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2 June 4, 2015 Metropol



THE SHOWCASE MAGAZINE FOR THE BEST Front cover Inspiring bathroom featuring floor vanity from the Coco Collection, inspired by legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel. Designed by Paola Navone for Italian company Falper. Available from Edward Gibbons.

6-7 22-23

8-9 Jenny Setchell: Looking up... in some of the world’s most ornate cathedrals 14 A modern day Downton Abbey 57-59 2015 Canterbury Architecture Awards



21 24-25 26-27 31 34



59 42

Leather’s new vibe Love the weather in knits Winter coats BeautyFile Be lured by luxury

RECREATION Early bird bike season passes A sporting collection A royal theatre for film fest



43 Japanese cuisine - a global hit

44 Putting pizzazz into pizzas

50 Chic café for the 51

quality obsessed Foodies’ favourites for winter






4 JUNE 2015 VOL 18

55 2015 Architecture awards Cymon Allfrey: Fresh thinking needs fresh eyes 66 A little outdoor inspiration


Property 67-75


NEW AT ASKO ! The ‘Lena’ range of living & bedroom furniture Table was $880 now

$695 Chairs were $225 now

$175 Midway Moorhouse

210 Moorhouse Ave

Buffet was $1250 now Ph 366 5678


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4 June 4, 2015 Metropol


Think about it…


“Don't work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.” - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director Trevor Laplanche Advertising : Tracey Prince Editorial : Angela Bennett Production : Julian Laplanche Administration : Emma Dyer Photography : Wendy Cook Ph: (03) 343 3669 Fax: (03) 343 3659 16 Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton, P.O. Box 9362 Christchurch, NZ

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ISSN 2382-1841 Metropol is published every fortnight and delivered to the best addresses in the Christchurch and Canterbury region. It is also available from many selected stores, Malls, stands, waiting rooms and offices. Metropol is subject to copyright in its entirety. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission will result in legal action. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information contained within this magazine, however Metros Publishing Group Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information. The information and views expressed anywhere in this magazine are not necessarily the views or opinion of Metros Publishing Group Ltd, its editorial contributors, freelancers, associates or information providers.

Angela Bennett



eing judged favourably by your peers not only gives you a boost in pride for your work and an enormous sense of achievement, it also reflects that the business you are involved with is an exemplar in the field. And so, since returning from the annual NZCNA (New Zealand Community Newspaper Awards) ceremony held in Queenstown recently, laden with three fabulous trophies, we have had a very happy, proud office here at Metropol. Metropol has been a consistent award winner since entering the Awards in 2009, and recognises that presenting work to be judged by experts in the media print field provides valuable insight into how we are performing nationwide. Scooping three awards was exceptional recognition, particularly for a single masthead. But it's not all about us. In this issue the Canterbury Architecture Awards feature on pages 57-59. Judges said there is reason for optimism in the rebuild and indeed, when you take a look at the award-winning designs and restorations, we, as a city, have plenty to be proud about, and clearly boast some of the finest architects in the country. We wish them all well when they have their national awards ceremony in November this year. Also in this issue is the extraordinary tale of Christchurch's hair gypsy Jerome Wiersma who has returned from 365 days travelling in some of the remotest parts of the world, cutting hair to raise money for charity Habitat for Humanity (pages 6 & 7). As we are now officially in winter, our fashion section this issue has a welcome focus on garments to keep out the chill – leather, knits, coats and perfect pieces to layer up in all feature strongly. After selecting your new coat, take a browse through our new Recreation section on pages 38-41 – you'll find plenty of inspiration to get you off the couch and out enjoying the fresh winter air. Finally, when you've worked up an appetite check out our cuisine section where you'll be tempted to enjoy some of the city's finest eateries and enjoy an evening out with friends.


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Q & A



Christchurch hairdresser Jerome Wiersma has recently returned from a year travelling the world with little more than his scissors and a comb. Known as the Hair Gypsy365, Jerome, who was working at Vida Hair on Manchester Street, decided to hit the road for 365 days with a mission of raising money for Habitat for Humanity to assist with the 21 homes they are building here. Jerome offered haircuts for free, or a donation to his cause, all over the world, I caught up with Jerome to find out a little more about his generous mission to help others…

6 June 4, 2015 Metropol

What inspired you to set out on your year’s journey as Hair Gypsy to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity? I realised I had got to an age where I needed to take the opportunity to go and see what else the world had to offer. Two weeks before leaving my father asked, “So what sort of work are you going to do while you are away?” I decided it would be nice to take my scissors with me and see where they would lead me, after all Dad had always said “it doesn’t matter where you go in the world there is always someone who needs a haircut”. So I took this mind-set on and made it my mission to share with as many people as I could, and to help some others who are doing some outstanding work already, that being Habitat for Humanity.

Where did your travels take you? I was fortunate to spend three-and-a-half months in South America, with two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay followed by a month in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. From there I went to New York and Chicago for two weeks, on to Europe through Iceland for a few days, then the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Back to the UK and to London for a week, then Spain and Morocco, before starting the journey towards home where I spent two weeks in Nepal and then a month in India, and finally five days in Brisbane, Australia. How many haircuts did you do? In total I did 392 haircuts.

Where were three of your most unusual haircut locations? Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal and Times Square, all because legally I wasn’t really allowed to cut hair there but I really wanted the photos!

I cut CEOs’ hair, and I cut homeless glue sniffers’ hair. They are all people and I feel we can learn something from everyone.

I see you made it on to TV in South America; what kind of response did you get from most people/countries? Yes believe it or not, they picked up the story on National TV in Brazil it was a bit of a laugh and pretty embarrassing seeing yourself talking and doing your thing on TV, but it was really nice for Habitat for Humanity to gain the exposure. Was language a difficulty? Yes, right from day one when I arrived in Argentina. I realised how ignorant I was to be going travelling around the world and initially thinking “oh well I’m sure everyone speaks English”. I was wrong and this has spurred me into action to continue learning Spanish and one day I’d love to learn some Te Reo! What were most of your ‘clients’ like and did your impromptu cutting always draw a crowd? I was fortunate to have a good mix of clients from all over the world. Staying in Backpackers meant I could always find another traveller who was keen, but on the streets it wasn’t always easy. But hey I cut CEOs’ hair, and I cut homeless glue sniffers’ hair. They are all people and I feel we can learn something from everyone. Where was your favourite location? I loved Bolivia, and felt right at home in Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, I cut hair in the Bull Ring, down by the lake, also on Isla du Sol, Island of the Sun. But there was nothing like the feeling of being in the sacred valley, two days into the Machu Picchu Trek, the eeriness, calm and peacefulness was something tranquil that also raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

What’s it like being back in Christchurch after your year’s sojourn? It feels like a dream! After everywhere I have been I feel so fortunate to call Christchurch, New Zealand home. Will you be hairdressing again in Christchurch soon? I sure will be! Running around the streets on my weekends giving free haircuts! Check out my blog Hairgypsy365 you can find me on Instagram or Facebook, and of course during the week I’ll be making the magic happen at Do Or Dye, Merivale’s latest boutique hair salon. On a more personal note - what is your favourite item of clothing? My beautiful old retro shirt I got off Trade Me five years ago for a cup day outfit. It cost me $10 for the shirt and $80 to get it shaped to fit, but after my travels it’s the only thing I took with me that I didn’t manage to lose! What is one book you would suggest everyone read? Guns, Germs and Steel by Jarrod Diamond.

What is your proudest achievement? Having the opportunity to become a father. Having someone who looks up to you and makes you look at the world in a better way. And having the chance to inspire him to be the best human possible. If you could go back and tell your teenage self something, what would it be? Don’t be afraid to pick up a book and spend some quiet time reading for 20 minutes every day. What is your favourite drink? Depends on what feels right? Lemon water, Green Tea, Heineken in no particular order. What are you like at parties? The quiet one, listening, drinking lemon water. What’s next on the wish list? More travel… and learning more about self sustainability, permaculture and getting involved in the local markets… Ho Hum Gypsy Green Thumb next edition is coming out mid 2016! It’s always nice to dream…

ph 365 8582 christchurch



Metropol June 4, 2015 7


Looking Up: Jenny Setchell When you're sitting in a glorious cathedral for hours, listening to your husband rehearse on an organ concert, you certainly have the time to look at such places as the ceiling… By Hans Petrovic


fter close to 25 years of travelling around the globe with organist Martin Setchell, who is also adjunct professor at the University of Canterbury's School of Music, his wife, Jenny, certainly did have the opportunity to appreciate the splendour of the many cathedrals, churches and concert halls where he performed. Taking photos over the years in places all around the world, Jenny has had published a coffee-table book, “Looking Up”, which contains spectacularly beautiful shots of elevated organs and ceilings around them. The 57 photos in the book were taken mostly in religious structures in Europe, America and Australia, the majority being from Germany, with plenty of others from England, France, Holland, the United States, Canada, Scotland, Poland, Holland, Austria, Italy – and New Zealand. “Little did Martin know that I was going around taking photos while he was rehearsing,” says Jenny. “I would sit around for six hours in those cold, hard pews, listening and telling him if the pedals were too loud or the flutes too soft. I also had lots of time to look at the ceilings. You get to see things that tourists and the congregation don't see, because they don't have access to certain parts of the church. “I see myself as a recorder. The actual skill and talent lies in the people who

I would sit around for six hours in those cold, hard pews, listening and telling him if the pedals were too loud or the flutes too soft

designed these organs. In some places, the instruments blend in perfectly with their surroundings. In others, they stand out. “The organ is usually only part of a whole harmonious picture. Its grandeur is complemented by the beauty of the surrounding ceiling whether it be fan,

barrel or rib-vaulted, highly ornate stone work or painted wood. “It is the context in which the organ is placed and the harmony of the whole that creates the magical effect. “Some of the organs are more than 400 years old. So, in some churches, you get to hear what the people heard there 400 years ago.” In the book, Jenny writes: “I stand in awe of the centuries of work from musicians, organ builders, craftsmen, painters and architects who laboured to create these visual and aural canvases for us all to enjoy; and we should also be grateful to those who continue to

Two professionals in flooring... two very good reasons to visit our showroom

Anna 8 June 4, 2015 Metropol


Established 1946


maintain and preserve these magnificent buildings and instruments.” Only basic facts about the organs and buildings are noted in the book. Jenny chose to keep the pages uncluttered with words by focusing on the visual impact of the organ facades and ceilings. Any text is in German, English and French. “Looking Up” (German title, “Dem Himmel Nahe”) is available locally

Some of the organs are more than 400 years old. So, in some churches, you get to hear what the people heard there 400 years ago. through 3928412175; or its publishers, Musikverlag Dr J. Butz, for 18 euros (about $27), at

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137



Downtown farmers’ market A new and exciting Farmers' Market is bringing the country to town! Held at The Commons, corner of Kilmore and Durham (former Crowne Plaza site), this market is open every Sunday from 9.30am – 2.30pm starting on Sunday 7 June. With a strong focus on fresh produce (local where possible fresh fruit and vegetables, butchery, fish, bread, cheese, deli, eggs, coffee and juices), this vibrant and bustling market will also incorporate a smaller element of non-produce/giftware, plants, arts and crafts, furniture, live music/entertainment, kids' activities, artisan food stalls and food trucks selling delicious ready to eat food. The market is the brainchild of Alistair Goile of Liberty Foods Food Truck who is partnered by John Lodge of Red Box Burger & Grill.


French spin Moa Brewing Co.'s founder Josh Scott has utilised his skills as both a beer brewer and qualified winemaker to create a cider that places a premium French winemaker's spin on the apple drink. Using French oak chips during the fermentation process, Moa's Apple Cider can be described as a typical crisp green apple aroma with a clean refreshing taste and medium sweetness.


What’s in a glass? Austrian Riedel Crystal, widely recognised as the world's leading wine glass producer, has unveiled a striking stemmed glass designed specifically to emphasise the attributes of Central Otago Pinot Noir. Riedel's Australasian managing director Mark Baulderstone said the glass will be marketed worldwide as the Central Otago Pinot Noir Glass and is the only glass in the Riedel range to carry a regional name.

Making Our Place - Your Home At Ilam Lifecare facility we provide a beautiful homely environment

Serviced Studios & Apartments

28 Ilam Road, Christchurch

We currently have ONE APARTMENT and ONE STUDIO now vacant

Sunny, spacious, premium apartments & studios conveniently located in the heart of Ilam. Units are private, self-contained and are serviced by our friendly staff, providing you with the ultimate in comfort and security. Designed for maximum outdoor enjoyment, with each unit surrounded by a variety of sunny yet sheltered outdoor spaces. Full rest home care in the privacy of your own apartment or studio

Call Shirley on 03 348 5305 to view by appointment Ilam Lifecare is a registered Retirement Village under the Retirement Villages Act 2005



A perfect match



BARRINGTON HOSTS UNIQUE MODELLING SHOW NZ Models and Talent teamed up with not for proďŹ t StarJam in April to showcase the latest new season garments for winter provided by the retailers of Barrington. There were spot prizes, entertainment and a lot of laughs, with money raised to help StarJam continue its important work.

