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tHE ANCHORThurs., AprilS, 1973

W,h1oops - - N,o, Th,ey're Not!

Signs Bill to Aid

N·eedy Students

There aren't too many days that Mom Stoutheart's seven kids 'are all in school. It always seems one of them brings some kind of sickness home and shares it with the others. The other morning, she did send them all to school. Two of them didn't look too well, but she. figured that's If I were you, I'd want to get rid him too." where they got the germs in of "He's back? You'd like me to the first place . . . maybe talk to him?

they could give them back. She called me and invited me over ... to celebrate the first day in weeks with no one home sick.




She has just poured coffee when the phone rang. "Yes, Yes, this is Mrs. Stoutheart." "The school nurse,'" "Which child?" All over Desk "Patrick? That's strange. This morning his sister looked worse than he did." "Now, what about Patrick?" "All over his desk?" "Did you call the custodian? "Getting the custodian is his teacher's problem?" "Have you tried just letting him rest?" "He keeps jumping off the cpuch ~nd r~n~ing ~o th~ ba~~room?" ' "That would make it difficult for him to rest." "Do you think it's just an upset stomach, or is he really coming down with something?" "Well, does he have a temperature?" "You haven't taken it yet? "Does his forehead feel warm?" "You haven't been able to find out?" "Well, he doesn't sound terribly sick if he's doing all that running around." "Have you an !!ntacid tablet you can give him?" "Even if I tell you to?" "Only if you have written orders from the doctor?" "You're only allowed to administer band-aids?" "No ... I'm afraid a band-aid won't help." . "Yes, I can u'nderstand that you'd like me to, come get him.

Bogota Priests Oppose Land Revaluation BOGOTA (NC)-Three parish priests in the slums of Bogota are conducting a protest against land revaluations decreed by .the municipal council. Hundreds of families have joined their protest. ' Fathers Rene Rivera of Santa Lucia Parish, Francois Cordoba of Fidel Suarez and Luis Donme of Venecia Parish said revalul\tiem for taxing purposes will mean increased burden on the poor. Most of the homes are makeshift and lack city services. The area was visited by Pope Paul VI during the 1968 International Eucharistic Congress held in Bogota.

"Hello, Patrick. This is your mother.~'

"You knew that?" "'Cause that's who the nurse said she was going to calL" "Okay. Now, how do you feel?" "Fine?" She Needs Him Too "Then why have you been running to the bathroom? "Patrick?" "Patrick?" "PATRICK, why aren't you answering me?" "Oh. Yes, nurse. Now you need the custodian?" "Yes. I know you want me to come get him. But I don't have the car. And it 'looks as if every car on the block is gone." "Can't you just let him wait there? Maybe he'll feel better by the time the school bus leaves." "All you are allowed to do is let him rest, and put an ice pack on his forehead?" "Well ... that's. all I can do for him here." "Look. I'll try to find a car I can borrow, and I'll call you back." She hung up the, phone and said, "Maybe I'd better call 'a cab." As she was looking for the number, the phone rang again. "Yes, this is Mrs. Stoutheart." "Oh, yes, nurse." "Patrick's sister just came in your office?" "Please . . . just stay calm. "Nurse .: .. stop crying. It's all right. I'm coming. I'll get there as fast as I can. But I have to call a cab." She dialed another number, "Hello Ace Cab Company? Can you come quickly to 222 Pine?" , "It's an emergency!" "The school nurse is going to be sick."

Plan Festival on New Forms of Worship LONDON (NC)-A festi:val of new forms of religious worship will be held in London this summer in an attempt to encourage the wider use of modern art, music and drama. Ten London churches, including one Catholic church, will be used to stage the festival, wh.ich will end with a eucharistic service in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, June 10. Anglican Bishop - Colin Winter, exiled from South Africa, will preside at the service. A wide variety of services and performances has been planned for the week June 3 to 10, including jazz and folk music settings for religious ceremonies, poetry readings and liturgical dances. Anglican Archbishop Michael Ramsey of Canterbury will take part in a public discussion of new forms of worship.


