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The ‘stupid criminal of the week’ was awarded to a guy named Dwayne Yeager by the Huffington Post last week. Apparently Dwayne badly wanted to get out of going to work on Monday so he fabricated a burglary of his house. Stupid. Yeager, 31, called authorities a bit after 7am saying he had gone out for a short while and returned to see his doors and windows open, TVs on the floor. Police showed up but they couldn’t find any signs of forced entry. It was about that time that a neighbour strolled over and Angela Bennett, Editor told the police that they had seen Yeager open the doors and windows himself. Yeager admitted the lie and was arrested and charged with giving false information to the police. What a fail. Surely all he had to do was call in with food poisoning or a migraine headache or something… His stupidity reminded me of mine when I was desperate for a day off school when I was young. I had got past base one which was the initial groaning when Mum woke me up. She had left me in bed and arrived back with a hot lemon drink saying she would see how I was in a few minutes. I panicked – she didn’t look convinced and wasn’t as sympathetic as I thought she should have been so I grabbed the thermometer she had brought in and dunked it in my hot drink. When she arrived back I had that thermometer innocently tucked under my tongue. She took it out and smiled – the mercury was over the 40s and almost hitting the end of the glass. I should have been near death. Stupid. So what have you done to avoid a day at work? Here are some interesting excuses I came across. “I forgot to bring in the Sunday paper, so when I saw the paper there, I thought it was Sunday. By the time I realised it was Monday, it was too late, so I stayed home.” One text from a Canadian worker read: “Running a few minutes late. Bear with me.” This was followed by a picture of a large black bear in his driveway. Homosexuality was classified as an illness in Sweden in 1979 and a lot of people phoned in sick saying they felt gay. Not long after homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness there. Another guy could join our ‘stupid’ ranks. He was cutting towards himself with a Stanley knife and cut his leg which resulted in quite a few stitches. The next day he was in a lot of pain so he took the day off – which he said was fine but he is now forever known as ‘the guy who called in sick for stabbing himself in the leg’. Also in America, with Alice in Wonderland overtones, a guy who worked at a grocery store said one of the overnight floor cleaners ate a bunch of mushrooms and called in sick, terrified, because as he claimed, “I can’t come into work, I’m an inch tall.” Forbes magazine did a survey on why employees may take time off work. Apart from actually feeling under the weather, the most common reasons employees skip work are: They just don’t feel like going (33%); they felt like they needed to relax (28%); they wanted to catch up on sleep (19%); they had a doctor’s appointment (12%); or they had errands to do (8%). Of course while it may be best to bite the bullet and turn up for work, if you really do have to take a day off Forbes states it’s best to be honest. Keep it short and simple and only provide the information that’s needed!

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Living with ‘Style’ in Christchurch

“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” - Jennifer Yane.

Inspired, Timeless, Elegant

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290 Papanui Rd, Merivale

www. oneil . co. nz Metropol June 12, 2014 3

metropol Angela Bennett spends

five minutes

How did you originally become involved in developments within the hospitality industry? I have always had a passion for food and for people. The hospitality industry is the perfect environment for me to enjoy both those elements - from starting off in the local corner store selling my neighbours’ fresh fruit and veggies to working with some of the most influential people in the industry throughout my travels overseas. It has always been about creating an environment for people to come together to share good food.

4 June, 12 2014 Metropol

It’s fun finding out about all the innovative projects happening, there are some really cool entrepreneurs emerging and I am excited to see how it all evolves.


he news of the Strange’s Lane hospitality precinct is just what Cantab’s need as we head into winter. Already it’s giving the CBD a new buzz and drawing people in to check out what all the hype is about. The visionaries behind this great new precinct are the guys from the Britomart Hospitality Company (BHC) who are responsible for many of the big names in the Auckland hospitality scene, including 1885, Racket, The Britomart Country Club, Mexico, and Orleans. But their gift for designing great spots started before all of that, right here in Christchurch when they opened Cartel in 2007. Tom Newfield, who recently returned from a stint in Australia, is running the show here in Christchurch. I caught up with Tom to discover a little more about him and the latest on this exciting venture...


Tom Newfield Vespa has already opened there, are you working together on the overall ambience of the Lane? We really got lucky here. The guys at Vespa are so innovative and have such great ideas and vision for this area. It is a real pleasure to be working so closely with them. Vespa will also enjoy the central courtyard within Strange's lane creating a strong community feel. Please describe your vision of how the precinct will look (and feel) when fully up and running. We envision the space to become a destination for people to come and hang out with their mates and just have a good time in a safe and fun environment; we are all about having fun. We take an experimental approach and no doubt our patrons will make this space their own. In terms of décor, I think the elements of the building and surround will create a warm inviting atmosphere with an industrial, inner city garage feel with a bohemian edge.

BHC is set to change the face of nightlife in the CBD with three new venues in one concentrated lane – what inspired you to come back to Christchurch with such a bold plan? Fundamental to any international city is a vibrant nightlife, Christchurch has an opportunity to create something really unique; and what better place to be involved in such a project than your own hometown. What exact area will these new spots be located in and when will they open? The hospitality and entertainment precinct lies within Strange's Lane off the corner of High and Lichfield Street, all the venues can be accessed through the central courtyard. With any big project, it is hard to pinpoint an exact date. But trust me, you will be enjoying one of our moonshine martinis before winter sets in (hint late June).

What types of patrons will Strange’s Lane appeal to? Each of our venues have a unique offering, everyone will find something they enjoy there. It’s not merely for revelry across the weekends but an all-day destination that will be a focal point of Christchurch's creative quadrant. Orleans will be the first to open please give us a brief overview: A relaxed atmosphere offering extraordinary value. Inspired by the diversity, culture and history of New Orleans, we celebrate the character, individuality and incredible sense of fun with a focus on both delicious and simple fresh food. The next stage will be Strange & Co, tell us about that: Strange & Co. will house three bars within the venue, the main bar and laneway bar on the ground floor and the mezzanine bar above, all of which will be serviced by our

impeccably relaxed staff where you can enjoy live bands and local and international Djs. And the third venue, Lower 9th Diner? Filling the void of late night offerings, but also early morning. The diner will offer supreme espresso from 7am till late with burgers and our finger licking crab dishes and some pretty cool beverages in the fridge too. On a more personal note, what’s it like being back in Christchurch? Aside from all the benefits of being back on home soil, such as being closer to family and friends, there is huge potential in Christchurch. It encourages you to push the boundaries and go out and get what you want. It’s fun finding out about all the innovative projects happening, there are some really cool entrepreneurs emerging and I am excited to see how it all evolves. If you could go back and tell your teenage self something what would it be? Listen to your Mother, she is always right....don't print that though, she will just say "I told you so!” What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind, “I shouldn’t be doing this”? Ha probably something you also shouldn't print... What book would you recommend everyone should read? Whenever I do get a moment to read, it’s usually a cookbook so I can plan my next dinner party. I enjoy Bill Grangers books as he has a real easygoing approach to food that can easily be adapted to the home kitchen. What’s next on the wish list? It’s a never ending wish list with all the usual suspects, but I've got my sights set on attending the New Orleans Jazz Festival next year - for research of course...



Selfie stencils

make great street art


ake a look now, down the Oxford Terrace end of Cashel Street, and your understanding of how Christchurch will have blossomed over the three years since the earthquakes, will take a new slant. The SCAPE Public Art and Westpac’s The Stencil Art Project is not only well on the way, its art is clearly visible on the hoarding on the northern side of Cashel St.

The Stencil Art project has involved schools and community groups - the idea being to get young folk involved in their own self-art stencil and spray it up as a collaborative artwork.

The Stencil Art project has involved schools and community groups to be involved in the development of street art in the city – the idea being to get young folk involved in their own self-art stencil and spray it up as a collaborative artwork. Josie Whelan, Education and Community Engagement Manager for SCAPE Public Art, is enthusiastic about the enterprise. “We need to make sure that children feel some ownership for the city they live in,” she said. “They need to contribute to the rebuild in their own way.” “The sea of faces you will see represents the faces of children who were here when the

earthquakes happened, and are still here afterwards.” Schools and community groups include Heaton Normal Intermediate, Papanui High School, St Margaret’s College, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Westburn School and the Homespun Learning Group. The Stencil Art Project was also supported by Richie McCaw and Sophie Pascoe, Westpac Ambassadors, whose stencils were sprayed up amongst the numerous faces of the youth of Christchurch on the hoardings. Westpac, who is SCAPE Public Art’s platinum sponsor, has been a valuable partner in the development and promotion of the

Stencil Art Project and is excited to have an incredible display of youth public art right outside its new office location at Re:Start Mall. Street Art has been taking over the central city where empty sections and bare walls dominate the landscape, and it is refreshing to see colour return to this dark and at times

depressing area. Much of the street art has happened as part of Rise – a street art display at the Canterbury Museum and literally covering the walls. The works expanded from the Museum to make the most of the situation the city is in. There are even some Banksy works around. Banksy is well-known for his politically-charged work which has featured on walls, streets and buildings in some of the world's most famous cities, and now it is the turn of Christchurch. We have earned it! The exhibition’s owners George Shaw and Shannon Webster own 22 original Banksy artworks and are thrilled to be able to work with the museum to help bring the Christchurch art scene to the attention of the rest of the world. “Street art is being embraced by forwardlooking cities the world over. Our aim is to find a permanent base for our collection in Christchurch and to make the city home to a world-class annual event,” says George. Take a wander down Cashel and admire the work of our own students though. They were here when it all happened; they are still here, and their art is a part of our legacy. Enjoy.

Metropol June 12, 2014 5



Shane Cotton– One of NZ's superstar artists


etropol caught up with curator Peter Vangioni and editor Sarah Pepperle from Christchurch Art Gallery to find out about local audiences getting to experience (finally) an exhibition by one of New Zealand's superstar artists – Shane Cotton…


team, and for Shane too, to Baseland is Christchurch Art Gallery's new exhibition by Shane Cotton, one of the biggest present a selection of works for Christchurch with Baseland. names in New Zealand art. We're pretty You published a excited! What can we expect to see? beautiful new book last PV: Christchurch audiences will be treated to year to accompany the some of Shane's most recent works – including touring show, also his signature dark, brooding skyscapes, an titled The Hanging Sky. incredible suite of large 'target' prints, painted It's a very big book! baseball bats, and perhaps most importantly the SP: It is a big book, spectacular new mural-scale paintings The but a lot of Shane's Haymaker Series I–V. Baseland is all about paintings are also on a showcasing Shane's faith in painting as a grand scale, and we wanted charged space of possibility and provocation. people to feel like they could The exhibition is split between two venues – our really experience the works on the Outer Spaces gallery at 209 Tuam Street (above page. Back in 2011, when we realised The Hanging C1 Espresso) and Ilam Campus Gallery at the Sky would need to be a touring exhibition, we University of Canterbury. It's been a great started talking about the book in a different way. opportunity for both institutions to work We needed it to go beyond the show in some together in bringing Shane's paintings to ways – to represent the experience of the Christchurch. exhibition, without actually going to the Christchurch Art Gallery recently toured The Hanging Sky, an exhibition of Shane's work, to exhibition. It's been more than three years since you Brisbane, Sydney and Wellington. Had you started planning a Shane Cotton show for hoped to bring the show to Christchurch? Christchurch! That's a long time for an artist to What's the link with Baseland? be working on a project with a gallery. PV: The Hanging Sky was very well received at SP: It was a pretty special project. Despite the its previous venues, and we really wanted our Christchurch audience to experience it too. We were devastated when it became obvious that our building wouldn't be operational in time to show it. [The Gallery is undergoing base isolation and will reopen late next year.] Some of the works from The Hanging Sky were too large to show at our temporary gallery space at 209 Tuam Street, and some had to be returned to their owners – but it was important for us as a 5.

6 June, 12 2014 Metropol




building being closed, there really wasn't a time when we said 'We can't do this.' The parameters were constantly shifting, but we always believed the project – the book and the show – was worthwhile. A lot of people put in a lot of time, a lot of care – and it showed. PV: Even with all the obstacles we faced in bringing The Hanging Sky and Baseland together, Shane's commitment to the Gallery and to Christchurch never faltered. Throughout it all he remained totally committed and supportive. His support for Christchurch is highlighted perhaps most significantly with his gift of Dust, Smoke

and Rainbows, a spectacular new painting, to Christchurch Art Gallery. Baseland opens on 7 June at Christchurch Art Gallery's exhibition space at 209 Tuam Street and at Ilam Campus Gallery at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury. See for maps and information.

1. Myth Smasher 2012. Acrylic on white ash. Collection of Christchurch Art Gallery

2. Hiruhārama 2009–12. Acrylic, photo-etching and aquatint on paper. Collection of Christchurch Art Gallery

3. Shane Cotton in his studio 4. Diamond and Circles from The Haymaker Series I–V 2012. Acrylic on linen. Courtesy of Michael Lett and Hamish McKay Gallery

5. The Haymaker Series I–V 2012. Acrylic on linen. Courtesy of Michael Lett and Hamish McKay Gallery



Spare a thought for our city’s bus drivers February 22, 2011, 12.51pm. Bus driver Chloe Peck remembers the events vividly.


was driving my bus, No.12, heading into the city from the Sign of the Takahe. I had just pulled out of the Colombo St Bus Exchange, when all hell broke loose.

a-half hours.” Both drivers were impressed with the speed police and civil defence personnel arrived – in a matter of minutes, says Chloe. “We had to use the buses to block Colombo Street. It was not safe – a gas leak in Tuam Street and a crushed bus just ahead of mine claiming eight lives.” Now, over three years later, we have a “I had dropped off some elderly city painstakingly returning to normal. passengers and pulled out onto the road, Functions remain important however, when the city seemed to go crazy. The bus and that is true for the lurched and shook, and I city’s all-important The pressure on looked across the street transport services. But it is drivers is to see a massive gush of not easy though, and as liquefaction. Buildings significant, and for many of us drive private were disintegrating, and I vehicles, we tend to get a while there was a saw veranda facades grumpy when roads are shortage of them. falling down. It was scary blocked for repairs, we find to see a building as big as We are lucky that ourselves gridlocked, and the BNZ swaying.” we still have people roads that were open one Brad Maere turned his day become shut off the like Chloe and Brad. bus from Durham St onto next. Hereford at the same Think what it is like for our bus drivers moment. however. “All the buildings on my right were falling Both Chloe and Brad are “earlies” – they like a pack of cards… like dominoes. I had to leave home at 4.30am, arriving at work by stop the bus as it was shaking, and I told 5.30am for a 6.00am start. The first thing to passengers to stay inside. do is to check noticeboards for changes, “The radio informed us to stay where we and they are constant. Events (obstacles) were, and we were stuck there for two-andchange procedures and cause detours on a

Bus drivers Chloe Peck and Brad Maere

daily basis. The pressure on drivers is significant, and for a while there was a shortage of them. We are lucky that we still have people like Chloe and Brad. Think of breaks for example. They are allowed a half hour every five-and-a-half hours on duty – time to walk around, “kick the tyres”, and find a place to relieve themselves – taking their cash tin and personal effects with them. Because of the constant changes and detours, such breaks

are not easily found. “Sometimes,” says Chloe, “we simply don’t get the chance to stretch our legs.” We are lucky we still have them, aren’t we? For a week after the earthquake nobody drove the city’s buses. Now, once again, we take them for granted. When it comes to city transport they are the lifeblood. Think of them kindly the next time one of their drivers stops on a busy road to let you in.

Metropol June 12, 2014 7



Hollywood Cinema Sumner wins award by Hans Petrovic Now into his 80s, New Zealand's longest-operating film-exhibitor, Lang Masters, has just won another award for the Hollywood Cinema at Sumner, which he has been running for more than 50 years. This time, the New Zealand Motion Picture Industry Council has named the Hollywood the country's best independent cinema of the year, based on votes of theatre patrons submitted to the website. This follows on the previous year's recognition by the council of Lang for his lifetime service to the industry. “People like the theatre because it's a real cinema, not just a box. It's popular because it reminds people of original old cinemas,” says Lang. “There are murals and Oscars on the walls, which other theatres don't have. We've also upgraded all our equipment to high-

definition digital.” Despite being located so far from the centre of Christchurch, people happily travel long distances to visit the Sumner cinema. Proof of this is that the number of the people attending the annual Italian Film Festival at the Hollywood has risen by up to 50 per cent, compared with the number who used to attend it before the earthquakes at the Rialto.

Research aircraft

operating out of Christchurch Six University of Canterbury students have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in major international research led by some of the world's leading atmospheric scientists. The research involves one of the world's most advanced atmospheric research aircrafts which arrives at Christchurch International Airport this month. The geography, physics and engineering students will be working alongside United States scientists and students, releasing balloons with meteorological instruments attached to them at Hokitika to provide vertical profiles of the atmosphere immediately upwind of the Southern Alps. Other students will be working at a receiving station on the University's Physics building and at the Christchurch airport operations centre. Other instrumented sites that involve the University include a radar at Birdling's Flat and at the Mt John Observatory in Tekapo.

The research jet is a specially equipped Gulfstream V, owned by the US National Science Foundation and operated by US National Centre for Atmospheric Research. The public will be able to take a look at the aircraft at an open day at Christchurch airport on June 21.

The US HIAPER research plane

Chefs to mix up their game


hroughout July, Cloudy Bay will be working with 24 top chefs around the country for the fourth international Cloudy Bay Pinot & Duck Tasting Trail, adding a culinary twist to the perfect food and wine match.

Cloudy Bay challenged New Zealand's top chefs to mix up their game this duck season by creating dishes made with a fusion of delicious ingredients and flavours matched to Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir. These dishes will be available during July at each restaurant with a glass of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir for a set price. “Duck and Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir offer both elegance and intrigue in a single taste,” says Cloudy Bay senior winemaker Tim Heath. “The rich flavours in duck are a great complement to the aroma of plum, aromatic spice and red florals found in the Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir.” Joining New Zealand, top chefs from around the world including Aspen, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne will also take part in the Cloudy Bay Pinot & Duck

Tasting Trail. The Cloudy Bay Pinot & Duck Tasting Trail begins on 1 July and runs until 31 July. Bookings are essential with each individual restaurant. Christchurch: Aikmans, King of Snake, The Monday Room, JDV, Baretta.

Rydges rolls out free Wi-Fi One of New Zealand's biggest hotel operators Rydges Hotels & Resorts has rolled out refreshed branding nationwide with a line-up of enhanced new guest offerings - including free Wi-Fi across all hotels. Whether you're visiting overnight or just for a coffee, Wi-Fi is now free at all Rydges as the company recognise guests prefer this over any other in-room

feature as the need for constant connectivity is at an all-time high.

Spacious show apartment now open for viewing. All units are elegantly tted and heated for your comfort. Viewing will impress!

Vege gardens provide food and fun

73 Roydvale Ave (just off Memorial Ave), Christchurch. 03 982 8280 | | 8 June, 12 2014 Metropol

New Apartment Complex Plans available for viewing

‘Glamping’ in Botswana

Just weeks after opening the magnificent new double suite at Zarafa Camp, located in the 350,000 acre private Selinda Reserve in Botswana, the suite, called the Dhow Suites, has already earned critical acclaim and the award for “Best Safari House in Botswana.” The Zarafa Dhow Suites, under canvas is one of the largest tents ever built in Africa, with a floor space of 2,260 sq. feet. It has its own private vehicle, safari guide, chef, manager, and entrance to the camp. “We don’t love the word luxury, but it is private and exclusive and designed with the same vision and old world elegance as the main Zarafa camp. But this is our

‘beloved suite,’ ideal for families or close friends,” said CEO Dereck Joubert. Each unit has a pool, large fireplace, copper bath, private outdoor shower made in the interesting Victorian needle shower style overlooking the lagoon. Evening private dining is either outside under the stars, or in the spacious private dining room. It has an exclusive wine list of new world and French wine, and excellent Relais & Châteaux standard cuisine. This is Africa as it has never been experienced, under canvas for authentic “beyond five star” experiences in “beyond five star” accommodation.




Solar Roadways Shelly Palmer reports: Idaho couple Julie and Scott Brusaw of Solar Roadways have raised more than $1 million on Indiegogo to pursue the extremely ambitious goal of replacing the US nation’s roads with solar panels. The design will now move from prototype to manufacturing, a dangerous phase for any technology project — and while the dream is exciting, the logistics of actually pulling it off are less so. The Brusaws are not scammers or wackos. Scott has an electrical engineering background and the project has gotten two rounds of funding from the Federal Highway Administration. They’ve built a prototype parking lot made of solar panels, microprocessors, and LEDs encased in a textured glass that they say can withstand the weight of a 250,000-pound truck. Read the full story at The Verge.


