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Now living in Brooklyn is Jovita Young Geraci; her husband Robert is a professor at Manhattan College. In addition to her son, Zion, they have a daughter, Liel Chanah-Siduri Geraci, who was born at home November 7, 2005. There are tons of pictures of both up on their website: www.



 Sonya and Bill

Henricks moved back to Lake Forest. They were expecting a special delivery in mid-January. After Zach Story and Elizabeth Hieronymus married in April, they did some soul-searching about what was right for their life together: “While I love the people in Ohio, the winters were starting to wear on me. We both knew that we wanted to be more active in our daily lives, so we decided to work in the fitness industry. Thus, we quit our jobs, rented out the house in Gambier, and moved out to LA (where my parents are) to start anew. Things are going great! We both got jobs as personal trainers at Spectrum, a super gym just 10 minutes from where we are living. We’ve been spending time at the gym, getting to know the people and facilities, and official training started February 17. We’re taking classes from UCLA, working towards our certificate program in Fitness Instruction. We are also busy studying for the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) exam in April.”

 Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Madden (bride is Elizabeth Munzig) surrounded by the Munzig clan: Kate CdeP 1992 and Eric Dachs CdeP 1994 with Charlotte, Rachel ’06, Judy and Tom, Margaret “Moey” Osborn (Peter’s fiancée), Peter CdeP 1999, and Charlie CdeP ’03.

 Brian Bennett

Alexia Allen Stevens is enjoying her new fourfooted baby, an 11-yearold Bashkir Curly mare, a breed noted for its steady temperament. They ride bareback for hours on trails through the forest and down to the gas station to get the Sunday paper! Pictured here in December 2005 are Adrian CdeP 1999, Paula, and Alexia Allen in Belvedere, CA.

married Anne Tsai Bennett on February 19, 2005 at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA. The newlyweds are living in Washington, DC and have set up house in a hundred-year-old brownstone apartment building. They are busy with careers, Brian still with TIME and Anne with the National Democratic Institute, promoting democracy in countries around the world. You can often see Brian on TV, either on CNN or Fox News and others. He continues to cover Iraq as well as lots of other interesting stories; they were both on campus in January to talk about his career and put up a photo display on Iraq in the new Commons. Nate and Rika Howe Toll are getting used to their life in the desert of New Mexico. Nate works at Sandia National Labs and Rika is teaching K-1 at a charter school there. They are six months pregnant and are excited to meet their new bambito around June 14.

1995 Will Reniers is eagerly awaiting acceptance to the design school at California College of Art in San Francisco.

Amanda Johnson is back in Ventura for the time being, working at Barber Motors by the mall to save some money for going back to school. She volunteers tutoring English to people who speak very little, none, or just want to practice. In March she left for Florence, Italy, to take an intensive TESOL program through the Trinity College in Britain: “Hopefully I will be returning to Europe indefinitely to teach English and pursue an Art History Master’s degree. If you’re in the area I’d love to hear from you!”

Janelle Pietrzak graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA with an AA in Apparel Manufacturing in December, her third undergraduate degree! Ryan Foster is completing a business degree in tourism management in Vancouver, while continuing his mountaineering interests (recently climbing Mt. Combatant—third highest in the Waddington range) and operating an Adventure Experience business at the Foster Ranch (check it out:

 Rachel Werlin became Mrs. Lance J. T. Schum-

acher on November 5, 2005. Both Rachel and Lance are practicing law.

Jack Brown will be teaching at the University of Washington (State). 

1997 Daniel Lancefield is progressing at UCSF Medical School and is midway through his second year.  Maria became Mrs.

Ryan Kurlinski on July 9, 2005 in Brooklyn, NY. They continue to pursue graduate studies in Pittsburgh.

 Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Boswell (Cherilyn) at their May 22, 2005 wedding; also pictured are his parents Jim CdeP 1970 and Suzanne, Liz, Kate, and Dan.  Jessica Sawyer (left, with sister Sarah CdeP 1999) finished her Teach for America commitment in 2004, but stayed on for another year at Lynwood High School. This summer, however, she moved to Animo High School, a public charter school in Venice. She’s really enjoying teaching environmental science and living only a five-minute walk from her classroom. She also moved from her UCLA Rugby Club to the Santa Monica Rugby Club’s new women’s squad when the former went intercollegiate and had to say good-bye to its non-Bruin players. She earned her rugby coach certification, as well.

According to her mother, Hallie Gordon has a flat in Notting Hill in London and has begun a doctorate program this year. In her spare time, she’s writing a novel.

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