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ONQUER R Volume LVI, Issue VII

15325 Los Robles Avenue, Hacienda Heights

May 2017

Golden Joes Sends Seniors Off Recognizing Student’s Efforts

David Perez accepts his “Golden Joe” with an accompanying speech regardung what got him there. Photo by Joshua Sanchez Juan Morales Los Altos Renaissance presented their third annual Golden Joes recognition rally on the morning of May 11 to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of the student body in the second semester. Production choir opened up the rally by performing one of their competition songs inspired off of the fast and furious theme. Their performance transi-

tioned into the very first award of the rally, the performing arts scholar of the year, in which one student from choir, band, drama and dance was nominated. Senior, David Perez, the nominee from band was awarded the performing arts scholar award and took the time to thank not only his band and choir family but his advisors, each for allowing him the opportunity to be in both programs. “I really like the fact that I was able to interact with

both groups because I was open to music at all times, which is what I love most,” said Perez. To keep the energy going within the crowd, a surprise performance by the 2017 Talent Show winners, Tomorrow’s Effect, performed “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure. Not only did the performance get the audience singing to the lyrics but it also drove people to clap to the rhythm of the song. “They are so talented and it was really nice that they

were invited to perform since they won at the talent show,” commented Alicia Burgos. The winners of the talent show were able to show their instrumental and vocal talents, meanwhile Eva Shin, amazed the audience with her dancing skills and techniques. Shin was the first ever winner of the Dancing with the Staff competition and agreed to perform at the Golden Joes once more. “Man, Ms. Shin has moves,” remarked Burgos “both To-

morrow’s Effect and Ms. Shin did an excellent job performing, no doubt they won in their individual competitions.” Recognizing the talent of the student body and the staff, Renaissance presented one of their most compelling awards of the rally, the Staffulty and Student Most Valuable Conqueror of the Year. For this specific award, Renaissance had previously passed through all senior English classes to collect their vote on whom they thought best fit the description. Upon multiple submissions, Geb Fisher and Tyler Nevens were the two recipients of this award. In a video directly addressing them, students and staff congratulated them on their positive impact on the campus but also in the hearts of many. Mr. Fisher was thanked by his students for his generosity to not only them but also to other students who were not even in his class. Nevens was thanked by his team mates for his motivational and encouraging spirit that led them far into CIF. In the spirit of thanking those who have paid great service to Los Altos, the Teacher of the Year award was given to Mark Gibson

for his exceptional impact on his students but also for his dedication to the campus for 34 years. Mr. Gibson will be retiring after this academic year, yet in a video created specifically for him, his colleagues acknowledged his tremendous impact on them since they first started teaching at Los Altos. Despite the heartfelt moments throughout the rally, the academic and athletic talents of the student body were recognized as well. Brooke Contreras was awarded the Scholar Athlete award for her outstanding performance in water polo the last four years. Also for being recognized by the San Gabriel Tribune as multiple times throughout her high school career. “Brooke is such a motivated athlete but also a hard worker in the classroom,” explained Chris Kissling “It makes me happy to see her recognized for all the effort she has put in these past years.” Ultimately the rally did its job in recognizing those who truly made a difference in the second semester. However, it also acknowledged the work and sincerity these people truly gave to whatever they did.

Hess Appointed Principal by School Board, Conquerors Rejoice Mateo Sandoval On Thursday, March 23rd, one Jeffery Hess was given the office of the principal of Los Altos High School by the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board. The Board, comprised of members Joseph Chang (President), Penny Fermini (Member), Anthony Duarte (Member), Martin G. Medrano (Clerk), Cynthia Parulan Coffer (Superintendent), and Nancy Ruiz (Executive Assistant), voted unanimously in favor of one of our school’s most beloved conquerors. Jeffrey Hess has been a part of the conqueror family for nearly 24 years, with 2017 marking his 20th anniversary since graduating. During his time here, Hess was the saxophone section leader for the Los Altos Band, and was a member of the athletics program in mainly track, cross country, and soccer. Students poured into the stuffy, already crowded shed that is the district board room.

The Board Meeting included other orders of business around the district, but the principality issue seemed the most populated. Students had signed up to speak regarding the issue, and did so with the ready support of blue shirt-clad conquerors. Among these students was Catalina Torres, Senior, who organized a petition bearing over 300 signatures in favor of Mr. Hess. Torres spoke highly of our new principal, attesting to his character and dedication, “Mr. Hess makes the school feel like a second home, with his radiant and welcoming personality. He puts an effort to develop a personal connection with each student he crosses paths with, and I believe that is why every student respects him so much.” Similar sentiments were echoed by Alondra Luna, Renaissance President, who attested to Hess’s commitment, adding that “He dedicates all of his time to make our school more enjoyable, and lends a helping hand to every Los Altos Program. We value and respect Mr. Hess because he leads the

As Hess is appointed principle he is joined by his outspoken student supporters for a photo. conquerors with kindness, and always goes above beyond to demonstrate his compassion.” After moving out in the open air, reservations had subsided. His peers only had decent sentiments to pass before and after the decision, with Chris Reeder, Renaissance Advisor, saying that “It’s definitely the right decision. We’ve been wanting this for

a very long time now, and I think that it's going to be a good one for the school.” Gerald Fisher, English teacher, added by saying that Hess “had been many things for us. He has been an alumni, and he has been built and created by the school. He has returned, willingly, to be a part of this administration to create something special.” Hess himself said after the decision he was excit-

ed. “This is something I’ve wanted for a long time; as long as I’ve been a conqueror. I’ve wanted to be a part of this in a bigger scale and help a lot more students, so I’m really excited about it.” When reminded of his 20th year since graduating, Hess referred to his advancement as a “sort of a reunion in a way.” With Hess taking the place his conquerors envisioned

Photo by Mateo Sandoval him in, there will be a lack of administration jobs ripe for hiring. Ms. Smalley is a retiree, and so a limit is placed on how many hours she can possibly work. Additionally, Los Altos has a Vice Principal vacancy as a result, and one more AP slot left. In any case, the results are reflective of the students, so Hess is here to stay.


May 2017


Upper Classmen Bid Adieu At Their Final Rally Juan Morales Since the conclusion of clash of the classes, ASB has been working endlessly on the last rally of the year dedicated to the senior class of 2017 upon their fast approaching graduation. Transitioning from a rally based on the class competition, ASB seek to deliver the message of unity in their last rally to say one last goodbye to the seniors. In February ASB had agreed on the theme of “Bon Voyage” for the rally and shortly after this meeting the preparations commenced. The visual idea was to create a rally in which the theme delivered the message of biding a farewell to the seniors who essentially would be leaving on a journey into the real world. The decorations were set so that they represented different places in which people often

travel to, yet however home is always a destination back. With this ASB hoped to portray the idea that Los Altos, regardless of where the seniors went to, always and forever would be the home to all. “I honestly think that this is one of my favorite rallies, not only because it is all about the seniors but because it does a great job in being able to say bye to them in special way”, commented senior, Manny Vaca. For many the senior rally is a great way to end the year and remember all of the memories they have created throughout the time lapse of four academic years. One of the favored parts of the senior rally is the senior slideshow, an accumulation of photographs that comprise important recollections the seniors find worthy of sharing. “This part for some reason

seems to always get people emotional, maybe because it is sad to realize that high school is finally over and a new life begins perhaps, I mean for me that is hard to process,” remarked Vaca. Because of the popular demand to incorporate senior related topics in the last rally, ASB has since made it predominately focused on seniors. Even the performers consisted of seniors, to symbolize their last performance at Los Altos. “The seniors like to see their fellow classmates on stage or perform a senior dance, therefore at this rally those taking care of delivery are mainly seniors,” commented Catalina Torres, senior class president. Despite the popular demand by the seniors for the end of the year rally, the underclassmen enjoy this rally almost as much as those graduating.

San Francisco State University had their gymnasium open with tables marked for every major, and a representative from every major answering any questions the students or parents had. Their campus was open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM and students stayed for the entirety of the presentation. Senior Nicholas Lopez remarked regarding SFSU,

included Cal Lutheran. Senior Sydney Owen was in attendance at the Cal Lutheran campus, and has nothing but positive comments about the school. “Well I visited Cal Lutheran many times before for soccer camps and other various campus visits so this weekend was nothing I have not seen before. It has become a second home for me and I cannot wait to attend next year and also continue my soccer career there.” Owen continued to praise the school and added “Everyone is super welcoming no matter where you go or even if you’re just walking around campus someone will greet you or ask how your day was.” Lastly Owen commented “I feel super safe there and it is super clean and it is a very beautiful school.”

LAHS Takes on California College Open House Brandon Vicuna California state schools and a few private schools opened up their campus for an open house on April 8-9, and Los Altos students were in attendance. The majority of schools that opened their campus for this open house were comprised of California State schools and select private schools. Cal State Dominguez Hills, Chico, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Maritime Academy, San Francisco State and Cal Lutheran all held open houses on their campuses. San Francisco State wished to host a few of Southern California’s finest individuals, including numerous students from Bishop Amat and Los Altos. The San Francisco State campus was very accommodating, greeting students and providing an abundance of information for them.

Lopez added more regarding the SFSU atmosphere and campus, “their campus was very nice and open, everyone was friendly, and they have a lot of other things to do around campus.” Another school that impressed Los Altos seniors

“I’m a junior and when I see these senior rallies, I keep wanting experience my own and just to think of how special it probably feels,” remarked junior Julian Ramirez. At the rally ASB had senior speakers from a variety of different groups on campus, who opened up to the student body about their struggles and shining moments. People like Noah Vidrio and Tyler Nevens mentioned staff who have contributed to their succeed and thanked their individual groups such as Avid for their guidance. Ariana Balderrama and Alonda Luna were student speakers who focused mainly on personal growths and their individual growth through GSA and Renaissance. “Often times throughout high school it is difficult to figure out yourself and even I struggled with this but I

Ariana Balderrama speaks out on her personal growth and involvement with GSA. Photo By Mateo Sandoval. can truly say that with the help of GSA I have been able to figure out who I am now and I couldn’t be happier,” remarked Balderrama. Apart from the perfor-

White proudly signs with Drake University for football.

mances and the student speakers, the senior class was able to conclude their senior rally with one last conqueror chant to say farewell.

Courtesy of LAHS.

LA’s Football Players Sign Letters of Intent Damien Alvarado On Tuesday afternoon Nick Gonzales, Hunter White, and Oscar Villa, all signed to their selected universities. The players all participated in the Conquerors remarkable 13-1 season. The Los Altos Conquerors’ football team had two previous athletes commit to play college football February 1st 2017, with seniors Tyler Nevens and Andrew Manuele. Los Altos football has five players playing College football next season. Oscar Villa committed to the University of San Diego Wednesday afternoon. His decision was not solely based on football, however. Villa commented, “The location is perfect and the city is amazing. It was a done deal when the coach told me they had the best food around,” Villa

commented. As for the football aspect Villa stated, “The football program is great, the coaches and players are very welcoming, it just truly felt like being home with the other players.” Oscar eyes the program prestigious win level and hopes to one day contribute to the team’s success. Nick Gonzales committed to Willamette University. The school is located in Oregon, and it fulfils Nicks goal of being able to live in Oregon. Nick is majoring in psychology to become a Grief Counselor. Gonzales stated, “The environment was great, and everyone is very helpful.” Nick has passed up on some better college football teams but his decision, is based off team bonding not individualism. “The football program at Willamette is more than just football, it’s about the family and bond-

ing which leads the team to victories.” commented Gonzales. Hunter White committed to Drake University, and he plans on majoring in business. The schools top five ranking in business is what caught Hunters’ eye. “The school is top five in the country and the football program is as division one team,” commented White. Hunter feels good vibes with the coaching staff and players which makes Drake University the right fit for him. White has said, “the football program offers a strong family atmosphere, great coaching staff, and the tools to help me improve as a player.” The three complete the Conqueror football commitments, with five in total. All are set to graduate in May and pursue their college football dreams.

May 2017



Talented Junior Graduates High School Early By Credits Alone Analise Pacheco Junior Jasper Lin has spent his weekends during his high school career completing homework for his Advanced Placement classes, taking their respective exams, studying for the SAT, and writing essays for college submissions. Lin’s summers were spent advancing his credits - one could never find Jasper Lin off task. As a result of such focus and dedication to his academic career, Jasper Lin has found himself graduating a year early finishing high school in only three years. Lin originally entered high

school unaware he could graduate early, but he has been able to complete all the necessary credits to graduate high school within a span of three years rather than the traditional four years. According to Lin himself, “everything just sort of aligned together and I realized at the beginning of junior year that I had enough credits to graduate.” Despite such hard work and focus, Lin, stoic as usual, confesses that his high school experience was a “memorable learning experience.” This memorable experience was not supposed to be so short, as he did not plan to graduate before the

rest of his class of 2018. Lin explains, “I took the subjects that I wanted to learn about and it just worked out this way. At the beginning of junior year, I realized that I had inadvertently completed enough credits to graduate.” While Lin is graduating a year ahead of his peers in the class of 2018, he still considers himself a “junior.” However, others take differently to this subject, according to an online poll 68% of students consider Jasper Lin a senior, while only 32% consider Jasper Lin a junior. When asked how it felt to be ahead of his classmates

by graduating early, Lin refused to speak on the subject. However Lin does admit that “I’m super excited and I can’t wait to get out, but I just don’t want to brag, you feel me?” Nothing seemed to scare Lin throughout high school, exam taking was the norm and nothing an AP teacher could throw at him would make worry. However, now that Lin is confronted with the reality of the outside world, a transition is starting, bridging from high school student to college student attempting adulthood. Lin admits that what does intimidate him about his future is the “crippling debt.”

LAHS Dancers Receive New and Improved Dance Floor Laila Jibrin On February 26, the construction for the highly anticipated new dance floor commenced. On March 2, the construction finished and the new dance floor was installed and has improved the dancing of the dancers of Los Altos greatly. “We had [the past dance floor] for years, and it was time to get a new dance floor,” the Los Altos dance teacher Kelsey Brennan explains. The previous floor had been used for the dance classes and team for years, and was elevated wood for a shock system for jumping and landing, covered with a vinyl mat to make the floor smooth for dancing.

However, with time the wood beneath the mat began to expand and become uneven, like most wood does over long periods of time, causing the mat to fold and crease with the gaps between the wood. “The folds on the mat made some people trip or stub their toe if they were not careful,” Intermediate dance member sophomore Stephanie Rosas added. The school generously funded the growing dance program with the money to install the new floor, with new advancements to help the dancer’s technique and routine. “The new dance floor is definitely the correct floor to have to support what the dancers are doing in the dance room. In terms of jumping and turning and

just dancing in general, this is the type of dance floor that we need to support the activities that we perform day in and day out,” Brennan explains. The floor is made of a shock absorbing rubber, that has extra support and padding for the dancers to stay comfortable and perform to the best of their abilities. Also, the floor has a better endurance to the amount of strain the many dancers do to the floor, so it will last longer than before. “The new dance floor is soft, making it easier for dancers to perform on their knees,” explains Intermediate Dance member, sophomore Mary Rached. “There is so much more room now, so the students dance more freely. It feels a lot better whenever we

Intermediate dance practices hip hop routine on new dance floor.

Photo By Laila Jibrin.

dance on the floor,” comments sophomore Sammy Gonzales, also an intermediate dance member. With new classes like the intermediate and incoming

Advance dance class being added, the program needed the update to the dance room for the increase in students and classes. For the Los Altos dancers to contin-

ually impress and excite the conquerors and audiences of Los Altos, the floor was a very helpful addition.

Along with being choreographed by the dance team students, teachers include their own pieces into the routine of what they would like to perform on stage to add to the performance. English instructor Todd Hedell is well known for his interests in spiritual aspects and veganism. In his dance, accompanied by Senior Marissa Robledo, he incorporated some of his best yoga moves. Sophomore Briana Arellano shared, “I am choreographing for Eric Palmer’s group. We planned a dance that reflects music when he was in high school. It's like his own blast from the past,” she continues “The performance will kind of be as if he was in high school, and the music and dance moves will represent that time.”

Dancing With The Staff is not only an event where students get watch their teachers perform, but the teachers have other incentives to dance in front of the whole school aside from the fundraising aspect, this event is a competition. The event is a performance, but for most teachers it is really centered on the competition. With all the preparation finished and the panel set up, ASB announced the panel of judges including dance coach Maddie Gonzales, counselor Higgins, and assistant principal Nicole Duqette. These three evaluated each dance piece and scored them from one to ten. Teachers battled it off head to head. Senior English Teacher Nicole Meylor had expressed her desire to blow

her opponents out of the water with her strong woman dance prior. Assistant Coach and Los Altos alumni expressed, “this event is exciting for not just the students but alumni as well.” This event was expected to have a huge turnout from current students attending and former students who want to see their former teachers dance, and it did. There were eleven performances, but the top five really riled the crowd. Esteban Hernandez’s group and Jeffrey Fahey’s group each received 28. Nicole Meylor’s group and Sean Van Gundy’s group both receuved 29, and finally Eva Shin stole the show at a flawless 30 points. After an online poll that only included the top 3, Shin was crowned.