NZ’s first private neighbourhood website After a successful pilot in five Auckland suburbs, New Zealand’s first private neighbourhood website has launched across the country. Neighbourly is designed to foster interaction and conversation between neighbours and community organisations by creating an easy way for them to talk and share online. Members of Neighbourly create free and private websites for their suburbs to exchange advice, find and make recommendations for local services, share events, sell or give away unwanted items, discuss local crime, locate lost pets and ultimately get to know one another. By creating an easy way for neighbours to talk and share online, Co-founder Casey Eden hopes Neighbourly will create more connections in the “real world”. “We’re seeing members find babysitters, sell sofas, give away fruit, set up groups based on common interests, discuss how to make their safer streets, organise street barbies and recommend good

mechanics. It’s being used just how we were hoping it would be.” All neighbourhoods are private, all members must be address verified and information shared on Neighbourly does not appear when using search engines. To join Neighbourly in your suburb head to


Striking gold Even though Entertainment Book recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, it’s time to dig out the party hat again, as it announces the winners of its prestigious Gold Awards. Selected and voted by Entertainment Book customers, the winners of this year’s Entertainment Book Gold Awards (2013/2014), for Christchurch, go to: • Saggio di Vino (Victoria Street, Christchurch) • Savoire Café (Merivale Mall, Christchurch) • Divine Cake and Desserts (Westfield Mall, Christchurch) • International Antarctic Centre (Orchard Road, Christchurch) • Silvermoon (Richmond Mall, Christchurch) This year, Christchurch businesses that have made it to the Entertainment Book’s Hall of Fame, include: • The Flying Burrito Brothers Northlands (Main North Road, Christchurch) • Winnie Bagoes (Madras Street, Christchurch) • Coffee Culture (Elgin Street, Christchurch) • Willowbank (Hussey Road, Harewood, Christchurch) As well as helping people discover lots of new places to enjoy themselves Entertainment Book has also helped raise millions of dollars for local communities, good causes and charities. The new 2014/2015 Entertainment Memberships is now available in two formats – the traditional Entertainment Book and the brand new Entertainment Digital Membership, both filled with thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for1 offers. For more information go to

Metropol June 12, 2014 9

10 June, 12 2014 Metropol



$40 million rebuild and restoration nears end Christchurch’s iconic Isaac Theatre Royal will reopen for performances on 17 November this year.


he 106-year old theatre has been closed for almost four years after being damaged in the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes. The $40 million rebuild and restoration project will be completed over the next five months and on 17 November 2014, the ‘Grand Old Lady’ of New Zealand theatre will reopen her doors for performances. The rebuild of the theatre has been a “shining light” in the recovery process of the city and the rebuild has gained recognition and support across the globe. Chief executive Neil Cox said he is looking forward to once again welcoming the large scale theatrical productions the ITR has been famous for since it first opened in 1908. “The Isaac Theatre Royal is the preferred Christchurch venue for major local and touring productions, hosting musicals, ballet, plays, opera, film, concerts, comedy, recitals, community events, children's theatre and even ice shows. “The theatre has staged the best in the world and the best of our own world-class talent during its illustrious 106-year history.” Mr Cox said the rebuild project will see the theatre restored once again to her superb original Edwardian-style, and will be celebrated once again as the South Island’s premier venue for the performing arts. “It has been a massive project of love and belief to get this beautiful old venue back on its feet again.” The Grade-A heritage listed Theatre Royal was the only surviving Edwardian style theatre in the country. The building was saved from demolition in the early 1980s, refurbished and upgraded to world class theatrical production standards in 2004 and renamed “Isaac Theatre Royal” after re-opening in mid-2005. The 2014 Reopening Season at the Isaac Theatre Royal will include performances from the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Kostroma Russian Dance Company, Southern Ballet, a touring play and a concert from one of Britain’s iconic folk/rock bands of the 1970s

The painting inspired by scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is now considered to be the largest of its type still existing in Australasia and will be a major attraction itself in the rebuilt theatre.

which will be announced very soon and go on sale on Monday 16 June, amongst various local community events. The rebuild and restoration of the Isaac Theatre Royal has been possible through the support of many individuals and funding organisations; for more information go to The theatre’s famous 1908 hand painted canvas ceiling dome has been painstakingly restored to its original glory and has been a key focal point of the restoration for many of

Sir Ian McKellen & Hon Gerry Brownlee on site

the theatre’s supporters. Italian restorer, Carolina Izzo and her team have cleaned the canvas panels individually of more than 100 years of dust, grime and nicotine and have revealed the true beauty of the painting for the first time in more than a century. The painting inspired by scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is now considered to be the largest of its type still existing in Australasia and will be a major attraction itself in the rebuilt theatre. The original façade of the theatre has also been stripped of six coats of paint and will be restored to its 1908 appearance of red brick with white Oamaru stone columns and capitals. It will be the first time in many generations that the Theatre Royal will have its original ‘face’ once again, one of very few original heritage facades still existing in the Christchurch city centre. Many other key heritage features have also been retained and restored including the marble staircase between stalls and dress circle levels as well as original leadlight windows and royal boxes. As Sir Ian McKellen, one of the major contributors to the restoration said, “Theatres are places of gathering, happiness, celebration and experiences; places for sharing of stories, laughs, smiles, community spirit and friendship.”

Metropol June 12, 2014 11



Keeping an eye on a great cause


angiora’s first dedicated art gallery, Artist’s Eye Gallery Rangiora is making the Breast Cancer Foundation a key focus with the gallery’s latest body of work a Pink Ribbon Calendar. A collaborative project featuring 21 courageous and inspirational women who have faced a diagnosis of breast cancer, each woman was asked, “What image best captures the essence of you?” The quotes accompanying each image convey each woman’s personal message of inspiration. An initiative where 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, calendar sales have raised $100,000 to go towards breast cancer research.

Stephanie Henderson-Grant & Yasmin Yussof (Sculptor)

Andrew & Sue McGowan & Penny Wright (Manager)

Lyane Scarlet & Mel Smith

Debbie Yates with daughters Aine & Roisin

Bruce Philip & Yasmin with some of their works

Shirley Cairns & Eiko

Dave Sutton & Sonja Teague

Eiko Kawaguchi ( Guest jeweller)

Michael Wilson & Brent Cairns (Naked Art)

Photos supplied by Graham Barr

Specialist tax input for your business... For personalised, friendly and practical tax advice, contact the tax team at Staples Rodway. Spencer and Mike are happy to work together with your other professional advisers to achieve complete business solutions Spencer Smith - Mike McDrury -

Spencer Smith Director Mike McDrury Senior Tax Manager

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Carrie takes the cake


hen it comes to making the most highly creative, finely detailed, besttasting cakes for all occasions, Carrie de Dulin just takes the cake.

She has been developing her unique cakes with a “wow” factor for less than two years, but word is already getting out about her distinctive style. Any special occasion can be a challenge to her creativity, no matter if it's for a wedding or birthday – or even Halloween. The cakes are sometimes so personalised that they make people cry. “There was one woman who loves her red roses, so I presented the cake as a vase of flowers – all sugar. She was really touched by this,” says Carrie, who has an incredible eye for detail.

“I love to push myself. Hours are spent making every flower and edible creation, to ensure that only the finest decorations adorn the cake.” It all started with her son Henry's fifth birthday. “I made him an aeroplane cake. I'd never baked a cake before and was up all night. But I got it done,” she says. A few months later, she made a cake for her grandparents' wedding anniversary, with hearts and two love birds. Soon after that, she was creating a cake in the shape of an albino Burmese snake, for her father's birthday. Carrie had also been planning to make a special cake for her grandfather's birthday. He died six days before, but this didn't stop Carrie going on with the cake, which took the form of a beer bottle and a glass. On another occasion, she came up with an all-edible champagne bottle, with the accompanying ice cubes made of peppermint. The label on the bottle looks real, but is actually printed on wafer paper, using food colouring so that you can eat it. Most of her cakes have been for family and friends, but Carrie has now developed her creative work into a business, called Hello My Sweet. Carrie's fastidious philosophy also includes what's in the cakes. “I want to push the boundaries of cake decorating using the freshest ingredients, organic and free-range whenever possible. I use local ingredients and support small and boutique suppliers and growers,” she says. Requiring a minimum of one month to individually design and prepare, the cost of specialty and event cakes begins at $150, while wedding-cake orders start at $500. Carrie recommends at least one month's order time, while for weddings she suggests a minimum of three months to one year. More information can be found and orders made through her new website,

On another occasion, she came up with an alledible champagne bottle, with the accompanying ice cubes made of peppermint. The label on the bottle looks real, but is actually printed on wafer paper, using food colouring so that you can eat it.



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Quilting for a good cause


taff and craft members of Cottonfields Quilting Quarters recently held a quilting exhibition to raise funds for breast cancer. Nestled comfortably in Avonhead’s Merrin Street, Cottonfields stocks a large range of quilting fabrics specialising in French country tonings, linens, Japanese textured fabrics, reproduction and children’s brights, as well as offering a string of classes, patterns, books, kits and more.

Linn Norman (owner), Margaret

Linley Fowlie, Annette Beavon

Fay Davies, Dallas Hoskin

Jean, Joanna

Suzet Pont, Ann Pont

Vivienne Johnson, Nuella Bell

Helen Brocklehurst, Lynda Brocklehurst

Wendy Hance, Margaret Mahon, MarieLouise Winchester

Kevin, Lynn, Jean

Pinky, Joanna, Jean, Lynn

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography For copies email:

14 June, 12 2014 Metropol



Paradise up for sale


estled comfortably in the quiet enclave of Hampton Grange is an opportunity to purchase a little piece of paradise. Designed by WeirWalker Architecture and meticulously constructed by renowned architectural building firm Gregg Builders, 59 Glen Oaks Drive offers just about everything you would think of for your dream home. And, paradise doesn’t come up for sale very often.

This stunning property features the distinctive touches which separate a house from a home, creating an example of liveable architecture at its best. Reassuringly constructed of Integra Panels with schist accents, the striking exterior opens into a light-filled double height foyer. Dual living spaces provide easy access to outdoor areas, while a surround sound system will delight both music and home theatre lovers. Oriented for maximum sun, the home's inherent warmth is further augmented by double glazing and effective heating systems comprising undertile heating, two inverter heatpumps plus a gas fire. Gastronomes will appreciate the Rotpunkt kitchen’s high level of specification; solid Caesar Stone bench tops, separate wine refrigerator and top of the line F&P appliances. All bedrooms are doubles, with a full accommodation suite on each level ensuring your tenure is limitless; a separate upstairs loft/rumpus space provides further options. Luxurious interior detailing, overseen by Armstrong Interiors includes the richness of solid oak flooring and lavish wall coverings. All bathrooms are exquisitely appointed, with carefully sourced fixtures and fittings the freestanding “egg” tub promises hours of blissful relaxation. Newly landscaped and fully fenced 756sqm grounds add yet another dimension of

Open homes will be held Sundays and Wednesdays 2-2:30pm from Sunday June 8. The auction will be held at 1pm Thursday June 26 at Harcourts Grenadier, 492 Moorhouse Avenue, unless sold prior. enjoyment, but the best is yet to come in terms of maturity. Add in proximity to numerous local amenities, a ten minute commute to Christchurch International Airport and a plethora of nearby parks and reserves, it all adds up to an outstanding opportunity for you to invest in your family's future. Specialising in high-end residential architecture, Gregg Builders is the name behind a striking array of homes throughout the city. And, let’s face it, when a building company has been in business for three generations, it must be doing something right. Established in 1939, Gregg Builders is continuing the family tradition of building homes of the highest quality – 59 Glen Oaks Drive is no exception. Open homes will be held Sundays and Wednesdays 2-2:30pm from Sunday June 8. The auction will be held at 1pm Thursday June 26 at Harcourts Grenadier, 492 Moorhouse Avenue, unless sold prior. To avoid disappointment make sure to register your interest early by contacting Alison Aitken on 03 379 6596 or 0274 332 327. Metropol June 12, 2014 15


Myriam Jay Sonia Turnbull


elwyn Gallery is pleased to be displaying the beautiful work of four local artists during June. The work celebrates the stunning beauty of our surroundings in the South Island, in the paintings of Vicky Peacock, Corey Koppe and Sonia Turnbull and the jewellery of Myriam Jay. Vicky Peacock studied Art and Teaching in England. Her passion for painting with acrylic paint became much stronger when she immigrated to New Zealand and became influenced by the beautiful scenery and vivid colours. After completing his Foundation Arts course Corey Koppe had to put his artistic pursuits on hold, however it was after the arrival of his first son that he was inspired to pick up his paintbrush once again. For the last six years he has settled into his own selftaught style of Photorealism. Sonia Turnbull has always had a passion for Art. During her twenties she revisited her love of painting and started to play with water colours. This led her to take some art classes privately and there she was introduced to acrylics. Myriam Jay is a passionate photographer from France. While on a number of trips exploring the South Island, Myriam captured her favourite “shots” on the West Coast, Golden Bay andCanterbury where she

Koppe Red Beddy


Southern Splendour

now lives. Her sense of creativity has inspired her to turn her photographs into jewellery. “So many artists are inspired by the beauty of the South Island, this exhibition truly shows us what a wonderful place we live in,” says Arts Coordinator Ingrid Cole. “We will be open daily (except Mondays) from 10am to 4pm for duration of this exhibition (until 3 July).” For more information visit



Archaeologists for the day St Michael's students in awe of discovering archaeology artefacts.


fter months of watching with interest the activity going on at the site of their next door neighbours, the $300 million Justice and Emergency Services Precinct in Christchurch’s central city, St Michael’s students have found out first hand what’s been discovered. Archaeologists working at the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct site, bordered by Colombo, Tuam, Durham and Lichfield Streets, have dug up historical artefacts offering insight into the lives of the city’s early settlers. Katharine Watson, Director of Underground Overground Archaeology, presented an exciting interactive session with the students, where the children handled the

artefacts including chamber pots, bottles, pottery and mixing bowls, some of which were discovered in the 1800s long drops. The various discoveries give a real insight to what life was like for our early settlers: the discovery of wood shavings suggesting builders worked in the area, and cattle bones indicating beef was part of their staple diet. Katharine and her team explained the destruction of the earthquakes has created a unique archaeological opportunity, allowing all pieces of the puzzle to come together to give us a richer understanding of the early settlers of Christchurch. The students also turned their hand at being detectives – digging through the dirt boxes, discovering buried broken ceramics and experiencing being real-life archaeologists! The most exciting discovery was a small inkwell, very possibly from the early days of the school site itself!


family portraits weddings conferences events homes & gardens

Jane Wyles Wyles Photography Photography Jane 027 245 8193

Save thousands... Call Debra Hakaraia

0275 620 420 / 384 8600

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Striking new addition to Hornby’s homewares and fashion


Designer women’s clothing and homewares are now even more accessible than ever before with the opening of the stunning new Laura Ashley store at Dress-Smart Hornby. A quintessentially English brand, Laura Ashley encapsulates the lifestyle, quality, originality and rich design heritage of the English countryside, with a stunning modern twist. The new Hornby store can assist you with anything from coordinating accessories for your living areas to helping you choose that perfect outfit from the store’s high fashion women’s range.

Rebecca Soper-Hazlett (Centre Manager), Charlotte McKenzie (Store Manager)

Deon Swiggs, Jesse Calder

Harrie Clack, Brooke Vincent

Adam & Dee Biddiscombe

Zoe & Archie Sewell

Melinda Dickson

Junfu Jiang, Jo Huang

Lu Yao

Mei & Anny Zhang

Cameron, Maia, Georgia & Natasha Lacey

Susan & Jordan Shallerass

Dr Ali Reza Nazmi, Aria & Ania Nazmi

Eva, Eloisa & Louise Wright

Gillian & Anna Koster

Donette Zwarts, Donna Coll

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

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Breakfast is back in city centre

The power of perfume Intense emotions and vivid memories are connected with scent. WORLD Beauty Store created some vivid memories of its own, taking a group of people on an olfactive journey across some of the store’s most unique and exquisite fragrances in a unique perfume master class.

An exclusive interactive event, the group were able to learn, discuss and sample a curated selection of the finest scents from historic brands to modern creators at the brand’s Ballantynes store. Nick Smart, Florance MacDonald


reakfast is back on the menu for casual diners and in-house guests in the centre of the city at Heritage Christchurch. Set in the iconic Old Government Building on Cathedral Square, the hotel is offering an a la carte breakfast from 6.30am week days and 7am on weekends until 10.30am. On offer are muffins, bagels, fruit, muesli and porridge, with classic big breakfast options of eggs all-ways, eggs benedict, the three-egg omelette, French toast and pancakes. There are also gluten and dairy free options available. Former breakfast chef of the Heritage Christchurch, Danny Cribb, has returned to present the delicious fare and give locals and visitors a hearty breakfast option in the CBD. “It’s really exciting to be back at the hotel to be part of the remerging dining scene in the city. Each day we have more people coming in for breakfast from gym goers grabbing something on the run, to office workers and international visitors,” says Danny.

Fiona Dwyer, Francis Hooper

Nick Smart, Florance MacDonald, Francis Hooper

Nicola Ragg, Tracey Prince

Jane Wyles, Dave Richards

Amanda Charity, Nick Smart

Marcia Butterfield, Naomi Haussman

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:


Sue Schaare – Swing is the Thing, 1000 x 800 mm

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Paeroa St

Paula Fitzgerald - Steam Punk, 920 x 1200 mm

Open 7 Days

Phone: 348 0064

Email: Web:

18 June, 12 2014 Metropol

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Thick As Thieves

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

The Kings of Swing The producers of last year's Glen Miller Orchestra NZ Tour now presents one of the greatest big bands of the swing era – The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra – with 25 musicians, singers and dancers live on stage. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is recognised as one of the greatest of the Big Bands from the 1940s and this all American orchestra is featuring special guests from the USA – The Swing Sisters and Bryan Anthony, one of America's finest singers of the Frank Sinatra Songbook. The concert will be a musical journey down memory lane, you will hear the original arrangements of Tommy Dorsey Hits such as I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, Opus No.1, Bugle Call Rag, Song of India as well as many of the vintage Sinatra classics – This

Love of Mine, I'll Never Smile Again and Blue Skies. The Swing Sisters complement the show performing the greatest hits of The Andrews Sisters. An added attraction will be the sensational swing dance group The Hollywood Jive Dancers. The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra performs in Christchurch on Saturday 19 July at CBS Arena. Tickers at or phone 0800 842 538.

Thick As Thieves by Tim Hambleton and directed by Phil Dean is based in a rural Canterbury town where the local Doctor Marcus Robinson is in financial difficulties and entangled in a bitter dispute with his insurance company. The doctor tries to trick the local bank manager into giving him a loan, meanwhile his clever secretary Lisa, who has fallen for her quirky boss, hits upon an idea to help him pay off his $50,000 student loan. In another part of town two incompetent criminals, Dwayne and Dylan, must get their hands on some drugs. Their search takes them to the Doctor's rooms and what was meant to be a simple robbery becomes a complicated affair and the crooks find themselves barricaded in the doctor's office with a number of his wacky patients as hostages, including a simple minded farming couple who mysteriously cannot get pregnant; and an eccentric hypochondriac who develops an affection for her captors. "This farcical story has meant that rehearsals have been great fun. At times we have had to stop the rehearsals to allow the cast to stop laughing,” director Phil Dean says. Both

Dean and the writer, Tim Hambleton, work for the New Zealand Police. "The knowledge that Tim and I bring to this play will give it a unique flavour." Dean says.



Ilam School Style Event Achievement and diversity are the core values of Ilam Primary School. Getting all children involved in sport is an integral part of what Ilam School promotes. However the sports uniforms are well past their use by date so it's time for new ones - which is very expensive. To raise money for these uniforms the Ilam School PTA has put together the 'Ilam Style Event' on Thursday 3 July at 6.30pm at Ilam School Hall. This will

be an exciting evening with children and adults both modelling the latest fashions from all your favourite labels. If adult fashion is more your thing then keep an eye out later in the evening when they will be showcasing the best fashion for all ages, stages and body types. A silent auction with awesome prizes from generous local sponsors will be a part of the evening and you can also learn something

from Stylist Stephanie Rumble who will be hosting and assisting with the organisation of the evening. Tickets are only $20 per adult which includes a complimentary drink on arrival and food served throughout the evening plus plenty of free style tips and entertainment. A not to be missed evening and all for such a good cause. Email to book your ticket today.


