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Chile Chili Fest Program Guide

“The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Edison

Roasted Chile & Our Fabulous Vendors - Pages 1 & 8 The Story of Glass Gem Corn - Page 6 Parker Pastures - Beyond Organic - Page 8 Food Freedom - We Can Decide - Page 7 Local Currency - Colorado Mountain Hours - Page 10

Fall is Here and the Smell of Roasted Chile is in the Air

That’s Natural! Reports

Castle Rock, CO – The Douglas County Events Center hosts the second annual Chile Chili Festival put on by That’s Natural! Marketing. Everyone is invited to come to the event and enjoy the unique vendors from around the community and region. The feature of the event is Milberger Farms, roasting and selling certified organic green chile (among other delicious produce). Shane Milberger, owner and operator of Milberger Farms is a local southern Colorado farmer who roasts his chile using a one-of-a-kind chileroaster and sells his roasted green chile at both his retail location on the Mesa in Pueblo County as well as at several Whole Foods Market locations, and Pine Lane Nursery in Parker. You can also order, anytime, from the farm itself – call

Shane direct (719-240-1947). Complimenting his product, one finds Dragon Sauces with a full line of unique hot sauces (some of which have Milberger’s chiles), and Hacienda Maize Fire-Roasted Chile Jammin’ Jellies which offer an amazing depth of sweet and hot and also use Milberger’s chiles. Enhancing the hot roasted chile are several unique vendors with tasty hot sauces, including Sauce Goddess with gluten-free sauces and rubs, as well as Santa Fe Olé, with their delicious green chile sauces. To cool off guests’ pallets, Sunflower Valley’s gourmet chevre goat milk cheeses (with such varieties as ‘Candied Fire’ (habanero chiles), ‘Roasted Jalapeno’, ‘Creamy Chocolate’, and ‘Palisade’s Peaches & Cream’ are available.

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Exercise Your Free Will & Personal Responsibility The civil, economical, nutritional, health, environmental, and political information in this newspaper is based on personal experiences and research by the author(s). The author(s), editor, and publisher do not offer medical advice or prescribe the use of thinking or diet as a form of treatment for sickness without the approval of a health professional, nor do they accept any responsibility for your viewpoints being expanded or changed. It is your body and your freedom to choose what you consume - your health freedom. If you do use the information contained in this newspaper without the approval of a health professional, an attorney, or a mentor that you deem worthy of your consciousness, you are prescribing and directing yourself, which is your constitutional right (that we encourage you to exercise), but the author(s), editor, and publisher assume no responsibility.

That’s Natural!

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“Whenever I meet someone who does not consider chili a favorite dish, then I’ve usually found someone who has never tasted good chili.” - Jane Butel Author of “Chili Madness,” published by Workman Publishing, 1980. Page 4

That’s Natural! Listings Pine Lane Nursery 18200 Apache Drive Parker, CO 80134 303-841-3009 Ralston Valley Beef Ranch Direct - Dry Aged Locally Raised - No Added Hormones Waste Farmers

Feed the soil and reduce agriculture dependency on synthetic fertilizers. Transform truckloads of food waste discarded by area restaurants and municipal buildings into organic, regionally sourced, potting soil and a biodynamic compost with live microbes to enrich the soil

Duo Resturant 2413 W 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80211 303-477-4141 Marczyk Fine Foods 770 E 17th Ave Denver, CO 80203 303-894-9499

Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Denver Urban Homesteading Denver Urban Homesteading is a yearround, local farmers’ market and school for urban homesteading. We have classes in how to raise backyard chickens, goats, beekeeping, gardening, knitting, canning and much more. We also sell beekeeping equipment and a wide variety of local honey.

