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Inspired by French Vintage Furniture, our new Industrial ial tic range is crafted from wood and metal. The raw and rustic ed detailing reminds us of the furniture workshops founded at the beginning of the Industrial age.

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82 STYLE | win

Every month, Style sources a range of exceptional prizes to give away. It’s easy to enter, simply go to and fill in your details on the ‘Win With Style’ page. Entries close May 31.

EXTRA CARE Achieve beautiful hair no matter how you treat it with the new revolutionary formula from Schwarzkopf. Targeting over-processed hair (due to colouring) or stying needs, these products will give the life back to your hair. We have an Extra Fibre Therapy shampoo, conditioner and repair oil spray treatment to give away.

KEEPING IT SIMPLE Eat well day in and day out with Nicola Galloway’s new cook book Homegrown Kitchen. Nicola has drawn on her years of experience to create a cook book full of information and recipes perfect for the whole family. We have one cook book to give away to a lucky reader.

PERFECT FOR GREEN FINGERS If you have a gardening Mum, or love growing your own bed of healthy vegetables, we have your must-have Mother’s Day gift. Kiwi Gardener is a monthly magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty. Filled with practical advice to show you how to plant edibles, plants and trees, and designed to correlate with New Zealand’s seasons, Kiwi Gardener quickly becomes a gardener’s best friend. We have one six-month subscription, valued at $43.50, to give away.

LAST MONTH’S WINNERS: ATOPIS: Lorraine Osten, Georgina Marley, Margaret Johnston, Tracey Gunter, Linda Blackmore, Pure Flynn, Lyndy Parry, Margaret Coleman, Robyn Robinson, Jamie Taylor. MELLOW: Georgia Davis, Sarita Scott. ROYAL DOULTON: Brenda Birierley, Rose Carter, Adrienne Cody, Marfot Fuller, Annabelle McLauchlan. *Conditions: Each entry is limited to one per person. You may enter all giveaways. If you are selected as a winner, your name will be published in the following month’s edition. By registering their details, entrants give permission for Star Media to send further correspondence, which they can opt out of at any stage.

STYLE | etiquette

BE SPORTING: • Always hold the gun in the resting position i.e. arms fully extended with gun held about waist height. This provides the game (birds) a chance to get away if the shooter missmounts the gun on his shoulder. • It’s considered bad form to shoot a low bird and worse to poach into your neighbour’s airspace. • Your aim is to ensure you have clean kills that bring the birds down quickly. Don’t shoot a bird at very close range, or one that’s too far away. • Generosity is the key to sportsmanship. If you are a skilled shot, let a few birds fly on to your neighbour as they’ll thank you for it. MIND YOUR MANNERS: • If you are fortunate enough to be invited to shoot, it is, therefore, polite to respond quickly, and in writing. If you agree to attend, ensure you return the kindness in future. • Dress appropriately, not ‘to be seen to be seen’, stay warm and dry. We’d suggest a field coat, game jacket, shooting vest, as well as

• •

knitwear, scarves, shooting socks and sheepskin hand muffs. Remember tradition is to wear plus 4s, tweed and cheese cutter cap or tweed hat. The loader is to have leather bullet holding bag and shooting stick to rest on. You should expect to provide your own gun. If you’re a novice shot get some experience before you arrive. It is very unwise to arrive at a shoot having never fired a gun. Listen very carefully. At the beginning of the shoot briefing, important information will be given such as some birds that might be off limits. Off-limit birds are birds on the ground, beater height birds (i.e. human height), tradition shooting angle 45° plus to see sky. Remember not to shoot the white pheasant as that can cost you a magnum of Champagne or bottle of whisky at the end of the day. Obey your host, and the keeper, entirely. Follow all of their instructions. Ensure you write a ‘thank you’ and that it reaches your host as soon as it can. It’s a small show of gratitude that can make all the difference.


80 STYLE | etiquette

SHOOTING ETIQUETTE Keep on point this duck-shooting season. WORDS VICTORIA TAIT The essence of field etiquette is really quite simple. Be safe, be sporting and mind your manners. BE SAFE: • Point the gun in a direction so that it can be safely fired at any time due to accidental discharge • Most upmarket shoots you bring a loader (person) and a pair of field shotguns (i.e. side by side barrels). • When you close your gun, keep the barrels pointing down, and bring the stock up to meet them. Never raise the barrels to the stock. • When walking, always break your gun, and ensure the barrels are pointing earthward. • If you hand your gun to someone else, you should always unload and break it. • Only ever shoot when you can see clear sky around and behind the bird. If in doubt, don’t shoot.



Assembly Required, 8.30pm Carlton Willie McArthur, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub THUR


HeadRush, 9pm Carlton DJ Oh One Eight, 9pm Empire Stephan McDaid, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub


FRI Antony Pickard, 4pm; Corner Sounds duo, 7pm; DJ Phase 10.30pm Baretta Assembly Required, 10pm Carlton DJ Paul McKessar, 9pm Casa Publica Sly Manhattan, 7pm; Natalie Elms, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino Emerson, 5pm; Get Set, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ HOME, 10pm Empire Brendan, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 9.15pm The Cuban Page 28 duo, 9pm Trevinos


SAT DJ Double Feature starring Dox & Mike Jonz, 9pm Baretta Cropduster, 10.30pm Carlton


27 CONT...


DJ Dwight Caldwell, 9pm Casa Publica Southfield, 7pm; Absolut, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino Sayae, 2pm; Big Rig, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ Vlad, 10pm Empire Shameless Few, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 8.30pm The Cuban SUN


Great Carlton Quiz, 4pm Carlton Lonesome Sue, 5.30pm Christchurch Casino Sunday Jazz Sessions, 2pm Dux Central DJ Spinal, 10pm Empire



Nick Lee, 5pm Carlton TUE

Carlton | 1 Papanui Road Phone 03 355 9543

MEET YOU AT Live DJs Jazz Sundays Craft Beer Inside & Outside Gastro Menu Four Bars Functions Dux Cental, 6 Poplar St, Ph 03 943 7830.


Open Mic Night, 6pm Carlton Topia, 7pm Sullivans Irish Pub WED





D’Sendantz duo, 8.30pm Carlton Willie McArthur, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub

with special guest


Tickets $30+bf

Blue Smoke, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston Ph 03 389 5544 fb/bluesmokemusic

Keep everyone focused? From half day meetings to captivating conferences, we have the venues, resources and expertise to help you host an event they’ll remember. For more information and current specials visit

Make life more eventful.



167/180 Armagh St Ph 03 366 1389

09, 16, 23, 30



Nick Lee, 4pm; Antony Pickard, 7.30pm; DJ 10a, 10.30pm Baretta Matthew Smith Album Release Show with support The Imposters; and Candice Milner, tickets $20+bf @UTR, 8.30pm Blue Smoke Assembly Required, 10pm Carlton DJ Paul McKessar, 9pm Casa Publica Franchise, 7pm; Acoustic Solution, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino Emerson, 5pm; Wilton, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ Camo & friends, 10pm Empire Shameless Few, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 8.30pm The Cuban Eddie Simon, 9pm Trevinos SAT

291 Lincoln Rd, Addington Ph 03 338 8300 fb/Sullivans-Irish-Pub

12 MAY 10PM - LATE


Empire Bar & Izakaya

172 St Asaph St, ph 260 2606


MAY 10.30PM - LATE


Baretta Bar & Restaurant 174 St Asaph St, ph 260 2600


DJ Double Feature starring Spinal & Danny III, 9pm Baretta Mel Parsons & Band with support Keith Preene, tickets $40+bf @eventfinda, 8.30pm Blue Smoke Flat City Brotherhood, 10.30pm Carlton DJ Ash-S, 9pm Casa Publica Marcel, 7pm; TJ, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino Kitchen Collective, 2pm; Get Set, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ Phase, 10pm Empire HeadRush, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 10pm The Cuban SUN


Gemma Ray (UK) with support Gris-De-Lin, tickets $30+bf @UTR, 7.30pm Blue Smoke Great Carlton Quiz, 4pm Carlton Sunday Jazz Session, 2pm Dux Central Lino, 5.30pm Christchurch Casino DJ Masta K, 10pm Empire MON


Conor Fenelon, 5pm Carlton TUE


Open Mic Night, 5pm Carlton Topia, 7pm Sullivans Irish Pub



D’Sendantz duo, 8.30pm Carlton Willie McArthur, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub THUR


HeadRush, 9pm Carlton DJ Oh One Eight, 9pm Empire Stephen McDaid, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub DJ, 9pm The Cuban FRI


Antony Pickard, 4pm; Ryan Ferris, 7.30pm; DJ Sir-Vere, 10.30pm Baretta Ctrl Alt Rock, 10pm Carlton DJ Maestro B, 9pm Casa Publica Natalie Elms, 7pm; Eddie Simon, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino P Money, 10pm Empire Emerson, 5pm; Big Rig, 9.30pm Dux Central Brendan, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 8pm The Cuban X-Files duo, 9pm Trevinos SAT


DJ Double Feature starring Phase & Masta K, 9pm Baretta The New Entrants, 8pm Carlton DJ Dwight Caldwell, 9pm Casa Publica Rockabella, 7pm; Everlong, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino Matty Smith, 2pm; Nacoa, 8pm Dux Central DJ Vlad,10pm Empire Shameless Few, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 8.30pm The Cuban SUN


Cameron Fairweater (pianist), 11.30am; Stevie D, 5.30pm Christchurch Casino Great Carlton Quiz, 4pm Carlton Sunday Jazz Session, 2pm Dux Central DJ Spinal, 10pm Empire MON


Marcel, 5pm Carlton



Open Mic Night, 6pm Carlton Topia, 7pm Sullivans Irish Pub WED 17 Topia duo, 8.30pm Carlton Willie McArthur, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub THUR


Summer Drive, 9pm Carlton DJ Oh One Eight, 9pm Empire Boiling Billy, 8pm Sullivans Irish Pub FRI


Nick Lee, 4pm; Ryan Ferris, 7pm; DJ Vlad, 10.30pm Baretta Ctrl Alt Rock, 10pm Carlton DJ Masta K, 9pm Casa Publica Stephen James, 4.30pm; Smooth Talk, 9.15pm Christchurch Casino Emerson, 5pm; Aleon, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ Phase, 10pm Empire Shameless Few, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 9.15pm The Cuban Reckless duo, 9pm Trevinos SAT


DJ Double Feature starring 10a & Danny III, 9pm Baretta Flat City Brotherhood, 10.30pm Carlton DJ Ash-S, 9pm Casa Publica Blackie, 7pm; Shannon Cooper-Garland, 10.15pm Christchurch Casino El Guitaro, 2pm; Izonik, 9.30pm Dux Central DJ Spinal, 10pm Empire Live music, 9.30pm Sullivans Irish Pub Live music, 8.30pm The Cuban


SUN Great Carlton Quiz, 4pm Carlton Jazza, 5.30pm Christchurch Casino Sunday Jazz Sessions, 2pm Dux Central DJ Masta K, 10pm Empire MON


Topia, 5pm Carlton TUE


Open Mic Night, 6pm Carlton Topia, 7pm Sullivans Irish Pub

Renae Forrest, Letitia Kortegast Ali and Olivia Shackley

Steph Kaefer, Chrissy Emeny Natalia Baird, Manolo Bayonas, Caroline Cooper-Dixon

BETTIE MONROE OPENING The Colombo stood as a haven of shelter from the driving rain which punished the streets of Sydenham, as borne upon the wind, drops tore at faces and eyes. Gentle respite awaited as the opening of Bettie Monroe excited the fashion senses and sparkling libations soothed after the storm. Fabulous creations made up the buffet of couture, which whetted the fashion appetites, serving as a reminder that the season for warmer cladding is nigh.

Lucy Yahel, Karen Shepard

Helen Fraser, Lucy Yahel

Ciara Mare, Sarah Apiata

May Special

50% OFF KAGI selected items only

Spend $169 on Kagi & receive an exclusive acorn charm

Worth $89 Crystal Acorn Charm


*Gift with purchase offer valid till 13th May. Can be used in conjunction with the 50% off. * Offer valid from 14th of April until the 14th of May 2017. Cannot be used in conjuction with any other offers.

