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New Zealand Cup and Show Week is in full swing. Enjoy Canterbury Anniversary Day tomorrow at the Canterbury A&P Show or the Show Day Races at Addington Raceway; Christchurch Casino NZ Cup and NZ Bloodstock 1000 Guineas Day at Riccarton Park Racecourse on Saturday, with all the fashion and air that it entails, and most of all take the opportunity to have fun and relax over a long weekend before the festive season kicks in!


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Stylish unique outdoor furniture The spirit of heritage interiors The benefits of window tinting Easy tips to refresh your home



In your kitchen Maori culture enhancing wine production Tempting tastes of the Christmas season Commodore hotel goes it alone



Tailored menswear in demand The ultimate indulgence NZ wins international hairdressing title Fashion Merivale style Diagnosing and treating pelvic pain


53 13th November 2014 vol 17 issue 22

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A new level of elegance in motoring When cars start to feel the road Feminine touch in auto service industry High tech specialist vehicle servicing

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eeping connected with all that our chic little city has on offer is what makes a life of living here one of quality, excitement and style. Metropol explores our city’s local talent, innovative businesses and entertainment hot spots. It encapsulates our city’s unique culture from fashion to food, destinations to designers, socialising to services and more. Metropol is quintessential Christchurch designed to inspire the discerning. A massive 30% increase in circulation over the last quarter brings Metropol readership to an est.* 180,000 readers. We welcome all new readers and businesses to the ‘Metropol Experience’. *Est. x 4 per copy.


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nce in a while life has a way of enticing you into a cul-de-sac of thoughts that demands you pause and consider what's truly important to you in life. Like everyone else I have these detours down quiet, unfamiliar lanes, but more often than not I reverse out quickly because my internal events manager says I've got to be somewhere or get something done and I haven't more than a pinch of time to understand the complexities involved. A couple of feature articles in this issue brought on such pause for thought. The rst is a candid interview with Peta Mathias on pages six and seven. Peta is inspirational with her carefree approach to life, her humour and her quirky turn of phrase. A very busy person herself, I loved her words of wisdom about nding balance in life. Have a read she's sure to make you smile and show you life through a different, uplifting lens. The other inspirational article is about former award-winning kitchen designer Sian Gillanders (pages 14 and 15). Earlier this year she surprised her friends and family by selling her Queenstown apartment and tootling off to do her bit in helping save a range of people and animals around the planet. It goes to show that nothing's impossible. But to make the impossible just a little bit easier check out the news about My Food Bag on pages 53 and 54. I tried Nadia Lim's week of healthy fresh food and recipes recently and thoroughly enjoyed not having to think about dinners or go shopping, whilst still making delicious new family dinners every night.

Think about it…

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4 November 13, 2014 Metropol


s New Zealand's rst casino, 2014 is a milestone for Christchurch Casino as they celebrate 20 years of entertaining, celebrating and supporting Christchurch and Canterbury. Christchurch Casino was opened on 3 November 1994 by Prime Minister, Jim Bolger at a black tie gala followed by the ofcial public opening by Christchurch Mayor, Vicki Buck on 4 November where thousands of people stepped through the doors of 30 Victoria Street for the rst time. With over 18.5 million visits over the years, Christchurch Casino has adapted to the changing trends and styles of Christchurch nightlife and is a rm xture in Canterbury's


Casino celebrates 20th birthday

entertainment scene. With 'entertainment' meaning something different to all, Christchurch Casino continues to cater to their guests most desired entertainment options; from dining or socialising in any of the multiple venues to gaming, live bands, live sport showing on big screens, DJs, cabarets, comedy shows, events, promotions and much more. Christchurch Casino also nd ways to entertain the whole community by sponsoring a variety of Christchurch's favourite events; the World Buskers Festival, Chinese Lantern Festival, Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby, The Court Theatre to name a few and a major for all of us - Cup & Show Week.

MOVEMBER shavedown for foodie legends



o Bros are taking action by changing their appearance through the growth of a new moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so becoming walking, talking billboards for men's health. The legendary New City Barbers completed the shavedowns in preparation for Movember for local food heros who have joined as Mo Bro ambassadors and shaved off their beloved beards. Jonny Schwass from Harlequin Public House and Mrs Hucks, Andrew Brown from Burgers & Beers

and Dragons, and Sam Hooper from Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar have all joined the crusade for Men's Health. Also this month a handpicked group of Christchurch's nest restaurants, cafes and bars is showcasing their take on a 'Mo Meal' for the month of Movember to raise awareness for the campaign.


Rail engineer


niversity of Canterbury engineering graduate Esther Warren has been named the Australasian Young Rail Engineer of the Year. Throughout her eight year career Warren has worked on large scale construction projects in New Zealand, Queensland and Victoria including the $1.1 billion Gold Coast Desalination Plant and the $570 million Sugarloaf Pipeline. She was most recently part of the successful tender and delivery team for the $650 million Regional

Rail Link; City to Maribyrnong River Project as the occupation planner. “Engineering ticks a lot of career boxes for young women. It is the perfect balance of intellectual and practical work with strong connections to the community. I enjoy that I get to work and interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Engineering isn't all hardhats and construction boots, although I do own several of each,” Warren said. University of Canterbury engineering graduate Esther Warren

Metropol November 13, 2014 5


five minutes


Peta Mathias A

What do you enjoy most about live performance? When you're a writer and make television you spend most of your time either alone or are best friends with a camera so getting up on a stage is like putting speed in my veins. It's fantastic to perform to real, living people who react with me. This is not an interactive show, apart from the Agony Aunt section, so people don't have to worry about being called up or anything ghastly like that. There is a structure to the show but a lot of it is spontaneous and for some reason I have no fear around that. I never get nervous and love cheeky quest ions from the audience.

cclaimed foodie, author, television personality, columnist and culinary host Peta Mathias is hitting the road again for a nationwide tour. Peta will be in Christchurch on Friday 21 November performing in the Charles Luney Auditorium – St Margaret's College. She will be telling tall stories, ironing out the agonising problems of your life, singing songs from a mis-spent youth and whizzing up an explosive Christmas themed recipe. I caught up with Peta to discover a little more about this inspirational, scandalously funny performer…. What's new and exciting about your 2014 show for those keen to come again and for rst timers too? What's new and exciting is my outts! I do these shows so I can buy new dresses and wear new shoes because you are never too old or too fat to buy another pair of shoes. This show is the same concept as the other shows but the script is completely different. There are helpful readings from my books regarding the meaning of life, stupid jokes, more singing (including songs from my mis-spent youth think Joan Baez and tragic Irish heroines), an explosive Christmas recipe cooked on stage and the apparently much loved Agony Aunt section where I can make your life seem meaningful and less agonising in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

So the Agony Aunt's making a return!? That segment of your show has obviously proved a hit. Does all that spontaneity ever faze you? We tried to take the Agony Aunt out but she refused to get off the stage saying New Zealand needed her. This is the only part of the show where I really don't know what's going to happen and I like that. I like thinking on my feet and bouncing off people. The questions can be about anything - sex, relationships, fashion, cooking, travel... and how I solve the problem depends on how much bubbly my producer Jane has given me at half time. It works best if the supplicant has a sense of humour.

You have a new book about India, written in conjunction with Julie LeClerc and published by Random House, coming out this month too. What drew you to write about India? I have been hosting culinary tours to India for four years now and the book 'Hot Pink Spice Saga' is about all the people I meet on the tour and their favourite recipes. Julie LeClerc came with me on two tours to India last year and took beautiful photos, I wrote the story and we both wrote the recipes. India is very passionate, over-the-top and colourful and as soon as I leave it every year, I long to return. You are an extremely busy lady. What have been the highlights of 2014 so far? My father's 90th birthday party/family reunion in Sydney. Writing the India book with Julie. Adding New Zealand and Puglia in Southern Italy to my culinary tours. Still being able to t the earrings I wore at high school.

Two professionals in flooring... two very good reasons to visit our showroom

Georgia Kennedy 6 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Jacqui Kuru

Established 1946


Many of your fans will be looking forward to spying your travel inspired fashion statements on stage! Fashion is obviously an immensely fun part of your life, but you also consider it to be a profound aspect of everyone's existence. Can you offer up some thoughts on the "profundity of fashion”? Some people say fashion is supercial but I think it is profound. It is profoundly about identity, history and your relationship with the world. How you dress tells other people a story about yourself - what you do and how you're feeling. It is also a way to reinvent yourself. People are not stones and they change depending on age, experience, shape and health. If you are still wearing the same sort of clothes you wore at 20 then you have not moved on and grown in other ways either. The way to stay young and happy in your head is to tailor your exterior as well. Wear what suits you, not what's in fashion. Modern lives are very busy. How much do you think we should expect of ourselves and where does the balance lie for you? I'm not the right person to ask because, as my brother says, he has never seen me relax. What you expect of yourself is completely individual. If doing nothing makes you happy then do nothing. Don't compare yourself with other people or you will get a nose bleed. Set up goals for yourself and try to achieve them. If you don't, have a laugh and try again. Every single human being tries, falls over and tries again - life is not a competition.


Is it ever a struggle to be that lively lady that lights up a stage or screen? How do you do it if you're having a rubbish day? Yes it is sometimes a struggle so you follow the Zen saying and 'act as if'. It's something I learned in my twenties and has stood me in good stead. There is a black dog that wanders in and out of my life but very few people ever know. Even if I have had no sleep and feel my life is pointless I get up on that stage. The best way to get over a funk is to do something for someone else. I am short-tempered and judgemental so if I am feeling down I try and be uncharacteristically nice to someone.

What is your recipe for true relaxation and happiness? Do the work when you've got it and lie around when you haven't. They say the recipe for happiness is good health and a bad memory. Research has shown that happy people are liked and admired and treat others as they would wish to be treated. They are people who contribute to society, feel they belong and look beyond the supercial for deep satisfaction. And drink red wine and eat chocolate. Tickets for Peta's show “A woman's Recipe for Life” $49.95 from TicketDirect, phone 0800TICKETDIRECT (booking fees apply)

National Award Winning Residential and Commercial Architecture and Interiors

ph 365 8582 christchurch tauranga 6 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Metropol November 13, 2014 7


Fashion Beauty Week opens with a bang The Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week 2014 held its Opening Night Cocktail Party on Wednesday 1 October at the fabulous Annah Stretton store nestled comfortably in the stylish inner city mall The Colombo.









1.John Hayson, Denyse Saunders 2.Zara Graham, Claire Barry, Selena Graham 3.Brooke Walsh, Colleen Beattie 4.Chris Howe, Cathryn Allwood 5.Angela Gilmour, Lulu (dog), Gail Rees 6.Tracy Unger, Raewyn Murray 7.Nicki & Rob Oorthuis 8.Brenna Wadsworth, Elin Harris Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Outdoor-inspired cuisine Nationally renowned chef Tony Smith's new book 'A River Rules My Kitchen' was a culmination of two passions – cooking and the outdoors. The former Crown Plaza executive chef launched his book at Mashina Lounge, with an outstanding degustation menu based on Tony's recipes prepared by Richard Hingston and his team at the Christchurch Casino.









1.Jan and Tony Smith 2.Duncan Bates, Belinda Cuzens, Tom Bates 3.Clayton Cosgrove, Jane Sherriff 4.Chris and Keren Watkins 5.Robyn Palmer, Michael Weir 6.Adele Hingston, Tony Smith, Richard Hingston 7.Greg Smith, Sheree Smith, Cary Smith 8.Linda Murnane, Carolyn Tapley Photos by Paula Bennett - for copies phone: 021 057 0360

Win A


Honeymoon VALUED AT $7,000

DORA INTERNATIONAL Wedding Rings For details visit T&C’s apply




Encore Messiah

he Christchurch City Choir is preparing once again to perform perennial Christmas favourite, Handel's Messiah, continuing a 23 year old tradition of presenting this joyful and uplifting musical masterpiece for the city. The concert will be conducted by City Choir Music Director, Andrew Withington, on Saturday 6 December. This year's presentation will deliver an all-Kiwi line up of internationally acclaimed soloists, with Madeleine Pierard (soprano), Sarah Court (alto), the City Choir's Patron, Simon O'Neill (tenor) and Jared Holt (baritone). The Choir will once again be accompanied by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, along with invited performers, the University of Canterbury Vocal Consort, organist Martin Setchell and James Tibbles on the harpsichord. The concert will take place at 7.30pm, Saturday 6 December 2014 at the Charles Luney Auditorium, St Margaret's College. Tickets are available through Ticketek, 0800 842538,



he sun will be shining on Sunday 23 November when the Friends of Christchurch Symphony Orchestra hold their Garden Party at a delightful property at Ohoka (1.30pm – 4pm). What better way to spend a relaxing Sunday than to listen to top line musicians playing everything from light classics by a string quartet to swinging jazz. Naomi Ferguson and Janine Bailey are special guests. There is also an exhibition of artworks and sculptures (some for sale) by wellknown artists. Devonshire teas and Pimms will be for sale and there is a chance to win a huge Christmas Hamper rafe. Tickets are available from Acquisitions Northlands & Westeld Malls, Ballantynes, Blackwells Kaiapoi; Corina's House of Fashion, Country Lane (both in Rangiora); Emma's Bookshop Oxford, Flowers on Cashmere, Lavish Clothing Gallery, Ohoka Garage, Rangiora Florist, Sally Mac's Amberley, Terra Viva Home & Garden, The Homestore Merivale and Friends of CSO phone (03) 358 4919.

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Donations to Community Groups


ocal community groups have received $132,000 donated by Christchurch Casinos Charitable Trust (CCCT) to combat compulsive and addictive behavioural problems. The CCCT chairperson, Lady Karen Hadlee, said funds were distributed to 24 health and education organisations including church groups, youth agencies, phone counselling and refuge centres.

“The recipients are achieving tangible results for individuals and families affected by addictive behaviour, including gambling,” she said. “Since 1995 we have distributed almost $3.5 million to community groups meeting the application eligibility requirements.” Presenting the Christchurch Casinos Charitable Trust cheque are (left to right) Sir John Hansen, trustee; Kate Palmer of Perpetual Guardian; Barry Thomas, chairman of Christchurch Casino; Pamela Lindsay, trustee; Lady Karen Hadlee, trust chairperson; Barry Corbett, trustee and Brett Anderson, chief executive of Christchurch

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137

Metropol November 13, 2014 9

Great news for businesses in Christchurch & Canterbury Metropol continues to grow and spread your marketing messages to the most extensive audience


OCT 16




2014 has been a big year for growth and change Metropol circulation has had massive growth from 33,000 to 45,000 copies each fortnight Metropol format has changed to a smart new A4 Glossy magazine Metropol has again won numerous National Excellence Awards Ask a Metropol Advertising Sales Executive how you can grow your business with an effective advertising campaign in Canterbury’s No.1 lifestyle magazine

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10 November 13, 2014 Metropol


Float away with poetry... Two lines of poetry that glow in the dark while oating on the Avon River were another thoughtprovoking addition to the delightful FESTA activities in Christchurch recently.

By Hans Petrovic


ut in place near the water wheel at Mills Island, Elise van Bentem with her oating poem under the Hereford Street bridge, late in the afternoon, the oating poetry is the brainchild of Elise van Bentem, who has been putting combinations of poetry and art around the city ever since the summer of 2012. Floating on top of a long slab of cork, measuring about 3.5m long by 80cm deep, the lines are from Irish poet W.B. Yeats's “The Wild Swans of Coole”, and read: “Under the October twilight The water mirrors a still sky.” Also part of activities were a poetry-reading by another Irishman, Sean Joyce, and the writing of brief messages with brushes and water on the narrow asphalt path alongside the Avon, between Hereford and Worcester Streets. This is the fth of 20 Poetica “THROUGH “The international poetry, in combination with visual projects by graphic artist Elise, POETRY, WE WANT art and typography, has the potential to become a through which she has been TO REMEMBER THE new and educational attraction in an evolving, placing a variety of poems, written PEOPLE WE HAVE innovative growing city.” in their original language, on walls LOST IN A SUBTLE, As a result of the earthquakes, Christchurch did in unexpected places, there for THOUGHTFUL not only lose much of its heritage and icons, but also everybody to discover. WAY.” the lives of 185 people, who were of 20 different Poetica is a creative poetry nationalities, 16 languages, 15 different ways of writing, project that wants to surprise and from ve continents. Those 20 nationalities are being stimulate Christchurch residents and represented by 20 international poems. visitors with past and present poems from all “Through poetry, we want to remember the people we have around the world, says Elise. “Sometimes, the poems lost in a subtle and thoughtful way, as well as acknowledge will disappear behind new buildings. The poem will be re and celebrate the different cultures, the survivors and the there without being visible and maybe will reappear in l – befo Mode rescuers,” says Elise the future when buildings are rebuilt,” she says.

Metropol November 13, 2014 11


Pirates and dreamcoats at Cathedral Grammar Cathedral Grammar's Junior and Prep Schools recently held an Operatta at Christ's College Hall, with the Junior School performing The Pirate Cantata and the Prep Schools performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.


Celebrating 300 years of art Toby Macalister's central zeal is to curate premium collections for auction, with a particular focus on New Zealand fine art from the 19th through 21st Century. To pursue this vision he started W.T. Macalister. The boutique auction house recently announced the latest auction category, Three Centuries of Art and Design Auction, including four exceptional single vendor collections.

2 1


4 1.Finnian Chan-Allan, Angus Whittaker 2.Fraser Duggan, James Larkyn, Bruno Mitchell, Oscar Stary, Toby Beale 3.Piper Smith, Bella Landon-Lane, Olivia Slaughter, Annabelle Schneideman, Charlotte Roberts, Benn Sullivan, Marina Kenton-Smith 4.Jessica Erasmuss, Joshua Durant, Nicholas Wylie, Mieka Engelbrecht, Richard Brown

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:






1.Alice Harris, Toby McAllister (owner) 2.Merv Davies, Tim Martin 3.Georgia English, Louise Dench 4.Pip & Dave Ramsell 5.Hillary Scandrett 6.Edwina & Brent Bailey Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

“ Beautifully located right beside the heart of Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, McDonalds, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

Pauline & Juline have a wonderful business-like, thorough approach. They are friendly, obliging and made the whole process extremely easy, keeping us well informed of progress. They were the consummate professionals. We are delighted to recommend the services of Grassam Real Estate. P & R Jamieson.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries encouraged: TELEPHONE 03 3555 888

Call today... Pauline 0274 324 606 or Juline 027 232 7561

Ph: 352 8539

Grassam Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent (REAA2008) MREINZ

12 November 13, 2014 Metropol




hristmas at the Proms promises music, madness, magic and mayhem, making for a marvellous way to get us into the Christmas mood and celebrate the Christmas season! In their last concert season for 2014, the Operatunity Daytime Concert Series presents Christmas at the Proms.


Christmas carols and flag waving


Operatunity Daytime Concert Series combines music from these two great festivals into a gala concert, full of famous Christmas carols and songs, ag waving classics like Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia, the Best of British Ballads, skits and jokes with even an appearance from Santa Claus and his little elves.

Featuring: Emma Sloman, Susan Boland, Albert Sword and Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua. Accompanied by Ludwig Treviranus on piano. Performing at La Vida Centre, Christchurch – Wednesday 26 November, 11am. To book phone toll free 0508 266 237 or visit

Online Fashion eCourse


ngela Stone, stylist, fashion designer and author, has launched her online Fashion Stylist eCourse, Styleyou. With over 25 years' experience in the fashion industry, she decided to share her expertise and created an online training course. This is the rst Fashion Sylist eCourse that is New Zealand made. The Styleyou Fashion Stylist eCourse is available to purchase at Styleyou is an innovative platform which has been specically designed to help launch emerging fashion stylists' careers. "My Fashion Styling eCourse provides students with all the information and essential tools required to uncover their dream career. We are so excited to nally be launching this eCourse. It has been a long time coming and it's such a rewarding feeling to be able to offer people the opportunity to realise their dreams in the comfort of their own home," Angela said.

............................................... ...............................................


Canterbury's whaling past

hristchurch Art Gallery's newest exhibition offers visitors a unique insight into the little-known landscape of Canterbury's whaling past. Paul Johns: South Pacic Sanctuary / Peraki / Banks Peninsula explores the site of the rst permanent European settlement in Canterbury – the bay where George Hempelman, a Prussian whaler, established a whaling station in 1837.

Angela Stone

Christchurch artist Paul Johns's photographs are joined by sculptural work and historical elements that together highlight changing attitudes to animal life. Christchurch Art Gallery director Jenny Harper says Johns's project draws on recent international events to awaken local history and debate. Paul Johns: South Pacic Sanctuary / Peraki / Banks Peninsula runs until 25 January 2014 on the rst oor of 209 Tuam Street, Christchurch. Entry is free.

Metropol November 13, 2014 13


By Hans Petrovic

Kitchen designer follows Sian Gillanders is a woman of many passions that range from having fun to contributing to help the rest of the world. She also loves art, travelling and design.


n fact, she is a successful kitchen-designer who earlier this year sold her Queenstown apartment, which includes a kitchen that had won a national award, in order to fund her effort to start up a wide-ranging charity project to help people of all ages and animals all around the world. Just returned to Christchurch from a six-month overseas tour, mainly through developing countries in Asia and Africa, Sian has ofcially started her World Art n Soul website, through which she sells prints of the work of numerous artists whose paintings she purchased during her trip. At the recent launch, Sian made a presentation of her recent journey, showing her sourcing the art material, meeting the artists and visiting the charities linked to each one. On display were all 14 pieces of art work she collected while travelling. Sian explains that when she bought the work from the artists in various countries, she got them to sign an agreement that allows her to make and sell prints of their paintings.





Sian, visiting locals in need in Luxor, Egypt with 'The Little Stars of Luxor' Charity.


Sian with Van Hu Hai, Laos artist chosen for World Art N Soul.


Sian, with Af Mageid, Khartoum, Sudanese artist chosen for World Art N Soul.

Desirable location, secure and caring environment

60 Browns Road, Christchurch 8014 Ph 3754117 14 November 13, 2014 Metropol


her creative passion



Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude, Harare, Zimbabwe - artist chosen for World Art N Soul linked to Lion Alert Charity.


Sian with Mulenga Chalwa, Lusaka, Zambia - artist chosen for World Art N Soul.

