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17 April 2014

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2 April 17, 2014 Metropol

metropol - Canterbury Edition The Showcase Magazine for the Best

Issue 388 17 April 2014

Publisher Metros Publishing Group Ltd Managing Director - Trevor Laplanche e:


Advertising : Tracey Prince e: Editorial : Angela Bennett e: Production : Warren Matthews e: Administration : Emma Dyer e: Photography : Aimee Cane E: 16 Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton, P.O. Box 9362 Christchurch, NZ Ph: (03) 343 3669 Fax: (03) 343 3659

cover Major Holdings Christchurch Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week 2014 winter collections. Fashion Designer: Melodie. M one of the 26 designers/retailers showing at the Canterbury Collections on 2 May at The Tannery. (Read more on pages 24-27) Model: Anna Dediu Photographer: Sean Irvine MAJOR HOLDINGS CHRISTCHURCH LTD

fashion 24-39

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Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week at The Tannery Exclusive shoes set winter trends A fusion of modish styles Christchurch at iD XV “Real” eyelash extensions

Gluten and grain free buns Recipe: Hot cross buns How to make a Bloody Mary Pizza just the way we like it Christchurch Airport café/bar one of world’s best Culinary hotspots Do yourself a ‘flavour’




In the City 21-23

features 4 Five Minutes

home Metropol is published every fortnight and delivered to the best addresses in the Christchurch and Canterbury region. It is also available from many selected stores, Malls, stands, waiting rooms and offices. Metropol is subject to copyright in its entirety. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission will result in legal action. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information contained within this magazine, however Metros Publishing Group Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information. The information and views expressed anywhere in this magazine are not necessarily the views or opinion of Metros Publishing Group Ltd, its editorial contributors, freelancers, associates or information providers.

with Justin Wallace


Hunker down for winter The validity of Feng Shui Constructive advice for rebuilds Dreaming of a great bed? How to refresh your living room The finest collection of pianos Top tips for bathroom renovations

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Living with ‘Style’ in Christchurch

editor’s perspective Easter has always perplexed me – bunnies, eggs, buns, church services, hunts and lots of chocolate. What kind of public holiday could possibly bring all of these components together and bundle them up in a long weekend littered with torn bits of colourful, shiny foil? I went looking for answers, and have come away more surprised and mystified than ever. Did you know that added to the above list of unusual Easter ingredients you can add, from various places around the world: the Easter Witch, eight weeks of fasting from meat and dairy, Easter's new Angela Bennett, Editor clothes, effigy burning and Good Friday Kites! That's right, people around the world have had a wonderful time interpreting the death of Jesus into a commemoration and celebration that seems to get wilder and wackier ever year as traditions evolve. Time magazine ran an interesting article about some of the odd Easter traditions I have mentioned. The Easter Witch seems to have arisen in Sweden and parts of Finland where a mini-Halloween takes place on either the Thursday or Saturday before Easter. The tradition is said to come from the old belief that witches would fly to a German mountain the Thursday before Easter to cavort with Satan. Swedes would light fires to scare them away, a practice still honoured today by the bonfires and fireworks across the land in the days leading up to Sunday. Ethiopian Orthodox Christians fast from meat and dairy for eight weeks culminating with a lengthy church service that ends at around 3am, after which they break their fast and celebrate the risen Christ. The Easter Bunny seems to come from the old Anglo-Saxon festival of Eastre, the spring goddess, whose symbol was one of fertility – the randy rabbit. Buns are fairly literal with the cross on top an echo of Christ's suffering. But wearing new clothes at Easter time in order to have good luck for the rest of the year is a tradition that's a little harder to peg. It began in the mid-1800s when upper-class New Yorkers would exit the grand churches along Fifth Avenue and parade and promenade their finery. From those beginnings comes the present-day Fifth Avenue Easter Parade. The Easter Egg appears in many ancient traditions as a symbol for life and Time reports that the early Greek and Syrian Christians exchanged crimson eggs to represent the blood of Christ. This tradition seems to have morphed into our brightly foil-wrapped chocolate eggs of today. And the most expensive Easter Egg was of course the first Fabergé Egg, which Russian Tsar Alexander III commissioned from jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in 1885. Celebrations are not so peaceful in several Latin American nations where they have the tradition of the 'Burning of the Judas'. Just like most traditions this has morphed into modern day madness and they tend to burn effigies of politicians or businessmen who have recently annoyed the population. In Bermuda legend has it that a Bermudan teacher wanted a simple yet effective way to demonstrate the Ascension of Christ into heaven and so used a kite decorated with Jesus' image. As a result, Good Friday in Bermuda is Kite Day. Religion aside, the most exciting thing about Easter for me was when my children were young and we would have fun-filled treasure hunts and a long weekend to enjoy special family time. However you celebrate have a fantastic, and I am sure, well-earned break!

Think about it… “A tradition without intelligence is not worth having.” - T.S. Eliot

Inspired, Timeless, Elegant

ph 355 6065

290 Papanui Rd, Merivale

www. oneil . co. nz Metropol April 17, 2014 3

metropol Angela Bennett spends

five minutes

Justin initiated Fight for Youth in 2010 and this became Fight for Christchurch following the earthquakes in which the annual events have raised over $550,000 for numerous charities. The 2013 Fight for Christchurch alone raised $203,000 for charities Ronald McDonald House, Kids Can and the Canterbury Earthquake Children's Trust. Battle of the Rebuild, aimed to bring companies involved in the Rebuild together, is on 2 May 2014 at the CBS Arena, and by all accounts is looking to be just as glitzy, gutsy and glamorous as its sister flagship event. I caught up with this savvy, hardworking entrepreneur to find out a little more about him and what it takes to create and run such worthy, exciting and challenging events… What led you to making the shift from league to event management? I have organised events most of my life so it was natural to do it professionally. My first big event was organising my school ball in 1986 when the school wouldn't let us have one. I thought if they won't let us, we will organise it ourselves, which is exactly what we did. It was a very successful night. What inspired you to come up with Fight for Christchurch and now Battle of the Rebuild? I was asked by my sister to help out a local boxing gym to do a small fight night in 2009. I saw the

4 April 17, 2014 Metropol


We always aim to surprise our guests and have an amazing opening planned that has over 70 performers, tap dancers, dancers and children. It is going to be a very uplifting piece that will be about acknowledging those that are rebuilding our city.


he man behind the extraordinarily successful 'Fight for Christchurch' and the new, upcoming 'Battle of the Rebuild', Justin Wallace, knows a bit about digging in and being competitive - both physically, and in the arena of event management. Justin played Rugby League for the successful Frank Endacott coached Canterbury team back in the early '90s. He went on to pursue his league career in Sydney but when family came along he decided that Christchurch was the place to bring them up. He shifted back here in 2002.

potential for something bigger so carried on with my own concept. It has grown from there to what it is today. The events are similar so please tell us about the upcoming Battle – how many contenders, how many rounds and for how long? We have 16 fighters from 16 various companies getting in the ring. They will fight for 3 x 2 minute rounds. We also have a pro fight featuring ex Canterbury Bulls rugby league player Chris Bamford who will be making his professional boxing debut. What type of people put their hands up to go into the ring? All sorts: apprentice builders, a leading hand, a quantity surveyor, a structural engineer, an executive assistant, an accountant, an estimator, a contracts manager, an excavation manager, project manager and five company directors. Have they had prior boxing experience? Apart from two, who have both had one fight, the rest are getting in the ring for the first time!

Justin Wallace How long do they train for and how tough is that? They have all been training for seven weeks and will have had a total of 10 weeks' training for this event. It is not for the fainthearted, this is a tough sport and we don't try to hide that, but they have all stepped up for the challenge and are loving it! The glamorous black tie theme is appealing to all – has there been reluctance to attend by any because of the physicality of the event? Yes people are very stereotypical of boxing, however there is more to this event than just boxing. One of the biggest comments we get is from people who do not like boxing but have been dragged along by a husband or partner to be surprised at how exciting this event, the entertainment, the overall show and live boxing is. There are 'red carpet' VIP tables as well as stand seating how many do you expect will attend in all? We have just increased our floorplan from 86 tables to 103 to cater for demand, that's 1030 people on the floor. This event is going to be bigger than last November's Fight for Christchurch. A lot of companies are also buying blocks of 100 tickets in the stands to come on mass to support their contenders, so we are expecting 1500-2000 in the stands. You have a reputation for putting on some surprising entertainment in-between bouts – what have you got planned for the Battle? We always aim to surprise our guests and have an amazing opening planned that has a construction theme with 9m high scaffold towers, over 70 performers, tap dancers, dancers and children. It is going to be a very uplifting piece that will be about acknowledging those that are rebuilding our city. It's tough in the ring, real tough. What has the feedback from contestants been like following the events? “The hardest thing I have ever done but what a journey, what a life experience,” is the most common. Our contenders go on a journey and discover a lot about themselves. There are a lot of ups and downs, mind games along the way and we even get tears! But once they have done it, it can be quite euphoric and they

can be on cloud nine for weeks. I even had some thank me because they have transformed themselves. Your company is Enth Degree – what other events do you initiate or manage? We are about to launch a series of corporate lunches with our first planned for 18 July. We have two well known Kiwi sportsmen which we will announce shortly, and Sir Peter Leitch will be our MC. The lunches are aimed at bringing key note speakers into Christchurch for a great afternoon business lunch, a long lunch. We will also use them to raise money for various local charities. On a more personal note: what is your proudest achievement? It would easily be the amount of money we have raised for charity. We have put a lot of time and effort into this and have really refined how we raise money. Also knowing that our Fight for Christchurch event was the single largest fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House in 2013 was very satisfying. We would like to achieve 1 million raised for charity through our events and I think we will get there very soon with the Battle event in May and there are some big things happening behind the scenes for this year's Fight for Christchurch. If you could go back and tell your teenage self something, what would it be? Believe in yourself more and take your opportunities when they arise. What were you doing the last time the thought went through your head: 'I shouldn't be doing this'? Working in the office til 4am in the morning. Which is your favourite café, restaurant or bar in Christchurch? Cafe would be Lucianos, Restaurant Venuti and my office is two doors down from Baretta which is a great bar. What is one thing you would like to see in the 'new' Christchurch? A second rugby league team from NZ, based in Christchurch playing in the NRL. What are you like at parties? I like a good party and am always the last to leave! What's next on the wish list? To host a major professional title fight in Christchurch

Metropol April 17, 2014 5


our story

Wanted Production Staff

Local publisher focuses on local needs...


conic Christchurch magazine Metropol was founded in 1999 by Trevor Laplanche who recognised that, in a city heavy with competitive media, there was no print media providing in-depth coverage of the city's 'pulse' in terms of our unique lifestyle and the visionary people that tirelessly contribute to it. His aim was to celebrate Christchurch and Cantabrians, from the innovative hospitality industry to the creative designers in all fields; the savvy business owners and the movers and shakers who have helped make Christchurch standout as a great, little city on the world stage. Today Metropol, with a circulation of 33,300, is a national multi-award winning magazine, published fortnightly. Metropol's readers continue to discover the latest news about what's happening locally in the lifestyle scene. From the latest news on bars, businesses and boutiques opening, or reopening following earthquake repairs, to profiles on the who's who around town, there are topics of interest for a wide audience. Readers rely on Metropol for in-depth news on upmarket shopping, fashion trends from New Zealand and international designers, the latest on health and beauty trends, bridal news covering all aspects of weddings, top spots for foodies, local artisans, fine wines, architectural news, stylish home décor advice and new home-ware on offer, as well as road tests and the latest launches of the most sought after vehicles. In essence Metropol is quintessential Christchurch.

6 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Following the earthquakes Trevor Laplanche again recognised an unmet demand from Cantabrians who wanted to learn more about EQC, EQR, insurance and repairing and rebuilding their homes. Canterbury Rebuild magazine was launched in September 2012. Since then it has evolved rapidly to meet the current needs of readers throughout all areas of the city. It covers diverse topics from land information through to insurance, the build industry, engineers' perspectives, architects' recommendations, structural materials, product suppliers, innovations and new technology in building. Canterbury Rebuild has become a valued resource for Cantabrians moving through the repair and rebuild stages, and an authority for those seeking answers to specific concerns requiring professional clarification. The magazine has doubled in size due to support from advertisers and strong readership, and within a year the circulation has grown to 28,100 – twice that of the nearest competitor. Like Metropol, the Canterbury Rebuild web site has a fully downloadable e-mag with live links for direct online contacts which offer further information about advertisers or specific articles. This makes both Metropol and Canterbury Rebuild available to everyone, anywhere, who wish to discover more about our great little city. Go to -

Full Time & Part Time We are expanding our successful publications and require skilled production people to join our team. We are living in exciting times, so if you desire a chance to be creative, add your ideas, flair and style to magazines that have the edge, this will be ideal for you. The conditions are excellent and the whole team is friendly and supportive. We use ‘Corel Draw’ and ‘Photoshop’, so knowledge in working with these programs is important. For a confidential discussion please send your C.V. to or phone 027 202 5080.


CanterburyRebuild magazine

Wanted Telemarketers Full Time & Part Time Two, well organised, skilled Telemarketers are required to join our successful Multi Award Winning local company. This is a rare opportunity for the right people as we currently cannot meet the demand from clients and need to build current staff levels so our rapid growth can continue. Be a part of an exciting era for our magazines. You will be joining a friendly, supportive team where your ideas and input will be welcome; our people are our most valued resource. We will consider Full or Part time for the right people. For a confidential discussion please send your C.V. and cover letter to or phone 027 202 5080.


CanterburyRebuild magazine



A delightful CranmershireTea High tea, barista coffee, delightful cakes and delectable surprises all in a street side city park setting… This was the community event run by The Cranmer Cantina event team and Cathedral Grammar School. Held at 40 Cranmer Square – a historic building on the corner of Kilmore Street, and in Cranmer Square, the High Tea event sold homemade lemonade, cakes, cookies and much more – all to raise funds for Cholmondeley. Organisers said it was an excellent 'hands on' learning experience for the pupils and a great way to give back to the community.

Maia Wilkinson, Lloyd, Thomas, Sarah & Lennox Hardee, Tim Wilkinson, Annie McEntrye

May Bryant, Linda Marsh, Clare Eramus

Bina Klose, Bryn Chapple, Juanita O'Connell

Angus Ireland, Damian Fraser, Tim Seeto, Joshua Erasmus

Justine O'Connell, Ashton, Tandia & Bryn Fisher

Steve Pounsford, Karen Rule

Milly Dickie, Georgina Currie, Sarah Liddell, Nicholas Third

William Wratten-Anderson, Jonathan Love, Andy Linde

Turei Atkins, Melanie Mayell

Maryanne & Maurice de Rouzie

Chris Putt

Charlotte Roberts, Alice Abraham

Rosemary Mannering, Ann-Marie Cath

Jonathan Ewing, Irene Boles, Claudia Weersing

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol April 17, 2014 7

in the know

Can you go one day without shoes?



TOMS is calling Kiwis to go barefoot on April 29, and join the world for One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness for kids around the world who don't have any. Almost 40% of the world's population don't own a single pair of shoes: in many developing countries, children must walk barefoot on harsh terrain for miles to get to school, find clean water or seek medical help - risking cuts, infection and disease. Shoes can also increase school attendance in these countries by 62%! Going barefoot certainly sparks a conversation about the issue - try it and see! Post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages and make the issue known! #ONEDAYWITHOUTSHOES,


Celebrate this Mother’s Day Polish your best champagne glasses, pop the cork and propose a toast in sophisticated style this Mother's Day, with Allan Scott Cecilia Brut NV! Fun and fruity, Allan Scott Cecilia Brut NV is a Methode Traditionnelle style wine that expertly blends Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, adding a deliciously silky sparkle to Mum's day. With its pale straw hue, wild white strawberries and stone fruit flavours, Allan Scott Cecilia is the perfect aperitif partner for a creative Mother's Day antipasto – think creamy brie, exotic dried fruits, rich garlicky crostini and beautiful rustic homemade dips. Boasting a voluptuously long lasting and creamy finish, Allan Scott Cecilia can be enjoyed late into the evening.

Queenstown named number 1 in NZ TripAdvisor® the world's largest travel site, recently announced the winners of its Travellers' Choice™ awards for Destinations. The sixth annual awards honour nearly 500 destinations including the winners for the top spots in the world, and individual lists for New Zealand, Australia Africa, Asia, Canada, the U.K, the U.S and more. Queenstown has much to celebrate, with the iconic tourism hub securing the #1 destination in New Zealand, and placing #2 in the South Pacific list just behind Sydney, rivalling other reputable tourism destinations such as Australia's Melbourne (#3) and Brisbane (#4). Elsewhere, Rotorua placed #2 in the New Zealand list, splitting the top two New Zealand destinations between the North and South Islands. Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, attractions and restaurants in destinations worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period. Top 10 Travellers' Choice South Pacific Destinations: 1. Sydney, Australia 2. Queenstown, New Zealand 3. Melbourne, Australia 4. Brisbane, Australia 5. Rotorua, New Zealand 6. Port Douglas, Australia 7. Taupo, New Zealand 8. Blenheim, New Zealand 9. Nelson, New Zealand 10. Hobart, Australia… 16. Christchurch, New Zealand

Top 25 Travellers' Choice World Destinations: 1. Istanbul, Turkey 2. Rome, Italy 3. London, England 4 . Beijing, China 5. Prague, Czech Republic 6. Marrakech, Morocco 7. Paris, France 8. Hanoi, Vietnam (New) 9. Siem Reap, Cambodia 10. Shanghai, China 11. Berlin, Germany

Sofitel, Queenstown 23. Lisbon, Portugal (New) 12. New York City, New York 24. Chiang Mai, Thailand 13. Florence, Italy 25. San Francisco, California 14. Buenos Aires, Argentina 15. Barcelona, Spain 16. St. Petersburg, Russia 17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (New) 18. Chicago, Illinois 19. Cape Town, South Africa 20. Bangkok, Thailand 21. Budapest, Hungary (New) 22. Sydney, Australia


After 5,000 years - new chopstick design The humble chopstick, used for over 5,000 years by billions of people the world over, just underwent a major overhaul. Future Sticks, Inc. has introduced chopsticks with a revolutionary new twist (literally) that makes them more enjoyable and easy to use even for children, rank beginners, and those with dexterity issues - while decreasing health risks and promoting sustainability. Future Sticks are a safe, high tech, newlypatented version of the chopsticks we've all come to know and love (or loathe). They have a traditional tapered end, but the real kicker is a newly patented eating end with teeth that increase the gripping power of the chopstick. This makes it possible for everyone to enjoy using chopsticks with ease and confidence. Composed of a special transparent plastic polymer called ULTEM, a SABIC, USFDA certified food grade plastic, Future Sticks are capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 170C with no damage, and are virtually unbreakable. "They can be used to pick up food from hot pans up to 200C," says Resnick.


Charge your phone in 30 seconds - in 2016 Running out of power is pretty much the biggest pain of modern day smartphones, and while sitting around waiting for them to charge isn't usually the end of the world, there are still better things you could be doing. Enter StoreDot, an Israeli technology company with a special battery and charger that can supposedly cut re-juicing time down to around 30 seconds. The prototype charging unit, designed for the Samsung Galaxy S4, was demoed for the first time at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, recently – but most of the innovation comes in the battery pack itself, rather than the charger. As special batteries are required, there's no need to worry about the effect on the long-term life of your existing battery pack. Read the full story at The Next Web.

Spacious show apartment now open for viewing. All units are elegantly tted and heated for your comfort. Viewing will impress!

Vege gardens provide food and fun

73 Roydvale Ave (just off Memorial Ave), Christchurch. 03 982 8280 | | 8 April 17, 2014 Metropol

New Apartment Complex Plans available for viewing

By Cynthia Kepple



48 divine hours in Perth



ou'll love it!” “It's a long way!” These are the two comments you invariably get when you say you're off to Perth.

