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3 April 2014

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etropol was founded in 1998 by Trevor Laplanche who recognised that, in a city heavy with competitive media, there was no print media providing in-depth coverage of the city's 'pulse' in terms of our unique lifestyle and the visionary people that tirelessly contribute to it. His aim was to celebrate Christchurch and Cantabrians, from the innovative hospitality industry to the creative designers in all fields; the savvy business owners and the movers and shakers who have helped make Christchurch standout as a great, little city on the world stage. Today Metropol, with a circulation of 33,300, is a national multi-award winning magazine, published fortnightly. Metropol's readers continue to discover the latest news about what's happening locally in the lifestyle scene. From the latest news on bars, businesses and boutiques opening, or reopening following earthquake repairs, to profiles on the who's who around town, there are topics of interest for a wide audience. Readers rely on Metropol for in-depth news on upmarket shopping, fashion trends from New Zealand and international designers, the latest on health and beauty trends, bridal news covering all aspects of weddings, top spots for foodies, local artisans, fine wines, architectural news, stylish home décor advice and new home-ware on offer, as well as road tests and the latest launches of the most sought after vehicles.

2 April 3, 2014 Metropol

In essence Metropol is quintessential Christchurch. Following the earthquakes Trevor Laplanche again recognised an unmet demand from Cantabrians who wanted to learn more about EQC, EQR, insurance and repairing and rebuilding their homes. Canterbury Rebuild magazine was launched in September 2012. Since then it has evolved rapidly to meet the current needs of readers throughout all areas of the city. It covers diverse topics from land information through to insurance, the build industry, engineers' perspectives, architects' recommendations, structural materials, product suppliers, innovations and new technology in building. Canterbury Rebuild has become a valued resource for Cantabrians moving through the repair and rebuild stages, and an authority for those seeking answers to specific concerns requiring professional clarification. The magazine has doubled in size due to support from advertisers and strong readership, and within a year the circulation has grown to 28,100 – twice that of the nearest competitor. Like Metropol, the Canterbury Rebuild web site has a fully downloadable e-mag with live links for direct online contacts which offer further information about advertisers or specific articles. This makes both Metropol and Canterbury Rebuild available to everyone, anywhere, who wish to discover more about our great little city. Go to -

Wanted Production Staff Full Time & Part Time We are expanding our successful publications and require skilled production people to join our team. We are living in exciting times, so if you desire a chance to be creative, add your ideas, flair and style to magazines that have the edge, this will be ideal for you. The conditions are excellent and the whole team is friendly and supportive. We use ‘Corel Draw’ and ‘Photoshop’, so knowledge in working with these programs is important. For a confidential discussion please send your C.V. to or phone 027 202 5080.


CanterburyRebuild magazine

Wanted Telemarketers Full Time & Part Time Two, well organised, skilled Telemarketers are required to join our successful Multi Award Winning local company. This is a rare opportunity for the right people as we currently cannot meet the demand from clients and need to build current staff levels so our rapid growth can continue. Be a part of an exciting era for our magazines. You will be joining a friendly, supportive team where your ideas and input will be welcome; our people are our most valued resource. We will consider Full or Part time for the right people. For a confidential discussion please send your C.V. and cover letter to or phone 027 202 5080.


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metropol - Canterbury Edition The Showcase Magazine for the Best

Issue 387 3 April 2014


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cover ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.' - Coco Chanel 'Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.' - Edna Woolman Chase …And so wrote some of the biggest names in fashion. Style, as portrayed on our cover this issue is all about knowing who you are and what you want to say to the world. Check out our fashion pages and adopt beautiful garments and accessories that speak volumes about you!

Metropol is published every fortnight and delivered to the best addresses in the Christchurch and Canterbury region. It is also available from many selected stores, Malls, stands, waiting rooms and offices. Metropol is subject to copyright in its entirety. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission will result in legal action. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information contained within this magazine, however Metros Publishing Group Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information. The information and views expressed anywhere in this magazine are not necessarily the views or opinion of Metros Publishing Group Ltd, its editorial contributors, freelancers, associates or information providers.

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Character buildings Design teams merge A kaleidoscope of designer fabrics Creating inspiring spaces Colour is back! The lay of the land 10 ways to add value to your home

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Living with ‘Style’ in Christchurch

Some people have really good, really long memories. This can be very annoying. Especially when yours is more of an average, everyday kind of memory, and/or when you would rather have moved on and forgotten that you: a) did something you regret, b) said something you wish you could take back, or even worse, c) promised something in the spur of the moment that you knew, deep down, was unlikely to eventuate. The other day, out of the blue, my dear Angela Bennett, Editor friend Evan (real name) suddenly popped into conversation, “So when are you going to do the follow up on the Large Hadron Collider?” Dazed, I simply blinked for a moment. “In your editorial you said you were going to watch the progress the Hadron Collider was making and let people know what was happening,” he prompted. Vague recollection began taking focus through the mist of memory. “Er, that's true Evan I do recall writing that,” I responded, “But, wasn't that editorial around five or six years ago?” “I don't know,” he said, his memory suddenly fading. “But you did say you would follow it up.” So here I am. I can't find my old editorial, my computer can't even find it, it was so long ago, but I remember at the time the “God particle” or Higgs boson hadn't been discovered. It was of course discovered in July 2012 at a cost of US$13.25 billion, according to Alex Knapp reporting in Forbes. Given you could do quite a bit of shopping with that kind of figure, questions that spring to my mind are: Was it worth it? What did it prove? Why did it cost so much? Where to from here for the LHC?” To refresh your memories and help you understand why it cost so much: It's called the Large Hadron Collider because it is really big. The LHC is a circular tunnel with a circumference of 27km, buried in the ground under an average of 100m of dirt and rock. Its purpose is to accelerate protons into two beams travelling in opposite directions and then collide them to see what particles come out. According to Alex Santoso who started out as a biochemist but discovered the wonderful world of blogging and is now founder and chief editor of Neatorama, the ground (like the tides) is subject to lunar attraction. “When the moon is full,” he writes, “the Earth's crust actually rises about 25cm. This movement causes the circumference of the LHC to vary by (a whopping) 1mm, but that's enough so that physicists need to take it into account.” Alex also explains that the LHC is one of the coldest places on earth. “To keep them at superconducting temperature, scientists have to cool the LHC's magnets down to -271.3C which is lower than the temperature of outer space at -270.5C. Wikipedia states that the LHC was built (1998 – 2008) in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. It was estimated in 2008 that the yearly energy cost of running the LHC alone was €19 million. So, was it worth it? Apparently – a resounding “yes”. Confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson completed the “Standard Model” of physics – a map of how interacting forces and elementary particles fit together,” states Adam Withnall in The Independent. And finally where to from here? Preparations for a dramatic follow-up are underway this year! The LHC is set for a massive power boost which could mean scientists solve the riddle of Dark Matter, “Supersymmetry” and the mystery of gravity. So Evan, the LHC is shut for refurbishment at present and won't fire up again until early 2015. I may, or may not, report on this again in the future!

Think about it… “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein

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MIDWAY MOORHOUSE 210 MOORHOUSE AVE PHONE 3665 678 Metropol April 3, 2014 3

metropol Angela Bennett spends

five minutes


ollowing a high profile career in the fashion, beauty, modelling, media and event management industries in Christchurch and New Zealand for three decades, Denyse Saunders moved to Australia where she wrote her latest bestselling book 'Beautiful You' and continued to help people be the best they can be. Now, she is back, much to the delight of her many local friends and clients. Since her arrival back in town she has reinstated Canterbury Fashion & Beauty Week which she initiated in 2002. From its October 2013 success Denyse is now producing two annual Canterbury Fashion & Beauty Weeks, one showing the winter collections held in May and the other in October showing summer and Cup week collections. Denyse also coordinated the Best Dressed competitions for Alexandra Park Auckland Cup Week recently and continues her myriad of other roles from speaking engagements, training models to producing her DS magazine which has 130,000 women on its database. I caught up with this tireless entrepreneur to discover what it's like to be back on home ground. When did you decide to leave Christchurch and was there a particular opportunity you pursued in Australia? I have lived in Double Bay, Sydney on and off for the last 12 years so when I felt Christchurch had had enough of me I resigned from Addington Raceway as the fashion event manager, and from doing major events at Queenstown Winter Festival for 20 years (long enough most would say!) and from my business Spotlight Model Agency with which I had many successes with my models in Miss World and international model competitions, and found it natural to move to Sydney – a city I adore! When did you first seriously think about returning here? Why? To be quite frank I never thought I would live here again! It was at the urgency of many asking me to come back and do my events etc. again to help the Christchurch economy. So I thought I would just pop over and re-establish CFBW which I did, but I was taken totally by

4 April 3, 2014 Metropol


I love well cut, designer clothes in quality fabrics worn with lots of fabulous jewellery. Quality not quantity is the key!

surprise with the overwhelming support and genuine delight those businesses felt at my return to help them. So after travelling backwards and forwards for most of last year I chose to move back here only a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Most of my friends, and of course my son lives here! What better reason! I genuinely love Christchurch and the exciting future it holds! You train models, write extensively on beauty and style, speak on radio and TV and manage many events; what is your favourite role and why? I love the challenge of creating major events; I am most at peace when writing and doing research; most inspired when teaching others; most animated when public speaking and on TV or radio; most buoyant when doing business; and happiest when travelling. In essence I enjoy it all.

Denyse Saunders Tell us about the upcoming Canterbury Fashion & Beauty Week… We have three major shows for the public and corporates to attend: Meet the Designer at the George Hote;, Ladies Lunch and Accessories Fashion Parade at the Novotel Hotel, and the Canterbury Collections at The Tannery showcasing 26 designers and retailers along with some amazing entertainment never before seen in New Zealand – this is not just a fashion parade it is a visually exciting show - all information is on the website What is your choice of three 'must have' new garments this season? One pair of great boots! A statement coat – in one of the must have season pastel colours in either powder pink, soft blue, lavender, primrose yellow or mint green. Fabulous accessories - a scarf, jewellery and gloves! Which is more important – fashion or style? Style, as the great designer Coco Chanel said “fashion fades but style is forever!” How would you describe your style? Probably very Italian, as I love well cut, designer clothes in quality fabrics worn with lots of fabulous jewellery. Quality not quantity is the key! What fashion and/or beauty mistakes do you observe mostly in Christchurch/NZ? Being too casual - not dressing up! It is fun to be a woman and all that entails, including dressing up in fabulous clothes, wearing gorgeous makeup, a beautiful fragrance and a great hairstyle! What are your top three beauty tips for women? Look after your skin with a good skincare regime. Eat healthily. Walk half an hour each day. What is challenging, in your chosen career? Having a high profile, I know it goes with the territory, but some people think they can say anything to me, or about me, when they don't even know me! Their perception of me is certainly not my reality. As I used to waste days being upset I said to my friends and family many years ago. “Don't tell me what others say about me unless it is constructive and I need to do something about it!” I would rather not know and live in my own little bubble of oblivion!

On a more personal note, what is your favourite item of clothing? A plain black dress worn with high stiletto shoes and my favourite jewellery – so sexy! Name three people who you would love to invite to your dinner party… God, I wouldn't need anyone else. What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind, “I shouldn't be doing this”? Going for a walk at 5am in Zurich with no one else around except three road cleaners who looked intimidatingly at me and I realised what danger I had put myself in. I did the same thing in the Seychelles. Note to self: Stop going for early morning walks in foreign countries! If you could go back and tell your teenage self something what would it be? Don't settle for less – be courageous and fearless as there is a big wide world out there to explore, so go do it! What is one thing Metropol readers would be surprised to know about you? I own a Rottweiler dog named Amica (means 'friend' in Italian) who I love and adore - she is my third Rottie! Who are your current favourite musicians? Italian opera…many singers…it stirs my soul. What do you love to do on a Sunday afternoon? A walk on the beach, a glass of wine, read a book, meditate, great conversation, warm friends… What is one thing you would like to see in the 'new' Christchurch? A world class venue for events! What is your favourite drink? Champagne, of course! What is your favourite café, restaurant or bar in Christchurch? As I love everything Italian it has to be Barretta, oh and I also love Saggio di Vino - but I have been told there are several more great Italian bars and restaurants now to discover! So I will! What are you like at parties? I am not really a party person, I prefer more intimate dinners. What's next on the wish list? Expand my business into China and America and by doing this explore new cultures and create more amazing experiences in my life.

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than when a husband has to go shopping with his wife and all he really wants to do is relax on Miami's beach. So what's his solution? He hires Miami Personal Shopper, Miami's premier image stylists of choice, to take his wife personal shopping and has them pick up some items for himself too. Miami Personal Shopper is the lifestyle resource for internationally well-travelled individuals living part-time or vacationing in Miami, they guide vacationing clients through Miami's shopping maze. Russians love using Miami Personal Shopper to radiate status and prestige, while New Yorkers love Miami Personal Shopper to help them maintain their polished and pristine look while still trying to look casually resort chic. They help clients find just what they need. For more information go to


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in the know


150 light chandelier The perfect dinner guest

ECC reports in their Design Digest: Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril created their “fine dining meets rock 'n roll” restaurant vision together with Piet Boon over three years ago in a mythical location in Antwerp; the chapel of a former military hospital. The 'piece de résistance' in the centre of the restaurant is an 800 kilograms-weighing gigantic chandelier of 12 by 9 meters with over 150 lights, designed by the Beirut-based design studio .PSLAB. The chandelier was created in such a way that it contributes to the intimate and ambient divinity of the chapel interior. The team, specialised in the design and production of site-specific contemporary lighting, laid out an overall lighting plan for The Jane to accentuate the unique elements of both the building and the interior. It is aimed to create a scenic ambience by seamlessly combining artistry and engineering.


Rules of attraction Cultural history tells us that masculine men covet feminine women. This understanding of attraction dates back to Ancient Greek mythology, when the brave prince Paris took the beautiful Helena. It exists throughout culture, ubiquitous from fairy tale to film. But this supposedly universal principle seems inapplicable to English-speaking singles, with 76% of feminine women in a recent study by online dating service ELITESINGLES indicating a preference for a feminine man. In the study into psychological gender and attraction, male and female EliteSingles' members were first tested on their individual traits and then asked to rate the qualities they look for in a partner. But the cliché predicting sensitive, feminine women to desire assertive, protective men seems mistaken. In fact, 76% of women characterised by feminine traits were found to prefer men also characterised by feminine traits. Similarly, most men the study identified as psychologically masculine (59%) indicated a preference for a woman with a masculine character, and the same was true of 68% of women, suggesting gender identity plays a large part in attraction.

Dr. Wiebke Neberich, director of the study, commented that “A healthy relationship benefits from people being understanding and supportive: men and women with similar personalities typically match better since they have similar needs, exist in a comparable emotional world, and typically perceive things in a similar way, which all help to avoid conflict.


Manuka Doctor in Beauty Bible Of the thousands of products tested for The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, the latest addition to the UK's prestigious Beauty Bible series by leading British beauty journalists Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley, Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream has been identified as an award winning miracle cream. “Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream. Score 8.33/10 (pg 63)” “So if you are coming at naturals from more mainstream ranges this is a great 'bridge' brand” says Sarah and Josephine. “Ironed out crêpiness; skin much smoother and lines softened.” For The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, a total of 2,400 women trialled thousands of products across 55 categories of skin and body care, make-up and hair care, to discover the very best that the natural arena has to offer. Manuka Doctor products are available online at The Manuka Doctor concept Store, 1 Quay Street, Auckland City, selected pharmacies and department stores nationwide.


Discover Hong Kong tourist SIM The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), in partnership with PCCW, has launched the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card for visitors. The card is available in the form of 5-Day and 8-Day Passes and provides 1.5GB and 5GB of mobile data usage respectively with unlimited local voice calls and Wi-Fi service, as well as, a flat rate IDD 0060 service to 36 destinations. The prepaid Discover Hong Kong tourist SIM card 5-day pass, which retails at HK$69 (approx. NZD10) and the 8-day pass at HK$96 (approx. NZD14), will allow visitors to remain in touch with family and friends during their Hong Kong holiday via their social media platforms, including Facebook. Within Hong Kong the card is available for sale at the HKTB's Visitor Centre, PCCW-HKT shops and authorised PCCW-HKT mobile service dealers, as well as, convenience stores.

Metropol April 3, 2014 5

New Show Home Village Now Open

Tc1 sections from only $159,000 Sales ofďŹ ce open 12pm - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Free Boundary Fences and Geotech Reports

Ph: 0800 SECTION or Contact Tracey Watson P: 03 366 3729 6 April 3, 2014 Metropol



The Hound of the Baskervilles Funny accents, crazy costumes, unruly props and uncontrollable actors: The Hound of the Baskervilles at The Court Theatre is a show where laughing out loud is unavoidable. It's a spook ridden uproarious version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's spine tingling thriller which gives the detection classic, wondrously inventive and hilarious twists. Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time, and his floundering friend Watson hunt down the bayings of the legendary Hound of the Baskervilles. The protagonists stray liberally into absurdly daft scenarios, delivered with an abundance of verbal innuendo, which will have the audience wiping tears of laughter from their eyes. Killed off by his creator eight years previously, Sherlock Holmes was resurrected by Conan Doyle in 1901 especially for The Hound of the Baskervilles. The same year it was serialised in

Strand Magazine. Since then, the story of The Hound of the Baskervilles has never been out of print, making it one of the most popular English classics of its type. Only one week into rehearsals at The Court The Hound claimed another victim when Ross Gumbley, who was set to play Dr Watson, was injured during rehearsals. Veteran actor Steven Papps came to the rescue, taking on the role of Holmes' trusty side-kick John Watson. Philip Aldridge has been unleashed from his role as Court Theatre Chief Executive and makes the English accent his own in the roles of Sir Charles and Sir Henry Baskerville, and a couple of Devonshire yokels. Greg Cooper, memorable for his standout performance as Lorde with the Outwits in Summertimes New Zealand Rocks! brings those same talents to his roles as the gender-

bending butler Barrymore, the Stapletons, and the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Hagley Park may be no match for the murk and mire of a bleak English moor. And Addington Jailhouse is no Dartmoor Prison. Yet Christchurch's Court Theatre has become the new home of the The Hound of the Baskervilles. Cast: Stephen Papps: Dr. Watson; Philip Aldridge: Sir Charles Baskerville, Sir Henry Baskerville, Mortimer, et al; Gregory Cooper: Sherlock Holmes, Stapleton, Mr Barrymore, Mrs Barrymore, et al. Crew: Director: Melanie Camp; Set Design: Julian Southgate; Costume Design: Emily Thomas; Lighting Design: Giles Tanner; Sound Design: Peter Booth; Properties: Anneke Bester; Stage Manager: Jo Bunce; Assistant Stage Manager: Lydia Foate; Lighting and Sound Operator: Sean Hawkins; Wardrobe Manager: Sarah Douglas; Workshop

Manager: Nigel Kerr; Production Manager: Mandy Perry. Book at Show Times: 6:30pm Monday and Thursday; 7:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday; 2pm MatinĂŠe Saturday 10 May. TickeTickets $55-$21


Three years later... she’s back! Rhonda Campbell was the owner of Campbell Gallery in the Arts Centre for 22 years. Due to earthquake damage she hasn't had a gallery, or an exhibition, in the past three years, but now she is back. "It's a pleasure to show my new work to the public again after so long," said Rhonda. "I hope people still remember me." Peter Morrison from The Classic Villa on Worcester Boulevard has offered his hotel as a venue for her exhibition. He has collected quite a few of her paintings and prints over the years, and so is familiar with her work. Peter is Canterbury President and National Treasurer of the Hospitality Association of NZ, a well-known figure in the Hotel industry. Rhonda, along with her band, worked for him years ago as a jazz singer at the Russley Hotel. The Classic Villa is a beautifully restored old building which is now a Boutique Hotel, on Worcester Boulevard, opposite the Arts Centre. The Exhibition is on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April, from 11am to 4pm, all are welcome and admission is free. Rhonda will be on site both days. For more information visit

Two professionals in flooring... two very good reasons to visit our showroom

Alex Ward

Jacqui Kuru

Established 1946 Metropol April 3, 2014 7



The Colombo atThe Polo Classics The Colombo, one of the sponsors of The Polo Classic held in Rangiora recently, added style and pizzazz by providing six models dressed by the stores at The Colombo, who presented the prizes to the winning teams and winners of The Colombo competition. The Colombo also decorated each of the tables in the VIP tent with product from their homeware stores, and The Macaron girls provided a delicious macaron for each table placement.

