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21 APRIL 2016




Swing Bling



Flavours from East to West

2 April 21, 2016 Metropol




58 HOME: Swing Bling

71 AUTO: Feeling Electric










FRONT COVER CANTERBURY FASHION WEEK 2016 winter collections Gown: Pretty Things Photographer: A La Mode Photography by James Saunders Model: Kim Anderson-Smith Makeup & Hair: Melodie M School of Makeup Artistry


21 APRIL 2016 VOL 19 ISSUE 8

The Evolu on of Building (Thermal Envelope)

1930's Timber Frame Minimal Insula on

2016 Building Code Minimum Same Timber Frame Just a pink fluffy blanket added.

LiteGreen Projects 2016 Standards • Thermal Envelope- Over twice the building code • Energy Efficient • Greater earthquake resillience • Sustainable for life - “Building forever homes”

Designing and Building Sustainable Homes by "Saying Good-Bye to Code Minimum Housing in NZ.” Metropol April 21, 2016 3

Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director Trevor Laplanche

Kate Pierson


Advertising: Tracey Prince


ith Canterbury Fashion Week next week, and our latest cover a fashionable nod to what we can expect from this year's show, I've been thinking quite a lot about the subject. Generating billions of dollars per annum in New Zealand, fashion is the untameable beast at the heart of consumer culture. The chameleon like nature of the industry keeps loyalists to 'what's hot and what's not' on their toes, and leaves the rest of us who consider ourselves a 'work in progress' rather perplexed. All of this 'threads and kicks' talk has inspired some nostalgic and rather cringeinducing memories for me as I reflect on my style – or rather unstylish evolution. It would be difficult to determine which of the styles I donned as a kid of the eighties and nineties eras deserves the 'most heinous' fashion faux pas title. My obsession with unflattering fabrics; oversized, wideleg jeans, and tie-dye leggings with slouch socks spring to mind as does a denim 'cowgirl' styled dress covered in sequins, which I picked up second-hand shopping with my Mum and wore to the point of its extinction. That was a sad day in our household. I also can't forget the pink, patent leather heels that my friend and I wore on girls' nights out. My preoccupation with heeled shoes (no longer the case these days) in fact started at around the age of six when I begged my parents for my own pair of 'clip clops'. I still vividly remember when they took me to buy them. I think I probably insisted on sleeping in them such was the love of these $20 white, pointed heels with bows on. The interesting thing about a lot of the styles we have banished to the back of our minds/wardrobes is that they find themselves back in vogue when style royalists decide to give them a second wind. Ultimately, fashion is an extremely subjective, personal thing, but I believe one of the best parts about donning something you feel really proud of, is the confidence injection. Despite being somewhat of a Tomboy these days, I know I also love the feeling that comes over me when wearing a beautiful garment. I hope reading through some of the not-so-fashionable hallmarks of my youth provides some great conversation starters this weekend as you share some of your own sartorial sins with friends and family.

Kate Pierson

Editorial: Kate Pierson Production: Julian Laplanche Administration: Emma Dyer Photography: Wendy Cook

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4 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Gantille Everson Travel Co-Ordinator I have recently graduated from the New Zealand School of Tourism where I achieved level 3 and level 4 certification. I grew up in South Africa where I lived for a number of years before moving with my family to London where we spent one year before finally settling in beautiful New Zealand. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and especially enjoy time at the beach. I am excited to be joining the team at YOU Travel Tower Junction team and cannot wait to increase my knowledge by learning first hand all that this exhilarating and ever changing industry has to offer.


a chip off the creative block


f you Google the words 'Jason Kelly Artist' you'll become immediately familiar with what many around New Zealand, and the world for that matter, have fallen madly in love with. Refreshingly honest; just a little bit provocative; quirky and an artistic law unto himself; Jason's work has graced exhibitions and publishers' books across Aotearoa. He is also the talent behind the wildly popular NZ Post 2015 stamp series – 'Kiwi Kitchen' that made our mail cooler than it's ever been before. When did you first fall in love with Q art? & me the love is about artistic A For influence. When I was a child, it was


things like stamps...small, beautiful art in a tight little area; comics and surfing photography. Branding also appealed to me as a little boy, so did my Nan's kitch artwork - striking portraits by Tretchikoff and Victorian oil landscapes. As a teenager, in my fifth form year of college, it was about the moody works of Tony Fomison and Colin McCahon and the sharp lines of Rita Angus' Boats, Island Bay. These struck a chord. How would you describe your Q style? & My style is very natural – humble, A wholesome and Kiwi – hallmarks of my childhood. I do words on wood so it's about an organic look using a recycled medium. It is commercial, yes, but it's about being contemporary in a deeper sense creating sculptured, mixed media.

Unique Design Inspired Together 322 Manchester Street 03 355 2628 Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Espressory, 7am - 4pm

6 April 21, 2016 Metropol

What is the artistic process you follow? Q My & artistic process is quite natural. From A a commercial perspective, I do follow a

precise, disciplined craft, but I am learning to let loose more. My work often evolves from pencil roughs to wood, but it can also be a direct process. It's funny because I often look at my workspace and it's a combination of hand and power tools; brushes; paint and an array of 'found' objects waiting to adorn an artwork and I think, 'wow'.

Q & A

Q & A

The talent behind the wildly popular NZ Post 2015 stamp series – 'Kiwi Kitchen'

How do you work through creative blocks? I can't honestly say I have them - it's more how do I block the mind? How do I slow it down? The words and wood keep coming together in my head. Like a lot of grownup kids nowadays, reflecting on our 'colouring-in days' is great. I have a great colouring book with old comic covers and I find it very restful, but still creative and my son loves doing this with me. How competitive is the art landscape in New Zealand? I'm totally oblivious to it to be honest - I know there is a huge amount of talent here in New Zealand. I do my own thing. I cross boundaries from original gallery art of which I've sold a good amount, to private commissions and commercial work for corporates.

What support is available to budding Q artists? & A Creative New Zealand and creatives like me are more than happy to give advice and share their skills. I've never looked or

Q & A

taken any support from any organisation, and as with a lot in life, you've got to knock on doors to find the answers that's the Internet nowadays! Tell us about your New Zealand Post Q commission & A Kiwi Kitchen... 19 original wooden

artworks painted based on classic, Kiwi food (18 stamps, and one large tea towel styled background board). What can I say? I'm not sure how I'll top it personally. When I collected stamps as a child, the imagery fascinated me. I was given an amazing set by a dear, elderly neighbour. I'm very old-school, so a stamp and a letter is so personal and has so much history. I never thought as a boy I'd have my own set in 2015.

How did it feel to work with a New Q Zealand institution? & A Great. I felt honoured. They'd talked to

me before, but the 'Kiwi Kitchen' brief I received was a real fit for me and my style. As a boy, I helped my mum bake and cook so it felt really natural. They

were so down to earth to deal with…Kiwis! They gifted me back the copyright on my art along with the originals – what more can I say? I was happy as Larry! What has been your most popular Q creation to date? & A The stamps were big, but I've worked with Image Vault in Christchurch since the mid-2000s and in 2009, released a 'Summer Series' with them. Nationally that has been great as it struck a chord with what it means to be a Kiwi. Where to from here for Jason Kelly Q Artist? & A I have a couple of cool, personal projects

- one from brainstorming beer sessions with a muso mate of mine! I'm really excited about it. Commission-wise there are always great possibilities and some of the commissions I've done for the everyday Kiwi folk like myself I really take heart from.

ph 365 8582 christchurch



Metropol April 21, 2016 7



Christchurch artist Holly Ross specialises in typographical work with a message that can be seen on murals all around town.


hase the Clouds Away' is the message spelled out in huge letters on her latest temporary art work, which she has just completed on the hoarding surrounding the construction site of the CPIT's Te Kei administration building, located just behind the Rakaia Centre, in Madras Street. “It's a journey from a darker place to a brighter one. At the start, the background is black, then it gradually changes to blue as the 40-metre-long mural moves around the corner,” Holly says.

This mural was inspired by a song, Chase the Clouds Away by Evidence, and is not the first to be based on the title of a song that Holly likes. “Lyrics inspire a lot of my art. I wanted something positive and it's just a reminder not to worry about stuff,” she says. You will find a similar mural, with the message, 'We Got the Sunshine', painted with Olivia Laita, on the east side of Madras Street, between Lichfield and Cashel Streets. While on the corner of Hawdon and Coleridge Streets, Sydenham,

there is a mural with a pensive face painted by Adam Starnes, stating ‘Bright Black Sky’. These were also inspired by song titles. Holly has always been interested in lettering, typography and graffiti, and likes painting murals because it gives her the opportunity to work outside and makes her work more accessible. “I like the way graffiti and street art are public and able to be appreciated by anyone” she says. Her first major street-art project was 'From the Ground Up', which took the form

of a week-long public art festival in December 2013. For 'From the Ground Up', Holly got together more than 30 of New Zealand's top graffiti writers and street artists to paint over 20 large walls in the centre city. “We had some great support from local businesses, as well as much-appreciated paint sponsorship from Ironlak and Dulux. It was a fun week with an awesome response from the public. “I've also painted four panels for Waltham Primary School. The panels are based on the school's main values – respect for our world, ourselves and others, and being ready to learn. For more information on Holly's work, head to or email her at,

Creative excellence in architecture

Ph 03 377 4900 National Winner 2015

8 April 21, 2016 Metropol

SHOWROOM: 293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137 75 Kingsley St. Sydenham Christchurch Ph.03 366 7199

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION RUNS APRIL 1-MAY 31 2016 Metropol April 21, 2016 9


Luxury's about to land In addition to shaking its creative tail-feather day in and out, wooing Christchurch with its delicious chow; beautiful wears and artisan wonders, The Colombo holds a very special annual event – its sell-out night of 'Food, Fashion and Design'. This year, the luxe event kicks off at 7pm on Thursday 28 April.


compelling mix of all of The Colombo's stores, the event promises a pretty and captivating punch with fashion; homeware; food pods; an autumn/winter runway show and cocktail bars. Experience a runway heaving with emerging talents from Wellington to Dunedin and heavyweight fashion identities including Adidas and Alice McCall. Light bites will have a fitting seasonal twist, with taco tastings, burgers and dumplings all on the menu along with cocktails, champagne and craft beer available throughout the night. An official after party at Hello Sunday follows suit for

10 April 21, 2016 Metropol

t of t nigh u o ll A se esign'. and D n o i h Fas 'Food,

those who want to prolong the fun and enjoy wine and cocktails along with the eternally-in-demand CBA Cakes (Cakes by Anna). Proudly supporting the New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation, the event always finds itself in the 'sold out' category with tickets limited and available for purchase from, or in store at Coopers & Co.





n Wednesday 16 March, Frobisher Interiors held “In Conversation” – an inspiring evening with trend forecasters and experts. Guests were treated to delicious nibbles and tipples with $10 from each ticket donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Heather Kayford, Emma Hunt, Keziah Oliver


n Thursday 17 March, Frobisher wowed with another innovative event ‘Wine & Whisky Tasting’. Guests enjoyed the chance to sample beautiful wines and whisky from Whisky Galore paired with canapes from Eaton Drink Co.

Steve & Renata Harper

Kevin Clarke, Heather Cayford

Nick Dunlop, Mark Appleton

Jill Durant, Georgia Langridge Sam Dore, Rachel & Chris Goom

Edwina Walden, Jenny Gillies

Alex Ramirez, Helena Cotterell

Kevin Sullivan, Tania Armstrong

Ann-Marie & Mark Appleton

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Now Available Location, Style & Quality in Prestons

Lake side view

NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION These 208sqm North facing Lakeside Townhouses are in high demand and are now for sale with 2 already pre-sold off the plans. Available from $655,000. Register your interest with the builder today –

Ph. 021 300 999

Ph. 385 2413 Metropol April 21, 2016 11


AN INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY After 23 years in Christchurch, the two Christchurch branches of United Travel, Tower Junction and Ferrymead, now have a new name – YOU Travel. The change, which took effect on April 1, has seen all 37 United Travel stores around New Zealand, not only renamed, but now also become 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated.


he YOU Travel brand takes the best of United Travel's past and combines it with a more modern, compelling direction,” YOU Travel Ferrymead's Owner/Operator Melissa Landrebe says. “It is a case of same people, same passion, just an exciting new brand. We are well known for our incredible pricing and products with destinations all over the world, and as YOU Travel, we now have the buying power to provide travellers with greater value for money.” The new brand gives YOU Travel the opportunity to present a more modern and vibrant look while at the same time taking travel in a completely new direction. “This sees a move away from

12 April 21, 2016 Metropol

the traditional way of selling travel to a much more customer-focused approach,” Managing Director of YOU Travel Tower Junction, Sandra Toland, says. To celebrate the new name and new focus, YOU Travel is offering a range of fabulous holiday prizes during April. It will also be releasing some exciting new initiatives to the market, which the team is confident customers will respond to very positively. “Our teams at both Ferrymead and Tower Junction have a genuine passion when it comes to helping you plan your next overseas holiday. Our goal, from planning to holidays end, is to ensure your total experience equates to the trip of a lifetime!” Melissa adds.

YOU Travel Ferrymead

YOU Travel Tower Junction

y a D s r e h t o M ’ GIVEAWAY with

OUT & ABOUT Win these gorgeous products and you will be looking refreshed and beautiful and your home will be sweet smelling and fragrant... To enter the draw to win simply head to (or scan our QR code with your smart phone), put in your details and tick the competitions you want to be in to win. Entries close on 2 May and the winners will be notified on 3 May.

Loobie's Story Nomad Scarf Loobie's Story AW16 collection 'East/West' is inspired by the unique and exotic locations visited along the Orient Express rail journey. The refined tribal 'Nomad' scarf, valued at $149, is designed in a palette of dusty blush tones; khaki and earthy pumice. Luxurious but never uptight, Loobie's Story has created another stellar collection for New Zealand women. Metropol has one scarf to give away.

Aromatherapy Company Velvet Plumeria & Lily Home Fragrance Set This Mothers' Day gift set, valued at $29.99, contains a mini diffuser and mini candle. Part of a limited edition range, 'Celebrate Everyday', the set is a truly indulgent reminder to celebrate each day, surrounded with the fresh floral wisps of Plumeria and sweet scent of Lilies. The Aromatherapy Company is donating a percentage of sales from this range to support Women's Wellbeing through the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Metropol has three sets to give away.

Sax Makeup Sax Makeup is pharmacy only; premium quality and paraben free. This premium collection of modern cosmetics – including the Essential Brow Kit; Wonderlash Dramatic Volume Mascara and Natural Eyes Makeup Kit Metropol is giving away - is designed in timeless hues. The range is uniquely formulated with nurturing ingredients and premium textures to create beautiful, natural looking makeup. Sax Makeup is affordable, and not tested on animals. Metropol has three sets to give away.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial, Lotus at Siam The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial, valued at $174, is a Lotus at Siam treatment to tackle fine lines and wrinkles and help support the cellular structure of the skin. The proven benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral help plump out fine lines, whilst Indian mulberry reduces skinfatigue, helping relax wrinkles. Targeted lymphatic drainage massage re-energises and rejuvenates, while an age-defying, peel-off mask encourages the highest cellular function, visibly improving firmness and elasticity for beautifully nourished, younger looking skin. Treatment 1hr 15mins. Metropol has one facial to give away.

