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Rescue effort Inside this issue underway at Power struggle Dacre cottage

Milk monitors (remember those?) are back in town. Hibiscus Coast Primary Schools got their first taste of Fonterra’s Milk for Schools programme recently, as the free milk began distribution in Auckland. Pictured is one of Stanmore Bay School’s milk monitors, Alyssa Howe. See story p15.

Great value deal

Dacre Cottage, believed to be the Coast’s oldest building, is facing what could be its greatest challenge yet, as its structure begins to fail due to hold ups with much-needed maintenance work. The roof of the 159-year-old cottage, situated near the shore in remote Karepiro Bay, has been in need of repair for more than three years and the work is well beyond the means of the volunteer management committee that cares for the cottage in tandem with its owner, Auckland Council. The roof was replaced in the 1980s but time and weather have taken their toll on its shingles; currently the structure is around 30 percent destroyed with holes large enough to give views of the sky from within. This has allowed water to start to damage the kauri sarking beams of the historic cottage. The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board allocated funding of $10,000 for the work last September, but so far little has happened despite the situation being described as “urgent” on last month’s local board agenda.

Vector clashes with Forest & Bird

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They need you!

Numbers at Manly brigade alarmingly low

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Business & innovation Turning the wheels of commerce

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Back to basics gala

New approach at Whangaparaoa School Gala

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Are you getting enough sleep?

Free Sleep Clinic instore Book today! th Monday, 24 March

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Waiwera to Silverdale including Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Orewa

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The roof of historic Dacre Cottage is in serious disrepair. Photo, Andrew Peddie

Roof repairs urgent Auckland Council manager regional operations, John O’Brien, says there have been challenges in obtaining access to the site for its contracted supplier, the subcontracted roof shingle specialist and materials, but that there have been no substantial hold ups. However, Dacre Cottage management committee chair Peter Townend says he began drawing Council’s attention to the need for repairs three years ago, and has email correspondence going back to July 2011. He says he was pleased to see funds finally provided by the Local Board. “The committee is very happy that the Local Board is now involved and probably contacting them earlier would have solved a lot of the delays,” Mr Townend says. “However, the committee is concerned that red tape and the apparent need for a pile of contractors sub-contracting the work to each other means that the money left may now not be sufficient to do the job.” He says the committee is on tenterhooks waiting to see whether

the work will finally get started and afraid that the project could fall through again with autumn weather approaching. “Unless the repairs are underway soon, and completed by the end of April, we will be forced to do the job ourselves or place tarpaulins over the cottage,” Mr Townend says. “This will be the fourth winter that the cottage has not been watertight and something must be done before further damage occurs.” Local board chair Julia Parfitt says any delays have been caused by the fact that it’s not a straightforward job, requiring attention from a heritage builder, and that it appears that the initial funding was insufficient to complete the job. “It’s important that the work be done properly, it’s not a quick fix,” Mrs Parfitt says. “The board has informally agreed to provide further funding and we hope to bring the work forward so it can be done while the weather is good. The community value this building and we want to do it once and do it right.”

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A major Police operation got underway with a checkpoint on Whangaparaoa Rd last week. Operation Vapour targets “volume” crimes, such as shoplifting, theft from cars, stealing cars and burglary, which traditionally increase in March. It is happening across the Waitemata Police District. A variety of tactics are employed including checkpoints at motorway off-ramps and Automatic Number Plate recognition technology. The operation is also targeting petrol drive-off offences, where criminals steal a number plate, put it on their car, fill up at the pump and drive off without paying.

15th-29th MARCH 2014 For tickets call 09 426 7282 or go to www.iticket.co.nz

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Redress sought for damage to Weiti protected salt marsh area

The location of power lines – on a sensitive, protected natural area on the Weiti River – has caused conflict between the power company Vector and Hibiscus Coast Forest & Bird. The salt marsh is on an Auckland Council reserve, designated a Significant Ecological Area, and protected as one of the last natural coastal areas left in the region. However, recent work to repair a fault involved line workers bashing a road through the area, destroying native vegetation and churning up the ground. Forest & Bird volunteer Phillip Wrigley immediately contacted Vector to seek compensation or mitigation for the damage caused. He says Vector’s initial response could best be described as “curt and dismissive”. “Justice and fair play demand that Vector provide compensation for damage to a community asset, just as Vector would expect compensation Forest & Bird’s Phillip Wrigley (left, rear) and Rodney MP if damage was done to its assets,” Mark Mitchell (right) assess the damage to a Weiti River Mr Wrigley says. “However they salt marsh with Vector representatives. essentially said, ‘we are not liable’, and didn’t seem to care.” the community and sort out some of its representatives surveyed the This changed with the intervention alternatives in what was a difficult damage and said they would report of Hibiscus Matters and, at the paper’s conflict between access to infrastructure back to head office and talk about instigation, Rodney MP Mark and protecting a natural area. “sensible mitigation”. Mitchell, who attended a meeting on “The company needs to access the lines, Mr Wrigley says he is pleased to see site last week. but as a good neighbour it should take some progress being made. Mr Mitchell was surprised to see responsibility for the damage it caused,” that nothing has regenerated since Mr Mitchell says. “There are likely to “What we’re looking for is to establish best practice so that the lines can be the damage was done two months be a lot more issues like this in future.” ago, leaving permanent scars on the Vector declined to respond to maintained, while also maintaining landscape. Hibiscus Matters’ questions, or to be ecological values,” he says. He said Vector needed to get alongside interviewed, but at the meeting two More photos, www.localmatters.co.nz

Safe house beyond reach The retention of a local safe house that has provided a refuge for abuse victims for a decade is looking less likely with two Auckland Council CCOs stressing the importance of obtaining a market rental for the property. Rental in the region of $200–$300 per week will put the Hibiscus Coast property way beyond the reach of local community organisations. Until recently, Age Concern Rodney operated the safe house under a rent deferral agreement with Auckland Transport (AT). It had been provided rent-free by the former Rodney District Council since 2004 and used as a refuge by elderly abuse victims, as well as those seeking help from Victim Support, Women’s Refuge, WINZ and the Police. A last ditch attempt to retain the property as a safe house involved a meeting last month between representatives of Auckland Council Property Ltd (ACPL), which administers the property, and owners AT with Crs Wayne Walker and John Watson, Hibiscus & Bays Local Board members Julia Parfitt and Greg Sayers. Mr Sayers says that ACPL made it clear that its job is “to optimise the rent” from the property, and that they would not offer any discounts. “They are going to investigate what an appropriate market rent for the property would be and said if a community organisation wants to pay that sum, then they would be prepared to look at them as a potential tenant,” he says.

Government bill targets local board member “double dipping” A bill that would prohibit Local Board members from sitting on more than one local board simultaneously was drawn from the Members Ballot on February 20. If passed into law, North Shore MP Maggie Barry’s Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Bill (No 3) will close a loophole that Ms

Barry says is being exploited by local board members who sit on two or more boards. She says currently the law allows local board power in Auckland to be concentrated in the hands of a few people, many of whom don’t even live in the area they represent.


Her main concern is potential conflicts of interest. “When a person serves on more than one board, there is also real potential for conflicts of interest. My bill will help prevent that. It is about fairness, and it reflects how important local boards are in the democratic process, representing the day-to-day needs of

the community they live in.” She says while the bill will not affect current local board members, it is aimed at stopping “double-dipping” in the future. Two members of the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board, Lisa Whyte and Greg Sayers, also sit on other local boards.



661A Whangaparaoa Rd (Next to Wendy’s) | Ph 09 428 0420 027 461 0090 | Fx 09 424 1537 | beds2go@whangaparaoa@gmail.com


People power

Go the Silverdale business people – loved your story on their DIY approach to parking signs in your recent newspaper. People are fed up with being dictated to by bureaucrats and subjected to tedious and token gesture “consultations”. Remember who pays these people. Our opinions and the decisions we make for our communities should come first. Bob Roscoe, Gulf Harbour

Water charges amazing Hibiscus Matters has raised a serious issue regarding the charges for tank water charged by operators (HM February 19). They are of course entitled to make a living, but I’m amazed that even with so many companies offering the service, prices are not more reasonable. Most of all I’m astounded at the thought that the same prices were being charged 10 years ago – what a gravy train it must have been in those days, even with less houses around! Bob Atkinson, Matakatia Note: More comments on this story can be found attached to the story online at www.localmatters.co.nz

Shame on tree fellers I have just returned from a holiday and have had two of your wonderful papers to catch up on. I was very unhappy to read of the felling of all those protected Totara trees in Red Beach. I used to live near there and those trees attracted so much birdlife.

What’s on your mind? Readers are welcome to air their views. Letters may be abridged or withheld. See address on p2 or e: terry@localmatters.co.nz Shame on the developer, but even more on the Commissioners who made those decisions – they should have been made to watch as each of those lovely trees came down. Leanne Ross, Orewa

Cooperative action As one of the 4000 water tank users I was very disappointed to read about the amount our water suppliers are paying for water (HM February 19). We have had the extra cost of the water tax to Watercare and now with this revelation of the outrageous profit margin water suppliers are using must make us feel we are being exploited. Seems we have a water cartel in our midst which we are powerless to break. My idea is to supply water at a much cheaper price by forming a cooperative from interested water tank owners that would each pay an amount of money to purchase a water tanker and set up a business that would supply water at a price that would reflect the cost of supply at the Watercare price ($13.43 for 10,000 litres). I am sure if we supplied water at say $65 per 10,000 litres, this would cover the operating costs of the tanker. If every water tank owner donated $20 for an operation to be set up, the total amount collected would be $80,000 (4000 tank owners multiplied by $20). This donation would be easily reimbursed in the savings made at the first tank water refill at the lower price. This arrangement would also benefit tank owners in rural areas who pay premium prices for water supply from the present suppliers.

If we do nothing the situation will remain the same and we will remain at the mercy of the present water suppliers. Anyone interested in this idea is welcome to contact me, phone 022 620 4525 or 428 3691. Neil Furby, Little Manly (abridged)

the record

Greg Taylor of Sushi 4 u presented his comic interpretation of the Penlink Rd recently on Facebook.

Crash helmets needed? I read with interest your mention of speeding scooters last issue. Since we moved to Orewa some five years ago I have wondered about the legality of these mobility scooters driving on the roads, which I note is a daily occurrence. Also why are they not required to wear crash helmets as all cyclists are by law whether on the sidewalk or a road? Dee McGregor, Hatfields Beach (abridged) Editor replies: Mobility scooters are legally defined as wheeled mobility devices. You don’t need a driver’s licence, nor are they required to have a warrant of fitness or registration. However, there are some common sense safety requirements, which include operating mobility scooters in a careful and considerate manner, using the footpath when one is readily accessible, or staying close to the side of the road where a footpath is not readily accessible and not travelling at a speed that may endanger others. The NZ Transport Agency recommends that a GP be consulted prior to the use of a mobility scooter, as if you have lost your driver’s licence due to reduced vision and/or hearing, riding a mobility scooter may not be advisable.

The HMNZS Canterbury has been anchored off Whangaparaoa, forming the home and base of operations for naval teams from 14 Pacific nations. The countries, including China and the United States, are involved in the biggest training exercise to be held in NZ for more than 50 years, based on a scenario where a tsunami has overwhelmed a small Pacific Island (HM February 19). The training included using explosives to clear debris and divers attaching charges to detonate mines. More photos, www.localmatters.co.nz Are you following us on facebook? www.facebook.com/hibiscusmatters



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A reader says this sign outside a local church surprised her - “I’m sure it was innocently meant, but it sounds as though the church is changing its attitude to promiscuity!”

