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THE ,ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., Apr. 5~ 1973


Moraflorium End

W,omen's Nrew Y·ork -March M,ayL'e,ad to Vast Chang,eis

'LANSING (NC) - The Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) -board of directors has urged the federal government to lift the mo'ratorium on housing subsidies and community development programs as soon as possible. The board, consisting of seven bishops, five lay persons, a priest and a nun, unaI;limously approved a resolution saying that. Michigan already faces a critica'l housing shortage. The moratorium has served "to underscore a problem which is rapidly assuming disaster pro-portions in the state of Mkhigan," the board said. "It is as discouraging to us ..." the board said "as it must be demoralizing to the poor and deprived that federally sponsored programs which held out a promise of hope, for decent housing have been so precipitously terminated, albeit temporarJly."

I should have had a ,hint of what was to come as I watched all those women walk down New York's Fifth Avenue the summer of '70 in the Women's Liberation Parade. Here were no stringy-hair~d, masculine-looking fe-, males, such as those magazine artiCles seemed to fea- modern woman who refused to be' typed will find a solution. ture as proponents of wom- Perhaps she'll turn to sewing (a en's rights. No, here were lot of the young swingers have) fashionably women.




or who knows, if she's at all successful with her meat boycott, she may very well find this her most useful weapon and resort to it as a means of bringing clothing prices back ,into the realm of reality. New T~pe Our modern day media have made the uninformed consumer a thing of the past and this fact along with the existence of such consumer leaders as Ralph Nader, who really seem to care about what happens to the American public, w-ill soon make retailers and manufacturers aware that they are dealing with a new type of customer. "You've come a long way, baby" may be just a slogan for a cigarette commercial but the strudes ,that began on a New York sidewalk may well fead to some great gains (even in fashion) that could well deserve an extension of that slogan.

Oh, here and there one did notice a fe'w of those we had been told were stereotypes of Women's Libbers, but on the whole it was an attractive-look ing group -that walked down Fifth a little over two years ago. Today these women are still being heard, and loudly, and 'along the way from that Gotham sidewalk they have picked up a large number of converts to their cause. Possibly one area where they have made considerable Fire Threatens Future progress is that of fashion. Of Kentucky College Marketplace Maverick ST. MARY (NC) - The deOne great phrase that I ran across recently puts it very well. struction of Byrne Hall at St. It labels the new woman con- Mary's College here. in a fire 'has sumer as a "maverick in the threatened the future of the 152'year-old school, according to colmarketplace." She refused to wear the midi, lege officials. The two-story 89-year-old imd forced manufacturers, debuilding housed the seminary's signers and buyers to eat their library, auditorium, two student words. Stores were caught flatfooted (really, when was'the last recreation rooms, and the camtime that, one remembered when pus store, Resurrectionist Father John we didn't become slaves to the Lesousky, president of the 152dictates of the fashion industry?), She tQok slacks and slack suits year-old college, described the into her life and she has refusea $500,000 loss as "staggering" to to give them up 'even though this small rural college semthe everchanging fashion world inary. "The library was by far the has been pushing for a change. And finally she's demanding greatest loss," he said. "It repbetter made fashions for less resented 150 years of effort." money, which is going to be a Many of the volumes date from difficult' goal, seeing that many the early days of the school, and clothes will be selling next fall are irreplaceable. for about a 25 per cent increase Urges Hospitals Refuse over this year. Although complaining about To Perform Abortions high prices, I'm sure that the BOSTON (NC) Cardinal Humberto S. Medeiros, of Boston Czechoslovakia Parishes has urged Catholic hospitals to refuse to perform abortions. He Are Without Pastors told the New England ConferVIENNA (NC)-At least one- ence of the Catholic Hospital third of the 4,690 parishes in Association that'the controvery Czechoslovakia are without pas~ over abortion puts Catholic hostors, ac,cording to the Catholic pitals in a "cruel dilemma ... as magazine Miteinander, issued they find the laws of the state here by the St. Canisius Founda- . . . in conflict with ,the laws of tion. God ..." , There are about 3,500 priests "Let me say only that we can in that Communist-ruled coun- never escape from this dilemma try, but one-eighth of them are by surrendering to the state." not allowed by the regime to the cardinal said, and the Church engage in pastoral work, the "must assume a greater role as magazine reported, the teacher and witness to that There are about 7,200 Sisters, , decency and moral behavior that but all of them are restricted to is willed for all men by God. working in institutions such as "The only situation in which homes for the aged and mental reproductive activity has objechospitals. They are not allowed tive meaning and moral justifito teach in schools. cation is within the sanctified The country's two seminaries association of a unique and inhave a total of about 560 stu- dissoluble marriage," Cardinal Medeiros said. dents.


