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Thursday January 15 2015 | Issue 632

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Tending land: But God had other ideas.

Back to School: Prepartions begin.

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Caution needed as Nth Canterbury dries out By ROBYN BRISTOW People lighting fires during the prohibited fire season in North Canterbury could risk prosecution. Prohibited fire seasons have been declared in both rural and urban areas of the Waimakariri and Hurunui districts and principal fire officers are urging caution as North Canterbury dries out. Prohibited seasons have also been declared by the Department of Conservation and the Ashley Rural Fire district. Hurunui principal fire officer Allan Grigg and Waimakariri principal fire officer Tim Sheppard say a spark from a lawn mower, chainsaw, rubbish fire or farm machinery could be all that is needed to start a ‘‘catastrophic’’ fire. ‘‘It is pretty grim out there. You only need to look at the hills to see how dry it is,’’ they say. Mr Sheppard says people are still lighting rubbish fires despite the prohibited fire season and the time has come to prosecute someone and make an example of their irresponsible behaviour. ‘‘It is ridiculous. They need their head read lighting up in these conditions. Unfortunately if it continues someone could face prosecution,’’ he says.

In recent days volunteer brigades have been called to rubbish fires in Oxford and Rangiora where people have thought it was OK to light up. Added to this is the constant threat of ‘‘suspicious’’ fires with a call out to one at Cust on Monday morning. ‘‘We have had 15 to 20 suspicious fires in the last couple of months,’’ he says. The fires have caused alarm and one has led to evacuations of homes at Pines Beach. ‘‘It also means volunteers are being called out all hours of the day and night. They have day jobs and it is a drain on their employers and family life,’’ says Mr Sheppard. Fire Service manager of rural fires in Canterbury Tim Mitchell says there has been a number of ‘‘unusual’’ fires and some where the cause can not be established are under investigation in North Canterbury. ‘‘There has been a spike in these types of fires in the Waimakariri district,’’ he says. He is urging everyone to be cautious as conditions become drier, ‘‘especially around vegetation and mowing lawns’’. Mowing lawns should be done early in the morning perhaps when there is a dew or it is cooler. ‘‘Avoid afternoon when the wind is up and vegetation is dry,’’ he says. Continued Page 2

In memory . . . the crosses which have PHOTO: SUPPLIED. been pulled up.

Crosses in river bed

Prohibited . . . Lighting fires is prohibited in North Canterbury as just one spark could cause a catastrophic fire say fire officers.


ouse of earing

Experience. The Difference

A second family has suffered the indignity of having crosses in memory of loved ones pulled up and thrown down a steep bank in the Lewis Pass. Lyn Owen has contacted The News following an article on December 18 about a cross, put up by the Oxnam family in the pass in memory of a loved one, being pulled up, thrown away and stolen. Lyn says eight years ago her sister and her partner were killed in a terrible motor bike accident leaving behind six young children. Two crosses were made by Lyn’s partner in memory of her sister and her partner and put up at the site of the accident in the Lewis Pass. Late last year the two crosses were found down a bank. ‘‘How can people be so cruel. They weren’t hurting anyone. They were placed deep into the ground with steel, but someone still managed to pull them out and throw them down a steep bank,’’ she says. ‘‘Lucky our friends were walking along the river bed and found them and brought them back too us. We will put them back at the site,’’ says Lyn.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015


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Hurunui District Council Total Fire Ban

Hurunui District is now in a Prohibited Fire Season Water Restrictions

The entire Hurunui District is on water restrictions. Amberley Township, Waipara Township and Ashley Rural are all on Level Two Water Restrictions The rest of the district is on Level One Water Restrictions Roading - Weather Dependent

• Grader 1 in the Hanmer Springs area • Grader 2 in the Blythe area • Drainage Gore Bay Road

Hurunui Youth Programme

HYP Senior Leadership Camp 6/7/8 February Hanmer Springs Forrest Camp Year 8 Leadership Camp 14/15 February Waipara Adventure Centre Register online www.hurunuiyouth.co.nz Children’s Book Sale

Hurunui Memorial Library, Amberley. Finishes Saturday Story Time at the Library

Weekdays until Friday. 10-11am, Hurunui Memorial Library, Amberley Proposed Flood Assessment Zone - Amberley Beach & Leithfield Beach

Two drop in sessions will be held on Monday 26 January 5-7pm at the Amberley Beach Community Room and Tuesday 27 January 4-7pm at the Leithfield Beach Community Room If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Scott Rose, HDC Planner, 314-0047 Public Meetings

15 Jan - Hurunui Biodiversity Working Party Mayor’s Diary

16 Jan - Host Chinese Consulate Delegation 17 Jan - Opening of Kaiapoi Civic Centre

For more information on these activities and events, or on our business-as-usual services, visit our website www.hurunui.govt.nz or our Facebook page or call us on 314-0006, 319-8812 or 315-8400

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Surfcasting for success By ROBYN BRISTOW It is hoped a change of dates may help lure more fishermen to Amberley Beach this weekend (Sunday, January 18) for the annual Amberley Beach Surfcasting competition. Amberley Lions Club organiser, Geoff Shier says the date has been moved away from the New Year to give people more time to prepare for the contest and to take advantage of the ‘‘full incoming tide’’. ‘‘Most fishermen say this is the only time to fish,’’ says Mr Shire. Lines can be cast in the 22nd annual contest from 8am on Sunday morning by fishermen hoping to catch the longest fish and take out a share of the prize pool worth over $4000. Fish are measured throughout the contest with Lions Club members on ATV travelling up and down the beach. When people snare a fish they put up their hand and their catch will be measured on the spot. ‘‘There are fishing prizes and registration prizes so entrants don’t necessarily have to catch a fish to take home a prize,’’ says Mr Shier. There will be raffles on the day which will also be sold around the village leading

Casting around . . . Competitors relax while competing in a previous Amberley Beach FILE PHOTO. Surfcasting competition. up to the event. Registration is $20 an adult and $5 for under 13­year­olds. Tickets are on sale at Arthur Burke Ltd

Survey results offer little clarity A higher than normal council survey turnout has failed to offer much clarity on Waimakariri’s refuse bin options. Mayor David Ayers says 1208 submissions were received in the Waimakariri District Council’s refuse bins survey, with 44.4 per cent opting for the three­bin option, 15.9% preferring the two­bin option and 39.5% wanting to retain the present refuse bag and yellow bin option. ‘‘It doesn’t really help a huge amount. ‘‘It is a reasonable response ­ higher than normal for a council survey, but it’s low compared to the number of people who want it and are impacted by it in their rates. ‘‘We have a number of new residents who have moved out from Christchurch and are familiar with

the three­bin system, but in the city the cost is included in the general rate, so it is a hidden cost.’’ Mr Ayers says 15,000 of the district’s 23,000 properties receive refuse collection, so the survey turnout is less than 10% of those affected. Given the results, the solid waste working party has recommended to the council’s utilities and roading committee that the three­bin option be adopted ‘‘based on what the Americans would call plurality ­ more than half of the respondents want change,’’ Mr Ayers says. Should the recommendation be approved at next week’s utilities and roading committee, it will be referred to a full council meeting next year and added to the draft Long Term Plan, ‘‘so there is still an opportunity for people to have a say’’, Mr Ayers

From Page 1 Mr Mitchell also wants people to think carefully about where they repair farm machinery or ride motorcyles. A spark from a grinder started a fire recently where a repair was being done and a fire broke out after a motorcyclist fell off his bike while riding through vegetation in a riverbed. The hot exhaust has ‘‘supposedly’’ started a fire, he says. ‘‘There is also still people lighting camp fires.

‘‘If people want to cook they can do so in gas barbecues but make sure it is on stable ground and away from vegetation. We had one tip over the other day,’’ says Mr Mitchell. Having water nearby or a fire suppressant when using machinery to do repairs, mowing or barbecuing, is recommended. ‘‘Accidents do happen but people need to think about whether they needed to be riding through vegetation or repairing machinery near dry grass,’’

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says. The three­bin option would have a green, yellow and red bin similar to Christchurch, while the two­bins would be yellow (recycling) and red (refuse). The status quo includes a yellow recycling bin and rubbish bags, which are purchased from the supermarket. Whatever the outcome, any changes to the district’s refuse collection will not be made until 2016 at the earliest. ‘‘The council is conscious of the overall rating impact, and this recommendation will need to be considered alongside the rating impacts of other work that we have to do over the next few years.’’ Flood mitigation work and the ongoing earthquake recovery have already placed a heavy burden on ratepayers, Mr Ayers says.

Think carefully to help avoid fire

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in Amberley, Hamills North Canterbury (Rangiora) and Fishermans’ Loft (Christchurch).


says Mr Mitchell. Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are also a no­no and even during a restricted season require a permit as they are considered to be a fire in the open. Mr Mitchell says it had been drizzling occasionally in some areas over the past few days and had been cooler. But this was not enough to have the prohibited fire season lifted. ‘‘We are talking about needing significant rain now for it to be lifted,’’ he says.


Drivers responsible in NC despite three deaths By DAVID HILL Motorists have been praised for responsible driving, despite three deaths on North Canterbury roads this holiday season. Acting North Canterbury police interim Senior Sergeant Phil Dean says while the three fatal crashes are still under investigation, he believes most drivers have driven responsibly. A Murchison man died when his motorcycle collided with a car on SH7 at Mouse Point Road, between Culverden and Hanmer Springs, on December 28, while the following day a women died when a car and truck collided on SH1 at Greta Valley. A third death occurred when a man was electrocuted after a car crashed into a power pole at Glentui, near Oxford, on December 27. ‘‘I think the large majority of motorists using North Canterbury roads have acted responsibly,’’ he said. However there were isolated incidents of bad driving behaviour. He said four teenagers were lucky to

escape serious injury after a crash on State Highway one near Kaiapoi, just before 11pm on January 2. The Subaru Impreza is believed to have left Hanmer Springs at around 8.30pm travelling towards Christchurch. ‘‘We received multiple complaints from members of the public of the car overtaking at speed and some of the occupants climbing over the bonnet and roof of the vehicle while it was travelling along the State Highway. ‘‘All of the occupants were extremely lucky not to have seriously hurt themselves or anyone else when they crashed. Police are investigating claims that the front­seat passenger was steering the car while the driver was leaning out of the window,’’ Mr Dean says. Waimakariri District Council road safety co­ordinator Chris Neason agrees that most North Canterbury road users ‘‘are pretty well behaved’’. ‘‘We just have to keep saying to people to concentrate on your driving, to keep your speed down and don’t get distracted. And on rural roads, drive to

the conditions and keep your speed down if you’re not used to shingle roads.’’ Mr Dean says the accidents are a reminder to people to take care on the roads, ‘‘use your head’’, wear a seat belt, don’t drink and drive, think about the conditions and ‘‘remember speed limits are not targets’’. ‘‘Be aware when on the roads it may not be the mistake you make, but be aware of other drivers and your surroundings. ‘‘We encourage road users who have any concerns with the standard of driving they are seeing to report it to police.’’ Motorists can dial *555 free from a mobile phone to report urgent road incidents which are urgent but not life threatening or to ‘‘report a bad driver’’, or go to www.police.govt.nz. In an emergency call 111. In all 17 people died on New Zealand roads during the official Christmas holiday period, which goes from 4pm on December 24 until 6am on January 5.

Thursday January 15 2015

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The News

open We are -5.30pm m a 9 i r F Mon-4pm Sat 9am card o Bring y


ur loya


0 ALTH 200

hS 119 Hig 3 313 913 x a /F h P ulture C e e off Next to C


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Big loss to harness community

Robert Graeme Purvis. Truso (5 wins) and Schell Cree (5 wins). He was also a Veteran Life Member of the Rangiora Harness Racing Club. He was born in Rangiora, educated at Rangiora Borough School and Rangiora High School, and began work at McKenzie’s Machinery Limited on High Street, in Rangiora, which later became Don Clarke Saddlery. He became a highly valued staff member at McKenzie’s, his engineering skill and enthusiastic work ethic earning him high praise in a glowing reference from his employer Ray McKenzie. After leaving McKenzie’s, Graeme


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Weka Pass Railway

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The North Canterbury harness racing community has lost a highly valued member with the death on Christmas Eve of Robert Graeme Purvis, aged 77. Graeme was farewelled at a big funeral held at the Rangiora RSA function centre on December 30. He was a former president of the North Canterbury Trotting Owners’ Association (NCTOA), and serving vice­president at the time of his death. He spent more than 36 years on the committee helping to run the workouts and trials at Rangiora Raceway on an almost weekly basis. Graeme was a tireless worker, the ‘‘ultimate volunteer’’, said Russell Latimer, speaking on behalf of the NCTOA, at his funeral. ‘‘He was an institution at the racecourse doing many odd­jobs, assisting with track maintenance etc, as well as being involved in the running of the workouts and trials,’’ Russell said. ‘‘On a personal note, you were also the best contractor and haymaker we’ve ever had,’’ Russell said. ‘‘You always went that extra yard.’’ Graeme had a passion for harness racing and as an owner­trainer­driver he enjoyed success with Joe Junior (9 wins, $65,000)



www.wekapassrailway.co.nz www.wekapassrailway.co.nz

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

More research needed on impacts of offshore drilling near Kaikoura By DAVID HILL More research is needed before any more offshore oil drilling is approved, the Kaikoura District Council says. In a submission to New Zealand Petroleum and Mineral’s (NZPAM) ­ a division of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) ­ on the Block Offer 2015 consultation document, the council raises concerns about the impact of exploratory or drilling activity on marine life which is one of the Kaikoura district’s economic lifelines. It calls for further investigation into the impacts and for seismic surveys on marine life to be completed before any further permits are granted. Block Offer 2015 includes proposals for exploration permits in the Pegasus Basin, off the Kaikoura coast. An MBIE spokeswoman says the whale sanctuary, developed last year alongside the Kaikoura Marine Reserve, will not be included in the proposed Block Offer 2015. The spokeswoman also referred The News to the NZPAM website, which says in the event of a significant oil spill, Maritime New Zealand is the lead response agency. ‘‘The aim will be to minimise damage to the marine environment and reduce the time for recovery of affected resources. Maritime New Zealand is responsible for making sure New Zealand is ready for an oil spill of any size. ‘‘If the scale of an incident is beyond New Zealand’s local and national capability, Maritime New Zealand has a

network of international organisations and companies it can call upon to assist with resources and expertise.’’ The council’s submissions says it has little information on how the seismic testing, exploratory and drilling process may affect the coastal marine area in the district. ‘‘The Kaikoura district is highly reliant on the marine environment for the economic well­being of the district. If any drilling activity, including the seismic testing was to drive whales, dolphins or seals from our coastline, our marine tourism based economy would be destroyed. ‘‘Any subsequent drilling accidents would cause additional devastation. The Kaikoura community have worked hard toward sustainability and protecting the natural environment for future generations.’’ The submission also raised concerns that it was unclear whether the proposal included the newly established Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary and raised questions about the risk of an oil spill. The Government’s oil spill response capability is funded by the Oil Pollution Levy, which is paid by organisations whose activities raise the risk of an oil spill, while the polluter is liable for all costs associated with the response. Consultation on Block Offer 2015 is open until February 9. More information can be found at www.nzpam.govt.nz. Proposal. . . A map showing the Kaikoura Whale Sanctuary and the proposed Pegasus Basin exploratory area in Block Offer 2015. Image courtesy of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.