Now it's not such a long way, thanks to Air NZ's new direct flights between Christchurch and Perth, which operate Wednesdays and Saturdays until April 26 (and beyond if the demand is there). The inaugural flight leaves New Zealand at 3.40pm with a group of keen and curious travel industry and journos aboard on a “famil”. We arrive a relaxing seven hours 20 minutes later at 6pm local time. Very civilised. When our group of Perth “newbies” finally take our first gasps of pure WA air, we're embraced by soft grey velvet twilight and balmy dry heat. An Adams luxury coach (seatbelts please and wi-fi available) transports us to Lamont's Bishops House for a welcoming formal cocktail function. The two storied brick building, with its welcoming glow and Iceberg roses, was built in the late 1800s. For this Cantabrian, its historic beauty evokes a frisson of envy. Not many buildings like this left in our city! We are treated to a solemn and emotive welcome by the local aboriginal people. We also have our first tastes of West Australian food and wine, which was to be one of the many highlights of the trip! Stand out dish? Little spoons of grilled Rottnest Scallop, with lobster bisque sauce. After a refreshing night's sleep at the Pan Pacific Hotel – view of the famous Swan River and the genteel and surprisingly gentle CBD we meet our bus at 7am, armed with togs, water, sunscreen, and hat, ready for a day on

Rottnest Island. But first, after a 35 minute drive to North Fremantle, with its intriguing architecture and never-ending sandy beaches, we arrive at Bib and Tucker, a trendy restaurant perched atop a surf club. Breakfast is served. Wood-fired Baked Eggs, a Moroccan style concoction of eggs, tomatoes, feta, mint and green lentils, served with crispy flatbreads. Delish. No time to linger, we head to the Rottnest Ferry Terminal for the 30 minute big cat ride to Perth's favourite island playground. Situated in the Indian Ocean, Rotto is a gem that's all things to all holiday makers. Beautiful beaches, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and almost iridescent aqua and indigo mosaic waters, it offers fishing and water sports galore and has a rich, colourful history and a unique environment. It's a cyclist's heaven (rangers' cars only on Rotto) but we take the 90-minute Discover Rottnest Tour bus. Driver Bob delivers a pithy commentary on the island's past, present, flora and fauna. Essential background. We also meet the island's most famous inhabitants, the adorable furry quokkas. We jostle, paparazzi style, for the best photo angles only to discover when we arrive at the Rottnest Hotel that we are sharing BBQ lunch with one of these friendly little marsupials. But while the rest of us tuck into the tender rump steak, he prefers a strict fruit diet! Late afternoon, the lazy laid back island experience over, it's time to get spruced up to dine at Matilda Bay Restaurant, one of Perth's finest. Highlights: supping cocktails al fresco while watching the sunset illuminate the calm expanse of the Swan River, city lights in the distance, and then savouring the spectacular

“Back in the bus we briefly stop in King's Park, the famous Botanic Gardens with their stunning views over the city, then we head to Sandalford Winery. The setting is bucolic and historic, the wine superb, and the outdoor dining area under the vines is mercifully cooled by a water misting system.”

Pink snapper fillet with Chinese cabbage, spring onion and mint slaw, coconut, almonds, mango and lime salsa, and tiger prawn. Replete and delightfully exhausted, some head to bed while the more indefatigable souls hit Bob's Bar at the new Printhall Restaurant. Day Two sees us heading off early on a mini city walking tour with Two Feet & a Heartbeat. We wander old lanes, experience Perth's laid back downtown ambience, and envy again at the well preserved and reinvigorated CBD. We also discover that Perth is a city of campanologists! Back in the bus we briefly stop in King's Park, the famous Botanic Gardens with their stunning views over the city, then we head to Sandalford Winery. Just 25 minutes from the

CBD, the setting is bucolic and historic, the wine superb, and the outdoor dining area under the vines is mercifully cooled by a water misting system. After an unforgettable luncheon that includes the freshest of barramundi and a glass or three of fuchsia pink Sandalford rose, we pour ourselves into the bus just in time for an unscheduled whistle stop visit to the Margaret River Chocolate factory. At 3pm, sadly, it's back to the airport for our flight home. Verdict: 48 divine hours in this fascinating city and its surrounds were just enough to whet the appetite. And those predictions were right. I DO love Perth!

Ebony and Ivory range

Metropol April 17, 2014 9

10 April 17, 2014 Metropol




Suite 16 - NZ premier Riccarton Players is excited to announce their next production – The New Zealand Premier of 'Suite 16' written by Christchurch comedy duo - Jon Gadsby and David McPhail. We have all done it, when staying in a motel. We have wondered who's stayed there before. What were they like? What did they do? Suite 16 will open the door and show us the answers of one small room at the Wilding Pines Motel. This gem of a play blends the obvious physical laughs with subtle dark humour as the seven guests spend a night in the luxurious Suite 16. Combine a Country Music band trying to create a hit, Adult Film makers trying to make 'art', some Rugby Fans, and Newly Weds contemplating a long married life – you are going to get a blend of 'in your face' comedy intertwined with subtle and dark humour. "It made me actually laugh out loud when I first read it" said Director Steve Millar. "We've got a great cast, the material is golden I can't wait to share it with the rest of Christchurch." The play does contain adult language and themes. Suite 16 plays from Wednesday to Saturday, 23 April – 3 May at 7.30pm nightly. In the Hagley Open Stage Theatre, 510 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch. Bookings phone 338 4699 or online


Andrea Bocelli in NZ Historic cottage for sale Tickets are now on sale for the upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour of Andrea Bocelli. The world's most beloved tenor, will be touring in September, performing in Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. The concerts will be divided into two parts. The first part will consist of classical opera arias and songs and the second part will feature some of the most popular hits from his latest album “Passione”- a collection of the world's most beautiful love songs. Andrea Bocelli plays in Auckland's Vector Arena on September 11. Tickets are on sale via or


Dress for Success Fundraising clothing sale On Saturday 3 May from 10am to 1pm the Dress for Success Christchurch fundraising clothing sale will be held in The Atrium, Selwyn Girls School, entrance off Merivale Lane. Call in with friends and grab a bargain there will be clothing for women of all ages and sizes; new and pre-loved good quality clothes at rock-bottom prices; Items between $5 and $25 – Eftpos available.

One of Canterbury's most historic pioneer cottages - built by the first school teachers in the settlement of Lincoln - has been placed on the market for sale. The quaint four bedroom home, listed in historical documents as Tod Cottage, was believed to have been built in the late 1870s by Scottish-born pioneer settlers William and Mary Tod who had immigrated to New Zealand from their native Scotland a decade earlier. Notes from Canterbury historical documents describe the Tod homestead as: “With its large sash windows and concave-roofed veranda, the house is similar in style to other early Lincoln dwellings. This, together with the observation that it appears to have been built to face the street, suggests that it dates from after the laying-out of the township – perhaps about 1875 – 1880.” The property is being marketed for sale by Bayleys Canterbury residential sales consultant Urszula Bedggood, who said there few surviving houses as old as Tod Cottage remaining in the town. Tod Cottage is on the market for sale.


Rabbit Hole - A Pulitzer Prize winner Elmwood Players is excited to present the award-winning drama Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire to Christchurch theatre audiences. The recipient of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and nominated for several Tony Awards, Rabbit Hole is ”an intensely emotional examination of grief, laced with wit, insightfulness, compassion and searing honesty” (Variety). “While the play is painfully touching, elements of humour ensure it is a well-balanced, entertaining and satisfying production” says director Garry Thomas. Rabbit Hole will play in the Elmwood Auditorium, 31 Aikmans Rd, Merivale, Christchurch at 7:30pm from 23 to 26 April and 30 April to 3 May (Wednesday to Saturday) To book: phone (03) 355 8874 or book online at Rabbit Hole By David Lindsay-Abaire. Directed by Garry Thomas. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of Dramatists Play Service Inc, New York.

Metropol April 17, 2014 11



DEVàL Autumn Fashion Show Debbie Lawson, owner and designer for DEVàL, made autumn and winter seasons to look forward to with the showing of her new autumn collection. High quality garments in leather, silk and wool in a palette of predominantly cream, blush and tan looked fabulous on the mix of models representing a realistic range of women's figures.

Barbara Bellis, Jane Sharp, Debbie Lawson, Olivia Giesen, Sonia Roussey, Jordan Dyer, Julie van Herel

Julianne Liebeck, Suzanne Kitley, Belinda Archibald

Julie Bohnenn, Caroline Fleetwood, Alexandra Stewart

Barbara Bellis, Graeme Rose, Angela Bennett, Jude Bailey

Anne Guterres, Debbie Lawson,Mark Guterres, Lisa Giesen

ALLAN JOYCE Clairvoyant Medium

Sally Darling, Jane Black

Marj Foggo, Monica Ryan

Natasha Lamont, Tracy Yarrell

Julie van Herel, Kate Guthrie

Kate Guthrey Sharon Edwards

BUILDING BRIDGES TO THE SPIRIT WORLD... Allan is taking further appointments for readings

P. 03 358 4277

M. 027 20 35 444

Janine Oldfield, Sarah Fallow, Kyla Klemick

Helen Bradley, Caroline Sleigh, Catherine Simes

Pat Hume, Brittany Roussey, March Cruickshank

Olivia Giesen, Kia Rodriguez, Julie van Herel

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Come and enjoy the NEW look bar with a great selection of craft beers & wines. Relax and enjoy the outdoor dining area and check out the NEWEST bar in town! (Formally Tiffanys)

95 Oxford Terrace Ph 379 1350

Good lawyers who care... our skilled team work to achieve the best solutions for you.

Use our experience to bring you effective results Trusts 245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144


somebody Exhibition Hurry, last days – closes 4pm Easter Saturday

The red chair by Geoff Williams 700 x 585 mm 12 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Punting on the Avon by Simon Williams - 200 x 760 mm

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Patara te Tuhi by Ken Hunt 750 x 850 mm

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Experience the forbidding Antarctic environment


ntarctica is the Earth's southernmost continent, 14 million square kilometres of it containing the geographic South Pole, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is wild and cruel, yet beautiful and enigmatic; the focus of some of the extremes of human endeavour and bravery, and surprisingly rich in life forms which have adapted to a forbidding environment. In Christchurch we have had a close connection to Antarctica, and man's exploration of it, a history stretching from the endeavours of Captain Scott and Edmund Hillary through to an ongoing American presence, with regular flights during summer months. Scott Base is a little piece of New Zealand down there. For most of us here, the connection is a distant and fanciful one, and this is where the International Antarctic Centre comes into its own. There, as it states in one of its brochures, “you can have an authentic Antarctic experience without leaving Christchurch.” Established in 1992, the Centre is located in the heart of a working Antarctic campus close to Christchurch International Airport. It is from here that many Antarctic missions are organised, and the Centre is one of Christchurch's core tourist attractions.

It is good to see that the Centre continues to evolve. As Manager Nicki Dawson explains, “recently a lot of money has gone into improving effects – from a more alluring and almost mystical entryway, to the creation of effects that echo real life experiences.” For example, soon you will be able to enjoy learning about flying to Antarctica while seated in a replica format – it all enhances the learning impact. The Antarctic Gallery covers a range of topics from modern day Antarctica from treaty partners and conservation, wildlife and sea life, geological history, through to a little about daily life at Scott Base. You will be able to understand how scientists and visitors live there, how they eat and what they wear. Try to time your visit for the feeding of the little blue penguins (10.30am and 3.30pm) in a specially designed habitat. You can watch from surface or underwater level and learn more about these birds, the world's smallest penguin. Many initially rescued and cared for

by Napier Marineland they are able to live out their remaining years in safety. If you are keen enough, you can experience the effects of an Antarctic storm. This area was opened in 2003 by Sir Edmund Hillary, who explained that, with the wind chill factor getting down to minus 35 degrees; it was very close to the real thing. Don't worry, jackets and overshoes are provided! Then there is a stimulating 4D movie experience – a ride in a ship complete with ice floe collisions, drifting snow flakes and curious wildlife. Don't miss the Hagglund ride either. It's not for the fainthearted, but the course is uniquely designed to put the Hagglund through its paces in a safe environment.

Take your time over your visit, or you will suffer from sensory overload. Relax, enjoy food from the cafeteria, and browse through the shop.

Metropol April 17, 2014 13



Local duo launch PT software platform


hristchurch duo Paul Stead and Tom Downs have collaborated a wealth of experience in personal training to produce a sleek software platform that will professionalise the personal training industry. Akin to the way Xero have streamlined accountancy through beautifully-designed software, PT Success is a tool that will allow personal trainers to operate a more efficient and profitable business while simultaneously offering their clients a more professional service. As all good business ideas do, PT Success has been developed to bridge a gap in the market. Paul Stead, explains, “PT Success aims to propel the industry into the modernday; many of us use smartphones, tablets or PCs frequently so we made our platform accessible for client and trainer on a multitude of devices. It allows the trainer and the client to access their information anytime from anywhere in the world. It's a more tailored personal training service yet we give the trainer the opportunity to expand their business reach exponentially past their geographical proximity – they can engage clients on the opposite side of the globe.” PT Success was developed to modernise an

industry that was, and still is, craving a level of consistency and professionalism to justify client expenditure. Modern-day communication is increasingly technologybased and the personal training industry is overdue its progression from inefficient, unprofessional paper-based programs. PT Success embraces the ability to store a vast library of information in one easy-to-access location for instant reference at any time. PT Success aims to help trainers help their clients achieve measurable results through a knowledge-bank of education and client profiling. Paul Stead continues, “The software will provide a personal training experience for the

client. It provides all the necessary tools for a personal trainer to take his/her business to the next level and truly attain results for their clients. We also believe education is imperative to build client/trainer relationships hence we concentrated on the learning aspect that can be utilised by both parties.” To fully comprehend the extent to which PT Success Online can revolutionise the personal training industry, visit the website and watch the explanatory video on the home page. The trainer can customise the software with their own branding and colour scheme to ensure it's a seamless extension of their own

business. From here, personal trainers can sign up for a one month free trial to see the full benefits of online client management. Stead and Downs, owners at Corporate Wellness Solutions, 182 Barbadoes Street, are looking to go mass-market with their industry enhancing platform by forming strategic alliances with health and wellbeing experts across the globe. PT Success launches this month so expect a serious momentum shift in gyms world-wide and as the product tagline says; this is “the future of personal training”. For more information go to or email

(incorporating Dunlop Optometrists)

Have your eyes examined using the latest technology We have a wide range of fashion eyewear for Adults General Optometry | Contact Lenses | Orthokeratology Sports Vision |School Vision Practioners | Irlen Diagnosticians


14 April 17, 2014 Metropol



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Double celebration at Rossendale Brent & Shirley Rawstron

March 2014 marked the celebration of 20 years of business at Rossendale Restaurant. Former staff and loyal customers enjoyed a wonderful cocktail evening. The event was hosted by Brent and Shirley Rawstron who took the opportunity to introduce the new owners, Richard and Lisa Middleton. After extensive renovations Richard and Lisa will open their restaurant in the spring of this year. Brent & Shirley Rawstron, Lisa WicksteedMiddleton, Richard Middleton

Dave & Alison Corsey, Liz Jones

Joanne McClintock, Scott & Barb Bately

Emma Clarke, Olivia Creighton, Scott Leighton, Samantha Ryder, Dylan Proudfoot

Rose Percy, Ray & Helen Watson, Ray Percy

Maureen Newell, Mel Staples, Hayley Newell

Anita Hayes, Timonty Fine, Joseph Poulter, Mark Cooper, Leslie Longster, Shelley Cooper

Faye & Martin Lammers, Kay Nelson

Nicki Welsh, Deb d'Guild, Liz Jones

Lillian Mulholland, Finn English

George Rawstron, Brent Rawstron, Joan & Martin Nechen

Noel & Joy Watson

Richard Middleton, Lisa Wicksteed-Middleton

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

(03) 377 0227 55 Sandyford St, Sydenham Christchurch

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By Hans Petrovic

David Lloyd - whimsical sculptor


here's a certain whimsy to David Lloyd's sculpture that can't help but appeal to you – no matter if it's a small insect, a giant spider or a bird in a cage. A lifelong craftsman, David works mainly in copper, adding his own distinctive touch that you can't help but recognise wherever you may see it around town. There's no doubt that the large metal fish hanging from the ceiling in the main bar at Cassels & Sons Brewery, Woolston, is his. His work is also usually on display at the Little

David Lloyd River Gallery, the Form Gallery in Colombo Street and the Longueville Gallery in Tai Tapu. “I'm fascinated by the complex structures that nature has given us – the amazing design of insect wings, the root structure of trees and a simple bird's nest that nature has designed for strength and durability,” says David. “I draw from nature but see my work as a caricature. It's easy enough to make a bird but you've got to give it a bit of a funny character,” he says. David also can't resist a bit of satire, including the political kind. At a Wellington exhibition, he included a metal rat with a butterfly net that had a bee in it. The title of the work was “Rat in the Beehive”. David has always had the desire to work with his hands and to be his own boss. Born in England, he moved to New Zealand as a young man in 1972. Initially settling in Golden

Bay, he pursued his interests using wood, leather, glass and metals to produced art and craft to sell in his shop in Takaka. Eventually, David moved to Canterbury, where he concentrated on making leather bags, shoes and sandals. You may remember him having his own stall at the Christchurch Arts Centre Market for many years. This came to a sudden end, however, in the 1980s, when the government introduced major trade reforms, which enabled the import of overseas goods, such as leather products, at a lower price than they could be made here. “I had just made a new range of bags and they didn't sell,” says David. “So, I had to reinvent myself and did a course with the

Silversmiths' Guild, which inspired me to further explore working with metals. “I made insect brooches and that was the link to what I'm doing now. My brooches became so large that they became unsuitable to wear on one's lapel. “I got involved with the Little River Gallery 15 years ago; they invited me to put on an exhibition. It was so successful that it gave me the confidence to make copper sculpture as a full time occupation. I was in business again.” For the last two months David has kept himself busy preparing work for an exhibition at the Waiheke Island art gallery for an exhibition there opening over Easter, called "Denizens from the Tangled Forest".

Specialist tax input for your business... For personalised, friendly and practical tax advice, contact the tax team at Staples Rodway. Spencer and Mike are happy to work together with your other professional advisers to achieve complete business solutions Spencer Smith - Mike McDrury -

Spencer Smith Director Mike McDrury Senior Tax Manager

16 April 17, 2014 Metropol

314 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 Phone:03-343 0599

40 Years combined experience International network of Baker Tilly tax expertise Realistic fees

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By Hans Petrovic

The dreaded undead in Christchurch


e warned! Zombies are going to start turning up at various locations around Christchurch as of today, Thursday, April 17. Most of the action will take place at a specially constructed military zone at an undisclosed site in an innerChristchurch suburb, while a search for other strategic places will be conducted around town. This transformation of the CBD into an apocalyptic wasteland will be part of an outdoor interactive theatre performance in which the audience will become physically involved in the play, entitled Zombie: Red Zone, starting on April 24. And if that's not enough, the play will be preceded a week earlier by specially devised searches for zombie-related locations around town, which will be part Zombie: Red Zone Gaming, in which the people of Christchurch will be invited to take part in the game. One of the producers of Zombie: Red Zone, Beth Allen, of Royale Productions, says this unnatural activity proved to be a big success a year ago in Auckland, under the name Apocalypse Z, with many people specially dressing up for the scary experience. The interactive play was presented for three weeks in a section in Aotea Square that had been specially enclosed by containers, featuring barbed wire, lights and a military control centre. A similar, closed-in site is being set up somewhere in Christchurch. The show is the brainchild of two New

One of the producers of Zombie: Red Zone, Beth Allen of Royale Productions. Zealand actors, David Van Horn (Sione's Wedding, Avatar) and former Christchurch local Simon London (My Wedding and Other Secrets, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug), and had been in development for a couple of years before it started in Auckland. “This is not a traditional theatre piece,” says Beth, who started off as an actress before taking up play production, and who continues her role in Shortland Street, which she has played since 2008. “The audience will not be seated, unless they absolutely need to. Zombie: Red Zone is scripted, with different plot variations worked out, depending which way the action

develops due to audience involvement. “It's a very different approach to storytelling that has generated interest with those who wouldn't normally be so interested in theatre in the traditional sense – people aged from 13 to 30. We're also taking the play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.” Zombie: Red Zone Gaming will be on from April 17 to May 3. The $10 tickets for people participating in the game will be available on that day at the Christchurch Arts Centre from 10am. The race for survival will take place at various places around town, with the location only revealed when you turn up. Zombie: Red Zone, will play from April 24 to May 17, at 7pm and late shows. You will receive location co-ordinates after purchasing tickets via Prices are $32 for adults and $22 for under-25s.

Ra 1 b rely ed ava ro om ilab vil le la

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now a 1 bedroom, beautifully refurnished home, with all exterior and grounds maintenance done for you. View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.

Making Our Place - Your Place Ilam Lifecare is a facility that is privately owned, with a strong emphasis on providing a homely environment. Our trained staff provide comprehensive levels of service and care to help you stay in your unit for as long as possible. We encourage our residents to maintain their independence and individuality, providing peace of mind and the ultimate in comfort and security.

Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch 18 April 17, 2014 Metropol

For Facility Care Phone Facility Manager 348 5305 For Serviced Studio & Apartments Ph. Kathleen 021 2211 991 Ilam Lifecare is a registered Retirement Village under the Retirement Villages Act 2005

Serviced Studios & Apartments 28 Ilam Road, Christchurch



Untouched World launches winter ‘14 Untouched World celebrated the launch of their new Winter '14 Collection with a fashion show at the Untouched World Flagship store at 155 Roydvale Avenue. Guests were treated to live music from Monty Bevins along with cocktails and canapés from the Untouched World Café. The event was sponsored by Cockram Kia, and all proceeds from ticket sales went to the Untouched World Charitable Trust, which runs leadership for a sustainable future programmes.

Mark Prain, Alistair Hazeldine, Peri Drysdale, Todd McDonald

Olivia & Liz Harman, Margaret & Tracey Lattimore

Mel Radford-Brown, Vanessa Campbell, Jordy Grant, Sarah Eastmond

Donna Morris, Susie Marks, Georgia McMeeking, Alan Mayne

The Art of Make Up Colin & Tina Ross, Simon Marks

Anna Williams, Pariya Behnami, Rebecca Ogle

Jan Proctor, Leanne Blease, Akiko Yoneda

Amber MacDonald, Kimberley Robson, Chelsea Bridges (Portfolio)



Dylan McKenzie, Russell Johnston, Bronson Shadlock, Jamie Newman

Chelsea Bridges, Sarah Eastmond, Claire Laredo (Portfolio)

Jan Anderson, Janice Davies

Chantal Brown, Suzanne Taylor


Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

kristen stewart

school of make-up



Metropol April 17, 2014 19

Waiwetu Street – A Fendalton Favourite! 21 Waiwetu St Fendalton, Christchurch Auction 8th of May 2014 (unless sold prior).