(Back) Jimmy Wood, Stephen Collins, Liz Davies, George Cooper-Dixon, Johnny Jones, (Front) Dallas Davies, Elvis Davies

Emma Dormer, Katherine Andrews

Maureen Maddock, Barry Maddock

Polo game

Kerry Armitage, Lilly Cooper (The Colombo)

Marry-Anne Baxter, Brent Baxter

Colombo Models with Emma Dormer and Caroline Cooper Dixon (The Colombo)

Chris Bacon, Lucy Gain

Georgi Waddy, Sharry Wilding

Rachel Cox, Emma Smith

Roddy Wood, Murray Gain, Hamish Gain, Chris Bacon

Kathryn Picton-Warlow, Jennifer Barker

Di Bethell, Rose Cassidy, Lou Lackey

George Forbes, Laura Palomino de Forbes, David Hiatt, Nichola Hiatt

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography - for copies email:

8 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Emma Dormer, Winsome Dormer

By Hans Petrovic



Henry Turner - artist extraordinaire


s an artist – and in many other ways – 14-year-old Henry Turner has certainly come a long way. He has been creating art since he was able to hold a pen or brush, and works in pencil, pen, charcoal, watercolour and oil pastels. Henry's carefully constructed work easily fools you into thinking it's that of an older, more experienced artist. Nearly all 17 of his dramatic paintings and drawings of birds that have been on display at the Selwyn Gallery in Darfield were sold to highly impressed art connoisseurs and lovers of birds. Large prints, cards and T-shirts of his work also proved very popular. He has also just had his work on display at the Rolleston Community Centre. Last month, Henry's talents were acknowledged by five-time Oscar-winner Richard Taylor, co-founder and co-director of the Weta Workshop, during an inspirational lecture at St Andrew's College in Christchurch. And late last year, Henry, accompanied by his mother, Suzanne Pickford, was invited by Rodney Russ Heritage Expeditions to take part in an 18-day voyage around the sub-Antarctic islands, where he sketched and photographed many of the water-birds that became subjects of the paintings that sold so well in Darfield. On our first meeting at his West Melton home, Henry could not help but impress with his unique style of dress – jacket, vest and tie,

and long, blond hair – his precise manner of speech, and his deep concern and love for wild birds and other animals. Obsessed with wildlife and its conservation, he has always been an acute observer and draws the things he loves from nature. In the family home, there is an extensive Curiosity Cabinet filled with the skulls and skeletons of a wide variety of creatures, which Henry has collected on beaches and in the bush. He is in Year 10 at Burnside High School but is working towards National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1 Art this year. He also loves singing and took the leading boy role in New Zealand Opera's Noah's Flood recently. Henry first met Sir Richard Taylor in the middle of last year, when he was invited to see how the creative team works at the Weta Workshop in Wellington, which provided, among other things, the special-effects wizardry behind The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. At that time, Sir Richard recognised Henry's talents and suggested a future internship for

Last month, Henry's talents were acknowledged by five-time Oscar-winner Richard Taylor, co-founder and co-director of the Weta Workshop, during an inspirational lecture at St Andrew's College in Christchurch.

him at Weta. In Christchurch last month, on their second meeting, Sir Richard immediately recognised the young artist and recalled that he had worn a distinctive deerstalker hat on their first meeting. In his speech he later acknowledged Henry for his talent. The list of this 14-year-old's achievements

could go on forever but it is clear that art and wildlife preservation will remain his two main objectives. Henry did the screen printing for the T-shirts himself and intends to use the profits from them, the prints and cards sold at the Selwyn Gallery to buy stoat and rat traps to help save the birds he loves.

Kudos Range

Metropol April 3, 2014 9

Tony Whalley 027 448 2625 Rolleston Specialist

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Di Clement 027 431 4614 City Wide

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Canterbury Wide


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Host a ‘brekkie’ for breast cancer research Registrations are now open for Pink Ribbon Breakfast, with Lorraine Downes asking Kiwis to invite their friends or colleagues to breakfast in May, to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Proceeds from this year's Pink Ribbon Breakfasts will go towards breast cancer research. The Foundation hopes New Zealanders will host more than 2000 breakfasts, a big jump on the 1800 held around the country in May 2013, which raised $750,000. Lorraine Downes is an NZBCF ambassador and former Miss Universe. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and underwent successful treatment for the disease. “Research is vital for better treatments to improve survival of this very complex cancer, and ultimately for prevention,” Lorraine Downes said. “The Foundation is funding several world-class projects right here in New Zealand – Pink Ribbon Breakfast is a great way to raise money for the cause.” At least 100 cafés around the country will participate, donating a portion of their May breakfast profits to Pink Ribbon Breakfast. The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation has committed to an

Desirable location, secure and caring environment

60 Browns Road, Christchurch 8014 Ph 3754117 Currently have Studios and 1 bedroom apartment available

Lorraine Downes investment of $1.4m in breast cancer research so far in 2013-2014, and hopes to increase that total. For more information and recipes, or to register to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast, visit


Tai Tapu Women’s Duathlon 2014 For the last seven years the Tai Tapu Women's Duathlon has successfully brought a focus on health and wellbeing to the upper Selwyn district, while fundraising for the local playcentre group. The organisers of the event are happy to announce that entries are now open for the eighth annual Tai Tapu Women's Duathlon, to be held on Sunday April 13, at Always a popular event, the Tai Tapu Women's Duathlon will raise funds to help bring the

local Playcentre building up to current and future relicensing standards, and keep the parent run cooperative open for local children to enjoy for future years. This year the course will once again offer two race options for competitors with the first option being a 4km run and 7km bike around the picturesque Tai Tapu village, while the second option is set to offer a greater challenge with a double course 7km run and 15km bike ride.


Hera to play at Chch Folk Music Club Hera will be playing at the Christchurch Folk Music Club on Sunday 6 April at 7.30 pm. Hera is an acoustic singer-songwriter who hails from both Iceland - her land of birth, and New Zealand - the land she currently calls home. She has won Iceland's Best Female Artist for 2003, and has a gold-selling record, high-rotation radio play, support slots for the likes of Joe Cocker and Nick Cave and has performed at the famous SXSW festival in Texas and at the immortal Glastonbury in the UK. Her music is noticeably unique and has been influenced strongly by dual emotional investment in both of her cultures. Tickets: $10 members; $15 non-members. Door sales only. The Christchurch Folk Music Club is meeting at the Irish Society Hall at 25 Domain Terrace, Spreydon. The concert begins 7.30 pm. The bar and doors will be open from 7 pm.

Metropol April 3, 2014 11



Cutting Edge atThe Bryce

John & Jenny Gillies, Denise Bryce, Bruce Church

Artist John Gillies exhibition 'Cutting Edge' was celebrated at The Bryce Gallery recently. The title Cutting Edge was a direct reference to the fact that all the paintings were by palette knife in oils. His travels to Venice, Central Otago and Nelson were reflected in the subject matter. The exhibition was well attended with strong sales. John is the husband of Jenny Gillies the internationally renowned Christchurchbased costume and fabric artist.

Ralph Woodward, Michael Hughes

Nikki Smith, Penny Sellers

Jos Sharpe, Judy Campbell

David Mitchell, Marine Aubert

Ken Booth, Bee Bryant

Jonathan & Susan Whitty

The Doobie Brothers are the headline act at the new Queenstown Blues & Roots Festival

John & Jenny Gillies

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

12 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Blues & Roots Festival

The inaugural Queenstown Blues & Roots Festival, a one-day outdoor music festival will be held at the Queenstown Events Centre on Saturday April 26, 2014. Queenstown Blues & Roots Festival Director Grant Hilton said people should get in and buy their tickets now so as not to miss out. “Where else can see you six renowned acts and musicians and a great local act in one day and experience a musical extravaganza of over eight hours for this price ($129)? Headlining the day will be legendary California rock band The Doobie Brothers, along with acclaimed singer-songwriter Elvis Costello and The Imposters, New Zealand's favourite live collaborative group Fly My Pretties, dub, funk, afrobeat and soul masters The Black Seeds, veteran blues musician King Leo and all-girl group The Johnnys, who deliver Johnny Cash songs “like no-one's heard 'em before”. Gates open at 10.30am with the first act on stage at 11am. A wide range of transport options to and from the festival are available, including special deals for ticket holders – details are on the website. Tickets, or phone 0800 BLUESQT (0800 2583778) or



Big band jazz to liven up the city

Mike Frost

George Washingmachine and his band


he striking contemporary sound of modern big band jazz will fill Christchurch's transitional 'cardboard' cathedral next month. The architecturally stunning cathedral is the venue and the inspiration for Symposium IV, which revisits the successful Symposium concerts held in the Cathedral in the Square between 2007 and 2009, and promises to be one of the highlights of the Cavell Leitch New Zealand Jazz & Blues Festival. Comprising faculty members, students, graduates and associates of CPIT Jazz School, Symposium IV brings many of New Zealand's finest jazz performers together as a big band

to perform some of the latest compositions from leading composers. “When you pair the atmosphere and the acoustics of the transitional cathedral with the musical talent of some of our finest jazz performers you have the recipe for an unforgettable night,'' says festival director Jodi Wright. “I think this will be one of those concerts that people talk about for years to come.'' The Shigeru Ban-designed cathedral will also be the venue for concerts by Jennine Bailey and Anna Whitaker. Jennine Bailey is a Christchurch jazz singer who has gained a formidable reputation around the country for her individual interpretations of jazz

Jazz Symposium and contemporary music. Together with pianist and conductor Tom Rainey, a full rhythm section and a 10-piece string ensemble from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Jennine Bailey will perform songs from her last album In the Mood for Love during a one-off concert in the cathedral on April 26. On April 27 Anna Whitaker and her seven piece band will present an afternoon of swing music in the cathedral. Another of Christchurch's striking new venues is showcased in the Jazz at Rydges concerts. Held in the ballroom of the new Rydges Latimer Christchurch these concerts provide cabaret style seating at $35 per person or $200 for a reserved table for four, including food and

beverage. Jazz violinist George Washingmachine and his band will perform Feel the Manouche in the ballroom on April 22 followed by the Nairobi Trio, one of New Zealand's favourite jazz bands, on April 24. As a special treat Mike Frost and the Icemen will perform in the ballroom on April 23. Entry to that show, which will feature the authentic blues of the golden era of the '40s and '50s, is free. The Cavell Leitch New Zealand Jazz & Blues Festival is on in Christchurch from April 22 to 27. Tickets for all the concerts are available through Dash Tickets For more information check out



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Halswell Preschool reopens After two months closure, whilst earthquake repairs were undertaken, Halswell Preschool is delighted to be back on site and held an evening to celebrate their reopening and welcome parents back. With repairs complete and fresh new paint throughout, new carpet and a new heatpump, the preschool is better than ever and fresh and cosy for the winter months ahead.

Centre Leader Jo Smith, Manager Eileen Keane

Teacher Manon Kozanic with Chris Duncan

Parent Michelle Abbott with Jo Smith

Halswell Preschool staff: Scott Lindbom, Jan McGimpsey, Manon Kozanic, Jo Smith, Eileen Keane (manager) and Kathryn Chitty

Parents Sarah and Paul Mosley

Parents Rebecca Westbury and Glen Scully

Parents Lauren and Malcolm Moore

Parent Meliss O’Brien with teacher Scott Lindbom

Photos supplied by client

Teacher Kathryn Chitty with Michelle Abbott, Francesca, Tom, Adele and Kate Matthews


By Hans Petrovic



On a mission... J

To help Jennie help the children, she has asked for any financial donations possible. Please phone her on 021 621 244, or email For further information on KOTO, check out

ennie Rose really cares for the disadvantaged and marginalised – particularly the young – and is now extending her voluntary counselling work into Vietnam, where she has come across numerous underprivileged children.

On a recent visit to Vietnam, Jennie was horrified to find the country has little in the way of child advocacy. To achieve her dream of helping them, however, she will need some financial assistance. A trained sex therapist and child advocate, Jennie has worked in recent years at the 198 (now 298) Youth Health Centre, which provides free health service for youth, and now at Te Puna Wai o Tuhinapo Youth Justice Residence. “When I can make a connection with a young person, I really love it,” says Jennie. Another challenge that takes up lots of her

time is working for the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective in Christchurch. “I've been around sex workers a long time and I consider it an honour to advocate and educate them, encouraging them to keep themselves safe and to know what their rights are,” she says. Her recent trip to Vietnam has widened her horizons – and her concern for the underprivileged – even more. “It was always my dream to go to Asia and I went to Vietnam on holiday. It was my first trip there and I was still a little naïve. So I was shocked at the poverty and corruption we

Jennie Rose (right) and friends saw there, and I made a concerted effort to talk to the local people and checked out appropriate ways to help them,” says Jennie. She was particularly impressed by KOTO, a child-protection and vocational-training programme based in a not-for-profit restaurant in Hanoi, where street children are given the opportunity to start a better life. KOTO was started in 1996 by an Australian of Korean-Vietnamese ancestry, Jimmy Pham. He had asked street children what they

needed to make a start in life and their answer was: “We need skills so we can find stable jobs.” The name of the organisation comes from the phrase, “Know One, Teach One”, and KOTO is now an organisation teaching life skills, as well as culinary skills for its 120-seat restaurant. KOTO has been featured in a BBC documentary film. On her receiving her application to volunteer, KOTO has requested that she takes on the projects of updating the life-skill and behavioural-intervention programmes, as well as assess the child-protection policy. Up until now, they also have had no woman skilled in the area of sexual abuse, of both girls and boys. However, to get to Vietnam, where she will work for 3-1/2 months on a voluntary, selffunded basis, paying for her own transport and accommodation, Jennie will need some financial help. To help Jennie help the children, she has asked for any financial donations possible. Please phone her on 021 621 244, or email For further information on KOTO, check out

Metropol April 3, 2014 15



Curator's House launch Fridays' Tapas & Paella Nights . The Curator's House, that most atmospheric of restaurants in the Botanic Gardens, recently launched their new Tapas & Paella Nights which will be held every Friday from 7.30pm. The new chef Albert Alert who has arrived from Barcelona is providing authentic Spanish flavour to the new menu. Tapas & Paella nights are $55 and include a complimentary sangria on arrival. Paella is cooked before you in the courtyard. Seating is communal. Bookings are essential. See full story on page 47

Albert Alert, Javier Garcia

Inaki Sanchez, Brigitte Sapp

David & Noelene Halstead, Javier Garcia, Helen & Murray Wiig

Chanelle Sefont, Ginson George

Ali Mossalem, Jane Goodey

Rick, Karolina, Nicki, George

Sally & Peter Gray

Kristen Koppe, Varun Bhaha

Call Jenny today and join her for a tour of the various living options Park Lane has to offer. Phone (03) 338 4495

Jenny’s got years of experience, looking after people with Jenny Dempsey Owner/Manager

years of experience

2 Bdrm Executive style Villas under construction! Enquire today! Jenny Dempsey has been working in aged care for many years and brings with her a wealth of Knowledge. Park Lane has modern facilities throughout but it still relies on classic values and a real sense of community for its day-to-day comforts. They know what’s important. 16 April 3, 2014 Metropol


available now from $180,000


Angela & Steven Macdonald

Joanna Ceelen, Wayne Thomas

By Hans Petrovic



The sweet, smoky flavour of a

Patagonian barbeque


here's a distinctive smoky taste to the lamb prepared by Sumner chef Glenn Michael on his Patagonian barbecue.

You may well ask, “What's a Patagonian barbeque and what's it doing in Christchurch?” It's a unique style of outdoor roasting of lamb, by splaying a hogget-sized sheep on two crosses on a metal spit above a wood fire that originated on the Patagonian Peninsula of Argentina and Chile. It's also another great addition to the wide range of international cooking styles available to Christchurch food lovers. Glenn is the owner and head chef of the Headless Mexican restaurant in Sumner who was first told about the Patagonian barbecue by one of his staff, Paulina, of Chile, who showed him photographs of this cooking method. "I thought it was a great idea, especially to bring the Sumner community together in an outdoor setting," says Glenn. "People used to prepare their food on the beaches here but since the earthquakes things are not like they used to be. The Patagonian barbecue could be a social gathering as well as a dining experience, with people standing around, cutting up meat and talking to each other." Glenn had been hoping to get this barbecue style going earlier this year but first had to get a special spit made for it. "It's like a crucifixion, with the lamb chained onto the spit," he says. And there was also this summer's unpredictable weather. One of the main problems is that it takes six hours for the hogget to be fully cooked. Thus, if Glenn

You may well ask, “What's a Patagonian barbeque and what's it doing in Christchurch?” plans to cut the meat for consumption at 6pm, he will have to start roasting it at midday and needs perfect weather for the entire afternoon - as well as the rest of the evening, while people are dining in the outdoor area. Glenn held his first public Patagonian barbecue on the day of the Sumner Street Party, on Sunday, March 9. The site chosen for the barbecue is on vacant land, previously taken up by a wine shop, opposite the Headless Mexican restaurant, in the Supervalue supermarket car park, in Nayland Street. Looking after the roasting lamb is a fulltime job. To get the right flavour, it requires periodic basting with a mix of wine, herbs, salt and water, and it is also brushed over with rosemary branches. The continuous, slow cooking renders out all the fat between the skin and the lean meat, leaving a uniquely delicious flavour in the skin. The accompanying salsa is fresh and tangy. Weather permitting, Glenn is hoping of having a Patagonian barbecue more often. You can check on proposed days on or on Facebook. If you happen to be passing during a barbecue evening, you're welcome to join in. Cost of a plate of meat and salsa is $15, while other side dishes can be purchased at the Headless Mexican.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 We are an experienced and professional team.

Alistair Bean



Investments Insurance KiwiSaver



t. 03 355 6360

m. 021 552 587


Personal Disclosure Documents are available upon request and free of charge

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Stimulating young minds


athedral Grammar School prides itself on retaining the best of the traditional aspects of education and combining them with an environment that develops 21st century learning skills. Located in the heart of the city, between Park Terrace and Cranmer Square, Cathedral Grammar offers co-education Pre-School and Junior School, from years 1 to 3, and single sex education for both boys and girls from years 4 to 8. By learning separately yet socialising together, boys and girls at Cathedral Grammar enjoy the best of both worlds. To assist working parents, supervised after school care and school holiday programmes are also provided. Cathedral Grammar School is a place where children are excited, stimulated and thrive academically and emotionally.

The school's heralded new classroom buildings reflect the teaching that occurs in the school, this includes leading edge IT which is so important for stimulating young minds. The new science lab, art facilities and music suites, as well as the close proximity to the museum and the botanical gardens, offers extraordinary learning environments. Cathedral Grammar School offers an array of performing arts options, which includes a Wearable Arts show and very polished school Operetta. Being an inner city school, children who attend Cathedral Grammar come from all over Christchurch, from Ohoka to Governors Bay. The school views the Victoria Business District and the inner city as being part of their local community and, therefore, pupils are encouraged to be actively involved in this community. Just recently Cathedral

Make the right choice in real estate - it could save you thousands Call David today for a free appraisal of your property 021 622 643 or email

18 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Cathedral Grammar School is a place where children are excited, stimulated and thrive academically and emotionally. Grammar took part in Cranmershire Tea, a High Tea style event which was held in Cranmer Square to raise funds for Cholmondeley. This provided an excellent hands-on learning experience for the pupils and a great way to support the community. Cathedral Grammar believes that a key element in providing pupils with the ideal preparation for the future is the

implementation of the school's Strategic Plan. What distinguishes this blueprint is that it is not so much about the future of the school as about the future of the children. The goal of this blueprint is three-fold: to create enterprising spirits (encouraging children to create new opportunities); engaged thinkers (children who collaborate to create new knowledge); moral citizens (children who believe in doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do). In addition to a strong focus on the core elements of learning, this three-way objective is leading to some exciting initiatives that will give the school's young people real world experience of the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in the future. To find out more about what Cathedral Grammar School can offer your child, please contact Linda Marsh, phone (03) 365 0385 or visit



Dream Wedding Expo The 2014 Dream Wedding Expo was a fabulous event where many planning their weddings gathered for inspiration. Wilkins Bridal and Menswear, one of the major exhibitors, also held a fashion show featuring their latest collection. Seventy plus wedding gowns along with menswear, bridesmaids' wear and flower girls' dresses were shown. Guests enjoyed being able to mark off the gowns they liked on a programme sheet so they could call in to Wilkins Bridal at a later date and try on their favourite gowns.

Leanne Sutherland, Honor clark, Fiona Crawford

Kylee & Ross Tindall

Amy Roberts & Sue Healey

Leanne Wilson & Ngaio Bell

April Meredith & Di O'Daniels

Liv Webber & Petrea Bayne

Liv & Nick Yuki

Jade & Rowan Burke

Sue Johnston & Lee Rougoor

Photos by Aimee Cane Photography - for copies email:

Metropol April 3, 2014 19



Variety, the spice of Avonhead


vonhead Shopping Centre at the corner of Withells Road and Merrin Street has all the ambience of a friendly and welcoming corner local. It's intimate, yet packed with a variety of quality stores; it's also well-planned with bright open areas and a community information and meeting place inside the entrance. On any given day a constant flow of shoppers streams into the complex making this a bustling and thriving destination for the residents of Avonhead, Russley, Burnside, Ilam, Riccarton and Sockburn. You'll find everything you need here in the 18 stores, from banking to groceries, dining and takeaways, from fashion to postage, from hair styling to gift shopping. Countdown offers grocery shoppers low prices with the added bonus of a Lotto desk in store. The skilful florists at Andreas Florist cater for all occasions with gorgeous seasonal flowers and bouquets. Keep those little illnesses at bay with Avonhead Pharmacy and Health 2000. For delicious food, Bakers Delight serves up daily fresh baking, while Siena Cafe will satisfy any hungry foodie. Sushi Time enables shoppers to dine-in and takeaway with healthy and tasty sushi while offering a quality catering service too. Looking to update your wardrobe with the latest autumn trends? Bond Street Fashions and Green Stripes have stunning casual and formal fashion wear and accessories. A new wardrobe is never complete without a trendy new 'hairdo', so look no further than Bόbsidi, the cut and colour specialists, or Mister Snips where no appointment is necessary. Piccadilly Books has to be the best bookshop in Christchurch - the perfect place for avid readers and it covers all your stationery requirements too. With NZ Post/Kiwi Bank also inside the store, look no further for your postal needs. Stuck for gift ideas or perhaps just wanting to indulge? Perfect Presents, as the name suggests, specialises in luxury gifts for all budgets. The Monteiths Brewery Bar is a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family at any time. Located outside the Centre the ANZ ensures all money matters are dealt to and Harvey World Travel can send you far and wide right around the world. Just opened between the ANZ and Harvey World Travel is a new Subway outlet to add to the food choices at the centre.