421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone 03 366-5475

Julie-Anne Whitso

n, Danice Dearbo


Rachel Pero, Nienke Podmore, Dale Roche

Lindsay and Marilyn Welch

lena McIntyre

Jade Kenney, He


Jenna Nielson, Selina Wylie


Susan Lady Satayanand, Jane Daniels, Robyn Galloway

Rebecca and Nathan Latimer, Elizabeth Neazor

Travellers’ tales set the imagination on fire as mental pictures of far-off places formed, transporting the listener a world away from drizzly Christchurch. The evening of fashion spiced up with the flavour of globetrotting, was a fundraiser to support the work of Aviva, which was formerly known as Women’s Refuge. Jane Daniels was the distinguished label on parade which, following her recounting of her Russian adventures, drew admiration from the audience. Pink candyfloss cocktails whispered seductively to the tastebuds, leaving the memory of a stylish and exotic evening.

Stephanie Muller, Jenny Goldsmith

Rose Townsend, Nicole Bennett, Rhonda Jackman

Stores: The Tannery, Woolston | The Colombo, Sydenham

Jacquie Harrop, Paul Saunders

Andrew Thornton, Peter and Henry Warhurst Kate Senior, Brigid Lee Russell Lawry, Rosie Ford Mark and Alma Russell



Shafts of honeyed twilight blazed like liquid gold through the curving windows of the Christchurch Art Gallery, drenching the scene in daylight saving’s valediction. On this musical evening, the angular atrium rang with the harmony of conversation as guests mingled, before the ranks of singers stepped up to rule the occasion. Voices lifted, sending loved arias flying to the audience who, having cast final bids in the silent auction, now sat back to drink in the glorious sounds.

Jan Notley, Cheryl Wall

Suzanne Taylor, Rosemary Parker, Jane Midgeley

SEVEN SISTERS Collectable Tableware Smart women bloom together

Christine and Da vi

Brighten your home with decorative glass Splashbacks Bench tops & side Bathrooms


218 Moorhouse Ave (by Durham St bridge) • Ph: 03 366 6912 •

Windows & mirrors 58 Fitzgerald Ave | Ph: 338 3733

d Stiles-Pickford

Lianne Dalziel, Richard Dalman

Tania Edwards,

Marion Smart

Kate Russell, Hilary McConnell


Anton Tritt, Geoff Cranko

At the forefront of bringing the city back to life with the bustle of business is Dalman Architecture and to celebrate the opening of their new studio, a party was laid on, welcoming the tidal wave of guests which swelled through the door. Invitees mingled in the relaxed and airy premises as crisply aproned waiters circulated like autumn leaves, bearing laden trays and bottled delights. The red ribbon encircling the room was severed and, along with a pledge to remain in and true to Christchurch, Dalman, styled as the “Architects of Space” were declared open, to meet the future.

Michael Esposito, John McGrail, Toby Schuyl

ve Walker

Guy Field, Di Lucas, Da

Brynn Burrows, Grant Lovell, Julian Ramsay

bring your garden to life with colour

Amber Arkell, Susan Askew

Kirsty Hynd, Emily Heazlewood

Build your next home with Artisan Homes Your local registered Master Builder

rget Don’t fo y: Da Mother’s th May 14

Shop 5, 346 Halswell Rd, Halswell. Ph: 322 1368



72 Blakes Road, Prebbleton

5 Broomleigh Drive in Rolleston’s Faringdon

12.00pm-4.00pm on Weekends. To contact Rob: phone 374 9172 or 021 324 876 Email:

8.30am-5pm Mon-Thur, Fri by appointment, 12-4pm Sat/Sun. To contact Rob: phone 374 9172 or 021 324 876 Email:

Office & Show Home- 5 Broomleigh Drive, Faringdon, Rolleston Phone - 03 374 9172 or Rob 021 324 876 E-mail -

Zoe Goodwin, Nathan Jones

rrer, Denis Justil Purcell, Sarah Ba


Lt Cdr Andrew Hogg, Shane Murdoch, Carolyn Stiles


Annelies Basten, Tim Bergin, Leanne Newsome

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre said a very big thank you to all the friends, partners and sponsors who have given support over the past year. An abundance of tasty treats greeted guests as the cool afternoon prepared to give way to evening. Brief speeches were made in which personal experiences relating to Cholmondeley were recounted. With the conclusion of formalities, the opportunity for mingling was eagerly taken, the deck proving the perfect spot to socialise and consume the magnificent view.

Dame Adrienne Stewart, Alexandra Davids, Andre Hofenk

Renee Cornelius, Jaimie-Leigh Bergman, Emily Smith

Clare Loudon, Nettles Lamont

Paul Blackler, Kerry and Mandy Dellaca, Mr Glenn Jones

Curious to know how much it’s worth?

If you are unsure of the value of your property, we’re happy to visit and give a free market appraisal without obligation.

Phone 03 377 0509 Mobile 021 703 023 Online Licensed Agent REAA


The Silver Dollar Bar & reSTauranT



A treasure trove of local, organic and gourmet goodies for the health-conscious foodie. The wood-panelled deli counter delivers old world charm and an extensive array of NZ and imported cheeses. Fine foods and artisan goods adorn the rustic pallet shelving along with tempting treats for gluten, dairy and sugar-free devotees. Try the awesome Atomic coffee or trademark turmeric latte. Gift hampers and vouchers available. Open 7 days.

A taste of Italy right here in Selwyn... Prebbleton’s best kept secret is a secret no longer. The Milanese fully licenced Italian restaurant and pizzeria is an exceptional place to dine when you want a taste of Italy. Fresh Pasta, Carbonara, Spaghetti, to authentic Italian Pizzas. Dine In or Takeaway. Licensed/BYO wine only. Private Functions available.

Visit the Silver Dollar Bar and Restaurant to experience a selection of cold beers and great food. The menu includes a variety of dishes, both affordable satisfying meals as well as special dishes... Relax, either in the amazing indoor Bar & Restaurant or sunny courtyard. Large selection of beers, extensive wine list and barista made coffee.

5 Robert Street, Lincoln | 03 325 7717 Mon-Sat 7am – 6pm Sun 10am – 4pm

Cnr Springs & Marshs Road 407 Springs Road, phone 349 9652 (entrance on Marshs Road, behind Vege Shop)

Open Monday – Sunday 11am – 11pm Weekend Brunch coming soon. Bookings Essential. Ph 03 347 0386 871 Jones Rd, Rolleston

Tai Tapu HoTel ‘unique CounTry pub’

The Pedal Pusher rollesTon

Fine food, friendly folk, fabulous scenery and relaxed atmosphere. Sheltered courtyard and outdoor areas, perfect for dining or platters and wines. A La Carte Restaurant Open 7 Days 12pm to Last seating around 8pm

Vibrant Funky Gastro Pub with Great Food, Great atmosphere... Fantastic service... Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. Make us your local... your home away from home!!

Quartz Wine Bar & restaurant

The friendly Quartz team offers great service in a comfortable, modern setting. An extensive food & beverage menu has something for everyone. Delicious, hearty versions of favourites - burgers, steaks, fish, chicken & salads. The earlybird special entices families to dine before 6pm with $5 kids meals, leaving an ambient setting later for couples or friends catching up. Bookings appreciated. 82 Rolleston Drive. Ph 03 347 4192 Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 4pm-Late. Fri-Sun 12pm-Late. Follow us on Facebook

780 Old Tai Tapu Road P: 03 329 6819

Open 7 days - 9am till Late Bookings recommended Ph 03 260 0866 55 Faringdon Boulevard, Rolleston 284-286 Lincoln Road, Addington


ve dri ourcHcH h anrom f



Industrial chic on the outside, awesomely trendy on the inside. We are the perfect venue for private functions. Catering to suit any budget. Our cafe also has a wide selection of contemporary gift ware, curios and Kiwiana. We are very kid friendly! Check out our Weds/Thurs ‘Feed a Family for $50' dinner special (pictured)!

Located upstairs in the New Brighton Club, the Pierview Restaurant offers a stunning panoramic view of the Pegasus coastline and New Brighton Pier. Irresistible a la carte menu, excellent specials and now open for Brunch on Sundays from 10.30am.

Open 7 Days 9am - 1am Cnr New Brighton Road & Bower Avenue, New Brighton. Phone: 03 388 3649

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 5.30pm and Sunday Brunch from 10.30am. 202 Marine Parade, New Brighton Phone 03 388 8210



Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, filled with mountains of food and lakes of beverages, sits an astounding restaurant with irresistible and fine tasting food, accompanied by an unmatched atmosphere. Super Rugby live on the bar’s screens, live music. BLUFF OYSTERS NOW AVAILABLE Open 7 Days, 9am - 1am Cnr Riccarton Road & Mona Vale Avenue, Riccarton. Phone: 03 343 5378

Embers has a stylish, cosy atmosphere, filled with unique furnishings and complete with its very own open fire pit. Meals are crafted to share, enhancing a social, family bonding and interactive dining experience. Mezzanine floor available for private functions. Open Wednesday to Sunday 310 Sawyers Arms Road, Papanui Phone: 03 359 9586 Members, guests & affiliates welcome

terrace downs WOW your MOM this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day Buffet, Sunday 14th May. Everyone’s mum deserves the best, so this Mother’s Day think beyond the usual box of chocolates and flowers when searching for a gift. $59 for Adults $25 for Kids under 12 Time: 11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm Every other Sunday has a Buffet as well! 12:30pm - 2:30pm. $45 per Adult & $20 per Kids. *Bookings essential, call today: 03 318 6943 Email:

THE CUBAN Que Vola Contigo Christchurch! The Cuban is a gorgeous piece of Havana right in the centre city. Sample exquisite Cuban street food. Marvel at the extensive selection of rum, and our very own Cuba Laga (lager). All while relaxing in the stunning covered courtyard. See you at The Cuban. Open Tuesday - Thursday 3pm - late and Friday - Sunday 11.30am - late. Closed Monday. 236 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Phone: 03 260 2605


UnCommon adjective not common; rare; exceptional; above the ordinary; remarkable.

Valley Inn TaVern


Our fantastic sheltered courtyard is a great place to while away those long summer days. Relax over a drink and enjoy our fantastic new menu that reflects those warmer days.

New café promising to deliver beautiful food.

ENJOY YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAYS IN A RELAXED OUTDOOR SETTING 2 Flavell Street, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch Ph 384 1124 Open daily from 10am - 11pm Follow us on Facebook

Having worked as a Chef in Melbourne for 5 years, and also working with Shannon Bennet, a guest judge on MasterChef Australia, we have moved home to fulfil our dream of opening our own cafe. Opens: Mon - Fri 7am - 4pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm 262 Tuam Street, Christchurch 03 379 3977 or Follow us on Facebook

RACECOURSE HOTEL & MOTOR LODGE Located opposite Riccarton Park, this hotel offers great dining, Sports Bar (with pool tables, SKY sport, gaming lounge, TAB), Carbine Lounge and affordable accommodation. Hoofbeats Restaurant (FAMOUS FOR THEIR ROASTS) open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Open daily from 6.30am. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 118 Racecourse Road, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 342 7150

World Famous Fairlie Bakehouse Pies

Sala Sala aSian FuSion ReStauRant After a years hiatus Sala Sala has reopened under new management, much to the joy of the locals, with its fresh take on Asian fusion and upstairs private function rooms, all brought to you in the comfort of the Merivale suburbs. Opening Hours Tuesday - Sunday, closed Mondays Lunch: 11.30am - 2.00pm Dinner: 5.30pm - late. Fully Licensed. 142 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch Phone: 03 355 5932

Mrs Denton’s

Kum Pun Thai

We are proud to be a stockist of the world famous Lieber Pies from Fairlie Bakehouse. Choose from a number of DELICIOUS combinations... like Pork Belly with Crackle or Bacon & Salmon, or your favourite traditional flavours. TRY OUR scrumptious soups, salads, scrolls and strudel.

Experience all of the exotic flavours that Thailand has to offer right here in Christchurch. Delightful surroundings with a fantastic outdoor courtyard, this is the enjoyable place as an alternative to cooking, or for that special occasion to treat your loved ones.These authentic dishes are designed to delight. The extensive menu and great hospitality is perfect for lunch and dinner.Try our very popular $12 lunch menu with work friends.

Takeaway Café, Delicatessen 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Mon-Fri 7am - 3pm, Sat 8.30am - 3pm Facebook: Mrs Denton’s Ph: 03 357 4516 or: 027 469 0206

Dinner Mon-Sun 5.30pm-10.00pm 7 Days Lunch Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm 73 Victoria Street, Christchurch. Phone: 03 365 5494

Fine. Food. Fast


AlvArAdo’s MexicAn cAntinA

PePPerberry cafe & florist

Mona Vale HoMestead and Pantry

Come and try our TRADITIONAL MEXICAN FOOD... Alvarados is the essential destination for experiencing true Mexican cuisine. Open daily from 11.00am.

