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Wednesday 26 February 2014

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Deadly road upgrade ‘too expensive’ The budget of improving safety of Russ’s Corner on the Moutere Highway has been slashed after councillors last week reviewed options modifying the Tasman district’s second deadliest intersection. Following a fatal crash at Russ’s Corner in May 2011, nearby residents presented a petition with 2634 signatures to council staff to address the safety issues at the intersection. The intersection of Waimea West and Golden Hills roads and the Moutere Highway had been identified as a safety issue in 2009 with the proposed solution being a full realignment at an estimated cost of $900,000. However, that plan was rejected by councillors as too expensive, and engineers later proposed a $380,000 roundabout as Plan B. That plan was also rejected as being too expensive, and last year council commissioned an independent engineering consultant, Urbis, to consider the issues around the intersection and provide low cost solutions. Last Thursday, the council engi-

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Birbes Simona picking breeze apples at WaiWest’s Ashfield orchard on Monday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Simon Bloomberg

Senior reporter Reporter

neering services committee agreed to implement some immediate changes to the intersection that had been recommended by Urbis. Committee chairman Trevor Norriss, says the council will install additional large signage to increase drivers’ awareness of the intersection layout and its inherent dangers, and improve the sighting distance to the intersection by clearing roadside vegetation. Illumination at the intersection will be improved, and the council will also review the speed limit approaching the intersection. Trevor says these measures will cost considerably less than the $380,000 roundabout. “Safety is always a priority, but we also have to be conscious of the cost. The council didn’t accept the original plans because they were too expensive. Now we have some affordable options. The $6000 we

Growers brace for water restrictions Farmers and orchardists on the Waimea Plains are preparing for increased water restrictions, after a dry February and with no rain in the long term weather forecast. The last significant rainfall was about 25 millimetres on February 7, prompting the Tasman District Council’s Dry Weather Taskforce to introduce stage one rationing for most water users on the Waimea Plains from Monday. That means a 20 per cent cut in the water take and taskforce convenor Dennis Bush-King says that will almost certainly be increased to 35 per cent (stage two) if it doesn’t rain soon. SEE PAGE 2


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2 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

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Growers brace for water restrictions FROM PAGE 1

Dennis says the taskforce was scheduled to meet again on Tuesday night and it would be “looking at the situation then”. It was possible that stage one restrictions would be increased to stage two and stage one would be introduced to Lower Confined and Hope Minor aquifers. “The river flows have dropped quite rapidly. There’s no rain in the forecast so it could be that we increase the cuts,” he says. Stage one cuts apply to the Upper Catchment, Reservoir, Waimea West, Delta, Golden Hills, and Upper Confined Aquifer zones on the Waimea Plains. Waimea Water Augmentation Committee chairman and Waimea Plains dairy farmer Murray King, says the cuts are bad news for the rural sector. He says apple growers need water for finishing and sizing fruit, while pastoral farmers need a consistent supply

of water to maintain pasture growth. “Pastoral farmers are using most of the water at this time of year because we have to match evapo-transpiration of the pasture. The ground is losing the equivalent of six or seven millimetres of water per day at the moment, which would be more than anyone’s allocation.” Wai-west Horticulture operations general manger Alan Dobbie, says the stage one cuts won’t have a big impact on their apples but if the cuts go to stage two it will reduce the size of their later ripening varieties. “We need the water to finish off the crop and get good sized fruit. We have already started harvesting the early varieties and they are looking excellent but it will make things a little bit tougher for the braeburn and jazz if we go to the next stage of cuts.” Alan says February’s hot dry weather has resulted in the “maturity moving a bit faster than we would like,” putting pressure on

the pickers. However, help arrived on Monday in the form of 33 Registered Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers who will join the workforce at Wai-West. Figures show that about 1000 RSE workers are expected to be employed in orchards around the Nelson-Tasman region this season, up on the 900 employed last season. Although farmers and orchardists had enjoyed a good growing season so far this season, Murray says the latest dry spell is a reminder that agriculture and horticulture on the Waimea Plains needs a reliable water supply. He says the best solution to the water shortage was the proposed Lee Valley dam project. Urban areas of Richmond, Mapua, Ruby Bay, Brightwater, Hope, Wakefield and Tapawera have been issued with a conserve water directive with hand-held hosing only permitted on odd and even calendar days corresponding to the house street number.

Upgrading ‘deadly’ road too expensive FROM PAGE 1 spent on the independent consultants report was money well spent.” Trevor says the next step will be to implement the changes and monitor their affect on traffic, as well as consulting with neighbouring residents to see if any further steps are required. “It won’t change the layout, but it will make people more aware of the dangers,” Trevor says. “If that doesn’t work, we may have to consider some of the other options recommended by the consultant.” Urbis provided two low cost options, 9 and 10 that involved widening the road and installing concrete channelisation to reduce the speed of traffic turning into Golden Hills Rd. These options had respective price tags of $100,000 and $150,000.

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Texts to parents reduces wagging

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Brenda Grant

Phillip Rollo



It has been around for eight years at one Nelson secondary school and for four at most others, but the concept of texting parents to tell them their student had an unexplained absence seems to have had a positive impact. Nayland College, Nelson College and Waimea College all said the concept had been effective in reducing the amount of truancy at their schools – particularly when it was first introduced. Parents can now even log into a database and view their child’s attendance during the day, which means no hiding for the students if they wag, skip or bunk class. At Waimea College the text reads: [Insert name here] was marked absent for one or more classes today. Please reply by text or phone. “They get one right of reply and they can text in something like ‘John is sick’, ‘thanks’ or ‘I’ll check if John is wagging’, or they can just give us a call,” principal Larry Ching says. It is close to four years that Waimea College has been us-

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For a number of years now Nelson’s secondary schools have been sending texts to parents if their child has an unexplained absence. Photo: Phillip Rollo. ing this concept and Larry says it’s definitely made a difference. “The text messaging response definitely made a difference, and the same with the parent portal that they can log into and check their child’s attendance,” he says. “We never had a huge issue with truants but for the regular offenders – which I’d describe as missing one or two periods a week – well, it’s definitely made a difference, there’s no question about it.” The rapid communication was the reason it was so successful, having previously had to wait

until later in the day and then call the parent, who may not be home. “Now we log in into the attendance monitoring system, hit a button, and at a certain time of the day it’ll send a text to those people. Before, it worked on a manual approach where they had to individually call up.” Most Nelson secondary schools have also been using this concept for the same amount of time, and Nelson College’s deputy principal Tim Tucker says the whole reason behind it was to keep parents informed.

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WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

Bike nicked from outside green grocer A Brightwater couple are urging the public to keep an eye out for a silver Avanti touring bike, after it was taken while they were shopping for organic groceries in The Wood on Saturday afternoon. Rebbecca Paton, and her husband Adam Gilbert, had ridden into town for their weekly shopping at the Organic Green Grocer on the corner of Grove and Tasman St. The pair are friends with the owners of the store and say they stayed for about an hour, chatting

and getting their groceries. When they had returned to get their bikes, Adam’s one wasn’t there. She says they generally lock them up everywhere they go, except for when they go to see their friends in what they thought was a “safe” suburb. “We lock them everywhere else in Nelson, but at that shop we just lean them up against the window because every once and awhile you can glance at them. But this weekend my husband’s was against the wall,” she

  



  

the frame, as is the model name “Blade 2” in a darker colour. “It’s an interesting looking bike because it’s made for touring. It has two bright orange waterproof saddle bags and a silver bell.” Rebbecca reported the theft as soon as it happened, and is urging anyone that spots the bike to phone the police. “We took a whole year to save up for those bikes and we got rid of our car. Those bikes are our livelihood.”

Village sculpture to symbolise ‘re-birth’



The Avanti touring bike that was stolen on the weekend. says. Just one bike had been taken, and

as there was an older bike that had been ditched across the road, Rebbecca thinks someone going past might have used it as an opportunity for an upgrade. “Potentially, they have cast off that bike and gone for a pretty big upgrade. We were left stranded and had to get a ride back to Brightwater.” The bike is described as a silver road bike with black handle bars and silver mud-guards. It has “bigger sized” wheels, with Avanti in block letters written along

Margaret Johnston works on a limestone sculpture that will be going up at Waimea Village. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

An abstract sculpture of a man and a woman will go up in Waimea Village, and the artist is doing all of the work on site. Margaret Johnston was approached by NBS Richmond, who are covering all of the costs, to do the sculpture for the village as it was something permanent that the residents could enjoy. “They wanted something to commemorate the change, or the rebirth of the village,” she says. “The people on the committee thought a sculpture would be perfect and they chose the theme of re-birth.” The limestone sculpture is expected to take three weeks.

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WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Calls to boycott Tasman over tourism cut As Tasman District Council gets set to pull its funding for regional tourism, one local tourism businessman is urging Nelsonians to strike back – with a boycott of Richmond and Tasman businesses. Tim Bayley owns a B&B with his wife in central Nelson. He says the work Nelson Tasman Tourism does in attracting people to the region is vital to the industry and he doesn’t believe the Tasman council should pull its funding, which makes up a third of NTT’s total income. “I don’t want to boycott Tasman businesses. We buy all our produce from there but

it’s the only way to make an impact. I think the councillors out there are very farmerorientated, so maybe if we hit them in the pocket, they’ll wake up.” TDC last year signalled that it was going to pull its funding of $426,000 a year to the organisation, in a bid to cut its costs. Nelson City Council has said it will continue to fund the tourism body, which markets Nelson and Tasman to overseas and New Zealand tourists. Tasman councillors have questioned why its ratepayers should be contributing to one industry over others, but Tim says

Andrew Board Editor that’s backwards thinking and he put his thoughts in a submission to the council. “A lot of the work that NTT does is overseas and promoting Nelson to the world. It’s not something small tourism operators can afford to do.” He says if Tasman does pull its funding of NTT then Nelsonians should boycott Tasman businesses.

“If they’re not prepared to support us, why should we support them?” Tasman councillor Judene Edgar says it is highly unlikely the council will change its decision based on the threat of a boycott to businesses. “Threats can’t be the basis of our decision making. We understand their concerns, but the question is should the council be subsidising one industry.” The TDC’s draft annual plan is open for public submissions from March 15, in which the cut to funding NTT will be included.

NEWS in brief BISCUITS BACK ON SALE: Nelson girls will soon be selling New Zealand’s most popular biscuits, as sales of the iconic Guide biscuits start around the country from Saturday 1 March. Guide Biscuits first appeared in 1957, when groups of Brownies and Guides went door-to-door selling them to raise money. For more information about where to buy this year’s Guide Biscuits, visit FARE NEEDS STALL HOLDERS: The annual Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare, under a slightly different name this year, is looking for stall holders. The Summer Harvest Fare will be held in Sundial Square on March 21, and anyone interested in holding a stall can contact Kim from Richmond Unlimited on 544 4898 or by registering online at CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION: Tasman District Council is hosting an afternoon of interactive games and activities as part of the national children’s day celebrations. Taking place in Conifer Park, Rabbit Island, on Sunday, Choice Children’s Day will include activities for the whole family to take part in, with bouncy castles, balloon twisting, face painting, pony cart rides and an obstacle course, as well as bike-based activities. It runs from 2pm until 4pm.

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Port Nelson Open Day

Tasman residents have an opportunity to have their say on the future of the district’s parks and reserves, in a survey designed to improve the way they are managed. The Tasman District Council is conducting the survey, to help develop an open-spaces strategy to improve the management and provision of the district’s parks, reserves, cycleways, natural areas and other open spaces. The council’s community development committee chairwoman, Judene Edgar, says the survey is important because parks and reserves are such a big part of the community. It is essential that council finds out the types of open spaces that are important to residents and visitors so that it can make more informed decisions, she says.

“We have 595 hectares of parks and reserves and 41 playgrounds, and they are a big part of why we live in this region. These areas are something that everyone connects with so it’s critical that we get community feedback. Judene says it is also important for council to work other open space providers, such as the Department of Conservation and the Ministry of Education. It will be consulting with these and other land management agencies, as well as special interest groups, to help develop the open-spaces strategy. The survey can be completed online on the council website or by completing questionnaires located at council service centres and Department of Conservation visitor centres uptil March 3.

Sunday 9 March, 10am-4pm

Port Nelson Open Day Sunday 13th February 2011 10am to 3pm

Carparking at Toll Tranzlink

Enjoy a few hours at the Port:

• Machinery both working and on display, children’s entertainment provided and Entrance through Wakefield Quay many food stalls on site SUMMER SPLASH: Kere• Port Bus Tours - open to everyone, over 16 yrs+ will need photo ID Enjoy a few hours at Barrett the Port: jumps into hama • FREE CARPARKING at Toll Tranzlink site on Wildman Avenue (Courtesy shuttle • Machinery both working and on display, children’s entertainment provided and many food stalls on site the Roding River Lee • Port Bus Tours - open to everyone, over 16 yrs+ will needup photo ID from Toll site to Wakefield Quay every 30 minutes from 10.00am) • FREE CARPARKING at Toll Tranzlink site on Wildman Avenue (Courtesy shuttle from Toll site to Wakefield Quay Valley on Saturday afterevery 30 minutes from 10.00am) • Gold coin donation entry with proceeds • Children’s Colouring Competition - entry form available online at; noon. Phillip Rollo. entries will be on display and the Photo: winners will be showcased and announced on the day to Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson • Gold coin donation entry with proceeds to Nelson Regional Hospice

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WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

What do to with the school library?

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Having a library at school certainly comes with a cost. First you have to buy the books, and then you have to keep buying more every year to keep the collection new and fresh. While the way school libraries will look in the future is still unknown, and some schools are beginning to change the way theirs look already. St Paul’s Catholic School has gone with the technology option, and is dedicating half of their budget to ebooks and iPads. But five minutes away by car, Hope School is still deciding what to do, and will put their own library budget on hold for the year. Instead they will bus students to the Richmond Library twice a year and utilise their much bigger collection of books, while a review is in place. Hope School principal Dave Pritchard has thought about getting ebooks, but he hasn’t



Hope School students Sophia Steer, Holly McIvor, Histen Poelsma and Clay Greenwood at the Richmond Library last week. jumped on the technology bandwagon just yet. “I didn’t want to spend the school’s money on something that’s still very new, but there’s a great library in town and we’re only five minutes away, so I thought let’s just go there,” he says. “They’re going to bring books out to us in between visits so that’s a win/ win, don’t you think?” Dave says the Richmond Library’s most appealing benefit was its bigger collection of books – something that costs the school if it wants to expand

its own facility. “The first time students got magazines out, and we don’t even have those in our library. A library is an ongoing cost.” When asked if there was a chance that Hope School could scrap its library at the end of the year, Dave says “at the moment we’re doing what we’re doing then we’ll review it”. In the mean time was certainly happy with visiting the public library, having got a “good deal” from the bus company which transports them there.