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The News

Tourism season booming The Kaikoura summer tourist season is ‘‘going gang busters’’. Mayor Winston Gray says the town is buzzing and reports from tourist operators indicate this season could be the best in years. ‘‘Last year we saw a pattern that was up on the previous season, but this year we are going gang busters. The streets have been just bustling. ‘‘A question will be how long it endures through the autumn.’’ He says the hot summer weather and the strong economy seemed to be the main reasons for the success. However, he has heard that the growth is leading to challenges in finding

enough qualified staff, particularly chefs. Mr Gray says February, March and April are historically the busiest months for international tourists, so he is optimistic of more growth. ‘‘Pre­quake in some years we would be booked out during those autumn months ­ I remember tourists telling me they were staying in Cheviot because they couldn’t get accommodation in Kaikoura.’’ Destination Kaikoura general manager Glenn Ormsby says the summer season seemed to ‘‘kick in early’’ and operators ‘‘across the board’’ were giving positive feedback. ‘‘It’s not just one sector. The accommodation is busy, the marine

Page 5

Rangiora Clinic Fortnightly Wednesdays Rangiora Hospital 161 Ashley

operators are busy and the other activities are doing well ­ the feedback is very, very good and the weather has certainly helped.’’ The one set back so far was a big swell on New Years’ Day which meant cruise ship Seabourn Odyssey, with 450 passengers and 330 crew, was unable to bring its passengers ashore. However, it returned last Sunday, much to the relief of local tourist operators. ‘‘It was a beautiful day, mother nature really stepped up to the plate,’’ Mr Ormsby says. Three more cruise ship visits are scheduled this month and another three next month, subject to weather conditions, so the busy summer could continue for some time yet.



Thursday January 15 2015

Future use a positive step forward A Kaiapoi red zone stayer says the government’s recent release of the summary of the public conversation on future use is a ‘‘positive step forward’’. Wider Earthquake Communities Action Network (WECAN) spokesman and Cass Street resident Brent Cairns says ‘‘a wonderful opportunity for the affected land’’ to be developed into public amenities and he is feeling encouraged by the results of last year’s Canvas survey conducted by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA). ‘‘It’s about working out what’s best for the future of Kaiapoi and making it better than before.’’ The Canvas public engagement process ran for six weeks from July 30 to September 12, with nearly 600 people contributing more than 2750 ideas and values for the future use of the red zones in Waimakariri. A total of one square kilometre of land was red zoned in Kaiapoi and Pines/ Kairaki Beaches due to earthquake damage and potential for future damage. Voluntary Crown offers were made to 1048 properties, with the owners of 37 properties choosing to stay.

Mr Cairns believes there will be different opportunities for different red zone areas based on how much damage it suffered, with restoring land to residential housing in the future a possibility. ‘‘Around 85 per cent of the land around us suffered only minor to moderate damage, whereas other areas suffered more serious damage, so I think we will see mix of solutions. ‘‘I think with the innovations and new foundations being developed after the red zone was announced, there is an opportunity for residential development in the future, but we need to be mindful of those who have left red zone properties, but still have a strong connection.’’ He suggests they could be given first option to buy if this does happen. Mr Cairns says he would like to see more fruit forests developed, which will be based around existing fruit trees preserved from red zone properties. Waimakariri Mayor David Ayers says Canvas was a valuable exercise for moving forward. ‘‘It’s important that the end use of these areas reflects and encompasses

what the community needs and the Canvas ideas have provided us with a good basis for drawing up some options. ‘‘The summary of the community feedback will help us do this before going back to the community for their input.’’ Ideas included various recreational amenities including walkways and BMX parks, community gardens and fruit forests, creating natural reserves and restoring native ecosystems. Other suggestions included business and commercial opportunities such as markets, cafes, festivals and entertainment events. CERA, the Waimakariri District Council, Environment Canterbury and Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu will now work through a range of options before seeking further public feedback later in the year. More information can be found at www.canvasredzone.org.nz.


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

In the Electorate with

MATT DOOCEY MP F OR WAIMAKARIRI Exciting year lies ahead in the Waimakariri electorate An exciting year lies ahead of us in the Waimakariri, with some significant milestones to celebrate. These cover three strategic areas for our region: the major roading projects around the Western Belfast Bypass, the opening of our main streets and the opening of our new health hub. The bypass will reduce congestion for local commuters by diverting traffic away from Main North Rd and providing a direct route from the northern motorway and Johns Rd. Our revitalised streets will confirm Waimakariri as a destination of choice with the openings of the Oxford and Rangiora town halls, the Kaiapoi Library and Service Centre and the new Laneways retail precinct off the Rangiora High Street being just a few to look forward to. The opening of our new health hub this year is another huge milestone and I know many can’t wait to have such a first­class health­care facility right on their doorsteps. On a national front, our economy is performing solidly, jobs and wages are growing, and businesses are confident

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and hiring more staff. And more Kiwis are coming home, demonstrating their confidence in New Zealand’s economy. We finished last year on a strong note. Our successes extended to the international arena when we won a coveted seat on the United Nations Security Council after a decade­long campaign and negotiated a free trade deal with Korea that will deliver huge savings to our producers and exporters. In my maiden speech, I committed the reference points for my work and contribution as the elected MP for Waimakariri to be equal opportunity, individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility, competitive enterprise and reward for achievement, limited government, strong families and caring communities, and the sustainable development of our environment. I’m looking forward to a busy year ahead as I build on these promises and work on being a strong voice for Canterbury.

‘Toot for Tucker’’ Dear Editor, On Tuesday December 2 ‘‘Toot For Tucker’’ was held in Oxford for the first time. ‘‘Toot For Tucker’’ is an initiative of Property Brokers Real Estate, Rangiora, and has operated in Rangiora successfully for several years where non perishable foodstuffs are collected for redistribution by the Salvation Army to less fortunate families for the festive season. The collection of the foodstuffs is conducted by the Oxford Fire Brigade and the Oxford and Districts Lions Club who roam the streets and collect the donated goods and take them to a central point at Phillipa and Ron Rivers property, for collection by the Salvation Army to process. For me this was a most rewarding experience to see volunteering organisations working together for a common cause. As a Lion I appreciate the

Driving compared By the time you read this, I’ll be back from visiting family in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. While away, I kept up with some of the news ­ and the cricket scores! ­ from back home, through Stuff, Facebook, Twitter, etc and, as is usual for this time of the year, road crashes and safety figure prominently. While driving in Australia is very similar to back home, there do seem to be some differences. One of them is the signage warning of the dire consequences of breaking the speed limit. ‘‘Heavy fines’’ drivers are told, and at this time of the year there are temporary signs warning of double demerits. There are also warnings about speed cameras and aerial surveillance, as well as paired gantries that photograph you and calculate your average speed over considerable distances. One consequence seems to be that on the open road, driving on the speed limit, you don’t often get

support of the Oxford Fire Brigade a relationship built up over several years. They are an awesome group and the township has benefited greatly from their presence and we will continue to support them. Also thanks to Phillipa and Ron for hosting us. To the residents of Oxford you showed how generous you are towards the less fortunate as this exercise was very successful from the volume of food collected. Yours, Dick Harwood, Oxford and Districts Lions Club.

Thank you Dear Editor, We have just sold our holiday house at 31 Buschs Road, Medbury after 10 years and wish to thank the Hawarden/ Medbury community for their wonderful support,

passed. The road between Sydney and Canberra is four­laned and divided, almost a motorway but not quite, because there are lots of side roads. The speed limit is 110km/h and very few seem to exceed that. The cruise control that you get on modern cars seems to be well­used and maybe the police have a low tolerance too. Away from roads like that, the driving conditions in both country and town seem to be very similar to New Zealand, including a similarly confusing array of speed limits in and around the towns, although the 100km/h open road limit is the same. I’ve been driving since the mid­ 1960s and the impression I get is that New Zealand drivers are more courteous and are more likely to drive within the speed limits than they did 20 years ago. They turn their lights on in bad weather and some even signal correctly at roundabouts! So with all this, why is our crash record worse than Australia’s?

particularly during the major Christchurch earthquakes when our city apartment was munted. At one stage we had 17 people sleeping over plus another five, a couple and their family in the Medbury Hall. Many of the residents supplied food and the use of their home for showers at this stressful time. It was true country friendship and caring. Our Daughter Lisa Mitchell, who died from bowel cancer aged 46, two years ago, loved Medbury and its community. Here again there was great support from the community in our sad loss. We got to know the wider community, as committee members of the Medbury Hurunui Residents Association and quickly realised how lucky we were as city residents to feel part of the local community. Our grateful thanks to all. Yours, Derek and Lynn Anderson.

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 7

Policeman moving

Consolation prize . . . Brigette Mahan opens the envelope to reveal if she struck the the PHOTO: CLAIRE OXNAM. $10,000.

Amberley policeman Arnold Hooykaas is on the move. Senior constable Hooykaas, who has been in the police force for 40 years, left this week to take up a post in Alexandra. He has spent over a decade in North Canterbury starting out in Cheviot before moving to Amberley where he has been stationed for 10 and half years. Mr Hooykaas started his career in the police in Dunedin before moving to Balclutha and then Alexandra and on to North Canterbury. ‘‘Now I am moving back to Alexandra to be nearer family and to serve out my last few years in the force,’’ he says. He recalls moving to Cheviot and into a ‘‘completely different’’ role after being involved in education and travelling around to schools. At Cheviot he attended many tragic accidents which fortunately became fewer when the Highway Patrol came into force in about 2002. In Amberley establishing relationships with the community had helped to solve issues and crimes. This was important as the town grew and

Moving . . . Arnold Hooykaas.


crime increased, particularly as people became more mobile, says Mr Hooykaas. Today Amberley is a three­man police station in response to crime statistics and is busy with its high profile main road site, he says. ‘‘It is nice to nab criminals and those causing disruption and hold them to account.’’

Shopper wins barbecue Lost and found property

Brigette Mahan did not win the $10,000 in The News and Rangiora Promotions sponsored competition prior to Christmas. But she did take home a flash new barbecue. Ms Mahan’s name was drawn on December 18 after she entered the competition while shopping at one of the 16 participating Rangiora stores

and popped a receipt with her contact details into an entry box in store. Once ownership of the entry was validated Ms Mahan chose one of 100 envelopes. One envelope contained the $10,000 prize which unfortunately she did not strike. The barbecue was donated by Mega Mitre 10 Rangiora.

The following property has been reported as lost to the Rangiora Police ­ have you seen it? A brown wallet, a black wallet, a red Canon camera, a purple wallet, a diamond/platinum solitaire engagement ring and a very old black wallet. The following property is being held at the Rangiora Police the station: A remote helicopter, a silver metal pen, a diamante and pink stone filigree ring, a plain gold band, a gold band with diamantes and a Motorola cellphone with broken screen. Phone (03) 313 6167.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 9

Long serving staff farewelled By DAVID HILL Memories flowed as Kaiapoi Borough School farewelled its two longest serving staff. Woodwork teacher Ron Davis and teacher aide Julie Sword have both signed off after 30 years service to the school, as staff shared memories at a farewell afternoon tea. Mr Davis says there have been some big changes in his 30 years at the school, ‘‘some good, some radical. Some have worked and some haven’t’’. ‘‘It’s a great department. I have loved teaching the kids. ‘‘I have always said to the kids ‘give it a go. It may not work and if it doesn’t, we will have a look at it and do something to fix it’. ‘‘It’s a good school and we have a good supportive staff. There hasn’t been a big turnover of staff which is good for the students and says a lot about the school.’’ Mr Davis says he was a carpenter who ‘‘ended up with a carpenter’s back’’. After hearing a radio advertisement, he completed a year’s training at teachers’ college, which included a placement at Kaiapoi Borough School, before being offered a permanent position. Deputy principal John Guthrie says Mr Davis was always ‘‘coming up with ideas to improve things’’. ‘‘I never ceased to be amazed at Ron, you always found out something new about him. ‘‘We’ve had former students come back to enroll their own children and ask: ‘does Mr Davis still teach here? He taught me’.’’ Mr Davis says he plans to come back to the school as a relieving teacher. But in the meantime he is waiting for his earthquake damaged home in

Long service . . . Kaiapoi Borough School has farewelled long­serving staff Julie Sword (left), Ron Davis and Paula Gray. Parklands to be rebuilt. ‘‘I’m really just getting off the horse and getting on to another one.’’ Mrs Sword began at the school in May 1984 working in the main office, however her passion was working with the students. Over the years she has filled a variety of roles, including teacher aiding, working in the library and making cups of tea and coffee in the staffroom. ‘‘My highlight was working with the kids. ‘‘I just loved them to bits. ‘‘I took them (students) one­on­one

for reading and you can always tell what sort of mood they’re in. ‘‘They often just want to talk.’’ Both of her daughters and one granddaughter have also been students at the school. Mr Guthrie says Mrs Sword touched the lives of many students. ‘‘There will be kids all over Kaiapoi and probably all over the world now that will remember Julie because she was so loving and caring. ‘‘I like to think sometimes I can handle kids, but Julie would come along sometimes and say ‘stand aside, John, I can do it’. That wonderful


person has been a role model for all of us.’’ Also being farewelled on Friday was Paula Gray, after a 16 year association with the school, dating back to when her children attended the school and including 12 years as a teacher aide. For the last five years she has been juggling teacher training and full time work as a teacher aide, before being appointed to a temporary teaching role for the fourth term this year. While she is leaving to take up a full time teaching role at Clarkville School, Mrs Gray says her heart remains at Kaiapoi Borough School.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Muscle Car Madness Lubes Mechanical Repairs Cambelts Water Pumps WOF



W discount to Supercard holders

Stuart Huria Proprietor

Ph 327 6709

155 Williams St Kaiapoi 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri

Battery Mart 0800 24 50 24

Starters, Alternators Diagnostics

Sam Moodie 700 Lineside Road

Airbags, ABS


Fuel Injection

021 270 0330 03 313 3040



Open 7 days: 5am till midnight 1341771

Excellent range of Pies, Sandwiches, Coffee & Beverages

Please to support the Street Cars weekend Ph 313 4611 • 300 High Street

Muscle Cars Madness set to celebrate 25 years Muscle Car Madness is set to celebrate 25 years in Rangiora. The 25 year anniversary of Muscle Car Madness is about to happen on Saturday and Sunday, January 24 to 25 at the Rangiora Showgrounds, with more than 1000 cars coming from throughout New Zealand and beyond, organiser Craig Stare says. ‘‘The response this year as expected has been huge and by the time you read this the event will be sold out for entrants. ‘‘There will still be space to put your ‘showable standard’ pride and joy on display during the weekend, but heed the advice and come early to avoid the traffic jam. We will let show cars in from 9am and the general public at 10am. ‘‘We have record numbers of cars coming from the North Island, including Willy Pelzer’s Chev cab over truck, which was top vehicle at this year’s Beach Hop.’’ Thanks to Mainfreight International, two cars are being shipped in especially for the show. The first is a radical custom 1949 Mercury owned by Frank Hinmon in Bakersfield. The other is the ‘‘Purple People Eater’’ one of the first of its style to be built. Mark Idzardi owns this iconic cult car which has travelled all around the world, starting off as a cut down Model A, it is powered by a blown and injected 402 Pontiac engine. ‘‘The event is world class and was nominated for one of the top automotive events in the world,’’ Mr Stare says. ‘‘It brings millions of dollars into the

Batteries Alternators Starters Electronics


Skinny P: 027 355 4454

Classics together. . . A 1965 Mustang 289, a 1940 Ford pick up, a 1975 Ford Xb and a 1967 Pontiac Le Mons line up at last year’s Muscle Car Madness at the Rangiora Showgrounds.


community and we have entrants coming from Auckland to Bluff, England, the United States, Germany and Australia. ‘‘If you have never been before, don’t miss this great family event.’’ Admission is $15 for adults and $2 for children aged 5­15 years, with a family pass for $30 (mum, dad and any number

of children under 15 years). A limited amount of two­day will be passes available at the gate for $25. All tickets are only valid till 5pm and please refrain from bringing dogs. Public hours are 10am to 5pm each day. For more information go to www.musclecarmadness.co.nz.


