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Kids on graffiti patrol

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CLEANING UP THEIR COMMUNITY: Taitoko School children are working alongside local police to keep their area graffiti-free. PICTURES: FRANKIE WEBB LVN221113fwpolice4

TOP TEAM: Levin South Neighbourhood Policing team Constable Damian Graves and Constable Fiona Barker are making a huge difference to the community in which they work.

ashamed of where I live.’’ The children believed taggers have little idea about how much pain their actions cause. ‘‘It’s no different to punching someone or doing a burglary,’’ teacher aide Anne Ngatai said. ‘‘Tagging a truck cost the owner thousands of dollars, it could have cost him his business.’’ Miss Morgan said her class had a motto ‘‘Ban the Can’’. The children want the

taggers in their community to know they feel shamed by their actions. However they weren’t confident enough to do anything before police stepped in. Some of the children know taggers. Since the clean up they’ve questioned why these people deface the community in which they live. ‘‘They want to show ownership,’’ a young boy said. ‘‘You see the same letters all over the place, each ‘crypt’ or group has their own tag.’’ Frustration when things

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Community policing at its best is how Taitoko School teacher Wendy Morgan sees the work being done by community constables in her patch. ‘‘Since Constable Fiona [Barker] and Constable Damian [Graves] have been here I’ve seen huge changes,’’ Miss Morgan said. ‘‘Kids’ attitudes towards each other, towards their community and most of all, towards police, have changed.’’ The Levin South Neighbourhood policing team set up in Kinross Street about 18 months ago. Constable Fiona Barker was there from day one. Horowhenua Chronicle visited Taitoko School’s Junior Neighbourhood Support class who took part in a police initiative, a graffiti eradication programme. ‘‘We didn’t really know the police, didn’t really like them,’’ Hayley Reid said. ‘‘Since Constable Fiona and Constable Damian have been here we know they’re here to help us, help us be proud of where we live.’’ The children spoke of the fear they felt walking past graffiti and tagging, so prevalent in their area before the eradication programme. ‘‘I felt threatened, afraid,’’ one young person said. ‘‘I felt


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aren’t going right, boredom, messages to other taggers — all reasons for the mess. The children say their area looks good now and they feel proud to say they live there. They want it to stay clean and say they’ll paint over any tagging because ‘‘it’s not cool’’. Miss Morgan said she believed the graffiti eradication programme had been an amazing experience for the young people she taught as well as for the community at large. ‘‘I’m so proud of the 18 fabulous Taitoko children who gave up their Saturday to help paint out the graffiti in the neighbourhood,’’ she said. ‘‘[They] did an amazing job and a special thanks from us all to Constable Fiona and Constable Damian of the Neighbourhood Police Team — we love you guys.’’

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CARING KIDS IN MUFTI TO HELP PHILIPPINES HOW TO CONTACT US: OFFICES 13 Bristol Street, Levin PO Box 547, Levin Phone: (06) 368 5109 Fax: (06) 368 2366 MANAGER Vivien Douglas

(06) 366 0696 021 896 858 Email:

ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS Debra Brown (06) 366 0251 Email: Phillipa Pearson (06) 366 0694 021 307 482 Email: Julie Shapiro (06) 366 0695 021 818 411 Email:


An impromptu mufti day at Levin Intermediate school has raised over $400 that will be donated to Philippines disaster fund. Teacher Rob Edwards said it was an on-the-spot decision to hold the mufti day and there was no time to

put news letters out. The children were told the day before and, with the support from both the students and their parents, there was a fantastic response. Mr Edwards said each of the

children arrived at school with $2 and the collection just kept growing as the each child arrived. The mufti day was part of a national challenge that was broadcast on television.

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Sun dangers


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With the warmer weather season on the way it is inevitable that families will be involved in a number of outdoor activities including beach sports and sunbathing, while the close proximity of beaches in the Horowhenua District is also a considerable attraction to residents as well as visitors. The print media highlight the high number of skin cancers in New Zealand associated with sunbathing and working outdoors with no protective clothing, particularly sun hats. While outdoor activities are enjoyable and beneficial to the family health, particularly swimming and participating in beach games, there is the everpresent personal health risk associated with being exposed to the sun for long periods, an example being young children with minimal clothing and a limited amount of sun lotion on their exposed skin together with family groups lying on the beach with no

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Phone: (06) 368 5109 Email:

sun umbrellas or canopies. From a personal aspect, the message regarding care in the sun has to be loud and clear. Having been exposed to long hours in the tropical sun while serving in the Royal Navy in the 50s, then experiencing long summers in the Auckland, Marlborough and Horowhenua regions in the 1960s through to 2013, the inevitable result has been skin damage diagnosed as ‘‘basal cell carcinoma’’, resulting in the need for the surgical removal of the cancerous tissue and subsequent follow up treatment on the upper body and face — not a pleasant experience. In retrospect, it was a totally preventable condition which could have been avoided by wearing a sun hat and shirt during Royal Navy overseas service, particularly in the West Indies, Central and South America and using sun block on exposed skin during the sunny New Zealand summers. BILL STIRLING Levin

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Artist to help hospice College principal


to retire next year



SUPPORT: Kay Kidd, supporting terminally ill artist and friend Rod Ashcroft, who will exhibit her watercolours along with his grandaughter’s and his own work for the final time at Te Takere with some proceeds going to the Levin Arohanui Hospice service. PICTURE: FRANKIE WEBB

By FRANKIE WEBB Levin artist Rod Ashcroft has terminal pancreatic cancer but hasn’t given up thinking of others. ‘‘I want to give something back to Levin Arohanui Hospice in gratitude for the wonderful care they provide,’’ he said. ‘‘I decided to hold an exhibition of my work and invited fellow artist Kay Kidd to join me.’’ Mr Ashcroft invited another very special artist as well. ‘‘My granddaughter Erin Corkill is only 11, but has extreme natural talent,’’ he said. ‘‘I wanted to exhibit with her, this will be our last chance to do so.’’ Mr Ashcroft believes his own acrylic works will be be complimented by Mrs Kidd’s watercolours and Erin’s acrylics.

‘‘I’ve called this exhibition Images over the Years,’’ he said. With titles such as Lake Papaitonga and Lovers on Waitarere Beach as well as Levin Court House, Trafalgar Square and Poppies, there’s something to suit all tastes. ‘‘We are raffling a painting of our mascot Boris,’’ Mr Ashcroft said. ‘‘Boris is a very handsome rooster who accidentally became our mascot and the subject of a number of paintings.’’ All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Hospice Levin service. Work is priced from $35 with a percentage going to the hospice. The exhibition will be opened in Te Takere by Sir Douglas Kidd tomorrow night at 6.30pm and will run until December 21.

Horowhenua College principal Brenda Burns will leave at the end of Term 1 next year. Mrs Burns came to Horowhenua College from Auckland 12 years ago. Originally from the United Kingdom, she began teaching in New Zealand in the 1970s at Naenae College. Mrs Burns leaves Horowhenua College after 45 years in the profession. ‘‘I’m very much a change person,’’ she told Horowhenua Chronicle. ‘‘Not everyone is comfortable with that, you take some people kicking and screaming but you have to do what is good for the kids.’’ The Ministry of Education installed a limited statutory manager, Ken Wilson, at Horowhenua College in June this year following issues between the board and Mrs Burns spanning several months. He is likely to remain working with the school well into next year. Mrs Burns feels the time to retire is right. ‘‘I have given a lot to education,’’ she said. ‘‘I teach kids as individuals, that can be very exhausting. I will miss the changes ahead, the organising and the contact with

Residents urged to conserve water Horowhenua residents are urged to conserve water from now as the region enters drier weather patterns and increasing water demand. District water supplies come under severe pressure each summer and Horowhenua District Council must impose restrictions to ensure the demand does not exceed the volumes available. Hosing restrictions have been put in place until further notice, for all council water supplies within the Horowhenua District. These restrictions mean that garden sprinklers may be used only from 5am to 9am and from 7pm to 9pm on alternative days — at houses with even street numbers on even dates and at houses with odd street numbers on odd dates. Hand-held hoses are permitted on

your odd or even date at any time. Soak hoses are banned at all times during water restrictions. Water services manager Sarah Stephen says reducing water demand now can have major benefits later in summer, including delaying or possibly even preventing further restrictions. She says there are simple measures that residents can take to help enormously with water conservation. Residents are urged to be mindful when watering plants and gardens, and to practice deep watering once or twice per week, rather than shallow watering more frequently. Council staff will regularly monitor water use and undertake inspections throughout summer. For updates please go to:


BOWING OUT: Horowhenua College principal has contributed 45 years of her life to education and retires next year to spend more time with family. teachers, students and the community in general.’’ Mrs Burns intends to spend more time with husband Derek visiting family in Europe and grandchildren in Auckland as well as tending to her garden. ‘‘I’m not one to sit and do nothing, little projects may come up, we have a house to renovate,’’ she said. ‘‘It will be a big change but it’s life.’’


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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


CRASH SCENE: State Highway 1 south of Levin was closed, while emergency crews worked to free trapped and injured drivers and a passenger from their cars that had been involved in a three-car collision.

Christmas Day Traditional RSA Buffet Lunch


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Police have released the name of the Levin man who died as a result of a three car crash on Friday. He was 76-year-old Graham William Perry. Mr Perry was rescued from his wrecked BMW car and flown by rescue helicopter to Wellington in a critical condition. He died shortly after arriving. The three car collision happened about 2.30pm on Friday. The helicopter arrived at the scene in gusty wind conditions and was marshalled to a landing site on the SH1 by members of the Levin Volunteer Fire Brigade and police. Rescuers worked to free a number of trapped patients using the jaws of life equipment. Police say preliminary indications suggest that a north bound Toyota Hilux

has crossed the centre line and crashed into a south bound Suzuki Swift before colliding into the BMW that Mr Perry was driving. Four people were involved in the crash, two in the BMW and one each in the Swift and Hilux. Both lanes of the highway were closed for a period of time so police could safely clear the road and examine the scene, The Serious Crash Unit is investigating and continuing to make inquiries and speak to witnesses. ‘‘We are keen to speak to anyone that witnessed the crash and we encourage them to contact police,’’ says Senior Sergeant Kris Burbery. Anyone that witnessed the crash or has any information is asked to contact the Palmerston North Police on (06) 351-3600. Information can also be provided anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.

Introducing.... the new & improved Levin Holiday Park Creating the ideal quiet family holiday park with the convenience of being less than 5 minutes from the centre of Levin. While Levin Holiday Park on Parker Avenue has been around for decades, owner/operators Debbie and Repi Wright have over the last 20 months transformed the venue into a modern welcoming place ideal for family holidays, sports clubs and school groups. The Holiday Park is also an oasis for tourists looking for a one or two day stop over that is quiet, restful and gives them time to catch their breath in peaceful surroundings. The Holiday Park has all of the modern facilities the modern traveller needs, newly refurbished cabins, a relaxing lounge, modern kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities and a fantastic safe extended play area for children, with the added bonus of having ample space for caravans, motorhomes and tents. Debbie and Repi are great believers in delivering excellent services at affordable

prices, “We are working to make the park the best in Horowhenua and eventually one of the most preferred parks in the country.” Being relatively new to the district the couple have forged relationships with several sports groups, schools and businesses in Levin and across the country. “We want people in our district proud to recommend Levin Holiday Park to their friends and family when they come to visit.” Debbie and Repi are also keen supporters the Breast Cancer Research Trust and will be holding a fund raising open day on Sunday December 8 starting at noon to 3pm as part of the Holiday Parks Associations, Donate a Cure programme. On the day, in addition to the facilities on display, there will be a sausage sizzle, bouncy castle, and spot prizes. Debbie and Repi invite everyone to come along and see what the Park has to offer, meet the owners, help the raise money for breast cancer research and enjoy the day.

12pm - 3pm

Sausage sizzle, bouncy castle SPOT PRIZES Join us for a fun day out! Come & see what we have to offer

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle



Movie and a meal for only $35!! Applies to any movie after 5pm.


CHOIR SWANSONG: Concordia performing in 2006 with Beverley Wilson conducting.

Last performance for popular Concordia choir By FRANKIE WEBB Music lovers face a loss this month with the announcement that Horowhenua’s Concordia choir is to go into recess. Conductor Beverley Wilson is standing down, leaving big shoes to fill. ‘‘There is no one else at this stage stepping up to take on her role,’’ Levin Music Society president Alan Little said. Concordia was founded in the 1960s by Patricia Campbell and went under the name of Madrigal Singers. ‘‘They sang in unaccompanied madrigal style,’’ Mr Little said. ‘‘When the Campbells left town, Maureen Spencer became their

(G) 95 mins Animation/Family/Comedy

Flint Lockwood now works at The Live Corp Company for his idol Chester V. But he’s forced to leave his post when he learns that his most infamous machine is still operational and is churning out menacing food-animal hybrids. Thurs 5 Dec 3.30pm, Fri 6 Dec 10.20am & 3.30pm, Sat 7 Dec 10.20am & 12.30pm, Sun 8 Dec 10.20am & 12.30pm, Mon 9 Dec 10.20am & 3.30pm, Tues 10 Dec 10.20am & 3.30pm, Wed 11 Dec (Bring Baby Too - 10.20am) & 3.30pm

very able director until ill health caused her to give up the role.’’ It was during that time the choir was renamed Concordia, performing with accompaniment. The choir benefited from top-calibre accompanists, first Barbara King, then Alison Lines. Beverley Wilson became the third music director. ‘‘All members, and other lovers of music, will be disappointed to learn this is Concordia’s last concert for the present,’’ Mr Little said. The last concert will be at the Horowhenua Freemasons’ Centre, Power Street extension, off Parker Avenue tonight at 7.30pm.