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Phillip Walker receives a diamond ring from Belinda de Clercq of the Richmond Mall, after winning a Valentine’s Day promotion. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Ring winner gets perfect Valentine’s Day present Phillip Walker was able to give a very sparkly Valentine’s Day present to his fiancée Candice Preston – even if it was a week late. The Tahunanui man won a 10 carat, yellow and white gold, cluster ring with half a carat diamond in the Richmond Mall Valentine’s Day promotion. All he had to do was “like” the Richmond Mall on Facebook, just like another 1000 people did during the week, and he was in the draw. But because Phillip was in Wellington for work, it took nearly a week to get the message through

that he had won the ring. “I got a text from the missus saying ‘ring them’,” he explains, after Candice had also entered the competition. “That’s me though, last minute.” Richmond Mall manager Belinda de Clercq was rapt with the promotion, which was intended to attract more viewers to its Facebook page. Earlier in the month the page had just 800 likes, a figure which had now risen to just over 1800. “We’ve more than doubled so we’re really excited about it,” she says. “The Valentine’s Day promotion has been really successful.”

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This Week

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Artists exhibit new work

A wonderful week-long exhibition of visual artwork will be held out at Eyebright from this Saturday. The Tasman Visual Arts Group, which consists of around 40 local artists, will be basing their next exhibition in the vibrant setting of Eyebright on McShane Rd, having previously been situated in the Richmond Town Hall. The exhibition runs from 9am-5pm every day and will be the group’s largest. “We’ve got Nelson exhibitors, Stoke, Mapua, Richmond, they’re

coin donation, and there will be live art on site. Most pieces will also be on sale. The end of the exhibition, which closes on Sunday March 9, will coincide with Eyebright’s Sun Flower Festival. The Sun Flower Festival will be held at Eyebright on March 8 and 9, and includes farm animals, guinea pigs, food and music, vintage farm machinery, the sun flower art competition and of course a field of sun flowers. Entry to the Sun Flower Festival is free.

from all over the region,” says exhibitor Averill Moore. “We have water colour, acrylics, oils, they have freedom to do whatever they want.” Elaine Barker-Grace, another member of the group, says each artist is able put ten pieces on display, so was unsure the exact amount of items that will be showcased, but it is expected to be upwards of 150. “Some people put in some big pieces, while others have a lot of smaller ones,” she says. Entry to the exhibition is by gold

Hospital bans sugary drinks Sugary drinks have been banned from Nelson Hospital as the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board attempts to lead the charge against sugar sweetened beverages. A change in the Healthy Eating Policy for staff and visitors has meant that sugar sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and flavoured milk, will no longer be sold at the hospital cafes after March 17. In August last year Dr Robert Beaglehole, principal dental officer for the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, urged council to ban sugary drinks from its events, however the recommendation was rejected.

Tasman Visual Arts Group members Averill Moore, left, and Elaine Barker-Grace, right, with Peter Owen from Eyebright, ahead of their next exhibition.

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Saturday 1 March - Sunday 9 March

Free consultation.


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Eyebright McShanes Rd, Richmond

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Tasman Visual Arts



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540 2333 Aranui Rd Mapua

Visit: or call 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375) for your local store. Over 140 stores nationwide, 100% locally owned and operated. Offer ends close of trade 9th March 2014, while stocks last. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Trade not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 24th February – 9th March 2014 inclusive. Please see for details.


This Week

10 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

Out&About • A L L T H E F U N • A L L T H E PA R T I E S • A L L T H E G O O D T I M E S

Having a par ty/event/func tion? Call our photographer 544 9037 or 027 532 6461 Peter and Marg Taylor with Sharon and Trevor Palmer at Opera in the Park on Saturday night.

Linde Melhuish and Gill O’Neill at Opera in the Park.

Caron and Paul Proctor at the Opera in the Park on Saturday.

Greg and Amanda Dykzeul with their kids Oscar and Evie on Saturday.

Reuben Miller and Nathan Ryder at Cam and Andrea’s party.

The biggest event on the weekend schedule was the Nelson Opera in the Park. Thousands of people from right across the region watched the stunning performances at Trafalgar Park, so we went along with the Out & About camera. We also visited Cam Moore and Andrea Seymour’s engagement party at Rabbit Island. Do you have a party or an event coming up? Contact our photographer on 544 9037.

Catch up with us on Lauren and Janelle Domigan at Cam and Andrea’s engagement party.

Cam Moore and Andrea Seymour at their engagement party. Lance and Michele Howley at Cam and Andrea’s party. Julia and Lydia Ludbrook at Opera in the Park.

With an Elizabeth Arden purchase of $99 or more receive your free 7-piece beauty collection,* valued at over $200.**

*Offer available 19 February - 9 March 2014, while stocks last. One gift per customer, subject to availability. Qualifiying purchase must be made in a single transaction. Nat available in conjunction with any other offer. Gift sets, discounted or promotional items cannot be counted towards the qualifiying purchase. **Worth based on ml/g value of standard product. ©2014 Elizabeth Arden, Inc.

215 Queen Street, Richmond Ph: 03 543 9034

Glen and Amanda Martin at Cam and Andrea’s engagement party.

Bille McLean and Megan Pike at Trafalgar Park on Saturday night.

This Week

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Big crowd tunes in to opera Around 8000 Nelsonians brought their blankets, chairs, picnics and plonk, and enjoyed two and a half hours of world class music at Trafalgar Park on Saturday night. Nelson Opera in the Park was once again a huge success, says organiser Pete Rainey, with a bigger crowd than last year. But punters will have to wait two years before seeing it again. “It was a great night, we were a bit apprehensive about what the weather was going to do, but it being such a nice evening we were really happy with the crowd. It seems that it was up on last year and they loved the show. I always get a few complaints but generally I think people loved it.” Opera in the Park has now been held for two years in a row and will take next summer off, while the Adam Chamber Music Festival is on. Pete says it was a deliberate move. “We’ve got it in sync now with the Adam Chamber Music Festival now. So that will be next summer and we’ll do the summer after that.” Performers for the event came from all over New Zealand, and Pete says they were certainly a hit. “They’re all professionals and young kiwis who

Awesome, Duo Tones are here this Saturday

Yes, and on Sunday, let’s try the Sunday Roast

Ben Wonts and Candy Clarke enjoying the night at Opera in the Park. Photo: Andrew Board. Right: James Morrison performs on stage. Photo: Evan Barnes/Shuttersport. are doing really well on the international stage. I thought they were fantastic.” Thousands took the opportunity to arrive early to enjoy the sun and meet up with friends, while kids played out the back of the ground. Pete says it’s a part of the event that makes it so special. “I really do believe that it’s the only opportunity for Nelsonians to gather in such a large crowd that’s not a sporting event. It’s really quite a special event. It’s right on the main

street and a lot people can just walk from home.” He says that putting on the show takes a lot of hard work from the Nelson City Council team and that Sophie Kelly, the director of the Nelson Summer Festival, did a great job. “I’m thrilled, you never really know until the night how it’s going to turn out, but it was a really great night. The musicians were buzzing, I’m just absolutely stoked to be able to bring those performers to Nelson.”

plus $1500 and $1500 draws this thursday night 5.00pm - 8.00pm 345 LOWER QUEEN ST, RICHMOND P: 543 9179 Members - their guests and affiliated members all welcome

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This Week

12 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

Community gets behind school gala Brightwater School principal Gerald Baldwin was happy to announce that $24,000 had been raised from their annual gala over the weekend. Held on Sunday, the gala offered a variety of fun activities for the kids to do, including a rock climbing wall, horizontal bungy, zorbs, pony rides, and more. The gala sold out of food and the silent auction was a big money raiser, Gerald says. “It’s great making that amount of money for the school,” he says. “We tried really hard to put on more activities for children and I think in doing so it kept more people here. The kids were out playing activities while the parents were able to sit down and have lunch, it was great.” Money raised from the school gala will go towards upgrading the playgrounds, and offering the students more “benefits” and things to do around the Brightwater School student William Julian, 10, on the horizontal school, Gerald says. bungy at the school’s gala on Sunday. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

NEW PEOPLE NEW CARS NEW YARD 2007 HONDA FIT 5dr 1300cc Auto, P/Steering easy to drive and economical

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• Great selection • New stock arriving • Warranties and finance • Locally owned and operated

316 Queen St, Richmond

Ph 544 5657

Lawrie 027 894 3692 or Chris 027 747 3087

Last week I gave a warning about unscrupulous trades’ people. This week I should also mention a group we are aware of who have been targeting older people, trying to sell paintings door to door. It’s not illegal to sell a painting to a willing buyer, but we have information that the sellers are misleading people as to the paintings value and also putting pressure on older people to make a sale. If you have someone turn up on your doorstep trying to sell something, please don’t let them into your house and don’t feel under any obligation to buy. These people are generally experts at talking people into buying from them and it’s safe to assume you won’t be getting a bargain. If you’re in the Victory or Stoke communities, you may have noticed the new signage at our Police bases. Our community constable has been based at the Victory Community Centre since last May, and our road policing staff have been based at Stoke for about five years now. Finally we have signs in both locations showing who is there. Remember, now that we have the crime reporting line you don’t have to go to the Police Station to report something. It can all be done over the telephone, which we hope will make things easier for many of you. If, however, you still wish to come to the Stoke station, you can still do so as the front counter will be open if there is a police officer at the station. For all emergencies though, you still need to call 111.

Newsflash: Richmond Auto Court introduces Chris Jones Lawrie Wilson knows a lot about so called retirement was short the motor industry, and of course lived as the extra games of golf he should, he’s been involved in it didn’t seem to help his game or all of his life. his handicap. Lawrie started The clubs might Richmond Auto come back out on the weekend, Court just a few months ago, and but Chris wanthas already esed to go back tablished a solid to what he does reputation for best and that is his great serin the motor invice. But before dustry. that he served 23 Ring Chris Jones 027 747 9087 The new look years at a local or Lawrie Wilson 027 894 3692. team at Richnew car franchise in vehicle sales. mond Auto Court is committed Twelve of those years were with to providing good old fashion serChris Jones, and having backed vice for their customers, knowing his trust, knowledge, friendly they can walk away with a smile. service and expertise during that There is no hard sell pressure, just period, it’s probably no surprise honesty and integrity. They make Lawrie can now announce that buying a car fun and believe their Chris will be joining him at Rich- customers become good friends. mond Auto Court – a business Both Lawrie and Chris are dedithat prides itself on finding the cated to finding the right car for right vehicle at the right price for their clients, so if you want sound each and every customer. advice on your next vehicle, or Chris will be well known to Nel- you simply want to chat about son residents through the motor your options, call in and see the industry and more recently in guys at Richmond Auto Court. the solar and plumbing field. His Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

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14 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

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Your Voice

Bathurst 2014

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Waimea Like us on Weekly

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Y=60 K=45

Opera in the Park: A good night for oldies but something similar should be put on for teens with local groups playing. It could be called “pop in the park”. There was more to do for teens in the 50s and 60s in Nelson on Saturday nights than now. No wonder teens get bored and get into trouble. Brenda Kenny. Don’t go messing up the playing surface for the football! Nigel Thompson.

Nelson just lived up to the “little England” title with the strains of Elgar’s ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ reaching out across the city - and the boom of colourful fireworks. 100 years ago Elgar lead us to places like Gallipoli, Pashendale and the Somme. Helen Childs. It was fantastic. Lots of different age groups there from what I saw. Mary Saxon. Agree, all ages enjoyed, was a wonderful night for the whole community. Thank you NCC, James Morrison was a huge talent appreciated by all! And the scallop kebabs were heavenly! Jacinda Stevenson. Make it [Opera in the Park] the first night of a two day festival at Paremata flats. Allow camping there and cater for the youngers on the


rEgisTEr your inTErEsT now!

WEDnESDAY Coffee fixation: 6-8.30pm 12 Mar, Ben Self gardening: growing food: 6.30-8.30pm 5 Mar, 6 wks, Joc’ Winters i-pad: 6.30-8.30pm 19 Mar, 4 wks, Laura McIntrye OLOur business basiCs: 7-8.30pm 5 Mar, 4 wks, Alison Blanchett Maori language advanCed beginner: 6.30-8pm 5 March, 7 wks, Ani Davey s being placed on a dark THURSDAY

CheeseMaking - Camembert, halloumi, ricotta: 6-9pm 3 Apr, 2 wks, Liz Downey the white logo. The CoMputing beginners: 7-9pm 6 Mar, 6 wks, Steve Smith fferent from the primary glazing with paint: 6.30-8.30pm 13 Mar, 5 wks, Larisse Hall panel colours have been with loCal Media: 7-9pm 6 Mar, 2 wks, Jane Horder work effeCtively trusts, wills, priately. For example thepowers of attorney: 6.30-8.30pm 20 Mar, 3 wks, Peter Riley text: 027 UR VOICE

second night who arent so much into opera. Get big sponsors and someone with real nous to coordinate it outside of council, film it and sell cd/dvd’s of it. Imagine a Rhian Sheehan with orchestra or a Fly my Pretties gig (both LOOP acts) out here in beautiful Delaware/ Cable bay along with a line up of other top notch homegrown bands. It could rival Rippon in Wanaka.... Dream big I say Nelson, and look to get people out of the city to more art and cultural events beyond a&p shows or winery tours. Robbie Siataga Kavanagh. I way preferred the atmosphere in Stoke. Last went at Traf Park years ago and felt like I was million miles away on the bank. Also I didn’t like how the big chairs were set up in low chairs place. Havent been back since. Gary Price. Parking tickets: It’s not many years ago that the police were accused of having “ticket quotas” and it was nothing more than “revenue gathering”. Well if there were any doubts about that, the disclosure that Environmental Inspections parking “police” is required by its contract to the Nelson City Council to issue not less than 18,500 parking tickets p.a. is indisputable “revenue grabbing” and a public disgrace. Whoever is responsible for thinking up this draconian requirement should be looking for a job. I do not want to see any part of my rates

going towards the salary of such an incompetent civil servant. It’s no wonder more and more people are shopping in Richmond. It’s no wonder there are umpteen empty shops in Nelson, and it’s no wonder that businesses are going to the wall in Nelson when we have a culture within the NCC Administration that vehicles are a curse on society and we should all be riding bicycles. In closing, I regret to inform those who think we should have a parking building in one of the carparks, that cost benefit analysis show that in the lifetime of a parking building in Nelson it would never break even. Nelson CBD - RIP. Errol Millar. Fire damaged home: I feel really sorry for the Hart family. A few years ago my family lost our home to a house fire and we lost so much of our recorded history. The only good thing to come from it was our renewed dedication to recording all our family get togethers ever since. Maggie Wright. Brightwater School gala: I would like to say thanks to the organisers of the Brightwater School Gala over the weekend. It was a great day out for the kids and I thought there was a great turn out, especially considering the wind! Thanks again, I hope you raised heaps. (Via text).

