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April 16, 2014


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Hill Street improvements could begin this year An outcry by Warkworth residents over delays to work on the Hill Street intersection has prompted NZTA to suggest some improvements before the end of the year. The transport agency has told Warkworth community representatives it is prepared to consider some minor changes to the intersection, that might

help relieve congestion in the short term. But it continues to insist that it makes more sense to delay major changes until after the new Puhoi to Warkworth motorway is completed. Without an alternative route to relieve congestion during construction, it fears traffic in Warkworth would be gridlocked for two long summers.

Hey guys, let’s play

Highways manager Tommy Parker told a private meeting in Warkworth this month that funding for the project was not an issue. Minor works could be carried out under its maintenance budget, and could be finished by this time next year. The changes it has in mind include widening SH1, possibly as far as

Hudson Road and the Shoesmith Bridge; preventing southbound traffic on SH1 turning right into Hill Street; and possibly adding a dedicated lefthand turning lane, or a traffic light, from Sandspit Road. It would also like to close Elizabeth Street to traffic coming off SH1 from continued page 2

Takahe coming to Tawharanui One of NZ’s most endangered native birds, the takahe, will soon be making itself at home at Tawharanui Open Sanctuary. Initially four or five pairs will be relocated to the sanctuary, but it is hoped this will grow to 10 pairs in the near future. With only around 260 birds left, and just 60 safe breeding pairs, this would make up nearly 10 per cent of the total population. The project is a collaboration between Auckland Council and the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc (Tossi), the Department of Conservation and Mitre 10 Mega Warkworth. Tossi chairman Steve Palmer says it is the first time the sanctuary has had a critically endangered bird. “It’s fun and scary at the same time,” he says. It is hoped the birds could be in Tawharanui Regional Park by September, but there is a lot of work to be done before then. About 700m of fencing will have to be put in, and tagging and tracking equipment purchased, which will cost about $45,000, Steve says. Mitre 10 Mega Warkworth has agreed to supply materials, but there is still a lot of fundraising to be done, he says. “We have set ourselves a very ambitious target of raising $30,000 to go towards the takahe fence and funding to care for the birds,” he says. “We’ll also

need volunteers to help track them.” The birds will be roaming freely through the park, but will be tagged for peace of mind. “We are pretty anxious not to lose a single bird,” he says. The project is part of a wider effort to boost breeding, Steve says. “There’s a whole new strategy to try and establish some main land breeding areas. It is the first significant breeding population on the mainland of the North Island.” A small number of birds are currently at Tiritiri Matangi, but this is mostly to raise public awareness, not for breeding. Open sanctuary coordinator Matt Maitland says it is a major milestone for Council’s first open sanctuary. “Tawharanui Regional Park provides a safe home; a predator-free mainland island sanctuary where we hope takahe can thrive and breed.” Go to for more donation and Tossi membership options (or go to the ad on page 18).


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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

contacts Hill Street improvements

the north and west, but acknowledges that would be a controversial move Issue 247 that is likely to alarm retailers and local residents. It has rejected suggestions it is keen to wash its hands of the intersection, which will be handed over to Auckland Council to manage if the new motorway is built. General enquiries: Call 425 9068 It says the terms of the deal require PO Box 701, Warkworth 0941 Council to be happy before the 17 Neville St, Warkworth 0941 handover takes place. Editor: So far, however, NZTA has refused Karyn Scherer 021 622 550 to commit to a specific timeframe, prompting a board of inquiry considering resource consents for the Reporter: new motorway to suggest it meets George Driver 425 9068 again with community representatives to try to resolve the situation. Advertising: The board began public hearings in Cathy Busbridge 022 029 1899 Silverdale this month, and found itself discussing issues at Hill Street for Shona Mackinnon 022 029 1897 much of the first few days. Board member Alan Withy noted that General Manager: Hill Street was “of great concern to Jannette Thompson 021 263 4423 virtually all the submitters”. The chair of the inquiry, retired High Court judge John Priestley, described the changes suggested by NZTA at Hill Street as “pretty draconian”. However, he also urged it to come up Mahurangi Matters is a locally with a more radical long-term solution, owned publication, circulated and appeared to take seriously a twice a month to more than suggestion by retired engineer and 13,000 homes and businesses. Warkworth resident Roger Williams Views expressed in Mahurangi Matters are not necessarily endorsed for a roundabout at the intersection. by the publisher. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission of the editor is prohibited. Justice Priestley stressed at the hearings

that he did not believe the board was required to assess the economic case for the $760 million motorway, which has the lowest cost-to-benefit ratio of all seven roads deemed by the Government to be so “nationally significant” that their consents are being fast-tracked. He joked with one submitter that he might not live to see the motorway extended to Wellsford. “[You mean to say that] you and I will go to our graves with the Dome Valley still there,” he chuckled. However, he also told the same submitter that he believed there was a “whole cluster” of economic and strategic reasons why the route should be improved. He also noted that motorways tended to grow in stages There was an “acute environmental interest” in the project, he said, including concerns about an “ecoviaduct” that is proposed to straddle a grove of kauri. The board has asked for more information about kauri dieback disease, and whether it could be spread by construction work or local wildlife. Justice Priestley also warned that a one-in-50-year rainstorm could prove “catastrophic” for the Mahurangi and Puhoi rivers if the project’s massive earthworks were not handled safely. NZTA made it clear at the hearings that the final route for the motorway could change once it is given the green

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from page 1 light to proceed with the project, and detailed design work is done. This could even mean changes to several huge viaducts that are proposed along the 18.5km route. It has asked the board to take a “quite different” approach than normal, by granting it flexible resource consents that do not require it to stick to its original plans. Several submitters have suggested adding on- or off-ramps south of Warkworth, including the owners of a large forest, who want to set up a service centre, walkway and cycleway at Moir Hill Road. NZTA has confirmed it plans to toll the route at what it hopes is the best rate to attract the “optimum amount” of traffic. However, the agency was criticised by the Campaign for Better Transport for failing to factor in the effect of tolls on its estimates of traffic volumes. Campaign spokesman Cameron Pitches also noted that traffic volumes had not grown on New Zealand’s State Highways over the past five years. NZTA told the inquiry it hoped to begin building the new motorway in early 2016, but it has privately stated it would like to begin even earlier than that — possibly as soon as next year. The inquiry will take a break at Easter, then resume at the Ascension Winery in Matakana on April 29. It is expected to finish in early May, with a draft decision likely in late June.

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April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Tomarata coffee triumphs again Melbourne’s coffee snobs will be choking on their macchiatos — a Kiwi company has managed to beat the Aussies to the title of best espresso. In itself, that is a remarkable achievement, but what is even more remarkable is that the Kiwi company is based in a Tomarata garage. Rush Coffee has already won a swag of gold and silver medals in the NZ Coffee Awards, prompting it to claim the title of “NZs most awarded coffee”. Now its flagship espresso blend has also won gold at the Australian International Coffee Awards. It is the first time the company has entered an international competition, where it competed against more than 160 roasters from five countries. “We’re absolutely over the moon, obviously,” says the man with the golden touch, Hayden Prujean. Hayden’s daughter Betsy, who is the company’s marketing manager, will fly to Australia next month to accept the award at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

But the pair are already glowing from the judges’ comments. Hayden says the “huge panel” described his espresso as “outstanding”, with a “complex, balanced profile with fruity cocoa flavours, a bright toffee body, and a clean mouthfeel”. Hayden started roasting coffee in 2006, after a long career at Irwin Industrial Tools. Online sales have grown steadily over the past few years, and Rush Coffee is also available in 15 local cafes and restaurants, including Market Providores in Snells Beach, and The Stables and Mahurangi River Winery in Matakana. “We’re certainly keen to grow that side of the business and we’d ideally like to get a good cafe in Warkworth as well,” he says. He has also been battling to get the coffee sold at New World in Warkworth, but has almost given up. “We just can’t seem to get past the buyer.”

It’s a family affair at Rush Coffee. At back: Emma and Hayden Prujean, with daughter Betsy, and her son Jack.

Questions raised over how Rodney rates are spent Auckland Council is collecting more than $60 million a year from ratepayers in the Rodney ward, new figures appear to reveal. A member of the Northern Action Group (NAG), Dennis Brown, says he has been leaked the figures, and has questioned whether the ward is getting value for money. He has also noted that the Rodney Local Board receives just $24 million of the total. The leaked figures for the latest financial year show total rates income as $60.3 million, including just over $6 million from businesses and just over $54 million from property owners. Business owners have had their rates reduced over the past three years, while residential rates have increased.

Rates campaigner Dr Bruce Scoggins says the figures are similar to ones he has calculated. It is estimated that the total take for the next financial year will be just over $61 million in the Rodney ward, he says. Rodney Councillor Penny Webster deferred questions to Auckland Council’s manager of finance, Kevin Ramsay. Mr Ramsay says a wide range of expenditure is not included in the Local Board budget, such as regional services that Rodney residents also benefit from. Local Board budgets are limited to local activities, he says. “On top of this there is a large spend on ‘regional activities’ within the Rodney Local Board area. This includes such things as transport,

regulatory services, regional planning, animal control, stormwater, waste management, democracy, and many more activities that provide services to Rodney people.” Mr Ramsay says he can’t confirm the total rates income collected from properties in the Rodney ward, but says $60 million “doesn’t sound an unreasonable number, as a share of the $1.4b that is collected”. He was also unable to say how much of the total $3.2b operating costs of Auckland Council is spent in Rodney, but says there is a “not-insignificant amount” spent on regional activities, especially roads. Dennis would like to see greater transparency, and greater accountability, for the money. “It’s basic business to know what

income you have and to account for where it’s spent. If the money is collected in our area, it should be spent in our area. We have a right to know, but we are being obstructed at every point along the way.” NZ First MP Tracey Martin was previously a member of the Rodney Local Board. The issue of rates distribution comes back to the way the Supercity was set up, she says. “Rodney only has one Councillor vote at the Governing Body level and so any spending for Rodney can be voted down by more urban-centric councillors, and is so constantly,” Tracey says. However, she believes the board fought harder than any other local board to get funds for its community.

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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

OFF THE RECORD Caught red-handed One of the best local April Fool’s jokes we heard of was spread via social media. It claimed a shipping container had washed up on the beach at Te Arai with lots of “cool stuff” there for the pickings. At least two staff members from Mahurangi Matters were ready to jump in their cars to “help” in the clean-up.



Karyn Scherer, Editor, Mahurangi Matters

Greg Sayers, Rodney Local Board

Of eggs and elephants

Deplorable, third world roads

As someone who lives not too far north of where the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway is likely to terminate (or originate), I should be eagerly awaiting its completion. I travel to Auckland fairly regularly and I have to confess I rather enjoy slipping my sedan into cruise control once I hit the Northern Gateway, and cranking up the stereo. But even before this month’s public hearing into the motorway extension began, I was starting to have doubts about whether it was a good idea. Meeting some of the people whose lives have already been destroyed by the proposal, because they live along the route, was more than just food for thought. Sure, you need to crack a few eggs in order to make an omelette, but shouldn’t we also consider whether too many omelettes will give us a heart attack one day? The most sense I have heard so far in the hearing was from the Campaign for Better Transport, a voluntary organisation of about 50 people that has won some important battles over transport issues. The elephant in the room at the lodge in Silverdale where the hearing is taking place is the economic rationale for the project. Basically, there isn’t one. It’s a political decision, driven largely, I suspect, by the Government’s desire to help stimulate the economy in the wake of the GFC. The problem with such Keynesian responses is that there is a long-term price to be paid. I’m well aware that most people in this area want the new motorway – but few seem to have given much thought as to who will pay for it, and whether it is worth it. There is no such thing as a free motorway, so ultimately it will be taxpayers, and those who pay the tolls. Those who can’t afford the tolls will miss out on its benefits. Ironically, they are likely to be commuters who travel to Auckland for work, and could do with a decent motorway. For much less than $760 million, says the CBT, we could upgrade the existing highway and everyone would benefit. Read what the CBT has to say. Its presentation was too late to be printed in this issue of Mahurangi Matters, but a link to a transcript is available on our website, at It starts at page 382.

I have the luxury of living on a sealed road. However, I have come to appreciate the plight of our rural sector. This was reinforced recently when my colleague James Colville and guest Councillor Bill Cashmore (Franklin) were invited to tour the roads throughout Rodney on a minibus hired by the Landowners and Contractors Protection Association. We travelled 180km of what can only be described as deplorable, third-world roads within a modern forward-thinking city. These roads front onto generations of rateable land where basic core civic services are not supplied. These rural landowners have most certainly been patient. A day spent on their roads has given me a newfound respect for their frustration and anger, along with a clear mandate for all elected representatives to advocate with passion and strength for their cause. Like these landowners, I truly believe that it is no longer acceptable to live in these conditions. Landowners have pleaded for help and I, together with the local board, intend to give it. Already the Rodney Local Board has made some progress. Auckland Transport plans to seal several rural roads over the next 10 years. However, it is of major concern to farmers that only 17km of the total 670km will be sealed, leaving a whopping 650km of roads unsealed. Our rural production roads underpin Rodney’s economy; we are an agriculturalbased electorate. Unsealed roads impact us all in the pocket. Lowered productivity and increased costs as a direct result of these roads are subsequently passed onto the consumer. Combined with the health issues, safety issues, water quality issues and annual maintenance costs, the argument for sealing roads starts to become very clear. The cost alone of maintaining private vehicles on these roads is astronomical and landowners still have to pay rates for this “privilege”. Auckland Transport tells me they would happily seal all of Rodney’s roads if they were given permission from Councillors. It estimates the pricetag would be $270m. Spread over 10 years, this is $27 million per year. The Local Board wants $10 million a year — as a minimum amount. Given that Rodney ratepayers pay $60 million per year in rates, I am demanding that the Council spends more of our money back in our area and less on projects in the city. I say to all Rodney residents: “let’s be loud and proud and join the fight for our roads”.

