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20 March 2014

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13 April Sunday Event Centre Addington

h Christchurc 4pm 9:30am to



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2 March 20, 2014 Metropol

metropol - Canterbury Edition The Showcase Magazine for the Best

Issue 386 20 March 2014

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cover Glamorous. Sexy. Extravagant. This Lace and Tulle Stella York wedding dress features a close-fitting lace bodice that hugs the body down through the hips and then tulle gracefully flares out to the hem, bringing a visual balance of drama and glamour, and adding just the right mix of classic and chic. Clear crystal embellishments capture the brilliance of light, adding a hypnotic element of energy to your wedding day. The dramatic low back is finished with crystal buttons over a zipper closure. Style 5850. Price $2,195. Available from Wilkins Bridal.

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Frozen Yoghurt delights A wonderful Japanese dining experience A popular establishment Zombie food not sold here Award winning café food Use your noodle Summer’s bounty keeps kitchen busy

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4 Five Minutes with Allison Nicol

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Living with ‘Style’ in Christchurch

editor’s perspective In this issue of Metropol we include a large bridal section celebrating all things special about weddings. While we've pulled together a raft of information on everything from beauty tips, hair and makeup, to gown trends, wedding photography, transportation, catering and venue hire, we haven't mentioned much about love and marriage. Of course much has been written about love - it's one of those emotions essential in carrying us through the wild journey that is life. Much too is written about Angela Bennett, Editor marriage, and as soon as you announce your engagement it seems that everyone has a piece of advice for you, whether it's a heartfelt tip from a great-aunt about how to make your marriage succeed, to a tongue in cheek quip about your life being 'over'. I decided to find out what some of the best, worst and funniest advice newly-weds receive is. One guy said that his grandparents celebrated 62 years of marriage together before they passed away. “My grandfather always used to say that the secret to their long marriage was just two words: 'Yes, dear,'” He said that when they got married they agreed that she would make all the unimportant, everyday decisions and he would make all of the important decisions. “Would you believe in 62 years of marriage, not one important decision?” he said with a wink. Another couple said they were told the usual things like, “Never begin a sentence with 'You always…' or 'You never…' and 'Don't go to bed mad'”. After their first few arguments they agreed the latter was just plain awful advice. “We tried really hard for a really long time to not go to bed mad at each other, but staying awake until 3am trying to work out whatever was wrong just did way more damage to our marriage than was necessary. Sometimes taking a good 12 hours to cool off is far better for the marriage than hashing everything out before going to bed.” The same couple said they were advised not to have secrets between each other. But this is where Tom came unstuck. “There are things that should stay secret. Like the time I told Casey her neck was really strong because her head was so big, or the time I told her she didn't need a second plate of spaghetti. I guess it's just like I don't need to know all the weird things she and her girlfriends talk about – the key is having common sense about what should remain secret and what needs to be aired.” Fast forward a few years into a marriage and some people can get a little jaded; such is made evident in the quotes: “I married Miss Right. I just didn't know her first name was Always.” And “Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.” But there's some sage advice as well: “Always assume he/she is on your side, not against you,” “Don't stop holding hands,” “Weird inlaws get weirder over time – learn to live with it,” “Keep listening to those stories and laughing at those jokes; life is short, even if those stories aren't. Deal with it.” “Don't forget to laugh.” “Your kids come second. Your spouse was there before the kids and will be there after they move out. Work on that relationship first.” And “When you're having an argument, listen to understand; don't listen to find loopholes so you can win.” To all of you out there contemplating marriage, we hope you enjoy our wedding section and we wish you many, many happy years together.

Think about it… “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Inspired, Timeless, Elegant

ph 355 6065

290 Papanui Rd, Merivale

www. oneil . co. nz Metropol March 20, 2014 3

metropol Angela Bennett spends

five minutes with


llison Nicol, CEO Bone Marrow Cancer Trust, is a woman who has been on a burgeoning and successful mission in life since 1983 when her 11 year old son was diagnosed with leukaemia. She established the Child Cancer Foundation in Canterbury; was instrumental in the initiation of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Christchurch Hospital; was the driving force behind the building of Little and Big Ranui apartment facilities, and continues to assist in raising funds in support of the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust. Allison received the QSM in recognition of her work in this field. I caught up with this altruistic, resourceful and optimistic woman who has given so much to our community despite leaving school at the age of 14…

I have often wondered how many people have gifts that never come to fruition.

Big Ranui was opened in 2008 freehold at a cost of $7 million. How many accommodation apartments does this now provide for patients and their families? With both buildings we now have 26 selfcontained family units. These vary from 1 to 3 bedrooms, depending on the need of the family. Their stay varies from two days, with the longest being three years. It is not uncommon for a patient to be here for six months. How are the Ranui facilities funded? The running of the Ranui houses are funded by MOH funding (if patients are approved), donations, fundraising and grants.

What became your first priority and why? Getting my son Andrew well. The hospital didn't expect him to live.

When and why did this life changing experience spur you on to what has so far been over a 30 year mission? I saw a need and followed through on it. It has been the most amazing journey which I still really enjoy. Never in a million years did I

4 March 20, 2014 Metropol

dying because of this. The Bone Marrow Unit was opened freehold in 1991 at a cost of $1.75Million of which the Trust provided $1.1million. Land was also purchased freehold in 1991 for the accommodation facility. In 1993 Little Ranui, a 9 apartment accommodation facility was opened why was this necessary and who was it to cater for? It was necessary as in those days it was very common for BMT patients to be in Christchurch for 9-12 months and sometimes longer, family support is vital for all patients. The accommodation is available to all patients, however in those days BMT patients were given priority because of the shortage of accommodation.

It's a parent's worst nightmare – having a child diagnosed with cancer. How did you get through that challenge and what did you learn from the experience? I already had a relationship with the Lord. During this time I learnt how faithful God is and that I could trust Him. I also learnt to never give up no matter what you are told.

How is your son now? Andrew is fully recovered and hasn't looked back, gaining his PHD in 2012. He is married to a lovely young lady, they have four children. Andrew is a Presbyterian Minister in Christchurch.

Allison Nicol

realise I had the ability to speak in public, fundraise or to be the CEO of a multi-million dollar organisation. I have often wondered how many people have gifts that never come to fruition. You resigned from the Child Cancer Foundation to set up the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust (BMCT). What was the aim of that and what results did you achieve? The aim was to build a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Christchurch Hospital and an accommodation facility close by. There was not a unit in New Zealand and people were

How do you raise such large sums? The Trust has never used Fundraising or PR Consultants therefore the Trust has always been able to say that every dollar raised would be used for the project it was meant for. I believe this has been a major factor in our success whether it is approaching private individuals, corporates, service groups or Gaming Machine Trusts. All of whom have contributed to our projects along with major fundraising efforts carried out by the Trust. What advice would you give to supporters of someone with BMC?

Take care of yourself - Time out. If the patient is a child make sure you give the other children in the family your attention. Remember to take care of each other. Everyone is hurting in different ways. On a more personal note: What do you like to do in your spare time? Spending time with my family – I have four grandchildren. My church, reading and travel. What is your proudest achievement? My two sons, Andrew and David. What is one thing you would like to see in the “new” Christchurch? Action and accountability – I feel greatly concerned about the inability to move forward and the lack of accountability right across the board. Car park charges are too expensive, and will kill the inner city as they did before. If you could go back and tell your teenage self something, what would it be? Start saving at an early age. What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind “I shouldn't be doing this”? I was standing on the top of a 6 foot ladder (On a Sunday night) washing the walls of one of the apartments. As I came down I lost my balance, crashing to the floor, I broke my wrist. As I lay on the floor I noticed a sign on the ladder saying do not stand on the top! I was fortunate enough to be able to walk across the road to the emergency department. Which is your favourite café, bar or restaurant in Christchurch? Fiddlesticks, Bean Scene Café and the Coffee House. What are you like at parties? Now days very subdued. What's next on the wish list? At this stage I would like to think building our next accommodation facility on the land we purchased in 2010.

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Canterbury Fashion Beauty Week

30 April - 2 May 2014 winter collections. Tickets are on sale now for all events. The George Hotel Meet the Designer Charity Cocktail Party Wednesday 30 April 6.30pm - 8pm Cocktail: Glass of wine and canapés on arrival Venue: The George Hotel International fashion designer Annah Stretton will speak about New Business Trends and showcase her new season's fashion collection at this upmarket cocktail party, hosted by Denyse Saunders in support of Garden City Rotary Charitable Trust for the Look Good, Feel Good campaign supporting cancer patients. Tickets: $65 per person

Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Hotel, Ladies Lunch and Accessories Fashion Parade Thursday 1 May 12noon - 2pm Lunch: A glass of champagne on arrival and a threecourse lunch served Venue: Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Hotel A fabulous lunch and exclusive preview of new season's jewellery, scarves, hats and handbags from leading Canterbury designers. Gather your girlfriends and enjoy a glass of bubbles and lunch while models parade around the tables showing the latest accessories for winter fashion and demonstrations on how to wear them. Tickets: $75 per person.

The Tannery Canterbury Collections 2014 Friday 2 May 7.30pm till late Venue: The Tannery Featuring 22 leading Canterbury designers' and fashion retailers' winter collections in a visually innovative and exciting show like no other at the magnificent Tannery! Think angels, dancers, singers, acrobats and high wire acts interspersed with fabulous men's and women's fashion! A great event for your business associates as men and women alike will enjoy this evening of amazing entertainment. Dress: Men: Black tie or suit and tie: Ladies: Long gown or fashionable cocktail dress. There are a range of ticket options available from Gold VIP, Silver, Bronze and Pearl seating. $145 - $50 per ticket. For more information visit or


Harvest time on the Peninsula

Forget Master Chef and the Great Food Race when it comes to producing great food, Akaroa is the place to be! The third Akaroa Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday April 12, at the Akaroa Recreation Ground from 10am – 4pm; entry is free. There'll be the popular jam competition, entertainment from the Epic Entertainment girls, great music from talented locals and a classic cake auction to raise money for the Akaroa Hospital rebuild. Akaroa District Promotions Officer, Hollie Hollander, says the festival recognises and celebrates the Peninsula's reputation as a regional food bowl. “The diversity and variety of what we produce on the Peninsula is amazing. Not only do we have award-winning products like olive oil, wine, seafood and beef and lamb, cured meats and preserves and nuts we also have lots of food-related businesses adding value to our natural products. The Harvest Festival brings it all together; it's a wonderful celebration of food, innovation and creativity.” As well as 'old favourites' like Akaroa Lavender, hot lime pickle, seafood plucked from the

6 March 20, 2014 Metropol

harbour just hours before opening, French crepes and Barry's Bay cheeses, this year sees the introduction of a classic cake auction. The kitchens of renowned chefs Peter Gordon and Richard Till will produce masterpieces for the event, along with local chefs from Vangionis and the Akaroa Cooking School. The Akaroa Harvest Festival will be held at the Akaroa Recreation Ground.


More on Sumner’s village green...


In response to Sumner resident Tanya Michael's appeal, in the February 20 issue of Metropol, for the new village green to be retained on its present site, at the corner of Wakefield Avenue and Nayland Street, the secretary of the Sumner Community Centre, Viv Cotter, stresses the need for the earthquake-ruined Community Centre to be rebuilt on that site, while the village green could be situated close by: “Good sometimes comes from bad, and Sumner's village green is a shining example of this. However, it currently occupies the only site available for a new community centre, museum and library. A replacement building on the site was never in doubt because the previous buildings were insured, the delay being more about an acceptable, workable and affordable design. Sumner Community Centre is an accessible, viable and well-managed facility, still successfully functioning out of temporary premises, and it operates a unique model enabling charitable organisations the breadth of Christchurch to fundraise - to the tune of around $30,000 annually, at the same time keeping the community centre solvent. The new Sumner school hall is not a viable alternative due to its primary use, hire costs and poor acoustics. The optimal solution is for the Marine Tavern site to be cleverly engineered to enable a new village green to flourish in a prime, central, spacious and sunny position.” – Viv Cotter


High achievers at Ellerslie Two young florists from Hornby Florist achieved highly at the Ellerslie International Flower Show. Laura McKenzie was a double-gold recipient for her exhibit and the lighting, and runner up in the supreme award for Ellerslie with her entry “The Secret Garden”. Elese Candlish entered in the FLONZI Young Apprentice of the Year competition and achieved second place in the senior section. Lesley Sincock, owner of Hornby Florist said, “I believe these young ladies capture the very essence of Ellerslie, being able to showcase their special skills to achieve to the highest level of competition – skills developed from their flair and passion for the industry.” Lesley says Laura who has been employed at the florist for seven years is a truly gifted florist. “She has a passion for the arts, not only in flowers but in jewellery design and painting, to name but a few. She is very generous, sharing her knowledge with my junior staff willingly.” “We have re-created The Secret Garden in our shop window at The Hub, Hornby where it continues to receive a lot of interest.”

Elese Candlish, Laura McKenzie and Lesley Sincock – owner of Hornby Florist.

Laura McKenzie's 'The Secret Garden' which is now recreated in the window at Hornby Florist.

Elese Candlish creating a bouquet at Ellerslie.

Metropol March 20, 2014 7



Leading the way... in recognising the needs of today’s retirees


he Russley is the newest generation of retirement living facilities catering to retirees who demand far more than the oldschool villages. The two-storey, three bedroom Terrace Houses, are a sign of what the next generation are wanting. This group tends to embrace an active retirement, with many boomers planning a move to age-focussed communities while they still enjoy themselves instead of waiting until medically necessary.

Murchison Apartments The first block of apartments is complete with most units already occupied and residents enjoying the spacious units with large windows to capture the sun, together with the level of services they require. The attention to detail shown in the Murchison apartment complex is commented on daily by residents and visitors.

Rolleston Apartments Construction is now underway on the next stage of development which is a three-storey apartment block with underground parking due for completion early 2015. Already there is a lot of interest in these spacious units and some are already sold with a number of people not wanting to miss out and selecting the unit of their choice. What are the advantages of apartment living? You live in the comfort of your own home, but the necessary services are provided to your unit. This means that you can continue to retain your lifestyle and independence and enjoy having a little extra help. All apartments are elegantly fitted and heated for your comfort with heat pumps; underfloor heating in bathrooms and some units have gas fires. Contributing to the success of The Russley is the exceptional support from a dedicated team of staff who effortlessly strive to ensure all residents make the most of their life choices once they retire. If you're on the verge of retirement, or just entertaining the thought of it, a good place to start the planning process might be to visit the Russley and take a stroll around the award winning grounds where they will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For further information contact: Nola Lamb on phone 982 8280, or visit the village at 73 Roydvale Ave, Burnside, Christchurch.

Spacious show apartment now open for viewing. All units are elegantly tted and heated for your comfort. Viewing will impress!

Vege gardens provide food and fun

73 Roydvale Ave (just off Memorial Ave), Christchurch. 03 982 8280 | | 8 March 20, 2014 Metropol

New Apartment Complex Plans available for viewing

iPhone calls police if you can’t Top Stories reports: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent filing describing a unique mobile device feature that can automatically request assistance if it is determined that a user is in distress. Apple's patent application for “Mobile emergency attack and failsafe detection” covers a software and hardware implementation for an emergency services request system using the one thing almost everyone carries on a day-today basis: a smartphone. The filing describes a system that uses a mobile device's on-board sensors to detect a probable emergency situation, such as a physical attack against the user. The system can then automatically request help via cellphone call or other mode of communication. Read the full story at AppleInsider.


in the know


Perfect cheese, homemade Pulling together a flawless cheese board is a precise art, and once perfected, it can be utilised at a whole host of occasions! Mad Millie has an Artisan Cheese Kit that allows any old person (or young, for that matter) to make beautiful cheese from home. Soft, fresh cheeses (mozzarella, cream cheese, halloumi, feta and more) and hard, aged cheeses (cheddar, chesire etc) can all be made with this one, extremely easy to use kit. The Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit is available for $175 from


Discover Lake Rotoroa Lodge The Heritage Boutique Collection has welcomed Lake Rotoroa Lodge, the fourth South Island hotel to join the Collection. Lake Rotoroa Lodge is 90 minutes' drive or a short helicopter ride from Nelson and is set in the Nelson Lakes National Park at the northern tip of the Southern Alps. The luxury lodge's isolated and idyllic lake side location is surrounded by vast hectares of forest and offers guests stunning views over Lake Rotoroa to the towering peaks of the Travers Range. The two storey lodge was built in the

early 1920s in an Edwardian style with charming details of the Victorian era. For information visit


Eurail launches Mediterranean deals Eurail Pass travellers can now take advantage of the “Mediterranean Deals” promotion, adding one free travel day to the Italian One Country Pass and one free travel day to the Regional Passes France-Italy, France-Spain and Italy-Spain. The offer is valid for any variations of these products purchased until April 30, 2014. The French, Italian and Spanish railway companies offer an extensive and modern rail network, making travelling by train comfortable, relaxing and hassle free. Moreover, these Eurail Passes provide the traveller with the flexibility to choose from a selection of available travel days and dates, within a period of two months.

Eurail Passes are available from a worldwide network of Authorized General Sales Agents:


ER doctors, Google Glass & QR codes Shelly Palmer reports: A tech-savvy hospital in Boston developed a custom information-retrieval system for Google Glass, which lets ER doctors scan a QR code on the wall of each room to call up information about patients. Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, described the system in his blog: “In the Emergency Department, we've developed a prototype of a new information system using Google Glass, a high tech pair of glasses that includes a video camera, video screen, speaker, microphone, touch pad, and motion sensor. Here's how it works. When a clinician walks into an emergency department room, he or she looks at [a] bar code (a QR or Quick Response code) placed on the wall. Google Glass immediately recognizes the room and then the ED Dashboard sends information about the patient in that room to the glasses,

appearing in the clinician's field of vision.” Read the full story at Ars Technica.


Liquefaction from the past... Fresh research has found Christchurch has previously experienced liquefaction in an earthquake, most likely the 1869 Christchurch earthquake. The June 5, 1869 Christchurch earthquake of about magnitude 4.8 or larger, was centred under Addington and caused significant damage. Geologist Julius von Haast, who had lived in Canterbury since 1859, described the earthquake as the most severe he had ever felt in the region. University of Canterbury (UC) PhD researcher Sarah Bastin found evidence of historic liquefaction in Christchurch. She has discovered data showing liquefaction, indicating previous earthquakes in the region have repeatedly impacted the Christchurch area. ``The historical liquefaction aligns with recent liquefaction indicating the areas affected by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes are likely to be affected by more liquefaction in future events. ``Essentially, Christchurch can expect an earthquake that will cause liquefaction every 150 years. We do not expect this to be as large as the February 2011 event.

Photo: Sarah Bastin and student research assistant David Jacobson in a trench in the Christchurch suburb of Avondale. When rebuilding Christchurch we have to recognise that parts of the city are highly susceptible to liquefaction therefore must plan for this accordingly.

Kudos Range

Metropol March 20, 2014 9



By Hans Petrovic

City Chorus, world-standard


weet Adelines is the best way to describe the 110 members of the Christchurch City Chorus, who just love to get stuck into a catchy tune. Not to be confused with the Christchurch City Choir, which is more classically oriented, the Chorus is a member of a worldwide organisation of women barbershop singers known as Sweet Adelines International. Their music consists of four-part a cappella arrangements of popular ballads and upbeat songs, well-known show tunes and jazz. “I just love singing with them,” says Team Coordinator Kerry Stewart, who has been a member for four years. “It's fun, it keeps you fit physically and mentally, and you get top quality vocal tuition as well” Kerry is also proud of the fact that the Christchurch City Chorus is of world-standard. It's unbeaten in the New Zealand regional competition, and has represented this country internationally seven times, attending its first overseas competition in San Antonio in 1991. Last November, the chorus travelled to Honolulu for the international competition and was successful in gaining sixth place – their best-ever result. The Honolulu finals performance included the ballad, If Ever I Would Leave You a parody of Get Me to the Church on Time and a medley of classical music, Hooked on the Classics. Surprisingly, the chorus is so well known and admired overseas that it included

Assistant Director, Hazel Hay and Julie Farrant

Virginia Humphrey-Taylor (Director) and the Christchurch City Chorus - sixth place performance in the Sweet Adelines International competition in Honolulu, November 2013. Photo by Jahan Pitcorn Australian and British members, and one from Sweden, in the Honolulu contest. “They wanted to join us and compete along with us, so they learnt music from recordings and showmanship from videos, joined rehearsals by skype and, for many of the Australian members, came over for regular coaching weekends,” says Kerry. The Christchurch chorus was established in 1985 and from the original 12 members four are still performing, including the director, Virginia Humphrey-Taylor. Members range in age from 18 to 75. As well as competing, the chorus performs locally and produces at least one show each year. They have also performed for the

Christchurch City Mission, at the Edmonds Gardens and at the Waitangi Day celebrations in Kaiapoi. This June, the chorus will be putting on a show featuring the Sweet Adelines International champion quartet, Martini, who are touring New Zealand, teaching and promoting the barbershop art form. In 2015, they plan to travel to Auckland for the regional competition, and if successful, on to Las Vegas in 2016. One thing the chorus is always looking for is experienced women singers. Anyone interested in singing with the chorus should contact the director, Virginia Humphrey-Taylor on phone 338 1567.

Last November, the chorus travelled to Honolulu for the international competition and was successful in gaining sixth place – their best-ever result.

At the Honolulu semi-finals: Nicky McCaughan (Choreographer), Deborah Godman and Elizabeth Sexton.

Specialist tax input for your business... For personalised, friendly and practical tax advice, contact the tax team at Staples Rodway. Spencer and Mike are happy to work together with your other professional advisers to achieve complete business solutions Spencer Smith - Mike McDrury -

Spencer Smith Director Mike McDrury Senior Tax Manager

10 March 20, 2014 Metropol

314 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 Phone:03-343 0599

40 Years combined experience International network of Baker Tilly tax expertise Realistic fees



My Hair & Beauty salon opens Much to the delight of her clients, Wendy Philipse has opened her own salon after a 17-year career in hairdressing. The talented team at My Hair & Beauty and friends all gathered at the new salon at 388 Riccarton Road, Shop 4, Peerswick Mall to celebrate the occasion. There were specials, promotions, prizes and the opportunity to catch up with friends. See the full story on page 64.

Charles and Wendy Philipse (Owners)

Margaret Green, Kathy Jordan, Edith Dempsey

Emma Guinan, Param Rajput, Chisa Nagakura

Kathy Jordan, Karen Looyer, Barbara Maxwell, June Kenworthy

Felicia Whiu, Tracey Waho-Blayney, Diane Dehaan, Barbara Nicholson

Ati Vili, Vicky Jones, Derek Neill, Wendy Philipse (Owner)

Phil Alexander, Darren Crothers

Karen Looyer, Barbara Maxwell, June Kenworthy

Debbie Truesdale, Wendy Philipse, Kisa Kahi, Richard Trayer, Charles Philipse

Sue Yang, Wendy Philipse, Kathy Jordan, Chisa Nagakura, Kanta Kumar, Emma Guinan (Hair and Beauty Team)

Lorraine Blackwood, Marg Pearson

Paul and Pam Morgan

Pam Wallace, Trudy Longson, Sara Fenn

Sarah Crosswell (Loreal), Amy Lush (Loreal), Wendy Philipse (Owner), Charles Patts (Southern Salon Supplies)

Paul Rigden, Wendy Smith, Charles Philipse (Owner), Wendy Philipse (Owner), Travis Mills

Erin Brookman, Cameron McKenzie, Wendy Philipse (Owner), Jude Taylor, Param Rajput

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography - for copies email:

We’ll put a warm home at your fingertips...

Then test drive them before you choose the one that brings style, elegance and real warmth to your home.

It’s what we do! Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 9am to 1pm

Carlyle St

Byron St

Rd am e lth ridg Wa verb O

PH. 03 365 3685 SHOWROOM 95 Byron Street, Sydenham

Moorhouse Ave

Brisbane St

Come into our showroom, see New Zealand's largest selection of gas fires, wood burners and heat pumps. Hear our experienced sales staff describe their features and benefits.

Gasson St

These remote controllers will you give the warmth you want, from the heating appliance of your choice at Simply Heat.

Byron St

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Every man’s dream... By Lydia Truesdale


t's the cool combination of factors at Manscape that makes it so appealing as a men's grooming salon/21st Century barbers. It is without a doubt worth a visit. From the modern-meets-rustic interior to the full complement of services and perks on offer, this progressive 'MAN CAVE' is tailored to provide salon treatments to suit the requirements of all men. Manscape has been specialising in personal care and treatments for men of all ages for the past 10 years. The ever so welcoming team treat customers to personalised pampering in their new, purpose-built hide out. Indeed their customers are enjoying the services so much that they are not only returning but arriving early to appointments to utilise the many comforts on offer. Upstairs hides a fully kitted out waiting room/man cave with Sky TV, Play Station, magazines and newspapers. Customers can help themselves from the self-serve beer fridge to one of the



Manscape party Manscape, the men's grooming salon that has garnered a huge following, celebrated the opening of their new premises and their 10th anniversary recently. Having been forced to shift from Victoria Street by 'that' act of nature they moved to Moorhouse Ave and are now finally, and very happily, settled at 55 Sandyford Street in Sydenham. Loyal clients, friends and family all enjoyed the party and the chance to discover this irresistible 'man cave'.

selection of cold drinks on offer or order a fresh coffee while they wait for their appointment. Downstairs boasts a separate, equally enticing space where the manscaping takes place. The tranquil hair salon has impressive, lofty mirrors framed by rustic wood at each station and an individual backwash. They also have two private treatment rooms and a bathroom with a customer shower to allow customers to freshen up from the daily grind. We've stuck to our vision and we believe we've successfully created an environment for all men to relax in,” say owners Neil Chapman and Kaisa Pruler “We are proud that our customers are returning customers; men who know there's a place for them.” Manscape is open Monday through to Saturday and is located at 55 Sandyford Street, Sydenham, an iconic building in itself. For more information see or

Kaisa (Owner), John Mulholland, Kristine Kerr, Pete Erridge, Neil (owner)

Maris Jogeva, Kaisa (Manscape owner)

Kelly Dugan, Nick McMillan, Daniel Winchester

Ryno Huijsamer, Sven Bos, Rodger Wyatt

Chris Sheppard, Blake Johns, Charles Patts, Paul Burnett, Russell Johns

Holly Carran, Matt Henry

Manscape team + troopers

Mark Callaghan, Kerry Duncan

Band - Level 6

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography - for copies email:


2 b rely ed ava ro om ilab vil le la

Location, Luxury, Lifestyle.

Freedom to enjoy yourself and live life the way you choose Central to specialty shopping, social and leisure activities, we have available now 2 bedroom, beautifully refurnished homes, with all exterior and grounds maintenance done for you. View our new purpose built community centre which includes an indoor heated swimming pool spa, gymnasium, library, theatre and lounge room, dining and cafe area. This provides a fantastic venue for movie nights, concerts, indoor bowls, parties, exercise classes, plus so much more.

(03) 377 0227 55 Sandyford St, Sydenham Christchurch


Stephanie McEwin – Bathers III Oil on board, 910 x 910 mm framed

Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch 12 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Paeroa St

Brian McCracken – Beyond the gate, Lindis Acrylic on canvas, 1220 x 660 mm

Open 7 Days

Phone: 348 0064

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Heritage Christchurch - host hotel for The Food Show first event of 2104 on 4 to 6 April. Heritage Hotels and The Food Show have come together to create a nationwide accommodation partnership for all three of The Food Show events in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in 2014. “At Heritage Hotels we are all about the guest experience and quality dining is an important part of every guest stay,” says Graham Yan, chief executive of Heritage Hotel Management. Heritage and CityLife Hotels and the Heritage Boutique Collection properties will be exhibiting at each show and offering accommodation specials for visitors. The Food Show is in Christchurch over the weekend 4 to 6 April at the CBS Canterbury Arena. The show boasts the country's biggest selection of South Island food, drink and kitchen equipment. The Whirlpool Cooking Theatre will be offering world-class cooking demonstrations from Simon Gault, Ray McVinnie, Annabelle White, Julie Le Clerc, Nadia Lim and crowd favourite Peta Mathias. To book on line visit the Heritage website. Tickets to the show are additional and can be purchased on The Food Show website. Use the promo code FSC31 to receive a free Food Show bag with your ticket purchase. Like Heritage Hotels on Facebook to hear about further ticket giveaways, competitions and announcements.


Heritage Hotels & The Food Show


the great nz


bridal show the great nz bridal show addington

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Meet Bill Bill Herbison is the Principal of Pier Law and expert lawyer. Like the rest of Pier Law team, Bill will take a genuine interest in you and your particular circumstances, work with you to achieve your goals and help you take care of business.