Visit or call Colin 027 432 2364 Metropol April 21, 2016 13


SCENE Along with fashion and styling wisdom, guests at 'Live Your Life in Colour' held at St Margaret's College on Wednesday 24 February enjoyed Annah Stretton’s take on what makes a successful, colourful life. Everyone was also inspired by Annah’s RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) programme showing how it changes lives by offering women new pathways to a positive lifestyle.

live your life ‘IN COLOUR’

Sheryl Smith, Petra Dellaca

Monique Dolan, Kerry Jones

Isobel Devereux, Annah Stretton, Angela Gilmour

Marianne Wright, Victoria Broullon

Sarah Priddle, Sharon Parker

Ruth Burgess, Michelle MacWilliam, Dee & Tiffani Morgan

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:



of di erence…


a di erence.

Ph 03 379 3110

14 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Specialising in managing inner city residential apartments and townhouses in Christchurch in the middle to upper level bracket

Short & Long Term Rentals Furnished Unfurnished


FASHIONABLE HOME HEATING How to select your home heating is a mix of rational and emotional responses – do you need a blazing wood fire; the glow of flames from a gas fire, or the soft whisper of a heat pump or ducted air.


e can walk you Wander through the through the extensive showroom to decision-making process that will give you what get a sense of how each you want, and what is right for heating option will look your home,” Owner Steve Waring says. “No-one should make a and feel in your home. decision about home heating until they have visited our showroom.” Whether it is working from Nothing can beat the plans for a new build after a convenience of a heat pump, major renovation or an upgrade whether used alone; in to existing heating, Simply Heat combination with a gas fire, or has a great selection of heating as ducted central heating. Brad Smith, Sokol Krasniqi, Ashley Fox,Steve Waring, Paul Stewart solutions and offers a full Central heating allows contemporary, as well as water heating installation service. complete control of heat across the options. Wander through the extensive home, with a range of different functions The Scandinavian designed Bionic Fire showroom to get a sense of how each to optimise its use year round. features a sleek, modern look and a fully heating option will look and feel in your Talk to the team of heat specialists at automated down draught burner, with home. Choose from the elegant lines of a Simply Heat on 95 Byron Street, ultra-low emission levels that are clean air gas fire; underfloor heating, or a range of Sydenham and on 365 3685, or visit approved for use across the city. wood fires from traditional to

Take a closer look

at the Rinnai Evolve 1250 gas re Smart technology in the Rinnai’s remote gives you absolute controllability of its heat output from 2.3 to 8.1kW, so you can enjoy the ambience of re no matter what the weather. There are so many more features in this highperforming Evolve you’ll want to see it up close and burning bright in our showroom to appreciate them all. Come in and talk to our Heating Specialists. We have ve working Rinnai gas res on display in the largest heating appliance showroom in New Zealand. Simply Heat can give you the heating solution that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

P:03 365 3685 95 BYRON STREET, NEXT TO ROCKGAS Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 1pm Metropol April 21, 2016 15




After 23 years in Christchurch, the two Christchurch branches of United Travel - Tower Junction and Ferrymead - now have a new name – YOU Travel. The change has seen all 37 United Travel stores around New Zealand, not only renamed, but now also become 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated. The team celebrated at a rebranding event on Thursday 7 April.

Brittany Frost, Melissa Landrebe, Melanie Peacock Bridie & Caitlin Walsh

Chris & Connor Walsh

Murray & Andrea Wheeler

Ken Jones, Rosie Still

Peter & Jenni Beckett

Elieen & Terry Jacobs

David & Sharon Wooding

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

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Phone Lisa now for an informal chat Whalan and Partners Ltd, Bayleys, Licenced under the REA Act 2008

375 4842 or 029 9422 157


16 April 21, 2016 Metropol




Three lucky readers will be in to win two, 250ml bottles of Simo’s International Cuisine Marinades. To enter the draw to win simply head to (or scan our QR code with your smart phone), put in your details and tick the competitions you want to be in to win. Entries close on 2 May and the winners will be notified on 3 May.



n association with Simo's International Cuisine, following his successful presence at the Christchurch Food Show from 810 April, Metropol is excited to help you fulfil your culinary potential! We have a 250ml bottle of the Mediterranean Chicken Marinade and a 250ml bottle of the Mediterranean Beef & Lamb Marinade to give away to THREE lucky readers. While the marinades draw heavily on Simo's North African and Mediterranean heritage for their intense flavour, the ingredients are high quality, and locally sourced. Simo has lovingly crafted each marinade with a bit of help from a food scientist to get the flavour, texture and taste just right. The Mediterranean Lamb and Beef Marinade has cinnamon; rosemary; coriander and paprika, while the Mediterranean Chicken Marinade is redolent with turmeric, parsley and garlic.

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Metropol April 21, 2016 17



A sartorial


On Thursday 10 March, SmartyPants – a fashionable new asset to the sartorial scene for kids – made its mark. The chic store was overflowing with over 60 enthusiastic, very supportive guests who commented that the store looked “absolutely amazing”.

Photos by Sarah Jane Stringer - for copies email:

Rachel Todd Juliet Capaldi

James Manser, Sarah Shaap, Amanda Smith, Danny de Hek,

Maree & Murray Quartly

Mark & Vicki Zunbraegel

Nicola Machaelides, Allanah Harrison

Jo Taylor, Joanna Giles

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& parents know they're in safe hands 375 Worcester Street, Linwood Phone: 03 389 2483 18 April 21, 2016 Metropol

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Canterbury Horticultural Society and the Christchurch City Council Botanic Gardens have combined to present an Autumn Garden Show on Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May this year. It will be a celebration of autumn, showcasing vibrant flowers and plants from alpines to bonsai.

t will incorporate the National Chrysanthemum Show, which will be held at the Ilex Centre at the new Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. In addition, the following organisations will host stands in an adjacent marquee – Edible Canterbury/Ōtākaro Orchard; Christchurch Beautifying Association; Friends of Botanic Gardens; Christchurch Bonsai Society; NZ Alpine Society and Canterbury Orchid Society. They will also be joined by Canterbury Begonia Society; Riccarton Horticultural Society; CHS fruit and vegetable and Chrysanthemum circles; CHS Combined Garden Clubs and the CHS itself! The Christchurch Bonsai Society is using its presentation at the Autumn Show as its annual society show. Its judge is Hamiltonbased Sandra Quintal, a NZBA accredited

bonsai demonstrator who will assess its show trees just prior to the opening on Saturday morning. Christchurch Beautifying Association's display is intended to assist people in choosing a variety of plants to last through the cooler months from late summer to early spring. “The winter months do not need to leave our gardens without colour. Our aim is to encourage the residents of Christchurch to engage more in bringing our Garden City image back to its former glory,” Co-ordinator Mr Brian Lovelock says. One of the CHS's stands will be “HortTalk” where folk can discuss their horticultural or gardening issues, and it will be shared with NZ Alpine Society. Many of the exhibits will have plants and produce for sale. Entry is free and the show is open from 10am to 5pm each day.

Metropol April 21, 2016 19

&ACCESSORIES fashion, gifts

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20 April 21, 2016 Metropol



By Majka Kaiser

The cape is a classic, timeless wardrobe staple that can be effortlessly casual or utterly elegant and it's back this season with a vengeance.



eep the autumnal chill at bay and step out in style with a cape to cover shoulders and complete your ensemble. Worn most successfully with tapered trousers; skinny jeans, or leather-look leggings, the cape comes in a range of styles and lengths to suit all shapes. If you have a killer pair of pins, by all means show them off and team this season's cape cover-up with a mini dress or skirt. For the most flattering results, opt for a streamlined pencil skirt style as opposed to a fuller, gathered style, so as not to add further bulk and risk looking like a puff ball! As the cape exposes more of your arms, it's the perfect excuse to show off your knitwear beneath. Wear contrasting coloured knitwear under your cape for maximum impact. Also, look out for the fitted jacket-come-cape that is more structured and has a jacket style lapel. These numbers are very sophisticated and look great with an equally tailored pair of pants and loafers, or sexy heels day or night. For the ultimate comfort on those days where getting out of bed is like coaxing a bear out of hibernation, the blanket cape - that literally looks like your grandmother's tartan picnic blanket - is the answer.

With a face value treatment, everyone will notice, no one will know! All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost

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The knitted cape is less of a coat and more of a sweater that is an ideal lightweight layer on milder autumn days. The cape's more casual cousin, the poncho (no arm holes, just one for your head), is a more versatile piece that can be layered up over jeans; pants and leggings with flats or heels to dress up or down.



Call us today for a no obligation consultation 03 388 8806



363 PAPANUI ROAD MERIVALE Metropol April 21, 2016 21


A 'RELOVED' FASHION RENAISSANCE Looking fabulous does not need to cost the earth. Get a group of girls together and celebrate the change of season with some reloved fashion from Embrace Boutique.


look for upmarket, quality pieces that you can add to your wardrobe for a fraction of the price with some wonderful fashion in store to update your looks for autumn and winter,” Owner Christine Phillips says. Make an evening of it with a girls' night out at Embrace – try on a jacket or dress; sip some complimentary bubbles and most of all, have fun. Selected labels include Annah Stretton; Augustine; Witchery; Vassalli; Trelise Cooper; Country Road; Cue and Veronika Maine, as well as footwear and accessories to complete a look. You'll find shirts for the men and a selection of dresses that are perfect for special occasions - be it weddings or midwinter balls. Visit for a taste of what's in store, with the option of purchasing online. Visit Embrace Boutique at Unit 5, 3 Kennedys Bush Road, Halswell to try on

your favourite looks. The store is open Tuesday through Friday 10am-3.30pm and Saturday, 10am2pm, with Christine welcoming quality new

pieces in a range of sizes for the coming seasons. To book your girls' night out, phone Christine on 322 6020, and check out what's new online and on Facebook.


$50 WELCOME VOUCHER FOR YOUR FIRST VISIT 08002lookgood or 343 2880 52a Mandeville Street, Riccarton. See our website for further information 22 April 21, 2016 Metropol

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Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa.


specialist Thai day spa, Lotus at Siam brings a touch of indulgence and luxury to everything it does. Set in Cashmere's award-winning Swan Lake Gardens among the tranquil surroundings of large trees; sweeping lawns; a freshwater lake and majestic swans, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa offers a holistic and rejuvenating experience. The team is dedicated to delivering a superior level of relaxation and service for each and every client. Its world-class spa offers the ultimate in pampering, including the wonderful, three hour 'Time

Out for Her', which includes a 30 minute spa bath soak; a 60 minute aromatherapy massage and a decadent 60 minute Elemis exotic moisture dew facial – how amazing would your Mum feel after that? Lotus also offers massage therapies; pregnancy massage; reflexology; men's and women's Elemis facials; body scrubs; hot stone massage; decadent couples treatments, and group pampering packages. Its highly qualified Thai therapists have a combined experience in excess of 55 years between them, so you know your Mum is in expert hands. It's easy to treat your Mum with a gift voucher for one of the decadent treatments. Gift vouchers can be purchased online or at the spa, and to

make it easier, there is the convenience of electronic gift vouchers, which can be sent to your email if you're rushed for time! Partnering with Elemis, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa now offers six Elemis scientific facial solutions and a large selection of Elemis skincare products for all skin types. Elemis has more than 20 years' experience in treating both men and women using dynamic ingredients; medical grade formulas and dedicated research. How about treating Mum to a wonderful Elemis facial? This includes a light hand; feet; shoulder and head massage to leave her feeling relaxed and glowing. To purchase a gift voucher, visit, or phone 980 5400 today. You know she deserves it!

Metropol April 21, 2016 23



By Kate Pierson

We may have had to wave goodbye to a shorter hemline now that summer's disappeared, but we're gratefully embracing the floor-sweeping maxi that has firmly established itself as regular on the sartorial scene.


t's not just the prospect of new additions to the wardrobe that has our pulses racing for this season though; it's the contagious pattern that pairs so well with this look that we're in a happy fluster about. For autumn 2016, we have a major style crush on spotty fabrics – in other words, we have the hots for dots. A divine match for jumpsuits; full length skirts; high-waist trousers and the beloved maxi dress, dots are a perfect compromise between chic and cute. The great thing is dots don't discriminate – Helen Mirren, the ageless Goddess that she is donned a polka dot dress during a recent appearance with This Morning in Britain, with younger sirens like Ariana Grande also adopting this as a go-to look. You won't need to look far and wide to buy the interpretation of this trend that suits you the best, simply Google 'dots' or 'polkadots', followed by the garment of your choice - jumpsuit; pants; skirt, and you'll be inundated with options.

An experience sure to please... Relaxing Luxurious Age Defy Facial Includes: 60 minutes relaxing Age Defy Facial Using Advanced technology GERnetic products Face Mask applied for firming and lifting Luxurious Face Neck and Shoulder Massage Soothing and Nourishing hand or foot massage Eye Rejuvenation to diminish dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles


Luxurious Aromatherapy Soothing Body Massage

Together the

EUPHORIA Package is especially priced for

Mother’s Day gifts Treat Mother to 2 Hours with this special package


Includes: 60 minutes of therapeutic Thai massage To ease Mothers aches and pains Head and Scalp Massage to ease tension headaches Includes luxurious hot towels Finishing with Herbal Tea

$99.00 Offer expires April 30th 2016 24 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Phone now to order a Gift Voucher or make an appointment

0800 379 4315

We guarantee that our Professional Thai Massage and GERnetic Facials are amongst the most effective holisitic massages and facials in New Zealand.


ON THE FASHION RADAR As the anticipation builds in the lead up to the annual Canterbury Fashion Week for 2016 being held on Friday 29 April, our attention is on what's hot for the autumn/winter seasons and beyond.


n thinking about events that deserve that special 'something' – be it a wedding; party, or cocktail evening, we're having quite the love affair with hair pieces that are a statement in their own right. Eternally chic and vogue, a feathered hair piece is the perfect companion to eveningwear, and we've found a special designer who is right at the heart of creating innovative options – Noela's Flights of Fancy. With long, beautifully styled locks channelling the ever-elegant wavy aesthetic, it's impossible to end up with anything other than on-point perfection. Visiting the talented team at Hair Art & Beauty will help you to achieve the dream hair design for the special occasions.

Headpiece: Noela's Flights of Fancy Photographer: A La Mode Photography by James Saunders Model: Stephanie Emms from Denyse Saunders Model Management Hair: Hair Art & Beauty Makeup: Stacey Banfield Lipstick: La Biosthetique new winter trend

winter 2016

Celebrant -working with you-for you. Open mind non judgmental All types of marriages, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies etc

Size 8 to 18

in the

made shade 151 COLOMBO ST

Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Your ideas are what ceremony is based on. Lauren Kilkelly 021 2081479 Metropol April 21, 2016 25


FOCUSING ON EYES Eyes are the most important and complex part of our sensory system, yet vision is often taken for granted. Seeing well while driving at night is especially challenging as winter approaches.


rivers are hampered by the low setting sun driving home from work and the glare from oncoming headlights at night. Improving sight at night is often asked about during a vision exam. New spectacle lens technology developed by Zeiss has just been made available in New Zealand. Lincoln and Rolleston Eye - Optometrists have DriveSafe lenses which reduce glare at night emanating from fog, rain and oncoming headlights. Available in progressive and single vision lenses, the product enhances vision and provides better visibility in low light conditions. Because the technology is integrated into traditional glasses, your everyday activities are benefited seamlessly. Similar technology is used in blue filter reflection free computer lenses. Many people are using a range of digital devices from early in the morning till late at night, for both work and recreational purposes. The additional use of mobile phone screens for online use has extended the concentrated focusing required during the day with more frequent eye strain. “Mobile phones, computer screens and other devices should be set at larger than the manufacturer's default font size, to reduce visual fatigue. And you should become familiar with adjusting the brightness of the screen, so that it's more comfortable for your eyes”, says the optometrist, Leesa Stuart. It's worth viewing their digital device sheet at


Tr a i n i n g + S u p p l e m e n t s 45b Carlyle St, Sydenham Phone 374 6947 26 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Stuggling with communication disorders?...

smile with confidence

We offer the best evidence-based therapy & professional services For Adults & Children No Referral Needed!