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Good old days So once again we have Ross Miller making strange comments (MM, Mar 19) this time answering Leo Leitch on what he had to say on the spanking of children. As for Admiral Byng, I wonder how many of your readers have read Voltaire, and who is Admiral Byng anyway? Then Ross Miller makes a sarcastic statement re Snells Beach and Omaha. Oh, please, doesn’t he know that sarcastic remarks are known as the lowest form of wit? And which people is he referring to when he says “these people seemingly terrified they may not be allowed to hit children”? What a gross exaggeration. And then his last question would have been really funny if it had not been so ridiculous. “Were we really better behaved a generation ago when we all got walloped?” Better take a look at the statistics, Ross. More crime, an increase in violence is raging out of control, more rapes, more old people being beaten up, filthy language is heard on the street spouting from teenagers’ mouths. Oh, and does he not know that New Zealand now has one of the highest rates of suicides amongst teenagers in the world? The kids don’t know where they are. Yes, Ross Miller, children and adults were better behaved a generation ago. Schoolrooms were quiet and orderly. Children were respectful and helpful. So please, Ross Miller, wake up and see what people like you and others have done to our children. Deanne Howard, Matakana

Brooke connection I am an Australian nurse who spent a year as a Rotary exchange student in

Brazil. I shared this experience with a New Zealand student, in 1978, called Margareth Leone Brooke, from Ahuroa. I would really like to reconnect with her and visit New Zealand. Margareth had a lot of brothers and lived on a farm. I can only assume that she has married and changed names. Susan Cameron (Preston) 61 3 55 765402 5271 Hamilton Highway Penshurst 3289 Victoria Australia

Motorway madness What a poorly conceived, irrational project the Puhoi to Wellsford motorway is. No plans or costing, or routing, to go beyond Warkworth — it makes you wonder about the hidden agendas. All traffic going north (and back) would be well served in a short time by a bypass first. We can’t afford a new motorway. For 30 years New Zealanders have paid and had enormous amounts of their taxes wasted repaying huge Government debt and interest on Muldoon’s Think Big projects of the 1970s for little significant return. When we finally get rid of the bulk of that debt, this Government comes along and is putting us and future generations back into deep, crippling debt again. NZTA finally realised they couldn’t make Woodcocks Road the exit to Warkworth so now it’s ad hoc proposed to be significantly north of Warkworth. Effectively this will cancel out any purported time saving benefits of using the motorway in the first place. And even worse make it’s use for and by Warkworth, Snells Beach and Sandspit residents virtually redundant. JD Andersen, Warkworth

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April 16, 2014


Mahurangi Matters


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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

Sailors tie the knot in Mahurangi The only boat in sight at the Omaha wedding of round-the-world sailors Robin Hilton and Brad Marsh on Saturday, April 5, was a dinghy full of liquid refreshments and ice. The couple, both veterans of two Volvo Ocean Race campaigns, were married at a secret location, followed by a reception at the Omaha Golf Club. Among the 100 guests were Brad’s parents Peter and Jenni Marsh, of Omaha, and Robin’s immediate family from Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. “When Brad first met Robin, one of the first places he brought her to was Omaha,” Jenni says. “She absolutely feel in love with it and, hence, wanted to get married here. “Her Canadian family and friends didn’t move from the beach for the first two days after their arrival and couldn’t get over our piece of paradise.” Robin, who’s a yacht rigger, first arrived in NZ under sail when she and her sister sailed from Canada to Auckland – a feat they did twice. She’s competed for Team Russia and Team Sanya in two Volvo races, and recently trialled for the all-women crew of Team Lotus. If successful, she’ll compete in the 2014/15 Volvo race, which starts in Alicante, Spain, in October. Brad, who raced for Team Ericsson and the successful Team Groupama,

Marriage celebrant John Phillis officiated at the marriage of round-the-world sailors Brad Marsh and Robin Hilton this month.

doesn’t have a contract for the Volvo as yet, but says he’d be interested if the opportunity arose. In the meantime, he’s working with four teams and has already committed to 160 days of sailing this year. The teams include a 140ft J class traditional boat which he’ll race in the Mediterranean, a superyacht owned by the CEO of Google which races in regattas in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, and the 80ft Beau Geste, owned by a Hong Kong businessman but raced by a Kiwi crew.

Brad is also working with a development company, based in New Zealand, which is designing and building deck gear. “Robin and I have been living a pretty nomadic lifestyle up to now so we’re looking forward to making a permanent commitment and have already bought a home in Birkdale.” The couple thanked the Matakana community for all the help they’d received with their wedding arrangements.

Return of King George

Maybe it was the recent royal visit of Prince George or the reminder of the World War I centenary, but it looks like King George’s head might finally be returning to its rightful place above his shoulders in Matakana. The Matakana Community Group has received an assurance from Auckland Council that the head will be restored before Anzac Day on April 25. It’s been two-and-a-half years since the war memorial statue was vandalised. Council has taken additional measures during this restoration to ensure that it will be more secure this time. Local police have also been approached to assist with security where they can. A low-key blessing involving kaumatua from Ngati Manuhiri, invited guests and possibly school students is planned for April 23.

Book on sale Local author Cliff Taylor’s latest book Swimming to Paris is available at Unicorn Bookshop in Warkworth and The Village Bookshop in Matakana or via his website

April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Bus service possible from Warkworth to Silverdale Auckland Transport says a proposal for a bus service to connect Warkworth to Auckland will be open to public consultation in July. At this stage, it is proposed there will be a service connecting Warkworth to the Park and Ride station at Silverdale, a council spokesperson says. The proposal comes amid changes to Mahurangi bus service the Kowhai Connection, which may be upgraded to a bigger vehicle. Services on Sundays and public holidays may end. Gubbs Motors operations manager Ian Davies says the service’s contract for its second year has still has not been finalised, but a range of changes are on the table. The feedback from customers has been that more would use it if it were a bigger bus, Ian says. The change would mean the service would be unable to do house pickups and people would have to be picked up at bus stations and other designated areas on main roads, he says. The service is looking at dropping Sundays and public holidays due to a lack of passengers on these days. This would save around $16,000 a year. It has also proposed an increase in fares for children and for call-outs, going from $1.50 to $2 for both. The changes are needed to bring down costs and increase patronage to make the service more financially viable,

Ian says. “We are not getting the 60 passengers a day that was expected. We are only getting about 40, so to take up the shortfall we’ve got to do something.” Currently workers are not using the bus, but an earlier timetable is being considered to hopefully boost numbers, Ian says. A morning service for Matakana School pupils is also in the pipeline. Currently about 20 Matakana pupils use the bus after school, but there is no morning run. “That change alone should boost daily numbers significantly.” Numbers have been climbing again, after a drop in patronage over December and January. In February there was a daily average of 41 passengers and a total of 1,161 for the month. March had a daily average of 43 passengers and a total of 1,339 for the month. This is well up on January’s 30 daily customers, however still below last year’s peak of 44 daily customers in November. Public transport advocate Bevan Woodward says it’s great the service has been confirmed for another year. “It’s not just about the numbers. It’s about doing better for the environment and for the community. Transport has a wide social benefit, so we’ve got to provide this.”

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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

Garage sale to raise funds for PNG orphans Puhoi resident Carlene Amos-Tolhopf is holding another garage sale to raise funds for an orphanage she started in Papua New Guinea last year. The orphanage has grown to care for 25 children who have been orphaned by Aids, and plans are underway for a new building to house the children. They are currently in a bush house and sometimes sleep three to a bed, Carlene says. “We’ve got the timber ready to go. Now we are waiting to get enough bamboo for the walls and thatched grass for the roof,” she says. She started the orphanage in August after she headed back to Papua New Guinea where she worked as a missionary for a decade during the 1980s and 90s. After seeing the suffering of some vulnerable children in the village, she decided to take action. PNG has the highest prevalence of HIV in the Pacific — nearly 1 per cent of the population. According to the United Nations, there are about 13,000 orphans due to Aids. The orphanage is in the Jiwaka province in the Highlands which is one of the worst affected areas, says Carlene. Two Papua New Guinean families are currently running the orphanage and are trying to develop the land, to become self-sufficient. “I’ve been sending back money and seeds so they can grow food. But soon we will need to buy more land to

Carlene Amos-Tolhopf started an Aids orphanage in Papua New Guinea last year with help from friends.

support the children,” she says. The project is still in its early stages and is currently funded by the generosity of friends and family. She is planning to head back to PNG in June to help to build the new headquarters. The garage sale will help fund blankets and pillows for the children. “I would be so chuffed if we got $2000. Then

I could afford to send all the blankets and pillows up to the orphanage.” There will be second-hand furniture, cooking utensils, clothes, plants, and art and craft for sale. She plans to send a pressed wool bale full of blankets, duvets, pillows and jumpers to the orphanage. She says $100 would feed all 16

children for a week. To donate towards the orphanage or keep track of how it is progressing you can visit operationblackopal. The garage sale will run from Easter Friday to Easter Monday from 9am – 4pm on 851 SH1 near the intersection with Mahurangi West Rd.

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April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Burglaries hit Warkworth A spate of burglaries in Mahurangi has seen scrap metal targeted and the Warkworth Hospice store hit three times this year. Sergeant Bede Haughey says there have been six burglaries for scrap metal this year, which is significant for Warkworth. An 18-year-old and a 20-year-old have been arrested in relation to one of the burglaries, but Sergeant Haughey says it is likely out-of-town criminals are responsible for other burglaries. The rise in the price of scrap metal has led to an increase in burglaries across the country, he says. Sergeant Haughey advises anyone selling scrap metal to ensure they are dealing with a licensed secondhand dealer. This will ensure that you are not supporting illegal activity, and will also give a level of security that you will actually get paid, he says. Businesses targeted tended to be on SH1 or main arterial roads and one business was targeted at least three times, he says. Sergeant Haughey is urging local businesses to be vigilant and make sure items that may be targeted are not left in view. One business owner that was targeted, who did not want to be identified, says the perpetrators were caught thanks to security cameras. He recommends other businesses think about installing cameras. Warkworth Wellsford Hospice has

stepped up security after the store on Woodcocks Rd was burgled three times in two weeks recently. A computer screen was taken, and the shop was vandalised — bales of recycled clothing were ripped apart and locks and doors were broken, hospice communications coordinator Leslie Ingham says. But the most annoying thing was the key and battery to a mobility scooter was taken, she says. “We had that donated to us and it’s worth quite a bit of money, but we can’t sell it without the key,” Leslie says. “We just want the key back. If someone could just quietly drop off the key that would be great.” It also took up a lot of time that volunteers generously donated, she says. “It’s just senseless. It’s really frustrating. We have volunteers who do an amazing job and then someone comes along and undoes a lot of the good work.” Burglary has been an ongoing issue for the hospice. Last year it was also broken into a couple of times, she says. “I don’t think some people understand that our funds go towards getting nurses and counsellors out to families who have someone suffering a terminal illness,” she says. Sergeant Bede Haughey says police have some leads for the burglaries and are “following a confident line of inquiry”.

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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014


Great War centenary sparks medal hunt

Retired Ahuroa farmer Bruce Jenkins couldn’t hide his emotion when he displayed his father’s World War I medals.

Great War, she asked Bruce Jenkins if she could look through his old tin of medals. That’s when she found the first – and so far the only – medal. It was presented to Bruce’s father Llewellyn (TOL) Jenkins, who left NZ for Egypt with the main body of the NZ Expeditionary Force in 1914. Bruce, who’s 84, says his knowledge of his father’s service is patchy at best. “I know his departure was initially

Imagine a society living off scraps. Brilliant.

delayed because of rumours that German raiders were in Auckland, but like many other servicemen, he never spoke about those days. “We know he served at Gallipoli with the Army Medical Corp, was wounded at Mons, in France, and was repatriated to NZ in 1917. He then rejoined the occupation army which went in to Germany. His younger brothers, Gus and Vivian, also served.”

After the war, TOL returned to Ahuroa, married an Australian girl who was visiting the district, and continued to farm Lynvale, which has been in the family for more than 130 years. He took an interest in local politics and was the riding member for Kaipara for 33 years and Rodney County chairman for 10 years up until 1963. According to H Mabbett’s book The Rock and the Sky, TOL Jenkins “will always be remembered in local body circles in Rodney as the man who seized the chance that came with the operation of the National Roads Board to persuade his ratepayers to revolutionise their roading by introducing a five-year sealing programme.” The Ahuroa Roll of Honour, which is now housed at the RSA in Warkworth, records the following names, all of whom would have been eligible for the Ahuroa Medal: CF Berger, W Berger, WJ Davie-Martin, TOL Jenkins, HA Jenkins, CV Jenkins, WL Pine, CJ Parker, AH Parker, J Paul, B Turnwald and WS Woodcock. Those who fell: A Hannah, VR Sanderson, AR Sanderson, J Searchfield, R Searchfield and J Turnwald.

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There’s a treasure hunt underway in Ahuroa, but not for any ordinary prize. Descendents of long-standing Ahuroa families are being asked to rummage through their storage closets and drawers in the hope they might uncover an Ahuroa Medal. The small, shield-shaped gold medals were presented to returning World War I servicemen, and the families of those who didn’t return, in recognition of their sacrifice. Navy museum operations manager Cliff Heywood says the awarding of commemorative medallions and badges around the time of World War I was a popular way for communities to acknowledge people and events. “The Government of the day also recognised those who fell, with a bronze plaque, known as a death plaque,” he says. “It had the name of the departed serviceman engraved on the face and was sent to the man’s family.” Knowledge of the Ahuroa Medal only surfaced recently when local resident Mavis Russell (nee Langman) noticed a mention of it in a 1914 Weekly News article, listed on the website Papers Past. Aware that three members of the Jenkins family had fought in The


April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Mahurangi Marine

Wanted: Family photos or records from the 1910s Those old photo albums stacked away in a forgotten corner of the house might contain the key to an Auckland Council research dilemma. Council’s heritage unit is currently researching a selection of sites in the Rodney area as part of its regional World War I heritage trail project. Team leader of heritage information management, Peri Buckley, says her team is specifically interested in records, papers and photographs of Wilson Cement Works in Warkworth, Ahuroa Hall, Warkworth War Memorial, Wellsford War Memorial Gates and Helensville Railway Station. The information and photographs will be used on interpretive displays or signs; in a trail brochure; and for the website and the Heritage Trail mobile application. “The First World War Heritage Trail stretches across the Auckland region and highlights about 60 sites that are significant to NZ’s response to the First World War on themes such as going to war, military training, the home front, the economic war effort, opposition to the war and remembrance. “We’ve been working with

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organisations like Auckland Museum, local museums and historical societies, Archives New Zealand, and our colleagues at the Auckland Libraries Research Centres to put together stories about each site, but we need more information about sites in the Rodney area,” says Ms Buckley. These heritage trail sites were chosen as a representative sample of sites relevant to the First World War across the region. Although the heritage trail will not be a comprehensive list of every site, there will be an opportunity to contribute additional information as part of other centenary projects. “We’ve got our final list of sites for the trail,” says Ms Buckley. “However other programmes in the national ‘WW100’ centenary commemoration programme offer opportunities to research or commemorate other sites and stories that might not feature on our trail,” she says. If you have any information or photos you would like to share with Council contact Peri Buckley on 09 301 0101 or

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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

the local vocals choirinc. are singing

Songs of Freedom

in a new 10 week Singing Series with Max Maxwell from ‘Sing for Joy’ starting 4th May Wellsford District Community Centre, All welcome no auditions, come and sing for joy!

for more details, contact Rebecca: email.

The Mahurangi built Clearwater tugboat and 300-tonne barge are stationed at Sandspit ready to begin dredging the marina and work has begun assembling the pontoons.

Sandspit Marina raring to go

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Over 100 people turned out to a celebratory lunch at Sandspit Yacht Club in the hope that work will soon begin on the Sandspit Marina. The consent for the Construction Management Plan has been lodged and, pending its acceptance, construction should begin before the end of the month, Hopper Construction general manager Guy Jones says. Assembling of the pontoons has already begun and the Mahurangi built Clearwater tugboat and 300-tonne barge are stationed on site waiting to go. The Clearwater was built for future dredging of the Mahurangi River, and tugboat owner Peter Thompson says

the contract will help fund the barge and tugboat for the dredging. “The Mahurangi River is one of my favourite areas and my vision is to get that dredged. This project is helping the Mahurangi River in no uncertain terms,” he says. Guy outlined the timeline for the project, but a question from the crowd, ‘when is it going to start?’ highlighted the growing impatience of some of those waiting to get their boats in the water. Marina superintendent Graham Maker made light of the situation with the quip: “Eight years ago we told everyone it was a three-year project, so give or take a few years, we are going alright.”

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Bunkers appear at Omaha

April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Warkworth Music presents

a return visit by internationally acclaimed NZ pianist


Works by Barber, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Hindemith

Thursday 15th May at 7.30pm

Mahurangi College Hall, Warkworth. Please note day Tickets at door • Adults $30 • Students Free • Info. Ph 425 7313

The sign “Uneven Surface” has become a permanent fixture in Reliance Way, Omaha. Pictured are property owners Declan Hickey (left) and Blair Martin.

When it comes to road surfaces, it seems Reliance Way in Omaha is anything but reliable. Residents are irate at the patch-up job Auckland Transport continues to do on the cobblestone street. They feel they are paying the price for a mistake in the original design of the road, built about 20 years ago. “Instead of putting the underground stormwater drain under the road verge, it’s under the road itself,” resident Blair Martin says. “About five years ago, water leaking from the pipes started to undermine the sand on which the cobblestones are laid. It’s just gotten worse from then onwards.” Residents claim that some of the holes appearing in the road are up to 1m deep and 7-8m wide.

