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Building a life story.


ecently I was speaking with a member of our Board of Trustees. As we were comparing leadership challenges, the board member used a phrase that really caught my attention. She started to talk about the importance of a life story. She was emphasizing the significance of what her family, employees, and friends will say about her character and actions when her life comes to an end. “Life story”…these two words really do capture a remarkable concept. You see, our life stories are just that, stories of our entire lives. This concept doesn’t simply capture a particularly good moment in our lives nor does it capture a single difficult time in our lives. Our life stories encompass the entirety of our lives, from birth to death. At Toccoa Falls College, we clearly understand our tremendous responsibility. We have hundreds of students we interact with every day who are developing their own life stories and they are counting on us to give them guidance and even provide a source of courage to forge ahead. At TFC we have a wonderful opportunity to help develop and even change our students’ life stories each and every day. It’s never too late to guide our students on a biblical path that will create happy endings to their stories. We want to do everything in our power to help our students create their own “best seller.” We live in a culture that doesn’t focus on biblical principles. For our students, it’s easy to get caught up in expectations of the world. Most research agrees that each of us is exposed to about 3,000 advertising messages daily. Most of these ads are focused on persuasion in a postmodern culture reflecting that worldview. It is no wonder that students today can find their life stories start to drift from a Christ-centered emphasis. We live in a world that often favors behaviors that go against God’s teachings. We see many folks working extremely long days to earn more money while ignoring families, forgetting biblical principles when making decisions, not taking time each day to listen to God’s prompting, forgetting the importance of being 2 l connections FALL 2012

a part of the local church, omitting Bible reading from their lives, and the list could go on. When we say that at Toccoa Falls College we “Build Character With Intellect,” we are really talking about building a foundation for our students’ life stories. We want to build a foundation that will be rich with God’s blessings. Our students’ time at TFC gives everyone in our college community the opportunity to help advance these wonderful student life stories using biblical principles of scripture, truth, wisdom, and service. We take our mission seriously and understand the vital importance of providing solid academics while impacting student lives for Christ. The Bible clearly gives us warning about building our life story. In Mark, chapter 8, we are cautioned, “What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” God was clearly talking to each of us about the importance of our life story and how we must build on biblical foundations for these stories to have the best possible outcome. I am confident you would agree that between the partnerships of faculty, staff, parents, churches, and students, we all want “best seller” stories for others to read that depict student lives richly blessed by God. If we are able to impact student lives in this way, we have been successful, and the education was truly of value.

Dr. Robert M. Myers President

connections About the Cover The cover features the inauguration of Toccoa Falls College’s seventh president, Dr. Robert M. Myers, on Thursday, October 11, 2012. Students surrounding the president are (from left): Lindsay Burkard, Jessie Brewer, Nancy Thao, Tahd Adams, Colin Winslette, Ponyar Thao.


Inauguration of New President



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by Shannon Howard Mitchell


Volume 26, No. 2

Connections magazine is published twice a year by Toccoa Falls College to update and inform alumni, donors, and friends, as well as, communicate the mission of the college. President Dr. ROBERT M. MYERS Director for Alumni and College Relations Sharon Sanderson (1971) Assistant Director for Alumni and College Relations Deborah Wilkes (1995)

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Inauguration new

Mr. John Allen, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Toccoa Falls College Presidents: Dr. Wayne Gardner (2004-2011), Dr. Robert Myers (2012), and Dr. Paul Alford (1979-2000). 4 l connections FALL 2012

On October 11, 2012, Toccoa Falls College inaugurated its newly appointed president. However, the road to this ceremony was not easy. After two extensive searches, the school declared Dr. Robert M. Myers—now affectionately referred to as “Dr. Bob” by the student body—as the new president late last spring. As Chairman of the Board of Toccoa Falls College, John Allen relayed a bit of that process. After narrowing the sixty applications down to fifteen and eventually just the top five candidates, he said of Dr. Myers, “Over the course of the interviews Dr. Myers rose to prominence as the foremost choice among the entire selection committee.” Mr. Allen went on to point out that, entirely separate from the committee’s choice, the President’s Cabinet had also selected Dr. Myers as their primary candidate. With the blessing of the selection committee and the President’s Cabinet, Dr. Robert Myers was hired and has been serving the college as the official president since early this summer. His official inauguration, however, was delayed until October, nearly three months into the fall semester. This wait allowed for the inauguration service to coincide with homecoming week when many of the school’s alumni return to Toccoa Falls College to visit their alma mater. In addition to the numerous alumni in town, the list of guest speakers present at the service itself ranged from the president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Dr. Gary Benedict, to the president of the Student Government Association, Alex Merritt, and the Mayor of the City of Toccoa, Dr. David Austin, along with many other esteemed guests. Accompanied by a joyous piano and trumpet processional, the presidential party made its way down the center aisle of Grace Chapel behind the American and Christian flags followed by the various speakers of the night, members of the faculty and staff, the board of trustees, and representatives of the college’s Student Government, with many dressed in their respective higher education regalia to mark the formality of the occasion. Each speaker then took their turn addressing both the new president and Toccoa Falls College, while choral performances were interspersed between the various addresses. The speakers’ content ranged from dignified, characterized perfectly by

of the

President Chairman John Allen’s official installation of the president, to humorous, with SGA President Alex Merritt pointing out Dr. Myers’ years of service as a police officer, his status as a black belt, and that he is trained in the use of a polygraph— surmising that Dr. Myers must be “G.I. Joe.” Regardless of tone, each congratulated and welcomed the President with open arms as a leader, a friend, and a member of the greater Toccoa Falls family, joyfully embracing his “Dr. Bob” label. The College’s previous president, Dr. W. Wayne Gardner, did the presentation of the President’s Medallion, an ornament worn by every Toccoa Falls President at official occasions, including TFC’s founder, Dr. R. A. Forrest. The medallion features a shield on which the iconic Toccoa Falls are displayed as well as the school’s motto, “Where Character is Developed With Intellect.” In his inaugural speech, Dr. Myers dedicated much of his time explaining his personal definition of that motto. “Our focus must now shift to the future...” he explained. “In 1907 I believe that most folks understood that developing character meant developing Christian character, but in 2012 we cannot make that same assumption.” He went on to define the kind of character that Toccoa Falls College will continue to strive to develop in its students as based upon “scripture, truth, wisdom, and service,” expounding upon each of those core tenets. With this definition in hand, Dr. Myers then set out to explore his vision for TFC’s future, “In my mind I can clearly see a college that demands academic excellence while building Christian character.” Closing out the night, the pastor of the local Christian and Missionary Alliance church, Dr. Scott Borderud, gave a final benediction, quoting from The Psalms, chapter twenty, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.” After a one hundred and seven year lifespan, Toccoa Falls has only been presided over by six presidents. With a final recessional, Toccoa Falls College welcomed Dr. Robert “Bob” Myers as the seventh man to join their ranks. Jacob Raynor

Top: Dr. and Mrs. Myers with particpants of the program. Middle Left: Dr. Michael Noel, District Superintendent of theSouth Atlantic District of the C&MA. Middle Right: Dr. David Austin, Mayor of Toccoa. Bottom: Dr. Myers greets future alum of Toccoa Falls College.

