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Front cover The award-winning ‘Cloud House’ designed by the McBride Charles Ryan team. Debbie Ryan and Robert McBride, the internationally acclaimed Melbourne architectural duo, will be in Christchurch on Friday 1 May as part of ADNZ's upcoming 'Stirring the Imagination' seminars. For information and tickets go to See story on page 62.


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antabrian Warren Matthews has always been a highly driven, imaginative entrepreneur. Over the past 48 years he has established various businesses in New Zealand and the US including tree felling, boat building, commercial shark-fishing, property development and international investment. He says, “some were highly successful, others not…” In fact, Warren went broke twice. The last time was while operating a boat building enterprise in San Diego which wiped him out financially. This was a major turning point in his life and led him to start investigating natural health supplements with his son Lance. After two years of research, Warren founded Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd in 2000. The family-owned business is now a multimillion dollar supplement, skincare and superfood company, exporting to more than 40 countries around the globe and over 200,000 customers. I caught up with this busy entrepreneur to find out a little more about his fascinating journey. 6 April 23, 2015 Metropol

You had a diverse range of business interests leading up to Xtend-Life, did you have a personal interest in these fields or were they purely business opportunities that you recognised? Yes, I have always had a personal interest in everything I have done, with the exception of working on the rubbish cart in my early teens. From the age of 17, I made the conscious decision to only get involved in businesses that I had a real passion for. What characteristics do you need to be an entrepreneur? Optimism is an invaluable trait. My father used to say to me that I “shouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched” but I would argue that if you don’t at least anticipate how many are going to hatch, how can you prepare for the onslaught of chickens? What are the upsides of the career path you have taken? Increasing my knowledge about what makes us tick and improving my health as well as being able to enjoy some seriously fun times while travelling around the world. And the pitfalls? Without a doubt the stress that I passed on to other people when things didn’t

work out as planned. In particular my family, and specifically my wife of 47 years. We had periods which were very good and others which were very difficult. After many businesses why did you decide to become involved in the natural health market? The San Diego debacle was 17 years ago, I was 51 years old. I figured that if I was to start all over again, I needed an extra 20 years (over and above the norm) in order to achieve all the things I wanted to do in my life. There is debate over the effectiveness of natural supplements. What scientific validation have you undertaken with your products? There shouldn’t be any debate on this because natural supplements are effective. The problem lies with various ‘cowboys’ who make outrageous claims and put the industry in ill repute. Last year, we spent around $500,000 on raw ingredient testing to confirm potency and purity. We also carry out independent testing on all of our products and are currently conducting clinical trials on two of our skincare products. All of our formulations are made in full compliance with the American Food and Drug Administration and meet all Current Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements.

Optimism is an invaluable trait. You set up a $7M factory in Christchurch to produce your range, adding a natural skincare range in 2005, can you tell us briefly about it and your products? We designed and built our current factory after the February 2011 earthquake damaged our previous buildings in Ferrymead. It is a state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility that is pharmaceutical grade. Our products and processes are extremely complex so it is best to review our website

Warren and some of the Xtend-Life team in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and outlet store.

You have recently formally launched your products to the NZ market – where can people buy them? Customers can purchase our products from our factory outlet store at 12 Mary Muller Drive, Christchurch. We also have qualified nutritionists on staff for those customers wanting supplement advice. Most customers purchase our products via our website or phone.

If you could go back and tell your teenage self something what would it be? If given a second chance, I would want to make a point of spending more time with my family. I would also reinforce the importance of never going against your gut instincts.

On a more personal note; what is your proudest achievement? Being able to recover from severe adversity to establish a solid growth business and improve my health at the same time.

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Think about it… “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”


- John F. Kennedy

Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director Trevor Laplanche Advertising : Tracey Prince Editorial : Angela Bennett Production : Julian Laplanche Administration : Emma Dyer Photography : Wendy Cook

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Angela Bennett



have two sons in their teens. A hundred years ago, this Saturday, they could have been among the group of 14,000 Kiwi soldiers landing on the shores of Gallipoli, full of bravery and courage, tinged no doubt with fear and apprehension as well. At first, news of this landing was greeted with excitement back here in NZ - our soldiers were at last fully engaged in the war. They were fighting bravely alongside our Australian 'cousins', a union that would forge an enduring bond that lasts to this day. But the campaign was not to be a victory. From the moment they landed, and for eight long months, our troops faced hardship, horror and high fatalities. It was a costly failure. Approximately a fifth of the New Zealanders taking part were killed and the small communities they came from here felt the loss acutely as they scanned the long lists of deaths and fatalities that appeared in the newspapers every week. By the end of the campaign, some 130,000 men had died. More than 86,000 Ottoman Turks and 44,000 Allied soldiers, including 8700 Australians and 2779 Kiwis. This sad and poorly conducted campaign has left a haunting impression on the national psyches of New Zealand, Australia and Turkey, but bear in mind the losses still pale in comparison with the casualties in France and Belgium. Around 10 million military personnel died in WW1 and the total number of casualties is estimated at over 37 million. Around 40,000 New Zealanders and Australians wanted to attend Anzac Day services in Gallipoli this weekend, however the Turkish Government agreed that the maximum capacity of the site is 10,500 – my Kiwi sister-in-law and Australian husband will be there. My thoughts are with them as they join in what is sure to be a spine-tingling commemoration of the centenary that showcased the bravery, tenacity, practicality, ingenuity and loyalty that helped New Zealand define itself as a nation.


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LOCKWOOD’S LATEST INSPIRATION Lockwood Homes has celebrated the opening of its latest Christchurch show home – Lockwood Canterbury – a modified Madrid style Lockwood Home at 431 Main South Road, Hornby.

Lucy Gardner (Lockwood SI), Joy and Russell Broughton

Andrew La Grouw (Lockwood Nelson), Joe La Grouw (Lockwood CEO), Vicki Jessop (Lockwood National Marketing Manager)

Andrea Robertson, Kendall Eastman

Murray Stewart (Lockwood Regional Manager SI), Joe La Grouw (Lockwood CEO)

Pauline Hewitt, Murray Rekie, Katrina Barry Bryan Staple, Eileen Pearce

Steve and Sandy Collier

Roshan, Asheeta and Jayánthe Rayer

Lorraine Young, Neil Murphy

Fiona Carswell, Christine and Tim Davie

Chloe Chevalier, Thomas Letellier

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137

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RNZB remembers WW1


Seedlings from Lone Pine Three Turkish red pine seedlings from the original Lone Pine at Gallipoli will be planted around Christchurch on April 25 to commemorate the 100th Anzac Day anniversary later this month. The First World War campaign in Gallipoli, Turkey, was one of the darkest events in New Zealand military history. New Zealand and Australian troops suffered heavy casualties and to this day the battles are commemorated on Anzac Day. Of the 7500 New Zealand casualties at Gallipoli, 2721 soldiers died or more than one in four of those who landed there. The

word Anzac has become a lasting label synonymous with trans-Tasman cooperation and friendship. New Zealand Crown Research Institute Scion, based at the University of Canterbury, has seedlings grown for the 100th anniversary. The seedlings have been nurtured at Scion and the University of Canterbury's School of Biological Sciences glasshouse and Scion researcher Alan Leckie says the seedlings will become the most important trees in New Zealand in terms of their Anzac connections.


Cycling to Paris A University of Canterbury postgraduate student is on a campaign cycling from the Pole to Paris in time for a United Nations meeting to negotiate a climate deal at the 21st Congress of the Parties in December. Canterbury's Gateway Antarctica student Dr Daniel Price says the congress deal will pave the way to a global carbon free future via reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. “I have started the journey from the Antarctic to Paris to make the public aware of the importance of this meeting in Paris, but also, to motivate them to engage in the climate story.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is presenting Salute, four dance works to mark the centenary of World War 1. Following the world premiere in Wellington next month, the company will tour to six venues around New Zealand. “This dynamic mixed bill includes: a twentieth century masterpiece by legendary Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián; two world premieres created for the company by NZ choreographers Andrew Simmons and Neil Ieremia (Black Grace); and the NZ premiere of a work by Johan Kobborg,” says RNZB Artistic Director Francesco Ventriglia. “This powerful programme themed around war, loss and hope is our tribute to those men and women who sacrificed so much, many of whom were the same ages as our young dancers.” Salute plays in Christchurch at the Isaac Theatre Royal: Thursday 28 May 7.30pm, Friday 29 May 7.30pm, Saturday 30 May 1.30pm & 7.30pm (Sat 30 May 1.30pm: Post-matinee Q&A)

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Colombo’s Dynamic Night The place to be on Thursday, 30 April from 7pm is The Colombo. They're launching their first ever event of Food, Fashion & Design in true Colombo style! On arrival there will be cocktails and champagne served alongside mini burgers, icecreams, dumplings, sushi, French pastries and more, making the evening an indulgence for your taste buds as well as your eyes. Every area of The Colombo will be transformed to a fashionista's paradise, fitted out to amaze lucky customers who will be able to view installations from home and fashion designers showcasing their autumn/winter 2015 collections. This will be followed by a fashion show with a unique, creative flair, and a further launch of some of the up and coming brands arriving into The Colombo Stage Two! Amazing goodie bags filled with products especially selected from The Colombo's stores will also be available on the night! Tickets are $55 which includes everything from cocktails, bubbles, food, entertainment and goodie bags. Tickets at Coopers & Co and online Limited spaces available. APPLAUDED

A new Russian masterpiece Leviathan is a gripping parable of class, faith and corruption, centering on a dispute between a small-time mechanic and his local authorities that reaps unimaginable and extraordinary consequences.Since screening at NZIFF 2014 Leviathan has gone on to become one of the most internationally applauded films of 2014/15. "An amazing experience – a tragic, majestic, ironic and humane new classic of Russian cinema.” Andrew O'Hehir,

“The year's best film, period.” Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter “Magnificent. A new Russian masterpiece. Acted and directed with unflinching ambition… It isn't afraid of massive symbolic moments and operatic gestures; they live and throb in my head hours after the final credit crawl. So much cinema is content with small fry – minor themes and manageable topics. 'Leviathan' is hunting bigger game. It is a movie with real grandeur.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian Leviathan will open in Christchurch from 23 April, 2015.


The perfect lover has a beard Contrary to popular belief, a new survey out reports that the perfect lover has a beard. Victoria Milan – a dating site – has surveyed 9,127 of its male and female members from 22 countries to discover exactly which qualities and attributes make someone the perfect lover. The perfect male lover is tall, elegantly dressed and has smouldering eyes. Most importantly, he should have a sense of humour, and be kind and romantic. Apparently, he should have a beard or moustache over being cleanshaven with 26% of ladies saying they prefer facial hair to a smooth face (9%). The majority of men agree that their perfect lover should have long hair, but are divided on body shape with 39% saying they prefer a curvaceous lady, while 40% want their lovers to have a slim build.

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By Hans Petrovic

Award-winning South Brighton sculptor Bon Suter has successfully brought together two different interests in her life – the love of art and the desire to help the handicapped – bringing joy into the lives of numerous people.



on is highly regarded in Christchurch as an artist, and next time you're driving past 525 Marine Parade in South Brighton, make a point of visiting the sculpture garden on the opposite side of the road to her home and gallery. Many people have enjoyed the peace and harmony of the sculpture garden that Bon has created on the edge of the sand dunes. Each piece is exquisitely carved, offering a personal insight into the artist's journey through life.

12 April 23, 2015 Metropol

A closer look also reveals that not all the sculptures are her own. They also include several figurative works by deafand-blind sculptor Donald Gibson, with whom Bon has been working for 20 years. Bon first met Donald, who is now 54 years old, at her Over the Top gallery at 1010 Ferry Road (which now houses the Baker Boys), where she specialised in clay and ceramics. Donald was born deaf but was rapidly losing his eyesight when Bon first met him. He had been brought to Bon by his

communicator-guide, Marie Bone. Marie had taught him tactile communication through his hands, and was now searching for another creative activity for him as his vision diminished. Bon helped him make some clay sculptures but soon moved on to stone which was a much better medium for him. Donald would feel over the object he was to sculpt and then begin on the stone, one chip at a time and then feeling the result of that. “Donald is very artistic and loved working with this ancient material. He


JOYED PLE HAVE EN MANY PEO ONY M R A E AND H C A E P E TH ARDEN ULPTURE G OF THE SC ON T REA ED N HAS C THAT BO ND DUNES. OF THE SA THE EDGE was born an artist and has a good sense of humour. He can sculpt anything, big or little. I still do have to help him a bit so that he gets the proportions right. His work is funky and not quite perfect, but close to it,� says Bon. Her work with Donald inspired her to help other special-needs people. As the art co-ordinator, she set up the arts programme for Parafed Canterbury at Burwood Hospital, staying there for seven years. Bon also worked with artists at Hillmorton Hospital, creating a large work with the forensic unit patients.



BON & DONALD She continued this special work by conceiving and creating the Te Pani Trust, a sculpture workshop to support people with dierent needs. The trust was destroyed in 2011. Recently, she and Donald exhibited their work at the Outside In exhibition at the Canterbury Museum. This was organised by Skillwise, which provides a wide range of opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Bon also organises and participates in stone symposiums both nationally and internationally, for example, representing Christchurch City Council at the prestigious Adelaide Arts Festival through the Sister Cities Programme. She will also be teaching at the Hanmer 2015 Autumn School.



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LANDMARK CBD BUILDING OPEN Christchurch businessman Stephen Collins’ legacy project, 151 Cambridge Terrace, was officially opened by Prime Minister John Key on 16 April. Already the building is being described as a new landmark building for the Christchurch CBD with its architectural statement of blue glass curves flowing around the corner of Cambridge Terrace and Gloucester Street. Mr Collins said the building is not only beautiful, but “very, very safe” in reference to the 19 highly engineered base isolators. The $30M, six storey curved building was designed by Jasmax with design inspiration taken from the banks of the Avon River, which meanders close by. Southbase Construction completed construction works in just 19 months.

Elvis Davies, Liz Davies, Stephen Collins, Dallas Davies

Kathy Ngatai, Matt Whittleston

Se av rvice ail ab d un le i no ts w

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose

John Key, Lianne Dalziel, Stephen Collins

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Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now a 2 bedroom, beautiful architecturally designed Villa, with all exterior grounds and maintenance done for you. View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.


Now a Branch Office of



Trusts Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch

245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144

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Brett Tucker, Chris Black, Noel Chambers

Lindsay O'Donnell, Jill Cooper, Tony Clear

Debbie Hughes, Leanne Crozier

Philip Carter, Quin Henderson

Rinnai Neo Freestander.

Michael Wilkes, Jenn Bestwick

Leon Brazier, Ken Powrie, Adam Nash, Ross Davidson


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LYNN WOODS’ MOST COVETED FASHION The Lynn Woods Fashion Show has inspired fashionistas with stunning models from Portfolio Model Agency showcasing a selection of some of the top international brands at Victoria Street’s Belle Interiors.

Marg Foggo,Lynn Woods, Sophie Foote

Michelle Crouch, Claire Dorrance, Sarah Priddle

Lynn Woods, Nettles Lamont

Laura Wright, Marg Foggo Adrienne Francis Lee Barrett, Annalisa Dennehy

Nick De Lautour, Bianca Davidson

Amy Spurgeon, Rosemarie de Jong

Lucy Wyma, Kristen Apollos, Maia Rewha, Sophie Bonnington

Photos by Wendy C Photography - for copies email:

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An outgoing, affable person, the French consul in Christchurch, Martine Marshall, is continually in the process of bringing touches of the charm and culture of her native country to Christchurch.


his is evident in her long-time association with Alliance Française, her teaching of the French language around town and Le Petit Hotel, in Sumner. Since the Christchurch earthquakes, Martine has also been kept busy as consul, providing visas for French people who want to extend their stay here. “They include engineers and construction people, and others doing all kinds of jobs, who came here to work on holiday visas. They've been here a year, get offered permanent jobs and then have to ask for work visas,” says Martine.