“So far we’ve been lucky because we’ve seen them and called Council straight away and we’ve put up some sort of barrier or sign immediately. But, sooner or later, there’s going to be a serious accident. Holidaymakers, who often arrive after dark on a Friday night, own a number of homes in the street. I’d hate to think what would happen if a car wheel went into one of those holes.” The residents say that Council’s attempts to address the sinking pavers – using a coal mix fill, steel plates and pumping concrete into a sleeve inside the pipeline – have all failed. The only comment Auckland Transport would make on the issue was to say that there was an issue with the storm water pipes, but “this has been repaired and the pavers reinstated”.

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Mahurangi Matters


April 16, 2014

Kowhai Singers and Pohutukawa Singers conducted by Peter Cammell present


Warkworth Kindergarten enjoyed the new carpet in the Plunket building.

Plunket building reopens



Bernice Austin (sop.) Beverley Hicks (alto) Iain Tetley (ten.) Crispin Caldicott (bass) Michael Bell (organ)

Saturday 3 May 7pm Warkworth Primary School

Also at Orewa College Sun 4 May 3pm

Tickets $25 from Maria’s Florist or Not Just Hats

at the or Phone 4684 426or 6815 Ticketsor$25 fromdoor Maria's Florist 425 or Not JustorHats at the door

The Plunket building in Warkworth has reopened after a 12-month makeover. Warkworth Kindergarten came along to inspect the renovations and give it their seal of approval. Plunket committee member Angela Brangwynne says it’s a huge improvement. It is hoped the building will function as a parent room, where parents can feed and change kids in a location close to town, as well as providing headquarters for the three nurses. It will be a great place for parents to feed or change children while running errands, Ms Brangwynne says. The renovations have made the room a lot more welcoming for parents and children, she says. “It was pink and blue before, with pink floors. It was really cold and uninviting. But it’s been transformed

now. We are really happy with it. It’s bright and feels a lot better.” Angela McCall from AJM Interior Design offered her services free of charge and she’s done a fantastic job, Ms Brangwynne says. Brian Andrew Ms McCall says Ms and Brangwynne his wife has been vital to seeing the Moira. project through, which was delayed for about 10 months when drainage issues were discovered in the building. “She’s just made the whole thing happen and put in so much time and energy in. She was there with sandpaper preparing the building right at the start. Nothing was a problem for her and she really made it happen.” Mahurangi Kindergarten painted a mural for the back wall of the toilet room and the Warkworth Private Kindergarten created a big heart artwork in the washroom.





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April 16, 2014

Charity comes to the rescue of meals-on-wheels service A Warkworth charity has stepped in to save a meals-on-wheels service that was threatened with closure this month. The Rodney Health Charitable Trust has agreed to continue a service that was due to be dropped by Geneva Healthcare on April 11. The trust is run by Warkworth resident Wendy Hawkings, who retired last month as chief executive of Geneva Healthcare. She took up the job after selling her own business, Healthlink North, to Geneva last year. Mrs Hawkings says income earned from the sale will continue to fund the charitable trust. She did not want to comment on the sale process, but is keen to assure people in the Mahurangi region that the frozen meal service will continue as usual. “It will be run from Warkworth as it was in the past. The only difference will be the phone number they ring to order them,” she says. The meals will not be going up in price and delivery will still be free. The trust has kept a bus that is used for weekly entertainment outings for elderly in the region, and that service, run by Judith Cowie, will also continue, she says. Mrs Hawkings has also taken over a loan pool for health equipment, which she will run from her home.

The loan pool lends out equipment such as wheelchairs and walking frames for a token donation. “If they can give $5 toward something, then that’s fine,” she says. Geneva Healthcare also announced last month that it would be closing its Warkworth office and moving several staff to Albany. Mrs Hawkings says the trust still owns the building, which is along from Mahurangi College on SH1, and is keen for the community to suggest ways it could be used. “We’re looking for suggestions of what we could do with the big house up by the road,” she says. “We’d like to know if there is any way we could help the community with that.” The trust also continues to own an apartment at Gulf Harbour and a house at Mangawhai, that is available for staff holidays, she says. It will also continue to earn income from units for the elderly that it owns in Mangawhai. It will also continue to subsidise private day-surgery, in partnership with the Rodney Surgical Trust, and its support for organisations such as Adults In Motion. * To order frozen meals, phone Annette Carr on 425 7477. * For equipment from the loan pool, or book a staff holiday home, phone Wendy Hawkings on 425 9381.


Mahurangi Matters

Warkworth & District Museum Open Day Sunday 27 April starting 10am


Come and have a look around the Museum!

There will be a rare chance to access normally closed work areas such as document archives, photo archives, machinery display shed, workshops and textiles.

Museum volunteers will run vintage machinery, including a hay baler, engines, tractors and mills. Food stall available on the day. Come along and also enjoy bush walks through Parry Kauri Park. Parry Kauri Park, Tudor Collins Drive (Off Wilson Rd, Warkworth) Phone: 425 7093 | Email:

See you there!



09 422 5877 021 269 4270

  




Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014


Sweetappreciation with Chocolate Brown


• Quiet horses and ponies • Farm & Forest treks • Birthday rides • Lessons available • Social or family groups • English study tour groups • Holiday and weekend horse riding camps • People with disabilities welcome • On the doorstep of Sheepworld, Matakana and Goat Island

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Jacko found out that I was struggling to get my daughter Holly access to our house as a result of the driveway having loose metal. Holly has severe cerebral palsy and relies on a power wheelchair for her mobility. Jacko not only provided his labour for free to seal the driveway, he also arranged for his friends and co-workers to volunteer their labour and asked Wharehine to provide a reduced price for the concrete. I felt very humbled by all this support and am exceedingly grateful not only to Jacko but all those involved for their kindness and support.

the numbers game





1 2 4





9 9


9 6

Know someone who deserves a big “thank you” for their community spirit? Tell us and they will receive acknowledgement in Mahurangi Matters and an amazing hamper from Chocolate Brown, 6 Mill Lane, Warkworth. Send your nominations to (subject line: Sweet Appreciation) or post to: Sweet Appreciation, Mahurangi Matters, PO Box 701, Warkworth.

7 6





3 4



This issue’s recipient of a gift basket of chocolates from Chocolate Brown is Jack Tupuhi of Warkworth. He was nominated by Leesa Ross, who wrote:

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Google: horse riding warkworth

8 5

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Sudoku 2

Send your nominations to

chocolate brown

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April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


More poppies, please Warkworth wool shop Robyn Egge Yarns is marking Anzac Day this month with a spectacular display of locally knitted and crocheted poppies. Owner Karen Caulfield put out the call for the poppies in last month’s issue of Mahurangi Matters — and was thrilled with the response. “I stopped counting after 130, but I’d still like more,” she says. “I’d like to fill the bottom of the window with a carpet of poppies.” The poppies will be on display for the rest of the month, and will then be donated to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, which hopes to display 5000 poppies for next year’s centenary of Gallipoli. Meanwhile, big turnouts are expected across the region for Anzac Day services. Wellsford RSA will have an installation of about 100 crosses, which will be installed in the park behind the Wellford War Memorial Library. The crosses will be inscribed with the names of locals killed in war. A display of military memorabilia will also be on show, which will include a Bren gun carrier (a tank-like vehicle), jeeps, and a range of machine guns from World War II. On May 3 and 4, Hakaru RSA is holding a commemoration called “Days of Thunder”. This will include a World War I battle re-enactment and a firepower demonstration from original weapons

Karen Caulfield with her window display.

from World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. The event will take place at the Hakaru RSA grounds in Kaiwaka. Re-enactment societies from the Auckland area will perform a mock battle each day, wearing complete replica uniforms of the German Paratroopers, the 82nd American Airborne and the 21st Kiwi Battalion. There will also be a display of military memorabilia including everything from handguns to a 1960s Howitzer cannon, and military vehicles, as well as classic cars, hotrods and Harleys. The weekend is a fundraiser for the RSA’s welfare work and building maintenance.

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Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014



Sue Crawshay, TOSSI Committee Member

A real kiwi welcome Takahe are coming to Tawharanui Regional Park and we’re delighted to be working with Mitre 10 Mega Warkworth to make it happen. You too can help save this critically endangered bird. Join TOSSI, volunteer or make a donation*. We need to raise $30,000 to build a special fence and look after these treasured birds.

• $20

contribute to caring for a takahe • $100 cost of constructing five metres of fence • $500 cost of screening and tracking a takahe …………………………………………………………………………… 

I want to help takahe at Tawharanui ! $20



$ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (other amount)

Please enclose your cheque and post to:

More than 40 kiwi were recently released at the open sanctuary. They roamed all over the park until they found a territory which suited them and began to settle and hunt out a partner. Nine of the kiwi were fitted with transmitters — a little brown box about the size of a stock cube attached to their legs. The transmitter gave information on location, movement, nesting and incubation time by broadcasting a series of beeps which are detected with a receiver. We have no definite numbers of the kiwi population in the park. Call count listening is one technique that can give an indication of population. However, it underestimates the numbers of non-adults, as young birds are not territorial and do not call. These call counts have been steadily creeping up. Two of the male birds have incubated 13 eggs during the three seasons they were monitored. This is no mean feat as the incubation period is around 80 days. During this time the male only leaves the nest for extremely short periods at night to feed. Kiwi are starting to be frequently heard at dusk in the park and occasionally sighted. The best time to hear them is on calm nights. When Kiwi are transferred to a new site, part of the translocation requirements are to monitor the kiwi, to know how many there are, the proportion of adults to juveniles, and the health of the kiwi. The transmitters give some of this information but monitoring kiwi health requires catching the birds. In the past, Tawharanui has used James Fraser and Natasha Coad and their trained kiwi locator dogs to find kiwi during the day. These birds are then caught, measurements and weight are recorded, and previously metal-banded birds are noted. All the birds transferred to Tawharanui from Motuora had individually numbered metal bands fitted. Using the measurements and weights, we are able to determine the sex and age of the birds located, and to determine the health of the population. A population with very few juveniles means that there is little recruitment. A “normal” population has a 50:50 ratio of adult to non-adult kiwi. New juveniles are banded to give them a unique identification code. The dogs James and Natasha use are english setters. It is vitally important that the dogs pose as little risk to the target birds as possible. They are trained using homing feral pigeons to ensure that the dogs have a solid point and are steady to flushing birds.

Easter Palm Sale

Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc PO Box 112 Matakana 0948 Name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sat 17th - Mon 21st

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TOSSI member



Palms - Pitt Island Nikau $20 each + 11 other types of palms Cycads • Lepidozamia Perfoskyana • Cardboard Cycads • Encephalartos • Micro Zamia • Revoluta • Vireya • Bromiliads • Pony tail • Dragon trees • Australian Grass trees • Mexican Grass trees • Australian Bottle trees • Strelitzia - Nichalli • Strelitzia - Reginae • Strelitzia - Teaspoon • Aloes

For more donation options and to join TOSSI visit

102 Omaha Flats Road (Behind Matakana Fire Station) 0274 77 66 46 • 09 422 7057 Eftpos available. Open from 9.00am to 4.00 pm

* All donations are tax deductible

Photographs: DOC BC3456




Ideal for planter boxes

100mmx70mm @ $8/m


Up to BASALT LANDSCAPING one tonne ROCKS $120 per tonne

April 16, 2014

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Lyn Johnston, Albertland Museum

The house that Harold built When I consider the rigmarole involved in building a house these days, I think of how simple it was in my grandfather’s day. It was hard work, but there was certainly no red tape. In 1909, Harold Marsh proposed marriage to Grace Moffatt. He lived in the house his father built in the 1860s and perhaps it was getting a little rundown, so he decided to build a new one to start married life. Our family is fortunate to have not only his diaries and John Moffatt in the completed photographs to give details of the build, chimney. Photo, WH Marsh. but also invoices for building materials. The couple chose a flat site adjacent to the “old house” with a lovely view of the Oruawharo River. In June, Harold went down into his little patch of bush and cut trees to become house blocks. He went to Port Albert and arranged with Mr Bennett to supply the galvanised iron, spouting, ridging, paint etc and to deliver it. The following Monday, Bennett’s launch came down the river with most of the timber, weatherboards, lining etc. The diary notes that the weather was so rough Mr Bennett had to throw nearly all the load overboard to land it. Harold then had to get everything ashore. The whole next day was spent cleaning and stacking it, ready to haul 13 loads a half-mile or so from the beach using a horse and sledge. In late July, Bennett’s launch delivered corrugated iron, sash weights, nails, scrim etc and joinery from O’Brian’s of Wairoa. These supplies, too, had to be hauled up through the paddocks. While all this was going on Harold was still working his farm, gumdigging and travelling the district taking photographs, not to mention continuing to court Grace. He spent hours painting weatherboards before starting to build. On August 30, Harold wrote: “Guy Witheford came along in the forenoon and we commenced to build the new house and put in the blocks under the East and Mahurangi 15block.” April 2014 South Advertising walls. Took a in photo laying theMatters foundation Guy and his father, Walter Witheford, were accomplished builders in the district. On September 9, the framework began. Six days later Walter and Guy had the fascia and front and west side weatherboards up. The following day Walter arrived early and finished attaching the spouting. Guy and Harold completed weatherboarding the eastern side and put all the iron on the roof. Harold remarked that they didn’t knock off until 5.30pm, then he went to visit his fiancée. The exterior was completed by September 18 and the men began internal flooring and lining. By the end of the month, ceilings were up and scrim attached to walls ready for papering. Windows were installed and a porch built. Not everything was brand new. Internal doors from the old house were used in the new one and it’s always amused family and friends to see how many different hinge holes there are in some of these doors. Ceiling battens were reused. So, too, was the chimney, taken down brick by brick, cleaned and re-erected by John Moffatt, Grace’s father. The house was ready when Harold and Grace were married in February 1910.

“Change of Season reinvent your look update your colour” • Book a Cut & Colour in April & May and go in the draw for a pair of GHD’s value $250 • $20 off every colour service in May & June. Closed Easter Friday, Saturday & Monday

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100 extra prizes for Easter

Open Tue to Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat 9am – 1pm Ph: 422 9697 | 989a Matakana Rd, Matakana Village

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Spend $20 at either shop to go in our draw to win an Easter basket (drawn Saturday 19 April at 6pm) (2 draws)

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Cheese & Yoghurt Kits

Mangrove Jack, Black Rock & Brewtec Cans

Woodys Toy Box 231 Rodney Street, Wellsford

Easter Sale 20% to 50% off Toys & activities Be prepared for the school holidays with games and activities for all the children

221 Rodney Street Wellsford Ph 09 423 8258

Sale ends Wednesday 30 April


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April 16, 2014

> locallife


Wellsford gets behind lifesaving device

The chances of suffering a heart attack while playing sport or socialising at your local sports club are thankfully slim. But should disaster strike, help will be close at hand at Centennial Park in Wellsford. The community has clubbed together to fund a portable defibrillator, which will be permanently housed in a locked box outside the Wellsford Rugby Club. Wellsford District Sports and Recreation Collective co-ordinator Lynnette Gubb says getting the defibrillator installed has been quite a long process. It was originally thought the community would have to raise money, but in the end several businesses agreed to help out. The defibrillator was supplied by the Coast to Coast Hauora Trust. Wharehine made the metal box, while Warren Hedley from Specific Security Specialists made the keys. The Wellsford Lions paid for signage, and the Wellsford Pharmacy provided extra equipment. All users of the park have a key, and a key is also available at the clubrooms. Several defibrillators are already available in Wellsford, including at

Lynette Gubb (left), Wellsford Rugby Club coach Mick Sweetman, security specialist Warren Hedley, and local GP Tim Malloy admire the new cabinet housing the defibrillator.

