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September/October 2008 *Printed on 60% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

A Sustainable “Back To School”

By Tammy Alhadef Sustainability. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees with it in principle. Not many of us would say, “I’d like my milkshake with lots of hormones and antibiotics, please.” But, incorporating sustainability into our daily lives can be a challenge.

Convenience and necessity have been known to trump the lofty goals of even the most dedicated Greens among us, especially when faced with big projects like remodeling or back-to-school shopping. Toss enough ecofriendly products into your cart and you’ll realize you’ve probably spent twice as much as you budgeted. But, a greener life can be had simply by reusing what we already have on hand or by recycling things that would have made their way into the dustbin. By taking our cues from the generations that came before us, we can make purchasing new items special again and instill in our children and ourselves the idea that the things that we do buy should be cared for and cherished. The new school year is here. For my family that means digging around under the beds and in the junk draws to find school supplies we can salvage. I’m not one to deny a child the joy of opening a new box of crayons on the

first day of school, but last year’s supplies are usually just as good as the new ones we dutifully replace them with year after year. Scissors, rulers, pencils—even backpacks can be reused again and again. Sending the kids back to school can put a strain on anyone’s budget. But, over the years I’ve learned that with good sustainability practices, gathering all those extra items can be easy on the environment and still leave a little green in my pocketbook. One of the ways we save money and the planet at our house is by hitting the secondhand stores and shopping the Internet for gently used clothing before we head to the mall. During a recent visit to www.craigslist. org I spotted 41 boys shirts, 2 winter coats and 4 pairs of pants, all for $40. Imagine how many bags that would fill, if set out on the curb for the trash truck. Not to mention the fact that you couldn’t buy one new coat for that price, much less make it yourself. So, not only do I get to feel good about recycling, I get the satisfaction of knowing that my purchases didn’t need to spend time on a leaky diesel barge from China just to get to my door, (at least this time around.) My teenage daughter and I are eagerly planning a trip to The Leech Pit, 708 N. Weber St., in Colorado Springs. This hip boutique deals in vintage, Punk Rock, Indy and other “recycled” modern clothing that you can buy, sell or trade. When we do have to buy something new, we buy the very best quality we can afford. A good, heavy-duty backpack should last a long time, so we skip the cute, cartoon emblazoned Story Continued Page 7

We believe that every human being has a right to health, education, the arts, and to be a part of the local economy. We believe that entities and products that encourage this should be promoted. We believe that educating the public about the inherent truths of our health, our education, our culture, and our economy is paramount to our rights as citizens.We believe in hope, change,and the power of a free market economy. We believe in the power of a consumer. And we believe all of THAT is very NATURAL!

Putting the Power in the Consumer’s Hands - That’s Natural!

Kids Count!

Brought to you by: Happy Worm Herders & Math Counts, LLC

Worm Facts - Vermicomposting means using worms to decompose (break down) organic material. - Organic Material is matter that is capable of decaying and was once living. For the purposes of composting, it can include: Fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee-grounds, shredded paper, shredded cardboard - like toilet paper and paper towel tubes or cardboard egg cartons, and saw-dust, tea bags (without the staples), ground-up egg shells, old cotton t-shirts and jeans (not plastics, metal, glass, or chemicals of any kind). - When you compost with worms, you create a compost bin (a home for the worms) and then introduce the worms into the compost bin. - A compost bin can be in your house - in a plastic bin with a lid (or in a Worm Condo Kit from the GAIA Wellness Center), it can be in your garden, or you can participate in community-wide composting projects, like the one with Happy Worm Herders. - Worms help to digest the organic materials and then create worm-”castings” which can be used in your garden (all throughout the year!) Worm-castings are also really good for indoor plants, they can even be mixed with water to make liquid plan food called “worm tea”. Plants LOVE worm tea! - Worm “Castings” are essentially worm-poop. Worm Castings are a great natural plant fertilizer and are the last part of the process of composting with worms (Vermicomposting).

Happy Worms, Happy Earth 1-2-3 A Compost Pile!

1.) Prepare Your Compost Pile - You will need a place that is cool and dry (like the garage or in the basement) - Start with a plastic tub - with a lid (or a Worm Condo from the Happy Worm Herders) 2.) Layer Your Tub (Worm Condos come with most of these materials) - Various dry bedding materials, gritty natural products to help the worm digest, and soil - The Worm Condo Kit comes with instructions and a list of suitable materials. 3.) Add Red Wiggler Worms (they are “surface”-feeders for compost bins)

Support the Happy Worm Herders City-Wide Vermicomposting Pilot Project in Pueblo!

There are MANY Ways to be a part of figuring out long-term solutions for our community’s next generation - that’s you Kids! 1.) Donate to the “One-Dollar Drive” to help support the pilot project - Happy Worm Herders need more supplies, tools, and equipment 2.) Purchase a Worm-Condo Kit from the Happy Worm Herders 3.) Purchase your Red Wiggler Worms from the Happy Worm Herders

Gaia Good Earth Talks Q/A Column Please e-mail, write, or call in with your questions to be featured in the next That’s Natural! Publication

Happy Worm Herders

Gaia Institute Wellness Center 622 East 8th St. Pueblo, CO 81001 719-320-5080/719-545-8440/ 888-545-8440 Toll-Free US

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Some of the smallest steps can have the greatest outcomes on our lives and on our communities. If everyone did “just a little more” and if everyone “just tried something”, before you know it we could be having dramatic impacts on our choices, and on our economy. See Pages 8 and 14.

Publisher’s Pick

We have a wonderful opportunity in Pueblo to make drastic changes to what we do with our waste. When our landfill was closed our community started to face tough choices. Out of the chaos came the Happy Worm Herders of the GAIA Wellness Center. Their Pilot Vermicomposting Project will potentially give our community the opportunity to not only save money on waste disposal, but give something to the environment that will in turn provide us with highquality natural fertilizers that can grow nutrient-rich foods. See the Story on Page 13.

