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:The .Parish Parade

THE ANCHOR-Diocese ofFal!. River....::Thurs., Apr. 5, 1973

ST. MARY, NORTON Members of the Catholic Women's Club will sponsor a buffet dinner dance at 8 Saturday night in the parish cente,r. Music will 'be by the Bee Bee's and bar service will be available.

She'd Appreciate Sympathy AN D Action for Problems It ~appens with increasing frequency. An annoying problem with the water softener, city government, or school arises and the citizen calls to get some service from his servants. He used to get action. Now he gets a kindly listener at the other end of the wire. I call it. telephone' "Mrs. Hanson, Henry Hanson therapy. Telephone therapy "... Will you hold, please, embodies the philosophy of Mrs. Hendricks, while I pull your of the "Ten it to the chaplain" .school of an earlier army. If a recruit voiced a complaint, he was told to ten it to the chap-

8y DOLORES -~.


lain, meaning that the chaplain could . do nothing about the problem but that he would make the soldier feel better by listening to J?im. Today, every company and institution has its telephone therapists ready to listen and dp nothing. They don't argue with the 'caller who wants something don~ about the speeders in the street or barking dogs or dangerous school bus drivers. They understand. . They sympathize. They make the appropriate re: sponses geared to. soothe the responses like, "Of / caller, course," and "I don't blame you." When the caller hangs up, he'a awfully glad somebody down there understands him, Problem Remains But the problem is, the problem remains. A second call a few days later brings more sympathy and still no action. 'Finally, the caller is left with the choice of putting .up with it or getting angry. Or the problem does away with itself; the icy hill in need of sanding melts away. ' I hate to be forced to become angry to get something done. I would much prefer an adult approach, that of unemotionally reporting a problem with a quick response.,from the institution but it seems that nothing is done until the customer becomes' obnoxious. Otherwise, he's listened to and politely ignored. Let's take a routine problem Itke an overcharge on a bill. The first call goes like this: "Hello" this. is Mrs. Henry Hanson. I just received my billl and ..." "'Will 'you hold, please, Mrs, Henry, while I connect you with billing?" "Hello, this is' Mrs. Henry Hanson. I just received my bili and " " One moment, please, Mrs. Lanson (sic.). There's a can on my other line. Will you hold, please?" . . "Hello, Mrs. Landers. Thank you for holding. Now, what is the nat4re of the problem?" , "My name is Mrs. Henry Hanson, not Mrs. Landers. I was billed for two queen-sized mattress pads and I ..." "What was the date of purchase, Mrs. Henry?"


ST. PATRICK, FALL RIVER The Women's Guild will hold a rummage sale from 4 to 7 P.M. Saturday, April 7 in the school basement. Dona,tions of clothing AWARD: ~ather Mark R. and bric-a-brac may be brought nay, 33, a Fr~nCiscan priest to the school after 6 P.M. tofrom Los Angele$. is the. first morrow. Baked beans will be Catholic given a $3,000 grad· available to eat at the sale or to uate fellowship in religIOUS take home, and coffee will be served all day. Mrs. Joseph Drojournalism from: the United 'byski is chairman for the f;!vent.