Kauri Lodge, a family owned Resthome where you will be welcomed and treated with love, care, and genuine respect. 154 Riccarton Road Christchurch

Ph. Hamish Bennett (03) 348 0274 (Owner Manager)


Now a Branch Office of CAMERON BARRISTERS


Trusts 245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144 Metropol June 12, 2014 19



Short film finalists


ix short films have been selected by Andrew Adamson (Mr Pip, The Chronicles of Narnia) as finalists for the New Zealand International Film Festival's New Zealand's Best Short Film Competition in 2014.

The films will compete for four cash prizes, with winners to be announced at the closing night event of the Auckland leg of NZIFF. The six finalists are Cold Snap, Eleven, Over the Moon, Ross & Beth, School Night and U.F.O. Andrew Adamson was impressed with the standard of shorts entered this year, describing some of the finalists as “well structured, beautifully shot”, “witty and imaginative”, “poignant and well put together”. His comment for each entry is noted below. The finalists are:

Cold Snap Director: Leo Woodhead A well structured, beautifully shot narrative... It leaves the audience contemplating life, death and pain – and how confusing such things can be for a child dealing with death every day.

20 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Ross & Beth World Premiere Director: Hamish Bennett A well crafted character study of ageing rural New Zealand. Lovely subtle performances paint a sweet, sad and gentle story rooted in relatable characters.

U.F.O. World Premiere Director: Gregory King A unique take on a child escaping his surroundings. Good use of makeup and effects sets you up for a turn from the surreal to the tragically real. In the bleak New Zealand tradition the film is affecting and stays with you.

Over The Moon Director: James Cunningham A witty and imaginative take on the 'battle of the sexes'. Cunningham has made great use of technology and whimsical production design to create a fun but pointed commentary on one of the many testosterone heavy occupations.

Eleven Director: Abigail Greenwood A beautifully painful story of peer pressure and betrayal. Well shot and well acted by the young cast, it's a very moving story that takes one back to the difficult years of childhood.

School Night World Premiere Directors: Leon Wadham, Eli Kent Hayley Sproull's performance is perfectly subtle as a sympathetically insecure young woman caught between youth and premature aging. A very complete and satisfying narrative that is rare in the short film format.

NZIFF will begin in Auckland (17 July – 3 August). It plays in Christchurch from 6 – 24 August. For Festival updates visit and register to receive e-newsletters.



A renaissance for city restaurant Many of us will remember Tiffany’s. Set beside the Avon River, grassed on one side and hemmed by Oxford Terrace and Montreal Street on the other, this elegant historic residence was perfect in its role as a café/restaurant with class and character.


ith its location in the heartbeat of central Christchurch, close to hotels, tourist spots and entertainment, yet tranquil and imposing in its aspect, Tiffany’s was the ideal location for a variety of purposes, a quiet drink or a

romantic dinner by a river which catches the lights of the city and turns them into a million diamonds. It still is. But the Christchurch we know has changed forever; many of the places we frequented and socialised in have either come tumbling down, moved away to the suburbs, or are in the process of reinventing themselves. This lovely old eatery, renamed as Regatta on Avon, is moving with the times. “It hasn’t been easy,” says co-owner Kristin McLay. “There are some who did not feel comfortable with our changes, but we like to keep in touch with our customers, to listen to their ideas, and to meet needs without losing our unique identity.” The exterior of Regatta on Avon has not altered, although the firepits are a welcome addition. Access has been a problem for a while and that has discouraged some diners – but things are rapidly improving and the riverside ambience improved. “The customer base is widening,” says Kristin. “We aim, while maintaining high standards of cuisine and service, to be more affordable. We believe what we have to offer can be available to more people in this changing city of ours. “And it is starting to work.” The graceful interior is just as attractive as before, but subtle changes have been made. The bar has been extended (well it was previously a bit on the tiny side) and modernised. Some areas have been

“We aim, while maintaining high standards of cuisine and service, to be more affordable. We believe what we have to offer can be available to more people in this changing city of ours. wallpapered to offset predominantly beige colours, and attractive and comfortable leather bench seats line some walls. The chandeliers have been changed – more solid, even rustic, but charming. The next aim is to extend the decking outside. The menu has gradually grown and reflects positive comments by diners. There are more changes in the offing. Lunch/brunch ranges from pancakes and eggs on toast through to smoked salmon rosti, reuben sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, dill pickles, gruyere, seeded mustard dressing on rye toast and chips, to chermoula chicken salad, penne pasta and delicious rib-eye.

Dinner picks up some of these as starters, along with salt and pepper squid, then more rib-eye, roasted chicken breast with herb mash, vegetarian ragout, pork belly with caramelised apple, cider and bacon jus, and market fish pan fried with Provençal sauce, potatoes and prawn cutlets. Follow that with a choice of desserts and you shall feel complete. The atmosphere is friendly, and diverse in the sense that you can have a quiet dinner for two, or a staff function, family get-together, or a memorable function. Go there soon. You will be pleasantly surprised. It has changed a little, but it is a wonderfully worthwhile destination.

Our PROFESSIONALISM + COMPETITIVE RATES = great RESULTS for our vendor clients!

Come and enjoy the NEW look bar with a great selection of craft beers & wines. Relax and enjoy the outdoor dining area and check out the NEWEST bar in town!

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Open for Lunch & Dinner Casual Drinks Private/Corporate Functions WeddingVenue Hire

Ph: 352 8539 Grassam Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent (REAA2008) MREINZ

(Formally Tiffanys)

95 Oxford Terrace Ph 379 1350

Making Our Place - Your Place Ilam Lifecare is a facility that is privately owned, with a strong emphasis on providing a homely environment. Our trained staff provide comprehensive levels of service and care to help you stay in your unit for as long as possible. We encourage our residents to maintain their independence and individuality, providing peace of mind and the ultimate in comfort and security. For Facility Care Phone Facility Manager 348 5305 For Serviced Studio & Apartments Ph. Kathleen 021 2211 991 Ilam Lifecare is a registered Retirement Village under the Retirement Villages Act 2005

Serviced Studios & Apartments 28 Ilam Road, Christchurch Metropol June 12, 2014 21



Couture and collectables in Waikuku


wine Antiques & Collectables celebrated the recent addition of pre-loved designer clothing boutique Louis Who to its striking line up of collectables fittingly, with a fashion show. Featuring garments from clothing labels including Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Louis Vuitton and True Religion, Louis Who brings you designer couture without the designer price tags. Located in the striking old brick mill in North Canterbury’s Waikuku township, Louis Who and Twine Antiques is certainly worth the trip.

N 2 b ow A ed va ro ila om ble vil la

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

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Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose


Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now a 1 bedroom, beautifully refurnished home, with all exterior and grounds maintenance done for you. View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.

03 377 0227 0800 MANSCAPE 55 Sandyford Street

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch 22 June, 12 2014 Metropol

We are an experienced and professional team.


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First solar charge table in NZ “This is amazing. It’s the first of its kind in New Zealand, and while you’re charging up you can sit around and talk to people,” said the deputy mayor of Christchurch, Cr Vicki Buck, when she officially brought into service the new solar charge table in Cashel Street. “The table will allow users to gather and sit, relax and use a range of devices, such as tablets and phones, while they charge using free solar energy. “The council has been looking into ways to introduce solar-charging facilities into the public arena and became aware of the innovative work SolarBright was doing in this area. “It was a logical next step to work together to test how people use the table and to identify any improvements,” said Vicki of the innovative system, which is located in the food court in the Re:Start Mall, not far from Ballantynes. SolarBright offered the table for a trial and feedback period at no cost, while the Christchurch City Council’s Transitional City Programme provided support with the site, logistics, signage and awareness. The table can charge four mobile phones, laptops, games, consoles or electronic bookreaders simultaneously from dead flat. For a phone, it takes about 2½ hours, but it is

important to bring your own lead to connect it to one of the charging points. There is also one induction-charge point on the table’s flat surface, onto which you need simply lay your phone without a lead. Recharging takes about twice as long here. Using the latest solar-power technology,

There is also one induction-charge point on the table’s flat surface, onto which you need simply lay your phone without a lead. even on a cloudy day the table’s batteries can charge 19 phones from flat to full before running out of energy. Even when there are widespread power cuts, people will be able to charge their portable devices there. Essentially, this is an environmentally friendly station that provides a clean and renewable source of energy, bringing us closer to meeting our carbon-neutrality goals. The collaboration with SolarBright and ENI Engineering, the sheet-metal fabricating firm

which constructed the table with built-in solar panel, is consistent with the council’s Transitional City Programme, which identifies and supports innovation, new ideas and partnerships that create a more appealing and resilient city. People using the table will also have access to free Wi-Fi, while recharging and having a friendly chat with other people over a cup of coffee. “We are really interested to hear what the public think of the table and how it might be developed for future use. We already have ideas on how it might be adapted for bus stops and other high-use public spaces but welcome any suggestions,” said the managing director of SolarBright, Nicola Martin. There are several ways you can comment on the practicality and problems of this innovation, via the Future Christchurch Website,, or by emailing

HILL & ARCHITECTURAL HOME BUILDERS P: 0 3 3 6 5 8 2 5 0 w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z We w o r k c l o s e l y w i t h y o u r l o c a l A r c h i t e c t o r o f f e r a f u l l d e s i g n b u i l d s e r v i c e Metropol June 12, 2014 23


in the city

The art of great hair Austin Abbott, Amber MacDonald, Camille Hamilton, Melanie OConnor, Damien Taylor

Andrew Fonagy, Craig Brownrigg, Simon Thomson

Mark Dillon, Lizzie Cooper

Sophie Guthrie, Olivia Egerton

Rachael O'Meara, Bronwyn Sheehan, Vanessa Leeming

Alli Stockton, Martin & Jane Donnithorne

24 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Modern hairdressing has become an art form and Bliss Hairdressing has blurred the lines even further, hosting a striking European art exhibition, in a glorious array of beer, wine, nibbles, hair and art. Featuring European art from the 18th to 21st centuries, the event showcased art from Paris, London, Dublin and the UK Midlands from private estates and auctions, as well as hair art from the talented Bliss Hairdressing team.

Madelaine O'Donnell, Charlotte & Amanda Tait

Maggie Langmyr, Naomi Haussmann

Brittany White, Andrea Hill, Niels Somerville, Laura Ellis

Ellen & Ben Russell

Ruby Austin, Vanessa Leeming, Dean Mooney Justin Murray, Charlotte Tait, Luke Richardson

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Sophie Matthews, Laura Forbes, Victoria Tait, Lizzie Cooper, Sophie Guthrie

Kim Lowe, Brittany White

Bronwyn Thoms, Michael Goomes, Martha James


in the city

Special knowledge and materials for artists

Over four decades of supplying specialist art materials all over New Zealand has made John Rooney somewhat of an expert. Founder and owner of Brush-n-Palette in Sydenham, John has spent his life working with art materials.


painter and potter himself, his career in the art industry began at Smith and Smith where he worked selling art materials, and also set up their pottery department. It seemed a natural progression to open his own store in 1974, with Brush-n-Palette having changed locations across the city a few times since. John says they are enjoying their new location opposite The Colombo, where he works alongside David Paterson who has been part of the business for 25 years. Endless shades of colour in all their forms fill the walls of the store, from oil paints, to watercolours and acrylics. Small unassuming containers in one section, contain the very precious pigments which are used for restoration work. One of a very few stores to stock materials such as genuine vermillion pigment, restoring colours, egg tempura, hide glue, and Venetian turpentine, these products are an essential part of restoration work currently underway on the cities earthquake damaged churches. Their reputation for supplying specialist art materials is well known across the country with Brush-n-Palette the sole New Zealand agents and distributors for the Italian Maimeri range. “They make very good materials,” said

Their reputation for supplying specialist art materials is well known across the country with Brush-n-Palette the sole New Zealand agents and distributors for the Italian Maimeri range. John. He first approached Maimeri back in 1981, with it being something of an honour to be chosen to stock their range due to its reputation for producing some of finest art materials available. Maimeri’s premium oil paints are absolutely light fast and contain no additives, says John, adding that the paints are stored for six months prior to packaging to allow for the oil to soak through the pigments properly. With the range also including watercolours, acrylics, gouache colours and soft and oil pastels, they are easily the store’s most popular product. Their website allows customers to access all the products they stock, with the Maimeri website hosting full colour charts for their range, and John and David’s wealth of

knowledge on hand for any queries. While many of their customers are well established artists and those working on restoration work, Brush-n-Palette also stock art supplies suitable for students. John says they have a very good line for students, with products available in larger quantities and for very reasonable prices. Brush and palettes are also obviously available, as well as standard art supplies, including easels, paper and canvases. For John there is enjoyment in all aspects of his work, in providing the highest quality art materials and a wealth of experience and knowledge to both established and budding artists across the country.

For all ARTISTS... a fabulous wide selection of quality Maimeri paints & accessories

brush-n-palette 360 Colombo Street Sydenham Phone/Fax (03) 366 3088

Agents for

Enameled cast-iron COOKWARE Made in France & favored by cooking aficionados the world over. Staub cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly & effectively. It requires no seasoning, doesn’t chip, discolour or rust.

Total Food Equipment


Flowers Wine Chocolate Gifts 143 Victoria Street

Phone 379 8255 Metropol June 12, 2014 25


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Mid-winter glamour Revel in the contrast of seasons we enjoy and wrap yourself in winter glamour with some chic offerings from Zabbana…


heir autumn/winter jewellery collections include the See the Light Checkerboard - cut black onyx stone surrounded by delicate silver domes set amidst a star-shaped sterling silver setting. And the Game of Jagged Hearts – designed for warrior princesses who are strong and invincible, eternal defenders of love, truth and honour. Wear these pieces of beautiful jewellery like armour - rings, necklaces and earrings that are provocatively potent, pierced with arrows, daggers and the sun’s rays.

Zabbana Kayden bag,

26 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Ancient symbolism embraces pyramids, domes, and the four walls of protection. Zabbana’s new bag collection is inspired by those memorable weekends spent camping outside as the temperature plummets. Imagine a crisp, ice-cold night. A soaring midwinter sky studded with stars like metallic shards. A crackling fire sending a cascade of sparks into the endless darkness. In the Inverno Inferno range the softest leathers are crafted in the colours of a camp fire, from the first flaring blaze to the final,

Zabbana See The Light

Jamie Bag Eskimo

Zabbana Pyramid

In the Inverno Inferno range the softest leathers are crafted in the colours of a camp fire, from the first flaring blaze to the final, fading embers: onyx, caramel, chilli, eskimo and flamingo. fading embers: onyx, caramel, chilli, eskimo and flamingo. Bright pops of red and pink stand out in the night, while deepest black, natural tan and soft, light grey are instantly classic neutrals. Clutches, handbags and totes feature woven, whipstitch and quilted detailing, referencing the cosy warmth of a blanket keeping the winter chill at bay. Pictured: Zabbana Kayden bag in Onyx $295, Zabbana See The Light Studs $119, Zabbana See The Light Pendant $145, Zabbana Pyramid Studs $75, Zabbana Jamie Bag in Eskimo $315. South Island stockists are: Nelson – Shine, 255 Hardy St, phone (03) 548 4848; Blenheim Thomas's, 54-56 Market St, phone (03) 578 6369; Timaru - Ground Floor, 298 Stafford St, phone (03) 688 1383 and Queenstown - In The Pink, 31 Camp St, phone (03) 441 1525. Or shop online Orders over $75 enjoy free shipping within New Zealand.

Zabbana See The Light



Cappuccino, Red, Black, Purple

Navy/white, Cappuccino, Poppy, White

Was $179 NOW $59

Was $199 NOW$129



Black, Rosewood

Red, Black, Indigo,

Was $215 NOW $145

Was $215 NOW $165



Peacock, Black, Espresso

Slate, Indigo

Was $235 NOW $165

Was $235 NOW $165


Was $229 NOW $159


JOYCE Black, Pale bronze, Rosewood

Was $269 NOW $199

SALE 229 Papanui Rd, Merivale. Ph. 355 4400

ZARLA Chocolate, Black,

Was $329 NOW $209 SWALLOW Pewter, Red

Was $235 NOW $185

SACHA Black, Wine


Was $375 NOW $305

Smoke, Black

Was $215 NOW $145

STANFORD Rouge, Mushroom

FRANKIE Black, Black/White Cappuccino

Was $249 NOW $179

Was $275 NOW $205




Pewter, Purple, Rouge

Chocolate, Midnight Hunter

Tan, Black, Red

Was $275 NOW $205

Was $299 NOW $229

Was $235 NOW $165


merivale fashion,health&beauty

The season of Cinderella events le… g Sty orkin W from 9 ook 9 rial l white $2 o t r sa – i e 1190 n h T ncli yle $ chief $99 99 a t C S t r g Shi ie $149 Workin ket ker k $5 blac t c Bow t Jacket – ream po annes – C c e Velv ng Style g Style – n ki Wor – Worki s Shoe

Stylist Stephanie Rumble of Flair Image


all season is upon us again and everyone is looking for a great frock to flatter and look glamorous in. I challenge you to think outside the square and wear something a little different. Even a colour or metallic is a good change from the uniform of black! A long dress is a great option for everyone – the trend is metallic and embellishment in formal wear this season. Bling up a simple dress with either gold or silver accessories depending on what suits your skin tone. Make sure you can dance in your sexy evening shoes. Embrace the chance to dress up – it’s great fun! Park Av en Blue Be ue style… aded D ress – M Black b rK ag Black W – Diamante $ $543 60 ra Shoes – p – Purple Pa tch $55 Lucia R ossi – A Ruffle S dele Bla atin $1 39 ck

An ensemble from Merivale… Dress – Andrea Moore – Long Mystery Dress $950 Shoes – Andrea Biani – Carrano – Nobuck Black $259.90 Bag – Biani Treasure Box – Olga Berg in Black $119 Earrings – Biani Treasure Box – Louisa $19.95 Fur – Biani Treasure Box – Dream Jacket in Natural $349

Neo Cell Super

Collagen+C NeoCell Super Collagen+C Type 1&3 is a breakthrough formula that provides over five times more collagen per serve than any other brand currently on the market. Each tablet contains 1,000 mg of Collagen Type 1 &3. Three tablets taken twice daily will provide the specific amino acids necessary to replenish the body's collagen supply and help support radiant skin, thicker hair and stronger nails. 250 tablet pack now $52.20

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts

Combining over 35 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the nest quality, natural looking dentures

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

Ph:355 9333 28 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Brighten up your Mother’s Nails


Gorgeous colours! Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel

e-nails Our guarantee is in your smile

Health 2000 Avonhead Ph.358 1181 Health 2000 Barrington Ph. 332 0450

Be nice to your nails

Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Now Open on Sundays

Lu Tre xe la Fu lise C bels f r – E – H oop rom mi Bra er d Lyn ly i n C nd – ress n Wo am Rab P O od s… el $ bit A 749 Fu r Ja cke t

Gorgeous garments from Deval paired with shoes from Quinns… Black fur – Jophiel Ghost Followers $1159 Camilla Dress $799 Shoes – Giannico Raso/Rele in Nera $659

Elegance from Park Avenue… Dress – Mr K in Scarlett $499 Bag – Lucia Rossi Clutch $135 Shoes – Giannico Raso/Rele in Nera $659 Metropol June 12, 2014 29




101.5 cm





94.3 cm


Active maintenance The mouth has hidden breeding grounds where colonies of bacteria flourish under the gums and between the teeth where it is dark, warm and wet. These bacteria destroy the bone that anchors the teeth, leaving them loose. Like cholesterol, it is a silent painless disease. By the time any pain is felt, it is usually too late. The only symptom a patient may have is a little bad breath or a tiny amount of bleeding when cleaning. Our program of Active Maintenance is the most rational, cost effective and internationally accepted way of managing this disease.