Canterbury Speech & Language Therapy Level 1 Longhurst Health, 53 Caulfield Ave, Halswell P: 03 595 0050 E: W: F:

Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987) Hygienists: Shona Ferguson RDH Lyn Adler RDH New clients are always welcome.


DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall Ph: 03 355 8297

BECAUSE YOU'RE A STAR For something truly special this Mother's Day, the award-winning Champs-Elysées Day Spa has created a gloriously restorative, luxury pamper package with your precious Mum in mind. Whisk her away to a private, tranquil setting where she will experience a journey of pure relaxation and well deserved pampering.


ou're a Star' Luxury Pamper Package begins with an invigorating body polish and relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage enhanced with hot stones and warmed, aroma-infused oil. The body is pampered with Pure Fiji's Starfruit body masque to firm, tone and rejuvenate the skin, followed by a luxurious facial and soothing scalp massage. Priced at just $199, this glorious 105 minute spa experience can even be

enjoyed together in one of the luxurious double suites. Mention 'Metropol' when purchasing a Mother's Day Gift Voucher, and go into the draw to win an exclusive Mother's Day High Tea for two at Christchurch Casino! Gift vouchers may be purchased at Champs-

Elysees Day Spa, or order online for a beautifully packaged gift voucher to be sent directly to you or your loved one. Champs-Elysées Day Spa has become famous for its selection of pamper packages; decadent facials; massage; luxurious body treatments; beauty essentials as well as medispa treatments offering the latest in Cosmeceutical techniques combined with premium skin care products. The spa is also renowned for its luxurious corporate packages, wedding packages and the exclusive Champs-Elysées Diamond Club. Please visit or phone 365 3630 for further information.

For complete denture services contact the team at ME2 DENTURE STUDIO We specialise in: New Dentures Partial Dentures Same Day Denture Relines Relines Repairs Denture Refitting


Our quality services are offered at a competitive price. We are qualified clinical Dental technicians and have a professional fully serviced laboratory. We offer WINZ quotes and accept insurance. Book in for your FREE initial consultation today and let the team at Me2 Denture Studio create the perfect solution for you.

Shop 3, 233 Riccarton Rd Ilam, Christchurch P: 03 341 5419 E: Metropol April 21, 2016 27




Helping women through her volunteer work at Dress for Success, Debbie Reeves has witnessed firsthand the positive impact dressing has on self-esteem. This has inspired the inception of her styling business.


entoring clients through their first job interview and styling the outfits they wear, Debbie says has been a fulfilling calling. “Seeing just how dressing for success empowers women definitely inspired me to reach as many women as possible,” Debbie explains. Building on her work with women at Dress for Success and finding herself being called on by friends and family for

trusted advice on what to wear and how to wear it, she soon established her personalised styling service - Polished Style by Debbie Reeves. With packages starting at just $100, it's an affordable service for almost anyone, and Debbie says it can literally save you hundreds of dollars on embarrassing style faux pas and barely worn items that have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe. Beginning with an initial consultation, Debbie gives a body shape assessment

that reveals the most flattering styles for your figure and a colour guide for hues that best complement your skin tone and accentuate your best features. Then comes the best bit - the shopping expedition! Along the way, Debbie offers insider style tips on hair, make-up and fashion accessories to create the complete polished look from head to toe. Whether you're looking for a fresh approach to your personal style or assimilating a killer work wardrobe, Debbie has the skills to win back your confidence in the style stakes.

A wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Daniel Wellington

I can help you!

instore now

Personalised Colour Consultation Body shape analysis Wardrobe Audit Personal Shopping Corporate Styling Colour Parties Packages available e:

Call Debbie on 0272723700

FLEXIBLE Purchase your denture cleaning and care products directly from our website www.denturesplus


28 April 21, 2016 Metropol


STYLE GURUS DRESSING UP 'DOS The aptly titled Kudos Hairdressers lives up to its namesake with appreciative repeat clientele.


he attractive, revamped salon is central to Merivale's exciting new revival, where clients are warmly welcomed into the relaxing atmosphere with friendly chatter and a cup of coffee. “We pride ourselves on our customer service it's certainly our point of difference,” Owner Michelle Farmer says. “The same stylist will be with you from start to finish, always starting with a thorough consultation.” The latest asset to join the talented Kudos team is Jocelyn Van Beyere. “She's a very professional Senior Stylist, with a flair for hairups and wedding styling,” Michelle says. “She joins me; Viv; Lucy; Kerry; Leigh; Robyn and Nele.” Anything goes now style-wise, but desired looks are more relaxed with soft, unstructured waves worn long, messy and loose, through to textured pixie cuts – ultimately, nothing is formal. “It's almost a do that's not done! “Warmer tones are emerging this autumn, with a continuation of pastels from baby pinks to steely greys. However, it's more of an all-over shading – instead of blocks of colour.”

Fast and effective Varicose vein treatment can make your legs look good and feel good in no time at all! Reasons for varicose vein treatment...

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI


204 Papanui Rd, Merivale

P.355 4734

Join us for an

EXCLUSIVE WINTER 16 The salon's products all come under the Wella brand - EIMI being the latest re-launched range that makes it easy to individualise hair shapes and styles. All products are listed on the Kudos website, where they can be purchased and delivered to your chosen address. A Wella gift pack also makes a thoughtful Mother's Day present – as does a voucher to experience the personalised Kudos treatment. Visit 204 Papanui Road, go to and phone 355 4734.

Preview Evening Plus be in to win a

$250 voucher

on the night

Tuesday 26 April House of Allure 9 Gerald Street Lincoln RSVP TO: 03 325 2390

We now offer


(The very latest in minimally invasive technology)

Requires less injections with no need to wear stockings Leg Pain

Embarrassment To halt progressive vein problems To prevent future complications

16 St Asaph St ChCh

Ph. 365 4502

For quality eyewear and eye care

403 Colombo St, Sydenham, Christchurch 3660190

Metropol April 21, 2016 29

WINTER WELLNESS FOR YOU AND YOURS While we may find the sunny rays are still lingering around at this time of the year doing their best to remind us of the glorious summer, the truth is that winter will be hot on the heels of autumn.


s the colder days inevitably descend and we bunker down into hibernation mode, the state of our health should be at the forefront of our minds. Fortunately for us, South City's extensive offering has our wellbeing covered for the months where our immunity risks being compromised by the chillier temperatures. If you find winter gets the better of you, South City Pharmacy is on hand to help. The team extols the virtues of a multifaceted yet simple approach this winter if you find yourself unwell with a cold or the flu. The pharmacy has medicines like Coldrex and Coldryl to relieve the systems of a cold and offers supplements like Viramax too that can potentially help to treat the cause of the problem and boost the immune system.

Making your nails look fabulous!




_ Articial Nails _ Shellac Nails _Manicure _ Deluxe Spa Pedicure P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Centre 30 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Offer ends 30/04/2016. Consult a health professional prior to use. Always read the label and take as directed. TAPS PP7851.

SOUTH CITY (03) 372 9185 555 Colombo Street Find us on facebook


LORRAINE TERRIS 03 343 3669 027 925 9668

Vitamin C, a great option for staving off the winter blues, is available at Health 2000 in 1000mg, concentrated form, which provides a great boost for the immune system. Vitamin C is a preventative and is effective when taken proactively so it has the opportunity to build up in the system. Health 2000 offers multi-vitamins - excellent for health in general; Olive Leaf - an anti-viral; fish oil - a helping hand for the brain, heart, joints, nails and eyes; Brain Zone – an aid during stressful exam times, and Turmeric - a good anti-inflammatory. With the latest, state-of-the-art technology on hand, Health 2000 is also offering a 15-minute follicle analysis. The process involves taking a few hair follicles to run through a 10-15 second scan. Once scanned, the data is sent to a Cell Wellbeing Server in Germany for a full analysis of your body profile. This type of insight gives you an understanding of your exposure to viruses; moulds and spores; toxic metals; chemicals and radiation among other nasties. The results also give insight to your levels of vitamins; minerals; amino acids; antioxidants and Omega 3, 6 and 9s. South City is at 555 Colombo Street, Christchurch Central.

School holidays are a great chance to get your hair styled Treatments like Buccaline are also available, which potentially prevent you from bacterial complications arising from a cold such as a sore throat and running nose. Just one course of these tablets taken over three days can give protection for up to three months following the cold and is suitable for children through to the elderly. Talk to the team at South City Pharmacy for further information to ensure you get the right treatment for you. Also working hard on winter wellness, Health 2000 is right at the heart of the popular shopping centre, adjacent to the food court, and boasts an impressive array of tried and trusted proactive and reactive remedies for health.

Every 8th Haircut FREE! Pre School $10 Primary School $15 Intermediate $17 High School $19 Uni Student male $20 Uni Student Female $22 All our stylists are fully qualified. Fab haircuts for the entire family Don’t FORGET our LOYALTY CARD, every 6th Haircut is FREE!

Experts at Zero fades


We are OPEN 7 DAYS BUSH INN SHOPPING CENTRE P. 348 7008, SOUTH CITY P. 366 0619 Metropol April 21, 2016 31


RAD RIDING By Hans Petrovic

Nick Lovett is a visionary with a passion for both bikes and beers, which he has combined in his bicycle sightseeing Radler Tours around Christchurch.


t's a bit of a pub crawl that also takes us to some of Christchurch's interesting post-earthquake places. I enjoy showing people around. It's a lot of fun, you can chat with friends along the way, have a light drink – without falling off your bike,” Nick says. Christchurch city lost 130 bars, clubs and restaurants in the disastrous 2011 quakes. A number have since re-opened, although they are no longer clustered together. Instead, many have emerged on the fringes of the CBD – but within leisurely biking distance of one another. Nick recently launched Radler Tours, which departs from the west side of

Cathedral Square at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. From there, he takes the group of cyclists past the Dance-o-Mat and the Isaac Theatre Royal, through New Regent Street to the Margaret Mahy Playground, and along the Avon River to Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn, where tour participants can have their first taste of a wide range of craft beer. From there, it's back along Kilmore Street to the commons in Victoria Square. Then through Hagley Park to a rather unique pub, the Volstead Trading Company, situated near the park end of Riccarton

Road. Participants can then choose to enjoy another crafty beverage – including a German creation, Radlermass, a shandylike mixture of beer and lemonade, after which the tour is named. The last leg of the tour is back through Hagley Park, along the river and then on to Smash Palace on High Street. “Once you've done all that cycling, you'll feel that you deserve a beer,” Nick says. To book a tour, visit the website,

G LOUCESTER R OOM S ESSIONS: A fringe performance space in the heart of the city Book now at

0800 TICKETEK Amateur Girl:

1-4 June 7:30pm 32 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Mr & Mrs Alexander: Sideshows & Psychics

2 July 7:30pm

Everest Untold:

13-15 July 7:30pm




Katya & Yani Johanson

Lorraine Edelston, Ange Mintrom

On Thursday 31 March, the Isaac Theatre Royal (ITR) came alive with the iconic beats of Abba as the incredibly talented cast of Showbiz’s Mamma Mia took the opening night audience’s breath away. Standing ovation after standing ovation followed as the beloved storyline unfurled in all of its glory.

Rachel Neppelenbroek, Karen Alexander

Michael Bayly, Tracey Prince

Brian & Dianne Brodie, Zylpha & Don Harrison

Bob Parker, Jo Nicholls-Parker

Jason Gunn, Janine Morrell-Gunn, Sue White, Andrew Walker

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:



Enjoy this outstanding outdoor experience... The excitement of Clay shoo ng, Archery & Golf. Set in a stunning loca on with spectacular scenery!

Team building Tui on Solo or group bookings Stag and hens events Gi vouchers available!

Terrace Downs Resort, Coleridge Rd, Windwhistle, Canterbury Ph. 021 158 4259

NIGHT CLASSES PAPANUI HIGH Te r m 2 2 0 1 6 Term 2 begins 9th May 2016

Huge range of classes from…

Art to Yoga Come down and enjoy the fun! To enrol, please phone our ofce on:

352 0701 See our full range of courses on Metropol April 21, 2016 33


REALISING POTENTIAL IN THE POOL Canterbury Swim School is a Gold Status swim school - the highest standard offered by Swimming New Zealand and is one of only a few nationwide.


o achieve this, the school managed by Directors Jenny Jones and Huia Mikara - met strict criteria for the facility; management; tuition and staff. All staff members are qualified, skilled instructors teaching babies through to

adults. The swim school also offers a pathway through to competitive swimming. Jenny says it's never too late to learn. “Adult swimming classes are increasingly popular. With so many water sports out there now - from surfing to wakeboarding

Build Confidence and learn the life skill of Swimming

- you need to be able to swim to do them. We also have some older adults tell us they just want to be able to swim with their grandchildren, which is fantastic.” She says the school's discreet and private environment ensures it is a popular choice with many adult swimmers. Group lessons, costing $15.50 per halfhour in the 25 metre, six-lane pool, have a maximum of 8-10 people, or 5-6 people in the 10 metre, four-lane pool. Sessions are available after school weekdays, or weekend mornings – there is no waiting list. Private tuition and casual swimming is also available. The unique state-of-the-art filtration system - the first of its kind in New Zealand - uses chlorine more efficiently so it is low irritant without the lingering chlorine smell. Canterbury Swim School is offering an April holiday programme; classes do fill up quickly so call to reserve your space. Visit Canterbury Swim School at 25 Charente Way, Yaldhurst or go to, or phone 03 260 2220.

Come and join the HOOPLA

Fun Hoop for & Fitness Classes in Halswell, Cashmere, New Brighton, Fendalton, & Rolleston. BOOK NOW ON

We cater for all ages, including adults and all ranges of ability. You can find us just off Buchanans Rd, Hornby!

Ph. 03 260 2220 34 April 21, 2016 Metropol Purchase a hoop online at In2Hula hula hoops

Get fit, have fun and lose weight! 0800466779



Schools are being hit with the latest craze and it doesn't involve chatter rings; knuckle bones; silly bandz, or anything that involves spending more than $200 on groceries.


New Zealand vs Netherlands, photo by Jacob Heres

he Dutch ball sport korfball is a dynamic cross between basketball and netball, featuring a 12-feet high (3.65 metres) hoop and a whole lot of action. Korfball has gained popularity on a local level following the establishment of Korfball Canterbury in 2004 and has now developed a strong following, with Youri Borrink recently appointed from the Netherlands to develop the sport's profile, culture and reach in local schools.