Servicing Servicing Generations Generations of Local Local Families... Families...

20 Blackett Street, Rangiora Phone (03) 313-4144

Out of Hawaii. . . A Chevrolet Roadmaster at last year’s Muscle Car Madness, looks like it needs some restoration.

Falcons n Cruisers Dismantling Falcons & 40 Series Landcruisers We are proud to support Muscle Car Madness, Rangiora

Phone (03) 312 5064 1518848

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 11

Muscle Car Madness

New burnout pad to be unveiled A new purpose built burnout pad is set to be unveiled at this year’s Muscle Car Madness. Organiser Craig Stare says the brand new burnout pad will be a welcomed addition at the Rangiora Showgrounds. ‘‘This pad will be well away from the original pad, and solves many problems. It is hoped the local hot rod club may be able to make use of it.’’ During Muscle Car Madness, the burnout pad will be in use on both days, Saturday and Sunday, January 24­25, at 1.30pm.

Mr Stare says there will be well over 1,000 cars on display throughout the weekend. ‘‘One of the most popular areas is the retro zone. Lots of retro cars, unseen here before, will be on display along with a vintage town, vintage men’s and ladies hairdressing, and a retro caravan. ‘‘New Zealand’s top caravan is coming down from Whakatane.’’ Ten live bands have been lined up to play during the event from little kids through to the headline act, the family rockabilly band ‘‘Mad Max and the Wild

Ones’’ from Utah, United States. Mr Stare says the band previously performed at the 18th Muscle Car Madness show. The popular retro beauty competition will be held on Saturday afternoon from 3.30pm, with a division for little girls, while the boys have a coolest dude competition with trophies up for grabs. A large amount of trade displays, children’s fun zone, restored army vehicles, craft zones and cars for sale will also feature during the weekend. There will also be a wide range of food stalls to satisfy the culinary needs of the whole family.


Phone Automotive Parts 1518672

03 313 7216

Admission is $15 for adults and $2 for children aged 5­15 years, with a family pass for $30 (mum, dad and any number of children under 15 years). A limited amount of two­day passes will be available at the gate for $25. All tickets are only valid till 5pm and please refrain from bringing dogs. Public hours are 10am to 5pm each day. For more information go to www.musclecarmadness.co.nz.


VISIT www.lvvta.org.nz A -GRADE MECHANIC

Classic Vehicle, Muscle Car and Performance Vehicle repairs. WOF and Repairs. All makes and Models. Farm Machinery. Scanner for Diagnostics. Auto Transmission Repairs Saturday Morning WOF by appointment Icecreams and Drinks. Newspapers.

Super machine. . . This beautifully restore 1948 Buick Super, fitted out with a 350 Chevrolet engine, made the trip all the way from Matamata for last year’s Muscle Car Madness. FILE PHOTO

Muscle car. . . The crazy Purple People Eater from California will be on show.


Rocking it. . . Mad Max and the Wild Ones are winging their way from Utah, United States, PHOTO: SUPPLIED for this year’s Muscle Car Madness.

1510 North Eyre Road, West Eyreton Phone (03) 3125 421 or 027 210 9847 beleyre@xtra.co.nz

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota





1300cc auto, 5-door, very low km example. Safe & economical

3.0 T/Diesel, 5-spd, 51,000km, alloys, Tuff Deck. Great looking ute.






Now $79,995


4.5 V8 diesel, 5-speed, high country pack. Very sought-after


Fully optioned, good kms. A must see!

2WD, 3.0 T/Diesel, 5-speed


Flat Deck, new tyres, 3.0 T/Diesel 5-speed, 87,000kms

3.0 T/Diesel, 5-spd, Tuff Deck, towbar

Was $42,995 Now $40,995



Auto, 77,000kms, Tuff Deck, Tonneau, Towbar

Was $41,995 Now



3.0 T/Diesel, auto, very tidy and good kms

3.0 T/Diesel, 5-speed manual, 4WD





2.5 AWD, auto, low kms, silver

2.4 auto, very well optioned, stunning in Sandstone, just 42,000kms

2.4 AWD auto, just 61,000kms, stunning in Wildfire

Auto, 5-door, Crisp White, just 26,000kms, Signature Class 3yr warranty & AA Roadservice

Now $48,995





Stunning 7-seater, very highly spec’d, Crisp Silver Pearl. Test drive today, just 13,000kms Was $51,995





Finance & Insurance Available Rangiora: Percival St Ph 03 313 8186 any time • Kaiapoi: 86 Williams St Ph 03 327 9005

(Kaiapoi After Hours: John Mellor 027 478 7685) www.rangiora.toyota.co.nz • • www.kaiapoi.toyota.co.nz Amber Inwood 027 566 0013 • John Mellor 027 478 7685 • John Glubb 027 432 1610 • Robin Illingworth 027 435 5105


The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 13

Balmoral pitch gets new lease of life By AMANDA BOWES A beautifully restored cricket pitch will once again echo to the sounds of cricket balls on willow bats at the opening of the Balmoral Cricket Reserve next month. After several years of community input from both sides of the Hurunui River, the seven hectare reserve has been disked several times, sprayed, graded, fertilised and sown in lawn seed. The cricket pitch, which was originally concrete, has been given a new lease of life with clay from a nearby farm which has resulted in a pitch equal to anywhere. The Balmoral Cricket reserve is on the southern end of the 17 hectare Balmoral Recreational reserve, of which 10 hectares is a camping ground. Committee members, Terry Bamford and Ed Shand, say a huge community effort has gone into restoring the cricket reserve and in addition to contractors and companies donating time and resources, funds were raised by members working at the Culverden calf sales, pushing up calves into the pens. The Hurunui District Council also gave money through the ward committee for a mower to cut the grass around the trees and local, Richard Florence, donated a reel mower for the pitch. A culvert has been placed so that campers can access the cricket reserve directly from the camping grounds. Ngai Tahu have got the ground well flattened by donating the use of their heavy roller and now all that needs to be done before opening day, is a final mowing. While cricket will be played on the opening day, Terry points out that the reserve has been restored as a


picnic area where cricket can be played and that the former Balmoral Cricket Cub is not being reinstated. The whole area was created in the mid 1960s when the National Road Board realigned the state highway approaches from the old wooden bridge going across the Hurunui River to the new concrete bridge at its current site. Ed Shand says at the time his father, Arthur Shand was the chairman of the North Canterbury Farm Forestry Association and saw the need to enhance the area with the planting of amenity trees and roadside flowers. The Balmoral Cricket Club was formed in the 1979 to 1980 season and with support from local farmers, their workers and forestry workers, played for 15 years. Terry Bamford says while initially the club was pretty haphazard, they soon formed a tight unit and had a winning run of 33 games in the senior grade. After the club closed, the area fell into disrepair and pine trees were planted in the area. Subsequent flooding of the Hurunui River made it impractical to keep the grounds maintained and the area gradually turned into a wasteland. With the building of new groynes near the bridge and flooding controlled, an enthusiastic group decided to restore the grounds. The pine trees were taken out and the long process of bringing back the reserve into a usable state began. It is hoped players from the original Balmoral Cricket Club will attend the open day at 1pm on February 22. Games will be open to anyone and gear will be provided. To get to the reserve, turn left after the Hurunui Bridge (heading North) and take the second track on the left.

New wicket . . . Ed Shand, Richard Watson and Terry Bamford go over some final details PHOTO AMANDA BOWES. on the clay cricket pitch in the restored Balmoral Cricket Reserve.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015



$299 42 High St, Rangiora Ph: 03 313 8811 192 Williams St, Kaiapoi Ph: 03 327 8292


EST 1978

1 Pair of Progressive or Bifocal Glasses Frames & Lenses Included *Terms & Conditions Apply

Full repair service Spectacles made On-site • 1 hour Turn-a-round • Free Customer Parking

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 15

Fishers support marine reserve By DAVID HILL Kaikoura’s ‘‘coastal marine guardians’’ are pleased with the support of fishers to changes to the new marine environment regulations. Department of Conservation (DOC) and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) staff were out in force over the New Year to educate ocean users of the changes. Te Korowai o Te Tai o Morakura secretary Gina Solomon says feedback suggests ‘‘it’s gone very well’’. The Kaikoura Marine Management Act, which took effect last year following nine years of campaigning by Te Korowai, created a new marine reserve, whale and seal sanctuaries and new catch limits. ‘‘The coastline has been extremely busy. ‘‘We’ve had a huge influx of visitors over the summer and New Year, possibly more than last year because of the fine weather,’’ Ms Solomon says. ‘‘The main thing has been making sure people are aware of the new rules, particularly as the marine reserve has an unusual shaped boundary, and we have new recreational catch limits.’’ DOC partnership ranger Shelly Sidley says while there have been a few rules breaches but most people seemed to be aware of the changes. ‘‘Most people seem to be happy with the changes and understand the need to keep fishing in Kaikoura sustainable for future generations.’’ In anticipation, Te Korowai, DOC and MPI worked closely together to prepare a leaflet and website information to inform people of the changes.

Sunbathing . . . A seal basks in the sun on the Kaikoura coast. A free smartphone app can also be downloaded by texting ‘‘app’’ to 9889. Ms Solomon says ultimately the rule changes require some changes in


mindset. The first Maori who visited Kaikoura came for the bountiful sea food, so it has become customary for

people to come and fish ‘‘and we want to continue that, but we need to be responsible’’. In the past people have caught more fish than they could eat and much of it was wasted. ‘‘The philosophy we’ve tried to share is fishing for a feed or a taste, rather than for the freezer. This is a challenge especially for a placed named Kaikoura, which essentially means ‘eat crayfish’.’’ Ms Solomon says Te Korowai is now waiting on the government to determine the make up of an advisory committee and the future role of Te Korowai. Her organisation is hoping to work with the agencies to establish procedures for research and monitoring the Kaikoura marine environment. ‘‘We need some baseline data so we can monitor the fish stocks and see if the catch limits and new rules are working. In a few years it will be quite interesting to see what we’ve got. ‘‘We’ve been working on this for nine years, but we realise the hard work actually starts now.’’ Te Korowai is now planning an open day in March with local organisations to discuss the new regulations together, once the busy season is over. For more information on the Kaikoura marine management area visit www.teamkorowai.org.nz, fishing regulations can be found at www.mpi.govt.nz or call (03) 3196570. Details on the Hikurangi Marine Reserve and marine mammal sanctuaries can be found at www.doc.govt.nz/kaikoura­marine or call (03) 5729100.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

North Canterbury Dining Guide FRESH COFFEE ROASTED ON-SITE

Food With Attitude!

Now Open – Come and see what all the fuss is about!

• Colombian • Guatemala • Kenyan • Decaf • Organic and many more varieties



Gift Vouchers Now Available Available

• Muffins • Scones • Sandwiches • Slices • Cake • Quiche • Sushi, etc

• Authentic Thai Food • Each dish prepared fast and fresh by our two Thai chefs

Open 7 Days Mon-Thurs 8.30am-4.00pm Fri-Sat 8.30am-8.00pm Sun 9.30am-3.00pm

Dining playground adventure

Unit 13 Brackenfields, Amberley Phone 03 314 9414

Pies, Lasagne, Quiche, Cottage Pie, Salmon crepes, Curly Fries, Spiral Spuds and Whether you are wanting a coffee and a Nachos as well as a delicious selection of bite to eat or a meal out with the family, toasted sandwiches. The lunch menu is large and with Steak Castle Park will cater for your requirements. Sandwiches, Caesar Salad, the ‘‘Park Mum and Dad can relax while the kids Burger’’, Fish and Chips, platters to share play on the array of equipment available, and Seafood Chowder to name just a few including a flying fox, a castle complete choices. with a slide, swings, monkey bars, a Pizza lovers are well catered for with bulldozer and space ship. freshly made Gourmet Pizzas and ‘‘lotsa’’ For Dad a visit to the car museum next toppings to choose from. door may be the way to go. There is ample Castle Park caters well for children with a special ‘‘Kids Menu’’ aimed at little seating both inside and outside under the wide veranda, during the winter months an people with all their favourites as well as outdoor fire takes the chill off while you some healthy options. If they eat their meal watch the kids play. and are specially good maybe a treat from Castle Park’s cafe offers an extensive the ice cream cabinet could be in order. menu catering for all tastes. The cabinet There is a ‘‘Takeaway’’ menu with all the food is fresh and inviting if you are looking usual favourites, fish, hot dogs, scallops, for a quick snack and a great hot or iced spring rolls, burgers, fries etc. CoffeeWorx coffee on the run. Castle Park also has a Coffee Car which can call on your workplace or visit your For those wanting a more substantial meal there’s an extensive menu catering event. If you want to know more about this for all tastes and appetites, vegetarian and please give them a call. gluten free options are numerous. All­in­all Castle Park has something for The breakfast menu includes the ‘‘Castle everyone so next time you want somewhere Park Big Brekkie’’, a challenge for the most to head to for lunch, somewhere the kids dedicated ‘‘Big Brekkie’’ gourmet and the can run about and enjoy themselves while ever popular Eggs Benedict. The light meal you relax with a coffee, snack or meal, head selection includes Wedges, homemade for Castle Park. By CLAIRE OXNAM



Open Thursday-Tuesday | 5pm-9pm

WOOLSHED CAFE & GARDEN BAR Open 9.30am-9pm or later Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Pub Meals & Hotel Accomodation Available


Group Bookings • Reservations Recommended

Phone 03 314 8508 or 03 314 9296

Canterbury’s No.1 Family Destination

Opening Hours 5pm-9pm 63 Percival St, Lilybrook Centre, Rangiora



Like us on Facebook

E: castleparkcafe@gmail.com


Where service and food are our priority!

LOCATED IN A&P SHOWGROUNDS 158 ASHLEY ST, RANGIORA BOOK YOUR 2015 FUNCTION NOW Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, etc. All enquiries welcome Lunch Tuesday-Saturday

BUFFET SUNDAYS ~ Every Sunday from 8th February. Lunch and Dinner. $28.00 Adults. Children under 12 years half price. Bookings essential


OPEN: Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights

Contact us for all your catering requirements: Ph (03) 310-8236

KAIAPOI GOLF CLUB 373 Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Delicious homemade cafe food • Pies • Monster Sausage Rolls • Muffins • Scones • Slices • Cake • Quiche • Lasagne

P: 03 312 9411 C: 022 162 9899



• Smoothies • Frappes • Milkshakes • Scoop Ice Cream • All food baked on premises • Gourmet Pizzas • Fish & Chips takeaways

Function Catering

196 High Street, Rangiora (opp Post Office) Phone (03) 313-8388 1475805


Café, Restaurant & Function Venue

FULLY LICENSED & B.Y.O (wine only)

OPEN 6 DAYS (Monday Closed)



Culinary adventure. . . Castle Park offers a fun dining experience.

Ph 03 327 3592


Experience the flavours of Thailand the Green Duck way!