Twenty per cent of the sales money will go to the charities and ve per cent to the artist. The rest will cover expenses, such as printing costs, and any prot made will go back to the business to bring on more needy countries, charities and new artists. The wide range of charities to which the money will go include a Malaysia/Borneo orangutan survival foundation, a Cambodian organisation for rehabilitative eye surgery, a Nepalese group ghting girls being put into domestic slavery, taking Indian women from the sex trade and giving them jobs, helping orphans in Zambia and Botswana affected by malaria and AIDS, a Kenyan orphanage for elephants, and rhino conservation in Zimbabwe. There are other charities in Laos, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. Sian says she has been collecting art ever since she visited Vietnam in 2006. Last year, during a trip to Malaysia, she found a work of art in Malacca that she loved, and it was at this time she also became aware of the many dire needs of people in other countries, from which developed her idea of an international charity project based on the sale of art.“I came back home and thought about it a bit more, and the charities idea just began forming in my head,” says Sian. Sian did most of her research for this year's journey by Googling art galleries and charities in each country and then visiting them all. It's for this reason that she began this year's trip by travelling directly to Melaka, where Charles Cham, the artist she had been impressed by the previous year, was located. Sian had recalled that Charles' studio was called The Orangutan House. So when she explained the plans for her charity project to the artist, he was thrilled as he had been trying to achieve a link with a group like Orangutan Foundation International for more than 20 years.



“From there, I felt very guided in nding the artists and the charities, and travelled on to Cambodia where I visited Rose Charities, an eye clinic and surgery free to the people of Phnom Penh. Sokuntevy Oeur is the vibrant young outspoken artist linked to this wonderful charity,” says Sian. This was only the start of Sian's journey, which also took her through Thailand, India, Nepal, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. For more information go to

Metropol November 13, 2014 15


Summer hits the fashion scene One of the most talked about fashion shows of the year, Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Summer Collections and Awards 2014 hit it off this year at The Tannery on Friday October 3, featuring 28 of Canterbury's leading designers and fashion retailers.









1.Margaret Danzer, Jane Meyer 2.Charmaine Hicks-Paul, Greg Paul, Denyse Saunders, Phyl Paul 3.Nicola Fitzsimmons, Kia Rodriguez 4.Colleen Beattie, Tracey Kearns, Lorraine Terris, Anne Kennett 5.Lisa Davis, Tracey Dempsey 6.Charlotte Mooney, Catherine Kaliyati 7.Alan Prince, Tracey Prince 8.Tim Bennett, Cindy-Lee Sinclair Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

16 November 13, 2014 Metropol

From Martinovich to mentoring Marc Martinovich from Martinovich Exceptional Jewellery was the guest speaker at September's Canterbury Young Professionals drinks. Established in Wanaka in 2005, Martinovich Exceptional Jewellery has recently combined its two stores and workshop in one fabulous design space in the urban oasis of Victoria Street.









1.Marc Martinovich 2.Benjamin Brown, Greg Belton-Brown, James Dalgleish, Vanessa Brierley, Julia McKeown 3.Don Matthews, Claire Hislop, Max Power, Kiran Paima 4.Juiia van Beck, Kirk Trounson 5.Aiden Cocker, Tom Downs 6.Louise Moody, Rebecca Hodges, Marc Martinovich, Emily Keefe, Toby Nicholls 7.Jeremy Sim, Jennifer Jones, Sam Sanders 8.Leigh Mutton, Kate Weir Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:


By Wendy Dunlop

Holistic approach to real estate “During the sale of someone's home it is imperative that I take a holistic approach, coupling professional knowledge with empathy, time, guidance and acts of support - in essence doing whatever is needed during this intense period to lessen the bumps!” Julia's ability to create a pleasant professional experience is a valuable and signicant reason to trust her to sell your home. “Quite simply you can have both – a great result and a great experience!”

Amid Christchurch's post-earthquake property shortage, the real estate profession is one of the most competitive business environments in the city. So among the hundreds of agents vying for listings, how, and who do people choose to look after their most valuable asset?


ulia Ashmore-Smith of Bayleys Real Estate says that “selling someone's home has a huge impact on people's lives. Sadly, some choose their agent on the basis of commission rates and what they think a sale may cost them, rather than considering the agent's personal and professional qualities.” She believes the best agent is the one who puts the most money in the vendor's pocket when all expenses have been paid. “Low commission doesn't always mean an optimum price has been paid for the property, so you may nish with less in your pocket in spite of a lower commission rate.” Bayleys, as a Canterbury owned company, allows Julia to focus 100% on her clients and their particular property. “We are a quality, not quantity company and our hand-selected agents are among the best. Our commission

rate is not the lowest, but in life I believe you get what you pay for,” says Julia. Achieving good results is what a real estate agent is meant to do. “It's a given and it's my job, but getting a great result is paramount and I take pride in my ability to do just that,” she says. We also all know that we can buy the same quality product from two different shops, but the enjoyment of the buying experience can be poles apart.


Her new Buyers Directory discreetly matches those who are thinking of selling their home with buyers who have registered what they are looking or hoping for. Call Julia if you want to know how to access the directory – you might just nd a buyer for your house without hassle!






Classic values LUXURIOUS VILLAS SELLING NOW! Enquire today!

35 Whiteleigh Ave Phone (03) 338 4495

With year’s experience & wealth knowledge in Aged Care Call Jenny today. Join her for a tour of the various living options Park Lane has to offer.

Jenny Dempsey Owner/Manager

Metropol November 13, 2014 17


United in the love of travel

From Tower Junction to the world Local travel agency United Travel's Tower Junction store within the Addington complex recently held a client evening to thank all its loyal supporters who have been receiving great deals from the award winning firm to make their way from one corner of the world to the other with United Travel Tower Junction.


New Zealand's oldest retail travel brand United Travel recently held a client evening at its Ferrymead office, 960 Ferry Road, thanking everyone who has been making their way around the world with United Travel Ferrymead.


1 3




3 5


1.Sandra and Bruce (United Travel) 2.Margy Ineson, Noel Street 3.Amman Khan (Total Holiday Options), Rachel Wethey (Singapore Airlines) 4.Sandra, Lyn, Bruce, Kelly, David (United Travel Team) 5.David and Mui Yee 6.Pat Morris, Janette Neal, Suzanne Walker


FREE Courtesy Cars Clean, Modern Workshop Latest Diagnostic Equipment WOF & Repairs Auto Electrician on site Authorised Warranty Repairer Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Specialising in BMW, BMW Mini, VW & Audi. Tyres & 3D Wheel Alignments



1.Anne Waterhouse, Melissa Landrebe 2.Margie Brown, Bev Pater, Jacqui Harmon 3.Doreen & Colin MacDonald 4.Marie & Tony McDonald 5.Peter & Isabel Nisbet 6.Don Alexander, Jane Jackson 7.Melissa Landrebe, Tanya Cross, Melanie Peacock, Jacqui Harmon 8.Val Ashworth, Pat Asher

Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm

480 Selwyn St Christchurch Central P. 366 3384


Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

You’ll feel right at home with us Located in the heart of St Martins/Opawa, our boutique village currently has newly completed apartments available.

Call Christine on 03 331 6746 for more information, or view these beautiful units. 60 HAWFORD ROAD, OPAWA 18 November 13, 2014 Metropol

PHONE 332 7323


Following sell-out seasons at The Royal National Theatre and in the West End, smashhit comedy One Man, Two Guvnors is making its South Island debut at The Court Theatre this summer.


ne Man, Two Guvnors follows the exploits of absent minded chancer Francis Henshall who, after being red from his skife band, lands himself in the middle of a gangster family feud. Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe… but Roscoe is really Rachel, posing as her own dead brother… who’s been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Francis spots the chance for an extra meal ticket and takes a job with one Stanley Stubbers. To prevent discovery Henshall must keep his two guvnors apart. Simple. One Man, Two Guvnors rst opened at The National in May 2011. Following a hugely successful UK tour, the show then opened in the West End at the Adelphi Theatre where it completed a sell-out run. In the Broadway production James Corden as Francis Henshall won the Tony Award for Best Actor. After a second UK tour, One Man, Two Guvnors embarked on an international tour. This acclaimed smash-hit has now been seen by over one million people worldwide and has

Uproariously funny, ingeniously farcical been hailed as 'the funniest show on the planet' by The Daily Mail (UK) and a 'comic classic' by The Guardian (UK). One Man, Two Guvnors is a glorious celebration of British comedy - a unique laughout-loud mix of satire, songs, slapstick and glittering one-liners. Music plays a big part in One Man, Two Guvnors with a four piece skife band especially put together for this production. The all singing cast will perform with Jonathan Martin to make


the night feel like one big musical party. One Man, Two Guvnors, By Richard Bean, directed by Ross Gumbley with Musical Direction by Luke Di Somma and featuring Tom Trevella. Based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni. 22 November 2014 - 17 January 2015.To Book phone (03) 963 0870 or visit

ADVERTISING SALES STAFF WANTED Metropol seeks 2 new smart Advertising Sales Executives. We are expanding to keep pace with the demands of a growing Christchurch. If you have good sales skills, want to be involved in the decisions of a Multi Award Winning Company, receive an excellent remuneration and be part of a company where its people are its biggest asset, we welcome you to call us today . . .

For a confidential interview Contact - Nancye Pitt - p: (03)3433669 e: Metropol November 13, 2014 19


Nestled comfortably at 73 Bryndwr Road, Fendalton Retirement is a home away from home, both in a literal and a gurative sense.

Activities & events a highlight F or many years, the Fendalton rest home has been catering to the needs of residents, with a full time activities co-ordinator ensuring a wide range of functions, outings and indoor activities are covered, while a team of registered and enrolled nurses with dedicated well trained caregivers ensure their needs are met. There's always something to do with a wide range of hobbies and interests catered for inhouse, including puzzles, games, exercise classes, indoor bowls, and arts and crafts. Not only does the smaller boutique size form a close, tight-knit family of residents, but it enables the village to offer several themed occasions throughout the year, with residents, staff, family and friends all invited and the rest home encourage residents to make their own suggestions for activities and events. Better yet, it's one of those few and far between places where staff not only remember your name, but actually become your friends. “Fendalton Retirement is a small, tight knit community,” Sales Consultant Donna Monk explains. “The staff here have all been here long term and the residents and staff form really close bonds. It's very much a place to call home.”


Tucked away in one of Christchurch's long established neighbourhoods and within easy walking distance to all your favourite amenities, such as library, shopping and bus stops, Fendalton Retirement Village offers a comforting, well maintained environment. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, it doesn't take long for residents to become a part of the community which fosters companionship and a sense of belonging. The entire village is both warm and inviting; a place you can relax while getting to know your neighbours, making new friends among like-minded people and having a warm, safe, friendly place to call home.

Stay with us during your earthquake repairs Treat it as a holiday you know you deserve it, in our fully serviced apartments. Enquire today 03 222 2003 Christchurch Cathedral Junction 113 Worcester Street Serviced Apartments

20 November 13, 2014 Metropol

There are currently vacancies available within the rest home wing, which comprises of 35 larger than standard single rooms, each with an ensuite. A serviced studio is also now available. A bright and welcoming communal lounge is a great place to gather for activities, entertainment and conversation, as well as smaller intimate lounge areas which offer a great place to spend time with visiting family and friends. To nd out more about Fendalton Retirement Village at 73 Bryndwr Road, phone Sales Consultant Donna Monk directly on 021 241 9979, email or visit

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 We are an experienced and professional team.


Supporting stroke research and rehab

The story of medicine to wine 'The Truant from Medicine' is the true tale of a young doctor determined to devote his life to healing the sick, a goal which became complicated when a nurse unwittingly lured him into the world of wine and led them to starting Pegasus Bay Vineyard, Winery and Restaurant. One of the country's most eminent neurologists and winemakers – Ivan Donaldson's witty memoir was released in October with proceeds donated to the New Zealand Brain Research Institute to support research into neurological disorders.

The 21st Annual Charity Wine and Art Auction was held at the Chateau on the Park in September. Auctioneers Roger Dawson and Ned Alison kept the auction flowing and extracted great bids on the large variety of auction lots, in support of stroke research and rehabilitation.

1 1

1.Chris & Ivan Donaldson Mason, Dr Marcel Brew Cameron



4 3




4 2.Brian & Bea Stokes, Sir David Hay 3.Dr Debbie 4.Tim Anderson, Eleanor Anderson, David Christie, Vicky

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

1.Kate Russell (CMRF CEO), Caroline Wagteveld McKenzie 2.Names 3.Stephen Collins, Justin Murray 4.Janette & Jim Borthwick, Sue & Mike Stenhouse 5.Chris & Geraldine Wilson 6.Alison & Richard Ballantyne Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol November 13, 2014 21

22 November 13, 2014 Metropol


Feather your nest... With pop-up shops opening and closing with wild abandon in the city and beyond, it's hard to keep up with what is where and who is behind the enterprise. Magpie, recently opened in Conference Street, is a little gem, well worth a visit.


small studio in a lush garden adjacent to a formerly-grand-but-nowabandoned residence, Magpie is literally bursting with gorgeous home wares, furnishings, fabrics and assorted treasures. French doors have been ung open and a white wedding marquee has been clipped on to the garden facing facade to accommodate the furnishings and eclectic goodies that won't be contained within the studio walls.


Magpie evolved from the creative genius and overowing garages and storage units of best friends and fellow collectors and gatherers Leslee Ross and Krissy Rhodes. Leslee, a Christchurch-based interior designer and Krissy have been mates for more than 40 years. Their combined business adventure is as much about spending time together restoring, reinventing, recovering and retailing previously loved and well-crafted bits and bobs as it is about nding and on selling lovely things. A sumptuous Bergere couch, spray painted white and topped with soft funkycovered cushions sits amidst chrome stools with pink reupholstered tops, bolts of cloth, recovered ottomans and restored side tables

and side boards washed in white. Tables groan with platters, plates, glassware, napkins and jugs. Some of the collections, like the Thornback and Peel linens and the Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics from Portugal, are new. Other pieces and sets are vintage. Many items are unique and one-offs. The walls are covered in quirky pottery by Ali Gurr, bright felt bunting ags, and glitzy Indian fabrics. Peg dolls, paper dresses embellished with shiny buttons and beads, and candles in cups and cut crystal containers are the work of friend and creative spirit Raewyn Guise. “Raewyn makes these amazing candles and crafts for the South Canterbury Hospice

Shop. We love them and want to help by selling them here,” Krissy says. Leslee and Krissy have been collecting treasures for more than 18 months and although they won't be drawn on their sources, 'sheds, garages, friends clearing out and house lots' are all open to their fossicking antics and eye for style. “We buy what we love,” Leslee says. “We see treasures all the time. We especially love old things like telephone tables, stools and lamps. They were so well made and furniture so well built.” They admit only a portion of their assorted and everchanging stock is on display. The pair may not be feathered, winged or egg laying but these colourful, clever and well connected birds have created a very special nest in the city. Treasures come gift wrapped and parsley and rosemary, fresh picked from the garden, is a bonus for everyone who visits Magpie. Magpie founders and friends Leslee Ross & Krissy Rhodes can be found @ Magpie, 11 Conference Street on: Thursday 11am – 6pm Friday 11am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 4pm Or visit the Magpie Facebook page to see the treasures on offer.

Metropol November 13, 2014 23


Merivale's suburban celebration Merivale was hit particularly hard by the quakes. The Merivale Precinct Society, together with principal sponsor Harcourts Holmwood, hosted a celebratory function in the Merivale Mall on Monday, November 3 to celebrate the courage, determination and hard work of the local community.









1.David Lynch, Val Carter 2.Jacquie Harrop, Cindy -Lee Sinclair (Harcourts Holmwood), Joan Duffey (winner), Tony Jenkins (Owner, Harcourts Holmwood) 3.Denise Leighs, Emma Newmann 4.Andrea & John Reese, Nerina Higgins 5.Ollie McKenna, Karen Smith, Fraser Bremford 6.Chris Aynsley, Dave Cartwright 7.Robynanne Milford, Sue Guthrie, Tory Aebli, Diana Watson 8.Donna Miles, Tony Jenkins Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

24 November 13, 2014 Metropol

North Otago cheesemaker Whitestone Cheese is taking to the roads to promote its range of artisan cheeses using a distinctive 1961 Volkswagen Kombi Cheese Truck. "We're a modest family-owned and operated company, making artisan cheese with our local milk from the limestone country of North Otago," Whitestone Cheese Chief Executive Simon Berry says. “We don't have a corporate promotional budget like our competitors, so we thought let's take our cheese straight to the people instead, with a classic Kombi – all the better!"


Hoverboard to launch

Top Stories Electronics, Media & Entertainment reports: Just like Back to the Future Part II promised, you will be able to get your hands (or feet) on a working hoverboard on October 21, 2015. The bad news: The board, which is called the Hendo, will cost US$10,000 and the battery only lasts 7 minutes. The reporter who took one for a spin said, “The board was large, almost like a doublewide snowboard. It felt as if I was standing on a giant air hockey puck hovering three quarters of an inch above the ground.” Read the full story at Giga OM.


Summer in a glass Lindauer pays tribute to the most awaited season of the year with the launch of the 2014 edition of its fresh and fabulous Lindauer Summer. Each year, Gisborne's long summers inspire Lindauer's winemaker to craft a limited release sparkling wine and the latest is a blend of premium aromatic grape varieties, including exotic Gewürztraminer. “2014 was a fantastic vintage in Gisborne, one of the best! It was even better than 2013, resulting in intensely aromatic grapes,” says winemaker Jane De Witt. On the palate, Lindauer Summer brings delicate citrus and oral notes and the spiciness of summer. The sparkling wine pairs well with a summer barbeque, cheese board, pâtés, relishes, desserts or Spanishstyled Tapas.

NZ’s ‘coolest’ town More people are discovering Oamaru, the town that has been dubbed New Zealand's 'coolest' in the latest edition of Lonely Planet… “Nothing moves very fast in Oamaru. Tourists saunter, locals linger and penguins waddle. Even oft-celebrated heritage modes of transport – penny farthings and steam trains – reect an unhurried pace. Most travellers come here for the penguins, but hang around and you'll sense the wellspring of eccentricity bubbling under the surface. Put simply, this is New Zealand's coolest town."



NZ’s first cheese mobile


New cheesy hero

There's a new cheese in the deli chiller set to take centre stage on your cheeseboard. The new Bruschetta Cream Cheese, from the makers of Moondarra cheeses, is a delicious combination of Italian avours. A soft, mild-tasting cream cheese, the Moondarra Bruschetta Cream Cheese is infused with the fresh avours of garlic, tomato, oregano and basil.


A sparkling 150th

To mark its 150th anniversary Partridge Jewellers has crafted a limited-edition collection featuring rare Argyle pink diamonds. The intricate range includes rings, pendants and earrings with cushion-cut white diamonds enclosed in platinum and rose gold, and three special one-off pieces designed by Nikki Partridge, the sixth generation Partridge to work for the family business.


5 Quick phone charging hacks

David Dean of Travel Tech and Gear Expert says: If keeping your smartphone charged is a challenge in everyday life, it's even worse when you're traveling. Long days in transit or out exploring a new city will make that battery icon start ashing before you know it, especially when you're relying on your phone for navigation, entertainment and more. Even worse, you've often only got limited time to get some juice in it – a short layover, coffee break in a café or quick return to the hotel room to freshen up – before you're out of reach of a charging cable for another few hours. Charge from a wall socket All else being equal, it takes longer – in some cases, an extra hour or more – to charge a smartphone over USB than from the wall. Use a high-power USB adapter Speaking of good wall to USB adapters, be sure to use one that can put out as much power as your smartphone can handle. For example, the iPhone 6 ships with a 1 amp power adapter – but it can actually handle the 2.1amp charger from an iPad just ne, and will charge much faster if you use one. You can't damage your phone by doing this – the number on the adapter is a maximum rating, but it will only send as much power as your device actually requests. Charge your battery pack instead Certain portable battery packs can charge much faster than the smartphone or tablet you'll be connecting them to. The Pronto battery, for instance, boasts of being able to fully recharge an iPhone 5 after being plugged into the wall for just 5-15 minutes depending on the model. Put your phone in Flight Mode All of those useful features on your smartphone chew up battery life, but the wi- and (especially) cellular radios are one of the biggest power hogs of all. To make sure you get as much juice as possible into your phone in a hurry, put it in ight mode while you're charging. Metropol November 13, 2014 25


Having a ball with Irene van Dyk New Zealand's most-capped netball player Irene van Dyk hosted a charity luncheon at the Lincoln Events Centre in September to raise money for new netball equipment for South New Brighton School. An ambassador for House of Travel's netball arm, Silver Ferns Travel, Irene also visited the school, imparting netball wisdom to pupils.









1.Ann Watkins, Kay Pringle 2.Hilary Muir (MC), Irene van Dyk (Host) 3.Chris Stevenson, Katrina Galbraith 4.Karyn Riley, Sharyn Reid, Jade and Alex and Madeleine Millar, Wendy Hinds 6.Lyn Miles, Emma Cantwell 7.Christine Busbridge, Denise Geayley 8.Vicky Kingsland, Pauline Laugesen



26 November 13, 2014 Metropol



Summer’s HEATING UP Inspired by the rich and vibrant colours of St Tropez and evoking visions of beach holidays, long warm nights and adventure the spring summer 14/15 collection from Max provides a bold summer wardrobe for Kiwi women…


tep out in a range of casual cool prints this season from classic stripes to modern orals, blurred water colours and tie dyes. Beautiful brights such as melon and marine blue meet the nautical classics of navy and white. Revive your look with a range of digital and screen prints from Aztec to animal, tile and feather prints. Fashion tops are in relaxed oversized shapes in rich earthy tones of sienna, artichoke, khaki, navy, and stone. Be bold with embellished trimmed tees and dresses paired back with the latest denim jackets and jeans in a range of washes and shapes like the ‘right now’ washed-out boyfriend jean.