Grace Grocot, Junelle French, Kate Lockie Lucy Owen, Elise Falgeirettes Ethan Hamilton-Currey, Tasha Eyles, Kylie Ashby, Te Ramanui Marriner

Jill Kearns, Kelly Morison, Sue White

Lizzie Tonkin, Nicole Burrow, Lissa Golding

David Herrick, Leo Herrick, Donna Herrick, Robbie Baker

Natalia Norman, Carrie-Anne Freeman

Sarah Mackinnon, Elise Falgeirettes

Samantha Pollock, Jessie Walsh

Donna Dawson, Helen Smith, Lynne Zondag

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: Architectural Housing Major Renovations Quantity Surveyor Project Management Design & Build Properties for Sale phone Colin 027 432 2364 Metropol June 4, 2015 11



Singing bus driver


Central Otago plums With so much love for their Black Doris Plum & Crème Fraiche at their scoop parlours, Kapiti are pleased to announce its availability in supermarkets nationwide for a limited time. With rich plum tones, captivating aroma and an explosion of tangy fruit on the palate, this indulgent winter delight is perfect for sharing. 1 litre - RRP$10.99


Interior design award TRENZSEATER's interior design work directed by Ben Lewis has been internationally recognised by an international acclaimed judging panel for the International Design Award (IDA). They have been distinguished with an Honourable Mention for the residential Interior Design work that they submitted for this year's award. IDA honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by

12 June 4, 2015 Metropol

architects and designers of interiors, fashion, products, and graphics from 52 countries throughout the world.

When Helen Medlyn begins the Operatunity Best Musicals of All Time tour she will be combining two abilities: her great singing and her recently acquired Class 2 licence. Helen will be driving her way through New Zealand with four singers and a pianist in the welltravelled Operatunity bus. She is a diva on stage and on the road she will be their fabulous singing bus driver. It will be a change from Helen's usual mode of transport - a Harley Davidson motorbike! The iconic Helen Medlyn will lead an entertaining revue-style show, taking you on a journey through the best musicals of all time. Christchurch: Tuesday 16 June – phone 0508 266 237 or visit


LOCAL LADIES CELEBRATE WITH A NIGHT AT THE RACES The recent Ladies Night at Addington featured special guest Sophie Pascoe, world champion swimmer and 2015 Canterbury Sportswoman of the Year, harness racing action, a gourmet dinner, competitions, spot prizes, a silent auction and entertainment by local Canterbury band The Elevators.

Mandy Dellaca, Gael MacFarlane, Jan Richards

Darlene Loader (Addington), Tracey Campbell(Metropol), Denise Robertson (Metropol) Jo Pascoe, Sophie Pascoe, Elliot Dowie

Kathleen Branson, Jude McCormick

Vicky Brown, Kathy Marsiglia, Kristine Wallace

Wendy Tyler, Carolyn Morrison, Sandra Blackwell

Sue Grainger, Shirley Cummings, Brenda Armstrong

Harriet of Mot, winner of the Metropol sponsored race

Jessica Norton, Sharron Pearce

Sandi Gerrard, Emma Dyer


Jocelyn Barnett, Janette Treacy, Pam Johnston, Denise Bleach

Fiona Gillies, Lauren Goodman, Claire Moran, Sheryl Baker, Deana Pochin

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

Metropol June 4, 2015 13


A modern day Downton Abbey A new book titled To Hell with Poverty by Christchurch author Rodney Laredo has been referred to as a modern day Downton Abbey. The entertaining overview of life upstairs and downstairs in a magnificent English country house is based on a year-long adventure living amidst the landed gentry, attending to all their needs, at home and beyond.


iring the daily help, shampooing, walking and feeding the family's canine companions and grooming a fleet of cars were all part of a day's graft for Rodney Laredo when he and his wife Alethea were engaged to run a large English estate. The daily exploits of the couple, their employers, their fellow house staff, visiting guests, and many of the local villagers is the subject of this captivating new book. It gives an insight into the inner workings of the charmed life at Chantborough Court, as viewed through the erudite eyes of a former Kiwi

marketer and advertising consultant turned-UK-domestic. Daily life in the 'Big House' is revealed in detail as Rodney recounts the rituals, rivalries and challenges of a 12-month working contract that was not all domestic bliss. Actual names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of certain individuals, but the composite characters and often comedic scenes are based on the couple's personal experiences at Chantborough Court and in other English villages and households visited in the course of their many trips to England. To Hell with Poverty is published by The Caxton Press and can be found in all good bookstores throughout New Zealand.

Alethea and Rodney Laredo

GIVEAWAY Metropol in association with the author, Rodney Laredo, has two copies of To Hell with Poverty to give away. To enter the draw email your name and phone number to – quote To Hell with Poverty in the subject line. Entries close on Monday 15 June and the winners will be notified on Tuesday 16 June.


2.95% (+450 +GST)

= outstanding RESULTS for our vendors Call us today about our personalised service on Real Estate & Property Management

Ph: 352 8539 Grassam Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent (REAA2008) MREINZ

14 June 4, 2015 Metropol


NEW CRANFORD STREET STORE GETS SUN-KISSED FOR WINTER Popular tanning salon Sun-kissed Tan (SKT) recently opened a second Christchurch location on Cranford Street, taking just two hours to book out 197 tans for the grand opening on Thursday April 16.

Roger, Shelley

Bernard, Matt, Virginia

Donna & John

Virginia, Jill

Andrew, Amanda

Lisa, Tylar, Carla

Jerome, Brent, John

Photos by Aimee Cane Photography - for copies email:




WIR BEDROOM2 3.4x 3.0m




1.7x 2.0m

3.1x 2.4m





1.5x 1.4m 710

1.2x 2.4m



4.2x 4.6m






1.5x 1.4m



High wall mounted heatpump


2.0x 1.0m


4.7x 7.6m



3.9x 1.6m




2.9x 1.4m





810 810




4.2x 4.1m

2.5x 3.0m

3.0x 3.0m

BEDROOM1 4.1x 3.4m 860







Roaring outdoor fire

under floor heating

At Simply Heat you can see all your options on display so High efficiency that you can assess the heatpump ones you like. Our heating specialists will help you with that process, explaining the 5 various products’ features Cosy panel and benefits. heater

That way, you can marry the combination of gas fires or log burner, heat pumps and hot water heater or any heating technology and system – because they’re all on display here at New Zealand’s largest home heating showroom.






3 Warm feet

For maximum efficiency, every home should have a heating solution tailored to the layout of its plans, your individual situation and your budget.


2.9x 1.4m

Blazing wood burner

On demand gas hot water heater




Ambience of a gas fire

Fujitsu ASTG18

We have these suggestions (below left) for this plan. But come on in and get a free quote on your ideal home heating solution, for your own plans.

DL850 6 Escea gas fire

1 LVCC heatpump

More than 9kW of heat output with 4.5 star efficiency makes it perfect for any size home. Puts out a whisper-quiet 6kW with fantastic energy savings Simply Heat's price*




including fascia, flue and burn media

This woodburner is ECAN clean air approved- it burns logs with outstanding efficiency. Airwash air flow helps keep the window clean so you enjoy the flames to the full.

Designed for homes requiring endless hot water with lower yearly running costs.



including one compact controller



8 Stovax Riva Studio 2 NZ

Rinnai VT26 continuous flow gas water heater

Simply Heat's price*

Simply Heat's price*

complete with steel fascia and 4.8m flue kit.

Simply Heat's price*

95 Byron Street next to Rockgas Tel:03 365 3685 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 9am to 1pm





Bianco The White Party

Tony Award winning drama Elmwood Players is presenting the winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for best drama, Proof by David Auburn. Catherine, a troubled young woman, has spent years caring for her father, Robert, who was a brilliant but unstable mathematician suffering from paranoid delusions. Following his death, Catherine must manage her own mental state, the arrival of her estranged sister, Claire, and a burgeoning romance with Hal, a former student of her father's. A shocking discovery then threatens to change everything for Catherine as she faces up to her fear of following in her father's footsteps while desperately trying to remain in control. Presented by: Elmwood Players at the Elmwood Auditorium, 31 Aikmans Rd, Merivale. Time & Dates: 7:30pm, 10 to 13 and 17 to 20 June (Wednesday to Saturday) Phone (03) 355 8874 or book online at

Party time on P&O Cruises is about to take on a stylish new shade as the cruise line revamps its onboard entertainment programme to include dazzling top deck white parties. Four new party concepts will be rolled out across the fleet this month including Bianco, the P&O White Party, which is set to be the biggest night on any cruise turning the open deck into a whiteout with special effects such as smoke cannons and a snow finale, white cocktails, live music and everyone dressed in their brightest whites. Along with a DJ pumping out tunes from a specially-designed stage on the dance floor, there will be a selfie wall complete with selfie sticks so partygoers can capture memories of the night to share on social media. ART

Landscape artists For the month of June Selwyn Gallery is featuring two landscape artists: Cushla Heslop and Karen Smith.


m Karen S

Karen Smith

16 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Cushla H


Karen Smith lives in Methven and is a full time artist. The New Zealand landscape is a great inspiration for her work; the forever changing light and moods of the landscape, the brooding skies of a southerly and nor 'west winds. Karen ventures out in the high country to gather pictures and sketches to work with in her studio. Cushla Heslop grew up in Southbridge and now lives and works in Omihi, North Canterbury. Her interest in art has been life long and she originally trained as a photographer and worked at Lincoln College. All her works are made from photographs and sketches she makes on site, preferably visiting the area multiple times.


LOCAL ARTIST UNVEILS TURANGAWAEWAE New Zealand artist Ginney Deavoll celebrated the opening of her latest exhibition titled Turangawaewae at the Bryce Gallery in April, featuring hyper-realism style paintings of New Zealand places with an emphasis on local ora and fauna.

Ginny Deavoull, Denise Bryce, Di Lust, Jess Thomas

Lorraine Lowe, Ginny Deavoull

Linda and Andrew Stewart

Rita Deavoull, Denise Hunter

Rosemary Miller, Leonie Fechney, Phillipa Gardner from DOC

David Deavoull, Denise Bryce, Bruce Church

Chris and Shirley Hoyle with purchased painting

Rita Deavoull and Rita Vandervelden Mother and Grandmother

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

by David Auburn directed by Sam Primrose Tickets $20 waged, $17 unwaged To book: Phone (03) 3558874 or online:

10 - 13 & 17 - 20 June Wed to Sat 7:30pm Elmwood Auditorium 31 Aikmans Rd Merivale P: 03 366 5540

Metropol June 4, 2015 17

Wins Prestigious National Awards 2015 N.Z.C.N.A. ANNUAL NEWSPAPER AWARDS


Metropol has yet again achieved highest honours at the 2015 NZCNA Annual Newspaper Awards


Trevor Laplanche gave credit to his team of passionate staff who “once again have produced a consistently high quality local magazine for the Christchurch and Canterbury reader.” “We are competing nationally against some very renowned publications at these awards, and being reviewed by peers in the industry and judged winners is a great accomplishment for our dedicated Christchurch team. Cantabrians can be assured they are getting the best product available in the market today; produced by a team of their own.” Metropol - The Leading lifestyle magazine again in Canterbury


CONTACT PH: (03) 343 3669 18 June 4, 2015 Metropol


NO PLACE LIKE HOME Quality care within the comfort of your own residence is what draws people to Park Lane Retirement Village.



he basis of this care is their welcoming environment, where a stroll through the small village for sales manager Trish Veronese, means greeting residents by name and stopping for a chat. For the residents it means sipping on a sherry while relaxing in the lounge area after dinner or taking a quiet moment in the sun in the gardens. Quality and flexibility of care is integral to life at Park Lane, who offer a wide range of accommodation and care level options. “We provide a range of care options from semi-independent right through to full rest home care in our studio

apartments,” says Louise Nash, new village co-ordination manager for owners the Arvida Group. There are spacious villas on site, each featuring one of six layouts to best fit its location. The two-bedroom, twobathroom villas have all the excellent facilities you would expect from a welldesigned new build, including sound proof double glazing and bell access to the main building services. For those in the main building itself, there is a choice of studios or onebedroom apartments, all with either semiindependent or full rest home care. “If your care needs increase to hospital

level, you have priority to transfer within the facility to our hospital wing,” says Louise. Park Lane offers an active and growing activities department, including plans to develop a Community Centre, with residents making the most of their central location to independently visit nearby Westfield Riccarton, Barrington Mall or the local shops at Tower Junction. Its easy location also means that residents often have family and friends popping in for a visit and a chat. Call Trish on (03) 338 4495 to arrange a visit to Park Lane Retirement Village at 35 Whiteleigh Avenue, Addington.

Metropol June 4, 2015 19


Top off your event It's hard to get people out on a cold night. What you need is something special - something a little different and a whole lot of fun.


icture a high end fashion show, a new winter collection, a product launch or a business opening, or simply a group of women enjoying a celebration. Now add a topless waiter – a smartly dressed shirtless waiter.

“We offer a hospitality service with a twist” “Let me educate you,” says Kimberley from Topless Waiters Christchurch. “We are topless waiters - nothing more, nothing less. We offer a hospitality service with a twist, waiters to spice up any event - sans shirts of course!” Topless Waiters Christchurch have been bringing their professional polish to a range of events in the Christchurch social scene over the past year, from expert waiter services to mixing up a great cocktail. For any event they have a team of waiters to call on, covering a range of ages, all with previous experience in the hospitality industry, and they're gym junkies for a great look.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 We are an experienced and professional team. 20 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Kimberley recommends letting Topless Waiters warm up your midwinter, with one of their cocktail party options. They offer a full cocktail service with one waiter mixing up 40 cocktails over two hours, with the addition of a second waiter perfect to pass around drinks, take photos and have a chat with the ladies. A complete cocktail evening can be provided, including menu, ingredients and equipment, or hosts can personalise the cocktail menu if preferred. Visit, their Facebook page or give them a call on 0800 TOPLESS.