Nestled in the heart of Fendalton this immaculate home won't be on the market for long! Built in 2013 by Feutz & Goldsmith, this impressive home has an elegant presence that is hard to ignore. Upon approaching the property you are greeted by strong lines, which draw the eye up from the driveway to the modern angles of the roof;

providing visitors to the property a glimpse into the magic, and contemporary design, that lies beyond. Flooded with natural light and warmth, the entranceway offers instant wow factor with a David Trubridge pendant light accentuating the dramatic height of the ceiling. Solid American Oak flooring provides immediate warmth and texture, while effortlessly acting as a directional path into the large open plan living space. At the heart of the home, the open-plan living/kitchen/dining area offers an expansive space in which entertaining, family living and the daily tasks of life are effortlessly carried out. The galley style kitchen is the epitome of simple yet effective design with clean lines and wellconsidered storage ensuring the space is not only useable but efficient. A scullery/butler's pantry offers an additional work area, and enables culinary preparation to be shut away when entertaining. A home cooks dream, the kitchen features a Miele oven, an induction cooktop, and with the careful placement of the breakfast bar, a defined space in which to work. Perfect for homework, or informal family dinners, the large breakfast bar creates a striking focal point to the kitchen area. Ensuring seamless summer entertaining, large bifold doors open directly from the kitchen work area to the outside. Connected through streamlined sliding doors, adjacent to the large open plan living area, a second lounge/media room provides more living space. The hub of the zoned sound system is based here, this area would make a perfect teenage or family haven. Practical, functional living was at the heart of every design decision in this home, offering its new owners luxurious

modern living at its best. From inbuilt open shelving in the formal lounge, to the glass fronted wine cabinet in the open plan living area, to the 3 car garage, no stone has been left unturned in the quest to make living easy. Even the home office goes above and beyond! As well as the expansive living spaces the home boasts a separate laundry, with external access, 2 bathrooms and 4 large bedrooms with inbuilt robes. Discreetly located away from living spaces for privacy, there are two up and two down. Touches of luxury extend to the bedrooms, with the master suite opening up to a private balcony offering a hidden sanctuary in which to relax while surrounded by striking views across the garden, tree tops and stream that borders 2 sides of the property. Crisp whites, the softness of neutrals and the warmth of wood combine throughout the home to create a contemporary yet comfortable interior, enhanced throughout with views of the immaculate grounds. Effortlessly marrying inside with out, expansive bifold doors connect the living spaces with the versatile outdoor areas. A covered area offers protection from the weather, while multiple uncovered spaces enable owners to move with the sun and enjoy the outdoors at every time of the day. Crafted by Grow Landscapes the manicured garden steps down from the paved area into a lush lawn bordered by buxus, ferns and leafy foliage. Private and secure, this contemporary design is located on one of Fendalton's most picturesque and desired streets. Situated on the favourable Western side of the road and within school zones for Fendalton Primary, Cobham Intermediate, Christchurch Boys High School and Burnside High, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Call Foss for open home times

20 April 17, 2014 Metropol


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Help design your dream library


he Christchurch City Council is urging residents to make the most of a once in a lifetime chance to help design their New Central Library. Mayor Lianne Dalziel says the launch of the 'Your Library, Your Voice' campaign gives the people of Christchurch a unique opportunity to get involved in the New Central Library planned for Cathedral Square. “This truly is a legacy project for the city and community input is vital to ensure it meets our future needs. “We want people to tell us about their ideas and dreams for the new building; how it should look and feel, and what services it should provide. It's important that everyone contributes to this project, whether or not they are regular library users.” Residents can have a say online through quick polls and discussion forums at, via special “listening posts” in City Council libraries, or by writing on “ideas walls” set up at schools and tertiary institutions. Mayor Dalziel says public feedback from Share an Idea showed that the old Central Library was sorely missed.

Inspiring: The Waitakere Central Library

St Michael's School students Aidan Yates and Isabella Smith presenting their "ideas wall" of suggestions for the New Central Library to Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

“We're looking for an inspiring world class civic building that fosters learning, creativity and community involvement.” The New Central Library will occupy a prominent site in Cathedral Square on the corner of Gloucester and Colombo Streets and is expected to open in 2017. Inspiring: The University of Aberdeen Libraries and Information Unit Manager Carolyn Robertson is delighted Architectus, one of New Zealand's most awarded architectural companies, will lead the project in association with Danish firm schmidt hammer lassen architects, world experts in library design. “This is a major shift away from the traditional libraries of the past. Our vision is for a vibrant place that reflects the cultural diversity of our city and where everyone, regardless of age or background, feels welcome.” Your Library, Your Voice runs until Friday 2 May Inspiring: The Royal Library, Copenhagen

HILL & ARCHITECTURAL HOME BUILDERS P: 0 3 3 6 5 8 2 5 0 w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z We w o r k c l o s e l y w i t h y o u r l o c a l A r c h i t e c t o r o f f e r a f u l l d e s i g n b u i l d s e r v i c e Metropol April 17, 2014 21


in the city

By Hans Petrovic

The Square: awakening with art & intrigue ”In the city's altered centre, art, storytelling and the realm of the imagination claim a vital role. Artists Chris Heaphy and Sara Hughes have unleashed colour, pattern and energy to communicate an active sense of possibility.”


ntitled, “A vast, changing canvas,” this is the information for visitors displayed on one of the many signs now scattered around Cathedral Square. And there certainly has been a huge injection of colour and interest into our central square since Christchurch City Council began its transitional recovery journey about 1-1/2 years ago. At that time, Auckland artists Sara Hughes and Chris Heaphy were invited to Christchurch by the council to take part in its Cathedral Square Transitional Project, which was a collaboration with the Christchurch Art Gallery and Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, the tribal council that embraces Maori cultural traditions. “The square is still a pretty strange place but it's not as confronting and dusty as it used to be. Now, there are people here and it's starting to grow again,” said Sara during a visit earlier this month. Sara's artistic contributions have certainly added to the square's growing interest and attractiveness, with ever-increasing numbers of visitors checking it out and taking photos of every nook and cranny. Her understanding of colour was instrumental in creating one of the square's most fascinating landmarks – the towering Flag Wall, which provides a curious optical illusion that really deserves close study. At first glance, there is no obvious pattern in the 648 flags suspended between the four tall flagpoles in front of the old Post Office building.

22 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Artist Sara Hughes by her optical illusion the towering Flag Wall. However, when observed on the screen on the back of your cell phone camera, distinct, dark diamond patterns can be seen. On checking it out again with normal vision on a calm day, you eventually will be able to work it out. Sara explains it was inspired by the diamond patterns in the slates on the cathedral roof. “I use colour a lot in my work, so this is something I can do easily. I wanted to introduce a

At first glance, there is no obvious pattern in the 648 flags suspended between the four tall flagpoles in front of the old Post Office building. However, when observed on the screen on the back of your cell phone camera, distinct, dark diamond patterns can be seen. strong element of colour in the square because we needed to do something on a large scale to make us feel good. Colour can add optimism but it can also add much more than that,” she says. Also very colourful, and to be seen mainly at entrances to the square, are the two-metre-high, cross-wire hurricane fences with Sara's plastic cups inserted in the small empty spaces to form a

variety or patterns recalling embroidery designs and tukutuku panels. Chris Heaphy has added a distinct Maori touch to the square with dark panels featuring signs, symbols and geometric architectural elements that surround the front of the cathedral. Incorporated in this is a whare covered on the sides and top with a large variety of living plants.

in the city


Back where it belongs


t last the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce (CECC) is into the first stage of its eventual move back to its own offices at 57 Kilmore Street.

Peter Townsend

“We want others to make the move back, and to once again make the city vibrant and busy. By moving here we are setting an example.”

The team at the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce While hugely grateful for the generosity of Commerce describes itself as a not-for-profit Westpac, which gave the organisation space in organisation that supports local businesses the Westpac Business and Community Hub for and helps them to grow and evolve by two years, staff are relieved to be able to move providing advice, consultancy, training, into a more spacious office in DMC House, at resources and networking opportunities. 518 Colombo St. Whether a business consists of one or two “We have windows again!' says CEO Peter hands-on operators, or is a large corporate Townsend. “We have a staffroom!” enterprise with numerous staff and multiple He sees the move as being significant for sites, CECC's highly-experienced team can Christchurch. arm them with the necessary knowledge and “By being back in the city centre area, we are tools to propel them to the next level. making a statement,” he said. CECC is committed to the Canterbury region, “We want others to make the move back, and and focused on making this very special part to once again make the city vibrant and busy. of the country the most desirable place in By moving here we are setting an example.” New Zealand in which to live and do business. With 2500 members who are interactive, To do this the organisation works alongside CECC's presence will increase foot traffic, local businesses, helping them to achieve inspire confidence and provide impetus to the success by educating them, mentoring them, resurgence of business activity in the city. and exposing them to new opportunities and The Canterbury Employers' Chamber of a wealth of resources.

His latest masterpiece is worth sharing: 518 Colombo At last We make our move. Just one step closer to home. Still nomads But we leave our tent behind. At last Windows to shed light. We can now see our world. No longer blind To the changing world outside. At last A place to mingle. To enjoy some time together. A long forgotten Common room, just for us to relax. At last We hear the buzz of the city At our doorstep. The long forgotten Noisy babble of a busy down town. At last We make our move. Just one step closer to home. Reaching to Kilmore, But one more step to take. - Peter Townsend Peter Townsend has been CEO of the CECC since 1996, and since 2010 he has been heavily involved with earthquake recovery issues for Canterbury business. While his commitment to Canterbury business is transparent, his care for the well-being of his staff is also very obvious. Each week he composes a poem to be shared – usually on something topical.

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Murray Dental

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brush-n-palette 360 Colombo Street Sydenham Phone/Fax (03) 366 3088

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Metropol April 17, 2014 23


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Winter collections from five of the best... 26 leading Canterbury designers and retailers will be showing their 'must have' winter collections in a show that is set to be visually spectacular. Five of the outstanding designers/retailers are: the much loved Jane Daniels, The unique Plush, exceptional Repertoire, edgy JNBY and gorgeous Pretty Things – here's a sneak peek into the new season's collections from these stores and a hint towards what they will be showing on the night… Jane Daniels Winter 2014 by Jane Daniels channels the exotic colours and geometries of central Asia's fabled cities. A palette of turquoise, cobalt and lapis lazuli blue, magenta, scarlet, peony pink and bright citruses sits well against neutral tones French navy, stone, pewter and charcoal. Silhouettes are inspired by striking architectures, and integrate cuts and lines that work with the luxurious European and New Zealand textiles used. JNBY JNBY's autumn/winter 2014 collection exudes international appeal with its signature draping, twists and turns, 'boyfriend' cuts and retro shapes. Exclusive digital prints work the season's colours of navy, creams, coffees and caramels with jewel tones cranberry, emerald and teal. The standout season “must-haves” – JNBY's limited edition rabbit fur/leather jacket and merino sway knit. Repertoire New Zealand label Repertoire uncovers their 'Celestial Dreamer' collection for winter 2014. It draws on the colours of the night sky

24 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Jane Daniels


and transforms garments through the luxurious textiles of satins, silks, lace and velvet. Everyone wants a fabulous coat for the winter, and Repertoire's season 'musthave' happens to be a satin evening coat. Pretty Things Couturier Pretty Things will reveal their winter 2014 catwalk collection of exquisitely made wedding gowns and formal wear. They keep occasion wear festively feminine by working a colourful palette, one dominated by hues of icy blues, for their exclusive offthe-rack and custom-made designs. Plush Plush by Carolyn Barker presents its winter 2014 range, designs made with lavish materials for ultimate enjoyment. Layers of multi-textured wools and accents of lace come in a rich palette of winter hues. Carolyn's signature sculpting is a recurring highlight throughout this polished collection.

The team from H&B Hair Art & Beauty will be styling the hair and makeup for models on the CFBW runway and have given us a sneak preview… Elegant long hair with loose curls, ringlets or long curls, romantic wavy hair from eras gone by, and styles with body and bounce intertwined with braids, texture and side-parts. Make-up reflects the monochrome trends seen on international catwalks this season, dark smoky eyes lined with emerald green or ginger; lips contrasting vividly with orange or barely there stains of rosewood all highlighted with flashes of silver or gold to set the night on fire. An artist's palette of effective colour combinations sparkling like precious stones in their settings offset by vintage waves, luscious ringlets and romantically rumpled braids flecked with gold. All styled with twist and flair by the team at H&B!


anterbury Collections' the Black Tie event of the Major Holdings Christchurch Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week is being held in the stunning surrounds of The Tannery on 2 May.

Jane Daniels

C 'C



Ladies Luncheon & Accessories Fashion Parade On Thursday 1 May from 12 noon to 2pm guests will gather in the chic Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Hotel for a fabulous lunch and exclusive preview of new season jewellery, scarves, hats and handbags from leading Canterbury designers who will personally show how to wear them. Gather your girlfriends and join in with a glass of bubbles and lunch while models parade around the tables. This could be the perfect early Mother's Day present, or you may just find a beautiful piece to buy for your mother if you are going yourself. Keep an eye out for Christchurch based Florian Rhodes which will show a fine collection of handcrafted handbags, cashmere scarves, wraps and select accessories. The dual-tone hide totes and bags add a fresh touch to winter's colour palette with their fusions of soft purples, greys, creams, textured tans and Sienna Orange. Support the charity A raffle will be on sale (value $2,500) in support of Zonta Club of Christchurch North charity work. Zonta is an international organisation for women who work in various ways to raise the status of women worldwide, holding tried and true and innovative functions to raise money for local and

Marc Bendall Jewellery

international charitable organisations. Zonta advocates internationally and nationally against poverty, violence against women and girls including trafficking, and for basic human rights and they work closely with the United

Nations on all these issues. Designers: Annah Stretton, Anoa Design Ltd for Florian Rhodes, Clockwork Emporium, Morgan & Page, Marc Bendall Jewellery, The Petal Store, The Vintage Cupboard, Wanderer and Zip Me Up. Models from DS Management. Models makeup and hair styled by H&B Hair Art & Beauty. Hosted by Denyse Saunders. If you have any dietary requirements these can be catered for. Tickets: Tickets available from

Meet the Designer On Wednesday 30 April from 6.30pm to 8pm there will be a fabulous cocktail event Meet the Designer at The George Hotel, Christchurch where all guests will receive a glass of wine and canapĂŠs on arrival. All proceeds will go to Garden City Rotary Charitable Trust for the Look Good, Feel Good campaign supporting cancer patients. Garden City Rotary supports a number of community organisations and schools in our area and through the Rotary Foundation, extensive financial and humanitarian support is provided for international healthcare, for food and supplies to disaster areas, for education and job training programmes. Rotary International initiated the Polio Plus Programme in 1985 and over one billion children have been immunised to date as part of Rotary's target to eliminate polio. Look Good Feel Better is a free service offered to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Where they help restore and enhance the appearance of cancer patients during and after treatment.

Meet the Designer International fashion designer Annah Stretton will speak about New Business Trends and showcase her new season's fashion collection at this upmarket cocktail party. Annah Stretton is the founder of the Annah Stretton fashion label and is a wildly successful New Zealand entrepreneur, author and speaker. With an online following of over 60,000, over 30 retail stores, three books and a strong business leadership programme under her belt, Annah frequently appears in the media and on stage discussing everything from entrepreneurialism, living fearlessly, females in the work force, right through to her philanthropic efforts like the Million for a Million campaign in which she teamed up with Westpac to help inspire one million New Zealanders to commit to a healthier lifestyle and thus, reduce the nations obesity levels. She has also been the recipient of the coveted Veuve Clicquot Award. Hosted by Denyse Saunders Tickets available from

Designer, Annah Stretton Models from DS Management Models makeup and hair styled by H&B Hair Art & Beauty

Stylish Jackets

Tailored to suit you with that extra special detail and flair

149 VICTORIA ST T: 379 8598

Re:START Site N. 18, North Precinct Ph. 3288715 Metropol April 17, 2014 25




2014 winter collections




10 Tannery Way Woolston Zambesi Rude Riders Nue 19.04 Estilo Michael scotch Diesel Standard Issue Gold Hawk Robins 2ND Day DEVaL Caroline Moore Paige True Religion Culet Nico Didonna Aurelio Costarello James Perse Charlie Joe IKKS Angle wings One step Rabens Saloner Mavi



ajor Holdings Christchurch Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week' is designed to showcase the diverse range of fashion and beauty retailers and designers based in Canterbury by providing exciting events to celebrate the creativity of our talented people in our new, vibrant city. Due to the success of the re-launch of Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week in October 2013 founder and director Denyse Saunders says, “in line with other fashion weeks nationally, Canterbury now has two: the summer collections in October and winter collections in May.” Major Holdings Christchurch Ltd's CEO James Saunders says, “we are delighted to be supporting Canterbury businesses by way of this exciting week of fashion and look forward to being at the upcoming shows.” The visually exciting 'Canterbury Collections' will be held at The Tannery on Friday 2 May. The fun begins before the show at 7pm where Champagne Aerial Waitresses will serve VIPs their champagne on arrival, and Bonita Danger Doll and Miss Venus will entertain. Dress is Black Tie and there is an after show party at Gustavs and The Brewery, in The Tannery. This dynamic event features 24 leading Canterbury designers and retailers with their must-have winter collections in a visually innovative and exciting show. Denyse Saunders says “this event features entertainment that has never before been seen in New Zealand – think angels, burlesque dancers, singers and aerialists interspersed with fabulous men's and women's fashion!” The evening's theme is 'baroque and angels' and is being dressed by the incredibly creative and talented Melodie M. and Setting the Scene. Campbell Live TV3 will be filming live on the night between 7pm and 7.30pm, along with photographers capturing guests on arrival beside life-size glass sculpture angels by the talented Canterbury husband and wife team Shirley and Brent Cairns. Two of the standout designers/retailers to watch out for are DEVàL and Raw Nova. Here's a sneak peek into their new season's collections and a hint towards what they will be showing on the night… DEVàL Deval will grace the catwalk with

Naming Rights Sponsor: Major Holdings Christchurch Ltd Fashion Designer: Melodie. M, Model: Anna Dediu. Photographer: Sean Irvine.

Canterbury Collections 2014 is being held in The Tannery. Designer Melodie M.

Miss Venus: One of the star attractions performing at the Canterbury Collections.

sumptuous looks from the latest collections of their top in-store labels. Natural textiles reign supreme in a portfolio bound by leather, cashmere, wools and silks. Label Camilla pulls timeless looks with its Swarovski-embellished silk designs, while Deval's own cutting-edge label, ID, intertwines the best of seasonal features for a unique collection of structured and exaggerated fashions. Raw Nova Raw Nova showcases a line of edgy designs from many leading labels. Expect some of New Zealand's best designers, the likes of Karen Walker, Salasai and Stolen Girlfriends Club and leading international brands C&M Camilla and Marc, Celeste Tesoriero, Finders Keepers, Maurie & Eve and Style Stalker to bring fresh patterns, leather and faux fur from their winter 2014 collections to the runway. The full list of designers/retailers showing in the Canterbury Collections are: Affinity, Alchemy Equipment, Annah Stretton, Carolyn Barker for Plush, Deval,

Encompass, Fredrick Ashley, Forge, Hot Damn Lingerie, Jane Daniels, JNBY Merivale, Kilt, Living Dolls Lingerie, Melodie M., Miriam E, Morgan and Page, Muse, Pretty Things, Raw Nova, The Dog Coat Company, Redhouse Boutique, Sergios, Wanderer, Where The Fox Lives, Repertoire and Zip Me Up. Models from DS Management. Models makeup and hair styled by H&B Hair Art & Beauty. Hosted by Denyse Saunders. The after show party at Gustavs and The Brewery in The Tannery is for everyone attending, including the fashion designers, models and all involved in the show front and back stage. This is a fashion show like no other; limited numbers of tickets are still available. Whether you are going solo, with a fabulous fashionista friend, or a table of ten people, there are tickets to suit everyone. All information and tickets can be purchased from the website

Supporting a sustainable future, while still looking great!

Quality recycled children's clothing (from newborn to 14 years of age) and quality recycled maternity wear.

The Tannery P. 389 1624 26 April 17, 2014 Metropol

The Tannery 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 421 8812



Open from 10am to 5pm - 7 days a week

A slice of Christchurch’s heritage


he Tannery has restored a slice of Christchurch's heritage in reshaping the Woolston hotspot into a boutique retail and arts emporium. A creative mixture of hospitality, art and retail innovators makes for a unique setting and experience, where customers can relax into the fine qualities of the many entertainment and shopping outlets on site. Some to look out for are: Recycle Boutique Recycle Boutique is thriving amidst the Tannery's unique character. They play their part as an eclectic second-hand fashion outlet, selling clothing and accessories on behalf of people to offer a range of designer, vintage and superior brands in store. Their winter musthave? A knee-length vintage coat. La Bu Turkish & Middle Eastern Jewellery Nestled amongst other top quality boutiques is Turkish and Middle Eastern jewellery specialist, La Bu. Their unique and intricately handcrafted designs are everlasting; natural stones set in sterling silver that are sure to add personality to a look and refresh wardrobes this winter. Little One Environmentally mindful boutique Little One fits right in at this progressive destination. They recycle and reshape materials to offer aesthetically edgy handmade and vintage creations, which right now include the standout Trelise Cooper coat and Cooper Kids

Traditional Remedies for Modern Health SKIN CLINIC Skin Problems Dry Skin Acne Dermatitis Urticaria jacket, as well as a mermaid party dress (for seven year olds) by Their Nibs London. The Apothecary Herbal medicine specialists the Apothecary are trained in the dispensation of herbal remedies and natural solutions. They love the new location; the natural lights and sounds that emanate within the atrium and make people feel at ease. Prepare for the winter with a dose of their winter tonic – an elixir created to “help fight the blues and ward off infections.”