What will you learn next?

Community Education

cOLOur MonDAY Care for your baCk: 7.15-8.45pm 3 Mar, 7 wks, Elayne Lane CyCle MaintenanCe: 6.30-8pm 3 March, 3 wks, Marty Clark cess Black TUESDAY =0 K=100 listening skills: 6.30-8.30pm 4 March, 2 wks, Mandy Blades upholstery beginners: 7-9pm 18 Mar, 5 wks, Fay Vaughan B=66


$80 $25

Nayland College Adult Community Education offers an eclectic mix of courses starting March/ April. Learn how to get your stories ‘out there’ with Jane Horder’s course on working effectively with local media.. Learn how to use a computer or i-pad to help communications for work or play, or improve your communication skills through active listening. For those considering

Margy Meys will teach students to master a sewing machine or unleash their domestic god/ goddess when designing and sewing a funky apron. Make your own parmesan, specialty blue, edam, feta, halloumi or camembert cheese with Liz Downey. Joc’ Winters’ comprehensive course teaches how to grow food

starting, or new to business learn the basics with Alison Blanchett. Nelson Bays Community Law Educator, Peter Riley, can inform you about Family Trusts, Wills and Powers of Attorney and the importance for you and your loved ones. Ben Self ’s Coffee Fixation Evening will explain what makes great coffee. For adults who are looking for creativity, find your fun in upholstering a pre-loved piece of furniture or completing your own mosaic outdoor paver.

at home for beginner gardeners, those new to Nelson/Tasman or those who would like to improve on past results. Back care and Introductory yoga courses have your wellbeing in mind and for cyclists, add maintenance skills to complete your journeys with confidence. TO ENROL or find out more, phone 547 9769 or go to

$40 $99 $85 $60 $65 $40 $75 $95 $85 $80 $40 $30

WEEKEnDS p in the crest is learn to sew (owl projeCt): 1-4pm Sat 8 & 15 Mar, Margy Meys $70 s not been reversed doMestiC god/goddess apron sewing: 10-4pm Sun 9 & 16 Mar, Margy Meys $70 $99 MosaiC garden paver workshop: 9.30am-5pm 5-6 Apr, Elvira Pontier

To Enrol or for full course programme ph 547 9769

Business Update. Adv.

This Week

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Just a thought... WOW what beautiful hot sunny or changed. weather, I love summer fills my There can be times in our lives mind as I drive past the beach, when our plans get changed, someeven winding down my window to times even stopped, other times get a breath of the salt air, thinking things seem to cloud our view and wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have distract us, suddenly we can feel an appointment to rush too. lost. A walk down the beach, a quick If you feel like your life is stuck in dip or at least just to sit on the sand fog, we have the assurance that the seemed so tempting. sun still shines above the fog, even On a hot sunny day our local if we can’t see it. beaches just seem so tempting, af- The Bible (God’s Word) promises ter all isn’t that one of that there is nothing the reasons we live in that can ever separate such a beautiful place. us from God’s love, that While we were enjoying means we don’t have a real nice sunny day, to do things alone, we I was hard to believe have a loving God who others not so far away knows us and knows were suck at airports what we may be going closed because of fog. through, so reach out to Although a little more Him and ask for help. understandable when We need to remember Steve Rollo, Richthe cloud appeared later that our Lord is still mond Church of in the day. there even when fog Christ. While we enjoy clear blocks the view. skies it is hard to imagine how So may we never lose sight of what much fog or in this case sea fog is important in our lives. could impact. Romans 8:38-39 Last week 1000’s had plans turned New International Version upside down as sea fog filled our 38 For I am convinced that neither capitals skies closing the busy Wel- death nor life, neither angels nor lington airport, Christchurch and demons,[a] neither the present nor Palmerston North the following the future, nor any powers, 39 neiday. ther height nor depth, nor anything Often we don’t allow for delays and else in all creation, will be able to so often can get upset some even separate us from the love of God angry when our plans are stopped that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

TWILIGHT RIDE: Nelson Society of Modellers member Alan Malaquin takes passengers around Modellers Pond on Saturday night, including Mahi Moore, 2, Merin Baillie, Cherry Moore, 8, and Vance Moore. Photo: Phillip Rollo.


Discounts off normal ticket prices. offers valiD until 11th march 2014 unless solD out prior.

NelsoN Ph: 03 5467 244 52 Vanguard Street

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2012 Honda Crv sport

2.4l, 4Wd, one local owner, full service history, metallic black, 23,000km, reverse camera, smart entry, push button start, dual aircon, Mp3 input. $

2012 Crv sport 2.4 i-vtEC

Full leather, 1 local owner, nz new, push start, aBs, proximity key, 4Wd on demand, reversing camera, dual climate air, Bluetooth for both media and hands free, 5 star anCap safety rating



2012 Honda Euro CiviC L

1.8l 5 speed auto, 14,062km, magic seat system, heated leather interior,cruise control with limiter, climate aircon, day time running lights, one local owner from new.


2013 Euro CiviC 1.8L i-vtEC

7860km ex demo, 6.7 L / 100 kms, magic seats in stunning black leather, 5 speed auto, spotlights and sits on 17 inch alloy wheels

2005 Honda aCCord v6 3L vtEC

5 speed auto, aBs, 2 local owners, full service history, 39,748 kms, tan leather, silver


2010 Honda Jazz 1.3s auto

1.3l auto,silver, 23,008km, one owner, full service history, magic seat system, climate air conditioning, 6 airbags, extremely spacious.


2012 Euro CiviC s 1.8 i-vtEC

2756km ex demo, 6.7 L / 100 kms, magic seats, 5 speed auto with paddle shift, blue tooth, reverse camera, digital speedo, aBs and 16 inch alloy wheels


2012 Euro CiviC s 1.8L i-vtEC

201 kms, 6.7l / 100 kms, magic seats, 5 speed auto with paddle shift, aBs

Bowater Honda


82 Achilles Avenue, Nelson Phone 548 7179 After Hours: Nick D’Evereux 027 443 6777

16 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

This Week


Members Draw

The members draw at Club Waimea is always a big attraction, giving the members the opportunity to win some cash but over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen thousands of dollars go unclaimed On January 23 member No 904 was not here and was not able to collect the $1500 prize and member No 973 was not here and was not able to collect the $1,000 prize.. On the January 30, member No 726 was not here and was not able to collect the $1500 prize and member No 588 was not

here and was not able to collect the $1100 prize. On the February 6, member No 718 was not here and was not able to collect the $1500 prize and member No 462 was not here and was not able to collect the $1200 prize. On the February 13, member No 152 was not here and was not able to collect the $1500 prize and member No 953 was not here and was not able to collect the $1300 prize. On the February 20, member No 944 was not here you and was not able to collect the $1500

36 McGlashen Ave, Richmond Bill & Bevan Ph/ Fax 03 544 8978

Resene Limelight

Resene Knock Out

Toni Lane, area manager for NBS, presenting Tony Baigent with the $500 prize for winng the loyalty voucher for supporting the Barnicoat Bistro at Club Waimea and Jan Phipps.

Super Cheap Books English Sweets & Groceries Kitchenware Socks & Boxer Shorts Football Memorabilia Metal Signs Stockists of Autoglym

Panel Beating & Chassis Straightening Specialist

Resene High Five

prize and member No 210 was not here and was not able to collect the $1500 prize. If you’re counting, that’s $13,600 that has gone unclaimed over the past month. Thursday night is a great night to come down and enjoy a drink or a meal at the club with the added incentive of potential winning $1500 cash. The next members draw is tomorrow night, February 27, here at the club. Come down and check it out, you could walk away with a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

Ph: 543 8203

Resene Spotlight

Sundial Square, Richmond Ph 544 0815

Kelvin Trower being presented with the Export Citrus chilly Bin he won by Jan Phipps President.

Come in and check out our specials 41 McGlashen Avenue, Richmond PHONE 544 6137

Resene X Factor

Resene Pizazz

Resene Bouquet

Resene Morning Glory

OPEN 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8.30am-3.00pm Saturday, Open late Thursday night until 6.30pm

The hall being used by Mobile Blood Donation Service to collect blood on their six monthly visit.

Do you want to join the club? New Zealand’s most trusted paint brand

Richmond Resene Hero

Resene Maestro

Resene Golden Glow

Resene Rapture

Resene Happy Hour

Resene Red Hot

315 Queen St

Resene Home Run

Ph 544 9189

Mon - Fri 8.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.00 - 1.00

Tunes, services and WOF all makes and models Petrol and diesel

7 Gladstone Road,Richmond, Nelson

Ph: 544 2266

Join Club Waimea today and pay just $22.50 for a single or just $40 for a couple. To find out more information on the great benefits of becoming a Club Waimea member phone us on 03 543 9179 or send us an email:

This Week

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014



Ph: 543 8203

Ladies triples competition at Club Waimea on February 16 and 17.

Bowls club kept busy Upcoming It’s been all go for bowlers at Club Waimea. Last week the club hosted the Richmond Bowling Club women’s triples tournament with a full field lining up from clubs all over the top of the south. Stoke’s Marilyn Robertson’s side ended up winning

the tournament which was deemed a “huge success” and “wonderful tournament” by organisers. This Thursday the club is also hosting the Pak ‘n Save Pairs, with bowlers coming from all over Nelson. The field of 32 bowlers is already full.

Also this week, a group of four Richmond bowlers are competing in Greymouth at the to defend their fours trophy. Teams from Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and the West Coast compete at the tournament and our ladies are hoping to win back their trophy.

Richmond Outdoor Bowls ladies, Helen White, Colleen Lankshear, Jeanette Pauling (replaced by Monica Kennedy due to illness) and Colleen Kempton were off to Greymouth on 25 February to defend their trophy, won last year.

No cooking, no dishes Decisions can be hard to make and harder to execute , but there is an easy answer to cooking on a Sunday. Barnicoat Bistro at Club Waimea has made these decisions easier for you. Mid-day Roast for $11.90, no cooking and no dishes, or the Evening Roast, for $20.00, again no cooking

and no dishes plus you get all of the trimmings, all prepared and served by the Executive Chef and staff of Elizabeth catering. Both of these meals are becoming exceedingly popular so it is advisable to book on 544 6796 to enjoy your experience.

Clubs and activities to join at Club Waimea Pool

Rob Barnett

021 076 8726

Ballroom Dancing Viv Hitchcock

021 926 011

Rugby Supporters Ken Smith

544 7516


Colin Bowden

544 7819


Brendon Whitley 544 1091

Texas Hold`em Poker

Bill Mckenna

544 6166


Anne Ryder


Terry Richardson 544 5479

Sioux Line Dancers

Sue Wilson

03 528 6788


Doug George

021 0272 0641


Glenis Viersma

544 1355


Wayne Bowen

544 9766

Indoor Bowls

Athol Curtis

544 8046

Outdoor Bowls Jean McKenzie

544 7267

544 8060

Entertainment March 1 8

Duo Tones Shane Casbolt


Tim Pannell.


Nelson Country Music


Avago Karaoke.

18 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

This Week

Orienteering proves popular The Nelson Orienteering Club’s summer programme got off to a flying start, with the introductory event at Tahunanui attracting 80 competitors, and around 60 people lining up at Waimea College for the first races of the summer and schools sprint series. The popular series continues on successive Mondays at Waimea Intermediate on March 3 and Nayland Col-

lege on March 10. “It was popular last year and it’s proving popular again this year. It’s a good Monday night pick me up,” club committee member Pamela White says. Pamela says competitors can start the Monday night events anytime between 5pm and 6.30pm. The events are open to everyone and cost $20 for a family, $14 for non-members and $7 for members.

Each week photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum’s “glass plate” collection will run in Nelson Weekly and Waimea Weekly in the hope that more can be found out about them. Right: Mr Hanlon. Tyree Studio Collection: 37024. Below: Jones, Smithy, Cullensville. Tyree Studio Collection: 36977. Can you tell us more about these photos? Email details to the museum at: Waimea College student Lachlan Brownlie completes the first round of the Nelson Orienteering Club’s schools sprint series.



locally owned and operated

Waimea Weekly HALF PRICE



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Sleepers - Compost - Bark - Topsoil Crushed Shell - Landscape Rocks - Sand Fertiliser - Paving & much, much more!

Ph: 547 4777 ENROL NOW for an Arts and Media degree at NMIT and get half price fees on your arts degree. That’s a saving of $8.5K. Study visual arts, graphic design, digital design and creative writing. Mix and match focus areas and design your own pathway to your career in the creative industries.

0800 422 733 For full terms and conditions please visit our website.

59 Saxton Road, Stoke

Contact us first

544 9037

, tion use? a c o ur l our ho o y y e Lov red of i t but


DESIGN & BUILD Specialising in

• Renovations • Restorations • Additions • Alterations

Inside and out - No job too big or too small!

A team of qualified professionals with that X-Factor available now! All work unconditionally guaranteed

Contact Miles: 541 9291 or 027 461 2199


WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


5 Koru Place Stoke, Nelson 547 4666 tion the Company has experienced significant growth accumulating a wide variety of successfully completed projects and staff levels have increased to 40. Throughout this period of growth it became particularly evident that their original premises in Beach Road, Richmond

had become too small for their operational requirements. When asked, Coman Construction’s Contracts Manager Ben Coman laughs. “We had been short on space for a long time, in fact Gordon’s office was utilised as both a smoko and meeting room. It wasn’t ideal.”


Coman Construction staff, from left, Hamish Kappely, Ben Coman, John McKenzie, Gavin Williams, Gordon Coman, Jo Coman, Gaylene Weir and Shayne Dickinson outside their new offices on Koru Place in Stoke. Coman Construction Ltd has been building large-scale commercial, industrial, educational and community facilities in the Top of the South for more than 25 years. Throughout this period they have completed a long list of significant buildings. Some major projects worthy of specific note include: Richmond Mall – Eastern Entry; Freeman Roofing Factory; Peter Baker Transport; Gough Group TWL Building; Waimea College Gymnasium – Stages 1 and 2; Saxton Soccer Pavilion; Civil Defence Headquarters – Oxford Street; Westport Cultural Hub – (Coal town Museum and I-site); Victory School Hall and Community Centre; Summit Real Estate – Queen Street; Moutere Hills Community Centre; Headingly Centre and Mapua Waterfront Park Beautification (stage 2) . Managing Director, Gordon Coman established the company in 1989. Since forma-

PProrouuddttoobbeeaass oocciiaatteeddwwiithth

Ph 544 3985 21 Elms Street, Wakatu Estate, Nelson



• Skips • Front Loads • Wheelie Bins

548 1166


548 1166

Proud to be associated with

Proud toto support and be associated Proud be associated with with Coman Construction Orange Residential Homes IMB Construction

5484255 6695 0800 433

080 425 43

Proud to supply Coman with all their elevated work platform requirements

Pleased to supply Crane Hire

Proud tosupport supply Constuction Proud to IMB Construction to Nelson Speedway Pleased to supply CraneComan Hire

Proud to supply Placemakers are proud to supply Coman Construction Richmond Bowling Club

to Nelson Speedway

Proud to work with Coman Construction, Pic’s Peanut Butter & Animates “We’re there when you need us.”