Visit Sinterklaas Thurs 5 Dec 6-9pm at THE DUTCH MARKET

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (Rating tbc) 161 mins Adventure/Drama/Fantasy Starting Thursday 12 December with a 12.01am midnight screening (Wednesday night)


(M) 104 mins Comedy (Contains offensive language) An affable underachiever finds out he’s fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity. Wed 4 Dec (Bring Baby Too - 10.40am), 3.50pm, 6pm & 8.20pm, Thurs 5 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Fri 6 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Sat 7 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Sun 8 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Mon 9 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Tues 10 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm, Wed 11 Dec 10.40am, 6pm & 8.20pm


INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 (M) 106 mins Horror/Thriller (Contains supernatural themes & violence)

The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. Thurs 5 Dec 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Fri 6 Dec 3.20pm & 6.10pm, Sat 7 Dec 1pm & 8.30pm, Sun 8 Dec 10.30am & 6.10pm, Mon 9 Dec 3.20pm & 8.30pm, Tues 10 Dec 3.20pm & 6.10pm, Wed 11 Dec 3.20pm & 8.30pm

(M) 146 mins Action/Adventure/Sci-fi (Contains violence) Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem. Wed 4 Dec 10.30am, 1.30pm, 5.10pm & 8.10pm, Thurs 5 Dec 9.30am, 12.30pm & 8.10pm, Fri 6 Dec 12.30pm & 8.10pm, Sat 7 Dec 2.40pm & 8.10pm, Sun 8 Dec 2.40pm & 8.10pm, Mon 9 Dec 12.30pm & 8.10pm, Tues 10 Dec 12.30pm & 8.10pm, Wed 11 Dec 12.30pm & 8.10pm


(R18) 98 mins Comedy/Crime/Drama (Contains violence, offensive language, drug use & sex scenes) A bipolar, bigoted junkie cop manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter. Final Week - Wed 4 Dec 3.40pm & 8pm, Thurs 5 Dec 1pm & 6.10pm, Fri 6 Dec 1pm & 8.30pm, Sat 7 Dec 3.20pm & 6.10pm, Sun 8 Dec 8.30pm, Mon 9 Dec 1pm & 6.10pm, Tues 10 Dec 8.30pm, Wed 11 Dec 1pm & 6.10pm


Come and join us to celebrate THE DUTCH MARKET'S First Birthday

(PG) 103 mins Biography/Comedy/Music (Contains violence, coarse language & sexual references) The true story of Paul Potts, a shy, bullied shop assistant by day and an amateur opera singer by night who became a phenomenon after being chosen for -- and ultimately winning -- “Britain’s Got Talent”. Final Week- Wed 4 Dec 10.20am, 1pm & 5.50pm, Thurs 5 Dec 10.30am, Fri 6 Dec 10.30am, Sat 7 Dec 10.30am, Mon 9 Dec 10.30am, Wed 11 Dec 10.30am


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(M) 132 mins Biography/Drama (Contains violence & offensive language) As Cecil Gaines serves eight presidents during his tenure as a butler at the White House, the civil rights movement, Vietnam, and other major events affect this man’s life, family, and American society. Final Session- Wed 4 Dec 1.1Opm

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TOSCA (Two sessions only)

(E) 211 mins Metropolitan Opera Season Puccini’s timeless verismo score is well served by an exceptional cast, led by Patricia Racette in the title role of the jealous diva, opposite Roberto Alagna as her lover, Cavaradossi. George Gagnidze is the villainous Scarpia. (Prices Adult $33 & Seniors/Children $28) Sun 8 Dec 1pm, Tues 10 Dec 10.30am

de Molen Windmill ENDER’S GAME

Take a tour of the windmill and visit Sinterklaas in his cave!

Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formecs, a genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race in a previous invasion. Thurs 5 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Fri 6 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Sat 7 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Sun 8 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Mon 9 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Tues 10 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm, Wed 11 Dec 1.10pm, 3.40pm & 5.40pm 9381557AJ

Visit Sinterklaas Sat 7 Dec 6-9pm at DE MOLEN WINDMILL

(M) 114 mins Action/Adventure/Sci-fi (Contains violence)

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330

SENIORS MORNINGS & BRING BABY TOO *free morning tea with ticket purchase*

Mon 9 Dec


10.30am 10.40am Tues 10 Dec 10.20am 10.30am 10.40am Bring Baby Too Wed 11 Dec 10.20am

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (G), One Chance (PG), Delivery Man (M) Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (G), Tosca (Opera), Delivery Man (M) Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (G) 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2 course $25.90 3 course $29.90



Not available Christmas Day. Details Phone 06 368 9157

Christmas day

Community invited to have say on alcohol control Horowhenua District Council is seeking community feedback on people’s thoughts relating to the sale and supply of alcohol. With the implementation of The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act in 2012, communities now have a greater say on alcohol matters. The law allows Council to develop a Local Alcohol Policy that sets rules such as the hours when alcohol can be sold; limits on the number, location or density of premises selling alcohol; and requirements for bars to operate a oneway door restriction from a defined time.

Horowhenua District Council wants to understand community thoughts about alcohol sale and supply and is urging people to complete a survey entitled Alcohol in our Community. The survey is available online at under Business — Licensing and Certification — Liquor Licensing, or a hard copy is available from HDC offices at Tokomaru, Shannon, Foxton, Levin, Te Takere or can be posted on request from the HDC Customer Service Centre on 366-0999. The survey closes on Friday December 20 at 5pm.

Parade to boost Shannon


@ Unichem LEVIN

5th of December ONE DAY ONLY





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Spray tan demos Free hand treatments | Spot Prizes

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LOOKING BACK: The Shannon Christmas parade of 2010. By FRANKIE WEBB Shannon may be a little bit down with the Silver Ferns Farm closure but it is definitely not out. Shannon is the place to be on December 15 when the annual Christmas parade takes over the town. The countdown starts at 9am when carnival stalls of every description will

open. At 10am, Levin Country and Western Band strikes up and an hour later the floats hit town for judging at 11am, the floats move into town at noon. As the parade finishes, Santa’s Cave will open. All children 8 years and under get a free gift and sweets from Santa. For inquiries contact Joanne Roach 06 362-7901 or 027 242-8103 and Ginny O’Connor 06 362-7222 or 021 078-4306.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle



HOROWHENUA Masonic Lodge resident Nell Dowling places a Christmas panel on the 2m advent calendar tree made by Levin Intermediate art students.

Calendar in reverse By TANYA WOOD Horowhenua Masonic Lodge took possession of a 2m tall advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree complete with a star on top, thanks to Levin Intermediate School art students. However, unlike a traditional advent calendar, where a panel is removed each day leading up to Christmas, this calendar has been designed to work in reverse. Each day, a resident will be asked to

choose a panel to place anywhere on the tree. The last panel to go up on Christmas Day will be a manger scene, designed to fit in the middle. The wooden structure was delivered to the rest home last Friday. Art students had spent about five weeks helping the school’s woodwork teacher make the structure and then decorating 24 A4-sized panels with Christmas images including bells, crackers, holly wreaths and wise men. Levin Intermediate art

teacher Ali Taylor said the students had worked hard and enjoyed every minute making the calendar. ‘‘They got a lot of pleasure out of it and were really excited about brining it to the lodge, especially as some students have family at the lodge.’’ She said the idea behind the calendar was to create a talking point for residents and staff and hopefully rekindle good memories of Christmases past.

ÅÌÍ– 2<B/0 å{ss »ë ²èë ²îë £IUìèôIðž ÷ A¹†IUÌÓì‰ ‹ôý¡ ûÓOìèôI I!CÓ!I ÷ oýìÓý!FÌýß¡ A† ÅÇÇ ÷ £èÌÌ v§ †IðýÌèìÓý! ¹ u!ìICôUìIL wÓ£Ó ÷ }ƒ« v§§ †IOýôLÓ!C ÷ ©ý!ãIôìÓRÌI ìURÌI ìýû ðìU!LÈßUÌÌ Èýè!ì ÷ ƒÏ‰ûI¡ †IUL‰ ¿ôIøèÓôIð ULLÓý!UÌ ƒÏ‰ûI¡ OUÈIôU¾

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Words to live by from Manawatu old boy the yellow and black jersey and running out on to Easton Park was always an incredibly proud moment, one which I cherish to At this year’s senior this day. Much of my love for this prizegiving our guest speaker was place stems from the people, longLiam Napier, a student at standing friendships and Manawatu¯ College 2000 to 2004 and well known to rugby followers memories it evokes. Sure, growing up in a city can create outside of Foxton as a sports greater opportunities — the world journalist. can be a very political place — but Liam’s talk was so inspiring, I I wouldn’t change where I grew up wanted to share it with a wider for anything. audience — ‘‘As you move through life you ‘‘Personally, Foxton, Foky, Fxt, will appreciate the genuine people whatever you want to call this that tend to sprout from small place, is very close to my heart and always will be,’’ he said. ‘‘I feel communities such as this. ‘‘Foxton has given me a unique blessed to call it home. Pulling on perspective about what’s important in life and that’s certainly not material possessions. Joyce R Kirk D.O (UK) Don’t get me wrong, a O.S.N.Z super yacht filled with Specialising in low back and leg pain. super models would be Neck and shoulder pain and headaches. hard to turn down. But Registered with the Osteopathic council of NZ I don’t need that to be Member of Osteopathic Society of NZ satisfied. The reality is ACC and Private Health Insurance Cover many rich people are Primary Health Care Practitioner, miserable. Leading a No need to visit your doctor first life that revolves 363 Oxford Street, Levin around money doesn’t appeal. Phone (06) 368 1407 for appointments ‘‘For me, it’s always been about family, All About You Hypnotherapy friends and finding what you’re passionate about; what makes you Health and medical, Pain management, happy. Two weeks ago I was Behavioural, motivation, stress, confidence struck when Benji Marshall told me what Fertility and Childbirth, inc IVF his childhood in Fears, Phobia’s and Habit’s, Whakatane was like. ‘‘Benji was born to a Personal performance, sport, work, 15-year-old single mother. He grew up in Weight control and many more... a small three-bedroom flat that often housed 15 0800 344 9713 family members. Loans were regularly taken out to pay the bills; to put food on the table. Life was incredibly tough. Certified ‘‘Look at him now. Benji is one of New ‘Virtual’ Zealand’s biggest Gastric Band sporting superstars and a genuine role model to consultant boot. He was inspired to By BRUCE McINTYRE Principal


1 of only 6 in NZ

provide for his family and give his kids the life they never had. ‘‘There’s no reason why you can’t achieve similar feats. If I believe it, you should, too. It’s for these reasons I’m a staunch advocate of Foxton and, indeed, our closest neighbour Shannon. Or as many of you will know it, Hanana,’’ Napier said. ‘‘It’s fair to say I was never the model student . . . I did what I had to do, but I didn’t knuckle down until my second of four years at Massey University. One of the best decisions I ever made was to volunteer for reporting work with the Manawatu rugby, football, netball and basketball teams. It took up a lot of my time and the work was unpaid but I couldn’t get enough. During my second year the lecturer who oversaw these opportunities pulled me aside and, metaphorically at least, gave me a decent right hook. That day Kane Hopkins basically told me in no uncertain terms to pull my head out of your know where and make my studies my focus. In short he told me I’d never get into journalism school in Wellington, which took 20 graduates per-year, or achieve any of my ambitions unless I sorted out my priorities. To this day I am grateful for his perspective and directness. ‘‘Whatever age you are now, from 13 to 18, in many ways these may be your defining years. You need to be brave enough to look out for Number One. Surround yourself with positive influences. People who have your best interests at heart. The ramifications of your choices now can be far reaching. Flirtations with the law can cost you now and later in life. It can prevent you travelling to exotic locations and, potentially, prevent you from securing your dream job. Of course, everyone makes mistakes . . . The key is learning from them and always keeping the big picture in mind. ‘‘My life hasn’t been without its challenges but I’m fortunate to have a loving, supportive family. I realise not everyone has such home environments, though.


