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6-7 Front cover NZ Cup & Show Week (8-15 November) is Canterbury’s well-earned week to celebrate our region and idyllic lifestyle. Dress to the nines and check out the city’s hotspots, don your stylish racing attire for race days, or take time out and relax with your family on Show Day. For Cup Day inspiration see our special feature on pages 45-74 and discover the latest trends and accessories that will have you looking your best on the eld.


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Fashion, fun and fillies Create your own Cup Day look WIN with Metropol Stand out from the crowd



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New chef brings accents of Europe Culinary hotspots The dining guide In your kitchen


16th October 2014 vol 17 issue 20


Simple, Sophisticated, styling Fashion to rock to Balance, energy, harmony A sensual Zen like experience




Five minutes with Lucia Carbines Top Shop awards announced Off the Radar Gig Guide

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Bringing the inside out Fusing great designs with practicality Buildng a city’s soul Bathroom inspirations

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NEW AT ASKO ! The ‘Gallery’

Luxury express delivers Macan is a stunner The car whisperer Gallic charm for the family

Any size-any fabric

Made in New Zealand

Midway Moorhouse

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eeping connected with all that our chic little city has on offer is what makes a life of living here one of quality, excitement and style. Metropol explores our city’s local talent, innovative businesses and entertainment hot spots. It encapsulates our city’s unique culture from fashion to food, destinations to designers, socialising to services and more. Metropol is quintessential Christchurch designed to inspire the discerning. A massive 30% increase in circulation over the last quarter brings Metropol readership to an est.* 180,000 readers. We welcome all new readers and businesses to the ‘Metropol Experience’. *Est. x 4 per copy.


Photography : Wendy Cook

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Angela Bennett


up Day - the ash of vibrantly coloured, custom-made silks; the boldness of monochrome patterns and the shine of polished leather footwear – and that’s just the jockeys’ attire! Racing silks are used to distinguish different riders and horses and date all the way back to ancient Rome when chariot drivers wore distinctive capes of various colours to identify themselves. Anyone who has had the wonderful fortune of attending Il Palio, the bare-back horserace held in Siena, Italy twice a year, will understand the honour with which jockeys wear their colours. The colourful racing silks designed by owners and artists today all add to the beauty and pageantry of horse racing and ensure it is an event we all want to dress to impress for. In this issue we present our NZ Cup & Show Week special feature. On pages 45-74 you will discover a fabulous selection of the city’s most striking race day wear, classic to edgy accessories and plenty of tips on how to plan your outt and be the best dressed on the eld. Cup & Show Week 8-15 November is Canterbury’s time to celebrate and enjoy all the best of what Christchurch has on offer, so gather your friends together, look and be fabulous and check out the best restaurants, bars and entertainment over a fashionable fun-lled week.

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“Wearing a hat is fun; people have a good time when they're wearing a hat.” – Philip Treacy

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4 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Metropol October 16, 2014 5


five minutes with

Lucia Carbines


iss A in a Bubble, Aerial Sphere - Lucia Carbines who hails from New Brighton is a star with many aliases that reflect her many extraordinary talents. She combines contortion, aerial and dance into a performance that is breathtaking and captivating to watch. Her performances around Australia and Asia have left viewers spellbound and she also revealed her dare-devil tendencies when she performed the death-defying High Wire Motorbike Trapeze stunt at the Melbourne Grand Prix last year. Lucia is coming back to Christchurch with Spiegelworld’s all new show Empire which runs in Christchurch at Horncastle Arena from 21 October – 2 November. How old were you when you discovered your love of dance and acrobatics? Two years old! My mum always tells me I was constantly dancing around the house, so when I was two and a half she put me into ballet classes and I instantly loved it! Going on from there I kept changing what I wanted to do. I did everything - tap, jazz, musical theatre, horse riding, horse vaulting, acrobatics, violin, until I found circus/aerial when I was 14 and that's my true passion. Did you ever dream then, of making performing arts a career choice? Yes I’d had that dream since I can remember, I guess it started off as more of a fantasy though, but then as I got older it became more of a reality. I think I was 15 when it actually became clear that I had a possibly of becoming a professional performer if I rea lly focused. I never looked back.

became an aerialist with such grace it was breathtaking to watch. She always inspired me to keep focusing on my dance, as it is an important part of being a performer. She also has an amazing talent to juggle her performance life, business and pleasures all into one. If I were to live like her I would need more hours in a day. How do you come up with the spectacular moves that keep people mesmerized? A lot of my contortion moves come from just playing around in front of mirrors and watching videos on YouTube for ideas. I love coming up with new moves for the bubble. Because it’s not a very common apparatus there are so many things to create that haven’t been done before. There is something special about creating a trick that hasn't been performed before. You feel like you are contributing to the growth of the performance world.

Why did you decide to focus on contortion, aerial and dance? I’d always had the dream of becoming a professional and that's what pushed me towards those particular things. I loved horse vaulting when I was younger and used to compete at a national level. But there was never a future career in it - only competitions so that was one of the big reasons that made me choose aerial and contortion. Who has inspired you in your unusual career? A former aeri al teacher and performance partner, Leigh-Anne Viser. She was an amazing ballerina when she was younger and

How long do you spend in rehearsal for a show such as Empire? I didn't join Empire until half way through the Australian tour and m y personal rehearsal period was very fast. I was covering for the original Bubble Girl because she was sick, so I had only two days to learn the bubble act and go straight into shows. I covered her for a week and then later joined the show permanently. Empire has had seasons overseas. What has the feedback been like? The feedback has been amazing. We recently finished a season in Tokyo Japan and to say they loved the show there would be an understatement. We had fans that would come alm ost every night; some would travel for hours to see the show!

Two professionals in flooring... two very good reasons to visit our showroom

Georgia Kennedy 6 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Jacqui Kuru

Established 1946


Briefly, what are some of the other acts like and can you tell us a little about the rest of the troupe? There is a big diversity in the types of acts we have in the show. We have clowning, rollerskating, sports acrobatics, branch balancing, spin top, risley, hand-to-hand, contortion, aerial German wheel and live musicians. As far as the troupe goes there is an even bigger diversity of nationalities: Russians, Ukrainians, Ethiopians, Americans, Canadians, Japanese and me th e New Zealander/Australian.


How dangerous are some of your acts and how do you feel during an extreme performance? The high-wire motorbike act that I perform at big events is quite dangerous. Imagine a motorbike on a wire with a trapeze underneath and a girl on the trapeze. The girl is me. That act is usually performed at 40m in the air, and although I have a safety belt I wouldn't want to fall. When I am performing the high wire act I am strangely calm and focused. It’s as if my body kno ws it’s dangerous so there is no time to be nervous. What is your favourite genre of performing arts? Ballet - probably because I did it for a while when I was younger and I appreciate how much technique and control is involved. Professional ballerinas make it look so effortless and beautiful. What other creative endeavours do you enjoy? There are a lot actually. I have always loved surfing and outdoor rock climbing and recently I have discovered mountain biking and snowboardi ng. I’m also currently enjoying making friendship bracelets as a little hobby and thing to do during the shows.

What one book would you encourage everyone to read? Game of Thrones - although once you read the first one you have to read them all. I started reading them six months ago and can’t put them down.

How long since you have been in Christchurch and do you still have friends and family here? It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been back. I have lots of family and friends there; all of my family on both mum and dad’s side live in New Zealand, mostly in Christchurch. I can’t wait to be back and performing there! My nana and poppa, aunties, uncles and cousins have never seen m e perform, so they are all coming to the show. On a more personal note what music are you enjoying at present? Fat Freddie’s drop! I can’t get enough of them. I constantly have them on repeat on my playlist.

What is one thing that Metropol readers would be surprised to know about you? I have never been to a normal school. I was homeschooled from grade 1. Being homeschooled became a big advantage for me when I started training to be an aerialist and contortionist. It’s something I have always been grateful to my parents for. If I hadn’t been homeschooled I wouldn't have ended up where I am now this fast. What are you like at parties? Well I’m not really a party girl and I can’t think of a time where I haven’t had to leave early because I was performing the next day. So I am usually the grandma that doesn't drink much and goes home at a reasonable hour… boring I know. What’s next on the wish list? To go skydiving - I have always wanted to do it and I’m hoping I’ll be able to while I’m in NZ.

National Award Winning Residential and Commercial Architecture and Interiors

ph 365 8582 christchurch tauranga Metropol October 16, 2014 7

TopShop award winners announced The best shops from across Canterbury and the Upper South Island have been named at the Retail NZ TopShop Awards ceremony in Christchurch with Ken Wills Furniture Limited of Timaru being named the Overall Regional TopShop.

Other Canterbury and Upper South Island category winners included:

Overall Regional TopShop Award Winner Ken Wills Furniture Ltd


he Retail NZ TopShop awards aim to raise the standards of retailing in New Zealand, recognise best practice and celebrate those who have achieved excellence in retailing," Retail NZ Chief Executive Mark Johnston said. "I want to congratulate all the finalists and winners, but offer a special congratulations to Ken Wills Furniture, which took the honours against four other finalists in the Home and Style category and was also awarded the title of Overall Regional TopShop. "The winners in most categories were selected by mystery shoppers, based on set criteria. The mystery shopper who visited Ken Wills Furniture noted the excellent in-store

8 October 16, 2014 Metropol

presentation, and the top-class friendly and professional customer service." The mystery shopper scored the store 100 per cent against all judging criteria. "There was also a People's Choice award for the best TopShop, which this year was awarded to Pagan Marie Boutique in Christchurch. "Diana McKay from NZ Rockshop in Christchurch was named as the Service IQ Retail Professional." 112 shops across Canterbury and Upper South Island entered this year's regional TopShop Awards, with finalists coming from as far as Timaru, Greymouth and Nelson.

Large Format Retail category: Parkhouse Garden Supplies, Middleton, Christchurch Fashion, Footwear and Accessories category: Ziera Shoes, Riccarton, Christchurch Lifestyle and Wellbeing category: Renaissance, The Art of Beauty, Sumner, Christchurch Home and Style category: Ken Wills Furniture Limited, Washdkye, Timaru Specialty retailer category: Spark Store, Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch Food and Beverage category: Traiteur European Butchery, Merivale, Christchurch Online Retailer category: Pagan Marie Boutique, Halswell, Christchurch Omnichannel Retailer category: Warehouse Stationery People's Choice Award: Pagan Marie Boutique, Halswell Retail Professional Award: Diana McKay, NZ Rockshop Christchurch Overall Regional TopShop Award: Ken Wills Furniture Limited, Washdyke, Timaru


By Wendy Dunlop

What a


United Travel Ferrymead recently celebrated success at the nationwide company's Awards and Annual Conference. In the various award categories all of the Ferrymead consultants qualified for sales awards.


he Annual Awards Conference acknowledges both supplier and sales 'high achiever' awards and this year saw Tanya Cross take out the Supreme Award of New Zealand Consultant of the Year 2014 for which she has been Runner-Up the previous two consecutive years, she was also the APT River Cruise Runner-Up Top Consultant 2014 recipient in the Supplier Awards. Further accolades for the office followed in the Supreme Consultant Awards which saw Jacqui Harmon and Melanie Peacock bot h nominated for the Intermediate Cruise Consultant of the year. From one branch that is an impressive achievement. “Although we are a small office, we have almost 70 years of collective travel experience among us and our customers benefit from our varied knowledge and commitment,” says Managing Director Melissa Landrebe. The awards weekend at Auckland Sky City was also combined with United Travel's annual conference which enabled the consultants to share ideas and train ing with the airlines, wholesalers and suppliers. “The “Wild On” theme introduced exciting new products and unique destinations that are becoming the new hot spots” says Melissa. “There are some very well travelled people in New Zealand who are avid for more unique

Melissa Landrebe – Director United Travel Ferrymead With John Willson – General Manager United Travel

Jacqui Harmon, Tanya Cross, Melissa Landrebe, Melanie Peacock, Jackie Reid

travel experiences and getting off the beaten track.” As cruise specialists, United Travel have a diverse range of expedition cruise options to add to their portfolio of ocean and river cruises, including Anta rctica and the fjords of Chile. Cruising is one of the fastest growing genres of travel as new generations discover exploring the world from the comfort of a ship's stateroom. The variety of cruises allows niche markets to be catered for in terms of style, destinations, duration, special interests and cost. Cruising is no longer just for the rich and the retired!


Robert – APT, Tanya Cross, Anja - APT, Anne Waterhouse – NZ sales manager APT

“With exceptional products and new ships, we are now into the 2015 selling period for European adventures, includ ing both ocean and river cruising, as well as in-depth tours and small group experiences. Now is the time to plan ahead for next year, especially with river cruising,” say Melissa and Tanya who recently cruised from Amsterdam to Nuremburg with APT. Inspired and enthused United Travel's award winning consultants look forward to your enquiries and to helping to plan your next holiday. Phone 03 384 2700 or make an appointment at their office - 960 Ferry Rd Ferrymead.

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137

Metropol October 16, 2014 9


Medbury makes masterpieces Medbury School held a Gala Cocktail evening, Art Exhibition and Auction recently, featuring a variety of student art alongside leading local artists.

Beautiful new Ballantynes boutique International boutique Jo Malone has opened its second New Zealand store in Ballantynes Department Store. Here you can browse the famous Tasting Bar, learn how to combine fragrances to create your own bespoke scent and enjoy a luxurious free hand and arm massage.

















1.Stephanie Rumble, Dev Eglinton, Janet Whineray 2.Nikki and Chris Walsh 3.Ali Jones, Rob Allsop 4.Jeremy Sharr, Tom Kuruvilla 5.Anna Western-Bell, Chris Bell 6.Jo Macauley, Kelly Grace 7.Sandra Johnson (Art Teacher), Helen Kay, Peter Kay (Principal) 8.Heidi Crawford, Sue Kingston

1.Maria O'Halloran, Monique Little 2.Margaret Bartlett, Veronique Tatove 3.Catherine Smith, Diana Cleveland 4.Sarah O'Gorman, Claire Dorrance 5.Annebel de Kort, Liz Mills 6.Ashleigh Calder, Abi Fleetwood 7.Lucy Currie, Lisa Tweedie 8.Julie & Jenny Owens Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

You’ll feel right at home with us Located in the heart of St Martins/Opawa, our boutique village currently has newly completed apartments available.

Call Christine on 03 331 6746 for more information, or view these beautiful units. 60 HAWFORD ROAD, OPAWA 10 October 16, 2014 Metropol

PHONE 332 7323


Metropol October 16, 2014 11



Love is an accident waiting to happen...

ne of Christchurch's newest independent theatre companies is back with another dramatic installment – Closer. A Little Box At The Top Of The Stairs – under the direction of founder Garry Thomas - presents this critically acclaimed play. The lives of four strangers intertwine over the course of four and a half years in this densely plotted, stinging look at modern love and betrayal. There is no good guy in Closer. There's Dan, the witty, albeit failed novelist and Alice, the troubled ex-stripper. There's Larry, the straight-talking doctor and Anna, the talented photographer. But in this brutal square dance, love is not the winner and their romantic lives do not so much cross paths as collide violently. Closer is a brutally honest account of sexual cruelty and emotional ruin. Performance Details: Thurs to Sat, 30 Oct to 1 Nov and Weds to Fri 5 to 7 Nov – 7.30pm. Elmwood Auditorium, 31 Aikmans Rd, Merivale.

Stag Weekend at The Forge


comical conversation overhead on a bus about a wayward bachelor party is the inspiration for Stag Weekend, which has its world première at The Forge at The Court on 25 October Directed by Mark Hadlow, Stag Weekend was written by Court Jesters Brendon Bennetts and Dan Bain. Stag Weekend exposes the world of male shenanigans and the inevitable clashes that result when mates with varying ideas about what makes for a good time reunite on the West Coast. The show promises a trail of carnage slammed together with loads of laughs when the four very different friends set out to bag a stag. Playwrights Brendon Bennetts and Dan Bain say. "We started

Stag Weekend Stag Weekend over four years ago pre earthquakes. Every place that we started writing has now fallen down! It shows the destructive power of our writing, no building can withstand it!" says Bain.

........................................ Kiwi writer's latest poetry book released


iwi writer Apirana Taylor launched his sixth volume of poetry with Canterbury University Press this month. The collection, titled The Breathing Tree, features 40 new poems. Inspired by nature and mythology, Taylor shifts his focus from the mundane to the mysterious and shares his delight and despair in what he discovers. “This collection of poetry features a wide range of subjects including identity, the negative effects of colonialism, nature, and the importance of trees and breathing, as well as some love poetry,” Taylor says. “The inspiration for this poetry comes from the life I see around me and my reactions to it.” Apirana Taylor Love Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

C L O S E R By Patrick Marber Directed by Garry Thomas Thurs 30 Oct to Sat 1 Nov, 7:30pm Wed 5 Nov to Fri 7 Nov, 7:30pm

Manderley Home & Garden Festival 8 & 9 NOVEMBER 2014

Contains adult themes and coarse language

Beautifully located right beside the heart of Merivale shopping precinct with its many cafes, McDonalds, boutique mall, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and adjacent to the Metro bus service and taxi rank.

4 McDOUGALL AVENUE, MERIVALE Enquiries encouraged: TELEPHONE 03 3555 888

Elmwood Auditorium 31 Aikmans Rd, Merivale Tickets: $20 waged, $17 unwaged

Phone book on 03 355 8874 or book on line Door-sales subject to availability; EFTPOS or cash

Set in a beautiful valley on Banks Peninsula the historic homestead garden and grounds is the perfect setting to showcase 140 stalls from tasty food to quality crafts. NZ Got Talent nalists will captivate you with high class acts from singing to acrobatic dancing plus more great entertainment. Built originally in 1876 the homestead will have three rooms open to the public.

Gate admission $15 under 12 free 3875 Christchurch Akaroa Rd, Little River Held wet or ne Tel 3251156 12 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Convene in the south


Held at the Ilex Function Centre at the Botanic Gardens, the Convene South 2014 Welcome Function was bigger and better than ever before, with an increased number of exhibitors at the annual event.










1.Amy Broadstock 2.Sharon Jackson, Caroline Blanchfield, John McKenzie, Sandy Gray 3.Nick Dwan, Leonie Ashford, Anabel Darby, John Ellis, Jean Hendry 4.Heather Lowrie, Claire Webber 5.Josie Debenham, Stephanie Emery 6.Gabrielle Turner, Richard Dodds, Caitlyn Scott, Veronica Verdonk 7.Hollie Swan, Angela Hunter, Jo Alderton 8.Lea Boodee, Martin Tunlay, Ali Lawley, Ally Eastaugh 9.Mandy Enoka, Lisa Lodge, Regan Pearce, Trudy Hedges, Lisa Chambers Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol October 16, 2014 13


by Hans Petrovic

Wizard's FUN-DAMENTAL “Having fun,” remains the all-pervading factor of everything Christchurch's Wizard does, and that was certainly evident recently at the induction of three new wizards and his own elevation to Arch-Wizard.


eld at the top of the Christchurch Gondola, the Wizard's 40th Anniversary Party was attended by many of the loyal friends he has acquired over the years – most of them dressed in eccentric costumes, ranging from pirates to royalty, military to steam punk, fairies, a werewolf and numerous men of all ages in black robes with tall, pointed hats. “It's been a long time since we've all been able to meet each other on such an occasion. It certainly was a lot of fun,” the Wizard said afterwards. “It's now 40 years since I first walked into Cathedral Square in full wizard gear. The square had just been redone and reopened. Now was just the right time to get everyone together again and celebrate.” Officially acknowledged as the Wizard of New Zealand, with the original name of Ian Brackenbury Channell, and simply Jack to his friends, he has reached the age of 81 and has been

“IT'S NOW 40 YEARS SINCE I FIRST WALKED INTO CATHEDRAL SQUARE IN FULL WIZARD GEAR. THE SQUARE HAD JUST BEEN REDONE AND REOPENED. NOW WAS JUST THE RIGHT TIME TO GET EVERYONE TOGETHER AGAIN AND CELEBRATE.” contemplating his possible retirement. With this in mind, he has been looking for a suitable successor and is training wizard apprentices for the task. Becoming Arch-Wizard has also been on his mind, but to do this he needs to have other wizards below him. Hence, the recent capping of three – Ari Freeman, Ian Costello and Kierin MacKenzie – inside the building at the top of the Gondola. Jack explains that he calls the ceremony a capping as that is the term used in the Harry Potter book s. He is less definite about the other requirements for graduation.

Desirable location, secure and caring environment 60 Browns Road, Christchurch 8014 Ph 3754117 Currently have a Studio and a 2 Bedroom Palazzo available 14 October 16, 2014 Metropol



“It's not a time thing. It's a skill thing. Like becoming a musician, it's based on talent,” says Jack. Of course, being able to have fun is also a very important factor. Fun was certainly evident during that Sunday event, which was also attended by the Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel, Jack's partner Alice, and friends from Oamaru. Music was provided by The Pirates while the Wizard enthusiastically danced around the floor. “The Pirates band are all old friends from the 198 0s. They used to be the hippie type, with a sense of freedom from the community, doing their own thing,” says Jack. Jack's literal elevation to Arch-Wizard was also offbeat and spectacular, assisted by the three new wizards, the Fairy Ambassador Lily Peas-Blossom and the Four Elementals. The latter four were King Arthur III of New Albion, New Zealand, representing Fire; the Gnome Ambassador Henry Sunderland for Earth; the Fairy Diplomat Ruby Henderson for Air; and the Head Werew olf and grand representative of the shapeshifter community Rachael Travaille.


For those wishing to take part in such future fun events, Jack suggests they join him in New Regent Street, where he now holds his lunchtime tirades to the local public and tourists. He is also planning Sunday-morning outings for “Shed Men” over 60 with beards, who will go on picnics in the parks, tram trips at special rates, cursing EQC, organising escapes from old-folks homes and posing in the museu m with other antiques.

Metropol October 16, 2014 15


Be bowled over by Vbase's newest venue Vbase is bringing its special brand of service and hospitality to the newest venue in its portfolio - the Pavilion at Hagley Oval.



entrally located in Hagley Park with expansive views across the cricket oval and the park, this new purpose-built venue offers a vast array of options for event organisers. Vbase's general manager, Darren Burden says the creatively designed pavilion is a spectacular new addition to Christchurch's offerings for meetings, cocktail functions, conferences and gala dinners. “The impact, style and appeal of a world-class sporting venue make the Pavilion at Hagley Oval an exciting setting and our team is thrilled to be hosting some of Christchurch's most stylish events there”. “The Pavilion heralds the return of international cricket to Christchurch and has created an oasis in the city, perfect for meetings, community gatherings, dinners, celebrations, award ceremonies, small exhibitions and launches. Vbase can help you put it all together, and the only limit is your imagination,” Darren says. Complimentary wifi, excellent AV and latest lighting and heating technology are all part of the package.

16 October 16, 2014 Metropol

The main Pavilion lounge caters for up to 260 people theatre style and 200 for seated dining. There are also five smaller rooms for 20 to 30 people as well the spacious Players' Dining Room that seats 80.

The Pavilion lounge is flooded with natural daylight and boasts outstanding views of the Oval wicket and tree-lined Hagley Park. The latest lighting, temperature control and AV technology is built in throughout, and includes automatic blinds in the main lounge. Hagley Oval will host the opening match and welcoming ceremony for the ICC World Cricket Cup between New Zealand and Sri Lanka on 14 February 2015. “Our team of chefs is looking forward to using the fabulous kitchen facilities to create stunning menus for memorable occasions, including the prestigious ICC World Cricket Cup opening ceremony this summer.”


Shopping with heart

The world of whisky Bloody Mary's at Rydges Hotel recently held an evening of whisky tasting with whisky and nibbles provided. If you missed out, keep an eye out on their Facebook page as this popular event and much more will be happening again.

Pinkerbelle recently held a unique shopping event, with shoppers treated to some stylish specials and with 10 percent of sales being donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The stunning store has a range of gifts and party product, with free gift wrapping on everything.






1.Jan Tweedie, Lauren Inkster, Anj H, Melanie Maxsted (Owner) 2.Cheree and Brooke Castle 3.Annita Corcoran (Millie Blue Creations), Melanie Maxsted 4.Chavvah Sturrock





1.Michael Bayly (Hancocks), Brendon Ltd 2.Matt Bendall, Trevor Laplanche, Colleen Beattie 3.Rikki Finlayson, Josh Porter 4.Richard and Tina Bunce 5.Mike Down, Cameron Paul


Classic values LUXURIOUS VILLAS SELLING NOW! Enquire today!

