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A F EW W ORDS A BOUT H YDROELECTRIC E NERGY When most people think of electricity, they think of Thomas Edison and his light bulb or Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in a lightning storm. Not many people think of Nikola Tesla. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember hearing too much about Tesla in my high school. It’s too bad, because he has done a lot for us. So why am I talking about this Tesla guy in an article about hydroelectric energy? The answer is simple. When Tesla was a young boy in the Lika region of the Austrian Empire (present-day Croatia), he saw a picture of Niagara Falls. According to the legend, he said he would go the United States and convert the energy in the falls to useful energy. That’s right; before electricity was even around he had dreams of hydro energy! Okay, electricity was around, but at the time, it came in the form of small DC power sources that were just novelties. By 1896, Tesla’s dream came true. With financing from J.P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor IV and the Vanderbilts, the Niagara Falls Power Company

had constructed a 75 MW hydroelectric power station using his three phase alternating-current generators. His inventions are still in use today. In fact, his design for hydroelectric energy generation and distribution has not changed much since 1896. Hydroelectric energy is generated by converting the potential energy of stored water at an elevation to electrical energy using a hydro turbine and an electric generator. Water is fed to a turbine through a pipeline from a reservoir or to the base of a dam. The mass of water creates pressure at the base of any given height of water. This being said, higher elevations of water create higher pressures. Pressure of the stored water is used to turn a hydro turbine and in turn, a generator. The generator induces a voltage in a coil of wire by passing a magnetic field through it. Hydroelectric energy is a renewable energy. Contributing Author: Thomas Rupprecht

No resources are used up in the generation of hydroelectric energy. It takes about a pound of coal, on the other hand, to generate a kilowatt-hour of electricity. Also, it produces about 2 pounds of CO2, this is what is harmful to the environment in unsustainable quantities. Hydroelectric is more efficient. Fifty to sixty percent of the energy in coal is lost as heat waste. This waste does us no good! Look for more on what we can do coming in January...

Thomas J. Rupprecht served as Nuclear Propulsion plant operator onboard the U.S.S. Florida, a U.S. Navy ballistic missile submarine, from 1999 until 2003. Mr. Rupprecht is currently an undergraduate engineering student with an electrical specialty at the Colorado School of Mines. He can be reached at

“Nothing endures but change.” - Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher




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Tis’ the season for love, laughter, and slowing down to enjoy time with those we cherish most. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic environment, we tend to be so wound up that we cannot “slow down” or be at peace to enjoy those precious moments that are here and gone so quickly.

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experience stress relief and pain reduction. For a half an hour, separate yourself from the hectic environment you are living in, and experience this body work, which includes massage, essential oil therapy, meditative music, and signal therapy. Gift Certificates are available this Holiday Season—treat your loved ones to stress-relief!

Frances Aguirre participated in research headed by Dr. Frank E. Sullivan for the development of the protocols used by the Acuscope/Myopulse systems. She is a certified Operator and Instructor for Operations and Maintenance of the Electro-Acuscope of Myopulse Systems from the Institution of Biomolecular Education and Research.

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H OW M UCH I S A H EALTHY L IFESTYLE R EALLY W ORTH ? Why should you maintain good health? Longevity and quality of life are things we usually think about. Have you ever considered how your health saves you money? Over the next couple issues I would like to show just how much good health is worth in your insurance planning. My experience in helping folks with their life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance program has really opened my eyes to the economic value of living well. Example: Anne, a very healthy 35 year old woman, applies for a $200,000 term life insurance policy. She will pay about $24 a month for her coverage. Let’s say

Beth is the same age, has slightly elevated cholesterol, and smokes. Her cost for the same policy will be $72. Over the 20 year period, she will pay $11,520 more for identical protection! Hidden Costs: Beth also has to look at the opportunity cost, or what she could have done with those additional funds. For the same premium but with Anne’s health, Beth could purchase an extra $1,000,000 in protection. She could also invest those funds; at an 8% return they would grow to $28,500 by the end of the term. This could really help with retirement, couldn’t it? This also applies to disability income insurance, critical illness protection, and long-term care insurance. Sometimes dropping 5 or 10 pounds,

lowering your cholesterol 10 points, or slightly reducing your blood pressure is all it takes to save thousands of dollars. Quitting smoking or chewing will save you 30-60%. Live well and save money! Next: How health helps maximize your protection and financial efficiency; How controllable health conditions cost you in your insurance program; Steps you can take to save money.