On any given day a constant flow of shoppers streams into the complex making this a bustling and thriving destination for the residents of Avonhead, Russley, Burnside, Ilam, Riccarton and Sockburn.

Shopping hours see the centre open seven days a week, ensuring people can fit their shopping into any busy schedule: Monday- Wednesday 9am – 6pm Thursday 9am – 7pm Friday – Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday 10am – 4pm. The Countdown Supermarket's hours differ. It opens seven days 7am – 9pm. Although this is a very popular place there is plenty of parking available to give easy access to the centre. You can find further information about what's on at the centre on their web-site

‘Tempt me’

VOTED Canterbury Fashion Designer of the Year 2013

Plainz 18ct gold bracelet R

t. 384 5156

95 Main Rd, Redcliffs

Open 11am - 5pm Mon-Fri or by appointment made in new zealand

20 April 3, 2014 Metropol

By Kayte John



Working to help companies & the community


hen it comes to dismantling televisions, filling sandbags or making-up goodie bags for the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch, many people may not know of a social enterprise fufilling this work. Kilmarnock Enterprises, the parent company of Kilmarnock Toys offer employment opportunites for people with intellectual disabilites. The Christchurch based charity, presently employ over 80 people who, as a result of some level of disability, might normally find some work environments challenging. Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Sharp says, “We prefer to recognise people's skills and help them to become a valued member of both the company and local community. Anything that's a manual job can come to Kilmarnock if you're looking to outsource anything it's a great solution and opportunity to support a local charity.”

With minimal government funding the business is always looking for new opportunities. “As a charity we welcome funding and donations. The Riccarton Rotary Club kindly donated a van for a development project, which has helped benefit our employees. It's great that we have a range of businesses supporting what we do however, many businesses and people are still not familiar with us, so we happily welcome you to come down and find out more for yourself,” Michelle says. Recognised as a 'Business Enterprise' by the New Zealand Government, the business is also ISO 9001 Accreditated, cementing its position as a quality service provider to its customers. As a not for profit business, all surplus funds Kilmarnock Enterprises achieves are reinvested into the company to help growth and ultimately provide more opportunities to both existing and potential employees. Michelle further adds that organisations such as Fulton Hogan and the Gough Group value the quality of the work employees deliver. “This makes our employees realise that they

can participate in society in exactly the same way as anyone else can. We are fortunate enough to provide services to a range of customers from Christchurch based one-manbands to the likes of Fonterra. Our customers understand that by contracting their services to us, they are not only guaranteeing quality of service, they are also supporting a very worthy charity.” The business also focuses on the wellbeing of its employees. “We give them individual goals to work on whilst making it fun. In February we did a pedometer challenge and every Friday we host an aerobics class. Some of the things in the healthy wellbeing programme are: putting our employees through a series of courses such as dental care, office exercises, and lifting heavy objects through to eating healthily. We have a great team and appreciate the continuous work and support our clients give us,” Michelle says. Call Kilmarnock Enterprises on phone (03) 348 5162 for further information on business opportunities, funding and donations.

The Christchurch based charity, presently employ over 80 people who, as a result of some level of disability, might normally find some work environments challenging.




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Fashion & Style

Health & Beauty






Tartan revival By Stephanie Rumble, Flair Image


arking back to '90s punk we get a sneak peek at the tartan trends hitting the shops this autumn. Choose a top or pants or wear double tartan if you dare, even a pair of tartan boots. If a whole garment is too scary then a tartan scarf worn with black or red puts your outfit right on trend. Wear tartan with ankle boots with heavy silver or gold hardwear to give it a modern and unpredictable look.

Outfit 1 All garments and boots from Lynn Woods Jacket – Cooper, Eyelet Witness Jacket in white. $749 Dress – Cooper, Paper Cuts Dress in red. $499 Boots – tiltoa Nero – Embellisher in black. $499

Outfit 2 All garments from Storm with shoes from Moda Bella Jacket – Gunmetal. $229 Shirt – Red Check. $149 Jeans – Black. $189 Boots – Moda Bella, Neo Arius, Rosso. $289

Stylists pick Cooper Check Mate jacket in red $399. This jacket really caught my eye because the shape flatters most body shapes and it has so many great colours in the plaid. This jacket also gives you direction on what to wear choose any of the colours in the plaid and team them up with the jacket for a funky winter look.

Everyone will notice, no one will know NOW AT MERIVALE Dr Frost welcomes clients to his new boutique Merivale locale for added privacy in peaceful & luxurious surroundings. Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy


Stylist Stephanie Rumble of Flair Image



Outfit 3 All garments and boots from Dfusion Shirt – What Women Want. $139 Trousers – What Women Want – black leather. Shoes – Kathryn Wilson

Outfit 4 All garments from Rouche with shoes from Moda Bella Dress – Stolen Girlfriends Club – Lethal Venom Dress in plaid. $469 Beanie – Stolen Girlfriends Club – Gypsy Beanie $69 Travel Wallet – Stolen Girlfriends Club Flight Risk Wallet. $230 Boots – Moda Bella, Zindd Olvaerr in cherry. $429


powertone PLUS PILATES

Exercises the inner and outer thighs, hips, chest, shoulders and upper back


Exercises the Exercises the buttocks, abdominals, lower back hips, abdominals hips and buttocks and upper back


Exercises the hips, buttocks, lower back and legs

Ph.(03) 358 3834

Exercises the abdominals, waist and lower back




Exercises the chest, upper back, upper arms and shoulders

Charisma Health & Leisure 45 Merrin Street, Avonhead, Christchurch (Adjacent to The Avonhead Shopping Mall)

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By Kayte John

Model management:

an agency with panache


ictoria Street has begun to flourish with a range of restaurants, cafes and corporate businesses, making it a fashionable location in the city. One business who is excited to be located in this area is Portfolio Models. The established agency provides international, national and local photographers, clients, catalogues, magazines and advertising agencies with a range of models, children, talent and actors of the highest calibre for their campaigns. Director Mel Radford Brown was one of the first models on the books at Portfolio when the agency first opened in 1992; now she is the proud owner of this successful agency. “As the leading agency in the South Island, Portfolio prides itself on efficiency, professionalism and great results. We have extensive contacts and fantastic industry knowledge that assists our clients in all areas of their shoots and campaigns. “I have 20 years' experience as both a model and booker/agent working in New Zealand and the UK, which is so valuable. I am also assisted in the office by our talented booker, Kimberley Robson,” Mel says. If you think you have the potential to be part of Portfolio or want to simply boost your confidence, then Mel provides regular workshops which are designed for those interested in the modelling industry. These workshops provide individuals with the necessary skills and grooming to become a successful model in both the local and international market. “A Portfolio workshop is the first step in a career path of a model, but you do not need

Make-up class

Rebecca Dore to be model material to participate in one of our courses, gaining confidence and selfesteem is a big factor on these also,” Mel explains. As a model at 16 and throughout her career, Mel learnt life skills, modelling, development and business skills to help Portfolio become the agency it is today. “My workshops are there to educate people and give them the self-esteem and confidence that they may be lacking. We have three groups aimed at children, teenagers and adults. It's been very exciting to see Rebecca Dore who I scouted on

Mel Radford-Brown

a teenage workshop at 13. She is now working as a model in Sydney through Portfolio and our overseas contacts; this is inspiring and rewarding to see. We also have some other great faces that we are currently nurturing for the international arena too,” Mel explains. Portfolio also collaborates with Kristen Stewart School of Make-up, Corkin and Friends Salon and Champs Elysees Day Spa who all give wonderful guidance and assistance on the workshops too, including skincare, haircare, make-up application and vital industry tips. All workshops also include a photo shoot with a professional photographer and certificate. Portfolio is now taking bookings for April and throughout the year.

“A Portfolio workshop is the first step in a career path of a model, but you do not need to be model material to participate in one of our courses, gaining confidence and selfesteem is a big factor on these also.” Visit for more information.


Adult/Teen/Kids Courses April School Holidays Taking Bookings Now! Presentation/Grooming Self Esteem/Confidence Deportment/Makeup/Catwalk Job Skills/Personal Image TV Commercials/Photo Shoot Phone 03 379 9011

24 April 3, 2014 Metropol

For stockist enquiries please call McCauls on 0508 522 522

By Cheryl Colley



A new way to care for your family


ow can you look after your family's health for as little as $12.90? You can use Natural Sense Colloidal Silver – 'Nature's first aid kit in a bottle' Colloidal Silver has been used for its anti-microbial properties since ancient times. These properties are now well established scientifically using modern methods. Colloidal silver is a suspension of microscopic silver particles in water. It is produced by an electro-colloidal technique using pure silver and water and has significant health benefits. It is thought to be the most powerful natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasite substance ever discovered and used in medicine. In laboratory tests single-celled organisms, such as bacterial fungus and viruses are killed in just four to five minutes in its presence. It is odourless and almost tasteless and is nontoxic when properly prepared and used correctly.

Michelle Facer-Wood

The amazing uses of colloidal silver are the foundation of the natural quality products manufactured by the Natural HealthGiving Company. The company's most sought-after product, Xmaease, was formulated by Michelle Facer-Wood, the Managing Director of The Natural HealthGiving Company, when she went in search of an alternative to steroid cream to ease her son Jaxon's eczema. Since then Xmaease has helped thousands of people all over the world to manage their eczema. Xmaease contains a special blend of selected herbs with skin-enhancing vitamins and oils to form a highly effective cream that supports the natural healing of raw, irritated, itchy, dry or scaly skin. The Natural HealthGiving Company manufactures the Natural Sense brand of colloidal silver. The product comes as a vitamin cream, a nasal applicator, a liquid or a spray to encourage healing, to help keep wounds clean, or fight allergies. Recently Michelle has developed another colloidal silver-based cream called “Mum's Secret”. She says it is one cream with one hundred uses to eliminate the need for a bathroom cabinet full of tubes and bottles. “It is enriched with aloe vera, calendula and chamomile to calm and soothe unhappy skin; it contains a nourishing blend of organic plant oils to soften, smooth and repair dry and damaged skin and it provides a light protective barrier to minimise the effects of irritants and

In laboratory tests single-celled organisms, such as bacterial fungus and viruses are killed in just four to five minutes in its presence.

the environment. It's suitable for the whole family - from head to toe.” The Natural HealthGiving Company is now based in Christchurch at 650 Halswell Junction Road, Hornby. Visit for more information or phone (03) 344 1400 to talk directly to the team about skin problems and get advice on the best products to use. You can buy the products directly from the laboratory and even bring in empty containers to be refilled. “I hope you will enjoy our products as much as my family and I have over the years,” says Michelle.

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lasting labels Christchurch’s Renowned Consignment Store


By Kayte John

Discover a hidden gem in Redcliffs S

tepping through the door of a small jewellery shop in Redcliffs on a sunny afternoon, I immediately know I have found one of Christchurch's hidden gems. The stunning display of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants, all designed and handcrafted by Marc Bendall puts me in awe. I am pleasantly welcomed by Marc and Catherine who sit me down and let me try on a few pieces – I slip on a beautiful Aquamarine ring and instantly know I'm in trouble. WE BUY AND SELL ON BEHALF Quality Labelled Clothing

Viewing Winter Stock Now

at Fabulous Prices 16b Harewood Road CALL US NOW

Ph. 352 3058 Hours: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri, Sat 10am-1pm

Salon E welcomes Jane Olsson to our talented team of stylists.

We welcome Jane and her clientele to Salon E.

Jane's 20 years hairdressing experience includes working at Scissors Hairdressers (owned by Roy Griffiths, now one of Salon E's long-standing senior stylists), and later operating her own salon in the rural community of Greendale, offering a full range of hairdressing services. She joins us with a well established clientele in the Canterbury area.

Call now to book a consultation or service appointment with

Jane Olsson. Phone 337 2270 Schwarzkopf Professional Salon of the Year 2012/13

Whilst I talk to Marc about his designs and inspiration you can sense his strong belief in quality. He offers a personal design service, so clients can work directly with him to create unique, stunning and timeless jewellery. Marc and Catherine are very engaging and easy to talk with; they take the time to find out more about you and your personality, as they feel jewellery should be a reflection of you. The couple work well together and welcome appointments or walk-ins. “We will sit with you until you're happy and confident with what you want. This sits quietly in the understated confidence of the design, the construction and the finish of each piece. This is our signature," Marc explains. During my visit a customer has popped-in and within minutes Catherine is laughing with her and adorning her hand in a gorgeous Rose Gold bracelet. The customer is clearly captivated by Catherine and the bracelet for that matter. Away from the city the store has thrived on word of mouth over the past eight years. “Many of our clients come in explaining they have seen Marc's pieces on someone and would love a piece created especially for them. We will cater to everyone's budget as Marc's love of drawing has taken him to design a range of pieces, all very different but all with the same quality and craftsmanship. This has gone on to give us continuous business and we are truly grateful to all of our wonderful clients,” Catherine says. The more you know about Marc Bendall Jewellery, the more you appreciate the creativity, the thought, the skill and the care that goes into each piece. To see the jewellery in the store is a must - there is a selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Marc is also working on a new range of pieces, targeted for younger clients.

“To us, jewellery is personal; we understand it is for you too. These pieces conjure up emotions, reflect your moods and celebrate the ways you feel.” “To us, jewellery is personal; we understand it is for you too. These pieces conjure up emotions, reflect your moods and celebrate the ways you feel. Perhaps more than anything else we own, they're an extension of us. And nothing makes us happier than a happy client,” Marc says. Call in to the Marc Bendall showroom at 95 Main Road or make an appointment (03) 384 5156

81 Cashmere Rd



Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058

26 April 3, 2014 Metropol

6 Super Green food, sourced from blue-green algae

or more

70% up to

Sizes 8-24




Spirulina is a 3.6 billion year old blue-green algae and has been consumed by humans since prehistoric times to fulfil their nutritional needs. New Zealand Health Food Spirulina is a rich whole food source for nourishment and immunity in a natural and vegetarian way.

6 Rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, phycocyanin & carotenoids 6 Good source of antioxidants 6 High in protein and iron-rich 6 Supports energy, immune function and weight loss 6 Highly bioavailable, easily digested




500 x $ 00 for 500mg Tablets

500g 50 for Powder

Stylish retail health shop with top quality products, best value prices & friendly, qualified staff

215 Wooldridge Road, Burnside, Christchurch Phone: 03 962 7883. Fax: 03 358 8039 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm & Sat 10am-4pm Email: Website:


the palms

By Lydia Truesdale

Edgy & timeless


his winter Max is embracing the brisk weather with fashions rich in luxurious materials. The new season palette uncovers the deep tones of army green, navy and grey with signature silhouettes for both edgy and timeless dressing. Dominating the winter fashions in store is a fine range of soft wool coats. The updated, seasonal staples bring contemporary appeal with effortless winter dressing. Accents of fur and military detailing are feminine and edgy; designs that include cashmere swing coats, long coats, fine-merino ponchos and luxe leather jackets. The pieces also team harmoniously well with other winter essentials on offer. A range of bold sweaters, cardigans, shirts and dresses uses clever draping in classic fits that appeal to an abundance of tastes and needs. “We stock timeless wardrobe essentials of outstanding quality and value mixed with key classic items that glance to the trends but have a signature Max twist,” says Emma Tate, Max Brand Manager. The Palms team of staff love to help style NZ women and enable them to feel confident and beautiful; and to create a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience that they can make their own. For more information and a peek at this season's gallery see

Flattering luxe looks

for curvy girls


lobal fashion house City Chic deliver leading and cleverly crafted plus size designs so curvier women can too have fun with fashion. Trends for this autumn/winter enchant with sophisticated lines and contemporary prints. “Our customers live for fashion; they have outgoing personalities and hectic but fun lifestyles so they like to dress to the occasion,” they say. City Chic's design team travel regularly to global fashion states New York and Paris to draw inspiration from the latest luxe looks. They then translate these looks into practical, 14+ size designs that cater specifically to the Australasian market. The careful draping and skilful structuring of the garments produce enticingly streamlined silhouettes, offering curvaceous women a destination to experiment with new looks and, essentially, find the garments that are right for them. For day and night, party and casual, City Chic brings an abundance of styles. New designs arrive in store weekly, including peplum tops and sleeved tops, occasion dresses, maxi dresses, sleeved dresses and swing dresses, to keep customers looking a

la mode during the cooler weather. These pieces mix with fine wool coats, shrugs and knitwear, as well as leather jackets and trench coats for the ultimate winter wardrobe. Customers can also warm up with this season's funky selection of pants, leggings, jeans (including TDF denim for different body shapes) and even winter skirts. For those needing extra support or intimates there is a range of Shapewear and sexy fashion lingerie. And for a complete and finished look customers can browse the accessories in store that include belts and boots. City Chic at the Palms is open seven days a week. For more information visit

The Palms

Ph 385 8026 Metropol April 3, 2014 27

Special Day For that

Great selection of watches by



The Watchmakers


Barrington Phone 331 8131

Ph. 982 4883


Barrington Ph. 337 2337

Fantastic selection of designer glasses from brands such as

Oroton Humphreys Wowfactor Agatha Ruiz de Prada


50% OFF

Enjoy your FREE Limited Edition Celebration Spritzer (value $29.95) Orange Sweet scented.

+ Go in the draw to WIN a $500 gift basket of Absolute Essential products.

Last Day Sunday

Dress Ups, Crafts, Toys, Stationery and much more Barrington The Hub Hornby New Brighton Mall South City Centre

28 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Barrington Ph. 332 1730

Life Styles Plan your future ...

For all little misses...



À la carte menu available as well as all the treats in the cabinet, great coffee and we’re fully licensed.

Made in NZ

Barrington Phone 331 8131

Have a Savings Plan! BARRINGTON LEGAL CENTRE D.N. WILLIAMS LLB BARRISTER & SOLICITOR P.O. Box 33-165 Telephone (03) 337 9530 Barrington Facsimile (03) 332 9470 Christchurch, New Zealand Mobile (027) 2411 954 Email:

Ph. 377 7119 Barrington



Come join us at Cafe Mosaic Shop 21 Barrington

Ph. 03 337 3720

7 days - 7am till late

Read about far away Places...

Why not leave the accountancy to Tessa Ling, so you can concentrate on your business and try to get home on time!


Tessa Ling Tax Consultancy Limited


1st Floor Barrington Shopping Centre PO Box 33226, Christchurch Ph: 332 0008 Fax: 332 6881

Ph. 332 7997

mate Join nwoitjohinaing fee* pay

Making other people’s travel dreams become a reality...

ll reat. Be we g l e e F . it f Get Phone 03 331 7321 Free Phone 0800 864422 Barrington




Help our Children grow in confidence

Take Care of your wardrobe

Ph.03 3322868

Remember the joy in music & give this gift to a child

Professional cleaning service for all garments, from the one off designer piece to the everyday wear garment.

Barrington Ph.332 2033


Ph. 337-9412

Like us on facebook!

Ph. 377 3778 Barrington

Metropol MetropolMarch April 6, 3, 2014 2014 31 29


merivale fashion

New trend... ‘no foils, no limits’!


he team at Kudos Hairdressers, that busy contemporary, custom designed salon in the heart of Merivale, is very excited to be offering clients the latest in colour techniques - by Wella. “It's a new colour process where you can get different colour tones without them blending together without using foils,” says owner Michelle Farmer. “The catchphrase is 'no foils, no limits'. Anyone with a global colour can add another colour, and colours can be intermixed. You can get soft transitions, even of contrasting tones, for the newest looks.” It's the answer for those who want to be different. “Every hair colour is individually customised by your stylist, noone else can reproduce it,” Michelle explains. This is not all that's new in this popular busy salon. Kudos also stocks the new SP Luxeoil Collection. This take home treatment contains a blend of Argan oil, which is famed for its nourishing and cosmetic qualities, Almond oil, which has hydrating properties, and Jojoba oil, which is particularly beneficial for fragile and dry ends. The system works by protecting the hair's keratin. The range includes shampoo, restore mask, boost essence, light oil spray and reconstructive elixir. “It's lightweight and luxurious and is ideal for hair that needs extra attention. The


whole range is selling very well,” Michelle says. When it comes to trends and styling, the Kudos team keep up with all the latest. Colours for winter 2014 are warmer and coppers are making an appearance, which is to be expected as the temperatures drop, they say. But watch for new pastel colours lurking in the offing – baby pinks, violets and mint greens. “People are playing with colour so that's something to look forward to,” says senior stylist Carly. Stylewise, very short cuts are making a big comeback, with cute crops in classic pixie, gamin cuts for those who dare. Shoulder length bobs are also on trend. Overall, styling is more relaxed, with nothing too structured.

204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734

Karen Walker


Authentic Antique Furniture

“Anyone with a global colour can add another colour, and colours can be intermixed. You can get soft transitions, even of contrasting tones, for the newest looks. Every hair colour is individually customised by your stylist, no-one else can reproduce it.” “It's a natural, softer look. Think grunge glamour and a new version of boho, just like this winter's dress fashion,” the girls agree. For Michelle, her carefully selected, passionate team is one of the business's greatest assets. Well qualified and up with the latest trends and training, they cover all aspects of hair care. Carly, who arrived from the UK six months ago, has brought a wealth of knowledge on leading overseas trends and techniques. Michelle, Kerry, Leigh and Viv are all senior stylists, while Ashlea is about to sit her National Certificate and Robyn is now in her second year. Salon assistant Lauren completes the team. “Customers so often compliment us on the mixture of care and great results they receive at Kudos,” says Michelle. “That's thanks to this exceptional team.” Check them out and buy your product on and keep up with their latest news on facebook.