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Taking Care of Business Property Sales & Purchases Mortgage Refinancing Business Sales & Purchases Family Trusts Wills & Estates Family Law Elder Law

Styx Mill Ph. 366 5540 New Brighton Ph. 388 1639 Kaiapoi Ph. 327 0590


FARO CHAISE LOUNGE by Violino Featuring a moveable back

WAS $5950 SAVE $1190

$4760 Metropol March 20, 2014 13



Vibrant Vietnam great value


“I f you are looking for a vibrant, culturally stimulating destination with delicious food, friendly people, white sandy beaches, great shopping and incredible value for money then Vietnam could be just the ticket for you.” Says Mel Lowen, Travel Specialist at House of Travel Ferrymead. She believes now is also a great time to go and sample Old World charm in this pocket of Asia, once part of the former French Indochina, before it gets too commercial.

Mel Lowen Explore historic cities such as Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi and stunning Hoi An which is a world heritage town on the river with shops selling lanterns, clothes and art work, (not to mention it's the home of great cooking classes). Get out on the Mekong Delta to sample village life or head out into Halong Bay on a traditional junk for an overnight trip exploring the world renowned limestone caves. Certainly the country has its own unique tastes and treasures when it comes to food such as 'Pho' a soupy noodle dish, fresh or fried spring rolls and crispy squid to name a few favourites. It's not unusual to enjoy a

14 March 20, 2014 Metropol

stunning meal out with a number of courses for around $20NZD. Planning when to go is very important due to the varying climate between North and South. They don't have an off season just wet and dry; and when one area is wet and humid another is dry and hot. The South has two seasons; the wet from May to November and dry from December to April, the hottest and most humid between February and May. The Central region is dry May to October and wet December to February, the North is wet and cool November to April and hot and dry May to October. So start in the north and head south, or vice versa. Average trip duration is anywhere from eight to fourteen days – longer if you want a beach break at a stunning beach resort in Nha Trang or Phu Quoc. Getting there is easy - Singapore Airlines being one of the most popular and most direct with services operating into Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang or Hanoi from Singapore. “I took a cash passport which is widely accepted at any of the ATM machines that take visa. It is best to carry USD cash with you and convert to dong on arrival at the Airport. USD is widely accepted and often preferred for purchases at the markets and even in shops and restaurants.

They will convert to USD if necessary but you need to have small denominations of dong for smaller purchases. Make sure you spend all your dong as you can't convert it once you leave the country. Bargaining is part of the culture so start honing those skills” advises Mel. Vietnam has a detailed history, especially the Vietnam War. “You cannot help but admire the people who have been through so much yet have a philosophy of 'not looking back but looking forward' says Mel who recommends a visit to the war museum in Ho Chi Minh as a “must” on any itinerary to fully appreciate the country and its determination for independence. “You can also support the locals by purchasing from the beautiful embroidery, ceramic and lacquer factories you will get the

Mel believes now is also a great time to go and sample Old World charm in this pocket of Asia, once part of the former French Indochina, before it gets too commercial. opportunity to visit over there. It certainly is a place I won't forget.” Contact the specialist, Mel Lowen at House of Travel Ferrymead on phone 376 4022 to find out more on this fabulous destination.

By Cheryl Colley



New purpose-built premises for eye clinic


here's a real air of excitement at the Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale. Established in 1997 this leading New Zealand provider of laser refractive eye surgery is about to start construction of a brand new purpose-built facility at its former location on the north-west corner of Papanui Rd and Heaton Street. “The city council consents are all finalised,” says Dr Ian Dallison, the surgeon and clinical director at Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale. “Now the building can start. The new premises will house both my ophthalmology practice and Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale. It will be wonderful to have all of our operation together on one site again. Our building was irreparably damaged in the earthquakes and to keep business operational we have had to make compromises, such as locating the laser temporarily at Surgical Associates. But the future looks really bright for us.”

It's no wonder members of the team are excited. The new building at 320 square metres in area will be able to accommodate three consulting rooms, a spacious reception and waiting area, a fully-spec'd operating theatre, a diagnostics and set-up room, a laser recovery area and a staff room. The singlestoried design by Weirwalker Architecture along with landscaping by Chris Goom Landscapes is very much in keeping with the residential nature of the location and with neighbouring properties. “Bushnell Builders have advised us that construction could take up to nine months so we look forward to welcoming patients at the beginning of 2015, if not a little earlier. Our primary aim is to continue to provide the very best in laser refractive surgery and general ophthalmology.” Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale are working temporarily out of 170 Heaton Street in Dr Dallision's rooms, directly across the road from their original site - very handy for keeping an eye on progress with the build. Take control of your eyesight and call Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale on 0800 52 73 71 for a free no obligation assessment to find out if LASIK is right for you. Laservision offers you freedom from glasses or contact lenses and is more affordable than you might think. Open your eyes to a whole new outlook on life. Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale can also be

The new building at 320 square metres in area will be able to accommodate three consulting rooms, a spacious reception and waiting area, a fullyspec'd operating theatre, a diagnostics and set-up room, a laser recovery area and a staff room. found on Facebook and has a comprehensive detailed web-site–

Metropol March 20, 2014 15



Seal of approval for local milk formula T his may come as a surprise to some, but not all infant formula products manufactured and marketed in New Zealand must adhere to the strict code of conduct governed by the Infant Nutrition Council (INC). Companies who are not members of this regulating body are not required to provide the consumer with adequate information relating to ingredients of milk formula products, or comply with any ethical or professional practices and principles, leaving the consumer and their offspring at risk. For those mothers who are unable to breastfeed and seek breast milk alternatives, they can now rest assured they are buying a product which must abide by stringent guidelines set out by the INC. Setting the standard for the integrity of New Zealand's infant formula, the INC holds its members accountable and responsible for maintaining transparent, professional and ethical practices for the benefit of the next generation. Local producers of NuZtri Premium Formula, Best Health Products Ltd, has recently been approved and accepted as an associated member of the Infant Nutrition Organisation, placing NuZtri at the top of the list as a healthy and safe alternative for babies of mothers who are unable to

16 March 20, 2014 Metropol

breastfeed. NuZtri's General Manager, Craig Calder spoke of the company's delight in having been approved as an associated member of the prestigious Infant Nutrition Organisation, after successfully fulfilling all INC criteria and undergoing a thorough INC assessment in February this year. “NuZtri supports the aims and objectives of the Infant Nutrition Council, whereby all members must strictly adhere to the INC

Code of Conduct which ensures industry best practice for marketing, regulatory compliance and the promotion of breastfeeding. We have worked hard to ensure our brand NuZtri provides mothers with adequate and truthful product information so they can be assured of making the right choice for their infants' health and nutrition,” Craig said. “Proper use of an infant formula is paramount to the health of the infant and

NuZtri advocates for, sufficient information on all product packaging to ensure that consumers can select products that are suitable to the dietary needs of their nonbreast infant.” NuZtri is not just for infants, but is suitable for young children, and provides vitamin fortified milk powder for older children, adults and the elderly. Available in over 40 supermarkets nationwide, NuZtri can be found throughout Christchurch at Pak'n'Save and New World branches, as well as Fresh Choice Merivale and selected Kosco stores. For further nutritional information on all NuZtri products and other fortified milk powder products produced by Best Health Products Ltd, visit or read more about the INO at

Metropol March 20, 2014 17



Boutique auction house hosts acclaimed exhibitions


.T. Macalister Gallery is pleased to announce their latest exhibition 'Imagine, the art of John Lennon'. This exhibition comprises original works from the 1970s and hand written song manuscripts by the legendary John Lennon and will be the largest showing of his works in New Zealand, with more than 100 works available for sale from 20-30 March 2014. Toby Macalister who is bringing the exhibition to Christchurch said, "There is strong interest in collecting the John Lennon artworks with the traditional well informed art collectors and with people who simply know and love John Lennon and his music." Twenty-eight of Lennon's handwritten song manuscripts, including Imagine, Revolution, In My Life, Happy Christmas, Give Peace a Chance, Working Class Hero and Instant Karma have been published since 1995. These manuscripts are compelling and intensely personal reminders of John Lennon's contribution to twentieth century culture. John Lennon studied art for three years at the Liverpool Art Institute from 1957 – 1960 with the intention of becoming a commercial artist. Success as a Beatle put an end to that inspiration although John loved drawing and practiced his craft throughout his life. Lennon

Petrus van der Velden favoured the creative loose sketch known as quick sketch and many of his drawings have the style and simple beauty of a Matisse or a Picasso, while others have the textures of classic Chinese or Japanese landscapes. The collection has previously toured the U.S, Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South Africa and Australia. Requiring new premises the expanding enterprise of WTM is now operating from a purpose converted site making it the finest auction and gallery venue in New Zealand. One hundred percent Christchurch owned with three main areas of operations - auctions, exhibitions and valuations - it is the preeminent venue in which to buy and sell fine and decorative arts, antique furniture, vintage cars and bikes, gold, clocks and watches and fine wines among other collectables. Their

John Lennon's 'Bed-in for Peace 1969' team of specialists cover all areas with an emphasis on antique silver, antique and bespoke jewellery. If you are looking for a good quality solitaire diamond, a pair of diamond studs or a tennis bracelet for a special present WTM is the place to be. WTM offer a comprehensive valuation service for single items, complete home contents, individual, corporate of institutional collections for the purposes of insurance, current market value, matrimonial property or probate.

Established as a boutique auction house in 2010 WTM has already distinguished itself with a number of highly successful auctions and exhibitions. Notable single vendor auctions have included "Grahame Sydney, Robin Judkins 5 decades", "The Sir Ronald and Lady Scott Collection" and the "AA Deans Collection". Acclaimed exhibitions have been held with notable New Zealand artists, most recently Karl Maughan, but include Colin McCahon, Goldie, Hotere, Hanley and Frizzell to name but a few. Christchurch has missed out on fine wine auctions and tastings since the earthquake but along with their fine and decorative art auctions WTM are reinstating these. Brian of Hemmingways Fine Wines and Toby Macalister have merged their talents and wine connections to assemble an impressive first up catalogue which includes a single vendor collection. “There is already a fine line up of artists in our upcoming "Fine and Decorative Arts" auction on April 8. These include John Weeks, Bill Sutton, E Mervyn Taylor, Ralph Hotere, M D Smither, Russell Clark and Eileen Mayo. We are presently inviting further quality entries for this auction.” Should you be considering selling a single item or an entire collection contact Toby Macalister on 021 925 333 to discuss your requirements.

Making Our Place - Your Place Ilam Lifecare is a facility that is privately owned, with a strong emphasis on providing a homely environment. Our trained staff provide comprehensive levels of service and care to help you stay in your unit for as long as possible. We encourage our residents to maintain their independence and individuality, providing peace of mind and the ultimate in comfort and security. For Facility Care Phone Facility Manager 348 5305 For Serviced Studio & Apartments Ph. Kathleen 021 2211 991 Ilam Lifecare is a registered Retirement Village under the Retirement Villages Act 2005

Serviced Studios & Apartments 28 Ilam Road, Christchurch

Good lawyers who care... our skilled team work to achieve the best solutions for you.

Use our experience to bring you effective results Trusts 245 Clyde Road, Ilam, Christchurch Ph: (03) 351 4140 Fax: (03) 351 4144

MITCHELLMACKERSYL AWYERS 18 March 20, 2014 Metropol



A perfect spot... riverside setting, upmarket bar H ow often have you thought a building or business could be so much more if it moved with the times and embraced the ever changing needs of its community?

It is an absolute delight that this venue has been reinvented as a stylish, upmarket bar named 'Regatta on Avon'.

One such example is the iconic 100-year-old Tudor style house on the corner of Oxford Terrace and Durham Street. Firmly associated in most people's minds as Tiffanys fine-dining restaurant, it was seen by many as a 'once in a while special occasion destination'. While finedining is a wonderful experience, it is an absolute delight that this venue has been reinvented as a stylish, upmarket bar named 'Regatta on Avon'. Now you can experience the idyllic setting beside the Avon River regularly and enjoy breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner on the sunny, sheltered courtyard or inside in refurbished surrounds, with the view of the beautiful rolling lawn sweeping down to the sparkling river. The authentic Tudor style building, refurbished with classic striped wallpaper and dark oak bar and furniture, along with the riverside setting, places you in an instant in the atmosphere of an old world English pub. A welcoming 'local' where you can call in any time of

the day and be greeted by friendly staff, a wonderful array of quality food and all you would expect from a well-stocked bar. Having been open since last month, it is certainly the 'new' place for people of all walks of life to meet up with friends, family, business associates and workmates. On a sunny day, the outside tables are taken up by tourists and locals attracted to the lovely setting. As the evening rolls in the gas fire lit tables outside warm people and makes the courtyard a comfortable place to linger. Word is getting out about this new venue and Regatta on Avon has already become a popular

place for people working in local businesses and offices to get together at the end of the day. And as people experience the excellent food on offer no doubt the chef will be kept busy creating more and more tempting dishes. Inside the bar, you will find 10 popular craft beers on tap, including Regatta Ale, Regatta Lager (both made by the owners), Croucher Pilsner, Invercargill Pitch Black and Three Boys IPA. There is even more bottled craft beer and main-stream beer available. The wine list is extensive, offering the best New Zealand has to offer, and of course there are plenty of soft drinks, mocktails, juices and espresso coffee. The menus, which range from bar snacks to brunch and dinner, are also impressive. For a quick meal, the menu includes tasty wedges, duck parfait, fish bites, bruschetta, burgers and tempting Mediterranean style platters for two or more. For brunch, you can choose from 15 servings, including muesli, bagels or croissants, pancakes, eggs benedict, corn fritters and portabella mushrooms. Besides tender grilled steak and the freshest of fish, a typical example from the dinner menu is Pork Belly, consisting of rolled pork belly, caramelised apple, cider and bacon jus, kumara rosti and green beans ($27.50). Regatta on Avon is a wonderful example of an historic site that is throwing open its doors for Cantabrians to enjoy our beautiful riverside views, great food and refreshing drinks in comfortable classic surrounds. Experience this little slice of unspoilt Christchurch for yourself from 9am until late, seven days.

Metropol March 20, 2014 19

metropol out&about

A fashionable affair - Canterbury Runway The Christchurch Casino presented Canterbury Runway in the Mashina Lounge at The Casino recently. The large crowd of Christchurch fashionistas enjoyed the new winter collections presented by JNBY, Annah Stretton, Jane Daniels, Angela Stone, Repertoire, Barkers and Sergios. Making the new season's styles look great were the gorgeous models from Portfolio Model Agency. Portfolio also showcased their 'future faces' the up and coming models the agency is nurturing for the growing demand throughout New Zealand. Portfolio is also showcasing their 'future faces' at Wellington Fashion Week, heralding their expansion into the capital.

Nicola Collie, Amber MacDonald, Mallory Starink

Jumee Wardlaw, Ben Knox

Magdalena Varley, Rebecca Dore, Katy Jeffrey

Lee Hogsden, Debbie Lawson

Stacey & Pagan Banfield, Lisa Gane

Pippa Burnett, Sheree Sloan

Caroline Bamber, Arlene Tipler, Niki Pfeirffer

Kimberley Robson, Catherine Hulse, Emma Soppit, Sheree Sloan, Mel Radford-Brown

Portfolio ‘Future Faces’

Caroline Cooper-Dixon, Ashleigh Pearcy

Angela Stone, Andrew Fonagy

Nicola Ragg, Melissa Harrington, Katrina Riddle

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

20 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Debbie Truesdale, Tracey Prince (Metropol)

Belinda Hargreaves, Rob Ballantyne, Lizzie Dyer



The golden age of Broadway


fter the hard years of the Great Depression, Broadway theatre entered a golden age heralded by the blockbuster hit Oklahoma! in 1943. Each Broadway season saw the arrival of brand new chart topping songs, dazzling new musical theatre stars and some of the most imaginative and inspiring narratives come alive on stage. A thriving economy and unprecedented demand kept the industry flourishing and the talent behind the shows produced hit after hit. Today, the shows of this era are still as popular as ever and form the core of musical theatre repertoire. Following the roaring success of 2013's sold out concert The Golden Age of Hollywood, the CSO is delighted to bring to the CBS Canterbury Arena and Theatre Royal Timaru stages the glitz and glamour of what is sure to be a highlight of this year's concert calendar – The Golden Age of Broadway. With the vibrant Latin styled percussion of West Side Story's 'America' alongside the lyrical romance of 'Some Enchanted Evening' from 1949's hugely popular South Pacific, the CSO will explore this fascinating era of the most creative musicals. Hits from Guys and Dolls, Carousel and Gypsy will take the audience back to the magic of post war Broadway and the music that lit up the stage. 'On The Street Where You Lived' and 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly' from one of

From the 1940s to the late 1950s, prominent composers including Rogers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe and Cole Porter ruled the Broadway stage, and their outstanding orchestrations will be in good hands with a stellar soloist line up.

Broadway's most successful shows My Fair Lady are sure to have the audience humming along. From the 1940s to the late 1950s, prominent composers including Rogers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe and Cole Porter ruled the Broadway stage, and their outstanding orchestrations will be in good hands with a stellar soloist line up. The incomparable Tim Beveridge is thrilled to be joining the orchestra once again this year to bring the magic of Broadway alive. Other soloists include crowd favourite Juliet Reynolds-Midgley, award winning opera singer Julia Booth and up and

coming Ashburton born performer Tainui Kuru – a recent NASDA graduate who is quickly proving himself to be an outstanding musical theatre vocalist. Joined by the Christchurch Pops Choir, the exceptional line up for this concert is sure to do the music justice. Taking the helm, Christchurch conductor Luke di Somma is always a hit with the audience and is excited to be working with the CSO once again and bringing each and every song to life. The Golden Age of Broadway will take a journey back in time to one of the most fruitful periods in musical theatre history, showcasing enduring classics from the much loved shows

in a star studded evening of nostalgic charm. The CSO Presents The Golden Age of Broadway, Friday 11 April at the Theatre Royal Timaru, tickets available through the Timaru Information Centre or Saturday 12 April at CBS Canterbury Arena, tickets available from Ticketek, more information available at

Metropol March 20, 2014 21



The Akaroa Cooking School

Our classes are small and intimate with an emphasis on celebrating beautiful local produce & having fun. Quality kitchen shop, gift vouchers, corporate events, in house catering and private hires available.

Come and be inspired!

81 Beach Rd, Akaroa, Banks Peninsula P. 021 166 3737 E.

A day of fun, laughter


nt and Lou Bentley's dream was to run their own cooking school. On a visit to the seaside village of Akaroa one weekend, they chanced upon a location that would make an ideal spot. It was bright, airy and right opposite the main wharf with great views across the harbour. After some investigation Ant and Lou discovered the array of amazing produce available in and around Akaroa.

cooking & wine! Almost five years on Ant and Lou's vision has become a huge success. Amongst their accolades, Lonely Planet have named them as one of the world's top 10 cooking schools to learn to cook local cuisine.

Down the wharf you could buy fresh fish from Murph the local fisherman. Fred the butcher had a great range of local beef and lamb. Robinsons Bay olive grove was producing award winning extra virgin olive oil. There was Akaroa Salmon of course and numerous fruit and vegetable growers. On 21 November, 2009, The Akaroa Cooking School hosted their first one-day cooking class. “We wanted to encourage people to grow or purchase the best quality ingredients

Ant and Lou Bentley

45 Rue Lavaud, AKAROA Banks Peninsula, New Zealand T. 03 304 7514

AKAROA HOUSE Perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies & elegant bridal party accommodation. A luxury home for private rental

Photography by Alan Gillard, phone 021 982 436.

they can source and then turn them into beautiful, uncomplicated dishes,” says Lou. “Cooking should be fun and not a chore and that's what we do at the cooking school. People come here to have fun and that makes our day really enjoyable too.” Class sizes are small and intimate so everyone gets to know each other and spend quality time with the chefs. “This is a key part of the business and the reason why guests keep coming back.” “We want all our guests to leave inspired and having had their expectations exceeded,” says Lou. “Our biggest challenge has been getting people to understand exactly what it is we do at the cooking school. It is simply a day of fun, laughter, learning, eating great food with

blue duck cafe

matching wines, in a beautiful setting – what more could you want!” The Akaroa Cooking School now runs 17 different classes throughout the year including French, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Asian, Christmas, Seafood, Dinner Party and BBQ. “I particularly enjoy the BBQ class,” states Ant. “I have recently acquired a large pizza oven and now an oak wine barrel cooker which we fire up in the class along side the BBQ and hot smoker.” The business has evolved over the years and offers more than just one day cooking classes. They run private classes for groups of friends and corporate functions where a MasterChef cooking competition is followed by a threecourse meal. Ant and Lou have also been busy writing their first cookbook which is due out this Christmas. “We are really excited about this book which showcases all of our favourite recipes and includes the story of how the cooking school dream became reality,” says Ant. Almost five years on Ant and Lou's vision has become a huge success. Amongst their accolades, Lonely Planet have named them as one of the world's top 10 cooking schools to learn to cook local cuisine.

Autumn Winter 2014

Join us for an indulgent day of cooking, eating, drinking fine wines & meeting new friends at our gorgeous waterfront location.

Only 25 minutes away, just 1.5km past Motukarara on the Christchurch Akaroa Highway Historic house, fully restored with stunning sea views Aylmers Valley Road, Akaroa. Phone +64 21 425 476

22 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Ph: 03 3297 800 1683 Christchurch - Akaroa Highway Tues- Sun 9am to 4.00pm Fully licensed Friday evening dine-in & takeaway from 5.30pm

31 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa p.03 3048 024



Planning your family


ertility management is time management. Whereas it can take about four months for a 25 year-old to conceive, the average 35 year-old takes at least eight months to conceive. The monthly chance of pregnancy changes dramatically after age 38. New Zealand women are now having their first children much later in life than their own parents. The average age is now well over 30 years of age. Due to study, travel, career and the trend towards later marriages, many women are deferring pregnancy until they are in their 30s and 40s. The dilemma with increasing age is that a woman's biology can severely limit the chance of conception per month when the need to conceive quickly may be at its greatest. Even though women are healthier and are living longer, the fertility window for a woman remains the same. Women over 35 should wait no more than six months before seeking help if there is a delay becoming pregnant. If you need a specialist team then Fertility Associates can help you. Whether it be initial advice, cycle monitoring, public funded or private IVF treatments they have the team and the technology to assist you on your journey to a baby. All clinics in the Fertility Associates group are fully Global-mark accredited. The Christchurch clinic is unique in that they have three fully qualified fertility sub specialists who have specifically trained in reproductive medicine. Their Gynaecologists each hold the

Fertility Associates Christchurch is holding an information evening on Tuesday 8 April. St George’s Hospital complex, Level 1, Hiatt Chambers, 249 Papanui Road, Merivale.

We have assisted thousands of women to achieve their dream of having a family

Greg Phillipson

Sarah Wakeman

Michelle Bailey

Catherine Conway

specialist qualification of CREI (Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Subspecialty). The accreditation and the ability to practice in this area of medicine is only awarded to clinics that have a doctor with this qualification in residence. They say they are also fortunate to have Dr Catherine Conway who provides specialist endocrinology care which is the management of medical conditions where hormones are affecting a woman's ability to conceive. The experienced team are passionate about helping people achieve their dream of a family. The service is a six day a week operation and encompasses the skills of a wide range of disciplines including specialist fertility nurses, counsellors, dietary advice and a world standard laboratory team which includes two scientists who hold PhD qualifications in embryology and genetic science. Fertility Associates have been in practice in Christchurch for the last 20 years and in that time have assisted thousands of women to achieve their dream of having a family. Fertility Associates Christchurch is holding an information evening on Tuesday 8 April. They encourage anyone interested to come along and hear some of their specialist team discuss topics that are relevant to you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, have a look around the facility and gather the information you need to inform yourself about your next steps. Their team looks forward to seeing you; numbers are limited so register today!

Metropol March 20, 2014 23


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Bars & Cafes

New Openings

Retail Stores

inthe city


More than a workout...

lose weight, get fit, meet people, have fun


“At Bodyfix our team members are passionate about what they do and are committed to helping people achieve their goals and be happy within themselves, whether that be losing weight, getting fit, training for and competing in events or even just meeting new people.”

hile the fads have come and gone, the gym has remained the staple fixture of the exercise scene because, let's face it, there's strength in numbers. Stuart Martin began seriously exercising in his late 30s and is now hooked on a new gym concept. “I am now (gulp!) in my early 60s - so I have been exercising non-stop for more than 20 years! BodyFix may be a compact gym, but it punches well above its weight with instructors (some of whom I've known all that time!) who are all super professional, very experienced and at the top of their game. “I always find them super positive and encouraging, and very easy to talk to both at a professional and friendship level - the whole atmosphere at BodyFix is one of friendship, laughter, but also hard work.” Nestled comfortably on the eastern side of the central city, Bodyfix makes exercise fun. But that doesn't mean the gym is scrimping on some good old hard work. “It's a great social environment,” owners' Kirsten Gullery and Moana Williams explain. “But that doesn't mean we're going to let you away with relaxing on the treadmill.” And they're right. There's something very motivating about your gym instructors knowing you on a first name basis, and winding you up about missed sessions! “Knowing our members on an individual basis allows us a greater ability to encourage and motivate them.” “And it gives them more accountability for their own workouts.” “With the obesity rate continuing to increase it is important that more people get up off the sofa and

get moving,” they say. “Only a very tiny portion of society exercises for the recommended minimum of 30 minutes a day, and that's really scary.” “At Bodyfix our team members are passionate about what they do and are committed to helping people achieve their goals and be happy within themselves, whether that be losing weight, getting fit, training for and competing in events or even just meeting new people.” Bodyfix is all about “your daily training fix” – getting the right mix of exercise every day to achieve health and vitality in your life. “We encourage our members to exercise regularly and challenge themselves physically.” “Our members love being a part of Bodyfix and we are 100 percent confident that everyone who walks through our door will feel the same way. It starts with being greeted by one of our friendly, enthusiastic front desk team to being cared for and pushed to exercise to your capabilities either by one of our fantastic personal trainers or in our group exercise classes led by awesome, motivating instructors.” “Don't wait for the 'right time' to get started on an exercise programme, do it today – with a bit of hard work, sweat and commitment you will be 'Fit, Healthy and Happy'.” To contact Bodyfix phone (03) 389 9892, check out the website or see for yourself at 450 Tuam Street.

HILL & ARCHITECTURAL HOME BUILDERS P: 0 3 3 6 5 8 2 5 0 w w w. m i k e g r e e r h i l l s . c o . n z We w o r k c l o s e l y w i t h y o u r l o c a l A r c h i t e c t o r o f f e r a f u l l d e s i g n b u i l d 24 March 20, 2014 Metropol

in the city


Buddle Findlay settle into new offices Buddle Findlay partners and staff have settled into their new offices at 83 Victoria Street. To celebrate the move, Buddle Findlay clients and Mayor Lianne Dalziel attended the official opening function on Wednesday 19 February 2014. The client space in Buddle Findlay's new offices provides a great vantage point to watch the reconstruction of the CBD. Everyone present enjoyed the opportunity to have an early look as well as a catch up with Buddle Findlay partners, staff and contacts.

Speech by John Buchan

Kim Bliss, Cedric Carranceja, Nicola Thomas

Greg Bramley, Stephen Gubb, David Cameron, Peter Adamson

John Buchan, Jim Palmer

Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Peter Chemis

Rebecca Green, Tim Lonsdale

Justice Dunningham, Jim Palmer, Nicola Thomas, Cedric Carranceja

Steve Nightingale, Ben King

Kerry Smith, Chris Gilbert, Anthony Hughes-Johnson QC

Vanessa Sugrue, Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Marie Dysart

Bruce Gemmell, John Wheelans, Andrew Oorstchot, Mark Russell

Geoff Hardacre, Rebecca Smith, Richard Rookes

Anna Wishart, Ali Tie, Chrissy Livingston

Richard Diver, Adele Childs, Mike Sullivan

Willie Palmer, Kelly Paterson, Chris Gilbert, Jim Palmer

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

Metropol March 20, 2014 25


Cocktail Chef Mary's mixologist


in the city

A serendipitous match in the city

Richard Uttley

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Hemmingway Daiquiri… Ernest Hemmingway was one of the 20th Century's finest authors and also one of its most prodigious drinkers. Hemmingway was infamous for many favourite tipples, but the Hemmingway Daiquiri is the only one which holds his name.