Costly decisions

Decision-making is all in a day’s work for a local body representative, so it raised our journalist’s eyebrows when four Hibiscus & Bays Local Board members recently signed up for various “Making Good Decisions” courses. The one or two-day courses, which enable members to sit on Resource Management Act hearings panels, cost $1280–$2192 per person, so the community should expect some mighty good decisions at that price.

Cold calling

A Hibiscus Matters staff member recently turned the office, her house and her car upside down looking for her cellphone, only to discover that she had inadvertently placed it in the fridge. She reports that, despite the chill, no applications had frozen and, interestingly, that fridges are soundproof.

Decorative, but meaningful drawings like this can be found around drains at Stanmore Bay School, helping raise awareness of what you can, and can’t, “flush away”.

Whangaparaoa Golf Club

Junior membership: From $50 2014 Full membership: Was $925 NOW $750 9 Hole membership: Was $640 NOW $525

Call into 1337 Whangaparaoa Road or Phone 09 424 5441 for more information

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These examples show how creatively residents have planted their berms on the Hibiscus Coast. Auckland Transport is reviewing its guidelines on berm plantings.

Days numbered for berm plantings in Auckland? Drive around the Hibiscus Coast and you will see many examples of gardens that spill past residents’ front gates and onto the berm. However, the days of these gardens Other legacy Councils had different could be numbered as Auckland approaches to planted berms, although Transport’s policy on berm planting is the former Auckland City Council was the only one that mowed berms. under review. The berm area is not only the strip Last month Auckland Transport (AT) between footpath and road, but also announced it is reviewing its policy the one directly outside a property and guidelines for planting berms. that has utility companies’ equipment The CCO says that its current policy underneath it. is that planting is not permitted, as These have often been planted by it may create safety hazards, cause Hibiscus Coast residents as the former damage to underground services Rodney District Council did not mow such as sewage, water and power or maintain the area, and allowed the and increase ongoing road corridor Council-owned berms to be planted, maintenance if homeowners do not reserving the right to remove the maintain the plantings. planting without replacing it should The review is expected to take a the need arise. few months, as it requires clarifying Generally berm plantings only came differing policies in legacy Council to the former Council’s attention if areas before formulating a position. services had to be accessed, pavements The issue will then be taken to the AT widened, or neighbours had concerns board and Auckland Council. with the plantings such as visibility AT chief operations officer, Greg when pulling out of driveways or Edmonds says the organisation other health and safety issues. will take “a customer-focused and As a result, residents got creative with pragmatic approach” to the review. everything from roses to sunflowers, “However safety for road users, natives, palm trees, rockeries and pedestrians and cyclists will be hibiscus, while in other cases nature paramount, as will be managing has covered steeply banked berms with the cost of on-going road corridor weed plants such as agapanthus. maintenance,” Mr Edmonds says.

Departs: Gulf Harbour Mon - Fri 7.00am and 7.30am

Departs: Auckland City (Pier 4) Mon - Fri 4.40pm and 5.35pm*

Wed - Sun

Wed – Sun



*SuperGold cardholders may travel for free on presentation of their card at the 360 Ticket Office for services departing Auckland (Mon-Fri 4.40pm and 5.35pm only). ** Please phone to confirm 9.00am and 3.50pm sailings as they are subject to change due to weather and seasonality.

For more information including ferry fares visit 360discovery.co.nz (09) 307 8005 info@360discovery.co.nz /360DiscoveryCruises

Beds R Us Silverdale

Shop 6, The Silverdale Centre Phone 09 424 8111, www.bedsrus.co.nz

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Graffiti figures skyrocket

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Whether or not you have noticed more graffiti around the Hibiscus & Bays area, the local board figures show that the number of reported incidents rocketed by 420 percent last year, compared with 2012. The figures, which were presented at the Recreational Services to remove graffiti Hibiscus & Bays Local Board meeting – the target is to remove graffiti that on February 13, show that the number is reported by ratepayers within 24 of ‘graffiti incidents’ in the region, hours. This was achieved 100 percent which totalled just over 500 from July of the time (July to December, 2013) to December 2012, increased to around according to Council’s figures. 2400 in the same period last year. The local board has asked Council There were significant increases in officers for a further breakdown in the the graffiti figures during March and figures, relating to the geographical April, and September and October, areas where the problems are occurring last year, rather than during the busy – Mrs Parfitt says this will enable the board to concentrate its efforts, together summer season. Local Board chair Julia Parfitt says part with Police, on the right places. of the increase may be down to the fact Despite the increase in the amount of that the area is more actively checked graffiti recorded, the Hibiscus & Bays for graffiti than it once was, and some Local Board area scored fifth out of 21 of the tagging may be historical rather local board areas in a Council survey than new. Mrs Parfitt says the board that measures how much of the city is is happy with the contract it has with graffiti-free. Martin A4 flyer.indd 1


Applications now open for heritage protection funding


Are you looking for funding towards a heritage protection project?

Domestic fires face final curtain Auckland Council’s draft Air Quality bylaw, which may spell the end of domestic open fires in Auckland, goes before local boards this month. Ratepayers will get an opportunity to have their say when the draft bylaw goes out for public consultation, expected to be by the middle of this year. A Council spokesperson says that the bylaw will consider options for reducing the damaging emissions from domestic open fires – the largest contributor of particulate air pollution in Auckland in winter (72 percent of all small particle emissions in the Auckland winter, according to Council’s figures).

At present Council has not formed a definite view about how the proposed bylaw will affect those with open fires, however if there is a ban, a phasingin period of 2–3 years after the bylaw comes into force is possible. It also involves the phasing out of pre2005 wood burners as homes are sold, replacing these with compliant models or alternative heat sources such as heat pumps. The bylaw is key to Council meeting its statutory obligations under the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Air Quality) Regulations 2004 to reduce the level of particulate air pollution by December 2016.

I bring a fresh, energetic, practical approach to issues of importance that impact on you.

Auckland Council invites applications under the following funding schemes: • Rodney Heritage Item Assistance • Auckland City Cultural Heritage • Waitākere Heritage Fund • Manukau Heritage Assistance The funds support the conservation, restoration and protection of valuable heritage items, such as residential houses, churches and other heritage sites. Examples of projects previously supported by the council: • Repair and weatherproofing of historic church exterior • Re-piling and repainting an early railway cottage • Art Deco house roof restoration. If you, your local community group or organisation are keen to deliver positive outcomes to help make Auckland the world’s most liveable city, then contact us today to find out more. Applications close 28 March 2014. Application forms are available at New Zealand First Spokesperson for: New date set for Nautilus claim www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/funding or by request from Communications & IT | Education | Research, Science &The Technology environmentalfunding@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz leaky home claim brought by the owners and body corporate of The Women’s Affairs | Youth Affairs Nautilus complex in Orewa, which was first issued in December 2009, is Select Committee: Education and Science scheduled for a 12-week hearing in the Auckland High Court starting in

Tracey Martin New Zealand First List MP

Tracey Martin MP

Find out more: phone 09 301 0101 or visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/funding Auckland Office:

August. There have been two earlier trial dates set – but they were adjourned as the parties tried to come to an out of court settlement. The claim is for repairs 157A Kitchener Road, PO Box 31-119, Milford Auckland and damages totalling more than $30 million and the defendants include the P 09 489 8336 | tracey.martinmp@parliament.govt.nz former Rodney District Council and five other parties including the builder (Brookfield Multiplex Construction), Walker Architects and contractors. Parliament Office: Freepost, Private Bag 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011 P 04 817 8361 | tracey.martin@parliament.govt.nz twitter.com/traceymartinmp | facebook.com/ tracey.martin.16144 nzfirst.org.nz

Brendan Horan

I am a List MP based in Rodney, passionate about local job opportunities, especially for our youth. Authorised By Tracey Martin, Bowen House, Wellington

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Barbara Stewart

Denis O’Rourke

Asenati Lole-Tayl


Richard Prosser

Tracey.MartinMP@parliament.govt.nz facebook.com/traceymartinmp twitter.com/traceymartinmp

Tracey Martin Deputy Leader New Zealand First List MP

Tracey Martin

Andrew Williams

Hibiscusmatters 5 March 2014 | 7

Over the summer break I visited Melbourne where we stayed with some good friends who we had hosted just prior, over New Year’s. Usually I check out some Council related issues and because we stay with a working family of four it gives me a great insight into ‘how things work’. I also enjoy doing some council related research at my cost. The public transport in Melbourne is great: a choice of trams, rail or bus. High frequency, integrated ticketing (like our HOP card), quick trips and economical. The family car stays parked in the drive. I had the additional choice of biking into town on a flat off-road cycleway beside the Yarra River. The last weekend there I biked to the nearby Boorondara Recycling facility. This took all kinds of separated resources: wood, concrete, greens, mattresses, batteries, lights, oil, plastics, TVs, cellphones. It is very well used. Not far away was a large community garden in a local park; hugely popular, attractive and with a waiting list. Another larger local park has a wetland that processes stormwater that is then used to irrigate the playing fields and, after further processing, is used in a new Leisure Centre. They have a three wheelie bin system for rubbish, recyclables and greens. A number of the cities across wider Melbourne have a green collection that includes food waste. I checked out the massive processing plant it goes to on the outskirts of Melbourne that produces high quality compost. Why is all this relevant? Because it shows how things work; that public transport can, and does, provide an attractive alternative if you get things right, that people will use facilities that meet their needs and that the answers are there in cities like Melbourne. As this issue goes to print, submissions will close on the Auckland Unitiary Plan – the big planning rulebook for Auckland. I continue to have issues with the speed at which this has been processed to date, the difficulty in understanding the complexity and the lack of ‘staging’ or ‘prioritization’ of development across Auckland. I know that much of our local infrastructure on the Hibiscus Coast – roads, public transport, sewage, water, stormwater, environment – will not cope; certainly not without significant investment. So there are questions to ask and issues to face up to; they won’t be going away and I will be making it my job to bring them to your attention.

More than 400 people attended The Weiti River Festival, held on February 23, to learn more about the Weiti Wildlink project to enhance and restore this waterway. The Festival included environmentally themed activities, guided walks and a chance to look at some of the creatures that live in the water. Hibiscus & Bays Local Board chair Julia Parfitt says there was great feedback with people saying the festival should be held every year. The next stage will be extensive community plantings this autumn on the river banks. Info: phone 0800 567 686. Pictured is Wai Care’s Shelley Hackett showing children the many life forms that live in the water. More photos, www.localmatters.co.nz

We’re really excited to be back, catching up with friends, past employees & of course current & previous regular customers.

Muffin Break is now under new management. Maureen & David Drury who originally opened the Muffin Break at The Plaza have returned after 14 years away, together with their son Liam. The opportunity to once again operate Muffin Break Whangaparaoa suddenly arose, and they couldn’t resist the challenge. Liam will be managing the store on a daily basis, with Maureen assisting. David will show his face now and again, but mainly as a customer. Liam has, in recent times, managed new Jamaica Blue company stores at the Airport and Greenlane Clinical Centre for Foodco.

OPENING SPECIAL – to make your visit more pleasurable, any muffin + any small drink for $5.

Sudoku 9 6 8 5

8 4 7

3 2 3 1



4 9

8 7 5

1 5




6 8

3 1 7

Medium – www.sudokupuzz.com

Lessons from Melbourne

2 4

find us on Facebook

Solution page 22

with Cr Wayne Walker wayne.walker@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

t’s a h W @ ThePlaza Whangaparaoa new

Fill in this grid so that every column, row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.