• Open for lunch and dinner 5 days, plus dinner only Sunday

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

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Back to School

Healthy lunches improve energy It is a well known fact that kids who are fuelled well during the day have much better concentration and energy levels. It also helps to ensure that when your darling child gets home he or she is not a little monster, due to hunger and flagging energy levels. As parents we need to take on the role of teaching good choices ­ this is especially true if you have a child who is really digging in their toes over lunch box choices. Children like lunch box choices that are quick to eat and not messy. Preparing a healthy school lunch requires some thought. First you need to ensure there are suitable choices in the cupboard, and involving your child in decision making about what they are going to eat can be helpful ­ as long as their preferences are good choices. Encourage children to prepare their own packed lunch, with guidance. Just like any other meal the lunch box needs to be well balanced. Generally there are five things that need to go into the lunch box ­ if you can’t include both the meat and dairy group make sure you choose at least one option from either of these groups. Breads and cereal food group: These foods are carbohydrate based and therefore provide a good source of energy. Choices include: bread (wraps, pita pockets, buns, raisin bread), crackers, mini muffins or small savoury scones, small serves of pasta salads or rice salads, or rice in the form of sushi. Fruit and vegetable food group: Fruit is another good source of energy and

Healthy choices. . . Make sure children are fuelled with healthy lunches when they go back FILE PHOTO to school. vegetables are great for vitamins. Try to include one fruit and one salad option. Choices include: fruit (raw or pottles of stewed fruit) ­ apples, pears, bananas, stonefruit, cocktail tomatoes, carrot or cucumber sticks, mini salads, for the more adventurous, gherkins and olives. Dairy food group: Dairy food is a great source of protein which satisfies hunger and helps to repair the body. Dairy based foods are also a great source of calcium. Choices include: cheese sticks or sliced or grated in sandwiches or with crackers, yoghurt or yoghurt drinks, milk drinks and dairy food pottles (i.e. chocolate or

Rangiora High School


St Joseph’s School Rangiora Office opens for inquiries and new enrolments on Monday 26th January 2015. School starts Monday 2nd February Ph 313 7828 www.stjosephsrangiora.school.nz



Open for Enrolments 26th January ry to 30 January ry Course confirmation Y11-13 1.30pm 30 January ry 2015 Phone 03 314-4430 office@hurunuicollege.school.nz Stephen Beck Principal


Starting Dates for 2015 Thursday January 29th – Course Confirmation Year 13 10.00am Year 12 11.30am Year 11 1.00pm Friday January 30th - Teacher Only Day Monday 2nd February - All students start (Year 1 – 13) Year 7 - 13 8.45am to 3.00pm Year 1 - 6 9.00am to 3.00pm 11.20am - Mihi Whakatau – Welcome to the new school year, and to new students, staff and parents (all parents welcome). Buses will run from Monday 2nd February 2015 1520277

caramel yoghurts). Just be careful to watch the sugar levels on these labels. Meat and meat alternative group: This is another great source of protein, and an important source of dietary iron. Whether the protein comes from this group or the dairy group aim to include a protein based food in the lunch box daily to help ensure your lunch box energises your child. Choices include: meat, ham, chicken and fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel or sardines), egg, baked beans or other dried beans ­ these could all be served

either separately, or as part of a sandwich filling, or as part of a salad. A drink: The other really important factor to remember is to make sure your child has a drink bottle. This should be filled with water, not juice or cordial. Pop it in the freezer half full the night before, then top it up from the tap in the morning, so that it stays cold all day. Alternatively, you could add ice cubes in the morning. Foods that are sustaining, nourishing and filling are the less processed ones. So if you are filling your child’s lunch box with lots of packaged foods ­ chippies, roll­ups, muesli bars etc, then your child may not be getting the sustained energy they need. Set yourself a goal of only one (or try none) pre­packaged or processed snack food in the lunch box. Including a sweeter type option in the lunch box may be suitable as children are generally active ­ and are growing ­ so they have higher energy needs than adults. However a treat option should be just one choice. Tips for Sandwiches Younger children love little club sandwiches, or sandwiches that are rolled up as a change. Still not sure what to put on that bread? The options for sandwich fillings are endless ­ grated cheese and pineapple, cheese and vegemite, salad and cheese, ham, cream corn, salami, jam, honey, peanut butter, cream cheese and vegemite, tuna, egg, spaghetti, baked beans, dried apricot and cream cheese, hummus and salad.

60 Hilton Street Kaiapoi Kaiapoi Monograms are now supplying school uniforms for • Kaiapoi North School • St Patricks School

Start Up Dates for 2015 Nau mai haere mai. Welcome to the new school year. Wednesday 28 January Thursday 29 January Friday 30 January Monday 2 February Tuesday 3 February Wednesday 4 February Thursday 5 February Friday 6 February

New Enrolment Day Teacher Only Day Year 12-13 Course Confirmation Teacher Only Day Year 9 Orientation School Powhiri & “Big Arvo Out” House Sports Day Waitangi Day

More detailed information on our 2015 Start Up Dates is available at:


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Proud of our Past - Focused on our Future

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Back to School

Welcome . . . Waipara School pupils with bags made to hold welcome packs for newcomers to the Hurunui District.

Hurunui welcome Waipara School children along with other students from schools throughout the Hurunui District have been busily making bags as a project for the Hurunui Social Inclusion Working Group (HSIWG). The group, made up of volunteers, has been putting together welcome packs for newcomers to the Hurunui district. The bags will have information relevant to a particular area, including a paper based directory of all the clubs and societies and churches in the district. Waipara School children decorated

Edible garden. . . Amuri Area School students harvest radishes. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

the bags as a homework activity and some stunning artworks was created. The bags will contain a welcoming message attached to the handle along with a small stone from the Hurunui River. The HSIWG also has a Facebook page called Hurunui Community, which is administered by a Timebank Hurunui volunteer. This page also lists all the things going on in the Hurunui from events to social services and is well worth a visit by locals as well as newcomers to the district.


Amuri edible garden By ROBYN BRISTOW Amuri Area School’s junior department has colourful and welcoming gardens thanks to the efforts of students. Four classes worked hard during the last two months of last year to re­ landscape the gardens outside their classrooms at no cost by using recycled and donated plants and materials. Room one developed a skink friendly environment in their garden which does not get much rain. They made bug hotels out of recycled materials so insects were attracted to live in them, therefore providing food for the skinks. Leo Dunne Ltd made two lizards from recycled tyres which now take pride of place in the garden and a garden sculpture was crafted from recycled bottle tops collected over the term. Rooms two and three used bird’s nests, blown from trees, and transformed them into works of art among peach tree prunings planted in the garden.

Small stones were painted and put in the nests to represent eggs and recycled paint from the Amberley Transfer Station was used to paint stones and cans to decorate the garden. Artificial flowers from the recycled shop added a splash of colour, along with grasses and plants from a teacher’s garden. Room six planted spinach, beetroot, lettuce and flower seeds into containers to germinate, before adding compost to their weeded garden and planting the seedlings. They also planted sweet peas and cut old flax seed head stick to train the sweet peas up and fertilised their garden to help make them grow. Children also painted stones and wrote the name of the seeds they planted on them to identify the new plants as they popped through and cans were turned into buzzy bees and hung in the garden to add colour. By the end of term four they were pulling radishes to take home.

Our commencement date for 2015 will be Thursday 29th January at 8.55am. The School Office will be open for enrolments from Monday, 26th January. For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Principal, Stuart Priddy.

Innovative - Dynamic - Exciting 1516544

Ph (03) 312 8828, Fax (03) 312 8069 email principal@loburn.school.nz

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 19

Back to School

Community College offers NCEA

Salon style. . . Retail students try out their skills at Community College North Canterbury’s salon.


offering personal development and employment skills, covering adventure based learning, customer service, personal wellness, life skills, employment skills and teamwork. Numeracy and literacy support is also a big part of the course. The sport course has returned to the college after a clear demand was recognised within the community. It offers a national certificate in sport and recreation and can lead to sports coaching, personal training, running sports programmes in schools or further training at tertiary level. Training is offered in

fitness equipment and techniques, anatomy and movement, nutrition and first aid and cultural communication. Hospitality students run a cafe on campus, which is open to the public and helps to equip the students with the skills to excel in the industry, including cookery, baking, coffee making and hospitality service. Retail students run a salon on campus which is open to the public, and learn salon administration, managing bookings, looking after clients, displaying and selling products, time management, health and safety and communication skills. Equestrian training includes riding skills and knowledge, lunging, handling horses, grooming, paddock care and maintenance, horse health and welfare, stable management, clipping, anatomy, feeding and fitness. Community College North Canterbury also offers a free youth mentoring service for 16 to 18 year olds not already in education, employment or training to help them find their way. ‘‘If you know a young person who doesn’t have a plan for 2015 and would benefit from getting NCEA then call us. We are helping to meet the government’s target for all young people to meet the standards of NCEA level two,’’ Kate says. ‘‘We have a really high expectation of our students and they live up to it, everything we do is for the betterment of our community. For these young people, who could have been unemployed, are now potential employees.’’ For more information call (03) 3135874 or go www.comcol.ac.nz or find Community College North Canterbury on Facebook.

Woodend School We welcome all families and students back to school with a start date of Monday 2nd February 2015 The office will be open from Monday 26th from 9am – noon for enrolments and enquiries.


Graeme Barber, Principal Phone 03 312 7808 or (027) 435 1940

to encourage, empower & enrich the learning of young parents

Accepting enrolments for 2015 from young parents or expectant parents aged under 19 years Tuesday 27 January 2015, 10am-12noon Orientation for new students and children in Early Learning Centre. Whanau welcome. Wednesday 28 January, 10am Enrolments for new and returning students Thursday 29 January, 10am Mihi whakatau The centre will be open from 26 January 2015 for enquiries Robert Coup Road, Kaiapoi 7630 Phone: 327-8386, Fax: 327-8366 Email: ypc@kaiapoi.school.nz


Wanting to obtain NCEA? Community College North Canterbury, East Belt, Rangiora, has many courses to offer. Planning for your future is both exciting and scary, but Community College North Canterbury is here to help you gain NCEA and knowledge that will enable you to make confident decisions about your future, says campus manager Kate O’Connor. Community College offers training in retail, hospitality, sport and a challenge programme in NCEA (National Certificate in Educational Achievement) level one and two. Equestrian is also offered at NCEA level Three. ‘‘We offer these courses as an alternative to high school and to help young people think about their future options, improve links between education and employment,’’ Kate says. ‘‘We are focused on relevant practical skills in industry based training that lead to employment, apprenticeship opportunities or further tertiary level study. We are here to help students expand their talents and gain new skills.’’ Kate says 51 students graduated with NCEA from Community College North Canterbury last year, a success rate of nearly 90 percent. Training is free for students 19 years and under, with small class sizes, excellent resources and learning support services. ‘‘A really positive learning environment is what we aim to create for the students while they are here at Community College,’’ Kate says. A challenge programme is offered which helps students establish a programme of training by looking at various pathways, guiding them through NCEA level one,

Kaikoura Primary School Teaching and Learning 2015 Nau mai, Haere mai Welcome everyone to the 2015 school year! Kaikoura Primary School is proud to offer spaces for enrolment across the school, in 2015 and beyond, in a safe, supportive and challenging (and soon to be brand new!) environment. Experienced teaching staff, plus a team of teacher aides to provide in class support, make for an experienced team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals and we welcome your enquiries about our school at any time. If you are considering a future enrolment for your child, feel free to arrange a suitable time to have a look around the school and discuss any questions you may have. Commencing the 2015 School Year for all Pupils Monday the 2 February - 9am Parents of new and or prospective enrolments are welcome to contact the school office (319 5440 or AH 319 7587) to arrange a suitable time to complete procedures. Feel free to pop in and have a look around. Enquiries at the school are welcome from Monday 19 January onwards, or phone Bruce, 319 5440 or 319 7587. Stationery Lists are available from Kaikoura Paper Plus (the Lotto Shop) or phone Bruce at the school office 319 5440 or at home 319 7587. Deb will post a copy on our website and on Facebook. School Uniform items are available from the Warehouse, Blenheim. A ‘pop up shop’ will operate at the High School towards the end of the holidays. We look forward to you joining us in 2015. Bruce Pagan Principal


Page 20

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

A second function By SHELLEY TOPP Spend five minutes with Paula Thackwell and it’s easy to believe if she was in charge of world peace, there would be no wars. Three and a half years ago the Rangiora woman, began lobbying for a 24­hour health service facility in Rangiora helping culminate in the $6.9 million health hub project now being built. She is a one­woman force majeure, with a new project under way. Last year Paula, who has a special­needs son, Richard, organised a social function primarily for people with disabilities, their carers, and the elderly, but with a warm welcome to anyone else in the community too. The function was held at the Rangiora Baptist Church auditorium at 111 East Belt and was such a huge success, another event is being planned for early this year. ‘‘It was a fantastic night, ’’Paula said. People came from as far away as Nelson to attend. ‘‘They all had a night to remember,’’ she said. At the time, Paula said that many people with disabilities rarely had a chance to socialise and have fun. ‘‘ There is nothing much on for these people. They have no social life.’’ She wants to change that, and with help from Rangiora Baptist Church assistant pastor Grant Chivers, and many others, she is well on her way to achieving it. ‘‘We all have a disability,’’ she said.

Another social function planned . . . Paula Thackwell and Grant Chivers, Rangiora Baptist Church assistant pastor, at the Hope Cafe in East Belt, Rangiora last week. They are planning a second social function for disabled people and their carers after PHOTO: SHELLEY CALDWELL­TOPP. the success of their first one in October this year. ‘‘Sometimes it can be hidden. None of us are perfect.’’ Grant said he was pleased to be associated with the project. ‘‘We value everyone in our Church,’’ he said. For the next function, which is planned for Friday, February 20, Paula and Grant are hoping Waimakariri businesses will come to the party with offers to help fund

the event. The Waimakariri District Council provided $250 towards costs of the initial function but more is needed. ‘‘It would be great if businesses would support it,’’ Paula said. ‘‘There is definitely a need for social functions like this, and they just don’t happen without funding support.’’

Kaikoura remains clean and green Kaikoura continues to be clean and green. The tourist town has once again renewed its commitment to sustainability by successfully meeting the requirements for benchmarking under the Earthcheck programme. Benchmarking is an annual assessment of Kaikoura’s environmental data against the town’s baseline (based on data collected in 1999) and EarthCheck’s best practice levels and checklists. Benchmarking data has been carefully selected to track performance in key areas of environmental and social performance, and is collated by the Kaikoura District Council. ‘‘Kaikoura should be really proud of their performance in solid waste reduction and water saving measures,’’ Mayor Winston Gray says. ‘‘As a community, our performance is improving every year. The challenge now is to keep the energy up and keep working to improve our environmental impact. ‘‘Kaikoura can say as a community, we are reducing our contribution to global warming. Kaikoura has the data to prove we are working toward the 100% Pure brand.’’ EarthCheck is the world’s

leading environmental benchmarking and certification programme for the travel and tourism industry and now operates in more than 80 countries across the globe. To achieve benchmarking, the council has a sustainability policy in place and collects environmental data. Earthcheck’s benchmarking report states: ‘‘Of the data collected, fifteen of the assessed EarthCheck indicators are at or above the baseline level. ‘‘From the benchmarking data provided, thirteen indicators are at or above the best practice level, which is an achievement to be very highly commended.’’ These include energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and scope 2), potable water consumption, waste sent to landfill, nitrous oxides produced, sulphur dioxide produced, particulate matter produced, habitat conservation area, accredited operations, waste recycling rating, paper products rating, cleaning products rating, and pesticide products rating. The benchmarking report is available on request from the Kaikoura District Council or on the council’s website.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

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Page 22

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Sand sculptures bring Waikuku Beach alive

Sand sculptures . . . Temperatures roared into the 30s as artists took to the sand at Waikuku Beach for the annual Sand Sculpture competition. The ever present easterly wind stayed away as hundreds turned out to watch the sand come alive with sculptures ranging from a giant crab ­ Sanda Claws (left) and the ‘‘Key’’ flag (right) crafted by local Waikuku Beach PHOTOS: JOY VAN LIER. resident, Eric Stegehuis.