Perfect Easter gifts...

Inspired by a classic English beauty tonic, Rosewater is a deft distillation of the hundred-petal rose. Available in a variety of beautiful products. Also in store a delightful range of Easter gifts and soft toys.

Aikmans Road, Merivale phone 355 4228 30 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Merivale Mall

348 7342

By Majka Kaiser

merivale fashion


First year anniversary for

Merivale boutique


his month marks the one year anniversary of Merivale fashion boutique JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself). With anniversary celebrations in store kicking off tonight (Thursday, 3 April) at 5pm, JNBY welcomes all those wishing to join them for celebratory drinks and nibbles. It's the perfect opportunity to have a pre-weekend drink with your colleagues or girlfriends while perusing the latest arrivals from JNBY's Autumn 2014 collection.

This season promises a brand new colour palette anchored by the new black: navy, with winter whites to keep things light and bright, a range of tonal greys, and a beautiful palette of nudes, caramels and creams. Rich jewel tones also play a major role with emerald, boysenberry, burgundy, teal and toffee. JNBY's unique style takes its cue from traditional tailoring and fuses it with cutting edge contemporary twists and turns, creating a modern silhouette for the modern woman. Effortless elegance is synonymous with the JNBY aesthetic, allowing for ultimate comfort and confidence. Significant trends seen on catwalks around the globe from the haute couture fashion houses are mirrored in JNBY's latest collection with their own distinct flavour. This season girls are dipping into their boyfriends' wardrobes for inspired men's tailoring in the form of an impeccably cut blazer in midnight grey or black. A smart addition to your wardrobe, team this linen and cotton blazer with a lean pencil skirt and pumps for the 9-5 daily grind or pair with skinny jeans and flats for relaxed weekend chic. The oversized Boyfriend Shirt is carefree and easy-to-wear over skinny jeans and brogues for a decidedly androgynous look or wear with

Paolo Morielli Hair stylist

is back from Milan at


leggings and killer boots to make a confident, sexy statement. Relaxed yet tailored, the frontpleat chino with the button feature is man-style to a T. Pair with this season's Boyfriend Shirt, tucked in, with loafers for a preppy look or team with high heeled ankle boots for a feminine touch. Fashion's love affair with leather returns with a modern jacket in luxuriously soft lambskin. This collarless zipped style in nude leather and dusty grey knit panelling is both edgy and feminine. Just as easily teamed with knitwear and jeans, as it is with ladylike dresses in neutral hues. Round up your colleagues, Facebook your girlfriends and join owner Vivien and her friendly team for a glass of wine and nibbles this evening and start planning your new look for the new season. Simply email Vivien at or call 355 4012 with your number of guests attending. Visit the Christchurch flagship JNBY store on 205 Papanui Road six days a week. Pop on over to their blog at for up-to-theminute fashion and beauty tips and join them on Facebook ( to be the first to hear about fashion events, special promotions, and new arrivals.

State of the art dental care


Be nice to your nails Brighten up your Mother’s Nails


30% off

Gorgeous colours! Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic

First Haircut

Gel Shona Ferguson, Tracy Tripp, David Walsh and Wendy Willetts

Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987)

Hygienist: Ms. Shona Ferguson

Go onto facebook to view my recent fashion show assignments in Milan, New York, Paris & London Facebook: PM artist Hair stylist

184 Papanui Rd Merivale p355 0375 m021 0661974

RDH (Scotland 1998)

New clients are always welcome.


DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall Ph: 03 355 8297


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863 Now Open on Sundays Metropol April 3, 2014 31

Perfect ONE STOP SHOP for Flowers & Gifts Love good teas? You are in good hands. We’re all about teas!

Where Memories are made... Come in to Church Corner Mall Ph. 03 982 4211

South City Flowers South City Centre 555 Colombo Street Ph. 961 8165

NEW STORE! South City Mall Ph. 943 5364


new arrivals


Mother’s Day Beautiful Gifts for your Mum...

Lydia $139.95

_ Artificial Nails _ Shellac Nails _Manicure _ Deluxe Spa Pedicure P. 03 366 9860 555 Colombo St. Shop 19, South City Centre

32 April 3, 2014 Metropol

For your Mum this Mother’s Day a large selection of divine jewellery, gifts & home accessories to choose from. In store now

Linda $139.95

Find us on facebook

South City

Ph. 03 379 7473

Like us on Facebook

By Wendy Dunlop



In full bloom


entral City Flowers in the heart of South City Mall consistently provides an eye catching display of flowers and gifts for discerning customers looking for quality and variety.

Owner and Master Florist, Allan Jarden, opened his first shop when he was 21 and has been involved in the floristry business ever since. Together with full time international florists and part time staff, he says “at Central City Flowers we are all passionate about our work and enjoy the day to day contact with our customers with service that surprises and delights them.”

Light, bright and inviting, the shop is home to vivid bunches of cut flowers and staff with the skill and artistry to create bouquets and arrangements for corporate settings, weddings, sympathy, birthdays, special events or just because… If your business needs to portray a unique and professional image, then Central City Flowers has the expertise to do this for you. “We source beautiful fresh flowers both locally and throughout New Zealand and pride ourselves on offering exceptional quality, service and value,” says Allan. As well as providing stunning floristry for any occasion, Central City Flowers specialises in wedding floral arrangements that are designed with memories in mind. Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, colourful or delicate, you will find striking floral arrangements on the company's website. Alternatively, Allan and his team can design a beautiful bouquet to your specifications. People buy flowers for many reasons and sometimes for no reason at all! “New Zealand men are getting better at buying flowers, but many of our customers for last month's Valentine's Day were new residents from overseas countries where flower giving is much more prevalent,” says Allan. As well as a diverse range of fresh flowers, indoor plants such as cyclamens, orchids and anthuriums make an appealing living gift and

Central City Flowers has also diversified into other product lines for customers. There's a wonderful range of New Zealand made lotions, soaps and fragrances, beautiful vases, and pots and a nice selection of gifts and soft toys. “We also have gourmet hampers and gift baskets which are sourced from local and national producers and have proven very popular for special occasions too,” says Allan. Central City Flowers delivers locally and can arrange for flowers to be sent nationwide or internationally via the Interflora network. The shop is open seven days and welcomes enquiries in person or online at Always remember “Central City Flowers” where memories are made.

Light, bright and inviting, the shop is home to vivid bunches of cut flowers and staff with the skill and artistry to create bouquets and arrangements for corporate settings, weddings, sympathy, birthdays, special events or just because…

NZ’s most trusted Teeth Whitening Company BEFORE


First 10 bookings receive a Free Maintenance Kit worth $99

If you like vintage-style specs or glasses with a style twist then you need to visit

Groovy Glasses


Angel summer packs 1 Free Product




Look years younger Look healthier and more confident Suitable 16-100 years of age Painless, safe & with fantastic results Great for rejuvenating caps, crowns, veneers & fillings Removes tea, coffee, red wine & smoke stains instantly

Phone (03) 339 7374

Angel Provence Range. Natural & Original.

Optometrists & Stockists of Extraordinary Eyewear An award-winning practice sourcing unique styles for our unique Christchurch people. The Artwork, Workmanship & Sterilization are of the highest quality

10 Bath St ( Behind South City Mall)

Ph 3798747

94 B Riccarton Rd - Ph 341 1301 for an appointment

Open 7 days Metropol April 3, 2014 33

Easter Favorites

The Main Skein For the finest Handknitting Yarns, Baby Clothing & Gifts

Magic MERINO by Touch Yarns Available in stunning colours

Hat, Booties & Mittens

The ‘knitty gritty’ by Wendy Dunlop

Mackenzie 4ply Merino


1 2 3



Bush Inn Centre Ph. 341 6123


T Open 7 Days Bush Inn Centre Ph: 3486 899

Serious Skin Rejuvenation Specialised at

Skin Rejuvenation Pigmentation Red Veins & IPL Therapy (Intense Paulsed Light) SPL Technology Patented

White, Red, Blonde Grey, Brown & Black Hair

With every single IPL treatment booked in April/May you will receive a $50 Accent on NouVeau Gift Voucher.


Accent on Nou Veau HAIR




he boutique little draperies that once graced every town, city and suburb have almost become extinct, but visit The Main Skein in the Bush Inn Centre and you may be filled with nostalgia!

It's an Aladdin's Cave of wonderful wools, yarns, sewing cottons, buttons, bows, baby wear, needles, patterns, accessories and people who know their stock and their stuff. For almost 20 years Pam Steers has encouraged customers to develop their skills and creativity in wool crafts. She carefully selects a colourful range of wools including fine merino yarns, merino blended with possum or mohair, the luxury of cashmere silk and the softness of alpaca. Wherever possible, Pam sources New Zealand wools and her selection of knitting needles includes circular, bamboo, plastic-coated steel and the Knit Pro range of polished laminated Birchwood – the knitter's Rolls Royce! Whether you are a beginner looking for a first project or an experienced knitter looking for a new challenge, the team at The Main Skein will inspire you with ideas, techniques and knitted samples in-store. But in addition to the superior selection of knitting products, you will also find charming items that make practical gifts; beautiful scarves, novelty buttons, baby clothing by Plum, Linzi Bambini and Milk&Sugar and toys by Lily and George, Peter Rabbit and Teddytime. With loyalty cards and lay-by available, treat yourself to a 'knitty gritty' project this winter! Checkout the brands available online at or call into the store at the Bush Inn Centre where you will find a wealth of knowledge, genuine customer service and the pleasure of a gentle shopping experience. The Main Skein is currently collecting hand knitted beanies made of very soft yarns for children aged 2-15 who are undergoing cancer treatment.

New Year New Hair!

Mens Drycut $20 Ladies Drycut $23 Fabulous Haircuts for all ages

Don’t FORGET our LOYALTY CARD, every 6th Haircut is FREE!


We are OPEN 7 DAYS

Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rd P. 03 348 8910


34 April 3, 2014 Metropol

By Cheryl Colley



It’s all happening at Bush Inn


he Bush Inn Centre is a truly “happening place” - a shopping centre that caters for its community with all kinds of activities, retail specials and food delights.

Easter is only a couple of weeks away. To celebrate this season of family time and chocolate the Bush Inn is currently running a competition to win an Easter hamper full of goodies worth $500. Just spend a minimum of $20 somewhere in the centre on a single purchase to receive an entry form. Entries close on Sunday 13 April with the winner announced on Monday 14 April. School holidays follow on from Easter. As usual the Bush Inn Centre has a holiday activity especially for the kids. This time it's a “Paint a Picasso” competition with heaps of fantastic prizes and loads of fun with paint and crayons. Encourage your child to bring out their inner Picasso (or whichever other artist they want to emulate). It's just a gold coin donation to join in the fun. The proceeds will be donated to the Cholmondeley Children's Home. The St Albans' Art Society is having a display at the centre at the same time as the completion is running. They will be only too happy to give any budding young artists a bit of help and advice. Who knows what talents will be discovered? The adults are not forgotten either when it comes to competitions at the Bush Inn Centre. “Make a Date and Win” is aimed at encouraging people to meet in the warm, bright and inviting environment of the centre and to take a photo of themselves catching up and enjoying what's on offer. Upload the photo on to the centre's social media site – and be in to win an Acer Iconia tablet valued at $250. The photo must be taken either outside or within the centre and there is a limit of one entry per participant. As with all the Bush Inn Centre's competitions you can find details on their Facebook page and their web-site – When you're in the centre make sure you see the changes that are occurring and the new food outlets that have arrived. All about a Girl has branched out into a range of stunning shoes as well as its beautiful clothes; Garden City Florists has a lovely selection of wall art; The Nail Shop has everything you will need for your finger and toe nails; The Sushi Company outlet run by the owners of Spice Paragon opens at the end of April, while Cafe Moko, a contemporary new coffee lounge is set to open in early June. Which all goes to prove that the Bush Inn Centre is indeed a “happening place”.

School holidays follow on from Easter. As usual the Bush Inn Centre has a holiday activity especially for the kids. This time it's a “Paint a Picasso” competition with heaps of fantastic prizes and loads of fun with paint and crayons.

Muffin Break

Garden City Florist



Burger Fuel

Metropol April 3, 2014 35



Week of Winter Style... fashion, hair & beauty tips, trends, demos, seminars, one-on-one consultations...


ith its exciting selection of on trend fashion stores catering for every age, taste and budget Riccarton Westfield is the 'go to' place to discover all the latest looks for Winter Fashion 2014.

And to provide shoppers with much more than retail options, the mall is presenting a Week of Style. From 7 to 13 April it will host a week of all things fashion and beauty, showcasing all the trends for the rapidly approaching chilly season. To help shoppers get everything they need this winter, Westfield Riccarton is once again producing the exclusive offers booklet The Little Book of Big Offers. Pick this up when in the centre to take advantage of these bargains. This is no “let's watch the models from afar but never adopt it ourselves” occasion. Style Week 2014 is designed so that each and every one of us can pick up practical and personalised tips and ideas on how to adopt the latest look. “It will be a week of fashion, hair and beauty in an intimate setting where people can ask questions. It will be interactive, with sessions with stylists who are easy to approach,” promises mall marketing manager Anna Lambie. “It will be an exciting event. The mall will be abuzz with demonstrations, presentations and seminars on all the latest trends.” The centre of the action will be the special Style Lounge on Level One, while another more intimate setting will host mini hair and beauty workshops and seminars on specific trends. The week will be busy with a full

36 April 3, 2014 Metropol

programme of activities, with personal stylists Jackie O 'Fee (of TV fame) and local favourite Stephanie Rumble driving the action. On Monday Stephanie will hold 30-minute sessions in the Style Lounge entitled Winter Trend Watch. On Tuesday her intriguing topic will be 'How to buy an Essentials Wardrobe'. Jackie will be in the mall on Thursday, Friday and over the weekend for 15-minute personal consultations. Wednesday is Colours Day. Between 11am and 4pm customers can book a 20-minute session with a professional colour consultant to have their colour type assessed. At the end of each session, they will receive a colour fan valued at $45 plus a $20 gift card. Worth around $200, these sessions are just $50 and are certain to be in high demand. Spaces are limited and bookings are essential. To secure

your appointment book and pay at the Customer Service Desk in the mall by 8 April. With the wealth and variety of fashion tips for winter 2014 available throughout the week, many shoppers will make several visits to the mall to attend the seminars and sessions that take their fancy. The weekend will host special in store styling days at selected stores, accompanied by exclusive discounts.

This is no “let's watch the models from afar but never adopt it ourselves” occasion. Style Week 2014 is designed so that each and every one of us can pick up practical and personalised tips and ideas on how to adopt the latest look.

the colombo

By Lydia Truesdale

For mums, newborns & micro-fashionistas


GG may be renowned for its aristocratic palette of maternity wears, but the Colombo location now offers an extension of their vision, branching into kids' clothing, newborns' essentials and some nursery accessories. After moving into the Colombo the boutique now houses an edgy and fashionforward collection of kids' clothing by Sydney-based label Rock Your Baby (and Rock Your Kid). The mixture of dressy and everyday designs includes feminine, boyish and androgynous styles for boys and girls in up to a size eight. “Our range of kids' clothing moves the look away from cutesy and more towards micro-fashionista,” says owner Eneka Burroughs. Indeed Rock Your Baby's funky yet

practical aesthetics have not only garnered them a cult like following throughout Australasia but also the supreme award for Australasian Children Wear Label of the Year for 2013. Also new in store is a range of newborns' and nursery basics that count comfort as their leading aspect. Everything from swaddles, bibs, sleep sacks and merino bedding, to soft toys and contemporary accessories, like wall décor stickers and beanbag chairs by Lelbys are on offer. The assortment of additions to EGG at the Colombo has proven beneficial for many modern mums and dads who can now source so much more than maternity wear. EGG at the Colombo is open seven days a week. For more information visit



Shopping at

Large selection of delicious culinary delights available from Coopers & Co, The Colombo, 363 Colombo St, Sydenham. Ph. 365 2440.


Beautiful baby products instore. Available at EGG, The Colombo, 363 Colombo St. Ph. 3666 448.

2014 Winter Collection. Simona Tunic & Intrigue top available from Repertoire, The Colombo, Sydenham. Ph. 03 366 1200. The latest in casual fashion. Available at Stencil 363 Colombo St Sydenham. Ph. 03 374 6134.

Stunning makeup by Kryolan available now at The Sydenham Pharmacy, 359 Colombo St. Ph. 379 0008.


The COLOMBO 363 Colombo St Ph. 03 3666 448

Just Arrived in Store!

Specialitising in culinary delights...

coopers & co The Colombo 363 Colombo St

Ph 365 2440

The Colombo, 359 Colombo St Ph. 379 0008

Metropol April 3, 2014 37

welcome to


All about eyes... from examinations to eyewear accessories


olleston Eye examines a lot of eyes, but they are aware that sometimes it is the small items, such as a travel screwdriver for tightening tiny screws, or an exquisite chain to keep glasses from getting lost, that people really appreciate. It is this attention to detail and the inclusion of useful and innovative eye health products that set this practice apart. At Rolleston Eye the large range of eye care accessories includes environmentally friendly cleaning cloths for spectacles. The Optica Microfibre woven cloths remove smears from glasses and last for years. Single-use Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes are great to use in dusty workplaces. Other products include Sterilid for chronic blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), while a new addition to the accessory range is Hyloforte - preservative-free eye lubricant drops for persistent dry eyes and for contact lens wearers. These are the only eye drops that can be used for six months from the time of opening. To assist elderly people who struggle getting eye drops into their eyes Autodrop and Autosqueeze are unique aids that are available to try. At Rolleston Eye they offer comprehensive vision examinations, which include tests for clarity of sight, for eye health and for binocular co-ordination. Additional tests for children's vision development and learning are also a focus for the optometrist, Leesa Stuart. It is important to remember your Community Services Card when making vision examination times for children. Tracie Lucas provides a dedicated vision therapy service to children. She guides them through individual vision therapy programs for a good foundation in the visual skills used in reading and writing. For autumn Rolleston Eye are offering a $100 cash back draw on William Morris and Nike eyewear. The draw will take place at the

Like Viva La Moda

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4 Visit

NEW Season Outwear

Justine Quate (receptionist) and Tracie Lucas (manager/vision therapist)

For autumn Rolleston Eye are offering a $100 cash back draw on William Morris and Nike eyewear. The draw will take place at the end of June 2014.

end of June 2014. Both eyewear brands provide the colour, style and durability that men and women want; the Nike Flexon titanium frames also take the knocks from the workplace and bumps from enthusiastic children at home. Rolleston Eye is conveniently located at 41 Shelley Street, in the pharmacy building with ample parking and level entry for elderly and


disabled clients, all topped off by a friendly welcome from Justine at reception. You can phone for an appointment on 347 1667 and find out more at

A huge selection


Beautiful gifts instore

(Hat or gloves to match)

with any AW jacket, coat or vest. Sizes 3 month - 13 years

Shop 17, Rolleston Sq, 70 Rolleston Drive Rolleston, Christchurch Ph 03 347 1585 38 April 3, 2014 Metropol

FREE delivery in Rolleston

Rolleston Florist Shop 15, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Ph.03 347 1068

• Stunning range of quality fabrics • Curtains, blinds & upholstery • Make, supply and fit

817 Jones Rd, Rolleston 7677, over the railway line P/Fax 03 347 4295 Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm, Sat 9am-12pm

Lins’ Restaurant RELOCATED from Kilmore St (opposite Crown Plaza)


Westlink Asian Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake Street

Westlink Asian Shopping Centre

Asian delights


ike so many restaurants in Christchurch's inner city area, Lin's Restaurant in Kilmore Street was forced to close after the second earthquake in 2011. But owner Tony Lin is a driven man, and was determined to continue to produce the cuisine he found so popular there. Last year in June, Lin's re-opened in Westlink Asian Mall, in bright new premises, fresh décor, and with subtle changes to the menu. “We did a lot of 'yum cha',” he says, “but, there is a change in clientele, so we have adjusted. There are more 'international' customers, in the sense that visitors are from a broader ethnic spectrum. “So we followed a trend and we now, for example, provide a greater variety of seafood.” This makes sense, with a wonderful seafood outlet just through the backdoor and a part of the Westlink complex. Tony is pleased to have a variety of fresh sea bounty just on hand. He has set up tanks so that diners may select live lobster, New Zealand King Crab, and abalone. You cannot get your seafood fresher than that.

Now includes Japanese Cuisine Lin’s Tomoei Shop 11, West Link Mall 8-10 Brake St Upper Riccarton Ph. 348 9381

There are many favourites, and Tony singles out golden garlic prawns, crayfish, sashimi salmon, scampi, pan-fried abalone and tofu fish soup as being popular. Oddly enough, Tony's first restaurant was on the corner close by, and it is a little bit like coming home. But Christchurch has changed, and Tony has adapted. “There are more European diners who enjoy Asian cuisine,” he explains. This means that that he intersperses his menu line up with dishes that have a wide appeal, such as chicken, oven-grilled lamb and ginger spring onion venison. There is often a delicious AsianEuropean fusion which is a delight, whatever you prefer. There are many favourites, and Tony singles out golden garlic prawns, crayfish, sashimi salmon, scampi, pan-fried abalone and tofu fish soup as being popular. Consistency is important, and with five chefs on hand, this is a priority, “Not such a problem,” laughs Tony. “They

Quality fresh Seafood

seem to have followed me. In fact one of my chefs has been with me right from the beginning.” The layout is impressive. It is fresh and spacious, with a high ceiling and a wide bar. There is an outside area, ideal for warmer days, but well sealed from any inclement weather. Upstairs is another dining area which seats 100, and that is a perfect getaway for large office or corporate groups, and ideal for planned functions. This gives a total seating area of around 180. Open seven days, and busy at lunch and dinner, Tony Lin's is a bustling, happy establishment providing great food and excellent service. It is licensed, and has an excellent range of beverages, making it not just a dining destination, but a wonderful after work stop off for a glass of good wine and a snack with a difference.

