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Thursday July 13, 2017

Lifejackets help prevent tragedy on the harbour Locals headed out on the water are reminded to wear life jackets following a near miss with a sinking vessel at the weekend. Police received a call on Saturday morning from the occupants of a six metre recreational catamaran saying their boat was sinking 300 metres west of Somes Island. A short time later they advised Police that their boat had now sunk and they were in the sea.

All three people were wearing lifejackets. They were uplifted by a passing yacht while the Wellington Police Maritime Unit vessel Lady Elizabeth IV responded and were returned safely to shore. Senior Launch Master Stu Main, Police Maritime Unit said the incident showed how quickly things could go wrong “despite the calm conditions on the water”. “The fact they were all wear-

ing lifejackets has prevented what could have been a potentially tragic situation.” Saturday’s incident followed a collision last Sunday, July 2 when a 6.7metre recreational boat collided with the sea breakwater wall just outside the Seaview Marina. All three people on board sustained injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. They too were all wearing lifejackets. The boat sustained damaged but was recovered by commer-

cial operators the following day. Police are investigating both of these boating incidents. Maritime law dictates that all boat captains should ensure there are enough life jackets onboard for everyone. It is recommended that everyone on board a vessel up to six metres long wears a life jacket at all times.  For more information on water safety head to www.

From Chile to Berhamporetheatre makers ready for debut By Emma McAuliffe

A Berhampore based theatre company are about to make their BATS Theatre debut with a play hoping to challenge people to follow their dreams. The Swimmer by Smoko Company follows two young swimmers who are in love, however, are put to the test by one of their mothers who is deeply involved in her daughter’s life. It will take place at the BATS Theatre from August 8 to 12. Smoko Company playwright and director, Manuel Saez and designer and producer Camila Fernandez said they were looking forward to the production. It would be their second in New Zealand, after moving here from Chile six years ago. “Our first play in New Zealand was Frida vs Kahlo at the Newtown Community Centre as part of Fringe this year,” Camila said. “This is the second show we are doing but the first in a professional theatre.” “For us this opportunity

is very important,” Manuel added. “We have a lot of experience overseas but it is good for us because we are finally doing stuff here.” Manuel spent over a year writing the script in Spanish. It was then translated, with the help of Ca m ila, into English, and again into New Zealand English. “I think we have seen lots of different forms of theatre in Wellington from classic to super contemporary,” Camila said. “I think I would say we have seen some diversity and I think Chile has the same diversity.” Manuel said despite the play being a love story, he hoped audiences would enjoy the cinematic action of the play and leave thinking about their own lives. “The inspiration for this story was love and what happens when you have your competition, and demonstration when the mum finds out about the relationship,” he said. “You have to be yourself and not pursue your parents



The Swimmer will be performed in August. PHOTO: Supplied.

dream,” Camila added. “Keep fighting for your dream. “The story is very simple and very inspirational too. I

Residents wishing to make their views known on a new bus hub in Kilbirnie have until tomorrow to do so. The consultation is being run the Greater Wellington Regional Council as part of their plans to update bus hubs and routes around the city. The consultation will run until July 14. Consultation documents containing maps showing each option, together with pros and cons, can be found at the Ruth Gotlieb Library in Kilbirnie and at

think it’s going to be quite interesting for the audience to see what they want to do. “It’s an invitation to find out who you truly are.”

A small Wellington organisation encouraging local businesses to set up bike-friendly business districts is the main recipient of a 2017 grant from Wellington City Council’s Communities on Bikes fund. Bikes Welcome is a charitable trust set up to promote the benefits for local business owners of becoming a ‘Bikes Welcome Business’, and joining forces with other businesses in their suburb to become a bike-friendly area so more people on bikes will stop and visit local shops more often.

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“Computer Fixit Day” will be taking place on Saturday July 29 at the Wellington South Baptist Church; 284 The Parade Island Bay. The annual event was designed to help people unable to afford computer repairs. IT-qualified church members will be on hand to fix computer software problems for free between 9am and 4pm. This is open to anyone who has problems with their computer. For more information, contact the Wellington South Baptist Church office on 3836 888, or visit www.

People travelling in and out of the city via State Highway 1 on Tuesday were in for a long trip after a slip took place on the Ngauranga Gorge closing the road. The slip took place just after noon and closed all three lanes of southbound traffic. The road was open again on Wednesday morning.

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Computer Fixit Day

Slip on the gorge

MAKARA CEMETERY Recognised as making the best hams in New Zealand at the New Zealand Pork Awards

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Cook Strait News 13-07-17  

Cook Strait News 13-07-17

Cook Strait News 13-07-17  

Cook Strait News 13-07-17