Youth to say Yes to emergency services Hurunui youth are being invited to say ‘‘YES’’ to emergency services. The Hurunui district has been invited to participate in an expanded ‘Youth in Emergency Services’ (YES) programme, run by the Ministry of Youth Development. ‘‘It’s very exciting. We’re in the early stages of working with the ministry and

local emergency services and planning the programme,’’ Hurunui Youth Programme co­ordinator Rochelle Faimalo says. She says because the Hurunui district is such a large geographical area, it is taking sometime to work through the logistics of managing the programme, including transportation.

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However she says applications for 16 young people aged 16­19 years will be called for next month, with an emergency services camp being planned for April 13­17, during the school holidays. ‘‘Because of the transport issues, we are looking at running a block course and then young people can volunteer with their chosen organisation, and then we will come together for a barbecue and graduation in July.’’ Rochelle is developing the programme with Hurunui District Council emergency management officer Allan Grigg, alongside the fire service (both rural and urban brigades), LandSAR (Land Search and Rescue), St John and the Red Cross, with some involvement from the police. She plans to promote the programme with local high schools, home schooled students and any other young people who might be interested. The YES programme was launched in 2013 with a pilot programme in Rotorua,

before being rolled out to five communities last year, including Kaikoura. ‘‘We’ve heard of some really good stuff that has come out of Kaikoura and they’ve had some really good feedback,’’ Rochelle says. ‘‘We will be running a similar programme, but with some variations because of our geography.’’ What emergency services young people can volunteer for will also depend on what is available in their local area. More information will be available soon. The Hurunui Youth Programme has also received $7000 in funding from the Ministry for Youth Development towards a leadership camp at Hanmer Springs for 14­18 year olds during Waitangi Weekend. Rochelle says the camp has been ‘‘designed by youth for youth’’. Last minute applications for the leadership camp can be accepted by contacting Rochelle at the Hurunui District Council now.

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 23

Life guards kept busy at Waikuku By DAVID HILL North Canterbury’s hot summer weather is keeping life guards busy at Waikuku Beach. Temperatures of up to 30 degrees over the last three weeks have seen people flock to the beach, which is being patrolled on week days until the end of January, by professional life guards, employed by Surf Life Saving New Zealand,. Waikuku Beach life guard Pania Watson says the hot temperatures have seen as many as 100 or more swimmers in the surf at anyone time and up to 200 on the beach, meaning the four on duty life guards have their eyes peeled. ‘‘With that number of swimmers it means we need to have at least two guards watching them at all times, but everyone’s been pretty good. ‘‘When there’s this many people the day goes by quite quickly, but you have to have two guards watching so you get less of a break. ‘‘It’s not until you get home when you realise how tired you are.’’ However, she says there have been no major incidents, with just some minor first aid. The biggest nuisance has been trail bikes and four­wheel­ drive vehicles driving illegally on the beach. Surf Life Saving New Zealand, with support from the Waimakariri District Council, provides four paid life guards on each week day at Waikuku Beach for six weeks until January 31. Paid life guards are generally aged 16­24 years as the job suits high school and university students looking for a holiday job. The Waikuku Beach club also has volunteer life guards on duty during weekends until March. Pania says a typical day on duty

On duty. . . Pania Watson (right) and Carina Schill keep an eye on swimmers at Waikuku Beach last week. starts at 9.45am, with setting up the boat and flags, before checking in with the regional supervisor at New Brighton beach on the radio at 10am. The day ends at 6pm. Weekend patrols are on duty from 11am to 5pm. She says the life guards role is primarily about prevention.

‘‘It is better to prevent something from happening rather than having an accident. It is about moving the flags to a safe sport and keeping swimmers between the flags and advising people of dangerous spots and rifts. ‘‘Generally people come and ask if

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they have any questions and we are more than happy to tell them what we know.’’ The Waikuku Beach club’s surf boat has not been required for any rescues so far this summer, but Pania says it has been used in training exercises and is ready for action.


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

New Kaikoura civic centre build on track

Face painting . . . Belinda Topp (right) gets her face painted by Bev’s Face Painting.


Toddlers Big Day Out returns Waimakariri’s toddlers are the focus of an event returning to Rangiora next week. Toddlers’ Big Day Out is back on Sunday, January 25, from 10.30am to 2.30pm at Victoria Park in Rangiora, with Sunday, February 1, the postponement date. Organiser Belinda Topp says the event is once again free for families to enjoy. ‘‘Parents can expect to put their wallets away for a day and purely just enjoy themselves, spending time with their children in a relaxed and fun environment. ‘‘When I say every aspect, I mean right down to a free sausage sizzle, which is sponsored by Woodend Preschool and Nursery and the Southbrook Early Learning Centre.’’ Entertainment will be provided by New Brighton’s Natural Magic Pirate Band and Adam AllSorts the Clown, accompanied by his little dog Tiny. Bev’s face painting will also return along with ‘‘the delightful Fairies from ‘‘Enchanting Entertainment’’ and Sarah Mead’s School of Ballet & Dance.

‘‘There will be loads of fun to have and several preschools, care providers and community groups will add to this by choosing an individual activity to host for the children to take part in, creating a very interactive day for the children, meanwhile the parents get a chance to chat and find out useful information,’’ Belinda says. Several groups will be on hand to provide information, including healthy eating, water safety, driveway safety, dental care and more. Leanne Bayer from Rural Canterbury PHO will be back with healthy food and snack ideas for little ones, while Belinda Smith from CDHB Health will offer advice on oral health. Dudley Aquatic Centre lifeguards will offer advice on keeping children safe around the water. The Waimakariri District Council’s community team will also provide information to newcomers. Toddlers’ Big Day Out is sponsored by Michelle Nelson from Bayleys. Contact Belinda on belindat23@gmail.com or 021 1910103.

Kaikoura District Council staff are looking forward to moving into their new building before winter. Mayor Winston Gray says work has resumed on the building after a short break over the holiday period, with work continuing on the cladding and the final roof section. He expects work to be completed in late March or early April. ‘‘There is no actual deadline as we don’t have to be out of existing council building by a set date, but it will be good to be in the new building by the winter.’’ The new civic building will host the council, service centre, library and the museum.

Kaikoura Museum curator Pam Garbes says she is looking forward to the move, but says it will take several months once the move begins before the museum is fully operational. ‘‘We have lots to do with planning for the move, and this is a busy time of year with tourists and people coming to do family history research. And we have a very large collection of photographs which is very popular.’’ The museum is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2pm to 4pm, however she expects those hours to be extended in the new building.

Quake repairs lead to temporary relocations The closure of the Rangiora War Memorial Hall has led to some Rangiora community services being temporarily relocated. The War Memorial Hall closed on Monday, January 12, for earthquake strengthening work and is expected to re­ open on Monday, March 2. The Waimakariri District Council is providing temporary alternative accommodation for those community organisations affected. Rangiora Plunket is operating from the Rangiora Hospital antenatal training room on the first floor. Help will be available for those who have trouble climbing the stairs. The Kaiapoi Community Centre in Sewell Street will be hosting a number of other community services normally housed in the War Memorial Hall, including

Rangiora Budget Advice, Big Brothers Big Sisters North Canterbury, Barnardos North Canterbury and the ReachOut Men’s Advocacy Service. The Rangiora Woolcraft Group is operating in the Dudley Park pavilion and Mothers Supporting Mothers has moved into the Gospel Hall, behind the War Memorial Hall. All phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. The council’s community team leader Tessa Sturley says while the change will mean some disruption, she is hopeful the effects will be minimised. ‘‘We’re grateful to the organisations who have provided alternative premises for the period and we’d like to thank those people directly affected for their understanding and patience.’’

The News

TimeBank Hurunui TimeBank Hurunui’s Learning Exchange gets off to a great start next week with two fun workshops which are open to all ­ Sparkling Summer Beverages with Deschia Sutherland: Make delicious, natural fruit drinks for the family. which is at Scargill Hall, Thursday am, to 12 noon, January 22. The second is InterPlay, a Joyful Journey, with Belinda Meares. Get your body and voice moving, in an easy, playful way. This is at StoHo studio, Amberley, Sunday 10am to 12 noon, January 25. To book, call 314 3406, email tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com, or go to http://hurunui.timebanks.org/page/ learning­exchange­programme Kaiapoi’s new art space Six unique art / story murals by Mary Kelleher will be on display in the new art space in the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre. Mary will be working on a

heritage story mural ‘‘The Little Shop that Grew’’ in the gallery space and holding workshops on her craft. Exhibition runs from January 17 to February 28. For more information go to http://www.handmadehistories.com. Oxford Movieland An Oxford Movieland school holiday programme is being run next week. This free programme will be presented over five mornings by KidzWorkz Ministriez, during January 20 to 24, 10am to 12.30pm, at the St Andrews Anglican Church, Church St, Oxford. Contact: Amanda Classen email aj@diydad.co.nz or phone: 021­591183. Rangiora Twilight Market A new weekly twilight market will debut just out of Rangiora each Friday from tomorrow, January 16, from 4pm to 8pm at the corner of Oxford and Merton Roads. Contact Amanda Sansom email rangioratwilightmarket@gmail.com or find it on Facebook.

Trailers stolen By ROBYN BRISTOW Several trailers have been stolen from Leithfield and Leithfield Beach over the holiday period. On December 23­24 a trailer was taken from Leithfield and another, which was taken just a few days later, was recovered in the Kowai River bed not far from the victims property. Senior constable Arnold Hooykaas said on December 27­28 a Mazda RX8, which was for sale, was taken from a grassed area opposite the Pukeko Junction. It was recovered the next day having been

abandoned in Duffs Road. Mr Hooykaas says it was likely it was transported on a trailer stolen from Kainga and discarded on Mt Grey where it was recovered. Another trailer was taken off the back of a vehicle in Kowai Street, Leithfield Beach on January 1­2. A car was broken into in Bank Street, Amberley and a handbag stolen and another was entered at the Amberley Motor Camp and a wallet taken. Mr Hooykaas says there was also a continual stream of complaints about bad driving behaviour made to the police and via police communications over the period.

New Zealand Red Cross

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 25

The Handsome Man’s De Luxe Cafe ´ by Alexander McCall Ramotswe has her hands full both at home and in the office. To add to her current challenges, her devoted partner, Grace Makutsi, has decided to branch out on her own and open The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Cafe ´ . But even "Miss 97 Per Cent" can’t quite meet all the demands of running a business­­not to mention those that a lightning strike makes on her building. Eventually, she’ll have to accept all the help she can get­­even if it comes from a completely unexpected source. Flying Dinosaurs: How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds by John Pickrell Dinosaurs didn’t die out when an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. Get ready to unthink what you thought you knew and journey into the deep, dark depths of the Jurassic. The discovery of the first feathered dinosaur in China in 1996 sent shockwaves through the palaeontological world. Were the feathers part of a complex mating ritual, or a stepping stone in the evolution of flight? And just how closely related is T. rex to a chicken? Award­winning journalist John Pickrell reveals how dinosaurs developed flight and became the birds in our backyards. The Dead Will Tell By Linda Castillo Everyone in Painters Mill knows the abandoned Hochstetler farm is haunted. But only a handful of the residents remember the terrible secrets lost in the hushed whispers of time­­and now death is stalking them, seemingly from the grave. On a late­night shift, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called to the scene of an apparent suicide ­ an old man found hanging from the rafters in his dilapidated barn. But evidence quickly points to murder and Kate finds herself chasing a singularly difficult and elusive trail of evidence that somehow points back to the tragedy of that long ago incident. These titles are available in both the Waimakariri and Hurunui libraries. Find our more about recent additions to the library collection by going to the library catalogue at waimakariri.kotui.org.nz or hurunui.kotui.org.nz or contact your local library.

Rangiora Course Dates 2014

Venue: John Knox Centre, corner High St & King St, Rangiora

Comprehensive First Aid 1 1/2 Day Course (12hrs)

Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 or 26552, 26551, 6400. Cost $210.00 per person incl FA Manual workbook & GST. Time: Day One 8:30am - 5.30pm, Day Two 8.30am - 12.45pm 2 x Wednesdays:


18 & 25 March

12 & 13 February

First Aid Revalidation 1 Day Course (6hrs)

Cost $120.00 per person (certificates must not have expired for more than 3 months) Time: All Courses 8.30am - 3.15pm Friday:


13 February

25 March

Essential First Aid 1 Day Course (8hrs)

Unit Standard 6402, 6401 or 26552, 26551. Cost $150.00. Time: All Courses 8.30am - 5.30pm Thursday:

12 February


18 March

Save-a-Live First Aid Course (4hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 26551. Cost $65.00. Time: All Courses 8.30am - 12.45pm Thursday:

12 February


18 March

FOR BOOKINGS Please call 0800 REDCROSS or 03 339 7111 Book online at www.redcross.org.nz

Drama Classes for Children Helping children develop social skills for a competitive world. Fun Classes for 5-17 years

Weekly Classes 0800 161 131 www.helenogrady.co.nz


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 27

Rooms heated An innovative custom­ made system that will recycle thermal water will ensure Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa’s changing rooms are warmer and drier than ever before. A $1 million changing room upgrade is under way, part of which involves a new system that re­uses the water for underfloor heating and to heat the shower water and air temperature. Pools’ general manager Graeme Abbot says it’s recycling on a grand scale. ‘‘Normally this water

Passion for the land. . . Retired Methodist minister Brian Turner has returned to the land.




Minister now tends the land By DAVID HILL Brian Turner always wanted to be a farmer, but says God had other ideas. The retired Methodist minister, who turned 73 last month, returned to farming three years ago on a seven hectare block near Amberley Beach. ‘‘I was pretty annoyed with the Lord for taking me away from farming, so now I guess I’m getting my own back,’’ he jokes. Brian purchased the 7ha forestry block on Newcombes Road in 2011 and milled the trees, using the proceeds to re­develop the property when he retired from his last ministry appointment in Rangiora in January 2012. ‘‘We used to have a quarter acre section in Amberley and I always liked the area, with the hills, the forestry and the sea.’’ He has since replanted most of the property in pines, eucalyptus, redwood, totara, kahikatea and cypress and kept five acres bare to run a few sheep. ‘‘I’m still deciding what the future of the block will be. ‘‘It will probably be milled once my lifetime is over, or it may be in my mid­90s. I’m still undecided whether it’s for family or for the community.’’ While he was born and bred in Wellington, Brian always wanted to be a farmer and spent holidays visiting family members on farms. After attending Wesley College in south Auckland, which in those

organisation Christian World Service (CWS) in the 1980s and general manager of Trade Aid in the 1990s he worked with organisations advocating for sustainable farming practices. He also serves on a New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services policy group looking at poverty and inequality issues, including the plight of migrant workers in the Amuri area. While he spends three days a week on the farm, Brian continues to have a strong church and community involvement, including supporting CWS and Te Whare Roimata, which works with marginalised individuals in east Christchurch, and he is the convenor of the West Papua Canterbury Action Group. He says some of his sheep are jointly owned with another semi­ retired minister, and are used to support Te Whare Roimata. This Christmas Brian set aside a large Christmas tree for the St Georges / Iona Presbyterian Church in Aranui, which has been operating from a marquee since losing its church building in the earthquakes. But this was stolen from the farm by a passerby. ‘‘It was a nice big, bushy pine tree. I had another tree on the property which was much smaller, but they were able to make do,’’ Brian says. A Hawarden farmer offered to donate another big tree, but by then it was too close to Christmas.

days had a 160ha farm, he completed a practical farming course at Flock House in the Manawatu. At age 21 he was working as a sharemilker in central Taranaki, splitting a 29 per cent agreement and ‘‘already targeting the farm I wanted to buy’’. ‘‘I was offered 29 per cent on my own, but I had to sign up for three years. I couldn’t accept it because God was starting to nudge me.’’ After completing a one year lay leadership course at Trinity Methodist Training College in Auckland, Brian worked in forestry for a summer job, before studying for a year at Auckland University and then candidating for ministry. ‘‘Ironically my only appointment to a semi­rural parish was my last one in Waimakariri. I liked getting out to Oxford and going on to the farms and there were a few farmers in each of the congregations. ‘‘I’ve always been quite at home in an urban setting, but I always wanted to get back to the land.’’ However, Brian managed to keep in contact with farming in his variety of roles over the years, working with community gardens and various landscaping and other projects in parish communities in New Zealand and appointments in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands over the years. As the national director of the Christchurch­based aid