Teachers Smooth Moves Take Floor In Dancing with the Staff

Team “Shinister” performing their 30 point showpiece at the event. Photo by Joshua Sanchez

Jasmine Alonzo Joshua Sanchez Hyped students cheered as energy filled the gym each time the spotlight hit a teacher and their respective LADT backup dancers on April 28 in the first annual

“Dancing With the Staff.” This Los Altos Dance Team fundraiser involved ASB, with both dance members and ASB staff selling for five pre-sale and seven at the door. With months of practice, the dance team students

have paired up with teachers to choreograph a dance to perform at this event. Each dance is specific to the teacher chosen representing their preferences, notably in the style, music, or culture that they personally identify with or are interested in.


May 2017


Competition Season Closes For Los Altos Dance Team Jasmine Alonzo Sumitra Bernardo Joshua Sanchez Taking the floor, Los Altos. Following an impressive concert, and intense competition season, a flurry of emotions and memories were danced in, ushering a bittersweet season for the Los Altos Dance Team, most notably for its departing senior dancers. The Los Altos dance team’s performances excite and inspire the crowd and performers alike during rallies and other school events. Yet along with school concerts and performances, they take to the stage at competitions during second semester. Their competition season began in January and ended in late March, and for the past three months

the dance team competed against numerous schools all around San Gabriel Valley. Each competition, the team takes five different dance pieces to be evaluated by professional judges. They not only compete with these performance pieces to try and place, but also to see how they fare against the surrounding dance teams. The LADT competed in four intense competitions, ranging from nine to twelve hours at a time each Sunday. They have competed at Santiago High School (January 14), Troy High School (February 11), Arlington High School (February 25), and finally Valencia High School (March 25). The lineup for the Troy Competition included small jazz followed by large jazz, a lyrical, and then small hip hop trailed by large hip hop.

Soloist Tiffany Hsu shows “Grace“ Photo By Joshua Sanchez.

While the Arlington Competition held the same lineup schedule, the times were far more of a strain on the dancers. For both of these competitions they took home awards. The LADT placed first with their “prop performance” in large jazz and received third place for their small hip hop routine. They closed the year with a final Dance State Championship at Valencia High School. Four varsity dance team members competed in the California Dance State Solo Championships on March 24 at Valencia High School in Placentia, California. Solo competitions differ from the usual dance/drill team competitions, as soloists usually perform lyrical or contemporary pieces in competition. With this event, the soloists were divided into categories based upon grade level with four participants from Los Altos. Los Altos’ soloists comprised of freshman Belle Gonzalez, sophomore Tiffany Hsu, junior Raina Lee, and senior Jasmine Alonzo. Senior Dance Team Captain Jasmine Alonzo performed a lyrical piece that she self-choreographed to an acoustic version of Jon Bellion’s song Human, where Junior Raina Lee performed to “Secrets” which had al-

Medium Jazz makes the crowd happily purr to energetic “Black Cat” Photo By Joshua Sanchez ready been choreographed prior. Raina Lee performed this lyrical number to a cover of the One Republic song rather than the original. Sophomore Tiffany Hsu showcased a mixed ballet and contemporary piece to an instrumental song, “Grace” and her dance movements revealed the whole story of the music. Freshman Belle Gonzalez, however, performed her solo to Rihanna’s Love on the Brain and gave a dramatic performance. Although the soloists did not place, the competition was rigorous with over fifteen performers in each grade level from over ten high schools. The next day Los Altos dance team made their way back to perform their competitions pieces for the final

competition of the 20162017 school year. As they took to the dance floor to compete, they performed five dances including: lyrical, small hip hop, large hip hop, large jazz, and medium jazz. Since half of the team consists seniors, the anticipation was high for those who knew they were taking the floor for the last time, and they definitely made the most of the moment. Four year member, senior Alexis Vergara states, “My thoughts about going into competition was to give it my all because it is my last competition ever with my team.” Emotions flared high, running through each dancer, encouraging them to perform like never before, and they furthered to let every-

thing they had out on the dance floor. Vergara closes, “This team is a family, place or not we love each other, and I will never forget this competition.” There were no regrets, each member felt content knowing that they did all they could have done on that stage, making memories for spectators and team members alike. “If you work hard, you can really accomplish a lot in a season,” concluded senior Isaiah Chacon to express the effort of the team to make this an incredible season. With that, the dance team finished their competition season for the 2017 school year, taking home several placements throughout their competition season.

Final Performances At “In the Heights” Dance Concert Hype Seniors Juan Morales Joshua Sanchez After weeks of rigorous practices and various dance competitions, the LAHS dance team held an end of the year concert in which both advanced and intermediate dance teams performed show pieces.

Junior Jasmine Portillo of Intermediate Dance expressed her excitement for the concert, "We were told at the beginning of the year that we would participate in the dance concert, and that kept us pumped throughout the entire first semester to present." Alike the outstanding performances by the inter-

Senior dancers reperform “Dancing Through Decades” a rally piece at the first dance concert. Photo by Joshua Sanchez.

mediate team, the advanced dance team swept away the audience when they performed their rally and competition pieces. Senior team captain, Marissa Robledo, commented on the struggles and perseverance of the team this year. Robledo remarked, "Not having the right floor to practice on definitely was one of our main struggles this year, however we were able to overcome this by the constant determination we had, which eventually got us far in the aspect of scoring at our competitions." The team overcame several obstacles this year. Senior dance team member, Yasmin Topete acknowledged that the hard work of the members made it all possible. "In order for the concert to be possible it was necessary for us as members to build chemistry and not let the obstacles get in our way, which seemed to have occurred by the incredible performances seen today," explained Topete.

Large Jazz reperforms “Puttin’ On the Ritz” a competition piece. Portillo further explained why she felt the concert was so successful, “I think that the success of the concert was due to the contributions from both intermediate and advanced dance.” With ten pieces in the first act and another ten following for the second, the concert was filled with pieces from throughout the year, including soloists, competition numbers, rally pieces,

and specially choreographed dances. With two showings, one on Thursday, March 30 and the next on the following Friday, two different special guests also performed at the end of the first act, LAHS Druline on Thursday, and LAHS’ Color Guard on Friday. Friday was also made more special with seniors receiving sashes and their very

Photo by Joshua Sanchez

own slideshow compilation along with a touching dance tribute from the underclassmen. Head Coach Kelsey Brennan concluded both nights by expressing her gratitude to the massive amount of effort put in by both dance classes, acknowledging the amount of time each team put in to make the concert possible and enjoyable for everyone.

May 2017




Los Altos Choirs Earn Superior Rating at SCVA Bianca Flores April 11 through April 13, Women’s Ensemble, Men’s Choir, and Production Choir performed at Segerstrom High School for the annual SCVA Choral Festival. Each choir took home a “Superior” rating, the highest rating possible, for their fantastic vocals. SCVA, or the Southern California Vocal Association, was founded in 1936 to advance choral music in Southern California. Sponsoring festivals is a huge part of their purpose, as they sponsor about 60 festivals with about 15,000 students attending. Festivals are basically an opportunity for choirs to perform in front of an audience and watch other choirs, while receiving feedback from choral experts. In

addition to festivals, SCVA also organizes honor choirs, which some Los Altos choir students have been involved with, solo competitions, and some specialized festivals. At the choir festival, schools from all over Southern California came to Segerstrom High School to perform a selection of three songs. These performances were observed and analyzed by adjudicators Ms. Jessica Schlenz and Mr. Richard Messenger. April 11, the day of the All-Women’s Choral Festival, Women’s Ensemble put their all into their music. They performed “Gloria Patri,” “In You I Found,” and “Poor Man Lazarus.” For junior Claire Rizo, it was her third year attending SCVA. “[The SCVA Choral Festival] helped me learn more about certain

techniques that I sometimes forget. For example, making sure my voice isn’t the only one sticking out,” she explains. After learning Women’s Ensemble earned Superior, she says she is proud because, “Women’s Ensemble has worked extremely hard this whole year.” April 12, the day of the AllMen’s Choral Festival, is was Men’s Choir’s turn to show off their singing skills. Their selection of songs included “Fillimiooriay,” “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening,” “Amor Vittorioso.” Like Women’s Ensemble, Men’s Choir also took home a Superior plaque. On the final day, April 13, Production Choir attended the Mixed Choral Festival. They performed the songs “Ubi Caritas,” “Homeward Bound,” and “The Awakening.” As expected, Pro-

Each Choir has its own plaque on display with the superior ranking. Photo by Sabrina Sanchez duction choir gave a spectacular performance, also earning Superior. Junior Carlos Zelaya, who is in both Men’s Choir and Production Choir, states, “I am proud and honored to be part of two amazing choirs that give their all on stage… And I’m happy to say both Men’s Choir and Production Choir have grown tremen-

dously throughout the year and keep on growing as a family.” Although he is proud of both choirs, his favorite day of the festival was with PC, “The beautiful music that we make always sends chills down my spine and I always shed a tear when singing with this group of amazing performers.”

This year’s SCVA Choral Festival was a complete success, with all the Los Altos choirs earning a Superior rating. To watch them perform the same choral music, along with LA Rhythm and Production Choir’s competition shows, their End of the Year Concert was May 2.


LAHS Entertainment Unit Finishes With Glowing Final Impressions can circus classic, Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite march of the Ringling Bros. Circus. Following the wind ensemble performance, the percussion ensemble performed their winter show for the first time ever at a spring concert event. Their show entitled “The Silenced” tells the story of a dystopian society where citizens restricted from expression find their voice and rebel against their oppressors. This show brought the percussion ensemble to ADLA championships where the finished 7th out of 39 groups competing in the association. The show wowed the audience and conveyed to them it’s powerful message despite the standstill performance rather than the usual marching

one. “This is our last time playing this show so for me that was really the highlight of the night.” remarks Isabel Ivy. The jazz band then followed this performance playing some crowd favorites. “My favorite songs to play were It Had to Be You, and Co-

conut Champagne.” tells senior Benjamin Bernardo. The jazz band like always excited the audiences and left everyone swinging and snapping to the beat. Finally the night finished with a performance form all ensembles together performing a preview of next

year’s marching field show entitled “Groove”. Bernardo states, “Really the best part was performing for the last time together on stage with everyone.” As this year’s seniors’ journeys come to a close, the Entertainment Unit begins a new looking forward into next year.

Band guest performs at “In the Heights” dance concert pumping up the crowd with an exciting drumline routine. Photo by Joshua Sanchez. ting people excited. Along Monrovia High School. The Drumline is continuChristian Ledezma with pumping up the crowd, the Drumline also has its ing this year to compete in The Los Altos Drumline own winter show that gets winter competition after the are popular performers here featured in competition, the last year’s reboot of the traat Los Altos known for get- first being on March 5 at dition. “I’m really excited to

perform for a crowd again and really prove to our instructor that we are his top Drumline”, shares quad player, junior Alex Aceves. The drumline will be competing in 4 shows this indoor drumline season and possibly two championships kicking off with one of the season’s bigger tournaments at Monrovia High School. “I’m pretty excited about going to our first tournament. I like our [the quad players] little quad visual we got going down.”, says quad player, senior Seth Putnam. Putnam continues, “I wish we could have had the show finished [for the first tournament] but we’ve been

working hard and we just need our last movement to finish.” The theme of this year’s show is finding oneself and standing up and escaping from authority. Aceves comments, “This show is much better compared to last year’s show. Last year’s show was very experimental, and though this is still a bit experimental and abstract it seems a lot better organized and defined over last year.” This year’s show features more electronic parts and synthesizers that add to the show’s theme and create a depth and emotional connection missing from the show the year prior.

“I’m nervous for our first competition because James [our drum tech] gave the quads a new visual where we are falling forward and are being held up by chains while playing.”, tell Aceves. It is through visuals and choreography along with memorable moments such as this one in the show tha will allow the Drumline to score higher in the more challenging association they are competing in this year. Though their show is not yet fully complete, the Los Altos Drumline is ready to start their second season competing in indoor drumline, starting out with the Monrovia Tournament.

Christian Ledezma The Los Altos Entertainment Unit put on another exhilarating performance in the theme this year of circus. The performing ensembles apart from the percussion featured pieces with a festive circus theme that enthralled the audience and encouraged their participation. The first group to perform was the symphonic band which consists of mostly freshmen and first year members. They began not with the circus theme but with Korean Folksongs creating an international feeling with pleasant tunes entertaining the audience. They then moved to Portrait of a Clown by Frank Tiche-

li which began the circus theme painting a fun but dramatic picture for the audience to enjoy. The next ensemble to perform was the wind ensemble which consists members in their second year of higher. They began with a bit of an experimental piece to really test the students’ technical skills that had drama and question. Another piece that was perhaps a crowd favorite was Grizzly Bear Rag as it allowed for audience participation. Sophmore Michael Morales comments, “I loved performing Grizzly Bear Rag especially because I would roar towards the crowd and they were encouraged to roar back with me.” The wind ensemble also performed an Ameri-

Drumline Beats into Action for Their First Competition


May 2017



Winter Guard Excels; Colorful First in Ramona Competition Sumitra Bernardo The Los Altos Winter Guard has started their season on a high by placing at each of their competitions so far. They have been working endlessly during their sixth period, going into after school time until 5 in the afternoon. During these practices, it is an opportunity for the winter guard team to focus on elaborate details to clean and technique. Junior winter guard member Haily Hernandez comments, “When it comes to practices, there is a lot of time and effort being put in.” This year’s competition show set is entitled “Sunday in the Park” this is inspired by Georges Seurat’s famous painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” Winter

Guard is reusing their costumes and show flags from their marching season show with the Los Altos Entertainment Unit. The performance makes the painting come to life by telling a story through their performance. Junior color guard member Haily Hernandez adds, “We are creating the painting throughout the show. The opener flags are bits of the painting and we show little previous throughout. The ending flags put together the full paintings as well as mimicking the painting.” So far, the winter guard team has competed at South Hills High School, Arcadia High School, and Riverside High School. The winter guard team has competed against as many as fifteen schools in their division alone at a completion. They placed second at South Hills, third at Arcadia, and

Color Guard excites dance concert. Photo by Sabrina Sanchez

first at Riverside in their division. The design and concept of the show appealed the judges at the Riverside High School competition. Hernandez continues to explain, “We were scored high by the judges on the design of the show. I believe that the judges really enjoyed our theme and the concept of our show.” This weekend, they will compete at Valencia High School. Hernandez concludes,

Los Altos’ winter color guard took home the first place title from their competition at Ramona High School last Saturday, April 8. They have place at every single winter guard competition during this year’s season. At Ramona High School, the team competed against seven other high schools in their division of Scholastic A. Last year, they were in Scholastic AA and moved up a whole division this year due to their quality of their program. As a whole division, they are technically competing against thirty five other schools for a championship spot. Once arriving, nerves kicked in for some students. First year rookie junior Haily Hernandez states, “I was really nervous to perform yet

Guard Senior Cassandra Portillo illustrates the beauty of the flag. excited at the same time.” Performing their show entitled, “Sunday in the Park” due to being inspired by Georges Seurat’s famous painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”, the team performed with solid and strong catches of their riffles, flags, and swords overall. Senior Color Guard Captain Jesse Gonzalez adds, “There was also a spotless flag feature.” Hernandez says, “I ended up feeling really good about the performance. I was proud.” The day was filled with other highlights such as reuniting with former color guard instructor, Robert

Hahn who was adjudicating on the judging panel during the competition. Gonzalez, who has not seen Hahn since he was a rookie during his sophomore year comments,

To prepare for their next competition which is tomorrow at Valencia High School, the team is working endlessly to continuously improve. Winter guard practices not only during sixth period but for two hours after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Photo by Sabrina Sanchez

Hernandez remarks, “We are practicing really hard during our practices.” Tomorrow, they will arrive at Los Altos High School three hours before leaving to Valencia High School in order to get practice time in on the day of the competition. They will also continue to be determined while arriving at the school that they will perform at. This competition is the last competition score that will aid them to make championships. They made championships, performing their show once more on April 22 at the Winter Guard Scholastic Association’s Winter Guard Championship.