Denver Urban Homesteading 200 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204 303 572-3122 Hours: Thu and Fri 3-7pm Saturday (when all the farmers come) 9-3

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. —JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Jane Butel - Chile Chili Cooking Jane Butel, the first to write about southwestern cooking, is an internationally recognized authority on the regional cooking of the American Southwest. In the late 1970’s, following a successful career as one of America’s top Consumer Affairs executives, she launched her southwestern writing, teaching, television, consulting, and spice business. Her Southwestern Cooking Schools in New Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona, have garnered high recognition. Bon Appetit magazine selected it as one of the four best in the world and listed her hotel-based schools as the best in the United States and one of the world’s top ten.

She also conducts tours to Mexico and Spain. Pecos Valley Spice Co., a trusted source for chiles, spices, and other authentic southwestern ingredients, was founded in 1978. She continues to spice up America’s favorite cuisine with recipes from the rich culinary, cultural, and historical heritage of the Southwest. She has written eighteen cookbooks, including Northland’s Real Women Eat Chiles, which was just released on March 24, 2006. Jane Butel’s Chili Madness has been praised as “an elegant celebration” (Travel + Leisure) that “chile lovers will love” (New York Post), it’s the spicy bestseller with over 330,000 copies

in print. “Jane Butel has dedicated herself to prove to the public that chili has a taste all its own. Her credentials are authentic.” (The New York Times) Find classes and more at:

The Joy of Belly Dancing for Beauty & Grace Come watch the Nephthys Belly Dance Troupe as they shake their way into your hearts. These women have been perfecting the art of the shimmy just for you. Thrill to the heart pounding rhythms. Be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring isolations. Cheer for eye catching pops and rolls. Enjoy the dancing that has inspired women the world over to join forces in dance. Belly dancing was first introduced to this country at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The famed dancer, “Little Egypt,” amazed the attendees with her scandalous pelvic and abdominal

movements. Men were transfixed, and women were curious. The dance was threatening to Victorian sensibilities, as the eyes were drawn to her torso. That just intrigued Hollywood all the more. Hollywood latched onto belly dancing, as evinced in many early Hollywood movies such as “The Sheik” and “Salome.” Unfortunately, Belly dancing languished in burlesque halls, seedy restaurants, and nightclubs in subsequent years. By the 1970’s, however, Belly dancing was on an upswing. Teachers began teaching classic Belly dancing

to grateful and happy students. Then, by 1990, belly dancing really took off with the introduction of Tribal Belly dancing. The popularity of Belly dancing comes in waves. We are currently seeing a resurgence of the dance thanks to superstars such as Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes. Women all over the United States are discovering the beauty and grace of the dance. Come experience the joy of movement for yourself!

Pine Lane Nursery Page 5

Now partnering with Milberger Farms to bring you fresh seasonal organic vegetables and chilies















Visit our website for product, pricing, and store hours at: Located Two Blocks South of LOWE’S on Twenty Mile, West of Parker Road & South of Lincoln (Downtown, Parker)

The Story of Glass Gem Corn: Beauty, History, and Hope Page 6

Stephen Thomas - Development Assistant Native Seeds/SEARCH If you’ve spent any time online in the last week, you might have noticed a striking photo making its rounds. Feast your eyes on Glass Gem corn: a stunning, multi-colored heirloom that has taken Facebook and the blogosphere by storm. With its opalescent kernels glimmering like rare jewels, it’s easy to see what the buzz is about. This is some truly mind-blowing maize. For the staff here at Native Seeds/SEARCH, the viral explosion of interest in Glass Gem has been thrilling—but not surprising. As the proud stewards of this variety (along with the bioregional seed company, Seeds Trust) we are lucky enough to have grown and admired this extraordinary corn ourselves. Rest assured, this is no Photoshop sham. It is truly as stunning held in your your hand as it is on your computer screen. When you peel back the husk from a freshly harvested ear to reveal the rainbow of colors inside, it’s like unwrapping a magical present. And this is a gift that is meant to be shared far and wide. Like many heirloom treasures, Glass Gem corn has a name, a place, and a story. Its origin traces back to Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma. Barnes had an uncanny knack for corn breeding. More specifically, he excelled at selecting and saving seed from those cobs that exhibited vivid, translucent colors. Exactly how long Barnes worked on Glass Gem—how many successive seasons he carefully chose, saved, and replanted these special seeds—is unknown. But after many years, his painstaking efforts created a wondrous corn cultivar that has now captivated thousands of people around the world. Approaching the end of his life, Barnes bestowed his precious seed collection to Greg Schoen, his corn-breeding protégé. The weighty responsibility of protecting these seeds was not lost on Schoen. While in the process of moving in 2010, he sought out a place to store a sampling of the collection to ensure its safekeeping. Schoen passed on several unique corn varieties to fellow seedsman Bill McDorman, who was owner at the time of Seeds Trust, a small family seed company then located in central Arizona. (Today, Bill McDorman is Executive Director of Native Seeds/SEARCH.) Curious about the oddly named Glass Gems, he planted a handful of seeds in his garden. The spectacular plants that emerged took him by surprise. “I was blown away,” McDorman recalls. “No one had ever seen corn like this before.”

