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Speed limits Buses and Parking major problem for child care centres

Stepping up to the plate

Phone: 587 Phone: 587 1660 1660

By Aaron Meredith

Mallard for help. It is only since he got involved Aaron SpeedingBy buses andMeredith a lack of the bus company has responded. parking are two of the problems The kindergarten has two signs The Wainuiomata Kitchen’s new owner, Andrew facing teachers, parents andCake warning drivers thethecentre, Surridge is excited at the opportunity to takeof over bakery children in early childhood but these were only put up after he has worked at since he was at school. centres in Wainuiomata. a child was hit byAlan a carSurridge, a few Andrew recently took over the bakery from There is little to no road signs years back. after the long-time owner decided it was time to hang up his outside of baker’s many centres “It is only a matter of time apron. in the valley warning driversworking to slowherebefore gets hitfour again.” “I started when someone I was standard (year down. says head teacher five), I did my apprenticeship here as well. Chris Moses. Jack and Jill the drivers are “ItKindergarten has been a bighas part of“I myunderstand life.” been fighting with New Zealand on a schedule, but Continued on page 2 they are going Buses for many years, finally so fast.” asking Hutt South MP Trevor Continued on page 2 Former owner Alan Surridge with Cameron Surridge and new owner Andrew Surridge. Jack and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Early Childhood Centre.

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Wednesday January 27, 2016

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Lotto winner a local Last Wednesday’s Lotto draw changed a Wainuiomata family’s life after the won $1 million. The First Division winning ticket was bought at Norfolk Street Foodmarket. The winning lotto draw was the talk of the town last week, with many people curious about who won the draw. One resident said he was

happy someone in Wainuiomata had won it, and hoped it went to a family who really needed it. “I guess we will only find out when we see someone driving round in a brand new car.” The prize was the first time the Norfolk Street Foodmarket had sold a winning First Division ticket.


Sam Barnes E: P: 587 1660 Production: Published by

Wellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd Les & Katrina Whiteside

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Local & loving it...

By Aaron Meredith

Future clothes designers from Wainuiomata got the chance to learn about the craft last week at the Wainuiomata Library. In what was part of Hutt City Libraries holiday programmes, the group of teens were taught about different aspects of fashion and what different designs were meant to achieve.

Librarian Alexia Herrera ran the programme and said the children all loved the chance to design clothes. The programme was also part of the Character Couture Competition which the library is running throughout the month. All entries for this competition are on display at the library.

New bakery owner steps up Continued from page 2 Andrew has also travelled around working in different bakeries, even in Australia before returning to the bakery in 2000, around the same time The Warehouse opened next door. “I always wanted to own my own bakery, when Alan said he was leaving, I didn’t want to see the bakery close,” he says. The feedback Andrew has got from the community has been great, he says it has all been positive. “I set up a Facebook page, and it already has around 600 likes and lots of good comments. “Everyone loves this place.” Andrew wants to make sure all

the items everyone knows and loves will remain, but he also plans to add a few more items to the selection. “I’m really excited for the opportunity, thanks to Alan for the way he handed over the bakery. “It made it easier than it could have been, I am really looking forward to the challenge.” Andrew was born and bred in Wainuiomata, he is currently part of the Wainuiomata Bush Fire Force. He has one son and says he took on the bakery for him, to make sure his future was looked after. “Family is always the most important thing, they have helped me alot.”

Cr Campbell Barry Working hard for Wainuiomata If you need a hand contact me... phone: 027 216 0364 campbell.barry

Modular Kitchen Benchtop Specialists

Ph 04 564 7333 or 027 385 6023

Future fashion designers in Wainuiomata


The Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen is always a popular choice for Wainuiomata residents.


Gavin Shute Auto Services 2013

MP for Hutt South


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ata Wainuioinm g Club Dog Train

Next class on

d of Burden Ave b rooms at the en 4 5227. Sign up at the clu or phone Irma 56 on the river bank Sign up starts

30 Waiu Street, Wainuiomata Phone 564 3441 027 629 5004

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Monday 1st Fe


at 6.45pm

Wednesday January 27, 2016

inbrief news

Marching Competition at Hutt Park

Wednesday November 4, 2015


g achievements ised Positive future for Wainuiomata Mall

inbrief news

Councillors and Property Managers are assuring people neither Wainuiomata or the mall are dying and the future is bright for the area.

