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2 March 6, 2014 Metropol

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cover Trenzseater has broadened its range from renowned English designer Martin Waller. In addition to his stunning range of fabrics and wallpaper Trenzseater stock his latest Andrew Martin collection of exclusive furniture. This collection is influenced by the exploration of African tribal art, 1940s Hollywood glamour, contemporary pop culture (as pictured), old world luxury and the opulence of grand English estates. For more information call in to Trenzseater at 121 Blenheim Road or visit



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The food show Christchurch is early this year Breath-taking sea view, fabulous food What are you eating Tavern a treasured part of the community Visual feast of fresh food

Autoplus 62-67 New Mecedes svelte Want to drive something special? Caring for... a ‘computer on wheels’ Compliant & comfortable demeanour

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Think about it… “The ageing process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.” ~ Doug Larson

Living with ‘Style’ in Christchurch


food 38-46

I hate to admit this but I had a frightening moment the other day when I suddenly felt I had morphed into a much older version of myself. It all happened in an instant, but not quite fast enough for others around me not to notice and have a little giggle. We had been walking through the beautiful bush in the Marlborough Sounds and, being darker under the tree canopy, I had put my sunglasses in my pocket. After trekking for a couple of hours we returned to our Angela Bennett, Editor pick up point in the sun whereupon I reached for my sunnies in my pockets and said “Oh no, (expletives deleted) I've lost my sunglasses!” It must have looked quite humorous really because immediately after patting my pockets and turning in circles to look at the ground and the track we had emerged from I put my hands on my head like Simon Says… that's right, my sunglasses were sitting up there, quietly, sniggering at me. Now while I read a couple of weeks ago that Australian and US researchers hope an anti-ageing compound could be trialled on humans later this year, following a key breakthrough that saw the ageing process reversed in mice, I'm not convinced the “magic pill” will be on counter anytime soon, and besides those same researchers suggested the first pills for sale will probably cost around $50,000 a day for a human until they can think up a less expensive way of manufacturing the stuff. So although there's a glimmer of Shangri-La hope out there, it will most likely be out of reach unless I can think of a way to earn a couple of billion dollars in the meantime. To console myself I tried to discover the benefits of getting older. Here's some I came across: In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first. There's nothing left to 'learn the hard way'. Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot. You are cautioned to slow down by your doctor instead of the police. You have more patience; but actually, it's just that you don't care anymore. You just can't stand people who are intolerant. Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can't remember them either… There were others too, and these ones had some highly qualified names behind them: Researcher Ulrich Orth from the University of Basel says you have less negativity and higher self-esteem. “With time, we hone qualities like self-control and altruism that contribute to overall happiness,” he said. According to Laura Carstensen, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, you have more positive wellbeing and greater emotional stability. Negative emotions like sadness, anger and fear become less pronounced as we age. Here's one I was pleased to read about – brain plasticity. It was once believed that we were born with a certain number of brain cells that slowly died off as we age. Science now knows that our brains continue to grow neurons as we age and can reshape itself in response to what it learns. So, as long as we use it, we won't lose it. Our brains also get more efficient – bilateralisation allows more mature people to use the full power of their brain (both hemispheres at the same time) when faced with problems or situations. Apparently we have clearer priorities and a wiser perspective. And here's a goodie, according to Laura Carstensen as we age our brains gradually begin reacting less to negative input and are pulled more toward the positive. We see the good and ignore the bad naturally as we grow older. It's great to discover there are plenty of wonderful benefits from getting older, nature's pay back, shall we say – almost good enough to dance around and lose your sunglasses over.



$1995 Complete MIDWAY MOORHOUSE 210 MOORHOUSE AVE PHONE 3665 678 Metropol March 6, 2014 3

metropol Angela Bennett spends

five minutes

Did you spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you were growing up? Both my grandmothers were great cooks one a true farmhouse cook and the other a fine baker, I think this is where I learnt the ability to put together good food on the fly or as we refer to in our kitchens now 'The Fang'. When did you realise you wanted to become a professional chef? I started working in kitchens after school while studying for a commerce degree, the magnet of hospitality got hold of me and hasn't let go in nearly 25 years. What fascinates you about food and cooking? I love the ability food has to effect peoples mood, to make them smile, to connect with them emotionally and to bring joy to everyday life. What is your favourite food and do you like to cook it yourself or have someone else prepare it for you? I love the purity of good Japanese food but my wife will be the first to tell you I have

4 March 6, 2014 Metropol


hef Jonny Schwass is one of Canterbury's stars. Well known for his fresh foodie flavours and quality ingredients, Jonny has given much to Cantabrians from serving up delicious dinners from his first eponymously named restaurant on Ferry Road, through to focussing his energy on raising funds for charities post-earthquake, when his restaurant was destroyed, and now for his fabulous new restaurant Harlequin Public House. Jonny was named Cuisine Restaurant Personality of the Year 2011, and his former 'Restaurant Schwass' was Cuisine NZ Restaurant of the Year finalist in 2008/2009 and 2010. I caught up with this talented chef to discover a little more about his current restaurant and The Food Show Christchurch where he will be demonstrating…


I learnt the ability to put together good food on the fly or as we refer to it our kitchens now ‘The Fang’.

Jonny Schwass You have a penchant for quality food, simply prepared – how would you describe your style? The food we serve in our restaurant is a true reflection of the moment. Our menu changes every day and is totally influenced by our ability to source some of the best ingredients in the country. What are two common mistakes you see the home cook and amateur chefs making? One of the biggest mistakes is trying to cook like a chef in a restaurant and being too focused on 'plating up'. Step back a little, relax and enjoy the cooking experience, it's not all pressure and tears. The other mistake is being too recipe obsessed, look for good ingredients, then decide how to cook them. You are going to be one of the demonstrating chefs at The Food Show Christchurch on 4 – 6 April, what will you have in store for visitors? My classes are always good fun, they focus very much on what is good to eat right now. I really encourage everyone to come along and immerse themselves in all things culinary.

Jonny Schwass absolutely no understanding of how to combine ethnic flavours, so it's always better when someone prepares it for me. What is your best food memory? A mussel and saffron soup I ate at Est Est Est in Melbourne 13 years ago, still one of the great restaurant experiences of my life. Thinking about it now I can still taste it. Do you do all the cooking at home? Not at all, my wife is a great cook and could write a book on cooking for one. What is your favourite wine and food match? Bycroft Rural Lamb and Black Estate Pinot Noir or Cressy Farm Pork and Pegasus Bay Riesling or Pulled Pork Sandwich and Three Boys Wheat Beer.

You have a passion for competition cooking what is your most memorable and/or proudest achievement? Representing my county on the international culinary stage will always be a highlight for me. You put a great deal of time and effort in to helping others and community fundraising; what drives you to donate your time and skill so freely? I don't really think about it, if someone asks me to help and it's something I feel a connection with, I say “yes” and figure out how to make it fit into my schedule later. We get asked to be involved in a large number of events and fundraisers and always try to make some sort of contribution where possible. What is, or has been your most rewarding fundraising event? The City Mission Sunday Lunch. I always struggle with the thought that in the city I love

so much there are people that cannot feed themselves and their families. The Sunday Lunch will be returning with great fanfare this year after a few years' hiatus Your latest venture Harlequin Public House is receiving excellent reviews; what aspects do you get the most accolades for? I am really happy with how our food is developing and our connection with the region. Our level of service and value for money is high on the list but I think our guests are most excited by our cocktail programme. On a more personal note, what is your favourite item of clothing? A suit I had made for my wedding by local tailor, Mark van Roosmalen. There is nothing better than the feel of a well-made suit with the exception of a pair of well worn slippers. If you could go back and tell your teenage self something what would it be? Life is beautiful. Don't worry about how things will work out, you will meet the perfect girl and have an amazing daughter. Don't panic and don't spend so much money on cars and records. What were you doing the last time the thought went through your mind, “I shouldn't be doing this”? Cleaning tripe at the restaurant. What is one thing Metropol readers would be surprised to know about you? My DJ name is Thomas the Funk Engine and I have a collection of over 3000 records. What do you love to do on a Sunday afternoon? Spend time with 'The Team' around our wood fired pizza oven at home or listening to the Kitchen Collective aka The Sunday Players on the deck at Harlequin Public House ( hopefully we are able to do the latter again one day). What are you like at parties? You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties. What's next on the wish list? A sibling and rival for my darling daughter.


Race of the year

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

Organisers of the third Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Christchurch on 29 March in North Hagley Park from 11.30am – 7pm say an estimated 300 brews will be available for sampling. “Interest in craft beers has grown significantly in recent years and we're now seeing cider really taking off. It's all part of an international trend that's showing no signs of letting up,” says festival director Callam Mitchell. Callam says the festival will be hosting a home brewing competition for the first time. “We're catering to a resurgence in interest in people creating and crafting their own specialty beer. A day like this is a great way to bring those home brewers together to do a bit of research and see just what can be done.” Being the largest beer festival in New Zealand with 10-11,000 tickets sold, the Great Kiwi Beer Festival has its own free iPhone app, downloadable now. It's a very handy way for festival goers to research the many exhibiting breweries, read tasting notes on each of their brews and start scheduling how to spend their day at the many educational seminars, cooking demonstrations and catch some musical acts. The app also features its own radio station playing music performed at previous festivals as well this year's acts – iconic Kiwi rockers MiSex and Dragon, and festival favourites Tahuna Breaks and 1 Drop Nation. General Admission tickets and a souvenir tasting glass are available for $37.50 through Dash tickets Also available are Hoptimized tickets for $52.50 providing entry a half hour early and 10 beer tasting tickets, and VIP tickets for $147.50 ensuring entrance to the Gorilla VIP area complete with reserved seating and complimentary food and beverage for the duration of the festival. Visit the Great Kiwi Beer Festival website for further information

The perfect dinner guest


Chocolate relief She's Historic Community Chocolate Bus has become synonymous with the community and revival of Christchurch since its introduction to the City in September 2010. Its arrival coincided with the very first earthquake to hit the city. The 1948 Leyland Titan, described as an RTL 68 carries a very simple message 'Inspiring Your Love of Life”, which is displayed on the side of the bus. She Universe (formerly She Chocolat) is now seeking the help of the Community of Christchurch and the wider community to restore the bus. A Pledge Me campaign has been launched seeking to raise $50,000 to help install a new engine and gear box and also to help carry out much needed restorative body work. Every dollar beyond $25,000 will go towards doing restorative work and to support a number of new community initiatives planned. Post quakes the Chocolate Bus continues to support and work with many cross sections of the community. Fundraisers, Schools and even rest homes have enjoyed the experience of the Chocolate

Badcock exhibition in Transitional Cathedral Christchurch will finally get to exhibit a series of paintings by South Canterbury artist John Badcock that were due to be transported to the ChristChurch Cathedral the day after the February 2011 earthquake. “The transport company turned up on the morning of the twenty-third of February, expecting to pick up the paintings; I said to the driver 'Haven't you heard?',” says Geraldine based Badcock about the doomed exhibition. Three years on and in the Anglican Transitional Cathedral, the Stations of the Cross are on show now until Saturday, 19 April. The pre-Easter exhibition will give the city's residents an opportunity to view the artworks Before they are shipped to the North Island for exhibitions in Hamilton and Auckland and then offered for sale on the open market. The series comprises 14 large oils that take the form of religious stations depicting the crucifixion of Jesus, but which also relate to significant events in the artist's life and convey universal themes including grief, burden, pain, hope and love. “They portray events in my personal life, to the moment of my father's death,” says Badcock, Who had a “sometimes strained relationship” with his artist father, Douglas.

When the Rain Stops Falling

29 March. For more information and tickets go to or phone 963 0870.

Bus. Supporting and caring for the people of Christchurch City has been its primary focus. Once restored the bus will continue and expand its activities through Chocolate Relief to support the Christchurch Communities. To donate to the campaign go to or visit the She Universe website on


................................................................. Renowned New Zealand actor Mark Hadlow (Dori from The Hobbit) returns home to The Court in a tightly wrought drama of interwoven connections, understandings and mysteries. When the Rain Stops Falling is a compelling family saga that reverberates through four generations of one family moving from the claustrophobia of a 1950s London flat to the heart of the Australian desert in 2039. The stand out international play is epic in its scope, yet at the same time exceptionally intimate. By Andrew Bovell and directed by Ross Gumbley, When the Rain Stops Falling plays in the Court Theatre from 8 March –


John Badcock's Station XII 'My God My God why' (supplied by artist)

Artist John Badcock outside the Transitional Cathedral in Christchurch (photo by Megan Blakie)

“Each station is a moment embedded in my memory, a crossroad demanding a decision that ultimately gave me a direction in my life,” he says. The panels were painted during 2009-10 and use Canterbury and other South Island landscapes as the context for the religious stations. Entrance to the Christchurch exhibition will be by koha/donation. A series of Tuesday evening events has been organised, which feature an organ recital on 8 April and talks by various speakers (including the artist and religious and art commentators) on March 11, 17 and 25 and April 1. For more information go to Long-time friend and fellow artist, Mike Deavoll is currently writing a book about Badcock's life and artistic career. It is expected to be on sale later this year.

Metropol March 6, 2014 5



Fanzy reopens in Rolleston Square Guests enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the rebranding and reopening of Fanzy – that wonderful kids' clothing store in Rolleston. Fanzy now has an extended range of European designer labels for children in the 2-12 year age group. The store has been completely refurbished and is well worth the drive to Rolleston to discover the unique, exclusive labels. The full range of Fanzy kidswear is also available online, see story on page 27.

Lina Hodges, Olga Vasilisova

William and Nina Rodger

Olga Vasilisova, Seegey Vasilisova

Faye Berry, Mary Lindsay Linda Davey, Isobel Davey, Dorothy Lake

Faye and Rose Crawford

Oxana Eremenko, Olga Vasilisova, Andrew Vasilisova

Back row - Dorothy Lake, Julia Davey, Linda Davey. Front row Harry and Isobel Davey

The Roberts Family

Lina Hodges, Nina Hodges, Olga Vasilisova

Buttercup the Fairy (Enchanting Entertainment)

Taliana Shukina, Olga Vasilisova, Lina Hodges

Grace Patterson, Alison Taylor

Yuan and Jingi Zhou

Back row - Jacob and Marianna Inch. Front row - Jasmina Inch

Photos by Wendy Cook Photography - for copies email:

Pauline & Juline have a wonderful business-like, thorough approach. They are friendly, obliging and made the whole process extremely easy, keeping us well informed of progress. They were the consummate professionals. We are delighted to recommend the services of Grassam Real Estate.

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Shake, rattle & roll Flights of Fancy in Selwyn

Be prepared to jump, jive, dance, stomp your feet and sing along to classic '50s favourites. Bill Hayley Jr. – son of the founding father of rock 'n' roll – is set to shake, rattle and roll New Zealand soon with a tour so authentic, revellers will feel they've been transported back to the '50s. Bill Hayley Jr. & The Comets will perform in Christchurch on Tuesday 18 March in the Aurora Centre. They will be performing favourites such as Rock Around The Clock, See Ya Later Alligator, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Rock This Joint, Chantilly Lace, Johnny B Good and Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On. Emphasising authenticity in sound and presentation in a two-hour show, Bill Hayley Jr. will share inside stories behind the songs he sings backed up by his talented five-piece band of Comets: multi-instrumentalist Bobby Michaels on saxophone, percussion and keyboard; nimble-fingered Mike Denaro on electric guitar; Christopher Davis Shannon slapping the upright bass; and not forgetting Rich Flamini's energetic Gene Krupa-style drumming. Bill Jr says don't expect so much a tribute band, but rather a Rock and Roll history show. Along with the behind-the-scenes stories, Bill Jnr emphasises that he and his band mates perform the hits just as they sounded in the 1950s. For more information visit Tickets - or phone (03) 377 8899.

Flights of Fancy, an exhibition of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, by Henry Turner, Katrina McGettigan, Rob Lawrence and Martin Carryer is showing in Selwyn Gallery 17 South Terrace, Darfield until Thursday 27 March. With a unifying theme of birds, the gallery is showing “a beautiful sculpture by Martin Carryer, an incredible painting and drawing by Katrina McGettigan and Henry Turner, and the wonderful photographs of Rob Lawrence.” Henry Turner is only 14 years old and is already winning awards and competitions in the art world. He started with the Selwyn Arts Heart Annual Exhibition in 2012 when he was the highest earning artist and then entered Darfield Art Week where he won a prize. He has had two works selected for the Oamaru Forrester Gallery's Biennial Art exhibition in 2013. He is passionate about nature, the environment and drawing what he sees and reads about. He has been creating art since he was able to hold a pen or brush and works in pencil, pen, charcoal, charcoal and oil pastels.

Rob Lawrence ‘Pelican’

Henry Turner

Henry Turner ‘Albatros & chick’

Katrina McGettigan ‘Kea’


The Laramie Project The Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, directed by Craig Ogilvie plays until 15 March at 7.30pm nightly in the Hagley Open Stage Theatre. First staged in 2000, The Laramie Project was lauded then by Time Magazine as "One of the ten best plays of the year. A pioneering work of theatrical reportage and a powerful stage event." The Associated Press called it, "Astonishing”. Not since Angels in America has a play attempted so much: nothing less than an examination of the American psyche at the end of the millennium." The Laramie Project is a fascinating insight into a small Wyoming town reeling from the brutal attack and subsequent death of a 19 year old gay University student, Matthew Shepherd. Tied to a fence in a barren landscape, brutally beaten and left to die, the incident caused an intense international media sensation in 1998, with the world and the locals asking, "How could this happen here?". The Laramie Project is a result of over 200 interviews with

Laramie locals conducted by members of New York's Tectonic Theatre Company, some of whom also appear in the play. With fascinating insights into attitudes towards sexuality, religion and various other social prejudices, the fabric of the town is unravelled and revealed with gritty and often amusing candour. Bookings: Phone 338 4699 or online:

Two professionals in flooring... two very good reasons to visit our showroom

Alex Ward

Jacqui Kuru

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‘Smart’ toothbrush Top Stories reports: Oral-B Smart Toothbrush Procter & Gamble Co is bringing the dentist into the bathroom with the world's first smartphone-connected toothbrush, a device that gives personalised advice to help people improve their brushing. The toothbrush, to be sold under P&G's Oral-B brand and which will be widely available from June, has a Bluetooth 4.0 link to a smartphone app that can be programmed with the help of a dentist, for example to pay more attention to any areas of the mouth being neglected, P&G said. “The app provides real-time guidance,” Michael Cohen-Dumani, global associate director for Oral-B, told Reuters. Read the full story at Reuters.


in the know


Samsung Galaxy S5

Top Stories reports: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here, and now we know everything about the 2014 flagship from the Korean smartphone maker. It's pushing into phablet territory with a 5.1-inch, 1920×1080 display, and it comes with a fingerprint reader on the home button, as well as a heart rate monitor around back near the camera flash. The Galaxy S5 is also dust and water resistant, which may be the most useful new feature. Read the full story at TechCrunch.


Extraordinary place to stay

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge has been announced as the only Australian property to make the Lonely Planet Top 10 'Extraordinary Places to Stay' List. The highly respected global travel authority scoured the globe and over 80,000 author-reviewed hotels to create its inaugural list which saw Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge come in at number five amongst an eclectic and highly regarded list of 'Extraordinary' accommodation choices. Set in one of Australia's most iconic locations, Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is situated at the entrance to the spectacular World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. The Lodge can be reached via a scenic one hour drive from Devonport or a two hour drive from Launceston.


Memoir of Hello Sailor’s Dave McArtney The long-anticipated memoir by the late Dave McArtney, founding member of Hello Sailor and the Pink Flamingos, will be released by HarperCollins New Zealand in May. Having worked on the book for well over a decade, Dave finally delivered the completed manuscript in March 2013, only weeks before his tragic and untimely death, aged 62. Gutter Black is the candid, funny, irreverent and sometimes shocking story – told fully for the first time – of Hello Sailor's emergence from 'Mandrax Mansion' in pre-gentrification Ponsonby in the early 1970s, to the band's rapid rise to national fame and eventual ill-fated attempt to break into the American music industry. The adventures, misadventures and near-disasters are all there. But the book is also the personal story of a hugely talented musician and song-writer who grew up in public and went on to become one of New Zealand's best loved performing artists.


Free trees for greener communities Here's something that could work in Christchurch… Sydneysiders are being encouraged to help green their community through a free giveaway of 1,000 trees - part of the City of Sydney's work to increase the city's urban canopy. The free trees will be available at Sydney Park on Saturday 29 March from 10am to 2pm. Residents can apply online and bring along a rates notice or proof of residency on the day. “Trees make our streets more beautiful as well as improve air quality and provide habitat for birds and animals,' Lord Mayor Clover Moore said. “The City has planted 9,719 trees since 2005. We already have around 42,000 trees in our streets and parks across the city, and we're planning for many more. Now we are encouraging residents to join our efforts by providing free trees for their backyard. “This is part of our target of increasing the urban canopy by 50 per cent by 2030. We hope that residents will be inspired to plant and care for a tree and help us create a greener future for

our city and villages.” Residents can choose a tree from 21 species, including small, medium or large trees with the choice of native, exotic, deciduous or evergreen.