The story of Barnes, Schoen, and their remarkable corn is not unusual. For millennia, people have elegantly interacted with the plants that sustain them through careful selection and seed saving. This process, repeated year after year, changes and adapts the plants to take on any number of desirable characteristics, from enhanced color and flavor to disease resistance and hardiness. The bounty of genetic diversity our ancestral farmers and gardeners created in this way was shared and handed down across generations. But under today’s industrial agricultural paradigm of monocropping, GMOs, and hybrid seeds, this incredible diversity has been narrowed to a shred of its former abundance. A 1983 study compared the seed varieties found in the USDA seed bank at the time with those available in commercial seed catalogs in 1903. The results were striking. Of the 408 different tomato varieties on the market at the turn of the century, less than 80 were present in the USDA collection. Similarly, lettuces that once flourished with 497 heirloom varieties were only represented by 36 varieties. The same held true for most other veggies including sweet corn, of which only a dozen cultivars were preserved out of 307 unique varieties once available in the catalogs. Though this data leaves some questions around actual diversity decline, the trend toward dwindling crop diversity is alarming. In just a few generations, both the time-honored knowledge of seed saving and many irreplaceable seeds are in danger of disappearing. Though much of this diversity may be gone, all hope is not lost. The emergence of a breathtaking heirloom variety like Glass Gem reveals that the art and magic of seed saving lives on. It reminds us that we can return to this age-old practice and restore beauty, wonder, and abundance to our world. Indeed, this renaissance is already underway. The rising seed library movement is encouraging local gardeners to become crop breeders and empowering communities to reclaim sovereignty over their food. Our pioneering Seed School program at Native Seeds/ SEARCH is training people from all walks of life in building sustainable local seed systems rooted in ancient traditions. And as eye-popping images of Glass Gem continue to spread around the world, Carl Barnes’ kaleidoscopic corn has become a beacon—and perhaps an inspiring symbol—for the global seed-saving revival. Many people have contacted us looking to

Avon Bakery Delicious Breakfast & Lunch Artisan Breads & Pastries Made with Organic Flour Serving the Vail Valley and Beyond www.

obtain Glass Gem seed. We are currently sold out of the small quantity we had in stock, but there are plans to grow out a substantial amount this summer. Fresh seed should be available by October 2012. In the meantime, we have set up a waiting list for all who wish to purchase Glass Gem. Click here to be added to the list, and you will be notified as soon it becomes available. Native Seeds/SEARCH members will get priority access; click here to become a member. For those that have asked about its edibility, Glass Gem is a flint corn used for making flour or as a popping corn. Unlike sweet corn, it is not edible right off the cob. However, it was likely bred as an ornamental variety—for obvious reasons. Many of these exquisite ears are simply too beautiful to eat. We encourage everyone who grows Glass Gem corn to rejoin the ritual of seed saving by setting aside your favorite selections for replanting the following year. Share seed with your friends and neighbors, organize a seed swap, or start a seed library in your community. Support Native Seeds/SEARCH in our work to conserve and protect Glass Gem corn along with the nearly 2,000 rare, aridlands-adapted crop varieties we steward in our seed bank. Your efforts and energy make a difference. As Carl Barnes has taught us, all it takes is one person to create a more colorful, diverse and abundant world—one seed at a time. Originally published at: Palisade Produce Delicious Peaches Responsible Farming Practices