Wainuiomata Primary School Gala

This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportunity to go the school camp this year. This will be taking place down the school between 2 and 6pm on Saturday.  For more information about this please contact the school.

hat the school has achieved high standard this year in Gaylene orts. Rawiri-Patelo ny teams have made finals, won the MVP for Hockey championships or have ented the school at regional aments.” ms who won their grades ded the girls cricket team, otball first XI, teams two ree in netball, the boys first rugby and the junior boys By Aaron Meredith move the office inside the mall, He says the best way Wai- ties former glory days and look e team. the quote we got was far higher nuiomata can help the situation towards a bright new future in year was also the first year Wainuiomata residents are than what we currently pay. is buy improving what we Last can week the valley. gnite Sports presented two the Wainuiomata News being urged to keep a positive “The owners need to charge control, and encouraging the Wainuiomata Shoppingwas Centre al awards, both recognising reported that Lynette Stewart in attitude about developments Queen Street Wainuiomata mall to follow. Management Group Oyster a phot with Bonnie MacBeth when it cter in an athlete and coach. at the Wainuiomata Councillor Willard says was Wai-Cherrie Property Group are currently Tinetti. st co-ordinator Kevin Shopping prices, not Queen Street AuckCentre and the community land prices.” nuiomata is in a great place, with Cherie moving did a lotforward of hard with workplans in theto bury says that the awards itself. Councillors Campbell Barry the Development Wainuiomata redevelop the mall. process of planning for the jubilee ven to those that embodied In recent years the perception and Margaret Willard both say 20 year plan being an integral General Manager and the school would like toVaughan thank Sport’s values. the Wainuiomata her for this. Ludlam says there is a number spite theofattention that poor Shopping the future of Wainuiomata is part of the positivity. Centre has been worsening, bright. The plan is to revitalise the of development hurdles to meet iour and bad sportsmanespecially after the moving out Councillor Barry says what is central city, making it a more before construction can begin. attracts, there are great of the mall several businesses happening in the mall does not attractive option for people to “This includes a sufficient ples of athletes whoof demonPost Offi ce and what helping is happening in the move to and visit. level of pre-leasing that shall be positiveincluding characterthe in sport their sports refl andect teams, phrey and Brooke Tauaneai. MP on for Hutt South wider community. “TheMartin building of Pukeatua agreed closer to construction. coachespharmacy. who effectively their teams achieve their best. School Principal Isberg Both have relocated toKalena prem- Hura“The not a Wainuiomawas only the beginning The group is currently workl it,” Kevin says. wasmall alsoisrecogsays he was Bridge not surprised by the in Thewere Strand. ta problem, it’s athe mall problem. of progress in the valley, the ing on securing tenants. year’sises winners Paa nised by the school, receiving achievements of the students 564 4988 Mallard principals says the award “Ofafter course have our “We are approaching an excitngi who MP won Trevor the character 20 we years’ thischalyear. shared pathway over the hill is community perception of the lenges, but in no way does coming soon.” ing time for the Wainuiomata e award and Ngaire Blake service to school netball. “We have spent the last three or mall is right as it is clearly obvi-award the mall’s problems ectyears on changing She says City Council ShoppingElectorate Centre, OysterClinics Group won the character coach Other winners were refl four theHutt culture For anyabout issues ous it is not working currently. . Wainuiomata generally.of the school,will collaboratively with is enthusiastic the you’d plans Stephen Graham, Joel Carman, andwork the results this like talk about says part of problem h showedHe great passion forthe Atiria “In fact Wainuiomata has mall owners in improving the and progress forto development.” Semmens, Jade Hum- year arearecognition of this.” is due to rent prices, which he number of exciting develop- current situation. Vaughan is urging Wainuioclaims are much too high for ments and initiatives, which All three agree Wainuiomata mata residents to support the the area the mall is in. are either on going or soon to residents need to let go of the mall, both currently and once “A few years back I wanted to be started.” past, letting go of the communi- the development is complete. called the bronze shining the warbler eggs and chicks. however, I heard it in the beech o, scientific name Chryso- The host then seems not to tree outside the window, and x lucidas, or in Maori the notice it’s parenting another looked out to see the cuckoo Wharauroa, this sparrow- species and continues to raise chick flitting from branch to NATIONAL LIST MP BASED bird is usually not seen the chick. Fortunately for the twig noisily demanding food IN THE HUTT VALLEY its cryptic markings and grey warbler species, it has from a smaller and very busy e. It’s New Zealand’s only usually already raised a brood grey warbler. I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people cent green bird and has in August/September before The two major threats to the to catch up with me. and white bands across its the cuckoo arrives back in New shining cuckoo are flying into Please see for times. The shining cuckoo lives Zealand. windows and being taken by HUTT VALLEY OFFICE ubs and insects, including A few years ago we heard a cats. You can hear its call and 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 caterpillars and ladybirds sound from the bush that could learn more about it here. E: her birds avoid. have been a bird or an insect,  T: @cjsbishop ys a single egg in the nest but even with the neighbours’ al/programmes/thiswayup/ aying grey warbler, and help we couldn’t find what it collections/birdwatching/ ick when it hatches ejects was coming from. One day shiningcuckoo

“The owners need to charge Queen Street Wainuiomata prices, not Queen Street Auckland prices.” Arakura says thanks


he shining cuckoo



On Sunday February 7 the Marching Wellington Assosiation will be hosting a competition at Hutt Park. The first team is scheduled to begin at 10.15am, and there will be teams competing throughout the day. If you are interested in the sport, Marching Wellington is inviting everyone to come have a look.  For more information please visit

Paws in the Park Treat your dog to a Valentine’s Day treat and explore the Gums Loop Track together. This is happening from Richard Prouse Park at 10am on February 14 and is for people and dogs of all ages. All you need is good walking shoes and a plastic bag to clean up any mess your dog might make.

