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The 99% take a stand

“Occupy” protests sweep through the US in hopes of change

Amanda Cendejas Features Editor We as Americans are protected under the first amendment to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to peaceably assemble. However, a new form of speech and assembly has captured attention throughout America- the occupy protest movement. It has sparked controversy and debate among citizens and continues to spread to new states and even surrounding countries. The occupy protests’ slogan is “We are the 99 percent.” Protesters claim that one percent of the nation’s citizens control fifty percent of the wealth, while other citizens can do nothing about the state of the economy. They are being kicked

out of their homes, laid off from jobs, and people of all ages are in severe debt. The occupy protests started on Wall Street in New York on Saturday, Sept. 17. New York residents walked on Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, NYPD headquarters and other symbolic locations throughout the week, holding signs in protest of the current state of the economy. Police officers began to cite curfews and loitering rules, but the protesters were resistant to forces. What some saw as police officers limiting the protestors’ freedom of speech sparked a chain of protests across the country. By Wednesday, Oct. 5, several more occupy protests were seen throughout the country. New cities active in the movement were Portland, Oregon; Tampa, Florida; Houston, Texas and Austin, Texas. Two of

the largest occupy protests are extremely close to home: San Francisco and Oakland, California. Occupy Oakland has proven to be one of the most prevalent of the protests. After violence between protesters and police forces occurred on Tuesday, Oct. 25, resulting in the injury of one protester, a “general strike” was planned for Wednesday, Nov. 2. This strike gave the opportunity for anyone who had a problem with the government or economy to come and protest. The strike included protests against banks, capitalism, and an occupation of the Oakland Port- the fifth busiest port in America. Though the protest was generally peaceful, there were reports of some breakoff groups smashing windows of banks and stores, and spray painting some windows.

Recently, police all over America have taken action in taking down these camps. Officials have issued evacuation notices and expected these protesters to leave. These actions are a result of violence and health hazards in the camps. Multiple people have been found dead in their tents, and at one occupy protest, a deadly dog virus is spreading throughout the camp. While they are still allowed to occupy the streets or parks during the day, protesters are not allowed to set up tents or stay in their occupied locations overnight. In response to these recent changes, occupy protesters have either left the camps or have submitted to arrest. Occupy protesters across the United States say that the world’s “eye is on them,” as the movement spreads to other cities, countries, and college cam-

The Foreigner travels to Leigh Chloe Tamaro Staff Writer

limit it to just seven kids.” Junior Vaughn Mayer, who is cast as Reverend David Lee, describes the experience as challenging yet rewarding. “[My character] seems very strong but deep down you know there’s something sinis-

production, and the actors aren’t the only ones required to put in copious amounts of time outside of school. Technical Theatre students are in the process of building a set three stories high and even perfecting a few special effects.

(played by Jeremy Pack and Aidan Welton-Drake) and Sergeant Froggy LeSueur (played by Jacob Gemette). Baker is excruciatingly shy and is unable to speak to anyone unfamiliar; as way of explanation, Froggy introduces his friend as the native of a foreign country who cannot understand a word of English. S o o n enough, Charlie finds himself privy to scandals, rumors, and secrets indiscreetly discussed in front of him by other visitors. “The role of Charlie made me nervous as it requires a lot of acting without speaking, but it has really allowed me to push my boundaries,” said Pack. The annual fall production will be hosted in the new performing arts theatre from Friday Dec. 2 to Saturday, Dec. 10. Show times will be announced a

After an extended streak of summer-like weather, it’s finally that time of year again: trees are shedding their leaves, the temperature is cooling off, and the landscape is aglow with rich burnt orange and gold hues. All of which could only mean one thing: it’s almost time for the fall play! This year, the Drama Department has chosen to put on a modified version of “The Foreigner”. “We’ve really just updated [the play] to make it more accessible to students,” said Bryan Ringsted, who oversees the drama program at Leigh. “We changed numbers, updated the costs of things but it’s fairly faithful to the original format.” This year, the fall play will have a double Photo by Kylie Brown cast, meaning that there The rigorous rehearsal schedule for “The Foreigner” cast. will be two sets of actors “I won’t reveal too much,” and actresses and the different ter about him, so I started to casts will take turns performing. think, how could I shape my- said junior Jeremy Pack, who “Everyone who audi- self to be strong and helpful is cast as Charlie Baker, “but tioned had something they but also devious,” said Mayer. there is a trap door involved.” Set in a Bed and Breakfast few weeks before opening night. By opening night, nearly could bring to their character,” said Ringsted. “There were 13 weeks (totaling 144 hours) in rural Georgia, the comedy so many good, skilled, well of meticulous rehearsal will focuses on two of the guests trained actors that I couldn’t have gone into perfecting the staying there: Charlie Baker


puses such as Sonoma State, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, and continues to make its move across the world as other 99 percent citizens speak out. The generality of these protests and strikes, however, has given rise to one question: What exactly do these occupy protesters stand for, and what will they accomplish? “Personally I think they are just people with nothing better to do than complain about something,” said senior Emma Canepa. “The fact that the protest doesn’t really stand for anything, yet stands for everything, makes it lose any validity it may have and just makes them look like whiners who need something to yell about.” Senior Eric Rudawski added, “The movement is a global one and certainly deserves the attention it is being given. However, it is almost




lackadaisical in its inability to define a cohesive goal- you often see banners like, ‘occupy everything,’ or ‘general protest.’” “I’m not really sure what they want,” said US History and AP Government teacher Don Mason. “The Occupy Oakland protest alone has cost the city $2.4 million, but only nine out of the 33 people arrested were from Oakland.” These statistics leave viewers of the movement asking one question- what outcome could they possibly achieve? While the occupy protest’s message may be unclear and the outcome unpredictable, one thing is certain: This movement is quickly spreading and continues to receive much of the media’s attention. As the protesters continue to refuse authorities, only time will tell what this movement will bring for America as a whole.

Hope shares donuts with devoted parents Nicole Hamilton Copy Editor

At the second meeting, which was held on Nov. 9 in the College and Career Center (Room 32), the subject that dominated the discussion for the first half of the meeting was the various construction projects being completed around Leigh’s campus, such as upcoming solar projects in the parking lot, which should be under construction by Nicole H from January until Photo am ilto March, and the n total reconstruction of t h e G

For parents who strive to involve themselves more with the school environment, Principal Donna Hope’s morning parent meetings, called Donuts with Donna, can be an engaging, friendly way to find out about the goings-on around campus. They are held near-monthly, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and in a laid-back environment seldom seen in more formal meetings. During the meetings, Hope discusses current events, procedures, and concerns of the parents in attendance. “We had about 10 parents buildcome to the first morni n g , ing [on Oct. 12], and had w h i c h donuts, and coffee, holds and I just kind of Donna Hope displays a board with the con- the art gave them the same struction plans for the district this year. rooms report I gave out to and one Home and School wing of lockers. Club,” said Hope. Other topics that were covered “There were lots of ques- include the fall play, semester grades, tions about college, and how students and Project Cornerstone, which sponget into college.” sors the yearly NCBI training for fresh-

men and juniors. After the general discussion, parents were free to ask any questions they might have that weren’t already covered. At the November meeting, there were about 6 – 7 parents in attendance. Some of the questions asked were about 12 week grades, about sending emails to teachers, the upcoming sports seasons and CCS. “Donuts with Donna” is more than just a catchy use of alliteration, as well. While teaching ESL to first grade students in Mexico City, in early 1978, Hope recalls a local donut chain in the area, similar to Dunkin’ Donuts in the U.S., called Doni Doñas. “Every day I would walk in and the first graders would ask ‘...aye, Miss Donna, did you bring us doñas today?’ And I’d say no, sorry, not today,” said Hope.

Phot o

when many parents are either working, by K ylie or are too busy taking care of their Br children to attend. ow “That was a great n time to just sit and have a nice chat, basically, but with lots of important information. It was fun! So I’m looking forward to doing them for the rest of the year,” said Hope. Hope also plans to begin a second type of meeting, which she calls Dialog with Donna, that would serve a similar purpose to the parents meetings, except that she would be meeting with Leigh teach-

Hope enjoys the morning meetings, and is pleased to be able to provide an alternative to the monthly parent meetings hosted by the school, which are normally held in the evening

ers. The Leigh website has a list of times and dates for all the meetings that will be held this year, and for curious parents, they can be well worth a morning of their time.

Shooting at Berkeley echoes around campus Adam Soret Staff Writer A UC Berkeley undergrad momentarily disrupted the chaos and excitement of the occupation protests in Berkeley, California. The student, who had supposedly turned his life around, brandished a handgun on police officers in the middle of class. He was fatally shot by police after refusing to lower his weapon. The 32-year-old business student, Christopher Travis, was shot on Tuesday, Oct. 15 around 2:22 p.m. Hours later, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Travis had been reported as having acted strangely weeks before the incident. However, there is no further evidence as to why he acted the way he did. Travis had transferred into the Berkeley Haas School of Business, the country’s second oldest business school, from Ohlone Community College in Fremont where he had received his associate’s degree in business. His former employer said that Travis was a former dropout with “no direction”. However, after starting work for Allied Barton Security Services, it seemed as though he wanted to turn his life around. Christopher Travis soon rose to the position of shift supervisor. He then began going back to school where he got good enough grades to transfer to UC Berkeley.

Travis then went on to start a motivational speaking company before starting business school in the fall. His mission as a former unmotivated video gamer was to “help people like you to achieve your goals in life.” Unfortunately, it seems that whatever was bothering Travis previously started to affect him again. A staff member of the school said they saw Travis on an elevator with what appeared to be a gun. After sharing this information with a colleague they called the police. The police officers tracked Travis to a computer lab where there were ten other students. He pointed a loaded Ruger 9mm semiautomatic pistol at the officers. After repeatedly ordering Travis to put the weapon down, the officers were forced to open fire due to his failure to comply. There were four students between the police and Travis but none were harmed; only Travis was fatally shot. University spokesman Dan Mogulof told reporters that there was no evidence indicating that the shooter intended to harm any students. The school let out a warning at 2:53 p.m. letting the students know a shooting had occurred at Haas and that the police had the situation under control. Nearly an hour later, the school notified everyone that the threat was no longer present, and that it was safe to resume with their normal campus activities. Berkeley then went on to

Photo courtesy of Jason Ye.

The outside of the Haas School of Business, where the incident took place on Tuesday, Nov. 15. say they would provide counseling to any students traumatized by the event. This was the first shooting on campus at UC Berkeley in almost twenty years, the last one being in 1992 when a machete wielding activist was gunned down. Between this shooting and the recent anti-Wall Street protests, Berkeley has been in a state of turmoil. Hopefully with the coming of the holidays, Berkeley can finally settle down and everyone can return to their peaceful lives.

