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Thursday June 23, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: How do you get around the capital?

Hannah Fingleton Kilbirnie

Migoto Eria Kilbirnie

Cameron Cederholm Kilbirnie

Effie Barnett Kilbirnie

David Yee Kilbirnie

“I walk, pushing a double buggy with twins in it; it’s much easier than bus, I do drive sometimes.”

“I mostly walk because my husband has got the car.”

“I use public transport. I am too lazy to get my licence and parking is expensive.”

“Public transport because parking is tricky and public transport is a little convenient.”

“I use a triple threat – walk, cycle or use my car. It depends on my energy levels, the weather and my location.”

Monique Ridout Kilbirnie “I use my car, because I take my son to kindergarten and my food from kitchen to cafe.”

LETTERS to the editor

Duplicated letters Dear Ed, In recent months I have been much annoyed by finding, in more than one newspaper, the same letters from the same people. Editors have generally disliked such duplications and often used to print among "answers to correspondents" the rejection, "your letter has appeared else-

where". Further, editors often required letters to include a declaration that they were not being offered to other journals as well. Now that most such letters are emailed, it seems the editors receiving them cannot see whether or not they have been simultaneously sent to any other newspapers or maga-

zines. Consequently many letters now appear in more than one of them, which also irks editors who later discover they have been tricked. The abovementioned declaration ought now to be one of the conditions for publication. And lest anyone think he/she can legalistically get away

with calling his/her letter a "unique" one by altering a few words in each of several letters that are otherwise all identical, with more than one of them published, that correspondent should later be treated the same as one who has had absolutely identical letters published in more than one journal. This

rule would deter a great many axe-grinders, egotists, poseurs, troublemakers, and idlers from duplicating letters as so many of them are doing just now: editors are likely to be "once bitten, twice shy" when they realise what has happened. Hector Westfold Miramar

Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Mai McArdell receives a hand massage from volunteer Chris Constable.

Budding beauticians needed No matter what age you are, nothing beats a little pampering. Following a special pampering afternoon recently, the residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home are looking for volunteer beauticians to indulge them some more. The pampering afternoon at Kilmarnock Heights Home included hand massages, foot spas and aromatherapy, explains recreation officer Annelize Steyn. “Some local ladies who sell candles and electric oil burners came in to do a demonstration for the residents, so we turned it into a pampering afternoon by having foot spas and volunteers come in to do hand massages for the residents,” says Annelize. “The elders just loved it! What a lovely and relaxing atmosphere it was.” Annelize explains the home would love to be able to hold regular pampering events for residents, but they need volunteers to help make it happen. “We need volunteers that can do things like give gentle hand massages, paint nails and set up foot spas, and maybe someone who knows a thing or two about aromatherapy.” She says this week is National Volunteers

Week which means it’s a perfect time to consider volunteering. “We’d like to say a huge thank you to the people who are changing the lives of those they help through volunteering here,” says Annelize. “We’d also like to encourage people in the community who are interested in volunteering to contact us.” Annelize says there are plenty of ways people can make a difference to the lives of the residents living at Kilmarnock Heights Home. “We’d love to have more volunteers at our home and we’re very flexible with hours and roles. We need volunteer companions, people to help with activities, entertainers, people to drive the home’s van, to take residents out shopping or out for coffee and so much more.”  For more information about volunteering at Kilmarnock Heights Home call 0508 TO HELP or email For more information about Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034 or visit

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