LEATHER'S As the cold begins to bite make sure you have some high quality leather pieces in your winter wardrobe. This season a variety of styles from supersoft longline coats to structural jackets are a must have. Experiment with colour in olives, tans or blues and discover the comfort of leather/fabric combinations…






Everyone will notice - no one will know! All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost

Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)



Call us today for a no obligation consultation 03 388 8806



363 PAPANUI ROAD MERIVALE Metropol June 4, 2015 21


By Kate Pierson

By Kate Pierson






From distinctly feminine chic shifts to matching pantsuits in androgynous lines and even some flares thrown into the mix, along with paisley, tweed and two tones are titivating the seasonal fashion followers, the sixties and seventies have never been sweeter or prettier for that matter. Fashion heavyweights including Prada, BCBG and Fendi are leading by stylish example sending their prodigies down the catwalk and onto red carpets to pioneer the look – style stalk the likes of Olivia Palermo, Poppy Delevingne and Alexa Chung and you'll know just what we mean.

Transform your smile FREE

03 337 3373 22 June 4, 2015 Metropol



lthough remnants of the sixties and seventies sartorial scene have lingered in silhouettes and patterns aplenty throughout the course of time, this era is a firm and frontrunning fixture for winter 2015 and there's been a deliberate shift on the local and international fashion scene towards making it happen. Frankly, we're tickled pink about that fact.


What springs to mind when you contemplate the sixties morphing into the early seventies? Women's lib and bra burning? Psychedelic induced antics? Moshpits at Woodstock? All relics of that revolutionary time certainly, but actually, there's only one seductive hallmark of the swinging sixties and seventies that we're concerned with right now – the wears.




ON THE RISE... The great thing about this look is that it doesn't discriminate – if you're on the more petite side or have a little more to love, it's going to work for you as well as for anyone else who sits somewhere in between. Better still, it's not going to date, so any budget blowing shopping antics can be put down to a smart investment in your future meaning guilt free shopping. What's not to love?





Feminine chic shifts to matching pantsuits, some flares along with paisley, tweed and two tones are titivating the seasonal fashion followers. The sixties and seventies have never been sweeter or prettier.



Back home in Aotearoa, the trend is quickly on the rise with a personal favourite and darling of many wardrobes the country over - Karen Walker - incorporating the iconic mod style into its Winter Collection. Polished, structured, eortlessly sophisticated, it's not that much of a stretch for the brand, however, with the sleek sixties and seventies aesthetic and silhouette a regular in its ranges.

Metropol June 4, 2015 23


Love the weather... In New Zealand we love weather. The change of season, the surprise of snow, the endless discussion…







aybe we don't love everything about winter. Not the damp, certainly not cold, gloomy days that make it hard to get out of bed. But we do love frosty mornings and crisp clear days. The freshest of air, meeting with friends for a hot drink and throwing on our winter boots and coats are all savoured. As is wrapping up in winter knits. This year they are cropped, oversized, chunky or fine, and warmer than ever. They come in pastels, earthy tones and jewel tones to brighten the day. However you wear your knits make them an extraordinary textured statement this season…


In winter we love… frosty mornings and crisp clear days, the freshest of air, meeting with friends for a hot drink and wrapping up in winter knits.


Rug up in Cosy Merino from

50% OFF

Your first treatment of IPL Hair Removal


Get IPL on your Underarm FREE With Brazilian, Bikini, Leg or Arm IPL Hair Removal

DEAL 3 Pay for 3 Treatments of IPL and get the fourth FREE (Conditions apply, contact us for Details)


Accent on Nou Veau

Your local Skin Specialist Sizes 14+

Bush Inn Centre

Crn Riccarton & Waimairi Road P: 3488910 M: 021392322 (txt ONLY) ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE 24 June 4, 2015 Metropol

South City

Ph. 03 379 7473


Ph. 03 348 0194


Ph. 03 353 5896

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Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm Saturday 10am-4pm








This year knits are cropped, oversized, chunky or fine. They are warm, comfortable to wear and come in pastels, earthy tones or jewel tones to brighten the day.

MEL & ZOE’S ALTERATION’S & DESIGN STUDIO HEMS 151 Edgeware Road $120 Hair and Makeup

New styles arriving weekly at

Ph. 377 8942 E.

Check us out on

Barrington Unit 2 159 Cranford St

Ph. 355 2125

Ph. 332 1730 Metropol June 4, 2015 25


Baby it’s cold outside.. Stylist Stephanie Rumble of Bright Red

Adding an interesting or colourful coat to your wardrobe will give you a lift and brighten up a winter's day. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and it will work with the rest of your wardrobe. This season texture and pattern extend into coat styling and can work in a neutral palette if that's what you prefer. Choose a shape and length that flatters – boxy shapes are on trend as are longer line drapey coats and fur styles. Invest in a great coat, throw it on over your dullest outfit and you will feel fabulous.




Zeila Essential Multi Fur Coat $499

Trelise Cooper – Be Still My Beating Art Coat in winter flora $699

Oversize contrast-sleeve jacket in Jungle $359.99


There is IPL and now there is BBL... the “Rolls Royce” of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines has arrived






Portfolio (est 1992) has been running these highly successful and popular workshops for many, many years now. Internationally experienced tutors, Director Mel Radford Brown, and Model Booker Rebecca Dore enjoy working with the students teaching many relevant skills and bringing out the best in each individual. This course is not just for potential Models - all students are welcome!

Taking bookings NOW for July Holidays! EARLY BIRD RATES APPLY For more information and booking details

PHONE 03 379 9011

or visit 26 June 4, 2015 Metropol



Andrea Moore



Movement Dress Coat in Beet $795

Naudic Vancouver Coat in Midnight $450

Compose Coat in Ash/Icebox $897

corkin + friends who does your hair

See our extensive range of GHD Tools

Ph. 371 9297 + 830 Colombo St Metropol June 4, 2015 27


By Lydia Truesdale



Whatever is it you love about salon hair care, whether it's the chance at a fresh look, maintaining your favourite look, or getting a professional look for a special event, there's a sleek salon in downtown Addington that does it all with finesse.


he Hairdressing Place is the perfect setting for personal indulgence; in an upcoming district, tucked in behind Pulse cafe is the

Andrea Simpson and Justin Owen

Sensational Shoes & Scarves for Winter PLUS everything for the Ball Season

modern space where customers kick back and relax. They are in the expert hands of director Andrea Simpson and managing director Justin Owen, who together have over 30 years of experience. Andrea and Justin have a knack for making their client's feel at ease. Their friendly demeanour and light chatter make it easy for customers to express what they are looking for, and in turn leave feeling refreshed and fully satisfied. On top of this, the salon is one of only two in Christchurch to stock Keune, a Dutch product range that is silk protein based and leaves hair radiantly luminous. Keune also boasts an envious colour palette that fuses leading catwalk trends with street styles for a selection of tantalising tones. Another revolutionary product in use is Olaplex. Olaplex is redefining the limits of lightening by sealing the hair and protecting it during chemical processes such as colouring. Although the range has only just arrived in New Zealand, the benefits of its enhanced colouring formula are already creating excitement. Between Keune and Olaplex, women

and men no longer need to compromise healthy hair for sumptuous colours; they can have both. It's hard to believe that a salon emitting such excellence is then so inviting and economically competitive. As well as reasonable treatment prices is a loyalty system that includes a free cut (for men) and a free product (for women) every 10th visit. The Hairdressing Place is situated at 3/107 Wrights Road. For appointments and enquiries phone (03) 338 0338.

Christchurch Vascular Surgeon and Varicose Vein Specialists Using the latest technology, results are fast & effective

Evidence suggests less pain and bruising.

E S T.



• Quality New & Pre-loved Clothing & Accessories • Sell on Behalf • Size 8-26 • Modern, Classic & Vintage Fashion

Need a pick me up? ...WE CAN DO THAT!

Parkside Plaza, 5/333 Harewood Rd, Bishopdale opposite Harewood Tavern Open Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm, Thur Late

Phone 359 2070 28 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI

16 St Asaph St ChCh

Ph. 365 4502

3/107 Wrights Road, Addington

PHONE 338 0338

for HEALTH&BEAUTY Winter has arrived! Make Barrington the place to shop for all your Health and Beauty requirements. For your convenience we are open 7 days a week and until 7pm on Thursday’s with over 600 free car parks. We have a Fresh Choice supermarket and The Warehouse, as well as 50 speciality stores, we look forward to seeing you at Barrington.









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'70s luxe Witchery Stripe Fine Knit $109.90 Witchery Montana Hobo Bag $299.90

It's a retro revival with a modern twist – the clean silhouettes and tonal colours of the '70s revamped with luxe textures. These pieces from Witchery borrow from the independent spirit and chic styling of the 1970s. Inspiring an update on the now faded classics at the back of your mum's wardrobe, they are presented in sharp blacks, rich tan and caramel hues. '70s style is back with a vengeance, boasting low fuss, high impact textures, shapes and designs that bring back the best features of an experimental era.

Witchery A-line Leather Skirt $349.90 Witchery Pussy Bow Tee $109.90

Witchery A-line Midi Skirt $109.90

Witchery Lois Boot $279.90


THE BEST SPRAY TAN IN CHRISTCHURCH St Albans Shop 3/159 Cranford street Ph: (03) 355 1174 Ilam 213a Waimari Road (Entrance Around The Back) Ph: (03) 358 2883

30 June 4, 2015 Metropol



What's new in beauty‌


THE POWER OF PLANTS Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate One of the main ageing concerns for all women is the eye area. Clarins, with its 50 years' expertise in eye care, has launched a new formula to reduce wrinkles, diminish the look of dark circles linked to age, reduce puffiness and 'lift' the area. 94% of women who tried the product were satisfied from the first week of use.

ART OF SEDUCTION Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret

THE CHERRY ON TOP Cherry Black Facial Sunscreen (SPF30). Containing three natural active ingredients, this sunscreen helps to protect, restore and renew the skin. Luxurious in texture and light to apply it absorbs quickly into the skin and because it is non-whitening and nongreasy, it's perfect to wear either under make up or alone. RRP $114.95 (100ml).

BERRYLICIOUS BEFORE BED Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream This night cream is a berry-rich wonder abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and EFA's to ensure that you wake with radiant and renewed skin ready to take on the challenges of the day. It easily absorbs and is deeply nourishing. The Rose Otto essential oil also gives a relaxing floral aroma to drift off into a deep sleep. RRP (50g) $64.90

For her Mysterious, intense and playful. Refreshing, zesty notes of mandarin, orange and bergamot are combined with the delicate undertones of peach and gardenia. The heart is a union of gardenia and orange blossom, while drops of blackcurrant zest provide a refreshing lift to a base of woody notes of patchouli and cedar along with tonka, vanilla and musk.

For him Top notes of masculine freshness are formed by the combination of aromatic minty tones with the delicious effect of green apple liquor. The heart of the fragrance features the exoticness of red and black pepper with the spiciness of nutmeg and cumin seeds. Finally an aromatic freshness is created by cedarwood, amber and leather accord to give The base notes depth and personality. RRPs $56.00 each.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Trilogy Sensitive Very Gentle Calming Serum Skin sensitivity is an increasing reality worldwide. With an ever growing list of potential skin irritants beginning with fragrances, allergies and stress, we're being exposed to more sensitising factors with our changing lifestyles and environments. Change of season is one of the main environmental triggers of sensitivity. This calming serum by Trilogy delivers a soothing and hydrating treatment for anyone suffering from fragile, irritated or intolerant skin. RRP (30ml) RRP $44.90

For complete denture services contact the team at ME2 DENTURE STUDIO We specialise in: New Dentures Partial Dentures Same Day Denture Relines Relines Repairs Denture Refitting


Our quality services are offered at a competitive price. We are qualified clinical Dental technicians and have a professional fully serviced laboratory. We offer WINZ quotes and accept insurance. Book in for your FREE initial consultation today and let the team at Me2 Denture Studio create the perfect solution for you.

Shop 3, 233 Riccarton Rd Ilam, Christchurch P: 03 341 5419 E:

Pagi & Amy Metropol June 4, 2015 31

south city

WINTER FOCUS on A little pick me up can be just the thing to brighten a cool day – a new winter hair colour, a piece of fabulous fashion or maybe something to keep your skin looking its best. South City Shopping Centre offers a great selection of winter buys, all from its central city location.

Rabbit fur vests, perfect with US denim.


he soft comfort of rabbit fur is one of the statement pieces at Halo & Hazard, whose fashion follows the West Coast styles of the United States. Think vests in soft greys, warm browns and blacks, perfect with their lines of US denim. Short leather look jackets mix well with tops and dresses made with beautiful fabrics and filled with colour.

There are also cosy knits in jumpers and cardigans, and a range of soft luxurious scarves. Pagani's winter collection brings a touch of sparkle and colour. New season's colours, the rich orange of campari and deep, bright blues of cobalt, are standouts throughout the store, in both warm winter knits and soft dresses and tops.

Long dresses are brought to life with sequins and beading for a special night out, with faux fur stoles and sparkly purses and clutches to accessorise. A beauty and skin care regime is also important over the cooler months. Health 2000 have Collagen support with Hyaluronic Acid from Lighthouse, whose range of high quality supplements are

Get your lunch from

Making your nails look fabulous!

JAPANZ BAKERY today! Pies Sandwiches Vegetarian Potato Burger etc

_ Artificial Nails _ Shellac Nails _Manicure _ Deluxe Spa Pedicure P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Centre 32 June 4, 2015 Metropol

South City Find us on facebook

Ph. 943 4066

beauty & fashion A beauty and skin care

regime is important over

the cooler months.

made entirely in New Zealand. The collagen provides the building blocks to support the skin's elasticity, and aids in reducing the visible signs of ageing, while supporting the natural appearance of healthy hair and nails. Nude by Nature is a new line for South City Pharmacy, with the range of lightweight pressed mineral powder perfect for a natural look. This luxurious pressed powder foundation provides a lightweight,

semi-matte finish in a range of colours to suit your skin type. All powders contain native Australian ingredients including Kakadu plum and Cehami extract, as well as Vitamin E, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil and Shea butter to hydrate and nourish and protect the skin during all seasons. To complete your winter look Rodney Wayne has just released their new winter colour collection, with shades set to make you feel great. Take away one of their new French Bulldog umbrellas, the perfect final accessory for winter, when you purchase any three Kérastase products. Pop in to South City Shopping Centre, open daily at 555 Colombo Street.