Phone 03 348 5488

22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road) 30 June, 12 2014 Metropol



Butt of all jokes H

aemorrhoids, we all have them and we need them; normal ones, at least. They are rarely the topic of discussion over a cup of coffee or a beer, but most of us will be bothered by them at some point in our life. They are, if you like, the butt of jokes, but they can be the real cause of a pain in the ….. Normal haemorrhoids are little spongy cushions of veins just beneath the lining of the back passage. They help ease a bowel movement through the anus and form a seal

afterwards, working with the sphincter muscle to prevent leakage. The problems arise when the haemorrhoids enlarge or stretch. They are

Please show your support for Bowel Cancer Awareness week 6-13 June 2014. Beat Bowel Cancer by having your colon checked.

then commonly called piles and become more congested with blood during a bowel movement. They can tear and sometimes cause bleeding; anything from a streak to spurting blood. It is wrong, however, to assume that bleeding from the back passage is coming from haemorrhoids. Growths such as polyps or cancer in the rectum can cause exactly the same kind of bleeding, so any bleeding from the bowel must be checked by your doctor! If you are over 50 you will generally be advised to have a colonoscopy. Itchy bottom? It could also be due to haemorrhoids. It takes only a little swelling in the haemorrhoids to stop the anus sealing properly. That allows tiny quantities of mucus to leak out onto the skin around the anus where it causes irritation. Careful cleansing with a warm tissue as soon as you feel the itching can help a lot. Symptoms from haemorrhoids tend to come and go. It helps if you keep your bowel movements reasonably soft by ensuring you keep up with your fluid intake (6-8 glasses of water a day, more with exercise) and maintain your dietary fibre (fresh fruit, vegetables and un-refined cereals).

If your haemorrhoids are really bothering you, ask for a referral to a colorectal surgeon who can discuss treatment options with you. Smaller haemorrhoids can be treated by injecting them or docking them with tiny rubber bands. Larger haemorrhoids are better treated by surgical excision. Haemorrhoidectomy operations have a bad reputation for being painful. While this is still occasionally justified, techniques have come a long way in recent years. The main cause of severe pain is infection. Preventing infection in the wounds by meticulous hygiene and soft bowel movements is the most important way to minimise pain after a haemorrhoidectomy. While you can expect some pain for about two weeks, it is usually easily controlled by painkillers. Mr Richard Perry and Dr Ingo Kolossa deal with these conditions on a daily basis so contact Intus at Milford Chambers on Papanui Road for professional advice and support


DERMATOLOGY & COSMETIC SURGERY Melanoma Skin Cancer Skin Diseases Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Portwine stains, angiomas, telangiectasia -V beamÔ pulsed dye laser - EXCEL VÔ KTP and Nd YAG Photoaging - M22 IPLÔ, Fraxel DualÔ, ResurFXÔ Pigmantation and tattoo - Revlite SIÔ Q switched Resurfacing and scars - C02 laser, Deep FXÔ, Active FXÔ, Scaar FXÔ Hair Removal - LightSheer DuetÔ, diode laser

PHONE 03 377 1010

Clinical Director: Dr Ken Macdonald Specialist Dermatologist

241 Clyde Road

hair stylists and colourists listen, and care. The Team... Where

Top Row: Larz, Monique, Canada, Jake, Aubin, Brahim, Ashley. Bottom Row: Sarah, Rachel, Gemini, Mary. Absent: Sez, Emma, Steph.


PH. 341 7995 Metropol June 12, 2014 31



By Rachel Smith

An escape from Winter W

inter is a time for reflection. It is the season when we slow things down a little and take the time to notice what would otherwise pass us by in our busy lives.

It is also often a time when our bodies need the most care – to be kept warm, wellnourished and also a little pampered. Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa is offering just this with their new Thai Herbal Ball massage. “For centuries the Thai people have been using dried herbs to treat many different ailments in the body,” said Director, Wendy Barker. “One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is provided in the form of a warm herbal compress.” Traditional herbs including turmeric, lemongrass, lime, tamarind leaves, ginger and camphor are used in the herbal balls, with their intense and pleasing aroma revealed when the herbal ball is steamed. The herbs have both medicinal and aesthetic uses, and as they are absorbed through the skin and nose provide a very effective method of treating soreness and pain from tired, achy

One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is provided in the form of a warm herbal compress.

Orn & Ann

muscles and joints. The team at Beauty Progress are experts at providing the perfect environment for relaxation, and massage exactly as you like it. For Wendy this comes from 30 years in the industry, and for her two massage therapists it is the natural instinct born from living and learning in Thailand. Both therapists professionally trained in Thai medicine in Bangkok, and have worked in spas all over the world for the past 10 years. They understand that for each person a great massage can mean very different things. For some this may be a deep tissue massage for tight muscles, and for others a

light and soft relaxing massage. Receiving the exact massage you need is as easy as choosing from the range available on their website and “talking with your therapist on arrival,” says Wendy. The Herbal Ball massage is able to be used in conjunction with any massage treatment and its added benefits are many – excellent removal of toxins during inflammation, improving muscle tone tension, and easing aches and pains from many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries. Clients are encouraged to make the most of their experience by taking a few moments

after their treatment to relax while sipping herbal tea, with this being especially important during the cooler months. Wendy also recommends reflexology as another great winter treat, with many choosing to come along with a girlfriend or mother to enjoy their treatment and some time together. Whatever the choice you can be assured that your escape from winter will reenergise your mind as well as your body. Visit Beauty Progress at 1/171 Waltham Road and view a full range of treatments at



NEW Herbal Ball Thai Massage


Relaxing, soothing, heat treatment using Herbal Ball and Hot Aromatherapy Oil combined with Traditional Thai Style Massage.


75 minutes of Pure Luxury

NORMALLY $120.00 Salon Professional eyelash extensions; non toxic formaldehyde free, medical grade adhesives for safe, longer lasting lashes.

NOW $99.00

Visit one of our certified technicians:

(New Crown Express Lash Treatment)

241 Level 1, Merivale Mall. Phone 355 6584 SMILE SPA 75 Cambridge Terrce, Christchurch Ph 366 1948

32 June, 12 2014 Metropol

To avoid disappointment PHONE NOW to make your appointment on 379 4315

made shade in the

NICOLA QUINN BEAUTY & DAY SPA 209 Papanui Road, Merivale. Phone 355 6400 BELLE EPOQUE Cnr Papanui Rd & Merivale Ln, Merivale. Phone 374 6668 HAIR ON BRIGHTON 1b Seaview Corner Mall, New Brigton. Phone 388 4796 BODY & SOUL Unit 7/5 Washington Way, Sydenham. Phone 366 4343 SIMPLY BEAUTY The Palms Mall, Shirley. Phone 385 6523 Barrington Mall, Barrington. Phone 332 8153 The Hub Hornby, Level 1. Phone 349 8498 ALL ABOUT YOU 162 Clarence Road, Riccar ton. Phone 348 3949 SIMPLY EXQUISITE BEAUTY 70 Middlepark Rd, Upper Riccar ton. Phone 349 9549 H&B HAIR ART & BEAUTY (New Crown Lash Treatment) 96 Cranford Street, St Albans. Phone 381 8939 ESSENTIAL THERAPY Purchas Street, St Albans. Phone 377 2377 FRINGE HAIR & BEAUTY 55a Nottingham Ave, Halswell. Phone 322 9509 THE BEAUTY PARLOUR 205 Fendalton Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 8883 ROOM OF BEAUTY 1 Trafalgar St, St Albans. Phone 0272536619 MAGNIFIQUE HAIR & BEAUTY 462 Halswell Road, Halswell. Phone 322 7297 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln. Phone 325 3333 LINCOLN BEAUTY 5 Gerald St, Lincoln. Phone 365 2639 ABSOLUTE BEAUTY 160 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. Phone 03 327 8809 102 Victoria Street, Rangiora. Phone 03 313 8839 KM SURGICAL (New Crown Lash Treatment) 241 Clyde Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 1010 BELLEZZA BEAUTY 922 Colombo St, St Albans. Phone 027 350 7742 V FOR HAIR BEAUTY


Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Available to the first 19 callers!

By Rachel Smith

fashion,health&Beauty metropol

Teeth for life The Smile Company has been providing expert dental care for the people of Canterbury for 35 years. A combination of the latest in dental technology and personal service to fit each individual’s needs, allows the team to provide a plan for life long dental health, and for the patients to recognise the treatments as an investment rather than a cost. Modern dentistry is not always about relieving pain and is often about increasing a patient’s self-esteem, so it is a natural progression to extend that to include facial aesthetics and an overall well-being.

Jayne, Tom Egnot, David Blair, Tessa and Vicki


avid Blair and Tom Egnot, Directors of The Smile Company, share with us their thoughts on ensuring your teeth last a lifetime.

Q. The team at The Smile Company has a high level of dental expertise and experience – how did you all come to work together in Christchurch? A. A Ongoing clinical development and plenty of in-house training for the latest techniques, passes on a level of confidence to the team and patients. As a result of our combined commitment to excellence, and the supportive environment we have created, our skills and expertise have all developed together.

Q What is it about The Smile Company that has made it one Q. of the leading dental practices in Christchurch for so many years? A. A Our 5-star quality service commitment is engrained through the business. Delivering the goods to exceed expectations with consistency and confidence because we know what we are doing, means the patients are very satisfied with the pleasing outcomes. Q For many people a visit to the dentist can be daunting. Q. What does The Smile Company do to ensure that a visit to your dental clinic is a positive experience? A. A Every team member understands what is necessary and attends to everyone with empathy and understanding. We take the time to develop rapport with the patients, and we operate in a very friendly and comfortable and nonthreatening environment where patients understand the outcome.

Hygienist Heidi, with Assistants Lana, Alesha and Samantha

Q. Q What led you to extend your services beyond what a dental clinic standardly provides, with the addition of the Smile Spa? A Modern dentistry is not always about relieving pain and is A. often about increasing a patient’s self-esteem, so it is a natural progression to extend that to include facial aesthetics and an overall well-being.

Q Dental health plays an important part in a person’s general Q. health and wellbeing. What do you see as vital to ensure that teeth will last a lifetime? A. A If we can make our patients proud of their teeth because they look so good, and they are pain and trouble free, it’s an easy progression to have them return on a regular basis for basic gum health treatments, such as scaling and cleaning and a general dental check-up or warrant of dental fitness. Q. Q What is your favourite aspect of your work at The Smile Company? A. A Tom - “Seeing my work on the many returning patients, and being able to admire it after many years of service. And Friday afternoon drinks with our very helpful and pleasant team.” David - “Being a team-leader and supporter for a fabulous group of people. The personal satisfaction of seeing the wonderful improvement in patient’s self-esteem and confidence when they see our results for them.” And for the whole team - “The common goal and passion for providing excellent service and the amazing responses we get from our patients as a result!”

Metropol June 12, 2014 33



Experts live and breathe


ealth 2000 has recently rebranded, updating its logo to reflect what it has evolved into over the past 20 years. Its niche lies in providing a personal, natural health solution for every customer. “Caring for the health needs of the people in our community is not just a part of our business, it's at the very heart of it,” says Health 2000 South City manager Blanche Fick. This Kiwi story began 20 years ago with a small team of like minds. They shared an energy for natural medicine over conventional medicine after experiencing or witnessing its effects first-hand. Together they developed the brand into a trustworthy provider of natural solutions. Today, the new logo – a red and green heart – symbolises the 82-store co-operative's enthusiasm for helping people through personal health concerns, reinforced by its strap line “where caring comes naturally”. “While some competitors sell similar products, we are emotionally invested in both natural health and our customers,” says Blanche. “We believe a natural, healthy life makes for a happy, quality life.” Health 2000 researches all new products before approving to stock them, and has launched its own HealthZone and Lighthouse

The Art of Make Up

natural health Called theCream, what sets it apart from other skin products is the “super nutrient” and bioactive ingredient colostrum.

brands. It is also the exclusive stockist in New Zealand of a skin care range 100 per cent free of synthetic and toxic chemicals. Called theCream, what sets it apart from other skin products is the “super nutrient” and bioactive ingredient colostrum. Found in cow's foremilk, colostrum is said to be the most powerful and effective cellbuilding and rebuilding “skin food” known. It comes from grass-fed Kiwi cows, and is surplus to the requirements of calves.




kristen stewart

Like the living cells in our skin, colostrum is alive and nourishes the skin by feeding it nutrients. This notion challenges many creams and approaches that commonly see toxins applied and absorbed into the skin, or skin smothered with dead ingredients that don't let it breathe. theCream comes in a vacuumsealed pump bottle which keeps it alive. The caring nature of Health 2000 staff is perhaps most helpful when it comes to product selection. They offer knowledge not available on product labels –like which brand has the right properties or ingredients for a specific individual's needs. “People visiting us will find themselves talking with staff who live and breathe natural health,” says Blanche. A naturopath also visits the South City store regularly to offer customers an extension of Health 2000's specialist knowledge. For more information see

school of make-up

Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058

34 June, 12 2014 Metropol



Sizes 8-24

up to


or more

WARM UP for Winter

who understands the importance of looking your best for all occasions


Recommend a new client and get

25OFF $ 25OFF $

your next visit


your friend will get their second visit.


ecia Also sping, facials in wax yebrow e , nails tinting, & lash p & hair makeu styling

*Terms & conditions apply

Now On!

Save up to 70% Sizes 14 – 26

Sizes 14+

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Phone 942 4179 5 Colombo St Cashmere


Contact Jasmine on 0278238057

Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm. Sat 10am-4pm. Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made

fashion,health&beauty metropol

Make a beautiful

Formal season

first impression


estled invitingly on the corner of Westminster Street and Cranford Street in St Albans, Karamella Hairdressing is as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside because, let’s face it, whether it is a hairstyle or a store front first impressions really do count. Open just 12 months, Karamella has already developed a loyal and passionate following. Not surprising with an atmosphere which is both fun and relaxed, where both staff and customers are openly enjoying themselves. Nickki’s drive for the salon comes from twenty plus years in the industry. “Being surrounded with technology and fashion that is constantly changing is exciting; to see the evolution in colour technology and shampoo, conditioner and styling products, not leaving out straightening and curling tools and services, we encourage learning no matter what position you have in the salon.” Apprentice Amber is a qualified make up artist and is learning the craft of hairdressing. With school formal season approaching the salon has a limited time special of $99 for formal hair and makeup, from June until August. Spaces are booking fast for this fantastic offer and Nickki would encourage booking early. “There is nothing better than when a client sees how beautiful their hair is and it creates an emotional change for them, that is a privilege to be a part of.” With winter definitely upon us we are seeing a mix of luscious dark chocolate and deep aubergine colour combinations, vivacious reds mixed a slight violet tone for adding shine and richness to the hair. Blondes sparkle with softening pastel tones, whether strawberry, apricot or cendre. Beautiful, shiny, healthy hair starts with the




Hair & Makeup *limited spaces available

“There is nothing better than when a client sees how beautiful their hair is and it creates an emotional change for them, that is a privilege to be a part of.”

Nickki Irvine & Amber King salon’s preferred choice of ‘TIGI’ copyright colour and professional at home care and styling products: Catwalk, Sfactor and Bedhead. The newest product to join the salon is THEORIE: Argan based shampoo, conditioner, repair mask and hair argan oil. These products have no sulphates, sodium, parabens or phosphates. Karamella’s recommended styling tools of choice are GHD hairdryers and irons, and in salon are the ‘Ombre – bird of paradise collection’ at an awesome price of $319. For more information on Creative Colour, Keratin Smoothing Treatments, men and women’s hair styling, formal hair up and for makeup services Karamella Hairdressing offers a FREE consultation. Check out the stylish salon for yourself at 159 Cranford St, St Albans, or phone (03) 355 2125 to make a booking and find Karamella Hairdressing on Facebook to keep up with all the latest happenings and reviews.

Unit 2 159 Cranford St

Ph. 355 2125

KNH High Potency Joint Care 1200mg + FREE OMEGA! Just launched in New Zealand!

With the onset of winter, joint pain is inevitable. One needs to take extra care of one's joints and bones when the temperature drops as the cold weather can exacerbate joint pain and cause serious problems if left unattended.

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Glucosamine and chondroitin comforts, protects and lubricates joints


Helps protect joint tissue and cartilage from breakdown

3 3

MSM helps supplement joint comfort and soothes joints Taking an Omega 3 supplement daily may reduce joint inflammation, tenderness and stiffness

17.00 for 60's $45.50 for 3x60s

Every joint care purchase receives a FREE bottle of Omega 3 Fish oil Stylish retail health shop with top quality products, best value prices & friendly, qualified staff

Sole Supplier: Please phone

021 0563 779

215 Wooldridge Road, Burnside, Christchurch Phone: 03 962 7883. Fax: 03 358 8039 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm & Sat 10am-4pm Email: Website: Metropol June 12, 2014 35

Leather Handbags Accessories & Travel Bags made in Christchurch NZ Calf hide rugs, Homewares, Scarves, Evening Bags & Gifts

Open from 10am to 5pm - 7 days a week

Edgy & effortlessly cool

The Tannery, Woolston

03 381 8956

Outlet Store, 163 Ferry Road, Christchurch

03 3667178


aw Nova is a new name on Canterbury’s boutique retail scene. They house a carefully curated selection of eclectic fashions, lifestyle and homeware products that fit with their raw, edgy and effortlessly cool concept. Innovative owners, Gail and her niece Allie, have always shared an interest in fashion, and in November last year they decided to channel their creative energy into a place that like minds in Canterbury could enjoy. “We wanted to create a boutique where people walk in and are greeted with quirky styles and colours, fresh décor and greenery and an overall fun and unique environment to shop in,” they say. Raw Nova was built on the philosophy of creating an inspired retail space of soughtafter products. They handpick each season’s selections based on fashions and items they themselves desire, and staying true to this notion quickly earned them a cult following. They’re celebrating autumn and winter 2014 with fierce fashions; patterns and animal prints, leather, distressed denim, studs, lace and faux fur in a mixture of shaggy and feminine silhouettes. Karen Walker clothing is due to arrive in any day, joining the ranks of luxe designers like Camilla and Marc (Au), Celeste Tesoriero (Au), Finders Keepers, Maurie & Eve, Stylestalker,

Gail and Allie Stolen Girlfriends Club and more. Footwear from Kobe and Husk, Miss Wilson and Senso see many leather winter styles to rock out in. Fashion accessories include watches, handbags from Saben and VP The Label, sunglasses from Ksubi, Sunday Somewhere, Karen Walker, Age and Pared and amazing lipsticks by Lime Crime. “We see our customer as someone who walks fearlessly at the front of the crowd, is confidently different and doesn’t follow any rules.” They understand that being fashionable doesn’t just concern fashions and accessories, and rather it extends to the personal touches in the home and office to

Supporting a sustainable future, while still looking great!

communicate personality and style. Sprinkled throughout the boutique is a compelling collection of interior decor. Cowhide rugs dyed in reindeer and zebra prints sit alongside colourful prints and cushions by Evie Kemp and Pony Rider, Kip & Co boutique bedding and throws, leather poufs, handpainted deer antlers, taxidermy skulls, limited edition coffee tables and modern alchemy candles from DL & Co. Allie and Gail invite customers to explore the unique blend of trends at Raw Nova at The Tannery. For more information search for Raw Nova on Facebook.

NEW Fashion & Lifestyle Concept Store ••••••• ••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••• • ••••••• ••••••••••••••••

The Tannery Shop14, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston Ph. 384 3638


Quality recycled children's clothing (from newborn to 14 years of age) and quality recycled maternity wear.

