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hile not wanting to set too dystopian a tone, if something devastating did happen to the human race what species do you think would take over? Maybe Earth would become a planet of the apes. Perhaps Angela Bennett, Editor cockroaches would thrive. Maybe rats would rule... These are all quite chilling scenarios to let your imagination ponder on, but relax a little because I think a more gentler Kiwi life form could be the one that steps up and seizes its rightful place. I’ve come to this conclusion after watching a video clip about a Fiordland Kea that was caught red-handed using sticks to set off stoat traps – not for food, or shelter – apparently just for something to do and a satisfying big bang. As reported in the Sunday Star Times, the crafty kea caught on camera (one of a team who had already destroyed four surveillance cameras), spent two hours meddling with the trap. He collected sticks, whittling them to make them the right size and then tested the trap repetitively. At one point he appeared to get pretty damn frustrated with the whole game and threw down one failed stick in an exasperated way. However he soon got back on task until he got the right sized stick, the correct angle and ‘bang’ off went the trap, making him jump in an adrenalin-fuelled, excited way – much like I imagine Paul Henry would. Keas have long been known for their intelligence and cheekiness. If keas were pre-schoolers they would be the ones pinching other kids’ treats when they weren’t looking; they’d be the ones causing havoc with the paint trays and then tearing off on trikes with a grin and a ‘devil may care’ look over their shoulders. It’s said that kea have developed their social skills and incredibly inquisitive natures in order to survive the harsh alpine environment they live in – their powers of curiosity have helped them discover new food sources. It has also led them to congregate around novel objects of interest, crowding around and jostling to get a better view. Mix their incorrigible tendency to snoop, their disregard for consequences and their incredibly strong beaks and you are left with many stripped down cars and ruined outdoor equipment. You’ve got to love them for their playfulness and drive though, and so we should – not only because they’re a protected species, but because imagining a world takeover by a species that knows how to have fun for fun’s sake and who aren’t afraid of a little mischief and play, sounds like a world that we humans would enjoy as well.

Think about it… “We all want to be a little glamorous, a little playful and a little mischievous at times.” - Jason Wu

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 3


Angela Bennett spends

five minutes with Martin “Benji” Benjamin H

e's world famous in Christchurch – he is known as the Jeanius or the Jeans' Whisperer and when you shop in his store, Encompass at The Tannery, his amazing service is said to be the 'Benji Treatment'. If you love jeans this introduction will no doubt change your wardrobe for good! Benji has the uncanny knack of tting girls (and guys) into jeans that make them look better than they thought possible. I had to nd out a little more about this talented businessman and how he has honed his magic fashion-tting technique…

What inspired you to open your own store and why in The Tannery? I always wanted to work for myself I just wasn't sure in what capacity. When I started in fashion retail I found something I really liked and was good at. I decided to open my own store to get ahead and to continue to follow my passion and provide my unique style of service to the NZ public. Christchurch people have been good to me and they have followed me; coming back from Nelson and places if they have shifted away, and they've followed me to The Tannery. I fell in love with The Tannery straight away – it's an atrium with all independent stores – it's really cool and appeals to me. Although it is 'steady' now in a year or so it will be really busy and a proper destination.

You are from London – when did you come to Christchurch and how do you enjoy living down under?

When did you realise you were a natural 'Jeanius'?

I came here with my partner in early 2006. She is Christchurch born and bred and we met in London when she was on her OE. I like it here, people are slightly more friendly – there're not so many people here so they have more time to take in life and stop to say hello. The outdoors is nice here – there's more open space to enjoy and now that I'm older I prefer it that way.

From a young age I appreciated body shape. With a Caribbean background I grew up with women with hourglass gures – similar to NZ women. Fitting clothing is just something I can do. Working in fashion retail and having 7 people in 7 tting rooms and wanting to nd the right pair of jeans for them quickly helped me. I know my product really well and follow my gut instinct on what is going to suit which body shape. It's the same for all garments.

Why is it that so many of us girls nd it difcult to nd 'that' pair of jeans?

How long have you been in the retail fashion industry? Ten years.

I think sales people have to listen rst, then know their stock and provide just what the customer is looking for. Sometimes this doesn't happen – the shopper has a bad experience and they end up trying on 20 pairs of jeans Continued and not buying on next page anything.

Mike Pero Real Estate - Cashmere 0508 MIKE PERO - Hills and surrounds 4 August, 21 2014 Metropol

Fabrication is very important to me. Percentage of cotton, elastane; the quality, how they will wear over time;


Continued from previous page

What fashion mistakes do you see jeans-wearers make? Buying a jean because it's cool and everyone is wearing it. The t has to be right and all fabrics and cuts are different.

How do you chose your jeans' labels – what do you look for? Construction is very important to me. Percentage of cotton, elastane; the quality, how they will wear over time; then the style depending on the age range and cut.

Who is your target market?

What other garments do you stock? Men's shirts, chinos, t-shirts for girls and guys, dresses, cardigans, jackets, crop tops, dresses… Which are your top three selling labels? For women: Nobody, Nudie, and LTB a Turkish denim label.

It's really broad from teenagers upwards. I had a 75 year old man and his wife in the other day.

On a more personal note – what music are you loving at present?

Do guys appreciate your skills as much as girls? What feedback have you had from the blokes?

Reggae – at the moment I'm listening to Sizzla Kalonji.

They like to talk about the fabric, but most Kiwi guys don't want to be in the shop too long. If they try on a pair of jeans and they t well and they like them they are happy. And they do come back when they need more.

Which is your favourite pair of jeans? Right now I really like Nudie jeans because of their organic cotton and elastane and the cut. Thin Finn in colour Back to Black – a coated denim is my fave for guys.

If you could go back and tell your teenage self something what would it be? Not to muck about. Work hard early on to achieve your goals before it's too late.

Probably it was when I was working late for someone else and didn't feel appreciated.

Which is your favourite café, bar or restaurant in Canterbury? My friend Hamish's joint Black Betty and second on the list is his other café Switch – amazing coffee!

What would you like to see in the 'new' Christchurch? More opportunities for younger people to get into business and follow their dreams. More stores. I guess that comes down to more people – the hardworking type!

What are you like at parties?

What is your proudest achievement? Being a father rst, then being a businessman – running my own little ship…

Sober. I don't go out so much but when I do I party hard. I'm the last man standing. I love having fun and you don't need to have booze in you to party and have a good time – it's been proven by me!

What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind, “I shouldn't be doing this”?

Growing and improving, remaining humble and working hard.

What is next on your wish list?

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6 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Defective iPhone 5 batteries


helly Palmer reports: Recently, Apple opened up an iPhone 5 battery replacement programme after discovering that a “very small percentage” of units “may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.” The iPhone 5 was originally launched in September 2012, and Apple says that the affected units were sold between that month and January 2013. Apple’s support website includes a tool to check if your serial number belongs to a faulty iPhone 5. The replacement programme is available at Apple Retail Stores, Authorised Apple Service Providers, and via AppleCare. Read the full story at 9 to 5 Mac.

Sorry for pop-up Ads


helley Palmer reports: The man who created pop-up ads is very sorry for doing that. Ethan Zuckerman, who leads the Centre for Civic Media at MIT, says he didn’t realise what he was bringing into the world when he wrote the code for the rst pop-up ad more than 20 years ago. He tells the story of how it happened in an exquisite essay about how the ad-based business model came to dominate the Internet—and why it really shouldn’t. “At the end of the day, the business model that got us funded was advertising. The model that got us acquired was analysing users’ personal homepages so we could better target ads to them. Along the way, we ended up creating one of the most hated tools in the advertiser’s toolkit: the pop-up ad.” Read the full story at The Atlantic, and Zuckerman’s essay at The Atlantic.


Cheers to Central Otago winery


here’s nothing like a glass of wine to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, and recently we said ‘cheers’ to Central Otago winery Akarua who were acknowledged at the Spiegelau International Wine Awards held at Auckland’s Northern Club. Their Akarua Rosé Brut NV won: Gold Medal + The Gow Langsford Gallery Trophy for Champion Sparkling Wine and their Akarua Pinot Noir 2012 won the Gold Medal. In the last two years they have picked up two other trophies for the Rosé Brut winning the Decanter Asia Wine Awards Regional Trophy 2012 and the Bragato Sparkling Wine Trophy 2013. Akarua Rosé Brut NV RRP: $35.90

Healthy water


italZing’s new range of supercharged waters give you combinations of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – but with none of the sugar, articial sweeteners, or preservatives you’re used to. By using a unique BlastMax™ Cap to store the active ingredients in powder form, VitalZing keeps the nutrients fresh. When you’re ready to drink, just blast the powder into the natural New Zealand spring water base, shake to combine – then enjoy! These VitalZing supercharged waters were developed by nutritionists to be healthy, effective and free from any undesirable ingredients. There are unique VitalZing waters for beauty, health, vitality and performance.

International Natural Certification


inden Leaves are excited about their new NATRUE Certication, ofcially making them an international leader in the natural skincare product market, and helping consumers to make informed choices about the ingredients of the products they are putting on their skin. Natrue is an international natural and organic certication body who have one objective - to strengthen the consumer’s trust in Natural Cosmetics. They have a strict criterion to ensure that all certied products adhere to it. The application process takes up to a year as they thoroughly test products for pesticide residues, endochrine disruption chemicals, hydrolates, fragrance allergens and of course are stringently against animal testing.

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 7


A new, enjoyable phase of life


he team at Russley Village sees retirees as beginning a new phase of their lives; they cater for their needs as well as help them continue to enjoy all the things they relished earlier in life. Why stop? Life is too short!

Call in to the Pavilion, where you can view a 3D model which portrays the next stage of development – the Rolleston and Bealey apartments, along with the “Russley Homestead”, a grand community centre which is a place where residents and guests can relax and enjoy a variety of activities as well as sample a gourmet dining experience. Construction is well under way on the next stage of the magnicent Rolleston Apartments – a three storey building with underground parking, and scheduled for completion at the end of March 2015. These apartments will deliver tastefully

designed two and one bedroom units. Many have already been secured. You are encouraged to get in soon and obtain a private viewing of the village and the show unit. . There are a number of advantages to apartment living at the Russley Village, and they are worth considering: Ÿ For many, after working for decades, it is important to be able to enjoy a relaxed and secure lifestyle near a closely knit community where there is a feeling of belonging. Ÿ Life is easier. You can still enjoy the pleasures of gardening, without any of those old backbreaking chores. Ÿ Coming and going as you please. This is important. You may wish to take off to visit family, or even take a two month winter holiday overseas. You don’t need to worry about security, or your lawns! Ÿ Future proong. Apartment living allows you several levels of service. Property maintenance and emergency medical services are available for all residents. Some choose to add personal services such as home cleaning and specialist nursing. And of course these services can always be altered or upgraded. Ÿ Happiness. This is critical to lifestyle – the ability to make new friendships and to nurture existing ones. Ÿ Lots of things to do. The interim community centre offers an array of activities and facilities such as pétanque, bowls, bridge, Tai Chi, movie nights, interest classes, gym, dinner events, arranged tours, shows and much more. The Russley Homestead will offer top class amenities – Wellness centre with hair salon, café, full restaurant facilities, bar, library, billiards

and cinema. A heated swimming pool will be housed in the Sefton Apartment block. There is even a Mercedes shuttle for those who choose not to drive. Ÿ Village life as offered by The Russley is a rare and treasured commodity. For enquiries contact Nola Lamb on phone (03) 982 8280

This month at The Russley... It has been an extremely busy time at the village with new residents moving into the Murchson apartments. The next complex the Rolleston apartments now under construction has attracted a lot of interest with a number of units already secured. The gardens are showing signs of Spring and looking great. We invite you to take a stroll around the village and see for yourself why The Russley is proving to be a desirable location. Contact: Nola Lamb on 03 982 8280

8 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol


' new home Huffers Ballantynes recently celebrated the launch of Huffer's first branded home within the South Island. The New Zealand clothing brand is now nestled comfortably in Ballantynes' Contemporary Lounge.

Michelle Anderson (Ballantynes), Maria O'Halloran (Ballantynes CEO), Liz Mills

Steve Dunstan (Director of Huffer), Valerie and John Dunstan

Cam Lamb (Huffer Sales Manager), Megan McKee

Taylor Beauchamp, Liam Perrell, Lydia Bishop

Sam and Cara Calvin

Kate Berry, Stephen Lellman, Pia Osnowski

Ant Boyler, Matt Boyler, Joe Olsen, Pete Olson

Tiggy, Ainsley, Nic

Laura Jeffrey, Jessica Win

Michelle Blakely, Charlotte Parker, Katrina Riddle

Martin McDonald, Sarah Moore

293 Cranford St. St. Albans Christchurch Ph.03 3667137

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Domestic Goddesses

Merivale fashion show


xpect to be tempted at the annual Merivale Mall Fashion Show. This year the show is on Thursday 23 October at 7pm. Tickets are on sale from 15 September and there are two options to choose from: Front Row tickets $45 each and General Admission tickets $30 each. Make sure you get in quick as there are only a limited number available. Daffodil House and the Cancer Society is the charity for this year’s event - a part of the local community. The theme is "Springtime in the Avenues” and guests will enjoy an evening of fabulous fashion, goody bags, live entertainment and a chance to win some great prizes. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase your favourite items from the catwalk as there will be some post-show shopping! For more information go to

ebound Dance Company returns to the Body Festival 2014 with an evening of dance, food, wine and fun. Following on from two sell-out Table 12 cabaret seasons, the talented and vibrant Rebound dancers dish up an innovative programme of contemporary, fun lled dance numbers set within a 1950s radio show. Journey back in time while the pinnyclad Domestic Goddesses give helpful hints to the happy homemaker. But is everything as rosy as it appears on the surface? What happens when hubby leaves for the ofce or when the pinnies come off? Perfectly set in the Friendly Society Lodge at Ferrymead Historic Park and complete with a tram-ride to the venue, the company of ten dancers will entertain you with a refreshing


and quirky mix of dance genres featuring choreography by Andrew Shepherd, Fleur de Thier, Sarah Franks, Sean James, Candice Egan, Tracy Scott, Karen Lewis and Sheryl Robinson. September 19, 20, 21 at 7pm. Bookings at:

Roger Hall is back at The Court


oger Hall, New Zealand’s most loved playwright returns to The Court Theatre, this time with British musical heavyweight Peter Skellern (You’re a Lady, Love is the Sweetest Thing) to take you on a light hearted journey through the joys and horrors of Grandparenthood, with all its painful pleasures in You Can Always Hand Them Back… Maurice and Cath’s kids have left home, the nest is nally empty, a life of gin, golf and overseas holidays awaits. That is until the grandchildren arrive. Can there be a greater joy? But being grandparents also means being free baby-sitters. Then it’s dirty nappies, driving the kids to school and chasing a slippery tot around the bath. Hall's script is beautiful balanced with Skellern's witty and tuneful songs.

You Can Always Hand Them Back is a vintage Hall, with his usual gift of providing instantly recognisable situations grandparents and parents will nd lots to laugh at. “Wonderfully moving — a gem of an evening for anyone with a family and a heart” - Daily Mail (UK). Cast: Grandma (Kath) - Lynda Milligan, Grandpa (Maurice) - Steven Ray, Pianist - Jason Te Mete. Crew: Director - Daniel Pengelly, Musical Director / Choreographer - Jason Te Mete, Set Design Harold Moot, Costume Design - Robyn Martin, Lighting Design - Giles Tanner, Sound Design Sean Hawkins, Properties - Anneke Bester, Stage Manager - Cally Castell/Jo Bunce, Operator Sean Hawkins, Costume Manager - Sarah Douglas, Workshop Manager - Nigel Kerr, Production Manager - Mandy Perry.

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 11

By Hans Petrovic

Juxtaposition of Portrait photographer Juliette Capaldi loves her job. She's been taking photos since the age of 12 and this dedication is certainly evident in her work now.


Mana Silver with distinction


n her rst entry into the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers Iris Awards, she recently won ve – three silvers, one with distinction, and two bronzes. Three were for classic portraits, comprised purely of top-quality photography, with no subsequent editing; one for a creative portrait, involving some editing; and another for documentary work, which can be a kind of photo journalism. “The images that won awards are all similar to the style I create for my clients here in Christchurch, and one of the silvers is of my 4½year-old son, Nick,” says Juliette. “There is a panel of ve experienced photographers that judge each image, and if their scores are close, there is no discussion. When the range of scores is wide, the judges have a chance to discuss what they liked or did not like about the image, and this one had a range of 71 to 92 at the beginning.” Some of the things they talked about were:



12 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Juliette Capaldi


0800 664 083

life through the lens Love Bronze award

Ÿ Boundaries being broken by the unusual

crop, which was seen as both positive and negative Ÿ The open space on the left lending space for the eyes to go Ÿ It's a look of a boy going places – a strong gaze and looking into the future Ÿ The low camera angle, which was seen as both positive and negative, because it could enhance the look of power but could be unattering The photo looked like someone pulling the boy one way, but he says, “No, I am standing here. I am right here, right now and this is me.” “The nal score was 87, which is a silver with distinction. I really enjoyed having the image

Tough remembering - Silver

Bruce Bronze award discussed and how the judgers took into consideration other views before rescoring,” Due to health reasons, says Juliette. Mr Mathieson had just The set of four photos of a 99-year-old man missed out going to Cassino, (only a few weeks short of 100), Ian Mathieson, in Italy, last May for the 70th of Picton, won the silver for a documentary anniversary commemorations work. of the Battle of Cassino during World War II.“I took the images and submitted them to the Legato Exhibition taking place in Cassino during the commemorations, and it was great to think that Ian was there in image, if not in person,” says Juliette. “The other winning images included one of a nine-dayold baby held by his mother. Your children love to look at photographs of themselves when they were younger, and they love even more to look at photographs of themselves with their parents.” To see more of Juliette's work, check her website,, and you can contact her by phone 027 257 4023 or email

Call Jenny today and join her for a tour of the various living options Park Lane has to offer. Phone (03) 338 4495

Jenny’s got years of experience, looking after people with Jenny Dempsey Owner/Manager

and offers wealth of knownledge in Aged Care


LUXURIOUS VILLAS SELLING NOW! Enquire today! Park Lane has modern facilities throughout but it still relies on classic values and a real sense of community for its day-to-day comforts. They know what’s important. Metropol Sept, 4 2014 13


12,500 New housholds to the metropol magazine We hope you enjoy metropol every fortnight You bring our circulation up to...