Health & Wellness

You absolutely must try an Ashiatsu Massage at Colorado Avenue Day Spa (below). I am a big fan of massage for healing (I personally have problems with my neck and lower back), and when I tried the Ashiatsu massage (where the therapist uses their feet) it was a new and refreshing take that has left me feeling quite rejuvenated. The atmosphere there is fabulous - quiet and serene where high-grade essential oils and a very natural environment leave one feeling as if they have truly stepped away from the hectic environment that we face everyday. Treat yourself to an Ashiatsu massage, and let them know that That’s Natural! sent you!

Colorado Avenue Day Spa 315 Colorado Avenue

719-544-7900 Fall Special The most Luxurious massage on the planet! We are the first and only to offer Ashiatsu oriental bar therapy in Pueblo!

Ashiatsu oriental bar therapy $60.00! Find out more at Offer limited to new clients. Offer expires September 30th 2008

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13th Annual Empty Bowls Night A community fund-raiser for Local Shelters in Pueblo Friday, October 17, 2008 Lunch - 11AM - 2PM Dinner 4PM - 7PM at the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center

Admission to the event is a $10 donation - you will receive a handmade bowl filled with soup from some of the best restaurants in Pueblo. Students from the Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences (PSAS), parents, faculty, and other partners volunteer for the events while the art and music students show how the arts make a difference in our lives. A Silent Art Auction is held - we invite artists to donate artwork (all media) or handmade bowls for the auction. All proceeds benefit: Posada, Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen, and Wayside Cross Gospel-Rescue Mission Deadline for donations will be on Friday, September 28th, by 4PM at PSAS - 1745 Acero in 5/8 Art Studio.

For more information call Cynthia at 719-549-2616

When you love your pets, only the best will do!

Life’s Abundance All-Natural Pet Food

Your Local Representative Phyllis Wiggins 719-545-6153

The Very Best... Offering Products Without - Wheat - Corn - Harmful Chemical Additives - Artificial Colors or Flavors

Country Roots Farm

A That’s Natural! thank you to this wonderful community business.

Thank you for your delicious certifiednatural produce that nourishes our team here at That’s Natural! as well as for so many of our readers! Here’s to Next Season!

Contact That’s Natural! Want to use Targeted Marketing to generate sales for your business? Want to distribute the publication and be listed on-line? Do you have questions, concerns, ideas, or want to participate? Let me hear about it and I will direct your needs to one of our wonderful team members!

Tisha T. Casida, Publisher

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Health & Music By Clifton Casida

With our environment there is no way to avoid stress, so lear n to beat it. A par ticular ly great example of mental exhaustion with physic al demands br ings to mind The Pueblo Law Enforc ement Ac ademy. Our ver y own, loc al Ac ademy is known to be the best around. It gets future law enforc ement ready for the demands it needs in this ever changing day and age. Come graduation, there are many smiles and laughter, but don’t be fooled, this Ac ademy is tough. I know bec ause I personally went through the program. It requires long hours of law. It demands full at tention to details and teamwor k. The program under lines dedic ation, and persistenc e. The physic al f itness and skills tap into your potential, requir ing str ict c ognitive reasoning even under stress and a

high wor kload. So how does a person c ope with stress through such a strenuous environment ? The key to unlocking our body ’s treasure chest of endor phins is r ight at our f inger tips. Literally; press play on your iPod. Music and exercise c ombined will take you to the nex t level. It is a legal, ethic al, and safe way to c ompletely resemble opiate dr ugs. When released by the pituitar y gland and the hypothalamus, our bodies are in an analgesic state. I personally used the technique of exercise c oupled with music to tap into the body ’s natural pain reliever to graduate Top Shooter. So af ter c onsulting with your medic al professional and he clears you for exercise, tr y the body ’s natural dr ug. A nd c all me to f ind out how I c an help you.

Clif ton Casida, Cer tif ied Personal Trainer

719 -252- 4 477 or clif toncasida@ Month 00, 0000 Lorem Sit 5 5 September-October 2008 That’s Natural!

Sustainable Products & Services

Kids’ Books Coming Soon!

That’s Natural! will soon be offering children’s books with important lessons on Sustainability. Author and Illustrator Ginny Casida has produced two funfilled colorful storybooks: Ma Jza, and Wombi, Wirley & Winkle. Available soon online at: - just in time for your Sustainable Holiday Shopping Needs!

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A Sustainable Back-To-School, Cont.

versions, and go for simple styling that will be age appropriate for several years. My daughter’s friend, who will be a sophomore this year, told me she’s been using the same backpack since 6th grade. She said she plans to replace it with a new one this year, even though the old one is still pretty good.Because she’s the smallest of their group, she said her back to school purchasing will be a breeze. I couldn’t disagree, as I handed her several bags of clothing that my daughter had already outgrown. Tammy Stuever-Alhadef is a freelance writer who works from her small farm in rural Colorado, where she lives with her husband and two children. You can read more about their adventures in sustainable living on her blog at

Tips For a Greener School Year Give your wardrobe a new life. Head to the secondhand shops and the Internet for previously owned attire. Get together with friends to trade outgrown clothing.

Green your ride. Walk, bike or skateboard to school.

Pack an eco-friendy lunch. Stock up on fruits, breads, veggies and jams from farmer’s markets and local bakeries for healthy school day lunches. Keep them cold with sturdy, reusable steel drink bottles. Just fill one-third of your bottle with juice or water and freeze overnight, then fill the rest of the bottle in the morning to keep lunches cold.

Creating Health - The ABC’s for Back To School From Dr. Donna Hinders A—for an “Apple a day”; recent studies have shown that: Eating an apple before lunch resulted in fewer total calories consumed Quercetin in apples protected nerve tissue from oxidative stress 5 apples per week improved lung function and decreased asthma risk More reasons to eat real food, and why it is said: Let food be thy medicine! B—for Bibliotherapy; deriving therapeutic value from reading books. Books are food for the soul. A few of my favorites are: The Faithful Gardener by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, I will not Die an Unlived Life by Dawna Markova, Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, Pocketful of Miracles by Joan Borysenko, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and f it’s Not Food—Don’t Eat it! by Kelly Hayford. C—for CHIROPRACTIC CARE. Chiropractic care is a powerful way

to restore balance and harmony to the entire body. Chiropractic care is one of those things in life that you just have to experience—TRY IT! You don’t know what you are missing! Dr. Donna J Hinders has been practicing integrated natural health care for 24 years. She is a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist, with a focus on restoring health by attending to the whole person, utilizing the principles of Nature. 719-583-8258. Harvest Tune-up Special New Patient: $75 ($120 value—1 ½ hours) Existing Patient: $45 ($90 value—1 hour) Sessions includes: Assessment and treatment with acupuncture, chiropractic, and essential oils (Offer good through October 31, 2008, when you mention That’s Natural; limit on per person)

Month2008 00, 0000 Lorem Sit 7 7 September-October That’s Natural!