ON THE GROUND: Liam Napier at an empty Ellis Park in Johannesburg, prior to this year’s memorable All BlacksSpringboks match. Don’t let that hold you back. Don’t lessen your goals. Be ambitious. Often the more adversity you overcome, the more satisfying the end achievement will be. ‘‘Another important message I want to pass on to you today is that talent will only get you so far. Whether it’s sport, maths, art or languages, some of you will naturally standout. Being top of the pops now is great but it is also no guarantee of success. While a head start is valuable, it should not be squandered. Unless you are prepared to work hard at your chosen craft, eventually you will be caught and, ultimately, overtaken. ‘‘This is an ultra competitive world be live in . . . sacrifice is never far away. ‘‘Writing for the Sunday News and the Sunday Star Times newspapers and website, I work up to 15 hours, every Saturday alone. Naturally that impacts on your social life and ability to play sport. There are countless times I’ve had to say sorry, can’t make it, have to work. It should be my bumper sticker. That’s about priorities, though, and I can honestly say it’s been totally worth it. ‘‘My work has taken me to

Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Wales, Italy, Scotland, England and all over New Zealand. I’ve experienced some of the most memorable places in the world . . . At some point you, too, will reach a similar crossroads which requires you to step outside your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Be bold. Be confident. Show courage to back your abilities. It will pay off. Don’t rely on winning the lottery. You must make your own luck. A determined attitude will only put you in a better position to make you dreams a reality. ‘‘No matter who you’re interacting with, it’s essential to treat others the way you expect to be treated in return. After interviewing [Richie] McCaw while on tour in Argentina last month, we sat and chatted casually over a coffee . . . One thing struck me. Discussing why the Wallabies were such a shambles, McCaw pointed to Australian prima donna James O’Connor. The Justin Bibber lookalike has been temporarily sacked by the Australian Rugby Union for repeated off-field discipline issues. I suggested a decent thump might not go astray. McCaw, however, said O’Connor wouldn’t last five minutes in the All Blacks environment, because no-one was bigger than the team. ‘‘That’s what makes the All Blacks probably the most successful sporting team on the planet. They have a relentless work ethic on and off the field. But, most importantly, they harness a culture based on being humble and showing respect. Egos are left at the door. That’s something we can all take on board in everyday life. Don’t waste your talents. No-one will do it for you.’’

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Hospitality Level 2

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Computing Level 2

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Hospitality or Computing Level 2


Full-time, 39 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks








16-19 years of age


16-19 years of age


16-19 years of age

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Craft fair a hit with shoppers By TANYA WOOD The Christmas Craft Fair at the Levin RSA on November 23 proved so popular with early Christmas shoppers that stallholders are already booking their spot for next year. Levin RSA secretary/manager Bronwyn Coombs said the continual flow of people throughout the day exceeded expectations. ‘‘It started off as an idea from a couple of staff members, who are craft makers, thinking a Christmas craft fair would be ideal for people wanting to buy something a bit different and unique for Christmas. ‘‘We also used it as an opportunity to help build awareness of the RSA, to see what it’s about and what’s on offer.’’ Ms Coombs said there were 28 stalls selling a huge variety of crafts, and stallholders she spoke to were thrilled and overwhelmed with how well the day went. ‘‘We’ll definitely be doing it again next year and it would be really nice to get some more stallholders and maybe include an outside market with something going on for the children.’’

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POPULAR: Miniature Christmas trees proved a popular buy with early Christmas shoppers at the Levin RSA Christmas Craft Fair. 102 CAMBRIDGE STREET SOUTH, LEVIN Open Mon-Fri • 9am - 4pm • Saturdays 10am - 2pm

Accolade for consultant By PETER FRANKLIN Hard work certainly brings the rewards, as Levin travel agent Pam Hardy can attest to after winning three prestigious awards. ‘‘I am absolutely blown away, it is fantastic for us as a team,’’ she said. ‘‘I did not know the awards were coming, this is seriously cool.’’ Among the glittering big travel agencies of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and other main centres, the spotlight fell on Levin, with Pam Hardy and her team being named Top LVN041213splpam

TOP Consultant for Uniworld Boutique River Cruising 2013, Levin United Travel’s Pam Hardy. She also picked up a number of other awards at the annual United Travel (NZ) managers conference in Sydney.

Full-time, 39 weeks



Fun for all ages 2 hour Lesson include Soft Boards & Wetsuits with International Qualified Surf Instructor & Life Guard.

Held at Otaki Beach

Great Christmas Gift idea Vouchers available

Call Peter 027SURFING 0277873464


TRAINING Programme National Certificate in Hospitality (Introductory Cookery) Level 2 National Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery) Level 3 City and Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation and Cookery

Always wanted to try surfing?

Consultant for Uniworld Boutique River Cruising 2013, United Travel Unique Experiences Agency of the Year 2013 and the big one of the night, the Supreme Award Winner. Mrs Hardy said the team at United Travel Levin work extremely hard with their clients to create unique holiday experiences, ones that will give them a life time of pleasurable memories. Adventure holidays are becoming a big part of her business and Asia, China, Africa and South America are just some of the adventure destinations people want to experience. Over the past 12 months the business has been ‘‘awesome’’. ‘‘I think one of the big factors that help us do what we do, is that everyone who works here lives here, we know lots of people on a first name basis, we are part of the community and that is an important thing,’’ she said.





Programme National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support (Core Competencies) Level 3

Programme National Certificate in Security Level 2 National Certificate in Security (Site Security) Level 3


Full-time, 19 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks




Palmerston North and Lower Hutt

In partnership with

In partnership with

• Residential care • Community care • Home based care

• Criminal Law • Managing suspects, violence and security incidents

• Body systems

• Interview techniques

• Manual handling

• Exclusive use of walkthrough metal detectors and screening equipment

• Personal care needs • First aid • Work experience • Code of Rights

• Self defence • First aid

• Cultural requirements

• Fire fighting

• Safe and secure environment

• Paid work experience

• Gym membership


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Wednesday, December 4, 2013




• Fantastic results • 95% success rate • Fraction of actual surgery costs • Non surgical procedure • Completely Safe


GEARING UP: Motorcyclists get ready — the Coast to Coast fundraising ride for the rescue helicopter is on again.

Lions head out on the highway By PETER FRANKLIN

KAPITI HYPNOTHERAPY The driving force behind the Coast’s recently opened Kapiti Hypnotherapy is owner Anne-Marie Reast’s passion for people, which has seen the dedicated hypnotherapist help a range of clients with problems including weight issues, smoking, depression, stress and anxiety and habits. Bringing a fresh enthusiasm to Kapiti’s hypnotherapy field, as well as an abundance of industry qualifications and experience, Anne-Marie offers effective hypnotherapy services in a relaxed and friendly setting.

“A lot of people look after their bodies, but they don’t necessarily look after their mind.” “Many problems of the mind can manifest as physical problems, e.g. headaches, nausea, lethargy, obesity and smoking related diseases and generally not feeling well.” “Hypnotherapy is an effective tool for addressing a raft of problems.”

With an office wall brimming with certificates highlighting her extensive hypnotherapy training, the certified life coach and advanced hypnosis professional says she is excited to share her skills with Kapiti locals, as well as further afield. “Hypnotherapy can be explained by thinking about a garden,” she explains. “Simply, the hypnotherapist and the client go into the client’s garden, which has developed weeds, pull out these weeds by their roots, and replace them with healthy plants.” Finding immense satisfaction in helping people, Anne-Marie

says she has seen some fantastic results from hypnotherapy.

Among the variety of benefits on hand, Anne-Marie says her services can help significantly with weight loss, with the successful virtual gastric band programme, smoking cessation, confidence boosting, selfesteem and relaxation. “Hypnosis is not something to be feared,” she assures. “Contray to the depiction of hypnosis on television, people remain aware of who and where they are and what has occured during hypnosis.” “My role is to assist people with turning negative thoughts and beliefs into positive ones, to help them live more fullfilling lives.” “Come in and find out more, with a free half-hour consultation. You will be amazed at how straightforward it is to take control of your life.”

Anne-marie Reast

Visit to find out more Or call 021 245 9442 Or email

This year the Woodville Lions celebrate the 21st running of the club’s Suzuki Coast to Coast motorcycle ride. The Coast to Coast is the longest running fundraising event for the Palmerston North-based rescue helicopter. The ride will start at Himatangi Beach on Saturday, December 14. One of the organisers, Clive Boyden, is encouraging people to bring their own bike or borrow someone’s else’s and join in the celebration. The ride starts at Himatangi Beach from the Cosmopolitan Club, opposite the Himatangi Dairy (a new venue). After people have registered they can purchase a great breakfast from the Tararua Lions. The Coast to Coast travels from West to East, passing through Foxton and Shannon, then over the Pahiatua Track, then joining the annual Woodville Christmas parade, in which the bikes are always a real highlight — perhaps even more popular than ‘‘the big guy in red’’ — helping to draw crowds from far

and wide. There is a complimentary lunch in Woodville before riders head to Akitio via Mangatainoka, Makuri and Pongoroa, where Petrol is available. At just over 200km it is a great day’s ride which supports a truly worthy cause. The $20 registration for the iconic ride raises money to help fund the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. Since the ride’s inception more than $135,000 has been raised to help fund this essential service. The Coast to Coast is the longest consecutive fundraiser for the Rescue Helicopter which is something riders are proud of contributing towards. On completion of the day’s ride, riders have the option of staying at Akitio for the night to enjoy the hospitality of the locals. Accommodation is available at the community centre as well as the Akitio Beach Camping Ground where there are tent sites. Bookings are essential and breakfast and takeaways can be purchased at the local

shop. At 3pm there is a prizegiving which recognises the oldest, youngest, hairiest riders and more. Generous sponsorship enables plenty of spot prizes and an auction which offers great entertainment and bargains. Eftpos will be available, along with a full bar and food available at club prices. Mr Boyden said people should make the most of it but not drink and ride home and instead stay the night. As has happened in the past, this year’s event will be overseen by the Police Highway Patrol. Woodville Lions are extremely grateful for sponsorship from Suzuki NZ, Horizons Road Safety, Pahiatua New World, R D 1, NZ Police Highway Patrol and Diamond Homes. The club looks forward to seeing riders at 9.15am on December 14 at Himatangi. The event is a badge ride with badges available for purchase at registration. ■ For further information, contact Clive Boyden (06) 376-4554 or Mike James (027) 445-6594

Two prestigious awards for Te Takere Te Takere culture and community centre has been recognised with two prestigious awards. Horowhenua District Council won the Supreme Award at the Association of Local Information Management conference for the technology solution delivered in Te Takere. The same project was also runnerup in the Best Collaboration category of the awards. Council Chief Executive David Clapperton says winning

against the likes of Auckland City is a great advertisement for Te Takere. ‘‘We should be very proud to see that again we have punched way above our weight.’’ Te Takere was also one of 11 award-winning architectural projects acknowledged in the 2013 Western Architecture Awards announced at New Plymouth on November 1, for its successful integration of Levin’s old library and a disused supermarket into a culture

and community centre. In bestowing an award in the Public Architecture category, the jury said the facility ‘‘works well spatially to read as one cohesive environment’’. Te Takere chief executive Joann Ransom says the awards reinforce the positive feedback from the people who use Te Takere every day. All winners are eligible for consideration for the New Zealand Architecture Awards to be announced in May.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Greatest survival journey recreated Shackleton’s Epic: Recreating the World’s Greatest Survival Journey by Tim Jarvis, ABC Books (HarperCollins) $55 ..................................................

Whats on at Te Takere

A coffee-table book in size and presentation, it contains two stories of extreme courage and brilliant photographs from two different time periods. In 1916 Sir Ernest Shackleton prevailed in what has been described as the greatest survival journey of all time. His ship Endurance was trapped in pack ice, his supplies running were out, his men were exhausted, cold and desperate. Showing astonishing courage, Sir Ernest and a small band of men set off in a small open boat. They faced monstrous seas, icebergs, storms and seasickness. Even more astonishingly, they survived. In 2002, British-Australian adventurer Tim Jervis promised Sir Ernest’s granddaughter, Alexandra, that he would follow in the footsteps of her grandfather and recreate in all ways the immortal ‘‘double’’ — the voyage across the Southern Ocean and the subsequent climb over the largely unexplored mountainous interior of South Georgia. This year, Jarvis set off with a crew of five to recreate Sir Ernest’s epic using the same equipment and eating the same unpalatable food. Sir Ernest had as his captain a remarkable man — Frank Worsley, a New Zealander, something of an eccentric, a risk-taker and not a natural leader (in the authoritarian sense at least). Worsley had total belief in Sir Ernest and was at all times complimentary about his leader, and in particular had great regard for his treatment of the members of the expedition.

Musical bequest Te Takere received a wonderful bequest last week from a music lover. Claudia Lindsay, who lived in Levin since 1952 and died here last month, was an accomplished pianist and, with the blessing of her family, left her piano to be enjoyed by the people who use Te Takere. Known as ‘Mrs Piano’ when she entertained at Horowhenua Hospital and the rest homes, Mrs Lindsay was rehearsal pianist for the Levin Operatic Society and concert pianist for the Levin RSA when they held their annual performances in the 1950s. More recently, she was a much-loved Life Member of the Levin Music Society. This quiet, unassuming woman played her piano up to three years before she died at the age of 98 and wanted it to be used to take the joy of music to the community. The piano will stay open, so those who

TOP 10 BOOKS New large print books Let Me Go by Chelsea Cain The Hero by Robyn Carr Babylon by Camilla Cedar Under a Texas Sky by Dorothy Garlock W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton The Brooding Doc’s Redemption by Kate Hardy His Unusual Governess by Anne Herries The Wedding Diary by Margaret James With All My Love by Patricia Scanlan The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall Smith can play will use it. We have had some lovely music filtering through the building, including old standards, classics and Christmas carols. If you are able to play the piano, you are welcome to give us a tune or two so that everyone can enjoy Mrs Lindsay’s gift and fulfil her wishes.