Round the world by bikes On Wednesday February 10 at 7am a special presentation will take place at the Angus Inn, Lower Hutt. For the last five years Adela Tarkowska and Kris Jozefowski from Poland have been travelling on their bikes around the world, and are sharing their stories in Lower Hutt. The pair will showcase photos from their 54,000km journey through Africa, Asia, the United States, South America and Australia.  For more information visit



Call Aaron with local story ideas

Ph 587 1660 or


Do you want the best for your preschool child? Quality early childhood education vacancies available now for children 2 to 4 years 8.30am - 12.30pm or 8.30am - 2.30pm

Pencarrow Kindergarten 63 Antrium Crescent, Wainuiomata

Call Tia or Dawn today 920 9828



Wednesday January 27, 2016

inbrief news

Maori Bowls Tournament The Wainuiomata Bowling Club will be playing host to the top Maori Bowlers in the country over Waitangi weekend. The club will be hosting the Maori National Bowls club on February 6 and 7. The club will be open during the day, and everyone is invited down to have a look.  For more information please contact the club.

National Sevens Tournament The Wainuiomata Rugby Club will be hosting the National Club Sevens Tournament. Wainuiomata won the right to host the tournament after winning last year’s tournament in Tauranga. The tournament will be hosted over two days at William Jones Park, with the top seven’s teams from around the country.  For more information contact the rugby club.

Funding needed for lacklustre playground Parkway Park play area has been left in disarray after money set aside for playground maintenance was used over the hill on the Avalon Park upgrade. The Children’s play area at the park was set for a revamp in 2015, however the work has been delayed for another year after the

$200,000 Council budget for playground equipment replacement and maintenance was used to help with extra costs in the Hutt City Councils Avalon Park project. Hutt City Councillor Campbell Barry isn’t happy about the delay and questions Council

using maintenance budgets to help cover extra costs in capital projects. “The current state of the Children’s play area is a disgrace and is in urgent need of attention. We have a maintenance and replacement budget for a reason” says Cr Barry. Much of the play equipment

Kaleb McCabe plays on what is left of the Parkway Park play area.

Schools start up again Next Monday sees the first day of school for all students in the valley. Term one ends on Friday April 15. Term two dates are from Monday May 2 until Friday July 8, term three runs from July 25 to September 23. The school year will end no later than Tuesday December 20.

was urgently removed over a year ago after it was found to be riddled with rust and nails which served as a serious hazard. The equipment has not been replaced, and what remains appears to be in very poor condition. “To pull down the children’s play equipment and plan to leave it vacant for two years isn’t good enough”. Cr Barry says he will be moving a motion at the next Council meeting to seek additional funding for the playground budget so work can start on Parkway as soon as possible. Community Board Deputy Chair Josh Briggs agrees that work on the play area should be a priority. “Playgrounds are an integral part of our community and the Hutt City Council itself has the maintenance of playgrounds listed as a priority in its strategic documents”. Mr Briggs would like to see the Community Board given more delegations that would help in the oversight of community assets like Parkway Park. “It would help ensure our assets are in the best possible condition that they can be”. Cr Barry agrees that this should be a role given to Community Boards and Community Committees across the City.

Flight announcement to benefit local flyers WAINUIOMATA COMMUNITY BOARD The Board will be meeting on

Wednesday 3 February beginning at 7:00pm in the Wainuiomata Chambers, Wainuiomata Library, Queen St, Wainuiomata. You are very welcome to attend Keep up with what’s happening in your community

Hutt City Council has joined others in the region in welcoming the announcement of the new Wellington-Canberra-Singapore service by Singapore Airlines. Acting Lower Hutt Mayor David Bassett says businesses will be the ones who benefit the most. “We have a lot of business in Lower Hutt succeeding on the global stage, so the better connected we are internationally the better. “This is good news for the region, for residents looking to travel recreationally and for developing stronger business and political ties with Australia and Asia. This announcement greatly improves the ease

of travel to and from Asia, as travellers will be able to stay on the same plane all the way from Wellington to Singapore. “We look forward to hosting many more visitors here, with our modern Events Centre and four-star hotel just a 30 minute drive from the airport, opening in early 2017, we are really excited about what we can offer. “It’s great to see confidence in this region from such a well-reputed airline.” Singapore Airlines are scheduled to commence flying four times per week from Wellington to Canberra and then onward to Singapore in late September 2016.