Rodney College, at the Fire Station, at the Golf & Squash Club, the Medical Centre, and Te Ha Oranga. But local GP Tim Malloy says more are always welcome. “They’ve definitely proved to be a very useful tool,” he says. “We know that the more immediate the application of a defibrillator, the more effective it’s likely to be,” says Dr Malloy. “Collapse in the community is often a disaster, and knowing that there’s at least a tool immediately available, particularly in an area

where the public gathers, is entirely appropriate, and at least gives people a chance.” Dr Malloy says a defibrillator helped saved the life of a man who collapsed at the Caltex service station in Wellsford just before Christmas. “He was resuscitated and flown to Auckland, and he has now returned to work. It’s not always as successful as that, but just knowing that we can give people a chance for recovery is very worthwhile.”

Local choir set to perform again The Local Vocals Choir is launching another 10-week series of concerts, following on from its success over the past two years. This year’s theme will be “Songs of Freedom”, and will again be under the direction of choirmaster Max Maxwell. The choir developed from the original Wellsford Community Choir project, which began in 2012. President Sally Randall says this year’s theme will be “uplifting and positive”, with music styles from around the world. More members are being sought for the choir. No singing experience is needed and there are no auditions. The 10-week series begins on Sunday May 4, and will run on following Sundays from 3-5pm. It will conclude with a concert at the Wellsford District Community Centre on Sunday July 6. Members of the audience will be asked for a gold coin donation. Info:, or visit the choir’s Facebook page at www.

We love the life around us at Summerset! So many great people, who’ve made us feel so welcome.” Basil & Gwen Mead Great people make a great retirement village. Nowhere is that truer than at Summerset Falls. We have a warm and welcoming community, where the greetings are friendly and the smiles are genuine. Our residents are here to enjoy life, whether

it’s the organised activities or just getting together for a cup of tea and a chat. If you would like to know more about the friendly way of life at Summerset, please drop and see us , or call Steven Garner on 09 425 1202. You’ll find Summerset Falls at 31 Mansel Drive, Warkworth.

welcome home


April 16, 2014

RSA sponsorship continues Warkworth New World owner Anna Carmichael recently presented RSA manager Robbie Blair with a $5500 sponsorship cheque, continuing the long relationship between the two organisations. Every year New World provides over 2000 meat, grocery and fish packs for the popular $2 raffles the RSA runs every Friday night, hand packed and delivered every week by New World butcher Bruce Stubbs.

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Rejuvenate Me! mobile massage & universal body sculpting wrap pampered Bernadette Maunsell Mobile Massage available

NOW @ XS Cuts...massages available while you get a new hairdo. Mothers Day treat half hour foot spa with delicious essential oils $45

Ph 021 230 9098

ave t & blow swsa Wash, cue a ge with a hotahderms Day for m he month $50-for tMay. of

Local libraries get ready for school holidays Children’s TV star Suzy Cato will make an appearance at Lucy Moore Park during the school holidays, as part of a programme run by local libraries. She will take part in a “frog fun day”, alongside frog expert Phil Bishop, on April 26. Other events planned by Warkworth Library include treasure hunts, storytelling, crafts, photography, sports, makeup artistry and drama. There will also be a “medieval feast”. Mahurangi East Library is running a Horrible Histories Challenge. A Heroes Day on April 24 will commemorate the Anzac soldiers. There will also be a Bunny Hunt throughout the holidays. There will also be a visual literacy workshop for 11- to 14-year-olds, as a forerunner for the Auckland Fringe Photography Festival which kicks off at the end of May. Contact to register. Magical storyteller artist Stu Duvall will appear at both Warkworth and Mahurangi East with a pirate tale. Wellsford Library will have a Minecraft treasure hunt in the park, Anzac Day activities, “disgusting and crazy science” and makeup effects. There will also be a superhero day on May 1.



09 425 0441 | 27-35 QUEEN STREET, WARKWORTH


Roasted locally Awarded INTERNATIONALLY!




09 425 7088



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April 16, 2014


WIN $1000


Wendy Schick, Tumbleweed


Protect with Custom made Door and Window Screens Enjoy airflow

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HomePlus HomePlusRodney Rodney

16-18 Morrison Drive, Warkworth Ph:(09)4257053 16-18 Morrison Drive, Warkworth Ph:(09)4257053 Free phone: 0800 466 375 Website: Free phone: 0800 conditions 466and375 Website: *Full promotion terms andterms availableavailable at Ends 31/10/12. *Full promotion conditions at

Keep insects out

Staying alive Two consecutive summers have certainly taken their toll on the garden. This is due to our last winter not having enough rainfall to get the plants back into proper health and growth before the onslaught of another summer. I have noticed a number of plants that were struggling from the drought last year, particularly at Omaha Beach, are now finally giving up the fight to stay alive. How can we combat this problem? Mulching and watering. When you do water, give good long soakings rather than short frequent sprinklings. Applying mulch around trees and shrubs will also help retain valuable moisture. One of the nicest times in the garden is when the first spring bulbs start to peek out of the soil. In preparation for this we need to get the soil ready and plant bulbs now. Bulbs need to be planted in a well-drained position with a dressing of bulb food and compost. The general rule for planting depth is twice the diameter of the bulb. In heavier soils, plant a little closer to the surface. Containers are also a great alternative. Planting bulbs in layers close together with different varieties such as crocus and daffodils will prolong the flowering time, or all of one variety will give an intense mass display. Remember to keep soil moist and fertilise again with bulb food during the growth period. Root crops such as carrots, beetroot, parsnip and potatoes can safely be planted throughout autumn. Now the optimum time for planting potatoes. To prepare the soil, work over well. As potatoes are very heavy feeders, mix in plenty of compost, sheep pellets, and a specially balanced potato fertiliser high in phosphate. If you are short of space, try growing some in large planter bags with potting mix. They are very easy to grow — just tip them out when ready. Brassicas are now all ready to plant. Varieties to choose from are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts. When growing brassicas, apply a general-purpose fertiliser, and thoroughly dig through compost or sheep pellets before planting. White butterflies seem to be attracted to brassicas, but they can easily be controlled with derris dust or an insecticide such as Yates Mavrick. Broad beans and leeks are other winter favourites ready to be sown now. Autumn is the best time to sow a new lawn or renovate a patchy area, as warm soil combines with autumn showers and there are relatively few weeds sprouting. Happy gardening.


0800 96 96 94

Rodney’s only authorised Yamaha dealer!

Honda Warkworth

10 Morrison Drive Warkworth. Ph.09 425 9498

• Full outboard sales and service for new and used outboards • Extreme boats • New and used boats for sale g LOOkiNL • Marine Electronics and chandlery L E s tO Oat? • All brands of outboard/jetski’s repaired yOur b • Boat storage t us CONtaCy! tODa

Call us or call in...

Cnr SH1 & Goatley Rd (behind Keith Hay Homes) Warkworth - 09 945 2253


April 16, 2014


Ben Dugdale, Chairman, Matakana Winegrowers Assn.

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Harvest, step one Harvesting grapes is the end of a year-long process that relies on such disparate things as human intuition, sea temperatures off the coast of South America and the fertility of silvereye birds. Winemakers and vineyard managers rely on weather forecasts to determine how long they can keep the crop, as the riper the grapes the better the flavours – up to a point. Over-ripe grapes can create more problems than under-ripe ones. It is very critical to get to that point of optimum ripeness and while numbers can give you an indication, tasting the grapes is still the best test. Sea temperatures off the Chilean coast determine whether we are going into or coming out of an El Nino or La Nina weather pattern which may bring unwanted warm, wet depressions or hot, dry periods. Silvereyes are the most annoying of the vineyard pests. They are small, flighty and designed to flit in and out of small places. Their beaks are made to pierce fruit or flowers, and grapes are an ideal source of energy. They simply poke a hole in the grape, suck out a bit of sugary juice and then poke another hole in another grape. Those holes allow microbes to enter the grape and rot the fruit. Fruit flies follow, then wasps and bees. Larger birds tend to pick the whole berry and fly off. So, having spent hours worrying about those issues and more, we finally get to pick the fruit, then get them to the safety of the winery in order to begin the second stage of production – winemaking. White wines are made by getting the juice pressed out of the skins straight away. Red wines are made by leaving the skins in contact with the juice. Rose, on the other hand, is where you use red grapes, mash them up and then several hours later, press the juice off the skins. You end up with a light red juice that has a pleasing light pink blush. The exact colour of rose is very much a producer’s hallmark. Some love the light, faint pink blush; others prefer the bright, strawberry red hue. Some are bone dry, with crisp acidity and fine-grained flavours, and others are lush and smooth with a fruit salad character. Matakana Winegrowers make a large range of styles and I daresay that the ones we make this year will be full of character and display a rich range of flavours, acidity and sweetness. Look out for these wines when they become available after the cold damp days of winter are over and the bright spring days are upon us. I can’t wait.

Sue Wynyard 09 425 8912 0274 934 491

Lydia Miller 09 425 7555 027 555 1629

Nicky Snedden 09 425 8249 021 662 393

Rebecca Hay 09 425 9805 027 453 6992

Louise McLaughlin 09 425 6115 027 242 8830 Photo, left-right, Sally Wilson, Sue Wynyard, Kathy Carter-Lee, Lydia Miller, Rebecca Hay, Louise McLaughlin, and Nicky Snedden.

Contact one of the midwives or the Warkworth Birthing Centre

09 425 8201 •


Kathy Carter-Lee 09 425 6749 021 425 115

For the month of April, your examination is FREE when you book in your children as well. Dr’s Bart & Sam Rushton are here Monday to Saturday

16 Alnwick Street Warkworth

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Our experienced midwives will care for you from conception to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. We work from Whangaparaoa to Maungaturoto Coast to Coast.

Sally Wilson 09 425 8127 0274 977 745

Rushton Family Chiropractic is here to help build a healthy Warkworth community, economically.


are you pregnant?

Chiropractic care promotes communication between your brain and your body, by removing interference to your nervous system. This benefits everybody.

SCHOLARSHIP ALERT! For Year 9 & 10 students in 2015 The Ministry of Education have released a small number of ‘Aspire’ scholarships for 2015 to enable students from lower-income families to attend private schools such as Wentworth College in Gulf Harbour – Rodney’s only private school. Scholarship winners receive free tuition PLUS $1500 each year towards school related costs - not just next year, but for the remainder of their schooling at Wentworth! Applications close on 30 April so Act Now! For more information please contact Gail Clews on (09) 424-3273.;


In 2014, 1 in 3 applicants won a scholarship.


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April 16, 2014

Homebuilders Maria Collins, Help Desk Advocate

Longer all day spaces available Phone 425 7096 Email: 13 Albert Road, Warkworth Warkworth’s only public kindergarten

A member of the Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association

163 Rodney Street Culpans Building, Wellsford

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Homebuilders Family Services assists families under stress by supporting them to create positive changes that help them to resolve their current problems and strengthen their capacity to deal with future difficulties. To achieve this we provide a wide range of services which are free, confidential and easy to access. Our current services include: Family support: Providing home-based support to families so they can resolve relationship, parenting and communication issues. This can happen at any time for families and our workers will help with different strategies. Youth counselling: Offers counselling and support for young people going through a hard time, such as bullying or suicidal thoughts. For some young people they just need someone to talk to and help them sort through the issues that they are facing. Chrysalis children’s programme: A one-to-one programme for children who have been through an upsetting life experience such as parents separating, or the death of a family member. Boys’ programme: A one-to-one programme for 7- to 10-year-old boys which helps them deal with difficult life experiences such as managing anger or coping with problems at home. This programme is offered either at the school or at Homebuilders Family Services. Helpdesk: Offers support in dealing with government departments, financial or housing issues, or accessing other services for support. Disability information service: Providing information and assistance for those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Strengthening families: Support for families who are dealing with complex issues so they can develop and achieve their goals for change. Lifeskills and parenting courses: Are offered once a term through the “Living Well on a Low Income” courses. The brochures are available with the information about the courses at the beginning of each term. We offer the Family Support and Youth Counselling either in home or at Homebuilders Family Services in Warkworth. Homebuilders was established in 1989 and has 25 years’ experience in providing high quality support and assistance to local families who are under stress. We cover the whole of the North Rodney from Waiwera to Tauhoa.


* Offer valid until 30 April 2014 at participating clubs only. Applicable for minimum commitment of 12 months. Packages start as low as $18.24 a week. For full terms and conditions of this offer, ask in club or see © 2014 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and personal commitment to be effective and require professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual Results may vary.

Home Based Care & Education for 0-5 yrs

• Professional • Quality care • 20 hours pw free for •

3 & 4 year olds Competitive Rates

Now at a warm, nurturing home near you. 0800 FAIRIES (324 7437) Interested in becoming a Care Educator? We are always looking for quality people to join our team.

April 16, 2014


Seeing double worth the trouble in winter It is well-known that many New Zealand homes tend to be far colder than they should be. One way of raising the temperature is to double-glaze your windows and doors. But it’s important to consider other measures as well, says Murray Wyllie, from Composite Joinery. Murray has been in the business all his working life, and says changes to the Building Code, introduced in 2007, have definitely resulted in much warmer homes. While the new code does not specifically require double-glazing, it does require a range of measures that means it makes sense for most people to include it in their plans, he says. While double-glazing is almost a given in new homes, older homes can benefit from it as well, says Murray. “When people are replacing older joinery — because it doesn’t last forever — they are generally going for doubleglazing to better insulate their home,” he says. “But you shouldn’t really do just one thing. If you’re doing doubleglazing, you should really put more insulation in the walls and floor and ceiling as well. And if you do the walls, floor and ceiling but don’t do the joinery, you can put in thermal drapes, but it’s not the total answer.”

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FREE Wetback or FREE Hearth or FREE Child Guard

Purchase any Metro fire with flue kit & shield for April & May 2014 – Conditions apply

Ph. 09 423 8945 Fax 09 423 8951 EMAIL:

Murray suggests doing just one room at a time if cost is an issue. Gail McDowell, from Elite Windows, agrees, and says she has noticed a big increase in double-glazing over the past decade. Generally speaking, double-glazing will add about a quarter to the cost of a building project — but it’s definitely worth it, she says. There are many different types of double-glazing, says Gail, such as using argon gas between the panes, or using different tints on the glass. Some glass is also particularly good at blocking out noise. Her advice to clients is to ascertain what their needs are, and plan accordingly. A house on a noisy road may need double-glazing only on a bedroom, while a house near the water may need

WINDOWS! Need windows and doors for your new home or renovation?

tinted glass only on one side. If the house is shaded by bush, tinting is not a good idea as it will make the house too dark, she says. Both firms say retro-glazing is also popular, but Gail notes that it is usually not worth retro-glazing if you have older aluminium joinery. “It can be almost as expensive as getting completely new joinery, so we tend to say to people that unless you’re doing just one room, it’s better to get new joinery.” And yes, triple-glazing is now common in parts of Europe, but not yet in NZ. New Zealand simply isn’t cold enough, and the frames we tend to use are not big enough to accommodate so much glass, says Murray. But maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath.