8 | Hibiscusmatters 5 March 2014

ERIC ODDI FOR BLINDS Offering a large range of styles and colours. Cleaning and repairs available.


Your local fire station needs you – a shortage of volunteers is putting pressure on a core group at Manly Fire Brigade.

Phone 0800 218 555 or 021 372 620 Email: eoddi@clear.net.nz Serving you Rodney wide since 1995.

Numbers low at Manly brigade

Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club

North Harbour Championship March 15 & 16, 2014 10am to 4pm

A combination of natural attrition and a lack of new volunteers to fill the gaps has meant Manly Fire Brigade is reliant on just 12 people to provide its vital community service – the lowest number for around a decade. Ideally, 26 trained volunteer fire volunteers become a member of a fighters are needed to fill the roster and tight-knit, family-orientated and allow for back ups when those rostered social organisation. on are unable to attend a callout. He says volunteers gain in confidence, At the same time, the number of calls fitness and leadership skills and enjoy is on the rise – generally the Manly making a real contribution to the station receives 250–350 callouts per community as well as competing at year, but there have already been 72 events such as the Skytower Challenge. Enthusiasm, and being over the age of this year – 34 of them this month. Long-standing volunteer fire fighters 18 are the only requirements to become Mike Williamson and Craig McDonald a volunteer fire fighter. Ideally you need say the low numbers put pressure on the to live within four minutes’ drive of the core group that remains – a minimum station in Whangaparaoa Rd, Manly, and volunteers must be able to commit of three are needed to get the fire truck to being on a rotating roster system. on the road. For more information, email andi. “It places a big workload on those who jackson@fire.org.nz, phone 021 0243 are here and it wouldn’t take much for 1592, drop into the station on Monday the wheels to fall off,” Mike says. evenings around 7pm or visit the Full training is provided, and Mike crew at the upcoming Whangaparaoa says as well as fire fighting, first aid, Gala where they will be putting on a truck licence and other related skills, demonstration.

Regency Park Drive, Gulf Harbour All welcome to come & watch Proudly supported by



Fire fogger helps in ‘busiest season ever’

Last month the first ‘fire fogger’ in NZ was installed in the Puhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force’s new 4WD utility vehicle. Fire chief Russell Green says the fire fogger, a mobile specially designed water blaster, greatly increases the brigade’s capacity. “Basically the fogger uses less water and ‘blows’ the fire out, smothering it with the mist coming from the gun,” Russell says. “It uses less water, and allows access hard-to-get-to places.” Russell says that the fogger is particularly adept at putting out scrub and car fires. The new equipment, funded by Auckland Council, is sorely needed as the Puhoi brigade is having its busiest season yet, while volunteer numbers are at an all-time low of just 10. Two of the Puhoi brigade volunteered to fight bush fires in Victoria, Australia, putting extra pressure on those who remain, but Russell says the brigade hasn’t missed a callout yet. “The population of the area is growing, so there are plenty of new members of the community who can volunteer,” Russell says.


based in Silverdale – providing Alarms & Security Services for over 10 years!

HIBISCUS HEALING ROOMS Open in Whangaparaoa TUESDAYS 7.00pm - 9.00pm St Stephens Church, 3 Stanmore Bay Rd SATURDAYS 10.00am - Midday Family Doctors Rooms, 10 Wade River Rd


Ph 427 0180 | metropatrol@xtra.co.nz | www.metrosecurity.co.nz

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Association demands action Connectivity between the Silverdale retail and industrial areas is again on the agenda, as the business association renews its calls for the intersection of Hibiscus Coast Highway, Tavern Rd and Silverdale St to be signalised. This view is backed by recent surveys the highway last year came to the of Silverdale businesses and their conclusion that the signalisation of customers – 94 out of 115 businesses, this intersection was unlikely due and 648 out of 652 customers surveyed to funding and safety issues, such as heavy vehicle stopping distances – a say they want the lights installed. A delegation attended last month’s view supported by Cr John Watson Hibiscus & Bays Local Board meeting, who was at the local board meeting. presenting the results of the surveys He says the issues could be addressed, and stating in no uncertain terms their in part, by a reduction in the speed limit through the intersection to make desire for immediate action. it safer for tuning traffic. Silverdale Area Business Association “In the medium term the new president Lorraine Sampson reminded motorway ramps planned for local board members that the former Silverdale North and the Curley Rodney District Council agreed to Avenue extension will help with access signalise this intersection, and set in the wider road network,” he says. aside $1.2 million for the project. However Business Association vice “These lights will benefit the whole area president Graham Johnson dismissed and increase safety and connectivity those objections as “petty”, saying the for businesses and customers,” Mrs money was allocated, and the lights can Sampson said. be programmed to enhance traffic flow. Local board members agreed to “The Curley Ave link will entail far provide support, starting by organising more substantial funding and will be a delegation to Auckland Council’s of greater benefit only to those who Transport Committee next month. live in Millwater and those who are Auckland Transport’s analysis of driving cars,” Mr Johnson said.

Council to review super-city organisations

Auckland Council is undertaking a wide-ranging review of its seven CouncilControlled Organisations (CCOs), with the aim of ensuring Aucklanders are getting value for money. Announcing the review last month, Mayor Len Brown said Council “needs to ensure that as ratepayer owned and funded organisations, they are as lean and efficient as possible, with no waste or duplication of effort”. The review is expected to take around six months to complete.

Silverdale Village Market every Saturday 8am-1pm

Many bargains to be had! From organic fruit & veges, to jewellery, crafts & clothing. Only $12 for a stall. If you would like a stall or for more info phone Jill 426 4479

Silverdale Street, Silverdale


We Service All Makes & Models of Cars, Diesels & 4WDs

WOFs while you wait • Cambelts • CV Joints All Servicing & Repairs • On-board Computer Scanning Clutches, Brakes & Suspension • Tune-ups Tyres & Puncture Repairs • Loan Cars Available Locally owned & operated for over 20 years

Open Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm • Sat 8am-12pm

Phone 424 7748

679 Whangaparaoa Road www.car-zone.co.nz

WHANGAPARAOA NIGHT MARKET Every Friday: 5.30pm to 10.30pm • All weather • Fully undercover • Totally awesome! Dine in or take away

NEW! Fresh Produce

at the cheapest prices in Auckland.


PLUS your favourite and new international food stalls, bric-a-brac, fashion wear, live music and more

Ph 0800 648 369 • www.aucklandnightmarkets.co.nz • 027 689 9520

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Pension scheme taxation changes ring alarm bells A bill that is currently before Parliament, and likely to become law on April 1, has alarmed residents who are drawing on overseas pensions. Experts say the provisions of the Taxation Bill will hit people who have moved here from the UK hardest. Hibiscus Matters asked Tony Chamberlain of GB Pensions to explain the main points: The Taxation (Annual Rates, Foreign Superannuation, and Remedial Matters) Bill currently before the NZ government attempts to simplify previous rules which the IRD has itself admitted were complicated and not generally well understood. Such is the confusion around the whole matter, that before the Bill has even been passed, an amendment was issued as recently as February 18, which according to Revenue Minister Todd McClay, is an effort to provide “foreign superannuation holders with extra flexibility when it comes to complying with their tax obligations”. The largest contingent that the Bill is likely to affect is those individuals

who have accumulated rights in UK registered pension schemes, which some estimates put at up to 70 percent of the population. In essence, when it comes to the taxation of pension (superannuation) schemes, the British and NZ Governments apply almost directly opposing tax regimes which is at the core of current misunderstandings and hence the proposed legislation. NZ schemes: Generally, contributions generate a tax liability for an employer, if not the member. Depending on the type of scheme, growth on the underlying investment funds is taxed at up to 33 percent. • Benefits payable at retirement age are not subject to tax.

UK schemes: Contributions attract tax relief, historically up to 50 percent. This means that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (the UK’s Inland Revenue) tops-up pension contributions paid by a member, with other taxpayers’ money. • The underlying investment funds are allowed to grow virtually free of tax. • Benefits payable at retirement are subject to tax. To further complicate matters, most UK pension schemes do not need to be declared on a UK tax return. Consequently, when a member comes to NZ they are completely oblivious of the fact that the IRD requires them to declare their UK scheme on an NZ

tax return, which they have never had to consider before. The consensus in the tax fraternity seems to be that members of such schemes should be paying tax, but the manner in which the IRD intends to calculate and collect any such tax is a much more contentious issue. No matter, whilst the Bill encourages the early transfer of overseas pension schemes if longer term tax liabilities are to be avoided, there are also other benefits to be had once transferred monies are in a NZ pension scheme. Professional advice should be sought. Info: http://taxpolicy.ird.govt.nz/ foreign-superannuation

Vintage venue finds favour in Millwater A tiny caravan built in 1968 may seem an unlikely venue for a café, but the 2.4m long space provides chef Michelle Field with all that she needs to run her business. Michelle and her husband Andrew, who live in Millwater, spotted the vintage caravan on Trade Me and travelled to Cromwell to pick it up. It was a bit down at heel, and hadn’t

been used as a caravan for sometime, having been most recently used to sell whitebait fritters. The couple paid $15,000 for the caravan, and spent the same again on converting it into Little Fox Eats mobile catering service. A fridge and freezer were already installed, but a complete exterior overhaul was called for. Michelle also installed an oven and coffee machine, which are run from a generator

Horncastle Property Management

concealed in her ute parked nearby. Baking her cakes and cookies in such a small space is a challenge, but Michelle says it’s all about being organised. She says her two children, aged two and four, love the caravan, and that it is also finding favour with customers. “A lot of Millwater is brand new and customers say this adds something rustic to the scene.”








The Leading Name in Property Management For a FREE rental appraisal of your existing or prospective investment purchase, make your first call to Horncastle Property Management on 0800 RENT HPM (736 8476). Servicing Warkworth, Snells Beach, Orewa, Red Beach, Silverdale, the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Helensville, North Shore, Auckland CBD & everything in between! With branches in Auckland and Christchurch, we have a dedicated team that will look after you, your property and your tenants. Call Amanda Harrison (Mandy) on 027 886 0017, Leeann Bellam (Lee) on 027 886 0018 or Velvet MacGregor on 027 567 7155, and ask about our special deal for Hibiscus Matters readers.


Rent well, live easy.

Michelle Field’s funky mobile café.