How to make a Hemmingway Daiquiri Glassware Originally the drink was served in a tall glass packed with cracked ice; modernistic times have seen it being presented in an array of glassware from highballs to martini glasses. My personal preference is a traditional Champagne coupé (available from Total Food Equipment) giving a little nod to the heritage of this awesome drink.


his year, two of New Zealand's finest local luxuries Cloudy Bay Pelorus and freshly shucked oysters will be served together as a first of the season food and wine pairing. 19 of New Zealand's top restaurants are taking part throughout New Zealand and in Christchurch you'll find this heavenly match at Bloody Mary's – 30 Latimer Square; King of Snake – 145 Victoria Street; Aikmans – 154 Aikmans Road, Merivale; and JDV 190 Aikmans Road, Merivale. Diners will be able to indulge in perfectly chilled Cloudy Bay Pelorus, served by the glass or bottle with freshly shucked bluff oysters served over ice in a custom made Cloudy Bay wooden crate.

Recipe 45ml Havana Club Años Especial 10ml Maraschino Cherry Liqueur 10ml Grapefruit juice 10ml lime juice 10ml Simple syrup 1 large teaspoon orange marmalade Lime wheel for garnish Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled champagne coupé, garnish with a lime wheel and a skewered black cherry. Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

26 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Hemmingway Daiquiri

Cloudy Bay winemaker Nick Blampied-Lane describes Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut as, “Elegance meets complexity in a mélange of citrus and toasted brioche. Pair that with the exquisite Foveaux Straight tang of Bluff oysters and you have culinary bliss.” A serendipitous match, Cloudy Bay Pelorus takes its name from the famous dolphin of the Cook Strait, Pelorus Jack, who guided sailors and ships through treacherous waters including Pelorus Sound, which is a popular oyster destination. The Cloudy Bay Pelorus & Oyster pairing will continue throughout the year with different varieties of oysters as they are in season. Bookings are necessary with each participating restaurant.

By Cheryl Colley

in the city metropol

World renowned art supplies

& restoration materials


he name says it all. Brush-nPalette at 360 Colombo Street, opposite The Colombo, was established 40 years ago to meet the demands for specialist materials for the art world. John Rooney, its founder and owner, has been an artist and potter himself and he now simply loves being able to give the very best informed advice to professional, student and amateur artists as to the right materials for their requirements. “I have always been interested in colours and pigments and in the history of painting,” says John. “It has a centuries old tradition and it's wonderful to see it continuing and flourishing in this era of so much computer design.” With John's expertise the business has grown into one of New Zealand's leading art suppliers selling top of the range products. Few other art stores offer materials such as genuine vermillion pigment, restoring colours, egg tempura, hide glue and Venetian turpentine. All of these can be found at Brushn-Palette, as well as the full range of oils, acrylics and watercolours. “We have people from all over the country coming to us for restoration materials as we have such a large range. A catalogue of our gilding and restoration supplies is available on our website –” Certainly a big part of Brush-n-Palette's business is its

mail order facility which has been operating for 33 years filling orders from throughout New Zealand. In 1981 Brush-n-Palette was appointed sole New Zealand agents and distributors for Maimeri of Italy. “This was a great honour for us as Maimeri is world-renowned for producing quality art products at affordable prices. They use only the top pigments – everything is pure without additives.” John explains that the Maimeri company was the first to produce an oil paint in which every colour is of the highest degree of lightfastness, involving maximum pigment content in non-yellowing oil. A range of watercolours and acrylics has since followed with the same permanency and concentration

of pigment. Brush-n-Palette stocks Maimeri oils and their watercolours, acrylics, gouache colours, soft pastels and oil pastels. Brush-n-Palette is also the agent for Eere etching tools and Di Volo etching inks and materials. All the products are displayed with military precision and order to create a wonderful impression of colour as you enter the shop. Besides all the tubes of paints there are also brushes, easels, canvases, boards and palettes, along with a comprehensive range of auxiliary products – simply everything an artist could need. Brush-n-Palette is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and on Saturdays 10am – 4pm. There is plenty of parking at the rear of the building.

For all ARTISTS... a fabulous

Few other art stores offer materials such as genuine vermillion pigment, restoring colours, egg tempura, hide glue and Venetian turpentine. All of these can be found at Brushn-Palette, as well as the full range of oils, acrylics and watercolours. To place an order or request price lists phone/fax Brush-n-Palette on (03) 366 3088.

Botanic inspired...

wide selection of quality Maimeri paints & accessories

Beautiful china tableware made in England by Portmeirion Potteries

Total Food Equipment

brush-n-palette 360 Colombo Street Sydenham Phone/Fax (03) 366 3088


Boat Hire

Catering Menu

Cafe Phone 3666 768

Agents for


Bike Hire

Boats Phone 3665 885

Have fun with the family! Flowers Wine Chocolate Gifts

enjoy the outdoors at the boatsheds Open 7 days 2 Cambridge Terrace Christchurch

143 Victoria Street

Phone 379 8255 Metropol March 20, 2014 27


Fashion & Style

Health & Beauty





From Europe to Canterbury


he European fashion houses took a nostalgic glance back at a romantic era called Renaissance. Repertoire has interpreted this look with a ladylike styling that has stolen this year's winter collection. Capturing this feeling Repertoire's designer has used beautiful fabrics, romantic lace and feminine lines. The dress, jacket, skirt and whimsical blouse are key pieces and are beautifully represented in this seasons offering. Pants while still on trend are more formal and textured in gorgeous bouclĂŠs. No matter what your body type, these garments give shape and comfort as they are designed using amazing stretch fabrics. The colour palette is soft neutral tones with smokey grey trimmed with delicate pinks, slivery greys, pewter, black laces backed with blush and a dreamy print that Leonardo could have painted himself. Today we need to be able to mix 'n' match our wardrobe and buy pieces that can go from the office to the soccer field or from home to our favourite restaurant. Repertoire will not disappoint as women can mix this collection with jeans, coats or a beautiful merino cardigan. Visit Repertoire in The Colombo in Sydenham and discover clothing that will work with your Canterbury lifestyle.

28 March 20, 2014 Metropol

By Lydia Truesdale



Individualise your look...

with glamorous hair


n its prime location on Victoria Street resides hair-care haven Bliss. The progressive salon fuses creative tastes with pampering services for a tailored experience. From the moment customers arrive they are treated to an indulgent 'time out'. Personalised treatments that aim to enhance one's natural looks are something of a specialty at Bliss, while customers relax in the cleverly designed, open-plan interior. Debonair décor dresses the upstairs salon, and windows spanning an entire wall naturally illuminate the expansive workspace while providing a panoramic backdrop of the evolving city – the whole space being visually indicative of the salon's retro-meets-relevant vision. The long established salon counts both expert and emerging stylists amidst its staff. Perhaps the key to its smooth functioning, the prolific team, who range in age and have been working alongside one another for some time,

have tuned their strengths to build a profile of specialist skills. They make available a full complement of leading hairdressing services and simultaneously offer customers a 'peer's perspective,' one backed by professional industry knowledge and skills. Their contemporary and unique approach helps bring out the most suitable, everyday styles and shades for a number of individuals, as well

Individualise your look and achieve gorgeous hair


Modern Contemporary Hair 1st Floor 143 Victoria Street

as creating sleek and savvy looks for weddings and formal dos. “We genuinely enjoy coming to work and helping our customers individualise their look through glamorous hair,” says co-owner Andrea Hill. “We have a great group of people on board who all really enjoy the space and where we are.” Having recently reopened after renovations they've capitalised on the

opportunity to maximise customer benefits. Most importantly, the salon is now earthquake proofed with steel reinforcement beams, allowing clients full relaxation during appointments. Bliss hair salon can be found at 1st Floor, 143 Victoria Street. For more information see or phone 366 5530 for any consultation enquiries.

ow rN h e t rc un Co 0 Ma n O til 3 Un

PH. 366 5530








Y Metropol March 20, 2014 29



By Majka Kaiser

Elegance befits the modern woman


or those familiar with this quality New Zealand leather goods brand, Briarwood fans will be champing at the bit to discover the beautiful treasures from their recently released Autumn/Winter 2014 collections. Coinciding with the celebration of their recent six month anniversary on South Island shores, Christchurch's flagship store showcases the new season arrivals, which lie in wait beyond its glass doors. Synonymous with quality craftsmanship and unique design detailing, Briarwood continues to extend beyond the boundaries of its classic, timeless style with a fresh contemporary elegance befitting the modern woman. In Briarwood's latest collection, Don't Call Me Baby, the scene is set with a playful juxtaposition between understated femininity and a distinct gamine charm. Blurring the sartorial lines between traditional feminine/masculine attributes, ladylike elegance flirts coquettishly with defiant boyish self-assurance. Showcasing beautifully tailored footwear and handbags, each style imbues a timelessness, which will serve you season after season. This season's footwear collection offers a range of styles including luxurious suede, western-style ankle boots; knee high boots with block heels; or flats, loafers, and court shoes available in rich chocolate browns, caramels, and jet black with antique finishes. The 'It' handbag of the season: The quintessential handbag of choice which receives my standing ovation would undoubtedly be the 'Jessica' bag. Made from the finest quality, soft and supple dimpled leather, its elegant trapeze shape has an extra-long top zip for easy access and rolled

30 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Marry this luxurious, yet extremely practical handbag with skinny jeans and an oversized cable knit sweater with a pair of Briarwood boots, and you're good to go for the school run or weekend brunch with friends.

handles for added grip. An inside zipped pocket is designed to keep those small essentials like keys and lipstick within easy reach, and the inside mobile pocket keeps your phone easily accessible. An outside zipped slit pocket has a bohemian plaited leather zip pull, adding instant style to any outfit. Generously sized to hold all your essentials, 'Jessica' will be your best friend, serving you faithfully from day to night. Marry this luxurious, yet extremely practical handbag with skinny jeans and an oversized cable knit sweater with a pair of Briarwood

boots, and you're good to go for the school run or weekend brunch with friends. Team 'Jessica' with an elegant business suit, under Briarwood's luscious dusty pink winter coat and complete your outfit with a pair of Briarwood's sexy low-cut, high heeled ankle boots, and you're set to glide effortlessly from boardroom to bar. Briarwood's must-have boot of the season, the 'Matilda' bootie-style ankle boot, comes in both leather and silky smooth suede with a distressed vintage finish. For ultimate versatility pair them with jeans or tailored trousers in the cooler months, and wear with a strappy sundress come summertime. For a touch of luxury that needn't sacrifice function and comfort, pop in to Briarwood's elegant flagship store at 205B Papanui Road in Merivale to peruse their latest covetable collections.

TATE Red, Black, Silverfox

TAMZEN Black, Indigo





Black, Indigo, Red

Black, Indigo, Red



ZANE Black, Smoke

SACRAMENTO Black, indigo



JUDITH Black, Chocolate

ELIN Black, Cappuccino



Extensive Collection of Stylish Womens Shoes & Boots by Ziera.

TALYA Black, Red, Silverfox


JASPER Black, Eggplant

STANFORD Black, Umber, Rouge, Indigo


RIFLE Black, Slate



229 Papanui Rd, Merivale. Ph. 355 4400

ZARLA Black Chocolate

$329 SACHA


Black, Wine

Black, Chocolate

SANTIGO Black, Chocolate







Metropol March 20, 2014 31



Knowledge is power M

odes of communication are changing rapidly in our new techno-era. Duxton Dental is keeping abreast of these changes by providing you with new ways to gain access to valuable up to date dental and related health information.

In late March Duxton Dental will be putting up a fresh new series of dental and medical health articles and facts.

The Duxton Dental website is using a bloglike vehicle to share information on various areas of interest and they use social media such as facebook to connect their friends in a more interactive manner. In late March Duxton Dental will be putting up a fresh new series of dental and medical health articles and facts. This information is written for the general public in an easy to read and practical manner. Here is a sample of some of the common dental -medical interface information available on Duxton Dental’s website:

ldissolve away? Erosion is when tooth surfaces are dissolved by acids, causing teeth to be worn, short and sometimes sensitive. Erosion is very different to decay but can be just as bad for teeth. Erosion can be caused especially by soft drinks including diet drinks, sports drinks e.g. fruit juice and citrus fruits and also gastric reflux, vomiting and Bulimia. Did you know your teeth can recover from early stages of decay?? If decay is detected at an early stage, such as white spots, it can in most cases be reversed, preventing the need for a filling. Factors contributing to the progression of decay are: sugar, soft drinks, sports drinks, poor cleaning, some health problems and also some medications, individual bacterial counts and dry mouths. What happens if decay progresses? A filling may be necessary if decay progresses. Old fillings may need to be replaced after several years and may weaken the tooth and increase the risk of the tooth breaking. If you stop decay progressing your teeth should last longer and give you less trouble. Remember these days you should expect to keep your teeth for life.

Oral Cancer Early detection A visit to the dentist is the first line of defence in both finding and checking oral cancers. A regular dental check-up is not only a good way to keep your teeth healthy but it can also help to detect warning signs of oral cancer in its early stages. Oral cancer signs include: ! Any sore in the mouth, or on the face and neck, that does not heal in two weeks ! Swellings, lumps or bumps on the lips, or anywhere inside the mouth ! White, red or dark patches in the mouth ! Loose teeth ! Difficulty moving the tongue or jaw ! Difficulty or pain when swallowing ! Difficulty wearing dentures ! A lump in the neck ! An earache that doesn't go away ! Numbness, loss of feeling or pain in any areas of the mouth, face or neck ! An abnormal taste in the mouth If any of these signs apply to you, make an appointment with your dentist or doctor immediately.

Holistic approach

Pregnancy Old wives' tales have linked pregnancy and poor dental health – for example, 'you lose a tooth for each child'. Calcium for the baby is not 'borrowed or stolen' from the mother's bones and teeth. However recent research has shown that pregnancy does cause changes in the mouth that may put your oral health at risk. Pregnancy hormones

! Change the blood supply to your gums, and when plaque is present can cause pregnancy gingivitis – swollen red gums that bleed easily when brushing and may be tender Morning sickness and some food cravings may cause: ! Increased acid attack ! Increased risk of dental decay

After vomiting rinse your mouth with water immediately but delay brushing for 30 minutes. See your dentist early in pregnancy to get your teeth and gums checked. And, visit the Duxton Dental website when seeking dental answers such as: Why worry about erosion? Will my teeth

Modern dentistry and medicine is looking to acknowledge the whole person and to provide the general population with access to all the relevant information so they are better informed about their individual health needs. Duxton Dental is committed to helping to provide reliable and evidence based articles and links as part of their holistic approach to their patients. They feel it is their responsibility. For more information visit or our face book page, or contact a friendly staff member on phone (03) 348 5488.

Phone 03 348 5488 22 Bartlett Street, Riccarton. (Hagley Park end of Riccarton Road)

Visit us on Facebook 32 March 20, 2014 Metropol

By Lydia Truesdale



A fresh portfolio of fashion trends A s of late, modish boutique Made in the Shade has revisited their vision, adapting it to include a fresh portfolio of trends that caters to the younger market. The new labels in store join a cascade of women's staple favourites to produce a plentiful, colourful mixture of luxurious fashions, including the newest autumn/winter arrivals to the revamped treasure trove.



dressed back with other pieces to create many different looks. New label in store Lisette pants are popular with customers due to their chic styles and comfortable 'lift/tuck' support – with no added bulk of zips and buckles etc. to encourage a flattened stomach. Their versatility to mix and match with many pieces and colours coupled with their slimming design is undoubtedly what's making this Canadian brand increasingly popular within the NZ market. Also new in store is label Bizarre; boasting innovative creations by Suzie Walker, previously from VAMP. Beloved brands like @emgirl, 7sisters, Bittermoon, Pepper and Redhead are popular with the local market thanks to their culturally appropriate designs that capture leading global trends. The updated range of fashions in store makes for an enticing retail experience for many women of many ages. Made in the Shade can be found at 151A Colombo Street in Beckenham. For more information visit

winter 2014

Though Made in the Shade could be considered industry old-timers, owner Ali Musson's keen eye for style has kept them firmly fixed in the modern market. Their funk and tenacity is made apparent through a vivacious assortment of designs that customers can draw on to either individualise their look or completely recreate it. Indeed they rely on the leading brands that customers love to fulfil their palette of finely made fashions. The continuity of unity throughout the store has been carefully crafted by Ali to offer a sophisticated look for all everyday needs, whether that be walking the dog or hosting a dinner party. “Clothing maketh the woman,” says Ali. “We've got everything for those who want to look gorgeous and funky but still age appropriate… here they can really have fun with their look and what suits them.” The influx of winter-wear paints a colourful picture in store. Knitwear, shirts, Not Your Daughter pants, dresses and long jumpers come in exciting aesthetics that include feminine silhouettes, earthy colours and ethnic and bold prints. Again with customers in mind, a key characteristic of the boutique is how the pieces in store can be

“We've got everything for those who want to look gorgeous and funky but still age appropriate… here they can really have fun with their look and what suits them.”


nic WO.MAN Laser & Rejuvenation Cli

has changed to

Laser & Beauty World Christchurch supplier of


Wedding arches & topiary trees, White, red & black carpets, Chair covers, Bows & table runners, Vases, Contemporary & vintage crystal, Parasols, Birdcages, wishing wells & more, Decorating & chair cover placement services

Acropolis Wedding Hire Based in Bishopdale, Christchurch

Consultations by Appointment

Ph. 03 359 4116

M. 027 2299266


LASER (Laser not I.P.L)

Permanent hair removal PAIN FREE Suitable for all skin types

Also Introducing


Accessory Shoppe 144 High Street , Rangiora Ph 03 313 5498

VENUS FREEZE Fantastic results!

Smooths out wrinkles Tightens skin Reduces measurements PAIN FREE

Contact: 03 3432193 Shop 37 Riccarton Mall (Just inside the rear entrance to Riccarton Mall off Matipo St)

made shade in the



Ph 332-1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm Metropol March 20, 2014 33


Just launched in New Zealand! Now available at Wrapt on Wairakei


Exclusive shoes & boots


hen it comes to a woman's wardrobe it's all about the shoes - you can dress up any outfit with the right pair. If you're seeking out a new pair of boots for winter or a pair of shoes for that special occasion, then update your wardrobe with a splash of colour from the Ruby Belle Imports collection.

Like us on facebook

Sole Supplier: Please phone

021 0563 779

“Someone has to make the best teeth...”

Merivale Denture Clinic The Denture Experts

By Kayte John

Available in leather, suede, and velvet, all of these gorgeous shoes are exclusive to Christchurch and are made and imported from Turkey. Each shoe is different and beautifully crafted with intricate embroidery, vibrant colours and unique prints. They add a great touch and complete any outfit. Owner Linda Dalley came across the shoes whilst travelling overseas in California. “I instantly fell in love with these beautiful boots, shoes, bags and belts. I am very fortunate to be able to share these wonderful pieces of art with you.” Last year Linda decided to sell the range in Christchurch after being stopped frequently by passers-by who wanted to know where they could get a pair. “The craftsmanship gone into making them is exceptional. A pair of these boots should last you a lifetime and they are affordable.”

Combining over 35 years experience with leading edge technology to handcraft the finest quality, natural looking dentures

from Turkey

Shoes range from $185 and all the boots are under $400. These boots are perfect for winter as they are fully lined with goat-skin, to keep your feet warm. Linda also has a floral range of heels, which are perfect for a bride or her bridesmaids.

Owner Linda Dalley came across the shoes whilst travelling overseas in California. “I instantly fell in love with these beautiful boots, shoes, bags and belts. I am very fortunate to be able to share these wonderful pieces of art with you.”

Gilbert Matravers Clinical Dental Prosthetist

Our guarantee is in your smile Ph. 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

The luxury Australian-made natural cosmetics brand.

“These floral shoes are made out of upholstery fabric – they are simply divine. They come in white, pink and blue and look lovely on a group of bridesmaids.” Located on Barrington Street Linda runs her business from home where you can call for an appointment or you can keep an eye out for her pop-up shops. “I have had a great response with these popup shops. The shoes sell fast and I get a great reaction from clients who are looking for great quality shoes that give that wow factor. It is so nice to see clients out and about in Christchurch wearing the footwear. I know some of them have been getting some lovely comments and been stopped and asked, 'where did they come from?' I also have started to stock a range of belts and handbags to compliment the footwear.” Keep an eye on the Rugby Belle Imports Facebook page for the next pop-up shop location. The range is also stocked at Wrapt on Wairakei – a gift and clothing store in Bryndwr. Call for an appointment on (03) 981 0202 or view the latest collection on the Rugby Belle Imports Facebook page.

Paolo Morielli Hair stylist

is back from Milan at



30% off

First Haircut Go onto facebook to view my recent fashion show assignments in Milan, New York, Paris and London Facebook: PM artist Hair stylist

Ph:355 9333 Health 2000 Avonhead Ph.358 1181 Health 2000 Barrington Ph. 332 0450 34 March 20, 2014 Metropol

184 Papanui Rd Merivale p355 0375 m021 0661974



Endless options for autumn/winter


legant, sophisticated, casual, trendy and essential Size 14+… these words say it all; something for everyone!

All the newest styles for autumn and winter from their top fashion labels are arriving daily. With a passion for NZ made, they include Chocolat, Obi, EDesign, Frank & Molly, Zardi, TF, Cashews, Visage, Optimum, David Carmody, Jacki Peters, Café, Revue and Bobby's. Knitwear is again showing strongly for the new season, including the finest and ever so soft merino which is divine to wear – light yet warm. Colours this season range from the very safe black through to some lovely bright shades. Retail Manager Jan Clarke says it is a difficult transition this time of the year as naturally the shop doesn't look as bright in winter as it does in summer, but is quick to point out there is still lots of colour. There is an amazing selection of bright scarves which very quickly add colour to any outfit. Jan can't speak highly enough of her staff and it is obvious these girls are not only passionate about the clothes they sell, but more importantly about giving their customers a shopping experience they enjoy so much they will be quick to return. Although online shopping is becoming an increasingly popular way to shop, Jan wants to know “whatever happened to trying on the garment for the perfect fit and feeling the fabric for true quality?” She is also adamant that The Dresser wants to be renowned for the “very best” in customer service. She appreciates without customers there wouldn't be a business and in these challenging times The Dresser intends to look after their customers with a generous loyalty scheme, not often available in many businesses today, you will be rewarded for shopping.

An in-store Fashion Parade is being held on Thursday 27 March at 7pm. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the clothes being worn and also a wonderful way to get ideas on how to put outfits together. Tickets are $20 each but redeemable when you make your next purchase. For the ladies longing to wear a dress this season you will enjoy the selection in store. Many fabrics being seen in shops today often remind us of what our mothers and grandmothers wore but please remember these are high fashion and can be referred to as “Granny Chic”. Don't dismiss them without trying them on as very often once they have the appropriate accessories they can look amazing. An in-store Fashion Parade is being held on Thursday 27 March at 7pm. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the clothes being worn (as so often clothes do not have hanger appeal) and also a wonderful way to get ideas on how to put outfits together. Tickets are $20 each but redeemable when you make your next purchase. Cheryl Just will be in-store to promote the ever popular 'Stilen' range of jewellery - great for those of you who might be looking for gift ideas. To avoid disappointment as tickets are limited, call in or phone 348 6929 and reserve a place today. This is destination shopping at its very best - The Dresser in the Windmill Centre, corner of Clarence Street and Riccarton Road. See you there!

n o i h s a F

The Art of Make Up




27th March 7pm


Refreshments, nibbles & spot prizes


kristen stewart

Purchase on the night & go in the

school of make-up





$500 Dresser Wardrobe

Riccarton is closing

We are making room for Change. Watch out for the details of the NEW store in future issues

50% OFF Selected items 30% OFF Jewellery & Watches

Brands include Najo, Hot Diamonds, Rado, Emporio Armani, Ice, Citizen, Fossil, DKNY

*The Sale is limited to items in stock. Excludes Customer Orders Pearls & Martinovich Made Jewellery

Westfield, Riccarton, Christchurch

Ph. 348 0900

Stilen Jewellery Promotion Tickets $20.00 Redeemable on purchase

Sizes 14 plus

Windmill Centre Riccarton Ph 348 6683 Mon - Fri 9am-5.30pm Saturday 10am-4pm

Proudly NZ owned & 90% NZ Made Metropol March 20, 2014 35

EVERYDAY or more Sizes 8-24

Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058



up to



really love what you wear



Simple & effective beauty, anti-ageing treatment & massage


ou can't tell from the outside, but there's an amazing little story behind Beauty Progress. Set in a modern block of businesses on Waltham Road, the beauty therapy and Thai massage clinic was a leap of pure faith for its owner Wendy Barker. “I came down to Christchurch with my three sons to stay with a friend on the way to Dunedin in February of '87,” Wendy says. The friend was excited about starting her beauty therapy training the following week and was encouraging Wendy to fill the one remaining space in the course. Wendy drove back to her Nelson home on Friday, still contemplating the possibilities ahead of her. “On the Saturday I rang my friend back to say, 'I'm coming down to start Beauty Therapy training at National School of Aesthetics'. On Sunday we drove to Christchurch and by Tuesday my boys were all settled in at their new Christchurch schools. “It was the best thing I ever did, for the whole family.” She hasn't looked back since. “Beauty therapy wasn't well recognised in those days,” she explains. After working a full commission position which

required her to fill only any overflow customers, she made the move to work for herself and, again the leap of faith paid off. In 2000 Wendy set up the Champs-Elysees Beauty Day Spa in the OGB Heritage Hotel. This rather large leap of faith took the winning prize at the Beauty Therapy Association awards in 2005 as the Best Clinic and Spa in New Zealand. “A lot of clinics jump on board with every latest flash in the pan trend to hit the industry,” Wendy says. “They have to get the latest machinery and equipment. “I've always been passionate about the relaxing holistic aspects of beauty therapy and I believe if you know the skin well enough and have a strong product range with something to treat every condition, there's just no need for all these gadgets.” Now with almost 30 years of experience in the industry, her extensive portfolio of before and after photos speaks volumes for the results she is able to achieve without all the machinery. She specialises in facials, particularly anti-ageing facials. Wendy can meet with prospective clients to discuss a care plan going forward. “Some skins need a six-week course of treatment to get them underway then we can move into a maintenance plan to give them

Just Arrived INSTORE!

New Season’s Dresses & Awsome Jewellery


30 Conical Hill Rd

03 315 5050

Akaroa Kaikoura

Like us on facebook

Buy all your favourite ula stuff online

Wendy Barker the best result,” she says. “They also need to be prepared to do the background work at home.” Beauty Progress uses the Gernétic range of products from France, which was first formulated by Dr Laporte to treat third degree burns. “It's very high in essential nutrients to heal and regenerate the skin,” Wendy says. Beauty Progress also specialises in traditional Thai massage. The Thai massage therapists have had extensive two year training and 10 years of international experience in massage therapy, she explains. “They are able to offer sports massage, aromatherapy massage and foot reflexology. They specialise in remediating congestion and balancing the chi in your body. “Lymphatic drainage and sluggish circulation are a problem because of all the sitting around we do, our circulation has become sluggish, so regular massages can keep your body supple and flexible, both for people who exercise and people who don't.” To contact Beauty Progress Thai Massage Spa and enquire about their services phone (03) 379 4315, visit or call in at 1/171 Waltham Road.

Complexion Perfection Luxury and Pampering for $99.00

25 % OFF YOUR FIRST COLOUR & CUT SERVICE Stylists available are Sarah, Temple, Jen

Like us on facebook

Phone 942 4179

5 Colombo St

Cashmere 36 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Call Wendy on 0800 379 4315 to make your appointment

60 minutes smoothing and soothing FACIAL Face, neck and shoulder MASSAGE Dark circles and puffiness EYE TREATMENT NAIL shape and buff Nourishing and relaxing HAND AND ARM MASSAGE Samples of French brand GERnetic luxury Face and Body products

By Cheryl Colley

fashion,health&beauty metropol

Health & beauty products to address concerns


re you feeling stressed and tired and in need of some extra energy? Are you having trouble sleeping or are concerned about weight gain? Or are you about to get married and want to make sure that your hair is shiny and healthy, your skin is clear and beautiful and your nails are strong and well cared-for on that very special day? The team at the New Zealand Health Food Company on Wooldridge Road can help you with all these issues giving you advice on which of their quality health and beauty products can address your concerns. The New Zealand Health Food Company is celebrating its 26th anniversary which is indicative of a long and successful tradition. The company was founded in 1988 by Rob Haines with the vision of taking indigenous New Zealand natural products to the world. Since its inception the company has continued to be a local family–owned and operated business with Rob's wife Lynda, son Sam, daughters Ellie and Selina and son-inlaw Doug all working in various areas of the firm. Rob's mother Joan also played an active part in the business both as mentor and in operations for many years before retiring at 82. Perhaps her energetic longevity is an endorsement of the company's products! The involvement of all three generations of the Haines family has created a warm,

supportive and unique working environment that has ensured staff retention. The Christchurch retail shop is bright and welcoming as are the front-of-house staff all clearly passionate about the firm's products and about giving the very best service they can to customers. The team is skilled and experienced with two nutritionists, two skincare experts and a naturopath all able to answer customers' questions. And there are plenty of those on all sorts of health matters ranging from heart health and joint care to immunity, sexual performance, prostate care and skin care. The New Zealand Health Food Company has products to assist with all of these and many more. The New Zealand Heath Food Company has a large export business including its own brands - NZHF, Kiwi Natural Health, KNH and Dr Bee. These ranges were developed using the best formulation science available and the most up-to-date knowledge and resources. The export business grows each year as the world's demand for natural ingredients increases. This has benefits for domestic customers as well. The company can provide really good value to the local market piggybacking off its export sales. They are especially well-known for their value bags such as 500 fish oil capsules for $19.50 and 500 Evening Primrose or Flax Seed capsules for $35. The New Zealand Health Food Company operates a loyalty club and has a very strong return clientele. It also offers 10% discount to Super Gold Card holders. For more information phone 358 8817 or go to

The team is skilled and experienced with two nutritionists, two skin-care experts and a naturopath all able to answer customers' questions.