THRIVE— WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE? (132 min.) A film by Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble. More info available at THRIVE – WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE? is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream – uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. THRIVE What on Earth Will it Take? is a Clear Compass Media production, runs for 132 minutes, is in English, and is not MPAA-rated but is recommended for people 16 and older. The film is available in 9 languages and the website is packed with tools for engagement to inspire and support a new global conversation,

finally offering solutions that are a match for the challenges we face. About the Filmmakers Creator/Host/Co-Writer/Visual Designer Foster Gamble used the time he had as a direct descendent of Procter and Gamble to research answers to questions many people have but don’t have the time to pursue. What is keeping us from thriving and what can we do about it? He ventured into bold realms and returned with startling coherence and strategies for global transformation. THRIVE is the result of his lifetime quest. He began his film career co-creating the first filmmaking department at Princeton University. Producer/Director/Co-Writer Kimberly Carter Gamble brings

a wealth of professional and personal experience to Clear Compass Media, including what she gained as a former journalist, including for Newsweek International; a producer of large projects and events and as a lifelong activist for social justice. She is CEO and Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media.

Photo courtesy Clear Compass Media

That’s Natural! Listings Wade Acres 33800 STATE HIGHWAY 86 SIMLA, CO. 80835 719-541-5555

Rocky Mountain Orchards 1-800-916-9859

Electronics Recycling

(Computers, Cell Phones, Televisions, Appliances) (fees apply)

Blue Star Recyclers

100 Talamine Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719.597.6119

Adam’s Mountain Café 934 Manitou Ave. Manitou Springs, CO 719-685-1430 Naturally’s Market & Cafe 110 Canon Ave. Manitou Springs, CO 80829 719-685-0555 Ranch Foods Direct 2901 N. El Paso Colorado Springs, CO 719-473-2306

Visit for information on farmers, producers, research and educational materials about sustainable agriculture

Food Freedom – We Can Decide What Is Best for Us Page 7

Tisha T. Casida

A good fight, or a good challenge, is what keeps us achieving our best. As individuals, as a team, as a family, a community, even a country. So our Food Fight is one to be recognized and embraced by people who respect that each of us should have the opportunity and ability to decide for ourselves what we want to eat, what we want to use as medicine, and what we put both in and on our bodies. Consumer choice is the basis for freemarket capitalism. If you let people decide what they want to buy, then this leads to innovation, lower prices, and ultimately competition – which again, is a very good thing. I have been drinking raw milk on and off for several years now – it is so good for me – I notice immediate benefits in how I feel, my complexion, and the health of my teeth (see disclaimer on cover page). I am actually lactose-intolerant, but can drink milk that has not been pasteurized (from a source that I trust) because of the enzymes (enzymes are destroyed when milk (or anything for that matter) is pasteurized). I do not want any governmental entity telling me that I cannot decide for myself if I can drink raw milk. I want to be able to make that choice and vet my farmer – I do not need a health department or any federal agency doing that for me - guidelines are fine, but at the end of the day, I do deserve to make the ultimate decision. I also believe that genetically-modified organisms are a rather recent and untested phenomena in the span of human existence, and that people should have a choice whether or not they consume products that contain such entities. Consumers can hold farmers and ranchers accountable for what they are doing with their land and crops – consumers do this through voting with their dollar – and supporting farmers and ranchers that are engaging in practices that they like and trust. Alternative and naturopathic medicines are another category where the food fight is alive and well – people should always have the opportunity to choose for them-