Stunning Flowers & Gifts Buy on-line or come into our store

No appointment necessary ! Fabulous Haircuts for all ages


Clipper cut $12 Dry Cut - Ladies - $25 Men ‘s - $22 Don’t FORGET our LOYALTY CARD, every 6th Haircut is FREE! Now stockists of South City Mall 555 Colombo St Ph. 020 406 22612

South City Centre 555 Colombo Street Ph. 961 8165

We are OPEN 7 DAYS

Bush Inn Shopping Centre P. 348 7008 South City P. 366 0619 Metropol June 4, 2015 33


By Kate Pierson

There's a definite potency to Deadly Ponies – it's got that 'come hither' look down pat with each and every one of its bodacious pieces from its handbags to its highly coveted accessories.


unctional perfection, Deadly Ponies - a brand, an institution, a sartorial elitist by name and by nature - is capable of sending even the most Zen devotee to a frenzy of buying up large madness. Put it down to a beautiful juxtaposition between conservative, symmetrical lines and slightly wild, fascinating fur adornments and handbags' accessories, the cultural stimulus and inspiration running trough the label's veins or, quite simply, some incredible craftsmanship. It's all semantics really. Ultimately, Deadly Ponies is what it is, always has been and always will be – that being, decidedly unpretentious yet devastatingly desirable.

The collection includes a number of new styles including felt adorned with pompoms and a selection of two-tone classics with woolen handles. One thing's for sure, it's got New Zealand and a following offshore not only wrapped around its luxury leather finger, but also singing that chorus with passionate gusto. For winter 2015, the brand's bar, already sky high, is defying the laws of gravity, and Deadly Ponies is upping its already fierce game with its new Mop Mop collection, which flirts with the raw,

Mr Fill N Zip Twist Dip ($840.00)

Be lured by luxury

minimalist and utilitarian qualities of the French Revolution. Founder and Director Liam Bowden says of the new collection, “Mop Mop is a natural extension to our Autumn collection, which was dominated by cheetah print fur. I wanted to continue the idea of nature's camouflage, which led me to explore the idea of hand-pressed woollen felt with tone on tone pompoms”.

Have the smile you’ve always wanted. Beat the cold Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987) Hygienists: Shona Ferguson RDH Megan Smith RDH



AMAZING Ph. 0210 75 2234

New clients are always welcome.


with our stylish

WINTER essentials Sizes 8-22

DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall

9 Gerald St, Lincoln.

Ph: 03 355 8297

Ph 325 2390 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 10-4pm


Timeless Elegant Vintage Jewellery


18ct Faceted Hoop Earrings

15ct Engraved Cufflinks

9ct Compass Pendant




Sterling Silver Marcasite Floral Brooch


18ct Three Diamond Ring TDW 1.12ct RV $5900

9ct Sapphire and Diamond Ring



Now at RV– Replacement Valuation

34 June 4, 2015 Metropol

SURREAL hair & beauty boutique day spa 127 Westminster St St Albans P.365 2215



Liam's been inspired to draw upon the artistic direction of artists Robert Morris and Joseph Beuys to explore a story using felt, deer nappa and monochrome hues. The collection includes a number of new styles including felt adorned with pompoms and a selection of two-tone classics with woolen handles. “Morris' minimalism and virtuoso manipulation of felt, combine with Beuys'

Mr Mini Market Pom Pom in Grey ($640.00)

Mr Market Pom Pom in Chalk ($790.00)

Decidedly unpretentious yet devastatingly desirable.

exploration into survival, to develop a collection that celebrates the unique marriage between hard and soft, wealth and modesty.” You'll find Deadly Ponies in our little corner of the world in both Rouche (Merivale Mall) and The Contemporary Lounge (Ballantynes). To peruse and purchase online go to So what are you waiting for? Giddy up.

The Main Skein FINE FOOD+COFFEE CATERING SERVICE Open Mon-Fri 5am-4pm Sat 5am-2pm Sun closed

We would like to welcome Lucy to the team.

in the

made shade 151 COLOMBO ST

Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm


186 Papanui Rd PH 355 1481

204 Papanui Rd, Merivale

P.355 4734

Metropol June 4, 2015 35


LOCAL BOUTIQUE WELCOMES NEW STORE MANAGER Taylor Boutique's Christchurch store on the corner of Aikmans and Papanui Roads welcomed new store manager Sophie Foote in April with drinks, treats and Sophie's very own window installation, while lucky guests were able to exclusively preview the new Merino Week capsule collection.

Caitlin Crisp, Fran Ellis, Holly Moon

Laura Ind, Melissa Benge, Michelle Saban

Sophie Foote, Vicki Taylor (Owner)

Sara Foote, Wendy Harrison

Victoria Cooper-Smith

Sophie Foote, new store manager

Dayle Bygrave, Marg Foggo, Vicki Taylor

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Exclusive stockists in Christchurch ph. (03)337 2270 e: w: 81 Cashmere Road, Cashmere

Keratin treatments Say goodbye to frizzy locks! We offer the revolutionary keratin treatment to bring life back into your hair, making it smoother and more manageable. Those who have had keratin hair treatments call them a “miracle� and applaud them for making blow drying and straightening hair much easier for 3-5 months at a time.

Aikmans Road, Merivale 36 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Phone 355 4228

Call Salon E for more information on our very popular service.


BUSY PEOPLE Little people smile and chat and wriggle over a shared morning tea, and all is as it should be at Lollipops Educare.


rom young babies to those about to start school, the educators at to Lollipops work hard to create a rk hard o w s r o Educat play based learning environment that based a play e t feels like home. a e r c nt that In the Tui nursery room little ones are ironme v n e g n learni off to bed in their sleep room, well cared e home for by experienced staff who have feels lik nurtured young children for the past 25 years. Next door in the Kakapo room, those a little older head out onto the shared deck space and outdoor play area. Here they are free to safely explore – to play in the mud kitchen, feel the texture of grass on their knees and toes and to do all the messy things children love to do. “We provide lots of opportunities and experiences,” says centre director Juliette Thompson, with the centre offering elements of structure combined with free play. Recent experiences include a visit from New Zealand Police, various storytellers sharing mat times, and regular visits to the Elmswood Rest Home for the older children, with these events as well as everyday play recorded in each child's learning profile book. “We encourage parents to take the books home, to read and to share with us what is happening in the child's life at home,” says Juliette. Lollipops 'over-twos' area includes two classrooms; the Kiwi room for children aged 2–3 1/2years and Pukeko room for children aged 3 1/2-5 years. The learning environment extends to their outdoor space, with reading, painting and imaginative play available indoors and out, with a separate


literacy room complete with computer and writing material. Lollipops provides all food for the children, including a hot lunch, with the menu approved by the Heart Foundation and catering to varied dietary requirements. To find out more visit the centre at 40-42 Blighs Road in Strowan, phone (03) 351 1030 or visit

Get into the swim!

Providing your child with a very friendly, nurturing environment

Come out from the cold and into our warm pools

Limited numbers. Ring now for your enrolment.

where you can swim all year round. Learn to swim and casual swimming available

Halswell Preschool 31 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch P. 322 8727 E.

Ph. 03 260 2220 Metropol June 4, 2015 37


EARLY BIRD BIKE SEASON PASSES Early bird season passes to the world-renowned Queenstown Bike Park at Skyline Queenstown are on sale now.


ill 31 July 2015, mountain bike season pass prices are $699 for the upcoming season, before rising to $799 from 1 August. One of the longest lift-accessed mountain bike seasons in the world, the eight-monthlong season is scheduled to begin on September 4 this year and will close on May 8, 2016. After the closing of a successful 201415 season on May 10, Skyline Queenstown is focusing on making the upcoming 2015-16 season even better, with continuous improvements being made to the trails on Ben Lomond Reserve. For the 2014-15 season, Skyline Queenstown installed a third hook to its gondola cabins – resulting in shorter queue times and a 50 per cent increase in capacity to get riders to the top of Queenstown Bike Park. World-class riders like Loic Bruni, Loris Vergier, Finn Iles, Bernard Kerr, Eliot Jackson, George Brannigan, Casey Brown, Katy Curd, Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard, Kelly McGarry, Conor Macfarlane, Mick Hannah and Andrew Neethling again used Queenstown Bike Park as a training ground over summer and loved the facilities, Skyline Queenstown mountain biking operations manager Justin Matthews said.

Above: Queenstown rider Tim Ceci takes on one of the most scenic MTB corners in the world – on Queenstown Bike Park's Thundergoat trail. Photo by Callum Wood Left: Brendan Fairclough in the 'Whoops' section of the Queenstown Bike Park Original trail. Photo by Callum Wood

Love the absolute convenience of getting fit in your home. 38 June 4, 2015 Metropol

RECREATION PERFECT FOR YOGA Citrus Zinger Sport Add a new twist to your next yoga class with the Citrus Zinger Sport. The convenient, leak-free bottle includes a flip-up straw for spill-free hydration on-the-go!

WINTER PICNIC Sophie Allport Pheasant Picnic Bag and Blanket A wonderful picnic cool bag in the Sophie Allport Pheasant oilcloth fabric and a matching picnic blanket. Also pictured is a Pheasant duck feather filled cushion.




e couch u off th o y t e g l hat wil air… KEEP COOL oducts t r p f o winter n h o s i e t c r f e l e l h Polo Helmet Wine Cooler g co joying t sportin bout en a Celebrate in style with this d Here's a n a and out wine cooler designed in the

GET HOPPING Sports Day Potato Sack Race Set This Sports Day Potato Sack Race Set brings back the fun and laughter of the school sports day. It's perfect for children, young and old! On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

shape of a polo helmet.

RUGBY FANS Rugby Decal Rugby player Wall Decal available in two sizes in a range of colours to suit your decor.

Moustache e-Bikes Super High Quality and Superb Styling What exactly is an e-bike? An e-bike is a bicycle with additional functions that make riding simpler and more enjoyable. -Small difference but with big effects, no more hard climbs, no more problems riding into the wind, no more sweating during your commute. -If we compare it to other electric vehicles, the ebike has the best power/weight/autonomy ratio. -We dream of the day when our cities and towns have cyclists everywhere, men, women, children, young cyclists.... Everyone enjoying their ride and taking in the scenery.

Shop 16A, Barrington Shopping Centre, Spreydon, Christchurch P (03) 331-7075 E

Mon-Wed 9am-6pm Thur 9am-7pm Fri-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 10am-5pm Metropol June 4, 2015 39


A royal theatre for film fest This year's New Zealand International Film Festival in Christchurch, 7-23 August, will be one of celebration. After years of squeezing the festival into numerous venues around the city, they have a new home in the CBD – the stunningly restored Isaac Theatre Royal.


he $40-million dollar restoration of the theatre has provided the city with a grand venue that will bring a real sense of occasion to the festival. It also means the organisers can once again host gala premieres and events for up to 900 people. Better still, with Hoyts Northlands continuing as a vital NZIFF venue, they can offer a much bigger programme. This is the culmination of a massive effort to raise more than $262,000 for state of the art projection equipment that has now been installed in the Isaac Theatre Royal.

The first titles for NZIFF 2015 five Sundance award winners, have been announced, they are…


THE WOLFPACK The Wolfpack delves into the bizarrely sheltered lives of six brothers whose father has confined them and their sister since birth to the tiny rooms of their Lower East Side apartment. THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL Exhilarating in its candour and ironic verve, The Diary of a Teenage Girl recounts the visceral thrills and spills of 15-year-old boundary-pushing Minnie (Bel Powley) as she throws herself into her first affair – with her mother's boyfriend.




Ph.021-237-6246 40 June 4, 2015 Metropol

SATURDAY 3RD OCT 4hr training session & 2hr public class* SUNDAY 4TH OCT 4hr training session & 2hr public class* MONDAY 5TH OCT 6hr training session TUESDAY 6TH OCT 6hr training session EARLYBIRD SPECIAL $540 (full price $595 after 1st Aug) *PUBLIC CLASSES $60 each or $100 for both classes

UMRIKA Writer/director Prashant Nair's Umrika is a handsomely produced Bollywood film telling a classic tale of country lads finding their bearings in the big city. CARTEL LAND Matthew Heineman's unnervingly actionbased documentary Cartel Land captures the impact of Mexican drug cartels on both sides of the border. IN GRANDMA In Grandma, a constantly surprising comedy drama from About a Boy director Paul Weitz, Lily Tomlin is hilarious and moving as a sharp-tongued, taboobreaking granny who comes out fighting for her pregnant teenage granddaughter.



QUEENSTOWN WINTER FESTIVAL On Friday 19 June, the Queenstown Winter Festival kicks off with the American Express Opening Party and Fireworks. This fabulous event is followed by ten days of street parties, music, comedy, family fun and madness up the mountain. Queenstown has been celebrating for a long time: Way back in 1975, a bunch of locals decided that the start of winter was a great excuse to have a party. What started as a few lolly scrambles for the kids and mountain races for the adults is now New Zealand's – and perhaps the southern hemisphere's - biggest celebration of winter.

The Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board have given the go-a-head for a world-class skateboard area in Sumner. "We are grateful for Levi's® offer to fund a skate area in Sumner," says Sara Templeton, Chair of the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board. This project is only the fifth initiative of its kind to be created by Levi's globally.

WALKING THE DOG Animates has launched their Autumn Winter Collection 2015 designed to keep all dogs warm this winter. They have a wide range of exclusive options this season from hoodies, Swanndris, knits, costumes and beds, there is something for every personality!