Drama Department Closes Out With Amazing Spring Showcase Bianca Flores On Wednesday, April 19 and Thursday April 20 the Los Altos Drama Department put on The Spring Showcase in the drama room featuring various skits to show off their impressive acting skills. Leading up to the showcase, tickets were sold all week on the stage in the Quad and posters publicizing the production covered the hallways. The showings on both Wednesday and Thursday were from 7pm to 9pm. The showcase was made up of a total of seventeen skits, with a short intermission in between. There were a great variety of skits, ranging from comical to dramatic. Skits like Student Counselor, starring senior Lizeth Chimal, junior Brittney Delgado, junior Azul Gomez, Julio Guz-

man-Garcia, junior Porscha Romero, and senior James Valenzuela, and Big Flirt, starring Britney Cundiff, Joseph De La Parra, Sebastian Galvez, and junior Azul Gomez, sparked fits of laughter in the audience. However, skits like The Secret, starring Julio Guzman-Garcia, senior Jackie Mondragon, junior Brittney Delgado, and senior James Valenzuela, and What Are Friends For?, directed by senior Mireya Cortez and starring Jocelin Narbaez, Aaliyah Brathwhite, and senior Niegel Covarrubias, silenced the crowd with dramatic suspense. The Drama Department even included popular scenes from some of the students’ favorite television shows. Senior Joyelle Belloso, senior Lizeth Chimal, senior Mireya Cortez, Julio Guzman-Garcia, and senior Jackie Mondragon recreat-

ed the jellyfish sting scene from the hit comedy sitcom Friends. Also, senior Joseph De La Parra and Rosana Lopez recreated a memorable and highly emotional Grey’s Anatomy scene. Some standout performances included the monologues, speeches done by a solo actor, done incredibly well by a few especially talented actresses. Britney Cundiff took on the stage performing her own original work, Irony, laying her heart and soul on the stage. Senior Joyelle Belloso looked calm and collected as she passionately performed Enigma. Then, in the adorably funny monologue, Pet Project, Rosana Lopez took on the character of a dog, leaving the audience with a warm heart. Finally, senior Lizeth Chimal also added a bit of humor into her monologue, When It Rains Gasoline, and absolutely rocked it.

After an amazing performance, the actors celebrated their success. Like Cundiff, other clever writers from the Drama Department crafted scripts to be performed at the showcase. Senior David Padilla made up a whimsical Disney-inspired universe in his skit, Disney Knights to the Rescue, which starred himself, senior Nathan Augello, Julio Guzman-Garcia, and

senior Jackie Mondragon. Britney Cundiff wrote an intense script about some intelligent female detectives solving a murder case called The Lying Detective, starring herself, junior Brittney Delgado, and sophomore Sariah Mitchell. Finally, Julio Guzman-Garcia and senior Jackie Mondragon wrote a

Photo by Alicia Burgos.

hysterical problem on prom night in Prom Date, starring themselves, junior Azul Gomez, and junior Porscha Romero. The Drama Department definitely ended the year with a bang, with the terrific success of The Spring Showcase.

May 2017



Audrey Arias Awarded Ribbon for Art Competition Juan Morales Audrey Arias, a self-taught artist with a heartfelt passion for art, became fonder of it when others began to praise her masterpieces. Recently Arias participated in the Youth Art Month contest at an art exhibit in Canoga Park placing in the top three. Arias became aware of the competition through her art mentor and teacher, Bertha Oseguera, whom encouraged her to partake in the event. “She always motivates me to create artworks and enter them into competitions,” remarked Arias.

For the competition, Arias entered her “Insides” piece which consists of a surreal and abstract mixture done with pink, black ink and graphite. The inspiration to create her piece came from her own life experiences and the things she has held “inside” for a long time. “Art has been a very huge part of my life and has helped me handle my anxiety,” she continues “It helps by making me feel like I’m in control, it makes me feel free and happy even through my darkest days.” Using her personal experiences for inspiration definitely captivated the attention of the judges as Arias

was awarded the 3rd place ribbon for her piece. “I not only won a third place ribbon and certificate but also tickets to the art museum MOCA, so that was a score for sure,” exclaimed Arias. Searching to expand her artistic abilities, Arias will continue her education at Cal Poly Pomona in the fall to major in graphic design. “I started entering in more competitions in hopes of getting more of my art out and my name known,” comments Arias “now that I have, I just hope to continue doing so in the years to come.”

Audrey Arias stands proudly beside her prized artwork (top center). Photo by Yamira Andrade

Kylie Hernandez - Stunning Artist Deserving More Than Mention Juan Morales Developing a love for art at a young age, senior Kylie Hernandez did not begin to truly appreciate it until her freshman year of high school. Now as a senior and about to graduate, she reflects upon her accomplishments and those who have continued to inspire along the way. Recently, Hernandez participated in the YAM competition in which she received Honorable Mention for her art work which she submitted. However her passion has continued to grow by the help of her AP Art teacher and mentor, Tiffany

Hargrave, who has changed her perspective on not only the value of art but also the meaning of it. “I feel accomplished in joining AP Art because it was a huge step into producing art that has not only my perspective and how I view it but how I want others to view and appreciate it,” remarked Hernandez. Since her introduction to AP Art, Hernandez has felt a tremendous shift in her creativity and imagination. “Over time I think that I have accumulated a more creative and imaginative mind,” she comments. Alike Audrey Arias, Hernandez gains her inspiration from personal experience

whether it be good or bad. “Sometimes it is about the emotions you can bundle up and create into art that turn out to be some of the best pieces,” she continues “it is this unique things artist have the ability to do.” Hernandez likes to create pieces that remind her of her family or of personal experiences. One of her most treasured works is her watercolor mixture of a watermelon. She comments on how this childhood food seen throughout her life represents growth and maturity. It represents childhood experience. However her favorite piece she has ever created is her creation of an eye. In this

piece she used innovative techniques to truly capture the essence and beauty of this one eye. “The medium for this piece is different than other works I have done because it has a mixture of color pencil but also make-up,” she explains. Kylie apart from being an artist has become fond of make-up artistry. However all the artistic techniques she has built have been because of skills in AP Art. Kylie will be attending community college and transferring after two years to major in business and minor in the fine arts.


May 2017


Clark Wrestles Life and Team Sumitra Bernardo

Junior Honor Guard Ready For Graduation Bianca Flores On Friday, May 5, a new group of bright, talented, and hardworking students were selected for this year’s Junior Honor Guard to attend graduation along side the graduating Class of 2017. In order to be a part of Junior Honor Guard, juniors had to fill out an application that was based on a point system. For each extracurricular activity they were involved in, they would earn a certain amount of points for each semester. Then, they would add up all their points and write their overall grade point average, or GPA.

After careful consideration, Luz Torres, a science teacher at Los Altos, picked the applicants she felt would best represent the junior class. The juniors who were picked are Patrick Akirapimand, Christine Castrellon, Jason Chang, Jonathan Chang, Bailey Chavez, Brittney Delgado, Bianca Flores, Jacob Francis, Erika Galvan, Jeffrey Ho, Isaac Ibarra, Emily Jin, Raina Lee, Junior Lerma, Tiffany Liao, Jella Lu, Justin Ochoa, Blake Rozsa, Breanna Santos, Marissa Sarenana, Mille Suthasri, Goldwin Tang, Camryn Verduzco, and Century Yang. Jason Chang, one of the

juniors who made Junior Honor Guard, explain how he made it by saying, “I am in ASB, water polo, swim, and multiple clubs.” Galvan, another selected member of Junior Honor Guard, explains, “I did water polo and swim, Renaissance, engineering, Spanish Honors Society, and the Secretary for the Solar Tech Club.” Now that these involved students have proved that they are worthy of this honor, they get to dress up in either all white or pastel colors at graduation. The ladies wear white gloves and white hats, and the men wear black pants and white shirts and coats. Chang admits,

“During both my sisters’ graduations I would see the Junior Honor Guard section and I’d think it’s pretty cool, so I wanted to go for it myself.” To prepare for the big day, these juniors will have to not only buy their special apparel, but also attend the graduation practices to learn how to properly enter and exit the ceremony. Galvan explains how she is extremely excited to walk alongside some of her graduating senior friend and states, “I am most excited for when the seniors get to move their tassels over because it will give me that surreal feeling of ‘that will be me next year.’”

Noah Clark is a well-rounded student with different plans than others for his future after Los Altos. The senior will be going on a church based mission almost right after he graduates high school. While most students are on summer break, Noah Clark will be attending Brigham Young University at Idaho in July before departing to leave for his religious mission for two whole years. He is currently working on his mission application paperwork but once it is completed, he will later find out where he will be sent. Clark hopes to be sent out of the country to serve his mission, where he will be serving the communities and teaching the beliefs of his church to those who want to learn about their religion. When Clark finds out about where he will serve his mission, he has to be trained for his mission for a few weeks before hand. After that, he will have a final farewell with his family and friends. Once he returns from his mission, he plans to continue his education at

Brigham Young University at Provo. Clark has been involved in multiple activities throughout the years. During his freshman year, he was in the beginning choir LA Harmony, on the boys’ water polo team, and varsity wrestling team. He had played water polo the summer before his freshman year and continued until the beginning of sophomore year to focus on wrestling. He continued to pursue wrestling instead of other sports because he made the varsity team his first year and his father was in wrestling at Los Altos when he was a teenager. While Clark had become captain his sophomore year and was part of Los Altos’ first team to qualify for CIF duals, he focused more on the sharing the bond of the sport with his father rather than the achievements. Clark added, “I live to make my parents proud and knowing what the sport means to my dad, it was more fulfilling to share my success with him every step of the way.” Although he may not continue wrestling in college, it was still a key in his high school career.

LAHS’ Future Site Designers Code Using Python Program Joshua Sanchez Pythons slither through LAHS students’ codes each Friday, when Cal Poly Pomona hosts their coding class after school from 3:00-5:00 PM for LAHS students in the F8 computer lab. Using the program “Thonny” they familiarize students with the python coding language. This free class is offered by Cal Poly Pomona’s Ignite program, and taught by several Python coders, including Anthony Graca, Daniel Gamboa, Zach Kysar, and Dave Luk Zachary Rank, David Silvan, Matthew Stevens, Mostafa Vahidi, and Tanya Wanwatanakool. “The big picture for Ignite is that students in middle school and high school are underexposed to Computer Science. Outside of the sparsely placed AP Computer Sciences, there is no way these students can explore CS, and when I was in High School, we weren't offered AP CS,” remarked one of the leaders on the project, Zach Kysar.

Kysar furthered, “This program is really important because it pushes for a new resource that students can pull from in order to explore CS as a career path before they move off to college.” There were five lessons in the program offered at Los Altos, and each lesson encompassed an hour of explanation, and an hour of implementation at each student’s own pace, with help from each python teacher. Similar to a traditional classroom, they engage students with questions regarding how things will be implemented, but unlike the normal classroom setting there is no calling upon students at random, and if nobody answers, they begin to explain how such code will be implemented without students feeling any anxiety if they do not know. The first python lesson encompassed the very basics of input and output. Teaching valuable lessons about type casting and other functions within the program. Something unique to the program is how typing "0" is not the same

After the final coding class, the group and their teachers took photos celebrating the class. as inputting 0, as one is a number and the other is a string. Another important note is how important tab spacing is to formatting the language and the importance of each space. Leaving the space is important, because without it, the user will start typing directly after the question mark, and it does not look as nice to the user's interface. Daniel Gamboa and Zach Kysar followed up the next lesson by going over how to implement and use the for and while loops, using all of the above knowledge combined with proper syntax to learn another practical application of python. Within this lesson

was a demo of how to print a box, to review the prior lesson and practice the loop syntax, and another game of coding up a popular number game. With this code, students programmed in their own “Higher or Lower” guessing game. Other games included the first demonstration of "Rock Paper Scissors" with if elif and else loops, "Mad Libs" demonstrating the "for" and "in range" commands, with finally a text RPG like in the theme of a "choose your own adventure" genre demonstrating lists and strings. The final class involved a demonstration of Pong and coding class students creating their own

game ideas and discussion on how to implement these ideas. Concluding their session at Los Altos they hope to come back, but those sessions were the only planned instances. Cal Poly Pomona’s Ignite program has also worked with Diamond Ranch High School, with summer camps at the college itself. This makes Los Altos very fortunate to have been chosen as the second school for them to work with, including students ranging from having backgrounds in computer science to no experience at all. Kysar explains, “Sometimes I find it to be quite intimidating to teach

Photo by Zach Kysar. students with absolutely zero background in Computer Science, but in general the high school students we've taught have far surpassed my expectations, last quarter at Los Altos was great.” Similarly, students like sophomore Andrew Kodous also enjoy the atmosphere of this class. Kodous remarked, “I feel that the program is a little complicated, but the teachers are nice helpful guys.” Regardless of how complex it may be, Zach Kysar said it best, “In general, any experience you can get your hands on with CS will help in the long run.”

May 2017


I, Valeria Contreras, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: My time here at LAHS has proven to be a memorable one in the sense I did quite an amount of maturing and have come across some lifetime friends. I would like to

acknowledge the AVID and band programs which I have dedicated all 4 years of my high school into, and would not change the memories or bonds I have established, even if my life depended on it. Through both of these programs I have found my self-worth and have decid-

ed to continue my education despite all the obstacles that have assumed my fate. Therefore, I would like to say thank you for everything, all the experiences. Youth has proven to be one of the most beautiful moments in life. #HYYH

I, Victorea Estrada, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: I leave the memory of procrastinating and faking it til we make it. After 4 long

years if hard work we are finally free. I will always remember the excitement of our first days back, and the nervousness of finals every year. Through the good

and the bad, Los Altos will always have a special place in my heart. As to my class, I wish you all the best and hope to see you all in the nearby future.

I, Jacqueline Mondregon, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To the seniors, I’m leaving the memory of fun tears

and struggles to finish off this year! We made it!! To my friends I kept my circle small this year and I’m glad I did! Shout out to Damaris, Marissa Robledo, Misael,

Brandon Coco, and Melissa Ortiz! The realest I had this year! It’s been the realest, good luck to the juniors, now seniors!

I, Lauren Gonzalez, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To all my fellow peers, congratulations! Some of us barely made it and I know you tried your best and managed to make it through.

Don’t feel like you need a diploma to be successful in life or go to college, you can make something of yourself without it! I think right now while we are young and still figuring life out it’s important to not forget who you are even if you don’t know

yet, don’t let life turn you into something you fear of becoming. I guess what I’m trying to say is enjoy your few years of adolescence you have left and enjoy the little things in life…

I, Denise Rodriguez a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: My string work ethic, I leave to Natalie Rodriguez. You make me so proud and I know you’ll do amazing in everything and anything you set your mind to. To all the

freshmen, enjoy high school and don’t try to grow up too fast, you’ll get there eventually. To the sophomores, be ready for a crazy year and be sure to do your very best in all your class. Juniors, get ready for your last year of high school and enjoy every moment of it. To my fellow

seniors, thank you for making my senior year so memorable! I will forever treasure all the good times live shared with you. I wish you all the very best on whatever you decide to do. I love you Los Altos, thank you for treating me so well.

I, Brina Meza, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby the following: PATTI DELGADILLO, I wish you continuos "happy birthday"'s for each upcoming 18th day of May. To my buddies, who know who they are, thank you for you and thank you for the good times. May there be many

more after this. Alex, thank you for always bringing the Andrew's Kids together. Mr. Contreras, thank you for your diversity, your expansive definition of feminism, your spirit, and your poetry. Mr. Fisher, thank you for all the wisdom and all the jokes (and the tv show recommendations). I am truly grateful

to have had you as a teacher for my final year. Ariana, my love, thank you thank you thank you for all that you've done for me, for others, and for all that you've contributed to the school. Thank you... much love to all!

I, Brandon Vicuna, a 2017 Conqueror staff member, hereby will the following: For next year I would like to will my music playlist filled with J. Cole songs to my best friend Jordan Ramirez. I also want to say thank you for being my best friend all through the years I have been at Los Altos and all the other years I have known him. I also will Jordan my jump shot because he will never be able to beat me at one on one and will not have a better jump shot than

me. I would like to will Julian Lopez my 2K talent because he cannot beat me and he always chokes every time he has a lead. I will Carolina Elizarraras the junior class because I know she will win junior class president. She is also my best friend and she is the female version of me and I wish her nothing but the best. I will Josie Osborne my snapchat skills so she will keep all her snap streaks because she has broken ours multipla times and the senior class because I believe she

will win senior class president. I leave Danny Plascencia all of my minutes on the basketball team and the many more he deserves. To Michael Sierra I leave the 2007 and 2011 Super Bowls that the New York Giants won. Both times defeating the New England Patriots. To Kaitlyn Orozco I leave all the Chance the Rapper music he has put out and that I have shown her over the past two years.

I, Toni Salazar, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Pearl Escobar I leave you all my band music and to never forget to stay happy

and humble. To Michael I leave you all the crazy moments and times we would get in trouble. To Nick Alvarez I leave you the squad spot and all the great mem-

ories left there. To my squad I love you all so much and wouldn’t want to have spent my four years with anybody else.