Salon Professional eyelash extensions; non toxic formaldehyde free, medical grade adhesives for safe, longer lasting lashes.

Visit one of our certified technicians:

‘The Fabric Specialists’


Get Firmer, Younger Feeling Skin with 100% Pure Collagen pure COLLAGEN + ELASTIN More than a third of the human body's protein is collagen, and it makes up 70% of our skins proteins. Collagen gives our skin strength and firmness while elastin provides suppleness. 8 Prevents & diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles 8 Lifts & tones dull ageing skin 8 Strengthens brittle fingernails 8 Enhances hair thickness & shine

12 Top Shades! Normally $39.95

$20.00m Trading Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm Sat & Sun 10am-5pm

Phone 354 8361 39 Main North Road, Papanui.

8 Balances moisture levels for softer, more youthful looking skin 8 Many people with arthritis or bone-related pain report increased

function & decreased pain when using collagen



60 x 95 for 450mg capsules

Stylish retail health shop with top quality products, best value prices & friendly, qualified staff

215 Wooldridge Road, Burnside, Christchurch Phone: 03 962 7883. Fax: 03 358 8039 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm & Sat 10am-4pm Email: Website:

NICOLA QUINN BEAUTY & DAY SPA 209 Papanui Road, Merivale. Phone 355 6400 BELLE EPOQUE Cnr Papanui Rd & Merivale Ln, Merivale. Phone 374 6668 HAIR ON BRIGHTON 1b Seaview Corner Mall, New Brigton. Phone 388 4796 BODY & SOUL Unit 7/5 Washington Way, Sydenham. Phone 366 4343 SIMPLY BEAUTY The Palms Mall, Shirley. Phone 385 6523 Barrington Mall, Barrington. Phone 332 8153 The Hub Hornby, Level 1. Phone 349 8498 ALL ABOUT YOU 162 Clarence Road, Riccarton. Phone 348 3949 SIMPLY EXQUISITE BEAUTY 70 Middlepark Rd, Upper Riccarton. Phone 349 9549 HAIR ART & BEAUTY 96 Cranford Street, St Albans. Phone 381 8939 ESSENTIAL THERAPY Purchas Street, St Albans. Phone 377 2377 FRINGE HAIR & BEAUTY 55a Nottingham Ave, Halswell. Phone 322 9509 THE BEAUTY PARLOUR 205 Fendalton Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 8883 ROOM OF BEAUTY 1 Trafalgar St, St Albans. Phone 0272536619 MAGNIFIQUE HAIR & BEAUTY 462 Halswell Road, Halswell. Phone 322 7297 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln. Phone 325 3333 LINCOLN BEAUTY 5 Gerald St, Lincoln. Phone 365 2639 ABSOLUTE BEAUTY 160 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. Phone 03 327 8809 102 Victoria Street, Rangiora. Phone 03 313 8839 KM SURGICAL (New Crown Lash Treatment) 241 Clyde Rd, Fendalton. Phone 377 1010 BELLEZZA BEAUTY 922 Colombo St, St Albans. Phone 027 350 7742 V FOR HAIR BEAUTY (New Crown Express Lash Treatment) 241 Level 1, Merivale Mall. Phone 355 6584

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for autumn!

fashion in rangiora

Well-heeled for a stylish winter

King of swing Mustard $279


he cooler weather and hints of autumn have made us all re-think our footwear options and take stock of what we need for the coming season. Gaze in the window of Rangiora Shoe Lines and you will be lured inside by the gorgeous autumn/winter range in store.

King of swing Black/Grey $279

Get Set Cobalt/Black $250

A must try on are the El Natura Lista Boots brand – you'll fall in love with them in dusky pinks and blues which brighten up winter's more sombre tones and work beautifully with black.

Bionic Black/Croc/Pewter $320


The completely refurbished store at 162 High Street is well known for its collection of trustworthy, fashion-forward brands from across the globe. There are men's and women's options for casual, dress and work wear, as well as some sports styles. Leather creations from Europe are flying out the door for winter with the most popular being luxurious women's ankle and long boots, and classic men's dress boots and shoes. The cool season colour palette is very chic and mixes perfectly with new winter fashion. There are navys, reds, tans and browns and the latest trends see unique materials and textures, intricate detailing and feminine embellishments coming to the fore. A must try on are the El Natura Lista Boots brand – you'll fall in love with them in dusky pinks and blues which brighten up winter's more sombre tones and work beautifully with black. The Minx brand which has garnered a strong following also presents a stunning winter selection and, as usual, the range adds a strong point of difference for those who like to be bold. For those who like the 'nouveau punk' look the women's caterpillar boots are the perfect fashion look for grunge. Men don't miss out either with the range of caterpillar boots giving them a carefree country style.

Brands like Cat, McKinlays and Windsor Smith round out the range for men; and for comfort there's orthotic-friendly shoes from Ziera in colours of inky blues and lovely reds. And not forgetting casual wear – new seasons Skechers provide excellent options for women in bright colours with new memory foam cushioned insoles. Assisting you with your shoe shopping, Sandra and Jill note that many of the brands are considered an investment as they last for years, have fashion longevity, and many are suitable for a variety of terrains. As always the friendly staff are experts at helping you find the perfect boot or shoe in a comfortable fit. Call in to Rangiora Shoe Lines in Rangiroa, or for more information visit

R A N G I O R A 162 High Street, Rangiora Ph (03) 313 8444


artemis teas

Fresh New Styles & Materials

Rangoria Florist


Beautiful flowers & gifts for any occasion

Natural products derived from medicinal plants that address a wide range of health issues

Quilters Quarters


The Only 7 Day Pharmacy In North Canterbury


A treasure trove for the craftsperson


Open every day 8.30am-6.30pm including Public Holidays


Ph 03 313 8280

Fax 03 313 8209

38 March 20, 2014 Metropol

140 High Street Rangiora P 03 313 4565

9 High St Rangiora

Ph. (03) 313 6765

246 High St Rangiora Ph 03 313 4292orist

By Kayte John

fashion in kaiapoi


Relax, indulge, be pampered! Business advisers with a passion for helping businesses plan their futures


ith a brand new clinic in Kaiapoi, located in the Blackwells building, take some time out and indulge at Absolute Beauty. The clinic has been purposely built and features a nail bar, private treatment rooms and a pamper room all with beautiful interior.

Welcomes New Clients Now at two NEW offices KAIAPOI OFFICE

Cnr Williams St & Raven Quay Kaiapoi Ph. 327 8962 CHRISTCHURCH OFFICE

Level 2 83 Victoria St Christchurch Ph. 366 715

The Pamper room is the perfect spot to get ready before your wedding and to relax with friends/family. For further information call Anna on 03 327 8809 or email With two clinics in Rangiora and Kaiapoi, both have very accessible parking and are open Monday to Saturday with late nights at both clinics, you can book online or view the wide range of treatments and packages on its website. Salon products include ASAP Skincare, Lashform, Pure Fiji and Nimue Skin Technology. The clinics are relaxed, stylish and sumptuous and Absolute Beauty's great team of highly trained, nationally and internationally, qualified beauty therapists are ready to provide you with the very best when it comes to their beauty treatments. You can now book online at “My team thoroughly enjoy and are passionate about the Beauty industry, they all know that our clients deserve the very best as soon are they walk through the door,” Anna says. 'Like' Absolute Beauty on Facebook.

New Season

The luxury pamper room is a great concept for couples who want a relaxing massage before their wedding or a bridal party looking to indulge in a range of treatments. The pamper room is also ideal for hen parties of up to seven to celebrate your forthcoming wedding. Owner Anna Robb says, “There is a range of packages to choose from or they can be tailored to meet your needs. The pamper room is a perfect place to meet, chat, relax and indulge in a range of treatments from our highly qualified team. We will work our magic on you and your entire bridal party; we have up to seven therapists available to look after your group. It is the perfect space to prepare and look gorgeous on your special day or that big night out.” Popular packages include manicures, pedicures, facials, massage and spray tans. Make-up appointments are also available and the clinic can also call in a hairdresser if needed. “There is nothing quite like it around. We have the Moroccan Tan, that gives you a natural looking glow and we use Smashbox make-up - it's a great product and your makeup will last with no touch ups needed. We also have O.P.I gel nails and Prescription Nails.”

Popular packages include manicures, pedicures, facials, massage and spray tans.

172 A Williams St Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2157




Stylish MERINO Luxury designer 100% merino knitwear instore now Sizes S-2XL from $59.90

Kaiapoi Florist in the

of Kaiapoi

For beautiful flowers We deliver! Ph. (03) 327 6535 121 Williams St, Kaiapoi



Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers 164 Williams Street Kaiapoi P. 03 327 2622 E.

Ph. 03 327 8029 Metropol March 20, 2014 39


the palms

Exciting Autumn Collection from

Winter style

- modern updates to the classic look


his winter is about modern updates to the classic look. A mix of luxurious chic prints, textural jacquards, silk/rayon burnout and easy to wear essentials is making fashion exciting this season. The Ashley Fogel range, which continues to be exclusive to Hartleys, reinforces the importance of the classic key pieces. His range of beautifully tailored slim and strait pants, pencil skirts and a gorgeous satin pant are the perfect base around which to build your winter wardrobe. Beautifully crafted Italian cashmere coats in a longer length and a shorter hooded zipped style and the well known Ashley Fogel puffer jackets and vests are also key pieces to his range this season. It is truly going to be a fun winter – along with the classic is the very feminine collection from Loobie's Story which dares to be a little different. The marriage of soft flowing fabrics in exotic prints, velvets and chunky knits makes this an outstanding range. In store at Hartleys is also the lovely range from Random. Random has become recognised for the quality of its knitwear and its special twist to styling. Auckland based designer, Michele

Wade, says she believes in producing quality garments with excellent design elements at a realistic price. With Hartleys being the largest stockists in Australasia of the much loved Verge label it continues to be the cornerstone of the Hartleys stores.

Workwear that ‘suits you’!

Hartleys The Palms Ph. 386 2795

Working for you


acqui. E has a long history of providing beautiful, quality workwear to modern women. Today their much loved and trusted suiting collection is even better with the launch of the label "Suits You" by Jacqui. E. The "Suits You" label is about great quality suiting in perfect fits at a remarkable price. The Jacqui. E buyers know you enjoy updating your wardrobe regularly, so they deliver fresh new styles into the collection every two to three months. So keep your eye out for new fabrics, fresh colours, and reinvigorated styles. "Suits You" silhouettes are modern yet classic and come with beautifully designed details such as hems on skirts, wide waistbands on pants and comfy fits on jackets. Jacqui E buyers, travel the world sourcing and developing fabrics inspired by European weaves and designs. The end result – stunning finishes in weights that drape and wear beautifully. The "Suits You" collection is for every woman who wants to look stylish and feel confident in what she wears to work. Enjoy! Call in and see the ladies at the Palms Shopping centre - your friends at Jacqui. E. 40 March 20, 2014 Metropol

The Palms

Ph. 3850 676



By Kayte John

Learning, sharing & socialising at preschool


or many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It's an opportunity to learn to share, to socialise and begin the foundation for learning that will continue in primary school. Elmwood Preschool is a small locally owned and established early childhood centre and has been part of the local Bryndwr community since 1992. The centre is owned and managed by Eileen Keane and Joy Scott. Eileen is a fully qualified and registered early childhood teacher with 30 years' experience. Eileen and Joy play an active role in the management of

the centre, both taking an avid interest in the children's well being. They are devoted to keeping group sizes small, so the children receive more individual attention. The area for the over twos has a maximum of 18 children, which allows for quality interactions between the teachers and children. This encourages children to become competent, capable learners and have the opportunities to build and maintain close friendships with their peers. In the nursery the infants and toddlers spend their time with Rowena, who has been a teacher in the nursery for the last 10 years and who is also the centre leader. Rowena believes that the most important thing in your child's life is relationships. To support the relationship between parents and children, the nursery has a primary caregiving system operating. This involves each child's primary caregiver welcoming the child and their family in the morning, settling the children, nappy changing, meal times, sleep times and other intimate moments throughout the day. With an open door policy, visitors to the centre will see the children and teachers are environmentally aware and recognise the importance of looking after the planet. The children have a worm farm and their own garden where they grow fresh fruit and vegetables. The centre is fully supportive if parents/whanau choose to use cloth nappies

and all disposables are sent away to be composted. The use of compartment lunch boxes to reduce the use of plastic wrap is also encouraged. A Healthy Heart Award is run by the centre, which focuses on teaching the children the importance of healthy eating and physical exercise. Eileen, Joy and the teachers believe teamwork and co-operation between all those important to the child is vital, therefore relationships between teachers, children, whanau/family and management are valued and respected. The environment provided ensures children are physically safe and secure and they have opportunities to learn through play, routines and curriculum experiences.

Eileen and Joy play an active role in the management of the centre, both taking an avid interest in the children's well being. They are devoted to keeping group sizes small, so the children receive more individual attention. Visit Elmwood Preschool, 10 Wairakei Road, Strowan or call Eileen or Joy for more information. Phone 3510 520 or go to

Preservation & Prevention for Tomorrows Teeth Today!

Halswell Preschool ‘WHERE IT’S GREAT TO BE SMALL’

Dentistry for infants, children & adolescents

Call today about enrolling your child with us! Full range of sessions available

Providing treatment options for all ages including SureSmile, Invisalign and clear aligners & clear braces to fit your individual needs and desired results.

Specialist Paediatric Dentist caring for your child’s dental health

31 Halswell Junction Road, Christchurch P. 322 8727 E.

24 Papanui Road

P. 355 8020

get ready for autumn...


Book now for 2014 swimming lessons


Private Swim School


Owned and operated by Olympic Coach Todd Mason


Babies to Adults

Drowning is preventable... Help your child to be safer in and around water!




109 main sth rd, sockburn, christchurch ph: 03 341 7579 www.facebook /swimkings

115 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch • Phone 3481528 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5.30 & Sat 9.30-4

www.instepfootwear Metropol March 20, 2014 41

The Seaside Suburbs

Fresh tasty food, lively atmosphere 477 Ferry Rd, Woolston 0274 594 052

HOURS MON-FRI 10.30am-4.30pm SAT/SUN 11am-4pm

Your local stockist of a HUGE RANGE of supplements including

Solgar Kiwiherb Nordic Naturals Ethical Nutrients Nutralife

Thompsons Clinicians Go Healthy Blackmores Lifestream

Shop 6, 21 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead Phone: 943 9635 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 10am to 1pm





ith a convenient location, easy parking and a lively atmosphere, Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead is hard to beat at any time of the year. Conversation buzzes, staff are good humoured, food arrives fresh, fast and affordable and the surroundings are warm and comfortable. Winnie Bagoes is the home of the original gourmet pizza and the menu sizzles with innovative tastes and over 25 varieties. Among them you'll find the Hawaiian and seafood favourites alongside exotic spicy tastes, versatile chicken options, vegetarian, gluten-free and even the flavours of a Kiwi roast on a pizza base! In addition to pizzas, the menu includes pastas, salads, platters, ribs, squid and their famous Chilli Pesto Bread. As well as the bustling restaurant and bar for a smaller gathering, there's a special function room able to cater for 80 sitting down or up to 100 guests cocktail style. The perfect venue for birthdays, farewells, work function, and product launches or kids parties. Choose a set menu from $20 a head and a beverage package to suit your style and know the terrific great staff will make sure you are all set for the best function possible. Even

Winnie Bagoes is the home of the original gourmet pizza and the menu sizzles with innovative tastes and over 25 varieties. better, there's no hire fee for the room! Winnies is also your perfect place to take the family. They are child friendly and have an awesome Kids' Menu. They also run a Kids' Pizza School where the children get to make their own pizzas. Perfect for your child's next birthday! Bring your friends and family to Winnies at Ferrymead, open 11.30am till late, phone (03) 376 4900 to make your private party booking for any night of the week or visit for further information.

For all your Pre Wedding & Wedding Day requirements, Book a FREE consultation with our hairdressers and beautician. Glycolic Peels Facials Eye Design Waxing Spray tanning Hands and Feet And of course your Hair! We have got you covered all in one place for the Big Day!


Noa Noa, Sao Paulo, Vassalli, Fate, Boomshankar Augustine, Brave & True, Ava Franci, NYD Jeans

87 Main Road, Redcliffs Ph 03 376 6219

42 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5.30pm Sat 10-4pm Sun 11-4pm

Salon & beauty room The Estuary, 23 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead Open 6 days. Late night Wednesday. Ph. 376 5527 e:



Fashion gifts & accessories made easy

Harem blouse by Foil, and Alexandra leather Jacket by Loobies Story. Beautiful trans-seasonal and Autumn collections arriving daily.

Fredrick Ashley.

Drop into Second Heaven for that gorgeous outfit.

Instant Radiance Collection. FREE when you spend $40 or more on Trilogy products* Available now at

Second Heaven 169 Wairakei Rd Bryndwr Ph. 3517766

The Dispensary

Fendalton Mall, Memorial Ave. Ph: 03 351 5892

Affinity. Northlands mall. Ph: 03 352 9290

914 Colombo St, Christchurch. Ph. 03 379 6182

Gold Jewellery 50% OFF Sale Now On

Petersens Jewellers Shop 3, 121 Papanui Road Phone 3555 780

New Autumn looks arriving daily

La Femme Fashions 288a Main North Road Redwood Phone 352 2834

New & Pre-Loved Designer Labels. Buy/Sell on behalf.

The Dressing Room 2 Normans Road Ph 355 6620.


FACTOR New gifts & homewares, quality preowned clothing and footware

Wrapt on Wairakei 194 Wairakei Road, Ph. 351 4600 Hours Tues-Fri 10-4.30pm Sat 11-2pm

9B Normans Road Elmwood Village Ph 355 9050

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metropol presents The Great New Zealand

Bridal Show

Wedding gifts & accessories made easy Steam pod conditioning and straightening service now available at

Sugar Hairdressing Book on line or 14 Colombo Street, Cashmere Ph: 337 4373

Look your best for the big day. Fantasie Lois sizes 10-16 D-H

The Fitting Room 207 Fendalton Rd 0800 Gr8 FIT

A beautiful wedding gift! All sizes. For prices call

Stitch 27a Colombo St Ph. 332 1820 Find smart casual to formal wear with a personal touch to your shopping experience at

Dressed Up by Chree Costume jewellery, vintage clothing, china, NZ history books, militaria, collectables, incense, etc Blacklist Available from

Victorias Closet 6 Normans Road Stowan, Christchurch. Ph. 03 355 9055


Unit 5, 333 Harewood Rd, Parkside Plaza, Bishopdale Ph 359 2070

Cnr Edgeware Rd & Barbadoes St. St Albans, Christchurch. Ph: 03 3855117.

Deuce of Hearts Resale Boutique Fab Trelisse Cooper dress ‘Every which way’ and beautiful BriarWood Handbag We sell Gorgeous Designer and Upmarket Ladies Clothing shoes and Accessories Sizes 8 - 24 561 Springs Road Prebbleton Village. ph 344 3038 Tues - Sat earts

44 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Beautifully crafted cabbage leaf ceramics. Great for any special table setting or kitchen. Made in Portugal by Bordallo Pinheiro. Available at

Total Food Equipment

Beautiful selection of gifts for all occasions

Midway Moorhouse, 218 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 3666 912

64 North Avon Road, Richmond Ph. 389 1712

Lucy Finch

the great nz

bridal show addington

Sunday 13 April Addington Event Centre Christchurch 9:30am to 4pm

CHRISTCHURCH CANTERBURY Metropol March 20, 2014 45

the great nz

bridal show addington

exhibitors at the great nz bridal show

WEDDING GOWNS AND MOTHER OF THE BRIDE AND GROOMS Robyn Cliffe Couturiere Corina's House of Fashion Wilkins Bridal South Island Ltd Smith & Boston Brides of Merivale Bride and Groom Magazine Linlins Bridal Caroline Campion Couture

MARQUEES AND DISPLAY Acropolis Wedding Hire Interior Flair Gifts & Wedding Continental Event Hire & Catering Party Warehouse Oh Buttercup Events Setting the Scene ELMAC Freestyle Tents NZ Ltd Tipi Rentals Theme Productions Ltd Find us on Facebook!

WEDDING VENUES Ferrymead Golf Ltd The Chateau on the Park The George Hintons-Vineyard, Restaurant Edgewater Resort Hertage Hanmer Springs Heritage Queenstown Mackenzie Country Hotel The Vineyard@Rossendale Ngaio Bay Cottage Novotel Christchurch Vbase Real Journeys Ltd The Tea House Cana Gardens The Quality Hotel Elms Rosebank Estate Winery The Barn on Giles Gunyah Country Estate

CARS Christchurch Coach Charters Exquisite Excalibur Crown Limosines

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Andy Currie Photography Tandem Photography Photoflair Weddings The Dear Ones Photo Booth Garry Walls Photography & DJ Frank J Visser Photography Weddingphoto4u Hotshots Camera Kiosks Lovelight Wedding Cinema & Photography Wendy Bowie Photography Scott Fowler Photography Kylin Image Christchurch Classic Photo Booths Catch You photography

CELEBRANTS Alison Hankinson Marriage Celebrant Julie Lassen Tricia Warwick-Nazaris Celebrant Celebrants Association of New Zealand

INVITATIONS AND WEDDING FAVOURS Crafted by Hilary Baron The Drawing Room European Trading Co

WEDDING PLANNING House of Travel Christchurch City Flair Gifts & Weddings NZ Wedding Planner Dreams to Reality Amazing Days Ballantynes

CATERING & VENUES Kiwi Cuisine Verve Real Food Catering Stu's Smokin' Barbeque Kidds Cakes and Bakery Moveable Feasts White Tie Catering The Cake Eating Company Sugar Baby Cakery Corporate Club The Sweet Kitchen

46 March 20, 2014 Metropol

FLORISTS Charmed Flowers Fleurs De Esther Wanaka Wedding Flowers Charmed Flowers and Cakes Chelsea Flowers Boutique Florist Gypsy Rose

PUBLICATIONS AND ENTERTAINMENT Metropol Magazine Bride and Groom Magazine With This Ring Canterbury Bride Magazine Dance With Me JEWELLERS Westende Jewellers Kennett Crafted Jewels Partridge Jewellers

HAIR, MAKEUP AND BEAUTY Mariessa Waddington Angela Minson Makeup Artist Blush Makeovers Simpatico Private Hair Studio Beautiful Make Up Victoria Gibson Designer of Hair Cariche‌Just For You

the great nz

bridal the great nz bridal show show addington

Style your day with elegance, lace & dramatic effect


tyle your day, with the talented team available at Robyn Cliffe Couturiere. You have your date, your venue and your theme, let them enhance this with a stunning gown, selected from their imported range, or designed and made just for you. With a range of fabrics to cover any trend, and design ability to create that perfect gown, Robyn Cliffe's team can make this an exciting journey you will never forget. The Oscars are bringing back an elegance not seen in years, enhancing the shoulders with accessories, straps, lace and drama, and showing the form in the most feminine and alluring styling. The designs are broad and interesting giving lots of scope for interpretation. Call in and talk to the design team about your wedding and let them assist you in making your inspiration a reality! Visit Robyn Cliffe Couturiere at 188 Papanui Road, Merivale Christchurch. Or phone (03) 355 8777 for an appointment.

Mirror lake & gardens a magical destination


wan Lake – it evokes visions of fairy-tale romance and right here in Christchurch, tucked away in Cashmere, is a garden wedding venue that will take your breath away. Sweeping lawns, a stunning freshwater lake, and a romantic garden setting; the majestic white swans gliding silently past as you and your loved one exchange vows. Swan Lake Gardens is a popular venue for outdoor ceremonies and/or a location for your wedding photographs. Every booking is exclusive, giving you the entire grounds to enjoy. And with hire options starting from just $440, it means you can have the magic of this exquisite and tranquil garden and still afford all the other treats you want on your special day. Large established trees, beautifully manicured lawns and maintained gardens make Swan Lake Gardens a magical and private wedding venue. For 120 years, this truly special garden has been the setting of all manner of garden parties – from the elaborate and highly formal event to a casual and relaxed garden wedding. With an onsite spa, Swan Lake can offer wedding parties resident hair and makeup artists. Adding to the

romance is the exceptionally appointed and luxurious Lake View room for your wedding night accommodation. Swan Lake brings you a venue that will help you make your wedding dreams come true.

+64 3355 8777

Metropol March 20, 2014 47

the great nz

bridal show the great nz bridal show addington

Browse the latest

bridal gown collections

By Kayte John


f you are a bride-to-be you will know there is plenty to organise and many decisions to make. The most exciting of your shopping experiences may also have arrived - finding the dream dress! You will be searching for that perfect gown, exceeding all your expectations and fulfilling all your dreams. Wilkins Bridal located at 7 Pilgrim Place, off Moorhouse Avenue will ensure your visit provides you with the quality of service and care you deserve, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

With over 200 stunning gowns finding 'the one’ may seem complicated and daunting, but with the team's professional service, they are there to guide you through, offering all the help, honesty and advice you need. Selecting your dress will be an enjoyable, stress-free and unpressured experience. Collections of gorgeous bridal wear include top international designers such as Sophia Tolli, Martina Liana, Essence, Stella York, Brides Desire, Mancini, Angeline, Allure, Jack Sullivan and Alfred Angelo. Store Manager April Meredith says, “Our gowns are designed in a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary with exquisite fabrics including luxurious satins, flowing chiffons and sensational silks, complemented by elegant detail such as

intricate embroidery or sparkling beading using genuine Swarovski crystals. We have a truly exceptional collection of gowns on offer that will capture the personality of every bride whether they are looking for soft classical, romanticism or traditional bridal drama.” April knows how busy women are and that finding the time to make an appointment can prove difficult. So from mid-March till 1 June the store will be hosting late night appointments until 9pm, making it more accessible for working brides. Wilkins Bridal has also launched their new website – showcasing its gowns in a gallery along with a wide range of accessories including Trousseau bridal shoes and Chysalini Jewellery. However, you really must see the gowns for yourself with a

complimentary hour and a half bridal consultation. This involves a personalised one on one service to assist you by a team of extremely experienced staff. They will help guide you into the perfect gown for your big day and complete your bridal picture with the all-important job of accessorising. April believes that the moment a bride tries on 'the dress', she simply knows it's 'the One'. “It's a one-of-a kind magical feeling that can elicit tears or cheers of joy. I take personal responsibility for the happiness of my brides who all want to look gorgeous for the singular moment in their lives that will live on forever.” Contact April now to make an appointment phone (03) 377 8595, email or view the latest collections at

International Brands & Superior Styling

Stockists Of:

Essense Sophia Tolli Allure Mancini Stella York Mon Cheri Tony Bowls David Tutera Angeline

Alfred Angelo

Elegant NEW Shop

Wilkins Bridal Christchurch By appointment only - FREE bridal consultations Bridal: 03 377 8595 7 Pilgrim Place Behind Dennys Restaurant Off Moorhouse Ave

48 March 20, 2014 Metropol

the great nz

bridal the great nz bridal show show addington


Jewellers with the hallmarks of honesty & trust

he wedding ring symbolises the promise of long term commitment, honesty and trust. With more than 130 years in business, Kennett Crafted Jewels embodies the very same elements as these wedding rings. Because, when it comes to business, commitment, honesty and trust go hand in hand with longevity.