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

selves what medicines they use to treat sickness and disease – no government entity should stop people from choosing what goes in or on their body. We are individuals, and we all have a responsibility to protect and feed our body and mind. Oftentimes, in an effort to “help others” or “protect others”, people use the law (force) to try to make people make decisions that are better for them. These laws can eventually be interpreted to stop people from engaging in freedom of choice. I see that with raw milk, with organic and natural foods, and with alternative medicines (e.g. herbal supplements). Our food freedom is everything – it allows us to embrace agriculture (the basis for all human development), our roots, our being – and choose how we want to take care of the body and mind that we enjoy life with. It is a very good fight, and one….That’s Natural! Tisha Casida is running for Congress as an Independent in Colorado’s District 3. She is an advocate of food freedom, knowing your farmer, and supporting our local economy here in Colorado. Page 8

That’s Natural! Listings Parker Pastures All Meats CSA, Raw Milk, Farm Tours 719-462-5255

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy The Home of Award Winning Goat Cheese Phone:719-395-4646

Oil on Canvas - Paintings by Brad Price Art Exchange Gallery - Santa Fe, New Mexico

GrassRoots Meats 800-681-2260 - Pagosa Springs - 970-812-9534 All natural, pasture finished meat raised without added hormones or antibiotics “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.” - Mark Twain

Fall is Here and the Smell of Roasted Chile is in the Air Continued from Page 1

Also back for the second year, with a perfect combination of sweet and hot, NunDunBetter has their delicious mustard sauce. Locallyowned and operated Rocky Mountain Orchards has their delicious line of locally-produced products. The Real Dill has unique line-up of home-made pickles including: Jalapeno Honey Dills, Habanero Horseradish Dills, Smokey Chipotles, and Aji Chile Sours. And for the cooks in all of us – the Amazing Grater and Wonder Whisk – two must-haves for the chilechili kitchen. Katzima Soap Company, with their exquisite line-up of all-natural soaps is back for the second year, and Pet’s Healthy Choice with highquality natural food and treats for your furry

friends is a part of this year’s festivities. Pine Lane Nursery presents a fine array of products for home gardening and landscaping. See some of their gorgeous products listed in their ad on page five. The Denver Gourmet Food Trucks, a favorite of the That’s Natural! Team, have delicious and eclectic fare for the pickiest of pallets to partake. Find tempting and tasty products from Street Eats 5280, Crock Spot, Mikes2 Kitchen, Chef Driven, Sweet ‘Ness Cupcakes, Coaches Scoop, and Lost Coffee. Connect with these food trucks via Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on where you can find them in the Denver-Metro and surrounding areas!

Sponsors and partners of this event include: Milberger Farms, Pine Lane Nursery, The Castle Rock Outlet Shops, Best Western, Land Rover of Denver, and the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) component of the USDA . For more information on the Chile Chili Fest at the Douglas County Events Center in Castle Rock, visit Steve Thompson, the event coordinator for the Chile Chili Fest can be reached at 719-369-0623 or Tisha Casida, the founder of That’s Natural! Marketing, can be contacted directly at: 719-252-1763.

Parker Pastures’ Dedication to Food that is ‘Beyond Organic’

That’s Natural! Reports

Products include: Grass-fed Beef and Lamb Pasture-Raised Chicken and Pork Fresh, Pasture-Raised Eggs Grass-fed Raw Milk Their operation states their mission, purpose, values, and vision directly on their site – and allow others to come and tour their operation. Mission Statement: Nourishing our Community. Nourishing our Lands. Purpose: Parker Pastures connects people to delicious and healthy foods from healthy animals on healthy lands.

Whether or not you have followed the food movement the past ten years, you may be someone who feels some frustration and confusion when it comes to terms like “natural”, “organic”, and otherwise descriptive terms for how food is grown and made. Parker Pastures, located in Gunnison, Colorado has done a fine job of not only using descriptive words like these, but also showing their shareholders and customers exactly what they mean by them.