I, Janese Alvarado, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: I leave this school of hard work and dedication to the upcoming seniors. Grab

that paintbrush, read those books, kick that ball, make a touchdown, hit a homerun, act that line out, and dance your fullest. Sing that high pitch note, please don’t

squeak no more….no matter what you choose to take part in, make sure you aim for the stars, but still make mistakes though. <3 2017


I, Christopher Marquez, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: Seniors after 4 long years we finally are done. To the seniors I wish you luck for your senior year and enjoy every moment, because before you know it all will I, Tania Hernandez, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To all my AVID family and band peer who have created the best memories. Can’t believe these past four years went by in a blink of an eye.

be done. To the sophomores keep going you all will be juniors and are almost finished don’t give up just yet I promise all the trouble will be worth it at the end. Last to the Freshmans sophomore is an important year so don’t mess up and also don’t I am bless to have my friends Toni, Eddie, Yaya, and Jason C, who had made my last year a blessing. To all the underclassmen manage your time. Christian Manscal and Eddie don’t procrastinate. Make every day successful and make sure to have a

procrastinate it will only backfire lastly enjoy high school it’s your last ride before entering the real world so have fun and good luck. I would like to say thank you all for such a great journey the conquers will forever hold a place in my heart. 3.0 GPA or higher. Finally, Mama Crowther, thanks for all the support you gave me and Lagging for pushing me to reach the stars.

I, Jace Castro, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Joanna Calleja, a friend I’ve had since middle school. You’ve seen me through various points of my life and the transitions between them. You’ve dealt with me at my worst yet never left, even if it was extremely difficult to stay. You’ve always told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. For the entirety of our friendship, you’ve helped me figure out many trials I’ve faced and I can only hope I did the same. I don’t plan on losing you after this chapter of our lives so here’s to hopefully many more years of chisme, memes, and our friendship. To Chris Jhaveri, a friend who has helped me a billion times and never asked for anything in return. Whether it was staying up with me till three in the morning helping me write research papers or listen to my panic induced ranting or even helping me see a band that changed my life, you’ve helped me so much within the short time span we’ve know each other. I’m a difficult person and I’m aware of it but you’ve never lost patience with me. You let me talk about anything and let me write paragraphs upon paragraphs about even the things you didn’t know of or weren’t interested in. I don’t plan on getting rid of anyone who lets me talk that much so here’s to hoping you don’t get tired of me someday. To Brad, a friend who has been through lots. I know we’ve had an interesting four years of friendship and a lot has gone on. The road we paved wasn’t smooth by any means but we got there. I’m just really grateful to still have you as a friend. You’re a super tall meme lord but you’re also an incredibly smart and capable guy. Also a rad friend for helping me with some of the more tedious civics assignments. You’re the real homie. I’m really glad we met each oth-

er and even happier that we remained friends. I can only hope that we stay this way for a lot longer. To Cory, a friend with a car and money. Thanks for the rides and ramen. (Seriously though these past four years have been pretty eventful but through all the bad and the good, we’re still friends. Besides your taste in music and your passion for inviting me to things extremely last minute, I think the best part of these past four years was this last year. We’ve matured and have figured ourselves out a lot. I’m going to miss hanging out at choir concerts honestly. Our friendship was and will continue to be interesting, to say the least.) To the choir fam, an entire group of people who made my last year my best year. It was such an honor to be a part of Production Choir this year. You are all such amazingly talented people and were so much fun to be around. Even throughout the frustration of learning new music and new choreography and the drama of our own social lives, choir was always a safe place for me to be. Everyone accepted me and even helped me become more confident in myself. I’m sad that my first year in PC is also my last but I don’t regret a minute I spent with you all. Especially to my fellow altos who are some of the most talented gals I know. Thanks for letting this boy be an alto and for not treating me any differently than the others. To those close friends I made, I wish I could name you all but if you’re questioning if you are included in this group, chances are you 100% are. You guys are incredible and being able to be around you this year has made me a happier guy. To the underclassmen of choir, don’t worry. I’m going to be an overbearing choir dad and will come back to basically all your shows and competitions. I promise. I look forward to many more

late nights at Denny’s with you. To my lunch squad, a group of interesting underclassmen with dark humor and worsening depression. You guys are such good people despite all of our jokes. You’ve all dealt with persistent challenges in your lives but have all made it this far. That takes more strength and determination than most have. Junior year isn’t easy when you’re dealing with a little more than most are and senior year isn’t a blast either but you’re all intelligent and capable. It’s just one more year before you’re writing this too. Even if I’m going to be plagued by adult responsibilities, I’m still going to be as needy as ever and will need attention so we are most definitely going to hang out even after I leave. Good luck with all the senior stuff next year. (It’s not as bad as you think.) To Van Gundy, an interesting guy. I don’t know where to begin. You listened to literally all of my problems no matter how mundane or how dramatic they could be. I wish I could reference a few inside jokes in here but I’m not entirely sure how smoothly that would fly. I know we’ve never been directly sentimental towards each other but I do really appreciate you. You’ve always been one of my favorite people at Los Alto because talking to you always felt safe. It didn’t feel forced or awkward. It always felt like talking things out with a friend and the comfort that brought was so foreign to me. Now that I won’t have that available to me all the time, I’m just beginning to appreciate it so much more. You have helped me navigate the insanity that is high school. You and your voice have more influence on me than you could ever know. I’m incredibly grateful to have met you and I hope we keep in touch after all of this.


May 2017


I, Ashley Huerta, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: My craziness, I leave to Alexa Jacobo. You do you girl! I love your energy and I’ll miss you. My “party-party” I leave to my LA Rhythm girls. I hope you stay in choir and that you always believe in yourself. Remember what Lady Gaga sang, “I’m beautiful in my way.” You are all beautiful and talented musicians and I will miss being your president. Enjoy your lives and never doubt yourself. I hope you party like if I’m still there. Be the QUEENS that I taught you to be this year. Love

ya! I leave my organization skills to the AVID underclassmen. Don’t drop out! Ms. Crowther will always be there for you no matter what happens. Ms. Crowther I leave you my millions of questions. Haha! You taught me to always stand up for what I believe in and I will forever be grateful. Choir students: have patience and remember to LIVE IN THE NOW! Always do what you love and have fun! Music is supposed to be fun, not a chore, so have fun! I leave my passion and love for choir to Carlos Zelaya. I know that you will do amazing things in life and I really

do hope that music will be a constant in your life. You better keep Mr. Fahey busy and on his toes. Mr. Fahey I leave my positiveness. I hope that you continue to look for the positive in your life. Have fun and teach the future Women’s Ensemble/LA Rhythm girls to be queens and love each other. And all the other students that I know but cannot think of at this moment: have fun! Enjoy! Have respect! And be responsible! Always be confident and make the most of these moments! I love you Los Altos and thank you for your time!

I, Mia Mercado, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To the LAHS volleyball team, leave a legacy to remember and will always support the team no matter what will always be a child of Jaime and Tim despite how old I get. To Danyelle and Priscilla, always be there when you guys need me no matter how far away we are. To never forget the memories we made in high school but make more in the near future. Promise to be sisters and though the bad times fight though it together!

To Mom, Nana, Papa, I’m working hard for myself but my motivation is you guys. I promise to never give up and always try my best in anything I do. I wish to make you guys proud in everything I do to thank you for all the opportunities you gave me. To my child Nala and school child Chris Kissling, Nala I barely got you this year but I will love you forever and take care of you like an actual child. You may be a dog but you mean the world to me. To my little freshman Chris, keep pushing you have a long way ahead of you but

it is going to go by in a blink of an eye. I promise to come back home to watch your volleyball games to support you. You will always have a special place in my heart, both you and Nala! To myself, I promise to always keep my morals no matter how hard it gets and always be the heal me. I promise to work hard for myself and strive for success. Though the hard times always think of your loved ones such as family and friends around you, because I’m very grateful and blessed for everything I have.

I, Brandon Coco, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: Thank those who supported me. I am appreciative of the hell my teachers and peers granted me. I will forever

be grateful for all my high school experiences. I plan to continue my life as an audio engineer using all the characteristics of hard work and consistency I learned in high school. In high school I

learned how to love, laugh, and how to handle downfalls. I’ve been through good times and bad times, and now it’s time to enter into the adult world with an open mind. Good luck to me.

dedication to a successful presidency. I will every cherished memory of service, along with Los Altos holding the reigns of Division News Editor. To the juniors, the holy table. To Christopher Kenji Leung, Kevin Pan, and James Tang, a sense of relaxation. Don’t go too crazy in college! I ‘m watching you, Kevin. To Irene Chia, willful love advice. To Tiffany Liao, my vigor. Keep all the boys in check. T stands for tough! To Jasper Lin, the title of a “nice friend”.

Honored to be your right hand lady at Mr. Conqueror. To Daniel Dao, crazy nights filled with dancing to Sia and crying. Two of the best combos. Take care at Riverside! To the trio, Britney Pham and Angel Yun-Ting Lee, endless food runs and resemblance to the PowerPuff girls. I will the remembrance of a group chat full of dog photos. Much love for Rylan, Kell Bellz, Shakey, and Snowball. To Century Yang, a plethora of my uttermost top notch memes and twin-like characteristics. I won’t forget our memeries. Cheers to my April 19th brother! To Jason, all things beloved, including my heart. I will you the interest in medical sciences, for taking my pulse in the ambulance is a step forward as an economics major. Thank you Jason Kwan. Oh yeah, and to my other beloved, Jason. Changchang, I will you my love for ice cream to sweeten stressed times (yet nothing can be sweeter than me). To Jonathan Chang, more home privacy and chocolate pudding.

I, Sarah Yee, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Mr. Giang, motivation to “MOVE YOUR FEET” piled with an immense amount of salt. To Mrs. Banda, a “lit” year and smooth sailings with yearbook endeavors. Mr. Peregrine Pickle will never be forgotten. To Mr. Ackermann, one less broken beaker. To Mrs. Mann, a sick sin/cos from a nice bike ride. To Brianna Chang, an abundance of Key Club love and

It’s been a crazy 8 years. to the Class of 2017, best of luck to all your endeavours and thanks for making my high school experience one for the books! to Jeffrey Ho, my league account so that you can boost me to gold by the end of the season. to Patrick Akarapimand, my cockiness. Plow through everyone you meet. to Jeremy Chen, my eccentricity. You always liven up the classroom with whatever you say and do. to Brianna Chang, my English skills and a banana. I know how much math is not an option for you so English it is! to Tiffany Liao, my skills as an arguer for mock trial. I know that you’ll have mock trial move on next year! to Century Yang, the Asian table and leader of mock trial’s defense team. Take good care of the table and carry the team! to Jason Chang, my first name and Sarah Yee. They are very precious to me so cherish both of them after I leave! to Jonathan Chang, everything you need to get into UCLA so we can both have super lit adventures. And the title as Jason Kwan’s favorite underclassman and best friend! to the Class of 2018, the school. Juniors, you are all in charge now. Please don’t burn down the place after we leave. Thanks! :)

I, Jason Kwan, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: to Mrs. Banda, another year of crazy students to drive you crazy with interesting interpretations of poems and annotations. to Mr. Ho, a new catchphrase. YEAH THAT’S IT MR. HO, CHRIS AND I ARE FINALLY LEAVNG. to Mrs. Gilbert, the nickname of “The God.” to Mr. Hedell, a great TA to grade your stuff and annoy you next year. I know no one will be as great as me though. to Ms. Montgomery, a year of clean presentations of Invisible Man. to the teachers of Los Altos, the strength to go on teaching knowing that the best generation of kids just left. to Angel Li, my presentation capabilities. Speak more! to Kevin Pan, my quietness.

Speak less. to Jasper Lin, my social progressivism. Don’t get jumped in Berkeley. to Irene Chia, Je-sus. That is all to David Perez, my eternal gratitude for helping me in Spanish as well as the title of honorary Asian. to Wednesday Osuna, a successful relationship with Santiago and the memories we shared from APUSH. to Santiago Torres, a successful relationship with Wednesday as well as the title of honorary Asian. to Britney Pham, my friendship since kindergarten. We were the original besties. to Sarah Yee, the crazy experience of surviving through a car crash together. to Christopher Leung, my math skills. I know how much you'll need them. to James Tang, the longest friendship I have ever had.

I, Angel Carillo. a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Joseph: You are such an amazing friend! Glad to have you around, and always there to make me laugh and there to give me a hand when I am feeling down. Remember that one time at band camp where we were practicing shirtless until we got in trouble? That was fun. It going to be a fun set of years after we graduate, although we will not see each other for a while, I wish you much luck in the Marines! To all you band kids (I would write all your names, but that would blow my word limits out of the roof. But you guys know who

you guys are): It has been an amazing set of 4 years being in band, but all the value comes from you guys! Being around you all makes me feel strong and I feel like a family surrounds me every time I walk around the band room. Those parties at Big Mac's were pretty lit. So was Disneyland. So was all those competitions and concerts. Every moment is lit with you guys around! I will miss all you guys! To Jasmine: This has been a short year with you! I wish I would have known you so much earlier. You are amazing! I'm glad to have met you these last months though. I have had the best of my memories these past

4 years of high school with you in these last few weeks. :) I hope you find much happiness these next few years, though. I wish you have an amazing next 3 years. I love you! To everyone I spend time with, especially to all you freshmen and sophomores: I hope I left you all impacted full of amazing memories, and I wish you have an awesome set of years after this. If there is one piece of advice I have for you, it is to do what you want to do. This is your high school experience, and your high school memories, so make these a memorable one. :)

I, Andrew Lopez, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: As the years of high school are coming to an end, it is a time of reflection of what is now in the past. These past years have been a rollercoaster of emotion as it is a bittersweet end to an amazing ride. To the many teachers at LA who have had

an influence on my life and character, I thank you for being there when I needed you and for pushing me to reach my full potential. To my friends whom I now call family, you guys are some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. You’ve been there for my ups and my downs and would always welcome me

with open arms no matter the situation. I’m so blessed and thankful to have you all in my life, I love you all. All in all, make the most of your high school career as you will meet some of the most amazing people in your life, I know I sure have. Here’s to the years ahead of us as I will have my family by my side through thick or thin.

May 2017


I, James Liu Tang, a graduate of the Los Altos High School class of the 2017, hereby will the following: to Aaron Kim, my role as ASB Club Commissioner (maybe); to Alexis Mendoza, my nonexistent poster making skills; to Alice Huang, my treasurer skills; to Amara Overmyer, my boy Cesar Moreno; to Amy Tam, my reputation as the crazily involved Asian student; to Andre Lagrosa, my addiction to anime; to Bianca Flores, my boy Isaac Ibarra; to Blake Rozsa, my nonexistent physics skills; to Brandon Bravo, my “hanged out” memories; to Breeze Hernandez, my patience; to Brittney Delgado, my boy Nick Juarez; to Briana Chang, my nonexistent dictatorship of Key Club; to Carolina Elizarraras, my boy Jonathan Chang; to Century Yang, my glasses whenever you lose yours; to Chris Kissling, my nonexistent volleyball skills; to Douglass Lin, my nonexistent basketball skills; to Elaine Fukushima, my nonexistent Japanese skills; to Emily Jin, my taekwondo skills; to Goldwin Tang, my last name; to Isaac Ibarra, my nonexistent roles as ASB and Promoting Animal Welfare Club vice president; to Jason Chang, my role as Promoting Animal Welfare Club president and my acceptance I, Isabel Montero, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To the Underclassmen, the feeling of acceptance and school spirit that I received when I went to my first football game my freshman year. Each one of you deserves to feel a part of something great. To all AP Students, the ability of time management, the drive to try your best, and the power not to procrastinate. Don’t do it. I promise you. You will regret it. To the Super Six, the desire to go out and do anything your heart desires. Thank you guys for the years of friendship, the wonderful I, Julianna Gaeta, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Amara, I leave you with all the memories we shared this year. Our constant laughter, jokes, and trust. I love you. To Raquel, I leave you with so much love. My rockle. I’ve grown close to you in such a short amount of time, and I’m glad I did. You have been there for through it all. Please stay the way you

to UC San Diego; to Jason Soo Hoo, my nonexistent waterpolo skills; to Jeffrey Ho, my Puzzles and Dragons account; to Jella Lu, my role as Asian Students Association president; to Jeremy Chen, my uniqueness; to Jessica Espinosa, my quietness; to Jessica Pahimna, my nonexistent role as Miss Philippines; to Jonathan Chang, my role as Promoting Animal Welfare Club president and my (?nonexistent?) acceptance to UCLA; to Jonathan Huang, my garden; to Josie Osborn, my outgoingness; to Junior Lerma, my daily smiles; to Justin Ochoa, my nonexistent track skills; to Maria Rodriguez, my directness; to Mariana Gonzales, my historian skills; to Matt Shozuya, memories, and for each taking part in who I have become. To my fellow Yerds, the urge to use your talents of creativity in the future to create something as special and awesome as the Yearbook. I have had an amazing experience being on the staff and am grateful to have gotten to work with such fantastic people. If anyone else is reading this who is debating on being in Yearbook…do it. Shout out to Mrs. Banda for not only being a great AP Literature teacher, but also overseeing the chaotic beauty that is Yearbook. To anyone who comes across it, a wooden table that are. To Ivy, I leave you with all our deep, random conversations. It’s always nice talking to you, and joking with you. I’ll hold 5th period shenanigans close to my heart. Thank you for always making me laugh and smile; I hope I do the same for you. To TOMORROW’S EFFECT: I love you guys. Never stop being amazing. I leave you with the knowledge that you’re on to great

my tennis skills; to Melanie Alfaro, my picking up guys skills; to Melissa Chadwick, my joy; to Mille Suthasri, my optimism; to Patrick Akarapimand, my confidence; to Pete Aguirre, my acceptance to UC Berkeley, to Raina Lee, my flexibility; to Ryan Lau, my secretary skills; to Sabrina Valdez, my nonexistent role as ASB President; to Soledad Sibal, my creativity; to Tiffany Hsu, my nonexistent dance skills; to Tiffany Liao, my academic success; to Vanessa Chen, my nonexistent piano skills; to Vicky Zhai, my nonexistent Chinese skills; to Zenrick Phillip Banawa, my nonexistent role as Varsity Boys Tennis Captain; and to every other underclassmen, the best of luck in the future. has held many great memories that I will always be able to look back on with a smile. This table is located right next to the Senior Kiosk and although there are some drawbacks to this area, such as the lack of shade and the fact that the paint on the table is slowly being chipped away (To be honest it looks pretty rough), it has been a great table to me and I hope more memories can be made there. To my Graduating Class, the excitement that comes with knowing that as this chapter of our lives comes to a close, the next one has yet to be written. Make it exciting, daring, and unforgettable. things. To Raymond; you already know. I leave you with all my love and affection. You’re my best friend. To the super six: we all went our separate ways and grew up and grew out. It was a nice run :) I leave you with nothing but good wishes. To my Amigas: Friends for life. Thank you for having my back always. To the class of 2017: we did it. Let’s get outta here.