Established in 1880, Kennett's Jewellers as it was then known became a High Street institution. And today offers an excellent range of quality New Zealand jewellery designers through to exclusive one-off creations, by Anne Kennett. Now with a chic and elegant new premises, tucked comfortably in Colombo Street's Sydenham Quarter, and with a slightly different name to reflect the changing times, Kennett Crafted Jewels takes pride in its distinctively long history. While the business was founded on the hallmarks of honesty and trust, they are attributes with which the business continues to flourish under the tutelage of Anne Kennett, greatgranddaughter of the founder. As Christchurch's oldest family owned and operated jewellery business, it's not uncommon for the store to serve on-going generations of Canterbury families. Anne has retained many documents and articles of the company's history, including advertising

material featuring the store's wide range of wedding and engagement rings, in 1935! The exchanging of wedding bands for both bride and groom continues to play an integral part in today's marriage ceremonies and, while Kennett Crafted Jewels has a wide range of options for women, it offers an equally striking range of wedding rings for men. “We sell diamonds, not just for engagement rings, but also for wedding rings and our clients base the wedding ring design on what they have chosen for the engagement ring,” Anne says. “White metals – platinum, palladium and white gold – are also more popular now than the traditional yellow gold.”

For those who didn't think as far as the wedding ring when selecting the engagement ring, Kennett Crafted Jewels can craft wedding rings to match – in size, shape and stone – so it sits perfectly alongside the engagement. And if you're after matching rings, Kennett Crafted Jewels can cater for you too. Kennett Crafted Jewels are proud to offer the international DORA range of wedding rings which feature colour blends, diamonds and patterns which can be easily personalised to every taste. Check out the wide range of DORA men's wedding rings in store. Kennett Crafted Jewels also stocks Clara Jewellery's range of bridal jewellery ranging from traditional vintage pieces to fresh modern

Kennett’s advertising material, circa 1935! designs. They are all handmade in New Zealand, many with pearls and Swarovski crystals and diamantes. They make exquisite bridesmaids' gifts as well as making a statement as an adornment for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride on the wedding day. Contact Anne for a personal consultation to discuss your ring designs, phone (03) 366 1232, or email




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our inner beauty will shine bright on your wedding day, however if you want a bit of a helping hand, then Clarins have some of the most trusted and relied upon products to help you bloom. Getting the right product is the first step and that's where Lyn at Dodds Pharmacy in Merivale Mall comes into her own. She will advise and ensure you get exactly what your skin needs. Right now at Dodds, it's all about eyes at the Clarins counter with two new Extra-Firming eye products. Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum targets dark circles and puffiness. It refreshes and rejuvenates eyes in an instant. The ExtraFirming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is another popular choice; it's an anti-wrinkle firming cream for the eyes for a smoother, younger looking more comfortable eye contour. And not to forget the neck area, Clarins has an Extra-Firming Neck Cream the anti-ageing neck care that smoothes and firms the skin and restores an elegant youthful looking neck. For a complete treat for your face, the Clarins Double Serum® – complete age control concentrate is powered by 20 of the most powerful anti-ageing pure plant extracts. Double Serum's innovative, two-phase system targets all aspects of skin ageing in one complete concentrate. Immediately skin is more radiant. After four weeks, skin appears firmer, wrinkles are

Your Clarins gift contains: Tonic Body Treatment Oil 30ml Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs – Normal or Dry Skin 100ml Toning Lotion 100ml Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin 100ml

Lyn, the Clarins consultant reduced and pores are less visible. 90 percent of women agree that Double Serum is more effective than their regular serum. Find out why at Dodds Pharmacy in Merivale Mall or phone them on 355 9049.

GIFT WITH PURCHASE Time to choose your Clarins gift now… Select your Clarins gift at Dodds Pharmacy, from the Protecting, Illuminating or Firming, when you purchase two or more Clarins products, one being skincare*.

Plus your choice of Day and Night Cream: Protecting: Multi-Active Day Cream – All Skin Types 30ml & Multi-Active Night Cream – Normal to Dry Skin 15ml Illuminating: Vital Light Day Cream – All Skin Types 30ml and Vital Light Night Cream – All Skin Type 15ml or Firming: Extra-Firming Day Cream- All Skin Types 30ml and Extra-Firming Night Cream – All Skin Types 15ml *Must be purchased in one transaction. One gift per customer, while stocks last. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or gift set. Offer on counter now until 30th March 2014.

look chic & styish

Skin Rejuvenation Fraxel Laser Lasers & IPL Cosmetic Injectables Botulinum Treatments Beauty Treatments Varicose Veins (Southern Cross Health Care Affiliation)* *Medical criteria applies


Private Functions

Wedding & Function Venue Now Open

Book Today

Mole Mapping Photo-Dynamic Therapy Occasion Makeup Spray Tanning Dermatech products Medoflowers natural skin care products Gift Vouchers Call now for this month’s specials

Corporate Events View our 360o Tour

100 Old Tai Tapu Road Halswell, Christchurch phone 03 322 7780

08002lookgood or 343 2880 52a Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Only 20 minutes from Rangoira

See our website for further information Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Queenstown 50 March 20, 2014 Metropol

55 Nottingham Ave, Halswell Phone 322 6126

p. (03) 312 8672 e.

Metropol March 20, 2014 51

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A day to REMEMBER H By Kayte John

aving your wedding at The George means personalised service from a cohesive and experienced team of professionals who will take away all the stress of organising your special day. The luxury boutique hotel prides itself on its fantastic food and service, and a wedding co-ordinator is dedicated to working alongside couples to plan the most memorable day of their lives. There are two beautiful venues to choose from; the stunning romantic private garden of the residence -a private house adjoining the hotel, and Parkview which offers spectacular views of the Avon River and Hagley Park, or you can opt for exclusive use of both areas. The passionate team work in consultation with you to design a wedding tailored to meet your specific requirements. From menus, to wine selections and table dressings, a wedding at The George reflects your choices and personality. Superb catering is a hallmark of its award winning restaurants; Exceutive Chef Andrew Brown maintains these same standards to the menus designed for you and your guests. The George encourages couples to come along to the Weddings Open Day on Sunday 27 April from 11am-2pm, where you can view the venue set up and enjoy drinks and canapés and

52 March 20, 2014 Metropol

meet the team. Call Jackie Rozynski-Nuttall (Wedding Coordinator) on (03) 371 0255 for more information or visit

Step out in a ‘cloud of serenity’ C

arla Thompson and her team at H&B Hair Art & Beauty are highly experienced in delivering a friendly and professional bridal hair, make-up and beauty service to make your big day as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

The first step is to book a consultation well in advance to carefully discuss hair, make-up and beauty requirements. H&B are renowned for their bridal work and stunning examples of recent work can be found on their website along with full details of all bridal services. Furthermore on consultation, brides and bridal party members qualify for an exclusive bridal package offer on all beauty treatments and many take advantage of popular treatments such as eyelash extensions. The pedi spa is available for group bookings and brides may choose to indulge in a luxurious pre-wedding manicure and pedicure with other members of their bridal party. When the big day arrives, nothing is too much trouble at H&B. An exclusive bridal room is available which affords comfort and privacy whilst stylists and make-up artists work together simultaneously to ensure that you are not kept waiting unnecessarily. Careful planning and preparation together with the professionalism and experience of the H&B team allow you to leave the salon in a cloud of serenity whilst looking absolutely stunning, as every bride on her wedding day should …

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Unparalleled collection of wedding-appropriate attire H By Lydia Truesdale

ousing an aesthetically impressive selection of refined couture, Park Avenue Fashions are one of Canterbury's leading destinations for specialist occasion and formal wear. Their fresh and sophisticated portfolio has something for all ages, from head to toe, no matter the season or destination.

What sets Park Avenue Fashions aside from other high fashion outlets is their unparalleled collection of wedding-appropriate attire. Manager Sonia Caird brings customers a handpicked mixture of designer labels, focussing mainly on mothers of the bride or groom, bridesmaids and second time brides. The boutique is bursting with unique designs and silhouettes that have been finely crafted using luxurious materials. Lace, silk, chiffon and sequins provide a colourful mixture of textures, tones, patterns and monochrome. The distinctive range attracts many customers, which ensures a regular overturn of garments. Most pieces are imported from Melbourne and complete an exclusive mixture of styles. A mere two pieces in each style are ordered in, and even then they differ in size and/or colour. Women's sizes 6 through 24 are stocked, but

Sonia notes she may be able to order in up to size 26 in the case of bridesmaids and bridal parties. Designs from elite labels like Mr K and Laura K bring fresh aesthetics for mothers of the bride or groom and other wedding guests. Sonia and colleagues Merilyn, Jan and Fiona take the time to understand their customers and their needs, and thus the pieces are chosen with their tastes in mind. Right now there's an emphasis on two and three piece suits; having the jacket as the formal or warm option that can be taken off for the less formal proceedings. Fascinators, hats and ties – which can be coloured to match – as well as garters, white fur wraps (bridal), select footwear, bags, pashminas, pearls and other jewellery are some of the accessories in store that have been handpicked to match specific pieces and styles. As well as wedding outfits Park Avenue offers a visually pleasing palette for a number of other formal soirées. The trans-seasonal pieces are equally appropriate for society and cocktail parties, the races and fine dining as they are for corporate dressing and the likes. There's even a selection of gowns for both school and society balls. The exclusivity factor in store coupled with the superior quality of the garments is what makes Park Avenue so appealing as a high fashion destination. Park Avenue Fashions is located at 363 Lincoln Road, Addington, at the Hagley Park end with parking alongside the railway line.


Your Best Dress Address

FASHIONS 363 Lincoln Rd Addington Next to mobil service station, Moorhouse Ave end Carparking along side the railway line

Deans Ave

Open 6 Days Phone 374 5858

Moorhouse Ave Park Ave Fashions



o inc


Metropol March 20, 2014 53

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Inspiring collection of Bring some Italian style & flair to your man fashion & accessories


hen we think ‘Italian men’, phrases such as – ‘the world's most romantic’, ‘adoring lovers’, ‘fine fashionistas’, and ‘an eye for the good things in life’, all jump to mind. So, if you want a touch of these attributes for your man on his wedding day – then Colombus & Ware are your guardian (Italian) angels.


ouche prides itself in stocking the best New Zealand designer brands. Its continued success says more about the team's passion for fashion than they could say about themselves. As many of their loyal customers like to put it Rouche is a one-stop-shop packed with a vast curation of unique and exciting clothes and accessories. Sarah says, “There is never a time where we don't have something new and exciting to tempt you, whether you are shopping for

Bridesmaid dresses, jewellery for your special day, or that perfect next day outfit - come be inspired! We can't wait to see you in store.” Situated in Merivale Mall the stores cutting edge designers include Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Sylvester, Claire Bloom, Coop, Karen Walker Jewellery, Meadowlark, Ricochet, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lonely Hearts, Deadly Ponies, Kowtow, Kingan Jones, Wilson Trollope, Silence Was & Julian Danger. Phone (03) 355 9229 or simply pop in and meet the team. Stay in the loop by joining Rouche on instagram: roucheclothing or facebook:

Based in Merivale, the store is a haven of the finest in European men's fashion. Their strong relationship with Rembrandt makes them a leading supplier of men's suits for special occasions – be it to hire, purchase or custom made to fit. Fine wools, stunning detail, and a myriad of colours – the Rembrandt fabric selection is hard to beat. But the stand out feature at Colombus & Ware is the friendly smile, and the ability to put even the most 'suitaphobic' man at ease. “We make it simple… our personalised service is relaxed and easy going,” says manager Victoria. The team are incredibly knowledgeable – with years of training and experience, their sharp eye for detail and colour will see the men in your wedding party looking sharper than an Italian stud. When it comes to hire suits – there is nothing average or tatty about the selection – again the best of the Rembrandt selection is available – with sizes and styles to fit the most robust of figures or the slim and trim. From the classic, to the contemporary cool, check out Colombus & Ware Menswear, Merivale Mall, phone 355 3034.

Suit Hire available from

MERIVALE MALL Ph. 355 3034 54 March 20, 2014 Metropol

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Beautiful at any age A

t V for Hair and Beauty Merivale they have introduced the “Golden Girls Club “because they see a need in the market for a high end hair salon to offer expert hair care at reasonable rates to senior gold card ladies. “The Golden Girls Club is proving extremely popular whether for a maintenance retouch, colour or trim, or the chance to try a new hairdresser for a new look!” says Vicki OgdenO'Fee the owner and executive stylist. “We have had many senior clients that come to V for Hair and Beauty Merivale after being dissatisfied with their cuts and styles elsewhere. A lot of young stylists these days don't know techniques such as perming, setting and razor cutting. We like our clients to connect with our stylists; we really get to know our clients and their needs.” Vicki says her stylists have the maturity and expertise to look after senior clients. “Georgie and Janine have both been hairdressing for over 20 years. Zoe and Hayley also have the skills needed to make you look great.” “It is important to have a really good style that suits your hair, face shape and most importantly your lifestyle,” Vicki explains. “If you choose to let the greys come in naturally a good haircut really needs to give great

our hair colour accordingly having a softer lighter shade is also a good way to minimise regrowth. Having your “T” zone at alternate appointments is also a good way to stretch out a colour between full tint appointments.” V for Hair also recommends a conditioning treatment when having a colour which will help with the hair's condition and manageability. And they say perms don't need to be taboo. “A good perm or style support can make the hair manageable and give volume especially if the hair is starting to thin a little. Gone are the days of dry frizzy unmanageable perms. There are a wide range of perm solutions available to suit all hair types and we will give you a full consultation to make sure we get it right for you,” Vicki says. “A lot of our clients also like the fact we have hair and beauty therapy all under one roof.” Whether it's for a relaxing facial, pedicure or to remove those annoying chin hairs that many of us start to have, or a tidy up of your brows V for Hair does it all. They also offer a shape and make a statement. Cuts should be well maintained and we recommend four to six weeks as a rebook appointment. There is nothing worse than long grey unkempt hair. That can become ageing, and no-one wants that. A good haircut and style can make you look and feel years younger.” The team say there are lots of ways to add colour and minimise regrowth, and recommend foils with highlights and low lights which can really accentuate a good cut. “Don't go too dark with your tint, our skin tone changes as we age and we should adjust

complimentary nail tray of selected nail polishes so you can paint your nails while your colour processes. “Yes we want all our clients to look fabulous,” Vicki enthuses. At V for hair and beauty it's your chance to call in and relax and be pampered. You can enjoy lovely freshly brewed coffee, herbal teas and chocolates in a relaxing atmosphere with great staff. At V For hair and Beauty Merivale “We don't just do hair ….. We do beautiful at any age!”

Girls Club Visit our website for details Level One Merivale Mall Phone 03 355 6584

Follow us on Facebook

Simply present your Gold Card and become part of our Golden Girls Club. You will receive special rates and promotions reserved just for our Golden Girls Club Metropol March 20, 2014 55

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Making your wedding night memorable

FLOWERS as an art form D N

o you want your wedding night to be truly magical? Janet at Tangley on Clyde – a boutique bed and breakfast, certainly does. And, she is here to make that dream come true.

By Lydia Truesdale

estled in the popular Victorian styled shopping arcade, The Tannery, resides Aromaunga Flowers; a longestablished florist with a niche for weddings, or rather visually harmonising the theme on the bride and groom's day with an artistic display of florals.

Artistic mother-daughter duo Elisabeth and Hannah head a team of florists that come from all over the world. Their unique approach to floristry sees their edified tastes and leading techniques used to create a customised arrangement for every individual. “From small cottagey posies and classic rose bouquets, to lush garden style and contemporary arrangements, we are able to offer beautiful, seasonal flowers tailored to suit any wedding,” they say. They also offer their 'Home Grown and Famously Fresh' flower bunches prepared by the team for infusing homes with a splash of colourful nature. Aromaunga is set apart from other florists by their abundance of seasonal floral creations. They've put their 20+ years' experience and creative flair into making the new boutique a standout modern florist. Visit the Aromaunga boutique at Shop 14,

The Tannery, Cumnor Terrace, or see for more information.

Tangley on Clyde are exceptionally proud of their sumptuous, romantic and spacious Honeymoon suite – complete with a luxurious ensuite dominated by a two-person spa bath. Add in fresh flowers, complimentary champagne on ice and a tray of delicious morsels (to compensate for the wonderful wedding feast you may not have had time to fully enjoy) await you upon your arrival. Better still – why not allow Janet and husband Ian treat your bridal party to a memorable run up to your big day. The suite features an adjoining sunroom that can be used to sleep your bridesmaids. Get dressed, have your hair and makeup done in the spacious suite, enjoy platters delivered to your door and relax and prepare in these sun filled, elegant and relaxed surroundings. The morning after your big day, the package includes a private and romantic breakfast in a location of your choice and a late checkout. Tangley on Clyde has three ensuite suites – making a great spot for your loved ones to stay on site also. Janet looks forward to spoiling you on your wedding day or anniversary. Tangley on Clyde – 193 Clyde Road – phone 351 8940, or visit


Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Delicious food & luxury 5 star accommodation. Offering quintessential Kiwi hospitality and elegant dining in a superb garden setting. Only 7 minutes from the airport.

Abundant, seasonal floral creations tailored to suit your Wedding Day. Contact us for a complimentary consultation Now located at

The Tannery 3 Garlands Road, Woolston

384 3638 193 Clyde Road

56 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Ph.351 8940

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Handpicked diamonds & exquisite jewellery design By Wendy Dunlop


ot many businesses can say they are the oldest in Christchurch, but Petersens Jewellers was established in 1863 and is still an owner operated company. Its 150 year history is a testament to longevity, quality and expertise says Managing Director Brent Morrison. The Bush Inn store sparkles with traditional and contemporary jewellery, but the company specialises particularly in diamonds. Brent travels annually to Antwerp, where he hand picks the stones for the company's stock and for individual customers. As a qualified manufacturing jeweller with a GIA Diamond Grading Certificate, Brent also belongs to the Nationwide Jewellers Buying Group and was the first ever Member of the Year and the only jeweller in Australasia to have won the award twice. You can't buy that kind of experience, but you can buy the jewellery that experience creates. Petersens can custom design engagement and wedding rings using new stones or resetting stones from an heirloom. “We even have couples telling us that the stones have come from a ring we sold to their parents or grandparents decades ago,� says Brent. As well as hand crafting individual designs, there is an impressive selection of rings on display which have been manufactured by Petersens. However Brent says that these

As well as hand crafting individual designs, there is an impressive selection of rings on display which have been manufactured by Petersens. Brent has sourced some international ranges of jewellery that are exclusive in Christchurch. already-made designs can be adapted to client preference by using a different metal or changing the stones, but if they are unable to find something they like, the company will source an alternative. New Zealanders are quite traditional in their choice of engagement rings, but current trends are moving away from white gold and returning to the vintage look of yellow and rose gold. In addition to their own designs, Petersens has a glorious selection of designer jewellery with brands that are well recognised and sought after by New Zealand customers.

Brent has sourced some international ranges of jewellery that are exclusive in Christchurch and include the Tolkowsky brand from a seventh generation diamond cutting family, and exquisite Thomas Sabo Karma Beads to mix and match your own special necklaces, earrings and bracelets. There are also Karen Walker diamonds and jewellery, Najo from Australia, and the Kagi selection featuring turquoise, red coral, black agate or cat's eye gems set in silver, rhodium or gold. Offering affordable quality and elegant sparkle or contemporary colour, these pieces

make a stunning bridal statement or perfect accessory for Mothers of the Bride or the Groom. Petersens Jewellers also stocks renowned Seiko, Citizen and Skagen watches and offers after-sales service on all their own jewellery and branded products. In addition Petersens can provide detailed valuations and jewellery repairs and enquiries are welcomed by their friendly experienced staff. Customers can see a range of beautiful products online or visit Petersens Jewellers in person at the Bush Inn Centre.

Love that lasts a lifetime


Bush Inn Centre, Christchurch Phone 03 348 8042 Metropol March 20, 2014 57

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Make a unique & amazing entrance By Kayte John

“It was a very special day, as we arrived everyone went silent there was a real sense of arrival and some great photo opportunities. The local florist also made beautiful floral garlands for the horses. It was a truly unique and amazing entrance.”


ith a sophisticated and enchanting air, a carriage ride can make a great addition to your wedding plans. A horse-drawn carriage will convey a storybook charm to your special day and continues in your photographs and memories that last for many years. The Tai Tapu Carriage Company offers a luxurious experience and is available in the Tai Tapu area for weddings, picnics, lunches and Champagne Rides. Co-owner Sue Mettrick says, “Our beautiful hand-crafted carriage and experienced horses will transport you in style to any of several local venues. And if you wish, you can use the sumptuous surroundings of Holmfirth to get ready for your wedding. Our rooms and facilities are yours to use and you are welcome to bring your bridesmaids, close friends and family, hairdresser, make-up artist and anyone else you need to help you get ready in style. Holmfirth House and garden provides you with the numerous ideal backdrops for photos, no matter what the weather.” Sue, a former teacher, and Sheree, who'd worked in insurance, both bonded over their love for horses and bought a horse-drawn, hand-crafted carriage which had been used for transporting bridal parties in Lake Tekapo.

They hoisted the carriage onto a trailer, loaded three horses up and drove back to Tai Tapu. “Our carriage was hand-made in the USA by the Amish, and is identical to those used for rides in Central Park, New York. It has been beautifully maintained and features red velvet padded seats and a retractable roof. Our Horses Sid and Charlie, and our spare Impy, are our pride and joy. They have been pulling this carriage for a decade now, and constantly receive compliments for their patience and

wonderful temperaments.” Sue's daughter was recently married at Holmfirth and for the first time Sue became a passenger and not a driver. “It was a very special day, as we arrived everyone went silent there was a real sense of arrival and some great photo opportunities. The local florist also made beautiful floral garlands for the horses. It was a truly unique and amazing entrance.” Located on Cossars road near Cossars wine Shed, Tai Tapu Carriage Company has a variety of packages to choose

Perfect entrance to your Big Day!

from. A popular package is the Champagne ride, which includes a pick up from the Raspberry Cafe, a complimentary bottle of Champagne and a leisurely 6km ride passing Otahuna Lodge. You are then dropped off back to The Raspberry Cafe for lunch. Call Sue or Sheree for more information Sue: 027 222 4466 Sheree: 021 944 422. Or go to

"A bouquet to keep forever"

Available in the Tai Tapu area for Weddings Picnics & lunches Champagne rides

Hand crafted, jewelled bouquets at the Ferry Antique Centre or can be made to order using your own treasured items. Contact Sue at the

The Tai Tapu Carriage Company

Ferry Antique Centre

Phone for further enquiries 027 222 44 66 or 021 944 422

598 Ferry Rd Woolston 376 4016 or email Sue -

Add magic to any

Wedding table...

Everything you need to look your best on your wedding day.... Tailor made packages available for all your skincare facials, waxing, tinting, spraytan, lashes.

Make your Wedding table look amazing with these inspirational ideas and table decor

We are experienced in bridal makeup. Catering for the bride, bridal party, and mother of the bride, using only the highest quality

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Total Food Equipment

WINNER 2010 GIFTWARE HOMEWARE COOKWARE APPLIANCES 218 Moorhouse Ave Phone 03 3666912 58 March 20, 2014 Metropol



160 HIGH ST, RANGIORA Find us on 03 313 5552 to make a booking.

Metropol March 20, 2014 59

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Enjoy a minty fresh white smile...


A popular new addition is the company's cosmetic tooth whitening. Fast and affordable the Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening System is carried out over just three 20-minute cycles, removing accumulated stains and build up to reveal the beautiful ivory below.

sole oral care provider is about as scarce as hen's teeth and, let's face it, our choppers come in pretty handy so they need some looking after. Father daughter duo Ronald and Gwen Sluiter offer an unrivalled selection of both oral care and products. Perhaps, even one you could really sink your teeth into. With almost 30 years of experience in the dental industry both here and abroad, Ronald is the man behind the aptly named orthodontic practice Orthodontix, which now boasts locations in Ashburton, Merivale and Cashmere. There must be something in the water in the Netherlands where this talented family hail from, or perhaps it is something in the toothpaste, because the daughter part of the duo, Gwen runs the clever little oral care shop Great4Teeth. Nestled comfortably in the front of the stunning renovated 1910 villa of the Cashmere practice, Great4Teeth offers everything tooth related, from party tricks and quirky toothpaste tube squeezers, through to the more sensible toothbrushes and rinses. An online shop is also available at to make oral care even more accessible. A popular new addition is the company's cosmetic tooth whitening. Fast and affordable the Beyond Polus Teeth Whitening System is carried out over just three 20-minute cycles, removing accumulated stains and build up to reveal the beautiful ivory below. “People think

teeth whitening is going to cost the earth and give you a crazy blinding glow in the dark grin,” Gwen laughs. “It's very affordable, takes very little time and still looks nice and natural.” She likens the appearance of teeth to windows. “The teeth start getting dirty over time, we're just getting in there and cleaning them in a deeper more powerful way than you can with a toothbrush.” To ensure you make the most of your new white smile, Great4Teeth has a wide range of toothpastes, including the whitening range Pearl White. “Often people come in to get their braces off and they are excited about their new smile, the tooth whitening system and whitening toothpastes are a great way for them to make that smile the best it can be.” Another recent addition to the store is custom made mouth guards, to provide the best protection for those teeth during contact sports. An impression of the teeth is used, which ensures a superior fit and the ultimate comfort for breathing and speaking. While delicious isn't a description traditionally linked to mouthwash, with the

Great4Teeth range including a range including the likes of strawberry burst, your children might just start trying to beat you into the bathroom. The Marvis brand of toothpastes are often described as the Chanel of the toothpaste world, with flavours from mint cinnamon and mint jasmine through to mint liquorice and mint ginger ensuring they not only taste great, but leave behind a minty freshness. With this family's passion for oral health care, you can be sure the range will always be expanding, so keep an eye out in store for the latest products to keep you smiling. Great4Teeth is open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm and whitening treatments are available by appointment by contacting Gwen directly on (03) 355 5855. For more information on this sole oral care provider visit

First consultation FREE


Two treatments Save $340

60 March 20, 2014 Metropol

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CHIC VENUE has all the finer details... T

here's a beautiful, private and memorable wedding venue that has hosted many of Canterbury's most elegant ceremonies, providing the flair, flexibility and expertise to assist you in making your Big Day a perfect once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether you're hosting an intimate ceremony or a large celebration, Quality Hotel Elms has just the right space, ambience and professional staff to make your day the happiest you could wish for. Imagine creating the individuality of your wedding day with the expertise of your own wedding coordinator, dedicated to helping you make your dream

wedding a reality. Hotel Manager Chris McLaughlin and his team know that it's important to create special moments that will last a lifetime. “The hotel has been constructed with the latest design specifications to ensure you and your guests are catered for in a stunning setting. The venue has views of its beautiful, private gardens where guests can enjoy canapés and drinks after the ceremony. Our meal and bar service will guarantee your guests will remember your special day as one to be talked about for years to come,” Chris says. “From a sit-down champagne wedding reception to an opulent banquet, our chefs have created a wide range of menu options for you to choose from that are sure to meet

all your needs. We understand that your traditions and tastes are a big part of your day,” Chris says. The fully licensed restaurant and bar on-site can cater for up to 160 guests (seated) and up to 250 (cocktail style). And with 96 accommodation rooms the hotel can cater to large group bookings. Located on Papanui Road, the Quality Hotel Elms is ideally situated and has easy access to the airport for out of town guests, without the hassle of entering the central city. Privacy is also assured with weddings completely separate from the normal hotel business, which has a separate dining area for hotel guests. “The management and experienced staff are there to satisfy your every whim. With no venue hire fee when choosing one of our

packages and plenty of off-street parking it's the perfect choice for all aspects of your celebration from formalities through to photos and accommodation. Packages range from Bronze, Silver and Gold or can be tailormade to suit your requirements. The Gold package includes French champagne, an evening supper, canapés, reception dinner, premium beverage package, name cards, menus, centre pieces, a honeymoon suite for the bride and groom and much more. For more information on wedding packages and hosting your wedding at the Quality Hotel Elms contact functions and conference manager Paul Reid to make an appointment, phone 03 355 3577 email or visit

Metropol March 20, 2014 61

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For the love of a


What is love without a

quality diamond?


ever has a day been more set aside for pretty things, than a wedding. When perfection is what you desire in your dresses, you need the experience, passion and skill of someone who really cares about you. Minh at Pretty Things (relocated from the City to Beckenham) will create you the perfect dress, made from exquisite fabrics, shaped to complement and enhance your every curve. Pretty Things provide quality, custom-made weddings gowns, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, mother of the bride outfits and eveningwear that rivals any international catwalk. In fact, their dresses have graced a few catwalks, including Miss New Zealand competitions. Pretty Things also have a colourful, dazzling and stylish range of off-the-rack dresses for all occasions – all of which will be custom altered for a perfect fit. Kathryn Hills got married in January and choose Pretty Things to attire her four bridesmaids and create her own bridal gown.


iamonds are a girl's best friend. When you want the very best diamonds, superior craftsmanship, a rich history of exceptional service and a friendly smile, then Petersens Jewellers Merivale are a must visit destination. Glowing with perfection - Kathryn Hills chose Pretty Things for all her dresses earlier this year. Photo: Studio Koi

“They were absolutely fantastic. They accommodated our every need with a genuine smile; all the times we changed our minds and the many fittings we had. “Minh helped us find a style, colour and fabric that made us all look just incredible. She genuinely cares about making you happy and getting the perfect dress,” adds the ecstatic bride. Appointments are recommended but you can pop into the studio from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am at 150 Fisher Avenue. For more information go to or find them on Facebook.