BICYCLE BUILT FOR THREE: It may not have been built for three, but this !bicycle in Hanoi, North Vietnam, does the job for: a worKer and his 'family. The bicycle is th~ main form of transportation for the city's 1.2 million people, according to an A,merican reporter recently returned from there. Compared With a typical worker's wage of 50 dong ($12.50) la month, a bike is expensive at 300 dong ($75), so families! make the most of the vehicle. NC Photo. I


Important Programs •


Refigiousl Leade'rs Say Federal Budget, I

<tuts 'Penalize' Needy

While aware of the problems encountered by the government subsidy pr-ograms, the board said the moratorium "has imposed a paralysis on most activities directed toward ,providing decent, low-cost housing." The ,board asked the government to end the moratorium and "initiate new 'programs designed to solve the critical housing shortage." The Nixon adniinistration declared the moratorium in January and said that it would develop programs to replace earlier programs which, "administration off.icials said, had failed to solve the housing problems. However, no new programs have yet been initiated.


WASHINGTON (t-lC)-Leaders A budget which discriminates of I three major faiths 'have or appears to discriminate charged that the feqeral govern- , . against the disadvantaged "can ment has proposed ~ cuts In the only increase alienation, cyni,197~ fiscal hudget t~at "pena~ize cism and distrust," ,they warned. the most disadvantaged of our Such a -budget "distorts our napeople." : tion's moral purpose and social . The statement ha~ the sign-a- vision," they said: . The three r~l~glOu~ )eaders tures of Bishop-elect James S. Rausch, Washington!, D. C., gim- urged the admmls,tratlOn, Coner,al secretary of t~e Natib~al gress and all Ameflcans to careConference of Catholic Bishops fully reflect on the proposed and' United States Catholic Con- budget., "Just decisions ahout feren-ce; Dr. R. H. Edwin Espy, the, wa"( a n~tion collects and New York, general secretary' of spends Its public f~nds ar.e e~se~: the National Councili of Chur~h- tlal to' the pursuits of Justice, es; and Rabbi Henry S. Seigman, they concluded. I New York, general secretary 'of the $ynagogue Coun~il of Am~r­ ica, & The proposed budget "eliminates, diminishes, or lpostponel)" important social programs in education, urban development, farm labor programs, 'Icommunity action, housing, meaicare and child care, they said; "Sharp reductions I in ma~y programs of special importance to the inner city break faith with the commitment of our nation to treat' the urban crisik as national problem. '


"Sharp cuts in heal~h and ho~­ pital programs play havoc with the 'physi,cal needs of 1-\mericans, parti~ularly the young, the aged and the poor," the three generaI secretaries said. ! . They said social pro~rams that are n(>t working should be modified, "but they should Inot be r~­ duced or eliminated unless the problems they were d~signed to ame!i<>rate are reduced or eliminatea."

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Costa Rica Church~s Seek Tax Relief SAN JOSE (NC)-An ecumenical committee of Catholics and Protestants is lobbying here for legislation exempting church properties from real estate and other taxes. The committee said a majority of the congress favors the committees c,laim that taxes make it more difficult to build and maintain church facilities, including community centers, in rural areas and low-income city neighborhoods.


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5, 1973 DiocesanGuidelines PageTwo receive sacramental Communion a second time on the same day maybepermittedfittinglytodo so." Extraordinar...


5, 1973 DiocesanGuidelines PageTwo receive sacramental Communion a second time on the same day maybepermittedfittinglytodo so." Extraordinar...