Whether it’s a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a scrumptious meal, fantastic coffee or catering for your next event, we can do it all!! All meals and cakes baked on premises.

77 Stevens Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch Ph 03 374 4149 Follow us on Twitter @Alvaradoschch

919 Colombo Street, (Cnr Bealey Ave) Christchurch. Ph 377 0443 Open Mon-Fri 7am-3.30pm Sat 7.30am-1.30pm Follow us on Facebook

Rebuilt brick by brick and once again elegant in her heritage best, Mona Vale Homestead & Pantry is welcoming visitors for breakfast, brunch, lunch and exquisite High Teas. Also ideal for weddings, special occasions and corporate events.

GARDEN BUFFET RESTAURANT Mother’s Day Buffet - Lunch & Dinner. $39 per person, children normal price. Complimentary drink for mothers and chocolates for everyone. Instant mystery prizes to be won! Dining Mums go in the draw to WIN B&B at Timaru’s Grosvenor Hotel. Book now! Open daily for lunch and dinner 110 Marshland Road, Christchurch. Ph 386 0088 Like us on Facebook

Fisherman’s WharF Spectacular Harbour Views Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant offer’s a warm & friendly atmosphere over looking the working port of Lyttelton. We have a range of wonderful meal options to suit all. Seafood, Steaks, Burgers, Thai dishes, Vegetarian, pasta & kids meals. We serve only the freshest locally caught fish & our produce is also fresh & from the local markets. From our boats to your plate. 39 Norwich Quay, 8082 Lyttelton. Ph 328 7530 Open Wed to Sun 11.30am to late

Open now 7am-5pm 40 Mona Vale Avenue, Fendalton 03 341 7450 Follow us on Facebook

RIVERVIEW RESTAURANT Located in the Cashmere Club, the Riverview Restaurant offers quality, affordable a la carte dining, 7 days a week. Specialists in events and special occasions. No function too big or too small. Private functions room available. Dine al fresco on the sheltered patio. Open for Lunch: Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sun. Open for Dinner from 5.30pm Tues to Sun. (Closed Mon). Fully Licensed. 50 Colombo Street, Christchurch Phone: 03 332 0092 Members, guests & affiliates welcome

Get a sneak peek at this scrumptious duck recipe that King Of Snake is preparing for the Pinot & Duck Tasting Trail throughout May. The dish below has been matched with a glass of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2014.

INGREDIENTS COOKING TIME: 3 HOURS 8 large duck legs 60g sea salt 2 Tbsp Sichuan peppercorns 185g brown sugar 200g jasmine rice, uncooked 50g jasmine tea leaves Vegetable oil, to deep-fry TAMARIND & PLUM SAUCE 2 Tbsp tamarind pulp 6 Tbsp hot water 100ml water 1 whole star anise 1 cinnamon stick 2 whole cloves 1 Tbsp hoisin sauce 50g palm sugar, grated 1 Tbsp fish sauce


1. Dry toast the salt and peppercorns for 2-3 minutes in a frying pan over medium heat, until fragrant and ashen in colour. Blitz into a powder in a spice grinder. 2. Rub the duck inside and out with the pepper mix. Place in the fridge for an hour. 3. Line a wok with foil. Combine the sugar, rice and tea leaves. Make a foil basket to hold the smoking mixture. 4. Place the basket in the wok and add a wire rack to suspend the duck over the foil basket. 5. Place the wok over high heat to create smoke. Cover with a lid. Reduce heat to medium. Smoke for up to 20 minutes. Let the smoke dissipate before opening. 6. Transfer the duck to plate. Remove the foil and basket. 7. Set the rack back into wok and fill with water to just below the rack. Bring to a boil and return the duck and plate to the wok. 8. Cover with a lid and steam for 1½ hours. 9. Remove the duck and let cool. Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight. SAUCE 1. Soak tamarind pulp in the hot water for 10 minutes. 2. When cool, squish the tamarind to release the pulp. 3. Bring the water to a simmer. 4. Simmer for 5 minutes. 5. Set deep fryer at 180°C. 6. Fry each leg for 4-5 minutes until crispy. 7. Drain on paper towel. Let rest for 2 minutes before chopping. Spoon over the sauce and serve.

Harewood Rd

800 Harewood Rd (Airport End) Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm Saturday - Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm Phone: 359 2772

Tower Junction

4/4 Troup Drive, Addington Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm Saturday - Sunday 8:30am - 6:00pm Ph: 341 1110


410 Marshland Rd Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm Ph: 385 6976

66 STYLE | food news




STYLE | advertising feature

Terrace Downs Resort

Hackthorne Gardens

For an inspirational venue that offers luxurious facilities, awe-inspiring vistas, premier accommodation, superb cuisine, a championship golf course and a menu of adventure activities, look no further than Terrace Downs Resort.

Hackthorne Gardens is a venue in which to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Within an hour of Christchurch International Airport, the high-country resort is popular for private functions, weekend retreats and is internationally renowned for events, weddings and conferences. Multiple spaces and catering facilities accommodate groups up to 100 guests and arrangements can be tailor-made for your special event. The food and beverage team has a reputation for flair, excellent service and delicious menus – from build-your-own mini burgers at coffee break to a High Country lunch buffet brimming with local ingredients.


The team at Hackhorne Gardens are committed to delivering a truly inspiring dining experience. The senses will be awakened and stimulated by the aromas, with flavours to tantalise the palate. Experience food that is balanced with the three crucial elements: colour, flavour and texture.

Superb chalets and villa suites overlook the award-winning golf course and Mount Hutt.

A uniquely sophisticated venue that leaves one with a sense of satisfaction on all levels! Enjoy this full experience while taking in the vista of the city.

03 318 6943,

03 332 9816

Conference programmes can incorporate golf, archery, clay-bird shooting, horse trekking, hunting, trout and salmon fishing, heli-tours, jet boating, tennis, day spa and gymnasium.

Blue Smoke and the AGA Kitchen Blue Smoke, the live music venue within The Tannery complex, is now also available for private bookings. Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a working lunch or a beer tasting, Blue Smoke is ideally suited for reception-style events up to 200 guests with Cassels & Sons’ famous fork ’n’ walk menus, or sit-down dinners for up to 50 guests. Wooden floors, oak wall-panelling, solid oak furniture built on-site, and original English William Morris wallpaper create an intimate private setting ideal for those who want to dance the night away. The AGA Kitchen private dining room may be connected to Blue Smoke to increase capacity. The iconic and exquisite AGA creates a unique and timeless ambiance of refined luxury that takes the concept of the chef’s table to a new gourmet level. Taking pride of place in the bespoke open-plan kitchen, the British AGA ovenware is where Executive Chef Michael Falls and his international team cook your dinner to perfection. With Blue Smoke’s stage ready and waiting, let the events management team help you find a band or DJ to put the finishing touch to your event. 0800 4 TANNERY,

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Conference, seminar, wedding, business meeting, team building or social gathering? Whatever is on your calendar, these premium venues will inspire you.

Eliza’s Manor Boutique Hotel Eliza’s Manor Boutique Hotel provides a truly unique Christchurch venue in which to hold a function or special event. The combination of the beautifully restored historic building and the peaceful surroundings creates a great environment. Eliza’s can provide the function venue, full catering and beverages. Accommodation – consisting of eight rooms with ensuites – is available for out-of-town attendees and there is ample free car parking. Eliza’s has been the venue for a wide range of activities, including: conferences, meetings, training sessions, presentations, breakfasts, luncheons, weddings, and morning, afternoon and high teas. While the Banquet Room is primarily used for functions, smaller activities are also well catered for in the Garden Room. Centrally located, Eliza’s an ideal venue for all occasions. 03 366 8584

Lincoln University Nestled in stunning park-like grounds, Lincoln University is an easy 22km from Christchurch and just a 25-minute drive from the airport. Yet it feels as though it is right in the heart of the Canterbury countryside. With different accommodation options for up to 500 delegates and a host of diverse venues for gatherings, the Conference and Event Management Team can work alongside you to make sure all your seminar and conference needs are met. The brand new Te Kete Ika Food and Function Centre can seat 500 in its dining room and has state-of-the-art soundproofed meeting rooms, amazing natural lighting, and is a short walk from the historic façade of Ivey Hall. There are lecture theatres of all sizes, outside spaces and several striking lobby atriums. With so many options, it’s no wonder the historic university is the setting for events that vary from cocktail parties and awards evenings to large conferences and corporate team-building. With access to the extensive grounds, sports amenities and an excellent working relationship with local farms for visits, Lincoln University is a venue offering everything a successful event organiser

requires. Whether you have a guest list of two or 2000, the on-site team’s knowledge, skills and experience will ensure your event will be a triumph. Past and returning clients include international academic institutions, leading corporates, agri-business organisations, international brands and private clients – reflecting the flexibility and professionalism that goes on behind the scenes. Services available include website and print management, online registration, accounts and budgets, trade displays, AV and technical support and transport. Be supported from the initial concept and planning, through accommodation and catering, to on-site delivery. The events team is even able to arrange off-site events and catering. Priding themselves on 30 years of proven expertise, passion and ethics, the Conference and Event Management Team are professional conference organisers who can create inspired event environments for all clients and budgets. 03 342 3000,

MORE SPACE FOR MORE ADVENTURE. Planning a road trip? Going hiking? Or just got a whole lot of shopping to do? The new MINI Countryman is perfect for any occasion. Featuring improved driving comfort, a remarkably roomy interior and ALL4 all-wheel drive the new MINI Countryman is the ultimate all-rounder, ready to tackle whatever road your story takes you on. Grab your sense of adventure and get behind the wheel from $44,900*. Book a test drive now at Christchurch MINI Garage.

CHRISTCHURCH MINI GARAGE. 30 Manchester Street. Christchurch, 8011. 03 363 7240. MINI.CO.NZ


* Recommended Retail Price based on a standard MINI Countryman Cooper, includes GST, excludes on-road costs. Model shown with optional extras. See or your local MINI Garage for more information.





The BMW 3 Series range perfectly harmonises the joy of driving with irresistible design. A combination of luxurious appointments, unrivalled agility and corner hugging handling all come together to turn your everyday ride into a dynamic drive. Now added to the range, the BMW 318i from $59,900.* Experience a feeling unmatched, book a test drive at Christchurch BMW today.

Christchurch BMW 30 Manchester Street, Christchurch. 03 363 7240 *Recommended Retail Price based on BMW 318i includes GST, excludes on-road costs.

The Ultimate Driving Machine

62 STYLE | motoring

There’s no denying the Superb has acceptable performance; it delivers in acceleration and economy. It also rides on low-profile Pirelli P Zero performance tyres (235/40 x 19in), and while that would suggest a lumpy ride, the opposite applies. Skoda has sprung the Superb softly and it certainly imparts a comfortable driving sensation. There is a little of a bounding motion over some of the worst bumps and ruts that make up Christchurch’s roads, but the overall result is one of comfort and that has been deliberately engineered into the vehicle. On highway cruise the Superb moves quietly and has purposeful steering. There is quick response to direction change and a lot of that is due to the solid feel through the steering. The tyres, too, provide positive information as to how they are reacting in a corner. I pushed the Superb quickly up and down the twists and turns on the road into the Rakaia Gorge from Windwhistle. Given the soft suspension settings and associated body movement, the Superb handles well, and much of that can be attributed to the quality of the tyres and the natural grip from the four-wheel-drive network. I was involved in a conversation the other day about how cars have become drawcards through the specification and engineering elements that tempt with their long list of features. A colleague and I both agreed that entry-level models are far more tempting as a purchase. As much as I enjoyed the excellence of the Skoda Superb, if I was a buyer I’d be looking at the 132kW $48,900 variant. It doesn’t get fourwheel drive and some of the other high-spec treatment, but it is still a capable, functional wagon that somewhat distances itself in price from other Volkswagen Group product. And bear in mind, too, that the Superb is also here as a sedan, dropping around $3000 in most cases from that of the wagon.