21KW Diesel Heater with thermostat



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We specialize in all forms of Gas Heating, Plumbing and Solar Hot Water

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April 16, 2014

What type of heating suits you best? WE SELL - INSTALL - SWEEP

HUGE RANGE OF FIRES NZHHA registered & LPB Licenced SELL Spare Parts - Flues - Fireplaces Cookers - Wood Burners - Wetbacks

HOT SERVICE Since 1976 Ph. 09 423 8945 Fax 09 423 8951 EMAIL: WARKWORTH - KAIPARA & DISTRICTS

How you use the rooms that you want to heat often determines the types of heater that you should be considering, says the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). For rooms that you use regularly, it is well worth investing in suitable, fixed heaters that enable you to heat them effectively and cheaply, it says. Clean, effective forms of heating include modern wood and wood-pellet burners, Energy-Star-qualified heat pumps and high star-rated, flued gas heaters. But for rooms that only get used occasionally, for short periods of time, cheap electric heaters can often be sufficient. Heat pumps Good for: low running costs when used properly; producing instant heat; convenience - you can control the temperature and timing with the thermostat and timer controls. Be aware that: they must be sized correctly, for the space and the

climate, to work well; some are a lot more efficient than others; they won’t work during a power cut. Modern woodburners Good for: low running costs, especially if you have access to free or cheap firewood; they produce very little pollution and use renewable wood energy as a fuel; heating large spaces; heating hot water in winter through a wetback system. Be aware that: firewood must be dry to burn most efficiently so you need to plan ahead and store it undercover, ideally for at least 12 months; building consent approval for installation is needed and, unless your property is larger than two hectares, you need to use a woodburner on the Ministry for the Environment’s list of approved wood burners. Wood pellet burners Good for: the environment (the pellets are made from waste products and burn very cleanly); heat control (better than a wood burner); heating large spaces; heating hot water in winter through a wetback system. Be aware that: they won’t work if your electricity isn’t working; building consent is needed for installation; in areas with air quality issues only authorised burners can be installed. Flued gas (natural or LPG) heaters or fireplaces Good for: you can control the temperature and timing with the thermostat and timer controls; heating

larger areas for longer periods. Be aware that: you may have to pay a fixed charge for reticulated gas supply; EECA recommends choosing an Energy-Star-qualified model; gas heaters must always be installed by a registered gas fitter. Electric heaters Good for: heating a small room infrequently and for short periods only; very cheap to buy. Be aware that: they are more expensive to run than most other heating options; there are different types but they all have the same efficiency; there are different types that deliver heat in different ways; many have built-in thermostats, but generally they aren’t very accurate. Central heating Good for: providing whole-ofhouse heating; you can control the temperature and timing with the thermostat and timer controls; many are zone-controlled so you can control the temperature in different parts of the home. Be aware that: heat can be supplied by a gas or wood pellet heating system, or a heat pump; it is worth choosing a system that has an individual thermostat for each room; they can be very expensive to run if your house isn’t well insulated, or is draughty. The EECA has an online calculator that enables you to work out what size heater you need to heat a particular room. Go to:

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April 16, 2014

rodney realestate

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Meth tests becoming more popular in Mahurangi Nearly half of all Rodney properties tested for methamphetamine are coming back positive, as more landowners and homebuyers request tests. Meth Solutions has conducted 69 tests in Warkworth since late 2012 and 48 percent have come back positive. The tests are very sensitive and can give a positive reading if someone has smoked methamphetamine inside a house. But of the 69 tests, only six, or 9 percent, have been above the Ministry of Health guidelines of 0.5mg and required decontamination. Meth Solutions co-director Nicky Stratford says tests that are below the Ministry of Health guidelines generally indicate that people have been using P, rather than cooking it. However, heavy use can also push levels above the guidelines, she says. Harvey’s Real Estate in Warkworth has been using Meth Solutions since June. Property manager Amanda Wynne is a certified tester and has done 11 tests since June last year. “I did three in a week in February,” Amanda says. It is becoming more common for property buyers to request meth testing as a condition of sale, she says. About half of the tests she has done have come back positive, but none have been above the Ministry of Health guidelines, she says. “Property owners have been quite surprised by the results,” she says. But such a high level of positive results show it is important to get properties tested, as chemicals stay for a long time, she says.

   

 

 

 

  

  

    

 



Figures are from March 31, 2014, based on 565 properties sampled. The percentage indicates the proportion of properties with meth present. Circle size is in proportion to the number of properties tested in each area.   

“If someone smokes it there, it stays, which is quite frightening,” she says. Interestingly, Kaiwaka and Wellsford have had fewer positive tests than in the Warkworth area, she says. Barfoot & Thompson Warkworth manager Saull

Hinton says about one in four sales is conditional on a meth test. “That wasn’t happening a few months ago,” Saull says. Barfoots had conducted about a dozen tests, he says. “We recommend that landlords get them done so we can get on top of it and we are telling future tenants that tests are likely to be done,” he says. He was recently involved in the sale of an Omaha house which gave a positive test, suggesting P had been smoked in the garage. Potential buyers were told of the results, but in this case it didn’t have an impact on the sale price, he says. “But it shows it’s not just your three-bedroom house in Wellsford,” he says. Amanda recommends landlords have a property tested between tenants, as rental properties tend to be more affected. That allows a landlord to narrow down who is likely to be responsible and hopefully claim back some expenses via the bond. Decontamination can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the levels, so regular testing may allow a landlord to get on top of the situation, she says. There’s a huge stigma with having a house that needs treatment, but decontamination work can be “quite discreet”, she says. There is also a product called Meth Minder, which can detect if P if the chemicals used to cook P are present, she says. “It’s used as a deterrent,” Amanda says.

The Annual Surf Club Fundraiser

Omaha Beach


Dress to impress 80s style! Saturday 26 April 2014

- 6pm until late Omaha Beach Surf Life Saving Club Tickets $50 - available from Bayleys offices or Omaha Beach Surf Life Saving Club All money raised goes to the Omaha Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

Prizes for best dressed Bring your dancing shoes!

Live Band – Dancing – Charity Auction


Mahurangi Matters


April 16, 2014

Snells Beach

Snells Beach Invest or Nest


This sun soaked 3 bedroom home sits on an almost completely level section and is so simple to care for. Easy lawns, uncluttered grounds. Positioned for convenience. A short walk takes the worry out of getting young ones to school. Pleasant rural outlook, with a peep of the water. Whether you are looking for the perfect investment or an entry level home, be quick for the best pick in the bunch!

Large family home with delightful expansive view of Kawau Bay. 4 big bedrooms, modern kitchen, open plan dining/lounge opening on to covered decking looking over the mature fully fenced back garden and out to Kawau Island. 2 bedrooms and bathroom for the extended family downstairs. Garage, workshop, large laundry. Heaps of storage in this home. Hardstand for the camper van or boat. Close to everything Snells Beach has to offer.

$389,000 View by appointment Paul Gothard 021 422 738 09 425 1608 Terrence Banks 021 412 183 09 425 1612 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Snells Beach



At last a neat, tidy and affordable home in Snells Beach. Modern and clean. Handy to everything Snells has to offer with a sea view. 2 bedroom, up to date kitchen, open plan lounge/dining opening on to lovely North facing decking with all day sun and a sea view. Free standing single garage workshop with good hard stand area. Well kept low maintenance garden areas, fully fenced and does not have shared access.

Be first or miss out on buying this tidy 2 bedroom home. Close to beach and shops on a level, easy care site. Currently rented to a reliable tenant wishing to stay on. Perfect as a continuing investment property or priced for a first home buyer. Viewing is strictly by appointment and inspection is invited with the listing agent.

$389,000 View by appointment Barrie Bogue 021 835 914 09 425 1631 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

$320,000 View by appointment Robin Grant 021 657 220 09 425 1633 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Warkworth "More than meets the eye"!!


Best buy in town!!!! We were surprised by what we found & we’re sure you will be too!!!. This cute 3Bedroom plus office is very neatly presented, currently tenanted, but suitable as a first home too. Modern kitchen & bathroom and good quality chattels included. Single garaging. Fully fenced site secure for kids or pets and very handy to schools and Kindergarten.

This character filled 4-5 bedroom home on the flat is a real cutie. Perfectly positioned for the kids to play. Generous living throughout. Set on 1 hectare in a lovely peaceful location yet close to school and the Warkworth village.

$439,000 View by appointment Terrence Banks 021 412 183 09 425 1612 Paul Gothard 021 422 738 09 425 1608 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

$715,000 View by appointment Trevor Bogue 0274 980 836 09 425 1607 Janice Bogue 0274 980 804 09 425 1606 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Warkworth Historical Cutie With Grazing

$620,000 Barrie Bogue 021 835 914 09 425 1631 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Character and charm can be yours with this very cute warm and friendly home sitting pretty as a picture on 7221sqm of easy care flat land within a few minutes of Warkworth Township on the tar seal. Plenty of scope for landscaping or building a shed before the summer ends and then cosy up in front of the fire for the winter. 3 double bedrooms, 1 bathroom, sep. toilet and laundry. Well cared for and loved this home is now ready for its new owner. Viewing by appointment.

Magic Hideaway Inspiring new home on the waters edge just under ten minutes of Warkworth Township, Serene & private north facing bush setting of just over 1 hectare. Landscaping just being finished on this brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom easy care, trend setting home. Nature lovers will enjoy the array of native NZ birds and the beauty of the bush with good walking tracks. If you really want something totally unique then don’t delay as this type of property is rare.

$570,000 View by appointment Katie Boyle 021 733 858 09 425 1614 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

$669,000 View by appointment Katie Boyle 021 733 858 09 425 1614 Warkworth office 09 425 7959 Bogue Real Estate 2014 Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)


April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters


Briefs Snells Beach sale Bruce Goodhue and Barry Masefield from Barfoot & Thompson recently sold 206 Mahurangi East Road. The 6.45ha site has excellent frontage to Mahurangi East Road and is adjacent to the Cabra residential development. The site has been sold to a developer who intends to subdivide the property.

Ti Point still on market One of the region’s most spectacular properties – Ti Point Wines, on Taiere Road – was passed in at auction on April 9. Bayleys agent Dahnie Burton says no unconditional offers were received on the day. “This is a very beautiful property, but also very specific,” she said. “There’s good conditional interest, particularly since all previous price indicators have gone.” The waterfront property of just over 19 hectares includes three dwellings, a boutique vineyard and paddocks for stock.

Sales down in Rodney district

Farmers pays $5.7million for 1.2ha site at Silverdale The recent purchase of this site on the corner of Silverdale Street and Millwater Parkway by the Farmers Trading Company is the first indication of the type of retail centre that could be built on the land. Farmers purchased the 1.16ha site for around $5.7 million. Farmers Trading Company managing director Rod McDermott confirmed the purchase of the land, which is alongside the Silverdale Centre, but

would not provide any further details.The possible impact of Farmers’ future development in Silverdale on Whangaparaoa Plaza is also yet to be determined. Farmers, Whitcoulls and Stevens are all owned by the James Pascoe Group, and they all have stores in The Plaza. At this stage it is unknown whether any or all of those stores will continue trading in Whangaparaoa long term, as The Warehouse has, or open jointly at the new site in Silverdale.

Latest statistics from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) show sales volumes in the Rodney district fell by 4.5 percent in March, compared to March last year. There were 232 sales in March, compared to 243 in the same month the previous year. However, the number was well up on February, which had just 144 sales. The median price in the Rodney district in March was $615,000, well up on $523,500 the previous year. Nationally, sales volumes fell across the country by an average of 10 percent. REINZ chief executive Helen O’Sullivan said there were clear signs that the national sales volume trend was easing, continuing the trend that began last November. Only two of 12 regions, representing only 3.9 percent of total sales, showed an increase in sales volumes compared to March 2013.










ell your home with Borders and save thousands

Beach Snells Beach Warkworth Snells Beach e haveSnells cash buyers wanting suitable properties today Adrienne & Jim Steffener - Borders Real Estate Warkworth & Coastal Beaches


Key Information TION 1 Borders - License Sellers a super low fee of 4% other companies), Warkworth andpay Franchise Owners/ Marketing and2% Sales/(not Borders Reallike Estatemost (NZREAA) m. 021 740 806 p. 09 425 5394 e. and enjoy a free package with nothing to pay up front. m. 021 939 034 p. 09$1400 425 5394 marketing e. Adrienne Steffener, AREINZ qualified (Massey), began her real estate career in June 2000. While living in the area for more than 30 years enjoying NZREAA

8 years asFixed a successful estate agent in the Rodney real scene, Adrienne, now joined by her husband Jim, serves under a realty banner TION 2 Borders Feereal - Sellers pay a fixed feeestate from $9995.

Borders Real Estate NZREAA Licensed Agent (2008), an innovative and exciting agency with a fantastic opportunity for home sellers. Adrienne is

well known for achieving spectacular results, attaining millionaire status within a short time. Borders Warkworth, celebrating its fifth year is still your free appraisal NOW – Adrienne andupJim Steffener 425 5394 a key part of call the local real estate scene. Bringing a young family in the area, Adrienne and Jim have had strong community involvement in the Warkworth kindergarten, local schools and sport clubs. Further working for two International companies, Adrienne gained valuable experience in M: 021 740 806 or email direct selling and has a proven record for being able to operate outside standard working hours to ensure satisfaction for her clients. Jim enjoyed a successful career in the building trade. A love for our beautiful area and a deep passion for the variety of lifestyle that can still be enjoyed here visit ees Wanted all areas; Terms, Minimum fee their may apply, GST applies enables Adrienne and fee Jim& toadmin channel energy and enthusiasm These are sidelines to their dedicated passion to delivering honesty, loyalty and integrity to their clients. Our real estate practice is of a high standard and we specialize in selling residential and lifestyle in your area including Leigh- Omaha- Matakana- Sandspit- Snells/Algies Bay- Scotts Landing-Mahurangi West & Kaipara.

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N.Z.R.E.A.A. Liscensed



Mahurangi Matters

winterheatingfeature realestate

April 16, 2014

Bayleys charity auction set to raise funds for surf club EXCLUSIVE TO MIKE PERO “Never before has this been done... List with us & see your home featured on either TV One Breakfast or TV3 Nightlne. Reach up to & beyond 40,000 viewers.”


0800 500 123

Bayleys in the North is throwing an 80s beach party and charity auction on April 26 to raise money for the Omaha Surf Life Saving Club. Established in 1988, the club has continued to grow to meet the needs of the burgeoning Omaha population. The club has around 65 active patrolling lifeguards and around 120 junior surf members, in addition to an enthusiastic community of volunteers and supporters. The not-for-profit club provides a dedicated lifeguard service with trained volunteers patrolling almost 4km of beach and keeping a watchful eye over the 3000 visitors each day during peak season. Bayleys in the North director Mark Macky says the club is a hub for a great community, and not only keeps the beach safe, but also keeps its younger members active and involves them in the community.

“This is the largest fundraising event for the Omaha Surf Life Saving Club each year so come along and support a great cause.” Auction items donated by generous local businesses and individuals include three-course dinners, artwork, and accommodation. Money raised on the night will go towards the continued development and improvement of the club. The evening will also feature a silent auction. Thanks to a mobile phone app, people will be able to bid on the silent auction remotely over the 3G network. It is the tenth year Bayleys in the North has supported the Omaha Surf Life Saving Club, raising $40,000 at last year’s event. Tickets can be purchased at the Omaha Surf Life Saving Club or at the Bayleys Omaha, Warkworth and Mahurangi East Offices.

Golf day brings hospice hub closer

Andrew Steens

Angela Wain

021 968 405 (09) 422 7067 Omaha, Matakana, Point Wells, Leigh

027 493 6800 (09) 422 7067 Omaha, Matakana, Point Wells, Leigh

Valerie Hunter

Jeff Montrose

Debra Fokkema

Carol Kaye

027 289 9532 Mahurangi East, Algies Bay Snells Beach 021 168 1821 (09) 423 9577 Wellsford, Port Albert, Pakiri

Monique Rowe

021 978 877 Kaipara Flats, Ahuroa, Kaipara Coast, Makarau

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REAA (2008)

027 621 3765 (09) 425 7131 Warkworth

Terminally ill patients and their families will soon have access to a new care facility in Warkworth, thanks in part to a charity day that raised around $60,000. Volunteers from Bayleys Warkworth and Omaha organised both a silent and live auction that followed the Hospice Charity Ambrose Golf Tournament at Omaha Beach Golf Club on March 29. Club manager John Phillis says 66 silent and live auction items sold on the night, run by Bayleys auctioneer Gary Caldwell. Broadcaster Brendan Telfer was guest speaker, Bayleys Omaha salesperson Richard Turner was MC and fellow Omaha agent Jenni Marsh helped to coordinate the event.

A BIG thank you to the supporters of the 2014 Warkworth Trolley Derby

021 474 232 Matakana, Rainbows End, Takatu.