“We’re there when you need us.” “We’re there when you need us.”

12 Quarantine Rd, Nelson

Ph: 547 0670

12 Quarantine Rd, Nelson

20 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


5 Koru Place Stoke, Nelson 547 4666 Coman Construction’s new head quarters at 5 Koru Place, Stoke.

“The idea of relocating has been work in progress for a number of years”, says Ben. “It was important to Gordon and I to firstly secure the right site and secondly to give serious consideration to the specific design features and internal layout of our proposed new build. We had an idea in mind and knew the importance of getting this right to suit our day to day operation.” Local award winning architect,

Proud to be preferred supplier for all 3 design build projects

Justin Fletcher of Redbox Architects was engaged to undertake design work on the proposed 310 square metre purpose-built office premises. “Justin and his team were great to work with” says Ben, “He’s taken on board our ideas and has a good understanding of how we operate internally and I think this has been reflected in the final product - one our staff, sub-contractors and suppliers can all be proud of.”

Take the fuss and stress out of your building project, deal with the commercial joinery specialists for all your shopfitting needs. Take the fuss and stress out of your building

Congratulations to out Take the fuss and stress out of ofand your project the and fuss deal and with the residential Take stress your and Andrew at with the commercialScott joinery specialists. building project, deal building project, Fry’s Pharmacydeal on an with the commercial joinery specialists for all all Proud to supply joinery forspecialists Coman amazing achievement. commercial joinery for Construction’s new premises your shopfitting needs.and their your shopfitting needs. future design and build projects

Congratulations to Ph 03 547 0010to | Fax 03 547 0016 | Email Congratulations Showroom 64 Beatty Street, Tahunanui, Nelson Scott and and Andrew Andrew at at Scott Fry’s Pharmacy Pharmacy on on an an Fry’s amazing achievement. achievement. amazing

retro fit double glAzing showers, mirrors, splAshbAck, bAlustrAdes

Add vAlue, quieten your home, keep in the heAt And sAve money. All using your existing wooden or Aluminium doors And windows. you will be surprised how cost effective it is.

Ph 03 03 547 547 0010 0010 || Fax Fax 03 03 547 547 0016 0016 || Email Email Ph Showroom 64 Beatty Street, Tahunanui, Nelson Showroom 64 Beatty Street, Tahunanui, Nelson

Ph 544 8189 • 24/7

• • • •

Proud Supporters of Nelson Speedway

suppliers to Proud Supporters of Nelson Speedway • Proud Equipment Design & Manufacture •

Machining & Structural Steelwork Coman Construction

Equipment Design & Manufacture Supporters of Nelson Speedway • Proud Forestry Equipment & Fit-Out • Industrial Plant Maintenance Machining & Structural Steelwork • Equipment Design & Manufacture Forestry Equipment & Fit-Out • Machining & Structural Steelwork PH 03 544 8024 • Forestry Equipment & Fit-Out Industrial Plant Maintenance 2 Poutama St, Richmond | •

Industrial Plant Maintenance

PH 03 544 8024

14 Gladstone Rd, Richmond & 34 st Vincent st, nelson

Proud to provide all glass PH 03 544 8024 and glass solutions for 2 Poutama St, Richmond | 2 Poutama St, Richmond | Coman Construction


WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


5 Koru Place Stoke, Nelson 547 4666 During this relocation period Coman Construction has also been working alongside family owned partner company Coman Holdings on other exciting developments for Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter and Animates NZ. Ben explains “Coman Holdings provides design, build and lease back packages in which we work closely alongside companies or individuals to provide building turn-key packages. We will design and build to suit specific requirements. “Our clients are busy running businesses and don’t want to waste time looking for land and worrying about building. They want to get on with running their business.” Ben’s father Gordon and grandfather Bill Coman manage Coman Holdings from offices in Wakatu Industrial Estate, Stoke. This is where Bill and Pic started talking… A conversation between two good neighbours a year ago has led to Nelson company Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter securing a new warehouse at Wakatu Industrial Estate. Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter’s owner

Pic Picot had been talking to Bill Coman about looking for another building so that his growing business could continue expanding. Pic and Bill had been neighbours when their businesses were based in “an old factory at the meatworks” so when Pic needed some expert

Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter, new building at 15 Wakatu Industrial Estate. advice on securing a new premises he knew exactly where to go. “I started off making peanut butter in the garage at home in Brougham Street and then I moved into this old factory at the meat works where Bill Coman was my neighbour. He was really supportive of our business and we always got on really well. “So when it came time for us to move I talked to Bill. He offered us some space

Premium aluminium windows and doors

Residential Architectural Commercial manufacturers of

Roofing • Windows • Steel frames

Proud to supply Coman Construction Nelson: (03) 538 0824 • 41 Venice Place Nelson Blenheim: (03) 577 7720 • 35 Kinross St Blenheim




to TEAm ComAN for OUr big new wARehOUse & flASh offices. StockpilINg cAN now begIN for

2 Braeburn Lane, Stoke, Nelson

Ph: (03) 547 0562

in a new warehouse they had designed and were building just around the corner - it was perfect for us so we ended up taking a lease for the whole building.” Pic says the new 700 square metre building located at 15 Elms Street in Wakatu Industrial Estate will be used as a storage facility and offices. They will continue making Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter at their present factory at 18 Elms Street and have purchased a new truck to transport pallets, jars and lids and the finished product between the two sites. Pic and his team will move into the new building at the end of the month and he says they can’t wait. Their business had grown so much that things were getting crowded at the existing site and now they have plenty of room to continue that growth. “We desperately needed more room. We have 16 staff and produce 5000-6000 jars of peanut butter a day - that’s two tonnes of peanuts a day! “I’m staggered by our growth and Bill has said if we keep getting bigger and need more room he’ll build a new place for us down the road.”

n... World DomINatio

Proud to supply Coman Construction Design Build Projects


Proud to work with Coman Construction

Proud to be a preferred supplier to Coman Construction and their design build projects Ph: 544 8484 | 6c Champion Rd, Richmond | (Raeward Fresh Complex)

22 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


5 Koru Place Stoke, Nelson 547 4666

PROUD TO SUPPLY WINDOWS & DOORS FOR JENNIAN HOMES Nearing completion is another large It is largely open-plan retail area with format design and build development associated storage and amenities.” for New Zealand company Animates. When asked for comment, Animates Gordon Coman comments, “We have representative provided the followbeen working closely with Animates ing statement: The wait is nearly for just over a year and are excited over, Nelson pet lovers! Animates, they are coming to Nelson. The de- New Zealand’s home of everything PROUD PROUD TO PROUD SUPPLY PROUD TO SUPPLY TOWINDOWS SUPPLY TO SUPPLY WINDOWS WINDOWS & DOORS WINDOWS &isDOORS & DOORS & DOORS velopment has been purpose built for pets, opening a store in a brand PROUD TO SUPPLY WINDOWS & DOORS FORFOR JENNIAN FOR HOMES JENNIAN JENNIAN HOMES HOMES FOR JENNIAN HOMES and designed toFOR theirJENNIAN specifications. newHOMES premises at 1 Elms Street in the





SPECIAL TAB NEL Animates buildingPUBLICATION nearing completion

SECTION FEATURES at 1 Elm Street, Wakatu Industrial Estate.

PROOFED 5/30/2013 11:59:52 AM

SIZE 14.8X7

AD ID 5413500AA

Visit our showroom or talk to us today for all your window & door requirements

FAX 4181 Wakatu Industrial Estate in Stoke in March. opening of the new store, and what’s more, Animates will have loads of super deals on products Local pet owners and their leashed furry friends PLEASE APPROVE THIS AD AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTE THAT ANY ALTERATIONS are invited to join in the celebrations at the grand to celebrate. Stay tuned for event dates. MUST BE FINALISED BY OUR MATERIAL DEADLINE. There will be plenty of activities across the weekend for the whole family, including DIY dog washes for smelly man’s best friend, face painting, pony rides, and much more! Contractors Ltd Animates understands the unbreakable bond Visit our showroom or talk to us today for all your U YO R O F E IN between the owner and pet, they stock the best ACH window & doorMrequirements WE’VE GOT THE quality products and definitely know a thing or Brilliant Place, Stoke, Nelson • Site Clearance & Development two about caring for your pet. Animates staff are Specialising in: • Demolition Access Roading Ph: 03 •547 5454 looking forward to meeting Nelson pets and pet • Subdivision • Drainage • House Sites parents. Site Clearance & Development • Post Driving • Post Hole Borer Darron Lindsay, Animates NZ, Operations Demolition Access Roading • Rock & Concrete Breaker • Excavator manager says “Working with Ben from Coman Subdivision Drainage House Sites • Roller • Dozer • Truck Hire Construction has been a great experience, they Post Driving Post-hole Borer Proud to be involved Rock & Concrete Breaker have gone above and beyond in so many ways with Coman Construction Excavator Roller Dozer to deliver a first class project. We have enjoyed do the Truck Hire Call us for advice job right meeting the Coman family and equally we have been impressed with their ability to make this a & free quotes first seamless project”.

Duane Whiting

Brilliant Place, Stoke, Nelson

Ph: 03 547 5454

Visit ourVisit showroom Visit our showroom Visit our or showroom our talkshowroom to or us talk ortoday to talk or usto for talk today us alltotoday your us for today all foryour allfor your all your window window & door window & requirements window door & door requirements & door requirements requirements BrilliantBrilliant Place, Brilliant Stoke, Place, Brilliant Place, Nelson Stoke, Place, Stoke, Nelson Stoke, Nelson Nelson

Ph: 03 Ph: 547 Ph: 035454 Ph: 03 547547 03 5454 547 5454 5454

Ensure you’re warm this winter

Visit our showroom or talk to us today for all your

Get your home ceiling or underfloor window & door requirements insulation checked Brilliant Place, Stoke, Nelson

Proud supporters of Ph 027 444 3225 time!

Now taking bookings for insulation Ph: 03 547 5454 upgrades before winter

Waimea Old Boys Rugby



Call us for advice & free quotes

Ph 538 0622 Unit 3 / 21Packham Cres, Stoke

Ph: 027 444 3225

Construction Ltd FIRST

McPherson Street PO Box 3072, Richmond, Nelson 7050 Email: We specialise in the Manufacture and Placing of Pre-cast and Pre-stressed Concrete Components which include Commercial & Residential Foundations, Suspended Concrete Floors, Bridges, Culverts, Pile Driving and Wharf Construction.

Proud to supply Coman Construction and their design build projects

Proud Partners of Coman Construction

PH/FAX (03) 544-8906


e No Job ToSomLaallrg or Too

AFTER HOURS | David Thelin | H. 03 544 4014 | M. 0271 426 938

WeWe areare pleased to to be be associated with Scott Construction Ltd pleased associated with Coman Construction




Interiors DESIGN / BUILD



VISIT OUR STATE OF THE ART SHOWROOM 9 Echodale Place , Stoke. (off Nayland Road)



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New Zealand’s best and biggest range of pet care products is arriving to your fair city next month.

Stay tuned for dates of our grand opening weekend event. There will be loads of fun activities, pony rides, bouncy castles, great deals and more! PLUS we have the DIY dog wash opening in store too! We are looking forward to meeting Nelson pets and pet parents!

1 Elms Street

(Corner of Main Road), BRING YOUR PETS SHOPPING! Stoke LEASHED ALWAYS WELCOME! Fairfax Media makes every effortPETS to createARE advertisements to meet your specific needs. Please note in some instances we may be unab to supply additional proofs due to complexity of the request or deadline constraints. © This advertisement has been created as a service of Fairfax Media. It cannot be reproduced without permission. If you wish to use this material elsewhere, please contact your advertising consultant. Charges will apply.



WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


5 Koru Place Stoke, Nelson 547 4666 Paving the way for Coman Construction

Ph 03 548 6491 Headingly Centre – Grace Church, construction completed 2009. The Coman name will continue to be associated with quality construction in the Nelson province. “We value our long standing and hard earned reputation and brand “Proud, Professional, Proven” says Gordon. He attributes a lot of the company’s growth and success to his longstanding, loyal and hardworking employees and sub-contractors. “We are fortunate to have a great team of guys who pull together on site to deliver these projects” he says. “At

times some of the projects we work on are very complex and demanding, our team realise the importance to our reputation to deliver a quality product on time.” He was also quick to acknowledge the Company’s excellent Management team and Foreman. Coman Construction looks forward to the challenges ahead and will continue to grow its business with further workshop and warehouse development planned for the Koru Place site.

Right: The recently completed Fawdan Development in Oxford Street Richmond, housing the Civil Defence Headquarters.


75 Parkers Rd, Tahuna

Proud to be a preferred supplier to Coman Construction

Left: The purpose built Peter Baker Transport Facility, construction completed 2011.

Freeman Roofing offices and factory.

Proud to work with Coman Construction, on Pic’s Peanut Butter and Animates buildings.

certifying drainlayer

Proud to work with Coman Construction

Easysteel congratulates team Fletcher Reinforcing congratulatesthe the team atat Coman Grayson Engineering for their outstanding Construction for their outstanding achievements over achievements many and are proud many years andover are proud to years be a supplier to one of to be a supplier to one of Auckland’s iconic Nelson’s iconic construction firms. engineering firms.