Have to' Get Mad ,The conversation procedes like this until, without losing her cool, the customer whiles away the morning, spelling her name Methodist Chutch's Joint and holding. She sighs with sat-. Committee on G:ommunica- ST. ANNE, I RIVER isfaction that the problem is tion. A master's .degree can- FALL An Easter dinner-dance will cleared up, only to receive, a few days later, another inaccu- didate at the ,U~iversity of take place in the school audirate billing, this time with inter- California, Los Angeles, Fa- torium from 7 to 1 Saturday est tacked onto it: ther Day is a former United night, April 7, with dinner servShe may call politely one more Farm Workers' Union chap- ed at 7:30 and dancing to the time but the third time around, lain and former editor of the music of Art Perry. The parish board of education she's forced to become angry' and curt with the person who re- Farm Workers' :newspaper, will meet at 7:30 P.M. Monday, April 9 in the rectory. sponcis with a quick, "I'll see EI Macriado. NC: Photo. Bingo is played in the school that something gets done," and I • auditorium at 7 P.M. every Weddoes, although it's always a case , nesday. of solving the problem after the Maurice Francoeur is organizadrenalln has run. ing a Washington, D.C. bus trip There's little so frustrating as from Monday,' July 2 through being listened to like a child. It Thursday, July 5. One price will is demeaning to an adult (prob. I WASHINGTON (NC) - In an cover transportation, hotel acably to a child, too, come to think of it). I would much rather effort to override the Supreme commodations, guide service and be told, '~Look, there's no way Court abortion decis1ion, 15 mem- nine meals. More information is we can sand that .icy hill this bers of the House have pro- available from Francoeur at 674week. We've got all our sanders posed a constitutional amend- 2411. tied up on the main streets. If ment that would giye states the HOLY NAME, you want the hill sanded, you're right to make and' ~nforce their NEW BEDFORD Plans are being formulated for going to have'to sand it' your- own aborttidn laws. . self.", .: ' . ' '. , . . a: gigantic'. yard .sale'scheduled I Rep. G. William \yhitehurst, a I might leav.e the phone miffed, Virginia Republican,' said the for Saturday,' May 19 fram9 but I know where I stand. And amendment he wrdte was de- A.M. to 4 P:M. in the church that's not at the window wait- .signed to nullify the U. S. Su- parking lot, Martin Barry, chairman, has ing for the sander which has preme -Court abortion decision . been promised and ignored by wh'ich said state jegi'slatures can- requested all parishioners to that kind voice on the other. end not set abortion policies during start now in gathering items for the sale. ,of the liile. the first three months of pregThere may be some who pre- nancy. Instead, saia the court, fer sympathy, but I don't see a decision on wheth'er a woman Episcopal Priest Sees why we can't have both. can obtain 'an abortion for any Anti-Catholic Rise :zc * * reason during this period was to DALLAS (NC)-An Episcopal Capsul,e Review: Why Am I be reached by the :woman and priest charged the U.S. Supreme Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? her physician. Court abortion decision signaled by John Powell, S.J. is an ex"The appropriate [response to the emergence of an anti-Cathocellent handbook on understandinge oneself. For those who Hked such an exercise of :raw judic'ial lic atmosphere in a society that Games People Play or I'm OK, power is to amend the Constitu- has lost its values. Father CharYou're OK, this will be of inter- tion to expressly guarantee the les Carroll, a clergyman' from est. For those who haven't read people's right to hat-e the issue California who has served as a fellow at the Institute of Ecumenthem but would like to under- decided by representatives diical and Cultural Research at St. rectly accountable toi the public," stand their feelings and reactions John's University, Collegeville, said Whitehurst, whOse proposal better, this is a good introduMinn., also said advocates of tion to the subject of self-aware- was co-sponsored by 11 other abortion-on-demand were strivRepublicans and I three Demoness. $1.95;. Argus, 3505 N. Ashing to divide the various churches crats. land, Chicago 60657. as the Nazis did in Germany. The amendment states:

Proposal. Gives States Power Over Abortion

Opening Day Mass To Honor Clemente

BROOKLYN (NC) ~ Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez of San Juan, the first Puerto Rican, cardinal, will concelebrate a Mass, April 6, the opening day of the baseball season, for the late Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates at Our Lady of Perpetual Help basilica here. Among those invited are Commissioner of Baseball Bowie Kuhn and members of the New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pi-' rates. . The collection will go to victims of the Managua earthquake. Clemente, a Baptist. died Dec. 31 in a plane crash on a mercy mission mission to Nicaragua with relief ·supplies.

ST. MATHIEU, FALL RIVER Forthcoming events scheduled by the Council of Catholic Women include an April Shower Bas~ ket whist party at 8 P.M. Saturday, April 14, with Mrs. Robert Ouellette and Mrs. George .Cummings as chairman and co-chairman. Members' are asked to bring their baskets and returns to the meeting hall frol)'l 7 to 9 P.M. the eve of the p'arty. Donations of prizes will also be gratefully accepted. A regular meeting, open to visitors, will take place at 7:30 P.M. Monday night, April 30. A calendar party will follow a business session. A communion supper is planned in the parish hall for Sunday, May 20, to follow 5 P.M. Mass. Mrs. Albert Gelinas and Miss Alice Boulay are in charge of arrangements. SS. PETER AND PAUL, FALL RIVER The parochial school will benefit from an auction and flea market to be sponsored at 7 P.M. Saturday, April 14 in the school hall at 280 Dover St. by the 'Home-School Organization. Doors will be open at 6 o'clock for inspection, according to announcement by Mrs. Deanna Stevens;\ chairman. Turn to Page Fourteen ,





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'Another Life' "Nothing in u,l!S bnstitution shall bar any state .or territory or the District of .Columbia with regard to any 'area·over which it has jurisdiction ~rom allowing,regulating or prohibiting the pract!ice of abortion.": Whitehurst acknovyledged the ar·gument of abortion advocates that women have '~a right to their own bodies" a~d the right to determine the si~e of their families. "This is true," he said. "Once ·a woman is pregnant, however, there is another life and body to be concerned with-that of the unborn child. The: American people should have the right to decide this issue for themselves."

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