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Thalen & Thalen contemporary silver

tea tower II

copyright Š Thalen & Thalen 2012. Nothing from this publication can be published without the written permission of Thalen & Thalen Sprl. Francorchamps, Belgium.

Our tea-towerII project is one of examples playing with classic approach of the teapot as well as looking at concept of the tea ceremony. Tea in the today’s “format” is like coffee a quick drink, hot or cold... nothing to think about. If we would give the process of growing and harvesting tea leaves a little thought, we might discover that this is almost like a form of art. It takes a lot of craft and knowledge to pick the finest tea leaves, to go through the proces of drying so we finally will have the very best smells and tasts to enjoy the tea.... With this in our minds Jaap and I designed and developed a number of tea sets and are still looking again and again to create elements in fine silver that can be used in enjoying tea in its widest way. Tea Tower II, is one of the ways ... rob & jaap thalen 2012

Thalen & Thalen contemporary silver w w w. t h a l e n - t h a l e n . c o m

brochure Tea-Tower II  

a new approach in fine silver on the art of tea by Thalen & Thalen

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