Ian Bateman Sally Brown

0800 PUHOI 1 (784642)

Puhoi, Mahurangi West

A 15 second TV commercial produced by a professional ‘agency’ elsewhere and played on TV One or TV3 could cost you in excess of $6000+gst. For a limited time only. Conditions apply.

Harvey Carran MS Engineering Darren Knight Chartered Accountant Elocin Specialty Foods Warkworth Collision Repairs Warkworth Car and Truck Rentals Mitre 10 Kitchen Works Warkworth Printing Warkworth Sheetmetals Temporary Traffic Control – Silverdale Hibiscus Rodders Central Landscape & Garden Supplies Mason Contractors

Hynds - Warkworth Herons Flight Downers - Warkworth Jacob Spragg - Traffic Control Matt Parker - MP Lighting and Electrics Mark Wakefield - NZ Police Highway Patrol Sceats Earthmovers Ltd. Mahurangi Matters Rodney Times Media Works Nelson and Mangere Bridge Trolley Clubs Terry Clarkson - Whangaparaoa Rotary Warkworth Lions Auckland Council

And THANK YOU!... to all our amazing volunteers on the day.

April 16, 2014




River Nile Linens

Cider Shed

River Nile Linens has moved into Matakana village, just next door to the preschool, Small Steps. Last October Jenny and Tony Bullock bought the business with the intention of moving it into Matakana, to be a part of the great atmosphere of the village, they say. “There may have been a bit of confusion regarding the future of the business recently because the property where the business was previously located is for sale. We just want our customers to know we are definitely still in the area and look forward to seeing them call in to our new premises”, Jenny says. When Jenny and Tony bought the business they were looking to return to the area permanently. For a number of years they had a property at Omaha but back then the timing wasn’t quite right for them to live here. Now they’ve purchased land in Matakana and hope to start building soon and are looking forward to the transition from commuters to locals. “I’m really loving the business, people come in just to say hi, which is really great. Once we’re properly settled the next step is to work on some new

Cherry Men has been flat out for the past few years being a full-time Mum. With three children — aged 2, 3 and 13 — to keep an eye on, she’s been kept pretty busy. But she has finally decided to take on a new challenge, taking over the wellknown Cider Shed café and vegetable shop on SH1 just north of Warkworth. Originally from Beijing, Cherry has previously worked as a personal assistant, and in advertising and public relations in China. She also had her own IT business for six years, selling networks to government departments and banks. After moving to Auckland, she completed an accountancy degree at Massey University, and is relishing the chance to run her own business again. “I have found that Kiwis are very friendly, and very helpful, which you won’t find in many other places,” she says. “People really care – it’s not just about the money.” She wanted to find a business that would allow her to continue to spend time with her children, and initially considered chicken farms, and growing tomatoes. She also looked at cafes, and considered setting up her own vegetable business, but was

Jenny Bullock

embroidery designs and get our online store up and running”, Jenny says. We have an open plan workspace and people love being able to come in and see our production area in action, she says. “The nice thing about the shop is the people you meet. People who come into the shop have a love of nice things and appreciate the quality of the luxury pure cottons we use.” The couple are planning a trip to Turkey in the near future, which will include a visit to the facility where the cotton is milled.

Mahurangi Matters


Cherry Men

thrilled when she came across The Cider Shed. “I loved the property as soon as I saw it.” Cherry wants to assure existing customers that she will at least maintain the business as it has been in the past. But she is also keen to make improvements, and is especially keen to forge stronger links with locals through newsletters and special deals, as well as boosting its profile through tourism networks. She is determined to sell the freshest and best quality produce she can find, and to gradually renovate the café as well. “I just want all the community to know that by taking over this business I’m not changing things for them. The food will be at least the same quality, and if they have any concerns they should just pop in and see me and I’ll address any concerns they might have.”


River Nile Linens 100% Pure Luxury Cotton Bed Linen Matakana designed and made

! D E V O M E V A H E W 988 Matakana Road, Matakana 0948

Ph 09 422 9286

Home made fresh food Great coffee Family friendly with playground and park golf Garden bar Range of liqour Venue for functions Fresh fruit & veges Free range eggs Open 7 days • 7am-4pm Open for Easter & ANZAC weekend Open for group dinner bookings please enquire 182 SH1, Warkworth | 09 422 2274



Mahurangi Matters


April 16, 2014



Bonjour Patisserie

NZ Solar Northland

Christian Herbulot has travelled the world on the back of his baking skills, and has finally found paradise living in Mahurangi. He started bakery and pastry business Bonjour Patisserie in November, continuing his lifelong love affair with dough. He has previously worked as manager of the chocolate factory at Chocolate Brown and as desert chef at Plume. His passion for baking started as a child in the family bakery in the Republic of the Congo. “That’s what I always wanted to do from a very young age. There was no issue deciding what to do for a job,” Christian says. His family sent him to France for an education and he went on to study in Paris. After graduating he began his own education, travelling the French countryside and learning all he could about traditional French baking. “Different areas have different styles. I love how they bake in the countryside. They are purists,” he says. His other passion, surfing, took him to Bali for seven years, where he opened up a restaurant and later started a bakery. Political tension in Bali led him to move to Australia, where he worked in a series of top restaurants making desserts and baking. But 10 years ago he decided it was time

Warren and Wendy James are country people at heart. They used to live in Albany, before it became a suburb of Auckland, then moved to Matakana, where they managed John Baker’s Country Park. For the past 20 years they have been in Wellsford, where Warren has worked as a contractor doing all types of farm infrastructure. But health problems forced them to consider a change. They had both been interested in solar power for some time, and started investigating the industry. That led to them becoming the distributors for NZ Solar in Northland — a region that stretches from Orewa to Cape Reinga. “We looked at lots of different things, and this fitted in with my building experience,” says Warren. “We both feel quite strongly that it’s an industry that’s got a good future. And it’s exciting to help people out.” Several of their friends have recently installed solar power. The couple also supply hot water systems, and are particularly keen to work with local farmers. “Some of the people who’ve installed it have surprised me, actually,” says Warren. “It’s no longer just a ‘green’ thing.” The couple say they chose NZ Solar because it has been in business for a decade. The company is based in Nelson, and has only recently

Christian Herbulot

for a change and moved to Auckland, working in high-end catering, before finally settling in Mahurangi three years ago. “When you travel all the time you are always searching for the perfect place. When I came here I found my little piece of paradise. For me, it’s the end of the road.” Mahurangi is a great place to raise children, and brings back fond memories of his own upbringing, he says. “I grew up on a beautiful beach on the coast of Africa. You’ve got the beach in front of you and the forest behind you. It’s like a fairytale. Here reminds me a bit of growing up there.”

• Wedding cakes • Croquembouche • Dessert catering • Wholesale 19b Queen St, Warkworth Christian Herbulot 021 0755 896

Warren and Wendy James

expanded into the North Island. Only licensed tradespeople are used for installations, and NZ Solar also stands behind their work. “They do a quality job with a quality product,” says Warren. The technology and its cost has vastly improved over the past few years, he says, and in most cases the investment should pay off within five to seven years. However, they have heard of farmers whose payback period is even shorter, because they are such big users of hot water. A lot of work goes into customising the system to people’s specific needs, says Wendy. “If you’re going to sell something, you want to sell something you believe in,” she says.


April 16, 2014



Paul de Vries

People also call the business when they want to sell, as a smart-looking deck can make a significant difference to a property’s value, says Paul. Sandra agrees. “The wife is going for the kitchen and the deck,” she says. The business has also branched out into garage carpet, which can also add thousands to a property’s value, says Paul, because it effectively adds an extra room to the house. “If you take your average double garage, you can turn it into a rumpus room or living room. To build one, you’re looking at $60,000 for a room that size.”

Change is in the air for Wayne and Elaine Dodds — they have started an earthmoving business, Pro-Dig, after owning Trench & Power for 12 years, and they have moved onto dry land after five years living on a yacht. It was time to move on from their trenching and cabling business, Wayne says. “But we are not finished with the earthmoving industry and will continue to offer our services and my 40 years’ experience,” he says. Pro-Dig will work on everything from landscaping, to laying driveways and tidying up building sites. “I’ve always been involved in earthmoving. That’s what I’m good at and that’s what I know,” Wayne says. He and Elaine ran Trench & Power from the 65ft yacht they also lived on. They moored the yacht on the Mahurangi River and, after Wayne installed a fireplace, it was comfortable all year round, he says. “You meet a lot of nice people on the river. It’s a big boat and you’ve got all the comforts of home,” he says. “We’d fish flounder off the back of the boat,” says Elaine. “We also had pet eels and pet ducks.” They have done up five yachts over the past 30 years and have kept the boat for the odd getaway. But after living back on land for about a year, they are enjoying the change.

Wayne and Elaine Dodds

“I’ve got gardening to do now,” Elaine says. They are looking forward to the challenge of the new business, and are incredibly grateful to the customers they’ve had in Rodney over the years, Wayne says. “We would like to thank all our customers from Trench & Power Services, in particular local power network Electrix and GJ Gardiner have been great to us over the years,” he says. “Derek and Jan Browne have taken over the business now and we wish them well.”

We Clean, Stain, Paint & Restore

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Deck & Fence Pro After 17 years of running an office products business in South Africa, Sandra and Paul de Vries were keen for a change. Paul’s brother lived in Howick, so they decided to move to Auckland, where he originally worked for Carter Holt Harvey’s Infotech division as an asset auditor. But after a few years they ended up buying the West Auckland franchise of Deck & Fence Pro. At the time they were living in Titirangi but once their children moved out, they decided it was time for another change. So they sold the business to their son, and moved to a rural property in Wellsford. They have now bought the North Auckland Border franchise of Deck & Fence Pro, which covers much of Rodney. The business specialises in paint, oil and stain restoration of decks and fences, and prides itself on saving its customers money by extending the life of their decks, without the huge cost of replacement. “We recently did a quote for someone and a renovation cost $2800, compared to a new kwila deck, where just the timber was $10,000,” says Paul. “We can get a good five or six years extra out of the timber before they need to replace it, so it’s saving them heaps and extending the lifespan of the deck a bit longer.”

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April 16, 2014




Farmers’ spirits low as drought proves too much for some As the second year of drought begins to bite, some farmers have reached the end of their tether and are selling up. Dargaville dairy farmer Carol Blagrove has put the farm she owns with her husband on the market as drought conditions continue. “We’ve had enough,” Carol says. They have had the farm for three years, but consecutive years of drought have taken a toll, both mentally and financially. “This year people don’t have that same buoyancy. Last year people were thinking we can get through this. This year people have their heads down. My husband gets down on it and people are really low,” she says. “It’s not just the money, it’s the stress.” Recent statistics from the chief coroner’s office found that, apart from old age and illness, suicide is the leading cause of sudden death for farmers, with suicide responsible for significantly more farm deaths than quad bike crashes and drowning. In 2010, rural New Zealanders were 43 percent more likely to commit suicide than urban New Zealanders, with male suicide rates around 67 percent higher in rural areas compared to men

in urban centres, a recent Federated Farmers media release states. In light of the statistics, the website has tailored its content to be more relevant to rural communities. The high suicide rate is probably because of times like these, Carol says. Fonterra payouts have helped, but not much, she says. “It would have been devastating, now it’s just soul destroying,” she says. “But our farm isn’t that bad compared to out on the coast. We have some grass, but they have absolutely none. They say even the rabbits are starving out there.” If they sell the farm they will continue to work in the industry, but the first thing will be a holiday, she says. Northland Rural Support Trust coordinator Julie Jonkers says the service provides counselling services

and urges anyone who is struggling to get in touch. “Farmers are so stoic they just put their head down and keep going. But some times you need to stop and see the seriousness of the situation,” she says. There is also a shortage of supplements such as hay, which has made feeding stock more costly, she says. Julie knows of one farmer who has had to sell all of his capital stock. “He couldn’t afford to feed them,” she says. “People don’t realise how expensive it is. It can knock $100,000 off your profit. For smaller operations that’s huge, especially if it’s happening three years in a row.” The long-range forecast has provided little comfort. NIWA’s April to June forecast gives a 35 percent chance rainfall will be below average, with a 40 percent chance of near average rainfall. Meanwhile, a recent report

released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated droughts are likely to become more common in Northland. NIWA scientist Brett Mullan says climate patterns tend to swing back and forth, so you may get a wetter decade, but long term there will be less rain. “There are a lot of reports predicting the future climate for the area, and the common theme is less rain for Northland,” he says. “But I expect farmers will ignore the findings until they see the effects on the ground,” Brett says. Carol says most farmers don’t believe the climate predictions and will deal with conditions as they present themselves. Farmers are already sowing more crops and will look to produce more silage than last year and reduce stock sizes, she says. Julie says farmers are used to changing practices to suit conditions. “Farmers are probably one of the most adaptive industries in New Zealand.” She would like to hear from anyone who has grazing available or silage to give on 0800 787 254.

Proudly stocking the largest range of work boots and gumboots in the Warkworth area, call in and discuss your requirements with Peter and the team. Including safety, non safety, men’s and women’s styles, and a full range of sizes. Free socks while stocks last….with John Bull or Blundstone Boots

John Bull and Blundstone have a 2 year manuFacturer’s guarantee.

Businesses and Contractors we have discounts for volume orders, please shop locally and save.

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April 16, 2014

CountryLiving Julie Cotton

Not so super city The implementation of the Supercity for rural landowners and farmers has been a complete disaster, and I am yet to find any rural landowners who will disagree with me. The facts are now on the table and it is obvious our initial fears about amalgamating with the city have been realised. It seems our big sister city wants to eat her cake and most of Rodney’s as well. Is it any wonder why farm gate banter is now focused on whinging about Council as opposed to commodity prices and the weather? I am a firm believer that every citizen should be entitled to basic core services; after all historically this is why councils were originally formed. Decent roading, sewerage and water must be provided first and foremost – end of story. But our rates are now expected to provide for so many other amenities. Traditional services that were once provided by central government through our taxes are now being foisted upon ratepayers and our Government has become a bit “chequebook shy”. The Supercity concept was sold to rural people under the banner of more money for the peripherals. We were all thinking that our problems would be solved, but in fact the opposite has occurred. It is funny how people think, though. A caller from the city recently rang a national talkback radio show and stated that Aucklanders should not be expected to use their money to provide services for towns like Warkworth. I nearly fell off my chair. It must be very hard for our Local Board to try and satisfy everybody with such limited funds — a clear-cut case of which seagull gets the chip. The microeconomies of our small rural communities and those of our satellite towns are very susceptible to change and over-regulation, and must be protected. Local money must circulate within our communities for us to survive, and this includes revenue from rates and ever-increasing compliance costs that are being bestowed upon landowners. Local contractors must always be given opportunities to tender for local work; a bureaucratic firewall of intense paperwork should not be an easy means to shut out local contractors. It annoys me to tears when I see contractors from Auckland and beyond in this neck of the woods doing the work of local businesses. Surely they are not that far off the mark in terms of price and availability? The Supercity needs to recognise the importance of this if we are to have employment for our citizens, and flourishing communities – after all, the city is big enough and ugly enough to look after itself, isn’t it?