By Hans Petrovic

Martine Marshall


“They like it here. It's easy-going and many had found it difficult to get jobs in France since the economic downturn. “There are some who want to start up their own business here – maybe open a restaurant or a patisserie, or import French goods. There is one who is fully qualified to start up a dog-training business and another has gone into the dairy industry. “One French couple sell French pastry and bread at the Sumner Sunday market. They have their regular customers and are doing extremely well. “There are about 400 French people in

Christchurch at present and the number is increasing all the time. There is even a whole new generation of French children being born here.” Martine has been in Christchurch for 40 years, having come here with a young New Zealander she met and married in France. Martine has been involved with Alliance Française in Christchurch for 25 years, acting for a long time as president, from which she resigned last year. She is particularly happy with the new Alliance Française premises at 913 Colombo Street, near Bealey Avenue,

Desirable location, secure and caring environment

60 Browns Road, Christchurch 8014 Ph 3754117

18 April 23, 2015 Metropol

154 Harewood Road, PO Box 5046, Christchurch 8542 P 03 352 3769 F 03 352 7016 E


which they moved into last year. “This is a great meeting place for French people and New Zealanders who want to learn the French language and experience our culture. We get many people who have been to France and want to continue the experience,” says Martine. The staff are all French and besides teaching their language, there are movie nights, book nights, cooking classes and children's groups. “It's a good time to start the language when you're young,” says Martine. Another place for a 100 per cent French experience is Le Petit Hotel, at

16 Marriner Street, Sumner, which Martine describes as the realisation of a shared dream, with her partner, Bruce Whitfield, to bring a special touch of France to Sumner. When Martine and Bruce first decided to open the hotel at Sumner, they purchased the present site, removed the house on it and built their own with a distinctive French theme all over it. “There is French furniture, books and breakfast. There is even French bed linen,” she says. Le Petite Hotel attracts both overseas visitors and people from the other side of Christchurch. This summer's overseas visitors have included people from Germany, Denmark, France and Sweden, who may have learned about this unique little place through the internet or the Lonely Planet guidebook, which speaks highly of Le Petit Hotel. In recognition of the work that Martine has done for promoting French language and culture, she was awarded the decoration of Chevalier dans l'Ordre National du Merite in 2008.

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ASPECTS FROM A GENTLER ERA So often the words perfect, elegant, stylish and unique get used, but it's not so often that they truly are accurate…


t Fitzroy of Merivale, these words and more, truly encapsulate this boutique rest home. From the 30 luxuriously appointed selfcontained units, to the beautiful awardwinning gardens, elegant communal areas, the perfect balance of care and independence, the quality of the support and attention from the highly skilled multidisciplinary team, everything at Fitzroy is a delight. Nestled amid exquisite gardens, the elegant buildings are located in the heart of Merivale, close to health care services, banks, shops, cafes and taxi stands. While the home itself is nothing less than exquisite, it's the level of professionalism, empathy and warmth the team of registered nurses, enrolled nurses, caregivers, housekeepers, chefs, diversional therapists, gardeners and support staff offer to all residents that stands out. A full and diverse schedule of activities six-days a week keep residents entertained and active, while dinner each night is an event not to be missed. White

REMINISCENT OF A GRAND HOTEL tablecloths, linen serviettes, exquisite flavours - it's reminiscent of a grand hotel as, each day, the diners are treated to dietitian approved, gourmet meals which make the most of seasonal produce. Every room is stylish and unique in its décor, has its own luxury ensuite, basic kitchen facilities, television and nurse calls. Every room makes the most of the stunning outdoor areas and gardens of Fitzroy. Luxury abounds at every turn and for those having to leave their homes for EQC repairs or rebuilds, there are spaces in this welcoming community for short-term stays. For a viewing phone (03) 355 5888 to make an appointment.

Beautifully located right beside the heart of the Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, McDonalds, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries encouraged: TELEPHONE 03 3555 888

20 April 23, 2015 Metropol


By Hans Petrovic


It is evident from her work that Christchurch artist Ginney Deavoll loves New Zealand.


inney has her own distinctive, contemporary style for landscapes and other scenes of nature, often incorporating a touch of Maori fable that makes you fully aware of the beauty of our country. This can be seen in 10 of her latest delightful paintings that will be on display at the Bryce Gallery, at the corner of Riccarton Road and Paeroa Street, from April 29 to May 12. The Maori title of the exhibition, Turangawaewae (A Place to Stand), sums it up beautifully. “Turangawaewae is the place that gives you more energy than you put in,

revitalises you, puts things in perspective and gives you strength,” says Ginney. “These places are discovered along the journey of our lives, what happened there, their images and how they made you feel, hiding quietly in the recesses of your memory. We carry our Turangawaewae with us but every so often they call us back. These are my places. They are constructed from memory. They hint at the truth while holding many treasured memories gathered over the span of my life so far. They are where I've adventured with friends and family – they are my home.” In fact, Ginney has pedalled, paddled and walked the length of the South Island and

published a book on her experiences, full of wonderful paintings and photos, entitled “…The Long Way”. This will be for sale at the Bryce Gallery. “With every series of new work, I endeavour to discover something new. Sometimes, it's a certain technique. Other times, it's the feel of the work. I've painted the majority of this work large as I want to give the viewer the impression of being enveloped in the place,” says Ginney.” Ginney will be attending the opening of the exhibition on 29 April and will be happy to discuss her work from 5pm to 7pm.


“Turangawaewae” 29 April - 12 May 2015

Drifting Acrylic on canvas, 800 x 630 mm

Sculptured Resignation Acrylic on canvas, 480 x 780 mm

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Cnr Riccarton Rd & Paeroa St Open 7 Days Phone: 348 0064 Email: Web:

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ler to p wea ut a ther dam doe pene s n't r on your soci al li fe



for hire Seeing is believing, and with Continental's new showroom now you can get a true sense of how your event will look and feel, which means no nasty surprises on the day.


or the first time in the company's long 50-year history, all aspects of this successful Canterbury-owned family business can be found in one location – marquees, furnishings, catering, retail party products and administration. “We've been planning this for a long time. We wanted to make it easier for our customers,” says sales and marketing manager Georgina Torrington. “The huge number of options we have available can be overwhelming. Now, people can actually see and touch what we've got and be confident in their decisions. “Bruce, our showroom manager, loves planning events. You just need to tell him

22 April 23, 2015 Metropol

your ideas, and he will set it up in our showroom exactly how it will look,” Georgina explains. On display is the full range of chairs, linen, glassware, dance floor options, cutlery, crockery and more. Also new for the company are the retail party products. Kids' parties are big business these days, but that doesn't mean they have to be stressful. Party packs are an effective and economical way to host a party and the kids won't be disappointed with the range available. Operation camo, lady bugs, Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, construction zone, princesses and pirates are all available, as well as the much-loved Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. Packs


include tablecloths, hats, blow-outs, loot bags, table cloths, napkins and more. To complete the party there is also a range of fun, colourful kids' chairs and tables for hire. Visit the new showroom at 6 Kingsford Smith Drive (off Flaxton Road), Southbrook, Rangiora, phone 0800 426 684,




A visit to Arts Central, located in a portacom at 100 Peterborough Street, brings back strong memories of the artists' work we used to find in their galleries at the Arts Centre before the earthquakes.


any of us used to be at the Arts Centre and our goal was to set up a similar fine arts place, as central as possible, for people to visit,” says Francine Bills, the organiser of Arts Central. There are now more than 30 artists and crafts people, including jewellers, potters, wood-turners, sculptors, jade carvers and painters who have created this mini arts centre near the centre of the city. You will find Philip Beadle's etchings of Christchurch streets; and Kevin Clarke's

eye-catching photo of a red tram travelling through snow on Worcester Boulevard. “I remember that day,” says Francine. Many pieces are very tactile. It's tempting to feel the varied textures of the pottery and the smooth finish on the wood turning. Mark Billington's miniature clocks are made from knotty, recycled rimu, and include the Christchurch Earthquake Clock, with a jagged crack through it. Veronica Anderson also uses recycled materials to make leather and fabric

bags. Ailish Roughan, Debi James and Sylvia Campbell exhibit their exquisite and sometimes quirky jewellery made from precious metals. There are also lots of whimsical works, like Kevin Broadhurst's jazz musicians inside an old wooden radio; and Francine's small paintings of various creatures with zips. Located on vacant space where the Convention Centre once stood, opposite the Peterborough Central Library, Arts Central is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Metropol April 23, 2015 23


LIBRARY WITH PULLING POWER The New Central Library is designed to help revitalise the Central City by attracting residents and visitors to Cathedral Square…


he old central library drew close to a million visitors a year. Christchurch City Council Libraries and Information Manager Carolyn Robertson believes the striking new civic building due to open in 2018 will have similar pulling power. “As well as catering for our regular library customers, the new building will appeal to a whole new group of users by providing facilities such as event and exhibition areas and a cafe. “These innovations are a direct result of the 2,400 ideas we received during the Your Library, Your Voice public feedback campaign last year.

“Of course we'll still have our general collection but modern libraries are also places for meeting, swapping ideas, trying new technology, and entertainment, as well as reading. We're determined the New Central Library will be a welcoming place where people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds can do all these things.” The library will continue to preserve the city's culture and heritage through the Aotearoa New Zealand, Ngai Tahu, Pasifika, and family history specialist collections. They will have a prominent position in the new building which is one third bigger than the old library in

“Join our gym today and we’ll be totally committed to helping you achieve your goals”

Gloucester Street. New Zealand company Architectus and Danish library design experts schmidt hammer lassen worked in partnership on the design. The facade was inspired by the golden colours and folds of the Port Hills, and the triangular shape of harakeke flax that once grew near the site. Architect and project director Carsten Auer says the ground floor of the library will act as an extension of the public space in Cathedral Square, linking it to the neighbouring Performing Arts Precinct and Convention Centre.


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PH 366 1829 or 0800 662 769 (0800 0MC POWER) 100 GASSON STREET CHRISTCHURCH 24 April 23, 2015 Metropol

RARY NTRAL LIB E C W E N THE E: Ÿ Exhibition and performance spaces WILL HAV Ÿ A 200-seat community arena for author talks, book launches and public debates Ÿ An innovation zone for trialling new technology Ÿ Rooms for meetings, group courses and activities

such as craft sessions Ÿ Computer laboratory with up to 100 computers Ÿ Creative production studios for music and

film/video editing and 3D printing

“It needs to be a building that invites people in. Not everyone is comfortable walking into new buildings and new experiences. We want to encourage visitors to walk into the library and continue on up through the building. People told us they wanted outdoor seating areas and the outdoor terraces are positioned to face culturally important points such as Aoraki/Mt Cook, Banks Peninsula and Mt Grey.” Carsten Auer says the 200 seat community arena was deliberately placed on the first floor. “This makes it highly visible at night when the building will light up the north eastern corner of Cathedral Square.”

WINNER 2010 Metropol April 23, 2015 25

fashion, gifts

&ACCESSORIES Available at

Lucy Finch Beautiful Makeup. Specialising in makeup for Wedding and formal occasions

64 North Avon Road, Richmond Ph. 389 1712 Open Mon - Fri 10 – 6pm, Sat 11 – 4pm

Leanne Mc Currie - Makeup Artist Ph. 027 373 6716 Luxury sweater DYLAN LIVE BETTER ❤ Available now at

The W Room 9f Normans Road, Strowan Christchurch.


Lavish Clothing Gallery 16 Colombo St, Cashmere Christchurch. P.03 332 0003 26 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Exquisite new Ecopossum™ knitwear in store and online now. The perfect antidote to wild, wintery weather. Flagship Store and Café: 155 Roydvale Avenue, Ph: 357 9399 Re:START Store: N13/96 Oxford Tce, Ph: 365 9533

Owl Candle Holder The owl & the pussycat... Available at

The Cats Pyjamas Giftware Barrington Ph. 337 2337


One of the best ways to keep up (or kick off!) a great skincare routine is to visit your beautician every 6-8 weeks. A lot of people think of facials as a once-in-ablue-moon treat, however those who have regular facials and add-ons (such as a glycolic peel - the ultimate exfoliation, or a

Every year when the cold weather approaches, we face the same problem – dry skin! Whether it's the stuffy heaters or changing climate, many people worry about the health of their skin coming into winter. But never fear, H&B has products and tips to help most skin issues!


he team there say a great way to lock in moisture in the colder months is a twostep system; serum and moisturiser! H&B offers both of these products in a number of ranges (anti-ageing, sensitive, men's range, etc.) as well as cleansers and toners to really clear and brighten up your skin. Each night, use your choice of face serum as usual, and then seal this in with a layer of your favourite night moisturiser over the face and neck. Not only will this lock in your serum, but will provide double moisturising to leave you waking up with baby soft skin!

Winter skin

SAVIOUR *Email for any enquiries regarding this promotion. Promotion valid from 1 – 31 May 2015. Not to be used with any other voucher or discount.

detox mask) find that their skin is in much better condition and is easier to manage. H&B offers a range of facials and products to suit your budget, so there really are no excuses for not getting your skin in check! As a special Mother's Day promotion, H&B are offering a free eyelash or eyebrow tint with any Relaxing Instant Facial* booked with Maureen. This facial is a moisturising, renewing experience that gives you a chance to refresh your skin and even chat to their amazing beautician about other skin care options. So treat your mum, partner, friend, or even yourself this Mother's Day! Give the salon a call on (03) 381 8939, book online at, or send them an email on!

Metropol April 23, 2015 27


By Rachel Smith

5-STAR MODEL IN TOWN Seeing your face emblazoned across a building is something most of us will never experience. “It’s cool when you see yourself on a billboard,” says Mark Waddleton with a smile – and he would know…

Mark, far right, in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign



28 April 23, 2015 Metropol

r , welde model

bru a nd air


ark made Christchurch his home two years ago, after four years on the international modelling circuit which saw him working across Europe and the United States, making his mark on the modelling world. Now signed with Mel Radford Brown at Portfolio Model Agency, he is bringing his wealth of experience in high-end modelling to the local industry. For Mark, modelling was an unplanned journey that started when he was approached by an agency at a surfing event in the coastal city of Newquay, England. “From there it just snowballed,” says Mark, with his first fashion shoot for Dolce & Gabbana in New York, followed closely by work in the fashion capital of Milan, Germany, and a magazine shoot for Esquire. “It’s working together with everybody – the brilliant stylist, the brilliant photographer and the brilliant lighting and art directors,” says Mark, of the collaboration required to produce great shots.

I absolutely love the lifestyle here Living in London at the time, a trip to Christchurch to visit family was all it took for Mark to decide the city would be a great place to live. “I absolutely love the lifestyle here,” says Mark, who makes the most of all the lifestyle opportunities on offer, be it surfing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hunting or time on his new stand up paddle board, as well as the city’s burgeoning artistic side. With a graphic design background, Mark’s time in Christchurch has allowed him to extend his own creative talents, working as welder for steel fabrication company Think Steel, and producing his own airbrushed art work at “I can airbrush on anything,” says Mark, with his work ranging from surfboards and clothing, to large murals and pieces of furniture. For now he is enjoying the contrast - the physical and creative nature of welding and airbrushing mixed with the challenges, travel, fashion and enjoyment that modelling provides, and his new home in Christchurch.

Dermatology, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Dr Ken Macdonald MB ChB (Edin), FRACP, FRCPE, FRCP (Lond), FNZDS

Skin and mole assessments Specialist Skin Cancer Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Facial and Eyelid Liposuction & Vaser Laser Procedures - Solais the experts Sun Damage - IPL/ Active FX / ResurFX Hair Removal- LightSheer Veins, Rosacea - Excel V / Vbeam Perfecta Lines, Wrinkles, Acne Scaring - Deep FX, Scaar FX Stretch Marks - Deep FX, ResurfX Tattoos - RevliteSI Cosmetic Medicine R










PHONE 03 377 1010 241 Clyde Road Metropol April 23, 2015 29


CHIC As the days grow cooler there is much to be loved about the new looks for autumn and winter fashion. For those who are after something a little bit different, The Tannery has a selection of stores unlike others in the city.