•• • •••• ••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••• •••••••••• •••••••••••••••••• • ••••• •••••••••••••••• ••••• ••••••••••• •••••••• •••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••• •••• •••••••••• ••• •••••• •••••••••••

The Tannery Ph. 389 8704 P. 389 1624

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Metropol June 12, 2014 37

RANGIORA & KAIAPOI North Canterbury’s ‘must visit’ destinations


Assisting clients in business to

reach their potential



140 High Street Rangiora P 03 313 4565

Willo $259.90 Available in Navy, Black, Beige

shoelines R A N G I O R A 162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444

By Samantha Bagrie


shton Wheelans are Chartered accountants and business advisors with a passion for helping people in business plan their futures. They are a committed team capable in making far reaching decisions on how to help clients manage the finances critical to their business to ensure future success. They are more than happy to assist their clients through stages of all business platforms. These consultants help develop additional investments, including establishing family trusts, succession planning and developments. They are strong believers in sowing the seeds for business, they are a company that wants to share information, but also make sound business decisions that satisfy people from both sides of a party. If people feel the need to change parts of their business because of industry challenges, Ashton Wheelans will evaluate decisions and develop new plans to determine that a business keeps its sustainability, ensuring the final outcome will be to the company's full potential. As one of the advisors mentioned, “People want their accountant to understand their business; they want to approach someone who wants to know their business affairs to its core.” Ashton Wheelans are a firm that people can trust, and building relationships is a fundamental strength. They have the ability to spot opportunities and help assist clients who need support with risky business situations, providing their knowledge and expertise to influence a successful outcome. Justin Lesueur is one of the partners, his clients own family businesses, many of whom he has helped establish. He assists with anything from company structure to the most appropriate computer systems. His consistent

If people feel the need to change parts of their business because of industry challenges, Ashton Wheelans will evaluate decisions and develop new plans to determine that a business keeps its sustainability, ensuring the final outcome will be to the company's full potential.

the Good Street Deli

Rangoria Florist Beautiful flowers & gifts for any occasion

support at a highly practical hands-on-level is a defining characteristic and is one of the reasons he has long standing relationships with his clients. He thoroughly enjoys business and people. Ashton Wheelans work with new businesses or those that have been working through from generation to generation. At times they believe people need to discover the need to take opportunities which involve risk in order to gain a head start, such as “get a life, get a mortgage”. They offer that boost of confidence to go ahead and 'just do it'. Ashton Wheelans in Kaiapoi have over 125 years of experience amongst the partners who are enthusiastic about helping people gain their full potential in business. They customise your needs and work around strategies that can make your business succeed. They value any phone calls and you are assured of a confidential consultation. Ashton Wheelans can be found at 190 Williams St Kaiapoi or email them on or phone 03) 327 89062. For more information go to


Kids Fabrics

Spiderman, Comic, Wonderwoman, Angrybirds, Cars and many more !

Delicious filling breakfast @ Good Street Deli

Reasons why your cat will LOVE US! 24 hour monitored smoke & heat detectors Background music; fully heated & insulated for winter warmth Premium quality food from Royal Canin Loving quality care from professional staff Viewing welcome prior to booking Frequent Feline Loyalty Club Like Us On Facebook

246 High St Rangiora Ph 03 313 4292orist 38 June, 12 2014 Metropol

167 Ashley St Rangiora Ph. 03 313 2228

with excellent coffee and an eclectic range of gourmet fare to browse a destination café for a great breakfast & lunch 2a Good Street, Rangiora. Ph 03 313 7388

Large selection of designer fabrics & knitting yarn instore now!

Quilters Quarters

A treasure trove for the craftsperson

9 High St Rangiora

Ph. (03) 313 6765

RANGIORA & KAIAPOI North Canterbury’s ‘must visit’ destinations

By Samantha Bagrie


WINTER Fashion

Kaiapoi's loved, local department store Blackwells is the only department store in North Canterbury and it showcases many top labels from far and wide. It's well known to be the stomping ground for locals and visitors are always welcome.


lackwells Department Store has been part of Kaiapoi since 1840, serving the locals the necessities that everyone needs.

The innovative Blackwells has a strong desire to keep their customers coming back for more. There are some new and exciting overseas brands that are difficult to find and will definitely appeal to a diverse range of people. They have a full range of new stock including, clothing, shoes, homeware, gifts, fishing and hunting accessories, curtains, bedware and carpets. Many labels have come from far and wide; the women's wear department has many Australian labels such as Boo Radley, Yarra Trail, Revvue, Vassilli Prean, and the French label Pierre Cardin's handbags and suitcases – if you are about to travel then look no further.

There are plenty of winter accessories including a fabulous jewellery collection from a brand called Zsiska from Holland which complements all women's garments allowing you to dress them up for a smart or casual wear look or whatever takes your fancy. New for men is Dutch label No Excess and there's Cambridge men's suits and Silverdale knitwear, Berlin jeans, Levis and lots of smart workwear from Swanndri. All products in store cater for every individual. Michael Blackmore wants a general department store for North Canterbury and hopes the new and improved Blackwells will be their one stop shop. There is a great selection of fashion that stands on its own merits and provides the opportunity for someone to find something that suits their personality or comfort level. Blackwells not only caters for the everyday person but supplies school uniforms to the local High School, again making it easy for the locals to find what they need.

If you are an adventurous person, then there is a good variety of fishing and hunting gear, with plenty of items to suit everyone. There is a lovely homeware selection from Maxwell Williams that would make the perfect gift for any special occasion; if you feel the need to update your kitchenware there is plenty to choose from. Blackwells is the only department store in North Canterbury and it showcases many top labels from far and wide. It's well known to be the stomping ground for locals and visitors are always welcome. More recently Blackwells is reaching milestones with projects being completed and the development of buildings and street works beginning to look good again following the earthquakes. Michael said the “heart of Kaiapoi is starting to come back to normal and the vision of the town is going forward.” Blackwells is indeed a good destination to shop for all your needs in a pleasant, relaxing and friendly environment.

Also featuring a large selection of accessories for any fashionable ensemble

Cnr Williams St & Raven Quay, Ph. 03 327 8029 Mon-Fri 9.00 - 5.30 Sat 9.30 - 4.00pm

Perfume SPECIAL Red Sin was $59

NOW $24.90 Secret Potion was $38

NOW $18.50

Plus more Specials instore!

Emu Lola vs Harper Elwood Oneoneseven Pink stitch Wish Ceilo jeans


Living Doll Ladakh


Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209

Now at two NEW offices

Love stitch



Welcomes New Clients

Minty meets Munt

What woman want

The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury

Business advisers with a passion for helping businesses plan their futures

172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157


Cnr Williams St & Raven Quay Kaiapoi Ph. 327 8962 CHRISTCHURCH OFFICE

Level 2 83 Victoria St Christchurch Ph. 366 7154

Kaiapoi Florist in the

of Kaiapoi

For beautiful flowers We deliver! Ph. (03) 327 6535 121 Williams St, Kaiapoi Metropol June 12, 2014 39



Fashion gifts & accessories made easy

Petersens Jewellers Shop 3, 121 Papanui Road Phone 3555 780


Drop into Second Heaven for that gorgeous outfit.

Second Heaven 169 Wairakei Rd Bryndwr Ph. 3517766

R O O T S %

0 2 OB

P S & IE S






Costume jewellery, vintage clothing, china, NZ history books, militaria, collectables, incense, etc

ETCETERA A great range of styles and colours in store now.

Cnr Edgeware Rd & Barbadoes St. St Albans, Christchurch. Ph: 03 3855117.

Fredrick Ashley. Fendalton Mall, Memorial Ave. Ph: 03 351 5892

Affinity. Northlands mall. Ph: 03 352 9290

Winter Sale


@ FACTOR 9B Normans Road Elmwood Village Ph 355 9050

40 June, 12 2014 Metropol

New & Pre-Loved Designer Labels. Buy/Sell on behalf.

The Dressing Room 2 Normans Road Ph 355 6620.

Limited Edition. One off pieces from the Sonya Smith Collection. IN STORE NOW

Lucy Finch 64 North Avon Road Richmond Ph. 389 1712



Change your


child's future …

link between children's visual problems and reading ability, poor concentration, dysgraphia (handwriting), dyspraxia and dyslexia, undue late afternoon fatigue and behavioural variations has been made in research done in the United Kingdom – Moreton Study, Gerraint Griffiths (1996). Vision is often overlooked as the child concerned can usually 'see' fine, but the way they are seeing often holds the key to uncovering the cause of their learning difficulties at school. The skill in uncovering these “near binocular” (two eyes working together) deficiencies lies in the specific methodology/testing procedures by a specialised “School Vision” trained optometrist. Results from the Moreton Study show that 60% of children work harder than normal for their age group to maintain binocular control “at near”. The good news is 40% do not have problems or symptoms at school. These children cope quite adequately, have no scholastic problems and go on to reach their goals. The study also showed however, that 16-20% of children in general are in fact predisposed to not coping well in attempting to control their binocular instability “at near” leading to the variety of symptoms observed during school, in both diversity and intensity. Academically-able children may therefore still underachieve in literacy for this reason. Assessing and uncovering where these

visual instabilities and deficiencies lie is the key to stabilising children's near vision, thereby putting them visually in a position to go on to have a happy learning experience at school. “Being able to offer these assessments can be an incredibly rewarding process allowing children, through ongoing treatment, to realise their true potential,” say Jeremy Fox and Dharshie Jeyaseelan, from Anstice & Associates Optometrists. In some instances sensitivities to different wavelengths (colours) can be a contributing factor to children's learning difficulties. White/glare sensitivity and difficulties

reading a high contrast black text on a white page, can cause slow reading and inefficient reading for some children. A full Irlen screening and diagnostic assessment is conducted to see the benefit of a specific combination of colour tints where indicated.

16-20% of children in general are in fact predisposed to not coping well in attempting to control their binocular instability “at near” leading to the variety of symptoms observed during school, in both diversity and intensity.

Other aspects relating to the overall wellbeing of the learning experience are nutrition and physical exercise. In most instances visual instability and the detrimental effect it has on learning/reading occurs primarily in the physical 'boom' years from age 5-13. Thereafter, though the visual system may still be overworking/unstable “at near”, children are better able to cope with this naturally. Left uncorrected during the 'boom' years however, the result is a poor foundation in development as well as the psychological implications of being a constant under achiever. Book your child's assessment at Anstice & Associates Optometrists, 10 Clyde Road, Ilam by phoning (03) 343 3909 or visiting


Specialist Optometrists - Behavioural & School Vision Practitioners Irlen Diagnosticians Contact Lenses Orthokeratology Sports Vision General Optometry n

Book now for 2014 swimming lessons


Private Swim School


Owned and operated by Olympic Coach Todd Mason


Babies to Adults



Drowning is preventable... Help your child to be safer in and around water!


Is your child struggling, frustrated or just bored at School?

Tuition Times

Monday to Friday from 3pm Saturdays all day. Other times by arrangement.


10 Clyde Road, IIAM, Christchurch

109 main sth rd, sockburn, christchurch ph: 03 341 7579 www.facebook /swimkings

Then give them the support they need with one-on-one tuition that works Our motivated tutors tailor the tuition precisely to your child's needs, targeting individual areas of concern & development. Tuition is for all ages & all key subject areas including NCEA levels 1, 2, 3.


343 3909

Elmwood Preschool ‘WHERE IT’S GREAT TO BE SMALL’

For High school - Primary School Pre-School students Tuition subjects: > English - Literacy Reading, Writing, Spelling Speech Therapy > Maths Calculus, Statistics

Phone 03

Call today about enrolling your child with us! Full range of sessions available

> Sciences Physics, Chemistry, Biology > Languages Japanese, Mandarin

The Learner also offers courses in: CIM Mathematics, Programming (Python and Scratch) with the Raspberry Pi & Lego Design, Technic Lego and Lego Robotics (EV3).

Whether your child's struggling or needs extension and stimulation you can find support at the Learner!

The Learner Education Centres 120 Riccarton Road Christchurch T. 03 423 1573 M. 0274 222 399 E.

10 Wairakei Road Strowan Christchurch P. 3510 520 E. Metropol June 12, 2014 41


canterbury bridal A

honeymoon off the

beaten track


hen it comes to the ultimate honeymoon a tropical island retreat is often at the top of the list. However, for those seeking a unique adventure with a difference, read on for a few unusual alternatives.

experience would be an incredible way to begin your new life together, while benefiting others with the very foundation marriage is built on; love and compassion.

5. Eco-Honeymoon Ecotourism is becoming an increasingly popular form of travel. Focusing on visiting exotic natural or protected areas to support conservation efforts with minimum impact from humans, this has become one of the fastest growing areas in the travel industry. From observing wildlife in their natural habitat of the African savannah or white water rafting down icy fiords in Lapland, the list of options is virtually limitless.


1. River Cruise Newlyweds looking for an intimate and relaxing honeymoon will adore a river cruise. Experience breath-taking vistas from on the water; travel past the towering red rock formations and cascading waterfalls of Australia's National Parks. Couples who really want complete isolation and togetherness may like to hire a house boat for a week or two so they can go at their own leisurely pace.

2. Camping/Glamping Depending on your budget and comfort levels, getting back to natural by camping or 'glamping' in the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience to share with your new partner in life. New Zealand has a diverse choice of National Parks and

Opt for the slower pace of life, forego the stresses of air travel and car rentals and luxuriate in the old world glamour of train travel.

reserves to explore, but for a truly foreign, culturally enriching adventure, travelling by camel through the vast expanses of the Sahara Desert or through Mongolia's similarly diverse topographical extremes is a thoroughly uplifting experience.

3. Railroad Honeymoon Opt for the slower pace of life, forego the stresses of air travel and car rentals and luxuriate in the old world glamour of train travel. Deluxe accommodation, exquisite cuisine, stunning scenery, and exploration of some of the world's most famous destinations along the way, travelling by rail is a once-in-alifetime opportunity. Since its maiden journey from Paris to Istanbul in 1883 the Orient Express still remains the world's most extraordinary train travel experience there is. Glide through picturesque countryside, discover historic cities, and be transported back in time to an era, which celebrated all the romance the railroads had to offer.

4. Volunteer Honeymoon For a truly humbling and memorable travel experience, volunteering your time and skills to those in need will not only impact on you and your partner, but those people and projects you choose to help. Whether you choose to help out in a bear sanctuary in Romania or assist with marine conservation in Thailand, this unique




metropol canterbury bride

by Wendi Clark

Second weddings

Traditionally, brides getting married the second time didn't wear white, but modern brides have thrown this old custom out of the window.


take two in saying "I do" has become quite common due to the increasing number of divorces. But even though, people say that first love is hard to die, getting married can be sweeter the second time around if you have found the right person, and if you know how to plan your second wedding the right way. After all, in love, you can always have a second chance, so here are some ideas on how to have a wonderful second wedding.

Wedding announcement For some couples, informing people about the fact that they are getting married again, may be a little difficult. It is important to remember that before you announce the wedding to other people, you should first inform your children, in private. This way they will not be caught off guard or feel pressured because all eyes will be on them if you make the announcement in public. After that, you can tell the news to your parents. You would also have to talk to your ex-spouse and perhaps, former in-laws. If you do not have a good relationship with your ex-spouse, what you can do is to send a simple gracious note.

Wedding dress Traditionally, brides getting married the second time didn't wear white, but modern brides have thrown this old custom out of the window. Brides can now wear anything they want including a white dress. The important thing is that you consider important factors such as age, personal taste and style, and nature of the wedding event when choosing a dress. Many second-time brides, who want to project a mature look, opt for brocade suits or cocktail dress instead of the usual princess type of gown. It is up to you to decide what kind of wedding dress you think would be comfortable and beautiful to wear on the wedding day.

Invitations Most second weddings are intimate gatherings of close family members and friends. But if you decide to hold a large wedding, it is imperative that you give out printed invitations. Rules of etiquette state that it is not proper to invite your ex-spouse to the wedding but it is still up to you. If you really have a good relationship with your ex-spouse and you are sure that it would not feel awkward, then it may be all right.

Participation of children If you or your partner have children, it would be good to ask if they would like to have a special part in the wedding event. The role would depend on what is suitable for their age and gender. They could be a flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaid, groomsman, maid of honour, or best man. Make sure they are willing to do the part, don't coerce your children if they do not feel comfortable in participating. Their mere presence is gift enough.


DERMATOLOGY & COSMETIC SURGERY Melanoma Skin Cancer Skin Diseases Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Portwine stains, angiomas, telangiectasia -V beamÔ pulsed dye laser - EXCEL VÔ KTP and Nd YAG Photoaging - M22 IPLÔ, Fraxel DualÔ, ResurFXÔ Pigmantation and tattoo - Revlite SIÔ Q switched Resurfacing and scars - C02 laser, Deep FXÔ, Active FXÔ, Scaar FXÔ Hair Removal - LightSheer DuetÔ, diode laser

PHONE 03 377 1010

Clinical Director: Dr Ken Macdonald Specialist Dermatologist

241 Clyde Road Metropol June 12, 2014 43

metropol canterbury bride

Stunning wedding gowns on sale


hose who are on the hunt for their wedding gown for their special day will be in luck this month. Renowned couturier Robyn Cliffe will be holding a massive sale on a huge range of bridal gowns at her store in Merivale. Closure of her Wellington store due to earthquake strengthening work has meant that all stock has had to be moved south, and will be on sale from this week until the end of June. There are fantastic bargains to be had with prices of gowns up to 70% off. The range of stunning bridal gowns includes the well-known Pronovias line, as well as gowns from Essense and Jesus Peiro, and also a number of veils and gowns for the bridal party all on sale. But their new stock will of course be in store

with the full range of imported gowns that Robyn Cliffe Couturiere exclusively stocks, including designs for the new season, and the option of having a gown designed and made specifically for you. Visit Robyn Cliffe Couturiere at 188 Papanui Road, Merivale Christchurch to ensure you have the opportunity to take away an exquisite gown for an amazing price.

Exceeding all



hree and a half months is not long to prepare for your wedding. Joanna Consedine had exactly this after getting engaged to her husband Edmund le Grelle on January 12, and setting her wedding date for April 26. When it came to looking for her wedding gown it meant that Joanna had to find a completed dress rather than opting for a design made off shore. The hunt for her perfect dress took her to Wilkins Bridal, where Joanna says they had a range of gowns in lots of different styles on the shop floor that she could select from. “April and Di and the team were very helpful,” said Joanna, especially when it came to making alterations to the dress to ensure it was an exact fit - with the dress on Joanna Consedine in her gorgeous wedding gown from the shop floor a size 14 there was Wilkins Bridal. Photo: Tony Stewart Photoshots. some work required in making the dress fit her size 10 frame. Their bridesmaid's dresses were were ready for Joanna and Edmund's also from Wilkins, and with the bridesmaids celebration. travelling from both Brazil and Wellington, “It was a great fit – I was really happy with last minute work by the seamstress was it,” said Joanna of her wedding gown. “They completed after- hours to make sure they really did exceed our expectations.”

MEGA Bridal Gown


International Brands & Superior Styling

Elegant NEW Shop Wilkins Bridal Christchurch Stockists Of: Essense Sophia Tolli Allure Mancini Stella York Alfred Angelo Mon Cheri Tony Bowls David Tutera Angeline

By appointment only FREE bridal consultations 188 Papanui Rd, Merivale Phone 03 355 8777

44 June 12, 2014 Metropol

Bridal: 03 377 8595 7 Pilgrim Place Behind Dennys Restaurant Off Moorhouse Ave

canterbury bride metropol

The one you’re looking for

Beautiful Hair M

at every age...

any mature clients go to V for Hair and Beauty Merivale after being dissatisfied with their cuts and styles elsewhere. The friendly team of stylists there have over 60 years' combined experience, and the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients. sssssssssssssssss

It is important to have a style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly, lifestyle. If you choose to let the greys come in naturally, your haircut needs to create shape and make a statement. There are lots of ways to add colour and minimise re-growth, such as foils with

highlights and low lights. Your skin tone naturally changes as you age, so make sure to adjust your hair colour accordingly with softer shades. Perms don't need to be taboo! A good perm or style support can add manageability and volume to hair. Clients love having hair and beauty therapy all under one roof. Whether it's for a relaxing facial, pedicure or an eyebrow tidy up, you will walk away looking and feeling fabulous from head to toe. At V for Hair and Beauty, you can escape the chaos and relax in a haven of pampering; freshly brewed coffee, herbal teas, chocolates and friendly staff. They say, “We don't just do hair... we do beautiful at every age.” Find them upstairs in Merivale Mall or online at


veryone dreams of that dress. You know the one, it leaps out at you from the depths of the garment rack as if to say ‘finally, you found me’. It accentuates what you love, conceals what you hate, but most importantly it makes you pop. Yes, it’s that dress. Whether it’s a first date, a 60th date, a black tie event or a charity ball, every girl needs that dress. With a stylish selection of many ‘one-only’ gowns ranging from size 624, from short to long in a range of colours to rival a rainbow, Park Avenue Fashions can help you find it. Instead of the standard seasonal changeover, Park Avenue Fashions has new stock arriving every 15 days, making it a great place to pick up your school formal frock. Owner Sonia Caird keeps her finger on the sartorial pulse of the city, scouting for the latest designs both here and off shore, injecting these looks with contemporary

energy every season and backing them up with a striking range of designer accessories. With exclusive ball gowns in chic designs and fabrics, Park Avenue’s range is representative of her committed relationship with classic flattering lines, designed to befriend and complement the silhouette of all shapes and sizes. Don’t be that girl… you know, the one who doesn’t find that dress… visit Park Avenue Fashions today at 363 Lincoln Road, tucked comfortably next to illy or take a sneak peak at the Facebook page

Buy a ball gown until 21 June and get shoes or jewellery to complete the look for 50% off.