Orang - Otang Tree Trimmers 2008 Ltd

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TE HANA TRACTORS GOOD OLD FASHIONED SERVICE • New/Used Tractors • Machinery • Repairs • In House Engineer

• Mobile Service • Comprehensive parts range

Authorised Agents for Landini, McCormick and Kioti tractors 308 SH1, Te Hana, Wellsford • PH 09 423 8558 Kim Windlebourne 021 423 852




April 16, 2014



p 09 425 7214 m 021 951 518 e FREE MOBILE CALLS FOR USERS


David Haugh, Wellsford Vet Clinic

Happy chickens For many of us who have a few chickens in the backyard, the welfare of the birds is more important than the economics of egg production. It is good to see them free to express their natural behaviour — scratching for worms, exploring in the undergrowth, seeking shelter from weather and hawks, nesting in enclosed areas, perching at rest etc. We need to provide adequate food, water and shelter. Commercial, fully-balanced chook food is readily available. A chicken on meal typically needs about 150g a day and will drink about 300ml a day. You can try feeding them vegetable, fruit and meat scraps. To lift egg production, feed them some jellymeat or cat biscuits for a bit. Chickens roaming in vegetable gardens don’t seem to make as much mess as geese or ducks. Deficiencies of vitamins A, B2, D and E can occur but are more likely in young, growing birds. Providing grit is important for digestion. It is okay to crush up eggshells or oystershells. One of the signs of ill-health is weight loss. If you have sensitive scales, then weigh individuals once they are adult for future reference. Be on the lookout for birds that keep themselves apart from the group. They should be alert, bright-eyed, with firm and pink wattles and comb. There should be no persistent gaping, and no eye or mouth discharges. A fluffed-up bird is a cold and sick one. There are a variety of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, worms and external parasites that chickens may succumb to, and diagnosis can be expensive. Store meal in dry and cool conditions to avoid fungal toxins. Keep birds away from the lead in pre-1965 paint and old batteries etc and the arsenic in the ashes of burnt tanalised timber. Treat for worms between 3 and 4 months of age, and later if there proves to be a problem. You will probably have to treat for external parasites at some stage. Lice are visible to the naked eye but you might not see the red mites that come out of cracks in the woodwork to suck at night. The best treatment for external parasites is fibronil spray (in “Fibrovet” spray and, with another drug, in “Frontline plus” spray.) For centuries a popular method of killing chickens has been severing the neck. I know there is a popular belief out there that one such animal, running this way and that, was the inspiration for the design of the Hill St intersection in Warkworth. However, this is a myth. A decapitated chook would be incapable of that.


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INTRODUCING NEW AMERICAN BUILT ‘INTIMIDATOR’ • 3cyl Kohler Diesel • Tipping steel tray ( 1400 wide x 900 long x 300 deep) • 14” wheels - good ground clearance • Comfortable bench seats • On farm demo’s welcome

Phone 09 423 7788 343 Rodney St, Wellsford

116 Rodney Street, Wellsford (next to the library, opposite McDonalds)

Phone 423 8008

We provide: • Care for all your veterinary needs. • Four dedicated Vets and friendly office staff, who deliver a comprehensive service. • A Saturday morning clinic. • An after hours emergency service in Wellsford.


April 16, 2014

Mahurangi Matters

localentertainment Eclectic line-up heads for Leigh Sawmill The songwriting force behind Cold Chisel is performing at the Sawmill this month, while a ukulele band and a singer songwriter will serenade the Sawmill early next month. Don Walker played keyboard for the Australian pub rock legends, and wrote many of the band’s hits. He will be joined by Australian band The Bads at the Sawmill on April 19. Don was inducted into the Australian songwriters hall of fame in 2012 and his recent shows in Australia have been lauded as lectures in the art of song writing by crowds packed with musicians. The gig comes after the release last year of his third album, Hully Gully, which features songs that delve into the Australian character, dissected by his signature sharp wit. New Zealand-based Swiss/Kiwi singer-songwriter/loop artist Sonic Delusions will play Friday May 2 as he tours his second album Open Your Eyes. Last year he completed a 70-date tour, traveling in a converted school bus so he could take his family with him on the road. Along the way he has supported major New Zealand bands including Fly My Pretties and Trinity Roots. This year he has left the family at home but will be joined by a backing band.

Ukulele mix

Don Walker will be joined by The Bads at a gig at the Sawmill on April 19.


We have three double passes to give away. Email news@localmatters. with “Don Walker”, “Sonic Delusions” or “North of Bombay” in the subject line to be in the draw. The Don Walker competition close at 3pm on April 18, Sonic Delusions closes on April 30, and North of Bombay closes on May 2.

Ukulele band North of Bombay is playing at the Leigh Sawmill on Sunday, May 4 from 5pm. The group consists of seven Auckland-based musicians, including five music teachers. North of Bombay use a range of ukuleles: 6-string, baritone, bass, concert, soprano, tenor and banjo, which they say results in rich, layered music which is complemented by vocal harmonies. The group also throws additional instruments into the mix, including a melodica, glockenspiel, African drums, flutes, tin whistles and other oddities. The repertoire is eclectic and, besides original material, includes songs from the sixties to the present day, representing a wide range of genres. Keep up-to-date with everything happening in the Mahurangi and Hibiscus Coast areas at www.


Carnival time at Leigh and Waipu It’s carnival time this Easter, with Waipu holding its annual carnival on Easter Saturday (April 19), and Leigh following suit on Sunday. Waipu’s organisers are promising “good old-fashioned yummy gourmet delights” including its famous Russian fudge. There will be a kids’ zone, and new rides this year will include water walkers, a merry-go-round, mini ferris wheel, mini digger challenge, petting zoo, Segway obstacle course, paintball and a Picarazzi photo booth. The Waipu Lawn Mower Racing Club will be also taking to the field, battling it out for this year’s title. The carnival will be held between 9am and 2pm at Caledonian Park, and all proceeds will go to Waipu Primary School. The Leigh Carnival will take place from 9am to 2pm on Easter Sunday, April 20, at the Leigh School field. There will be a fine wine auction, fresh fish and crayfish, quick-fire raffles, silent auction, local food, plus kids activities including an egg hunt with the Easter Bunny, bouncy castles and rides. Info: and

Have Lunch at Chocolate Brown on me! Are you wanting a property appraisal? Then invite me to appraise your property and I will give you a Chocolate Brown voucher for $25.00 with your appraisal. The appraisal is free and will let you know what your property is worth in today’s market. So call me now:

Donna Wyllie

Mob: 021 827 932

Office 09 425 7949

Licensed Salesperson under REAA 2008


August 2014 - 9 days THE


Amalfi, Cassino, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice

September 2014 - 21 days

HIGH QUALITY BOUTIQUE accommodation in HISTORIC CENTRES. Regional cuisine, picturesque walks, villas & gardens, art & history, festivals & markets. Be immersed travel with locals.

Benefit from our 42 yrs travel experience & travel hassle free! Contact Susan Williamson: Freephone 0800 387 872

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April 16, 2014

Part of the largest Liquor Chain in NZ

EASTER! GRAND CHRISTMAS OPENING! GOODIES Part of the largest Liquor Chain in NZ

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the bonus point try, but eventually ran out of time. The La Padella players of the day for Wellsford were centre Eddie Hay and prop Ross Wright. The Wharehine Wellsford Premier Reserves went down 18-25 to their Old Boys Marist opponents in a tough game that was a real test for the young side. Fullback Nick Morrison opened the scoring for Wellsford with an early penalty goal before second five Matty Northin scored a try after some great lead up work from Stu Oldfield. Although down 7-11 at halftime, Old Boys Marist soon grabbed the lead. A late try to Wellsford’s replacement half back Peter Hugo was just reward for his efforts, but wasn’t enough to take the game. The La Padella players of the day were second five Matty Northin and hooker Jayden Mainland.


10% off all Rods and Reels



The Wharehine Wellsford Premiers got back to winning ways with a 2720 victory over Old Boys Marist in Whangarei on April 5. After a loss and a draw in their previous two games, Wellsford desperately needed a win to keep them in playoff contention, and they got the perfect start when prop Ross Wright crashed over for a try after five minutes, converted by brother Matt. In the second half, Wellsford was unable to convert several opportunities into points, but a penalty to Matt Wright saw Wellsford take the lead, and then first five Mariu Grace took advantage of the tiring defence to make a break from inside his half and set up flanker Quorie-Lee Wilson for a great try with 15 minutes to go. Grace converted to take Wellsford’s lead out to 10 points, and they then stormed the Old Boys Marist line looking for

Easter weekend

2 for

Carlsberg 330ml Bottles Export Gold OR Tui 15s OR Ranfurly 440ml OR DB Draught Cans 18s Bottles 15s



Wellsford draws with leaders

$19 .99 Smirnoff Ice Double Black & Guarana 250ml Cans 4pk



133 RODNEY ST, WELLSFORD | 09 423 7913

Specials valid until 28 February 2014. All specials may not be available in some stores. Specials only available at Liquor Centre Stores detailed above. No Trade Sales.

2 for

$18 .99 Part of the

Opening Hours: Shop 17 Mahurangi Shopping Centre, Open 7 days a week Mahurangi East Road Mon-Weds 8.30-5.30 Website: Thurs & Fri 7.30-5.30 Email: Sat 7.30-4pm • Sun 9-2pm Phone: 09 425 5324

We specialise in the sale of Quality Fishing rods, reels and tackle. BAIT AND ICE We provide the service of air fills and Dive bottle Visual and Hydrostatic testing. Sale and hire-age of full dive gear


April 16, 2014


Mahurangi Matters

Hockey turf nearly finished Warkworth hockey players could finally have a new turf by Christmas. Auckland Council has laid the tarseal and kerbing that will provide the platform for the project, and all it needs now is for the new turf to be laid on top. The chairman of the Warkworth Hockey Turf Charitable Trust, Brett Illingworth, says a contract has been signed with Tiger Turf, and all the trust needs now is one more grant to complete the project. It is hoping to receive $335,000 from the Lotteries Commission by early June. The trust has already raised around $250,000 from the community, and also received a $300,000 grant from the ASB Community Trust. “If we get the Lotteries funding, it

ToTalspan Rodney pRoud sponsoRs of

THE scorEBoArD

a Roundup of spoRTs acTiviTies in THe disTRicT LEARN TO SWIM Aquakidz Learn to Swim Holiday Intensive for 4 years and up will take place from Monday April 28 to Friday May 2 at Mahurangi College Pool. $70 for the week, small classes and fun teachers. Info: Cindy 4259924 or 0211635050 or

Brett Illingworth

should be ready by Christmas,” says Brett. The turf is part of a multisports complex at the Warkworth Showgrounds that has been backed by the Rodney Local Board.

BOWLS Bowls Warkworth Ladies would welcome more members of all ages. Info: Cathy 425 7965. JUNIOR HOCKEY

Soccer refs ready for season start The standard of refereeing in the Rodney Otamatea Soccer Association (ROSA) competition, at Port Albert, is expected to ratchet up a notch this year. A refs course, which started last season, was completed over summer. Sport Northland community sports advisor Janine Gilmore says welltrained refs make for better matches, particularly in the open grade. The ROSA competition, which caters for clubs from Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, Wellsford and Matakana, starts

Begins in Term 2 on Saturday mornings but forms available now. Year 1-2 Uni Hockey, Year 3-6 Hockey at Shoesmith or Mahurangi College turf. Info: Nikki 425-9183.

on May 10. The 16-week season will wrap-up in September. The competition caters for players from under six years upwards and girls can play up to the 17th Grade. Janine says association clubs are always looking for managers and coaches, and she welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in playing. “They just need to contact me and I’ll put them in touch with their nearest club,” she says. Info: Phone Janine on 0272 608 008 or email

TABLE TENNIS Table tennis is played in the Matakana Hall on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. Coaching is also available. Info: George 4230424 or Mary 4258146.

ToTalspan Rodney 229 sTaTe HigHway 1 waRkwoRTH pHone 09 422 3149

Support the businesses that support Mahurangi Matters



Apr 16


Apr 17



Apr 18

Auckland Area Sea Watch Matakana Marine Seawatch

Apr 19



Apr 20

Apr 21


Apr 22


Apr 23


Apr 24


Apr 25


Apr 26


Apr 27


Apr 28


Apr 29



Apr 30

May 1


May 2

1:39am 0.7 2:21am 0.6 3:05am 0.6 3:51am 0.6 4:40am 0.6 5:32am 0.7 12:26am 3.2 1:24am 3.2 2:25am 3.2 3:26am 3.2 4:26am 3.2 5:23am 3.3 6:17am 3.3 12:47am 0.6 1:35am 0.6 2:22am 0.6 3:08am 0.6 7:58am 3.2 8:42am 3.2 9:27am 3.3 10:14am 3.3 11:02am 3.2 11:53am 3.2 6:28am 0.7 7:28am 0.7 8:29am 0.7 9:30am 0.7 10:30am 0.6 11:26am 0.6 12:20pm 0.5 7:09am 3.3 7:59am 3.3 8:47am 3.3 9:33am 3.2

Tide 2:02pm 0.6 2:44pm 0.5 3:28pm 0.5 4:13pm 0.5 5:01pm 0.5 5:52pm 0.6 12:48pm 3.1 1:46pm 3.1 2:49pm 3.1 3:53pm 3.1 4:55pm 3.1 5:54pm 3.2 6:48pm 3.3 1:10pm 0.4 1:58pm 0.4 2:44pm 0.5 3:27pm 0.5 7:38pm 3.4 8:26pm 3.4 9:11pm 3.4 9:55pm 3.3 6:49pm 0.7 7:51pm 0.8 8:56pm 0.8 10:00pm 0.7 11:00pm 0.7 11:55pm 0.6 Times 8:29pm 3.3 9:12pm 3.3 9:56pm 3.3 10:42pm 3.3 11:32pm 3.3 6:46am 5:54pm

Sun Fishing Guide Moon

6:47am 5:53pm

Best At


12:30am 12:55pm

6:48am 5:52pm

Best At


1:21am 1:47pm

6:49am 5:51pm

Best At


2:14am 2:42pm

6:50am 5:49pm

Best At


3:10am 3:38pm

6:51am 5:48pm

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4:07am 4:36pm

6:51am 5:47pm

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5:04am 5:33pm

6:52am 5:46pm

Best At


6:01am 6:29pm

Best At


Last Quarter Set 7:18am Set 8:21am Set 9:23am Set 10:24am Set 11:21am Set 12:15pm Set 1:03pm Set Rise 6:27pm Rise 7:10pm Rise 7:58pm Rise 8:52pm Rise 9:51pm Rise 10:54pm Rise 11:59pm *Not for navigational purposes.


Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


6:53am 5:44pm

6:57am 7:24pm

6:54am 5:43pm

Best At


7:50am 8:17pm

6:55am 5:42pm

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8:43am 9:08pm

6:56am 5:41pm

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9:34am 9:59pm

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10:25am 10:50pm

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11:16am 11:41pm

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6:59am 5:36pm

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New Moon

12:32am 12:58pm

7:00am 5:35pm

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1:24am 1:50pm

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2:15am 2:41pm

1:47pm Rise 1:06am Rise 2:12am Rise 3:18am Rise 4:24am Rise 5:28am Rise 6:32am Rise 7:34am Rise 8:33am Rise 9:29am Set 2:28pm Set 3:06pm Set 3:42pm Set 4:19pm Set 4:57pm Set 5:36pm Set 6:18pm Set 7:04pm Set 7:52pm Not So Good Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area, go to:

50 Matakana Valley Road Matakana • Phone 09 422 7822 • Mobile 021 429 955 Email •

Your one stop shop for your marine needs!


Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014


Phone 425 9068 for more information or email your advertisement to *for a three insertion contract.