THE SPECS PRICE: Skoda Superb wagon, $63,900 DIMENSIONS: Length, 4856mm; width, 1864mm; height, 1447mm CONFIGURATION: Four cylinder, four-wheel drive, 1984cc, 206kW, 350Nm, six-speed automatic PERFORMANCE: 0-100km/h, 5.8sec FUEL USAGE: 7.2L/100km

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch. Sales, Service & Parts:


03 379 0588




1/3 1/3 1/3


For a little car, the Mirage XLS is carrying a whole lot of features. There’s a sharp body kit, stunning colour choices, 5 star safety, 15” alloys, Active Stability Control, BluetoothTM, just for starters. And when you consider the fun you and your family will get out of it, it’s pretty hard to go past and that’s before you consider the price. So don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a quality pre-owned Mirage for only $12,990.



Normal lending and credit criteria apply. $4,330 + $250 fees (which includes PPSR and documentation fees) are payable on delivery, $4,330 in 12 months and $4,300 in 24 Months from delivery date. Total cost including Fees and ORC’s $13,240. Offer available while stocks last.

STYLE | motoring



Forget all your old Skoda jokes; the new Superb wagon is a smart piece of kit according to motoring writer Ross Kiddie. It’s no secret Skoda relies heavily on the investment the Volkswagen Group has made in the Czech Republic company, and there are many benefits. Skoda is building high-quality product and global sales reflect that. Skoda is now seen as a viable alternative to premium car brands. While Volkswagen’s universal parts bin is a way of reducing Skoda’s research and development cost, by the time the product arrives Down Under there’s not a lot of difference in cost separating Volkswagen and Audi product from Skoda, given the drivelines are very similar. Take the Skoda Superb for example. Its 2L petrol driveline is pretty much the same as that in the Passat, the engine has the same specifications, the six-speed direct-shift gearbox is familiar and the 4Motion driveline from Volkswagen sits in the Superb, although it doesn’t carry the 4Motion label. The Superb lands here from $45,900 to $63,900, only a few thousand dollars less expensive than the Passat in most forms. And if you look at the evaluation car, which was the range-topping wagon, it sits just $6600 below its Passat equivalent. Nevertheless, the Superb is there for those who like what Skoda represents – something just a little bit different in their luxury-car purchase. The Superb is most certainly a luxury car; it gets full leather trim and many of the specification items that can be found in its rivals. And if you want a value purchase with truckloads of internal space the Superb wagon is certainly the car for you. At 4.8m it isn’t overly long, but it has occupant and cargo space to envy; the area under the tailgate is cavernous and rear-seat occupants have vast legroom. All of this adds up to practicality and comfort, ingredients not always found hand in hand. Regular readers will recall an evaluation of this car with diesel power in my column in April last year; however, this evaluation focuses on the 2L turbocharged petrol engine. Skoda affectionately refers to this vehicle as the 206; not surprisingly, it has 206kW, power that is usable becoming available all of the way from 5600rpm to 6500rpm. It is

also listed with a 350Nm torque figure, meeting the power outputs at 1750rpm to 5600rpm. As a consequence, it is a strong engine delivering vivid acceleration times (0-100km/h in 5.8sec). It will also blast through a highway overtake in 4sec and will top end at 250km/h. These are quick figures and give a strong indication that this car has a sporty profile. One of the benefits of a direct-shift automatic gearbox are the quick shifting ratios: gear changes can barely be felt, and they arrive without any indication the engine is losing impetus between changes. The feel of acceleration is, therefore, constant. This burst of energy doesn’t mean the Superb uses fuel at an unacceptable rate, quite the opposite in fact. Skoda claims a 7.2L per 100km/h (39mpg) combined cycle average, that sits well with the 8.1L/100km (35mpg) readout during my time with the test car, along with a 5.8L/100km (49mpg) instantaneous readout sitting at a steady 100km/h (engine speed 2200rpm).


60 STYLE | finance


MORTGAGE OFF QUICKER Restructuring your mortgage repayments could save you thousands of dollars and by making just a few simple changes you’ll be one step closer to a debt-free life. WORDS SUE MCKENZIE When I meet with people about their mortgage, I get them to consider a life without one. The idea of being debt-free is a wonderful motivation and makes people think of what they would do with the extra money – make property investments, home renovations, go into business, or take an overseas trip. The most-valuable lesson for most Kiwis is that it’s not the interest rate that matters, but rather the amount of interest you pay over the term of the mortgage that is most relevant. Ultimately, the goal is to pay your mortgage off quickly, meaning you’ll repay less over time and the property can become the leverage tool with which a whole manner of lifestyle changes can become available. An important fact to consider is that by making an increase in payments of around the price of a coffee a day for you and/or your partner, you could reduce your mortgage term by five to 10 years. That’s a huge saving when you consider the average total repayment is more than two and half times the original loan amount. Once I understand the amount of equity (the difference of the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of the property’s mortgage) a person has in their property, as well as their income, we can look at the right way to tackle their debt. This usually includes an assessment of whether the current mortgage lender is the right one for the homeowner. The contract between you and your lender isn’t a rigid one and mortgages should reflect the best aspects of your financial situation at any given moment – if your current lender isn’t the best option for you, it’s time to move to one that is. A lot of the issues that work against mortgage repayments begin with short-term debt through hire purchase, personal loans and credit cards. It’s important to review your finances and be able to answer that ageold question: “Where is my money going?” Consolidating that debt will give people more money in their pocket and I encourage them to use that on mortgage repayments. Those with high incomes or joint incomes have the ability to put more towards debt while interest rates are still low. If you’re in this situation, look at breaking your mortgage up into manageable chunks to achieve a series of short-term goals. For example, aiming to pay five per cent of the loan in a year (both principal and interest) is very attainable.

The five-per-cent chunk sits aside from the total and can have current best interest (often floating) rates applied to it. I’ve seen people achieve incredible things when they aim to repay small bits like this at a time. They’re also thrilled to be making a dent in their debt. Of course, the more you pay off in the short-term, the better access to interest rates you have in the long-term, too. Consider your loan-tovalue ratios, which is the value of the loan measured against the value of the property. The better the percentage in your favour, the less interest you have to pay. Self-employed people or business owners that have fluctuations in cash flow have some different options. There’s no need to repay the same amount year round and absolutely no point of struggling to make repayments at some times of the year, while finding it easy at others. Your mortgage repayments can be structured to reflect the peaks and troughs of your income. Property investors have many options available to them. They will need to consider tax implications and a mortgage adviser will look at ways they can pay off their personal debt first before their investment debt. Buying, selling and repaying the mortgage, which for many is their most-prized possession, can be stressful, but if you take a moment to consider all the things you have to gain from making smart mortgage choices, it will seem like the simplest thing. Some times are better to pay more than others. For that reason, I recommend homeowners have a mortgage review every year – circumstances for both them and the lenders change, and it’s about making the most of those situations to create a debt-free asset. I remember the first time I restructured my mortgage to work better for me; it was not only empowering, but saved me a considerable amount in the long-term. The sooner you do it, the better the returns.

SCandinavian deSigned all WeaTher WiCker – Woven For a kiWi liFeSTyle • Make the most of your garden all year round! • Solid Core Cane available in natural or white/grey tones Certified Sustainable Teak • Free Freight Policy (Terms and Conditions apply)

33 Birchdale Place, ohoka, Canterbury |

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Following a grand store expansion, Emma’s now stocks its largest ever range of tempting gifts, books and clothing. Wardrobe essentials include polos and pants from Untouched World. This season’s colour of Sea Green (pictured) comes in two different styles, both 100% merino. Discover a large range of winter hats, gloves and scarves, too. 53 Main Street, Oxford • 03 312 3432

Let Marmalade Clothing keep you warm this winter with its selection of long-sleeve dresses, knitwear, merino accessories, bamboo socks, and seasonal coats. Specialising in natural fibres, fair trade and NZ made men’s and women’s clothing (ladies sizes 8-20), this boutique also boasts an array of jewellery, accessories and trinkets for all your gifting needs. Don’t miss the annual Queen’s Birthday weekend sale. 49A Main Street, Oxford • 03 312 3382 (Closed Mondays)

ROUTE 72 CAFE, BAR AND EMPORIUM Enjoy a day out in the country stopping off at Route 72 to enjoy a beautiful morning tea, lunch, or afternoon snack. While you are there, treat yourself or buy a gift from their treasure trove – Aladdin’s Cave. Dine inside or out, your choice. Upstairs offers an amazing view and is ideal for that special occasion for two or a group of friends. Fully licensed, with Friday night dining from 5.30pm, Route 72 has an offering to satisfy every taste bud. 1697 Cust Road, Cust • 03 312 5595

CRAZE FASHION This delightful fashion store houses a mixture of playful, pretty and urban high-end clothing, shoes, and jewellery from leading designers. Pieces are stocked to suit all moods and occasions – from casual weekends to more formal events. To complement different types and ages of women, who all have a niche for fashion, owner Sherie’s vision is to deliver quality, affordable labels with plenty of personality. Labels from all over the world ensure Craze is always up with the very latest in fashion trends. 172A Williams Street, Kaiapoi • 03 327 2157




Only just up the road, North Canterbury has plenty to offer. We explore what’s available in this diverse area.

RANGIORA SHOWCASE JEWELLERS North Canterbury owned and operated, Rangiora Showcase Jewellers pride themselves on their high level of customer service. Whether its for watch and jewellery repairs, or jewellery valuations, the friendly staff are there to help. With diamond rings, wedding rings and dress rings, as well as highend brands such as Karen Walker, Pandora, Kagi and Coeur De Lion, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye. 103 High Street, Rangiora • 03 313 7510



Bax & Berg was born through the passion of two local Mums, who wanted to bring an edgy, contemporary boutique to Amberley. The result is a warm, inviting environment for both women and men to feel comfortable and relaxed while shopping and leave feeling amazing. Garments have been carefully selected by the owners who have sourced the best labels from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. 2 Pound Street, Amberley • 03 314 7251

For their first date, he took her to Paris for the weekend... and now this delightful play on words brings us a unique café to North Canterbury. In the quaint, original Heritage Railway building in Kaiapoi, sip hot drinks from dainty china with a friend, a group, or by yourself. Soak up the Parisian decor, complete with exquisite chandeliers. Offering brunches, high teas, sharing platters and desserts, the choice is yours. Open 7 days, there is no excuse not to go to Paris for the weekend. 57 Charles Street, Kaiapoi • 03 260 011

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Crisp mountain air and sign-posted forest walks set the scene for a weekend of outdoor adventure; while for those with a love of shopping and relaxation there is plenty here for you, too. Vibrant boutiques sit alongside worldclass cafés and restaurants, while the famous thermal pools and spa provide an idyllic setting in which to unwind and indulge. WEEKEND GETAWAY Most famous for being a coffee stop between Christchurch and Kaikoura, Cheviot is a small town with a lot to offer, including a great cuppa! In a town where passing traffic was the bloodline, the sporadic closure of State Highway One along the southern Kaikoura coastline in the wake of the 14 November 2016 7.8 earthquake, is placing undue pressure on this small coastal town. But there is a silver lining, if you are a cyclist! Kilometres of beautiful, scenic road are open for biking business, with no trucks, limited campervans, and very few cars! What you will find is loads of magnificent scenery, dramatic coastline and a small town with a number of cafés to imbibe your favourite brew. Lycra accepted. From the township itself the cycling tracks continue with both on-road and off-road options available. For those with a preference to explore on foot there are plenty of walking tracks to explore in the Cheviot Hills Reserve and from the beautiful Gore Bay, only minutes from the town. There is also a slice of history to uncover with Cheviot boasting three Morris & Co stained glass windows in the St John’s Anglican Church.

56 STYLE | travel


BACK DOOR The Hurunui District possesses a wealth of destinations worthy of consideration when it comes planning your next day trip or weekend away. Luci Morris uncovers just some of what is on offer.

Found only 45 minutes from Christchurch, the Hurunui District is home to rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, inland alpine villages and lush green forests. It is an area of spectacular natural beauty. Whether you opt to spend several days uncovering all that this magical area has to offer, based at one of the accommodation options, or set out from home for a day trip there is plenty to discover and plenty to fall in love with – and all of it found at our back door. How lucky are we! WINERIES & EATERIES Heading north on State Highway One there is a sprawling offering for foodies and wine connoisseurs. Having banded together under the slogan ‘the coolest little wine region’ this is an area worth a stop (or two) as you set out to uncover this magical region. Described as Hurunui’s pantry, the Waipara Valley boasts a range of authentic food producers, foragers and farmers, who offer everything from truffles, to bread, olives and

more. To wash it down, there is a plethora of wineries and cellar doors from which to choose. Whether you opt for a more formal setting at Pegasus Bay, the relaxed atmosphere of Waipara Springs or the culinary creativity of Black Estate there is a destination for every palate. For those in the area on a Sunday and seeking something a bit different, the Iron Ridge Quarry Sculpture Park is worth a look. Formally the Amberley Lime Works, it has been extensively landscaped with native plantings to form a unique exhibition space for the steel artworks of Raymond Herber. While further north at Greta Valley, Fossil Point Café and Gallery is another must-do for those with a penchant for art and superb home baking. ALPINE INDULGENCE Hanmer Springs is one of the Hurunui’s most popular destinations and offers everything from a romantic getaway for two, to unforgettable family entertainment.