Situation Critical “I’ll read this.” “No butter.”

Just Jab Constructive criticism is a bittersweet thing. I know perfectly well that when someone gives me “constructive criticism,” it’s really for my own benefit. Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel like I’ve done wrong. Sometimes I might even feel somewhat offended, depending on the situation. I’ve really never been the best at taking it and that’s a trait that has always been a bit of a curse to me. Taking constructive criticism usually triggers a couple of contrasting emotions. On one hand, I feel productive. It means that the opinion of someone with a perspective other than my own is judging something I’ve produced, and using their input I can make whatever’s at hand more appealing to a larger crowd. Yet, deep down inside when I’m hearing their disapproval of certain things, I’m justifying my reasons for what I did and why I did it. Hence, in all honesty I typically will not want to accept their suggestions. This said, not all criticism is bad. It actually can help us and make us stronger. Still, it is not always beneficial. In fact, in many cases, it is known to be counterproductive. Something I’ve never understood is how come so often, many people can be so critical of what people who literally don’t even affect them whatsoever do? This kind of criticism does nothing but cause unnecessary, useless drama. Then again, that is what high school is known for isn’t it? One of the great things about life is that, for the most part at least, we can express ourselves freely. What we do or don’t do is nobody’s business but our own. If I wanted to walk out of my house one day, go to a salon, and have the stylist dye my hair purple; that would be that. Here’s where it gets tricky. Just because you have the ability to do many things freely and without the consent of others, that doesn’t mean that you won’t face judgment. It doesn’t mean that I could go to school with my purple hair and nobody would react. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have a couple of people talking amongst themselves saying, “Did you see Katrina’s hair today? She should’ve never dyed it. It looks terrible!” It’s all a matter of how you deal with it. Another great thing about life; It really is up to you. You can choose to let it effect you, or you can just let it go. Sometimes though, it’s hard to let things go when criticism gets taken too far. News flash! People have feelings. Often times we put on an invincible exterior, because we’re afraid of showing others our weakness.

But the bottom line is that no matter what you do, where you do it, who you’re with; someone will judge you, and someone WILL criticize you. That’s life. Again, we all have our own opinions, and I believe it is more than okay to express that. I’m all for people standing up for what they believe in, and obviously, different people have different opinions. But that’s where my idea of opinion and criticism branch off into their own little sects. Opinions says, “Here’s what I think, and these are my reasons to back it up”. Criticism says, “I don’t like what you’re doing, personally, so I’m going to put you down for it”. Facebook is a prime example of differentiating criticism and opinion For instance. Let’s say a group of people at school make up a hand symbol. Let’s say that, hypothetically speaking of course, this hand symbol represents the phrase “one life”. The hand symbol blows up and eventually causes a lot of hype. It’s all over Facebook so clearly everyone feels the need to put in their two cents on the matter. The people who created the hand gesture are, hypothetically, being criticized for the whole ordeal. Why, though? Even if it is annoying, even if it drives you insane for whatever reason, what good does it do to hate on it? Here’s a suggestion; why don’t we all just not care! Let’s say something isn’t directly affecting someone, they just don’t like that thing and are bored so they’re still going to give it negative attention. Chances are, ladies and gentlemen, that this person is a participant in the ever increasing movement of unnecessary ridicule. It usually doesn’t end well when someone shares an “opinion” on an individual’s personal choices. So pretty much it’s a lose-lose situation. In reality they’re just spreading pessimistic criticism. Life in high school puts a lot of pressure on us, and nobody needs the added drama of things that are in actuality, no big deal. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that the fear of being criticized actually stops people from doing things that they want to do a lot of the time. We’ve all faced this situation at one point or another, I know I definitely have. It’s when you are on the verge of doing something, and second guess it because of what people might say. It’s when you primarily would do something, but you don’t even consider it because it would get a negative reaction (from people who more than likely don’t matter in your life at all). We’re not perfect, not even close. It is only natural to want to criticize something that we personally find A.) stupid, B.) annoying, C.) useless, or D.) all of the above. I sure know I’ve been guilty of it. It’s just a matter of taking the time to voice the ridicule and actually make an issue of it. What does that solve? Zip, nada, nothing. It worsens the situation on both sides of the spectrum. There are many negative things in the world, but a lot more positive. So why dwell on what bugs me, when I could be dwelling on what makes me happy? Imagine how we could change things by spreading nothing but positive vibes and taking out all the unnecessary disrespect. That’s something we could all benefit from, and there’s no denying that.

means you must do what you’ve said you are going to do, even if so jokingly. As for the punishment, tradi Think of it as a dare. A double dog tional no buttering consists of a high dare taken to the next level. Say you’re five or clenched fist...In the face. going to do something? No butter. With no butter users constantly If you’re reading this thinking, dissecting sentences and words for a “No butter...? Butter what?” you’re reason to throw in no butter, filtering about to be educated in the meanthoughts to words is an ideal tactic.  ing of this overused catchphrase.  No butter has gathered as many fans as Being a victim of no butter is usuit has adversaries. ally one’s own fault. Instead of being Often, those will come along dared, they’ve dared themselves in their who despise this phrase. They’ve probclaim to carry out an action. ably grown accustomed to The only difference is somesaying they’ll do silly things, one has to have called them and once no butter came out, and no buttered them.  along, they’ve started to For example, somelimit their habits of speech. one who tends to over ex A phrase that aggerate gets heated in an has been used over and argument and speaks out over again is bound to get loud, saying “I’m going old, especially when you’ve to kill her!”, and quick as fallen victim one too many a wit, a friend’s response times for your own sanity.  is simply, “no butter.” For those that Now if this being absolutely cannot take a does not do what they’ve joke for the life of them, you just been no buttered to might want to steer clear of do, they’re at risk of rethese fun suckers as no butceiving a hit in the face. tering a foe of this phrase Junior, Nick Mora, is may stir up some harsh a well known user of this feelings. You might find phrase. “I like no buttering Photo by Sadie Williams yourself with a punch in exaggerated stuff that’s im- Junior, Nick Mora takes “No Butter” in a literal way. the face without surrenderpossible. But my examples may ing to your no buttered cause.  not be school appropriate. It’s fun to use, But to each his own. meaningless inside joke between a small but it’s getting overused,” said Mora. Some may love the small aspect group of friends continually bagging Mora is an avid user of this on each other, became a well known of bringing in a challenge to everyday phrase, and is quick to use it whenever phrase. This phrase is typically used as conversations, and some may detest and seems fit during the day. “With school a sort of comeback, or witty remark, scorn this phrase, wishing it to be over and football, all throughout the day I in an attempt to call someone out on and done with in our modernized lingo.  use it a lot!”, and more often than not, their false claims to do something. But hey, If you can’t beat em’, join em’ Mora is the one doing the no buttering.  For the unfortunate, this Although this phrase may be Kendra Wood Staff Writer

overused, it’s got the potential to teach a small positive lesson: think twice about what you’re about to say, or you might find yourself in a no butter mess. Unless you’re a hardcore no butter user, this word game doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. Let’s pretend your friends are nice, and on the off chance that they are, a punch in the face seems a little harsh don’t you think? Bragging rights, or a never ending reminder of this chickened out dare will suffice.  What probably started out as a


The battle between private What is true vs. and public schools rages on what is a stereotype Rajashree Bhattacharya Staff Writer

You’ve heard it. “Those private school kids, they’re so rich.” Popular opinion says that students attending private schools are the wealthy, smart, and spoiled. But turn it around. What do they think of us? Stereotypes of schools have bounced back and forth between the private and public school communities for years. On one side, public schools are depicted, sometimes self-described, as “ghetto”, poor, and dangerous. Their falling state funds make for cut classes and worse teachers. Their school campuses are covered in graffiti from local street gangs, and the use of drugs is common among students. On the other hand, private school students have been viewed as “rich snobs”. And since the kids are so rich, the school is too. Students receive the best campuses, best equipment, and better qualified teachers. And they don’t appreciate it. “Many private school students don’t value property, since they can afford to replace them,” said Sabrina Noritake, a sophomore at Leigh. She added, “Not all, but I know of some like that.” So where do the facts end, and the typecasting begin? It is a fact that students of a private school must pay tuition to attend. Based on the US 2009 Census, it’s more likely for a family with high income to send their child to a private school. There are exceptions, such as low-income students attending with a scholarship or grant. But yes, on average, private school students are richer. But does that necessarily

turned on the pros of private education. “People say public schools are bad. Actually they’re more regulated in some areas that in private. Private schools may have more qualified teachers, but they may not have the ability to teach,” said Noritake. It’s true. In public schools, teachers are required to be certified, but there are no such regulations in privates. There’s a unique viewpoint on the private vs. public issue from the people who’ve attended both. “In general they have more money [at private schools]. More Mitty students drive cars than Leigh students. And everyone plays a sport there,” said senior Rayan Aoun, who attended Archbishop Mittyhis freshman and sophomore year. But we have students who drive cars and play sports at Leigh too. The thing that separates Mitty from Leigh, said Aoun, seems to be the students’ grades. Compared to the gap between high and lower grades at Leigh, there’s a bigger average group in Mitty. Based on his experience, the teaching styles at Mitty are Photo by Kylie Brown similar to those found at Leigh. Colleges do not discriminate Mitty did have a “newer campus”, but based on what school a student went to. it was the same size as Leigh’s. Mitty does offer more classes, Admission has to do with the student. Nevertheless, Archbishop Mitty such as World History AP for sophoboasts a college enrollment rate of mores and more computer classes. In the end, it seems, that pri99 percent of its students, while the California state average is 56 percent. vate schools are on average richer But, at Leigh, at least 90 per- than public, but that doesn’t mean cent of students graduate to attend they’re snobs. And though private 4- or 2-year colleges. All this proves is schools offer more classes, it isn’t that Chan was right—there’s a great true that public school students are variety in public schools. Leigh can “ghetto” or can’t make it to college. It isn’t fair to stereotype on offer enough for the way to college; in other areas of California, there the schools; private and public are are some public schools that do not. simple two different communi Additionally, the tables can be ties that look remarkably the same. mean that public schools are worse? “I think public school students have more variety than private schools. In every way conceivable,” said Brian Chan, a student at Harker High. Even if they don’t think public schools are “ghetto”, private school students do, however, feel that public schools don’t offer as much on the way to college. Chan chose to go to Harker wwHigh because of the additional classes offered there, such as the astronomy class he takes this year.