Beauty at the Tannery Brand new Beauty at the Tannery brings luxury to the city as a destination boutique spa. Their unique point of difference is eloquently reflected by the artsy location; customers are welcomed into a world of beauty, 5 star service and 5 star treatments, harmonised by sights and smells that radiate comfort and elegance. The menu: a full complement of spa and beauty treatments, with customised packages for individuals, groups and bride-to-be pampering.

Simple effective natural treatments for skin conditions based on traditional & evidence based remedies 45 minutes - $90 with a Qualified Health Professional HERBAL PHAMACY - HEALTH PROFESSIONALS EDUCATION - PREVENTION

Shop 23, The Tannery, 2 Garlands Road Woolston, Christchurch Ph. 3890857 E.

UNIQUE, STYLISH,& FRESH... Raw Nova is a new fashion and lifestyle concept store showcasing New Zealand and International fashion, accessories and home ware brands such as Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Maurie & Eve C & M Camilla and Marc, Stylestalker Finders Keepers, Senso, Kobe Husk and Miss Wilson footwear, Evie Kemp Lime Crime, and exclusively in Christchurch Kip & Co Bedding and many more.

The Tannery 3 Garlands Rd PH: 03 3896483 We are very excited with all Duals gorgeous:

Italian, woven wools NZ Merino knits Japanese stretch cotton skirts Jeans and pants to fit all men & women The best of fabrics sourced from around the world AND all made here in Christchurch to DUALs high standard of workmanship


The Tannery

Ph. 389 8704

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Metropol April 17, 2014 27



By Lydia Truesdale

Exclusive shoes set winter trends


esiding in Christchurch's Re:Start mall is footwear haven Head over Heels. The exclusive boutique houses designs of the finest quality to offer an edgy collection fit for an artisan. It was eight years ago that young owners Greta & Mary Washington established Head over Heels in Timaru. The boutique had instant appeal to customers seeking superior quality footwear, so naturally a second store was opened in Christchurch's high fashion precinct, High Street – before they were relocated to the progressive 'container city'. Throughout the many changes of the city they have remained a leading name in luxurious footwear. Offering a mixture of the best of European and New Zealand designers, Danish label Billi Bi and Italian designers Roda and Strategia sit alongside Beau Coops, Trippin, and many, many more. “Our buying focus has always been exclusive European designers, shoes of high quality and comfort with an edge,” they say. Indeed the luxe labels in store exemplify artistic looks that appeal to many tastes. They're designed to complement the best characteristics of the modern woman, relying on timeless yet current fashions to channel her individuality. Greta says they are proud to stock some of New Zealand's finest designers, like Chaos & Harmony, Beau Coops and the collaboration of Beau Coops for Karen Walker. She also notes they love their new Australian designers in store, Senso, Renee Farina & Kobe Husk.

“They are definitely shoes that set, not follow, trends,” says Greta. “They depend on quality and classic accents to remain current.” They are relocating with Re:Start, and all the other containers, and have taken this opportunity to rebrand and are very excited about the attuned look. They will be operating from 5 May in New Regent St as a Pop Up Store until Re:Start is reopened. They've launched a new website, which has been redesigned to platform the shoes as the works of art they are and enhance the experience for customers who can't come into the store. The website has also been designed to be flexible so you can view from you tablet, PC or phone. Head over Heels can be found at Re:Start in the city centre. To view their collection visit For more information phone 366 6681.

For stockist enquiries please call McCauls on 0508 522 522

Philosophy: Our aim at Duxton Dental is to provide the highest standards of dental health, function and aesthetics to ensure your well-being and to promote good health. This will be accomplished by utilising the latest advances in knowledge, materials and technology.

Phone 03 348 5488 22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road) 28 April 17, 2014 Metropol



A fusion of modish styles


pscale Beckenham boutique Made in the Shade entices customers with its luxurious labels and ever-changing wardrobe. For over thirty years the store has remained a beloved provider of leading, everyday fashions, keeping contemporary with a fusion of modish styles.



Overturning a plentiful range of fashions is perhaps their key characteristic. Owner Alison Donn notes that unlike other locations they aren't trans-seasonal; there's always new stock trickling in from fashion houses like @tem Girl, Bittermoon and Meredith, so anything customers want, they can get. Right now the boutique is abundant with snugly materials and colourful cottons alike. The mixtures of textiles provide lighter, silkier layers for the unseasonably warm winter days and as airier base layers, to be teamed with heavier velvet, wool and fur overthrows to wrap up in. Oversized wear takes the form of fine merino coat-cardigans, ponchos and coats to bring customers practical yet fashionable attire. These sit alongside more fitting styles like structured jackets and cropped cardigans – an inclusive selection that caters to all body shapes. Similarly, the sophisticated range of pants hone chic styles that are adorably appropriate for the office, home and out and about. Label Lisette, which happens to be endorsed by Oprah and also worn by Taylor Swift, is said to “fit like a dream” for a range of generations, with its variety of aesthetic designs and “tummy control waistlines that don't cut off waists when sitting down.” There is also Mac Jays pants, Not Your Daughter Jeans and Red Head collections serving as wardrobe staples with cult followings. Their streamline designs create

slimming silhouettes that embrace and flatter women's curves, and they come in a span of styles and funky prints to complement all personalities. “Once people try the labels here they keep returning for those labels, so to retain exclusivity for customers I make sure there are always new pieces trickling in,” says Ali. Her multifaceted understanding of fashion certainly keeps the store upbeat. New labels in store, like Angels Never Die, are doing well with their international appeal and unwavering edginess. Also, come July, the boutique will welcome the prime pick of new summer stock that Ali

has so excitingly put early orders on. Despite the boutique being trans-seasonal, the designs are selected to harmonise with one another and produce many different looks. Ali and colleague Julie style customers through all concerns, they are specialists when it comes to each season and fitting individuals with the wardrobe that works for them. Ali's eye for style extends to select handpicked accessories that give a harmonised final touch. The jewellery, gold-plated and Sterling silver pieces explore funky themes, while the various handbags complement many a look. Made in the Shade is situated at 151 Colombo Street in Beckenham.


Creative Hair Stylist

For NEW Clients! 1st Visit Cut & Blow Wave or Colour. Receive COMPLIMENTARY in Salon Conditioning Treatment

2nd Visit

in the

made shade 151 COLOMBO ST

Ph 332-1238

Receive FREE styling product for Cut & Blow Wave OR FREE Shampoo & Conditioner for Colour Service Ask for

RODNEY Ph. 3480 444 The Windmill Centre Riccarton

Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm Metropol April 17, 2014 29



Special treats for the girls this Easter Petersens Jewellers Shop 3, 121 Papanui Road Phone 3555 780

Noeleen is happy to have Clare onboard and as a welcome offers 5 FREE HIGHLIGHTS with Every Cut & Colour($120) booked with her on Mondays and Thursdays. Valid until 30th June.

Clyde llam Hair Design 289 Clyde Road Phone 351 5209 Costume jewellery, vintage clothing, china, NZ history books, militaria, collectables, incense, etc

ETCETERA NEW Vera May handbag range just arrived at Bond Street. We are the only stockists in the South Island! Drop into Second Heaven for that gorgeous outfit.

Second Heaven

Cnr Edgeware Rd & Barbadoes St. St Albans, Christchurch. Ph: 03 3855117.

Bond Street Fashions Avonhead Mall Ph 3588 598

169 Wairakei Rd Bryndwr Ph. 3517766 New & Pre-Loved Designer Labels. Buy/Sell on behalf.

The Dressing Room

‘Joyce’ available in Rosewood Pale Bronze and Black. $269

2 Normans Road. Ph 355 6620.

Ziera 229 Papanui Rd, Merivale Ph. 355 4400

Exclusive to the South Island TOMMY HILFIGER WOMEN’S WINTER RANGE Now atFACTOR 9b Normans Road, Elmwood village, Christchurch. Phone 355 9050

We have a wonderful range for the fuller figure lady. Come in and view the latest autumn fashions.

Petticoat skirts...static free, tulle hem. Christchurch made...the perfect accessory!

Dressed Up By Chree

Lucy Finch 64 North Avon Road Richmond. Ph. 389 1712

Now instore beautiful range of organic products for the skin by Trilogy.

The Dispensary 914 Colombo St, Christchurch. Ph. 379 6182

Parkside Plaza 5/333 Harewood Rd Bishopdale Ph. 359 2070

VARGO leather jacket, Dew print blouse and panelled luxe jean. Beautiful Autumn and Winter collections arriving daily.

Fredrick Ashley. Fendalton Mall, Memorial Ave. Ph: 03 351 5892

Affinity. Northlands mall. Ph: 03 352 9290

30 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Metropol April 17, 2014 31



By Stephanie Rumble, Stylist Flair Image

Christchurch at iD XV V

isiting Dunedin for a week of cutting edge and intellectual fashion is definitely a highlight of my autumn calendar. Inspiration reigns supreme and I love the eclectic mix of street style and couture fashion on show all week. What sets iD apart from other fashion events is the intellectual approach to fashion and the collaboration of all quarters to work towards a unified, unique and extremely well attended event. 2014's event was a celebration of 15 years of unyielding persistence and a winning formula of fashion shows, lectures, exhibitions and designer sales. I am always so impressed by the lineup of talented fashion icons the event attracts with 2014 pulling in international designer Martin Grant and UK based Fashion Editor Lucy Jones to assist Margy Finlay (NOM*d), Tanya Carlson and Francis Hooper (World) judge the emerging designers awards on Thursday 3 April. Dunedin Railway Station houses the iD Fashion Show on the longest runway in the Southern Hemisphere which runs on both the Friday and Saturday evenings. Canterbury was represented by DEVaL and Charmaine Reveley in the runway show and by Hannah Louise Heslop an ex Hagley High pupil who was selected to show her 'Freaky Princess, Tribal Kitsch' in the emerging designer awards. Hannah Louise is a talent to be watched with her colourful and creative collection using a combination of hand knitting, sequinning and embroidery. Christchurch's own Debbie Lawson from DEVaL showed a beautiful capsule of her leather, silk and woollen pieces as well as a new direction with her 'Gatsby' striped trousers and jacket. She worked with a palette of cream, blush and tan - rather than the traditional winter black for the show. Debbie is a stickler for quality with her garments finished to international standards and her materials unsurpassed. Debbie has been designing for her own label DEVaL for the past eight years and has just been stocked by Australian label

Charmaine Reveley 32 April 17, 2014 Metropol

WORLD photo: Chris Sullivan

Canterbury was represented by DEVaL and Charmaine Reveley in the runway show and by Hannah Louise Heslop an ex Hagley High pupil who was selected to show her 'Freaky Princess, Tribal Kitsch' in the emerging designer awards.

Debbie Lawson, DEVĂ L and her model


Estello in their Sydney store. I had a sneak peek at some of the pieces coming in store in the next few months and left with a fabulous red biker jacket and great jersey from the Dunedin pop up store. Visit DEVaL at either The Tannery or at 121 Papanui Road.

Hannah Louise Heslop

fashion,health&beauty metropol

Just launched in New Zealand! Now available at Wrapt on Wairakei

Like us on facebook

Sole Supplier: Please phone

021 0563 779

Charmaine Reveley and her model

Hannah Louise Heslop and her model

Official opening night at the Charmaine Reveley Flagship store in Dunedin's George Street was a highlight of the week for me. Charmaine herself had been working tirelessly for the past eight days to prepare. Charmaine was born in Windwhistle and attended Darfield High School before training in Fashion Design at the Otago Polytechnic. She designs clothes to be trans-seasonal in exquisite fabrics. Charmaine intends her pieces to be worn alone rather than needing other layers to make them work. Inspiration for her AW 2014 range is '70s styling and a great cut. Charmaine's collection is colour rich which is a bonus on our cold winter days. Handbags from After the Apple and shoes from Miss Wilson will complete your look when you shop in store. Martin Grant photo: Chris Sullivan

Phone Wendy now to arrange delivery on 03 379 4315


Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET

Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058


really love what you wear

Autumn Casuals


Congratulations to Barbara Redmond & Pam Menzies our Fashion Parade winners

Come on in & see!!!


Luxurious, Heavenly Treatments. Our Gift Vouchers show your generosity & thoughtfulness

up to

Remember your Mum 11th May

or more


Mother’s Day


Robe in Rangiora stocks Charmaine Reveley here in Canterbury.

Sizes 14+


30 Conical Hill Rd

03 315 5050

Akaroa Kaikoura

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Buy all your favourite ula stuff online

Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm. Sat 10am-4pm. Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made

Metropol April 17, 2014 33



Cosmetic Procedures A s a dermatologist Dr Bellaney offers many cosmetic procedures. These include Botox®, fillers, and the latest treatment on the market, Skinboosters. “When people come to me I ask what is worrying them – fine lines, deep lines, or crepey skin? What product I use will depend on what their concerns are,” he says.


Skinboosters create luminous skin on the outside by gently and naturally smoothing skin from the inside.

Botox is a toxin used to treat fine lines. Restylane fillers fill out lines, and can softly restore the fullness of lips, cheeks nose and jaw line. Juvederm Voluma is another filler treatment for cheeks, crepey skin and foreheads. Skinboosters are the “new kid on the block”. The exciting new treatment is quite different from toxins and fillers, as they are a way of naturally rejuvenating the skin from within. Skinboosters create luminous skin on the



outside by gently and naturally smoothing skin from the inside. We are one of the first clinics in Christchurch to offer them. “Hyaluronic acid is placed under the skin surface using a blunt cannula in a procedure that’s relatively painless,” says Dr Bellaney. “This attracts water deep in the dermal layer, which gives volume, improving structure, firmness and elasticity. We do areas of the face, rather than specific lines. It’s good for crepey skin and can also be used on the hands, neck, lips and upper chest area. It’s also just good for anyone who wishes to have plumper skin.” It takes three or four weeks for the treatment to reach its potential and a treatment generally lasts for over six months. At under $1000 a treatment, it is a good investment!



‘Scarless’ breast reduction

ermatologists proficient at the procedure of Tumescent Liposuction for breast reduction believe it should be the procedure of choice for most women considering Breast Reduction. It has significantly less complications than other surgical techniques with the benefit of little or no scarring and a faster recovery time. Dr Grant Bellaney, of the Liposuction and Cosmetic Clinic is one of New Zealand's most experienced surgical dermatologists. He says between a third to a half of the breast can usually be reduced in size with this technique. Women can expect a bra size reduction of about 2-3 sizes. Most patients can return to their normal

activities after 2-5 days. The technique involves filling the fat with a very dilute form of local anaesthetic and adrenalin, which numbs, softens and prepares the fat. Using very small and thin micro-cannulae, the fat can be removed smoothly and evenly through tiny 1-2mm incisions. These heal with no, or at most minimal, scars. There have been no long-term studies to ascertain the effect of liposuction on the ability to breast feed, although groups overseas report that patients can. It is routine to perform a preoperative mammogram and to have it repeated at six months, which will then be used as a reference for mammograms later in life.

Post: This patient was treated by Dr Bellaney

Pre treatment


101.5 cm


First consultation FREE 34 April 17, 2014 Metropol





94.3 cm

By Lydia Truesdale

merivale fashion


Paolo Morielli

European hair stylist creates high-fashion in Merivale

Hair stylist

is back from Milan

30% off


aolo Morielli is a wellrespected name within European high fashion and hair dressing circles. He hails from Milan, where he built his name working with many global fashion empires and now, rather excitingly, resides in Christchurch. In between tending to his personal clients you'll find him working out of Pia Hair Studio in Merivale.

First Haircut

Go onto facebook to view my recent fashion show assignments in Milan, New York, Paris & London Facebook: PM artist Hair stylist

Having styled for leading fashion houses like Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli, Paolo has been a part of catwalks and photo shoots with many industry exclusives and elites. He's built a portfolio of specialist skills and techniques that create luxurious, unique looks no matter the hair type. “I have worked with many models of many nationalities so I'm well practised in bringing out the best characteristics of all kinds of hair,” he says. You may be wondering what Paolo is doing on this side of the world in little old New Zealand! He says it's his family, or more specifically his daughter who lives here, not to mention New Zealand's magnetic beauty that brings him here, although he spends some time returning to Europe for various jobs. While in New Zealand he collaborates with Merivale's Pia Hair Studio. His ethos is to recreate leading haircuts and styles – indicative of Europe's tenacity – that are personalised to each individual and complement their features and personality alike. “For me the most important factor with hair is to have it frame the face and show off the individual's personality,” he says. Indeed his palette of abilities means he can fashion anything from a completely recreated look to an updated colour or even a one-off styling. Most notably, his customised technique seems to have ensuing benefits, with many clients raving

Pia 184 Papanui Rd Merivale m021 0661974

“Someone has to make the best teeth...” Styled by Paolo Morielli

For more information contact Paolo Morielli directly on 021 066 1974.

Radiance® Oil of Beauty provides a synergistic blend of NZ grown evening primrose oil & blackcurrant seed oil, both potent sources of GLA, and strengthened with NZ grown astaxanthin. This great formula allows the skin to restore the lipid barrier to help protect against harsh environmental conditions. Promoting optimal hydration, moisture and smoothness of the skin, while protecting from sensitivity, redness and itching. An ideal companion product to Radiance® Ageless Beauty.

Health 2000 Avonhead Ph.358 1181 Health 2000 Barrington Ph. 332 0450

The Denture Experts

about improved health and growth after appointments. He won't 'spill' on what exactly his technique entails, but he says it's certainly helped with the use of catwalk worthy products. Product use can make or break a look he notes, helping with everything from body and bounce to smoothness and shine. In fact, Paolo swears by using products that are free from harsh ingredients as they have a remarkable effect on the health and life of the hair. Unlike many salons, Paolo makes certain – where possible – to opt for products that don't leave clients hair feeling the detriments of strong chemicals. When he's not in the studio Paolo spends his time working with individual clients and agencies, making himself available to both New Zealand fashion elites and exclusive industry events.


Ph:355 9333

Paolo Morielli (Back) with model

Merivale Denture Clinic Combining over 35 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the finest quality, natural looking dentures

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

Our guarantee is in your smile Styled by Paolo Morielli

Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

I don’t see the point of getting engaged I don’t see the point of getting I don’t see the point of I don’t see the I don’t see I don’t I do



VILLAGE GATE MALL (Opposite Merivale Mall)

CHRISTCHURCH PH. 355 3352 Metropol April 17, 2014 35

SPAtopia infused with Argan Oil, Lemon, Patchouli & Petitgrain helping deliver an intense scent alongside its wondrous hydrating properties.

RANGIORA & KAIAPOI North Canterbury’s ‘must visit’ destinations

Sickness doesn’t know what day it is By Cheryl Colley

Argon Oil contains high levels of vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids which when found together deliver intense hydration, restore elasticity, soothe inflammation and promote cell renewal.


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury


Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209

Rangoria Florist Beautiful flowers & gifts for any occasion

246 High St Rangiora Ph 03 313 4292orist


ocated in the new retail complex on the corner of Ashley Street and Blackett St in Rangiora, Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy has quickly earned itself a reputation for service and for dedication to looking after the health of the people of Rangiora and North Canterbury – seven days a week. Owner Stan Barnett didn't take to retirement too well after he sold his two 7-day pharmacies in Blenheim and moved to Canterbury. Now he has set up one of the biggest pharmacies in the province – the first 7-day operation in Rangiora. “It's all about giving the best service we can. That's why we are open seven days a week, from 8.30am – 6.30pm,” Stan explains. “Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays have been very busy since we opened a year ago – clearly there was a real need for this. Otherwise people have had to go all the way into Northlands Mall in Christchurch. We even had customers on Christmas Day when we opened from 10am – 1pm. Sickness doesn't know what day it is!” Fifteen staff work at Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy because customer service is paramount. There is always a pharmacist on duty to fill prescriptions, to dispense restricted medicines and to give customers advice on treatments for minor ailments and for coughs and colds. A small room is set aside from the main part of the shop. Here customers can talk to the pharmacist in privacy and confidence. The dispensary itself is large and spacious and the staff pride themselves on keeping customers waiting for scripts for only the minimum of time. But there are distractions for those who do have to wait – a TV tuned to the sports' channels on one side of the store and a children's play area to keep the little ones amused. Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy offers many other services that one now expects of a quality and fully-functioning pharmacy. It has a large giftware section with different and interesting items, many of which the staff have sourced

themselves to ensure the range is a not simply run-of-the-mill. “The coloured glass bottles have been a huge and unexpected hit, as have the quirky cushions we stock.” There are also budget perfumes and a large range of homewares – wall plaques, linens, pillows and tea towels, while customers can get prepared for winter from the large selection of scarves and throws. “We also take and process passport photos at a very reasonable rate. It's all about convenience and being able to supply what people want and need.” Call in and see the team at Stan's 7 Day Pharmacy for all your pharmaceutical needs. Phone (03) 313 8280 Fax (03) 313 8209.