Wednesday January 27, 2016


Church celebrates 150th Jubilee Wainuiomata’s oldest church is turning 150 years old on Waitangi weekend and plans are made to celebrate this achievement. Coast Road Church, sometimes known as the Wainuiomata Pioneer Church, is the third oldest church in the Wellington Region and was the first Methodist Church, although now is not affiliated with any religion. Wainuiomata Pioneer Church Preservation Society Member Joyce Lockyer says she is expecting many people to turn up to the celebrations on Waitangi Day. “We have musical items, Mayor Ray Wallace, Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard and National List MP Chris Bishop will be speaking. “We also have an official cake for the celebrations which will be cut by our oldest member.” Many of Wainuiomata’s early settlers are buried around the church site and Joyce says ancestors of these people are attending the

celebrations. A new book will also be launched on Waitangi Day, telling the stories of many of the early pioneers of Wainuiomata. “Many people attending have already preordered the book, they all are wanting to hear stories about the people of Wainuiomata,” says Joyce. There will also be a chance to buy some Memorabilia. On Sunday a service will be held and the Wainuiomata Vintage Car Club will perform a drive past. The current site of the church was purchased by Richard Prouse in 1853, the buiding was built with wood which was supplied by the Prouse Mill. The Church was officially opened on February 6 1866. Recently renovated, the church is much loved in the community, with many taking ownership of it. “Many people round the valley call it our church, a lot of people love this building,” says Joyce.

The Coast Road Church is about to celebrate its 150th Jubilee.

Ron Chin and Evan Choi have opened their pharmacy on Sundays in order to help out Wainuiomata residents.

Pharmacy helping community seven days a week By Aaron Meredith

For the first time ever, Wainuiomata has the chance for health care seven days a week after Ron Chin and Evan Choi decided to open Wainuiomata Pharmacy on Sundays. Ron Chin says he recalls a conversation many years ago with MP Trevor Mallard who wanted to see if any of the three pharmacies in Wainuiomata at the time

could open on Sunday’s. “At the time none of us could as we were all one man bands,” he says. “Now that Evan and I have merged we are able to do this.” The two owners see this as a chance for members of the public to save money and time, as they do not have to go over the hill. “The Hutt Valley District Health Board always encourages people to see their phar-

macist or doctor before going to accident and emergency. “I don’t think people quite realise we can assess patients and give them advice on what they need to do, if they need to go to emergency from there or if we can help here.” Both Ron and Evan are encouraging Wainuiomata residents to use the service. “It is the only seven day a week health service in Wainuiomata,” says Evan.

Raising Money for Mila The Wainuiomata Motorcycle Club is organising a Motorbike and Car Convoy to raise money for Mila Gardner. Mila needs life changing surgery in the United States, and her fam-


ily has been raising money all throughout last year to achieve this. The show will take place at the Riverside Car Park in Lower Hutt on Sunday February 21. Cost is $1 per entry to see the


SUNDAYS 10am - 4pm

For all your pharmacy needs.

WAINUIOMATA PHARMACY Ron Chin & Evan Choie 8 The Strand, Wainuiomata. Ph: 04 564 8563 Fax: 04 564 8014

show, if you have a Motorbike or Classic Car and you want to be part of the day cost is $10 per vehicle.  For more information visit

Entries with any purchase at SuperValue from 25th January until the 7th February 2016. Two kids bikes and helmets to be won in each store. For more information and terms and conditions see

Beehive Streaky Bacon 500g

New Season Sunrise Apples



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By Aaron Meredith


Wednesday January 27, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What about your community are you most proud of?

Vera Pazan, Maungaraki The amazing support network with all my neighbours.

Alexia Herrera, Wainuiomata

Bruce Wayne, Wainuiomata

Charlie Son, Wainuiomata

Ali Black, Upper Hutt

The freshness and how welcoming the community is towards people.

The strong sense of community spirit.

The people are friendly, warm hearted and very welcoming.

All the young people in Wainuiomata.

Sundar Arunagiri, Moera I find it is a safe place to go out, Wainuiomata is safe as well, there is no big difference between the two places.

LETTERS to the editor Proving a point Dear Ed, After I wrote about there being a no parking facility on the hill, what do I see? I don’t travel over the hill much (but at least once a week), and within a three week span after writing my article, I see a car parked up the “service vehicle access only” road with a flat tire with an AA vehicle parked in front of it on the main hill road, A week later a grey van was stationary

A safety hazard on top of the hill with hazard lights flashing, blocking one of the lanes. This is not safe and it is also not their fault. I wonder how many other unsafe stoppages have occurred since the parking area has been replaced with a pile of dirt. It’s a no brainer, return the car park. Don’t be stubborn politician’s, you're not always right. Just let it go, do the right thing. Lance Thompson Snr.