Times are changing

The People We Meet

Technology corrupting younger generations Katrina Jabbari Staff Writer Remember the sweet, simple joys of childhood? Waking up promptly on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, playing with Barbies or hot wheels, running around outside all day doing whatever your imagination created to keep you entertained. With time, comes change. This is something that is held evident in life. Unfortunately, change isn’t always for the better. The younger generations today are being born into a very technologically advanced era. We grew up when technology was used, but was not nearly as dominant and advanced as it is today, by a long-shot. Nowa-days, technology is everywhere we look. We can’t expect them to avoid it. For example, there are twice as many kids that can operate and play with a smart phone application than those who can tie their shoelaces. More 2 and 3-year-olds can play a computer game than ride a bike. Hand a 7-year-old girl an iPhone and I can almost guarantee she will be able to work it. Just the other day my cousin who’s in 3rd grade taught me how to use a setting on my Droid. Something’s not right there. This said, the younger generation’s

ence, but the chances are that it won’t matter. Kids look up to celebrities. All things considered, television can’t take all of the blame for this issue. An equally, if not more dominant part of the matter is music. What did you listen to when you were a kid? Considering we were all born in the 90’s, chances are you listened to

Photo courtesy of

The starting age for cell phone and computer ownership has gone down rapidly in the past few years.





Singers such as Katy Perry use provocative lyrics along with a racy image to get teens to buy their music. ideas of fun typically include watching TV, going to the movies, playing video games, going on the computer, and so on. The problem here is not the technology, rather, how it is being used. Approximately 74 percent of the time children ages 1-8 spend using a technological device is spent in front of the television. Popular kids’ channels these days like the Disney channel and Nickelodeon no longer show many cartoons, because that’s not what the kids want. Instead, they resort to bad acting, shallow dialogue, and poor displays of morality. I was watching my little cousin’s favorite show with her the other day, “A.N.T. Farm.” The basic story line of the episode was a couple of wellrounded, popular kids who have a problem getting rid of a not-so-popular kid who would continuously try to be friends with them. They came up with possibilities including essentially tying him to train tracks, and other creatively cruel scenarios. After each scenario was named, the “audience laughter” came on, as if this were supposed to be even remotely funny. Let me get this straight, they’re teaching kids that if someone is different, they should be victimized and bullied? It’s no wonder these kids are growing up with poor values. In the end, parents and teachers can make a differ-

objectives in life are to get rich and be sleezy. That’s sure to be a recipe for success. Not to mention the modern rap scene; what a lot of young boys are interested in. I believe that there are truly some knowledgeable rappers out there. If you look for it, you can find it, if that sort of thing inter-

good music. Kids today, on the other hand, listen primarily to mainstream pop. Why? Because they’re too busy singing along to lyrics like, “Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack!,” as sung in a robotic auto-tuned voice by the infamous Ke$ha (can’t forget the dollar sign in her name,

ests you. However, little boys, interested in underground rap with quality lyrics spreading positive messages? Oh gosh no! Why would they want to listen to that when they can be feeding their brains lyrics about cars, money, “hoes”, b*tches, the female anatomy, and anything else concerning being selfish, getting money, and degrading women; followed with some “bangin’” beats, of course. Values being replaced with superficial traits was something bound to happen with the advancement of technology. Although technology has been helpful in so many ways, the downside is that it has also been corruptive. So parents, try to save the upcoming generations while you still can, and keep your child away from any technology! It’s probably best to move to a foreign land with no technology at all, and have them play outside all day and climb trees and play with rocks and stuff. Okay that was an exaggeration. What I’m really trying to say is, we need to censor the media that the children of America see, and try to introduce them to music and other media with actual values. It definitely does exist.

Photo courtesy of AndersSteenNilsen

The show “South Park” has been criticized for corrupting youth.

it’s vital to the artist’s character). Little girls look up to these artists, which equates to them looking up to scandalous, un-classy women whose

Unless you want your child to be the next Ke$ha, that is; which would be very difficult unless they have to have a really good auto tuned voice.

Working at a restaurant definitely has its perks- the discounted meals, free ice cream, friendly servers, and great owners are just a few of them. But to be completely honest, the best part about working in a restaurant is the people I meet. Just the other week, I got a call for a to-go order. When the man came in we made small talk. He asked what school I went to and, to my surprise, he said he had graduated from Leigh in ‘73 and (Get this!) was the infamous prankster we’ve all heard of- the senior who put a teacher’s car in the pool and flooded the quad! His stories were priceless and at the end of the day, he left me inspired to come up with an epic senior prank and really make the most of the last year of high school like he did. He now sells steel-cutters and robots for a living. How cool is that? I have to say, though, that the most interesting people are some of our Hick’ry Pit regulars. First, there’s Steve. The man who sits in seat #2 at the counter once a day, every day, with a pitcher of iced tea. He has to be one of my favorite regulars. He always has something to say about his generation versus ours, and his humor is always my source of entertainment for night shifts. He leaves me with something to laugh or think about every time. There are Jack and Ed. These two come in every Sunday with some family and brighten a room with their smiles and old lingo. Good ol’ Paul commutes to the Hick’ry Pit every so often just because he’s come here for years. Back in his day, he moved his son out to England so that he would not be drafted into the Vietnam War. An influential man? I think so. But my favorite group that comes to the Hick’ry Pit is the War Brides. A group of 40-50 people come in once every month or two to have breakfast together. They’re a whole bunch of old couples (which are the cutest ever). The twist? They were all married during or after World War II and are still together today. They come in and decorate the entire back room, wear patriotic clothing, and some of the men even fit into their old uniforms and wear them ever so proudly. They are true inspirations. In fact, the shortest man who led the rest of the group was the pilot who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. How’s that for meeting someone truly interesting? If I saw any of these people on the street, though, what would I think of them? What would you think of them? They are the average man, the American family, the old couple holding hands down the street. How could anyone possibly know how unique these people really are by just looking at them? As weird as it may sound, I think about this all the time. Walking through the hallways at school, driving on the freeway, searching through a store. How do I know the little old woman next to me isn’t a Holocaust survivor? Maybe the child with that young couple is adopted. That woman, once upon a time, was a missionary in Africa. Someone next to you might have defeated cancer or be battling it now. The florist might win the lottery tomorrow. People are so unpredictable. Everyone has a different story, an experience to share, wisdom to give. They’re diverse. There’s no way of judging someone correctly just based off of appearance. We don’t know

One who? One-two!

what they’ve been through, what they’re handling right now, or the successes they’ll have in the futurewe don’t know anything about them. I hear this complaint the most frequently out of any: “I hate people.” But why? Because you haven’t taken the initiative to get to know them? That’s not their fault, it’s yours. People really do have something to give to others, but it’s up to you to become interested in them and take advantage of what they have to offer. People are so interesting and diversified, but it’s up to us to see that uniqueness. You have to take the initiative to get to know others and become genuinely interested in them. You might learn why they were a little cold-shouldered toward you when you first met, or why they come off so strongly. You can find out why they’re so opinionated on a subject and where their mind set stems from. There’s always a reason behind peoples’ thoughts and actions, where they know it or not. There’s a quote that reads, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” -Dale Carnegie And that is completely true. No one wants to hear about your problems unless you’ve been friends for years. Relationships need to start off as a two-way street. Both people need to be genuinely interested in the other. A person needs to feel listened to and appreciated in order to make new connections with new people. So take that extra step. Go the extra mile. Get to know other people. Make as many connections with as many people as you can. They might give you a little insight. They can give great advice, prove to be one of the most trustworthy people you know, tell you an inspirational story, or introduce you to another person who may change your life. We never know, and that’s one of the best things about life: The unpredictability. Reading this in class? Ask your neighbor about their weekend or their plans for Thanksgiving vacation. Reading it at home? Go talk to your neighbor and catch up for just a few minutes. If you’re in the car, ask your mom or dad to share a story about their childhood. It’s the little conversations that make big things happen in life. Ask people questions, become interested. What you find in others might just surprise you.

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AP: A Pain

You’re actually supposed to learn some- ors? Supposedly it’s just less work and thing from it. slower than AP with the same eventual “[AP classlessons. es] give the Wasn’t AP supposed to be easy? “They’re What a joke. Now you’re freaking s t u d e n t s about out over a giant writing portfolio due [the] opthe same in two days and that AP chem work- portunity as far sheet that isn’t making any sense. By to do colas difthe way, you have a quiz in APUSH to- lege level ficulty morrow on the vocabulary you learned c o u r s e work. [It] goes… last class. the AP But hey, at least it will look good gives them an opporclass of on college apps. course Is it really worth all the pressure tunity to learn what prepares and time though? y o u On countless occasions, students works for Photo by Jinny Jung for an have been told that one of the best them in AP English students diligantly prepare before a test. AP test ways to terms of study skills,” said so we do that in addition to some of catch the AP English 3 teacher Rob- the American literature stuff they do c o l l e g e s’ ert Warren. in [the] English 3 Honors class,” said attention Getting a preview Warren. is to take into college work gives stu- Honors may be just as difficult as as many dents the upper advantage. AP, but the work is usually less. And in AP courses In a study done by the Uni- the end, the work is what helps us learn as possible. versity of Texas in 2007, re- the most. Colsearchers found that there Studies show that students who leges, espewas a correlation between don’t do their homework will not see cially UCs good scores on AP exams any increase in their achievement in and CSUs, and better grades and grad- school. Meaning those who work less want to see uation from college. achieve less. Simple math. that you’ve The study also So yes, AP classes are a pain in “c h a l found that even those who the neck. Yes, they stress you out. Yes, lenged” yourself in AP’s can be a heavy load. Photo by Jinny Jung scored a two out of five on they keep you up all night. AP exams still had a bet- But in the end it’s worth it not high school. AP classes also boost your GPA ter college performance as opposed to only to seem very attractive to fouryear colleges, but because you get some because the classes are weighted. But non-AP students. Cool, you’re actually getting some- real knowledge out of it too. It’s time to taking AP classes is not just important for college admittance, which is what thing out of pulling your all-nighters “challenge” yourself. for AP English, but what about Honmost students tend to forget. Makena Volzing Staff Writer

Surviving Leigh: What Now? Brianna Houston News Editor

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Dear Readers, As the red and orange leaves drift to the ground and the brisk air chills you to the bone, we know that a whole season of breaks is just around the corner. Before you take off on whatever Turkey Day shenanigans you may have planned for this Thanksgiving Break, we would like to take care of a few orders of business. First of all, we cordially thank you for picking up and reading this edition of the Eleight. Our staff would like to issue an apology for content published in the October Edition’s In-Depth. Due to multiple difficulties, we were unable to publish one of our own stories and thus published (with all credit given) an article found in a magazine. We give our sincerest apologies to the author of the piece, Amy Spencer. We wish the best to the Leigh student body over the break. Eat, drink, and be merry!