Last year New Zealand sent its first Under-19 korfball team to the world championships in the Netherlands, a move likened to the Netherlands coming here to play rugby. The world's only mixed sport; korfball requires four females and four males on each team, with the presence of women in the game so outrageous to many sports' analysts in the early 20th century, that they refused to take korfball seriously. When official uniforms were adapted early on to

increase comfort and ease of movement, leaving women's knees and ankles exposed, observers were livid. Dutch magazine Sportgeschiedenis records the reaction of one journalist: "Korfball is a monster, with claws protruding from all sides". Despite these fears and allegations of immorality, the tradition of co-ed teams has been preserved and now countries throughout the world are being introduced to this unique game.



nd your inner glow and beauty within, at ow

Love the convenience and privacy of working out in your own home 25 Mandeville St. Ph (03) 348 8889

We move all household goods no matter how large or small.

If you are: • Moving Locally • Moving from Town to Town • Moving from City to City

• Moving Anywhere in New Zealand • Moving Anywhere in the World • Wanting Storage

relax. we carry the

load. Call us on free phone 0800 255 433 to speak to a moving specialist Metropol April 21, 2016 35

WINES OF CANTERBURY The David Jackson Dinner was ďŹ rst staged in May 2010 to honour the contributions made to the establishment of the Canterbury wine industry by the now late Doctor David Jackson. In 2012, the Canterbury Wine Awards were launched and the presentations of medals and trophies added to the dinner line-up.


his year's dinner will feature the 'who's who' of the Canterbury Wine industry and will be a seven-course degustation style dinner. Each course will be expertly matched by local Chef Jonny Schwass to the seven food trophy winning wines from the 2016 Canterbury Wine Awards show. During the evening, presentations will be made for all medals awarded in the 2016 show, along with the seven food matching trophies and the Lincoln University Postgraduate Study Award. At the culmination of the dinner, the Overall Champion Wine for the 2016 show

36 April 21, 2016 Metropol

will be announced. Last year the award went to Kym and Maggie Raynor from Torlesse Wines for their 2009 Omihi Road Riesling. As with 2015, a very limited number of tickets will be released for public sale. Each year these awards highlight not only that there are some fantastic wines made here in Canterbury, but also how food friendly these wines are. Full results from the judging will be on in early May. For further information, or dinner queries, please contact



coin through the cat's mouth and receive a shot of Gin in return. It was kind of the world's first dispensing machine and where Old Tom Gin was born. In 1853 in London, James Borrough started a company which eventually became Hayman's Gin. I caught up with James Hayman for my masterclass in Gin and he imparted some interesting knowledge - that over the years the methods and botanicals have changed considerably and not all Gins are the same. The range of flavours and quality differs greatly from style to style. For example, you've got Sloe Gin, a maceration of sloe berries and Gin; Navy Strength Liqueur at 57%; Old Tom and London Dry. Would you believe one of the best Gins is made right here in Christchurch?

By Nicholas Henare

'Jenever' if you're Dutch, or 'Genièvre' if you're French, but to us in New Zealand, it's 'Gin'. It's a spirit predominantly flavoured by juniper berries and a wide range of added botanicals; lemon peel; orange peel; coriander seeds; nutmeg

Whether it's in a cocktail, or just with

and cardamom pods to

a dash of tonic and lemon on a hot

name just a few.

afternoon, Gin is back stronger than ever.


t's been the flavour of the day since William of Orange, ruler of the Dutch Republic, made it so. Turns out the British soldiers took a fancy while in Holland and decided to try brewing it at home. That's where the term “Dutch Courage” is reported to have come from for its calming effects before a battle. Gin took hold of England in a big way after that, as the Government allowed

unlicensed production of Gin, until they realised that most of the population had become incredibly drunk and unproductive. In response, they decided to sell it strictly in very large quantities at which point the common folk decided to start up a sly way to get one's daily drop. Picture this: you’d walk up to a wooden cat (yes, a wooden cat) and utter the phrase, “puss puss”. If you heard “meow” you would deposit your

Rogue Society's production facility is a highly guarded secret, but the fact that we are creating such a fantastic Gin right here in New Zealand shows that good old Kiwi ingenuity is still hard at work in our own backyard. Whether it's in a cocktail, or just with a dash of tonic and lemon on a hot afternoon, Gin is back stronger than ever. Take the time to enjoy it, cheers.


2014 & 2015

breakfast lunch dinner


Life’s too short for mediocrity… Fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes that are created to be perfectly balanced, using the highest quality, locally caught seafood and seasonal produce

Whether you are after your morning espresso at the breakfast bar, a lunch in our sun drenched verandah, a platter in the verdant courtyard, or a glass of wine or beer in our peaceful lounge bar. we’ll be here, ready to welcome you to experience hospitality as it should be

PH 03 348 1436 28 RICCARTON ROAD, (Hagley Park end)

From 7am Mon-Friday, From 9am Sat & Sun Metropol April 21, 2016 37




Stellar Restaurant Riccarton You'll be over the moon about Stellar


Top class dining for great prices, using local fresh ingredients, dish price is range from $10 to $28. Specials on every day, Stellar Grills Set shown in the picture above ONLY $59 for 2 people (value of $118). Private function rooms - with catering - no hire fee - great parking out the back.

Spoil mum this Mother's Day with a sophisticated High Tea Buffet hand made by our Pastry Team. Treat yourself for only $30pp including tea, coffee and fruit punch, or indulge for $35pp with a glass of bubbles included. Sunday 8th May, 12pm or 2pm. Reservations essential (03) 372 8892. R20 venue.

Opening Hours:

Open Monday - Thursday 11am to 12am, Friday & Saturday 11am - 1am and Sunday 11am to 10pm

Breakfast and lunch 9am to 2.30pm Dinner 5.30 till later


A great place to soak up the sun over a long lunch or linger over dinner in our homely restaurant. Relaxed or casual with separate bar, restaurant and large outdoor area. Fully Licensed - A la Carte

69 Centaurus Road Cashmere

brick works LICENSED

Phone (03) 337 2227

Waimairi/North Beach

Open Tuesday to Sunday Level 1, 235 Riccarton Road Reservations Phone : 03 3456 888

City Centre

30 Victoria Street Christchurch Phone: (03) 372 8892



BEACH CAFE Take your taste buds on a beachside stroll. Feel the sand between your toes and then just walk over the road to our beach café to taste our new summer menu, and supreme coffee. Boasting a great kids menu, play area and even your dog is welcome in the courtyard.

Where you enjoy tantalising food for your soul... UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

Hours: Open 7 Days: 9am - 4pm

Indulge yourself in some fantastic food and coffee therapy while overlooking the Avon River and Oxford Terrace. Or - if you can't stay, take me away- grab a coffee on the go! Enjoy the taste of their ever popular French toasted banana bread or Smoked Salmon with poached egg and avocado. FREE WIFI FOR CUSTOMERS Cnr Hereford St & Oxford Tce Ph 943 6657 Open 7 Days CAFE & Public Holidays

Phone: 03 382 8599

Phone (03) 943 6657

Available for Private Functions.

Beach Café 16a Beach Road, Waimairi Beach

38 April 21, 2016 Metropol



SAVOIRE Café of Bishopdale Brunch favourites like Eggs Benedict, Eggs Atlantic and French Toast. Mufns and Scones, freshly baked on the premises every day.

Spend $15 and get 15% discount Bring in METROPOL advert to receive this discount Fancy a delicious light meal in our sunny, sheltered courtyard? Or perhaps just drop in for a refreshing coffee and cake. Small or large groups welcome for breakfast, brunch or lunch – pre-order to save time.

Hours: Mon to Fri 7:30am to 4pm Sat 8am to 4pm Sun 8.30am to 4pm

333 Harewood Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch Phone (03) 360 0996





Cafe / Bar

Lifes A Beach... Enjoy a casual dining experience, while watching the surfers, SuPs, seagulls and swimmers.

Open daily for Breakfast & Lunch


Open late for Friday night Tapas

Always fresh, always tasty... Whatever the occasion, your tastebuds are in for a treat! We pride ourselves on serving up mouthwatering meals throughout the day and into the evening. Come & enjoy this dining experience that every visit is a special occasion.

Happy Hour: Tues-Sat 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5

Fully Licensed

Available for functions Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Facebook Fusion at The Asiatique

To follow updates on cooking classes follow us on Facebook 50 Wordsworth St just off Colombo Sydenham

Phone: (03) 365 0163

Phone: (03) 355 5299




Slow cooked lamb in a clay pot with peppers, potatoes and shallots. Topped with crumbed feta. Trevinos Restaurant and Bar The perfect party venue Private function room A La Carte or Set Menus available Great Location - ample free parking Open all ANZAC weekend - No Surcharge Starting to take bookings for Mid Winter functions BOOK NOW!

Grab a confiden al table and delicious food and do business. Breakfast, lunch, morning and a ernoon teas. This Café is very spacious compared to most and has mul areas indoors and out including a professional air condi oned boardroom facility for hire. On and off premises catering - Fully Licensed, Wi fi and great parking Happy Hour on Friday from 4 to 6:30 for all beers and house wine for $6.oo and Free bar snack with purchase of $20 beers or wine.

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Monavale Ave Phone: 03 343 5378






Mon - Thur 7am-4pm Fri 7am-6:30pm Saturday 8:30 to 2:30pm 235 Annex Road Middleton

Phone (03) 338 1801



“Lamb Kleftiko”

Join us on Facebook

Set your taste buds to “bam”! when dining at Sydenham’s latest. A killer mix of delectable taste sensations from Malaysia, Peranakan and Thai Street foods. Watch out for our new Menu on scrumptious Malaysian Street food mid April and our upcoming ‘Foodlovers’ Culinary tour to Thailand and Laos.

FULL LICENSED 7 Normans Rd Open 7 Days: Tue-Sat 8am-10pm Sun-Mon 8am-3pm

147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner Ph. 03 326 7923

FUSION @ THE ASIATIQUE SYDENHAM Malaysian Nonya and Thai foods at its best.

SPECTATORS 7 day Bar & Bistro Mother's Day Sunday 8 May 2016 With the option of either a la carte dining in Spectators or a buffet lunch in Blossom Lady*, bubbles for mum on arrival and the chance to win a Hanmer Springs Pamper Package we have Mother's Day all wrapped up. See our website for full details. Located on level 3 of the Met Stand at Addington Raceway

Regular Opening Hours: Monday - 7.30am til 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday – 7.30am til late Saturday & Sunday – 11am til late 65 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Raceway


Phone (03) 339 7915

7 days bar & bistro located at Addington Raceway

LICENSED Metropol April 21, 2016 39

DINING GUIDE Airport & Wigram


TERRACE DOWNS RESORT Enjoy a delicious meal in a rustically luxurious clubhouse with spectacular views. Cafe Open Daily: 8.00am - 6.00pm Lunch Menu 11:30am - 3pm Hunter’s Reastaurant from 6pm Make your Sunday extra special and join us for our Sunday Buffet, every week from 12:30pm


It's all about the food!

Stunning view, exquisite food.

Every day we grill and roast our meats, chop our salsas and fry up our tortilla chips to bring you the fresh avours of Mexico, Cali-style! Fully licensed, open 10am-9pm Monday to Sunday. Check out the menu and order online

Only a short drive from Christchurch, the Methven Resort Hotel is the perfect choice for your wedding. With accommodation in the Mt Hutt Village, plus our onsite chef offers a special wedding menu with a wide range of avours to suit all of your guests. We are Methven’s largest event venue with stunning views of the Southern Alps. • Bar and Restaurant • 3 heated outside spas • 25 metre outdoor swimming pool - seasonal • Accommodation • Restaurant • Bar • Conferences • 1 hour from Christchurch

623 Coleridge Road, Windwhistle Only one hour drive from Christchurch Airport. Phone: (03) 318 6943


Spitre Square, Christchurch Airport 5, 544 Memorial Ave 03 974 1084

Wigram Skies, 96 The Runway 03 974 9279


SOUL FOOD IN A COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE Tom and Paul are as passionate about people as they are about food. A huge dine-in or take-out selection including.. Pies with vegan options Mince on toast - Home-made Ice cream. All food is made on the premises including roasting of meats. Catering specializing in hot and cold nger food. Open Monday - Friday 6am to 4pm 390 Ferry Road - opposite the Powerboat Centre Phone 03 389 1195 or 027 531 0253

51 Main Street, Methven

Phone 0800 22 4440


THE EARLYBIRD CATCHES THE DINNER DEAL! Book the rst table of the night at participating Christchurch restaurants and you'll get 50% OFF the FOOD BILL for 2 to 4 DINERS! Choose from 30 fantastic Christchurch restaurants. Use promo code METROPOL to get $5 FREE CREDIT!*

Book now at

Home Made Happiness

Claudes Kitchen

Phone 03 389 1195 40 April 21, 2016 Metropol

*Promo code can only be used on new sign ups. $5 free credit to be used towards booking fee. Booking fee is normally $10 per reservation. Credit must be used within 30 days of signing up.


HOME OF QUITE, PROBABLY CHRISTCHURCH S BEST EGGS BENEDICT (LONELY PLANET) Dose Cafe is a friendly, vibrant breakfast, brunch & lunch cafe


TUAM ST chuch hospital Close to Christ BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND COFFEE 77 TUAM STREET PH 03 943 2112 OPEN MON - FRI 7.30AM-4PM SAT 8.30AM-3PM

Classic Kiwi favourites mix with tastes of the Mediterranean in Caesars Restaurant & Bar's new look menu. The menu is changed up twice a year, inspired by seasonal flavours and influences from co-owner Molly's Mediterranean background.


ry the Moroccan Couscous Royale with lamb kofta, beef sausages and saffron-scented chickpea stew; the delicious Chicken Harissa, or for something special, Chicken or Lamb Tagine for one or two. All Mediterranean meals are just $20 on Thursdays.

Caesars welcomes the entire family to its restaurant, with a spacious and easily accessible restaurant space; a separate bar area with a big screen TV, and a wellequipped play area to keep the kids happy while you relax over lunch. Treat Mum to a meal out this Mother's Day breakfast from the newly opened weekend breakfast menu, or lunch or dinner from the great selection of fresh, home-style food. There is never a surcharge on public holidays, so it will always be affordable for Dad's wallet, with great prices being a feature of the new menu. Check out the new daily promotions - $20 'Grill on the Rock' Tuesdays and Wednesdays; a Friday special with two main meals from selected menu items for just $40, with children dining free on Mondays. Caesars is now open for Breakfast on weekends from 9.00am Visit Caesars Restaurant & Bar on Facebook for its latest promotions, or go to For more information and to make a reservation, phone 323 5420.

A taste of Europe without the long journey...