GREAT GIFT: Te Takere youth assistant and talented young musician Asaria Saili, pictured with Baden Sione, was the first to play a tune on Te Takere’s new piano, which was a gift from the late Claudia Lindsay.

WHAT’S ON AT TE TAKERE Exhibition space: Tomorrow evening is the opening of the Images through the Ages exhibition. The works of Rod Ashcroft, Kay Kidd and Erin Corkill will all be for sale. Proceeds from sales will benefit both the Levin Hospice and Te Takere. Today TED talks: Weekdays 12.30pm-1pm, open meeting room. Heather Brooke: My battle to expose government corruption. Our leaders need to be held accountable, says journalist Heather Brooke. And she should know: Brooke uncovered the British Parliamentary financial expenses that led to a major political scandal in 2009. Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack. Cybercrime expert Mikko Hypponen talks us through three types of online attack on our privacy and data - and only two are considered crimes. Bootcamp: Youth Space (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), 7am-8am. Tomorrow Baby play: Youth Space, 9am-12 noon. Concert: Levin Intermediate School band, the Mandarins will perform in Te Takere at 12.30pm. The concert will feature songs by the Beatles, Jason Mraz, Del Shannon, Brooke Fraser, CCR and many more. So come along for a toe tapping lunch break. If you haven’t seen these talented young people perform, you are in for a treat. Friday Simon and Anna Newman: International aid workers who have recently returned from the

The Christmas ‘Avenue of Trees’

A community event for all the family! See the decorated trees and celebrate Christmas with us... The Salvation Army, Durham Street, Levin 6pm - 8:30pm Wednesday 11th - Friday 13th December 2013 Come along, take some time out from the busyness of Christmas and enjoy a family friendly opportunity to celebrate Christmas. Followed by Coffee & Dessert

All welcome

Admission: To view the Trees - Can of Food for Food Bank OPTIONAL Coffee & Dessert - $5 per family or $2 per adult

For further information phone 368 8177 Community Carols in the Car Park will be held from 8.30pm on Friday 13th December EVERYONE WELCOME! It’s on WET or FINE - bring a deck chair!


advice using experienced fishermen as coaches. Let the experts help you preparing for the season ahead with the correct equipment for recreational fishing. 6.30pm, Levin Sportsworld. Monday Tai chi: Learn the art of Tai Chi and its health benefits, including enhancing memory, balance, coordination, flexibility and sense of accomplishment, 10am.

FOOTSTEPS: Tim Jarvis and Barry Gray of the Shackleton Epic expedition.

The Salvation Army Levin – proudly presents –

Philippines will be in Te Takere to talk with you about their adventures. Drop in to chat with them anytime today or over the weekend. Technology clinic for seniors: Presented by Seniornet — bring along your digital device and the patient tutors from Seniornet will help you figure out any problems. 2pm-4pm. Friday concert: Our lunchtime music on Friday features Rex Bowater on keyboard — expect a few Christmas songs to feature. Noon to 1pm. Library Jam: Friday evening from 7.30pm. Musicians who like to share with other musicians are invited to get together to play and sing. Entry through the Bath Street Youth space entrance. Sunday Savage Club Christmas concert: They’ve been rehearsing and they are ready to delight us again with some wonderful music to help put us in the mood for Christmas. 2pm to 4pm. Monday Music Monday: 2pm in the open meeting room. Jack Johnson, Kokua Festival, Hawaii 2008 (full concert). Tuesday Baby play: Youth Space, 9am-noon. Toddler time: Children’s library, 10am10.30am. JP clinic: Kowhai Room, 11.30am-1.30pm. Te Takere book group: Meets on the mezzanine on the second Tuesday each month to discuss books and reading. If you would like to join in, the theme this month is Something Christmas.

CHALKLE CLASSES Watch the chalkle website for new classes that are being added weekly. Chalkle will be having a break over the Christmas period with classes starting again just after Anniversary Weekend - January 27. In the meantime, log into or call into Te Takere to see what new classes you would like to do in 2014. Today All About Fishing: We will discuss fishing gear, catching techniques and give basic

Sir Ernest admitted that without Worsley the trip would not have succeeded. Jarvis has recorded the journey not as a copyist but as the main protagonist of an expedition that is just as important now as it was nearly a century ago. Moving between the past and present, and combining a thrilling survival story with more than 200 beautiful contemporary and historic photographs, this is a must-read book for all fans of Shackleton and lovers of epic adventure stories. — Iain Duffy

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle




Levin ETA Spuds, Skof, Munchos or Cheeseballs 100 - 160g



MAIN STREET EVENT: Excitement building for Levin Christmas Parade and Carnival

The big parade Excitement is building in the leadup to the Levin Christmas Parade and Carnival this Saturday. It will be the first time in years that the parade travels up and down the main street of town and Saturday’s event will include around 30 floats and well over 300 people. Starting at 1pm from the Levin Adventure Park, the parade will head along Oxford St, Exeter St and Salisbury St and return to the park. There will be a variety of food, drink and craft stalls at the park also from noon. So the parade can travel its route, some roads will be closed to traffic between 12.15pm and 2.15pm. Through traffic will be diverted via Cambridge Street. Roads closed include Bath St between Salisbury St and Oxford St, Bristol St between Queen St and Exeter St, Chamberlain St, Durham St, Exeter St, Oxford St (SH1) between Mako Mako Rd and Devon St, Queen St between Salisbury St and

Oxford St, Regent Lane, Salisbury St between Durham St and Exeter St, and Stanley St. Stuckey St will also be closed from 6am to 4pm to allow floats to congregate. Oxford St car parking between Bath St and Queen St will be closed from 7am to 3pm. Disability parking will be available at the staff and visitor car parks just in front of the Horowhenua District Council building on Oxford St, but vehicles must be parked by 12.15pm. At the end of the parade at 2pm, a free one-hour concert will begin, featuring a range of entertainers and finishing with a lolly scramble. Awards for the best parade floats will be presented at 3pm. The Levin and Districts Brass Band will then take centre stage to perform Christmas carols, with everyone invited to sing-along. Another highlight during the afternoon will be the opportunity for children to visit Santa’s

Grotto to meet and chat with Santa. Mayor Brendan Duffy is thrilled the parade is returning to Oxford Street and also with the local organisations and businesses that are volunteering people, materials and resources to help make the event a success. Mayor Duffy encourages town retailers to decorate their shop windows and says this is a great opportunity for all local businesses and residents to get in behind the community’s Christmas celebration. ‘‘Let’s make sure this is the best parade in the region,’’ he said. Horowhenua District Council is grateful for the support of the event’s other sponsors, including BNZ, Downer, Electra, Fulton Hogan, Horowhenua Chronicle, Levin Container Rubbish, Levin Party Hire, More FM and Tatanas.

Guides mark Fellowship Day


Limit 4

speNd $50 Or MOre This ThursdaY & geT 4x FLY BuYs pOiNTs! Applies to standard points only. Offers available Thursday 5 December 2013.

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NZ Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets

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HIGH tea celebrations and a tree planting were held at Parker Avenue Guide Hall. Members (pictured second in from left at back) Naomi Dement, Aileen Johnson, Yvonne Symonds and Lyn Drader from Horowhenua Treffoil Association with members of Parker Ave Brownies and Rangers with a newly-planted kowhai tree. It was an auspicious evening at Parker Ave Girl Guides Hall recently. The International Scout Guide Fund (ISGF) are celebrating their 60th Anniversary on

Fellowship Day. Members of the Horowhenua Trefoil Guild celebrated the occasion by planting two native kowhai trees in the Girl Guide Grounds, to provide shade for future

generations of guides. With the assistance of the guides and parents Fay Armstrong and Nick Aungiers, the trees were planted and supper served.

Requires minimum spend of $40 at the Butchery. Excludes the purchases of gift cards, tobacco products, payment of accounts and Christmas Club deposits. See in store or visit for terms and conditions. Redeem your voucher at New World Levin fuel station. Offer ends Sunday 8th December 2013.

Come aLong to our Christmas CLub night next tuesday 10th deCember for Lots of great in-store deaLs from 3pm – 8pm. see you there!

Offers valid Thursday 5th December 2013 in New World Levin only. Open 7am - 10pm, 7 days. Closed Christmas day. Open 9am - 8pm Boxing Day. While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Terms and conditions apply.


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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Issue 76 • December 2013

you want to stay connected

Message from the Mayor I am really excited about this weekend’s Christmas Parade, Mayor Brendan Duffy with the floats travelling down State Highway 1 for the first time in many years. This is going to be a fantastic event, and I know it will be great for both local businesses and residents – make sure you come down to line the streets!

Our District is at its best at the moment, just in time for all of our summer visitors. Read about the recent developments at Foxton Beach Holiday Park below – just one of the many places in Horowhenua that attract a huge number of visitors each year. Inside this month’s Community Connection, there is plenty of information about different events that are happening in Horowhenua

this summer. As well as all of the great events, remember to get out and about over summer to enjoy our local rivers, beaches and many park and reserves. On behalf of Council, I wish you all safe and happy holidays, and look forward to seeing you all enjoying the sunshine over the next few months! Brendan Duffy

New toy at Foxton Beach Holiday Park

Foxton Beach Holiday Park is putting the finishing touches on their new Jumping Pillow they have just bought down from the Taupo manufacturer. At a colossal 21m x 11m it is much more than a trampoline or bouncy castle and provides fun for all ages.

As a huge selling point for families heading into the 2014 new year period, owners Kordula and Uwe Kroll had their sights set on a Jumping Pillow right from when they took over the Holiday Park in October 2012. “The other parks we spoke to say it almost makes the other part of your playground obsolete because the young ones gravitate around it”, said Kordula.

on the community. “There is the benefit to the park, but there is also the flow on effect. Each extra person who stays here spends money at the local shops, and local markets... the whole community reaps the reward”, explained Kordula. The confidence that the pair have for the park and the District seem

It represents just one of a huge list of upgrades that the owners have invested in since they took ownership of the park. These changes include new front gates and wide entrance, new parking, a revamp of the office, TV and games room, and cabin renovations. This type of ambitious upgrade in an area such as Foxton Beach is set to have a notable effect Holiday happenings at Te Takere

Rates online

What’s going on at the pools

Safe BBQ tips

well placed as the results are already beginning to show. “The feedback that we’ve already had from families is overwhelming – we’ve already surpassed last summer’s bookings and we are pretty much booked out for the Christmas and New Year’s period”, said Kordula.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 December 2013 Levin Christmas Parade 1.00pm. This year’s Christmas parade will start (and finish) at the Levin Adventure Park and make it’s way down Oxford Street. Bring the family into town to enjoy the summer sun, visit Christmas stalls and catch the extra special 2013 Levin Christmas Parade. For more information go to 14 December 2013 Suzuki Coast to Coast Motorcycle Ride 10.15am – 3.00pm. Himatangi Beach Cosmopolitan Club, 1 Hunia Terrace, Himatangi This is the Woodville Lions Club 21st Annual Suzuki Coast to Coast Motorcyle Ride from Himatangi - Woodville - Akitio. The Suzuki Coast to Coast is a fundraising event of which 100% of the proceeds go to the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. Registration 9.15am at Himitangi, Ride starts 10.15, joins the Woodville Christmas Parade then stops for light BBQ lunch and onto Akitio for end of day Spot Prizes. 06 February 2014 Organic River Festival 11.00am - Sunday, 09 February 2014, 4.00pm Kimberley Reserve, Ohau. A mid-summer event for the whole family. Along with the celebration of creativity and music, this festival will have musicians, entertainers, speakers, workshops and much more. Eat fine food, sample organic wine, cider and summer ale, check out the array of stage acts, take a yoga session or just relax after a massage.

Public Notices

Council Meetings

Precautionary Boil Water Notice – Shannon & Tokomaru A Precautionary Boil Water Notice remains in place for Shannon and Tokomaru. This means that Horowhenua District Council advises boiling cooking and drinking water before use.

Horowhenua District Council Ordinary Meeting Council Chambers, 126 Oxford Street, Levin.

Alcohol in our Community Survey Have your say on the Sale, Supply and Consumption of Alcohol in the Horowhenua District by completing a survey on alcohol in our community. We are gathering information to assist us in developing a DRAFT Local Alcohol Policy and by taking part in the survey, you will be assisting us in this process. Visit CommunitySurvey to complete the survey online, or alternatively you can pick up a copy from Council Service Centres, Libraries, Te Takere or the Tokomaru Store. Or, phone Council on 06 366 0999 for a copy to be sent to you. Summer Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection • If your collection is on Wednesday 25 December this collection will happen on Thursday 26 December • If your collection is on Thursday 26 December this collection will happen on Friday 27 December • Normal collection applies for all other dates, including January public holidays Foxton Beach Recycling Station, open from 21 December 2013 Recycling service available each Saturday from 21 December 2013 to 1 February 2014 at Waikawa: 9.00am – 11.30am and Waitarere: 1.00pm – 4.00pm

4 December 2013, 4.15pm. Speaking rights on any matter contained in the relevant Agenda are available to the public. Those wishing to speak will be given a maximum of five minutes and should first register their interest with the Meeting Secretary Karen Corkill, Ph 06 366 0999 ext 6840, by 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

Foxton Community Board Ordinary Meeting Lions Club Hall, 8 Park Street, Foxton.

