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That’s Natural! A Guide to Sustainable Products & Services in Southern Colorado


“Only the educated are free.”

November/December 2009

Volume 6, Issue 6

- Epictetus

Simple Abundance Book Review Pedaling Revolution

Monument Valley: Thank You John Ford First Annual Pikes Peak EcoFestival a Success

Sustainability From the Start

We Are in the Business of $elling Social Change. NEW That’s Natural! Green Guide

It has arrived! We are gathering the best sustainable businesses in Southern Colorado and making an easy-to-read/navigate guide in the back of the That’s Natural! publication. If you are a consumer, we will be arranging this information according to the type of Products or Services that they are in, as well as which County in which they are located. This will make it easy to find what you are looking for. If you are a sustainable business and want to be listed, give us a call!

That’s Natural! Tested & Approved I tried to think of several different ways that I could convey to our readership how our advertisers and clients are sustainable enterprises doing great things for the community. I thought about an application-process, and have also thought about implementing a rating system. Some of these things may be in the works for the future, as for now, I want to let you know that the people and businesses that are in this publication, I either know personally or have tried their products and services, and are That’s Natural! Tested & Approved. We will continue to develop our criteria and rubric as we go, and look forward to the participation from within the community.

Fort Carson’s Sustainability Champion of the Year Award That’s Natural! was selected as a Fort Carson Sustainability Champion of the Year, and we were awarded at the Southern Colorado Sustainable Communities Conference in Colorado Springs on November 2nd. I would like to thank our wonderful readership and advertisers for your continued support and business. I would also like to thank a couple of specific community members that I have had the privilege to work with in the past couple months - Alicia Archibald and Frank Kinder. Both who have helped That’s Natural! find great content and information to send out to folks across Southern Colorado. You Rock!

This Holiday Season - BUY LOCAL & Support Local Economies

My good friend Paul Alhadef said it well, at an art-opening at the Loft in “The Junction” of Pueblo. He said that, “currently there are several distinctly different, opposing viewpoints on our economy, or it least that’s what it seems like, until you really look and see that they are essentially the same, and we are fighting the wrong war. Right or left, socialism vs. capitalism, the real issue is consolidation of power and the solution is local.” I concur with Paul. I think ONE THING that we can all agree on, is that we should support LOCAL, and then everything else will fall into place. Because if we are supporting local economies, and local producers, we are satisfying at least two of those objectives - MONEY (economic development) and the WELFARE of the community. That was very well thought-out. And that is just perfect for the continued message here - PLEASE purchase local goods and services, and make a special effort to do that this Holiday Season. Our community is driven by the actions that you and I make by purchasing with our “dollar”. I would like to make special mention of the “Own Your Own Art Show” at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, on Page 11. Go out, see the awesome art, and buy something HAND-CRAFTED from someone, right here in your community. Hope to see you there!

Tisha T. Casida, Publisher


That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting PO Box 1476 Pueblo, CO 81002 (719) 210-8273 For Subscriptions, please send $15 to PO Box above. *You will receive 6 editions per year - every two months. (Please include your address and contact information) ** Make Checks Payable to “That’s Natural!” That’s Natural! is a free marketing-magazine serving Southern Colorado. It is published bi-monthly, over 7,000 copies are circulated to more than 200 locations in Pueblo, Fremont, Huerfano, Otero, Las Animas, Teller, and El Paso counties. We serve small businesses with their marketing needs and specialize in marketing programs that capitalize on Sustainability - products and services that help people, the environment, and the community.

The nutritional, health, environmental, and political information in this newsletter are based on personal experiences and research by the author(s). The author(s), editor, and publisher do not offer medical advice or prescribe the use of diet as a form of treatment for sickness without the approval of a health professional, nor do they accept any responsibility for your viewpoints being expanded or changed. If you do use the information contained in this newsletter without the approval of a health professional, an attorney, or a mentor that you deem worthy of your consciousness, you are prescribing and directing yourself, which is your constitutional right to pursue such activities (that we encourage you to exercise), but the author(s), editor, and publisher assume no responsibility.

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This is our Holiday Shopping Guide, We hope you Enjoy!

