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Introducing the next chapter in the Chineasy phenomenon


ąŗFollows the groundbreaking and hugely popular visual method introduced in ShaoLan’s bestselling Chineasy.

ąŗ- / ŗ4ŗ#* )Āŗŗ$2) . ŗ ŗŗŗ )/- +- ) 0-ŗ)*2ŗ'$1$)"ŗ$)ŗ *)*)Āŗ/*ŗ# '+ŗ ŗŗŗ# -ŗ/2*ŗ-$/$.#ĕ*-)ŗ#$'- )ŗ' -)ŗ#$) . ÿ

Ä…Ĺ—)Ĺ—''Ä•$)Ä•*) Ĺ—$)/-*0/$*)Ĺ—/*Ĺ—400 common characters and phrases.

Ä…Ĺ— 1$. Ĺ—/*Ĺ—/ -Ĺ—for children and adult learners alike .Ĺ—2 ''Ĺ—.Ĺ—/*Ĺ—++ 'Ĺ—/*Ĺ— fans of contemporary illustration.

Ä…Ĺ—-/$'Ĺ—/*+$.Ĺ—$)Ĺ—eleven themes, marked with tabs, including numbers, travel, food and drink, and business. Ä…Ĺ—Brings the story and myths behind the characters to life, providing a unique and fresh insight into Chinese history and culture.

Chineasy Everyday The World of Chinese Characters ShaoLan

Illustrated throughout | 24.0 x 18.0cm | 256pp Flexibound | ISBN 978 0 500 292266 | March | ÂŁ19.95

ąŗ$/#ŗ$''0./-/$*).ŗ4ŗ2-ĕ2$))$)"ŗ*(ŗ-ÿ ąŗThe newest addition to the Chineasy product range – turn over to find out more.

Thames & Hudson Spring 2016 Catalogue  
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