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Captured words.

A young boy from the slums of Kibera, Kenya intently participates in a Photo Workshop conducted by Sisi Ni Amani – ‘We Are Peace’ Project. Photo by Cody Valdes, Tufts University. July 2010. 1 | THE ISSUE September 2010


–By Rahul Radhakrishnan, Editor-in-Chief.


he ISSUE is a collegiate publication established by students at The University of Windsor. The premise behind The ISSUE is an initiative to improve awareness and active participation surrounding international socio-political issues at UWindsor. The ISSUE endeavours to be a student publication that paves the way to social activism. It is a catalyst through which awareness and active participation is generated by means of international citizenship, leadership and public inquiry into various crises. Consequently, The ISSUE creates a turf upon which participation in social activism could grow from the disperse of knowledge, while potentially democratizing our media.

will be carried in following issues. Ultimately, this publication hopes to tackle international issues by stimulating curiosity within the student community. This can be achieved with the perseverance, participation and journalistic capabilities of students.

A publication of this nature will encourage grassroots discussion amongst students. It does not pose as an alternative to a Political Science lecture or reading. Its reach can transcend the four walls of a classroom while consolidating ideas, knowledge and information amongst a vast number of students.

The ISSUE is and will remain an

The ISSUE will carry articles that address the underlying roots of an ongoing political dilemma, and progressively coming to par with current affairs. This approach would provide an insight into the origins and core of an issue. Unquestionably, for certain issues a single article will not suffice, so the writing will be extended into a series which

The editorial team has made it possible for every student to receive a link to every edition of The ISSUE emailed to their UWIN inbox. We encourage YOU to contribute to our initiative. Feel free to contact us via email –, and join our Facebook page to be in the know, and help us keep the ball rolling.

independent, not-for-profit, and student operated publication.

It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.


Albert Einstein

2 | THE ISSUE September 2010



he ISSUE aims to arouse awareness and interest in areas of international development. In order to gain a better understanding of a situation in a place, writers are encouraged to expose the underlying factors which evolved into the current situation. You are open to expressing perspectives acquired via travels, interviews, knowledge and research. The ISSUE desires to offer an examination into different issues straying away from the conformity imposed by the mainstream media. If the particular issue you are writing about hasn’t been introduced previously in the publication, writers have the opportunity to encourage readers to explore the background of the subject within an article. (for example: an article about the Rwandan genocide will summarize the events leading up to the violence, and furthermore gives insight into the situation itself). Writers are free to explore any relevant topic of their choice. Writing could follow a casual format, and collaborated works are also welcomed. Referencing your sources at the end of submitted articles are encouraged so that we can include them as further readings in the follow-up section of the webzine.

The ISSUE intends to promote student print and photo journalism, so if you can provide us with an original article and/or original pictures we’ll hoist you on our shoulders and march across campus. Send us these pictures along with your article or post as many applicable pictures as you can on our Facebook page; make sure to give rightful credit to the photographer. The length of the articles may vary. The more concise they are the better for us; however, a number of topics require and deserve more than a page or two in our webzine. If your article stands out, it will be credited as our feature article or will be extended over to our following edition as a continuation. Good luck and thank you!

- The ISSUE Team

There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

-Robert F. Kennedy

3 | THE ISSUE September 2010

Taking a stance.

“People are stronger than Walls�. Protesters at the Erez border crossing, outside the Gaza Strip. Both Israelis and Palestinians participated to protest against the occupation. The rally also coincided with the World Social Forum. Photo by Sean Low, University of Waterloo. Jan. 2008

Understand. 4 | THE ISSUE September 2010

September 13th "This is a worthy initiative with a lot of promise. Its success depends on students, students who take the trouble to share their ideas in a format that ought to allow for more thoughtfulness than one often gets in blogs.” Dr. Stephen Brooks Professor, Department of Political Science University of Windsor “I am very excited about this initiative. I believe it is extremely important to raise students' awareness of global issues. We live in an interconnected world: issues that arise elsewhere in the world touch and affect us in many ways. This publication would also give an opportunity to many students to sharpen their journalistic skills. I wish you success.” Dr. Tanya Basok Director, Centre for Studies in Social Justice University of Windsor “I love the concept of a zine on third world issues written by and for students. It is an initiative that, having started at the University of Windsor, will soon involve contributors from many places and a worldwide readership. I look forward to being one of those readers.” Dr. Roy Amore Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences University of Windsor 2010 “I believe this to be a great forum for students, and the community at large to learn about relevant issues that the media touches on, but with a pluralistic perspective. I hope "The Issue" becomes a regular feature in our campus and we can count on it to hear multiple voices on multiple topics.” Enrique Chacón Advisor, International Student Center University of Windsor

5 | THE ISSUE September 2010

The ISSUE EDITORIAL TEAM – Introductory Issue. Founder & Editor-in-chief Rahul Radhakrishnan

Managing Editor Katelyn Murray

Contributrors Leah Cowan

6 | THE ISSUE September 2010

The ISSUE - Introductory Issue  
The ISSUE - Introductory Issue  

Welcome to The ISSUE. The introductory edition highlights the rationale behind this new publication. Find us on Facebook! theissue@uwind...