Your Editors-in-Chief, Kylie Brown and Marissa Rodriguez

Are AP classes really as tough as they seem?

life. Or are we longing to simply get away; get away from our parents, teachers, and friends? Maybe it’s our egos. We’re that pleased with ourselves that we actually believe we’re above and better than this school, these people, even our friends.

Books. Classes. Teachers and every rule made to take away from the enjoyment of our adolescence. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect students. But, the administration accidently added an extra ingredient to the concoction… CHEMICAL X. Thus, Senioritis was born, using its ultra-contagious powers to attack the student population. The virus has been successful and has not only affected the senior class alone, but has spread to the other three younger generations (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) as well. Everyone in high school, at one point or another, has stated words along the lines of “I have to get out of Graduation is only the beginning... Photo by Anna Schwarz here”. We have been told that life after Or in fact, it’s that we really are high school, whether it’s in college or mature enough and actually ready to not, is better than high school. leave the nest. Everyone falls into a dif It’s as if it is a new beginning; re- ferent category, but whatever the reabirth into a new life. It really is your son, bottom line is, we feel like any life, time to shine, to make something of other than the one we’re living, will be yourself. To literally do whatever it is better. you want to do with the rest of your At the end of every school year, life. the newspaper features an in-depth Is this freedom what we’ve been page of a map of the U.S. and shows longing for the whole time? where students will be attending the In high school you have parents, next fall. teachers, and possibly friends who are The majority of not only Leigh telling you “no” and holding you back students, but most students in the area from all the freedoms you could poten- attend local community colleges. West tially attain and enjoy now and later in Valley is also known as “Leigh 2.0”.

Now, is this a compliment or an insult? “I go to De Anza and although the party life isn’t as crackin’ as moving away from home, you realize who your real friends are,” said former LHS student Veronica Covdy. Is the “party life” the main concern? It’s definitely a determining factor that can make or break your experience. “Life outside of high school is sick. You don’t have to worry about all the drama. College, so far, is pretty easy and the freedom you have makes every day feel like a weekend. Also your true friends stick by your side,” said Larry Donald, another former LHS student. Although both these former Leigh students attend the same college, they’re both experiencing contrasting lifestyles. It’s true; high school is filled with unnecessary drama and fake friends. So, is life after high school really that much better? It should be clear, I think it’s safe to say that life after high school really is better wherever you go. After graduation we take our first steps into the real world. Welcome to freedom ladies and gentlemen, leaving our old life behind us. Senioritis is a blessing in disguise. While at first you become lazy, less successful, less willing, unreliable, irresponsible, etc., the virus actually sparks your willingness to get good grades and finish well to get into a good college so you can leave. Supposedly high school’s the best years of your life…WRONG! Ya’ll are living a fantasy, real life begins as soon as you walk across that stage decked out in that tacky shiny green cap and gown.

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I See The Light!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” –Marianne Williamson The first time I ever heard that quote was a few years ago in the movie “Akeelah and the Bee”. In the scene, the main character Akeelah is about to give up on making it to the National Spelling Bee when her mentor tells her to read the quotation that’s on his wall. Some inspiring music plays dramatically in the background as Akeelah recites the quote until finally her mentor asks: “So what does that mean?” Akeelah turns around and says, “That I shouldn’t be afraid…of me.” I never really got how the quote implied to not fear yourself, nor did I understand what fearing yourself even meant. But I liked the quote. I memorized it and could even recite it on the spot. For years, I carried that around with me in my mind, but still never fully comprehended it. Well guess what kids-I finally figured it out. Plain and simple, to fear ourselves means to cower away from our own potential. It’s the unfortunate act of hiding all we have to offer the world because we feel we have no right to be great. We constantly are questioning, “Who am I to be this or that?” Well, who are we not to be? Junior year got off to a rough start for me. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Well, not everything, but a lot of hell broke loose, that’s for sure. I’ll spare you the sappy details, but basically my self-esteem hit one of its all-time lows. And the biggest question I asked myself was: “Who am I?” I am aware of how cliché this sounds. I know I am most certainly not the first person in high school to question who I am. High school is basically just one big watering hole where we spend our time enduring the grueling and mentally exhausting process of self-discovery. This is far from revolutionary. We are bombarded with the media, peers, family, talents, and grades attempting to define who we are. And we’ve simply allowed these things to guide us because we are too afraid to see that we are anything deeper than our looks and abilities. This is not to say that possessing talent and ability is insignificant. They do play a role in leading our journeys in life. The sad part, however, is that our talents are limited by allowing others to estimate our capability. We are only as great as how great others say we are, right? Maybe

this is so, however, because we only strive to reach the minimal bar set by others. If we really want be great, then we have to quit letting others set the standard for us. Because then we can measure our best against ourselves. Now would be the typical moment to spout out some inspiration pep talks about “being yourself ” and “accepting yourself ”, but I know better than anybody that it’s not that simple. How can we accept ourselves when we don’t even truly know who we are? But just because we don’t know who we are in our entirety doesn’t mean we can use that as an excuse to avoid the progression of selfacceptance. We do know ourselves a little bit at this point. We have gone through pretty minimal life experience, but even that has allowed us to slowly realize what makes us tick. We aren’t experts on ourselves, but we will always keep learning as life charges on. Basically what I am getting at is that if we want to achieve greatness, we must learn to accept who we are. But we skip a very key step and forget to wonder who we are in the first place. Yet, we skip this step because we are scared of being anything other than what we are told we must to be. How dare we challenge that limitation of greatness? I know I went through many different attempts to find who I am, and paradoxically, my “failed” identities have just revealed more and more about me. I was a self-proclaimed “Jesus freak” throughout my freshman year and am still teased about being a “Bible beater”. I thought maybe I could be a star soccer goalie like my mom was, but that never ended up happening due to two shoulder dislocations. Or I could even be a national champion swimmer like my dad. I wasn’t a bad JV swimmer for Leigh, but athletics are not my calling. What about a super great singer? I took four years of singing lessons, but I know in my heart I will probably never be more than a cheery shower singer. Someone mentioned how eloquently I write, and I’ve always loved to write. Maybe I was a born writer. Perhaps a great actress or debater? Shyness has never been a trait I possessed. A public speaker…I never shut up. Definitely a therapist. I kind of already am one anyways. I thought I could maybe be a tall, thin gorgeous model. Guess I was just destined to be 5’4”, so that’s crushed right there. I tried all these things with one goal in mind: anything I chose to be I had to be perfect at it. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Or quite a lot. Ask anyone of my friends, I am a tad ridiculous with how organized I am. If you happen to invite me over to your house and you need your laundry folded, I would be more than glad to do it for you. On my desk in class, all my papers and binders and pencils must be perfectly aligned. My friends (especially in AP English…*cough* Savannah and Sabrina *cough*) mess with me and shift my things so I will readjust them again. But why do I do it? Because I want everything to stay within the lines. No boundaries can be crossed or there are consequences—imperfection. This doesn’t just apply to my neatness, but to my own potential. But now I’m starting to realize that if I never believe in my own greatness, I will never achieve it. I don’t know who exactly I am or how great I actually can be, but I know one thing: I have a purpose and I am so much more than what society and others tell me I can be. I am Makena Volzing. And who are you?

Young bucks makin’ big bucks

only just started establishing himself bakes delicious cupcakes for charitable in a world over-saturated with bland events. All profits go to the charity and fashion. Macias hopes that his unique their calender for where to find them Winter is just around the corner. designs will set him apart from the can be found on their website, Maybe you are starting to crave a sweet brands that are mainstream and unin- treat or some new threads. There are an spired. This approach has worked well “It started with a woman at my endless amount of cafes and boutiques for him, already receiving orders from church, Sammi, and we [Hardester to get these, but some are actually be- out of the country. and friends] helped raise money for a ing provided by students To find charity that helps people with cystic fiPhoto courtesy of at Leigh. out more brosis.” Hardester started the business Junior Diego Macias about Ver- with friends Christin Janicki and Anna grew tired of seeing the susAll or its Pyzel as just a simple hobby to help out same clothes everywhere creator, Di- those in need. The cupcakes are sold in he went, so he decided to ego Macias, a “bakesale” fashion and all proceeds make his own. Creator of visit his blog go to the charity they are helping. VersusAll, Macias has esVersusAll. Hardester says this is just a hobby tablished himself through T u m b l r . at the moment and doesn’t see it turnhis blog and is currently com and to ing into a career of making delicious selling his designs on his purchase his sweets. Her only goal right now is to own website. clothes visit help those less fortunate as much as she “I’ve always wanted An original t-shirt by Diego Macias, as VersusAll. can. It is great to see a student contribto create my own clothing shown on the brand’s website. b i g c a r t e l . ute so selflessly to these great causes. line; I saw an opportucom. But Hardester still has time for school nity and people told me hurry, once and friends while running the cupcake to make some [shirts] and sell them. his designs release, they tend to sell out business. She hopes that more orders So I made a little bit, then made some within a few days. come in so that she can raise awareness more, and that’s how it all happened,” With Thanksgiving coming up, for her business and the charities that said Macias. the time to start feasting on all sorts of they help. The clothes Macias is talking delicious food is right around the cor- “I’ve been busier and it’s cool that about are known as pockI have my own business,” said Hardet T’s, shirts with pockets ester. on the front. The main To contact Cupcakes by Claire draw to his shirts are the or find out more information, visit fact that the designs on their website. There you can find out the pocket are so unique. some of the charities they help and He uses animal prints how to bring awareness to a charity hand sewn to the shirts you might have in mind. Hardester to give his shirts a unique says there should be a Facebook page look that is hard to miss. up soon to help spread the word “They’re all original about her inspirational cupcake designs, no one influenced business so keep a look out. me.” Macias says that this Photo by Anna Schwarz Whether it’s charitable baked is just a hobby now, but if Pyzel, Hardester, and Janicki sporting Cupcakes by Claire apparel. goods or an entire brand of clothany chance to turn it into ing, it’s amazing to see what students a brand comes up he will can do while also juggling school, a pursue it. ner. But instead of choosing to enjoy social life, and work. Not many people His life has not changed much, the seasonal indulgences herself, one can call themselves an entrepreneur, except it is much busier due to an in- student is using sweet treats to raise especially at such a young age. Macrease in demand for his products. Ma- money for those less fortunate. cias and Hardester’s businesses, while cias also hinted at an upcoming sweat- Senior Claire Hardester has her different, show how much people can shirt line for winter. own cupcake business. Cupcakes By accomplish at such a young age and is The young entrepreneur has Claire is a charitable company that inspiring to say the least. Nathan Keenan Staff Writer