FALL 2012 l 5


New book published by TFC graduate.

Jessica Khoury (2010)

6 l connections FALL 2012

“The story started with an image of a girl trapped by glass walls in a rainforest.” This was the guiding vision of what would become Origin, the first novel published by Toccoa Falls College graduate Jessica Khoury. After unsuccessful attempts at finding a publisher for an early fantasy novel she had written, Khoury found fresh inspiration while on a walk in the hot, humid Georgia air. Her surroundings brought to mind a rainforest, and from this idea came Pia, the girl trapped in a glass cage. Khoury rushed back home to write down the story of this mysterious girl who had suddenly appeared in her mind. Amazingly, in just one month of continual writing, what had begun as a single picture in her mind transformed into a full-blown novel. She had to make herself write at least two thousand words a day to achieve this feat. From that point, she began her editing process and eventually found a publisher, Penguin Books. Finally, she was there. Khoury was ecstatic, “All my life, since I was four years old, I’ve dreamed of becoming a real author.” Jessica achieved her dream. She published her first book this year, a science fiction novel aimed at young adults. The novel focuses on the life of a young girl, Pia, raised in the Amazon Rainforest. Pia is a genetically engineered immortal, but her whole life has been spent in seclusion, locked away in a secret laboratory deep in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. She has no contact with the outside world and is unable to understand her purpose. Upon finding a breach in the compound’s fence, she is able to escape her captivity and begin her search for who she is and why she exists. She also manages to find love along the way in the form of a young boy her own age, a native of the jungles. While her novel is not overtly Christian, the themes presented in the book flow out of Khoury’s own thoughts on the Christian life. “It’s not Christian fiction, but definitely my faith influenced the telling of the story. The theme of immortality itself is something that has always been

something I’ve thought about; it’s something that’s always been a part of my life. As Christians it’s something that we prepare for; it’s something that we look forward to. That was one of the reasons I wanted to approach the theme of immortality in my book and ask some questions about it, looking at it from a standpoint where you don’t have that Christian worldview. What are your feelings about it? Although there’s no overtly Christian storyline . . . I have had readers come back and ask me about my faith because of something they read in the book.” The fact that her book, which is aimed at a young adult audience, leads her readers to ask those sorts of questions is very important, according to Khoury. As a young adult novel, the book is somewhat of an oddity for the genre. Many authors have been taking the route of writing series of three or more books, but Khoury specifically chose to limit the story of Pia to one book. For Khoury the story unfolded naturally, and she didn’t want to artificially extend its life when “the story felt so complete” as it stood. Instead she chose to write her next book, not as a sequel, but as an extension of Origin. The new manuscript, which has already been given the green light by her publisher, is set in the same universe as Origin but deals with a new story. By choosing to write her next novel within the same universe, but as a separate and self-contained story, she has separated herself from the current trend built around trilogies and series. With a new story comes a new set of characters and a new writing experience that is “a whole different animal.” Before being published, she had to answer to no one about her writing, but she was also unsure of the actuality of being able to release her book to the public. Now she has the support of her agent and an editor, but she also has to make sure that her publisher likes her writing as she writes it. She explains, that “there are more people giving their opinions before the book is even started.” Still, even with the added pressure and difficulty, Khoury contends that the experience is no less enjoyable, just different. After having gone through the ordeal of becoming published, Jessica had a few words to help aspiring authors. “The most important thing you can have as a writer is life experiences.” She went on to encourage a wide base of reading and study. “It definitely helps to have an education, to take classes on writing, to learn as much as you can about the craft. As an English major I took many classes

where we studied literature, and writing, and authors. A lot of that is so helpful in writing.” Additionally, Khoury highly advocates practice in submitting work, a big part of what she believes to have been instrumental in her growing experience as an author. “The Advanced Composition class was great because it was the first time I actually had to submit anything to anybody, and it was very helpful.” Khoury also indicates that Toccoa Falls itself helped a great deal in getting her to where she is today. “When I was here, I was a part of Dr. Williams “Inklings” club which would meet and talk about our writing and help each other.” Here Khoury is referencing a writing club headed up by one of the school’s resident professors. “Inklings,” the name of the club, is in honor of the group of literary enthusiasts including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, the authors of the The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings series, respectively. Both of these authors serve as areas of expertise for Dr. Williams, the professor who heads up Toccoa Falls’ version of the “Inklings.” The school has also invited Khoury to speak at chapel for the whole school, as well as an English class chapel. She goes on to describe the continuing support that she receives from TFC. “Everyone here has been so gracious, and we had a bunch of students come out to the launch party. I’ve been so privileged at how everyone at TFC has been reaching out to me and wanting to get involved and help promote the book.” Khoury hosted her launch party at a local bookstore in downtown Toccoa, where she grew up. While Jessica is still a resident of Toccoa, many things have changed since she became published. When asked about how these changes have affected her life, Khoury summed it all up in a single word: “dramatically.” Suddenly she could write full time, promote her new book, travel, and meet other authors. “My workday consists of books and writing, and I love it. I love it so much. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people.” She smiles and continues, “It’s been a dream come true . . . it’s everything I’ve hoped for and more.” If you want to learn the secret of Pia’s immortality and how she comes to grips with her confusing nature, you can pick up your very own copy of Origin in physical or electronic form through online vendors or at your local bookstore. Jacob Raynor

FALL 2012 l 7


Where the journey began HOMECOMING 2012

Friday Events

The Homecoming “Army.” These ladies put in many hours of hard work into making this Homecoming a success.

Guy Wasko (2000) was this year’s Homecoming chapel speaker on Friday.

The annual Homecoming Golf Classic began Friday at 10:30 a.m. at Apple Mountain Resort and Golf Club in Clarkesville, Georgia. 8 l connections FALL 2012

“Remember when . . .?”