Benji of Encompass



q Redhouse Bouti

ull length navy dresses fill the windows at Kilt, with splashes of every colour imaginable throughout the store. Kilt pride themselves on being 100% New Zealand made and owned, with all their looks trans-seasonal – this means they have new stock arriving each week and that every garment is designed to work with New Zealand's changeable weather from winter to summer. New in store for winter is the slim line Boston coat in shades such as oatmeal, poppy, kermit, ink and schist, and bright dresses designed to look good with or without bare legs. All their designs come in a range of colours, with their light Josie shirts with tie up cuffs available in a number of soft fabrics patterned with sparrows, anchors, kisses, and cranes, or in jet black. Across the Victorian archways Where the Fox Lives is similarly passionate about supporting New Zealand made products. They stock a selection of New Zealand boutique labels, and also some Australian lines and one-off pieces from upcoming local designers. The vibrant block colours of the 100% wool Itzme winter coats attract the eye inside the store. They vie for attention with the monochrome long tunics,


Nobody denim Onyx Jean Sateen



- Luxurious coated Jean with moto-cross inspired zips

Shop 26, The Tannery 30 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Ph. 03 381 4065

Like us on

3 Garlands Road, The Tannery Ph.0274 775 060

Ph. 03 377 1772 Cell. 021 023 53897

Open from 10am to 5pm - 7 days a week

Where The Fox


dresses and coats by Silence Was, and the electric bright leggings by Alexi Freeman from Melbourne. Perfect for takingdresses into the cooler months, are their selection of tights by Imprint. Made in New Zealand the tights are printed locally, Holly, creating beautiful pieces of hosiery with colour and pattern. They are also the only New Zealand stockist of Preston Zly footwear, with all their pieces, including winter boots, handmade in Melbourne by a


team of four craftsmen. For men and women Encompass has a great range of stylish winter wear. For the men they recommend their herringbone tweed blazers and cheese cutter hats, as well as Grenson genuine leather handcrafted footwear, in brogues and winter boots. Heavier weight organic denim from Nudie Jeans is perfect for both men and women, worn well with their range of jackets and wool blazers for women. a ild yr C The comfort of thick knits and turtlenecks, and the luxury of fur are on the racks at Raw Nova for the winter. Unreal Fur has a line of great fake fur pieces, all of which feel just like the real thing. Coats and vests with names such

Raw Nova as Furr Delicious and Wanderlust, in colours of furry floss, ivory and teal make statement pieces. Chunky knits from the likes of MLM and Camilla and Marc, in neutral shades of off-white and black are cosy winter wear, as are the range of Miss Wilson boots by Kathryn Wilson. And the perfect finishing touch to your autumnal wardrobe? It would have to be one of Raw Nova's stylish Brixton fedoras.

Supporting a sustainable future, while still looking great! We Buy & Sell on your Behalf

Fashion & Lifestyle

Hand knitted quality jumpers

Quality recycled children's clothing (from newborn to 14 years) and quality recycled maternity wear.

P. 389 1624

Raw Nova is a Fashion & Lifestyle concept store offering a carefully curated mix of top New Zealand and Interna onal designer fashion and décor for you and your lifestyle The Tannery 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston Phone 389 8704 OPEN 7 DAYS from 9.30am to 5.30pm Metropol April 23, 2015 31


Street style's influence has rapidly been extending to all genres and now we see its effect on evening wear in Loobie's Story's winter Luxe After 5 collection. This juxtaposition of styles sees an athletic nuance worked back with sublime bohemian prints, striking silhouettes and exquisite landscape inspired shades… Model wears: Clara Scarf RRP$179, Sequoia Shirt RRP$299, Laguna Pant RRP$249 Right down: Caliente Bomber RRP$$299, Mariposa Top RRP$249, Below: Sonoma Pant RRP$249


Seasons Winter Jackets

The Denture Experts

(Conditions may apply)

one size does not t all (Formerly Oddbodz)


Ph. 027 329 5029

Open Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed 9-6pm Thurs-Fri 9-9pm Sat 9-6pm Sun 10-6pm

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale 32 April 23, 2015 Metropol

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KEY TRENDS KNITS, LAYERING, FUR Part the clothing on the rack and there are treasures to be found at Fredrick Ashley. Colours of teal, soft pink, bright reds and orange stand out amongst the classic blacks, whites and shades of charcoal. SOFT GREY


Unlike inferior brands or off the shelf products, a look this natural can ONLY be achieved at an authorized beauty salon by a trained professional that has undergone our LASHFORM training programme



or winter Fredrick Ashley has beautiful garments on offer for every occasion, from soft casual look knit tops perfect teamed with pants from Vassalli, to the warm winter layers of merino and chunky knits, and gorgeous dresses for special occasions. “We have really nice quality machine wash merino ranges from Ebony, Preen and Foil which come in lovely colours,” says owner Helen Mortimer. Alongside the wide selection of colours, the merino tops come in all styles and fits, with a range of necklines and lengths. Popular labels such as Verge, Random, Memo, Loobie's Story and Fredrick are joined by new labels including Danish line Uldahl, who mix heavy and light fabrics for tops with a fresh look, the Bleu Blanc Rouge French range, New Zealand designed Mirrus, and sparkly knits by Matisse. The best way to find exactly what you are looking for is to talk to one of the wonderful team – they know the exact fit of all the pieces in store and just what will look best for every occasion. “There are lots of layering pieces,” says Helen, running her hand through the colourful garments on their racks of dresses. These include those in light, mid-weight or merino fabrics, which are designed for layering over pants by the likes of Verge and Bazaar, long sleeve dresses in warm feel fabrics and some very special pieces by David Pond.

See our website for a stockist near you or contact Ph: 339 0285




For outer layers there is a huge selection of coats and capes. Traditional styles in bright reds, greens and black, and modern monochromatic styles with detailing through quilted sleeves and contrast buttons, are made to keep you warm over winter, with David Pond and Toby offering fun shorter length jackets. For that extra decadence there is also the luxurious softness of rabbit fur vests. “We have many different pieces that work well together,” says Helen, with accessories such as their wide selection of scarves from Flag, Front Row Society from Germany, and Italian line Passagatti, and tassel necklaces in amazing colours by Archer House. Phone Fredrick Ashley on (03) 351 5892, or drop into Fendalton Mall for wonderful advice on finding your great winter look. Metropol April 23, 2015 33


By Rachel Smith


exclusive to Christchurch

It is the quality, of wool, fabric and tailoring, that tells the story of Forza Viva.


he newly opened fashion design store brings a taste of Italian style to Christchurch, providing the only location in the country to offer their European lines. Designed in Milan, and recently featured in Hong Kong fashion week, all pieces are made with high quality fabric and careful tailoring, offering a fresh look in casual wear at very affordable prices. For winter there are chunky handmade knits, in shades of soft pink and white, navy and white as well as neutrals, and softer knits brought to life with just a touch of sequins. Manager Tom Ritson pays close attention to the detail of each piece, with his experience in high end tailoring ensuring every garment on the rack is perfectly completed. “The style is very different to what is offered elsewhere in Christchurch,” says Tom, turning over the collar of one of their tailored duck down jackets to show the detailed work of its stitching. Tom has carefully collated Forza Viva's selection for the New Zealand market, with many items available in limited runs. This includes their great range of leather-look jackets, from short style with chunky knit hood and gold detailing, to a wool and leather swing jacket, and longer length in a rich olive colour.


Now In Store!

“The style is very different to what is offered

else where in Chri stchurch .”

For something a little different in work or day wear, Forza Viva have a selection of check woollen sleeveless dresses, all fully lined with pocket detailing. Similarly their wide range of pants, slim line or woollen houndstooth, look great teamed up with a soft long sleeved shirt or a turtleneck with a little sparkle.

Be nice to your nails

For more information visit Forza Viva on Facebook, go to, or visit them in store at The Hub in Hornby. Forza Viva is having an opening sale for the month of May – bringing European flavour to the city at value prices.

Impeccable quality & style

Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

Day! Gorgeous colours!

Like Viva La Moda

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4


Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Open 7 days

34 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Born in Milan NOW OPEN IN Shop T36 (opposite of the Farmers) CHRISTCHURCH! the Hub, Hornby Mall


Earn your


“Denim is like a fine wine; it gets better with age.” And so rather than subscribe to the distressed trend, Andrea Moore have decided to produce their denim safe and clean without distressing, and make their customers earn their wear and tear. 'Earn Your Denim' is their denim campaign, designed to celebrate the story that your denim tells as you live in it. “Our stores are now stocked with 'virgin' denim, ready to be worn and lived in by our customers. But not content to stop there, we're actually encouraging our customers to cut them, rip them, bleach them, scrub them with pumice and sandpaper or grind them on the concrete; whatever they need to do to make their denim their own. “Starting next month we'll be running Earn Your Denim workshops with the public in each of our six flagship stores nationwide. We'll have workbenches set out with the tools they need to customise their Andrea Moore denim all they like. “Whether you prefer a subtle wear and tear or a fully torn effect, our staff will be on hand to help you achieve your desired look.”

The Art of Make Up



Stephen Goodenough Photographer


Offer Valid for March / April

78 Kendal Ave, Burnside

PH. 358 3338

Remember your Mum 10th May Luxurious, Heavenly Treatments. Our Gift Vouchers show your generosity & thoughtfulness

Colour Specialists

20% OFF New Client Services

Mother’s Day



kristen stewart

school of make-up

Phone Wendy now to arrange delivery on 03 379 4315

made shade in the


hen Andrea Moore first started designing a denim line, she began looking into factories that could distress their denim. “We love distressed denim here at the workroom; however what we unearthed was the horrible truth of the denim trade. There are whole towns that are devoted to distressing denim, and with the caustic chemicals used to distress the denim, and the materials used to sandblast denim into worn perfection, the impact on both the environment and the workers' health is disastrous.”


Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm Metropol April 23, 2015 35


KEEPING UP APPEARANCES Let's face it, we can't all be Kardashians (thank goodness), but we may as well make the most of what we've got. Looking good, feels good – and feeling good affects every part of our lives in a positive way.


ere to help you look and feel your best are Andrea Sharpe of Relish Nails and Beauty and Linda Knight of i4beauty. Andrea and Linda not only share their Burnside premises; they also share their passion for helping their customers to feel and look great. Both women are internationally qualified beauty and nail therapists and both trained as adults. This means they have experience, confidence and maturity on their side.

Andrea Sharpe and Linda Knight Located next door to hairdressing salon Colour Theory on Kendal Avenue, Andrea and Linda offer a true one-stopshop for all your beauty needs – from nails and facials to waxing, massage and spray tanning. Having trained together, both women offer the same quality services at the same great prices. Gel manicures and pedicures are popular with customers as they are more natural, less harmful and easier to

remove than acrylics and they look great. Also popular are the pampering facials. The GLY C facial rejuvenating peel gently removes dead skin cells to reveal fresher, younger looking skin, while the GLY C micro dermabrasion facial minimises the appearance of pores, skin coarseness, pigmentation and wrinkles. Andrea and Linda take the health and safety of their clients very seriously. A clean, fresh set of sanitised equipment is

used for every client and the highest standards of hygiene are maintained at all times. The two women are proud to operate a small, local business but their range of treatments is anything but small. Andrea works Tuesday to Saturdays. Linda works Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can visit them at 76 Kendal Avenue, Burnside, or phone 0274 313 779 (Andrea) or 027 384 5663 (Linda).

Relish Nails & Beauty New Zealand designed for 10-24

Interna onally qualified therapists. Our services include: Facials Gel Nail Extensions Manicures Tin ng Pedicures Massage Waxing Spray Tanning Glycolic Peels Electrolysis

20% OFF for New Clients with this Ad

AUTUMN COLLECTION IN STORE NOW 27a Colombo Street, Cashmere Telephone 03 337 1495 36 April 23, 2015 Metropol

76 Kendal Ave, Burnside 0274 313 779


Merino &


Kiwi fashion designer Christina Perriam is set to gain national and international recognition by showcasing her first-ever Perriam Woman Winter range on the catwalk at iD Fashion Week.

Metallic gold, black on black, prints, panelled arms and pom-pom trims.


fter successfully launching her new luxury merino fashion label in October last year, Christina has since been accepted as one of the designers to enter the Capsule collection, as part of the renowned iD Fashion Week in Dunedin, which takes place from April 18-26, 2015. It's the next major step for the Wanaka-based designer's new label – although it's not the first time Christina, an experienced fashion designer, has been part of the prestigious event. The last time she featured at iD was under her previous label, Christina Perriam, in 2002. The Perriam Woman Winter 2015 collection features structured lines and tailored fittings to create an edgy, fashion-forward look. While all garments will have touches of New Zealand-sourced merino wool, Christina is also using a range of other fabrics and textiles to diversify the collection. For the first time, she's incorporated merino leather into some of her garments. Rarely used in the fashion industry, Christina has embraced the natural pebbled character of the leather. "It's an amazing texture that you simply don't find in deer pelts. When you look at a merino sheep, their skin is so wrinkly and that's why the texture of the leather is really interesting," Christina says. "Perriam Woman Winter 2015 is dressier and more structured than the Summer collection. I'm going back to my roots, which is tailoring – whilst still acknowledging the essence of my brand, which is about lifestyle," she explains. The collection features 20 pieces that include touches of metallic gold, black on black, prints, panelled arms and pom-pom trims. Metropol April 23, 2015 37



pure relaxation

For a truly memorable gift for your precious mum this Mother's Day, the award winning ChampsElysées Day Spa offer the ultimate luxury spa experience whisk her away from the stresses of everyday life to an intimate, tranquil setting where she can surrender to an experience of relaxation and pure pampering.


hamps-Elysées Day Spa has created the Mother's Day Decadent Pedicure with your precious mum in mind. This Luxury Pedicure, priced at an amazing $139, comes complete with an invigorating foot scrub, divine foot massage, shellac polish for long lasting elegance and is perfectly complemented with delicious High Tea and French Bubbly. This Decadent Pedicure can be enjoyed in serene solitude or experienced with a friend in the luxurious double spa suite

38 April 23, 2015 Metropol

g re givin ysées a l -E s p Cham y to win ’ pp ort unit re you the o Coutu e ‘Haut s u io r m! a luxu r your mu Fa cial fo

for just $250 for two people. A beautifully packaged gift voucher may be purchased at Champs-Elysées Day Spa or online and sent to you or your loved one. Champs-Elysées Day Spa has also unveiled the Cocoon Luxury Body Spa and Facial. Priced at an incredible $189, this gloriously restorative body therapy is designed to pamper from head to toe. Relax and unwind with a luxurious full body exfoliation and warmed body mask to deeply hydrate and replenish the skin, as you melt into a back rub enhanced with hot stones and gentle pressure point technique, promoting a state of deep relaxation. As you stay luxuriously warm, cocooned in a full body wrap, you will be pampered with a rejuvenating facial and heavenly hot oil

or dry scalp massage. Champs-Elysées are giving you the opportunity to win a luxurious ‘Haute Couture’ Facial for your mum! Just email why your mum deserves to be pampered to for a chance to win. Champs-Elysées Day Spa also offer a tantalising selection of luxury pamper packages, decadent facials, speciality massage, glorious body treatments, all aspects of beauty therapy and medispa treatments offering the latest in Cosmeceutical techniques combined with premium skin care products. For further information you are welcome to visit Champs-Elysées Day Spa, located in Merivale, or you may visit or phone (03) 365 3630.