Dear Ed, I've just finished reading the letter posted in this week’s Wainuiomata News by Irene Galuszka. I agree with her on the issue of the garden at the top of the hill instead of parking. Really crazy idea putting a garden there instead of parking, so that once again there is only access to the bridge on one side. As for having somewhere to pull off the road in case of break down it is absolutely needed. Last year before the bridge garden

was put in I had the need to pull in there. My car was over heating because my radiator burst, I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have somewhere to pull in safely. So yes I’m all for getting rid of the garden. It was a stupid idea. I from what I have heard a lot of people agree. I would have thought it was logical to keep parking on both sides of the hill. Jennifer Paisley

Family Works: supporting families in Wainuiomata

A life worth living at Woburn Home by Enliven An elder-centerd community At Woburn Home we take every opportunity to bring companionship, spontaneity, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. We’ll support you to continue doing the things you love in a way that’s right for you.

The social life Residents of Woburn Home enjoy the busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme, which make for a vibrant atmosphere.

Woburn Apartments Enliven’s brand new, purpose Positive ageing services built retirement apartments are We offer a full range of positive right next door to Woburn Home. ageing services, including rest This is a perfect arrangement for home, hospital and dementia couples who need different levels care, as well as short term respite, of support. health recovery care and a day Call us on 04 569 6400 to arrange activity programme. a tour.

The start of a new year can be an exciting time for many, but for some it’s a time when money can be tight, stress can be high and family situations or relationships can be challenging. That’s from Family Works regional manager Nici Nixon, who is reminding the Wainuiomata community that whatever they’re going through, Family Works can help. “We want to remind people that they aren’t alone and there is support available if they need it,” Nici explains. “We provide a range of social services for children, young people, parents and families in Wainuiomata and the Hutt Valley, including social work, counselling, parenting courses and support groups.” Family Works is a family-focused agency, meaning that while they can work with individual children, teenagers, and adults, the focus is on making a positive difference for the whole family. “We take a strengths-based approach which is about empowering people to make positive changes in their lives by building on what they already have.” Nici says Family Works is encouraging people to get in touch to see how they can help their family flourish this year. “Often people can reach a point where the things they’re going through start to feel impossible to change, but things can change for the better with the right support,” says Nici. Family Works has parenting programmes scheduled for early 2016 which cater for different parenting needs.

“Our parenting groups are for people who want to build on their skills as parents. It’s about having even more knowledge, ideas and approaches to meet the challenges that being a parent or carer can bring to us all.” Family Works is also a provider of the Ministry of Justice Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) service, an out of court mediation service for parents who are separating and wish to agree on a parenting plan. PBA  For detailed information about Family Works programmes and services in Wainuiomata, call 04 528 4164 or visit

Whatever challenges you and your family are facing this year, Family Works can help.

Wednesday January 27, 2016

SUNDAY 1.45 - 2.15


Moores Valley,

96 Hine Road

108 Crowther Road

At Home In Hine Road!

The Good Life At It’s Finest!

Make yourselves at home in fabulous Hine Road! Looking for a larger home in a well sought after location? Then look no further! 4 double bedrooms, 2 livings, 2 bathrooms & conservatory, a tandem garage/workshop & off street parking too. Although this home needs some TLC, it is perfect if you are looking for something to put your own stamp on. For more information, or to view this home, call Nicky 564 0004 or 027 3072999 anytime!

• • • • • • • •


3 Double Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2+ Living 6 Car Garaging External Rumpus/Sleepout 8 Paddocks Barn Fully Farm Fenced

For Sale By Negotiation View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

For Sale By Negotiation Open by appointment View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008



13 Westminster Road

23 Main Road

Don’t Hesitate!

Investors Or First Home Buyers!

If you are looking for a home to put your stamp on, or if you want something to add to your portfolio, then this one could be just what you have been waiting for. This 3 bedroom house with single garage is on an 862m2 section and is potentially sub dividable. Situated in a handy location close to Arakura School, kindergarten, park and transport. Roll up your sleeves and add value to this property.

This centrally located 3 bedroom home is crying out for some TLC. The current home is situated on a medium density land, ideal for subdividing. Be sure to view this property before commiting else where.