Warm up your Winter menu with hearty European food available at

9c Normans Road, Strowan Ph. 03 355 0932 Open Tuesday to Saturday

Simplydelicious... Fendalton’s Favourite Café MODERN JAPANESE DINING IN CHRISTCHURCH

For enjoyable experience, excellent fresh food, coffee and service

Fine Japanese Cuisine Lunch & Dinner

Now Open Sunda ys!! Gluten Free options abound Fresh Home-made baking Underground Coffee Fully Licensed RICCARTON 85 Riccarton Road 03-3416608 RICCARTON@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ FERRYMEAD 2 Waterman Place Ferrymead P. 348 5644 FERRYMEAD@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ


Lunch: Tues-Sat 11:30am-2.00pm Dinner: Tues-Sun 5:30pm till late

LITTLE MERCHANTS Specialty coffee 18 Bernard St, Addington Phone 03-338 5700

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414 Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 7:30-4:30pm Sat-Sun: 8:30-4:30pm

76 Edgeware Road, Edgeware Mall Christchurch Ph: 03 377 8028 Metropol April 21, 2016 41


AN EXOTIC CULINARY OASIS It is one thing to go to a restaurant knowing the food and service are going to inspire feelings of bliss and joy. It's an entirely extraordinary experience altogether when the backdrop leaves you feeling like you've come to work for nothing to learn the secrets! travelled to an exotic destination.


qual parts homely and sophisticated, Fusion at the Asiatique brings a culinary charm to Christchurch that is unparalleled in many ways. It starts with the incredibly engaging Owner, Jackie Hendricks, and transcends all elements, from the divine cuisine to the décor. “We create aromatic; fresh; true flavours. What I love is when our loyal customers say, 'I can taste the freshness'. I've actually had customers come in and try to buy my sauces and pastes and some even offer to

• • • • •

“A chef recently commented how incredibly fresh our curry paste was. He told me, 'I know you make your own curry paste, it is so authentic'. That was a huge compliment.” On a first name basis with many of her customers who love to come in and be surprised with a spontaneous menu, Jackie's new restaurant set-up at 50 Wordsworth Street also embraces a noodle bar concept. Fresh, flavoursome noodles are prepared before being served up at one of the quaint, intimate tables in the freshly decorated restaurant. The noodles and wider culinary options

are inspired by Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine giving the restaurant an incredibly unique point of difference. Signature dishes including the Curry Laksa; Nyonya Chicken Curry; Rendang Beef; Nasi Lemak and Roti Wraps as well as a number of daily 'Chef Specials'. Jackie has worked hard to create a space that inspires the imagination. From a retro oven and traditional farmers' hats adorning the walls, through to old leather suitcases; a zebra mural and artwork created by Jackie's own hands; the restaurant is teaming with love and eclectic energy that Christchurch has long been parched of. Phone 365 0163 to make a booking.

Fresh Seafood Seafood Salad Sushi & Sashimi Freshly Cooked Fish and Chips Gourmet Burgers

Pre-order your Sushi and Sashimi Party Platter Now!

We do everything with SEAFOOD ge pa k N o bo WI imi ce fa in to ash r u e S e o o b i & rty ! Lik t ush Pa tter a S Pl

MERIVALE GOURMET SEAFOOD 233 Papanui Road, Merivale 42 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Phone 03 355 6733

Happy Birthday Freemans 10 years old! Handmade pasta & pizza Beautiful wines on tap Wed & Thurs $18 pizza and $20 pasta Coffee roasted in house Opening Hours Live Music every Sunday afternoon Wed & Thurs 3-late on THE DECK

328 7517 47 London Street, Lyttelton

Friday 11.30-late Saturday 9-late Sunday 12-late

Like us on facebook




Mexicali Fresh opened its first Christchurch restaurant last August, bringing its California-style Mexican fare to the South Island for the first time.


or the most authentic Cali-style experience, Mexicali Fresh uses only the best local ingredients and creates everything from scratch each day - from grilling and roasting the meat, to making fresh salsas and frying up its tortilla chips. Located in both Wigram and Christchurch Airport's retail precinct, Spitfire Square, the restaurants are fully licensed and the menu features a delicious array of burritos; tacos; nachos and salads to choose from. The open kitchens are designed so customers can see all the Mexicali magic happen. Alongside the fantastic fare, Mexicali Fresh offers an impressive selection of drinks. With funky music playing in the background and colourful 'street art' décor, Mexicali Fresh also has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for the best customer experience possible – whether you are dining in, or ordering your meals 'to go'. Mexicali Fresh has a great loyalty programme called the Cabana Club, where members earn points with every purchase and also hear about other deals, promotions and giveaways. In addition, for every 10 burritos, the 11th is free and members also get a free meal in their birthday month. Both the Wigram owner, Steve Goodgame, and Spitfire Square owner, Richard Murray, say customer feedback they have received since opening has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers loving the fresh food and cool vibe of the stores. Mexicali Fresh is open every day between 10am and 9pm, visit


Historic Oaks Homestead Functions and events Accommodation Dining

Lunch: Wed-Sun 12pm-3pm Dinner: Wed-Sun from 6pm (Bookings Essential)

CNR Main West Coast Rd & Clintons Rd, Darfield, Ph: 03 318 7686

A name synonymous in Christchurch’s top dining circles. Traditional and Teppan-Yaki menus Three of the original Japanese chefs ex Crown Plaza Hotel Opposite the Casino

53 Victoria Street PH 365 7799 Metropol April 21, 2016 43



Sweet Revenge's Mum loves lemon, so we have loads of luscious lemon treats available for Mothers Day, and a Lemon Treats Sampler Box. Call us today to try one of our delectable lemon goodies!

Sweet Revenge Ph. 352 8815

Decant is a wine shop - the largest range of European wine in the South Is. Decant is a licensed café - really good food, superb coffee. Decant is a deli - a great selection of French cheeses. Decant is… - visit our website

Imagine a delicious Gourmet Bagel toasted & topped with our delicious handmade Schmears, preserves or spreads unique to Stolen Bagel Accompanied by a Wakey wakey or Jungle boy smoothie

Stolen Bagel 263 Lincoln Road Ph. 335 0172

44 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Divine cakes and desserts is the divine answer for a cake at your next special occasion. No baking required – just order and pick up Whether it be a wedding cake, gateau’s, cheesecake, cakes for any occasion and more. Divine Cakes & Desserts Blenheim Rd l The Palms l Northlands l Westfield

A gift of high quality that will be remembered Imagine giving family and friends our Gift Certificates to the value you decide, to allow the recipient to select their own cut of the high quality dry aged beef.

Cashmere Cuisine Ph. 332 6071 - 18 Colombo Street

Una Bakery Fresh Handcrafted Convenient Underground coffee Friendly, helpful staff

Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards Want to experience the top beef and lamb cuisine in New Zealand? Visit

Introducing the Bugatti Diva. With funky Italian styling and design this is an espresso machine that you can use with ground coffee or pods.

The Crowded House Coffee Company. 23 Islington Ave, Waterloo Business Park Ph. 348 5089

73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph. 337 8214. E.

We are proud to be the only Christchurch stockist of the world famous Lieber Pies from Fairlie Bakehouse.

MRS DENTON'S Fine. Food. Fast Takeaway Cafe, Delicatessen 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat 8am-3pm Ph. 357 4516 027 469 0206



Spoil yourself with our own special blend “New City” Coffee, house roasted to ensure a fresh, delicious cup. Delicious English and European Cuisine with healthy options for Brunch, Lunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea. Open Mon-Fri 7.00am-5.00pm Sat- Sun & public holidays 8am-5pm

Cafe Metro Cranford Street Merivale Ph. 356 1835


The taste of Spain in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. You can enjoy authentic award winning Spanish Cuisine in our picturesque setting. Full dinner or lunch time tapas al fresco in the sun before a stroll in the gardens. Early bird menu 5pm-6pm for a delicious light meal. Curators House Restaurant Botanic Gardens. 7 Rolleston Ave Ph. 379 2252

Hellers Sensational New Salami Choices. Packed full of flavour these new varieties are sure to be a winner with family & friends. The range includes new convenient sized 100g varieties Pepperoni, Italian, Dutch Lean, Danish and Pizza Salami.

“Catering to Order” Work shouts, parties, picnics or just because! Club sandwiches, savouries, filled rolls, slices, cream cakes, birthday cakes & much more

HALSWELL BAKERY & CAFÉ 346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days Ph. 322 4600

Yoshimura Sushi & Bento Lunch Box Try our unique, new, sushi style! The main ingredient has already been flavoured, so you can eat them straight away 7 Normans Road, Strowan Ph. 355 6191 Email: Like us on Facebook

Jen’s pickles and chutneys are delicious and versatile, great with chicken, meats, fish or vegetables. Fantastic on cheese/antipasto platters or in sandwiches. .

On Mother’s Day - give your Mum a gift of love "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”. Treat your Mum to a memorable Mother's Day high tea brunch! Spoil your Mum with a perfect gift - a cooking workshop where Rita will demonstrate and give tips and fresh recipes for a fabulous high tea. Sunday 8-May at 11am. Contact Rita at My Home Chef: 027 772 6022

NEW Filled Bagels! Roast Vegetables & Feta Roast Chicken, Plum Sauce & Brie Roast Chicken, Pesto & Capsicum Fresh each day from

Kidd’s Cakes & Bakery 254 Cranford St Ph. 355 6921

Mum's the Word Treat your mother to a sumptuous Mother's Day buffet lunch at 50 Bistro that begins with a complimentary glass of Nautilus Cuvée Brut. $65 per adult | $25 per child (12 & under) From midday Sunday 8 May

Jen’s Cozinha

50 Bistro

email: Ph. 021 350 277 Look up for stockists

50 Park Terrace Ph. 371 0250 E:

Metropol April 21, 2016 45



Our Winter Collection of macarons has arrived in-store, just in time for Mother's Day. Salted Caramel Espresso, Coconut Chai, Sticky Date Pudding...wintery & luxe!


The Colombo, 363 Colombo Street Ph. 366 9108

A family business with menus tailored to each individual client, G&T Catering and Events can look after your next function.

G&T Catering and Events Ph. 022 425 8628

High Tea @ The Store Perfect to celebrate any occasion. A brand new menu, a Gluten Free option & a children's version, along with a fabulous selection of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.(Licensed) Book your High Tea now.

The Store @ Tai Tapu 687 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Tai Tapu Ph. 329 6753 E.

Car Boot Sale @ Edendale Café Events Space $20 per site. Every Sunday 10am to 3pm Family Activities. Please check Facebook for updates or cancellations Ph. 027 217 2393

Edendale Cafe Cnr Main West Coast Road & Sandy Knolls Road

46 April 21, 2016 Metropol

“The Perfect Mothers Day gift – Ataahua Port Wine with Ataahua Dark Chocolate Truffles” Available online Or Ph. 021 222 2354

Main Divide Meats Delicious South Island sourced Wild Venison used by NZ's top chefs and now available for you to experience this quality in the comfort of your own home with the ease of home delivery. Wholesale available. To order, phone 348 2573 or email:

Craft beer drinker’s love ‘The Hairy Box’. A selection of award winning hand crafted beers brewed by Lakeman Brewing Co. Winning Gold, Silver and Bronze at ‘New World Craft Beer Awards 2016'. Available at selected liquor outlets. Ph. 0800 893 457

BUNRUNNERS Brimming with beautiful, fresh healthy food, made onsite. Fully organic coffees, made with local organic milk and coffee beans grown in Peru. 17 varieties of pies, 3 gorgeous salads, Including a Vegetarian selection We only use free range eggs 87c Fitzgerald Avenue Ph. 374 2260

Fresh to Wigram – fresh baked – fresh served for either take away or dine in. Atomic Coffee Home made Pies Excellent Service Coffee Cube We tick all the right boxes 5 Avenger Crescent, Wigram Ph. 021 028 48466 text orders welcome! .


Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There's plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes...

Thursday 21 April Isaac Theatre Royal: Leighs Construction CSO Presents: Mad Men & Dangerous Women. An evening of Jazz – from 7.30pm Friday 22 April Churchills Live Music Venue: Local Jam Sessions. Open mic and jams – from 9pm Darkroom: Rufflefeather + Funkacybin, Skinny Hobo's & No Broadcast. Alternative and indie – from 7pm The Twisted Hop: The Scoundrels playing classic rock – from 7.30pm Saturday 23 April Wunderbar: Tom Waits Tribute: Blues Professor and Carmelita Toots presenting covers and tributes – from 8.30pm Horncastle Arena: The Proclaimers with special guest Greg Johnson rocking it out – from 8pm Isaac Theatre Royal: Judith Durham – Farewell NZ Matinee Concert Series – from 4.30pm Sunday 24 April Isaac Theatre Royal: Singer and songwriter Jamie Lawson – from 8pm


Saturday 7 May

Thursday 28 April Akaroa Golf Club, Banks Peninsula: 'Sons of a Bitch' & Mel Parsons deliver an unmissable evening of music; theatre and comedy – from 6pm Blue Smoke: Jackie Bristow sings country – from 8pm Friday 29 April Canterbury Museum: Feeding the Natives delivers alternative and indie – from 7pm Winnie Bagoes: Drax Project – T/W/OO EP Release Tour featuring electronica – from 7.30pm Strange & Co: Eastern Bloc at Strange Behaviour featuring bar DJs – from 8pm Saturday 30 April Becks Southern Alehouse: The Brothers Grimm playing rock – from 9pm Friday 6 May Dux Central: Emerson performing in the courtyard – from 5pm Dux Central: Mowtown and funk in the Emerald Room – from 9.30pm Fat Tony's Bar & Swill: Roaring Swine featuring covers and tribute bands – from 8pm

Dux Central: Sayae playing in the courtyard – from 3pm Churchills Live Music Venue: Rage Against the Dying Light featuring rock – from 9pm Friday 13 May Woolston Club: Melting Pot Band playing R&B and Soul – from 8pm Dux Central: Emerson performing in the courtyard – from 5pm Dux Central: Mowtown and funk in the Emerald Room – from 9.30pm Saturday 14 May Becks Southern Alehouse: The Cassettes (formerly Bluetrain) playing covers and tribute bands – from 9pm Dux Central: Dragon Jack in the courtyard – from 3pm Sunday 15 May Dux Central: Sunday Jazz sessions – from 2pm Thursday 19 May Isaac Royal Theatre: The Hendrix Revolution Tour with Randy Hansen presenting classic rock – from 8pm


S A LT B A R, C A F E & R E S TA U R A N T


Salt Bar is a full service restaurant, cafe and bar featuring exquisite Japanese cuisine as well as a European-style brunch / lunch menu.

• Bistro Bar Food

• 18 Pokie Machines • Self Service TAB

• Private Sheltered Courtyard

Mon-Tue Noon-9pm Wed Noon-11pm Thu Noon-12pm Fri-Sat Noon-3:30am Sun-Mon Noon-8pm.

185 Manchester Street, Central City Phone: 03 9437816

We have open indoor and outdoor dining areas, with a more secluded upstairs restaurant dining area.

Ph. 03 312 8038 Mob. 021 704 214 email:

Located next to the Hollywood Cinema in Sumner.

26a Marriner Street, Sumner Telephone (03) 326 4774 Metropol April 21, 2016 47


EXOTIC INDIAN EATS Indian food has such a wide range of flavours and Pepper Bridge Indian restaurant does its best to cover all kinds from all parts of India - north and south.


There's a comprehensive offering including great options for gluten free.

