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When Macilyn Monroe donned

wich ayscals (pagc 77). whik Bonnic Clowons shows off

occasion of John F. Konnetly's 1777.

gcm-liko criwals against dark scgd bwds (Pag. 72-

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Many pcojects am simple enough for 2 beginning boadcr. while whors cxplorc usi ng moro compkx vglvorn bcad• ing szirchos. Ifyouic .1 families wich Mose asimha, the basica soction eavets [hem with highly underscandable illiertarioris. In Ibis secrion, youll kam about the matoPils and Fords nettlod to make cach projecr sococas, whilc howbro phorogriwhy uffunis you an opsclosewnd-

' .1,- cpsancis and in heretn stammt or den unquos-

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cach projcw in die book 7. thoroughly apkined wirb

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wedi the dready estornmos pppuladu , of bmding, .7eammeadtod in a lind ...falboral firne! thr kwelry designers katurod in this book all rclish cparals. In facr. mosr of rhom admic • likes'ec hopolcvsly Itooked. Ao you pont. the »detipis book. youll lind yoursdf egually irupirod by the etkisrag uivalides of thme hrilliant boads.

AfgeldaraP. bracekts. wink, bronchm. and carrings spadde si kk sho cmwirt, of dwir makcrs. Previcw Tamara

7 1.202211di fringcd bsaccIer (page 91}, puncruated with

• Neble sopa and gold crysral boads and floPbed wich a • miese dasp. Oc catch a glimpsc of Wondy WsigseTs "bi ing" rings (pagc WP, which arc playful. • imfek. and yes eersarik cnough to be worn with any• die Born a gown jmns. Feast your <yes on Candie • fasweis pargemn necklasse of beaded heads (pago 137). • ehe, devare cr,rals ro a now dimcwion. Bo eorivincod mb 3re The no othcr matorial when yon look ar

• ilirmessit Linen's ainaaing wirework ndcrynal hracelet • fpg

.. And prepare ro be dwded by Kathcrinc

:Boget eryvtai and gold noddacc (page 303), which

■isgimegorcs rho ciassic Nplcnder °Fokus criwals.

713res plekccs show off a wide rango oFcryatal livad almpe. paktros. Crystals also ans commonly coraBigerd weh °eher ppm of bcads so highlighr ih& brils

dem- towand170,7vBlustradons. This hook will opcn >nur cycs dm many possibilitics of bcading with crystals, rucling your cmative fumace while providing you with die cool cmtidenm io undcw rake any projew oFyour choicc. And When you don the Finishcd producr. %voll, just wasch out!Crystals ehmta inspim passtan...


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Thc glisecning brads fcamrcd in antcling reit& L', regt ohdiner,' glag bcado Thete ...lade of kaded

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hur wich an cera kick—a fairly high voneenstation of


lead meide. The ...Ar is a heavier-vreigh dass with excegriceäl sgmide. When light hiss geh syge of gJam,


Ehe lead oxide pardcles reimet ite an ughly dau' ing sm.

The hisrory oF lcadcd cescal bcads i5 an interosting olle .

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Thr story begins to ehe 1670s. when Englishman George




Ravenscroft discovered a ouv to outdo ehe myseal glass

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4 gIam, ä 111Glerial rhais composed of he same ingrediuns as mgular glass isilim, anda, lime, and °cher compounds).

„..... kji,,,:e

being madc in M11.10. haly. The hal ians obre mäking eheir arra] 11Sing quarr,: sand and porash. but

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Ravenscroli addcd lcad oxidc so thc Inh, giving his glaas an uncqualed heil liaoce. Thh nese reim of Ass was rela-

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cively easy os cur and engrave, vellieh made it a gerf“c Inatee-1M rot cmring caquitchc rablovearc, smleoures,




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Up uned du late 18008. ceystal im, ware hand-Famced hy *Med mcimns. In 1992, Bohe 118h8804. n Daniel Shuosaki


invented a orystaheueling Inaclane Am male 2 poasible ro mus-produce cryalobjeno. lir rstablishrd 22 8028. gang in ehe Atelli.ITyrol men., ollere ir remains


tode As d me hm parsed, Swarovski's methods Fm au-

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chandelims. and jnorlry.


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ring crysmi have Immune so mfined and high-eech Aar thcfacets arc especially crOp. and shapa umsbinkable of . mg LeForc am common heia, Although leaded

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<egal Nada have chrir o6gin in and grima0ly com e


from ch.tria, they mg also made in mher gares of ehe wotld. including Eg,gr.

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Criscal brads arc availablr in a svidc rangt [sf culars. ICs

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90180 gossibic en find juu che pecfecc coinr and Ilnish For 8889 200244 project. Them am bright, jew.theoner oalors

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such as sapphirc, rue and sopa., as well 44 802,14, sophiseimecd (0180 Am reschble denten bine, khaki, deep

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. .„ 0828840,and dencoca 988811. C0041 beads tren't mdl.

...1-' dyed, like some bold, buc gain cheir coior Amreh hemical ckmcars adeled during rhc glasomaking maga.


80840 rreatenchs am ounctimes ahn added, net of dm . • ..


mosr popular being aurora boredis (AB). telt ich gives

fresfrosrser mori Lobb are croatcd naturally

beads minhow slicen, %Man hmd labelad wirb a

hy imsirrvater

<dor followod by AB. it will have Mo oratmcnr on en,

produced in a variery nr minn and

Mio .‚r 114, hcad.

Jupe, as nach kind of specie

Iahsied 6326, th, hcad (011 have

protithm a 6i16rcen surr of paar]. Tbc

!men mamd on ho(b sichas. Cnmal heads also mmc in a widc variery of shapcs. The

charactcrimie uneen mrface ditfornriares


a breebrarcr pcorl from an oceän oho.

round and diamond Micone) shapn fon dist to Inmr headen are jusr the beginning, Cobes, ovah,

Lpdb0d,cr3 co30odbyhc1iopd30cod 5,

sauceo. Mops. and hemm are only some of rhe shapes

of glms rad neer* vcry hor Ramo unril ir malm,

waiting tu Im incorpomted iah( jawelty nmromkees.

062 01,,, mpturing the molren gingt ordre thin

When Nrchasing crymd beads theme high quali over low price. To otiolibt full-lcoded ermral. beads need ro bc composed of ac 1..24% of lead müde. The finest rtr ymatheads have 32%. Look for firody



6aeccs. dimina

hum. and high-qualiry mrfacc wcarmeno.Paying1tht a bit inmeme the lonk of a Mem renfold. mors per bead (hohe 6c hie detined and professional luok.




spinning leire (a mandrcl). 11,10 type of bead is oben ntade commercially, hur, many mrims makc sonming onc-of-mkind larnpworked bcads. fobritr berrobs aro madc of a mons plasric


tkm an be molded Pr mned. They crime in a svidc varicm ofshapes and can bc finted with any codür. Loche was ver.y poptdar in jewchy of Mn 1940s, and it has

Materials and Tools


(Pol, onking Mooslosem in crysial beads mene

Moral brodr aro simply beads madc am of

030105 plece of jewalrb takc some TiMe ro ger ro

socent resurgence.

metal. The mins hm pieeiom and how

know die athcr supplim youll nced to um to put

metal variaks. including smirfmg silver,

nsgscher. To ger 1, most professional resulm Always um

golMfilled, silvem and 5old-p1arcd (over

tbr hem mutcrials and remis yon ‚00 45005.

brass), vamcil erde] ovcr smding do silycr). brass. and pcsercr. Thcy can be maMinc-stempod, made with molds,




and handmadm

71. 466 number of differenr zypos and mlors of bold(

lersood-gboss beb& aro roade by pooring

amilahle in roday's market 6 sraggering—enough ro lilIa

muhen glaw MPs molds and preming die

whole boold So, baides crystal Krads. hem arc ihn hand-

molas into cI,,oc. 110,5100, pressed-glam

ful Mar arc usod in oho projecrs in rhis book.

Ischls den mono from ehe Czech Republic. so Mese beads oftan ‚6 1,6 -C.Pech glass.” O da>

1,,spro6bird beeis Ale glass beads milde in che Csech

Republic. Tb, starr out as machine-eut beerb. and arc rhen puscd rhmugh flarne or rumblcd amooth tbeir

3urfacc. Somcdmm surfam trestments ars added Str Alb.. Tbc result 6c glistening bold Mark nm quic as spaskly m crystals.


C.haracecrisric shapcs include kam and flowen. Seed bords

small glass beads made by mt-

1ong. thin tubes of glass into tiny piccel'hc mon enwann Otos arc benvecn 6' and 14' (Lugcsr to smallem) and come in an enoonnin array of colms.


•i, 'May orte M1112rily madc in ih Cacch Republic

'iibe and Japan- and corne in Arm popular typ.: (auch ree. Kea', hwe a aomewhae flat orefilo, like a durmu fernem rend borge have a oller profile dun Casch seed laude and mc fairer Uniform froh band no bade and yylinew &eh havc chinnw walk chan ocher sccd bcads and are very unifonn in Aal',

Stringe Material, Whecher you'rc doing wirewurk, etringing, oc olf-loom bewhook, yeees neoi snerec wo of stringing mawrial tu keul, zhe beads together. Heyes a Ihr of the mon

Ike*, ler was dcvdoped by chc fishing industry. 66 .1 hmidol ',Ion thcead dl...% urnernely suong and durable. can bc knowed. and is a grcat dusiee for wosking wich mond Leeds becaow ir docsn'r abradc aase fib gancrally available in dor, wäg. TOM. and darb gray and corne in 6- to 20-pound teer weights. Cut this rype of rhrobe with a ch ild reeisuies haueehold wissees bccausc cuning ic with ambroidcw arissors will doll ehe Wade. Brahe Arne' is a very pliable thread mode of mim. lt% Eddy seeong and como in douns of colors. Some heading ihreeds core. pre-waxed, buc if yours isn't, coar ic liberally with was or theead wendieionen Ftneble beding wirr is primaely used for etringing heute. les psoduced by ovisting III dosens orserando nf ziny gabdass srcci wircs cogerher. and then giv'

ing i I a nylon coating. Stumm thie treu of wirc with dri rnp beads. Moefilmet iNa. tough, syneleceic mare-

....._ rial davelopcd by ihe fishing induorn I W


available 111 A clear vesim Ihm many beides liko epecially for working with

walla --- mi . cryscals. It's sdir onene that you neally dem', nccd co usc a bcading ncedle wilde working wich ie.


Med 816 usod in thfi bank for wirovorking projeco ranging from hold [sirr ro car wire rr kroorhn.Ir cone. a rangt of widths. hur 18- to 26-gauge (the smaller ihr member, ehe thicker the wird irr hr riwo wed in This bank. You can purchase all cypes of metal wire. but the mon com mon nnes usod ro malec rine beaded jcwalry irr smding siker and gold.filled.


na Crachrt hauks are used for working crocher.

Boing the right Louis fur the kr!, is a key eiroont . - happy boding!The weis aro oaried os ‚irr band

Th1 :( • -

are mar often tuade of Inetal and have a pointed hook ar *na and rar work rho dwad.

'proforts br this hock. Ereari sramers ar arhro. (WSof +non. alias . are ocd ro kccp your heads Pro an ‚lidirre off the cnd of your srringing ‚naanal whilc

Ernbeiden' rdnmäre an, shan,sciuota . with pointed Hades. 'fhcy na, Lord Bar cutting


bcading chrcad.


you bed. The zre ITONt oftcn usrd

Earapprprairrmrdia Ihn burrk for

with flexible boadi og wfro.

canding wie wooth.


.Brateng nredler ate eanemely thin


piem of oft+ rara labour the width of a ?ince of rhwad) that bam, riny hole oft nfto ood and a very sharp poinr. on ihernhof lira norm popuLar für beading includx Enslirk bendirrg nerylle, which are cipecially Min and Ion. and Aar p und, which haar a strungcr body and arc somewhar shoncr. Braue. ar rbrrarl nmrinionen picsured bdow. is used propore cifnof bebte mirthing. lt can help with chread anston and CUSLIre I he rhaarddnannahay.


feamre jawa rhat are flar oft rho

Inside andlaw a squarc now. Inaeler's 'Sannner are med in Oft bank Boa narrening, harderring, and nixzudring wire. Anarferi raire.rreurri harr rare sharp hlades Mar oftw ro a puha. Onc eide of the pliers [mon a cur, cella Ehe odur sidc 'nom a Bar, or "flush." cur. lig, auch as picurrod beim, aro mode up of a

leer iorrdler am na, to rbrrad.Thry arc made up of rwo piece of extrencly «hin 'oiae.rlraaniae andr ra

flat board wirb pop. Ihr pegs are Hood ar dmired inrervals ro help hand wfte fore perfoct

ticsod together and Men sharpened. To thread ir. ‚um pull

loop. You man purehase commercial ;Je, or make

-apart rhc non unfuscd wi ro and pos rhe fincad zhrough

your mon.

dar upcning. Ordin.nare pline Praarre jaw that ore (rar,, rhe inside hur raper to a point on ‚ha outtide.

ikfrol bimelle. or efeedle filo, have serv fine weck Ehe am tned in rhis book for smooihing out wir. ends or shamening wiro man pninc

This typt of Atm also conto io heir vornan used for grasping hankro-reach places. Crimping plirra asc uscd for atufthing eritop boads aral crimp tubes ro boding wire. •



Findinge N2-7I,X.TTT

aase' x--mxxx,s:x3szem

m'ayx mcm xma

z_-.0„my 7rac

x 32E 0- z.1. 7£ 1.x xx3:-Xxx xxxx

x x:

jr beading, ereeil ofeen need more rhen jou hes& and arring ro creare your Anal Mem, Findings are tbat ex. ingrediene,They are usually madc of rneral and arc mwunreeerrmrr, finish, and ersehetfiele your jeweley drsigns. picrured left. in made up of connected loops of wire.'llee loop cao come 0 ensoral forms, including mond. oval, ovisred, and hammcred. Ckm., Ire small pimes of mem' wich a hole ur loop from whieb you can bang ir from cereeh grimm, such m,rdrmmimh hei» dctailcd adeir. The aro Images or may simply includc ward, symbolg daornatem duaigu, amps connem wire ends to keep a eeeklace or bumder rlone.Tlenereere domns of difkzenr wes. Here are some of ehe TONI commun. jr

Zaa, desbam ont half zhais cool prised of a hallow box. ihn en her half is a rab her clicks inzo ehe box zu Jeck the daap.

cje pliers würfe nue er dene jr.

rha eluped 'Ike ° Hnm&ed.rpeelaepa have oree hook, ehe mher half Ilke a loop, en "eye." The hook pme through tlw eye to wenn: ehe <Imp.

Roami-nam plima fcarure cylindrical jaws dzar aper a wry point.

LoMmr-elma dasps am Ipsing-anivarcd clasps rhm arc shapcd likc cheir namc.

Sierl Hark, rue thielh emood, chunle of sred rpra which wire. you can hammer.

Maymiir ehe pozverful magnec to merke ehe garmarion benagen onc half of zhc dasp and ehe °dm° Usc thesc only ' with fairly li&ereeeiklem piecey, :014 if you have 2 pacemaker. don't use ehern az alL

Tbrauf Manee er lighrers hdp hidc dee clippcd cods of synrhcric rhrmds by meid, rhem ieeenrhey Thread buhleen cm yery mecisc—zhey have 2 WiT and zhat, once warmed up, pari can touch to the md of ehe elwead and rhc rhmad mcks away. A lighrer dod zhc same job. bat it isn't as proeire.

12 Aas.

des ' have one hilf that looks I ike a ring wich a loop atwehed to ie. and the °eher half



Vc;','19pcp Q.

• ,_*"',2`








lanks Ilka a bar. Pass dw bar through the ring. and onn the bar laya parallel on rop of Ehe fing. you've sticured the dasp.

picured Isclow, aro uni for strireng hada to mob danglts. Simple hnd pins arc composcd of a srraighr mim wirh aOooj. disk ar anic cnd os. hold beads in plass.

Lao,,oIIow v000khi0o from onc beaded srrand ro rnany strands. 1 Mis bank, rennt mors 4w zwei m carri 0g 0000 p0000

Inops of wire figup ring, plant ted abovc, re uscd ra conrun nadwork 00 Andings or lindings to findire. 'Ihn cone in opcn and soldrircd-closed version, Always opcn ai0000r 0001, 0001, 00000,00 of plWrs. one pnitioncd on nch side of splir Pmh ans pair of Mimt away from yr., and pull clic ooh000 0000,000d you. This way oho ring will lie opmed laterally. i mond of harbontally (figura 01. which can wcakcn oh e ‚ei. (Youll Aso opcn any mher wirr loop Mb wy.) fig. 1

,5-imp etba and rrimp kad. uietonal abovc.arc uscd to connacr Mading wirc 10 a Anding.

Zu :vire. picrund bclow, an the findings 000 c 0 ‚rake picred ntringt.They inrinde a jump ring-like luop onto which p00000 add 00oarring dangla. Thay conw in dirkrem shapcs. including Frmri, err evire. whish look Ilke upuldedown shapa: Ne, which simply mute of Min wire wich carch to hold oho in Macs nn oho cart and lever barks. which muh hin rrench ear ydres, bur have a nfory carch nn oho back hold oho carring in placc.


Firner mod obb bank ra malre beadcd links. They are madc wich straight pieues 01 0.3 with oo1000pin loop at one end.



bach, pietured holm, have a fl from with several hole throogh which ynu can narre ro a pien of bead. work. Tbc back ‚Roh, pin hat sharp wirc wirb a Incr catch to kcep 0 Anna.



\\\\ \


Beading Tedmigues


There's a wide varicry of skilla o2Ineed ro know to

Knowing how to tie knors ve, imporranr I pao're

malre all rhe projecra in rhis book. But don't frer. har

svorking off-larre beadings burloshit) will also come 0 handy for usher bodig rächanum.

grady the howsro infoohation below and you'll be brading like a pro.


operkmd knat by h,no)n

l ig. 2

loop with rhc ihrrad. pazing the chmad end through rhe loop. and pulling tighr


(figure 21,

sr.she brads is a simple acr—eimply pass

chrad or wirc dvough bad. and you've gor 0! hb how you arranga heda on rhe aringing material that creaces maa-

Makca sprorre kaehy first formt, an onahand knor (aboveh aghz end over

fig. 3

left and, and finish mich modle-over-

rapicoca—charb nähe rake praccicc.

hand knor, rhis time Ich and over right Crimping wirr is a rechnigo used to mach wim er, 2 findig Inka a clasp). Start by sainging I crimp bcad

end Ifigue 31. mem> knor is an excrenaly Secure

and 00 finding. Pan rhc wia and buk rhrough ‚hä

version of a stiowa knot. Idobkoll,

crimp bead in die oppositc diaction. Nah Aide the crimp hand againar rhe Anding so itb anogs bur nor so right that Mo 000n, namre freely. Sontee tla crimp bead with back U-shmed notch a pair of aimping pliea (phoro II. Turn rhä cri Inp bcad at a00 angle and uestle it into the rtfIllt nach. Gene squeere the bead so it collapsce on half inro a nicely-shaped tobc 1pho

photo 1




knol. verap the rhread oond ioolfo few rimes bahre pysing 1 hrough the loop. rin hh ‚hohnu with anorher onerhand kamt and pull righr Nom 4).



made the same war aa Neve knot, % bot when you snake your fust warhand

eJFLoonz Btading reeloom beadwark is produced by coancesing bcads aeirla a needle and thrcad (and wirhaus a loom—dite tho : raranwK renk is supplc inbric of bvids. There are . Annan of offkloom beadin stirches, and cach stitch any- amber of cricks cher go aleng wirk ir. Bur etc folin sing section will ger you up and running mak° the off.loom prejcas in rks boak.


Beadeledging to way ro add extra piesern to geiget. live rechnen arc uscd in .60. 6006 S.p.taftinge in

neide by scringing on • length p 9. g ofbesdankipgltbedsn

beiere anssing the inedic back through the reu of oho scrung bcads ((igura 5). Sirr,» die starg hy exicing the thned thnnugh head az the edge bcadwerk where che bcads sic side by sidc.

General Off - Loom Beading Terrns and Technigues There are sevarat genese I terms and techniques that are To errd a thread, weave threugh seeeral beads on the basic to off.loom beading. Here's a oi the few body of the beadwork 93 00 overhand knot on the need ve know to make the ofkloorn piecos in die book. threads betueen beads. pass through a :en more beads to hide the knot. and trim the knot close to the Pass through rneans you'll gess the needle through the work You atso Lise this technigue to secure the thread when you're finishing a piece. beads in the same direction as they ware strung. Pass -beck threrogh nneans pull go through in the opposite To starr a new thread, thiead a needie with the direction. required tungth of Ihreed. Pass through several beads ontho body ef tha beadwork, 03 .0 onrerhand knot You'vernade a row of off.loorn beadwork when you've beeneen beads as desired, and conhnuo to weave unched beads in a line Frack and torch, and it resulb through the beads wie you evit from a glase vinare o fiat gime of beadwork. A round is created when you can keep -stitching. you've stkched beads incircles. creating circular or tubutar pieces of beadwork. Weaving through beads on an off-totem pioce of beadwork rreans you're passing the neodle through beads 4 stop, or tension, bead is used Oh. end of a workan the body of the beadwork so you can exit ing thread to keep Leeds fron slipping of. To make obere. Keep your thrond hidden by passing only one, simply string a bead and gess Ih rough in again once or wrice. Orme you've worked your pWce enough through adjacent beads. that hebend, an securrn you can easily rernove oho To reinfosceoff-leom beadwork. simgly pass through step bead. the eitched beads more tim. than is reguired. This The taif thread is die longth at Oho end 01 40 thread that shfiens and strengthens ‚ha solo. rernains below the first bead you strung. The working thread is Ire portion of Irrend lomvreen Oho needic and the first beads strung. You use 010 et), your stitching. gasics

SIMPLE POGING 1. String 3 hoads and loop undcr oho

fig. 6

fig. 9

brich sticch uround the bzw.

exposed thread betwcon rfic cdge

When you've 608606 oho

bued you last «lud und dee udjacenr

round, position your ncedle foe

one. 2. hock durrugh Ehe dein] lead jou surre. Sorheg 2 breds. and loop under che rhroad bemann the 1121 2 cdsc bed.o. Repeac o add 2 boads

oho nem wund, roaking a "step


up: by pawing down rhrough

oho 0100 head addcd in dee round, und up through oho second bead in oho wund (reu. 9).

ac a time along oho lease edge (0gou 6).


ez. 3

s 3 ,•,

HEIrliorouraNESTIXIS PRICK sarrell arid, miab creace eannorh boaded fabric with o hrick-hke

Herringbone sritch prodoces beadwork wich a eheer., fig' 7

nr hcningbone. parcern.

fig. 10

1. Sturr wich a hese row or ladder


stitch (sec ncia page) chat has an

P0 curn. 1. Begin hy creating a Nue rnw

cren am.. Ircods.

of ladder stiech I000nosc pes). lau beul ein oho base and uring

2. Pass up through

2 heads. Loop under the upreed ehrend hetween rho nort 2 haso bcads, and (ars back through oho second bead just strong. For die following stirchos, wring I beul, and loop under rhc rhmad bonocon die next 2 hase heads. Bcgin oho nrat

2. Exic up cluough

boad .


o4. O4

ond 090100 10000 round, surr, 2 bold, and chen pss down through dee nen bead

oho lease row and up firnengt, Oho Following bau.sow hcad, Rooras acrow oho row. 3. Prwiiion your needle for oho neue rennid. rnaking a "sup up: by passim, hock duraugh oho last bead scrung. Work subscqucre 0000.000yoodidol,i00000

row 2 you did oho first uns.

strinfring 2 bowle, then pauke down rhnough oho

(feure A.

nest brud added in oho puvious raue ond up dwough Mee br2k-aitcb inrreaur by


dee following one ffigurc 10).

uirching 2 beads—noc a Makc o herringle, süteh harrase by

timo—whcre onc boad would go (figurc 8). When 921 come to rho inC232 12 the Folioeein, nom work acruss as fort nonnally would.

first wodring the 2.-hcad sticch as usual. Tben p000010000 chrough oho nexr bcad 000 rbe prodose sound. wring 1 00 00000

In düs buok. brick stinch is done in rounds. To wnrk rireular bobok00000bo, man



090 circular buc. Work

beads, ond poss up through oho neu

boad on oho prosious round figurc I I).

f ig. 11




3. Scring 3 dark beads. I light bead, and 3 dark bcada• Ibus back Menses the Mn light bed addrel to the Fenimm verdcal mar 51ring 3 dark heads and pass L.PODER PIPtCH back through oho nue light bead on the bau slaw. This makcs second versical rot., ladder scitch b15en uscd so rnake a foundation row for 4. String 3 dark beada, 1 light .pjg. k-Iek ar herringhane ssimh. bead. and 3 dark Lud, by stringing 2 brach. Pana Pass hrough she lieJst beul Mrough che bods again to makca cid flg. 12 added rhe previons vent. .• 9r5"/ de and manipulare rhcm so rhey sic cal roste. Scring 3 dark by Ude Ifigure 2/. leada. 1 light Lea& and 3 ‘SI 2- String 1 bead and pass 412111 11107199 dark beads. back the scoond Lad suung and up chrough the lau lighc bead through oho onc jue Aupos 0 fi g* just stmng. Repcat .5%, 3 add I West at a time until yuu nach etiiikyy d4 amoss the lose usw Ihn daired Med lfigne 13/. (figura 14).