And, when it comes to weddings – their superior selection of diamonds is only the start. If you are looking for a special treat for the groom – they stock world leading brands of men's watches which can be engraved with a special message. Then there is the selection of stunning silver and gold jewellery, silver photo frames, pearls and crystal – unique and lasting wedding gifts. But, it's for diamonds that Peter and his team at Petersens Merivale are known. Peter is a Diamond Graduate of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This means you can rest assured of getting the best gems from around the world. The stocked range of engagement, wedding and eternity rings is impressive, but you can also choose a

custom designed ring – something that will be as unique as you are. From precious antiques to modern day styles, their reputable background ensures no matter what the piece, they can fix, maintain and design whatever you wish to the highest standards. Experience the tradition of high quality jewellery and exceptional service, at New Zealand's oldest jewellery retailer., 121 Papanui Road. Phone 355 5780.

Pretty Things Ltd. Specialising in Dressmaking Alterations & Fabrics Be sure to visit, take a look at our off-the-rack styles and talk to us about how we can create a one-of-a-kind dress for your special occasion.

150 Fisher Ave, Beckenham. 03 372 9299 Open: Tue – Fri 11am – 5:30pm Sat 11am – 4:30pm

Show your love...

with a beautiful diamond ring from

121 Papanui Rd (Merivale Lane Corner)

Ph 03 3555 780 62 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Trusted Since 1863

Metropol March 20, 2014 63

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Discover sombré

the latest hair colour trend


ombré is the latest colour trend for autumn and winter. With a vivid shift from dark to light hair and a bold line of demarcation, the trend has become a firm favourite for the upcoming seasons. Sombré is a colouring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion that even those of us without a bold personality can pull off with ease. My Hair and Beauty in Upper Riccarton specialise in sombré and much more. Owner Wendy Philipse says, “Sombré also helps prevent highlights from taking over your hair, instead it gently maintains a contrasting depth. Women feel more polished than they do with ombré, because it's more natural and subtle.” After a 17-year career in hairdressing, Wendy launched her own hair salon to feed her passion for hair colour and education. “Your experience at My Hair and Beauty will be one to remember, we offer a wide range of hair and beauty products and services as well as the highest standards in customer service,” she says. The salon has also recently welcomed Naomi, a fully qualified beautician with 10 years' experience. Naomi has come from a high-end clinic in Fendalton and specialises in

“Sombré also helps prevent highlights from taking over your hair, instead it gently maintains a contrasting depth. Women feel more polished than they do with ombré, because it's more natural and subtle.”

waxing, tinting, facials and is renowned in Christchurch for her massage treatments. Appointments can be made from Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm and till 8pm on a Thursday. Brazilians start from $35, eyebrows from $10, full body massage from $45 and the new CND designer luxe manicure is $35. The private beauty room has undergone a complete make-over and features new interior, candles, soothing music, plush curtains and a comfy treatment table to relax and unwind. “Hair and beauty prices are affordable and

Chisa, Kathy, Naomi, Wendy, Emma and Sue we have senior hairdressers, who are all qualified and experienced. We are also registered with the NZARH (NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers) and have a great international team who have successfully built up our client base.” My Hair and Beauty stock and sell a range of products which include, L'Oréal, Redken and Pureology - a 100% vegan product, which is organic and provides an anti-colour fade. “It sells like hot cakes from our salon,” Wendy adds.

Another popular product is Hair chalk, a wash and wear hair colour that comes in a selection of vibrant colours. “It washes out with a wash and prices range from $25 or simply have a member of staff put it on for you and take chalk for home at $40,” Wendy says. My Hair and Beauty is located at 388 Riccarton Road, Shop 4 Peerswick Mall, Upper Riccarton. Phone (03) 348 2782. Visit its Facebook page for weekly specials of hair and beauty offers or view the range of services at

The NEW Crown In Town

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out!


Crown Limousines Christchurch

Ph. 021 491 114 64 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Metropol March 20, 2014 65

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Personalised shopping The best beauty experience for mothers treatments for brides of the betrothed


pening its doors just over a year ago, Urban Skin & Body's founder and sole operator, Ginnie Matson, offers the complete boutique beauty experience for men and women. Conveniently located next to Felix Culpa Hairstyling, Urban Skin & Body is at the heart of Victoria Street's up and coming retail and hospitality precinct on Montreal Street. A full range of luxury beauty therapy treatments are available, from relaxing and rejuvenating facials and massage, to waxing and tinting, to hand and foot care. Tailoring skincare programmes and beauty treatments to meet each client's individual needs, Ginnie uses only the very best products in conjunction with the latest technology, and applied with the utmost care and attention to detail. Urban Skin & Body's relaxation facials have become an essential for many of their loyal clients, who come week after week to enjoy the restorative benefits gained from the active ingredients in their luxury peels, serums, and masks, administered through Ginnie's healing hands. Both Microdermabrasion and Vitamin C Infusion skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular with brides. For the ultimate uplifting beauty salon experience for your body and mind book your next appointment with Urban Skin & Body today.


eddings are about the very best of the best. And, while all the attention should rightly be on the bride, as the mother of one of the two betrothed, you want to look and feel your best too. Corina's House of Fashion in Rangiora has a reputation for the greatest selection of colours, styles, cuts and accessories and are renowned for their ability to help you pull together every element of an outfit. As your one-stop occasion shop, the exquisite range of clothing and accessories in every colour and style imaginable will leave you spoilt for choice. If you have a bit of time up your sleeve, spend it foraging through the treasure trove of dresses, jackets, fascinators, handbags, jewellery and shoes. Have fun mixing and matching dresses and jackets of varying styles, cuts and lengths. You'll never be left wandering the store without a clue where to start! Corina provides a personalised shopping experience, taking you through every gem in store to find the one that suits your style and needs. Established 25 years ago as a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and

Sizes 8-22

now retailer of exquisite ladies' fashion, Corina's caters for sizes 8 through to 22, there is something for everyone. If you find it difficult to buy off the rack sizes, then Corina has a made to measure service. For more information go to or call in at 3 Alfred Street, Rangiora; phone (03) 313 8500.

3 Alfred St Rangiora Ph. 03 313 8500 Mon -Fri 10am-5pm

Sat 10am -1pm 66 March 20, 2014 Metropol

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A big day, a great smile Y

our wedding day is one of the biggest, most important events you and your family will ever experience. You all spend months agonising over what to wear, who to invite, and what to say, but for some reason many people forget to think about the appearance of their teeth until the very last minute. There's nothing more heart-warming than looking at a photo of a wedding party and seeing happy, beaming smiles. Confident, radiant smiles capture the essence of the day – the excitement, the energy, and, of course, the emotion. However, having that perfect smile on your big day can take some forethought and planning. At The Smile Company they're a one stop shop for teeth, face and body care, with their highly skilled dentists, hygienists and beauty therapists offering a comprehensive range of services, from teeth whitening and the replacement of old black fillings to complex cosmetic dental procedures and facial aesthetics. Established over 35 years ago and with a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional care, The Smile Company prides itself on the painless, stress-free experience they offer their patients. “We're committed to continually evolving the services and treatments we provide, going to great lengths to research, understand and implement the world's latest technologies and clever, effective procedures,” says Tom Egnot,

A rewarding place to work:

Tessa, Smile Spa Beauty Therapist dentist at the Smile Company. “The use of state-of-the-art software, including digital radiography and tomography scans that allow us to create a 3-Dimensional image of your face, enable us to plan your treatment with unprecedented precision and accuracy. “Vastly experienced in all aspects of modern dentistry, our team offer ACC accredited implant surgeries, helping to replace missing teeth and loose dentures, while pioneering products, including Zoom and IPL, ensure our clients benefit from the most complete, longlasting treatments available,” says David Blair, dentist at the Smile Company. There's much more to a great smile than just the teeth, with the entire area around the mouth contributing to a healthy, attractive overall appearance. The Smile Company's

“Having recently got married, I understand what a bride-to-be goes through; the stress involved in organising the big event, the pressure of getting everything just right, and the underlying concerns about how you'll look on the big day. As part of the team at the Smile Company I get the pleasure of helping people prepare for their special day. The dentists, hygienists and beauty therapists I work alongside are remarkable in the way they approach their work, going to great lengths to ensure every patient enjoys a relaxing, uplifting experience. We regularly see tears of happiness when the results of our treatments are unveiled. The incredible satisfaction I get from seeing such positive response is without question the best part of my job, and I love the fact we're able to play our role so well for those special moments and lifelong memories. Our team can make your dreams become reality – just call us or pop in for complimentary advice and we'll show you how!” – Alesha, Christchurch

advanced facial aesthetics services can help you look and feel younger and enhance your self-confidence, with their friendly, approachable staff able to cater a solution to meet your unique needs and your budget. In keeping with their all-encompassing, holistic approach, the centrally located premises also houses the Smile Spa, a fullservice health, beauty and relaxation salon. Beauty therapists with considerable experience and knowledge offer everything from facials, manicures and pedicures to spray tans, wrinkle control and skin resurfacing.

For those seeking a respite from the stress of organising a wedding, there's no better way to unwind than with one of their therapeutic massages, with therapists well versed in both hot stone and Swedish massage techniques. Located on Cambridge Terrace, with easy access and ample parking, The Smile Company really does offer the perfect balance of science and relaxation, blending the latest technologies and breakthroughs with a team of talented, caring professionals committed to helping you improve your self-esteem and confidence.

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Tailoring for weddings Place your wedding in capable hands of discernment


aving a partner you trust on your wedding day gives great peace of mind.


or those planning a wedding of discernment, there is only one Christchurch tailor who can outfit your man with meticulous precision. Mark van Roosmalen of MvR Tailoring is the city's only independent bespoke tailor, and has been outfitting discerning men for over 30 years. Mark is an award-winning master tailor with over 30 years' experience in crafting the perfect garment. He offers both a made-tomeasure and bespoke tailoring service. The difference? Made to measure involves Mark taking your precise measurements, the suit will then be machine tailored using your chosen materials. Final alterations are made during one or more fittings ensuring the fit is second to none. A bespoke piece involves the same process as made-to-measure, but is entirely handmade from the pattern to toile to the finished garment- all the construction and finishing details are completely made by hand. A fourth generation tailor, van Roosmalen has the eagle eye and creative panache to create a wide range of elegant and striking tailored garments. With unparalleled style and fit, a custommade garment from MvR Tailoring is a wise investment you will turn to time after time. There is nothing like a garment made specifically for your unique body shape and

68 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Mark Van Roosmalen personality. Contact Mark for a consultation or for The Suit Doctor's alteration service, which ranges from invisible mending and button holes, to remodelling and renovating vintage garments. For more information go to, call in to 74A Memorial Ave or phone 351 4551.

Event catering and hire company, Continental, carries a reputation for delivering exceptional weddings in unique venues and marquee sites throughout Christchurch, Canterbury and the rest of the South Island. Continental has exclusive or preferred access to many special and/or unique venues, including Newbery Lodge Function Centre, Christchurch Gondola, Kate Sheppard House, the Iris Lawn at Mona Vale, International Antarctic Centre, French Farm at Akaroa and Terrace Downs Resort. The range covers venues and marquee sites with mountain, rural or seaside vistas, traditional or modern decor, charming or sophisticated ambience. A passion for exceptional catering is at the core of Continental; the team aims to deliver tasty, stylish cuisine served with flair by warm and attentive professionals. With nearly 50 years' experience catering for weddings and special occasions, your Continental event coordinator is skilled and willing to help guide you through the intricacies of planning your wedding. The Continental Event Hire division offers a complete catalogue of furniture, linens, tableware and everything to make your day memorable. For those who want to get married in a location with special significance to them, an elegant marquee adds an individual touch of distinction. Continental

carries one of New Zealand's largest ranges of marquees of various sizes and configurations. With Continental as your wedding day partner, you can relax and enjoy your day even more. For more information go to or email

bourbonROSE the wedding specialist

13a Riccarton Rd Telephone: 03 348 4103 Email: Web: Metropol March 20, 2014 69

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Focussed on excellent Stylish luggage for

aesthetic outcomes your honeymoon


M Surgical provides a wide range of surgical and medical procedures ranging from skin cancer treatments through to liposuction and cosmetic surgery. Together with the Christchurch Laser Skin Centre located on the same site, a full range of vascular, resurfacing, pigment, tattoo and hair removal laser services are available. For 22 years this specialist practice was based in one of Bealey Avenue's 'two turrets' homes. While the lovingly restored villa

survived both earthquakes, it was gutted by fire in November last year. “We are well settled into our temporary, but very adequate premises at 241 Clyde Road,” director Ken Macdonald explains. “We are fully operational, with brand new equipment and we are able to carry out all surgical procedures, either here or in other nearby facilities.” A new purpose built, fully accredited day surgery centre on the Bealey Avenue site is expected to take 18 months until completion however, Dr Macdonald says this will allow the facility to redevelop to the highest industry standards. KM Surgical has the specialist ability for accurate diagnosis of the widest ranges of skin ailments, ensuring clients receive the best treatments available. “We focus on excellent aesthetic outcomes. We are able to achieve these outcomes for medical and surgical procedures because of our focus and experience.” For more information of the wide range of procedures, visit the new facility at 241 Clyde Road Bryndwr, phone (03) 377 1010 or visit




uggage – it's something we all take for granted when travelling, but making the right choices is important. But, what are the right choices? Graham at Just Bagz at DressSmart in Hornby has over two decades of experience and will help you match the right bag to your type of travel. There're a lot of brands to choose from and even more pretty colours, but while we all want our bags to look stylish (and stand out on the conveyor belt) you do need to consider the durability, weight and wheel configuration of your luggage. Be it as a wedding gift or luggage for your honeymoon, the range at Just Bagz is as comprehensive as the friendly and personalised service you will receive from the team. Graham recommends you consider the following when looking at luggage, the first is fit for purpose – where are you going and what style of travelling are you doing. Then look at the weight of the bag – his store stocks many So-Lite and Super-Lite bags. Durability is also important, so the shell of the bag plays a big part here – soft or hard shell, expandable or fixed. Do you need two wheels or four? Just Bagz also have a colourful and comprehensive range of handbags, evening and occasional bags and are stockists of some top designer ranges. Just Bagz – Shop 405 Dress-Smart – Hornby. Phone (03) 349 7887.

Buy a large or medium suitcase & get a


OUR SURGERY BURNED DOWN BUT WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS To all our loyal cutomers we thank you for your support at this time and can are still available to assist you with...

Melanoma Skin Cancer Laser Treatments Liposuction Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

NOW operating from 241 Clyde Road Clinical Director: Dr Ken Macdonald Specialist Dermatologist

PHONE 03 377 1010 70 March 20, 2014 Metropol




Shop 405 Dressmart Mall Hornby P. 349 7887

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Bookings open for stunning new Gardens’ building

By Cheryl Colley


magine standing with your beloved under the old stately trees of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens as you say your special vows, and while your friends and family watch and celebrate with you from the perfectly manicured lawns. Then imagine not having to travel to have photos taken because the most beautiful location possible is right where you are. Then the very best local food and wine will be served in a stylish serene setting overlooking the Botanic Gardens and the Avon River. All this is possible at Vbase's newest function space in the stunningly-designed contemporary Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. Vbase will operate the cafe and function venue opening in May, adding them to their suite of other facilities at the Air Force Museum, AMI Stadium, and the CBS Canterbury Arena. The glass visitor centre has been designed by architectural firm Patterson Associates who are recognised for their innovative work in urban design. The building is so striking that it is likely to become one of Christchurch's new treasures. The extensive use of glass will allow for a sense of spaciousness. It is light and airy and the glass exterior will give a great view of

Artist's impression of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre which is likely to become one of Christchurch's new treasures.

the surrounding trees and plants. The design of the new centre is in the spirit of classic garden architecture such as is found in Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom. It will be a wonderfully central and easy location for a wedding with no need to move from place to place for each component of the celebration, and there is convenient parking available in the Armagh Street car park just 100 metres from the venue. The venue can accommodate 120 people for a sit-down

reception and 180 for cocktail, so it is an intimate boutique space. Vbase are offering all-inclusive wedding packages, which include venue hire for the full day of a wedding, as well as tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glassware and wait staff. And of course there is Vbase's delicious food. Their menus are designed with the best quality ingredients in mind and they source as much as possible from Canterbury suppliers, farmers and artisan producers. Buffet and set menus

are available; special dietary requirements are also easily accommodated and the chefs can customise menus to suit clients' tastes and budgets. Vbase are taking bookings now for this amazing new venue. Be one of the first to enjoy this special space. Call Lauren File, Vbase's Local Business Development Manager, on (03) 339 5401 or email her

Metropol March 20, 2014 71

metropol presents The Great New Zealand Bridal


It feels good to cosmetic procedures be a woman!

The latest


very woman loves to look and feel her best, and providing that extra bit of sass and confidence comes from wearing lingerie we love that looks good, fits beautifully and feels comfortable.



Tummy fat reduction and skin tightening one month after 6 treatments. 5.8cm circumference reduction.


very bride wants to look her blooming and beautiful best on her wedding day and a visit to Dr Grant Bellaney of the Liposculpture and Cosmetic Clinic in the weeks and months before the big day will ensure just that. Grant is one of New Zealand's most experienced surgical dermatologists and offers a choice of fat sculpturing procedures and a range of cosmetic procedures using some of the latest technology available. Cosmetic treatments include Botox®, fillers, and Skinboosters. Skinboosters are a new treatment which naturally rejuvenates the

skin from within, creating luminous skin on the outside by gently and naturally smoothing skin from the inside. For those who are not keen on tumescent liposuction, the clinic also offers TriLipo, a new machine that can move stubborn fat without the need for surgery. It uses radio waves to destroy fat cells and it's great as an in-between treatment for people who want sculpture and a little bit of a change. It's useful in isolated areas like the hips, arms, bums, tums, and neck. To find out more about TriLipo or any other treatments, phone the friendly team at the Liposculpture and Cosmetic Clinic. Phone 356 0214 or 0800LIPOSUCTION or check them out on or find them on facebook.

Rose and Thorne's core philosophy is founded on creating beautifully designed seasonal collections of lingerie that are stylish, fit perfectly and are very affordable. Essentially, lingerie that women want to wear every day and not save just for special occasions! Two years ago Rose and Thorne was launched globally online and through The Warehouse nationwide by former Bendon senior executives, Stefan Preston and Sue Dunmore. They had a desire to design the world's best everyday intimates using a truly contemporary blue-sky approach. Design thinking with a focus on innovation led to the creation of unique intellectual property like 'Forgiving Fit' technology, the 'Cocoon Cup' and the '5 Perfect Shapes'. This chic range features sophisticated colour combinations, delicate fabric finishes and is sized from 10A to 20G. For more information or to shop online go to

GIVEAWAY Metropol in association with Rose and Thorne has the 'Curvylicious' suspender set pictured to give away. To enter the draw to win, email your name and phone number to: with “Rose and Thorne Curvylicious” in the subject line. Entries close 30 March and the winner will be notified on 31 March. One entry per person.

Count down to the BIG day! Carika Burke make-up and beauty therapist is offering great deals for your special day. Wedding make-up from $300 Spray tans $30 Facials, waxing and more

Contact Carika 03 359 0469 Or visit Some travel fees may apply - please enquire.


After Before

101.5 cm


72 March 20, 2014 Metropol



94.3 cm

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Gracious lodge a city oasis


n oasis of calm and charm is the perfect description for Newbery Lodge Function Centre, according to new venue manager Sharon Pierce. Sharon is hosting a wedding open day at the lodge on Sunday 30 March, so couples can see for themselves this gracious 1930s double-storied wedding and meeting venue in the leafy suburb of Opawa. The venue has three reception/dining rooms: ! The Ivy Suite on the first floor seats up to 120 people for dining and has a large deck overlooking the garden ! The ground floor Gardens Lounge has French doors opening out to the patio and lawn – perfect for the ceremony and pre-dinner drinks, or smaller dining parties of up to 40 ! The more intimate Grange Room is perfect as a dining room for a small wedding party or as the bride's room The lodge is nestled within established gardens and mature trees, creating a tranquil and private locale. The central lawn is the ideal spot to gather for the ceremony, drinks or photos. Complementing the surroundings is the food, which is

Photo: Tracey Robinson

Picture perfect wedding setting


hen it comes to the ultimate wedding experience, you cannot go past Terrace Downs Resort. Located in the heart of the high country, within an hour's drive of Christchurch International Airport, Terrace Downs is a luxury resort featuring breath-taking vistas, deluxe accommodation, superb cuisine, an 18-hole championship golf course and numerous soft adventure activities. The grand stone and timber Clubhouse overlooks breath-taking views over the golf course, to the Alps and Mt Hutt. The warm and distinctive decor reflects the high country surrounds, making it the ideal backdrop for indoor photography, while the huge open fire creates a magical atmosphere for winter weddings. A unique feature is the generously-sized Ladies Powder Room in the Clubhouse, a luxurious space that is perfect for the Bride and her favourite ladies to have hair and make-up done, while enjoying snacks and beverages.

The Terrace Downs food and beverage team will attend to all your guests' needs, presenting a menu designed to match your theme or style. For the ultimate guest fun, pre and post wedding activities include golf, archery, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding and spa treatments, with plenty more nearby. And completing the total experience, a range of stylish accommodation is available for some 110 guests, in villas or chalets, all with stunning views. The option of booking the whole resort is also available for that extra level of privacy and enjoyment. Enquire about special rates for winter weddings.

created especially for you and your guests, presented in a style to suit the occasion, and served by warm, professional staff. Newbery Lodge is so much more than just a venue for hire – it's a place to make memories. For more information phone 332 2503, email or go to

Metropol March 20, 2014 73

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A divine

How to feel & dining experience look radiant A


othing evokes romance like a wedding feast, drinks or ceremony in a vineyard. This setting: a rustic outdoor garden, an elegant, yet cosy and warm indoor restaurant space, and European influenced food, can all be part of your wedding – right on the doorstep of the city. Dine Divine Café and Restaurant (formerly Morgan's Vineyard) is nestled amidst the vines at 355 Buchanans Road in Yaldhurst. The recent opening of the completely refurbished restaurant also brought with it a new menu and new beginnings as a standout function destination.

New owners Nadine and Steve say the food, made onsite, is outstanding, with the diverse range of meals having a strong French influence. “Each dish is so unique in its flavours and we pride ourselves on our presentation.” As a wedding venue, the rural setting offers many choices. A casual outdoor area, surrounded by mature trees and with stunning views, flows seamlessly to the indoor area. The venue is suitable for parties of up to 50 guests with loads of parking right at the door. This and the European influence of the décor and menu could be the truly stunning setting for your special day. Dine Divine Café and Restaurant. is open Tuesday to Sunday. Phone 348 8038.

The perfect Setting for any


s you embark on this new chapter in your life, you want to feel radiant inside and out and look your best. Women in Motion is a privately owned lifestyle fitness and wellness studio for women in Hornby. It offers a range of services, from gym facilities and classes, yoga, Pilates, power plate vibration training, nutritional advice, personal trainers, massage therapists, infra-red sauna and a fun, vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

Owner Karen knows how important it is for you to look great on your wedding day, so she has put together a number of wedding packages to help you achieve that. You do not have to become a member to put one of these packages into motion. Better still – Women in Motion invites you to bring your bridesmaids, your mum and his mum along so you can all look and feel great together. If you have six months or only four weeks – there is a package to suit your needs – all include a complementary massage for the bride, weekly reviews,

nutritional workbooks and advice, access to all the group sessions, a personal trainer and the ability to utilise all the wellness facilities at the centre. If you want to be sexy, strong and sculpted, then check out this mecca to all things female. 64 Carmens Road. Phone 349 7500.

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Look Good & Feel GREAT for your Wedding Day! Call us to Book your Complimentary 1-1 Session & Consultation

A contemporary restaurant located in a beau ful rural se ng offering classic New Zealand and European cuisine. The inside has been decorated in an elegant European theme, giving it a simple and clean look but yet providing a warm and cozy ambience.

DineDivine also has a lovely outdoor area and plenty of car parking which makes this the perfect venue for private func ons or special celebra ons.

For bookings please phone to discuss your special day! Award Winning Fitness Studio

DineDivine Cafe & Restaurant 355 Buchanans Rd Yaldhurst Open Tues-Sat 10am-late Ph. 348 8038 Sunday 10am-3pm 74 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Lifestyle Fitness and Wellness Studio 64 Carmen Rd Hornby Ph.349 7500

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Your questions answered

on non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures


hristchurch cosmetic medical clinic Face Value specialises in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures; that little touch of Botox® or dermal filler which can make you look and feel great. Dr. Philip Frost answers some questions about the most commonly requested procedures and what's involved… What sets Face Value aside in a crowded marketplace? Customers can be assured they are being treated by a doctor with advanced skills and qualifications in cosmetic medicine. I am a full member of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, which assures my clients they are in safe and competent hands, especially important when administering prescription medication such as Botox. What are the most common procedures you carry out? Most common are low intervention procedures which are safe and require minimal downtime, such as dermal fillers, Botox, and advanced skincare consultations. What are the common sites for Botox? Botox is predominantly used to treat lines and wrinkles on the upper face, including frown lines, crow's feet and horizontal brow lines. It can also be used to slightly upturn the mouth corners, adjust eyebrow shape and soften lip lines. Botox is also very effective to treat excessive sweating with treatments lasting up

to a year. Is Botox safe? Botox is a remarkably safe product, having been used for more than 20 years. Tens of thousands of New Zealanders are having repeated treatments each year. It is increasingly being used in other fields of medicine also with huge safety profiles. How long does Botox last? The effects of Botox last on average three to four months for a first time client. However, after several treatments it can often last longer. How much does Botox cost? I charge $18 per unit, so frown lines might cost around $360. However, often clients require less which lowers the cost. I offer a free consultation to assess your needs before you begin your first round of treatment. How can I get rid of that tired, gaunt look I

have developed as I have aged? As we age we tend to loose fat beneath the skin of the face. This loss of underlying support means the skin can appear to hang on the face giving you that tired and gaunt look. Dermal fillers can be used to replace loss of volume, especially in the mid face region, reshaping the cheek to give a more youthful healthy look. How long do dermal fillers last? Dermal fillers can last anywhere from eight months to two years or longer, depending on the type of product and the amount used. I do not use permanent fillers due to their lower safety profile. I would like more well defined and slightly fuller lips, but don't want a crazy Hollywood trout pout… There's been a shift away from the use of large volumes of fillers which create an unnatural

Before Botox

After Botox

Dr Philip Frost

appearance. I increasingly use smaller amounts now to create subtle definition and give lips a more natural and youthful result. Everyone will notice, no one will know! At Face Value I offer a complimentary consultation for up to half an hour to discuss your concerns and provide a management plan going forward. This includes discussing hydration and skincare because without these you are not maximising the gain. I provide a free follow up appointment after treatment to ensure you are completely happy with the results. Manufacturers Information: Botox® is a Prescription Medicine containing 100 units of Botulinum Toxin Type A for injection. Botox® is used for the treatment of frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet. Botox® should be administered only by trained medical professionals. Talk to your specialist about the benefits/ risks of Botox® procedure in appearance medicine. Cautions: people with defective neuromuscular transmission disorders, infection at the site of injection, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation. Possible side effects of Botox® include headaches, pain, burning/sting, bruising, swelling or redness at the injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eyelids/eyebrows, swollen eyelids, skin tightness, tingly sensations, itchiness, nausea and flu-like symptoms. If you have any side effects from Botox® or concerns speak to your doctor. You will need to pay for this Botox® medicine, normal doctor's visit fees apply. NB: Botox® treatment lasts about four months and after this time further courses of treatment may be necessary. Speak to your specialist about your own situation. TAPS Approval PP.4821

Everyone will notice, no one will know. All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost Dr Frost welcomes clients to his new boutique Merivale locale for added privacy in peaceful & luxurious surroundings. Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy



MERIVALE 388 8806

Metropol March 20, 2014 75

Metropol March 20, 2014 75

the great nz

bridal show the great nz bridal show addington

Treat your hair & your soul


usy planning a wedding? Maybe it's time for a short retreat – take time out in an oasis of tranquillity, but most importantly, while you are sitting in Soulstyle Organic Hair Salon you are doing something productive towards your big day. This relaxed, modern and conscientious salon is truly organic – all its colour and hair products are natural, organic-based products. From the shampoo to the hair dye, the coffee and milk and the cleaning products. There is nowhere in this salon you will find a harmful chemical, hence no nasty smells or irritating elements often associated with hair products.