World’s slimmest, lightest tablet With Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony has developed a tablet that is both beautifully sleek and portable. Using premium materials, every single detail has been carefully crafted to create the world's slimmest (only 6.4mm) and lightest (only 426g) waterproof tablet on the planet, making it extremely portable and comfortable to hold, even with just one hand. Sony's acclaimed OmniBalance design creates an elegant shape that is delightfully slim yet reassuringly solid, providing balance and symmetry in all directions for a comfortable hold and beautiful look from all angles. And as you would expect from Sony, this lightweight beauty is also entirely waterproof taking everyday life in its stride.

Metropol March 6, 2014 9



Great line-up at Waipara Valley Wine & Food Fest


ne of the lovely things about Christchurch is not just its cultural and artistic diversity, but its easy access to events on its perimeters. Each year, the Waipara Valley celebrates its bounty and upcoming harvest with a festival. Originally the historic Glenmark Church venue hosted this festival, but the earthquakes caused the festivities to be moved to the equally beautiful Glenmark Domain. In 2014, more than 20 wineries, local food producers, and local boutique brewery Brew Moon, will come together to provide a wonderful day of wine, food, cooking demonstrations, and live music, featuring Fiona Pears, Kate Anastasiou, The Johnnys, The Petty Thieves, Assembly Required, The Black Velvet Band, Li'l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine, all hosted by Funky Hot Mamas.

The Johnnys

2014 Programme, taking place on 23 March: 10.30am: Gates open 10.30am till 4.30pm: Wine tastings and sales 11am: Harvest Festival Blessing 11am till 5pm: Cooking demonstrations, local produce and food sales What a music line-up! From New Zealand's Wild Foods Festival to the prestigious US Johnny Cash Music Festival, The Johnnys have forged themselves a great reputation delivering Johnny Cash songs like no-one has ever heard them before. Enjoy the sensitive, character-filled renditions of all the Cash classics, coloured with spinetingling vocal harmonies. From 'Ring of Fire'

to 'A boy Named Sue'; if you love Johnny Cash, you'll be enthralled by the Johnnys. Kate Anastasiou has an eclectic background in jazz, blues and popular music. Accompanying herself on guitar, she plays a wide range of Christchurch venues drawing on her versatile style and repertoire to entertain a variety of audiences. “Electrifying” – “extraordinarily animated” – “featuring rare and natural charisma” …these are words you will find in media descriptions of Fiona Pears, the highly talented and unique violinist and composer from Christchurch. Pears performs Celtic, classical, tango, jazz and gypsy with equal ease, sometimes all in the same composition.

Call Jenny today and join her for a tour of the various living options Park Lane has to offer. Phone (03) 338 4495

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years of experience

2 Bdrm Executive style Villas under construction! Enquire today! Jenny Dempsey has been working in aged care for many years and brings with her a wealth of Knowledge. Park Lane has modern facilities throughout but it still relies on classic values and a real sense of community for its day-to-day comforts. They know what’s important. 10 March 6, 2014 Metropol

She has released five CDs and two DVDs to date. The Black Velvet Band embraces traditional and contemporary Celtic songs, original compositions and fresh interpretations of old favourites. Formed in the early 1990s at The Loft bar, Christchurch, by Ian Costello, The Black Velvet Band has performed at many high-profile events around New Zealand and has even mixed their music with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. There is an intense energy in their performances as they pound out their foot-stomping rock n' reel. Add to the mix The Petty Thieves, Li'l Chuck The One Man Skiffle Machine, Assembly Required, and of course, festival hosts Leigh and Lou of Funky Hot Mamas, and you will enjoy high-energy singing and dancing to guide you through the afternoon's entertainment. Children can enjoy a bouncy castle, roaming fairies, and face painting. Check: for details of ticket and transport options.

GIVEAWAY Metropol in association with The Waipara Valley Wine and Food Festival has a double pass to give away to the festival on Sunday 23 March. To enter the draw to win, email your name and phone number to: with “Waipara Valley Wine and Food Festival” in the subject line. Entries close 13 March and the winner will be notified on 14 March. One entry per person.


available now from $180,000




Harman Lawyers celebrates 125th Harmans Lawyers celebrated 125 years in business in Christchurch recently with a Black Tie Jubilee Dinner at the Russley Golf Club. Many of the former and current staff and partners gathered to enjoy the milestone with speeches by two of the current partners Graeme Riach and Seaton Read and some reminiscing from former partner Colin Harman.

Graeme Riach, Jill Harman, Seaton Read, Colin Harman and Georgie Harman

Hon. Kate Wilkinson, Pauline and Robin Standage

Hayley Owen, Peter Knowles, Amy Hyland, Liz Collins, Colin Abernethy and Jessica Marshall

Peter and Fiona Harman

Philip and Aileen Baird

Christopher and Sandra Simpson

Mark and Rachel Sherry

Graeme Riach and Helen Lucas

Come and enjoy the NEW look bar with a great selection of craft beers & wines. Relax and enjoy the outdoor dining area and check out the NEWEST bar in town!

Richard Heam and Claire Stackhouse

Alan and Liz Prescott

Nick Robertson and Anji Mehta

(Formally Tiffanys)

Photos supplied by client

95 Oxford Terrace Ph 379 1350 Metropol March 6, 2014 11



Put some ‘Springs’ back in your step


ife in Christchurch can be tough right now – battling road works, the constant mess of building and demolition sites and let's not even mention the red tape and insurance battles we're going through. It's no wonder we are tired. Luckily, we have an oasis of peace and quiet that can rejuvenate us on our doorstep. This place has confidence. It's got a real international feel about it. Giant redwoods, towering mountains… you could be in Colorado, Switzerland or elsewhere overseas. You all know it – you all love it… Hanmer Springs. Have you been lately? The alpine air and incredible scenery is as stunning as always but the township's got a new buzz. Fresh boutique shops, a huge number of new activities (did you know you can go trekking with a llama there?) and a growing list of things to do. Over the next few months, Hanmer is hosting some high profile events that are well worth making the trip north. Runners should be sprinting to sign up for the Four Square Half Marathon, 10km and 5km run. Scheduled for 3 May 2014, this really is an event for the whole family with the finish line at Hanmer School. It's a tough start

12 March 6, 2014 Metropol

with a 2-kilometre climb but you'll love the forest tracks and the downhill run to the finish line where there's a host of treats on offer. For those who really want to push themselves, the Mount Isobel Challenge is being held on 24 May 2014. The annual duathlon is not for the faint hearted. The course includes a 1000-metre ascent as part of the mountain run and a 22-kilometre nontechnical mountain bike ride. The race can be done either as an individual or as a two-person team. It is always popular. There's also plenty awaiting those wanting a more relaxing route to re-energising. The natural minerals in the waters at the world famous Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa have restored people since the late 1800s and they still are. You must try the aquatherapy pools. They have massage jets, waterfalls and spouts easing away many Cantabrians' aches and pains – it's no wonder aquatherapy is so popular in Europe. And for those wanting the ultimate treat to

The whole town is about restoration and recovery.

restore their energy levels, The Spa next to the pools awaits with incredible massage, body and facial treatments that will leave you refreshed, relaxed and with renewed confidence. The whole town is about restoration and recovery. It's no wonder this is where our government sent our soldiers to recover after World War One. Canterbury's had its own battles of late and it's important we all take care of ourselves, so make the trip to Hanmer Springs… you'll feel renewed.



Financial advice for investment opportunities


ecently an economist from HSBC Bank predicted that New Zealand would be the “world's rock star economy” of 2014. There are certainly many opportunities available now for investment both in New Zealand and overseas with the high value of the New Zealand dollar. The services of a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser are crucial to realise the full potential of any funds people may be looking to invest. Alistair Bean, Managing Director of Alistair Bean & Associates Financial Services Limited, is just such an adviser. He has had 32 years' experience in the banking industry, including 18 years as a Financial Adviser with a leading New Zealand bank. He completed his qualification as a Financial Adviser in 1998 and subsequently became one of this country's first Government Authorised Financial Advisers. He is also a member of the IFA Institute of Financial Advisers. Alistair now heads his own company established in February 2013. “The planets seemed to be in alignment at that time for me to make the move from the corporate banking world to working on a one-to-one basis with clients,” Alistair says. “I want to limit the number of clients I advise to no more than 5060 so that I can ensure I give them dedicated

Alistair Bean

Alistair discussing investment opportunities with clients personal service. I see 90% of my clients in their own homes where they feel comfortable and relaxed to inform me about their needs. That's the advantage of being a boutique advisory business and it means I can provide more comprehensive and holistic advice.” Alistair understands that people need money for the short, medium and long-term. The advisory service he provides therefore covers the spectrum of short and long-term investments, personal insurance and business risk, as well as KiwiSaver. His clients have the option of complete input into the

development of their investment portfolio or they can instruct Alistair to create a portfolio for them utilising the access he has to some of the largest investment houses in the world. While Alistair's company is truly independent in that he has no restricted or tied alliances to any specific providers, he has agency agreements with some of the country's leading investment and insurance houses as well as access to international research companies and fund managers. Alistair looks forward to assisting you with your financial planning, investment and

If you mention this editorial you can claim 50% off the full implementation fee that is charged for deposited funds on all investment portfolios. (The full fee is 2% of the total amount invested). insurance needs. You can contact him on (03) 355 6360, or mobile 021 552 587. His email is He also has a website where you can find out more information about his service. If you mention this editorial you can claim 50% off the full implementation fee that is charged for deposited funds on all investment portfolios. (The full fee is 2% of the total amount invested).

Alistair Bean



Investments Insurance KiwiSaver



t. 03 355 6360

m. 021 552 587


Personal Disclosure Documents are available upon request and free of charge

Metropol March 6, 2014 13



By Wendy Dunlop

Trusted property specialist


ow working from the Merivale office, Leah de Friez is proud to work for Harcourts Holmwood and has achieved notable success in sales within the locality. Combining hard work and knowledge of the local residential market, the majority of Leah's sales are family homes or family investment properties. Sales by auction are still preferred because homes in the current market are difficult to price. Being active in the market, maintaining constant communication with solicitors and absorbing frequent changes in insurance and mortgaging, allows Leah to keep up to date and give accurate advice that her clients can trust. Even though there is a shortage of property which makes buying very competitive, Leah believes the market is encouraging with lots happening, particularly in and around Merivale. “Quinns' rebuild is underway, restaurants and shops are bustling and vibrant and there's considerable redevelopment in the streets nearby.” It's apparent that many homes have been repaired which is liberating for the owners after so long because they are not “trapped by the cracks” says Leah. It also means those home owners have choices; whether to stay in their refurbished home or sell and move on to the excitement of a new property. In Merivale and other well established suburbs, some of the city's lovely old homes were sadly lost to earthquake damage. “But those sites have now

Being active in the market, maintaining constant communication with solicitors and absorbing frequent changes in insurance and mortgaging, allows Leah to keep up to date and give accurate advice that her clients can trust. become the first prime land available in decades for exciting architectural re-builds,” believes Leah. As the rebuild gathers momentum you can see how far we've come. “The city is taking shape and if we stay positive, it will be such a cool place for our children as they grow up,” she says. To contact Leah for property appraisals, advice, listings and auctions phone (03) 355 6677, 021 221 1020 or email

Tuesday 18th March, 10am - 2pm 26 Park Terrace, Christchurch

Desirable location, secure and caring environment

60 Browns Road, Christchurch 8014 Ph 3754117 Currently have Studios and 1 bedroom apartment available 14 March 6, 2014 Metropol

By Hans Petrovic



Tjalling de Vries’ enigmatic, thought-provoking work


n interaction between the cartoon world and the world of the artist's studio is the starting point for Tjalling de Vries' complex, fragmented works. Tjalling has long had a fascination with cartoon work, particularly old animations like Felix the Cat from the 1920s and '30s, and Max Fleischer's Koko the Clown from the early 1920s. “I like the fluid way they were drawn and how the artists often playfully allude to the very act of drawing the cartoon. They can be really self-reflexive,” he says. By including hints of this cartoon work together with a variety of "accidental" painterly marks, lines and doodles, Tjalling sets out to draw us into his own creative process. “I'm showing the process of my own painting, but also the tools. Collage has always been an important part of my practice – a kind of thinking and drawing tool. These paintings began as small collages on rough, messy pieces of card. The card had paint spilt on it and knife marks where it had been used as a cutting board," he says. "On to this surface, I added the cartoon imagery. In these new works, I've blown-up my collages and tried to transfer those spontaneous marks onto larger canvases. I like that change in scale. It takes something

Artist: Tjalling de Vries

“In these new works, I've blown-up my collages and tried to transfer those spontaneous marks onto larger canvases. I like that change in scale. It takes something insignificant that usually hides in the studio and plays with the seriousness of the gallery.” insignificant that usually hides in the studio and plays with the seriousness of the gallery.” Tjalling first began studying fine arts at the University of Canterbury in 2000, and returned to complete his Masters degree in painting in 2011. After completing his MFA degree, Tjalling received a scholarship from the University of Canterbury, which enabled him to spend some time in Europe and visit major art exhibitions there, including Documenta XIII, an exhibition of modern and contemporary art held every five years in Kassel, Germany; and Manifesta, the European Biennial of

Contemporary Art, in Genk, Belgium. “It's always great to see what's happening and what other artists are doing. It definitely helps,” he says. Just before Tjalling left for Europe, he had made his first three paintings based on his small collages and these were shown on his return to Christchurch in 2012 in the exhibition "Fleischer Masher", at the Ilam Campus Gallery at the University of Canterbury. In a review of that exhibition, Felicity Milburn, the Curator at the Christchurch Art Gallery, wrote: “However diluted, dislocated

and fragmented the images are, it's still hard to avoid the brain's automatic compulsion to sort them into some kind of rational narrative.” The latest examples of his enigmatic, thought-provoking work, consisting of a series of large 1.8m by 1.6m canvases are on show in an exhibition entitled "Copy Card" at Chambers 241 Gallery, Moorhouse Avenue, until 22 March. “There's a spontaneity in them. They're a bit messy but they get you interested and thinking,” he says.

Metropol March 6, 2014 15



New fertility clinic opens in Forté Health facility Christchurch's latest fertility clinic, Genea Oxford Women's Health, situated in the brand new, state-of-the-art Forté Health facility opened recently. Guests enjoyed an informative overview from Mr Michael East, a presentation highlighting Genea's latest fertility technologies by Dr Robert Woolcott, an opportunity to tour the clinic spaces, and a special pinot noir tasting. Genea Oxford Women's Health is located on Level 1, Forté Health, 132 Peterborough Street.

Mike East, Dr Janet Blackman, Simon Jones, Richard Dover

Sue Wood, Dr Sue Hamer

Dr Janet Blackman, Dr Robert Aitken, Dr Clare Healy

Dr Janene Brown, John Short, Christopher Brennan, Kylie Short

The Team

Andrew Manning, Clarice Hebblewaite

Dr Janene Brown, Cathy Gadd

Dr Michael McGunniety, John & Kylie Short

Mike East, Christopher Brennan

Gill Loe, Anthea Apperley, Deb Parr

Dr Anna Fenton, Mike Laney

Vicky Quin, Catherine Conway, Landon Hepi

Photos by Jane Wyles Photography - for copies email:

16 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Hayley Middleton, Simon Jones, Jane Haughey, Dr Suzanne Knapp

Cathy Gadd, Mike East

Catherine France, Richard Dover, Jane Haughey



The new ‘must haves’ in furniture


olourful, contemporary, and classy are the adjectives that leap to mind when you enter Global Living's new showroom at 100 Moorhouse Avenue. The popular locally owned and operated furniture store finally threw open the doors to its brand new premises in mid January, the spacious showroom allowing co-owners Kieran Kavanagh and David Brown to display a breathtaking selection of beautiful furniture. “We're happy to be able to spread out after three years of being here, there and everywhere,” says Kieran. “We can finally show people what we really can do again.” And they are now doing even more than they did in their pre-quake Manchester street showroom! Their extensive collections of imported and Christchurch made lounge suites are now joined by a wide range of stylish recliners by Norwegian firm IMG. “There's a huge demand for recliners,” says Kieran. “They are the new 'must haves'.

People are wanting comfortable high backed seating which you don't get with the contemporary styled lounge suites, so more and more are buying two and three seaters and complementing them with a couple of recliners.” The IMG range is elegant and modern, and comes in a range of coloured leather in contemporary styles, many featuring chrome and wood. “It's high spec, with cold cured foam that is more comfortable and durable. Each chair has an adjustable head rest and independent reclining mechanism, so you can adjust the chair to suit the individual. The chairs are made to fit individual body types with the Nordic chair coming in small, medium and large,” says Kieran. Also built for the ultimate in comfort are the new cinema chairs and lounge suite which are perfect for media rooms. All plush black leather, these also come with adjustable head rests and seats, and wide cinema style armrests, complete with

The popular locally owned and operated furniture store finally threw open the doors to its brand new premises in mid January, the spacious showroom allowing co-owners Kieran Kavanagh and David Brown to display a breathtaking selection of beautiful furniture. holders for drinks or popcorn and concealed compartments for remotes and DVDs, there are even motorised versions for the ultimate in relaxation. “They are proving to be a real hit,” says Kieran. They are one of six new lounge suites from Violino, the quality European designed leather furniture that is one of the company's many success stories. Global Living has more then 20 leather and fabric lounge suites on the floor, as well as dining furniture, occasional chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves and entertainment units. They are complemented by a home decor selection that includes wall art, paintings mirrors and vases, and more recently exciting new ranges of accessories,

jewellery and giftware. Global Living also offers a home consultation service and custom-made furniture. “People can bring in their building plans and we will help do furniture layouts,” says Kieran. “They can also put a deposit on the furniture they want and we will store it until their home is finished, all for no extra charge.” That's the kind of good old fashioned value for money and service Global Living is known for.






By Cheryl Colley

Secretarial & management services to bodies corporate



uccessfully managing body corporate properties is a specialised business,” says Ann Woods, Managing Director of Skyway Body Corporate Services. “It's quite different from regular property management in that there is complex legislation to be understood and implemented and regulations to be followed. That's not easy for people who do not have the relevant experience and who do not handle this kind of management on a full-time basis. I have seen some really inadequately managed properties as a result.” It is the Unit Titles Act 2010 which governs the way bodies corporate should be managed. Among other things the Act requires that owners in a body corporate appoint a chairperson. A committee may also be required depending on the number of units in the body corporate. If the chairperson and the committee want to ensure suitable systems are put in place to protect their investment they will delegate the day-to-day record keeping and the administrative duties to a body corporate manager, such as Skyway Body Corporate Services. The company was established eight years ago when Ann saw a need in the market place

“Our clients use us because of our specialised knowledge of body corporate legislation, of short and long-term maintenance plans and of all the other administrative and financial aspects that are part and parcel of managing bodies corporate.

Tanya and Ann for a Christchurch-based company to offer cohesive secretarial and management services to bodies corporate throughout the South Island. Skyway currently manages a variety of multi-unit properties, both residential and commercial/industrial ranging in size from three units up to 42 units. “Our clients use us because of our specialised knowledge of body corporate legislation, of short and long-term maintenance plans and of all the other administrative and financial aspects that are

part and parcel of managing bodies corporate. We offer them our extensive experience, an efficient and stress-free service and we pride ourselves on our open and honest communication with owners. After all, the bottom line is to ensure that owners' investment in their property is protected and enhanced.” Ann has had a love for property throughout her working life and her top priority is seeing it well looked after and maintained through

paying great attention to every detail. “One of the greatest pitfalls for owners/residents managing their own body corporate is the potential inability to overcome difficulties with other owners who may be their neighbours. Personal relationships can then get in the way of good management while we as dedicated professionals are objective, fair and neutral.” Ann is assisted in the business by Tanya Morris, Body Corporate Manager. Tanya has a strong knowledge and expertise in all facets of body corporate administration and finances. Costs for Skyway's services are very affordable and can be tailored to suit individual property requirements. Phone Skyway Body Corporate Services on (03) 356 0460 or email for further information and assistance.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Management

Make the right choice in real estate - it could save you thousands Call David today for a free appraisal of your property 021 622 643 or email

18 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Ann Woods Managing Director

Competitive rates, South Island wide body corporate services.

Tanya Morris Body Corporate Manager

2/270 Cranford Street, Christchurch Phone (03) 356 0460 We are an experienced and professional team.

By Hans Petrovic



Reawakening our oldest buildings


here seems to be something predestined about the site of the just-opened Hello Sunday Café, at 6 Elgin Street, Sydenham, and the adjoining Pascha – Nourishing Body and Soul centre of spiritual guidance and well-being.

Located at the far end of The Colombo shopping mall car park, just before Durham Street, the Pascha centre and the café can be found in two reclaimed old wooden buildings that were once a church and a Sunday school. It again has an atmosphere of care and guidance that the present owners, Yasmeen Clark, Jonathan Spark and Chris Penny, went to great pains to reawaken in these wellrestored, more-than-century-old buildings. First established by Yasmeen 18 years ago, Pascha was last located at 165 Madras Street, next to the Black Betty Café, but they needed to leave by November 2012. “It was extremely difficult to find a suitable building for Pascha at that time after the quakes, and we had little time to do it in,” says Jonathan. “At the last minute, we were so desperate to find a place that I started driving around Christchurch looking for one. Then, we found this location through Trade Me – and loved it.” The building had been a Baptist church from 1901 to 1923, when it was purchased by the Seventh Day Adventists, who stayed there until the 1970s. It was then turned into a community hall with art studios and shops. In October 2012, Yasmeen and Jonathan took over the lease and began a long labour of love restoring the large wooden church that was to house the Pascha meeting rooms, meditation space and retail area. “It was very run-down and in bad repair, and we had only six weeks until the Madras Street lease ended. However, we also had a lot of help. On the day we moved in, we had 15 people working here, putting in carpets and other things,” says Jonathan. They had always been thinking of including a café within the Pascha centre, and now the opportunity for one was there in the adjoining, smaller building. Believed to be one of the 12 oldest buildings in Christchurch, it had started off as a Post Office back in 1870 and was then moved early last century to its present site, where it was used as the adjoining church's Sunday school. Needing someone to help transform the building and then half-own and run it as a café, Jonathan emailed a friend, Chris, who was overseas at the time. Chris came back soon afterwards and was keen to take on the challenge, which included a lot of restoration

Believed to be one of the 12 oldest buildings in Christchurch, it had started off as a Post Office back in 1870 and was then moved early last century to its present site, where it was used as the adjoining church's Sunday school.