NEW Range of Permanent Extensions Including the latest tape hair extensions INSTORE NOW!


HAIR EXTENSIONS Westlink Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake St (old Metro 10 building)

Ph. 348 7405 or 021 2800 529

Fabulous delicious Slices Blueberry & Strawberry Cakes $12 each

For a huge variety of foods & freshest of produce

for fresh top quality meat everyday

Green Tea, Tiramisu & Chocolate Cakes $12 each


Service & commitment to provide the best in seafood!

Seafood Sensational West Link Asian Brake St, Upper Riccarton

Ph.348 9381

Town Day Moon Butchery West Link Asian Mall Upper Riccarton Ph. 348 5138

Joyful Bakery West Link Asian Mall 9-10 Brake Street Phone 341 6603

Asian Town Supermarket West Link Asian Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake St Ph. 341 3283 Metropol April 3, 2014 39

in your kitchen


in your kitchen Enjoy with friends, before summer ends! Tohu Marlborough Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Bright and fresh, this wellbalanced wine is packed with aromas of citrus and passionfruit. Available at your favourite store. Ph 0800 223 922

An asset in any kitchen. Vitamix is perfect to create smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. Available at

Total Food Equipment Midway Moorhouse, 218 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 3666 912

real food, real good, real tasty.... MY DARLING LEMON TIME: RECIPES FROM MY REAL FOOD KITCHEN by Emma Galloway Successful New Zealand food writer, Emma Galloway learned to love fresh, healthy and delicious food growing up in a creative whole-food-loving family Check out Emma Galloway's blog at:

Melton Estate Pinot Gris 2012. A fantastic example of Pinot Gris. Aromatics of pear, rock melon and citrus with floral notes. The wine has a creamy palate, rich texture and good balance. $23 Available from

Melton Estate Weedons Ross Road, West Melton Christchurch. Ph. 03 347 4968 Orders online Delivery easily arranged.

Impress your guests and create a superb tasteful dish for your next special occasion. Choose Canter Valley Duck breast or legs to give your culinary creations a ‘wow’ factor. Just follow the easy to use recipes on the back of the packet or add your own twist. Enjoy!

Canter Valley Ph. 03 312 9805

Total Food Equipment

Argentinian Street Food Bringing you authentic recipes that sit at the heart of Argentina's cuisine, Argentinian Street Food is divided into chapters that focus on different aspects of Argentinian food and how best to recreate it at home. $36.99

Midway Moorhouse, 218 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 3666 912

113 Riccarton Road, 379 2882 or Re: Start Cashel Mall 377 8462

Beautifully oriental inspired dinner set with matching salt & pepper. Available at

Easter Bunny Brunch Sunday 20 April Hippity hop out of bed for our Easter Bunny Fun Day Join us from 10.45am for the children's egg hunt and activities followed by a buffet brunch at 11.30am in 50 Bistro Adults $45 - brunch and a glass of Nautilus sparkling wine Children (12 & under) $25 - bunch, egg hunt and activities BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL P: 371 0250 E: 40 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Scorpio Books





Bars & Cafés


cuisine & DINING OUT

A match made in foodie heaven RECIPE Jerk Regal Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa


almon and avocado - it's a match made in foodie heaven, providing a fabulous combination of colour, taste and most importantly health benefits. High in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is rich in vitamins including A, D and B. It also contains the all-important minerals of selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Research shows that regularly eating even a playing card-sized portion of salmon will help cardiovascular and eye health, boost brain power, ease chronic inflammation and help with muscle and tissue development. It's a natural anti-depressant and can lower the risks of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. And the health credentials of avocados are equally impressive. Renowned as one of world's healthiest and most nutritionally complete fruits, each green wonder is cholesterol free, packed with nutrients, and has balanced proportions of healthy fats, carbohydrate and protein. Interestingly they provide more potassium per 100grams than bananas and are the best fruit source of the all-important vitamin E. A veritable treasure trove of goodness, avocados have been linked to weight management, the prevention of strokes, the maintenance of a healthy heart and the promotion of eye health. Nadia Lim shares her mouth-watering jerk Regal Salmon and avocado mango recipe with Metropol – it's perfect for a delicious lunch or as a simple dinner party main…

Serves 4-5 Jerk Salmon 4 x 150g Regal Salmon fillets 3 tablespoons jerk marinade (see recipe below) Avocado Mango Salsa Flesh of 1 ripe mango, diced Flesh of 2 firm ripe avocados, diced 1 spring onion, finely sliced ½ red pepper, finely diced, about ¾ cup 3 tablespoons lime juice 1/3 cup roughly chopped coriander Method Heat oven to 220c and line oven tray with baking paper. 1. Place salmon fillets, skin-side-down on prepared tray. Spoon jerk marinade over flesh side of salmon and leave at room temp for 15 minutes. Bake in the oven until just cooked through, 6-8 minutes – the salmon should still be slightly pink in the middle. 2. Gently combine all salsa ingredients together and season to taste with salt. To serve, divide salmon between plates and spoon over some salsa. Serve with coconut rice on the side. Coconut rice Combine 2 cups long grain rice, 1 cup water, 2 cups coconut milk and a pinch of salt in a pot and bring to the boil. Once boiling, cover with a tight-fitting lid and reduce to lowest heat to cook for 15 minutes. Turn off heat and leave to steam, still covered, for a further 8 minutes. Do not lift lid during cooking. Jerk marinade Place 4 spring onions, chopped, 3 tablespoons chopped thyme, 1 inch ginger, peeled and chopped, 1 tablespoon ground allspice, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, juice of 2 limes, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 4 tablespoons oil, 2 large red chillies and 1 teaspoon salt in a food processor and blend until smooth. Makes ½ ¾ cup. Keeps in the fridge for up to 4-5 days. Recipe and photos courtesy of Regal Salmon and Nadia Lim. Regal Artisan Salmon Tartlets with Avocado Salsa

Regal Wood Roasted Salmon with Avocado & Tomato Salsa

4 Locations! Edgeware, Rolleston, Hamner Springs, Kaikoura Free Call 0508 111 001 Open Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner: 7 Days a Week from 5.00pm

Rolleston Shop No.8, 70-76 Rolleston Dr Rolleston Square

Ph 03 347 2315 Like us on facebook

Hamner Springs Shop 5/30 Cnr Conical Hill Rd & Chisholm Ave

Ph 03 315 7616

Edgeware Mall


76 Edgeware Road, Edgeware Mall, ChCh

17 Beach Road, Kaikoura

Ph 03 366 7223

Ph 03 319 6844

Order online at 10% Discount for Takeaways Metropol April 3, 2014 41




Cocktail Chef Breakfast, Italian style Mary's mixologist

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Mai Tai… The Mai Tai became such a popular cocktail in the 1950s and '60s, however in recent years, it has become a forgotten classic. Reportedly invented at the Trader Vic's restaurant in California, in 1944. "Maita'i" is the Tahitian word for "good". The Trader Vic story of its invention is that the Trader (Victor J. Bergeron) created it one afternoon for some friends who were visiting from Tahiti. One of those friends, Carrie Guild, tasted it and cried out: "Maita'i roa ae!" (Literally "very good!" figuratively "Out of this world! The Best!") — hence the name. Richard Uttley

How to make a Mai Tai


hen you experience DēLonghi's new high-end breakfast set you will immediately understand the veracity of the adage 'no one ever regretted buying quality'.

Glassware Highball or rocks glass? Your choice; personally I prefer a rocks glass, as you tend to drink a little quicker and this is one of my favourite cocktails. Glassware available from Total Food Equipment. Recipe 45ml Stolen White Rum 20ml Stolen Dark Rum 15ml Bols Triple Sec 15 ml Orgeat Syrup 15ml fresh lime juice Pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish Method Shake all ingredients except the dark rum together in a mixer with ice. Strain into glass and float the dark rum onto the top. Garnish and serve with a straw. Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

Distinguished by its Italian heritage and distinctive, innovative design, DēLonghi's Scultura collection comprises a single kettle and two toaster designs, both metal and both bristling with convenient and stylish features. Available from April, the new range delivers a stylish and distinctive breakfast in four colour ways – zinc white, bronze beige, steel grey and carbon black. Two and four slice Scultura toasters have a range of quality features wrapped in a strong metal body with a gloss finish and chrome details. The toasters deliver a powerful 1800 watts with progressive browning control, reheat, defrost, one-side bagel and cancel functions. The high lift levers ensure smaller slices are easily and safely accessible while removable, deep crumb trays help keep the machine safe, efficient and clean. The Scultura kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity in a gloss-finish metal body and is founded on quality stainless steel elements that are hidden in the base. Three-level safety protection comprises auto shut-off on both boiling and when the body is lifted from the base as well as thermal cut-off. An anti-scale filter reduces water impurities and is removable for washing and easy cleaning. DēLonghi's Scultura breakfast range kettle and two-slice toaster have an RRP of $199.99 while the four-slice toaster is $249.99. Mai Tai

The place to go... Great Coffee Delicious Food Stylish Surrounding

All day breakfast

NZ Café of the Year Regional Winner Available for private functions & catering for all events. Open hours 7am-9pm Mon-Fri, 8am-9pm Sat, Sun.

509 Papanui Road (Cnr Harewood Road)

Ph 03 982 1118 42 April 3, 2014 Metropol



Relax, enjoy & be treated

breakfast your style...


vening diners at any Coriander's restaurant get an unexpected treat. After finishing their starters, they are served a tiny spoon of mango or raspberry sorbet, fine dining style. “It prepares you for the main course to come and makes customers feel special,” says owner Amar deep Singh. “We know people come to dine after a busy day and want to relax and enjoy their meal, so I encourage staff to give that kind of service.”

A huge menu of scrumptious Available for functions mouth-watering delights & dangerously good coffee NEW HOURS: Mon-Wed 7am-4pm Thurs 7am-8pm Fri 7am-8pm Sat 8.30am-8pm

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Whether you are dining at Coriander's Edgware, Rolleston, Hanmer or Kaikoura, you can expect dishes that are identical and of consistently good quality. “The food and the menus are exactly the same as they are run to a system,” says Amar.

112 Wrights Rd Addington Ph: 962 9629 Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

“We know people come to dine after a busy day and want to relax and enjoy their meal, so I encourage staff to give that kind of service.”

New Appetisers Beef Tataki & Tuna Tataki

He keeps a close eye on each venue and can pop into any of the kitchens at any time to check on the food prep and make sure the chefs are sticking to his exacting standards. He has also used the same suppliers since he opened his first restaurant in 2007, with all his meat coming from Peter Timbs, because he is “one of the best”. His chefs are consistent too, and have stayed with him since he started. “They have grown with me,” he says. The menu offers an extensive choice of vegetarian, lamb, and chicken dishes, each with a unique flavour. “We make all our own paneer, and have lots of vegetarian and vegetable dishes. When we started only about 10% of the dishes ordered were vegetarian. Now it's 30-35%,” Amar says. As well as the perennial favourite butter

chicken (the world's most popular Indian dish) Coriander's has its own signature dishes. Bombay Chicken, Lamb or Chicken Posht, Chicken do Payaza, and Fish Madras are all popular dishes created to exclusive recipes by Coriander's own chefs. Recently Coriander's ran a Grabone special and sold over 400. Amar has a message for those customers. “It's a good way to introduce them to my food. They'll be surprised at the great value and will spread the world on good food, restaurant and service. Give then great food and service and they come back,” he says. Amar enjoys his restaurants as much as his customers do. “Hospitality is the only profession where you can be that connected to people.” He wants to thank customers for their support. “It's the people's restaurant,” he says.

The restaurants are open for lunch and dinner, have a loyalty card, and offer a 10% discount for takeouts. You can order online and delivery is also available for some areas close to Edgeware. (see for details).


Shop 7 / 21 Humphreys Dr. Ferrymead Ph. 376 6000

Spanish Cuisine

NEW Barcelona Chef Tapas & Paella $55 Fridays 7.30pm Complimentary Sangria on arrival Bookings essential Botanic Gardens, 7 Rolleston Avenue Ph. 3792252 Metropol April 3, 2014 43



Slick café 1ST BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! DOUBLE Loyalty Points on take home beans

innovative & modern flavours


mart and sassy Procope Coffee House at 205 Fendalton Road has been open for a year.

Now well established in an award winning Athfield designed new building, it is quite a contrast from the cafe's charming and quirky original premises on Victoria Street which were 'munted' in the quake. “Our focus has changed since we moved here,” says director Jason Harris happily as we chat in the bright, busy cafe. “We are a real neighbourhood cafe here - there's not much else in the area. We get lots of locals yesterday we had a group of 30 mums from Medbury School. Our upstairs area is perfect for large groups and business meetings.” Jason introduced a few changes when he opened the new cafe. The new loyalty scheme is proving popular and now has almost 1,000 members. A step up from the usual cardboard stampable card, it's a credit card sized plastic number that can be swiped to gain credits or be loaded with cash. Also new is a lunch menu that joins the allday breakfast menu. It changes seasonally but always offers favourites like the Steak Sandwich, Middle Eastern Lamb Salad, and Fish Cakes made with Akaroa smoked cod. But it's hard to look past the cabinet food. Most of it changes daily but cinnamon scrolls and the perky “eat me” gluten-free chocolate brownies, made by either Moira, or Jason who is also a pastry cook, are regulars. Rustic,

Join us on facebook

205 Fendalton Road Ph. 351 1488 Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm Sat-Sun 8.30am-4pm

Browsers Cafe & the backyard bar


crunchy muffins are baked daily to the chef's whim, as are scrumptious looking pies - some oval, with smooth glazed and rounded pastry lids, others topped with a delicate crumple of filo - savoury treats, salads, sandwiches, filled ficelles, and slices. Portions are generous, flavours innovative and modern, and there's a country-kitchen look about each offering. “All our food is super fresh, made in our kitchen daily and we always ensure we have glutenfree and vegetarian options,” Jason says. “We use local produce wherever possible.” That goes for the coffee too. Procope is proud is to use locally roasted Hummingbird Oomph as the house blend “because it is consistently good.” It sells Hummingbird beans too, from a funky specially designated area at the rear of the cafe. Six types of Hummingbird are stocked and they can be ground to order. “We sell a lot of beans so it is 'fresh as',” says Jason. Procope is licensed for beer and wine (another innovation with the move to Fendalton Rd) but as Jason explains. “We are a cafe first and foremost but now people have the choice to have a drink.” Loyal customers from the Victoria Street coffee house also pay regular visits to the new bright modern cafe and get a warm personal welcome from Jason. “They have supported us


Authentic Vietnamese Food

through all our earthquake issues and we wouldn't be here without them,” Jason says. They obviously know a great cafe is worth a trip across the city! Finally, fans of the old cafe in Victoria St have something to look forward to. Work is about to start on renovating the interior of this iconic building, with a reopening planned in a few months.

Serving finest ‘Union’ & ‘Ultimate Espresso’ coffee beans

ESPRESSO BAR A great way to start any day... Crafted coffee & delicious fare

Fully Licensed with Courtyard Try our delicious Traditional Crispy Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce

we are here till

11 MAY! th

Come & enjoy

Our fabulous ambience Great food, great wines Craft beer & cider on tap Live music Thurs & Fri nights Kitchen open lateThurs, Fri & Sat

Ph 348-7779

110A Riccarton Rd

44 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Delicious house made cabinet food Freshly baked onsite breads, scones, sweet muffins, ciabatta, brioche, breakfast muffins, bagels & pancakes

LUNCH SPECIAL 12-2PM $6- $9.50

15% OFF TAKEAWAYS Until end of April Dinner Menu available from 5pm

29-31 Main North Road, Papanui (Next to Rare Fare) Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat 8am-2pm

Richmond Village Fully licensed & BYO Ph.389 999 78

Text orders 021 277 6584 Follow us on Facebook IlMagroEspressoBar



e. Mon- Fri: 7.30am - 3pm Sat: 8am - 3pm Sun: 9am-3pm 186 Yaldhurst Rd Ph.342 4283


By Kayte John



Burger bar to open new ‘social lounge’



urgers and Beers Inc - the name says it all - if you want a great burger and a beer to wash it down with then you've come to the right place. The business has cemented itself in Christchurch's hospitality industry and become a favourite dining spot for many. Established by Andrew Brown (who is also the executive chef of The George Hotel) and his business partner Tama Haas, the duo saw a gap in the market for a place where people could enjoy a burger that is big in size and big in flavour. It was also important that the word processed would never be mentioned. “Everything served by us is sourced locally and additivefree. We know exactly where our product comes from and that's important to us. The menu reflects some classic flavour combinations as well as offering specials; we like to give our customers the chance to try something new. We also have a great lunch special for $10, which includes a burger, chips and soft drink,” Andrew says. With the wide range of craft beer on offer Andrew adds that people should be looking to

Fully licenced & BYO ( wine only) Open 11-3pm & 5pm-10pm everyday

match these beers with their burger. “People enjoy pairing wine with their meal so why wouldn't you pair your burger with a beer? We have cider to go with our Deliverance burger (pork and sage pattie with bacon, lettuce, aioli and fruit relish) and a dark ale to pair with the Shagged Stag (venison pattie with tamarillo and plum chutney, lettuce, beetroot and mustard mayo). It's a great way to experiment and have some fun.” The iconic burger venue has two locations in Sydenham and Cranford Street and is open from 11am till late, however exciting plans are starting to take place in Sydenham. “We know

“We know Burgers and Beers Inc appeals to all, with its quirky uncomplicated friendly approach to social dining, however, in the pursuit of universal harmony we have decided to indulge those that enjoy the finer things in life with a new social lounge next door on Colombo Street.” Burgers and Beers Inc appeals to all, with its quirky uncomplicated friendly approach to social dining where we strip back the formality and replace it with flavour and fun; however in the pursuit of universal harmony we have decided to indulge those that enjoy the finer things in life with a new social lounge next door on Colombo Street.” Andrew further adds that it's a space for real men and better women. “The lounge bar will offer a premium perspective on what we already do.” Not wanting to give too much away he reveals that it will be a reclined vibe with eclectic music mix and some serious cocktails. Fun and entertainment is on the menu and as for the name... Andrew's reply was, “Tell the night creatures to look out for the Dragon”. Burgers and Beers is located at 355 – 357 Colombo Street. Phone (03) 366 3339 and 478 Cranford Street phone (03) 354 3336

Available for functions & group booking Specialised set menu available Ph. 03 423 1976 283 Lincoln Rd Addington

NEW stunning Function/Dining area Now Upstairs!

Ideal for business lunches & dinners, business breakfast meetings. Available for small & large groups

Call Now to reserve your table 03 365 6066 290 Montreal St

elBulli 2005–2011

Fantastic Evening Menu, Coffee, Cabinet food

Great gifts Great Coffee...


Every recipe from the last seven years of the world’s most creative restaurant

Catering service available


Please enquire for details

Hours: Mon - Sat 6.30am - 9.00pm Sunday 6.30am - 6.00pm

café & gifts Rolleston Shopping Centre Rolleston Ph 347 3314 Open 7 Days


113 Riccarton Road, 379 2882 or Re: Start Cashel Mall 377 8462

Ph. 3588 490 45 Merrin Street Avonhead e.

NOW OPEN DAILY! Lunch & Dinner 4pm-9pm Call us today! NORTHWOOD SUPA CENTRE 548 MAIN NORTH RD PH 323 5420 Metropol April 3, 2014 45



Having no equal!


pice Paragon, in the Bush Inn Centre, is setting a standard hard to match. After dining here, you will certainly have something to measure all others against. Co-owner Bundit Kijpalakorn stresses that a meal at Spice Paragon is not just about eating; it is an experience to be savoured. Too often, ethnic food is altered in terms of ingredients and preparation techniques in an attempt to make it interesting to a wider variety of diners, and loses its individual nature in the process. Spice Paragon aims to replicate true Thai cuisine, using good fresh New Zealand beef, lamb, pork and fish, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables, but incorporating authentic Thai techniques, herbs and spices, to ensure you get the genuine article. The aim? A slice of real Thai cuisine in good old Christchurch, with a little culture thrown in. With the Bush Inn car park at your disposal, it is pleasant to be able to park right outside and just stroll in. The interior is surprisingly expansive, with a variety of seating arrangements. It is pleasant to enjoy a drink at the generously stocked bar – even a well presented cocktail – and then dine either in a central area, or, in warmer weather, in a section of the restaurant open to fresh air. There are secluded spots for a more intimate dining ambience, and areas for family gatherings or work group outings, which are separate from other diners.

Popular is a starter composed of sticky, crispy pork balls, feta cheese, roasted ground rice, kaffir lime, mint and chilli.