Lifestyle The Water Column By Perry Cabot

A seg ment about water i s sue s seemed a n ic e ide a for a n add it ion to T h at’s Nat u ra l! so a fe w mont h s a go I ment ioned t h i s ide a to t he super v i si ng ed itor Ti sh a C a sid a . A s it h appen s, Ti sh a bec a me my ne w ne x t- door neig hbor when I moved to Pueblo i n Ja nu a r y of t h i s ye a r to ac c ept a posit ion a s t he e x ten sion water re sou rc e s specia l i st for C olorado St ate Un iversit y. W hen my pa r t ner L e a h a nd I beg a n to set t le i n on t he ide a of Pueblo bec om i ng ou r ne w home, a sl ig ht a n x iou sne s s set i n a s we wondered i f we wou ld be able to

f i nd a c om mu n it y a s i ntere sted i n su st a i nabi l it y a s we h ad c ome to love about Mad i son, Wi sc on si n. Happi ly, a n au spiciou s moment c a me when we re a l i z ed t h at t he ed itor a nd cre ator of t h i s wonder f u l publ ic at ion l ived rig ht ne x t to u s. I a m del ig hted to st a r t c ont ribut i ng to T h at’s Nat u ra l! a s a reg u la r w riter on water i s sue s. In t he vernac u la r of ec olog y a nd hyd rolog y, t he term “water c olu m n” de scribe s a ba sic st udy u n it of water st retc h i ng f rom t he bed sed i ment s to t he water su r f ac e. Si nc e my scient i f ic bac k g rou nd i s hyd rolog y, I t hou g ht t h i s wa s a n apt ph ra se to a l so de scribe t he c olu m n I i ntend to w rite on e ver y t h i ng f rom ba sic law n i rrig at ion

to g loba l water cri se s. I hope t h at re aders w i l l f i nd t h i s i n format ion bot h prac t ic a l a nd i n sig ht f u l, a nd it i s my ple a su re to be i nv ited to pa r t icipate i n Pueblo’s bu rgeon i ng d ia log ue on su st a i nabi l it y. T h a n k you Ti sh a ! D r. Per r y E . Cabot is or iginally f r om Ft . C ollin s , C O. He compl ete d his Ph.D. in Ag r icultural Engineer ing and L and R esour ces f r om the Univer sit y of Wiscon sin . D r. Cabot is the e x ten sion water resour ces specialist for C ol ora d o S tate Univer sit y in the souther n region of C ol ora d o and a fa cult y af f iliate of the D epar t m ent of Civil and Envir onm ental Engineer ing

Going Gluten-Free By Kimberly Schaub

Here a re some t ric k s i f you’re ne w to g luten-f ree l iv i ng. Get to k now you r loc a l he a lt h food store. T here a re ma ny g re at opt ion s f rom mu f f i n m i xe s to whe at-f ree pa st a s. Chec k out w w w.c sac el iac for ide a s a nd se a rc h on l i ne for c om mu n it y c h at s about whe at-f ree l iv i ng. Bri ng a long a de s ser t or a d i sh to e at when goi ng to f riend s’ home s for d i n ner. At le a st t hen you k now you c a n e at somet h i ng! Se vera l et h n ic d i she s suc h a s T h a i,

Ch i ne se, Me x ic a n, a nd Ind ia n a re nat u ra l ly g luten f ree. But be c a ref u l, somet i me s whe at f lou r i s m i xed i nto bre ad, pa st a a nd tor t i l la recipe s.

Gluten Fre e Nut But ter C ook ie s

(nobody m i s se s t he f lou r) 1 1/2 - c up nat u ra l a l mond or pe a nut but ter (or m i xed) 1/2 c up brow n su g a r, pac ked f i rm ly 1 la rge org a n ic eg g (preferably f rom a f a rmer ne a rby) 1 te a spoon ba k i ng sod a

Prehe at oven to 350 deg ree s a nd move rac k to m idd le set t i ng. M i x nut but ters, su g a r, eg g , a nd ba k i ng sod a . Sc oop i nto he api ng te a spoon s a nd rol l i nto ba l l s. Plac e on a n u n-g re a sed c ook ie sheet a nd pre s s w it h fork to get t he t rad it iona l pe a nut but ter c ook ie look . Ba ke for 9 m i nute s or u nt i l sl ig ht ly d r y look i ng. Ma ke s 45 bite-si z ed c ook ie s at 45 c a lorie s e ac h. Chec k out w w w.T h riveL i fe st yle s.c om for more ide a s on t he blog!

Herb of the Issue - Eat, Drink & Be Healthy! By Deann Pujol

Au g u st i s here. Pe ac he s, m i nt, g reen c h i le a nd t he pu r ple c onef lower a l so k now n a s E c h i nac e a , a re ju st a fe w of t he ma ny herbs, f r u it s a nd veget able s re ady for h a r ve st. T he C olorado St ate Fa i r i s ju st a rou nd t he c orner, ou r f a rmer’s ma rket s a re i n f u l l s w i ng a nd t he smel l of roa st i ng g reen c h i le per f u me s t he a i r. Ch i ld ren a re a l re ady bac k i n sc hool a nd t he dog d ay s of su m mer h ave st a r ted to wa ne, g iv i ng way to t he c ool cri sp d ay s of f a l l. T h at’s t he good ne w s. T he bad ne w s i s t he c old a nd f lu se a son i s ju st

a rou nd t he c orner. Sk u l k i ng. Lu rk i ng. R e ady to c atc h u s of f g u a rd. For t u nately, by u si ng ou r h a r ve st w i sely, we c a n c h a se t hose germ s away. Ord i na r y g a rden m i nt i s a wonder f u l remedy for a nyone feel i ng a l it t le u nder t he we at her. Ju st go out to you r g a rden a nd g rab a h a nd f u l of le ave s, ri n se t hem a nd put t hem i n a pot of c old water. Bri ng t he water to a boi l t hen si m mer t he le ave s for about 15 m i nute s a nd you w i l l h ave a del iciou s m i nt te a , one of nat u re’s be st el i x i rs for a t u m my ac he or t he