. :4',_ ,• . \,



‚dreigd000h000.nnpon, airy type of headwork that

3,31211 084)0 f0010 a mpple 312OfbO1l1112ll wich 1 121191111) 1124 pascern. Tiere are setxral pcycneesicch techniques und M 84 )112.11.

esembles a fishnet. The 112912 03211211229 used in [bis Issok is called armee! neue. 1. bukt stop 11.84 (9191 15), 01100 11 a bam tow by aging seiseme of 3 stark bods and I lighr bead ramy silnes as nmsmau es muh your 4121114 . 4 4,11. 2- String 3 dark heads, I 39110 9124. 3 dark beads. 1 lighr Med, 3 dark bcads. 1 light brat', and 3412k beads. nen 91212 *11k shrough .120 )71 light *124 )000 strung. Se your Braunettjaul usw.


1. String an even nurnber 03 91241 (ohi oo.od will make up your firn and scoand rows). 2. Ssring I beul and pass shrough thc secondoss4an bead nrung. Skip I bead and goss ehrough the nee bcad an the inisial suand. Contime gern. 10 the end to complete the Med naw. Basics

3. Adjust the Was so the). louk like a spinn, and tie a knor with the seil

fig. 15


reponding bead on ehe second picce. Paw shrongh she second-to-last bcad added

besä in plant.


1 be benenen arme across, addin6,,,)

8)9. 16

oaeto • g

each bead added on the pn.ions gow Ingo. 15). Ah. Co.. Pur

ote-ftitched roos a diagonal.. ‚how, in the satnple Ifigurn 18).


and the') the corrtsponding bowl on the second pieer. Cumlaue actons, lacing the lOW,

33, .



mgedler (figum 10. The sesulf skuuld !unk Ilkeulke conünnous picce of beadwork. A few poo)noo 6, this book .11 for peyoreäähed denraws amply akip the beul within a tos.. sou nel. To do


you might normally add srizch and pus through the nmbond on the Fmmio. row. Pull tighc. When you work the nem ans add I brad 69. 19 the deerer. and tondnue 2a055.

thsough the second-to-last beul ähially sfrung.kip 1

Work oho following row asyou

brud and pass the nädle 6. o56 the neac head on the i611101 strand. Cm ninue acros, When yuu come KI the

would a Kegelst sow (figure 191.

beads so eä fimn ehe luss bena mnf udded.

shrough the bods to make the tornannund, or by eimply nassing under ah exposed


For ft riebdämpfruf s

you work in munas to es.. a

seolptural ruhe

3. Work che founb rew regular pcyore stirch. Work the fifill soss, . you did che thkd row. eizIncr wcuving



losip of ihrea6 benvecn fle last rmns, psssing through än.


last land addca. and nudle the 0000 low (figure 17).

1. Sning on 11. smfeifier! uneunt of beads, then use sem knew co dr the beads into a &de. 2. Pass duyogis the fiut bead sttung to hidc the kom. Theo string 1 bead, flip 1 bcad, and poss through the nem bead. 50)1 ,66 ,. 3. Concinue aroond and posidon your needle for the next round, mäing oho "step up" by passing through the fint bcad on


the foundation eitel, and olle first bcod 00 the current rousol

a nieo ‚5 )1, peyote-aritehed Iondonsk

in.. you'll be nonnecring the km wwf you stitched cithet to another picce beerbyork. or the first row of the salne pluso 10 006 can make u tobe. 1. Male one the berds on the rose ;von'. connewing insedock like auipper tkm oioonone of Ibis rechsaum). 1f thcy dodt, add aubroter 1 rom. to olle of the rows. 18 floOm

s ire*et4-' ;

end up with 2 beude sitting

sic,), by sidc. After you add oho lasriff:0. puss dm nee. duough tho adlaeton (Jmd. and wäne dbough oho


ä.r • ,


from euch Meer of beadwork

i , f3C9 2(ix 3 ai

1. Striog uncven tumber of beads (this scränd InTke up your Arss and sceond fuo.). 2. Bein your shird non by stringing 1 beul and passing

en d of the non. you

fig. 18

oll the Ihn piree of.b.dwor.

simply ening

1 bud, poss rhrough the last bend addedin the unfein. rosa and •0O-


exit from onend bend of

st. preeio. row and pole äc needle inough Oho cum

and the onrhing thowd to hold the 4. To makc the nem

2. Wer. through the heads

(figura 20).


'Wel dm MIlowhig mond hy

fig. 21


Wa ging 1 hold and parting the mg bead . the pes

" ' • -

'Eknosataund. Nete..You'll mcp up


_ . 11b...j..

;',0.•.t.we...e.als.. ;Ire*


e...14-E:" .


Vif nach sound, passt. Ehe nen

EWeinneugh Mc firsr bcads on dm •- -

and earmnt comuls. Many headeu find it

.iiikEitil to begln tubube more tritch amund a form.

, uncle eadowel or a ehopstick (figtur 211. 17IGHT4.1. WEAVF Ifightnimir sonne erenet ' op, weave of Fuhric madc o) hole squanu. which are mild "units" in this bools. The wohnique 011 lie 008 006,4 eidiel. I or 2 amtlim. TO INOR SINGLUVEEDLE RIGHTANGLE INEAVE 1. Sering 4 bEnds and use a >spare kno, to through the fitat 3 bt-ads untre. Men


string 3 Imads and pau chrough the bcad

SS.1.1, 311:a ICC, a relariely MIT hented EM* in

w. all Mt heads sh sidr hy Eide us errate a Od. t. trla a base nm of beads long enough tu mdee up nem Mn nm. hrgin the second any by stringingt tc-d s und passing through ihr Imr ',tad wrang on the pmsious row and the head jurt scrung. The nm lamds . patt warked should sir side by side. 2..Salitag I bend and pan Mneagil

14. 22

Mo nen brad on dar hasc row Cenrinue arra. the bam strand,

oteehing I Lund to 1 heul und! .0 mach the cnd (Num 22). 3.Setrm the nett row by stringing I brad and uinhing Et , the I. limid addel ori the prei°, ie. Emma MEI siiM Ehe first row). 1,568k86 in

r 23

eia upponte dircaina hon, ‚1,,' 9. bist tow, emainue mons, nisch. ..,


, .


hist mimt and the first 2 heul, jun added. Reprar. niding 3 beadt a in a figura eight-like Fashion und! you mach the de4.1 row langth (figura 241. fi g. 25 2. Sean the nem row by60O,,gop Mune ehe timt bead positioned ainng the side of the first

Suing 3 beads

and pass up dmough the sidrImad 10


csitod. ihrtumb rhr 3 bcads just soung. md down through the nee Eide Lwad en the previa. row (figura 25).

and the bend hm nom,

, 1 hold to I bold t 6 gEE.

fig. 24

‚1, 5,660, inro a righr nrcle. Pus


3. String 2 hm@ and pss chrough the

fig. 26

thini Lead addod in Mn previous


down through the sidc bead


and tlerough ‚12)00 820 jou mim% (figura 201. 4. String 1 kath Emd pau up diroogh the nem sidc beul on rhc pmvious rose,

fig. 27

thtmigh Ehe Mo haart alicti in the pies vious Emir. chrough the 2 Lunds hm nru•fi and down through 6, ‚o, 4d, head na ‚ha 1,1,0011510W Wem 21. Cumturn nurking the rOW rhiN way arta you tmch the and. Start the Eiert row as you did this Eine. Pancs


1. Thread 1 nodie on mei) eeed.of

photo 3

eg. 28

length of threed. String 4 brads Dom throd and nide thrrn so dm dk, eben cmo tho right ocodle through oho last bäd strung. Setio8 3 bade on

1c11 etedle, then cross

ihr right nccdlc through oho last bcad strung. Itcpsur. adding 3 beede et time, ..100 YO0 mach dm desied row lookthegnm 281. 2. lbro the work so the !I tat on0o firez 000 000 tät Wäye oho nmdlos rhmtäh tho (40 00 thä mit

photo 4

oppositc directions legon tim 6,0 bead posicimeed düng oho Ode of che first tow. String 3 heads on the 1en needle and pass hrough the Ilf%1 eidc bcad



the prodenn row. Cross thr

right ncedlc throogh the 111.1 how) just strung (figura 29).


3. Soing 2 heule an dm telt toiedle:1M poo th weh the nm eidc Imad rin


fig. 30

dm pn.tim. rote. Crom Mc right nmdle thmugh oho getood bmd hnc Wirewenking

strung 1)9000 30). Continue working dm nm: thes

unril you roch tho

cnd. Scan dm nee. row as you did

LJ .?

neuding, eheging, and finishi, wire am basM rcchniques locd in many of dee bmotifid gime in Mit book.

ehis one. File and snslditsg 000 etmeoary for smoothing rotsgh mim en& Usc a flat mrral fik or rotem puprr to ach ism oho, touching ehe wire ocäsionally o.oyou go to chfick fier any rough apoo. You can also flk the end o wire forme a Aug gni n es for pin stern. Leo so by äing nat 110 Sle dm wirr at 45 1 angle on all sidc, making shatp puh. Muh ccericg wire itrvolves ming the nat, or flugh, side of dm wirr cuncrs malm the C111 so rhc wirr and iN nat. Wirr kap, <otos in non votione, simp1c and wrappcd.

20 Basics


lirtabesso 5


1. Hm ehairs-nom plieu

■ 1121(e

90. bend 2inch from

the end of the wirel or, if you're using che lonp ro seer. bead (as with a bead dangle), and maks rhe 90° band right ar rhc rop of rhc bac!. Cm ths mim inch bom the cop of the head lphoto 31. 2. Ute round-nose Otos zo grasp the Mre cosi and well plisrt anal rhs tobe conche the 90. lend (photo 4).

mAKING WRAPPED LOOP 1. Mer chainmon pliers to nuke a 90° band in the wird 2

inchm from reu wirc end or 2 inch from rhc top of a besd lphoto 52 How tos rouridtnuos plisn to gram the bend, shapc seile ans che risp jaw (phote.6), and ming ir undernonh ro form a paukt] hop ( phoeo 7). 2. Uss chUn.nose plins or your fingen c wrap the wirr irr a righr coil down Mo nom (phom chcccc ci cic.ccroche wrsp and cc chsinowne pliers to righcen the wire end. Whappitt7 or rode. tvire l p cccily used in thlä book boch for anaching onc wirc ro moder and for ercaring c2cco,cicojIc. Surt by gnoping the Loss wirr teil,- in one hand. Hold Mt wrapping with your orher hand and mäks ons wrap. Rep.klon your Lords so you can conrinuc ro wrap rhowirc around the bau rnaking tight retolutions (rahme 9).

photo 9

to 8




/ '•

\.,1 :






Brightly colored crystal cubes cascade from roond hoops, creating vivid visual impact.

A 1. Cur 2 piccöö of chain wich 2 4 mm crystal cube

rilitrifflleid ... kinch h.d pi(,s ' .igaromal sexer beads ...i,rec.91ed

1 - 6a ear hoops

ei nold.raled Aal finteedi chain

j luge links, orte at nach end. Ct. 2 piece wich 4 lange links. orte 11

9 9 11 0

nach end and 2 in ehe nniddle. Cut 2 piccea with 6 lange links. one euch end and 4 in the rniddie. And rad I piece with lange I.ks, one at nach end



and 6 in the midffle (figuro I.). See aside. 2. Ure hrad pin ro s.h. 1 „öböböd.Mö)öplöIööpö sm. the bead and (eint any etc.. seire. Rep.e to make 25 adö




dangles in oll. Ser sside.

W, nidiers

3. Anach I dangle en an end link of onc of ehe 2ilink öhdnö. Repeat lecomnoire klier,

rhc ööhöa 2-link chain. Set mit..

CI--5-ncise pliors 4. Acrach I dangle to nach large link of erre of the fig. 2


chains. I.ving the top link open. You'll See< loop (nage 21)

add 3 dangles in all (Spure 2). Reger for die orher 4-link chain. 3.öa aside. 5. Amok I dangle to nach lange link of orte of die 6-link chnins, Meire die Znp link opcn. Youll unkt 5 dangta in all Repesc for tha naher 6-link dia.. Set aside. 6. Arisch I ekligk to each hege link of ihn 8-1.5 chain, leaving the rop loop on the chain open ro acrach ro xhe can ken. You'll odd 7 danglea 1 all. 7. Open rhe ca.h on onc of the earring haisps. Suing the end link of one of tha embellirhod 2-link chains um> the 'Imp. Strin spocen String I cmhellished 4-link du. ah! I spacen Suing I anbeilished 6-link chain ah! 1 03000 String rhe 84ink chain. Repeat in mex. unier with ‚ha remaining chains.

8. Closc

car hon.

9. Repeat stens I thinugh 8,0 make the second eaning.

°angle Hoops


VVire spirals adorned with coils, crystals, and spacer beads are assembled into an exciting necklace and earring set.

Errrn - ' - g the Ea2iings !Illi


re....., _ Wendy Witchner „Materials for Earringe a asbned color 0 ovn crystal bicore swe

Making the Coils 1. Got., /0-inch lansth .f ohs2Qioogoo6 flghtlp soll 24-pugc leire deren zhe lease rd zisr 20-gsuge wire.Trire ah, Gels clair re the ad.

SZ esserred noior 4 mm crystal bicone bends inseriron silver 6 ‚nm habstyle rondelle bre. 2arier6ng saver 5 mm Bobstyle band caps

2. Dip the coilcd sem Into lber sulfur soluden, rinse.. and brush. 3. ididn the ‚soll reshn and

or the 00-Gange mim and tritt% off a

läinch pieso. Repeat to malm 5 more 14-Mds

Ser aride.

t kerlinp silyor 5 rnm space. neads amerfing dher 3.5 Inns Balkstyle spacer - behda

,montro saver 1.inch padrae head pins s Pais of suarlhg 0, l, ear wires

Making Ase Comer


1. Cm:, 2-inch nieen ‚1 , 6 ,, 20-8suga wir, hinke simplc kesp 05 orle end. 2. fig. 1

0 String I „il. arm 6 nun crynal bowl ‚cd I mil. Tains de 20-gange minn 0 inch from


Be 8550 of 20.9augo daachsaft storling

thola o ilao . go dfonesasimple o p (figura 11. Set dm mster


0 3,- nmes of 21.9auge desd.solt steding s s e. elre _ . e , af sulfur Com sdhesne cernent (optional)

Making tbe Spinal 1. Cur a 6-inch Irngrh of 20-Gaugc wirc. Srring cni I. nne 4 mm biconr keilt onc 5 mm spacrr beadt orm 400,0 biront bot,). 1 sollt une 4 nun bimst huad, unc 5 own rundelle boxt unc 4 ‚so hinenc lind, 5 rot', one 4 nun bi,., bead. onn 5 non spacer Lud. so, 4 ‚nm biconr bead. md 1 voll.

etre unters Coan-nose ',hon‚ Jaderase pliers

ieecadiarneer donel ,.. TAtimirrtan

emdling all,, (page21) Senrae loop (page 211 -Oneng and clogng loops ((tage 13)

2. Kcepk, the hcads and «als M plasc with your fingen, wrsni dm ['Med mim sround ‚ha down' for 3 rotstions. Use your


4) rhe beads 508,5, 50 adjun rhe coil center 03gurn 5).Set soll,.

lined up down du

?'1 , 4°>

• Aneahle the Earries 1. Slide rhc sner hnk rhroughh muldlc of the spirol.




rhc spiral ro ehe bau of she


simple loop the tog of thc link. Repeac For de oder end of the spiril and link (figusc 3). Irdeseed. dab

3. (Je I heul pin ro string one 3.5 mm spacer head, nne 6 mm crymal bead. 1 bead cap from inside to

7.1611 11311. 111,111. 20-guse ät thc top of

cicar adhcsivc ccmcnr en de esp and bounm wraps.

outside, and 0n03.5 nun spoccr bsd. Cur rhc wirc le inch abovc shr lasr bcad strung and form a simple loop. Connecr rho dangle ro the horrom loop of rhe cener link. 4. Connecr rhc

mim ro she rop loop of de

ccner link. 5. Reust all weiss so makc

sccond carring.

nfaking the Necklace rlaie for Nvedelarm ..3asmarted

color 6 mm mystal ticone

Altreeds 57 assorted color 4 mns crystal bieone emes

1. Fellow dm first 3 sec risme for dle tarrine (grabe 27) to make 5 spiral componenss. T116 rimc makc rhc coils only 10011 M diamerer, and dor* ineire& the end dengle. Sct the components aside.

resterling Over 7 mrn Balietyle spacer srerling sileer 4 mm galietyle spacer ,race 'fievarament of 15 sterling silver 5 mrn Bali:eybe space- beads 2 steding eileer 5.inch clasp hooks 104 ashes of 3 06 mm sterling silver ciral eilain 00

079.0 01 20-gauge sterling eher Mches of 24, gauge sterling siker Mre

,Temla creters rf.,:ve-nose pliers esunclerse ,roch-diarneter dowel

2. Cut, 1-inc11 leogrh of 20gauge .0 .04 make simple loop on onc rnal. String vor 4 mro laiconc Lear!, onc 4 nm spaccr bead. and one 4 mm hicone beul. Malte simple 1007 10 sentre die bed. Regem 3 tirnes to malre 4 small beaded links in all. Ser aride. 3. Cul a 1-loch lengh of 20-gange mimend mak< a simple 'Pep an Dor end. Solo& one 4 mm bicone bead, one â&#x20AC;&#x161;nm spacer bead. and one 4 min bicone head. Make a simple loop to sccure thc hcad. Repcat 5 100010 malre 6 luge bcadcd 110170 10 all. Ser aride. 4. Cm rhe-chain inre deÂŤ pieces and nm ft inch pleces. Usc zhe smdl beaded links ro coolleer rhe ehein pieces. 5. Usc

large bmded links to cennecr

spi cal componerm.

6. Usc rhe clasp hooks to conneer rhe chain ro rhe spiral secrien of the nes-Mace.



,iiple '

â&#x20AC;˘:. ,.1

ge.,. . , -wie


This simple-to-assemble set shows oft the multi-faceted appeal of crystals.


the Bracelet

1. CurI _

388 nm bione b.& .


boding Mac into one 14-inch Ono and onc 20-inch

rano. So asidc.

,-......e 4 mm bicone beads

2. Trac hc rwo pietes SF 11111 158 11116 smface abot 2 inch-

aaeeryst 3.5 rnm crystal montnes

. from the ends and abour 5 inch man.

2 nun ohm tobos

3. Os 11 6, wirc. srring loq,oscc sF1 lilac Iraud. I rannten,


I Mn], bed. and 1 ranntet 10 time. String I klau heti, I

5raveng s eer Ono SOldered jump dng

uhwune and 2 yinder hods. Tape the wirc ends dm work

,,,..,...g Over lobster clop surfacc.

Sgrache of .01033855 beeding wire 4. O. thc log wire. ming 2 lilsc beads and pau through slse liee

fissz mon tee added she shose wire. llan Wir. Mon Id esnss rhrough Mn mond. String 2 vitaler bods and pass xhrough oho nee rannran selded to the skore wirt. 5100,030 lilac bods

- tIllra TW e. narre ' rs

and pass dwough thc net mentnesddcd to the ahort wirt (figura I). Rcgor down de length of rhe shon wire undl youhre

rasen-nese or mirnprag dee -

passed thronst, all die montens. Exit from the Last besd strung


on dm hon wira. --


lig. 1

)e.444989 inwge 141

â&#x20AC;˘ 7,1,a:er,. cra

7Wirw.5 brecelm.


Pair zheMre ends and, holding dm wires 1(860 10 mainrain the

sad o habuse besch for a larger or

tosirak string cdnap am and dm soldecd jump ring. Pass

siegen size_

back through thc crimp wist and thc last I den bend From the Men wirt gipste 2). Sipece it right with daimme pliers, ui nrimp ir with cei â&#x20AC;&#x161;ming pliers. TriM dm nacos wire clean 101 h1 bod. lig. 2


6. Undo the mpt. at thc rake ced ofIl,, bracele 11.11 01311 srep 5 085 Mn lobster dop. Violets

Making the Necklace -..-Kitglialg_for Neck lare 2 lilac Ö mm crystel bicone beads

Inntroclinns Making ehe Cenrerpiere 1. Fellow

68 violet AB 4 mm crystal bicone beads

inann.dons on pepelt to malre 2

bracelets. bot doni

the enda.

180 Ihr AB 4 mrre aystel badII

fi9) 1

2. Lay the Ifingelers nen ro nach „her 42 arnethyst 3.5 min clysral r.e monties 2 lilac AB 4 mm crystal round b.ds

onthewrksufacdimn. ing 12.4nch pixe oF .010 beding wite hemmen chem. Use a piece of

sterang siker 1 x 2 rnm crirep wb. 2 aterling siker 7 narr, soldered jump rings 2 cerling sil.r 7 nen open jump liege 2 sterling silver 1-ih head pins

rage ID zecurc the ende of all mhe wite die rable. Stfing I fific


4 mm bead and patt through ehe


9 rnm shading eilver lobster clasp

---e ,


fitst bicons Lud ht-wicen the manMes on an, ‚Fehe bracders. String 1 lilac bcad and pell through rho narr

2 s.ling tilver one-ta-three loop conn.ters



biwoe beed benseen the monedes on

ehe opposhe hmeeis, Repear down the breceler. lacing ehe nm bracclett

80 inch. of .010 flexible beading reime 48 incl., of 414 flexible beading wire Tape

rogether (figure 1). When yeu teadt rhe end, pult die wir. tisk to crem sobrie milk.

3. Garher de cnds ‚Fall) wirea and ',fing 1 critny tobe md 1 soldcred jump fing. Pes hach through che ctimp ruhe and pull tight. Usc chain-nose plias to

Wire cutte. Chain-nose or crimping pliers

squeece the ruhe fix or use crimping Oen to crinto rhe ruhe. Repeat for the edler wire enda.

Adding Je Straps Stdnging (nage 141 Crimping (page 141

1. Cur a 24-inek oiece ordre .014 brading wito and Fes it through ‚he soldered jump ring you lact addcdi gide die jump fing to the corter of de wir, Pair the wie en& and arring 1 eritnp ruhe and I Mac nun bold. Snug !ha cdmp ‚grinst the ring and squceze the ‚Lebe Qat um erinto it (figurc 21. fig. 2

.1123' 32


Smuatc â&#x2013; Isc seist ends and string 28 vides beads, logmp suhe. md she first loop oll the 3-loop

4. Repcat steps I duough 3 to emase a strap on tho other oF she neckbec.

ednorosie of the connecons. Pass back through okosube. snug hbcads, squsseac du tobe Sas or esimp it. Repeat for slm sicher wirr end,

5, Anach jump sing ro shc rcrnaining loop on cach connuitor. Attash dm lobster da, to tose of dm jump go,.

zinne connecring ro the th ins] loop mi she enenrchar. Ilsc I hsiad pin to string 1 ound brad. Make a simplc loop to securc die head. Con neer the beul dAny e ro dm socond loop on the sonnt,-


cm (figura 3).


These lively earrings and fantastic ring were designed to showcase unusual vintage cnistal beads.

Making the Ring -Seer Katherine Song

.Matarialc fr,r Rigg 5 bluelgreen 12 nm verticaIly 401114 vetago


Place the sing mandrel in de cense dile 24-gauge

wire. Wrep the wire around the tnandtel 5 tu 7 iinies to

myeal mode o131e beads

hem Leave 10 inch


15 burgundy 3 min crystal bicone bosids 4119

2. Suing 1 hlack hold onto

f 24-9au9e siher-colored 1,11 wire

Wire end ond cross through it

'011, 6. orhcr wirc cnd. The band shnuld reer on the out. anle of rhe Wrop erwl1 ‚011 0011 aanand 111 1016 on

10 inchb of 28-gauge siIveecolored ‚01 0,111

of unwrapped wirc ar

ob d.

3flo114 4 nen crystai round beads

each side °fang bead (feure II.


09. 1 \sery

Wie cutere Flat.nose Wer, Reund-nom pliers ging mandrel or Ihseeeide 00..11

3. Strang I Wotag1 kad it '4 inch from 1116 10115 how. Draw ihewille danan ‚ho bade of che vinrec bed. linld


the wirc and bead and .0visr 2 or 3 times lfigure 21.

0m00e loop 10691 21)

fig. 2

wire (Pag. KI )

4. Re,. step 3 co Ad dm other 4 eimage beads, formiran a flotter Aen (Kp. 3).

fig. 3



W023 one wird end

che ring tue

undemesrh one

side of the llower. String I blank band and mann dny simple loop 2620011

with the other wire end

sny rece wiss. Rencar

aneanker sick o) , k . flower.