110 Papanui Road, Merivale | (03) 365 3630 | Order a Champs-ElysĂŠes Luxury Gift Voucher online. Mention STYLE to receive an extra sweet treat


54 STYLE | beauty

This loose mineral powder foundation will give you “airbrushed” coverage with help from zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which act as natural physical sunblocks.


Josie Maran’s original pure argan oil launched a now cult-favourite beauty line that features the oil as its prime ingredient. From hydration to firmer skin, the multi-tasking oil does wonders for hair and skin thanks to it being rich in vitamin E and fatty acids.

3 TOP 5


Dermologica Stress Positive Eye Lift is the latest product from Dermalogica. This cooling cream-gel masque energises skin and helps to reduce visible signs of stress. The mask can be used over makeup to give a quick lift, as a mask, or for more intense results follow their three-step massage technique. The result? Reduced appearance of puffiness and dark circles, increased skin luminosity, and the eye area appears lifted.

When you take skincare as seriously as we do, you’re always on the hunt for the next generation of game-changing skincare products. We’ve selected five that are particularly good for Mums of all ages.


Clarins’ best-selling firming body oil. This powerful oil is made from 100% pure plant extracts including rosemary, geranium and mint. With a beautiful scent and luxurious feel, “Your face is unique. yourfirm, injectable this Trust oil helps tone and improve wrinkle treatments elasticity, smoothing the appearance to an experienced of stretch marks. Cosmetic Physician” Medical Director Dr Heather Jefferies

Pain free laser

skin rejuvenation “Your face is unique. Trust your injectable wrinkle Facial assessments treatments to an experienced Cosmetic Physician.” Injectable wrinkle


Keep skin buffed and beautiful with Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin. Style tip: apply before your shower for a deeper exfoliation.


treatments - Medical Director, Dr Heather Jefferies

Dermal fillers Prescription peels • Prescription peels • Pain free laser skin Microdermabrasion rejuvenationMole Mate® skin cancer • Microdermabrasion checks • Facial assessments and mole • Mole Mate® skin cancer Leg vein treatment • Injectable wrinkle and mole checks

treatments • Dermal fillers

• Leg vein treatment

31 Colombo St, Cashmere

31 Colombo St, Cashmere | Phone 372 3589 Phone 372 3589

magazine designer clothing

Size 10 - s 26

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 03 348 6929

1. 4.




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Mother’s Day is almost upon us. Here are our favourite gift ideas to spoil our mums this year.

6. 5.



9. 1. “Audrey” Eco sunglasses, by NZ Designers Moana Road, $40 each. HAPA, 2. Devonshire Tea, $15pp Eliza’s Manor, Ph 366 8584, 3. ELEMIS Love Frangipani Giftset, $105. Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa, 4. New Zealand-made alpaca scarf, RRP $68. Style price $55 at The Mohair Store, (discount code ‘goat’). 5. Mother’s Day bouquets priced from $45. Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers, Ph 384 3638, 6. Plump up the volume hair care pack, $98. Bliss Hair, 7. Take her to a place she’s never gone before. Gift voucher $180-$230. SiloStay, 8. Stella + Gemma white cotton scarf with navy stars, $42. Shelf, 9. Design Ministry cushions $85 each. Joe Jandals HQ, Ph 389 4100, 10. High Tea Mother’s Day special $25pp. Paris for the Weekend, Ph 03 260 0011,

52 STYLE | wellbeing



Elly McGuinness looks at some reasons why healthy food choices are overrated. The importance of consuming nutrient-dense food has been well documented as essential to a healthy lifestyle. There is no shortage of information on what to eat and when to eat, and there are certainly some polarising views on the topic, which can make decisions confusing for the average consumer. I think it’s hugely important to eat a nourishing diet, high in essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, good fats, and all the rest! However, there is often an overloaded focus on diets or ways of eating with little attention given to the reasons why it may be difficult for you to make changes. I hear a lot of superficial advice around this such as “your health will suffer if you don’t” or “if you make changes you’ll have more energy”. These are well-meaning pieces of advice, but they don’t often help a person to take action or create sustainable change. You are probably aware that foods such as vegetables and fruits are crucial to a healthy nutrition intake but for some reason or another can find it difficult to put your knowledge into practice. It’s time to consider your needs holistically and start exploring some of the things that might be stopping you from making healthier nutrition choices. 1. SLEEP If you are not sleeping well it will be highly likely that your body will cry out for quick-fix solutions to help you feel better in the short term. These usually come in the form of highly processed carbohydrate/sugar rich foods, caffeine, etc. It is very difficult to ask you to change your nutrition habits if you are not sleeping well – fix the sleep and the nutrition becomes a lot easier to tackle.

2. STRESS This one is closely related to point one because it is the reason that many people are unable to sleep well. Lack of sleep can increase stress and too much stress can result in a lack of sleep. Looking at stress reduction techniques is essential for many people. Healthy nutrition choices can follow. 3. THOUGHTS Sometimes long-held beliefs can hold you back from making positive nutrition choices. For example, you might have the belief that you need to eat all the food on your plate because that’s what your mother has told you from a very young age. Explore your beliefs and subsequent attitude towards food with a holistic health coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), or emotional freedom technique (EFT) practitioner. They can help you work out your personal ‘why’ for improving your health, and identify the strong emotional drivers to help you change. 4. RELATIONSHIPS Identify whether there are people in your life who are holding you back. Perhaps your family like to order takeout pizza, which is really difficult to resist when the delicious aromas waft through the house. Or maybe your workplace offers a morning tea shout each day, which is full of cakes and pastries? In these cases, you may benefit from developing strategies to work around these situations – ask a professional if you need help. Identify if any of the above areas need attention for you and first consider addressing the one that stands out for you, rather than first obsessing over what you ‘should’ be eating.

50 STYLE | spend


Specially formulated to intensively nourish and moisturise dry and dehydrated skin, the powerful anti-ageing ingredients of ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich have shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve skin firmness, tone and hydration in 15 days.



To achieve healthy hair like this you need to show it some TLC. No matter what condition your hair is in, an expert stylist from Bliss Hair will perfect your colour by adding warm autumn hues to any shade.


The ball season is upon us! The racks at Park Avenue Fashions are laden with stunning gowns, many of which are one-offs, to ensure you make an entrance. Be the belle of the ball in this elegant pink gown. Ph 374 5858

PURE ESSENTIAL GOODNESS You can’t go past premium quality, 100% pure and natural essential oils for the best results. Look to lavender for relaxation and finally get a good night’s sleep. 10ml $10.90; 30ml $19.90. Find yours at Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy. Ph 388 5757.


We love the spicy aroma of Aesop’s new room spray, Istros. With notes of pink pepper, lavender and tobacco, add an old-world feel to your room with this sophisticated scent.


1. 2.



6. A powerful colour to wear, red is our shade this season. Combine it with this seasons staples and add that pop


of colour to your wardrobe!

3. 4. 7.



1. Amber Whitecliffe Dress from Zip Me Up $239.00 2. Pashmina from Redcurrent $249.00 3. Fjallraven BackPack from Stencil $139.00 4. Nineteen/46 Jumper from Collective $199.00 5. Quay Sunglasses from Andrea Biani $79.00 6. Primrose Coat from Identity $349.90 7. Zoey-Nude boots from Andrea Biani $249.90 8. Didi Jeans from Kimberleys $199.90 9. Adidas Gazelles from Stencil $140.00 10. Marimekko Bag and purse from Bolt of Cloth $79.00 & $34.95 11. Frankie Blouse from Bettie Monroe $199.00



363 Colombo Street, SYDM

Lexi Pencil Skirt $189, by Staple + Cloth, available at The Collective, with Erica Jumper $449, by Ingrid Starnes available at Rouche, with Combat Coat $699.99, by Moochi. Â

STYLE | fashion


FACING PAGE Desmond Skirt $659, by Gestuz with Hatum Top $343, by Ingrid Starnes, both available at Rouche, with Hallucination Coat $840, by Karen Walker. THIS PAGE Paloma Trousers $249, by Ruby with Amelie Cowel Neck Top $145.95, by Airlie, available at The Collective.



Wanderer Coat in camel $275, by Lucy Georgina, available at The Collective, with Coen Gown $329, by Ruby.


Navy Velvet Flares by Carla Zampatti

Phebe Velvet Pod by Olga Berg

Blush Velvet Isabella Dress by Bianca Spender

Navy Velvet Flares by Carla Zampatti Velvet Slip On With Crystal Embroidery by Alexander McQueen

Winona Softcup Bra & Briefs Oxblood by Lonely


Escape Wrap Dress by Viktoria + Woods

LUXE Embrace the winter season with a touch of drama with rich indulgent velvet.

Double Button Velvet Blazer by Witchery

Mirror Block Heal Velvet Sandal by See By Chloe

Peekaboo Velvet Tote by Fendi


43 STYLE | fashion

FASHION NEWS ART ON ART New York-based artist Jeff Koons and luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton have come together to bring us the Masters Collection – a range of leather bags featuring iconic works by Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, Jean-Honoré Fragonard and Vincent Van Gogh. Celebrity guests were invited to a dinner party in Paris last month, for the collection’s unveiling.

TURNING 30 Working Style celebrates turning 30 by launching its new 2017 Autumn/Winter collection. The new range expands Working Style’s casual wear while introducing new cuts and fabrics to its premium made-to-measure suits. We love their range of finely-cut hunting-style jackets.

Director and Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton Delphine Arnault.

RUNWAY REPORT: CHANEL FALL 2017 In true Karl Lagerfeld fashion, the Chanel Fall 2017 show was more than just a catwalk presentation. It was a spectacular finale to end the fashion shows for the season. The theme was all things space – think metallic leather belted coats, with matching skirts. Metallics were even sewn into signature Chanel tweed and the toe-cap boots and shoes we all love were given a glitter upgrade.

42 STYLE | trends


Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a comeback, with bold colours like deep blue, violet and green being the hottest shades of 2017. Floral prints and a touch of velvet bring a soft, wintry warmth to your interior. Embrace this 60s/70s trend and give your home a pop of colour this season.

GET THE LOOK Bolt of Cloth

Taupe Wool/Alpaca Cushion Cover $85 . Ojakellukka Cushion Cover $56.95 . Deep Red Wool/Alpaca Cushion Cover $85 Tush Cush Seat Pad In Mustard $59.99 . Midnight Blue Velvet Cushion Cover $75 . Ohau Round Side Table $449 Pikkukellukka Mug $29.99 . Saapaivakirja Plate $34.99 . Ming Glass In White $275 . Bonfire Floor Lamp Base In Bamboo $149.99 Brewick Linen Lined Large Drum $270 . Ojakellukka Fabric (seen in frame) $83 per metre

Enriching the way people live, work and play through architecture and interior design. Now located at 825 Colombo St.

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BUILDING BE? Four walls and a roof are just the starting point. WORDS RICHARD DALMAN What is a building? What can it be? Bits of concrete, steel, timber, glass? Some or all of these of course, but buildings can be and should be more, much more. They can be functional places to do business, to live in, for recreation and cultural events, or for meetings and worship. Buildings can provide places for people to come together to celebrate, and they can help unite a community. Think of the QEII Stadium in 1974 for the Commonwealth Games, the Christchurch Town Hall for the last concert you attended, your local corner pub or the Transitional Cathedral discussed in my last article. Buildings can not only keep us warm or cool and the rain off our heads, they can keep us secure, surprise and delight us, have meaning and soul, and become an important part of our everyday lives. When the new Salvation Army building was opened on the corner of Colombo and Salisbury streets, the congregation were asked to write one word that summed up how they felt about their building. These words have been grouped together and can be seen on this page. As the architects for the building, we are particularly proud of the words “home”, “family” and “sanctuary”.