35 Whiteleigh Ave Phone (03) 338 4495

With year’s experience & wealth knowledge in Aged Care Call Jenny today. Join her for a tour of the various living options Park Lane has to offer.

Jenny Dempsey Owner/Manager Metropol October 16, 2014 17



Home and garden haven

et in a beautiful valley on Banks Peninsula the garden and grounds of Manderley are perfectly located to showcase the 140 stalls which make up the Manderley Home and Garden Festival on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November, from 10am to 4pm each day. Many food outlets will provide tasty food complemented with the best of local wines and craft beer. This year husband and wife team Lei'ataua and Kate Limuloa who recently placed 2nd in New Zealand's Got Talent 2013 as dance duo Silhouette Adagio NZ, will perform, along with fellow NZ's Got Talent 2013 finalist singer Oceana Olsen. On wet or fine. Gate admission $15 – under 12 free, 3875 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River (opposite rest area Lake Forsyth), 40 minute drive from Christchurch. Visit

Outrageous CITY SPACES


he highlight of this year's Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) will be a spectacular evening of towering, glowing physical installations right in the heart of Christchurch on Saturday 25 October, beginning at 6pm. Entitled CityUps and located at the intersection of High, Lichfield and Manchester Streets, this futuristic digital city will be the work of more than 250 architectural students creating their own vision of a new Christchurch.

The CityUps evening in High Street is only part of the overall festival, which this year goes by the title The Future Will Be Live, over the Labour Weekend, from 24 – 27 October. Spread over various venues throughout the central city, there will be more than 30 events, ranging from transitional vacant space projects to futuristic installations and handson workshops. A FESTA programme on the nature and location of all these events can now be found in cafes, libraries and city council service centres.




................................................................................ The quintessential Canterbury Hotel's history honoured n the final Christopher's Classics concert for 2014 at 8pm on Thursday 23 October at St Michael & All Angels Church, the Canterbury Wind Quintet perform a lively array of compositions expressly written for wind instruments, with the addition of superb arrangements by Ravel and Gounod. Samuel Barber's joyous and ebullient Summer Music is a major work, along with Ross Harris's fresh, vibrant and edgy Jazz Suit, Farkas's Antique Hungarian Dances and Ravel's haunting Tombeau de Couperin suite, written to commemorate six of the composer's friends killed in World War I. The arrangement of Gounod's Petite Symphonie (originally written for nine winds) brings this little gem to life and finally, in Mississippi Five, Jim Parker, composer of the music for Midsomer Murders and Foyle's War transports the listener to a swinging and spiritual New Orleans. For information, contact: Diana Moir, (03) 355 2691, 021 126 5738, Tickets available from the Court Theatre Booking Office. Cash only door sales available at the concert.

18 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Heritage Christchurch, set in Cathedral Square, will open its doors to the public to celebrate the Beca Heritage Week from the 17 - 27 October. The hotel is offering guided 'Heritage 101' historic tours through the 101 year-old building on the afternoon of Sunday 19 October. The tours will depart at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm and are free with an optional coin donation to Historic Places Canterbury. The hotel's unique building survived the 2011 seismic events to emerge as one of the few remaining working heritage buildings in Christchurch and reopened in 2013 in its 100th year. For more information visit


Get your poker face on Mashina is Russian for car or machine; it's an unorthodox name for a bar, but this one is literally part of the Christchurch Casino's basement car park. Catering for functions for 10 to 430 guests, the premier entertainment destination recently played host to an edge of your seat charity poker tournament.











1.Ben Harris, Mike King, Brett Anderson 2.Charlotte Van Der Wielen, Josie Bristow, Charlotte Bendall 3.Nick Henare, Graeme Rose, Angela Bennett (Metropol) 4.Sarah Mead, Sarah Clarke, Luisa Dacombe Valentine 5.Jodie Mavor, Kendall Smith, Sarah Clarke, Anna Turnbull 6.Scott Robinson, Judy Graham 7.Angela Stone, Lizzie Dyer, Andrea Allen 8.Tim Dyer, Janice Gray, Grant Mangin 9.Mercy Cornish, Reanna Smith 10.Shane Murdoch, Kerry Dellaca

Metropol October 16, 2014 19


OFF THE RADAR Celebrity guest Te Radar will be the MC for this year's Oxford Country Garden Fete, to be held on Sunday 2 November - 10.00am-4.00pm. 2014 will be the Ribblesdale property's third year of hosting this amazing event with fundraising for the Oxford Fire Brigade and Oxford Search and Rescue.


he fete is an annual community event attracting past audiences of over 1200. Come and enjoy quality stalls, delicious food and local musicians in a stunning garden setting and a peaceful environment brimming with flowering rhododendrons, azaleas, hostas and many other garden treasures. Te Radar brings his own personality, brand of humour and perceptions to this delightful event. Metropol caught up with him during a busy schedule and asked questions. For those of us who a re not familiar with this man and his career, then the Oxford Country Garden Fete may be a great start.


Metropol: Why the Oxford Country Garden Fete? Te Radar: I love the concept. I have fond memories of connections in a Christchurch context from way back. If you read “Off the Radar” you will understand my connection with things rural. I grew up on a dairy farm at Ohinewai and still have family there. North Canterbury shines in its agricultural diversity, from sheep to dairy, from cropping and herbs to olive oil and wine. Metropol: Your career is also rather diverse. You went from studying law in Otago to one hour comedy shows in Canada. What happened? Te Radar: I moved into comedy and drama – Theatre Studies at the Allen Hall in Dunedin. That worked well for me and, when I applied to tour the Fringe Festival in Canada that meant I went from half hour shows to one hour shows and things just took off. This was the best thing I ever did.

The utlimate in diamonds. The perfect gift. 462 COLOMBO STREET SYDENHAM CHRISTCHURCH 8023 03 366 1232 MON-FRI 9.30AM-5.00PM SAT 10.00AM-3.00PM CRAFTEDJEWELS@KENNETT.NET.NZ WWW.KENNETT.NET.NZ 20 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Metropol: We are familiar with your growing career – and the awards you have won: NZ Television, Qantas, NZ Comedy Guild, Fred Award, Best Film, and Billy T…but how much of your career have you actually planned? Te Radar: Not too much. I have not planned a lot in advance, unless it is a project, which of course needs thinking through. Much of what I have done has been a bit of a surprise and that makes life interesting. Metropol: You once mentioned the effect the movie “Touching the Void” had on you. Why was that? Te Radar: It was a very gripping movie, which told us a lot about the way we should go about things – we need to be efficient, and we need to do things step by step. Metropol: So do you have a bucket list…a plan for the future? Te Radar: No – I am happy to see things evolve. Metropol: Do you have a philosophy for life – an idea of how people should live? Te Radar: I believe that we should all be open to opportunities. Sometimes we get only one shot, and we should take it. Metropol: Do you have any regrets? Te Radar: Not really; but if I had stayed in the UK things may not have panned out. Coming back to New Zealand meant I was a bigger fish in a small pond and I was on home territory, which made a big difference. Metropol: Anything else you would like to comment on? Te Radar: Ummmm…nope…just turn up to the Garden Fete in Oxford, will you? I will be there!


Metropol October 16, 2014 21


Local ladies get fun and fashion

Bubbles and bargains Presence Gift Shop recently held a unique 'Bubbles and Bargains' event at the gorgeous store at 290 Main North Road, Redwood, featuring a stunning range of quality unique giftware, jewellery items, cards, scarves, bridal accessories and clocks.

Local ladies were treated to a fun and fashionable evening of interior design, pre-loved furniture and fashion recently. The Ladies Night was held at Louis Who and Twine at the Brick Mill Waikuku, a fashionable destination of antiques, collectables and pre-loved designer garments.

















1.Chris King, Michelle Taylor (Owner) 2.Trish Ball, Margaret Danzer 3. Donna Hessell, Daen Comyns 4.Tessa Davies 5.Michelle and Graeme Taylor 6.Margaret, Wendy 7.Margaret, Helen Gee 8.Michelle and Carley Taylor

22 October 16, 2014 Metropol

1.Bridget Norton, Lisa Willets (Owner of Louis Who) 2.Margo Hutcheon, Marjan Vandenburg 3.Marianna Inkster, Gill Fernandenz 4.Alana Laws, Disa Wennerstrand 5.Karen Vick, Ellenese Nielsen 6.Alex, Philippa, Sinead 7.Paulette Smith, Andree Boyce 8.Amellia Sanderson (Amellia Morgan Make-up Artistry), Micky Brosnan

ALL GO FOR SUMMER along New Regent Street Get yourself to New Regent St and Cathedral Junction this spring for steampunk, espresso, bars, food and theatre. This sunny corner of the city is looking forward to the warmer months. New Regent Street was one of the earliest retail precincts to start trading after the earthquakes and is famous for its pastel Spanish Mission style terraces, quirky shops and vintage tram. SCIRT's McConnell Dowell team have done their best to maintain access, but inevitably, road works have taken a toll. The good news is that the SCIRT work in the area should be completed in November.

What do the retailers think?

Geoffrey Gao, owner of Coffee Lovers, is optimistic and thanks his loyal customers for their support.

Penny Smart, director of Mrs Higgins Oven Fresh Cookies, said weekday trade was up - partly thanks to the increase in workers. “Ultimately, we understand the work needs to be done.”

Mike Lester, co-owner of Clockwork Emporium and Café, said the road works had hit his steampunk shop hard. Fortunately, things were turning around. “We're very positive about the future,” he said. “We're here for the long haul.”

Isaac Theatre Royal and new bistro opening New Regent Street Business Association chairman Ross Oxnam, who owns Go Kiwi Gifts and Souvenirs, believes the worst is over with an exciting Christmas planned and a new restaurant being opened by the proprietors of Akaroa's Little Bistro. The November reopening of the Isaac Theatre Royal is another beacon. Once the tram loop is in place, New Regent St will light up again. SCIRT thanks everyone supporting businesses near its work sites.

New Regent St and its Spanish Mission facades: creativity, cafes, the tram.

Metropol October 16, 2014 23

by Hans Petrovic

Werewolf Extraordinaire Rachael Travaille loves to make and wear full-body, furry costumes, such as her wolf outfit. “I like to pull stunts on people” she says. “It's so much fun walking around Hagley Park in my wolf suit. I particularly like to watch the kids, who can be both afraid and fascinated and want to get closer.”


achael recently wore this striking outfit at the Wizard of Christchurch's 40th Anniversary Party. The Wizard honoured Rachael by choosing her as one of the Four Elementals taking part in the ceremony that elevated him to ArchWizard and described her as the Head Werewolf and grand representative of the shapeshifter community. Rachael first put the wolf costume together two years ago as something to wear at the Armageddon convention in Christchurch, for which people dressed up as comic-book and fantasy characters. “I had only two weeks to get my outfit together, so I went to a fabric shop and bought three metres of fur-covered material. For the head, I bought a pirate skull cap, sculpted cardboard around it and covered that in fur. It took several nights just to get the teeth right, but it was worth it”. Working mainly as a saxophone teacher, Rachael has a wide range of interests that go right back to her childhood. She first played the recorder until at the age of 11 her grandmother, who was a piano teacher, got her to choose between playing a French horn or a saxophone. Rachael chose the latter and has never regretted it. Rachael says storytelling was also an

important part of her life and that of her older sister Rebecca. “My sister made up stories about dinosaurs and wolves and princesses and we used to dress up and act them out”. Her current interest in taxidermy also goes back to Rachael's childhood. “Rebecca and I used to collect sheep bones from Nanna's farm, which we used to hang from our tree houses. I was fascinated by them.” This has developed into bringing home dead possums and birds found on the side of the road or in the park. There's a stuffed possum and various hybrids around her Memorial Avenue home, which is packed with countless, highly creative costumes. To get a better idea of Rachel's creativity, check out her website

Stay with us during your earthquake repairs Treat it as a holiday you know you deserve it, in our fully serviced apartments. Enquire today 03 222 2003 Christchurch Cathedral Junction 113 Worcester Street Serviced Apartments

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Simple, sophisticated




hristchurch designer Takaaki Sakaguchi's T label is a second diffusion of the Sakaguchi label that reflects a minimalist approach of simplistic styling with a chic sophisticated twist. Calm monochrome tones are key, or you could opt for a more playful palette of tropical colours for a full on colour statement. A variety of soft jersey knits and sheer chiffons have been cleverly cut in oversized pieces and long hemlines to be draped, wrapped and effortlessly layered to create a distinctively unique and edgy T style. Available in sizes 8–24. Sakaguchi head office outlet is in Phillipstown, phone (03) 377 2951. Other stockists in Christchurch are Zebrano on Victoria St phone (03) 355 8820,; Fredrick Ashley in Fendalton phone (03) 351 5892 and Dead Set in The Colombo. For more information go to

Metropol October 16, 2014 25


by Rachel Smith

Fashion to rock to... T

op fashion and great music made a perfect combination, when Ballantynes' Contemporary Lounge celebrated their fantastic designers last month. It was a night of great fashion for Ballantynes, with crowds of well-dressed onlookers sipping on bubbles and Lounge Rock Tea cocktails, as they waited to see what new spring and summer looks would be on offer. An array of great fashion from top designers showcased the very latest for men and women, with a runway takeover by a fourso me of hip hop dancers rocking the room mid show. Karen Walker's 'The League' collection was the first to hit the runway. With its inspiration set in the Suffragette era, the collection with its mix of Victoriana and industrial work wear, was teamed up with Karen Walker's eye wear and footwear range. There was a mix of casual and smart for men, with short sleeve shirts with matching bow ties by Ben Sherman, T-shirts from Deus, denim looks by Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Couture and G-Star RAW. Ted Baker London, showed their men's and women's lines with slick looks for day and night. For the ladies there was much to choose


from, including Lonely Hearts black and white Village Dungarees, the stunning Statton Dress in gold lace from Juliette Hogan, a splash of colour with The Sou'Wester jacket in yellow and matching bucket hat from Sylvester, the symbol yardage prints of Stolen Girlfriends Club, and summer style dresses from twentysevennames. Designers Karen Walker, and Marc Moore from Stolen Girlfriends Club attended the show, taking time to mingle with the crowd, while Steve Dunstan from H uffer shared his DJ skills. For Ballantynes the evening was time to give thanks for the ongoing support from their designers and customers, to their hard working team and also to continue the celebrations of their 160th anniversary.

Special clinical expertise: Looking for a unique piece of

With advanced standard of endoscopic and reconstructive pelvic surgery


Chronic pelvic pain and Endometriosis Heavy and painful periods Subfertility and Miscarriage Menopause management Dr Sherif Tawfeek FRANZCOG, MRCOG, MSc, FICS, Dip-endoscopy

Consultant Gynaecologist Christchurch Obstetrics & Gynaecology Associates Hiatt Chambers St George's Medical Centre

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Creative Hair Stylist

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RODNEY UPSTON Summer dresses in store now....


127 Westminster St St Albans

9ct Citrine Pendant


421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone (03) 366 -5475




249 Papanui Road Christchurch Tel: 03 375-4060



Sterling Silver Marcasite Screw-on earrings

P.365 2215

Bush Inn Centre P. 343 5985 Like us on facebook

Natural Attraction The Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph. 3480 444


By Rachel Smith

Keeping it local When it comes to fashion, New Zealand designers are players on a world stage. Rouche began with an idea to support this local fashion. Over its three years it has grown to include the work of top New Zealand designers, be it of clothing, jewellery, handbags, eyewear or footwear.



s in all good relationships there are benefits to all sides. For customers there is the knowledge they are supporting local industry; there is a personal connection between the store and the designers and for the designers themselves there is the success of having their lines worn and loved. “New Zealand does have great quality clothes,” says Carla from Rouche. Karen Walker's 'The League' collection hangs in the window, with her eye wear, jewellery, Benah for Karen Walker hand bags and Beau Coops for Karen Walker footwear, scattered across the store. The Rouche team of Carla, Sarah and Anna have the wonderful job of choosing each item, from jewellery and accessories to cloth ing, travelling to Auckland to personally select a limited number of individual pieces from Karen Walker's range. The team, with Olivia and Grace also working in store, work their age and style differences to their advantage to ensure that there is something for everyone in store. “You're never too old for anything,” says Carla, with a range of lengths and necklines

State of the art dental care

Sarah Harding, Carla Heritage (owner/manager), Alexia Kotzizas and Anna McCormack to suit every body shape and age. They have all the New Zealand designers you would want to see - Kate Sylvester and Sylvester, organic cotton lines from Kowtow, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lonely Hearts, Riccochet, Gregory, Coop by Trelise Cooper, Meadowlark and Lucy McIntosh. Clusters of vibrant coral and hand bags from Deadly Ponies make up just some of the locally designed accessories. Deadly Ponies work includes an array of quirky charms available to make any handbag your own, as well as their line of jewellery. “It's a great product to work with as it's so well made with all the leather work hand finished,” says Carla Rouche can be found in Merivale Mall, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram or at for their latest offerings.

Hand Therapy Paint Tin


Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987) Hygienist: Ms. Shona Ferguson RDH (Scotland 1998) New clients are always welcome. Hairdressers

204 Papanui Rd, Merivale

P.355 4734 28 October 16, 2014 Metropol


DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall Ph: 03 355 8297

Inside this beautiful floraldesign tin are a dozen luxurious reasons why this is the perfect gift for someone you love. Formulated with shea butter, macadamia nut oil and ceramides for hands that are noticeably softer with each use.

151 Edgeware Road Ph. 377 8942 E.

Check us out on Merivale Mall

348 7342

By Rachel Smith


Spring styles

ON SHOW An evening of top fashion and fun is promised next week at the annual Merivale Mall Fashion Show. New spring and summer collections will be showcased on Thursday 23 October, providing the ideal opportunity to take a look at the new spring/summer fashion while having a great night out.


ustomers will be treated to a glass of bubbles, delicious hors d'oeuvres and a sweet treat from Sweet Kitchen, as well as to gorgeous goodie bags, with the 'Springtime in the Avenues' themed fashion show hitting the runway at 7pm. There will be something for everyone with men and women's fashion, as well as foot wear and jewellery and the chance to walk away with prizes and giveaways that will be handed out on the night. A charity auction held during the evening will be raising funds to support the Christchurch branch of the Cancer Society and in particular the accommodation they provide at Daffodil House. Daffodil House provides a home for those who live outside of the

THERE WILL BE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE WITH MEN AND WOMEN'S FASHION, AS WELL AS FOOT WEAR AND JEWELLERY AND THE CHANCE TO WALK AWAY WITH PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS city and are receiving out-patient cancer treatment, with Merivale Mall very happy to be able to contribute to the amazing work they do. The auction has a number of fabulous items to bid on, including a piece of beautiful bespoke jewellery from Marion McKellow and diamond stud earrings from Michael Hill. Fashion stores will be open before and after the fashion show making it easy to head straight to the racks if you see that perfect outfit for Cup Day or Christmas celebrations. Tickets are still on sale - $30 for general admission, with front row seats already sold out. Go to for more information, or get your ticket to a wonderful night out from the mall management office upstairs.

Metropol October 16, 2014 29


Foothold in the South


orking on her intuition, designer Robyn Mathieson, decided it wasn't quite the right time to open a boutique in Christchurch when she visited just prior to the earthquakes. Now once again following her heart as well as her head she has opened her first outlet in the South at The Tannery. “We got really excited when we discovered the Tannery as it seemed to be the perfect fit for our brand,” explained Pip, Robyn's 2IC. “We really like the passion and energy put into its development by the owner, and the family-feel of all of the people working there.” “We are looking forward to being a part of the Tannery family and participating in shows such as Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week,” the duo say. “It's a great vibe in Christchurch and we think we'll fit in well as we are both originally from Lake Te Anau. It's wonderful to have a foothold in the South!”


Give me Balance Designers Robyn Mathieson and Pip Stevenson are celebrating a change in how they produce their collections this season. Pip explains, “We have changed the way we work here at Robyn Mathieson, going from two very large and planned out collections to a more flexible approach, dropping a couple of new styles each week.” The designers say the change has been instigated so they can stay in touch with what their customers are looking for and have the ability to respond quickly to market change.

30 October 16, 2014 Metropol

“Before we were working a good six months plus ahead, now we can design a new style and place into production the following week.” Pip explains that they have also worked very hard on reducing their prices to encourage customers to buy New Zealand Made. “We really pride ourselves on producing in our beautiful country and have managed to reduce a large portion of our range – around 20 percent. Not an easy feat, but totally worth it!”

While the new season's collection 'Give me Balance' reflects these changes the duo say their styles are still in keeping with the core values of the brand – colour, natural fabrics, easy to wear, easy to care for, and a focus on longevity in the wardrobe. “There is no fast fashion here,” they say. The cuts are a mix, a great balance of shaped pieces to relaxed dresses that require no thought in the morning – just “throw them on and go” the pair enthuses. The fabrics are predominantly natural, with a focus on viscose/georgette in the summer collection. “A breathable natural fibre, viscose/georgette has a great 'handle' to it. It wears a lot harder than a silk, so it's easier to care for. “We like a no fuss approach to dressing. A general rule of thumb when we design is that 'we would love to wear it',” explains Pip. She explains that she and Robyn are quite opposite in styling but that together they represent a good mix for their target customer. “I tend to be quite feminine, loving my shaped dresses and a nice fit through the waist. I love colour and all things geometric. Robyn is more directional and pulls the greatest looks together, sometimes even an opshop jumper that she has deconstructed over the weekend might turn up on a Monday at work. The other day she sported some engineered jeans from Mavi (which we stock) along with an upcycled fur coat!” If the first wave of the new collection is anything to go by, Robyn Mathieson fans are going to be spoilt with choice and temptation right throughout the spring/summer season. For more information go to or find them in their newly opened boutique in The Tannery.


New spring arrivals in store NOW! CABELLO SANDALS Blue, Green White, Orange, or Red $179.95

229 Papanui Rd, Merivale. Ph. 355 4400

PARIS Black in store now Pony & Whisky avail. early Nov $249.95

CHLOE Paprika/White, Slate Black $229.95

SAIMON SANDALS White, Silver, Black, or Bronze $199.95

CABELLO SANDALS Coral ,Black, or White $179.95

SAIMON SANDALS White, Silver, Black, or Bronze $199.95

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Therapy Man made in new zealand

specialty tea shop


South City Shopping Centre (03) 372 9185

South City Pharmacy

Ph: 03 366 3621 South City Shopping Centre Shop 16, 555 Colombo St Christchurch 8011 southcitypharmacychch

Church Corner South City Centre Ph. 982 4211 Ph. 943 5364

Making your nails look fabulous! NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! Fabulous Haircuts for all ages

_ Artificial Nails _ Shellac Nails _Manicure _ Deluxe Spa Pedicure SPRING STYLE Ladies Restyle $28.00

P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Shopping Centre Find us on facebook


30 August, 21 2014 Metropol 32 Sept 40 October 18, 16, 2014 2014 Metropol Metropol

Don’t FORGET our LOYALTY CARD, every 6th Haircut is FREE!

We are OPEN 7 DAYS South City Shopping Centre P. 366 0619 Bush Inn Shopping Centre P. 348 7008

Find us on Facebook South City Shopping Centre


by Lydia Truesdale




in store now!

Sizes 8-24

SAVE up to 50% or more EVERYDAY

aircuts for Haircuts at Bush Inn and South City are wellestablished salons that serve their communities on a no-appointmentnecessary basis. Owner Michelle Buttereld has been with both salons since the very beginning and for the past year has been focussed on converting the original barbershops into modern salons with remnants of the old. The now updated salons stick to a clean, simplistic theme – black and white décor and furniture with touches of the original xtures, such as the vintage barber chairs that have been lovingly re-stained and re-covered in cow hide for contemporary edge. “We are still operating as we have for the past 20 years on a no-appointmentnecessary basis. We've just made the salons more modern and comfortable for customers to relax in,” says

Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058

Michelle. Having been in business for so many years, each salon has built an admirable rapport with their communities. Families, students and pensioners make up their client bases, some of whom opt to wait for their preferred stylist. All make the most of both the loyalty card system which offers every sixth haircut free and of the student and pensioner discounts. The close-knit units of qualied and experienced stylists are equipped to deal with all requests. They follow the latest industry techniques and strive to deliver a top-quality and hassle-free service and one that's kept the same low price point over the years. “Our motto is 'fabulous haircuts for the entire family'… we're about providing anyone and everyone with an experience that they will want to return for.”

