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In some cases, DIY means home recording, like Soccer Mommy’s homemade Collection (which was probably recorded mostly in Nashville before the band’s move, but we’re claiming the band now) and Florist’s excellent self-recorded sophomore release, If Blue Could Be Happiness that somehow gave an even gentler touch and a more soothing ambience to Emily Sprague’s poetic musings.

Other releases, though generally recorded in more traditional studio settings, continued the city’s legacy for bedroom popstyle sounds. Lexie, the Frankie Cosmos/Warehouse side project, quietly released Record Time, which lives up to both bands’ past achievements, and Poppies put out the stellar 12

the deli Winter 2018

Good EP. Both releases offer head bopping melodies, jangling guitars, and a bedroom pop intimacy. Maintaining a similar intimacy, Strawberry Runners put out the In The Garden EP with a soft but eclectic sound that nods to both indie pop and folk. Earlier in the year, Vagabon took a similarly varied approach with Infinite Worlds. Laetitia Tamko, the engineer turned indie musician behind Vagabon, writes startlingly sincere music that falls into the indie rock spectrum without getting tied down by the genres typical characteristics, often pairing radio inspired synthetic beats with punk rock bursts of energy. Last year, in The Deli’s feature on the best music from NYC artists in 2016, we emphasized that female musicians were creating many of the most engaging and inspiring releases. As evidenced by the artists mentioned above, that movement

Deli #53, A Place to Bury Strangers + Death by Audio, Best NYC Records of 2017, NAMM 2018  

The first NAMM issue of The Deli (almost) entirely focused on guitar pedals!!!

Deli #53, A Place to Bury Strangers + Death by Audio, Best NYC Records of 2017, NAMM 2018  

The first NAMM issue of The Deli (almost) entirely focused on guitar pedals!!!