For the festive season dresses in pops of cherry, emerald greens, and vibrant blues, in all shapes and fabrics cater to any occasion. Be sure to stand out from the crowd in key seasonal trends of embellishments,cut outs, and waterfall rufes. Divine lace bodice panelling in t and are shapes, strapless dresses and halters can be layered with gorgeous boleros and shrugs for those cooler New Zealand evenings. Be playful in chiffon skirts and a range of tops from strappy to one shoulder styles. Max has 34 stores nationwide along with redesigned online store,

With a Face Value treatment, everyone will notice - no one will know All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Call us today for a no obligation consultation 03 388 8806

FACEVALUE 363 PAPANUI ROAD MERIVALE Metropol November 13, 2014 27



Tailored menswear

in demand

One of New Zealand’s fastest growing menswear retail brands, Rembrandt, will open its rst South Island store in Dunedin later this month as Bob Shepherd Menswear closes its doors after 68 years of trading.


embrandt’s headquarters in Wellington houses the last tailoring factory of its type in either Australia or New Zealand. The company has been supplying expertly crafted garments to stores across New Zealand including Bob Shepherd for more than 60 years. Rembrandt Retail Manager Chris Harford said the rapidly changing nature of retail and consumer behaviour has demanded a change of focus in the industry and Rembrandt has

structured its business accordingly. “Online shopping is important to customers now, but so is constant investment in the in-store experience and remaining connected to the international fashion scene.” In the last three years, Rembrandt has developed an omni-channel retail presence including a growing online shop, three stores in Sydney, four in Auckland and the Dunedin store being its rst in the South Island.


Connecting Italy with the South Island High Country Rembrandt is the largest southern hemisphere customer of Italian mill Reda, which owns and farms merino sheep on 30,000 hectares on the properties of Glenrock Station, Rugged Ridges and Otamatapaio Station in the South Island high country. Rembrandt’s Wellington-based design team travel to Europe’s fashion fairs twice a year to source fabrics alongside some of the biggest names in fashion and its customers rate its Italian and South Island High Country connection as one of its biggest assets.

Now Instore!



Shop 405 Dressmart Mall Hornby P. 349 7887 28 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Specialist Thai healthcare spa, Lotus @ Siam, epitomises luxury and decadence. Set amongst Cashmere's award-winning Swan Lake Gardens, the tranquil surroundings of large trees, sweeping lawns, a freshwater lake and majestic swans, means the day spa offers a superior level of relaxation and service.

The ultimate indulgence I

f you are looking to escape the rush of life, or take time out for yourself, loved ones, staff or clients, Lotus @ Siam invite you to come and experience their pampering WHAT BETTER to restore and refresh the body and WAY TO TREAT YOUR soul. CLIENTS OR STAFF Speciality pamper packages are THAN A GIFT VOUCHER available for the ultimate individual, FOR SOME EXQUISITE group and couple's experience, as PAMPERING. PURCHASE well as an indulgent menu of 10 GIFT VOUCHERS traditional Thai, Aromatherapy, Sports and Swedish massage AND RECEIVE therapies, facials, reexology and 1 FREE!* pregnancy treatments. Individual packages include Time Out for Her and Pamper Your Man, with a spa bath soak, an aromatherapy or Thai sports massage and a Lotus Harmony Facial, or the ultimate presents or staff couple's luxury with Baby Moon Indulgence or incentives. What Restore the Romance. better way to treat It's also the time of the year where staff and your clients or staff than a gift voucher for client Christmas gifts are top of mind. Lotus @ some exquisite pampering. Siam offer special experiences for your staff Purchase 10 gift vouchers and receive 1 with their group pamper packages for day or Free*! A wonderful way to treat your team for night, complete with Thai nibbles from their all their hard work during the year, plus with authentic Thai menu. They can also create a the free voucher - treat someone else in your specialised package to suit your individual life or maybe yourself? *Conditions apply. group pampering needs. With the social season on its way, it's the For November they have a fantastic deal if perfect time to get your skin ready. Lotus @ you're looking for extra special Christmas Siam now offer three Elemis facials from the

luxury British skincare brand, with each of these decadent facials including a head and shoulder, foot and hand massages, leaving you feeling incredible all over. With Swan Lake Gardens a popular wedding venue, the extensive grounds are stunning, meaning a visit to the spa is a true escape. Visit for more information and to make a booking, or call Lotus @ Siam on (03) 980 5400.

Metropol November 13, 2014 29

Creative ideas for upbeat homes “A beautiful home is not how much you spend but about the people in it creating a wonderful, happy, colourful and eclectic environment, with warmth, good food and people,” says Vanessa Dyer.


t is this principle that Vanessa and cofounder Sharne Wilkie Grut bring to their newly opened store, Abode, at The Colombo. They both share a passion for design, art and food and with many years of experience in retail, they knew exactly what they wanted to create in Abode. “We offer a mixed cocktail of different ingredients in our products that make customers feel happy and inspired when they shop with us,” says Vanessa. “Shoppers find it easy to visualise ideas for their own home because our merchandising is selective and ever changing.” Abode models what your home could become, with simple neutral backgrounds balanced with bursts of colours from home and kitchenware, furnishings and favourite display pieces. The vibrant shades of Rice ceramics feature across the store, including plates of

all sizes, cups, cutlery and platters to add a touch of colour. Both Rice and Bloomingville are lines by Danish design companies, with the Scandinavian feel a strong influence at Abode. Cube wall boxes and wonderfully stylish and functional bookshelves by Bloomingville, make excellent statement pieces, and work well with Abode's range of work produced by local artists. Abode also showcases jewellery crafted by one of New Zealand's most well-loved contemporary fine jewellers, Debra Fallowfield. The range of pieces in store are all made by Debra herself following age old traditions in fine jewellery marking. “Our shop gives you great ideas for your home – it's all about happy homes!” says Vanessa. “Life's too short not to be happy.”

Inspiration for the home Shop 9a The Colombo P. 03 365 2446


trilogy selection Gift with purchase with every 2 Trilogy items sold

Vintage tin tea sets have arrived at Bundle! 363 Colombo St The Colombo

Ph. 379 0008


Ph. 03 3666 448


IT'S ALL ABOUT STYLE Looking fabulous is not about having a killer figure, nor is it necessary to have money to burn. The folk from Zebrano will be the first to tell you, looking fabulous is about having style.


nd they should know. Jenny and Geoff Wilde opened their first Zebrano premises 22 years ago and have since grown into a destination, high-fashion retailer with six flagship stores around the country. The Zebrano concept caters to women who wear sizes 14 plus and strives to provide the ultimate in diversity, with cuttingedge fashion, designed for the plus size figure. "My customers look stunning. So often I see fuller figured women who look amazing in their clothes. The days of skinny violets are gone!" The New Zealand body shape generally wears a garment that is smaller in the bust and fuller in the hips, however we all have a particular shape that is best suited to certain styles. Staff are experienced in working with all body types and have an intimate understanding of their stock, offering clientele a selection of garments, designed to suit their definitive shape, their purpose and their style. "I have witnessed huge change and growth in how women view their bodies. Our customers are confident and stylish." Zebrano stocks an impressive list of renowned New Zealand

32 November 13, 2014 Metropol

and Australian labels such as Moss, E-Design, Euphoria, Jacki Peters and Sakaguchi to name a few, as well as newcomers Frank & Molly and Bazaar. Offering diversity not only means providing an extensive range of labels, it is also about catering to a wide-range of budgets. "It is not a case of just stocking expensive brands, it's about design, colour and interest." New lines are frequently arriving and when buying, Jenny works collaboratively with her store managers, who know their clientele well. Summer deliveries are now complete with pre-Christmas designs still to come. Chocolat and Obi have released a capsule collection of dress wear made with soft prints, creamy neutral tones and paler block colours, keeping you cool in the heat of summer. Look out for the new label Zoe. Exclusive to Zebrano, its first deliveries will be in store preChristmas. The collection combines intense colour splashes with neutral tones, offering a fresh injection of new and interesting shapes for everyday dressing. Jenny's summary of the 2014 summer collection fits perfectly. "The fashion is fabulous.�


Beauty treatments Beauty care specialists Accent on Nou Veau know that everyone wants to look their best for the summer season.

with rejuvenating results


he salon offers an extensive range of beauty therapy treatments for the whole body, including the latest in IPL technology. The ADeNA™ SPL, or square pulse light, provides effective hair removal for hair of all colours, including grey, white, red and blonde, as unlike other IPL treatments it is does not rely on pigment within the hair strand. The treatment can be used to remove hair all over the body, including the face, with manager Halena Dobbin and one other team member fully trained to ensure the best results are achieved every time. “It's a great treatment for those little spots,” says Halena, with areas such as bikini lines and underarms ideal for this time of year, while winter is the best time for hair removal on areas which may be exposed to the sun. Rejuvenation of the skin by eliminating fine lines and removal of dilated capillaries and sun spots, are other popular treatments with the ADeNA™ SPL. The salon recommends a course of treatment to achieve the best possible results for your skin, with Halena saying that many of

REJUVENATION OF THE SKIN BY ELIMINATING FINE LINES AND REMOVAL OF DILATED CAPILLARIES AND SUN SPOTS, ARE OTHER POPULAR TREATMENTS WITH THE ADeNA™ SPL. their clients are choosing to include regular treatments as part of their standard beauty regime. Waxing, massage, spray tan, and hand, feet and nail care, are just some of the other services offered, with facial peels and microneedling proving popular with their clients who are focused on looking good for end of year celebrations. Pre-Christmas bookings are filling fast, with their gift vouchers a great option for the giving season. Give Halena and her team at Accent on Nou Veau a call on 348 8910 to make your appointment.

Metropol November 13, 2014 33

By Lydia Truesdale


Step out in comfort & style Ziera in Merivale are providers of comfortable footwear with a fashionable edge. Their philosophy, 'love your feet', has led them to offer footwear like no other, and right now they stock an abundance of bright coloured and cushiony styles to step out in this summer.


iera have long been regarded Canterbury's leading footwear brand when comfort and couture are concerned. They have been designing footwear for years and every pair of shoes, including their jandals and heels, have layers of special cushioning and arch support to provide unparalleled comfort. Over the years their signature cushioning has become a major draw card for customers, particularly with businesswomen and those attending many a social occasion during the summer months. Most designs in store are by Ziera, with select European designs from Josef Seibel

and Saimon, handmade creations from Cabello, fashion gumboots from Boggs and casual styles from CC Resorts, which can now be worn for competition bowls, sprinkled throughout. Spring and summer has seen a fusion of fresh colours and styles grace the shelves. Open sandals, wedges, strappy and ballet flats come in shades of sorbets – limes, oranges, salmons, pinks and blues – as well as neutral summer tones of grey, brown, navy and cream. Airy and light fabrics have arrived on the scene in the form of lace, printed canvas and soft leather. Ziera is also awaiting the arrival of their collection of Sketchers, in particular the


new 'Go Walk' designs. Finishing off an array of fashionable footwear is a handful of Ziera handbags made to match current footwear trends and give an outfit a hit of harmony. Ziera is located at 229 Papanui Road and is open seven days a week.

We will keep you up with the latest fashion’s.

Flattering & comfortable styles for Summer now instore! PEARL Tumeric, Black $249.95

ILDA Orange, Teal, White, Black, Tan $199.95

DENZEL Tan, Black $199.95

DIONNE White, Orange Greige, Tan $229.95

SCARLA Tan/Back White/Black $189.95

JERRI Poppy/Orange Black, Silverfox $229.95

34 November 13, 2014 Metropol

229 Papanui Rd, Merivale. Ph. 355 4400

CHLOE Paprika, Slate, Black, White $229.95


Summer colours, flattering styles Stunning floral sundresses line the window at Fredrick Ashley, giving just a taste of the summer fashion that waits inside.



he colours of spring and summer, with their bright coral, fresh greens and shades of blue, as well as classic black and white, fill the store, with styles for every occasion. “A visit to the store is a must. There is something for everybody here,” says owner Helen Mortimer. “You will find our great team of stylists waiting to help find the look and fit that's right for you.” For a day at the races or special celebrations they have a wide selection of gorgeous dresses from Verge, Sakaguchi, Artisan and Preen, just to mention a few. There is a mix of New Zealand labels including Bazaar, Fredrick, Bitter Moon, and, David Pond's collection of garments made from beautiful imported Italian and French fabrics.

Casual wear is covered in their array of on trend summer tops and pants and quality knitwear, including those by Matisse, Random, Loobie's Story, Memo, and the ever popular Vassalli with their new season's light washed denim. Fredrick Ashley have everything you need to finish off a special outfit. This may be a jacket or light cardigan to cater for the changeable weather, statement jewellery or footwear, a fascinator or a stunning clutch. They also stock one of the largest ranges of scarves in Christchurch, including Archer House, Flag and the beautiful European art house, Front Row Society, all perfect for gifts or adding a bright touch to any outfit. With easy parking anytime, visit Fredrick Ashley at Fendalton Mall or give them a call on 351 5892.

Latest SUMMER fashions

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Evolu Product packaged beautifully in decorated tin The Actives Day & Night Collection Includes Creme Cleanser 30mls Protective Day Cream SPF15 30mls Recovery Overnight Cream 30mls Rehydration Rescue Masque 30mls

Value $87 NOW ONLY $43.99

The Botanicals 1.2.3 Starter Selection Relaxing creme cleanser 30mls Facial Toner 50mls Certified Oil 30mls

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AN AMAZING SALE Of your favourite designers from FashionLife


283 Wairakei Rd, Christchurch

Phone: 03 359 7816 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm Sat 9.00-1.00pm Sun Closed

made shade a f fi ni t y in the

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The Dressing Room 2 Normans Road Ph 355 6620


Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm






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Metropol November 13, 2014 35


NZ wins

top international hairdressing title A young hairdresser from Pukekohe, Auckland, is officially one of the world's best hair colourists.

BeautyFILE Metropol's pick of the new “must have” beauty products on the market… Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner This is a super summer skin saviour! Providing instant hydration for thirsty skin, award-winning Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner is the perfect refresher to keep cool during summer days and an uplifting way to complete any cleansing routine. Whether you need to counter the drying effects of airconditioning in the office, a welcome spritz of freshness on your holiday flights, or just a refresher to tone and cool your skin during the warm weather, Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner is the perfect summer companion. Best Toner - RSVP Beauty Awards 2012 Best Facial Refresher - ACP Beauty Awards 2011 Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner (100ml) RRP $29.90

Karen Murrell's Berrilicious lipstick The inspiration behind Karen Murrell's new lipstick colour – Racy Rata was motivated during a breathtaking road trip through the South Island, surrounded by enchanting Rata trees bursting with vibrantly coloured berry-red flowers. The mesmerising new colour is a magnetic bright raspberry-red shade which leaves lips with an admiring berry stained pout ready to race out the door, jump in the car and turn up the music! Tipped to be the new red this summer, Racy Rata is all about injecting fun and vibrant colour into your day. It is a universally flattering shade which is rich in natural pigment, ensuring that it has intense colour, is long wearing, and does not feather. Karen Murrell Lipstick – Racy Rata RRP $29.95

Model – After


Soothe Tube re l – befo Mode

eegan Nelson of Pukekohe's Common Thread salon took the prize for Best Colour at the Davines World Style Contest 2014 in London recently. Competing with nine other regional finalists from around the world, the 22-year-old impressed the judges with his transformation of a natural light brunette into a shimmering sand blonde with delicate blue and green Winning colourist, Keegan Nelson ribbon highlights. The competition, held annually for the last 10 years by Davines, an Italian sustainable luxury hair brand, honours rising talent around the world, and features Angelo Seminara, three-times winner of British Hair-dresser of the Year, as lead judge. This is the second international prize in the competition for Nelson, who took out the Oceania title for the competition in June, beating out Australia and South Africa's top colourists to secure his place at the final in London. Originally from South Africa, Nelson has worked at Common Thread for a little over a year. He originally created his entry for the competition earlier in the year and after taking out the prize for Best Cut in New Zealand, was flown to London with his model to compete live on stage in the grand final. 36 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Ashley & Co have introduced a new intensive hydrating cream for your hands - Soothe Tube. A rich, yet non-greasy aromatic natural blend for parched hands and cuticles, Soothe Tubes come in a convenient 75ml (handbag-friendly) size, perfect to take anywhere so you can soothe on the move. Soothe Tubes are packed with pampering natural ingredients like chamomile, shea butter and Vitamin E, and are available in captivating scents. RRP$22 - $24 Available in December from Ashley & Co stockists and

L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Light Elvive Extraordinary Oil is an expansion of the original Elvive Extraordinary Oil, which is a lighter version for fine hair types. Elvive Extraordinary Oil Light, like the original oil, is available in a 100ml format (a handy size to throw in the handbag for a mid-afternoon touch-up). Rather than a pump, the 'Light' bottle has a spray mechanism so the oil is delivered as a fine, light weight mist. The oil itself is also finer in its molecular structure than the original Elvive Extraordinary Oil. This caters for finer hair whilst still containing the six precious flower oils offering multi-use purposes and benefits. This ultra-light micro-diffusion oil spray nourishes and transforms the hair fibre to unleash the full splendour of your hair. RRP of $19.99


Layer up to suit your


An intriguing new jewellery collection by Andrea Moore is about to land in stores.


n iconic prancing horse, representing the ride of our lives, inspired the designer's first capsule jewellery collection. With the release of her follow up line, this mood remains evident but this time the journey takes a more playful path. Quirky and cool, Andrea Moore's witty take on silver jewellery borrows from the themes of her recent ready to wear collections, in particular the often whimsical iconography of the Vanitas and Surrealist art movements.

Dreamy apples, winking eyes, crowns, clocks, keys, and lips are the building blocks of these fresh and fantastical pieces. Style names take their cue from visual puns and each tell a story: Kiss Me Quick, Key to My Heart, Princess and the Pea, Apple of My Eye, and Wink Wink. The jewellery is designed to be layered to suit style and mood – themes and individual pieces can be added or adapted to reflect the life and stories of the wearer. The entire collection is cast in 100% sterling silver by a master jeweller and, testament to its superior quality, is supported by a five year

warranty. Each piece of jewellery comes in a gorgeous cobalt blue, lacquered wooden box as well as a special carry bag, making it the ideal gift for a loved one – or a perfect gift for self! The collection will be available from Andrea Moore's six flagship stores and premium jewellery retailers nationwide from early December 2014.

ose... You cho er we deliv

830 Colombo St e.

Ph. 371 9291 Metropol November 13, 2014 37


By Samantha Bagrie

FASHION: MERIVALE STYLE The Merivale mall fashion show on 23 October was a fun-filled, action-packed night from the moment the first model stepped out onto the catwalk and showed off this season's new looks.


uests watched the show with a glass of champagne in hand whilst enjoying some nibbles. There was a goodie bag for everyone providing fashionistas plenty of stylish choices and ideas for Cup Week. Eighteen stores offered designer, signature looks on the runway showing monochromatic is big again this season with tangerine and pastel colours just right for spring and summer. Celebrating the glamour on offer Max was first up with a very wearable collection in black, green and tangerine hues that could be dressed up or down. Sassys displayed their on trend look for Cup Week, including a stunning black and white number by Joseph Ribkoff. Vincent had lovely pieces showing an array of colours with Capri jeans and bright blouses that are ideal for this season.

Have a smile to be proud of

Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987) Hygienist: Ms. Shona Ferguson RDH (Scotland 1998) New clients are always welcome.

and suede shoes. A striking suit, checked shirt with tangerine, white and yellow combined to make the perfect Cup Day outfit. Witchery showed off a lot of whites with detailed tees. Andrea Moore had some great key pieces; a blue jumpsuit with a white jacket, hat and bag was the perfect outfit for going on holiday this season. Rouche showed off some lovely outfits in yellow, pairing them up with yellow leather shoes. Marion McKellow designer jewellery never disappoints, every piece made elegance look easy giving a huge statement to the little black dress. MONOCHROMATIC Shoes, shoes and more IS BIG AGAIN THIS 3 Wise Men displayed why shoes from Andrea Biani, SEASON WITH they are at the forefront in Biani Treasure Box, TANGERINE AND men's shirts. A huge cheer Moda Bella and Robin PASTEL COLOURS went up when they revealed Pierre showed that JUST RIGHT FOR their underwear collection. platforms are to the fore SPRING AND Storm will not allow you to with many different fade into the background with SUMMER. elegant looks inspiring outfits that could be dressed up or young and old with the new down. Colombus & Ware had chinos trends. and jeans with checked shirts, sports Merivale Mall teamed up with a jacket and a navy suit. Kimberleys exhibited a charity auction for cancer with all proceeds wearable collection with lots of vibrant colours going to a very worthy cause. The bidding including a striking Marilyn Seyb dress. became very spirited donating a nice sum of Cue had sharp tailoring and lean silhouettes money to the local branch of The Cancer with clashing floral prints and high contrast Society and Daffodil House. Hilary Muir from black and white for that cool-girl edge. the Breeze excelled as the M.C for the night. A Veronika Maine showed off the navy and white popular end to the show was giving guests the trend with tangerine hues. opportunity to purchase favourite items from Sergios had a great display of men's fashion the catwalk with great store offers for postincluding chinos, striped tees, navy jackets show shopping.

Oksana Rennie

027 921 8242 Now working alongside


DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall Ph: 03 355 8297

38 November 13, 2014 Metropol


204 Papanui Rd, Merivale Unit 2 159 Cranford St

Ph. 355 2125

Merivale Mall

348 7342

P.355 4734

Movement for life

Mary Griffiths, Charrette van Eekelen and Laiza Lima

Restored, supple and confident - just a few of the words used by those who attend Scoop Authentic Pilates Studio to describe what Pilates means to them. Charrette van Eekelen, studio director, shares what makes the Authentic Pilates they offer so very special…



Scoop offers the Authentic Pilates method. For those who are new to Pilates what does this mean?

At Scoop the teachers went through the professional training programme that all the others have based theirs on. I trained with Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' chosen successor in New York, with our other two experienced instructors, Laiza Lima and Mary Griffiths, following the same Romana training in New Zealand. Our equipment made by GRATZ New York uses exactly the same design originally developed by Joseph Pilates himself, which has proven to be the most effective because of its precision allowing the full benefit of the true Pilates.

We are a Pilates studio, specialised on the original Joseph Pilates method in its purest form. Scoop Authentic Pilates Studio honours the legacy of Joseph Pilates' teachings – his mind/body wellness philosophy, following his exercise system which is focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk.


How does Scoop ensure they stay true to the method?

Authentic Pilates has been described as a method of body conditioning. What other benefits does it offer to those who follow a regular programme?


Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to, that engages you, and that leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being, whether it be a one on one session or a mat class. The Authentic Pilates can do all this and more.

What do you recommend as a first step for those who want to learn more about Pilates offered at Scoop? Scoop is hosting an open studio evening on Thursday 20 November from 6-8pm where you will be able to learn more about the Authentic Pilates method we offer. For more information call Laiza on 021 158 9872, or visit

Workouts for busy people Nothing over $100 !!