The Homecoming theme was “Where the Journey Began,” focusing on how each path taken by alumni started at Toccoa Falls Institute or College. The Lord has used this place as a training ground and a ministerial springboard to launch thousands of alumni into hundreds of cities, states, and continents armed with the gospel and redemptive message of God’s love and saving grace. Throughout the weekend we heard stories from many alumni who followed God’s roadmap for their lives and thus experienced His abundant blessing along the way. From lifelong missionaries to teachers to counselors to musicians who left here just a couple of years ago, they expressed joy as they witnessed how the Lord directed their steps and then blessed them with abundant fruits of their labor. Toccoa Falls College remains a very special place—hallowed ground, if you will—whose legacy and heritage will be preserved for future generations.

The ever-popular Ice Cream Social (above, right) is a great place to renew friendships and make new friends. This year the social was held outdoors in the tent set up for the afternoon picnic (above, left).

The crowning of the Homecoming Queen took place following the Friday night basketball game.

Connie (Diehl, 1973)Bartmas and Deborah (Harding, 1995) Wilkes.

FALL 2012 l 9

The annual Alumni Breakfast featured the reunion classes ending in “2” and “7.” Certificates were presented to the 50th year reunion classes.

Mrs. Nancy Hyndman demonstrates how to spin wool at the all new Arts and Crafts Fair on the front porch of the Gathany Nature Center. 10 l connections FALL 2012

Saturday Events

Early morning 5K Run.

The Homecoming Parade, organized by the Student Governement Association, is a popular event.

The Rubber Ducky Race for the young and young at heart. The Class of 1962 sponsored the Senior Class Reception where alumni welcomed rising alumni into the association.

Beautiful Gate Cottage Restaurant was filled with high school/academy alumni who gathered for lunch and an “open mike� session to share memories.

A full day ended with the Homecoming Concert followed by an After Concert Dessert in the Coffee Shop, sponsored by Student Government.

Sunday Morning

Dr. Tom Council (1983) directed the College Choir. Mrs. Janet (Lewis, HS 1962) Webb shared in the Sunday morning Alumni Testimony Chapel held in Williams Chapel.

More Homecoming photos in the Alumni Updates section. FALL 2012 l 11

TFC News Briefs of Spiritual Formation. He is a native of New Hampshire who first moved to the south in the fall of 1995. Having graduated from Montreat College with a B.S. in Outdoor Education (1999), Dr. Steve returned to Montreat College in 2003 to serve first as an RD and later as the college chaplain. In his role as chaplain at Montreat College, Dr. Steve was charged with the primary responsibility of fostering the spiritual Jason Mehl Named Athletic development of each student through the chapel program, student ministries, Director mentoring, and pastoral counseling. In Toccoa Falls College professor and addition, he was head of the Pastoral alumnus Jason Mehl has accepted the Ministries concentration teaching in the position of Athletic Director, as well as areas of homiletics, hermeneutics, and the men’s head basketball coach. New Testament. Jason and his wife Louise have two In addition to his work as Director children. They moved to Toccoa in the fall of 2009 after serving on the mission of Spiritual Formation here at Toccoa Falls College, Dr. Steve also serves on field in Uganda for five and a half years. staff with the Billy Graham Evangelistic During that time, he taught freshman Association at The Cove Training Center writing, literature and creative writing; as Pastor in Residence. He is married to coached the UCU men’s and Women’s his college sweetheart Carrie, and they basketball teams for four seasons and have three young boys: Luke, Andrew, and won two East Africa University game Zachary. championships. He also coached the Uganda National Team in three New Faculty Members at international tournaments and served TFC as an executive member of the Uganda Basketball Federation along with working Toccoa Falls College welcomes on board four new faculty members this fall of the as the UCU Athletic Director. 2012-2013 academic year.

Dr. Steve Woodworth Joins Professor Ernie DeWitt, Instructor of Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness TFC Faculty Medicine Dr. Steve Woodworth has joined the Toccoa Falls College faculty as Director 12 l connections FALL 2012

Professor Carrie Ryan, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education Dr. Donald Shepson, III, Associate Professor of Christian Education (not pictured)

Professor Jeffrey Williams, International Worker in Residence. TFC Students Serve in Toccoa

On August 24 and 25, new students at Toccoa Falls College dedicated their time to serving the community of Toccoa. The community projects team at the college planned various events in the local

area that allowed the “new-to-Toccoa” students an opportunity to receive the blessing of both partnership and service to citizens of Stephens County. Students participated in giving flowers to the elderly at the local nursing home, hosting a block party at the Boys and Girls Club, adopting three local families and doing yard work for them, volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, and doing cleaning projects at the Boys and Girls Club. TFC Named “Best in Southeast”

TFC Moves Up In the US Many undergrads choose Toccoa News College Rankings Falls College for its extensive required curriculum in the Bible and Christian theology, and “because it is one of the best schools for missions in the United States,” preparing students who plan to pursue careers in missionary service. Whether teaching religious subject matter or traditional academics, “Professors are qualified, entertaining and enlightening.” Dr. Jon Penland Named Dean

Toccoa Falls College was recognized by another media outlet for its dedication to quality academics. For the second straight year, Toccoa Falls College has increased its standing in the US News and World Report college rankings. The college moved up 3 spots from last year’s rankings for Best Regional Colleges. TFC placed 35th out of the 105 schools that were ranked in the south region and 3rd in the state of Georgia. “We are thrilled that US News and Dr. Jonathan (Jon) Penland has been Toccoa Falls College is one of the best World Report has again recognized Toccoa named Dean of the School of Christian colleges in the Southeast according to Falls College as one of the best colleges the nationally known education services Ministries. He received his B.A. in in the Southeast. Our talented faculty, Theology from Toccoa Falls College, company, The Princeton Review. It is caring staff, wonderful athletic programs, his M.A. in Intercultural Studies from one of 136 institutions The Princeton focus on a solid Christian worldview, Columbia International University, and Review recommends in its “Best in and 1,100 acre picturesque campus make his Ph.D. in Adult Education from the the Southeast” section of its website University of Georgia and is completing a this a wonderful college experience for feature, “2013 Best Colleges: Region by Region,” that posted August 20, 2012, on second Ph.D. from UGA in Anthropology. students,” stated new president Dr. Robert Myers. Dr. Penland joined the Toccoa Falls US News and World Report considered College faculty in 2000 after serving The Princeton Review asked students various factors for determining the 13 years in the Dominican Republic attending to rate the school on several rankings including peer assessment as an instructor in the Leadership issues — from the accessibility of their Development Program for the Dominican scores, high school counselors’ ratings, professors to quality of the campus graduation and retention rates, faculty Alliance and director for Dominican food — and answer questions about resources, student selectivity, financial Alliance Associates. themselves, their fellow students, and resources, and alumni support. He is published in the Manual for their campus life. Student comments said Toccoa Falls College is a Christian college Ministry Internship and has written book reviews for the journal, Missiology. He “committed to building character with intellect.” Others said their school excels is fluent in Spanish. While at TFC, at “teaching men and women to become he has assisted in the design and professionals in several fields in order to implementation of a major in CrossCultural Adult Education and a minor in facilitate the spreading of the Gospel of Sustainable Development. Christ.” FALL 2012 l 13

