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10 Fashion most iconic

pieces of all time


From the little black dress to the Burberry trenchcoat, these iconic fashion items have stood the test of time. WORDS Victoria Tait

1. chanel 2.55 In 1955, Coco Chanel was to change fashion history with the introduction of the Chanel 2.55. Tired of carrying handbags and inspired by the bags used by soldiers, Coco Chanel added a long strap that enabled the practical 2.55 to be worn over the shoulder. It was an immediate success. In the first year, the Chanel fashion house had to refuse orders because of the high demand. This changing moment in fashion history made it acceptable for upperclass women to carry a bag on their shoulders.


2. Dior Ballet skirt After WWII, fashion yearned for something more frivolous, colourful and playful. Christian Dior presented just that with the voluminous ballet skirt. The iconic shape he represented was called the ‘New Look’. Today the ballet or full skirt is still popular and is often combined with an edgy leather jacket.

Fashion 07-04-17  

Fashion 07-04-17

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