Heritage Queenstown

Enjoy the early southern snow at Heritage Queenstown and take advantage of a special discount of 15% off all packages for stays of three or more consecutive nights (conditions apply). After a big day on the mountains, Heritage Queenstown is the perfect place to go back to with a welcoming open fire, hearty meals and a great night's rest. This special offer includes access to the heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and well equipped gym.

- you ski free

a four-course dinner, overnight accommodation in a Deluxe Room and full homestead breakfast for just $300 per person including taxes. Upgrade to a luxury suite for $350 per person and ski for free at Porters on their brand new chairlift* This offer is limited and applies to travel dates from July 1 through September 2015. To book phone: (03) 3188407 or email: and quote ‘birthday’

*Tariff based on double occupancy

Limit zero

Alpaca Farmstay

Private Gym EXCLUSIVE!

Only taking another 30 members!

Two personal training sessions for

ONLY $20

A fantastic location Luxurious accommodation Hospitable hosts Adorable Alpacas Great for a girls weekend or family getaway! Warm hospitality, leisurely atmosphere, scenic farm environment. Educational and relaxing, a haven for any holiday

Call us to be one of them and have your health and fitness needs catered to in a private, professional way!

Ph.0800 546 480

Alpaca Farmstay 68 Moody’s Rd Kaiapoi Ph. 03 327 3020 Metropol June 4, 2015 41


A CUT ABOVE THE USUAL Order a clever cocktail, admire as it's carefully concocted by an expert bartender, sit back, sip slowly, savour. Are you in an urbane bar in Manhattan? No it's Sydenham's very own slinky, sexy Dragon's Den Social Lounge.


he Dragon's Den is a venue for people who appreciate the finer things in life,” says co-owner Andrew Brown, of Burgers and Beer and The George Hotel fame. “It's a social cocktail lounge where people can sip, sup, chat, and relax.” Small and intimate, with its dark and moody bar and intimate den with open fire, it's a snug and welcoming place to escape the cold grey winter nights. The bar, hosted by two professional bewhiskered bartenders, is impressively well stocked. The food menu is equally sophisticated. It offers a selection of very original bar snacks, plus – jewel in the crown – three weekly “small plates” carefully devised by Chef Andrew at his most creative. Like everything else at The Dragon's Den, the emphasis is on quality, with the kitchen using only the best local produce, plus beef,

The Dragon's Den is a venue for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

lamb and venison from the nutrient rich pastures of Southland, sourced by business partner Tama Haas. The weekly “small plates” offerings are announced on Facebook each Wednesday. At $12 each or three for $30, they are good value. Also good value are “Tasteburger Tuesdays” when customers can enjoy a handcrafted small batch designer burger. “Changes weekly. Not necessarily what you'll find at Burgers and Beers next door,” says Andrew. With an eclectic selection of entertainment – think open mike, DJ or international jazz band there's always something happening at the Dragon's Den. Whether you go for a great night out, or a drink and platter before or after the movies, The Dragon's Den promises an experience that is a cut above the usual. Find it in the ever evolving new Sydenham precinct, home of the different and the original.

We do everything with SEAFOOD Restaurant





Join us every Thursday for Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm

Pre-order your Sushi and Sashimi Party Platter Now! Variety of Fresh Seafood Available: Fresh Seafood, Seafood Salad, Sushi & Sashimi, Freshly Cooked Fish and Chips, Gourmet Burgers

$6.00 Tap Beer & $6.00 House Wine & Complimentary snack food


Restaurant OPEN Tues - Thurs from 4pm Friday, Sat & Sun from 11am check our website for details


Nominee: Best Nationwide Restaurants

Pier Terminus Building, 195-213 Marine Parade, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493

42 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Merivale Gourmet Seafood 233 Papanui Road, Merivale Phone 03 355 6733


Japanese cuisine – a global hit Japan's most famous contribution to global food culture—sushi—has become a global hit. But Japanese cuisine is about so much more than that, explains popular Japanese restaurant SASUKE owner Shigeru Wada.


ost people are familiar with sushi and teppanyaki but authentic Japanese cuisine offers a much greater selection than many people are familiar with.” Sasuke Sushi and Japanese Takeaway has become a showcase for authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Shirley and now Sasuke Riccarton is offering the same delicious takeaway service, with a dine-in restaurant conveniently located in the Windmill Shopping Centre, tucked right behind Westfield Riccarton. Opened in early April, Sasuke Riccarton offers a full range of sushi, as well as donburi or rice meals, udon noodle meals, curries and bento boxes. But the real difference is that the meals are prepared by a Japanese chef and kitchen staff. A popular addition to the menu is the $9.90 Tuesday curry special, available as takeaway and dine-in. The soup of the week is gaining in popularity as the cooler months approach, offering a healthy option at a reasonable price. Avenues writer Danielle Colvin recently gave Sasuke's pumpkin and bacon soup a 4.5 star rating, describing the large $6.50 takeaway cup as “indulgent, warming and

It's a great opportunity to get in here and try something new and different. surprisingly filling”. The restaurant is awaiting liquor licensing and offers a casual but authentic Japanese dining and takeaway option, popular for any age group. With ample carparking available both in front and behind the building, it's easy to access, whether you're heading in for lunch or dinner. “There're not a lot of restaurants that do Japanese like we do,” Shigeru says. “When people think of Japanese

cuisine they think of sushi and teppanyaki. What we offer is an authentic Japanese dining experience and it's a great opportunity to get in here and try something new and different.” Visit Sasuke Riccarton at shop 9, Windmill Shopping Centre, 184 Clarence Street, Riccarton, phone (03) 341 8935 or visit



Planning an event with friends, family or for business?

Authentic Japanese Cuisine & Sushi

We have everything you need! Both our rooms are private, have separate entry & their own exclusive terraces… We also offer 38 carparks. All functions are fully catered for In-house direct from our kitchen.

Shop 9, Windmill Shopping Centre Cnr Clarence St & Riccarton Rd Ph. 03 341 8935 Open: Mon-Sat 11.00am-9.00pm Car park in front and rear

2 Colombo Street, Cashmere Chch. Ph. 03 9642880 Metropol June 4, 2015 43


Putting pizzazz into pizzas Variety is the spice of life, so Winnie Bagoes, one of the city's buzziest pub/club joints, is jazzing up its winter menu. Renowned as the city's original and best gourmet pizza joint for almost 20 years, this grand old lady hasn't got to the top by being boring!


heir aim is to offer the best gourmet pizza dining experience in New Zealand, but you get far more than scrumptious pizzas here. Bar snacks, breads, salads, pizzas, pasta and desserts, there's always plenty of choice and the adventurous new menu embraces lots of the latest foodie trends. Bar snacks (perfect accompaniment if you're enjoying one of Winnie's monthly cocktail specials or a relaxing after work drink) include tempters like jalapeno poppers, crispy chicken, and pork and kumara croquettes. New traditional pizzas include interesting combos like

beetroot, rocket and feta, prawn and chorizo, and lemon-brie. Even the Gourmet pizza menu has had a touch up and a new wine list has been launched to complement the new menu. Good food and good entertainment go together at Winnies, and after the dining experience the party vibes take over. Winnies offers live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays with live music from 5pm to 8pm every second Friday followed by a DJ from 10pm till late. Situated in an appealing old brick factory on Madras Street, Winnies is an eclectic mix of grungy industrial and luxuriant plush, with funky artefacts and lots of different spaces, including a warm covered courtyard with huge fires and a big TV screen. Its warm, cosy atmosphere offers an inviting refuge from the winter chills. From lunch to late, seven days a week, the relaxed and welcoming Winnies offers something for all. Check the action and the menu on Facebook or


Open Mon - Fri 7am -7pm & Sat- Sun 8am - 7pm

83 Victoria Street Central City 44 June 4, 2015 Metropol

P. 0275117070

Pizzas include interesting combos like beetroot, rocket and feta, prawn and chorizo, and lemon-brie.


Question: What do you get when you cross the captain of the NZ Butchery team with a plethora of national awards and the recent acquisition of a butchery shop at the Bush Inn?

Take a butcher's hook! Answer: Elite Meats - the home of awesome meat that surpasses the norm for flavour and quality.


t Elite Meats, recently purchased by Corey Winder, you are getting the combined expertise of a very skilled and qualified team of butchers and the wisdom (and techniques) learnt from holding the New Zealand Bacon and Sausage titles year after year. The mouthwatering success of this business is fired by the passion Corey has for quality and perfection. For two years, the Kiwi team of butchers, led by Corey, has taken the world title and every day at Elite Meats, he applies the same attention to detail to

every aspect of creating superb meat. Bacon, dry cured the traditional way is worth its weight in gold and Corey has a reputation nationwide for delivering a rasher that impresses. For something extra special, try the Jamaican Bacon it's soaked in rum at the end of the process, imparting a sweetness that will impress the most seasoned chef. Other tastebud tingling sensations you must try is the manuka smoked rib eye, pork roast or cutlets. Divine! For those who like to appreciate the art

of food - visit the Bush Inn store and view the window, with over 66 trays of the highest quality meat, it's a visual treat. The onset of cooler weather has seen increased sales of pre-made casseroles, all made from scratch; there are no packet sauces involved! Once you discover the quality, flavour, technique and great advice you get from Elite Meats, this butcher's shop will become a regular stop. Open seven days, phone (03) 348 5043.

Metropol June 4, 2015 45



Are you planning a Special Occasion?

The China Cabinet has an extensive range of quality vintage tableware for hire Phone (03) 3520 488 or 027 461 9333 Email:

The Perfect Cake Specialist Discover the huge range of cake decorating equipment in store including cake tin hire, candles, ribbons, gel colours, fondant, edible glitters plus expert advice.

The Gingerbread House, 3 Good Street, Rangiora 03 310 6805 facebook- gingerbreadhousenz

Traditional Pancetta /Speck. Ideal to add rich smoky flavour to your favourite dish or on it's own with eggs. Buy fresh from

Deli Garcia 2 Burnside Crescent Ph. 03 357 8290

46 June 4, 2015 Metropol

WARM UP YOUR DINNER TABLE THIS WINTER Tohu Single Vineyard Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013 Sydney International Wine Competition 2015: Blue/Gold & Top 100; Raymond Chan: 4 Stars Aronui Single Vineyard Nelson Pinot Noir 2012 Cameron Douglas MS: 4.5 Stars; Bragato Wine Awards: PURE Silver

Introducing Lime and Chilli a dark chocolate & chilli ganache, with a fresh lime buttercream centre…..both warming and refreshing in one bite. Cosy up with one today. J'aime les Macarons The Colombo, 363 Colombo Street, Christchurch Ph (03) 366 9108

" le Fromage..." We offer a wide range of specialty Cheeses from New Zealand and around the world. Pop in for a taste! We also offer a range of Ready Meals, Desserts and Gluten Free. So come on in, we look forward to seeing you! Corner of Bryndwr and Jeffreys Roads, Fendalton. Just down from the Library. Tel: 3515 202

“THE BUTCHERS APRON” Located beside Peter Timbs Meats in Edgeware Succulent Pulled pork in a Bap , BLT's , Bacon Bu es Hot Hungarian and Nuremburg Sausages in a Bun. Steak Sandwiches and the Smell of Fresh made coffee “NOW SELLING GOURMET PIES” Beef & Stout, Venison & good old mince & cheese. Irish Breakfast Roll and a coffee for $10 WOW!!! Open 7:30am to 3:00pm Tuesday to Saturday

Peter Timbs Meats ltd 70 Edgeware Road, Ph (03) 3661780

A great place to meet friends. For delicious gourmet artisan food and simply stunning coffee! Open Mon-Fri 7.00am-5.00pm Sat- Sun & public holidays 8am-5pm

Cafe Metro 159 Cranford Street Ph. 03 356 1835

Pescatore Beef & Lamb Dinner Enjoy a specially prepared five course degustation dinner created by NZ Beef + Lamb Ambassador chef Reon Hobson and matched with Black Barn Wines. Wednesday 10th June - 6.30pm $120 pp - including bubbles on arrival

P 371 0257 E W


IN KITCHEN MELTON ESTATE PINOT GRIS ESTATE 2012 Melton Estate Pinot Gris is proudly 100% estate-grown single vineyard. Aromatics of pear, rock melon, and citrus with floral notes. The wine has a creamy palate, rich texture and good balance. $23 per bottle or $229 per case of 12. Available only at

Melton Estate or online at

Premium cakes require premium ingredients. Baked onsite from scratch using only the best. Mention this ad when you order to receive 15% off your first 5 or 9" cake order. Valid to June 30.

The Cake Eating Co.

79 Buchan Street inside The Backstreet Cafe. Open 10-2 Saturdays. Ph. 03 374 6786

Dorothy’s Pop Up Tearooms is available to cater for your special occasion, whatever the season. Wherever a good cup of tea is needed, Dorothy will be there to serve sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and delectable homemade cakes.

Dorothy’s Pop Up Tearooms

Breads of Europe

Bakehouse Shop Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Ph. 381 1048 Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm

Cashmere Cuisine Ph.(03) 332 607118 Colombo Street

DARK CHOCOLATE FUDGE Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free $5 SLICE or 2 for $9 Ingredients: Coconut Cream, 100% Dark Chocolate, Erythritol, Stevia, Himalayan Sea Salt, Vanilla Extract

The Decadent Fudge Co

Ph. 021 138 6110

A perfect place for great coffee. Taste so good, it should be a sin

Award winning gourmet butchery and deli. Highly skilled and passionate butchers proudly supplying you with 5 star quality specialty cuts, roasts and deli meats. Cashmere Cuisine, where we are preserving the fine art of butchery.