One of our recently refurbished 1890's Koken Barbers Chairs. The Haircuts for Haircuts salons are open seven days a week. The two locations are at the Bush Inn Centre, corner of Waimairi and Riccarton Roads (phone 348 7008), and at the South City Centre, 555 Colombo Street (phone 366 0619).

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Clothing Gallery Limited

283 Wairakei Rd, Christchurch

Phone: 03 359 7816 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm Sat 9.00-1.00pm Sun Closed

16 Colombo St, Cashmere, Christchurch Phone: 332 0003 Metropol October 16, 2014 33

Stunning Jewellery The centre-piece of your cup week outfit

Get in now!

New Styles Arriving

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Barrington Phone 331 8131

CUP DAY Get your

Cup Day Look sorted with us at



Barrington Ph. 337 2337

3434 October 16, 2014 2014 Metropol Sept 18, Metropol

PYJAMAS Giftware

16 Oct 23 Oct 30 Oct

Barrington Ph. 332 1730

Racing this time at Barrington Barrington has everything covered for Cup and Show Week – starting with your pre-Cup Day pampering of a facial, waxing and eye lash extensions from Simply Beauty while not forgetting those fingers and toes with the latest look from E-nails. Make sure your outfit is absolutely complete with undergarments from Lingerie on Barrington.

Barrington also has great fashion at Sassy's, Pagani, Jean Jones and Wild South. Team your garments with the perfect choice of shoes from Moda Bella or Andrea Biani. Don't forget the final finishing touches of a fascinator and handbag from The Cat's Pyjamas. Barrington – Love Being Here. Sassys Siren Floral Dress $149.90

Fascinator Red $39.90 available The Cats Pyjamas

Jean Jones Salsa Dress colour Hyacinth $169.00 Leta Jacket Black $119.00 Fascinator Purple $35.00 available The Cats Pyjamas Moda Bella Wonders Balbo Black Patent shoe $279.00

Pagani V-neck Belted Maxi Dress in Cobalt Blue $59.99

Andrea Biani Style: Flamenco Luxe Brand: Nide Fpptwear Colours available: Nude, Patent and Black leather $159.90 Moda Bella Hispanitas Handbag $299.00 Shoe: Edlyn Black/White Patent $279.00

Andrea Biani Style: Chacha Brand: Nude Footwear Colours available: Sunshine, Sky Blue, Tan & Black Price: $149.90

Metropol October 16, 2014 35


By Lydia Truesdale

On-trend local and international


here's a loveable little boutique in Beckenham that goes by the name of Made in the Shade. Owner Ali Musson is the creative vision behind the fashion buying, 'picking the eyes' out of local and international look-books to keep the store's portfolio distinctively fresh.

A cool combination of trends dresses the store for the spring/summer. Think polka dots, floral, animal and geometric prints, bold block colouring, lace, linen, cotton and sheer materials, displaying feminine detailing, layering and different hem lines and lengths. The range of fashion is amazing. Wedding and occasion wear is in abundance, with mother-of-thebride, race-day and cocktail party looks in up to size 18 sitting amongst chic everyday wear for all ages. Ali likes to be in store as often as possible to help style customers for occasions and pull together wardrobes for individuals. As we browse Ali effortlessly throws together shirt and pants combos and teams dresses with cardigans and jackets to show the clothing's versatility in styling.


Seven Sisters

Hire any piece of equipment and get an extra

in the

made shade 151 COLOMBOSTST 151 COLOMBO

Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm 36 October 16, 2014 Metropol


p. 03 338 8877

FREE pick up & delivery in the Canterbury area.


“Stock is flying in and as it's coming in people are picking it over, so I have to be sure to always have new drops of fashion,” she says. As such new labels often flow in. The latest to hit the shelves is Bazaar, designed by Suzie Walker, previously from Vamp, working bright colours and feminine silhouettes. Spanner is another new label in store - a European one that uses natural fibres and delicate detailing in its collections. Meredith has a new designer on board showcasing a sophisticated eye with an upmarket range, to join beloved labels like 7sisters, Lifespace, Sandwich, Spice, and Lisette pants – of which Ali has sold over 600 pairs since first bringing them in – among other labels. Made in the Shade is open 7 days a week and can be found at 151 Colombo Street, Beckenham.


By Lydia Truesdale

New hair style ‘secrets’ in chic salon A

t exclusive hair studio corkin+friends they deliver finesse in every aspect. The custom-designed salon, located on Colombo Street, has a front row view of the emerging CBD and boasts a professional team who make you feel welcome from the moment you enter, inviting you to wait in the lounge while they fetch your beverage of choice. “Our staff are our real point of difference. They're skilled in producing the exact look as requested by clients and they share a desire to never stop learning - they regularly attend Wella seminars,” owner Stewart Corkin says. Hannah Macdonald is the salon manager; apprentice Katie Gregg is a regional finalist for Apprentice of the Year 2014; Olivia Howie is the salon colour expert specialising in balayage; Ashleigh Feary is both a stylist and qualified make-up artist offering special packages; Desiree is a new generation stylist and Sandy, who has 20 years' experience training in UK, France and New Zealand is currently taking on a few new clients. As owner, Stewart is rarely absent from the salon, with the exception of his recent six week trip to Europe discovering first-hand the leading hair trends appearing in advance of Fashion Week. Stewart has put together his own book of secrets - of sorts - after his time in Europe; cuts, colours and industry techniques to bring to the salon for its spring/summer season. corkin+friends is open Tuesday through Saturday, until 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


e... s o o h c You er we deliv

Ph. 371 9297

830 Colombo St e. Metropol October 16, 2014 37


Fashion to Tempt Spring has arrived at The Dresser in the Windmill Centre and it is very easy to see why everyone is very excited.


s you enter the store you immediately feel warmth emanating, not only from the amazing colour, but also from the greeting you will receive from the staff. Always delighted to help, the girls at The Dresser are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to what suits your figure. They also know that sometimes clothes don’t have hanger appeal and need to be tried on for their effect to be realised. With this in mind, if a customer appears from the fitting room showing any sign of doubt, the staff will acknowledge “we can do better” and they will persevere until the outfit becomes a “wow” statement. For the customer wanting extra time to decide, a 24 hour appro service is available and an 8 week layby for the lady wanting the convenience of paying in instalments. “This season is very


exciting,” comments Jan Clarke Retail Manager. “Everyone is loving the colour and enjoying the new stock which is arriving most days.” With the wedding season beginning, Race Week nearly upon us and the excitement of Christmas parties Jan suggests a visit to The Dresser is imperative, whether it be to choose a complete outfit or perhaps just a new piece to update something you already own. With popular labels such as Amelia Rose, Bobbys, Bittermoon, Cashews, Cat Baloo, Chocolat, Cowshed, David C, EDesign, Frank & Molly, Jackie P, Obi, Optimum, Revue, TF, Visage, Vivid, Vue and Zardi this is destination shopping at its very best.

NZ’s most trusted Teeth Whitening Company

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Look years younger Look healthier and more confident Suitable 16-100 years of age Painless, safe & with fantastic results Great for rejuvenating caps, crowns, veneers & fillings Removes tea, coffee, red wine & smoke stains instantly Qualified Dental Practitioner

Phone (03) 339 7374

Exp 30 Nov 2014

Sizes 14+

The Artwork, Workmanship & Sterilization are of the highest quality

Windmill Centre Riccarton

Ph 348 6683

Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm Saturday 10am-4pm

Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made 38 October 16, 2014 Metropol

94 B Riccarton Rd - Ph 341 1301 for an appointment Open 7 days


Rolleston: a town abuzz With a population of 30,000 people Selwyn is the country's fastest growing area and, for the second year running, has been named the district with the strongest economy in the country. Last year Selwyn's population grew by 4.5%, more than five times the national average of 0.8% and employment grew by 6%, while nationally employment increased by just 0.2%.


elwyn Mayor Kelvin Coe says that the business activity occurring in Selwyn has created many more employment opportunities. “It also encourages additional retail and service businesses to establish in our towns.� Nestled comfortably 12km south of Christchurch, Rolleston is the Selwyn District's largest town. While land sales in the township were flat just before the 2010 earthquake, the availability of affordable, quality industrial land has appealed to many businesses which needed to either relocate or establish locally as part of the rebuild. The Selwyn District Council has invested significantly in freeing up land for residential development and is now in the process of improving local facilities to cater for families who are settling there now and into the future.

The new town centre plan will be gradually introduced over the next 20 years and includes developing Tennyson St as a two-sided 'shopping street' and the town's main street. The plan also includes a new library, community and technology centre, enhancing Rolleston Reserve, more landscaping, traffic lights and the addition of on-street parking to Rolleston Drive. Employment growth also looks set to continue in the future, with the continued development of Rolleston's Izone Business Park, New Zealand's largest industrial development currently sitting at 216 hectares. In the past 12 months a new $15 million Aquatic Centre has been opened and plans to establish a new emergency response ambulance and fire base in Rolleston have moved a step forward. A high school and large new recreation facilities are also in the works for Rolleston.

The Main Skein Stylish & Stunning

Summer stock of LINZI ROSE instore 0-2 years

Like Viva La Moda

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4


Open 7 Days Bush Inn Centre Ph: 3486 899 Metropol October 16, 2014 39


Bringing balance dy back to your body After three months of long cold nights and hot toddies, spring is finally here and there is much to celebrate. It is natural during the winter months to slow down, eat warmer richer foods, sleep longer hours and put on a few kilos.


pring is a great time to transition into a more active lifestyle, cleansing stored up toxins and shedding a few kilos. A spring detox cleanse is a perfect way to bring your body back into balance and help you kick start your summer. The New Zealand Heath Food Co is your one stop shop to get some personalised health advice. There are several products available to help enhance the body's ability to detoxify. The liver is the body's main organ of detoxification having specialised ce lls responsible for performing this job. As these cells work hard to detoxify our blood however,

they can become worn out and damaged. Milk Thistle, with its active ingredient silymarin, works to regenerate these specialised liver cells. A powerful antioxidant, Milk Thistle can help protect your body from oxidative damage caused from UV exposure, environmental toxins and bad habits such as alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. A natural gentle liver cleanser and detoxifier, Vitamin C is also a great addition to anyone's daily regime. It also is vital to the body's ability to produce collagen and support healthy skin, hair and joints while

Want that summer body? Kick start your weight management today!


stimulating the immune system. If you have a sensitive stomach or just want a “one a day� option, Nutra-C is a form of vitamin C that is readily absorbed by the body and less ac idic to help those with reflux or sensitive stomachs. Spirulina is another great product to help nourish the body and assist in natural detoxification. A great source of vitamins A, K, iron and B12, Spirulina is rich in beta carotene and carotenoids, which are powerful anti-cancer compounds and an excellent source of chlorophyll, which has been used for centuries to purify the blood. If shedding those extra pounds is a concern, there are some best selling products to help th at are safe and easy to use. Garcinia

Cambogia is a popular weight loss supplement sold all over the world, often combined with Raspberry Ketone, or Super Colon Cleanse to help you fight cravings and burn off the extra winter pounds. Combined with exercise and a good diet, many people have great success from adding these products to their daily regime. All the products mentioned above plus many, many more are available at the New Zealand Health Food Co retail store at 215 Woolridge Road, Burnside. Phone (03) 962 7883, or visit If you're not sure which products are right for you, stop by the retail store for an expert consultation and recommendations based on your unique health profile.

Varicose vein Specialist offering the latest techniques

Garcinia Cambogia NOW ONLY



RRP $39.90

Super Colon Cleanse NOW ONLY



RRP $39.90

FREE domestic freight on all orders over $75 42 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI

16 St Asaph St ChCh Ph. 365 4502


• • • •• ••• ••• • •• •• • ••• • • • ••• ••• • ••• • • • • •• • ••• There's something warm and inviting about Lollipops Educare. Whether it's the learning taking place, the fun being had or the social relationships being formed, it certainly looks like a great place to spend the day.


rich and stimulating environment licensed for 75 children nestled comfortably on Blighs Road Strowan, Lollipops Educare features separate play areas for each age group and a learning programme specific to each age group. “We have a real focus on the children's developmental stages,” centre director Juliette Thompson says. “All our learning programmes feature a large component of uninterrupted play, allowing children to explore and learn on their own. We recognise the benefits independent learning has on a child's development.”

“ALL OUR LEARNING PROGRAMMES FEATURE A LARGE COMPONENT OF UNINTERRUPTED PLAY, ALLOWING CHILDREN TO EXPLORE AND LEARN ON THEIR OWN. WE RECOGNISE THE BENEFITS INDEPENDENT LEARNING HAS ON A CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT.” Divided into four classrooms, the preschool features separate play areas designed to meet each age group's unique learning needs, ensuring children receive appropriate learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment. “Our under-twos area is divided into two separate spaces,” Juliette explains. “Each has its own sleep room and access to a fun outdoor play area. We have heat pumps and quality cots and toddler beds to ensure that sleep-time is warm and comfortable.”

The over-twos area includes two classrooms; one for children aged 2 – 3½ years and one for children aged 3½ - 5 years, each with access to an outdoor play area. For ages 3 ½-5 teachers identify and foster children's skills and interests, setting projects relating to these interests. “We've just spent four months learning about the Titanic,” Juliette explains. “This was a class project which resulted from the children's interests and questions.” A literacy room with a computer and writing equipment plays an important role in this class. Meal time at Lollipops Bligh's Road is always something to look forward to, with a variety of nutritionally balanced, delicious cooked meals prepared by the centre's in-house cook, including chicken pie, tuna pasta bake, lasagne, mince chow mein, macaroni cheese and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Pureed or mashed fruit and vegetables are supplied for younger babies who are just beginning to eat solids. The centre operates between 7.30am and 5.45pm each week day and is closed only on public holidays. To find out more visit the centre at 40-42 Blighs Road in Strowan, phone 03 351 1030 or visit

Christchurch Obstetric Associates SPECIALISTS IN MATERNITY CARE

Afliated with Fertility Associates Colin Conaghan

Geeta Singh

Jane Fielder

Angela Beard

Providing a full range of care including pre pregnancy advice, antenatal care, labour, birth, and post natal care Consulting at: Ashburton, Hokitika and Greymouth

Michelle Bailey

Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch 8014 Ph. (03) 375 4060 Fax: (03) 375 4061 Metropol October 16, 2014 43


by Cheryl Colley

Shoe heaven in Rangiora

Can one ever have enough shoes? Every self-confessed “shoeaholic” knows the answer to that question is “absolutely not.”


unting down stunning shoes is like a sport or a pastime. And there is a wonderful shop in Rangiora that is true shoe heaven where a woman's every shoe dream can be realised. It's called Rangiora Shoe Lines and it exerts its allure even before you enter the store itself because its window display is so enticing. Inside it's the riot of vibrant colours in the beautifully displayed shoes that is completely irresistible. Drab winter is banished here and sparkling spring reigns supreme in strong shades and pale pastels - orange, fuchsia, tangerine, papaya, lime green, paprik a, pink and teal. If you really must have a pair of black shoes that's catered for as well, along with the trendy shade of nude beloved by the Duchess of Cambridge which complements garments of all colours. The high-heeled court shoe, so flattering to all leg lengths and shapes, is this spring's “must have”. Rangiora Shoe Lines have these in a new brand for them – Sachi. Fly London from Portugal have designed a very stylish heeled T-bar shoe in

three colours – either teal, beige and black, or fuchsia, beige and chocolate. These would be simply stunning with a dressy Cup Week outfit. So would the exquisitely styled and very feminine Minx range designed by New Zealander Cushla Reed and the classy heeled dress sandals by Yokono or El Natura Lista. It seems that everyone is wearing Skechers these days. Rangiora Shoe Lines has a great range of these lifestyle casual shoes. Style is not sacrificed for comfort with this footwear. The look is up to the minute with vivid colours, yet supremely comfortable, especially the Skechers lightweight Go Walk slip-on range with its padded footbed and flexible rubber sole. Rangiora Shoe Lines is stocked with lines sourced exclusively by them from all over the world offering a la mode style, fashion and trends. So whatever the occasion the team at Rangiora Shoe Lines will be happy to help you find the right shoes. They are the experienced experts. Find them at 162 High Street, Rangiora. Phone (03) 313 8444. Their web site www.rangio details their spring/summer collection.

Spring / Summer Specials 1/2 head foils, re/style cut & blow wave from


388 Riccarton Rd Shop 4 Peerswick Mall Upper Riccarton Christchurch Ph. 03 0348 2782

Opening hours Monday.......9am-5pm Tuesday........9am-5pm Wednesday...9am-5pm Thursday........9am-8pm Friday............9am-8pm Saturday........9am-5pm


shoelines R A N G I O R A

44 October 16, 2014 Metropol

$159.90 162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444


Fashion, fun & I

t's the perfect start to summer – the chance to showcase your fashion flair and enjoy the excitement of a day at the races. Cup Day at Addington Raceway is promising to be another day of fun, fashion and celebration in 2014. With the first race underway at 12.05pm, there will be plenty of top fashion throughout the day, followed by the opportunity to be part of a history making Cup race. Terror To Love has won the last three Christchurch Casino New Zealand Trotting Cups, with a win again this year set to make him the only horse to ever win over four consecutive years. The competition stakes will also be high for the Westfield Riccarton Cup Day Style Stakes. Prizes are on offer for Westfield Riccarton Best Dressed Lady, Westfield Riccarton Best Dressed Man, The Edge BodyArt, and also this year for the first time a runner-up Best Dressed Lady. “The quality of dress has really improved over the last few years,” says Charlotte Mooney from Addington Raceway, with this the incentive to recognise a runner up in the ladies division.

46 October 16, 2014 Metropol


by Rachel Smith

PRIZES ARE ON OFFER FOR WESTFIELD RICCARTON BEST DRESSED LADY, WESTFIELD RICCARTON BEST DRESSED MAN, THE EDGE BODYART, AND ALSO THIS YEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME A RUNNER-UP BEST DRESSED LADY. Entrants will strut their top fashion looks along the runway in the heart of the Public Village, with the entertainment continued between heats by the live mannequin display showcasing fabulous new fashion from Westfield Riccarton. Judges for this year's competition are Jacquie O'Fee, leading New Zealand Stylist of and a Westfield NZ stylist, Francis Hooper, New Zealand fashion designer and co-creator of World, and Miss World New Zealand, Arielle Garciano. With a total prize pool of over $20,000 there are fantastic rewards for those who put in the extra effort, all provided by the generous sponsorship of Westfield Riccarton, Air New Zealand, Estee Lauder Companies, Pascoes The Jewellers, Seiko, Peninsular Beachfront Resort in Mooloolaba, Steinlager Pure, The Edge and Addington. The Best Dressed Lady also gains entry to the semifinals of the Nissan Prix De Fashion at Ellerslie, Auckland, in March 2015.

Entries can be made online at, with a read of the 2014 Westfield Riccarton Entrants Guide invaluable for its helpful tips and guidelines to looking your best on the day.

r u o y g n i t a e r Cup Day look C W

Some of us find dressing for a day at the races a little daunting, having to apply a few rules of etiquette from the formal dress code we very rarely use. Today, strict rules have become more relaxed, but still channeling ladylike elegance is your best bet.

hen in doubt, Ballantynes Fashion Buyer Kelley Stephenson recommends “thinking about the style of outfit you would wear to a wedding, with the addition of a race day hat or fascinator and great accessories. Think style and sophistication.� Spring/Summer fashion trends will allow you to stand out trackside this year. Traditional black and white is always in style and looks great on most people. This year you can take things a step further with crisp white all over teamed with black accessories, perfect for showing off that spray-on tan. For suits with extra impact Trelise Cooper creates gorgeous looks using metallic imprint fabric and Juliette Hogan provides a sleek silhouette to the k nee in stunning blues and glittering gold. Pretty florals and lace, such as those by Ted Baker, Artisan and Gerry Weber, are very much in this summer and look great teamed

PRETTY FLORALS AND LACE, SUCH AS THOSE BY TED BAKER, ARTISAN AND GERRY WEBER, ARE VERY MUCH IN THIS SUMMER. with neutral or plain black accessories to make your dress stand out. Fascinators and clutches are available in a myriad of colours and textures. Ballantynes recommends you take your dress with you when buying accessories and your fascinator when getting your hair done on the day. Watch the forecast and consider taking a tailored jacket or lightweight coat as the weather can be unpredictable. Wear comfortable mid-height high heels or a pair of wedges. Again there are so many options to choose from. Be practical, as it can be a long day.

Metropol October 16, 2014 47



Pamper yourself this Cup Day with these beauty treats. To enter the draw for any of these prizes email your name and phone number to Entries close on Friday 24 October and the winners will be notified on Tuesday 28 October. You can enter for all of the prizes but each entry must be in a separate email.

Win! Lotus @ Siam

Win! Aromatherapy The Aromatherapy Company introduces Therapy Feet a new addition to the Therapy family. The soothing essential oil blend with extracts of wild mint and sage is perfect for revamping tired and dry feet. Metropol has a set of the new products to give away. Quote: “Aromatherapy” in the subject line of your email.

Lotus@Siam Thai Healthcare Spa offers exquisite pampering packages with exceptional service. Metropol in association with Lotus@!Siam has one Elemis Spa Therapy facial to give away. The winner can experience the world-class Elemis Spa therapy facial of their choice. Quote: “Lotus@ Siam Thai Spa” in the subject line of your email.

Win! M.A.C. Cosmetics M.A.C. Cosmetics honour the ur, beauty in all people with a colour, shade and finish that is right for e everyone. Win a collection of eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, eye pencil and nail lacquers from thiss brand beloved of make-up artists. s. . he Quote: “M.A.C. Cosmetics” in the subject line of your email.

Win! Addington Cup Day Four “General Admission” tickets to Cup Day on Tuesday 11 November. This is one of the most glamorous and highly anticipated social events on Canterbury’s calendar. This special day is a festival of fashion, food, fun and music and of course racing. Quote: “Addington tickets” in the subject line of your email. 48 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Win! Lashform Lashform lash extensions are individually bonded directly onto your natural eyelashes – one by one – for an enhanced, natural look. Metropol in association with Lashform has one full set of lashes to give away applied personally by Lisa White, director of Lashform. Quote: “Lashform” in the subject line of your email.

Metropol October 16, 2014 49

A refreshing take on…

The pursuit of beauty The things we do to care for our inner self are reflected in our outward appearance. They tell the tale in how we hold ourselves and through our facial expressions. With a focus on looking your best over Cup Week celebrations and the long weekend, it is important to find time to relax and replenish.


r Philip Frost, from Face Value in Merivale, sees the significance of art and music in enabling people to escape from the tasks and pressures of everyday life.“Taking time for yourself can be very rejuvenating,” says Dr Frost. “A significant part of beauty is feeling good – enjoying beautiful music or a movie or book.” He has his own personal favourites, with the new classical styles of composer and pianist Max Richter being one of these. Richter's album, The Blue Notebook, is made up of gentle and haunting tracks, with the title song including narrative from actor Tilda Swinton. Similarly he enjoys the music of Keaton Henson, which he describes as momen ts of sound, and the works of German musician Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds from Iceland. A great book or movie can also be an uplifting and reflective experience. “This book is magnificent,” says Dr Frost of the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind, with the story a thought provoking read about the pursuit of perfection. Face Value specialises in non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments such as Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers, and provides a free no obligation consultation. Cont act Dr Frost at Face Value on (03) 388 8806 to make an appointment to discuss your options.

Dr Philip Frost


With a Face Value treatment, everyone will notice - no one will know All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy

Call us today for a no obligation consultation 03 388 8806

FACEVALUE 363 PAPANUI ROAD MERIVALE 50 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Refresh with a fabulous facial

g n i w o l G summer skin Ashleigh Wendy - Beauty Advisor

A fresh feel for spring can be as simple as receiving a fabulous facial.


lemis Spa Therapy facials, from the luxury British skincare company, are the latest treatments available at Lotus @ Siam Thai Healthcare Spa. Elemis Spa Therapy has over 20 years' experience treating men and women in the professional spa environment, with Lotus @ Siam offering two of their antiageing facials and a skin solutions facial for sensitive skin.