We believe that every human being has a right to health, education, the arts, and to be a part of the local economy. We believe that entities and products that encourage this should be promoted. We believe that educating the public about the inherent truths of our health, our education, our culture, and our economy is paramount to our rights as citizens. We believe in hope, change, and the power of a free market economy. We believe in the power of a consumer. And we believe all of THAT is very NATURAL! That’s Natural!

“[We] are the makers of our own state and…individuals who realize the fact need not, ought not, to wait for collective action.” Mahatma Gandhi That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Simple Abundance By Tami Schwerin

It’s time to make big change. Yes, we hear a lot about change, and we are still doing business as usual. As Bono says, “how long to sing this song?” He is talking about war, but we have a war on climate change. How many people does it take to reach the tipping point and when will people understand we all need to contribute to solving global warming issues now? I’ve just finished reading Less is More, by Cecile Andrews & Wanda Urbanska. It’s a collection of essays about a subject that I think we’ll be examining more; simplicity. We’ve gotten so far away from the simple pleasures in life. With the help of email, cell and all of the technology we are all able to do about 3 or 4 jobs when we used to only be able to do one or two. This is great for efficiency and effectiveness, but how is it good for our souls and also our environment? One of the essays by Tom Turnipseed (that is his actual name) argues that “simple living is the solution to the unprecedented ecological crisis of global warming and climate change caused by excessive and extravagant human activity.” We’ve become so used to consumerism and complicated living and

extraction that we are quickly destroying life on this planet. Not to mention that we are less happy as a society. When we can’t stop to take a breath, we also can’t stop to think about how our actions are effecting us long term. So we’ve created a toxic environment using plenty of chemicals that were created to help simplify our lives. We’ve got less diversity and more disease. We’ve got lots of food that has no nutritional value. Less is More is about taking back our time and deciding what our priorities are all about. Do we really need that 5,000 square foot house in the suburbs with 3 SUV’s in the garage and lots of stuff that is going to break at the correct time so we can go buy some more to keep the economy healthy? What about growing a garden, quitting that job that has absolutely no meaning to you, focusing on the ones that love you and not shopping to pass your time or lift your spirits. Give it a try. Tami Schwerin is the Executive Director of The Abundance Foundation. The non-profit’s mission is to educate the public on sustainability subjects like local food, renewable energy and community. She is busy trying to slow down.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

2 tsp Coriander 2 ½ cups cooked Butternut or Acorn Squash with skin and seeds removed.

from Country Roots Farm

Blend ½ cup Cashews and 1 cup Water added and blend smooth. ADD 2 tsp Slippery Elm (found at your friendly natural foods store) ¼ cup Lecithin Granules ¼ cup Honey ¼ tsp Salt ¾ cup Pure Maple Syrup 2 tsp Vanilla

Blend til’ smooth. After blending, pour into a flat plastic container with a lid; place into freezer and freeze solid. Just before serving remove from freezer and slice into strips the size that will fit into a juicer or blender. Add ½ cup milk (raw, rice, soy) to soften the mixture. Thank you to our Farm Working Friends “Richard & Bonnie”.

Country Roots Farm Coming in 2010 Fall & Winter Shares

- CSA Shares make great Christmas and Birthday Gifts - Certified Naturally Grown Food - Free-Range Eggs Local Food for Local People


That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Wouldn’t you rather drink HEALTHY COFFEE?

“When the heart is flooded with love there is no room in it for fear, for doubt, for hesitation.”

Healthy Coffee ---Balances PH levels, Natural

detoxification, Pure energy, Oxygenates body, No jitters/no caffeine crash

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

*Only coffee w/Certified Organic Ganoderma Regular coffee is acidic and toxic!

Need a sample? Call for a location to sample coffee or on how to get paid to drink Healthy Coffee.