I, Daniel Api, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To all my friends who are graduating and those who

aren’t quite there yet, thank you for all the memories and fun times we’ve been through. It has been really fun, and also pretty tough,

but we’ve made it to the next step in our lives. I hope the best to all of you, good luck!


I, Jasmine Alonzo, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Jarod Lucas, we do not know each other but, I will you the power to be who you are. This life is too short to not live it to the fullest. Be you completely, wholly, authentically. Use your position for others, bring this campus positivity and make a change because you have the ability to do so. To the most talented freshmen I know, Malia Edwards and Amara Overmyer, never forget the love you have for performing, for music, and

whatever else captures your heart. Live and perform as if it will be your last day, your last performance. I will you no regrets and the fullness of life. To all my senior friends I have connected with on a deeper level this school year, Julianna, Sumitra, Samantha, Janine, Melia, Carl, Andrew, Sabrina, Joshy, Shelsea, Melanie, Lisa, Iris, Sophia, I will you the best of luck, love, and life in your future. For my dance team of four years, every season has brought new friends, new fruit, and it has only gotten better and better.

Continue to dance and move everywhere you are. Thank you for making me a proud captain. To my brothers and sisters in Conquerors for Christ, keep the faith and let God move through you always. To Junior, I will you the strength and endurance to take on this new chapter of your life with God by your side. To my dearest friends, David and Irene, thank you for showing and sharing God’s love to all people. You two are closest to my heart.

I, Jason Aranda, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby the following: be you. Be you no matter what anybody says or does to you. High school might be tough because all the work, people, and tasks the school gives you. School doesn’t prove if you’re smart or not because school is just work that could be done of I, Victor De La Cruz, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

you really try, school shows and teaches you how to be responsible. Be responsible. Do the work the teachers give you and impress others with the knowledge you inherit by your family. Be the perfect example to younger generations showing you could have fun while learning new things. These four Thanks to my idol that got me through school, Lebron James. Shout out to all of my soccer and volleyball teammates

years will shape you to be the person who you will be in the future. Question yourself, how do you want to live in the future? Successful or living knowing you could’ve done better? Love yourself, love others around you. Be the best, act the best, and show others how to be the best. for always pushing me to be my best self. Shout out to my English class group Mateo, Brandon, and Josh.

I, Irene Chia, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: Amazing future years as our Principal, Mr.Hess: Thank you for all the hard work and energy you have put in to improve LAHS. More Fahey facts, Fahey: Thank you for enduring me in class for 3 years! Actors who can listen to directions, Isley: I'll miss those winter play practices and amazing while also sarcastic directing jokes. Good Ted Talks and CREATIVITY, Monty: I love you Monty! More Yoga mats and Tea time, Hedell: Sorry for getting a 3 on AP Lang but I know you'll always NAMASLAY. Thanks to all my amazing teachers these four years! The three C's, chocolate cookies and coffee, and some more Wordsworth, Banda: I never got to do Yearbook but I did experience the best teaching and class in ApLiterature! Coffee, chick-fil-a, and or-

ange fruit punch, Neves: Los Altos will miss you for sure and I'm so glad to have been in your one-of-a-kind Calculus BC class! Brownie mix and biking gear, Mann: you have been an amazing advisor and guide for me all these years, truly blessing me with strong spiritual leadership! Classroom supplies and blessings, Gilek: thanks for letting us always use your room! Bible verses, sunflowers, and more time with me, Jasmine & David, you guys have kept me going and thanks for dealing with all the good and bad parts of me, hehe. All the best fortunes, Sarah: cheers to some more car talks and Hilarious car memories ;) Love potions, Jason didi: You are basically Puck, I'll always be there if you need anything <3. Better driving skills, JT: You are always so hardworking, keep it up because you will change the world! More good times,

Kevin, Chris, Angel, Britney: Let’s keep in contact and have more board game nights! Best wishes, laughs, and wins, Santiago and Jack: You guys are the best couple, don't break up after high school! My favorite music, Isaiah, Melia, Sophia: You have beautiful voices AND beautiful hearts, I'll miss singing with you. More views, Sumitra: For you to become YouTube famous so I can say that my outfits would* have been planned by a brave Fashionista! More adorable smiles, Carl: You had the best prom asking but also the best heart ♥ Strength, Love, and Success, Mandy, Marcela, Ada, Hanna, Kevin Lee, Sabrina (x2), Rose, Daphne, Adam, Juan, Alicia, Alexis (x2) all my senior friends: may your future be blessed for years to come! Luck, Resources, Bravery, Endurance, Humility and Patience to all my juniors especially Ashley, Jella, Brianna, Tiffany, Goldwin, Rick, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Patrick, Brandon, Zenrick, Century, Jason, Blake, Junior who have fought over the struggle of junior year and will be applying to colleges soon. You guys have been an inspiration to me, making me a better person, thank you! To my underclassmen especially Amy, Zoe, Kimmy, Sophia, Aaron (x2), Britney, John, Michael, Elaine, Jonathan, Alexis, Edgar: your adventure has just begun! I believe in you.


May 2017


I, Joshua Sanchez, graduate of 2017 and Conqueror staff member, hereby will the following: First and foremost, my dedication to this program I will to the new editor-in-chief Nicolas Hernandez. May you find the joy in organizing Journalism next year, and hopefully you will fix all my errors of this year to improve the publication in the future. Just for you Nick, I want to leave you with personal advice for your leadership. Don’t be afraid to be harsh to the new staff within reason and stand up for yourself. My position I tentatively (because I’m not your adviser!) will to Karla Galaviz and Brittney Cundiff, both of you have strong personalities and idealism that I went in with. I have seen Karla’s work ethic firsthand at the Art Walk, and Brittney’s idea of reshaping her life and using this program as a means to do so was the same as my own. I’m confident in both of your abilities and wish you two the best of luck in managing. The only piece of advice I have for you is to make sure you communicate in ways I haven’t, but I am confident that you two will let everyone know how things should be. I physically will this program my legal pads with the story gen ideas I penned last year, including ideas on how to run the program better. I hope Karla, Brittney, or Nick picks up one of these pads and fills my role of transcribing the events and organizing everything on legal pads. Since our program now has flash drives, I’ll take back the copy editor drives I originally used and import everything I have ever done for this program onto the master hard drive, a copy of my famous green SanDisk drive. I hope any legacy I left for this program may be preserved through those files, and learning from my successes and failures in publishing and producing. Regardless, that bear atop the computers is watching over the program for me.

I would also like to will out many thanks and appreciation to Sabrina Sanchez for her graphic help with every issue, and Mateo Sandoval for his guidance in teaching me how to create a newspaper from nothing but stories and dedicarion. You two are the best for helping me make this all possible. There are several spots on campus I have fond memories of, whether it be with my love, the guys, or the “Super Six.” These memories include being informally interviewed by our old blue chipped lunch table (near the Senior Kiosk), or even the memories of the traditional spot in the gym I would always film dance performances from. The vast memories around the red mushroom table and kiosk, including when my best friend Adrian unintentionally told my Janese (indirectly through her friend that came up to us asking about me) a joke that ended up in her thinking I was not into girls because of his “comedy”, making for a chuckle and memorable bittersweet shared experience. Although I am not a libertarian like Mr. Park, I do share the belief we can not truly give out or will land, and when the government gives handouts…. James Liu Tang is and always will be my inspiration for work ethic. Although I cannot hold a candle to the ASB Club Commissioner, I hold true that my efforts in Journalism were a direct reflection of my attempts to emulate this incredible individual. He made time for everyone, regardless of who they were. He singlehandedly helped Chen set up the festivals and even hosted the event that he made happen. I hope that my time with the paper was even a 1/10 of JT’s impact to the New Year Festival. To the other Chen, Jeremy Chen, remember that song and relax when you present, you’re great. For teachers, Mrs. Banda, Mr. Ho, Mrs. Chen, and of course Ms. Guzman have all

played a strong influence in my life. I made a sort of deal with myself after 5th grade that I wouldn’t cry at school anymore after being told to “man up” but each of these teachers has had enough of an impact on me to actually feel something in and to them and their respective classes. It makes me truly sad that these four teachers are so often overlooked. I mean I would’ve included Monty in my list because she broke me out of my shell, but everybody talks about Monty; I want to see more people talk about these four! Banda’s dedication to poetry and all the class discussions, Ho’s discussions with (Anthony) Teran and myself over politics and games, Chen’s unwavering support for all of her students along with the talks she gave the class, and finally Guzman’s advice and time commitment to the program will all stick with me for the years to come. I would further embellish my thoughts and appreciation for these four, but this is getting long as everything I write does, so I conclude with the single person that had the most impact on me that I’ll see outside this campus for many years to come. Personally, the one person who saved my life and got me out of some real dark times however is my love, and if I were to say one thing to the underclassmen it would be to love someone and find someone who loves you as much as you love them, whether it be family or a significant other. They will motivate you and give you reason to keep going. As such, I must thank the reason I carry on, the only thing this school has given me aside from the standard mentoring. On October 27, 2016 LAHS gave me the ability to meet the love of my life and I must thank LAHS for that, but mostly I must thank my Janesey herself, you make everything “oki” and I love you, Janese Emilie Alvarado, to the moon and back.

I, Oswaldo Escobar, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following:

Let the underclassmen to start fresh and cool. Keep it real, don’t let lose your groove. Start funky fresh

and live it up with no regrets. P.S. Math is hard, but never give up on it. :D

I, Amber Boyd, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: High school has shaped me to become the independent person I am today. For all the underclassmen, I highly advise to take advantage of the resources this school has to offer because they help guide you to become independent. Also attend any

school events that you possibly can, once it is around graduation, you're going to miss those late night football games, the drum line playing, and those rallies. Cherish those moments before they're gone. To my soccer girls, keep striving to be the best players and individuals you can be. Stay hungry and keep

playing hard! I believe in all of you to come out on top. To my 4x100 girls, thank you for the best years at this school. You guys made track season the best! Claudia and Annamae, keep working hard and never give up. I will miss all you who have impacted me in the past 4 years.

I, Brooke Contreras, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To ASB to have a successful year! To Chris Kissling , you will win CIF and go to D1 board in Hawaii. To the

water polo gals to win league and make it to CIF Finals?! And to Sam, to have a fun senior year with your friends and Oliie and don’t forget there is always room for ice cream. To Ms. Shin I wish you a

successful career and possibly you’ll come back to ASB. To Mr. Hedell, I leave you the memory of that long line to see One Direction, and don’t forget Harry Styles is mine, but we can go see him in concern together!

I, Christian Ledezma, a 2017 Conqueror staff member, herby will the following: To Caley Asbee thanks for the laughs, I will you writing pen so that you may continue your journalism in the future. To my snares in Drumline thank for an amazing last season you’ve all grown so much as performers and are the best snareline I’ve been on, to you I will the attributes of clarity and hard work so that you may continue your growth as people and drummers. To my GSA club I will you all the ability to bring people together

and have pride in who you are, you are all amazing people that will for the rights of the LGBTQ community. To Isabel Ivy I will you my work ethic, I know it’s been a rough year and you’ve put in a lot of work to get where you are, keep working and enjoy your senior year! To Alex Aceves I will you my calmness, there will be times in your future where things may go wrong and it may seem like there is nowhere to go however, in times like this you need to stay calm and push through, you’re going to go on and do amazing

things. To Samantha Bardsley, I will you my strength, know that you can do anything as you are a kind and incredible person, don’t let other people take you down. To Justin Pungprechawat, I will you my leadership position. You’re going to be an amazing section leader your senior year, and remember to be confident in who you are and true to yourself as you are a wonderful person and a great drummer capable of leading people to success.

I, Annissa Guerrero, a graduate of the Class of 2017, with a somewhat sound mind, body and soul hereby will the following items to those who have made me into the person I am today. To the Mrs. Banda and Ms. Montgomery, who gave me the tools to appreciate the wonderful world of the written word and life lessons that I will always remember, I leave you all the books I have annotated furiously throughout these four years. To my AP Literature class, I leave you all the poems that blew our minds and the numerous interpretations that bloomed from these works, even Jason’s twisted understanding about the poems. To AP Government class, I leave all the guided readings we had to complete, each current event we had to say and all the insightful and savage comments made by Mr. Nares. To the Yearbook Staff, I leave you all the spreads that we created together and the endless beach balls of death we had to endure. To Sarah and Halli, I leave you the endless laughs and conversations we had during math class when we were supposed to be paying attention. To Brina, Juli, Sabrina, Izzy and Kaylee, I leave you all the memories of sleepless sleepovers, endless laughs and conversations, and numerous birthday parties that I posses now in my memory throughout nearly nine years of friendship, as you all have molded me into the person I am today and I can never thank you all enough for what you have done for me. Individually, Sabrina, I leave you my Beauty and the Beast playbook from the first play we saw together; Juli, I leave

you all my One Direction memorabilia and the mutual love we shared for them; Brina, I leave you all our cheerleading and Andrews photos we have together and all my love and support in whatever you do, Izzy, I leave you my signed Walking Dead poster to go with your others and all my favorite books that I hope you have never read, and of course, Kaylee, I leave you every Sherlock discussion we have ever had and a row of ducks because you always say how you need to get your ducks in a row. To Mateo, I leave you the memories of the conversations we have had walking through the hallways of school throughout these four years as my friend, a calendar because you clearly cannot count that we have know each other for six years and also the memory that you will owe me some money when I win the bet in a few years. To Andrew, I leave you one final poke and the declaration that I won the poke war after four years. To JT, I leave the random conversations we have had and each time you have amazed me with your infectious determined, funny and kind personality. To my little brother Aidan, I leave you all the “arguments” that you won’t be able to start with me while I am in Oregon and the trash to take out every Wednesday. To my second family, my soccer girls, Amber, Sydney, Alicia, Lizeth, Frida, Lexxi, Cam, Juli, Kaitlyn, Carina, Brittney, Audrey, Madison, Alexa, Ariana, Vanessa, Jelly, Sav, Sophia, Alexis Mendoza and Alexis Cardenas, to name a few, I leave all the laughs we shared together, all the blood, sweat and tears

we shed and the makeshift karaoke sessions we had on the bus. I wish I could thank each one of you individually because every one of you has impacted me in some way, but then this will would never end. To my fellow keepers, Wendy and Andria, I leave all the jokes we made while in the net, the numerous goals we saved throughout these three years and the endless warm-up drills we did before every game, with Wendy placing the cones in a perfect line each time. To Coach Justine and Coach Andrew, I leave you all the awards and honors I have ever gotten in soccer because without your constant support and dedication, I would have not been able to play soccer for Los Altos in the first place and I would have never been given these honors. To Toni, I leave my travel book for you to keep track of each new place, whether near or far, that you go to; all the pointless, deep or just funny conversations that we have had together and each piece of advice you have given me, as you have helped me so much through this year even if you did not know it. There are no combination of words that can express my gratitude for what you have given me, Toni; so all I can say is thank you. To my parents, I leave everything else I have as it is only in my possession because of your constant support, love and care throughout these eighteen years. Finally, to the Class of 2017, I leave you with the memories we have created together, as these memories are what will always remind me of what it felt like to be a conqueror.