Located in the stunning Swan Lake Gardens in Cashmere, Lotus @ Siam offer a wide range of spa experiences by their qualified Thai therapists, from massages to pamper packages, with their gift vouchers making a perfect gift for someone special. Visit for more information and to make a booking, or call Lotus @ Siam on (03) 980 5400.

Prestige cosmetics for glowing summer skin, expert medical advice and an array of giftware are just some of the fantastic products in store at Dodds Pharmacy.


Merivale landmark, Dodds Pharmacy is renowned for providing a premier pharmacy experience in Christchurch. New in store is the latest from Estee Lauder, designed to keep your skin looking its best over summer. Perfectionist YouthInfusing Makeup SPF 25 is a breakthrough foundation infused with Estee Lauder's youth enhancing serum technology, while the Advanced Night Repair Eye has been clinically proven to restore the youthful look of light to eyes. Dodds Pharmacy is open seven days a week at Merivale Mall, 193 Papanui Road. For more information phone 355 9049 or visit or find them on Facebook.

Metropol October 16, 2014 51



ltimately, the aim of the Cup Week game is to stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention for all the right reasons. We'll leave you to mull over all the reasons you might attract the wrong attention – but just a tip, it usually involves one too many vinos. The racing fashion scene is usually fascinator central – which is fabulous and the perfect way to finish your racing attire. But for a change we're going to be so bold as to suggest that it's possible to forgo this staple. If you want to be different take a calculated risk and let your hair do the talking instead. Let your locks be the accessory and dress them up or down. If you want to go maxi – go boho, and wear flowers in your hair. If you want to go short – pin your hair up in a sleek style. If your hair is up, go for small earrings paired with a chunky necklace. Just remember though, if you go for long earrings, they're more than likely going to clash with an embellished necklace, so it's safer to pick one or the other – not both. Bold block colours like magenta and yellow are unbeatable right now, as is a quirky pattern that is both the dress and the accessory. If you're going to pattern things up a bit, just remember less is more on the accessory front. Take a browse through this magazine and check out the advertisers – all of them are currently stocking the prettiest looks you could ask for. Now boys, it's only right that you suit up for this annual occasion, but don't worry; there are tonnes of options available to you too. Our suggestion would be to hit up Ted Baker in the Contemporary Lounge at Ballantynes, or check out Colombus & Ware in Merivale Mall and get the precious advice of fashion's key movers and shakers. They'll steer you in the direction of this season's best. The biggest tip for you is – don't be afraid of pastels right n ow. They're your friends, we promise.

52 October 16, 2014 Metropol

A seriously


Dress life

to the full


or ultimate results in minimum time, try the new LES MILLS GRIT® series. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, fast-twitch muscle bre and growth hormone – not terms you hear every day, but together they underpin LES MILLS GRIT and are responsible for its overwhelming success. LES MILLS GRIT has grabbed the popular high-intensity interval training (HIIT) by the scruff of the neck and shaken it up. It provides a blend of serious

results, based on serious research, using serious interval training techniques. Because it is a 30-minute workout, it has attracted a whole new range of people driven by explosive music and certied coaches. Formulated by a worldclass development team based on research done with Penn State University – it's the Les Mills version of HIIT. For ultimate results in minimum time – choose the workout, love the results.

Frances Jerard


ress life to the full by wearing one of Frances Jerard’s beautiful designs to the races. Wendy Jerard’s rst collection was launched at NZ Fashion Week 2014 and instantly attracted attention from local and international fashionistas. Her designs are fresh and original with feminine, colourful dresses which are perfect for the races and special occasions. Her collection “Out of the Shadows” also includes striking evening dresses, blouses and jackets and some very special casual garments. The garment Wendy is wearing in the advertisement below is the Pretty Lady Jacket with a Twist and Party Dress. The photo was taken recently in Paris when she was on a buying trip and Wendy says it is an ideal outt to wear to the races. For inspiration for your race day attire and to purchase online go to

p. 027 436 1816 Metropol October 16, 2014 53


An holistic approach to dentistry T

he Smile Company is one of the leading cosmetic dental practices in New Zealand. Their team of experienced dental professionals have been providing expert dental care for 35 years, combining the latest in dental technology with the wonderful services of the Smile Spa. David Blair and Tom Egnot, directors of The Smile Company, share how they provide care for the whole person and what it is like to be part of Christchurch’s new city centre.


Q.The Smile Company is well known for offering the very latest

techniques in dental care in a welcoming environment. What led you to extend your services further with the addition of the Smile Spa? Modern dentistry is not always about relieving pain. It is often about increasing a patient’s self- esteem, so it is a natural progression to extend that to include facial aesthetics and overall well-being. Dayspa treatments provide this added holistic attitude.


Q.The Smile Spa offer s a wide range of spa facilities. What would your

team of therapists recommend as the perfect treatment for looking one’s best for Cup Week? We have a number of services which are perfect for Cup Week and the start of summer. These include teeth whitening with instant inoffice Zoom laser technology, as well as eyelash extensions, a manicure and pedicure to match your outfit, and natural looking spray tan – all to achieve the naturally beautiful look.


smile spa Oct – Nov special offers. Race into Cup week and Christmas looking your best! Book either of these 2 offers and receive a Linden Leaves special take home gift. Express manicure + express pedicure, and complimentary brow wax and tint. Total only $75 Full body spray tan + express pedicure, and complementary nail polish. Total only $90

Call 366 1948

54 October 16, 2014 Metropol

for special Spa attention!

Q. What makes the location of Th e Smile Company so special? A. The Smile Company is located close to the new city central hub, in

a tranquil setting by the river. We are a short walk from Cashel Mall and the Bridge of Remembrance and directly opposite the planned site for the new earthquake memorial space. With easy onsite and street parking The Smile Company presents a modern, clean and comfortable work-place!

Crowning glory comes to Christchurch Tickets are on sale now for an impressive and exciting new event taking to the stage in Christchurch as part of NZ Cup and Show Week. The NZ Hat & Hair Art Awards is an innovative, creative and spectacular wearable arts competition and awards show. Featuring the brilliance and creativity of leading hat and hair artists, impressive masterpieces are presented in a high energy, professionally choreographed catwalk show with a contemporary edge.



his year, the show will make its debut in Christchurch as a featured event on the opening weekend of NZ Cup and Show Week (8-9 November). Elements of the event have already enjoyed time on the international stage; in 2013 it featured at New York Couture Fashion Week and was showcased at the America's Cup in San Francisco and, a little closer to home, an exhibition of retrospective entries was presented during ID Fashion Week in Dunedin. “Our goal is to establish NZ Hat & Hair Art Awards not only as an event but also as a celebration of emerging young design talent” said Denise Whyte, Director. “The debut of the awards in Christchurch offers an opportunity to highlight the magnificent work of some of our country's talented designers, while establishing the event as an annual fixture to a larger audience.” Over 70 entries have already been received from hat and hair artists for the 2014 event; all competing for top honours and a prize pool of $25,000. This unique show offers an entertaining combination of visual imagery, special effects and live entertainment, with pre-show functions available for an unforgettable night out. The design theme for 2014 is 'Evolution' focusing on creativity and innovation and is a fitting theme which reflects the developments and changing landscapes within Christchurch and optimism for the city's future. With tickets from only $40, this premiere event offers a fresh alternative to the traditional Cup & Show Week festivities and is a must see for lovers of fashion, creativity, innovation and design. For further information visit NZ Hat & Hair Art Awards Tickets:

Metropol October 16, 2014 55

Slick Scandinavian style N

The Scandinavian style is one of minimalism and simplicity, but primarily their philosophy dictates that form will follow function. This viewpoint guides the designers of ECCO Shoes, which has seen it grow from humble beginnings into a genuine multi-national business, with a loyal following world-wide.

56 October 16, 2014 Metropol

ew Zealand has been part of ECCO's global community since 1974 and in 2002 Aotearoa's first ECCO Concept store was opened in Auckland. With a wellestablished customer base in the South Island it was only natural for Christchurch to be added to its culturally diverse extended family with a newly-opened store at 111b Riccarton Rd. ECCO takes ownership over every part of the shoe-making process and with a strong social and environmental conscience it implements its ethical standards through a rigorous Code of Conduct. Unique to the industry, it runs its own tanneries to produce the highest quality leather. The skilled hands behind every part of design and production are recognized for pushing the boundaries of their craft. Mastering the balance between craftsmanship and technology, ECCO pioneered Digital Injection Technology, the core-competency behind its sole production. This creates a shoe that follows the natural shape of the foot, resulting in footwear that is supremely comfortable and has absolute function-ability. This includes its collection of heels too!

You can find the whole range of women's and men's dress shoes at the new ECCO Concept store. Along with sandals, boots and casual footwear, the available selection of hiking boots and golf shoes all fit perfectly first time, with no need to be worn in. The staff on the ground are specifically trained and knowledgeable about which shoe will suit you and your lifestyle.


layering on trend

The new LBD‌


Made from organic cotton and breathable merino featuring a beehive inspired print, it drapes in all the right places for an exceptionally flattering fit.

ften we splash out on a flash new dress to wear to a special event. We wear it once before it's banished to the back of the wardrobe until the next big event rolls around. Then we drag it out, realise the same bunch of people will be there and decide to get something new. All this results in an over-cluttered wardrobe and yet we still seem to 'have nothing to wear'. Enter Untouched World™ and their take on the LBD - the Little Beehive Dress. Made from organic cotton and breathable merino featuring a beehive inspired print, it drapes in all the right places for an exceptionally flattering fit. Its versatility ensures it will be worn and worn again. See the full Untouched World collection at 155 Roydvale Avenue. See a taste of summer at the pop-up store in Re:START, or shop online at


he timeless appeals of botanical inspired pieces, crafted with attention to detail are the latest offerings from Filigree. Inspired by the beauty of nature both in form and colour, expect to find soft pastel semiprecious stones complemented by both the warm patina of gold and silver. The trend this season is to layer pieces, chain on chain, rings stacked together and a jangle of bracelets. Most of Filigree's pieces have whimsical detail that complements this nostalgic look, a nod to when craftsmanship was esteemed and pieces were intended to last a lifetime. Colour is more of a suggestion rather a statement with pastel hues provided by such stones as aquamarine, pearls, natural crystals and rose and green quartz. These soft tones are enhanced by warm metals. Consequently we are seeing a touch of gold on all items - even those made primarily of silver.

The new LBD‌

Metropol October 16, 2014 57

Use your smarts for Cup Day Cup and Show week signals a turn to warmer weather and a great opportunity to shake off the winter coat and step out and enjoy yourself.


lthough getting dressed up is part of the fun of Cup Day it can easily turn into one very expensive day out. Let Dress-Smart help you avoid this. Whether you need full Cup Day attire or just something new to complement your ensemble, Dress-Smart is your one-stop destination, providing an amazing range of dress wear, footwear and accessories at great prices. All of the outlet stores, which include high-end labels, offer special outlet pricing with up to 70% off. The selection of dress wear for men is extensive, covering a wide range of quality brands. Scriber & Marks, Cutler & Co, Nicholas Jermyn, Barkers and Rembrandt all offer fine quality suits and accessories. A new shirt, tie or cufflinks can refresh last year's threads, integrating an in-season design or colour.

58 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Stores like Laura Ashley, Max, Country Road and Esprit offer gorgeous pieces for women to have you looking fantastic without the guilt of a hefty price tag. A new pair of shoes from Overland, Andrea Biani, Shoe Connection or Wild Pair could be the perfect way to give your outfit some kick. Or make a statement with head wear and jewellery from JQ Accessories or a new handbag from Just Bagz or Fibre. With the possibility of sunshine on the big day, a stylish pair of shades is a must and you can find chic eyewear at Sunglass Style. The retail staff at Dress-Smart have a great understanding of their specific lines and can help you find what you need to look and feel fabulous. Avoid the rush and enjoy the relaxed shopping experience of Dress-Smart Hornby. Open 10am – 5pm, seven days.

By Lydia Truesdale

Good guy

Swiss - made


swag! It is a misconception that fashion is for women only and there is no doubt Cup Day will be thriving with men looking their best.


criber & Marks craft beautiful suits from high-end Italian fabrics’ but the most significant point of difference is the price. By working with direct supply in an outlet environment the brand offers quality and style at an affordable price. The store boasts a fine collection of men's dress wear including merino wool suits. New season shirts and ties have just arrived in time for Cup Day so you can create a more edgy look or rejuvenate your older threads. The friendly and professional staff have a discerning eye and are passionate about making their customers look great. Call in store for your Cup Day attire.


he Swiss are revered for handcrafting watches of unparalleled quality, earning them a distinguished status and international acclaim. Swiss Movement retails quality Swiss-made watches for both men and women. They are an authorized retailer of renowned brands, such as Luminox, Wenger, Victorinox, Claude Bernard Owner Jonathan Howell and Edox. These brands are exclusive to retail in Christchurch through Swiss Movement, which is proudly locally owned and operated by Director Jonathan Howell. “The key aspect is providing quality Swiss-made watches at accessible price points, making the watches available to a wide audience. You can own a quality Swiss-made watch at an affordable price.” Swiss Movement stocks an extensive selection of Swiss watches for every occasion. Jonathan's passion and knowledge means you will receive the perfect watch to suit your lifestyle. For the complete watch retail experience, visit Swiss Movement at 3/159 Cranford Street.

CREATE THE PERFECT LOOK FOR THE RACES! WIN THE BEST DRESSED MAN! Sleek, Stylish and Modern - buy your perfect suit at Scriber & Marks. Top quality at affordable prices. Amazing new shirts and ties in store now! Professional, friendly customer service to help deck you out in full attire for Cup Day and beyond.

DressMart Outlet Shopping 409 Main South Rd, Hornby Phone 349 5750 Metropol October 16, 2014 59

by Rachel Smith


fashion Christchurch - style There was a definite feeling of spring in the air. It was there in the hanging floral chandelier above the runway, in the hair of the gorgeous models and in the fresh new spring and summer collections from top fashion designers.


allantynes began their 160th anniversary celebrations in a big way with the “Style in the City” fashion show last month.

Over 350 women attended, with front row seats disappearing quickly as they enjoyed canapes and a glass of bubbles while waiting to see the 122 outfits from the 25 designers who were showcasing their work. “We would like to thank our esteemed designers for attending tonight,” said Michelle Anderson, personal stylist at Ballantynes and stylist for the event itself. “The truth about fashion, I do know, is that it never sits still – it is constantly evolving.”


There was dance, colour and sparkle along with classic looks on the runway, with many top tips on accessories for upcoming Cup Week, including fascinators, handbags, jewellery and footwear by designers such as Ted Baker and Jendi. Gorgeous lingerie from Stella McCartney, Chantelle and Pleasure State was followed by beach wear from Toggs, Seafolly and Tigerlily, making summer seem just a step around the corner. The bright colour of the new season's collections from Trelise Cooper, WORLD and Loobie's Story were mixed with elegant casual looks from Caroline Sills, Kate Sylvester, Paula Ryan, Moochi and many more. Soft fabrics created pieces of easy wear style with wonderful silhouettes, alongside dresses to take you from day to night, all completed with makeup and hair looks by M.A.C and GM Hair Design. With the history of Ballantynes entwined with that of the city, Maria O'Halloran, Ballantynes' CEO, said that for them it is all about sharing events like the one that evening with Canterbury. 60 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Great hair


veryone wants great hair – whatever your age or hair condition. V For Hair and Beauty Merivale have a created a 'Golden Girls Club' to ensure that their senior clients get just this. “We see a need in the market for a high end hair salon to offer expert hair care at reasonable rates to senior gold card ladies,” says Vicki Ogden-O'Fee. The salon has a team of stylists with the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients - Georgie, Vicki and Janine have all been hairdressing for over 20 years, and Roslyn and Hayley also have the skills needed to make any hair look great. Key to this is ensuring that the team get to know their clients and their needs, so they can offer advice on the best style to suit an individual's hair, face shape and most importantly lifestyle. “A good haircut and style can make you look and feel years younger,” says Vicki. Their advice for clients who choose to let the greys come in naturally is to


have a haircut which gives good shape and makes a statement. Such cuts should be well maintained and they recommend an appointment every four to six weeks. V For Hair and Beauty Merivale have many techniques to add colour and minimise regrowth, including foils with highlights and low lights which can really accentuate a good cut. They also offer services such as perming, setting and razor cutting, with confidence in

their skills based on many years of experience. The salon provides the convenience of hair and beauty services under the one roof, whether this be a relaxing facial, pedicure or a tidy up of the eyebrows – a chance to relax and be pampered while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee or herbal tea. At V For Hair and Beauty Merivale “We don't just do hair… 'We do beautiful at any age'.”

Girls Club Golden Girls Receive

Visit our website for details Simply present your Gold Card and become part of our Golden Girls Club. You will receive special rates and promotions reserved just for our Golden Girls Club Level One Merivale Mall Phone 03 355 6584

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Metropol October 16, 2014 61

By Rachel Smith

New collection captures

Exciting, stylish looks

for fashion fun

'essence of summer'


utting together the perfect Cup Day look starts with your main item of clothing. Once you've got it right – the style, size and colour – then work your accessories and styling around it. That's the advice from the knowledgeable staff at New Zealand fashion label, Jane Daniels. Jane's latest collection captures the essence of summer – beach holidays, tropical islands, ocean colours and tropical fruit. This season, you can expect soft lines, new technical fabrics, playful jumpsuits and a variety of colour. There is a Japanese origami influence with draping, folding and layers, as well as a flashback to the fabulous fifties with lower hemlines. All garments are made in New Zealand using quality fabric from around the world. Create your Cup Day look at Jane Daniels, 149 Victoria Street,, (03) 379 8598.


heir fashion has an exciting edge to it – a bit of fun while looking fantastic.

From the zebra print or striped maxi dresses and pants as seen on the European runways, to short floaty floral dresses or wide legged jumpsuits, Raw Nova's latest selections are a great fit for a day of fun at the races. Gail and Allie have created a highly sought after collection of pieces to complete any outfit from head to toe. Stylish sunglasses, accessories and footwear by names such as Karen Walker, sass and bide and Stolen Girlfriends Club, Saben, Senso and Miss Wilson by Kat hryn Wilson can be teamed with wide brimmed hats or the classic fedora to complete your entire look. Check out Raw Nova on Facebook, or visit Gail and Allie in store at The Tannery on Garlands Road to let them show you the Raw Nova aesthetic for fashion, fun and style at the races.

••••••• ••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••• •••••••••••••••• •• • •••• •••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••• •••••••••••••• • ••••••• •••••••••• • ••••• •••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••• ••••• ••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••••• •••••• •••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••••••••••• ••• •••••• ••••••••••• • •••••• •••••••••

Fashion, Accessories & Lifestyle Store Unique, Stylish & Fresh The Tannery Ph. 389 8704 open 7 days from 10am to 5pm

62 October 16, 2014 Metropol

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By Kate Pierson

Be a Flower bohemian goddess power C


udging by the bold, three dimensional floral prints storming down the catwalks this seasons, it’s clear the Sartorial Gods have been feeling rather nostalgic about an era where ‘Flower Power’ and other assorted psychedelics were all the rage. Perhaps the most enticing prospect about donning such a feminine get up this season for Cup Week is that you’ve effectively made yourself the accessory. In a less is more reminder, if you’re going to make a maxi or mini decked out in roses, tulips or sunflowers your pick for this racing season, then go light on the accessories, otherwise it could border on a walking floral disaster. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, slender or curvaceous with some extra curve thrown in, a flower themed frock can help you pop out from a sea of generics. Just be mindful of where the dress is nipped and tucked to ensure it’s the best cut for your figure.

up Week is characterised by spontaneity and that spontaneity can even involve the weather. In years gone by, we’ve seen a myriad of weather conditions, some of which are complementary to our dresses and hairdos and others, which are, well, quite frankly, not. And while we ladies enjoy living life a little on the wild side, our tresses often don’t, particularly when we’ve spent an extortionate amount taming them into submission. So this all begs one very important question when it comes to hairdos and don’ts for Cup Week 2014 - How are you going to get your hair done, girl? The good news is that if you’re a fan of practicality and not pulling out your cheeky compact mirror every five minutes, the latest and greatest in hair trends – the fishtail braid – will see you right. It is the artiest in the braid family and a cross between Pocahontas and bohemian Goddess. It’s hair perfection. Do it, you know you want to.

Metropol October 16, 2014 63

64 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Be bold monochromics & florals I

f you want to create a new look or find something special to complement an existing piece, Vivacious is the place to go. Owner Viv, and her team of friendly passionate staff, Angela, Lynette, Cathy and Michelle, will help you find exactly what you are after. “We are loving the strong bold monochromatic look this season, complemented with the gorgeous florals,” says Viv. In store are stunning dresses for all your special occasions, including an eclectic and ever changing collection of accessories such as hats, fascinators, jewellery, footwear and bags Casual and evening wear is also well catered for at Vivacious, with great pieces from their range of selected labels. Vivacious can be found at 55 Nottingham Avenue in Halswell, and is open weekdays from 9am - 5pm with late night Thursday until 6.30pm, and Saturdays 9am - 3pm. Give them a call on 322 6126 or check what is new in store on Facebook.

The man’s style guide


t Colombus & Ware they like to see things from their clients' perspective and help them to look the best possible version of themselves. Trying to put a round peg in a square hole will only encourage the round peg to shop elsewhere. There is no competition for a well-cut suit, in a cloth from the world's finest mills. While an overall "look" is important, Columbus & Ware always start

with the right fit first and work from there. There is always something they can do, be it off the rack, or through their custom service. With Cup and Show week just around the corner, they would like to thank their clients by offering a complimentary Rembrandt shirt* with any Rembrandt suit purchased between 18 – 31 October. *Selected shirts only.




55 Nottingham Ave, Halswell Phone 322 6126

Ph. 355 3034 Metropol October 16, 2014 65

By Rachel Smith

A tosmile be happy about R

onald Sluiter, of Orthodontix, has seen a similar change in his clinics with many adults now taking advantage of the latest orthodontic technology available. “Now we expect to have our teeth throughout life,” says Ronald, with clients in their 40s and 50s realising that if they correct dental issues now then they will likely have great teeth for another 40 years. “We are focusing on long term dental health.” Ronald finds his clients may choose to seek orthodontic treatment later in life for a variety of reasons, one of these being that they may not have had the financial means, the access to specialist care, or the motivation to seek it out when they were younger. Another factor is dental trauma. Active lifestyles including sports can lead to injury resulting in loss of teeth, with clients seeking assistance with their dentition soon after the event or many years later.

It is a common misconception that orthodontic treatment is for teenagers. A growing number of adults have been seeking expert orthodontic advice over the past decades, with 30% of orthodontic patients in the United States now adults.

“NOW WE EXPECT TO HAVE OUR TEETH THROUGHOUT LIFE,” WITH CLIENTS IN THEIR 40S AND 50S REALISING THAT IF THEY CORRECT DENTAL ISSUES NOW THEN THEY WILL LIKELY HAVE GREAT TEETH FOR ANOTHER 40 YEARS.” “They are getting things fixed that bother them,” says Ronald, with appearance issues often combined with impaired function which can result in teeth loss long term. Some of these cases can be remedied by orthodontic treatment alone, but for those who have significant issues with jaw placement, surgery may also be necessary. Long gone are the days when your only

orthodontic option was a mouthful of metal. New methods include the 3M Incognito hidden braces which are fitted to the inside of teeth, and also the clear Invisalign. Ronald offers all the latest treatments, as well as a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. Call Orthodontix on 0800 678 463 to make an appointment at their Cashmere, Merivale or Ashburton clinic.

Look good while creating the perfect smile

First consultation FREE 03 337 337 3 66 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Assault of colour

in hats & fascinators




ut your best foot forward this racing season with the latest in fashion footwear from Street Legal. Come Cup Day, expect to see extremes – plenty of chunky platforms, pointy stilettos and wooden heels. This season, anything goes.


or that special hat or fascinator, think Park Avenue Fashions. This racing and wedding season, expect an assault of colour. The entire rainbow is represented, including trendy fluorescent and striking two-tones – think orange and fuchsia, lime and purple, black and white. Park Avenue Fashions has a huge array of fascinators priced from $29 in many colours and styles including cocktail hats and bigger hats. A lot of the hats this season are on sturdy headbands, giving added security that it won't need adjusting once in place. Many of the hats are one-only, making them extra special. Park Avenue Fashions, 363 Lincoln Road, Addington, phone (03) 374 5858, with car parking alongside the railway line.