Ph 0220462009



SUPER SALE! WHERE: 142 Somerfield Street Christchurch DATE: Mon 24th - Friday 28th November 9 am to 4.30 pm LATE NIGHT Thursday till 7.30

Visit Dodds Pharmacy today, you’ll be delighted with the unique range of Christmas gifts instore

Metropol November 13, 2014 39

By Cheryl Colley

Tiny tots fashion ready to wear or create The Main Skein in the Bush Inn Centre is much more than a wool shop, though of course catering for home knitters is at the heart of their business.

Christmas has arrived at


1 2 3


Bush Inn Centre Ph. 341 6123 IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation IPL gives you a ‘glossy’ skin appearance without a trace of unwanted hair

*Gift vouchers available


Accent on Nou Veau

Hair . Beauty . IPL Bush Inn Centre

Crn Riccarton & Waimairi Road P: 3488910 M: 021392322 (txt ONLY) ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE

40 November 13, 2014 Metropol


As Pam Steers, owner of The Main Skein says, “With spring rolling into summer we are proud to present our latest range of babies' and toddlers' clothing – ideal gifts for birthday or Christmas.” Indeed the range of clothing is quite irresistible. The little sleeveless Linzi Rose dresses in either lemon with white polka spots or white with big black dots are exquisite with their faultless finishing touches. Any little girl is going to feel like a princess all dressed up for a special occasion in one of these. Also from the Linzi range under the Linzi Heirloom label are beautiful christening gowns that Prince George would have been proud to wear at his christening. They have all the beautiful features one expects in such a garment – smocking, pin tucking and beading. Little boys too can strut their stuff in Freshbaked funky stylish clothing – footless stretch and grows, denim dungarees and Tshirts. The styles, motifs and detailing of these pieces turn the garments into tiny tots' fashion statements. Need something to carry all this shopping home in? Then fall in love with the Floressents range of velvet overnight bags in floral patterns – simply stunning. But let's not forget knitting at The Main Skein. They stock the top New Zealand brands - Naturally, Rare Earth, Touch and Ashfords. Really popular now too is imported alpaca yarn which is both a pleasure to knit with and to wear as it is so soft and luxurious. In fact it is five times warmer than wool. Add to that the fact that it is hypo-allergenic and does not irritate the skin. The Main Skein has a whole range of alpaca yarn from 4-ply to double knit and boucle. Along with the yarn, grab yourself a pair of amazing “Knit Pro” needles to assist you with a quality finish and you are well on the way to producing a fabulous hand-knitted product. The Main Skein is open seven days, including on public holidays. They have a loyalty card system and offer lay-by and gift vouchers. The store's knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you with your selection from their wide range of knitting patterns and materials.

The Main Skein The latest from Milk @ Sugar plus Freshbaked for babies & toddlers

Open 7 Days Bush Inn Centre Ph: 3486 899

By Lydia Truesdale

Edgy to elegant

NAIL ART It was nearly two years ago that Wonder Nails opened their doors at the South City Centre. The modern nail bar has since become a location soughtout for its soothing atmosphere and high quality treatments. WITH SUMMER RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS TO KEEP INDIVIDUALS LOOKING FRESHLY PRESENTED, FROM NOVEL LOOKS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS TO MODISH LOOKS FOR EVERYDAY FLAIR.


wners Joyce and Kiko set able to be applied. out to create a progressive Gel polishes are most popular nail spa with inviting energy, right now as they dry instantly and one that accommodates walk-ins as leave a long lasting 'mirror shine' well as appointments and makes a that doesn't damage the nail as point of never rushing. much as some acrylics. Acrylics The salon's interior is are still popular, Joyce notes, and contemporary and comforting, becoming more suited to those decorated with leading equipment with brittle nails. and cleverly laid out so the “We like to take our time with individual stations create a sense of each individual, including space and privacy. recommending what treatment is “We like to keep the salon clean, best and helping them explore relaxing and welcoming so what colours and designs they customers can really unwind while may like,” says Joyce. here,” says Joyce. With summer right around the “Many of our customers are corner there are many options to regulars and love that they can keep individuals looking freshly keep returning to get basically presented, from novel looks for anything in the way of nail art.” special occasions to modish looks The treatment menu is expansive. for everyday flair. Customers choose between Joyce and the team of friendly artificial nail enhancement services and experienced nail technicians and natural nail care and spa take pride in being part of a state treatments that use dependable of the art nail salon that offers products and brands carefully edgy, elegant and casual designs chosen by Joyce for their for fashion-forward individuals. combination of quality and While they welcome walk-ins reasonable price points. they prefer customers make an Think manicures and pedicures, appointment so they aren't kept acrylic and gel treatments, with nail waiting. designs like traditional French, a Wonder Nails is located at South range of bright and bold colours, City, 555 Colombo Street and is and even customers' own designs open seven days a week. Metropol November 13, 2014 41


Ensuring a perfect fit Sandy Cattermole has been sewing all her life. From hand stitching clothes for her dolls to her first treadle sewing machine at the age of 10, it is a skill that was taught to her by her mother and grandmother.


andy is the new face of Mel & Zoe's Alteration and Design Studio, having worked behind the scenes at the business before becoming the new owner earlier this year. From a spacious villa in Edgeware, Sandy offers all the same services that the design studio has become well known


spacious front fitting room, waiting for a client to slip on. Each dress has been made by Sandy using fabric sourced by the client, and is destined to be worn on an upcoming cruise. “If something fits well then it looks good,” says Sandy, with often many hours of work required for alterations to elaborate pieces such as bridal and bridesmaid gowns. Much of her work includes fitting of dresses which have been bought online, and as the recommended seamstress for Annah Stretton customers. Sandy and her team make those small touches of adjusting bust lines, shoulder straps and length to ensure that each dress fits perfectly.

for over the years, from hems and alterations to repairs and dressmaking. With over 40 years of professional experience as a seamstress working for a range of designers, including bridal, Sandy has the skills and expertise to work with the varied needs of her clients. Three stunning dresses hang in the


“It's worth coming and having it fitted so you'll wear it,” says Sandy, with the challenge of creating a well fitted garment that her clients love, the most rewarding part of her day. This may be that favourite dress that no longer fits, or a pair of pants that have spent most of their days at the back of the wardrobe simply because it doesn't quite fit right. Mel & Zoe's also provide mending services, for the likes of zip replacements, tears in everything from chiffon dresses to denim, or simply a hem that has come down. Sandy recommends dropping in with your garment to the studio at 151 Edgeware Road to discuss your requirements with her, with fittings for bridal gowns also available outside their standard hours of 9am – 5.30pm weekdays and 9.30am – 1.30pm on Saturday.

While Supplies Last O U R

BIGGEST SALE a of the ye r UP TO 60% OFF

Stacks of Hats & Accessories for the Races

Your Year- Round Destination For Vitamins, Supplements and Beauty Products

Get in quick! Sale ends Saturday 22 November

Prices marked as shown. No promotional code needed. Sale ends 22/11/14 at 4.00pm

Ph. 377 8942 E.

Check us out on 42 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Parkside Plaza, 5/333 Harewood Rd, Bishopdale opposite Harewood Tavern

Open Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm, Sat 9.30am-3pm, Thur Late

Phone 359 2070




Enjoy some of the most sought after products, new to market, on the lead up to the festive season... To enter the draw for any of these prizes email your name and phone number to Entries close on Sunday 23 November and the winners will be notified on Monday 24 November. You can enter for all of the prizes but each entry must be in a separate email with the name of the competition in the subject line.

Revivogen Natural Hair Loss Solution If you have fine and/or thinning hair then this is a solution you will be happy to find. Revivogen is a natural hair loss solution which promotes thicker, fuller and healthier hair for men and women. This pack includes a three-month supply. Quote: “Revivogen” in the subject line of your email.

Sawtooth kitchen Sawtooth Kitchen started with a batch of barbecue sauce Rebecca Harris made for Christmas presents - she had her friends and family hooked and wanting more. So the decision was made to do some serious, and slightly strange preserving… “Almost everything I make is something I haven't seen before. Only in the Sawtooth kitchen will you see nasturtium capers, lemon and sage curd, lavender salt, stone fruit infused vinegar, pineapple and mint tea, and so many more weird preserves.” Metropol has a selection of delicious Sawtooth Kitchen products to give away – Coconut Chai Tea, Mild BBQ Sauce and Lavendar Salt. Quote: “Sawtooth Kitchen” in the subject line of your email.

Redcurrent home and living pieces The Redcurrent philosophy is Live Beautifully, Give Beautifully and their new look stores around the country reflect this. Redcurrent continues to offer their shoppers a range of beautiful home and living pieces collected from around the globe. Enjoy this striking metallic-look tote bag and a gorgeous Triple Scented Candle by Glasshouse Fragrances. Quote: “Redcurrent Gifts” in the subject line of your email.

Schwarzkopf Professional Repair Rescue The heat of your blow-dryer and styling tools, along with environmental conditions may have left your hair damaged, dry and fragile. Schwarzkopf has a nourishing solution that will have your hair looking beautiful, health and shiny in no time. Bonus product is their sensational Salt Spray for relaxed holiday styling. Quote: “Schwarzkopf Professional Repair Rescue” in the subject line of your email.

Schwarzkopf Professional Styling Straighten your hair, refresh and make your hair shine with a dry conditioner, add volume and texture with Dust It and finish your hair with Schwarzkopf Extreme Hold hairspray. This prize package will take your home styling to new levels. Quote: “Schwarzkopf Professional Styling” in the subject line of your email.

Metropol November 13, 2014 43


By Wendy Dunlop

Designer labels for savvy shoppers Boutique Clearance Fashion Outlet has operated in the women's fashion business for 18 years and attributes its longevity to wide experience in the fashion industry and the reputations of its well established suppliers.


aintaining excellent rapport with leading labels, the spacious Fendalton shop clears end of lines, design prototypes, production over-runs, cancelled orders and sample stock for many high fashion houses throughout Australasia. Currently the store's racks and large display spaces are full of bright and pretty clothes that signify the trend for the coming summer season. “There are strong colours, vibrant jewel hues and large floral patterns that have replaced the darker shades of winter,” says Director Kathryn Ward. As the longest established outlet store in Christchurch with a company motto to “Save 50% or more Everyday,” customers have always appreciated being able to buy top quality garments at reduced prices. At times there can be as much as 70% off on end of season styles. The variety of labels, styles and sizes ranging from 8-24, appeals to various



in store now!

Kelly $139.95

Kami $139.95

Kami $139.95

Kami $139.95

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Sizes 8-24

SAVE up to 50% or more EVERYDAY

age groups including early 20s to mature customers. Just arrived from Canada are beautifully tailored French Dressing jeans in sizes 4-22, while the selection of bags, jewellery, scarves and belts allows you to complete your chosen outfit with accessories to match. For an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience, visit Boutique Clearance Fashion Outlet. It is open seven days and prides itself on genuine personal service from experienced fashion staff. Don't miss the shop's new ranges of spring and summer garments now in store and enjoy its convenient location with ample parking at the door and compatible surrounding restaurants, hair and beauty salons, shoe shop and supermarket. For further information call in at the Boutique Clearance Fashion Outlet, Fendalton Village Mall, 250 Clyde Road or phone 355 0333.

Boutique Clearance South City Ph. 03 379 7473 Riccarton Ph. 03 348 0194 Northlands Ph. 03 353 5896 44 November 13, 2014 Metropol

FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058

Rosina Wachtmeister

For a healthy, flawless & skin bright finish


In Store Now!

Don’t leave protecting your skin for summer to chance 16 Oct 23 Oct 30 to Oct Come in & talk our professional team

This selection is only available once a year Barrington Ph. 337 2337



INNOVATION & STYLE Look stunning at the races in these chic modern styles...

Beautiful Jewellery for every occasion

Barrington Ph. 332 1730

Barrington Phone 331 8131

Metropol November 13, 2014 45

Making your nails look fabulous!

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Fabulous Haircuts for all ages


_ Artificial Nails _ Shellac Nails _Manicure _ Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Dry Cuts - Ladies $23.00 Mens $20.00

Don’t FORGET our LOYALTY CARD, every 6th Haircut is FREE!

P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Centre



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specialty tea shop

If your nails are cracked or yellowing, you could have fungal nail infection. 1-3


Available at South City Pharmacy

South City Pharmacy

Ph: 03 366 3621 South City Mall Shop 16, 555 Colombo St Christchurch 8011 southcitypharmacychch


46 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Love good teas? You are in good hands. We’re all about teas!

Church Corner South City Mall Ph. 982 4211 Ph. 943 5364

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 6pm Sunday 10am - 5pm


By Wendy Dunlop

Flawless Quality & perfect precision For jewellery that you will wear for a lifetime, why wouldn't you want “the nest engagement and wedding rings produced in New Zealand – high quality at low cost” says Dan Joines of Polished Diamonds.


olished Diamonds offers a stunning collection of GIA certied diamonds that can be set into the ring style of your choice be it engagement, anniversary, wedding or just because. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology clients can have creative input into the design of the ring and numerous variations can be previewed and amended before the exact measurements for manufacture are conrmed. With the ability to reproduce any ring design, Polished Diamonds can set any GIA certied diamonds or gemstones like ruby, sapphire and emerald to match your budget. The online store features more than 20,000 stones and hundreds of settings, so no two rings will ever be the same and the pricing is low because they manufacture. If you want your great grandmother's ring replicated, a design you have seen in a magazine or the perfect wedding band to match your

Engineered precision: Polished Diamond’s Computer Aided Design ensures perfection.

engagement ring, you can see exactly how it will look visually based on your nger size, colour of the metal, width of the band overlaid into the design you like – this is really clever. “No ring is produced with more accuracy as we work to 0.01mm which is less than a human hair and manufacture takes just 5-10 days,” says Dan. With a unique ring for the same cost as mass produced chain store jewellery, Polished Diamonds will provide awless quality and perfect precision backed by a lifetime guarantee.

USING COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN (CAD) TECHNOLOGY CLIENTS CAN HAVE CREATIVE INPUT INTO THE DESIGN OF THE RING. Visit for inspiration, information and the chance to enter the 1.00 carat diamond giveaway, or call into the exquisite Design Studio in historic New Regent Street for a personal experience and friendly chat. The word is out that award winning Polished Diamonds are the jewellers of choice for high quality custom made jewellery at remarkable prices.



Best Dressed Window Competition

Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 Sizes 14 plus

Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm Saturday 10am-4pm Metropol November 13, 2014 47

FASHION, HEALTH & BEAUTY Canterbury Cup week provides an occasion to dress up and add accents with a hat and jewellery. Adding Charmant Line Art titanium eyewear will add that final touch to your appearance. Its feminine, minimalist style has an inherent grace and presents beautiful precious metals of silver, rose gold or gold which complement your face tones. The precision flex titanium base is accentuated along the temple filaments with Swarovski crystals.

See & be seen! S

ee this quality titanium women's range at Rolleston Eye on Shelley Street or Lincoln Eye on Gerald Street. The practices provide full vision examinations to assess your sight, eye coordination and eye health. Rolleston Eye-Optometrists is located in the pharmacy building at 41 Shelley Street. It is open until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for appointments that suit people who don't get home until after 5pm. Life is busy and binocular fatigue is occurring more frequently due to the wide use of computers, tablets and smart phones. Good visual habits when using screen based technologies help minimise binocular fatigue. After a vision exam the optometrist can go over useful tips to help reset your vision during the day. Enlarging screen text by one size or more can significantly reduce visual fatigue.

Tracie and Leesa


GOOD VISUAL HABITS WHEN USING SCREEN BASED TECHNOLOGIES HELP MINIMISE BINOCULAR FATIGUE. Standing up from your seat and walking around your chair after each hour of computer use is strongly recommended. Glasses and contact lenses may be all you need for clear, stable sight. However, there are times when problems remain. Investigation may show these can be addressed by learning to use your vision more effectively. Advancements in developmental learning through vision, binocular vision and neuro-optometry help optometrists better understand vision problems and the Australian College of Optometry and the NZ Association of Optometrists websites are a good resource on a variety of vision and eye health areas. Links to both can be found at Make Cup Week extra special with a fresh new look in eyewear, or by taking the time to have a vision examination to ensure you see with confidence.

Show Off your Legs this Summer! With the latest technology, results are fast & effective Return to normal activity in a couple of days

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI 48 November 13, 2014 Metropol

16 St Asaph St ChCh Ph. 365 4502



Diagnosing & treating

Living with pelvic pain is an everyday reality for 80,000 women throughout New Zealand. This alone can have a negative flow-on effect into all areas of a woman's life. RIGHT


ntil recently, it was believed that endometriosis was the principle cause for pelvic pain, however Dr Sherif Tawfeek and his team challenge this theory and are at the forefront of a shift in the diagnosis and management of long-term pelvic pain, which is now known to be multi-factorial. "Improper diagnosis causes long-term suffering. This is widespread and needs to be addressed to alleviate the frustration and anxiety it causes." The Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic is a contemporary and holistic service which fundamentally recognises every woman as being unique and so the cause of pelvic pain for each individual is different. Gynaecological, physical, psychological and dietary factors are all considered and so the team involves a range of specialists who stem from a number of different disciplines. "This approach offers the best chance of a good recovery. The service has been running for over a year with very good results and excellent feedback." The initial consultation process by a gynaecologist is crucial and involves a thorough assessment of the individual's life, to gain insight into the most possible causes of the pain. Once identified, the causes are prioritised in terms of a percentage value, so as to create an understanding of the impact each factor has on the pain. Based on the most likely diagnosis, the patient can then be reviewed by the appropriate team member such as a dietician, clinical psychologist, physiotherapist or an anaesthetist who specialises in




Natural Attraction The Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph. 3480 444




Special clinical expertise: Chronic pelvic pain and Endometriosis Heavy and painful periods Subfertility and Miscarriage Menopause management Dr Sherif Tawfeek

Hire any piece of equipment and get an extra

4 WEEKS FREE HIRE! p. 03 338 8877

FRANZCOG, MRCOG, MSc, FICS, Dip-endoscopy

Consultant Gynaecologist Christchurch Obstetrics & Gynaecology Associates Hiatt Chambers St George's Medical Centre

FREE pick up & delivery in the Canterbury area.

10ct White Gold Filigree Ring

18ct Ruby & Diamond Ring $3100 RV

Diamond Solitaire Ring $3875 RV

9ct 'Dux' Medal – 1937






421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone (03) 366 -5475

249 Papanui Road Christchurch Tel: 03 375-4060


Looking for a unique piece of HISTORY? Timeless Elegant Vintage Jewellery

9ct Rose Gold Fob Chain 67gms Hallmarked Chester 1918



With advanced standard of endoscopic and reconstructive pelvic surgery

Creative Hair Stylist

Limited time!-Conditions Apply


pain management. Advanced surgery is also offered, if it is required. General good health plays an important role and subtle lifestyle choices can have a profound effect. The service provides a comprehensive recovery plan, covering all bases, ultimately improving quality of life. For more information visit

RODNEY UPSTON Buy one product, receive one FREE with every colour service.



hair & beauty boutique day spa

9ct Opal & Diamond Pendant with chain


RV - Replacement Value

Get that Perfect Style for Summer & the Social season 127 Westminster St St Albans

P.365 2215

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How to choose a Fertility The Fertility Associates Group is this year celebrating the birth of 15,000 babies. The Christchurch Clinic was established in 1990 and is proud of the very experienced staff that have contributed to these births.


or over 24 years Fertility Associates Christchurch has successfully helped many couples to achieve their dream of having a baby. They provide public funded and private fertility treatments for the Canterbury, Nelson/Marlborough and West Coast regions. More recently the District Health Board's of the South Island have now announced that Fertility Associates Christchurch is the preferred provider for publicly funded treatment for the entire South Island. This means that Fertility Associates will be

providing a public service for patients throughout the Otago and Southland region alongside their existing private services. Their Christchurch based medical team of Dr Sarah Wakeman (Medical Director), Dr Greg Phillipson and Dr Michelle Bailey are all fully qualified CREI specialists. They have qualified as Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and then completed several years of post graduate specialist studies in reproductive medicine. In addition Dr Catherine Conway, Consultant Endocrinologist complements this highly qualified medical team.

Fertility Associates Christchurch Lab Team Leader Dr Anoma Gooneratne (PhD)


Halswell Preschool

Christchurch Obstetric Associates SPECIALISTS IN MATERNITY CARE


Afliated with Fertility Associates

Call today about enrolling your child with us! Full range of sessions available

Colin Conaghan

Geeta Singh

Jane Fielder

Angela Beard

Providing a full range of care including pre pregnancy advice, antenatal care, labour, birth, and post natal care Consulting at: Ashburton, Hokitika and Greymouth

31 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch P. 322 8727 E.

30th Birthday & Open Day! Saturday 22nd November 10am-1pm Join us for a fun morning Explore Moa Kids Sausage sizzle Coffee

Cake stalls Enjoy our great outdoor space & play equipment

Barnett Park, Redcliffs Open 8.00am-5.00pm Monday-Friday

50 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Michelle Bailey

Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch 8014 Ph. (03) 375 4060 Fax: (03) 375 4061


Clinic For all Fertility Associates Christchurch Specialists providing fertility related care is their primary focus. The scientific team led by Dr Anoma Gooneratne (PhD) and her team of experienced Embryologists enables Fertility Associates to offer patients access to the latest proven techniques for treatment and this alongside the care of their highly skilled nurses ensures that patients are well informed and supported through their fertility journey. Your choice of an experienced fertility specialist will depend on your emotional needs and your own individual preferences. Other factors will depend on the type of procedure you need and the range of treatment that the clinic can offer. The success rates of your local clinic should be available to discuss. Although results are often combined across several clinics, it is best to discuss the local results and live birth rates. The qualifications and availability of the doctors and a complete range of diagnostic and treatment options should be available. Choosing a fertility clinic is a very important decision when you are having trouble conceiving. The skills and experience of the clinic staff, the ability of the service to cater to all of your needs – medical, surgical and emotional, will determine if your treatment will be successful.