Chris Penny, Yasmeen Clark, Jonathan Spark

CHRISTCHURCH’S FIRST DEDICATED NATURAL STONE SHOWROOM Exclusive range of stone, porcelain tiles, ceramics & mosaics forr residential & commercial use and repair work, and then furnishing it on a limited budget. Just opened recently, the Hello Sunday Café complements the rest of the Pascha complex splendidly, offering first class Switch coffee and a wide-ranging menu, which can all be enjoyed in a delightful courtyard garden at the back. “Just like Pascha, we wanted to create a place for relaxation in the café – and that's what Sunday is all about,” says Jonathan.

Suite 1, St Asaph Street, Christchurch Central. Ph. 03 379 6481


Metropol March 6, 2014 19


Fashion & Style

Health & Beauty





Boutique shopping at The Tannery... By Stephanie Rumble, Flair Image


he Tannery offers some great trans-seasonal options for this time of year. Check out the patterns, neutrals and even funky children's clothing on offer. Beautiful garments and a wide variety of styles and looks define the boutique fashion shopping at this destination location. New season pieces with an edgy twist and fashion forward focus give The Tannery its great trend oriented reputation. Check them out.

Outfit 2 All items from Raw Nova Leather hat – All about Eve, black $49.90 Sunglasses – Age Eyeware $249 Bag – Vintage Princess $329 Dress – Stolen Girlfriends Club $359 Shoes – Kobe, Husk $350

20 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Outfit 1 All items from Where The Fox Lives Top – Alexi Freeman, Dot Foil T-shirt $120 Necklace – Shelley d, brass $69 Leggings – StiL $189 Boots (stylist's own) – Moochi $499 Bag – The Little Leather Co. $499

Outfit 3 All clothing items from Dead Set Shoes from Fascino Necklace – Holly Howe Crystal Pendant $290 Top – Down Never Out, Leather Crop $395 Sunglasses – Under The Sun, Lancaster Shoes from Fascino – Prophecy, Nubuck light brown $279.90



Stylist Stephanie Rumble of Flair Image

Outfit 7 All items from Cows Go Moo Playsuit – Paper Wings, Heart Playsuit $109.95 Shoes – Converse

Outfit 5 All items from Encompass Shirt (long sleeve) Two Square, Shaker Shirt in blue $129 Pant – Two Square, Heart Breaker Pant in oxblood $109 Shirt (short sleeve) – Two Square, Feist Shirt in blue$99 Belt – Carhartt in black leather $119

Outfit 6 All items from Cows Go Moo Pants – Paper Wings, Slim Red Shorts $89.95 T-shirt – Paper Wings, Raglan Biker Tee $84.95 Shoes – Converse

modern styles for the fashion conscious individual...

A traditional service producing contemporary looks for the stylish guys of Christchurch...

Whether it's a hot shave before your important meeting, or a new cut before that hot date, we provide the service. So come in, kick back and relax, enjoy the banter and leave looking like a new man!!!

Outfit 4 All items from Where The Fox Lives Shirt – Lucy McIntosh, Max shirt in Comet $315 Pants – Carina Maclennan, Shine Pant $199 Necklace – Shelley d, Raw brace pendant $89


The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd Woolston. Christchurch

Ph:03 389 9517

The Tannery Ph. 03 381 4065

Like us on

Like as on Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-6.00 Sat-Sun10.00-5.00

Now at The Tannery, Woolston Please call 384 3638

Supporting a sustainable future, while still looking great!

Celeste Tesoriero Pubic Enemy Leathjean

The Tannery, Unit 19, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch Quality recycled children's clothing (from newborn to 14 years of age) and quality recycled maternity wear.

The Tannery

P. 389 1624 Please call first to make an appointment on 03 381 0808

Monday 9:30 - 4pm Tuesday 9:30 - 6pm Wednesday 9:30 - 8pm Thursday 9:30 - 8pm Friday 9:30 - 6pm Saturday 9:30 - 5pm Sunday 10 - 4pm

The Tannery Ph. 389 8704 Like as on

Metropol March 6, 2014 21


the palms

Keeping it fresh & new By Lydia Truesdale


ustralian based fashion label Dotti is renowned for their fresh take on aesthetics. They regularly turn over new looks – looks inspired by the European runways and adapted for the Australasian market. “Dotti likes to mix up their look a lot,” says the Palms store manager Jamie. “We are frequently switching styles to keep things fresh and new.” And indeed right now they are welcoming an influx of autumn/winter stock. The next style story to unfold in store is Russian Roulette. Drawing on a palette of darker tones and unique looks the sophisticated creations can be intertwined to produce many winter looks. This palette includes a new selection of denim and winter pants, winter boots and footwear, as well as dresses and shirts in pretty prints and cool tones. Clashing textures and pattern-on-pattern are also vivid winter trends and are achievable with over-garments like shirts and cardigans. Jamie and her team genuinely relish the opportunity to help customers define their look. They use their experience and honesty to match customers with the best possible options for a number of occasions. “We really enjoy talking to customers who need an opinion… We take the time to find the pieces that make them look and feel most confident,” she says. Check out Dotti's website at for regular promotions and sales, or find them on Facebook or Instagram (@dotti_nation.

The Palms / Ph. 385 3074

Fashion forward with

classic options


eccano Men's Clothing houses a suave mixture of high quality men's fashions. The New Zealand label covers all aspects of menswear, from a day at the beach to dressing for a wedding, and the Palms store offers a spectrum of their latest designs. Meccano clothing is not disposable, nor is it a mass produced product. It's finely made and supplied in limited numbers to ensure the buyer confidence and exclusiveness – and the reasonable prices will pleasantly surprise you. Specialising in quality street wear and semi dress wear they operate within the mid-market price point. They stock a number of well-known brands, as well as 22 March 6, 2014 Metropol

their own, to keep Kiwi males up to date with leading trends. Right now Meccano are seeing the first drop of winter product arrive in. As always, the vast range offers both the discerning, fashion-forward look and the classic kiwi guy options to cater to many men's wardrobes, which are complemented by accessories including shoes and belts. “Our Palms store is relocating to an even better spot, just a few doors down, to beside Muffin Break. Next time you grab a coffee check out some new threads for the cooler months, or if you want a bargain summer product they are now at rock bottom prices,” they say. For more information visit

The Palms

Ph. 961 6895



Kiwi designer embraces Spanish life


he Kiwi designer and owner of clothing label claire bloom is embracing her newly-found relaxed Spanish lifestyle with the launch of her summer 2015 line titled 'Fiesta'.

Designer and label owner Claire Brinsley says the latest collection takes its name and inspiration from the designer's temporary home in Valencia, Spain where she moved five months ago to enjoy a year's sabbatical and “a new creative journey”. Enjoying the Spanish lifestyle with her husband and two children, she says it has taken a little time to fully adjust to her new life but she believes the move was “truly the right one”. “It's given me a new lease of life and an intense amount of new ideas and creativity,” she said. “Despite a few bumps along the way things are working wonderfully. “The factory that makes my garments closed its doors, which has been quite challenging to say the least. I'll be making an announcement soon about who I'll be working with going forward, but I'm pretty excited about it! “It's been an exciting five months and a steep learning curve, balancing family life with running a successful business from afar. It's been very rewarding though and the family is happy and the business going really well.” Claire Brinsley is enjoying the Spanish lifestyle that inspired her 2015 collection Claire has embraced the challenges thrown her way and used them as an opportunity to take a fresh look at the business. “Sometimes a new perspective is great and you can look over your business with fresh eyes, see the strengths and weaknesses and how you can do things better. She describes her new Fiesta collection as one which embodies colour and bold prints, lots of deliciously soft silks, and “gorgeous”

Claire taking time out on holiday with her family

Santander dress from claire bloom's 2015 collection

Mercedes Top from the beautiful Spanish-inspired 2015 collection

detailed flourishes in crystal and colour. “It's a perfect marrying of my design tastes and influences, my love of New Zealand and the wonderful Spanish lifestyle.” She has also appointed a new New Zealand agent – Katrina Kruze of Kruze Control - to grow the claire bloom brand and showcase the label across the country “Katrina has a wide knowledge of New Zealand retail and she's genuinely inspired to introduce claire bloom to other boutiques

around the country,” Claire said. Claire also plans to do a fashion course in Milan this European summer which will certainly add yet another interesting dimension to her designs. “I'm just so excited to show my upcoming line and with the help of Katrina I believe even more people throughout New Zealand will see the results of our Spanish inspiration. “A change really is as good as a holiday.”

ADULT/TEEN GROOMING DEPORTMENT WORKSHOPS Course Date: Saturday 22 March 2014 Time: 11am till 5pm Age: 15 to 25 yrs approx Gender: Male & Female Fee: $269


• Makeup, hair, deportment and catwalk tips • Confidence, self esteem and job interview presentation skills • Photoshoot, fashion, styling, skincare and beauty • Health, nutrition and etiquette • Portfolio certificate and goody bag

For more information and booking details

Phone 03 379 9011 or visit

Agency Director: Mel Radford Brown

Recent Campaigns/TV: Jetstar Air New Zealand Mitsubishi NZ Tourism 100% Pure NZ Toyota Powerball Australia DKLV Europe Hope and Wire (TV drama) Stonewood Homes

For stockist enquiries please call 0508 522 522


powertone PLUS PILATES

Exercises the inner and outer thighs, hips, chest, shoulders and upper back


Exercises the Exercises the buttocks, abdominals, lower back hips, abdominals hips and buttocks and upper back


Exercises the hips, buttocks, lower back and legs

Ph.(03) 358 3834

Exercises the abdominals, waist and lower back




Exercises the chest, upper back, upper arms and shoulders

Charisma Health & Leisure 45 Merrin Street, Avonhead, Christchurch (Adjacent to The Avonhead Shopping Mall) Metropol March 6, 2014 23


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The 2014 Cuisine Artisan award goes to one of our very own! Congratulations to Neil Barnett & his wife Rebecca for winning the Cuisine Artisan Award for 2014! Neil graces us every Friday at The Colombo Food Market with his delicious Akaroa Smoked Salmon. Neil learnt traditional smoking and curing techniques from a thirdgeneration family of smokers, which he used on Scottish salmon, herrings, rainbow trout, mackerel and the like. You can catch Neil's Salmon every Friday from 10am-4pm at The Colombo Market!

The Rock You Baby Range! There's no doubt about it that EGG is our favourite store for Maternity & Childrenswear. And to prove it their Rock your Baby range just won Australasia's label of the year in the Style Awards for Kids fashion! They are currently taking pre orders so head in and check out this gorgeous range!

Win & be styled by one of the best! Kimberleys are giving away a $5000 wardrobe plus Styling by Marilyn McLaughlan! Every $100 you spend in store gives you an entry to win this amazing prize and the chance to update your winter wardrobe. Call into The Colombo to get entering, Good luck!





The Colombo, 359 Colombo St Ph. 379 0008

24 March 6, 2014 Metropol



By Lydia Truesdale

Forward-thinking Centre continues to evolve


mergent retail centre The Colombo is forever evolving and bringing new tastes and sights to Christchurch. Recent additions to the centre, food retailers Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar and The Tucker Box open to the public this month, and also on the cards is resident boutique Annah Stretton's exciting expansion into the space next door. The Colombo's European influences flow harmoniously through its cuisine, fashion and homeware outlets. Their focus on keeping Christchurch up to date with leading global movements – ones that cater to the local lifestyle – brings an intriguing range of both NZ and imported trends. It's perhaps this clever mixture of tastes from home and abroad that makes the downtown centre the innovative space that it is. From wall to wall is brimming with avantgarde architecture, quirky décor and pioneering notions that together generate captivating ambience and fresh trends. The freshest arrivals onsite, the Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar and The Tucker Box offer up their appealing flavours to Canterbury's culinary scene. Think classic Kiwi foods and iconic sweet-treats, as well as Asian delicacies, to offer a delectable new mixture of healthy, hearty and sugary options.

Pot Sticker hone in on Chinese delicacy, dumplings, using an authentic Asian recipe. The bar is adorned with bamboo plants, old Chinese newspapers, and a mix of retro, Asian and locally drawn cartoons. The open-style layout sees the dumplings hand made fresh in front of customers using the 'pot sticker' method; pan-frying one side of the dumpling and steaming the other, to produce a flavourful, healthy treat. The second addition to the Colombo Foodhall is The Tucker Box. Dedicated to cultivating original kiwi favourites their menu boasts shepherd's pie, mince on toast, bangers and mash, hearty meat pies and the classic club sandwich, as well as iconic and old school sweets like hokey pokey, afghans, lamingtons, melting moments and even mini pavlovas. You'll also find they house a retro assortment of kitchenware fit for every kiwi household. As a positive sign that retail trends in Christchurch are beginning to pick up, leading

NZ fashion label Annah Stretton is excitedly growing their Colombo space. The North Island based label puts out two designer collections each season, Annah Stretton and Annah. S, both of which are ingeniously indicative of Annah's modish vision. Offering sharp silhouettes and quality craftsmanship, the designer garments are overloaded with aesthetic appeal, and this, coupled with an improving local economy has brought about the opportunity to further expand in the budding Sydenham location. In lieu of a progressive vision, the Colombo is always looking to bring new retailers and brands to the centre. The opening for food and fashion retailers to join offers tenants not only a funky locale but also a role in helping the Colombo to offer fresh, forward-thinking perspectives by bringing pioneering trends to Canterbury. Visit for more information.

By Majka Kaiser

fashion,health&beauty metropol

Laid-back luxe

One-of-a-kind artisanal tees feature Untouched World’s exclusive ‘Cloud’ print.


08002lookgood or 343 2880 52a Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Metropol March 6, 2014 25

Boutique Clearance FASHION OUTLET Fendalton Village Mall, Cnr Clyde & Ilam Roads, Christchurch Ph. 351 4058


or more

EVERYDAY Sizes 8-24

up to




in the heart of Richmond Village In the heart of Richmond Village

A little bit of French Country...


fashion,health&beauty By Lydia Truesdale

Designer labels clearance outlet S

ituated in the peaceful Fendalton Village Mall resides Boutique Clearance – the longest established fashion clearance outlet in Christchurch. They have evolved over the years to move with the trends of their customers and the city while sticking to their chief principle of offering designer garments at heavily discounted prices.

With over 18 years as a fashion outlet, Boutique Clearance has built an excellent rapport with leading labels in the industry. As such they clear end of lines, prototypes, overruns and sample stocks for many high fashion houses throughout Australasia. Their motto, “save up to 50% or more every day”, applies to a plentiful range of designer garments, and increases at times to as much as 70% off on end of season stock. It's this notion coupled with the fact they offer a quiet and convenient retail experience that they believe makes their boutique so appealing. “We love the location in Fendalton… it's especially great for our customers,” they say. “There's plenty of parking right outside and it's a lovely, compatible shopping centre to visit.”

Fendalton Village's congruent group of shops sits just a short drive from popular retail suburbs Riccarton, Merivale and the city centre. There are hair and beauty salons alongside cafes, restaurants and a supermarket, with a large, central car park for easy access. To provide an effortless shopping experience the boutique has been cleverly laid out. They've created a clear and convenient display of styles and sale racks to help customers easily identify what they need – particularly helpful considering they stock fashions for all occasions. The palette of recognisable brands attracts a broad customer base. Accordingly, new arrivals come in weekly and provide a versatile range. Right now the tail end of summer wear is making way for an arrival of autumn/winter fashions; jackets, pants, knitwear and the likes. A select number of accessories are sprinkled throughout the store. The friendly team of staff pride themselves on their personal service and experienced fashion advice that caters to many different tastes. Customers, mainly women ranging from mid twenty to mature, can enlist assistance from one that genuinely enjoys helping. Boutique Clearance is open seven days a week and can be found at Shop 4 Fendalton Village Mall, 250 Clyde Road. Phone 351 4058 for enquiries.

A great selection of home accessaries instore. Where elegance & old world style collide

Visit our website @ or like us on facebook

64 North Avon Rd Richmond, Chch Ph 3891712 Open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 11am-4pm




Autumn Collection In Store

What Essential Mineral is Important For Over 300 Hundred Bodily Processes? KNH Magnesium Citrate KNH Magnesium Citrate is a high potency, easily absorbed form of Magnesium vital for muscle relaxation, energy production, stress & nervous system support and cardiovascular health. 3 Beneficial for Athletes and anyone experiencing physical or emotional tension 3 Supports Relaxation & Calming 3 Supports proper Nerve & Muscle function 3 Assists in uptake of Calcium & Potassium

Stud top $170

Soeur soeur

48 St Albans St, Merivale Ph 355 9794

26 March 6, 2014 Metropol




for 60 x 500mg capsules

Stylish retail health shop with top quality products, best value prices & friendly, qualified staff

215 Wooldridge Road, Burnside, Christchurch Phone: 03 962 7883. Fax: 03 358 8039 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm & Sat 10am-4pm Email: Website:

Boutique Clearance has built an excellent rapport with leading labels in the industry. As such they clear end of lines, prototypes, overruns and sample stocks for many high fashion houses throughout Australasia.

welcome to




on all Denim Wear!

Fashion for stylish youngsters


Instore & Online


Shop 17, Rolleston Sq, 70 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston, Christchurch Ph 03 347 1585

Established in June 2012, Fanzy has just launched the first season of its new label Button Blue and the Russian brand, already big in the UK, is proving to be just as popular here with a wide range of stylish casual clothing for children. European designer label Gulliver is already a huge hit for the store, with the Total Look range featuring unique designs, high quality and functionality and, most importantly, comfort. Great for the 2-12 year age group, every seasonal collection cleverly consists of pieces that can be stylishly mixed and matched to create many different contemporary looks. “We've always had a strong focus on kidswear,” Olga explains. “Many of our customers have older children who we weren't catering for. We had so many requests for us to extend our range to include older children that we made the decision to add fitting rooms and increase the range, which now extends from new-born to 13 years. “It's a completely new space, with a new fit

out and we're really pleased with the results.” The full range of Fanzy kidswear is available online, with shipping available nationwide and free shipping available with some conditions. “These labels are completely unique to New Zealand. They offer great colours, great styles, with the same high quality and affordable prices.” To see the stylish kids' range for yourself, visit Fanzy at shop 17, next to The Warehouse, Rolleston Square, 70 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston from Monday - Friday 10am till 5pm or on Saturdays from 10am - 4pm.


Art Deco Lamps & flowers

NEW Season

Just some of the charming gifts we have available at


instore now

Like Viva La Moda

Shop 12, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Phone 3471151 Mon- Fri 9-5 Sat 10-4 Visit

TWO WEEKS ONLY! 8th-22nd March

A unique children's clothing store, Fanzy allows children to explore and express their individual personalities through stylish designer clothing, without the designer price tags.

here's something striking about the range of kids' clothing at Fanzy. It could be the high quality, the wide selection, or the stunning newly renovated Rolleston premises nestled comfortably next to The Warehouse in Rolleston Square. But it's the on-trend designs and affordable prices which really sets Fanzy apart. “There was a significant lack of good quality kidswear available,” Fanzy owner Olga Vasiltsova explains of the pre-Fanzy marketplace. “Unique, stylish clothing should be easily accessible and affordable for everyone.” A unique children's clothing store, Fanzy allows children to explore and express their individual personalities through stylish designer clothing, without the designer price tags. “We offer fashionable youngsters and their parents an easy and fun shopping experience where they can find something special for every occasion,” Olga says. With easy mix and match pieces, the store's brands encourage and inspire children to develop their own sense of style. High quality, eco materials, on- trend designs and attractive prices make Fanzy a popular choice for stylish Kiwi families.


• Stunning range of quality fabrics • Curtains, blinds & upholstery • Make, supply and fit

817 Jones Rd, Rolleston 7677, over the railway line P/Fax 03 347 4295 Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm, Sat 9am-12pm

FREE delivery in Rolleston

Rolleston Florist Shop 15, Rolleston Square, Rolleston. Ph.03 347 1068

Garden View Bed & Breakfast


“A Slice of Heaven” Luxurious accommodation surrounded by award-winning landscaped gardens just 10 minutes south of Christchurch. Free breakfast, WiFi and parking. Perfect for business visits, holidays, stopovers or rest and recreation.

Telephone 03 347 9293 133 Lowes Road, Rolleston, Canterbury E-mail:

FREEPHONE: 0800 722 262 Metropol March 6, 2014 27

Where Memories are made...