Owner, Deanna is no stranger to weddings, having done Hayley Westenra's hair colour for the Brit awards and her wedding. The health benefits of organic hairstyling are immense, as is the feel good factor. So, pre-wedding, get organised and book your organic hair colour with Soulstyle's highly talented and experienced team of organic hairdressers. You are probably wondering what this organic treat will cost? No more than what you would pay at any other salon. You are also guaranteed one-on-one attention from a senior stylist and a break from your busy life to treat yourself – you deserve it! But book early, they are exceptionally popular and busy. Search for Soulstyle on and read their glowing testimonials. 47 Rodney Street, New Brighton, phone 388 8277.

Classic charm fit for King & Queen


he Classic Villa offers the ideal accommodation befitting a bride and groom. A fitting choice for a bridal party or a couple's family and friends attending from out of town; it also provides the ultimate intimate venue for private functions and an elegant and stylish environment for corporate seminars. This Italian style historic home has been tastefully refurbished into one of the city's rare boutique hotels offering classic charm with all the benefits of superior modern facilities. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, The Classic Villa is adjacent to the Botanic Gardens, a popular photographic backdrop to many local weddings, and within walking distance of the central city's new attractions, including the city's vibrant Re:Start Mall and the colourful cluster of revamped historic buildings of New Regent Street's cafe and hospitality precinct. Guests wake up to a sumptuous Mediterranean breakfast and end their day

relaxing in the hotel's luxurious lounge, before retiring to one of their many well appointed deluxe or corporate suites. With a proven history of providing first-rate service in luxury surroundings, The Classic Villa offers guests warm, welcoming hospitality with charm and elegance. Visit for further information or to make an on-line booking today.

your organic hair specialists... An Italian style, historic home, renovated and tastefully refurbished into one of the finest 5 Star boutique hotels in Christchurch, New Zealand.

47 Rodney Street, South New Brighton 76 March 20, 2014 Metropol

P. 388 8277

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bridal the great nz bridal show show addington

Planning for a happy, secure future By Cheryl Colley


tarting a new journey through marriage brings many choices, hopes and dreams. Planning for the future as a couple is vital to see those hopes and dreams come to fruition for you and for any children who may bless your union. That planning may take a number of forms, but you would be well advised to make financial planning an integral aspect of any strategies you put in place. The services of a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser are crucial to help you achieve financial peace of mind together. Alistair Bean, Managing Director of Alistair Bean & Associates Financial Services Limited, is just such an adviser with many years' experience. “Financial planning isn't rocket science,” says Alistair. “It really is just a step by step process. Engaged couples should review their wills if they already have them or, if not they should have them drawn-up. Chances are the newly-weds may be going overseas on the most romantic holiday of their lives. To make sure that it is memorable in a good way, removing worry is a priority. Unfortunately you hear of horror stories about fatal accidents occurring on honeymoons. The bereaved partner then has to cope not only with the trauma of loss, but also with financial uncertainty because no plan has been put in place.” Alistair also advises married couples to take out some sort of health insurance for the unexpected and also to protect the most valuable asset they have – their incomes -

Alistair discussing needs with Client through income protection insurance. “Strangely a lot of people will take out car insurance first and then cover their homes while neglecting both health insurance and income protection, which I believe should be the top priorities.” The changed circumstances a marriage brings also raise the issue of future wealth planning. “Kiwi Saver should be the number one choice,” says Alistair. “The Government

still gives a $1,000 start up and $521.43 per year provided people contribute at least $20 weekly. These contributions are very generous and may not last so I suggest signing up as soon as possible. What is important is the type of Kiwi Saver people choose and I am very happy to offer advice here.” Other things to consider when you are about to get married are pre-nuptial agreements, property ownership and family trusts. To

discuss these issues you can contact Alistair on (03) 355 6360, or mobile 021 552 587. His email is He also has a web-site where you can find out more information about his service. If you mention this editorial you can claim 50% off the full implementation fee that is charged for deposited funds on all investment portfolios. (The full fee is 2% of the total amount invested).

Alistair Bean


Investments Insurance KiwiSaver




t. 03 355 6360

m. 021 552 587


Personal Disclosure Documents are available upon request and free of charge

Metropol March 20, 2014 77

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bridal show the great nz bridal show addington

The modern vintage Style, sophistication look for little princes & attention to detail and princesses


othing is more touching in a wedding party than the inclusion of young children. So when you are looking for that perfect dress to set off their cute dimples and radiant smiles – Baby Belle in the Cracroft Shopping centre is a must visit. A new and stunning selection of hand smocked dresses and boys outfits has just arrived. “These are exquisite and incredibly beautiful,” says Deanne, the owner of this treasure trove of gifts clothing and toys for children. In soft shades of white, soft pinks, delicate florals and complemented with bright pink, blue or red smocking, the selection and styling of these dresses for girls is a look back into times of past. Yet while classic, these dresses scream of modern vintage, a look being embraced internationally as the desired fashion. The boys are not forgotten and the nautically themed smocked outfits will have any young man looking totally regal. Baby Belle stocks both boys' and girls' shoes to perfectly complement the range of divine outfits. For children from the ages of six months to two years, Baby Belle has the most comprehensive selection of quality hand


uality, decadence and exceptional service – if all of this appeals to you, then your wedding destination should be Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square.

smocked outfits for your little prince or princess. Baby Belle, 150 Cashmere Road. or phone 338 3334.

Handcrafted beautiful clothes for little girls & boys Delightful smocked children’s fashion clothes with matching shoes perfect for any little outfit

150 Cashmere Rd 78 March 20, 2014 Metropol

P. 338 3334

“Your wedding, your ideas, your way,” with their team to make your dreams become a reality; this is their promise to you. Their dedicated wedding planners take the stress and hard work out of weddings – you can choose to do as much or as little as you desire – either way, the result will be a wedding to remember, hosted by this sophisticated, modern and stylish hotel. From accommodation before and after the big day, the ceremony, the room set up, drinks, canapés, dinner, supper, cake, entertainment, right through to

recommendations or arrangements for suit hire, hair and makeup, cakes, photographers, flowers and transportation – their wedding coordinators have every detail of your wedding covered. Newly re-opened in Cathedral Square, the fourstar-plus hotel can accommodate your every need in a stunning venue with personalised and attentive service to make everyone feel truly special. Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square is quickly establishing itself as the premier wedding venue in the city, and with the hotel being so immersed in the history of the ChristChurch Cathedral; it's a location that holds a special place in the hearts of Cantabrians. When every detail is important to you, Novotel will be your secret of success. 52 Cathedral Square. Phone 372 2111.





Bars & Cafés


cuisine & DINING OUT

Frozen yoghurt delights Ingenious! Tasty! Original! A new Christchurch entity! A stroke of genius!


ll of these apply to SoYo Frozen Yoghurt, Your Way, located on the corner of Riccarton Road and Rotherham St – a perfect place for those of us visiting Westfield Mall, or working in the area, to enjoy amazing frozen yoghurt, whether for a lunch snack, a kick start to the day, or a cool refreshing interlude…any time! The concept is simple, but so innovative it has you wondering why it hasn't arrived before. This is the way it works. You walk in and choose a cup to fill up, from a range of frozen yoghurts; chocolate, melon, Redbull (a good kick!), pomegranate and original, some of which are dairy free. You then top up from a delightful selection, including: chocolate fish, M&Ms, yoghurt coated raisins, wafer sticks, kibbled hokey pokey, marshmallow, muesli, pineapple, rock melon, chocolate peanuts, grapes, jaffas, sour balls, sour snakes, popping pearls, waffle cone pieces… you name it, it's there, and we shall cheerfully expect the

options to change and grow. There are also a range of sauces to add to your creation. You then weigh and pay – walk out with something you have created yourself, and it is 'soooo' delicious. If you are in no rush, then there is an upstairs area seating 40, with a music system so that you can have an aural element to your selfcreated dreamy yoghurt. Frozen yoghurt has been very popular overseas and now it's arrived in Christchurch. Here it has taken a distinctly New Zealand flavour. Owner Cathy Wilson explains that they have used all Christchurch businesses to set themselves up. “We are not a franchise,” she explains. “We are a family operated business.” They have used a Christchurch artist, branding company, architect and builders, so that this booming concept has a distinctly Christchurch emphasis. This is their little contribution to the rebuild. “We are creating an interesting and fun environment for people to socialise in,” says Cathy. “We believe there are not many places in Christchurch at the moment where the younger crowd can meet with their friends.” Just looking around SoYo on a busy

You choose a cup to fill up, from a range of frozen yoghurts. You then top up from a delightful selection, including: chocolate fish, M&Ms, yoghurt coated raisins, wafer sticks, kibbled hokey pokey, marshmallow, muesli, pineapple, rock melon. Saturday afternoon certainly lends credence to this idea, but in amongst the teenagers who are thronging to SoYo there are also families with children and grandparents. SoYo is for everyone. Call in and sample if you are in the Westfield Mall area. It is fun; it is different. It is a nice treat as well, and hey… you have to be responsible for the way you make your FroYo treat. The ingredients are sublime. The experience is cool bliss.

Metropol March 20, 2014 79



Tokyo meets Edgeware Village... A wonderful Japanese dining experience


omi Japanese Restaurant is a family affair. It's owned and managed by Joe and his wife Mayuko Tomita, and his father-in-law, Matsuo Tomita, who is the chef. “He had been a chef in Japan for over 40 years and was going to open his own restaurant in Tokyo, so I said why not do it in New Zealand,” says Joe. So he and his wife found a defunct cafe in the Edgeware Village and decided to fit it out themselves. “I knew nothing about building, but now I know every nail,” Joe laughs. They chose honey-coloured American oak tables and installed an elegant long counter made from a single piece of American oak. A Japanese builder made them two private dining booths and they painted the walls and ceilings themselves. The result is a Japanese style restaurant with clean square lines and restful ambience. Tomi opened just over one year ago, serving

Ph: 03 377 8028

Tomi opened just over one year ago, serving dishes that would be served in Japan. “The emphasis is on cooking rather than on teppanyaki and there are not many chefs in the city that would have as much experience as my father-in-law.”

dishes that would be served in Japan. “The emphasis is on cooking rather than on teppanyaki and there are not many chefs in the city that would have as much experience as my father-in-law,” says Joe proudly. Unlike Western style restaurants, most of the dishes are designed to be shared. They include traditional favourites like home made lotus chips, and clever savoury omelettes that are made in a square pan to create a loaf shape and served sliced. Another dish beloved by Asians is the slow cooked Red Wine Ox Tongue with seasonal steamed vegetables that is Tomi's signature dish. A dramatic and eye catching dish is the whole fish sashimi platter, a chef's special that has to be pre-ordered, and is subject to availability. These are just a few highlights in the extensive menu that includes traditional snacks, salads, sashimi, sushi,

76 Edgeware Rd Edgeware Mall ChCh

tempura, and deep fried, grilled and simmered dishes, each created and presented with the utmost care. “Every dish is made to order, even our teriyaki sauce which is cooked until it is almost caramelised. We use fresh oil for our tempura and for our beef tataki we use fillet which brings out the sweetness of the meat,” Joe says. Although it has a BYO licence, the wine list at Tomi is unexpectedly interesting and well worth sampling. Joe is a self confessed “wine buff” and qualified sommelier who spent a season working in a Waipara vineyard to learn more about his passion. He has carefully selected French, Italian and New Zealand wines that “you wouldn't't expect to see in a Japanese restaurant.” He also imports premium sakes directly from Japan and serves

Japanese Vodka, Plum wine and beer. For an affordable and highly enjoyable Japanese experience – food, beverage and authentic decor - Tomi has it all. Tomi is open Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 2pm and from 5.30pm.For more information go to

The Verandah Bar LIVE MUSIC THURSDAY NIGHTS Book now for your private functions Aikmans Road, Merivale Mall, Christchurch. Ph(03) 964 3860 80 March 20, 2014 Metropol



Popular establishment looks forward to winter refit


opular inner city establishment Trevinos is looking forward to the opportunity earthquake repairs have allowed for a total winter refit this year, but until then the bar and restaurant remains busier than ever. “We're still here, we're still thriving and we're looking forward to an exciting future,” owner Marty Fuller explains. Its striking tree-lined courtyard offers al fresco dining in the summer sun and, for bleaker days, the large open fire offers a reprieve from the cool breeze. Widely spaced seating in the bar ensures you're not encroaching on neighbouring conversations and two big screens mean you won't miss the game. The convenient and accessible location on the popular Riccarton Road stretch makes the conference facilities a popular choice for functions and meetings, catering from 5 to 75. Trevinos is heavily involved in the local community, sponsoring a wide range of community groups and initiatives, with a number of not-for-profit organisations using the conference facilities for free. Most importantly, the welcoming and friendly staff ensure that no matter what the purpose, your Trevinos experience will be one to remember. A striking addition to the bar and restaurant scene in Christchurch since its inception in the year 2000, Trevinos has made its name as a quality dining venue and an upmarket bar in the heart of the city. The restaurant offers a comprehensive selection of food and wine covering weekend brunch through to bar snacks, tapas menu and special occasion set menus. The popular $18 Cork 'n Fork is back and popular as ever, offering a great meal

A striking addition to the bar and restaurant scene in Christchurch since its inception in the year 2000, Trevinos has made its name as a quality dining venue and an upmarket bar in the heart of the city. and beverage. And Trevinos has developed an all new brunch menu. “Bluff oyster season is here again,” Marty says. “So this is the place to get some of the best oysters in the world.” Music to suit every taste features through the state of the art system and live entertainment on Friday evenings makes Trevinos one of Christchurch's most popular spots. There is a gaming lounge on site and full TAB facilities straight across the road. Full accommodation is also available on site with the Christchurch City Park Motel. “We have extensively upgraded the motels during the past two years, so they are looking fantastic, but we've still remained reasonably priced,” Marty says. “We've covered all our bases with a site that offers plenty of off-street parking and our central location means we are close to everything.” To discuss your private function or dining requirements, contact Trevinos on (03) 343 5378, by emailing or visiting

Now at



great locations!

147 Colombo Street

332 4799

Merivale Shop 25, Merivale Mall

Nestled in the heart of Christchurch, filled with mountains of food and lakes of beverages - Join us at Trevinos

355 5645 Restaurant


café & wine bar


Great Wine, Great Food, Great Times

333 Harewood Road

Have you tried our popular Cork & Fork Menu yet?

360 0996


Great value at $18 & includes glass of house wine, tap beer or juice Available Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm

Cnr Riccarton Rd & Monavale Ave P. 343 5378


hachi hachi

Ph. 348 8418

a striking restaurant enjoy the finest of japanese food & ambience

Bush Inn Centre



Present this when ordering 4 or more main dishes with dinner Sun-Wed Valid until 31st March 14 * Terms & Conditions Apply

Bush Inn Centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rds

Ph. 03 348 8881 Metropol March 20, 2014 81



Zombie food not served here! The original Peking Duck specialist in Christchurch The new sensation in authentic Chinese dining

The Peking Duck Your Chinese dining experience is not complete without the world famous Peking Duck!

Reservation is essential to avoid disappointment Don’t forget our unique Yum Cha luncheon

Fully Licensed and BYO

88 Riccarton Rd Ph. 348 1805 Free customer parking at rear and side of building Lunch from 11am-2.30pm Dinner from 5pm-10pm, 7 Days


Spanish Cuisine


n a world that often seems filled with deception, it is delightful to find a restaurant that is refreshingly honest and true to its origins.

NEW Barcelona chef Come and try our Paella Friday $33

Special Paella Launch Dinner Fri 21st March 7.30 $55 Tapas, Paella & a Complimentary Sangria Bookings essential

Botanic Gardens, 7 Rolleston Avenue Ph 3792252

Cliff Yeung of the Dragon Express, on the north side of Riccarton Road, near the Straven Road junction and opposite Wyatt Chemists in the Windmill Centre, is passionate about this. “So much ethnic food now is a packaged copy,” he says. “It has no soul – it is like zombie food.” He is right of course. Cuisine that we often refer to as “Chinese food” mostly originated in San Francisco during the 1950s. This so-called fusion food, which later moved throughout the world, catered to local tastes and was prepared inevitably with locally available ingredients. After all, with China largely reclusive, people eating “Chinese food” had little idea of what the real thing was. Even authentic Chinese food dishes that we have become familiar with have some fundamental differences. For instance,

Westerners often prefer white, boneless breast meat from chicken while Chinese dishes often use the small bones and darker meat. Cliff is keen to educate diners. Many people buy a packet of something like chow mein from the supermarket and think they are eating real Chinese food. They are not of course, they are merely using some authentic elements in a dish that is far from being traditional. Just recently Cliff invited a small group to Dragon Express to sample “the real deal”. The meal began with soup of the day, which consisted of ducks' bones and sour mustard greens. The flavour was distinctive, without being overpowering, and the rich smoothness of the duck-infused broth was offset by the lightly crunchy texture of the fermented greens. The second course was a combination delicatessen platter of Chinese roast duck and honey soy chicken. These were, despite a crunchy skin, melt-in-your-mouth tender and moist.

Then came Loh Han Chai (braised mixed vegetables) which is a popular home-cooked vegetarian dish during Chinese New Year. As it uses a lot of ingredients which require braising, the preparation is tedious and timeconsuming. Presented in a base of oyster sauce, came bean sprouts, broccoli, carrot, spring onion, bamboo, Chinese mushroom, ginger and mian jing (wheat gluten puffs). Needless to say, all the vegetables were hand cut. Dessert arrived piping hot – deep fried coconut custard. Not sure how Cliff constructed these wee gems, although it appeared very tricky – they were a perfect finish; faintly sweet (you could roll them in a little sugar). “Well,” said a satisfied Cliff Yeung. “Now you have experienced a traditional Chinese meal!” He is doing well to educate us all. It is perhaps interesting to note that while twenty years ago, customers in Asian food shops predominantly had origins in that region, nowadays the mix is much more diverse. But we still need people like Cliff to point the way.

elBulli 2005–2011

Try our $



Cocktail Menu every Thursday from 4pm


Choose from our special $20 menu every Monday Tuesday or Wednesday

Every recipe from the last seven years of the world’s most creative restaurant


Open from 11am weekdays -10am weekends 7 DAYS WEEK

Northwood Supa Centre (Next to City Fitness)

P. 323 4497 82 March 20, 2014 Metropol

113 Riccarton Road, 379 2882 or Re: Start Cashel Mall 377 8462




Award winning café food,


delicious deli treats

erra Viva is one of Christchurch's oldest and most loved establishments – after 17 years in business the garden centre and cafe are busier than ever. Change is the norm' here, with new menus reflecting seasonal changes and produce. There is almost a market ambience as well. You can now come in and weigh and grind your own spices – just as much as you need, perhaps for those recipes that just need a pinch, and pay as you leave. There are 30 different spices and mixtures to choose from. Turn up on a Saturday from 11am on and you will be pleasantly surprised by the market store. For a start there is Jerry's artisan bread range – pumpkin, fennel and poppy seed, curry and hazelnut sourdough as well as hot cross buns – all freshly baked, as well as strudels, colourful meringues and tarts. Then there are the tastings and cooking demonstrations, with two chefs there chatting as they work. You may wish to buy tubs of pickles and peruse the different meats on display.

Nicky Ward, Steve Gardiner and Guan Lin Su The ever-popular range of deli treats is still there: chicken liver pate, aioli, lemon cordial, honey-pickled onions, gherkins, chutneys and relish, lemon curd and head chef Steven's BBQ and tomato sauces are part of the list of goodies that are all made in the busy Terra Viva kitchen. Coming are free range eggs and cooked and marinating chickens; with ice cream through the summer months. Steven Gardiner has now headed up the Terra Viva kitchen for almost seven years and owner Juliet believes the team has never been stronger – with sous chef Lin and Nicky behind him (as well as a full support team), the dishes coming out of the kitchen have a real 'wow' factor and taste as good as they look. And what else? Soon wi-fi will be available, for those busy folk who need to check on their work while enjoying a coffee – just $3 for half an hour's usage. You can also sample craft beers, with new ones arriving every month. Central to all of this however, lies a commitment to excellence in cuisine. A highlight is the Beef and Lamb Gold Plate

Award 2014, which is proudly displayed near the entrance. Awards like these are designed to acknowledge a consistently high standard of cuisine – tasty, skilfully composed and superbly presented beef and lamb dishes. The Cafe has a big following on facebook with updated news, photographs and recipes daily. They are very willing to answer any culinary conundrums you may have or chat

about functions at the Cafe. Terra Viva is open daily from 7.30am – 5pm. Breakfast till 11am, lunch and weekend brunch. Bookings are always recommended and appreciated, phone 358 5565. Location: corner of Wairakei Roads and Roydvale Avenue. Website: for news and menus.


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm

Cnr Roydvale Ave/Wairakei Rd, Chch Ph: 358 7978 Open every day 7.30 - 5pm

has landed at Christchurch Airport DELI

Sophisticated, clever unashamedly kiwi!

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm

The Best Coffee in Christchurch

The perfect venue for your next meeting

3 times ‘BARISTA of the Year’ The best coffee in town Breakfast menu Wide selection of cabinet food Lunch menu


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Open Hours: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Sat & Sun

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue

76 Moorhouse Ave

opposite Lichfield Street

Ph. 961 1153

Ph. (03) 353 1930 Open from 11am to late Level one beside Domestic Arrivals Metropol March 20, 2014 83



Use your noodle



oodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese suisine. There is a great variety of Chinese noodles, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation. They are an important part of most regional cuisines. Fully licenced & BYO ( wine only) Open 11-3pm & 5pm-10pm everyday

Available for functions & group booking Specialised set menu available Ph. 03 423 1976 283 Lincoln Rd Addington

pizzeria cucina italiana

Sometimes the noodles are rolled onto a flat sheet, folded and cut. They may be placed into a mechanical press to form strands, or formed into a long loaf and quickly sliced or peeled off directly into boiling water. Pulled noodles involve the dough being rolled into a long cylinder, which is repeatedly stretched and folded to produce thinner strands. Shanxi Noodles, at 283 Lincoln Road, employs chefs who are skilled at producing, right before you, noodles which are traditional to this North Chinese province, and this is the only place in Christchurch where you can experience this exact style. Enjoy, for example, 'longevity' hand pulled noodles – only one very long noodle in your bowl – a compliment to your ability to enjoy a long life! Owners Evan Yang and Karen Tang have been 12 years in New Zealand, and have brought with them skills honed in North China. The emphasis is upon reproducing this cuisine in Christchurch – traditional, delicious, carefully presented, while ensuring that those

who have a Western palate can be introduced to this particular cuisine… and will want to come back. Many delicious items already find themselves popular here anyway – Woutou: beef in a steamed cornflour bun with a stir fry is sumptuous, and the printed menu will have any prospective diner deliberating for a while. There are menu items from other provinces; for example, spicy foods from Szechuan. It is not all noodles either – there are a mixture of dishes – prawns, spicy fish, sweet and sour seafood, congee with braised abalone, hot and sour soup (very popular), and sweetcorn soup with minced chicken. There are also glutenfree meals available, and there is an excellent range.

Shanxi Noodles are perfectly set up for a variety of reasons. With the rugby season looming, and plenty of parking, their site on Lincoln Road is very handy. Then there is the Court Theatre venue, shopping close by and of course, they are quite close to the centre city, which is slowly coming back to life. Shanxi is fully licensed, and able to cater for any groups. There are set menus and if you plan on a family or business function, then you can outline your preferences and budget and it will be taken care of. Shanxi has separate rooms so that your function can be intimate and well taken care of independently. Call in and enjoy a casual lunch in quiet and delightful surroundings, browse the menu, and look at ways in which this delightful slice of Chinese cultural life may be enjoyed in so many ways.


Italian cuisine with an

oriental twist From our Napoli style gas-fired pizza & pasta dishes through to our deliciously fresh & flavoursome Porterhouse steak & chicken fillet There’s something for everyone! Open: Dinner: Tues-Sun from 5.30pm Fully licensed and BYO wine only

Shop 9, Rolleston Square, 72 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston p: 03 347 7444

Fine Japanese dining in Christchurch

Shanxi Noodles, at 283 Lincoln Road, employs chefs who are skilled at producing, right before you, noodles which are traditional to this North Chinese province, and this is the only place in Christchurch where you can experience this exact style.


Dine in or Takeaway

FINE FOOD+COFFEE CATERING SERVICE Open Mon-Fri 5am-4pm Sat 5am-2pm Sun closed

* Outdoor Area

Now Open Late Nights Thurs, Fri, Sat 2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead Where East meets West P. 348 5644

* Wheelchair access * Takeaways * Private rooms

Fresh daily - cabinet food Full breakfast/lunch menus Evening functions Out-Catering Boardroom Hire Late night Fridays w’drink specials and bar snacks


* Wheelchair access *

Hours:Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm Fri 7am-6.30pm Sat 8am-3.30pm

84 March 20, 2014 Metropol

BYO wine & fully licenced

* Excellent beer & wines available

Find us at... 235 Annex Road Ph 338 1801

Available for functions

186 Papanui Rd PH 355 1481


PH.(03) 355 6229 13/14 CARLTON COURTS, 4 PAPANUI RD



Summer’s bounty keeps kitchen busy


he kitchen at Pepperberry, the vibrant little cafe and florist on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Colombo Street, is busier than ever. Owner Trish Hamilton has been making the most of the summer bounty, cooking up tomato relish, courgette chutney, and tomato chilli jam, which sells out almost as fast as she can make it. Also from the kitchen, enhancing many of the cafe's popular dishes are; homemade BBQ sauce, lemon curd (which is served on the breakfast menu's fluffy blueberry pancakes), and pestos. “We use lots of fresh herbs that we buy from a local market gardener and from our home garden,” says Trish. “Since Christmas the cafe, which is open for breakfast and lunch six days a week, has been busier than ever, and a new staff member has been employed, bringing the team up to six,” Trish says, “Thanks to Hummingbird Coffee, we now have a brand new Italian coffee machine, affectionately named 'Iris'.” Pepperberry is also in increasing demand for catering. “We recently catered for a Valentine's Day wedding and a 60th birthday party. We served lots of delicious canapés and our famous raspberry and chocolate brownies, cut into heart shapes, were a great hit.” The cafe has a breakfast and a lunch menu,

Casey and Tash enticing daily black board specials, and mouthwatering cabinet food. The current favourite from the menus is the corned beef hash cakes with poached eggs and mustard hollandaise. They also have a Dish of the Day, which can be as varied as Fettuccini Carbonara, Thai pumpkin soup, and pulled beef open sandwiches. The cafe is famous for its fresh scones and muffins, (different muffin flavours daily but the popular date scones and cheese scones are a fixture!) as well as its tasty made-on-the

Fendalton’s Favourite Café

Also from the kitchen, enhancing many of the cafe's popular dishes are; homemade BBQ sauce, lemon curd (which is served on the breakfast menu's fluffy blueberry pancakes), and pestos. premises cabinet food. Regulars will notice the cafe is quieter too, thanks to recently installed sound proofing panels on the ceiling and walls. Although you could be fooled by the wall panels which are camouflaged as bright and cheerful fabric murals. One side of the bright and sunny café is a small boutique florist. There is a great array of fresh flower bouquets and plants, as well as curious finds for your home or to gift. The florist is fully qualified and offers flowers for all occasions as well as delivery. Pepperberry Cafe is open from 7am to 3.30 or 4pm five days a week and 7.30am to 1.30pm on Saturdays. They also offer out catering. For more details find them at

178 A Papanui Rd Merivale Ph. 356 2255 Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm Mon-Sat Dinner: 5.30pm-Late Mon-Sat

NEW Autumn Menu

Gold Award Winner Fresh Homestyle Baking Gluten Free options Weekend Breakfast Specials Underground Coffee - Perfect!

Fish Lamb Beef

Children’s Menu Fully Licensed

Open 7 days

Live Jazz on THE DECK every Sunday afternoon with Carmel Courtney Your Host Sarah & Nick Freeman


YA H AG I 376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Perfect place for coffee and a catch up Stunning breakfast menu Saturday and Sunday. Lunch on our warm heated deck with beautiful views of Lyttelton. Relax and unwind.

