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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River.;,.Thurs., Apr. 5. 1973 o

Worker Alienation Serious' Problem for Industries '. Three years ago one of the leading lights in th~ liberal intellectual Establishment declared in a feature article published in the New York Times Book Review that the American labor movement is irreversibly on the. decline and is no long~'r being taken seriously in the circles in Union" (Knopf, New York. $7.95) he argues that while the which he moves. To "prove" United Auto Workers (the union his point, he argued that the in his title) and General Motors

importance of any social move- (the company in question) may ment can be gauged by the num- , pretend for the record that they bel' of books that are being writ- are adversaries or even enemies, ten about' it. Since the number in point of fact they have developed "a civilized relationship" which is mentally advantageous but doesn't necessarily serve the By best interests of GM's workers and customers. MSGR. I have been fairly close to the UAW for many years and have GEORGE G. also enjoyed a warm personal relationship with .some of the HIGGINS' GM's top negotiators. Even at that (or ~aybe because of that) I really don't know what to of books being written about make of Serrin's fascinating the labor movement was then on book. Surely there is something GREATER NEW BEDFORD AREA CHAIRMEN OF CCA: Joseph A. Robida, Ronald t.he decline, he said it followed to be said for his basic thesis. R. Loranger, area :lay cha~rmah; Bishop Cronin, who addressed the New Bedford meeting that the lahor movement was I have the uneasy impression, definitely on the wane but un- however, that he has 'overstated of priests and parish lay chairmen; Gilbert Costa, and Richard Fontaine. Mr. Robida, Mr. fortunately didn't seem to know his case against the union and Costa and Mr. F()ntaine will serve as co-chairmen. , I. the comp·any. it. i . Be that as it may, both the The trouble with that thesis is. is that during the past three company and the union would be : ' , years the market has been glut- well advised to pay' careful at· WASHINGTON (NC) - 'Tihe definitely provides protection for Another addiu'on to the ted with boo:ks about the labor tention to what Serl"iin says movement. In fact, I think it about their failure to meet the U. S. Senate approve1 a "con- hospjtals and specifically .for amendment requires individuals receiving Hill-Burton or health care facilities to post would be accurate to say that problem of boredom on the job. . science" claim to protect doctors, those more books on this subject have and worker alienation. Why is it, hospitals and hospital personnel funds," . Msgr. McHugh said. their policy publicly if they debeen published' since 1969 or he asks, that so little has been from being forced td participJte "There is virtually no hospital- cline to participate in abortions 1970 than in any comparable p,er- done in negotiations to improve in abortions or sterilization pro. aside from private physicians' or sterilization procedures. conditions in the plant. '''The an- cedures if it is contrary to their hospitals....,that is not receiving Sister Mary Maurita, president iol of time in recent history. swer," he says,~ "is Jhat funda- "~~ligious .beliefs '01' : mor~l COI:J,' Hill-Burton funds:'" . of the Catholic Hospital'''AssociaStill Alive . .1.. . • I, tion. praised the Senate for passI don't know what this proves mental changes in th~.~-fa,ctQry _ yiction.... ' I •. ' Must .Post Policy' system can occur only when . ing the amendment and for pass-if anything. At the very least it The freedom of conscience pro· would seem to suggest that the fundamental changes are made vision would apply t6 all health If there is 'any federal money ing the whole health bill. Withlabor movement is still alive and in the philosophy and practices personnel or institutions whibh involved in the funding of a out such a hill extending present· of the corporatiqn and the union services, she said, "it is really' kicking. -and the corporation and the participate in "any program hospital, Msgr. McHugh said, the health services to the poor that On the other' hand, it doesn't language of the "good con. established, or financed totally necessarily mean that the labor ' union believe their philosophies or in part by the fed~ral gover,n. science" clause applies to health will be cut off-unless they have ment." ' an immediate alternative promovement is enjoying the best of and practices are correct." , care in that hospital. , gram that is viable." Wishful Thinking health. To the contrary, many of The health bill amendment inThe provision, sponsored by those who are writing about it Again, that's probably an Sen. Frank Church (Dem.