But it is the menu which is intriguing, and just reading the descriptions of dishes is a mouth-watering process. Popular is a starter composed of sticky, crispy pork balls, feta cheese, roasted ground rice, kaffir lime, mint and chilli. Try that one, if you cannot tear your thoughts away from the idea of roasted duck and fresh vegetables wrapped in

rice paper, and served with hoisin nuts sauce! Bundit extols the delights of Melting Beef Cheek, slow cooked with a delicious freshly made boiling creamy curry. Another great dish is the Spice Paragon signature melting beef rib with creamy sweet and sour coconut curry. Would you rather have the duck as a main? Well then, why not sample red curry of roasted duck with pineapples, rambutans, lychees and cherry tomatoes – truly a blend of exotic flavours. Desserts are just as alluring, with a mixture of cosmopolitan (New York style

cheesecake) and Thai fare such as green banana fritters served with plain palm sugar syrup and vanilla ice cream. It is pleasing to see that there is a similar range of options available for lunch – sample if you like, Pla Goong jumbo prawns, chilli prawn paste, lemongrass, kaffir lime, shallots and steamed rice. The food is delightful, the ambience intriguing and the service well–balanced, attentive, polite and understanding. With another Spice Paragon opening in Victoria Street we are all going to be spoilt for choice.



hachi hachi

a striking restaurant enjoy the finest of japanese food & ambience

Ph. 348 8418 Bush Inn Centre

1 COMPLIMENTARY DESSERT* Present this when ordering 4 or more main dishes with dinner Sun-Wed Valid until 31st March 14 * Terms & Conditions Apply

Bush Inn Centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rds

LOVE great food & coffee... Delicious full Menu Breakfast Lunch Cabinet food Large gluten free menu


(Next to Hunter Furniture)

Ph. 421 8921 46 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Open 7am-5pm




Join us every Thursday for Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm with live entertainment from 5-7pm

$6.00 Tap Beer & $6.00 House Wine & Complimentary snack food


Great coffee

218 Moorhouse Ave


Ph. 03 348 8881


Nominee: Best Nationwide Restaurants

Restaurant OPEN Tues - Thurs from 4pm Friday, Sat & Sun from 11am check our website for details

Pier Terminus Building, 195-213 Marine Parade, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493



Authentic Spanish cuisine... from tapas & paella to traditional a la carte


iverse and flavoursome, Spanish gastronomy ranks high in international cuisine stakes, and Cantabrians can now enjoy the quality of genuine Spanish cuisine they could expect in Barcelona. The Curator's House Restaurant in the Botanic Gardens has, thanks to the influence of owner Javier Garcia, always had a distinctive Spanish flavour. Now it is changing focus to the “strongly Spanish”, to become the city's premier (and only) truly authentic Spanish dining establishment (with the full involvement and endorsement of Pedro, whose eponymous Spanish restaurant was lost in the quakes). Javier and partner Jackie Garcia have flown new chef, Albert Alert, in directly from Barcelona. “He's giving every dish an authentic traditional foundation,” says Jackie. “Of course under Javier's guidance, the restaurant will maintain its tradition of using the very best of local ingredients, including produce from the house's fruit and vegetable garden, and adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability.” The menu has had a thorough makeover and offers a generous selection of traditional tapas. Standout dishes are Almejas a la marinera (Cloudy Bay clams), Langostinos al ajillo (garlic prawns) and Chorizos Garcia a la sidra (Javier's award winning homemade smoked paprika & pork shoulder chorizo

cooked in cider). New to the menu is Huevos estrellados con chorizo y jamon iberico. “This is a simple but splendid dish - broken eggs with fried potatoes, chorizo and Iberic ham. Albert says it is a favourite of the King of Spain, who goes to a special restaurant to order it,” says Jackie. Albert's dishes are based on the age old principles of slow cooking, richly flavoured Spanish sofrito and traditionally made stocks. One of his new creations is slow cooked venison. “It's a bit different to the usual Kiwi approach to venison, and had people raving when we served it as tapas recently,” says Jackie. Cordera Asado – slow roasted cooked high country Silere merino lamb that's the restaurant's signature dish still features on the menu. New to the dessert menu is Tarta de

Come down to


Santiago, a famous and traditional almond tart from northern Spain and Queso Manchego – that quintessentially Spanish sheep's milk cheese – served in traditional style with membrillo (quince paste). To celebrate two of the most famous dishes of Spain in typical joyous Spanish style, Fridays are Tapas and Paella Nights. Held in the heated courtyard and indoors if is cold, guests are greeted with a glass of Sangria and served a selection of tapas while they watch the chef preparing the paella in front of them. “People are seated at a communal table or can book a table of 10,” says Jackie. “It's a fun, informal night in a warm friendly environment.” It's $55 a head, starts at 7.30pm and numbers are limited so bookings are essential. The usual a la carte menu is still

Javier and partner Jackie Garcia have flown new chef, Albert Alert, in directly from Barcelona. Albert's dishes are based on the age old principles of slow cooking, richly flavoured Spanish sofrito and traditionally made stocks. available on Fridays. And as winter approaches, with open fires in every room, diners can be assured of being warm and cosy anywhere in this charming former homestead. Private and intimate rooms are available. The Curator's House is open seven days for lunch and dinner.



Check out our Tuesday Steak & Beer Night! “ Friendly Service with a Smile”

Enjoy a $15 Steak, Fries & your choice of salad or veggies with a pint of Tap Beer* or glass of House Wine

‘The Cronut’ (Donut/Croissant)

Wednesday $15 Burger & Beer Night!

Breads of Europe Bakehouse Shop


Call in or enquire 2 Flavell St, Heathcote Ph. 384 1124

Courtesy van is now available at the days & times listed (conditions apply) Thursday - Saturday Pickup: 4pm- 8pm, Drop off: 8pm-close Sunday Pickup: 2pm - 5pm Drop off:5pm -close

Phone 03 3481 124 to book

our courtesy van for a pickup or drop off

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm and Sat 9am-2pm Flavours include Baileys Irish Creme Cronut Vanilla Creme Cronut

Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048

Metropol April 3, 2014 47



By Wendy Dunlop

Travel for your tastebuds S

tep through the doors of Mercato and it's like taking your taste buds on a journey around the world! The essential ingredient market was established in 2004 to provide South Island chefs and home gourmets access to specialist local and imported ingredients of quality and diversity. With retail space, a, delicatessen, a café and a cooking school, Mercato is the place to buy and also the place to be. In a fusion of aromas, tastes and temptations, customers can recapture the holiday they remember and savour the dishes they enjoyed. “Travel has had a huge influence on New Zealanders' desire for cooking various cuisines with authenticity,” says Mercato's Director Ngaire Baker. Accordingly, Mercato's shelves brim with the best products to make your meals

special because “it's often the layers of taste and the finishing touches that make the difference.” A plethora of TV shows has also raised the profile of cooking and often brought customers through the doors of Mercato looking for a specific ingredient or advice on how to make a particular dish. “We have recipes at the counter and the staff are very knowledgeable. They will offer several ideas for using a product so that you get the most for your money,” says Ngaire. Alongside the variety of products, Mercato is also committed to provenance; where the products are from, how they are grown and the soil that has nurtured them. “Where they are grown influences the flavours, a factor that is inherently understood in the provincial cuisines of France, Spain and Italy,” says Ngaire. Mercato has a comprehensive selection of ingredients from France, Spain and Italy and the recipes from those countries also feature strongly in the classes of the Cooking School, “because their cuisines are generally healthy

and they use good simple ingredients that are full of flavour,” explains Ngaire. There has also been interest in Mercato's introduction of products and recipes from Mexico. Their foods are healthy, nutritious and increasingly popular with New Zealanders. Cooking classes are held on Saturdays and aim to make cooking inclusive and nonthreatening for all age groups and both men and women. People enrol in the classes for all sorts of reasons: because it's entertaining, they like the idea of a shared experience, they want to learn a specific technique, or they want to try particular dishes. “But we definitely don't aim to be a chef master class. We like to improve people's cooking repertoire, help them vary recipes with confidence, teach them techniques that can be applied to other things and have fun with food at the same time,” says Ngaire. Visit for information, but for absolute inspiration and taste bud timeout you have to go there! Located at 100 Fitzgerald Avenue phone (03) 377 6994.

Mercato has a comprehensive selection of ingredients from France, Spain and Italy and the recipes from those countries also feature strongly in the classes of the Cooking School.

Madam Kwong’s Chinese Restaurant Specialising in both Cantonese & Sichuan cuisines First class barbeque selection for dining in and takeaways Also offering yum cha service for lunch

Lunch 11am-2.30pm Dinner 5pm-10.30pm

Closed Wednesday

At the back of Caltex Petrol Station 155 Blenheim Rd Ph. 348 3638


RETAIL STORE Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

All NEW Menu!


Happy Hour: Wed-Sun 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5

Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Breakfast Lunch Dinner CAFE

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm

Ph. 03 377 6994

100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street 48 April 3, 2014 Metropol

P. 355 5299

7 Normans Rd

Hours: Mon-Tues 8am-3pm Wed-Sun 8am-10pm Available for functions

Sounds in the city Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There’s plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes…

Thursday 3 April

Beatstreet Café: Lizzie Cook Music, 7pm. Free blues, folk, jazz Dux Live: Nillionaires Club, 8pm. Breaks, broken beat, dnb Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Dougal Canard Trio, 6pm. Free jazz

Saturday 5 April

Mashina Lounge: Salsa Night, 8pm. Free Latin

Astro Lounge: Doc Sanchez, 6pm. Free Latin

Sullivans Irish Pub: Cody Spicer, 7:30pm. Free

Becks Alehouse: The Brothers Grimm, 9pm. Free blues, pop, rock

The Brewery: Vintage Blue, 7pm. Free blues

Carlton Bar: Smashbox, 10:30pm. Free

Friday 11 April

Pierside Café: Skint, 9pm. Free rock

CBD Bar: La Petite Manouche, 1pm. Free gypsy, jazz

Carlton Bar: Bubblemen, 10:30pm. Free pop, rock

gig guide metropol Thursday 10 April

Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Glen Wagstaff, 6pm. Free jazz

Astro Lounge: Kate Anastasiou, 5:30pm. Free blues, jazz, pop

Darkroom: Antipodes 6tet NZ Tour, 8pm. Indie, jazz

Mashina Lounge: Hostile Youth then DJ Paul McKesser, 9pm. Free

Clink Restaurant Bar: Free Fall, 9:30pm. Free

Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Dougal Canard Trio, 6pm. Free jazz

Sullivans Irish Pub: Headrush, 9:30pm. Free pop, rock

Cortado: Gin and Jazz, 8:30pm. Free jazz

The Brewery: King Tubs, 9pm. Free blues, funk, jazz

Mashina Lounge: Salsa Night, 8pm. Free Latin

The Twisted Hop: Tumbleweed, 7:30pm. Free country

Cowles Stadium: Dead End Derby Presents: Cops vs Robbers, 6:30pm. $12 pre, $15 door. Kids 5-12 years $5, family passes (2A, up to 3C) $30

Pierside Café: Pocket Aces (Duo) 9pm. Free blues, funk, reggae

Wunderbar: Candyland5: Revenge of the Easter Bunny, 9pm. $15 door, candyland

Sullivans Irish Pub: Cody Spicer, 7:30pm. Free acoustic, blues, indie The Miller Bar: Bobby Lee, 8pm. Free blues, pop, rock

Sunday 6 April

Friday 4 April

Dux Live: Husk Indigo Mountain Release Tour with Pieces Of Molly, 8pm. Free rock Finnegans: Karaoke and DJ with DJ Chick, 8pm. Free Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Blank Tony P, 6pm. Free Mashina Lounge: Shadow Puppet followed by DJ Maestro B, 9pm. Free

Belgian Beer Café Torenhof: Stella Sunday Session. Free blues, funk, hip hop

Phoenix Bar & Café: Karaoke, 9pm. Free karaoke

Alvarados: Matecito Latin band @ Alvarados, 8pm. Free Latin

CBD Bar: Le Group, 2pm. Free

Sullivans Irish Pub: Dateless and Desperate, 9:30pm. Free'

Astro Lounge: Kate Anastasiou, 5:30pm. Free blues, jazz, pop

Cortado: Sunday Arvo Sounds, 3pm. Free

The Brewery: Stomping Nick, 9pm. Free blues, roots

Carlton Bar: When In Vegas, 10:30pm. Free pop, rock Clink Restaurant Bar: Free Fall, 9:30pm. Free Cortado: Gin and Jazz, 8:30pm. Free jazz

Dux Live: The Sunday Underground, 8pm. Free indie, pop, rock

Tommy Changs: Aldous Harding Album Release Tour Opening Show! Free

Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Jen Turner, 3pm. Free jazz

Trevinos: Brothers Grimm, 9pm. Free pop, rock

The Brewery: La Petite Manouche, 1pm. Free gypsy, jazz

Saturday 12 April

Dux Live: The Original Late Set, midnight. Free dnb

Monday 7 April

Finnegans: Karaoke and DJ with DJ Chick, 8pm. Free

Pegasus Arms: Craic Sessions, 7pm. Free

Astro Lounge: Doc Sanchez, 6pm. Free Latin Becks Alehouse: Syndicate, 9pm. Free pop, rock CBD Bar: La Petite Manouche, 1pm. Free gypsy, jazz

Pierside Café: Quiz Night @ The Beach, 6:30pm. Free

Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Blank Tony P, 6pm. Free jazz

Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: King Tubs Duo, 6pm. Free jazz

Tuesday 8 April

Mashina Lounge: DJ Meatro B vs. Paul McKesser, 9pm. Free

Mashina Lounge: DJ Otis Swag followed by DJ DMC, 9pm. Free Pierside Café: The Chillers, 8:30pm. Free blues, pop, rock

Phoenix Bar & Café: Karaoke, 9pm. Free karaoke

CBS Arena: The Abba Show, 8pm. Pop, tribute show

Pierside Café: Beach Breaks, 8:30pm. Free blues, hip hop, house

Cortado: Toe Tapas Tuesday's! 8pm. Free blues, funk, jazz

Sullivans Irish Pub: Shameless Few, 9:30pm. Free

Cortado: Studio View Live, 8:30pm. Free

The Brewery: Jess Shanks, 4:30pm. Free folk, rock

Pegasus Arms: Mal Harris' Pub Quiz, 7pm. Free

The Brewery: Shayne King, 9pm. Free country, folk, rock

Wunderbar: Wunderbar Open Mic and Showcase, 7:30pm. Free afrobeat, blues, classical

Sunday 13 April

Sullivans Irish Pub: Shameless Few, 9:30pm. Free country, Irish, pop The Brewery: Stomping Nick, 4:30pm. Free blues, roots The Twisted Hop: Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, 7:30pm. Free country, folk, jazz

Cortado: Sunday Arvo Sounds, 3pm. Free Gustav's Kitchen and Wine Bar: Lisa Tui, 3pm. Free jazz

Sullivans Irish Pub: Willie, 7:30pm. Free


Trevinos: Acoustic Solution, 9pm. Free pop, rock

CBD Bar: Le Group, 2pm. Free

Wednesday 9 April




Restaurant & Bar


Great Food Great Service

This Month

The Vinyls - Sat April 5th Nightwatch - Sat April 12th Picking At The Remnants Sat April 19th Ignition - Sat April 26 Sample our delicious brunch menu & we’ll keep the little ones out of your hair with great entertainment for the kids! Delicious Brunch Menu available with a separate Kids Menu also Available

Kids Entertainment 10.30am-12.30pm

Find us on Facebook

69 Centaurus Rd, Cashmere, Christchurch Open 7 days Ph. (03) 337 2227

355 Colombo St, Sydenham Ph 03 366 3339 478 Cranford St Redwood Ph 354 3336

82 Rolleston Drive Rolleston

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 11am-12am Thurs-Sat 11am-3am

Ph. 347 4190

Join us on Facebook

Fantastic Outdoor Pool Table Join us on facebook

Open 7 days



23 Humphreys Drive P. 384 1326

Mon-Thurs 11am-12pm Fri-Sat 11am-1am Sun 11am-11pm Metropol April 3, 2014 49






Kitchens & Bathrooms


Character building

By Wendy Dunlop


wning a character home attracts people for several reasons; the architectural appeal of a particular era and a sense of history as well as factors such as cost, size and location. Older homes have their own story to tell and are part of the social fabric of our city. A good many older wooden homes withstood Christchurch's earthquakes remarkably well, but the loss of much architectural heritage has made such residences increasingly precious and correspondingly sought after. Some surviving old homes have also been relocated from their original sites. While this is infinitely better than losing them altogether, landmarks disappear and so does the history of that locality. A character home allows you to appreciate the heritage of the past while updating it to enjoy the comforts of today's lifestyle. But character homes often lack insulation, are poorly sited for sun or have an inconvenient room layout, so successfully reconfiguring it

50 April 3, 2014 Metropol

for modern living presents a dilemma for its owners. Renovating a home involves redecoration and repair while restoration painstakingly "returns" the property as closely as possible to original condition. Often there will be a compromise to retain traditional style while using modern materials for convenience and durability. Updating by renovation can be achieved sympathetically with careful use of interior colours and addressing the scale and proportions of alterations. Much damage has been done to old homes that have been “modernised� and although some alterations are well done, others can easily destroy the historic integrity of the building.

Restoration requires genuine authenticity. Original features and fittings may need to be restored or matched for continuity while other fittings that have long since disappeared may need to be replaced with replicas or recycled materials of the same style. For many owners, purchase of a character home brings with it a responsibility to maintain it without compromising the distinctive features of its style. This is best achieved by using the same cladding, windows and doors of the right era and adhering to particular roof lines and architectural shapes. Specific design features like verandas, fretwork, sash or leadlight windows, decorative fireplaces, ornate plaster mouldings, wood panelling and timber floors are often part of the initial attraction, while large rooms and high ceilings offer a lofty spaciousness that modern homes may not. The interior heritage of older homes is also important. It's a good idea to record a restoration in photographs, original plans (if available) or a sketched floor plan of the

A character home allows you to appreciate the heritage of the past while updating it to enjoy the comforts of today's lifestyle. probable layout and function of rooms, samples of old wallpapers, fabrics and carpets as well as notes about the property's history and its previous owners. Character homes are rarely low maintenance, so owners must always be prepared for more upkeep than a newer home requires. But romance is the X factor in the ownership of an older home. Most people fall in love with the character features of the property, or recognise its potential for enhancement. So own it with pride, update it sympathetically and preserve it with passion – you are the caretakers of our history.



Paint specialists & fashion design teams merge Championing impeccable style with the 2014 'United by Style' initiative


ulux is proud to reveal the results of the 2014 'United by Style' project that saw Australia's leading paint specialist partner with Australian fashion design teams Romance Was Born and Gorman to create four impeccably styled interiors that showcase the latest in fashion and interior trends. Drawing on the designer's 2014 Autumn Winter collections, Dulux's industry leading interior design team created room designs that demonstrate inspiring and trend-setting techniques to take fashion colours straight from the runway into the home, under the direction of Dulux Stylist Bree Leech. “The latest collections from Gorman and Romance Was Born embrace colour wholeheartedly, these rooms take their cues from that amazing use of colour and demonstrate how effective paint can be in creating mood and character in a space,” said Leech. With a focus on the girl from the land, Gorman's Autumn 2014 collection Winter Harvest offered prints in a range of magical symbols, winter vegetables and botanicals as a springboard for the Dulux interior named Harvest. Harvest champions moody paint colours that draw on the natural shades of the land and sea including Dulux Alliance, Dulux Golden Passionfruit, Dulux North Sea Blue and Dulux Ripening Grape. A sense of the handmade is conveyed

within the second Dulux interior space inspired by Winter Harvest named Talisman. A rustic bedhead, hand painted posts and macramé wall hangings hark back to mid-century design and play on the strong earthiness of the collection. Standout paint colours include Dulux Baby Tone, Dulux Witches Cauldron, Dulux Creed and Dulux Whitsunday Island. Romance Was Born's Autumn 2014 collection Dream On delivers the sense of whimsy and theatre we expect from the dynamic duo. The psychedelic and hyper-colourful nature of Dream On inspired a vibrant interior named Portal that showcases strong graphic lines contrasting against curved, organic-shaped furniture. Dominant paint colours Dulux Hot Lips, Dulux Funk and Dulux Tree Palm ignite the striking feature wall. Continuing to look retrospectively, flower power motifs from the Dream On collection motivated Dulux's interior design team to create a kitsch kitchen space named Flower Dreaming. Softer and more feminine paint colours such as Dulux Harvest Gold, Dulux Fuzzy Peach and Dulux Vivacious Violet generate a sweet style reminiscent of the era and Romance Was Born's designs.

A stunning selection of drapes & cushions to compliment your home...

FUNK up your furniture!

Do something different with beautiful bright colour. Enhance any home or interior with your exquisite pieces.


See the specialists in refinishing EXCITING COLOURS QUALITY FINISH


46 Mowbray St, Christchurch 365 2519

RECOVER YOUR LOVED FURNITURE No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Visit us online Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909 237 Brougham Street, Christchurch P. 371 7500

Watch us on CTV Let’s go Shopping 5.30pm Thursdays


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9

spolit for choice over 70 varieties of spring bulbs now in stock - scented hyacinths, scented freesias, daffodils, tulips, anemones, ranunculus, irises etc


Metropol April 3, 2014 51



By Cheryl Colley

A kaleidoscope of designer fabrics


he right window dressing can change the look of even the simplest of homes and make it beautiful and sophisticated. Textured materials and fabric coverings come in a myriad of different styles and colours giving you the opportunity to choose those that match your home's theme. To help you make that selection there is no better place to go than Curtains Galore, now located at Unit 2/1091 Ferry Road in the Tidal View complex. Owners Rosemary and Paul Bates have operated this specialist curtain and blind store for over 20 years. What they don't know about window treatments and fabrics simply isn't worth knowing. The large open store is an absolute kaleidoscope of fabric from all the well-known designers - and more besides. There are fabrics from James Dunlop, Maurice Kain, Ken Bimler, Charles Parsons and Warwick, to name just a few. There are sheers, plains and patterns - a design or a texture for everyone. Rosemary knows her stock intimately and has the skill and product expertise to advise customers on the right fabric for the room or rooms they want to dress, as well as on the type of track, rod or tie-back that will set the drapes off to perfection. “I get great pleasure from working with customers to achieve the look they want. It's extremely satisfying and I appreciate the great feedback I get on the suggestions I make.” There are blinds to choose from as well –

Curtains Galore offer a complete service – not only the choice of fabric or blinds, but the measuring, quoting, making and installing as well. wooden, roller, Venetian, vertical, honeycomb and sunscreens – absolutely every style and design you could think of. Piles of cushions fill the store's shelves because Curtains Galore has these for sale too for the crowning touch to a room. Bedrooms are catered for as well – Curtains Galore sell Ken Bimler bedspreads, or they can make up the fabric of your choice into a bedspread. So it's clear that Curtains Galore offer a

complete service – not only the choice of fabric or blinds, but the measuring, quoting, making and installing as well. This makes the whole process extremely stress-free and convenient for customers as they have only one organisation to deal with. Because Paul and Rosemary are the owners of Curtains Galore, customers can secure very competitive pricing directly from them and be assured of the very best quality as well. Paul prides


IT’S ALL ABOUT WINDOW DRESSING... Stylish, fresh & modern Call in and discuss your window furnishings with Paul and Rosemary. With 20 years in the industry, they have a lot of ideas and experience to help their clients make the right choice. Select from a large range of curtain and blind samples as well as tracks, cushions and accessories.

