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Peter Pan

Neverland Comes to Thacher


hacher’s Performing Arts Program soared into the future this spring with three dazzling performances of Peter Pan that brought parents, alumni, and Trustees to campus. Presented by the Thacher Masquers and debuting the School’s brand-new theatre, the performances marked a major milestone in Thacher’s capital campaign and in the School’s 100-years-plus tradition of performing arts.

Peter Pan Cast

Caitlin Wyman ’06 Douglas Land ’08 Annie Sawyer ’08 Ariel Wang ’06 Martha Gregory ’06 Aubrey Wynn ’06 Ian Boneysteele ’06 Isabel White ’06 Nick Brownell ’06 Cameron Kemp ’09 Martha Gregory ’06 Lucy Bosche ’07 Lilly Heilveil ’07 Julia Fiske ’07 (Curly), Alex Kaneko ’08 (Nibs), Amanda Nonomura ’06 (Twin 1), Ethan Nonomura ’08 (Twin 2), Kathryn Padgett ’07 (Slightly), Alessandra Waste ’08 (Tootles) Indians Heather Back ’07, Olivea Callender-Scott ’07, Alina Everett ’08, Lilly Heilveil ’07, Victoria Lowe ’08, Jenny Morrill ’06, Barrie Sterling ’07, and Aubrey Wynn ’06 Pirates Jedidah Harris ’07 (Jukes), Catherine Robinson ’06 (Noodler), Alex Dotson ’07 (Cecco), Lucy Phillips ’08 (Starkey), Ian Boneysteele ’06, Jeffrey Chen ’08, Lauren Church ’06, Matt Eilar ’08, and Emmo Gates ’08

Wendy John Liza Michael Nana Mrs. Darling Mr. Darling Peter Pan Captain Hook Smee Crocodile Tiger Lilly Jane Lost Boys

The production, which involved nearly one-third of the student body (30 actors, 20 stage hands, and 20 musicians), showcased a talented cast, six of whom were clipped onto cables and sent flying to Neverland and back again. Guiding cast and crew through the months of preparation were directors Sandy Jensen (drama), Greg Haggard (music), Gallia Vickery (choreography), and Claire Kendrick CdeP 1999 (tech). To bring James Barrie’s story to life, elaborate sets were transported from Louisville, KY, and reconstructed on stage; flying coaches from Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby’s company ZFX spent four days teaching the actors (and their burly behindthe-scenes counterparts) to fly; and all but a few costumes were designed and made by students and community members.

The Orchestra Dan Willard (concertmaster, clarinet), Liz Watts (violin), Paula Moraga (violin), Celia Moraga (oboe, English horn), Jack Perr (trumpet), Noah Trescop (cello), Katy Bartzokis ’09 (harp), Alice Blayney ’09 (violin), Morgan Brown ’06 (bass), Yeda Choi ’08 (flute), Kaja Johnson ’06 (violin), Logan Kroloff ’08 (trombone), Alex Min ’07 (flute), Julia Oh ’06 (piano), Will Sturgeon ’08 (drums), and Chuck Warren (trombone)

Master Crew Head Techie and Sound Board Peter Thom ’06 Stage Manager Kaggie Orrick ’06 Assistant Director Leslie Sligh ’07 Chris Gordon ’07 Light Board Operator Fly Captain Eliza Cope ’07 Wardrobe Master Amanda Nonomura ’06 Jo Kingery ’06 Props Master Spotlight Operators James Burton ’07, Nick Wiltsie ’06

Costume Crew Kendra Carter ’09, Eliza Childs ’09, ­Elizabeth Knutsen ’07, Abby Volkman ’08, Alessandra Waste ’08, and Connie Zhang ’08.

Flying Crew

Hair and Make-up

Ted Brown ’06, Quinn Hacker ’07, Nick ­H ubbard ’07, Andrew Jordan ’07, William ­Peterson ’08, and Drew Smith ’06

Adri Ryberg ’06, Kelly Singco ’06, and Elizabeth Woolf-Willis ’07

Stage Crew Jack Eastburn ’08, Bruno Ferrari ’08, ­Alexander Krey ’07, Sam Lino ’07, John Neville ’08, Adri Ryberg ’06, and Ruth Sawyer ’06

12 The Thacher News

by Christopher J. Land and Jane D. McCarthy

Crew Director Sandy Jensen Musical Director Greg Haggard Choreographer Gallia Vickery Technical Director Claire Kendrick CdeP 1999

Not to be upstaged was the venue itself, with its striking design features, impressive acoustics, and comfortable seating for 450. The performing arts at Thacher have never had such a home. Sherman

Fall 2005 - Winter 2006  
Fall 2005 - Winter 2006