88 Lorem That’sSit Natural! 2008 MonthSeptember-October 00, 0000

st a r t of a c old. A dd some loc a l hone y to you r te a a nd you h ave ju st g iven you r i m mu ne s y stem a big boost. M i nt i s a l so a wonder f u l add it ion to a cri sp sa lad, a ref re sh i ng f r u it smoot h ie or a del iciou s f re sh f r u it sa l sa . A dd some of ou r ma r velou s loc a l g reen c h i le to you r f r u it or tomato sa l sa s to help keep you r he ad c le a r a nd g ive you r body a big jolt of v it a m i n C . E at sma r t now to keep t hose pe sk y germ s at bay.

Sustainable Products & Services

That’s a Natural Shopping List!

Grass-Fed Beef - Larga Vista Ranch (Page 3)

Farm-Fresh Natural Produce - Country Roots Farm (Page 5)

Gorgeous Beulah Property

The Best Granola in Town - Wireworks Cofeehouse (Page 3) Organic Solar-Power Roasted Coffee - Solar Roast Coffee (Page 12) Natural Herbal Teas - Perky Tea & Coffee (Page 10) Natural Pet Food - Life’s Abundance Pet Food (Page 5) Natural Pet Treats - Simply Gr8 (Page 6) Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloths - American Wiping Rags (Page 15) Soy Candles - Kath’s Kandles (Page 6)

That’s Natural! Picks... If you see these symbols by a product or service - it is Tha’ts Natural! Team Tested & Approved!

3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Tri-Level Beautiful Views Natural Living $185,000 Tisha T. Casida Prestige Realty 719-252-1763 Prestige Realty 172 East Industrial Blvd. Suite 111 Pueblo West, CO 81007

That’s Natural!

Classified Ads

Return on Investment Beautiful Serene 10X12 room for lease. Located in the Colorado Avenue Day Spa at the heart of Historic South Pueblo just minutes away from the river walk. Perfect for a body worker/counselor. $250.00 per month. 719544-7900, 315 Colorado Ave. Are you a talented exceptional Massage Therapist looking for a place to build an awesome

clientele? Call Joyce at the Colorado Ave Day Spa 5447900 Interested in the Mission of That’s Natural!? Want to be part of the team? We need distributors and sales reps in the El Paso, Fremont, Huerfano, and Otero Counties. Contact Tisha at Tisha.T.Casida@ for more information!

That’s Amore!

looking for Mountain Man, handy with a chainsaw, snow plow, etc., and can live off the grid without all the conventional stuff (and still be happily content at 9,500 feet elevation). Helen and Scott Nearing are my heros. Contact: info@backtothesource .biz.

Der Marktplatz Papasan chair & footstool; like new; tan/light wicker; $100 OBO

Secluded, quiet, 4 beautiful acres, Walsenburg area, singlewide trailer with addition. New furnace. Sale $115,000/Trade for home in Pueblo. Owner-carry. Call for details - 719-738-2685.

Please email Kimberly@ for submission deadlines, rates, and restrictions.

Mountain Mama, 60 but looks 58,

Month 00, 0000 Sit 99 September-October 2008 That’sLorem Natural!

And the Environment...

The Frustrated Recycler By Tisha Casida

I recently met up with Daniel Gallegos at Pueblo Joe’s. Head of facilities at Pueblo Community College, Gallegos has been the spark behind many sustainable changes at our beautiful community college, and his desire to transform the campus may just be our beacon of hope. By looking at the small steps he has taken and the large impact he’s making, we can all learn from this educational institution. (Go figure!) Gallegos implemented a campus-wide recycling program for paper, cardboard and what he terms “co-mingled containers” which can include plastics, glass, tin, and aluminum. There are collection points throughout the campus, inside and outside, where students, faculty, and visitors can easily and conveniently dispose of recyclables. The collection points are easy to find and it’s easy to know what goes where. Gallegos has built a strong relationship with Waste Management and Recycle America to make sure the goods make their way Denver where they are recycled. That means the campus stays clean and gets green.

Another glimmer of hope came our way when several caring souls from the community contacted us here at That’s Natural! wanting to make a difference and willing to take the time to share their experience. “It would be great to create local businesses specializing in processing and reclaiming recycled materials, and creating new goods for sale locally,” said reader Jan Fargo. We couldn’t agree more. Becoming more sustainable while creating jobs and making money – terrific! Reader Christy Hyatt, lamented the absence of plastics recycling in Pueblo. The lack of drop off points for plastics in our community is unbelievable. Gallegos, several of our faithful community members and we here at That’s Natural! are going to figure a solution to this problem.

Pueblo consumers would certainly win with a similar curbside service by being more environmentally responsible and saving money. Sounds like a good idea to us. So what if we all just took baby steps to reach our goals. In my experience, that is the only way that change actually happens. Why? Because we are all imperfect, busy, highly-resistant-to-change, and only somewhat organized individuals wandering on this path of human existence. Here is our baby step plan for this issue.Try it and tell us if it works.

TRY THIS.... For the next two months, don’t throw away any more organic waste.

Collect your food scraps (no meat) and store them in a 3-gallon bucket with a lid. Every One email shared a past experience with a week take them down to the GAIA Wellness recycling process in which users were charged a Center where they will use them for the pilot fee for trash pick-up based on the size of trash vermicomposting project (see Page 13). Or, can used. collect this organic waste for your very own “So the more we recycled, the less waste we compost-pile. had and the smaller the trash can we used.”