The Salvation Army have had a long journey from their Durham Street Citadel to their new Colombo Street premises, with many temporary locations between. Upon entering the new building, what you don’t see is the cross of Jesus in plan, but what you do experience on the main circulation route is the long axis of the cross, with most of the spaces radiating off this. These spaces include the worship hall, which sits on the street corner so is most visible. The concrete fins to Colombo Street represent the Salvation Army’s eleven Articles of Faith which form their core beliefs. It is through these fins that they see out to the community during worship. Because the Salvation Army is very much connected to the community, the two wings either side of the worship hall are fully glazed with columns that create a front porch to each of the two main streets. These say, “welcome, come in”. This building can be and is open to the community, welcoming all people in. So while this building is made of concrete, steel, wood and glass, it is more than this. It is already a place of worship and a local community hub, and time will tell what other roles the building will have and what meaning it will create in people’s lives.

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Savvy Use of Side Spaces Many homes are situated on properties in ways which create awkward areas. A common example is older homes which are often positioned towards the front with the outdoor entertaining area or lawn at the back and narrow spaces down the sides of the house.

Outdoor Lifespace


Outdoor is for living, and we have been creating beautiful, unique, award-winning outdoor environments for discerning people for well over 30 years. We call them LifespacesTM. It’s a place where you live best in, providing for your individuality.


A LifespaceTM you are proud of.

by Goom



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Craig Wilson takes a look at trends from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show stands out as the ‘must see’ southern hemisphere landscape event, and over the years famous Australian designers have ‘wowed’ the crowds with cutting-edge, high-budget, show-stopping displays. The recent 2017 show was no exception, with an impressive line-up of showpiece gardens, and over 100,000 punters delighting in what they saw. With Melbourne and Christchurch sharing a love of all things gardening and a somewhat comparable climate, it’s worth looking at the key design trends of the show to see what we can import and apply to our Canterbury gardens. After taking front and centre for a few years, flowers took a back seat, and the dominant theme was lush, thick foliage. Green on the green was the order of the day – only to be broken by spiky texture and grey leafy accents, think succulents, yuccas and aloes. Australian natives sat beside the expected laurels, glossy citrus and figs. Dense ground covers were generously employed to ensure a plant rich, layered effect right from the ground up. The best of the show gardens boasted extensive hardscape elements and were beautifully executed with a high level of craftsmanship. Locally quarried Bluestone was the material of choice and cleverly used in complex mixed paving patterns – with hardly a regular grid pattern in site. Concrete featured as a key material, and ‘off the form’ finishes added a layer of detail and texture to vertical planters and walls.

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Building your dream home or renovating? Craig Brown Construction are here to help! Lia Sales: 0274 508 496 Craig Sites: 027 489 5359 |

The smaller boutique gardens showed what could be achieved with a limited area and were not to be missed. Finer details were evident with rustic weathered decking, red brick, rocks and water features creating spaces that drew you in to linger. Frog and insect habitat were provided in Emmaline Bowman’s winning entry. The best in show went to Phillip Withers for his ‘I See Wild’ display. This featured a naturalistic aesthetic with curved lines creating a relaxed feel. The message here was to connect with nature in our increasingly urbanised lifestyles. A cleverly sunken Cor-Ten steel firepit was the undoubted focal point with informal wooden log seats completing the feel.

MARKETING Superb in-house design team

“VALUES are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them over everything you do” ELVIS PRESLEY

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Being part of a large multi-national company is a huge responsibility at times. If you feel detached, you can easily get lost due to the sheer size of a big business. If the parent company provides a sense of vision and a set of values, however, the connection becomes both easier and more authentic. We find ourselves in this space as a local business. We’ve distilled our parent company’s beliefs to include our own vision and set of guiding values, and although they mirror those of a large brand, we’ve adjusted them so they reflect our own unique nuances. I know, in fact I can almost hear the yawns now. It’s so easy to be cynical about a vision or a company mission statement or any of the many seemingly ‘new age’ taglines that sit around business, but when it’s real, it feels right. And, so it is with us. It’s taken a really long time to consolidate a vision that incorporates our desire to be the best realtors in New Zealand; adding value (tangible and intangible) to our clients and to the lives of the people who make up our team. (Thank you so much, Gilbert Enoka.) Not just their working lives, but the lives they envisaged achieving when they joined us, with all those associated dreams and hopes. Business is not easy and it doesn’t get easier with the years, but



every day I get up on a mission to do my best. I’d rather race to any given finish line than crawl to the start, and knowing we’ve got a reason and a vision as a company to propel us forward makes it all the more special. What’s your vision? What do you stand for? I know the answers to these questions and, to anyone in business, so should you.

Lynette McFadden Harcourts Gold Business Owner Harcourts NZ Inspirational Women Ambassodor

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Anne Hudson takes a look at a highly talented New Zealand painter whose artwork highlights the connection between birds, the environment and our existence.

Nicolas Dillon is celebrated as New Zealand’s finest wildlife painter and an examination of his beautiful work substantiates that status. His subjects are meticulously rendered with great accuracy. However, his paintings are not scientific illustrations of a species but belong to the realm of fine art. Wildlife has been represented in painting for millennia, but the fashion of fine-art wildlife painting became a genre in itself in western European art in the 18th century. John James Audubon was responsible for the elevation of this subject, particularly that of birds, in the early 18th century. The bird was painted within its habitat, displaying not only the detail of its form, but also its environment, its habits and prey. Another historic painter with whom Dillon is identified is the Swedish painter Liljefors, who pioneered the idea of wildlife art painting with the subject as a living creature in its own world. Dillon was born in New Zealand and brought up in rural Marlborough. He remembers a childhood encounter with a shining cuckoo that flew into a window of his home. That visceral moment triggered a lifetime fascination with the beauty and life force of birds. The family owned an early edition of Buller’s Birds of New Zealand, which reinforced this interest. As a teen he enjoyed the work of Raymond Ching and the Swedish wildlife artist Lars Jonsson, but over the course of his life many genres have influenced him. Dillon works in the wild, observing birds through a scope, making detailed drawings and paintings of his subject from direct observation. Working in this way creates a direct connection for him with the “intangible, ineffable aspects of nature, of this world in which we exist”.

Dillon has a special interest in birds, not so much their ability to convey symbolism, but rather their beauty. He feels they hold the soul of the environment. Without departing from biological accuracy he demonstrates the detail and colour of the plumage, the graceful form of a wing, the knowing gaze, the shape and intent of a beak or claw, the nests and predators, and their dynamic life in the air and water. His study of the bird makes us aware of these beautiful creatures and their adaptive links to the environment. Dillon says birds are the voice of our country. New Zealanders identify with birds and their call, associating them with a sense of ‘place’. His paintings place the subject in their own habitat, and rather like a Monet painting, we are made to feel the atmosphere around the subject; we feel the breath of air, the warmth and vibration of that living thing in the environment. Whether it is Mackenzie Country fog, a rocky schist outcrop, wetland grasses or a matagouri branch, we can feel the chill, the wind over the water, or the dampness underfoot, creating for us an intimate relationship where natural realism meets our imagination. A painting can add a depth of knowledge and understanding of a subject that eludes a photograph. As viewers of Dillon’s work we are given an almost spiritual insight into the life of birds. Dillon acts an intermediary, drawing us into a magical encounter with nature. Dillon lives and paints in Blenheim where he and his family feel a close connection to the land and the community. His work is available in leading art galleries and is shown at the annual event, Art in a Garden, in Flaxmere, Hawarden. The quality of his work in this genre is unsurpassed in New Zealand, and the addition of a Dillon piece to any art collection, especially one of wildlife, is highly recommended.

s th

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WARMTH With winter fast approaching we asked Keith Foster, owner and managing director of Aquapro Plumbing, to share his insight into home heating

What are the main trends you are seeing in homes these days? People are more aware of their eco footprints and are looking at more ways to make their home more efficient, self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. We get a lot of requests for solar panels and efficient central heating plans. A growing trend in new builds is the installation of home sprinkler systems. Typically something seen in a commercial property, home owners are now looking to go that one step further to protect their home and family from fire. Christchurch does have some pretty cold winters, what would you recommend when it comes to choosing a heating system? With new builds I would definitely recommend underfloor heating by using an air-to-water heat pump. It produces a radiant heat that is evenly distributed throughout the house and is great for buildings with high ceilings. The system can also be plumbed to heat your towel rails and radiators throughout the home, ideal for those who are also looking to renovate. What if you still can’t give up your fire, is there anything you would recommend? If you are able to have a fire, then look at getting it to heat your water and installing a radiator system throughout your house, which will make your home more self-sufficient in winter. However, if you are over the mess with a fire, installing a gas fire with a heat ducting system will ensure you don’t lose the heat up the flu and will transfer the heat through vents into other parts of your home. What are some other tips you would give? Make sure your house is insulated correctly to ensure you get the best out of your heating options. Make sure your hot water cylinders are insulation wrapped. And if you are looking at building make sure you have a qualified plumber to help with your hydronic central heating plan to get it right the first time, as making changes into a build can be very costly. / 0508 AQUA PRO


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Year-round warmth Choosing the right heat pump is key to ensuring a warm and comfortable home all year round. Building orientation and insulation are key factors to selecting the right unit for your home. With over 15 years’ experience, the family-run business of DC Installation Services can advise on and provide the best healthy home solutions, including heat pumps, air-conditioning units or ventilation systems. For a free no-obligation consultation, get in touch with the friendly team. 0800 324 678,

HEAT YOUR WORLD Whether it’s lighting the fire or flicking a switch, you’ll never regret installing the right interior heating solutions.

Store with style

Design statement Fireplaces are a key architectural design element to the home and are often the focal point of a room. Gone are the decorative mantels and in their place are bold design statements with angular corners and modern shapes. We love The Hanging Fireplace – a sculptural piece that is as much an investment in art as a solution to warmth during the winter months.

A new way to store firewood inside the home, the Redondo firewood holder by OtraForma in Christchurch becomes an instant feature in the room and is a definite favourite this season.

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WOOD BURNERS When used properly, wood burners are a great and economical option, especially if you have access to free or cheap firewood. You do, however, need to ensure your fire is clean-air approved, especially in Canterbury. When buying a wood fire, consider efficiency rating, clean burn, emission levels and size.


PELLET BURNERS Pellet fires have come a long way in recent years and most are now available as free-standing or inbuilt, offering a wider variety when it comes to selecting the right look for your space. There are many benefits to a pellet burner as they offer all the warmth and luxury of a flame without the hassle of cutting, carrying and storing firewood. Made from sawmill waste, the pellets are carbon-neutral and burn cleanly. One of the biggest limitations is the initial cost, with the price of buying and installing a pellet burner greater than that of a conventional wood burner. The burner also relies on electricity so won’t work during a power cut.



Ange brought her favourite orange lights to us. So we worked with her to build a colour palette around them.

Start your own story

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Designed to not only be practical and functional but to enhance the décor of your home, there is a home-heating option for every home, and everyone.

GAS FIRES Providing fast, convenient and easily regulated heat, gas can bring a moderate-size room to a warm, comfortable temperature in about 10-15 minutes. Glass-fronted gas fireplaces are significantly more efficient than open-fronted ones, and as gas fires are cleaner than woodburning fires they are favoured in clean-air areas, making this a popular heating option in Christchurch. Like other heating options, most modern gas fires have a timer facility. HEAT PUMPS Heat pumps come in a variety of options: highwall, floor consoles, slimline, quiet ... the list goes on, ensuring there is a design, size and placement to suit your needs. Be smart about your energy use and ensure you have the right size heat pump for your space. If you pick one that is too small, it will have to work hard all the time, and will use more power than necessary. A unit that is the right size should heat your space in 5-15 minutes. DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING Ducted air conditioning systems work exactly the same way as a high-wall heat pump, in that there is an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, and by SCANDINAVIAN

passing a refrigerant between them they transfer heat (or cooling) into a room. Unlike the high-wall system, where the indoor unit is visible, the ducted indoor unit is hidden away in the ceiling space and uses flexible ducts to pass the heat from room to room through vents in the ceiling, wall or floor. CENTRAL HEATING Growing in popularity in New Zealand, warmwater central heating is the even distribution of heat throughout the home from a central point or heat source. Warm water is distributed via a network of pipes connected to radiators in each room, or looped under the floor for underfloor heating. Releasing a gentle heat, no water is actually consumed, ensuring this is the ultimate in efficiency. HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM Home heating isn’t just about keeping the house warm; it’s also about maintaining a healthy home. In the summer months we are able to throw open the windows to air the house, an option not available in cooler weather, meaning condensation is often an unhealthy side effect of winter. The installation of an effective heat-recovery or ventilation system can help solve this problem, thereby working towards creating a warmer, drier and, above all, healthier living environment.