Ball Gown Promotion Girls Club

Buy your Ballgown now & get

50% off

Golden Girls Receive

either shoes or accessories to complete your outfit

Visit our website for details Simply present your Gold Card and become part of our Golden Girls Club. You will receive special rates and promotions reserved just for our Golden Girls Club

*Promotion ends 21 June 2014* *Can not be used on goods already on sale*

Your Best Dress Address Level One Merivale Mall Phone 03 355 6584

363 Lincoln Rd Addington Next to mobil service station, Moorhouse Ave end Carparking along side the railway line

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Phone 374 5858 Open 6 Days Metropol June 12, 2014 45





Bars & Cafés


cuisine & DINING OUT

Make plans for

New Zealand Roast Day


he winter culinary calendar wouldn’t be the same without Selaks New Zealand Roast Day. Selaks is proud to be bringing Kiwis the fifth annual celebration of the humble roast on Sunday 3 August 2014. Now in its 80th year, Selaks Wines - founded in 1934 by Croatian immigrant Marino Selak - continues to live up to its rich history of bringing family and friends together over good food and wine. As a wellentrenched part of Kiwi tradition the roast is one of New Zealand’s most loved meals. Selaks NZ Roast Day is about gathering loved ones together and recapturing all the fun, fanfare and good times that go with a Sunday roast. Metropol will be publishing a selection of Nici Wickes’wonderful roast recipes in the lead up to August’s Sunday roast.

Ingredients For the rice pilaf • 1 cup white basmati rice • 150 grams unsalted butter • 2 red onions, sliced • 1 tsp ground allspice • 1 tsp cumin seeds • 1 cinnamon stick • 3 medium beetroot, scrubbed and grated For the lamb • 1.5 kg leg of lamb – get your butcher to de-bone • 2 tsp ground allspice • 4-6 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed • 2 Tbsp pomegranate molasses • 1 tsp sea salt • ½ cup Selaks Reserve Central Otago Pinot Noir • ½ cup water

46 June, 12 2014 Metropol


Nici Wickes’ Boneless Lamb Leg Stuffed with Beetroot & Rice Pilaf

Wine Match: Selaks Reserve Central Otago Pinot Noir

Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 1 ½ - 2 hours

Serves: 4 – 6 Stuffing a lamb leg with rice pilaf and beetroot is so easy and makes a gorgeous change from regular roast lamb.

Method To make the rice stuffing, wash the rice in a sieve until the water runs clear. In a medium, heavy-based saucepan, melt the butter and fry the sliced onions for a few minutes. Add the spices and cook over a medium heat for about 10 minutes until onions are completely soft, then add the grated beetroot and cook for a few more minutes. Add the rice then cover with water to 2cm above the level of the rice. Bring to the boil, covered, then stir once. Replace the lid and reduce heat to low and cook for 7-10 minutes. Remove from the heat and rest the rice for five minutes, with the lid on, while you prepare the lamb.

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius. For the lamb, combine the ground allspice, crushed garlic, pomegranate molasses and salt and rub over the inside surface of the lamb. Put half of the pilaf inside the leg, tuck the meat around the rice, and tie with string to secure. Place in an oven proof dish, add the wine and water, seal with foil and cook for 1.5 hours. Remove the lamb from the oven and remove the foil. Increase the oven temperature to 200 degrees Celsius. Pack the rest of the rice pilaf into the dish around the lamb and roast for 15 minutes more, or until the lamb is nicely browned. Rest for 15 minutes before carving. Serve lamb on flat breads with minted yoghurt and the rice pilaf on the side.

Cookbook designed to be

composted scoops awards




Cocktail Chef Mary's mixologist

As with all cocktails, especially the classics, there is always a dispute over its creator. Was it John Caine who brought the Cosmo to San Francisco around 1987, from Ohio? Or Toby Cecchini, who created it in Manhattan in the same year? Whichever story you believe, or if like me you don’t really care. The Cosmopolitan is a true drink for the ladies, and with a little twist you can make your Cosmo one to remember.

Richard Uttley

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Elderflower Cosmopolitan…

How to make an Elderflower Cosmopolitan Glassware A cocktail glass is a stemmed glass which has a cone-shaped bowl, which is rounded or completely flat on the bottom and placed upon a stem above a flat base. Though they are often referred to as martini glasses, they differ from martini glasses in that they have smaller, narrower bowls with rounded or flat bottoms, I prefer a nice Z stem glass to help with presentation Available from Southern Hospitality, Tuam Street.


uthor Laura Faire's respect for the environment has been the inspiration for the creation of the most awarded publication at the Pride in Print awards held in Wellington recently. The fact that Laura's ethos 'from plant to plate, from germination to degustation' has been successfully extended to book publication is a huge thrill to this chef, gardener and food writer, who is also a columnist for Sunday Star Time, and mum of two under two. Not only does Laura grow her own food and carefully select her own ingredients – she has now created New Zealand's first carbon zero cookbook, which is entirely decomposable. It can be read and with a clear conscience thrown in the compost. But who would want to! Each of the 80 recipes in this local, natural and beautiful cookbook is inspired by what's in season and what's in Laura's garden. Limited Edition Cookery, on-sale now and printed by Soar Print in Auckland, won gold in each of the three categories in which it was entered - Books, Limited Edition/Fine Art Prints and Environmental. Laura says 'carbon zero books are big news in the UK at the moment, but relatively unheard of here. I really hope the success of my book

Recipe 45 ml of Absolut Citron 30 ml of Cranberry Juice 15ml of St Germain elderflower liqueur

Caption: Laura Faire hand finishing one of her books with gold leaf or chalk wash; each book is uniquely finished to order. at these prestigious awards will help encourage other publishers and printers in New Zealand to print sustainably.' Laura's previous book Now is the Season was published in 2011, and she has worked on many other cookery books for large corporations and charities and she is a member of the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers. The Pride In Print, Awards, established in 1993, showcase the best of the best in New Zealand print and a Gold Medal tells a printer they have reached the status of the elite. Limited Edition Cookery is available for purchase via Laura's website and specialist book and culinary stores (listed at RRP $115.

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, add ice. Shake and pour into a cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist. Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

Creamed Lemon Thyme Parsnips ¼ cup cream ¼ cup milk 2 teaspoons fresh lemon thyme leaves 3 large parsnips (200g each) ½ teaspoon salt 25g butter 30g almond slices, toasted Place the cream, milk and thyme in a saucepan and bring nearly to the boil (scald), turn off the heat and let infuse while the parsnips cook. Peel and chop the parsnips and place in a large saucepan with cold water and salt, cover with a lid and bring to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes until tender. Drain and leave to dry out in the colander for a good 5 minutes or return to the pan and place back on the heat for about 30 seconds, giving them a shake as you go to cook off the residual moisture. Mash thoroughly with a potato masher (you

can pass through a sieve or moulie for a really fine result). Fold through the infused cream. Serve hot with a dollop of butter and toasted almond slices. Serves 4-6 Metropol June 12, 2014 47



Relaxed, warm & friendly a restaurant for all ages


aesar’s Family Restaurant, located at the Northwood Supa Centre on Main North Road, truly lives up to its name and reputation. The food is fresh; it has a relaxed dining atmosphere and a welcoming and homely feel. It is one of those rare places that cleverly balances the needs of families and other diners without any sense of intrusiveness – children can enjoy themselves in the play area with toys, games and educational activities, while adults can concentrate on their food and the wonderful selection of wines and beers. With its sensibly priced family-friendly menu and daily meal deals, Caesar’s is the perfect destination for everyday dining out, especially to celebrate birthdays, family functions and other special occasions. The bar area is ideal for adults needing less formal dining options, a good range of spirits, cocktails and wines and looking forward to enjoying live sport on a 150 inch projector screen. Caesars has a knack for making all of its guests feel special, no matter what their ages. In fact every day is special at Caesars, with a range of specials on offer. Caesars is now open from 11am until late. The lunch menu is available until 4pm and the

It is one of those rare places that cleverly balances the needs of families and other diners without any sense of intrusiveness dinner menu then starts. And it is magnificent! A winter addition to the already mouthwatering menu includes pork belly – chargrilled, five spice, topped with apple compote. The Surf and Turf has been enhanced – topped

Mid Winter Xmas


BOOK NOW! The Ideal Place for Birthdays & Functions OPEN DAILY Lunch & Dinner from 4pm NORTHWOOD SUPA CENTRE 548 MAIN NORTH RD PH 323 5420

48 June, 12 2014 Metropol

with scallops, tiger prawns and mussels, with fresh creamy spinach risotto. On Mondays and Thursdays your children dine free (conditions apply, mind you!) and this is a big drawcard. The Tuesday special is something you should be aware of, with any two light meals from the menu for $30 – Lamb’s Fry and Bacon, Roast of the day, Fresh Hoki, Hot Pot, Pumpkin Lasagne, and the magnificent Chicken Filo with salad and fries. The Smoked Salmon Salad has long been a favourite, along with a new addition to the burger range – chicken breast with a garlic aioli on a toasted bun, with iceberg lettuce, bacon and cheese – it is sure to please. Check out the specials – they come thick and fast – Wednesdays allow a second main course at half price for example, and a $15 grill on the rocks all day. There are daily lunch specials with a $10 menu or a $20 grill on the rocks with larger portions. And do not forget the classic mid-winter Christmas – this is a special treat provided by Caesar’s, running through to the end of July. Gluten-free? Not a worry – the range is there for everyone, no matter what their needs. In fact this is what Caesar’s delights in – providing a dining experience for all of the family…and friends! Take your family there – the food is wonderful and well priced, the service and the ambience warm and friendly. You are sure to go back.



Premium beef brand After introducing Cantabrians to its one hundred percent grass-fed Angus beef at the Food Show in April, Green Meadows Beef is now available in Christchurch at Raeward Fresh’s Harewood store.


ou’ll find the company’s full range of beef cuts, from steaks (eye fillet, scotch fillet, porterhouse and rump) to premium beef mince, not to mention beef perfect for the slow cooker (topside steak and blade steak) on the shelves. Green Meadows Beef was founded in 2012 to ensure some of the country’s best beef was available to the local market rather than the export market. All Green Meadows Beef animals are finished on the Carey family’s farm in Opunake, coastal Taranaki. Underneath Mount Taranaki and beside the Tasman Sea, the animals receive the best of care while on the farm, which includes drinking household quality water from troughs filled by the local Cold Creek community water scheme. Green Meadows Beef also owns and operates its own butchery and distribution facility in New Plymouth. Custom built and opened in 2013, the facility is operated pursuant to a HACCP based Food Safety Programme and operating from this facility allows product to be shipped overnight nationwide. Taking steps like these ensure that the beef is at its finest standard and always arrives in the best possible condition. A true family affair, the Green Meadows Beef farm is managed by Michael Carey, the third generation to farm the property, with son Nick taking control of the business and

distribution side of things and managing the butchery. Michael’s wife, Margy, works in the business most days, and other sons Brent and Karl are also actively involved. As well as being stocked in-store at Raeward Fresh in Harewood, Green Meadows Beef is also available online at A number of shopping options are available, from smaller boxes to slow-cooking boxes, through to larger family packs. All prices include delivery nationwide, with the company having delivered to most cities and towns between Kaitaia and Bluff. Green Meadows Beef is soon to make its first delivery to a customer located in the Chatham Islands.

new to Christchurch

Opunake farmers Nick and Michael Carey

To celebrate the launch of Green Meadows Beef at Raeward Fresh in Harewood, the team will be in-store sampling their beef on Saturday 21 June 2014 from 9am-1pm. To find out more about the Green Meadows Beef story and to find a copy of Nick’s Braised Blade Steak recipe, visit

An advocate for using a variety of meat cuts, Nick’s recommendation is to have the slowcooker at the ready now that we are officially into winter. His must try meal is a braised Green Meadows Beef Blade Steak served in a jacket potato with hearty greens. To celebrate the launch of Green Meadows Beef at Raeward Fresh in Harewood, the team will be in-store sampling their beef on Saturday 21 June 2014 from 9am-1pm. To find out more about the Green Meadows Beef story and to find a copy of Nick’s Braised Blade Steak recipe, visit


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm

Book now for your private functions Aikmans Road, Merivale Mall, Christchurch. Ph(03) 964 3860

has landed at Christchurch Airport Sophisticated, clever unashamedly kiwi!


Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

The perfect venue for your next meeting


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Ph. (03) 353 1930 Open from 11am to late Level one beside Domestic Arrivals

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street Metropol June 12, 2014 49


Dine in or Takeaway


Honest, robust & fresh flavours

Authentic Thai


hai food has come to be popular with Christchurch diners and Keo Thai at Carlton Courts near the corner of Papanui Road and Bealey Ave is one of the reasons for this.

* Outdoor Area *

Wheelchair access

* * *

Takeaways Private rooms

Available for functions

* Wheelchair access * BYO wine & fully licenced * Excellent beer & wines available OPEN 7 DAYS TILL LATE

PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD

Gold Award Winner


YA H AG I 376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

The ambience is alluring for a start. You walk off the main street into a bricked courtyard fringed with hanging plants, ferns and lush greenery with trickling light effects, and already you feel as though you have just walked into a different world, perhaps a mystical Thai resort, along with the customary warm welcome you would expect in that country. You can relax under a clear roof or inside in a traditional setting and select from an amazing menu. Keo himself came from an area of Thailand renowned for the special nature of its cuisine – honest, robust and fresh flavours – an authentic blend of hot, sour, salty, sweet flavours – and these are brought together in a tantalising range of combinations. Several Thai cooks working together bring amazing depth of knowledge and talent to the creation of this delightful food. All of the dishes are served with Thai jasmine rice and flexibility is a part of the presentation. Want it hot or just mild – just let them know and it will be served just as you like it. There is a wonderful range of choices. Gai Hem Ma Parn for example consists of crispy chicken in a rich sweet sauce with pineapple and cashew nuts and a touch of spices and that is very popular, along with a range of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian options. Want it hot? Try Pad Kaprao – a traditional dish – finely chopped beef mixed with Thai holy basil and fresh chillies, served spicy hot; also available with chicken or pork. Standards are not compromised and all ingredients are fresh. All of the sauces used are prepared on site. You get Thai food presented just as you would expect it to be when you are in that amazingly diverse country – fresh, succulent, healthy and with that unique Thai approach. If you are thinking of an end-of-year work function, then Keo Thai is a perfect venue, with two function rooms seating 18 and 28. Both rooms double as private rooms or extensions of the dining area.

You get Thai food presented just as you would expect it to be when you are in that amazingly diverse country – fresh, succulent, healthy and with that unique Thai approach.

Keo Thai is ideal for those of you wanting to enjoy a great meal on the way into Christchurch or heading home from a show or the movies, as it is right on a hub and there is plenty of parking, handy to Victoria Street. Fully licensed, the wine selection is provided by Cellarworks Wines, so that you can be assured of the very best quality, chosen specifically to complement the variety of

flavours found in Thai cuisine. Keep an eye out for expansions and more delights later this year. It is the hospitality that attracts however and Keo Thai is well known for its friendly and adaptable service. The warmth of the staff is most stimulating. After all, it is all about you! Mind you, if you want to enjoy all of this you must book, especially for weekend meals – Keo Thai is that popular!

MY PETITE KITCHEN COOKBOOK: Simple wholefood recipes By Eleanor Ozich

Come and visit our Re:Start Store at our NEW SITE this weekend and go in the Draw to WIN! (cnr. Cashel St & Oxford Tce, by the Bridge of Remembrance) To mark this occasion we shall be giving away a

MY PETITE KITCHEN GIFT BASKET! 113 Riccarton Road, 379 2882 or Re: Start Cashel & Oxford Tce 377 8462

50 June, 12 2014 Metropol

pizzeria cucina italiana


Italian cuisine with an

oriental twist From our Napoli style gas-fired pizza & pasta dishes through to our deliciously fresh & flavoursome Porterhouse steak & chicken fillet There’s something for everyone! Open: Dinner: Tues-Sun from 5.30pm Fully licensed and BYO wine only

Shop 9, Rolleston Square, 72 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston p: 03 347 7444



Heart-warming foods,

BREAKFAST with a view every weekend!

stunning harbour views


yttelton on a Saturday… the blissful business of the local farmers’ market awash with visitors from all around Christchurch (and often further afield). After browsing the stalls for the best in Cantabrian food offerings, there is nowhere more idyllic than Freemans Dining Room to enjoy the beautiful harbour view and continue the foodie journey.

Using fresh seasonal produce for a perfect retreat after the Lyttelton Market. Breakfast available Sat 9-11.30am Sun 10-11.30 Open Mon-Fri 3pm-late, Sat 9am-late, Sun 10-late Your Host Sarah & Nick Freeman

328 7517

Manager Sarah Harris had a positive vision for Freemans Dining Room when the local eatery was founded eight years ago. “Our vision for Freemans is to provide our customers with a relaxed and comfortable space where they can enjoy delicious food crafted using only the freshest ingredients. Our friendly, knowledgeable team strives to meet the individual needs of our customers whatever the occasion.” Breakfast by the harbour On a crisp autumn or winter day, Lyttelton is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to spend the morning. The air may be brisk but the harbour views are truly breath-taking. Once you’ve blown warm air into your hands numerous times, it’s time to warm up properly with your hands wrapped around a nice hot drink from the many offerings on the menu at Freemans Dining Room. Open from 9am till late on Saturday and 10am till late on Sunday, Freemans is locally renowned for their breakfast menu which contains such delights as: Bircher Muesli (ricotta, hazelnuts and kiwifruit) or the mouth-watering house-cured salmon (with scrambled eggs and soft herbs). As for the drinks menu, take your pick from the heart-warming coffee to chase

Meet me at...

Like us on facebook

47 London Street, Lyttelton

“Our vision for Freemans is to provide our customers with a relaxed and comfortable space where they can enjoy delicious food crafted using only the freshest ingredients. Fish Lamb Beef

away the frosty mornings or, if you want to add a little extra pizzazz to your day – then you could be forgiven for ordering a Bloody Mary! You’ll find all your favourites on

Freemans’ menu and the views of the harbour come free. The friendly, talented and knowledgeable front-of-house staff are on hand to assist with those difficult menu decisions (you’ll believe me when you’re seated with the menu in front of you). Harris is sticking with her vision for the Lyttelton dining room and she believes it runs with passion. “Our food is our heart and our customers are our soul.” Contact:, phone (03) 328 7517. 47 London St, Lyttelton.

Pasta Risotto

Enjoy contemporary NZ cuisine with a European influence, prepared by an expert team. Relax in the sumptuous leather booths Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. 158 Leinster Road, Merivale (30 metres from Papanui Road)

Reservations Ph. 355 3055

Fendalton’s Favourite Café


NEW Winter Menu! Fresh daily - cabinet food Full breakfast/lunch menus Evening functions Out-Catering Boardroom Hire Late night Fridays w’drink specials and bar snacks

Find us at... 235 Annex Road Ph 338 1801 Hours:Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-6.30pm Sat 8am-3.30pm

Fresh Homestyle Baking Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee - Perfect! Children’s Menu Fully Licensed

Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 0730-430pm Sat-Sun: 0830-430pm

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414

For a FUN NIGHT OUT join our Quiz Evening m! every Tuesday at 7.15p



Choose from our special $20 menu every Monday Tuesday or Wednesday

Open from 11am weekdays -10am weekends 7 DAYS WEEK

Northwood Supa Centre

178 A Papanui Rd Merivale Ph. 356 2255

P. 323 4497

Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm Mon-Sat Dinner: 5.30pm-Late Mon-Sat

(Next to City Fitness)

Metropol June 12, 2014 51



Spicy, aromatic

dinner delight Laura Faire, author of cookbook Limited Edition Cookery shares a deliciously spicy winter dinner recipe with Metropol. Laura said, “Once in Wellington I bought a beautiful tagine from a little arts and craft shop in Eastbourne. It is awkward to store, having found a home only recently on top of my fridge. I try to use it whenever I can, partly to justify the expense of the purchase but mainly to savour the spicygravy-coated delights it creates…”

Saffron Beef and Butternut Tagine 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, toasted ½ teaspoon coriander seeds, toasted 1 tablespoon sumac (or 2 teaspoons lemon zest) ½ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon ground ginger 1 stick cinnamon, broken apart 500g organic beef cheeks, trimmed of visible fat 4 shallots, skins removed and broken into bulblets

seeded and cut into chunks fresh coriander, mint and yoghurt to serve

Method Crush the cumin and coriander seeds together in a pestle and mortar or on a chopping board using a rolling pin (or the underside of a saucepan). Combine with the remaining spices in a large bowl. Cut the beef into large cubes, about 3cm each. Toss the beef and shallots in the spices and cover. Chill overnight or for at least 4 hours. Preheat the oven to 170ºC. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan or in a tagine if it is suitable to use on the stove top. Fry the beef and shallots in batches until a deepbrown crust forms. Place in the tagine. Combine ¾ of the stock with the tomato paste, saffron threads and salt. Pour over the beef and shallots in the tagine dish. Cover and cook for 1¾ hours. Add the pumpkin and remaining ¼ cup of stock if required and stir well. Cover and return to the oven for a further 30 minutes.