Mother’s Day

Made in SPAIN



Dallas $369.90

only $2999.00

Available in Marine, Black, Chocolate

It will quilt to look like hand quilting!

shoelines R A N G I O R A 140 High Street Rangiora P 03 313 4565

36 April 17, 2014 Metropol

162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444

Available now at


Lingerie Shoppe 144 High Street , Rangiora Ph 03 313 5498

Quilters Quarters

A treasure trove for the craftsperson

9 High St Rangiora

Ph. (03) 313 6765

RANGIORA & KAIAPOI North Canterbury’s ‘must visit’ destinations

Bouquets personally designed with love... Y By Cheryl Colley

ou will find Kaiapoi Florist right in the centre of Kaiapoi – only 20 minutes from central Christchurch and at the gateway to North Canterbury. “Kaiapoi is a really exciting place to be part of right now,” says Joan Whillans, owner of Kaiapoi Florist. “There is so much happening on the main street that we would love Christchurch people to come out to experience – and see what gifts and other treasures the Kaiapoi Florist has to offer while they are here!”

Joan's florist shop has been an icon on Williams Street for the past ten years. It's grown from a small one-florist operation to a large and spacious business with a team of three – Joan, Barbara and Linda. The shop is redolent with the intoxicating fragrance of seasonal flowers just waiting to be taken home or made up into a beautiful bouquet for a gift - for flowers are the perfect gift for so many occasions and do indeed “work wonders” as the slogan goes. Whatever the occasion, Kaiapoi Florist will design the floral arrangement to suit your taste and style, whether classic or contemporary, sophisticated or casual. “We source only the freshest of flowers most of which are locally Canterbury-grown and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and on our service. All our flower arrangements are designed personally with love and care and we can arrange for delivery throughout New Zealand and world-wide through our membership of the international Interflora organisation.” With Mother's Day only a few weeks away it is not too early to think about taking advantage of this very convenient service. Kaiapoi Florist offers an on-line ordering service – - that for ease of use caters for mobile phones, tablets or iPads. The range of exquisite bouquets and arrangements available is simply stunning. But Kaiapoi Florist is not simply a source of

Kaiapoi Florist in the

For beautiful flowers We deliver! beautiful fresh flowers. It is also a wonderful gift buying experience. They have lovely vases, from delightful every day styles, to large interesting glass containers that make a bold statement when loaded with a fresh display. They also have ceramics and decorative kitchen ware, baby gifts, candlesticks clocks, potted plants, silk flowers and gourmet chocolates. Everything is tasteful and of excellent quality, but at prices to suit all budgets. “I source most of my gifts direct from suppliers so that I can be sure of having things in my shop that may not be available elsewhere.” Find out the difference that Kaiapoi Florist offers. Visit their store in the heart of Kaiapoi phone (03) 327 6535 or email The shop is open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm and on Saturdays 9.30am – 1pm.

24 hour monitored smoke & heat detectors

Ph. (03) 327 6535 121 Williams St, Kaiapoi


We can arrange for delivery throughout New Zealand and world-wide through our membership of the international Interflora organisation.” With Mother's Day only a few weeks away it is not too early to think about taking advantage of this very convenient service.

Lola vs Harper Elwood Oneoneseven Pink stitch Wish Ceilo jeans Minty meets Munt Love stitch What woman want Blacklist Living Doll

172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157

Business advisers with a passion for helping businesses plan their futures

Reasons why your cat will LOVE US!

of Kaiapoi

Ph. 03 327 8029

Welcomes New Clients Now at two NEW offices

Background music; fully heated & insulated for winter warmth Premium quality food from Royal Canin Loving quality care from professional staff Viewing welcome prior to booking Frequent Feline Loyalty Club Like Us On Facebook


Cnr Williams St & Raven Quay Kaiapoi Ph. 327 8962 CHRISTCHURCH OFFICE

Level 2 83 Victoria St Christchurch Ph. 366 715

167 Ashley St Rangiora Ph. 03 313 2228 Metropol April 17, 2014 37



What are “real” eyelash extensions?


ashform's Lisa White reveals all about these glamorous beauty products…

Salon Professional eyelash extensions; non toxic formaldehyde free, medical grade adhesives for safe, longer lasting lashes. Visit one of our certified technicians: NICOLA QUINN BEAUTY & DAY SPA 209 Papanui Road, Merivale. Phone 355 6400 BELLE EPOQUE Cnr Papanui Rd & Merivale Ln, Merivale. Phone 374 6668 HAIR ON BRIGHTON 1b Seaview Corner Mall, New Brigton. Phone 388 4796 BODY & SOUL Unit 7/5 Washington Way, Sydenham. Phone 366 4343 SIMPLY BEAUTY The Palms Mall, Shirley. Phone 385 6523 Barrington Mall, Barrington. Phone 332 8153 The Hub Hornby, Level 1. Phone 349 8498 ALL ABOUT YOU 162 Clarence Road, Riccarton. Phone 348 3949 SIMPLY EXQUISITE BEAUTY 70 Middlepark Rd, Upper Riccarton. Phone 349 9549 H&B HAIR ART & BEAUTY (New Crown Lash Treatment) 96 Cranford Street, St Albans. Phone 381 8939 ESSENTIAL THERAPY Purchas Street, St Albans. Phone 377 2377 FRINGE HAIR & BEAUTY 55a Nottingham Ave, Halswell. Phone 322 9509 THE BEAUTY PARLOUR 205 Fendalton Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 8883 ROOM OF BEAUTY 1 Trafalgar St, St Albans. Phone 0272536619 MAGNIFIQUE HAIR & BEAUTY 462 Halswell Road, Halswell. Phone 322 7297 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln. Phone 325 3333 LINCOLN BEAUTY 5 Gerald St, Lincoln. Phone 365 2639 ABSOLUTE BEAUTY 160 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. Phone 03 327 8809 102 Victoria Street, Rangiora. Phone 03 313 8839 KM SURGICAL (New Crown Lash Treatment) 241 Clyde Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 1010 BELLEZZA BEAUTY 922 Colombo St, St Albans. Phone 027 350 7742 V FOR HAIR BEAUTY

The term 'eyelash extensions' has been misused by businesses offering anything from 'cluster party lashes' to 'fibre mascaras'. Real eyelash extensions are individual synthetic fibre extensions which are carefully grafted to an individual natural eyelash 1mm from the eyelid, and glued the entire length of the natural lash. The application process requires a strong degree of technique and precision. Good training is essential to be able to apply eyelash extensions with perfect technique and to ensure the safety of the client. After all there is a strong bond adhesive being used around the eye area. Would you let an untrained individual use a potentially harmful product around your eyes? Lashform takes its training obligation very seriously so we can ensure our certified technicians know what they are doing. We have heard and seen 'horror story' cases of people applying cheap and dangerous eyelash extension products to clients after watching 'How To' clips on YouTube, with terrible outcomes that have required medical intervention. This is why we only sell our products to trained, certified and professional salons and technicians. A certified Lashform technician will do a full consultation on a client's first visit to

evaluate the client's potential sensitivities and decide whether our Super Sensitive Adhesive is required. The technician will then analyse the client's natural lashes to determine the maximum length and thickness the natural lashes can support nicely, and will stay looking good for three to four weeks until a maintenance appointment is due. Products There is a big difference between professional

salon brands of eyelash extensions and those sold online without requiring proof of credentials. Lashform lashes are specially designed, produced and handmade from feather-light, high gloss synthetic in the USA. The lash fibres are enhanced and polished with a special formula to optimise bonding power between the natural lash and the synthetic lash. Lash fibres have also been recently improved to contain micro-pore fibres which are tiny fibres also designed to optimise bonding power between the natural and synthetic lash. As the glue seeps into the micro-pores of the synthetic lash, it releases and clings to the natural lash on contact. Our lashes are super soft, lush and flexible unlike some other brands that are rigid and tough. Our lashes are virtually weightless making them extremely comfortable to the wearer's eyes. Lashform adhesives are medical grade, nontoxic and Formaldehyde free. Our number one adhesive is made in the USA and our new Super Sensitive formula is made in Spain. Other Types of False Lashes Available: Striplashes – Lashes all attached to a base strip that is glued with a very light bond adhesive to the eyelid skin just above the lash line. Designed to last one night, and can be reused. Cluster or Party Lashes – Are 5-10 individual synthetic lash fibres joined by a knot of glue and then adhered on top of the natural lashes with a small bond of light-med bond eyelash adhesive at the knot end. Popular with makeup artists, and best applied by a professional for special occasions and designed to last 1-2 days.

(New Crown Express Lash Treatment)

241 Level 1, Merivale Mall. Phone 355 6584

Keep your JOINTS MOVING Keep Doing the Things YOU LOVE!

Stunning NEW Seasons Colours

KNH HIGH POTENCY JOINT CARE 1200mg An advanced balanced formulation of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphates combined with essential minerals (manganese, zinc, boron & selenium), ginger and MSM to help maintain healthy joints and mobility. This is our top selling product!

3 Helps to relieve joint pain & swelling 3 Supports the healing process from injuries in your joints, tendons & ligaments 3 Works to improve joint flexibility & movement 3 Provides your body with the building blocks to repair joint cartilage 3 This formula also includes 7 other important nutrients & minerals to help maintain healthy joints & mobility




for 60 x 1200mg Tablets




for 180 x 1200mg Tablets Value Pack

25 % OFF YOUR FIRST COLOUR & CUT SERVICE Stylists available are Sarah, Temple, Jen

Stylish retail health shop with top quality products, best value prices & friendly, qualified staff

Unit 2 159 Cranford St 38 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Ph. 355 2125

215 Wooldridge Road, Burnside, Christchurch Phone: 03 962 7883. Fax: 03 358 8039 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm & Sat 10am-4pm Email: Website:

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Phone 942 4179

5 Colombo St




by Cheryl Colley

Water’s warm, teachers are cool... T

he youngest staff member at Kings Swim School, now known as SwimKings, is four months old. Ryder hasn't quite made it to tutor status yet, but he comes to the pool with his mother Jess, who is the babies' and pre-schoolers' programme coordinator. It's all about starting children young.

The Water Tots experience for Under-5s is a wonderful way to introduce babies and toddlers to water. Right now this developmental playtime is free on Mondays at 2pm. One parent or caregiver over the age of 16 is required in the water with the child. At the other end of the age spectrum more and more adults are coming to the SwimKings Pool to learn to swim, to gain confidence in the water or to enhance their swimming and breathing techniques. So many of New Zealand's recreational activities are waterbased and being able to swim ensures that both adults and children can safely be part of fun in the water. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6.30pm – 7pm. Bet came to the school at the age of 84 proving it's never too late to learn! Winter sports season may be underway, but that doesn't mean that swimming lessons need to be put on hold until summer comes around again. Swimming is a skill for life and needs practice and time given to it. Like literacy and numeracy it is a continuing learning process – a skill for life. SwimKings is

the “place where the water is warm and the teachers are cool”. Even in the middle of winter the complex is invitingly warm and welcoming and the activities are designed to be both fun and educational. Five to twelve years olds can come for a late afternoon swimming lesson, bring their pyjamas and dressing gowns and go home all “snugly” and ready for bed. Children love to receive stickers as rewards for progress – something to show their grandparents, aunts and uncles. Instead of a “Revolution”, SwimKings now has “Swimolution” – it's like a board game charted with levels of achievement and competency showing each child's swimming journey and

setting goals for their next step forward. SwimKings operates classes all year round and students can join at any time. They don't have to wait for the start of a new school term. When other pool complexes are closed SwimKings is always open so that swimmers can keep their skill current. Why not kick start your child's swimming lessons through the intensive April holiday swimming programme? Children can take a second lesson each week for a reduced rate of $10. SwimKings is located at 109 Main South Road Sockburn. Phone (03) 341 7579. For more on SwimKings range of programmes see their web-site -

Why not kick start your child's swimming lessons through the intensive April holiday swimming programme? Children can take a second lesson each week for a reduced rate of $10.

Elmwood Preschool ‘WHERE IT’S GREAT TO BE SMALL’ Call today about enrolling your child with us! Full range of sessions available n

Book now for 2014 swimming lessons


Private Swim School


Owned and operated by Olympic Coach Todd Mason


Babies to Adults

Drowning is preventable... Help your child to be safer in and around water!




109 main sth rd, sockburn, christchurch ph: 03 341 7579 www.facebook /swimkings

10 Wairakei Road Strowan Christchurch P. 3510 520 E.

new styles for autumn...

115 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch • Phone 3481528 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5.30 & Sat 9.30-4

www.instepfootwear Metropol April 17, 2014 39



By Wendy Dunlop

Be seduced... the view, the ambience, the flavours...


Autumn Winter 2014

45 Rue Lavaud, AKAROA Banks Peninsula, New Zealand T. 03 304 7514

ully Hayes Restaurant and Bar is an Akaroa institution. At any time of the day and year it is sure to be busy, with patrons tucking in to tasty dishes, nibbling platters, sipping excellent coffees or enjoying a Monteith's beer or a local wine. The secret, owner Wayne Jones believes, is the waterfront location with its harbour sea views, the choice of dining areas - indoor, patio, and garden which has a children's playground - and the extensive menu. “It suits the locals and the tourist market,” he says, “with something for everyone, whatever their appetite and the budget.” Not only is the menu extensive. It is also innovative, offering contemporary New Zealand cuisine with a mix of traditional and modern dishes that feature interesting, often local ingredients. Akaroa is known for its fishing and Bully Hayes really caters for all those seafood lovers. They can be seduced by Akaroa salmon, (fresh, smoked or gravlax) Chatham Islands blue cod, groper, monkfish, mussels, scallops and freshly shucked Tio Point oysters; or maybe indulge in a combination of fish and shellfish in a Spanish paella.

Open from 8am till late, seven days, there are menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus tea and coffee and drinks menus covering beverages from wines, beers, and spirits to smoothies and soft drinks. The breakfast menu is overflowing with all the standard brekkie favourites (frequently given a Bully Hayes twist). It caters for every dietary taste, from the healthy Muesli Fruit Stack to the intriguingly named Bully's Fatty Boomba Breakfast of bacon, Sicilian chipolata, black pudding, homemade baked beans, caramelized onion relish, mushrooms, hash browns, poached eggs and grain toast. Lunch features a mindboggling selection of breads, soups, pastas, platters, burgers and sandwiches, salads, (the house salad features cheese and mushroom arancini balls), and there's often a chef's special. A feature of the dinner menu is the choice of light and full sized mains – great for those with smaller appetites. The full sized mains feature some of Canterbury's best – Silere merino lamb, venison, and Angus and Hereford beef. And who can say no to the dessert menu when it features treats like Baked Alaska (a la 2014), Peanut Butter Parfait or Rooibos Orange & Cardamom Crème Brulée which is a classic brulée blended with rooibos orange tea and cardamom and served with confit of orange

The secret, owner Wayne Jones believes, is the waterfront location with its harbour sea views, the choice of dining areas - indoor, patio, and garden which has a children's playground - and the extensive menu. and Kapiti pohutukawa ice-cream. And for those who don't want a menu, there's a cabinet with freshly made muffins and slices. Bully Hayes carries the Monteith's range of craft beers on tap and in the bottle and has fun entering the Monteith's Wild Food Challenge every year. Wayne is proud to have been the Canterbury region winner in 2006. As astute travellers always know - if a restaurant is full, it's got to be good. Bully Hayes is always busy! Enough said! Bully Hayes has gift vouchers available for purchase and a Loyalty Program for regular customers. Check them out on

31 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa p.03 3048 024

blue duck cafe

When you’re in Akaroa visit

The Clerk’s Office

Large holiday home for private rental

A new exhibition in the Court House

Only 25 minutes away, just 1.5km past Motukarara on the Christchurch Akaroa Highway

Ph: 03 3297 800 1683 Christchurch - Akaroa Highway

Luxury one bedroom apartment

Tues- Sun 9am to 4.00pm Fully licensed Friday evening dine-in & takeaway from 5.30pm

Aylmers Valley Road, Akaroa. Phone +64 21 425 476

40 April 17, 2014 Metropol


The Seaside Suburbs




designer labels in Redcliffs By Wendy Dunlop WOMENSWEAR JEWELLERY ACCESSORIES GIFTWARE

Madam Butterfly’s

Stockists of

Noa Noa, Sao Paulo, Vassalli, Fate, Boomshankar Augustine, Brave & True, Ava Franci, FDJ Jeans

87 Main Road, Redcliffs Ph 03 376 6219

Vintage Style Boutique

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5.30pm Sat 10-4pm Sun 11-4pm

477 Ferry Rd, Woolston 0274 594 052

HOURS MON-FRI 10.30am-4.30pm SAT/SUN 11am-4pm

Treasure Trove Clothing & Alterations Vacancies for 2014 BOOKING NOW!

alteration & repair service



Barnett Park, Redcliffs 03 384 1910

e're back and we're better” says Ingrid Wylie, owner and director of Morgan and Page. Ousted from their earthquake damaged premises in Sumner, the fashion boutique has relocated to Redcliffs where the shop is bigger and on a high visibility corner site. “We love the location and because it's not too far from our original roots, loyal locals have found us again, while new customers have discovered us on their way to the beach,” says Ingrid.

But location is only half the story! Step inside Morgan and Page and you'll be mesmerised by the beautiful labels that Ingrid has sourced from designers in New Zealand and overseas. Danish label Noa Noa features exquisite colours, soft muted tonings and garments that can be worn together or individually. “They put the whole story together and we have fallen in love with the clothes because everything works whether you like designs that are practical or romantic,” enthuse Ingrid and her store manager Nicki Sullivan. Augustine is a New Zealand designed label that has a definite following. Offering lighter, shorter and more colourful styles they are versatile enough to cross age groups and were so popular that garments were pre-sold on Morgan and Page's Facebook site! You will also find FDJ jeans and Vassalli pants which are renowned for their great fit as well as a selection of accessories that offer genuine style and variety. “Our accessories are sourced from all over, because we know what our customer base will like and so we basically go shopping,' laughs Nicki. There are scarves from Italy and Oz label Conjura, leather bags and clutches by Satch and among the sparkling displays of beads, bangles and earrings are some stunning Italian designed items sourced from

Step inside Morgan and Page and you'll be mesmerised by the beautiful labels that Ingrid has sourced from designers in New Zealand and overseas.

preloved clothing retro/vintage dry cleaning agent Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Sat: 11am-3pm

416 Ferry Road, Woolston Ph. 982 2645

Melbourne. The Etruscan range includes rings and earrings in silver or vintage-look rose gold set with crystals which are supremely elegant, subtle and classy. Now that Morgan and Page has settled into its Redcliffs location, Ingrid would like to return to manufacturing her own label again. She originally began Morgan and Page by manufacturing all her own designs, but after the earthquake it simply wasn't possible. “But now with such a great team looking after the shop, I would like to have about a third of the stock under my own label and enjoy working with fabric again,” she says. The boutique is open every day so there is every reason to call in on your next visit to Sumner and Redcliffs. “We have always been in a suburb by the beach and with the coffee shop next door, we love welcoming customers to our fashion destination,” says Ingrid. Morgan and Page is located at 87 Main Road Redcliffs phone 376 6219 or visit for further information.

Beauden Barrett and Sarah Molloy ( Senior Stylist )

We would like to welcome NEW Clients to our Salon with a $25.00 Voucher for a

Colour and Cut.

NEW Clients to the Beauty Room, Brazillian $25.00 Mens Haircuts $19.00

Salon & beauty room The Estuary, 23 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead Open 6 days. Late night Wednesday. Ph. 376 5527 e: Metropol April 17, 2014 41

By Cheryl Colley



21 Luxury Motel Units in the


Arriving Daily

NOW LOCATED AT SHOP 3 9 Gerald St, Lincoln. With NEW hours Mon -Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10-4 Ph 325 2390

Stunning Vibrant Homewares & Accessories...