Making the Earrings fer Farrings_ 2 Fuchsie 14 mrn top-drilled (hont to back) cAotal Am. r beads 2 light ',eint 14 nen toOrdMied(frent 811 b6411) crystal Bowor boads 2 lalue/grren 12 rnrn vortically drilled Mtege cryotel pagoda-style beeng 4 clear AB 12 non 108.4411e4 (front. bank) cAstal round dick boads with facedd


2 top,. 8 non top.drilled aystal bicone beads 6. Secure ene and of thc 28-gaugc wirc to

middlc of

2 hmheia 6 rffin crystal nee beads

flower. 4 opactue light pink 4 nun wywal round beads 7. Sming 5 bor,rundy bcads on non ertd. Wrap


2 olive 4',. crystal bicono baads

around the rniddle of the ring basc to makc I Amen. 2 topaz 5 nm mstel.stedded modelle space

Acgrat twice to maka 3 rramenr in


8. WI


3sn,ss along rhe reg

band, underneerh de (lowe (An'

4). C..1 dor Wire

151521159 BigÂŤ 4 rnm oval jump rings 4 steding vilvor 2 ZodOpIobo,

arotmd etw edler blank beads and mim the wirc closc to Ihr cod.

mrling silver 1 x 2 mon criner teres 2 sterring silvm clip earring findies 24 inch. of .019 beading wiro

Wire netters Chain.noser pliers

â&#x20AC;˘ TgrinoirBtrec String eag14


I. Cut 2 inch. of bcading wire.


fig. 3

On Ir. lef Emire end.5cring 1 toma bcad and am 1 x 2 MT cri rnp nle.On

dm 'MN to wring one 1 2 2 mm crimp mim. Place

righi wirc and. string 1 pagoda head and

Welose to the cnd of the wirc and mc Main-ante plicw

dangle an& 1,14.4 Ifigurc 3/.

ro garten Mt. ranc. 3.

fig • 2

String 1 pink roand head, I mim licad, pink round beul, and one

16 x 2 mm crimp rubc. Slidc rhe nahe m .> 111111 ahour inche from dm crimp tubc 4


fig. 4

to loop die sem around ro malm ä Anan

ante inbe jmt wrang us male a 4 mm


eirdc, and pass through

loop. String onc x 2 mrn crine tubc and I light violer

pagoda bold

and [lindangl gain. Flamm tbc cri mp

gower hmd. Pass Lack through borh of rhccrimp


nahm, Jemang a 6mm loop geound ehe flower. Planen

tane and tdm

leer wire close ro ihn

crimp ranc. On thc righr


dm ruhe and nim any mons who (figura 1). :bele A. kr asidc.

Pass the ler wire end buk Mosel any crinan tolle and the roma brad.Contiane

placed in wep 2. Part hack thrtaigh rhe


oliv. hiconc bead and u nc 1 x 2 mrn

crimp tube. Flauen dm rohe wid Ire any Luccas wirr (figura 4/.


fig. 2

Co. 2 inchm of wirc. Sning I bansia gowei bead and sliele it to the and& of


8. Artach I jump ring co dian /and. Comicmann Mn.

dm wir. Fohl the xviie in half. 70 .2..


cnds and wring 1 tondalle space, bold änd

pagoda boads. This compleres dangle B. SQr asidc.

piem made in sie 6, berwee the ropm. and

tim 1 x 2 mm crimp ruhe Scpararc rhe ends r14 pus om wire and bank through the crimp ruhe ro leave a 4 mm loop ar 'od. Ulm ans dm crimp ruhe and Mon any excess wire (figura 2). Ser

9. Connert jump rings. On °na and, anach / disk bead and the carring finding. On rop loop, of dengle n and B.

orhcr wirb noch che

ande. 10. Rcpcar srcps I ihrnreh 9 ro makc the smond caning. 3. Cm 7 inches cif wire. Fold ir oho. mtewhird of the way down. Pair the wim ends md swing one 2 x 2 mm crimp ranc. Slidc the rdbm an dm wire und/ you have 2 4 non loop at cnd. Flamen zhc ruhe.

Superstar You're certain to be the center of attention when you step out wearing this star-studded set!

II 1


.. Making the Necklace .,VOesigneri Kadi Stellean

...Materials for Net- klare 70 Meck 6 mm lopidril lad crystal bicene Imads

Mrt kie I& Stars 1. Th read 1 esedko,, rach end rd, 1 Jure length ‚7 11*,.

6 fuchsia 8 men crystal cobe beads 14 bleck 4 mm crystal cube beads .28 bleck AUX 4 men crystal bicone beerde

2. Lise top-drilled ficadm .re work 0 00ip adoeldeeadle righeangle wesee 3 units (eng (figarc 49.1

23 fudele ABU 4 mm crystal bicone beads 24 bleds 3 min cmstal bicone beads


48 :umeoise see 11° seed beeds 4 grase of luebsia size 15° seed boads 54 sterling Ohms 4 mm Bal bele spacer beads 76 sserling eher 3 min Beeistale speeer beads 2 steding serer eimp tobes

3. Woa


.h. foo end boo hmde engeher ei iniem a 2).

2 searling sem, cernp bead covers

C.4 .

z sterling elloar toggle cleap epeund test beading inches *9.015 flexible beading SO inehes 01.010 flexible beding eire

4. Lise a sauere hat „‚je the rittrad „ds togeher.

Catelhey bunt the therad ende. Set aede. 5. Reprat ateps I Orme 4 with the em adle top-dreled beads.

Note Materials listed are For e 204,ch neckla.. Add er seid trau mate,als for a longer er shoem necklace.

,Toehnimto, leg.angle mese (nage 191 Sousre knel (page 19) 5tringing (page 14)


3. Separate rhe wires. Pass one sehe risme, one side of the beaded man and dm mbar mim ihrangt, tim mbar xide of thc um (88um

112 , 4. Sering onc 4 rmm spaccr bold, I fuchsla 4 nun bicom bmd. nm 3 mm spamr bmml 1 Wach 4 mm bitunt ',rad. one 4 rnm spacer bead. I blade 4 mm erbe bead. °na 4 nun anum bold. I bloch 4 rnm hicone beul. one 3 nun spaccr Lmad, 1 Fliclana 4 mm biconc bcad. am 4 mm spaccr bead, and 1 fucbsia 8 mm cubc bcad. 5. Makc sure ail Ehe beads are saug againer rhe bead moppen Senarara Mo wiren Ilse the .01D wine to arring 3 042 15° sccd [mal. I sisc 1rmod bcad. am 3 mm spaccr beul. I blank 3 mne bead, one 3 nun spaccr beul. I sisc 11 .1 seed bead. and 3 nm 191 seed btudx. Pass the sehe through

hIch da 8 mm cubc bmd again and pull righr.

•his will closc Eine xidc of the alba. Repeat Mix 4 more timcs zu complecly cncase

cubc on cuh sidc (figura

4). SM% nm num spncer heut fig. 4

3074,472 the Nesklare


6. &peu sicps 2 ihrough 5 Im times.

1. KM ehe beadirg sei ms tumber and plam a bold sron nr

abour IP Malno from the raini mrds.

2. Kecning the opposite wire Emds paired, scring

7. Nennt mem 2 and 3. 8. Repeat step 2.

fuchsia 4 mrn biconc bead. onc 3 mm spaccr bead. I Mack 4 mm bieene bmd. one 4 min

9. Pair dm wirm together and ming I crimp rubc and half of

macer bead. I b/ack 4 mm cube beul. orte 4 mm

zhe dup. Pass hach chrough the rubc. saugte bead, and

xpacer bold, 1 lack 4 mm bicone bead. und 3

crimp. Ramme dm boad srop and repeat ac rher end nf

mm spaccr hcad. I fitchsta 4 mm bienac bead,

‚ho neddace. 111int any access wir,

and nm 4 min spaccr bcad. 10. Place minus LAsets met the celtnn tubcs.


Mtking the Breteeiet

. Matprials for Rranollot 50 bleck 6 ..c, tomdrilled engt& Menne beeds

7 fuchsia 8 mm cmstal cube beeds M Kack 402% 0 mm aystal bicone beads

1. it.lake 0 man na desmibed on nage 39, Set :takle.

2. Ilse she wire ro wring 1 cri nm mbc and half rhe ckm, Pass back shrough oh, ok. Imving a b.inch mil. Saug

24 bleck 3 mmcrystal bicene beads

the rube and crimp.

r12 steding siker 4 rnm Bali-style spacer bends In steding silver 3 rnrn .11-style spacer beads 2 sterling siker crimp tubes

3, Sning I black 3 mm biconc bmd, one 3000 spat, brod, I Mode 4 mrn bicnne bmd, one 3 mm äpomr beul. black 4 mm Wonne boad, one 3 nm spa“r bod. I kul. 8 mm cubc bcod, mm mm ep“cr bcod, 1 black

1 steding silver coggle clean

4 mm bicone bud. and one 4 nm, quer bcod.

Beding Ihm 6-pound test 4. Suing I sur and one 4 mim space- bead. 10 inch. of .015 %Asla Imeding leire

• Tools 2 big-aye naedles

5. Repcat sm, 3 and 4 fivc rinms so you os< all


6. Renen sreps 2 and 3 in reverse.

Soissork Thread burner or 1 ighter Crimping pliers Wire cumers


S-Curves Wire-wrapped, crystal-studded earrings are perfect for every occasion.


tsealgnen thalie Lee Caner

.Instruetionq 1. Cur a 2-inch length of Metes wirr. mmer cach end of

6 arnethyst 4 nen aystel bkone beads

wi rc ((Only on the sscol block.

plicrs [0 meke


band abom inch (nom flancpcd

and. 1211 tound-nonc pl ids 12 gra, du flataned and of 2 sterbe silver Freneh ear wires or leverbacir earring findig

veirc akut nochkirtief the way down the jaws and complerc 2121p21 loop.

4 inolles of 18.g4uge dead-sob round steding serer wire

2. Lbe the hammw II up the loop rwo or ducc liTCS. Malm anosher sirop0 loop on the othcr cod of the ohm in kn

12.2621 of 24-p219e dead-soft round steding

째ppesire Ireeden. You luve jusr created a wirr link.

Plver ehre 22 )21624 of 26-9229e deadsoft sound stedire Plver vore

Repeat mos 1 and 2 ro makc anothcr link to matell thr first rue.

4. Put oll the ufery Take de 26-gaugc eilte and Wire outters

plare she .211 206 to an end loc, 9)1 242 of du links. Leave a shorr od. Usc your fingen tightly wup Ihn 22-

Ruler Ball poen hammer

gaugc wirr down the bete 0)1 ,21 link_ The 00 56.2111 6.tight. 1101ro1111 hol Trim any excess wirc and filc 60001h (5920 1).

Steel blook fig. I Chate.nose Olegs Raundnase pliers Safety glasses 5. Hold thu links side by sidc and usc your fi.92601100g Borrette Wog daknose pliers

ohein-mau pliers 10 gcntly kund the link Inops in opposIce dircuiena to oearc a ware (figura 21. The two links should Leas

as posible.

Yurnbkr (with stainless steel s68. pfasho and gentle liquid soapl

fig. 2

Simple loop (nage 211 oare yorapping (page 21) Wrapped loop (page 21) Filing (page 22)


6. Malm riny simple loop. ehe end °Fehe 24-gauge wire.

Hammer onee. Sning 1 bead. Besio a wrapped loop, b ut before closing dm loop- acsach e000 end loop on one of the links. Com plesc the wran. Repm nvice so you have 3 beded chingles atI cnd of 3 knk. 7. Rep. step 6 for the sooand link. 8. Open rhe lang on one of the earring Andings. Attach onc of the links and elose the Anding% Loop. Rep. to attach ...Willie link to dm OL her euring Anding.

9. lf you have aohk8. tomble your ncw orrings Re 45 minurne. Rentow and ler dry.

Variation You can essily add beads to the wave partion d this design. Begin the 2i69 08 descrihed on page 53, but rnake the.. belore wrapping the wire link. Use a pennwerd rnadser to mark the 1B90auge wire 3 064


from the top of )he wave, and 16 inch from the bottom. Use Ihn 26-gauge wire to weap the fink os bekam. but string ono 4 mm bead at the first mark (fiere 31. fig. 3

While holdino the bead . place, continue 80 0649 the wave, ehecking for neamoss and uniforrnity. Stdng another crystal bead at the nem merk and finish the wog, snipping the wire and fing tIre ends as needed. Note: Fon he earängs to mir. nach other. you'll need to mak*, your v.raps to rne right on one eaning and to tha left on the other. fin ish Ihn earrings as above.


Cri, .8 tai

On these earrings, rock crystals move arid catch the light beneath wrapped rings.

D.ignen .Eni Oken

2 rock test& 0,0 inch topiddlled briolette or Rat pear beads 20 clear .68 2.5 mm crystal bicono boxela 2 Balieein sterhng siIe 9rnm mond Inas( with 0199:9 20290 s1w199 51901 10 nun soldered-clased jumpOngs 2 sterling slher lever.back earring 6i99s 8.inch length of 26.9auge soft round stneling siheer svire 5.5000 100906 of 28-gauge soft round sterling silver oh:

Wire cutt00. Chain-nose p19rs Raundino. pliers

.TROhniCibiist Coilng(pao21 Wrapped kfrip ()sage 21)


Rode Crystal

6. Pass behind the wrapped loop and some 5 more bicone brach undi you roch ihe cop wrappcd loop

°i. M.gange Will.

again. Wtap ‚51 wirc once around the thank of die

)2.. Stark 2 jump ringt. "nkr the etw) of chic wire and Sold it against dm jump rings wirh your lefi hand,

mr R119 PPed 196 P.

lea6ng a 1-inch mil. Use your right hand ro eigholy 1115 k0 jump ringg rageeier halfigay amund the dr‚Ie. Male the coes dgl', hui nm oo eine ragerher.

7. Swing I diger head. Bring 50 wirr wo igh i down and wrap it around rhc shank of die bonom wrapped loop (figura 9). Paw kack Ihrough the silver head and wrap

r.3. When you've reachol halfkoy around the cird6 fo rin

dm wi re atound rhe ghank of the upper wrapped loop. Neue rrim .y excess wire.

a tirty wrappel loop wirb dm wirc (figura I).

lig. 4


4. Continur coiling the 2 jurnp rings rogerher m the mp Foto a notiert wtapped loop directly oppogise dm


8. Artach The orring finding ro dm rop wrapped loop. Str aside.

ilmr one (eguM 2). Neady nim 2, excess wir,. Wrap the very and of the remaining Mi.gange wirc around

9. Cut a 4-loch piece oF26-gau5e wire. String I btia-

the coiled jump rings. nor she rop wrapped loop.

Jene. loting 1-inch mil. Bring bads wist cnds

lig. 2

show tail nround the long sogeher and wrap so the wrap gicks ertaighr up ftom rhe rop of the briolene. Neady reim ‚51 ,00,11, short wiredose ui rhe wrap. 10. Form awrappcd loop wirk the lang wire, armehing dm loop to the honoris wtapped loop of one of the emhellightel rings. Norly nim the exes wir, dow ro the wr.P.

5. Scring 1 bicone brad and paw Littutel) the cenrer GF ‚II, ring und 'gack up, 'ening dm bod sir on do out-


RepC. gra, I Orough ro meke rhe gecond garring

gide of ■ hc ,ing (figura 3/. 'UP.' .r.u.'d 4 iRn.



f ig. 3

Rock Crystal


et+er: Wendy Wiehner

.instructions Mahne the Danglee

1210 15 assorted color 61001 crystol bicono beds 15 . 20 merted color 4 min cryeal bicono beeis 10 to 15 sterling Pier 3 to 6 nnnn Balheyle s

beodaaoaqaodobeoi 2 inch. Meke wrappel loop to 11001060 Leeds. Repear wie Ehe remaining head pes and beads Soa rha dangles aride.

Pater beads 22 sterling silver 1-inch head pins 6 inches of lfigege steding silver wund wire . 12 Wehes of 24.gauge modrig siker eirted wie

. Tnnk

Mahne the Ring Band 1. Alake a simple loop ar rie end 06 161 lg.gange wird

2. 2rnrcing

Co Ehe lease dee simple loop, ereil Ehe 24-gonge


righrly around the 18-gauge wire for abeut 12.2

ioJ00 %ig000 ((.


eire erlies fig. 1 Chaidnose pliers Round.nose pliers 2-in0h.die001or clootel Reg mandrel


Tprhniques Sep1P 100P h090 2 1 1 Wrapped loop (page 211

3. Wem aha coiled wie amund rha reg mandrel er your Anger) so ir

loosely (de crysrals will rake up some resam

w(1en yodwee de Pop). ((51010101 510001) ech 100111 . 1001 mcasurcmcnt for de ring to, Once you cone upen ywut find figura, nee ehe coil wrapping 00 recessary ro finish Ehe sing band. Trim any euer twired wire and Brr the rhain.naso plicrs to rigiden oho lost Poil.

((011109 11110 (pag. 2 1 1

Making du Ring 7bp 1. Use xhe dowel to form a luge

fig. 2

loop st the end of oho 18sauge wie filsis (1 Ehe legend, of wrappcd lege). String half of de degim enro Ehe loop Engere 2). 0 2. Open 1h1 0101I1 (00)101 1(11 mer end 05 1100 band and adelt ir 50 rhe finge loop so Ehe dangles 000 00)1001101 betwecn oho coiled porrion and rhe end of the wirb String the other half of tha dangles and nnish the wrapped loop

3. Turn oho lag rop so ir is respendielar ro

ri, band. Bling

Show off a variety of beads and charms with this ultra-fun bracelet.

Designer 1Boy Stumpf 1. Cut the beading wirr in half. Placa a hand stopper on one

and 09 10011 vaire, Imving 2- to 3-inch cails.

Inhe-gray 5 e 9 rer.. handmade larnpworked boxte s steding silvar x 8 rnm bergeeholen, Bali-style

2. Um 1 leire end ro sering )1 ineh of asmned crysrals. C:rom rim orhes trirc and Mauer Mo Ixadr pp jene senm0. Pull

spaeor beads

‚2(0 Mies right. 9004 out 3 ‚nm biconc bead, 1 dank. and one .3 DIT 111COrle.hced .nn rede wie ernte

Assonment of 104 deter end gray 3 nem crystal olcone beads


fig. 1

Assortenent of 55 dear gray and OeeP bi. 4

Ux 1 tickt and

to sering 1 piece of

>)aar mil and 1 lampworkad or gl. to6rnmcystalbedinvroushape

10 sterling silver 4 to 6 mm lanee.holed heut, en verlaus shepes

001 605(2. (71)e beed wil1 Aide neer


16( 40111) Cross rhe oda.. m en wid ij 57(2. . 111105911


11 0 mil. Pull ehe wises

dgl,,. Suing onc 3 mrn bicone

Assertment of 48 sterling selver channe eneVor

heed, 1 dengle, and onc 3 mm

nystal bead 4009)05 miede with 115-inch head

bicone head o n meh wire and


lfigute I). NotecTo make a dangic, aua 1 hcad pin co srring a 2.inch

0 grey 4 n,n bicone cry0els

length of bre& Malm a wrapped 6 steding eilver 2 x 2 mm crimp tubes

loop ur seaure dm beads.

1 seerling Beyer 12 et 15 enne 2-54504 plesp 72 ,01,,, of fleOble 110(4)79 10)14

4. Repm maga 2 and 3 und) wer rcach stla derrad langst, minus ehe wider, of rhe clasp. 19 nmesaarr, add adligmal

12 piecee of 9p6-ch sterfing silyw coiled wire

Wire coners Send stoppe/ or other dip

naws 2 make 5)5.4(1 hmeder Pho one shown 1, 631011,,, Jong). 5. Sving one 3 mm biconc bcad, onc 4 mm bicom larad. and orte 3 mm bicone bead en cadt wirc end.

a crimp ruhe

ro mach euch mim hdf of the dop. Removc the lamd Cheiwnose pliers ROUn4-n0Se etfitesfit makeng dangles) Crimping elftem

. TarrharigtsP5 5t309(ng epage 14) 10561-029(4 00880,' tpage 191 701a99e4 loop (page 21)

mopper from 1111 °Mg- and of rhe mins and use crimp ‚ohm so anach oho mir. ui Ilm echar half ar che dasp (agure 21. fig. 2


Designer, 8essey Ventrena

Stitebie dm iyfltomareld927rnnnlotbsg,osre

I . Thrmi dm Acedlc with 4(4, of thmad. Um site 11 3 mod

1 perple iddesmnt 18 mm cystal rivoli

heads to work I row of righoangle wenn 22 co 23 uni. lang. Tbc row should ha lang cnuugh am it per. harrly

1 deep blue iridecent 14 rnm erystal Mon

wraps around ha mimerer of dm hagerm. Donk concern

6 deop purple 6 rent cyatel rondolle heue

youmelf with a yerket fit at thia rohin you can malm eljecren. larer.

50 deep purple 6 mm ersaul round beads

2. Werk a mcond row Of righoanglc wcavc off of Ihr firn „e.

12 light emeralel 6 mrn emstal round beads Dark siker metallic size 11° Japanese seed

3. Gemse


beadwork imo a ring so dm Ares and last maks

of the mem couch. Wich che thread meing up from the end heil an ihr Kap Iah (Aals...11 addeh ,3111131 h 73 . 11 3 send brad und pes down chrough thc and bcad on dm

Dark sliver metallic size 15° Japare. seed beads

■ op right (chc first net

4 ccling 2 2 rnm cimp mbes


udded in che semnd med. String 1

sved bead and FIM up through che top left bead

and cha boad (,er streng in dr is step. Pass down darougk

1 stesling silver 14 mm taggte dasp

Ihn rop Mißt bcad. 660646er er gray beading thread

rhrough ihn hcad just addcd. and

the hotten left and bosd on

firm rom

20 inches 070106884159 leire Scdng 1 size 11° soed bed and pass up dmough 1he km-


rom fier cnd brad, chrough ihr lass hcad added in ,60 Seicors

ertrimm step, the hemm Ich and hegt, and the bold Pot added Ingefe I). \V.-1,re througb all Again es minfons.

See 11 er 12 becefing needlea Chain-nom or crimping pliers Wire cutters

TPehnilpgaS Right-angle weave (Page 197 Toholer pepate ‚MCI (page 181 Rat emmeount payme antebure 1 ') . MppIng up pot,. stitch (Page 1 87

'12° 1

2. Wely, through the bods nie from e size 1 I" seed b41141. beed er du p111 011 the I 8 mm

4. Suing 1 siu 15° xed hod and pam through du neer bead rhc harrom of the righoangleovoyen rine 0 16ä101111d, working zubulet (more stirch.


exagly uppotirc ehepkb you rode the connection in

Pull the thmed tighe Sup up to the not round.Wotk

ttep 1.0011111 ihr segle di1CCE10115 from step 1, rhis

a second tound of tu buk peyom miteh. Wem

time moking a tön nection bcovccu beul and dm

thraugh all ehe beide jgc added °nee mos.< en reinton.

lang siehe of the bagneetc kot.Woge ehrough the

the drein. Wegie ehrough the hods and oit from

connegion und) the hock are filled with thrrad.

hod g ehe top of Ihr circic.

Stege dm deread and ‚dm ir ro the bei& See gide.

Adding the Berit needlc with 3 Ike of ehrend_ String 9 sie, I. %rad 1 und beods. Wotk a snip of liat odd-eoune peyou 5. Placa the bagueur, bi 1 tide down. into the bowl shapc. Work 2 minds tubuler pcyorc 0111h 06 66

sdtch 9 MO nick by 37 bods long.

top oflho righoonglegtoven grein as you did er ehe botrom of the ekele. Iltis ClearC1 601 begunnes

2. Sm the 61 1111111 ‚(oh suip to ehe sirr lI ed bods Jung ‚60 )606 top side ‚(oho bagucttri 6001, 16)13

Reintonic dte bodwork 0100 01011080 . tightme, IC thread and rrirn it de« 10 the. nmgem. Secure

thc beads un one picce to Mo kat!, on ehe 000 10

beads. kt the legolcd baguettc gide.

Neue Von trent dm enaMay imerlock likc k biely 011111.1., so be suie ro (611101 1, neer:Jon tbe kack side of dm Ltgucke. Curyc the strip and

6. Follow step& through 5 zu beul cach rivoll. Youll

seu im firm row to the sie, 1 5° teed beekt at the back

necd ro adjusr the number of unirs thot engilde the

rop jdr of the lugtlette beul m you .1111 6086,. dm beult. Seettre dm durad and uito elnse

perinocr of your crypelei For die Jorge rivoli. abnue 20 ende teilt he tunkien, for the small onc. ahmet 15.

Seinging du Necklet Gene fing sbc Greis 1 . Smer a nee duead 11111 110)01

1. 1210 the Leoding wert co string 2 crimp ‚66 016 half of the dop. Fe buk throeigh 668066, legingo 1-

fig. 3

from 11111e 11 . 1.0d bead at ehe

inch rad. beug dm tobe and um ehein-non pliers

net( memr ch, 14 nm riyoll

squeeee the ruhe flar, or use crimping pIkl0101000P.

Striog 1 siac 1 1' sced

Trim the eail 6 lId crirop,m over ir with

bead and peg thsough 1601 1 I" sed Led ar ehe peringo (‚b 18 nem rivoli Med.

dee Leeds sm, in the nm stop.

.-7%;e`i•A',7,ti.i. '

String 1 siee r secd bred an& ing rinpush dm und bead (ou

ligh emerald 6 men mond Lund, I sim 1 17' Led Land.

firm cid gei in Mit ao com gar the ntio nimm 01 1166801) (figury 3). 'ffeanie dirough 1161 connection scvera1 time unril do beide aro Filkd with desd.

2. SI1I011 ence of I light emerald 6 mm mund hold. 1 sge 1 I° sed bed. I modelle, I sim I sted bead, 1 and 10 dop purple 6 nun round beads 1, imcs.


C 3. Scring I size 1I'64 brach I light emookl men round beul, Ni7S 11 . senk btad, 1 modelle. I jae

ir accel heul. 1 light cregrald 6 min round kgl. ehe bcoded pcmlent (dide ir over oho mond heads). 2 yrimp „kr 1,110 01 ehe dop. Pes, ba,k through tobe, md oho nirrip tubs. songell dee bog, and crimp.

54 110 6000

Cube crystals und curved wire lines are combined to make these ear adornments.

Making Eaning 1

1. Cm wirc Mm sem 4-ich pimm. Make a sinall loop m ehe end done wist. 3. Grasp she loop wirb

chain-nose plicss so Alice Ilat within

dm pliccc aws. 4. Use your chumb ro push che wire along the side g g , of the loop (figure 1). Adjusc shc plicrs and push rhc wirc along im loop again. Report unril vour spiral is 3 wes seid.