May 2017



I, Mateo Sandoval, a graduate of the Class of 2017, hereby will the following: To Sabrina Meza, I will you a life of strength, a promise of care and more questionable ideas. Thank you for keeping your bearings all throughout the time I’ve known you. You represent a great amount of will and fortitude to our friends, people who certainly want to remember and know you. I apologize once again for silence as of late, and my insistence to speak of unpleasant things. I regret not being a more active and understanding friend. It has been nothing short of a great privilege to know and study alongside you, and I pray you understand that. Hopefully, I’ll see you up north, friend. To Arianna Balderama, I will you my immense gratitude. Thank you for taking care of my friend, and becoming mine later on. I don’t know you quite well, but I can gather that you are simply delightful company. May your life’s journey be fulfilling, and your success be great. To Annissa Guerrero, I will you nothing. Truth be told, you don’t need anything. You are a culmination of what I someday aspire to be. Diligence and amiable nature have always been very useful. Your compulsive reading, frankly odd music tastes, and classic wit are incredibly becoming traits for a young woman. You have all the traits necessary for living on your own, and I think independence will be your greatest source of catharsis. Sorry for wasting your time, by the way. Hopefully, you can rectify that in the future. To Sabrina Sanchez, I will you my deep care for vocabulary and syntax. Not because I think you are incapable of using those tools, but because I think that your thoughts, so full of love and understanding, should be expanded upon and cele-

brated more. Thank you for being my first female friend, and expanding my scope of socialization. I would be a sorry excuse of a young man had I not met you, buddy. To Julianna Gaeta, I will you my self-honesty. You have been an anchor for your group. Even in the most trying times, they can admit that your presence hasn’t been altogether negative. Thank you for always greeting me with a warm smile, through thick and thin alike. Thank you for grounding me when my thoughts and actions became ridiculous. You will become fulfilled as long as you are yourself. To Isabel Montero, I will you my loud nature. I’ve read pieces of your work, and I think your self-expression is nearly unparalleled. You should speak more. Not only can your ideas shape other people’s minds, but they can hone and improve your own. I await the day when your mind is dangerously sharp, rife with cunning wit and a signature kindness and humor only belonging to you. To Kaylee Shozuya, I will you more fun in your life. You have interesting to know. You certainly seem to always withstand trauma from sports, and have fun with just about every occurrence that passes through your life. I can only hope that positivity endures throughout your time. To Tiffany Liao, I will you my laugh. Kidding of course; your laugh is delightful, regardless of its mocking by others. Your personality is a fun type of mean that brightens my day every time I walk into Economics. People should feel scared and excited to meet you, Miss Liao. I am glad to have worked alongside you in Journalism, and wish every so often for those days once again. Thank you for being insightful and helpful, and for the apology regarding the mock trial bus.

To Amy Tam, I will you sleep. Your hard work will not go unnoticed, ever. The strive for self-betterment and education people see in you is great, and that determination can only lead to worthwhile opportunities in your future. Thank you for being a great new friend. To Nicolas Hernandez, I will you the Position of Editor-in-Chief and my trademark exasperation and anger. Those traits are necessary to manage a Journalism Class. Your puns exude friendliness, but you should also attain a level of serious nature. Furthermore, I will you happiness in your future endeavors. You are a formidable worker, and I have never done anything less than appreciate your presence and work. Thanks for proving to me that I can still be a friend to people. To James Tang, I will you everything. Seriously, everything imaginable. I find a severe lack of flaw in your character, sir. Everything from your supreme dedication, to your incredibly generous and genuine personality, to your care for your family, are signs of just how good of a person you are. I would hate to have never known you, as you have shown me how to be determined and realistic in all walks of life. It would be a shame to not contact you in the future, as I feel I can learn even more from your actions. Thank you for working alongside me, and I wish you nothing but the best at USC. To Joshua Sanchez, I will you a lifetime of peace. I have always appreciated your brutal honesty and flaming tenacity when a task is laid before you. I come to expect nothing less, but I feel you should take a backseat to life sometimes. It does feel quite odd to have so much out of control, but trying to control too much will lead someone to ruin. I think you will easily earn what you dedicate

yourself towards. Have a nice life, sir. To Luis Lopez, I will you an abundance of laughs and independence. Thank you for being my first friend in this district. I value our friendship, and have never doubted that you are a kind and well-meaning individual. Thanks for the games; I aim to play with the entire group and maintain contact with you. To Cory Huang, I will you a yearly get together for tea. Daiso Trips to raid the tea fridge stay in my memory as displays of your accepting and fraternal nature. Thank you for being a great ear to my monologues, and I will you academic success at Fullerton. Thanks, man. This year has been unforgettable. To Seth Putnam, I will you normality. Despite your life and our odd greetings every day, I believe you deserve some amount of straightforwardness and concrete happiness. Your ideas are worth something, and people enjoy your company and generosity immensely. Thank you for being a friendly face to see during my trudge to class. To Christian Ledezma, I will you my seriousness. When your work meets crunch time, you’ll need all you can get. I won’t soon forget the walks to your house, pouring out heart and soul, good and bad times alike. Thanks for driving me around, especially after wisdom tooth removal; that was great. Hopefully, we’ll cross paths again sometime. I’d hate to lose you. To Andrew Lopez, I will you preservation. You have been nothing if not hospitable to me, sir. I thank you for talking to me when you did, and am sad to see you even slightly demoralized in these final days of ours. I enjoy the fraternity and familiarity that comes with knowing you, and will be sincerely missing your humor and care when I leave. To Mr. Fisher, I will you

patience. Thank you for reinvigorating my love for literature and writing. The summer class was perhaps the best; it is a shame that it was to make up credit. Please impart the same passion for the English language you’ve given to me to my brother. Thank you for listening to problems, for proposing solutions, for being a delightful and stoic individual to know. To Mr. Nares, I will you continuity. Please, never change. You helped me select my major through your unfettered passion for Government, and have always demonstrated a unique care for your students. Thank you for being the teacher I needed to recognize that care for a subject is just as important as its comprehension. I hope your family is okay, and wish you and Katrina nothing but the best. To Mr. Van Gundy, I will you general mirth and fulfillment. Thank you for working with me through turbulent times, and helping me realize who I wanted to be. I hope your family is doing well, and that you get easy students to work with next year. You work a lot to ensure our lives are on track, so yours should be too. Thank you, sir. To Mr. Ho, I will you easier students to work with as well. I think criticisms of you are frankly undue. Thank you for being my Calculus teacher, and for teaching me to like math all over again. I learned to grow a large distaste for pre-calculus, and so you made the classroom fun again by being straightforward and fair. To Mr. Hess, I will you nothing as well. Congratulations on your principality here; we all wanted and needed it, desperately. Truth be told, you have been the most qualified person to represent who Los Altos Conquerors are. Thank you for taking care of my journalism staff and having faith in us. We

are grateful. If I could ask something of you, it would be to do the same in future years. Thank you, sir. A la señora Flores-Vargas ya la señora Muñoz, gracias por enseñarme español con gran vigor y atención al detalle. Me has permitido hablar con mi familia más fácilmente, y por eso, estoy increíblemente agradecido. No aprendí español como un niño, y siempre fue señalado por no saberlo. Espero que tengas buenas vidas. To Ms. Guzman, I will you fair curriculums and better journalism years. Thank you for overseeing my growth in three years, through some truly horrible times, to when I realized I would go to university. I thank you for every time we drank coffee and stayed late for layout. I have never been shown such an unadulterated care and understanding for a classroom and its students, and so I thank you for those aspects too. Thank you for bringing my head back to reality when people needed me most, and I only hope I haven’t failed you in proving my worth as a student. I aim to come back and work on layout some time. I’ll buy some food and nice coffee grounds. To people attending Mt. SAC and Rio Hondo, I will you respect. I’ve seen too many people be ashamed of saying their college name; that is incredibly unfair to yourself. You are bettering yourself, and that is precious, regardless of where it comes from. To the unmentioned, or Class of 2017 in general, I will you an epiphany. Many of you are stuck in bad places, some of you can dig yourselves out. You are all helpful and intelligent people, and I want to see adversaries change tone, making friends by the dozen and leaving no stone unturned. It may be unrealistic, but life can be one big mess anyway, so why not just be kind to each other?

I, Juan Morales, a 2017 Conqueror staff member, hereby will the following: To the copy editors of the Conqueror I will you the green flash drive which contains the weekly turnitin stories that are submitted for

revisions. This flash drive not only has seen every story that has either been revised but also held the articles that have gone over to be published in the newspaper. To the future Magazine Editor, I will you my binder in

which you can find samples of primary ideas for the very first literary arts magazine that the team was able to produce just this last year. The sketches reveal the original thoughts for the front cover but also the layout of

the magazine. Take advantage and use this as a stepping stone into creating your very own work of art. To the future journalism staff of 2017-2018 and for years to come, I will you the bulletin board in which

you can design and recreate in whatever way you desire. Post pictures of your staff and a mini bio under their picture. Or use it to see the pages you have produced thus far for the magazine or the newspaper.

Best of luck and enjoy your many wonderful memories in H5 bright and early each day, EXCEPT Monday!

I, Adalilian Franco, a 2017 Conqueror staff member, hereby will the following: To my juniors, I will you motivation to survive senior year and to find the route you want to take. It will be difficult but you can do it. Breeze Hernandez, remember the fun times in AP Chemistry? You are one of the hardest working people

I know, juggling between all those APs and engineering. I can’t wait to see all the further achievements you will accomplish in the future. I will you my strength to continue doing what you do best and my stalking skills so you can find your own Matt Damon. To Valeria, it was so fun taking football pictures with you and for the haters,

I hope they will see your worth before it is too late. I will you my (little) photography skills so you can continue going down the path of your dreams. I also will you my perfect attendance ;). To Mariah and Ale, I had fun working at Claire’s with you both. It truly was the best job experience I had. I am glad that we didn't stop

the friendship outside of the mall but continued to talk to each in other places. I will you both my first piercings. To my yearbook staff, it was really fun this year and I hope you continue to have fun in thaat class as much as I did. To Maya, you are so sweet and secretly savage. It was so fun meeting you in Yearbook. I will you Year-

book leadership, I am positive that with you as a leader the Yearbook of 2017-2018 will be popping. To Emilie, you are the savage queen! I hope you continue being exactly who you are because a lot of people need to step it up. I will you my skill to open up the windows on InDesign. To Laila Jibrin, I admire

your photography skills and I hope in future years haters will begin to appreciate your pictures. You are only a sophomore and already have a lot going for you. I will you my long list korean dramas and animes (I know how hard it is to find a fellow drama lover).

14 I, Sumitra Ariel Bernardo, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following:

May 2017


To Benjamin Bernardo, my twin. I will you Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic because you get lit to it. I also will you Parks and Rec because you are literally Ron Swanson by day, Duke Silver by night. You have taught me that your passions are more important than what people think of you. Thank you for always having my back since birth. To Mireya Cortez, my first friend in kindergarten who has remained my best friend throughout our thirteen years of school. You are the realest and my rock. You are literally a sister to me and mean so much to me. I will you two extra hot Cheetos bags because we know what happened last time ;) Here’s to 13 years of friendship and many more. To Janine Villena, I will you chick fil a fries and a cookies and crème milkshake. I also will you a mixtape of jams because your car does not have an aux cord. Thank you for the deep talks and car rides that have gotten me through this year. Mahal kita, ate. Lol. To Aaron Kim, I will you Korean BBQ because kimchi. I also will you a day that we go thrifting. My Lil Kim, you are so young yet so talented and bright. You are already thriving as a freshman. You are going to accomplish so much and I am just so proud at how far you have grown already. To Amara Overmyer, I will you glossy lids makeup because you are the sweetest on always completing that I, Amanda Ortiz, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To the under classmen I leave the advice to stay

look whenever I have it on. I think of you as my little sister and I am so blessed to have met you this year. You are the full package. I cannot wait to see you grow! Much love. To Julianna Gaeta, my hype gal. I will you a metro pass for more adventures. I am so glad that we became so close this year and are practically sisters. Thank you for always being there for me. To Jasmine Alonzo, I will you a mixtape of all of the bops we have jammed to throughout this year. I am glad that throughout these years that we have drifted apart, our friendship was brought back this year. Thank you for the food-ventures before our sectionals and for being such supportive person. To Joshua Avila, I will you a rainbow cake. I am glad that we went from frenemies to besties. I am so proud that you have finally found yourself throughout these years, especially this year. I cannot wait to see you thrive at UCLA. To Jasmine Pahimna, whose killing the game at such a young age. You are one of the thoughtful and positive people I know. I will you my #GIRLBOSS book because it is going to change your life (mentality). I can’t wait to see you become a #GIRLBOSS! Thank you for being the little Filipina sis I’ve always wanted. Mahal Kita. To Alyssa Armstrong, I will you a conversation over coffee because we have not gotten around to doing this. Thank you for a friendship that happened out of the blue and instantly but I am so grateful that it happened. To Sam Medina, I will you strong and keeping pushing. To the juniors I leave you the senior experience. Take all the help you can get and use it. You are almost

the Shawn Mendes polaroid package. Thank you for always making me laugh and fangirling with me over Shawn. It’s always a lit time with you. To Christian Ledezma, I will you the footage to our “boy friend does my makeup challenge” because that was hilarious to film. Thank you for being my go-to in journalism junior year. I am so happy that you get to go to a college that you fell in love with. You are so talented and will prosper at Chapman. Best wishes. To Millie Suthasri, I will you my Red Cross presidency and the sanity to get through senior year. Senior year will be a hectic and stressful one, but you’ve got this! Thank you for the memories that we have shared together, even the little moments. I love you, Khap Khun Ka my thai sis. To Cesar Moreno, I will you YouTube fame because out of everyone, you are so real and the world needs to see your vlogtages. You captured such great moments of high school. Thank you for becoming such a great friend of mine throughout this year. Your friendship has meant a huge deal to me this year, especially being in multiple classes with you. Thank you so much. Truly. I also will you a successful short film, potentially one that we can make together? Your screenwriting has left me in awe and I wish you the best of luck on that. To Sabrina Sanchez, Jasmine Alonzo, Bianca Flores, and Brandon Vicuna, thank you for getting me through the early mornings in journalism. Your laughter has aldone and it goes by quickly so don’t miss out. Conquers think and thinkers conquer.

I, Carl Zarate, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning of a four year journey called high school is coming closer by the senior countdown. The book of all the graduating seniors of 2017 will be starting a new wondrous chapter of life. Me being one of those students appreciates everyone and everything that has allowed me to be successful in my journey of Los Altos High School. My fellow teachers, all of your positive influences on me to never give up on school will assist me

in pursing my goals in the future as you prepared me throughout the four years. Each and every day in class something new was learned, something new was started and something new was accomplished. From freshman year until this year my closest friends from clubs, classes, or simply knowing you have created memories that I will never forget. Those memories will forever be cherished as we will look back onto high school as we’re chilling when we’re older. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to be as successful in making my high school experience fun and memorable as it was. I

hope I was able to be part of your high school experience as you were to mine. Remember laughing so hard in class from playing rock, paper, scissors? Remember playing Mario Party? Remember when I sang horribly to my wonderful date to senior prom? I could go on and on thinking about remembering everything, but now it’s time to go on and on thinking about the future. Thank you Los Altos High School (I didn’t specifically name people as you already know who you are, if you think you are then you are ;)).