Rocking Christchurch,

IN A GOOD WAY Right on the heels of their new album release on August 8, Kiwi rockers Shihad are set to make New Zealand music history with a broadcast event of epic proportions.

N 2 b ow A ed va ro ila om ble vil la

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now a 2 bedroom, beautiful architecturally designed Villa, with all exterior grounds and maintenance done for you. View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.


resented by SKY Arena, the iconic Kiwi band will rock Christchurch in a good way when they perform an exclusive one-off show Shihad Live at Horncastle Arena on Friday 12 September. Cantabrians won’t be the only ones in on the action however. In a rst for New Zealand, fans around the country will also be able to tune in live via SKY Arena pay-per-view. Who is Shihad? It is a New Zealand alternative band based in Melbourne. During Shihad’s recording career, they have produced four number-one and three topten in their home country. Following the September 11 tragedy the band was known as Pacier for a brief period of time before reverting to Shihad. At the release time of their seventh studio album, Shihad were ranked equal rst – alongside Dave Dobbyn

To contribute to the Christchurch rebuild, the band say it will be donating its share of pay-per-view proceeds to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

– for most Top 40 New Zealand chart singles for a NZ artist with a total of 19. Of these singles, “Home Again”, “Pacier” and “Bitter” are listed at numbers 30, 60 and 83, respectively, in the Nature’s Best compilation, an ofcial collection of New Zealand’s top 100 songs. With Shihad’s new album FVEY out on August 8, and no other shows or tour dates announced as yet, fans won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to see New Zealand’s greatest rock band make music history. To contribute to the Christchurch rebuild, the band say it will be donating its share of pay-per-view proceeds to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Shihad singer Jon Toogood said they would open the show by playing FVEY in its entirety, an album he described as “blistering”, “intense” and their best work for 15 years, which had its genesis in his father’s death and the band’s observations of inequality. “There has never been a time in our career when we have been so in love with an album from start to nish that we would ever attempt to play a brand-new album (in full on stage)." The work is partly inspired by how hardworking the nurses who cared for Toogood's ailing father were and how poorly they were paid. The result is “big and heavy and it needed to be because the world is a pretty heavy place at the moment”.

Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch Metropol Sept, 4 2014 15


World-first: wine & sound bar opens in city We like to do things that little bit differently in this little corner of the South Pacic. Yes, we’re a clever little country. And we’ve cemented that status with what’s believed to be the rst “oenosthetic” bar in the world.


Photography: Marine Aubert

Come and enjoy the NEW look bar with a great selection of craft beers & wines. Relax and enjoy the outdoor dining area and check out the NEWEST bar in town!

nlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before, The Auricle is a sonic arts gallery and wine bar set up by the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists. Sharing a space with Rekindle in the striking historic connes of New Regent Street, Auricle is a place for sonic artists to share their work and explore the different avenues that music has to offer. And, although that salient point alone makes The Auricle new and unique, every month its wine list is curated to complement the current exhibition, with wines matched to the sonic works playing in the space. The idea behind the exhibition is to show people how the avour of the wine they are drinking can be altered in accordance to the music they are listening to.

Full colour 1/4 head foils, style WINTER SPECIAL cut & basin treatment from $149.00

Open for Lunch & Dinner Casual Drinks Private/Corporate Functions WeddingVenue Hire (Formerly Tiffanys)

95 Oxford Terrace Ph 379 1350

388 Riccarton Rd Shop 4 Peerswick Mall Upper Riccarton Christchurch Ph. 03 0348 2782 16 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Opening hours Monday.......9am-5pm Tuesday........9am-5pm Wednesday...9am-5pm Thursday........9am-8pm Friday............9am-8pm Saturday........9am-5pm

OUT & ABOUT every month its wine list is curated to complement the current exhibition, with wines matched to the sonic works playing in the space.

“There are strong synergies between sound and taste, with recent scientic studies conrming that what you listen to when you taste something - such as a glass of wine - has a profound effect on the perception of what you’re tasting,” explains Jo Burzynska, a wine writer, sound artist and Vice President of the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA), the group that established The Auricle. “At The Auricle’s bar, the wines are specically selected to match the music in the venue in order to enhance the appreciation of both,” says Jo, who draws on both her own studies and scientic research in the area when choosing the wines on its list. “While wine and music matching events are gaining popularity around the world, as far as we’re aware this is the rst bar entirely devoted to this concept.” The Auricle bar burst onto the Christchurch music scene in early August, coinciding with the opening of its August exhibition, No Mean City by prominent local artist and CSSA President, Bruce Russell. “It has been really well received,” Jo says.

what you listen to when you taste something such as a glass of wine - has a profound effect on the perception of what you’re tasting.

“People are really engaging with the concept. You can be as active or as passive as you choose. Some people have been taking their wines through the gallery for the entire duration to get the full experience,” she says. Open during gallery hours and evenings Thursday to Saturday, The Auricle is an artist-run venue established by the CSSA, a group of local practitioners working in the area of music and sound. A charitable non-prot organisation, all

proceeds from the bar will be reinvested into the running of the space and its gallery. The Auricle’s exhibitions will be monthly and a regular performance programme features local, national and international sonic artists, as well as regular sonic arts workshops and artist seminars. Visit The Auricle and the Rekindle shop at 35 New Regent Street, open 10am to 6pm, 6 days per week, closed on Mondays.

Cindy-Lee Sinclair When you list with me you'll be at the top of my list

Giving a motivated, energetic and dedicated approach to real estate! Cindy-Lee’s existing clients can attest to her friendly disposition and passion for the industry. They desribe her as loyal, proactive, professional and detail oriented, and she is known to follow through on her promises.

Contact Cindy-Lee today: 175 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch P: 03 355 6677 M: 0274 888 616 E: Metropol Sept, 4 2014 17


A successful shave Caroline Harr recently joined forces with Merivale salon Sutherland Todd, shaving her hair to raise funds for Cancer Society Kidney Kids NZ. While Caroline's winter might be a little colder than usual, she's warmed the hearts of many after 'Shave The Haar for a Cure' raised more than $12,000. Ash Sutherland-Todd, Jayne Morgan

Caroline Haar

Kyle Sutherland, Janine Campbell

Maddie Collins, Shar Sutherland-Todd, Caroline Haar

Krissteen Smith, Tania Webb, Anne-Marie Russel

Hilary Kingston, Suzanne Baldwin

Meagan McIver, Leah Reuben, Jo Wolff, Tiffany Moore

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

THINK PINK! Dynamic results For a Job Well Done. Trusted, Personalised Service in Real Estate & Property Management Call today... Pauline or Juline 027 232 7561

Pauline Juline

Ph: 352 8539 Grassam Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent (REAA2008) MREINZ


Now a Branch OfďŹ ce of



Trusts 245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144 18 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol



it up


ithout meaning to gallop through the year too fast, it’s hard not to get excited as the days lengthen and the daffodils put their bonnets on – there’s denitely the promise of spring just around the corner. To inspire and focus your team in this second part of the year, take your meetings off-site to the beautiful garden surroundings of Newbery Lodge Function Centre in Opawa. After a busy winter behind the scenes, Newbery Lodge is spring-ready with a new heating/cooling system in the Gardens Lounge (ambient temperature all day, all year), new plantings around the patio (perfect for lunch breakout sessions) and a freshly seeded lawn (for postmeeting cocktails). Day meeting packages normally start from $59 per person, including arrival tea and coffee, morning and afternoon tea and lunch (for 30 attendees or more). However, a spring into summer special rate is available offering an additional 20% off this price. Venue manager Sharon Pierce notes this presents very real value compared with other venues, with the added bonus of ample free, on-site parking and superb food and beverage service from event catering maestros, Continental. Sharon says the time is also here for planning celebrations in the warmer months. “Work achievements, the end of the year, surviving another rebuild winter, or just summer – now’s the time to look ahead and book.”

Lodge style Newbery Lodge has three dining or meeting spaces: Ÿ The Ivy Suite on the rst oor seats up to 110 people (dining) or 100 (theatre), and has a large balcony overlooking the garden Ÿ The ground oor Gardens Lounge has French doors opening out to the patio and lawn, presenting a perfect combination for pre-dinner drinks then dinner, or for smaller meetings of up to 40 Ÿ The more intimate Grange Room is ideal for a dining party of 16 or as a boardroom.

The original homestead in this location was built in the 1850s, brought by ship from England with some of the rst Canterbury settlers. Having fallen into disrepair, it was replaced by the existing gracious, double-storied house in the 1930s (incorporating some of the original ttings), and has been a function centre since the 1970s.

The original homestead was built in the 1850s; brought by ship from England, it was replaced by the existing gracious, double-storied house in the 1930s and has been a function centre since the 1970s.

“Our location is appealing to business clients because of the unusual combination it presents – a peaceful and attractive venue with all the amenities and close to the central city. Plus, being an historical home adds a whole different element – it’s really, very special.” Consider Newbery Lodge for your next business event or group celebration –15 Newbery Street, Opawa, phone 332 2503 or email

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L'Exhibition of the year Miles Continental recently held L'Exhibition 2014 – the premier annual sales event that showcased automotive masterpieces from Lexus, and exclusive insights from Lexus Ambassador Karen Walker, including an introduction to her new sunglass range.

Ben Wood (Lexus Christchurch), Jill Altments, Andrew Lagzdins

Kate Humphrey (Lexus NZ), David Eder, Nola Eder

Agnes White, Graham White

Bev Wilson, Rob Wilson, Coby Duggan (Lexus NZ)

Phil Crisp, Caitlyn Crisp, Karen Crisp, Graham Sydney

20 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Ian Gillespie (Lexus Christchurch Sales Manager)

Patrick Breen, Richard Ineson, Nola Eder, David Eder, Elizabeth Ineson

Stewart Rankin, Serena McNaught


By Wendy Dunlop

Redefining Real Estate


hesitancy and decisiveness, so helping clients on the journey by nding the right solutions at the right pace for them involves “guidance without pressure” says Julia. It’s also important to understand different personalities when one person wants detail and information and another wants empathy. Julia has no shortage of energy when it comes to meeting the needs of her clients, whether it is helping prepare the home for sale,

hen Julia AshmoreSmith joined Bayleys Real Estate, she brought a diverse background of business, education and life skills to the role which has helped to redene her real estate perspectives. Based on knowledge, relationships and energy, Julia’s holistic approach is her point of difference when it comes to choosing an agent. Her career path as a teacher, business owner, property developer and business consultant has required a range of skills which are eminently transferable to the demands of real estate. Similarly a Master’s degree in Organisational Development and Change Management and experience as an Executive Coach have developed problem solving, creative thinking and decision making abilities and unique empathy for people going through life changing events. “Real estate represents more than a nancial transaction, it has huge impact on people’s lives and involves a range of human dynamics that is quite complex,” says Julia.

“Real estate represents more than a nancial transaction, it has huge impact on people’s lives and involves a range of human dynamics that is quite complex”

Post earthquake stress has often left people with uncertainty and gaps in their understanding about the property market, which means they need to rely on a real estate agent’s knowledge and integrity more than ever. Vendors and buyers can display a mixture of

or even organising care of their pets while they move! Her personality ensures she sets high standards, both personally and professionally, but most of all she genuinely cares about her clients and believes that their experiences add positive value to her own life.

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A bedazzling night with CSO The Christchurch Gondola dressed up for the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Chair function hosted in July by Continental Caterers. Hundreds of metres of fairylights hung from the ceiling and walls, their warm glow complementing the striking view of our beautiful city. Graeme & Victoria Woodley, Richard Francis, Elizabeth & Richard Ineson, Janet Francis

Peter Barton, Patsy & Keith Wardell

Victoria Woodley, Janet Francis

Jo Malcolm, Roger Sutton

Gretchen La Roche, Mandy Nelson, Felicity Price, Vicki Blyth

Roberta Lewis, Jean Hyam, Beverley Cocks

Lady Adrienne Stewart, Annie Lee, Barbara Stewart


Spring into action! Call Debra Hakaraia 0275 620 420 Thank you for your ongoing support! Richard Ineson, Christopher Smith

Coral Mazlin-Hill, Shane Symes

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

At Staples Rodway we are a team. Justin Robinson, Stacey Davis, Matt Shallcrass

Carol Cadigan, David Hadfield

It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about relationships. Meet our managers who are a vital part of our team and your team 22 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Mike McDrury, Judi Gosney, Andrew McLaughlin 314 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 Phone:03-343 0599


Spring Equinox


Christmas Country Fête


n celebration of all the joys that spring traditionally brings, Rangiora based Artist, Clare Wilcox, will showcase her ‘Spring Equinox Exhibition’ at Waipara Hills from Wednesday 24 September - Sunday 26 October.


he renowned and much loved annual Christmas Country Fête at Wynyard, Culverden is on Thursday 30 October this year from 10am – 4pm. This year the fête is in its 23rd year and is going from strength to strength with a new, younger, enthusiastic, creative team on board.

Although Equinox occurs twice yearly, the spring (or September) Equinox is Clare’s favourite. Technically speaking, Equinox is when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of both day and night is nearly equal in duration all over the world. It’s about celestial balance and alignment. “To me, the Spring Equinox is all about the birth of a new season, and along with warmer temperatures, new life,” says Clare. “There’s no better place than a winery to both see and celebrate spring with vines leaping into a new growth phase, preparing themselves for another delicious vintage ahead. And let’s not forget Earth’s little creatures that also play their valuable part in the signalling of a new season and new life cycle ahead.” Clare has always seen her world in vibrant colours, textures, abstractions and shapes - and the pieces within her ‘Spring Equinox’ Exhibition are no exception. “Art has to make me feel good. I specically use opposing palate colours so they quite literally pop, or sing, with each other on the canvas. I love the colours of spring – yellows, and all shades of green in particular, as I can use them effectively to show seasonal ow, shade and dabbled light, transformation and vitality,” says Clare. Waipara Hills is just a 45 minute drive north of Christchurch and is located at 780 Glasnevin Road (State Highway 1) in Waipara. Waipara Hills is open daily 10am - 5pm, with lunch available from 10am – 3pm in their picturesque Café. For more information go to

Correction The Court Theatre has been busy with local events and last issue we captioned their ‘out & about’ photos with the wrong information. The event was The Court Theatre Foundation Launch held on Tuesday 5 August. It was attended by The Court Theatre donors and V.I.Ps including Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Counsellor Raf Manji. Philip Aldridge (The Court Theatre CEO), Jenny Reeve (The Court Foundation Chair) and Lady Stewart, QSO (The Court Foundation Patron)

thanked all the donors whose generosity has allowed The Court Theatre to survive, and updated guests on the plans for the next phase of the company’s development as The Court Theatre looks to the future with the launch of The Court Theatre Foundation. In addition Andy and Vic Knopp delivered smooth jazz via a double bass and an electric guitar. Everyone left feeling the future of their beloved The Court Theatre is in good hands.


The 200 stallholders who hail from throughout NZ have been chosen, and the organisers are delighted with the quality, creativity and range. Michael van de Elzen, of TV fame, is going to be in the FMG Demonstration Marquee at 10.45am and 2pm (free entry) and with his good humour and good nutritious cooking he will be thoroughly entertaining. The Pimms Tent will again be in full swing, as will “Hop Baron” who craft brew traditional ales in Christchurch with their own antipodean twist . This company is still in its edgling stage and there is great enthusiasm for their product. The music in the Food & Wine area is the well-known Christchurch duo “Assembly Required” they will be playing throughout the day. The Pre-paid Picnic Lunch created by White Tie, Christchurch is once again a delicious presentation which the ve taste- testers could not fault. For more information go to GIVEAWAY Metropol in association with the Christmas Country Fête has a double pass to the Fête at Culverden on Thursday 30 October to give away. To be in the draw to win email your name and phone number to: with ‘Culverden Country Fête’ in the subject line. Entries close on 19 September and the winner will be notied on Monday 22 September. One entry per person.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

11-23 September 2014

Adele Souster | Bill Moore | Brian Baxter | Brian McCracken Janie Porter | Kirk Munro | Nathanael Provis | Rob McDowell

Ann Woods Managing Director ADELE SOUSTER Karamea Sunset, 760 x 1020 mm

BRIAN McCRACKEN Near Ikamatua, 910 x 455 mm

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 Like us on facebook

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Paeroa St Open 7 Days Phone: 348 0064 Email: Web:

We are an experienced and professional team. Metropol Sept, 4 2014 23



New kid on the proverbial block


t’s the new kid on the proverbial block, but age doesn’t diminish the attributes of this little attention seeker. Situated on the former Strange & Co Department Store site, on the corner of Licheld and High Streets, Strange’s Lane is commanding attention, but for all the right reasons.