2-3 tablespoons olive oil Serves 4 Preparation time overnight Cooking time 2¼ hours

1 cup organic beef stock 1 tablespoon tomato paste pinch saffron threads ½ teaspoon rock salt (or a good pinch of fine salt) ½ small butternut squash (400g), peeled, de-

Limited Edition Cookery is available for purchase via Laura's website and specialist book and culinary stores (listed at RRP $115.



“ Friendly Service with a Smile”

‘The Cronut’ (Donut/Croissant)

Breads of Europe Bakehouse Shop Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm

Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048 Flavours include: Baileys Irish Creme Cronut, Vanilla Creme Cronut

NEW Store Now Open! 177 Victoria Street, CBD

hachi hachi

a striking restaurant enjoy the finest of japanese food & ambience

Ph. 377 0068 177 Victoria St Ph. 348 8418 Bush Inn Centre 52 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Great Wine, Great Food, Great Times

Book your MID-WINTER


Special Set Menu

Mulled Wine

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Monavale Ave



P. 343 5378


Present this when ordering 4 or more main dishes with dinner Sun-Wed Valid until 30th June 2014 * Terms & Conditions Apply

Bush Inn Centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rds

Ph. 03 348 8881



Culinary hotspots Here's Metropol's round up of three great foodie hot spots to enjoy when you are on the run… mushroom, nuts and grains burger with coleslaw, vegan aioli and homemade organic beetroot. Or herb and Dijon marinated organic beef with tomato chutney red onion and cheddar cheese. Popular is Jerk Chicken – marinated free range, a sweet potato spread, kiwi and coriander salsa. They even make their own fresh, homemade lemon and barley drinks. Keep an eye out – you might end up chasing them! Ph. 027 588 1508.

Culinary royalty!

Hot potato!

One interesting upshot from the quakes in Christchurch is the emergence of small eateries – often mobile; sometimes parked in spots where buildings have been removed. The Dukes of Sandwich is a good example – a food truck with a fancy name. Well, the sandwich is considered to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, because of the claim that he was the eponymous inventor of this food combination. The Wall Street Journal has described it as Britain's “biggest contribution to gastronomy.” Let's face it, the sandwich is ubiquitous. Robert Gilbert and Laura Sisson are chefs who are keen on providing food that is free range, organic – healthy and appetising. Keep an eye out for them – sample their seasonally varying options. Gunpowder pork – spicy marinated free range pork belly with apple and fennel coleslaw and special barbeque sauce is sure to blow you away. Try Forest and Field – a

Spud Stop, once a popular lunch spot in the Shades Arcade, is now a mobile food stall providing delicious traditional oven-baked potatoes that taste great and are value for money. Paul Duffy grew up in a household where a plate of food was only a meal if it had a potato on it. Clearly an Irish influence there! Paul came to New Zealand in 2008 from Birmingham, England with wife Kath and three children. The mobile baked potato business was born in 2010, and after the earthquakes dismantled the idea of a shop, his mobile wagon showed up at a range of places – council run events, winery concerts and sports venues. They are not just plain old spuds though. Enjoy fillings of chilli con carne, creamed corn, mushrooms in cream sauce and baked beans, as well as toppings of cheese, sour cream, coleslaw and pineapple. “There's nothing you can't put in a potato, other than potato,” Paul says. Spud Stop also offers a wide variety of excellent meals, as well as looking after those

with specific dietary needs, and at good prices, whether it is a public gathering, sporting venue, or a special function. Ph. (03) 359 4474 Web:

The Bay Mobile Café The concept is growing and it is a niche market – coffee brought to you wherever you are, right when you need it most. “Start the day the coffee way,” says Brenda Benge. She started her enterprise late in 2010 and it has been a great success. “Mind you, getting ahead in business invariably begins with doing something you

Stunning Catering Menu

know about,” she says. Brenda worked at Café 101 at Canterbury University, and further extended her experience by managing a café in Sydney. She came back here to her home town, and after a break teaching English as a second language, returned to making coffee, which is what she is 'soooo' good at. You can catch up with her on the Marine Parade outside the South Brighton Surf Club – the only place to get great coffee at 7am – lovely lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, hot chocolate – and with a free chocolate fish with every one of them. It is a great meeting place for locals, tradies, surfers and dog walkers (she even has snacks for man's best friend!); and mums who have dropped off children at school. You can text through a request (021 2736 322) for your favourite morning kick start. Brenda loves the connection with a range of people, but the ambience is great. “I get to watch the sun rise every morning.” Life is good.

Come and visit us at 355 Buchanans Rd (Corner Pound & Buchanans Rd) Yaldhurst


Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-late Sundays 10am-3pm

café & wine bar Merivale: 355 5645 Beckenham: 332 4799 Bishopdale: 360 0996

P: (03) 348 8038


Metropol June 12, 2014 53


Winter Warmers... that keep you nice & cosy on those cold days


House of Allure

Lincoln a strong all-rounder


A must see on your ourr nex next exxt xt vi visit isitt too Lincoln is Lin incoln in n lnn


Gift Box 19 Gerald Street Lincoln Ph. 325 7570


The name Lincoln was first placed on Canterbury maps in 1848 at the mouth of the Selwyn River, before being transferred to its current site in 1862 when prominent public figure James Edward FitzGerald developed the township. The area flourished and by 1873 it boasted a flour mill, post office, butcher, baker, confectioner, hotel, wheelwright, carpenter and blacksmith.



n extraordinary all-rounder, FitzGerald is remembered as sub-inspector for the police, one-time editor for the Lyttelton Times, founder of The Press and a Wellington-based Māori newspaper, the first superintendent of the Canterbury province, an MP for the seat of Ellesmere, Māori rights crusader and Minister of Native Affairs, controversially opposing The New Zealand Wars. Like its founder, Lincoln is also a strong allrounder. Tucked comfortably between Banks Peninsula and Christchurch city, the thriving township is just 15 minutes from the city thanks to the new motorway. The permanent population of 2,700 swells to more than 7,000 during term time, with the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest agricultural teaching institution Lincoln University a strong feature in the area. A 'world-class' agricultural research and education facility is being planned for the university later this year. A global centre for research and education, around 900 staff will work at the hub, which is planned to sit beside the university. Based at 67 Gerald Street is a brand new Challenge service station which opened in mid-May. Also on Gerald Street is the new $3.7 million Library and Service Centre which opened earlier this year, more than three times larger than the old building. The township has a number of other facilities available including a supermarket, several cafés, restaurants and bakeries, a specialist German butchery, hardware store,

hairdressers, a Westpac, Kiwi Bank and Post Shop, maternity hospital, medical centre, two pharmacies, a library, dental practice plus various gift and fashion boutiques. The local pub, the Famous Grouse Hotel stood on the same site, give or take a few metres, for more than 140 years – until September 4, 2010. But it has recently been rebuilt and, like most small towns, doubles as the local meeting house, community hall, the rugby centre, the bowling club, diner and inn. Just two years old, the Lincoln Motels offers a stunning and luxurious motel designed to the highest of standards, situated in the heart of the township only a short walk from restaurants, bar, shops, the golf course and walkways. Set in a quaint 1890s villa, The Tea House offers another stunning and unique setting for a special event and each month Lincoln has its own Farmers and Craft Market on a Saturday morning in the centre of town, very popular with the locals and visitors. Talk of the town is of new bar The Laboratory set to open around December ( Twisted Hop coowners Martin and Lisa Bennett are well advanced in their plans for the experimental brew house, bar and restaurant at West Belt, Lincoln, a funky gathering place that the Bennetts hope will become a favourite spot for the local community to enjoy stimulating conversation, awesome real ales, craft beers and casual dining. A strong all-rounder, Lincoln really does offer something for everyone.

House of Allure NEW Owners Lee & Ange would like to welcome you NEW Look NEW Labels including our own Able to alter your purchases on site as the perfect fit is important to us

9 Gerald St, Lincoln. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.00pm, Sat 10-4pm Ph 325 2390

21 Luxury Motel Units in the

Heart of Lincoln

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620 54 June, 12 2014 Metropol






Kitchens & Bathrooms


How to manage the relationship


with your builder

here are few things more exciting than watching your dream home come to life. For some, building a home is a once in a life-time endeavour, for others it could be a stepping stone for the start of a great investment portfolio in the future. It doesn't matter how many times you've built a home before or whether you are building new or renovating, there are many ways you can make the process as pain-free as possible.

Stephen Thompson, managing director of Allworth Homes said, “Building companies have strict processes in place to make sure your home is built as efficiently as possible. It's important to recognise this and be patient while you're waiting for your home to be built.” “Different parts of the process frustrate people – but it's mostly smooth sailing if you're aware. This is why we've developed these tips so people know what to expect and how to work with their builder.”

Agree at the beginning Be sure that everything you want for your house is documented on the contract plan and everything is in writing. It's crucially important to make it clear up front as once your architect plans are approved by council and construction is ready to happen, it could be very hard to make any changes. If you've missed something, go cap in hand to your builder and see what they can do. Sometimes it is possible to rectify the situation.

Do your research on colour selection Choosing the cosmetics of your home can be a huge decision. Make sure you have a vision of what you want before your colour consultation to eliminate back and forth communication. Also, have some back-up selection options. In the case of a supplier

concerns you have. Stick to that person. If you can't get in contact with them at a certain time, don't start your story with someone else. Likewise, make sure that you feel wellinformed and happy with each stage of the process.

understanding that a builder with multiple jobs on the go will attend to the oldest ones first when the weather clears – they may not be on your job on the first dry day.

Organise site visits rather than going onto the site yourself

Builders take pride in their work and like to feel appreciated. Likewise, if there's anything you're unhappy with make sure you communicate this with your dedicated contact that way the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible without too many people getting involved.

Don't forget to compliment good work along the way

running out of stock, which is out of the builder's control, you don't want to go through the same process again – plan ahead.

It is unsafe to step onto the site without having Work Health Safety training. The best way to visit your site is to schedule visits with your construction supervisor.

Communicate with your dedicated contact

Be reasonable with your builder when weather delays work

Have patience

Throughout the process you will be introduced to your dedicated contact. These are the people to help you with any questions or

While the setback can be frustrating, building work can't go on in extreme wind or rain. If the weather does delay your build, have

This is sometimes the most important advice when building a home. Quality work takes time. Enjoy watching the home come to life.


Metropol June 12, 2014 55



Making your vision a reality R

achele Simmons-Taling, Senior Principal at ArchInteriors, knows first-hand the intricacies of creating unique style in an interior space. Whether you need professional design support in your home or commercial environment, Rachele's services cover the spectrum from kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms to commercial spaces and furniture, fixture and equipment procurement. Rachele has an enormous amount of expertise, longevity and experience as an Interior Designer. After graduating in the USA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design with Honours from East Carolina University, she has worked with the most prestigious lines of cabinetry in the world throughout her career in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.

ArchInteriors is the sole supplier for both the Berloni and Marcarredi Italian cabinetry lines for the New Zealand and Australian markets and services both countries in their entirety. Not only does Rachele provide full service interior design, she also provides custom made Italian products in order to enrich the look and feel of a space. The company's flagship line, Berloni, began over 50 years ago in Pesaro, Italy and is represented with showrooms in 65 countries over five continents, providing above industry standard warranty and assurance to all its customers. The door styles and accompanying finishes are designed by top Italian architects and designers providing the best design Italy has to offer. All products are manufactured in Italy to the highest quality and environmental standards. Italian doesn't always mean expensive and although the products are created for high-end customers, Rachele can work with any client to ensure impeccable quality and style no matter the budget. Rachele has a passion for spatial concepts and provides clients with unique and

Rachele has a passion for spatial concepts and provides clients with unique and impressive solutions for room layout, cabinetry and furniture design.







CHRISTCHURCH SHOWROOM: 145 Blenheim Rd Ph. 348 8358 Open 7 days 9am-5pm AUCKLAND SHOWROOM: 6 Polaris Place, East Tamaki, Auckland

w w w. u r b a n o i n t e r i o r s . c o . n z

fall in



Love with your

favourite funiture

all over again.

Recover your couches and chairs and save money!







Somerď€ eld Upholstery

10 Calgary Place, Hornby Ph 021 251 6200 365 8046 QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED 56 June, 12 2014 Metropol


impressive solutions for room layout, cabinetry and furniture design. Each individual project and client is different and is treated as such. Rachele will be able to make your vision a reality. Her full service portfolio also includes: ! working drawings for plumbing, electrical and construction trades ! shop drawings for the cabinetry manufacturer ! pricing and order processing ! insured shipping and customs clearance ! installation ! lighting ! colour coordination ! furniture procurement ! electrical specifications ! plumbing fixtures and appliances ! flooring ! project management

The ArchInteriors showroom opened in August 2013 and is based in Rotorua, following a move to New Zealand with her Kiwi husband and young family. Being from the USA, travel is not an issue for Rachele. She has a number of clients overseas and welcomes clients from Christchurch to engage her services and learn more about her stunning and exclusive cabinetry lines. Rachele believes that it's not about location; it is about product quality and client service. Rachele's knowledge, experience, offerings and sustainable design practices set her apart from others in her field. For more information and to contact Rachele visit or view Rachele's LinkedIn profile at

By Melinda Collins



Unique, stylish one off pieces


tyle; it’s an elusive description shrouded under a misnomer of subjectivity when it is, in reality, anything but subjective. Because, one thing we know for sure, when it comes to style you’ve either got it or you don’t – there are simply no grey areas. Yet furniture and homewares brand LilyJane Boutique is quite content with the grey areas – they are a key player in the palette of the new and exciting winter collection about to be released on June 19. And, when it comes to style LilyJane Boutique is quite simply one of a kind and a very stylish one at that. The winter collection fuses the old with the new, both literally and figuratively with a unique mix of restyled vintage furniture and stylish contemporary homewares in a striking palette of black, white and grey, with hints of navy and pale pink. Raw materials will be making much more than a guest appearance, with a mixture of recycled wood, glass and concrete playing a central role in the upcoming collections. The seeds of this story of style were sown much earlier. “As a young girl I would flick through Vogue Living and home magazines instead of teen girl mags,” explains the head of this design duo Letitia (Tish) Morton.

“I would constantly be designing and drawing my dream home and I could visualise the interiors in great detail. This formed a huge passion for design and interior.” But the design duo wouldn’t be a duo without the other half. Tim and Tish knew each other from school, formalising their partnership a year ago by adding a Mr and Mrs to their names. The couple complement each other in more ways than just well-fitting names. Young and dynamic Tim’s business mind is the perfect balance to Tish’s creative one. Together their dream started as a physical

The winter collection fuses the old with the new, both literally and figuratively with a unique mix of restyled vintage furniture and stylish contemporary homewares in a striking palette of black, white and grey, with hints of navy and pale pink.

furniture and homewares store but evolved into creating a brand and online store. Launched in January, the online store hit the style scene in a very big way. “We hunt for vintage pieces of furniture online and in antique stores,” Letitia says. “Each piece has a story and character, you actually become quite attached! I love seeing the finished product and, to be honest, my favourite part is the finishing touches – distressing, attaching handles and styling the product for its photoshoot.” Like all the best dreams, the LilyJane dream

continues to grow and evolve. Today the company not only offers striking restyled vintage pieces but will also include unique LilyJane originals. Best of all LilyJane delivers nationwide, so no matter where you are in the country, you can access unique, stylish, oneoff pieces. You can check out the Facebook page, but it’s just going to see you wanting more. So when that happens visit the online store or email


7 ELGIN STREET, CHRISTCHURCH P +03 379 6575 M +64 21 243 3080




flowers on cashmere


Cnr Fisher Ave & Colombo St. 92 Colombo St, Christchurch.

Phone 332 8833 Metropol June 12, 2014 57

by Cheryl Colley

Full of surprises... retro, industrial, quirky

The Industria team Lara, Sophia, Janine, Karen


couple of months. These feature chairs are quirky and cannot fail to be a talking point in any home. Eileen Gray was an Irish furniture designer of the early 20th century. Industria has replicas of her side tables and also of the iconic Isamu Noguchi modernist coffee tables with their curved wooden bases and glass tops. But variety is key at Industria. They have New Zealand art works as well – by Bill Hammond, Hamish Allan, Kathryn Furniss and Tony Cribb – and a large selection of New Zealand-made jewellery. The Cloud Nine range by North Canterbury jeweler Lee Sinclair is absolutely stunning. When you are next at The Colombo be sure to visit Industria. It is sure to delight you.

t’s a store that surprises with its bright, vibrant look and its eclectic collection of furniture, artworks and jewellery. Industria on the outside of The Colombo in Sydenham has been open for only eighteen months, but it has quickly gained a reputation for stocking retro and industrial-look furniture and interior decor accessories, such as light fittings. The store’s name epitomises its style and its specialities. Among the most popular products are the replica white fibreglass ball and egg chairs that transport you back to the 1970s. The padded cashmere wool squabs inside simply beg to be curled up in and so many customers want to do this that the store takes orders for the chairs and brings in more stock every





metropol new things

Nick Fedaeff Limited Edition Prints. Available from Majuba Gallery, 5 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs. Ph.03 315 5053.

A selection of salt bags ($45-$95) some of the accessories available at Fendalton Rugs. Ph. 351 1107.

Great for rainy days. Umbrellas from $79 Available at Lattetude @ 33 Acheson ave, just off Hills Rd, Shirley. Ph. 928 2362.

Gorgeous fashion by Jellicoe Design. A large selection available at Bella Gifts. 83 Centaurus Rd, Cashmere. Ph. 337 0903.

Stunning Crosses Add a touch of bling, at THE RED HOUSE Design Store. 186 Main Rd, Redcliffs. Ph.384 0900.


Metal cabinet $895. Monkeys $48. Clock $46. Available from Industria, Shop 3a, The Colombo. Ph. 943 4932


Art for the Floor Fine Oriental Rugs


135 Clyde Road Cnr. Memorial Avenue



Beautiful Interior Accessories

ON SALE NOW! Ph 03 337 0903

83 Centaurus Rd Cashmere 58 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Open: Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm Open Sat 10-4pm, Sun 10.30-4pm

Jean Pollard

Specialist dry cleaning Repair service Insurance valuations Agent for Gilt Grip, Dri Cleena-ene, Hopkinson’s Furniture Oil Quake Wax Tuesday-Friday 10 - 4 Saturday 10 -1 Telephone 03 351 1107

Add a touch of mystery with a Venetian inspired mask. Assortment of colours available now at Groovy Costumes 270A Cranford St. Ph. 981 4262

Available from Modkids, 88 Williams St, Kaiapoi, Canterbury. Ph 03 327 2626.


Black leather wing-back chair. $1995. Available at Bridge Interiors 402A Redwood. Ph. 354 6976.

Quintessential quilting inspiring

As a fundraiser for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation 150 different projects made by class members and staff were exhibited


New in at Cottonfields, French General fabric ‘Le Bouquet Francais’. 45 Merrin Street. Ph. 358 3355.

Beautifully made curiosities and homewares. Available from Twine Furniture, Antiques & Collectables. The Mill, 1473 Main North Road, Waikuku. Ph. 03 312 2152. Open Thursday-Sunday 9.00am-4.00pm

Available at Reincarnation. 350 Port Hills Rd, Hillsborough. Ph. 332 3302.