I, Luiz Lopez, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: to Graphic Design, my com-

puter upon which some of this layout was made. To the rest, I had fond experiences, and even through helping

others, I learned a lot. These 4 years have been amazing and I would not change a single aspect of my life.

ways brought a smile to my face. I will you no morning college classes, except for Bianca. I will you the best of luck on your senior year and the ability to keep up with your numerous activities. Stay amazing, B! To Ariana Balderrama, you have been the Brooke to my Haley James. Thank you for being one of my first friends in high school and for pushing me out of my comfort zone over these past four years like a “Brooke Davis” would. We have grown together to our true selves. I am so glad to see this version of you. I am glad you are happy. We may not see each other as often because you’ll be up north but an uptown or LA adventure will always be reserved for you whenever you’re back in town. That is what I will you. To Brittney Arnold and Raymond Arroyo, I will you another year of amazing Baltos. Thank you for being such amazing section leaders this year, the bond in our sections was like no other. You are both so talented and humble. Both of you have made a huge impact on why this year in PC was such an amazing experience and I thank you. To David Perez, I will you our long hugs and thanksgiving dinners. Throughout the years, you’ve become practically family. Thank you for always making me smile and your witty commentary. To Junior Lerma, I will you our show choir songs Apologize and They Don’t Really Care About Us. Thank you for the continuous kindness and laughter throughout this year, especially during that one part in They Don’t ReI, Samantha Medina, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: To my Nat, Yas, and Jenny: Thank you for the 4 years of laughs and cries. The 4 years of happiness. The 4 years of sleepovers and last minute birthday lunches. You 3 are the biggest blessings in my life, you helped shape me into being the woman I am today. From freshman to senior year, you have always been by my side. Here's to many more years, I love you guys. To my little brother: I am proud of you. Thank you for being a light in my I, Rebecca Yang, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: Work hard every time you thought that you couldn’t.

ally Care, lol. I also will you my Buddha necklace. Thank you for always returning it. Best of luck senior year and in the future because you are going to save lives. A real life McDreamy. I’ll forever be your hype girl. To my stats girls: Amber Boyd, Ashley Carbajal, and Lola Mora, thank you for getting me through that class. It was something alright. I will you one last stats “potluck”, the Netflix series Cheer Squad, and a yearly reunion. Best of luck in college! To my Robotics Bois (Century and Jason), I will you a movie night consisting of Mulan and Century’s cooking. While that class was crazy, I am so glad I was in it to meet you two. To Jason Chang, I will you an infinite amount of our hugs. Those hugs and talking to you has gotten me through some tough times. So, thank you jirapan. Forever your thai sis. To Century Yang, I will you a Shawn Mendes concert that we attend together. Oh yeah, I have not forgotten about that. Thank you for the contious memes and jokes. Also, thank you for the conversations during the long blood drive days because they are memorable and have gotten me through the a million hours and stress in the hacienda. To Chris Kissling, I will you my record player and an 80s dance party. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see you grow this year. I will cherish the AMAZING birthday gift(s) you gave me, our laughter and our talks about all things 80s. To Andrew Lopez, I will you happiness and La La life. No matter how much we argue and bicker, you mean more to me than you may believe. You are going to grow up to be an amazing man. I will always help you along the way, but for now I leave you to grow and learn on your own, I love you always. To my underclassmen in PC: Thank you, Thank you for all you have taught me this year. I love you all so much and I am so excited to come back and watch you perform. You are all going to grow into beautiful individuals. I don't care what anybody tells you, you are worth so much, don't be afraid to Do not stop being confident of yourself. DO not stop asking questions to teachers when you do not understand. If you follow

I, Anthony Teran, a graduate of the class of 2017, hereby will the following: I leave the best memories

in my tutorial group, and I leave the best luck to my track team. To the underclassmen, do not procrasti-

Land. You are so caring and I am so thankful to have become closer friends with you. Thank you for always supporting all of us (your friends) and reminding us that the little moments or acts of appreciation matter. To Alondra Gutierrez, I will you ongoing success in all you do and Girl Up/Youth United. You are so woke at such a young age and the sweetest! I also will you an open mic night to perform more feminist slam poetry. It was amazing to have met you this year. To Vidal Soto, you are one of the kindest people out there. Thank you for all of the conversations and your presence. Your future is so bright and I wish you the best of luck. I will you a raincheck for a deep conversation over Korean BBQ or taro slush boba because we are both always so busy. To the underclassmen, high school can get really stressful whether it is balancing multiple activities or just trying to pass a math class that you struggle in. Don’t forget to breathe. It will all work out in the end. Anyway, I will the underclassmen bravery and courage. Do not be afraid to try out for a sport, choir solo, or musical. It is always better to try than to think of “what if ”. Live your high school years and life without “what ifs”. Be brave and stand up for what you believe in. Stereotypes and the status quo does not matter. As long as you love what you’re doing and you’re passionate about it, follow your passions. Stay Rad. Stay Woke. shine. And finally to Mr. Fahey: You were my first choir teacher ever, as you grew in this program for 3 years, so did I. You taught me so many things, and made my love for music grow. No matter how "bad" you thought the class was, or if you felt you weren't doing your best, you were so wrong, I loved being in your class. Your passion for teaching and music made any day in class magical. You are such a blessing to this school and to me and you have made a HUGE impact in my life, I am forever grateful. Thank you. this, you will be successful throughout high school. Even though you do not have straight A’s, you are still a great student. nate, be kind and always be humble.

May 2017




Samurai Jack: Gotta Get Back, Back to Formula Mateo Sandoval Samurai Jack is a show airing on [adultswim] on Saturdays, ending on the 20th of this Month. For those who have not seen the show, it was originally a children’s show on Cartoon Network and created by Genndy Tartakovsky, following the trips of a Samurai through the unfamiliar terrain of his land’s future. His land is ruled by a comical yet unrelenting evil named Aku, and the show is focused on Jack returning to a time when the evil is weakest. The show uses aspects of mysticism, science fiction, comedy, and action to cement itself as a decent 24-minute audiovisual affair. The show had been cancelled in 2004, but was recently revived in favor of nostalgia and faith in the show as a whole. Kundai Chamutinya, Senior, says that the show has “solid storytelling, solid art; it just makes for entertaining television.” Solid is quite apt in describing the show as a whole. In comparison with its older concomitant, the new season follows a serial storyline with a trademark

minimalist flair. The backgrounds and characters look stunning, with a wide array of color palettes complementing each other every time a character stumbles upon some vista. The main character, Jack, is a weathered warrior, shaped by the failures and success of his help around the world alike. Throughout the fifty years that have taking place since the last season, Jack is repeatedly told he has “forgotten his purpose,” which serves to motivate him in not dying. All of Jack’s qualms about his world being pillaged and transformed by Aku culminate in creative allusions to Jack’s newly deformed mind, where he struggles to comprehend the world around him all over again. There is a romantic subplot, which, truthfully, is underdeveloped. The show only had 10 episodes to work with, and so I digress from criticism. Keep in mind, this is not the same Samurai Jack that debuted in 2001, with robotic gore and action. Nathan Augello, Senior, says that even “the older season was brutal if I remember correctly, it was the only show that had some violence, and

so little me loved it.” This is a new, darker Jack. On his way across the land, he slits people’s throats, stabs them and breaks necks with a stunning lack of reprisal except for his first kill. There is a great contrast to where Jack gets a paper cut in the first season, to where he is drenched in blood and performs surgery on himself in the second episode. The rating is not a gimmick in anyway. Like other good movies notable for blood and assorted gore, it acts as a way to covey the severity of a situation just shy of labeling something as important in huge, bolded letters. Chamutinya continues, adding that “the pacing of the show, the atmosphere it sets, and the way it knows how to create suspense is why I’m so hooked on it.” The show is hopelessly dramatic compared to the lighter fun of the original. Jack truly cultivates a sense of hoplessness whenever he appears in his rugged, demoralized state. He has always been running from bounty hunters, assassins, and Aku himself. This season shakes it up with an uncomfortably uniform and heartless group, one

of which grows particularly close with Jack. The characters are voiced fantastically. Phill LaMarr and Tara Strong are awkward to hear at first, but audibly become more in tune with the characters they are tasked with portraying. The villain, Aku, is most different. This is due to his original voice, Mako Iwamatsu, having died since the first run of the series ended. If one is nitpicky as I am, then they will notice the presence

of continuity errors. For the errors, they can manifest in minor things like the number of enemies in a scene, but then could show itself in totally different stances from shot to shot by characters. It is not too jarring, but certainly noticeable. Thankfully, it mainly persists in the first few episodes. In short, you should watch this series. It is a little too fast, a little too serious, and a little too dramatic for the series. Samurai Jack has been

cultivating an aging audience since their childhoods, however. Because of this, the direction doesn’t’ seem to farfetched, and on the whole, the series seems to be undergoing a healthy progression to its inevitable conclusion. It’s a fast paced, action sci-fi worth its time slot, and I am pretty excited for the final episode on Saturday.


LA and Outskirts: Roundup for End of the Year Eats Mateo Sandoval Whether you are a senior awaiting the last days of their existence under free rent and a crowded house, a freshman who still doesn’t know where all the bathrooms are, or a faculty member who simply cannot wait to be away from 30 hormone-addled people at 7:45 sharp, most can agree that a break for food is a welcome one. While eating locally is a simple enough delight, one should maximize the experience for themselves after an arduous year of work, regardless of distance (although Southern California is probably your practical limit). Through about a month of weeding out some places, I present to you some graduation destinations for small, fulfilling get togethers. Breakfast is a great way to start your day, and so first up is a place which can be dubbed a guilty pleasure, and certainly a surprise. Nickel Diner is perhaps the most charming and welcoming LA breakfast place, with fantastic food, ambience,

and staff. Their food is savory and sweet to the core, with steak and potatoes always captivating taste buds and turning heads when it is presented. Furthermore, their coffee is a rich and strong brew, fitting for anyone with a good amount of time, and decent enough friends to gather near. Their desserts deserve a page for themselves, as they are intensely delicious. Whether one eats a ding dong or a pop tart, the freshly made pastries in general won’t disappoint. Continuing the Breakfast theme, we have Poppy and Rose, a short but stout establishment in the Flower district of LA. It has mind-bogglingly good pancakes, and consistently savory and surprising fried chicken. The latter of the two concoctions is served either in a sandwich or on top of waffles. The coffee is fantastic and made from fair trade beans up in Oregon, the Teas are flavor packed and mellow enough to be enjoyed for a long time, and the freshly squeezed juices will have you energized and

happy you made the journey. The décor is fantastic, what, with being in a flower district and all. The tables are decorated every morning, and always have flowers that complement the industrial, pastel look of the restaurant. There is so much more to explore, and I encourage you to do so. What good is a day without lunch? No good day. Quite possibly, a very boring day. Enliven your day with a quick trip to Wurstküche located in downtown. The place is simple enough really, and gives off a solemn, rough and tumble vibe. The menu consists of various spiced meats and links served in buns. The bockwurst, a link consisting of pork, veal, and chives, never disappoints when paired with a craft soda like a root beer or cola. The links are served with sauces and sides to your heart’s content, with sauerkraut and onions to delightfully expand what flavor the meal has to offer. The desert is a bit of a wash, but most people go for the meats anyway. “Just trust me” is all I can

say about Mini Kabob, an Armenian restaurant located in Glendale, of all places. Is it far? Yes. Is it small? Yes. Does it look like a rented shed? Of course. However, I urge you to disregard any of the above words if they offend your senses. This little dive of a place holds countless awards as recent as a month ago, is featured in magazines and web columns alike, and houses a mom and pop duo that is unbelievably awkward yet kind. The food is nothing short of scrumptious. Get a family platter to share with friends, where the tastes of fresh hummus, lamb chops, steak, chicken, and more can gather on one beautifully arranged plate. The lamb chops are regularly about one and a half inches thick, and are undeniably juicy and charred at the same time, served with a hummus and bread that some may want to take home. The meats are spiced with love, the whole restaurant screams “beware,” and I would hate to have it any other way. Support this little place. Back to LA, back with

friends, back to Grand Central Market. This destination is a spot which does not get tired of itself. This hollowed out ground floor houses some of LA’s most comforting and exciting foods alike, without regard to order or consistency at all. Here is a shortlist of names. The coffee at G & B is, hands down, my favorite ever. The mocha is delightfully rich, and it is a pick up and go establishment which negates awkward bar conversations. The burgers at Belcampo are juicy, well cooked, and deserve every bit of attention as is given to them in the kitchen. The Ice Cream at McConnell’s is most certainly fine, with a classic and exotic flavor list alike that is sure to impress a date or friend. Eggslut is an establishment with a shameful name, but heavenly sandwiches that make me question my cooking skills on a fundamental level. There are robust markets and entertainment that is quirky but charming in this slice of LA, and so I encourage any visit under any circumstances. Now, the conclusion. Certainly, not for the average

person, too eccentric for that taste. This is the reclining meal; the simmering sunset to a gritty day. I am guilty as a carnivore, and even guiltier to conversation areas with nice music. Scratch that, beautiful music: music that loves the soft pitter-patter of jazz covers and Frank Sinatra chords. I am referring to a place called Clearman's Steak 'N Stein. To sit down in a dark room with a crisp ginger ale and watch as a steak is set ablaze to your order is a special treat indeed. I saved up money for a few weeks to gather money for my family, and I thought it was a satisfying reward. The meat is so critically tender and deliciously plain, that you almost sin the restaurant for including such large sides for every plate. My only complaint is that the ceiling is too low, because you’ll feel above everything after dining. Remember, these are post-graduation or end of the year places. Do not overindulge, just be happy for being there. Happy eating all around.


May 2017

Alicia Burgos Yesnia Cisneros Shelsea Garcia Annais Morales Danielle Tavarez

Alondra Luna Juan Morales David Perez Janine Villena Alex Arvizu – PCC Robble Lopez – PCC Michael Barnes – ELAC Joshua Fuentes – College of the Canyons Olivia Caldera – CSULA Gabriel Estrada – Whittier Ariyanna Gonzales – Biola


Halle Gonzales Chris Leung

Jenrick Chow Victor De La Cruz Jasmine Gomez Jesse Gonzalez Melissa Guevara Kylie Hernandez Scott Hernandez Julissa Lugo Myra Ponce Nicolas Rodriguez

Shyanne Amador Hanna Gallo Cory Hwang Brad Lee Delilah Manriquez Alissa Medina

Arianna Balderama Allexxis Hand Sabrina Meza Sophia Moriel

Lizeth Chimal Melany Hernandez Luis Lopez Catalina Torrez Brenda Vega Alexis Xochicale

Nick Gonzalez – Willamette U Elise Oliande – St Thomas Aquinas Patti Delgadillo – Sterling College Kaitlyn Iwamoto – CSU Stanislaus

Virginia Compos Adalilian Franco Sarah Garcia Jolissa Medina Tiffany Hunt Serina Ramirez Angela Reyes Marissa Robledo Rose Roldan

Andrea Wood – San Marcos Nathan Augello - Navy ...and many more!

May 2017





May 2017

Students Wonder If District Test Is Worth Taking THE CONQUEROR Chemistry Instructor Shirley Chen states, Briana Munoz STAFF “There really is

Since March 29 and 30, HLPUSD has required Los Altos students to take a yearly science test. The catch to this test is that it does not affect student’s grades, and this has students wondering if they should even try on it. Students upon realizing they do not have to do their best because the test does not affect their grade, are not taking it seriously. These students blank out and suddenly select random answers just to finish the test faster. Sophomore Alex Martinez reflected, "This is unnecessary and is not worth my time, it makes me feel like I can choose whatever answer and be done with the test.” Similarly, science teachers doubt the effectiveness of the required test, wondering if taking the test would even help the students. Chemistry instructor Shir-

ley Chen explained, "This test is supposed to see how my students are doing in the science, and help students who may want to be in the science field in the future.” Yet she clarified further that it is simply mandatory. It seems the original point of the test was to see where each student is, in terms of advanced or below basic, and the testing is encouraged to help students recognize the questions being asked for future tests. Furthermore, students have debated whether they should put their effort into this new test or not, provided it does not impact their grades regardless. Some students suggest that it is a good idea, because this test gives students extra practice needed for future tests that will involve a grade. Other students disagree with those sentiments and feel this test is unnecessary because teachers have told them that

no purpose,


it is just a mandatory

Mateo Sandoval


test that the other


science teachers and I have to give

(2017-2018): Nicolas Hernandez

our students.” it will not be going towards their grade. Sophomore Cyrane Pahimna shares the first perspective remarking, “It was a test I had no clue how to answer and I may not have answered most of the answers correctly, but I did use the time I had in the testing session wisely.” For students like Pahimna, it is reassuring to have a

Managing Editor:

test they do not have to worry about. The majority of students taking the test did not use or need the full hour, and most submitted their test at the 25-minute mark, five minutes less than half the time given. Sophomore Elijah Corrales commented, “Some of the test questions were easy and I got through them

quickly, but there were some that made no sense. I tried my best to take my time and not finish quickly like most of my class did.” Regardless of whether it impacts their grades or not, or how fast a student goes, it was important for students to at least complete the test.