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By Majka Kaiser


The mysteries & health benefits of tea


hristchurch's speciality tea store Teaseme continues a family tradition begun over a hundred years ago in the mountains of Taiwan. Teaseme owner and operator, Shih Yen Chen's grandfather, a tea farmer, passed on the tradition to his aunts and uncles who produce just some of the wonderful teas Shih Yen has been sharing with his customers since 2007. Offering over a hundred different tea varieties from Taiwan, China, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Japan, Teaseme understands how making your selection can be overwhelming, so they do all they can to help customers. For those new to tea or those seeking to broaden their horizons, customers can taste a new brew everyday in store, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff are well equipped to advise on which teas you may like

Iced teas

For those unable to visit one of their two locations at Church Corner in Upper Riccarton or South City Mall, Teaseme also offers their range of loose teas and tea accessories through their online shop based on what you're already familiar with as a starting point. Alongside their diverse range of black, green, white, oolong, fruit, blooming and herbal teas, Shih Yen says a Taiwanese favourite, which has proven to be a hit in the hotter months, is their 'Bubble Tea' range of takeaway iced tea, which they prepare on site fresh everyday. For those who are keen to unveil the mysteries of tea and discover the traditions surrounding tea culture, Teaseme offers workshops for small groups which are held in their Church Corner store after hours. At just $15 per person, Shih Yen and his staff will spend a good couple of hours introducing you to the many types of tea they offer, with the opportunity to sample different teas and experience an authentic Taiwanese tea ceremony. Shih Yen says his staff enjoy these workshops as much as their guests, giving them the chance to share their knowledge, which enhances people's experience and appreciation of tea. These evenings are popular with corporate groups, couples, university student clubs, and groups of friends looking for a new cultural experience. As a new season begins in the Southern Hemisphere the crops in Asia and beyond are

coming into spring, which brings beautiful fresh spring teas such as green, white, and oolong tea. These teas are well known to be high in anti-oxidants; especially white tea which Shih Yen says has three to five times as many anti-oxidants as green tea. Shih Yen also says research studies have shown that both green tea and oolong tea help with weight loss, and give other benefits such as combating high blood pressure and cholesterol. For those unable to visit one of their two locations at Church Corner in Upper Riccarton or South City Mall, Teaseme also offers their range of loose teas and tea accessories through their on-line shop

Follow Teaseme on Facebook at to keep informed about special promotions and giveaways.

NEW OWNERSHIP of previous business Now known as

Laura has arrived! $25 WELCOME Introductory Service of Gift

Training+Supplements Full Olympic training studio for personal 1 on 1 core strength training and weight loss. Contact: Murray Coates 45b Carlyle St, Sydenham, Christchurch

Blackhealth Building 81 Durham St Christchurch (near the Colombo)

Phone 374 6947 or 021 898 920

Ph.03 365 8683

NZ’s most trusted Teeth Whitening Company BEFORE


The Artwork, Workmanship & Sterilization are of the highest quality

94 B Riccarton Rd - Ph 341 1301 for an appointment

Open 7 days

Due to high demand we have extended our special offer RRP


$699 $


Look years younger Look healthier and more confident Suitable 16-100 years of age Painless, safe & with fantastic results Great for rejuvenating caps, crowns, veneers & fillings Removes tea, coffee, red wine & smoke stains instantly

Phone (03) 339 7374

Don’t Miss Out, Bookings Essential!

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WHAT IS LIFESTREAM ASTAZAN? Lifestream AstaZan™ is a new and very exciting supplement, a highly potent Antioxidant. It brings a new level of effectiveness and is unlike any other antioxidant as it also helps with sun protection+ and exercise recovery. Lifestream AstaZan™ is active throughout the entire body, the unique structure of the active component allows it to pass the "blood brain barrier"1 , meaning it can deliver antioxidant benefits directly to the brain, eyes and nervous system as well as the rest of the body. Lifestream AstaZan™ also helps recycle other antioxidants like vitamin E, beta carotene, lycopene and glutathione.

For something a little bit different

JUST ONE CAPSULE A DAY: Helps limit sunburn - helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Helps recovery time after exercise Is considerably more effective than Vitamin E as an antioxidant Uniquely crosses the ‘blood-brain barrier’ to deliver antioxidants directly to the brain, eyes and nervous system. Has superior antioxidant activity against free radical damage + (Please refer to the important warning on page three of the brochure regarding use of sunscreens) ∗ (Astaxanthin is also found in trout, shrimp, caviar, lobster but the highest amounts are found in salmon)


Reference: 1. Tso, M.O.M., and T.-T. Lam. 1996. Method of retarding and ameliorating central nervous system and eye damage. US Patent #5527533.



Ph. 337 2337


Fayette Black $339.00

Timeless Gold... Adorn these beautiful contemporary gold bracelets & necklaces

Crispin Black $259.00

Barrington Mall Also available from

Merivale Mall Westfield Riccarton Northlands Mall The Palms Shopping Centre

Barrington Phone 331 8131

30 March 6, 2014 Metropol

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Life Styles Plan your future ...

For a little princess... • •• • • •• • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• •• •• • • •• • • • • • • • • • •

Made in NZ

Barrington Phone 331 8131

Have a Savings Plan! BARRINGTON LEGAL CENTRE D.N. WILLIAMS LLB BARRISTER & SOLICITOR P.O. Box 33-165 Telephone (03) 337 9530 Barrington Facsimile (03) 332 9470 Christchurch, New Zealand Mobile (027) 2411 954 Email:

Ph. 377 7119 Barrington


The Watchmakers


Ph. 352 9064


Great selection of watches by

Read about far away Places...

Why not leave the accountancy to Tessa Ling, so you can concentrate on your business and try to get home on time!


Tessa Ling Tax Consultancy Limited


1st Floor Barrington Shopping Centre PO Box 33226, Christchurch Ph: 332 0008 Fax: 332 6881

Ph. 332 7997

matee* a h it w in o J fe o joining pay n

Making other people’s travel dreams become a reality...

at. Be well e r g l e e F . Get fit Phone 03 331 7321 Free Phone 0800 864422 Barrington




Help our Children grow in confidence

Take Care of your wardrobe

Ph.03 3322868

Remember the joy in music & give this gift to a child

Professional cleaning service for all garments, from the one off designer piece to the everyday wear garment.

Barrington Ph.332 2033


Ph. 337-9412

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Ph. 377 3778 Barrington

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Hairdressing a life-long love


hey say diversity is the key to success, and in the hairdressing profession it couldn't be a more apt attribute because, quite simply, a diverse skillset caters to everyone. The ability to cater to a wide range of people is important because, long or short, curly or straight, thick or fine, everyone's hair care needs are different. “A good hairdresser has the ability to listen to people, understand exactly what they want and to be able to adapt their skills to those needs,” Colleen Harris explains. “When you're as passionate as us about hairdressing, that it's all you want to do. You want to learn all the time; your skills are constantly evolving and you're keeping up with the trends.” She's been in the industry for her entire working career, taking just three months off 39 years ago to have her son. “I've wanted to be a hairdresser since early childhood. My mum worked in the industry and my first job was assisting in the salon.” For the past 34 years she has been

“We've all been working in the industry for years. We listen to what the client wants and our experience ensures we can deliver on that. We all live and breathe hairdressing, we keep up to date with the latest styles and trends and we are constantly learning and evolving.”

providing Christchurch with her expertise from her own salon, on Avonhead's Yaldhurst Road. It's a competitive industry, but Colleen's Hair Design has a number of equally talented and experienced hairdressers who can ensure you get the service you require. “Hannah Thomson specialises in colour and cutting for young people,” Colleen says. “Sue Cole has had 40 years' experience and specialises in perms. Karen McNally has been working here for 16 years and had more than 40 years' experience as well. “Our success is down to a love of the job; having that experience.” At Colleen's Hair Design, the hair services

Colleen (manager), Karen, Rushni, Sue. Absent - Hannah. aren't just good for you, they're good for the planet. That's because the team uses DeLorenzo products and the Angel Provence range. All natural with no petrochemicals, or animal derived ingredients, the range is grey water safe, paraben free and SLS free. Ever fancied a 'his and hers' cut? At Colleen's Hair Design, you can bring the hubby along because the salon doesn't just cater for the ladies. Men's cuts are available from $10-25, appointments are not always necessary and the popular loyalty card system gives you the tenth one free on the full range of hair services.

“We're all passionate about this industry,” Colleen explains. “We've all been working in the industry for years. We listen to what the client wants and our experience ensures we can deliver on that. We all live and breathe hairdressing, we keep up to date with the latest styles and trends and we are constantly learning and evolving. “We offer a friendly and welcoming salon and we invite any new clients to come and discuss their hair care needs.” To discuss your hair plans with one of the talented team, visit shop 5, 180E Yaldhurst Rd, Avonhead, or phone (03) 342 3489.

Health Giving NEW to Christchurch! Colloidal Silver Direct



Locally made natural & organic healing creams for the whole family. Made with

Visit us at our cer fied laboratory at 650 Halswell Junc on Road. Fill your own bo le from as li le as 5c per ml and check out our amazing skin healing creams

FREE Blow Wave with every wet cut in March

“One Cream One Hundred Uses”

Natural Skincare, Amazing Results!

Every mum’s secret for unhappy skin

New Zealand’s leading non-steroid cream for chronic skin condi ons

with Hannah available 50mls & 125mls

available 60mls, 100mls & 250mls

Bring this advert instore to get $5.00 OFF any cream or order online Enter promo code “metropol” to get your discount 650 Halswell Junction Rd 32 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Ph. 344 1400

If you like vintage-style specs or glasses with a style twist then you need to visit

Groovy Glasses Optometrists & Stockists of Extraordinary Eyewear An award-winning practice sourcing unique styles for our unique Christchurch people.

10 Bath St ( Behind South City Mall)

Ph 3798747



Relocated clinic on Wairakei Road ‘fabulous’! T

he Skin Rejuvenation Clinic moved to its fabulous new premises at 80 Wairakei Road just before Christmas last year. Dr Brigid Lee said it had been a big decision to move but the chance of being in a purpose built appearance medicine clinic with lots of off road parking made it irresistible. The new clinic looks fabulous; a welcoming entrance leads you into a luxurious waiting room that feels like an elegant lounge. Even the hallway is worth seeing, with its art deco styling it looks as if it is straight out of the Great Gatsby! Each room even has its own chandelier to add to the feeling that you are somewhere very special for a well deserved treat. Apart from the new surroundings everything else is the same, with all the same treatments available from either Dr Brigid Lee or Denise Prosser. This month the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is offering a special on dermal stamping treatments. These are done

by a device called the Dermapen which is the latest technology used to provide microneedle dermabrasion, precisely delivering controlled injuries to the skin. These rapidly healing micro-wounds are directly perpendicular to the skin to minimise trauma and client discomfort. An anaesthetic cream applied for 20 minutes prior to the treatment actually makes it pain-free. Dermapen is FDA indicated for ageing skin, wrinkles, acne scars, striae and surgical scar hypertrophy. Dr Brigid Lee explains that in comparison to other rejuvenation technologies, Dermapen is relatively benign. A fractional laser or

The Dermapen is being used more and more as an alternative to traditional plastic surgery as it helps address issues such as skin texture and skin tone, leaving skin feeling tighter with improved appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and even minimises pore size, all with no downtime. radiofrequency device, for example, creates fractional wound patterns with zones of ablation or coagulation. These have been proven effective but can result in inflammation, possibly leading to postinflammatory hyper-pigmentation. With Dermapen we produce fractional patterns of similar micro-wounding with no ablation zone, no coagulation of capillaries or necrosis, and no denaturing of proteins. The excellent safety profile, lack of risk and downtime make Dermapen's collagen induction treatments very popular. The object of the Dermapen's treatment is to stimulate collagen production by injuring the skin through those thousands of microwounds. Any injury to the skin stimulates the healing cascade by producing more fibroblasts

and collagen. As collagen is the protein responsible for skin elasticity, more collagen theoretically means smoother, firmer skin. Dr Des Fernandes (a South African plastic surgeon who pioneered derma-rolling) conducted a study in 2008 in South Africa and Germany, which showed a considerable increase in collagen and elastin in tissue samples from participants who had regular derma-roller treatments. The Dermapen is being used more and more as an alternative to traditional plastic surgery as it helps address issues such as skin texture and skin tone, leaving skin feeling tighter with improved appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and even minimises pore size, all with no downtime.

Metropol March 6, 2014 33


merivale fashion

NZ’s Hairdresser of the Year


ebecca Brent from Willis York Salon in Wellington has taken out top honours to become New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year 2013/14 after winning the Supreme Award at the L'Oréal Colour Trophy Awards in Auckland recently.


204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734

Chosen from seven other Supreme Award finalists, Rebecca's look impressed the judges with her technique, colour execution and beautiful result. The L'Oréal Colour Trophy Awards were judged live by a panel of three top international stylists – NZ-born/Sydney-based Brad Ngata, Caterina DiBiase of Melbourne, and Adelaidebased stylist Damien Rinaldo. Head judge Brad Ngata says 'in a competition of this nature it's important to see colour - and my eye was always drawn back to the colour execution of Rebecca's look.” Damien Rinaldo, a past L'Oréal Colour Trophy Award Winner says “beauty should defy ages, and this look does. It has a cool freshness to it with an edge that pushes the look further. You can really see there's personality behind it.” “Whilst being forward thinking it is very 'now' – people are asking for this look in salon,” says Caterina DiBiase, also a past Award Winner. Runner-up in the Supreme Award was Jock Robson from Dharma, Auckland. Two other individual awards and a team award were also announced. The Young Colourist of the Year Award for a stylist with five years or less experience went to Valeria Lenskaia from Bettjemans, Auckland, while the Men's Image Award showcasing the best in men's colour and style was presented to Sara Carswell from Blaze, Auckland. The Salon of the Year Award went to Blaze, Auckland. Two Special Awards were also announced including the Sunday Magazine Award which went to Natasha Dawson from Rodney Wayne Botany, Auckland while the Headway Magazine Award was presented to Blaze, Auckland. Following a stressful live recreation, the winners were celebrated at a lavish awards ceremony at Vector Arena that also featured catwalk shows by New Zealand's leading designers Trelise Cooper, COOP, WORLD and HUFFER.

New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year 2013/14 is Rebecca Brent from Willis York Salon in Wellington. (above) The winning look by Rebecca Brent.

“Beauty should defy ages, and this look does. It has a cool freshness to it with an edge that pushes the look further. You can really see there's personality behind it.” L'Oréal Colour Trophy requires finalists to go head-to-head in a live competition and recreate their photographic entry on the day of the awards. The judges score entrants on creative, fashion-forward hair colour, an innovative and striking cut, fashion-forward hair styling and finished with an overall look of fashion and make-up. The total look must reflect the expertise and ability of the stylist to create a modern, bespoke look.

Perfect gifts...

Be nice to your nails

inside this beautiful floral-design tin are a dozen luxurious reasons why this is the perfect gift for someone you love.

Brighten up your Mother’s Nails


Gorgeous colours! Manicure & Pedicure Shellac Acrylic Gel


Everyone will notice, no one will know All injectables performed by Dr Philip Frost

Dr Frost welcomes clients to his new boutique Merivale locale for added privacy in peaceful & luxurious surroundings. Plasma Replacement Therapy Minor Surgery Advanced Medical Skincare Products Dermapen Collagen Induction Therapy

Botulinum treatments Dermal Fillers Lip Rejuvenation Collagen Induction Therapy

Award-winning Hand Therapy is formulated with shea butter, macadamia nut oil and ceramides for hands that are noticeably softer and smoother with each use. A delightful range of Easter Gifts to choose from instore.


180A Papanui Rd Merivale P. 355 2863


Now Open on Sundays

34 March 6, 2014 Metropol

L'Oreal Colour Trophy Supreme Award runnerup - Jock Robson with model Antoinette Goodfellow.

3888 806

Merivale Mall

348 7342

merivale fashion


Get the smile you always wanted If there are spaces between front teeth, discolorations, unsightly old fillings, rotations or other issues that are contributing to a less than ideal smile, placing veneers on one or several teeth can, in the right circumstances, provide a very pleasing long term change in appearance.


orcelain veneers can completely change your smile and, let's face it, first impressions really do count. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses nearly every dental specialty. Healthy gums, straight teeth, aesthetic restorations and a full dentition all contribute to a beautiful smile. The aesthetic restoration of teeth that are decayed or broken is therefore but one aspect of the field of cosmetic dentistry. One modality that is frequently used to restore teeth to their natural beauty is bonded ceramics. Of the many uses of bonded ceramics in dental practice, porcelain veneering is one of the most conservative and effective ways to significantly change the appearance of a tooth. By placing one of

these very thin (about .5mm thick) ceramic facings on a tooth, that tooth can be reshaped, re-coloured and even appear to be repositioned, resulting in what can be a very significant change in appearance. To place a veneer, usually a small amount of enamel is removed from the visible surfaces of the tooth being treated. An impression is made of the tooth (teeth), and from this mould the veneer (or veneers) is (are) custom made in the shape and colour planned. Temporary veneers are worn during this time (usually about a week), so teeth being treated will at no point be uncomfortable or look abnormal between appointments. At a second appointment, the new veneers are tried in and closely examined for fit and appearance. Once deemed acceptable cosmetically and functionally by all involved (the client is very much included!) they are bonded to the teeth one at a time with a thin layer of strong and translucent cement. They

generally last many, many years and require no special maintenance other than that required by untouched teeth. The changes possible are truly remarkable and very long term. If there are spaces between front teeth, discolorations, unsightly old fillings, rotations or other issues that are contributing to a less than ideal smile, placing veneers on one or several teeth can, in the right circumstances, provide a very pleasing long term change in appearance. It is at last possible to have a smile to be proud of. David Walsh has been placing veneers for more than 25 years and can certainly answer any questions you may have. There are many factors to consider in determining if porcelain veneers are an appropriate treatment choice for an individual. To find out what may be possible for you, give Dentistry on Merivale a call on (03) 355 8297 and maybe you can have the smile you've always wanted!



State of the art

dental care

Clinician: Dr David Walsh BSC DMD (Canada, 1987)

Hygienists: Ms. Shona Ferguson RDH Mrs. Georgette Rott


New clients are always welcome.


DENTISTRY ON MERIVALE 1st floor Merivale Mall Telephone: 03 355 8297

M ERIVALES hair and beauty 186 Papanui Rd

Friendly Professional Hair & Beauty Care

Stockists of

Ph. 03 355 5713

Aikmans Road, Merivale phone 355 4228 Metropol March 6, 2014 35

Cakes for an indulgent treat or perfect gift ... Delicious handcrafted cakes giving you a fresh, fun delicious & truly wholesome experience

Westlink Asian Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake Street

A joyful experience



Joyful Bakery West Link Asian Mall 9-10 Brake Street Phone 341 6603

Lins’ Restaurant RELOCATED from Kilmore St (opposite Crown Plaza)


Westlink Asian Shopping Centre

Now includes Japanese Cuisine Lin’s Tomoei Shop 11, West Link Mall 8-10 Brake St Upper Riccarton Ph. 348 9381

t is wonderful how new things can grow out of adversity and human ingenuity. The Joyful Bakery, in the Westlink Mall on Church Corner, is a good example of this.

“Asian baking is lighter in texture, more spongy and softer. Water is not used so much – just a little milk and eggs.”

This is a family enterprise, and co-owner Min Trinh explains the background to this tiny culinary gem. Many Christchurch people will remember the Joyful Restaurant, which was on Armagh St for nine years before moving to Colombo St for eleven more. The adjunct, the Joyful Bakery, opened five days before the September earthquake, and had to close, with the February earthquake causing the demise of the restaurant itself. Joyful Restaurant reestablished itself at 102 Riccarton Road. The Joyful Bakery opened in Westlink Mall in late November, 2013, and is simply a retail outlet for bakery items produced in the restaurant, which are cooled and brought around for an 11am opening. Min explains that she has driven the enterprise through her love of baking. “I went to Polytech in 2007 and developed my skills. I also travelled to China to do courses in Asian baking and gained experience in bakeries there.” She has managed to apply her skills in such a way that there is a mix of traditional, innovative, and an appeal to a growing number of those who enjoy European style baking. “It may seem strange, but while there are many of the same techniques, and materials used, the end result is unique,” she says. “Asian baking is lighter in texture, more spongy and softer. Water is not used so much – just a little milk and eggs.” Joyful Bakery sells mostly bread and cakes, although the savoury line is growing. Everything is individually wrapped, so that it is

Quality fresh Seafood

fresh, hygienic, soft and attractive to the eye. Birthday cakes, a specialty, are beautifully presented, and Min explains that these can be created in a matter of a day. Fresh ingredients are used and each cake can be individualised – people can bring their ideas or even a photo. Min says that there are similar bakeries in Auckland, but the concept she has developed is unique in Christchurch. She travels to China in order to source new ideas and ingredients, so that what she offers is always a little different. “If we try it, and people like it, then it stays,” she says. Call in and browse the displays. Will you opt for a pineapple bun? It has no pineapple in it, but it looks like one! Or maybe a caterpillar bun? No caterpillars here but it looks like one! Try a Tiger Skin Swiss Roll, or perhaps a cheese, corn and ham bun. The Meat Floss Sponge Cake is fascinating – the topping is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton. Then there are custard buns, taro buns, green tea cookies, coconut cookies, sesame biscuits and walnut cookies. Or maybe you should try a wife cake. This is a traditional Cantonese pastry with flaky and thin skin made with winter melon, almond paste, sesame, and spices.