Mesignsu Moosig Wachner

...7.44/orials for FarrIng 1 2 fuchs. ASS rnm crystai cube beeds

5. Um your ringers to gendy pull the wraps epars. crearing an :dm spiral. 6. Pepen sopa 2 Mrough 5 fiar she mher wite, deins mur bmt to duplicate she firss spirds shspe.

2 fuchsin 6 ‚cm crystal kenne Wels 4 gold-filled 3 mm seamless sound bossle 2 gold-MIed 2 me seamless sound beads 2 geld.filled 2.incklong paddk head pins inches of 18- or 20-9augo gold.filfed reise

7. Pair the rpirats rogerhor so rhcit shapcs

62. 2

masch. Place the dowc1 ccc sie Schied Im straighr wimi. en she oppmire Ade of the direc cion in which srou'd push Me nexs spiral wrap. Usc your Angers so push bosh warn back over thc dumm! so maks thc cm« mme bend Ifigure 21. These will Im chc sor wires. Trim ehe

Wire cutters Round.nose pliers Chain-nose ‚Mem kinch.diameter dowe/ ChasIng gammer Mose bleck

Simple loop fpage 21/ Spind leid inste.ipne

56 Conternporay

wire ends so the ear wirmars men. Silo dcc wirc cnds smamh.

8, Place I sass; ng on rhe suml bloch so only the spiral sirs on


Look. Gouly hammer dm wire unril lt is slighdy (Im Rep.c cccchchccoccccdcccdcchsccxcido.

9. Usr I hesd pin to string I usund drin bmd. I mbe heul. 1 mund 3 mm lwad, I bkom bead, and I sound 2 mm bead. hlake a simple loop. Repest io renke a smond dengle. 1O.Slipc danglc onro cach mning.

Making Earring 2

1. Co etw eire into nye 4Ydinch pieees. 2.500609 oho ue I inch up rhc wirb 110)1 . wirc Bat . ehe strel bloch hol about B inch.

2 oliee AB B mrn vystel cube beeds 2 rannnder Ael 6 nen crystel bicone beads 4 sterling &leer 3 mm seamlms mend beads d stedinm silver 2 mm seendess rourad beede 2 sterling silvet I 9.inchlong paddle head pito

101 tha

3. String onc 3 nIm mund hcad, I nä< kW. and onc 3 lona round bead onto rhe I inda of whe under thc hem. marod porzion. Staus oho beads down ro the hammered ponion and mahn a simple Irop ect wettre ehe bneds. 4. Sraning If inch up ehe min: Brom thc barnmernd por. dun, Ilse reuerbean pl im Eu male a lbshapcd band so the ovo vides of thc wien cm parallel 011Seere 9 ). blre 110 widme part of the naund-nese 11i00 to makc a 90banglc bend up hom da U-shaped hand you Korb ently mode Ißgem 21.

9 bches of 20-gauge halbhatt' steding siker whe lig. 1

il l\ fig. 2

Wire cuttors

Round-nose pliers Chein.nose pliers Chasing honnter Steel bloch S.inch .diarnetet dowd or pen

• TAPhni rines

Simple loop harte 21) Note To pul on an Imreing. open the smell curled leck. Turn the earring upside down and emer the front of the eild ex a slightly ommed angle. hlako o light Mon in lowerd the mem causing tha lang patt of tha wire to Kotete from the fror, to the bock. The 01 '9 should now tern null right &de up.

5. Loose wrap de wire around the fi t, 3 dowd ihr 1 toration. and theo mahn v 1hinner rmation to creare a ende. long nue' 1 this will be ehe mrrite kann Lock the wirr areund ehe ston wir* and trint my eaccp wirC Ißg.. 3).

41 ta)

6. llse I had pin to string etw 2 mm mund bead, 1 lavendcr bironn bed. and one 2 rnrn rnund boxe. Anach the dengle est the arrines simple loop. 7. Rent seeps 2 dwough 1. to mahob, wcand earting, dab dm maleing dac and men ehe opposite way.


Add as many dangles as you wish to the undulating curves of this freeform wire bracelet.

Designer: Taumra L. Honarnan

Mtskürz the Links sapphiee AB 10 mm esp-drilled :hont bask)

1. Cur a 34665 pioce of toi. Hammer rhe lau inch of the

errstal kort beads

wire on die mei block. Repeat for the wher end.

1 eismal AB 20 mm top.drilled (hont to hackt 451.1 crescent laead

2. Gram one end ef rho wirr ‚515 ,52 tip of the round-norc pliem Itorate your vaist m form a small loop. Repeas on

6 sapphire 8 rnm ertotal biwne Iteada

die edier end of d. wire., tod,ho,,)oopboio5,ht

12 crystel A2 2 rrirn crystal helix la.ds

samt direcion ISgom II.

3 ae. 16 x 11 mm topdrilled (hont to klack)


errstal bamgiro nandeins


36 steding Olver mrn round beads 36 steding silver 5 mm daisy specer .ads

3. Gurt, rhc center of che wire with

A2. 2

dm toper peu oF Ute round-nose

4 steding Olver 7 x 10 mm apiml den. vaitit loop

jaws. Bend che wirr until 4 siloeoplated pinch laails

the 2 man 'nom mem. making a shape (figure 2).

18 steding silver 2-inch head pins 12 sterling silver 20-gauge 5.5 mm jump Wes 16 steding same 2 nun jump rings 30 ich. of 14-gauge deacksoft sterling OH.


Use romehnore Merz to gra,

one Nidc siL the Hire ki od nch 0,100, 55 bend you jou ende Rorate your ,ods 5 Me Hire end bends downward. Repeat for the orher half rd rhc ‚Am 06 cremt an te-rhaped link (figtm fig. 3

Wire einters Roundoose pliefs Chain.nose oliv, Hat.. Pliem Hammer

5. Repeas sieps I through 4 to ciose1 or 8 more links, dcpeading on dmltogO you vram fo. your hraceles.

Ohio) Islock

5.0 5)05,

Unding oire ipage 21) Opening haeps ipage 13) .terappeO loops 12 0 92 21) Wire Links


Mohirt:the arsp Eyr

Mahne the Clasp Hook

1. C4112 I.ineh pine of ',Are. Hammer the lag to 'A

1. Cu, a

piece of nate. Hammer the last 'A to 6

inch of ihr wi ort the seid bloch. Repeat for the

igle]) of the wire on the srecl bloch. Repeat for the

other end.

orher end.

2. Coup one end of thc wire abour the6guarrers of the vny down dlc regmohrrose plkdjawg Itorge your wrist ayray from you unril the s채te tottche) iself arg.

2. Grasp onc and of the whe near the zip of the plins. Notare your wrist away from you until the wito touches isself, creging a small loop. fig. 5

a 6, fig. 4 3. Gram the arm vgl of the wire with the 00 tipheround-slatrc I loop that goos

opyosi te direegon lEgurc 4). Set eside.

largen patt of the round-nose Ohrs' jaus, and heul the wirr Irma it ineets

your wrig away from you umil the wirr touchesilf.areating a

3. Gram dir wirr kora Y to X inch alsoma the loop you just creatod with the


the small loop you just mode. Gram che other end of wim mar the rip MP toundnrose ober, and bend the wire irr the opposirs direcrion from die lag bend und! Mgwi phmimSorte ging a small desorahm loop. Hammer the hooksd portiert of this picce. Pf desied (5gure 5). Set ssid.6.

60 Wire links

Conmaie the Linie, 1. 2, orte the

3. Cominne maki ng dangles followin step, I and 2, and

on die work surface so the fest

lOok is p.itioned Iiire an M, the 001100005 000

add ehern along oho length ‚00k, braceler as you go. New You'll walk ro add all of ehe dansies in dar Folioering sm, to the same sie], ‚Oho bracelet to 00, hang properly

Ilke ‚00. oho nein kke an M, ere.

when worn. 2. Open the large junsp rings. Connect oho first 2 liobol tugether ming 2 jump rings. Clote oho jump rings (figure 4). Repeat until all oho links

4. Open a small jump sing and uannect it 10 a hasraue brad. Anach it so a link on the Inneelee and closc the jump rin, Repeat to add the temining bamtina heads so hey ane


evenly spaced denen the kngth of oho braceler. fig. 6 5. Open a heil 2nd conneor ir ro a kenn Lord. aase the buil.

cetece 3. Lise 2 jump rings to auach the book hilf of the clasp to the small loop on une end of the Ingeeleo Close the jump rin, Ihr chain-nose pliers 10 opcn the cnd loop on oho other end the beccelet „d acrach rhe eye half of the clasp. Close oho loop.

Open a small jump ring and eonneet it to the hairs loop. Artach the jump Ang. m

on the bracelet and cisme

oho jump sing. Repott to add rhe zemaining hcan beads so thcy arc eivenly spaccd down oho length ‚hob, bracelet. 6. Open a sosall juntp ring and connect is ro a charm. Anach it to a link on the bracelet and close oho jump ling. Rept.,, to add the annaining charrns so rhey are evenly spaced down oho lengl of the brocelet. 7. Open a sman jump ling and uonnect it to the cresocm

Grating the DnegIn

bead. Attach it tu a link ar the end ‚Od. hraccler and

1. String I sound bed. I spacer bead, bieone

close the jump sing.

bcad, I space, bead. and I round lasod onto I head ph,. Begin a wropped loop. Beforc rompleo im ehe wrap, aroch ehe loop zo a bend


frk link ‚01 ,1 bateier. Csomplere the wrap (fittute 2). Teint any excas wire and .c chain-nuse pliers ro euch in rhe wire end.

12› 2. S-sring 0 round bead, I spacer bead, 1 leiht hoad. 1 pacer bearl, and I round bead onro I hold As kt step 0. make a wrappcd loop ‚hat arraehes to the same bold you ambellishedi in .cep Wire links

Wire & Crystal

Add sparkle to your wrist with this exotic cuff made of wrapped coils and beads around a wire frame.

Designen Wendy Witchner

Makhe the Cails 62 01101(0224 color 4 to 6 Mn, uystal bicone beads 30 sterrep silver 3 to 7 rarn Bali-style space ,

1. Tightly cod 110 nvisted voirc down Ehe kngah ttl' dm 20-2002e re. 1,210 dm tsils close to dar 001

beadsn eicapsvrmeShaps 2. Dip thc coilcd 12 Inches of 20.9099e rotrad steding sfiver wire 36 hach. oi 22-gauge huisted sterling siker noirs

into 0 livcr ‚3, sulfur seiradon. Anst,

and brush. ‘he c.4 of che 20-gaugt mim arui rrim mg off a 6 mm hangth. Regen to mak 30 rodud rubm ha yariety ‚1 1,229(62. ‚ach hrrsreen 4004 10 nm Ions (lig.

3. Slidc 36 inches of 24.9auge holf-hard round steding PIvor WM (60 smappingl 16 Inches of 14.gau9e dead soft rounsl steding

Over wirrt dos ruft frarne1

um 11. Se. rhc oalls aside. fig. 1

User 01 sulfpr

Yfire culters

Melke the Frtme Chaln.noso 04°4

I 4-2009e wirc in half, mak1. Use your 0n9,fis na ßend dar

Rourd.nose pliors

ing 2 soh V shape.Thc vdre sides should he shout .'.7 inch

PIanishing harnrner

Pare abour 4 inch up bam du poini so the wirr tods are

Teaturiring hammer

6.060( 00(0. Nlake a sOnplc loop ac nach cnd of de wirc

3.41 Wire brush or tumbla.

1 apart, Use 0110ln-dem pliers ro makr a 45 bend In cach

(figura 2). fig. 2

Elrapslex ma 4(01 ,0 froaen julge can 24ate2 hand filo

jorhnique, '

Sknple loop Mege 211 C266.9;4 l.P494 21 1

2. U. dlc hanamos and )(cal blank slighdy flanen and conuriac )hc 14euge wite. 3. Din

loko into a nver of sulfor 640dont rinse. and


Wrre & Crystal


Wrappirvg the Frame 1. Coil one end rI 24-gaugc wlre everal times co 4-pop wire at a spor on the Creme just mar

4. Gently wrap the 14-5an, eire form over the brecelcr mandrel or juit, pr, form a cuff shape.

one of the simple loops. 5. Repear step 3, stringing bcads and areils and wrapping 2. String onc 6 tern cwaml bead and orte 7 nun mdl. Draw the leaded 4mmom zoward the orhcr mpI loop. gernly pull bath simple loops togethen at,d male or 3 wraps

nd thc lg.gange wire from

back o from.

the leire amund dre opposite side of rhe cuff. As gen move roward the center of the culf. increase the numbre of bcal .d cnils used m hm by dre time you mach the center, the cal" is abour l3채mI,mwid. Decrrese Ireads as you more toward the other end of the cuff.

3. Suing cm 6 mm nem] bcad, one 4 mm bead rep. and one 8 mm reib Draw the breded wire across to che orher st& of the 14-gange leire and malre 2 or 3 wrap, from bade to from (fere 3). fig. 3

6. Once you mach the 4? bend gut, madc when form. it eVeld times rhe cuff finish the wirc by arnund onc sidc of Mc 14 , 6enge mim. 7. Mim nimmt wires at each end of the cuff.6im Arenonse plicrs4 sem= im bcginning and nding colls ight so na svirc can abmdc the skin. F4 (mm ends as nccessary

64 Wire & Crystal


This gorgeous bracelet is made with a traditional beading stitch and shows off crystals in a dramatic way.

1. Cut a G•licoi langei ‚l ho wo) th rced a needlc et °ach encl. String 0)17 bueron onen ane necel)e and slide ie er the

center of ehe ehread. 2. Srring 5 size 11° beads onto °geh menge and ilidc ‚hem co

the bunten. Sering 10061 onto the light ncedlc and cross through the oval heul with ehe Ich ncedlc.iighcen oho bPds. 3.

fi g . 1

511105 71110 11" beads men cach necdlu sering 1 revalbead onco ehe right ncedle,

00009100 60(000 Clewans

11171111P and crors through ehe oral brad arid, rhe Ich ncedlc Iregenc I).

• Materials 46 molticolored 6 mrn crystal tound besds 101110014 4 x 6 rnm fire-polished glass oval beads


fig. 2

2 grams of si. 8° Csech o( Japan°. avec, beads 5 gram. of size 11) Japonese tete hoads 1 glass or nadel la rnrn button with thank .008 besding line


See ehe Ich mar aside. Pass ehe right needle bxk throne, ehe lau Nix I r Nced


bced dna% an die right lide in etc previa). srap. String I 51,4 8 . sccd 4-od. de 1 siac 11° sore bold. and pass back through the nem siac 11° boad. Conzinue

working peyere sena up the Nerand. Pass throngh the first oval bfiNd. ehe first 5 sced beads aildcel ‚ob, Ich, the bunon.

ehe first 5 seed hcads addcd cm ihe righr, and chrough the firsr oval 4-od. Use Set 8° socd boads na work 717)

2 siae 10 boading needles

am stitch down rhe kfc gide of the wand and ‚0$from oh, s.ond oval bead Olga. 5)

Mgbeengla weave fiane f Peva. stitch (P 496 17,

Note Materials are for a 66-inch bracelet. Ade or *uh) cract beeds as nec.sary to make e 11(90 or draller bracelet.

66 EmbolIished Ladder

5. fig. 3

7 ,

Sering I rix I II. bead, I oval boad, and / ‚hoII" bcad onco each needie. Soing , oval bead ento oho right nudle and CM0 ihrotegb ir telt thc left neadle m =kn a dglnengte ...rata Iren. .3). Rrg.I 14

. 15 righe.anglewoven moreti .rnake ‚ 010 10 all. Test fire braceler For lir can. Nideeing ehre the loop. ponine, oFthe dop will add anodwe inch. If neensarg arld or subtfee units.

6. Make the loop kr the butron/loop doop. Stting 28

fig. 5


size Ir bcads onfir thc eighi needle and pes, Ihrengh unit. Slidc the loop over dre burtort ro rest for-

1 oval bed. ‚rd Idol 11 1 Mori, Paw Mrough the bonorn oval of the

. prmions 1111i1 in this cm and down

Thc loop should slicte cesily over chc hurton. hur ic shouldn't Fre ron Mose. Add er sobcncr

String I met brad, I stet 11° bead,

4 7

10 41.4 oval bead added ro the lau righoangle weave







eeg 11

7. Comin. ra ‚0 10 right modle. PYS, rhrough hr first sirr 8 1 bead streng in step 6. String 1 Ure 11 1 bead.skipthen reil bndofthelop.andpas


rhrough the noir. Concinne working peyore sti [eh

through chc side beads (and Imad. rwel hcad. end secd Med) of the adjacenc noir and rhe men rinn of

rh. Aro row (figure 9.


around rhe loop. 11. Repear step 10 down the W... , to add 15 rightsanglc8, 41. horh rho right eml the 105 needln wem chrough oho unirs to reinfarce zhe boadwork. 5ecum rhe ihrcarl and Ihm clow the beads. Note

symen units in all. ebeve through de units of this second row once co reinforce the beanyork. Sceure rhe duesed and pirn close ro ‚lx hcads. 12. Repeer wem 9 through II re add 15 right-angle

11 you wish to make the single.strended version of nie bracelor, stop horo, work step 13, senuro the thread. and tim.

‚0100 0010 down rhe orher side of rin braceler. eceating 011004 rom


fig. 6

Scort a in, Wngle threed Mar exits

AA from the firsr oval added to dm Mac , r9. 4

Start a new singk rh read at the button end of the bracelec Mar otirs Fron the second sccd bcad


the firec mir of rine firn row. String

I .

1 oval beul. I siao 11 1 hnd, 1 oval

r. ..beul. I sirr 11 1 beed, and 1 oval

. '-...


. s.


ree• 1 a i


Med. Paes down rhrough rhc 0501t

unk of der firm rew. Mting 1 ätze 11° keit 1 raund head, and 1 sirr 11 1 beed. Cross ehe st rand ro the riMk• opp.ire ocrocc orrhe unit and pm • zhrough rhe oral er che unies boe com (figurc 6). Repear down rhe rnw co add 15 round licads in all.

scrdhead. finc oval brad, and smund wed bead of the r■ ,.. unir of dw Are cm, and the 111N, seed Und, first nal head. and second seed

14. Sogar step 13 down the second met Inaking sun cher So beads are crossing ac the same angle es Mose in Mo firn row.

bcad of Ehe second unit oFthc firsc rerw 10g001 41.

15. Repear scep 13 down rhe chi rd row, again nurking sure oho ‚ho heads all lay in the same direetion. Seerne the thread and 0100 elose to the Leeds.

Embellished Ladeler

Squared Cubes

The designer combined a square stitch with cubeshaped beads, resulting in this lovely pendant.

Designer: Tina Koyerna

23 eapplaire P3 5 rnm crystal cuba beeds

drhrcad. Use A sced 2 1. 111104 0needlc bmd 5,1006606000104. a 6-Inch 41. String 1 sapphire enbe hcad, 1 ',cmnder cube brad,

3 laeender 443 5 mm crystal cube beeds 12 lavander 4.6 4 mm cryeleIbicane boads 24 sapplere Aß 3 min crystal leinene beeds Blue dee 1 1 . seed beeds 2 seeling sileer crimp belade Sterling silver toggle clasp

and 4 sapphirc cubebeds. forming tow (rhc top the pendantb 2. Scring 1 sopphim cuhe beed, pes duough the lau hold 200404 )00 row 1, and pull snug . the 2 cubc heads siz side by side. 420 00..40 rhe lead you yI0 addcd again rn make go 01 fum sguam mitch. Continue 3.35, dsa To, eguaregdeching 1 604400. bead IO cach cobe bcad in thc ptevious row.

Braided Ppoundeest beading line oated beeding rein, (desired kn91h plus 2 inch./


3. Pass ‚Wong), all the beads in rotes I and 2 Again so reinforce dm wmk. 4. Work row 3 by using .pphire cubc bmds Fir .60010, 104 I luvender .be bead in the 000 sritch. Makg . .‚d-ohrow dectoase by nooping rhc row

She 10 boading naedlo Crimping ples Wire .nars

skort by I cube boad (figure fig.

eilt, wirr

411nrhniqua9 'knselan bead b/13.1.1)

Squarra tit. loago 19 ) Secueing obreed fpage 15) Trimming thipad 10ago 1 5)

5. In each sucergding naw. deermse by 1 head und) you mim havc 2 hends in row 6. Folio.' flgure 2 fot plamme.

Stdnging (nage 14) Crimping (page 141

Sguared Cubes

pendrat weaving rareneil rads row 6. Rranforae und dm pelldons is nable rad firm, krah, enough space in the beads of gram I Im dm beading whe . pass rammelt. Ramme the CCUNItell beul. Secure the thread and r tim ir close to ehe work.

9. Srang I crimp ruhe. 1 secd bcad, and halFof the clasp. Pue hock rannagil the seed bead and crinra tobt just strung. Crimp das tuhe 10, lepear sreps S and ro complere d,n Aus side of rhe neeklara,

7. String row of the pendans omo rhe beading wite and slide h so the mmen 8. Scring 5 seed berais

one end of the mim Scring a

â&#x20AC;&#x161;05 0000 of one 3 mm bieune bmd. secd bcad, 0310 4 â&#x20AC;&#x161;nm bicone bead, I ACed bead, onc 3 nen birane bead, and in seed beads 6 Omas. String seed beads unril >um muh the desired lenmh of one half of oho mause.

70 Squeued Cubes

Fibula_ ,:





ie .:1





_. The design of this brooch is inspired by the work of modernist jewelers of the mid-20th century

P.1494e1Weev, 1. Draw a frccform skcisch of ehe fibula that inetode ehree 1 amethyst 8 mm x 18 mm topdrilied polygon

botrone cone, Inetilde chc b.dplacemene on your

drop crystal bead

skerch. You will refer to the skerel when pol sran knding rhe wire. Makc ehe drawing m the ilbula is about 12 isnl,

2 amethyst 13 narrt x 6.5 mm top-dfilled briolette

ce widc and IX inchrs high.

crystal beads 10 inches of 14-9auge sound. dead-soft sterling silver wire

2. Um sound-nom pliers so make a large simple loop ar olle end of the 14-gause teile. This loop will bc uscd for the pin nem carch.

6 inch. of 22gauge roundi doadeoft steding siltot wire

3. Refer ro your 5eeform skech as you hend the wire with


rhe mund-nose pliers. Leave 2 indes of straight wirc so make a pin nem (figute I). Trim any CDICen wirc. Papee and pencil

59.'1 Wire cutten


Chain-nose pliers flountiP.6 pliers Humor (chasing and buil Feen) Small anvil

4. Place the fr bula on rhe MIVi I and Luc the Fall peen hammer res Ihnen the bortorn and top mrves, erearing a Mnmied unruer.

Center punch Flex Moll with dtc 70 drill bit

5. Mark your fibula wherc you'd like your holes 10 00 deilka on the rine borrom curive. Place dm Abula on thtt amil

Wooden surface Menai hand file

and use rhe center purich and dm flas end of ehe chasing hammer 10 malm a small dimplc in thr wirc. This small mark will help your drill mei stete. Place ehe fibula on a

8320 emery paper

wooden sutface ond me ehe flex dun m dAll ehe hob. 6. Ilse oho ernery p040166 lighrly und Ike surfacc of ehe fibu-

Simple toop (page 21)

mmoving any scrarchn and creating Inushed finish.

Ltdfing fsee instructions)

7. Ute bot chainmcse pliers tu espen the simple loop enneed in Hing and .nding (page 201

stop 2, making C shape shaes pespendicular to zhe main design. Makc surc ehe hmk ar a righr angle m thnfibttlt.


18: Fik rhe end of the wie For ynur pin mem Malre the Nizu a grad.) zaptt. Tbc pin ?ahn should be about inch long. Use thc emery poper ro sand3 ip oF rhe sren, removing any scratche. .19.10 bend the pin nem. usc ritt round.nott plictt . bald ritt pin sant back toward the hook The pin sten should be longer chtt the bent hook by abour Si inch. Set rhe fibula aside Cut a 2-inch picw of 22-gonge wire. String 1 snull banalere bead. Icaying 1-1nch mil. Bend rhe wire ends NO rhcy met over the :pp of az beul. Ohe chain-nosc plicrs to bend nach wire so rhey p ghr

neer rhe top of

the bald (figme 2).

Wrap one wirc around the reher et. ro make 2 uni], From rhe top of the bnld y nein witt From de patt unebene warkinn. Co the okin. up. Ncady nie

nose pliersen senay squttee the teil closc ro oh c .111 1112two 31.

13. Reptar srcps 10 to 12 to add ritt large polygon bead 12. fig. 4

Mahr a wmpped loop with rhe remaining eire, amnhing ro ehe first drill hole,


and verapping 0001 you meet thc wraps trade in ihn previous step (figttre 4/. Nmrly rrim any ouss wirc.

ro che fibulds center hnle, and ihn second briolcrre bcad ne the remaining hole.

Linke d S quares

Dazzling crystal squares connected by peyote links compose this highly fashionable bracelet.