Black Friday: Alassandra Marquez Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. One of the most important days of the year for retailers, it is the time when people leave their houses in the middle of the night and go shopping. The infamous Black Friday is coming up for another round of push and shove. On Nov. 25, get ready to face the crowds. Black Friday is known for two things: the discounts on items in high demand and the serious injuries that are sustained during the rush to buy. But, the history of this nation-wide event is mysterious to most people. The “Black” in Black Friday comes from an old accounting trait. When working, accountants would mark the negative numbers in red and positive numbers in black; this day of annual sales represents retailers going from negative money (red) to positive money (black). It is always on Friday because it is the beginning of gift shopping and Thanksgiving is always on Thursday. What’s the big commotion? The sales. The appeal of Black Friday is that it is cost-friendly. “The best part of Black Friday is shopping with my mom and getting some good deals for the things I want,” said sophomore Samantha Gayer. Many people want to buy quality items

Dirty discounts & dangerous deals

at an inexpensive price and a large handful of those people will do anything to get it, such as wrestle strangers at Wal-Mart. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, the holiday stress is hard on a number of the population that cannot afford to lavish. “There are some good deals but it is always very crowded, even at 5 a.m.,

According to, in 2005, a woman was paralyzed from a stampede in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Also, in 2008, at a Long Island WalMart, an employee was trampled by approximately 20,000 eager shoppers and pronounced dead an hour later. At the same time, the onslaught of people assailed an eight-month pregnant woman and her unborn child was miscarried. Aside from these unprecedented traumas, numerous injuries have been reported as well. “In my experience, I have seen a few minor injuries… We have planned to hire about 60 security guards for the occasion this year, to watch the outside crowds and the register lines,” said Lisa, assistant manager at Wal-Mart in Mountain View. Before you make Photo by Anna Schwarz the decision to participate so you do get pushed around a lot... in this nation-wide event, consider it can get very chaotic,” said Gayer. this: is the $100 TV worth the po The pros and cons of Black Friday tential $100,000 in medical bills? are 1-1. Although the prices are a steal, If you choose not to venture out into the the dangers that come along are not so night escapades but still want to shop, desirable. There have been cases in the believe it or not there is Cyber Monpast of serious injuries, even deaths, day. The Monday after Black Friday is which were the result of chaotic mobs. a day for online shoppers to seize the “It’s crazy, there are so many best deals. It’s the same pocket-saving people and it’s hard to get around, deals at the comfort of your own home! Do not dread visiting retail stores like bumper cars but with shopping carts,” said Sheina, a sales associate on the days following Thanksgiving, for Wal-Mart in Mountain View who but if you do choose to go, be aware of preferred not to share a last name. your surroundings for a safe experience.

College Hunting: What to look for on your tour Legos, Lawn chairs, and Lunatics what you liked and didn’t like about the campus; these notes will help you later on when you’re deciding on which colleges to apply to. It’s that time of the year again: Why not have a meal in college applications. And the dining hall? As strange college applications come as it sounds, the dining hall with college tours, as you is quite important. Observe begin to seriously consider how people socialize with your educational future. But each other – are they even what are you supposed to socializing? Do students and know? There’s a plethora of faculty eat together? Could information out there – too you stand the food for the much, in fact. It gets confusnext four years? ing for a prospective college One last reminder – don’t student. What should you try to overload yourself with focus on? college tours. You will only A college tour will play be cheating yourself out of a huge role when it’s time the opportunity to get a nice, to select colleges. However, Photo by Brianna Houston well-rounded impression of tours won’t really help if you don’t take advantage of them. The residential college at The University of Mississippi. the campuses. If you rush or After all, these are going to be the cam- to just the official campus tours; rather, skim over campuses, you’ll only get puses you’ll spend your next four years broaden your perspective of the cam- the impressions glossy brochures and formal websites want you to have. at. You wouldn’t want to let a poor tour pus. Talk to students; they can pro- College is about indepenmake you stay at a campus you hate. There are a few key things to do vide a much more personal image of dence, learning to become an adult, the college, beside the more polished meeting new people. So make sure you while attending a campus tour. First, sit in on some of the classes impression your campus tour guide pick the right college – good campus tours will definitely help. in your major. This will help you de- will give you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. cide whether the classes are right for you – for example, you can see if the Take notes and pictures! Write down Jinny Jung Staff Writer

professor suits you, if the classes aren’t too big or small, or if the classes aren’t too easy or challenging. Explore! Don’t restrict your visit

Teacher spotlight: Leigh’s three to see Sunna Thorkelsdottir Staff Writer Teachers have a huge impact on student success in school. These three are some of Leigh’s favorites!

about him: “Despite the fact that we disagree, he’s one of my favorite people on campus, because he feels so strongly about things. I think that’s important.” Von Rassler has been teaching history for 17 years, and he currently teaches World History Honors and the infamous ‘APUSH’, or Advanced Placement U.S. History. His method of teaching involves endless amounts of terms, lectures, and of course, his animated impressions. “He had a great Hitler impres-

Mora claims his strong opinions and impressive vocabulary terms make learning the material significantly easier. “I’m probably the best teacher at Leigh. No, that sounds wrong- take out the ‘probably,’” said Von Rassler. Von Rassler spends time with his family when he’s not teaching. He has two children, one of whom is junior Tatiana Von Rassler. Tatiana describes her dad as “distracted, sarcastic, [and] funny.”

Mr. White: Room 55 is crowded and loud during Mike White’s tutorial period. He’s talking enthusiastically to a student, whether it be about English or something completely random. His desk is organized, with a few papers, a black turn-in tray, and a coffee mug. M r s . “I go to Wa rk e n Starbucks evtin: ery day and get Chema coffee and istry teacheither a pumper Leslie kin scone or Wa r k e n a glazed oldtin, on fashioned dothe other nut,” White h a n d , said. “Wow, claims when I de“I don’t scribe a day do anyin my life, it thing but sounds pretty school… mundane.” [Except] How on B days ever, White is I get to anything but walk on mundane. An my elliptiEnglish teachcal in the er of 20 years, morning.” White keeps Wa r k e n his freshmen tin doesn’t Photo by Jinny Jung and seniors The three to see: Mr. White, Mr. Von Rassler, and Mrs. Warkentin. teach 5th engaged in the class as he projects his sion! He would turn bright red [when period on B days, and instead holds tuown love for literature. he did it],” recalled Leigh alumni Lind- torial after school. However, she does “I realized I wanted to teach say Lowe, who graduated in 2005. enjoy going to Sharks games when she when I read ‘Catcher in the Rye’. The Von Rassler is famous for his has the time. main character…keeps having this loud, German Hitler impressions, Warkentin often likes to start off dream where he’s standing in a field complete with flying arms and ges- the year with a bang for her students. of rye with this crazy cliff, and there’s tures. His most commonly remem- “She set her hand on fire!” said sophoall these kids running around, and [he bered and referenced speech is part more Courtney Reno. “She is really has] to stand on the edge to keep all the of a lesson in propaganda, and how good at connecting with her students… kids from falling off. When I read that, Hitler could capture a whole crowd of and she always has me entertained with I had an epiphany,” said White. people without even saying anything what she’s teaching!” White claims that everyone on meaningful, just by saying it loudly Room 48 is almost always filled Earth is unique, but not everyone em- and moving his arms. to the brim with students coming to braces their uniqueness, and he hopes On a typical day, Von Rassler get help with concepts, turn in work, he can inspire his students to embrace says, “I get here at tutorial, hardly or retake tests. However, Warkentin retheirs. anyone shows up, so I cry… [then] mains calm throughout it all. “[I startthe bell rings, and I stare at the class ed teaching] because my kids hated Mr. Von Rassler: for about 15 minutes.” His classroom school, and I hated that… I thought I “I’m a pain in the arse, yes. But during tutorial is indeed surprisingly could do it,” she said. unique, no,” said history teacher Frank empty, especially since his class is When asked whether she considVon Rassler. Von Rassler is the type of widely considered one of the more dif- ers herself unique, Warkentin seemed man that everyone respects. ficult courses. baffled. “I don’t know anybody but Even White, Von Rassler’s long- However, no one can say they me!” she said, laughing. “I think it goes standing political rival, said nice things don’t learn from him; junior Nick with teaching chemistry.”

Mind over


Can you guess what washed up on the shore of Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida on Nov. 4? If you answered this question with “a gigantic and slightly disturbing Lego man sculpture,” then come find me while I am in AP lunch and one of three rewards listed below will be available to you: one free massage pass FROM ME, an NSYNC CD signed by Justin Timberlake himself (I don’t know if it’s real or not), or a stick of gum. Can you guess what happened after the 100-pound, 8-foot fiberglass Lego man made his debut on the shores of Sarasota, Florida? If you guessed that A) Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight and his crew of policemen would spoil all the fun and arrest the cute Lego man and place him in custody for 3-months, then you should: GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL ASAP AND BECOME A PALM READER OR PSYCHIC. During the Lego man’s time in custody, authorities will try to determine who the owner is, or where this bizarre yet majestic sculpture came from. Truly, I don’t know what is creepier: people requesting to be your friend from other continents on Facebook, or discovering a human-like Lego sculpture lying in the sand during a pleasant stroll on the beach with your boo. Even though the Lego sculpture showed up without an invitation to the beach and might have frightened local passerby, I do not think that it was right for the police to come in and strip the Lego sculpture of, possibly, its only relaxing day of sunbathing, sand-castles, and fame. Besides, don’t the police have to take care of homicides, drug deals, and armed robberies all before their morning doughnut anyway? For all we know, the Lego sculpture may have not been getting the attention it deserved at a Legoland theme park, which led him to swim (or float?) the seas of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of a new and more promising home. Perhaps the Lego sculpture is some sort of cryptic message sent from the gods, or maybe even a peace treaty from one of the many foreign nations with which we are currently having issues. Truth is (and no you don’t need to like my status) I don’t really care how it got there; all I know is that it is A) HeLLa SIcK, and B) time for my next story. On a scale of 1 to Ryan Gosling, how attracted would you be to a man who flies a specially rigged lawn chair supported by more than 150 helium-filled party balloons for