• Residential & Commercial Drains • Wastewater Treatment Systems & Septic Tanks • Full Design & Installation • Oil & Grit Wash Down Systems • Digger & Truck Hire Quality Work Guaranteed

Easysteel congratulates the team at

Syme South Rd, Penrose, Deon Charles 575Ben Great Auckland 544 0751 or 021 523 356 543 0751 or 021 399 195 0800 EASY STEEL | 0800 EASYSTEEL

Ph: 027 232 1716

A/H: 03 547 5441 E:

24 WEDNESDAY 26 February 16 TUESDAY 25 February 2014 2014

Nelson Weekly

Feature Feature

Your Community Newspaper

The Copier Company Ltd



Brown & Syme


Painters & Decorators

Colour - Style - texture

For the very best in Quality Interior & exterior painting Residential & commercial work Textured & sprayed coatings

New Zealand

Proud to work on the new Copier Company building

Wall papering Roof painting Intumescent fire coatings

For a Free Measure & Quote call Richard the Red Head Painter

03 546 5145

Mike Brady and Trevor Allan are in the business of saving money for their clients. You wouldn’t think so given that they’re known as the local guys who provide businesses, schools and other organisations with copiers, printers and scanners. But they say by working with those people to find out how much they print they can save them hundreds of dollars a year. In fact any organisation that prints a piece of paper could benefit from having a chat with Mike or Trevor. The two local men started The Copier Company 12 years ago and quickly established themselves as the best in the business. They say the reason

is simple: “We can save people money and provide a world class service, it’s as easy as that,” says Trevor. The Copier Company is the only photocopier business in town that is locally owned and operated and they now service some 2000 machines in Nelson, Blenheim and the West Coast. They say the business has been successful because they’ve worked hard at providing great service to their growing list of local clients. “Industry standard is turning up to a problem within four hours of receiving a call, we aim for two but most of the time we are there within the hour,” says Trevor. “The downside of that is that we’ve

Savage & Savage Chartered aCCountants

“We talk your language”

Congratulations to The Copier Company Team on their move to bright new premises. another outstanding local business success story!

It has been a pleasure to share the journey with you since 2002

The team from The Copier Company from left; Trevor, Mike, Sue, Graeme, Tony, Chris, Mariessa, and Lyndon (Absent - Richard)

Savage & Savage Limited, Chartered Accountants. 217 Bridge St, Nelson.

More Businesses are choosing NBS here’s why . . . • Fast, efficient and personalised service • Tailored packages with lower fees • Easy access to local Branch Managers

“The Quality Is In Our Detail”


Congratulations on your new building

For aLL your Electrical Supplies  Industrial  Commercial  Residential Proud to support The Copier Company

 Design and Build  New Homes  Specialists in Historic Renovations and Earthquake Strengthening  All Commercial Building Professional - Retail Office - Industrial

Call Stephen Fitzgerald on

021 627 702

72 Pascoe St, Nelson Ph: 548 6812 24 Main Rd, Hope Ph: 544 8491

bank local

bank NBS

NBS is not a registered bank.


Servicing the Nelson region for over 21 years

• • • • • •

Business Telephone Systems (Including VOIP) Unified communications/messaging Phone & Data Cabling Call Centres Service & Support 24/7 coverage Now locally owned and operated

Proud to support The Copier Company

Ph 545 6869 or 0800 222 126 91 Collingwood St, Nelson

Nelson Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Feature Advert

WEDNESDAY 2625 February TUESDAY February2014 2014

25 17

57 Vanguard Street, Nelson Phone: 0800 867 426

Congratulations on your smart new premises!

The Copier Company Ltd Locally owned and operated.

The Copier Company’s new office on the corner of Vanguard and Gloucester Sts, along with their fleet of service cars. made a rod for our own back, if we aren’t there within an hour people say ‘where are you?’ But it’s a competitive edge over our opposition.” With copiers now providing scanning and printing functions, Trevor says they are aware how indispensable they are for many businesses. “In a lawyers office on a Friday afternoon if a machine goes down, it’s the end of the world. So being easy to deal with and providing really good service is the key to the business,” he says. The Copier Company has more service technicians than any other copier business in town and says they can provide a range of solutions for all businesses. “It’s often just a case of sitting down and doing the numbers, people quickly realise how much money we can save them and they usually are pretty keen,” says Mike. “But there is no obligation, just give us a call and see what we can do.” The pair have decades of experience in the copier business and although 100 per cent local, they have the backing of one of the world’s largest copier manufactures, Ricoh. Mike says the business has been a “great journey”. Since 2002 they’ve had to expand twice before moving to a new purpose-built premises on the corner of Vanguard and Gloucester Sts late last year. “We just needed to expand again,” says Trevor. “It gave us an opportunity to have something purpose built and it was driven by the increase

in business and allow for future growth as well.” The new premises allow for a large show room, bigger offices, plenty of warehouse and workshop space and more room for their growing staff numbers. Mike says their ability to relate with other local business owners gives them another competitive edge over their competition. “We’re business owners too so often we talk business, how things are going and people realise that the buck stops with us. If something goes wrong we’ll fix it. It doesn’t have to go through the sales manager to head office and back down the chain of command, we fix it here on the spot and that’s something that’s been really important.” Mike and Trevor’s mission statement is to be easy to deal with and provide world class service. They also know how to make sure any organisation is getting the most from their copier.

Nelson Based Sales & Service Multi-function Machines • Copiers • Faxes • Printers Scanners • Document Solutions • Wide Format Machines Mike Brady 027 439 6626

Trevor Allan 027 432 0064

Tony Snape 021 481 838

57 Vanguard Street, Nelson • P: 0800 867 426 E: •

Proud Partners of The Copier Company



So if you’re in the market for a new copier or just want to see if they can help save you money, give The Copier Company a call on 0800 867 426.






Building Consultants

Project Management

VISIT OUR STATE OF THE ART SHOWROOM 9 Echodale Place , Stoke. (off Nayland Road)



03 547 7144

Quantity Surveyors Congratulations to Mike, Trevor and the team on their new premises

Protecting the coPier comPany

Building Surveyors Expert Witness well as protecting Nelson for over 20 years Contact Nelson Alarms for: - Home & Business Alarms - Fire Alarm Systems - Video Surveillance Systems - LocaL aLarm monitoring For security you can trust 36 PARKERS ROAD, TAHUNANUI, BOX 2145, STOKE Phone: 548 6686 email:

Pleased to provide Project Management services to The Copier Company Ltd

Providing practical, down to earth and affordable legal advice. It’s that simple when dealing with us!

Grant Hunt Building Consultants P: 03 545 8986

22 Oxford St, Richmond 279 Hardy Street, Nelson Ph 03 544 7888 218 High Street, Motueka Ph 03 528 9590

26 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

This Week

New Show Home at 5 Fair On the Brightside Brightwater Community News

SCISSOR ART Neisha Woodward is an outstanding stylist specialising in colour. Neisha is available on our two late nights, Tuesday & Thursday from 4 to 8pm

Special: Any cut & colour booked in March gets the cut for FREE! (saving $48 – mention this ad to qualify)

56 Ellis St, Brightwater

Ph: 542 3839

0800 777 144

Brightwater definitely turned it on for the return of the Wine and Food Festival earlier this month with a day of perfect weather and great hospitality. 2014 saw the return of this iconic event where local Nelson and Tasman residents head out to Brightwater to enjoy music, wine, beer, food and camaraderie. Organised by Richmond Rotary, the Brightwater Wine and Food Festival’s primary goal is to raise funds for local charitable organisations. This year’s recipients will include Wanderers Sports Club, Brightwater Rural Fire Force and the Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade, and Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. The organisers would like to extend their thanks to their generous sponsors, stallholders and performers, the Brightwater community and to all those who attended the festival. Welcome back to Brightwater. I hope those of think how our problems here are only minor!. you that have been on holiday have come back The Village Green is now looking great. A special refreshed and relaxed. I have just returned from ‘thank you’ to all the tradesmen for their help in Christchurch and to think that the second big making it all happen. quake was over three years ago and still hardly The special Christmas Cake raffle held in Decemany of the CBD is functioning and there is still ber was drawn just prior to Christmas. The lucky a huge amount of work to be done. Makes you winner was V Trow of Richmond. The next meeting of the Brightwater Community Association will be held on Tuesday 4 March 2014 at 7pm in the staffroom at Brightwater School. • Over 40 years Andy McQueen, Chairperson, Brightwater Comexperience munity Association

• Alterations

Waimea Senior Care Services for 2014 It’s the start of another busy year for the Waimea Senior Care Services, which is a service to the Brightwater and Wakefield Community provided by the Anglican church. Senior Care Co-ordinator, Nicola Berthelsen, is back on deck and has been busy planning a further series of outings for 2014. Following the success of the programme last year, Nicola plans to build on old favourites such as the Devonshire Tea Garden Party, Fashion Show and Mystery Trip, starting the year off with a morning tea and visit to WOW. This outing will be held on Tuesday 25 March leaving from the Brightwater Community Church car park at 10am. Transport will be available if needed. All other Senior Care events will be advertised throughout the year on

• Bathroom • Kitchen • Toilet

Are your accounting systems getting you down? Do you need help to get them working correctly?

• Locally owned & operated

Have you taken the time to analyse your business for the future and set financial goals? If not then Rebecca Palmer of All About Assistance Ltd is here to help. Although she focuses on MYOB software she will be able to advise you of the things you really must take into consideration.

Rebecca Palmer

She has been assisting businesses throughout the Nelson Region since 2003 and has considerable knowledge in a vast array of businesses from simple cash book systems to comprehensive accounting systems, a fully integrated Point of Sale system or payroll. If you are thinking of changing your current accounting package or are still working on paper systems now is also a really good time to talk to Rebecca. It’s never too late to get started.

• MYOB Certified Consultant (Sales, Installation, Training & Support) • MYOB RetailManager Professional • MYOB Exo Payroll - Consultant • MYOB ProfitOptimiser • Accounts, Payroll and Office Administration

Thinking of a swimming pool?


for a FREE appraisal & quote Install a Grace Pool from $

21,990 Ph 027 255 4346



• Custom Designed Pools • Repairs and Servicing

Ph 542 2219 or 027 359 5419

New Show Home at 5 Fair On the Brightside This Week

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Brightwater Community News

On a roll: Taylor’s Contracting Wanderers are having their best cricket season in a decade. Having won the Car Company Nelson Cricket twenty20 final by a staggering 10 wickets, Wanderers then carried their fine form into the one day competition. On Saturday, Wanderers beat Motueka by 422 runs. Captain Dan Cooper smashed 201 not out to become the competition’s leading run scorer while Tom Cross hit 174 runs, as Wanderers clocked up 501/4. Wanderers then bowled Motueka out for just 79 runs with Tim Field picking up five wickets at the expense of just ten runs. local community notice boards and in local papers. Nicola also runs a weekly exercise and board games programme at 10am on Thursday mornings at the Brightwater Community Church hall. Cost is only $2 per person. She is always available for a chat over a cuppa or, by prior arrangement, to take senior citizens to doctor and hospital appointments or into Richmond for weekly shopping. A donation toward transport costs for this service is appreciated. For further information please phone Nicola on 542 3694 or 021 277 8061. Rhythm and Music Each Monday morning, the Brightwater Community Anglican Church Hall at 68 Waimea West Road rocks to the sound of pre-schoolers having fun, appreciating good music, and their mums or dads finally getting some adult company and a good cup of coffee! Rythym and Music kicks off at 10 am with half an hour of music and movement, then there is a morning tea break for the kids followed by free play on some great toys afterwards. Each session costs $2 per family. It’s a place to have fun with your kids and network with other parents of young children. Many grandparents make Mainly Music days their special day out with grandchildren. We celebrate and support the amazing and challeng-

ing role that parents and families day 14 March, from 5 – 7pm at Wanderers Clubrooms. TRU junior rugby competition starts on play in shaping children’s lives. 10 May. Club Sponsor ‘Taylors Contracting Co Ltd’ will once again be giving away a free rugby Wanderers Sports Club ball to every player that registers and pays their Cricket The Wanderers Senior Cricket team subscription on the night they register. are on a high, having won the Nel- Netball son Cricket Association 20/20 com- Netball Trials will be held at Saxton Courts on petition, which has been played as Thursday 27 February at 6.30pm (outside) and a mid-week competition. A superb Sunday 2 March at 4pm (inside). All new players final at Saxton Oval, with great and existing players invited to attend. support from spectators, saw our Contact Natasha Crawford Ph 027-332-2293 opening batters Tom Cross and Joe League O’Connor get the runs required in The League players have started fitness training 14 overs. Congratulations to all the for the coming season. If you would like to join players involved and their coach, our team contact Duke Climo Ph 0274 946 009. Andy Leonard. Golf Ambrose “A Trusted Name Our annual fundraiser will be held in Real Estate” on Sunday 30 March at the Totaradale Golf Club. Teams of four Christine Cook AREINZ (individuals can be put in a team) wishing to enter are asked to please Proud to be part of the Brightwater phone Diane on 542 3344 at Wancommunity derers Rugby Club. Any business that sponsors a hole will have free team entry. So get a (03) 544 8778 team together for a fun morning 027 447 4364 and great prizes. On course BBQ for Licensed Agent REAA 2008 those that miss breakfast. Senior Rugby Trainings have been underway for a Richmond few weeks. If you are interested in playing please contact Frazer Lochhead on 027 439 2035. TRU competition starts on 22 March for both Divisions 1 and 2. Junior Rugby Registration date for juniors is Fri-


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Sun City



This Week

ountry C Music Awards


28 February to 2 March nelson Suburban Club

Our region’s biggest annual Country Music (including while contestants are singing). There’s Event – The Nelson Country Music Club's 29th no bigger buzz for an artist than to see people Sun City Country Music Awards, will be happen- out there enjoying their music. So round up your ing on February 28 and March 1 and 2. It will friends and make sure to get along – Entry $5. once again be held at the Nelson Suburban Club, Tickets for the weekend events are available at which last year proved to be an excellent venue. the Nelson Suburban Club, Tahunanui Drive, Singers, young and old alike, from all over the South Island, (and a few from the North), are currently brushing up their songs, dusting off their stage clothes, and getting set to compete for this year’s titles.There are roughly 20 different age and style categories for competitors to tackle - including country rock, gospel, old time, duet, group, original song, & instrumental. The Committee members Jim Palmer, Linda Hahn, Luke Connor, ‘auditions’ (which are Lou Reeves (Convenor) Donna Scholfield and Shirley Dick. essentially the ‘heats’) take place all day Saturday and on Sunday morn- Nelson. Prices are being kept to a minimum. Fiing (starting from 8am!), in front of the public nals tickets are: Adult $15 and U18 $10, and a as well as the judges, then the top 2 singers from weekend pass to the auditions is $8. each section are announced as finalists going We are all looking forward to another great weekon to compete for the top prizes at Sunday af- end of Country Music and we hope that you are ternoon’s Finals Concert – starting at 2pm. This able to join us. fantastic show will also feature last year’s extremely talented Senior Overall Winner - Cam Scott from Cave in South Canterbury. We are very excited about a new feature of the awards this year, which will be a FREE CounenterPrises try Music Showcase in the Member’s Bar of the Nelson Suburban Club on the Friday evening • Builders from 7-9.30pm. All 8 members of our talent• Building relOCatOrs ed judging panel —who hail from all over the New Zealand, will be entertaining—making it a night not to be missed. Our Saturday night, Rock’n’Roll evening is also 6 O’Connor rd, appleby set to be another highlight, it’s a great chance Ph/Fax: 03 544 2443 Ph: 0800 760 213 to let your hair down and hit the dance floor, mob: 027 446 0213 email:


Design anD manufacture of specialist timber moulDings

Rai Valley A&P Show

Saturday 1st March Carluke Domain in Rai Valley Gates open at 7am Live entertainment, throughout the day and night Sturgeons, competitions, woodchopping, kids Rai Challenge, Cransky the Clown and loads more We look forward to seeing you at our biggest little show!