Fertility Associates Christchurch Leading Team of IVF Specialists. L-R: Dr Greg Phillipson, Dr Michelle Bailey, Dr Sarah Wakeman, Dr Catherine Conway


Know how is key Each fertility case is unique however you want a clinic that can draw on local case studies and success rates. Their success is your success. Dedicated Fertility Specialists IVF treatment is a complex procedure where every step must be precisely performed. Look for a clinic that has a qualified team of CREI fertility specialists where their main focus is on their fertility patients. Consider starting immediately Nature waits for no one and this is particularly true when trying for a baby. Check out

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By Lydia Truesdale

Health & wellbeing from within At Health2000 Barrington their focus for the summer is on health and wellbeing from the inside out. As a modern herbal dispensary they stock a variety of natural health supplements and staff are on hand at all times to provide sound knowledge in recommending them. Team member, Josie McNeil with a customer


hile the summertime is full of enjoyable outdoor activities and social events, these can take their toll on our bodies. Keeping hydrated and nourishing our bodies becomes key, and sometimes a little more than water and a good rest is needed. It's becoming increasingly popular to do as our ancestors did and turn to natural medicines, before referring to a GP for minor health ailments and everyday wellbeing. Onsite naturopath Autumn says the most important things we can do under the summer sun is use a decent SPF, pump the skin with an organic hydrating serum and moisturise for protection from the environment.

Natural serums that use plant and herb extracts are leading options for skin care. Autumn explains their natural properties are beneficial for all – those with ageing, dry and tired skin and those wanting to maintain younger skin. “It's about getting away from nasties and into natural skin solutions,” she says. And that includes internal supplements as well. Antioxidants are believed to enhance the skin, with nature's 'super-antioxidant' Astaxanthin, blackcurrant oil and collagen working from the inside out to plump skin and help fight fine lines, dryness and redness. Health2000 look to reputable brands and products to fulfil their selection of internal health

ANTIOXIDANTS ARE BELIEVED TO ENHANCE THE SKIN, WITH NATURE'S 'SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT' ASTAXANTHIN, BLACKCURRANT OIL AND COLLAGEN WORKING FROM THE INSIDE OUT TO PLUMP SKIN AND HELP FIGHT FINE LINES, DRYNESS AND REDNESS. supplements and topical skin care solutions. Most of what they offer uses NZ-native active ingredients and contains no parabens and no preservatives. Between the friendly staff and in store naturopath there is always someone available with the experience and insight to help guide customers in the right direction. “Most of our customers are regular clients… they appreciate

the time and effort we take to assist them in finding top quality natural solutions.” Their extensive range of natural health supplements includes skin, hair and body care solutions, aromatherapy, herbal teas, sports supplements and health foods. Health2000 Barrington is located at Barrington Mall, 256 Barrington Street.

NZ’s most trusted Teeth Whitening Company

Elsewhere $699


Incl FREE Maintainence Kit - Value $99 Exp 30 Nov 2014

52 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Look years younger Look healthier and more confident Suitable 16-100 years of age Painless, safe & with fantastic results Great for rejuvenating caps, crowns, veneers & fillings Removes tea, coffee, red wine & smoke stains instantly Qualified Dental Practitioner

Phone (03) 339 7374

The Artwork, Workmanship & Sterilization are of the highest quality

94 B Riccarton Rd - Ph 341 1301 for an appointment Open 7 days



MY FOOD BAG comes to Christchurch Preparing the evening meal is about to get a whole lot easier for Christchurch people as My Food Bag brings its successful home delivery service to the Garden City.


y Food Bag is a home delivery service providing quality, free range ingredients together with nutritional seasonal recipes prepared by 2011 MasterChef Nadia Lim and her test kitchen team. Launched originally in Auckland in March 2013, My Food Bag expanded to Hamilton in June and Wellington in August last year and in to the greater Waikato and Tauranga in August this year. It was developed by 2013 EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year Cecilia Robinson together with Nadia Lim and prominent business leader Theresa Gattung. Ms Gattung says Cantabrians have been asking for My Food Bag so the team has been working hard to get the service up and running there. “This is a big move for My Food Bag and we have had to work hard to get our distribution right and work with suppliers so we have only the best fresh ingredients and free range products available. “Food lovers in Christchurch can now go online and order their choice of our three food bags,” Ms Gattung says.

“And there’s good news for local suppliers – because we source ingredients locally wherever we can, we’ve already signed up several meat suppliers and we’ll be using local markets to source fresh fruit and veges.” My Food Bag chef and dietitian Nadia Lim says she’s very much looking forward to adding some southern spirit to the My Food Bag recipe book. “Eating healthy has to be fun and taste great and our cooking style is seasonally focused. That means we’ll be sure to have our noses to the ground in the Christchurch markets searching out the local favourites. And of course we are always open to suggestions,” Ms Lim says. “And good news with the festive season just around the corner –our popular Christmas Bag will also be available to those living in Christchurch so we hope that will be an early Christmas present for those hosting the family this year.” Local suppliers to My Food Bag include epicurean butchers Peter Timbs Meats and Canter Valley which provides gourmet poultry products.

Nadia Lim

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Four Locations Edgeware 76 Edgeware Rd, Edgeware, Phone 366 7223

Rolleston Shop No 8, 70-76 Rolleston Dr, Rolleston Square, Phone 03 347 2315

Hanmer Springs Shop 5/30 Cnr Conical Rd Hill& Chisolm Ave, Phone 03 315 7616

Kaikoura 17 Beach Road Phone 03 319 6844

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How My Food Bag works


ach bag contains ingredients for dinners alongside recipes designed by Nadia Lim that are simple to prepare, big on flavour, healthy and delicious. On a Sunday each week, customers receive the recipes and ingredients for main meals. With each delivery, Nadia provides notes for that week that include useful cooking tips and how to keep leftovers, among other handy hints.

The Gourmet Bag costs $139 for four meals for two people and includes ingredients and recipes combining international tastes, food trends and the best of local ingredients to bring global food flavours in to the home. Customers can expect meals such as duckbreast with carrot, snow peas and plum sauce soba noodles, herb crusted lamb loin with roast potato salad and pork balls in caramelised chilli sauce with choy sum and coconut rice. All three bag offerings include free delivery and add-ons available include two sizes of fruit bags and the recently launched My Wine Match. More details at

Currently there are three types of bag. The Classic for a family of four to five people costs $189 for five meals and includes tasty dishes such as fish wraps with chipotle mayo and salad, crispy chicken tenders with chunky fries, slaw and sweet chilli mayo and cajun beef with chimmi churri sauce, corn and tomato quinoa salad. The Family Bag costs $159 for five meals, is designed for parents of two or three younger children under 10 and has smaller portion sizes. Families can expect meals such as crusted fish with roast potato and salad, mediterranean vegetable, feta and avocado pizza, sesame chicken and spring vegetable stir-fry.

GIVEAWAY What’s for dinner? – No worries! Imagine not having to worry about what’s for dinner – for an entire week, every week, as long as you like. My Food Bag is delivered to the door on a Sunday afternoon or evening so you can take time off to do the things you want to do. Metropol has one weekly My Food Bag to give away – choose between the Family, Classic or Gourmet Bag option. To find out more go to To be in the draw to win email your name, phone number, delivery address and which bag you would like to Please write ‘My Food Bag Competition’ in the subject line and place one entry only per person. Entries close 23 November and the winner will be notified on 24 November.



Join us every Thursday for Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm with live entertainment from 5-7pm

$6.00 Tap Beer & $6.00 House Wine & Complimentary snack food




*Book NOW for your Christmas Function!

“ Tastes so good, it should be a sin”

For a variety of delectable delights from

Breads of Europe



Nominee: Best Nationwide Restaurants

Bakehouse Shop

Restaurant OPEN Tues - Thurs from 4pm Friday, Sat & Sun from 11am check our website for details

Pier Terminus Building, 195-213 Marine Parade, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493

54 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm

Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048

in your kitchen

For the Best Pizza in town! Backed up by a Trip Advisor Cer ficate of Excellence! We are a family business using only fresh local ingredients and don’t forget we have available a mobile func on unit. For your next pizza, make sure it’s a...

BASE WOODFIRED PIZZA Find us in Restart - Cashel Mall

‘The Akaroa Cooking School’ From planning a meal to sourcing quality ingredients from different markets, The Akaroa Cooking School shows how to prepare food that is elegant, nutritious and delicious. Available now from all good booksellers. Tohu Awatere Valley Pinot Gris 2014 – GOLD: NZ International Wine Show Wine; 5 STARS: Wine Orbit Tohu Single Vineyard Marlborough Pinot Rose 2014 –4 STARS: Wine Orbit; SILVER: Bragato Wine Awards. Try them today! Ph. 0800 864 894 Artisan Chocolate Introducing our range of yummy chocolate coated nuts and beans, all made in house with 33% cocoa.

Redwood Bakery 290B Main North Road, Phone 03 352 5099

Send a box of deliciousness – beautiful fresh macarons delivered door to door throughout NZ. J’aime les Macarons Ph (03) 366 9108 Pop into Terra Viva Bake in the Holy Smoke building, 650 Ferry Road in Woolston. For a delicious treat, Supreme coffee, artisan breads and patisserie.

Terra Viva Bake Open 7-3 Tuesday - Friday, 9-3 Saturday.

Super Liquor Ferrymead & Punjabi Dhaba Invite you to an evening of

Curry and Whiskey Wednesday December 3rd Punjabi Dhaba, 9 Humphreys Dr, Ferrymead, Curry and Whiskey Club 6.00pm -8.30pm Price includes samples of all whiskies, matching canapes during the tasting, and a curry dinner to follow. Tickets $60. Limited seats only Ph. 021 479375 E.

50 Bistro Pre-Christmas Lunch Menu Celebrate the festive season with a three course set Christmas lunch. Perfect for corporate entertaining or catching up with friends. $45.00 per person 17 Nov – 24 Dec P: 03 371 0250 E

Book now for Christmas, birthdays & special functions. Come in & experience tastes of Persian & Turkish cuisine. Cooking amazing cuisine for 24 years. Food always fresh with those delightful Middle Eastern flavours. Dine in or Takeaway. Bookings essential.

Persian Kitchen Cafe & Restaurant 325 Stanmore Rd Richmond Christchurch Phone 03 389 0400 Metropol November 13, 2014 55


Maori culture enhancing wine production New Zealand has always prided itself on its clean, green reputation, and its unspoilt landscape, rich in natural resources, provides the ideal growing conditions for winemaking.


ono Beverages offers a range of wines that compete and perform at an international level. Kaitiakitanga - guardianship of the land and resources, is of great importance to Kono Beverages. This means adherence to sustainable winemaking practices and caring for the land through accreditation with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and CarboNZero.

Tohu Wines Tohu was the world's first Māori-owned wine company. Since 1998 they have been making their mark on the world with wines produced from New Zealand’s premier grape growing regions of Marlborough. True to Māori culture, Tohu have a strong spiritual connection to everything they grow and a responsibility to ensure their land is passed onto future generations in pristine condition. Tohu wines have been celebrated with numerous national and international wine awards, and are available throughout New Zealand and internationally. When the wine is considered to be of outstanding quality and reflective of the unique stature of kaumātua wine varieties they are included in the reserve range: Ÿ Mugwi Sauvignon Blanc Ÿ Rore Pinot Noir Ÿ Raiha Riesling Ÿ Rewa Blanc de Blanc

Aronui Wines The word Aronui derives from ancient Māori mythology and speaks of the pursuit of knowledge, including in the arts and working with the land in beneficial ways. Aronui Wines are created by the Māori owned New Zealand wine company that brought you the award-winning Tohu wines, and are sourced from the company’s Nelson vineyards. “True to our Māori culture, we have a strong spiritual connection to our land and are committed to passing it on to future generations in pristine condition. True to our winemaking history, we are committed to growing exceptional grapes and creating exceptional wines.” And the vineyards? The Awatere Valley vineyard is a series of river terraces, stony with alluvial gravels and wind-blown loess providing the foundations for growing vines that produce outstanding fruit. The Waihōpai Valley Vineyard site is exposed to cold air drifting down the valley from nearby mountains. This creates a slightly cooler climate and later ripening than vineyards farther down on the plains. The Moutere Hills region is composed of gentle rolling country with clay soils laced with layers of gravel. The climate here is warm with high sunshine hours. Beautiful soils, wonderful climate, exquisite wines. Enjoy.




Choice of either Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetables or Combination

Shop 7 / 21 Humphreys Dr. Ferrymead Ph. 376 6000 56 November 13, 2014 Metropol


FERRYMEAD 2 Waterman Place Ferrymead P. 348 5644 FERRYMEAD@TEPPANYAKI.CO.NZ



Aromatic, Persian & Turkish cuisine



Richard Uttley


e are fortunate to be able to sample the timeless cuisine of ancient Persian and Turkish cuisine at the Persian Kitchen, Café and Restaurant, on Avalon Road just off Stanmore Road in Richmond. Elly and Hamza Coskun specialise in wonderful relaxed brunches, lunches and intimate meals; but see themselves as a destination restaurant. That means that as their reputation grows, folk come in from many areas, because they know the food is exquisite and genuine. The décor and layout is perfect for functions; whether they are office get-togethers, birthday and family celebrations, or Christmas meals. You can select buffet or à la carte and there is an extensive wine list. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available and the range of dishes will suit all tastes and inclinations.

Mary's mixologist

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Pear Sour…

How to make a Pear Sour A cheeky recipe from Sambar in Seattle. Owners Bruce and Sara Naftaly, who named the bar after their young son Sam, first created this recipe using pears grown in their garden.

Glassware Usually served in a Martini glass, several types are available. Personally I prefer using Luigi Bormioli Bach Martini glasses available from Total Food Equipment.


As Elly points out, you just need to check out their website (, and you can have what is on the standard menu, but combine it with a wonderful range of “group” dishes. Their food is prepared for an event, and is fresh and beautifully prepared – nothing pulled out of a freezer, and nothing preserved again afterwards.

A Pear Sour

60ml pear brandy 60ml pear juice 15ml fresh lemon juice 10 ml Simple Syrup 1 pear slice Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add all of the remaining ingredients except the pear slice. Shake well, strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with the pear slice. Bloody Mary’s is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary’s Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

For discerning diners...


evantis Restaurant and Café in Burnside has already made its mark in Cuisine Magazine, and is proud to provide beautifully presented food to discerning Christchurch diners. Over a year following a change of management, this highly regarded restaurant has ensured that the menu which attracted so many has remained intact; but new dishes are being presented – contemporary, innovative and intriguing. The idea is to provide good old favourites, but at the same time challenging the taste buds of those of us who like to try something new. Sevantis is rapidly becoming a destination; not just a neighbourhood restaurant, which means that people travel a distance to enjoy good cuisine. High teas are a great attraction, and Sevantis welcomes groups who enjoy getting together between late afternoon and early evening and sharing coffee, a good wine, and a variety of delicious foods. Groups can enjoy a sheltered outside dining area, with plants and water feature, or relax inside. Call them now – the options are attractive. Metropol November 13, 2014 57

DINING Ferrymead

Receive $20 Nobanno Voucher when you spend $100 or over* *Conditions apply




Fun, friendly, warm atmosphere, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have an À la carte menu available as well as all the treats in the cabinet, great coffee and we're fully licensed

Garden Hotel & Restaurant is the home to the famous buffet. From November 20 through to Christmas Eve we are putting on a spread fit for diners' end-of-year celebrations. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, the Christmas-themed buffets will provide a feast of traditional favourites, along with a splash of Mexican flair to really add to the fun of any function. Book and dine with us this festive season, and we'll take care of the rest.

Specials Monday

Curry of the day only 12.50

Wednesday Love a good burger? So do we! Check out our special range of burgers on a Wednesday night

Hours: Lunch: Wed - Sat 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Open 7 nights 5pm - late


1060 Ferry Road, Christchurch

Hours: Open 7 days a week - 7 am till late

Fully Licenced Phone: 03 943 5970


Becks Southern Alehouse BECKENHAM Becks is a throughly modern bar and restaurant. Enjoy an excellent range of beers, wines, spirits, and an appealing a la carte menu Offering an extensive and affordable range of beautifully presented cuisine.



Present your super gold card and receive 25% off any main menu item

At the Garden Hotel Complex 110 Marshland Road www.

Phone: 03 337 3720

Phone: (03) 386 0088

Central City

THE PURPLE WEKA Purple Weka Café & Bar is a centrally located café with its own twist on Kiwi café dining. Providing you with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy great coffee and some real Kiwi (Weka) Kai like Nana used to make. Fully licensed, Plenty of car parking. Don't be a bird brain….Get your Weka fix! facebook/ Hours: Monday to Wednesday 6am - 4pm Thursday 6am - 4pm Friday 6am-4pm Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pm

Phone: (03) 337 2233 58 November 13, 2014 Metropol

SPECIALS: Christmas themed buffet from 20th November – 24th December Open daily lunch 11:30am – 2pm dinner 5:30pm – 9/10pm

Shop 21, Barrington Mall, 256 Barrington Street, Christchurch

Open 7 days from 10am

155 Colombo Street, Christchurch.


48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258


SPECTATORS 7 day Bar & Bistro

CAN FOR A COFFEE! Help us support the Christchurch City Mission this Christmas. Between the 1st - 7th December bring in a non perishable food item that we can give to the City Mission and we'll give you a coffee (or tea) for free!! Applies to coffees on the board. Excludes: specialty milks, extra shots, syrups Opening Hours: Monday – 7.30am til 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday – 7.30am til late Saturday and Sunday – 9.00am til late 65 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Raceway Phone (03) 339 7915


DINING Formaggios








OCEAN CAFE & BAR SCARBOROUGH Ocean Cafe & Bar Scarborough is the ideal place in Christchurch to enjoy a casual dining experience, while watching the surfers, SuPs, seagulls and swimmers. Located on Sumner Esplanade, down by the Clock Tower. Owned by locals, Jules & Wal, who have visions of Ocean becoming Sumner’s most popular place to visit


147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner Ph. 03 326 7923

COOKAI JAPANESE RESTAURANT The Cookai Japanese Restaurant offers patrons the chance to enjoy authentic Japanese food in a family-friendly, welcoming environment. Our menu includes many Japanese favourites including soft shell crab, tempura sushi roll, grill chicken and much, much more. Our helpful waiting staff can assist you with selecting your meal if you are unsure of what to order. We offer a wide range of Japanese dishes and beverages with a special set menu option for lunch time and a relaxed luxurious dining area and lounge. We are open 7 days for lunch and dinner and are fully licensed offering BYO for bottled wine only. We are taking Christmas Function Bookings and can cater up to 40 people. Opening Hours: Lunch: Wed-Sun 11.30-14.30 Dinner: Mon-Sun 17.30-22.00


MADAM KWONG’S CHINESE RESTAURANT Specialising in both Cantonese & Sichuan cuisines. First class barbeque selection. Set menu from $23 per person. Dining & takeaways. Also offering yum cha service for lunch. Functions, weddings and group bookings welcomed. Fully licensed. Free on site parking Prices: Noodles and rice dishes from $10. Roast pork and roast duck cooked daily on site. Peking duck dishes from $50 Owner operated. Lunch 11am-2:30pm Dinner 5pm-10:30pm Closed Tuesdays

At back of Caltex Petrol Station on Blenheim Rd & Java Furniture 155 Blenheim Road


NOW OPEN Your neighbourhood restaurant just got better serving gourmet pizza, steak, salad, pasta and more. Join us for Steak night every Thursday night. Porterhouse Steak with Chips & Salad $17.00 Happy hour 4-6pm Fridays. $5 House Wine $5 Tap Beer with complimentary flat bread

150 Colombo Street

6 Nelson Street, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone (03) 343 2860


Phone (03) 331 6674

Diamond Harbour

CHALFONT CAFE & BAR Open seven days a week, Chalfont Café and Bar is just a 10-minute trip by Black Cat Ferry from Lyttelton or a stunning drive around Lyttelton Harbour. Part of the original Diamond Harbour Country Store, the licensed café offers a vast selection of cabinet food and menu options, with plenty of gluten-free options available and only free-range eggs used. All food is prepared on-site. Hours: Open Mon – Wed, 9am – 4pm, Thurs – Sun, 9am – late (separate dinner menu served Thursday-Sunday)

2 Waipapa Ave Diamond Harbour Ph. 03 329 4465


City Centre

THE SQUARE RESTAURANT & BAR Serving fresh, local produce with a Kiwiana flair in a modern and charming atmosphere – The Square Restaurant’s a la carte lounge offers semi formal dining in contemporary surroundings – great for business dining or entertaining family & friends. From fancy cocktails, local & international beer to an extensive wine selection – The Square Bar offers a relaxing environment with comfortable chairs, a flat screen television and fire place.

SPECIALS: Rip out this ad and present to our staff to receive a 50% discount on our dinner a la carte menu. (T&Cs apply).

52 Cathedral Square, City Centre. Ph 372 2111 Hours: Mon-Sun, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and All Day Snack Menu. Licensed. Phone: (03) 372 2111 Metropol November 13, 2014 59


Tempting tastes of the Christmas season The year 2014 has flown by and it’s already time to start planning the annual Christmas celebration.


ith a delicious traditional Christmas menu, a stunning new outdoor balcony area ready in time for summer and an exciting children’s play room, Caesar’s Family Restaurant and Bar has something for everyone at the popular Northwood Supa Centre. Celebrating its sixth anniversary on 5 December, the family friendly establishment nestled comfortably within the Main North Road strip of the shopping centre can cater for up to 250 people and is available for both Christmas functions and Christmas Day. “Our sixth year anniversary is our opportunity to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us over the years,” Owner Molly Soliman says. “Anyone who wants to stop by on Friday 5 December to help us celebrate will be most welcome.” Famous for its delicious home-style cuisine created with love and a strong attention to flavour, the Christmas menu – extending from November 1 through to December 24 – includes a free entrée with any large two course meal. The mains menu offers all the traditional favourites, including Ham off the bone, Roast Pork and succulent Roast Turkey. The dessert menu has been named ‘Happy Ending’ and it’s not hard to see why, with a delicious range including Steamed Xmas Pudding, Creamed Brandy Snaps and Passion fruit Pavlova.