Household Water Deliveries

PACIFIC BLINDS Local NZ Family Owned Business

PH 09 425 4370






0800 638 254 OR 09 422 3700

New Homes, Renovations & alterations

0800 747 928

Licensed LBP

carpenter Trevor Jull Tel: 09 422 5292 Mob: 021 734 460

mobile: 027 556 6111

Digital Freeview Satellite Installation & Repairs

TV • Video • DVD Tuning Additional TV Outlets Phone David Redding 09 422 7227 or 0274 585 457

Grant Neill 09 425 9200 or 021 903 047 16 Mill Lane, Warkworth





DELIVER! •Tirau Gold•Pine Chip•Cambian Bark

183 SANDSPIT RD, WARKWORTH • OPEN 7 DAYS! Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Sat: 7am-4pm Sun: 9am-3pm



•Sand•Metal•Shell•Pebble•Scoria WE CAN •Mulch•Garden Mix•Topsoil•Compost

• New Residential & Architectural Joinery • Replacement Windows • Specialty Units


Producers of top quality aluminium joinery



p. 425 7367 f. 425 7368 e. 74 Hudson Road, PO Box 259, Warkworth

FROG POOL FARM Gifts Furniture Homeware amps Leadlight L ilt Bu Custom en Kitch s

Dome Valley 5 min past Warkworth • 425 9030

• Mowing – Residential & Lifestyle Blocks – We can mow anything • Gardening & Design • Hedge & Tree Maintenance FOR ALL YOUR GROUNDCARE NEEDS

0800 276 7726

COMPOSITE JOINERY Ltd Composite Joinery Ltd 7 Glenmore Drive Warkworth 0941

Phone: 09 425 7510 Fax: 09 422 2011

We specialise in: • Vantage Aluminium Joinery • APL | Architectural Series • Metro Series • Internal and External Timber Joinery

Denis 021 945 498 Joel 021 422 592 PO Box 193, Warkworth

Foundations • Floors • Drives • Paths • Digger & Truck Hire Concrete Specialists backed by over 30 years experience Established since 1984

Chad Ranum Electrical SolaR PowER altERnativES

April 16, 2014

MICK BERGER CONTRACTORS Phone: 09 422 0688 • Mobile: 0274 930 806

Chad Ranum Director

43 years experience

12 viv Davie-Martin Drive RD4, warkworth 09 425 9518 / 021 0836 6989


Kitchens | Bathrooms | Laundries entertainment units | WardroBes & offices Contact Neil 09 425 7017 or 021 070 0643 • 16a GLenmore drive, WarKWorth

Dams ● Winching ● Bulldozing ● Driveways House Sites ● Landscaping ● Earthmoving ● Sub Divisions

PHONE 09 425 5597


Bright Outlook

Window Cleaning

TREE WORKS • Earth Excavation • Tree Felling & complete removal

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WE NEED CARS FOR WRECKING – $$$ PAID 2 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth Ph (09) 425 7835 or (09) 425 7730

Good food that’s Gluten Free




Mahurangi Matters

Sparkling windows is our business Ruth Murray •

021 106 5717 or 021 230 2626

18b Glenmore Drive, Warkworth 425 9593 •


LAWNS Dedicated Mowers for • Finishing • 4x4 hill work • Scrub clearing

“It’s all in the finish”

Ph Richard Bray Owner/Operator 422 2992 021 842 340

• Screened Topsoil • Living Earth Compost & Garden Mix • Lawn Mix • Mulch • Bark • Pebbles • Stones • Sand • Drainage • Metal • Sleepers • Pongas • Grass Seed • Fertiliser • Weedmat • Kiln Dried Firewood bagged & bulk plus much more

Carpet, Vinyl, Cork, Ceramic Tiles, Wood & Laminate

• Complete homes • Quality construction of small projects

09 422 2275 21 Glenmore Drive






* % OFF

WATER TANKS 09 4312211

0800 836 587


*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Does not apply to online orders.


0800 70 40 10 •

PO Box 26, Warkworth

Blinds Screens Awnings Curtains Security Shutters

Bears Tree Trimmers

Hedge TRIMMING • tree removal insured - 300mm chipper • free quotes General Tree Work Phone mark 021 492 939 AH 09 425 0252

RON BROUWER REGISTERED ELECTRICIAN House wiring & general maintenance New installations & contracting Underground/overhead services Warkworth 09 425 9412 • Wellsford 09 423 9412 Mobile 027 497 3353


Domestic and Commercial Glazing Glass Showers Splash Backs Mirrors • Cat Doors Windscreen Replacement and Chip Repair

arkworth lass & lazing

20 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth 09 425 8678 • 021 952 077


Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014


Advertise your classifieds and church notices here for only

$5.80 inc GST per line or $15.10 per/cm incGST for boxed adverts.




HANDYMAN – THE MAINTENANCE MAN Your one stop fix-it-man. Phone Jim 422 3725 or 021 254 2048 or visit

STEVE’S MAINTENANCE lawns, hedges, waterblasting, rubbish removal, section clearing, property maintenance. No job too big or small. Phone Steve 029 770 7101 or 09 425 9966. Serving Warkworth, Snells, Matakana, Sandspit.


Water Filters Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 or visit

SECOND HAND GOODS - Glenfield Trading wants to buy second hand goods. Servicing surrounding Warkworth area. Ph Graham on 09 443 6013.

Water pumps Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Steve 09 945 2282

CABINS FOR RENT 3 sizes avail. Carpet & Curtains incl. from $65.00 pw + delivery. Ph: 0800 587822/021 2812066

LAWNMOWING & SECTION MAINTENANCE SERVICE Rubbish removal, weed control, water blasting, decks, drives, paths, fence painting & repairs. Warkworth - Matakana & Beaches. Jeff is reliable and punctual. Phone 027 425 7357 or 425 7357.

MANGAWAI HEADS Modern 4 bed 3 bathroom house with double garage and fully fenced section. Furnished. Available 27 April until Dec 13 $400 per week. Ph Lisa 0274 811 202

WORK WANTED REID EQUESTRIAN ENGINEERING, Wellsford. Float rebuilds, horse truck conversions, etc. Dog kennels made to measure. Quality work. Ph Ron 423 9666

TV SERVICES & SALES ALL FREEVIEW INSTALLATIONS Dish, Aerial, Additional Outlet .. THE TV MAN IS THE ONE! FREE QUOTE Call Jim THE MAINTENANCE MAN 021 254 2048 or visit www. FREEVIEW TV, Audio, Installation, Faults & Supply. Andrew 021 466 394 or 422 2221. TV Services Aerials, Dishes, Freeview sales, installation and service. Extra outlets serving the area for 18 years. Phone Gavin 027 476 6115.


no kikuyu, $10-$12 a bale. Phone 09 4257479 or 0274970980.


Rawleigh Products. Ph Pat 425 8851

MAUNGATUROTO 2ND HAND SHOP maybe interested in buying

ExpEriEncEd hEad BUiLdEr rEQUirEd

Prof Residential building co. reqs full time head builder for architectural builds in Omaha, Matakana area. Must be trade qualified, exp managing sites, motivated, professional and great attitude. Will be running sites. Send CV or interest to:


Prof Residential building co. reqs full time Junior Builder for architectural builds in Omaha, Matakana area. Must be ambitious, motivated, experienced, have a great attitude. Send CV or interest to:

Classified advertising deadline for 7 May issue is 28 April




MUSEUM SUMMER MARKET 1st Saturday of the month, 8am, Old Masonic Hall, Baxter Street, Warkworth. Enquiries Warkworth 425 8391.

Videos, slides & old 8mm films all on to DVD. Ph TeTotara Video (09) 422 5710.


Central Warkworth location. Phone 027 430 8440.

Warkworth Anglican Parish Easter Services

17th April: Maundy Thursday Service 5 pm Christ Church, Warkworth 18th April Good Friday Service 9.30am Christ Church, Warkworth 19th April Christ Church, Warkworth 10.30 am Messy Easter for all ages all welcome. Bring small plate of food for morning tea Easter Sunday – 20th April: 8.00 and 9.30 am: Christ Church, Warkworth 9.30 am St.Leonard’s, Matakana 9.30 am St.Michael and All Angels, Leigh 11.15 am St. Alban’s, Kaipara Flats Further details available on or 425 8054


Plants, Quality groundcovers, shrubs and trees. Large and small grades. Wholesale direct to the public. Contact growing and pre-orders welcome. Liberty Park Native Tree Nursery, 90 Jones Road, Omaha 09 422 7307.

PAVING STONES FOR SALE Grey, 600mm x 600mm, can deliver, Ph 021 246 2518 or 09 4318 224

GARAGE SALES your garage sale goods. Phone 09 431 8440 or 021 125 1576.

WANTED TO BUY CASH PAID Tools & Machinery, Shed & garage clearouts. All things considered. Call or txt 021 161 5139.


Your LOCAL community Newspaper

Part Time Job heather lomas, lyndsay (nee FORD) AND MARK are very happy to welcome Daniel Parker Pimm, Born on 24 March 2014, in London. Many thanks for all prayers and good wishes.

Clairvoyant/ MediuM

Beryl Clarke genuine accurate messages from spirit. For confidential appointment

Ph 428 3887 or 0274 750 999 PUBLIC NOTICES


Come and join the fun, 1st Monday of month, Upstairs New Masonic Lodge, Baxter Street, Warkworth, 7pm. Proceeds to Warkworth Museum.

LEARN TO PLAY HARP Teacher in Snells Beach contact Becky at swanharp@ or 425 5079

HOUSE WANTED Family home wanted Warkworth, Snells beach, private sale, any condition. Call Leigh 021466692 FARM HOUSE 3 + bdrms with/without sleepout or cottage, 5 + acres. Local small family to rent/buy. 021 478 655

• Four hours twice a month on a Tuesday, starting at 9am, to assist in Warkworth. • A couple of hours twice a month on a Friday to drop paper bundles in the Snells Beach, Matakana, Pt Wells and Omaha area. Person must have own car. For details, phone Angela 425 9068.


smartdrive washers, F&P/Simpson dryers. Same day service 09 423 9660 or 021 168 7349.


MARKETS MUSIC AT THE MARKET. Mangawai Village Hall Easter Monday from 9am. Singer Songwriter David Shanhun will entertain you. Food, fun, local produce and much more. Contact Sharon 027 4860133

Mahurangi Matters is looking for a part time general duties person. Immediate start. The position involves:

Host an ENJO Demo and receive fantastic Host Rewards FREE!

Clean without Chemicals Contact your ENJO Consultant - Judi

Ph: 027 5262 800






Fletch Ostling Mahurangi College

what’s on April

For links to more information about some of these events, as well as listings through to the end of the year, visit the What’s On calendar online at

10-27 “Impressed”, an exhibition of fine art prints at Charlie’s in Matakana. 17 Rodney Local Board members one-on-one meetings with locals, 2pm-4pm, Warkworth Service Centre, 1 Baxter St. By appointment only. Ph 09 301 0101 and ask for Warkworth Service Centre. 19 Algies Bay Ratepayers & Residents AGM, Betty Paxton Room, Mahurangi Community Hall, Snells Beach, 10am. 19 Don Walker, Leigh Sawmill at 8.30pm. Tickets $40. 19 Mangawhai Fishing Competition. Fishing starts at 6am with weigh-in at 4pm. Cash-only auction of prizewinning fish after weigh-in. Tickets, Mangawhai Fish and Tackle. 19&20 Mosaic exhibition by Joy Bell, who recently completed the Warkworth clock tower. Hosted by Ti Point Vineyards, Tairere Rd (1 km past Ti Point Reptile Park), 10am-4pm 19 (Easter Saturday) Waipu Carnival, 9am-2pm, Caledonian Park. Info: 20 (Easter Sunday) Leigh Carnival, 9am-2pm, Leigh School Field. Info: 20 (Easter Sunday) Two-hour Easter excursion along the Mahurangi River on the Jane Gifford, departs 10am. Bookings required. Info: Ph 425 5006 or 027 484 9935 or email 23 Mahurangi Probus Club 25th anniversary, Salty Dog Inn, Snells Beach. Guest speaker, Rodney MP Mark Mitchell. Info: Mary Davies 425 6128. 24, 26 & 27 Leigh Coastal Walk and fire brigade open day. Guided walks including Goat Island, Cape Rodney and Little Barrier. Info: or call Tony 422 6127 25 Anzac Day 25 Puhoi Library is holding a comemorative ANZAC opening from 10am-4pm. There will be a WWI and WWII display including newspapers and documents from the period. Free coffee and ANZAC biscuits. 26 Quiz night, Puhoi Centennial Hall, 7.30pm. $10 per head, BYO drinks and nibbles and gold coins for raffles etc. Tea and coffee available. Fancy dress optional, with prizes for best team of six. Info: Fran 4220835. Fundraiser for a new hall roof. 26 Omaha Surf Life Saving Club Beach party and charity auction, 6pm, 80s entertainment by AutoMatics, tickets $50 available at Bayleys offices in Omaha, Warkworth and Mahurangi East. 27 Warkworth museum Open Day, Parry Kauri Park, from 10am. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the document archives, photo archives, machinery display shed, workshop, and textiles. Plus view vintage machinery in action. Entry by voluntary donation. 30 Gospel singer Peter Shurley will play at the Mahurangi Baptist Church from 7pm. The concert is free but donations are welcome.

April 16, 2014


Mahurangi Matters

Kowhai Connection Local bus timetable



Stude n $1.50 ts

per tri


Warkworth • Snells Beach • Matakana

Plus on-request pick-ups and drop-offs to:

Algies Bay • Sandspit • Point Wells • Omaha Weekdays Leaving Warkworth Warkworth

(excluding public holidays)


Weekends (and public holidays)




7.00 8.30 10.00 12.00 2.00 3.40 5.10






7.10 8.40 10.10 12.10 2.10 3.50 5.20




















Snells Beach ▼

Sandspit & Algies








7.30 9.00 10.30 12.30 2.30 4.10 5.40

Matakana ▼

Omaha/Pt Wells Whangateau































8.10 9.40 11.10 1.10 3.10 4.50 6.20






8.20 9.50 11.20 1.20 3.20 5.00 6.30






Return to Warkworth Omaha/Pt Wells Whangateau



7.50 9.20 10.50 12.50 2.50 4.30 6.00

Matakana ▼

Sandspit & Algies








Snells Beach ▼


R = Request a pick-up or drop-off

Freephone 0508 KOWHAI (569 424)

3 ways to catch the KowhaiConnection 1. From a bus stop 2. Hail a ride 3. Request an off-route ride 5 6 9 4 24

0508 KOWHAI •

May 2 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug showing at Kaiwaka Community Cinema, 7.30pm. Tickets: adults $10, under 16 $5. 3 Warkworth Museum market, Old Masonic Hall, 8am 3 Free composting workshop, Matakana, from 2pm-4pm. Info:, email or call Kaipatiki Project on 09 482 1172.

Email your events to

Proudly supported by Barfoot & Thompson Warkworth and Mahurangi Matters


Mahurangi Matters

April 16, 2014

John Key pays a visit to Warkworth School

View more photos online

John Key attended the Warkworth School assembly on Friday April 11, fresh from dining with the royals the night before. The Prime Minister apologised that he couldn’t bring “the prince and princess” with him, but entertained the pupils with a story to

inspire them to do their best. He had just come from a kiwi release at Mataia Homestead before the visit and told the children one of the kiwi fell asleep in his arms. The school kapa haka group performed and drew praise from Mr Key, who

was accompanied by Rodney MP Mark Mitchell. “What a passionate haka. I hope the All Blacks can do one as good as that at the next World Cup,” he said. Four pupils then did a presentation about Kauri Dieback disease and the

school Pasifika group performed. Mr Key then presented sports trophies to some of the school’s recently successful sports teams. After the assembly, he walked through central Warkworth for a meet and greet with locals.

For a full range of family health care, including A&M services in an integrated system 24 hours per day, across our region, including public holidays For further information and new enrolments, please contact any of our clinics Wellsford 220 Rodney St (Cnr. SH1 & Matheson Rd) 09 423 8086 ALSO AFTER HOURS Snells Beach 145 Mahurangi East Road 09 425 6666

Matakana 74 Matakana Valley Road 09 422 7737 Mangawhai 4 Fagan Place 09 431 4128

Maungaturoto 138 Hurndall Street 09 431 8576 Paparoa 1877 Paparoa Valley Road 09 431 7222

Wellsford Birthing Unit

Full 2 bedroom birthing and post natal care facility with your own LMC & Registered Nurses 24/7 in attendance. Birthing pool, FREE baby car seat with admission. 218 Rodney St, Wellsford Health Centre, Wellsford • Enquiries Admin 09 423 8745


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