For a huge variety of foods & freshest of produce

for fresh top quality meat everyday


Service & commitment to provide the best in seafood!

Seafood Sensational West Link Asian Brake St, Upper Riccarton

Ph.348 9381 36 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Weekly Special NOW ON!

Town Day Moon Butchery West Link Asian Mall Upper Riccarton Ph. 348 5138


Westlink Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake St (old Metro 10 building) Ph. 348 7405 or 021 2800 529

Lotte Orion Tiramisu custard Custard cream cake Kancho/Melon cream cake 60g 89c NOW $4.90 NOW $4.90

Asian Town Supermarket West Link Asian Shopping Mall 8-10 Brake St Ph. 341 3283

The Main Skein For the finest Handknitting

Serious Skin Rejuvenation

Yarns, Baby Clothing & Gifts

Luxurious Alpaca Yarn & Knitpro Needles 4ply, 8ply Boucle & 14 ply

The first Bush Inn est. 1865

Open 7 Days Bush Inn Centre Ph: 3486 899

SPL Technology Patented

White, Red, Blonde, Grey, Brown & Black Hair

with Lydia Truesdale

Specialised at


or more than 100 years Selwyn's tired, dusty farmhands and foremen drove their livestock down Yaldhurst Road into Christchurch from the west. First stop – The Bush and W.C. Webb Inn.

Educational Books, cards & much more...


1 2 3


Bush Inn Centre Ph. 341 6123


While one could argue today's Bush Inn patrons haven't earned their pitstop quite as physically as our earlier pioneers, the popularity of the western shopping and dining hub hasn't abated. Eighty acres on the site were first developed in 1865 as a hotel and stable by local horse trainer William Coles Webb. Sited quite literally on the gateway to the Selwyn District and the West Coast, it wasn't long before the location began to flourish. Perhaps cashing in on the area's increasing popularity, a small two storey brick building was soon built to house a blacksmith and saddlery, adjacent to Waimairi Road. While a popular and bustling shopping hub has since sprung up around them, the two buildings remain, forming the strong historical basis of Christchurch's Bush Inn. Located on the western corner of Upper Riccarton, Bush Inn has maintained the warm, friendly atmosphere and the strong community spirit which saw it flourish in the 19th century.

Although today, instead of stables you will find a Countdown Supermarket, Smiths City store, Lone Star restaurant, BNZ Bank and the first Burgerfuel in the South Island, opened earlier this year, breaking sales records on its opening day. The shopping hub features more than 45 specialty retailers, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. Bush Inn is now host to the newest market in Christchurch, every Saturday, in all weather from 5:30pm to 11:30pm in a fully covered carpark. Towards the end of last year Pepe's Mexican Grill opened. The Sushi Company is preparing to open soon, while All About a Girl is expanding with a new line of ladies footwear. More stores are preparing to open and Bupa Care Services has even been offering free health checks and advice once a month. “The Bush Inn Centre offers something for everyone,” explains marketing and administration manager Jan Forsyth. “By day our friendly retailers and easy layout makes shopping a relaxing experience. Meet your friends for a coffee and sample our growing variety of lunch menus available after shopping at our unique range of businesses within the centre. “At night the Bush Inn remains a hive of activity providing many dining options such as the Lone Star and Spice Paragon. Saturday nights in the basement carpark sees the centre host to the emerging night market in Christchurch. Come along and help it grow! “There is always something new popping up at the Bush Inn Centre so it pays to keep an eye on our website for current competitions especially during the school holidays, or like us on Facebook for up to date news and events.” While W.C. sold the Bush Inn in 1905, he didn't go far, simply moved across the road to settle and died there in 1920. He is buried down the road at St Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery at Church Corner, while his namesake stands in testament.

Skin Rejuvenation Pigmentation & Red Veins

IPL Therapy (Intense Paulsed Light)

is the very latest in skin rejuvenation techniques worldwide. A pulse of intensified light is applied to the skin stimulate the skin's collagen and elastin and to help bring melanin (brown pigment from sun damage) to the surface where it can be exfoliated away. If you are serious about improving the look and feel of you skin the IPL is going to achieve results!

With every single IPL treatment booked in March you will receive a $50 Accent on NouVeau Gift Voucher. Like us on Facebook


Accent on Nou Veau HAIR





Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rd P. 03 348 8910 Metropol March 6, 2014 37





Bars & CafĂŠs


cuisine & DINING OUT

The Food Show Christchurch is early this year!


ainlanders get a faster than usual dose of the South Island's biggest culinary exhibition this year because The Food Show Christchurch has moved forward from September to new, earlier dates: 4 to 6 April at the CBS Canterbury Arena. And what a show it promises to be! Visitors are in danger of being truly spoiled by the generous line-up of exhibitors that are often as remarkable as they are delicious. For instance, the wonderful people from All Good will be offering not only their excellent Fairtrade bananas but also their Karma Cola, which they market under the slogan 'What goes around comes around'. Why? Because a percentage of the money from each bottle sold goes back to the village in Sierra Leone where the cola nuts are grown, this helps build essential services like fresh water wells. Karma Cola contains no artificial colouring, preservatives, or other nasties. Continuing the healthy theme, the show will also feature the 'Good Magazine Healthy Living Zone', a special area crammed with health-giving products, including Green Tea X50 detox and weight loss tea, Manuka products from Manuka Health, All Good Bananas, and more. Across the board there'll be big names like Nespresso and Vogels cereals (new to the

Simon Gault

Ray McVinnie

show), as well as less well-known companies like Green Meadows Beef, which couriers cuts of export-quality Angus Beef to households nationwide. Look out for Meadow Mushrooms (New Zealand's leading producer of mushrooms), Proper Hand-Cooked Crisps, and Tuatara beers. And The Food Show Christchurch boasts the country's biggest selection of South Island food, drink, and kitchen equipment suppliers, including Southern Kitchen and Christchurch locals Chorizos Garcia and Holy Smoke Smokehouse. Meanwhile the Whirlpool Cooking Theatre will be offering world-class cooking demos from the likes of Simon Gault, Ray McVinnie, Annabelle White, Julie Le Clerc, Nadia Lim, and crowd favourite Peta Mathias, making a welcome return to Christchurch. And just for buying a ticket online, visitors will go in a draw to win a 12-day Intrepid Travel

'Real Food Adventure' trip for two to Vietnam. The winners will be immersed in one of the freshest and most fragrant cuisines on the planet, with a focus on street fare, local specialties, and home cooking. Travelling on a small group adventure with a local guide will truly provide a foodie experience of a lifetime savouring the highlights of Vietnamese culture and cuisine from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Opportunities for visitors to pamper themselves abound, including great deals from The Food Show's official accommodation sponsor, Heritage Hotels. Starting at $265 per night, the Food Show Christchurch Package includes a bottle of Kim Crawford Reserve Wine, a taster pack of 12 types of fudge from The Decadent Fudge Co, a copy of Good Magazine, and a 20% discount on the continental breakfast (conditions apply). Tickets are on sale online now so get organised and book at

Annabelle White

4 Locations! Edgeware, Rolleston, Hamner Springs, Kaikoura Free Call 0508 111 001 Open Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.00pm Dinner: 7 Days a Week from 5.00pm

Rolleston Shop No.8, 70-76 Rolleston Dr Rolleston Square

Ph 03 347 2315 Like us on facebook 38 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Hamner Springs Shop 5/30 Cnr Conical Hill Rd & Chisholm Ave

Ph 03 315 7616

Edgeware Mall


76 Edgeware Road, Edgeware Mall, ChCh

17 Beach Road, Kaikoura

Ph 03 366 7223

Ph 03 319 6844

Order online at 10% Discount for Takeaways

in your kitchen


in your kitchen Enjoy with friends, before summer ends! Tohu Marlborough Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Bright and fresh, this wellbalanced wine is packed with aromas of citrus and passionfruit. Available at your favourite store. Ph 0800 223 922

Canter Valley Free Range Turkey Canter Valley offers 100% turkey with absolutely no additives. A slow growing turkey which gives it more flavour and texture. Perfect for that special gourmet meal!

Canter Valley

Melton Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - $20. A refined Marlborough Blanc displaying flavours of ripe passionfruit with undertones of grapefruit, citrus and ripe lemon. Available from

Ph. 03 312 9805

Melton Estate Weedons Ross Road, West Melton Christchurch. Ph. 03 347 4968 Orders online Delivery easily arranged.

Beautiful scented foodie candles. Great for removing cooking odours available at

Total Food Equipment Midway Moorhouse, 218 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 3666 912

Keep an eye out for Lurqs IPA

Fiasco Brewing Company. A delicious American IPA that ticks all the boxes. Brewed locally and available in 500ml bottles. brewingcompany for information on new beers and upcoming events.

Catering by Nikki Delicious food for all occasionsweddings, birthdays, buffets, BBQ’S and work functionsContact us today!

Nikki’s Kitchen @ 37 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 365 1617 email

ZOKU slush and shake maker perfect to make healthy fast slushies. Pick this up at

Total Food Equipment Midway Moorhouse, 218 Moorhouse Ave Ph. 3666 912

Succulent, tender & juicy. Perfect Pork is a convenient range of grain-fed Canterbury pork that comes complete a simple 3-step cooking instruction and includes a matching in-pack condiment sauce. Available at Raeward Fresh stores. Metropol March 6, 2014 39



Breath-taking sea view, fabulous food... M

orning, noon or night, there's something magical about dining by the sea and New Brighton's Salt on the Pier is a seaside venue that's as perfect as it gets.

Situated at the 'terminus a quo' of the New Brighton Pier, the cafe's huge glass windows offer outstanding views of the pier and the ever changing South Pacific Ocean, with entertainment provided all year round by fishermen, surfies, boarders, swimmers, walkers, and assorted beachcombers. As befits a seaside eatery, the ambience is relaxed and casual. Whether you crave brunch, lunch, a late afternoon glass of wine, or an a la carte dinner, Salt on the Pier is set up to cater for your needs. For casual diners, the downstairs cafe opens at 8.30am every day.

An extensive brunch menu, served till 2.30pm, has all the usual favourites, from raisin toast and blueberry and banana pancakes to eggs Benedict and a vegetarian big breakfast. The lunch menu, available from 11.30am features, as would be expected from a seaside cafe, lots of seafood options as well as dishes for carnivores and vegetarians. There's also a wellstocked deli cabinet. “During the day the focus is on familyfriendly dining, with affordable prices and






fresh flavours. The kitchen also caters for all sorts of dietary requirements. It's a challenge relished by the chefs, who provide a solution for every occasion,” say owners Sharon Collins and John Ktenidis. Evening dining is still casual, with a varied a la carte menu that features adventurous dishes like scallop and artichoke risotto and Pan fried Marlborough Salmon, served with lime & mango salsa on a bed of chorizo & prawn jambalaya rice, plus more.

Then, for that spur of the moment “I don't want to cook, let's go to the pub” occasion, Salt on the Pier has excellent weeknight specials. Tuesday is Dessert night, with sweet treats like Raspberry Pannacotta, House made Cheesecake of the Day, or Tiramisu with a hot drink for just $10. Thursday night features the restaurant Happy Hour from 46pm, with complimentary snack food and live entertainment followed by a $15 steak night. With a view to die for day or night, Salt on the Pier is a romantic venue for functions. The restaurant seats up to 80 seated and 120 for finger food events, and the ground floor cafe seats 50 indoors and has al fresco seating for 40. Several set menus are available and they can all be customised to suit. The cafe is open seven days, from 8.30am to 4pm, the restaurant is open six nights a week, and from 11am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For more information phone (03) 388 4483, email:, or visit the website:

Madam Kwong’s Chinese Restaurant Specialising in both Cantonese & Sichuan cuisines

Join us every Thursday for Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm with live entertainment from 5-7pm

First class barbeque selection for dining in and takeaways Also offering yum cha service for lunch

$6.00 Tap Beer & $6.00 House Wine & Complimentary snack food

Lunch 11am-2.30pm Dinner 5pm-10.30pm

Closed Wednesday


Open Hours Restaurant NOW OPEN extended hours for the Summer Season check our website for details


Nominee: Best Nationwide Restaurants

Pier Terminus Building, 195-213 Marine Parade, New Brighton P. (03) 388 4483 or (03) 388 4493

40 March 6, 2014 Metropol

At the back of Caltex Petrol Station 155 Blenheim Rd Ph. 348 3638

By Cynthia Kepple



What are you eating? CAFE

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm


Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


hat is the provenance of the mass produced food that packs the shelves, freezers and chillers around the country? Where do those thousands of cheap, plump fresh and frozen chickens come from? Why does our meat sometimes look as though it's been injected with something, and why does our bacon weep white liquid into the pan and refuse to become crisp? Where does our imported pork come from? What do they do to bread to make it last for up to six weeks? And what really does go into those cheap, sausages? Google these curly questions and you'll come up with a myriad of sometime controversial but often worrying answers. You'll learn about processes like MSM (mechanically separated meat), and “pink slime”, read about bread additives like Lcysteine, potassium bromate, refined grains, and much much more. You'll also discover that, according to animal advocacy

lunch your style...

Why does our meat sometimes look as though it's been injected with something, and why does our bacon weep white liquid into the pan and refuse to become crisp? organisation SAFE, those plump little chickens are selectively bred for fast growth and are slaughtered at only six weeks old. Rare Fare Butchery & Delicatessen offers a healthy alternative to this mass produced product. “We are completely the opposite,” says owner Peter Cotton. “We are going back to the old style and we supply the best product we possibly can. We support small producers who are growing ethically and who put their heart and soul into it and we know them by their first names.” His free range chickens come from Westwood, an award winning West Melton company that sells organic and non organic free range poultry, as well as award winning Waitoa free range chickens. And as anyone who buys these products knows, not only do

free range chickens taste better, they also go further, as they don't shrink like mass produced poultry. At Rare Fare you'll find Murrellen Pork, New Zealand's first gate to plate free range pork. Murrellen pigs are constantly monitored to ensure they are stress free, which ensures a better product. Merino lamb is another local product, sourced from North Canterbury. “Merino is slower maturing and produces fine grained meat, making it tastier,” says Peter. A house specialty is fresh and smoked Akaroa Salmon, which is sea raised and hand fed, and renowned for its superior taste, texture and consistency. Award winning real meat sausages and small goods are all supplied by local butcher Ashby's and Rare Fare also stocks Canter Valley gourmet poultry, locally farmed venison, and a selection of wild game from Blenheim. Milk is organic, and artisan bread is by Amberley's Rachel Scott. “All are trusted suppliers,” says Peter. “Our product may cost a little bit more but if you eat a little bit less and eat a little bit better, it is good for your waist, your wallet, and your well-being,” says Peter. It sounds like a pretty good philosophy to me.


Open Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm Saturday 9.30-3pm


Saturday mornings from 10.30am

Ph. 03 377 6994 100 Fitzgerald Avenue opposite Lichfield Street

Browsers Cafe & the backyard bar


has landed at Christchurch Airport Takeaway Set Menu Starts from $15

Sophisticated, clever unashamedly kiwi!

A huge menu of scrumptious Available for functions mouth-watering delights & NEW HOURS: dangerously good coffee Mon-Wed 7am-4pm Thurs 7am-8pm Fri 7am-8pm Sat 8.30am-8pm

we are here till The perfect venue for your next meeting

11 MAY! th

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112 Wrights Rd Addington Ph: 962 9629 Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Come & enjoy

Our fabulous ambience Great food, great wines Craft beer & cider on tap Live music Thurs & Fri nights Kitchen open lateThurs, Fri & Sat

Ph 348-7779

110A Riccarton Rd

Shop 7 / 21 Humphreys Dr. Ferrymead Ph. 376 6000

Ph. (03) 353 1930 Open from 11am to late Level one beside Domestic Arrivals Metropol March 6, 2014 41




Amisfield wines Cocktail Chef showcased at NZ Open Mary's mixologist

The use of Asian flavours is a common occurrence in cooking, and translate very well into cocktails. Nothing is more refreshing than an Asian summer cocktail to awaken the taste buds before dinner. This intriguing cocktail features the subtle sweetness of Absolut® Citrus enhanced by the rich, warm flavors of Galliano Amaretto and sesame oil and ginger.

The stunning Amisfield Winery & Bistro overlooking Lake Hayes, Queenstown.

Richard Uttley, Food & Beverage Manager at the Rydges Latimer reveals the secrets behind making a delicious Asian Summer… Richard Uttley

How to make an Asian Summer


misfield showcased a premium selection of its multiaward-winning wines at the New Zealand Open in Queenstown recently.

Glassware A Martini is usually served in a Martini glass, several types are available. Personally I prefer using Luigi Bormioli Bach Martini glasses available from Total Food Equipment, which are an elegant fluted glass. Recipe 45ml Absolut Citrus 15ml Galliano® Amaretto 15ml simple syrup 15ml lime juice 3 slices of ginger Sesame oil Sugar Assemble Rub the outside edge of a martini cocktail glass with sesame oil then roll in sugar to coat the rim. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add Absolut®Citrus, Galliano Amaretto, simple syrup, lime juice and ginger. Shake vigorously and strain into the prepared martini cocktail glass. Grate a pinch of star anise over the top and then drop the pod in to the glass for garnish.

Asian Summer Bloody Mary's is now online so check out where they will be publishing all the Mary's Mixologist recipes on their site for easy reference.

The specialist producer of Pinot Noir and aromatic white wines has forged a new partnership with the NZ Open, which brought some of the world's top golfers and international celebrities to the prestigious The Hills and Millbrook golf courses in Queenstown. Amisfield wines, sourced from fruit grown on its single estate vineyard beneath the Pisa Mountain range in the renowned Central Otago region, was the only wines served during the four-day event to players, celebrities, corporate groups, VIPs and members of the public. The privately-owned winery was also the inaugural sponsor of Open Sounds, an open-air concert on the penultimate evening of the event featuring Kiwi singer/songwriter Anika Moa and up-andcoming local songbird Holly Arrowsmith. Amisfield also hosted an exclusive Partners Lunch at its awardwinning Winery & Bistro, with a fashion show by Dunedin-based New Zealand fashion designer Company of Strangers featuring its AW14 collection 'Libertine'. Since its inception in 2008, Company of Strangers has grown a cult following with its range of high quality garments, leather accessories and jewellery. Their designer Sara Munro designed Amisfield Winery & Bistro's female staff uniform. Amisfield Pinot Noir 2011

All NEW Menu!

Happy Hour: Wed-Sun 4-6pm All Beer & House Wine $5

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

P. 355 5299

7 Normans Rd

Hours: Mon-Tues 8am-3pm Wed-Sun 8am-10pm

Available for functions

Breads of Europe Bakehouse Shop Artisan bread free of chemical additives or preservatives. Wide range of delicious breads & pastries. A major supplier to cafes & retailers, our wide range of outstanding products makes us a one-stop shop

“ Friendly Service with a Smile”

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 3.30pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm Unit B 10 Garlands Road Woolston Hotline phone 381 1048 42 March 6, 2014 Metropol

By Kayte John



Tavern a treasured part of the community T

he Valley Inn Tavern is not just a pub; it has become a part of the community and an archive to Heathcote's history. The building has been re-built and earthquake strengthened since re-opening its doors in September 2011. Owners Dean and Genaea Calvert say, “The tavern may be a new building but it certainly hasn't forgotten about its history. We have kept all of the memories of the old tavern by displaying over 100 photos on the walls and we have the well in the middle of the bar, which was all that remained after the building was demolished.” The bar and restaurant is only a 15 minute drive from the city and has a wide range of New Zealand and imported beers and an extensive wine list. There is also a large outdoor area - perfect for the warm summer months and is often used on Friday's for a barbeque hosted by the tavern. The restaurant specialises in locally sourced ingredients, cooked in a modern style by head chef Rob Dickey, who previously worked at the Volcano Café in Lyttelton. The menu changes each season and is served from 10am till 9pm. You can also find a great selection of bar snacks such as the crumbed calamari and generous sharing platters. The all day menu has a variety of dishes including corn fritters, fish and chips and Kiwi favourites such as steak and chips to bangers and mash. There is also a range of specials throughout the week including a Tuesday 'steak and beer night' (or a glass of wine) for $15, which is also quiz night. A 'burger and beer night' for $15 is available on a Wednesday and on Sunday you can tuck into a traditional roast dinner. As the new drinking laws start to take effect a free courtesy van (minimum of three people) for pickups and drop offs is available within Heathcote, Sumner, Redcliffs, Woolston,

The place to go... Great Coffee Delicious Food Stylish Surrounding

There is also a range of specials throughout the week including a Tuesday 'steak and beer night' (or a glass of wine) for $15, which is also quiz night. A 'burger and beer night' for $15 is available on a Wednesday and on Sunday you can tuck into a traditional roast dinner.

Opawa, St Martins, Ferrymead, Lyttelton and New Brighton. The courtesy van is available from Thursday through to Sunday from 4pm until close. Outside of the listed areas, the tavern would be happy to accommodate your requirements by prior arrangement only. If you would like to book the courtesy van phone (03) 384 1124. With the rugby season fast approaching the tavern will also be playing all of the Super 15 Rugby matches. Visit for further details or visit their Facebook page.