Delicious New Bakery now on Selwyn St

A wide range of delectable savouries, pies, sandwiches & cakes. Combined with superb coffee & friendly service...

he chef, Ranjit, has been providing authentic Indian food for 15 years and whether it's the Chilli or Butter chicken, there is a flavour or style to excite your taste buds. There's lots of parking at Addington Mall where the restaurant is based and a comprehensive offering including great options for gluten free. With delicious dishes like Chilli Paneer; Malai Kofta; Tandoori and a great range of curries, why wouldn't you drop by to try Pepper Bridge today? At the helm, Roy Poulose and Sani Thomas welcome you to experience the restaurant and its great service. Pepper Bridge is fully licensed with a good range of beverages - it is BYO too, so bring your own choice if need be. If you want to try something special for lunch, there's a real treat in the Katti Roll. It's an Indian naan wrap with different options for fillings like vegetables; chicken; beef and lamb with a delicious egg omelette and salad. Everything is made with fresh sauces by the chef, so the flavour is very authentic. Pepper Bridge Indian restaurant is open for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, 11.30am to 2.30pm and for dinner from 4.30pm to 9.30pm. Sundays only offer dinner from 5pm to 9.30pm. To book, phone 03 595 0442. Check out the website at

A fabulous café in Christchurch's most famous secret garden...

A India G tronomi Ge First to bring delicious Ka Wraps to Christchurch Chef originally from India with 12 years NZ experience

Pies & Coffee Bakery 290 Selwyn Street

Ph 377 7725

48 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Next me you visit Hagley Park, you are welcome to enjoy our delicious food and an amazing range of drinks at the Club House Café. • The Café with the biggest back yard in Christchurch - North Hagley park, between Hagley Golf Club and Victoria Lake. • Func on hire, weddings and catering. • Walking the dog? - pooch is welcome to join you at Club House Café.

North Hagley Park

We are fully Licensed Restaurant

For dine-in or takeaway lunches

Between Hagley Golf Club & Victoria Lake


Phone 03 365 3010


A HIDDEN OASIS OF FLAVOURS You never know what is around the next corner. Hidden away upstairs on Riccarton Road, Stellar Restaurant is a surprising find. Aptly named for its night sky views, Stellar celebrates its one year anniversary this month – a year of offering the delicate flavours and plating you would expect from a contemporary dining experience, all at affordable prices. large group celebrations or corporate meetings, including breakfast, with the option available to make use of the entire space for up to 150 people. Complimentary function hire is included with all catered events - choose from canapes; the three-course set menu beginning from just $35 per person, or talk over your specific menu requirements. Visit Stellar at 235 Riccarton Road, with easy access parking at the rear and an elevator up to the restaurant. Make a booking by phoning 345 6888 or go to for more information. Check out Stellar Restaurant on Facebook too.


oin in the celebrations with the winter dining special - the Stellar grill set for two people for $59. It starts with garlic bread and soup, followed by a seafood grill of fresh fish of the day; salmon; scallops; prawns and mussels, with grilled chicken or steak served with sides of vegetables and a green salad, before finishing with a refreshing sorbet. Stellar's spacious dining area is perfect for all dining experiences – a romantic table for two by the windows; shared small plates for lunch with the girls on the balcony, or a delicious high tea for Mother's Day. The private function room is ideal for

Breakfast, lunch or dinner by the seaside with incredible views Amazing menu Fresh daily Tuesday night Dessert & Coffee Special

Restaurant OPEN Tues - Thurs from 4pm Friday, Sat & Sun from 11am check our website for details






By the Pier, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493

Eat in genuine Italian family style with genuine Italian food made by our genuine Italian owner Try the exciting new additions to our menu including Schiacciata (skiah-CHA-tah) – a delicious Italian pizza alternative. (A hand stretched Tuscan flatbread loaded with toppings & packed with taste)

You can dine either from our a-la-carte menu or the Italian Family way with shared Platters and Serves down the middle of the table

Now BYO 5

(Wine Only)

Metropol April 21, 2016 49



Create your own art gallery at home and transform a bare wall into a dramatic statement with a curated selection of art.

Photo: Fritz Hansen

designing your dreams

50 April 21, 2016 Metropol


irst choose the location of your gallery wall. A blank wall above a couch; a sideboard, or a cosy grouping of a couple of armchairs either side of a coffee table could be a good place to start. For a polished look, frame all artwork in matching frames or choose a particular theme like all black and white photographs. For a more eclectic look, you might like to use a variety of mediums to keep things interesting. Don't just stick to art in frames - pay attention to different textures, shapes and proportions. Add a woven wall hanging; a hook to hang a beautiful necklace from, or even an ornate plate to give your gallery wall a delightfully unexpected element. There are no set rules to creating a gallery wall, however, balance is always key and careful planning can safeguard against riddling your wall with unsightly nail holes. First measure out the area for your designated gallery wall; then lay down and tack together a few sheets of baking paper to correspond with space you've measured for the gallery wall and mark out any obstacles such as light switches or mouldings with painter's tape. Now comes the fun part - arranging the various pieces of art you've gathered together. Although there are no hard and fast rules, it often helps to use one (or more) 'anchor' piece and hang its centre at eye level. Another helpful hint is to place each work at equidistant; not too far apart so they seem estranged from one another, but not too close for comfort either. Once you've found an arrangement you're happy with, trace around each one and then tack the entire paper to the wall to check everything is where you want it. Finally mark piece by piece where each nail will go and then nail each nail through the paper. Remove the paper and hang each artwork for the finished look.

Sweet scents Scents play to our feelings - capable of revealing layers of

memory interlaced with a place, a time and an emotion.

They can be simple or complex – jasmine growing outside a doorway, or pine that brings a reminder of Christmas and long summer holidays.


By Rachel Smith


se fragrances as an accessory to add depth and character to the spaces you live in. You can introduce a different feel to individual rooms, and depending on your preference, there is a selection of scents to choose from. For a soft background fragrance for your living spaces, try a subtle floral or light citrus with scents of pear; lime; coconut; mandarin and elderflower, or set a social scene, with exotic touches of orchid; jasmine; cloves; lemongrass and ginger. For the kitchen, use scents such as basil; vanilla; pear and thyme that will distract from food aromas with the fresh citrus scents of lemon; lime and grapefruit for the bathroom, and for a restful sleep, orange blossom and lavender. Reed diffusers are an easy and elegant way to achieve this. Many fragrance ranges also provide refills, so when you find the diffuser that best fits the style of your home you can use it over and again. Of course nothing creates atmosphere quite like flickering candle light. Whether they are smaller candles in glass jars, or a larger statement piece, look for good quality candles that are made from 100% soy wax. A handful of rosemary and lavender in a small dish or vase can provide the simplest option of all.

Special fragrances

for the kitchen... designed to eliminate unwanted food aromas with sweet smells of flowers, fresh herbs, limes & lemons. These beautiful candles and diffusion sets are a natural way to deodorize and cleanse your environment. With a sweet layer of aromas, that revitalize and enlighten your senses.

Home & Garden Category Finalist

Total Food Equipment 218 Moorhouse Ave Phone 03 3666912




Metropol April 21, 2016 51



Diana Jung, Miyuki Miyakoshi, Julie Villard, Bob Burnett, Shizuka Yasui


he building is one of two demonstration homes designed to a 10 Star HomeStar standard and an example of the 'Superhome' movement instigated by Bob Burnett. An industry led initiative, the movement has brought together like-minded people across a range of sectors to share innovative ideas. As well as energy, the homes focus on design; affordability; resilience; durability; thermal comfort and a healthy indoor environment. “The Superhome movement is really

taking off throughout the South Island,” Burnett says. It is also extending to the Wellington; Waikato and Auckland regions. “We are leading by example - these homes are something that is real, not just talked about. Bigger budget projects have been the prototypes to innovate and now some of these ideas, where appropriate, are being applied to more affordable homes.” Burnett says that issues surrounding the current New Zealand Building Code mean that as a country we are still building homes that are really cold and unhealthy.


Glass Insulation

• Inner Comfort outsmar ng the chill of Winter without breaking the budget • Almost a quarter of the cost of double glazing

52 April 21, 2016 Metropol


The workspace of Bob Burnett Architecture epitomises its views on design. It is welcoming and warm, and demonstrates what can be achieved for any home in terms of style and energy efficiency. This does not need to be the case, with many of the principles Burnett applies to high-end eco-designs working well in homes of all sizes and budgets, including his upcoming involvement in designing multi-unit social housing for the Christchurch City Council. For more information visit,, or to talk to the team at Bob Burnett Architecture about your specific design needs. Call 0800 002 674, visit and Facebook.


CUTTING-EDGE FLORAL INSPIRATION Over the years Ilam Florist has become known to its clients as a highly dependable florist – a great 'little secret' as the team would say.


lam Florist loves knowing its clients can depend on the team for gorgeous arrangements – whether it is for an engagement; party; some good news that needs celebrating, or any other social function, clients can pick up the phone; pop through an email, or simply drop into the shop. Ilam Florist has always provided a top-class, completely appropriate solution and flowers are always the perfect gift. The team's innovative and affordable approach to floral design makes it one of

Christchurch's leading florists for weddings, events and corporate businesses, as well as for bouquets that bring everyday joy. It serves national and international clients, and delivers nationwide. Each day the team challenges its creativity, constantly striving for new and innovative approaches to design. Inspired by the everchanging world, Ilam Florist stays on top of, and influences, world trends in floristry. Mother's Day is Sunday 8 May in New Zealand. Share some appreciation and love

Flowers are always the perfect gift. this Mother's Day with the chance to access a vast selection of flowers and gifts through Ilam Florist. Find the business on Facebook and enter its competition to win a custom bouquet for a lucky mum. Go to for further information and shop opening hours.


027 310 0560

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT With very experienced Property Managers we gain your trust the old fashioned way. We work hard to earn it and like to manage your property like it is our own.




Listen to the Landlord. Manage your property. Enjoy a happy Tenant.

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AN IMPRESSIVE HERITAGE The impact of the Canterbury earthquakes remains immeasurable, including the devastation caused across the residential sector. At the helm of providing experienced; trusted; innovative and highly-respected construction services is Whyte Construction.


he heritage of the business' staff and its expertise has given Whyte Construction an impressive reputation. It is this reputation that earned the business one of its more challenging repair and build projects – Woodlau Rise. From non-compliancy issues, to water damage, cracks in the cladding, a damaged roof and windows, and a floor sagging and falling away, the team was faced with a nine-month repair and build effort. A two-level, four bedroom home, this beautiful new property boasts two lounges; an additional rumpus room and

Considering Renovating?

three bathrooms. Its unique point of difference is also the fact it is built on a steep hillside. Project Manager Jeremy Cook comments, “It is definitely more challenging with a hill build. “We had to work with the existing structure and this meant stripping the building back to framing, in stages, and assessing earthquake, compliance and structural issues. Then we had to rebuild to meet and exceed Council and client expectations.” Homeowners Maurice and Eileen Duncan say of the job, “We were introduced to David Whyte at Whyte's through the architect who held them in very high regard.”

“Dave was instrumental in everything from the assessment through to the insurance side of things. The whole business was very professional as was the excellent workmanship. They met the deadline and we couldn't be happier.”

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At Heyday Furniture and Things we search the globe for the very best in fine furniture and accessories, we make these exclusive ranges available at competitive prices to our valued customers in New Zealand




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project management

Priority Projects Ltd offers comprehensive project management for commercial fit-outs; design-builds and repairs, while consistently upholding its core values of priority service; quality; value and results.


rom concept to completion, the expert team works closely with its key consultants and trusted construction team to deliver the best possible outcome for clients. One of the company's recent assignments is the rehabilitation of an earthquake-damaged manufacturing facility on Maces Road in Bromley. The 5000 square metre building was left empty after the previous tenants moved into a new factory post-earthquake. The owner of the building engaged a highly-experienced engineer who designed a structure that meets the new building standards, while being sympathetic to the original, iconic building. This was achieved by effectively swapping out damaged sections with new lightweight materials. Project Manager, Kim Bright, says a decision was made to split the site into two tenancies to present a more attractive leasing option. “The building provides a great footprint that has attracted two fantastic tenants, both of whom we are working with for their individual fit-outs.” One of the tenants is Flip Out – an indoor trampoline facility, and the other tenant is Go Bus, which is relocating from its depot on Lincoln Road. “This location is ideally suited to both of these businesses,” she says. “It's the perfect fit for Go Bus, providing a large workshop area; office facilities, and sufficient outdoor space for bus parking. Flip Out has also found the perfect home, the likes of which is difficult to find on the east side of Christchurch. “As a large industrial development, this is a unique and complex project. Our clients - the building owner and the two tenants have placed a huge amount of trust in us and we are committed to providing an exceptional outcome for all parties.” Phone 379 9015 or visit

Design, Build, Fit-outs and Construction Concept to completion p: (03) 379 9015

Feasibility studies

Canterbury owned and operated

m: 0274 888 305

Bring the glamour back... Give your furniture a fresh NEW look with a respray. We can make any bedroom furniture look fantastic again! See the specialists 46 Mowbray St, Christchurch

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At REB our team of qualified builders, painters and plasterers is big enough to undertake any job, whilst still striving to retain a high level of personal care for all of our clients. Contact us to discuss your project


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It's the no-fuss, must-have for the coming seasons.

If the thought of your little ones on the loose inside this autumn/winter is already sending your brain into overdrive, then feel free to borrow some ideas from us as to how to keep them entertained.


f you cast your mind back to the days where technology didn't reign supreme (feels like forever!), do you remember the times that you and your siblings stripped all of the beds and raided the laundry cupboard to build forts and castles 'in far-away places'? I'm sure, like us, there is a great deal of comfort and laughter when you rejoice in

those memories and you'd like to help your children create more of the same. Enter: the tepee. If you're not yet in the know about this phenomenon for kids, you've now been introduced to the 'new best friend' of littlies the world over - and parents for that matter! The best part is that this modern take on the children's fort/hut is designed to not

only provide a backdrop for all of their 'adventures', but it is also the perfect place for their toys, books and millionand-one other bits and pieces. It's the nofuss, must-have for the coming seasons. While most will be likely to survive a bit of rough and tumble, shop around and read online reviews to ensure you find the best fit for your home.


CANTERBURY’S LARGEST & MOST REPUTABLE REPAIRER - Over 2,500 repairs completed We Can Help • Lump Sum Repairs • Renovations/Upgrades • Purchase your property ‘As is Where is’


• New Builds or Redevelopement

We take all the risk, so contact us today..