It’s the striking new glass façade on the corner of Licheld Street which rst draws you in, before you spot the inconspicuous sign drawing you to the entrance of the mysterious Strange’s Lane.

The vision was to bring the earthquake damaged area back to life, an area which has in some way, shape or form served a commercial purpose for more than a century. And while it has succeeded in this endeavor, what makes Strange’s Lane – made up of the Strange’s and Glendenning Hill buildings and the restored Bonnington House – so neat, is that this little precinct is as old as it is new. Bonnington House Building circa 1878 is one of the city’s few remaining heritage buildings, owing to owners – Shaun Stockman (Stockman Group) and brothers Dean and Grant Marshall (KPI Rothschild) – carrying out earthquake strengthening procedures in 2006. New buildings – the three-storey 1500 sqm Strange’s Building and adjoining 600 sqm Glendenning Hill Building – make up the remainder of Strange’s Lane, named after a department store previously on the site.

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Architectural design and build service 24 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol


w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z

Delivering quality through craftsmanship


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Stockman says he and the Marshalls wanted a design that was worthy of the prominent location and would, like its predecessor, become an iconic inner city landmark. “We wanted it to be a really special part of Christchurch.”


he juxtaposition of the old and new gives a nod to heritage as well as a look to the future. It’s the striking new glass façade on the corner of Licheld Street which rst draws you in, before you spot the inconspicuous sign drawing you to the entrance of the mysterious Strange’s Lane. A towering steel archway further welcomes you into another world beyond the sprawling urban wasteland which was left in Mother Nature’s wake. Odes to the original building’s industrial roots remain evident in inspired architectural references and a bohemian brick courtyard lies at the entertainment epicenter, its rough edges softened with lush greenery. Strange’s pioneers Nucleus and Vespa have been nestled comfortably within the complex for several months, with Lower 9th Diner, Orleans, and Strange & Co opening just a few short weeks ago. Well-lit and heated, with entrances off both High and Licheld Streets, the laneways, courtyards, a triangular glass façade and a distinctive concrete egg-shaped core are among the special features of the design by architect Jasper van der Lingen of Sheppard and Rout. Strange’s Lane offers a veritable fusion of urban life, in all its retail, corporate and social capacities – corporate space, dining space and even a high end retail store is rumoured to be next on the tenancy list. Like its Britomart big brother, Orleans Christchurch promises impeccable style, service and value, offering up hearty creole cuisine with crowd-pleasers like the chicken wafe, without missing out on the generous dollop of good old fashioned hospitality we have become known for in our little corner of the South Pacic. The Lower 9th Diner offers punters classic, yet affordable nosh, from fresh gourmet burgers to Alaskan crab. The creative set within the building and surrounding ofces now have a new local to

call on for sustenance; early birds can get their rst hit of espresso from 7am and refuel with dine-in or takeaway meals throughout the day and into the early hours. Completing the tasty triangle formed with Orleans and the Lower 9th Diner, Strange & Co pays homage to its former department store life. Stripped down to its austere industrial roots on the ground oor, where the bar is accessible from a window from the central courtyard and from within, Strange & Co offers respite from the crowds below in the intimate mezzanine lounge where punters can partake in Moonshine Martinis

and champagne. In seeking an architect for the new Strange’s Building, Stockman says he and the Marshalls wanted a design that was worthy of the prominent location and would, like its predecessor, become an iconic inner city landmark. “We wanted it to be a really special part of Christchurch,” he says. “What we have aimed to create is a unique environment that could be anywhere in the world. An edgy sophisticated setting that will help Canterbury people to re-connect and establish their place in the city again.”

Prices & Colours include:

New generation acrylic polymer 72 vivid bright & clean colours Short drying time Good pigment concentration can be diluted with water in any proportion mixable with all water-based media, very flexible Easy to work the brushstroke spreads easily Satinated finish translucid, in between gloss & mat Colour viscosity High density paste Ph range between 8,5 and 9 pigment diameter between 5 and 10 micron No colour presents low light resistance Transparency according to the chemical class pigment

79 Colours 75ml $7.20 5 Florescent 75ml $ 7.70 1 Phosphorescent 75ml $9.30 79 Colours 200ml $12.90 75 Colours 500ml $30.70 20 Colours 1000ml $55.00

The new natural alternative to plastic wrap. The new natural alternative to plastic wrap. Seal with the warmth of your hands. Wrap cheese, fruit, vegetables, or cover a bowl. Made with beeswax & cloth Reuse for up to 1 year

Agents for

Total Food Equipment Phone/Fax (03) 366 3088 360 Colombo Street Sydenham





218 Moorhouse Ave Phone 03 3666912 Metropol Sept, 4 2014 25


History on High

Christchurch's inner city High Street has been transformed with an historic hoarding commemorating the central city's early days.

The design aims to capture High Street's rich history. Some of the images showcase the natural landscape. this contrasts with panels showing gothic architecture of early European structures.


esign and manufacturing company Scenic Solutions constructed the 49 metre long façade as part of the Council's High Street Transitional Project. The 2.4metre tall hoarding, which runs along High Street between Cashel and Licheld streets, captures the rich history of the inner city, with images from early Maori through to late twentieth century Christchurch. Council Urban Design and Regeneration Unit Manager Carolyn Ingles says the project creates a link between past and present. “The hoarding, as part of the wider High Street Transitional Project, is about reconnecting with the past and looking towards the future. It captures the importance of High Street as a pedestrian route and hub for trade, hospitality and transport. Hopefully people walking through High Street will welcome this new addition and stop to view the impressive images.” Designer Mark McEntyre, worked with Scenic Solutions on the project and drew inspiration from landscape architect Di Lucas and Zoe

Roland of Heritage New Zealand. “The design aims to capture High Street's rich history. Some of the images showcase the natural landscape like the totara tree, Aoraki, eels and geckos. This contrasts with panels showing gothic architecture of early European structures and late twentieth century references to businesses that operated on High Street.” A range of materials including plywood, Perspex and wire were used to construct the panels. The hoarding is one element of the Council's

High Street project, part of a transitional programme of work to support Christchurch's recovery and attract people and businesses back to the city. Further elements will be completed over the coming weeks including artwork, landscaping, a visitor centre, seats and trafc calming.

“ 14 Inch/350mm bar, 30.1 cc, 1.3 Kw


Boat Hire

Cafe Phone 3666 768

Catering Menu

Bike Hire

Boats Phone 3665 885

Because of flood damage to our deck Boat/bike hire is not operating from the 1st - 25th Sept. g The Café is operatin as usual. 2 Cambridge Terrace Christchurch

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until Sunday 7 September. While stocks last.

PH 366 1829 or 0800 662 769 (0800 0MC POWER) 100 GASSON STREET CHRISTCHURCH

“Join our classes and we guarantee you will feel fit, healthy & happy”

Flowers Wine Chocolate Gifts 143 Victoria Street 26 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

your daily training x Phone 379 8255



Fashion Week's flamboyant start Frances Jerard 2014 welcomed Christchurch designer Wendy Jerard and her collection 'Out of the Shadows' from her line 'Frances Jerard'. The designer well and truly made an entrance, where preparation for the esta involved jumping off the Sky Tower in one of her signature gowns. Frances Jerard shares a philosophy of 'dress life to the full, rst impressions count, there are no second chances', which was well and truly emphasised in the designers debut at NZFW. The collection boasted bold prints, frills, and bright colours, with all things inbetween, inspiring women to have no limits when it comes to fashion.

Frances Jerard shares a philosophy of 'dress life to the full, rst impressions count, there are no second chances'





Amber Whitecliffe

Returning to NZFW after four years, nom*D’s show opened with seven drummers playing full volume throughout the show. The collection, appropriately called 'Noise', showcased a variety of knitwear, kilts, sleeveless vests, pinafore dresses, and silk fabrics.

Designer Mary-Ellen kicked off her NZFW SHEN debut with strong oriental inuences and a calming natural colour palette. Her international experience and passion for both Hong Kong and Japan were visible in the 2014 showcase. The collection had an emphasis on texture, the use of chiffons, gold foils and heavy knitted lace.

New Generation kicked off in an upbeat fashion with the introduction of rst time fashion week designer, Amber Whitecliffe. Showcasing her 'Mrs Pinto-Summer 2014/15' collection, a line inspired by oral patterns and the colour red. Think eyecatching designs, oral prints and bold colours, all with a feminine twist.

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What’s in the windows in Merivale…


or bright dresses, sensible shoes or footwear to dance in, a new soft leather handbag, or stylish black numbers, a wander through Merivale is a good place to start. Mannequins’ limbs are exposed for the new season, showing the lengths, styles and colours of spring and summer, and there is much to choose from for both men and women. The window of Andrea Moore in Merivale Mall is lled with colour - her new collection, It’s About Time, includes jumpsuits and bright lip print patterns, and ‘a cat climbing’ oral print on tunics and shirts in their I Am range. A new line

of eyewear, designed by Andrea Moore, will be rolling into the store over the coming month, along with more of her spring/summer range. For accessories Briarwood has a stunning selection of New Zealand designed leather footwear, and their new spring bag collection. There are classic handbags in many neutral shades as well as fashion items in an array of beautiful shades from orange to green. Orange and fuchsia make an appearance in the new season range at Issimo. They have

Mannequins’ limbs are exposed for the new season, showing the lengths, styles and colours of spring and summer, and there is much to choose from for both men and women. footwear in all styles, including men’s boat and dress shoes, and women’s wedding footwear for upcoming spring weddings, as well as their line of luxury leather bags from Ofcine. New Zealand fashion designers including Ketz-ke and Black Halo, and Kathryn Wilson’s footwear, mix with Australian fashion at Dfusion, where their new season’s range is all about colour. They have fresh stock arriving weekly, with their own locally designed and made knitwear always in store. The guys are not forgotten with a selection of men’s fashion in Merivale, from casual to smart, at Working Style, 3 Wise Men and Colombus and Ware, and personal tailoring at Sergios.

Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails

Day! Gorgeous colours!

Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Now Open on Sundays

28 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts Combining over 35 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the nest quality, natural looking dentures

Gilbert Matravers

Clinical Dental Prosthetist

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

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TRELISE COOPER Mercedes-Benz Presents – Trelise Cooper Trelise's highly anticipated showcase certainly didn't disappoint. The industry heavyweight delivering a range of styles, from American Indian inspired, to bold prints and bohemian designs – the show had it all. Flowers, tassels and sky high boots made several appearances throughout the show, guaranteed trends set straight from the catwalk.





Wellington designer Désirée Turner debuted her sixth collection on her rst time at NZFW, a collection lled with a classic winter colour palette, and long hemlines. Désirée provides women with unique prints and wearability, perfect for being able to dress your outt up or down, no matter what the occasion.

Salasai kicked off the evening shows, impressing the audience with simple, elegant and aesthetically pleasing pieces. The collection boasted only womenswear for the rst time, setting an empowering atmosphere.

All Photos © Michael Ng

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By Rachel Smith

Desirable, stylish, UNIQUE Pink amingos stroll past oversized unicorn and rose candles, a two ngered ceramic peace salute and Karen Walker’s spring summer collection - welcome to Raw Nova.


aw Nova is the creation of Gail and Allie Rees, a niece and auntie duo, who have created a space which offers a hand-picked collection of pieces from fashion and accessories to homeware and bedding. The internet, and in particular following European blogs and Instagram, is the source of much of their inspiration for the store, and part of the work which they both love. “We are always looking for what the next new desirable, stylish and unique thing is,” says Gail. The time consuming work trawling the internet is essential in making sure the store brings what is fresh on the international scene to Christchurch, and means that for customers all the hard work has been done for them. Together they very carefully collate a selection of ‘must have’ items with their emphasis on pieces that are fresh, edgy, bold and unique, and most importantly pieces they love. “It’s fun – we love it,” says Allie. New favourites with Gail and Allie include the Bloomingville range of homeware from the Netherlands, with their fresh take on guns and roses seeing a revolver become a bud vase, and the boho rich hippy style Hipanema bracelets created by a French duo who were inspired by their travels to Brazil, along with painted deer antlers and reindeer hides.

Together they very carefully collate a selection of ‘must have’ items with their emphasis on pieces that are fresh, edgy, bold and unique, and most importantly pieces they love.

Karen Walker Stolen Girlfriends Club Maurie & Eve C&M Camilla and Marc Celeste Tesoriero Stylestalker Finders Keepers J Brand Senso 30 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

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Miss Wilson Mavi Kip & Co Evie Kemp Pony Rider Bloomingville Lime Crime Hipanema First Base

Fashion & Lifestyle Concept Store

Unique, Stylish & Fresh The Tannery Ph. 389 8704 open 7 days from 10am to 5pm Like us on


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An unintentional result of only stocking products they love has been a large collection of pieces made by New Zealand artisans, from well-known to emerging. These include a new twist on candles from Shooting Sparrow where unicorns and roses are joined by army men and sparrows, notebooks from An Organised Life, pop art skulls, gold shotguns and cheeky gnomes by Cowboy Civilians, the bright art prints and cushions of Evie Kemp, and local lines such as Ico Traders’ bright coloured, hanging egg chairs.

Raw Nova is humming with colour and customers – from those trying the chairs out for size, browsing their racks of clothing or looking for a unique gift.

Auntie and niece duo Allie and Gail Rees

Raw Nova is humming with colour and customers – from those trying the chairs out for size, browsing their racks of clothing or looking for a unique gift. Boxes lled with new stock roll through the door each day, ensuring there is always something fresh to see in store, including their extensive fashion range. Both Gail and Allie have very similar tastes when it comes to homeware, and work their age difference to their advantage to ensure there is something for everyone in terms of fashion. Raw Nova always has the latest collections from C&M Camilla and Marc, Maurie & Eve,

Stolen Girlfriends Club and Style Stalker, and new to the store Karen Walker, mixing their high end range with selected pieces from First Base, Shilla and Blue Juice, as well as great denim from J Brand, Dr Denim, Mavi and One Teaspoon. These can be teamed up with their foot wear from Senso, Miss Wilson by Kathryn Wilson, and Kobe Husk, and their extensive range of accessories including handbags, jewellery and eyewear, from lines such as Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Ksubi, and sass and bide. Check out Raw Nova on Facebook to see what has just arrived, or visit Gail and Allie in store at The Tannery on Garlands Road, to let them show you the Raw Nova aesthetic for fashion and homeware.

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Experience The magic of a great massage or decadent facial is a much needed treat come the end of winter.


otus @ Siam, located in the stunning Swan Lake Gardens in Cashmere, offers a wide range of spa experiences by qualied Thai therapists. New to the spa are three Elemis Spa Therapy facials from the luxury British skincare company. “We are very excited to be working with Elemis Spa Therapy – a beautiful product with exceptional, proven results,” says Jeerana from Lotus @ Siam. The new facials include the Elemis ProCollagen Quartz Lift Facial and Elemis Visible Brilliance anti-ageing facials developed to combat wrinkles as well as stressed and slackened skin, and the pampering Elemis Oxygen Skin Calm Facial for sensitive skin. Elemis Spa Therapy has over 20 years’ experience treating men and women in the professional spa environment, using sustainable ingredients that do not contain animal derivatives and are not tested on animals. Treatments work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind, using ingredients and formulas that have proven their effectiveness through dedicated research. The spa is offering one lucky reader the chance to experience an Elemis Spa Therapy Facial, valued at $154-174, for themselves. Like Lotus @ Siam’s Facebook page at during the

THE MAGIC month of September and go in the draw to win one Elemis facial. Facials are just one of the many spa services at Lotus @ Siam - from massage therapy to full day spa treatments including couple’s packages, they can cater to all your pampering and relaxation needs. There is a range of massages from Traditional Thai and Thai Sports to Aromatherapy and

Like Lotus @ Siam’s Facebook page at am during the month of September and go in the draw to win one Elemis facial.

With Swan Lake Gardens a popular wedding venue, the extensive grounds are stunning, meaning a visit to the spa is a true escape. Visit for more information and to make a booking, or call Lotus @ Siam on (03) 980 5400.

Swedish massage, as well as Thai head and shoulder therapy, Hot Stone, Reexology and Pregnancy treatments; all use massage oils made with 100% pure essential oils and botanical extracts. Their pamper packages include relaxation experiences for him or her, and even a babymoon package for expecting parents to enjoy together. For a special experience with the girls they offer group pamper packages to celebrate any event, complete with Thai nibbles from their authentic Thai menu.


Invisalign FREE FREEConsultation Consultation

32 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

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Sports luxe: casual T he Bush Inn's hidden haven, All About A Girl, is known as much for its striking displays as it is for the gorgeous collections those displays portray. It's all about clothing with an edge and the store-front displays represent, not only the stunning clothing, but how to put them together.

“It is denitely a look that is here to stay a while and we will see more stylish active wear in every woman's wardrobe. Think Vasalli, think Siren, think Jetblonde – these companies are doing it well.”

This season's look is all about 'sports luxe' owner Marian Hughes explains, and the store displays back up the everyday elegance of this casual couture. Sports luxe is a fashion favourite that's currently doing the rounds and it's not hard to see why. Sports-inspired clothing is fun, exible, attering and – unusually for fashion – comfortable. “The beauty of sports luxe is that you can add a pop of colour. It's all about a luxury version of casual. “It is denitely a look that is here to stay a while and we will see more stylish active wear in every woman's wardrobe. Think Vasalli,

Dress for any occasion...