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DOWN Staying cosy and warm has never been easier. Luci Morris explores our home-heating options.

When it comes to home heating, ‘bang for your buck’ is essential and part of this is ensuring your home is adequately insulated. Did you know that a 2% gap in insulation can result in a 20% heat loss? This can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. Insulation works by slowing heat loss from your home, enclosing it in a thermal envelope. This is why around 40% of heat is lost through the ceiling in the average uninsulated home. In addition to insulation, simple measures, such as using thermal curtains and sealing gaps and cracks, will eliminate draughts and prevent warm air escaping where it shouldn’t. It also pays to remember that heating a room to a moderate constant temperature is much more efficient than a fluctuating heat. Designed to not only be practical and functional but to enhance the décor of your home, there is a home-heating option for every home, and everyone.

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Merivale Hearing Clinic 24b Church Lane. Call now: 356 2324

Greg Foote, Audiologist Hearing Clinics available: Rangiora, Ashburton and West Coast

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Access lock speciAlists Your locAl lock, keY And sAfe speciAlists.

Burgled? locked out? Broken keys and locks? need your locks changed? CALL US 0800 KEYLESS (539537)

Established in 2007, Access Lock Specialists has grown from three to a team of six and offers a full locksmith service throughout Christchurch from their base at 170 Waterloo Rd, Hornby and mobile service vehicles. Offering the following services and products: • Full workshop and mobile service • Locks installed and serviced • Quality safes for home and business 24 Hour Emergency • Electronic digital keypad locks Service • Vehicle transponder keys and remotes • Garage door remotes • Large range of padlocks • Restricted key systems

Looking for a new mattress? Sealy Posturepedic beds provide you with the ultimate comfort and support.


If you are looking for the best bed, at the best price come and see Steve and the team. With 20 years experience, they know beds inside out.

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On in-store purchases $200 and over. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

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Lesley Storm from Edward Gibbon talks to Style about options that will change your way of thinking about heated towel rails.

Q. What can you tell us about the Porton Series? A. The Porton Series is quite unique. This luxurious hinged ladder rail pivots away from the wall to also create a drying rack when required. Ideal for minimalist dĂŠcor, and available in two sizes. Q. Can ladder rails be wired for 12v and do they provide the same heat as mains powered? A. Yes, many of our ladder rail range are made for low voltage and they produce the same heat output as a mains-powered rail. Q. Can you get a custom-made rail and how do I go about that? A. We can arrange for the manufacture of custom towel rails. Either the customer or architect can submit a drawing and we can then source a quote.

Q. How much does it cost to run a towel rail per year? (Any brand) A. Based on a conservative estimate of $1.50 per watt, per year, a 100watt towel rail would cost approximately $150 per year to run if left on constantly. These towel rails are supplied with an Ecotimer as standard. If the timer is used to run the towel rail for only eight hours out of 24, the saving per annum would be approximately $100. Q. Can towel rails be installed above a bath or basin? A. No, is the safe answer for almost all heated towel rails that are mains-powered 230V. However, these 12V heated towel rails can be installed safely in this location provided the electrician is fully consulted early in the project. 293 Cranford Street, St. Albans, Christchurch • 03 366 7137


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THE BLACK PEARL Described as the superyacht world has been missing, this 106m sailing yacht pushes the boundaries of innovative design and technology. Features include a spa pool and hot tub, 2,700GT of interior volume, and fold-down jetty. Ken Freivokh Design was contracted for the design and styling work on 7 July 2010. The Black Pearl is currently undergoing sea trials and should be ready to set sail for the beginning of the European season.

FINE JEWELS The most valuable earrings ever to be sold at auction were unveiled at Sotheby’s London last month. The 14.54-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond and the 16-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond will be offered as individual lots with a combined estimate of £50-£70 million.

PURDEY SHOTGUN To coincide with duck season, we hunted down one of the most expensive guns in the world. These stunning hand-crafted guns follow a tradition of gun-making excellence that goes back over two centuries. The founder, James Purdey, started making guns back in 1798. After joining master gunsmith Joseph Manton, he went on to forge a gun-making dynasty that would surpass all others.

Catwalk inspired, Epic Bloc’s designer looks, for your bathroom Available at EDWARD GIBBON

Catwalk inspired, Epic Bloc’s designer looks, architectural lines and luxe, metallic colours transform tapware into ‘designer jewellery’ for the bathroom. Exciting combinations of black, gold, rose gold and copper let you create the ultimate style statement.

Now featuring Progressive technology - a new type of single handle mixer, excelling in efficient energy saving by reducing hot water wastage. Its compact European engineered technology also allows for refined design and ease of use.

Features include: • 35mm adjustable cartridge for added temperature and flow control • European SoftPEX hoses provide superior durability, longer life and are free from impurities • Concealed aerator with adjustable stream direction • Optional base plate included

Bathroom | Kitchen | Laundry | Outdoor Heating | Space Heating | Water Heating 293 Cranford Street (Showroom) St Albans P 366 7137 75 Kingsley St, Sydenham P 366 7199

I’m not sure we would go back to an older house. “What we have is pretty perfect and I am still working on cluttering up this house with all my bits. – Heather Guthrie

Coupled with a quantity surveyor engaged prior to construction to ensure that everyone is aware of the financial implications from the outset, no stone is left unturned in Gregg Builders’ quest for homeowner satisfaction. “We don’t hand over the keys until we are 100% happy with the finished product,” shares Craig, “and we always aim for this to be on time, or ahead of schedule.” As a self-described collector, Heather is enjoying the freedom of a new home, with plenty of wall space on which to display her eclectic array of art, rugs and furnishings. “I’m not sure we would go back to an older house,” she concludes. “What we have is pretty perfect and I am still working on cluttering up this house with all my bits.”

• Architectural Design • Quantity Surveying • Project Management • Interior Design • Design & Build • Property Sales

Contact Us Phone: 03 358 6491 Visit:

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3 377 7546

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With a river boundary, stately garden and picturesque setting for the grandchildren to play in, Heather and Brian Guthrie knew that they wanted to continue to call their magical property home – despite their house left broken and damaged in the wake of the earthquakes. Having worked with Colin Gregg and Craig Wilson of Gregg Builders on another project they were delighted to have them on site within days of the February earthquake waterproofing their home and making it safe for occupation. “The house was essentially wrapped in polystyrene sheets and we then lived in it like that for five years!” shares Heather. “We knew when the time came, Gregg Builders would be who we called on.” Unlike others in their street the Guthries were unable to simply knock down and rebuild, as their hundred-year-old-plus home was a registered heritage building. Highly regarded for his work with heritage structures, William Fulton of Fulton Ross Team Architects was introduced to the Guthries by the Christchurch City Council Heritage Team, and worked with them to try and find a solution. “The Heritage Team really wanted to save the home,” explains Heather, “but unfortunately it just wasn’t feasible. After many long discussions around our options, William asked if he could do a quick sketch for a new home and we loved it. Brian wanted lots of glass and sunshine and that’s what we got.” The modern, two-storey, glass-filled design is a far cry from the original Hurst Seager dark wooden structure that stood before, but is one that subtly and beautifully pays homage to what stood before. Tall, bevellededge skirtings, window seats and a coved ceiling in the kitchen/living/dining all bring character to the home, while a sense of ‘old world’ is effortlessly achieved through the addition of American walnut floors and a

simple colour palette. With century-old camellias and rhododendrons in the surrounding garden it was important these were retained throughout the demolition and rebuild process. “It was a challenge, at times, to work around the restraints of the site,” shares Craig Wilson of Gregg Builders, “but we relish a challenge and it was a great thing to have done. It really enhances the end product.” Shifting the house slightly on the section to capture the sun and create privacy from neighbours, the home is 68sqm larger than what stood before and offers a more efficient floor plan, perfectly suited to modern living. What is most evident is that despite the modern fittings and finishings there is a sense of cosiness, often left wanting in a new home. An achievement most evident in the library and piano room, which both play on the intimacy and elegance of the previous home. Gregg Builders recognise that building can be an overwhelming experience and strive to make it as straightforward as possible. Craig puts the success of their builds down to having short achievable steps that enable clients to keep on top of the numerous decision they need to make, without feeling overwhelmed. For Heather and Brian it was this process that set Gregg Builders apart. “They kept us on our toes,” laughs Heather. “Every site meeting I would leave with a to-do list as they sent me off to make decisions around things like light fittings, fabrics, flooring and so forth. There was lots of communication right throughout, it was amazing.” Sticking to the construction programme was also something that the Guthries appreciated. As well as the fortnightly site meetings, Gregg Builders implemented a scheduling system ensuring full inspections were regularly carried out by independent schedulers to ensure the project timeframe was being adhered to. “It is something we do with every build,” explains Craig.

Solving Storage Problems?

We have been designing products & solving problems for New Zealand homeowners for more than forty years. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE MEASURE & QUOTE 929 0090 / MALLIAS.CO.NZ

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WIN * $10 0 0

Go into the draw to win this great prize by requesting a no obligation measure and quote for a HomePlus shower today.

HomePlus custom made showers maximise use of available space, creating a look of stunning luxury.

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towards your bathroom transformation


2015 Franchise Of The Year

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Faced with a rebuild in the wake of the Canterbury earthquakes, these homeowners opted for something bold, modern and new, while paying homage to the past. WORDS LUCI MORRIS

Remember Mum this Mother’s Day

256 Barrington Street, Christchurch 8024 Phone: 03 332 4221

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Mini Glass Teapot by Menu

Cashmere Crew Neck in Marle by Camilla

Rannoch by Simon Devitt


WARMTH Warm textures and nourishing rituals for cool weekends spent at home.

Cashmere Tank in Marle by Fenella


Retrograde Nail Polish by Habit

Breathless Hydrating Body Treatment by Aesop

Egg Pendant by Sophie Buhai

Outline Sofa by Simon James at the Aro Ha Retreat, Queenstown.

Photos: Simon James Design,

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Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997). The People’s Princess used her maternal instincts and royal status to work with charities that supported children’s hospitals and to raise awareness and combat landmines, which were a significant problem in the ’90s. Tragically dying in 1997, she left behind two sons – Prince William, 15, and Prince Henry, 12. Prince William has become a royal patron of the charity Child Bereavement UK. Speaking of Mother’s Day, he said: “I, too, have felt and still feel the emptiness on such a day as Mother’s Day.” Diana’s legacy remains one of humanitarianism.

BEST PRODUCTS GREAT SERVICE! Trade in your existing wood fire for the affordable, convenient heat of the new Champion pellet fire.

Toshiba Floor Console A great choice for your home because heat rises...

If you like your heating to be hot, sexy and quiet, then you want a RIKA pellet fire.


P: 353 0852 W: E: Onsite parking available

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Katherine Wilson “Kate” Sheppard (1847-1934) was the most prominent and famous member of New Zealand’s women’s suffrage movement. Following the death of her father, the well-educated Kate left Liverpool, England, in1869, with her siblings and mother, and settled in Christchurch. She married Walter Allen Sheppard three years later, and their only child, Douglas, was born on 8 December 1880. Appearing on our ten-dollar note, Kate is the guiding mother to all women. The considerable impact she had as a suffragette ensured New Zealand was the first self-governing country in the world to award women the right to vote in 1893.



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In 1970, when she was five years old, Waris Dirie was a victim of female genital mutilation in her home of Somalia. At 13, her parents arranged for her to marry a man in his sixties. To escape this life, Waris ran away to London. Working as a maid and for McDonald’s, she was discovered by a photographer and became a successful model. Waris even appeared in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights. In 1997, Waris retired from modelling to work as a UN Special Ambassador. Having founded the organisation Desert Flower, she devotes her time to combating female genital mutilation around the world. As the mother of four children, she told Harper’s Bazaar that female genital mutilation isn’t just a women’s issue: “Every education begins with Mama. We have to rethink what we teach our sons. That’s the most important thing.”


Joanne “J. K.” Rowling, now a famous writer and multimillionaire, wrote the first four Harry Potter books as a single mother, while receiving state benefits to get by. Today, J. K. is the president of Gingerbread, an organisation that works with single parents and their children find resources and programmes to help them succeed. “I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life,” J. K. said. For Mother’s Day 2016, she tweeted: “Today’s Mother’s Day in the UK. If your mum isn’t here to treat, do something nice for yourself because she’s part of you. Take a hug, too.”