Detention Plagues The Campus; Students Circumvent It Some students remarked okay to miss their detention they out to serve hours. Some students may detention hours,wereandpulled illustrated the fu- refuse to serve their deten12 3


6 Briana Munoz LAHS’ tardy problem is growing, and thorough recent enforcement; more students are spending time in detention. Starting from missing an ISI, the issue persists and becomes a mandatory hour or more after school. Several students have been frustrated by the HERO system and its resulting consequences because it often neglects the reasons students are late for, solving none of

the problems with its punishing solution. One contributing factor to student tardiness is found within the distances students live from the school. Another is a student driven misconception of the late bell at 7:45 as being the start of school, and planning their commute around that. Regardless of the reason, students feel detention is arbitrary and simply a waste of time. The first tardy is considered a warning, but after

Graduation: Reality Bites Analise Pacheco

the seventh tardy it starts adding up and more severe punishments like mandatory detention gets handed to the students. Several students struggle to serve all their hours with how quickly they add up. Enforcement of serving hours is strictly monitored, should a student choose not to go. Often times all privileges are removed if the staff determines this to be a defiance issue, and not simply traffic or commuting habits.

may 22nd

tility of the system. Sophomore Adrianna Herrera said, “If I miss one day to make up my detention hours, the counselors in charge of seeing who needs to be in detention comes to my class and takes me, or they send the school security.” Sophomore Ryan Gonzalez commented, “Detention is useless I stay in the office for almost 6 hours and I did not know what to do that day because I was not assigned classwork from the class I got pulled out of.” Assistant Principal Nicole Duquette clarified regarding the situation by attesting, “Students are not pulled for detention. Students are pulled when they are not and have not cleared their detentions and continue to be tardy… which is a defiance issue.” This becomes a bigger issue when students think it is

may 23rd

tion hours on purpose and get pulled in the middle of class to get out of it. Although the reasoning for students receiving detention is to end student tardiness and instill better habits for their future, that only works for some students and certainly not all. Duquette concluded, “Tardy policy will hopefully change next year and students do not have to go to the attendance office and make up their hours there they can get tutoring from a teacher, but the teacher has to send an email in order to clear the hours a tardy student made up.” Regardless, the tardy situation is a mess, and hopefully considerations will be made for what actually works best for students to change their habits. As it stands it serves as a punishment that very few involved want, understand, or serve.

may 22nd 2018

Joshua Sanchez Head Photographer: Laila Jibrin Online Editor: Damien Alvarado Cartoonist: Analise Pacheco Graphic Arts: Sabrina Sanchez Copy Editing Manager: Jeremy Chen Copy Editing Team: Jasmine Alonzo Bianca Flores Juan Morales Danielle Porras LAHS Journalism Reporters: Caley Asbee, Sumitra Bernardo Adalilian Franco, Christian Ledezma, Briana Muñoz, Brandon Vicuña

CONTACT US Em a i l : 2017lahsjournalism

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The 2016-2017 Los Altos Journalism Staff strives to inform the student body of upcoming events as well as to capture memories unique to the high school experience. It is our duty to ensure every student will have an amusing and informative paper to read and learn about not only the school, but the world at large. With just one paper we wish to unite our school even closer together, and have every reader glad they read this newspaper and “tuned in” to our campus. As for its journalists, the staff and program exists to develop the skills of a professional journalist, practice management skills, as well as provide opportunities for aspiring writers, photographers, and cartoonists to showcase their abilities. This staff produces three high quality publications for the students, about the students and by the students.

May 2017



Tennis Prelims Marks Success of Boys’ Varsity Tennis Jeremy Chen May 9 and 11, our outstanding boys’ varsity tennis team played in prelims, standing at second place in their division. Although many were eliminated during the first day of prelims, the boys’ undeniable effort was a spectacle for all to behold. After going through their season with only three losses, two to Walnut and one against Diamond Ranch, the Los Altos boys’ varsity tennis Conquerors have come extremely far in regards to their previous performances. This spectacular run has had the entire tennis team ecstatic for CIF. Junior varsity captain Century Yang states, “I am honestly extremely prideful in regards to our performance as a whole tennis team. It has been a while since Los Altos has gone this far in tennis.” Senior Eric Sanchez backs this claim, commenting,

“Our performance was outstanding this year. Out of the four years I have played tennis, our team has never done this well until now.” Aside from reminiscing about the tennis team’s performance this year, many realize that this league placement is only one small part in their path to attaining the title of first in CIF. Prelims is the first step and the teams were set by varsity captain Andrew Giang and were as follows: Albert Sarkissian as singles, Jeremy Chen and Andrew Garcia as doubles seat eight, Century Yang and Patrick Akaraprimand as seat four doubles, Eric Sanchez and Adam Bigilec as doubles seat ten, and Joshua Marquez as seat five singles. “The teams are set up and there is no turning back, from here on out, we will give it our all,” exclaims junior Patrick Akaraprimand. The matches during prelims consisted of a best out

of three set, where players must win at least two sets to win their matches. During the first round, many of the Conquerors won their matches, with the exception of sophomore Joshua Marquez as well as the tenth seat doubles. “Well we rallied as hard as we could and we had a lot of fun, so it does not really matter it we lost, I mean, I am not complaining.” Humbly states junior Adam Bigilec. Once the second round came around, many of the Conqueror representatives had lost. All in all, the prelims matches were only a prelude to what the Conquerors hope to be a competitive and extremely promising season. “Some of our best players were missing due to AP tests, but I think overall we had a fun time there, especially after playing past teams once more.” Concludes senior varsity captain Andrew Garcia.

Football Welcomes Hector Spathias

Junior Patrick Akaraprimand sets up one of his signature serves.

Photo by Janese Alvarado.

Boys’ Varsity Tennis Senior Night Jeremy Chen April 27 marked the final game of the boys’ varsity tennis team against West Covina High School. The game placed special emphasis for the seniors who are about to graduate for the 2017 year. The entire varsity team was acquainted with their new roles, especially the seniors, and everyone was ready to play. The excitement peaked. “For some reason, I just fealt really pumped, probably because this was going to be

my last game,” exclaims senior Jin Zhang. The rallies were quite short and the Conquerors maintained their composure. Senior varsity captain Andrew Garcia states, “Everyone played their best and I think we performed well as a group. I think one big factor in this game was the school pride the seniors encompassed and expressed through their games.” The game ended with fourteen to four in favor of the Conquerors, and the entire doubles teams swept.

All in all many of the members were proud of their play style that day. “I mean we played well, we played hard, and we had fun, and it really means a lot to me, being a senior and all.” States senior Eric Sanchez. With the win of this game, the Conquerors have secured their place as second place in league. Senior Carl Zarate claims, “I am really proud of how we played. We may not have won all our games but we just kept our level headedness.”

The bull dogs would get one hit (triple to deep center) but the Bull Dogs would leave him stranded out at third. The bottom of the third would be more of the same. Both teams were looking for their first run. Top of the fourth the Bull Dogs would leave another man stranded on, this time on second as the pitching battle between the Bull Dogs pitcher and Juarez would continue. An error by the Bull Dogs shortstop would allow Noe Garcia to reach first and bring in Christian Vargas from third. Andrew Chavez would be hit by a pitch and would load the bases. Junior Sam Gomez would fly to deep center to bring the inning to a close. An error by the right fielder would score a bull dog run tying the game at 1-1 in the top of the fifth. The runner at second would be caught in a pickle between second and third and eventually got tagged out by Andrew Chavez. Three up and three down for the Conquerors. A double to deep center would break the tie and the Bull Dogs took a 3-1 lead in the top of the sixth. Bottom of the sixth the Conquerors would sit down continue to trail. Top of the seventh the

Conquerors would bring in Senior pitcher Rae Siemental to relief Nick Juarez and keep the game under control. Siemental would not allow a run and the Conquerors would get their final ups. The Conquerors would sit down in order as their season would come to an end with a 3-1 defeat by the West Covina Bull Dogs. Conquerors finish fourth in league and just barely miss CIF playoffs. Junior Sam Gomez said “It was a tough game but I am looking forward to going out there for my senior year and try and go as far as we can go.” Gomez also added his favorite memory with this senior class, “my favorite memory would have to be playing South Hills because they were a talented team and we all wanted to win and we battled till the final pitch.” Juarez commented “I think our season went well, we were in every single game but it was the little things that took us out of the game.” To conclude Juarez added “my favorite memory from my four years of playing varsity baseball would have to be having a new group of guys that basically become your family and that is something I will always remember for the rest of my life.”

Baseball Finishes Just Short of CIF Brandon Vicuna

Hector Spathias begins football training for the new season.

Photo by Nicolas Hernandez.

Spathias may not be familiar to Los Altos students but he soon will, as his track record proves his worth. He led a struggling Basset team to the semifinals within two years. Basset High School transitioned leadership several times with different management, and one new assistant’s priority was to fund ASB. This unfortunately led to the vice principal taking funds from the football team’s gate money. Spathias later talked with the principal about the issue and cleared things up, but later coach Spathias was accused of "putting his hand on a kid" even though it was later confirmed not true. However, this easily gave the principal a reason to fire Hector. At Montebello, Spathias was later rehired, this time as an assistant coach. Spathias watched the Conquerors in the championship game last

season and once he heard Ziola was stepping down, he felt this was his opportunity to get his chance at head coach. After 27 extensive interviews Hector got the job. Sophomore Anthony Licea said, "I feel coach Hector will help the Varsity squad push to be better. Everyone may be doubting this team, but I feel we have the talent." Hector Spathias commented himself, "Los Altos had a great year last year but that does not matter anymore, this is a new year and time for some Conqueror football." Varsity returner and junior, Gil Vazquez, further remarked, "I know Ziola left and the team will be fine without him, but I feel this team will do really good with new coach Hector Spathias."

Damien Alvarado On April 10, Los Altos' Athletic Director Andrew Formano introduced new head football coach Hector Spathias, and football athletes with their parents were in attendance to meet their new football coach. Spathias was a teacher and head coach at Basset High School, but looks forward to continuing and contributing to Los Altos’ rich tradition. "Los Altos is a great school and my staff and I are looking forward to continuing the Conqueror winning tradition." Although he was head coach at Basset High School, the transition between leadership of replacing principals caused him to lose his job at Basset, but he later took on the job at Montebello High School.

Friday May 12, the Los Altos Conquerors baseball team hosted West Covina for their league finale and also the Los Altos senior night. The Conquerors came into the game with an overall record of 10-13 and a league record of 7-7. Both the Bull Dogs and the Conquerors are competing for the third overall spot in league and a chance to make CIF playoffs. In the top of the first senior pitcher Nick Juarez would allow one walk and record one strike out and the final out was recorded by Noe Garcia on a dime throw down to second catching a Bull Dog runner trying to steal second. In the bottom of the first the Conquerors would be sit down in order with two strike outs. Top of the second Juarez would keep control striking out two before allowing the first hit of the ball game resulting in a ground rule double. Following the double Juarez would bounce back striking out the third batter, brining the first half of the inning to a close. (#25) would reach of a base hit and record the first hit for the Conquerors. The hit would be useless as the Conquerors left the man stranded.


May 2017


Conquerors Honored At Annual Hacienda League Five Banquet Brandon Vicuna Monday May, 1 Los Altos athletics was honored at the Hacienda League Five banquet at the Pomona Mining Company restaurant to recognize each school in the Hacienda league five best student athletes. There were a total of twenty-five student athletes, five from each school. The schools in the Hacienda league are made up of the Chino Cowboys, West Covina Bull Dogs, Diamond Ranch Panthers, Walnut Mustangs, Charter Oak Chargers and lastly our Los Altos Conquerors. When the students got there each table was decorated with the school’s colors to direct each school where to sit for the night. Each sport was well represented but football and track

led the way with six representatives each including our own Tyler Nevens and Andrew Manule. Water Polo and softball each had three representatives including Brooke Contreras. Basketball, cross country and golf both had two including Matthew Arellano. Lastly volleyball, wrestling, baseball and swim each had one and rounding our Conquerors representatives was Kaitlyn Iwamoto. The night consisted of dinner followed by speeches from each student athlete on what they will do after high school and how honored they are to be there. To accompany the student athletes, they were to bring someone who influenced their athletic career and they recommend a coach. The speeches consisted of how their inspirational coach had impacted them and how

much they truly appreciate all their efforts they put it. For Los Altos representing girls’ volleyball was Kaitlyn Iwamoto accompanied by her coach, girls water polo was Brooke Contreras accompanied by Coach Chris Coleman, Matthew Arellano represented boys’ basketball and accompanied by coach Jeff Lucas, and for football was Tyler Nevens and Andrew Manuele accompanied by their coach Dale Ziola. With each coach there was also each school’s Athletic Director (Formano) and Activities Director (Chris Reeder) and lastly each principle (Jeff Hess). Each student athlete was given four tickets for their family to join them. Out of all the student athletes Lady Conqueror Brooke Contreras is the only one to have a C.I.F championship for a team sport.

Manuele, Nevens, Iwamoto, Contreras, and Arellano present their awards. Courtesy of A few others have individual titles for sports such as Track, Wrestling, Cross Country, etc. For the Hacienda League five they do not just look at your senior year they look at your entire body of work through your four years as a high school student. To follow this, they do not just look at your athletic and aca-

demic accomplishments but what they have done for the community as well. All the athletes were very honored to be there that night and for senior Matthew Arellano he could not have been more deserving. “It was really humbling and it means a lot to know that I was privileged enough to experience this wonderful


night and it makes all the hard work I put in worth it even more and it feels good to be recognized.” Following these remarks Arellano concluded by stating his favorite part of the night “My favorite part was probably receiving my patch and being able to be up there with all my fellow Conquerors.”

Softball Continues Winning Streak With Success Over Bull Dogs Brandon Vicuna Thursday April 27 the Los Altos Lady Conquerors softball team took on the West Covina Bull Dogs in a game that demonstrated why they are in first place in league and so highly ranked in C.I.F. In the top of the first inning junior pitcher Savana D would pitch a gem sitting down batter after batter and hitting her spots striking the last two batters. Leading off for the Lady Conquerors was Junior Bailey Chavez. Chaves started off with a fly out to shallow right for the first out of the bottom of the first. First base umpire would see early action taking a line drive to the arm from Kelly (Last name). It would be three up and three down for both sides in the first with both teams looking for their first hit and first run. In the top of the second, junior second baseman Melissa Felix and senior Ariyanna Gonzales would turn a beautiful double play to record the first two outs. Immediately following Bailey Chavez fielded a ground out and once again it would be three up and three down for the Bull Dogs. Savana D would walk to start off the bottom of the second and coming on to courtesy run was Junior Anissa. Anissa was thrown out trying to steal second by the Bull Dogs catcher. Se-

nior catcher Andrea Wood also walked and once again they would have a courtesy runner (#8). #8 would steal second to put a running in scoring position. A pitching change early in the ball game would be beneficial for the Bull Dogs striking out the first batter and the Conquerors would strike first walking in the first run. Bailey Chavez would record the first hit of the ball game driving in another run brining he score to 2-0. Immediate after Melissa Felix would single and bring in two more runs adding to the lead. Kelly (last name) would hit a base clearing triple two more to keep the rally going and make the score 6-0. A sensational diving catch by the Bull Dogs center fielder would end the second inning scoring barrage for the Conquerors. The Bull Dogs would put a runner in scoring position but leave her stranded as Savana D would strike out the last two to get out of the inning. The bull dogs would record one out then record two more off of a double play to end the inning. Top of the fourth would be more of the same for pitcher Savana striking out the side and brining the Conquerors back up to bat. To open the top of the inning Ari would double to deep left. Savana D would help herself out by singling to shallow center field and drive in two more runs. Top of the fifth the Bull Dogs would flirt with scor-

ing but would leave runners in scoring position. In the bottom of the fifth the Conquerors would do the same leaving bases loaded and not capitalizing. The Bull Dogs would

score their first run in the top of the sixth making the score 8-1 with two runners in scoring position. A wild pitch by Savana would bring in another run across home making it 8-2. The inning

would end with a routine groundball to third. Top of the sixth Savana would finish with a complete game and strike out the first two batters while getting the win in dominating win

by the Conquerors with the final score being 8-2. The Conquerors continue to be undefeated in league and remain in first place of the Hacienda League.

Ladies softball poses after an incredible season celebrating each of their successes throughout it.

Photo by Blanca Diederich.

Ladies JV Softball Dominates Forcing The Mercy Rule Damien Alvarado The Lady Conquerors excelled in a compelling match Tuesday, April 18 2017. This game consisted of hitting and great hitting from. This game was nowhere near close as it resulted in a huge win 11-1. This mercy rule game was amassed with many deep bombs. The first inning was a quick 3 and out for the opposing team. The Conquerors closed the first inning with a

two zero lead. At the top of the second #24 runs home after an RBI hit by #26. #32 grounds out to end the inning. At the bottom of the second Alana was walked to first but later scored off of an RBI double by Shyanne. Kayla hit a double to left center followed by a Haley fly out. The Conquerors were unable to get anything going until the bottom of the 5th inning. Los Altos kept swinging away and connecting. At the bottom of the fifth Alana singled to center.

Right after #55 hit a triple to left center advancing Shyanne home. Samantha then hit a single which advanced #55 home. This run caused to Conquerors to mercy rule their opponent. Throughout the game Los Altos coach was stressing to the team that they need to take good swings and that they did. They excelled which propelled the team to an 11-1 victory. Kessia stated, "I felt really good, I was a bit nervous in the first inning but after that having my defense behind me it really helped."

The team looked great on both sides of the ball, "I hit pretty well I just made sure I kept my eye on the ball and kept swinging away," Kessia commented. Sophomore Mia had a great hitting performance and felt the team played well, "I was feeling pretty confident with myself and I felt I did well." The coach’s game plan was to keep swinging away, “The coach wanted us to work hard and play as a team. He did not want us to give up nor stop scoring." Mia commented.

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The Conqueror | Volume LVI, Issue VII | May 2017  

Los Altos High School's student newspaper, The Conqueror, is finally making its way to digital print.

The Conqueror | Volume LVI, Issue VII | May 2017  

Los Altos High School's student newspaper, The Conqueror, is finally making its way to digital print.