Come down to


All day breakfast

Check out our Tuesday Steak & Beer Night! Enjoy a $15 Steak, Fries & your choice of salad or veggies with a pint of Tap Beer* or glass of House Wine

Every Tuesday - between 5pm-8pm Make a night of it and get a team together for our FREE Triva Night. Guaranteed Prize for First & Second Place Teams* Monteiths range, DB, Tui & Export only

NZ Café of the Year Regional Winner

Available for private functions & catering for all events


We are licensed

509 Papanui Road

Call in or enquire

(Cnr Harewood Road)

2 Flavell St, Heathcote Ph. 384 1124

Ph 03 982 1118

Courtesy van is now available at the days & times listed (conditions apply) Thursday - Saturday Pickup: 4pm- 8pm, Drop off: 8pm-close Sunday Pickup: 2pm - 5pm Drop off:5pm -close


hachi hachi

Ph. 348 8418

a striking restaurant enjoy the finest of japanese food & ambience

Bush Inn Centre

Phone 03 3481 124 to book

our courtesy van for a pickup or drop off



Present this when ordering 4 or more main dishes with dinner Sun-Wed Valid until 31st March 14 * Terms & Conditions Apply

Bush Inn Centre Cnr Riccarton & Waimairi Rds

Ph. 03 348 8881 Metropol March 6, 2014 43

metropol NEW stunning Function/Dining area Now Upstairs!

Ideal for business lunches & dinners, business breakfast meetings. Available for small & large groups

Call Now to reserve your table 03 365 6066 290 Montreal St

Great gifts Great Coffee...


Check out the‘Blue Villa’ on Montreal...


ig things are happening at that venerable and much loved Montreal Street restaurant and cafe, The Coffee House. One of Christchurch's favourites has just got better. This charming establishment, which has for the past 20 years been housed in the gracious two storied Edwardian timber villa at 290 Montreal St, has moved; but only into The Blue Villa, the equally charming sister villa next door. It's the start of a redevelopment that will see the business nearly double in size. Coffee House co-owners Dave McLoughlin and Ben Dunkin had wistfully eyed the “house next door” ever since they bought the business in 2007. When it became available, they seized the opportunity. The beautifully restored villa at 292 Montreal St is now the home of one of our city's newest dining destinations. Independent and boutique in its thinking, The Coffee House offers delicious a la carte dining and delectable desserts, a good selection of wine and a range of Emerson's craft beers for the more discerning palate. “The houses were built in 1892, and we've kept the Victorian feel. The lovely old building is one of our draw cards.” says Dave. “We're very lucky to have the opportunity to embark on a project like this.” Good news, too, for a city that has lost so many heritage buildings. The Coffee House has truly put the earthquakes behind it

and is bringing something new and exciting to the Christchurch scene. Featuring a purpose built, long awaited new kitchen and a new, beautiful interior fit out, stage one of The Coffee House expansion is complete. The decor is pretty cool, with trendy pale aqua wallpaper, patterned carpet, recycled Victorian fire places and an original stained glass window. “Our stunningly renovated upstairs area is purpose built to cater for all manner of occasions,” says Ben. “The first floor of The Blue Villa is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner

for two or can be divided into three sections for private dining or opened up to seat up to 35 and is ideal for functions, large or small.” But as ever, The Coffee House focus is on the food produced under the watchful eye of head chef Jeremy (ex Pedro's). “He has worked wonders,” says Dave. “For the second consecutive year he has won us a Beef and Lamb Excellence award. Our focus always has and always will be to deliver a high quality experience for our guests, sourcing our ingredients locally wherever possible. Fresh, local and delicious.” With a clever a la carte dinner menu, a chargrilled steak menu, sumptuous desserts and reasonable prices, dining at the Coffee House is a delightful experience. Downstairs the bright sunny cafe (which also serves the dinner menu from 5pm) is cheerfully busy, with a constant flow of locals and tourists flocking to enjoy their delicious offerings. In June, when the redevelopment is complete and the refurbished villa at 290 will be re-opened, the upper floor will be accessible from The Blue Villa as well and a new bar/cafe area downstairs. All the better to cater for its faithful and new clientele alike! “It will be bigger and better, and the opening will be just in time for the business's 20th anniversary,” says Dave. “It's time to call in to the Blue Villa and see what all the fuss is about.” Plenty of parking is available. To book your private function or evening meal, contact The Coffee House (03) 365 6066, 'Like' them on Facebook or visit

café & gifts Rolleston Shopping Centre Rolleston Ph 347 3314 Open 7 Days



A full a la Carte dining for Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Authentic Vietnamese Food


The Medicinal Chef

By HealthyDale Pinnock

Every Day

A great way to start any day... Crafted coffee & delicious fare

Try our delicious Traditional Crispy Chicken with Sweet Chilli Sauce

LUNCH SPECIAL 12-2PM $6- $9.50

15% OFF TAKEAWAYS Until end of April

80 simple, tasty recipes, Dale Pinnock shows how easy it can be to use food to benefit your health and complement conventional treatment.

Dinner Menu available from 5pm

29-31 Main North Road, Papanui Out Catering Available

Jagz of Styx Mill

44 March 6, 2014 Metropol


(Next to Rare Fare) Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Sat 8am-2pm

Fully Licensed

158 Hussey Road Ph: 323 5455


Richmond Village Fully licensed & BYO Ph.389 999 78

Text orders 021 277 6584 Follow us on Facebook IlMagroEspressoBar

113 Riccarton Road, 379 2882 or Re: Start Cashel Mall 377 8462


metropol THE BRIDGE

Visual feast of fresh food

Restaurant and Bar

‘A taste of country near the city’

Open 7 days for lunch & dinner All day menu - hearty & satisfying Live Music - Fridays Private function room

587 Springs Rd Prebbleton P. 03 344 2180

Fresh food is temptingly displayed in a series of glass cabinets which feature an exceptional range of items with appeal for all ages and appetites.


ith a visual feast of fresh food and great coffee anytime, Café Euro has become well established among local Avonhead residents and is also well known throughout Christchurch. The café is light, bright and spacious, whether you are enjoying a big breakfast, daytime snack or irresistible items from the lunch or dinner menu. Fresh food is temptingly displayed in a series of glass cabinets which feature an exceptional range of items with appeal for all ages and appetites. Mouth-watering savoury filos, quiches, corn stacks, pies and pastries vie for your eye with a selection of exquisite salads, while your appetite is tested by a sinful array of French style tarts, slices, cakes, biscuits, muffins and gateaux. Nearby is a selection of ice-cream flavours – perfect for a hot summer day or to

finish a light lunch! Café Euro is “sound friendly”. Because tables are not too close, the atmosphere is conducive to conversation without being intrusive to others. Its spaciousness allows room for private functions, karaoke nights and local fundraiser events. Menus are changed seasonally and the dinner menu operates from 5pm. To complement the selection of food, a range of beverages includes juices, mineral water, tea, coffee, beer and wine offered by the glass or bottle. Café Euro serves aromatic espresso coffee which is hot, strong and popular. Café Euro's Merrin Street location is adjacent to local shops with excellent car parking and an outdoor dining area. Currently the café is open seven days a week; 6am-6pm Sunday and Monday 6am-8pm Tuesday 6am until late Wednesday to Saturday.

The Perfect Place for


Take the hassle Ideal for out of planning BIRTHDAYS & FUNCTIONS your child’s party! up to 200 guests Call us today! Open Daily from 11am for lunch & Dinner NORTHWOOD SUPA CENTRE 548 MAIN NORTH RD PH 323 5420



va ow A


NEW Lunch Menu

Fully licenced & BYO ( wine only) Open 11-3pm & 5pm-10pm everyday

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205 Fendalton Road Ph. 351 1488 Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm Sat-Sun 8.30am-4pm

Available for functions & group booking Specialised set menu available Ph. 03 423 1976 283 Lincoln Rd Addington


Fantastic Evening Menu, Coffee, Cabinet food

Catering service available Please enquire for details

Hours: Mon - Sat 6.30am - 9.00pm Sunday 6.30am - 6.00pm

Ph. 3588 490 45 Merrin Street Avonhead e.

A Selection of Finest New Zealand Cuisine

Outstanding Food! . Fantastic selection of Murrellen Pork, Akaroa Salmon Gluten free Sausages, dry cured bacon & smallgoods For people who LOVE TO COOK! For a Special Taste of New Zealand 29-31 Main North Rd Papanui (Next to Kathmandu)

P. 352 9047 Open 6 Days per week Metropol March 6, 2014 45

Sounds in the city Ready for a little bar-hopping and the chance to catch some great sounds? There’s plenty on around the city that will appeal to all types and tastes…

Pierside Café: Skint, 9pm. Free rock Sullivans Irish Pub: Mark McKenzie, 8:30pm. Free The Club: Thursdays @ The Club - Funk Knight! 5pm. Free The Miller Bar: Nick Lee, 8pm. Free

Friday 14 March

Saturday 8 March

Thursday 6 March

gig guide metropol Thursday 13 March

Astro Lounge: Kate Anastasiou, 5:30pm. Free Clink Restaurant Bar: Free Fall, 9:30pm. Free

Churchills Live Music Venue: Hazmat, 8pm. $10

Astro Lounge: Doc Sanchez, 6pm. Free

Craythornes: Stoff & Tim, 7pm. Free, pop, rock

Baretta: Nick Lee, 7:30pm. Free

Cortado: Gin and Jazz, 8:30pm. Free

Dux Live: Kaytranada, 9pm. $30

Becks Alehouse: Division Street, 9pm. Free pop, rock

Pallet Pavilion: Eleanor Aldridge, 5pm. Free

Dux Live: Camo Mc - Ep Fundraiser, 8pm. $10 door

Dux Live: Clap Clap Riot Nobody / Everybody Album Release Tour, 8pm. $15 pre, $20 door Finnegans: Karaoke and DJ with DJ Chick, 8pm. Free

Pierside café: Pocket Aces (Duo), 9pm. Free

Finnegans: Code Red, 8pm. Free country, folk, pop

Phoenix Bar & Café: Karaoke, 9pm. Free

Sullivans Irish Pub: Mark McKenzie, 8:30pm. Free

Pallet Pavilion: Kate Anastasiou, 7pm. Free

Pierside Café: The Elevators, 9pm. Free blues, funk, pop

The Miller Bar: Bobby Lee, 8pm. Free pop, rock

The Club: The Club Saturdays - The Robsta / Barcode, 5pm. $10 door. Free before 10pm, electro, house

Sullivans Irish Pub: Hostile Youth, 9:30pm. Free

Friday 7 March

The Miller Bar: Pete & Anthony, 9pm. Free pop, rock

The Thirsty Marriner: The Bubblemen, 8pm. Free pop, rock

The Twisted Hop: The Flash Bax, 7:30pm. Free country, folk, pop

Tommy Changs: T54 - The Invisible Hand Tour – Lyttelton, 9pm. $10 door, indie, pop, punk

The Club: Thursdays @ The Club - Funk Knight! 5pm. Free

Astro Lounge: Kate Anastasiou, 5:30pm. Free Beach Bar Sumner: Nick lee, 3pm. Free Clink Restaurant Bar: Free Fall, 9:30pm. Free Cortado: Gin and Jazz, 8:30pm. Free

The Miller Bar: Kool Change, 9pm. Free pop, rock

Sunday 9 March

Trevinos: Nyree, 9pm. Free pop

Cortado: Sunday Arvo Sounds, 3pm. Free

Saturday 15 March

Pallet Pavilion: Strings Intemporal & Kaptn Dirt, 5pm. Free

Astro Lounge: Doc Sanchez, 6pm. Free

Dux Live: Face of the Collapser With No Broadcast and Tsunami, 9pm. Free

Pegasus Arms: Nick Lee, 3pm. Free

Finnegans: Karaoke and DJ with DJ Chick, 8pm. Free

Monday 10 March

Churchills Live Music Venue: Stitches and Setting Fire to Stacey - National Tour, 8:45pm. $10 door, metal, punk, rock

Pegasus Arms: Craic Sessions, 7pm. Free

Craythornes: No Secrets, 7pm. Free pop, rock

Hilltop Tavern: Delaney Davidson, 8pm. Free country, folk, rock The Monday Room: City Nights presents Fantastic Man (Let's Play House / Fine Choice Australia), 10pm. $25 pre, $30 door. House

Baretta: Nick Lee, 7:30pm. Free

Pierside Café: Quiz Night @ The Beach, 6:30pm. Free

Finnegans: Two Blondes, 8pm. Free country, folk, pop

The Twisted Hop: Twisted Quiz Night, 7:30pm. Free

Pierside Café: St Paddys Party, 1pm. Free pop, rock

Tuesday 11 March

Sullivans Irish Pub: Shameless Few, 9:30pm. Free

Pierside Café: Beach Breaks, 8:30pm. Free blues, hip hop, house Sullivans Irish Pub: Shameless Few, 9:30pm. Free

Astro Lounge: Wunderbar Open Mic and Showcase, 7:30pm. Free

The Club: The Ghetto Electric Sessions Presents: Xprss Yrslf! 9pm. $10 door / bounce, footwork, ghetto funk

Cortado: Toe Tapas Tuesday's! 8pm. Free

The Miller Bar: Decoy Duck, 9:30pm. Free pop, rock

Pegasus Arms: Mal Harris' Pub Quiz, 7pm. Free

The Twisted Hop: Smoke And Ashes, 7:30pm. Free pop, rock

Phoenix Bar & Café: Karaoke, 9pm. Free

The Miller Bar: Don't Tell Mama, 9pm. Free pop, rock The Thirsty Marriner: Rockabella, 8pm. Free pop

Wednesday 12 March

Trevinos: X Files, 9pm. Free pop

Mashina Lounge: Karaoke Night, 7pm. Free

Winnies Ferrymead: Nick Lee, 7:30pm. Free blues, indie, rock

Sullivans Irish Pub: Cody Spicer, 8:30pm. Free

The Club: The Club Saturdays - Anikin / Bruja, 5pm, $10 door. Free before 10pm, electro, house

Sunday 16 March Cortado: Sunday Arvo Sounds, 3pm. Free Pegasus Arms: Nick Lee, 3pm. Free


Pierside Café: Old Skool Music Festival, midday. $15 pre, $15 door, blues, rock




Restaurant & Bar

Great Food Great Service

The NEW Rock Quiz Night! Starting 5th March Every Wednesday 7.30pm

Under NEW Management

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355 Colombo St, Sydenham Ph 03 366 3339 478 Cranford St Redwood Ph 354 3336 82 Rolleston Drive Rolleston

Ph. 347 4190 Open 7 days Mon-Thurs 11am-12pm Fri-Sat 11am-1am Sun 11am-11pm 46 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 11am-12am Thurs-Sat 11am-3am

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69 Centaurus Rd, Cashmere, Christchurch Open 7 days Ph. (03) 337 2227






Kitchens & Bathrooms


NZ house and garden tours H

return to Christchurch

ome and garden enthusiasts will get the chance to step inside some of Christchurch's most striking homes when the NZ House & Garden Tours 2014 returns to the city in March. Now into its sixth year, it's the country's biggest national charity house tour, offering ticket-holders the rare opportunity to visit some of the country's most beautiful and special homes. The annual event comprises of four tours throughout the country: Auckland (7 March), Wellington (14 March), Christchurch (21 March) and rural Auckland, around Clevedon and Alfriston (28 March). Proceeds from all four tours go to two charities: the Cancer Society of New Zealand, which works to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer, and Look Good Feel Better, which delivers workshops to build the confidence and well-being of women as they undergo treatment. Since the event started in 2009, it has raised over $1million for the two charities with around 20,000 people taking part in the tours. On Friday 21 March, participants in the Christchurch tour will get to enjoy a day in the countryside and step inside nine special rural homes in the Kaiapoi, Amberley and Waipara Valley area. Homes in the tour include a large, modern pavilion-like home, designed by architect Charlie Knott to hunker into the landscape, so that it is almost invisible from the road. Inside it is mostly minimalist and dramatic, but with some precious family treasures, such as a framed Maori clock and an amazing carved fireplace. There's also a bright and funky behind-the-shop home attached to the back of an Amberley homeware store, and a lovely Kerry Mason

A bright and funky behind-the-shop home attached to the back of an Amberley homeware store. home with a stunning garden belonging to the owners of Terra Viva garden centre in Burnside. NZ House & Garden editor Sally Duggan says Cantabrians have always been strong supporters of the House Tours. “The region has wonderful homes and owners who, despite suffering setbacks, continue to build lovely, creative spaces. We hope our visitors will find some inspiration for their own homes on this year's tour.” Sally says that, when selecting locations for the tours, organisers try to target the country's hot spots: “We look for places where there is a creative energy, where people are building lovely homes and starting businesses. Waipara Valley, with its vineyards and excellent cafes and markets,

has a real buzz... and that all helps make a great tour day for our ticket-holders.” The proceeds will be allocated to the six regional divisions of The Cancer Society of New Zealand and the regional branches of Look Good Feel Better, according to where the ticket purchasers live. This allows everyone who supports the event to help people affected by cancer in their own community. Tickets are available now for $65 each and are strictly limited. Last year's event was a sell-out, so get in quick. To purchase tickets for the NZ House & Garden Tours 2014, go to More information:

Elegantly classic – one of the tour homes in Kaiapoi.

Metropol March 6, 2014 47

kitchens & bathrooms


Bathrooms - the blue sky option B

ringing the outdoors in is a rising trend in bathroom design – be it a large window framing lush green foliage, a glass door or louvres opening to the garden or – as in the picture – a bathroom opening completely to a pond, courtyard or patio. The last one, admittedly, is the dream option!

Key to achieving the look, irrespective of the size or the view, is to keep the interior of the bathroom uncluttered. Smaller bathrooms in particular will benefit from 'visual trickery' whereby wall-hung fixtures, such as vanities and toilets, create the illusion of more space

Escale freestanding bath

Escale drop-in bath

48 March 6, 2014 Metropol

and 'dead space' (such as a tight corner) is used for storage, keeping toiletries and 'clutter' out of sight. For those with space, a freestanding sculptural bath is a must-have and Kohler's Escale brings just the right shape and proportions to the mix. It is available as either a conventional bath or with BubbleMassage technology whereby thousands of bubbles filled with warm air are released from concealed air jets to massage and support the entire body. For those with limited space Kohler has a number of conventional built-in baths offering the same BubbleMassage technology. To perfectly complement the shape of the Escale bath Kohler has released the Escale 1010mm bench top basin with integrated counterspace – this sits atop the vanity of choice and can be teamed with a sculptural mixer tap such as the four star WELS rated Symbol. To complete the Escale look there is a four star WELS rated back to wall toilet suite. For those looking to enhance the feeling of space, choose the wall hung version with concealed cistern. Showers can be open-plan, as in the picture, or defined by a shower screen or free standing wall. Practically speaking though, the openplan mode is really only viable in a larger scale room – but whatever the space, choose a multifunction shower that can pamper tired bodies and aching muscles with a strong massage spray or a refreshing, restorative deluge of water. Kohler's Flipside, with its four spray functions at a flip of the head, is the easy answer.

Symbol Bath/Shower Mixer

Symbol Bath/Shower Mixer with diverter

Recommended retail prices on the Kohler products mentioned are: Escale freestanding bath with BubbleMassage $3339 Escale freestanding bath (no BubbleMassage) $2553 Escale drop-in bath with BubbleMassage $2009 Escale drop-in bath (no BubbleMassage) $1276 Escale 1010mm bench top basin $1350 Symbol Tall Basin Mixer, 4 star WELS $489 Symbol Basin Mixer, 4 star WELS $404 Escale Back to Wall Toilet, 4 star WELS $1099 Escale Wall Hung Toilet, 4 star WELS $1348 Flipside Showerhead, 3 star WELS $265 Symbol Bath/Shower Mixer $500 Symbol Bath/Shower Mixer with diverter $500 Kohler bathroom products are retailed through leading bathroom showrooms nationally. Visit for full retail details.

Escale Wall Hung Toilet

Symbol Tall Basin Mixer

Escale Back to Wall Toilet

Flipside Showerhead

Welcome to

Come and see us at the Rebuild and Renovate Christchurch Home Show

Rebuild&Renovate Christchurch


Friday 14 - Sunday 16 March 2014 CBS Canterbury Arena, Addington

Try out our amazing Oculus Rift Brix Virtual home walk-through

Brix Homes is a new and exciting entrant into the Canterbury home construction sector. Brix Homes has been created from the ground up to do things in a better way, to give you, the prospective home owner, the home of your dreams, in a time frame that suits you. Ask about our talented in-house design team. Find out about our tradespeople, all owners in Brix. Enjoy the confidence and transparency of the home build process with Brix.

Brix Homes, a better way Brix Homes, your home

Call us on 0800 001 671 Metropol March 6, 2014 49



Gardens with impact, complexity, emotion & exceptional skill I nspiring gardens that captured guests' imaginations were the strength of this year's stand out Ellerslie International Flower Show.

Although attendees will no doubt have their own favourite presentations, it was the Christchurch Botanic Gardens who captured glory at the Show with a horticultural exhibit called Burn after Reeding. Their display featuring reeds and rushes in a contemporary setting with a hint of darkness captured the coveted Judges' Supreme Award. Convenor of Judges Andy Sturgeon said the display had brilliant composition and colour, texture and form. “High on horticulture, sculpture and drama with a strong and clever concept,” Mr Sturgeon said. The Supreme Construction Award went to the Kapiti Coast's Ben Hoyle of Blue Gecko Design for Under my Umbrella. “We were really impressed with the scale of the endeavour, and the complexity and engineering underpinning the whole exhibit,” Mr Sturgeon said. The Supreme Horticultural Excellence Award went to Sally Brown of Blueskin Nurseries in Dunedin for the exceptional quality and diversity of plants. “It's one of the best horticultural exhibits we've seen with a range of plants with great public appeal,” he said.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens captured glory at the Show with a horticultural exhibit called Burn after Reeding. Convenor of Judges Andy Sturgeon said the display had brilliant composition and colour, texture and form.