Paul Alhadef Photography for distinctive weddings | 719.545.3822 421 N. Main Street Suite 402 | Pueblo 10 Lorem That’sSitNatural! 2008 10 MonthSeptember-October 00, 0000

Antique Treasure Hunters By Ephraim D’Angelo

On t he c orner, on t he lef t side, on t he rig ht, t he leng t h of Pueblo’s Un ion Avenue i s dot ted w it h u n ique a nd d i st i nc t ive store s ded ic ated to t he pa rapherna l ia of bygone era s, ot her w i se k now n a s a nt ique s. W hene ver my w i fe ac qu i re s mone y you wou ld t h i n k she wou ld go st ra ig ht to t he ma l l. In ste ad, she c ome s to me w it h t h i s spa rk le i n her e ye s a nd a song i n her voic e a nd say s, “C ’mon hone y, let’s go to t he a nt ique store s! ” A n a nt ique store lu re s you bac k i n t i me a s you hu nt t h rou g h preciou s t re a su re s of old. A s soon a s you pa s s

Antiquing - A New Old Perspective

t he t h re shold you r sen se s beg i n to t a ke i n t he sig ht s a nd smel l s t h at bri ng bac k nost a lg ic memorie s of t he pa st. E leg a nt wel l de sig ned f u rn it u re of t he Vic toria n a ge, a n old f a sh ioned cra n k phone, a Buc k Rogers lu nc hbox, ra re dol l s, wood stove s — absolutely a ny t h i ng you f a nc y c a n be fou nd w it h i n t hei r wa l l s. I bel ie ve buy i ng a nt ique s, rat her t h a n ne w t h i ng s, i s a l so a ver y sen sible, dow n-to - e a r t h form of rec yc l i ng. W hy buy bra nd ne w t h i ng s f rom mu lt i m i l l ion dol la r c or porat ion s

t h at a re r u n n i ng sma l l bu si ne s se s i nto t he g rou nd, when you c a n buy c la s s y home f u rn i sh i ng s t h at h ave w it h stood t he te st of t i me a nd add a touc h of c h a rac ter to you r home. Not to ment ion t he i mpac t you r c hoic e of spend i ng ma ke s to you r loc a l ec onomy. Buy f rom you r loc a l bu si ne s se s. B ol ster ou r ec onomy, a nd go a nt iqu i ng. Ou r sma l l tow n s w i l l not on ly su r v ive t he se h a rd t i me s, but we w i l l awa ken ou rselve s to t he power of a u n i f ied c om mu n it y.


- Paying off your Mortgage FASTER - Potentially Saving THOUSANDS in Interest - Achieving Financial FREEDOM With NO Refinancing and NO change to your monthly payment!



Michelle Howard 719-859-4417 or 866-516-3196

Yesterday Antiques & Gifts 130 Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003

Open Mon.-Sat. 10AM-6PM


NAF Never Alone Foundation, Inc. 719-647-1300

If you or a loved one needs our help or if you’d like to donate to NAF please call us at

What Are We? Never Alone Foundation (NAF) is a non-profit organization established to help those living in the southern Colorado area suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Who Do We Help? Never Alone Foundation’s emphasis is on helping children, young adults and their families cope with the medical, financial and emotional distress caused by Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. We also have support for adults. How Do We Support Medically? The medical support will include but not be limited to: helping with physician networking, discussing treatment options and aiding in nutritional education. We will work closely with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) utilizing their resources. It must be emphasized that NAF was not established to take the place of the medical profession. How Do We Support Financially? Financially, Never Alone Foundation hopes to help pay for doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, transportation needs, provide scholarship money for the National Crohn’s/Colitis Camp and college aid as directed by the executive board. How Do We Support Emotionally? The emotional support will come from others who struggle with the demands of both diseases. Our organization has in its membership those already suffering from IBD and their family members. We hope to offer a shoulder on which to lean or an ear with which to hear through the ups and downs of these diseases. This will allow experiences to be shared and give patients and their families the comfort of knowing they are not alone. Final Word! Through fundraising events, donations and membership drives, we want to raise awareness of IBD and its footprint in southeastern Colorado, especially among our younger community. Southern Colorado struggles with limited resources and the goal of this organization is toimprove the quality of life for all associated with IBD!

Check out our website at

“We wish NAF was around when our child was first diagnosed with IBD”

“The Never Alone Foundation was established so no one with IBD in our area would ever have to feel alone.”

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SOLAR Solar Roast Coffee Established 2004

ROASTTimes Carbon Neutral Coffee Roasting. September 2008


until the next summer season. Furack in Style ther improvements will include Finished in 1898 as one of Pueblo’s new sidewalks, and the possibility original downtown buildings, this student housing in the second story brick and sandstone masterpiece lofts. has stood the test of time. It was Solar Roast Coffee is located in re-faced after the flood of 1921, and the Jordan Building, on the corner harbored businesses through the of 3rd and Main Street in downtown great depression. Pueblo. Store Hours are Monday As of this August, visitors to through Friday 6:30 to 6:00 PM, and Pueblo’s historic downtown will be Saturdays 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. greeted to a most welcome sight: the renewal of this building’s origiuper Solar Saturdays nal brick face. The building’s main This September, Solar Roast Coffee street front has been painstakingly is launching into a new line-up of restored, having layers of paint reSaturday Events. Each upcoming moved and corner sandstone details Saturday through the fall and winter recrafted. The refurbishing has will include a fun event or activity been carried out by owner Michael for the kids, family, or game-players Jordan with assistance from Pueblo in your life! See the schedule below Urban Renewal. for details: “It’s a historical make-over with Saturday Sept. 6 a new spin!” Says Michael HartSuper-Uno Saturday! kop, owner of the Solar Roast CofSaturday Sept. 13 fee, in the Jordan Building’s corner Art Workshop for Kiddos shop. “The history is all there, and the shops have a new touch of color. Saturday Sept. 20 It makes it seem much more welChess in the Garden coming!” For more details, call Solar Roast Solar Roast Coffee proudly an- Coffee and ask about our Super Sonounces the end to the renova- lar Saturdays:(719) 544-2008. tions, which blocked sidewalk and windows from June through Auffice Supply Shop gust. There are more improvements planned, but they will not take place Is your office fueled by coffee? At Solar Roast Coffee, restocking your much needed supply has never been



easier! Starting in September, Solar Roast will feature it’s Office Supply Shop, a convenient ‘shop within a shop’ where offices can go for all their coffee needs. At the shop, purchases can be made for five-pound bags of Solar Roast Coffee. Sold for $40.00 each, this is an excellent savings of as much as $6.00 per pound! (Coffee savings for purchases of 5 lb bulk bags of coffee only.) At the shop, brew filters, mini-individualpacks of coffee, sugar packets, stirrers, napkins, and all of the other coffee necessities can all be found. You may also want to ask our friendly staff to provide suggestions when making your coffee selection. Choose from any of the full variety of Solar Roast’s organically grown carbon-neutral coffees today!