For all your accounting requirements

• Monthly and end of year accounts and tax returns. • Business planning and advice • Personal Tax Returns • ACC Coverplus Xtra • Cashbooks, Xero & MYOB software • GST, PAYE, FBT • Agent with Inland Revenue Department PO Box 308 001, Manly Whangaparaoa 0952 Phone: 09 424 4684 Mobile: 021 912 184 Fax: 09 424 4688 greg@douglasconsulting.co.nz www.douglasconsulting.co.nz

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Digital business with Pauline Stockhausen pauline@socialsoup.net.nz

Care needed with online presence After 10 years, Facebook has become part of everyday life – even for businesses. And like many things that are part of daily life, it’s easy to become complacent, especially around security issues. Most of us remember – or should remember – to be careful with our personal pages. When it comes to protecting our personal reputations we remember to not ‘friend’ strangers, to be careful with which photos we post and to regularly change our passwords. But are we this careful when it comes to business? Whether you run an e-commerce or a bricks and mortar business, when it comes to your brand, your social media presence can become your greatest asset or your most devastating downfall. Once it (your brand) takes an online hit, it can be really difficult to recover. As a business owner, your social media presence is your responsibility. Whether you take care of the posts yourself, get a staff member to do it, or outsource it, the buck stops with you. So think twice and press post once to be sure you put everything on your side. Your first step is to make sure you have ultimate control of your social accounts. It is no use complaining about your reputation if you have blithely handed over your collateral with no checks and balances in place. Here are a few steps to take control of your accounts: yy Whether you get your accounts managed internally or externally, engage your staff. Chances are high they are on social media anyway so ensure you have clear guidelines around how they handle your brand online. Is it okay for them to post about the company? Can they answer questions if someone in their network approaches them? Are there branding guidelines to follow? What is your confidentiality policy? An engaged employee is likely to become your greatest online ally. An employee who is, at best, disgruntled and, at worst, ‘rogue’ could cause you a lot of sleepless nights. yy Even if you don’t post regularly, check your page regularly so you know what is on your social media sites. yy Even if you engage an external manager for your social media presence, ensure you are the page manager and everyone else is a content creator. This stops your page being shut down by a vindictive employee or contractor. It also means if you are unhappy with how the page is going, you can take control. yy Appoint a safe administrator to manage your insights, analytics and to keep an eye on what is happening. yy Social media requires strategy in order to deliver results. Sit down with someone who knows what they are doing and decide what you want to achieve and how you are going to both achieve it and measure it. Regularly revisit your implementation (weekly or fortnightly) and revise your strategy. yy Get professional, expert advice and support. Invest in training for a staff member or engage an external manager but make sure you have somebody who knows your strategy and your business checking your platforms. With a little strategy and a pinch of good old-fashioned common sense, social media should become an important part of your marketing arsenal – not to mention a lot of fun.

Do you need a safe, reliable & convenient driving service? Let Freedom Companion Drivers help you. Hospital visits • Shopping visits Care for elderly relative • Outings Medical appointments • Airport drop off & pickups. Your own personal Taxi service Gillian & Stuart Ph 09 426 6663 Mob: 021 333 917 Email: coast@freedomdrivers.co.nz

Moving cafe predominantly located on Millwater Parkway Available for private functions & events


hello@littlefoxeats.co.nz Ph 021 258 0014

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SILVERDALE’S LEGAL TEAM • Business law • Asset protection, trusts, wills and estates • Relationship property

• Property: home buying & selling, and commercial property

• Employment law

• Litigation and dispute resolution

• Lifestyle planning for seniors

• Immigration law

Cnr Millwater Parkway & Polarity Rise, Silverdale. P: (09) 421 0559 | W: simpsonwestern.co.nz E: silverdale@simpsonwestern.co.nz

Barbara Wilkins,Greg Woodd, Sarah Martin, Teresa Heathcote and Patricia Parker.

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Free consultation Dedicated to providing efficient, affordable, full services to small & medium sized businesses, trusts, individuals & non-profits charities.

Steve has played a vital role in the growth of my business Lockman Ltd

HMS Group Mobile Accountant

Steve McKinstry ph 427 4939 • 021 723 722 steve@hmsgroup.co.nz • www.hmsgroup.co.nz

Business&innovation feature I N T RO D U C I N G n

HMS Group Mobile Accountant Steve McKinstry of Red Beach describes himself as “not your average accountant”, and not only because these days he operates an innovative mobile service. Rather than take the well-worn path from graduation straight into public practice, Steve, who has been an accountant for more than 25 years, worked in-house with large corporates and small businesses as well as not-forprofit organisations for 11 years. He says this gave him a depth of understanding about a wide range of businesses – something he is able to draw on in the mobile service that he offers on the Hibiscus Coast after moving here a year ago from Pukekohe. While efficiently handling accounts, GST and tax returns for small to medium businesses, rental property owners and charitable groups is where his professional talents lie, Steve says accountancy is not all about number crunching. “It’s a people-focused service, and all about making connections with clients,” he says. He says he has noticed a lot of similarities between the issues faced by his clients in Pukekohe and those on the Coast. “Being on the fringe of Auckland, small businesses are looking at how they can engage with the local community, work smarter and grow their business despite

Steve McKinstry

larger centres nearby.” Mobile accountancy is already popular in the UK, and makes sense with the shift to cloud-based technology. Everything Steve needs for his HMS Group Mobile Accountant service he carries in a small black bag, and he can work alongside a business in the workplace, or take their paperwork back to his home office. “Being mobile means a business owner doesn’t have to take time away from their workplace to visit an office,” Steve says. “Many accountants go out to see their clients from time to time, but the difference here is that I go and see all my clients.” For Steve, the advantages include gaining insight into how each business he works with operates. From a client’s perspective, it’s cost effective and efficient; Steve doesn’t charge for meetings, or for travelling, giving the client a fixed fee.

While nationally Countdown, and perhaps eventually the supermarket sector, is the subject of an investigation regarding anti-competitive behaviour towards its suppliers, locally Countdown Orewa is focused on moving forward with its development plans. These include the demolition of two properties, currently empty, on the Cammish Lane side of the site to provide two new goods vehicle access driveways. The entry and exit points for customers remain on Moenui Ave, but moved slightly. The new store will have a footprint 1327sqm larger than the old one and a larger carpark, with room for 150 cars instead of the current 106. Countdown is investing $33 million in the new store, which should be open by the end of this year.

Chemist rebrands

Long established Coast business, Orewa Care Chemist, owned by Antony Wentworth, which has been on the corner of Hibiscus Coast Highway and Tamariki Ave since it opened in 1949, and Orewa Medical Care Chemist (also owned by Antony Wentworth) have merged and re-branded as Life Pharmacy Orewa. The new Life Pharmacy is located at 8 Tamariki Ave.

Penlink survey online

Top Harbour, developer of Fairway Bay in Gulf Harbour is running a survey about demand for Penlink. The survey can be found at www.fairwaybay.co.nz/ penlink and runs until March 25.

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Business&innovation feature INTRODUCIN G n

Paasha Turkish Café and Takeaway There can’t be many café owners who began working in a restaurant at the tender age of 11, and it is that grounding in the kitchen of his uncle’s restaurant in Istanbul that gives authenticity to the food that Yasar Kaplan cooks. The Paasha Turkish Café and Takeaway at 747 Whangaparaoa Rd, which opens next week, is the fourth that Yasar has owned. He opened his first café, in Istanbul, when he was 19 years old and has also owned Turkish food businesses in Melbourne and Auckland. Yasar says what makes his food stand out are the marinades and cooking style of Aadana, the Turkish city where he was born. “The Aadana style is number one in Turkey, and you can’t use that name for your food unless it’s authentically from that area,” he says. The meat for the cafe’s doner and shish kebabs, pita pockets and rice meals is marinated for a day in herbs and spices. The delicious sizzle and aroma that gets the taste buds ready for action will be a feature at Paasha, with Yasar and business partner Owen Ozbal cooking in an open kitchen that can be seen by customers. As well as kebabs, Paasha’s menu features burgers and pizza. Some pizza toppings have a Turkish twist, with ingredients such as spiced minced lamb and chilli and a homemade tomato sauce base.

Turkish Café & Takeaway Kebabs | Pizza | Burgers | Coffee & more...

Yasar Kaplan

Turkish tea and its trademark coffee is also available, along with freshly baked cake, honey drenched Baklava or Turkish Delight to end the meal. Yasar says he loves cooking and sharing food with people as much now as he did when he was a child. “One of the first things that my uncle taught me is that you taste everything as you cook it and only give it to the customer if it’s delicious,” he says. “What I enjoy is having people come back – then you know you gave them something good.” Yasar moved to NZ 14 years ago to help in a cousin’s restaurant in Wellington. He says coming here was a bit of a culture shock, and he initially returned to Turkey – only to realise that NZ had become home. “People are friendly and it’s a safe country to bring up my 11-month old baby girl in,” he says.

England | Dunedin | Hamilton | Pukekohe | Melbourne | Auckland

WHANGAPARAOA – OPENING NEXT WEEK Experience authentic tasty Turkish cuisine, right here on the coast | Dine in or takeaway Open 7 days, 10am–10pm 741 Whangaparaoa Road | Phone 09 424 2441 www.paashagroup.co.nz

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Velma’s dreams come true at Hibiscus Coast Village. For years Velma Ruddy had driven past the retirement village that sits on the corner of Red Beach and Whangaparaoa Roads. Little did she know that one day she’d be living there herself and feeling it was the perfect place to call home. Originally from the Cape Town area in South Africa, Velma’s introduction to New Zealand began when her son and daughter immigrated here 18 years ago. “My son would call us and tell us how much he loved the New Zealand way of life, so four years after my family moved we decided to follow them,” says Velma. “Even though we hadn’t seen the country before, we thought let’s just ‘live like Kiwis do’. As it turned out, we fitted in really well.” After spending 4 years in Wellington, the couple moved north to Whangarei where they spent another 4 years. But after Velma’s husband passed away, she made the decision to be closer to her family who lived at Manly Beach on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and on the North Shore. “The funny thing is, I used to drive past Hibiscus Coast Village every time I visited my son. It always looked really nice but I had no idea what went on inside! Then one day I thought ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained, so

I simply drove on in and had a good look around,” says Velma. “Right there and then I knew this was the place for me. The village had a warm and welcoming feel – a really good energy about it. After coming back to look at various living options, I chose a fantastic serviced apartment that suited me right down to the ground. Plus it was very affordable and had more than enough space for my most precious possessions. After four and half years here, I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it.” Another attraction for Velma was the maintenance-free living and a personal support package that includes a weekly apartment clean and change of laundry - all handled by village staff. On top of that Velma enjoys three delicious meals a day - her favourite being the yummy roasts that get served up on Wednesdays and Sundays! “I’d spent so many years cooking, cleaning and doing other household chores, I wanted to live in a place

where I could do absolutely nothing! As you get older you plan for it and dream it’s going to happen. For me it has,” says Velma. The active lifestyle is also something Velma loves. She was a keen bowler, but these days you’re more likely to find her taking part in the village exercise classes or playing table tennis. “There’s never a dull moment here. There are games, clubs and all sorts of functions to enjoy. Plus we do some great little excursions like the beach walks we take in the local

area,” she says. Add in the security and wonderful staff and it’s no wonder Velma calls the serviced apartment living at Hibiscus Coast Village a dream come true. “I can’t speak highly enough of the village, staff and the lifestyle I enjoy. I have everything I could possibly want. I can be me,” says Velma. To find out more about the serviced apartment living options at Hibiscus Coast Village, call Linda on 09 421 9718 or visit www.metlifecare.co.nz.

Live well and stay well in the comfort of your home. Even for the most able retiree, there does come a time when support is needed with the basics of day-to-day living. For those who want to stay as independent as possible, but need extra support, serviced apartments provide the perfect answer. At this lovely retirement village, you will enjoy all the comforts of living in your own home. The difference is we provide a range of services such as daily meals, weekly cleaning, laundry and personal care services. With the perfect balance of freedom and support, you have access to our trained team, including nursing and care staff, to support your health and wellbeing. On top of that you will love the stimulation that comes with living amongst an active community.


To find out more, please call Linda on 09 421 9718.


Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm Sunday, 12pm to 4pm 101 Red Beach Road, Red Beach www.metlifecare.co.nz

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Free milk delivered to schools Milk monitors began appearing at local schools last month, as Fonterra’s Milk for Schools programme kicked off on the Hibiscus Coast. The first eager milk monitors at around four local primary schools lined up to collect milk for their classes on February 17, with several more Coast schools in the process of joining the programme. There are a number of differences between this programme, and the one that ran from 1940–1967 in NZ schools. Pupils at Stanmore Bay School try free For a start, the milk is stored at milk for the first time. schools in fridges supplied by Fonterra and reviews were mixed – while many and is UHT treated. It is hoped that happily slurped down to the last drop, this will give children a more positive others described it as “too creamy”, or experience than the milk supplied “like normal milk, only warmer”. by the Government to schools last century, which was often served warm. NZ’s earlier milk in schools programme featured recyclable glass One of the first local schools to receive milk bottles and paper straws; Carol the milk was Stanmore Bay Primary. says as an Enviroschool the amount Principal Carol Abley says she’s of packaging related to the modern pleased to see milk freely available, and milk cartons, and plastic straws, was surprised at the number of children a concern. The packs are flattened – who obviously have not tried it before. a process described by some teachers “Milk is good for kids, yet less are as “an Origami-like exercise” – and drinking it and this could be because placed in bins supplied and emptied of the cost compared with cheap soft by Fonterra. The packaging cannot drinks,” she says. be recycled in NZ, so it is destined for Around 90 percent of Stanmore Bay’s Thailand or Malaysia. 458 students tried the milk on the Fonterra introduced Milk for Schools first day it was delivered, with each last year and expects to have all schools receiving a 200ml carton of Anchor that wish to take part involved by the Lite. Many were obviously not used to end of this term. More photos www. the taste of the UHT treated product localmatters.co.nz

HBC Community House



I DID IT FOR... MORE TIME WITH THE Seniors Club GRANDKIDS A special discounted membership for those aged 60+ who have plenty more life to live. Pop in & see us today!

Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale. | SWIMCoast | GROUP FITNESS | PERSONAL TRAINING cnr Whangaparaoa Rd &GYM Hibiscus Highway

09 421 9700

09 421 9700

www.northernarena.co.nz www.northernarena.co.nz Limited time only. Conditions apply.

Boutique preschool education for children aged 2 to 5. The best of Montessori tradition combined with modern teaching practices.

Long or short term hire

*free bolt install (*conditions apply)

We can check if your car seat is installed correctly

Trained technician Ph 426 3598

42 Silverdale St Silverdale (next to St John Ambulance) p 427 5544 coastmontessori.co.nz

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Health with Dr Ruth Alberts coastcare@ccam.co.nz

Give immunity a boost

Designer frames with premium Essilor lenses complete from just $299 At Visique you’ll find the biggest names in designer frames, and lenses from Essilor, the world’s leading lens manufacturer. So you’ll not only look fantastic, you’ll see beautifully as well. Call 0800 VISIQUE or visit visique.co.nz to find your nearest location.

Hawkins Visique Optometrists, Orewa • Ph 426 5308 Visique Silverdale Eyecare • Ph 421 0178

Immunisations are a bit like wearing a seatbelt, they don’t stop accidents but do reduce your risk of severe injury or death if one occurs. Immunisations reduce the risk of severe complications or death from diseases and mostly prevent you from getting that disease. The most topical is the flu vaccine which will be available in March and is subsidized for people over 65; those with chronic heart or lung diseases, cancer or kidney disease; and for pregnant women. I believe everyone should have flu immunisations as it is often children who get flu and give it to their teachers and class mates to take it home to their families. Last winter I had two medical emergencies as a result of flu. One was a child who developed a runny nose and cough in the afternoon and came in with great difficulty breathing. I had to go with him in the ambulance to Starship clutching my tracheotomy set as his vocal cords were so swollen that he would have required a tracheotomy if he had stopped breathing. He was intubated and ventilated in Starship Intensive Care for three days and an influenza virus was cultured. The other was a young pregnant lady who thought she had a “cold” and while pushing her child’s pushchair up the hill had been unable to breathe. She also needed intubation and ventilation in Intensive Care and influenza B was cultured. Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe complications and increased mortality from influenza so should all be immunized. This will also protect their newborn babies as antibodies cross the placenta. Travel immunisations are strongly recommended too and advice about these is often most cost effective from travel clinic specialists who are up to date with the latest information about disease prevalence. My daughter spent the summer volunteering in a Zimbabwean orphanage and her Scandinavian room mate was sent home with malaria. Malaria prophylaxis has to be taken prior to, during and after your stay in the malaria area as it can develop a month after you have left. The most serious form of cerebral malaria is often fatal. In January I saw a lady who had visited the Gold Coast and been scratched by a bat. Fortunately she had researched the internet, found that bats can carry rabies and a bat approaching you is likely to be sick. She had not been immunized against rabies. Who would think you need rabies immunisations when you visit Australia or the USA or Thailand? Well, rabies is present in all these countries as well as Africa and South Asia. Rabies is a virus, it can develop up to six months after you contract it and usually leads to death if not treated. It is best prevented by immunization (four shots give lifelong prevention) – the treatment if you are not immunised and are bitten or scratched by a rabid animal is costly and prolonged and if you are overseas immunoglobulin can be difficult to obtain. Consider immunisation – reduce your risk!

Pharmacies deliver vaccines

Vaccines for whooping cough and meningococcal disease were made available from selected NZ pharmacies for a fee, administered by pharmacists who are trained vaccinators last month. The whooping cough vaccine can be given by a pharmacist to adults over the age of 18 years and the meningococcal disease vaccine can be administered to those 16 years and above. The move builds on the launch of flu vaccinations through pharmacies in 2012. Locally, the vaccines are available from Radius Pharmacy in The Plaza, Whangaparaoa, Life Pharmacy Orewa and Unichem Hickeys Pharmacy, Moana Ave, Orewa.


“There when you need us.”

Ph (09) 427 9130

Red Beach Shops, Red Beach Road

ACC Visits – Free for under 6 year olds

Complete Feet Fiona Stark Dip.Pod.,S.R.Pod

• Cracked heels • Home visits • Ingrowing/thickened toenails • Painful corns • Orthotic Supports

76 Brightside Rd, Stanmore Bay Ph 428 3888 Mobile 021 0550 464

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locallifestyle THE IBX SYSTEM Dont just imagine beautiful nails, have them for real!

Gala aims for affordable fun

In a brave move, this month’s Whangaparaoa School Gala has ditched most of the big rides to focus on affordable, family-focused fun. Co-organiser Susan Cruickshank says that the commercial rides, such as the water walkers, swinging pirate ship or merry go rounds, which are popular with children, have made school galas expensive for local families and mean that a lot of money that could come to the school goes to operators instead. She says ride operators pay the school around 20 percent of their takings. This year the Gala organising team Homemade fun is the theme of opted for a focus on old-fashioned, the Whangaparaoa Gala. The same low-tech games with around 20 applied to promotion, which included options that include a ‘human fruit sand scratches on local beaches. This machine’, lucky sticks buried in the was made on Manly Beach by Lisa Clark and family. sandpit, gumboot and hoop tossing. The only exceptions are the inflatable maternity needs, babies and children Mega Mountain Wet ‘n’ Wild Water aged under two years. slide, which has been sponsored so On-stage entertainment includes the that all proceeds go to the school, and school’s Kapa Haka group and choir, the Fishing Guy. local dance troups and cheerleaders Susan says the games, run by school and the band Undercover. volunteers, will be low cost so that Susan says the organisers know that potentially a full day’s entertainment the new approach is taking a punt, but can be affordable. they are confident it will pay off. Food will also be a big focus, including “We just want everyone to have a burgers, sushi, mussel fritters and pull- good day and as much fun as possible apart pork buns, bacon and egg rolls, without spending a lot of money,” she drinks and the ever-popular toffee apples says. “It’s the sort of gala that parents and cake stall. ‘Bun runners’ will be and grandparents will remember from among the crowd offering food on trays their schooldays, and appreciate.” for those who want to avoid the queues. The Gala is on March 15 at the school in A new stall caters specifically for Ladies Mile, Manly, from 11am–3pm.


Orewa Community Church Discovering God Sharing Christ’s Love Sunday Family Services 10am + Kids Journeys Sunday March 9 “Training the Twelve” Sunday March 16 “Training the Twelve”

~ All Welcome ~

Entrance from Amorino Dr, Red Beach. Ph 426 7023 www.occ.net.nz

1system, 2products

PROTECTYOUR NAILS Protective Nail Shield Under All Gel Polish

GROWYOUR NAILS Natural Nail Strengthening System


Book your in-salon IBX treatment* now Esetic Beauty Therapy Ph 09 427 4659 Unit I 19 Cammish Lane, Orewa


Don’t let a Hearing Loss stop you from being the Social Person you want to be.

Come visit our e NEW clinic at th za la P a ao Whangapar ) ce ffi O (opp Post

Samantha & Steven Foster RHAD MANZAI

• FREE no obligation initial hearing assessments • Evening & weekend appointments no problem! • 100% money-back guarantee* • Fully independent advice • Price beating guarantee* • Home visits available • All makes & models serviced *Terms and conditions apply. Call for more information

Ph: 0508 HEARAGAIN (432724) • www.hearagain.co.nz

Warkworth Birth Centre

quality maternity care

Breast Feeding Support Group Wednesday 5th March @ 10am ALL Mothers WeLCoMe

FREE pregnancy tests Prenatal classes, birth venue & post-natal stay Own room in peaceful rural surroundings Excellent equipment and atmosphere Water birth a speciality Our friendly helpful postnatal staff at the birthing centre Midwives on call at all times, and as backup for your caregiver (LMC) For further information talk to your  Full post-natal hospital stay LMC/Midwife or Warkworth Birth Centre  24 hour Registered Nurses / Midwives to care for you and your baby  You can transfer from your birth hospital within Phone 09 425 8201 12 hours of normal birth or 24 hours following a Caesarian      

Available to all women and their caregivers

56 View Road, Warkworth www.warkworthbirthcentre.co.nz

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food + espresso bar

• organic espresso coffee • sandwiches • smoothies • salads • gluten free • food to go • catering

Tue–Fri 8am–4pm | SaT 9am–12noon

Outside The Plaza, Whangaparaoa (opp. Eddie Law) facebook.com/twospoonsnz

Healthy Worm Soil & Lawncare









Offering: Core aeration • Lawn dethatching • Leaf vacuuming • Lawn mowing Why are worms good for your garden? They aerate the soil. Aerate your lawn today.

Ranui Goldsmith Ph 021 208 2391


A major fundraiser for the Tamaki Sports Academy is the free metal collection service it offers. We will pick up any old metal – whiteware such as fridges, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines – roofing iron, metal piping, venetion blinds, computers, batteries, car panels, cars, metal shelving, filing cabinets, machinery, lawnmowers, engines and so on. Tamaki Sports Academy offers mentoring, coaching, and work experience to South Auckland youth who have dropped out of the mainstream school system, but who show some sporting talent. Academy members are enrolled in the Correspondence School and work towards unit standard credits and national qualifications.