Burn after Reeding – the Christchurch Botanic Gardens entry which won the Judges Supreme Award and The Supreme Design Excellence Award. The Lighting Supreme Award went to Wellington's Bayley LuuTomes for his Take a Second Look garden designed to raise awareness of the issues faced by children with arthritis. “The detailed placement and concealment of luminaries along with the contrast of a

camellias are winners!

warm playground gives a powerful message,” Mr Sturgeon said. The Supreme Design Excellence Award also went to Christchurch Botanic Gardens for Burn after Reeding. Design judges said it had huge impact, evoked emotion and had beautiful plant combinations with a subtle use of colour. Judges Supreme Award – Christchurch Botanic Gardens The Supreme Award for Horticulture – Sally Brown of Blueskin Nurseries

Take a Second Look designed by Bayley LuuTomes of Wellington won The Supreme Award for Lighting. The Supreme Award for Design ExcellenceChristchurch Botanic Gardens The Supreme Award for Lighting – Bayley LuuTomes The Supreme Construction Award – Ben Hoyle of Blue Gecko Design The Emerging Designs Student Designer of the Year Award – Jordan Hampson The National Flower Bed Competition – Christchurch Botanic Gardens Winning exhibits continue on opposite page

A stunning selection of drapes & cushions to compliment your home...

Long flowering season. Glossy evergreen foliage. Good for picking. Hardy and easy. New season’s stock instore.


Watch us on CTV Let’s go Shopping 5.30pm Thursdays


50 March 6, 2014 Metropol



Some of this year’s Ellerslie stand-outs

Passion - the entry by Sally Brown of Blueskin Nurseries, Dunedin which won The Supreme Award for Horticulture.

Sticks & Stones to Rest My Bones designed by The Outdoor Space (Rolleston) won Gold.

Outside the Box won Gold for Emily McEwan of Outright Landscape Design in Dunedin.

New Mexico, a design by Jordan Hampson of Nelson who is currently studying in Hamilton, won The Emerging Designs Student Designer of the Year Award.

Ben Hoyle of Blue Gecko Design (Kapiti Coast) won The Supreme Construction Award with his design Under my Umbrella.

Flying Carpet by Christchurch Botanic Gardens won The National Flower Bed Competition.


Recently Re-located to FERRYMEAD Call in and discuss your window furnishings with Paul and Rosemary. With 20 years in the industry, they have a lot of ideas and experience to help their clients make the right choice. Select from a large range of curtain and blind samples

1091 Ferry Rd - Entrance off Tidal View Phone 384 7094 Open Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm

Interior/exterior colour schemes Window dressings, feature wallpapers, Floor coverings Kitchen, furniture design & manufacture, Bathroom design

Ph. 021 281 2447 Metropol March 6, 2014 51



Leave your ego at the door Cymon Allfrey

Architect Cymon Allfrey reflects on egos, inequality and the development of our inner city...


nequality in our country is a concept that we are regularly confronted with, yet I was shocked and dismayed to think it is a concept that is emerging in the rebuild of our inner city. In an article* printed in The Press in early February, I came across a quote from Colliers General Manager Jonathan Lyttle: “developers should start building to match demand and 'leave the ego out of it.'…There's no point in investors designing A-grade buildings if there's no A-grade tenants.” In this simple statement the value, and role of a designer, is significantly diminished. While the bottom line of development is profit, every building occupier deserves a high quality space. We shouldn't be confusing ego with quality and intrinsically linking quality buildings with high paying tenants. As a city we can't be seen to be creating an index between the two, as whether the tenant is classed as A-grade, or not, their physical needs don't change. When approaching design, be it residential or commercial, there are basic principles that

can't be ignored. Several years ago I was reminded of these fundamentals when my work was critiqued by one of our own greats – Ian Athfield. He commented that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. A comment designed to pinpoint a realisation that I had taken unnecessary liberties in the creation of the design before him, without paying the right emphasis to the basics. Good design should result in a quality space that is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. While good design, and quality in what is on offer to our inner city tenants needs to be maintained, we can't ignore the bottom line of development – profit and business needs. Certain business will want to be present in certain locations. A retail store won't succeed on the sixth floor; hence different types of tenants will be attracted to different offerings. However, the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. While their individual requirements might be different, their physical needs are generally still the same – function, comfort, quality, aesthetics. At the end of the day, development is an investment so it needs to work commercially for the property developer, while meeting the needs of future tenants and satisfying the public consciousness. As a complication to this issue, a large percentage of the cost to build on a site is now

related to the condition of the land. And sadly, it is not unheard of to come across land that is geotechnically poor, but has been zoned in such a way through the City Plan that it cannot be developed in a cost appropriate manner without seeking out a high paying, or A grade tenant – and here is where we are faced with a conundrum. While the Council has taken a utopian approach to how our city could look, it throws the developer to the wolves, as in many instances – for example, what Jonathan Lyttle is talking about – to make the project work, the time and cost involved in ensuring the land is sound, is significantly increasing the cost of the build; and for many, making it an unsuccessful project. While the utopian approach is protecting the core of our city it is also driving the cost of building up, which sees

the developer seeking an A grade tenant in order to ensure the project goes ahead at all. As a result we need to carefully consider what we are referencing. While we can pass comment that high build costs will require high-grade tenants to make it financially viable, we cannot index good design with the price of building. Good design through space efficiencies, environmental sensibility and the basic fundamentals will result in a lower build cost. It is not about leaving the ego at the door, it is about ensuring we are designing with quality, function, comfort and aesthetics in mind – every time. * 'Developers Told to Leave out the Ego' by Georgina Stylianou, published 10 February 2014, The Press.

Cleaning Services:

H Regular Cleaning H Seasonal Cleaning H Oven Cleaning Garden Services:

H Regular Maintenance H Seasonal Clean Up H Regular and Casual services available

Our team are full trained, reliable, security checked & insured

Call now for a free quote

Ph. 0800 535 355

52 March 6, 2014 Metropol

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Rd am e lth ridg Waverb O

It’s what we do!

Byron St

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Moorhouse Ave

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Dull room? Add a cushion or two!


ushinn is a small on-line store that sells only cushion covers. Owner, Ellen, makes all of the covers. There is no mass production and often only one or two of each design. Cushions can be an inexpensive way to change the look and colour scheme of your room – and they are low maintenance. It's the little things you add to your room that really create your look. Without these little touches, rooms lack personality and a sense of the people who live there. At Cushinn you will find many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles of cushion covers. Only natural fibres are used; fine high quality cotton or linen sourced from around the globe. Mix and match stripes, patterns, geometric and floral designs. Feast you eyes on the unusual, the bold and colourful cushion covers. Go ahead, brighten things up with some new cushions. No membership required. You can buy as a guest purchaser and Cushinn is open all day, every day!


metropol new things

Custom made furniture by Furniture Dimensions. Ph. 366 7499

Our first ever sale! For the kids too and lots of other lovely stuff from our residential shop opposite Jellie Park, ET ELLE 312 Ilam Rd, Fendalton. Ph 7411 577 Tricky to find but worth the effort! Have something to crow about. Country theme accessories inspired by the rooster. Available from Shalamar Florist and Gifts, 146 Cashmere Rd, Cracroft. Ph. 339 8146. Small table lamp made in Poland. Available from french blue. 9a Normans Rd. Phone 355 7545.

Mirror, 1 only. Special price $199. Sale now on at Presence. 290 Main North Rd. Ph. 354 4022.


African ladies cushion cover in black, white and apple. Available from



ESPRESSO CAFE Marimekko Cushion Cover Black Sketch Cushion Cover



french blue 9a Normans Rd Christchurch. Ph/Fax 355 7545

Furniture designed

Custom made

105 Coleridge Street. ChCh P. 366-7499 F. 366-8384 Hrs: Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30 Sat 9am-1pm

Shalamar Florist & Gifts

7 March-22March

Fashion accessories instore at Presence including NEW Seasons leather gloves, bags, cufflinks, jewellery & scarves



290 Main North Rd

Gifts, Homewares & more Christchurch P. 354 4022 Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm Sat 10am-3pm

54 March 6, 2014 Metropol

146 Cashmere Road, Cracroft

Ph: 03 339 8146


“Peter Green” giclee prints available at Windsor Gallery 3/1008 Ferry Rd. Ph. 366 0724.

Come in for a great coffee and taste our delicious food. For information of our new classes call us at Art Metro Art School and Cafe. Phone 354 4438. 465 Papanui Rd.

Kwila English Garden Bench 1200 long $459. Available at Kenneally Timber Products, cnr Wrights and Old Main North Roads, Kaiapoi, Ph 3272050.

Cushions available from our online shop

A wide range of gorgeous gifts to choose from now in store at Perfect Presents, Avonhead Shopping Centre, Withells Rd. Ph.358 9178.


In vibrant colours a stunning selection of native bird cushions. $55 each. Available at Simply NZ stores. Refer to advert below.

new things

Unlock the artist within


ave you ever wanted to create something artistic but thought you didn't have enough talent? Art Metro in Papanui offers an oasis away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Owner Simon Walmisley believes that anyone can learn the skills required to create fabulous pieces of artwork no matter how little, or how much talent they feel they have. Adult classes for beginner and experienced painters commence in April and run all through the week, with specialist beginner classes on Fridays. There will be a variety of painting, drawing and sketching taught by art tutors, over a nine week term. Classes are also available for children to take part in painting and drawing during the term, as well as school holiday programmes. In addition Art Metro has a wonderful cafe with Hummingbird Coffee and delicious cabinet food. The arty feel flows through from the studio into the cafe, where you can see samples of students' work displayed on the walls. “Many of our students take part in the classes as a hobby or to learn a new skill however, when they get to take their art home and display it on their walls then that's something truly amazing,” Simon says. Come and see for yourself how hundreds of people have unlocked their artist within, and produced extraordinary art. The full timetable of classes can be found at or phone (03) 354 4438.

KWILA Outdoor Furniture

END OF SEASON CLEARANCE A PERFECT gift... Daintree 1500 x 970 table with 4 chairs $857

UP TO 40% OFF!

5 year guarantee Buy from importer & save


Cnr Wrights & Old Main North Rds Kaiapoi (Up Marshlands Rd at end of Old Waimak River Bridge) Phone 327 2050 Hours:Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm


Luxurious towels available in great designs

Complimentary Gift Wrapping Avonhead Shopping Centre, Withells Rd Chch Ph. 03 358 9178 Hours: Late Night Thurs 9-7, Mon - Sat 9-6pm, Sun 10-4pm

Fabulous Coffee & Amazing Art Tuition... That’s what we do! Art Metro Art School & Cafe offers the following art courses: Abstract; Airbrushing; Children’s Art; Drawing & Sketching; Watercolours; Oils & Acrylics; & more

NEW FOR TERM 2 STARTING 11 APRIL! Specialist Beginner Classes on Friday mornings & afternoons 03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road

PICTURE FRAMING Expert Design service Latest Trends in Design Great Colour Selection Our Experience FRAMING YOU CAN BE PROUD OF Call in & see us today



Picture Framing Specialists

Windsor Gallery 3/1008 Ferry Road Ferrymead Phone 366 0724

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5pm Sat 10-1pm Metropol March 6, 2014 55



Rare & exclusive homeware


or shoppers struggling to find that striking piece of furniture to off-set a room, the unique gift for a loved one which nobody else found, or an exquisite lamp to really light up a space, it is a much simpler task since the formation of Sweetpea and Willow less than a year ago. Tucked contentedly in Colombo Street's Beckenham stretch, the stunning boutique sells a remarkable collection of furniture and decorative accessories sourced from around the world to fill each space of your home with a splash of luxury. The lavish collection includes staple pieces for every room in a covetable treasure trove of style. “There was a real gap within the homewares market,” co-owner Carmel Jaggar explains. “Products were often too expensive, and cheaper product was lacking in quality. Sweetpea and Willow is our attempt to bridge that gap, allowing people to have stunning, high quality homewares without breaking the bank.”

“There was a real gap within the homewares market, products were often too expensive, and cheaper product was lacking in quality. Sweetpea and Willow is our attempt to bridge that gap, allowing people to have stunning, high quality homewares without breaking the bank.” By sourcing product from Australasia, the US and UK, Sweetpea and Willow is able to fill that space in the market by accessing a greater selection with more competitive pricing. “My business partner Sally Glass is based in the US, and our store manager Kate and I cover Australasia. We're looking for affordable quality, but most importantly, original and unique pieces. “By sourcing our products overseas, our customers get an exclusivity which is rare to Christchurch.” A popular flagship product is the Voyage cushions, from Scotland and the store is looking forward to a new shipment soon. A

range of costume jewellery from Australia has classic designs, with a modern twist. The team has brought in a new range of French ceramics and tableware. “This includes stunning plates, bowls and platters – products which we've never seen before in New Zealand. They have a modern but classic style which makes them suitable for character homes or more modern properties.” A new bamboo tableware range is also soon to hit the shelves and Sweetpea and Willow has also ordered New Zealand's first shipment of a stunning range of handmade cards from Australia. “Sally, my business partner and I were

friends for 20 odd years. Like a lot of women, we love our homes and as our children got older we wanted to do something for ourselves. The logical step was our own business. “We really enjoy chatting with our customers. It's the best part of the job. We have fostered a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere in the store so people feel comfortable coming in to browse.” Keep ahead of the latest styles and trends for yourself by 'liking' Sweetpea and Willow on Facebook, or visit the stunning boutique for yourself at 145 Colombo Street, Beckenham, phone (03) 260 0147.

One Stop Kids Shop Patersonrose specialise in interiors & gi s for children Linen – Beds – Furniture – Bags – Ligh ng – Art – Clocks Small Gi s and so much more Catering for all age groups from tots to teens A

16 Harewood Road, Papanui


354 6363


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MONTH OF MARCH Every purchase, big or small, goes in the draw to


a Full Refund of their purchase

145 Colombo St, Beckenham Christchurch 8013

Ph 03 260 0147

RECOVER YOUR LOVED FURNITURE No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Visit us online Hours of Business: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs Fri 8am to midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909 237 Brougham Street, Christchurch P. 371 7500


K E I T H H A RT S H O R N E 0 2 7 5 6 6 3 9 0 9



Levelling the lopsided P

ile foundations distribute a structure's weight evenly across the soil underneath, ensuring the building remains strong and level. Despite their importance to our comfort and safety, we think little of these vital load-bearing parts - that is, until things get a little lopsided. Doors and windows jamming, bouncy and uneven floors and cracks in the walls are just some of the symptoms of a house which needs repiling, a delicate process involving the relevelling of floors. According to Dwayne Hubac, owner of Southern Repiling, a large number of Canterbury homes slid clean off their piles in the earthquakes because the houses weren't attached to them. “Even though the earthquake has hurt a lot of people, everyone is now a lot more educated and this will lead to us rebuilding safer houses for the future,” he says. Prior to establishing Southern Repiling in Dunedin in 2009, Hubac was working for a house-levelling company in Christchurch. Following the earthquake, the company widened its perimeters to Canterbury to fulfil an important role in the city's rebuild. A certified builder complemented by a team of qualified carpenters Hubac's services have been in increasingly high demand. Many competitors just focus on piles. Southern Repiling covers the full range of foundation repairs.

While specialising in repiling, underpinning and pile replacements, Southern Repiling also carries out house lifting. “We can lift and relevel anything from concrete floor slab homes, standard pile structures, ring beams – basically all type A and type B structures.

While specialising in repiling, underpinning and pile replacements, Southern Repiling also carries out house lifting. “We can lift and re-level anything from concrete floor slab homes, standard pile structures, ring beams – basically all type A and type B structures. We have the power to lift almost anything.”

floors. “Our hydraulic equipment is the latest from the USA and we use the right amount of equipment for each job, ensuring the house is fully supported at all times,” Hubac explains. “We set our new piles in a solid footing and at the correct depth, ensuring they are attached to your house correctly.” A recent client had a home which had sunk very deep into the ground. Southern Repiling was able to lift the house out from corner to corner and keep it nice and level, saving the clients significantly with the delicate and precise handling of the project. A family-run business, Southern Repiling provides high quality work and works closely with structural engineers to ensure the work is completed to the highest standard. For more information on how Southern Repiling can get your property's piles level, phone (03) 455 5701 or email

A large number of homes slid clean off their piles in the erathquakes because the houses weren’t attached to them With top of the range machinery to allow easy access to defective piles, Southern Repiling is able to successfully achieve level

FUNK up your furniture!

Do something different with beautiful bright colour. Enhance any home or interior with your exquisite pieces.


See the specialists in refinishing EXCITING COLOURS QUALITY FINISH

m.f. turnbull Ltd


46 Mowbray St, Christchurch 365 2519

End of season prices End of season prices as seen at the Ellerslie Flower Show OR place your order for an October delivery

Garden Set

Swivel Set

Exclusive in NZ Loveseat

Monaco Set

Designed in Germany 021 336 433

03 349 6778 Metropol March 6, 2014 57



Colourful, sophisticated, elegant...


the art of window dressing


y passion and my job are one,” says Lorraine Watkins of Complete Curtains. “Every day I get to work with colours and fabrics, patterns and styles and I'm helping clients achieve the windowdressing look they want within their budget. How good is that?”

coverings come in a myriad of different styles and colours giving you the opportunity to choose those that match your house theme. The fabric samples that Complete Curtains can show you cover a wide range of designer patterns: classic, traditional, retro, contemporary and modern, with choices to meet your budget requirements. They have samples of voiles, nets, thermal-coated, block-out, cotton, linen and polyester fabrics, as well as fabrics for upholstery. They also have the Luxaflex range of blinds and tracks. Samples of all of these are carried in their van and if you can't find what you want from this array, further samples can be sourced from suppliers. Complete Curtains offer a truly responsive and personalised service. They take the time to get to know you and to understand what you are looking for. First of all they will make a careful assessment of your needs and once they get a good sense of what you want they will propose a range of choices and work with you until you are happy and confident with what you've chosen. Complete Curtains would love to help you with your decor. They offer free quotes and measures as well as free curtain making on most fabrics. Conditions do apply. They are just a phone call away on 0800 811 811. Call them today, so their van full of samples can come to your home along with the team's expert support and help.

Lorraine is the Managing Director of Complete Curtains based in Temuka, but servicing the whole of the Canterbury region. She does indeed love what she does; meeting people, listening to what they want and carrying their desires through to the finished product. Her customers are Lorraine's focus. Working with Lorraine are Kay and AnnMaree who jointly have over 30 years' experience in the curtain, blinds and windowdressing industry. This is a huge amount of knowledge that they can share with you, their clients. Both Kay and Ann-Maree are very professional, have had extensive training and are very aware and up-to-date with changing fashions in window treatments. They are also focussed on doing an amazing job for you professionally, and getting your windows looking fabulous. After all, the right window dressing can change the look of even the simplest of homes and make it beautiful and sophisticated. Textured materials and fabric

Unique Aromatic Candles...


‘Fragrance Impression’ beautiful scented candles to fragrant and enhance any room. Also fantastic for removing cooking odours!

Total Food Equipment

Cer fied to the maximum protec on ra ng of UPF 50+ Patented scratch resistant coa ng Life me warranty for residen al and up to 15 years warranty for commercial


KING FREE MtAfabrics on mos

58 March 6, 2014 Metropol

Blocks up to 79% solar heat Cut glare by up to 93% Enjoy privacy Block up to 99% of damaging UV rays

Ph. 377 7717 or 021 779111


Kay and Ann-Maree have over 15yrs experience each as Curtain consultants. Both girls have lived in Christchurch for many years. A van full of curtain samples are available and either Kay or Ann-Maree can call at your home.

Ring 0800 811 811 for your appointment.

By Wendy Dunlop

avant garde


Understated or flamboyant...

original furniture with flair H

ave ever wished you could completely re-vitalise your home with furniture of genuine individuality that won't cost the earth? If so, a visit to Red Furniture will delight you with New Zealand made craftsmanship, sleek innovative designs and a stunning selection of modern fabrics. Owned by Brad Mawson and Lea Robertson, Red Furniture specialises in contemporary furniture designs that are custom made to order. “If you see a table or a sofa design you like in the showroom or catalogue, we can make it specially to fit the space you have in your home,” says Lea. Featuring clean lines of design, beautiful American oak veneered timber and natural fabrics, Red Furniture's showroom displays items for every room in your home. Therefore you could choose a one-off statement piece to complement your existing furnishings or create a cohesive style of flair and originality throughout the house. There are stylish bar stools for your kitchen; tables of superb simplicity matched with the elegance of upholstered chairs for your dining room; lounge chairs, sofas and couches with soft sinkable comfort, as well as timeless timber coffee tables, entertainment units and shelving.