Values: Parker Pastures strives to create thriving ecosytems, healthy foods, and a regenerative economy. Our business will be a model of sustainable agriculture and will support a high quality of live for the owners and the employees. We will conduct all relationships with integrity. Our shareholders will feel the security of a clean and healthy food source. Vision: Parker Pastures will be a profitable, land based business that harvests solar energy to create healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy foods, and a healthy com-

munity. Parker Pastures will be a successful model for sustainable food productions that spreads across the state and country. The business will support a high quality of life and food security for customers, owners, and employees. So, this is about much more than the descriptive words that are used to describe their wholesome products (because think about all of those things at the grocery store that say they are “natural”, but still have un-readable ingredients on the label)- this is about an entire operation and how people work together with the resources of the land to create delicious food and a sound economy. Remember - all civilizations are built from agriculture. Parker Pastures is re-energizing that respect for the land and people that make our lives possible. At That’s Natural!, we are dedicated to illustrating the difference between real food and substances that have no nutritional value. We are also dedicated to the food fight - and making sure that you continue to have the freedom to consume the food and supplements that you think are best for your body and health. Page 9

That’s Natural! Listings Triple M Bar Ranch Colorado Lamb. From Colorado Land. Great Pyrenees Guard Dogs 719-462-5255— Blue Raven Farm 2316 Catalpa St. Pueblo, CO 81001 719-924-8345 Farm Fresh Market Delicious & Nutritious Prepared Meals Jo Schrubbe, Nutritionist 719-248-5188 Milberger Farms Certified Organic Produce Fire-Roasted Organic Green Chile Shane Milberger: 719-240-1947 American Wipng Rags Recycled Rags for Home, Work, Cars, Pets 719-671-7604 or

HopScotch Bakery Delicious Goodies with Fine Ingredients 333 South Union Avenue Pueblo, CO 81003 (719) 542-4467

Electronics Recycling

(Computers, Cell Phones, Televisions, Appliances) (fees apply) Southern Colorado Recycling Services 1731 Erie Ave. 719-542-6910

Second Chance Wildlife Rehab 719-543-1946

Golden Flower Health Clinic Acupuncture, Acupressure, & More 719-542-9210

Solar Roast Coffee

Coffee Roasted by the Sun! 226 N. Main St. (Downtown Pueblo) 719-544-2008

Stirrup Some Fun - Putting Magic into Agriculture The Stirrup Some Fun Magic Show is a family friendly journey through the magic of agriculture. The show teaches both kids and adults alike about the importance of agriculture in our day to day lives. Through the use of humor and state-of-theart magic, Kyle Groves teaches fair and festival goers about the agriculture in your state and local county. People have a great time and learn that there is a lot more to agriculture than just cows and plows. They

learn about the economic impact of agriculture in their local communities and in the state. Kyle also brings along a couple of very important guests, Aristophanes the white java dove makes an appearance along with Digby the magic bunny. Magic, puppets, comedy, and great family fun, what more could you ask for? Come on y’all let’s Stirrup Some Fun!

Photo Credit: Kyle Groves Page 10

Food Freedom Agri-Tourism Know Your Farmer

That’s Natural! Founder: Tisha T. Casida Publisher: That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting That’s Natural! is the BEST of Agri-Tourism, Food Freedom, and finding high-quality farmers and producers in the State of Colorado For Subscriptions: Send $35 (check or money order) to: That’s Natural! PO Box 1476 Pueblo, CO 81002 Interested in Starting a That’s Natural!? Great investment opportunity for people who are connected in their community and want to start a publication dedicated to empowering its citizens and promoting products and services that are good for people, planet, and profit. Call: 719-210-8273

Join us at the Chile Chili Festival! We encourage you to come to the event early, but if you can’t make it or come late - FEAR NOT! That’s Natural! makes it possible for you to order product throughout the year. Contact us if there’s something you want! 719-210-8273

Local Currency - Colorado Mountain Hours That’s Natural! Reports

The People are creating their own money to harness their own commercial energy! What is MORE revolutionary than that? This is a true grass roots revolution which cannot be co-opted as YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS control/create/distribute money. We are not just posting/talking/complaining/occupying/whining about problems. “Talk is cheap”. We have already initiated our plan for a local currency modeled after Ithaca, New York’s 20-year-old system. We intend to radically innovate money creation and lending. There is no reason to pay interest/usury/riba. We can buy almost three houses for the same energy we use to pay off one today. Additionally, we can fund a voluntary society through a fee-based lending system for homes. For example: having no income taxes/property taxes/victimless crimes.

