prepax:aticm course.. In Many Languages The -.COurse began as a cor­ respondence study with a series of lessons, followed by test papers. This later expanded into oral courses and courses given through private tutelage. Since the beginning the courseS distributed up 'to De­ cember, 1963, in French and, English in Canada and ,the United states totaled 231,496. The courses were translated also into eight other languages, German, Sesotho (Basutoland), Flemiph, Portuguese, Spanish, Du-tc~ Italian and Arabic.



500,000 Receive Ottawa Courses O~ 'Marriage

CHICAGO (NC) - Auxil­ iary Bishop Fulton J. Sheen of New York will be the speaker at a dinner SundaYt

GROWING PLACE OF PILGRIMAGE: 'The National Shri~e of the I~~aculate Con­ ception, erected by the Catholics of the United States, has in less than five years become one of the great places of pilgrimage in Washington, D.C. It is expected that 1,150,000 persons will visit the Shrine in, 1964, an increase of, 15 per cent ov~r last year, twice the increase expected for the entire Nation's Capital. NO Photo.

Expect More Than l,OOO,OOO Visitors in 1964

Lutherans Hear Bishop Wright


Visitors to the shrine fall into two general cIasses--those who come to Washington solely or • principally to see the shrine, and those who put the shrine on the. list of national mimuments they must 'see while in the capital.. The ebb and flow of visitors . to the shrine follows the general lo~al, and possibly national, pat­ ' tern. There are peak periods frOm mid-April to mid-May and in July and August~ Despite periods of heavy con­ centration, there is' a 9teady flow . of visitots through the shrine during 'the year,'The busloads of studentS 'who 'come in the Spring "may give way to the numerous carloads' of families in the Sum_ mer to the fewer number of buses and private cars at other times, but the regular tours of the shrine, starting every half­ hour from 9 to 5, are well pa­ tronized..

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Shrine Leading Place of Pilgrimage

WASHINGTON (NC)-Dedi­ cated less than five years ago; the National Shrine of the Im­ maculate Conception has already become one of the great places of pilgdmage in the nation!. capital., The' great church erectM by I . the Catholics of the' United States as a tribute to the Mother of God is visited by more and m~re pe1'l'30ns each year. The in­ crease at least equals the aver­ PITTSBURGH (NC) The age. annual increment in visitors 10 Washington, and may pOS'Sibly first Catholic bishop to address exoeed it. ' . a Lutheran ChurCh conventiOn' The shrine was visited by a in this country told some 2,500 'delegates'" it is ~ssentiel that million persons last year, and it is expected that'1,150,000, or an Catholics and Lutherans "re­ increase of 15 per cent, will capture a common family feel;. lng." . come in 1964. It is estimated by Bishop John J. Wr,ight of Pitts- . ~l. authoriti~ .that 8,000,000 burgh urged studies toward this visitors will come to Washing­ ton this year, an increase of end at the second biennial con­ vention of the Lutheran Church 500,000, or about 7 per cent over 1963.. iri America, whicli has a mem­ The largest single crowd 90 bership of 3,227,000. far visi~d the national shrine It was the second time within recent weeks that Bishop Wright on May 3 la'st, for the dedication spoke before a major Protestant of the new chapel of Our Lady of CzesOOchowa. There were convention. Previously he ad­ dressed the General Conference more than 10,000 present, and the total exceeded even the ded­ of the Methodist Church here. ication congregation in .Novem­ "Brothers in Christ' ber, 1959, when tickets were Bishop Wright gieeted the required. Lutherans as 'brothers in Christ.' • Steady Flow He recalled in a quoiation from Pope John XXIII, the declara­ On May 3, Mass was offered tion of St. Augustine that Ohrist­ not only within the shrine, but ians, even though divided, will on the great exterior porches, to cease to be brothers only when take care of the huge throng. they cease to say the Lord'. Prayer. MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF THE He continued: "t quote 8t. Augustine a little wistfully at a Fall River Diocesan Council

gathering of Lutherans because of Catholic NUr$el

I have long tended to ~spect that it was our Separate readings 7th ANNUAL

of 81. Augustine, much more than of. Sacred Scripture, that intensified those theologiCal di­ Saturday, Jul.y 18, 1964 vergences which widened into McCabe's • Field St•• Rexhame Beach

BUcll unhappy mutual' iSolation Marshfield, Mass

after certain historical hiappen­ , ~immini' Sill..

ings that no one of us,' as' a Barbeque 'at 5 P.M.'

Christian, can think of without PROCEEDS • M3I'J E. McCaIIe

tears, remorse and af1lic~iOA CJlf Nursing Scho,la~hlp FURd

spirit. ••••' ,

Aug. 16, in McCormick Place on the waterfront here for the benefit of the Chicago observ­ ance of Poland's millennium of Christianity in 1966. , Msgr. Alfred Abramowicz, chairman, said that nearly 4,000 tickets already have been sold for the $25-per-plate dinner, which is part of a campaign to raise $100,000 for the 1966 ob­ servance. - Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland, has accepted an invitation to speak at a cere­ mony scheduled for Aug. 28, 1966, at Soldiers' Field here. The celebration is being "'ar- . ranged under the, patronage of . Albert Cardinal Meyer, Arch­ bishop of Chicago, with Auxil­ iary Bishop Aloysius J. Wycislo ' of Chicago as honorary chair­ man. Msgr. Abramowicz said a com­ mittee of more than 2,000 is working on plans for the mani­ festation. It is expected that some 2!>0,OOO persons will con­ verge on Chicago for the observ­ ance. More than 150 archbishops and bishops have been invited to attend the 'ceremony which mark 1,000 years of Chris­ tianity for Poland.

The shrine, easily among the 10 largest churches in the world, is 90.per cent completed on the outside and about one-third fin­ ished on the inside. Work in progress will carry the interior building program. up to 1967, and will cost more than ,$3 million.

RIO DE JANEIRO (NC)-The ' Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture signed a new con­ tnlct with the National Confer­ ence of the Bishops of Brazil providing some $460,000 in state aid for the Basic Education Movement (MEB) being carried out by the Catholic Church in the northern, northeastern and' midwestern regions of the coun­


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