Races Weddings

When it comes to colour, expect a kaleidoscope reminiscent of tropical island holidays, as well as loads of animal print – snakeskin, zebra and leopard – and shiny metallics of pewter and silver. No matter what your choice, the team at Street Legal will fit your shoes perfectly, ensuring you stay comfortable right up to the last race and into the night beyond. Street Legal is the shoe store where fashion meets the street by bringing together top trends and quality brands straight off the catwalks of Europe. Visit Street Legal at Westfield Riccarton, Northlands Shopping Centre, South City and Rangiora.


exclusive hats and fascinators

fascinators from $25.00

races and cocktail hats mother of the bride or groom hats for the show ring

Comet $199.95

Comet $199.95

Danes $219.95

Danes $219.95

Teresa $179.95

Your Best Dress Address


Teresa $179.95

363 Lincoln Rd Addington Next to mobil service station, Moorhouse Ave end Carparking along side the railway line Phone 374 5858 Open 7 Days

South City

Ph. 03 379 7473

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Metropol October 16, 2014 67

Fabulous, luxe homeware


or something new and luxurious for the home – be it unique furniture and homeware, or gifts for all occasions, Corso De' Fiori is the place to look. Iconic Italian fashion house Missoni is the latest addition to the high end local and international brands in store. The Missoni Home range contains their signature chevron and stripes design, bringing an explosion of colour, pattern and luxurious texture to enhance your home. “We are very excited and privileged to stock Missoni home,” says owner Jackie Kirwan-Green. Missoni Home makes a great addition to those who are completing their rebuild work,

Your time to shine!


ashion always wins at Christchurch Cup Day and Show Week which means it's your time to shine.

or simply wanting to add that luxurious touch to their home, as do Corso De' Fiori's other lines of homewares and their distinctive pieces of furniture. Visit Jackie and her team at Corso De' Fiori on Aikmans Road in Merivale to see the new and exciting collections in store.

We all have a design or an idea in our head of the perfect outfit we would love to flaunt; an expression of our individuality and style. The dressmakers at Pretty Things excel at crafting the unique designs of their clients, tailoring the chosen fabric to the contours of the body creating a flawless and polished look that is also supremely comfortable, a must for an enjoyable day at the races. "Cup Day is all about showing-off the design. Our customers are wanting something bold, that they can't get off-the-rack. We give them exactly what they want." Express yourself this Cup Day and for a touch of effortless glamour contact Pretty Things.

Pretty Things Ltd. Specialising in Dressmaking Alterations & Fabrics

Full tailoring service We can make you a unique dress designed to accentuate your individual needs.

Be sure to visit, take a look at our off-the-rack styles and talk to us about how we can create a dress for your special occasion.

Aikmans Road, Merivale phone 355 4228 68 October 16, 2014 Metropol

150 Fisher Ave, Beckenham. 03 372 9299 Open: Tue – Fri 11am – 5:30pm Sat 11am – 4:30pm

Well-groomed waiters

sans shirts

Fun for the ladies


ake your Cup Day special and be remembered for organising a pre- or post-Cup celebration with panache that will have your friends talking about your event for years to come. Everyone appreciates being pampered and waited on, so why not hire a waiter – sans the shirt of course! Topless Waiters Christchurch is an innovative company that offers the services of professional male waiters who are just that, waiters – nothing more, nothing less. They aim to ensure your function runs smoothly and your friends have the time of their life. Whether you want someone to greet guests, serve food or drinks, mix cocktails or coordinate some fun, our wellgroomed waiters are for you! Call us to discuss your party vision and before you send out the invites to your friends, prepare for the stampede of RSVPs.


t's one for the ladies at Winnie Bagoes this Cup Week. Winnie's WAG's kicks off with a great evening of entertainment on Wednesday 12 November – a chance to catch up with your girlfriends, meet other women, learn about health and fitness and have a fun night out. With a newly created cocktail in hand, ladies will get the chance to mingle while listening to Bevan James Eyles

share his tips on just how to get the most out of your day. There is also the chance to get your hands on a Winnie's WAG's loyalty card and collect points to use on your next visit to Winnies – be it a night out on the town with the girls or a meal with your family. For your free tickets email and come along to Winnie Bagoes City on the corner of Madras and Allen Streets from 6pm.

Metropol October 16, 2014 69

70 October 16, 2014 Metropol

They're Cup Crazy at Christchurch Casino New Zealand Cup and Show week is one of the biggest events of the Canterbury social calendar and you can be sure Christchurch Casino has all the action covered. They are presenting all three championship cups this year – the Christchurch Casino NZ Trotting Cup and the Christchurch Casino NZ Greyhound Cup at Addington Raceway and the Christchurch Casino NZ Cup (gallops) at Riccarton Park. You can see that they truly are “Cup Crazy” and excited to be an integral part of New Zealand Cup and Show Week.


ather your friends, dust off your finery and head into the city centre to start Cup Day in style at Christchurch Casino with their traditional Grand Café full buffet breakfast, including a glass of Deutz or juice (bookings recommended as tables are selling out fast) or be fully prepared for the race day chaos with the casino's race day starter breakfast in Mashina Lounge. This includes a Red Bull, sparkling wine or juice and a Cup Day survival bag. The range of breakfast packages can include race day tickets and transport or you can eat breakfast and then

relax at the casino itself as they have all the trackside action live on their big screens. Along with half price pizza in Monza Sports Bar from 12pm-4pm you can enjoy a two or three course lunch or “High Tea” with a glass of bubbles in The Grand Café. After a great day at the track, dine in any of Christchurch Casino's restaurants or bars, enjoy live entertainment on the main gaming floor or join the party in Mashina Lounge for some late night dancing! The casino has all your dining options covered - bistro-style counter meals served in the Valley Bar or relax in the booths in the Monza Sports Bar while enjoying some piping hot pizza, sliders, sticky beef ribs or teriyaki chicken nibbles. The main restaurant, The Grand Café, offers the new Southern-inspired “G.C. Sweet Home” menu where you can choose small plates just for one or upsize them to share. There are also classic dishes such as seafood chowder, chicken tenders, sticky ribs or green lipped mussels to name a few. The “plate for one” dishes (that are too good to share), feature the Southern-inspired


jambalaya, southern fried chicken, the “Best Ever Barbeque Beef Brisket” (massaged with the restaurant's secret rub and slow cooked) and the Kiwi classic, slow cooked lamb shank and slow roasted pork, complete with crackling, gravy and apple sauce. Don't be surprised if you are then tempted to stay for the dessert buffet - only $15 when purchased with a main meal, or $20 for dessert only. Players' Club members receive a 10% discount on all food from Christchurch Casino bars and a 20% discount on all house beverages and food in The Grand Café. Players' Club is free to join so make sure you visit the Casino Hosts (with your photo id) on the main gaming floor to become a member and to find out about the other exclusive benefits that you could be enjoying! Christchurch Casino's October promotions include the Players' Club members One Million Points Spectacular, the ever popular Wednesday Jackpotting cash draws with over $35,000 to be won and the Free to Enter Friday weekly cash draws where $12,000 is up for grabs every Friday! Be sure to check out the website for full details about “What's On” during New Zealand Cup and Show week at Christchurch Casino and Mashina. With live entertainment throughout the week, exciting promotions and dining specials – you won't want to be anywhere else! Mashina Lounge; was recently awarded Best New/Redeveloped Bar/Restaurant for 2014 at the Hospitality NZ Awards and Christchurch Casino won the Hospitality NZ Award for Excellence in Host Responsibility in 2013 and 2014. The casino urges you to know your limits and to “Play Safe and Drink Safe” to ensure you have a great New Zealand Cup and Show Week! Metropol October 16, 2014 71


fashion double take F TOBY slip dress by David Pond

or all your fashion inspiration, look no further than Rangiora's High Street – Christchurch's latest fashion destination. Two unique stores on opposite sides of the road – Robe Boutique and Country Lane – offer those in the know all the season's must-have items. At Robe Boutique, 125 High Street, you'll nd your favourite Kiwi designers, as well as the store's own label End of Story. Add some fancy footwear and the perfect accessories, and you've got an outt – head to toe. Across the road at Country Lane, 140 High Street, you'll also nd the best in Kiwi and Australian fashion, as well as a unique Danish label and Kathryn Wilson's stylish shoes. Although they stock different ranges, both stores agree that this season it's all about colour (think citrus and coral), oaty fabrics and lace, as well as timeless black and white and structured designs.

Wear with CONFIDENCE Spring/summer fashions for 2014/15 are a collision of trends, meaning nothing is off limits for this year's Cup and Show Week.


onochrome, metallic, pastels and bold prints, lace, midi skirts, shift dresses, maxi dresses and sports-luxe are all modish themes being explored and showcased. With so much going on couture-wise, accessories this year keep it minimalistic, tying together an outt with delicate detailing and subtle injections of colour, as opposed to working as statement items. Feminine accessorising leads the way with quaint necklaces, simplistic wrist jewellery, cute clutches, creative hats and fascinators and vintage footwear styles. If there were a single prevalent trend it would be feminine ferocity; choose a bold design, accessorise subtly and wear the look with condence.

Dress in


for Cup Day

Join as on Facebook

Creating Style to suit you

140 High Street Rangiora P 03 313 4565 72 October 16, 2014 Metropol

P: 384 3987 95 Main Rd, Redcliffs

New treatments What if there were a treatment that could slow the ageing process and kept you looking forever young?


he Liposculpture and Cosmetic Clinic are pleased to announce the arrival of new lasers to the clinic. These state of the art lasers include the Forever Young BBL™, an innovative form of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of ageing and sun damage. Their new Sciton BBL™ is a medical grade machine, is the only BBL available in Christchurch and is only available through medical clinics. It is described as the “Rolls Royce” of IPL devices. “Patients' skin treated with this regime appears to show little or no signs of ageing over an 8 – 10 year treatment period with Forever Young BBL™”, says Dr Grant Bellaney, of the exciting results he expects to achieve. “It is truly amazing.” Results from the treatment include an

increase in elasticity of the skin, more ordered and uniform collagen deposits, and improvements in ne wrinkles, pigmentation and vascular lesions, as well as a reduction in facial redness and brown spots. The treatment has been scientically proven to truly change the structure of the skin with a Stanford University study showing that older skin treated with Forever Young BBL™ more closely resembled the gene expression prole of younger untreated skin. Once initial improvement is achieved, only 1 to 2 treatments per year are required. This regime can then maintain skin in its current state for many years as shown by the images. For more information on this and the Liposculpture and Cosmetic Clinic's other services call the clinic on 0800LIPOSUCTION or (03) 3560214.

Dr Grant Bellaney

Age 58, Pre-forever Young BBL

Age 67, Post-forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL


The week of... No one wants to wake on race day to realise they've forgotten something crucial. To help your day run as smoothly as possible this year, we've put together a simple 5 day lead up plan: First things rst, make yourself a list prioritised by the most important things to do before the day. Conrm any appointments that are booked for the week, including (if relevant) picking up dry cleaning. Day 2: Today's the day for waxing, manicure/pedicure, facial treatments and, if necessary, the hair salon - a compromise between looking perfectly prepped on the day and allowing time to correct any beauty treatments that may not turn out as planned. Day 3: Try on your complete outt to see if anything is missing, lacking or in need of changing (leaving at least a day to nd what you need). Day 4: When going down the spray-tanning road, having it done the day before, and not showering that night produces the best natural look on the day. Cup Day However you choose to get ready – with friends or solo – start your preparations earlier than you think you need to. This allows for any unexpected delays, and if you're lucky enough to not encounter any, then it's simply extra time to relax and compose yourself before you set off.

There is IPL and now there is BBL... the “Rolls Royce” of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines has arrived

Day 1:

Patient A: 2 weeks after 2 Forever Young BBL treatments Images supplied by Sciton®-Images have not been retouched or altered

This amazing technology is only available in Christchurch at our Specialist Clinic run by Dermatologist Dr Grant Bellaney.

Metropol October 16, 2014 73

By Rachel Smith

The right financial advice I

n the world of finances it is important to seek advice, and just as important is from whom you take the advice. With 33 years financial experience and 19 years as an adviser, Alistair Bean, of Alistair Bean and Associates Financial Services Ltd, has the experience and expertise to guide business owners through the options that best suit their needs. “My role is to identify what people and businesses need, particularly for risk and reserve funds,” says Alistair, who ensures that his client base is limited to allow him time to meet regularly with every client.

as life and income protection and all other personal business insurance needs. With a minimum personal and/or business investment of $250,000 Alistair produces a diversified investment portfolio that is specific for each individual or business. “It is essential that when seeking help with investment advice for things such as reserve business funds and employer KiwiSaver assistance, that employers should also make provisions for all insurance business risks that are essential to the success and care of their companies' current


and future holistic financial planning needs,” says Alistair. Only around 40% of businesses currently have insurance, and Alistair sees it as vital that businesses look to the future to ensure that both their business and their family are well looked after should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Alistair can also arrange group cover for companies, allowing this to

One of New Zealand's first Authorised Financial Advisers, Alistair can help business owners with investment and succession planning, buy-sell agreements, and business interruption covers, as well

then become an added benefit to employees, which can play an important role in reducing staff attrition and/or attracting new staff. A copy of Alistair's Personal Disclosure Statement is available free upon request. Contact Alistair on (03) 355 6360 for more information on how his financial advice could help you and your business.

Alistair Bean


Investments Insurance KiwiSaver INSTITUTE OF



t. 03 355 6360

m. 021 552 587


Personal Disclosure Documents are available upon request and free of charge

74 October 16, 2014 Metropol



New chef brings ACCENTS OF EUROPE Mirek Karpowicz has been appointed to the role of executive chef at Heritage Hanmer Springs. The Polish-born chef trained and worked in Poland until moving to Ireland in 2005. He worked in several roles in County Clare before working for and eventually purchasing his own restaurant in County Roscommon. Mirek was a finalist in the All Ireland Chef of the Year 2005 and in his career has catered for many Hollywood celebrities and international bands. In 2012 he moved to New Zealand to join Braemar Lodge as Executive Chef before taking the role at Heritage Hanmer Springs. Mirek's classical European style of cuisine is already seen in changes to the menu. He especially wishes to make from scratch specialty items from home baked breads and pastries to small goods.

MIREKS ESPECIALLY WISHES TO MAKE FROM SCRATCH SPECIALTY ITEMS FROM HOME BAKED BREADS AND PASTRIES TO SMALL GOODS. “I enjoy the variety in my role at Heritage Hanmer Springs. I can be creating a wedding banquet one day, cater for a big conference the next and finish the week with a specialty dinner matched with local wines,” says Mirek. Heritage Hanmer Springs set in an historic 1930s lodge specialises in conferences and weddings for up to 150 people and accommodation ranging from hotel rooms, to garden rooms and three bedroom selfcontained villas. Just 90 minutes-drive from Christchurch,

Heritage Hanmer Springs is a perfect weekend getaway or stop on a South Island touring route. The region has an array of recreational and gourmet opportunities from artisan foods, fine dining, craft shopping, award winning wineries and spa indulgences. For the active, there are a myriad of activities from golf, jet boating, quad biking, horse riding, as well as the popular mountain bike riding and hiking trails in the Hanmer Forest. Enjoy all of that and then enjoy a wonderful meal created by Mirek at Heritage Hanmer Springs.

Four Locations Edgeware 76 Edgeware Rd, Edgeware, Phone 366 7223

Rolleston Shop No 8, 70-76 Rolleston Dr, Rolleston Square, Phone 03 347 2315

Hanmer Springs Shop 5/30 Cnr Conical Rd Hill& Chisolm Ave, Phone 03 315 7616

Kaikoura 17 Beach Road Phone 03 319 6844

Metropol October 16, 2014 75

GIG GUIDE Thursday 23 October CPIT: Justin Townes Earle 8pm – country Christchurch Casino: Mashina Salsa Nights 8pm – Latin Sandridge Hotel: DJ Chick 8pm – quiz, karaoke Carlton Hotel: Corner Sounds 9pm

Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There's plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes...

Friday 17 October

Friday 24 October The Foundry: Titanium #TakeUsBack Tour 7pm – pop Dux Live: Sola Rosa Magnetics Tour 8pm – electronica St Augustine Anglican Church: Music Centre of Christchurch - Outstanding Young Musicians 1.10pm – variety concerts Becks Southern Alehouse: Phaze III 8.30pm – covers, tribute bands Carlton Hotel: Ctrl Alt Rock 10pm

The Bedford at CPIT: The Kin 8pm - pop St Augustine Anglican Church: Music Centre of Christchurch Outstanding Young Musicians – 1.10pm – variety concerts Trevinos Bar and Restaurant: Brothers Grimm 9pm – classic rock Becks Southern Alehouse: D'sendantz 8.30pm – rock Bowl and Jack: Vanderfield DJs 7pm - Bar DJs Finnegans Irish Bar and Café: Karaoke with DJ Chick 8pm – Bar DJs Carlton Hotel: Herbs Unplugged 8.30pm – national

The Bedford at CPIT: 80s 90s Reunion Party 7pm – Bar DJs Revival Bar: Mike T 10pm – Bar DJs Woolston Club: Robie Drew 7pm – covers, tribute bands Carlton Hotel: Shadow Puppet 10.30pm

Saturday 18 October

Sunday 26 October

Rose & Thistle: DJ Chick 8.30pm – Bar DJs Tequila Mockingbird: Mike T 10pm – Bar DJs Woolston Club: Brothers Grimm 8pm – covers, tribute bands Baretta: Nick Lee 7.30pm – covers, tribute bands Carlton Hotel: When in Vegas 10.30pm

Saturday 25 October

The Craic Irish Bar: October Festival 12pm – covers, tribute bands Cortado Restaurant Bar & Café: Radius KinK Acoustic 4pm – singer-songwriter Carlton Hotel: Davey Backyard - 4pm

Monday 27 October

Sunday 19 October

Horncastle Arena: Lorde 8pm – pop Carlton Hotel: Nick Lee - 7pm

Carlton Hotel: Jason Pemberton 4pm

Tuesday 28 October

Monday 20 October

Carlton Hotel: Moses 7pm

Carlton Hotel: Nick Lee 7pm

Wednesday 29 October

Tuesday 21 October

Carlton Hotel: Assembly Required 8.30pm

Carlton Hotel: Bobby Brown 7pm

Thursday 30 October

Wednesday 22 October

Salvation Army Citadel: Afternoon Delights - Music Centre of Christchurch 1.45pm – variety concerts Carlton Hotel: Elevators 9pm

Darkroom: An Evening Quiz with Brian Luv 7pm – alternative, indie The Craic Irish Bar: DJ Chick Karaoke 10pm – quiz, karaoke Chats Bar and Café: DJ Chick Karaoke 8pm - quiz, karaoke Carlton Hotel: Assembly Required 8.30pm

Friday 31 October Carlton Hotel: Imaginary Blues Machine 10pm

ea Private function ar Cater for up to 120 seated Excellent staff waiting to help ir y you with your enqu suit Create a menu to ts your requiremen

23 HUMPHREYS DRIVE, FERRYMEAD P. 384 1326 76 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Metropol October 16, 2014 77


Culinary Hotspots to explore... An English perspective


ust at the CBD end of Papanui Road is the Heartland Hotel Cotswold. Its Tudor-style architecture reflects Christchurch's image as the most English of cities outside of England. Inside, Tudors Restaurant offers a la carte and buffet breakfast from 6.30am and a la carte evening dining from 6.00pm, while the Earl of Essex Bar provides the perfect spot to relax and unwind at the end of the day from 4.30pm onwards. The restaurant and bar areas have a great ambience complete with a welcoming open fire place, friendly faces and a hearty, innovative menu to suit a range of tastes. Look out for local specialities, including Canterbury-raised duck livers prepared into a light-as-air parfait, Aoraki salmon, Tudors beef burger, locally raised Angus steak, and Canterbury Merino lamb shoulder, braised in tomato, lemon and Moroccan spices on pumpkin, raisin and almond couscous. There is also an extensive wine list featuring Canterbury and other New Zealand wines and beers. Phone: (03) 355 3535 Email:

78 October 16, 2014 Metropol

An Italian influence


t was 1985 when Italian-born Rocky Pantaleo and Felice Nania took over a run-down pizza shop in Melbourne's Italian hub and word got around. La Porchetta's great pasta, pizza and Italian-style menu, its atmosphere and great value spread rapidly and soon it became renowned as a special place to experience good food. Since then, the La Porchetta family has worked hard to create that experience in other restaurants. They wanted to bring the same special qualities — delicious food, warm service, great value and a family heart and now have more than 70 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. La Porchetta Papanui on 484 Cranford St is the ultimate Italian dining experience. With delicious meals and great staff, you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed environment which is family-friendly. All meals are made fresh with the finest ingredients and are great value-formoney. Large seating areas for group dining, small preschooler play area, kids' menu and Mini Chef Parties are also available. The range is amazing: starters, salads, traditional pizzas, gourmet pizzas, pastas, carne, pollo (meats and chicken), fish, desserts, coffee and tea. The good news? There is a La Porchetta in Riccarton Mall. Buon appetito! Text orders to: 022 098 4909 Email:


with English, Thai and Italian influences Don’t duck this one!

Trumpet its virtues


he Brewers Arms in Merivale (177 Papanui Road) is a great tavern that specialises in a huge selection of quality food and drinks. It has the feel of a traditional English-style pub where you meet locals or friends for a chat, a drink and a meal and it's close to the city and to the motels and hotels on Papanui Road. The Brewers Arms is a friendly and unpretentious tavern that's perfect whether you're from out of town or are a local catching up with friends. With no loud music or gaming machines, the ambience is inviting and there are plenty of plasma screens featuring live sport. The menu goes well beyond ordinary pub fare, with an excellent selection of high-quality food and drinks. From light meals and snacks through to delicious stone-grill dining (including exotic fare such as kangaroo, as well as popular favourites such as Surf & Turf), there's something to suit every appetite. There are even children's meals for little ones. Try for a seat by the windows looking onto the big pond outside and enjoy your meal while watching the ducks landing and taking turns around the townhouses outside. Open daily from 11am – 11pm Phone: (03) 963 1620 Email:


ou will be most welcome at the Red Elephant Thai Restaurant at 5 Pilgrim Place, off Moorhouse Avenue, near Manchester St. As in many other cultures, food is a very important part of Thai culture. What sets Thai food apart however, are the unique flavours that feature throughout Thai cuisine. Lemongrass, chilli, galangal, ginger, holy basil and coriander provide a unique blend and range of seasonings which epitomize Thai cooking. From sweet and sour to hot and spicy to hot and sour Thai food offers a wide range of options for the most discerning of palates. Sample wonderful soups with coconut cream, chicken and seafood, a range of entrees with prawns, fish, curry puffs, pork spare ribs, satay chicken and fish cakes and move on to pork, chicken, beef pad Thai noodles, curry, sweet and sour, salads, minced meat and herbs… it is all there, and then some. As one reviewer said, “Servings are generous, and the service was friendly as always.” Phone: (03) 377-1122

Happy Hour: Wed-Sun 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5 Restaurant

Breakfast Lunch Dinner


Join us every Thursday for Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm with live entertainment from 5-7pm

$6.00 Tap Beer & $6.00 House Wine & Complimentary snack food




*Book NOW for your Christmas Function!