Leaders offer solutions. Fear mongers are tools. Mountain Hours is dedicated to the RADICAL INNOVATION of the world’s monetary systems which can offer abundance THIS YEAR – the 2012 Jubilee, and the abolition of usury. The “money changers” artificially suppress our human potential via interest/ usury/riba. Money is just a technology which can be used for good, or evil. A step by step plan for the universal debt Jubilee can be found at It truly is possible to take our monetary system back to the local level (hint: hire the sheriff with the local currency so he will work for the people to end income/property taxes/foreclosures/victimless crimes).

Al Bahe, Navajo “Buffalo People” Oil on Canvas Art Exchange Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico

That’s Natural!


“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”

- Adelle Davis Page 11


New 2012 Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Denver is proud to sponsor

Chile Chili Festival of Colorado One Team, Two Locations FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! Call: 303-751-1500


Call: 303-347-1500



hen you enter Pine Lane Nursery, you are always greeted with a ine Lane is a wholesale and retail nursery, carrying a large variety of plant material including large trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals, at competitive friendly staff ,eager to assist with your landscape material and design prices. Staff members are needs. Pine Lane is a family owned business that exudes a fun and experienced and knowledgeable, assisting friendly atmosphere that is sure to make customers with landscaping questions and your visit enjoyable. It is a motto around concerns, as well as design. Pine Lane also Pine Lane that “the pleasure is reciprocal employs a professional planting crew with over between the staff and customers.” 20 years of experience. Their services include plant removal and plant installation of small or large caliper trees. shrubs, ornamental As stated by owner, Angie Hughes, grasses, perennials, and annuals. Services at Pine Lane extend year round ”We love our product and we love our customers. Typically nobody as well. Early spring Pine Lane will design and plant customer’s comes in to buy our type of merchandise in a bad mood. We are containers, holding them in their greenhouse until the danger of constantly learning something new about our products and it Pine Lane Nursery boasts frost has passed. Come fall, an assortment of pumpkins and is gratifying to share our knowledge with our customers.” Milberger Farms as their exclusive gourds are offered, and both live and cut Christmas trees are available during the holidays. Outdoor or indoor supplies are distributor of Fresh Green Chilies Angie and Kurt Hughes have owned Pine Lane since 2009. sold year round as well at Pine Lane -- mulch, soils, When the business was up for sale in 2008, they made the and Organic Vegetables. fertilizers, landscape fabric, stakes, straps, and insecticides. ambitious decision to buy Pine Lane. Another factor was Last, but certainly not least by any means, the varied and that their oldest son (the first of four children) is a sophomore unique assortment of garden items and gifts is always horticulture student at Colorado State University with hopes to changing and worth a trip to Pine Lane Nursery. seize the reigns of the company after graduation. It made sense for them to build for their family’s future. Finally, it is with great pride that the Pine Lane staff has become Chili connoisseurs. They are proud to boast Milberger Farms as their exclusive distributor of fresh chilies and organic vegetables available in season. When the chili harvest comes to an end, and Pine Lanes’ tree, shrubs, and perennial stock go dormant; the frozen chili sales continue year round. For Visit our website for product, pricing, more information call Pine Lane Nursery at and store hours at: 303-841-3009 or visit our website at


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Chile Chili Program Guide 2012 - That's Natural!  

That's Natural! is all about Food Freedom! See the best of farmers and producers in our 2012 Chile Chili Festival Program Guide!

Chile Chili Program Guide 2012 - That's Natural!  

That's Natural! is all about Food Freedom! See the best of farmers and producers in our 2012 Chile Chili Festival Program Guide!


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