VISITS MOTHER: Rev. Reinaldo Cardoso, missionary from Portugal to the island of Timor, shows his mother, Mrs. Irene Cardoso of Immaculate Conception parish, New Bedford, items made by members of his flock. Immaculate Conception parishioners recently held benefit programs for missioner.

Key 73 Evangelistic Movement 'Receives Praise and Criticism "Evangelism is on the move!", programs a brpc;hure of Key 73, a year-long interfaith evangelistic crusade. "It has found a new jntegrity, a ·new enthusiasm and a bold new thrust." But the skeptics say Key 73 is failing to get in touch with many Christians, and is an ,affront to Jews. Key 73 ca~ries the vision of having its participants visit every "unchur,ched" family in the United States and Canada to bring Christ into' their lives. 45 Dioceses Participate The goal of Key 73 is primarily to confront the people of North Amerka with the Gospel of Christ by prodamation and demo onstration, witness and ministry, word and deed. It was conceived by ~otestant evangelists more than six years ago and was mobilized last fall. 1973 is Key 73's year of action. The "key" to Key 73 is "the man in the pew working at the congregational and community level," says the Key 73 brochure. It is by effecting this grass roots movement that Key 73 hopes to live up to its slogan: "Calling Our Continent to Christ." More than 45 Ca'tholic dioceses have decided to participate in Key 73. All together, more than 140 Christian denominations and groups are involved. The participation among Catholic communities varies in activity and in enthusiasm from one diocese to another. A priest who is active in ecumenical work in an: East Coast diocese, and asked not to be identified, said ,he found Key 73 too unstructured. "You can't find a handle on it," he said, "I found it very difficult in my mind to tie the whole thing together and see apy unifying force."

A priest. from Ohio, who also asked to have his name withheld, said that some Key 73 leaders have made serious errors in the promotion of the movement. He criticized the "Christian nation" approach of some Key 73 advocates. "I think that the contention of some who say that the United States is a Christian nation is patently false," he said. In one suburban area that he is familiar with, the priest said, only about 40 per cent of the residents claimed some af~i1iation with a religion. He said this is typical of many communities in the United States. Serious Errors Some Christians faithfaul to Key 73 seem confident they have launched a program that will become the most successful evangelistic movement in the history of the Christian Church. And those who 'are skeptical of Key 7:1 say they have good reasons to question how much is really being accomplished by it. Praise and criticism have come from various Christian denominations, including Catholics. NC News took a sampling of views from some priests across the nation.

OLYMPIA (NC)-Gov. Daniel Evans of Washington has signed into law a bill providing grants of up to $300 a year for needy and disadvantaged students in both public' and nonpublic schools. The law provides payment up to $100 a year for elementary school students and up to $300 a year for secondary school students. At least 25 per cent of the funds must go to needy public school pupils. The money ,is to be paid to the families of th~ students and may be spent for tuition or books. A spo'kesman for the American Civil Liberties Union said the organization is studying the law with the intention of challenging it in court on the issue of separation of church and state. Speaking earlier in support of the measure, Sen. Robert Rider, a Seattle Democrat, said the taxpayers now pay $660 a year for each public school student. If the new law helps preserve nonpublic schools, -it would save the citizens more than $500 per student per year, he said. It ,is estimated that the grants will cost the state about $750,000 in the next two years. A case pending in the state supreme court has held up payment of school aid funds voted in 1971, and any challenge to the new law might also cause the money to be withheld.

D of I Tea' Among diocesan representatives attending a tea honoring Miss Claire Bertrand, 1973 state regent for the Daughters of Isabella, were Dorothy C. Pires, Seekonk, state secretary for the organization, and Claire E.· McQuade, North Attleboro, a trustee. The function took place in East Longmeadow.

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