52 April 3, 2014 Metropol


Tid al V ie w

Entrance off Tidal View


Open Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm

ys hre mp Hu

1091 Ferry Rd Entrance off Tidal View Phone 384 7094

Curtains Galore Ferry

Tid al Vie w


himself on the accuracy of his measurements and on the perfection and care put into the final installation. “It's such a pleasure to see the finished product in a home,” says Paul. “The transformation of a room can be truly dramatic.” Curtains Galore's opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm. Phone 384 7094.

By Lydia Truesdale



Creating inspiring & aesthetically pleasing spaces


t leading interior design company, Niche Designs, their signature is creating engaging interiors that connect people with spaces. Designers Rosa and Hayley work with individuals to produce accommodating aesthetics tailored to specific needs and tastes, be it in commercial or residential spaces. Rosa The Christchurch based design company has dressed a vast array of homes and offices alike. They work with a range of textiles and themes and this, coupled with their diverse approach, enables them to address different jobs with a clear and creative vision, leaving clients with a customised, professional finish. Rosa is new to Niche, and her flair for dressing residential abodes harmonises with Hayley's eye for commercial style to offer a broad portfolio of skills. Their talents extend from interior and exterior colour schemes to kitchen design, furniture design, floor coverings, window dressings, wallpapers and accessories. Indeed providing the complete package makes for a cohesive and fluently finished space. Similarly, they note, another benefit of offering a full complement of services is providing an effortless and enjoyable experience where clients have little organising to do.


Their talents extend from interior and exterior colour schemes to kitchen design, furniture design, floor coverings, window dressings, wallpapers and accessories.

“Whether it be as large as a new build or as small as needing some cushions or accessories, no matter the job, it is done with a stylish and professional approach,” they say. A key principle they adhere to is taking the time to understand the space they're working with and, essentially, what its primary needs are. They use this aspiration to create transitional and liveable spaces that serve a purpose and allow people to relax into the environment.

Hailing from Canterbury, both Rosa and Hayley hone their knowledge of the unique landscape to visually recreate scenes that aesthetically complement the lifestyle. The simplistic, bold designs – inspired by the South Island's timeless beauty – create truly luxurious and inviting spaces. “I'm thrilled to be back in Canterbury and to be a part of Niche. It's an exciting time for this area and it's great to be part of the growth,” says Rosa.

Dressing contemporary homesteads and businesses alike with character and comfort, Rosa and Hayley's tasteful touch flows from the inside out, creating all-encompassing enjoyment. “We like to think we create an aesthetically pleasing space that offers an extension of the owner's and/or brand's personality.” To view some of Niche Designs' previous work – or for more information – visit Phone Rosa on 027 295 3226 for all enquiries.

Interior/exterior colour schemes Window dressings, feature wallpapers, Floor coverings Kitchen, furniture design & manufacture, Bathroom design

Ph. 027 295 3226 Image supplied from Unique Fabrics

I love coming home, the house smells so fresh...




Call now for a free quote!

Ph. 0800 535 355 Metropol April 3, 2014 53

By Wendy Dunlop

Creating masterpieces to order



ring in your ideas or a photo of the furniture you like and we'll see how we can do it,” says Rob Carter of Furniture Dimensions. With a long career in the industry and a love of craftsmanship, Rob can create masterpieces to order. Having created furniture for some of the city's leading interior design stores, he can accommodate a diverse range of styles from traditional to ultra contemporary including retro and art deco designs. Whether it is a sleek bespoke hall table, a retro styled coffee table or a made to measure console, when you want individuality, Rob is the man to see. All his furniture is custom


designed and custom made on site at his Sydenham premises and the skilful use of quality veneers, colours and finishes ensures your furniture is stylish and unique. In addition he makes a range of simple well priced units that can be painted to order and can produce well made vanity units, wardrobe doors, kitchen units and office furniture. “We can make items to suit all budgets and when you buy directly from the manufacturer you obviously save,” says Rob. Enquiries are welcomed at Furniture Dimensions 105 Coleridge St Sydenham, phone 366 7499 or visit


metropol new things

Retro school bags in a selection sizes and vibrant colours. Available at Simply NZ stores. Refer to advert below. Also at NZ Gift Store, ground level, Airport.

Our first ever sale! Up to 50% off clothing 33% off scarves. Lots of lovely stuff from our residential shop opposite Jellie Park, ET ELLE 312 Ilam Rd, Fendalton. Ph. 7411 577. Tricky to find but worth the effort!

Cushions available from our online shop

Custom made furniture by Furniture Dimensions. Ph. 366 7499

FURNITURE DIMENSIONS by Rob Carter When quality counts choose Peugeot Made in France.

Furniture designed

Custom made

105 Coleridge Street. ChCh P. 366-7499 F. 366-8384 Hrs: Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30 Sat 9am-1pm

Shop 37,Merivale Mall 189 Papanui Rd Ph.(03) 356 1469


french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545 54 April 3, 2014 Metropol

Handmade designer necklace, made in Israel. Available from french blue. 9a Normans Rd. Phone 355 7545.

Magamix Fp3150 food processor. Was $549 NOW only $440 (White only). Available from the homestore, Merivale Mall. Ph 356 1469.

Catalogue available to view range now in store at Perfect Presents, Avonhead Shopping Centre, Withells Rd. Ph. 358 9178.

Large selection of frames and prints to choose from at Windsor Gallery 3/1008 Ferry Rd. Ph. 366 0724.

Exquisite Mor Modern Apothecary available at Coco Gifts. 63 Rutland St, St Albans (opposite Rugby Park). Ph. 355 3336.

Aprons-13 styles $12 each. Ideal for cooking classes, gifts, home, gardening. Available from Clareview Linen Cnr Greers & Wairakei Rd. Ph. 0274 589 178.

Imprint designer tights, in a variety of patterns and colours. Available from Pinkerbelle, Cnr Barbadoes St and Edgeware Rd. Ph. 943 6633.


Swivel set as seen at the Ellerslie Flower Show - several colour options. End of Season SPECIAL *$995* View Home Ideas Centre, 37 Mandeville St. Ph 349 6778.

By Cheryl Colley

new things


Framed by the best


hey may have moved to different premises, but the excellence and quality of the framing at Windsor Gallery, the picture framing specialists, remains constant. The gallery is now in a great new location at 3/1008 Ferry Road in Ferrymead, opposite Mitre 10 Mega. Owner Philip Wynands and picture framer Dave Jennings have many years of experience in the picture framing business. Their skill is in their ability to enhance the look of any picture through the selection of the perfect frame. Philip says “We like to spend time with our customers to get that selection right – framing our customers can be proud of.” Philip's first job on leaving school was with Windsor Gallery at its original High Street location, where Dave also started his picture framing career. They are both very much part of the tradition and history of this gallery that has been in existence for more than a century, but still at the forefront of the latest trends in framing designs and

Party Items, perfect for any occasion

techniques. They now use only “wire cable” at the back of a frame rather than string. This helps a picture stay on a wall by reducing the amount of bounce in the event of an earthquake. Windsor Gallery offers professional framing services, original artworks and a comprehensive print selection, both in store and through their web-site Windsor Gallery's opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 10am – 1pm. Phone 366 0724.

PICTURE FRAMING Stylish Autumn fashion by

Expert Design service Latest Trends in Design Great Colour Selection Our Experience FRAMING YOU CAN BE PROUD OF Call in & see us today



Picture Framing Specialists


Cnr Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd

Like us on

Ph. 943 6633

Windsor Gallery Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm

63 Rutland St St Albans (opposite Rugby Park) Ph. 03 355 3336

3/1008 Ferry Road Ferrymead Phone 366 0724

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5pm Sat 10-1pm

As seen at the Ellerslie Flower Show For Something Unique... A statement piece. Unique China set embossed in beautiful gold, blue, red diamonds

Complimentary Gift Wrapping Garden Set

View Home Ideas Centre, 37 Mandeville St. Ph 349 6778

Avonhead Shopping Centre, Withells Rd Chch Ph. 03 358 9178 Hours: Late Night Thurs 9-7, Mon - Sat 9-6pm, Sun 10-4pm

Cnr Greers & Wairakei Rd Gwen Mitchell Ph. 0274 589 178 Email: Metropol April 3, 2014 55

By Cheryl Colley

New label for chic children & babies


aby Belle, the exquisitely-arranged store in the Cracroft Shopping Centre, is still the place for the discerning customer to find an extensive selection of quality baby gifts, but Deanne its owner is also diversifying. Deanne has always had an eye for distinctive merchandise and now she has introduced a range of merino clothing made in Wanaka for boys and girls up to four years old. It's called Suprino Bambino and is designed by Christina Perriam who grew up on the famous Bendigo Station. Suprino Bambino is created with the country or urban chic child and baby in mind. It's luxurious and supercute and steps outside the norm using rich deep colours, appliqués and “cool as” stripe combinations. Add a contemporary design kid's hat from the Toshi brand to the ensemble and your child will really start a fashion trend. To go with the cool happening clothes and to expand on the bold, hip and fun theme, Deanne also has a large range of See Kai Run shoes for children up to four years. These shoes are both sophisticated and classic with modern twists sprinkled throughout – and most importantly, they are healthy for developing feet. Coming soon to Baby Belle will be funky scooters and ride-ons for children up to four – and also expect new designs in Baby Belle's signature Merino Kids and Nurtured by Nature ranges. Baby Belle offers a loyalty club and a baby gift register. Phone 338 3334.


metropol new things

From the wide range of interesting decorative items just arrived at Mansfield Antiques, 118 Rugby St. Ph.355 1005.

The New Gazco Riva 2 670 gas fire, exclusive to Simply Heat home heating solutions. Ideal for retro fitting from $4125 plus fitting. 95 Byron Street, Sydenham. Phone 365 3685.

Paintings by Art Metro Students

Come in for a great coffee & taste our delicious food. Now taking enrollments for School Holiday Programmes starting Tuesday 22 April. For information call us at Art Metro. Phone 354 4438. 465 Papanui Road.

Latest children’s fashion from ‘Suprino Bambino’ 0-4yrs available now at Baby Belle. 150 Cashmere Rd. Ph. 338 3334.

Giraffe Cushion Cover. Available from

Fabulous new wall art in store now. Available at Presence. 290 Main North Rd. Ph. 354 4022.

Stunning New Stock Arriving Daily!


Bikes, Helmets & Gloves

150 Cashmere Rd

P. 338 3334

That’s what we do! Art Metro Art School & Cafe offers the following art courses:



Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm

If you’re not sure where to start... here is a street map. Moorhouse Ave

Carlyle St

Byron St

New Shipment of Antiques

Byron St

Gas fires, woodburners, heat pumps... for the largest choice of leading brands and fuel types... come on in.

It’s what we do!

Victorian Walnut Writing Desk and chair

Abstract; Airbrushing; Children’s Art; Drawing & Sketching; Watercolours; Oils & Acrylics; & more

Enroll now for our School Holiday Programmes Starting Tues 22 April 03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road

56 April 3, 2014 Metropol

290 Main North Rd

Gifts, Homewares & more Christchurch P. 354 4022

Rd am e lth ridg Waverb O

Fabulous Coffee & Amazing Art Tuition...

Inky Blue, Chocolate & White Cushion Cover

Brisbane St


Green Poppy Cushion Cover

Gasson St


PH. 03 365 3685 SHOWROOM 95 Byron Street, Sydenham Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 9am to 1pm

Mansfield Antiques M E R I VA L E

Mon-Sat 10.30-4.30

By Wendy Dunlop

avant garde


Little dash or big splash...colour is back!


hile neutrals never really go out of style, the big mover in home decorating in 2014 is colour, colour, colour! The injection of shades that sizzle, shimmer and reshape the atmosphere of a room, allow you to be as subtle as you like or as bold as you dare.

Quite possibly you already have a neutral backdrop, so it doesn't take much to add new colour trends into the various rooms of your home. Go for bold and embrace the reds, golds and earthy oranges that exude warmth and comfort, the citrus greens and Pacific blues that replicate forest and ocean, the bright pinks and purples that evoke fun and flamboyance or experiment with moody hues of plum, navy and even black. Or go with soft duck egg blue, spring green and sunbeam yellow that are restful and cheerful. Wallpaper is back in vogue with a vengeance! Nothing colours up a room more than an eye catching expanse of big, bright or metallic wallpaper shine. Try it in an entrance, on a wall of the lounge, a dining alcove or behind your bed. A bright funky rug makes a statement on the floor whether it's placed on the mellow glow of polished floorboards or brightens a plain single-tone carpet. Try a dramatic geometric pattern, a traditional Persian rug, or a bright square in super soft solution dyed nylon.

Go for bold and embrace the reds, golds and earthy oranges that exude warmth and comfort, the citrus greens and Pacific blues that replicate forest and ocean, the bright pinks and purples that evoke fun and flamboyance or experiment with moody hues of plum, navy and even black.

Cushions are an obvious and easy choice for highlighting colour, whether complementary or contrasting. You can put different patterns and styles together, cluster them along a couch, chaise or window seat or pile them on your bed, your bean bag or on a sun deck. Dress up your bedroom too with a popular new take on bed heads. Fixed to the wall in hotel style; padded, patterned, buttoned and very functional, choose a fabric that suits your

style and lean back in comfort. Replace plain bed covers with luxurious velvet or satin and upholster a bedroom chair in new season stripes, geometrics, modern florals or contemporary chintz. Accessories are an affordable option to change the colour palette overall or room by room. Invest in a new picture, re-frame your photos in colourful frames, buy a new lamp or lampshade and find colourful linen or a tablerunner. Display a single bowl of coloured glass, arrange a clutch of candles or show off a clock, a statue or collection. In the kitchen splash out on a brilliant splash back, some colour coordinated bench-top appliances or open shelves for your colourcoded table ware. Buy new towels for the bathroom or jazz the room up with jars, mirrors and matching robes. Little dash of it or big splash of it, it's the year for colouring up with flair and fun! Enjoy!


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B U I L D E R S “


Building with a difference

Contemporary style recaptures tradition By Wendy Dunlop


etting a contemporary home amid older traditional homes without compromising the appeal of either style takes real vision. But when the earthquake destroyed their beautiful 1927 brick home, Catherine and Michael HlavacConway took such care to rebuild in the traditional style they liked, they achieved a remarkably seamless fit. The Tomes Road site was designated TC3 and therefore required re-defined foundations and lighter cladding materials. Accordingly a linea board exterior was used and its style successfully replicated the weatherboard look of neighbouring properties. The north facing section was rather long and narrow, “but by building a new design and re-configuring the room layout, we were able to increase the living areas and have an additional bedroom” says Catherine. The two storey property was designed by Boyd Chamberlain, who recommended DJ Hewitt Builders to the owners. The company's bespoke homes often win awards and showcase the team's quality workmanship and consistent attention to detail. In fact, since first entering the House of the Year Awards in

1998, DJ Hewitt has received an award with every home they have entered and won over 50. Warm, light and spacious the house is designed to function as a practical family home. It took 6 months to finalise the design and gain consents and a year to build it, but the project proceeded without any problems and the family moved in on time. Comprising four bedrooms plus ensuite and main bathroom

upstairs, the ground floor accommodates open plan living areas, a large formal dining room and lounge overlooking the garden, a magnificent kitchen, ground floor guest bedroom and bathroom and internal access garaging. Outdoor terraces open effortlessly from the living spaces, creating inviting privacy for relaxation and entertaining among the mature plantings of their previous home. Inside, fireplaces, high ceilings, wide skirting boards and architraves and rich timber floors recapture the look and feel of a genuine heritage home. Interior colours were inspired by a favourite painting and sourced by Alex Goodyer of Kit and Caboodle, while feature wallpapers by Nina Campbell are exquisite and delicate. As well as creating architectural homes like Catherine and Michael's on a flat site, DJ Hewitt Builders also specialise in new architectural homes and rebuilds on the hill, helping people throughout the process from choosing a site to the final touches of selecting fittings and furniture. Their versatility and expertise is highly sought after for Christchurch's restorations and rebuilds and they welcome enquiries via their website or by appointment ph 384 7470.

Proud to support D.J. Hewitt Builders Ltd

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The lay of the land Cymon Allfrey

Architect Cymon Allfrey takes a look at the state of our land...


ike liquefaction becoming part of our regular vocab' in 2010, flood management has become a popular topic of conversation since recent flooding ground the city to a halt. Like liquefaction, flood management isn't a new concept, it is simply a term that we are now familiar, and in a sense, comfortable with as a result of the Canterbury Quakes. For a decade or more we have been talking about the impact of climate change, and whether you are in Al Gore's camp or a sceptic, you have to agree that we are going through a period of dramatic natural events and things are somewhat different than the past. So how do we adapt the way we tackle building design to deal with this? The answer is not simply 'green architecture'. While suitable for living a more energy efficient lifestyle, green architectural principles don't tackle the changes in the surrounding environment they simply deal with efficiency. With ninety percent of our country's population living within forty kilometres of the coastline, climate change and building for our environment should be at the forefront of our design decisions. It goes without saying that the seismic movement over the last three years has significantly changed our city, both above and below ground level. After the quakes, flood levels in some areas of the city went up, while others went down. This, coupled with bouts of

more dramatic and severe weather patterns, has meant our approach to flood management and weather extremes are changing. Set by Council engineers, the city's flood levels indicate a predicated rise in water level during a severe flood or storm. While the majority of the city is built to withstand a 1 in 50 year level, some areas of our city need to withstand up to a 1 in 200 year flood level. When it comes to climate change we are information poor. The data is too small to set criteria around building regulations, however it is time we asked ourselves if the minimum criteria for flood management is enough. It is now time to lift the bar. If our set flood levels are being exceeded more frequently then we need to be integrating this more cleverly into our design principles to ensure we are building with durability. Across the design and construction sector there have been some interesting discussions around finding a solution; many of which are unsophisticated in both their thinking and approach. The solution cannot be to simply 'bund' areas of the city to prevent water getting into them. This is a short-term fix with

associated problems, not a solution. Equally, elevating a building on 'stilts' creates a disconnect with the site and creates challenges around access. As designers, builders, engineers and homeowners, we need to be more proactive and aware in our thinking when it comes to understanding our building sites; and ensure we are designing and building as a response to the unique aspects of that site. Two years ago I designed a home in North Canterbury that needed to be able to withstand the natural elements. The home was finished seven months ago, just in time to live through one of the most extreme windstorms we have seen for some time. The bracing along an exposed edge of the home did its job and held the house up, but it reached its serviceable limit. It became a sacrificial element within months of being finished – it performed as it should have but now needs to be replaced to ensure the home will continue to perform to standard. We need to be comfortable with this notion of sacrificial elements across all aspects of home design. Ensuring our homes are

Photos: Emma Dyer

performing in extreme weathers, without the need for substantial repairs or rebuilds. Rather than bund the city, or have our homes grow legs, we need to embrace the climate change and determine as a design community what level of sacrifice is acceptable and design accordingly. While we have minimum standards in place to ensure we have a robust design and build process, we need to be asking whether this is enough. We need to be prepared to take risks and ensure our homes are being built to respond. Climate change is a reality; it must be a design consideration not just an ongoing debate between politicians and scientists.

Metropol April 3, 2014 59



By Interior Stylist and Wordsmith Majka Kaiser

Renovate for added functionality and comfort W

ith many Cantabrians undergoing EQC work or awaiting the eventual rebuild of their homes, this presents the ideal opportunity to rethink your needs regarding the two most important areas of the home. As the two key rooms in the home which are most utilised throughout our waking hours, kitchens and bathrooms require

Bathroom: Sandberg Wallpapers

careful forethought and planning to achieve the best results which suit your family's individual needs and habits. When reselling your property these two spaces are the ones, which will most likely make or break a sale and give added value to prospective buyers. My personal recommendation would be to spend more money on hiring the expertise of a professional designer, and spend less on materials. For a high functioning space, it takes the years of experience and knowledge, which will save you from making costly mistakes. Speaking with award winning kitchen designer Morgan Cronin, the design of the heart of the home cannot be underestimated. Not accounting for personal taste, there are many elements which are important considerations to bear in mind in the all important planning stages, before the design process begins. Cronin explains how light, layout, and views all play a part in assessing how best to use the space, and that a home's architectural features and furnishings often spark inspiration for the style of the design. Employing a professional will ensure the right questions are answered, giving you a functional space that you will love to cook and entertain in. Bathrooms are also another area that requires thoughtful planning to achieve ultimate results. The stresses of modern life have led to bathrooms becoming less of a basic grooming area to a relaxing and indulgent sanctuary in which you can retreat from the pressures of daily life. If you have a family, careful consideration must be given to the requirements needed for it to be practical for bathing children, without sacrificing style and still provide a calming oasis for adults. As with designing kitchens, bathrooms require meticulous planning in response to each household's unique lifestyle and habits. Award winning Christchurch architectural designer,

Kitchen: String System Emma Morris of ETERNODesign, highly recommends using the services of a professional, warning home owners that bathrooms - especially renovations - often have hidden costs which the client may be unaware of. “Always get a trusted builder to have a look at the existing wall linings and structure to make sure there are not any leaks or surprises,� Morris urges. For a directory of local and national interior designers and architects, visit or New Zealand Institute of Architects ( for valuable information from within the design industry.