e-learning computer students







training program


TFC: Online and Offline by Dr. Brian Shelton


Dr. Brian Shelton Vice President for Academic Affairs

14 l connections FALL 2012

he landscape of higher education is dramatically changing. Technological learning is being pitted against the brick-and-mortar campus. However, the beautiful landscape of Toccoa Falls College in Northeast Georgia is not changing. The internet is redefining the college experience, but our campus still hosts traditional chapels with communion and athletic events with cheering crowds. Our own online degree programs are growing appreciably, but our residential students still hike the thousand acres of college property. The academy rightly gives much attention to online education these days, but this academy still values the rich experiences that come with being offline, too. How does one navigate between the two “lines” that seem often difficult to intersect? In an age that demands more of our attention online, how do we ensure the blessings that come from being offline? When we are offline, how do we resist the pull to return back online? Certainly, the question of coping in life precedes the current information age. This question can be answered both personally and institutionally, both of which will be of interest to Connections readers. Personally, we all long for more freedom from demands, especially during the technological era. Expressions like 24/7, “live,” “synchronous,” and multi-tasking make us want to be unplugged, make us feel “cached out,” and rob us of what summer camp used to call “free time.” Just when online programs were advertising study at home in

your pajamas, the enterprise turned around to require a camera for distance education participation. The cry of the over-stimulated has always been for solitude, quiet, and peace. The Christian tradition has long known that silence and solitude are an important balance to the busy life. Jesus withdrew from the crowds for prayer. The prophet Habbakuk called for “all the world to be silent before the Lord” (2:20). The ancient monk Makarios the Great fled into a deserted place to live in silence when he found that he had been elected bishop. Ecclesiastes 3:7 identifies how there is “a time to speak, and a time to be silent.” In contemporary language, there is a time to be online and a time to be offline. On a personal level, we all must ensure certain experiences that come with being offline. This will never change. Institutionally, the college campus still appreciates handshakes and hugs, apologies in person, singing around a guitar, a passionate lecture by a qualified professor, a chapel speaker that calls us to the altar, and the words of the president, “I hereby declare you graduates of Toccoa Falls College. You may turn your tassel.” If the cry of the over-stimulated seeks solitude, quiet, and peace, then the prayer chapel at TFC testifies that this human need is alive and well. Business meetings still pause to open in prayer. Our chapels are opening this semester with a habit of silent prayer rather than the traditional inaugural song. The offline activities continue to define the TFC experience, and they are alive and well on campus. In this age like others before, we must inevitably return to the demands of life that now happen to be online. Balance and perspective then help us realize what so many young people realize with quite a bit of health and vitality: to be online or offline is not always so different. This is not necessarily a battle between obligation and freedom. In fact, for many, both solitude and fellowship, work and relaxation, come with being online. Many students read their iPads in solitude. Many type in silent dialog with non-Christians on the web as witness to the gospel. An encouraging note from a fellow believer can be awaiting us in our inbox. Prayers of Makarious can be downloaded to aid our spiritual life. In fact, this ancient monk even encourages us to pray out loud and to participate in community in a way that

sounds like it could work in an online setting. This is not a mixed signal or a downloading error, but it seems to offer wisdom in balance and perspective, wisdom in knowing and honoring God through all that we do—online or offline. Makarios writes, “When the body does any task, it should be completely occupied with the work . . . the soul should be totally concentrated on asking and on a loving movement to the Lord, not wandering and dispersed by its thoughts but with concentration waiting expectantly for Christ.” (Homily 33) This wisdom came to him when he returned from isolation to reconnect with his congregation that he realized he had wrongly deserted. The champion of silence got back online. In this world of dramatic and lightening speed change, some values never change. TFC is trying to meet the demands of the technological age, making them opportunities for good learning and campus experience. Rest assured we continue to promote offline experiences here on campus. There are hammocks hanging from the trees outside LeTourneau, a new weight room awaits the physically ambitious, and community living is expressed in dorm life, study groups, course projects, and campus entertainment. Meanwhile, professors are actively incorporating more electronic components in lecture and challenging students through electronic assignments. The campus daily uses an updated wireless system installed last year. We continue to profit from a technology grant for our campus computer hardware. Whether online or offline, the college continues the business of teaching, discipling, and service to the community. These values are permanently stored on the hard drive of the mission of the college. In the end, one must decide whether to spend any given hour online or offline. This is the landscape on which all of us dwell. Choose well, concentrate on any task online or off, and walk the line of media effectively in this day and age. Pray that we will make the right directional decisions in growing our online program alongside our residence programs. Perhaps consider taking or recommending an online class from one of our programs. And, if you want to share these thoughts with your next door neighbor or your friend on Skype, please know that this Connections article is available both in print material and on the web. FALL 2012 l 15

dear alumni and friends, Toccoa Falls College, celebrating 105 years! It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as, for example, 75, 100, or 150 years, or some other lovely round number, does it? But this is where we are this year at TFC. It’s been 105 years of training pastors, missionaries, Christian workers, teachers, counselors, and many other myriad of professionals. This is not the grand year in which we can tout the longevity of our existence, but this is indeed a grand year in which we can celebrate and exalt the faithfulness of our Lord.

I would encourage you to visit if you haven’t lately. It’s a wonderful reminder of the sovereignty of God in our lives. This college has been through so much, and it’s in our celebrations as well as our wounds that God is shaping it into what He wants it to be. The alumni board wants to thank each of you again for your faithfulness in giving to TFC. What a privilege it is to count yourself among those who have faithfully served before us and with us. Giving to the college allows many students the opportunity to create their own stories and to be a part of the history of But isn’t this just like our own lives? How many years do we tomorrow. Let’s continue to connect the past with the future actually celebrate a milestone year? It’s always nice to attend as we continue our support of the next 105 years of Toccoa an 80th birthday party or a 50th wedding anniversary, but in Falls College. reality, these milestones are few and far between. It is the day to day, month to month, and year to year living where we see Sincerely, the sovereignty of God working in our lives. It is these uncelebrated years where we live. And it is in this 105th year of existence of Toccoa Falls College where we trust Him for His perfect will and grand plan. How many decisions have been made in these 105 years that have shaped the culture of this treasured institution? As a third generation alum, I have many stories in the recesses of my memory told to me by grandparents, parents, and other family about their experiences here, and these stories are as diverse as there are people. Every one of us has a story from TFC, and it is in these stories that you can see the hand of God. He has used every president, professor, staff, student, and experience to make this college what it is today, and without you it would be a different place. So, in this 105th year of Toccoa Falls College, we celebrate you, our alumni, and thank you for the stories you have planted in the grounds of Toccoa Falls – those grounds that we all know so well.