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SPORT Falcons win conference

It’s like the Nelson Marlborough Falcons just don’t know how to lose. Sunday afternoon’s 2-0 win over Team Wellington in the capital has secured them the Southern Conference title and a place in the ASB Youth League final with two games to spare. The NZ King Salmon Falcons only needed one point from the remaining three matches to be sure of a spot in the final, but the weekend’s three pointer in Wellington has insured the team’s perfect record remains in tact – that’s right, eight wins from eight games – and a home final against Auckland City likely to be on March 16. The Falcons are just in their second season of national league football,

and, considering they come from one of the smallest catchment areas in the competition, the perfect record is certainly remarkable. Coach Davor Tavich took a younger squad to Wellington, with over-age player Ryan Stewart back in Nelson, and he was extremely happy with the result, with former Garin College student Jos Lis coming off the bench to score a second half brace. The Falcons will play two more games before the final – the first of which is this Sunday at Trafalgar Park against YoungHeart Manawatu – and Davor hinted that some of the young players might get some more opportunities, although whether captain Coey Turipa would be amongst those rested is unknown.

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The leading riders splash through a ford early in the Summit Real Estate Rainbow Rage on Saturday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Teens take out Rainbow Rage Former Waimea College student Tom Filmer made a winning return to mountainbiking in Saturday’s Summit Real Estate Rainbow Rage from St Arnaud to Hanmer Springs. Tom, 19, completed the 103 kilometre ride in 3 hours 28 minutes 44 seconds, heading off Stephen Halligan of Hanmer Springs by one minute 18 seconds, with Christchurch’s Michael Buschl third in 3 hours 34 minutes 1 second. Despite a strong tailwind, Tom couldn’t quite break his own race record of 3 hours 26 minutes 18 seconds, set in 2012. “It was a good race with a really good tailwind after Island Saddle,” Tom says. “But there was a bit of headwind out there too, which slowed us down.” It was Tom’s first significant win since returning from France last year, where he raced on the road for VCC Morteau. He was planning to race in France again this season, but changed his mind after his new team wanted him to return early. “I’d signed a contract and was

Senior reporter Reporter

going to go back in March, but then they called and said they wanted me back there in January. It’s not much fun training over there in the middle of winter - you just get cold and wet and sick, so I decided to stay in Nelson.” Nayland College student Olivia Miller completed back-toback wins in the women’s race finishing in 4 hours 18 minutes 32 seconds. Although Olivia’s winning time was 20 minutes faster than last year and over an hour faster than the next female rider, she couldn’t keep up with her father Tim. “I can’t believe that Dad beat me again. Next year it’s all on,” Olivia joked after the race. Olivia, who finished fourth in the under-19 race at the national champs in Rotorua earlier this month, says her next assignment is the Motutapu near Queenstown on March 8. Then she will represent

Tasman Bay Sportfishing Guide Nelson Tides

5 4 3 2 1 0









Feb 26

Feb 27

Feb 28

Mar 1

Mar 2

Mar 3

Mar 4


Fishing Guide



pm am




pm am




pm am




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pm am




pm am





L 1:21 1.2 L 14:02 1.0 L 2:35 0.9 L 15:01 0.8 L 3:34 0.6 L 15:53 0.5 L 4:25 0.4 L 16:41 0.3 L 5:10 0.2 L 17:26 0.2 L 5:53 0.2 H 12:05 4.6 H 0:35 4.4 H 12:46 4.4 H 7:50 3.6 H 20:19 3.6 H 8:57 3.9 H 21:24 3.8 H 9:51 4.2 H 22:19 4.1 H 10:39 4.4 H 23:08 4.3 H 11:23 4.6 H 23:53 4.4 L 18:09 0.3 L 6:33 0.2 L 18:50 0.4 Rise 7:03 Set 20:15

Sun Go!

Best Times



Rise 7:05 Set 20:13


Best Times




Rise 3:02 Set 17:40

Rise 4:12 Set 18:25


Light E

Light E turning W

Daryl Smith


New Zealand at the Oceania Champs a week later at Mt Hutt in Canterbury. “I raced against some Australians at nationals but Oceanias will be my biggest race by far. I’m really looking forward to it.” Waimea College’s Lachlan Brownlie won the junior men’s race in 3 hours 59 minutes 32 seconds while Nelson’s Tim Bygate (veteran 3 men’s in 3 hours 53 minutes 17 seconds), Ross McArthur (veteran 4 men’s in 5 hours 5 minutes 7 seconds) and Ralph Hetzel (veteran 5 men’s in 7 hours 37 minutes 4 seconds) won their age groups. Nelson’s Michelle Walker (veteran 1 women’s race in 5 hours 55 minutes 16 seconds) and Rita O’Neill (veteran 3 women’s in 5 hours 35 minutes 24 seconds) won their age groups. Nelson’s Olivia Daniel won the 42 kilometre Tennyson Return race from Lake Tennyson to Hanmer Springs in 1 hours 53 minutes 20 seconds. One hundred and twenty riders completed Saturday’s event.

Simon Bloomberg

Swell *Not for navigational purposes.

SW 1.7 m

SW 1.1 m

Brought to you by

Rise 7:06 Set 20:12 Ok

Best Times


Rise 7:07 Set 20:10 Ok

Rise 5:25 Set 19:06

Best Times



Rise 7:08 Set 20:09 Best Times




Rise 7:09 Set 20:07 Ok

Best Times



Rise 7:10 Set 20:05 Ok

Best Times



Rise 6:38 Set 19:44

Rise 7:51 Set 20:20

Rise 9:02 Set 20:55

Rise 10:11 Set 21:31


Moderate SW

Light NE turning W

Light SW turning SE

Light E

W 1.2 m increasing to 2.7 m

W 2.5 m

SW 1.7 m

W 1.7 m

W 1.5 m

Light W becoming moderate

Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

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SPORT Briefs

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

s p o r d e h t r p fo week



CYCLING: The Tasman Wheelers will be sending three teams - elite men, elite women and masters men - to the first race of the Benchmark Elite Series in Oxford this weekend. At the team launch on Monday night, Fresh Choice Richmond and Pomeroy’s were announced as the team’s new principle sponsors. The Benchmark Elite Series features six races across the South Island throughout the year.

Woodstock Bourbon

SPEEDWAY: Wakefield super saloon driver Ian Burson has taken out the ELF Super Cup, collecting enough points at the Tahuna Holiday Park Speedway to hold on to first place. The six race series sees the top super saloon drivers in the South Island compete for an overall title. Ian, the current 2NZ, went into the final weekend with a 67 point lead, which was eventually reduced to just 12 points.


1 Litre

or Seagers Gin


is ipple alue t v t e s h e t gab ks of Findin ith my pic h t ar w -to-e simple ore, down r o c F u hm . k m e d e w n an enry’s ciatio cal H lo appre r u to yo call in ask. st and ju

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CRICKET: Taylor’s Contracting Wanderers stunned Motueka by scoring 501/4 in their 50 over match on the weekend. Captain Dan Cooper reached his second double century of the season, while Tim Field picked up five wickets at the expense of just ten runs, as Wanderers won by 422 runs.

txt us your view 027 UR VOICE NZ NEW






$3,480 $15,980 MAzdA 6 GlX 2010 These Mazda 6 GLX are are great all around family car. They have both plenty of interior room and luggage space and reasonable fuel economy. This one is NZ New and had 1 owner. Powered by a chain driven 2.0 litre motor and is auto with tiptronic option. Its been regularly serviced by a Mazda workshop. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 6 airbags, ABS brakes, 6 disc CD, dual climatic air conditioning, cruise control, remote locking and a towbar.





Mitsubishi GAlAnt Gls 2006 In my opinion these Mitsubishi Galant’s are a very under rated car and represent fantastic value for money. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, climate airconditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking, factory alloys, body kit and spoiler and a towbar.

MAzdA 6 GsX 2008 This model Mazda 6 GSX are very popular with tall people looking for that extra leg room or people wanting a roomy family car. This is NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a grunty 2.5 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. We have the FULL service history for this car from new. It also has multi airbags, ABS brakes, cruise control, 6 disc CD, dual climate air conditioning, remote locking with 2 keys, factory 17 inch alloys and a towbar.

toyotA CAMry Altise 2005 This is an extremely tidy example of this always popular model Toyota Camry Altise. It’s NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a peppy 2.4 litre chain driven motor and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, remote locking and cruise control.

holden bArinA hAtChbACk 2008 If you are looking for economy without having to forgo interior space and comfort, then this could be for you. It’s NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 1600cc motor and is automatic. The interior is both roomy and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, remote locking, factory alloys and roof spoiler.

$12,980 subAru iMprezzA MAnuAl 2006 If you are the great outdoors type who likes to get off the main road but doesn’t want to walk too far, then this NZ new AWD Subaru Imprezza is for you. It’s had 2 owners from new. It’s powered by a 2.0 litre motor and is 5 speed manual with Hi & low ratio AWD. The interior is quite spacious and is in tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, 4 airbags, CD, climate air conditioning, remote locking, cruise control, roof rails and a towbar.

$13,980 toyotA yAris hAtCh, Auto 2008 This Toyota Yaris is the 5 door hatch, powered by a peppy chain driven (so NO cambelt) 1500cc motor, automatic and has ony done 26,000kms. The interior is very spacious and in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, 6 airbags, CD, airconditioning, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors and factory alloys. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.


$13,980 toyotA CorollA Gl hAtCh 2007 The Toyota Corolla legacy just keeps rolling on here in NZ and would be the most popular small hatch to be sold in this country. It’s powered by a 1.8 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, electric front windows and mirrors and remote locking.









Mitsubishi Colt sport Auto 2007 NZ new and had 1 owner. Its powered by a nippy 1500cc motor and is automatic. The interior is also in very tidy condition. It also has ABS brakes, airbags, CD, air conditioning, tinted glass, factory alloys, electric windows and mirrors and remote locking. The paintwork is also in very tidy condition for its year and mileage.

Ford FAlCon Xt 2011 There are still a good core group of people who need the grunt and interior room and comfort of these Ford Falcon’s. Ideal for towing that big boat or caravan without being lumbered with a 4WD for the rest of the year. This one has had 1 owner from new and is in very tidy condition. The back seat and boot don’t look like they have ever had anything in or on them. It has ABS brakes, cruise control, 4 airbags, factory alloys, towbar, CD, remote locking and climate air conditioning.



Ford FAlCon eF2 FuturA 1995 If you are after a good old original Falcon thats been well looked after, then this is for you. We have just traded it and its just had a new WOF. It’s powered by the tried and trusted 4.0 litre 6 cylinder and is auto.The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 2 airbags, CD, after market alloys and a boot spoiler.

$8,980 MAzdA MpV 7 seAter 2002 If you have an ever expanding family and need a 7 seater wagon, then this is for you. It’s powered by a 2.2 litre chain driven motor (so NO cambelt) and is automatic. The interior is very spacious and is in immaculate condition. It also has ABS brakes, factory alloys and body kit, towbar, tinted rear glass, airbags, CD and air conditioning.



$14,980 Ford Courier FlAtdeCk 2002 Not often we get a Courier XLT extra cab 4wd flatdeck to sell. This one is NZ new and had 2 owners. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is 5 speed manual. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has factory alloys, running boards, alloy 3 side drop flat deck with a wooden floor, alloy bullbar and a towbar.

Sample Photo

$19,980 kiA sportAGe 2Wd Auto 2010 If you are in the market for a 2WD no fuss mid range SUV, then this is for you. This Kia Sportage is NZ New and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a peppy 2.0 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is surprisingly spacious and is in tidy condition. It has seating for 5 passengers. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, half leather trim, CD, climate air conditioning, cruise control, factory alloys and roof rails.

$19,980 Mitsubishi outlAnder ls 2009 This model Mitsubishi Outlander LS is the most popular SUV that we have EVER sold. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. Powered by a 2.4 litre motor and is automatic with tiptronic option. It can be driven in 2WD, Auto 4WD or 4WD depending on the conditions. The interior is in tidy condition. It also has 8 airbags, ABS brakes, CD, electric windows and mirrors, keyless entry and start, cruise control, air conditioning, factory alloys, roof rails, towbar and tinted glass.



Mitsubishi outlAnder ls AWd 2006 Buying an SUV with AWD for under $15000 isn’t always easy, but here we have one. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a 2.4 litre chain driven motor (So NO cambelt) and is automatic with tiptronic option. The interior is quite spacious and in tidy condition. It also has airbags, ABS brakes, CD, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, roof rails and tinted glass.

kiA sorento AWd 2005 Are you in the market for a great AWD wagon for towing or for getting out to the back blocks in the weekend? Well this might just do the trick. It’s NZ new and had 1 owner. It’s powered by a grunty 2.5 litre turbo diesel and is auto. The interior is in tidy condition and has seating for 5 passengers. It also has 6 airbags, remote locking, electric windows and mirrors, CD, air conditioning, factory alloys, roofrack and a towbar.

$38,980 isuzu d-MAX ls 2Wd d/CAb 2014 3 litre diesel, turbo, auto. 6,000kms. Air bags, CD, ABS and Tuff Deck. Awesome power delivery and interior comfort. This is the current model.

$3,250 hondA Xr350 prolink 1983 Im clearing my Honda collection from my shed. Here is a 1983 Honda XR350 Prolink. It runs sweet and seems crisp in the engine. The tyres are about half worn and has good chain and sprockets. The seat has a couple of small rips as per the photos and plastics are all in good order.

150 Rutherford St, Nelson PH: 548 0568 Vanessa - 0274 489 877 Paul - 0274 489 855

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fuel price drop! FUEL PRICE DROP! 24 hour fuel - eftpos/mobil card Now the same as town prices

Tom & Melanie Now the same as town prices are proud to Tom & Melanie proud to Tom and Melanie proud supply and fully areare supply and fully toservice supply the and fully service the service the Wanderers WanderersRugby Club Wanderer’s van. Rugby Club van. Rugby Club van.