If that list already has your mouth watering, the Christmas Day menu offers something even better, with roast Turkey, Ham, Lamb and Pork, oven braised Lamb Shanks, a delicious Mixed Grill and Chicken Harissa on offer, or enjoy a Grill on the Rocks for something fun and unique. THE CHRISTMAS MENU – EXTENDING FROM NOVEMBER 1 THROUGH TO DECEMBER 24 – INCLUDES A FREE ENTRÉE WITH ANY LARGE TWO COURSE MEAL. In true family friendly fashion, a combo two course children’s menu will also be available on the day, offering a delicious main and dessert. And if you thought Caesars couldn’t top that, when you book and dine at the Northwood restaurant on Christmas Day 2014, you go in the draw to win a gorgeous Christmas hamper to top off your day. It’s not hard to see how passionate Molly is about Caesars. A chef for 20 years, the restaurant is her second commercial offering to the hospitality industry and you can see the enjoyment in her eyes when she talks about creating menus and the delicious range on offer. Get in fast to secure your Christmas booking by phoning (03) 323 5420, check out Caesars for yourself at the Northwood Supa Centre or visit

Open Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Happy Hour: Wed-Sun 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5

Function Venue up to 50 people

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Customised set menus Fully Licensed

70 Kendal Ave Burnside

60 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Ph. 358 8810

P. 355 5299

7 Normans Rd

Hours: Mon-Tues 8am-3pm Wed-Sun 8am-10pm Available for functions



Commodore Hotel 'goes it alone' Christchurch's Commodore Airport Hotel will begin trading independently from November 1, following the conclusion of an 18-year franchise association with Millennium Hotels.


he Patterson and Ward families have owned and operated the Commodore for more than 42 years, with today's day-to-day management being the responsibility of Tom's three sons, Michael, Ken and Thomas, with the next generation following closely behind. Michael Patterson, general manager of the Commodore Hotel, said that the families and the Commodore have had a great relationship with Millennium Hotels but now seemed the right time for the hotel to develop its own brand and styl e service. “Our independence will enable the hotel to focus solely on providing our guests with the best possible hotel experience in the city, reinforced by the unique family values that are the strength of the Commodore Hotel. We want to ensure a true 'Kiwi' experience. “We have great confidence in Christchurch and the South Island and now that the effects of the earthquake on tourism and business in Christchurch are fading, the potential for growth is strong.” Last year the C ommodore

Background: Established in 1971, the hotel opened with 24 rooms. By 1985 the hotel comprised of 105 rooms. Additions of 10 Business Level rooms in 2000 and a further 20 in 2005 took the hotel to 140 rooms. The new Matai Wing takes the number of rooms to 160. Seven well-equipped conference rooms are available in various seating configurations, with a top capacity of 250. The leisure facilities include a heated indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna and gymnasium. It also has an in-hou se restaurant and cocktail bar. The hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout. opened the first “new” hotel accommodation in the city since the 2011 earthquakes with the $6.5 million five star 20-room Matai wing, comprising 18 business-level rooms and two suites. This increased the hotel's capacity to 160 rooms. Patterson said that the future in Christchurch is looking bright. “In addition to the re-opened hotels of the central city a number of new properties have opened since the Christchurch earthquake and the promise of a redeveloped CBD and Conve ntion centre is exciting for business and leisure travellers alike. “September has seen an increase in the number of overnight guests and the arrival of China Airlines in December flying Taipei-Sydney- Christchurch looks set to connect the exciting markets within Asia directly with Christchurch and the greater South Island,” Patterson said. Further information: Michael Patterson – General Manager, phone 03 358 8129 or 027 522 5001.

Metropol November 13, 2014 61


Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There's plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes...

The Craic Irish Bar: DJ Chick Karaoke, 10pm Darkroom: An Evening Quiz With Brian Luv 7pm Chats Bar and Café: DJ Chick Karaoke 8pm

Thursday 20 November Orange Studios: Jacob Richards, 7:30pm, singer-songwriter Fox & Ferret - The Palms: Kiwi Lance, 8pm, covers, tribute bands

Friday 14 November – Show Day

Friday 21 November

Trevinos: Reckless Duo 9pm till late The Carlton: Ctrl Alt Rock Hilltop Tavern, Banks Peninsula: Bill Morris and the Hinterland Band. Folk Becks Southern Alehouse: Famous Unknowns (aka Whiskey One Hundred). Covers, Tribute Bands The Craic Irish Bar: Divison Street. 10pm, pop. Darkroom: Dance Asthmatics, Opposite Sex and Jim Nothing. 10pm, alternative, indie. Fox & Ferret - The Palms: DJ Kev, 9pm Finnegans Irish Bar and Café: DJ Wetz and Karaoke, 8pm

Trevinos: Nyree 9pm till late Churchills Live Music Venue: Mick Flannery and John Spillane, 8pm, Two of Cork's finest singer-songwriters St Augustine Anglican Church Music Centre of Christchurch: Outstanding Young Musicians 1:10pm, variety concerts Becks Southern Alehouse: Sign of the Firebird, 9pm, covers, tribute bands Revival Bar: Mike T, 10pm, bar DJs

Saturday 15 November Trevinos: Carpe Diem 9pm till late The Carlton: Jason Kerrison & Corner Sounds Roy Stokes Community Hall: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, 7pm, variety concerts Darkroom: Dick Martin & Mr Martini 9pm, alternative, indie The Craic Irish Bar: Picking At The Remnants, 10pm, pop Fox & Ferret - The Palms: Race Week - Breakfast, Bubbles and Bus, Tequila Mockingbird: Mike T, 10pm Baretta: Nick Lee, 7:30pm, covers, tribute bands CPIT Jazz School Auditorium: Susan de Jong - Thanks for Every Swing

Wednesday 19 November St Marys Anglican Church: An Evening with the Cathedral Choir, 6pm, variety concerts Orange Studios: Monty Bevins EP Release Tour, 7:30pm, singer-songwriter

Saturday 22 November Dux Live: Minuit - The Final Fling, 9pm, Electronica Darkroom: Permanence Perform the Music of Joy Division, 9pm, alternative, indie Woolston Club: Robie Drew, 7pm, covers, tribute bands

Sunday 23 November Horncastle Arena: The Seekers – 50th Anniversary Farewell Tour, 7:30pm, folk Irish Society Hall: John Sanchez-Lloyd and Phil Doublet, folk Cortado Restaurant Bar & Café: Radius KinK Acoustic, 4pm, singer-songwriter

Tuesday 25 November Isaac Theatre Royal: Great Gatsby Christmas Party Revue, 8pm, pop

Wednesday 26 November La Vida Centre: Christmas At the Proms, 11am, variety concerts

Thursday 27 November Isaac Theatre Royal: Great Gatsby Christmas Party Revue, 8pm, pop

Friday 28 November Trevinos: Brothers Grimm 9pm till late

ea Private function ar Cater for up to 120 seated Excellent staff waiting to help ir y you with your enqu suit Create a menu to ts en em your requir

23 HUMPHREYS DRIVE, FERRYMEAD P. 384 1326 62 November 13, 2014 Metropol



A kitchen affair There were some fantastic kitchens designed by ADNZ members in the 2014 ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards. From the very large, to the very compact, there was a wide range of kitchens designed to suit a variety of homes and clients. Metropol takes a look at some of the favourite designer kitchens…

Davy Residence By Mark McLeay of Creative Arch This distinctive home draws on Sthapatya Veda design principles, with the design brief calling for only natural, non-toxic materials and products suitable to the local conditions to be used. The open-plan kitchen uses very natural materials, with the colour palette mainly consisting of black and white, with touches of wood. The design is enlivened by hanging lights, mismatched bar stools and a large window providing further views of the environment.

Buchan Residence By Richard Hale of Insight Architecture This modern rural home has a wonderful country feel with the design brief aiming for a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoors. While the interior is mostly white, there is great use of cedar and raw masonry to assist with the blend of the home into its surrounds. This is particularly evident in the stunning dining and living area where the designer kitchen features natural elements that give warmth to the open-plan room. Continued over page All of these talented kitchen designers featured are members of ADNZ. If you are looking for a designer in Canterbury go to the “Find a Designer” section of their website For regular design news and information subscribe to 'Defign' and the ADNZ Facebook page to stay in the know

Kitchen Maker Christchurch LTD

Metropol November 13, 2014 63


A kitchen affair Continued from previous page

Matakana Village Estate By Tim Cameron of 360 Build The design brief called for a home which responded to the rural nature of its surrounds. It was inspired by "barn-style" living which is particularly evident in the exterior. The home's kitchen forms part of a very large room, a combination of kitchen, dining and living spaces, with a sloping barn-like roof, and hanging industrial-style lights. The pristine white cupboards combine with a sharp black bench top to give a polished appearance, with wooden floor panels in a variety of shades adding to the overall industrial feel of the room.

64 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Otoparae By Nathan Rooney & Tushka Glintmeyer of Space Architecture Studio This stunning renovated beach home is the perfect place for relaxation, however the clients also wanted a house that incorporated their love of cooking and entertaining - and wow does it do that! The sophisticated, contemporary kitchen is a real centrepoint here, with crisp, modern black shelving combined with a large polished wooden bench giving it a unique modernist country feel.

Hickman Residence By Gordon McMillan of KGR Architectural Design This contemporary pavilion style home is positioned to take full advantage of the surrounding mountainous farmland views. Its expansive, modern kitchen is a highlight with a beautiful stone-coloured marble bench complemented by crisp white walls and cupboards. It also features a well-positioned sky light which allows sunlight to drench the area. Perfect for those who love to cook, this large kitchen also includes extra bench and sink space out the back, with plenty of storage space in the many cupboards that frame the main appliances.

By Cheryl Colley


Stylish, unique outdoor furniture



mported exclusively into New Zealand by Gilbrook Lifestyles are unique 'Germandesigned' settings that are ultra stylish and of the highest quality. Each piece is made from hand-woven half round wicker complemented by the finest marine grade synthetic leather (MarinePlus), specifically designed for the outdoors. This fabric does not absorb water and is extremely easy care – it can simply be hosed down as you would a car. This also means that cushions do not need to be removed from the setting and stored indoors – a real bonus. But if you are still concerned about leaving the upholstery unprotected Gilbrook Lifestyles supply a waterproof cover with each setting for 'peace of mind' only. At the stand admire the 'San Remo' 7-piece suite with its luxurious upholstery, soft curvy lines and matched occasional tables. Add on

The finishing touches to a beautiful and relaxing outdoor environment are achieved with stunning, unique outdoor furniture. You will find some of the very best pieces to accessorise your garden, deck or patio at “Gilbrook Lifestyles” Stand L11 - Deans Ave at the November 12-14 Canterbury A&P Show. scatter cushions in sharp 'yacht stripe' or cute 'polka dots' made from world renowned “Sunbrella” marine-approved fabric and you have a sophisticated, yet practical feature for your outdoor environment. Then there is the 'Manhattan' – an elegant 7piece dining table with a difference. The table is triangular and sits on a brushed aluminium pedestal and the top is StoneTEC, a clever and serviceable glass and stone composite that looks like granite. New for the A & P show is the 'Luxor Hydraulic Sunlounger'. At 2.2 metres with its sensual curvaceous lines it is truly amazing and a real conversation piece. Gilbrook Lifestyles popular Canadiandesigned 'Sierra Dining Suite' will also be on

Be Inspired inspired by new designs

show, as will the 'Casablanca' 6-piece lounge suite with its side lattice work, Sunbrella fabric squabs and contrast cushions. Shona from Gilbrook Lifestyles delights in being able to bring people all these exclusive pieces. “People are looking for a point of difference. They also tell us that our furniture not only looks stunning, but is very comfortable. That's what we aim for – stylish, relaxed living at affordable prices.” Gilbrook Lifestyles range of outdoor furniture can also be viewed at the Home Ideas Centre in Mandeville Street, Riccarton and on line at Shona offers free noobligation consultations to advise on colours and styles for your own home if you cannot make it to the Show. Call her on 021 336 433.



Casablanca Available in several colour options


021 336 433

03 349 6778 Metropol November 13, 2014 65

Metropol November 13, 2014 65


by Hans Petrovic

Unrivalled piano professionals Hoekstra Pianos is now offering an all-encompassing service that can provide you anything to do with the much-cherished musical instrument, ranging from the purchase of new and used pianos, to their complete repair.

“Customers can come and play any piano they like,” says Wytze. He can also help with advice on choosing the most suitable instrument for beginners, young children or more advanced music students. The wide range available includes rental pianos from $19 per week, reconditioned European upright pianos from $1,799, and the popular late-model Kawai and Yamaha pianos imported from Japan with prices starting at



his has been made possible by the opening of a large workshop for the repair and reconditioning of pianos; the skills of a new Steinway Academy-trained tuner and technician; and the renovation and reopening of a larger Hoekstra Pianos’ showroom at “The Sails”, 1025 Ferry Road. The new, fully equipped, climate-controlled workshop, which is located at 1010 Ferry Road, almost directly opposite the showroom, will be where the new member of the Hoekstra Pianos’ team, David Salmon, will carry out a wide range of repair and reconditioning work. This will go as far as the rebuilding of worldclass classic grand pianos like Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein and Pleyel. Coming to Christchurch from Jenkins Pianos in Auckland, David is an Australasian Registered Piano Technician (ARPT) and the current president of the New Zealand Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild. He is also an experienced concert-tuner.

“There are only four registered piano technicians in the South Island. David and I are two of them, which makes our service unique here,” says Wytze Hoekstra, who owns Hoekstra Pianos. These two qualified piano technicians have, between them, unrivalled experience in piano preparation. In particular, detailed touch and tonal preparation, and voicing to achieve a fuller, more dynamic European quality of tone in all pianos. Both Wytze and David are performing musicians and understand the requirements that pianists have of their instruments. Their customers include the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, the NZSO, Chamber Music New Zealand (of which they are sponsors), New Zealand Opera and the Christchurch Arts Festival. The stylish, refurbished showroom offers a quiet and welcoming environment to try out and play instruments before buying.

David and Wytze discussing the tone of a Kawai grand piano $4,500. Digital pianos are also on display, all with fully touch-weighted keys suitable for piano study. Grand pianos complete the range, priced new from $10,500 right up to larger models like the beautiful Steinway B that is currently being fully rebuilt by David Salmon in the new workshop.

Canterbury’s Piano Expert Visit the Ferrymead showroom to play our late model Yamaha and Kawai pianos

The Largest Selection of Pianos in the South Island Tuning




All pianos 7 year guarantee Reconditioned pianos from $1799

“The Sails” 1025 Ferry Road, Christchurch 66 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Late model Yamaha pianos from $4500

Ph. 03 3844 248

New pianos from $4999

M. 021 373744

Grand pianos from $10,500


By Rachel Smith

Mix it up

unique vintage pieces & objects of desire

Reincarnation believe in mixing the old and the new. Here industrial lights hang over vintage dressers and delicate glass ware sits beside masculine leather chairs - all providing inspiration to create a home which is uniquely your own.


e really enjoy helping people make their homes beautiful and interesting,� says Sheila Thomson, who is happy to assist her customers in finding interior design pieces which fit their lifestyle and their budget. “We This can mean collecting stunning pieces over the course of many years, be it genuine vintage or vintage look, a large focal piece of furniture or the finishing touches of serving ware and glass ware. Two expansive rooms in their large warehouse store are filled with diverse pieces which are sourced from across the globe, one room with a feminine French look and the other a more masculine industrial feel. For Sheila this means hunting among dusty antique stores in France to find original one-off vintage pieces, including chandeliers and grand mirrors, with their new selection of French antiques and beautiful French and Italian bedding perfectly timed for Christmas gifts. One such item, a full length ornate gold mirror with bevelled glass, will be an early Christmas gift to a lucky customer this year, as part of Reincarnation's yearly Christmas giveaway. With loyal customers across the country, the store has become a destination for those visiting the city, whether they are looking for pieces for their own home or as a gift, or from their range of jewellery, clothing and scarves. Their line of men's skin care range, Triumph & Disaster, is very popular with both men and women, as are the stunning scents of the unlikely combination of tobacco and patchouli in candles from Paddywax Apothecary. For those who have something particular in mind, Sheila is able to source specific items through her network of contacts, or create


customised pieces of furniture from dining tables to kitchen joinery, in their onsite workshop. Visit Reincarnation on Facebook to see what is new in store this week and to check out their Facebook only specials, or step inside the doors at 350 Port Hills Road to experience it for yourself.

Reincarnation Gi s for Christmas

16 Harewood Rd, Papanui

NEW linen designs

354 6363

350 Port Hills Rd, Hillsborough

Open 7 Days

P. 332 3302

Metropol November 13, 2014 67


The spirit & vibrancy of Most of us have an innate response to heritage interiors - whether we recognise it or not. The play of light and shadow in rooms, the detail in moulding, ceilings, wallpaper, the generosity of space, grand staircases, it all evokes memories of a different era and whether it's to our personal taste or not - we generally have an emotional response to these spaces that hold the spirit and essence of a different time.


New family room

tephen Cashmore, interior and architectural designer is so passionate about the conservation, restoration and replication of the past, he added an M.A. in Building Restoration to his portfolio of talent. While based in Auckland, Stephen has a long and valued relationship with Canterbury - he was one of the driving forces in the restoration of Riccarton House well over 15 years ago, the Canterbury Provincial Chambers, and numerous heritage residential homes. He so loves Canterbury, that with his family, they purchased a derelict 1867 cottage in Akaroa, which has been faithfully and unashamedly restored. Nearing completion, the home will be opened to the public as part of the Akaroa “Inside Out” house and garden tour at the end of November. Be it a home or a public heritage building, Stephen adores seeing the spirit of a building retained.


The new family room in the restored and adapted 1880 cottage in Akaroa.

68 November 13, 2014 Metropol

"Homes in particular are very spiritual places. It's where we come home to be restored, a home nurtures us and reflects who we are and what we care about." He truly believes that home is where the heart is, therefore is selective in the clients he works with. "My clients have to be passionate about the heritage of a building and while our lives have changed and spaces are put together differently, adapting and paying tribute to the past helps keep the spirit of the building alive."

heritage interiors Colour of the past Stephen is an avid collector of heritage wallpaper and boasts an impressive library. "We can look at black and white photos of homes from the past, but we have no feeling for the colour that existed. From this collection we get a glimpse of and can replicate some of the genuine vibrancy that existed across the country in years gone by." Stephen is available to work extensively on interior or architectural projects or to consult on any heritage project. nz.



Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909

Registered Master Builder

P. 371 7500


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

Metropol November 13, 2014 69


Old is the new trend

A large selection of vases available at Coco Gifts.

New Zealand’s scenery, animals and people are where I draw my inspiration to produce my artworks. Livia Dias - Art Metro.

Childs vintage rocking horse. $85. Available at Dusty Old Things.


intage, shabby chic, retro… all words that describe old things. And they are, but they are also the hottest ticket in fashion and home design right now. Old is the newest, hottest trend and Glenis, owner of Dusty Old Things in the Elmwood Village, is a sanctuary for discerning shoppers of treasures. She purchased an existing business, remodelled and reinvigorated the store, retained its best-sellers and has introduced furniture, jewellery, kitchenalia, linen and collectables. “I still sell general stationery, cards and wrap, now at permanently reduced prices. And also exclusive new ranges of stationery.” It might seem an odd combo, but the store has astounded Glenis in its popularity. Come and explore this amazing, hip, trendy glimpse at the best of the past, in search of items to make a statement in your future.

VINTAGE 1880's -1980's Jewellery, Furniture, Linen, Clothing, Retro, Shabby Chic & Collectables

DUSTY OLD THINGS 12 Normans Rd, ChCh Ph. 03 355 6681

Mon-Fri 10-4pm Sat 10-2pm Closed Wed & Sun

Stainless steel hanging egg chair from The Crowded House Furniture Company Ltd.


50% OFF



290 Main North Rd 4022

Gifts, Homewares & more Christchurch P. 354 Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm


Christmas has arrived at

Coco Gifts

Phone Jodi 027 533 2298 70 November 13, 2014 Metropol

More than just a sofa... cool from the back as well as the front

78 Buchan St, Sydenham Ph. 021 1151 325 Opening Hours Tues-Sat 10-2 Relocation Sale - at least 20% off nearly everything in store - last day Saturday 13th December. Interior Design





Art Metro Proudly Presents...

STYLISH OUTDOOR FURNITURE For the best pricing on a range of quality outdoor furniture look no further.

Up 50% off bags & scarves available now at Presence.

Stunning throws in assortment of beautiful colours from Blue Scarlet.

63 Rutland St, St Albans (opposite Rugby Park) Ph. 03 355 3336 Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

Livia Dias ‘Capturing Life in Colour’ 28 November - 18 December Open Night Friday 28 November 6.30 - 8.30pm Original Paintings Photo Block Prints Greeting Cards Calendars and Gifts

03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road


TILE-VISION Custom made furniture by Furniture Dimensions. ‘Gurty’s Tiki Tour’ Kiwi ingenuity available at Windsor Gallery.

Unique handcrafted Christmas giftware and homeware at Rickety Rosies.

for viewing pleasure

Christmas toy shopping at Baby Belle.

Ball Planter, comes in 3 sizes, 900mm diameter, 600mm diameter and 400mm diameter. Order in any colour of your choice from Garden Classics.


hile tiles have an impact on a space - they form only part of the picture in outdoor and indoor spaces. That said - making good choices is vital and at TileMax, George is on the shop floor to help. With over 25 years’ experience as a qualified tradie, he offers knowledgeable and practical advice. Outdoor spaces are top of the to-do list and many are looking for creative, yet practical tiles for pools and patios. Mosaics are hot right now (check out the original mosaic art on sale in the showroom) as are the natural stone and slate looks. Contemporary, traditional or cutting edge, if you have a vision, TileMax can match it. If your creative juices flow best from your couch, check out the online store.

Mosaic Wall Art from TileMax.

Get boxed in... Maximum Value. Belle & Boo Quality toys & Dresses now available exclusive to Baby Belle sizes 2 - 5 yrs

with Garden Classics Custom made Planters

Maximum Variety. Showroom & Factory:

302 Fitzgerald Ave Christchurch Ph. 03 377 8801

R i c ke t y Ro s i e s Offering a unique range of handcrafted giftware & houseware by local artists.