For Sale By Negotiation Open by appointment View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

For Sale $199,000 Open by appointment View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Pencarrow, 64 Trelawney Road

Pencarrow, 6 Grimsby Grove

SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.45

"Playtime Paradise" Kids and the dog will absolutely love this backyard! The play fort, sandpit and decks will have them charging about in the sun having fun! All in a private, safe and secure setting. 3 Bedrooms, Heat Pumps, T&G Floor Areas, Alarm, Study, Garage For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 12.00pm - 12.45pm View Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Brand New Home 5 Bedrooms 2 bath rooms Fully insulated Double glazed Double garage with internal access Alarm

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

For Sale $465,000 Open Sunday 1.45pm - 2.15pm View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

SUNDAY 1.00 - 1.30

Arakura, 3 Dublin Street

First Time Home Buyers! Great first home, located not too far from the centre of town and on a public transport route. This 3 bedroom home is on a good sized section. The home has open plan style kitchen /dining and a large lounge area along with a heat pump. Be sure to view this home. Call Team Selig - David on 0274 458 944

For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm View David Selig P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Contributor to


6 Grimsby Grove 3 Dublin Street 64 Trelawney Road

12.00 – 12.45 1.00 – 1.30 1.45 – 2.15

Free No-obligation Market Appraisal

P: 04 564 7310

We Want New Salespeople! • Salary/Retainer Available* • Industry leading Training & Technology • Fantastic Support - We’re with you all the way! *special conditions apply

Call Lisa Black from Harcourts Wainuiomata on 027 668 6477


Wednesday January 27, 2016

Moa a priority for Trevor Mallard

Members of the Wainuiomata Rugby League Club help people over Pukeatua Bridge last Monday.

Wheels over Pukeatua By Aaron Meredith

Those who have not been able to cross Pukeatua Bridge got the chance to on Monday thanks to Hutt City Council, the Wainuiomata Rugby League Club and Woburn

Home. Councillor Margaret Willard helped organise the event for elderly people who do not have the ability to walk up to the bridge. To help out with this, members of the Wainuiomata Rug-

by League Club helped wheel the large group of people over the bridge, showing off the amazing views which can be seen from the top. Wheelchairs were borrowed from Woburn Home. Trevor Mallard has been assisting in laying traps to contain possum numbers.

Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard has once again thrown his support behind Moa by volunteering his time for the Moa Conservation Trust. Last Thursday, Mallard joined a team of volunteers to install state of the art possum traps along the McKerrow track. The A12 possum trap units were designed by Goodnature, a Wellington based company who have put their skills in industrial design to good use in the conservation space. The A12 units are clean, humane and leave no toxins in the environment so do not pose a risk to dogs or children walking the track. As Labour’s Animal Welfare spokesperson, Mallard was only too happy to get hands-on. “The Moa Conservation Trust has been doing fantastic work. Since setting up in June 2014, they have installed two trap lines, resulting in more than 300 possum kills.” says Mallard. “The work they are doing is of benefit to all in the region, helping to revitalise local bird life and preserve it for future generations.” The Moa Conservation Trust is always on the look out for additional volunteers to help install these traps.  If you would like to get involved, please check out their website for more information.

Free emergency training course Wellington Emergency Management (WREMO) is holding four free training courses aiming to help Lower Hutt people be better prepared for an emergency. This is happening every Thursday throughout February (4, 11, 18, 25) at the Pavilion on Laings Road. This is open to anyone in the community who wants to know where they can help themselves and their neighbours.  For more information visit civil_defence_training

Wednesday January 27, 2016



Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14

record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email

Free Delivery in Wainui

installations by top-qualifi ed electrician with Wednesday January 27, 2016 10


Fernlea gets freaky FA C T By Aaron Situation Meredith Vacant

0220831542 Classified’s

Trades and Services

lins, staff at theWatling school11th. say Nov. the costumes Composed by Tony 2015


were some of the best they have ever seen. Fernlea Primary School got a little bit In this photo, teacher Anthony Kleinjan scary last week, holding a spooky disco and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie to raise money for the school. Neary, OF Lily Carr and Prashvi Shankar POOLS SATISFACTION Students dressed up as ghosts and gob- show off their costumes.


Our summer pools were built by us. 46 Waione St Petone Blends in well did cause no fuss. Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm With hydro slide will cause a splash. Formerly cpa spares And to it many people dash. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. Situation Vacant Composed by Tony Watling 28th. 2015 Funeral Director From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!