Latest looks, hairstyles, haircuts and colours to

with your measurements & design, we will help you create the garment you want!

suit your lifestyle.

Bush Inn Centre Like us on facebook

one size does not t all (Formerly Oddbodz)

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P. 343 5985

Ph. 027 329 5029


Open Hours: Mon-Wed 9-6pm Tues-Fri 9-9pm Sat 9-6pm Sun 10-6pm

Excited to introduce our fabulous NEW stylists... Laura Ellis, Sophie Matthews. Sharon Peter, to our team at bliss hair

bliss 34 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Modern Contemporary Hair

1st Floor 143 Victoria Street PH. 366 5530

KM Surgical Dr Ken Macdonald, Specialist Dermatologist MB.ChB (Edin), FRACP, FRCP, FNZDS

Specialist Skin Surgery & Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery - Facial and eyelid - Liposuction & Vaser Lipo Laser Procedures - Sun damage, Lines, Hair removal, Broken blood vessels Pigment, Tattoos

PHONE 03 377 1010 241 Clyde Road


elegance think Siren, think Jetblonde – these companies are doing it well.” All these labels and much, much more are available at All About A Girl, including Betty Basics, Fate, Seduce, Scope, FDJ and Blackstone, to name just a small few. With a strong eye for a trend, Marian knows what will suit her customer base. Her favourite part of the job is selecting new stock, analysing new looks, planning and preparing displays

always puts a great spin on everything, Marian says. Marian, Jane and the All About A Girl team is consciously pairing exceptional customer service with its stunning garments. The styling team have a wealth of knowledge, assisting you to nd the right product for your shape and style. What's better than one All About A Girl

It won't be long until there is another All About A Girl store, with a new shop planned for West Melton next year. and then reafrming those choices when she sees the happy customers leaving the store. She started her fashion following at school, then took in dressmaking and successfully launched Aorangi Exclusives – a tourist line of garments – many moons ago. Fabrics and fashion are in her blood she says. Marian is backed up by long standing staff member Jane Hansen who has a wealth of experience. Responsible for setting up store displays, Jane has a great eye for fashion and

store to head to for a relaxing day out with the girls? Two All About A Girl stores to choose from! It won't be long until there is another All About A Girl store, with a new shop planned for West Melton next year. Go see the stunning display for yourself at shop 7 Bush Inn Centre, corner of Riccarton and Waimairi Roads, Upper Riccarton, phone (03) 348 6993, or nd them on Facebook at

Hats & Fascinators





We keep it simple. Lifeʼs hectic enough without having to choose a gym, a routine, an outfit and new trainers.

WE HIRE: Your Best Dress Address

Arriving Everyday Also selling vintage 1900-1960's on behalf


Treadmills Exercycles Cross Trainers Concept Rowing Machines

p. 03 338 8877

363 Lincoln Rd Addington Next to mobil service station, Moorhouse Ave end Carparking along side the railway line

Open 6 Days Phone 374 5858

477 Ferry Rd, Woolston 0274 594 052

HOURS MON-FRI 10.30am-4.30pm SAT/SUN 11am-4pm

Free delivery & pickup in the Christchurch area

NanoPeptide Technology

Order your Lashfood Transformation Kit at the AMAZING SPECIAL PRICE OF $179 (Valued at $289)

See our website for a stockist near you or contact Ph: 339 0285 Orders

Proud Distributor of Lashfood Metropol Sept, 4 2014 35


Thai massage the Thai way:

Healing body and mind W ould you be interested in better health, more relaxation, better circulation, greater exibility, higher levels of peace of mind, an improved feeling of well-being, a great way to relieve stress, and a feeling of being totally revitalised? Then this is why a visit to Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa for a traditional Thai Massage could be just the antidote you need to re-energise your body and mind. With three treatment rooms available including doubles, (yes you can have a massage with your partner) you can enjoy a truly therapeutic experience. One of the most popular treatments for men and women at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa is the Thai Therapeutic massage concentrating on the relief of specic stress points and muscle tension, the treatment is perfect for those

Although normally worth over $160, you can treat yourself or your Dad to this 90 minutes’ Executive treatment for $99 until the end of September 2014.

Anne , Wendy, Fiona & Orn

who suffer from muscle pain. To celebrate two years of Thai Massage at Beauty Progress, and just in time for Father’s Day they are offering a special promotion on the Executive Package. The 90 minutes Executive Treatment for hard working feet and body incorporates a 30 minute Reexology Foot Massage to ease those sore and tired feet, plus a divine one hour full body massage using traditional Thai techniques to deeply massage and release the knots in your muscles. A tension relieving scalp massage is included.

Although normally worth over $160, you can treat yourself or your Dad to this 90 minutes’ Executive treatment for $99 until the end of September 2014. Gift vouchers are also available at the spa if you want to treat Dad this Father’s Day on 7 September. Don’t miss out on this fabulous deal, phone 0800 379 4315 to book yourself in, or to nd out about the other treatments at Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa. Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa is located at 1/171 Waltham Road, Sydenham, Christchurch.

The Art of Make Up



FATHERS’S DAY EXECUTIVE TREATMENT Normally worth over $160 Treat yourself or your Dad now for

With a combined total of 25 years experience, Jonny specialising in colour and Ellen in cutting and styling, together they are at the top of their

Sizes 14+

90 minutes for $99

game. Jonny and Ellen welcome you to join them in a relaxed, professional environment at Belle

Phone now to order a Gift Voucher or make an appointment

Coiffure of Merivale.

0800 379 4315 Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 36 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm. Sat 10am-4pm. Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made

Call today (03) 356 1245 Level 1, 209 Papanui Road





kristen stewart

school of make-up


Win a free makeover! N

ikki Connors, Principal, Propellor Property Investments says, “If local business in Christchurch survives and succeeds - it means that the people of Christchurch also thrive and succeed! The last few years have seen some of our most creative industries falter. The fashion industry has been particularly affected. If we wish to live in a vibrant, dynamic city again, it is important that we all get behind these local retailers and designers. Here is an opportunity to support the fashion industry in Christchurch and make a

“We are absolutely delighted that such a prestigious and successful company as Propellor Property Investments are our naming rights sponsor,” says Denyse Saunders, “As without such a sponsor this important week of fashion and beauty in Christchurch would not be possible.”

The winner of ‘Win a makeover’ wins an Annah Stretton dress to wear to the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Canterbury Collections & Awards.

As part of the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week one lucky lady will win a free makeover.

Nikki Connors, Principal, Propellor Property Investments

contribution to those charities that support cancer sufferers. Propellor Property Investments has made a pledge to support our community. So we are very proud to be this year’s sponsor of the Canterbury Fashion Week.” As part of the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week one lucky lady will win a free makeover. The nalists will be invited to the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Opening Night Cocktail Party on Wednesday 1 October at 6pm where the winner will be announced! For the winner, Friday 3 October is your day of indulgence as you have a beauty treatment and your hair styled by Embrayce at The Colombo. Then nip over to the Phoenix beauty counter in the Annah Stretton store and have your makeup

applied for the grand event that night! With the help of their stylist the winner then receives a fabulous Annah Stretton dress to wear to the prestigious Canterbury Collections & Awards. Then, step out like a queen with VIP tickets for you and a friend to attend the fabulously glamorous and highly prestigious fashion event of the year, the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week Canterbury Collections & Awards at The Tannery at 7.30pm until the wee small hours as you party with celebrities, VIPs, models and designers. Plus on top of all of this you win a fabulous photographic shoot with the Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week ofcial photographers Forever Young! To enter go to

Maximise Your Performance with Premium Quality Deer Velvet

KNH Deer Velvet

Deer velvet has been traditionally used for thousands of years to support joint health, increase energy, endurance and strength. Helps boost energy levels Helps to relieve joint pain and improve joint mobility Rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, collagen, vitamins & minerals 100% Pure Export Quality Sourced from the clean green pastures of the South Island of NZ

$ $99 Hair and Makeup*



Like Viva La Moda

for 120 x 500mg capsules Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4

Unit 2 159 Cranford St 38 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Ph. 355 2125



By Wendy Dunlop

Professionals in appearance medicine


he Caci clinic was established 20 years ago and has forged a reputation for appearance medicine and skin treatments with proven results. In Christchurch, Caci has operated for more than 14 years and following recent earthquake repairs is continuing its long standing success with new owners, Michael and Samantha Keen. “We are delighted to be owners of a business that demands such high standards of knowledge and training yet remains friendly and efcient to its clients,” says Samantha. “Niki (Registered Nurse) and Sara (Beauty Therapist) have been at Caci long term and have recently been joined by Gemma a Beauty Therapist, Annalise a Registered Nurse and Natasha our Treatment Co-ordinator.” Clients come from all walks of life and from all over the city because Caci is trusted. “Our consultants are also honest about procedures and outcomes, take detailed client histories to ensure best practice and refer elsewhere if they can’t help to achieve what the client wants,” says Samantha. The Caci franchise has strict guidelines for those who own or are employed within their clinics. As leaders in the industry, for skin, laser treatments and appearance medicine there are rigorous training courses to safeguard the clients, and the company’s reputation.

Back row Nikki, Annalise, Gemma, Sara Front row Natasha, Samantha “We also offer a variety of payment plans and vouchers so that treatments can be within reach of clients of all ages,” says Samantha. Capable, caring and trusted, Caci Christchurch welcomes both new and existing clients back to 232 Papanui Road and offers appointments and free consultations from Monday to Saturday, phone 356 2383 or visit for further information.

Visit to find our how you can celebrate our 20th birthday with us.

The bright, fresh premises complement the company’s emphasis on genuine customer service and allow them to provide a comprehensive range of treatments and renowned cosmetic products. Intensive training courses include documented case studies as well as frequent opportunities to update knowledge. Treatments can only be carried out by qualied staff. “There was even a two week training course for us as owners before we could take over a Caci clinic,” says Samantha. To ensure all its procedures, equipment and systems provide optimum care and safety for both consultants and clients, Caci has its own Clinical Advisory Board. With all earthquake repairs complete, Caci Christchurch is back in its well known building on Papanui Road. The bright, fresh premises complement the company’s emphasis on genuine customer service and allow them to provide a comprehensive range of treatments and renowned cosmetic products. Metropol Sept, 4 2014 39

fashion, health &beauty FASHION, HEALTH & BEAUTY

Cure the itch! Between 10–25% of New Zealanders suffer from eczema. Nutritionist and skin expert, Karen Fischer is well known for helping cure eczema sufferers all over the world.


welve years ago Karen's daughter developed eczema soon after she was born. By the age of two, her daughter's eczema had become so severe that Karen decided it was time to nd her own solution. She began researching eczema and devised a diet programme that soon saw her daughter's eczema disappear. Inspired by her success with her own daughter's eczema, Karen has extensively researched the treatment of eczema for all ages. Now in the new and improved second edition of her bestselling book, Karen shares her tried-and-tested solutions for eczema including: emergency itch busters, skin care and non-diet information, how to prevent chemical sensitivities, fast track detox for adults, menus for all ages, shopping lists and much more!

Christchurch Obstetric Associates SPECIALISTS IN MATERNITY CARE Afliated with Fertility Associates

The Eczema Diet The 2nd Edition also has brand new content containing: • Calcium • Quercetin • New supplement dosage recommendations • New updated information about vitamin C The Eczema Diet 2nd Edition is a diet designed to correct the underlying causes of eczema, unique in that sufferers can gradually revert back to a normal diet and still remain eczema-free. Whether you have a mild patch of dermatitis or you're enduring chronic eczema from head to toe, The Eczema Diet shows you how to create beautiful skin for life. Tried and tested on eczema patients for more than a decade, the comprehensive programme covers all eczema conditions and features separate programmes catering for all age groups, including babies. Karen Fischer is an Australian nutritionist and award-winning author of The Healthy Skin Diet (winner of 'Best Health, Nutrition or Specic Diet Book' at the 2008 Australian Food Media Awards). The Eczema Diet 2nd Edition RRP$34.99 is available from and wherever good books are sold.

20 Hours ECE available Colin Conaghan

Geeta Singh

Providing a full range of care including pre pregnancy advice, antenatal, labour birth, and post natal care Michelle Bailey

Jane Fielder

Angela Beard

Consulting at: Ashburton, Hokitika and Greymouth

Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Rd, Christchurch 8014 Ph. (03) 375 4060 Fax: (03) 375 4061 40 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

“Our passion is to provide a warm, nurturing environment for children between two to five years of age.” Open: P. 03 332 2746 109 Centaurus Rd Huntsbury, Christchurch Mon- Fri 8am-5.30pm


Waste not: quality children's clothes


ustainability is at the very heart of Little One's business that has been open just 10 months within the striking historic connes of The Tannery Boutique Retail & Arts Emporium on Garlands Road.

“Sustainability is really important to me,” explains owner Bridget Teasdale “I love attractive clothing however I don't like waste and the endless supply of new things we have in society today. I like the thought of reusing and recycling everything we can to help create a sustainable future while still looking good.”

Owner Bridget Teasdale

Little One isn't about your traditional worn out hand-me-downs. Little One recycles quality children's clothing and maternity wear with many local and international labels and offers a wonderful range of children's clothing from newborn to children's size 14, as well as quality maternity wear. “There is just nobody else around doing anything like this so it was a great opportunity to offer this service in Christchurch.” Such a great concept: you know all those clothes your children grow out of so fast, well now you can make an appointment to take them into Little One to earn some extra money. “I want to encourage people to recycle and promote my view that it is not inferior to reuse clothing. “It can help make our society a better place by reducing manufacturing. We are always on the lookout for good quality clothes for the

store,” Bridget says. “It's a quick and simple way to clean out your children's wardrobes and we can sell your children's clothes and maternity wear on 50 percent consignment.” Little One has been well received in Christchurch, both for buying and selling and in just 10 months has already built up a strong clientele of regular discerning customers. “It's a great opportunity to supply great products, while still operating sustainably,” Bridget says.

“It can help make our society a better place by reducing manufacturing. We are always on the lookout for good quality clothes for the store.” “It's important to reduce waste in society as much as we possibly can.” Little One stocks a wide range of clothing including many local and international brands, so if you are looking for variety and want to help contribute to creating a sustainable future, visit Little One at The Tannery Boutique Retail & Arts Emporium, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, email or visit

ANSTICE & ASSOCIATES OPTOMETRISTS & VISION CLINIC Specialist Optometrists - Behavioural & School Vision Practitioners Irlen Diagnosticians Contact Lenses Orthokeratology Sports Vision General Optometry


10 Clyde Road, IIAM, Christchurch Phone 03 343 3909

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 41


By Rachel Smith

Health care every day Our body never knows when it's a Sunday or a public holiday – it can get sick regardless of the inconvenience.


roviding health care every day for the people of North Canterbury was top of the list when Stan Barnett opened his pharmacy, Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy, last year. With 38 years of knowledge as a pharmacist behind him Stan knew exactly what he was wanting to create, and the spacious store in Rangiora allowed him to do just that – everything is easy to nd in the open plan space, there is a play area for the kids, and sports on the TV for waiting customers. “We have a variety of goods that you wouldn't nd in other pharmacies,” says Stan, with this including mobility devices such as wheelchairs, a wide range of health and beauty products, giftware, and a passport photo service.

The pharmacy is now also offering expert nursing care, with Stan's wife Heather joining the team in-store. The pharmacy is now also offering expert nursing care, with Stan's wife Heather joining the team in-store. Heather and Stan are no strangers to working together and combining their expert health care, having worked alongside one another in pharmacies across the Pacic, from Papua New Guinea to Vanuatu and more recently Blenheim. Heather will be providing services such as checking blood pressure free of charge, as well as assessing minor wounds - dressing wounds herself or referring customers on to a doctor.

Heather Barnett has recently joined the team

Stan recommends that customers make an appointment to ensure they can see Heather at their convenience. Heather is one of three staff trained in supporting customers to cease smoking through the Quit-Line programme – this enables customers to access a month's supply of nicotine replacement products such as gum or patches for a charge of only $5. Stan and other qualied pharmacists on staff are also able to conduct consultations and prescribe the morning-after pill or antibiotics for uncomplicated urinary tract infections or eye infections, where appropriate. Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy, at 15 Ashley Street in Rangiora, is open every day of the year including Christmas Day. Give them a call on (03) 313 8280 to make an appointment with Heather, or pop in to the store to meet the team for yourself.

your gift Receive your free blue skies or daises umbrella with any Natio purchase of $40* or more

Emu Lola vs Harper Elwood * some conditions apply

Going Away? Leave your pet in the best of care

Oneoneseven Pink stitch Wish Ceilo jeans Minty meets Munt Love stitch What woman want Blacklist


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury


Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209

42 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Living Doll Like Us On Facebook

167 Ashley St Rangiora Ph. 03 313 2228


172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157

140 High Street Rangiora P 03 313 4565


Fashion in the Waimak' The Waimakariri district’s town centres nestled in the heart of Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Oxford have personality plus with boutique fashion shopping aplenty.


nly 15 minutes from Christchurch, Kaiapoi boasts North Canterbury's oldest and largest department store, Blackwell's, that stocks an array of homewares and gifts, ne men's and ladies' fashion and you can even grab the shing gear when you visit. For cutting edge fashion displayed on the latest catwalks, venture across the road to Craze or Robe for the latest trends. A short drive down the road from Kaiapoi is Rangiora where you will nd the hub of fashion in the district. With several shops stocking wellknown brands from around NZ and some

You will lose yourself in the choices at Robe, Country Lane, Rangiora Shoelines and Jaks to name only a few shops on offer.

sourced from around the world. Corina's House of Fashion is a special nd for those wanting to nd simply beautiful occasion wear from mother of the bride outts to cocktail function dresses or ball gowns. They can complete your look with jewellery, fascinators and handbags but if you can't nd the exact accessory you are after at Corina's, then only a minute away is The Accessory Shoppe which is packed full of quality items to match any outt. The destination town of Oxford provides an exciting addition to the range of boutique

shops with Marmalade Clothing & Curiosities. Opening early last year Marmalade places emphasis on fair trade and natural bres. Before you get to Oxford however, check out the unique range at Querky Styles in Cust or the one-off imported pieces of clothing from The Old Meadery only a few minutes from Rangiora in Fernside. Quite simply, the Waimakariri has it all … and then some! For more information check out

overseas labels, you will lose yourself in the choices at Robe, Country Lane, Rangiora Shoelines and Jaks to name only a few shops on offer. Robe has recently expanded its Rangiora store and opened in Kaiapoi as both towns continue to resurge and rebuild. Also resurging is Waikuku which now boasts Louie Who at The Mill which showcases designer preloved clothing and new bits and pieces

Spring Colours & Designs Now in store! Large selection of wool, fabrics, buttons & more!