& timeless

Christchurch designer Takaaki Sakaguchi has delivered a carefully thought-through and particularly well-tailored collection for AW 15.


Impeccable cuts and subtle details are at the heart of his concept. Not driven by trends, Sakaguchi applies modern interpretation to classic shapes ensuring timeless investment pieces are created. Tailored edgy cutting, precise volume, and pure shapes, make this season's collection tactile, refined and elegant. Fine Italian wool and cashmere blends, crisp linens and silk chiffons in a range of textures with soft washes of colour and bold geometric shapes create a dimensional illusion.







& direct

T is a relaxed and sophisticated, second diffusion of the Sakaguchi label. Favouring asymmetry and loose draping to create unique and interesting silhouettes, the main emphasis is placed on fabrication and attention to detail making this season's collection instinctive and direct. Fine wool gauze, soft viscose blends and silk chiffons in a range of textures work together to create the illusion of depth and dimensional contrast. Colour highlights peek through in shades of burnt oranges and mulberry hues with a wash of soft ash tones to soften the palette.


Metropol April 23, 2015 39

Providing excellent service is imperative to Christchurch Orthodontics, beginning

from the moment their patients arrive.

New orthodontist

joins team

A new face is joining the team at Christchurch Orthodontics, the practice that has long prided itself on creating smiles that inspire confidence.


e are very excited to announce the arrival of our new Orthodontist, Dr Christine (Chrissy) Bailey to our practice next month,” says Dr Russell Lovatt, who established the practice three years ago. The addition of another experienced orthodontist to the team means Christchurch Orthodontics will now be offering a full five days a week service at their Christchurch based practice, while continuing to develop their practice in North Canterbury out of their purpose built premises at Rangiora Dental Centre. “This expansion means we are able to cater for many more new patient consultations and offer increased flexibility in the scheduling of appointments,” says Russell. “With the

Chrissy has extensive experience in the specialist area of orthodontics. choice of both a female or male experienced orthodontist we can now meet the needs of all patients.” Christchurch born and bred, Chrissy has extensive experience in the specialist area of orthodontics. Graduating from the University of Otago in 2003, she received a Doctorate in Orthodontics at the University of Melbourne, before working in both private and public dental practices in Melbourne.

“Chrissy is passionate about working with her patients and getting to know them.” says Russell. “She remembers the difference orthodontic treatment made to her as a teenager, and enjoys coming in to work knowing that she’ll have the same positive impact on her patients’ smiles.” Providing excellent service is imperative to Christchurch Orthodontics, beginning from the moment their patients arrive. The clinics offer free WiFi internet access, iPad, games, magazines, puzzles and toys, and even a PSP and Xbox station with a variety of games for all ages. They team this up with utilising the best current techniques and materials available, including full digital photos and x-ray facilities as well as a 3D intra oral scanner, model scanner and printer onsite. Their newly introduced Suresmile® system is a first for any Orthodontic practice in the South Island, with the system delivering better treatment results and treatment times, as well as increased patient comfort. Contact Christchurch Orthodontics on (03) 962 0334 or for more information.

New Orthodontist for Chch Christchurch Orthodontics are proud to welcome Orthodontist Dr Christine Bailey to the practice. Chrissy, is excited to be back in her home town, and invites your inquiry. Providing treatment options for all ages including Invisalign clear aligners and clear braces to t your individual needs and desired results. Our vision is to provide excellence in both orthodontic treatment and service

Making a difference

Dr Christine Bailey

Ph 0220462009

40 April 23, 2015 Metropol



Christchurch Orthodontics Ltd Dr Russell Lovatt & Dr Christine Bailey 157 Fendalton Road, Christchurch Ph: 962 0334 Email:



with your goals

We’re a third of the way through the year, you’ve stuck to your New Year resolutions and you’re feeling great.


targeted fat cells Using cryolipolysis technology the gradually disappear naturally.

ut you just can’t seem to permanently banish those stubborn love handles, drop those pesky saddlebags or tighten that protruding paunch. The last 5kg that was so easy to put on can be so very hard to take back off. Merivale’s appearance medicine specialist Caci Clinic is helping you reach your goals with the introduction of a non-surgical fat reduction programme. “ChillSculpt is perfect for those people who lead an active healthy lifestyle, are body conscious, exercise and eat well, but can’t seem to budge the last few pounds,” Caci Clinic co-owner Samantha Keen explains. Using cryolipolysis technology – controlled cooling that freezes fat cells – the targeted fat cells gradually disappear naturally through the body’s normal metabolic process. Caci Clinic Merivale offers appearance medicine, hair removal and facial treatment programmes (known as reformaskin) all carried out by a senior team of highly experienced treatment providers. All initial consultations are complimentary allowing time for questions and answers. A recent addition to the team is Kaye Winders who has joined Caci Clinic as the treatment co-ordinator. “Kaye is a welcomed member to the Caci Christchurch team. Kaye leads a very active and healthy lifestyle which is rubbing off on the rest of the team so we’re very excited to have her on board, she keeps it real,” Samantha says. Kaye is excited by the many opportunities Caci has to offer people of all ages. “Now is the time to look and feel your best, for you!” Find out more about ChillSculpt or Caci’s range of appearance medicine and beauty therapy options by visiting the Christchurch clinic at 232 Papanui Road Merivale, or phoning (03) 356 2383 or visiting online.

Metropol April 23, 2015 41


The ‘cook book tart’ There is nothing like the love of a good book, and after eight years of sharing that love Emma's at Oxford is going stronger than ever. As is Oxford itself, with new businesses, eateries and even a wine bar popping up.



lobally, bookshops are slowly being strangled by electronic readers and online sales, but Emma's continues to buck this trend with book sales increasing year upon year. However, Emma's at Oxford is far more than just books - it’s a treasure trove of quality home wares, accessories and gift ideas. Emma is excited about the growing range of Merinomink Clothing in stock. While she has stocked the Christchurch made brand for five years, the range has continued to expand, to include clothing. "These are a range of great investment pieces that you will have for years - they won’t age or date. There is no pilling - you simply throw them in the washing machine. The quality is outstanding and I now refuse to buy any other brand of knitwear." The Merinomink range of sweaters, ponchos, gloves, neck warmers and other

accessories are the pinnacle of value for money and style, she adds. As a major book lover, Emma confesses to being a total "cook book tart!" Her collection is incredible and there would be few retailers that could match it. And, as the trend of the ell her Paleo diet, the often t s r e m o Cust they sugar-free lifestyle s here d book in f y e and wholefood th where. en else e s ’t n revolution increases, so have too does the demand for the many books she sells on these topics. Books about New Zealand (especially the high country) take pride of place with other popular selections, including children's reading, interior design, craft, trains and gardening. Customers often tell her they find books here they can't source, or haven’t seen elsewhere. For those who want an exceptional shopping experience, the short country drive to Oxford is a great trip, and at the heart of your day will be the time you spend in Emma's. In the eight years it has been open it has forged an incredible reputation. Find them online, on Facebook or phone (03) 312 3432.

Made in Spain


Stylist Womens Shoes by


Your Friendly Book & Gift Shop Since 2007

Various colour & designs now in store plus plenty of new giftware arriving daily for mothers day.

Lola vs Harper Elwood Minx Pink stitch Wish Minty meets Munt Love stitch What woman want

from $39


Black/Blue or Black / Green


Ladakh Follow us on facebook

Cooper street


Untouched World 100% Merino Texture Wrap available in Silver or Black. Great range of other Merinomink knitwear also available in-store.


53 Main Street, Oxford. Ph. 03 312 3432

162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444 42 April 23, 2015 Metropol Open 7 Days 10am – 5pm

Follow us on Facebook to see latest products & special offers

Federation Elliatt Honey & beau


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury

15 ASHLEY STREET RANGIORA OPENING HOURS Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays

172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209


IN BOLD PRINT Just like its namesake, Marmalade Clothing and Curiosities is brightly coloured, sticky sweet and simply delicious. A veritable treasure trove of delightful clothes and accessories, this quirky little store on Oxford's main street represents a lifelong dream for owner Jessica FearnleyCampbell.







have to mean 'hippy' these days either; we stock fashion-led sustainable brands such as Nomads Clothing and Braintree from the UK, and local Christchurch brands Tava and Chalkydigits. We also aim to keep our price tags under $200 whenever possible. “We love to support local designers when it comes to jewellery too. We have steam punk pieces from Rainey Designs, bamboo items from Hello Lovely and interchangeable button magnet jewellery from Two Lyttel Buttons. All of which make fabulous Mother's Day gifts!” Marmalade also specialises in natural fibres including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and New Zealand merino. “Our colourful bamboo socks and tights from Braintree for men and women are incredibly popular. Bamboo behaves just like merino – it keeps you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot.” Marmalade Clothing and Curiosities, 49A Main Street, Oxford, phone (03) 312 3382,


rmed with a degree in embroidered textiles, Jessica worked in the textile and retail industries in New Zealand and overseas, but what she always wanted was a store of her own that celebrates her passion for colour, texture and fabrics. Now she has it and it's nearly bursting at the seams with gorgeous pieces to inspire you over the cooler months. This season, the clothing at Marmalade features a stunning mix of rich colour, feminine prints and embroidered fabrics inspired by the textiles of India, China and Japan. Sequins adorn organic cotton tunics, and dresses are made from soft needle cord and comfy cotton jersey. Cardigans woven from a tactile blend of cotton and hemp make for cosy cover-ups and local merino tops are the perfect layering pieces. Jessica says it is important to her to know where her clothes come from. “At Marmalade, we focus on fair trade and New Zealand made brands. Fair trade doesn't

Beautiful NEW

Lingerie Coral Dot C to G cup

Open Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 4pm. Please book ahead for the High Tea Menu

Cupcakes Cabinet fare for lunch Gifts Tea garden Fine china

Like us on facebook

76 Main St Oxford Ph. (03) 312 1416

just in time for Mother’s Day! Our instore consultants are happy to advise and fit any of our lingerie to suit your shape

Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Sat 9.30am - 4.00pm Sun 10.00am - 2.00pm

Telephone. 03 327 8029 Metropol April 23, 2015 43

NORTH CANTERBURY Five Stag photos by Kay Jackson

NORTHERN HOSPITALITY By Sarah Waldron - Visit Waimakariri


pril draws to a close and many are looking forward to ANZAC Day memorials and services to be held on Saturday 25 April. It is perfect timing that Rangiora's Cenotaph has been completed and looking splendid beside the first traffic lights in a Waimakariri Town, which have recently been switched on. This makes way for the High St, Rangiora's fashion hub, to become two-way, so access to the retailers will be easier. What's new? Five Stags in Arlington, Rangiora opened at the beginning of April and already the restaurant is very popular with excellent food and service. The décor highlights the stags, five of them, lining the walls and while it's a real bloke's kind of place, families and females will also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and extensive menu.

Fashion Rangiora Shoelines is showcasing a large range of Ziera's along with boots of all lengths, sizes and colours to keep us warm. Men are not forgotten either by the ladies of Shoelines with some very stylish dress and casual shoes available. As the fires get lit and the nights are longer Quilters Quarters are a treasure trove for the craftsperson with unique designer fabrics and a large selection of sewing accessories. Unfortunately most can't avoid a winter cold but Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy is always at the ready with a range of treatment options. Craze in Kaiapoi is a shop you cannot walk past if you want great fashion at great prices. The service is excellent with nothing a bother and they carry a range of sizes. Across from the road in Kaiapoi is North Canterbury's oldest and largest department store, Blackwells. This is a local's favourite for everything from men's

and women's fashion, underwear and sleep wear, fishing gear, homeware and gifts through to carpeting and flooring. The Famous Annual Sefton Tug of War

Many out this way are in training already for The Famous Annual Sefton Tug of War. Here you will see ex All Blacks pleading their teams on against life guard heroes and corporate teams talking up their chances; all to see who can tug hardest for longest. A great family friendly day in the country with nearly $3500 in prizes. Team entries are open.

Brighten Up with handcrafts & colour...

Tattooing Bodypiecing Gift vouchers Purposely built and architecture designed brand new building and playground. Passionate qualified ECE educators. Focus on individual care-educa on and we provide high staff ra o. Experienced ECE music teacher lead Chef cooked lunch. 20 hours free ECE for 3-5 years old. Sessions/full days available. Opening hours: Monday –Friday 7.00am-6.00pm

Phone: 03 2601023, 021 02951364 414 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 44 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Just one of the many unique designer fabrics now instore. Also available a large selection of sewing accessories

Quilters Quarters A treasure trove for the craftsperson 9 High St Rangiora Ph. (03) 313 6765

For beautiful flowers We deliver! Ph. (03) 327 6535 121 Williams St,Kaiapoi

UPSTAIRS At 5 Good Street Rangiora Ph.0221257761 find us on facebook


By Rachel Smith

THE DREAM TEAM This issue completes the introduction of Duxton Dental’s dream team profiles... It is a close knit team at Duxton Dental, all working together to provide the highest quality dental care for their clients.


very much enjoy the team approach at Duxton Dental and the high standard of care that ensures our patients are looked after to the utmost of everyone's ability,” says Hayley Hall, one of four dentists at Duxton. For dentist Rhonda Gooding her work at Duxton Dental includes a special interest in oral medicine and TMJ issues.





“I am impressed by the practice ethos of keeping up to date with the latest and scientifically proven technologies, materials, techniques and commitment to on-going education to offer patients their best treatment options,” says Rhonda. “Having heard great things about Duxton Dental, I was thrilled to join the team in March 2015!” says Kelly Thomson, whose new role in charge of infection control comes with 10 years of experience in the dental industry. The hygiene department of the practice is important in assisting clients to maintain optimal oral health.



“I gain a lot of job satisfaction from being able to show people simple daily routines that can keep gums in the best health and reduce the occurrence of decay,” says Micayela Hunter, who works alongside hygienists Megan Scott, Maree McElrea and Corinne Jones. All four enjoy the opportunity to educate patients with a focus on an active maintenance programme, including evaluating oral health, providing treatment for periodontal disease and a bad breath treatment service. “I enjoy getting to know our patients and helping them, the variety in my roles



and particularly the lovely people I work with here,” says Katherine English, who welcomes visitors on their arrival at the practice. Greeting clients as well as maintaining the excellent service at Duxton is a role which comes naturally to practice coordinator Annabelle Hampton. “It is my responsibility to ensure the practice's day to day running goes smoothly to benefit all involved,” says Annabelle, with a smile. For more information call the friendly team at Duxton Dental on (03) 348 5488 or visit

The new patient experience. Once all the relevant information has been Each new patient begins their partnership analysed a treatment plan is created to provide with Duxton Dental with an initial a pathway to restore your mouth back to 100% consultation. This consists of a thorough dental health, function and aesthetics. examination and includes: We also offer: Composite fillings ! a jaw scan Cosmetic dentistry ! bite analysis Testimonial Crowns/Veneers/Bridges/Implants ! oral cancer screening “I’ve been visiting dentists for 41 years Orthodontics ! saliva testing and my checkup at Duxton Dental Invisalign ! laser decay detection was the most thorough and Whitening take home kit ! digital photos professional I’ve ever experienced.” Oral sedation G. Webb (General Manager) ! digital x-rays Therabreath products ! gum disease analysis Hygiene treatment

Phone 03 348 5488

22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road) Metropol April 23, 2015 45

Busy mums have enough to worry about, so when it comes to their precious little ones in bed, they don't want to be left worrying about them getting tangled in their sheets or rolling over on their front. Neat n Sweet is a revolutionary new all-inone bed sheet set that's not only quick and easy to fit, it's been specially designed with baby's comfort in mind.