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By Ellen Barnes



10 ways to add value to your home O Put a fresh coat of neutralcoloured paint on your interior walls, and you'll earn a 250 percent return on your investment, according to

ur homes are the biggest investment we'll ever make, and for many of us, updating and improving them has become a real passion. We pin this and blog that, fill our weekends with home store runs and DIY projects while saving diligently to outsource the bigger jobs to the pros.

Now that home values are back on the rise, Kiwis are again allotting serious money to home improvements and remodelling. But with so many potential projects crying out for attention around the house, it can be hard to know where to start-the outdated kitchen? The bare backyard? The shabby master bathroom? It helps to determine not only which projects will make you the happiest but also which will add the most value when it comes time for you to sell. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to add major value to your home: 1. Replace damaged wall cladding, windows and doors. These remain top of the list on Remodelling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report, which does the maths for you on which home improvements will bring you the biggest returns. HGTV reports: "It may not be glamorous, but replacing wall cladding is our No. 1 pick for home improvements that add value to your home." 2. Put a new roof over your head. Potential buyers will expect your roof to be in good shape. 3. Make a master ensuite. Plenty of today's homebuyers demand a master bedroom with

an ensuite, but because it can be one of the very most expensive revamps homeowners are warned to take certain considerations before going bananas creating a master suite. "Payback on a master suite addition depends more on how it compares with other houses on the block," says 4. Get a new front door. There's a lot of talk about a home's street appeal, and for good reason. Even more so than fresh landscaping, a new front door can do wonders to make a positive first impression on a homebuyer. 5. Create a home office. The number of Kiwis who work from home has surged in the past 10 years, meaning that home offices have greater appeal than ever.


Blocks up to 79% solar heat Cut glare by up to 93% Enjoy privacy Block up to 99% of damaging UV rays

6. Build a sunroom or screened in porch. A sunroom or screened-in porch brings the outdoors in and adds living space (bright, sunny living space!) that's accessible year round. It's estimated that a sunroom will repay nearly 49 percent of its investment cost when the home is resold. 7. Deck it out. Adding a deck to your home will give you just about the highest return on investment possible-bringing an average of 70 percent of your original investment. That's because a deck is the least expensive way to increase a home's living area. 8. Install new windows. By replacing old, leaky windows with energy-efficient ones you'll most certainly add resale value to your house.

9. Remodel your kitchen. By upgrading a kitchen's appliances, countertops, cabinets, and flooring, as much as 80 percent of an investment can be recovered. 10. Paint without personality. Put a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint on your interior walls, and you'll earn a 250 percent return on your investment, according to

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Thrill-a-minute driving experience W By Ben Selby

hile sitting at traffic lights, a young family began crossing the road in front of my test car when their son says: "Dad, that is the best car ever.�

Cell phone photos followed the stares and pointing from passersby before a green light signalled it was time to move off. This is the sort of reaction Exocet drivers get. Based on the first-generation Mazda MX5, the Exocet kit car takes the do-it-yourself concept and runs with it. The Exocet is a roadlegal, exo-skeletal kit car designed to thrill everyone. The kit will cost you $9999 plus GST. For this you get the chassis - which is custom-built to fit MX5 underpinnings - exterior panels, electrics and other knick-knacks required for assembly. Buyers choose from a range of colours and must supply a donor MX5 as a base for building theirs. No extensive mechanical skills are required to put an Exocet together. Resembling a deformed arachnid, the Exocet is all but subtle. No matter where you go, heads will turn.

62 April 3, 2014 Metropol

The MX5 five-speed box is a honey. A short throw from gear to gear with the same snick-snick precision as a bolt-action rifle. Getting in is far from elegant. Lift your legs up and over the chassis frame before plonking yourself into the seat. With your bum practically kissing the road, you can reach out and touch the asphalt - while stationary, of course. At motorway cruising speed all other cars seem enormous by comparison. Doing the legal limit surrounded by cars twice your size is not bad, but having two big rigs on either side of you can be daunting. All-round visibility is very good but the view from the inside rear view mirror is compromised by the extended roll bar. But most of the time you will be looking ahead, because the Exocet is no slouch. Like an eager Jack Russell, the Exocet darts off the line. The acceleration won't rearrange your fillings, but it's fast enough for most. Open

your mouth at 100km/h and prepare to eat whatever flies into it. The MX5 five-speed box is a honey. A short throw from gear to gear with the same snick-snick precision as a bolt-action rifle. Being hunkered down you feel every bump,

crest and pothole. With no power steering, every turn of the wheel gives you a direct response, like the car knows where to go before you do. Every corner is devoured at incredible speed. Left or right - it doesn't matter - the Exocet corners like a fly. More stick in mid bend and it hangs on for dear life, as do you. Unless you have a helmet and places to rest, driving a car with no roof, windows, doors or any other luxuries, can take its toll on you. The Exocet's good value, simple build process and the thrill-a-minute driving experience harks back to the essence of driving. There are no fripperies or additives to distract you when heading on to your favourite B-road. In an Exocet driving is all you want to do. Just remember to wear plenty of clothes and keep your mouth closed.

By Ben Selby

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Italian style versus Swedish... a head to head road test between the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Volvo V40


peaking to a friend recently, he declared that Swedish style is better than Italian. In his eyes, Italian design is over-styled and Swedish was more natural and simplistic. Both countries have a rich history in architecture and design which transcends into the cars they make, which brings us on to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Volvo V40 featured here. The Giulietta is a handsome so and so. It has been around for a few years now and still looks just as sexy. The trademark Alfa grill and curvaceous hips and beautifully sculptured head and taillights make for a true visual delight.

Both countries have a standard with climate Inside, the Italian ape rich history in control, rear parking sensors driving position is not as bad architecture and design and reversing camera. Rear as previous cars, allowing entry and exit can be you to get comfortable which transcends into compromised for taller folk quickly. Air con, USB and the cars they make. thanks to the swooping low Bluetooth connectivity are roofline. The entry level V40 all present. The lack of a D2 featured gets a 1.6 litre reversing camera and four cylinder diesel producing 84kW/270Nm compromised rear visibility does not bode well mated to a six speed automatic box. for a multi-story parking space. The Alfa's new At the wheel of the Alfa, you can tell it has 1.4-litre turbocharged Multiair four pot is a sparkle. Passion and amore come together honey which produces 125kW mated to either when you squeeze the accelerator. Add a pinch a six speed manual or – as featured in my test of torque steer and you're on your way. With car – a six speed TCT auto. the Multiair four pot we got up to speed The V40 style really emphasizes Swedish quicker than first expected. design. With neat angles and no clutter to Downshifts are crisp and precise but shift speak of; the clean lines of V40 are reminiscent back up again gives a slight delay. Driving of past Volvos, ie P1800ES. Inside, a slim dynamism and Alfa Romeo have gone hand in centre console features neatly grouped hand for years and the Multiair Giulietta is switches and buttons. The base V40 comes

The European Specialists EUROPEAN VEHICLES TO SUIT 2009 Audi R8 4.2 V8 Manual, NZ New vehicle with Full Service History, Two-tone Black/Ivory Sports interior, Graphite Sports Alloys, 6 Speed Manual, 4.2 V8 FSI, Quattro 4WD, Silver Side Panels, LED Lighting, Heated Seats, Factory CD/Stereo, Remote Locking, Climate Air, Multiple Airbags, Full Electrics etc. Very smart look!, one of the best value supercars on the market!.

NOW $119,995


business as usual. A gentle caress of elegant steering wheel and the direction is altered instantly. Like the Alfa, driving the Volvo is a pleasant experience. Plenty of low down power keeps you moving forward, but the Volvo is more at home at motorway cruising speed. What is remarkable is at 100km/h while ticking over at 1500 rpm, you are getting less than 4L/100km in places. The engine stop/start function can be a tad intrusive but this can be turned off at will. You can also select from three dial themes; elegance, eco and performance. At $47,990, the V40 is $7,000 more expensive than the Alfa - $36,990, but at the end of the day, you do get somewhat more car. Yes the Giulietta is a more entertaining drive and oozes charisma, but the Volvo is a better all-rounder and therefore, well worth the premium over the Alfa.


MERCEDES BENZ PORSCHE RANGE ROVER VOLKSWAGEN 2004 Bentley Continental GT 6.0 V12 Coupe, 552 HP 6.0 W12 Turbocharged, Full spec GT with factory 19 inch Alloys, Premuim Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Push Button Start, Command CD/Stereo/Phone/NZ Navigation, Breitling Console Clock, Piano wood Interior inlays, Multiple Airbags, Full Electrics etc. Understated class and performance, rarely available at this price!.

NOW $79,995 2006 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 SE Facelift Convertible, 2007 Model year vehicle first sold new in Brisbane 2007, Only 1 Owner from new and imported back into NZ by returning Kiwi, Only 61,000kms, Facelift model with revised Bumpers, Lights, Alloys etc, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Remote Locking, Factory CD/Stereo, ABS, Electric Softop etc. A great look in Black!, Great fun!.

NOW $21,995

2007 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI RS Convertible, Very individual Audi TT Convertible with additional RS Sports Options, Only 54,000kms, 19 inch WSP Italy Sports Alloys, Optional latest style HID/LED Lighting, Factory RS Sports Bodykit, Electric Soft-top, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, ABS/ESP, Multiple Airbags, Remote Locking, Climate Air, CD/Stereo/AUX, What a look!.

NOW $39,995

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By Damien O'Carroll, editor

Breaking the stereotype a people mover with decent handling & sensational looks


eople movers. Once upon a time buying one pretty much told the world that you had given up on the idea of fun and had fully embraced the idea of functional. They were a sensible mode of transport for people who, when asked what kind of car they drove answered with the colour. However, that has all changed in the last few years. That is not because people movers have become fresh and exciting, with fantastic dynamics and brilliant styling. Nope, people simply stopped buying them. So why is Citroen bothering with a new Picasso? Well, because it actually is very good to drive and looks brilliant... Citroen's local distributor Sime Darby are bringing the seven-seat Grand C4 Picasso in to the country in two different guises: the $42,990 Seduction and the $49,990 Intensive. Both come with Citroen's 110kW/370Nm 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder BlueHDi diesel engine hooked up to a six-speed automatic transmission. The Seduction model gets 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, along with LED daytime running lights, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite navigation, a reversing camera, dual-zone air conditioning, front fog lights with a cornering function, electrically adjustable heated and folding wing mirrors,

six airbags, a multi-function steering wheel and a 7-inch touch screen. The Intensive gets all that plus 18-inch alloy wheels, a 360-degrees top-down camera parking system, a parking assist system, halfleather seating, roof rails, rear sun blinds, a conversation mirror and hands-free access and start. Options include a panoramic glass roof ($1,500), a digital radio system ($500), a motorised tailgate, xenon headlights and a “Serenity pack” that includes adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning ($1,500 each - Intensive only). Climbing aboard the Picasso is an

Quality European Cars

experience similar to that of any number of people movers - open, spacious and with impressive visibility - but fire it up and get underway and there things depart from the stereotype, with the Picasso being eager, lithe and remarkably responsive. The diesel engine is a wonderfully strong and flexible unit, while the six-speed auto is fast and slick. The real surprise comes when you tip it into a corner though; here it is sharp and assured, betraying no sense of the size and height that is behind - and above - you. On the road the Picasso is remarkably quiet, impressively refined and blatantly comfortable, defying its surprising

competence in the corners. The interior layout is wonderfully quirky, but largely sensible - apart form a few obvious indicators to the Picasso's left hand drive origins. Outside the Picasso is remarkably handsome, sporting a modern take on the traditionally restricted people mover styling. The double-decked lights and split A-pillars are particularly effective at the front, with the latter also allowing for spectacular front visibility from the inside. The Grand C4 Picasso is a particularly impressive entrant into the people mover segment. Regardless of whether or not it is a segment worth entering into anymore...Still, if there are customers out there who want a people mover, then the Grand Picasso should have little trouble flushing them out. After all, it has all the features you could want in a people mover and then some. Plus it also comes with a number of important features not typically associated with the segment; decent handling and sensational looks.

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autoplus metropol

Creating quite a fuss...


hen I learned that Kia is pitching their new Cerato Koup Turbo against the wonderful Toyota GT86, I was surprised. So I had to have a 'go to see' what the fuss was about. Retailing at $42,490, the Cerato Koup TGDI SX is the third player in the Cerato range and retains much of stylist Peter Schreyer's handiwork first seen on the sedan and hatch, give or take a few sportier alterations. Its large pillar-less doors let you know right away of the car's intentions, while a lip boot spoiler, twin exhausts, diffuser, xenon headlights, new 18-inch alloy wheels and dual LED/foglamps offer some nice touches. Inside, the interior is almost identical to the regular hatch. While everything is nicely laid out and focused on the driver, the use of brighter materials would not go amiss. Levels of equipment are good. Keyless entry with

push-button-start, touch screen infotainment system with USB/iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, reversing camera, heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors and satellite navigation all come as standard. Under the bonnet, the 1.6-litre four cylinder TGDI engine produces 150kW at 6000rpm and 265Nm of torque while returning 8.0L/100km. A six-speed automatic takes pride of place instead of four. While a six-speed manual is available on indent order, the automatic will be the sole transmission available. Zero to 100km/h is claimed to be 7.4 seconds and the car is said to have a top speed of 222km/h. For both Australian and New Zealand markets, the 2014 Koup is lower by 10 millimetres and suspension has been tailored to suit local road conditions. Torsion rigidity has

Power really comes in between 2000 and 5500 rpm and brisk acceleration is great for passing those infernal lane-hoggers. been increased by 37 per cent over the previous Koup. An extra 50 millimetres added to the wheel base means head and legroom is just as generous as the sedan. Boot space has been increased for longer length and improved access. Through town, the Koup darts around. You can also choose from three modes of steering feel (Comfort, Normal and Sport). While it seems a bit unnecessary at first, using comfort mode helps when manoeuvring in and out of parking spots.

Being a coupe, rear visibility and rear threequarter vision could be better. However, in the great wide open, wringing its neck, it is fun. Quick shifts down and up are impressive, but a small portion of turbo lag hinders things a tad. Power really comes in between 2000 and 5500 rpm and brisk acceleration is great for passing those infernal lane-hoggers. Gripping well in the corners is good but the chassis is lacking in balance. A Toyota GT86 rival, this is not. The A-pillars get in the way during mid corner, but a big windscreen means plenty is to be seen straight ahead. Since its introduction in 2004, global sales of the Cerato have soared to more than 2.5 million, with the model accounting for 17 per cent of all Kia sales. However, while this is not quite a direct rival for the Toyota GT86 (it is more at home as a tourer) the new Koup Turbo is a well equipped and reasonably price coupe which is well worth a look.

Metropol April 3, 2014 65

metropol autoplus

By Damien O'Carroll, editor

Good looking, quick, massive fun! T

he WRX has always had the strong whiff of Boy Racer around it, much to Subaru's displeasure. That is why the new WRX is no longer two key things:

1. It is no longer an Imprezza and 2. It is no longer a raw, noisy, cheap-feeling performance-on-a-budget style of car. While the new WRX has the brutal performance to appeal to the same people who have always bought it, the way it delivers it and the package it is wrapped up in may well have what it takes to attract the attention of the sort of people Subaru hope will buy it. Coming in two guises, the WRX packs a 2.0litre turbocharged boxer engine that pokes out 197kW of power and 350Nm of torque, hooked up to either a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission with either six or eight-speed manual shift modes. The manual car will knock off the 0 to 100 sprint in 6.0 seconds, while the CVTequipped variant will do it in 6.3 seconds.

We actually seem to have finally discovered a car in which we could happily live with the CVT... check for airborne porcine creatures and the possibility that Satan has broken out his winter woolies...

The basic WRX comes standard with a reversing camera, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, a six-speaker, single CD audio system with an auxiliary jack and USB port, climate control air con, cruise control, a leather steering wheel with audio and cruise control buttons, a 4.3-inch colour LCD display with boost pressure gauge, self-levelling LED headlights, rear privacy glass, a sports body kit and 17-inch alloy wheels. The WRX Premium tops the range and adds automatic headlights, an electric sunroof, leather trim, an eight-way power adjustable driver's seat, keyless entry and start, satellite navigation, an eight-speaker Harmon-Kardon sound system and rain-sensing wipers to the basic spec.

The manual WRX costs $48,990, while the CVT-equipped version is $49,990. The WRX Premium is $53,990 for the manual and $54,990 for the CVT. A massively accomplished car at a remarkably good price, the Subaru WRX is still a Bang-foryour-Buck champion. It's just that you get a far more civilised package for your money now, as well as the searing performance. Massive fun, good looking, blisteringly quick and well equipped, the WRX is now capable of being a lot more things to a lot more people. The manual is still probably the enthusiastic driver's choice, but we will be buggered if the damn CVT isn't actually that far off the “fun” mark either. The manual mode (either six or eight speeds,

depending on whether you are in Sport or Sport Sharp mode) is slick and fast, while the continuous variability of it is actually, well, rather good. We actually seem to have finally discovered a car in which we could happily live with the CVT... check for airborne porcine creatures and the possibility that Satan has broken out his winter woolies... Whether the backwards hat brigade will stop buying it is far from certain, but the WRX is now a far more complete car, while still offering the same old wonderful ability to make passengers clench absolutely everything.


For all your VW needs come to the right people! Volkswagen & Audi Specialists Christchurch’s ONLY Trusted Volkswagen Specialist 65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733

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2011 AUDI Q7 S-LINE 3.OLtr Diesel, 60,000Kms Full Leather, Bluetooth Reverse Camera. $69,990

2007 BMW 120i 8 Air bags, Steptronic Automatic. $14,990

2006 BMW X3 M Sport Metallic Black 8 Air bags, Automatic, Memory seats. $27,990

2012 Toyota 86 6 Speed Manual, Bluetooth Audio System. $35,990

Ph. 366 5900 or 366 5931 564 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch

All vehicles available from NO DEPOSIT. (T.A.P) Trade-In welcome. ORC apply to unregistered vehicles

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n the luxury car stakes, three names stand proud and represent class, elegance and prestige: Mercedes- Benz, Audi and BMW. The embodiment of quality European motor-vehicles, the trio have impressed on-lookers and satisfied their discerning owners for many years. Bearing the name of the combustion engines founding father, Carl Benz, Mercedes-Benz has retained its mantle of sophistication as have BMW and Audi – all of whom bred iconic subbrands such as Mini, VW and Smart Cars. As owners of these automobile manufacturers will testify, a quality motorcar requires a quality service and repair company dedicated to serving the intricate needs of such vehicles. Kevin Burt Ltd, St. Asaph Street, have 38 years of experience servicing the European trio, not just in Christchurch but throughout New Zealand. Kevin Burt himself has even been sought to consult on an international basis due to his extensive knowledge and experience with these brands of motorcar, he says; “Without sounding too big-headed, I do have a fair amount of experience and knowledge on these

vehicles! Experience is something that just can't be taught and it can be a huge advantage when diagnosing and advising the client.” Although the auto-mechanics of today have a swathe of diagnostic equipment at their disposal, a solid background knowledge is essential to understand the complex, integrated computer systems on board today's elite European cars. Kevin and Maxine Burt, along with their staff, profess that owning the cars they service has helped their understanding of the vehicles and also better connects them to their customers. They also share the same contagious passion and pride as the very customers they serve. Older models of the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi stable are also welcome to receive the Kevin Burt treatment. Customers can rest

Older models of the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi stable are also welcome to receive the Kevin Burt treatment. Customers can rest assured they will be catered for with the exact same care and attention as their modern counterparts. assured they will be catered for with the exact same care and attention as their modern counterparts. The spacious St Asaph street location has plenty of off-street, on-premises parking as well as a tidy workshop based in the large, adjoining buildings. Each year, Kevin Burt Ltd is trusted by over 2000 clients to service their prestigious motor-vehicles. The personal experience mixed with a robust

Leading Edge Automotive Ltd. Call Now To Book:

knowledge on their chosen manufacturers makes the company the go-to for all Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi servicing and repairs. Stop by and see the team, if Kevin Burt himself isn't available, foreman Scott will most certainly be on-hand to talk you through the essentials. The team at Kevin Burt Ltd are available for all your vehicle servicing needs. Phone (03) 365 0531 or go to


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Leading Edge Automotive Ltd. Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

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Owners Kevin and Maxine

We have been in operation for over 30 years and are the original Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi Specialists in the South Island. This combined with experience, passion and personally owning these vehicles helps give peace of mind to our customers.

The following services are available: WOF repairs Suspension repairs Engine Reconditioning Pre Purchase appraisal Latest diagnostic equipment

Servicing – Lube and Tune Fuel Injection Auto-electrical Transmission Servicing Brake Servicing Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm


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