A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box 19 Gerald Street Lincoln Ph. 325 7570


Gifts, accessories & homewares to covet...


tep into The Gift Box of Lincoln and your mind is simply blown away by the sheer variety of the gifts and homewares on display. The store is bursting at the seams with highly desirable products and exciting gifts. There are scarves, handbags, wallets, costume jewellery, gifts for men, baby gifts, candles, homewares, prints and photo frames, as well as wall art, clocks and standard lamps - and that's just for starters. It is an absolute treasure trove. The shop boasts gifts for her, him, them and you - and for the home as well. It's the huge range and the constant arrival of new, interesting, quirky, beautiful and different pieces that keeps customers coming back time after time to browse, admire and buy. The homewares section of the store is particularly enticing with all the items displayed with great care and consummate artistry. Exquisite coloured vases sit alongside stunning candelabras, cushions and lamps. Hard-wearing blue and cream coloured Polish stoneware for the kitchen features, as well as art work by New Zealand artists, elegant crystal glassware, kitchen utensils and storage boxes. Everything from the practical to the unusual and even the downright frivolous – gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. The fashion accessories part of the store is also worth a special mention with so many different handbags in every style and colour imaginable to choose from – for every day and for those very special occasions. Owned and managed by mother and daughter team Helen Meechin and Charlie Hill, The Gift Box started life as a retail outlet for Charlie's original artworks in a tiny “boxlike” space - hence the name. Now celebrating 10 years of great support from Lincoln and the surrounding community, The Gift Box has grown and moved to a much larger shop in the heart of Lincoln – so much more expansive that the merchandise even spills out into the car park. “Mum and I complement each other very well as a team,” says Charlie. “We each have slightly different tastes and bounce ideas off

It's the huge range and the constant arrival of new, interesting, quirky, beautiful and different pieces that keeps customers coming back time after time to browse, admire and buy. one another when it comes to what to buy. The most important thing for us is to keep the stock changing so our wonderful customers will always have something to tempt them”. The Gift Box has both layby and appro services. “It is nice for people to have the opportunity to see something in their own homes and to know they have made the right decision instead of trying to imagine it in their place and not being quite sure if it will work.” The store also provides free gift wrapping and is open seven days. Visit the local girls Helen, Charlie, Jan and Andrea at The Gift Box, 19 Gerald Street just along from Coffee Culture. Phone (03) 325 7570.

Heart of Lincoln

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620

Mother’s Day Vo u c h e r s A v a i l a b l e !

COMPLIMENTARY Make-up session with ‘YOUNG BLOOD’ Cosmetics with every Colour Analysis Purchase


P. 03 325 2111 M. 027 667 6750 E. STYLE4U@XTRA.CO.NZ



Jeanne Henderson Metropol Advertising P. 03 343 3 669


National Award Winning Publication 42 April 17, 2014 Metropol


canterbury bridal


The secret behind

the intangible

By Majka Kaiser


hat are those indefinable ingredients, which elevate a beautiful photographic image to the realms of something truly magical? This is what photographers worth their salt strive for with every image they create.

“Inevitably, people gravitate towards the formal photos, but over time I see them valuing the candid moments most.”


There is never a more important occasion than a wedding, to find a photographer who has not only mastered the challenge of bringing a myriad of highly unpredictable elements together, but one who has the sensitivity and innate ability to capture this intangible quality frame after frame. One such photographer to strike this soulful chord amongst newlyweds is local Christchurch photographer, Emma Brittenden. Thanks to the wonders of social media, I have unearthed a real gem that ought to be on the radar of every bride-to-be searching for the perfect photographer to document their special day. Keen to discover what Emma's secret to success is with a long lineage of delighted wedded couples, I paid a visit to Emma's website where I quickly realised how easily I could spend the rest of the day vicariously reliving the joyous moments of others, so expertly captured in wedding after wedding. Speaking with Emma I gained a fascinating insight into what Emma believes this elusive quality is, that she so clearly has a firm grasp on, that leads her many thrilled customers to give rapturous recommendations for her services to others. Also a company member of The Court Theatre, Emma relates a theatrical exercise she participated in recently, which begins to explain what this indefinable je ne sais quoi in her photographs might be. Taking turns at presenting something to the rest of the group,

if the audience is delighted, the actor can step forward, if not, the actor steps back. Nervously, each actor conjures up their best character or silly voice from their bag of party tricks, to which almost each performance is met with a poor response from their peers. However, when the actors swapped places with their audience, Emma realised what had been missing. The second time around Emma threw caution to the wind and her inhibitions. After a few seconds of impromptu dancing, the others responded in a way that even her most successful party tricks had never elicited. Reflecting on how this theatrical exercise relates to photography, Emma explains how she is fascinated to see which photos wedding couples pick out as their favourites. “Inevitably, people gravitate towards the formal photos, but over time I see them valuing the candid moments most. Beaming smiles during the speeches, the couple's two families interacting with one another, or an unguarded moment captured during the portraits; these are the photos that end up on people's walls and become their profile pictures on Facebook.” As Emma says “Our 'step forward' moment, when we're not putting on an act for the camera,” is what resonates with us as a member of the human race, “because in the end, a wedding is about two real people coming together, not two actors.”




metropol canterbury bride

Bring in the


By Majka Kaiser


s food and wine comprise the majority of a typical wedding budget, it pays to get it right. Like any major celebration in life, the formal rituals of a wedding - from the chapel steps to the cutting of the cake - are punctuated with toasts, bite sized morsels, and bountiful feasts to commune with family and friends. sssssssssssssssss

I decided to talk to the catering experts who have become synonymous with creativity and innovation, with a long string of rapturous clientele singing their praises around the South Island. With a solid reputation for excellence and style, White Tie Catering has been creating memorable events for a diverse range of private celebrations and corporate functions for over 25 years. Speaking with their in-house Events Manager, Helen Harrowfield, who has been with the company from its inception, and has over 30 years' experience in the industry, it's clear that planning is a vital component in the success of creating events with distinction. Helen provides wedding couples with a full consultation to make certain every last detail is covered, from tables and chairs to linen and

glassware, not to mention facilitating the creation of the ultimate menu tailored to suit each event and palette. “Our clients are constantly overwhelmed with the world class service and quality we provide, which has them coming back to us time and time again.” Providing their loyal and satisfied clientele with more than just fine cuisine, the team behind White Tie Catering have a wealth of expertise and experience across the board to ensure every aspect of your special event runs smoothly, to the highest standards, and within budget. Finding reliable suppliers who deliver consistent quality of product is something a catering company with a history like White Tie gives you, the client. This experience is what professional caterers have established over the years, which saves clients time consuming leg work and prevents disappointment on the big day. There are added benefits too when it comes to dealing with people who have been in the

Perfect entrance to your Big Day! Available in the Tai Tapu area for Weddings Picnics & lunches Champagne rides

The Tai Tapu Carriage Company Phone for further enquiries 027 222 44 66 or 021 944 422


DERMATOLOGY & COSMETIC SURGERY Melanoma Skin Cancer Skin Diseases Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Portwine stains, angiomas, telangiectasia -V beamÔ pulsed dye laser - EXCEL VÔ KTP and Nd YAG Photoaging - M22 IPLÔ, Fraxel DualÔ, ResurFXÔ Pigmantation and tattoo - Revlite SIÔ Q switched Resurfacing and scars - C02 laser, Deep FXÔ, Active FXÔ, Scaar FXÔ Hair Removal - LightSheer DuetÔ, diode laser

PHONE 03 377 1010

Clinical Director: Dr Ken Macdonald Specialist Dermatologist 44 April 17, 2014 Metropol

241 Clyde Road

Like any major celebration in life, the formal rituals of a wedding - from the chapel steps to the cutting of the cake - are punctuated with toasts, bite sized morsels, and bountiful feasts to commune with family and friends.

industry as long as these people have. Take advantage of their extensive local knowledge of other services you may require and ask for their recommendations for the perfect florist, photographer, or venue that encapsulates your unique vision for your special event.

If you're seeking unparalleled attention to detail, a unique experience, and something that will simply take your breath away, you can't go past enlisting the help of the professionals. After all, most of us only get to do it right once, unless you're second time lucky and then you'll already know just how stressful it can be and see the merits of leaving it all to someone else!

canterbury bride metropol

Looking beyond the traditional...


unique, designer gowns

By Lydia Truesdale


rogressive boutique Wilkins is rewriting the paradigms of bridal couture as we know it. They look beyond traditional conventions to explore the more artsy, funky and personalised sides of weddings, housing an unparalleled range of unique and designer gowns. sssssssssssssss

Born out of Wellington and gracing Canterbury's bridal scene in 2004, Wilkins has a young and inspirational management team who share an innovative ethos. They take risks with their buying portfolio, importing exclusive, ready to wear gowns from over 10 designers throughout Europe, America and Australia. The boutique sets the scene for an inviting and individualised experience from the moment you arrive. Within the creatively decorated interior, manager April heads a 'tight-knit family' of staff who each play their role in making the bride's experience relaxing and successful, no matter her age or preference.

Alterations manager Dianne sees to customising designs on site, while consultants Jude, Ashleigh, Di and Kathy – a savvy panel of both younger and more mature stylists – can offer clients young or otherwise a 'peer's perspective.' They assist in finding age appropriate and flattering designs that meet modern brides' preferences. “The age of the bride is changing,” says April. “And with it the trends are becoming broader.” Bridal couture today is characterised by not just the classical trends but also contemporary aesthetics and mod embellishments. Accents of layers and

materials like lace and silk are a reigning trend, as too are novel silhouettes like 'high-waisting' complemented by full-length and flowing skirts. The uniquely alluring range of gowns entices many brides and many tastes. Extravagant meets traditional to cover all bases for stylists and customers to work with in finding the most apposite gown. “Every bride's wedding is important… we like to make them feel as special as possible, everyone deserves that,” says April. In lieu of this, their 'no-charge consultation' applies to all brides to be. They are often booked out long in advance so understandably the boutique functions by appointment only. They're also looking into staying open late five nights a week for brides and bridal parties with unavoidable work commitments. Additionally, it might be comforting for brides to know that under the same roof is a suave range of suits and formal men's wear for hire. Wilkins Bridal is located at 7 Pilgrim Ave, off Moorhouse Road. For appointments and enquiries phone 382 1090 or for more information see

International Brands & Superior Styling

An Italian style, historic home, renovated and tastefully refurbished into one of the finest 5 Star boutique hotels in Christchurch, New Zealand.

31 August 2014. Stockists Of:

Elegant NEW Shop

Essense Sophia Tolli Allure Mancini Stella York Mon Cheri Tony Bowls David Tutera Angeline

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cuisine & DINING OUT

Hot buns that cross gluten and grain out of the recipe


njoying a freshly baked, hot crossed-bun on Easter morning is a favourite tradition that most people take for granted, but for thousands of Kiwis, food allergies and intolerances have meant they missed out. But thanks to gluten-free, grain-free, expert and cookbook author, Tania Hubbard this doesn't have to be the case, especially with her new and improved hot-cross bun recipe. Tania said in the past, finding a great-tasting and nourishing gluten-free hot cross bun recipe was hard to do, especially for anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. “With experience, I have now perfected our original hot-cross bun recipe that I launched last Easter. This one is just as wholesome with greater flavour and best of all, not only is it gluten and grain free, it's also sugar free and dairy free,� Tania said.

RECIPE HOT CROSS BUNS 8 servings Ingredients 1 cup almond meal 2 tablespoons chia seeds 3/4 cups arrowroot/tapioca starch 3/4 cups dried dates (remember to check ingredients if you are using chopped fruit of any kind) 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ginger 1 teaspoon bi-carb (baking soda) 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 3 eggs pinch salt 1/4 cup water 2 tablespoons olive oil (use butter if you love it, or coconut oil if you prefer) Method 1. Preheat oven to 175C 2. Soak chia seeds in water whilst preparing the dry mix

3. I simply put all of the dry ingredients (including the dates) into my old food processor and bash down until the dates are broken into small lovely bits 4. Pour dry mixture into a mixing bowl 5. Add eggs, soaked chia seeds, apple cider vinegar and olive oil 6. Combine everything well until there are no

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lumps (except the bits of fruit) 7. It will be thickish - don't be tempted to add any more liquid 8. I use my trusty tupperware muffin silicon tray to cook these - you can use whatever you have - use cupcake papers and a cupcake baking tray - use a lamington tin and cut them into squares - there are no rules! 9. Bake for 25 minutes until the hot cross buns are firm to the touch and bounce back when lightly pressed. The top will be lovely and golden in colour. 10. Remove from the oven and turn out onto a cooling rack Making the cross 11. I simply use some coconut butter (desiccated coconut blitz and bashed in my

food processor until it splits and then comes back together into a lovely butter) 12. I didn't pipe it on or anything clever like that - I simply used a tiny teaspoon and blobbed and shaped the cross into what you see in the photo - easy, quick and very delicious 13. Of course - you can make the cross with other things like Labna (dripped yoghurt) or even make some royal icing if you don't mind eating icing sugar, water and lemon juice (keeps it nice and white!) Note: There is no added sugar in this recipe - if you like more sugar - try a cup of dates first. If you prefer them a bit sweeter though - a dash of honey will be just right, or half a banana. For more information and recipes go to

World’s best female chef


elena Rizzo of Mani Restaurant, in São Paulo, Brazil has been named the 2014 Veuve Clicquot World's Best Female Chef and will be honoured at The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, in London on 28 April.




CocktailChef Mary's mixologist

Brazilian-born Rizzo moved to São Paulo aged 18 to pursue a modelling career. She began working in kitchens part time and, before long, had turned her back on modelling to nurture her love of gastronomy. After working with some of the most influential names on the Brazilian food scene including Emmanuel Bassoleil, Luciano Boseggia and Neka Barreto, Rizzo spent two years running the kitchen at São Paulo's Na

Richard Uttley Helena Rizzo Mata Café before embarking on a culinary adventure dedicated to honing her skills and researching new techniques. Stints in Italy and Spain followed, including time at El Celler de Can Roca, currently the highest ranked restaurant on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Her time at the Girona restaurant was particularly special; as it was here that she met her future husband and partner in the kitchen, Spanish chef Daniel Redondo. Mani Restaurant opened its doors in 2006 in the São Paulo suburb of Jardim Paulistano, with the unusual combination of husband and wife working alongside one another in the kitchen.

Bombom de Abacate

How to make a great

The name 'Bloody Mary' is associated with a number of historical figures — particularly Queen Mary I of England, who was nicknamed as such in Foxe's Book of Martyrs for attempting to re-establish the Catholic Church in Britain. The Bloody Mary's origin is unclear. Fernand Petiot claimed to have invented the drink in 1921 while working at the New York Bar in Paris, a frequent Paris hangout for Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates. One thing's for certain, it's a “Bloody” good cocktail, and apart from Champagne the only alcoholic drink which is forgiven for being imbibed at breakfast. And don't forget with enough garnish it counts for at least two of your five a day. Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Bloddy Mary...

BLOODY MARY... Glassware Take your pick, great in a highball or even a pitcher. We use an old fashioned jam jar. Recipe 45ml Absolut® Vodka Tomato juice Dash lemon juice Tabasco to taste Dash Worcestershire sauce 15ml Sriracha sauce Celery salt Combine all ingredients in a highball glass, personally I like a kick of heat, but if you don't then reduce the amount of Sriracha sauce. Garnish with celery, lemon wedge and cherry tomatoes. Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

Bloody Mary


it’s all about

YOU! raft eer




.STASAPSTREETKITCHEN.CO.NZ Metropol April 17, 2014 47



Just the way we like it... pizza Kiwi style, kickback surrounds & entertainment

O “O

ur place is your place.” That's the word at Winnie Bagoes, Christchurch's original gourmet pizza joint, which has reopened in an historic old brick building (yes, we do still have some!) on the corner of Madras and Allen streets. With its mix of grungy industrial and luxuriant plush decor, funky artefacts, fab food and drinks, and fantastic entertainment, Winnie's is fast becoming known as one of the city's hottest pub/club venues. “We're 'your place' for NZ's best gourmet pizza, music and live gigs, birthday functions, and even cabaret and comedy shows,” says owner Geoff Cavell. The building has been cleverly designed with zones that provide spaces for all. Two board rooms with flat screen TVs and the latest audio visual gear can be opened up to make one larger room that caters for up to 80. Doors closed they morph into the more intimate Rugby Room and the larger Chapel, decorated with memorabilia that includes signed rugby shirts, old war medals, and Joseph Parker's boxing gloves. A spacious entertainment area has been designed to host live shows. Normally used for relaxed drinking and dining, come showtime the tops come off the leather booths to make space for a stage. “We hold a

big gig once a month, often with national and international acts. It can be anything from electronic to cabaret,” says general manager Chris Davies. “During Jazz in the City we have Midge Marsden, DJ T Williams, and the Oval Office. We've also had DJ Adam Freelander and Lisa Lash.” (Book through Dash for Jazz Week).

Mother’s Treat Spoil yourDay Mother Come in in & & enjoy enjoy High high tea, Come Tea breakfast, brunch or booking a high tea


(bookings essential) (bookings essential) Breakfast, brunch & of merivale Breakfast, café brunch & lunch lunch Specials available all day

At the end of the working week Winnie's becomes “your place” to unwind, starting with Corporate Fridays. The courtyard, with its large fireplace and big TV, comes alive, with DJs providing live entertainment from 6pm to 8pm, followed by the rugby on the big screen, with DJs starting again after the rugby and the live action continues on Saturdays.

But for nearly 20 years Winnie Bagoes has signified 'gourmet pizza'. “We're 'your place' for the very best pizza. Pizza the Kiwi way with generous servings and original flavours. When it comes to pizza we think outside the circle,” says Geoff. Take this month's special - Hungarian Beef. “I didn't think a reinvention of beef stroganoff would work, but it's been an outstanding success,” says Chris. The dessert pizzas have always been 'hot' and now there's the Breakfast Pizza. Served till 4pm it has bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, scrambled eggs and mustard hollandaise. For the adventurous! With a full bar, and new wine and cocktail lists, Winnie's is also “your place” for a drink. Order the “Maudgin”, the resident mixologist's entry for the World Cocktail championships. So from lunch until late, seven days a week, the relaxed and welcoming new Winnie's offers something for all. Check out the action and the menu on Facebook or

HOT Meal deals OPEN ALL EASTER & ANZAC DAY - No Surcharge! Restaurant



Great Wine, Great Food, Great Times

Cork ‘n’ Fork Lunch Deal


café & wine bar Merivale: 355 5645 Beckenham: 332 4799 Bishopdale: 360 0996

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Includes a FREE Beverage Cnr Riccarton Rd & Monavale Ave P. 343 5378



Christchurch Airport bar/café


hristchurch Airport, for so many travellers the airport represents the first point of contact with New Zealand, and you know what they say about first impressions. Luckily South Bar and Café are on hand to welcome, and farewell, jet-setters with a cold local beer and they're recognised as one of the top 8 airport bars in the world, how's that for a first or last impression! A Mac's bar is always a reassuring sight for us Kiwi's, we know we can get a good variety of local craft beers and even boutique and seasonal offerings to please a parched palate, however, if your flight is a little early and you think a coffee may be more in-order than a vino at 6am, then head over to Underground café where the fully qualified barista's are ready to create your perfect warm beverage using the unmistakable Underground coffee beans roasted right here in Christchurch. Underground are also up to play with the new-age movements on the caffeine scene. The latest trend followed by coffee aficionados world-wide is that of cold-press or cold-brew coffee. Coffee beans are ground and soaked in cold water for up to 12 hours giving the coffee a naturally sweeter taste without sugar or sweetener, not to be confused with iced coffee which is usually heated then cooled. The team at Underground

one of the world’s best

Café are trained in the art of the cold-drip so why not ask a member of staff or to appear more knowledgeable, simply order one confidently and try in secret! Almost everyone can relate to that coffee shop feeling of ordering a beverage and wanting a 'little something on the side', well Underground hears your cries and caters to the masses. With a range of gluten-free options, pastries and sweet delights, there is every compliment to a beverage imaginable whether it be an espresso and a slice or a colddrip and a gluten-free salad – the options are aplenty. Steve Hagerty, general manager at HMS Host, states, “We have to provide desirable

hospitality outlets for the airport. It's very important to look after our arriving neighbours and travellers from afar to give them the best possible experience when they arrive in our country as well as having great places for us Kiwis to enjoy.” Indeed South Bar and Café, with its distinctly South Island feel, is a welcoming sight for anyone, traveller or otherwise. The friendly atmosphere and relaxed feel truly is a precursor for those travellers to form their opinion of our country. It's much more than just an airport hospitality spot, it can be the first or last point of contact with the international world and we obviously want all travellers to arrive or leave with a good impression of our country.

Call in and see for yourself at the Christchurch Airport, Level One (beside domestic arrivals) South Bar and Café phone (03) 353 1930 and Underground Café phone (03) 353 1910.

if you're looking for new tastes to sample

starting at 9am sharp – check out our winners. CAFE

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm

Cnr Roydvale Ave/Wairakei Rd, Chch Ph: 358 7978 Open every day 7.30 - 5pm

has landed at Christchurch Airport Sophisticated, clever unashamedly kiwi!

Check out the

best buns in town!


Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

“ Friendly Service with a Smile”

Available with traditional spices or chilli/chocolate

The perfect venue for your next meeting

Breads of Europe


Bakehouse Shop

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm

Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048


Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Ph. (03) 353 1930 Open from 11am to late Level one beside Domestic Arrivals

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street Metropol April 17, 2014 49



Culinary hotspots Here's Metropol's round up of three great foodie hot spots to enjoy…

Meatballs at Morell & Co

It's hot at Mexicano's

Going Dutch at Van Dam's

Are you a meatball lover? Come on – we all love a tasty meatball – whether it enhances a left-over mix with spaghetti, or whether it is specially designed in a gourmet setting! Try Morrell & Co at 280 Lincoln Road and chill out. They claim a trifecta – a mix of a childhood love of meatballs, a healthy obsession with a nice cold beer, and good companionship. Seems they are right. As they say on their website, “Morrell & Co is a warm comfortable place for everyone to enjoy; friends sharing a glass of wine or pint of beer, families having a tasty, hearty and affordable lunch or dinner, workmates relaxing after a hard day's grind or groups of any size going hard out on the boss's credit card.” There is quite a range to be sampled; not just meatballs, but why not the meatballs? You can enjoy any type of these wee explosions of flavour, a sumptuous sauce and determine how it will be served. The balls can be beef, vegetable, chicken or lamb, while the sauces range from Italian to Mexican and can be served with everything from spaghetti to burritos or rolls. Go on – call in and have a ball!