“Our passion is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for children between two to five years of age.” Limited spaces available

P. 03 332 2746 109 Centaurus Rd Huntsbury, Christchurch W: E:

Open: Mon- Fri 8am-5.30pm


ANSTICE & ASSOCIATES OPTOMETRISTS & VISION CLINIC Children’s Schoolvision Specialist Adult Eye Examinations Contact Lenses Dry Eye Clinic OrthoKeratology Irlen Diagnostics Sportvision RevitalVision

The only Schoolvision Specialists in the South Island DHARSHIE HUGHES JEREMY FOX IRIS XU

10 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch

03 343 3909


Nature Baby Winter 2015 Range in-store now

we are stockists of many gorgeous brands including Minti, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh, Pure Baby, Mokopuna, Merino Kids, Milky, Bobux, Emu & Dimples.

184 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch P. 03 355 1880

Christchurch Obstetric Associates SPECIALISTS IN MATERNITY CARE

Afliated with Fertility Associates Colin Conaghan

Geeta Singh

Jane Fielder

Angela Beard

Providing a full range of care including pre pregnancy advice, antenatal care, labour, birth, and post natal care Consulting at: Ashburton, Hokitika and Greymouth

Michelle Bailey

Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch 8014 Ph. (03) 375 4060 Fax: (03) 375 4061 46 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Sleep like a



ome babies spend all night moving around – wriggling restlessly in their cot and becoming tangled up in the process and losing their sheets and blankets,” says Kirsty Barry from Neat n Sweet. “When the sheets and blankets fall off, it usually leads to one thing – a wakeful night for baby and a wakeful night for the parent!” These new sheet sets are designed to tuck baby into bed the good old-fashioned way. Made with special fittings that fasten under the mattress, they keep the entire sheet set secure and in place and avoid the top sheet from lifting up, becoming loose and untucked. With a top sheet sewn in, parents no longer have to fuss around with tucking in multiple sheets and blankets that could later fall or be kicked off in the middle of the night. A wrap is also fitted to the base sheet that keeps baby in the preferred sleep position through the night – on their back. The top sheet is fitted with two zips and each provide access to your baby from either side of the cot. Simply zip them up at night and parents can rest assured knowing that baby is tucked up for the night comfortably.



ature Baby's winter collection has little ones covered in soft organic cottons and merinos. New handknits, quilted sweatshirting and printed merino grow their selection of winter essential layers. The palette is soft, with hues like warming ginger, soothing blossom, soft greys, freshly mown greens, royal blue, harbour blue and a brush of fox.

As bedtime approaches, we sing nursery rhymes and gaze at the sky searching for constel lations and shooting stars. Metropol April 23, 2015 47


Now trending… Fifteen years into the 2000s and there's a strong spirit of individualism in the air, especially when it comes to tying the knot. Here are some of the top trends in weddings... Ÿ Elegant, magical weddings that reflect the bride and groom as a unique couple

Ÿ British style. Think Downton Abbey and incorporate garden parties, dining alfresco and high tea finesse

Ÿ Attention-grabbing invitations. Wrap them in ruffled cellophane, box them in decorative paper, tie them with ribbons, leather, lace or twine or festoon them with diamantes

Ÿ Champagne towers – think Roaring '20s and the Great Gatsby parties

Ÿ Tasting plates, a surprising array of unexpected party food and cocktails to order

Ÿ Tempting to touch textiles – tulle, lace and pleated silk in sky high, 3D cake decorations




462 COLOMBO STREET SYDENHAM CHRISTCHURCH 8023 48 April 23, 2015 Metropol

03 366 1232

MON-FRI 9.30AM-5.00PM SAT 10.00AM-3.00PM


wedding notions 2015 Ÿ Updated renditions of classic wedding songs from the '60s

Ÿ Western flavour – add a mix of leather, beer and bourbon for a quirky twist

Ÿ Drone photographers for those elegantly angled aerial shots

Ÿ More than one wedding outfit – a gown for the ceremony, sleek dress for the reception and a cocktail dress for the after-party. Why have one dress when you can have three?

Ÿ A touch of formality – think back to days of tiered cakes, dramatic entranceways, white gloves, three-piece suits and a castle-like venue

Metropol April 23, 2015 49


Sizzle & serve Caralee Caldwell, who you will be able to meet at the Christchurch Food Show (1-3 May), has a philosophy of only eating 'real foods'. Her blog and recently released cook book Real Food Pledge include some delicious 'real food' recipes. Caralee shares her recipe for Pork Chops with Apple and Onion Chutney with Metropol‌

Pork Chops with Apple and Onion Chutney Pork and apple are one of my all-time favourite combinations. This dish is something that I regularly cook my family and we all love it. The apple and onion chutney also goes very well with a pork roast. Ingredients 4 pork chops 2 apples 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 1/4 cup unsweetened sultanas 1 teaspoon fresh ginger 1/4 teaspoon dry mustard 1/2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 3 tablespoon olive oil

50 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Method Peel and slice the apples. Cut the onion in half, remove the outer layer and slice. Heat two tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan over a medium heat. Place the onions, apple, sultanas, minced ginger, minced garlic, ground mustard, pepper and salt in the saucepan. Cook for a few minutes, stirring as needed. Add the apple cider vinegar. Continue to cook the chutney for a further 5 -10 minutes until all the liquid is reduced. In the meantime, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Place the pork steaks down in the pan and cook for 5 minutes on each side. Once the pork is cooked and caramelised on each side, serve with the apple and onion chutney on the top. Serves 4.

buzz Fusion is the

It’s Cookai, but not as you know it…


any of us will be familiar with Cookai Japanese, of Cashel Street pre-quake and Riccarton postquake. Now a new restaurant, Cookai Gold Fusion Cuisine, has just opened at 493 Papanui Road. Fusion is the buzz here, with – not surprisingly – a strong Japanese influence. The result is a fun and exciting menu, using seasonal and, as much as possible, local products and suppliers. From the macrobiotic soup to the Flintstone steak, the Italian influenced pizza crusts to the chilli Crab Burger and Cookai Style Lamb Shank, there is something for every taste. The dessert menu is equally adventurous, with mini melts ice creams and at least three desserts of the day, which makes it a great place to pop in for a late night drink and dessert. The beverage list too is extensive and includes: Astrolabe wines, Peckham's Cider, One Pure Water and craft beers, as well as Asahi and Brewdog Punk IPA on tap. The modern minimalist style decor offers a sophisticated and intimate dining experience and the restaurant is also a fantastic venue for small functions, with several set menu options available. To make a reservation phone (03) 366 8688 or text 027 828 8822, or like them on facebook. Mention this editorial and receive 20% off dessert till the end of May 2015.

A gr

in for a late n eat place to pop

ight drink and


Metropol April 23, 2015 51


Celebrating Canterbury wines The David Jackson Dinner is organised by Wines of Canterbury in conjunction with Lincoln University, home to the acclaimed Centre of Viticulture and Oenology…


he dinner was first staged in May 2010 to honour the contributions the now late Dr David Jackson had made to the establishment of the Canterbury wine industry. In 2012 the first Canterbury Wine awards were launched and the subsequent presentations of medals and trophies added to the line-up of the dinner. This year's David Jackson Dinner will

52 April 23, 2015 Metropol

be staged at Mrs Hucks in Addington on Friday 29 May. The dinner will be catered by renowned Christchurch Chef and Canterbury Wine Awards Judge Jonny Schwass. For the first time in the six year history of the dinner there will be a limited number of tickets available to the public. This dinner will feature the who's who of the Canterbury and Waipara Valley

Wine industry and will be a six course degustation style dinner matched to the seven food trophy winning wines from the 2015 Canterbury Wine Awards. During the dinner, presentations will be made for all medals awarded in the 2015 show, along with the seven food matching trophies and the Lincoln University Post Graduate study award. At the culmination of the dinner, the


2013 Waipara Hills Waipara Valley Equinox Riesling, the Champion wine of last year's show (2014).

Overall Champion Wine for the 2015 show will be announced. The Canterbury Wine awards are now in their fourth year and this year there has been a record number of vineyards enter the awards with over 70 wines being judged at the end of this month. The judging panel of: wine writer Jo Burzynska, Chef Jonny Schwass and Oenologist Kirsten Creasy, evaluate the wines firstly on their own merits but secondly and more importantly,

Wines of Canterbury President (Dr Neil Pattinson) and Simon McGeorge, the Winemaker for Waipara Hills. Waipara Hills were awarded the Champion Wine of the Show Trophy in 2014 for their 2013 Waipara Hills Waipara Valley Equinox Riesling.

evaluations are made with reference to seven food classes: Lamb, Game, Cheese, Pork, Vegetarian, Seafood and Chicken. The awards have been able to highlight not only that there are some fantastic wines made here in Canterbury, but also how well they can match a meal. Full results from the judging will be on in early May. For further information or dinner queries contact



Home to award winning local Pinot Gris and a boutique year round bed and breakfast. For accommodation bookings, wine sales and enquiries visit

Fruity expressions of white peach, guava and mandarin, with a hint of floral on the nose and a fresh mineral zing on the tongue. There is a nice balance from the oak, adding to the weight and texture of this wine. Price is $23. Available only at Melton Estate or online at

Gateway to the Waipara Valley North Canterbury wine region... on SH1, just 40 minutes north of Christchurch. Proudly boasting the largest selection of premium and boutique Waipara Valley wines, friendly local knowledge, art, gifts and jewellery.

Pukeko Junction Regional Wine Centre & Gallery 458 Ashworths Road, SH1, Leithfield, North Canterbury Ph: 03 314 8867 E: Metropol April 23, 2015 53


Following 'folk wisdom' As every intrepid traveller knows, if a cafe or restaurant is busy it's almost certainly good.


risp Cafe in the Fendalton Village Mall on Ilam road is buzzing at 11am on a weekday morning, with hardly a spare table in sight, so folk wisdom says it must serve up some pretty mean food and coffee. In fact, good fresh food and quality coffee are the main focus in this friendly neighbourhood establishment. The large sized espresso machine is turning out coffees rapidly, with barely a break; friendly serving staff race to deliver cups and clear tables. The cafe is supported by locals and regulars alike, as well as shoppers who come from afar. Groups of friends, couples, business colleagues and lone diners all frequent Crisp, and some people even come every day! Open from early till late afternoon seven days, the licensed cafe offers substantial brunch and lunch menus, plus snack and kids' menus, all clearly displayed on the wall high above the

counter. If you want lighter fare there's an inviting cabinet, and a daily selection of fresh muffins, scrolls, and friands. The choice of gluten-free offerings here is exceptional, with almost half the cabinet dedicated to GF food both sweet and savoury. To make it easier, they are clearly labelled in green, and many popular offerings have been converted to GF without any loss of looks or flavour. Crisp signature dishes include American club sandwiches and seafood chowder, while friands are one of the most popular sweet dishes. The menu has evolved in the almost four years since the cafe opened, but all the popular dishes still feature. The coffee is by Underground, and good use is made of that company's regular training programme to ensure the high standard is maintained. Crisp Cafe is open seven days, 7.30am to 4.30pm weekdays, 8.30am to 4.30pm weekends and there is plenty of parking.

Fendalton’s Favourite Café THAI RESTAURANT & COURTYARD BAR

Dine in or Takeaway

Made with traditional Vietnamese ingredients

Gold Award Winner


Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee Fully Licensed

Open 7 days

* Wheelchair access

Mon-Fri: 0730-430pm Sat-Sun: 0830-430pm

* Takeaways

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414

* Private rooms * BYO wine & fully licenced OPEN 7 DAYS TILL LATE Lunch : Wed to Sun 12pm-3pm

PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD 54 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Vietnamese coffee also available

Open 7 days

Richmond Village Fully licensed & BYO Ph.389 999 78 Dine-in /takeaway



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421




With Jeremy Ray, Head Chef, The Villas

ith the roar well and truly upon us, those of us with friends who hunt the elusive deer will no doubt be waiting in anticipation of the rustle of a freezer bag full of venison. With this in mind I thought it a good idea to share my inspiration for our new venison dish here at The Villas…

Venison Denver leg with black pudding scad, shallots, Portobello mushrooms and Emerson’s Porter jus.

APPETITE for the SEASIDE It's been a fantastic summer but now that autumn is here don't hang up those walking shoes just yet. Follow up a brisk walk or cycle to the beach with a nice hot coffee and a fresh scone or muffin down by the seaside.

I love black pudding in all its forms and recently had a discussion with a good friend about its possible origins. We discovered that while herding stock farmers on long journeys would carry their grains with them and, should there be a lack of game for protein, they would bleed out one of their animals and mix this with the grains. I wondered how I might incorporate this in a dish. After some research I found a reference to scad (a dryish oat dish normally with bacon). This seemed the perfect way to take black pudding back to its origins. The richness of mushrooms to me was a given as is the sweetness of shallots. Beer had to take its part and the Porter was a perfect choice. Why not come down to The Villas and try it? And at the same time find a little inspiration for yourself.


alt on the Pier serves delicious, local Hummingbird coffee and breakfast is available till 2.30pm each day. The cafe's deli cabinet is packed with wonderful fresh flavours and a fantastic selection of gluten-free items, which include a punchy little broccoli and cream cheese loaf, veggie frittata, salads, and a must-try ginger slice. The restaurant is open six nights for dinner and for lunch; closed Mondays. It's the perfect spot to while away the hours, especially if the weather isn't great; the view is always present and ever changing, the service is fantastic and the menu is extensive. There's plenty of action all week. Make a night of it on Thursday which has Happy Hour and Steak night, with a prime porterhouse steak with fries and veggies for only $15. Bookings are strongly recommended. Tuesday night is Dessert Night with a $10 dessert and hot beverage; while Sunday night is family night where the kids can eat for free (terms and conditions apply). Don't forget to book for Mother's Day at this popular venue with a view. The Cafe is open from 8.30am, seven days. Salt on the Pier is at the Pier Terminus at 195-213 Marine Parade, Christchurch, phone (03) 388 4493, visit or find them on Facebook.

Metropol April 23, 2015 55


CLASSIC comfort FOOD The Purple Weka Cafe and Bar is, like its name, a quirky 'Kiwi kinda place'. Bright, welcoming and slightly funky, it has no fancy airs and graces and the menu here is genuine Kiwi style food.


t's your normal home cooked fare. We “It's don't stint on butter and salt,” says coowner Stu, with a cheeky chuckle. “But we do have healthy options too,” he hastens to adds. That fare includes an extensive menu of cooked-to-order dishes plus a large, wellstocked cabinet. The cafe is renowned for its savoury mince on toast with a poached egg, and creamy mushrooms on toast, and everything is in generous portions, including the southern cheese rolls that are the biggest ever. They come in

Fantastic NEW MENU. Pop into our friendly cafe & relax with your favourite coffee. Located at top end of Riccarton Rd. Only walk away from Hagley Park. Present this advert to receive one FREE Drink!

35 Riccarton Rd P. 348 1984 56 April 23, 2015 Metropol

classic cheese and onion and more unusual cheese, onion and sweet corn. “They're made to a genuine southern recipe,” says Stu. “Our chef went down south to get it.” Apart from pastries and sweets, all food is made on site by the three hard working chefs and the service from the whole team is legendary. “It's a fun place to be. We laugh with our customers and they laugh and chat with each other,” says Stu. After 18 months operating out of a container on-site at 48 Fitzgerald Ave, the team – not to mention their regular

customers – are thrilled to be back in their modern premises, now refurbished with new paint work and an eclectic selection of not quite kitschy old china, mirrors, artworks and modern light fittings. The licensed cafe is open seven days, 6am to 4pm weekdays and 8am to 4pm weekends. After hours it is available for private functions for up to 70, and out catering is a speciality. For a refreshingly different spot to enjoy unpretentious yet delicious food, the Purple Weka (which has plenty of parking) is the place to go.


to win!

Revive your spirits with these fabulous foodie giveaways… To enter the draw for any of these prizes email your name and phone number to Entries close on Tuesday 28 April and the winners will be notified on Wednesday 29 April. You can enter for all of the prizes but each entry must be in a separate email.