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

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The News

Two candidates contest Beef + Lamb NZ election Two candidates are vying to represent northern South Island sheep and beef farmers. Culverden farmer Phil Smith is taking on Nigel Harwood, of Takaka, in the Beef + Lamb New Zealand ward elections to be held next month, to replace Scargill Valley farmer Andy Fox, who is stepping down at the board’s annual meeting in March. Mr Smith, who narrowly lost to Mr Fox three years ago, says he has ‘‘been encouraged by many farmers to stand again’’. He says the biggest concern for North Canterbury farmers is Environment Canterbury’s (ECan) new environmental rules. ‘‘Beef + Lamb NZ has been criticized by farmers and by ECan for its absence in the collaborative process prior to the plan being notified. ‘‘I hammered on the door of Beef + Lamb NZ in Wellington prior to submissions closing and managed to get Beef + Lamb NZ to support the Federated Farmers submission at the 11th hour.’’ However, Mr Smith says Beef + Lamb NZ could have done more, including speaking to it’s submission at the hearings. He put in a personal submission and at times ‘‘it seemed like I was a lone voice for farmers’’. While DairyNZ and Federated Farmers had done a good job negotiating for their farmers, Beef + Lamb NZ had only stepped up in the last year to tackle environmental issues, Mr Smith says. ‘‘The Beef + Lamb NZ board has said it has been due to a lack of funds, but the issue is far too important to ignore with farmers’ productivity and profitability being affected. We need to act now to protect farms for future generations so they can increase production to remain profitable. ‘‘Beef + Lamb NZ needs to cut funding in

Phil Smith. other areas to address the environmental issues, work with Dairy NZ, which is now looking at environmental mitigation, and increase the spend on research and development in this area.’’ Mr Smith was North Canterbury’s last Beef and Lamb NZ monitor farmer, when his three year term ended four years ago. He started farming on his own account when he purchased 140 hectares of bare land near Oxford in 1989. In 2001 he and wife Sue purchased the 958 ha Balmoral property near Culverden. He runs 2000 ewes and replacements, 100 Angus breeding cows, finishes store lambs and cattle, offers dairy support and sells silage. He has served on numerous environmental groups, including ECan groups representing sheep and beef farmers. Mr Harwood farms in partnership with two brothers and his father on a 30,000 stock unit family farm based in Golden Bay, running 3800 ewes and finishing 8000 lambs, 1000 hinds and finishing their

Page 29

Support for dairy awards

The Canterbury / North Otago region has topped the entry numbers for the 2015 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards. When entries closed last month, 75 had been received from the Canterbury/ proginy, 100 breeding beef cows and finishing 80 calves, and milking 920 dairy North Otago region, ahead of Waikato cows. with 64 total entries. A total of 539 entries have been He served in the army for 15 years, rising received in the 2015 New Zealand Dairy to the rank of Staff Sergeant, before returning to the family farm. He and wife Industry Awards, including the sharemilker / equity farmer of the year, Fiona have two primary school aged children. farm manager of the year and dairy trainee of the year competitions. Mr Harwood has served in Federated Mrs Keeping says 117 entries were Farmers and as a farmer rep on several local body groups. received in the sharemilker / equity ‘‘I am standing for Beef + Lamb NZ as I farmer contest, 163 entered the farm manager competition and 259 entered believe my experience in both management and governance positions, as the dairy trainee of the year contest. well as the diversity of my role on farm, She says preparations are now under way for regional judging that will begin means I can make a constructive contribution to our levy body. soon. Entrants will be invited to attend ‘‘I am particularly interested in ‘behind events to meet each other and learn the farm gate’ issues including science extension. I would like to see more focus on about what to expect in the judging how market support is prioritised. process. ‘‘All entrants can give themselves a Specifically I question the efficiency of huge pat on the back as they’ve taken an promotion where meat companies do not pay at least 50 per cent.’’ important step in enhancing their career To be eligible to vote, farmers must come and farm business just by entering the from the northern South Island ward, awards.’’ North Canterbury dominated last which covers from the Rangitata River year’s awards in the Canterbury / North north, must have owned at least 250 sheep and/or 50 beef cattle and/or 100 dairy cattle Otago region, with Culverden equity on June 30, 2014, and be registered on the farmers Kevin and Sara O’Neill first and sharemilkers James and Ceri Bourke Beef + Lamb NZ electoral roll by 5pm on second in the sharemilker / equity farmer Thursday, January 29. Farmers can register online on the Beef section, while Phillip Colombus, of Eyrewell, and Ivan Vujcich, of Oxford, + Lamb NZ website. Voting papers will be posted out on February 2 and voting closes won the farm manager and dairy trainee awards respectively. on February 27.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Farmer confidence amid the dry There are plenty of positives in what is ‘‘a traditional North Canterbury summer’’. Cheviot farmer and New Zealand Sheep Breeders Association president Ian Stevenson says this season should be a successful one, provided the dry weather does not continue into autumn. ‘‘The last couple of seasons we’ve been spoiled. But it’s not too bad up here, as long as it rains in mid­February or early March it should be OK.

‘‘We certainly wouldn’t say ‘no’ to 25mls of rain right now, but it will probably just go up in steam. It’s better to get it when the ground temperature is a bit cooler.’’ Despite the dry weather, Mr Stevenson says he sold a mix of prime and store lambs before Christmas, all weighing 1kg on average more than last season. The ram sales have also been positive this season with quality stock going for good prices, ‘‘so there’s confidence in the sheep industry’’. However, he realises other farmers are not faring as well. ‘‘The worry is there will be a lot of store lambs in the market and not in good condition. There will be a lot of cheap store lambs out there which isn’t good for the industry. ‘‘But we weren’t likely to get three wet summers in a row. Last summer we barely had any days above 30 degrees, but this year we’re probably getting up to four a week up here.’’ Peter Walsh & Associates stock agent Glenn Peddie says stock prices have been about average this season. ‘‘The main thing is it’s a traditional

North Canterbury summer that the old fellas talk about, but it comes after a cooler spring, so there’s not as much feed around as there normally is.’’ He says the dryer weather has put the store lamb market under ‘‘a bit of pressure’’ and prices have eased back in recent weeks. However he says he remains optimistic, with 22,000 store lambs going under the hammer at Rakaia Gorge next week, steady weekly sales at the Coalgate saleyards and ewe fairs coming up at Hawarden and Sheffield over the next few weeks. ‘‘We’ve had some big yards of prime cattle and prime sheep (at Coalgate). The prices are steady and it’s very well supported by regular buyers.’’ Mr Peddie says indications are the Hawarden Ewe Fair, scheduled for Friday, January 30, will be split over two days again to cope with stock numbers, while the Sheffield ewe fair will be held on February 13. ‘‘We’re expecting similar numbers to the last few years, but no­one really knows until the time comes.’’

Culverden farmer and 2014 Canterbury / North Otago sharemilker / equity farmer of the year Kevin O’Neill says his farm is dry, but the cows are producing 1.85kg of milk solids a day, which is on track to match last season’s production. ‘‘We haven’t had a dry summer since we’ve been here, so we were going to have one sooner or later, but it’s probably just a normal North Canterbury summer. ‘‘Our production costs are down quite a bit and we’ve sold a few cows, so it shouldn’t be too bad. We will still make a wee bit of money this year as long as the pay out doesn’t go any further south.’’ Mr O’Neill says stock feed is tight and has not been helped by a centre pivot being blown over in a wind storm in November. However, the O’Neills decision to accept the guaranteed milk price of $7 this year on 20 per cent of production is set to pay off, with the projected milk price having dropped to $4.70 after last year’s record $8.40. ‘‘Some people have queried about whether it’s within the co­operative spirit, but it was on the table so we took it.’’

Dry summer shows need for water storage

10 Albert St, Rangiora Ph: 313 4593 A//H Kevin (03) 312 0238 A 0274 361 974 1514840

North Canterbury’s dry summer confirms the need for more water storage, irrigation companies say. Water restrictions for irrigating farmers look set to follow a similar pattern to the 2012­13 summer when drought conditions in the North Island and parts of the South Island wiped more than $1billion dollars from the NZ economy, Irrigation New Zealand says. ‘‘This summer once again highlights the need to fast track alpine­fed water storage

infrastructure in both the South and North Islands. Despite the focus upon irrigation development over the past five years, New Zealand has made very limited progress in this space,’’ IrrigationNZ chief executive Andrew Curtis says. Alpine­fed water storage refers to dams and water storage lakes that are replenished by rainfall and snowmelt within our alpine environments in contrast to streams and rivers that are fed by foothills rainfall. Alpine rainfall is more consistent and

plentiful than foothills and plains rainfall, hence its suitability to provide reliable water supply, IrrigationNZ says. Irrigation restrictions are now widespread in Canterbury and Otago, with Hawke’s Bay dry but maintaining flows. While some North Canterbury rivers are on restriction, Amuri Irrigation Limited chief executive Andrew Barton says both the Waiau and Hurunui, both alpine rivers, are maintaining flows so scheme restrictions look unlikely in the near future.


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Page 31

Attracting young kiwis VERSATILITY FOR A key to staff retention NEW Attracting young New Zealanders back into farming is the key to solving staff retention issues. Commenting on an article in The News about staff retention in the Culverden area on December 4, Canterbury immigration consultants Lyn Sparks and Grahame Allport say making farming ‘‘more fun’’ rather than bringing in more migrant workers is the long term solution to having enough farm workers. ‘‘Look, I make money out of immigration and I can make money, no problem, but I want to see more kids come out from urban areas. ‘‘I was born and bred on a farm at Waikari and my grandparents had a dairy farm. When we were younger, farming used to be fun. It’s hard work, but it’s supposed to be fun ­ people don’t stay working as a mechanic if they don’t enjoy it.’’ Mr Sparks, who owns a small sheep and beef farm at Mairaki Downs, near Rangiora, says the staff retention issues in Culverden are going to get worse. ‘‘When I first got in to this (immigration consulting) I was dealing with a lot of dairy farmers. As Culverden has developed, apart from a couple of exceptions, the conditions have got worse. ‘‘The problem they have is going to be ongoing and will get worse when Ngai Tahu gets going. They’re talking about seven farms so that’s about another 60 staff that will be needed in the area.’’ Mr Allport says they turned down enquiries from Culverden farms last year, because they were offering to pay

$32,000 salaries and expecting the workers to work up to 70 hours a week, which works out at considerably less than minimum wage. Mr Sparks says farm owners are generally good employers, but today’s on­ farm corporate structures often meant workers were treated as ‘‘labour units’’. While sharemilkers are often managing farms with 700 cows and five staff with only a few years experience and ‘‘under pressure all the time because farm owners want a bigger return’’. However, he says the staff retention issues are not solely down to working conditions. Part of the problem is the increasing urbanisation of society, where fewer young people are exposed to farming and may be completely unaware of the career opportunities. ‘‘If you’re taking a kid from town and you get them out of bed at 4am, they’ll probably be gone by the afternoon. You’ve got to ease them into it. ‘‘There’s got to be a major mindset shift. Last year, with the higher payout, farmers had an opportunity to staff up or offer training for their staff, and while some did, I note that John Deere had it’s biggest year.’’ Mr Sparks suggests getting farmers like former All Black Richard Loe to go into schools, particularly in Christchurch, to encourage young people to consider farming as a career option, as well as making work conditions more attractive will make a difference. ‘‘If you can keep a kid in a job for two years, you’ve got a good chance of keeping them.’’


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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

‘‘Winds of change’’ North Canterbury artist Alison Erickson has been commissioned by Creative Communities to sculpt a public sculpture for Waimakariri. Her commission follows applications for grants by local artists for community inspired works. Ms Erickson, whose proposal was for a bronze sculpture of a family group entitled ‘‘Winds of Change’’, says the sculpture has three aspects ­ the change incurred by Canterbury’s earthquakes, the raw elements of the north westerly wind and the voice of the people. The sculpture depicts a family of three who are, as Alison puts it, ‘‘refugees of change’’. ‘‘The man in the statue is contained by the past. He is bent inwards and feeling a loss for the past and those things he has hung his life on. ‘‘The woman is the bridge who holds them together. ‘‘She is looking outwards to find something tangible that will last, something solid to trust for the future of her child and the child is pointing outwards towards the future. It is hers, everything she sees is hers and her unborn children,’’ says Alison. The sculpture will be half life­size, mounted on a concrete plinth. As part of her proposal Alison is asking for the community to contribute to the sculpture by writing and submitting poetic responses on the sculptures theme. At the time of the unveiling Alison and her partner, artist and writer Sam Mahon, will host a workshop at which poet Bryan Turner will talk about poetry and art and the public voice. ‘‘It would be great to capture the feeling of this time in the voices of a wide range of

Amberley storytime this week

Alison Erickson. the community, especially young people in that way the sculpture will become theirs,’’ says Alison. All of the poems submitted will be publicly displayed in the Waimakariri District Councils Chamber Gallery in Rangiora for three weeks from February 28. During this time the public will be able to nominate their favourite poetic response for permanent inclusion on the plinth on which the sculpture is mounted. Poetic response on the theme can be submitted to the Waimakariri District Council, 215 High Street, Private Bag 1005, Rangiora 7440 or can be emailed to Creative Communities administrator, Mark O’Connell, at mark.oconnell@wmk.govt.nz .

Storytelling. . . Lee Lawrence reads to Bella in the Storytellers’ chair. It is storytime at the Amberley Memorial library this week. Along with a Children’s Book sale, free storytime sessions are being held for children every morning from 10am to 11am.