• • • • •• • • •••••••••• $139.90

Looking for the perfect Bra?

in-store and • ••• •• • • • • • • • • • •Come experience a professional


Large selection of designer fabrics & knitting yarn instore now!

Quilters Quarters A treasure trove for the craftsperson 9 High St Rangiora Ph. (03) 313 6765

Come in and view our large range of skechers

shoelines R A N G I O R A 162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444

fitting with Barbara to discover how great it feels to wear your perfect bra in shape and fit. Phone Barbara to make an appointment on 03 327 8029


Ph. 03 327 8029 Metropol Sept, 4 2014 43





Specialising in sterling silver and designer jewellery Merivale Mall, next to Sweet Kitchen Ph. 03 356 1002

9B Normans Road Elmwood Village

Ph 355 9050

SPRING HAS ARRIVED AT FREDRICK ASHLEY Paula Pullover with layering chemise from Bazaar. Designed and made in NZ Our team will help select the look that suits you

BERTIGO Menswear. Fresh and unique collection of shirts with a touch of european flair.

Frogmore 70 Victoria St Ph. 379 3188

Fredrick Ashley Fendalton Mall, Memorial Ave. Phone: 03 351 5892


New & Pre loved designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. For something a bit different

Second Heaven 169 Wairakei Rd, Bryndwr Ph. 351 7766

44 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

Available from

Lucy Finch 64 North Avon Road Richmond Ph. 389 1712

Don’t forget the man in your life. Gift vouchers available

Sparklewhite Teeth Ph. 339 7374


Children’s & teens’

model search

Laura Williams Photographer: Sean Irvine

Abigail Curd

As part of Propellor Property Investments Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week there is a Model Search in the rst week of the October school holidays at The Tannery for children from 5 years to 9 years, pre-teens from 10 to 12 years and teens from 13 years to 19 years.

Zara Graham

Models: Denyse Saunders Model Management

Nick Beulink

Hair & Makeup: Design & Arts College


he three winners in each category will win a modelled on the runway for many fashion weeks catwalk, photographic and television worldwide including Paris, Milan, New York, London, “Condence and modelling course with renowned, and Tokyo and Sydney. Denyse Saunders’ DS Model Camps in the school arguably New Zealand’s most experienced and high self-esteem are holidays are popular for those wanting to get involved successful, model agent Denyse Saunders, owner the keys to living a in the modelling industry, or for those who would like to of Denyse Saunders Model Management. successful life, once Denyse Saunders has spent her life grooming gain greater condence in their appearance. The next others for success and has tutored over one million you believe in courses run from 8 to 10 October, for more information students in modelling, grooming and building selfgo to yourself you can The Model Search will run over two days on 1 and 2 condence and personal self-esteem. As Denyse achieve anything! October at The Tannery and entry forms for the says, “condence and high self-esteem are the keys Children’s and Teens’ Model Search are available from to living a successful life, once you believe in The Tannery stores, Raw Nova, Redhouse Boutique yourself you can achieve anything!” Denyse has trained winners in Miss World and Model Searches and and Robyn Mathieson. For more information go to Propellor Property Investments many of her successful international models have graced the front covers Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week website of international magazines, starred in television commercials and






This is no ordinary gym, it’s low impact exercise on specially designed equipment to strengthen, tone, firm, reduce, flatten and shape your body.



Express Blow Waves, Hairups & all your beauty needs.





The Colombo, P. (03) 374 2345 Metropol Sept, 4 2014 45

House of Allure


Famous country

hospitality 9 Gerald St, Lincoln. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm Sat 10-4pm Ph 325 2390

Don’t forget Dad this Father’s Day GREAT GIFTS INSTORE


he newly rebuilt Famous Grouse Hotel offers 10 stylish and contemporary rooms along with a generously sized conference room right in the centre of the bustling town of Lincoln. Lovingly rebuilt after the original 125 year old building was destroyed by the 4 September 2010 earthquake, this architecturally designed hotel is the heart of Lincoln. With a generous Garden Bar, two outdoor pool tables, dart boards, gaming room and TAB, along with vibrant helpful staff, you should make The Famous Grouse Hotel your next destination. Whether you’re there on business or just passing through, enjoy a wonderful gastro pub lunch or dinner meal in the restaurant, and a full cooked or continental breakfast in the morning. Or make the most of the conference room upstairs for your next seminar, which can be catered for to your requirements. The place has character, that’s for sure. There has only ever been one pub in Lincoln, and it has stood in the same spot, plus or minus a few metres, for many years.

21 Luxury Motel Units in the

Heart of Lincoln

The place has character, that’s for sure. There has only ever been one pub in Lincoln, and it has stood in the same spot, plus or minus a few metres, for many years. A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box 19 Gerald Street Lincoln OPEN 7 DAYS

COMPLIMENTARY Make-up session with ‘YOUNG BLOOD’ Cosmetics with every Colour Analysis Purchase


P. 03 325 2111 M. 027 667 6750 E. STYLE4U@XTRA.CO.NZ 46 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

The restaurant provides a menu that features favourites as well as great variety. Enjoy toasted cob loaf, calamari, prawns and bacon wrapped scallop kebabs for starters, and move on to roast of the day, chicken salads and steak sandwich, chicken and lamb burgers, or crispy Tui beer battered hoki llets. Mains feature 250g llet or 300g ribeye just how you like it, with a choice of sides, surf and turf, sh of the day, slow braised venison shanks, risotto and lamb back strap. Then of course there are tempting desserts. Bring the children along – there is a menu designed to please them as well. For groups there are cheese platters, savoury platters, and the Grouse Combo which has a mixture to suit all tastes. The Famous Grouse – country hospitality with style.

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620

canterbury bride


finishing touches


or Christchurch brides preparing for their summer weddings, it's safe to assume that months – if not years – of planning has taken place in advance. Brides this year may have already selected their dress, hair and make-up, but let's not forget the key accessories for brides this summer! The biggest bridal accessory trends are highly inuenced from bridal runways… Shoes Bridal shoes are adorned with lace, embellishments and gorgeous detailing. The classic white bridal shoe is still the ultimate, and highly desired by brides everywhere. A classic wedding shoe with a touch of modern detailing is a peep-toe design in ivory, with lace overlay. Look out for unique touches with diamantes, and luscious fabrics. Another option is to insert some colour on

your feet. You'll be certain to re-wear these heels another day! Look out for the key seasonal colours in shades of pink. Not only will these shoes be on trend, they'll be highly wearable too. Hair accessories Embellished headbands, colourful tiaras and lace hairnets are key features for brides this season. Jewelled headbands will insert a '20s-inspired design, injecting glamour and sass into any wedding outt. Headpieces will work with updos as well as long, owing locks. Veils Historically, veils concealed the bride from the groom on the wedding day but have since transitioned into more of a fashion statement designed to attract attention rather than offset it. Long veils such as ballerina, chapel or cathedral styles are all the rage for summer weddings! These sweeping styles add a sense of formality to the overall look and create a traditional silhouette. Birdcage veils are also on-trend. Reminiscent of 1920s starlets, these dainty veils range from full facial coverage to small pancake-styles.

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 47


Love thy blue jeans


t's the sleeping giant of the New Zealand fashion denim market, but its old-fashioned technique that gives each pair of LTB jeans a distinctive look.

Colombus and Ware stock these Turkish style statements that feature an obsessive attention to detail and workmanship. "Every pair is edgy and fashionable, but the manufacturing processes of old are used to give the denim its own unique wash and nish," says manager Victoria. "There is a huge amount of work in each pair, and we agree with the philosophy that each garment be made with thought and consideration behind every stitch." The LTB collection features premium denim in the season’s hottest styles, colours and textures. Sitting alongside jeans from Cutler & Co, Rembrandt, R.M. Williams and GAZMAN, Colombus and Ware is a store for those who love contemporary quality.

A natural

state of being A

natural state of being is what Soulstyle Organic Hair Salon encourages its clients to embrace. From plant and vegetable based colours and styling products, to the technique of 'dry sculpting' hair in its natural form. “When dry, hair has its own natural ow,” says owner DeAnna, "fringes, crowns and density changes are completely different wet from dry." Soulstyle sees many curly, thick and ne haired clients appreciating the benets of dry sculpting which supports a precision cut and style. "By allowing hair to move organically, this creates easier home maintenance, a free ow movement with colour work, plus a softer transition to your next appointment." With only three cuts to Christmas, Soulstyle is the hot favourite for hair that is naturally different and their pre-silly season bookings are lling up fast.

Using quality organic products from NZ and Europe

Suit Hire available from

MERIVALE MALL Ph. 355 3034 48 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

47 Rodney Street, South New Brighton

P. 388 8277

Love will bloom…



bold contemporary statement, ilex is the stunningly designed new venue in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. It complements the perfectly manicured lawns, age old stately trees, vibrant shrubs and clever plantings. It is brand new. It is creatively modern. It is spacious, light and airy with its glass exterior and slick architecture. It is also functional. Centrally located, the renowned Vbase team oversee the operations and ensure that every function small or large, casual or formal is catered to exceptionally. Ilex opened in May and has already hosted many functions. As word of mouth has spread and more people have wandered down to have a coffee in the café, bookings for weddings over spring and summer are in demand. The venue can accommodate 120 people for a sit down reception and 160 for a cocktail style event. It's an intimate, boutique space with convenient parking in the Armagh Street car park which is hidden by plantings, across the quaint walking bridge on the other side of the sparkling Avon River

Have a stroll around the gardens, imagine your wedding photography there, the delightful venue for your ceremony and pleasing surrounds for your guests.

Have a stroll around the gardens, imagine your wedding photography there, the delightful venue for your ceremony and pleasing surrounds for your guests. - just 100 metres from the stylish entranceway. Vbase offer complete wedding packages which include venue hire, as well as tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware and wait staff. Their menus are designed by Executive Chef Dan Shanks who insists on the highest quality ingredients. As much as possible Dan sources produce from Canterbury suppliers, farmers and artisan producers. Dan and his team incorporate the latest styles of food production and service

along with old favourites. There are canapé selections featuring such delights as organic butternut arancini with roast garlic cream. There are also platter menus, buffet options and the more traditional three course dinner. The Vbase catering team easily accommodate all of your favourite tastes and dietary requirements and they can customise menus to suit every occasion and budget. Vbase are taking bookings now for this amazing new venue. Have a stroll around the gardens, imagine your wedding photography there, the delightful venue for your ceremony and pleasing surrounds for your guests. Phone Lauren File, Vbase Business Development Manager on (03) 339 5401 or email lauren. for more information.

Metropol Sept, 4 2014 49



New season's designs Having just returned from a buying trip, Robyn Cliffe was inspired and excited about the new season's designs.

of confidence


ressmaking is a time honoured skill that celebrates the contours and style of the individual. Working closely with the client, the process aims for perfection resulting in a look that is awless. Pretty Things specialise in crafting dresses of the highest quality which are inspired by the women who wear them. The design and creation process is enjoyable and exciting thanks to

the expertise and experience of owners Mihn and John. The difference between a garment that is off-the-rack and one that has been tailored to t is substantial. The telling is not just in how the dress falls but in how it makes you feel. With a silhouette of condence your special occasion will be a truly wonderful time. Pretty things is open Tuesday – Saturday, 150 Fisher Ave, Beckenham, phone (03) 372 9299

“Lace is by far the fabric for today, but the designs are changing,” she said, “the shaped A line to mermaid for those with the gure to match, or a very '50s waisted full skirt gown. For those with fuller gures, the A line to shaped A line looks stunning. There is also dropped waistline, aring to a fuller skirt which will also atter! Most gowns feature exciting shoulder interest.” Robyn says, “We are going to introduce new ranges to our collection, so watch this space!” And she asked customers to remember they have moved. They have recently opened a new shop on the corner of Colombo and Edgeware Streets in St Albans, next to Peter Timbs, so call in and see their beautiful new space! For more information phone (03) 366 1111or go to

Pretty Things Ltd. Specialising in Dressmaking Alterations & Fabrics

Be sure to visit, take a look at our off-the-rack styles and talk to us about how we can create a one-of-a-kind dress for your special occasion.

150 Fisher Ave, Beckenham. 03 372 9299 Open: 5:30pm Open:Tue Tue – Fri 11am – 5:30pm Sat 4:30pm Sat 11am – 4:30pm

N E W LO C AT I O N 1st September

Cnr Edgeware & Colombo St Edgeware Village, St Albans Phone 03 366 1111

50 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol


Making the world more


j Barbers cater for all men from young lads to old boys with latest fashion trends to short back and sides. Their barbers Lucy and Nicke are both specialists in their elds.

Are you wearing



Lucy is an expert with clippers and precision cutting and blending fades. Beards are very much in fashion at the moment and Lucy has developed many techniques for shaping and grooming facial hair. She prides herself in excellent customer service and has a very loyal clientele.

Janet is.........

Nicke recently joined the team. Barbering is his passion. He is condent with all ranges of men's cuts, fading texture short back and sides or Mohawks. Nicke is great with consultation with his clients as sometimes they simply don't know what they want. Nicke can relate being a male barber and give them advice for the best look. Nicke has excellent haircare product knowledge and likes making his clients feel comfortable and leave feeling great.

Melissa is.........

Nikki is.......

Traditional, full service Barbering at its finest Open 8am daily Ph 03 9771666 Level one Merivale Mall Christchurch

for the finest in jewellery


83 Victoria St

Ph. 379 6300 Metropol Sept, 4 2014 51


How to be a... When planning your wedding it’s only natural you want to get everything right; to not forget any detail and to keep things smoothly within budget. So where do you start? With the help of this simplied 5-step process, of course!


esides the obvious matter of the groom, all you really need is a venue, a dress and guests. Many couples are now paying for their weddings themselves, and with the average cost of a wedding being around $30k some couples are trying to commemorate the occasion on a much smaller budget. Generally brides are advised to begin by choosing a theme, but having a theme is not necessarily indicative of a successful planning process. Rather, focussing on combining the elements you love will more likely see a personalised setting created and keep costs down by not splurging on items simply because they t the theme. “If the day is a mismatch of ideas and doesn't stick to a common theme does it matter? Weddings aren't about social conventions anymore; they should be a true reection of the couple,” says Jess, 29.

Weddings aren't about social conventions anymore; they should be a true reection of the couple,”

Step one: the venue. Once the venue has been decided you can start to organise most of the logistics and establish a realistic estimated total cost early on. There are many things to consider with the venue – from music, food and alcohol to décor, capacity and transport – but getting a clear idea from the get-go and staying on top of these factors will help you to keep within budget and not become overwhelmed. “The venue is the most important decision to make early on as it dictates the rest of your decisions: if food is provided, if alcohol must be purchased onsite or if you can bring your own, how much time need be dedicated to decorations and table settings and of course the venue capacity and the guest list.”

Perfect entrance to your Big Day! Available in the Tai Tapu area for Weddings Picnics & lunches Champagne rides The Tai Tapu Carriage Company Phone for further enquiries 027 222 44 66 or 021 944 422 52 Sept, 4 2014 Metropol

smooth operator


“The venue is the most important decision to make early on as it dictates the rest of your decisions.”

Step four: the cake. Whether you have a clear idea or whether you need to research and taste test, this step encourages your undivided attention to getting the wedding cake sorted.

Step two: the dress. To custom make or to buy ready-to-wear, that is entirely down to personal preference and budget but is perhaps the most anticipated step in any bride-to-be’s preparations. It is an ongoing process, with ttings and alterations scheduled regularly until the date, dependent on both the length of engagement and the individual. There are also the matters of bridal accessories, groomsmen’s and bridesmaids’ attire to be considered.

Step three: the guest list and invitations. The guest list is something that needs constant attention and again depends on the budget, the tone of your wedding and of course the venue. You may nd it helpful to divide your list into those who must be at the ceremony and those who can be celebrated with at any soirees before or after. Once the guest list has been nalised invitations can be sent.

Step ve: everything else! From bridal hair and makeup to nalising all other arrangements, this is the time to check your lists and check them again!

Planning Recap: Venue – food, alcohol, music, décor, capacity, transport, pre or post soiree Dress – custom made or ready-to-wear, ttings and alterations, accessories, bridesmaids’ attire Guest list – invitations, table combinations Cake – taste test and decide Everything else – bridal hair and makeup, nalise all arrangements

Clara bridal jewellery. The nishing touch to your day.