This Coupon good for $2.00 off a single pound of Solar Roast Coffee. (monthly special excluded)

Did you know?

Solar Roast recycles cardboard! Bring your used cardboard boxes and cardboard scrap to Solar Roast Coffee, and deposit them in the recycling bin in the rear parking area. Now you can do your part for the environment and enjoy your coffee too! Visit Solar Roast Coffee Online at 12 Lorem That’sSitNatural! 2008 MonthSeptember-October 00, 0000

Redeem at Solar Roast Coffee 226 North Main St. Pueblo, CO 81003 Tel: (719) 544-2008

Vermicomposting Pilot Project Just a few months ago Pueblo’s Vermicomposting Pilot Project was initiated in order to research solutions for disposing of wastes in the County of Pueblo. The project is taking organic waste and using that organic waste with Red Wiggler worms to decompose bio-solids. What researchers from CSU-Pueblo will be looking for is: how effective these worms are getting rid of the toxic components of the bio-solids, and how healthy the worms are after they do this “work”. This project serves many purposes, including: 1.) Finding an outlet for people to throw their organic waste

without having to pay to take it to the dump; 2.) Finding an outlet for paper-products to be disposed of and “recycled” without paying for these to go to the dump, 3.) Finding a sustainable solution for our bio-solid wastes and the treatment of such; 4.) Creating a usable and nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer (from the worm-castings) that can be used to nourish our soils. For additional information and definitions of terms, please see the “Kids Count” piece on page 2. And contact the Gaia Institute Wellness Center at 719-320-5080.

The Return of “Green Drinks” A monthly meet-up of Green-Thinking Individudals. Come to Network, Discuss Local Environmental Topics, and Enjoy the Company of Like-Minded People. Meeting every LAST Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM at the Gold Dust 217 S.Union Ave. (Pueblo) - No Need to RSVP! And bring a friend! Contact Dena at 369-9087 or


Affecting Our World

By David A. Martin

WOR L DCH A NGI NG A Users Gu ide for t he 21st C ent u r y A bra m s, Ne w York US $37.50 E d ited by A le x Stephen s Fore word by A l Gore I don’t e ven remember how I ra n acros s t h i s book on l i ne, but it h a s c h a nged t he way I see t he world, or more speci f ic a l ly, t he way I see t he f ut u re pos sibi l it ie s of t he world. Worldc h a ng i ng , a lt hou g h for wa rd look i ng i n sc ope, g ive s t he re ader a n i n h abit able hope, rig ht now i n t he pre sent moment. It enc ou ra ge s pla net a r y t h i n k i ng a nd a c ooperat ive me a n s of cre at ion. Worldc h a ng i ng , bot h t he book a nd t he Web site, w w w.worldc h a ng i ng. c om, i s a g roupi ng of v i siona rie s, jou rna l i st s, de sig ners, f ut u ri st s a nd tec h n icia n s who “c on f ident ly pred ic t t h at t he tool s, model s, a nd ide a s for bu i ld i ng a brig ht g reen f ut u re a re a l re ady here. T he piec e s a re sc at tered about u s, awa it i ng a slow-g at heri ng

c ombu st ion of i n sig ht, t he f la sh of a c u lt u ra l ge st a lt.” T he book i s a hef t y 6 0 0 -pa ge tome d iv ided i nto se ven major sec t ion s: st u f f, shelter, cit ie s, c om mu n it y, bu si ne s s, pol it ic s a nd pla net. E ac h sec t ion i nc lude s hu nd red s of sma l l a r t ic le s about a pa r t ic u la r subjec t, whet her a tool, a n i nvent ion, a met hod, a n org a n i z at ion or a n ide a . E ac h of t he se a r t ic le s prov ide s not on ly it s sou rc e s, but a l so add it iona l re sou rc e s suc h a s related book s or Web site s. T he book i nv ite s t he re ader to e x plore avenue s of i n format ion a nd apply t he i nvent ion s a nd ide a s of ot hers to t he su st a i nabi l it y a nd en ric h ment of l i fe a nd c om mu n it y. One of t he i nvent ion s, t he St a rSig ht, de sig ned by t he U K-ba sed Kola m Pa r t nersh ip a nd t he Si ng apore-ba sed Ne x- G, i s a st reet la mp for people who don’t h ave or don’t wa nt to u se ut i l it y c ompa ny ba sed elec t ricit y. It i s e s sent ia l ly a l ig ht pole equ ipped w it h a sola r pa nel a nd a n L E D l ig ht.

T he book de scribe s it a s a “ low- c ost, low-ma i ntena nc e me a n s of prov id i ng ver y u sef u l ser v ic e s suc h a s publ ic l ig ht i ng a nd w i rele s s net work s.” T he produc t i s a n e x a mple of a hy brid cre ated f rom e x i st i ng tec h nolog ie s, wh ic h i s e x ac t ly wh at t he w riters hope to i n spi re re aders to cre ate. R e aders w i l l enc ou nter ele vated wet la nd s, wh ic h a re bot h t ra n sformat ive publ ic a r t a s wel l a s a me a n s of bio -remed iat ion, a s wel l a suc h empoweri ng c onc ept s a s c om mu n it y c apit a l, a n of ten overlooked form of c apit a l wh ic h c a n c ompri se t he bu l k of a c om mu n it ie s a s set s. A s I feel t h i s book i s too i mpor t a nt to loa n out too f a r f rom my c lose ci rc le, I’ l l to h ave to h ig h ly rec om mend t h at members of ou r federa l, st ate, c ou nt y a nd mu n icipa l govern ment s, e specia l ly cit y c ou nci l members a nd cit y pla n ners, pu rc h a se t hei r ow n c opie s a nd get cre at ive.