Candy cane delight in Waiau For the entire fourth term last year, 50 children gathered after school on a Monday at Waiau Kidz Club, with one project in mind ­ Christmas. The students created decorations with a candy cane theme and transformed the stone All Saints Church, in Waiau, into an all out ‘‘candy cane delight’’, while also practicing singing for an end of year concert. The theme again being ‘‘candy

cane’’, with four Christmas candy cane songs alongside more traditional carols to entertain a packed church of friends and family, organiser Marina Shearer says. Marina says Waiau Kidz Club runs every Monday after school for children from year 1 upwards. In 2015 the club is splitting in two to provide an older programme from year 5 to 9 students. Contact Marina Shearer on (03) 3156555.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

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Local sports stars vie Cowboys in action for Halberg Awards Two North Canterbury sports stars are in line for national sports awards. Amberley born All Black Brodie Retallick and Woodend mountain biker Anton Cooper have been nominated for awards in the 2014 Halberg Sports Awards to be announced on Wednesday, February 11, at the Vector Arena in Auckland. Brodie, the 2014 International Rugby Board player of the year, has been nominated for the 2014 sports man of the year award. He will be up against All Black captain Richie McCaw, Black Caps cricket captain Brendon McCullum, who became the first New Zealander to score 300 runs in a test innings, gold medal winning cyclist Sam Webster and basketballer Steven Adams. Anton’s gold medal winning ride in the Commonwealth Games men’s mountain biking race, where he crossed the line first ahead of team mate Sam Gaze, is one of 10 nominations for the 2014 ‘‘New Zealand’s Favourite Sporting Moment Award’’. He is up against fellow Commonwealth Games gold medalists weightlifter Richie Patterson, boxer David Nyika and the men’s sprint cycling team, which

Cowboys will be testing their skills at Mandeville this weekend. Canterbury Rodeo marketing manager Yvonne Bresser says the annual event, to be held in the rodeo arena at the Mandeville Sports Complex on Saturday, January 17, is ‘‘a big family day out’’. The event gets under way with a ‘‘meet the cowboys’’ function tomorrow evening from 6.30pm with a ‘‘buck out’’ competition for the division two cowboys in the arena, followed by a social function at the Mandeville Sports Club rooms. Ms Bresser says there will be cowboys from throughout Bucking bull. . . Action from the bull ring at a previous New Zealand competing Canterbury Rodeo. against Australians and possibly even a Canadian or racing. year. The children’s sheep two. She is also hopeful a Ms Bresser expects riding class has been Gold medalist. . . Anton Cooper is in line for New Zealand’s cowgirl, Libby Bent of Tai around 130 competitors will replaced by calf racing due FILE PHOTO Tapu, will line up on the favourite sporting moment. line up in the barrel races, to new animal welfare day. calf riding, bull riding, legislation. team finishing third at the also won world ‘‘Hopefully she will be bareback horse riding, rope Last year around 4500 FIFA Club World Cup in championship gold. competing in the open and tie, saddle bronc, steer visitors passed through the rodeo, we have reserved a wrestling and open team gates, Ms Bresser says. Morocco. Other finalists include ‘‘This is a big family day The favourite sporting McCullum’s 302 runs bull for her. She is the only roping. A further 50 people moment award is the only Canterbury woman are expected to enter in the out. Bring a picnic or there’s against India last competing at this level ­ local barrel races. heaps of food stalls on the category which gives the February, Scott public the opportunity to McLaughlin winning the there’s not many women Open bull riders will day. Find a place on the vote for the winner. Voting competing anywhere in bull compete for a $1000 first opening round of the V8 bank and have a great day.’’ riding, but Libby is very prize on bulls bred Gates open at 10.30am, is open until 9pm on Supercars series in Adelaide, Australia, the All Wednesday, February 11, keen to show the boys what especially for rodeos. with events from 11am and Blacks’ last minute test win at she can do.’’ However, she says the expected to finish at 4.30pm. However, she expects a region’s dry summer means For more information go to against Australia at www.halbergawards.co.nz there is unlikely to be a www.canterbury­ or www.radiosport.co.nz or number of women to Suncorp Stadium in text Sm5 to 455 to vote for Brisbane, the Kiwis compete in the barrel quarter mile horse race this rodeo.co.nz. Anton Cooper. winning the rugby league Anton was also Four Nations final against Australia, Lydia Ko nominated for sports man of the year, but was not winning US$1.5 million at chosen among the five Naples, Florida, and the Monday Afternoon Holiday Open: North/South: Judy Wednesday Evening Summer Three Night Match: N/S: finalists for the award. Auckland City football

Rangiora Bridge Club results

Win and loss for Country James Tapper starred in Canterbury Country’s Hawke Cup match against Marlborough at Mainpower Oval taking 11 wickets. It was his first 10 wicket haul for the association. His six for 18 runs and five for 24 represented an outstanding effort as Country secured an outright win. Harry Chamberlain scored a century, combining in a big partnership with player/coach Shanan Stewart. Marlborough 116 (J Tapper 6/18, M Ross 3/22) and 179 (Tapper 5/24) lost outright to Canterbury Country 292 (H

Chamberlain 103, S Stewart 85, M Laffey 37) and 5/1. Country also put a second side up over the weekend in the Christchurch Metro one day competition. Although losing the match against top of the table St Albans it was a commendable effort. Captain Sam Chamberlain batted well to make 59, while Henry Shipley bowled with sharp pace in the reply. Country 223/9 (S Chamberlain 59, H Paterson 33, G Hewitt 31) lost to St Albans 224/7 in 44.5 (B Harper 2/27, H Shipley 2/36).


7pm StARt



DO OUBLEDAYS ROAD KAiApOi in nfOLinE 03 364 8833

www www.wOODfORD w ww.wOODfOR wOODfORDgLEn.cO.nz

Bruerton/Barbara Bonnett 1, Liz Partridge/Suzette McIlroy 2, Shona Keating/Sue Solomons 3. East/West: Craig Shanahan/Janice Pickering 1, Ros Crighton/Tom Rose 2, Joyce Gray/Helen Thornburgh 3.

Heather Waldron/Jeanette Chatterton 1, Lois Gordon/ Maree Felstead 2, Helen Dunn/Allison Fleetwood 3. E/W: Nikki Luisetti/Gaynor Hurford 1, Ian Brash/Barry Smart 2, Darcy Preston/Tony Biddington 3.

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015


in NEW ZEAL LAND Strong sheds with wide-ranging uses I f you weighed up the difference between Fair Dinkum brand sheds and others on the market, you would literally feel it. Fair Dinkum kitsets are 30 per cent heavier than many other brands, and that is because they are made from a thicker grade of steel, Christchurch franchise owner Brent Collins says. “Being thicker, the strength of the steel is greater, so the sheds are much stronger and more resistant to the elements,” Brent says. “For example, in the high winds of October 2013, which caused a lot of damage, not one of our sheds came down.” In fact, they carry an Australasian ShedSafe Accreditation, having passed independent analysis by an engineer with flying colours, and the main frame has a 50-year guarantee, he says. “They also easily meet the standards of the New Zealand Building Code.”

Another key advantage of Fair Dinkum sheds is that they are not sold in modular sizes, therefore restricting the options, but are computer designed and customised to suit specific size requirements.

“All these advantages,” Brent says, “and we still manage to be highly competitive in the market.” Brent has a strong building industry background, having worked in the sector in England and New Zealand for the last 30 years, and therefore has a sound knowledge of building structure. He and his Fair Dinkum staff know their products inside out and can provide advice and information on what will best suit customers’ needs and budget. The promotion below is tailored to suit lifestyle block to larger farm owners. Their dedicated build team also has many years of industry experience and provide the end user with what they consider to be the best finish on the market.

The demand for our product is now so high that we have had to add two additional salesmen and a project manager to our current staff. Having purchased the Fair Dinkum franchise with his wife in 2010, Brent says many of his customers are people who have shifted away from urban Christchurch following the earthquakes. “People who moved out of red-zoned areas had a lot of choice about where to go and what to do, and a good percentage of them have gone into rural areas where they could afford a 10-acre block. In utilising their land, they need sheds, and some of them even convert a portion of their shed as housing until they build a new home.” However, Brent says a large part of his shed business comes from people that collect

vintage and custom cars and need a safe and secure storage facility for their prized possessions. At the same time, the product can be applied to all manner of uses from farming to the industrial and residential sectors, he says, “This is aided by the endless types of designs that can be computer generated.” Fair Dinkum sheds are distributed by Durasteel, and since their inception, more than 180,000 Fair Dinkum sheds have been sold across Australia and New Zealand.

FREE RIDE ON MOWER we have 10 to giveaway 8R 203 H T L AT



9 9 3 4

SHED PROMOTION AT DURASTEEL CHRISTCHURCH Place your deposit on your new shed before 27th Feb 2015 & receive a FREE Husqvarna LTH2038R Ride on mower on completion of build and payment. This promotion applies to sheds over $39,990 including materials and build.

Mower supplied by


"We are a Canterbury owned and operated family business" Call us 03 379 6195 or 0800 DINKUM (346 586) | 72 Durham Street, Christchurch


The News

Public Notices

Located in Amberley, Te Ani Hau Healing Energies advocates a holistic approach to health and healthcare.

• • •

Watering of gardens is only permitted using hand held hosing, watering cans or buckets. If the situation becomes more serious, it is possible the levels of restriction will need to be increased. Any changes to the level of restriction will be advertised on our Facebook page, via public notices, and at www.hurunui.govt.nz or call (03) 314-8816.

Therapy sessions for one person: 60min - $35 90min - $45 2-hour deluxe massage & energy $80

Public Notices

JANUARY 2015 MEETING DATES Council Chambers, Amberley 26th Council meeting



Hurunui Memorial Library, Amberley Monday 5th to Saturday 17th January

Amberley Township Waipara Township Ashley Rural Water Scheme

Level Two Restrictions mean it is prohibited to use sprinklers or irrigation systems. It is also prohibited to wash cars or fill pools.

People say our prices are too cheap. We say, at an aff ffordable price, no matt tter your age or stage of wellbeing, we will individualize your therapy session to meet your specific body, mind or soul requirements.

Public Notices

Total Fire Ban

HOMEOPATHY Are you struggling to recover your energy from the flu, maybe a homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046. WISDOM COUNSELLING for per­ sonal, couples, family, prof. MNZAC in North Canter­ bury. One2one, phone or skype Michael 027 340 8325, 03 745 9118 www.wisdomcounselling.co.nz. SUKKO Thai Massage, 60 mins $85, Now $70, Thai Oil Massage, 60 mins $90, now $75, 8/6 Cone Street, Rangiora. Ph 03 310 7958.

Public Notices

Hurunui District Prohibited Fire Season Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 22(2) of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, a PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON is extended over the whole of the Hurunui District Rural Fire Authority fire jurisdiction area as from 9am, Sunday 11 January 2015, until further notice. During the Prohibited Fire Season, it is an offence to light any fires in the open air without a ‘Special Fire Permit’ issued by the Hurunui District Council Principal Rural Fire Officer.A special fire permit will only be issued to manage a hazard to life or health or other such serious emergency event. This prohibition includes the use of all barbecues which use or contain solid fuels. As braziers or other similar devices use solid fuel and constitute a fire in the open air, their use is also prohibited. Gas fuelled barbecues and gas cookers, which contain no charcoal or solid fuel are exempt from this notice, provided a high-pressure water supply is available. The Principal Rural Fire Officer can be contacted on 03-314 8816.


Monday 12th to Friday 16th January Hurunui Memorial Library, Amberley, 10.00 to 11.00 am Come and join Bernie and her friends! Kindly provided by the Friends of the Hurunui Libraries The Champion producing Rangiora Amateur Wrestling Club. Training starts Wednesday 21st January at 6pm. All ages, boys and girls. Lehmans Road entrance of the Rangiora Race Course. Call Dean Smith on 027 302 1978.


• Must be 11 years or older • Earn a little extra cash while staying fit f •M Must be b enthusiastic, h i i hhonest andd reliable li bl • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz

• Please include your address address, suburb and contact details

Public Notices

Because the conditions have worsened over the holiday break, the Hurunui District Council has now placed Level Two water restrictions on the following schemes from 9 January 2015:

Sharron is a Cert rtified Healing Touch Practitioner with an additional Diploma in Healing Energies. Robin is a cert rtificated Holistic Massage Therapist. As a member of Natural Health Practitioners NZ and the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, both work consciously and professionally to maintain high standards of “touch for the purpose of health”.

03 314 7645

Public Notices

Currently conditions are very warm and dry, and river flows are low - putting a huge strain on the water supply. All of the district is at high risk of running out of water, and Level One Water Restrictions have been in place since December. 2014 Level One water restrictions require all residents and visitors to conserve water in general.

Holistic Therapeutic Energy Massage and Energy Healing therapy.

Research the latest Healing Touch studies at: www ww ww.HealingBeyondBorders.org For more information or to make an appointment, phone:

Public Notices

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Water Restrictions

Te Ani Hau Hea eal alilin ing ng Ene ner erg rgi gie ies es



Health & Beauty Health & Beauty Health & Beauty

Thursday January 15 2015

Hurunui District Council

District Plan Review w

Tiromoana Bush & Mt Cass Walkways Due to the


at present, the public are advised that the Tiromoana Bush and Mt Cass Walkways at Waipara are both closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience. For all enquiries, either visit the website: www.tiromoanabush. co.nz

or call 0800 66 44 33 0115a326-a-15

CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate readings with Holly. Phone 03 314 9073.

Drop-in Sessions

Proposed Flood Assessment Zone PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to provisions of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, a PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON is extended over the whole of the Ashley Rural Fire District from midnight Saturday 10 January 2015 until further notice. During the Prohibited Fire Season, it is an offence to light any fires in the open air. Gas barbecues lit in approved containers and situated in an area served by a domestic water supply are not deemed to be fires in the open. For further information, contact Graeme Knight: phone 021 222 7905.



KAIAPOI RSA ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the above Annual Meeting will be conducted at Kaiapoi Club on Tuesday 10th February 2015, Commencing at 7pm. Item on Agenda to be discussed “That the Annual Subscription be raised to TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) per year from the 2016 year.”

Amberley Beach & Leithfield Beach

The Hurunui District Plan is a legal document which manages land use and development to ensure that the Hurunui district remains a safe and pleasant place to live, work and visit. As part of our statutory Plan review, we are legally required to plan for a one-in-200-year flood event. Our proposal to address this is to require that all new builds and extensions to dwellings in the affected areas be required to carry out a site specific assessment.This proposal has implications for the Amberley Beach and Leithfield Beach communities. Two drop in sessions will be held on Monday 26 January 5-7pm at the Amberley Beach Community Room and Tuesday 27 January 4-7pm at the Leithfield Beach Community Room. Elected members, Canterbury Regional Council and HDC staff will be present to answer any questions.This meeting is primarily targeted to Amberley Beach & Leithfield Beach residents, however all are welcome If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Scott Rose, HDC Planner, 314-0047.

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The News

Public Notices

Thursday January 15 2015

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Public Notices

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant

TECHNICIAN POSITION An exciting & diverse position has become available to join our existing team for a full time Technician. Xcell is a reproductive technology company that encompasses all the major livestock species. The company is engaged in embryo and semen collection services both domestically and internationally. Xcell provides a full on farm veterinary service for large animals, complimenting the reproductive aspect of the business, for the species Deer, Cattle and Sheep. The right applicant will gain skills apppropriate to Animal reproduction procedures, along with TB testing, scanning, AI experience would be an advantage The position would suit someone who has an interest in animal reproduction and does not mind travelling. Applications close on the 20th February 2015 CONTACT: The Manager, Xcell Breeding Services Ltd PO Box 165 Kaiapoi 7644 www.xcell.co.nz 1528353

From 9 February 2015, the Department of Conservation, Rangiora Office, intends to apply cereal baits containing sodium fluoroacetate (1080) in the Poulter and South Branch Hurunui valleys to control rats to protect the nationally endangered orange-fronted parakeets. Monitoring shows that rat numbers in these areas are increasing and will be a major threat to parakeets in this coming breeding season. These are two of only four valleys where orange-fronted parakeets can still be found on mainland New Zealand. Description of the area Poulter Valley, Arthurs Pass National Park, 9250 hectares approximately; and South Branch of the Hurunui, Lake Sumner Forest Park, 2500 hectares approximately. Method of Control Cereal baits containing the pesticide will be distributed by helicopter over the above area. The baits are cylindrical pellets approximately 16 mm in diameter, dyed green and cinnamon lured. This pesticide is poisonous to humans and domestic animals. Always remember: • DO NOT touch bait • WATCH CHILDREN at all times • DO NOT EAT animals from this area • DO NOT allow DOGS access to animal carcasses (dogs are prohibited in the national park at all times) Observe these rules whenever you see warning signs placed at the public access points to the above area. For further information, call Dean Turner at the Rangiora Office, (03) 313 0820. A detailed map of the treatment area may be viewed at the Rangiora Office, 32 River Road, Rangiora during normal working hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday).


Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to provisions of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, a PROHIBITED FIRE SEASON (TOTAL FIRE BAN) i s extended over the whole of the Waimakariri District Council’s jurisdictional area from midnight Saturday 01 January 2015 until further notice. During the Prohibited Fire Season, it is an offence to light any fires in the open air. Gas barbecues lit in approved containers and situated in an area served by a domestic water supply are not deemed to be fires in the open. For further information, contact Tim Sheppard, phone 311 8900 Rangiora, or tollfree from Kaiapoi 327 6834. Tim Sheppard PRINCIPAL RURAL FIRE OFFICER 0115b006-15-b

POSITION AVAILABLE for a responsible person or persons to look after elderly gentleman at weekends during the day. Could be split into shifts.