P. 355 5299

7 Normans Rd

Hours: Mon-Tues 8am-3pm Wed-Sun 8am-10pm Available for functions

Nominee: Best Nationwide Restaurants

Restaurant OPEN Tues - Thurs from 4pm Friday, Sat & Sun from 11am check our website for details

Pier Terminus Building, 195-213 Marine Parade, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493 Metropol October 16, 2014 79



dining options

It's hard to put a finger on what makes The Watershed in Ferrymead such a success. But it's certainly mighty popular and has been since it opened eight years ago this month, despite the recent surrounding chaos of rebuilding and roadworks. “Our chef provides quality food and our staff genuinely care,” says owner Jo Southen, who took the reins six years ago when she was just 25 years old. It was a daunting task, but this quietly-spoken boss has done it by hard graft - and a good team is only as good as its leader! “My senior staff have been with me for a long time and we get pleasure out of people having a good experience here,” she says. Although appreciated and visited by people from all over the city, The Watershed has the friendly feel of an upmarket local, with Jo and her staff giving it a personal vibe. Canny seniors take advantage of the Monday and Tuesday night 20% discount for Gold Card holders. On Sunday, from 10.30 to 12.30 there is kids' entertainment with entertainer Shad Rutherford. Wednesday night is quiz night; on Fridays there are free nibbles with a glass of wine or beer between 5 and 7pm and happy hour is 4-6pm from Thursday to Sunday. The clever design of the modern glass and timber building with its everchanging estuary views, caters for groups of all sorts and sizes, from fine dining to casual drinks, or coffee and dessert in the sun. The sheltered al

fresco area has fire pits to keep guests warm if those beastly easterlies whip up and a large chess set, which is popular with both kids and serious players. “Functions are a speciality and we are really flexible and can cater for anything from “work do” Quiz nights and Christmas parties to upscale cocktail parties or sit down dinners in our semi-private 'Dining Room'.” says Jo. Yummy food is a given here and the proof of this is the large number of regular diners. “We pride ourselves on our quality and consistency,” Jo says. Her chef has been at The Watershed for the past four years and is passionate about all the food he creates. Enormous platters, which are great for sharing, include more unusual and substantial hot items such as spinach filos and meatballs, as well as the traditional cheese, seafood and

Fine Japanese dining in Christchurch


Tempura Udon Nabe



Choice of either Shrimp, Chicken, Vegetables or Combination

Book now for your

Christmas Function

• Cafe • Licensed Bar • Func ons • Group Bookings

Riccarton Location Now Open! Now Open Late Nights Thurs, Fri, Sat 2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead Where East meets West P. 348 5644

Shop 7 / 21 Humphreys Dr. Ferrymead Ph. 376 6000 80 Metropol October 16, 2014

2E Waipapa Ave, Diamond Harbour Ph 03 329 4880


The clever design of the modern glass and timber building with its ever-changing estuary views, caters for groups of all sorts and sizes, from fine dining to casual drinks, or coffee and dessert in the sun

condiments, while the new summer menu will feature little tapas style sharing plates. The classic brunch menu is served seven days a week until 2.30pm. Mouth-watering is the best way to describe the dining options. A stunning variety of starters and mains all featuring seasonal produce is complemented by a grill menu. Fresh fish – battered with chips, grilled, or of the day – is always a winner, as are the beef and prawns. The deliciously wicked house-made desserts are famous, especially the crispy jaffa profiteroles, chocolate almond pudding, homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. Gluten Free options are available. Whether it is a quiet drink, a catch-up with friends, a special dinner, or dessert after dinner at a local ethnic restaurant, visit The Watershed. You're guaranteed a warm welcome.

Richard Uttley



Mary's mixologist

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a Pink Grapefruit Vesper…

How to make a Pink Grapefruit Vesper The Vesper was invented and named by fictional secret agent James Bond in the 1953 novel Casino Royale. "A dry martini," [Bond] said. "One. In a deep champagne goblet." "Oui, monsieur." "Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?" "Certainly, monsieur." The barman seemed pleased with the idea. A Vesper differs from Bond's usual cocktail of choice, the martini, in that it uses both gin and vodka, Kina Lillet (no longer available) instead of the usual dry vermouth and a lemon peel instead of an olive. Although there is a lot of discussion on the Vesper, it is ordered only once throughout Fleming's novels. The pink grapefruit vesper is a great twist on a celebrated cocktail.

Glassware A Martini is usually served in a Martini glass. Several types are available. Personally I prefer using Luigi Bormioli Bach Martini glasses available from Total Food Equipment, which are an elegant fluted glass.

Recipe 45ml Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka 15ml Beefeater Gin Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass, garnish with a grapefruit twist

A Pink Grapefruit Vesper

Bloody Mary’s is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary’s Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

Metropol October 16, 2014 81

DINING Shirley




Fun, friendly, warm atmosphere, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have an À la carte menu available as well as all the treats in the cabinet, great coffee and we're fully licensed

GBC is the latest addition to Shirley's Garden Hotel complex. During the day GBC offers a range of delicious gourmet food from its cabinets, as well as great coffee; then come the evening it makes a transformation into a bar with a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere that's perfect for after-work drinks or perhaps a few cocktails. Grab a friend or the team and get down to check it out!

Specials Monday

Curry of the day only 12.50

Wednesday Love a good burger? So do we! Check out our special range of burgers on a Wednesday night Sunday

Present your super gold card and receive 25% off any main menu item


Receive $20 Nobanno Voucher when you spend $100 or over* *Conditions apply

SPECIALS: Happy Hour 5pm – 7pm and Live music Every Friday night from 5.30pm

Hours: Lunch: Wed - Sat 11.30am - 2pm Dinner Open 7 nights 5pm - late

Open 7 days from 9 am til late Hours: Open 7 days a week - 7 am till late

Shop 21, Barrington Mall, 256 Barrington Street, Christchurch

At the Garden Hotel Complex 110 Marshland Road

Phone: 03 337 3720


Becks Southern Alehouse BECKENHAM

SPECTATORS 7 day Bar & Bistro Take advantage of the Lindauer Lawn this spring at Spectators! Play with the new Giant Outdoor Games for kids, young and old. Enjoy the stunning outdoor area perfect for alfresco dining or after work drinks. Indulge in the new summer menu coming late October Bring the 'minors' in for a meal during October and you'll have the chance to

WIN a $500 Westfield Riccarton Voucher! Info & T's & C's at Opening Hours: Monday – 7.30am til 4.30pm Tuesday to Friday – 7.30am til late Saturday and Sunday – 9.00am til late 65 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Raceway

82 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Fully Licenced Phone: 03 943 5970


Phone (03) 339 7915

1060 Ferry Road, Christchurch

Becks is a throughly modern bar and restaurant. Enjoy an excellent range of beers, wines, spirits, and an appealing a la carte menu Offering an extensive and affordable range of beautifully presented cuisine.



Central City

THE PURPLE WEKA Purple Weka Café & Bar is a centrally located café with its own twist on Kiwi café dining. Providing you with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy great coffee and some real Kiwi (Weka) Kai like Nana used to make. Fully licensed, Plenty of car parking. Don't be a bird brain….Get your Weka fix! facebook/ Hours: Monday to Wednesday 6am - 4pm Thursday 6am - 4pm Friday 6am-4pm Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pm

Open 7 days from 10am

155 Colombo Street, Christchurch. LICENSED

Phone: (03) 337 2233

48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258

DINING Sydenham


For Breakfast and Lunch Also available for

Dinner functions Free Venue Hire


Dine in & Takeaway Riccarton 280 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch.

Ferrymead 9 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead, Christchurch.

Lunch: Wed to Sat 11:30 to 2:30 Dinner: Mon to Sat 5pm

Dinner: Tue to Sun 5pm

Hours: Open 7 days 7.30am - 4pm

Best curry house in town!

458 Colombo Street, Sydenham Christchurch Phone: 03 366 5853

Diamond Harbour

CHALFONT CAFE & BAR Open seven days a week, Chalfont Café and Bar is just a 10-minute trip by Black Cat Ferry from Lyttelton or a stunning drive around Lyttelton Harbour. Part of the original Diamond Harbour Country Store, the licensed café offers a vast selection of cabinet food and menu options, with plenty of gluten-free options available and only free-range eggs used. All food is prepared on-site. Hours: Open Mon – Wed, 9am – 4pm, Thurs – Sun, 9am – late (separate dinner menu served Thursday-Sunday)

2 Waipapa Ave Diamond Harbour Ph. 03 329 4465


OCEAN CAFE & BAR SCARBOROUGH Ocean Cafe & Bar Scarborough is the ideal place in Christchurch to enjoy a casual dining experience, while watching the surfers, SuPs, seagulls and swimmers. Located on Sumner Esplanade, down by the Clock Tower. Owned by locals, Jules & Wal, who have visions of Ocean becoming Sumner’s most popular place to visit


147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner Ph. 03 326 7923

LICENSED Riccarton Ph. 03 3431520 Ferrymead Ph. 03 3842310


City Centre



Specialising in both Cantonese & Sichuan cuisines. First class barbeque selection. Set menu from $23 per person. Dining & takeaways. Also offering yum cha service for lunch. Functions, weddings and group bookings welcomed. Fully licensed. Free on site parking

Serving fresh, local produce with a Kiwiana flair in a modern and charming atmosphere – The Square Restaurant’s a la carte lounge offers semi formal dining in contemporary surroundings – great for business dining or entertaining family & friends. From fancy cocktails, local & international beer to an extensive wine selection – The Square Bar offers a relaxing environment with comfortable chairs, a flat screen television and fire place.

Prices: Noodles and rice dishes from $10. Roast pork and roast duck cooked daily on site. Peking duck dishes from $50 Owner operated. Lunch 11am-2:30pm Dinner 5pm-10:30pm Closed Tuesdays

At back of Caltex Petrol Station on Blenheim Rd & Java Furniture 155 Blenheim Road

SPECIALS: Rip out this ad and present to our staff to receive a 50% discount on our dinner a la carte menu. (T&Cs apply).

52 Cathedral Square, City Centre. Ph 372 2111 Hours: Mon-Sun, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and All Day Snack Menu. Licensed. Phone: (03) 372 2111 Metropol October 16, 2014 83


By Cynthia Kepple

Well-deserved The team at Mercato are pretty chuffed. The bright, busy, buzzy gourmet ingredient shop and cafe has just been announced as runner-up in the food and beverage category TopShop retail excellence awards 2014.



his year it's a regional award covering the top of the South Island and the West Coast so it's a massive achievement,” say co-owners Ngaire and Marty Baker. “Mercato has won in different categories every year we have entered. This shows we are on the right track and still on top of our game.” The awards look at the whole “in-store” experience, including staff knowledge and customer service, so the whole team has earned the award, Ngaire explains. “It means they can be proud to be part of it and it's nice for us as a small business to see them recognised.” And with yet another award under their belt, this team of passionate foodies can get on with what they do best – supplying their customers with artisan products from across New Zealand and around the world.


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm


Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

They each have expert knowledge, personally know most of the Kiwi producers and have tasted almost everything on the shelves and in the chillers. As Cup and Show Week looms, they are ready and waiting to help customers stock up their fridges and plan picnics, parties and menus for Canterbury's annual preChristmas festival. Boot parties at the races, picnics at the Show, pre or postrace celebrations, food to go with casual last minute drinks for visitors, or an escape to the country, Cantabrians will be planning menus and writing lists of must haves for tempting, impressive party food. Whether you are a foodie who knows exactly what you want (the best of course), someone who's keen to try new produce, or simply short on time, head to Mercato.

SALT BAR, CAFE & RESTAURANT Salt Bar is a full service restaurant, cafe and bar featuring exquisite Japanese cuisine as well as a European-style brunch / lunch menu. We have open indoor and outdoor dining areas, with a more secluded upstairs restaurant dining area. Located next to the Hollywood Cinema in Sumner. With our fine foods and wireless internet access, come and see the friendly staff at Salt Bar today!

CUP DAY Special Present or mention you have see this ad instore & receive “ Tastes so good, it should be a sin”

Breads of Europe Bakehouse Shop RETAIL STORE

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

Buy 1 Bread loaf


and get the 2nd loaf Half PRICE!

Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street 84 October 16, 2014 Metropol

26a Marriner Street Sumner Christchurch 8081 Phone:(03) 326 4774

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm

Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048



Retail manager Raould Ericson “We can design your party menu or help you put together your ingredients,” says Ngaire. “We can help you select cheeses, advise on what to serve with them and when to take items out of the fridge to be at their best. You can plan ahead because many ingredients can be kept for quite a while - no need for last minute trips to the supermarket. We will also advise on aamounts that you need for the number of guests, suggest different products, and offer tastings. If you want to order by phone, we can have it ready for you to pick up, or we can organise a round town

service with next day delivery, with the food in polybins with icepacks.” With all of the latest award-winning artisan products from New Zealand and quality products from the best producers in Europe, purchases from Mercato are always exciting, interesting and tasty. Take the new Pod chocolates, which are guaranteed to be a hit at any special occasion. These colourful, glistening orbs, made in Wanaka, each a hand-made, hand-painted piece of art, are almost too pretty to eat, but apparently taste as stunning as they look. From further afield are delicate, summery new vinegars from Spain – rose (perfect with strawberries), muscatel and cider - are all good enough to sip on their own and promise to add a continental zing to any dish. Add a dash of the rose to lightly seared scallops for a complete taste sensation. Also from Spain – land of the best cold cuts ever - is a new range of pre-sliced and prepackaged cured meats. A picnic of these, selected cheeses, olives, fresh breads, finished off with a cheeky Perryman's gingerbread baby and you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd been transported to Europe. With its desirable products and enthusiastic staff, a visit to this award winning store is more than a shopping trip – it's an experience. The TopShop judges obviously agreed.

Families' Favourite Xmas Functions Special Menu from 1st Nov OPEN DAILY Lunch 11am-4pm & Dinner from 4pm NORTHWOOD SUPA CENTRE 548 MAIN NORTH RD PH 323 5420

Cleans and Shines Chemico is the go-to cleaner used by many food professionals for those tough jobs. It really does clean and shine! See on-pack details or advert on page 89 to

WIN a deluxe 4 piece set of cookware.

Catering with fresh, flavoursome food. Cup Day & Show Week Staff & Client Functions Christmas Functions For further information go to Mosaic by Simo Catering Shop 3, 300 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch Ph. 338 2882 Metropol October 16, 2014 85

in your kitchen

With her new book, Donna Hay is all about giving you simple, easy and no-fuss recipes, techniques, tips and tricks to make cooking meals super easy, super delicious and super quick. The New Easy is the perfect companion for every busy cook. Available now from booksellers nationwide

Pop into Terra Viva Bake in the Holy Smoke building, 650 Ferry Road in Woolston. For a delicious treat, Supreme coffee, artisan breads and patisserie. October special coffee & a piece of cake $9.00.

Presenting our beautiful Otago Summer Fruit macaron – a white chocolate ganache infused with notes of apple, carrot, beetroot peach, apricot, yellow rose, cherries, pink rose petals and strawberries. J’aime les Macarons Ph (03) 366 9108

Terra Viva Bake Open 7-3 Tuesday - Friday, 9-3 Saturday.

Sable Cream Puff Silky custard cream covered with Sable (French cookie) dough. No artificial colour, preservatives used in any products. Available from:

For the Best Pizza in town! Backed up by a Trip Advisor Cer ficate of Excellence! We are a family business using only fresh local ingredients and don’t forget we have available a mobile func on unit. For your next pizza, make sure it’s a...

Japanz Bakery


South City, Shop 26 Christchurch Phone 03 943 4066

Find us in Restart - Cashel Mall

Beau Joie, this brand new Champagne to New Zealand has the taste and elegance fit for Kings and Queens. Make sure its the toast at your next event! Available in all good Liquor stores from October. Brought to you by Brandhouse

Artisan Chocolate Introducing our range of yummy chocolate coated nuts and beans, all made in house with 33% cocoa.

Redwood Bakery 290B Main North Road, Phone 03 352 5099 86 October 16, 2014 Metropol

From Russia with Love The wait is over.The George welcomes Executive Chef, Glen Cooper, fresh from the Belmond Grand Hotel in St Petersburg. Glen's extraordinary background at the cutting edge of international cuisine will be sure to excite the Christchurch dining scene. P: 379 4560 50 Park Terrace

Dish Magazine

Aronui Single Vineyard Nelson Pinot Gris 2014 This newly released wine is layered with peardrop, stonefruit and spices on the nose. Try it today!

Ph. 0800 864 894



Bringing the inside out In a technology-driven world, nature is playing an increasing role in our homes and we are constantly seeking out ways to bring more of the outside in. But what about the rising trend of taking the inside out?


hether your home has the minimalist look of contemporary urban spaces, the rustic warmth of a country cottage, or the plush traditional feel of the art deco era, there is an outdoor bathing area to suit. There are plenty of reasons to opt for the freestanding tub and aesthetics are definitely on top of that list. The crisp white and sculptural beauty of a contemporary tub looks striking against the natural backdrop of greenery, or the deep richness of a timber deck. Add an element of textural contrast with a striking tub in granite, marble or volcanic rock or build a stone surround around a standard built-in tub. Go plush with a clawfoot tub, a slipper tub or a French rolltop tub. If you don't have the time to trawl for an authentic vintage model, there are a wide range of stunning modern incarnations on the market. Perhaps you want to trade in typical plumbing for natural materials like bamboo and stone to create an organic shower that looks right at home in the backyard. You could get extremely clever and devise a system to heat the water by fire. There's also a wide range of metal tubs available – brass for instance - but make sure you discuss with the manufacturer how this will stand up to exterior use.

WHETHER YOUR HOME HAS THE MINIMALIST LOOK OF CONTEMPORARY URBAN SPACES, THE RUSTIC WARMTH OF A COUNTRY COTTAGE, OR THE PLUSH TRADITIONAL FEEL OF THE ART DECO ERA, THERE IS AN OUTDOOR BATHING AREA TO SUIT. Or of course, you could purchase a Jacuzzi and focus your energy into the surrounding area, creating a haven. While creating your own spa resort has many rewards, make sure you plan ahead so the reality lives up to everything you imagine.

See our

BRAND NEW SHOWROOM! 121 Wrights Road Addington Kitchens

Wardrobes Flooring Interior Doors Residential & Commercial Interiors

P. 03 348 0860

Metropol October 16, 2014 87


Fusing great design with practicality Some great sages throughout the years have espoused the concept that your thoughts dictate your physical reality. As profound as this may be, when it comes to home decorating, it's not a particularly effective tool.


hich is where educated advice really can work wonders because, let's face it, sometimes you really do just need to call in the professionals. “It's important not to get caught up in trends,” interior designer Alexandra Weston explains. “Style should be timeless and you need to develop a look where you can just add or take away small parts to change the overall look and feel of a space.” Alexandra has an astute eye for design, colour and proportions and believes these three facets should always harmonise with practicality. “I enjoy working within different areas of design, but I love working with colour and importantly, depth of colour. “Even if it's white on white, colour depth can make or break a space.” Recently having relocated to New Zealand after a number of years working in Hong Kong, Alexandra has the fresh, innovative ideas only extensive travel can form. Although Alexandra is available for residential and commercial interior decorating/styling and colour consulting, she can also assist in a wide range of interrelated fields, including fabric and surface selection, furniture and product sourcing, art sourcing and installation, event styling and design, graphic design and social

“EVEN IF IT'S WHITE ON WHITE, COLOUR DEPTH CAN MAKE OR BREAK A SPACE.” media marketing, retail display merchandising and styling for editorial, marketing and product photography. Alexandra Weston's work has been detailed in magazines throughout the world – New Zealand House and Garden, On Holiday, HK Magazine, Playtimes Hong Kong and a number of well-respected blogs, to name just a few. A strong stand out of Alexandra Weston Design is that pricing is extremely transparent. “When you engage me for a

job, you're paying for my services and getting access to my suppliers at fair prices. Nothing is inflated unnecessarily. Interior design should be an affordable service for all budgets.” To contact Alexandra Weston phone 022 646 8822 or visit Find Alexandra Weston designer+stylist on Facebook or @alexandrawestondesignerstylist on Instagram for some inspiring photos.


Make an appointment with either Kay or Anne-Maree for your

measure and quote




(Conditions apply)

To save you stress... order your new drapes now for Christmas! Tracks and blinds are also available

Phone 0800 811 811 88 October 16, 2014 Metropol

tel 022 6468822


Danish jewellery


for the modern confident woman Hanmer Springs is not simply thermal pools and beautiful scenery. There you can also find wonderful shopping experiences, especially at Majuba Gallery – a haven of surprise with simply beautiful collections of jewellery and fabulous works of art by New Zealand artists.


ajuba Gallery has been a Hanmer Springs icon for 13 years now and from its very beginning has featured exquisite collections of Danish-designed DYRBERG/KERN jewellery and watches. Yvonne Farrant, owner of Majuba Gallery says that the moment Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern met their unique chemistry and creative energy was instantly apparent. As the creative directors, design masterminds

and driving forces behind the DYRBERG/KERN brand their mission is clear: “To be a preferred choice for modern and confident women to express their style and beauty.” They are clearly succeeding as the brand is just about to celebrate its 30 year anniversary. How have they achieved this success? By offering an extensive and inventive range of iconic classics and a sultry approach to style and sophistication. DYRBERG/KERN products are created by hand and each jewellery piece goes through about 40 different processes to achieve the high quality they are renowned for. The current collection “Rites of Passage” has something for everyone from the art deco-inspired Empire collection featuring square and baguette cut crystals set in stainless steel, to the equestrianinspired Equipage collection with heavy soft chains and leather work inspired by bridles and harnesses. This collection is now available in Majuba Gallery. Besides the jewellery the gallery has its usual wide range of art works and art glass available.

For more information about upcoming exhibitions and jewellery collections visit or phone them on (03) 315 5053.

Metropol October 16, 2014 89

HOME There's something about the upcoming summer months which just screams 'paint me, and do it bold' and, although colour blocking on the catwalk was “so two years ago”, it's now the latest trend to hit the home.

Colour blocking for your home C

onventional colour wisdom has it that colours which lie opposite one another on the trusty old colour wheel are especially pleasing together. Before you go dismissing this as the colourful equivalent of an urban myth, this is one convention that scientific evidence actually backs up. It's all about the different types of cones, or photoreceptor cells in your eye which assist your colour vision. If you stare for long enough at a block of colour, those cells become fatigued and their signal to the brain becomes weaker. Then when you look back at a white wall

you will see an after image of the opposite or complementary colour. Anyway it's all very technical, but all you really need to know, is how to make it work for you. To colour block, all you need to do is take bold opposites on the colour wheel (think red and green, or blue and orange) and put them together for the widest contrast possible. No patterns allowed in this trend – just bold, bright colours. In fact, you don't even need to stick to just two colours.

European Styled Finish Even a small Kitchen can have the stunning style of a NEW European kitchen. Designed & built locally. Finished in high gloss by MF Turnbull High gloss and satin finishes available from local professionals

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HOME bookshelves or cupboards, colour block canvases or cushions and add it into rugs and bedding. In fact, why not play a little musical chairs with your dishes, mixing rather than matching the salad and dinner plates and adding a variety of colourful napkins. For a more lasting effect, get creative with a staple gun and try re-covering chair seats in different tones. If you do want to stick to the rules, make sure you contrast shades with the same levels of intensity and don't go overboard with bold colours. If you do, be sure to balance the look with neutral colours, and most importantly, have fun because somehow it all just seems to make visual sense.


Here are ve of our favourite ways to achieve this bright and playful look in your home: Ÿ Curtain or a shower

curtain Ÿ Throw pillows Ÿ Kitchen cabinets Ÿ Mix-and-match

furniture But you know what? The modern incarnation of colour blocking – a 70s rebirth of kinds – is a bit of a rule breaker and hey, when you take out the rules there's so much more fun to be had. Why not play it safe and subtle by keeping everything in the same colour family or select different hues of the same colour – mint cream, pistachio and sea green, or pale pink, French rose and amaranth.

Or be crazy and do what your mother always told you not to and pair pink with red, or black with blue. Maybe just pair citrus brights or sea colours together. Maybe you could do every single kitchen cupboard a bright new colour or mix and match your drawers. Not sure you want the whole-room commitment of colour blocking? Then go small scale. Colour block the backs of

Ÿ Wall art Ÿ Drawer or cupboard

fronts Ÿ Bookshelf backing


Registered Master Builder

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Specialist Renovation Managers from Christchurch

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The latest trends from Sydney

Designed by New Zealand artist Anna Stichbury, screen printed by hand in NZ. Available at Coco Gifts.

Selection of beautiful navy and white storage boxes. Available at French Blue

WMF Winnie the Pooh egg cup. Normally $39.50 NOW $34.50. Avaliable from the homestore. Business partners Leanne and Vicki


o longer a best-kept secret, Coco Gifts' reputation for unique and sophisticated gifts has exploded. After just two years, this French-inspired gift and homeware store has amassed over 3,500 fans in its loyalty programme and for good reason. Business partners Leanne and Vicki have recently returned from the Sydney gift fair, where they were the only representatives from Christchurch. This means you can expect loads of special items not available elsewhere. Exquisite jewellery, unique ceramic gift tags and the complete range of ArtStyle clothing by Rebecca Herring are just some of the treasures you'll find. And come 1 November, the Rutland Street store will be bursting with a spectacular selection of Christmas decorations. Be sure to join the card-less loyalty program and get a $20 voucher for every $200 spent – now that's a Christmas bonus.