Tropical, creamy & dreamy... Courtesy of Best Foods' The best little Cookbook II is this delicious cake recipe that tastes as good as it looks…

Pineapple & Coconut Cake with Passionfruit Frosting


Serves 10-12

Ingredients 2 ½ C self-raising our 1 level tsp baking soda 1 tsp mixed spice ½ C desiccated coconut 1 ½ C sugar 1 tsp vanilla 2 ripe bananas 1 C Best Foods™ Real Mayonnaise 1 C crushed pineapple ¼ C milk Passionfruit Frosting 200g cream cheese 40g butter ¾ C icing sugar ½ C passionfruit syrup Toasted coconut akes

Method Pre-heat the oven to 170C. Line a 23cm spring form cake tin with baking paper. In a large bowl, sift our, soda and spice, stir in coconut and sugar. In a separate bowl mash together bananas, mayonnaise, vanilla, pineapple and milk. Fold the wet ingredients

54 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

Recipe courtesy of Jo Wilcox, Best Foods Ambassador. into the dry and mix well. Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 45-55 minutes until golden and a skewer is removed cleanly. Allow to cool before icing with passionfruit frosting. For frosting, soften butter and cream cheese

and beat until smooth. Add 2 tablespoons passionfruit syrup and icing sugar and beat a further 1-2 minutes until uffy and spreadable. Chill until ready to serve. Drizzle with remaining passionfruit and garnish with toasted aked coconut.



The Richard Uttley

Gluten-free, taste full

Mary's mixologist

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Espressotini…

How to make an Espressotini This Espresso Martini is just one of many coffee-avoured Martini recipes being made today. I like this one because it uses chilled espresso that gives it a caffeinated kick which you just can't duplicate with coffee liqueurs alone. If you want to step it up another notch, use espresso-avoured vodka. This is a fantastic before or after dinner drink, happy hour cocktail, or, really, anytime you desire a great coffee-avoured cocktail.

Glassware By Fleur Revell


o doubt, you've seen Mufn Break's cabinets full of freshly baked and straight out of the oven, sweet mufns, but did you know that they have a selection of savoury mufns, perfect for your lunch break and they're gluten-free too? Mufn Break's gluten-free range has a avour tempter for every taste bud. The classic Ham, Cheese & Tomato trio is always a winner, and a wellknown marriage of avour you know the kids will love, while the Satay Vegetable offers an exotic–inspired taste sensation. The Spinach & Feta duo combines nutritious greens with the zing and creaminess you are sure to love; and the Sundried Tomato, Parmesan and Olive, puts the glorious taste of an antipasto platter into one seriously delicious mufn. The heightened interest in gluten-free food has gripped the nation over the past few years and Mufn Break are proud to offer the same quality ingredients sans gluten, providing coeliac and gluten suffers a me-time treat or lunch option during their day.

Usually served in a Martini glass, several types are available. Personally I prefer using Luigi Bormioli Bach Martini glasses available from Total Food Equipment.

Recipe 30ml Absolut Vanilla 15ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 15ml Crème de Cacao Brown 30ml Espresso Pour ingredients into a shaker lled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled martini glass. It should be somewhat frothy. Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

An Espressotini Metropol Sept,4 2014 55




revinos is now truly well established on people’s radar as being one of the places to go to in Christchurch’s dining scene. The location is perfect for a start. Tucked on the end of Riccarton Road near Hagley Park it is ideal for those who enjoy a great watering hole that is easy to access, an easy drive from the airport and very handy to the new AMI Stadium. A pleasant lunch complements a day out, whether shopping or sightseeing, and why not make Trevinos an evening dining destination itself? The menu is varied, healthy and wellbalanced.

The name Trevinos, Spanish for ‘three wines’, is symbolic of the Mediterranean theme that extends from the delightful food through to the simple elegance of the popular outdoor area. The whole Trevinos experience exudes sunshine, relaxation and classy food that is wellpriced. Enjoy a Tuscan Beef Burger, Roman Ribs or Steak Fromage for lunch, or perhaps choose from the selection of pasta or even a pizza – Normandy, Sicilian, Margherita. Take your time over an evening meal and savour Gamba Al Ajillo, or perhaps select from chicken, veal and pork. Potato and chorizo tortilla is a hot favourite. There is something there for everyone, and while you can depend upon your favourites being there, the specials board will keep you guessing. Continued on next page

The Saturday market brings many a cook To try out the samples and not just to look.

Fresh from the oven, the chef's new creation. Try, taste, give way to temptation.

Terra Viva Bake will soon open the door At 650 Ferry, on the ground floor. Patisseries, artisan bread, fabulous food,

And Coffee Supreme, perfectly brewed. Cnr Roydvale Ave/Wairakei Rd, Chch Ph: 358 5565 Open every day 7.30 - 5pm 56 Sept,4 2014 Metropol


Continued from previous page

The whole Trevinos experience exudes sunshine, relaxation and classy food that is well-priced.

With Cup Week coming up, and the temptation of the Trevinos’ famous Cup Day Breakfast, you might need to book your group in for a time of their lives.

upstairs and Trevinos is popular for birthday bashes, conferences and seminars. Call in and start planning now before you miss out – either set menus or buffets are available. And another tip – Christmas will sneak up on you, and the rst places to be booked out are always the ones with the best reputation. Don’t forget that Trevinos, with its Christchurch City Park Motel, is ideal for a more extended stay, and perfect for sports or school groups – the concept, says Marty, is quite unique. All the rooms are popular, and despite proximity to a very busy Riccarton Road, it is quite an oasis. Spring is on its way too, and that means alfresco meals in fresh sunshine. Unlike Marco Polo, you don’t need to go to China, but you could make Trevinos your next destination


wner Marty Fuller explains that while the theme is Mediterranean, there are other options including a bit of Asian air. After all, it was Marco Polo who left the Mediterranean area behind and travelled all the way to an Asia we are now very familiar with, and brought so much knowledge back with him. Trevinos in many ways encapsulates that connection in its menu. While we can enjoy familiar and traditional dishes such as Chicken Cacciatore and Paella A La Valencia, there are exciting new dishes rapidly becoming popular: Vietnamese Chicken, Braised Beef Cheeks, as well as established dishes such as Nasi Goreng, Dukkah Crusted Pork Fillet, and Cont Duck Spring Roll. All of this lends more of an international ambience to a Trevinos outing and certainly widens the choice for us all. The wine list has been revamped as well – familiar names there, but attention paid to great newcomers. If you want a family outing there is a children’s menu available – in fact one of the things you will like about Trevinos is its adaptability. On the one hand it is ideal for a romantic dinner for two, secluded and intimate; yet it is an ideal venue for a group of friends or work mates. There is also a live band on Friday evenings and a chance to kick your heels up. Here’s a tip. With Cup Week coming up, and the temptation of the Trevinos’ famous Cup Day Breakfast, you might need to book your group in for a time of their lives. There is an excellent function room





Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm


Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Ph: 03 365 0163

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street Metropol Sept,4 2014 57


A spirited newcomer W e all enjoy the very best wines and spirits, and whilst looking for a bargain, it is worthwhile paying just a little bit extra to obtain the best quality. Brandhouse is a new presence in the New Zealand hospitality industry. It has grown from Sahara NZ Ltd and is a supplier of quality products, having secured exclusive New Zealand distributorship of the highly exclusive Croizet Cognac, a product of the revered two centuries-old cognac company The House of Cognac Croizet, in the region of Grande Champagne in France. The Croizet story started in 1805, with Léon Croizet, a connoisseur and former sommelier to Napoleon I’s high command. The result was the creation of cognac that was of unsurpassed nesse. Croizet’s cognacs won many prizes. Following World Wars and other cataclysmic events, in 2007, a new owner acquired Cognac Croizet and has brought it back onto the world stage. It has truly sparkled – smashing the World Record for the most expensive cognac ever sold. And now, Brandhouse brings this treasure

The Arta tequila range,has recently taken out the “Best Aged White Spirit” and “Best Resposado” titles at the Wines and Spirits Wholesalers of America Awards in Las Vegas. -Managing Director Jason Dellaca

Brandhouse is determined to provide New Zealanders with premium products that discerning Kiwis have previously found only overseas into New Zealand and within the reach of connoisseurs here. Are we not most fortunate? There are more coming, premium international distilled brands DQ Vodka and Arta Tequila have already arrived, and there will be many more premium sipping liquors becoming available.

The Arta tequila range, for example, has recently taken out the “Best Aged White Spirit” and “Best Resposado” titles at the Wines and Spirits Wholesalers of America Awards in Las Vegas. Managing Director Jason Dellaca is developing the new brand name Brandhouse as a vehicle for providing the hospitality industry with well-oiled access to the nest of good wine and classic distilled liquors. Brandhouse is determined to provide New Zealanders with premium products that discerning Kiwis have previously found only overseas. While internationally active, but Christchurch-based, Brandhouse is perfectly placed to provide an efcient premium service to ne New Zealand hospitality venues.




atasha MacAller, author of Vanilla Table – The essence of exquisite cooking from the world's best chefs, shares this recipe by Jonathan Waxman – the secret to this wonderful chicken stroganoff is the vanilla, she says.

Chicken Stroganoff with Chanterelles & Vanilla Serves 4 Spaetzle (German noodle) 1 egg yolk 1 large egg 1 C cream 1 ½ C plain our 1 tsp kosher or sea salt ¼ tsp freshly ground pepper ¼ C unsalted butter, melted 2 Tbsp olive oil Chicken 2 whole chicken breasts (organic, skin on and boneless) ½ C unsalted butter 2 shallots 4 C fresh chanterelle mushrooms washed and dried 1 Tbsp Tio Pepe dry sherry 1 tsp vanilla seeds, 1 pod ½ C crème fraiche Spaetzle In a small bowl, beat the egg yolk, egg and cream together. In a medium bowl, combine our, salt and pepper. Add butter and the egg mixture to the our mixture and mix by hand until well blended. Do not over mix at this stage. Cover the bowl and refrigerate. Allow the batter to rest for at least 1 hour.

In a large pot, bring 1 litre of salted water to a simmer. Prepare a bowl of ice water. Using a colander, force the batter in batches through the holes into the simmering water. The spaetzle will cook in 3 minutes. When they oat to the top, use a slotted spoon to scoop the noodles into the bowl of ice water to prevent overcooking. When cold, drain and dry. Add olive oil to prevent spaetzle sticking together. Set aside until needed.

Chicken Slice the chicken breast into 8 slices per breast. Season with sea salt and pepper. Using a heavy casserole pan, add half the butter and brown the chicken slices. Remove the chicken and add remaining butter to the pan. Add the shallots and chanterelles and cook until browned slightly. Add the Tio Pepe and the vanilla, cook for 2 minutes, then stir in the crème fraiche. Reintroduce the chicken slices. Heat to a simmer and add the spaetzle. Toss well, season and serve hot.

Metropol Sept,4 2014 59


Teppan Yaki at home with Chef M Taka

onkey Spices Italian restaurant owner and chef Taka has just launched his new project ‘Monkey’s Teppan Yaki’ and the best part is you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy it. For seven years Chie and Taka Mochizuki have been lling bellies the Italian way and the Japanese couple are looking forward to going back to their roots with the new venture. “Our degustation dinner has been so popular we thought why don’t we do Japanese but using a Teppan grill and going to customers’ homes instead,” Chie says.

A great option for dinner parties and other gatherings, the couple will bring everything, including a tailor made Teppan grill, food, plates, chopsticks, Japanese paper mats and pop up gazebo… leaving you to do, well, nothing.

The daffodils are starting to pop their heads up heralding the change of season. Yes it’s that time of year when we dust off the outdoor furniture because, let’s face it, nothing quite welcomes spring like having family and friends over for a meal.

A method of cooking derived from the words ‘teppan’ meaning iron plate or pan in Japanese and ‘yaki’, which indicates grilling or barbecuing, the best part of Teppan Yaki is that the art of cooking – traditionally tucked away in the kitchen – is half the entertainment. A great option for dinner parties and other gatherings, the couple will bring everything, including a tailor made Teppan grill, food, plates, chopsticks, Japanese paper mats and pop up gazebo… leaving you to do, well, nothing.

Wide selection of freshly baked delicious cookies. No articial colour or preservatives used in any products.


Dine in or Takeaway

* Wheelchair access * Takeaways Available from:

* Private rooms * Wheelchair access * BYO wine & fully licenced

Mobile Teppan yaki and Gourmet japanese cuisine

Book Now 021 965 281 03 347 7444 60 Sept,4 2014 Metropol


South City, Shop 26 Christchurch Phone 03 943 4066

PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD


The main course and most popular option consists of a seven course degustation meal for just $65 a head, perfect for that special occasion with an intimate gathering from 6 to 10 people. For a bigger group Monkey’s Teppan Yaki can provide a buffet style meal for $45 per person. But it’s not your boring stock standard buffet, Chie says. “We do great presentation as well as maintain the quality of our high standard meal. This will be ideal for work functions and ladies group lunch get-togethers.”

“Because it is not just Teppan Yaki all the way, you can taste lovely light Japanese avours as well as popular Teppan Yaki cooking.”

you call Chie and ask about ‘Monkey’s Teppan Yaki’ for your next celebration. Monkey’s Teppan Yaki is taking breakfast, lunch and dinner bookings from Monday to Sunday throughout Christchurch and Selwyn district, so get in quick to secure your date. “Taka’s really enjoying doing something new,” Chie says. “And most importantly the feedback we are getting is absolutely fantastic.” Contact Chie on 021 965 281 to make a booking or you can call Monkey Spices restaurant on (03) 347 7444 or email The new Facebook page and website will be up and running soon, so keep an eye out.

A ‘trust the chef’ course is also available for $85 a head, great for those who love food and want to try Taka’s special avours throughout the course. “All of our courses will consist of amazing Japanese food before Taka does cooking with Teppan grill (sh, meat and fried rice),” Chie says. “Because it is not just Teppan Yaki all the way, you can taste lovely light Japanese avours as well as popular Teppan Yaki cooking.” Over the cooler winter months Monkey’s Teppan Yaki can provide a gazebo to keep the winter wind off, they can set up outside your main dining area so you can watch from the comfort of your home or the garage can also make a great dining destination. Most importantly, you can play host to a fantastic dinner without having to worry about a thing. Spending time with your family, friends or colleagues and celebrating a special occasion with great food and an amazing dining experience would add unforgettable moments and memories to your life for sure. So why don’t

Fendalton’s Favourite Café


Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee Fully Licensed

Traditional Japanese Cuisine from the Tomi Family


Choose from our special $20 menu every Mon Tue or Wed

Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 0730-430pm Sat-Sun: 0830-430pm

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414


Open Sunday Now!! Lunch: Tues-Sat 11:30am-2.00pm Dinner: Tues-Sun 5:30pm till late

76 Edgeware Road, Edgeware Mall Christchurch Ph: 03 377 8028

Open from 11am Mon - Fri and 10am Weekends 7 DAYS WEEK Northwood Supa Centre (Next to City Fitness) P. 323 4497

follow us on facebook

Metropol Sept,4 2014 61


By Wendy Dunlop

Tempting twists A French bistro is dened as a “small neighbourhood restaurant serving wellpriced good food” so if you haven’t discovered Leinster Road Bistro yet it’s time you did!


n an atmosphere of relaxed comfort you will be delighted by a menu of variety and avour whether you are there for brunch, lunch, dinner or a shot of really good coffee. A good team of chefs, led by Nicholas Morling, dishes up a selection of favourites incorporating tempting twists of taste: mousseline stuffed chicken thighs, wild venison with goats’ cheese polenta, or pork belly with apple cider reduction and quail’s egg. The bistro is also well known for their steaks, both llet and ribeye served with homecut fries, and their popular sh of the day. You can sample duck served three different ways, enjoy a pizza, a risotto or a salad, delight in some crisp sh and chips or traditional sausage and mash; or you can indulge in delectable desserts that include brulée, sorbet, parfait, poached rhubarb, apple tarte tatin, chocolate fondant, affogato and a cheeseboard. Blackboard specials are a daily delight and provide additional ideas for a lunch or light meal, while the range of side dishes enhances whatever you decide to order. To go with the meal of your choice, the wine list emphasises New Zealand wines and you’ll nd a good selection from Australia and Europe as well.

In an atmosphere of relaxed comfort you will be delighted by a menu of variety and avour whether you are there for brunch, lunch, dinner or a shot of really good coffee.

Rewlaitxh a view Fish Lamb Beef

Pasta Risotto

Enjoy contemporary NZ cuisine with a European influence, prepared by an expert team. Relax in the sumptuous leather booths Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. 158 Leinster Road, Merivale (30 metres from Papanui Road)

Reservations Ph. 355 3055 62 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

Gold Award Winner

New Menu • Stunning plates to share • Authentic Italian Pizza • More fresh pasta • Devine Desserts Warm and heated deck with stunning views of Lyttelton Cosy restaurant, intimate and relaxed Live Music with Carmel Courtney every Sunday afternoon Your Host Sarah & Nick Freeman



328 7517

Like us on facebook

47 London Street, Lyttelton

178 A Papanui Rd Merivale Ph. 356 2255 Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm Mon-Sat Dinner: 5.30pm-Late Mon-Sat

376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421


of taste

The wine list emphasises New Zealand wines and you’ll nd a good selection from Australia and Europe as well. Since opening four years ago, Leinster Road Bistro has secured a loyal local following and increasing popularity by those who discover its affordable quality. “Our reputation is based on good food and we strive to keep the price of mains down,” says owner Harry Kain. But a dining experience is also about atmosphere and Leinster Rd Bistro already has my vote. As well as outdoor dining, light generous space provides intimate tables and comfortable leather backed booths for relaxed and appealing privacy. Service is attentive but unobtrusive and good acoustics allows music

to be heard at subdued moderate volume so you can enjoy quiet conversation. This is a restaurant that welcomes customers of all ages. Indulge in a mid morning coffee, take the family out for a Sunday brunch, enjoy a classy dinner with friends, incorporate a business meeting over lunch or treat yourself to a break from shopping. Reasonable, classy, quiet and comfortable, it’s time you enjoyed a leisurely bistro experience. Conveniently located in Merivale, Leinster Road Bistro is open seven days for brunch, lunch and dinner (except Saturday brunch and Sunday dinner). Bon appétit.