16 l connections FALL 2012

Shannon (Howard, 1996) Mitchell President, TFAA

Alumni Updates 1940s

King (HS 1946, BC 1950) and Betty Elliott, 2095 Hwy A1A, Unit 4302, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937, hkelliott@aol. com

Effie (Hornberger, 1946) Sotack, 2415 Ruhland Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, rbredhead@aol. com



Joni (Cash, HS 1958) Day and Malcolm Cash Daryle (1955) and Lois Worley, 354 Scenic Dr, Toccoa, GA 30577,

Dick and Boonie (McIlrath, 1957) Nable, 819 Captain Kell Dr, Macon, GA 31204,

Bob (HS 1959) and Shirley (Ketron, HS 1958) Kirkpatrick, 1303 Parkway Dr, Perry, GA 31069, bobkirkpatrick@

Charles and Julia (Harden) Ridge (HS 1947), 826 Richland East Dr, Richland, MS 39218,

Dr. Myers chats with Bill and Betty (Stone, 1971) Weatherly.

William Outlaw (1961), 4141 W Courthouse Rd, Crewe, VA 23930

HS 1962 Class – Brenda Anderson Henke, Susan Dickson Patee, Connie Post-Sutton, and Janet Lewis Webb

Lloyd (1962) and Jacqueline (Bailey, 1961) Young (king & queen photo), 5225 Old Hixson Pike A-109, Hixson, TN 37343, jon1one@yahoo. com FALL 2012 l 17


Class of 1962 – George Patrick, Carol Roseberry Pierce, and David Overmoyer

Gail Steelman (1971), Louana (Hyre, 1971) Holton, and Lois Long (1972)

Marge Rupp, Mary McClure, and Dawn McClure Smith


Jose (1985) and Lidia Garrigo, 2097 East Phillips Pl, Centennial, CO 80122, jegarrigo@ Michael (1987) and Laura Stevens, 435 Highland Ave, Trucksville, PA 18708,

Dan (1972) and Dale (Ellington, HS 1969) Mills, 906 Riverview Dr, Elizabethton, TN 37643, Joyce Wiese Cape (former staff 1970-79) and her children – Larry (HS 1971, BC 1985), Jennie Harrell (HS 1976), and Mark (HS 1975)

Class of 1977 – (back row) Forrest Rich, Sharon Stumpf Morden, Gwen Walton Hartman, and Roy English (back row) Greg Brumbaugh, Steve Hartman, Ken Hazelton, and Ken Furl

Students represent Paradise Mountain Ministries in the parade.

alumni awards Alumna of the Year

Mrs. Janet (Lewis, HS 1962) Webb 18 l connections FALL 2012

Janet’s roots with Toccoa Falls Institute and College run deep, starting with her parents, Dean (1943) and Colista (Creel, HS 1942) Lewis. Her commitment to serve the Lord has taken her to three Central American countries, corporate America, and the political arena. Janet also has a heart for public service, serving on the Board of Ethics in Dunwoody, Georgia. She has served on the Toccoa Falls Trustee Board for over eight years and was recently elected as vice chair. She also currently serves as the trustee representative to the Toccoa Falls Alumni Association. Janet has two sons, Spencer and Chad and resides in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Jack (1988) and Stacy Stanley, 1705 Market St, Owings, MD 20736. Jack is currently serving as chaplain in the USAF based at Andrews AFB, but deployed to Southwest Asia. He recently had a Bible study published called

Dr. Paul Alford relaxes in one of the chairs sold by Gordon Swenson in the Arts and Crafts Fair. “Stand Strong: Spiritual Resiliency the Ephesians Way” that can be found on Amazon. jack@

city of Niagara Falls. romans.8.01@gmail. com


John Owens (1992), 2210 Linwood Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14305. John is currently a records specialist in the Niagara Falls School District. He is also the Minister of Prayer & Intercession at Destinations Life Fellowship in the inner-

Steve and Heather (Meeks) Preckel (1994), 10432 East Sheley Rd, Independence, MO 64052. Steve has continued his own business of painting and remodeling. Heather is a stay at home mom with their new one year old, Kaden. Their daughter attends The Daniel Academy. heatherpreckel@gmail. com

Abidan (1996) and Nicole (Shedd, 1994) Shah, 71 Cross Creek Ct, Henderson, NC 27537. Abidan is currently serving as the senior pastor at Clearview Baptist Church in Henderson, NC. They have had over 30 baptisms already this year! Nicole is also serving at Clearview by leading the women’s ministry. Abidan is also completing his Ph.D. from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in New Testament Textual Criticism. ashah22@ Scott (1998) and Erin (Smartnick) Uhlinger (1999), 307 W Henley St, Branson, MO 65616. Scott is currently the youth pastor at The River, a nondenominational church in Branson.

Up until Ken entered the ministry in 1978, he was a draftsman, painter, security officer, bus driver, and a concrete truck driver. He had studied structural engineering in Cleveland and participated in an apprenticeship program with an international engineering company in Ohio. Soon after graduating from Toccoa Falls College in 1977, he entered the pastorate, serving until 1999. That fall he shifted gears, focusing on estate planning and stewardship which he continues to this day. Ken is married to Cindy, a registered nurse, and they reside in Warren, Ohio. Their son Christopher graduated from TFC in 1998, and their daughter Lisa graduated in 2001.


Vera Natale was happy to have part of her family with her for Homecoming weekend.

Michael and Bethany (Soliven, 2003) Daly, 289 B Liko Lehua St, Hilo, HI 96720. Congratulations to Michael and Bethany on the birth of Cyanne

alumni awards Alumnus of the Year Rev. Kenneth H. Furl (1977) FALL 2012 l 19

Grace! Cyanne was born on December 26, 2011. Bethany is enjoying being a mom and working part-time as a graphic designer at KTA Super Stores. bethanyjoy77@yahoo. com Congratulations to Bruce Bonds and Katie Watts (2003)! They were married on June 13, 2012. bttrflybeaut@

Jonathan and MargaretAnn (Moore, 2005) Hopper are currently serving as houseparents at Eagle Ranch in Flowery Branch, GA. Eagle Ranch is a residential therapeutic program for children with behavioral problems. The goal of Eagle Ranch is to restore the family. Congratulations to Jonathan and MargaretAnn on the birth of Ayden Hudson! Ayden was born on January 21, 2012.