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That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Sustainability From the Start By: Angela Beery

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my column, “Sustainability from the Start.” I live in Pueblo, Colorado. I am a college-educated stay-at-home/work-at-home wife, and mother of one. This column exists to address issues relating to sustainability in the areas of pregnancy, birth, babies, and young children. It was during my own pregnancy and during the early days of motherhood that I found myself increasingly concerned with sustainable living. This column will seek to do three things. First, provide well researched information on issues relating to sustainability in the areas of pregnancy, birth, babies and young children. Second, provide resources for further research on each issue addressed. Third, find practical ways that we, as parents, can live out these principles right here in Southern

Colorado. What I will not do is attempt to scare you with this column. The overwhelming love and concern we have for our children’s well being can quickly turn into paranoia. It is more reasonable, however, to seek knowledge that is both accurate and well-balanced, taking steps (even if they are baby steps) in the right direction and leading our children along with us. My hope is that this column will provide practical information and resources that will equip families in Southern Colorado to live a more sustainable lifestyle. -Angela Beery is a freelance writer who is committed to sustainability in Southern Colorado.

Good Health Naturally By: Darlene Hopkins

I write a column because so many folks want to try natural healing, but they do not know how. Some try natural healing and it doesn’t work and they don’t know why or they think it’s a hoax. Before marriage my husband was a skeptic, he did not believe in natural healing at all. His parents put thousands of dollars into supplements without the desired results. After a year, seeing positive results with the way I do things, he has started to listen. I recently went into someone’s home; we talked about natural healing for two hours. She showed me her herb garden (a very knowledgeable lady). Then she asked me what I thought about supplements. She brought out over 100 supplements and told me, “this is what I take”. I was amazed. People read about Echinacea being good so they take it, they read about benefits of goldenseal, and they take it. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, can’t forget the B-complex, garlic, Herbal-eyebright, flax seed, cayenne pepper, etc. All these things are good in their natural state and have their place, BUT... LEARN ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE TAKING. If you are taking Wheat Germ oil, it has vitamin E in it therefore taking both is not necessary. There are folks that take Echinacea daily. Echinacea’s main function is to ACTIVATE the Immune System, not maintain it.

Research has shown that supplements work best when taken by themselves. Formulas are created for a purpose, taking anything else with it could defeat that purpose. A good rule of thumb is when taking something for its nutritional value, is, it can be taken with food, but if taken something for medicinal purposes it is best by itself with only water. We have so many herbs and plants that grow all around us that are beneficial for the body, (what ever area you live in). Things that grow in your area are best for you. If you buy honey from Hawaii it will help you to be immune to the things in Hawaii, of course it may taste better, but if you are looking for the medicinal benefits it is best to get honey from your local area, or plants and herbs grown in your local area. I will talk about this in another article. We go to school for years learning about life and some of us go on another four years to learn a profession, but how much time do we take learning about our bodies, the food we eat and good nutrition. Take responsibility for your good health. Learn how to gain good health Naturally. I will answer herbal questions at

First Annual Pikes Peak EcoFestival a Success

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in the first annual Pikes Peak EcoFestival on September 26th at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site in Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful day to get outside & celebrate our environment. 850 people attended the EcoFestival & over 60 of them rode their bicycles participating in Colorado Springs’ first bike valet. Those who arrived via human power, by foot or bicycle, were rewarded with a coupon for a free pint of beer at Bristol Brewing Company. Nearly 50 volunteers assisted and over 60 eco-conscious exhibitors shared their products & information on how to live more sustainably. Healthy movement classes, such as gymnastics, yoga, pilates & Nia, ran throughout the day as did gardening workshops & live music. A preview & discussion of a local documentary( Hooked on Growth), electronics and single-stream recycling collection, and other activities took place. The mission of the Pikes Peak EcoFestival is to bring together Front Range communities in an effort to educate & encourage sustainable lifestyles through a fun, family-oriented event & to raise funds for Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. “All in all the event was a success by my standards, and certainly a solid platform for us to build on in the coming years,” said event producer, Dianne Bertini of Viridian Focus. “Folks really enjoyed the event and being more ‘green’ is definitely on most people’s minds. I’ve even heard from a few attendees that they have made changes at home, like signing up for curbside recycling & installing energy-efficient windows, since having attended the EcoFestival. That’s what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned!”

Look for the next Pikes Peak EcoFestival in the fall of 2010. That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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WE RECYCLE is a community cooperation for recycling that is open in Pueblo West. The center, located at 24 N. Research Drive, accepts paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and glass. The materials do not have to be sorted.