Cocktail CHEF

Mary's mixologist Boss Parkhill shares the secret behind making a sensational Royal Margarita…

Boss Parkhill

HOW TO MAKE A ROYAL MARGARITA Let Bloody Mary's introduce you to a fiery twist on the classic margarita but be warned it may not be for the weak hearted. History suggests it was invented by a man who lost his Mexican lover to a stray bullet, the effects ensuring your heart will race faster and you will be left wanting more.

GLASSWARE A Margarita cocktail can be served in either a tumbler or the specifically designed Margarita glass. My favourite would be the Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon 330ml available from Total Food Equipment. Royal Margarita OOB stands for Omaha Organic Berries. All of the products are certified organic. The premium ice cream is gluten and egg free. No artificial colours or flavours are used… But it's not about all of that… It's about the OOB taste experience - once you've tried OOB you'll never go back! Metropol in association with OOB have three delicious, icy prize packs to give away. Each includes: A bag each of frozen organic blueberries, mixed berries and raspberries, A box of organic mixed berry ice blocks, One pottle of 850ml organic Flakes of chocolate ice cream, 10 pottles of the entire range of flavours of the organic single serve 120ml ice creams. Quote “OOB” in the subject line of your email.

Game on: Five Stags in Rangiora

RECIPE 30ml Absolute Chilli infused 10ml Sauza Tequila 10ml Cointreau 10ml Crème de Cassis 15ml Lime Juice Salt Methodology 1. Prepare the glassware for the Margarita by chilling with ice 2. Add all ingredients to a Boston Mixing Glass and rim the glass with salt 3. Shake then strain into the prepared glassware 4. Serve and enjoy the fiery love

Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

Photography by Kay Jackson

The hunt for hearty food in a relaxed rustic setting, washed down with a cold pint or two is over in Rangiora with the arrival of iconic Kiwi concept restaurant and bar Five Stags. Combining a uniquely New Zealand hunting-themed décor with a unique selection of game and classic dishes (including their legendary spicy L&P and Wild Turkey glazed 'Barry Crump' ribs), and with the ability to host and cater for functions large and small, Five Stags Rangiora is the perfect location for after-work drinks, a clan gathering or celebration with mates. Dine alfresco, fireside by the expansive natural stone fireplace, under glittering antler chandeliers, or in one of the two private dining rooms including the cosy hunter's hut. Metropol in association with Five Stags have three $50 dining vouchers to give away. Quote “Five Stags' in the subject line of your email.

Perfect Day Out for foodies The Food Show is for people who love eating, drinking, cooking and entertaining… Whether you're looking for a day out with the family or the perfect gift for Mother's Day, The Food Show Christchurch has it all. Boasting the country's largest selection of South Island food, drink and kitchen equipment suppliers, it takes place at the Horncastle Arena, from 1 – 3 May. Make the most of the early bird tickets available online now at Metropol has teamed up with The Food Show Christchurch to offer two lucky people the opportunity to win a double pass to the show. Quote “The Food Show” in the subject line of your email. Metropol April 23, 2015 57

46 December 18, 2014 Metropol




How often have you spent good money on bad coffee? We've all done it and most of us never even complain. Businessman Chris Gauci got so frustrated that he invested in a quality Italian coffee machine of his own. “I've never had a bad coffee since,” he says.

Chris Gauci


hris was so

they do is take up space.”

impressed with the new love in his life that he went directly to the supplier to see how he could supply to the South Island. This is how The Crowded House Coffee Company was born and it now supplies quality Italian coffee and machines from Bluff to the top of the Island. “I want all my customers to enjoy a great coffee every morning – and I never want them to waste their money on bad coffee again.” Chris says that a good coffee is made up of equal parts beans and machine. “We supply the best machines and the best beans from the coffee capital of the world – Italy. Coffee to Italians is like the All Blacks are to New Zealanders – it's a passion that can't be matched.” The Crowded House supplies Grimac coffee machines and Molinari beans. Chris says the Grimac Opale machines

are simple and efficient, unlike a lot of other machines that are complicated, messy and just too tiresome to use. “People usually end up stuffing them in the back of the cupboard where all

Andrea Wyld, sales administrator

He also explains the difference between the pods used by the Opale machines and the conventional capsules used by other machines. “Capsules hold five grams of coffee and what's left ends up as landfill. The Opale pods are 100 percent biodegradable and they hold seven grams of coffee, which is the standard single shot in Italy.” Chris's beans of choice are Molinari Rosso. “Molinari coffee is classic and fullbodied. It's strong but there is no bitterness, and that's the way it should be. In New Zealand, we have come to expect a strong coffee to be bitter, but good quality Italian coffee is never bitter when treated right.” Taste the difference for yourself and book a free demonstration at The Crowded House's showroom at 200 Springs Road, phone (03) 348 5089,

Wedding Venue The Iris Garden wedding venue is an easy 20 minute drive from Christchurch to the peaceful countryside of Motukarara. The gardens & ponds around the old cottage are perfect setting for a smaller intimate cocktail style wedding. There is a BYO option. Larger areas suitable for a marquee are available

Traditional Japanese Cuisine from the Tomi Family

Country Garden Wedding Venue – The perfect place for your special day.

Like us on

451 Ridge Road Motukarara RD2 Christchurch

p.(03) 329 7825

Ph: 03 377 8028

76 Edgeware Rd Edgeware Mall ChCh

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IT'S SMART TO BE DIFFERENT It's not often a café is built based entirely on what the local community wants…


agz, with three cafes across the South Island, apply a structure of creating a modern, social, inclusive facility that meets the demands of its specific local users. Jagz of Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi, recently opened its door and while the ownership and philosophy behind how it runs is the same as its sister café in Styx Mill, and Invercargill, the style, menu and delivery of service is quite different. Owners Jane and Steve Sommerville know their model of delivering quality service and food, being nonpresumptuous, keeping prices affordable, providing easy parking and offering a warm and inviting space, is a winner. But,

they also know the importance of each restaurant having its own style and menu specific to the needs of its community. For example, the Sovereign Palms café sells, bread, milk and lollies and ice cream for the kids. It also features a breakout area that can be closed off for private functions and parties. "After operating the Jagz caravan at Sovereign Palms for a year, we got to know the people and what their needs were and have built the café to meet what they want." The menu at Kaiapoi, while still packed with quality ingredients and flavours, is more family orientated. "We

have created an all-inclusive place where families can come and feel really comfortable." There is also a children's playground. At Jagz Styx Mill, the décor and feeling is slightly more sophisticated, with a greater emphasis on gourmet food and a stunning wine list to cater to the demographics of the surrounding neighbourhood. Both of the Christchurch Jagz cafés have everything from ready to go cabinet food made on the premises, to full a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The truly fabulous food is complemented by its own great coffee, premium beers, and a quality wine list, all at very reasonable prices.

Warm & inviting Delectable Food - Great Coffee

PURPLE WEKA Café & Bar A centrally located café with its own twist on Kiwi café dining. Providing you with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy great coffee and some real Kiwi (Weka) Kai like Nana used to make. Plenty of car parking. Don't be a bird brain…. Get your Weka fix!


Fabulous food, quality wine, great coffee

Large variety gluten free Free range eggs Homebaked fresh bread Daily specials

Hours: Mon - Wed 6am - 4pm Thursday 6am - 4pm Friday 6am-4pm Sat & Sun 8am - 4pm

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Jagz of Sovereign Palms

48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258


Fully Licensed

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359 Lincoln Rd Addington P. 339 2020 Open 7 days

(opp Kaiapoi Golf Club) 416 Williams Street Ph: 03 260 1618


Island Dreaming It may be cold outdoors but pull the blinds, turn the heat pump up and enjoy a multitude of zesty pampering moments with these gentle yet revitalising Matakana Botanicals Great Barrier Island Bee Co Products. Inspired by the Islands sub-tropical Hibiscus flowers with a squeeze of citrusy lime, you'll feel fresh, fruity


and full of life.

3 5

1. Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Candle $25 2. Triple Milled Soap $12 3. Bath & Shower Cream $17 4. Island Flowers Diffuser $30 5. Hand & Body Cream $17 6. Lip Balm $9.00 For more information go to

2 4 6

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RED HOT ideas ADNZ's upcoming 'Stirring the Imagination' seminars with internationally acclaimed Melbourne architectural duo, Debbie Ryan and Robert McBride of McBride Charles Ryan, is an event not to be missed by all those passionate about architectural design‌


ebbie and Robert are the partners in life and work behind one of Australia's most celebrated architectural studios. They colead McBride Charles Ryan projects, designing innovative residential, commercial and public buildings for a variety of clients. The unique partnership started in their university days, when they both attended Monash University. While Robert was studying science, Debbie was focussing on ďŹ ne arts - something which grabbed Robert's attention. "My father used to give me books on construction and engineering, but Deb started to drag me along to her Fine Art History lectures lead by art historian, Patrick McCaughey, and I soon realised I was becoming more and more interested

...your choice for tiles.

naturally tiles - naturally

13 Mandeville St Ph: (03) 343 0933 Christchurch 62 April 23, 2015 Metropol

in architecture," says Robert. After spending a few years at Monash University, the pair moved to RMIT University where the focus of their studies turned to architecture. Following graduation, both spent some time working for other companies, before making the decision to set up their own architectural studio with Tony Charles in 1988. "We started just before the recession, renting a building in Queensberry Street, Carlton. At the beginning, we went through a period where we had lots of work, and then all of a sudden we had no work at all. This was pre-internet age, so we used to walk the streets looking for work," says Debbie. About this time, Tony Charles left the business for another job, leaving Debbie



and Robert to make the decision about whether to keep going, or give up. "We decided to tough it out and keep going. We convinced my brother and his friend to do a development in a disused back lane, and we entered that project in an award. We didn't win, but the designer of the zinc façade put it on the front of his calendar. MCR got publicity through that which gave us a boost," says Debbie. Fast forward more than 25 years, and McBride Charles Ryan has evolved into one of Australia's most respected architectural studios. Their huge success and plethora of awards is owed not only to their incredible talent, but their resilience, determination and teamwork. While a large proportion of their work is made up of commercial and public projects, the McBride Charles Ryan team also have a reputation for creating bold and unexpected residential designs. "We enjoy working on all kinds of projects - anything with a 'red hot' idea - but when it comes to residential projects, you get to complete them in their entirety which you can't often do with commercial work," says Robert. One of their most recognised residential projects is the Klein Bottle House - a holiday house on a sloped block adjacent to the beach in Rye. It won several awards, including the World's Best House award at the World Architecture Festival in 2009, and the

Grand Designs Best International Home Award in 2010. "Originally, the clients wanted a view of the ocean. However, it was next to a national park, and the council didn't want the building to be visible. The initial suggestion was to position the house at the base of the block, but when we revisited the site, we found a position where you would've wanted to camp. You could see the clouds rolling over the trees, and hear the sea with protection from the winds, and a view over the top of the trees," says Debbie. The McBride Charles Ryan team have also carried out residential renovation and alteration work, including the award-winning 'Cloud House' in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. Robert and Debbie will be giving their insights on upcoming design trends, as well as discussing how their firm borrows from Architectural History, mathematics and everyday culture to realise original, unlikely and technology

sophisticated expressions for their clients. In Christchurch: Friday 1 May - Hagley Oval Pavilion 5.30pm for 6.30pm start. For information and tickets go to Article credit: Defign magazine [abridged]. Photography by copyright © 2011-2015 John Gollings Photography. For regular design news and information subscribe to 'Defign' and the ADNZ Facebook page to stay in the know read more on some of the top architectural designs in New Zealand over the last year, purchase Defign magazine by contacting ADNZ direct on (03) 358 0112 or If you are looking for an experienced designer, who is also a respected member of ADNZ in Canterbury, go to the “Find a Designer” section of the website Metropol April 23, 2015 63



Whyte Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Canterbury and is well experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of the city's rebuild. The solution-based company embraces the latest technologies, materials and building techniques and has dedicated teams with the relevant expertise to work on commercial and domestic building projects as well as re-builds fit-outs and renovations.


e have an established and credible history as Licensed Building Practitioners and pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients,” says David Whyte. It's vital for people to have confidence in their building practitioner and Whyte Construction is able to coordinate the entire process of repairing a property to building a new home including design and engineering, concept plans, council consents and ensuring all work is completed to exacting standards. Whyte Construction also works closely with the major insurance companies on over-cap level residential repairs and rebuilds - homeowners in this situation have the right to nominate Whyte Construction as their preferred builder. The designs, plans and work are then managed within the financial envelope agreed between the particular insurance

company and the homeowner. Alternatively, a homeowner may choose to employ their own architect and use Whyte Construction for the build only. “While many homeowners have been waiting a long time to get repairs carried out with their insurers, we are aware that many insurance companies are increasingly only offering a cash settlement rather than a repair or rebuild. Our advice is to be very informed about new codes of compliance and the potential for unforeseen repair or

building costs before you reach final agreement. “If you have agreed to a cash settlement and are looking for a construction company to carry out the work we are more than happy to talk to you. Give us a call to see how we can help you.” The company has an enviable reputation for its skill and experience in building on complex sites that require flexibility of design and construction. Because Whyte Construction can apply engineering and expert building advice, clients can be assured that their repair or new home will be robust and earthquake resistant. Whyte Construction is located at 37 Leslie Hills Riccarton, phone (03) 348 0173 for further information email or visit

Kitchen Maker Christchurch LTD

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gorgeous NEW, Cops and Robbers by Hamish Allan available at Industria. Unique antiques, curiosities and homewares. Available from Twine Furniture, The Mill, Waikuku. Ph. 03 312 2152.



Design 5 Upholstery for all upholstering needs.

Funky Bunny at Terra Viva


Cool Cushions at Terra Viva



Design Upholstery

‘Along The Trails', a painting by Robin Slow, available at Little River Gallery.

o for gorgeous” is the key phrase being used in Melbourne for the coming winter when it comes to creating warm, cosy, and comfortable interiors for the shorter days and the colder temperatures. Peter Worsp of Terra Viva Home and Garden recently spent five days in Melbourne at garden centres with large homeware/giftware departments and he also spent a considerable amount of time with an interior designer. The emphasis is on rich fabrics, soft light from lamps and on colour, including rich wines, greys, hot pinks and moody blues. The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015 is marsala, and just like its namesake, the fortified wine, this is a warm, rich, earthy red that works as both a grounded basic statement colour or as an accent colour. Use woollen throws, scented candles and bowls of artificial flowers to pull the theme into a cohesive whole. See the wonderful new winter stock at Terra Viva - open seven days a week from 8.30am – 5pm at 196 Roydvale Ave.




Find us on

Make your furniture dreams become a reality...

The Mill Kaiapoi


Commercial Upholstery


Domestic Upholstery

18 April -13 May

Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 C. 027 494 6706 Metropol April 23, 2015 65



France D

elicious new things are being unpacked at French Blue, in Elmwood Village, Normans Road, just in time for Mother's Day. Direct from France are beautiful toiletries by Matin D'ete. Delicately packaged in fine white fabrics and decorated with a heart theme, these are unique and personal. What better way to tell mum you love her? Or give her some fun and funky ceramics by New Zealand's Steve Fullmer. His latest collection, all blue and white, has a polar theme featuring whales, seagulls and a lovable polar bear. With winter on the way, it's time to snuggle up. This season's hand printed tights by Imprint have an Alice in Wonderland, or a fleur-de-lis theme. Cuddly, designer woollen rugs are another great gift idea. Choose from the modern, Scandinavian blankets, made and designed in Sweden by Klippan, or a soft luxurious Foxford blanket made in Ireland. With these treasures plus an incredible array of unusual and desirable things from New Zealand and all over the globe, you (and your mum) are spoilt for choice at French Blue.

Exquisite jewellery now available at Court Florist Stunning Egyptian inspired pots. Available at Bridge Interiors.