Contributing Author, David Shepson, is an agent with Mutual of Omaha in Pueblo, Colorado, and can be reached at 719.545.3569 or

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G ARDENING I N S OUTH -E ASTERN C OLORADO As the year wanes, we gardeners look forward to next year’s growing season. The mailbox is inundated with seed catalogs and we eagerly pursue them for new varieties of flowers or veggies to try in our pathetic Colorado soil (and I am being kind). So many catalogs tempt us with pictures of beautiful flowers, claiming to be hardy for our hardiness zone. What they don’t specify is soil and water ph, total annual rainfall, resistance to hot, drying winds, humidity and day and night temperature fluctuations. Keep in mind that while our hardiness zone in Pueblo is 6, our soil and water are alkaline, humidity is low, and the winds are enough to suck the moisture out of everything, including you and I. Most of the plants offered in catalogs from east of the Mississippi River favor conditions totally opposite, i.e. acidic soil, moderate to

high humidity and generous rainfall. When they shrivel up and die after one of our many windstorms, we ask ourselves “Why, it was a zone 5 plant?” In the following months, I will attempt to pique your interest with plants to grow in your garden that are not only beautiful, but also functional and tough as nails. So, my fellow gardeners, in the mean time, think salvia, penstemon, agastache, and agave. Try and resist the temptation to buy from catalogs from east of the Mississippi, and try those from Plants of the Southwest, High Country Gardens, and Seeds of Change, just to name a few. You’ll have better success, and save money to boot.

White Space? This Could be YOU!

Until next month, Merry Christmas and Happy Perusing!

Contributing Author: Donna Demeter Donna has been an organic gardener for more than 20 years and is a Master Gardener in Pueblo County. She does garden consultation on a limited basis, specializing in Xeriscape. She also works in the vitamin department of a local health food store, and makes beaded jewelry for fun and profit. She labels herself as a seeder, a weeder, and a beader.

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We are a unique country. Only 230 years old, we are a young nation, compared to international standards. So at the Constitutional Convention were the authors young men. While the venerable Benjamin Franklin was 81 years of age, most of the men were in their twenties and thirties, though none were lacking in political experience. Possibly it was that youthful vigor that allowed the Convention to succeed—an older generation might have given up much more easily. But that is merely speculation on the author’s part. As for the nation itself, it is our youth that makes our rise to the position of world superpower most surprising. The nations that had previously held such a title in the past (Britain, France, Spain, for example) were all many centuries old. Since the beginning, we have been an innovative nation.

It was the eagerness and fervor that not only lead to our independence from Great Britain, but lead to the drafting of the Constitution as well. In later centuries, it would lead to us becoming a military superpower, a consequence of the Cold War. But, there is a caveat to the uniqueness of America. Though we are young by most international standards, we still have a rich history that gives us our freedoms. And this author fears that ignorance and apathy are causing a degradation of these freedoms. While we have universal suffrage, which many fought and even died for, voter turnout, especially among the young voters, is startling low. Bills of questionable moral value are passed by Congress, and there is little reaction. While we have troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for the reasons of spreading democracy in the Middle East, Americans seem content to let their own freedoms go

ignored. While the attacks of September 11, 2001 might have jolted some Americans from this stupor of apathy and reawakened our sense of freedom and civic rights, we seem to have gone back into a slumber of indifference and ignorance. The political pundits on both sides of the proverbial aisle speak of our freedoms and national security and where and if and happy median can be reached. Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” To Be Continued...

Congtributing Author, Rachel Wilmoth, is a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs studying Public Administration.

P UEBLO P ERFORMING A RTS G UILD P RESENTS ... Pueblo Performing Arts Guild recommends these performances by Pueblo’s outstanding performing artists. For more performing arts events see

PM, Hoag Hall, CSU- Pueblo

A Year with Frog and Toad

Tickets are available at the Pueblo Symphony Box Office. For more information please call 719-545-7967.

Damon Runyon Reparatory Theatre, Dec. 8, 9, 7:00 PM, Dec.10 at 2:00 PM

SPIRIT OF THE SEASON Pueblo Choral Society, December 2, 3:00 PM, Praise Assembly

Concert Choir &Chamber Fall Concert

Free Concert.

CSU-Pueblo Music Department, Dec. 6, 7:30 PM, Hoag Hall, CSUPueblo


Free Concert. For many more concerts by the CSU-Music Department see calendar.

Pueblo Symphony, December 2, 7:30

For tickets call 719-564-0579 or on-line at Nunsense Steel City Theater Company, Dec. 14, 15, 16, 7:30 PM, Hoag Hall, CSU-Pueblo For tickets on-line at or 543-9800.

Raw Milk is Available Near You! Today's modern processed milk (homogenized, pasteurized) is very different from raw milk. It has been associated with causing a variety of health problems, such as: allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. At a time when Americans consumed raw milk, those diseases were rare. Find out how to get highly nutritious raw milk through a "delivery" program in Pueblo!