In Loving Memory David Hannah (1964) January 17, 2012 Doreene (Holdcraft, 1977) McCorkle February 15, 2012

Nate and Crystal (Samsa) Brown (2006), 215 Ella St, Smyrna, TN 37167, tfcdawg@gmail. com


Richard (HS 1945, BC 1949) and Genie (Shirley, HS 1945) Richey 20 l connections FALL 2012

Yeng Her (2012), 8195 Summerset Drive, Apt 8195F, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. Following graduation, Yeng started working at The Christian and Missionary Alliance headquarters in Colorado Springs as Ministry Assistant to the Director of the International Placement Office. yeherng@yahoo. com

William Hiram Heath (HS 1966) June 9, 2012 Bill Anderson (1978) June 17, 2012 June (Woodward, HS 1939) Powell July 7, 2012 Betty Ruth (Morris, HS 1940) Abercrombie August 6, 2012 Wilson Donehoo (1950) August 21, 2012 Katherine (Sheridan, 1940) Turner September 1, 2012 Joyce (Yergin, 1964) Taillon September 5, 2012

Ricky (2011) and Nicole Spaulding, 70 Baywood Dr, Bluffton, SC 29910, shotgunshell57@yahoo. com

Leon Gathany (1945) at the High School Luncheon.

alumni awards Alumni Service Award

Ruth (Tingley, HS 1945) Teer February 24, 2012

Scott Williams (HS 1971) October 1, 2012

Hmong Student Fellowship entry in the Homecoming Parade.

Richard and Genie lived separate lives for their first 78 years. Richard and his first wife, Stella Jean Morrison, were married by Dr. Richard A. Forrest in Williams Chapel. They served in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Gainesville, Georgia, and at Toccoa Falls College. His wife passed away in 2005 and the Lord brought his second Genie into his life. They had known each other since their school days at TFI, and were wed in October 2006. Genie is an accomplished violinist who traveled with Billy Graham crusades during his early ministry years. She played “twin fiddle� with the TV band of Hank Williams and has produced three CDs.

Gordon Swenson (1969) and Wayne Gardner (1969) catching up in front of Earl Hall.

2012 Homecoming Court.

Parade participants, Women in Ministry (WIM). Ruth Damron (HS 1957, BC 1961), Ruth (Woerner, HS 1946, BC 1950), and Mrs. Rebecca Damron (1955) attended the Homecoming picnic.

alumni awards

Head Coach, Selina (Nickerson, 1997) Slate, was named to the Eagle O’Fame in 1996 for her accomplishments as an athlete. Now she is also sharing in her coaching accomplishments by having this team inducted into the Eagle O’Fame. Teammates were: Angelynn (Warden, 2004) Ballew, Rachel Gross (2001), Brooke (Howlett, 2002) Hayward, Iris (Wigal, 2002) Hecock, Corrie (Gimbert, 1999) Hill, Megan (Henkenius, 2002) Kennedy, Heather (Brown, 2000) Long, Kristen Love (2000), Carmen (Bobo, 2001) Sutton, Mary Catherine Williams (1999), Christine (Hall, 2002) Willis, and Jill Zeger (2003). Jill was a 2010 inductee into the Eagle O’Fame.

Eagle O’Fame 1999 Lady Eagles Volleyball Team

Team managers and statisticians: Michelle Gross (2002), Jenny Weller (1999), and Chuck Bahl (2001) (Photo at left:) Athletic Director Jason Mehl, Volleyball Coach Selina Slate, Kenny Slate, Corrie (Gimbert) Hill, Angelynn (Warden) Ballew, and Jenny Weller

FALL 2012 l 21

STAYING CONNECTED If your address is not correct on the Connections address label, please provide us with your correct information.

n Please post the information in the Alumni E-Directory

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ n HS 19/20_____________ NAME (INCLUDE MAIDEN NAME)

n BC 19/20_____________

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SPOUSE NAME (INCLUDE MAIDEN NAME IF A TFC GRADUATE) n HS 19/20_____________

n BC 19/20_____________

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS PHONE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHILDREN (NAMES AND AGES) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FAMILY NEWS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL NEWS (RECENT MOVE, NEW JOB/CHURCH/MISSIONS ASSIGNMENT, PROMOTION, ANOTHER DEGREE, ETC.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS YOUR FUNNIEST MEMORY OF YOUR DEAN? (BE SURE TO TELL US WHO THAT WAS) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHERE DID YOU LIVE ON CAMPUS AS A FRESHMAN AND SENIOR? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please feel free to send us photographs and contact us at or by visiting the website at TOCCOA FALLS ALUMNI OFFICE •  PO BOX 800809 • TOCCOA FALLS, GA 30598 •  FAX: 706-282-6015


FALL 2012 l 23

President The Lord led Dr. Myers to Toccoa Falls College to take this institution to its next level by protecting and standing firm on the very biblical principles upon which our institution was founded. The principles of scripture, truth, wisdom, and service have been time-tested and time-honored at TFC and are as relevant today as they were in 1907. Toccoa Falls College Vision Statement Dr. Robert. M. Myers President

TFC Mission Statement

The mission of Toccoa Falls College is to glorify God through seeking and developing Christian servant leaders who will impact their world with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

Toccoa Falls College will be known as a premier Christian college that uniquely integrates Biblical Truth, Academic Excellence, and intentional Spiritual Formation within a caring, Christian community. “God has given us biblical truths that we must hold to no matter what this world says. This is what Toccoa Falls College is all about.” R.M. Myers “I believe in the mission of the college. When I read the college’s motto: Where Character is Developed with Intellect, I also think of ways that we can take this statement a step further and make our position even stronger. I want to see our mission become one of building Christian character.” R.M. Myers Naturally the administrative work of the college rests with the president and his cabinet composed of the following dean and vice presidents. They work in concert to establish and achieve the institutional goals set by the various departments.