'Mgeigner: Tamara rionentan

Linklethe Squarve 7 darb green 20 nun crystel cliarnond cutouts 2 alba 4. nun crystal hicone bettle 2 metallic green 2-joch hagle beads 12 grams of metallic green eylinder beads 2 .0011 green sae tbs seed beede Brown boacling thread

1. Use 2 yards of Tbreed ro dring 6 giltnder heads, learing a 12-inch teil.

2. Wogk peyore acitch rund you hatte a st, 6 hmdf nide by

60 mors long, 3. rceir Frnm

side bcad of oho strip. Srring 3 cylinder bold,

and nem down tkrough tim neu side bad and up through rhc following eure (figure I). CDnrinne mehr, Mit cdpeng


und! you have 6 Motte. Skip 4 side beods, and make 6 more picots. Pop«<« ‚mim o thirod eiging oh the oder

erde af the nrip. Scissors Stee 10 beading needle 8)9-0/0 000010 Chain-nose pPers

fig. 1


" k.ra, mka

,lechnique..5 Pest, stirds fort4071

4. Mace 2 dranhand, back rn Lack end potz oh< ruh, Ihrough the center.

elcot edging (et right) Zipplee up gerate 011105 (et right) Ladder stitch (page 171

5. klarch rhe 'surr and Ina rens of the nrip m they inndock like zipper. Wem, back and Forth thteugh oho 00246 la.. in: Ehe rom., Kngerber (figure 2). \Wave Ihrough all rhe beadt again to minforoc. Sonne dm dered and mim eine ro ehe beadr.

fig. 2

United Scprares

6. Open the diemonds rhey sir righr sidc up. Position die areas wirheut pionts to they lest on the insidm of the diemonds. 7. Rcpcat smps I to 3 VJ rnake anedler strip. Place I diai mond hick to back on the lam diemond yno wided. Pass the new strip ehrough Ccc new and last diamonds and aip chccccip mgedier m bebte. 8.11cpcoccccp7cccccccfcclicckcdccccghdiccccccdc mgerhec to remis your desi tett length, mim. X inch for rhe toer. Set aside.

Maltittg:be C.losp

5. Wring I bioune beed and 1 sim 15° sced head.

1. Um a new th read md cylinder hm& to warkitatrip of

cnd of the wirr. Pull the thread tightly m the

suip atound atm sidc of a diamond onc end of dm

crystal size in the tutc. Rqxant cc cddc Ndone hwd to the oder end cichc ruhe ffigure 41.

Woerlen and np the cdgcs tu in step 5.


Pass hock through the crysoil and out dm other

pc1mccocicohdbcccicccidcbyiio rows Ion& Wrap the


fig. ,,A.s.„ • ee.

Weem througli the bcads to wir from dm Mords becd scrom in onc rose of Me


Ilbut cccccllc should Im


Feinring roward the edge.1

l'ass bank and Ford, Ehrnagil dcc tdcone beada

String 2 exlinder beads .ind

and secd beads cc rcinforce. Carcrulty WEIVC into

pese through the Wird ',tad AC.55 lhe strip. Men hock

Ihr Ina& of tha mbcc and than rein tnrce rhe licadwork. 5ecure the working and IM thrroda

our the fourrh. Work a snip

and min, cloae to the beads.

of ladder stimh off of [hese beads that is 2 brads high and 5 beads long eigute 31. Donk mar the Mtcod. Icr the bieeckt aside.

6. Thread dcc brading ncrdlc on the worldng dwead et the end of the latideristitehal suip. Wesve through nye mnter beeile of one row in die toggle

3. Use nes thread and cylinder beads to mode cccdip or Feynre witsh iN headr wide acd 12 wem hing.

har and pam thsough the lass nm bcads addcd in thc laddermfiteked strim Reped dcc thrcad path as

6. Place the 2 bogle bmds on the ittip, end to end, msnuting

oceded cc mak< a sreure cunneedoo. Wade ekdan (ha nue to reinfarce and hock into rhe pepsre-

the width of the suip. Zip ehe strip rogerher na walte a

atitched strip anached to clic diamond. Sccure the

sube, camnring the bnle heads inride.71m bugle heads

threarl and mim cbm to dm bcads.

will am cc srabiliscrs to gim the ruhe strength. Weare shrough the beads so exir from a bead cc one entl of the [the. Remote rhe beading needie and thread on the bigem wedle. Pass chrough to dm other side of dm tuhe.

Designer', Tip You cclv rnost Wobt HI the milinder beads cp wich thtead in des pmjem. in ander to avoid dcecdbccckcsc,be cccy cccdlcdccccccpcdl the thread through boach, ming chain. nose Miefs ccdc the job, if needed.


Luscious freshwater pearls are combined with the hard-edged perfection of crystals to create this stunning necklace.

— Designen Christine Strebe 1. Usc 1 beul pin 00 steck 00 arrangeraent 0660016 28 psle green So 17 lern stiek freshwater peasIbeads

00011106 00)000 Sucure du: bcads vAsh a wrapped loop. ihm will makc 30 beul aengles

?Pole green 6 to 7 men sound freshwater pead beads

in all.

16 light green 6 esst <ryea I nsund pearl bed.

Dangle A: Seing I ognal pearl bcad and 3 1D olive AB 6 nun crystal round beads

) pasple sire 11 9 seed bmds. (Mak 6.)

7 dark arnethyst A8 6 rnm cnetal sound benth 7 light amethyst AB 6 Anna crysml sound heads 5011000 ABS nen crystal cutte Solds 12 amethyst 4 mon bioane beads


DoglOBo Suing 1 olive 4 Tra 011001

a bicone beeil. I grecn sise



sced bcad. and

I small adnethaet flower bmd. (Mak 6

bangte Q Scring I amebyst 4 000 00)001 bicone bead. I dnesre-gmen flower bmd, and

16 otive 4 nen bicene heads


3 purple size 1 Ihseed beul, (Mak. 10.1

Suple lris size seed beads Opague green size 11° seed beads


Denk LV String 1 purple site

seed bead.

1 purple size 8 . seed bead. I olive 8 mm Puspie iris siee

seed boade

121190100015-9000001 rnrn ilen er cap beads 7 arnethyst S,orn pressed-glass flowes beads 5 amethyst 14 min floger beads

.4/ round bead. ond 1 purplc size 11 11 seed beul. (M0he StAng I purple sive 11 - seed head


and I palegeen 7 num fleshwatcr pearl beeil (Malre 5).

5 matte.olive mm sound beads 42 steding Aber 24.9009e 2-inch head ufre

020,gkF. Soi,g 10601. amtalget 6 nun cryssal sound bead and 3 green size 1 1 h seed

2 gold.filled 2 . 2 nm crimp beads

9hr heads. (Malte 5.1

10 mrn gold box dasp sm with peridot inset

Da,,4AG1 S.oiogl olive 6 mm crygal tound 22 Inehes of gold .019 flexible beeding Aase

41. hcad. 2 grccn ob,,) '00101606011,40.11 lasse 000e17000 flower bead. (Mak, 5.1

2. UI.] oho beiding wirc eo ‚sang erimp bead. I erted pcarl bcad, and half of the ckup. Pass bxk 1.41

csyual pmrl bead and dle crirnp

bunt. leaving e 1-40c1. s.l. Saug oho lecads and crimp the crinto bead. Co. dhe seil wirr detc to rhe crimp.

78 Peadescons

3. Swing I arnethyst 4 mm bieone bead, I umnikees

Chain.nose pliers

bmd from insidaao-mmide. 1 small ametiger flowcr

Raund-nom Ans

brad from inside-ropurndc, 1 erstmal pead beed I lighr arnerhysr nun head, I hick peu' bead, I

Crimping pliers

round pearl brach 1 purple size 11 . seed bead. 2 sei&

Wire cutmrs

pead beadh and 1 dark amcrhysr 6 mm Incad. 4- String 1 hick pennt bead, 1 dengle A, 1 dangla 11, I &rieh peu! betd, I olive 4 mm bicone beach I dangle C. dengle In. 1 lighz anleimt 6 mrn hach I pick pcarl bcad. I dengle E, I dengle E I stick pead bead, 1 olive 4 mm bioone bead, 1 dengle G, 1 Mangle G. and 1 mbe. Repcat Ihn segnerho 4 mom nmes ro malte 5 repcnriona in 5. String 1 stich pead bead, dengle A. and I danglo 0.

wmpped loop enge 211 Stringing (page


Crimping (page 14)


6. Repen srep 3 in men'. to srring rhe orber sick of the necklace. 7. Swing I crimp bcad. I crseral pearl behl, and Mo nahe half of the clasp. Pets hack zhrough the cryscal pead bead and Me crirnp bead. Wate mimping. hold thc recklacc , by


ishcd and. Uze your fingcrs to adjtot the heads m they sit niuly rogmher, wirb Eule or no gaps benveen each. Te malm sore dm heads ate merlcd. bur non nmeg ron dglalgier rine pinonnil gerne in tem, hand, 1f Mh mummen t in' t floht lothen ihn spacing a bit os redme Iho tensien mililo Ilcading dliiall L'enly hdp with drape and comfort hinge you're wende in. but nv1114so Indy avoid wirc abranon and larcakagc. 8. Crimp the crimp bead.Trim any emess erint closc ro the crimp.


Blossoming ee

â&#x20AC;˘, 6




In this necklace, a delicate band of flowers contrasts with brilliant crystals and sterling silver chain.

Designer) Candic Cooper

Insteurtirma 1. Cm one

O ceridot 10 nun trystal hean beeis,

onc 10-inch, and nen 53-inch piecus of

ehain. Set aside.

heulsontee drilled from back to frort 4 peridot mm crptal bicone beads

2. Malte a riny simple loop enorme und of the aterling slicer wird. Use tbc wire to seing IIIower rkrough rho hnrrom

11 rose 4 nen cryeal round beads

2 holt', 2 rose 4 nun beeis.

errd Unk on the Irinch

piecc of ehein. 1 flewcr rhrough rhe horrom 2 hob,.,, 3 double-drilled 15 men acrylic flowe did.. besde

end link on du) 104inch picce chain, 2 rose 4 mm

Aase erveralittotte

heads. and 1 lenver deough rhe horrren 2 boles. Work with the natural terve of de 11110 and sec your rhurobs

3 steling ehret 2.inch haat) pes

neppen as you bcnd Ehe nvo cruls of iht 001.. operard ro 2 ereding siker 2•ch eye eins make an hwencd arch. Co. the .1141 ,000, /le inch from 2 steding siker 20.esoge 2 nm jump rings


head 041404.

11 mrn sterling silver lobster cbsp and ring 3. Makes nornetsive simple loop er one crel of the remaining 10 Inches of 20.gauge steding silver wire

szeling Alter nee. Pur ihroush rhc rop 2 holes of rhc first Rauet sueng 01 1110 Kerkert step. St dm, 1 reue 4 non bred.

133 inches of 10 rnm steding sibrer 2.3 nen link

Pass through the )op 2 hol, of )11c sbcond flewer snung in •chain the Melo). step. Pde rhrough the top 2 holcs of Ih third Sowarmruns in ritt) pevious stcp. Wire cotlers


1.110 your fingess 10 adjun

degree of Amis in the piece.

tene you are aatisfied. firesh the tup 5tire with a simple

Chen.nose pliers

loop and rhe) brusnm wire wirb a riny loop (figure 0).Ser Round.nose pliers

zhis Foca) piccc aside fig. 1

Seinging (page 14) Simple loop. le5e9. 21) OpemingloapsWage13)



5. Lisc I eye pin eo anlog 1 peridos mm bead, I nase 4

6' ;

66 ,

nun 6161, and 1 paidot mm beul Make a simple loop so scane dee heads in place. 600000 00


second 3.60i1 liok nnd nes asidc. 1;2 ' 6. f)pen die loop on neer ir co

triel of a 3-beed link and esin-

end link of olle of the 58-inch picccs of

chain. Close oho loop. Open rhe loop on shc other Nide of che oame 3-bca6 link and 00 ho rop loop az onc sind of die focil picto Repear to add a


J chain ro she officr side of the Fora) piocc.

7. Ilse a jump ring ro coonccs onc 6010 o0 the clesp du en d oFonc of du 57.1och picce chem. Pepicat ho opposie denn edel clasp od. 8.11.. I head pin to ming 1 hearr bald. Carclblly manipc Ware ho pin so ir latods

widover 10 nig, 000.o •

hese, right ac the V. Gresp ihn wirc wish chain-nose plices and ostake a

- •

bend bau abtue oho bum. String

I sose 4 mm bcad and sonne the beada wich a simple loop. To snake die lineit lung facc fortmrd, posi non shc loop so irb pupendindiaeto oho from of ,h, /Inn Ifigurc Ob. 6.100 , 0 mec reso more heart dangls6. 0.g.2


Iee 9. Open the loop un tele of thc harr dangics and imnnett it to Mo jump ring 00 o the clasp. Attach the remaining neo hearts to oho ends of oho chaim hanging from sho focal picco

82 Blossmin°

. -

Brilliant u ch sia

This bead.ed awhcieâ&#x20AC;&#x17E;eu pin l c ,ated mth ,c,ente id5 h . brk^ ,titc"' with vivia fuchaia crYs tale

Pregaring the Center 1. Mund the needle with 3 fcet uf ihrcod. Striagne 10 mm round ltcash Inviug A 6-inch mil. 2. Pn., through the 10 mus bead Again so chez oho thread summ areend enc side of oho hold. Pass throuids the hohl aglin sn that ehe Wind st-rzp. atound the orher side of the hold. 3.

fig. 1

Matarialn 1 fuchzia


(Oent sep 2.0 that 2 strands of threati


,... 2 ,----., Are nn nch side of 0)00 brad. 1 0011 oho t, timend tight aud rie an onnand knot .112° •

gesignen Thin K.2,21100

i 1D nen crystel sound beeil

. '1, s -.s'

-around the threads to stabilize the stirching ffigun 1).

12 fuchs. AO So,.< 030101 bicone beads 12 fuNsia AB 4 mrn crstal 0<00,0 04000

Nikhing the Roma,

Megonte.11ued size 8° hes beads

1. Work circuhr brick pizch annund chc IP mm brad.

Gold-000d size 8° twinted hen beads Gold in shins size 11° uniund 5,0 50000 Gold iris matte size 11' hen beeds Fuchsie*, IVsund bends

g9 , 2

Renne, I: Working with cylinder beads and


ha., stink 19 bends areund. Mals the


using the double threads hm step 3 as your



1.1...k ' .1 to the nen sound by passing down through oho ,,d first 04,4 ,44,16. and up shrough oho beid in the nund aigu. 21.

Gobti iris erlinder beads Gold transparent size 14° seed beeds flX.iooflolono pin back

Rounr12: Ufing gehl kis macre sPc II° hex hes& mal« an increne ahn her, artend thednurnferdsce oFthe work tu hdd 20 boads in all.

Size D 1.0081 braided boading line Round3: Using guld i0s shiny size 0° nisted hex kund, add 26 beads in 2)1. g,„ Rnund 4■ Using gold-lined size IP Nistet' hto hcarb, ndd 26 Size W beading needle

eireutet knick Milch (eage 06) Blick stitch innene Nage 101 sringe IsteSo 011 04

grilliant Fttchsta

heads in all. flonnd 5: UP, fuchfia Pk. 11° seed beads. add 38 heads in all. Ronnd Ih Using fuchsla. siac 1 1 11 seed bnds. add 43 heads in 311.


Albeesding 0110 34100


1.01110311104111OWJ beed, onc 4 mm biconc beuel, änd 3 she 14° Nada. Pass betete through ehe bicane Lud. String I tim 10 ',rd (004 004 patt down through the adjan:zu hex bead in round 8. Pass up sced bend, ehrough the nest hex head.Stting 1 14W beeds. Pen bade met 6 Inn, bkone beul. and 3 säe through the bleenc bend.Seeing I tise 11 . seed bold and (0015 40000 thmugh oh e adjacent hex 1004 41 round 8. Nut up 100340 1410 nexi het hold l9gorc 31.

Although it's important to plece an accurarto number of beade in each round to meintein the nanora, whem you place each ineraase is not en important. Just he sure spread the increases around tbe circurnfarence feirly wenly. For example, 3you know you Will o d100 ieeIh000005Wh000000dby 4 beads, you can place oho lost inenaue approximately 005400040 of the way eround, the second Inaaase about halfway around, and so an. With expatience, you will sunt to know when an increase 41 0004004 because a loop of thread your needle goes under will seem longer than the othe04 which means it's a good place 10301001000055. When you ere abow halfway areund tba circumleeence, you may VA. to count the number of beads you have placed and the nurnbar of loop. of thread teenning to plan the placement of the 10109 100150000 needod.

Round 7: Using gold add 48 hes& in all.

fig. 3

2. ItepNt step 4 ro add 015 0511 fringe kg, around the circumfc rcnce of the eirde. Securc the 110004. but &uni nim. AOSodoispOhoPio.

1. Opcn oho (in (tack and place 45044 the bade 04 1410 beadwork, jou ahmte the “nert I D mm bcsd. Wmve through the beads until you resch tpet on the hm& work nmr a hob on oho khOWl orth.:0n back.

mune siac I I . hex bmcle,

Roma 8: Ming rnagenrs.lincd .101

b Alk


48 heule 2. Secure the thänd, but donb qdm. alt from the rop of any ficad in round 8.

2. Sräng 3 size I I" teed beads. pue ehrens], the rinback hole, and conrinue päsing through to the right side or the bearhewk. \Wave chrough I or 2 Neefs and gast back thtongh the bcadevotle to rhe bock sidc. belog carcful nm tu expose the thtead. String 3 size I sccd beedt, and rosa through the same pin luck knle. rhis time fearn oho other sidc ur he pin back. 3. Repear step 2 ror räch oEoho pin back's Ecks. 1( 0210 pin back frels wobbly. minfarce the sei rching by wcwing eh rough all 030 10.

NUINnt Fechtäa

Caged Crystals To make these earrings, assemble five bead strands, caging a central crystal.

amamten Anna EMebed. Oranger 1. Cm the beading wirc into fad: 42-loch nimm. 2 deen blue AB 6 rnm crystal Game beads 16 emerald AB 5 mm chntal Mame beads

2. Cazher rhc cnds of all 5 beading teire and Aring I crimp head.Slide about 2 Inebes dawn over ehe wirke. Pull one of the wind out

dark areethyst 4mrn crystal bicone beads dark arnethyst 4 rnrn crystal Aegon beeds



Fbas rhis whe bade through

ehe critup bcd and crimp (figum I). Mim the


remain', 4 strands right neer co the cdmp 20 allem sieell. seed boads or 2 000 sterling saver Med,

beul, rdein, care nor

CLII the loop of head-

ing witc.

0 5

4 sterling Aleer 2 2 'nm crimp beads 4 storling silve crimp bead covers 2 steding sileer Barring rindings

3. String nur 4 min bicone bcad and 1 sed twad mer all 5.strandA Sepamte the Arands. On che first strand. string snad beul. onc 6 mm biconc beult

60 inches 04.010 b000inĂź

and mcd bend (figure 2).

4. On <ach of the remnining 4 strands, Prim cotters Crimping pliers

nring one 5 nm bicone head. sccd hext orte 4 nun polygon b4.


bead, and orte 5 nun bicone head. 0y:ihen20e niiers

â&#x20AC;˘ TechniquP, Suinging (page 14) Crimping (nagele

5. Gacher the ends of all 5 A rands and scring I secd haat]. onc 4 mm biconc kath and I crimp bald %um 31. Aremgv the Arand with ehe sok 6 In nt Mai ir sils in Mn center of the edler 4 stran& and snug all ehe beads. &Ihm the anston 50 im beiding wirc rhows. Crimp the trimp bud and rrim the WI rea right net ro rhe crimp.

6. Use chain-nose pliers to dase the crimp bend covers over oho crimp beads.

7. Arndt do Parring anding to the loop of boding wirc.

B. Itepear stem I through 7 ro malen n second tuning.

Caged Cestals

Denim Lace

This necklace pairs a netted configuration of cylinder beads with the understated elegance of denim blue crystals.

Dosignen Anna Elisabeth Craeger

S4n4og1/no Bass 64 clenins laue AUX 4 mns mystal bicone beads 5 grarns of Jspanese cydinder beads 161

1. String I crimp pahe Nd Ihn dasp oisto ehe bmding Insving a 1-inch tall. rass buk chrough oho tobe and crimp. Trim the (Nil nem ro the crimp mbc.

2 groms of Japonese cylindar 1066o 10) 1 steding Mlver 4 mm soldered jurnp ring

2. 5ning 25 A besds, 1 11 bed. I o3am1 bald, 1 B bead, 50 A beads, I 0 hmd. 1 crimal bead, I B heul. ana 35 A bmds,

2 storling siker 2 s 2 mm crinso tubes 1 steding advor 9 mm lobster dasp 24 indses of .012 flexible beoding svire

3. String a scquence of I c,onal beug and I A besd 32 tienes. 4. Reot srcp 2 in reser,. Sec= the cod mich mg..

Nylon beading thread lupe

Stieinng tbe &an 111063 puds of shmad. Leasing a Jong 1. Tb rcad Ihn hc sveven in later. \Wave through oho 'Nada 11 021

vaire enters


from tho last e oder bead addcd beisse thc scrics yr 32 mystals.

Crimping pliers $10646

2. Sâ&#x2013; ring I 13 bead, 5 A bmds. and 1 B bead. Pam througls oho cylinder bead hemmen oh e nesa 2 eryseal heads and

66. 12 bosding needle

hach through all the beerb just scrung (figurc I). Pass shrough chc flmc 4 hen& surung iss I h is meg.

Etringing (page 14)

fig. 1


ras ge,

Crimping (oege 14) Netting (p09017) Overhand Samt (page 14) 3. Scring 24 heads, 10 besd. and 34 bmds. Pass back theaugh Ihn last B bcad adried to linnn a picot. 4. String 54 bcads and NN thissugh she lasc 0 bead added in step 2 asid shraugh the nese crysul lmmd (Figum 2/. fig..2



Denen 1040

5. Suing B bead and 2A Lenk l'ass back through Ehe thild A bead added in the prerlow nep. String 2 A

9. Repeot sup 5 este. bur add 4 crsucal bnds insreed of 1.11Is is the center of the necklaw.

besah 1 B bead, I crystal bead, and I B bead. Skip the last B becd cddcd end pss back through the crystel bead jun added. Sui ng 52 bands. PISA Ehrough the firn 13 Fund added in WW step and the nen crys-

1O.Rpps I thtough 8 in Ewern re, miner the first aide of rho nerring. Sccure the thusad and nirn nese ro the beads.

ral /lud (1Igure 3/.

Finisdie tba Nrekleme

fig. 3

1. Adjust the streng ?Ni nexced gortions of the necklace

.4f '


6 . Re g en step 5 once.

7 Bcpcas step 5 fw. time. bot add 2 crynal beads instwd of 1. 8. Regen step 5 once. bo, add 3 crynal beads instrad of 1.

Dein. ince

so Ehey are men along the beading wire. Rconwe the tape. 2. Sning I crimp erbe and the jump sing Emu the bruiing wirr. Snug the heads and ening the tube.

F ringe

Topaz and gold crystals add sparkle and flair to this handsome brandet, which is finished with a dramatic clasp.

Cmuing rbe Core 1. Mossuro your wrio. Odd 2 inchcs and submacs

kngth ‚3d,, dr. Co,, 2 pioce of boadingwire . ‚los lengrb. 2. Scring 1 crimp tube and 1 gold 3 mos tound bood. 15. Mrough onc hole on

brumm half of dm da.

and Back thesugh the beads lost Mtung. Sung rho vare and crimp Ehe zube. Repeat ming oho orher !engl .oben; [au necri ng ‚oho orher hol, rin dm

same side of dm dasp. Deagner: Tamara Ronarnan

.B0Ortoriole 71°1.4 MP« 6 rare aysral biceise beads

3. Bdng herb wircs (umher and wring I gold 3 rnm mund bead. 1 smoky topm mrn 'Ikone beul. and 1 gold 3 nun mond bald lfigum 117

About 50 light smoke 3 mai crystal bicono bomb

hg. 1


About 50 light onoky topaa 3 rnm aystal bicone .mr=o;u7soi,

beads About 50 srnoky tope. Al3 3 mm aystal bicone bood.

4. Coerima Pringing over berh wires, adding about

klebe ofsim seed bmds labom Ob I.M. 0 gold About 500 metallic gold 3 rnrn crystal bicono bomb

3 inm mond head, I smoky 50O06 nun bicone

About 300100, minbow dark amber Japanese fange

bead, and 1 gold 3 mm besd. Test for fit. reeping10


mind Mar you .11 will he adding rim lengrh of geht 3 mm beul and 1 erimp ruhe Nmemma,

53e 8° brome seed beads 372e 11° bis metallic vellow henk seed beads 51.15° gold !unter toinbose gold sood boads o gold-filled 3 mm mond beads

adrost rhe lengrh hy adding elf stdunmang size 8° heda, 5. Scparsre

wirc ends. String I crimp rubc „dl

guld 3 mm mund head 0010000 wie. P101 15 ,01096 the corraponding hole on oho orher haleof the cia,p and

gold-filled 2 min crimp beads gold-plated 3 ran aimp covers

bade h rnugh

herds Ms. wrung. Rep.. dm wring-

ing mgurne: nm dm roher wirr. klairc soff you Iciem some dielt rhe mond (almer the weh Dr

10 24 rrern magnetic 'las, oath smeMY MP. clorood orystiel inset 18 Rohes of galtkolatool .03011001610 beacling wire Beading thread to c oadlnate valk 04501


hmd).you'll Ire erde In gar your ncedle rhnaugh the beruh when yoube aritehing the hinge (in the nexr mcrionl.