over 235 miles at a time? If a man with an appetite for danger, balloons, and lawn chairs appeals to you, Kent Couch from Bend, Oregon is your guy. Kent Couch is most notably known for flying one of his special lawn chairs attached with over 200 humongous party balloons from a gas station in Bend, Oregon to a small farm in Wyoming, a trip that spans over a remarkable 335 miles. Now, this attractive, young, scandalous, and innovative man (with a MySpace) is at it again with the help of an Iraqi daredevil, Fareed Lafta, who invited Couch to Dubai, India where they would begin their 400 mile journey to Lafta’s homeland of Iraq. Couch is planning on rigging 300 party balloons to lift the two men sitting in a pair of lawn chairs for an overnight flight of 400 miles at 25,000 feet, which will require oxygen masks. Firstly, I want to start off by saying that this is the coolest thing I have seen since the time Lady Gaga rolled up to the 2010 Video Music Awards and showed us all what the true definition of swagger is: a dress made out of meat. Secondly, not only is this an extraordinarily original and innovative task, but also the first time in 10 years that an American has been peacefully involved with an Iraqi citizen in an attempt to show that, in my opinion, if flying a lawn chair 25,000 feet in the air is possible, maintaining a friendly and cooperative relationship with Iraq can certainly be accomplished. Kent Couch has truly left the tracks of his footprints on the pathways of my heart, which is why I have currently been blowing up Couch’s news feed on Facebook, making him my number one top friend on MySpace, and spamming his e-mail with moderately creepy fan mail. What can I say? When it rains, it pours. Couch has shown me that, even in the midst of the chaos and fighting over in Iraq, friendship and love can shine through even in the darkest and most hopeless of places. Although flying a lawn chair into Iraqi territory may not seem relevant during a time of continual fear and violence that the Iraqi civilians are forced to live in every day, it actually is. To me, this neighborly relationship between Kent Couch and Fareed Lafta is one small step toward forgiveness and amnesty between both the United States and Iraq. Truly, Kent Couch gave sweet and precious life to the phrase “Mind over Matter” in his determination to reach out to an average citizen whose nation is affected with turmoil and violence that seems endless to both our troops, our government, the Iraqi government, and Iraqi citizens. I am confident that the government is working on a solution to ensure the best possible outcome for both Iraq and its surrounding nations; as well as working to bring the dads, moms, boyfriends, girlfriends, sons, cousins, friends, uncles, and aunts home to their loved ones one last time to stay.

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Meatballs of Death


La Villa presents a monsterous meatball sub not for the faint of heart Adam Soret Staff Writer Blayke Leach Entertainment Editor Do you like saucy Italian meat balls all up in your grill? Well take your short shorts to the dry cleaners because we’ve got the story for you! All was well in the land of the longhorn. My warriors and I were knee high in gold digging tavern wenches. Life was good. As we were sitting at the banquet table in the mead hall, Iron Belly Adam Soret opened the roof hatch to let the cool November air dance through. Then suddenly, as if one with the breeze, an image of a fair, luminescent, maiden, scantily clad in marinara and crying what appeared to be chunks of garlic, emerged from the open hatch. “An medicine olc a chur ar a curse ar dom, ag casadh mé isteach iceapaire meatball. Aimsigh dom agus cabhrú le do thoil!” frantically exclaimed the beautiful dame. Not only was I thoroughly confused, but by the faces of my colleagues, I could tell I was not the only one. Nathan Keenan, the Duke of Haven, was the only one who understood that this maiden was put under a curse and kindly offered to lead us to the damsel in distress.

So we packed our satchels, loaded the gondolas, and went on our merry way. We had to travel through the fog, though a faint sound of Celtic music could be heard and once we followed it, we arrived at La Villa Delicatesssen. But the maiden was no where to be found. All that was to be seen was four carefully placed meatball sandwiches on the tables nearby. We looked around and though we did not know how we arrived at this place, we knew that fate had summoned us here. The room was stark empty and we could not find the source of photo by Sadie Williams the music. Little Piglet photos by Sadie William Andrew, ever hungry, and ever thinking with his nose, curiously snorted at the sandwiches he realized that they were the source of the tunes. Keenan’s skills of deduction, acquired from years of training, hypothesized that the maiden who had appeared before them was somehow connected to the sandwiches and that it was her who had led them there.

“Hark! We shall eat these sandwiches,” said the Duke, grinning because he believed that the maiden had left them for the weary travelers. And so the warriors sat down, and were ready to feast when Soret offered up a challenge. “Let us make a game out of this. These sandwiches are quite mighty, possibly too mighty for just one man to take on by themselves. So let us try, and see who, if any of us, can finish every last morsel!” And so the challenge began, as each competitor took to their own strategies to win. The sub, which turned out to be a two pound feast of two quarter loafs of garlic cheese bread hugging four meatballs cut in half. Each meatball weighed about a quarter of a pound each and was drenched in meaty marinara sauce. Not knowing how to approach this monstrosity, every competitor picked it up as a whole and tried to eat it just like any other

sub. That is except for Keenan, who daintily ate the meatballs separately with a knife and fork that he pulled from within his tunic. After several minutes of failing to create a dent in the sandwich, Soret and I finally gave in and pulled out utensils for ourselves to match Keenan’s winning method. The Little Piglet, though, could not keep up and Van Brunt quickly found himself out of the race. I contemplated and soon took to a strategy that included nearly choking on the soggy, saucy bread and before even thinking about the mush that was the meatballs. Soret did the exact opposite and strictly ate the marinara balls and refrained from

moving on to the garlic bread until absolutely necessary. While this was going on, the Duke Keenan found he could not continue and opted out of

the competition due to a sore tummy. As the challenge went on my approach seemed to be my demise as I left the deadly meatballs for last with nothing to wash the taste down, while Soret got the worst over with and toughed out the bread, closing out the competition. I slowed to a stop as all I could do was watch as Iron Belly proved his namesake and mustered out a win. He screamed in delight and stretched his sore being. All of a sudden, a sound of Celtic music rumbled from our bellies and grew louder and louder. A bright flash took over us and we were blinded by the light. When we recovered our sight, a beautiful woman stood before us, covered in the same sauce we just devoured and smelling strongly of garlic. This lady, the maiden, was the sandwich eaten by our very own Soret, and the curse was broken the moment he finished his challenge. The damsel planted a sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek of her savior and disappeared before our very eyes. As we left La Villa, our bellies were full and our minds were off in better places. Only one thing was left to question: what evil mistress puts a meatball curse on such a lovely lady? If only the competitors knew what awaited them …in the next edition of The Eleight.

Student Musician To Bieb or not to Bieb Is the wide-spread “Bieber fever” catchy or killer? Spotlight: Connor Bengston Katherine MacQuarrie Staff Writer Justin Bieber. You either like him or you don’t. If you like him, you LOVE him. If you don’t, it’s quite the opposite. With over 35 million fans, this 17 year old, purple lovin’ Canadian is a tween girl sensation. Girls scream for him, sing for him, cry for him, and fantasize about him daily. These girls, and sometimes boys, have what you call “the Bieber Fever”. The Bieber Fever is dangerous, it’s long lasting, highly contagious, and there’s no such thing as a mild case. The symptoms of the illness aren’t hard to miss. Those infected might be wearing a concert t-shirt or other Bieber paraphernalia. Often their ringtone will be one of Justin’s songs, they wear the glasses without lenses, tight purple pants, flip their hair excessively, and are usually if not always humming a Bieber beat to themselves. If you don’t see it in their eyes then ask to see their phone, if they have the fever their background will be of JB in some sort of uncomfortable looking position, staring longingly off frame. A true fan will also own the DVD, the book, and at least two posters. They will have pet names for him and a strong dislike for Selena Gomez. I mean, seriously, girls go wild for him. And when I say wild I mean wild. If one ever dares to get in an argument with a Bieber lover about how cool Justin Bieber really is, they have

another thing coming. These girls will fight to the death for their sweet, sweet Justin. They will insult you, belittle you, and ultimately tear you apart for even suggesting that he might not be all that special. “You’re just jealous you can’t get all the ladies like he does”, “take notes, clearly girls are more attracted to him than they are to you.”, and even “Justin Bieber gets more in a day then you

have in your whole life.” Though probably true, the fever victims will be the only ones cruel enough to point it out. This leads me to the counter part. The Bieber haters. There aren’t many who can say they just don’t like him that much, they HATE him. They hate his music and his voice. They hate his style, his face, his inspired hair-do, and anything he has to say about anything. They get literally nauseous at the sound of one of his hits or the screaming of a fan. And a Bieber hater is simply that, a hater. What they do best is hate. On

all he’s about and all he stands for. They can be most often spotted saying something along the lines of “He looks and sounds like a little girl,” or “His voice won’t be so sweet once he hits puberty!” They are also constantly questioning his sexuality and the size of his prize. No one really knows why these haters hate so much, just that they do, and they always will. But what is it that makes these two groups so violently determined about their love or hate for Justin Bieber? I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I loved him passionately for a good amount of time, and I hated him just as passionately for a while in my attempts to get over him. And, well, I decided that this clash of emotions can be simply solved. Everyone needs to come to an understanding. For all you haters, Justin Bieber is better looking than you and makes catchy music that makes him a lot of money that naturally brings all the girls to the yard. Don’t hate him for being who you wish you were. Applaud him for that. You don’t need to love him, but don’t hate him. For all you lovers, his music is only decent, and if any already pretty good looking guy was really good at playing every instrument, had a flawless and sexy voice, and sang songs about being hopelessly in love at 17 years old, you would be just as attracted to him. You don’t have to hate him, but try not to love him. It’s only hurting you. Also, Selena is hotter and richer than you will ever be and Justin is only using you to make money.