16 December 2013, 6.30pm.

Community Wellbeing Executive Meeting Horowhenua District Council Chambers, Levin. 10 December 2013, 3.00pm.

Foxton Community Board

Horowhenua District Councillors

Brendan Duffy

Garry Good

Victoria Kaye-Simmons

Jo Mason

Tony Rush

Janine Smart (Chair)

David Roache (Deputy Chair)

Tricia Metcalf

Piri-Hira Tukapua

Wayne Bishop

Christine Mitchell

Ross Brannigan

Michael Feyen

Ross Campbell

Amanda Street

Basil Vertongen


(Deputy Mayor)

Ph. 06 366 0999 • Fax. 06 366 0983 • Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540 • 126 Oxford Street, Levin 5510 • Customer service hours: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm, Wednesday 9.30am - 5.00pm

community connection • Issue 76 • December 2013

9194 Dry Crust Communications


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Don’t allow the dog to walk you There are various different methods to stop lead pulling during a walk and it may take trial and error to find out which one works best for you and Henry. I would recommend getting a professional dog behaviourist to teach you some different methods. In the meantime one method is to simply stop every time Henry pulls, then start again when the lead is slack — you may need to put him into a sit if he isn’t calming down. Henry will soon learn that if he pulls he doesn’t get anywhere, but if the lead is slack you move forward — towards the park! It will take patience and persistence and you will have to be prepared for some frustrating walks in which you won’t get very far. Once Henry learns, then walks will become more of a pleasure. Remember that jack russells have boundless energy so they really need two walks a day, at least one of which should involve off-lead running at a park. If you are not exercising Henry enough his behaviour will be much harder to control. One note, a 5-year-old is not capable of physically controlling a dog, even a little one. If your daughter wants to ‘‘walk’’ Henry attach two leads, one for her and one for you, this will avoid any accidents if Henry catches sight of his dog buddy across the road.

PET PROJECT with Shivaun Statham

A few weeks ago, our family adopted Henry, a little jack russell cross from the SPCA. He’s a great dog, but when it comes to walk time he wont stop pulling on the lead. This makes it almost impossible for my 5-year-old daughter to take the reigns of her beloved fourlegged friend as I’m concerned that he will pull her over. I have tried using a Halti to stop the pulling, but this makes walking unpleasant as he stops every three steps to try and scratch it off his face. Often, he will even just sit down and not move which leads to the opposite problem of us pulling him along to get him to walk. How do we find the balance where everyone will be happy and we can walk together as a family? — Justin Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Sometimes it is hard for dogs with lots of energy like Henry to contain their excitement when they go for a walk. It is just such fun, especially if they know that a park is waiting for them! If Henry is just bursting with energy when it is walk time it may help to expend some of that energy first with a short play session in the backyard. Once the play session is over, follow a strict routine before you leave the house. Henry must sit and wait while his lead is put on; if he doesn’t wait calmly then the walk must be delayed until he does. This sets the tone for the walk — one of control and calm, not over-excited lead pulling.

Shivaun Statham, from Purina, is a trained vet nurse and dog behaviourist who answers questions on the free Purina pet-care line — 0800 PET VIP. If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health, behaviour or diet for Shivaun, email


SALES OFFICE - QUIN ROOFING 20 - 30 Coventry Street PO Box 1087, LEVIN Ph: (06) 367 9480 or 0800 QUINS LEVIN (0800 784 675) FAX: (0800) 104 000

Manufacturers and suppliers of colour, galvanised and zinc coated Long Run Roofing

SALES OFFICE 20-30 Coventry Street PO Box 1087, LEVIN 0800 QUINS LEVIN (0800 784 675)

Make Reevedon Retirement Village your new home… Are you looking for an independent lifestyle, with access to support as you need it? We now have one and two bedroom villas available at Reevedon Villas, situated close to Levin’s shopping centre. At Reevedon you’ll enjoy: • vibrant village life and companionship • safe and peaceful surroundings • an easy to maintain home, so you can focus on really enjoying yourself • an active and independent lifestyle. Reevedon Villas: 37 Salisbury Street, Levin

Next open home: 10am-11am, Friday 6th December 2013. We look forward to seeing you there! If you need transport to the open home, call us on (06) 366 0444 to arrange you free door-to-door pick up and drop off.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 ADVERTISING FEATURE


Building Contractors Commercial or Residential

We are proud to support our local Surf Life Saving Club! Master Build 10 Year Guarantee Grant Taylor 0274 439 384 Liz Taylor 027 229 8980 Ph 06 368 9974 Fax: 06 368 3555 11 Mabel Street • P O Box 49 • Levin

Mr Grumpy’s Takeaways 135 Seabury Avenue Foxton Beach

Phone: 06 3636622


Basil P. Vertongen Supporting Surf Life Saving NZ for over 9467761aa 50 years P: 06 363 8132 M: 0274 498 734 E: Cnr SH1 & Avenue Road, FOXTON


Surf Life Saving’s national appeal is coming up from Friday 6 December - Monday 2 February with National Jandal Day being held on Friday 31st January 2014 at venues all around the country. There are loads of ways you can get involved:


Foxton Beach

Motor Camp

TRIANGLE FOOD MARKET Proud Supporter of the 22 Forest Road Waitarere Beach

PH (06) 368 4941

Local Surf Life Saving Clubs Seller of Home Brew kits


Enjoy your Stay

64 Seabury Avenue Foxton Beach | 3637928


FOXTON BEACH MOTEL 16 Dawick Street, Foxton Beach

9463803aa Your hosts: Kordula & Uwe Kroll Cabins, Power Sites, Tent Sites 1 Pinewood Road, Foxton Beach Ph 06 363 8211

Glenn Drake Ph: 06 368 8833 Cell: 027 222 2303

Phone (06) 363 7856 No job too small

Home maintenance | fencing | landscaping decking | concrete | renovations Friendly and professional. PLEASED TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL SURF LIFESAVING CLUB!

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New options for protecting plants Digging in WALLY RICHARDS


olutions to solving gardening problems without endangering yourself and the environment are always welcome in my gardening shed. (I don’t actually have a gardening shed but similar.) There are two new products being released this month, the first of which is a new copper spray using the revolutionary concept of copper sulphate. In the past I have always considered copper sulphate as not being suitable for most gardening activities but now, after reading the proven uses of this new formulation, I am impressed. The copper is a concentrate liquid branded Liquid Copper and should be available in most garden shops. Liquid Copper is a tribasic copper sulphate in the form of a suspension concentrate in a liquid form which is more convenient than having to mix a copper powder with water. The product is compatible with most garden sprays but don’t mix with lime sulphur or Surrender. It is also best not to mix copper with any spraying oils including Neem Tree Oil as oil tends to reduce the effectiveness of any copper spray. Oils are used for smothering scale, mites and thrips and if any of these are present then it is better to do a separate spray for them. Use also straight after pruning to help prevent diseases entering cuts before they seal. The commercial brand name of this

product is registered for the following plants diseases: Anthracnose, ascochyta blight, angular leaf spot, The following blights: common, early, late, halo, bacterial, spur and fireblight. Downy mildew, brown spot, brown rot, leaf curl, shot hole, bladder plum, bacterial blast, black spot, grease spot, septoria spot, bacterial leaf spot, rust, crown rot, bacterial canker, stemphlium, bacterial brown spot, melanose, leaf spot, cane spot and cane wilt. Best used as a preventive prior to the first sign of a disease and as a control to prevent spread in plants. Liquid Copper comes in a 250ml concentrate bottle making 83 litres of spray. Add to water for better mixing as opposed to adding water to the copper liquid. This copper gives you another safer alternative to harmful chemical sprays. It can be used all year round. Use with Rainguard at 1ml per litre of spray to give rain proofing for 14 days. Otherwise no other spreaders or stickers need to be added as the Liquid Copper already has these features. The Raingard just extends the life of the copper film on the foliage no matter what the weather conditions. Wash out sprayer afterwards. If concentrate copper comes into contact with skin wash off under running water. The next new product is one that solves a problem that a solution has been sought after for years; to remove black sooty mould off plants. Called KarbyonTM, it is microencapsulated potassium bicarbonate 900g/kg in form of water soluble powder. Used at 50 grams per 5 litres of water. (Scoop provided in container is 50 grams when filled level) To mix place 2.5 litres of water in spray tank, while mixing slowly add the 50 grams of KarbyonTM then the other 2.5 litres of

SOLUTION: Liquid Copper is a good way to protect citrus from disease. water. (Warm water will be better to use.) When spraying ensure a good spray coverage to run off for optimum disease control. Forty eight hours later spray the target plant with a jet of water from the hose. If not all the sooty mould is removed then a second application of KarbyonTM maybe needed. There is a withholding period which is; Do not apply within 7 days of harvest of food crops. Storage Instructions: Store below

35°C. Keep out of reach of children. Store out of direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product. Karbyon is used for not only removing black sooty mould off plants but also for the prevention of powdery mildew on plants. That means it will also help prevent black spot on plants. For either of these uses I would recommend adding Raingard to the spray so it does not was off in rain for up to 14 days. If using for black sooty mould then do not add Raingard to the spray as you do want to wash it off after 48 hours. The cause of the black sooty mould is insect pests such as whitefly, scale, mealy bugs, aphids and thrips all of which feed on your plants and then pee out honey dew. The honey dew turns to black sooty mould and also attracts ants. You can do one of two things, firstly kill the insects that are causing the problem by spraying Neem Tree Oil and Key Pyrethrum mixed together or you can treat the sooty mould first and the the insects afterwards. Black sooty mould not only makes the plants unsightly, it also reduces the energy the plant can obtain from sunlight. The plants are not getting the energy they should and pest insects are sapping their vital energy as well. The plants are in stress and can lose leaves, fruit, flowers and eventually die. A real problem on citrus trees is from the Australian White Fly which arrived in Auckland in 2000 and now spread over a lot of the country. At least now you have a means of removing the sooty mould. Ask at your garden centre for Karbyon and if they say they don’t know about it tell them to get in contact with me. Happy gardening. ■ For gardening problems ring me at 0800 466-464 (Palmerston North 357-0606) or email Website



You need to post your vote by Thursday 12 December to have your say. Tick yes or no, pop it in the envelope provided, and post it in a New Zealand Post mailbox. Easy! If you didn’t get your voting paper in the mail, contact us now!

Freephone 0800 36 76 56


Visit our website


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



















Flavours vary by store. While stocks last.

























3399 33














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The bottle store with something more Visit: or call 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375) for your local store. Over 140 stores nationwide, 100% locally owned and operated. Offer ends close of trade 15th December 2013, while stocks last. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Trade not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 2nd - 15th December 2013 inclusive. Please see for details.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle


GOLF RESULTS Levin Golf Club results: November 25: 9 Hole Mixed Total Putts, 1st Graham Cottrell 13,2nd Ann Barnao, Bill Bradley & Jim Mackenzie 14.


OUR REP: Special Olympics representative Jenny Webby powering through the water at a local swim meet two years ago.

Jenny makes a splash at games Levin’s Jenny Webby is one of 21 athletes representing New Zealand at the Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games currently being held in Australia. Ms Webby is part of a 10-strong swimming team and the only athlete from the Horowhenua in the national team.

It’s the first time many of the athletes have represented New Zealand on the international stage at a Special Olympics, with each athlete responsible for raising an average of $2,500 to attend the Games. The Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games, being held from

November 30 to December 7 in Newcastle, is the largest event for people with intellectual disabilities in Australasia with about 2000 athletes and coaches from 32 countries in the Asia Pacific region attending. Athletes are competing in nine sports: aquatics, athletics,

badminton, bocce, basketball, cricket, football, table tennis, and ten pin bowling. The Games kicked off with a two-hour opening ceremony spectacular of music, dance and fireworks at Hunter Stadium. The athletes are expected back home on Sunday.

November 27: Ladies White Tee Stableford, Judith Walton 32, Rosie Priest 27. Ladies Yellow Tee Stableford, Jill Cotterill & Shirley Calder 36, Iris Wehipeihana & Ralda Adams 34, Beth Miles 33. November 28: Late Starters Par Results, Rod Batchelar 6, Phil Fryer 4, Philip Young 3. Two’s Alistair Finn. A great turnout for the Alan Currie coaching clinic last Sunday. 30 children and parents enjoyed a couple of hours tuition and then went on to play an Ambrose. This event was won by Cameron Giddens, Wayne Henderson and Reuben McCarteney-Cox. The summer Ambrose winners, Ricky Lawrence, Glenn Mitchell and Alan Dunkerley. Also the Horowhenua Kapiti Rugby Union Ramsbottom Shield was played for this day. The winners were Richard Steve and Duncan Maclean, Athletic club. Second Corey Kennett, Todd Isaacs and Vance Baines, the Union. Last Tuesday the Midweek men travelled to Te Marua and had a lovely day out. Although we did not win the trophy there were some good scores. Danny Brizzle 41, Richard Young and Alan Kearns 37. Twos Ray Grout. Coming events, December 8, Presentation Day. December 15 Christmas Cheer.