1/30 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs Ph. 03 315 5210

St Germain Restaurant "Bastille Day" 16th June - 17th July Menu Veloute Dubarry with crisp saucisson Oxtail Daube with duck fat potatoes Tarte fine aux pommes, hazelnut ice cream and salted caramel sauce includes a glass of Red wine - $55 per person. (menu everyday except Sat) Every booking enters into a draw to win Champs Elysees Spa Voucher. Received from 16 June for a month. 96 Papanui Road Ph 03 355 3096

Mid Winter Dinner No prep, and cook time 35 min. Guaranteed tender & juicy, already packed in cook’n bag. No bone, no waste, easy to carve. Gourmet sauce provided in-pack. Available at Raeward Fresh (Harewood, Tower Junction, Marshland) Metropol June 4, 2015 47


By Rachel Smith

A breakfast meeting, takeaway coffee on the run or a lazy lunch over a glass of wine - there is something for everyone at Dose Diner.


t provides the perfect spot for local businesses to spread out on one of their large tables for a working breakfast or lunch, and an ideal refuelling escape from close by Westfield Riccarton and The Warehouse. Serving great food and coffee seven days a week is where it all starts, with Dose Diner on Blenheim Road, following the tradition of Dose Café on Tuam Street. Stocking coffee from Lyttelton Coffee Company, they make their renowned coffees as well as selling beans from their recommended blends, with all food made fresh on site. The café is a light open space, a curated mix of industrial and homeware pieces, with splashes of colour from street art décor and plenty of parking just outside the door. The food is kept simple and tasty – for breakfast the usual favourites are

mixed with the likes of bacon, egg and cheese breakfast wrap, hot polenta cakes with sour cream chive whip, chilli jam and smoked salmon, or homemade beans on toast. With breakfast served until early afternoon, there are other fresh options available in the cabinet such as sweet treat slices and friands, or rolls and bagels overflowing with fresh produce, with vegetarian and gluten-free options. There is also a range of teas and cold drinks available including the Allganics range and freshly made seasonal juice. Open seven days, from 7.30am on weekdays and 8.30am on the weekend, Dose Diner is available for functions as well as providing catering off site. Check out Dose Diner at 295 Blenheim Road, Dose Café at 77 Tuam Street, Dose Container Sushi at ReStart, or visit and Facebook for more information.

The usual favourites are mixed with the likes of hot polenta cakes with sour cream chive whip, chilli jam and smoked salmon.

deliciously good...

Award Winning Butcher!

A huge menu of scrumptious mouth-watering delights & dangerously good coffee. Available for functions & catering services


48 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Roast of the Week

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-Late Sat 8.30am-3.30pm

112 Wrights Rd Addington Ph: 962 9629 Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

BUSH INN CENTRE Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rd P. 348 5043


Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There's plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes...

Thursday 4 June Mashina Lounge: Flat City Brotherhood, 8pm. Covers Orleans: Street Jazz, 8pm. Swing, Big Bands Morrell & Co: Salsa Nights, 9:30pm. Latin Sandridge Hotel: Karaoke with DJ Chick, 8pm Friday 5 June Allen Street Rock Club: Demon Energy Battle of the Bands National Championship Heat 3, 7:30pm. The Twisted Hop: King Tubbs, 7:30pm. Jazz St Augustine Anglican Church: Outstanding Young Musician Series, 1:10pm. Variety Concert Mashina Lounge: DJ Paul McKessar and Mashina Poparazzi Quiz Night, 6pm. DJs Club 22: So You Think Youth Can Dance? 7pm. Hip Hop, Rap Becks Southern Alehouse: D'sendantz, 8:30pm. Rock Sandridge Hotel: Karaoke with DJ Chick, 8pm Bowl and Jack: Vanderfield DJs, 7:30pm

Saturday 6 June Ferrymead Speights Ale House: Trinity Roots Citizen Tour, 8:30pm. Dub, roots Club 22: Kings & Queens of Hip Hop, 7pm Dragons Den Social Lounge: Moonshine, 9pm. Electronica Mashina Lounge: DJ Maestro B, 11pm. Becks Southern Alehouse: Fat Stallion (aka Famous Unknowns), 9:30pm. Covers Sunday 7 June Freemans Dining Room, Lyttelton: Live Music on The Deck with Carmel Courtney 3.30-6.30pm Dux Live: Rosie Said & Thomas McNulty - EP Launch, 7pm. Singer-songwriter Cargo Bar: Salsa Co Op sessions, 6pm. Latin Tuesday 9 June Orange Studios: Reuben Bradley Trio - Cthulhu Rising Album Launch, 8pm. Jazz Chats Bar and Café: Quiz Night, 7:30pm Wednesday 10 June Chats Bar and Café: Karaoke with DJ Chick, 8pm The Craic Irish Bar: Karaoke 10pm

Friday 12 June Allen Street Rock Club: Demon Energy Battle of the Bands National Championship Semi 1, 7:30pm. St Augustine Anglican Church: Outstanding Young Musician Series, 1:10pm. Variety Concert Mashina Lounge: Latino Night w. Matecito Band & DJ Rueben, 6pm. Latin Mashina Lounge: DJ Paul McKessar 11pm The Twisted Hop: Devilish Mary Duo, 7:30pm. Swing Becks Southern Alehouse: Level 6, 8:30pm. Covers Saturday 13 June Ferrymead Speights Ale House: AutoMatic 80s, 8pm. Covers Mashina Lounge: The D'sendantz, 8pm. Covers Becks Southern Alehouse: Phaze III, 9pm. Covers The Fitz Tui Clubrooms: Bluetrain, 9pm. Rock Sunday 14 June Freemans Dining Room, Lyttelton: Live Music on The Deck with Carmel Courtney 3.30-6.30pm

S A LT B A R, C A F E & R E S TA U R A N T

Social Lounging at its finest

Salt Bar is a full service restaurant, cafe and bar featuring exquisite Japanese cuisine as well as a European-style brunch / lunch menu. We have open indoor and outdoor dining areas, with a more secluded upstairs restaurant dining area. Located next to the Hollywood Cinema in Sumner.

357 Colombo St, Sydenham P. 03 366 3338

26a Marriner Street, Sumner Telephone (03) 326 4774 Please bring in coupon to redeem 15% DISCOUNT OFF One per table expiry 24/12/2015. Metropol June 4, 2015 49


Chic café for the quality obsessed Chic. Innovative. Modern. Little Merchants is the destination for coffee connoisseurs and those who want to learn the finer points of coffee appreciation. Situated in the modern Qb design complex in Bernard Street, Addington, the Espresso Bar has an industrial minimalist feel that signals that coffee is the focus here. “We offer top end coffee,” says manager James Burt.

We encourage people to try something new and embrace change.


upplied by Coffee Embassy, the focus is on sourcing and serving interesting seasonal coffees from all the world's most famous coffee regions – Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and more. “The idea is to keep it seasonal and fresh. At any one time we serve a blend

of coffees in season, as well as single origins,” says James. “We taste coffees from around the world, and keep to what is good at the moment.” A choice of espresso or filter coffee is always available, with the blend suited to the machines; the single origin to filter. A blackboard informs customer of the daily

coffee menu with serving suggestions and James is on hand to offer help. “We encourage people to try something new and embrace change,” he says. In keeping with their philosophy, the food at Little Merchants is delicious, healthy and affordable with a strong focus on weekly salads and freshly made sandwiches supplied by sister Cafe Lumes. Sweet things are by Pure Café. As well as serving and selling exceptional coffee and food, Little Merchants stocks a small but eclectic selection of quality coffee paraphernalia. Staying in or taking away, this is a must for all those quality obsessed.



Ph.021-237-6246 50 June 4, 2015 Metropol

FERRYMEAD 2 Waterman Place Ferrymead P. 348 5644 FERRYMEAD@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ


LITTLE MERCHANTS COFFEE Coffee Shop · Specialty School

18 Bernard St, Addington Phone 03-338 5700


Foodies’ favourites for winter When it comes to warming up over the cooler months, there's nothing that quite beats traditional winter classics like Lamb Shanks, Spareribs and Pork Belly.


xcept of course when you don't have to cook it yourself and those winter classics are served in a warm and inviting space designed for the whole family. Nestled comfortably along the Main North Road shops of Northwood's Supa Centre, Caesars Family Restaurant and Bar is the perfect winter spot with a revised winter menu featuring some delicious new dishes. A new head chef brings with him more than 40 years' experience specialising in a western Mediterranean style fusion, with feature dishes including a Moroccan Tajine with a medium spice to suit the New Zealand palate. Now's the time to get in for your Mid Winter Christmas bookings with the restaurant able to cater for up to 250 people.

Winter classics served in a warm and inviting space.

Famous for its delicious home-style cuisine created with love and a strong attention to flavour, the Christmas menu offers all the traditional favourites, including Ham off the bone and Succulent Roast Turkey, with a dessert menu that includes Kiwi favourites such as Steamed Xmas Pudding, Creamed Brandy Snaps and Pavlova. Everything at Caesars is made fresh in house, right down to the cheesecake of the day, prepared from homemade yoghurt. On Mondays and Tuesdays children dine free, and on Wednesdays you can get a $20 Grill on the Rocks, with a variety to choose from, conditions apply. Live music on Saturdays and the classic Sunday roast offer a great way to warm up over the weekends and the bar will be screening all games of the FIFA World Cup, with a complimentary nibbles with drinks in the bar for all patrons coming in to watch a game. Get in to Caesars at the Northwood Supa Centre to try out the new winter menu or phone (03) 323 5420 to secure your Mid Winter Christmas Function booking. Visit

Families' Favourite The Ideal Place for Birthdays & Functions OPEN DAILY Lunch & Dinner from 4pm

Felice and Paulette invite you to enjoy their newest dining experience



Metropol June 4, 2015 51

DINING Addington

NEW YORK DELI Sandwiches are proudly made from the highest quality, natural wholesome ingredients, Our breads come in every morning from our baker and contain no preservatives, Our meats are all unprocessed, whole food, Our vegetables come in fresh each morning from the market, That's the New York Deli way! Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am–8.30pm & Sun (& public holidays) 9am–8.30pm

Like us on

363 Lincoln Road, Addington Parking available beside railway line Phone (03) 366 8130





OCEAN CAFE & BAR SCARBOROUGH Ocean Cafe & Bar Scarborough is the ideal place in Christchurch to enjoy a casual dining experience, while watching the surfers, SuPs, seagulls and swimmers. Located on Sumner Esplanade, down by the Clock Tower. Owned by locals, Jules & Wal, who have visions of Ocean becoming Sumner’s most popular place to visit


147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner Ph. 03 326 7923

SEVANTIS Sevantis offers 'A La Cate’ dining with an option for casual lunch during the day. Sevantis is well know for it's fabulous food , relaxing decor, ambience and friendly professional hospitality. Servantis is rapidly becoming a destination; High teas are a great attraction. Coming to taste SEVANTIS - brand new winter Menus HOT DEAL $19 two-course lunch Dinner special $38 two-course set menu Opening Hours: Day time cafe-Tues to Sun 10am to 230pm Evening-Tues to Sun 530 til close High Tea Hours Tues to Sun 11am to 430pm • Open Lunch, Dinner • Function Venue up to 50 people • Customised set menus

70 Kendal Ave Burnside Phone (03) 358 8810



Cafe / Bar


NEW WINTER MENU! Absolutely mouth watering dishes. Taking inspiration from fresh produce available in the autumnal months combining with modern influences. Come & enjoy this dining experience that every visit is a special occasion.

Specialising in both Cantonese & Sichuan cuisines. First class barbeque selection. Set menu from $25 per person. Dining & takeaways. Also offering yum cha service for lunch. Functions, weddings and group bookings welcomed. Fully licensed. Free on site parking

Happy Hour: Tues-Sat 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5

Prices: Noodles and rice dishes from $10. Roast pork and roast duck cooked daily on site. Peking duck dishes from $55 Owner operated.


Available for functions Breakfast Lunch Dinner

FULL LICENSED 7 Normans Rd Open 7 Days: Tue-Sat 8am-10pm Sun-Mon 8am-3pm Phone: (03) 355 5299 52 June 4, 2015 Metropol

Lunch 11am-2:30pm Dinner 5pm-10:30pm Open 7 days

At back of Caltex Petrol Station on Blenheim Rd & Java Furniture 155 Blenheim Road

DINING Diamond Harbour

GODLEY CAFE Cafe - Licensed Bar - Functions - Group bookings Enquire now about our “Mid Winter Christmas Group Menu" Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Seasonal homemade fare with many gluten free options. Open Wed to Sat from 9.30 (late night Fri) and Sun from 10.00am Drive around or catch ferry from Lyttelton


SPECTATORS 7 day Bar & Bistro

$10 Tuesday Each Tuesday our chef whips up a main meal for only $10. Follow us on facebook to find out what is on offer each Tuesday. Not on facebook? Call us after 10.30am on Tuesday and our team will let you know what the mouth-watering meal is. Opening Hours: Monday – 7.30am til 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday – 7.30am til late Saturday and Sunday – 11.00am til late

2E Waipapa Ave, Diamond Harbour 65 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Raceway

Phone: (03)329 4880

Phone (03) 339 7915



COOKAI Gold Fusion Cuisine Located at 493 Papanui Road, open six nights a week. Monday through Saturday 5pm to late. This new venue captures the best of kiwi produce and blends it with amazing asian flavours. We still do Japanese, but expect something different when dining at Cookai GOLD FUSION CUISINE. The Restaurant offers you an contemporary, stylish and intimate environment to enjoy that sophisticated night out! Call 366 8688 or email to make a booking. Small function enquires welcome Open Monday-Saturday 5pm-10pm

493 Papanui Rd, Christchurch LICENSED

Phone (03) 366 8688


Beckenham GR E


Trenches Restaurant - Bar & Events This is one of the Newest multi level Restaurant - Bar & Events venues in the CH CH CBD. Open to Members & the Public 7:30am - late Monday Sunday (8am Sat/Sun). Breakfast Menu 8am - 11:30am Saturday - Sunday. We have a great Breakfast Lunch & Dinner Menus which are sure to surprise you. Come in for great coffee or stay for a drink & watch a game on one of our large screens or just relax in one of our booths. EVERY TUESDAY ALL DAY ROAST $12.50 FOR MEMBERS/SENIOR CITIZENS NON MEMBERS $17.50 (from 11:30am) Membership has it benefits $40 per year gives you 15% off beverage and 10% off food. = $5.50 Pints / $6.50 house wine.