-Idaho), troduced hy Sen. Church was at the present time are con- oversimplification. The fact that further amended before it passed vinced that it's in serious trouble. the company and the union was adopted 92-1 byl the Sen~te to include an anti-discrimination . The Daughters of, . as an amendment to; MassachuWilliam Serrin,';labor reporter haven't done nearly enough to clause. This clause protects physetts Senator Edwar~ Kennedy's for the Detroit F.tee Press, is a improve conditions in the plant St. Paul sicians and health care personnel case in point. In,,;~ recent book doesn't mean that they are to- health bill extending for one who refuse to participate in serve them all ••• entitled "The CQmpany and the tally oblivious to the problem. year 45 federal health programs abortions or sterilizations from that expire June 30. There is some reason to believe, ;,1: any discrimination in "employThe bill-S.B. 1136-was sub· ment.. in federally funded hospihowever, that they may not be Charities Dlrectors taking the problem' seriously, sequently passed, n J19.1t w~s tals. prlsonen enough. Company executives' and sent to the House, where hear:Appoint Se~retary Younl People fami/iel ALBANY (NC)' ' - James A. union officials have been quoted ings on the extension i of the pro· grams are being h~ld by tne recently as saying, with an ap1\\e \,oor ""e "'el/ Cashen, a former' .official of the BAMBOO i ' United Hospital Service of New parent note of pique in their Commerce Committee,• gift of the Word of God; with , AQUARIUM. With'thetheTruth York, has been named executive voice, that talk about' worker "that makes men .free" Msgr. James T. M;cHugh, di· alienation and boredom on the , New England's Most secretary of the New York State These contemplative·active missionaries rector of the Familyj Life Di~i­ have unlimited horizons to affect the Council of Catholic Charities job has been grossly exagger- sion of the U. S. Catholic ConBeautiful Aquarium Jives of millions through the Press, ated. Directors. Films, Radio, TV, Cassettes, etc. 75 TANKS FOR YOUR ference (USCe), hailed the vote That sounds like wishful Why not share in an aII-embracing apos· Cashen, a 39-year-old attorney SELECTION as a "very positive i and very tolate? Serve the People of God and the of Rockville Centre, N. Y., re- thinking on their part. They powerful affirmation on the part world in the opostolate of Socia I Communications. For Information Write To: 761-7690 places John Szilgit of Rochester, would be much better advised to of the Senate that they wanted DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL Wide'Selection of Accessories admit very frankly that the N. Y., who accepted a post with SO SI. Paul's Ave., Boston, Ma. 02130 to provide fully for the good con" the State University of New- problem of worker alienation is science of health car'e facilities , 25 Years of Service to the Public ~ame .. York ' indeed a very serious problem ~ddress . ,f 726 WASHINGTON STREET _and personnel." : I .. Zip . :, Route 1, So. Attleboro,' Mass. ) The organization of Catholic and one that simply can't be ~ge , . He pointed out· that' the efCharities officials serves· the ignored any longer. They may eight dioceses of the state, which not know what to do about it, fects of the bill wouldl be signifiemploy:s hundreds of paid and but since it was .the auto indus· cant if it is pas:;ed into law. "It voluntary workers in social ser· try that led the way in develop· ing the assembly line and similar vices. Abbot Na.....ed Cashen, a graduate of the Cor- mass production methods, it : I nell University law school, was ought to have enough ingenuity ATCHISON (NC)-I;lenedictine to lead the way in finding assistant executive director for Father Brendan William Downey DISPENSING OPTICIAN the United Hospital Fund of New a solution to the insufferable has been elected abbot of St. York for the six years just prior human' problems which have reo Benedict's Abbey here lin Kansa~. Complete Optical Service to assuming his position with the sulted from the introduction of Abbott Downey h~s been assis450 HIGH STREET Council of Catholic Charities Di- such methods not only irr- the tant -professor at the ,University FALL RIVER rectors. Before that, he worked auto ndustry but also in every of Kansas School of Religion , '1 For Appointments in the legal department of the other major industry in the since 1962. As abbott his responAssociated Hospital Service (Blue United States. Call 678-0412 sibility will be to give leadership Cross) of New York. ( © 1973 NC Features) to 110 Benedictine monks here.

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