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Two acclaimed surveys of the use of wood and brick in buildings around the world, now available in a compact new format.

Architecture in Wood


A World History

A World History

Will Pryce

James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce

‘A tour de force’ The Architects’ Journal

‘Wonderful ... highly seductive for any architect, with page after page of beautiful large photographs of every conceivable way of using brick ... the pictures, juxtapositions and themes are compelling’ RIBA Journal

‘Beautiful and intelligent … Pryce’s inspirational photographs make you want to leap on a plane and go in search of the fabulous structures he describes’ Time Out

Will Pryce explores the extraordinary variety of buildings that have been made from mankind’s oldest and most sustainable building material. Organized geographically, this remarkable study covers a rich variety of cultures and building types, from temples and churches to houses and airports, offering fascinating insights into the aesthetic and technical diversity of wooden architecture worldwide.

Will Pryce, a trained architect and awardwinning photographer, is co-author of Brick, Masterworks of World Architecture, Big Shed and The Library, all published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 400 illustrations 29.3 x 22.8cm 320pp ISBN 978 0 500 343180 April £24.95

This original and absorbing survey follows the story of brick from 10,000 BC to its use in modern and contemporary buildings by such masters as Alvar Aalto, Louis Kahn and Renzo Piano. On our journey we explore over 100 subjects and themes, including the vast baths and basilicas of ancient Rome, the wonders of medieval cathedrals in Europe, the majestic Mughal mosques of Iran and the Art Deco skyscrapers of North America. The versatility and beauty of brick is clearly demonstrated in this landmark publication. James W. P. Campbell is a Fellow in Architecture and the History of Art, Queens’ College, Cambridge. His books include Building St Paul’s and (with Will Pryce) The Library, both published by Thames & Hudson.

Over 600 illustrations 29.3 x 22.8cm 320pp ISBN 978 0 500 343197 April £24.95


Thames & Hudson Spring 2016 Catalogue  
Thames & Hudson Spring 2016 Catalogue