PICTURE FRAMING Expert Design service Latest Trends in Design Great Colour Selection Our Experience

Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm, Saturday 10.00am-2.00pm

280 Annex Road, Middleton, Christchurch.

Phone 343 3893



FRAMING YOU CAN BE PROUD OF Call in & see us today



Picture Framing Specialists

115 Rugby St Merivale p. 03 355 8232 Open Hours: Tues - Thurs & Sat 10am - 4pm

3/1008 Ferry Road Ferrymead Phone 366 0724 Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5pm Sat 10-1pm

Furniture designed

Custom made

105 Coleridge Street. ChCh P. 366-7499 F. 366-8384 Hrs: Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30 Sat 9am-1pm

Metropol November 13, 2014 71


By Cheryl Colley

Original art to covert & enjoy Roma range available from European Ceramics. Karlsson Vintage Red Round Wall Clock $86.50 available for purchase on the website.


rt Box Gallery is a fiesta of colour and painted form. This delightful gallery on Loftus St, Papanui now supports over 40 local artists whose exhibition spaces were lost with the closure of so many city galleries following the earthquakes. If you appreciate art or are looking for original modern paintings at affordable prices to complement the decor of your new or renovated home, or business, this is the place to come to view a huge choice of styles and genres. Art Box is indeed “the little gallery with lots of art” and the prices range from under $50 up to $5,000. Beverley Frost, who owns the gallery, offers a personalised consultancy service in your home to help make artwork selection stress free and the gallery also has a layby programme. The artists undertake commissions so if you are after something specific be sure to let the gallery know. Art Box Gallery's website details the latest works and a warm and friendly welcome awaits all art lovers.

Tote bags, Fantail and Tui $35 each. Available at Simply New Zealand Re Start Mall also NZ Gift Store, ground level, Airport.

Beach navy and white jewellery by Holiday. Available at French Blue

Caravan cushions to suit all home decor, caravan’s and the summer batch.

Art Box Gallery, ‘Frankly Amusing’ acrylic on canvas by Christine King, 76x25cm $500.


french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Up The Garden Path


Christchurch Airport

Level 1 Departures

Cashel Mall Re:Start Container 10

The Museum Store

5 Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs

Canterbury Museum

03 3775565 72 November 13, 2014 Metropol

Tile Showroom - 250 St Asaph St, Ph 379-6481 -

03 315 7915


By Cheryl Colley

Living alfresco - outdoor furniture "Pot of Gold" Limited edition by Peter Latham more instore at Art & Frame

New stock arriving daily Come see us for all your Christmas shopping. Beautiful free gift wrapping available from the homestore.

Chinese footstool or table molded in concrete from ET ELLE, 312 Ilam rd.

Custom made Oak butchers block with Rimu/Matai/Jarra detailing. From $1250 available at Ambrose Heal.

From the wide range of antique and designer items at Mansfield Antiques.

Regent 600 x 600 Coffee Table was $221 NOW $188. Available at Kenneally Timber Products.


f you are looking for quality Kwila outdoor furniture then now is the time to be purchasing it – from Kenneally Timber Products because they have spring specials running on new stock. Kenneally's showroom is bursting with outdoor settings of all shapes and sizes. There are round tables, square tables and rectangular tables all with different styles of chairs to complement them and some with a built-in Lazy Susan. Kenneally's most popular setting – the 2000 x 970 Daintree with 6 Norfolk chairs - normally sells for $1,995. Throughout November it is on special at $1,696. All settings come with a five-year guarantee.

Kwila is wonderfully easy material to have in your outdoor environment. You can leave it to silver off, or if you wish to maintain the original reddish brown colour of the timber, you can simply apply a coat of oil. Kenneally Timber Products are located at the corner of Wrights and Old Main North roads.


Regent 2550x1140 Table & 8 chairs Was $2595 Now $2206

Riess Enamel Cookware


5 year guarantee Buy from importer & save

Made in Austria

Shop 37,Merivale Mall 189 Papanui Rd Ph.(03) 356 1469

Cnr Wrights & Old Main North Rds Kaiapoi (Up Marshlands Rd at end of Old Waimak River Bridge) Phone 327 2050

Hours:Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm

Mansfield Antiques

Peter Latham "Bonjour Akaroa"


Arts & craft lamp featuring detailed leadlight, colours and design of your choice. From $995

A very wide range of Antique Furniture & other items Come & view photos of new stock arriving from U.K next month

More instore at 130A Riccarton Rd

Ph. 348 6600 Open 6 Days

Specialist Picture Framers

Enquiries welcome to

Hours: 10am til 5pm Tues to Fri and Sat 10am til 2pm.Closed Sun, Mon.

Cnr Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd, Chch. Ph/Fax: 385 3138 E: w w w. a m b r o s e h e a l f u r n i t u r e . c o . n z

Mon-Sat 10.30-4.30

Metropol November 13, 2014 73


The benefits of window tinting Lindsay of Tint a Home and his friendly team of registered master tinters have over 30 years of knowledge and experience to draw from‌ Why would someone choose to tint their windows? Significant heat, fade and glare reduction for a start, as well as prevention of UV rays from passing through the glass. Given that a house is usually your largest lifetime investment, installing window films will give you the ability to enhance the energy efficiency, functionality and comfort. Are privacy and security enhanced as well? Certain types of films come with a tint that, during the day, makes it more difficult for neighbours and passers-by to see into your home. Most window films also have the ability to hold together glass in the event of extreme weather conditions and breakage. But if protecting your family and belongings is the priority, there are films that are specifically designed to do so. Security films are up to seven times thicker than standard films and they act as an invisible barrier to protect your home and your family in the occurrence of glass breakage. They also help to prevent potential break-ins. How much does it cost? A common misconception is that making your home energy efficient will require a lot of money. But there is a way to reduce your carbon emission and lower your energy bills without breaking the bank. Window films can help to reduce the level of heat and glare and by reducing the amount of heat from entering through your windows you may find that you're less reliant on running your air-conditioning throughout those warmer months. We also have films that help retain the heat in winter. Similarly, window films can help to filter out the amount of UV from entering your home, assisting in protecting your belongings and saving you the cost of replacements. How do people get in touch with you? If you're interested in chatting about how window film in your home can make a difference, contact Tint a Car Christchurch or Timaru. Our home tinting division, Tint a Home, specialises in home and office tinting. Phone (03) 377 7717 or 021 779 111 (Christchurch) or (03) 688 8666 (Timaru). We can guarantee the best quality product for the very best result.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset with Window Film Solar Film

Safety and Security Film

Privacy Film

Creating inner comfort by outsmarting the heat of summer and the chill of winter, without breaking the budget!

Ph. 377 7717 or 021 779111 74 November 13, 2014 Metropol



What's NEW in stores... Metropol takes a look at the latest gadgets, accessories and homewares available to give your home a summertime lift. Noritake, has taken the lead in new season releases with the arrival of its Monterosso collection. Comprising seven pieces for eight people the set has three spoons, two forks and two knives each in a beautifully mirror-finished 18/10 stainless steel. Visit for more details.

digits arranged in a traditional circular style. Features include an LCD and caller ID display and a digital duplex speakerphone for handsfree conversations. The Uniden Modro range is available in black, red and white from leading electrical retail stores nationally.

A cluster of colour Sleek, modern and striking the new Villeroy & Boch Verso glass vase collection encourages clusters of colour as a theme for spring interior design. Verso's playful mix of classical form and contemporary hues complements a range of decorating styles from traditional to modern. Available in two sizes and six colours - pure stone, arctic breeze, midnight sky, Caribbean sea, soft raspberry and sweet caramel. The Verso glass vase range is available from selected department stores.

A modern twist on two-tone Get ready for a diet of sharp geometrics, saturated colour, and an artisanal flavour as dinnerware takes on a distinctly contemporary look. Noritake’s Contempo, is a bone china collection of plates, bowls, cups, mugs and tea pot that excels in the unexpected. There are four colour choices – Gris, a warm, muted grey; Verde, a citron green; Amarillo, a golden yellow; and Azul, an ultramarine blue. Contempo, by Noritake, is available nationally from department stores and kitchenware retailers.

Modern take on a retro classic Cutlery – fluidity and curves The very latest offering in cutlery, from tableware specialist Noritake, confirms the trend away from linear minimalist to soft, fluid curves with delicately scooped spoons.

Created for those who love a little vintage design at their fingertips, Uniden's new Modro range is a throwback to the classic rotary dial telephone. The new Modro range includes cordless and corded options in a choice of four colour combinations, with push-button

Hand-embellished Textile Artwork 55 Blighs Road

Ph. 3511 905


curtain, blind & cushion making

lampshade making

interior design furniture

soft furnishings

plenty of parking

Peppermint twist for coffee lovers Villeroy & Boch has extended its popular Caffè Club series with the contemporary new shade of Peppermint. Available in both the Caffè Club Foral and Caffè Club Uni designs, this subdued yet expressive tone of green lends fresh energy to the feminine Floral motif and softens Uni's more masculine geometric edge. The range includes cups to suit any preferred beverage including espresso, cappuccino, latté and mug sizes. Caffè Club Peppermint is available from selected department stores.

Come along to our classes to make your own bespoke Lampshade Bring your friends or workmates

Bookings essen al

0800 333 577 Lampshade Kits available with all tools and instruc ons couriered to your door! email us at to receive your kit Metropol November 13, 2014 75


A common misconception Why we can’t afford to tip the balance when it comes to juggling quality, cost and time – architect Cymon Allfrey offers an insight… Cymon Allfrey


here is a growing perception in both central New Zealand government and the wider community that quality has to come at a price. It is a perception that is filtering into discussions within the insurance and commercial sectors in Christchurch, and one that is changing the general language of our buildings. This misconception that there is a parallel between cost and quality appears to ignore that with value, comes high quality advice and results. It is a misconception that is seeing our building industry start to turn its back on the tried and true, historically successful balance, of time, cost and quality. From this misconception, we are seeing confusion within media and the general public between cost and value and as a result we are trying to fix housing affordability issues by taking away quality. When we talk about our building stock and housing affordability we are talking about people’s basic needs for shelter, security and warmth. As a society and a community we need to be asking where quality comes into this; and ensure it is being given due consideration. Quality by definition is about durability and enhancement of life. While it can bring with it notions of pride and self-worth, it is important to understand that defining quality is not just materialistic. It is about efficiency of planning and space within the home, the lifecycle of construction materials, on-going maintenance of these materials and even the cost of running your home. My fear is the general assumption that tension around building costs and the pressure for housing affordability, is derived from quality. That the quality of the service or product is responsible for the rising costs of the project.


It is important to understand that around half of the documentation work undertaken by an architect or design professional, is about demonstrating statutory compliance. This has driven the cost of service up. If we were to reduce the amount of time and information associated with demonstrating compliance alone, we would see cost reduction without losing the skill set the professional brings with respect to quality. If we start to strip the building process of important key fundamentals such as professional skills everything that influences the process is compromised. The first piece of expert advice you receive at the beginning of your building project is far more valuable than the last piece. As the advice you receive at the beginning allows you to have a greater influence over the outcome of

For that perfect finish & craftsmanship... Complete interior & exterior painting & decorating

A touch of class...

Phone (021) 913-171 Christchurch New Zealand 76 November 13, 2014 Metropol

your project, allowing you to make better decisions about the time and cost associated with the task, ensuring you can choose what is important to you. If you take quality (the expert) out, you have very little influence over the project and hence over the time and cost. We need to find and maintain the balance between quality, time and cost. We are seeing an approach to do things quickly and cheaply, which fights the natural balance of the process. By taking quality out you are compromising the integrity, reliability and honesty of your project. In fact one could argue that without the influence of quality advice, you will lose the ability to control time and cost. The process could become dearer and slower! It is of grave concern to me that some policy makers are trying to legislate the need for certain quality levels. By trying to legislate ‘good design’ we are taking away the ability to think and create. Don’t get me wrong I am a supporter of encouraging good design and good design outcomes, but by implementing a ‘colour by number’ approach to design we are taking away the contribution of the thinkers – which is ultimately taking away the positive influence the design community have on our living environments. By not requiring our designers to think about good or quality design we will be generating poorly resolved outcomes which are focused on achieving predetermined elements, while ignoring and forgoing others. And as all sites, homeowners, budgets and building materials are different, how can this be a good thing? Quick and cheap isn’t a long-term solution, nor is it creating positive living environments. We don’t need prescriptive regulations, we just need to set strategic goals that align with quality, time and cost in balance.


GOING GREEN Recently there has been vigorous debate nationwide, mainly inspired by our polluted waterways, on just how green NZ is and the validity of our country’s marketing mantra of “100% Pure”.


ocally the Canterbury Horticultural Society (CHS) has stimulated discussion on what our mantra of “The Garden City” means in the 21st century, post-earthquakes Christchurch. The Society’s Honorary Botanist, Colin Meurk’s vision is of “tussock-fern-lined river banks with weeping, golden kowhai brimming with melodious bellbirds and imagined parklands of totara and matai laden with kereru – a reinvented green, sustainable city, edgy, bold and beautiful…” Meanwhile Bailey Peryman, an aspiring urban farmer, decided to found Garden City as the new and improved version of the Garden City (Christchurch). One “where a community food culture inspires the deep transformation to 21st century sustainability, health and wellbeing for all.” He envisages local, organic food grown in abundance.


“WE WANT TO TRANSFER OUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE AND IMBUE YOUNGSTERS WITH PASSION FOR GROWING THEIR OWN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES.” Many others share Peryman’s vision and a Food Resilience Network (FRN) has emerged to foster a community-led development of locally grown and consumed food. Now the Christchurch City Council is also developing a Food Resilience Policy. Undoubtedly the “Edible Gardens” scheme initiated by the Shirley Papanui Community Board in 2013 and repeated in 2014 has provided a strong impetus to the Council’s support of the concept. The Board partnered with the CHS, ensuring that local residents, schools and communities who are passionate about their gardens were valued and supported by the Society’s expertise and knowledge. The Society’s judges were particularly impressed by the creativity and innovation shown by the schools as evidenced by the St Albans Catholic School’s recycled milk container “garden” of lettuces. Established in 1861 the CHS recognises its unique position to assist and guide this rapidly emerging trend to home or community grown produce, especially with children and youth. “We want to transfer our knowledge and expertise and imbue youngsters with passion for growing their own fruit and vegetables,” said CHS manager Tony Kunowski. Supported by a Westpac sponsorship and Canterbury Community Trust grant the CHS has extended its Orchards in Schools programme in 2014 to



1 Michael Tennant and Sasha Goburdhone working with students

at St Martins School 2

Addington pupil planting berry tree assisted by designer Gordyn Hamblyn


St Albans Catholic School’s recycled milk container garden

5 Christchurch schools – Oaklands, St Martin’s, Gilberthorpe, Northcote and Addington. The brainchild of long-serving CHS member Carole Anderton, the CHS engaged two Canterbury University and FRN members – Michael Tennant and Sasha Goburdhone – to manage the project which involved liaison with schools, identification and purchase of fruit and berry trees, followed by the construction of the orchards with the children in each school. In two years the sites will have come to fruition, becoming beautiful spaces covered with natives, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees for the children and the local community to benefit from.

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By Rachel Smith

Feel good giving In a quiet street in Mairehau there is a store. In its window there is colour and craft and home ware.


tep inside and you will find Pay It Forward, a craft cooperative where local people are able to support artisans in their community – and take home gifts of the beautiful hand-made kind. All artisans are carefully selected by the cooperative themselves, to ensure that they have a selection of high quality and ethically based gifts for purchase.

For those looking for something for their home or a great gift there is plenty to choose from – scented soy wax candles in vintage teacups, colourful cushions and pretty pin boards, tea towels and one of a kind furniture, beautiful jewellery, and wall art in many forms from flamingo wall stickers to clay creations and rustic hessian or paper doll bunting. The designer of the month for November is the talented Michelle Simons with her edible goodies from Not Just Cakes. As the name suggests Michelle creates more than cakes, with her work including cute cookies decorated as ladybirds and snails, sell out fudge and an array of cake topper decorations for special birthdays.

The store is an initiative of the Neighbourhood Trust, a charitable trust linked to the St Albans Baptist Church. For the trust the project had its beginnings in looking to strengthen the local community, through supporting lifelong learning and providing a connection for the local community and artisans, as well as any profits going back into programme within the area. As Pay It Forward nears its first anniversary, they are looking ahead to their move into a new premises, just two doors down on Nancy Avenue. Pop in for a visit or check out them out on Facebook to see what's new in store.

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C U R TA I N S GALORE Specialists in Blinds & Curtains Visit our store for expert advice

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THAT ADD VALUE & REMOVE HASSLE Home maintenance & Renovations Specialists We plan & organise everything to make your renovate less stressful One point of contact from start to finish Our planning & advice ensures your renovation adds as much value to your Adrian Bradley Ron Bradley property as possible Specialist Renovation Managers from Christchurch

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Total Food Equipment


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Have the home you deserve... Custom designed Kitchens Bathrooms, Laundries, Wardrobes, house schemes Renovations Expert + New Homes Design Package Options + Free Project Management Mobile +64 0274552043 Email Web


The value of property management specialists Riccarton's Quinovic Property Management is saving Christchurch and North Canterbury landlords time and resources, while looking after their tenants, although we've all seen programmes like Renters, the reality of property management couldn't be further from its television persona. Quinovic Riccarton recently took over the management of five properties and the first move was to increase rents by $80 per week per unit, bringing them up to market value. “We suggested the owner use the net per annum increase of $20,000 to install heat pumps which cost $10,000. So in his first year he netted $10,000 more than he had been getting, then $20,000 every year thereafter. “Not a single tenant left; they knew they were getting a fair deal and were being looked after.” Most tenants will do their filtering online when looking for a property, so Quinovic ensures a property's online presence does the talking. “We put 15+ photos online with a strong description of the property, then ensure we select the very best tenants.” A thorough referee checking system is carried out before the tenancy agreement – which Tessa believes is one of the strongest in the industry – is signed. But one of the strongest drawcards is the inventory tracking systems. An average of 150 images are taken for a standard three



uinovic Property Management's Tessa Watson explains, “Our role is like a set of justice scales with the tenant on one side and the property owner on the other. It's all about keeping that balance and ensuring everyone is happy.”

bedroom home then sent to the tenant to ensure they represent a fair depiction of the property. Quinovic's dedicated staff and strong systems ensure rental payment checks are carried out every day, with the trust account reconciled three times per day. Owners can view rental accounts online and get paid out five working days after it is received. “We have such a close scrutiny of rents coming in that our rent arrears are negligible,” Tessa says. “We don't hold rents longer than the bank requires to clear the payment and often this is three weeks sooner than other management companies.” The first tenancy inspection is carried out after one month, then every three months. “By keeping our finger on the pulse, we can deal with any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. We're a small personalised business and we are on call 24 hours a day – service is our number one priority.” The firm has had a nationwide presence for 26 years now and you can't put a price on the peace of mind which comes from dealing with a property management specialist. Visit the Quinovic Avon office unit 2 / 11 Leslie Hills Drive Riccarton, phone (03) 343 4888 or (03) 310 7248.




Master Builders Association (MBA) had two nominations including

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, the efciency of installation, “WINNER” the ability to tailor our services “House of the Year Award” to suit your budget and most importantly, commit to perform within the time frames with Window Finishes Designed agreed between ourselves and you, the client. by Kiwala Interiors.

Mobile Service - “Let us come to you.”


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refresh your home Our home is the perfect place to start when it comes to kicking off a relaxing summer. It's our bedrock, our retreat and for many of us the centre of our universe, so it makes sense to spend some time making it a place we feel good about. Designer Lorena Gaxiola provides ď€ ve simple, cost-effective ways to encourage a 'feel good' summer: Create a personal masterpiece Our homes are extensions of our personalities. Simple DIY jobs like re-birthing an old bookcase with a splash of paint, reframing old photos, or reupholstering a chair if you're feeling really adventurous, are so satisfying. When it comes to colour, go bold! While we're on colour... green is the new black Green generally symbolises prosperity, fertility, nature, self-respect, wellbeing and life itself. Green is big this year in all its forms and there's a hue to suit everyone. Think laterally about how to bring it into your home. Make it work for you. Create the new world order Even in a matter of months it's easy for clutter to build up - including knickknacks that may have no real 'home'. Clean up and throw out! Once that's handled, focus on the precious things worthy of highlighting.

Honour the inner child Create a space for tapping into some whimsy and fun. Life can be really serious, so dedicate some space for letting your hair down creatively. I've loved watching how much the kids in the house let loose on the blackboard wall in our kitchen. It's not only an artistic outlet, but it becomes a place the whole family leaves messages for each other. Resolve to turn your travels into a new art collection: Travel for fun is one part planning, one part experiencing and one part reminiscing. A long time ago I resolved to bring a piece of art home with me from wherever I travelled and now I have a really eclectic collection. Travel doesn't have to be to farung places for the art to be worth hanging onto either. Sometimes a simple weekend away a couple of hours from home will unearth an unexpected gem.

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Creating idyllic outdoor spaces Xteriorscapes is located in a private oasis in the heart of Merivale. Headed by Hayden Stark they have a growing team of Landscape Architects who work hands-on with clients from a consulting service at the beginning, providing sketch plans of the proposed layout, through to detailed scaled plans and contract administration services.


teriorscapes has a depth of experience in the residential and commercial spaces, within Christchurch and throughout the South Island. The current projects are taking the company as far south as Oamaru and as far north as Blenheim. “We have carried out a wide range of landscape designs for new build, through to existing houses and renovations,” Hayden says. As the work is so varied Xteriorscapes caters for a wide range of budgets, tailor making plans and packages to suit. Xteriorscapes also develop landscape


proposals for a wide range of commercial projects including rest homes, shopping centres and residential subdivisions with several being progressed through to resource consent planning. Xteriorscapes' design philosophy revolves around themes of sustainability, simplicity and efficiency, Hayden explains. “We've seen more utilisation of native planting, but in more formal layouts and people are wanting to create seamless courtyard spaces connecting to their interior living spaces. “There's been a significant increase in edible gardens – both vegetables and herbs. It's all about low maintenance spaces.” In many instances the courtyards connecting to the house are covered outdoor spaces with either louvre roofs, automated awnings or extended rooflines that provide for a deck or tiled surface, gas fireplaces, and outdoor couch/coffee table furniture settings. The main outdoor dining courtyard is usually a paved area separated from the house to maximise the afternoon sun. With the use of structural elements such as raised planters, seating, prevailing wind screen walls, outdoor kitchens to enclose the space creating a functional, practical and sheltered main outdoor living area.