“ Tastes so good, it should be a sin”

‘The Cronut’ Breads of Europe Bakehouse Shop Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm Metropol Sept,4 2014 63



Bathrooms of the future


ere is a true glimpse into the future! To commemorate its 140th birthday Kohler asked four of the world's leading architects to design a bathroom in keeping with a particular theme. SJB Architects of Melbourne were selected to design a bathroom of the future… Tristan Wong, SJB architect who spearheaded the design, felt the bathroom of the future could be a global traveller's retreat and as such located in the hull of a ship or fuselage of a jet. Wong's vision is of a seamless, folding cocoon of new-age materials – inspired by the highly sculpted, dynamic forms emerging in car and boat design – melding highly

Mirrored walls in the bathroom have integrated PC screens to enable the global nomad to reconnect with the world. evolved technology with a tactile experience that imparts a feeling of invigoration and vitality to anyone entering the space. Walls and ceiling fold and merge to conceal lighting, speakers and exhaust fan, transporting what is essentially a highly practical multidisciplinary bathing space to an exciting and dynamic level. The yacht-style timber ooring provides warmth underfoot which complements the long, carbon bre vanity that morphs into a daybed. “We made an intentional shift away from the more traditional bathroom materials of tile and

64 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

stone – that often have a cold, utilitarian feel – to the highly versatile Kerlite which is a kind of ceramic porcelain. Carbon bre was the other material used extensively in the design.” Kohler's SOK overowing bath was chosen for both its luxury and its ability for contained overow, even in rough seas and occasional turbulence. The futuristic Numi toilet, a Bluetooth enabled 'hub' offering music, night light, warm air for the feet and automatically opening and closing lid and seat, is placed in the space as much for its sculptural effect as its versatility. To complete the look is the multifunctional electronically controlled shower area. Mirrored walls in the bathroom have integrated PC screens to enable the global nomad to reconnect with the world after having enjoyed a precious interlude of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Latest trends in window furnishings

They cascaded from the catwalk into the consumer conscious and now they’re making their way into our homes...


old prints, contemporary metallics, striking geometrics and large scale orals, or neutrals complemented with natural earthy shades of blues, greens and greys. Whether you want classic, contemporary retro or vintage, there’s something for everyone when it comes to curtains. And let’s face it, nothing quite nishes off a room the way window furnishings do. Complete Curtains offers just that – the complete range of curtains and curtain accessories with all the help and advice you need to get them. “There are certainly a wide range of styles, colours and fabrics and importantly, a range to suit anyone’s budgetary requirements,” managing director Lorraine Watkins explains. “But the most important thing we offer is an all-round service.” I guess you could call it, well, complete. The Temuka based business services the entire Canterbury region with a van full of samples ready to come directly to you. Working with Lorraine are Christchurch locals Kay and Ann-Maree who collectively offer more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. “Kay and AnnMaree have had extensive training, they are up with the latest trends and have some great ideas they are ready to share. “We have a van full of samples which comes to you and we can source more samples if there is something specic you’re looking for. We cover drapes, tracks and blinds, and we are a licensee for Luxaex Blinds.” There are voiles, nets, thermal-coated, block-out, cotton, linen and polyester

Whether you want classic, contemporary retro or vintage, there’s something for everyone when it comes to curtains. And let’s face it, nothing quite nishes off a room the way window furnishings do.

fabrics, as well as upholstery fabric which is also available. Samples of it all are carried in the van and the team will go out of its way to secure specic samples of a specic product or look. With Christmas right around the corner, when everybody wants their house in tip top shape for the family to visit, now’s the time to get organised. Thankfully Complete Curtains offers a free consultation, with measure and quote. Lorraine has owned the business for six years and is as passionate about it today as the rst day she started. “I love what I do. The right window furnishings can insulate, enhance and add value to your home, so it’s important for us to support our customers to ensure they get the right curtains for their needs. “There are no problems, only solutions.” To see Complete Curtains’ window solutions for yourself, give them a call on 0800 811 811.

Make an appointment with either Kay or Anne-Maree for your

measure and quote



making (Conditions apply)

Tracks and blinds are also available

Phone 0800 811 811 Metropol Sept,4 2014 65


European collections combine with NZ design From one side of the world to the other, European and New Zealand designs nd their place together.


renzseater began with the design talent of Ben Lewis and his custom made furniture. Designed and made locally, the pieces are upholstered in beautiful fabrics which he has sourced from renowned European mills – the perfect combination of fresh local design and European tradition. The store has long worked with European designers, complementing Ben's work with interior furnishing that will complete a room, from wallpaper and rugs to bed linen and large statement pieces. A new relationship with design company Eichholtz means that Trenzseater now has the Eichholtz collection throughout their stores. “A grand scale of objects, lighting and accessories,” says Ben of the new collection with its opulent and classic look. The Netherlands based company is known for this opulence and grand scale, and exquisite taste in beautiful furniture, lighting objects and accessories for the home. Founded 20 years ago by Theo Eichholtz, it was his experience of travelling which created a passion for creating his own line of interior design. Inspiration for their collections comes from museums, antique auctions and antique dealers from across the world, with the pieces created by craftsmen who have

retained traditional skills, such as casting copper and blowing glass, that have been lost elsewhere. Eichholtz is a company which Ben had been aware of for many years, with the collection tting well inside the walls of Trenzseater stores in Christchurch and Auckland. It features a selection of free standing and hanging lamps modelled on original search lights, with names such as Sea Explorer, Spitre, Speildberg and Royal Master Sealight lending visions of past eras.

Ben describes Eichholtz as a high end product with the quality of each piece evident in the detailing. Each design is artisan crafted giving them a hand nished nature, and meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same.

Kitchen Maker Christchurch LTD

66 Sept,4 2014 Metropol


Beautiful big ginger jars, natural horn, chandeliers, table lamps with crystal bases, clocks and lamps in the wonderful colour of aged brass, and an array of nickel pieces from heavy trays to clocks, are just some of the pieces in the collection which is currently in store. Ben describes Eichholtz as a high end product with the quality of each piece evident in the detailing. Each design is artisan crafted giving them a hand ď€ nished nature, and meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same. With items from the collection imported every month, it means that there is always a good range in store and there is never a long wait for delivery. Eichholtz is just one of the international lines with which Trenzseater has a connection.

Andrew Martin furniture from renowned English designer Andrew Waller makes up many of the other pieces, including the industrial styled Kipling desk and the Da Gama Campaign console and desk, with their shiny steel and brown leather trim.

Aiming to exceed our clients expectations Design & Build



Andrew Martin furniture from renowned English designer Andrew Waller makes up many of the other pieces, including the industrial styled Kipling desk and the Da Gama Campaign console and desk, with their shiny steel and brown leather trim. The store also has a large range of commercial furniture available through their commercial division, and often works with architects to supply high end ofď€ ce furniture, such as the European designed Luxy and Wilkhahn. View the Eichholtz Collection at, or visit Trenzeater at 121 Blenheim Road to see the many beautiful spaces for living that they have created.

the style file homestaging/furniture hire

Add value to your home Enhance your properties appeal Achieve greater appeal with minimum outlay Sell faster furnished

p. 344 5972 e.

Ph: 0800 314 627 or 03 379 9973 pam bamforth 021 314 626 Metropol Sept,4 2014 67


By Susi J. Matz

The art of renovations Timing is everything; something I have recently been reminded of. Often it brings positive change and never more so than during the decision to renovate.

68 Sept,4 2014 Metropol


ecently my husband and I purchased a home in Remuera, Auckland, and although designed by an architect, it needs our personal stamp, our style. And so the process begins… The process from beginning to end is a journey; from exploring the space to changing/creating, simple, yet elegant style. Involved is the dealing with time frames, the diverse choice of trades people, and decisions on the different elements needed. Considerations on bathroom or kitchen remodelling – should it be a restoration or a complete new design? What about the nishes, cabinetry, ooring, hardware, light xtures? These are things that your architect team will advise and assist with to make your space harmonious.

HOME The team at Matz surpasses the problems of dated houses to combine luxurious living and contemporary, cutting edge architectural designs into redesigns that t with their existing neighbourhoods.

Some clients have a good general idea, yet seek inspiration and direction. Finding an architect who will work together with you, understanding your needs and encouraging you to expand your thinking is incredibly important. This decision will make the entire process enjoyable and ensure the end result is the vision turned into reality. Often the most desirable building sites, such as those with water access or mountain views have already been built on, and just as often there are existing building codes that prohibit tear-downs or expansions by restricting renovations to existing setbacks, footprints, or height restrictions. Matz Architects’ designs show how they seamlessly integrate existing structures into striking remodels, and how the team at Matz surpasses the problems of dated houses to

Finding an architect who will work together with you, understanding your needs and encouraging you to expand your thinking is incredibly important.

combine luxurious living and contemporary, cutting edge architectural designs into redesigns that t with their existing neighbourhoods. The scope of renovating experience that the Matz Architects’ team has ranges from villas and bungalows, apartments and town houses, beach homes to country estates, with residential remodels featuring light-lled spaces, expansive views, and the change from restrictive spaces into open, spacious and welcoming designs. I for one will enjoy my renovation journey ahead with the team, and take the challenge to change my house into my family’s home, a place in which to enjoy the memories that we all make. Contact Phillip Matz at Matz Architects and the experienced design team to help you reimagine one room or an entire home.

French Vintage Chic Boutique French Brocante and Antiques, bianca lorenne bedlinens and all things beautiful for your home

273 Plaskett Fernside Ph 03 313 1366 Phone 348 3285

295 Blenheim Rd

Hours: Open Daily from 10am or by appointment Anette & Graeme Drewery Metropol Sept,4 2014 69


Hottest European

tile trends


hat do brick mosaics, retro bevelled edged geometrics, traditional lineal woodlook tiles and textured patterns all have in common?

They represent some of the hottest tile trends to hit Europe and now, thanks to Naturally Tiles, Christchurch has access to all the latest looks here in our own backyard. “The number one tile trend we’re seeing right now is stylish wood look tiles,” explains Naturally Tiles design consultant Jenny Swanson Edwards. “With wood look tiles, the natural look of wood is easy to introduce and easier to maintain.” The availability of wood-look tiles has opened up a whole array of design possibilities, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and showers where traditionally a wood-look wasn’t possible. Better yet underoor heating can easily be installed without the re and warping risk associated with timber. Besides innovations in the wood look, manufacturers are also playing with pattern and geometry and these are becoming increasingly popular on the local market due to renovation shows such as The Block and House Rules. Patterns are appearing on tiles themselves and some tiles are being designed to create patterns by the way they are installed on walls and oors. Some installations are a mix of both. A chic monochrome feature oor, black hexagonal bathroom wall tiles and a vintage subway look tile laid in a herringbone pattern are just some of the striking designs to hit the show in recent times, looks which can all be replicated at Naturally Tiles. “Whether you’re after something bold or a

simpler piece, there are textures and patterns to suit everyone,” Jenny says. “Retro bevelled edged tiles in duck egg blue or beige are currently a huge hit for both bathrooms and kitchens,” Jenny says. “There’s a real nostalgia connected to these tiles which is what draws a lot of our customers to them.” Brick-styled mosaics or subway tiles are

“The number one tile trend we’re seeing right now is stylish wood look tiles,”

also being increasingly sought after, in a wide range of sizes to suit, and textures are playing an increasing role in both kitchens and bathrooms, bringing depth and added focal interest to a space and offering that ‘wow’ factor even in the neutral colours favoured in Kiwi homes. “We have a huge range of tiles which are in stock and available now,” Jenny says. “We can also source an incredible range of tiles direct from Italy for the same price as what’s

HOME Brick-styled mosaics or subway tiles are also being increasingly sought after, in a wide range of sizes to suit, and textures are playing an increasing role in both kitchens and bathrooms, offering that ‘wow’ factor even in the neutral colours favoured in Kiwi homes.

available here. “What owner Heather Cayford has managed to achieve at Naturally Tiles is a store in the heart of Christchurch, offering the latest looks to hit Europe. She has a great eye for working out which of the latest European looks will suit the New Zealand market and that ensures we have the latest and most popular ranges here in the store.” It’s often difcult for people to envision what they want with what they already have; Naturally Tiles can send a

design consultant to your home to help with those decisions, free of charge. The showroom is centrally located on Mandeville Street, with a wide range of high quality tiles for as low as $60 a square metre and brands available exclusively at Naturally Tiles, including Lea Ceramiche, Marca Corona and Rondine. To see the range for yourself visit the striking showroom at 13 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, phone (03) 343 0933 or visit

...always something different

naturally tiles

- naturally

13 Mandeville St Ph: (03) 343 0933 Christchurch


Respecting traditional style


o matter the age of your character home, the kitchen and bathroom inevitably become its heart and yet often the traditional character of these essential arenas of home life is lost to the accessibility of modern ttings and xtures. Yet there are numerous sources of old-style kitchen and bathroom appliances and xtures that meld period charm and beauty with contemporary efciency. Edward Gibbon is making the accessibility of period appropriate xtures and ttings that much easier by bringing together a wide range of suppliers all under the one roof. “We're very much a one stop shop,” explains Edward Gibbons Manager Lesley Storm. “We have something for everyone's budget.” The bathroom xture that has proven most desirable in its period incarnations is the bath tub.

Freestanding baths with or without feet are a popular option for a period appropriate bathroom. Plumbline's bath tubs are available in a wide range of options, including cast iron, acrylic or resin and there is a wide range, including baths which can be painted to suit the décor. Vanities are another prime factor when designing a traditional bathroom space. Classic lines and decorative trim work are the cornerstones of historic vanities, along with furniture-style cabinets, ornate moulding and subdued colour schemes. Textures and nishes are generally smooth and metals are classically sculpted and polished.



flowers on cashmere

Plumbline offers a range of traditional solid timber American oak vanities which can be stained to suit your colour preference to a range of ve colours including cherry, jarrah and birch. There are also striking vanities available in rare New Zealand rimu or if space is tight, there are pedestal basins as an ode to art deco. Of all the working parts in a kitchen or bathroom, the faucet might be the one we most often press into service. Matching bath and basin taps with the rest of your bathroom adds authenticity to your traditional bathroom. Rounded sculptural lines are the ultimate mixer design for the olde world bathroom and


Cnr Fisher Ave & Colombo St. 92 Colombo St, Christchurch.

Phone 332 8833

72 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

curved ttings are available for both showers and vanities. Lever and cross-top handles in various nishes such as white or black porcelain or luxury Swarovski crystal are now available which can be mixed with numerous colours to create a truly customised tap. The company's bathroom and kitchen collections includes thermostatic mixers which come in a wide range of colours including chrome, nickel, pewter, iron and heaps more. “This is such a stunning range of taps, they make a great feature in a room,” Lesley says. Butler sinks are another great option to create the country style or French provincial look for your traditional kitchen. Sometimes known as farmhouse kitchen sinks, apron sinks or Belfast sinks, butler sinks are growing in popularity for character homes. Plumbline has a range of traditional handmade butler sinks from Shaws in Lancashire, England, who have been making them now for over 100 years, sinks which will complement any traditional kitchen. This range and much, much more is available from Edward Gibbon's stunning showroom 293 Cranford St, St Albans, phone (03) 366 7137 or visit


Space and light Light is functional, evocative and mood changing. To see it through the eyes of a lighting professional Metropol caught up with KS Lighting, here’s an update on that elusive illuminator and how you may dress its source…

A design setting by vissionnaire IPE Cavell: They often sell the whole setting. Lights, furniture, props and all.


hink of the space you are lighting; how you will use it and what you want to feel. Do you entertain? Want to make the space warm and inviting, restful? Then look to indirect lighting, dimmers and lighting control so you can pre-program the levels of light for different times of the evening. Pick the lights you dim wisely as if you are using LEDs remember that they don’t get warmer in colour as they dim like your good old light bulb does; LEDs are great for lighting almost every area but use wisely. And, just so you know… a few of the trends at Milan this year were:

Metallic allure Shiny brass, gold, copper and chrome teamed with white and black at times with bent wire structures from Parachilna; elegance meets industrial metal work from Buster and Punch; and our old friend Tom Dixon is delivering his version of sculpturesque lighting. Pure opulence Crystal, gold, multi layered wood, leather and feathers are all used to create a feeling of pure indulgence, this is delightfully decadent lighting and furniture that would take hours to describe. Search for Emmemobili, Visionnaire IPE Cavalli, Delightfull, Minotti and Giorgetti to name a few.

Inventive suspensions The collection of hanging lights was incredible; LED giving the designers exibility in design, papier mâché, plaster and glass which all merged to form sleek, organic, industrial and layered forms. There were modern and classic lights of every style even eclectic industrial such as that from Masterlight. Ask the team at KS Lighting about the ranges of furniture and lighting they have access to – you might be surprised at what they can source.