Phone 09 276 0328

Plot to plate with Trish and Nigel Middleton facebook.com/twospoonsnz

Herb-a-licious! You may have heard the saying fresh is best. Well, to us at Two Spoons, nothing beats using fresh homegrown herbs. The aroma, flavour and nutritional value of fresh herbs make them a must in our garden plot too. Photo, Leah Victoria photography Most herbs are surprisingly easy to grow: plant in a sunny spot, cut back often and enjoy. Start with a few staples such as parsley, mint, chives and basil and once you’ve got them growing successfully and you are feeling adventurous, add in a few others; coriander, oregano, thyme, lemongrass, Thai basil and fennel are a few of our favourites and used most commonly in our kitchen. Herbs are great grown in containers, especially the likes of mint, which can take over a garden if left to its own devices. Quick tips for growing herbs yy Many herbs love quality well drained soil yy Most herbs thrive on being pinched back and you will find you have bushier plants if you cut and use them often yy At the end of the season, if you have a sunny indoor location, you can bring many herbs inside and continue to use them throughout winter Pesto: a versatile condiment Pesto is wonderful in a sandwich, on crackers, over fish or chicken, with pasta, spread over eggs, as a pizza base, or even straight off the spoon. You can make pesto with just about any herb or even a mix of herbs; we love this mixed herb version and think it’s even better than the plain basil variety, with so many layers of flavour. It’s also a great way to use what you have on hand. And making it yourself saves a few dollars too.

Mixed herb pesto

One cup of fresh herbs packed Dry roast ¼ cup of nuts or seeds (pumpkin and sunflower work well) until lightly golden then cool One medium clove of fresh garlic, salt and pepper to taste Three tablespoons of parmesan (optional) and enough olive oil to make a paste Process all until your desired consistency is achieved: leave a little chunky or blend until fine Note: while most herbs will work with this recipe in varying amounts go easy on sage and mint, as they tend to overpower the other herbs. You can freeze pesto, so if you have a lot of herbs why not make a big batch? We could go on about the versatility of fresh herbs in teas and tonics, not to mention a few delicious cocktail recipes – but we’ll save those for another column. It is very dry in our garden at the moment so we have been clearing out spent plants and tiding up ready for the next planting. We are planting trays with kale, spinach and lettuce seeds that will be ready to go in when the weather changes and we get some much needed rain. You can also plant broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, silverbeet, cabbage and leek seeds this month.



Saturday 15 March, 11am–3pm Come along to this year’s Whangaparaoa Primary School Gala for a day of old fashioned family fun, entertainment and bargains galore. White Elephant jumble sale, toy shop, book & cake stalls, lots of food & games plus entertainment for the whole family.

39 Ladies Mile, Manly • Rain or shine • Contact Amelia Phillips 021 231 9056

Come & see us at the Whangaparaoa School Gala All Proceeds to the school Open 7 days: 11am–8.30pm Phone 426 7369 Silverdale Centre (Next to Mozaik) keep up with what’s smokin’

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Gritty musical comes to Centrestage Theatre

With a liberal dose of murder, love, sex and great music, West Side Story still pulls in the crowds whenever it’s performed. Michael Sanders, who is directing and story is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and choreographing Centrestage Theatre’s Juliet and features two youngsters from performance of this popular musical, rival gangs who fall in love. It is therefore which opens this month, says its no surprise that it was one of the first success lies in the simple formula of musicals not to have a happy ending. a great story, amazing score and “the First performed in 1957, West Side ultimate dance show”. Story’s focus on social problems, The cast of 29 have been rehearsing extended dance scenes and since December for the show, which sophisticated music by Leonard is on at Centrestage in Orewa from Bernstein is said to have been a March 15–29. watershed moment in American “It is shaping up to be a real tear jerker, musical theatre. one moment funny, the next with all Michael says this is the second time the grittiness and brutality of the New that Centrestage has done a production York streets,” Michael says. of West Side Story. The cast is mostly made up of locals He says this time around the set including Sean Douche, George and costumes have elements of the Keenan, Sophia Pedersen and Dan traditional, but that there are also Townsend and spans a wide range of innovations to aid the flow of the show. ages; the youngest performer is aged 15. Tickets are available from the theatre, Set in New York City in the 1950s, the ph 426 7282, or at www.iticket.co.nz

We Stain & Paint All Timber Fences Don’t waste your valuable time on the end of a paintbrush!

We specialise in spray painting all types of fences.

Maintenance, Restoration & Repairs



paint, oil & stain restoration

Call NOW 021 0278 4783 or 09 428 5687 www.deckandfencepro.co.nz

Twenty-five years on Tiritiri The volunteers whose hard work has helped make Tiritiri Matangi Island such a popular destination for locals and tourists are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi actually turned 25 last October, but the milestone is being marked throughout this year with a number of new initiatives and events, starting this month with a series of specialist guided walks. The walks take place on Sundays from March 16–April 13 and feature two for photographers, two for ornithologists and one for botanists. The walks are guided by experts and are for small groups of no more than eight. Tiritiri Matangi shop and guiding manager Mary-Ann Rowland says if the walks are popular, they will be continued monthly for the whole year. On March 29, the volunteers will be celebrating the historic aspects of the island, opening the recently refurbished Watch Tower and the oldest working lighthouse in NZ. This event is also a chance to hear the only working diaphonic foghorn in the country blasting forth – MaryAnn describes this as a truly awesome sound, which once caused Radio NZ sound technicians to bury their microphones under their armpits and run in the opposite direction. Later this year the Supporters hope to

FEATURE BIRD – ‘BELLBIRD’ Nectar feeding songbird with the most pure notes. Many are now nesting in the sanctuary and soon will migrate up the peninsula and into your gardens. Plant shrubs for them, like Kowhai, Grevillia ‘Robyn Gordon”, bottlebrush and flaxes.

NZ Bellbird Korimakoo


The oldest working lighthouse in NZ will be open for just one day this year, March 29, as part of the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi celebrations. Photo, Glen Webber.

hold a planters day and offer visitors a chance to hear the dawn chorus after a special, pre-dawn sailing from Gulf Harbour. Bookings are essential for all these events and walks, email guiding@ tiritirimatangi.org.nz, visit www. tiritirimatangi.org.nz or phone 09 476 0010 (Wednesday to Sunday only).

Boneseed Monilifera

Shrub, grows up to 3m with yellow daisy-like flowers. Growing along our coastline. Seeds spread by birds. Chop it out to prevent the spread to Shakespear Regional park.

More on this pest plant can be found on our website

SHAKESPEAR OPEN SANCTUARY www.sossi.org.nz Kindly sponsored by

20 | Hibiscusmatters 5 March 2014

Coastguard with Matt Turner, Coastguard Hibiscus www.hibiscus.org.nz

Rescuer rescued Isn’t it amazing how everyone pulls together in an emergency? A recent medical incident, involving a Hibiscus Coastguard volunteer, illustrates the point. Kim Powell had moored his yacht in a quiet bay near Mahurangi for a bit of weekend R&R when he began to Kim Powell at the wheel of Arielle experience increasingly severe chest pains; since he was alone on the boat, he thought it prudent to alert a colleague in the Coastguard unit. Within minutes, the Westpac helicopter was in the air, the Kawau Coastguard rescue boat was on its way, and St Johns Ambulance was briefed for action. The Kawau Coastguard crew transferred Kim to a wharf, where he underwent a primary medical assessment before local residents took him on their quad bike to the waiting helicopter. Minutes later, he was on a bed in Auckland Hospital hooked up to various monitors. Where, you may wonder, was our own Hibiscus Rescue 1 vessel, and why weren’t they tasked to go to Kim’s aid? As it happens, our boat crew had been tantalisingly nearby when they learnt of the situation over the VHF, but since they were attending a separate distress call, and later a medical incident further south, they had been unable to help. However this didn’t stop his mates going the extra mile. Kim remained gravely worried about the safety of his yacht, so two volunteers from Auckland Coastguard’s Lion and Alpha crews were transported (via another vessel, ASB) to Mahurangi, where they boarded the yacht and sailed her back to Gulf Harbour; they finally berthed at about 2:30am and carefully tidied and closed her up. And that wasn’t all: they then drove Kim’s car down to Auckland and left it at the Marine Rescue Centre so that he could return later to Gulf Harbour. Kim, (pictured) who is now back up on his feet, described the day as an eyeopener. “A volunteer in a rescue service often sees only a slice of the action,” he says, “but when all the resources are mobilised, it’s an incredible and humbling experience to see everyone leap into action, all for the aid of one person.” Kim says his thanks go out to everyone who assisted that day.

Jason Robertson (rear) and his father Brett say fishing shows the versatility of jetskis.

Club targets jetski fishers Sitting at anchor, or drifting along, peacefully fishing seems at odds with the speed demon reputation of the jetski rider. However, according to Jason rogues” they used to be, with many riders Robertson of Waterworx Marine in in the 35 plus age group, incorporating Silverdale, more and more Coastie the craft into their family recreation. It’s jetskiers are adding rods and chilly something he knows from experience, bins to their kit and heading out for a as an ex-jetski racer who now enjoys quiet day’s fishing. nothing more than a day’s fishing. Jason’s response was to start Hibiscus Jason’s father, Brett, aged 67, also Coast Jetski Fishing Club two weeks enjoys fishing and says his biggest ago via Facebook. catch to date from a three-seater, 155 As a builder and supplier of jetskis, horsepower jetski is a 6.3kg snapper. Jason says in the last two years he has noticed a huge increase in the number Jason says the speed and portability of of people fishing from their jetskis – the jetski means less time “mucking and that safety and sociability will both around” and more actually fishing. benefit if these fishers can get together. Improved stability and the latest 4-stroke motors have also made the “The waters around here are so busy craft better for fishing. and, especially if you’re new to the area, it’s far safer to go jetski fishing in “You can get in among the rocks to a group,” he says. “It’s about safety in find better fish,” he says. numbers.” Info: Look for Hibiscus Coast Jetski He says jetskiers are not “the noisy Fishing on Facebook.

Catch a fish*

April, 2014. Saturday & Sunday 5 & 6 ers and enter the fishing

Everybody is welcome to join our Club Memb contest at Stanmore Bay. Great prizes for the best fish weighed-in per species. *(Lucky dip prizes even if you don’t catch a fish!)


Club Members $10, Visitors $15, Juniors $5 (12 or under) • Every Junior wins a prize • Entry-fee concession cards offer generous discounts for monthly contests • Weigh in 4pm–5pm at the club • Prize giving Sunday 6pm • Snack meals and bar open for all contestants from 4pm Sunday • Boat launch and retrieve tractor service only $20. Some conditions apply • Phone 09 424 5428 for details.