Swimming pools and associated pool enclosure areas have also been incorporated in many recent projects, they are typically located in close proximity to the main outdoor dining areas. “It's all about creating a more continuous flow, whether that's creating flow between indoor/outdoor spaces or the flow between different exterior spaces.” Xteriorscapes works with and alongside many architects and architectural designers to achieve a complete house and garden package, resolving the client's brief and exceeding their expectations. “We are able to achieve the best results when we are engaged early, while house plans are being developed,” Hayden explains. “We can assist with the orientation and location of a house within a property in order to maximise sun hours and provide easterly protection for the outdoor courtyard spaces.” In a recent new build project the landscape architecture firm simply changed a window to a door, which allowed access to a private courtyard space. “These may be simple changes when done early, but they have the ability to complete a design.” Visit the design studio at 145 Papanui Road Merivale, phone (03) 421 8460 or visit

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Exquisite tiles add glamour Practical technical knowledge of tile laying combines with interior design flair and expertise in the consultants at Exquisite Tiles.



aren Joyce is an installation expert with an eye for the most appropriate tiles for particular environments; Michele O'Connell is also a flooring specialist with a Diploma in Interior Design and 14 years' experience in the tiling industry. What these two don't know about tiling styles, design and trends probably isn't worth knowing. You are in very good hands indeed when you seek their advice on your tiling project. Now based in a striking new showroom at

295 Blenheim Road with a superb display of tiles from all over the world, Exquisite Tiles has the tiling solution for all circumstances, whether indoor or outdoor. The consultants are especially relishing the opportunity to help homeowners with their repairs and rebuilds and to give their renovated homes a real touch of glamour through the clever use of tiles. “People are learning the versatility of tiles.” says Michele. “They aren't wanting to use them solely for kitchen or bathroom floors

Phone 348 3285 82 November 13, 2014 Metropol

295 Blenheim Rd

or for showers or splash backs, but see them as features – for walls around fireplaces, for entrance halls, to fully tile bathrooms and to tile terraces and patios.” “Large format tiles are still a strong flooring trend,” Karen explains. Large format tiles often have rectified edges allowing them to be installed with minimal grout lines and this looks clean, as well as modern. Michele adds that natural earthy tones continue to be favoured because of the permanence of tiles, allowing colour to be introduced in paint shades and other furnishings. “Glamour yet ease of maintenance come together in our Lappato range of tiles,” says Karen.


to homes

By Cheryl Colley

Enquiries and consultations are welcomed at the Blenheim Road Showroom from Monday to Friday 9am– 5pm and Saturday from 10am12.30pm. Alternatively phone Exquisite Tiles on (03) 348 3285, or email or visit

“These have a semi-polished finish which looks opulent and luxurious when the light catches them, but the tiles are also very easily cleaned and will complement any interior space.” Exquisite Tiles can assist customers with all aspects of tile purchase – from design to sourcing of tiles and installation. “We are a true one-stop tile shop and we have such a wide range of stock with something to suit everyone.”

Karen Joyce and Michele O'Connell

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A punchy and down to earth 90 minute workshop. A must for builders & developers.


Asset Sure

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This workshop presents the BEST SPEAKERS IN CHRISTCHURCH on these make or break subjects: 1. Accounting for the numbers – making the dollars work in Plain English. 2. Accurately costing the construction – how to anticipate every dollar of real cost. 3. Who will buy – understanding what drives the supply and demand. 4. Getting the bank to say Yes! – learn why banks so No! How to get them to say Yes! 5. Question time – answering all your queries. th

When: Monday 24 November Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Where: E3 Business Accountants, 94 Disraeli Street, Sydenham Cost: $45.00 Registration: Phone 0800 11 33 99. Limited seats. Book now. Workshop presented by

ASSET SURE QUANTITY SURVEYORS The Experts for Christchurch Conditions Phone: (03) 281 7703 email:

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Open season welcomes

eager anglers Wayne Swift won the annual opening day fishing competition with his catch – a 2.93kg brown trout.

November 1 saw the opening of many high country lakes and rivers across the region, and for a large number of anglers the opening weekend was held in the same regard as the opening of duck shooting.


t’s about tradition, family and mates getting together, or individuals targeting their favourite fishing spots on the same weekend every year,” said Steve Terry, North Canterbury Fish & Game Field Officer. North Canterbury Fish & Game held their annual opening day fishing competition in the Coleridge lakes area, which despite windy conditions, attracted over 220 entrants. Mr Terry says the day would normally see around 500 anglers out on the water, but conditions meant it was “only the hearty few who ventured out in their boats on Lake Coleridge.” For many it meant targeting the smaller lakes and tributaries which offer more shelter from the wind. The fish were still there, and the first angler back from Lake Selfe, Wayne Swift weighed in the winning brown trout of 2.93kg.

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G3 Guide Waders GORE-TEX 5 layer fabric featured throughout the legs for increased durability. Reach-through hand warmer pockets and zippered chest pocket. Flip-out Tippet TenderTM pocket Includes patented build-In retractor R


For local anglers, like Ross Carrie, it was a weekend he always looks forward to he said, “It’s great country, a great day out, and great to have the kids up here as well.” Further south in the McKenzie High Country, the weather was more settled on opening morning but changed later in the day, and with a warm dry summer predicted, Fish & Game says there will be plenty more opportunities over the coming months to land a few fish.

FOR MANY IT MEANT TARGETING THE SMALLER LAKES AND TRIBUTARIES WHICH OFFER MORE SHELTER FROM THE WIND. THE FISH WERE STILL THERE, AND THE FIRST ANGLER BACK FROM LAKE SELFE, WAYNE SWIFT WEIGHED IN THE WINNING BROWN TROUT OF 2.93KG. “The mild end to winter and favourable spring, have provided ideal spawning conditions, and the stable flows have meant the fish are in great condition.” The high country waterways remain open through until the end of April. North Canterbury Fish & Game’s next organised event will be the annual family day out, held on Lake Lyndon on 7 December, 2014. For more details contact Debbie Ambler on (03) 313 5728.

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AUTO PLUS Hypercar rivalry hots up With the battle for top speed bragging rights between hypercar manufacturers growing hotter every year, it is not entirely rare to hear of a new company declaring they can take their super fast rivals to the cleaners. The car you see here is the Trion Nemesis and the America-based company behind it plans to do just that.


nder the bonnet lies a monster of an engine. A 9.0-litre twin-turbo V8, which is claimed to deliver that awesome 2000 horsepower, will be mated to an eight speed manual box. Under the skin, the Nemesis will feature a carbon fibre monococque chassis; race inspired pushrod suspension, four wheel drive and carbon ceramic brakes front and rear. Add all this together and you are left


By Ben Selby


with some epic performance figures. Zero to 100km/h is dealt with in a claimed 2.8 seconds and a theoretical top speed of more than 270mph (420km/h), making the Nemesis a genuine threat to the Hennessey Venom GT, Koenigsegg One:1 and Bugatti Veyron SuperSport. The Nemesis features an aerodynamic shape which its makers describe as being "flawless from the front growl to the

captivating tail configuration". At the rear, the Nemesis adopts the same wide-arched style as the McLaren P1. Active aerodynamics will also play a part in the exterior design and carbon will certainly keep the weight down. In terms of creature comforts, the Nemesis is said to be well off. A digital dashboard and internet connect are just some of the features. The Nemesis also features “Predator” mode. This is said to operate much like sport mode, altering the exhaust note, ride height, suspension settings and rev limiter. Describing themselves as a manufacturer of “ultra-luxury, high performance vehicles centred on the driver,” the America based Trion say the Nemesis will be unveiled in prototype form in February 2015. Only time will tell if the Nemesis delivers.

Metropol November 13, 2014 85


A new level of elegance in motoring By Ben Selby

The new Mercedes C-Class has at last landed on New Zealand shores, taking the fight directly to the BMW 3-Series. Sporting new looks, revamped ergonomics and cutting edge technology, does the new C cut it in today's executive saloon market? Absolutely.

86 November 13, 2014 Metropol



The new Mercedes C-Class is a stunner whichever way you look at it.


ollowing the styling trends set by the new S and E-Class, the new C seems to take flowing lines and fluidic cues to a new level of elegance. An a swooping arched roofline shows hints of CLS while the LED head and tail light cluster show more than enough hints of S-Class. The new C is 20 per cent lighter than the outgoing model, thanks to more aluminium used in the construction. On the inside, there has been a complete overhaul of the C-Class creature comforts. A new uncluttered centre console houses SClass inspired air vents and simple white on black buttons. A new head up display and instrument cluster are clear and concise. New to the C-Class is a touchpad system. Much like using an iPad, the touchpad is used to control the in car infotainment system. Simply swipe the pad to scroll and push down to select. Aside from usual Mercedes goodies like Sat


Nav, dual zone climate control, electric leather heated chairs and Bluetooth Connectivity; you get active Blind Spot Assist and Collision Prevention Assist as standard. The latter allows the car to detect objects in front and will slow the car if the driver cannot react in time. The C200 featured here - $71,900 - is expected to be the most popular in the range. Under the bonnet sits a 2.0-litre four pot petrol engine – 135kW/300Nm – mated to Mercedes seven speed DCT automatic gearbox. There are multiple driving modes to choose from via the “agility” toggle switch found next to your touchpad. Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, each of which signals its activation by changing colour on the screen. The 19inch AMG multi spoke alloys shown here, are part of the optional AMG line pack. The pack also includes 15mm lowered sports suspension, sports steering wheel and other

AMG accents. Setting off in the C200 is a soothing experience. The level of refinement and gradual surge of power result in hushed engine revs and quiet up shifts from the seven-speed box. Ride comfort is superb and while drivers have the option of air matic air suspension, the C does just fine without it. While you can take liberties with the C in the twisty stuff and along tight B-roads till your heart's content, it becomes obvious the C200 is more at home on the motorway cruise. Select comfort mode and set the air con and stereo volume just so, blink and your home. All in all, Mercedes should be chuffed to bits with how the new C-Class has turned out. Available as a saloon or estate and combining fresh style, willing engines and jam packed with new technology the C is a definite winner. Bring on the AMG.

One of NZ's largest European vehicle selections 2010 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Overfinch Ltd Edition

2013 Mercedes Benz A 250 AMG Sport Hatchback


2013 Audi RS6 V8 Twin Turbo Latest Quattro Wagon








Full Overfinch Bodykit and Badging, Overfinch Full Sports Exhaust which sounds fantastic!, 22 inch Overfinch factory Sports alloys with Red Brake Calipers, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Full Kmph Electronic dash, NZ Navigation/Bluetooth/Phone/CD/ Aux, Remote Locking, Push Button start etc. This will not last, be quick!

The new leader of European Sports 5dr hatchbacks!, 2.0 Turbocharged generating 155KW/350NM, AMG Package Sports Alloys and Part Leather AMG Sports Seats, Electric/Memory Seats, CD/Stereo/Aux/Ipod/Nav and factory Bluetooth, LED Lighting, Multiple Airbags etc. Great fun to drive! Save on new price!

412 KW Supercar, Stunning in Estoril Blue Metallic with Black Valcona Leather, 21 inch 5 Spoke Titanuim Alloys, Phone Prep High, HD Navigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, Audi Pre-Sense, LED Lighting, Double Glazing, Push Button Start, Multiple Airbags, Heated Seats, Climate Air, Quattro 4WD etc. Save on new price, just read the reviews!

2013 Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharged

2007 Audi Q7 4.2 V8 FSI Quattro 6 Seater

2007 Jaguar XKR 4.2 V8 Supercharged




Jaguars new Generation E Type!, An Electric Softtop Supercharged Roadster which sounds fantastic!, Only 15,000kms from new, includes Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Touch Screen NZ Navigation and Bluetooth, LED Light Signature, Push Button Start, 8 Speed Quickshift gearbox, Premium Meridian Sound etc, Just read the reviews and save on new price!


Only 69,000kms from new, Highly sought after model in White, 2 Individual Middle Row seats with Cup holders etc, Full Ivory Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Push Button/Keyless start, 20 inch Polished Sports Alloys, Heated Seats, Rear Climate Air, Reverse and Side Camera, Air Suspension. Very popular family 4WD in White!



Only 37,000kms from new!, 420 HP 4.2 V8 Supercharged performance, Full Leather with Heated/Electric Seats, Push Button Start, Cruise Control, Factory 20 inch Sports Alloys, Multi-Function Electric/Memory Seats, Parking Sensors, Touch Screen Navigation/Bluetooth phone/CD/Stereo, Full Electrics etc. A very good look in Grey!

511 Blenheim Road / Ph 03 366 8328 Over 150 more vehicles at Metropol November 13, 2014 87


When cars start to feel the road NIRA Dynamics AB has now developed algorithms that can estimate the friction value between the road and the tyres. IT WON'T BE ENOUGH FOR NEW CARS TO RECOGNISE OTHER VEHICLES, PEDESTRIANS AND OBSTACLES, THE CAR WILL ALSO NEED TO BE ABLE TO MONITOR THE ROAD CONDITION AND MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS.

EXPERIENCED professionals... Specialising in VW, Audi & Skoda WOF & Full Mechanical Service & Repairs VAG Key Cutting & Coding available Authorised Warranty Repairer Modern, Clean Workshop

Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

400-402 Tuam Street Christchurch Ph: 366 7755


xperienced drivers perceive the road with nearly all senses: they see, feel and even hear the road. They use all this information to estimate the grip of the road and, based on their judgement, adapt their driving speed to the conditions. But what if every car could have such an experienced co-driver to help do this difcult job? Driving at excessive speed or misjudging the road and trafc conditions are still the most common causes of trafc accidents. Current inbuilt assistance systems can recognise road signs and help the driver stick to speed limits. Most drivers are also familiar with the ice warning displayed on the dashboard when the temperature is approaching freezing point. These functions are steps in the right direction, but with the new algorithms by NIRA, cars can take a large step further and get even smarter. A typical example of where NIRA's algorithms can be used is on a long oily patch on a curvy road. This might be hardly noticeable for car drivers, but is a potential death trap for motorcyclists even at low speeds. If the road friction estimation calculated with NIRA's algorithms is communicated directly to the car or via the infrastructure, approaching trafc could receive a warning before it is too late. Looking even further into the future, real autonomous driving will hardly be imaginable without road friction estimation, as the smart co-driver will fully take over. It won't be enough for new cars to recognise other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles, as demanding as these features alone may be. The car will also need to be able to monitor the road condition and make the right decisions. NIRA is now looking for automotive applications and partners to bring the new algorithms out onto the road.

Time to update... Need to update your caravan’s accessories pre-holiday? Visit our showroom because you to view our extensive range. deserve it! P: (03) 3433-643 E: F: (03) 3433-610 W: 183 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch

2006 Audi A3 Turbo FSi 2.0 Auto, Full leather ONLY $17,999

2011 BMW 1 SERIES 5 Door, 55kms ONLY $24,999


2005 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro SW Full leather, Auto tiptronic, ONLY $17,999

2006 BMW 320i MotorSport SW Sunroof, ONLY $22,999

Inch Quality European

88 November 13, 2014 Metropol

2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6, Full leather, 79kms ONLY $21,999

2004 BMW X3 3.0 NZ NEW Full Leather, ONLY $16,999

2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 5.5 V8 Full leather, Auto, Sunroof ONLY $29,999

2009 VW Tiguan 2.0TSi 4WD, Alloys, Cruise ONLY $24,999

541 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Devin Inch 0274 366076 Shane Symes 0211 289995 Phone 379 9529 25 Years Experience 1,2,3 YR WARRANTIES Sharon Shine 0272 709954


By Cheryl Colley

Feminine touch in automotive servicing industry There's a celebration in the planning stages at Kendal Vehicle Services.


t the beginning of April next year it will be 20 years since Carol Bradley took over ownership of Kendal Vehicle Services and began to imprint her feminine stamp on the automotive servicing business – a business that might be thought of as a man's world even today. “It wasn't quite the direction I expected to be going in my life at the time,” says Carol, “but now I simply love the environment. It's definitely not a chore to come to work in the morning and even after this length of time I am still motivated to improve the business even more.” Under Carol's leadership Kendal Vehicle Services has developed a core focus of satisfying all of their customers' automotive service and repair needs. KVS works with their customers to ensure their vehicles will not only perform at their best today, but will be less problematic in the future through preventative maintenance. “Customers really appreciate our open and honest relationship with them – our oldfashioned service ethic - and that we do the best for their vehicle while using quality parts and guaranteed workmanship. We have customers who still come to us after 20 years so we must be doing something


right!” Big organisations such as Environment Canterbury with their over 140 vehicles and several rental vehicle companies and fleet lease companies think the same too as they trust their vehicle servicing and repairs to Kendal Vehicle Services. If you live or work in the Burnside, Avonhead, Harewood, Bishopdale or Ilam areas you will find Kendal Vehicle Services with their premises at 20 Sheffield Crescent particularly convenient. They can carry out all aspects of mechanical servicing for you from regular servicing and oil changes to warrants of fitness, from tyre and wheel alignment to cleaning of exhaust and mufflers, from brake checks to clutch servicing and suspension and steering checks – and much more besides. Kendal Vehicle Services' six qualified mechanics and their auto-electrician have years of experience in the industry so your vehicle is in the best of hands. Kendal Vehicle Services is part of the nationwide network of over 70 Auto Super Shoppes so you can be guaranteed a high standard of service, professionalism and technical expertise. Contact Kendal Vehicle Services on (03) 358 5381. Their website is

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20 Sheffield Cres, Russley, Christchurch Ph. 03 358 5381 Latest 3D Wheel Alignment


Exhaust and Mufflers



Dealer Quality Servicing at Super Shoppe Prices



Air Conditioning

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Our vehicles were designed to get us from A to B, but fact is, when you don't look after them, they don't look after you. To keep your pride and joy performing at the best of its ability, you needn't look further than the Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda specialists at Dubworld.

Investing in servicing luxury vehicles



or a number of years now there have been a large amount of luxury cars available on the New Zealand market for a fraction of their value,” Dubworld's Steve Carpinter explains. “You can get a $65,000 Audi that's ve years old for half that price, but that $65,000 Audi still has $65,000 worth of parts and knowledge invested into it.” In recognition of this, Dubworld has invested signicantly in the tools and knowledge to ensure the team has the specialist capabilities to carry out your vehicle's mechanical repairs and maintenance. Whether you've opted for a classic or a more modern model, Dubworld's modern and spacious workshop has the complex computerised diagnostic equipment required for working on these precision engineered vehicles. The MTA member's professional team can provide factory and mechanical warranty

“WHETHER IT'S WOF RENEWAL, GENERAL SERVICING OR SPECIFIC REPAIRS, WE WILL WORK ON CARS OF ALL AGES, MODELS AND CONDITIONS.” servicing, engine tuning, ECU diagnostics and prompt repairs on brakes, suspension and clutches. But it's not all about repairs. Volkswagen has achieved a global reputation for fuel efciency and economy, so visiting Dubworld regularly for maintenance ensures your vehicle maintains peak performance, and that pays dividends when it comes to safe, smooth motoring and vehicle longevity. The carpark at 65 Disraeli Street Addington is clearly packed with private vehicles and

dealers' vehicles from a range of people and professionals who trust their expensive machinery with the Dubworld crew. Owned and operated for more than seven years by Daniel and Kylie Brand, Dubworld moved to its current premises more than four years ago, doubling staff from three to six to keep up with demand for its specialist services. “Whether it's WOF renewal, general servicing or specic repairs, we will work on cars of all ages, models and conditions,” Steve says. Dubworld looks after its customers by explaining all repairs, whether they are simple or complex and providing loan cars to keep you mobile while the work is done. Open from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, Dubworld welcomes all enquiries on site at 65 Disraeli Street Addington, or by phoning 365 3733. Visit to nd out more.

Owners Kevin and Maxine

The following services are available:

For all your VW, Audi and Skoda needs, come to the right people! VW & Audi and Skoda Specialists Christchurch’s ONLY Trusted Volkswagen Specialist 65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733 E: 90 November 13, 2014 Metropol

WOF Full Workshop Service & Parts

High tech specialist vehicle servicing

Christmas is around the corner, so it is time to get your vehicle sorted for all of those trips coming up. After all, the average car these days has 30,000 parts! Time to visit Leading Edge and get them checked out!


et up to undertake repairs and maintenance of any make or model of vehicle, Leading Edge employs skilled technicians with an awesome range of expertise and knowledge. Scanners have been augmented by the new BMW, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen level diagnostics, which combine flash programming coding of new modules, software upgrades and performance tuning. Leading Edge therefore offers an alternative to vehicle servicing by dealerships at more

SPECIALIST SERVICES INCLUDE FULL SERVICING AND REPAIRS OF EUROPEAN VEHICLES AND AUTHORISED WARRANTY REPAIRS. cost effective rates. Because they are approved repairers for warranty companies, customers with vehicles under warranty do not necessarily have to go back to dealerships for the service and maintenance of their vehicles. For those with vehicles just out of warranty, Leading Edge Automotive can offer customers the reassurance of ongoing specialist servicing.

Leading Edge facilities, efficiency and levels of service are recognised by the industry and as a result the company has been appointed MTA Assured Repairers. It is a Christchurch member of the Yes! Association (Your Electronic Specialists). This invitation-only diagnostic network provides world-class training enabling its members to solve the most complex automotive faults.

FREE Courtesy Cars Clean, Modern Workshop Latest Diagnostic Equipment WOF & Repairs Auto Electrician on site Authorised Warranty Repairer Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Specialising in BMW, BMW Mini, VW & Audi. Tyres & 3D Wheel Alignments

Specialist services include full mechanical and auto-electrical repairs of petrol and diesel models, WOF and associated repairs, airconditioning and regassing, the latest diagnostic equipment, full servicing and repairs of European vehicles and authorised warranty repairs. Leading Edge is now a part of the autoelectrical batterymart group, which means the company can provide everything auto-electrical. In fact, Leading Edge Automotive can be seen as a one-stop shop for all of your automotive needs, with auto-electricians and automotive technicians on site and able to deal with any aspect of your vehicle repair and maintenance. The office itself, like the workshop, is modern and well-equipped, so that all vehicle histories are kept on a comprehensive computer system. No work is carried out without the customer's prior approval and there is complete transparency at all stages. The company offers free courtesy cars and a guarantee on all work and parts. As vehicle repairs and maintenance become more technical and complex, there is nothing better than allowing Leading Edge technicians under the bonnet of your pride and joy. Call (03) 366 3384 or visit for further information, or to book online. You owe it to that great car of yours!

“NZ Dealer of the Year�

Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm

Rolling Thunder Harley-Davidson

480 Selwyn St Christchurch Central P. 366 3384

35 Manchester St Christchurch Ph 03 3660129 Metropol November 13, 2014 91

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