De6ble measuring tape VAre cmterz


1. Thread the nmdie with about 3 yards of rhread. Pass

Crirnpg pliers

it through the firn size 8° heut in du: core. kaving a 4- inch reih

540 12 bouding nmdl Scissors

2. String 4 size I I° beads and uzte tk. I 5" beul. Skip the size 17 lated And 'lass back through rhc size I I°

Chein-nom pl nem

headt. Dir from the net siu bead on ehe core. 3. Siting 6 size I beads. I bicene 3 nm, &ad tat. bsd. P back threugh dae Wer): and I size

Stringing ginge 14) Fringe fia09e12/

crystal and the Mau I bcads. Eadt rhrough the next sizu 18 heul. on du: cone figtrm 2-)•

Adding thread tpega 1 51 Surgoon's iroor eauge 04)

fig. 2

Overhand knot 16e9e 141

- r,---. 4. Rept. meg 3, rhis time replacing rhe 3 mm bcad with a Fringe bmd.

7. EM oh e rhread by Wealing through thc nue to met Tic a surgeon't knot wirh rhe 2 dueads rhe ducad and r....Ihmugh 00,0 0inw9° heads. makle half. hisch knors et .you go.

'5..Conrinue adding 6-inge down the leogrh of rhe cere. Yen; oho end bcad on euch fringe kg na crcare rauere

8. Pi2. crimp 000000 000 H 4 crimp zubet.

and imuten. 61'hert you reach ihe end of rhe cote. ceit from the last siac bcad.

Designer's Tip As the size r beads begin 00 011 with 0100004


your Aread direction by adding a hinge leg

you rnay find it difficult to pess your needle

out of the last size 8 . bmd. Work back down the core,

thtough. ln this mse. pull the needle through

adding a luve of fringe that matchm the firn onc. Add

with chein-nose prees.

new ffireed as naded. When yuu get oho md. reverse your chread dimmign and make anothe rote of hinge. Ad) many rows dmi tett tunk you're plonal with the bracelcr's Fullness.

AeS 40-


A simple wire technique is used to create this elegant bracelet that changes with each movement of the wrist.

Sfesinnan Mary Henmansperoer 1. Co 36 piepet ofhvire, ceeh 24r inches Ione. Sm asidc.

..Matori019 39to42lighamberwct

2. Use 1 heed pin ro uring I cithe brad, 1 hicruic bead, and 1 wund bead.Slake a manned loop to more Ihn Emds. Ilepeat ro muke

beads 75 to B1 dark charcoal brown 4 mrn

39 heul danglcs. Set aside,

contol bicone beads fig. 1

3, Bcgi, ■ .wropped loop ahreut one-rhird of the

39 to 42 Neck 3 nen oyeal reund

., •

way 6011-1 47)010 of the cur wirr. More mak-


ine die man. arrach ehe loop to ene of dm bead 7109 Not of 203 910 half-herd


Mosl. and 10 ow oFrhe holes on half of dm

sterling .Iver wire

den (figure 1). Complete the $em,

3970 42 oeding 4111(11 2.i fleh 6746 7010 4. Scring I bkone hwd and make a mapped loop en the mim end of du wirt re compktc the link. The link should bc ahmt X inch

l'Imewuand steding silver slide-lock clasp

long. 5. As in step 3, begin mapped loop Worm fig. 2 one-Mind of the way down a plece of die

Wire curters Chain.noso pliers gounel-nose pkers


dm loop to one arhe bead dangles and


• .

to deo open loop of rhe lesr link you mode (figure 2).

.Torhrojeltme Wrapedlo(ag21)


cm vvire. Bcfore rnaking the wrap, wach

6. Srring I bicem bead and mukc a wrapped loop on the roher end of die whe ro complete the link. 7. Repeat stcps 5 and 6 so make 9 or 10 more 2-part

The bracelet shown is approsh nate inch.» long and fm an wer lege wrist. Kp 6 mild that 1010 larger or smaller bracelm

y yneed to aeki or wbtract

8. Repeat steps 3 ro 7 ne add srrands ro rhe second and rhird dop leops. Work to kcen all 3 strands the same 'weh. Test for fir. keepMe in mind har you will bc erkling I more link Icogrh to cooncer zo rhe ocher hd)nf Ihn dasp. Adjust the suands as nceded.

links and bead dangles In get Ihn proper fit.

9. SINN dm cl..p haNea toemher. 10. Add 111 )101 link to Ihn end of the aro scrand. Ion MN time welk rhe secend weeped loop ‚6 ,11, link so 0 anaches to u head dengle and the recordi naring loop on In ocha half of dm dop. Repeac for weh scrend.

00191114 9819110


Confett' â&#x20AC;˘



A domed mesh clasp is a natural base for an explosion of crystals on this fanciful bracelet.


rW9--,L;eieerg _ rgßfintweinle Approximately 500 cleor AB 3 mm

Making the CLup 1. Ramme Mo mcsh dorne from the ckm.

crystal mond hemls Approximotely 50 size 13 . pood seed

2. Thread Ehe needle wirb akut 8 Feel of whise thread. Double de

ehreeraunt was le heavily. Sccurc Mo and of the chread ro the cen-


ter of de domc. Errie de thread on top of de domc. Approximotely 50 clear AB sloe 15 . 1013 302130


lig. 1

/ Sning bin, 50 brad and pwr down through dm eicrew hole from where you.

Gold or silver 15.11011 mosh clorne

last writed ond up rhrough an adjacem

km> closp

Imle (figurc WRepen until psteso cov15 to 20 gram roulined transparent


3 mal cal% beeds

ered ehe enrire top of ehe Jon. vOth beads. Finish by beading a neu round of

heads around the munde edgc of Mc domc. Sceure dee thretd and

Sank ond Mit< sioe 0 beoding threod

tritu 3 clore ro ehe beads. Seesyr.

4. Thoma the needk with akut 5 kor of wased whitc ducad.Secure de ehrend so 0 enits from a socd hcad at the top enter of ehe Säe IG booding reedle




flg. 2

Flexible measuring tope

Torhnicytae Simple hinge Itoa9 1 ‘51

Ladder .kkhip.s. 501 Herringbono stioda (FoG. 151

Sning 5 erynal boods and 1 Sine 15° bowl. Skip Ehe sced bend and non

:7( back through the 5 comeol beads and ' \ 77 the seed head you lau evicod. &ling 4 . ..' • '.. '' .' I .' ' .•

crynal beads and 1 0120 1511 berd m

neue another (ringe leg. Pws bade '''-'-• '-_.:,:_ , ..----.•---" dunreh ehe some seed brad you lan wircd and ch Krogh an odjacern seed brod (figure 21. 6. Repent nes 5, Adding 2 fringe ler tu 000 0010000 3023 on the done, working From the center of the domc nuremrd. Sccurc eh mad and criro oh004 un rhc bwds. 7. EH oho domc to de box to coropIerc rhe



Makihy the &weder 1. isInsure your verisr and subcracr thcwidds of the clasp. Lise this ligure to deemine the [engt]) of your branntet. Neer The ciasp wilt he heatas so be sore ro niewure so the bracclet will Ire snug on your wrist. 2. Thread your needie wies about 8 fecc of pink thread. Double the thead and was it hensily. 3. Use tim rale heads to narrt a serip of ladder sriech 2 beads high and 6 beeil-, widc. Ihrir up rhrough a bead er rhe end of The laddcr. 4. Work herringbone stitch off of the ladden Ike hy sr ringing 2 enhe hcads. Pass down dwough che adjacenr bcad weck on dw laddcr-stitched strip and up zhrough thc nee. Repent twice.

5. (lg. 3

Step up to the nese row by passi lig up

7 through rhe second-to-lasr bcad on the ..„.7, , , , preeious row esiring between ehe pre.; inus row and Ike newly added row. , , up throug)o the last head added in the newly added row (figute 3). This way of szepping up hidcs che rhicad wirhin rhc braccier as ir strengtheos the meide des. 6. Continue to work herringbone strich 11.1 oho knunkt is X inch fnam rhe dwircd lengds. Don'r cur thc working thread. 7. Starr a new thread at oho beginning of the braceler and secnrel.>. scw on zhe ernbellished dornc ponion of oho cla, Check oho beseelet for fit, keeping in rnind tilg yon häve A inch more bcerfing rn dr>. Add er subtracc heningbone rows if needed. 8. Uzt ■ Ire working dwead az dm end of ob bracelet to work 0 row af 2-bnd-high ladder wirch 2C(05.5 rhe end of rhe bracele to match oho beginning. 9. Securely sun. du oho r half of thc clasp ro the cnd of oh e bracekt.


Attach bead dangles to a wire component to create an elegant chandelier ef-fect.


Thircy-six glamorous jewelry projecrs underscorc the splendor of crystals combined with other Typen of beads thar highlight their brilliance. Ute a variety of creative rechniques ro erafr a pair of holdly graphic spiral carrings; rom.arie, vinrage-sryle ring; an Art Deco-inspired necklace; an exoric wrapped coil cufF, an elegant linked square bracelet; and many more. There's a beautiful design that's perfect for every occasion and ourfit.


• :er r er •


311.13, 9,8-1. 1,07.-513,5 L-1.0540. ,J1.01110181113111

^". .,Lo., Z2LINtl-Abl


Mehle the 1,7ür Form 1. Mak. homemadc j ig (. berrom. Ich) ruhe peg pac ‚881 0, or >et up your commercially made jig with pacrcrn 1, shown bele« fig. 1

pattern 1

.M3tarialc 2 smoky tonaa 12

pattern 2

pattern 3

2. fig. 2 nun °Wal pralygon beads Cur a 9-15511, eire. of 11511. \Working

4 opague agua nun erprei round beads

cetrc... ,-;.: with geirarem 1,0851121 the 151111

635,1114 blue 6 nen crystal bicone beads 4 den. blue 3 rnm crystal bicone baa.

lefi-side ufre under, around, and down ‚he insidc of the bonorn [eh peg. Cone the righosida reite undes anound, and down the 1013,1 516

10 gokian champagne 3 oun crystal bicono beads 18 gold.plated 4 mm daisy space beads 10 gold-filled 2-inch head Pina 2 fa. of 22-gauge round dead.soft goldfillled wire er gold.plated ufre

clic bouorn right pag (figure 2). llac thc awl to gently ran, down the ufre flat to the lig. 3. !frank using a commercially rnade jig, add pgra :IS 5151343 15 make Feuern 2. Gurre the 30110111e eire counterdoclodse arnund the Iah mg en the bot«. row of pegs Use chaindrose plins to tighten tho wrap. Curvc the right-sidc surre dochwise around the right peg en the honom row of n,. lighten rha wrag to rnako your own wiresvorking jig, All you need is a 6 6-inch wooden board and steel nails. First. use 11..41)9 cuners clip the heads off the nails, and then Eile them smooth with a needle file or emery pag.. Hammer the hoadlesa nails 111151 1115 board schore the panem indicates, naeking each hoadlees nail a M-inch teil peg. Note: To malre ajig for the eartings in Ibis project 318151 ,85 pegs no more than 3 to 4 mm apart. 100 Chandeliers


. 1, ', ' above the up pag and crissen. the I i wirc undernath the pcg. Cure the

12 opague agua 4 raun cayeal bicona beads

Cut. the Icli-side loh cleclevise 4 . fig• 3


,.. 3100 53 rhe center nag en the botnem mau a regs and dgbren (figurc 33. Orme the righl-sidc wirc aoure rerdockwisc amund the 5121511 3510

If you're using a cornmercially 5.

fig. 4

mode lig. add yeg to mako par-



cern 3. Alose dm Icfr-side wirc so ic curres around the right side of the rernaining cemer peg. Mara die



‚i.Cido ‚010 dm


sidc of rhe remain', center

pcg Ifigurc 4). Um the awl

tarnp the wires


Homenede wire jig

binch wooden board and

stml mils ‚hat are 2 to 3 meiin dieneed or ternmiede' wire jig with removable stainess seel pegs (including • 3-ineheide peg) Hainner (optional) hleavy.duty wire eintee (optional)

6. Camfully 66 h5o form from die pegs_ 1f youirc firmly tarnprd the wircs eiern while forming the opo,yohooIdbhIorQIiSOoWi0000 On che commerdally made ji. you may remove a finv pegs to inmove tho wito form. 7. Ure nylon-jaw yliers to !Indy grep rar form so rin ly die rop loop shows. Use chain-nose pliers in wray one wirc end tightly around the einend wirc bencath loay. Ropcar wich rhc 'remain ing wirc end, wrapping in rhc opyositc dirradon. UCOC6CoOCCCW flush cm any excess wirr cbm te wrap, Usc bei chSienose plice genrly uceeh wrap, ucking

adnch-cliameter dowel eimena» «Ire cutten Avd 0 other thM sen' rod Chain-nose pliers Nylon lew ‚dies fent ehran-nom pliers Round-nose pliers Motel wandle hell 00010 207101 Medium and ane grits}

the wire ends in. 13. Adjusc the form as ncedcd, fixtenina wraps with the nylon-jaw plidsOlS010076 071 with the singla e of inund-reu ylids.

2118 3 afg IU)

Simple loop (page 211 Opening and dosing loops (page 13)

Rcpraz mcps 7 ro 8 zu malre a mcond vdrc form.

&ming har Own Ear leeres 1. If i•ou3c using cmnmied:11e more 13, posidon regular pcg and I ergo pcg onc pag holc aagonafly assey from cach oder on the board.

Note aach peg of the commendal ja should be 2 to 3 en in diemeter and 5,1e.,1 3 lo 0 nm aper.

2. Cut a 22-ich piceo 0) 0110 Usc wund-lese plicrs zo form a key . onc cnd nfook5II6en,n a Atm,.




Place rhe loop on the tegular peg on

fig. 5

dm board. and wrap rhc carra wirc around the largc pes tfigum 51.

4. Cm any 23.7.55 wire and filc rhc wirc cnd smoorh. Ilse charn-nose plias ro makc a slight bend in Mo wirre mcay frum the loop, about1<inch Robs rhe end. 5. Rcprar mem 1 rn 4 ra make a secuntreu wirc. 6. lernt alenk using a commcmially made je. starr wirb 2. Hnld h dowc1 irt orte hand and the wire loop in dm other m i63pArpondiculle to the dosvel. Wrap the straighr end of the wIre aroond zhc dowel 10 ger a slice cum, Finish as in srcp 4. Rep. ,' ro

make a sccond ear wirc.

Mskimg the Dengits 1. Use I head pin os string I polygon bcad, 2 space., 2 opaquc aqua 4 mm bicone bomb, 1 simme denim blue 6 mm bicone hm& and 1 golden Momper. 3 hi<one head. Malm a simple loop m mcurc the boads and ser aside. Repcar ro makc a smond long danple. 2. Us4 I heul pin string 1 °pag. aqua g mm mond bac!. 2 spacon,L denim blue 6 mm bicone beul. 1

Assembling dm Ererringe 3.62.03,

long dangle â&#x20AC;&#x161;4 60 cenror buttorn loop of

opaque aqua 4 non biconc bead. and I golden cham-

one of the vrn forms. Atrach I medium danglc ro

pagne 3 nsm hicone kack Make a simple loop ro

cach of the outside borrom !mos of dr form. Artach

sccum the beads and ser aside. Rpo makc 3

I short dangle ro cach of Mo ouraidc borrom

mom medium dangles.

they romIrd morde of the form. 0003 60,,, the nmdirn', dangles.

3. Use I hod pin ro surr, I regne aqua 4 mm bioane bowl. I space, 1 den im blue 3 m Maure boad, and

2. Anach the car wiro ro dm rop loop of dm serre form.

I golden champagne 3 rum biconc bcad. Make ple loop ro sezure make 3 more



Maris and scr aside. Repear dangle.

3. Repcarmcps I and 2 to assomble the meond


. '.

-1 ,



„ I.,

3 .


, ,

,. . , .







,. ...





1, ..i..,

..,,, .. _. .... . -

...,, .... A







- s

Assemble branches of flexible beading %vire and crystals into an alluring necklace. Drop earrings complete Oho set.

- -ii—..„.

Making the Neeklace Designoe Katherine Song

Incentrtinne 1. Cut 20 inches of wire. String 00 109 mbe. one 3 min bead, 1 erirrt p ruhe. and the claw Ude of the clup. Pass back rhrough all oho hcads just utung, ltetang a

„Jetseigle for Nocklaco 25 deal- 8 nom top.drillnd crystel bicone heacb 62 deer 4 mm crys01 bicono beseis

tad. Snug che mim unril the distance tiemen the last crimp 0101 and du dee II abour 5 mm. Lise flat.nose Oen squeere the tobe 610

28 dear 3110 crystal bicone heads gold-filled 4.5 min jump rings

2. String 1 crinip tobe and placc 0 along oh ieire 40 inch,, from oho first crimp utlx added in the previous step.

t golci-fined 6 min jump ring 58 to 68 gold.filied Imol nim aimp tubes

Squecu de tute flat. 1 gold-filled 7,13 mut lobster clean with widernd jurnp ring

3. bring ruelve 4 mm beult.

52a inches of .019 flesilde beading märe 4. String a scquence of threc 8 min beads and eile 4 mm bead eight time. Wire cuders 5. String eleven 4 nim bcads and 1 crimp tobe. Plus oho ctimp tube along the ovim I 3g inche from the that crimp

Flahnose pliers

tobe addcd in step I, and seleexc in Elan i,Tochniqf to, 6. String I aimp tobe, one 3 mm hand. I crimp roh, and I small

li g . 1

jump rin, Pass hach thunigh rhe beerb just streng. I0ving a 1-inch Make nue oho di dance between the ficst aine tobe streng

in this step and oho one added in the lau step is 40 inches ria muck Ihn first Ade ‚0 ,0, neeklare Aux I).

Entging bog, 141

licad, I eimp ehe, and

fi g. 2

one 4 min tdad. Pass oho leire through the twelfth bead strung in step 3. Swing orte 4 min bed. I °timt., ruhe,


beed, and I crimp tobe. Spund the edmp ruhe and brach ovet the sehe and. meidrin nm the

7. Open the luge jump ring and artach it to the tem, ning 8 min boad. Clou the jump Ang. Use small jump ring

bmds can Aide frcely along the sehe, soecue rbe tubes flat. This toakes up 1 "brauch- ffigure

sonnest rhe head dangle you 01e mute to oho small jump ring at the ond

or the nceldace. Clou dic jump Ang and

„oho strand aside.

10. Repear sm, 7 ro arid 12 more laranche al0ig beads addtd in step 4. Space oho btanches mau or lcu emnly apart. loot ghe the brutches a

8. Cut 13 niete of., re 20 inches ca.& Se aside. 9. U,0000nfohn okmpi000n00 0da5 I crimp tobe and wuceac it flat mar the ca.} of rhe o1100. Sning olle 30101 104 Gossanter

randoin look by sometimes using 4 instead of 3 crimp tubra, earying the space bcraecn ehe mbes. and passing through 4 nun 0,14,0 can plage, and chfough A rnm beads in another.

Making the Earrings .,j5laterialr. for Farrire , 6 clear 8 omlop.drilkd crystal binone beads

1. CUL 3 5, wg.b of beding 444 Sig. 1 String 1 cri., ruhe onc 4 mrs, bcad,

6 Opas 4 nen contal bicone bossle

and 2 ot rp säe. leasing ä 1-4ch mil.

2 niete 3 mm cestal bicone boads

Pess buk through all ro form a loop 'arges than 4 rens long (figura I).

gold-filied 4 nun jump rings

2. Usc chc °cher end of the wire ro string I arte Tube, onc 3 men Isaac!, onc 4 mm. beed, Eh les 8 inm belds, onc 4 bead, onc 3 tem bead. and 1 crimp ruhe.

2 gold-filled aro wires 10 incbos of .019 flexible beading wire

3. Pass chlough the Iscads steung in step I 49;2 Aule 2). Scptccre the crimp tubcs

• Tnoln Wire cutten

added step I Aas and erim Tbc win,

Flat.noss pliers

close ro the eine. 4.Poshion che besds hanging on che largc

10 gold.filted x 1 mm crimp tubes


bomm loop so die gra censcred.

\ 3 Stringing fpage 147

Squeae the cri,. tubses added in step 2 Aat so the hes& oay in position. car wirc. 5. Opcn jump sing and atesch the loop and 1 Close Ehe jump ring.

6. Annas nes I shrougb 5 to nsäke the ancond starring.



Crscading beaded chains are the per-fect complement to bare shoulders.


Designer Marlynn Mchlutt Preparinrg tdc 56 en. Ixe 4 mm crystal bicone boads 42 steding silves 1-ih head pins 14 sterling silver 176ch eye Pins 12 steding silver 2 mrn oval jun. rings 2n,9ng silver 20 mm mond nasring components room along the bottons, 1 1000 11 the

inchcs lang. Cm 2 picees 1. Cut 10 piece of °hab; each osch 2l04o1.00I6s.Cos2pi000600h2Sio1hOI0l1g. Scr all ritt thains aside. 2. Ilso) eye pin go string I Iskont bpud. klakc a simple loop to secure 1615 611011. Aegon to malm 14 beaded lieks 0 511. 641,411.1.

center. end a hanging loep at the tot, 3. Use 1 head pin to srring I hicone hcad. Makc a simple 47 inches of sterling silver 1.5 rnm fiat cable chain

• Tnn. MSre tonen Chain-no. plien

loop ro saune the bead. Repcar makc 42 headed danglesEs, all. Se asidc. 4. Atrath 1 bended link ro each end oda 3X-inch picct chdn. Repeat to „010 (1 long bnadtd chalus in all. Set aside.

Round.noso pliers ..TPtchni9ne5

5. Anach l jump ring to .ch end of the remaining piess04 oUohoio. los aside.

Simple loop lpage 211 Opening and closing loaps lpage 13/

6. Anach I danglc ro ont end of a

piece of chain.

Andh I jump ling ro rhe ozher end. Repear to main 2 shon beaded chains in all. Set mide. 7. Anach 20 danglcs ta a 25-4140 picte 00


chairi. ?Aalet sun Ih, an spa<nl evenly denn its length, and Mar oneof the da ngles hangs from rhe Jan eltain link. Anach a



jump fing, to the opposirc end er the chain

j ,J7-314

(feure I). 54par ro malte 2 fetal chains all. Sec asidc.


‘4,2 Wispy

Amemblie Ihe Earrer 1. Open a loop ar onc cnd of j5Anh beaded Main. Atrach ehe 1)1114 loop to the first loop of 311 nrring componcon aase the link% loop. Open ehe loop on ehe Geher end ofAnchain and arrach ro thr mvench loop of dm nrring oomponenr. Cloor the hok's loop. 2. Open a jump dr, at one and of an unbeadcd 3)))-inch chain. Artach ehe jump ring to dm Necond I.p of che caning menponenr and closc the jump ring. Open the jump eing at the °eher mei ade chain. A000k nn to rhe ci pfui; loop of rho earriug component and dosc the jump rin, 3. Repear szaps and 2 TO connett 32hinch brad-

ii 9. 2

ed Main ro ehe rhied and ninch Ivo, of ehe eavring mummt.) • ;')

3X-inch unbeaded chain to the founh and tenth

))3,;;;;J) •

j .)

loops; and 3 3X•111C11 hnddokonnonho


fiftls and clevere; loops. - • The ehrlos should over one anroher and . - . hong in awags (Sgure 2).

one of dm 2V,inch beaded Mains, Atmch eo thr «neer loop of ehe

6. Open a loop :st one cnd of a beded link. Atrach lt ro the eop loop of the carring mmponent and dost the loop. Mach dm lop loop of .ho link m an 000 .1.0.

earring cmnpoltern and ckm ehe jump ring. Adjuse chain so ir hangs in from of all rhe


Open the jump eing of one of ehe fon) ehains. Anach

lt so the loop insidc ehe erring cumpoemen and date the jump ring. Adjtm lohn. ms hangs 0 ftonr of all Mn chainn.


108 wisre

7. Repeat sreps I rhrough 6 to amenoble ehe second rarring.

Soft Mesh

Wire mesh ribbon in married with beads and grounded by an embellished rosette.


Defioner: Stacey Nallson


Embellishing nee Peruf ans

1 blue/green AB 12 mon crystal shank button 4 emerald 8 nm teste' bicone beads 4 iight bsomon 8 nom crystal binone beads tanaven 8 mrro crystel bicone heads

1. Atrach the 9 onie jump ring to Mn top of slic rOSCrle.

2. Cut a 3-foor lengsh of line and tiresd 6 shrough the wedle. Senne oho end of rfic rhmad os dm cen, beek of the ramm, l0.3010g06.iniIO 011. Poem upzer

10 brown 6 mm crystal bicone beads

through dm rumse, ming oho crystaI butron,

2 emereld 6 mm crystal bleone bed.

pay, down ohasugh the rusene. lOorh,00ghoh, roseue and bouton MW more to minfinne.

24 00,11,014 4 0.00 eystal bicone beads 2 epeque torrquoise 4 nen crystel bicone beads

3. Pass up through 1100 roseue 00101000901 Me nem 1,,e, ordre ghpsro. guIng I wed keul, 1 emereld

3 light brown 4 ‚nm crystal bicons, beads

4 nun csysol bicnne hcad, and I sum1 bowl. Pass

3 bomen 4.00 crystal bicone beeds

down Ihroreh the tosene 00 1101 bcads become

nestled 01., Aligrro (figure II. 2 translucent aqua 4 mrn mystal bicone beads

fig. 1

2 copper 3 nun 0010001e bends ltooq.oiooS mm mirecie bead

..... .+• -

5 grunz of size 11° copper seed beads 50 essorted size (3 nun to 20 nom), shape Sound, rondalle, bicont c01n0 and (spe Imessal, ceramic. 0000. 0111110, stmodi beeds in enemoiw. brown, brass, and coppes with hole, Luge enough to fit wer the collapsed rnesh

4. Repeat step

3 so roanly embellish oho rosesse with 0504, 16 diffnenz 4 mm brods. When finished. pass down through ‚Sc smseme whcre yoe

trogan in srep 2. Ton the mess'sing and oeil shreads rogcther and minn.