Nikita Zakladnyi Staff Writer Inspired by music itself and the beauty of the concept surrounding it, senior Connor Bengston has been mastering his musical abilities for 6 years. The drum kit was Bengston’s first instrument, and the instrument that ultimately led him to fall in love with the world of music. Being his passion for 6 years, Bengston prefers to play hardcore and metal music on the drums. Bengston prefers to play the drums spontaneously and let his body and soul take control rather than thinking about. Even t h o u g h he plays it casually, Bengston also holds proficiency in the guitar. Despite it not being his preferred instrument, he has been playing it on and off for 3 years. Contrary to his playing style when he drums, Bengston performs folk songs when he plays the guitar. Bengston’s current focus is producing progressive-house music. Bengston composes and masters his work every day. Working under the

title “Yellohead” Bengston has a number of songs uploaded to the internet. “My hair is yellow and therefore my name is Yellohead.” said Bengston. One of the rewards of composing for Bengston is self-satisfaction, being able to look at something he made and be proud of it. Bengston envisions himself producing music all his life, where his passion for the arts will take him is a future that the fates will decide. “I’d like to be famous, but how com-

photo by Sadie William

mon is that? I guess I’d like to just keep doing what I’m doing,” said Bengston. If Bengston were to choose, then he would want to become a producer, studio manager, or a recording artist, and record drums for other musicians. Some of Bengston’s influences include Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Vehemence, and Led Zeppelin. To listen to some of Bengston’s songs, search for Yellohead on the music sharing website

“Long Live the King” by The Decemberists

in meaning to the first song which is interesting because it’s almost like the album is creating a sandwich of music. Emily Ransom To add to that, the fourth song Staff Writer happens to be similar in style as the second song, titled “I 4 U & U 4 Me”. It has a country-like feel to it, just as the On Oct. 28, 2011, the folk second song had. This song is one of rock/indie band The Decemberists the best on the once again satisfied fans with their album and has new album “Long Live The King”. a very catchy For those of you who do rhythm. The not know who The Decemberists lyrics contain are, they are a music group from a repeating Portland, Oregon which consists verse that says of five band members: four males, “That I for one female: Colin Meloy, Chris you and you Funk, Nate Query, John Moen, were made for and Jenny Conlee. Some of their me”. Which more well known songs are titled personally, is “Down by the Water” and “This is a very cute Why We Fight”, both of which are little phrase. found on their album, The King T h e is Dead, released Jan. 14, 2011. following song The reason why the Deis a remake of cemberists music is so refresha song released ing to listen to is mainly because in 1973 by of the poetic lyrics of every song. the Grateful Each carries such meaning and Dead on their substance, which is lacking in album Wake much of the popular music today. Photo courtesy of of the Flood. This past month they released Maddy irsch is titled “Row Jimmy”. The TheKsong their EP- Long song really is a greatirsong i- and though, Live the King, iustisim l the Grateful Dead’s version is and alis t. T ra p which consists uat best, the Decembert sci willliqbe the e uways re o b of six songs. unt lo im adgood job on ustisdid Sists ullait. They added The first song on ugiat, v a s li aown their touch to it, r it, and made it e v g the EP is titled nos au a raessitwhich e u their own is great g lit because it ree u a i u “E. Watson”. The id bla facthe qui within isof the album. ally rest m fits u q su li e premise of the encortio o last d io is is the best The and final song st u o q n tire song is basicallor se dit voSaving d album. ru is best for last on the the n st e o h n ly about the naron u feum nIt isliqmore am akin to the u ulla fe“Sonnet”. ncame: e rator of the song odiam music. atum It is lightt, comm o past aDecemberists burying a man st duisbrassoinstrumentals ro e tu e hearted and contains is u q named Edgar Watnit n ssectem ending ugaitalbum with athe lit erat,lyrics, ebetween son in his grave. unt nos dfeel. m u e h a triumphal Personally, borer this song tinib The harmonizing am, volo rit on eup v ie will end the “Most rt a m , Played” lo do that the Decemelenim n viPod. comy re playlist of lo t si berists are known elis adit Photo by Guus Krol quipit v erosfor is present in this augait, v song, which really helps begin this al- named Davy that wasn’t very nwell um verit liquisi et bum with a familiar feel for these artists. liked. The lyrics say, “Mother wepttionodit elisse ve quavolorem Next is a song titled “Forgone”, tears. His brother grew unruly. Mother laore min lore tem zzo which begins with more of a country- wept no tears. At burying Davy. tuAt m ecte d nim odionum burying Davy.” Throughout the song, dlike beginning, which sets the mood rit ad ero molo rerosto o is n ullutetue t n for swaying back and forth. It is a the vocalist repeats the phrase “burys dolupta ut veli t u lis lp u n ing Davy”. This song really is similarlor summy e min e o essis adip sectem qi te ia d o lput ilis dolumm venim vu os exer nis dolore etummyOboremN hIm enib ore el in eC is ex ea autatin h Developed by EA Digital Illusions CE eril sc lo of weapons. do bor inissiin the arsenal sim riety facilis ad es ra laBattlefield p t it U n t. a However, 3 differs from exerit orer sum b lo o v im is u Modern Warfare 3 in that it includes q e aess bullet drop, which means that bullets slowly fall as they travel towards their target. This small detail adds slightly Developed by Infinity Ward more realism to the game. When the health regeneration development and the plot feels like it was built around the stages, rather than systems are compared, Battlefield 3 Michael Rea comes out on top. In Modern Warfare the other way around. Staff Writer The multiplayer portion of Battle- 3, damage is approximated by the field 3 appears to stay true to previous amount of blood on the screen, and players regenerate with There are several common dein seconds. In Battlefield bates among gamers, especially when 3, players have similar it comes to comparing different video health levels, displayed games. To contribute to this neveras a percentage in the ending war, fans feud between the corner of the screen. games Battlefield 3, developed by EA The fact that Digital Illusions CE and released on health in Battlefield 3 Oct. 25, and Modern Warfare 3, develtakes more than a minoped primarily by Infinity Ward and ute to refill gives attackreleased on Nov. 8. ing enemies a chance to While both games are quite simifinish wounded players lar to start with, I realized immediately off while also providing that the graphics of Battlefield 3 were the opportunity to help indeed superior to Modern Warfare 3. wounded teammates by However, although graphics are nice, deploying health packs, they do not make the game, and the Call of Duty screenshot. Photo by Michael Rea amount of detail within Battlefield 3 installments, including large maps and which speeds the regeneration process. Although Battlefield 3 has vehiforces Xbox 360 owners to use separate incredibly satisfying scenery destruc- disks for campaign and multiplayer. tion. There are different classes with cles such as tanks and aircraft, they can As I played through the cam- skills, such as vehicle repair or player easily obliterate ground forces. Because paigns for both games, I realized that revival, that encourage teamwork. Ac- counters like AA guns and flares are they are short and lack any real inno- cordingly, the teamwork prevalent in often ineffective due to their limited vation or qualities that separate them Battlefield 3 is refreshing when com- range and the ability for vehicles to refrom previous games. However, when pared to the lone-man style game play generate, the vehicles are overpowered and take away from the overall expericompared to Modern Warfare 3, Battle- within Modern Warfare 3. field 3 has significantly less character Both games have a balanced va- ence. more lighthearted song that contrasts with the first song that had quite depressing lyrics. The balance of the album is already showing at this point. The third song on the album is titled “Burying Davy” which is yet another song about burying someone. The song is about burying a man

“Take Care” by Drake

Andrew Van Brunt Staff Writer Five years ago if you were to ask anyone if they knew who Aubrey Drake Graham was, they’d probably say something like “Oh yeah, he’s that guy on Degrassi”. Now today, it seems like Aubrey Graham a.k.a. “Drake” a.k.a. “Drizzy” a.k.a. “Octobers very own” is everywhere from Sprite commercials to making top billboard albums such as “So Far Gone” and “Thank Me Later”, but his newest album “Take Care” has surpassed them all. The album contains Drake two classic Drake styles

throughout which are easy to identify. The slow, R&B infused songs show his trademark emotional, romantic side concerned with ex-girlfriends and selfevaluation. Meanwhile, there are the fierce and upbeat songs that consists of lyrical pulsation attacks that show Drake’s confident, near-untouchable state of mind.

The intro song to the album “Over My Dead My Body” is a more traditional R&B song with a killer hook sung by Chantal Kreviazuka (an up and coming female Canadian singer) while Drake softly raps over piano. One of the more intriguing songs on the album is “Crew Love” which features brilliant vocals by the Weeknd; if you haven’t heard of this guy check him out he’s incredible. The song starts off slow with the Weeknd which is complimented by a

photos courtesy of Flickr eastscene

strange, yet excellent beat, slowly picking up pace for Drake to do what he does best. The title song of the album, “Take Care,” features Rihanna, a hugely popular female R&B artist, and is more aimed at his female fan base. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to appreciate the way Rihanna and Drake’s vocals effortlessly flow so well together. The truest rap song on this album is “Lord knows” featuring Rick Ross. The beat is quick and up tempo and has some of Drake’s realist lyrics such as, “I’m a descendent of either Marley or Hendrix I haven’t figured it out cause my story is far from finished.” After listening to this album it’s obvious that Drake is no longer the young actor from the show Degrassi, but now has solidified himself as one of the best artists in the game.

Battlefield 3 VS

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Another distinguishing feature between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 is the streaks. While Battlefield 3 lacks streaks entirely, Modern Warfare 3 has a variety of creative rewards for players who earn a certain amount of points, not just for kills, but also for planting bombs and assists, giving players more of an incentive to do well. For those who love machinima, Modern Warfare 3 may be a better choice for now due to the presence of a theater mode. All matches can be recorded, allowing players to review clips from previous games and save them. Although Battlefield 3 is working on releasing a similar tool named “Battlerecorder”, it will have to be included post-release.

In addition t o campaign and multiplayer, both games have a set of missions that can be completed. In Battlefield 3 this mode is entitled “Co-op” and has six missions, while Modern Warfare 3 has “Special Ops” which features 16 missions and a survival mode. Overall, although both games share a high playability factor, Modern Warfare 3 is better, in my opinion. This decision was not made due to the popularity factor of Modern Warfare 3; rather, due to the more developed storyline, the addictive streaks, and the more developed “Special Ops.”

BF3 Screenshot

by IG Nentetainment

Could Cam Newton Win Rookie of the year?

With the NFL season slightly past the halfway mark, one of the most outstanding performances of the year so far has got to be the play of the Carolina Panther’s (2-7) rookie quarterback out of Auburn, Cam Newton. As of Week 9, Newton has thrown for 2,393 yards, the most of any rookie this year, and 6th overall amongst quarterbacks. His 11 touchdowns to eight interceptions is a phenomenal ratio for a rookie, and he has consistently been playing phenomenally all season. With stats like these, Newton is almost a sure bet to win Rookie of the Year. His largest competitor would probably be Andy Dalton, quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals (6-3), but I feel like Newton will most likely get the nod, assuming he continues his spectacular playing. True, the Panthers have only 2 wins so far this year, but it is important to remember that none of their losses were a result of poor play by Newton. The Panthers’ woes stem from a lack of production by running back DeAngelo Williams, and a lackluster defense. The Bengals however, have been playing better football on defense, taking some of the pressure off of Dalton. The team may be doing better, but Newton is certainly outperforming Dalton position-wise. Newton’s success is even more startling when you look back a few months, when he was taken first overall in the draft, and then had

to wait several more weeks to begin talking to his new team, due to the NFL lockout that had been going on at the time. During the lockout, coaches and players were not allowed to make any contact with each other, meaning that even after Newton was drafted, he could not start learning the Panther’s playbook until almost the beginning of the preseason. Despite all of these setbacks, as well as some poor play in the preseason, Newton came out in the Panther’s opener and threw for 422 yards. Not content to rest on his debut’s laurels, Newton threw for 432 yards in Week 2, this time against the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Any player, no matter how many years they have spent in the league, that can throw for 400 plus yards against the defense of the Green Bay Packers has an immense amount of talent. On the flip side, one thing to keep in mind is that phenomenal play this year might not translate into a phenomenal career. For evidence of that, one must only look at Vince Young, picked third overall in 2006 by the Tennessee Titans. Young had a breakout year, throwing for over 2,000 yards as a rookie, and certainly looked like he could become a franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, as his career has progressed, Young proved not to have what it takes to lead an NFL team, despite the promise he showed as a rookie. He is now the backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, behind Michael Vick. Could Newton fall to the same fate that Young did? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and certainly wouldn’t be the last either. But when you look at the way Newton plays on Sunday, the energy, the intensity, the poise in the pocket, he looks like a man who is capable of leading the Panthers back to winning ways, and perhaps even another Super Bowl appearance. He still needs a little improvement in reading a defense, and his decision-making could use a tune-up at times, but overall, he looks like a strong player. All that is left now is to wait and see what the Newton legacy becomes.