Mon-Fri: 0730-1630hrs Sat-Sun: 0830-1630hrs

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414

Pasta Risotto

Enjoy contemporary NZ cuisine with a European influence, prepared by an expert team. Relax in the sumptuous leather booths Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. 158 Leinster Road, Merivale (30 metres from Papanui Road)

328 7517

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47 London Street, Lyttelton

Reservations Ph. 355 3055 Metropol March 20, 2014 85

lincoln NEW AUTUMN Fashion

Arriving Daily


Standing out from the crowd... the

latest trends N

NOW LOCATED AT SHOP 3 9 Gerald St, Lincoln. With NEW hours Mon -Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10-4 Ph 325 2390

21 Luxury Motel Units in the

Heart of Lincoln

Hosts Craig & Colleen Beswick

6 Maurice St Lincoln P. 03 974 1620

estled comfortably 22kms south of Christchurch, the Lincoln township is a welcoming atmosphere, offering the best of both worlds; a little slice of the country just outside of the city. Based in the picturesque township, Allure of Lincoln is exactly what the name suggests; another powerful attraction to the southern spot. The diversity in selection sees both mothers and daughters shopping at Allure. Tucked pleasantly within the Gerald Street shops, Allure of Lincoln offers a relaxing shopping experience. Whether it's the charm of the small town, the nature of the owner Lynda Stearn herself, or perhaps all of the above, Allure of Lincoln has become a destination in itself and a darn good reason to head out for a comfortable drive. With the new motorway, it's only a 15 minute drive from the city. “You can buy clothes anywhere,” Lynda explains. “You can't stand out in a crowded marketplace by just doing the same as everyone else. We are all about the experience. We wanted to create the kind of environment where people could feel comfortable to come in, kick their gumboots off at the door and come in and browse for an hour.” A family affair, the business was established by Lynda, her mum Gwen and husband Garth, then based a little further up the street. “We moved to our current location in September last year,” Lynda explains. “It's a comfortable and accessible location and it's been really well received.” Soon after the store opened, we were hit with the recession, but Allure of Lincoln's survival is testament to excellent management and a strong, ever-changing range of garments. Now in its seventh year, Lynda is constantly reviewing the range of labels she stocks and keeps up to date with the latest trends.

Every Sat 10 am to 1 pm Local Farm Fresh Fruit/Vegetables/Produce, Delicious Baking and an array of Artisan Crafts. Great family friendly market with a real community atmosphere Come & enjoy our weekly market or join in the fun of our amazing monthly themed events!


For the special Wedding gift ...

Allure of Lincoln has recently taken on the Random label, which is going really well. Turkish label Angels Never Die has a range of stunning tops for something a little different. Zafina and Seduce offer a range of winter coats in colours and styles which see them flying out the door. Revue, Vue and Siren are also popular brands, sitting alongside European brands San Paulo and Sandwich. There is an equally stunning selection of ladies footwear and jewellery available. Just visit the new location at 9 Gerald Street Lincoln during the extended hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm, Saturday from 10am-4pm, or Sundays and after hours by appointment by calling Lynda directly on 027 604 3003; phone the store on (03) 325 2390.

A must see on your next visit to Lincoln


Gift Box 19 Gerald Street Lincoln Ph. 325 7570




Jeanne Henderson Metropol Advertising P. 03 343 3 669


National Award Winning Publication 86 March 20, 2014 Metropol






Kitchens & Bathrooms


Selecting furniture for a light-toned house By Oleg Oyfe


ight coloured walls offer you many different options in furniture and home decor. But, they also give you several advantages over dark walls. When used in small rooms light walls can make your room appear to be much larger than it is. They are an ideal way to make any room feel more open and airy. When used in a room that doesn't get very much natural light, light walls add brightness. To get the exact look that you want, you need to know how to buy furniture for a light colour themed home. Choose a style for your home Before you purchase furniture for a light coloured room, decide what look you want for the room. Do you want a warm and inviting room? Do you want to create a bold contrast in the room? One of the best advantages of a light coloured theme is that you can incorporate almost any colour furniture and accessories into the room. And, a change in colour will cause a dramatic effect on the room's look. Warm and inviting Light and neutral colours work well together and they are ideal for any size room. Using light coloured furniture with light coloured

walls makes the room feel warm and inviting. It will also make the room seem cleaner and uncluttered. If you have white walls, choose furniture pieces in white, cream or light beige. You can add a little contrast with complementing colours in an area rug, throw pillows or home decor. Bold and dramatic You can create a really bold and dramatic feeling in a light coloured room by choosing dark coloured furniture. However, keep in mind that it's best to use furniture that is just a few shades darker than your walls. If the difference is too dramatic the room's decor can be to bold for the eye. To blend the colours together, balance them out by adding contrast to the

room's trim, skirting boards and molding. Modern Using furniture colours such as black or red in a light colour themed room not only adds a bold feeling to the theme, it also gives it a modern look. More and more homeowners are choosing to decorate their homes in a contemporary style. And, one of the most popular colours for modern furniture is black. Black furniture has a sleek feel and gives you the advantage of using numerous colours in your decor, cushions and area rugs. Country If you have a country style home, choose furniture that carries that look over into your rooms. Choose furniture in natural or pastel

Black furniture has a sleek feel and gives you the advantage of using numerous colours in your decor, cushions and area rugs. colours. Furniture with light coloured floral designs are an excellent way to complement a country decor. If you don't want a floral design on the furniture, use light or pastel colours and add a floral touch on your curtains, pillows or other accessories.

Metropol March 20, 2014 87



By Hans Petrovic

The window covering professionals


or more than two decades, the St Albans soft-furnishing specialist, Off the Track Curtains, has dealt mainly in top-quality, second-hand curtains and blinds with also new curtains and blinds made to measure. “We've always made new curtains, but in the postquake period we've kept ourselves very busy with new and renovated houses, as well as commercial buildings,” says the manager of Off The Track, Kate Blair. The demand has been for virtually any kind of new window covering or dressing, ranging from curtains through to wooden blinds. “We can come out to measure for new curtains and we have a showroom with a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. The stock for second hand changes constantly, but all our showroom staff have years of experience and can help you with your choice of colours and fabrics,” says Kate. “Whether you are decorating your whole house or just wanting something small, they are able to steer you in the right direction.” Of course, by also stocking a wide variety of secondhand curtains, there is the added benefit of providing access to styles and colours that are not available in new materials. “If you're looking for something a little different such as a vintage design we are certainly the place to come.” “Whatever your taste, you will be likely to find your dream curtains here, with stock changing on a daily basis you never know what you will find when you step into our shop.” Today, both second-hand and new track components can be purchased in-store, and Off the Track offers a wide range of custom-made track and rod options that can be ordered to suit all needs.

Harlequin Poetica Collection

88 March 20, 2014 Metropol

“Whatever your taste, you will be likely to find your dream curtains here, with stock changing on a daily basis you never know what you will find when you step into our shop.”

The showroom houses a collection of well-priced fabric samples from local fabric companies such as James Dunlop, Irvine's through to international brands like Harlequin, Blendworth, Scion and Unique. “We offer many services, from alterations to curtain and Roman blind-making, but we are also able to do small upholstery work, for example, squabs and window-seat coverings, as well as cushions. All with the clients own fabrics or supplied by us,” says Kate. A family business, Off the Track was started by Kate's parents, Rab and Annabel Blair, 22 years ago at its present site, in a quaint weatherboard house at 106 Westminster Street, just around the corner from Cranford Street. Off the Track is open from 10am to 6pm on Monday to Friday, and 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. Phone 355-8398.

By Alexander Sutton



Bringing it back...bean bags! J

ust when you thought that bean bag furniture would never make a comeback, and was doomed to stay in the dusty confines of '70s era deco themes, they have come roaring back in style. These special types of furniture provide a great degree of fun comfort for you, your family and all of your guests. Check out some of the best features that you can look forward to.

It should first be noted that there is a very wide range of great styles that you can choose from. From retro, kickin' it old school to super modern, there is sure to be at least a few different styles that will tickle your fancy. You can be as low key as you would like, such as the solid colour bean bags, or you can get a little zany with your bean bag furniture selection and opt for really fun patterns such as zebra stripes and leopard prints. In addition, what tends to surprise many new bean bag furniture shoppers is just how little care and maintenance is required. First,

You can be as low key as you would like, such as the solid colour bean bags, or you can get a little zany with your bean bag furniture selection and opt for really fun patterns such as zebra stripes and leopard prints. there are plenty of bean bags that feature waterproof surfaces, which makes them absolutely ideal for conservatories or outdoors. Not only that, but you can also easily find plenty of very stylish bean bag furniture covers as well. These bean bag covers are completely washable which helps to make it very convenient for you to keep them completely fresh and clean at all times for your family and guests. In addition, there is also a very wide variety of sizes of bean bag furniture to choose from. For one thing, this makes it very easy for you to find a size that will best suit the allotted

volume of space you have in any given room throughout your home. In addition to the different sizes that you can choose from, you can also find plenty of different types. Some of the most popular forms of bean bag furniture include couches, chairs and even some bean bag beds. Not only that, but the great variety of bean bag furniture that you get to choose from makes them very easy to pair with virtually any interior design theme that you may have established. This variety also makes them easy to pair up with other furniture, such as classic beds and contemporary chairs.

The Old Meadery French Vintage Chic Boutique

273 Plaskett Fernside Ph 03 313 1366


APRIL in e u d t n e h Shipm

NEW Frenc

French Brocante and Antiques, bianca lorenne bedlinens and all things beautiful for your home

Hours: Open Daily from 10am or by appointment Anette & Graeme Drewery

Make someones’s day special with the magic of FLOWERS!


7 ELGIN STREET, CHRISTCHURCH P +03 379 6575 M +64 21 243 3080

flowers on cashmere

Cnr Fisher Ave & Colombo St. 92 Colombo St, Christchurch.

Phone 332 8833 email:




By Cheryl Colley

International flair comes to Christchurch W


e've moved and we've expanded,” says Bob Burnett of Bob Burnett Architecture. “We are now based at 1 Tidal View off Humphrey's Drive and Ferry Rd in Ferrymead and have added three extra talented architects/architectural designers to our team.

Instead of only Japanese architect, Shizuka Yasui and me, we now have Julie Villard, a French architect who has worked as an energy-efficiency specialist in Switzerland; Diana Jung from South Korea, who graduated and worked in Australia prior to coming to NZ; and Pete Hodge, originally from England, with 15 years' experience in commercial and residential projects in NZ. We are truly international.” Bob Burnett says that the time was right to grow the firm to respond to the needs of the city. “With our design-focussed team we have the capacity to have a really positive effect on the way Christchurch's architecture will look and perform into the future. We have always had a Japanese influence, but now we are able to draw even more on overseas advanced

design and building methods. This is one of our points of difference and a very important one for NZ where we have a generally poor building code and have built homes with largely the same mediocre methods for many years, falling well behind more advanced innovations common overseas.” Bob Burnett Architecture has an established reputation for creating award-winning, environmentally-sound, high performance homes and buildings. Fundamental to their ethos is the belief that good architecture should not only look great, with individual character and in harmony with nature, but also be highly functional, thermally efficient with low energy use and be healthy and comfortable. Both Julie Villard and Bob Burnett are certified assessors for New Zealand's “Homestar” voluntary 1-10 energy efficiency rating system. Bob designed the country's first Homestar 7-rated house followed by several 8 stars and he is now building two 9 stars. These homes have a very small ecological footprint and the best target zero energy use through a combination of excellent thermal design and the use of PV solar panels. Up-specing makes sense and a recent Auckland study showed that a 6 star home costs only about 2.2% more to build than the New Zealand standard 3-4

stars. A 6 star home approximately halves your power bill and has a 5.5 year payback. At Bob Burnett Architecture they also pride themselves on designing homes that make people happy and that they are proud to live in. “Each of our homes is unique because we listen to our clients and design especially for them what suits their lifestyle and taste and what they will be comfortable with. Our process is totally inclusive – a really personal service that we believe provides out clients with a result that exceeds their expectations.” For more information phone (03)338 8303, or go to

fall in

We have always had a Japanese influence, but now we are able to draw even more on overseas advanced design and building methods. This is one of our points of difference and a very important one for NZ.



Love with your

favourite funiture

all over again.

Recover your couches and chairs and save money!







Somerfield Upholstery


10 Calgary Place, Hornby Ph 021 251 6200 365 8046 QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED

For the best pot deal in town!

Corner of Gardiners & Claridges Roads Open 7 days

Ph. 359 2244

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Sat-Sun 10am to 4pm 90 March 20, 2014 Metropol



Quoting now for office cleans commencing in February Clean now! Call us for a FREE no obligation quote Construction cleaning Commercial/office cleaning Carpet cleaning

...always something different

Window cleaning Renovation cleaning

Latest Italian tiles now on display at naturally tiles

Ph. 03 356 1387 C. 021 361 103

naturally tiles 13 Mandeville St Christchurch

Ph: (03) 343 0933

Metropol March 20, 2014 91

The classic sophistication of silk rugs O

f particular interest at Fendalton Rugs at the moment is the attractive range of silk rugs from Qom, about 150km south of Tehran – making them truly Persian rugs. Qom has established itself since 1930 as an excellent source of good-quality rugs – especially silk. “They hand-knot in a variety of patterns, not just around a central medallion,” says Fendalton Rugs owner Jean Pollard. “These rugs have a foundation of silk, as well as a silk pile. Ivory is often the background colour, while the other colours are subtle and well blended. As the angle of viewing a silk rug on the floor changes, so does the colour.” Jean explains that many people may choose to hang these delicate rugs on the wall, as you would a painting. She also warns that because of the rugs' fine material, they are not suitable for use on the hall floor, where they would suffer heavy wear, but could be used on the bedroom floor or to draw attention to a fine piece of antique furniture. Provided by New Zealand and

Australian bulk importers, Jean personally chooses every rug for sale and offers a guarantee of quality and value. Because of the high New Zealand dollar, rugs have never been so cheap here.

Jean Pollard


metropol new things

GUYWIRE worn by guys to girls. Worn for style. Worn forever. Bold bodywear handmade in NZ. Crafted in stainless steel and copper. Available at THE RED HOUSE DESIGN STORE, 186 Main Rd, Redcliffs. Ph.384 0900.

All lacquerware must GO!! Huge Reductions at Pottery International, 145 Blenheim Rd, Phone 962 6643.

Regent 600 x 600 Kwila Coffee Table was $227 now $136 Available at Kenneally Timber Products, cnr Wrights and Old Main North Roads, Kaiapoi, Ph 3272050.

Groovy Costumes now has Formal wear for Men. Great selection from Sml - XXXXL 270A Cranford St, ph 981 4262

Red and black Afghan runner with elephant foot design. Size: 3x.8 metres. $620. Available from Fendalton Rugs. Ph. 351 1107.

A variety of stunning quilts. All sizes. Available at Stitch, 27a Colombo St, Cashmere. Ph. 332 1820.

KWILA Outdoor Furniture

SENSATIONAL SAVINGS! Teaching the Art of

Up to 40% OFF Quake Wax

03 3511107

Regent 2550 x 1140 Table with 8 chairs Was $2639 Now $1583 5 year guarantee Buy from importer & save


Cnr Wrights & Old Main North Rds Kaiapoi (Up Marshlands Rd at end of Old Waimak River Bridge) Phone 327 2050 Hours:Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm

Quilting A beautiful wedding gift! All sizes. Call for prices

email: or Phone 332 1820 27a Colombo St Cashmere

Groovy Costumes Experience something unique Amazing selection available

STUNNING lacquerware Huge Reductions

270a Cranford St P. 9814 262

145 Blenheim Rd 92 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Ph: 962 6643

Mr and Mrs cup. Available from Industria, Shop 3a, The Colombo. Ph. 943 4932.

School clocks available in light blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, red, blue and black. $85 Available from Industria, Shop 3a, The Colombo. Ph. 943 4932.

Available from Modkids, 88 Williams St, Kaiapoi, Canterbury. Ph 03 327 2626.


Unique wooden clock. Great feature in any room. Available from Partridge and Pear. Shop 2, Parkside Plaza. Ph. 360 3404.

Handmade items, vintage, retro, French Shabby Chic, Haberdashery, all natural handmade soaps and moisturisers, and much more. Available from Ginny & Co Ltd, 495 Papanui Rd, Ph. 352 4050.

Stunning Artdeco lamp. Available at Bridge Interiors 402A Redwood. Ph. 354 6976.

new things


Surprising, eclectic & diverse range


he overwhelming impression when you step through the door of Bridge Interiors for the first time is colour, lots of colour. What a surprise this store is, with an unimposing and narrow street frontage and its location in Redwood it doesn't give many clues away about what you will find when you take the time to stop and look around. Love it or hate it, this is a store that actually challenges you to think about what you really like. Much larger than it appears from the street Bridge Interiors specialises in new classical furniture, ornate mirrors, lamps, ceramics and home décor. It is rare to find such an eclectic and diverse range of objects in the one store, which is

definitely part of the charm of this emporium style showroom, for most of Bridge Interiors' regular customers. For those owners of particularly new homes seeking an alternative to the often repetitive blandness of the building company show home décor, it can be difficult to combine different styles to achieve a look that works in their particular home. However, Bridge owners Jan and Simon recommend, a glance through some of the many home and décor magazines where you will find many examples of new homes with large flat walls and clean lines that can often provide the perfect setting for character items of furniture, ornate mirrors or even antiques.

BRIDGE INTERIORS handcrafted furniture for kids and teens

Personal design service

New Zealand made

88 William St Kaiapoi Canterbury p. 03 327 2626

495 Papanui Rd

Ph. 352 4050




402A Main North Rd Redwood 3546976

A little bit ofLovely France... french pictures &


accessories to enhance any home

Prints by Crispen Korschen

Small Print $49 Medium Print $92 Large Print $125



943 4932

Shop 2, Parkside Plaza Bishopdale P. 360 3404

Metropol March 20, 2014 93

By Cheryl Colley

Master of furniture making & Upholstery


resent Simon Griffiths of Design 5 Upholstery with a photo (no matter how small) of an item of furniture and Simon and his team can recreate that item from frame to upholstery. “I like the challenge of working out how to recreate something when I have no idea what it looks like under its upholstery,” says Simon. “Just being able to make something happen is very satisfying.” Simon is a master of the furniture-making and upholstery craft. He's been working with fabric, leather and furniture for some twenty years, first with a well-known furnituremaking company and for the past seven years in his own business. “We specialise in commissions from architects and interior designers who want something different for their clients'

commercial premises or homes. We've done booth seating for the new bar at the Casino, out-fitted MacDonald's' restaurants in Christchurch, Gore and Tahunanui, recovered all the chairs at the Mania Lounge at the airport, and created the seating at Passenger and Co restaurant. We're now making all the soft furnishings for a house – wing chairs, leather settees, dining room chairs, ottomans and headboards.” What makes Simon's work distinctive is the attention to detail, the exquisite quality of the finishing and the complexity of the work he and his team undertake. “I get real pleasure from seeing the look of delight on clients' faces when I deliver completed pieces to them.” Design 5 Upholstery can be contacted on 327 9263 or by email –

the cover-up


Design Upholstery


metropol new things

Available at Reincarnation. 350 Port Hills Rd, Hillsborough. Ph. 332 3302.

Stainless steel water jugs at Terra Viva

Retro clocks at Terra Viva

For all upholstering needs. From domestic squabs, dining chairs, lounge suites to commercial shops, restaurants. Available from Design 5 Upholstery The Mill Kaiapoi. PH 03 327 9263.

Quirky 3D, 2D painting by Gill Hay from her upcoming exhibition 'Cut Out' at Little River Gallery. Open 7 days. Ph. 03 325 1944. Visit gallery website to view current work

Handmade bedroom cushion and lavender-filled hearts Available from french blue. 9a Normans Rd. Phone 355 7545.

Make your furniture dreams become a reality...

The Mill Kaiapoi

Commercial Upholstery Reupholstery Domestic Upholstery

Ph. Simon 03 327 9263 C. 027 494 6706

new cover pots for houseplants in the latest decor colours. it’s the finishing touch that counts


Elegance & Style


Interiors to suit your individual taste, personality & lifestyle


Cnr Wairakei Rd & Roydvale Ave Open 7 Days 8.30am-5.00pm Ph:3585565 94 March 20, 2014 Metropol

french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Reincarnation 350 Port Hills Rd Hillsborough

Open 7 Days

P. 332 3302

New jewellery at Terra Viva

20% off all clothing. Available at BLANC, 159 Cranford Street, St Albans. Ph. 355 4260.

Beautiful gifts available from Pascha nourishing body and soul. 6 Elgin St, Sydenham. Ph. 374 2526.

Yellow ceramic Hippo. Available at Lattetude @ 33 Acheson ave, just off Hills Rd, Shirley. Ph. 928 2362.

Winter fashion has arrived. Try the faux fur vest, layered with the stunning jersey dress and layering winter petticoat. Available now at Bella Gifts. 83 Centaurus Rd, Cashmere. Ph. 337 0903.


Winter childrens hat at Terra Viva

new things


Perfect timing! W

hat better time to write about new trends and products in homewares than when Terra Viva owners Juliet and Peter Worsp have just returned from a buying trip to the Gift Fair and importers in Auckland? The direction for this winter is definitely about 'cosying in' - uncluttered and unfussy with a leaning towards the French understated but strongly stylish look. The warm glow of table lamps seems to be a basic starting point for a cosy winter glow. Throws were strongly in evidence, both faux fur and wool in modern and traditional styles. Last winter's very popular contemporary fleece with sheepskin lining will definitely be back. Cushions in very stylish patterns and colours that work easily with existing decor styles will be in-store regularly, as well as some great mats and rugs – woven leather and denim strips, heavy cotton, and jute. Add to this some antique Chinese stools for casual extra seating. Bringing the outdoors inside is another strong trend for this winter, particularly in cooler climates with more intense winters. Artificial flowers and foliage are one of the most effective ways of creating that relaxed natural ambience – combine them with glazed country-style chunky jugs for the French understated look. Fill them with artificial foliage, winter berries, and buxus balls and instantly the room takes on a warm glow. And Terra Viva have plenty of fun wall art to maintain the casual relaxed atmosphere in living areas. And of course the team there just loves to give advice on how to achieve a look that suits your environment.

French Couture Designed Doll Necklaces All handmade & unique. Inspired by the fashions of Paris. 12 designs to choose from

Ph 03 337 0903

83 Centaurus Rd Cashmere

Open: Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm Open Sat 10-4pm, Sun 10.30-4pm

Gifts from the heart. Gifts for the Soul.


Sacred Jewellery, Body Care, Books, Sacred Music, Oracle cards & more.


luxury gifts for luxurious people

easter bunny village fun easter presents - and they’re all low-calorie - rabbits, egg candles, bird’ nests etc.


159 Cranford Street, St Albans. Ph 021 0223 0408

6 Elgin St, Sydenham

Ph.374 2526

Cnr Wairakei Rd & Roydvale Ave Open 7 Days 8.30am-5.00pm Ph:3585565 Metropol March 20, 2014 95



‘Spartan’ rules for your spa W

hile we all enjoy lounging at the side of a swimming pool, summer in Christchurch can be a little fickle, and a good old southerly can spoil even the best planned pool party. However, there is an alternative which can be employed indoors and outdoors in all weathers – hot or cold, and even in the rain. It is called the spa pool. These are certainly rather attractive – especially in a secluded garden setting; and they're very social. What better way for a small group of people to enjoy each other's company than sharing a bottle of bubbly in a mass of hot bubbly water?

Mind you, what you don't want is for those friends to go home itching, scratching or suffering in any other way from the water in your spa! Spa pool water can become contaminated, but if you are careful about cleanliness, you won't lose too many friends! Sorry, but people can bring in dirt, skin flakes, sweat, micro-organisms, body fats, oils from lotions or creams, mucus and so on. In fact, in a single session, a person may shed something like three million bacteria and 0.5 grams of organic dirt. Then of course there is external contamination: spilled food or drink, windblown dust, and even leaves and material brought in on the bottom of your guests' feet. Micro-organisms introduced to the pool in these ways will very likely multiply rapidly because of the warmth, movement and aeration of spa pool water. Remember too, in a spa pool of 2000 litres, four bathers have 500 litres of water each. To achieve the same concentration in a home swimming pool of 36,000 litres, there would need to be about 70 swimmers. To keep a spa pool healthy, you must keep it physically clean, which means regularly removing leaves, hair and other contaminants. The water should be changed regularly – every one to three months. One of the most important factors in spa pool hygiene is the filter. A good, wellmaintained filter will remove much of the dust, dirt, skin flakes and other pollutants in a pool. Some salespeople may try to convince you that they can sell you a “chemical-free” spa,

Some salespeople may try to convince you that they can sell you a “chemicalfree” spa, but that is not a practical option for truly clean water.

but that is not a practical option for truly clean water. Professional retailers and manufacturers most often recommend choosing a spa with an advanced filtration system, purchasing an optional ozone purifier with your spa and using mineral purifiers in conjunction with chemical based sanitisers. These minerals can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals such as chlorine. Maintenance procedures are not difficult, and knowledgeable retailers will provide the startup kit and instructions you need. It is all a matter of common sense, some basic knowledge and equipment, and a degree of responsibility.


From a complete new kitchen installation to a simple door swap. Dream Doors have the kitchen solution for you. Eco Friendly Door Designs

Lighting Appliances Benchtops

Call in soon to see our NEW Product Range

THINGS ARE CHANGING! New products are coming

Storage Sinks

Still the same service workshop including cycle repairs.




Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian & Tammy Kay

P. 03 338 1081 M. 027 338 1081 E. E.

Call us NOW for all Outdoor Power Equipment 12b Normans Road, Elmwood Village, Stowan, Christchurch Phone 355 9323

Award Winning Landscape Architects Innovative, creative & practical designs while responding to both the needs of client & site. Our team aims to deliver the highest quality of landscape architecture

P. 03 366 8181 71 Cambridge Terrace 96 March 20, 2014 Metropol

Landscape Planning, Design & Project Management for: Residential Gardens Commercial Developments Subdivisions Parks & Reserves

Educational Facilities

Metropol March 20, 2014 97


the professionals

By Allison Kraft

Bring your home up to date Concrete ideas for your Home, Garden or Business

Outdoor Tables & Seats Outdoor Kitchens & Bar Leaners Outdoor Fire Surrounds & Inserts


t's amazing how quickly our homes can start to look dated. Even if they were once the height of fashion, they can easily start to feel stuck in the past, and for many people it is enough to make them consider moving, unaware that it is simply the fact that things feel stale that is giving them such wanderlust. There is plenty that can be done, easily and cheaply, to make a house feel more modern though. A change of paint is always a great way to start. Finding out the colours that are currently in vogue is a great way to instantly transform a room. On top of that, interesting

Pots, Planters & Water Features Landscape Walling Indoor Fire Surrounds & Hearths Factory seconds

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and modern artwork and contemporary knick knacks will also instantly bring a room up to date. Home lighting is also a surprisingly datespecific kind of thing. Older light fittings will instantly date any room, and changing glaring halogens to more subtle accent lighting can instantly change the feel of a room without anything else being needed. Altering home lighting is also easy to research and cheap to achieve, making it one of the perfect places to start if a house is starting to feel jaded. The more you can spend on lighting, the better. Wooden floors are also a great way to say modern. On top of this, utilising a wooden floor gives you great scope to include underfloor heating, an investment that will almost certainly pay for itself in terms of how much money can be saved on energy bills. If you can, make as much space as possible, knocking down walls to create more space if it is appropriate. Space and lighting combined will make even the dullest room feel fresh and new.


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eoff Tune Architecture specialises in designing for the residential market, catering for both new homes and additions/alterations. He has successfully delivered across a range of architectural styles from modern and contemporary through to the more traditional character home. It is important for Geoff to understand how clients and their families intend to live or work in their home. Knowing people's daily routine has a huge influence on the layout of a building and ultimately the success of the finished home or addition.




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Geoff produces a design as a 3D model. He can then send clients a file where they can walk through the building and visualise the concept and better relate to the finished form and space. It is a good opportunity to gain feedback from clients at an early phase of the project. The 3D model also forms the basis for accurate working drawings that can be used for the building consent application. Geoff is a professional member of ADNZ (Architectural Designers of New Zealand) and very experienced in working through the myriad of new regulations, bringing together the necessary specialists and professionals to achieve the desired result for a homeowner. He is also a licensed building practitioner. He says “It's important in this different Christchurch environment to make sure that people are aware of the impact of additional building regulations as these can add increased cost to the project. I can help them work through all of this to make it as stress-free as possible. I take care of the entire process from an initial meeting and design, right through the consenting phase.” “Many people are currently having repairs done to their homes post the earthquakes and see this time as a perfect opportunity to add

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“Many people are currently having repairs done to their homes post the earthquakes and see this time as a perfect opportunity to add that extension that they may have been planning for a while.” that extension that they may have been planning for a while,” says Geoff. He has already been involved in several of these designs. He finds people are often concerned about what materials to use that will meet earthquake standards. There are a range of products available and Geoff is happy to discuss these with you to see what fits with your design best. Geoff Tune Architecture can be contacted on (03) 260 0066; email He also has a web-site with examples of his projects -






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