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If you've been contemplating something gorgeous to drape on the bed or couch ready for the encroaching winter months, then invest in a throw. Photo coutesy of Frobisher Interiors


here are throws for everyone, but finding the perfect snuggle rug can be tricky, especially if you're not particularly familiar with the fundamentals of heat retaining properties when it comes to materials. Don't worry; we've done the leg work for you. Goose Down: Down has the best heat retention of any natural substance, but carries some weight, making it best in the bedroom. Wool: Wool is affordable and abundant and, despite it's more luxurious counterparts, it will keep you toasty during

the winter months. Synthetic Fleece: A lightweight, durable fabric that is made using polyester fibres, it has similar heat retention to wool. Flannel: Modern flannel mixes synthetic fibre and loosely spun wool. As it's not 100 percent wool, it is not as warm, but it is softer, making it more comfortable for close contact. Cotton: Warmest in thick weaves like herringbone; mesh; waffle and basket, cotton retains some heat but is a breathable fabric that is best kept in the closet for those warmer months. Angora: Much like the rabbit this luxurious

fibre comes from, angora is light; fluffy; soft and seven times warmer than standard wool. Alpaca: The fine, lustrous fur from the alpaca offers similar heat retention to angora, but is not as soft and fluffy. Cashmere: Known as the fabric of Kings, cashmere is much classier than the goats it comes from. Roughly four times warmer than regular wool, it is commonly worn as winter sweaters and scarves. Silk: A hypoallergenic fabric, silk has a surprising ability to absorb moisture and reduce humidity, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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By Kate Pierson

Like us, you might find yourself in a state of perpetual confusion with this Canterbury weather, as it oscillates between temperatures one might find during the depths of winter, and, conversely, summer is at its finest.


e've got something to stave off the inevitable weather blues – a right little décor charmer that has seasonal potential. And if you've always wanted to pimp out your porch, then we hope you'll be tinkled pink by this prospect. We're amped up for the aesthetic of some swing bling – the eternally fashionable fixture for your entranceway that will give it that special je ne sais quoi. Available for purchase online, or potentially a DIY'er for you if you dare, the swing porch embodies great potential. Think of the opportunity to dress and redress it every season, reflecting the golden hues of summer or the icy blues of winter. Go mad with merchandising and purchase water and weather resistant pillows, and throws that will add layers of interest. In summer, you can chill on your patio with a vino and a platter perched on a side table and at the other end of the weather spectrum in winter, you can bunker down with a hot-water bottle, blanket and a great book. Perhaps you may want your swing to be the centre of attention, but it could also be the start of a beautiful relationship between you and a variety of porch furniture from tables and chairs to outdoor lanterns.

BGLA is a small, award winning, landscape architecture and design practice based in Christchurch. Specialising in residential garden design, we aim to create landscapes that are beautiful, affordable and user friendly: they are the everyday extraordinary.


$2,997 SAVE $590

NOW $1,650

For a free, no obligation quote, contact:

PH 366 1829 or 0800 662 769 (0800 0MC POWER) 100 GASSON ST, CHRISTCHURCH 0800 billygoat (0800 245 594)

FANTASTIC Waterfeatures FANTASTICWaterfeatures e

For th

T BEt S deal po


in tow

489 Sawyers Arms Rd with The Little Big Tree Co.

Ph. 359 2244 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm

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Phone Chris Latimer for FREE QUOTE P. 0800 ELITE TREES (0800 354 838) M. 027 358 8894


NZ'S FINEST: LUXURY SKINCARE TO GOURMET FOOD When you are looking for gifts that have an authentic New Zealand or Christchurch flavour, then Simply New Zealand should be your first port of call.


on't let the three stores, each located in prime tourist spots fool you, these iconic shopping destinations have a stunning variety of items with most made in New Zealand. Each of the stores _ at the airport, in Re:Start Mall and at the Museum _ offer free gift wrapping and will post worldwide tax free. With Mother's Day on 8 May, check out the wonderful selection of luxurious skincare; jewellery; pottery; art; scarves; merino accessories and clothing; sheepskin boots and slippers (made in Christchurch) and gourmet food treats. You will be spoilt for choice for imaginative, inspiring and original gift ideas. Remember the helpful team will wrap it for free. Simply New Zealand is proud to support local businesses and selects items that represent the best our country has to offer. All the carefully selected items and brands reflect Aotearoa's distinctive natural resources; culture; heritage and lifestyle. All stores open seven days –

Relax... 03 343 0219

#1 International Customer Choice Award 2015-2016 #1 Top Performing Salesperson Ray White Metro 2014 and 2015

Fiona Roach




Rebecca Toone

Emily Coates



We offer clean pre-sale homes 100% satisfaction guaranteed If not satisfied, let us know within 24hrs and we will put it right!

and step into your immaculate looking home

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camellias are winners evergreen glossy foliage long flowering season good for screening/hedging 42 varieties of new season's stock now here plus standards & ready-espaliered specimens


We plan & organise everything to make your renova on less stressful One point of contact from start to finish Our planning & advice ensures your renova on adds as much value to your property as possible

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How Protected Are You? What would happen if your builder went into receivership part way through your build? Architect Cymon Allfrey explores the possibility of proportionate liability insurance. Cymon Allfrey


For those home builders aected, the Registered Master Builders Association was quick to assure that homes would be completed, if the Master Builders' Guarantee had been opted into prior. While this raises questions concerning by who and when this work would be undertaken, the key issue for those watching this unfold is, how robust is the guarantee system?

atching, reading and listening to the ongoing news documenting the downfall of a number of major construction businesses has been daunting for businesses across industries. The size of some of the fallen businesses also begs the question, to what extent will this impact the construction market as a whole?


As an architect, one of the key discussions we have with our clients early in the process is that of the risks involved. Consequently, we ensure we are putting in place contracts that hold a degree of robustness; contracts which leave the consumer holding the power as they pay in arrears, never in advance. Within the construction industry, in cases of liability, the last man standing

the style file homestaging/furniture hire

From residential to commercial, kitchens and bathrooms to staircases, wardrobes and more, we've got you covered. With such a full range of joinery services available we are virtually a one-stop-shop whatever your needs.

Add value to your home Enhance your properties appeal Achieve greater appeal with minimum outlay Sell faster furnished

25a Lunns Road, Middleton, Christchurch. Phone (03) 343 0360 Email: Web:

CM1 Emissions CM1 Emission/Heat Output: NES Emissions: NES Emission/Heat Output: Minimum Avg Output: Maximum Heat Output:

0.35g/kg 23mg/MJ 0.1g/kg 9mg/MJ 10.4kW 15.1kW

Ph: 0800 314 627 or 03 349 4626 pam bamforth 021 314 626


Available in your choice of colour!




The Cleanest, Most Efficient and Original NZ made Ultra Low Emission Burner Approved for New Build Installations in Christchurch with wetback option.


34 Sandyford Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

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Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909 P. 371 7500


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

HOME potentially carries 100% of the responsibility. The Weathertight Homes Resolution is a clear example of how those who are no longer in existence are now unable to be brought to account. Regardless of the level of involvement, this leaves those left standing liable. This is an issue that should be prompting us to more seriously consider proportionate liability. Operating in numerous countries around the world, including Australia, proportionate liability means those involved in the design and construction of a home are never left responsible for more than the proportion of their involvement. As a collective of architects, this concept has always been a focus, considering our liability (in a joint environment) becomes disproportionality high should the head contractor fall. While it would add additional red tape and costs to the build process, it is an issue that we can't ignore. Should the head contractor fall, the costs would have to be met by someone – the question is, who? Like the Master Build 10 Year Standard Guarantee, proportionate liability insurance is a system in which a levy is paid into a pot of money, which effectively provides a second level of defence should one party no longer be in existence.

The Master Build Guarantee underwrites risk and as we have seen in recent, local cases, protects those who opt to take it out. Providing a second level of security, the Master Build Guarantee sees the problem for the client become one of inconvenience rather than financial, which has to be a positive for the industry. However, what becomes of those who aren't protected by this guarantee system? The question I have is should we be affording similar benefits to all construction

Enhance your property with...

All Weeping & Flowering Cherrys

Fibreglass Composite Swimming Pools with Lifetime Warranties Installed in 4-5days Full range of Pool Equipment, covers, rollers & more

1.8mt only $50 1.5mt only $45

MCSAVENEYS NURSERY 57A McSaveneys Road Marshland, Christchurch


Ph.0800 927 282


Phone 03 385 4675

contracts? This is a question that paves the way for proportionate liability insurance; a system designed to protect consumers while leaving no one party holding an unwarranted bill. While entering into a guarantee can be seen as a significant financial outlay, in a process that sees budgets stretched to the limit and every penny accounted for, it is a cost that can't be ignored. Because can you really afford not to take it out?


architectural homes and renovations

Ph.0800 381 381 www. Metropol April 21, 2016 61


TAKING THE NEXT STEP You have been cashed out by the insurer for repairs to your home, or you are the proud owner of a newly purchased 'as is, where is' property. What is the next step to smoothly progress to a fully repaired and comfortable home?


very person is different, every house is different,” AP Design Director, Jared Lane, says. “It's a journey we are a part of alongside our clients.” Founded in 2005 by Allan Pritchard with the desire to create a dynamic company that could meet the needs of clients and respond to new repair strategies at any moment, AP Design's philosophy aligned itself well with the challenges that the city was about to face. From just three designers and an office manager to 20 staff now working at its premises, the evolution is impressive.

Work with Southern Response and Arrow has seen the team produce hundreds of scopes of works for earthquake damaged buildings, and design thousands of repairs and rebuilds,

as well as complete work for most of the major insurance groups. “As a company we have got through a massive amount of work – it has been a very steep learning curve for everyone within the industry,” Jared says. AP Design specialises in complex residential homes and additions; hillside projects; container housing and commercial projects, with the majority of its recent work involving the repair and rebuild of damaged properties. Clients also benefit from a no-obligation consultation with one of the team leaders. “We have a good eye for working to people's individual budgets. A big part of this job is being able to listen and find out what our clients want.”

Cashed Out? Wondering where to go next? More and more of us are finally settling with our insurer, a process that has left many frustrated and exhausted. people seeking to take the next step in either rebuilding or repairing their earthquake damaged building often have questions. AP Design are a local, experienced architectural draughting practice, who can help you. • Assessing the suitability of your insurers drawings to date. • getting drawings ready for consent and pricing • Dealing with Council – for both For a free, no obligation consultation call one of our Team Leaders today

62 April 21, 2016 Metropol

building and Resource Consents. • Designing a building that best suits your budget. • Residential, commercial or educational projects all welcome!

(03) 375 9090


AT THE TOP OF THE GAME “We love coming home each day to this house. It hits the mark in every way for our family.”

The home has been skilfully designed to suit the angled site.


cott Crampton is talking about the spectacular house that Metzger Builders Ltd (MBL) built for him, his wife Alana and their two children at Clearwater. The Crampton's home has been skilfully designed to suit the angled site by the team at O'Neil Architecture. Combining striking elements of Waitaha schist; Celcrete plaster cladding and cedar, the home sits beautifully in its surroundings on the Clearwater Golf Course. Clever integration of vaulted ceilings in the main living and bedroom enhance the already roomy 319 square metre home. Large windows line both sides of the main living areas to capture the outstanding views. No expense was spared in the interior with the use of

Porcelanosa tiles; stone tops and American oak, set off with purpose-made, stunning, double-tiered pendants. This home oozes class and sophistication. “Our experience of the build process with Mark and Ali Metzger and their team exceeded our expectations in so many ways.” Scott laughs when he explains that he and Alana told the Metzgers that as clients they weren't too demanding and that they would rely heavily on Mark and


Ali's knowledge and expertise in completing the build. “So Mark and Ali made everything easy for us; they brought us options and solutions and, as a result, the meetings we had during the build were quick, precise and professional, but above all, fun.” The Crampton's house was a very detailed build taking some eleven months to complete. The family moved in last October and are revelling in their new surroundings. “Metzger Builders are at the very top of their game. They added real value for every dollar we spent and the relationship has endured beyond the handover of the keys.”




Metropol April 21, 2016 63




n Thursday 10 March, White Room interiors celebrated the opening of its showroom on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Colombo Street. The concept store prides itself on providing unique interior design inspiration for the home.

Graeme Sanders, John & Lynette McFadden, Anne Sanders

Georgina & Andre Hopman

Gaye Hill, Dayle Soppet

Lorna Gunn, Peter Sheldon

Lindsay Moir, Graeme Sander

Caitlin Hopman, Sophie Dobson

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Interior styling Drapes & furniture European linens French soaps candles and Diffusors Interior Design ServicesFREE MEASURE & QUOTE

Let our tutors help you be the artist you've always wanted to be! That's what we do! The Art Metro Art School (& Café) offers tuition in: Abstract; Children's classes; Drawing & Sketching; Impressionism; Oils & Acrylics; Pastels & Watercolours; Beginner and Advanced…

Enrolling now Children's term 2 classes start first week of May, and Adult term 3 classes begin the week of Monday 6 June. Ph: 3661 656 Crn Colombo St & Bealey Ave

64 April 21, 2016 Metropol

03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road



Operating in the Christchurch, Tauranga and Auckland markets with award-winning principles at its heart, Stufkens + Chambers is a talented, progressive architectural practice.


aking understandable pride in consistently delivering quality design outcomes that offer creative; innovative and functional spatial solutions to a wide range of private clients; developers; organisations and Government bodies, the firm embodies a unique brand of architectural inspiration. With a medium sized team in Christchurch, Stufkens + Chambers portfolio is characterised by technical excellence. Director Marcus Stufkens says, “The seniority of our team gives us ability and insight comparable with larger firms and is fundamental to our success. We have expertise across many different areas – architecture; interiors; hard landscaping – and our team members have very strong skillsets in these contexts.” The team works on an impressive range of projects – from commercial, including

For a stylish NEW KITCHEN or KITCHEN FACELIFT... New doors, drawers & panels Top brand appliances

new commercial; corporate office fitouts and hospitality fit-outs, to residential work extending to multiunits and high-quality architectural housing. Stufkens + Chambers ensures its focus remains on ideas and concepts that involve considered spaces, creating newness and defining what's next. “Because we are progressive in our design and within the business itself, we anticipate a lot of growth within the company and our team, and our great senior staff are right at our heart.”


Full range of benchtops Full project management

P. 03 338 1081 E.

• New Builds · Renovations · Earthquake Repairs · Landscaping · Commercial Buildings Experienced builders combined with advanced up to date training and knowledge means Brownie Homes can deliver all your building needs. Brownie Homes is serious about delivering QUALITY homes & services at COMPETITIVE prices.

Get serious, get building with Brownie Homes.

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INSPIRE YOUR MUM Bags and scarves for Mothers Day available in many designs from Be Inspired.

French inspired clocks, available at Bridge Interiors.


here is a treasure trove of fineries and artisan delights available at Be Inspired in Halswell. This Mother's Day, doting on the special woman in your life can venture into the extraordinary thanks to this unique store. An array of charming products for the senses await with beautiful homeware; impressive art; outdoor ornaments; fashion accessories; candles and dreamy accessories yours for the taking. Mothers deserve the best in life and Be Inspired is right at the heart of ensuring your mum's specialness is justly recognised this year with a bespoke gift. Layby and appro' services are available, and for the added convenience and a special touch, don't forget the free gift wrapping. Visit Be Inspired at 346 Halswell Road, open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am2pm. Sister store, Gift Box in Lincoln, is also open Sunday 10am-4pm, or call 322 1368.

Oriental statues. Available from Bali Hai Imports. Leather phone cases from Status Anxiety available from token.

Colourful bespoke lamp from Blue Scarlet.

NZ Native bird cushion covers $21.95 Available in all Simply New Zealand stores.

Blue Scarlet & BellaBean Vintage 165 GLOUCESTER ST

Mother’s Day Christchurch Airport Level 1 Departures

Cashel Mall Re:Start

Shop 5, 346 Halswell Road, Halswell Ph. 03 322 1368 Also see our beautiful gifts available at Lincoln Gift Box ,19 Gerald St, Lincoln.

Container 10

The Museum Store Ph. 021 1151 325

Canterbury Museum

03 3775565 M a k e yo u r h o u s e a h o m e

BRIDGE INTERIORS New Furniture & Decor


SALE 402A MAIN NORTH RD REDWOOD PH 3546976 66 April 21, 2016 Metropol

Gorgeous Clutches from at token.