Alongside bedside tables and ottomans are luxurious padded headboards which have returned to popularity. Combining functionality and flair they can be made in any fabric whether plain or patterned, understated or flamboyant, linen or leather. As an Interior Designer herself, Lea has sourced an impressive selection of fabrics from renowned fabric houses like James Dunlop and Mokum. While neutral and natural fibres are still favoured for their versatility, Lea always advises clients on the fabrics that will best suit their home environment and lifestyle. “Because we are a smaller company clients appreciate being able to consult with the owners and we enjoy getting to know our

customers,” say Brad and Lea. They also recognised that the market had changed and re-appraised their boutique business. After 12 years supplying retailers under their Urban Furniture label, Red Furniture opened in 2010 as a retail shop selling direct to the public. “It has allowed us to concentrate on our own label in the showroom and website and for customers there are direct factory prices, no retail mark-ups and New Zealand furniture that is contemporary, appealing and affordable,” says Lea. If a re-build or completed repairs to your home are tempting you to re-furnish as well, Red Furniture is the ideal place to find something special. Visit or visit them

“It has allowed us to concentrate on our own label in the showroom and website and for customers there are direct factory prices, no retail mark-ups and New Zealand furniture that is contemporary, appealing and affordable.” in person at 245 Dyers Road where the showroom is open 7.30am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturdays.

Red Making New Zealand made furniture affordable


Metropol March 6, 2014 59

55 Blighs Road Lichfield Sofa $2850

WHOLESALE PRICES DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC 245 Dyers Road Bromley, Christchurch Ph. 0275 357 141

Ph. 3511 905

interior design

curtain, blind & cushion making

lampshade making

plenty of parking furniture


soft furnishings

...always something different Latest Italian tiles now on display at naturally tiles

naturally tiles 13 Mandeville St Christchurch

Ph: (03) 343 0933 Metropol March 6, 2014 59


Auto News

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New Models

Auto Events


New Mercedes svelte By Ben Selby


ake no mistake, the new Mercedes E-Class sedan is a very good car. From the entry level E 250, to the rip-snorting E63 AMG S, it is quite a complete range from the prestige Stuttgart based marque. Now the E-Class is jumping on the diesel hybrid band wagon with the car you see here, the E 300 BlueTec Hybrid and while retailing at $138,900, the E300 Hybrid sits firmly as the third most expensive model in the E-Class range, behind the petrol E400 and E63 AMG S. On the outside, it looks like just another EClass. This is not a bad thing however, because even the most basic variant is a visual feast. Under the svelte bonnet, we find a 2.2 litre four-cylinder petrol engine which when combined with the 20kW electric motor, produces 150kW and 500Nm of torque, not too shabby at all. Returning 4.3l/100km is pretty impressive for an executive saloon, but the entry level E 250 diesel is only marginally thirstier at 4.9l/100km. The seven speed G Tronic plus automatic transmission with shift paddles is nice, but shifting with paddles seems a bit pointless in a car like this. Inside, it is business as usual. Every dial and button takes quality feel and runs with it. Terrific head and legroom is another bonus

Auto City 224 Barbadoes St. P.366 1305 Burnside Motors 449 Wairakei Rd. P.359 8060 Guy’s Garage and Tyre 45c Parkhouse Dr. P.338 4419 Springs Road Auto Services 101 Springs Rd. P.349 5552 St Martins Garage 238 Centaurus Rd. P.332 6138 Belfast Automative Ltd 35 Belfast Rd. P.323 6336

Mercedes' 'Pre Safe Braking 'system is handy for those devoid moments of concentration. Able to detect a stationary car in front, it will actively alert the driver and slow the car. while black on white dials stare you down. The car featured here was fitted with the optional Vision Package. This costs an extra $4,800 and includes a glass electric sunroof, 360 degree reversing camera and Harman Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system, which provides enough symphonic bliss. Around town, the engine stop/start system is not as intrusive as you might think. Press the brake firmly and the engine cuts out, release again and things get moving with no shudder or jerk to speak of. Mercedes' 'Pre Safe Braking 'system is handy for those devoid moments of concentration. Able to detect a stationary car in front, it will actively alert the driver and slow the car, though you have to do the complete stop yourself. Apply brisk acceleration and you waft forward, this isn't a point-and-shoot car. If you want that, chat to AMG or Erebus Motorsports. There is plenty of torque throughout the rev band and from bend to bend, the big Benz tracks well and true.


Straight from the factory!

Volkswagen & Audi Specialists Christchurch’s ONLY Trusted Volkswagen Specialist

WOF Full workshop Service & Parts

The Real Power behind your Volkswagen

65 Disraeli Street, Christchurch P: 03 365 3733 E:

is your vehicle serviced for your holiday?

Do it early! Do it now!

See your vehicle servicing experts Puncture Repair Specialists

Warrant of Fitness Experts

Full Vehicle Servicing Experts

Computerised Wheel Alignments

Puncture Repairs* Road Hazard warranty* 50,000km Car Tyre Guarantee* 90,000km 4x4 Guarantee* Expert Advice*

Call your local dealer direct:

62 March 6, 2014 Metropol

LATEST Autologic Diagnostic Tool

Summer is here...

All Tyre Brands Available


Funnily enough, the E 300 feels the best cruising on the open road. Letting the diesel hybrid unit sip away at the fuel while you cover mile after mile, is a pleasant experience. Just be sure not to scratch those five-spoke 19-inch alloys when parking up. Some may question the relevance of the E 300 BlueTech Hybrid in the New Zealand market place, but it provides a great platform to hone Mercedes Hybrid technology, while delivering high levels of luxury and refinement.

Finance Available

*conditions apply

autoplus metropol

Want to drive something special? E ver looked at a Porsche, a Jaguar, a new Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover, and discovered an itch to get behind the wheel? It happens. There is something about European cars. Perhaps it is the design for a start. It's the first thing people look at – the actual bodywork of the car. It doesn't just say something about the owner; it says something about the manufacturer. It seems that European car makers are not satisfied until the car they've been working on looks fantastic.

Take a walk around the cars in the yard at Christchurch European at 511 Blenheim Road, and you will soon get the idea. This highly successful and efficient company stocks over 160 of Europe's finest brands, from Audi Q7s and A4 convertibles, to Minis, Jaguars, Range Rover/Land Rovers, BMWs, VWs and Volvos, with a scattering of the exotic and rarely seen Ferraris, Porsches and Maseratis – the stuff of dreams. In fact all tastes and desires are catered for, and if you have a hankering for something special, then the team at Christchurch European will have a solution for you, and that includes anything brand new. Right now, with a strong NZ dollar, it is a good time to be thinking about a purchase. Christchurch European was one of the first New Zealand companies to import high option UK exported cars at significant savings

They are able to bring vehicles in which are not usually available here, and prices are very realistic. Surprisingly you can make savings of between $20,000 and $30,000 on a luxury vehicle.

compared with vehicles sold new in New Zealand. What's more, they are able to bring vehicles in which are not usually available here, and prices are very realistic. Surprisingly you can make savings of between $20,000 and $30,000 on a luxury vehicle. The other thing to remember is that as the European market usually receives new models before we do, Christchurch European is able to

source them to order much more quickly, and save money at the same time. Many of their vehicles have a world-wide warranty. For example the Porsche Approved Warranty applies worldwide, administered in every Porsche Centre, covering all components for 100% of the labour and parts. The Blenheim Road site is easily accessible, and holds 120 vehicles with a four-car showroom, a modern garage and office/storage facilities. The car you decide to buy will be in immaculate, pristine condition. Take a look at the Christchurch European website ( It

The European Specialists EUROPEAN VEHICLES TO SUIT

2013 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition 3.0 TDI 20 inch 911 Turbo 2 Sport Alloys, Full Leather with embossed Porsche Logos, Heated/Electric Seats, Electric Tailgate, Sport Chrono Pack, Porsche Command CD/Stereo/Navigation/Aux with Bluetooth Phone Prep, Vehicle Tracking system, Multiple Airbags etc.. Stunning looking vehicle!..


is easy to navigate and each vehicle is comprehensively described, with multiple photographs and even a video option. This means you can compare and evaluate a vehicle thoroughly, and the company, as a result, sells nearly half of its vehicles sight unseen, and that includes those in transit to New Zealand. Call in for a chat with a team that exudes experience and enthusiasm. You can't lose. Great cars at great prices and in tip top condition. If you don't see exactly what you want, Christchurch European will find it for you.


MERCEDES BENZ PORSCHE RANGE ROVER VOLKSWAGEN 2010 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG Sedan, AMG Exterior Carbon Package, AMG Carbon Fibre Trim, Rear Differential Locking, Command Multi-media with Bluetooth/Navigation, Heated/Electric/Cooling/Air Boosting Seats, Panaromic Sunroof, 19 inch AMG Sports Alloys, Garage Door Opener etc, A great look in Tenorite Grey Metallic!..

NOW $79,995

NOW $134,995

2012 Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TDI 180 KW 8 Speed Latest, Only 23,000kms, Fully Volkswagen maintained vehicle with latest 8 Speed transmission and 180 KW upgraded 3.0 TDI Diesel engine, Full Leather, Heated Seats, NZ Navigation and Bluetooth, Push Start, Upgraded Sports Alloys, Parking Sensors, Cruise Control etc, Very popular in White!.

2009 Jaguar XF 3.0 SE Luxury, Hard to get in Jaguar's Famous British Racing Green look colour, Full Leather, Heated/Electric Seats, Touch Screen Navigation and Bluetooth, Climate Air, ABS/ESP, Push Button Start, Rotary Gear Selector, Folding Air Con vents, Full Electrics etc. A lot of car for the money!

NOW $39,995

NOW $79,995

Monday-Friday: 8.30am-6pm Saturday: 9am-4pm Sunday: 12pm-4pm

511 BLENHEIM RD PHONE 03 366 8328 View over a further 160 vehicles online at

christchurch christchurch european Metropol March 6, 2014 63

metropol autoplus

Caring for... a ‘computer on wheels’


egular care and maintenance of any car improves its performance and longevity, but modern cars are virtually 'computers on wheels' and require specialist care to run at top capability. Volkspower is Christchurch's most experienced VW and Audi specialist with the technical equipment, knowledge and expertise to maintain these quality cars at optimum performance. With cars such as Audis and Volkswagens, having a technician with specialised knowledge means your vehicle gets the

attention of someone experienced in spotting concerns, but who also has the in-depth knowledge to fix it quickly and efficiently. Volkspower's owner, Marty Douglas, provides his customers with that specialist know-how with technicians who have all gained intense understanding of these particular car brands. With such specialised knowledge, it comes as no surprise that technicians from throughout New Zealand often contact Volkspower in Christchurch for advice. The workshop is impressively high-tech and uses Autologic Diagnostics to identify the service and repairs required. Because the records of individual vehicles can be accessed through the software, the

With cars such as Audis and Volkswagens, having a technician with specialised knowledge means your vehicle gets the attention of someone experienced in spotting concerns, but who also has the in-depth knowledge to fix it quickly and efficiently. diagnosis for repair is fast, efficient and, most importantly, accurate. Autologic Diagnostics is also backed up by brandspecific assistance and integrated technical support for the company in Christchurch is just “one click” or phone call away from the experts in the UK. Keeping your car warranted and serviced is just the beginning of safeguarding against costly repairs down the track. What many people forget is that their transmission – the part that transfers the power to the wheels, also needs to be serviced. “This is incredibly important,” says Marty “as it has a huge impact on the car's performance but also economy and safety. Regular servicing of your transmission can avoid inconvenient breakdowns, costly repairs and the inconvenience of having your car off the road while it's being repaired.” The Volkspower team can also complete a comprehensive service and warrant of fitness

inspection at the same time. “This is especially good now that warrants are only required once a year for late model vehicles as it means you can get it all done at once and your car is in the garage for a short time.” Volkspower imports, sources and stocks a large and varied range of late model new and second-hand spare parts at reasonable prices. In addition the company offers a key cutting and code service for Volkswagens – especially important for those who have bought a Japanese import that comes with only one key! You can see why customers keep on coming back to Marty and his team. They are a happy, friendly bunch who genuinely put customers' needs first and offer exceptional service to keep clients' cars well maintained, safe and on the road. For more information visit the Volkspower website or free phone 0508 89 3276.

EXPERIENCED professionals...

Specialising in VW, Audi & Skoda WOF & Full Mechanical Service & Repairs VAG Key Cutting & Coding available

Authorised Warranty Repairer Modern, Clean Workshop

Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

400-402 Tuam Street Christchurch Ph: 366 7755

Luxury Leisure Line Elite Caravans

Visit our showroom to view our extensive range of caravaning accessories.

Time to update... because you deserve it!

P: (03) 3433-643 E: F: (03) 3433-610 W: 183 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch 64 March 6, 2014 Metropol

By Damien O'Carroll, editor

autoplus metropol

Compliant & comfortable demeanour


olden is one of the early entrants into the new “Baby SUV” segment that will shortly become more populated as other manufacturer's clamour to turn their compact cars into jacked-up faux off roaders (usually with virtually no off road ability) and the Trax is that entrant. Based on the Barina, the Trax is small but tall and, as such, is roomier than the donor car and its unconventional looks bring a dose of personality to a new segment. With a strong Holden family look, the Trax is handsome, in the right colour, but very weird-looking in the wrong colour – particularly black where the black plastic body kit disappears, making it look oddly tall. Inside, the familiar Holden dash is nicely laid out and pleasant to look at and the Trax is well specced for its price ($35,490). The MyLink audio/control system is excellent, although there is lots of hard, hard plastic that ruins the nice look of the cabin. And there is lots of it…

The 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine is pleasant enough around town, with good low-down torque, while the six-speed automatic transmission is slick, smooth and surprisingly quick. Unfortunately the engine quickly becomes coarse and breathless out on the open road and it isn't particularly economical either. On the road the Trax displays surprisingly deft handling, especially from something so relatively tall and narrow. Its steering is impressively sharp and responsive, while everything is nicely balanced and progressive. The ride doesn't suffer as a result, with a nicely compliant and comfortable demeanour. Surprising in places where you wouldn't expect it to shine and disappointing in places you would expect more of it, the Holden Trax is still quite a likeable little vehicle. Around town it is all those horrible clichés

Surprising in places where you wouldn't expect it to shine and disappointing in places you would expect more of it, the Holden Trax is still quite a likeable little vehicle. that motoring journalists avoid like the plague, like “perky” and “nippy”, while its sharp steering and slick transmissi on also help to make it very agreeable around town.Out on the road it is a surprise, with unexpectedly capable handling and a supple ride. It is here, however, that the ageing engines shortfalls become apparent. Coarse, unrefined and underpowered, the Trax is a capable little machine that deserves a better engine than this. However, if you spend the majority of your time in a car around town – as most Trax's no doubt will – then the engine is a perfectly capable, if slightly thirsty companion.

Metropol March 6, 2014 65

metropol autoplus

Volvo’s ‘roam delivery’ service


n a ground-breaking technology move for the automotive industry, Volvo Cars demonstrates the world's first delivery of food to the car – a new form of 'roam delivery' services. The service, which will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress, will allow consumers to have their shopping delivered straight to their car, no matter where they are. Volvo's new digital keys technology will allow consumers to choose their car as a delivery option when ordering goods online. Via a smartphone or tablet, the owner will be informed when a delivery requires dropping off or picking up from the car. Having accepted the delivery, a digital key will be activated which tracks when the car is opened and then locked again. Once the delivery is completed, the digital key ceases to exist. The system is based on the functionality of the telematics app Volvo On Call, which also

makes it possible to remotely heat or cool the car and see its position or fuel level via the mobile phone. Earlier this year Volvo Cars launched Sensus Connect, an integrated on board navigation and infotainment experience. Volvo Cars' strategic partnership with Ericsson builds further on the idea of the Networked Society by examining a host of consumer centric concepts around the “Connected Vehicle Cloud” that sees the driving experience revolutionised over the coming years. Last year, 60% of people shopping online had problems with the delivery of their item. Research revealed that people across the globe feel increasingly stressed in their daily lives. In a report from Future Foundation, all of the countries studied showed an increase from 2010 to 2011 when responding to the statement “I'm often under time pressure in my daily life”. Despite the rise of online shopping, research has also revealed that over a half of people are not at home to receive online deliveries, leading to further hassle and time wasted

Established 1988 servicing customers for 25 years

PAINT & PANEL 60 Vagues Road, Papanui

Have you been smashed lately? FREE pick-up and delivery

FREE assessment at your home or workplace WE COME TO YOU

FREE loan car

Then you will need the services of Hy-Class Paint & Panel We now offer a NEW free service to make life easier for you. We will come to your home or workplace and do a digital assessment for your insurance company. No more having to take time out of your busy day to come to us, yes, we now come to you. That’s right, WE COME TO YOU! Plus we’ll give you...

20% Discount Ph 352 3834 for an appointment

on presentation of this advert OFF YOUR INSURANCE EXCESS 66 March 6, 2014 Metropol

through failed deliveries. 'Roam delivery' is one example where Volvo Cars explores the potential of connected cars to create solutions which will simplify the customers' everyday lives. The pilot programme has also revealed 92% of people found it more convenient to receive deliveries to their car than at home. “By turning the car into a pickup and drop-off zone through using digital keys, it's now possible to deliver the goods to persons and not just places. The test-customers also indicated that the service clearly saved time. And the same thing is valid for delivery companies as well! Because failed firsttime deliveries cost the industry an estimated €1billion in re-delivering costs. We are now further investigating the technology of digital keys and new consumer benefits linked to it," says Klas Bendrik, Group CIO at Volvo Car Group.

'Roam delivery' is one example where Volvo Cars explores the potential of connected cars to create solutions which will simplify the customers' everyday lives. The pilot programme has also revealed 92% of people found it more convenient to receive deliveries to their car than at home.

By Wendy Dunlop

autoplus metropol

Specialised automotive expertise & experience A

s automotive design and technology becomes more complex, it has never been more important to have your vehicle serviced, repaired and maintained by those with dedicated technical knowhow. A visit to Leading Edge Automotive will confirm that your vehicle will be in the hands of experts!

The family business is owned by Joris and Natasha Sanders who pride themselves on an exceptional level of customer service and possibly the cleanest, best equipped automotive premises in town! The light, spacious workshop houses the latest technology for servicing all makes and models of vehicles and employs technicians with specialised expertise in the service and repair of European vehicles including BMW/Mini, Audi, VW and Skoda. Because they are approved repairers for warranty companies, Leading Edge Automotive offers an alternative to vehicle servicing by dealerships at more cost-

effective rates. “Customers with vehicles still under warranty do not necessarily need to go back to dealerships for the service and maintenance of their vehicles, while those with vehicles just out of warranty, can receive ongoing specialist servicing with us,” says Joris. As an MTA member and approved AA repairer, both of which have stringent rules, standards and professional obligations, Leading Edge Automotive is one of only two Christchurch members of the YES (Your Electronic Specialist) Association. This invitation-only diagnostic network provides world-class training enabling its members to solve the most complex automotive faults. Therefore Leading Edge Automotive is ideally equipped to deal with any vehicle problems no matter how big or small. Specialist services include full mechanical and auto electrical repairs of petrol and diesel models, fleet servicing, WOF and associated repairs, air conditioning and re-gassing, full servicing and repairs of European vehicles and authorised warranty repairs. With auto electrician and automotive technicians on site, the business is a genuine one stop shop.

At their modern Selwyn St premises, Leading Edge Automotive is able to offer customers superior benefits and facilities. The spacious reception area is warm and inviting and the modern well-appointed office allows each vehicle history to be kept on the comprehensive computer system. However, while equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, “no work is carried out without the customer's prior approval and all work and parts are guaranteed,” says Joris. Leading Edge Automotive is located within

convenient proximity of the hospital and central city as well as the new business developments at Addington and Moorhouse Avenue. Customers can drop their car in for the day and take advantage of the company's pick-up and drop off service or free courtesy cars. Customer enquiries are welcomed at Leading Edge Automotive 480 Selwyn St, phone 366 3384 or visit for further information or to book in online.

Leading Edge Automotive Ltd.


Call Now To Book:

366 3384

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

Leading the way in vehicle care... FREE Courtesy Cars Clean, Modern Workshop Latest Diagnostic Equipment WOF & Repairs

Owners Kevin and Maxine

We have been in operation for over 30 years and are the original Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi Specialists in the South Island. This combined with experience, passion and personally owning these vehicles helps give peace of mind to our customers.

Servicing – Lube and Tune Fuel Injection Auto-electrical Transmission Servicing Brake Servicing

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Using the Latest 3D Wheel Alignment Technology

The following services are available: WOF repairs Suspension repairs Engine Reconditioning Pre Purchase appraisal Latest diagnostic equipment Email:

324-328 St Asaph Street, Christchurch

Ph 365 0531

Auto Electrician on site Authorised Warranty Repairer Full Mechanical Service & Repairs Specialising in European Vehicles Tyres & 3D Wheel Alignments

Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm

Leading Edge Automotive Ltd. Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

480 Selwyn St Christchurch Central P. 366 3384

Quality European Cars

2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible 25,000kms 16,00cc 6 speed manual ONLY $22,999

25 Years Experience


2005 BMW 645ci Coupe, 37,000 kms, 4500cc Steptonic ONLY $42,999

Better than yrates know ou who...

2003 Mercedes-Benz SL350 Convertible, 64,000 kms 3,700cc Tiptronic Auto ONLY $32,999


Inch Quality European

541 Moorhouse Ave Phone 379 9528 Devin Inch 0274 366076 Shane Symes 0211 289995 Sharon Shine 0272 709954

0508 588 522 Metropol March 6, 2014 67

68 March 6, 2014 Metropol

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