Our Youth soon will adults be. Their future, will the world decree. Public Notice Your ribs move about So they must pick which field to plough. 5 million times a year, OF THE DWhen AY to start it could be now. Wainuiomata At Hub the Centre they will learn.Squash Club everytime you breathe. To play it fair, and feel concern. AGM When to reap and when to sow. N 51. J.K. Soon must choose what seed to grow. Rowling 7.00pm chose the Monday 30th November unusual At the Clubrooms



name ‘Hermione’ All of the clocks Corner of Main Road Theyoung Community Noticeboard is for so A solid and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata in the movie non-profi t organisations. girls For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 Pulp wouldn’t words. No AGMS, sporting notices or Fiction are be teased special meetings. stuck on 4:20.Bringing local news for being Notices must be pre-paid. Community Call into our office, phone (04) 587 nerdy! to the community


1660 or email


Wednesday November 18, 2015 13 Tuesday 10 November 2016 To Lease Firewood 7.00pm - 8.30pm Wainuiomata Bowling club, SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. 2m1seasoned pineStreet,Wainuiomata. $180 Moohan Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. Storage Funeral Director 4m Split pine store for N All Welcome $330 next winter and14sqm Services SECURE Trades STORAGE $42 per week. HAUGHEY, Isobel Richmond (nee Macowan): Large Bags Kindling $13 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. January 18, 2016. Funeral Director FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14 Firewood installations by top-qualifi ed electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui - 2m seasoned pine $180 lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just 0220831542 - 4m Split pine store for phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email next winter $330 - Large Bags Kindling $13 Trades and Services - Large Bags Dry Pine/ Vacant $14 hardwood mixSituation - Bagged Manuka $20

Free Delivery in Wainui


FAIsolid REWOOD FOR SALE SEASONED: Gum 4m³ $540, 2m³ $320: 4m³ Douglas-Fir $530, 2m³ $310: Macrocarpa 4m³ $530, 2m³ $310: Split Pine 4m³ $390, 2m³ $240: Manuka 2m³ $450: COMBO’S: Gum & D/Fir $550: Gum & Mac $550: Gum & S/ Pine $490, D/Fir & MacN$530: D/Fir & S/Pine $480: Mac & S/Pine $480: Bagged Kindling $15ea. Bagged Manuka $25ea. WINZ Quotes. Prices incl. gst & del.

46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares

Funeral Director


Wholesale Firewood Supplies Ph 232-9499 Applications are available at our recruitment View the Wainuiomata News online office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

Situation Vacant

By ByRussell RussellMcQuarters McQuarters

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Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers

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TIME 2016

Deliverers Required in

Contact Sandra on 587 1660


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Wednesday January 27, 2016


Tyson Fury is creating interest in boxing again Rob Dalgety bowls for the Wainuiomata first team over the weekend.

First team goes down to Collegians By Aaron Meredith

The Wainuiomata Cricket First Team went down heavily to Wellington Collegians over the weekend at Bryan Heath Park. The visitors batted first and after a strong opening partnership went on to score 261/9 off their 50 overs.

This total proved far too much for Wainuiomata to chase, eventually being bowled out for 203 in the 44th over. The second team had a bye over the weekend. Next week the first team begins a two day match against Eastern Suburbs.

The game starts at 12pm at Bryan Heath park next Saturday, then concludes on Sunday February 7. The second team will be playing the Taita Fireblades, the game is at Bryan Heath Park beginning at 1pm. In the T/20 grade, Rosco plays the Taita Titans at Fraser Park beginning at 2pm, Brownie has the bye.

Busy week for Softballers By Aaron Meredith

This week sees another busy week of softball action for local teams. The Wainuiomata Presidents are at home playing against Naenae Railways. The game at Wise Park will begin at 3.15pm, and the team will want to have a strong performance this week. In the Major B Womens grade,

both teams are scheduled to be playing at Wise Park. The Rare Breeds will be playing Totara Park Blue at 1.15pm in the curtain raiser to the Presidents game. Wainuiomata will be playing Hutt Valley Marist on the second field, beginning at 3.15pm. On the points table, The Rare Breeds are sitting in second place with 16 points, three behind table

leaders Hutt Valley Marist. Wainuiomata are sitting in fifth with nine points but have played three games less than the rest of the division. The Wainuiomata Capital Three side will travel to Paraparaumu to play Kapiti Coast at Te Atiawa Park. The side has yet to have a win this year, but will be keen to turn their bad form around.

To many he is crazy or nuts, but there is no doubt Tyson Fury is bringing attention to a sport which was becoming rather predictable in the last decade. When Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko for the IBO, WBA, IBF and WBO World Heavyweight Championships, he ended a 11 year unbeaten run for the former champion, who while being a great champion, will not be remembered as one of the great showmen of a sport that is known for big personalities. Think Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, all showmen whose confidence is sometimes mixed up with arrogance, but love them or hate them, everyone watched them. Fury has this personality which makes you take notice when he says or does something, whether he is boxing or not. His latest outing in the public eye came right after Deontay Wilder, the WBC World Heavyweight Champion, knocked out his latest opponent. Fury stormed the ring and made it known he wanted a unification bout with Wilder for all the titles. His first words to Wilder were “There’s only one Tyson Fury, what do you think about that?” Wilder was as bemused as the entire crowd, when I first heard I was confused, to me it didn’t make sense, but that is how Fury’s mind works I guess. Taking away from the fact he stormed the ring an interrupted another boxers moment and him not making sense at all with what he says, he did make more people aware there was a world title fight on at the time. Most people in this country barely know when Joseph Parker’s next bout is, let alone a bout which happened on the other side of the world. If there is a unification bout in the future, it would be massive, many people would watch it, but it may just be to see Fury get knocked out, not that it is guaranteed, look a Floyd Mayweather, everyone watched him to see him get beat, and it never happened.