Alexandrina Victoria (1819-1901) was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, in 1840. They had nine children together. Each child was married into royal and noble families across the continent, earning her the sobriquet “the grandmother of Europe”. 1. Victoria Adelaide Mary, Princess Royal (1840-1901) married Frederick III of Germany (1831-1888). 2. Albert Edward, King of England as Edward VII (1841-1910) married Princess Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925). 3. Alice Maud Mary (1843-1878) married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse (1837-1892). 4. Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1844-1900) married Marie Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess, Russia (1853-1920). 5. Helena Augusta Victoria (1846-1923) married Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (1831-1917). 6. Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939) married John Campbell, Duke of Argyll, Marquis of Lorne (1845-1914). 7. Arthur William Patrick, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1850-1942) married Duchess Louise Margaret of Prussia (1860-1917). 8. Leopold George Duncan, Duke of Albany (1853-1884) married Princess Helena Frederica of Waldeck and Pyrmont (1861-1922). 9. Beatrice Mary Victoria (1857-1944) married Prince Henry of Battenberg (1858-1896) Victoria’s legacy was so great that she had 42 grandchildren, 34 of whom survived to adulthood. Their descendants include Elizabeth II; Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Harald V of Norway; Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; Margrethe II of Denmark; and Felipe VI of Spain.












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[Anna Jarvis] advocated boycotts of Mother’s Day and tried to sue companies that were commercialising the holiday.




Ann Jarvis (1832-1905) was the mother who inspired Mother’s Day, due to her daughter wanting to recognise the achievements of her life. As was the way for many poor women of the time, only four of Ann’s 13 babies children survived. Because of this, Ann wanted to help other mothers and organised Mother’s Day Work Clubs in West Virginia. These organisations helped to provide medical care, raise money for medicines, and improve sanitary conditions for poor mothers. After Ann’s death, daughter Anna Jarvis continued her mother’s work by writing letters and giving speeches in support of Mother’s Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated Mother’s Day a national holiday. Anna never became a mother herself, and she became horrified by how flower, chocolate, and greeting-card companies exploited Mother’s Day for their own financial gain. She advocated boycotts of Mother’s Day and tried to sue companies that were commercialising the holiday.


Irena Sendler (1910-2008) worked for the Warsaw Social Welfare Department and was responsible for saving the lives of almost 2500 Jewish children, smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. Using the code name ‘Jolanta’, Irena gave the children false identification documents, established temporary (non-Jewish) identities for them, and placed them in convents, orphanages, and Christian homes. Arrested by the Nazis, tortured and sentenced to execution (which she avoided thanks to the Zegota bribing a guard), Irena never gave up information about the whereabouts of the children or the inner workings of her smuggling operation. A mother of three herself, Irena received Poland’s Order of the White Eagle in 2003.

They smuggled out babies in ambulances and trams, some wrapped in packages. The names of hundreds of children she saved were known because Mrs Sendler kept a list buried in a jar under an apple tree.

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In honour of Mother’s Day, we look at eight famous mothers and their achievements. WORDS VICTORIA TAIT


Actress Angelina Jolie has become as well-known for her charity work as she is for her Oscars. Through her celebrity status, she actively supports human rights movements. Angelina first became involved with humanitarian work for refugees and people displaced by conflict in 2000, when she was filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia. It was there she adopted her first son, Maddox, two years later. In addition to three biological children with now exhusband, Brad Pitt, Angelina has two more adopted children, from Ethiopia and Vietnam. Brad Pitt told The Wall Street Journal that when she has a day off “the first thing she does is get up and take the kids out”. “This is the most important ‘to do’ of the day. No matter how tired she might be, she plans outings for each and all.” Angelina has travelled to more than 30 countries in her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Come in and see us about one today!


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JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT Be swept away by the retelling of the biblical story of Joseph, his eleven scheming brothers and his coat of many colours. Isaac Theatre Royal




KATHRYN STOTT & NZSQ Renowned for her interpretations of French piano repertoire – British pianist Kathryn Stott joins the New Zealand String Quartet for a programme of solo and chamber music. The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts

FOOD LOVERS MASTERCLASS – WITH KATE MEADS Get exciting and inspirational advice around ways you can reduce your food waste. Topics include meal planning, smart shopping, smart storage. Fendalton Community Centre


13 CRUSADERS V HURRICANES Get behind the team, in round 12 of the Super Rugby challenge. AMI Stadium

THE JAC NZ TOUR An eight-piece powerhouse featuring some of New Zealand’s foremost musicians from the jazz, classical and metal scenes Ara Institute of Canterbury

13-3JUNE UNCLE VANYA Chekhov’s bittersweet exploration of love, hope and longing is laced with irony, heartbreakingly human and achingly poignant. The Court Theatre


THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT Back for a third time, enjoy a night of the best cycling short films from around the world. Charles Luney Auditorium, St Margaret’s College

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FIND. We’ve found the ultimate in luxury sound systems. The Naim Audio is considered to be the ultimate home audio system, designed and manufactured in England by hi-fi specialist company Naim Audio. Every element of the system is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist. The experience is as close to a live performance as it can be. Available in Christchurch at Pure HiFi. We’ve just come across the new range of scrumptious chocolate-covered freeze-dried blackcurrants by ViBERi, which originate from a South Canterbury orchard. Our favourite is the decadent Belgian dark-chocolate flavour, available at New World, Countdown and speciality stores nationwide.

SPEND. We are loving Clarins Skin Boosters. A new beauty step that adds some much-needed TLC to your skin-care regime by identifying your skin needs, the boosters offer an extra dose of nourishment. With three options – Energy, Repair and Detox – our fav is the Energy booster, especially designed for women who have late nights, a hectic lifestyle, jetlag, are dieting or are simply exhausted by parenthood. With winter around the corner, there is no better way to snuggle up in the evening than with a good glass of red wine. Central Otago winery Akarua has just released RUA Pinot Noir 2016. With generous layers of sweet berries and a touch of spice, we think this will become a go-to drop for the season.

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Promotional cards concePts

28/04/ 14

looking for t he pe r fe c t pl ac e t o h o st a pr i v at e e v e n t ? somewhere so ph i s t i c at e d fo r a spe c i al o c c asi o n ? per hap s somewh e re st y l i s h an d s o c i al t o me e t an d di n e? call now for our wi n t e r s pe c i al s, di n i n g an d e v e n t o pt i ons.

ddi: 9 4 3 8555 e : po lo bar@h o te lmo n tre .n z w: h o te lmo n tre .n z 363 MONTREAL STREET CHRISTCHURCH AMPLE PARKING OFF KILMORE STREET


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INDULGE. Foodies get ready! The Cloudy Bay Pinot & Duck Tasting Trail is back. Cloudy Bay has partnered with 33 top chefs who will each create a bespoke duck dish to compliment Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2014 or Te Wahi Central Otago Pinot Noir 2014. The nationwide trail will occur through the month of May, coinciding with duck-shooting season. To find out more about the four participating Christchurch restaurants and their tantalising dishes, go to Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar owners Sam and Sally Hooper have opened a new restaurant. Sister Kong Bao Bar, inspired by the baijiu houses of Hong Kong, serves Hong Kong/Taiwanese-Chinese street food, such as saffron and chilli bao, at 123 Victoria Street.

EXPERIENCE. Side By Side Tours offers a new way to see Queenstown. In Ural sidecar motorcycles – first built in 1941 to aid the military in WWII – your own personal driver will guide you around the region in super-cool style. Check it out: Louis is an new restaurant and bar set to open at 123 Victoria Street. Taking its name from the French king, the opulent space boasts a lavish marble bar and a crystal chandelier. Complete with a champagne library, Louis diners will be wowed by a seafood focus that will see Moreton Bay bugs, whole crayfish and paua tortellini on the menu. Plans for an additional, hidden speakeasystyle bar remain under wraps.



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Style explores the best of Christchurch, giving readers the opportunity to develop and celebrate their individual style in life, home and fashion. A monthly publication, Style is presented on high-grade gloss stock with a hard cover. Delivered flow-wrapped to top real estate value homes around Christchurch, Style targets readers with a high disposable income. Designed to inspire, Style has a lengthy shelf life that offers excellent value for your advertising choice.

The Christchurch Star Company Ltd is not responsible for any actions taken on the information in these articles. The information and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinion of The Christchurch Star Company Ltd or its editorial contributors. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information within this magazine, however, The Christchurch Star Company Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information.

I always find the month of May is a settled time of year. The rush of school holidays has finished and there is a lull before the harsh winter months take hold. Enjoy the last month of autumn – take some time out, cosy up and enjoy what we have on offer in this issue. On page 15, we celebrate Mother’s Day by taking a journey back through history. We look at mothers we admire, from J. K. Rowling to Kate Sheppard, all of whom have shown that you can defy the odds and achieve greatness when you put your mind to it. With the cooler weather arriving, we have endless tips on how to prepare your surroundings. Get inspiration from our mood board that embraces winter warmth by showcasing merino knits and lush interiors. Our living feature explores alternative ways to heat your home and create a peaceful environment. For interior inspiration, turn to our house feature on page 22 and see how the old and new worlds have been combined in a rebuilt Fendalton home. With duck-hunting season opening on the first weekend of May, we are rejoicing in North Canterbury. Luci Morris takes some time out to explore the region and finds some surprising treasures just a 30-minute drive from Christchurch. Our food news section previews a scrumptious duck recipe from King Of Snake and, if you are lucky enough to be invited to a shoot this season, we suggest schooling up on your etiquette on page 80. When it comes to fashion – as always – we have you covered. This month's fashion editorial highlights the season’s best ensembles, with a backdrop of Christchurch city. Prepare for you winter blues to be blown away. Enjoy this issue of Style Victoria Tait EDITOR


Look who moved into our new retail precinct. Instagram: Style_Christchurch

SUE MCKENZIE is a mortgage adviser with Lifetime. Hailing from a 26-year career in banking, during which she was the first female bank manager for National Bank, she is now a specialist mortgage adviser. Learn how to pay off your mortgage quicker on page 60.

There’s plenty of food, fashion and fun on offer at Faringdon’s very own South Point retail precinct.

Stage 19 now selling.

Sections 401 to 831m2 from $159,000. Call Bruce Harvey 0800 667 849 or visit Visit our info centre, corner Goulds and East Maddisons Rds Wed to Sun, 12pm - 4pm.

You’re home. FRD30195-SM-67x197

PUBLISHER Charlotte Smulders Star Media Level One, 359 Lincoln Road Christchurch 8140 03 379 7100 EDITORIAL Kate Preece Group Editor Victoria Tait Editor Gilbert Wealleans Social Editor DESIGN Emma Smith CONTRIBUTORS Anne Hudson, Charlie Jackson, Craig Wilson, Elly McGuinness, Georgina

timeless & versatile style Various real timber veneer and Italian ceramic basin top, customise your bathroom with contrasting top panel or vertical grooves drawer that embody your individuality.

Oakleys Locally Owned and Operated for over


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1 CHRISTCHURCH AND CANTERBURY’S PREMIER LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE Style is something unique to each of us. Celebrating the diversity life offers within Christchurch – a city of constant reinvention, opportunity and vibrancy. Style explores the fabric of our homes, our community and our spirit, both individually and collectively.

8 INSIDE WORD Indulge. Experience. Find. Spend. 12 SAVE THE DATE 15 REPORT Five Of The Most Influential Mothers 20 MOOD BOARD 22 HOUSE FEATURE A 100-year-old Home Gets A Modern Makeover 28 LUXE LIVING 31 LIVING All You Need To Know About Heating 36 ARTS Wildlife Painter Nicolas Dillon 38 LANDSCAPING 40 REBUILD 43 FASHION NEWS 44 FASHION TRENDS Embrace Luxurious Velvet 45 FASHION EDITORIAL Explore New Season’s Trends In The Heart Of Christchurch 52 WELLBEING Making The Right Choices 54 BEAUTY 56 TRAVEL Discovering North Canterbury 60 FINANCE Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker 61 MOTORING Skoda Superb Wagon 66 FOOD NEWS Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck Leg Recipe 72 SEE BE SEEN 80 ETIQUETTE How To Behave On A Shoot 82 WIN



Traditional duck-hunting attire for the season ahead. PHOTO Shutterstock



Colours of the month

1. Waratah 2. Jet Stream 3. Artefact View these colours and more at your local Resene ColorShop.


dress up your walls! Modern or traditional, bright or neutral, patterned or plain, Resene has a wallpaper to suit your space. Come in and see the extensive wallpaper library at your Resene ColorShop today!

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