Hibiscus Matters Auckland AreaSeawatch Sea Watch

Sponsored by Hibiscus Coast Boating Club




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4:56am 0.4 5:44am 0.5 12:34am 3.3 1:22am 3.1 2:13am 3.0 3:08am 2.9 4:05am 2.8 5:03am 2.8 5:56am 2.8 12:22am 1.0 1:08am 0.9 1:50am 0.8 2:29am 0.7 3:08am 0.7 3:48am 0.6 4:28am 0.6 5:11am 0.6 11:24am 3.5 12:12pm 3.4 6:33am 0.7 7:24am 0.8 8:18am 1.0 9:15am 1.1 10:14am 1.1 11:10am 1.1 12:02pm 1.1 6:45am 2.9 7:29am 3.0 8:11am 3.0 8:50am 3.1 9:30am 3.2 10:10am 3.2 10:51am 3.2 11:33am 3.2

Tide 5:23pm 0.3 6:10pm 0.5 1:00pm 3.2 1:49pm 3.1 2:39pm 2.9 3:32pm 2.8 4:28pm 2.7 5:26pm 2.7 6:21pm 2.8 12:49pm 1.0 1:32pm 0.9 2:13pm 0.8 2:53pm 0.7 3:32pm 0.7 4:11pm 0.6 4:52pm 0.6 5:34pm 0.6 Times 11:46pm 3.4 6:57pm 0.6 7:46pm 0.8 8:38pm 0.9 9:34pm 1.0 10:34pm 1.0 11:31pm 1.0 7:11pm 2.8 7:56pm 2.9 8:38pm 3.0 9:18pm 3.1 9:57pm 3.2 10:36pm 3.2 11:17pm 3.2 7:10am 7:54pm

Sun Fishing Guide Moon

7:10am 7:53pm

Best At


4:14am 4:40pm

7:11am 7:52pm

Best At


5:05am 5:31pm

7:12am 7:50pm

Best At


5:56am 6:21pm

7:13am 7:49pm

Best At


6:46am 7:10pm

7:14am 7:47pm

Best At


7:35am 7:59pm

7:15am 7:46pm

Best At


8:23am 8:47pm

7:16am 7:45pm

Best At


9:11am 9:34pm

7:17am 7:43pm

Best At


9:57am 10:19pm

7:18am 7:42pm

Best At


10:42am 11:04pm

7:19am 7:40pm

Best At


11:26am 11:48pm

7:20am 7:39pm

Best At



7:21am 7:37pm

Best At


12:32am 12:54pm

7:21am 7:36pm

Best At


1:16am 1:38pm

7:22am 7:34pm

Best At


2:01am 2:24pm

7:23am 7:33pm

Best At


2:47am 3:11pm

7:24am 7:31pm

Best At


3:36am 4:01pm

Best At


4:26am 4:53pm

First Full Quarter Moon Rise 11:05am Rise 12:06pm Rise 1:05pm Rise 1:59pm Set 12:21am Set 1:10am Set 2:01am Set 2:53am Set 3:47am Set 4:42am Set 5:37am Set 6:33am Set 7:30am Set 8:29am Set 9:28am Set 10:29am Set 11:30am Set 10:10pm Set 10:51pm Set 11:35pm Rise 2:49pm Rise 3:35pm Rise 4:17pm Rise 4:56pm Rise 5:31pm Rise 6:04pm Rise 6:37pm Rise 7:08pm Rise 7:40pm Rise 8:14pm Rise 8:49pm Rise 9:29pm Rise 10:13pm *Not for navigational purposes.


Good Fishing


Fair Fishing


Not So Good




Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

For the latest wind and swell information for the Auckland area go to: www.tidespy.com/?place=3005

For more details www.hibiscuscoastboatclub.co.nz

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with Brian McClennan, Kaspa Transmissions silverdale@kaspa.co.nz

Discipline first and foremost The great late Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers used to say “the pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret”. How former Black Caps Jessie Ryder and Doug Bracewell must be regretting their lack of discipline. They made a selfish decision to go out on the tiles and drink, rather than bedding down at the hotel on that fateful night before the first Test. They were trusted by their team to be on standby for the Team. They simply left their Coaches and teammates no option but to cast them out of the team and then unite as a group to protect their team culture. Now Ryder and Bracewell will learn the harsh reality of sporting life – you are always replaceable. They now have to suffer the burden of not reaching their full potential. Hopefully this is their rock bottom and they can start to develop some winning habits. In the meantime the team which has been superbly led by the Skipper Brendon McCullum go on to achieve a great Test Series victory. But more importantly the Black Caps have made a clear statement of what a united team based on sound principles can become. Outstanding leadership from coach and captain will grow this squad into a team than can reach its full potential. When you take a look across all the sports. It’s easy to spot the teams or individuals who have their house in order. They have a confidence in their preparation. They look calm. They don’t waste nervous energy and endure in testing times. The teams or individuals who look flustered or anxious are generally suffering from a lack of a disciplined preparation. In the heat of an event – they crumble. They haven’t developed the character to handle the tests. Coach Lombardi has many famous quotes. My favourite is: “winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all-time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” Basically you prepare yourself to be perfect. Sure there may be times that an opponent has your measure – but if you can know that you couldn’t have done any more. You still feel a sense of fulfilment. You have won the most important battle. The one with yourself The Rugby League Nines has just finished. It was a fantastic tournament. I liked that the games still resembled the 13-a-side game. It still revolved around the same principles but allowed enough room for the quick’s to have more opportunism to run. It was a master stroke by the organisers to enforce that teams had to play some star players. People want to see the best athletes. So it was a pleasure for us Coasties to see local boy Shaun Johnson of the Warriors rip the defence to threads and gain the MVP. He is an absolute freak athlete blessed with blinding speed. If he can put himself into positions to run the ball more – he should have a good season. The Nines Tournament had the right mix of good footy and crowd involvement. As always there will be improvements and thankfully we have the right people in charge to make that happen. It was a great appetiser for the season ahead.

 Briefs Lifejacket bylaw

Boaties and other interested members of the public still have around 10 days in which to make submissions on Auckland Council’s Navigation Safety Bylaw. The bylaw includes a proposal to make wearing lifejackets compulsory on boats six metres or less in length. Submissions must be in by 4pm on March 17. Copies of the draft bylaw are at www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, in libraries and at Orewa Service Centre in Centreway Rd, Orewa.

Surf rescue wins award

A dramatic rescue by Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club lifeguards won a national surf lifesaving award. Each month, Surf Life Saving NZ selects a winning rescue from each region as well as an overall national winner. The Orewa club won both the Northern Region Rescue of the Month award for January and the national honours. The rescue, which took place on January 22, saw lifeguards rescue four swimmers from the southern end of Orewa Beach. Without the swift intervention of the lifeguards and their management of the patients, which including resuscitation of one swimmer, lives could have been lost. The club receives a $500 fuel voucher from BP.

A roundup of sports activities and events in the district Gymnastics Gymnastics Community Trust, Playgym Classes (pre-school classes): 2-4yrs Tues/Thurs 11am, Fri 10am, Sat 8.30am; Age 4+ Tuesday 10am; Fun Gym Classes: 5yrs+ Wed 3.30pm, Sat 9.30am; 5-7yrs Mon/Thurs 3.45pm; 6yrs+ Rhythmic Sat 10.30am; 9yrs+ Mon/Thurs 5pm. Unit 4-5, 27 David Sidwell Place. Info: Centre Manager 021 216 8083 or 09 443 2795


Hibiscus Coast Raiders Netball Club Registration, March 11, 6.30pm–8pm HBC Raiders Sports Club Rooms, Brightside Rd. Trails to be held at the Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre, March 16, 9.30am–12pm. All Welcome. Info: www.raiders.co.nz

Stand up paddleboarding Orewa SUP Club - Free intro every Wednesday night, all welcome 6pm 278 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa. Fun races 6.30pm every Wednesday, plus we run training 2-3 times per week. Contact: Deane 021 954 022 as training is weather dependant.


Masters tennis, 40+ available every day at Hibiscus Coast Veterans Tennis Club 56 Laurence St, Big Manly. Club mornings 9am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. New members welcome. Info: www.sportsground.co.nz/hibvets


Whangaparaoa Tennis Club welcomes new members including mid-week ladies (Wed 9am-12pm). Edith Hopper Park, Manly. Contact: Campbell Ellison 021 261 0835 or c.ellison@outlook.com The Club is also looking for sponsors.

To list sports news email: terry@localmatters.co.nz

229 State Highway 1, Warkworth Phone 09 422 3149 0800 TOTALSPAN (0800 868 257)


Got clutter? Need a bin? 9m3 Skips • Hibiscus Coast




7 day hire

*Delivery boundaries and conditions apply.

Also available 3m3, 4m3 & 6m3 bins

0800 468 246

22 | Hibiscusmatters 5 March 2014

Classifiedadvertising Hibiscus Matters publishes Community Notices as a free service for the community. A strict first in, first served policy, published subject to space & availability, for non-profit organisations only (conditions apply). All other classifieds are $4.11 per line + GST. Em: hibiscus@localmatters.co.nz (no attachments) Visit: Tamariki Plaza, Cammish Lane, Orewa

COMMUNITY NOTICES Art Group Orewa Community Church, Tues 1-3pm. All levels welcome. Workshops available for beginners. Bring your art materials & enjoy getting together to be inspired in a relaxed atmosphere. Ph Jocelyn 427 5353. BOATING & FISHING Club nights and meals every Wed. Monthly fishing contests. HBC Boating Club. Visitors & new members welcome. Ph Joanne 424 0952 www.hibiscuscoastboatclub.co.nz Book Club meets 9.30am, first Wed of month, Whangaparaoa Library. New members welcome. March topic: Heat/ Temperature. Info ph Ruth 428 5892. Bowls Orewa - New members very welcome. Free coaching. Business house bowls every 2nd Tues during summer. Social bowls each Friday evening. Ph Club 426 5937 or 428 2590 HBC Senior Moments provides social activities for Seniors in the Hibiscus Coast area, Thurs & Mon 10am–12.30pm during school terms. Info ph Monique 426 0056 Hibiscus Coast Widowed Club Meets 2nd Wed of month. Orewa Community Centre 1pm. Interesting speakers, morning/afternoon teas, raffles, outings/trips. Good Company – We care. Ph 424 3757. Hibiscus Coast Singers rehearsals start March 10 for June concert. New singers (especially men) wanted. Auditions from 6.45pm, Presbyterian Church, Waiora Rd. Ph 424 5711 or 428 4452 Ladies Craft Club, Orewa Community Church – Tuesdays @ 10am Come along and try a new craft and

make some new friends. A crèche is provided. Ph Carole 426 7023. Learn to play bridge Easy, 2hr lessons, Mondays 10am at Hibiscus Coast Bridge Club, Manly. Ph 428 3278 OREWA LADIES KEEP FIT CLUB Welcome older ladies young in heart for friendship and exercises to music Thurs 9.30am–11am Orewa Community Hall. Ph 426 4067. OREWA LIONS CLUB Welcomes New Members young and old. Male and Female. Enjoy projects and social meetings. Info: ph Harry Wills 426 6629. Pest Free Peninsula rat, possum & stoat traps available, plus trapping boxes to keep pets safe. Forest & Bird, Pauline Smith 426 4244 paulinesmith@xtra.co.nz Rodney Aphasia Group meet 4th Thurs of month, Rotary House Silverdale Highway, 1.30-3pm. Our group offers support, friendship & rehabilitation opportunities to people with aphasia following stroke. Membership $10 p/yr. Ph Lisa 428 0414.

WORK WANTED Delivery people URGENTLY needed to distribute Hibiscus Matters & flyers in Orewa, Red Beach & Stanmore Bay areas. Ph Julie Murray 09 473 4287 or em: juliemurray@orcon.net.nz Dog walker Manly Reliable, responsible teen available to walk dogs in Manly area. If your dog has energy to burn, I can help with regular exercise and fun for your dog. Reasonable rates. Ph 428 4576 (AH) or txt 027 814 9688.