The beach comes to Avalon Park Temporary beach volleyball courts are being installed at Avalon Park for the next six weeks. Hutt City Council has attracted a tournament of international and New Zealand beach volleyball teams to play at the courts from this weekend, as part of the Les Mills Beach Volleyball Pro Tour. Acting Mayor David Basset says it’s great for the city. “We are finding new and creative uses for our facilities that attract national events and provide new opportunities for our residents. “This tournament will help inspire the next generation of Kiwi volleyball players and they can also use the courts after the tour has moved on.” Tour Director at Volleyball New Zealand Tim Cleaver says the group is really excited to bring beach volleyball to Lower Hutt. “The Pro Tour will be an awe-

some spectacle for the public to come down and watch for free, and then hopefully we'll see the stars of tomorrow getting out and using the court for the rest of summer. “We know there are plenty of volleyball players around the region who will be excited to come see world-class teams compete.” After the tournament is over the courts will remain in place for six weeks for fun family activities and use by local leagues. Les Mills is the tournament sponsor and Dews Construction sponsored the installation of the court in Lower Hutt.  General admission to the tournament is free to spectators with no booking required. VIP tickets, which give access to a catered VIP area, are available from the Lower Hutt i-SITE or


Wednesday January 27, 2016

redcoats limited licensed under the REAA

Sunday 3:00-3:30pm

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

GLENDALE 14 Dunn Street




Very tidy, low maintenance property will now be available through the auction process. 3 generous brms, sep lounge & sep service rooms to make this good value for a family wanting to buy in an area close to school & kindy. Auction 12.30pm Thursday 11th February 2016 at our Lower Hutt Office, 28 Cornwall Street, Lower Hutt (will not be sold prior)

For sale by Auction

Linda Turner p 04 564 5317 m 021 645 098 e

Wainuiomata 9 Maire Street






A family approved location and propertypresenting an outstanding Online

opportunity. Good sized bathroom, separate living and positioned well on flat, fenced section. Some potential to still realise, but good

For sale by Auction

proximity to local schools and a local convenience store a few moments away. Auction 12.30pm Thursday 4 February at our Lower Hutt Office, 28 Cornwall Street, Lower Hutt (will not be sold prior).

VILLAGE 31 Poole Crescent




Located on popular Poole Cres, this family home has 3 dbl brms, semi ensuite, plus loads of storage. 2 living areas, with indoor outdoor flow to the large fully fenced garden. Insulated top & bottom, gas hot water & heating, plus log burner & heat transfer. Add to this an internal access dbl garage, it really does have everything!

For sale by Negotiation

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid

Paul Butcher

FERNLEA 7 Gardiner Grove


PENCARROW 19 Trelawney Road






For sale by Negotiation

This 3 bedroomed gem is ready and waiting for you! Featuring modern kitchen with dishwasher. Heated by heatpump, and double garaging plus carport out the back on a fully fenced section. Something to please the whole family! Be quick before it's gone.

Asking price $272,000

This 5 bedroom home is in need of a serious tidy up. This diamond in the rough could be a great sized family home. Current tenants are paying $480 per week on a fixed term until February. The double garage has been converted into a rumpus with toilet. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and uncover a great home.

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Sunday 2:15-2:45pm

.. ..

VILLAGE 57c Hine Road 4 Bedrooms 2 Living Areas Self Contained Flat Huge Section

For sale by Negotiation Online

Linda Turner p 04 564 5317 e

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

.. ..

VILLAGE 13 Willis Grove 4 Bedrooms New Bathroom 3 Toilets Large Lounge

For sale by Negotiation Online

Tui Reid p 04 212 6797 Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127

Sunday 2:15-2:45pm

.. ..

COAST 91 Coast Road 3 Bedroom, Elevated Open Plan Kitchen Spacious Lounge Logburner

Asking price $259,000 Online

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 Tui Reid p 04 212 6797

.. ..

PENCARROW 45 Trelawney Road 3 Bedrooms 1084 sqm Section Fully Fenced Double Garage

For sale by Negotiation Online

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 e

10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

Wainuiomata News 27-01-16  

Wainuiomata News 27-01-16

Wainuiomata News 27-01-16  

Wainuiomata News 27-01-16