74 Armagh Street Phone (03) 3799 724

(Restaurant bookings & inquiries)

EVEREST INDIAN RESTAURANT You can experience a taste of India right here in Christchurch at Everest Indian Restaurant and Takeaway. We create an authentic dining experience using only the freshest ingredients and offering gluten free naan breads. Taste our spcialty vegetarian and chicken momo. The unique flavours will draw you in while the impeccable service and hospitality will make you feel welcome. Visit Everest Indian Restaurant and takeaway today.

Lunch specials: Takeaway only $7.95 / Dine-in only $9.95 Mon: 04:30pm - 10:30pm Tue to Sun: 11:30am - 02:00pm 04:30pm - 10:30pm

Everest Indian Restaurant and Takeaway 608 Ferry Rd, Woolston and 60 Queenspark Drive, Parklands Phone: 943 2110 Woolston & 383 6263 Parklands


NOW OPEN Your neighbourhood restaurant just got better serving gourmet pizza, steak, salad, pasta and more. Join us for Steak night every Thursday night. Porterhouse Steak with Chips & Salad $17.00 View our menu at Happy hour 4-6pm Fridays. $5 House Wine $5 Tap Beer with complimentary flat bread

150 Colombo Street Phone (03) 331 6674 Metropol June 4, 2015 53




IXTY, the boutique Australian design house, has launched an expanded range - 6IXTY2. Pieces are appealingly priced and environmentally friendly, adding impressive character to a living space. The range provides a choice of oak or walnut veneers. "Inventive design doesn't have to be expensive," comments Barry Faux, leader of the 6ixty design team. "6IXTY2 uses the Furnpac design system, allowing us to economically pack and ship, providing cost savings to our customers without compromising on superior design or quality. The beautiful shapes of our new collection are sculptural in form. Our design philosophy is to enhance living environments with functionally elegant furniture, providing anchor pieces to design a room around or simply place into an existing space for a contemporary minimalist look." The metal legs take their inspiration from the latest ďŹ nishes prevalent in luxury cars. The Oak Veneer features satin nickel-plated legs while the Walnut Veneer showcases the ďŹ rst use of black nickel in the furniture industry. For more information go to or in New Zealand: Ledbury Design Limited, Auckland.

54 June 4, 2015 Metropol

A new range of furniture uniquely combines the clean architectural lines of industrial design with the retro-chic minimalism, so typical of the nostalgic 1960s 'Mad Men' era.


By Rachel Smith

Artful combination: Your ideas, their vision The changing face of Christchurch provided the ideal opportunity for one local interior design company. Frobisher made the move to their expansive new space in the city centre late last year, and in doing so have created much more than just an interior design store.

Owners Mark and Ann-Marie Appleton with Josh Dickson (middle)


rom their new home on Manchester Street there are slices of the many looks they create for their clients' homes – swathes of beautiful fabric, the small details of colour and texture from cushions and candles, and bold pieces of furniture. The interior design space flows on seamlessly from their onsite café, Frobisher Espressory, and into their art gallery. Art works and sculptures fill the room, all could be an easy addition to any interior design work. For owners Mark and Ann-Marie Appleton, the success in their work is bringing their clients' wants and needs to life. All Frobisher's work begins with a consultation with one of their team of

The success in their work is bringing their clients' wants and needs to life. designers to determine how each client sees themselves living in their space, what is important to them and what changes they would like to see – for some this may be the addition of new drapes, wallpaper or upholstery, and for others it may be a full room or home design. Frobisher offer a wide range of services, including interior design for indoor and outdoor spaces, sourcing bespoke pieces of furniture, furniture staging for homes, and their very affordable interior and exterior colour schemes. Colour is an area of speciality for AnneMarie, who has studied colour use specifically in relation to those with dementia. Her work can be seen in Ryman

Retirement Villages across Australasia, with colour schemes carefully chosen to enhance the life of those who live there. Take a wander through Frobisher at 322 Manchester Street, view a taste of their work at, and keep a close watch on Facebook for their upcoming in-house design seminars.

Metropol June 4, 2015 55


Discover an Aladdin's Cave The picturesque beauty of Hanmer Springs Village in the winter may be what draws you to visit our Hurunui neighbour, but it's the beauty behind one store in particular which will keep you there that little bit longer.


estled comfortably on the village's main street, Up the Garden Path offers a striking selection of homewares, kitchen products, gifts, clothing and accessories, there is something for almost everyone in store. From the quirky, 'Sock It To Me' range of sock wear and realistic 3D tattoos, to the trendy geometric glass planters and Aztec cushions, to the stunning 'Kiwicraft' brand jewellery and Lovestitch 2015 clothing range through to the stylish French Country Collections' Dutch Stoneware Dinner Sets – the range is seemingly endless. Established in 1998 in a beautiful large heritage villa in

Amuri Avenue, the store adopted its name from the journey up the garden path which took you to the front door. Although Up the Garden Path now boasts a new home in a modern block of shops on Conical Hill Road next to sister store The Majuba Gallery, what hasn't changed is the striking selection. Make sure you find them on Facebook to keep up to date with the ever-changing range of giftware and merchandise. Find the store from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am-5:30pm weekends and public holidays at 5 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs, phone (03) 315 7915 or visit

Reincarnation 350 Port Hills Rd, Hillsborough

Open 7 Days




P. 332 3302




Imagine being able to find everything when you need it. That’s what a well designed wardrobe should do for you

AFFORDABLE QUALITY STORAGE SOLUTIONS Wardrobe designs with a difference Free in-home no obligation quote Made in Christchurch – no job too big or too small Locally owned and operated 100% customer satisfaction Designed to suit all requirements


We plan & organise everything to make your renova on less stressful One point of contact from start to finish Our planning & advice ensures your renova on adds as much value to your property as possible

FOR A FREE QUOTATION PHONE 03 351 7039 56 June 4, 2015 Metropol

t 03 942 7132

m 027 594 2713




ARCHITECTURE AWARDS Twenty-five awards have been conferred in this year's Canterbury Architecture Awards. Public Architecture was a strong category in the Awards. Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, which hosted the Awards event, and Hagley Oval Pavilion won well-deserved awards, as did the much-loved Isaac Theatre Royal, a winner in the Heritage category.


ury convenor Tim Nees, who is currently Architect in Residence at the University of Canterbury's College of Engineering, said despite the slow process of renewal, there is reason for optimism about the rebuild. “Architects in Christchurch have been challenged,” he said. “For them, as for many people trying to make things happen in Canterbury, opportunity has been partnered with frustration. But to call the amount of construction happening in Christchurch considerable is an understatement.” Nees, who was joined on the Awards jury by Wellington architect Stuart Gardyne, Christchurch architects Justin Leadbetter and Maria Chen, and Christchurch engineer Helen Trappitt, said that one thing that struck the jury was the number of projects that had been initiated prior to the earthquakes. “Architects have had to re-imagine their work while negotiating significantly changed conditions and navigating a quite different course to completion.” The Architecture Awards continue on pages 58,59

The Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre – designed by Patterson Associates

NOW LOCATED TO 40 BUCHAN ST We will help you achieve your desired look...

Ph. 377 7717 or 021 779111 P. 021 270 0755


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arren and Mahoney was a strong presence among this year's award-winning practices, picking up six awards. The Awards jury said Warren and Mahoney's painstaking restoration of the Isaac Theatre Royal, a building of priceless heritage value in a city that has lost so much, was “respectful and skilful”. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, designed by Patterson Associates, was another winner in the Public Architecture category. Wilkie + Bruce Architects also put a contemporary spin on a traditional form at Knox Presbyterian Church. Keen observers of architecture and fans of cricket will have noted the debut of the Hagley Oval Pavilion during this year's Cricket World Cup. The pavilion, designed by Athfield Architects

“unashamedly draws on precedent”, the jury said. Other works by Athfield Architects also featured, with their simple gable forms, the elegant Cashel Street Townhouses were a winner in the multi-housing category. Another residential project that found favour with the Awards jury was Villa Close, a double courtyard house in Merivale by Thom Craig. Sheppard & Rout, another practice with a long history of quality work in the Canterbury region, received an award for the Loudon Homestead Alteration and Extension on Banks Peninsula. Proving that quality is not determined by scale, several small projects received awards. Lyttelton Studio Retreat by Bull O'Sullivan Architects, is a “very personal statement by a talented architect,” the jury said.


Isaac Theatre Royal – restored by Warren and Mahoney




Master Builders Association (MBA) had two nominations including

“WINNER” “House of the Year Award” with Window Finishes Designed by Kiwala Interiors.


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Knox Church – renewed by Wilkie + Bruce Architects



'We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, efciency of installation, tailor our services to suit your budget and commit to the time frames agreed between ourselves and you, the client.'

IN HOME SERVICE - INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE Ph. 03 357 4110 Showroom Ph. 03 354 0089 Showroom - 16 Harewood Road, Papanui

Villa Close, Merivale – designed by Thom Craig


There is reason for optimism about the rebuild.

Stranges building – designed by Sheppard & Rout

Cashel Street Townhouses – designed by Athfield Architects

The provision of high-quality commercial development is critical to the economic viability of Christchurch. The Christchurch Eye Surgery Clinic by Wilson & Hill is the “exemplary result of a postearthquake collaboration between ten medical professionals who previously practiced from separate consulting rooms,” reported the Awards jury. Sheppard & Rout's proficiency in commercial architecture was acknowledged with two awards in this category. Stranges and Glendenning Hill Building Replacement.

Loudon Homestead – altered and extended by Sheppard & Rout

Sheppard & Rout's award-winning Young Hunter House is one of the first buildings in New Zealand to employ PRESS pre-stressed laminated timber technology. 177 Victoria Street, by Modern Architecture Partners (MAP) is, the jury said, a “delightful and modest” building. Three35, by Jasmax, is a commercial architecture project showing the benefits of prioritising the public realm over the automobile. In Merivale, the arrival of three small shops designed by Thom Craig Architects was a “surprise and source of intrigue for many in the

For those finishing touches...

neighbourhood”. The Awards jury also made an award for Enduring Architecture. It went to Warren and Mahoney's Munroe House (1968), which has been painstakingly restored over the past five years. All Canterbury Architecture Award-winning projects are eligible for consideration at the New Zealand Architecture Awards, the highest tier of the architectural awards programme, which will be announced in the first week of November. For a full list and briefing on the awards go to

Fittings and fixtures that make all the difference to any property

9 Matipo St P. (03) 348 3836

interior effects

Open Mon-Fri 8-4.30pm

Architectural Hardware

You could


With you every step of the way to your new home. ph: 0508 EVERY STEP mob: 027 644 8908 web:

when you Build with Cambridge Homes between February 2015 and February 2016 See our website for terms and conditions. Metropol June 4, 2015 59


Unique melange from South East Asia Finely woven baskets, handcrafted wooden dressers, ceramic and terracotta pots in an array of sizes and shapes, is just a slice of what lies inside the expansive warehouse space at Bali Hai Imports.


wner Tony Stott journeys to Indonesia and Vietnam many times each year, revisiting familiar villages and old friends that he has made over the 10 years since Bali Hai Imports began. He knows Indonesia well – that the village of Bantul in Java makes wonderful pottery, the island of Lombok produces a selection of woven pieces, and exactly

which village specialises in bamboo, stone and wooden carvings, and furniture from teak and mahogany. “The best idea is to come in and have a look,” says Tony, standing in the warehouse surrounded by hundreds of pieces of homeware. “We have a very versatile range, and great pricing because of our direct link with the manufacturers.”

Their range includes a large selection of outdoor furniture featuring woven rattan, seagrass or water hyacinth, lacquerware paintings, colourful glazed pots from Vietnam, textiles, and brass and metal work kiwis made specifically for Bali Hai. Wander through Bali Hai Imports at 387 Brougham Street, Sydenham, visit or Facebook, or give them a call on (03) 365 3411.

the style file homestaging/furniture hire

Add value to your home Enhance your properties appeal Achieve greater appeal with minimum outlay Sell faster furnished

Ph: 0800 314 627 or 03 349 4626 pam bamforth 021 314 626

Renovating your bathroom? We can help... Renova ng a bathroom can be exci ng, to make the process as stress free as possible, it pays to talk to experts about the best approach, op ons that suit your budget and me frames involved. If you’re looking to do something special with your bathroom, then we can definitely help you.

• Free guide to bathroom renovations • Outstanding range of products to suit your project & budget Call 03 343 2223

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• Free Consultation service to get your project underway • Recommended builder list

7 Washbournes Road, Sockburn

PO Box 7551 Christchurch



Building with a difference



ith a loyal team of experienced and meticulous tradesmen to support them, DJ Hewitt has the ideal expertise for architectural builds both on hill sites and flat sections. Embracing new technologies to ensure “rock solid” homes for the future, “we are able to design creatively and build confidently for our clients” says Company Director Daryl Hewitt. The company also works closely with trusted architects, geo techs, engineers, kitchen specialists and interior designers so that DJ Hewitt's experienced-management of a building project is professionally cohesive without being complicated. “Because our professional relationships work so well, people are often surprised how quickly we can start on their home or help them choose a site,” says Daryl.