2 antique brass 2-inch eye eins 2 entimue brass 6 mon oval jump rings

SnInging the Neckface 1 brass 9 to 12 mon jump ring

1. Place o hcad sropper or clip oor one end of oho

2 antique brass 13 so 15 nom liligree end cones

flroible beading wite. String I enurald 4 mm 806000 80.018. 1,.,d bcad. I lighr brown 8 mm

1 entique brass 35 mm 3.1eyer Siligree rosette WM 15

bicone bcad, I sced bcad, emerald 4 nun biconc bead, I seed 604, I brown 5,1,0 hicone

mm opan center 1 brass 20 nun labster clasp

rhinestane Msets and

connecting sing 3 feet each of gold, turquoise. and brown line mese gnesh

bcad, 1 „4 800.4. 1 cmesaid 4 nun bicone bead, I Med brod, I brown 8 mm bicone kat rocd head, 1 emerald rnnoo binone bcad, I ‚and benal, I brown 8 mon biconc bcad, I sced Irosd. I emer-

ald4 ormol bkostc brod. 1d head. I brown


505 00.010

6 mro hiconc lacod. and I seed bead. Repett the

_fi—klateatiats (r nntimPrii 3 lost of 4 mrn.wide sann ribbon

soqucnce there times. String I ernemld 4 nun bioute beul, 1 seed head, 1 lighr brown 8 mm

3 feet of 6 ntrn.wiele orenze ribbon

bicone hext, 1 uni bead. 1 e mentld 4 mm 184,68005 419504618 6884113840.4

6)00,0 6.414. 1 sced beart, I brown 6 mm bioonc kack I secd krud, and I emeräld 4 nun nicone

kkeided heeding line

3,Clip,hoopoo wire end and see aside. Over adhusive eemont 2. Pass eh ribborn, .4,06868646010.4414 wend Icogehs ehrough metten Indy ring. Check dem you have an equal amount of material eriring from each side of the hie ■ in K. 6 dann anything yee. The mcs11 will reduce in lengd, when you pull the width 40 04)0140 the nrfRes. 3.14)0 the men 088 ä eigne cord whh your Index finger and thumb for about I inch. UNC chis length likeu needlc to string your first assorted bald °nm the Slide beed dowa toward

Ttarhnitwee, Steine, (sege 14)

Mt resche. Repcur to plece 5 egarred lands .4108g0110 untsh on nne side of the neddace, and Men 5 assarred bcads on oho other sidc. Leave

Overneed Isnot (9895 14 Bond embroidery rsee inst(uesions)

significuu gaps hemeen the beerb. Now: beads you string on the mesh Maulst sray ppst-

Dasigner's Tip

dun, but if yots have head with ä larget hole der slides, rie an overhand knot 6.4.19 86014

When choos49 the lerge.holed beheb, bring a piece

and below ir to keep ir In place.

of 18.8889e wiro with you to the beed shop. Then you cen Insert the stire through the bead to see if 14

4. When you arc satisfted with rhe bead

fi 9 .

will work for yoye praject.

O.A.nsonn tue your fingees to pull and 0400 600 muh 10 opposise direerions. giving a weck ru

firm (feure 2).

'Pkt necklese shown also usa anmher


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 formen of the nire mesh strands.

. 6. Trim along ehe cnd edge of the erg.koka Abbau for I inch. 04og000) 51)1080 ,68 ribbon. This drspe will ecteS

rechnnaue with ‚he weh, 4108 60 8


knor in ehe men, and push :Mout 15

needk ro erring beul. As yon did wirh ehe mesh, sning

vations.type 3 mm and 4 mm hesds derrm the rnest, tobe 1, 645 holp 0 usc


mono:1 heul, and slide Mem down the ribbon, posision-

440 cnd 056 painrberfin ro ger rhe beads

ing ehern as desircd. String 2 or 3 essoned beads an Dee

inro rhc tobe lie a knot on top of dar

Ade of ehe neckttee, and 2 or 30 the orher. 15 any of

collection to ereare e

r0121" beads


brach. Pull ehe muh zer givc ehe Ntnct stwye.

roo esse. make a kna directly .66.1 004

helow 00011009 440 plece.

Soft Moth

3. I- btri all du strands mgeeher from eine side of the neeklace and loosdy de an oserhand knoz. Aripser ihn positioniug orsho knon raking inso scrouns ehe Repear for dm

daired kngrh and the droure oder ddc.

4. (9. I cycp6 rfirough heencril hole orehe knoi ar knor oround one end of the led.en. Tigliecn isiIlarrinum. male

cyc pin. Check dist de

adkutrnente neressary. and dien pull the knot light. 5. Open rh eye pin wide and pull is one die knote. making sure rhar all of rhc rneopeure d within the, ribi

lfigure 51. Tighely elose 1. eyc pin over


fi 9. 3

ihe knarr. 6. Cur ehe aicess sh,arts closc to the cye 7. Curb op of the sacin ribbon at an angle. 5. ng 7 amotred beads for .a sidc of ihr neeklare. Von mai. w.t tostick with largelide hes. only For rhis hon, heesuse freu emily. 4. 1,9,, tie knou abtue and tidos,. dm los& that tend ro Aide.


knois scith enough glue ihm

gine and Ehe nrands fahri. absorh woni Imme undone. 7. Sming 1 end cone. I seed bei& I einesold 6 rnm bieone hei& and I seedbeod onio lo eye pin. (Ilse end cone should hide Nerbleae

knot.) Make s simple loop

ro semre the cones and b.ds.

1. Cctlier dl ihe rhr.ds ingeher and place the neddare around your neck ro cheek for fir. Suhiraci che kngh of your de. ro euch a find mcasurenenti 2. Adjust :sie Leids doe arc ixe dr채ng in plare on the suands.


Soft klosh

8. Repou amps 4 ihsough 7k rhe other side of de neckla.. 9. Dm konp rings ro od b lasp to ihn cyc pins.

_ Wirr e?

Brioiette Glam ,

Exploit the beauty of clear crystals, showing oft diarnond-like briolettes.


ij inotrla rannt

Designer:1Am( Shea

Note 1 ckm, 18 nen crestal


2 clear 15 men egal briolene pandents

24 100 are having nable threedins your needle with the monofilement pinch end with thein-nose pliers, and thon Irim t to a point with sharp alssee.

2 clear 13 mm anal briolette pendants 179 dar 4 nm uystal Ncone beads 2 clear 3 mon crynel bicone beads

Tau can ala work widme a needle. lat eure to pull Ihm line Ncurely through Oho beea, because thae types of 1No cnn Idole inside the holes of the crystel beedt.

1 sarling sileer 13 nen lobster clasp with jump ring 1 sterling silver 5 8 rnm double-loop connea

Stisrbing 26.. Centeeiere

ing ring for lobtler da,

Follow fi,re 290' ()und parh.

1 steding silver 4 mm solared jump ring 2319 silver 2 2 mrn trimp beads MoNfilement, (5-pound test, os 6 to 8-pound test ‚leer braided fishing line

1. Sang 12 dar 4 rnm banne beads (Leeds I t)‚rone) 12). Pass shrough bead 1 40 0260 drcle. Lene 6-ina toll. 2. String 3 cicar 4 mm bicone bads Ibenis 13. 14. and 151. IhN zbrough beads I ond 2.

20 Mau of flexible beading wire 3. Swing 4 clear 4 mrn bicone bade (hads 16, 17, 18. and 19). Pan through beads 13, 2, .0,2 3. Scissors 4. Sang 2 clmr 4 mro bicone beads 401,4, 20 and 2)). 9.0 230 12 beading needles

through bods 16. 3, and 4.

Chain-noso pliom loPtimal)

TAehrean Angle stehing Isee Nava...) Stringing (page 14) Crimping Nage 141


5. St ring 1 dar 4 mm bicone bead. a 25,240 Kndann and 2 eicar 4 an biconc bcads (bad0 22. 23 (15 rnm pendond• 24.00d 25). Pan through Leeds 20, 4, 404 5. 6. String 2 clmr 4 rom Nenne bade (beads 26 and 271. Pan Neough heula 22, 5, and 6. 7 Nring 4 dear 4 an bicont btods (bNds 22129- 30, ad 31). Pen (hole heads 26, 4, and 7.

The mat.rieb 43404 are for a 16-inch necklace. Add or subtract size 4 mrn biane beads for a longer shoeter yersion.

8. Scring 1 cicar 4 mrn Name bead, 1 eicar 3 nun bicat kod. ehe 18 mm pendele, „dl cleur 3 nen bicone bead lbeada 32, 33 13 tern heul]. 34 [12 mn, peadand, 35 [3 0m 6 e 0401. Pass Ihruugh beads 24.7. and 8.


Bralette Glarn

fig. 1

9. String 4 dcar 4 mm biconc bcads (bcads 36. 37. 38. and 39). Pan rhrough bnds 32. FL and 9. 10. Srring 2 cicar 4 mal Ificonc bods (lands 40 and 41). Pag thusugh brads 36, 9. and 10. 11. String 3 dear 4 mrn bicone hen& and a 15 nm pandans (beade 42, 43. 44, and 45 115 mm pen-

14, Suing 9 dor 4 mm bicane beads (bomb 51 through 59). Mus through bcads 50, 47, 43, and 51. 15. String 2 ckar 4 mm bicone beads (beads 60 and 613 Pan shrough heads 44, 51, and 52. 16. String 4 cbm 4 mm bicone [nada )5449 62, 63. 64. d05). Pass shrough hcads

52, and 53.

dand). Pass chrough bcads 40. 18. and 11. 17. Scring I cicar 4 mm bicone hcad and a 13 mtn Fen12. String 2 clear 4 mm bicone beads (heads 46 and 47). Pass shrough beads 42. I I, 12, and 15. l3. S0 3 akar 4 nun hiconc (nada Ibcads 48, 49. and 50). Pass duough b49 4G. 12.15.48. 49, 50, 47.

dant Ibcads 66 and 67 113 mm pernland). Pass shrongb hes& 62, 53, and 54. 18. Srring 4 cicar 4 mm bicone hach (beads 68, 69, 70, and 71). Pass through boads 66. 54.11A 55.

and 43. 810la19e Garn






e ..



. ..-..., ..,,.



,.. ...




19. Sire 7 <Abu 4 mm biconc bcads (brach 72 and 73). Pans rbro,h lanads 68. 55, 56, 57, 58, 59.49

Raething the Necklacr 1. Wanve ihroegla

rhc beads again to minkane dsc

bandwork. Scanne the working and cail Ihreach and

48, 14. 19, 18, 17, 21, and 25.

close ro ehe beads. Set the centerpiece.dc. 20. Suing 9 dcar 4 mm biconc bcads (beleb 74 to 82). Pass through bcads 17, 21, 25, 74, 75.76, 77, and 78.

2. Use che banding wire zwing I crimp band and dar soldcand rang. Paan bank through rhe cri Inp band, leaving a dinch 011.

21. Suing 3 cicar 4 min biconc bands lbcads 83, 84, and 851. Pass through band, 78, 83, 84, 85. and 77.

3. S0).$ 45 dar 4 mm biconc brads. Slidc thc nrst kw ',rads over bank wires to cove 0) 0)). Pass zhrough bcada 83, 79, 80, 81. 82. 18, 19. 14, 48, 49, 59, 58,

22. 0)0)g4 clear 4 mrn hicome beads Manets 86, 87, 88.

57, 56, and 72.

and 89). l'ass ditough beadr 85.77. and 76, 23. Strang I cicar 4 nun biante band and a 13 mm pendann (band, 99 and 91 113 mm pendarit)). Pass ehspush bands 86. 76. and 75. 24. Suing 4 cicar 4 nun bicee bands 05ands 92, 93. 94, and 951. Pass ihrough finde 90,75, 74, and 24. 25. Sering 1 clean 4 mm hiconc bcad ibcad 96). Paa5 chrough bcads 92 and 74116

Dranlotto Glans


Saite 45 danr 4 mm biconc band, I crimp tolse..tisd chc clasp connwsing ring. Pass bowle chrough the ui min ruhe, snog all rhe bank tight. and erimp.

5. Auachdu loharer dang ro oho sokkand dr,

e s" Water inspired this designer to create a captivating bead and wire bracelet.

In ettuntinne 244,94440 6144114445 Ursen

Melke tbe Bast Chain


1. lightly coil the 2048 44)44 arourld dry !mitring .esile

26 light bre. So sagend mond beads

down Mc nccdlch length. Slide the end of rhc coil off du: end 44 sapphire 14 14,o crystal round beeds

of the needie. Cos rhe colls one ar a arme tu nrake jump rings. glale 122 pmp rings in all.

44 crem 6 mm uyrtal reund beads 5 leet of 20-9a ege steding silver wie for

2. Open 2 jump rings. Con neer rhc 2 jump ringt to 2 eiernd

122 steding aste d nun jump rings)

brrehret) jump ringt. Regeer nä *rake chain 60 links long (figure 1).

29 Feet of 24.9 90 $tarling $114., ev0e 1 stoding siker toggle clasp




Clear jewales% wos(m for oonporous sur. feces

3. Use I jump ting TO mach halFof

clasp o onc cnd of th,

eimin. Ure 1 jump ring zu Arach Mr other half of the elasp

Wire cutters

the opposirc cnd of the chain. 3(75 man (size 2 US) kJlifting needIP (for forming jurrip rings}

Preparing the Aangla Flat-nose Plief9

1. Cm 3-51411 piccc of 24-gauge wirr. Malz a wrapped loop ar 444 44,) 41 4118(860. Stri rtg 101444 Eresel and form a second

Chain-nose pliers

wrapped loop, nur dotir eut the eire. Round.nose

2. Hold dm second leop with a pair of garmere plicrs. 544 014448.


nese pliers m wrap ‚141 (4)44 around and down the body adle 0461 94 8(page21

Opening and cloAng Mops Ipage f

14844) 480) the wire reb rhe 8,44 loop. Lomely wrap the seife end around the frtsr looph bme, and tue ehn•elme 51448 80 righten the wrap (figure 21. Seco re the eire end by adding

Wrapped loop (pee 2 1 )

dah of glue wherc ,mu've madc zhc wrap. Rennt firr cach b«rd to reale 116 dangIcs in all.

Note The metetrals am for e 6/1-inch wist. Add rubtract materials to malte larger or sroalrer braoelet.


8400 84,4044,04

Assembling the Benedei 1. Carefully open zhe second sec of links az cm end of die braveld wi dung dismanding the Min. Ah I dear dangt. Slide the links around so dz, orten al Ehe osher side of the chain. Artach 1 dee dengle. You should end up wich I dangle on euch sick of the

2. Repest steu I denen rhe length of die Min. auaehing 22 of she dear dangfes. 22 of the sapphi rd dangles. and 2u *eche deep blue dengle.A2vou work musc from onc War zo the nesz by sortly Idending dic betrtedo the rdrt links that separarc diem. For edample, ddd I clear and I sapphirc dangla an a set of

chain (figne 3).

links insread flg. 3



a 2 deur or 2 sapphire daeies.

3. Artach 22 sappldre dangles and 22 clear dangla until you come to the end 2) 11,1 chain.

rilt111)4.111.1채.1 1

0101 Persuasion

leglee #1411,




Pn ncipessa -,.,. ....„,- ., ‘ ..,

V,. e. --",

. ,



ee 4, 1 .4' •

i• , --, , , -I'


• ,



..ti. ..,.., ,,..

.......,',',. ». I


,._ •



''',{1,, - ,5,• '3, ,,>-. , , e ,,e,:-:. :Je

-, .


This glamorous necklace will make you feel an regal an an Italian princess.

Desegner, Jean Compbell

,Materials 8 dem 7 x 9 nan 84d01e myeal flatbacka

Instructione Making the Fatal Piece 1. Dab small


coc die Lack of I Ilarback

dock in m ihnconrcr of dm (dr (doni Inc An glue

13 peride 6 mon cestol sound beads

rese out the sidesk Lee dry. 1$5 clear A8 4nun cryste bicono boads Poridot size C hex beads

2. Thrmd 1 needle with 3 kor of dfiead, and knor dte end. Pam che nnndlnop through

Bright oilvor size 11 7 Innocut sood boods

fik. den nm. ro rhc gar-

keck. String 3 sred bcads, lay Mem on thc fck along Mn

I sterling sever 10 ‚nm box daso wirk serni.

4.1ge of the flarback. and pase down f krough Fair non to

precious perielot inses

where Inc t hat bead 1k. Pass up throver So klo ro pdo chnough 111c second and dee bmds jon added Nun I/.

1 sohlt.° 1 x 1-Ach piece of stiff iah

Rcpeat, warking bead cmbroidcry uround Mn bam of the

White b.ding thread or beading line

flutbsek trag you effim to the first bwd you edded.


fig. 1

3. gase lnough Ike reg baff added in I Inc Isme sound. Scissors

Suing I secel lnad, skip a bead on rhe base round, and

pass zhrough the neer bead. Condnue, working a wund

2 sharp beadiog needles

of tubdur pcyote stitch. Sega up to erarc fhe neu rund bypoingAccogbbnlnboikoddndicilnnbinc ',fand and Ihe First bead added no hoinniind.

Bead embroidery 1see instsuctions1 Tobtdu peynte otitch (page 18)

4. Work 3 morc ccmndo of rubular peyore soinh. demssing as neeenarr ro form a righr beul arund 6 fierbades

Peyote stitch decreaus (Page IM

cum.' shapc. Wumm chrough the Iscad5 tu mit fron a Pringe (page 15)

f nenfic mide. beeld an the bfee mond. Sec Inc

XIpkt.angle °na.* loages 19 acd 20) 5.

Dcbinnilcnnonci Icc dnnb,nkn9l Ratback.

Stick it to Inc t kuck of Ihn falb di ready opposire ob flau bade slroudy placed. Ler dry. Mim ehe Sek defeely around the Flatback, King very carefid ro svoid cutfing any profeious sdnhing.


5. linsrad I ncolle on eaol and of a 3.foor lens. of

6. Pick up the working thread. \Wirk tubular Kam misch on rhe orher nide of zhc basc sound, first working

thread. Pass one ncodlc through oho kfohand Knie on

a szraighr sound of tubular peyore oirch cover !Int

oho Rstback placed 10 60 previa,. srcp. Pair oho

kin, and dien snaking deaalses as noressary mak, a

nadle and string I bicone brad, I ha bad, and I bicone bcad.

cight Wel areund olle second flatbaek (400 2).

fig. 2

6. String I hex bead 00 160 lebt neodIc and cress the right nadle. throusd, iz. SM, I biconc brad ondo ighr modle and I bicone beld and I hoz bead on rhe 'oft

7. Weave through the Leeds to the bosc not.d. Eis from ehe top bead in one end ordne beul. Suins one nm

nadle. Cross zhe AgIn modle through dtv hex bind. Repeat so make 8000 Asb.angle wovon unirs.

sound hart and I secd bead. Pos bads tbrough du mm sound bead to make a fringe leg Pass rhreugh dna

7. Use The lek nadle zo ming 1 bionse boad. 1600 bred,

fringe wound the bisse Inuit you have I I cvenly

and 1 bionte bood. Pas zhrough he lefohand hole on more llarback pusitioning the bead 008 Foca oho

spaced hinge legs i ll. Saum dne thrtad and oinn

same side 117 00 060 000 placcd 40, srcp 4 in dna st.

doscoo ehe binde. Set ‚ho foal picee oink.

‚Ion. Pax hock shrough oho bcads jun gang. Rosas

adjacens lad she laue sound. Con timst to anis)

wich rine right nadle, pessing thtough the righohand hole of the Ratback. lhe kn. needles 10 rewave the

Cocaring den Straps

unin, reinforcing .J ousing [lteholdwerk.

1. Thrcad nadle on ach end of a 3.104t langh of shread. String 6 uzend hads and om half of zhe das .p. Pair the nredlos and ming I seol bead (figum

you wcave up dnough

fig .


beerbyork, nisch I hex bind over the Ilarloada lefohand hole (Feure 4). \Wave thitzugh overad more bank saure rine arcad, and crim time to oho beads. 'oLl

8. Repear oeps 5 shrough 7 for oho 2. Use her beads ro work a scrip of doubleaccdle right. angle amte 16 units long 3.ilbIoohdoo,I,og10dIoodlblncnn and I har bcad on rhc Lefr nadle. Croo the right nadle through the hex bead. Repear



righ.hand hole on

fint List-


k.k. Se the erap oside. 9.Ropoe0000pold0000ghlnoeoo.


at* the strap for rhe orher Ade of tho naklacc.


oiglnIoeglnon0000 enhe. 4. Use oho righr needle ro scring Obicnno bead, I hei bind, and I hicone brad, through oho right-hand hole on I flarback. Pass buk rheaugh the beads just soung. Repear with oho Job eedle, posing rhrough oho kis-hand hole of rine flazback. Usc bozh ncedlcs

Conmeere the Anal Pieco 1. Lay our the necklacci campenen. so ehe screps lie parat lci, wich zhc botrom 4 Ibnbade in a „na Ionbacks bohonogli 41. Position The focal piece, best side up, beim ehe 2 hozrom middle Rarbacks.

soweye de unin you matte in th is and the last step, minfords% and soottos the headwork. lie knots henvecn beads iddesired. and mim ‚ho dunarb den ‚0 ,60 bads. Principessa

2. Thread I needle with a 3-foor lens. of arred. Leav.g a 4sinch teil, pass dirosigh ‚ho righohand ho. of Ranbads 2. boing I hicone brod. Ion boad.

1 bicone krud. I her bead, and I bicone bead. Pass through the scod bead of the to!, fiinge leg on the focal oje« and buk thaugb the last laicone


Swing1 ha bead, I banne lad, 1 hex bold, and I bicone bad. Pass drough the leFehand hole of


4. String I bicone bead and I hex bead. Repter nvice. Pass duough the hole of flatback I. Pass back through the beads just anlag and into the kin, leg yoo lau exited. Wesen.hagl, beeds rm the kcal plece odt up throne, the fourch frage leg to the kik.

hak 3. Pass hab atough all tha bads added in th is step agan 0 reinform Men you rcrum aa Kmback 2, aring I her bead and pa6 through ehe bicone

5. String I biconc bad and I hex bad. Repcat 4 tinks.


String I bicone bcad. Pas arough thc kfohand hole

other ekle of the flatback 0 war ‚ha hole. i5i,a

ailladaok I and hak ducrash the bearla jat strung.

thcough ac beads so you nwee down toward tha Am

Weave arough dre bcads place a ha bead aer the

hole oFflatback 2. Emir from ‚ha hok (figura 51. fig. 5

holes of flatback I. 6. Connar Hatbacks 1 and 2 by ctitchi one nun Ward hetween the ha heads placed nter the holes (figure 6/. Steure the thread and ahn. fig. 6

y' ekt .


. 14, 3. Strak I &cone beul. 1 hot bead, bicone tad. I ha bead. and I bicone hcad.Pashhrough the frage leg

7. Regelt step., 3 thcough 6 to cmpick the Knhot sidc of the neckhcc. altking off flbk 1 ad 4.

jun to the kft the top tat and leck through the hach just sf rung. ,»11.1 yeut raurn Padua Z cover the hole with a

bead as heizte. Wave anaugh

bcads so you alt from the and hinge leg SO the Ich. Principaso

These chic asymmetrical earrings can be combined in pairs f端r three different looks...what fun!

Making F,arring Desi,en Katherine Song


.Materials for Farring_l_ 1 cher AB 10 x 10 mrn top-drilled (fromm hock)

1. Make a simple loop at otM cnd of she gold-falcd wirc.

wirstst heran bemil 1 light topaz 6.5 ren mystal rhineastoze charrn with gold seMng

2. Ssdng I round bead, the kort brad, and I round bead on

4 smoky light toser 4 mar crystal mond beeds 5 gold-filled 4 rnm jump rings 1 gold-filled 1-inch head pin

suMghr cnd of

the wim Working with Ihr missing curse in the Wirf, pes the strotgilt wiro end rhrough An looped cnd. USc 11.100.1 plien

1 goldifilled eas wire

make o 30. bend in oho

5 inches of 28-gauge 14k gold-filled wire

wie m form a hinchdiarnetor Melo ffigure

fr‚r All Farrings taare tottors

fig. 1

Round-nom pilgre Fleknoso Phon Chain-nose pliers

• Techniques.3512

All Farrings

Simple loop (page 21) Mrepped loop Maga 21) Opening and cloung Jump rings finge U)


3. String 1 r000d hold on to dm atir«he mich usaight From oho simple loop. Make wrapped loop ro socum oho hoLSoaaldo.

Twisted wirr rue instructIons) 4. String 1 sound hcad on to the hoad pin and malre e wrappod loop. Uso I jump ring to atmch the dengle tu oho wire loops jmt the left of thc heen bah. 5. Link slic somaining jump rings rogcsher Asrach one cnd


zhain er dm denn. At Mar rho mim end rn oho

wire loop, jusr to the right of the Iwan larad. 6. Arsach oho rarring so Mo car wirr.