Get cash for Christmas now when you bring in your scrap metal to General Metal Recyclers. We pay Top prices for your scrap metal! Our friendly qualified staff will unload your vehicle and weigh up you scrap metal using certified digital scales and pay you cash. Call us today to find out how easy and safe it is to sell your scrap metal to General Metal Recyclers. Call Now 0800-273-873 or go to our web site If its made of metal bring it in!

Opening Hours. Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 8am - 2pm 74 Hokio Beach Road Levin


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Horowhenua Chronicle and the United Churches of Levin combined Christmas Foodbank Appeal

Let’s all help the needy this Christmas. Place your cans or non-perishable food under the tree at the

Golf croquet series reaches finals stage The Rose Gardens Croquet Club’s spring business house golf croquet competition is in its final stages. Last week saw the end of section play with the winners of each section going into the finals this week. Other teams will play off for final positions. Novice Event Results Section 1: King Arthur’s Boys 2, Hunters 0; Barry’s Lads 2, Tce Rotary One 0; Ladybirds 2, Pots and Pans 0. Section 2: 3Rs 1, Rob’s Mob 1; Black Mallets 1, The Royals 1; Crash Bash 2, Tce Rotary Two 0. Points to date Section 1: Barry’s Lads 8 (65), King Arthur’s Boys 8 (62), Hunters 5, Pots and Pans 4, Ladybirds

Weather plays havoc with interclub competition

Horowhenua Chronicle,

The Croquet Manawatu-Wanganui Association’s interclub competition week eight report. Flooded lawns at Marton prevented the playing of the MartonFeilding match. It will be completed at a later date. A 2-1 win to Levin over Tararua consolidated the former’s position at the head of the table. Rose Gardens 2, Wanganui 1. Individual results: Mavis Wyatt (W) bt Michael Hardman (RG) 22-19; Monica Huisman (RG) bt Pamela Quirk (W) 25-24; Melva Jones &

13 Bristol Street, Levin. Office Hours: 8.30am - 5pm Monday - Thursday: 8.30am-5pm Monday - Friday

Friday: 8.30am-4.30pm Appeal closes 5pm on Wednesday 18th December

s! u o t ch in Mar

3, Tce Rotary One 2. Section 2: Rob’s Mob 7, Tce Rotary Two 6 (58), Crash Bash 6 (62), 3Rs 5, The Royals 4, Black Mallets 2. Experienced Event: Results Section 1: Old & Crafty 2, Tiddly Poms 0; Team CS 1, Croberg 1; Courting Brides 1, Grasshoppers 1. Section 2: Mott the Hoople 2 Mad Libs 0; Gentle Dentals 2, Clam Jams 0; First in Art - bye. Points to Date Section 1: Old & Crafty 9, Croberg 6, Courting Brides 5 (63), Grasshoppers 5 (59), Team CS 3, Tiddley Poms 2. Section 2: Gentle Dentals 6, Mott the Hopple 5, Clam Jams 3 (43), Mad Libs 3 (38), First in Art 3 (37).

Betsy Brue`re (RG) bt Dawn Reid & Krina Fitchet (W) 16-8. Tararua 1, Levin 2. Individual results: Bob Eyles (L) bt Joan Mayo (T) 17-14; Graham Raynel (T) bt Margaret Troup (L) 26-5; Betty Anderson & Jenny Harding (L) bt Gay Janssen & Rose Stewart (T) 19-6. Points to date (net hoops in brackets): Levin 17 (+70), Marton 11 (+45), Tararua 11 (+35) Rose Gardens 11 (-28), Wanganui 10 (-68), Feilding 9 (-54). Marton and Feilding have played one fewer match than the others.

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Faiz Paent Our sponsored cricketer known for ‘guile and deception’ Flown in from Shannon for PARADE DAY “I sign autographsany name you like”!

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Prior and Palmer Had a recent mishap in your vehicle? You need help. Call Dennis at Prior and Palmer Ltd for all your vehicle collision repairs and painting repairs. Located at 111 Cambridge Street, just three minutes walk from the Post Office, it’s ideal for customers who need to leave their vehicle for assessment. They can walk into town for coffee or shopping for the 15 minutes it takes to complete the assessment. Our workshop is a modern well equipped facility complete with our new inverter spot welder, two auto robot chassis straightening machines and measuring systems, mig steel welders, mig bronze welders and spot welders, hoist and lifting equipment plus numerous other tools and equipment required to carry out the repairs on any type of vehicle. The workshop is equipped with a spray and bake oven. Prior and Palmer are Horowhenua’s only panel and paint business to have changed to the Glasurit environmental friendly waterborne paint system, which can reproduce paint factory genuine finish on completion of repairs. We have an up to date paint mixing and tint room along with a large preparation area used to prepare vehicle. We have staff competent and experienced who are capable of returning damaged vehicles to their pre accident original condition with pride. Prior and Palmer are approved collision repairers for all insurance companies.




06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 532 995 Ken 021 246 8202






Gary Drew’s Cleaning Services Guaranteed to beat any existing commercial quote!

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Commercial/Domestic Carpets Offices & Shops Upholstery/Cars Windows Rentals Ovens Chimney Sweeping

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James Petrie

E: M: 022 329 1783 | P: 06 363 8170



B.G. Buck Ltd


Small Equipment & Ride On Mower Servicing


Industrial - Domestic - Commerical

Jade Coley


Commercial Refrigeration

• Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates • Town & Rural • Pumps, Motors 2 Sheffield Street, Levin • Generators Ph: 367 9086 Email:

SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 50 YEARS The best test is the test of time!

108 Oxford Street, Levin. Ph: 06 367 9951


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cubs haul home medals Levin Taekwondo Cubs sparred their way to glory at the recent Fuji Mae Junior Belt Tournament in Wellington last month, with all 15 students coming away with placings and some with multiple medals. Jemma Thorne, 16, also gained the honour of being awarded Best Female and Best Overall Student at the tournament which attracted 95 competitors from the lower North Island. The team, which ranged in ages from 7 to 45, was also just a couple of points away from winning Club of the Tournament, which went to Berhampore TKD. Cubs’ instructors Rose Cherrington and Carolyn Baigent said they couldn’t be more proud of their students. ‘‘For some students it was their first time competing in a tournament or competing in a

different discipline,’’ Ms Cherrington said. It was also a real team effort, she said, with those members not eligible to compete doing a superb job helping to assist at the tournament. Wellington Fuji Mae Tournament individual results: Patterns: Paul Hanson silver, Michaela Conway Bronze, Jemma Thorne bronze. Team Patterns: (Tigers) gold, Jemma Thorne, Nicholas Evans, Karen Horn, Michaela Conway and Cruise Wilton. (Pumas) silver, Cassie Yates, Emma Conway, Jorja Horn, Amelia Wallis and Chloe Williams. Specialty: Rhys Williams gold, Jemma Thorne gold, Cassie Yates bronze, Nick Evans bronze. Power: Jemma Thorne gold, Rhys Williams silver, Nick Evans silver, Paul Hanson bronze. Sparring: Rhys Williams gold,


LEVIN Taekwondo Cubs competitors and official support team. Chloe Williams gold, Jemma Thorne gold, Karen Horn silver, Cassie Yates silver, Kainen Wilton silver, Paul Hanson silver, Caitlin Hanson

bronze, Cruise Wilton bronze, Samuel Hanson bronze. Jemma Thorne, best overall female and best overall student.

■ Levin Cubs train at Ohau Hall on Monday and Wednesday evening. For more information phone 367-3092.


fes Pro


• Interior & Exterior • New Houses • Roof Respraying • Wallpapering • All painting

• Up to 4 Litres of New quality engine Oil • New Standard Oil Filter • All Other fluids Checked, topped up • Tyre Pressures Checked • Lube, grease where applicable • General check tyres, air filter, lights, wipers belts etc.


Value oil change, north service lane behind Tom Lancaster Cars + Rentals 318 Oxford St, Levin | Ph : 06 367 9555 Ask for Leighton

ainte r

CLOCK REPAIRS TAYLORTARSEAL Restoration of Old Timepieces Qualified Horologist

Ph: 06 368 6483 027 288 0111

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Farm • Residential • Security Post Ramming • Retaining Walls

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• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations • Decks & Fences • Driveways & Landscaping • Roof & Spouting Repairs • Insurance Claims

• All Construction – New Homes, Farm Buildings, Alterations, Joinery Repairs

Michael Laing


Servicing Kapiti/Horowhenua since 1993

Phone: Mike 027 505 5877 LBP 103386 or Dean 027 496 6461 CBANZ MN02660

or Office: 367 0791

(06) 362 6571 HOROWHENUA MOTORCYCLES LTD Mon -Fri 8.30 -5.30pm Sat 9.00 -1.00pm

292 Oxford Street, Levin SALES SERVICE



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(06) 367 0004

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0274 549 573, A/H 06 368 9849 Email:


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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Gymnastics club celebrates milestone Levin Gymnastics Club celebrates its 60th birthday with a display of young talent at the weekend. The club has come a long way since its meagre beginnings in the old drill hall in Essex Street, providing coaching and a facility for budding gymnasts. In 2009 the club moved into the Horowhenua Events Centre, which has provided much more room to expand the gym. Because of the increase in the size of the building the club has been able to purchase a full size sprung floor at a cost of approximately $63,000. The club has also updated a lot of its equipment over the years. Gymnastics equipment is specialised and is very expensive to purchase. The club has held many fundraising events over time to raise the money needed to purchase new equipment and to keep operating. Head coach manager Louise McCarthy said the club has held fundraising events to replace the old trophies, many of which date back to the beginning and have no room left on them to engrave new competition winners’ names. Ms McCarthy said the old trophies are on permanent display at the club. ‘‘They hold so many memories for our club. It is wonderful to see new children enrolling in our classes and hearing that the parents also were members of the club years ago. In some cases we are on to our third generation gymnasts,’’ she said. Ms McCarthy said over the years they have had gymnasts



represent the club at national competitions, each one doing well with many placing at top level. The club has run many different programmes under the umbrella of New Zealand Gymnastics, recreational

gymnastics, squad teams, Kiwi gymfun, incentive badges, Levels and Step programmes to name a few. New Zealand Gymnastics has introduced a new Incentive Award programme that the club is very excited about.

‘‘We will be starting this new programme in 2014, this will give our gymnasts goals to strive for and badges-awards to aim towards,’’ Ms McCarthy said. ‘‘This is a very exciting time for us as the old Incentive award system had been in place for over

20 years.’’ The new Incentive Award programme is focused on achievement no matter what the member’s abilities are; there are levels from 1 to 10 giving a much wider scope for gymnasts to work within.

ATTENTION FAMILY, WHANAU AND YOUNG PEOPLE Youth Service is a new approach to working with young people to help get them into education, training or work-based learning. This will assist in gaining the skills to find a job and have an independent future. Life to the Max is the provider of the Youth Service within the Horowhenua District. Youth Coordinators work with young people to give guidance, support and encouragement. It’s about stepping in early to help build potential.

Youth Service is for: • 16 and 17 year olds who are not engaged in education, employment or training • 16 to 18 year old young parents • 16 and 17 year olds who can’t live with their parents or guardians, or be supported by them or anyone else • 16 or 17 years old, who have no dependent children and are the partner of a specified beneficiary • 16 to 18 years old, who have a dependent child or children and are the partner of a specified beneficiary.

Contact Life to the Max on 06 368 8005 or visit us at 12a Exeter Street, Levin. Working with our community to enable better life outcomes for youth and their families in the Horowhenua District.


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

>> localclassifieds >>

Notices Employment Motoring

say it. sell it. buy it.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109

Employment Vacancies

Farm Worker We are looking for a physically fit Farm Worker to help with flock and farm duties at one of our farms in Levin or Himatangi. This person will work with the Farm Manager to ensure that our flocks are well maintained and cared for and the sheds are clean and set up. You will need a full driver licence, reliable transport and be physically fit as it's a demanding role. This is a 40 hour a week position that requires weekend work (5 days on and 2 off) and public holiday work. It requires early starts at on occasion.

Firewood DECEMBER Special 3.5m3 $195, 7m3 $350, free delivery. Phone 367 5456. DRY DRY DRY firewood. PYO from $20 pick up. Mac, Gum, Pine, Douglas Fir, 28 Tararua Road, Levin - in big glasshouse. 0274 A Grade.

Part Time Registered Nurse Madison Lifecare in Levin provides rest home and hospital care to around 53 residents. We are looking for an experienced part time Registered Nurse to ensure that safe, individualised quality care is provided to residents and assist them to achieve their optimum level of wellness. This part time role covers 3 shifts per week – variable days and shifts - with the option of picking up extra shifts to cover leave. For this role you will have: • A current Annual Practising Certificate • A proven competent, professional nursing background • Effective team leadership skills • An understanding of resident rights • Excellent communication skills If you are interested, please contact Caroline Reed-Brind, Clinical Services Manager on (06) 367-2305 or send your application to:


Fruit & Vegetables


FLATMATE wanted to share with one other, 3 bedroom, furnished home. Call 027 496 0055.


2 bdrm flat, gge, & c/port, fncd bck/yrd, newly renovated, refs req’d, $180p/w + bond. Phn 368 8900/027 274 4442.