Wanderer’s Rugby Club


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Wanderers flanker Steven Soper fends off Waimea Old Boys halfback Kaide Whiting during a match last year. Photo: Shuttersport. Everything seems to be on the up at Taylor’s Con- multi sports club which also has teams in rugby tracting Wanderers this year. With the cricket league and netball. It was just three years ago that side having its most successful season in nearly a the club decided to jump back into the top tier of decade – reaching two finals including a spectac- club rugby and within two years it had reached ular ten wicket win over ACOB in the Twenty20 the final of the Tasman Trophy and the division final last week – there’s certainly an amount of one championship, although losses to Nelson enthusiasm around the club. and then Waimea Old Boys left the team without But with the rugby season just around the corner, silverware in 2013. the excitement is bound to spill over in the other Having been training together since January, the codes it competes in too, especially as Wanderers rugby team is already putting in the hard yards has a realistic chance at winning the Car Com- to make sure they can go one better this year. pany Nelson Bays division one championship. Daniel Perrin and Johnny Bloxham will again Wanderers is a proud and successful club which take the coaching reigns with Frazer Lochhead represents Brightwater and Wakefield. It is a the team’s manager. Daniel says preparations are

24/7 Fuel Spring Grove Service Station and Workshop.


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WEDNESDAY 19 February 2014


Wanderer’s Rugby Club 2014

JAB player Harry Horncastle in action. Photo: Shuttersport.

Bavin will be taking this team with Kyle Paki-Paki again being named manager. It is yet to be determined whether Wanderers will enter a team in division three. The JAB section of Wanderers looks likely to have big numbers yet again, having traditionally been one of the highest participated junior clubs in the region. The registration night for all junior grades will be held at the clubrooms on Friday March 14 from 5-7pm. The junior competition starts on May 10, and the club’s major sponsor Taylors Contracting will once again be giving away a free rugby ball to

going well, and the team recently sent a group of players to the Woodend Rugby Sevens tournament where they won the plate trophy. “We’re in pretty good stead. We haven’t had to look too far ON SELECTED STIHL PRODUCTS afield to what we had last year. In fact we’ve managed to keep the core group together since day STIHL SH 56 C-E STIHL RE 108 one of the resurgence, ” he says. “But this 2014 VACUUM SHREDDER WATER BLASTER NOW team is a totally different beast and I think we’re $475 $495 all going to be better from last year, not just for the finals but for every game we play.” While there is still plenty of youthful talent in SAVE the squad with the likes of Tyler Kearns, Steven $ 100 Soper and Kerehama Barrett, Wanderers will once again look to key figures Jesse Pitman, TraSTIHL MS 211 C-BE CHAINSAW el Joass, Alex S Ainley AVE and Ben Douglas to keep NOW pushing the team forward. 5 $ 16 $695 Daniel says the support of the wider community UPGRADE AVE S and its major sponsors Taylors Contracting and WITH FREE $ 100 PATIObeen CLEANER Golden Wings has huge, and he hoped to ATTACHMENT continue to reward them with success on the field. Termswill and conditions apply, ask in store details.WanOffers valid until 28 February 2014Terms or while stocks All senior rugby start on March 22forand and conditions apply,last. ask instore for details. While stocks last. derers will once again have a team entered in the Text Here Nelson Bays division two competition as well. It Here was just in 2012Text when Wanderers reached the Text Here final of the division, but last year they finished Text Here Proud to support Wanderer’s Sport Club outside of the top four. Aaron Everett and Todd


every player that registers and pays their subscription on the registration night. The club has been busy fundraising for its new gym which will be situated over by the beach volleyball court

side of the Brightwater Domain. It is expected to open next month. For more information on the club or to enquire about playing at Wanderers this year, visit

No job too big or small From cat doors to double glazing and complete retro-fits • Shower doors, Splashbacks, Mirrors • Broken window repairs • Windscreen/Stone chip repairs Brightwater, Wakefield, Hope, Mapua, Tapawera, Richmond and Murchison Proud to support Wanderers




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best wishes for a great 2014 season NEW BOOTS ARRIVING DAILY

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Nelson Forests Ltd are proud to support Wanderer’s Rugby Club and wish them all the best for the coming season 58a Gladstone Rd, Richmond Ph 543 81165

34 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Action packed Buller Fest returns Some of the expected 200 white water kayakers will cram sign from nothing but cardboard and duct tape. into vans and drive from all corners of the country just While the slalom event is sure to draw the most competito get amongst this weekend’s Buller Festival. But what tors, the boater cross is generally the most popular, bestarted out as a pretty “underground”, “grassroots” event cause of the competitive nature. “It’s a little bit more excit20 years ago, is hoping to continue its identity as New ing,” Sophia simply puts it. Murchison is one of the country’s white water capitals, Zealand’s premier white water event. The Buller Festival goes for three days, and includes four with up to 20 different runs in the nearby rivers. “Muraction filled events for what the volunteer organisers say chison is like the epicenter. They call it the four river is the largest of its kind in the country. “It started off pret- plains. It’s not necessarily the hardest white water in New ty small with one or two events with a big of shindig at Zealand but there’s so many different variations from class the rec centre in town, but now it’s grown over the year one, class two, and all the way to class four and five if we to what it is now,” says Sophia Mulder. “It’s gone from strength to strength and it’s become what it is Phil Palzer, a raft guide from purely from the interest in competitive kayaking.” Murchison, competes in the The Buller Festival, or shortened as Buller Fest, kayak slalom at last year’s begins on the Matakitaki River with the popular Buller Festival. Photo: Barry boater cross, an event which sees multiple kayakWhitnall/Shuttersport. ers race down the river together. On Saturday the event moves to O’Sullivan’s rapid on the Buller River for an individually timed kayak slalom and the rafter cross. The final day is the cardboard cup, where teams of two construct a vessel of their de-


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get the right weather.” The age of competitors ranges from school age to the most experienced paddlers in the industry, and only ten percent of them are excepted to be from the Nelson-Tasman region. Going forward, Sophia hopes the Buller Festival can continue to be New Zealand’s premier white water event. “It relies on a lot of volunteer support and at the moment there is a good keen group to have it run each year. I don’t know if it needs to get too much bigger though, I don’t know if Murchison could handle it.”



Refurbished stoves at Grahams Trading Nelson

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The Shower Door Specialists 11a Hunt St, Richmond Ph 544-8700 • Fax 544-8706

Waimea Weekly Your Community Newspaper

Thrilled with effects of pool exercise Seventy-eight year old Eddie Thomas, still works as a civil engineer and describes his experience at Richmond Physiotherapy’s ASB Aquatic Centre clinic. “For many years I have had numbness in my legs, which is an age related problem, and results from pressure on nerves from damaged or worn discs in the Lumbar spine. In June 2013, while lifting in the garden, I injured my back further, resulting in a partial loss of balance and muscle control in my legs, so I started walking with a stick and had to abandon my daily routine of walking up Richmond Hill. In September I fell awkwardly in a doorway and ruptured my quadriceps tendon, but this was painless due to the condition of the nerves in my lower spine. I had the tendon surgically repaired and was discharged from hospital on crutches. I have been astounded at the rapid loss of muscle in my legs from reduced exercise after my tendon repair operation and the time

that it was taking to recover. My first priority has been to get reasonably fit before back surgery. Next I would like to resume work, and it is likely to be 2-4 months before I am fit enough for that. I am advised it could be 12 months before I am fully recovered. In October I started receiving treatment from Sue Marren. In their brochure Richmond Physiotherapy describe themselves as “the body detectives, committed to reducing pain and increasing mobility by finding the right solution for you,” and say that “our treatment encourages self-management and promotes independence to all age groups.” Over several visits Sue developed daily exercise routines for me of gradually increasing intensity. The exercises focused on strengthening my right knee and body. Concurrently I was attending Richmond Physiotherapy clinic at the ASB Aquatic and Fitness Centre where Martin King checked my progress peri-

odically and advised on exercise routines in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Coupled with that I took up swimming and walking against the current in the “river” adjacent to the Wave Pool. Usually I finished off with the Spa and then spend 30 minutes on the exercycle at home. This was my routine which I tried to maintain six days per week. Needless to say it took a fair amount of determination to achieve this, but I was seeing the benefits. Hydrotherapy is a form of Physiotherapy, and the benefits I saw were: weightlessness due to buoyancy, no jarring of joints, increased range of exercises available to you because of the above, and the company of other people who have similar problems and aims. I continued physio and hydrotherapy until back surgery on 5 Feb. This week I saw Sue Marren and with her help, I plan to be fully fit, walking the Richmond hills and back at work by the start of June. Business Update. Adv.


WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


Tasman’s Super connection

Phillip Rollo Reporter Tasman Makos fans have ten reasons to get into this year’s Super Rugby competition, with the ITM Cup Championship winners having a record representation across the New Zealand teams. Never before has the region had so many Super Rugby players, with ten Tasman Makos signing contracts after the successful provincial season – and the good news is that all ten will be returning to Nelson for the ITM Cup. Tasman Rugby Union’s Les Edwards, acknowledges fans’ loyalties and allegiances might be more split in 2014, with those players spread across four different franchises – and with former Tasman prop Sam Prattley at the Blues there is argument that all of the bases are covered. “I think there’s every chance the Chiefs will become our region’s second favourite team,” he says, after the Crusaders had traditionally been the Super Rugby franchise of choice for most Nelson rugby fans. “The Crusaders is, for most people in our region, their team but the Chiefs are certainly knocking on doors, aren’t they.” The reason for that is the fact the Chiefs

Shane Christie, who started for the Highlanders on the weekend, and Kieran Fonotia, who is in the Crusaders wider training squad, are just two of the ten Tasman Makos getting a chance in the Super 15. Photos: Otago Daily Times and Phillip Rollo. have picked up four Tasman players and they are already making an impact at the two-time champions, with James Lowe running the length of the field to score a try in the dying stages of Friday night’s 18-10 win over the Crusaders. Tevita Koloamatangi, who is only signed on a wider-training-squad deal, made his Super Rugby debut for the Chiefs, starting at

openside flanker in the place of the injured Sam Cane and Tanerau Latimer. He had a busy first game, marking none other than Richie McCaw. The two other Makos who will be playing in Hamilton this year are fullback Tom Marshall, who ventures north after two seasons with the Crusaders, but is currently out for the next eight weeks with an

injury and flanker Liam Squire. In Friday’s opener, Makos fans got a chance to see one of the Crusaders contingent, with Tim Perry handed a starting spot over All Black prop Wyatt Crockett. Kieran Fonotia, who was selected in the wider-training-squad, is yet to make an appearance. In the Deep South, Shane Christie got his Super Rugby season off to the perfect start with the Highlanders beating the Blues 2921. Joe Wheeler is also contracted to the Highlanders this year, but did not play in the season opener. And finally, Marty Banks – who rose to prominence after missing out on an ITM Cup contract with the Makos before steering them to the Championship title – started at fullback for the Hurricanes in their 27-9 loss to the Sharks in Durban. He booted a trademark long range penalty to pick up in first points of the campaign. Marty is joined by Billy Guyton at the Hurricanes, after the Makos halfback secured a wider-training-squad contract. There are a number of other players with Nelson connections in each of the franchises, including James Marshall (Hurricanes), Sam Prattley (Blues) and Mitchell Drummond (Crusaders). Both James and Sam used to play for the Tasman Makos, while Mitchell plays for Canterbury.

Super 15 Tipping Our locals pick their winners

Blues vs Crusaders

Round 3 Belinda de Clercq 6/9

The Waimea Wolves futsal team have taken out the Mainland Secondary School Championship in resounding style, beating last year’s winners Lincoln High School 15-0 in the final game. The Wolves, captained by Hamish Pugh, were entered in the Year 9 and 10 grade. Waimea will now head to the national championships next month.

Phillip Rollo

Mal Lowrie


Dick Baker


Ben Coman


Phillip Rollo



Stoke’S locally owned bakery Chris Satherley

HOT CROSS BUNS traditionally made no pre mix Made fresh daily try some today Pre-order for easter oPen HourS: Mon - Fri 5.00am - 5.00pm Sat 5.00am - 1.30pm

Stoke Bakery Cake kitChen Ltd 510 Main Road • Stoke • Phone 547 6998


queen street

Jason Stack



Mark Cessford


Dawn Rameka


Chris Shand


Kevin Cross


Craig Hamilton


Rebels vs Cheetahs

Stormers Chiefs Waratahs vs vs vs Hurricanes Highlanders Reds

Force vs Brumbies

Bulls vs Lions


Community Events

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

Community Events Keeping you in touch

Pacifica Women’s Aquarobics Aquarobics with Pacifica women’s group. Monday 3pm Ngawhatu Pool. Qualified instructor. Ph Lyn 5473263 or Sandy 5445993 for any inquiries Volunteering with Red Cross Refugee Service is fun and rewarding and gives you an opportunity to work in a team & experience new cultures. Next Volunteer Training Course: 21–23 March. For more info contact nz or 5484978 Beginners Argentine Tango Course 1st Lesson Free, 8 Mar, Queens Gardens, midday. Come and try it out and if you like to tango join up for the 8 week. Beginners course starting 11 Mar 7pm - 8.30 at Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen Street, Nelson. $85 Call 0272380568, Music On Friday Mar 7, 10am. St Davids Church Florence St, Richmond. Admission $4 includes morning tea. Program - Handel, Beethoven & Mendelssohn. All welcome. Apple Mac User Group Monthly meetings at Constance Barnicoat Room Tasman Library Richmond. Mac users, including users of Apple devices welcome. Refer to or Ph 5473408. Alzheimers Nelson presents “Ageing in your community” Workshop in Golden Bay Wed 12 Mar , 10am–1pm at the Anglican Church, with guest speakers. Phone 5467702 for more details. Nelson/Tasman Endometriosis group are holding a display to mark Endometriosis Awareness Month outside Farmers, Richmond Mall on Thurs 13 Mar. Info will be available & members on hand to chat with. Find out more about this disease. Fresh Focus Hayden Thompson, international coffee expert, speaking about “Beyond the Grind”. Mon, 3 Mar, 10-11am. Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahuna Dr. Everyone welcome. Entry $2. Pigeon Valley Steam Museum Wakefield On Steam Sun 2 Mar Old machinery, tractors, trucks,

sawmill, traction engine and jigger rides. Allan Palmer 0273197427 Art on Halifax Visit the Sunday Arts Market at 3 Halifax St 10am-2pm, fill out an entry form to go into the draw for $150.voucher Artists Ph. 5481721 to book a stall. Murchison Stables Market Traveling through Murchison? Stop in and check out our local market Sundays at the Historical Commercial Stables from 9am-2pm. Crafts, produce, plants, soaps, preserves, baked goods and more. Inquires 5239895. Tasman Tennis Club Fun Day Play - BBQ. Sat 8 Mar from 1 - 4pm. Members and non-members welcome. All ages and abilities. Come & put your coaching skills into practice. Spot prizes. Ph. Kolie 0278293306. Pregnancy Yoga Nelson Parents Centre & Jenny Ward. Evening course begins Tues 11 Mar, 6 sessions. Course costs $42 members/ $54 non-members. To book, email nz. Rock ‘N’ Roll beginner’s classes begin 6 Mar 7pm, for 6 weeks. Nelson Suburban Club,$5 per lesson. All welcome, you do not have to be a couple. International Woman’s Day 8 Mar 10am-2pm. Sundial Square, Richmond. Sponsored by Waimea Soroptimists Organisations, Supporting women & families in Nelson/Tasman Our Amazing Place The Wood Community Treasure Hunt (FB) Sun 23 Mar 12.45 Results Gym Kinzett Terrace. Discover the hidden treasures of your community-People, places, businesses & services. Beginners Classes Richmond Scottish Country Dance Club, Mar 3. at 7.30pm $5 a class. No partner needed, bring soft shoes and give it a go. St David’s Church Hall, Florence St, Richmond. Ph. Christine 5440902, Pam 5418211. Would you like to make a difference & work in a