A SMART REPAIR Service for F&P smartdrive washers, F&P/Simpson dryers. Same day service 09 423 9660 or 021 168 7349. BAY APPLIANCE REPAIRS Repairs to all major brands of Laundry and Kitchen Appliances small appliances and powers tools. All work guaranteed EWRB registered. Ph 09 947 0333/022 600 9919. BUILDER 40 yrs+ exp semi retired available for property maintenance, decks, fences etc. No job too small. Good rates. Ph Rob 021 1672155 or 426 2960. GARDEN makeover & MAINTENANCE Greenspace Landscapes. Contact Jeremy @greenspace.net.nz ph 0210 273 2626. Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists We clean all types of heat pumps. Call now 0800 225 327 www.heatpumpclean.co.nz PH 0800 89 49 49 – Cut-price waterblasting, moss removal & chemical house washing services. Plastering, Gib Stopping. All aspects of stopping. Small jobs specialist. 25 yrs exp. Karl 0210 42 42 96 or 428 7127. Plastering, solid, Gib Stopping, Painting/repair work. Small jobs. Trade Cert. Keith 424 8841 or 022 682 4760. Water Filters Underbench filters & whole house Ultra violet filters – Kill and remove ecoli/bacteria. FREE site visits. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 www. purewaterservices.co.nz Window Cleaning 30 years exp, local owner operator, reasonable rates. Ph David 426 2253. Water pumps Low water pressure? Get it sorted. Sales, service and installation. Work guaranteed. Ph Steve 09 945 2282 www.purewaterservices.co.nz

General assistant – Orewa Minimum 6 hours per week. Visit www. hbccommunityhouse.org.nz for details CASUAL HANDYMAN WANTED for Centrestage Theatre. Ph Scott, 4267282

HAIRDRESSER – CARING MOBILE SERVICE, I come to you. Pensioner rates. Phone Inga 426 0985.



AT YOUR REQUEST Your local cleaning team is ready to deliver our 5 star shine in your home for Weekly Cleaning, Spring Cleans, Moving Cleans or Open Home cleans. For a FREE quote call Yvonne 09 415 0028.

alterations, dressmaking, cushions & curtains. Ph 021 025 70658. Sylwester’s Dressmaking & Tailoring for alterations & garments made to order. Ph 426 7559.

BUSINESS services

wanted to BUY

Adept Computer Services, Est 1993. PC repairs at good rates. Ph 421 1039 or 021 114 5517 www.adept.net.nz

CASH PAID Tools & Machinery, Shed & garage clearouts. All things considered. Call or txt 021 161 5139. TRAINS WANTED FOR CASH All makes of Electric Model Railway items. Layouts dismantled and removed. Ph David 021 901493. SEWING MACHINES WANTED Going or not. Ph Ian 424 3140 or 021 984 138. TO BUY, RECORDS/LP’s Ph 428 1587.


Candidate 2014 General Election New Zealand First Party Nominations for the selection of New Zealand First Candidates for the 2014 General Election will be open from Saturday the 1st March 2014 and will be received from New Zealand First members by New Zealand First Headquarters up to the Monday 31st March 2014. Nomination forms for specific electorates and details regarding procedures may be obtained from:


Authorised by A.R. Martin, 13a Brown Rd, Warkworth, Auckland 0910 09 422 2370

Textures in Watercolour One Day workshop March 5, 10am– 4pm Pauline Smith ph 426 4244 or paulinesmith@xtra.co.nz Watercolour Painting Absolute beginners Feb 25, 1pm–3pm. Second step Wed Feb 26, 10am–12pm. Drawing on the right side of the brain. Tues Feb 25, 10am–12pm. Pauline A Smith Ph 426 4244 or paulinsmith@xtra.co.nz

Photography PRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES Videos, slides & old 8mm films all onto DVD. Ph TeTotara Video (09) 422 5710. Notice to Readers Hibiscus Matters does not insert flyers or any other junk material into its paper. If your issue of Hibiscus Matters arrives with unsolicited mail inserted, please advise us immediately 427 8188 or admin@localmatters.co.nz

FOR SALE TRACTOR MASSEY FERGUSSON T20 Excellent condition, $2,000 ono. Plus Outdoor Motor Mercury 8.0, 1 owner $1800 ono Arkles Bay. Ph James 09 554 1381 or 021 084 33860.

HEALTH & Beauty SUMMER Special: HandS & Feet Nails cut & filed, includes hand & foot massage & foot spa. $30 each or 2 people for $50. I will come to you. Ph 424 0676.

www.orewabeachgym.co.nz Strength, fitness, rehab,classes 198 Centreway Rd. Ph 426 8492

Health & wellbeing HYPNOSIS for stress, phobias, easy Stop Smoking. Bill Parker NZAPH, 424 7610. REIKI 1 & Reiki 2 Ph Shirley 424 4036. WISE CHOICES – Counselling/ Supervision Service, Brigitta Rohr (B. Couns., MNZCCA), Stanmore Bay. Ph 021 416 251, www.wisechoices.co.nz


Sudoku - the solution

9 2 7 8 5 6 1 4 3

1 6 3 9 4 2 7 8 5

8 4 5 7 3 1 6 9 2

7 9 2 3 1 5 4 6 8

3 5 8 6 9 4 2 7 1

6 1 4 2 8 7 5 3 9

5 8 6 4 2 3 9 1 7

4 3 1 5 7 9 8 2 6

2 7 9 1 6 8 3 5 4

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Funfit Open Day, Red Beach School, 8am–12pm. Try Funfit exercise classes free of charge. Info: www.funfit.co.nz (see ad p12) 8 Beds R Us Two Hour Fishing Classic, Hibiscus Coast Boating Club, Stanmore Bay, 2pm. Fun event, we provide the bait, you have 2 hours to get out and back with the biggest fish. All welcome. Info: www.hibiscuscoastboatclub.com or phone Jo, 424 0952. 12–15 Whangaparaoa Lions Club massive book sale, Whangaparaoa Plaza, Whangaparaoa. Wednesday to Friday, 10am–4pm and Saturday 10am–2pm. All profits returned to local community. To donate books, phone Alister, 424 8039 or Joan, 424 3165. 13 Girls’ Night Out, makeup, fashion, fitness, hair and beauty. Spot prizes, raffles and auctions, Orewa Arts and Events Centre, Orewa College, Riverside Rd, Orewa, 7pm– 9:30pm. $15 per ticket. Featuring MC Trudi Nelson plus guest speakers. BYO drinks and nibbles. Prizes for the best USA themed table. All proceeds to the Orewa College USA Trip. Info: a.davis@ oc.school.nz or phone 427 3833. 15 Whangaparaoa School Gala, Whangaparaoa Primary, Ladies Mile, Manly, 11am–3pm. Stalls, entertainment and fun for the whole family. (see story p17 and ad p18,) 15 & 16 Annual Ladies Fishing competition, Hibiscus Coast Boating Club, Stanmore Bay. Can have male on board but only ladies fish. Prizes for best fish as well as spot prizes. Info: www. hibiscuscoastboatclub.com or phone Jo, 424 0952. 15 & 16 North Harbour Radio Yacht Championship, hosted by Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club, Regency Park Drive, Gulf Harbour, 10am–4pm. Spectators welcome. (see ad p8) 15–29 Centrestage Theatre Company presents the classic musical West Side Story. For tickets visit www.iticket.co.nz or phone 426 7282. (see story p19) 16–April 13 Tiritiri Matangi special guided walks, The walks take place on Sundays and feature two for photographers, two for ornithologists and one for botanists. Bookings are essential, email guiding@tiritirimatangi.org.nz, visit www.tiritirimatangi. org.nz or phone 09 476 0010 (Wednesday to Sunday only). (see story p19) 20 A Great Day Out on the Farm with Life Education Trust Rodney, at Alan Gibbs’ 1000-acre sculpture park on the Kaipara Harbour, Gibbs Farm, State Highway 16, just north of Kaukapakapa, 10am. View a collection that includes major works by internationally renowned artists. Info and tickets: www.lifeeducation.org.nz/rodney. No gate sales. 21 Members of the Mairangi Writers speak about being independently published authors of more than 30 titles across all genres, Orewa Library, Moana Ave, Orewa, 10.30am. Talk covers all aspects of independent publishing. A display of books will be on show. 21–23 Come and talk to members of Orewa Citizens Advice Bureau and find out more about the services CAB offers. As part of Citizens’ Advice Bureau Awareness Week, March 17–23, CAB volunteers will be at the Whangaparaoa Plaza Night Market on Friday, March 21, 5.30pm–7pm and at the Plaza, near the Gold Bar, on March 22nd and 23, 10am–2pm. Local Markets: Orewa Night Market, Nautilus carpark, Tamariki Ave, last Friday of the month, 5pm–10pm • Auckland Night Markets, Whangaparaoa Plaza, every Friday 5.30pm–midnight • Silverdale Markets, every Saturday 8am–1pm. Vegetables, flowers, plants, crafts and much more • Orewa Craft Market & Bazaar, Orewa Community Centre, Orewa Square. Held fortnightly. Info: Annamaria, ph 021 145 0640 • Orewa Farmers’ market, Orewa Square carpark. Sundays, 8am– 12.30pm. Locally grown produce, home-made preserves and soaps, plants, bread, fish • Puhoi Farmers’ market, 8.30am -12.30pm, Puhoi Sports Club, last Sunday of the month. Info: Phillippa, ph 422 0009 • Hobbs Wharf Market, Fairway Bay, Gulf Harbour, every Sunday from 10am–2pm.

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Flying Fifteen fly into action in Gulf Harbour

Local sailors who are absolute beginners will compete against seasoned champions at the Flying Fifteen Nationals in Gulf Harbour this month. Flying Fifteen boats may be small at just 6.1m in National Champion three times in the 1990s. length, but their combination of high performance The Flying Fifteen is a planing dinghy, originally and portability continues to find favour, particularly designed in 1947 by British yacht designer Uffa Fox; with more mature sailors who can afford to buy it has become the largest fixed-keel class in the world these high quality boats. with around 4000 boats. Locals will have an opportunity to see the class in It is sailed by crews of two people – among the finest action when Gulf Harbour Yacht Club hosts the in the world are Kiwis Aaron Goodmanson and Flying Fifteen National Championships, from Alistar Rowlands who will defend their national title March 13 to 16. for the 10th time at Gulf Harbour. The event is expected to attract more than 20 crews At the keen novice end of the scale are two local to Gulf Harbour and is sponsored by Fairway Bay sailors, Pete and Will Taylor – a father and son crew developers Top Harbour. from Red Beach who are new to the Flying Fifteen Vice commodore John Weston says that the club was class. Will sails at Wentworth College, while his father invited to host the event after successfully hosting Pete is more often seen riding a surfboard. The Flying Fifteen class, pictured in action at a the North Island championship last year. Racing begins at 10am each day, and the races, on a previous Nationals, will be in full flight at Gulf John is a huge fan of the class, having been NZ triangular course, can be viewed from the Hammerhead. Harbour this month.

Wentworth Rowers on course at Head of Harbour event

In the five years since it introduced rowing to its curriculum, Wentworth College is already showing signs of creating a rowing tradition that the school can be proud of, with medal hauls increasing at various secondary school competitions. With a rowing squad of just 22, compared with double or triple that for some of the Auckland schools its crews compete against, the school is up against it, yet achieved several medals at the recent Auckland Secondary Schools, Head of Harbour Rowing Champs. In the hotly contested U18 events, held at Lake Pupuke last month, Wentworth came away with one silver and three bronze badges – its best results at that regatta to date.

Caring for you

The college credits the enthusiasm of the young rowers, who train hard on and off the water under the watchful eye of head coach Rob Ansell along with past Olympic rower Alan Tong and Principal Bruce Tong. The squad has a busy schedule, recently competing in Cambridge at the Mighty River Regatta, which attracts more than 2000 competitors, followed by the North Island Secondary School Championships this week, then the Nationals, known as the Maadi Cup, in Twizel on March 24.

From top, Wentworth Boys’ Novice U18 double crew Tait Fuller (left) and Louis Davidson. Wentworth College’s prizewinning rowers.

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