Avonhead Mall Cnr Withells & Merrin St Ph. 03 358 3663

387 Brougham St (Corner of Brisbane & Brougham St) Ph. 365 3411


VISUALISE YOUR TILING Sterling Silver Pandora Charm, Christchurch Tram. Available from Blue Penguin boutique.

Birdie Cashmere Knitwear Available from The Ivy. English Garden Bench 1700mm long was $914 NOW $658. Available at Kenneally Timber Products


ant a checkerboard floor, subway tiles or mosaic? Tilemax is known for being at the forefront of developments when it comes to tile designs and

Large range of planking tiles available at TileMax.

Celebrate Mother's Day by bringing the family along to paint pottery at Go Potty Ceramic Studio.

Full picture framing service available at Windsor Gallery in their new location at 386 St Asaph St.

KWILA Outdoor Furniture SUMMER CLEARANCE! Daintree 1500x970 table with 4 chairs

textures. Toni and George are always on hand to offer advice about the latest trends and the practicalities of each job with George's history as a tiler by trade allowing him to make suggestions based on customers' plans. Tilemax has everything required to complete indoor and outdoor tiling projects for all budgets, from tiles and porcelain to stone; mosaics; glues; grouts and tools. Tilemax has the perfect range right now for walls; floors and exterior – The Gres Vulcano series provides two different finishes, each with their own distinctive character. Choose from a natural finish or a radiant Lappato polished finish. Additional to this is the 'Deco' feature, which can be used with either finishes as a statement.

Possumdown Cocoon Wrap comes with removable brooch

Maximum Value.

Warm to wear and light to carry

WAS $1604


$1155 5 year guarantee Buy from importer & save


Maximum Variety. Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.30pm, Saturday 9-3pm & Sunday 10-3pm

Cnr Wrights & Old Main North Rds Kaiapoi

280 Annex Road, Middleton, Christchurch.

(Up Marshlands Rd at end of Old Waimak River Bridge)

Phone 343 3893

Phone 327 2050

Hours:Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm

The Ivy Beautiful homewares flowers inspiring gifts & creations

Picture Framing Specialists

Ladies, come along and paint for yourself, or paint with the family, with sessions running during the week, evenings & Saturdays.

Now at our NEW Location

386 St Asaph St Phone 366 0724

CELEBRATE Mother’s Day!

Open 7 Days 10-5pm

55 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch Ph. 03 326 6481 E.

68 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere, Christchurch t: 03 332 2361 e: Metropol April 21, 2016 67


All class: There's a new Mercedes in town and it combines power with style - it's the Mercedes C Class Coupé.

Mercedes C Class Coupé

By Nicholas Henare

What I love about Mercedes is


fter driving the new GLA last year and getting a taste of the SUV style vehicle, I think the C Class Coupé is like the sexy sister. Reading up on the specifications, it's a very strong sister under the bonnet and built of aluminium and high strength materials. Forty kilograms lighter than it used to be, it's also a sister who's been working out at the gym! What I love about Mercedes is that it is constantly developing. My Father-in-law had a Mercedes 300 SD to tow the boat that was like a tank to drive - in thirty years of action before it finally retired, it never missed a beat! That's what Mercedes is known for though - being powerful; reliable and

68 April 21, 2016 Metropol

that it is constantly developing... stylish. Gone are the days of the Mercedes 80s ‘yuppie’ (young urban professional) concept. A refined, bespoke vehicle that you can tailor to your taste reigns supreme. The C Class Coupé sports an LED Intelligent Light System with illuminated door sills. Options include the Agility Control Suspension, which can lower by 15 mm with a selective damping system that keeps you in even closer touch with the tarmac. The tauter springs and dampers give you a direct feel for the ideal line. It's a driving experience that's clearly visualised with optional light-alloy wheels in a particularly sporty look. Top of the line Mercedes model, the AMG,

emerged in 1995. AMG stands for, Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach, the two founders and the birth place of Mercedes. High-spec versions of the C Class Coupé – the AMG C 63 Coupé and the S-Model - are all set for high performance with up to 375 kW (510 hp) of power and 700 Nm of torque. The AMG front apron is in A-wing design and has a markedly more muscular rear end. Slip into the sports seats, enjoying an AMG-specific upholstery layout. Press the ‘AMG DYNAMIC SELECT’ switch to choose the Sport+ driving programme. Activate the ‘RACE START’ function. Are you ready to unleash the power? Take the sexy sister out on a date by dropping in to see Glen Rudhal and the team at Armstrong Prestige.


Real w rld riding I was lucky enough to be invited to a customer day at Mike Pero Motorsport Park by local motorcycle dealership, First European.


was afforded the privilege of taking my good friend, ex Britten Race Team Manager, Hamish Lamont, who provided some valuable input into this article. We were invited to sample the latest sport bikes from Italian manufacturer Aprilia - the RSV4RR and the Tuono 1100RR. Both bikes feature Aprilia's incredible V4 engine. A smooth and grunty 1100cc, 175Bhp (brake-horsepower) version features in the Tuono RR, which is tuned with real world riding in mind. An angry 999cc version is in the RSV4RR Superbike, which churns out a scarcely believable 201Bhp. First up was the Tuono RR, and you wouldn't think that anything with 175Bhp could be described as a pussycat, but it is a sensational road bike. Higher bars and lower pegs make for a riding position that

is on the sporty side of comfortable. The engine is smooth with loads of accessible power and has that amazing V4 note! Handling is super flickable and great brakes make for an exceptionally well-balanced package. The RSV4RR is another animal entirely, and one that has an engine that, even at tick over, is straining to be let off the leash. The

By Nicholas Henare

track is the RSV4s environment, and man, does this thing perform! With its V4 bark becoming an enraged howl, speeds well over 250km/hr are possible down Ruapuna's front straight! Crazily enough, the RSV4 shares that special, almost user-friendly quality with the Tuono, but where the Tuono is flickable and fun, the RSV4 is stable and serious unlike the rider who was giggling maniacally in his helmet at the talent of this thing! Ridiculous power and speed are matched by a sublime chassis. It's happiest cranked over in a high speed corner, almost saying, “Is that all you've got?” We were fortunate enough to have a previous model Aprilia RSV4RR on hand, and the latest model feels like a step up again. Italian style is backed up by 21st century safety features and a fun factor that is hard to find on modern bikes. The only downside is, which to choose?

*Finance is provided by Stadium Finance, a division of Heartland Bank Limited. This Fixed annual interest rate offer of 9.95% is subject to normal lending criteria, conditions, fees and charges, including a documentation fee of up to $385 and a PPSR fee of $10 which will be payable when you enter into the loan. Interest is charged from date the loan is drawn including during the no repayment period. The maximum loan term is 5 years. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid until 31 March 2016.




New Zealand's incredible landscape provides a recreational playground offering an adventure that knows no bounds. Whether it is for a weekend, or a month long vacation, Christchurch RV Centre has you covered as you explore the infinite beauty of Aotearoa.

he only authorized South Island dealer for Leisure Line Caravans, Christchurch RV Centre's stunning range of luxury caravans - built in New Zealand for the country's unique conditions - comes in a variety of styles and price ranges. The caravans can be manufactured to fit any style or specification; floor plan; layout or specific decor requirements. The units are all well-considered and make the most of the space available, with neutral tones and streamlined features - everything you need for a 'home away from home'. Offering motorhomes and an impressive

range of new and second hand caravans, Christchurch RV Centre prides itself on delivering RV excellence. An extensive range of on-site parts and accessories including all the Camec supplies make holidays an ease and breeze. You'll discover all you could possibly need including solar panels; satellite televisions; ovens; cleaning products and even mini washing lines. Find the knowledgeable and dedicated team based conveniently just outside central Christchurch at 183 Main South Road, Sockburn. Phone 343 3643 and go to


EXPERIENCED professionals...

Specialising in Volkswagen and Audi VAG Key Cutting & Coding available Modern, Clean Workshop

AUTOPLUS is a complimentary section within this Multi Award Winning ‘metropol’ publication. AUTOPLUS appears every second fortnightly issue enjoying an est. readership of 132,000

WOF & Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Authorised Warranty Repairer

For Advertising Contact... Barry White p: (03) 343 3669

Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

400 Tuam Street Christchurch


Phone: 366 7755

Come and view our NEW Platinum models!

Visit our showroom to view our extensive range.

Exclusive suppliers of Leisure Line Caravans

P: (03) 3433-643 E: W: F: (03) 3433-610 183 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch 70 April 21, 2016 Metropol


Feeling Electric By Nicholas Henare

Take a look to the future and what do you see yourself driving? My favourite movie is Blade Runner and the hover car isn't quite here yet.


hat's more likely is the electric car. There are hybrids like the Toyota Prius already here. I was amazed by my first drive in this - that the car not only had good pick up, but how smooth and quiet it was to drive. Then there was the monumental saving on petrol. There was something that didn't seem quite right though. What you have to remember is that these cars are in development _ like a mobile phone, every step forward improves features. The new Prius V features a 1.8L; 4 cylinder; in-line; 16 valve Double Overhead Cam petrol engine with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). In plain speak, it's a good little runner, but it's not exactly good on the eye. There's something on the horizon though that could well change the game for everyone something that sounds too good to be true.

It's the Tesla Model 3 - an affordable ($50,000); high-spec, 0-100 kilometre-perhour in six seconds; good-looking motor vehicle. Chief Executive of Tesla, Elon Musk, is talking about accelerating the transition to sustainable transport and considers it important to the future of the world. The Tesla Model 3 features one solid sheet of glass roof - from windscreen to rear - to give it an open 'convertible' feel. It can drive 346 kilometres before it needs charging. Tesla is taking a major leap in Lithium-ion batteries and bringing home the reality of a fully electric car that performs with agility. There are supercharge facilities in Australia – none in Aotearoa just yet - but Elon has got his sights on making the model 3 available here in New Zealand, and to be honest, I can't wait. The navigation system and autopilot

features; the unique combination of cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and data to automatically steer down the motor way, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic; the future has found its form. Once you've arrived at your destination, the Tesla Model 3 scans for a parking space and parallel parks on your command. Personally, I like driving my car, but imagine a future where it's a possibility that you might not have to? The launch just took place and you can put a deposit down of $1,000 to order your first one. Currently the figure of pre-orders is nearing 325,000. That's over $14 billion in pre-sales figures. Tesla needs to expand fast to keep the promise and there is always the danger of a production mistake, but ask yourself the question, what if the brand gets it right? Watch out people, the future of motor vehicles is here…well, almost.

One of NZ's largest European vehicle selections 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo E Gear Spyder Facelift Now


2014 Mercedes Benz C250 Bluetec Diesel AMG Package Wagon Now

2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 Supercharged Latest Black Edition Now



512 HP, Only 11,000kms from new!, High performance AWD supercar in White with Black Sports Alloys, Full Black Leather with White Outer Piping, Electric Seats, Electric Soft-top, CD/Stereo/ Bluetooth, E Gear transmission with Paddles, Rear engined V10, Full Electrics. Fantastic sound and look! Rarely available model!.

The very latest 2.2 Bluetec Twin Turbocharged Diesel engine generating 500NM!, 19 inch AMG Sports Alloys, AMG Sports Interior, Electric Tailgate, Heated Seats, Reverse Camera, 7 Speed Automatic, Bluetooth Phone/Music/CD/AUX, Suspension settings etc. As new car. A smart saving on new price!

Latest Shape, 22 inch Black Sports Alloys, Extended Roof Rails, Full Black Leather, Privacy Glass, Running Boards, Daytime Running Lights, Heated Front/Rear Seats, 7 Seats, Air Suspension, 8 Speed Rotary Gearbox, Bluetooth Phone/Audio, NZ Navigation fitted, Push Button Start etc. Be quick, rarely available like this!.

2008 BMW 335 I Twin Turbo Sedan

2012 Audi A1 1.4 TSI Hatchback

2014 Porsche Cayman S 981



Only 6,000kms from new!, Latest 7 Speed gearbox, Factory Alloys, Very economical 1.4 TSI Turbocharged engine with combined economy and performance, Multiple Airbags, Climate Air, ABS Brakes, Remote Locking, Audi MMI CD/Stereo, Full Electrics etc. Great looking as new car in Red!.


Up-rated 3.4 Litre Flat Six mid-engined, 0-100 in just 4.4 secs!, 7 Speed PDK Gearbox, Full Leather with Heating, 14 way Electrical Sports Seating, 19 inch Sports Alloys, Start/Stop function, LED Daytime Running Lights, Bose Sound, Sports Steering Wheel, CD/Stereo/AUX/Bluetooth, Full Electrics etc. Just read the reviews! Very highly rated sports car!.

Over 150 more vehicles at

leb Ce

511 Blenheim Road / Ph 03 366 8328




BMW's brilliant 3.0 Twin Turbo engine!, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Sports Alloys, Push Button Start, Climate Air, Auto Lights and Wipers, ABS Brakes, ESP, Factory I Drive CD/Stereo/Bluetooth phone, Optional Glass Sunroof fitted, Remote Locking, Full Electrics etc. Great value high performance Sedan!.





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Delivering driving excellence With 60 years mechanics' mileage between staff members, the talented team at JT Automotive offers professionalism without breaking the budget. “We can do any car, any job, to a highquality standard,” Owner John Taylor says.


lso specialising in European cars such as BMW; Mercedes; Audi; VW and Land Rover, the business combines the all-important full autoelectrical and mechanical services. “As vehicles are now a combination of both, you need to assess a problem from both angles,” John says. “We always give a full explanation of what needs to be fixed and why. If there are a few repairs to be done, we suggest the urgent work be done first and give

clients the option of having other work done later in accordance with their budget. They can be assured the quote we give is accurate before commencing any job.” John advises not waiting until the warrant is due, but to have regular services every six months. “Especially before winter, it's wise to check the most important things - the tyres; brakes; coolant and radiator.” The MTA approved business sources only high-quality, genuine parts, or alternatively

after-market parts made in the same factory, just without the model's branding. This saves on cost while ensuring the same quality. Clients can generally book in for a weekday service with only a day's notice, or three days' notice for the popular Saturday and Sunday service. The business offers courtesy cars so clients won't be left without wheels. Look for the large red workshop at 477 Blenheim Road or phone 341 7675.


Owners Kevin and Maxine

The following services are available: Servicing – Lube and Tune Fuel Injection Auto-electrical Transmission Servicing Brake Servicing

WOF repairs Suspension repairs Engine Reconditioning Pre Purchase appraisal Latest diagnostic equipment Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Email:

324-328 St Asaph Street, Christchurch


Ph 365 0531



At tyres 2 go we are proud to be your local tyre and mechanical service centre. Drive into our workshops or our eet of mobile tyre service vans will come to you at home, work, anywhere in Christchurch.



PH 374-5035


ON QUALITY BRANDS TYRES & BATTERIES OPEN 7 DAYS MON-FRI 8am-5pm, SAT & SUN 9am-3pm 72 April 21, 2016 Metropol

OPAWA 25 OPAWA RD, PH 374-5034 KAIAPOI 13 STONE ST, PH 327-7140 SOCKBURN 477 BLENHEIM RD, PH 341-7675 WAINONI, 175 WAINONI RD, PH 374- 50 35 CASHMERE, 17 BEAUMONT ST, Ph 332-35 21










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