Please contact David on 0274 325 889 1510006-K

Automotive DOC1

if you see smoke, Call 111

CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216

Stock Feed

Stock Feed


High Capacity Harvester Good Grain Recovery Excellent Straw Quality Trucks Available

Ph 03 03 3129 3129 440 440 or or 0274 0274 393 393 673 673 Ph Concrete Services

For Sale

AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605.

1997 TOYOTA RAUM. 1500cc, very reliable, mechanically sound, economical to run. WOF / Reg till April, near new tyres. $2000. Ph 03 314 4288 for more info.


CATTLEMASTER loading race. Head bale & backing bar, adjustable platform. Vario Stock Handling System, $5,000. Ph 03 314 7484.

A Lady Paperhanger and Painter, all work guaran­ teed, free quotes. Phone Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327. PAINTER top quality work, no job too big or too small. We stand by Canter­ bury. Phone Wayne 027 274 3541.

Fencing NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive rates.phone Mike 027 313 1872.

SUMMERFIELD Fencing Ltd in your area now. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, runs. 27 years contract DISMANTLING and fencing. John is available to buying all models of help with your design and Falcons now. Please phone planning. Ph Carol or John 03 3125 064 . on 03 312 4747.

NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.


GCE Rural Services Ltd

New crutching trailing, also shearing small numbers of sheep. • ANY TIME • ANYWHERE • ANY WEATHER


Rat control operations in the Poulter and South Branch Hurunui valleys

Available for casual work. Please contact on 027 7598 602 thomasqueen.nz@gmail.com

DEXTER Cattle for sale, DCSNZ Registered, Purebred Dexter stock for sale, Females with calves at foot, 15 month Heifers, Weaner steers available March/April, close to Oxford. Ph 03 312 1610.

The News

Thursday January 15 2015

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Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant Situations Vacant

Vehicle supplied to suitable applicant. Email details to calver tpainting@ yahoo.co.nz 0115b004-15-b

Scrap Metal Wanted CASH PAID for all types of scrap metal, old cars, farm equipment etc. Phone Wayne on 027 749 9736 or 03 323 6610. NORTH Canterbury Metals. Buying metals, cars etc for recycling. Phone Joe on 027 223 3593 or after hours on 03 314 9079.

To Let RANGIORA, sunny near new 3 dble bdrm home, sep lounge, d/washer, h/p, alarm, beautiful bathroom, spa bath, immaculate cond, dble gge, landscape garden, $460 pw. Ph 03 313 6685 or 027 437 5604.

Trades SCREEN PRINTING. For all your printing requirements. T­shirts, Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and polos, Overalls, Caps etc. Please phone Heather 03 313 0261 or email norstar@clear.net.nz.

BUILDERS Available from January

• New Homes • Light Commercial • Tilt Panel

PARTS ASSISTANT The Company C B Norwood Distributors Limited is a leading tractor and machinery distribution group that represents a portfolio of leading global brands through separate operating divisions, and three national dealer networks, which include 17 companyowned retail farm machinery centres.

• Concrete tile repairs and Painting • Decramastic tile rechipping • Moss & lichen removal Discount Prices Ph Peter 313-0022

Experienced Vineyard Operator Required

About the opportunity The Branch at Christchurch is in the heart of the South Island's grain-growing region. Each week will be different with the variety of work that you will have, ranging from providing first-class customer service and sales support to Norwood customers both in the Branch and over the phone, to coordinating parts inventory, parts administration, and being the parts inter-departmental liaison.

We are looking for an experienced Full-time Vineyard Operator, with all-round outstanding skills, to join our highly motivated team to work towards the efficient running of the vineyard, whilst optimizing yield and quality objectives. In particular, you will be required to have supervising and harvest experience, be able and willing to operate tractors and other mechanised vineyard machinery and have all-round knowledge of vineyard operations. Having a good sense of humour and being a great team player are also requirements plus a clean driver’s licence is a must. If this sounds like you, please phone Wayne 021 222 4945 in the first instance.

We currently have a position available for a person with drive and ambition, a great sense of humour, and the ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where team work and communication are paramount. This opportunity offers a variety of work where each week will be different. This ranges from providing first class customer service and sales support to Norwood customers both in the Branch and over the phone, selling products through the showroom, providing parts administration support, to coordinating parts inventory.

Applicants should be available to teach at least two classes a week after 3.30pm, and make a commitment for a year. All qualified applicants welcome, including vibrant retired teachers. Training will take place soon for a start in 2015. Further information from, and resumes to, rangiora@kipmcgrath.co.nz or by calling the centre Director, Dr Grant Dykes (03) 313 3638. WORK in timber industry, TC & STMS work, general labouring roles. Register with Jade Resourcing, 66 Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi, Phone 03 327 0656.

If you have drive and ambition, take the first step towards and enjoyable and rewarding career! Position Requirements To be considered for this role you will need to have: • A minimum of 2 years’ parts experience (preferred) with Agricultural Equipment and Machinery or a similar field • Sales experience • Key account management experience would be advantageous • Mechanical knowledge would be advantageous • Experience in the agricultural industry would be of benefit • Intermediate knowledge of the Microsoft Suite i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel • Tidy and well presented, with a positive attitude • Current driver’s licence

Waiata Vineyard Waipara Ltd, North Canterbury

CASUAL VINEYARD OPERATOR REQUIRED We are looking for a casual Vineyard Operator to join our highly motivated team to work toward the efficient running of the vineyard, whilst optimizing yield and quality objectives.

For additional information, please visit our website: http://www.norwood.co.nz/christchurch/. To apply for this opportunity, email your covering letter and CV to JasonPrendergast@norwood.co.nz Applications close on Friday 30th January 2015.

In particular, you will be required to have a general knowledge of vineyard operations, but also be willing to learn the aspects of the vineyard as required. This role could suit a person wanting to work school hours as hours can be negotiated. Having a good sense of humour, and being a great team player ar e also requirements and a clean driver’s licence is a must.



Teachers will work with no more than 4 students on individual programmes and must be excited about making a difference.

Waiata Vineyard Waipara Ltd, North Canterbury

Established in 1948, we have grown to be one of the best-known names in New Zealand agriculture and today we supply one in every three tractors sold in New Zealand.

Contact Steve 327-9522


Due to an increasing demand, Kip McGrath Rangiora is seeking experienced, qualified and enthusiastic primary teachers and NCEA math/English/science for its Rangiora centre.



Experienced painter required for Nor th Canterbury-based work.



BRICK and Blocklayer/ Stone Mason. All EQC repairs, grind + repoint, paving, Phone 027 601 3145 or 03 313 8838 www.featureworks.co.nz.


HURUNUI DISTRICT Property Maintenance. Call outs available over the Hol­ iday period. All property repairs, plumbing, roofing, glazing, electrical testing etc. Book in early for the New Year. Phone Gary 027 PROPERTY MAINTEN­ 343 7223. ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, FURNITURE Removal, pruning, painting and AXL Transport Ltd, quality minor home alterations. removals at the lowest rate TOWN AND COUNTRY. possible, South Island Phone Mike 03 313 0261. wide, Kaiapoi office. Phone 03 327 3216.

Tuition Make money from ‘Misteaks’

Become a Book Editor and Proofreader Learn at home by correspondence Work on magazines, newspapers & websites. Writing and photography too. Toll free 0800 801994 Get FREE information about how to earn income from home.


If this sounds like you, please phone Wayne on 021 222 4945 in the first instance. 1528352

Tree Services

Tree Services

STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ vicing North Canterbury for prompt professional ser­ vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 867. NORTH Canterbury Tree Care. Specialising in big trees in small spaces, long term tree plans, advisory service, fully insured. Free quotes, prompt service. Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 873 336.

BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. Affordable rates. Phone 03 327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

Wanted WANTED to buy K Line. Phone 03 312 0282.

Ready-mix Concrete Driver/Batcher Culverden Have you got the skills to drive a concrete truck? Are you keen to learn other skills? We are looking for a new team member who is methodical and can think out side the square. A can do approach is important and we are looking for someone who shares this attitude. Allied Concrete is prepared to invest time and training in the right candidate to ensure they can attain our exacting standards. While this is a full time role, for the right candidate we would consider a more casual position. This position is ideally suited to a candidate who: • Is committed to complying with our exceptional health and safety standards. • Has a full class 4 licence, and W endorsement and a clean driving record. • Displays excellent communication skills. • Is flexible in their working hours. • Is punctual and reliable. • Is customer/service focused. • Is physically fit and takes pride in their personal appearance. Applications for this position close 29th January 2015. Allied Concrete has a rigorous drug and alcohol policy and all candidates would need to pass a drug test prior to employment. Please express your judith.eade@hwr.co.nz







Nigel Green


☑ Alterations ☑ Additions ☑ New Builds ☑ Foundations ☑ Repiling ☑ Earthquake Repairs ☑ Opt Out Repairs ☑ Insurance Work

Call or email Nigel today! Telephone: 03 313 5151 Mobile: 027 486 7233 Email: nigelbuild@gmail.com

Thursday January 15 2015

03 313 2840




Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury





(03) 313 4771

Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

Completed EQC Homes

Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

Phone 022 395 0359 or 022 395 0358 Email: roderickch@live.com 1510004-K

Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”





Wilson Decorators Ltd

on all soft furnishings/ blinds* *Conditions may appply

Ph: 03 313 6825 Mob 027 232 6825 simplyccb@gmail.com www.simplycolourscurtainsblinds.co.nz


JENNY HEPERII Interior Design Consultant

Free quotes (will travel)

Allan Pethig

Serving North Canterbury for 32 years • For all domestic & commercial repairs & installations• New housing PO BOX 69 RANGIORA. TEL: 03 313 7144 MOB: 0274 321 534 FAX: 03 313 2144 1454503

Prompt friendly service

Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations

Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation


Garry W Mechen

Registered Clinical Dental Techncian

Phone (03) 313-9192 38a Ashley Street, Rangiora


HOURS HOURS 8.30am 8.30am - 12noon 12noon Monday Monday to to Friday Friday

•Small Family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Coating • Tidy Workers • No Time Wasted • Reasonable Rates • Free Quotes


Ph: 03 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz

For a/h repairs phone (03) 310-3044 Excavation

Electrician R Grant Electrical Ltd

Number one

bacon Ph 312 4205 old-fashioned & ham curing. Oxford A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709



Free Measure & Quote

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.

Civil and Drainage



Construction Cleaning

Bevan and Shane Frahm

We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874

Computer Repairs

R & S Cleaning

Oxford Butchery




Butchery ncn1233331aa

Builder For all of your Trades and LOCAL Classified BUILDERS enquiries, Ring Mark 027 229 7310 please for a free quote contact www.longsilver Amanda construction.com at • Licensed Building The News Practitioner • Registered on Master


The News


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• Sheep, Cattle & Deer fencing • Dairy ry y conversions • Post, rail, electrics & yard building


• High country ry y or Down country ry y • Bulldozing available • Explosive Licence

Accredited A Acc redditite t d Fenc FFencing e ing i Contractor

Contact Geoff Rogers on 021 640 748

www.highcountryfencing. co.nz

Glazing 24/7 Emergency glass replacement. Showerscreens, mirrors, splashbacks, partitions, balustrades, retrofit double glazing, pool fencing and shop fronts.

Call us 24/7 on 0800 70 90 70 or visit mintglass.co.nz

0274 339 578 scottexcavation@hotmail.co.nz


• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com



TONY’S LAWN & GARDEN MAINTENANCE • Garden tidy-ups • Rubbish removal • Rose pruning • Shrub and tree pruning • Lawn mowing • Lawn maintenance • 27 years experience

Contact Tony for a NO OBLIGATION, Free Quote! Home 03 313 7605 027 774 2751 tonylamplugh@ clear.net.nz


The News



Painters / Decorators

PH: Andrew 027 407 8744 A/h 03 327 7242

RURAL HEDGE TRIMMING & CLEAN UP SERVICES Including Tractor Mulching, Tub Grinding and Chipping

Page 39



CROCKERY CUTLERY GLASSWARE For all those special occasions

Trudy McMillan 03 314 4144 or 027 684 2652



Thursday January 15 2015



Ph/fax 03 3144 110 mobile 0275 589 333 email pcjet@xtra.co.nz

PO Box 68 Hawarden North Canterbury





PHONE: 027 333 5322 A/H: (03) 319 6740 calvertpainting@yahoo.co.nz



Master Plumber of the Year 2010 Canterbury owned and operated for over 60 years


We are a reputable picture framer who can offer the best professional assistance in Rangiora for all your framing requirements. We support new and existing North Canterbury artists. COME IN AND SEE US AT OUR NEW PREMISES 10 CONE STREET, RANGIORA 10 Cone Street, Rangiora P: 03 313 5474 www.cameofinearts.co.nz





Picture Framing

Forget the rest - come to the best!

• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous


oror03 Phone 0800 374 737 03310-8206 327 9499 DRIPFREE Email plumbers@clyne-bennie.co.nz Web www.clyne-bennie.co.nz www. plumbingshoponline.co.nz

Ph (03) 338 7000 • Ah (03) 312 6553 Mike 0274 818 544 • Robbie 0274 818 027

Locally owned and operated

1326851 ncn1233409aa

Timber Sales


Open Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday 8am – 12 noon

Waterblasting Ltd Servicing Canterbury Commercial & Residential

• Silicone Sealing (Brick & Block Work) • Concrete / Driveways / Ashphalt • Houses • Schools • Dairy Sheds CALL NOW FOR A FREE QUOTE


(0800 748 325) Mobile 0274 369 187 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


• Graffiti Removal • Blocked Drains • Pre Paint Cleaning • Moss & Algae Removal

Call David on 029 770 9204 Amy 021 650 609 99 Mairehau Road, Burwood, just off Marshlands Road BRING BRIN BR ING IN G THIS TH HIS I ADVERT ADV DVER ERT T IN AND AND D RECEIVE REC ECEI EIIVE VE A 10% 10% 10 % DISCOUNT DISC DI SC COU OUNT NT ON ON YOUR YO OUR R ORDER ORD R ER R

Windows & Doors WINDOW MARKET PLACE • New & Used • Timber & Aluminium • Windows & Doors 8am-5pm Weekdays 8am-2pm Saturday 215 Waltham Rd, Sydenham Ph (03) 379 6159 info@windowmarket.co.nz Fax (03) 962 1012 www.windowmarket.co.nz


Water Blasting

Quality Timber at discounted prices We have a wide range of timber • Fencing • Farm packs • Framing • Decking Pop in and see us or view our products online at www.royaltimber.co.nz

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The News

Thursday January 15 2015

Summer Madness at Arthur Burke A Real Offroad Machine For Youngsters


Specs: 80cc Air cooled 2 stroke, 5 Speed, Clutch, Kickstart

Specs: 70 0cc, 4 Stroke, electriic start, 3 Speed.

Special Price $2,495 incl Gst

$2,499 incl Gst

(Normal Recommended retail $2895) Get in quick while stocks last!!

Sales: James DDI 03 314 0132

Until the end of January Save $500!!

Amberley Service: Ryan DDI 03 314 0134

Sales: (03) 314-0135 Neville or 027 220 2341 Craig Service: (03) 314-0131 Tim



Markham Street, Amberley www.arthurburke.co.nz

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The News North Canterbury 15-01-15  

The News North Canterbury 15-01-15

The News North Canterbury 15-01-15  

The News North Canterbury 15-01-15

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