Athlete of the Month: Christopher Wyman Business Manager/Online Editor

Lauren Holt, the well-rounded junior, commits her entire year to playing the game she loves, basketball. For Holt, there is no off season, but she still manages to play for the Leigh girls volleyball team, maintain all A’s, and still spend time with her friends and family. Her humbleness is one of her best traits. She is a great athlete individually because she puts the team before herself. “For this season, my personal goals are to do whatever I can to help my team to another successful season,” said Holt. For Holt, basketball runs in the family. Her father received a full scholarship to UC Riverside making

him the first one in whatever I can his family to go to for my team, that college. When she all the rest [the was five, she began awards, and wins] playing basketball will take care of to impress her father itself,” said Holt. but it soon became Leigh’s one of her passions. Varsity girls bas “As time went ketball team, with on, I started to rethe help of Lauren ally love the game Holt, managed to and play more get all the way competitively and to league finals, travel for it. Now taking second I play because it is place after Holt Photos by Rajashree Bhattacharya my favorite thing had a foul called to do in the world!” said Holt. on her with Holt’s high school basketball ca- 25 seconds left in the game. reer started when she made the varsity “Getting second last year was bitteam as a freshman. Coming onto a ter sweet. Bitter because we had it right team in the C- in our hands and with the 1 point loss League, the team we lost it, but at the same time it was managed to work extremely sweet because it was a ridicits way up to A- ulous improvement from previous seaLeague this past sons. The year before we were a team season. Holt was that barely won half of our games, and awarded Most the year before that girls basketball won Valuable Player in only one game off of a forfeit,” said Holt. the BVAL league, Holt has high hopes of continuas well as Sopho- ing on to play basketball in college more of the Year in and possibly after. Her ability to balthe BVAL league. ance everything and her precocious “It’s super sense of humility is what sets Holt a cheesy, but Papa notch above the rest and it is why she Holt always tells is The Eleight’s Athlete of the Month. me that if I play my best and do

The Giants’ offseason Zachary Tatar Sports Editor The 2011 Major League Baseball season did not go as well as the San Francisco Giants or their fans had hoped. After the magical 2010 season, in which the Giants won the World Series, the Giants had hoped to repeat but ended up just short. Throughout the 2011 season, the Giants battled with injuries and slumps from key members of the championship team. Injuries, like with rookie of the year catcher Buster Posey and second baseman Freddy Sanchez, hurt the Giants offensively and had an obvious impact on the lack of offensive production experienced by the Giants, compared to a year ago. Most of the success that came to the Giants in 2010 came from outfielders Cody Ross, Andres Torres, and Aaron Rowand. All three of these players had their own slumps in 2011, which

resulted in the cutting of Rowand and newly acquired shortstop Miguel Tejada. Late in the season, the Giants tried to boost the offence by trading for outfielder Carlos Beltran whom experienced his own slump shortly after his arrival in San Francisco.

staff ranked second out of 30 teams in the league, indicating that poor pitching was not an issue for San Francisco at all this season. What the Giants need to become a championship again is an offensive change. On Nov. 7 the Giants did just that, trading away pitcher Jonathan Sanchez and a pitching prospect to the Kansas City Royals for outfielder Melky Cabrera. Last year Cabrera hit 18 home runs, batted .305 and had a career high of 87 RBI’s (runs batted in). The Giants acquisition of Cabrera is a step in the right direction for the team’s offense. If the Giants could make another big move to boost their run production, it could put the Giants back photo courtesy of Jilly Crady in a position to becoming The Giants’ champions once again. pitching is typically feared around the March 3 marks the start of 2012 league, whether it’s the dominant start- Spring Training, so for all you Giants ing staff or the bearded one, Brain Wil- fans, mark your calendar. son, coming out of the pen to close out a game. In 2011, the Giants’ pitching

The 49ers are alive Football recap Kayla Pavlicevich Staff Writer

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The time has come, 49er fans; your team is back. This may be an odd thing to say half way through the regular season, but all signs point to it. The 49ers at the moment hold the second best record in the NFL, second to only the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Many people believe the 49ers are 8-1 because they have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. While the 49ers do not have the hardest schedule, they by no means have the easiest. They have beaten the Bengals (6-3), the Lions (6-3), and the Giants (6-3). All three of these teams are currently headed for the playoffs. While the 49ers do have the easiest division in the NFL, they have only played one divisional game. Imagine when they do eventually play their whole division. The 49ers have some statistics that no other team in the NFL can match. Their defense has not allowed a rushing touchdown this season, and they have not allowed a 100 yard rusher in 31 games, an NFL record. This tough defense is key to the 49ers success which will take them far in years to come. Although the 49ers do not have the most productive quarterback yardage wise, Alex Smith is tied for the least interceptions out of all starting quarterbacks, only three this year. Jim Harbaugh, unlike so many coaches before

him, makes Smith feel comfortable. He never hounds Smith when he makes a mistake, which is key because Smith is known for getting into funks that lead to periods of terrible play. This skill in coaching is why the 49ers are sitting at 8-1 with the best turnover ratio in the league, plus 13. Yes, Smith does not throw as much as other quarterbacks, but that is only because the offense is not centered on the passing game. The running game, led by Frank




Gore, the 49ers second leading rusher in franchise history, is the center of the offense. Gore had a slow start this season, but in the last five games he started he has rushed over 625 yards with an average of about 6.5 yards per carry. Gore is not the only weapon the 49ers have in their arsenal. They have Pro bowl players in tight end Vernon Davis, line backer Patrick Willis, and defensive end Justin Smith. The 49ers new line backer, Aldon Smith, who was a controversial first round pick in the draft, has 6.5 sacks this season and was named NFL rookie of the month in October. Drafting Aldon was Harbaughs choice and it has so far turned out well. Harbaugh is setting the 49ers on the right path. He knows football, which is evident from his days at Stanford. He eventually led Stanford to a 12-1 record and turned the team into what it is now, a 9-1 team ranked 7th in the nation. Harbaugh has instituted a mind set with the 49ers and has united them with little things, such as having them wear blue collar shirts after each game and saying the soon to be famous saying, “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!”

The Leigh High School crowd anticipated the result of the Leigh vs. Branham Homecoming game with only a minute and thirty seconds left to the final score. Quarterback Gabe Davis led a game-winning victory, with the final play interception by junior cornerback Lavon Donald. “Branham’s homecoming game was one of closest and most intense games of the season. The school spirit from the students in the stands supported our winning score of 24-21,” said senior Nic Le. During mid-July, Leigh High School approved coach Padia as the new coach of the football season. Despite starting the season late, the players picked up fast and won the first game of the season against Del Mar, and their second game against Santa Teresa. While winning five games, and only losing four, this year’s team has shown a great deal of progression since previous seasons. “At the beginning of the season I didn’t feel like we worked together

as a team, but we quickly pulled it together in a short amount of time. Each player has progressed over this year’s season,” said senior Jammar Lee. Coach Pedia is very proud of his players for achieving one of their main goals, which was qualifying for CCS. The players have been set out to achieve this goal since the start of the season. The fact that Leigh hasn’t participated in CCS championships for the past two years shows this season’s improvement as a whole. Team goals and achievements are set out, new offensive and defensive schemes have been put into place, and all the hard work has paid off. “Gabe Davis made top 5 in CCS and receiver Ricky McDiarmid made an impressive amount of catches and yards throughout this season. Defensively, Nic Le and Jammar Lee are both two leading tacklers,” said Coach Pedia. After an impressive season this year, the boys have stood their ground. The Longhorns look forward to playing the Los Gatos High School Wildcats, this Friday, Nov. 18, to start out the 2011 CCS playoffs. The team hopes to have the memorable opportunity to become CCS Champions.

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Senior running back, Brolin Bahbaheleh, runs through opposing tacklers.

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Congress attempts to build a “Great Wall of China!” E-Parasite, also known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), is the absolute best way to stop online piracy. It will be able to block any and all websites that have copyright infringement, and those that encourage copyright infringement, and those that are accused of having copyright infringement, and those that seem capable of copyright infringement… If a user on Facebook posts a copyrighted image, Facebook deserves to be taken down and blocked. This just shows that Facebook is “dedicated to the theft of internet property” and is a “rogue site that wants to steal American jobs by trafficking and counterfeit and illegal goods.” Same with many other sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, eBay, Mozilla, and AOL. And this is just the beginning! America is headed in the right direction. Using censorship methods by Iran and China, we are headed toward the era of the future. So, we must act now. We must expand the power and reach of the federal government in order to shut down lawful consumers and entrepreneurs. We must shut down a free and open internet. We must shut down innovation, economic growth and creativity. The Internet is a dangerous place for such things. We must shut down sites to shut down jobs. We must act now, and regulate the internet, and stop free speech. Boom, Roasted!

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It goes without saying that everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, but it gets tiresome scarfing down the same old thing three times a day for the two weeks after Thanksgiving. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid plain turkey and gravy nightmares. From turkey and cranberry sandwiches, to pumpkin pie milkshakes, there’s a cornucopia of ways to make the most of your tupperware mountain this Thanksgiving. Eat up!

Terrific Turkey Day Sandwich What’s so “terrific” about the Terrific Turkey Day Sandwich? You can put any Thanksgiving item you want on it! Here’s what we recommend: Ingredients:  turkey (your choice of light or dark meat)  gravy  1 biscuit  stuffing 1. all!

Assemble desired ingredients and sandwich them between a nice, fluffy biscuit. That’s

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