Alicia Archibald BETTR Recycling, Inc

For more information please call:

719-542-6327 or 719-320-3419

Consulting Services • Sustainability • Alternative Fuels • ISO Development • Event Coordination • Recycling & Zero Waste • Environmental Management Systems

(719) 322-6279

Mountain Park Environmental Center

Summer camps for kids~ adult programs Guided hikes ~ pavillion rentals for groups

roject P r P e h Anot URA Ave

better Making Pueblo a RK, , place to LIVE, WO and PLAY!

se on Sante Fe Former ice house warehou oject,” complete e Pr will become the “Ice Hous mercial space. com d an with residential


Lake Minnequa South Santa Fe Ave. North Pueblo Thunder Village St. Charles Industrial Park Downtown Pueblo




PUEBLO, CO 81003



That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities

Book Review

By Jeff Mapes, Oregon State University Press, 2009

The Netherlands. Mapes is not concerned with recreational trails. His focus is on urban commuting routes and the cities he uses as examples have a proven dedication to improving services for urban riding and promoting bicycling as a commuting alternative. In some cases, cities have promoted cycling routes as a key to attracting a new demographic that urban planners have identified as key to urban renewal efforts.

I was intrigued by this title - maybe I’m partial to revolution? The author, Jeff Mapes, is the political columnist for the Portland newspaper, The Oregonian. This book combines Mapes’ political commentary with his love of “urban biking”. It’s a unique look at the history of bicycling trends and activism and expounds on their successes and failures. Working through the ideas of urban planning, Mapes compares “bicycling cities”: Davis, Portland, San Francisco, and New York. He also dedicates a chapter to the quintessential biking country,

the streets of Pueblo? Although I didn’t find the book a gripping read, Pedaling Revolution is an interesting account of the development of bicycling activism. Shouldn’t it be a person’s right to hop on a bike and ride down the street without meeting potholes, non-existent shoulders, and unaware motorists. Mapes gives the reader tools to promote change locally and examples that rekindle hope for a friendlier bicycle world. By: Susan Fries Executive Director of the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild, and avid traveler, bookworm, gardener, and cook.

Mapes also satisfied my interest in the history of the Critical Mass Rides that take place in larger cities. I’ve been fascinated by reports of the seemingly unorganized chaos that results from hundreds of riders traveling through cities in rush hour traffic heedless of traffic laws. After reading this I wondered what success Pueblo might have with a Critical Mass Ride and I realized that there is some precedent in our city’s history for quasi illegal activity. Artists became urban heroes in the 60’s when their covert paintings on the Arkansas River Levee Wall defied vigilant law enforcement. Why not a mass “un-planned” bicycle ride through

All the books reviewed for That’s  Natural! can be found in  the Pueblo  City­County Library collection. Susan  encourages you to walk or ride your  bike to the library and check out a  book.    Now that’s sustainable!       

Energy Efficiencies

is a locally owned company with over 25 years combined experience in Photovoltaic systems, more commonly known as “PV Solar”. We offer our clients consultation, design, sales and installation. PV Solar is a Renewable Energy technology (better known today as “Green Energy”) that converts sunlight into electricity; and can be utilized in both small and large installations.

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“If we take a survey of the greatest actions…in the world…we shall find the authors of them all to have been persons whose brains had been shaken out of their natural position.” - John Adams That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Monument Valley: Thank You John Ford By: Savarin Wolfe Bishop George Berkeley, a major British Empiricist philosopher of the eighteenth century and the man after whom Berkeley, CA, was named, once famously asked, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” Following that line of conjecture, we might ask, “If natural beauty stands unperceived by human eyes, is it actually beautiful?” Of course it is, most might say. Just because humans aren’t around to behold something doesn’t mean that that something doesn’t have the properties – such as beauty – that it intrinsically has. And yet. Bishop Berkeley’s motto was esse is percipi: to be is to be perceived. Which leads to this column’s central provocation: If Monument Valley stands full of splendor, but no Hollywood movie is made there, who the heck knows that it’s beautiful, or that it even exists? In 1939, director John Ford made Stagecoach, the western that launched John Wayne out from the shadowy obscurity of Gower Gulch B-movies and into the limelight of Hollywood stardom. But the legacy of that film is more than The Duke, one of our major cultural icons. It was also the first time that Monument Valley, a breathtaking cluster of reddish sandstone buttes rising majestically