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Do you believe that companies operating with a high degree of corporate integrity make better investment choices? If so, you aren’t alone. A recent survey, commissioned by Calvert and conducted by Yankelovich, found that a majority of investors now believe that companies that operate with higher levels of social responsibility carry less risk (55%) and deliver better returns (52%).¹ According to the Social Investment Forum, nearly 1 out of every 10 dollars under professional management in the US ($2.29 trillion) is now involved in some form of SRI.² To receive a brochure that describes the four-part social investment strategy of Calvert Funds and a prospectus, please call or write:

James C. Brumage, CLU®, ChFC® - Registered Representative, New England Securities* 7350 Campus Dr. - Colorado Springs, CO 80920/113 N. Santa Fe Ave. - Florence, CO 81226 (719) 784-2310 *Calvert is not affiliated with New England Securities. Each firm is independently responsible for the services they provide. Investment in mutual funds involves risk, including possible loss of principal invested. You could lose money on your investment in a Calvert Fund or the Fund could underperform for any of the following reasons: The market prices of stocks or bonds decline; the individual stocks in the Fund do not perform as well as expected; and/or the Fund’s portfolio management practices do now work to achieve their desired result. 1. “Attitudes Toward Socially Responsible Investing,” Yankelovich Study, January 2006. 2. 2005 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends in the US. The Social Investment Forum, 2005, p.iv.

CD200605593 Exp 10/30/2007

Securities products are offered through New England Securities Corp., a broker-dealer (member NASD/SIPC).

T HE C REATION OF H EALTH —P ART IV Health occurs by design. Disease occurs by default. More than any other time of year--during the holy-days—all semblance of balance is thrown to the winter winds. We can choose to do it differently—but chances are we won’t. The question is—how can we support our well-being amidst the frenzy? Think of putting safety nets in place to insure a healthier holiday season. Nature is slowing down, and turning within. Finding quiet time to reflect—even five minutes with a few deep breaths thrown in, can help. Rest when you can, and get plenty of sleep. If you are in an exercise routine— commit to continuing it. If you are not— commit to doing things like parking at the far

end of the lot. Hydration is critical. We tend not to drink as much water in the winter—and when more sweet and salty treats and alcohol are consumed, dehydration can and does occur. Balance things out with healthy meals and snacks, so that when you do indulge, the effect is minimized. Fruits and vegetables are Nature’s pharmacy— eat as many as you can. It can be difficult to get the recommended 9-13 servings every day--now there is a nutritional easy button. You can add 17-26 nutrient dense, raw, vine-ripened, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables to your diet every day—for less than half the cost of a latte. It is called JuicePlus— the most researched nutritional support system in the world. Give yourself and your family the gift of health.

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S TEEL C ITY B IKE W ORKS Carl Zimmerman, local owner of Steel City Bike Works, invites you to find a unique gift for your loved ones at his bike shop in Pueblo, Colorado. Find the perfect gift for that special someone who enjoys riding—motorcycles,

4-wheelers, and ATVs. Also, if your motorcycle or ATV is in need of repair, this is a great place to find fast and friendly service. All techs are MMI certified, and ready to help you with your motorcycle or ATV needs!

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MICROFIBER CLEANING PRODUCTS vs. STORE-BOUGHT ITEMS: COMPARING COSTS AND BENEFITS: This month’s featured product is the 16”x16” GLASS MICROFIBER. This product sells for $5.00 a piece and will last at least 200 washes. Use Shelley, aka The Rag Lady, and it on windows, mirrors, and Partner Erik chrome. Glass cleaner is not needed; JUST USE WATER. This microfiber cloth is simply amazing. It will not leave any streaks, smudges or lint. Using this product saves you time by not having to wipe over and over to try to get the streaks off. Using this product saves you money by not having to purchase environmentally-unfriendly cleaners!

Compare the Glass Microfiber cloth to eight rolls of paper towels for around $5.26. In most households, that supply will not last more than two months. A 32oz. bottle of Windex® costs about $2.68, or a generic glass cleaner costs around $0.97. Over time, buying all these products adds up to lots of MONEY as well as lots of unnecessary GARBAGE in the landfills.

And think about the TIME a person saves because not having to shop for them!

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S USTAINABLE B UILDING C ONCEPTS Did you know that the average American spends 90% of their day indoors and that the air quality inside our homes and offices is worse than the air outside? The truth is - the way we have been building in this nation is anything but healthy. Poor lightning, bad ventilation, toxic paints, adhesives, and a long list of other factors make where you work and live hazardous to your health. And when it comes to kids the news is even more unsettling. Only 7% of all high-volume chemicals have been tested for their effects on child development. Most common paints are loaded with ‘volatile organic compounds’ or voc’s. These compounds, that when inhaled, give you a headache or make you feel sick or dizzy. One example is the ‘new car smell’

- the odor caused by the voc’s in the plastics, glues, carpets and adhesives. The good news is that times are changing. New building products and practices are being adopted that are easy on you, your family, the environment and your pocketbook. Recent studies have even shown that students and workers in ‘green buildings’ have decreased healthcare costs and absenteeism as well as increased productivity!

The choices are many and the recipes are simple. - Read the ingredients. You do it with food and you can do it with the things use in your home or office. The more you demand healthy products, the more manufacturers will respond!

Things You Can Do: - Buy only low or no-voc products, such as paints and stains. - Buy or make your own ‘healthy’ cleaning products.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

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That's Natural! December 2006  

A guide to sustainable products and services in Southern Colorado.

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