Odso &Aololo

Making Earring 2 Insieude6,n4


Farrino 7

1 smoky light topes 15 x 15 rnrn top-drilled crys-

1. Mak. a dmple loop ar one cnd of die 9010011164 whe.

tel teardrop bead 2. String 1 burgundy 3 mm bcad, 1 Iighe brown 4 nm 'seid. ond I lighr copper 5nun bead ontoIon.traighr end of

1 light topes 65 min crynal rhinestono charrn with gold setting

the wire. 1 light peach den cryfial bicone bead 3. Car 10 inche of art wim and coil rhe end around the gold-filled

5 light copoor 5 nen erystal bicone beads

a few times. about IX inches down from

new seht so pss) ramme dir bcads tho Inop. itishion Use chain00005 00 step 2 beween ‚Ion loop and oho nosc plicrs ro tighteri the coil eng Mo gold-filled

1 light brown AB rnm erystel bicooe bead 2 smolcy light toper 4mm erystal round beads 1 bleck 4 renn crysta I round bead

4. String ono 4 mm bead onto the nen) wim and hold it abour

fig. 2

3 deep burgundy AB 3 dm crystal bicone beeile 1

2 inch from the <oll. Bond rhc

3 gold.fillod 4 mrn jump rings

wirc cnd dovel toward eoil, hold

1 gold)filled eor wire

on rhe bead, and malre a (ew mins 11190.0 2). Repeor re arld rIsc remaining 4 nun and 5 nun brach to oho wirc. Mob, .ight coi I areond oho

SO inches of 28.gauge 14k goldfilled wire 13 inchos of 28)gauge gold-coloredert wino

gold-filled wirr finish ohc art wire. Trirn any excess arr wirr. 5) Use round-nosc plicrs to malre srnall loop at the eild of oho gold-fillel wirr. Gr6p oho loop wich 3a6nore pliers and rum the loop te o.,koo fier 91=1. Form a I-Inek. diarneter loop with ‚60 ,01,0. 6. Cut I inch of an eire and nring it through die wanhop kead, filide the head so it is centered on rhe wire. Uni your Angers ro cum rhe nire ends along oho flop ‚(oho teardrop. Use chainulose pliers makc rhc wirc nick straight up fron, oho rop (figurc 3). Ilse an. of thc wires TO 11121,2

plias 0 cod it into dny soirat fig. 4

tl) 126 NU & Match

Anadl oho jump ring so. oho gold)filkd wirr Iscesicen do,1n.o, cry.sral Im& and Ehe twisted enes 8. Make wrappod loop on onc end.of


ing au wirr. String I burgundy 3 nun bead. Maks 0 wsapped loop ar rhe other end Mar anaches na oh. charm. Attach I jump

ro ehe

09000009904 Weh

wrappcd loop that oses oho segond 00100 MIM

60.411 Met 4). TfilY1 oh. excess mim or use raundulose

fig. 3

7. Attach the dengle thorn srcp.6 M I jump Ang.

9. Usc I jump ei ng

rsdh the dengle made in

scep 7 and the wire loop to the en. wirr.

Making Earring 3

wrapped loop on one cod. 1. Cm I inch of art Sding 1 burgundy 3 mrs) bead and mal. a wrappcd loop on the othonend. Raps at to mak anorhcr bcaded link wizh I burgundy 3 nun boad, I badml link with I black 4 zum beul, and beaded link wa the light brown 6 mm bcad. Set mido. 2. Um Mo hcad pin to erring blkd oenleood. Mak, a wrapped koje m saureden bed. So de dangla asidc. 3. Maks I chain. uding 2 jump rings m link dm Mack dangla foen step 2 to 1 lengoody bradcd link zo I black beaded link. End with I jump sing. Male unor her chain, using 5ump rings ro link zhc charm to I hurgundy beaded link ro lex brown beaded link. End with I jump ring. Sen Ihn chaim mide. 4. use 1 inch oFars wire to emne <hangle with rhc zcardrop bead m you did For Eaning 2 hm reute 3 and 4, page

Aaar.eriAls fnr Fersiag 110816 light 0301 15 1Seen top.drilled cryer tal toardrop board

26). So 1 light topar 6.5 rnm crymal rhinestono cherm 5. Cut 15 inches of arr wirc. Usc assoned beads ro zinke a ovised wirc and bead

fi g j 5

with gold sening 1 light brown Onos crymal bicone bead

&nm, (Agute 5). End Mo cluster with a wregued Mop ar the top and bonem.

3 light copper 5 1,01 cgstel Neon° beads 3 smoky light topes 4 nen oryeal round Sonde

6. 41se I jump rin5 ro arzach thc seardmp dangle ra zhc batrom of the rwiszed

3 black 4 min crystel round hexe

wirc and lead clusze6 roward the back.

1 light brown 464 ‚nm crystal bicone head

eliarrn so ehe bonom of 7. Anode Ihn chalo (har indudcs rhe chister, lter above eh e wardosis dangle and toward

1 smoky light tapas 4 nen aystal cubo bead 4 deep burgundy 3 mut crystal mond beads

de back 1 goldrfilled 4 runs sound bead 8. Usc I jump ring to arrach rhc rdmailring chain and the

gold-filled 1-inch hoed pin

Log orthc duner to ‚hem, wiss. 74gold.filled 4 mm jump rings 1 goldrfilled eor wir e 20 inelies of 28-geuge gold art wire

Mx. Match


Crystal dangles hang from handmade silk scroll beads, which are embellished with aystal hat backs.

Designer: Ksimal Wink

• Materi als

11. String an assomment orbeads onco head pin ro oval

2 bronce x 22 mm handmode sak

Form a simple loop ro scourc11

scroll beads embellished '16 cicar AB


cgeml flat backs

fig. 1

1 inch,

bradt (Agorc 1). Repcat to ntake


4 bleck 10 rnm mystal bicone beads 4 smok), quarts 3mmo5sIaIbiae beads 2. (An chain-nosc plicn 1 opeo the loop on I d.ple nnd adach it to Assortsnora of 48 heads. including 6 rnm, 4 mm. and 3 mm csystal bicone



soso oOh e chain piccer. Closc Mc loop. Reppe so anach

1 danglc so nach chain link. Sm dm chain

and sound bends in peridot, light smok ,/ topap topox, tigh goads, copper. and smoky quarr:

3. Upenan cyc pin uni string 1.smoky guarrs 3 nun blconc beul, 1 bilde l0emboolhOld,l sinrscroLl bead. 1 bleck 10 mrn

2 copper 5 rnm barrel Bernds with reisest

biconc box!, and 1 smoky guarta 3 mm biconc bed. Maks a


0. loop mmcm the beerb Uigurr 21.

2 steekng dlver 34 neh eye pins

fig. 2

10 sterling siAes 11-ich heod nins 2 merling dIver en, wies 2 piepes of smrling silver 3 x 6 mm fig. ure41 chain, nach inch lang

4. Open mm of dm leops an rho eyo

and anach an ond link of the

chain dangle.

• Ton16 VAre netters

5. Open Ihn loop on onc of the carring flodings and attach chc dangto. Closc che loop.

Chain-ncee pliers Rounci-no. pliess

6. Itemr areps 1 througb 5 for dm sccund eaning.

s TPchnileff. Simple loop lpage 21)

Crystal er Fiber

This necklace has a beautiful fringe on the back clasp, hich is designed to grace e back of the bride's neck.




Dmigner Peggy stimm Gordon _Ad

Soduging du Beach. Abo. 180 light blue 4 rnm ernte roung heads fan

1. Lay out smfil mauncs of each of dm eystal heads.Thrcad sdss 10 nedlc wirh thc 10-pound /hic (thrcad) direcrly from Ehe ,pnol.

Abo. 140 eream 5 mrn eystal poen

Y011 WOZA 01 Itt thmad until you arc finished crochering.

mond beads 181 About 200 km, 3 mrn cryeal pearl round beads IC)

2. String Mo hese in a seguene of 1 A bend, 1 B Imid, 1 A bcad, and 1 C bele] until you've strung you complem

inchos cif beds. Makc sure sr ringing wir', Mimgene.

Beging I, 10-pound tost for tho spira/ and toggle and 6-pound mst for Mo loop closure 3.inch piece of a round toothpick

3. de out about 2 Feet of thread and pmh all The bmds down tu dm spool. \CM, half of Me ming beads around the span' of thrend irk attached to. Carcfidly sccurc Thc stams Keas that have just hen wound mund spool

Clear adhesive cement

a Mahr bmd and wind Demainder of rhe ming honsis (MD onm â&#x20AC;&#x161;min mc first) am top of rho nrhe beds. Iltis should leaye you wirh rhe eriginel 2 feet of thn-ads which

Size 9, 10, 01 11 motal crochet hook

bccome die working Ehrend. Make slipknor ar rhe end of the ehrend.

Sims 10 and 12 beading ncedles Crochetiug the Beaded Tube 5ofe8) pire Rubber bands Thread bumer or fighte

â&#x20AC;˘ Tochetiopless sead crochet (sm instaxtions) Pep. witch Mage 171 2imain9 an neyee stiteh Mn9. 181 Fange fpage 151

1. Pur dm hock im tIllt sliplmot and dghten the knor. Hold ibe ehnen on the Mob wich dm indcx lingcr of your dominant hand. Sude a bead down loward Mo lie& and wenp the working thrmd around your nondominant hand's index finger To prevoin it slipping. As you go on, you'll hold the seid, Imseen your nondominonr rhumb and middlo finge. 2. Male a yarn over. Caprurc che rhrend with littitookstsdptslijt ihrough The slipknot. You now have your first bead mplured M your fier stitch (firm 1). Rcpm wich thc other 3 bssdsoo you end up with 4 cmhemd boads in a row Ifyo,thsosktprths rfirenn ovcoly tight, the chained row should ed a bit.

1 Theo Wed...

3. Position the tad so lt sticke stralght up from your work. Pur oho hook through the loop holding oho

Bead Crochet Basi. 1. Hold rh e crochet hook in your dominant hand benyeen your thurnb and third fing er with Oho hook facing downward. This leaves your indes finger an that

firm C herd you cmehemd, oho ane dosest ro the mil. Maneurer Ehe hook to the aight of the lmad ynu have 2 loups 00 0000 hook. Yam over, catch the Ihreed with thc hock, and pull

hdfrn500o00gs the beads and thread.

rhrough oho floss and second loop, (figure 51. 2. heake a Atobet. Hold your thread

fig. 2

fig. 5

with your nondominant hand betwoon your thernh and inder fingen leaving a 10

_ •

02-inch tail. The teil should sit at the hock of your hand and the working thread n he hont. Grasp the working throad with your dominant hand from ee frone and bring it behind the teil, croating cimle. Pull ‚Ire working thread through this loop and klsert Oho orochet hook irrte the loop aligu re 2). Gantly pull

4. Work countemloawise (if you are dglndianreed, clockwim if you are lefohanded) as you crocher

on the working tIrrend unall the loop closos around oh.

in monds ofel beade esch. To make the nmt

hook. Lise your dominant indoolkrgorto keep the

srinch, push the ',rad your hook b under away

loop in piano on Oho hook.

Horn 300, 10 that ‚ho hook 0 on oho kh of the

3. Loop the working threed over the indox finger of your nondominam hand and hold it loosely across

same te•pe ‚Oho orte your book in underl. Place

your palrn with your last two Angers. GrasP the slip.

oho bead so that it sin over rhc 2 loops on your

boad. You should nem have 2 loops on your

imat with your thumh and middlo finge so that you

hook. Sade down the nem bead (lt should bn oho

hook and over dic bred your lenk is now under.

now hold Oho thread and hook with tem hands. 5. Loop rhe thread over the hook and pull it 4. `Mull work dipslitd00000h0000

fi g 3

dalough oho loop holding thc original boad m the loop on the hook, Port are pulling oho

make the spinal tubes for this neck-


lace Slip stitch crcchet consists of

sthch through de 2 loops and will be kft with

staches that look

che nrwsingle loop on the hook (figura 01.

a sedes of 0s, or

chain stitches (also celled stip stehes). Hold the hook and thread in youe

' 9' 4

fig. 6


hends, as °bake, und tose your mandominant Mix finger m draw the thmad tem) over the crochet hcok from back to front. This is called a yarn over Ifigum 3). Catch the thread with the hook by terning the bock

6. Comeute crochcring und' you 005p all Oho

hook from 0,000 00 ha& slips into the groove of t1,,

Leeds. Fasten off ehe work by melde a chain stitch. and rot a simble null. Pull oho end of the

hook. Draw alle deread through the shpknot on Oho hook


and up onto the working ama of the hook lfigure 4)..

syork neide.

slightly lowaed you so Oho yam yata brought over ihn

daue ehroeg), thc loop. Set the hold-

Illakie the

Note When you croche e simple spizel tube like tNs one, you will elways wok a like bead into a Ilke bead. Keep in mind that these OrstrotJfldo ro the matt dfificult and can be straightessed out when you have finished by running your <Freud up and down through the fike beads. Jass like any other beadwork eng., go slowly end bo p30 tot with younelk

regle Bar

1. Thscad o doo 10 neodle with 3 kor of 10-pound line. String 5 scquence of the A bead. head. A bcad. hmd spind parrcrn. Crocher mini spirel zubc that marchm thc 'arger spiral nye. Thread a b.ding needir on the tbrea.d and wmve thsough all the bmds again to minform. Dab oho oorhpick wirb glue and stip 0 Inside the tobt, heia lt remain srah/e. Lot dry. 2. String I 0 bcad and soss it ras Ehe end sPOtt rate re hide rhe sooshpick. Pass through rhe tube and rennet.

Also. if you find yosive lebt out a bead when stringing, jast snake a Tee. withom the bead and you can tete the bead on latec with a beeding nmdle. If you soung one too meny of one type of bum... tot a sate P ,1 ,1s Your wwil,19 loop, put a needle or pin into the hole of the unwanted beacb shut your eyes. and um a Flak nosed pliers . candully broak the bead.

Secure the thread. uhu dere to the brad, and burn the end. Set ih.: segle bar asidc. 3. Starr 2 new zhread chez min from a -C bead en oho last 4â&#x20AC;˘Isead smpestoo az olle end of sfic opitol. Srring 3 C Mack and mw inro a bcad The contor of the tu, gje bar. String 3 C bcads and pass through


first csited (nom in this srep (figure 71. P2SS duough all oho beads again to rine Ikea& ttins closc to the beads..d bum eh chread end.

Adding Bead.rfor Lampe 1. String more beads onro titoopool rhrcad. Form a stip

fig. 7


stink ar The ends leving a sisablc reil, and attach it to ehe hock. Insert zhc . hook from (sosst to hock in00 the last stirels and 0t0 0 to join zhe new stsreed to zhe old eise hy making a slip sdtch into the kn ssirch of rfic cmehemd zube. Hang on ro zhc nvo mik and contin. uc ro crocher wich dsc nm. thrcads

st tsmdi ng nee-

dle to weave the nals im the mak M the direction foan whish it mme. 2. lablicis you've macicd oho dmised length (Ihr mmplc shown is 16 inchn), snake tlipolitoh in ro cach af


the beint, ef shc bar sound. Car the chread from Mo speols leaving a I2-inch Tall, and pull Mo worki ng thread chnaugh the last stitch.

1 nee Wed...

1 Mgil Toggle Ring 1. Thrcod a size 12 needle wirh 3 f eet of 6.pound ■ Inead. Secure it to the othm end of dm spiral rapc, exiting from 2 C head ar edgc.Soing oose C hcads Mar, when loupcd, on comfonably, bot nm lomel)1 encirde che roggle bar actachol so the Add a couplc more C bods ather end of Me and pass back inso rhc C bcad you last exiscd. 2. Use C beads to work 2 nm nds of peyom sduch off rhe loop oeheads. Malre a chi rd round usIng B beads. Wenn rhrough ra dm So mund of pcycnc .hch work a raund with C bods. Exit liorn dm 11 bead the last 4-boad sequence. 3. Szring I C bead, 1 B bod, and I C bod. Pass sh rough l. .0 bc-ad on rhe last pcyose-wisched round. Rep.em 122i22.

1 Thoo MdL

Addie the Murr 1. Srring I A bd II C beads, alml I 13 bod. Skioping the last Led stss ■ ng. peN back rhrough zhe Lust of de bods to malm a simple hinge leg. Pass chrough nem bead on the pmemstirchwl loop. oriom head 2. Repor Pcp 1, addin ftInge Iegs cmbinadens. around tho usmide of the loop. For a very full luok, also mak fringes off of r1Morher peymessrisched 'od.

Beaded Beads Create crystal bead balls ard string them to make a stunning necklace and earrings.

Making the Bead Balis Design, Candie tooper

32 oI326 mm crystal bicone beads 60 deep red 5 rnm crystal bicone beerb 62 orange 4 nun gloss bicone heads 50 red lona. 4 rnm crystal blcone Selch 52 brown d nsm glass round pearl beads 72 hexe AB 4 cern crystal raund beads 107 olive 4 mm crystal bicone beeds 40 sentipredoes redicoral 4 mcn round beads 22 smoky topac 4 mm crystal bicone beads 22 copper AB 4 nun ernesel round beads 62 deep rad 4 mrn crystal bicone beeds 10 srnoky mpaz 4 mm crypel mund beads pearleuent brown 2 x 3 rrirn ince. beads 10 topes 3 rnm crystal bicone hende 52 Jeep red 3 nun crystal bicone beads

1.G. 23

inchm of 0.35 nun ÂŤerl. Nit the en& 60606

havc a "right ehrend" 24124 165 rhr.d: 86 olive 3 mm crysial bicone beerb 22 lime 3 mm crystat bicone beads

2. Eragin by v.ringing 5 Leeds onterlic bfr elucadi Cross rhe righr riarcad rhmugh the filth hcad tern, and

62're4465 brown 3 nm crystal bicone bends 02.0444 topes AB 3 nun bicone Swarovskr band, 2 steding silver 2 2 mrn


2 derling silver crimp bead covers loptioosit

snug the lacads to renke a dar dien These are bcads 1 chrongb 5.

3. SĂźing 4 bends dreads 6. 7. 0. and 9) omo rhe rhead. Cross dar right thread dirrang', heul 9 and snug the herab ro malst a mar slupc.

22 Melles of .0113 flexible beading wire Clear eiern beende line, 0.35 mos diameter

4. Pass rhe righr ducad through hcad 1. Stri, 3 beads Ihrssis 10, 1 1, and 12) onse

Clear nylon beading line, 0.25 mm dinnleter Clear ndlesive cement

Iclit timst. C.rissi the

right cnd through bend 220,14 so ug die hcads to ntekc mar shapc.

5. 0ass the ziglit thread bcad 2. Sping 3 beark


(bade 13. 14..2 15) mim 6 Icfc thrcid. Cross the dght Mied Mrough bead 15 and alle Mo beads ime shape. 6. Pass dm righr shroml through bead 3. String 3 btads (bald., 16, 17, and 18/ mim tho lefr themd. Coms oho sighr ditough bod 13 and sang the (mal.

Wire cefers Crimping pliers Chain-nose pliers _Jeschnür, Modified righbangle wen., (Ne insssuesions)

7. Pass the righr thiand thrnugh beads 4 and fi. String 2 Sods (hmds 19 and 20) onto Me Ied rhead.Cmss


the righr thread through hand 20 and .ug oh, bads. The piem should non, mim on domed shape.

The insmimtions at left are for ha bade patlern me for all Oh, wonen balla. tollem Ne

8. Neoh ghr ihrsnd through hand 7. Suing 3 beads (bm& 21, 22, and 23) nom the Leb thmad, Cross che right thmad [Wongla beul 23 and saug tha beads. 9. Vass thc right thread through beads 8 and 10. String 2,

charts on the page hat folicass for infonnation the beads inialuded 0 emh typt, of bell and oho cndet in which youll use them.


hobis (beads 24 and 25) onco rhe [els thrcad. Cross, ‚ha right shread chice bend 25. 10. P6s dm rieht ‚hand through beads 11 and 13. String 2 kmads (bcsds 26 and 27) mim oho (n6 rhnsul. CID. the righr t Wend through (ead 27.

oselbe 0.3500 diarrieser nylon cord So r hat nein and 4o beads eng the 0.25 min nylon card far Mo smaller head holes, such es the 3 men coe. tals and red cora' beads. Approximately 15 Mches of essiel is needed per bead ball for the 4 mm beads and 12 Mafias Vor tha 3 mm beads.

11. Peu tho rihr Mied through brads 14 and 16. Srring 2 Imads (Leids 23 and 291 onro she left thread. Co,s the righr rhrmd through hewl 29. 12. Sieg) head Mead 30) onns tha Ich thread. lee ihnnigh beads 22, 24. 26, and 28. Pass the right thread chnsugh beada 17, 19, 21, and 30. Tic rhe IWO cails mggeher wich a right knor. timuse the kinn with a ebb of adbeeise.

The roolbcolored beads shown in the neckla. aro

Bead 18: smoky toNz

«0.3.1 by following the instructions Ion Oho bead. ed bell, but the beads are added in a certain order.

Beads 19 and 20: red cora! 00341 28 through 30: alternate between smoky

The following lists the bead pattern specifics Ion

Topaz fluead 21) und rod coral (beed 305

each Type of pattemed bell.

Polka Dot To create dte red topageeoper polka«dot bah.

Flower Cluster

this pattern:

Reeds 1 through 5 are all ans calor and 01400 09 the flower duster. Beads 6 through 30 1,01 differ-

Beads 1 and 2: red toper

ent colot

Beads 3 Ihrough ahernote copper (bead 41. and


red tope. (bead 8) Seouls 9 through 14: alternate red topaz (bead 9)

To create the red coralismoky topaz steiped

and copper (bead 141

followe this pattern.

13eads 15 and 16: red topaz

Beads 1 through red coml

Bead 17: copper

Sold 6 smoky topaz Reeds 7 and 8, red coral

Beads 18 and 19: red topaz

Beed lar smoky topaz

and reel loyal lbead 23)

Beads 10 and 11: red coral

Beads 24 und 20:04 topaz

Bead 12: smoky topiaz

Bead 26: copper

Beads 13 und 14: leo! coral

Beads 27 through 29:04 topaz

Bead 15: unoky tope.

Bead 30: copper

Beads 20 through 23: altornate oopper (bead 205

Beads 16 and 17: red ‚oral

Wovon Beads Chart Male 101 the first and last beads listecl and make the others in pairs. 4 ah Be.d& e.d Coler(S) Per ball

Bead Shape

Bead Size


30 olive


6 rran


30 deep red




30 orange


4 mm


Std topaz/25 brown pearls 5.topaz 008/25 olive


4 rnm

orange flower cluster


4 ‚nm

Mpaz %wer cluster

201.4 cora210 smoky topaz


4 non


19 rad topaz/11 ccpper


4 rnm

polke det

30 deep red



5 srnoky topaz/25 olive


4 nm, 4 nun

30 topez AB




30 faceted pearl beads


3 x 2 mrn


5 topaz/25 deep red



topaz flower duster

19 oliwe/11 lime



polk* dot

30 reddish brown


3 mm


30 smoky topaz AB

bicene bicone

3 mm


3 mrn


30 olive (Ion clasp and) Beaded Beads

topaz flower cluster

Making the Earrings

Stringing the Neeklace

.M>1,:.1 . 1,



00 01ive 4 mrn crystal bicone brach Stringie the Nacklaer

2 erling silvor Ionndepp.) ear

1. Onen you've creaced all rhcb4h, placr Mem in soingpage 135. ing onder according o he photo

[leer nylon Ineeding card, us diemeter

.ring 1 fi g. 2 2. Lhe the boading wire olive 4 mos bead. I rtimp bcad, and I olive 4 nm bead. IsI

— eftA

Scinnom Clmin-nose

wire rhrough arm or the surshaped hole of the olive 3 mm bell. And pa6 Lack out through 811 Adielntilg holg - Pa6 hark

through dte bcads streng in This srep (figtirc 21.

• IneretrtLro. 1. hlakc 2 olive 4 rrim ovircn halh (Allowing ‚lt, innrer , rintopagcs136nd7.

Mon z16 boo,J,00Mn hell can movc frccly. Crirop rhe crinip botd. Trirn any nvecss wire. 3. Swing the tmoky tope AR 3 nun ball onro der bead• oppreitc 66Ins wirc so Mt tvi6 pa6es theaugh

small hole why thnough 2. Nide 1 bog onro oho mode by rhc Irre nyloo cords imnrains bcrwrcn brads and out thieugh oho hole on the oppobitcsido

Magert Indes. String 1 smoky ropae.513 3 min hold. 4. Co ...o .4,, 'g So bell. A, you string, always folloor 6ch 113 wich a inerching rd« and skr ciye , 1.00 00 chist Ihr I.C111101. 031VeiahTunaretwo

3. the oh 10.000 plicrs ro maler a small h6)k ar the rod of the .0, 00,0 (lIgurr 3) and dick Ehe hell hock down so eine of dm nylno 000d0 000d000 on rhc hon),

fig. 3

6 mm bold WI) has olive 6 mm brat', on roch side of ir. And there no spaccr bcad bcbreco rhc p6irlesceiti fhce.ert bead bell and Mn toper AB ball. 5. Adiusr lt AAnging so ihn all of ihr sNecr Ixe& are nettled nicely lxnwen Mo wovon ballt.

4., 4. Repeaz ecps 2 and 3 ro malre the second <Pein,

6. 5rring I olive 4 rnm hind, I crimp bead. and 16 011 ,6 3 nim brads. Pau hark homigh oho crimp bend And 4 mm bted to mak= a beaded loop. lo,o In hi6ds, etimp rhe crimp beul. and 010 7 0000,00 . . 7. Usr chain-nose plicrs ro place crimp bead 00 000 thc ednips, if dethed.

e„i, ,

Beading with Crystals  

How to make beautiful jewelry.

Beading with Crystals  

How to make beautiful jewelry.