Colourful, Exotic & Fun!


new things

by Cheryl Colley

roviding quilters with inspiration is what we are all about,” says Linn Norman, owner of Cottonfields Quilting Quarters in Avonhead. So Linn has filled her store with enticing fabrics, quilting kits and accessories, sample quilts, cloth dolls, wall hangings and Japanese style handstitched bags and wallets all to show aspiring crafters just what is possible. Out of the classes that Cottonfields run have come even more inspiration and beautiful work for others to admire and emulate. Recently as a fundraiser for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation some 150 different projects made by class members and staff were exhibited in the Merrin Street

School hall. The diversity was astonishing – from quilts, bags and cushions to dolls, embroidery and patchwork. The spectacle of colour and the stunning range of these fabric art works could not fail to ignite a creative spark in both prospective and experienced craftswomen. The exhibition proved such a success that it is likely to become an annual event and be run over longer hours. You will find Cottonfields at 45 Merrin Street. Open Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 10am – 4pm. Phone 358 3355 or email Term three classes begin on 21 July and some places will be available. But don’t delay. The classes are extremely popular and fill very quickly.

Fabulous NEW Fabric Ranges in Store!

handcrafted furniture for kids and teens

Accessories to make any costume look amazing!

Fabric & patterns

* Classes*available Quilting supplies

Groovy Costumes 270a Cranford St P. 9814 262


402A Main North Rd Redwood 3546976

Personal design service

New Zealand made

88 William St Kaiapoi Canterbury p. 03 327 2626

COTTONFIELDS Quilting Quarters

45 Merrin St, Avonhead. Ph. 03 358 3355

T North Canterbury’s NEWES Preloved Clothing Store LOTS OF NEW Specialising in STOCK INSTORE! high end preloved labels WANTED! trelise cooper leather trench $595

Special Items in your wardrobe that you don’t wear COLLECTIONS

LO U I S W H O ? You can find Louis Who on Facebook or email


Reincarnation 350 Port Hills Rd Hillsborough

Open 7 Days

P. 332 3302

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by Cheryl Colley

Stories woven

into paintings


t's never anything but a delight to the eyes and the spirit to visit the Little River Gallery. There is always the anticipation of new treasures to discover and new exhibitions to admire and exclaim over. Right now is no exception. From 14 June – 9 July Little River Gallery is featuring an exhibition of works by Maori artist Robin Slow entitled “Kaitiaki” (Guardians). Robin Slow was born in Blenheim, spent time in Canterbury and has for the past 31 years taught art at Golden Bay High School. The materials used in his works and the stories behind them are just as important as the


metropol home

images in the paintings. "Often we take these things for granted ... you go to the shop and take advantage of the acrylic paint, but you don't always realise that the paints themselves come from somewhere and have a story of their own." Slow weaves a strong element of storytelling into the paintings and explores the connectedness of the various elements within the world where we live. He hopes people will look at his paintings, which contain both Maori and European symbolism, and come up with their own stories as well. Besides the art works the gallery has its usual wide range of giftware and jewellery available. Little River is a wonderful place to visit and the gallery is a real gem at its heart.

Mystery BOM Woolwork Quilt pattern available soon from Stitch, 27a Colombo St, Cashmere. Ph. 332 1820. Here you will nd, china, pottery and glass, vintage, retro and new. Our embroidery supplies include threads from the Caron Collection, Pearl and stranded from Japan for regular, and Sashiko embroidery. There is much more but too much to list. Come pay us a visit, we would love to see you. Ginny & Co Ltd, 495 Papanui Rd, Ph. 352 4050.

Contemporary lights at Terra Viva 0s and Xs at Terra Viva

For all upholstering needs. From domestic squabs, dining chairs, lounge suites to commercial shops, restaurants. Available from Design 5 Upholstery The Mill Kaiapoi. PH 03 327 9263.

Manukorihi – Chorus of Birds, a painting from Robin Slow's 'Kaitiaki' exhibition at Little River Gallery. Open 7 days. Ph. 03 325 1944. Visit gallery website to view current work

we make men easy to buy for

Luxurious pure wool felt in a wide range of colours available now from Stitch. A Block Of The Month project using these wools and luscious Kaffe Fassett fabric is coming soon. Perfect for Sue Spargo, Yoko Saito and Wendy Williams projects.


Phone 332 1820 27a Colombo St Cashmere


Design Upholstery

Make your furniture dreams become a reality...

The Mill Kaiapoi

yes! we have a whole department devoted to great mens gifts

Commercial Upholstery Reupholstery


Domestic Upholstery

495 Papanui Rd 60 June 12, 2014 Metropol

Ph. 352 4050

Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 C. 027 494 6706

• • •••• • •• • • • •••• •••• ••• • • • • • ••••• • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •• • • ••••••• • • ••••• •• • • • • • •• • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •• • ••• • ••• • • ••••••••••••••



Creating a kitchen

to live in


itting down for a chat over a cup of coffee may not be what you would expect as the first step to creating your ideal kitchen, but that's the way they do it at KMD kitchens. It is this initial conversation that leads them to understand exactly what each customer wants from their new kitchen, and will allow them to find the right kitchen to fit all needs and budgets. KMD opened the doors of their factory and extensive showroom, at 8 Watts Road in Sockburn, last October. The store is an

extension of the North Island services they already provide, with their 14 years of operation in Auckland allowing them to refine their design-driven manufacturing process. Salesman Eric Robinson works on the shop floor at KMD Christchurch, and has over 30 years of experience in sales. Robinson sees a visit to their showroom as the best way to understand their products, with six full kitchen installations available to view and a layout that is constantly changing. They offer a free consultation and quotation service, with no obligation, and are able to assist with every part of planning for a new kitchen, from initial concept through to specifications and material choice. A large part of the KMD ethos is that it is possible to provide a top quality kitchen

They also offer a full range of finishes to their kitchens, this includes the glass laminate finishes, where a layer of thin toughened glass is applied over melamine plywood; these are new for the Canterbury market,

The joy of a great kitchen begins here...

across a range of budgets, with their services covering value kitchens to luxury installations. This includes the quartz based engineered stone bench tops which the Canterbury factory specialise in manufacturing. “It's the hardest and most heat resistant product on the market,� said Robinson, with their large stock purchases allowing the company to offer very good value prices on this, and their natural granite options. They also offer a full range of finishes to their kitchens, with the flexibility to choose the level of gloss you prefer on paint finishes. This includes the glass laminate finishes, where a layer of thin toughened glass is applied over melamine plywood; these are new for the Canterbury market, says Robinson. The highest level of gloss is obtained using a cotton buff paint technique, which requires many hours of polishing the paint to give the hardest paint finish. High gloss and gloss options are also available, as well as glass laminate which KMD describe as giving a very lustrous finish. They also offer a full range of hardware, from handles to internal hinges and mechanisms, including the prestigious high end Hafele fittings, and inserts and organiser options which allow customers to personalise their new kitchen down to the last detail. Their advice on the first thing people should do when planning a new kitchen design is simple – look around, take a visit to KMD and see what they have to offer.

Kitchen Maker Christchurch LTD

Metropol June 12, 2014 61



by Cheryl Colley

National award winners committed to rebuild


t's a name that has 35 years of history and that is synonymous with quality and expertise in the construction industry, whether it be commercial, residential or civil.

Bushnell Builders is one of the leading building companies in Christchurch. Established in the 1980s by Matthew Bushnell and now co-owned with Lance Austin, the company employs some 60 staff - from the guys “on-the-tools” to quantity surveyors, truck drivers, mechanics and clerical staff. “Looking after our staff, clients, subcontractors and suppliers is fundamental to the way we run our business,” says Matthew Bushnell, “and good communication is a key factor in our success.” These ethics have certainly worked for the company. Over the years Bushnell Builders' distinctive pink and blue signs have graced dozens of construction sites around the city. The current norm is for the company to have around a dozen active jobs at any given time across commercial, residential and civil construction projects. Right now they are working on the construction of eleven new villas at the Elmswood Court Retirement Village; on a new band room and ancillary buildings at St Andrew's College; on repairs to the CoCA Art Gallery; and on a large architecturally-designed home in Halswell. Soon to start construction is the new facility for the Laservision Eye Clinic in Merivale. Such is Bushnell Builders' reputation

that for many clients the company is the first name that comes to mind for a building project and they also have a considerable amount of repeat business. “We have a 'no surprises' philosophy that clients really appreciate. We believe a good relationship between builder and client is vital. We also strive to understand clients' expectations to ensure that we meet or exceed those expectations with fair and competitive pricing, attention to detail and performance to time and quality objectives. Our strong relationships with

We have a 'no surprises' philosophy that clients really appreciate. We believe a good relationship between builder and client is vital

our key suppliers and subcontractors underpin our on-site performance.” Bushnell Builders are Registered Master Builders and have recently won a national Master Builders' gold award for their restoration of the historic Strowan House at St Andrews College. Bushnell Builders are also Site Safe members and have extensive in-house health and safety systems as well as rigorous quality control systems in place. They believe in furthering the construction industry through the training of apprentices. “We have eleven apprentices in training at present. We train these young people with the view that they are our foremen of the future. They gain more job satisfaction and our company benefits as well, because they become more skilled and useful on-site." Bushnell Builders are located at 198 - 200 Springs Road in Hornby. Phone (03) 344 5972 or email See the website for more information about this company.

Aiming to exceed our clients expectations

geoff tune architecture ltd Specialists in residential new homes + alterations 03 260 0066

Design & Build


p. 344 5972 e.

Phone 348 3285

295 Blenheim Rd Metropol May 29, 2014 62



Much more than their name suggests…


e're specialists in kitchen makeovers or renovations and in the design of new kitchens,” says Adrian Kay, Managing Director of Dream Doors Christchurch. “We are far more than our name suggests.

Nowadays the kitchen is the focal point of a home, the place where family and friends gather to prepare food, to socialise and to entertain. It is also very often the first room that house buyers will check out. A badly designed kitchen, a kitchen in poor condition or with a dated colour scheme can let a whole house down and make it harder to sell. It pays therefore to go to a kitchen design expert to ensure that your kitchen is lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing. “People want their kitchens to feel open and spacious and to utilise space effectively with excellent function and flow. We like to visit people in their homes so we can personally give them the benefit of our advice as to how

they can achieve improvements that are in keeping with their home's style and design.” Dream Doors offer literally thousands of door combinations and colour schemes to choose from - from contemporary to traditional, from town to country. All doors and units are custom-made in New Zealand from local materials and using European fixtures and fittings which means you get only the best quality – and all of this comes with a ten-year guarantee. They also supply and fit a full range of bench tops, from laminates to granites, engineered stone,

Whether it is a brand new kitchen, or just a matter of bringing an older home's kitchen back to life, Dream Doors has the knowledge, skills and expertise. acrylics, stainless steel and solid timber. Once you contact Dream Doors, a representative will come with a mobile showroom and sit down with you in your own home, to start the process of deciding what will work best for you – understanding the place of your kitchen in your life, the design you prefer, the materials, the colours – even the fittings themselves. Whether it is a brand new kitchen, or just a matter of bringing an older home's kitchen back to life, Dream Doors has the knowledge, skills and expertise. They can supply top brand appliances at very reasonable prices. What's more they project manage the whole process for you from start




Eco Friendly Door Designs

From a complete new kitchen installation to a simple door swap. Dream Doors have the kitchen solution for you.

Lighting Appliances Benchtops

Storage Sinks




Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian & Tammy Kay

P. 03 338 1081 M. 027 338 1081 E. E.

to finish, including the electrical, plumbing and gas fitting, lighting, splash backs etc, thus eliminating stress and wasted time, and saving you money. No more paying separate subcontractors – all of this is taken care of so that the process is smooth and uncomplicated. Call Dream Doors on (03) 338 1081 to start the process for your new or renovated kitchen. Their website has an amazing array of door designs and colours, bench tops, splash backs and hardware. Dream Doors Christchurch was named the New Zealand Dream Doors' Franchise of the Year last year so you can be certain of the very best service and advice.

Off The Track C U R T A I N S Curtains & roman blinds made to order, your fabric or ours Curtain alteration services available Visit our showroom to see our extensive range of second hand curtains, we will also buy your unwanted curtains

established 20yrs Cnr Westminster & Cranford Sts P. 355 8398 W.

Metropol June 12, 2014 63



By Susi J. Matz

Exceptional architecture

that connects people and spaces


ne of life’s pleasures is taking time out from your regular routine and travelling to your holiday destination. Matz Architects has the privilege of designing and creating a number of holiday homes for various clients, homes that are situated overseas and also in the South and North Island of New Zealand. There is nothing more enjoyable than having open-air living rooms that flow effortlessly into the outdoor surroundings. Whether in Queenstown, Nelson, Waiheke or Fiji the common thread is where families can gather around the heart of the home, chat, relax, and unwind after a day skiing, boating or just lounging around the pool. Textures and spaces vary between all, depending on our clients specific needs. To create a lodge ensconced in stone and schist or weathered timber, a refined long island retreat with verandas or entire walls that can be pushed aside, dark timber blinds opening onto private balconies for luxury accommodation or casual relaxed retreats, Matz Architects works together with each client closely. They determine what is required for their home away from home, what their needs are, to enable them to relax, share with their extended families, or a holiday with friends; spaces which need to be designed for privacy, outdoor living and the place where everyone can gather to connect with each other. Living rooms that seamlessly connect indoors and out, blurring the line between

The creation of beautiful exterior and interior spaces that enhance the client’s relationship with their building is high on the agenda for Phill and his team. A Matz Architects project at Marina Point, Fiji.

indoor and outdoor rooms are popular. The outdoor connection to the kitchen and casual dining remains a principal focus of Matz Architects homes, with significant spaces for entertaining, smaller conversational areas or poolside relaxing on our designed and custom made furniture. Areas to unwind under verandas in the heat of the day, yet still are close enough to hear the water flowing over the infinity edge, or the lapping of waves. Even with the snow surrounding mountains of Queenstown outdoor living becomes a life force of the home, where a glass of pinot around the roaring outdoor fire is the perfect conclusion to a day spent skiing on one of the various fields.

A 5 Star Clean keeps the workplace flu bugs at bay! Clean now!

Phill Matz is an award winning registered architect and principal of Matz Architects. This practice has completed projects throughout NZ including an award winning multi-level head offices for Wakatū incorporation, an 18 room boutique hotel in Queenstown and several resort style projects in Fiji. Phill is a hands-on architect who is intimately involved from concept through to completion, communicating and pursuing the vision; beautiful detailing, and honesty of materials are key aspects to the success of all Matz Architects’ projects. The creation of beautiful exterior and interior spaces that enhance the client’s

relationship with their building is high on the agenda for Phill and his team. A highlight for the practice is their work in Fiji which encompasses private residences, resort development and low cost local housing. Phill and his team are Auckland based and prides their contemporary work in commercial and residential sectors, offering an exemplary service that delivers exceptional architecture to the delight of his clients. For further information on architectural design, interior design, kitchen and bathroom designs contact Matz Architects – (09) 303 3722.


Dedicated to professional, hygenic, eco-friendly cleaning 186 MAIN RD, REDCLIFFS P. 03 384 0900 PAULA@COMBERANDCOMBER.CO.NZ

Ph. 03 356 1387 C. 021 361 103

64 June, 12 2014 Metropol



By Cara Calvin


Real estate update

in the most sought after suburbs


future and seeing the long term benefit of purchasing a property that can be lived in and/or rented for now and then repaired or demolished further down the line. She further explains that there is significant unsatisfied demand for these ‘as is where is’ properties. The Glandovey Rd property was viewed by more than 130 groups of people compared to other campaigns which average 30 to 40 groups to the property. The Reserve Banks’ move to restrict lending amounts had the desired outcome over the first few months; however, there is now increased movement from first home buyers who are looking to meet the 20% deposit requirements via second tier lenders and family support. The average residential house This is nothing new for Christchurch price in Christchurch is $476,695, following the February earthquake which is consistent with the same some three years ago, however, what time last year, however It is apparent that buyers is becoming apparent is the significantly more than the are looking to the future increasing demand for ‘as is where is’ average house price prior to the properties, particularly in the and seeing the long term September 2010 and February premium suburbs. 2011 earthquakes. benefit of purchasing a Recently, Cindy marketed an ‘as is Cindy is a proven performer where is’ modern three bedroom, property that can be lived in and works tirelessly to build three bathroom home in Glandovey rapport with clients in order to and/or rented for now and Rd, Fendalton, designed by wellensure incomparable customer then repaired or demolished known architect Kerry Mason which service. “I have the ability to sold at auction for $1.25 million. This make people feel excited about further down the line. sale followed another ‘as is where is’ their decisions, and I think that is property in the neighbouring suburb because I understand their needs, of Merivale selling for $1.13 million, and because I’m genuinely enthusiastic about their personal both on TC3 land. “We have a number of buyers looking for success.” Cindy-Lee’s existing clients describe her as loyal, these types of properties. Often they are providing cheaper proactive, professional, trustworthy, and detail orientated. entry into a particular area than would otherwise be possible. If you’re thinking of selling or purchasing a property and you Before the earthquakes, for instance, this property in need professional advice, contact Cindy-Lee Sinclair on Fendalton would have fetched more than $2million.” Cindy Ph.0274 888 616 for a motivated, energetic and dedicated explains that it is apparent that buyers are looking to the approach.

ased at Harcourts Holmwood in Merivale, Cindy-Lee Sinclair works and lives in one of Christchurch’s most sought-after suburbs. The Harcourts Christchurch Metro Market watch is providing thought-provoking statistics which indicate that supply levels in these suburbs are falling short of the demand.

Cindy-Lee Sinclair

...always something different Latest Italian tiles now on display at naturally tiles

naturally tiles 13 Mandeville St Christchurch

Ph: (03) 343 0933

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metropol the professionals

by Cheryl Colley

Well equipped, well organised,

highly competent Often the work of a plumber is no “cushy number”. It can be messy, dirty and cold and consequently experienced qualified plumbers can be hard to come by. Companies such as Layne Watson Plumbing know the value of skilled staff and provide the positive environment in which they can thrive and get real satisfaction from their work.


Shane 021 796 555 e.

Layne Watson Plumbing was established in 2003 with Layne himself and two other plumbers – Russell Ainsworth and Ken Toohey. Eleven years later Russell and Ken are still with the business. That speaks volumes for the way they are respected and trusted to carry the name of the firm and its strong reputation out among their customers. Since the earthquakes work for the company has escalated and staff numbers have risen accordingly. “Layne provides a happy and flexible working atmosphere for our employees,” says Emma Watson, Layne’s wife and business partner. “Everyone works really well together and they enjoy each other’s company socially too as we choose people who are the best fit for our team. It’s especially important to ensure that there is plenty of variety in the kinds of work they do to keep them interested and focussed and continuing to be part of our business.” Training apprentices to ensure the secure future of the plumbing industry is something dear to Layne Watson’s heart. He is the current President of the Canterbury Master Plumbers’ Association and he is keen to see that his trade is characterised by a professional attitude as well as high standards of workmanship. “With such experience and knowledge in our team we have superb role models for our apprentices to learn from and emulate.” With the growth in business Layne Watson Plumbing now also employs a full-time administration manager, Maree, who is the first point of contact for customers. Maree has a very good knowledge of plumbing products and is an excellent source of advice and information. Quality certified plumbers are definitely in demand right now. Layne Watson Plumbing is heavily involved with new builds in the various

Contact Simon

66 June, 12 2014 Metropol

Layne is the current President of the Canterbury Master Plumbers’ Association and he is keen to see that his trade is characterised by a professional attitude as well as high standards of workmanship. sub-divisions that are being established on the fringes of Christchurch and in the city itself. “We have some 100 new builds on the go right now for a number of large housing companies and for independent builders. We’re recognised for being well-equipped and wellorganised with highly competent staff and that’s what clients are looking for and appreciate.” Enquiries are welcome for all your plumbing and gas fitting needs so call Layne Watson for a quote and secure a guaranteed Master Plumber professional job every time. Phone (03) 385 2250 or visit

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Solar Film Safety and Security Film Decorative Film

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12b Normans Road, Strowan. Phone 355 9323

JCL ASPHALT Call 0800 525 669 or (03) 981 0496 View our website

Keep the warmth in this winter Ask us about Enerlogic window film today!!

Ph. 377 7717 or 021 779111


Tennis Courts Driveways Car Parks Residential Commercial & more Metropol June 12, 2014 67

68 June, 12 2014 Metropol

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