By Wendy Dunlop

His advice is to involve the builder before you start drawing any plans. “This allows us to organise and balance the budget first because it gets much more stressful later.” DJ Hewitt offers their two phase approach to building a new home: Design It & Manage It in conjunction with designers and architects, engineers, lighting, plumbing, kitchen and interior

specialists, including managing the consent process. Price It and Build It for you with the company's own expert tradies. It's simple and it's sorted so the client can sit back and watch it happen. If that doesn't inspire you, arrange a viewing of DJ Hewitt's show home on the hill. This home of the future is a highly engineered design of strength and resilience. Its unobtrusive profile contrasts with edgy contemporary style inside and features the ultimate in modern technology that is integral to high end homes. The property recently featured in House and Garden April issue and on their video which can be viewed on the company's website For anyone planning to build a bespoke home of the future DJ Hewitt Builders ticks all the boxes every time.

Inspired, Timeless, Elegant

ph 355 6065 290 Papanui Rd, Merivale

w w w. o n e i l . c o . n z

Phone: 03 384 7470

w w w. d j h e w i t t - b u i l d e r s . c o . n z

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From Belle & Boo, children’s wall clock available at Baby Belle.


he Cook Shop has recently introduced the Le Creuset TNS (Toughened Non-Stick) range of pots and pans. These super PFOA-free, non-stick pans can be used on any heat surface including induction and in the oven. The efficient non-stick means you can use less oil and they are easy to clean. Visit The Cook Shop at 54 Holmwood Road, to see their extensive range of cook ware and accessories, with the friendly staff on hand to assist you with any queries. You can also visit The Cook Shop at, and on Facebook, or give them a call on (03) 356 1807.

‘Pop of Colour’ by Christine King. Acrylic on canvas 45 x 35cm $650.00

Red display side cabinet. Available at Impulse Imports.

A beautiful selection of gifts and homewares available at The Ivy


Le Creuset toughened non-stick Fry Pan. Available at The Cook Shop.

‘Jada’ copper serveware. Purchase on the web site or call www.upthegardenpath

The Ivy Beautiful homewares flowers inspiring gifts & creations

Timber Furniture, Rattan attan & Giftware.

Winter hours 10-5pm 7days i 500 Colombo St • Ph: 3651664 • Open 7 Days

55 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch Ph. 03 326 6481 E.

Up The Garden Path

toughened non-stick

Belle & Boo Children’s Framed Prints Wall art great for any room


5 Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs

54 Holmwood Road Fendalton

03 356 1807 62 June 4, 2015 Metropol

03 315 7915

Concrete coffee table that is beautiful indoors or out. Available only at Garden Classics.



Mosaic Wall Art from TileMax.


New arrival, New Zealand made pottery. Made with Westcoast sand. Only available at Re Start Simply New Zealand.

Impressa J9 by Jura of Switzerland. Demonstrations daily at The Homestore Merivale Mall.

25% off hand-made elephants from for one week only. Enter 'elephant' at checkout

‘Call Me’ and ‘Batman’ Cushions available from

he name Garden Classics belies the true extent of the local business's concrete product range. Because, although owner Richard McKendry makes a wide range of exquisite garden statues, ornaments, urns, outdoor tables, planters, pots and rock pools, the company has been equally involved in the development of polished concrete benchtops, fireplace hearths, commercial balustrades, water features and a wide range of unique, oneoff custom made designs, with Garden Classics' commercial creations featuring in some of the region's most striking subdivisions, including Wigram Skies and Ocean Ridge, Kaikoura. Product development plays an ongoing role at Garden Classics with the company always coming up with new concepts and, when it comes to finalising your unique, one-off plans, Garden Classics can send out a design expert to assist, free of charge. The McKendry family is a wellknown concrete family and Richard is carrying on the family name, with custom made versatility, commercial and residential capabilities. Visit 302 Fitzgerald Avenue, phone (03) 377 8801 or email

NEW DESIGNS from sculptures to water features and more...

Christchurch Airport Level 1 Departures

Cashel Mall Re:Start

We manufacture all of our concrete products on site. Water features Concrete Tables Pavers Benches Planters Urns Pots and much more.... Bring us your ideas or designs... we specialize in custom made products.

Container 10

Showroom & Factory:

The Museum Store

302 Fitzgerald Ave Christchurch Ph. 03 377 8801

Canterbury Museum

03 3775565

ACCENT on colour... Nachtmann Crystal Made in Germany

We have a large selection at greatly reduced prices

Shop 37,Merivale Mall 189 Papanui Rd Ph.(03) 356 1469

Maximum Value.

Maximum Variety. Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm, Saturday 9-3pm & Sunday 10-3pm

280 Annex Road, Middleton, Christchurch.

Phone 343 3893

Ph. 021 1151 325 Interior Design





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Taking international architects on a tour of the city offered architect Cymon Allfrey the opportunity to be reintroduced to the potential of Christchurch…

W Cymon Allfrey


FRESH EYES MCR - McBride Charles Ryan Design

Now instore unique selection of

orking and living in Christchurch, it is at times challenging to keep the thinking fresh and honest in terms of the value an architect brings to a project – distinction from others, uniqueness. While not about creating iconic responses, every opportunity has different criteria, which equates to different results. No two buildings look and respond the same identical way to their site. And in Christchurch, where we are presented with such a blank canvas, it can be hard to take the blinkers off and remain truly creative in your thinking. A few weeks ago I had the privilege, along with Christchurch City Council Principal Urban Designer Hugh Nicholson, of hosting international architects, Rob McBride and Debbie Ryan of Melbourne’s MCR – McBride Charles Ryan. As well as a tour around the central city, we took Ryan and McBride out to the red-zoned eastern suburbs and through Sumner to Taylors Mistake, where we talked about the geology of the city and how it relates to its architectural recovery.


Scented Candles

RECOVER YOUR LOVED FURNITURE No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909


P. 371 7500



218 Moorhouse Ave Phone 03 3666912

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K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9


Spending time with people who saw Christchurch through fresh eyes, and talked about the opportunity to be crafting architecture in a way unlimited by the way things should be, reopened my own thinking. One of their key philosophies and discussion points was that architecture should never relinquish experimentation; that architecture of all scales, big or small, offers a means to this end. As architects we need to challenge ourselves with the fact that it is our duty to ask good questions. The answers could inform and allow us to test the boundaries of the way things are done. We need to understand the most appropriate response and continue to develop our own skills, education and strategies, to ensure we are adding value to each and every project. Not simply falling into a trap where we continue to be informed by our previous successes. Walking around the city with McBride and Ryan, I had the opportunity, just for a moment, to see and understand the opportunity of Christchurch with fresh eyes. Listening to them talking about responsibility and experiential thinking was done in such a way so as to develop an idea. Not ideas around the opportunity to

“Architecture should never relinquish experimentation” International architects, Rob McBride and Debbie Ryan of Melbourne’s MCR – McBride Charles Ryan.

create award-winning cornerstones, but to create excellent responses to sites. Projects and designs that should be afforded the same passion to test the boundaries, as the iconic structure should. It is sometimes easy to forget that each project is becoming a piece of the built environment that will be part of our city for, at the very least, a generation. Informing and influencing the built environment that follows it. If we choose

not to respond to the site in an appropriate way, and not to push the boundaries in our thinking, it is a missed opportunity. We are failing to add value. We need to continue to discuss, experience and study architecture in order to challenge our own thinking. In order to see Christchurch with fresh eyes and present it with the rejuvenated built environment it, and we, deserve.

Let our tutors help you be the artist you've always wanted to be! That's what we do! The Art Metro Art School (& Café) offers tuition in: Abstract; Children's classes; Drawing & Sketching; Impressionism; Oils & Acrylics; Pastels & Watercolours; Beginner and Advanced…

Enrolling now for our term 3 adult classes beginning the week of Monday 8 June and the term 2 holiday programmes in July. Inquiries welcome

03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road

Registered Certified Gasfitters

Specialising in industrial and commercial contrac ng through to the residen al sector

Eco Plumbers Metropol June 4, 2015 65


GARDEN SCULPTURE Brasero barbecue design, sculpture. Made in France - WATERCOLOUR HOBNAIL LANTERNS These wonderful lanterns (Height from 12cm to 15cm) come in a selection of colours.

A LITTLE OUTDOOR INSPIRATION Gardens aren't at their best at this time of year but here are a few inspirational ideas to give them a lift over winter, or to implement in spring…

LILLY RAIN CHAIN These wonderful Solid Copper Rain Chains will visually enhance any area of a garden but they are especially effective when attached to the guttering replacing the down pipe. Rain Water is channelled down the centre of the chain creating an engaging visual scene accompanied by the sound of trickling water.

ROGUE SUCCULENT GARDEN Add interest to a dull spot.

VINTAGE SPOON GARDEN MARKERS Quirky and original these make a lovely gift.

Great cold snap SPECIALS!

For the best pot deal in town!!!

Find us on

Corner of Gardiners & Claridges Roads Open 7 days Ph. 359 2244 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm

means scent

lily bulbs now in stock, 14 varieties powerful scent long lasting as a cut flower



MCSAVENEYS NURSERY 57A McSaveneys Road Marshland, Christchurch

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P. 0800 ELITE TREES (0800 354 838) M. 027 358 8894


NEW Standard Roses $34.95 each

Phone 03 385 4675

Phone Chris Latimer for FREE QUOTE ··











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Elegant Home, Grandstand Position

Kennedys Bush



1 Quarrymans Lane




This elegant 387 sq m home, architecturally designed by Chris Prebble, sits solidly amongst other homes of distinction in one of Christchurch's most sought after positions. With views across the Canterbury plains from the Southern Alps to the city. The living areas are well designed to maximize sun, shelter, privacy and views. Three sets of bifold doors provide plenty of scope to create indoor-outdoor ow, & as the cooler weather approaches a feature gas replace & under oor heating will keep you cosy as you enjoy the twinkling night lights of Christchurch. Granite benches & polished wooden oors make a strong statement of style. Also located downstairs is a third living space/games room offering a ton of options. This largely level property is a real nd on the hills.

All Offers presented by 5.00pm 25th June 2015 (unless sold prior) View: Open homes: Sunday 7th June 2:00 - 2:45pm

Linda Veitch Halswell P 03 322 1197 M 027 512 9261 E W FOUR SEASONS REALTY LTD LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008

Executive Style With All the Trimmings Rolleston

A grand stone clad entrance welcomes you from sweeping driveway into a granite-tiled foyer and holds all the promise of stylish good taste ahead. Two separate living areas form an L-shape around a large paved outdoor area. Substantial expanses of sliding glass ensure all day sun and perfect indoor-outdoor ow. A central wood burner and a heat pump guarantee all your comfort needs are well and truly met. Granite benches, stainless steel appliances and a roomy walk-in pantry combine to make this a kitchen to savor whether you're a gourmet cook or take-away queen. Set on 1109 sq m and fully fenced, private and secure this is a place for the family to settle and grow in style and comfort. BUILT TO BE SOLD!!



14a Wedgewood Row



FOR SALE View: Open homes: Sunday 7th June 3:00 - 3:30pm

Linda Veitch Halswell P 03 322 1197 M 027 512 9261 E W FOUR SEASONS REALTY LTD LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008 70 June 4, 2015 Metropol

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For Sale by Negotiation 7



Its hard to know where to start with a home of this calibre which is spread across approx.1146sqm of total luxury. This spectacular seven-bedroom home built by Home Trends Builders Ltd has left no stone unturned with well thought out systems and mechanics that sets it apart from any other contract build and is reective of the experience of this builders own home. This makes it not just an amazing house but a great home. While each of the bedrooms boasts a walk-in-robe, the master bedroom offers the ultimate in comfort with a gas replace, walk-in-robe, dressing room and ensuite featuring an in oor tiled bath, twin interior and exterior showers, solid oak ooring and feature paua tiles. An additional four bathrooms and seven toilets complete the amenities. Taking centre stage in the home is the substantial open-plan kitchen/living/dining. A much-loved space, it boasts a starry night feature ceiling. The luxurious designer kitchen features granite benchtops, top of the line appliances and a substantial butler's pantry. A separate lounge with media system provides an intimate space in which to enjoy family movie nights. Highlighting the functionality and well considered practical aspects of the home is the inclusion of a commercial central vacuum, integrated digital multi zone sound system and super-efcient underoor hydronic geothermal heating system seldom seen in residential applications. Completing the homes oor plan is the geothermally heated indoor pool, home gym, sauna, spa pool, large storeroom, separate laundry, seven car garaging and two covered outdoor living areas. As the carefully manicured garden and lawns are fully irrigated, maintenance is at an all-time low. Attached to the house through a covered walkway, yet stand alone in its own right is a selfcontained ofce block/guest wing allowing homebuyers exibility. As unique as the home, is the property's unsurpassed offerings: treehouse with ying fox, soccer eld, motocross track and 4.5 hectares of land in which to call your own. A separate three bedroom dwelling with its own entry for privacy is currently rented out.

This striking property is all about luxury living and offers homebuyers a unique opportunity to purchase a lifestyle not simply a home.

74 June 4, 2015 Metropol

CHRIS JONES M. 027 220 5043 P. 03 375 4707 E.

BRUCE BINNIE M. 0274 321 127 P. 03343 9481 E.

Licensed under the REA Act 2008 VIEW ONLINE AT...

Licensed under the REAA 2008 VIEW ONLINE AT... Christchurch-City/Marshland/519676 SPECTACULAR-LIFESTYLE-LUXURY-Marshland-GMR10546

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