Phone 367 9036

To Let

MOBILITY Scooters new and used to choose from. Canopy’s available for the winter weather. Southend Cycles, 368 5459 call Warwick.

Wanted to Buy or Exchange BUYING now. Legacy Antiques, Shannon. Phone 362 7117.


OLD GOLD JEWELLERY ✴ Diamond rings ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴

Bangles Bracelets Chains Watches Broken Jewellery

Anything considered BRENMUHLS JEWELLERS

169 Oxford St, Levin

To Let

SPACIOUS 2 bdrm, freshly painted interior, new carpet, lawn incl, close to town, refs req’d, $160p/w. Phone 368 3275.


2 bdrm new int, pref l/term, $185p/w, lawns inc suit mature person/s. Phn 3679934/0274400685.

For Sale

We will offer competitive market related wages. To apply for this job go to: and enter ref code: 1445570. Applications close: 13th December 2013


LEVIN 3 bdrm, wd burner, fncd, deck, l/t, gge, $245p/w. Phn 0272493367.




Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366



CABIN, sleepout, office, available now, 3.6m x 2.4m cabin. Delivered from $55pw. Call FREE 0508 CABIN 4U (0508 22246 48)


A Comedy Play and World Premiere Written and to be Directed by Val Franklin

Adult parts 30 years + Major and Supporting Roles – many male roles

On Stage – April 2014

FOXTON (ph 06 363 0030)

2 Bedroom 1/2 Main St................................................ $130 8 Herrington St .......................................... $150 8 Clyde St.................................................. $160 8 Liddell St ................................................ $160 3 Bedroom 3 Herrington St .......................................... $185


2 Bedroom 2 Darwick St.............................................. $155 108 Seabury Ave ....................................... $155 181 Seabury Ave ....................................... $160 2 Chaffey St............................................... $165 3 Bedroom 21 Dewe Terrace........................................ $185 4a Shortt St ............................................... $190 4 Bedroom 19 Linklater Ave......................................... $220


Caroline Reed-Brind – CSM Madison Lifecare 144 Queen Street West Levin 5510 Or email:


1 Bedrooms 11 Ruanui St.............................................. $160

Applications close 10th December 2013


2 Bedrooms 6 Punga St................................................. $175

Motor Parts & Accessories

Find what you’re looking for.

WANTED CARS &TRUCKS $300 - $5000


>> localclassifieds >>

$100 - $3000 CARS

We buy any trucks Big or Small

say it. sell it. buy it.

Sally gave herself an A+ when she advertised her tuition services in Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

0800 313 717 No Rego - No WOF - De Registered Damaged - Dead or Alive * Don’t worry WE BUY IT! All Makes & Models

We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for Toyota Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser, Surf, Townace, LiteAce. * Selected Items FREE REMOVALS

24/7 Same Day Next Day

* Conditions apply (Selected items only)

TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

Trades & Services

Farm Services

CUT, rake, bale conventional bales any size paddocks, no jobs too big or small, cheap rate. Call Hamish 027 823 9378.


ACUPUNCTURE for pain relief, sports injury, health consultations, ACC provider, 10 exper, Bachelor Degree. Ph Kevin Huang 06 358 1690.

BOWEN THERAPIST Natural effective treatment of problem back, neck, arm, RSI, shoulder, sciatica, sport and body pain, etc. Phone 368 6525 021 0234 8009 Alan Hay 111 Ryder Cres Levin 12 noon - 8pm daily Monday - Sunday

Landscape Garden & Turf

SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER – 1.30pm For an audition appointment contact Chris Craddock on 027 410 2420

Buy & Sell


3 Bedrooms 107 Rua Ave .............................................. $340

LEVIN (ph 06 366 0666) Rent P/W

1 Bedroom 27a Duke St............................................... $145 2 Bedroom 1/6 Roosevelt St ........................................ $140 4/22 Macarthur St ..................................... $160 77b Bartholomew Rd ................................. $165 66 Mako Mako Rd ..................................... $165 7 Alice Pl ................................................... $185 5 Bledisloe St ............................................ $190 19 Hannan St............................................. $195 15 Worcester St ......................................... $195 11 Linley Place .......................................... $205 59 Hokio Beach Rd .................................... $220 3 Bedroom 11 Mahoe St .............................................. $140 43 Hinemoa St........................................... $165 5 Perth St .................................................. $175 36 Strathmore Ave..................................... $200 24 Bartholomew Rd ................................... $260 4 Bedroom 114 Tiro Tiro Rd ......................................... $235 202 Bruce Rd............................................. $385 5 Bedroom 10 Regal St................................................ $355 5 Hillcrest Lane.......................................... $465

TREE work, removal, stump grinding, branch mulching, fences, decks, building maintenance. BJ’s Building & Property Maintenance 027 249 2575 or 368 7895.

Lawnmower Repairs RIDE-ON mower servicing & repairs, light engineering. Phone Andy 027 477 2515 Mon - Fri (afternoons only 12 - 5).


LEVIN & District Befrienders Inc. 1st 266 Trish, 2nd 229 Kylie, 3rd 130 Mamag. Thankyou all for your support. Drawn under Police supervision.

Lost and Found

LOST - Pitbull dog from Hokio Beach area, named Taki. Phone 367 6332 or 021 033 7105.

Public Notices CONTACT INC.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held at the Jack Allen Community House 21 Durham Street Levin

Monday 9 December 2013 10:00am BUSINESS: Annual Reports Annual Accounts and Balance Sheet Election of Officers As all our officers are standing down this year we desperately need people to put their names forward to fill the vacancies. Ring Rose 06 368 1195 for more information. President Eleanor Gully Serving the community since 1973

WAIKANAE (ph 04 974 6592)



Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

3 + Studio 185 Te Moana Road ................................... $495

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Public Notices


Wardrobe Hire Please note our Wardrobe Hire service will be closed from Saturday 14th December and re-open on 18th January 2014. All returns of costumes after 14th December to Joyce at 79 Queen Street, Levin Phone 368 3392.

Raffle Result “THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN’T” Christmas Baskets

CHILD BIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES Enrol from 20 weeks pregnancy. Come along and meet our parents to be ....

Learn about: The birth process, Breastfeeding, Unexpected outcomes, Baby Needs. Your questions answered .... And much more! Enquiries to: Levin Child Birth Education Inc P O Box 106, Levin or Ph: 368 6313 and ask for Kylie or

1st prize - Brown, Wellington 2nd Prize - Parrant, Levin



To be held Wednesday 11th December 2013 at 7:00pm Athletic RFC Clubrooms Bartholomew Road, Levin Corey Kennett, CEO 06 367 8059

Waiopehu College wishes to thank the following for their contribution to the school’s Gateway programme in 2013. We are extremely grateful for your continued support.

AFC Motorcycles, Go With the Flow Plumbing, Levin East Electrical, TSP Construction, MAD, Sam Hayes, Bagrie Contracts, Fairfield Educare, Lakeview Dairy Farm, Scott Newton Motorcycles, Taitoko Kindergarten, Dakin Automotive, Courtesy Ford, Rider Farms, Graham Hales Rennovations, Arlan Engineering, Campbell Builders, FAZE, Prior and Palmer, Central Automotive, Wildbore Partnerships.

Jim Buchanan Gateway Co-ordinator

Temporary Road Closure for Levin Christmas Parade Several Levin Streets will be closed on Saturday 7th December for the annual Levin Christmas Street Parade.

SPECIAL MEETING KAWIU MARAE TRUSTEES Date: 16 December 2013 Time: 10:30am Venue: Kawiu Marae, Kawiu Road, Levin

The procession route is -


Starting in Stuckey Street, the parade will turn left into Oxford Street, travel down Oxford Street and turn left into Exeter Street, then left into Salisbury Street before returning to the Levin Adventure Park.

Election of Trustees • Nominations shall be received in writing by the Secretary for the Trustees no later than 5pm, Wednesday, 11th December 2013.

For the following roads, this closure to all ordinary vehicular traffic will apply between the hours of 12.15pm and 2.15pm to enable the parade to travel over the planned route. Through traffic will be diverted via Cambridge Street for the duration of the closures. Access within this closure cordon will be restricted during this time period. • Bath Street at Salisbury Street and Oxford Street intersections • Bristol Street at Devon Street • Durham Street • Exeter Street • Oxford Street (SH1) between Mako Mako Road and Devon Street • Queen Street at Salisbury Street and Oxford Street intersections • Salisbury Street between Durham Street and Exeter Street • Stanley Street at Salisbury Street and Oxford Street intersections Stuckey Street will also be closed from 6am to 4pm. This is to allow the floats to congregate before the parade begins. While resident access will be allowed before 12noon and after 3pm, we ask that no cars are parked on the street during this road closure period. Oxford Street car parking between Bath Street and Queen Street will be closed from 7am to 3pm. Onstreet car parking will still be available in surrounding areas, as well as the Levin Mall car park and the Salisbury Street car park. Detour routes will be clearly signposted. Please note that the parade route described may be closed before and remain closed after the stated times. Mick Longley - Contracts Supervisor

Secretary, Kawiu Marae Trustees P O Box 76 LEVIN

• Nominees are to provide a resume to the Special Meeting to include the skills, experience and abilities that they offer to the Trust. • Nominations are to be seconded and voted on. • There are to be maximum of 7 trustees

Levin RSA

Open for all generations


FRIDAY Emerald Brothers Band from 7pm ($5 cover charge)

SUNDAY Country Music from 1pm $3 ENTRY

Poppies Restaurant

Lunch: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am Friday and Saturday Buffet Dinner from 5.30pm

FamilyNotices Anniversaries


Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned

Harvey Bowler Funerals Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned

Remember us in your Will and leave a legacy of hope For more information, call

The Poroutawhao Christian Assembly “Wharerongopai”

will resume as from Sunday 8th and 22nd December 2013. We will be closed over the holiday period and will re-open on Sunday 9th February 2014. Contact details: Mr Matt Matamua - 027 255 2045 Mr George Tukapua - 021 022 75090

In Memoriam

AUSTIN, HARVEY, HARVEY, Graham Thomas. Pauline Michelle. Pauline Michelle. 27~10~75 - 4~12~2008 Dearly loved father 27~10~75 - 4~12~2008 and father-in-law of We remember you Five years have Elizabeth and Todd with sadness passed, but it only and loved grandfather We still shed lots seems like yesterday of Aaron, Daniel and of tears we had you here with Caleb. But we also remember us. You were our the fun times and “You may be gone from family’s special girl, laughter throughout our lives but will you made us laugh, the years. always be there in our you made us cry. hearts and loving Always loved and Memories are never memories.” sadly missed. hard to find as you’re Your Kuiti and Cutter so very often on our families. xox minds. PERRY, Fly high our little Graham William. Tinkerbell, no more Diamond pain for you to feel. Of Levin. On Anniversary Loved today, November 29, 2013 (as tomorrow and always. the result of a motor Monte and Shirley vehicle accident). Mum and Dad, Matt Meredith (nee Udy) Aged 76 years. Loved and Sara, Jodi and on 5th December 1953 and caring friend of Tom, Luke and Tara Heather. Loved father and your bratz - Wez, at St. Andrew’s and father-in-law of Myellah, Massie, Church, Suzanne and John Mikaere, Tayne and Greytown Woodward (Upper Maddi-Pauline. Hutt), Darrin and Lysa 60 wonderful (Perth), Christeen and years together Colin Rose (Levin) and Love and Virginia and Simon congratulations from Turrill (Pahiatua). Sheryl and Ian, Loved grandad of Monte and Kathy, twelve grandchildren Michael and Marie, and loved great Richard and Sharon, grandad of five great your grandchildren Funeral Directors grandchildren. and great grandsons. A celebration of Graham’s life will be held at Queen Street Chapel, Queen Street East, Levin, on Deaths Saturday December 7, AUSTIN, 2013, at 11:00am. Graham Thomas. Thereafter interment On Friday November at The Avenue Lawn 29, 2013, at home in Cemetery, Levin. Levin, aged 75 years. Dearly loved husband of Robyne, father of Elizabeth and Michelle, stepfather of XIE, Clinton (deceased), E. Murray and Angela away Brown, brother and Passed brother-in-law of Noel peacefully after a short illness, at Palmerston and Tracey Austin, Shirley and Sandy North Hospital on MacDonald and Friday November 29, Stephen Carkeek. 2013, in the presence of Loved grandfather and her daughter. In her uncle. Sincere thanks 96th year. Mother and to St. John Ambulance mother-in-law of Wei Staff and Constable Di and Kun Xiang. Nathan Daly for their Grandmother of Jian help. In lieu of flowers, Ping, Jeffery, Yalnan, Jing. Great a donation to St. John and Ambulance would be grandmother of Joy, appreciated and may Sarah, Emily, Kevin, and Nelson. In lieu of be left at the service. A service for Graham flowers, donations to will be held at St. John Ambulance Harvey’s Chapel, 284 may be left at the Oxford Street, Levin, Chapel. on Wednesday A service for E will be December 4, at 1:30pm, held at Harvey’s followed by interment Chapel, 284 Oxford at The Avenue Street, Levin, on Cemetery, Levin. Wednesday December Messages c/- 284 4, at 10:30am, followed Oxford Street, Levin by interment at The Avenue Cemetery 5510. Levin. Harvey Bowler Funerals


We extend a very warm welcome to our members, your guests and visitors from affiliated clubs.