Mexican food is always 'hot' – whether in terms of flavour or popularity, and having Mexicano's at 131 Victoria Street is just another brilliant example of how Christchurch culinary and ethnic attractions are once again drawing the crowds. “Mexicano's is another Tony Astle work of art,” says marketing manager Sacha Coogan. “From the 'day of the dead' décor to the extensive margarita menu, it has been a hit since it opened in November last year. With a strong focus on authentic Mexican flavours and quality service, it is no surprise people are calling weeks in advance just to get a table.” For primeros enjoy street style fire grilled corn, queso, chipotle mayo and lime, or tuna tostada. Follow that with tacos, special dishes such as crispy fried oyster torta, or fire-grilled garlic flank steak. And where else could you ever get traditional margaritas, exotic cocktails with names like Arádano Paloma (blueberry infused Reposado Tequila, fresh watermelon, lime, sparkling grapefruit juice and a citrus and basil salt rim)? Go…enjoy…no Mexican standoff needed here!

The next time you plan a shopping trip to the Bush Inn Centre, make time to call into the nearby Van Dam's Dutch Café, which recently moved to Riccarton Road across from the TAB in the Bush Inn Pub. Sample a range of Dutch fare, along with usual café fare. The kroket (croquette) is a good beginning. Made of meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs, these are deep fried until golden and crispy. The story goes that they were first introduced into the Netherlands in 1691 by the chef of none other than French (Sun) King Louis XIV. But there is much more. Van Dam's offers such treats as bitterballen. Also containing meat ragout, these delicacies are often served as a snack in Dutch bars and cafés, and may also form part of a selection of fried finger foods. Try frikadel, which is spiced sausage with curry sauce and onions on bread, or rookworst, which is a spiced sausage. Then there is Dutch cheese on toast and raw salted herrings with bread and onion. Cast your eye over a display of magnificent cheeses, and select from a boggling array of dispenser liquorices. Well worth the visit.

Fish Lamb Beef

Pasta Risotto

Enjoy contemporary NZ cuisine


with a European influence, prepared by an expert team. Relax in the sumptuous leather booths Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.

Book now for your private functions

158 Leinster Road, Merivale

Aikmans Road, Merivale Mall, Christchurch. Ph(03) 964 3860

50 April 17, 2014 Metropol

(30 metres from Papanui Road)

Reservations Ph. 355 3055

By Kayte John



Rise and dine


he hotel breakfast is a rite of travel. We all love that holiday feeling of waking up to the smell of sizzling bacon that brings out the hunger in us all. You can now switch on to holiday mode and enjoy breakfast at Bloody Mary's located beside the Rydges Latimer Hotel; it's a great way to start the day, especially as you don't have to cook it yourself. Aptly named the 'Mary's Rise Breakfast', it's a complete departure from your typical hotel style buffet. You won't find any soggy hash browns or cold eggs here, just a host of delicious cafe classics, fresh fruit and savouries. Open from 6am to 10am the restaurant converts into a luxury breakfast experience for $29 per person and is available to everyone, which means you don't have to be a hotel guest to dine here. I greet most days with a bowl of cereal and a cup of instant coffee, so a relaxing Friday morning at a restaurant is a refreshing change. Walking into Bloody Mary's I am welcomed by a large area dedicated to the breakfast buffet. I soon discover that everything is at my fingertips - there is a little bit of everything. I say a little bit as the buffet is not overloaded or overwhelming. Small portions instead are frequently laid out throughout the morning to keep items fresh and to keep you coming back for more. There is a great selection of pastries, smoothies, tea flavours, fresh fruit, cereals and hot food, all presented well. Even the bagels are lovingly hung on the bagel stand.

Open from 6am to 10am the restaurant converts into a luxury breakfast experience for $29 per person and is available to everyone, which means you don't have to be a hotel guest to dine here. A juice bar with freshly made juices and smoothies is available, however if you can't find what you're looking for then the high-tech juicer is on hand to create your own. You can even enjoy a morning pick me up with an area dedicated to concocting your own Bloody Mary. The hot food counter has a range of tempting items ready to attack your waistline. The eggs benedict was the dish of the day; it had a slice of crispy bacon and a tangy hollandaise sauce that was plate-licking good.

There was a selection of scrambled eggs, baked beans with chorizo, pork and beef sausages, sautĂŠed mushrooms and thick hash brown slices. The dish of the day rotates and varies from waffles to a breakfast burrito. I am also told by the wait staff that the chef's will cook eggs your way, for instance they will happily whip you up an omelette if required. I sampled as much as I physically could, and found it all delicious; breakfast here is sure to become a treat or ritual with many.

Call Bloody Mary's to make a reservation (03) 943 5937.

Come and visit us at 355 Buchanans Rd (Corner Pound & Buchanans Rd) Yaldhurst Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-late Sundays 10am-3pm

P: (03) 348 8038


Ph: 03 377 8028

76 Edgeware Rd Edgeware Mall ChCh


hachi hachi

Ph. 348 8418

a striking restaurant enjoy the finest of japanese food & ambience

Bush Inn Centre



Present this when ordering 4 or more main dishes with dinner Sun-Wed Valid until 31st March 14 * Terms & Conditions Apply

Bush Inn Centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rds

Ph. 03 348 8881 Metropol April 17, 2014 51



Do yourself a ‘flavour’... fusion cuisine taken to a whole new level

pizzeria cucina italiana


Italian cuisine with an

oriental twist From our Napoli style gas-fired pizza & pasta dishes through to our deliciously fresh & flavoursome Porterhouse steak & chicken fillet There’s something for everyone! Open: Dinner: Tues-Sun from 5.30pm Fully licensed and BYO wine only

Shop 9, Rolleston Square, 72 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston p: 03 347 7444

Live Jazz Sundays at Freemans


olleston's Monkey Spices restaurant takes fusion cuisine to a whole new level. It's Italian food with an oriental twist, thanks to owners Chie and Taka Mochizuki, who hail from Japan but adore Italian food. Adventurous and passionate about fresh food and scintillating flavours, they produce hand stretched, Napoli-style pizzas cooked in a massive gas fired oven; pastas; some traditional mains; and desserts with flair. Now six years old, and with a loyal following of regular customers, The Monkey Spices team are spreading their wings a little. Last year they took part in the national Wine and Food Festival, featuring three dishes – beef skewers, house smoked venison salad, and the mysteriously moreish Italian cheesy spring rolls, which is a signature dish. Chie – the charming front-of-house face of the team also had a stand at this year's Food Show. As you'd expect from a couple dedicated to innovative cuisine and to the latest foodie trends, tempting new dishes appear regularly on the Monkey Spices menu. They include the oriental spiced crumbed calamari and coconut crumbed prawns with homemade chilli jam which join that house favourite, slow cooked lamb shank wontons. With the cooler weather Chie and Taka are introducing some exciting seasonal new dishes. “We are making more of our own pasta including tortellini, ravioli and gnocchi. We do as much as possible on site,” says Chie. The tortellini will be stuffed with house smoked salmon and served with a lemon cream sauce with fresh herbs and crisp capers. “The filling will be a flavour burst in your

Meet me at...

mouth,” promises Chie, “It's quite a delicate dish.” Lamb ravioli with a hearty pomodoro sauce will be more robust, suitable for winter, while the pumpkin gnocchi will be served with a creamy blue cheese sauce. “It's a tasty vegetarian option,” Chie says. Monkey Spices offers a selection of vegetarian pasta dishes, with the option of adding meaty sides like crispy chicken, prosciutto, bacon or chorizo. It's an option that is proving very popular. With the imposing gas-fired pizza oven providing ongoing entertainment in the bright Scandinavian style restaurant, pizzas are always a firm favourite. Taka, a qualified chef, is in charge here, expertly turning out delicate crispy, puffy bases with toppings that range from the traditional to the exotic. “Takeaway pizzas are really popular now the rugby has started,” says Chie. And these delights are definitely a cut above your usual takeaway pizza, with all the bases made fresh and dressed to order. With delicious creative food and very reasonable prices, Monkey Spices is a very special treasure in the heart of Rolleston Village. They also provide gourmet catering that is just perfect for that wedding, family or corporate function.

Fresh Homestyle Baking Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee - Perfect! Fresh daily - cabinet food Full breakfast/lunch menus Evening functions Out-Catering Boardroom Hire Late night Fridays w’drink specials and bar snacks

Find us at... 328 7517

Like us on facebook

47 London Street, Lyttelton 52 April 17, 2014 Metropol

235 Annex Road Ph 338 1801 Hours:Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-6.30pm Sat 8am-3.30pm

They are open for dinner: Tuesday-Sunday from 5.30pm. Fully Licensed and BYO wine only. For more information phone (03) 347 7444 or go to

Fendalton’s Favourite Café


This is a very special part of the Freemans week! Stunning music on THE DECK every Sunday afternoon Beautiful food! Great team to look after you. Happy Hour 3-6pm $7 pints & $6 wines Open Mon-Fri 3pm-late, Sat 9am-late, Sun 10-late Your Host Sarah & Nick Freeman

With the cooler weather Chie and Taka are introducing some exciting seasonal new dishes. The tortellini will be stuffed with house smoked salmon and served with a lemon cream sauce with fresh herbs and crisp capers. “The filling will be a flavour burst in your mouth.”

Children’s Menu

The original Peking Duck specialist in Christchurch The new sensation in authentic Chinese dining

The Peking Duck Your Chinese dining experience is not complete without the world famous Peking Duck!

Reservation is essential to avoid disappointment Don’t forget our unique Yum Cha luncheon

Fully Licensed

Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 0730-430pm Sat-Sun: 0830-430pm

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414

Fully Licensed and BYO

88 Riccarton Rd Ph. 348 1805 Free customer parking at rear and side of building Lunch from 11am-2.30pm Dinner from 5pm-10pm, 7 Days



Four weeks to go... then no more Browsers!


rowsers Café has been a true icon in Riccarton for nearly 23 years, sadly it is soon closing forever. If you want to get your last Browsers fix of fun, fine food and great people call in on, or before, Mother's Day, 11 May – that's when the lease finishes and the doors will close.

Try our $



Cocktail Menu every Thursday from 4pm



Choose from our special $20 menu every Monday Tuesday or Wednesday

Open from 11am weekdays -10am weekends 7 DAYS WEEK

Northwood Supa Centre (Next to City Fitness)

P. 323 4497

Meantime Browsers' owner Flick Holmes bows out with this message… To all my customers and suppliers I'd like to say a very big “Thank You” for all your support over the years and a fond farewell to you all. So, where to from here you ask? Well, much as I have loved running a seven day/week business I am taking a bit of time off to write a book of Browsers' memoirs and recipes. This of course has to be done in a tropical climate for my best creative thinking! (And to make up for the dismal summer we had!) As some of you know this book contains

photos of all of you. Without you coming in there would never have been a Browsers; so if you would like to be part of this collection, then just come on down to the café and give me your email address so that I can let you know when the book is finished. I am hoping it will be in print by September and then we will have a book launch in October. You can also email me on and I will let you know when it's available. Many of you have told me that Browsers has always been a place where you have felt truly at home. It has been a haven for people from all walks of life, be it for getting over illnesses, deaths, celebrating birthdays or special occasions, separations, studying for exams or just a place that you could come on your own or with your dog and de-stress. Whatever the occasion it has always been a great place to gather. You have also all listened to me go through some of life's challenges, and though sometimes your names are not known your faces are never forgotten. People have always felt that Browsers was like coming into a living room, with its coloured


walls and quirky art that made you feel at home, made you relax, and on a cold, dark, damp winter's day the café always felt like a warm and inviting place to be, especially in the days of the open fire and my dear old cat BC when he was alive. Not to mention Nettie who meant so much to you all and will forever be associated with Browsers, not only for her caring nature but also for her painted rocks. It will be a day of mixed emotions on Mother's Day not just for me; I also know how losing the café will be a big loss to some of you, and especially to the Riccarton community. The lease was unrenewable, making way for the changing face of Christchurch… Another retail/office block that I'm sure won't be painted yellow and green or be surrounded by plants and trees. Browsers has been a huge part of my life, I will miss all of you hugely and every inch of the place, but I am excited about my future, whatever and wherever it may be. Once again thanks for being with me on this amazing journey. Here's to the next one! Cheers. Flick

178 A Papanui Rd Merivale Ph. 356 2255 Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm Mon-Sat Dinner: 5.30pm-Late Mon-Sat


Dine in or Takeaway

Gold Award Winner

* Outdoor Area * Wheelchair access * Takeaways * Private rooms

Fully licenced & BYO ( wine only) Open 11-3pm & 5pm-10pm everyday

Available for functions & group booking Specialised set menu available Ph. 03 423 1976 283 Lincoln Rd Addington




BYO wine & fully licenced

376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Available for functions

* Wheelchair access *

* Excellent beer & wines available OPEN 7 DAYS TILL LATE

PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD Metropol April 17, 2014 53






Kitchens & Bathrooms


Hunker down for winter A

s autumn draws its golden arms around us and quietly ushers us indoors in preparation for the winter, now is the time to re-evaluate our interiors to ensure they are comfy and cosy for the chilly nights ahead. By Majka Kaiser 1. New Zealand interior stylist turned artist, Anna Church's latest series of limited edition prints, Insignia. Using vintage heirlooms combined with ephemera, flora and fauna, and other trinkets, Church artfully arranges each item to illustrate a tableau of traditional stereotypes between the sexes, the lifelong partnership between them (as seen in 'Union', pictured), and their offspring. 2. Kiwi furniture and lighting designer, David Moreland creates contemporary designs like his industrial Pendant 45 lamp. Available in black (pictured), white, brass, copper or custom matched to your colour of choice. Take advantage of a 10% discount on orders of three or more pendants (and other selected designer furniture and lighting) currently offered by The Flock Design Boutique in The Tannery. 3. Swedish company Sandberg is internationally renowned for its quality handcrafted interior textiles and wallpaper, adding colour and pattern to walls and soft furnishings for the discerning home owner. Using traditional techniques each wallpaper is finished by hand and is carefully scrutinised for quality of workmanship before each role leaves the warehouse. 4. Young Danish design company Hay have quickly risen to global renown due to

the creative talents of established European designers they call on who deliver a combination of traditional Danish style tempered with modern innovation. This beech hand mold, in two sizes, is perfect for hanging jewellery from. 5. The Onkel (Danish for 'Uncle') sofa gives a nod to the classic chesterfield couch with a decidedly contemporary injection. This new edition in luxurious, superior quality leather, lends a touch of understated elegance and balances out the floral wallpaper in this selection of interior design must-have pieces. 6. These cheeky little Dropit Hooks by Normann Copenhagen are a delightful way to add a whimsical, light touch to your entry way, kid's bedroom, bedroom or bathroom. 7. Young New Zealand design talent, Tim Webber has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years since opening his design studio, creating understated, on-trend designer furniture, lighting, and home accessories coveted by design buffs and enthusiasts alike. Tim's latest product, the Press Mirror, now comes in a gloriously chic copper. Order yours now from The Flock Design Boutique. For more information visit

Outdoor Furniture Show Exhibiting the NEW Range for

SUMMER 2014 -15 Some styles available now, some pieces to clear from last season. Or place your order for a Spring Delivery so you don't have to wait or miss out ! 54 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Beautiful Indoor & Outdoor Woven Furniture


Long Weekend Open days

505 Deans Rd, Dar ield

Easter Weekend

Tel: 03 3183636



Sat and Sun 19 – 20 April Anzac Weekend 26th – 27th April

By Kartar Diamond



Re-examining the validity of Feng Shui


s a long time practitioner, I have seen many scenarios in people's homes and businesses and can say now with confidence that some Feng Shui notions are not true in my experience or not so in modern-day living. And this is coming from an author who has tried for decades to persuade sceptics that what the ancient metaphysicians were extolling is valid; a natural science.

One popular notion is that a person should not sleep with their head near a window. Even though many clients can attest to sleeping better with their head close to a solid wall, I have not seen anything horrible happen to a person who slept with their head close to a window. There is a notion that the draft and direct alignment of the head to a line of qi (air currents) could be draining to the sleeper and rob them of the relaxation and recharging we count on in a good night's sleep. I have even had a few vocal clients assure me that sleeping near an open window allows them fresh air and the best sleep of all. Who can argue with that? In fact, some practitioners speculate that some of these qi principles were over-exaggerated for the benefit of China's Emperors (with ulterior motives), more than for the benefit of the common citizen. Another notion is that one should not cook or stand at the stove with their back to the kitchen's door. This is usually described as unlucky and capable of causing the cook to have an accident with the knife or boiling water or the hot stove. Why would this be so? The notion is that the cook can be caught off

RIL! ent due in AP

Shipm NEW French

French Brocante and Antiques, French and Italian clothing and all things beautiful for your home

guard unless they can instantly see all who enter the kitchen while they prepare food. Most kitchens do have an arrangement where the stove is against a wall, inset in the counter space and it would require one to have their back to the rest of the room. With thousands of kitchens having been evaluated, I have not had one single person report that they hurt themselves while cooking. Again, maybe in the olden days this was more of a concern than with the safer design of a modern-day kitchen Another generality that is taken way too seriously is the recommendation that "east" type people should live in "east" type houses

and "west" type people should live in "west" type houses. The way a house type is determined in this branch of Feng Shui is based on the sitting side; the side the house is backed up to. Then, the person is determined to be easterly or westerly based on their birth year. This is so superficial that it should not be used solely as a way to judge personal compatibility with a house type. In fact, there may be fifty more important things to consider when evaluating a house's energy and how well the occupants will do in that particular space. For more information go to


7 ELGIN STREET, CHRISTCHURCH P +03 379 6575 M +64 21 243 3080

The Old Meadery French Vintage Chic Boutique 273 Plaskett Fernside Ph 03 313 1366 Hours: Open Daily from 10am or by appointment Anette & Graeme Drewery


Off The Track C U R T A I N S Curtains & roman blinds made to order, your fabric or ours Curtain alteration services available Visit our showroom to see our extensive range of second hand curtains, we will also buy your unwanted curtains

established 20yrs Harlequin Landscapes Voiles Weaves

Cnr Westminster & Cranford Sts P. 355 8398 W. Metropol April 17, 2014 55



Constructive advice on rebuilds & new builds


hyte Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Canterbury. They have a great deal of empathy with Christchurch homeowners who have been through untold stresses and difficulties over the past three years and they want to do what they can to help rebuild people's homes.

“We have an established and credible history as Licensed Building Practitioners,” says Dave Whyte, Managing Director of Whyte Construction. “That's extremely important for people to know when they're selecting a builder for their project, especially at a time in Canterbury when some untested building practitioners are trying to take advantage of earthquake rebuild work.” Whyte Construction has an enviable reputation for its skill and experience in building on the tricky hillside suburbs – locations that require flexibility of design and construction and which are rarely suitable for standard house plans and building techniques. Earthquake-affected homeowners undertaking new builds or repairs in these areas can be assured that Whyte Construction will apply engineering as well as building expertise to a new home's design or to a repair solution. This is certain to give people peace of mind that the design or repair solution will be robust and earthquake resistant. “Bring any building issue to us and we will find a solution. We embrace the latest technologies, materials and building techniques,” says Rick Jones, General Manager. Rick adds that Whyte Construction is aware that many homeowners have been waiting for a long time to reach settlements with their insurance companies, but he has some practical advice for people in this situation. “My advice is to work with your insurance company to find an equitable solution, rather than being at loggerheads with them. There's no doubt that people's patience does wear thin as time drags on, but dig deep and try to find a bit more – the process will go better for it.” Whyte Construction is located at 37 Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton. Phone 348 0173. Email For more information visit

Whyte Construction is therefore working with the major insurance companies –VERO, AMI and Lumley - on over-cap level residential repairs and new builds. Homeowners in this category have the right to nominate Whyte Construction as their preferred builder. Whyte Construction can then co-ordinate the whole process of the repair or rebuild through architectural designers and engineers – from concept plan to working drawings, to the council consent process and the completion of the work. The designs, plans and the work will be managed within the financial envelope agreed between the insurance company and the homeowner. A homeowner may also choose to employ their own architect and use Whyte Construction for the build only.

Phone 348 3285

fall in

295 Blenheim Rd



Love with your

favourite funiture

all over again.

Recover your couches and chairs and save money!







Somerfield Upholstery

10 Calgary Place, Hornby Ph 021 251 6200 365 8046 QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED 56 April 17, 2014 Metropol


“My advice is to work with your insurance company to find an equitable solution, rather than being at loggerheads with them. There's no doubt that people's patience does wear thin as time drags on, but dig deep and try to find a bit more – the process will go better for it.”