September-October 2008 Natural! Month 00, 0000That’s Lorem Sit 13 13

Lifestyle A New Paradigm on Health By Charlene Dengler Wellness is def ined by the Wor ld Health Organization as the balanc e of mental and physic al well being in the absenc e of disease. I lear ned about the c onc ept of homeostasis while in nursing school. Homeostasis is the tendency for the body ’s physiologic al system to maintain inter nal stabilit y. A ny time the body is out of balanc e, for whatever reason, homeostasis is c ompromised. When wellness is impaired, even at an imperc eptible c ellular level, fur ther c onsequenc es will ensue.

Homeostasis is a sensitive c ondition c arefully maintained by several factors. Your body is c onstantly juggling those factors to stay in balanc e. When the body ’s homeostasis has been threatened, it c an result in var ious for ms of symptoms, disease and illness. What if you c ould maintain homeostasis, regardless of aging, until nature gradually c aused your demise rather than rec eiving an ear ly check out with no oppor tunit y to retur n? To lear n about immediate steps you c an take to shif t your paradigm to

Ghost Walk

Tales from Pueblo’s Past

one of renewed health and wellness c all Char lene Dengler, of Inside Out Counseling Associates at 719 -250 0 6 83. Char lene Dengler is a for mer registered nurse who has also been a model, a nutr ition c onsultant, a f itness instr uctor and an educ ational c onsultant. Her main focus is a natural approach to health and wellness with an emphasis on assisting others in f inding the c or rect pathway to their optimum vitalit y.

Arts & Culture

share stories about such historical events and characters as the 1921 flood, Doc Holiday and the Ladies of Night and the Pueblo Medal of Honor recipients. Admission is $6 per person. Children under the age of 5 are free when accompanied by an adult. A Sunday matinee is scheduled for 2 p.m. Oct. 5 at the museum for those who want to hear the stories but are unable to participate in the walking portion of the tour. Matinee admission is $7 at the door or $6 in advance. Seats are limited. Advance

tickets for all performances can be purchased at the museum, 301 N. Union Ave. and at the YWCA. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Pueblo Domestic Violence Community Task Force and the Pueblo Interfaith Hospitality Network. This event helps insure the continued work of both the task force and the network in serving Pueblo’s vulnerable populations. Event coordinators can be reached at

t he school bre a k f a st to prov ide t he nut rit ion you r ch i ld need s. Ped iat ric s Ma g a z i ne rec om mend s a bre a k f a st t hat w i l l not spi ke blood su g a r. Eg g s, me at, chee se, whole g ra i ns, veget able s a nd leg u me s a l l have a low g lyc em ic i nde x . For bre a k f a st t r y f r u it a nd c ot t a ge chee se, whole g ra i n c ere a l w it h low-f at m i l k, a whole g ra i n wa f f le topped w it h u ns weetened apple sauc e, pla i n oat me a l l ig ht ly

s weetened, eg g s w it h C a nad ia n bac on, a f r u it smoot h ie made w it h pla i n yog u r t, or a protei n sha ke. Get re ady for school t he n ig ht before, it w i l l le ave more t i me for bre a k f a st. You r ch i ld ren w i l l be he a lt h ier, happier, a nd bet ter le a rners.

Pueblo’s history comes to life in an exciting, walking tour performance down historic Union Avenue. Get in the fall spirit as the “ghosts” of Pretty Boy Floyd, Bat Masterson, Clark Gable and other Pueblo characters retell the stories from times past in this familyfriendly performance. The event is slated from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sept. 26 and 27 and again Oct.4 and 5. Walking tours will leave every 15 minutes from El Pueblo History Museum and will stop at eight locations around downtown to

Teachers Will Tell You By Jo Schrubbe

Te achers w i l l tel l you, t he y k now wh ich ch i ld ren had a h ig h su g a r bre a k f a st. T he y’re t he one s who a re moody, d isr upt ive, a nd c a n’t sit st i l l. T he ch i ld ren who d id n’t have a ny bre a k f a st at a l l f a l l a sleep i n cla ss. T he y have no energ y. Ch i ld ren who st a r t t heir d ay w it h a nut rit iou s bre a k f a st a re more l i kely to sit, foc u s, a nd c onc ent rate on t he le sson. But, don’t c ou nt on

14 That’sSit Natural! 2008 14 Lorem MonthSeptember-October 00, 0000

Jo Sc h r ubbe, BS, BC N T hera f it Sma r t Nut rit ion 719 -248 - 0 6 6 0

Check out our new website:

Horses Healing People, Naturally By Royce Gomez

Horses have been used very effectively in therapy to treat emotional issues. Because horses are non-judgmental, react in the moment, and are social creatures, clients become immediately more watchful, which creates an opportunity to overcome fear. Self-confidence is important in people dealing with many issues. Victims of domestic violence, teens struggling with self-esteem, people in transitional stages of life from divorce, life-threatening illnesses, to a change in family dynamics can all benefit from this type of therapy. Horses are used to teach problem solving skills in those recovering from addictions such as eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Unlike humans, horses give accurate

and unbiased feedback, practicing congruence between feelings and behaviors. This helps us become aware of our own incongruencies to foster healing and personal development. In an 8-month study in the 2007 issue of Society and Animals, participants showed significant reductions in overall psychological distress, were more oriented in the present and able to live more fully. They also were less burdened by regret, less focused on fear of the future, and more independent and self-supportive. Pillar Ranch conducts corporate and personal development workshops, support groups, youth programs, and private therapy. For more information call Royce Gomez at 719-250-3664.

Attention Recyclers!

From American Wiping Rags A mer ic an Wiping Rags c ar r ies recycled white pillow c ases, f lat white t win sheets, white ter r y wash cloths, and standard 22 ” x 40 ” white ter r y towels. AWR buys by the pound and sells by the pound, so you get more for your money. Our recycled products are packaged in ten and t went y pound plastic bags. Just imagine ten pounds of ter r y wash cloths; that ’s a lot of wash cloths. They are great for clean ups or for your ever y day use in your business. Twent y pounds of f lat white sheets are exc ellent for businesses or anyone

Clothing bought off the rack never fits anyone exactly right because it is mass manufactured. To have a garment fit a body nicely, you would need to hire a tailor who makes custom apparel for you. But, this is expensive.

who changes sheets more than onc e a day. Flat white sheets are great for school projects too. For example: Making banners for football games or for the ar t classes that use paints or inks. Twent y pounds of f lat sheets would last a while. AWR c an also cut the mater ials for lint free rags for painters, powder c oating, and body shop businesses. A mer ic an Wiping Rags is NOT a laundr y ser vic e. You buy the products and you keep them.