7 ELGIN STREET, CHRISTCHURCH P +03 379 6575 M +64 21 243 3080



Windows of


They say ‘when one door closes another one opens’, this adage helps describe, somewhat, the innovation and progression of burgeoning business Off the Track...


ecause, with an incredible range of both new and pre-loved curtains, drapes and blinds, Off the Track is catering to the ‘make to measure’ and preowned markets for both residential and commercial applications. “New curtains and blinds have always been a key part of what we do,” explains Off the Track manager Kate Blair. “We’re extremely busy with the rebuild. Post-quake we have had signicant demand for both new and renovated homes and commercial buildings. However by stocking a wide range of quality second hand curtains, we’re providing access to a variety of fabrics and styles which aren’t available in the new curtain market.”

“ We’ll even come out to your property to measure up for new curtains. We’ve consciously positioned ourselves as a one stop shop – you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.” Off the Track can offer alterations to curtains and roman blinds making from your own materials or select from the showroom, as well as small upholstery work, including window seat furnishings and cushions. And, of course, they offer the whole kit and caboodle – tracks included. “We can literally do everything,” Kate says. “We do the tracks, curtains, blinds, even automated venetians. We’ll even come out to your property to measure up for new curtains. We’ve consciously positioned ourselves as a one stop shop – you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.” The showroom features a wide range of

fabric samples and customers are milling around discussing everything from plush reloved red velvet curtains for a traditional renovation, through to a brand new look for a modern townhouse. “Colours are back in vogue,” Kate says. “People are getting brave with their colour choices which has been lacking for some time. It’s exciting to see bold colours and oral prints up there again.” The cleverly named company was the brainchild of Kate’s parents Rab and Annabel Blair 22 years ago and still remains on the very same spot, the stunning 100 year old bungalow at 106 Westminster Street, just off Cranford. “We’re now beginning to see the next generation of customers come in,” Kate adds. “These are the children and grandchildren of our previous customers and we’re now nding we have customers throughout the country, people who previously lived here or who know someone who has purchased through us in the past – it’s a great feeling.” Visit Off the Track at 106 Westminster Street or phone (03) 355 8398.

Off The Track C U R T A I N S Curtains & roman blinds made to order, your fabric or ours Curtain alteration services available Visit our showroom to see our extensive range of second hand curtains, we may also buy your unwanted curtains

established 20yrs Cnr Westminster & Cranford Sts P. 355 8398 W. 74 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

RICHARDS BUILDING New Architectural Homes

Building Repairs

Project Management Commercial Fit Out Large & Small Renovations, Restorations & Alterations Brad Richards 021 025 10654

Metropol Sept,4 2014 75


Wellington's supreme homes REVEALED Last issue Metropol featured a selection of the nest homes in Canterbury which have won awards in the Renovation of the Year and House of the Year Awards. Now Wellington and Wairarapa's supreme homes have been revealed. The Gold Award winners from all regions will now be assessed to nd the National Gold Reserve nalists, which will be announced in early September…


new home in Masterton and a renovation in Khandallah have been named this year's nest Wellington and Wairarapa homes, winning Supreme Awards in the Wellington and Wairarapa Registered Master Builders 2014 House of the Year.


Design Builders (Wairarapa) took out four regional awards, including a Gold Award and category win for the James Hardie New Homes $450,000 - $600,000, the Craftsmanship Award and the Supreme Award for the Wellington and Wairarapa Registered Master Builders 2014 House of the Year. Plan It Construction Limited was awarded the Supreme Award for the Wellington and Wairarapa Registered Master Builders 2014 Renovation of the Year, as well as the Outdoor Living Award and a Gold Award and category win for the ITM Renovation Award $250,000 - $500,000. The company also won a Silver Award and the Plumbing World Bathroom Excellence Award for another entry in Mt Victoria. Design Builders (Wairarapa)'s winning home

geoff tune architecture ltd Specialists in residential new homes + alterations

2. . impressed judges, who praised the builder for a well-tailored response to his client's brief. “The builder went to great lengths to suit the home to the owner's lifestyle, working closely with the homeowner to integrate their personality throughout,” they said. “Boasting subtle but beautifully crafted features, including ground concrete oors, a tastefully displayed bookcase and replace, the workmanship in this home was difcult to fault.”

If your workplace facilities are out of action due to an incident. Call our RAPID Response Unit!

Clean now! 03 260 0066

Dedicated to professional, hygenic, eco-friendly cleaning

Ph. 03 356 1387 C. 021-361-103


76 Sept,4 2014 Metropol



4. The Gold Award winners from all regions will now be assessed to nd the National Gold Reserve nalists, which will be announced in early September…

“The builder overcame a number of challenges, including a steep site with restricted access and a large excavation to create a seamless addition to a historically important building. Built with accuracy and precision, the builder has fully carried out his client's wishes.” The national category winners and the Registered Master Builders Supreme Awards for Renovation of the Year and House of the Year will be announced at a gala dinner in Auckland in November.

The judges called Plan It Construction's winning build an immaculate renovation on an extremely difcult site. “This was a building with historical signicance to Wellington, and the builder was tasked with matching up all weatherboards, details and skirtings as per the original build,” they said.

1. PlaceMakers New Homes $350,000$450,000, Gold: David Reid Homes for a home in (Kapiti) Peka Peka. 2. GIB Show Home Award, Gold & Category: Aramus Limited for a build in Porirua. 3. James Hardie New Homes $450,000$600,000, Gold: Estilo Homes Limited, for a home in Whitby. 4. Supreme Award and Wellington and Wairarapa Registered Master Builders 2014 House of the Year: Design Builders (Wairarapa) Limited for a home in Masterton.


5. Supreme Award and Wellington and Wairarapa Registered Master Builders 2014 Renovation of the Year: Plan It Construction for a home in Khandallah.


Contact Simon

Shane 021 796 555 e. Metropol Sept,4 2014 77


Kitchen heaven L

ifestyle Appliances, a premium kitchen destination, has announced its partnership with world renowned restaurateur and MasterChef New Zealand judge, Josh Emett. As ambassador, Emett's role includes opening Lifestyle Appliances stores across the country, hosting VIP events, sharing recipes and recommending favourite appliances from the premium ranges in store. “More and more New Zealanders are embracing the trend of cooking and entertaining at home and I'm proud to partner with Noel Leeming Lifestyle Appliances, which has the best appliances on the market all showcased in an incredible environment. It's like walking into kitchen heaven,” says Mr Emett. Lifestyle Appliances is a dedicated store inside selected Noel Leeming stores with cooking in-built facilities and spacious purpose-built showrooms displaying premium kitchen appliances. The showroom is supported by a team of specialists who provide one-on-one product demonstrations and support the customer to select the right products for their particular needs. There are 3

fall in

Lifestyle Appliance stores nationwide, Wairau Park, St Lukes and Napier, with Moorhouse in Christchurch opening very soon. Noel Leeming CEO, Tim Edwards says: “Our Lifestyle Appliances stores specialise in high performance, stylishly designed kitchenware, so a partnership with Josh Emett as a world-renowned culinary chef is a natural t and our team are looking forward to working with Josh and helping

As ambassador, Emett's role includes opening Lifestyle Appliances stores across the country, hosting VIP events, sharing recipes and recommending favourite appliances from the premium ranges. our customers benet from his expertise. “We are focusing on the in-store experience for our customers, offering end-to-end service across a range of cooking and appliance solutions. We have had excellent feedback on the interactive cooking space in Lifestyle Appliances, which allows customers to really engage with and understand a

range of appliances to help them make the best decision for their needs,” says Mr Edwards. Josh Emett was a Michelin star recipient during his time heading restaurants for chef, Gordon Ramsay. He is also Food Director at Auckland's Ostro and owner of restaurants Rata and Madam Woo in Queenstown. Lifestyle Appliances will open on Moorhouse Ave; Christchurch on 11 September.



Love with your

favourite furniture

all over again.

Recover your couches and chairs and save money!




Somereld Upholstery




10 Calgary Place, Hornby Ph 021 251 6200 365 8046 QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED



Eco Friendly Door Designs Lighting Appliances Benchtops Storage Sinks



Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian & Tammy Kay

P. 03 338 1081 M. 027 338 1081 E. E.


w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z

Architectural design and build service Delivering quality through craftsmanship


Custom made soft furniture Diana Adams Painting "Morning Tarn” $240 from Industria.

Available from Modkids.

Design 5 Upholstery for all upholstering needs. Stunning embellish cross bracelets from THE RED HOUSE.

Stylish daisy table from Bella Gifts. Maple coffee table from $995.00 available at Ambrose Heal.




urniture is what makes a space and brings function to a room. The accents of colour, texture and shape enhance the atmosphere you want to create and so it is important to select quality furniture to suit your space and needs. Design 5 specialises in custom made, soft furniture and work closely with their clients to create quality, one-off pieces. Customer satisfaction is paramount which means listening and problem solving are key in ensuring people get exactly what they want. Simon Grifths has 20 years’ experience in the industry and leads a skilled team of craftsmen. Collaborating with joiners, Design 5 have expertise in furnishing commercial outts, the most recent being Queenstown Airport. This has had the team busy tting tub chairs, stools, couches and booth seating, all custom designed and made from scratch.



Design Upholstery

Make your furniture dreams become a reality...

The Mill Kaiapoi


Commercial Upholstery


Domestic Upholstery

Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 C. 027 494 6706

handcrafted furniture for kids and teens Ideal travel shoe as just need the one sole and your choice of tops

From the classics to contemporary styles of today.

The most comfortable shoe you may have ever worn

Custom making in solid wood including Oak, Maple & recycled Rimu Hours: 10am til 5pm Tues to Fri and Sat 10am til 2pm. Closed Sun, Mon.

Introducing “One Sole Shoes” Simply purchase the One Pair of these

Comfy Shoes

Personal design service New Zealand made

Cnr Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd, Chch. Ph/Fax: 385 3138 E:

88 William St Kaiapoi p. 03 327 2626

w w w. a m b r o s e h e a l f u r n i t u r e . c o . n z

then your choose over 100 designer tops available

Ph 03 337 0903

83 Centaurus Rd Cashmere

Open: Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm Open Sat 10-4pm, Sun 10.30-4pm

Metropol Sept,4 2014 79


Vibrant playroom for the creative

Cosy cat bed centre from Petworld.

Unique handcrafted giftware and homeware at Rickety Rosies.


titch is a vibrant playroom for knitters and stitchers where you are welcomed with an array of colours, patterns and textures, forming a space that is captivating and warm. It is a delight to the senses to be able to handle the products and judge colour, scale and print in person, which can't be experienced shopping on-line. By popping into your local patchwork and knitting specialist, you will not only receive luxury quality fabric and yarn but great customer service and free expert advice. The mother and daughter duo behind Stitch, Penny and Fenella Jameson, uphold the traditional skills and knowledge of these therapeutic crafts in a fresh, modern way. They offer luxurious products, a variety of classes and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Located at 27a Colombo Street Cashmere. Phone (03) 332 1820.

Need a corset? Groovy costumes has a great variety for you to hire or buy.

Huia, Egg and Nest by Tatyanna Meharry from the exhibition 'Entwine' at Little River Gallery.

Hand-crafted metal Pukeko's, 350 & 450mm high, $89 each from Bridge Interiors

Breathe new life into everyday objects with the art of Fabric Decoupage. Classes now at Stitch.


Stitch offers a wide range of Sewing Products and classes.


Visit their website for more details.

402A Main North Rd Redwood 3546976

27a Colombo St Cashmere Ph. 332 1820

R i c ke t y Ro s i e s Gather your friends together & book an exclusive evening at Groovy Costumes. Enjoy wine, cheese and a free range to try on any of our costumes in store.

S ll Christchurch's oldest established pet store...

Offering a unique range of handcrafted giftware & houseware by local artists

Large selec on of handraised & aviary birds. 100 tanks of tropical & coldwater ďŹ sh, ki ens, puppies, rabbits, rodents, rep les & a selected range of pet supplies

2 Hr Packages start at $35 per head min of 8 people We can make a package to suit your requirements

Groovy Costumes 270a Cranford St P. 9814 262

115 Rugby St Merivale p. 03 355 8232

Open Hours: Tues - Thurs & Sat 10am - 4pm

80 Sept,4 2014 Metropol

475 Ferry Rd Woolston

Open 9am - 5.30pm 363 days - Phone / Fax 03 3890-870


has never been cooler


Specialising in high end preloved clothes Louis Who (adjacent to Twine) Interiors to suit any decor available at Reincarnation.

Toshi childrens summer hats at Terra Viva.

Contemporary shelving unit at Terra Viva

Cast Glass Kiwis Available from Majuba Gallery

Fabulous selection of vintage style purses from Skout.

Reincarnation Elegance & Style

kout – Vintage Cool has a new home at The Colombo and a stronger focus on ‘vintage,’ but that’s all that’s changed. Owner Kaaran Robinson is still as picky as ever about what products she stocks in her quirky, vintage-inspired store. Dedicated to supporting local craftspeople, Skout recently teamed up with Christchurch-based The Hope Tree to offer beautiful bags and purses made from a variety of cute fabrics. You’ll also nd a collection of beautiful, vintage-inspired dresses by Lazybones, a Byron Bay-based designer making headlines for all the right reasons. Following customer requests for authentic vintage clothing, Robinson has sourced a selection of classic vintage pieces. Of the new range, Robinson says, “Don’t expect ‘70s dress-up clothes. I only stock pieces that I would personally wear – this range is more classic ‘50s style.”


Owner Karen

less is more

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES Retro Vintage Antiques Treasures

Interiors to suit your individual taste, personality & lifestyle

350 Port Hills Rd Hillsborough

Open 7 Days P. 332 3302

Open Thursday - Sunday 9.00am - 400pm The Mill, 1473 Main North Rd Waikuku Ph. 03 3122 152




lush green peace lilies in white pots – simple & stylish. good range of houseplants & cover pots.







The Colombo, 363 Colombo St Ph.021 1272783

Cnr Wairakei Rd & Roydvale Ave Open 7 Days 8.30am-5.00pm Ph:3585565 Metropol Sept,4 2014 81


Passion for rugs

launches new service


pring is thought to be a time to make space for new developments to emerge and ourish. At Fendalton Rugs spring time has arrived in full force and is welcoming the new season with an incredible, once in a lifetime sale with 40% off all rug stock. Fendalton Rugs exclusively stocks and sells oriental rugs which are renowned for their beautiful colours, intricate patterns and luxurious textures. The hand knotted rugs which are sourced and sold by owner Jean Pollard have been personally selected by her, ensuring a consistency of ne quality for her customers. Jean's passion for this ancient art form has spanned a lifetime but with a new venture on the horizon, the time calls for a huge stock clear out which starts 4 September and will run until the end of the month. Jean will continue to offer her valuation service as well as her interior designer consultancy but will now be focusing her energies on establishing a specialist rug maintenance service. Although oriental rugs have a legitimate reputation for longevity, they are made of the natural bres of wool, cotton and silk which means they are not indestructible. Inexpert dry cleaning can cause permanent damage to the look and value of a rug.



Jean has evolved her role within the industry and her experience and knowledge means she has the skills necessary to organise the repair and cleaning of your treasured rug, preserving its elegant and rened appearance. Along with her expert advice on regular maintenance and care, you can be sure your timeless piece will bring many years of pleasure.

Jean will still be operating under the well-known name of Fendalton Rugs but from the beginning of October you will nd her at 11 Camrose Place, Ilam. Phone (03) 358 7943 or 022 350 3368, or go to



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HOME “Residential landscaping is about creating more interesting spaces, but most importantly, it’s about making spaces which suit their needs.” Sustainable, low-maintenance gardens are a big residential landscaping trend this year with a lot of hard landscaping and a number of homeowners choosing to have their garden and eat it too, with edible gardens increasing in popularity. KamoMarsh Landscape Architects is also engaged in a number of hill site properties, with earthquake repairs allowing the opportunity for exterior refurbishment, Danny Kamo says. “Many of these hill site properties in the likes of Cashmere have fty year old terraced gardens, so we’re giving a lot of advice on how to update these properties,” Danny says.

“Residential landscaping is about creating more interesting spaces, but most importantly, it’s about making spaces which suit their needs.”


uch like architects are the masters of our built environment, landscape architects are the masters of our external spaces and, like the former, the landscape architect utilises a diverse skillset to manipulate a space to do exactly Make a small space appear larger, make a larger space more intimate, create a space for children to play or somewhere for entertaining, anything is possible with the help of a good landscape architect and, let’s face it, when it comes to your property, rst impressions really do count. According to KamoMarsh Landscape Architects’ John Marsh, no space is too small to benet from strong landscape design plan. “With a small space, landscaping might only require one tree, but it’s about getting the right tree in the right place,” John says.

“Swimming pool additions are also proving popular in the residential landscaping eld.” KamoMarsh has long standing relationships with some of the city’s most signicant residential development rms, such as Ngai Tahu Property, Hughes Developments and Mike Greer Homes. With these organisations signicantly ramping up their output postquake, KamoMarsh has become involved with some of the city’s biggest residential developments including Faringdon in Rolleston, the $40 million town centre at the heart of Wigram Skies and Kaiapoi’s popular Beachgrove subdivision. Yet the workload is by no means restricted to the residential domain, with the company involved in developments such as the country’s largest business park iZone, education facilities, farm and dairy conversion and show gardens. Contact KamoMarsh Landscape Architects to discuss your ideas and plans, because landscape architecture is about more than building a garden, it’s about creating an identity. Call (03) 366 8181 or visit

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