By Cheryl Colley



Floral studio creates

spectacular, elegant designs


n a delightful wooden villa on the corner of Colombo Street and Fisher Avenue in Beckenham there's a wonderful surprise for the senses awaiting. It's the fragrance of scores of flowers in vases and in exquisite bouquets because this is Flowers-onCashmere florist and giftware shop. Flowers and plants don't confine themselves to the interior of the store here. They cascade down the steps and outside on to the pavement and are simply too beautiful to resist. Inside the store is equally beautiful as well as spacious, with features of the house, such as its fireplace and mantelpiece, used to advantage to display a stunning array of tasteful quality giftware. But it is the flowers that take pride of place here and that are the priority focus of the business. Flowers-onCashmere is recognised as a boutique floral design studio that produces spectacular and elegant floral designs. Their experience in the floral industry is matchless and they do not compromise on their exacting standards. They are so sure of the quality of their flowers and arrangements that they offer a 100% guarantee. “We create a unique range of both classical and contemporary arrangements that are designed to be long-lasting,” says Nicola

Stewart, florist and one of the new co-owners of Flowers-on-Cashmere. “We often add a distinctly New Zealand flavour to our arrangements through the use of ferns, flax, pods, berries and kale to give the perfect finishing touch. We also specialise in making up “tussie mussies”, those wonderful little posies or nosegays that were such a fashion accessory in the time of Queen Victoria.” Flowers-on Cashmere offers a premium delivery service for all their floral arrangements, plants and gifts anywhere in Christchurch and as far afield as Ashburton and Rangiora. If orders are made either on-line through or phoned in before three o'clock, then same-day delivery is guaranteed. It's not too early to think about using this convenient service for

Mother's Day coming up on 11 May. And Flowers-on-Cashmere will have other treats available for that special day of celebration, including bouquet and gift combinations. The range of gifts to choose from is extremely varied with something sure to suit everyone's taste and budget. There are sweet smelling natural soy wax candles by the Canterbury Candle Co with fragrances such as Columbia Cafe, Coconut Lime, Black Liquorice and Red Cherry Wine. There are hand-made chocolates by de Spa Chocolatier, as well as

It's not too early to think about using this convenient service for Mother's Day coming up on 11 May. And Flowers-onCashmere will have other treats available for that special day of celebration, including bouquet and gift combinations. vases, soaps, hand-creams, potted plants and homewares. Flowers-on-Cashmere is open at 92 Colombo Street Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm and on Saturdays 8.30am – 5pm. They will also be open on Mother's Day itself. Phone 0800 467 783 or (03) 332 8833. There is plenty of easy parking available.

Make someones’s day special with the magic of FLOWERS!

...always something different Latest Italian tiles now on display at naturally tiles

naturally tiles 13 Mandeville St Christchurch

Ph: (03) 343 0933

Cnr Fisher Ave & Colombo St. 92 Colombo St, Christchurch.


Phone 332 8833

on cashmere



Metropol April 17, 2014 57


RENOVATIONS They all start with


Great Architectural Design

Choosing the right combination of architect and building company is an easy decision to make with Build Right Homes, we have an in-house architectural designer to turn your ideas into reality. Successful architectural projects require communication and trust, all qualities that the Build Right team possess and respect. Architectural new homes and renovations

Personal service

Project management

Experience and talented design team

Interior design

Full service delivered by one company

Kitchen and bathrooms

We are also approved EQC and Insurance company repair partners, call for an initial consultation on how we can help you.

58 April 17, 2014 Metropol

By Cheryl Colley



Dreaming about a great bed? S “S

leep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care,” wrote Shakespeare. He was right. Sleep is a physical necessity allowing both the body and the mind a chance to recover and repair themselves after the stresses of the day so you wake refreshed and recharged. Unfortunately too many of us are missing out on adequate sleep, but there are simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your chances of getting a good night's rest. One of these is to choose the best bed you can. We spend about a third of our lives in bed so it's vital to invest in one that gives you comfort, support and luxury all at a price you can afford. With a Slumberzone bed and

mattress from Sweet Dreams on Moorhouse Ave luxury is within your reach. No longer do you have to pay too much for a great night's sleep. Sweet Dreams' owner Dean Pryce can vouch for the products he sells. “I bought a new Slumberzone bed for myself not long ago and it was the best thing I could have done for my health and well-being. I now wake up feeling better than I have in a long time – completely refreshed and with no aches in my joints.” How good a testimonial is that? Step into the beautifully laid-out store and Dean and his team will help you find a comfortable bed at a comfortable price through listening to your needs and then taking you through the beds best suited to you and your body. Not only that, but they will make shopping for your bed fun. After all, what other item of furniture requires you to have a “lie down” with or without the cup of tea as you go about your

selection. (By the way you can get the cup of tea or coffee from the in-store coffee shop – the Ruby Rabbit Cafe!). Dean has years of experience in the retail business and has the knowledge and expertise to give you specialist advice about how each range of Slumberzone beds will serve you over time. “Each Slumberzone bed and mattress includes fashionable designer fabrics that are bamboo or silk enriched and high-quality components such as luxurious natural latex, zoned pocket springs for reduced partner disturbance, gel-infused memory foam that moulds to the contours of your body and a “Full Surround Total Edge Support System™ for maximum sleep surface.” With these luxury

“I bought a new Slumberzone bed for myself not long ago and it was the best thing I could have done for my health and well-being.” beds starting for just $2,000 you can afford to treat yourself and enjoy blissful slumber. Visit Sweet Dreams, talk to the team and see for yourself the selection of beds at sweet prices. The store is open seven days on the corner of Moorhouse and Montreal Street in the Moorhouse City complex. Phone (03) 365 8060.


Metropol April 17, 2014 59

By Wendy Dunlop

Designer furniture handcrafted to order


hen Austrian designer and craftsman Markus Oberndorfer established MODesign in 2003, he wanted to provide quality handcrafted furniture and genuine customer service for the people of Canterbury. A decade later his designs offer buyers “our mix and match range of coordinating pieces, or we can modify existing designs to fit particular rooms or measurements and we can custom design one-off items for the customer's individual requirements,” says Markus. All great furniture starts with great design, but the selection of well made beds, bunks, storage units, desks, dressers, wardrobes, trundlers and toy-boxes become excitingly individual when they receive the MODesign finishing treatment!


metropol new things

Have you got your costume for Easter? If not hop into Groovy Costumes now and pick yours up. 270A Cranford St. Ph. 981 4262.

Pure wool handknotted Balouch rug. Size: 200x116cms. Detail shown. $840. Available from Fendalton Rugs. Ph. 351 1107.

Available from Modkids, 88 Williams St, Kaiapoi, Canterbury. Ph. 03 327 2626. A variety of fabrics to make stunning quilts. All styles and colours. Available at Stitch, 27a Colombo St, Cashmere. Ph. 332 1820.

Renowned for “quality they'll never outgrow” MODesign has also developed a range of handcrafted furniture for children and teens. Markus believes that “teens are often a neglected age group” when it comes to furnishing a room that needs the versatility to be a bedroom, a study and a retreat. Once made, you can choose from a comprehensive rainbow of colours by Resene or Dulux to achieve a perfect paint finish, a distressed paint style, a natural timber stain or a colour wash, and be as traditional as you like or as contemporary as you dare! Proudly manufactured in New Zealand, MODesign welcomes enquiries via the company's websites and or at their Kaiapoi premises, where you will find an exciting selection of fine furniture for every room in your home.

Handmade items, vintage, retro, French Shabby Chic, Haberdashery, all natural handmade soaps and moisturisers, and much more. Available from Ginny & Co Ltd, 495 Papanui Rd, Ph. 352 4050.

Stunning winter fashion, including faux fur vests and snoods available now at Bella Gifts. 83 Centaurus Rd, Cashmere. Ph. 337 0903.

French Couture Designed Doll Necklaces

Quilting Fabric

All handmade & unique. Inspired by the fashions of Paris. 12 designs to choose from Like us on facebook and be in to win two french couture doll necklaces for you and Mum for Mothers Day or you and a friend.

A variety of colours & styles to choose from at email:

handcrafted furniture for kids and teens or Phone 332 1820

Ph 03 337 0903

27a Colombo St Cashmere

83 Centaurus Rd Cashmere

Open: Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm Open Sat 10-4pm, Sun 10.30-4pm

Personal design service

88 William St Kaiapoi Canterbury p. 03 327 2626

New Zealand made


Art for the Floor Fine Oriental Rugs 135 Clyde Road Cnr. Memorial Avenue

Jean Pollard 60 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Specialist dry cleaning Repair service Insurance valuations Agent for Gilt Grip, Dri Cleena-ene, Hopkinson’s Furniture Oil Quake Wax Tuesday-Friday 10 - 4 Saturday 10 -1 Telephone 03 351 1107

Gather your friends together & book an exclusive evening at Groovy Costumes. Enjoy wine, cheese and a free range to try on any of our costumes in store. 2 Hr Packages start at $35 per head min of 8 people We can make a package to suit your requirements

Groovy Costumes 270a Cranford St P. 9814 262

495 Papanui Rd

Ph. 352 4050

GUYWIRE worn by guys to girls. Worn for style. Worn forever. Bold bodywear handmade in NZ. Crafted in stainless steel and copper. Available at THE RED HOUSE DESIGN STORE, 186 Main Rd, Redcliffs. Ph.384 0900.

Kimono robes $45. 17 patterned cotton styles. Ideal Mother’s Day, brides, travel, yourself or gift. Available from Clareview Linen, Cnr Greers & Wairakei Rd. Ph. 0274 589 178.

'Autumn in Hagley Park', oil painting by Philip Beadle from his latest exhibition 'Light Effect’ at Little River Gallery. Open 7 days. Ph. 03 325 1944. Visit gallery website to view current work

Christchurch Artisan Market an eclectic mix of stalls. Come and visit us on Sundays, 10am-2pm at Riccarton House & Bush, 16 Kahu Rd, 5 minutes walking distance from Westfield Mall.

Metal side cabinet with draws. $495. Available from Industria, Shop 3a, The Colombo. Ph. 943 4932.




Eye catching, Belgian tapestry cushions. $95 each. Available at Bridge Interiors 402A Redwood. Ph. 354 6976.


new things

Mash in a flash M

aking mash needn't be a lumpy chore – the new Masha Potato and Vegetable Masher makes it one of the easiest jobs in the kitchen. Simply prepare your veggies as normal and let the Masha create perfect, lump free mash in a flash.

Fancy something a little more exciting? Try adding kumara, carrot or even suede to your mash…the choices are endless. The Masha can also be used to whizz batter, cake mix or even to whip up a bowl of perfectly whipped cream. If you have a little one at home, you can use your Masha to create your own healthy baby food – free from nasty additives and preservatives - and in no time at all. This way, you know exactly what your baby is eating, not to mention the money you'll save! Featuring a special wave blade and low speed motor, the motion of the blade pushes food through the outer mesh casing to ensure perfectly smooth and creamy mash every time. Masha's moving parts are dishwasher safe for a nice and easy clean. Available from Mitre 10 for $69.99.


ARTISAN & CRAFT food, coffee & music


Sundays 10-2pm (Weather dependent)

Visit Riccarton House & Bush

16 Kahu Rd


402A Main North Rd Redwood 3546976

Cnr Greers & Wairakei Rd Gwen Mitchell Ph. 0274 589 178 Email: Metropol April 17, 2014 61

By Cheryl Colley

Where those ‘in the know’ shop T

here's a real air of excitement at Reincarnation. They are expecting the imminent arrival of an amazing array of new products that they purchased on their recent trip to Europe. Owner Sheila Thomson is ecstatic about being able to offer so many wonderful items to her customers, many of them exclusive to Reincarnation. “There will be sofas, chairs, beds, cabinets, tables, romantic chandeliers, industrial style lights, rugs and the most exquisite linen and curtains made from Russian linen, one of the highest quality linens in the world. The pieces are coming from France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Italy. I can hardly wait to see them all here and unpacked. The store will look incredible.” That is the thing about Reincarnation, the furniture, homewares and vintage boutique

on Port Hills Road. It is indeed an incredible place for its range of merchandise - a unique shopping experience. People in the know return here again and again. “It becomes an addiction”, Sheila says “because we have so many different and original pieces that you cannot get anywhere else.” Reincarnation is open seven days from 9am – 5 pm. “Like” them on Facebook to go in the draw to win a monthly $50 voucher and to keep up with their new ranges and giveaways. If you have any enquiries call them on (03) 332 3302 or email Watch out too for their new web-site currently under development where you will soon be able to shop on-line in both New Zealand and Australia.

Stylish Interiors Home accessories to suit your individual taste, personality & lifestyle

Reincarnation 350 Port Hills Rd Hillsborough

Open 7 Days


metropol new things

Inspired by the pug. A large collection of accessories available at Lattetude @ 33 Acheson ave, just off Hills Rd, Shirley. Ph. 928 2362. For all upholstering needs. From domestic squabs, dining chairs, lounge suites to commercial shops, restaurants. Available from Design 5 Upholstery The Mill Kaiapoi. PH 03 327 9263.

Ginger jars at Terra Viva

Frog king at Terra Viva

Vibrant and stylish handbags. Available from Partridge and Pear. Shop 2, Parkside Plaza. Ph. 360 3404.

PARTRIDGE & PEAR Known for Beautiful Gifts/Homeware



Boutique Giftware

Available at Reincarnation. 350 Port Hills Rd, Hillsborough. Ph. 332 3302.

home is where the heart is

North West Location Well Established Spacious Premises Shop Shop 2, 2, Parkside Parkside Plaza Plaza Bishopdale BishopdaleP. P360 . 3603404 3404

P. 332 3302


Design Upholstery

Make your furniture dreams become a reality...

The Mill Kaiapoi

soft warm colours, cosy textures, glowing lamps - all highlighted by flowers. you’ll never want to leave home.

Commercial Upholstery Reupholstery


Domestic Upholstery

Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 C. 027 494 6706 62 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Cnr Wairakei Rd & Roydvale Ave Open 7 Days 8.30am-5.00pm Ph:3585565






Eco Friendly Door Designs

For the best pot deal in town!

From a complete new kitchen installation to a simple door swap. Dream Doors have the kitchen solution for you.

Lighting Appliances Benchtops

Storage Sinks




Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian & Tammy Kay

P. 03 338 1081 M. 027 338 1081 E. E.

Corner of Gardiners & Claridges Roads Open 7 days

Ph. 359 2244

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm

Find us on

geoff tune architecture ltd

Autumn... The Tradition Continues

Specialists in residential new homes + alterations 03 260 0066

125 BVX Blower/Vac NOW $399

for all


12b Normans Road, Strowan. Phone 355 9323 Metropol April 17, 2014 63



By Jonathan Edge

How to refresh your living room N

obody wants a living room that everyone else has. Perhaps more importantly, no one wants to be accused of copying a friend or neighbour's living room design. At the same time, nonderivative pieces of art, made-tomeasure furniture, vintage furniture - in fact, furniture in general - is expensive, and if you're completely redecorating your living room, these costs quickly add up.

So how can you get your hands on unique artwork and furniture without breaking the bank? Well, I'm glad you asked. Limited-run art prints Let me put your mind at rest - art isn't as expensive as it used to be. Though there are still some circles where pieces that look like they were made by pre-schoolers sell at extortionate prices, there are also a number of affordable art fairs springing up around the country, specifically looking to challenge the notion that art is expensive. Houses with honest-to-goodness artwork on their walls are few and far between purely because of the widely held assumption that real art is prohibitively expensive. But in addition, more often than not the pieces for sale at art fairs are limited to a couple of hundred prints, sometimes even smaller runs than that. Sometimes they might even offer alternate versions of popular prints. Not only can you get something that won't break the bank, but you also can get something potentially limited to a few hundred copies. You'd have to be very unlucky to see the same piece on any of your friends' living room walls. Custom armchairs and sofas


Dedicated to professional, hygenic, eco-friendly cleaning

Lukeke ASST Birds

reason you couldn't use coloured lights if you wanted to. All you have to do is clump the lights together, be it in a vase, or around a mirror or picture frame. You won't be reading by clumped Christmas light fixtures any time soon, but if positioned correctly they can make a feature of an otherwise dull area - brightening up the hearth of a dingy fireplace, for example - and of course, seeing as you will already have the ingredients to make a simple Christmas tree light, it won't cost you a penny to at least give this a try.

Reclaim your Weekend with a 5 Star Clean! Clean now!


Don't let yourself be hamstrung by the design and fabric selections of standard furniture retailers. A good starting point would be to head into your local handcrafted furniture retailer They'll let you select fabrics, cushion stuffing, even the finish on the legs. It's not as expensive as you might think, and you get a sofa you can be proud of at the end of it. Being creative with Christmas lights They'd sit in the attic gathering dust otherwise, so if you need another light source, why not make a feature of your Christmas lights? White lights work best for this, but there's no

Dorelia Ice Collection $339

Ph. 03 356 1387 C. 021 361 103

64 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Metropol April 17, 2014 65

the professionals


The finest collection of pianos in the South Island


Shane 021 796 555 e.


ytze Hoekstra loves pianos and the beautiful sound they can produce. His eyes light up when he speaks about the superb range of pianos he has in his Ferrymead showroom – the South Island's finest collection of both new and reconditioned instruments. Wytze not only loves pianos, but as an Australasian registered piano technician and a pianist himself, he knows them intimately. This all contributes to him having the years of experience and qualifications to proudly back up the sale of every piano with expert service and a personal guarantee. Hoekstra Pianos imports and prepares second-hand Japanese pianos, especially the better models manufactured by Yamaha and Kawai. In fact a new shipment arrived very recently. These instruments are near new, both inside and out. In the Hoekstra workshop, they are set up, regulated and voiced with a European tone to bring out the tonal colour and balance. These pianos are very popular with piano teachers, churches and amateur musicians looking to upgrade their older instruments. As a piano tuner, Wytze visits homes where he is often dismayed at the inferior quality instruments that customers are prepared to put up with - for themselves or for their children. Pianos are generally built to last up to 50-60 years so the thousands of midcentury English pianos still around are now coming to the end of their useful life. Customers who have acted on Wytze's recommendation to upgrade to a modern instrument are usually delighted and often wonder why they put up for so long with the

poor tone and unresponsive touch of their old piano. Prices of reconditioned pianos start at $2,000. A very popular option is the Hoekstra Piano Rental scheme: a modern piano in your home from $20 per week. This is an ideal low-risk way for parents to see if a child will stick to playing the piano. If not, the piano can be returned after six months. Otherwise, half the rent paid is refunded upon purchase of the piano. Hoekstra Pianos also sell new pianos built in Asia and Germany - e.g. Kohler & Campbell, Schimmel, Bechstein and Albert Weber. Uprights, from 108 to 131 cm tall, start at $4,999 while new grand pianos are available from $10,500 upwards. They come fully set up, regulated, voiced and tuned to concert pitch. Digital pianos are increasingly popular. Teachers recommend against “keyboards” for piano practice as they lack a weighted key action and dynamic range. In the Hoekstra Piano showroom you will therefore find only fully-weighted digital pianos, built by Kurzweil and Korg, from under $1,000 up to $6,000. Hoekstra Pianos is at 1025 Ferry Road, Ferrymead. Contact Wytze on (03) 384 4248 or call into the showroom to see the wonderful range of pianos available.

Contact Simon

Concrete ideas for your Home, Garden or Business

Tables & Seating Pots & Planters Water Features Landscape Walling Indoor & Outdoor Benches Fire Surrounds Hearths Factory Seconds

Showroom and Factory: 28 Taurus Place, Bromley, Christchurch. Hours Mon to Fri: 9am till 4.30pm. Ph: 03-381-5462 Email:

66 April 17, 2014 Metropol

By Steve Morris



Top tips for bathroom renovations H ave you been pondering upon whether or not you should get your bathroom renovated? If you have, but worried about certain factors, all you really need is to be guided accordingly.

You have to remember that remodelling your bathroom does not have to be challenging at all. You just have to have the basic tips when it comes to getting the job started so that everything runs smoothly and

according to plan. In this article, learn about the tips that you should always remember when it comes to bathroom renovations. Take it as your "how-to" guide for bathroom renovations so that you will not get too overwhelmed with everything you have to do. 1. Think about your budget The best place to start when it comes to any type of remodelling is your budget. Not only will it play a big role on the material that you will be selecting for your renovations, but it will also help you set certain boundaries for you design. Having an idea of how much you could spend could help you decide much easier on what items you want to replace and where you could get creative. 2. Think green You might want to consider on "going green" for your bathroom renovations. Yes, it is not only great for the environment but also for your home. Green products have wonderful designs and actually function much better which could help you lower your utility bills. These products are also chemical-free which is great for kids and pets and the biggest plus is that they are eco-friendly. 3. Refinish items you already have To save a bit more money with your bathroom project, you could try refinishing items that you already have such as the tiles, sink, shower, bathtub and joinery. With refinishing, you would only have to pay a small amount of the replacement cost. 4. Try not to touch your plumbing work Another way you could save a few dollars is to leave your plumbing alone. If you want to switch around your toilet and sink, you might

want to rethink that idea because it might look easy but the problem is all the costs underneath when it comes to moving the plumbing around. 5. Determine your do-it-yourself skills Try to determine how your DIY skills are so that you can figure out the tasks that you could work on yourself. But the thing is, do not force it or pretend to know how if you seriously do not know anything about the task. The best thing to do is to hire a professional so that you do not end up spending more than you should. These simple tips could surely help you out when it comes to remodelling your bathroom. Try to keep these guidelines in mind before starting on your remodelling job so that you can save money and also get the job done right.

Kitchen Maker Christchurch LTD

Metropol April 17, 2014 67

68 April 17, 2014 Metropol

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.