Hand printed pantihose from Imprint, available in numerous colours and designs.Now at Bella Gifts.

“Snuggly” NZ wool blankets by Klippan, Sweden. Available from French Blue.

Purchase any two MOR products for Mum and receive a luxurious throw FREE from token.

White heavy duty metal buckets, look fantastic for decorating your home. Available from Querky Style.


french blue Steve Fullmer

9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Flowers Wine Chocolate Gifts 143 Victoria Street Phone 379 8255

Especially for Mothers this


Mother’s Day. FREE Mini Coconut

HOME OF CLASSICAL & VINTAGE REPRODUCTION FURNITURE & HOME DECOR 402A Main North Rd, Redwood. Phone 3546976 66 April 23, 2015 Metropol

& Elderflower Reed Diffuser valued at $34.95 with any ECOYA Reed Diffuser


Avonhead Mall Cnr Withells & Merrin St Ph. 03 358 3663

Like us on facebook

1771 Main Road, Cust

Ph 03 310 2325

Open Wed - Sun 10-4pm

Stylish Winter Fashion Accessories


Mum’s THE WORD Bronze finish sculpture "Clara" from Frith in the UK. Exclusive to Art & Frame.

Interior accessories that make a statement in any room available from The Painted Room.

Red Lantern 25cmx25cmx45cmH $99.95 from et elle 292 Clyde Rd. Perfect for Mother’s Day. Beauty products by ROYAL APOTHIC. Available at Coco Gifts.

Vicki and Leanne have just returned from “shopping” and so there is lots of new stock in store now. And if you haven't joined their loyalty club it's truly worth it as for every $200 spent you receive a $20 gift voucher. Leanne and Vicki have loved their beautiful gift shop, but due to a change in circumstances Coco Gifts is now for sale. This presents an amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking to own a successful business. Coco Gifts is located at 63 Rutland Street, St Albans and is open Monday - Friday 10am to 5.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Huge range of accessories to be cleared in Groovy Costumes’ Clearance Sale. Mon 27th Anzac Day Holiday Holiday. 270 Cranford St.

Purveyors of Fine Oddities


oco Gifts is a delightful gift shop full of gorgeous treats for Mum this Mother's Day. If you're looking to buy something special for your mother, be it something small from $1.50 chocolate hearts with a message that says “I love Mum”, or something more substantial, every gift leaves Coco Gifts beautifully wrapped.

We Specialize in Framing Objects + Memorabilia.

More instore at 130A Riccarton Rd

Ph. 348 6600 Open 6 Days

the painted room 407 Selwyn St

Specialist Picture Framers

P. 366 3967

Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm Like us on

Enquiries welcome to

63 Rutland St St Albans (opposite Rugby Park)

Ph. 03 355 3336

ANZAC DAY SALE Monday 27th April 10am-6pm

Retro costumes - Uniforms - Accessories Footwear - Wigs - Masks - Suits Ex-Rental - Samples - End of line



Groovy Costumes 270a Cranford St

P. 9814 262 Metropol April 23, 2015 67


INTERIOR inspiration Featuring one of the city's premier ranges of tiles and tiling accessories, Exquisite Tiles has just got bigger and


he stunning new showroom is in behind their previous store at 295 Blenheim Road, heading South they are on the left between Wharenui and Middleton Road. “Previously we stocked our product in an offsite warehouse,” Exquisite Tiles' Michele O'Connell says. “The new premises are large enough to allow us to all be under one roof, making us a one stop shop, with the full range of tiles,

better than ever, with a stunning new showroom offering an even wider range of the latest styles. laminate and timber flooring, as well as tiling accessories such as tile trims, adhesive, waterproofing etc. “Importantly, the larger showroom will enable us to offer many different tile scene displays, allowing clients to envisage different tiles, sizes, finishes and layouts.” When it comes to dressing our homes, the trends have come and gone, but the tile is one design element which has stood the test of time. “The semi-polished 'Lapatto' finish is a big hit this season as are the large-format tiles,” Michele says. "The introduction of striking

feature tiles with patterns or texture has seen many clients move away from traditional products such as coloured glass for kitchen splash backs. Tiles can offer something a little different with a popular option being the use of large format monochrome tiles with textured finishes giving an overall look with minimal grout lines." “Natural, earthy tones have maintained their popularity, providing a striking and understated elegance which aligns well with the minimalistic look.” Established in August 2009, Exquisite Tiles was based on Fitzgerald Avenue before earthquake damage prompted the move west, allowing for a much bigger showroom. “We have a significant range,” Michele says. “We have a strong focus on

customer service, with one-onone consultations available to discuss colours and styles and both myself and Karen Joyce have worked in the industry for more than 15 years, so we have the back up of strong product knowledge.” A supply and installation service is also available if required, as well as under-tile heating installation services. Exquisite Tiles' design consultants are ready to provide you with tile solutions making it easy for you and giving you peace of mind in your choice. Visit the striking new showroom for yourself at Unit 6, 295 Blenheim Road, from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday from 10am-12:30pm. Alternatively phone Exquisite Tiles on (03) 348 3285, email or visit

Phone 348 3285

295 Blenheim Road

68 April 23, 2015 Metropol

By Ben Amber


ROOM TO BREATHE interior design tips

Size matters One of the most basic purposes of interior design is to use your available space to its maximum potential. With space becoming a rarer commodity clever interior design can help to make a smaller room look more open and spacious. Equally, a very large room can seem cold and daunting, but the right design can add warmth and comfort. Feel the flow The only thing more important than the size and dimensions of a room is how it flows into the next one. If you walk


around your home, you should be easily able to walk around the furniture and room to room without it feeling awkward. Quality not quantity When it comes to your home, quality is everything. From the larger features, such as walls and floors to the smaller details like handrails and accessories, the quality of both materials used and the craftsmanship ensure your home continues to look good. Texture & touch The textures and items that you will


touch and feel in a room add another dimension to it, whether that is a cool, marble slab or a warm, furry rug. Existing features An interior designer will work on the space and features that you already have and maximise their potential. For example, an ordinary staircase can be transformed into an elegant feature by fitting an ornate handrail. Harmony You may have several different ideas, but they need to work in harmony to fit in with the overall theme that you have planned.

OHOKA DESIGN COMPANY Specialising in beautiful home staging and interior design

New doors, drawers & panels Full range of benchtops Top brand appliances Full project management

Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian & Tammy Kay


Jess: 021 879 777 Viv: 021 392 371

P. 03 338 1081 E. E.

Off The Track C U R T A I N S Curtains & roman blinds made to order, your fabric or ours Curtain alteration services available


Visit our showroom to see our extensive range of second hand curtains, we may also buy your unwanted curtains

established 20yrs

• • ••• • ••• • •••••••• ••• •• •• • •• •• •• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••• •••• •••••• •• • • • •••••••••• •• •••• • ••• • •• • ••••• •••• • ••• •••• ••• •• •••• •• •••••••••••• Metropol April 23, 2015 69


Add a Classic & MIX UP MODERN STYLE Interest and demand for niche lines of furniture and décor such as you will find at Bridge Interiors can shift in a relatively short space of time. However, Jan and Simon of Bridge Interiors have found there is a market for their reproduction classical items of furniture and décor.


hey are well aware that an appropriately placed piece such as a traditional leather armchair, sofa or classical gilt mirror can add considerable depth and a new dimension to a room that is furnished in a completely contrasting style such as contemporary or industrial for instance. To demonstrate this concept Jan and Simon are keen to introduce some alternative ranges to the stock they offer but to do this they must first clear some of their older lines. Bridge Interiors has been running a store wide sale over April and this will extend into May. “Some of our customers have become alarmed that we

might be closing down,” says Jan, “while this is not the case, there will be some disruption to our trading hours this year as we are faced with the hurdle of earthquake strengthening work on our premises, and Simon will be recuperating from having two separate knee replacements.” Increasingly Bridge Interiors is relying on sales generated by their website, many of those in the upper half of the North Island. Although Jan and Simon would like to always maintain a showroom for viewing, how long they provide this opportunity in Christchurch is entirely up to their customers.

Your solution for low maintenance fencing... Smart - Robust - Cost effective We design, supply & install!

· Street Frontage · Privacy Fencing · Boundary Lines

· Subdivisions

P. 021 912 826 E. 70 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Metropol April 23, 2015 71


TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS Local plumbing specialist firm Layne Watson Plumbing Ltd (LWPL) is already gearing up for the Health and Safety Reform Bill expected to pass later this year.


e've had a big push during the last six months implementing new systems, training staff in first aid and taking on another part time administration assistant to carry out the additional documentation which will be required,” LWPL coowner Emma Watson explains.





But it's not just health and safety systems that are pushing LWPL to be the best. The company's team of 12 highly experienced plumbers operate using smart phones, iPads and even a cloud based costing system. “Something that is really important to us is turning up when we say we're going to turn up,” Emma says. “When we're working around other tradesmen we consistently check in to confirm when we're needed.” Established in 2003 by Emma and husband

Layne, the company has expanded to cope with the growing demand for quality plumbing services in the region, building up a large customer base, with many repeat customers. And it's not hard to see why. LWPL is in the process of taking on more staff – with two new apprentices already on the books this year – and upgrading their fleet of plumbing vans. “At the moment our biggest focus is on health and safety, doing what we can to keep ahead of the increasing requirements, keeping our customers and our staff safe, fully trained and aware of their responsibilities.” Contact Layne Watson Plumbing on (03) 385 2250 / 0800 150 155 or visit

“Total Electrical Solutions” Domestic - Commercial

Free advice on LED upgrades


03 3772213

72 April 23, 2015 Metropol

WHEN QUALITY COUNTS Shane 021796255 e.

Contact Simon


By Cheryl Colley


It's Lockwood, but not as you might remember. At 431 Main North Road a spacious Lockwood show home opened on 17 April featuring a light and airy interior with a Scandinavian-style blonded pine finish. This show home is 180 square metres in area and it demonstrates the versatility of the modern Lockwood brand.


any of us have seen the Lockwood advertisements on TV showing how Lockwood has kept up with modern times in its exterior and interior designs and materials, and yet still maintained the solidity and earthquake and cyclone resilience of the traditional Lockwood brand. Indeed testimonials from many Christchurch Lockwood owners proclaim loud and clear just how well Lockwood homes stood up to the Canterbury earthquakes. The new show home - the Madrid design - has an impressive open-plan kitchen, dining, living room and study alcove, with a separate family/media

room. It has three bedrooms, the master with a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite. The iconic Lockwood vaulted ceiling in the public area adds to the sense of space and grandeur, as do all the full height windows

leading out to the deck. This home shows us the interior walls of a Lockwood home can be adapted to suit individual tastes. The pine can be ®nished in its natural state, be blonded, painted to suit different decors, or it can be gibbed and wall-papered. To learn more about what Lockwood can offer and to view the show home contact Murray Stewart on (03) 344 0299, or call in between 10am and 4pm weekdays, 1am-4pm Saturdays.

ERRETT CONSTRUCTION Proud to be associated with Lockwood Homes

Ph.027 2700 799


Our brand new show home is now open! Visit our show home before 30 may and you’ll go in the draw to win a David Trubridge “Flax” light shade as seen in our show home, valued at $937. Metropol April 23, 2015 73

All the leaves are

brown… I

t's been a long time coming but summer is finally on its way out. With the nights getting longer and mornings cooler, it's time to celebrate the new season and all that comes with it. The candles can be lit earlier. The soft glow from your lamps may well illuminate a summer book that never got started. Snuggle up on a new comfy bean bag and imagine yourself in far off lands. Or just jump into bed under the duvet and enjoy the longer evenings with a good friend...


The future is in your hands, choose geothermal heating when you build...

Aluminium windows Aluminium doors Thermally broken windows and doors Architecture series windows and doors Hardware for windows and doors

Kaiapoi Aluminium Joinery WINDOWS & DOORS

1261 Main North Rd Bridge End Belfast

74 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Ph. 323 7808


Balancing Tessa Watson, Principal of the Quinovic office based in Riccarton, describes the role of the Property Manager as the stand on a set of justice scales. And, although at first it strikes you as an unusual comparison, a little explaining and the analogy is perfect.

ngemen t tal arra e the r en r su en e “W on able is fa ir and re as n t.” the tena w ner and o e h t h t to bo


“If f you picture the tenant on one side and the owner on the other, we're all about keeping the balance between those parties,” Tessa says. “We ensure the rental arrangement is fair and reasonable to both the owner and the tenant so everyone is happy.” The tenant can get the justice scales out of balance by not paying rent, not maintaining the property or breaching the tenancy agreement, while the owner can upset the balance by not attending to maintenance issues promptly or charging over-market rents. “We plan maintenance ahead of time and prepare a budget accordingly to ensure our properties are well

maintained. We utilise our market experience to ensure rents are fair and reasonable for both parties and our dedicated staff and strong systems ensure rental payment checks are carried out every day,” Tessa says. “The first tenancy inspection is carried out after one month, then every three months to ensure any issues that arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently, we ensure tenant and owner expectations are clear and, as a small personalised business, we are on call 24 hours a day.” While many owners who are selfmanaging properties have an emotional connection to the house or run the risk of getting too close to tenants to be

able to make the tough calls, the experienced property management team at Quinovic (Avon) – based at Leslie Hills Drive Riccarton – are able to maintain that professional barrier. “We're not emotionally attached to the property or the tenant,” Tessa laughs, “but we are very fair and reasonable to both parties – and this is how we 'keep the balance'. “This is our ninth year in business at Quinovic (Avon); we're a passionate hard working team with the expertise to manage your property or properties.” Visit the Quinovic (Avon) office, Unit 2/11 Leslie Hills Drive Riccarton, phone Christchurch (03) 343 4888 or Rangiora (03) 310 7248.

Property management the way it SHOULD be done! “Tessa and her team at Quinovic are amazing-so professional, fair to both parties, innovative problem solvers and I'm proud to be a client, thank you” (Robert- multiple property owner)

Christchurch 03 343 4888 Rangiora 03 310 7248

Tessa Watson Owner - Riccarton Office

Mob. 027 6879 280

RICHARDS BUILDING New Architectural Homes

Building Repairs

Project Management Commercial Fit Out Large & Small Renovations, Restorations & Alterations Brad Richards 021 025 10654 Metropol April 23, 2015 75


By Cheryl Colley


inspired Lincoln is spreading its influence. Well at least one well-known Lincoln business has infiltrated Halswell, bringing with it its own unique style and innovation. “It's all been a bit of a whirlwind,” say Charlie and Helen, owners of The Gift Box of Lincoln. “Most unexpectedly we were offered the chance to take over a gift shop in Halswell that was closing down. We didn't want to see the Halswell Shopping Centre deprived of a gift shop, so we took the plunge and here we are with our brand new shop called “Be Inspired”.

Spoil your Mum this

Mother’Day with a special gift

A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box

19 Gerald Street Lincoln OPEN 7 DAYS



here is no doubt shoppers will be inspired by the wonderful range of stock in the store. The Gift Box of Lincoln has always been known for having product that is just that little bit different, that is often quirky and fun, but that is always of the best quality. Be Inspired will continue this theme, but will have its own personality as well. New stock is arriving every day with a warm and cheerful winter theme. Snuggle into soft scarves and shawls; brighten up your personal look with a colourful handbag, wallet or piece of jewellery or brighten up your garden environment with the most entertaining range of metal birds and animals that you are ever likely to encounter. Clever displays of homewares and of children's toys and games definitely entice and excite and

AUTUMN stock

Arriving daily even the walls of the store offer delights such as stylish clocks, metal art work and mirrors. Be Inspired is located at Shop 5/346 Halswell Road. Phone (03) 322 1368. This beautiful new shop is open from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. Layby and appro' available, as well as free gift wrapping. Agent for Maxwell's Dry Cleaning.