Baldwin & Brown (Richmond) Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

team to support former refugees to resettle in Nelson? It’s fun and rewarding. Full training is provided. Next training course: 21–23 Mar. For more info contact Red Cross Refugee Services jettie. or 5484978 Midday Music on Saturday At Nelson Cathedral March 1 12noon Arwen Newband, Violin Anna le Hair, piano Mar 8 12noon Hans Uwe Hielscher, Organ Admission by donation English Language Partners Help new refugees & migrants to the area learn English for an hour or so a week. Training & support provided. Next volunteer training starts Mar 18. Contact English Language Partners 5394848 / Plunket Baby Bonanza Sat Apr 12, Hope Hall, Richmond 9am-12pm Over 50 stalls of New, Near New & Secondhand Baby/Childrens Clothes, Toys & Nursery items Table bookings now open, please phone Lisa on 5424496 or email footies2012@ Red Puppy Appeal Volunteers needed for an easy 2 hours of collecting for the Blind Foundation at tables at shops in Nelson and Richmond on Fri 28 & Sat 29 Mar. Ph. Carl Horn 5391108. DanceSport Nelson Dance Party Ballroom, Latin, New Vogue. Sat 1 Mar. Richmond School Community Hall. 7.30-late. $6.00. Please bring a plate for supper. All welcome. Ph. Pauline 5474523. Registered early childhood teachers enter online to win a gift package drawn 1 Mar. Go to for more details. Pregnancy Yoga evening course with Nelson Parents Centre and Jenny Ward. The 6 week course begins evening of Tues 25 Feb. Course costs $42 members/ $54 non-members. To book, email Nelson Diabetes Support Group will meet Fri 28 Feb at Nick Smith’s Rooms, 544 Waimea Rd, Annesbrook, 1.30 till 3pm. Speaker, Caroline Allen,

pharmacist. Afternoon tea. Gold coin donation. Phone Joan 548 6263. Save the date! Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Open Day Sun Mar 16. Bug-man Ruud Klienpaste, themed guided walks, wildlife encounters, music, activities for children, delicious food & coffee available, fun for the whole family! REGULAR EVENTS Get Computer savvy for the office. Free parttime day-time programme. Want to hone your MS Office skills? Call Pip today on 5476138, txt 0274320239 or visit Woodturning Great Hobby, Great Fun, Great Company. Create great gifts. Give it a go at Nelson Districts Woodturning Club. Free intro lessons. Ph Donald 5451339, Alan 9232158, Ross 5476331. Crisis Pregnancy Support - unexpected pregnancy can be a scary time but there are people who can help. Crisis Pregnancy Support is a free, confidential service to help you discover the support available to enable you to continue with your pregnancy. Call St Luke’s Health centre on 0800004277 or visit Life Line Nelson. Feeling sad, stressed or stuck? Identify & explore new ways to move forward with a LifeLine Nelson Counsellor. Call 24/7, 5482400 or ph our crisis line to talk to a Counsellors ‘New’ Core Balance class. Wednesdays & Fridays 10.30 – 11.30am at Saxton Stadium. A lightweight circuit that uses your own body weight as resistance. Cost $6. & Core ‘N’ Floor class. Mondays 10.30 – 11.30am at Saxton Stadium. Is designed to help you regain strength & control post pregnancy. Costs $6 or concessions available. Also Super Saxton Circuit on Mon, Wed & Fri 9.15 – 10.15am at Saxton Stadium. Using your own body weight as resistance and working to increase cardiovascular fitness. Cost $6. Sport Tasman 5380072

DEADLINE: MIDDAY MONDAY - 50 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY - PLEASE SEND TO: Coming soon notices are free to community groups, schools, churches, gold coin donation events and fundraising. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $10+gst Due to the popularity of this column, while every effort will be made, inclusion cannot be guaranteed for free ads.

Across contd. 21 Genuine (9) 24 Made a mistake (5) 25 Give way (7) 26 Illiberal (7) 27 Part of a university (7) 28 Cradlesong (7) Down 1 Blindly prejudiced (7) 2 Confuse (7) 3 Eggplant (9) 4 Open to view (5) 5 Type of pop music (4,1,4) 6 French river (5) 7 Pope (7) 8 Distinguished (7) 14 Readily accessible (9) 15 Occurring everywhere (9) 16 A definitive work (7) 17 Relating to sight (7) 19 The largest anthropoid (7) 20 Well regulated (7) 22 To baffle (5) 23 Coldness (5) Answers next week

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Stylish corporate office space for lease

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McNaughton Shape & Cut Ltd

Metres from the Cathedral Steps and in the heart of Nelson’s historical, yet trendy, city precinct you’ll find 294m2 of spacious, modern and ‘ready to move into’ offices on Level 1, 295 Trafalgar Street.

Old Bottles, Glass and Pottery. Local Collector, Good Prices Paid. Ph 547 7562 Barry Pont .



Escort Agency Girls wAntEd urgently

Lawn and Garden Maintenance We are seeking a person with experience in lawn and garden maintenance to join our small team. The successful applicant will have sound knowledge and experience in this area. • Grow safe an advantage • Operating with mowers etc • Clean drivers licence

Please e-mail your CV to Manager or post to 7 Phoebe Place, Richmond 7020, Nelson

Great rates paid

Woon Dan & Miriam are thrilled to announce the birth of Wilhelm Thomas Josef, born on 3rd January at 8am weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. A brother for Paddy. Thanks so much to Maggie Williams & all the staff at Nelson hospital, you guys are amazing.

IN MEMORy Your announcement here for free.

Announcements email:

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Over 25 years experience – Qualified and Insured Best equipped for all your tree & hedge needs incl stump grinding, tracked chipper hire, shaping and removal

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Cole Ruby-Lee Alice arrived on 20/02/14 to two loving parents, Brenda-Lee & Stuart. Thanks to all who helped out in the community and at the hospital

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This is in an exceptional sought-after location at an affordable price. Please phone 545 7600 8am-5pm Mon-Fri to receive the Property Profile Information and to arrange a viewing.


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Nelson Returned Services Association (inc.)

Soul Oasis

• In-home fitness and mobility training for seniors • Falls prevention programmes • Fitness for tramping/overseas trips • Personal assistant and companion driving service • Shopping • Outings

SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING Jack Robins Stadium Neale Ave, Stoke Wednesday 12 March 2014 - 7.00PM

Notice is hereby given that the purpose of the SGM is to: 1. Amend the Constitution to allow for the move to a Board Structure 2. Subject to 1. above being approved, move to a Board structure 3. Subject to 1 & 2 above being passed, the election of Board members In anticipation of 1 and 2 being passed, nominations are called for the Board member positions [4 to be elected].” All Members of the Basketball Community are invited to attend. Chris Varcoe Executive Officer

5pm Monday

Nominations close on Tuesday 4th March 2014 close on Tuesday 4th March 2014 atNominations 4pm.


B J Pont President

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Call Caleb

Ph: 538 0824

B J Pont

Sue Henley 03 544 9599 or 021 136 7562 Experienced and qualified personal trainer


Feeling woolly when looking at your garden? Then it’s time to call

AGENDA 022 122 5013 1. Minutes of the previous Meeting. Email 2. Adoption of Annual report and Balance sheet. Stoke Nelson Returned Services Association (inc.) Proudly supplying Orange Residential Homes 3. Election of Officers. roofing requirements for over 10 years Nominations for 2014 / 2015 Executive 4. Notices of Motion. Committee are now invited for Nelson RSA Inc. 5. Subscriptions. (8 Members only). 6. General Business. Enquiries to Barry Pont, President, Nelson RSA. President Ph 03 548 6815

• $40 per hour Supporting your healing and growth


Nominations close on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at 4pm.

• 20+ years experience

021 0264 4839

• Leaks • Repairs Crazy Sheep AGENDA • Maintenance Nelson Returned Services Association (inc.) 1. Minutes of the previous Meeting. Landscapes • ReRoofs 2. Adoption of Annual report & Balance sheet. For the ‘baa-ack’MEETING TO BE HELD ON NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL 3. Election of Officers. ewe KEN • New SUNDAY 30TH MARCH 2014yard AT 10AM, CHING Roofs ROOM AT THE 4. Notices of Motion. 5. Subscriptions. 6. General Business.

• Energy healer

at 4pm.

Enquiries to Barry Pont, President, Nelson RSA. Enquiries Barry Pont, President, Nelson RSA. Ph 03 548 to 6815



Classified Advertising Deadline

Nominations / 2015 Nominations forfor2014 2014 / Executive 2015 Executive Committee for Nelson Nelson RSA RSA Inc. Inc. Committee are are now now invited invited for (8(8Members Members only). only).

• Pruning/Deadwood • Dismantling/Felling • Wood Chipping • Stump Grinding • Emergency Service • Mulch & Firewood Sales • Site Clearance • Fully Insured

txt us your view 027 UR VOICE

- in-ho - falls p progr - outin - shop - visitin - pet fr

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38 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

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Hemming Alterations Repairs

Apple Computer Repairs



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SEWING Now at Richmond Mall between Jean Jones & Fresh Choice

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Certified Mac Technician Ph: 0275481618


021 179 6693

• Driveways • Floors • Decorative Surfacing • Commercial • Residential

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Richmond Brake & Clutch 13 McGlashen Ave, Richmond

• Holiday Homes • Bush Cabins • Renovation


We Restore Weathered Decks


We specialise in the restoration and staining of all decks.


Deck&FencePro paint, oil & stain restoration

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Grace Hairdresser





68 Gladstone Road, Richmond



You will be shocked at the difference we can make and the $$$ we might save you


• Free consultation & concept plan. • Custom Design / Build Quote from $2995.00 • Awarded Eco-Home Designer; 35 years exp. • Experienced Home Consultant assistance. • Leading Eco-Home Builder buying power. Go to

• Registered Drainlayers (residential & commercial) • Sewage Treatment (design,supply, install & service) • Blocked Drains • Video Camera & Drain Inspection • Waterblasting • Excavator & Truck Hire to suit job now to find out more!

Mark Fielding Ph: 03 546 8760 Cell: 021 158 5024 Em:

Phone 543 8243



D or 03 544 1212

Low cost

Rotary Mowers Hand Mowers Reel Mowers Hedge Trimmer Line Trimmers Hand Tools Chainsaws

For home loans that fit for a Lifetime, phone anytime 548 8590

½ Foils $60 Perms $69

Based in Stoke

Free pick-up & Delivery

Coupon required for discount 10 Kebal Place, Stoke

4A Gladstone Road, 12 Cargill Place, Richmond (offRichmond Beach Road)

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LAWNMOWING lawnmower services We sharpen & Fix:


0800 427 782


Drainage & Construction Tasman LTD

Women - $20 Men - $10

Regas or New Struts

(conditions apply)

0274 071 328 or 547 4038






Adam Brumwell

Painting - Exterior/Interior - Airless Spraying - Waterblasting - New & Old Work - Fully Qualified Tradesman - Obligation Free Quote




FREE 544 1660 today Call or txt Denise

WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014

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All Insurance Claims Panelbeating Chassis Straightening Repaints 2-pack Touch Ups Call Tony Johnston

Specialising in small jobs and maintenance plumbing

• Renovations • Kitchens • Bathrooms

Honest Reliable Master Master Honest Reliable Plumbers and Gasfitters Plumbers and Gasfitters Since 1915 Since 1915

• • • • • •

Maintenance Blocked Drains Domestic Work New Housing Industrial Properties Leaking Taps & Pipes

Small Small • Leaking taps & pipes Jobs • KitchensJobs & Welcome bathrooms Welcome • Solar • Drainage Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

LET US HELP! Become a confident speaker

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Rather nice interior and exterior house painting 027 2300146









Work Place First Aid Courses

Watch and Clock Repairs

Rise & shine

Call Adam or 544 9415

• Floor & Wall Tiling • Full Bathroom Renovations • Under Tile Heating Installation • Waterproofing • All work Fully Guaranteed • 30 Years Experience

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544 0203 Sundial Square Richmond Open 7 Days 11am - Late

Paul Napier Certified Mapei Installer

021 548 390 Email:

90 VANGUARD ST NELSON PH: 548 3954 027 548 3954

Registered Trainer, Assessor & EPA Test Certifier • Growsafe & Approved Handler Certification • Chainsaw • Tree Felling • Quad Bike • Tractor • WTR Endorsements

For course dates see

Ph: 544 4062

Mob: 0274 574 775

4 Coach Pl, Brightwater

0275 423 343 A/H: 542 3343

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Phone: 03 541 9747

8090 544 8059 Ph: 543 Ph: 543 8090

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Ph 544 9180 Corporate Rates Available

Rod Clark

qualified watchmaker

Overhauls Repairs ● All watches and clocks

Window Cleaning

At Benjamin Black Goldsmiths 176 Bridge Street, Nelson (opposite Graham’s Trading Post)

03 546 9137

Specialising in Windows Over 10yrs professional experience Residential or Commercial Call Brandon 022 0984 167

40 WEDNESDAY 26 February 2014


PARA POOLS Pool packages from $4950

Red Bandels $24.99

Original Jandal $19.99

Bata Bullets from $39.95

Honey Comb Mats $9.99

Family Rectangular Frame Pool $399 NOW $299

115mm Single Mattress $79.99

20% OFF all pool toys and inflatables

Hiker Boots $139.99 NOW $129.99

165 Haven Road, Nelson

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Offers valid until 2/3/14

Waimea Weekly 26-02-14  

Waimea Weekly 26-02-14