President’s Cabinet

Mr. James Hansen Vice President Institutional Advancement

Mr. Gregg Schulte Vice President Business and Finance

Accrediting Agencies

24 l connections FALL 2012

Dr. Brian Shelton Vice President Academic Affairs

Mr. Lee Yowell Vice President Student Development

Mr. Dan Griffin Dean of Enrollment and Marketing

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. John W. Allen, Chair Mansfield, Ohio

Dr. C. David Markle Kennesaw, Georgia

Dr. Lantzia C. Thao Thornton, Colorado

Dr. Floyd R. Wheeler, Sr. New Castle, Delaware

Mr. Brian R. Bojo Rome, Georgia

Dr. Dwayne E. Mercer Oviedo, Florida

Mrs. Pat Heaton Timms Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. George Woerner Orange Beach, Alabama

Mr. Gary S. Davis Trinity, Florida

Mr. Charles V. Moseley Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Neil E. Veydt Spring Arbor, Michigan

Mr. Willie J. Woodruff, Jr. Toccoa, Georgia

Mrs. Debra D. Ferrell North Fort Myers, Florida

Dr. Michael D. Noel Charlotte, North Carolina

Mrs. Janet L. Webb, Vice Chair Dunwoody, Georgia

Mr. David A. Fugett Pensacola, Florida

Dr. Jeffery A. Norris, Secretary Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Mr. Charles R. Hughes, Jr. Orlando, Florida

Mrs. Sheila Ray Norcross, Georgia

Mr. Fred G. King Trussville, Alabama

Dr. David K. Smith Centerville, Ohio

Dr. Ray L. Kincaid has been involved with Toccoa Falls College for well over 29 years, serving as a trustee member, mentor to countless other trustees and administrators, and most recently as Chairman of the Board for over 12 years. Dr. Kincaid announced his retirement last fall; and in April 2012 Mr. John W. Allen was elected as his successor as Chairman of the Board.

Toccoa Falls College Foundation

BOARD OF ADVISORS Mr. Tim Ash Toccoa, Georgia

Mrs. Michelle Lamping Toccoa, Georgia

Dr. David Austin Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nable Macon, Georgia

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bean Clayton, Georgia

Mr. Cam Parker Toccoa, Georgia

Director Emeriti:

Mr. Ray Civitts Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. David Plaisted Toccoa, Georgia

Dr. R. Harold Mangham Kissimmee, Florida

Mrs. Sharon Crosby Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. John K. Taylor Toccoa, Georgia

Mrs. Alicia Groover Marietta, Georgia

Mr. Gordon Telford Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. Robert Hamby Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. Fred Watson Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. Ray Civitts Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. George H. Seifert, Vice Chair Rochester Hills, Michigan

Mr. Gary S. Davis, Chair Trinity, Florida

Mrs. Pat Heaton Timms Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. James Hansen Seneca, South Carolina

Mr. Gerald A. Townsend, Secretary Raleigh, North Carolina

Mr. Keith Harrod Raleigh, North Carolina Dr. Ray L. Kincaid Bucyrus, Ohio

Mr. James D. Gadd Mr. Gregg Schulte Loudon, Tennessee Westminster, South Carolina Mr. David Scott Atlanta, Georgia

ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. Shannon Mitchell (1996), President Charlotte, North Carolina

Mr. Virgil Adams (2001) Toccoa Falls, Georgia

Mrs. Eloise Griner (HS 1966, BC 1972) Toccoa, Georgia

Miss Brenda Ritchey (HS 1971, BC 1973), Vice President Mr. Andrew Beccue (2009) Mr. Jim Rich (2005) Toccoa, Georgia Gainesville, Georgia Braselton, Georgia Mrs. Carolyn Ballard (HS 1953, BC 1958), Secretary Toccoa, Georgia

Mr. Tim Beck (1988) Toccoa, Georgia

FALL 2012 l 25


26 l connections FALL 2012


FALL 2012 l 27

Donor Clubs 2011-2012 Founder’s Club

M/M Harvey E. Hoffman M/M Wade H. Houston Ms. Jane M. Hudson Founder’s Club members are distinguished by their exceptional M/M Robert C. Hunter M/M David L. Irvin leadership in support of the college through gifts of $1,000 or M/M Douglas W. Ivester Mrs. Clara R. James more. M/M John C. Jeffers M/M Larry F. Johnson M/M Richard F. Albright Mr. Franklin C. Johnston Mr. John W. Allen M/M David A. Jones Ms. G. Gayle Babb M/M Joshua Robert Josef Mr. Victor Babson, Sr. Ms. Jeon-yi Kim M/M Terrel D. Ballenger D/M Ray L. Kincaid M/M Richard Bartmas, Jr. R/M Fred G. King M/M Ron Beck Ms. Judith King Dr. Barbara K. Bellefeuille M/M Verlin W. King M/M William P. Bezanson M/M James Kirkwood M/M Rodney Black M/M John R. Kreiter M/M Melvin L. Blowers M/M Edwin J. Lacy Dr. Kenneth W. Borland, Jr. Ms. Marijo Lamb M/M Stephen J. Bovy Mrs. Lorraine G. Lambert M/M John Archie Bowling D/M Philip M. Lawrence M/M Brian R. Bradley Ms. Tamar Leemkuil Mrs. Muriel N. Brooking * M/M Terry L. Lemley M/M Stanley H. Brown M/M John E. Loggins M/M Roy W. Bruner M/M Joseph B. London Ms. Carol Burnette D/M James T. Lyons M/M David R. Burton Mr. James Allen Carmichael, Jr. M/M Greg Mabry Mrs. Carol Maddox Mrs. Joyce B. Carpenter D/M R. Harold Mangham, Sr. Rev. Malcolm B. Cash D/M C. David Markle Mrs. Bettye Ann Catron Mr. Larry Marler Mrs. Gail S. Cheek M/M Michael Terry Martin M/M David A. Clark Mr. George Mathis M/M Everett J. Clocker Rev. Evan L. McDirmit Mrs. Tamrith Cochran Mrs. Linda McGugan D/M Thomas M. Council M/M Brian E. McNeill Ms. Mary Linda Criswell Ms. Elmire Mende Mrs. Mary D’Amico Mrs. Constance M. Miller M/M James J. Dalton Capt. Laura Omer Miller Miss Ruth E. Damron Mrs. Shannon N. Mitchell M/M C. I. (Jack) DeLany, Jr. M/M Scott Moore M/M David D. Diehl M/M Charles Vance Moseley M/M Phil Drake Mrs. Janie C. Mullikin M/M Elmo Duke D/M Raymond E. Murray M/M Levern Dye M/M Oliver A. Nealy Ms. Joy E. Eastling Mr. Todd K. Neff M/M Bobby A. Eavenson R/M Michael D. Noel M/M Jimmy Echols D/M Jeffery A. Norris D/M Gary Stephen Elkins M/M Joseph G. Oberstar M/M Douglas E. Epps Ms. Mary Elizabeth Odom Ms. Kay P. Evans M/M W. Ronald Paradise M/M Hal R. Fetterman M/M James W. Patterson M/M M. Ragan Fikes Mrs. Rose C. Paul Mrs. Mary A. Flanders Mr. George Peppers M/M Darrell Fledderjohann Mrs. Dorothy S. Pierce Mr. Richard L. Fortune * Mrs. Miriam Piper Mr. Nathanael Fouts M/M David V. Plaisted Dr. L. Ruth Frederick M/M Ralph Prescott M/M Thomas A. Frost Mrs. Harriet Rainwater Mr. Tom B. Frye, Sr. Judge James S. Rainwater * M/M David A. Fugett M/M Sidney W. Ray D/D W. Wayne Gardner M/M Tony Ray Mr. Leon B. Gathany Mrs. Debbie L. Gathany-Keeney M/M Don R. Rediger M/M Forrest E. Rich M/M Derwood H. Godwin, Sr. Mrs. Suzanne F. Rich D/M Charles W. Good R/M Ralph H. Rollins M/M David L. Goodridge Mr. Adam Rouse D/M Edmond Gray Ms. Sharon E. Sanderson M/M H. Willis Gray Mrs. Alice T. Schafer M/M Ronald W. Green Miss Shirley L. Schimmel M/M Sammy Gunter M/M David W. Scott Mrs. Paulinda K. Hall M/M James W. Sharrock M/M Larry A. Hanlon Mr. Jimmy Shaw Mr. James Wesley Hansen M/M Paul D. Shiffer Mrs. Hazel Hardie * Mrs. Doris S. Shouse M/M Thomas G. Hawley Mr. John A. Siewert Mr. Charles W. Hayes M/M Willett C. Silvernail M/M Kenneth E. Hazelton Mrs. Debra Sledge M/M David E. Head M/M Dennis J. Smith, Sr. M/M Robert C. Hendrick