Assortment of canvas artwork available now at Presence.

Solid wood chair stair, very nifty from ET ELLE. I love coming to oil painting classes at Art Metro for the company, fantastic tutor and completely losing myself in my painting. Cheryl Boon. Art Metro.

New stock from the Sydney Gift Fair arriving daily! 63 Rutland St, St Albans (opposite Rugby Park) Ph. 03 355 3336 Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm


WMF 2 in 1 Roaster 38x25.5cm

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Amazing Art Tuition & Fabulous Coffee... That’s what we do! Art Metro Art School & Cafe offers the following art courses: Abstract ; Airbrushing; Children’s classes; Drawing & Sketching; Impressionism; Oil & Acrylics; Pastels; Watercolours

Now enrolling for our last term of 2015 - adults and children’s classes 03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road HOMEWARE CERAMICS JEWELLERY EPICUREAN TREATS

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french blue

WMF Roasting Pan 40x28cm

Normally $209.00

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290 Main North Rd 4022

Gifts, Homewares & more Christchurch P. 354 Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm

9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545


The ultimate

Ball Planter, comes in 3 sizes, 900mm diameter, 600mm diameter and 400mm diameter. Order in any colour of your choice from Garden Classics.

spring cleanse


pring has arrived whether or not you are ready for it. So it really is time to get your affairs in order with the ultimate spring cleanse for house and body. With simple suggestions and great products to match, Mighty Ape is set to get you cleansed, refreshed and ready to tackle spring head on. Choose from handy organisers - the “Mighty Ape Girl of All Work Magnetic to Do List” because in order to achieve the most one must know where to begin - and portable wire baskets as well as yoga mats, candles and Good Green Stuff for a complete nutrition fix. With over 300,000 products available online and ready to ship same day or overnight across New Zealand, it's not too late to get started.

Stylish outdoor furniture now available at The Crowded House Furniture Company Ltd.

Original Artwork on Aluminium, ‘Greenkeeper’, 600mm diameter by Helm Ruifrok at Windsor Gallery.

I Love Christmas OPENING SPECIAL! ‘Tiger Pine’ better than a real one. Was $750 NOW $500.

Custom made furniture by Furniture Dimensions.

Peter Rabbit, a favourite with children and adults instore now at Baby Belle.


FURNITURE DIMENSIONS by Rob Carter bringing the world’s finest trees to you

see kai run

End of season special $30 off leather shoes

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make a real statement

The Paddington Dining Set Only $1695

Garden Classics Custom made Large Planters are ideal for trees


Picture Framing Specialists

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For the best pricing on a range of quality outdoor furniture look no further.

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The source for hard floor & wall finishes

Ornamenta Range Available from European Ceramics


remarkable brand with a reputation for excellence, European Ceramics defines the cutting edge in porcelain possibilities and natural stone surfaces. It is a designer studio for interior and exterior floor and wall fashion. New in store this month and exclusive to European Ceramics is the Italian Calacatta porcelain tile; white with marble veining. It is a purpose-made instant splashback that would also do well as a feature wall tile or bench top. But what makes this tile really special, is its size – it's huge: 1.8 metres long and 0.8 metres wide. That's the biggest by far in European Ceramics' extensive showroom. See, touch and feel the finest ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles from the best design houses around the world at European Ceramics' exquisite showroom, 250 St Asaph Street, (03) 379 6481,

Pre-order Zoku Ice Maker in October for November delivery and receive $5 discount from Pinkerbelle.

Limited Editions by Barbara Franklet more instore at Art & Frame

Enhance any room with colourful cushions from Blue Scarlet.

Make a fashion statement this Cup week with a stylish hat from The Great Hatzby.

Fantastic selection of Retro light shades available from

Gorgeous Gift Boxes From our special selection of new and exciting products in store. Beautifully gift wrapped we can arrange to send anywhere in New Zealand on your behalf

Suppliers of

STONE, PORCELAIN, CERAMICS AND MOSAIC 250 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central. Ph. 03 379 6481


Cnr Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd

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Limited Editions by Barbara Franklet



78 Buchan St Sydenham Ph. 021 1151 325 Opening Hours Tues-Sat 10-2

More instore at 130A Riccarton Rd

Ph. 348 6600 Open 6 Days

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Interior Design





Creative & Whimsical New Season Hats & Head dresses from the Great Hatzby

The Great Hat


The Ferry Antique Centre 598 Ferry Rd Woolston P. 376 4016


Representing New Zealand

Regent 600 x 900 Coffee Table was $291 NOW $247 Available at Kenneally Timber Products.

Mosaic Wall Art from TileMax.

Art Box Gallery, Paul Smith 'Darwin Was...' (37x69cms) $500.00.

Maple coffee table from $995.00 available at Ambrose Heal.

NZ Made Tui and Fantail cushion covers by Jill Main ($75 each). Available at Simply New Zealand Store, Re Start Mall.

For cleaning, repair, and valuation of handknotted rugs contact Fendalton Rugs.


ooking for something new, be it for yourself, your home, or as a gift, Simply New Zealand has a selection to fit every need. With their focus on iconic New Zealand gifts, they have plenty on offer for locals as well as visitors, from souvenirs and novelties, to fantastic jewellery, scarves and skincare. Simply New Zealand represents everything that is Aotearoa, with a wide range of locally-made products that reflect the distinctive culture and heritage of this country. This includes their luxurious New Zealand-made skincare products, a selection of food products, including Manuka honey and unique pottery and artworks designed and produced by New Zealand artists. Simply New Zealand also provide free gift wrapping and will post tax free worldwide for Christmas - just bring along the postal address. Simply New Zealand can be found at locations across the city - The Canterbury Museum Gift Shop, Rolleston Ave, phone 366 9429; Re:Start Mall, phone 365 9776; and Christchurch Airport, Wairakei Road, phone 358 7036. Open seven days. Call for hours.

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w w w. a m b r o s e h e a l f u r n i t u r e . c o . n z

Jean Pollard has moved to 11 Camrose Place, Ilam for Maximum Value.


of handknotted rugs Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 6pm or by appointment 3587943,

Maximum Variety. Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm, Saturday 10.00am-2.00pm

280 Annex Road, Middleton, Christchurch.

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Getting real about real estate Playing a vital role in the New Zealand economy, real estate is one of the few industries that affects everyone. So Metropol caught up with Total Realty Managing Director Rachael Cone to discuss the local market, what you need to know before selling and how you can save thousands by using a modern real estate company.

What's the market like in Canterbury at the moment? The market is still very good. After the election we experienced a surge in new listings. I am handling over 10 calls per day from homeowners wanting to sell. Buyer enquiry is still strong and many properties are still receiving multiple offers. What's the strongest selling type of property at the moment? We are selling properties from $200,000 to over the $1,000,000 mark. We listed a property last week for $1.2 million and had it under offer in 48 hours. So it's strong at both ends. The low-middle section $300,000$600,000 is particularly strong. What should you look for in a real estate agency? Finding a salesperson you can trust and have confidence in should be your first priority. After all, you will be working with them to sell your biggest asset. Once you have established this then you need to consider how much this agency is planning to charge you for selling your home. We have seen commissions vary as much as $20,000 and this is a huge chunk out of your net result. We believe one of our strengths is our ability to be transparent about our costs. Does a lower commission rate mean fewer benefits? Not in the slightest. All of our salespeople have come from other corporate real estate firms and have on average 10 years' experience each. All of our properties are professionally photographed and 'featured' on leading websites and real estate magazines. Having no franchise fees also

means our salespeople enjoy a good commission for the work they do. How much does a lower commission rate really save people? Based on the median house price in Canterbury, homeowners can expect to save over $12,000 when compared with standard commission rates. Does Total Realty service outside of Christchurch city? Yes! Shortly after we opened in Christchurch six years ago, we were inundated with requests

Window Film

Transform the look, functionality, comfort and energy efďŹ ciency of your windows

to service other parts of the country – from Auckland down to Dunedin. We have now established branches in Nelson, Dunedin and throughout Canterbury with a new office almost completed in Rangiora. What should we do if we are thinking of selling and want to get in contact with one of your agents? You can visit our website at Alternatively you can phone our office 03 940 9797 and we can select the best person for your location.



Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909

Solar Film

Safety and Security Film

P. 371 7500

Privacy Film

Ph. 377 7717 or 021 779111

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K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9


by Cheryl Colley

Beautiful window dressing

made easy The right window dressing can change the look of even the simplest of homes and make it beautiful and sophisticated.

customers on the right fabric for the rooms they want to dress, as well as on the type of track, rod or tie-back that will set the drapes off to perfection. “I get great pleasure from working with customers to achieve the look



extured materials and fabric coverings come in a myriad of different styles and colours giving you the opportunity to choose those that match your home’s theme. To help you make that selection there is no better place to go than Curtains Galore, now located at Unit 2/1091 Ferry Road in the Tidal View complex Owners Rosemary and Paul Bates have operated this specialist curtain and blind store for over 20 years. What they don’t know about window treatments and fabrics simply isn’t worth knowing. The large open store is an absolute kaleidoscope of fabric from all the well-known designers - and more besides. Rosemary knows her stock intimately and has the skill and product expertise to advise

making and installing as well. This makes the whole process extremely stress-free and convenient for customers as they have only one organisation to deal with. Because Paul and Rosemary are the owners of Curtains

they want. It’s extremely satisfying and I appreciate the great feedback I get on the suggestions I make.” There are blinds to choose from as well – wooden, roller, Venetian, vertical, honeycomb and sunscreens – absolutely every style and design you could think of. Piles of cushions fill the store’s shelves because Curtains Galore has these for sale too for the crowning touch to a room. So it’s clear that Curtains Galore offer a complete service – not only the choice of fabric or blinds, but the measuring, quoting,

Galore, customers can secure very competitive pricing directly from them and be assured of the very best quality as well. Paul prides himself on the accuracy of his measurements and on the perfection and care put into the final installation. “It’s such a pleasure to see the finished product in a home,” says Paul. “The transformation of a room can be truly dramatic.” Curtains Galore’s opening hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm. Phone 384 7094.

C U R TA I N S GALORE Specialists in Blinds & Curtains

Add the finishing touch & design to any interior... with our extensive range of designer fabrics Visit our store for expert advice

1091 Ferry Rd Entrance off Tidal View Phone 384 7094 Open Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm & Saturday 10am-2pm

Owners Rosemary and Paul

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Building a city’s


A reflection by design directors Marcus Stufkens and Steven Chambers on their practice’s approach to architectural design.


e have all been challenged at some stage of our lives by something that makes us stop and think – “Where to from here?” We ponder what will we do and how will we get there. The outcome normally relies on our attitude at the time and the “options” we are surrounded by. “In reflection it is attitude that seems to have the greatest influence on what we choose to do. As architects we are aware of the need to continually rise to the challenges of reinventing, rebuilding and reinvigorating the city of Christchurch’s soul. Our job is to not only reflect the past, but also to capture the future, with a sense of freedom and opportunity that expresses our heritage, culture and character in the buildings and spaces we choose to create. “Whether it be homes or commercial spaces, the attitude towards our “options” is often the challenge. Experience tells us that choice is made of two parts - desire and result. Architecture is about creating a balance between our heart’s desire and a living, breathing space that has character. Be it our home, or a commercial building, the city lives and breathes in these spaces and as architects we believe the soul of a city resides in spaces, their future and the opportunities they present.


Our work is designed to challenge the norm, explore the future and translate clients’ opportunities into reality while building on this city’s character, culture and heritage by putting some soul into spaces. Our attitude revolves around helping clients make choices that deliver a space that creates home comfort or business reward”. So, if you would like to examine options, talk with the team at Stufkens+Chambers architects. They are up to the challenge of putting some soul into the city, no matter what space you would like to call home”. Ph 03 359 4033

Are you aware of the changes to your insurance policies? • Now it is your responsibility to determine the cost of rebuilding your home • Don’t take the risk of losing money, make sure you have the correct Sum Insured Value for your home! Arrange a consulta on today • P: 0800 00 30 70 • E: •

Canterbury’s Piano Expert “The Sails” 1025 Ferry Road, Christchurch Ph. 03 3844-248 M. 021 373744 98 October 16, 2014 Metropol

Setting benchmarks


in rebuilding & renovation

In a world of ever changing values, there are still some things upon which you can rely. One of these is that Resene Construction Systems will continue to strive to produce the most innovative, performance-based coatings and facade systems that it possibly can, while maintaining environmental awareness, benchmarked against the New Zealand building code and international standards.


privately owned and operated New Zealand business established as Rockcote in New Zealand in 1987, Resene Construction Systems now incorporates the Rockcote and Plaster Systems businesses, specialising in the local design, manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of premium plaster facade systems and coating solutions. Rockcote's latest innovations to the market are their natural interior plaster finishes. The Rockcote Natural Materials range draws inspiration from nature to provide beautiful natural interior and exterior finishes that don't compromise your health or the environment. Earthen – natural clay finishes - its tactile quality and warmth add a stunning natural aesthetics that brings a sense of relaxation and ease to any space. Marakesh – Moroccan-inspired Tadelakt finish. Rockcote Marrakesh is a fine grained lime plaster that can be used on both interior and exterior. Milano – a premium Italian Venetian finishing plaster traditionally used internally providing a striking, yet subtle solid marble effect to enhance and define any interior. Resene Construction Systems also offer their well-known light and medium weight claddings, such as Integra lightweight concrete facade and Graphex insulated facade systems, which have proven their worth post quakes in allowing for

more building movement than their heavier counterparts. All are fully BRANZ appraised and weather-tight tested. Resene Construction Systems have also developed their own comprehensive “On Site Assistance” programme - a first for their sector of the building industry. It's designed to enhance the application and co-ordination of the plaster facade product range and set the benchmark for the industry, giving protection both to the reputation of their products and most importantly to their clients. The facade and interior range of systems are all supported by a 15-year

performance guarantee and a 5-year workmanship guarantee from one of the company's LBP Registered professionals. “Regardless of your home's original structure, there's a system to suit,” says Mike Olds, general manager of Resene Construction Systems. Call Resene Construction's friendly team on (03) 338 6328 to discover how they can assist you with your next project.


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remarks T

here is no doubt about it – any house with a lush welltended green lawn surrounding it looks smart. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is a natural playground for children and exudes peace and tranquility. However, lawns can be tricky. Left alone they can become ugly and unruly, patchy and discoloured. A well-kept lawn enhances space and structures; a messy lawn detracts. Whole books can be written on the subject and lawns vary according to grass types, soil type, location and climate. The following tips are generic however.

Mowing Lawns that are properly mowed are definitely healthier and more beautiful. A properly mowed lawn is thicker and has deeper roots, making it better able to resist weeds, insects and diseases.

One of the first signs of approaching summer is the hum of a distant lawnmower, or the smell of freshly cut grass. Mowing tips: Ÿ Avoid scalping. Mowing grass extremely low can damage the lawn by cutting into the crowns of the plants.

Ÿ Ensure your mower blades are sharp in order to cut cleanly. Dull blades can shred grass and cause discoloration at the tips because frayed grass blades lose moisture easily. Reel type mowers usually require sharpening only once a year, but adjust them to ensure they cut cleanly. Raise the mower height a notch or two when mowing a lawn that's recovering from drought, insect damage or disease.

fields of SPRING into the best pot deal in town!!! Find us on


Corner of Gardiners & Claridges Roads Open 7 days Ph. 359 2244 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm

HOOK, LINE & SINKER... Single Haul Cap

Trout Trucker



100 October 16, 2014 Metropol

G3 Guide Waders GORE-TEX 5 layer fabric featured throughout the legs for increased durability. Reach-through hand warmer pockets and zippered chest pocket. Flip-out Tippet TenderTM pocket Includes patented build-In retractor R


Headwaters Sling Pack Medium Lightweight pack for a full day on the water pack in all your gear & fish on the go. 2 large zippered areas, 1 with stretch mesh pockets.

$149.99 G3 Guide Boots Simms NEW River TreadTM pla orm for guide-ready wading performance, support & trac on. TPU molded heel clip for posi ve heel fit & hiking security




Ÿ Avoid cutting wet grass, which can cause brown spots because Ÿ

clippings clump together and smother your lawn. Cutting wilted grass can also cause severe damage. The best guide for mowing frequency is the growth of your grass. Plan to cut less than one-third of the grass blade in one mowing.

Fertiliser The best way to get your lawn ready for summer is to feed it in spring. It will not only look green, but it will also be stronger against diseases, patchiness, moss and weeds. Because grass doesn't flower, it needs a different type of fertiliser from other garden plants it's all about encouraging the 'leaves'. There are a variety of fertilisers available and it pays to read the packets carefully, or have a chat with your local nursery or hardware store experts. Organic lawn foods are natural products based on ingredients such as animal manures, seaweed, rock minerals and fish and these tend to slowly feed the grass over a period of several months. Synthetic granular fertilisers are chemical fertilisers which contain a mix of major and trace elements and green up grass quickly. Slow release lawn foods are granular fertilisers designed to release nutrients gradually. Whatever you choose, the important thing to understand is the N:P:K ratio and you'll find that little chemical equation on the pack. NPK is not complicated. The N is for nitrogen, which gets the leaves green and growing. The P is phosphorous that'll make the roots grow strong and deep. The K is for potassium which helps the grass resist drought and disease. You know best what your lawn is like, but it is best to choose an all-rounder (Around 11 for N, 4 for P and 8 for K).

If you like to apply different fertilisers in different seasons, use one that is higher in nitrogen in spring when the leaf growth is at its peak and one that is higher in potassium in autumn to help toughen the grass for winter.

Rooting out weeds The best weapon against weeds is a healthy lawn, but if you have problems talk with your local nursery about chemical products. You can remove lawn weeds by hand (roots and all) or by applying a selective lawn herbicide. Moss will often grow in areas that are poorly drained, so use a garden fork and aerate the soil. Then rake out and collect the moss with a wire rake. Sulphate of iron is also sold as a moss treatment.

Get ready for Spring Now! Warm & dry in winter UV protection for summer Stylish & permanent 15 months interest free 5 year warranty

Outdoor & Indoor Woven Furniture DISPLAYED AT

‘Knockdolian’ 505 Deans Rd, Darfield Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th October 11am - 4.30pm

Freephone 0800 272 446


Ph. 03 318 3636 Metropol October 16, 2014 101


Bathroom inspiration for individuality and style Whether you are designing a modern bathroom for a brand new home, creating one for an existing home, or simply updating older fittings, there is tremendous scope for injecting real individuality and style.

Contemporary and Classy Modern homes are designed to include a main bathroom as well as ensuite facilities that adjoin one or more bedrooms depending on the style and scale of the house. These are often more spacious than bathrooms in existing homes so you can be more lavish with the fittings - oval baths, twin vanities, double or wet floor showers, extra toilets, under tile heating and oodles of storage. Style and the quality of the fittings can turn a functional bathroom into a luxurious one. White porcelain is hard to beat and dominates the current ranges of baths, toilets and vanities. Surrounded by exquisite tiling, lighting, ventilation and accessories, modern bathrooms are a world away from the cold, cramped, soul-less rooms of the past.

Bathroom Renovation When planning a bathroom renovation, ensure it is practical, complies with building regulations and makes best use of the space, especially if you plan to relocate the bathroom

102 October 16, 2014 Metropol

to another part of the house. In older homes, many bathrooms were small and inconvenient, but they often had baths which can readily be replaced with a shower to save space or with a modern shower over the bath. Toilets were often located off a rear laundry, so you may want to incorporate the toilet into your new bathroom layout. In assessing costs for the renovation, include any structural work and consider replacing any old pipes or cylinders to ensure adequate water pressure to new appliances and tap ware. Shop around for special prices on bathroom fittings or rely on your plumber's trade rates. If you are on a budget, even modest fittings can be enhanced with redecorating flair.

Replacement Update Replacement or restoration of fittings is a cost-effective way of updating your bathroom. Among the impressive range of fittings, replica styles can help maintain the original character of a home while simultaneously upgrading the bathroom to modern standards. Alternatively you could source genuine vintage designs or have your original bath and tap ware resurfaced rather than replaced and look for tiles that enhance the older style of the room. Creating a beautiful bathroom may be more costly than re-decorating other rooms in the house, but the value of your property is always enhanced by a bathroom that is well-planned, up to date and simply inspirational.


Let the experts help with your bathroom renovation With the warmer spring weather now well established, renovation becomes a popular project for many homeowners. Given the situation here in Christchurch and the proliferation of home design programmes and publications giving more and more food for thought, we're likely to see a mini boom in the next few months. This may mean that finding someone who can help you put together your plan and budget for your dream renovation could be challenging.


f a new bathroom or wardrobe is your project there is expert help available however. Showerwell of Christchurch has been in business for nearly 15 years and have decades of experience in their team with the renovation of bathrooms and the remodelling of wardrobe and storage solutions. Nick Mallia, one of three generations to be working in the business, says "If there is one piece of advice we can offer any home owner looking to embark on such a project, it is 'plan and budget.” With the re-build of Christchurch gathering pace, it could be difficult to find the right builder with the availability to meet your project time frame – that is if you are in a hurry. Showerwell strongly suggest that you plan ahead 8-12 weeks using the time to create a 'mood board' of ideas. Set a clear budget and a limit for what you can afford. Typically, the ratio of building services to products is 1:1, so if you're looking to spend

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting project for any homeowner. To make the process as stress free as possible, it pays to talk to experts about the best approach, the options you have that suit your budget and the times frames involved. If you’re looking to do something special with your bathroom, then we can definitely help you.


• •

Free guide to bathroom renovations Outstanding range of products to suit your project & budget • Free Consultation service to get your project underway • Recommended builder list

$10,000 on your project, you'll have $5,000 of that set aside for products. Good advice is easy to find at Showerwell. They are firmly of the opinion that people like to deal with people. Hence their fantastic showroom and team, purpose built factory and warehouse. "Our bathroom renovation guide is very popular, as are our 'top tips' bathroom designs, showers and wardrobes and storage," says Jasmine Fraser, one of the renovation specialists at Showerwell. "And everyone has questions!” If you're renovating your bathroom, updating or adding to your wardrobes and storage or are just looking for ideas and advice, then make a point of visiting the Showerwell Showroom or drop by the website at Win a dream bathroom renovation worth $5,000 by entering Showerwell's 'My Dream Bathroom' competition. Visit and enter your photos today.

Contact us today Call 03 343 2223 7 Washbournes Road, Sockburn PO Box 7551 Christchurch

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Curtains – for some they are window insulators, for others they are window dressings, but to us all they represent one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly transform your living spaces.


ith their risky nature, pinks have traditionally been used sparingly in interior design. Not this year. The Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced as Radiant Orchid, a vibrant and luscious pink and it's making its mark on the world in a big, bold way. In 2014 designers around the world are embracing Radiant Orchid in all aspects of design and its vibrant nature represents the daring colour which is boldly bursting back into the design scene. This year's trending colours include warm grey, navy, royal blue and turquoise and bold colours as opposed to soft pastels. There's also purple with all its corresponding hues, from deep aubergine to pale lilac. In 2014, we are also beginning to see a shift from silver back to gold, copper and brass tones. Bold prints, large florals, contemporary metallics

and textured patterns have all sashayed down the runway and now they have burst into the interior scene, filling our window cavities with gusto. You can't go wrong with geometric patterns, trellis designs, large scale florals, bold colours or whimsical motifs in 2014. For some drama pair the dramatic with minimalistic, the vintage and the contemporary or handmade with high-tech. Natural linens and cottons combine with metallic elements to provide a more contemporary feel and fabrics with a natural sheen or glow are definitely popular. Pleats are getting softer and longer for a more contemporary and less formal feel. You can't beat pinch pleated drapes, which continue to be the industry standard for elegance. Overall, drapes are getting longer and wider to make windows appear larger in scale, with lush materials like velvet and silk adding to the elegance.




We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, the efciency of installation, the ability to tailor our services to suit your budget and most importantly, commit to perform within the time frames agreed between ourselves and you, the client.


