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Thursday March 17, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: What flag did you vote for in the referendum and why?

Renee Carter Kilbirnie “I voted to keep it the same. I preferred Red Peak and I hope it’ll come up again in the future.”

Oliver Jones Kilbirnie “The original flag, just because I think we shouldn’t spend heaps of money on changing it.”

Anton Milne Kilbirnie “I’m voting to keep our flag because I have an affinity to the Union Jack, it’s who we are.”

LETTERS to the editor

Hayley Taylor Kilbirnie “The old flag, I think it’s a waste of money, there are more important things.”

Gina Cooper Kilbirnie “The old one, it’s not that much different, if you’re going to change it you may as well do something special.”

Have your say... email:

Parking woes Dear Ed, The Chairman and Committee members of the Body Corporate of Kilbirnie Plaza claim that the parking within the Plaza (including the undercover area) is private parking and is for customers of the Plaza shops only. They have been marking the car tyres and leaving notes on windscreens informing the drivers that if

Cycleway stay they overstay the amount of time allocated (one-and-ahalf-hours) again, they will be towed away at their own expense. At the moment, it seems to be a free-for-all with people parking and leaving the Plaza to shop elsewhere. As a suggestion, why don't they allocate a certain number of parking spots to each business in the

Plaza so that our clients will know that they don't have to drive all over Kilbirnie? I would suggest maybe three to four spots for the two hairdressing salons, four to five for Plaza Pizzeria, two for the Wellness and Longevity Health Centre, etc. A small sign could be placed in front of the parking spots stating something like: "This

parking spot is reserved for clients of (business name) only from (days and times that said business is open) If you park here and are not a customer, you risk being towed away" I know that this is not a 'perfect' solution, but surely it would go a long way to resolve this issue. Terry Binding Kilbirnie

Shame to lose Bay Rd Festival Dear Ed, I agree with letter writer Elle Boshe (10 March) that it would be a shame to lose the Bay Road Kilbirnie Festival. We shouldn’t have to be pessimistic, however, given that both the Business-

men and Martin Wilson claim to be interested in preserving it, as I observed in my previous letter (3 March). Last year it came out that The Businessmen’s Association had not even talked to Mr

Wilson, the organiser of all previous Kilbirnie Festivals, prior to starting to organize their own plan. I wonder what their priorities really were, and are? Surely they could help Mr Wilson put

the festival on in 2017 if their priority was to preserve the Festival. Richard Keller Wellington

Dear Ed, I think the cycleway should be removed. It is a messy eyesore and dangerous. It has ruined Island Bay. The Parade should be returned to its previous form. Eleni Yiasoumi Island Bay

Cycleway unsuitable so many others) that what Wellington City Council has done to The Parade is bordering on complete madness. They have compromised one of the safest, widest roads in Wellington and turned it into a dangerous hazard for all road

users. Since its installation the cycleway can now claim two cycle related accidents in the last two weeks. Cyclists are still on the pavements often without helmets now – there are no rules of use for the cycleway. Lindsay praises the

councillors who pushed this nightmare through as having vision and guts what a farce. Community asset – I think not. Steve Cooper Island Bay

Numerous issues of concern Dear Ed, I have lived in Island Bay for 25 years. As a cyclist and a motorist, there are numerous issues of concern about the cycleway - the main one being safety. I understand that prior to its construction, there had never been an accident between a motorist and

Dear Ed, I do not live in Island Bay, I do travel through there frequently. I am amazed at the vitriol, that has been printed about said cycle way. I'm I am glad those Island Bay people were not around at earlier times as we would still have dirt roads. I suppose some people do not like change. I think the road is fine, even though I have not ridden a bike through. Let the cycle way stay. Meryn Jefcoate Wellington

Cycleway eyesore

Another planet Dear Ed, It’s incredulous that Mark Lindsay (CSN March 3) states he felt safe riding his bike for the “first” time in Wellington on the troubled Island Bay cycleway. I wonder if the chap is on another planet? I personally think (along with

John Chan Kilbirnie “I’m not going to vote because I’m against the current flag and I don’t like the new one.”

a cyclist and already on the new cycleway there has been a collision, plus there are many reports of near misses - I have seen two. Another issue that has arisen; stones and debris have accumulated on the cycleway, unable to be cleared by road sweepers. This poses

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show

yet another risk to cyclists, aside from not being as visible to motorists as they had been previously. There aren't enough cyclists to warrant this as a cost benefit for the community and decisions were made without a more thorough consultation process with Island Bay resi-

good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication.

dents beforehand. The roads in Island Bay do not fit the current layout and for safety's sake, should be returned to how they were before another accident. Jane Pannu Island Bay

Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to nikki@ Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear Ed, I am not opposed to a cycleway way in Island Bay. However, the current one is entirely unsuitable. I believe cyclists, and in deed all road users, are less safe. It should be removed. Leeann Peden Berhampore

Bring back the old cycleway Dear Ed, Remove the new cycleway and replace it with the old one. The person that decided on the new design needs their head examined, not only is it very dangerous, but it now takes 4 times longer to get in and out of Island Bay. They obviously didn't think of anyone else but the cyclists only. There are a lot less cyclists then cars, buses and trucks that use the parade. It was never a problem with the old cycleway, now buses, cars and trucks, have to stop to let other traffic through on the opposite side, the traffic doesn't flow anymore, it is very congested now. Fiona Thomsen Wellington

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