above the high-desert (4000 feet) valley floor on the Utah-Arizona border, was featured in a major motion picture. That’s all well and good, you might say. You’ve undoubtedly seen Monument Valley lots of times in TV shows, print ads, car commercials, and movies – including nine subsequent films by Ford, often in collaboration with Wayne. You may even have visited this stunning scenery personally on a family vacation or a find-yourself vision quest. So what? So, would you even have known that Monument Valley existed if John Ford had not decided it was a great place to make a movie? Maybe. But there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t. When the cast and crew of Stagecoach invaded Monument Valley, it wasn’t much more than an isolated backwater of the Navajo Nation Reservation – when you could find any water. There was no electricity, not many people, and the only roads were the ruts left behind by long-gone stage traffic. Now it is a popular destination for thousands of visitors from around the world. But don’t all those people ruin the natural magnificence? Didn’t the movie crews trash the place? Not hardly. The Navajo Nation and other business

and civic entities have a major incentive to maintain the irreplaceable grandeur of this geological wonder. They promote and encourage visitors’ enjoyment by maintaining the primordial glory while also developing the amenities of modern civilization that provide eco-pilgrims with enhanced pleasure during their sojourns. Human purpose drives human experience. Without motivation of some kind, humans are often wont to be too inert to enjoy – to perceive – the beauty that life can offer. Business motives can work very complementarily with environmental motives. John Ford chose Monument Valley for Stagecoach because of its spectacular beauty. But without the motivation of making a film – the underlying purpose of which is explicitly to make a profit – any joy he found there would have been solely personal, and we as a culture would be far less aware of the natural sublimity he displayed on silver screens around the world. Thank you, John Ford. Bishop Berkeley would be proud. Savarin Wolfe is a gourmand of Life, and can be contacted via this publication.

That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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That’s Natural! Green Guide

Sponsored By Green Drinks - In Pueblo, Held Every Last Tuesday of the Month starting at 6:00 PM at the Cock N’ Bull Tavern


PUEBLO COUNTY Country Roots Farm: CSA Phone: 719-948-2206 Website: - See Ad Page 4 Kitchen Wisdom: Whole Foods Cooking Classes Phone: 719-251-8310 - See Ad Page 4 Cattleman’s Choice Beef: All-Natural Beef Phone: 719-924-8532 - See Ad Back Cover CSU Extension: Colorado Master Gardener classes begin in January, 2010 Apply Today! Call: 719-583-6566 EL PASO COUNTY Dragonfly Farms 719-216-2185 Peak to Plains Alliance 719-231-6265 Ranch Foods Direct 719-473-2306 Venetucci Farms 719-389-1251


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Come to Green Drinks!

Every last Tuesday of the month - Various Speakers on Topics of Sustainability while networking with people in the industry! Always at the Cock N’ Bull Tavern (325 S Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003), at 6:00 (Come a little early if you like!) Please Call to RSVP, Either: Dena Stevens, Eco-Broker at 719-369-9087 or Trena Johnson, YES! Solar at 719-251-6674


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That’s Natural! November/December 2009

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Cattlemen’s Choice Beef cares about what your family eats. This is why our cattle are grown on native grasses and finished with native grasses, premium grass hay and oat hay. Our goal is to produce a beef product that is beneficial to your health without sacrificing what you expect from a cut of beef. Cattlemen’s Choice Beef has a distinct delicious flavor and tenderness that is unsurpassed that will please your palate. You will taste the difference at the dinner table with your family. Source Identified Cattle - Humane and Sanitary handling of our cattle is top priority along with No Factory Farming on the Mountain Front Ranch. Diets that are natural to cattle produce healthy and happy cattle without the use of antibiotics and chemicals, which is better for the cattle and you.

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That's Natural! November-December 2009 HOLIDAY Edition  

A Guide to Sustainable Products & Services in Southern Colorado

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