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Master Builders Association (MBA) had two nominations including

“WINNER” “House of the Year Award” with Window Finishes Designed by Kiwala Interiors.


An object vs a place Cymon Allfrey

The importance of building communities is put under the spotlight as architect Cymon Allfrey ponders whether we put too much weight on building objects…


nspiring people to achieve extraordinary things through wise words from leaders in their fields, Oompher is a motivational website owned and operated by a young Christchurch man, Jake Miller. In one of his most recent video interviews he talked to renowned architect Ian Athfield. In response to one of Jake's questions, Ath commented: “We still have a problem about building objects rather than building places.” From my part it got me thinking about what this means to me: if this problem exists what does it look like, and are we experiencing it in Christchurch?

over the physical need. At the end of the day, we firmly believe all buildings should be functional and beautiful. But the bottom line is that this shouldn't come at the expense of the basics. As designers, influencing the development and structure of communities, and even cities, we need to recognise the object is secondary to place. When it is stripped back to our primary physical needs, the essence of architectural design is to craft a place for people to feel safe, warm and dry. The important buildings in most cities, the ones that are 'objects' of attraction and destination, are in most instances ones with significant spiritual or psychological purpose buildings that people are able to invest in emotionally and metaphysically. They are also

AS DESIGNERS, INFLUENCING THE DEVELOPMENT AND STRUCTURE OF COMMUNITIES, AND EVEN CITIES, WE NEED TO RECOGNISE THE OBJECT IS SECONDARY TO PLACE. The first thing to consider is object versus place. In Ath's discussion, he makes mention of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by architect Frank Gehry. The museum of modern art is one of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, and in reference to this notion is certainly an example of object over place. The success of its design resulted in bringing a renewed energy to an otherwise 'failing' city. It was designed to be an object, irrelevant to place, and was a success. However, the issue as I see it is, what do you get when you add object plus object? Dubai? An instant city in which each object is designed to stand alone, rather than interact and work in cohesion as a functional city fabric? The architectural community by nature has a tendency to value the aesthetic of the object,

buildings that are able to shine because of the functionality that exists next door. While there is no denying each building is an object, a city full of objects is a theme park, not a place. Our buildings need to be designed to enhance and respect the contextual relevance of place, while also being first and foremost for people. It requires designers to think beyond award-winning architecture and accept that it is okay that not every building is going to be an exemplar of design. It is these 'every-day' buildings, which add to the fabric of a city – they meet the needs of people in a primal way. This is not to say that function and aesthetic cannot sit hand in hand. Simply that place needs to be given more weight. Closely woven with the clean, stripped back aesthetic of modernism, our homes were once 'machines'

The Guggenheim Museum in which to live; however the influence of consumerism has seen a shift in this. Our homes are now often statements of who we are, and tangible examples of how we live a shift that has seen object become more important than place. What we need is to find the balance. The architectural community as a whole needs to be accepting that the fabric of a street is diverse, and that necessity needs to come first. Each design doesn't need to be an amazing concept. We need to accept that some buildings are just really good passes. We need to be okay about designing solid positive contributors to context. While these buildings may not be celebrated for generations to come, they are the glue between the objects and provide cohesion to the city. They form the essence of place. People come in all different shapes and sizes and to create a beautiful and functional city fabric our buildings need to be the same. Sometimes we just need to strip architecture back to the basics and be building places, not objects.

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Making the most OF YOUR SPACE Making the most of any and every space is a real art form to keep them looking crisp and streamlined while still warm and inviting. This is where Beyond Storage comes in… making space more efficient.


warranty, Kyra went with Beyond Storage for her newly built space and the results were, well, beyond expectations! “Great communication with prompt replies to queries,” she says. “Wanting to get things right for us and to fit our requirements, with prompt installation. Happy with the result.” After the earthquake, James needed to live close to his inner city restaurant and bar. “My newly built 54.2sq metre apartment needs to multifunction as my home and office, so maximum efficiency was vital in utilising space,” James explains. “Since selecting Beyond Storage to carry out the work the team has impressed with their attention to detail and sheer perseverance in helping me find the best solutions to gain superior results.” Call today to arrange a free in home, no obligation consultation. Designed to suit all requirements: 942 7132 or 027 594 2713 or visit

hen you've spent a significant amount of “When money buying or building and creating a stunning home, the last thing you want is clutter,” Managing Director Monty McKeefry explains. “And yet often wardrobes and other storage options are left until the very end of a building or renovation project. Planning early is key.” Just imagine being able to find everything when you need it; that is what a well-designed wardrobe/space should do for you. Monty and his dynamic, forward thinking team – including Sales Manager Caren Constable and Designer Nadine Banfield – are in the nature of space specialists, creating clever storage solutions from nothing... difficult spaces are something of a specialty. Christchurch-based Beyond Storage provides New Zealand-made custom built wardrobes, home offices, laundries and garages. With the comfort of an incredible 15 year

AFFORDABLE QUALITY STORAGE SOLUTIONS Imagine being able to find everything when you need it. That’s what a well designed wardrobe should do for you Wardrobe designs with a difference Free in-home no obligation quote 15 year guarantee Locally owned and operated 100% customer satisfaction Designed to suit all requirements

t 03 942 7132

Have yo 10% AC u got your C disc sorted ? ount

s back Yup! And itApril dated to

m 027 594 2713



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Getting the backyard basics The al fresco eating area is a must for any home, whether it's a city terrace courtyard, a petite balcony, a spacious deck or a barbecue area designed for a crowd. Much like our interiors, the key to making the most of your outdoor space is furniture. Wood Cedar and pine are light coloured softwoods that age to silvery grey unless painted or sealed, and last for years outdoors. Teak is one of the most durable – and priciest – choices for outdoor furniture, but also lasts for decades. Australian Jarrah is an extremely durable hardwood that will last decades, with deep, delicious reddish tones that bring warmth to outdoor seating areas. Kwila is a durable tropical hardwood which has natural colour in the wood that bleeds out over time.

Metal Metal is prized for its durability, comfort and versatility. Wrought-iron is illustrated by its elaborate curves and its heaviness makes it a great pick for windy sites. Many manufacturers include a finish that protects the iron from rust and cost depends on the intricacy of the ironwork. Aluminium cannot rust, is lightweight and is usually durable. Its light weight needs to be considered where it may be exposed to high winds. Look for a high quality powder coated finish which acts as an anti-corrosive barrier.



Wicker's woven look is available in regular and all-weather wicker. Although similar in appearance, uses and care requirements are quite different. Regular wicker is suitable for use only in covered areas outdoors. Use a vacuum, soft brush, or damp cloth for cleaning. All-weather wicker can be exposed to rain with no ill effects and cleaned with the hose every few weeks.

Resin furniture is highly resistant to rotting, rusting, fading, yellowing and cracking. With colour embedded in the moulded resin, this furniture does not require painting. Manufacturers use either a single injection or a double injection moulding process, with double injection providing greater durability.

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Colourful kitchen products REFLECT THE SPRING SEASON Spring has sprung with all its pastel shades of pinks and greens and, almost in sympathy, Kitchenaid has re-launched its stunning pink and yummy pistachio mixers. “These colours had been discontinued, but are now back,” says Sandra McLay of tfe, the specialist kitchen and cookware shop in Moorhouse Avenue. The two new funky-coloured models come with two bowls – a 4.8 litre and a 3 litre, making them really versatile. “Kitchenaid products are manufactured in America and we can guarantee the quality,” Sandra says.

Kitchenaid Mixer in pink


Kitchenaid Mixer in pistachio

ountry of manufacture is very important at tfe. “Products that are made in countries where they originate may be more expensive but we know they are top quality and will last. They are a good investment,” says Sandra. Emile Henry cookware, made in France, is one of these quality brands and tfe stocks a full selection of this famous cookware. Tarte tartin dishes in two sizes, pizza stones both round and square, ribbed grills, including one for fish, lasagne dishes and more come in classic colours as well as the new “poivre” and “grenadier red”. All these dishes can be

on ee R s As MK

Huram Juicer

used in the oven, on the stove top, under the grill, in the microwave and on the barbecue. Equally versatile is the classic South American La Chamba handmade black clay pottery. These are also suitable for oven, grill, stovetop and BBQ. Covered casseroles, tiny tapas dishes, platters and handmade pans are organic and stylish. Not only do they keep food amazingly moist during cooking, but they look good on the table too. Spring also heralds the start of the fruit and vegetable season and tfe stocks quality Korean-made Huram juicers to make the most of fresh produce and the

Emile Henry cookware

new Vitamix Professional series 500. These clever machines are perfect for creating smoothies, frozen desserts and piping hot soups at the touch of a dial. This latest model has three preprogammed settings for the most popular processes which are time-saving and easy to use, while variable speed and pulse features allow for more creativity in the kitchen. Sleek and stylish, these should be on the wish list for every kitchen. Talking about wish lists, Christmas and the wedding season are fast approaching, and tfe (which also does wedding registers) is the place to go for all kitchen and dining related gifts.

For the Best in Traditional Cookware Made in Italy the ultimate in elegant stainless cookware Total Food Equipment




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Luxury Express Delivers

Bentley Flying Spur by Ben Selby

During the 1920s there was a Bentley racing driver named Woolf Barnato. This dashing fast-living gentleman wagered he could drive his Bentley Speed Six from Cannes in the south of France to England, more quickly than Le Blue Train could get from Cannes to Calais.


eedless to say, after racing through the night, Barnato arrived at his favourite pub in London the next morning, minutes ahead of the train. If held again today, the Bentley Flying Spur would be Barnato's ride of choice. For 2014, the new Flying Spur has undergone more than your average automotive nip and tuck. This becomes obvious when you explore what lies within. Having a 6.0-litre W12 in the Flying Spur is nothing new. But the latest Flying Spur has a 4.0litre twin-turbo V8. Providing 375kW of oomph and 660Nm of torque might be less than the W12. But let's be honest - that's enough. Bentley's eight-speed box and four-wheel-drive system completes the technical ensemble. Despite weighing nearly three tonnes, you can still reach 100km/h in 4.9 seconds and achieve 295km/h flat out. Styling-wise, the new Flying Spur is a more handsome beast than its predecessor. A sharply defined front, LED headlights and chrome accents are complemented by flowing lines along the A-pillar. The rear haunches give a squatted stance, while wrap-around tail lights grab the

attention of those behind you. Slide inside and it is business as usual. The hallmark Breitling clock takes pride of place atop the centre console, accompanied by traditional lashings of wood and leather. The air vents peer at you like periscopes and every button and switch oozes quality. Quilted heated leather chairs hug you snugly and the seat massage function cannot be ignored for long. Once on the move you realise the Flying Spur V8 has speed licked. Plant boot and power comes in typical Bentley fashion as a gradual surge. The Spitfire-like V8 bellow sounds terrific across the rev band, with each up shift of the eight speed box a joy in itself. The effortless

torque never lets up, allowing you to rocket past countless slow movers with a flex of your big toe. The Flying Spur is much more at home on long sweeping turns and the motorway. While it can do the twisty stuff with ease, you get the feeling it doesn't enjoy it much. Naturally, a twin-turbo V8 is to be expected to be thirsty, but having fuel figures of 10.9l/100km is not too bad. At $335,000, the V8 Flying Spur is $30,000 less than the flagship W12 ($365,000). The Flying Spur is one of the most sublime luxury tourers available in New Zealand and, despite the odd niggle, proves to be a great package of quality, driver involvement and refinement. In other words it's everything a proper Bentley should be.

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Macan is a There have, and always will be, moments in life that just stick in your mind. You remember what you were doing and where you were when you hear news or experience something which either shocks or amazes you.


or example, when Porsche revealed their intention to enter the Luxury four-wheeldrive game with the Cayenne more than a decade ago, Porsche fans everywhere were either shocked or amazed. Others thought Porsche were “selling out” making a car which in their eyes, was not in keeping with the brand's heritage and that Porsche was making a mistake. Well, they were proved wrong. The Cayenne has been a sales gem for the Stuttgart Company and now, with cars like the Range Rover Evoke squarely in its sights, Porsche have given us a slightly smaller SUV. Called the Macan, it has arrived in New Zealand and we had a couple of days to come to terms with Porsche's new kid on the block. Three engines, made at Porsche's engine plant in Zuffenhausen, are on offer to Macan buyers turbo petrol and turbo diesel. The entry level Diesel S gets a 3.0-litre biturbo diesel V6 with

190kW and a fairly substantial 580Nm of torque. The mid-range petrol Macan S is the next step up, with 250kW from its V6 biturbo engine. So the flagship Macan Turbo gets a larger 3.6-litre V6. At 6,000rpm, the Turbo puts out 294kW, allowing for a sprint from zero to 100km/h in less than five seconds (4.8). Putting the power to all four wheels is done via Porsche's seven-speed PDK gearbox. Underneath, the Macan shares the same platform as the Audi Q5 and utilises Porsche Traction Management (PTM) to generate the most amount of traction. The Macan also features optional air suspension, a first in this market segment. Not only will the Macan get you noticed on the highways and byways, but with a drag coefficient of 0.35, it is one slippery customer. The cabin will be a familiar sight to any Porsche aficionado. A rev counter stares straight at you from the centre of the instrument cluster and the

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by Ben Selby



gear lever of the PDK box rises up like a bionic arm, begging you to select drive. A new look steering wheel, similar to that of the awesome 918 Hybrid Supercar, feels good in your hands and touching every toggle switch and button reminds you how much Porsche is a byword for quality. Moving off and it becomes obvious just how refined the diesel V6 is. The power does not let up with each change from the sevenspeed PDK box. Shifting yourself via the paddles is a satisfying and rewarding experience and at high rpm, the diesel biturbo V6 sounds raspy and alive. On the move, the dash mounted stopwatch - which is part of the optional Sport Chrono package – ticks away like, well clockwork. Select Sport and the Macan flexes its muscles, ready for the off. Launch control shaves 0.2 seconds off the regular acceleration time. Turn off traction control, select sport plus, hold brake with left foot,

build up revs, release brake and you are away laughing, quite literally. In the bends, the last thing you would expect a luxury soft roader to do is drive and handle like a sports car. Corner after corner, the four wheel drive keeps things straight and true, thanks to tonnes of grip and the tech fest working hard underneath. While the Macan is no mountain climber, it is more than happy to bound from hill to hill and the odd muddy patch, all day long. Porsche New Zealand have claimed they will sell 100 Macans by the end of the year and after spending considerable time with the Diesel variant ($118,000), it is easy to see why. What Porsche has done with the all-new Macan is create not so much a stunning sales success, but one heck of an all rounder. In terms of looks, power, willing engines, equipment and quality, there is very little on the road in this market which can come close.

Over 150 more vehicles at 2013 Mercedes Benz ML 350 CDI Bluetec Sport Pack

2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Facelift

2004 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 SE Convertible








The latest model at a considerable saving on new price!, Only 17,000kms, AMG Sports Alloys and Side Skirts, Chrome Front Grill, Part Leather Sports Seats with White Stitching, Latest 3.0 CDI Bluetec engine with 7G Paddleshift, NZ Navigation/ Bluetooth/Park Sonar/CD/Stereo/Aux, Full Electrics etc. A very smart look in Black!

2013 Jaguar F Type V6 Supercharged Now

Top spec SE Model with Full Leather and Heated Seats, Only 63,000kms, Electric Softop, 4 Seats, Factory Alloys, Remote Locking, CD/Stereo, ABS/ESP, Full Electrics etc. Grade 4.5/5 condition. Funky look in Red, affordable Summer fun here!

2006 Bentley Flying Spur W12 4WD Now


Jaguars new Generation E Type!, An Electric Softtop Supercharged Roadster which sounds fantastic!, Only 15,000kms from new, includes Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Touch Screen NZ Navigation and Bluetooth, LED Light Signature, Push Button Start, 8 Speed Quickshift gearbox, Premium Meridian Sound etc, Just read the reviews and save on new price!


Bentley's Flagship model, Over $300,000 new!, Cypress Metallic with Premuim Saddle Leather, Glass Tilt Sunroof, Seat Ventilation Front and Rear, Keyless entry with Push Button Start, 12 Speaker Digital Sound, Massage Seats, 4 Corner Air Suspension, 12 Cylinder Bi-Turbo 6 Litre, 412 KW, W12 engine etc. Style, Class and Luxury all in one!


Stunning and individual look in the hard to get Bali Blue Metallic!, NZ New 1 Owner with Full Service History, HSE Top spec with Full Leather, Heated Front and Rear Seats, Console Fridge, NZ Navigation/Bluetooth/CD/Reverse Camera/Aux, Push Button Keyless Start, Factory Towbar, Multiple Airbags, LED Lighting etc. They don't come up every day like this!

2011 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S Line Quattro 8 Speed Now


Latest 8 Speed transmission model for improved economy and performance, 21 inch Segment S Line Sports Alloys and Factory Running Boards fitted, S Line Sports Seats, Heated Seats, LED Lighting Front and Rear, Air Suspension, Audi MMI CD/Stereo/ Bluetooth/Navigation, Multiple Airbags, Electric Tailgate, 7 Seats etc. Always popular!

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By Wendy Dunlop


The Car

WHISPERER Luxury European cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are the embodiment of elegance, class and prestige.

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Mazda MX5

25 years’ a legend by Ben Selby

Everyone's favourite sports car celebrates its 25th birthday this year. The Mazda MX5 was the right car at the right time. Designed during the eighties, the fun and affordability of simple sports car ownership was back. Mazda's engineers used their design recipe known as “Jinba ittai” - Japanese for “the oneness of horse and rider.”


he rst generation MX5, the NA, was revealed at the 1989 Chicago Motor Show and sold 100,000 units worldwide during the rst year of production. Under the bonnet was a simple 1.6-litre four cylinder engine mated to a ve speed manual box with drive going to the rear. Mazda considered a rear engine MX5, but the desire for balanced handling and 50:50 weight distribution was too good to resist. Displacement grew to 1.8 litres in 1993, but the styling remained unchanged until the NB generation in 1998. Gone were the pop-up

THE FIRST GENERATION MX5, THE NA, WAS REVEALED AT THE 1989 CHICAGO MOTOR SHOW AND SOLD 100,000 UNITS WORLDWIDE DURING THE FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION. headlights and more voluptuous edges replaced the simplistic body. The MX5 went one step further in 2005 with the NC. Despite design changes to comply with global legislation Mazda was determined to stay true to what makes the MX5 really special - driving fun. The simple snicksnick gear change, direct steering, instant throttle response and beautiful balance all added up to one of the most fun ways of getting around. The all new fourth generation MX5 was revealed recently and Mazda claim the new car will hark back to the original. Two SkyActiv petrol engines, of 1.5 and 2.0 litres, will be available, along with the car being 150mm lower and weighing 200kg less than the outgoing NC. Inside, a more upmarket cabin is still MX5 to the core and the convertible roof is once again able to be operated by one hand. Expect to see the ND gracing New Zealand roads mid- 2015.

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by Ben Selby

Peugeot 3008

GALLIC CHARM FOR THE FAMILY When we set expectations, it's nice when those expectations are exceeded. The same could be said about Peugeot's sales success for the 3008. Peugeot have managed to sell 500,000 of these cars worldwide, exceeding original project targets by 50%. For 2014 the 3008 has been given an internal and external nip and tuck. So what has changed?


s far as the exterior goes, quite a bit has changed. Adopting the new 'floating grill' design seen on new models, the new 3008 is 4.365mm shorter and is quite a head turner. The Lion badge now sits above the new floating grill and swept back headlights are accompanied by a more streamlined front. Round at the back LED taillights replace conventional ones. Inside, there is not much to distinguish from the outgoing model and the same degree of hard-touch materials line the aircraft-like cockpit. A raised centre console helps access, but buttons for the air con and entertainment system require extending the arms somewhat. Prices start at $37,990 for the entry level. Active model is featured here. It comes standard with rear parking sensors. Standard too are Bluetooth connectivity, dual zone climate control and automatic headlights and wipers. Other options such as satellite navigation, reversing camera, panoramic

2006 Audi A3 Turbo FSi 2.0 Auto, Full leather ONLY $17,999

2011 BMW 1 SERIES 5 Door, 55kms ONLY $24,999


sunroof and the very convenient head-up display, are available only on the Allure model, which starts at $42,990. At the rear, a split folding rear tailgate opens to reveal 512 litres of boot space. Fold the seats down and this grows to swallow 2.6 metres of assorted collectables. Other hidey holes can be found in the passenger foot wells. Head and legroom for all passengers and driver is exceptional. Under the bonnet, you have a choice between a 1.6-litre petrol (115kW/240Nm), or

2005 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro SW Full leather, Auto tiptronic, ONLY $17,999

2006 BMW 320i MotorSport SW Sunroof, ONLY $22,999

Inch Quality European

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2.0-litre turbo diesel (120kW/340Nm) driving the front wheels via a six speed automatic box. While the diesel engine offers lots of frugal finesse, the petrol is the one to have. But as with the previous car, expect the excellent electric diesel hybrid HY4 to be whispering silently through your neighbourhood soon. Driving through neighbourhoods in the new 3008 Active is rather nice. Catching a glimpse of the new look in a shop room window is even nicer. Ride quality is on par with a baby's bottom - i.e. it's pretty smooth. Steering feel could have been improved, though this is not a car for a track day. Plenty of all round visibility works well and intrusion from the A-pillars is minimal. At motorway cruising speed, the 3008 really comes into its own. The six speed box is miles better than the slightly uninspiring four speed box used in other cars and good power delivery across the rev band is an experience well received. Plus the considerable power on tap works well for the often inevitable motorway overtake. It is easy to fall for the Gallic charm of Peugeot's big selling family run-about. Despite minor issues of quality and user friendliness, the 3008 hits back with value, comfort, space and a handsome face. All of which makes for a good reason why you should keep that sales brochure on your coffee table.

2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 V6, Full leather, 79kms ONLY $21,999

2004 BMW X3 3.0 NZ NEW Full Leather, ONLY $16,999

2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 5.5 V8 Full leather, Auto, Sunroof ONLY $29,999

2009 VW Tiguan 2.0TSi 4WD, Alloys, Cruise ONLY $24,999

541 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Devin Inch 0274 366076 Shane Symes 0211 289995 Phone 379 9529 25 Years Experience 1,2,3 YR WARRANTIES Sharon Shine 0272 709954

Essence of DS

AUTO PLUS by Ben Selby

The old Citroen DS was easily one of the most ground-breaking and beautiful cars ever produced. The revived DS brand has been a part of Citroen's current line up for a bit now. So AutoPlus decided to experience some of the DS range with the DS5 and new DS3 Cabriolet.


he DS5 is no new face on the scene, though few cars in its class have curves quite the same. A double chevron grill, sweeping chrome detailing and wide wrap around headlights leave no doubt that DS5 is a handsome piece of kit. Inside the DS3 Cabriolet everything is well laid out. Satellite navigation, air con, Bluetooth, and iPod connectivity are all standard. Due to the folding fabric soft top, boot space is compromised over the hard top DS3. Whereas the DS3 oozes chicness, the DS5's interior is like something out of flight school. Buttons to control the electric windows, sunroof, multimedia, interior lights and others are placed above and below the driver like an Airbus A320. A head up display shows the driver current speed and guidance when using

the sat nav system. Passenger entry and exit, front and rear is easy and boot space will swallow up just about anything. The DS3 is available in both DStyle and DSport spec. The DStyle gets the entry point 88kW 1.6litre petrol engine while the DSport's power is increased to 115kW. Citroen's four speed automatic is standard while DSport buyers have a six speed manual as an option. In the DS5, both petrol and diesel are on offer – either a turbocharged 115kW petrol or 120kW turbo diesel, producing both 7.3 and 6.1 litres/100km/h respectively. The DS3 Cabrio is a gem around town. It makes every city surrounding, from shopping mall car parks to suburban backstreets, a joy. Quick steering and a supple ride is very nice, plus when lowering the roof and soaking up those

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rays, things get even better. Naturally, you would expect the DS5 to be more at home during the motorway long haul and you would be right. Power delivery is strong, allowing you to exploit every bit of power whatever the revs. Having sampled both the DS5 and DS3 Cabriolet, is the Citroen DS range worth considering over their rivals? If you thrive in an environment of style and that famous quirky brilliance, then definitely yes.

Time to update... because you deserve it!

P: (03) 3433-643 E: F: (03) 3433-610 W: 183 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch Metropol October 16, 2014 115

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