The most economical way to get the appearance you desire is to have retail clothing altered, and I do just that. If you have lost quite a bit of weight, congratulations, I can tell you if there will be distortion once the garment has been altered. I would invite you to instead to reward your hard work and go clothes shopping. Bring your new wardrobe to me, and I will customize it to your new body.

We also do Custom

I c an deliver to your business or home. To order, c all 719 - 671-76 0 4 and ask for Shelley, “ The Rag Lady ”. You c an email AWR at A mer ic anwipingrags@msn. c om or check out the website at w w w.ragpeople.c om.

Embroidery. We do jobs as simple as putting a name on a garment, but we can also take a logo, digitize it, and apply it to clothing or hats. Contact us to see what we can do to meet your embroidery needs.

719-251-5765 (Business) 719-547-2912 (Fax - Call first, please)

Jan Riner, Alterationist Seams Sew Fine

Month2008 00, 0000 Sit 1515 September-October That’sLorem Natural!

Natural Connections Sustainable Events for You to Explore

Email Kimberly at to submit your gathering in our next edition.


3 – Wednesday – Fast Track Networking – 5:30-7 – Perky Tea and Coffee (Heidi, 303-947-7490) 4, 11, 18 - Thursdays – Farm and Art Market – Gateway Park – Bring your family! 5, 12, 19, 26 - Fridays – Entrepreneur Club and Public Speaking Class – 11:00 Perky Tea and Coffee (Patti, 214-3552) 8, 9, 22, 23, Kitchen Wisdom Whole Grain Cooking Classes – call for times (Kris, 251-8310) 9, 23 –Tuesdays - Toastmasters Public Speaking Class – 5:15 Wingate Hotel (Shelley, 671-7604) 10 - Celebrate Harvest and Launch the School year with pediatrician Dr. Mike Brazelton! Be entertained and inspired and learn the absolute importance of nutrition for kids. Kids welcome! Dr. Donna J. Hinders 719-544-0649 12, 26 – Fridays – 11:30-1 - 44 W. Spaulding (Heidi, 303-947-7490) 14 - Sunday -7pm - Harvest Moon Music Hike, Meet at Mountain Park Environmental Center (719) 485-4444 17 – Pueblo Business Women’s Network – 11:30 Pueblo Country Club (Rosella, 595-1636) 19 - Friday - 10 AM, Nature Toddlers, Meet at Mountain Park Environmental Center (719) 485-4444 23 - Tuesday - 11:30 a.m. Pueblo Herb Society (Contact - 542-0986) 30 – Pueblo Business Forum – 11:00 (Tisha, 719-210-8273) 30 - Green Drinks - 5:30 at the Gold Dust 217 S.Union (Dena at 369-9087) - Westin Price Foundation Pueblo Chapter – 4:00 Location Varies, please call (Kim, 947-0982; Nancy, 647-1293) Varies - Melaleuca Presentation – Diane Brown (671-8099)


3, 10, 17, 24, 31- Fridays – Entrepreneur Club and Public Speaking Class – 11:00 Perky Tea and Coffee (Patti, 214-3552) 6, 7, 20, 21- Kitchen Wisdom Whole Grain Cooking Classes – call for times (Kris, 251-8310) 14, 28 –Tuesdays - Toastmasters Public Speaking Class – 5:15 Wingate Hotel (Shelley, 671-7604) 10, 24 – Fridays – 11:30-1 - 44 W. Spaulding (Heidi, 303-947-7490) 15 – Pueblo Business Women’s Network – 11:30 Pueblo Country Club (Rosella, 595-1636) 18 - Saturday - 1 – 3pm, HORSESHOE LODGE GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION (719) 485-4444 28 – Pueblo Business Forum – 11:00 (Tisha, 719-210-8273) 28 - Tuesday - 11:30 a.m. Pueblo Herb Society Tammy Hartung from Desert Canyon Organic Farm (Contact - 542-0986) 28 - Green Drinks - 5:30 at the Gold Dust 217 S.Union (Dena at 369-9087) 30 - Thursday - 7pm, Evening Nature Talk, Quoth The Raven, Nevermore! (719) 485-4444 - Westin Price Foundation Pueblo Chapter – 4:00 Location Varies, please call (Kim, 947-0982; Nancy, 647-1293) Varies - Melaleuca Presentation – Diane Brown (671-8099) Ongoing– Whole Grain and Slow Food – monthly classes by Kitchen Wisdom (Kristine, 251-8310)

That’s Natural! Kids’ Books Coming Soon.....

Changing the World, One Idea at a Time September 22nd = 4th Monday of the Month “Ride Your Bike to the Perk” (Colorado Springs) is an event we hold monthly to reward our environmentally-conscious customers. We want to thank any and everybody riding bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters instead of cars for commuting. Those who recreationally ride are also welcome to ride to Pike’s Perk downtown on the fourth Monday of every month for 50% off drinks! To get 50% off “bike fuel”: 1. Ride to Pike’s Perk on the 4th Monday of the month, any time. 2. Order a drink from our menu. 3. Mention that you rode in (50% off drinks)! 4. Mention that you read about it in “That’s Natural!” (an extra stamp on our stamp card - an extra 20% off!). The promotion is limited to those who ride their bikes to or past our store front. It is not applicable to coffee refills, food items, or merchandise. Discount cannot be transferred. We may ask for “proof ” if visibility is low: biking gear, or indication of where your bike is. Pike’s Perk, 14 S. Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO

- Wombi, Wirley & Winkle: Three young worms are torn from their junk-food diet and destined to be fishing worms, but wait......there may be a better, brighter future for them...find out in this colorful story, available online soon! - Ma Jza: This baby calf escapes a confined commercial dairy operation. Now she is on a quest to save her mother’s life. Books available online soon at!

LoremNatural! Sit Month 00, 0000 1616 That’s September-October 2008

That's Natural Publication_September-October 2008  

A guide to Sustainable Products and Services in Southern Colorado

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