Church Services


HOROWHENUA CHRONICLE XMAS/NEW YEAR CLOSURE Last publication for 2013 Friday 20th December First publication for 2014 Wednesday 8th January Our office will be closed from midday on Friday 20th December 2013 and will re-open 8:30am Monday 6th January 2014


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

“Great Cars at Wholesale Prices” 2007 MAZDA ROADSTER ELEC HARD TOP 2.0 DOHC

16 v, manual, Airbags, ABS, Alloys, 112,000 kms, most popular sports car in the world.

BEST VALUE ON THE COAST $17,995 2006 NISSAN WINGROAD WAGON 1.5 Auto Airbags, ABS, tints, 86,000kms Good looking economy

Dimensions for the new X5 have grown fractionally. Visual changes link the twin circular headlights and the big kidney grilles together.




1.7 Vtec Auto/tiptronic, 7 seater, airbags, ABS, Alloys

SUPER VALUE $7,995 2006 HONDA STREAM (new shape)

2.0 Auto/tiptronci,7seater, Airbags, ABS, Alloys

$11,995 2004 TOYOTA WISH G AERO

124,000kms, 7 seater, 2.0 Auto, Airbags, Spoilers, tints, stunning sports wagon

$8,995 SAVE $1,000 2004 NISSAN TIIDA SEDAN

1.5 Auto, Airbags, ABS, 103,000kms Grey velour trim with wood trim


16 v, Auto/tiptronic super economy very popular Great Value


2004 Nissan presage 8 seater 2005 Honda Airwave 2005 Mazda Premacy 2006 Honda Stream 20 G 7 STR new Shape 2004 Honda Accord inspire Black leather

$8,995 $9,995 $9995 $11,995 $8,995

Phone Lance or Clair 06 368 8887; 027 483 9783 333 Oxford St, Levin

Email: Finance and warranties available - Trade-ins welcome

hunder rolled around the slopes of Mt Ruapehu and rain followed — making the final element of last weeks BMW X5 media launch a lot more challenging. I tend to be a little sceptical when car makers take luxury four-wheel-drive vehicles into the rough stuff. Conditions tend to be carefully manicured and deliberately firm underfoot. The downpour made the slopes overlooking the Raurimu Spiral more challenging yet the new X5 didn’t put a foot wrong on the slippery stuff. The Hill Descent Control worked hard, calmly keeping the momentum restrained on the steep downhill sections and the xDrive system and traction control electronics were able to overcome the inherent disadvantage of wide, road-focused tyres in the mud and wet grass. The X5s six-cylinder diesel torque and sophisticated traction control conquered the gradients at an effortless crawl. Venturing into the rough stuff was the final phase of a launch which showcased the third generation X5 over a broad wide range of driving conditions. On the Napier-Taihape ‘‘Gentle Annie’’ road and the superb gravel roads west of Taihape the big seven-seater proved a comfortable and loweffort drive with agile handling for a two tonne-plus wagon. The X5 pedigree dates back to the first generation of 1999 and in 2007 BMW introduced the second generation X5 which had been engineered with a suitable rear crash structure to introduce third

row seats as an option. The second generation remained a strong seller right to the end of its model life and the new X5 has turned up with BMW New Zealand needing to make little effort to shift the last stock. In the first phase of the new X5 launch New Zealand is getting the xDrive30d and the torque-laden M50d model while a new four-cylinder entry level xDrive25d and an xDrive40d version will arrive in March next year. Further down the track there will be a high performance X5M petrol V8 model. Dimensions for the new X5 have grown fractionally with the length up by 32mm, width by 2mm and height has reduced by 3mm. The wheelbase is identical to the previous model and weight is basically unchanged with the xDrive30d model tipping the scales at 2145kg. The visual changes are based on the latest 3 Series theme — linking the twin circular headlights and the big kidney grilles together. A clear identifier for the new model is the air curtain front bumper design and the air breathers just behind the front wheels which optimise the aerodynamics around the critical area of the front wheel arches. The rear window is framed by new aero blades which tidy up the air flow around the tailgate. There is a new interior layout with the latest 10.25-inch central info display and new iDrive touch controller with touch pad. There’s also more sophisticated and customisable interior ambient lighting. Borrowing from the new 3 Series there is a 40:20:40 split rear seat providing greater load flexibility and improved

third row access with optional third row seats that fold completely flat. There’s more load space — up by 30 litres in five-seat configuration to 650 litres and by 120 litres to 1870 litres when the second row seats folded. BMW says the third row seats are designed for passengers up to 1.5m in height. Two levels of six-cylinder diesel performance are delivered by the first models to reach New Zealand. The triple turbocharged 3.0-litre M Performance engine made a late appearance in the previous generation X5 and continues unchanged with 280kW output from 4000-4400rpm and a massive 740Nm of torque available from 2000-3000rpm. Fuel consumption is improved by 11 per cent to 6.7 litres per 100km, the main contributor being the improved aerodynamics with the drag co-efficient of the new model reduced from 0.35 to an impressive 0.31. Using a single variable geometry turbo version of the 3.0-litre six-cylinder, the xDrive30d model has gained 10kW (now 190kW at 4000rpm) and 20Nm of torque (up to 560Nm at 1500-3000rpm) compared to its predecessor and fuel consumption improves by 16 per cent to 6.2 litres per 100km. First impressions are the xDrive30d performance gain seems greater than the numbers suggest and it will be interesting to see if there is really a need for the 230kW twin turbo 3.0-litre xDrive40d model in between the two models on sale already. All X5 models have the eight-speed sports automatic transmission with paddle shift system, the xDrive all-wheeldrive system and the fuelsaving stop-start function as

part of the EfficientDynamics package. Among the features which are standard on both versions of the new X5 are a Head-Up display, a power tailgate and rear view camera with Surround View function. Thanks to a new 180-degree camera in the front of the X5, Surround View is extended to four cameras and gives a 360-degree view compared to the previous 270-degree vision. The quality of the image on the big 10.25-inch screen is a significant improvement. Also standard on both models is Dakota leather upholstery, internet function, professional navigation, trip computer, rain sensor wipers and the Driving Experience Control offering Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes. Safety technologies include the Driving Assistant pack with camera-based Lane Departure Warning, Forward Obstacle Warning and Pedestrian Warning. On the M50d model the system is upgraded to Driving Assistant Plus status with radar-based active cruise control and StopGo automatic braking function. The xDrive30d has 19-inch alloy wheels with 255/50 R19 tyres and Bi-Xenon headlights with high beam assist. There is a higher grade specification for the M50d with the Adaptive M suspension that includes rear air suspension, the Dynamic Drive roll stabilisation system and Dynamic Performance Control, which is BMW-speak for mechanical rear axle torque vectoring. There are 20-inch alloy wheels with mixed size tyres — 275/40 R20 front and 315/35 R20 rear — and the M50d is identified The optional M Sport package — which has a high take-up rate with Kiwi customers — allows xDrive30d customers to add 20-inch alloy wheels, the Adaptive M suspension, M leather steering wheel, a special M Aero front bumper and side sill treatment, aluminium hexagon interior trim inserts, anthracite roofliner and BMW Individual roof rails in high glass Shadow line finish with a single tick on the option list. The new X5 xDrive30d version is priced at $129,000 and the M Sport option pack adds $5500. The X5 M50d model starts at $174,000. Adding the third row seats is a $3600 option on the xDrive30d and a no-cost option on the M50d but means the Adaptive Suspension Dynamic package is deleted.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Horowhenua Chronicle

Subaru WRX set for April debut




he fourth generation Subaru WRX will go on sale in New Zealand next April. While the car no longer includes the Impreza name as part of its designation, the US specification WRX revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show global premiere last month confirms a continued link with the Impreza line as the car is based on the four-door Impreza sedan bodystyle. Key performance changes for the new WRX include a turbocharged 1998cc direct injection Boxer engine, which offers increased power and lower emissions, and the option of a Subaru Sports Lineartronic Transmission (SLT), which includes an eight-speed manual paddle shift when the Sport Sharp mode of the SI Drive function is selected. The new DIT engine has improved performance over the superseded 2.5-litre model with 199kW output at 5600rpm and 349Nm of torque from 2000-5200rpm. There is a new six-speed manual transmission — the first time a manual gearbox has been paired with the DIT Boxer engine. The gear ratios and shift mechanism of the six-speed manual are optimised to achieve better driveability and smoother shifting and by widening the gear ratios from the existing fivespeed manual to keep engine speeds lower, it has better fuel economy and is quieter at highway speeds. Along with the powertrain upgrade the new WRX features extensive chassis reinforcement

rear leg room. There is also more elbow and shoulder-room, and the bottom of the A-pillar is extended 200mm further forward. Other changes include mounting the wing mirrors on the door panels and a new quarter window is added while the dashboard and door window sills are lower, providing improved visibility. Boot space is expanded and made easier to use by adopting 60:40 split folding rear seats. The styling of the new WRX is much less extreme than the

for enhanced suspension and steering response. New features include multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) and Active Torque Vectoring and electric power steering together with more rigid steering mounts help improve fuel efficiency while producing a more direct steering feel. Based on the lighter and more rigid body of the new Impreza with increased use of high-tensile steels, the WRX has a 25mm longer wheelbase than its predecessor which increases the

concept car shown this year. However it retains an aggressive stance with the nose featuring Subaru’s classic hexagonal grille along with new ‘‘hawk-eye’’ shaped headlights. LED technology is used in the headlights (low beam and clearance lamps), tail and brake lights, and high-mounted brake light, to improve fuel efficiency by saving power. The rear styling includes a diffuser integrated into the rear bumper while twin dual exhausts emphasise the low centre of

gravity and driving performance. Specially designed rear combination lamps accentuate vehicle width and a small rear spoiler also enhances aerodynamic performance. New 17 x 8-inch alloy wheels are finished in dark gun metal and are fitted with 235/45 R17 tyres. The new WRX cabin features newly-designed sports seats and a small diameter flatbottom steering wheel, while decorative carbon trim panels and metal trim accents link to the WRX motorsport heritage.







TOYOTA COROLLA RAV4 1.8 GLX HATCH PETROL OR DIESEL • Automatic • Alloy wheels • Air conditioning • Cruise control • Airbags • Rear camera




• 2wd/2Ltr or 2.5/2.2 4wd • 6 or 7 Speed Trans • Just Launched • 7 Airbags • Amazing Economy

$37,490.00 RSP




330 OXFORD STREET, LEVIN | PH 368 6089 OR 0800 50 6089 A/H: Sales Manager: Greg Joy 368 9178 or 027 647 9905, Shae Bolton 027 351 5045


Horowhenua Chronicle





2007 Mazda Demio

2005 Toyota Fielder

This low km Mazda Demio is superb. Features you may like include, automatic, tinted windows and four new tyres

Arguably one of our best small/medium size station wagons, this is a top car, just 46,000kms, AA Certified.

2007 Honda Accord 2.4

A superb sports Sedan packed full of features cruise control, I- Vtec, Towbar, lots more photos at

2005 Mitsubishi Colt plus

Sought after Mitsubishi Colt plus Model, Just 38,000 kms AA certified 1500cc, alloy wheels, tinted windows




8 ,9 9 5








5 12,99


5 11,99


5 10,99

MTA Horowhenua Kapiti Used Dealer Award Winner 2004 Ford Fiesta

These are superb cars, 1600cc, automatic, just 54,000kms, AA certified.

WAS $11,995 @

2006 Toyota Vitz U

Is time for a late model fully checked serviced and guaranteed car? Look at this 1300cc, Automatic just 42,000 kms, AA certified, 5 door Hatch 4 new tyres FREE BAND EXPANDER



2300 cc Sports edition, MPV alloys, Spoiler mags, Super low kms

One of our favorite 5 door hatchback fully serviced and checked includes 4 new tyres, Just 66,000kms

WAS $11,995



5 $ 10,9 9

5 $ 10,9 9

2002 Mazda MPV Sports

2004 Toyota Raum C package





5 $ 10,9 9


5 10,99




We have Levins best selections of quality low km cars, look at this 1500 cc, just 66,000kms,AA certified www.

Stand out from the crowd today, This stylish and economical car just 60,000 kms AA Certified




8 ,9 9 5




5 10,99

Treat yourself to this superb suv. This Nissan Dualis is a pleasure to drive, See lots more information at

Free band expander



$ 21,99 5

WAS $11,995 06 367 5414 Calls Welcome After Hours

Tr u s

s t Ro


ol McC

rs l Ca

9,9 9 5


These are neat cars for people who require a little bit more room, low kms fully checked and serviced, 179,000kms


Free band expander



Free band expander

Wal, Roy, Pete, Ross

NATHAN (Wal) - 027 270 9941 ROSS - 0274 969 447 ROY - 06 368 5793 PETER - 06 368 8888

354 Oxford Street, Levin • Phone: 367 5414 • Email: • Service Centre: Totara Street, Levin, phone: 06 367 5417 *Finance conditions apply

*Applies to new RMC imported cars *Odometers checked on new imports

Horowhenua Chronicle 04-12-13  

Horowhenua Chronicle 04-12-13