Sizes 8-22

9 Gerald St, Lincoln. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm Sat 10-4pm Ph 325 2390

21 Luxury Motel Units in the

Chinese Medicine

Heart of Lincoln

Meals Available All Day Restaurant Booking Essential

Health Specialist - Dr Hong Li PhD. Immunology

Acupuncturist Internal detoxification for pain relief Boost immune function Mental health Menopause Arthritis Therapeutic massage ACC provider Ph. 325 33 23 or 021 213 2659 76 April 23, 2015 Metropol


6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620


Kia launched the all-new Sorento in the UK this month. It's a car that is set to build on its consistent appeal to a diverse range of customers. This thirdgeneration model will again change the way people see the brand as it is better equipped, more refined, stylish and technologically advanced than ever before.



ll versions of the new Sorento are powered by an EU6compliant 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine which produces fewer harmful tailpipe emissions, is more fuel-efficient, less damaging to the environment, and which reduces running costs for personal and business owners. All have a new, permanent, intelligent all-wheel drive system and a versatile seven-seat interior. There are four trim levels, badged KX-1, KX-2, KX-3 and KX-4. Depending on model, buyers have the choice of six-speed manual or automatic

transmission. The third-generation Sorento is longer, lower and wider than the previous model thanks to an all-new platform, while an extended wheelbase creates greater room in all three rows of seats. Minutely detailed body and chassis engineering work has resulted in a car which is not only more engaging to drive, but also much more refined to travel in. Safety and convenience technologies new to the Sorento, and in some cases new to any Korean SUV, include: advanced smart cruise control, blind spot detection, rear

cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, around view monitoring, adaptive front lighting and speed limit information.

Come view our brand new and used top quality caravans

Visit our showroom to view our extensive range.

Time to update... because you deserve it!

P: (03) 3433-643 E: F: (03) 3433-610 W: 183 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch Metropol April 23, 2015 77

78 April 23, 2015 Metropol



Ford's golden convoy of Transits celebrating 50 years of the van icon has departed the UK's CV Show to tour dealerships, events and other shows until the commercial vehicle leader's actual anniversary on the weekend of August 8/9.


he tour by gold-coloured Transit Courier, Connect, Custom and two-tonne Transit models marks five decades of loyal service to businesses in UK and around the world. Since the first vehicle left the production line in Langley, England, on August 9, 1965, almost 8 million Transit and Transit Custom models have been built, and the Transit has grown from a single model to an entire family of Transit vans. Lined up end-to-end, 50 years of Transits would circle the globe, and on average a new Transit has been bought every 180 seconds during its lifetime. The latest expanded Transit line-up features four all-new models – Transit,

Transit Custom, Transit Connect and Transit Courier – which are boosting demand for Ford commercial vehicles, with sales at an all-time high in March up 43 per cent at 16,497, compared with March 2014. “The Ford Transit has touched the lives of most of us,” said Mark Ovenden, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain. “From house moves to moving people, the Ford Transit is an essential tool to get the job done. It has become a

mobile office or workshop for some – and loved by us all.” Launched in the same year that the first person walked in space, the Transit made an immediate impact, providing practical support to the booming economy. The Transit evolved with a vast range of bodystyles and variants: from the parcel van, through tipper trucks and campers, to outrageous oneoffs, including the Cosworth V8powered Supervans.

Metropol April 23, 2015 79


20 YEARS IN THE MAKING 20 years ago this month, Carol Bradley took over Kendal Vehicle Services (KVS) and began to imprint her feminine stamp on a business that was once considered the preserve of men.


0 years is a milestone in any business but under Carol's leadership the company has developed a proven recipe for success: “Combine the knowledge and experience of qualified technicians, use quality parts, the latest technology and guaranteed workmanship, offer an extensive range of services and deliver unparalleled customer service.” Customers appreciate the old fashioned service ethic at Kendal Vehicle Services and in turn the business has appreciated recommendations from satisfied customers spanning three generations. Post-earthquake, the growth in local industry has also contributed to a rise in customer numbers. “People who work in Northwest Christchurch find it very


Hayden Mattso



convenient to have their vehicles serviced and repaired while they are at work,” explains Carol. “We pride ourselves on doing what's best for each vehicle and offer a wide range of vehicle servicing and repairs including Warrants of Fitness, the latest 3D wheel alignment technology, exhausts and mufflers, brakes, suspension, clutch, cambelt, automatic transmission servicing and battery and tyre sales and service,” says Carol.

She also recommends pre-winter checkups especially radiators, antifreeze, tyres and batteries for trouble free motoring during the colder weather. Carol's 6 mechanics have a vast range of knowledge and experience to handle whatever job comes their way big or small. As a proud representative of the nationwide network of Auto Super Shoppes and the MTA, Kendal Vehicle Services has earned its good reputation, but it is also a locally operated business with a name and an owner you can trust. Congratulations KVS! Contact Kendal Vehicle Services at 20 Sheffield Crescent, ph 03 358 5381 or visit

Specialising in Volkswagen and Audi

Authorised Warranty Repairer


Modern, Clean Workshop

Owners Kevin and Maxine

The following services are available: Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Email:

Ph 365 0531

Dealer Quality Servicing at Super Shoppe Prices

20 Sheffield Cres, Russley, Christchurch Ph. 03 358 5381 Latest 3D Wheel Alignment 80 April 23, 2015 Metropol


Exhaust and Mufflers





Air Conditioning




By Cheryl Colley

There's a shared passion evident at Kevin Burt Ltd. It's a passion for luxury European cars – Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW – a passion for owning them and driving them, but above all a passion for providing other owners of these brands with the best possible servicing experience for their vehicles.



evin Burt and his team of qualified and experienced automotive engineers have no doubt that owning the brands of cars they service has helped their understanding of the vehicles and also better connects them with their customers. Everyone at Kevin Burt Ltd takes pride in being part of automotive history. After all Karl Benz invented the motor vehicle (1886) and Mercedes-Benz continues to lead advances in the industry. Over his nearly 40 years of servicing MercedesBenz, Audi and BMW vehicles Kevin Burt has seen the way these cars have developed into the embodiments of quality, satisfying their discerning owners for many years. Kevin's absolute

enthusiasm for these luxury vehicles is contagious and his entire team follows his lead and example. “Our clients really appreciate that we are genuinely interested in the work we are doing and in the vehicles they entrust to us,” says Kevin. “They have faith that we will give them the right advice and that we have all the appropriate

processes in place and equipment available to keep their pride and joy in peak condition. The fact that we service these vehicles exclusively, from classic models to the most recent, is testament to that.” Stop by and see the team on St Asaph St or phone (03) 365 0531 for all your vehicle servicing and repair needs.

One of NZ's largest European vehicle selections 2004 Aston Martin DB9 6.0 V12 Coupe Now

2014 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 Diesel 8 Speed Latest Now



2010 Audi Q5 3.0 TDI S Line Quattro Ltd Edition Now


Only 50,000kms, Iconic British Sports Coupe, Full Leather Sports Seats, Heated/Electric Seats, 19 inch DB9 Sports Alloys, Push Button Start, ABS/ESP, Factory Aston Martin Command CD/Stereo, Full Electrics etc. Hard to get a low mileage example like this today

NZ New 1 Owner vehicle purchased new in October 2014, 21 inch Sports Alloys fitted, Factory Towbar, LED Light Signature, Push Button Start, Touch Screen NZ Navigation/Bluetooth/CD/Stereo/AUX, Mudflaps fitted, Full Electrics etc. The most popular colour combination!

Stratos Blue Metallic with 20 inch Sports SQ5 Style Alloys, Full Leather Milano Sports Interior, 3.0 TDI 180 KW Diesel Performance, Heated/Electric Seats, Bluetooth, Push Button Start etc. Very popular mid-size Diesel 4WD model!

2009 Mercedes Benz SL 350 Facelift Roadster Now

2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 V6 Supercharged SE Now

2012 Mercedes ML 350 CDI Bluetec Sport Pack Now


Sought after Facelift model with revised headlights, grill etc, Revised 7G 7 Speed gearbox, 18 inch Sports Alloys, Electric Folding Hardtop, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Heated Headscarf, Command CD/Bluetooth, ABS/ESP, Full Electrics etc. The pinnacle of hard top convertibles, hard to get in this price range!


Very latest only 1,000kms, Top spec SE with Triple Glass Sunroofs, Full LED Revised Lighting and new Discovery bonnet badging, Heated/Electric Seats, Touch Screen NZ Nav/Bluetooth/Aux/CD/Stereo, etc. Save on new list price for a brand new car!


2012 Mercedes ML 350 CDI Bluetec Sport Pack, Latest 3.0 CDI Bluemotion engine with 7G Gearbox, Only 32,000kms, Colour Coded Sport bodywork, Part Leather Sports Seats, Daytime Running Lights, CD/Stereo/Bluetooth Phone and Aux, etc. Very good value for money for the latest shape 3.0 CDI!

511 Blenheim Road / Ph 03 366 8328 Over 150 more vehicles at Metropol April 23, 2015 81


By Wendy Dunlop

SPECIAL TREATMENT To some people the automotive environment can be unfamiliar, sometimes noisy, dirty and unappealing too! Unsure about the terminology and technology of looking after their vehicles, they can only hope they have chosen a trustworthy and competent company to do the necessary work.


t Leading Edge Automotive you'll find a family business owned by Joris and Natasha Sanders who pride themselves on an exceptional level of customer service. You will find a clean, light, bright, spacious workshop with the latest diagnostic equipment for servicing all makes and models of vehicles and experienced technicians with particular expertise in the service and repair of BMW, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Their modern Selwyn St premises are conveniently located close to the hospital and the city, the spacious reception area is warm and inviting and the modern wellequipped office allows each vehicle history to be kept on the comprehensive computer system. No work is carried out

offer customers the reassurance of ongoing specialist servicing. Customers can be assured that as an MTA member, Leading Edge Automotive must meet stringent rules and obligations and is also a select member of the YES (Your Electronic Specialist) Association. This invitation-only diagnostic network provides world class training enabling its members to solve the most complex automotive faults. Specialist services include full mechanical and auto electrical repairs of petrol and diesel models, WOF and associated repairs, air conditioning and re-gassing, servicing and repairs of European vehicles and authorised warranty repairs. Phone (03) 366 3384 or visit

without your approval and Service Advisors take the time to explain the components that may need replacing and why. The company offers free courtesy cars and guarantees all work and parts. Scanners have been augmented by the new BMW, Mini, Audi, Volkswagen level diagnostics which combine flash programming coding of new modules, software upgrades and performance tuning. Leading Edge Automotive therefore offers an alternative to vehicle servicing to dealerships at more cost effective rates. Because they are approved repairers for warranty companies, customers with vehicles do not necessarily have to go back to dealerships for the service and maintenance of their vehicles. For those with vehicles just out of warranty, Leading Edge Automotive can

Quality European Cars 2005 BMW 650i 52,000kms, Silver, 4800cc, Auto, Condition Excellent

2007 Audi Allroad 40,000kms, 3200cc,Condition Excellent, 4WD/4x4, 5 Door, Reversing Camera,

2008 Jaguar XF SE Luxury 54,000kms, 3000cc, Automatic, Condition Excellent

ONLY $37,999

ONLY $35,999

ONLY $35,999

25 Years Experience


Inch Quality European


541 Moorhouse Ave Phone 379 9528 Devin Inch 0274 366076 Shane Symes 0211 289995 Sharon Shine 0272 709954

For all your VW, Audi and Skoda needs, come to the right people! VW & Audi and Skoda Specialists Christchurch’s ONLY Trusted Volkswagen Specialist 65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733 E:

WOF Full Workshop Service & Parts

Call Now To Book: 366


Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind FREE Courtesy Cars Clean, Modern Workshop Latest Diagnostic Equipment WOF & Repairs Auto Electrician on site

Authorised Warranty Repairer Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Specialising in BMW, BMW Mini, VW & Audi. Tyres & 3D Wheel Alignments

Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm

480 Selwyn St Christchurch Central P. 366 3384 82 April 23, 2015 Metropol




CASHMERE DRESS CIRCLE Stunning views on Macmillan Avenue see page 89



84 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Metropol April 23, 2015 85


105 Panorama Road



The Kiwi Dream! It's easy to dream. We all do it, picture ourselves living in a home of generous proportions, sitting in the comfort of a well-spec'd, warm, new and modern home, enjoying scenic views that encompass the magnificent Southern Alps and the sparkling blue waters of Pegasus Bay – living the kiwi dream! This is the opportunity to realise those dreams. This is a house and land package which is inspiring and exciting. A future forward layout which includes the option of having a self-contained living space on the lower level. Yet to be constructed, plans are well underway for this Peter Dunbar designed home, but there is still time for you to incorporate your own preferences and make this home your own should you wish. A genuinely exciting opportunity! A very realistic price! Make it yours!




$1,100,000 View

Michelle Ward

P 03 384 7950 M 027 203 7858 E Ferrymead Licenced Agent REAA 2008 86 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Metropol April 23, 2015 87

88 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Metropol April 23, 2015 89


DARFIELD 2536 Wards Road



This is the "One Property" you could say this of. The property boasts six generous bedrooms + Study including a Self Contained Flat. Three Bathrooms and Two Living. 3.26 Hectares of land, 380m2 living area + garaging. New Kitchen with Butlers Pantry, 3 Heat Pumps, DVS System, Log burner, Open Fire, gas hot water & hobbs, Separate Laundry & Utility area. Large solar heated pool 9m x 4m with cover with a further entertaining of approx 255m2 of entertaining area a portion of this area has louvers, the complete entertaining area is fully sheltered and landscaped. The property has mature plantings and is so private. There is a 5 bay Barn with 2 containers that remain with the property - making an excellent opportunity to combine business and pleasure! A large tunnel house and raised Vegetable gardens will inspire you to action, providing your daily 5+ a day with a perfect area to rest and recoup after a long day. Two stock pens are on the property, all paddocks are fully fenced. Plenty of off street parking + 2 double internal access home parking + carport as well for the flat. Open2view has a comprehensive photo story with video "hot spots" + floor plan Open2view# 339085




Open homes every Sunday 11 - 12 Deadline Sale: All offers presented 4 pm, 8 May 2015 Unless Sold Prior

WEST MELTON 1569 West Coast Road Stuck in the Middle On one side - Main Highway (SHW 73). High Visibility site for Home Based Business or child care. Strong traffic flows make your business visible and grow. Subject to resource consents. On the other - The Garden of Eden. Immaculate 5,117m2 Lifestyle property. New Build - Mature Setting! Relaxed and easy commute to city. Power, water and phone to boundary.

RANGIORA 8 Kensington Ave Neg over $499,000 Open Home Sunday 3-4 Ashgrove School Zone in a quiet Cul-de-sac, 4 bedroom - Master with ensuite + Walk in Robe, Separate Laundry, 2 Living, 2 heat pumps Internal Vac System, Fully Alarmed. Quality Sun blinds and drapes throughout - electronic irrigation - Excellent Outdoor Entertaining Area. Open2view#335184

RANGIORA 25 Walnut Way Neg Over 475,000 Open Home Sunday 1-2pm Set on a corner site - boasting maximum sunshine hours is this near new quality home - nestled amongst other homes of distinction, you will find yourself wanting to move right on in. Land size of 646m2, living space 176m2, Master with ensuite and Walk in Robe, Separate toilet, separate Laundry - Double Internal Access Garage + workshop area - Very generous area, 2 Heat pumps + Solar Heating. New Kitchen and Bathroom with fitted Dishwasher. The home awaits your viewing. Please don't hesitate to call.

M: 027 202 8155 T: 03 313 8829 E: 139 High Street, Rangiora 90 April 23, 2015 Metropol

Annie Smith Devlin Real Estate MREINZ Liscensed Agent REAA 2008

Metropol April 23, 2015 91

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