28 l connections FALL 2012

Mrs. Barbara A. Edds M/M Marcus W. Shaw Ms. Rebekah Ferree M/M Stanley M. Shepherd M/M Marvin F. Flanagan M/M Mark Shirley R/M Daniel R. Fledderjohann M/M W. H. Skinner, Jr. Ms. Eileen Fledderjohann Mrs. Sandra G. Smith Ms. Guynelle Fletcher Ms. Debbie Spath Mrs. Miriam Fowler M/M Walter H. Stancil M/M Don L. Fritz M/M Robert W. Sullivan M/M Martin Fryml Ms. Deborah Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth Gangel M/M Edward F. Teagle Mrs. Jeanine M. Garvin Ms. Alae Risse Thomas Mrs. Anne W. Grass Mr. Charles J. Trease, Jr. M/M Gary W. Gray M/M Jerry H. Watts M/M Ronald R. Green Mrs. Kimberly Jean Webb Miss Mary Frances Griffeth M/M James C. Weidner M/M Paul L. Griffith M/M N. Wayne Wham M/M David G. Gruen M/M Duane A. White M/M J. Gary Hamilton Mrs. Sue Whitlock Mr. William E. Hancock M/M Dwight Whitmire Mr. Fred L. Herring, Jr. Mrs. Ella W. Williams M/M T. Mitchell Hill Ms. Ruth Williams Miss Heather N. Hoekman Mr. Thomas H. Williams, Sr. Mr. Franklin C. Houser M/M Billy J. Wilson M/M Anthony R. Howard M/M Willie J. Woodruff, Jr. Ms. Katrena C. Howard Ms. Mee Yang M/M Steve Hudgins D/M Clarence Zeches M/M Tony L. Hudson President’s Club Mr. M. Gerald Hunt, Jr. Mr. Bobby G. Ivey President’s Club Members are Mr. Carl D. Jameson distinguished by their leadership Dr. Deborah B. Jenkins in support of the college through M/M Hugh L. Johnson gifts of $250-$499. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Judy M/M Wayne Langston M/M George A. Adams D/M Larry D. Lawson Chancellor’s Club Ms. Helen Adams Ms. Jane Ledford Mr. Daniel Aiken Mr. Frederick J. Lippert Chancellor’s club members are M/M Fred Akins M/M Lee Looney distinguished by their leadership M/M William C. Lyles M/M James R. Albright in support of the college through Mr. Lowell E. Macher M/M Michael Alderink gifts of $500-$999. Mr. Karl K. Anderson M/M Palmer Manning M/M Merrill H. Bagwell Mr. Terry M. Martin M/M Clinton G. Adams Mrs. Carolyn Ballard Ms. Sandra R. Mauldin Miss Marillyn G. Adams M/M J. Kenneth Bassett M/M John R. Mayer Mr. Thomas L. Ainge Mrs. Diane Coile Bena Dr. John W. McCarthy Mrs. Cheryl Alexander Ms. Gail Bender Ms. Mary R. McClure D/M Norman E. Allison, Jr. R/M Donald R. Bickers Mr. J. Clifford McCrary Mr. Douglas T. Anthony Mr. Robert J. Bielicki Mrs. Pauline E. McCrary * M/M Harley T. Atkinson M/M Mitchell Biggers Ms. Patricia J. McGarvey Mr. Barry Bailey Mrs. Denise D. Blakely M/M Howard McGlennen Mrs. Kay Bandy Mrs. Carole Bogage M/M M. Kelly Michie M/M Ed R. Banks Mr. Landis F. Bolden, Jr. M/M Ron Miller M/M Scott K. Barnett Mr. Paul W. Braman M/M Michael P. Moore Ms. Gayle Bass M/M James A. Bretz M/M James Morden M/M Duane M. Beavan Mrs. Sandra J. Moss-Youngblood M/M Grady E. Brooks Mrs. Marianne N. Bell M/M Andrew M. Brown M/M H. Lynn Mullikin M/M Bruce Billings Ms. Colleen C. Brown Mrs. Martha D. Newton R/M John A. Blausey M/M Eric John Brubaker Mrs. Katherine S. Outz M/M Brian R. Bojo M/M Steve Buffington Ms. Carol R. Pierce Mrs. Deborah Bonnette Mr. James Burdette M/M William C. Plyler, Jr. M/M Robert L. Bower M/M Bryan Burns M/M Boyd A. Poteat SSG Daniel W. Bowman M/M Robert M. Burns M/M Charles E. Powell Ms. Debra Branson Mr. Kirby Butler Mrs. Sheila Preston M/M Larry Bright M/M Bobby Caldwell M/M Gary M. Pritchard M/M Dwain L. Brown M/M Lamar F. Calloway M/M D. Anthony Rabern Mrs. Linda A. Burton Mrs. Arlene J. Calloway Ms. Ruth H. Ramey Ms. Jill C. Cantrell M/M Robert J. Cantrell Ms. Joan A. Ray * Mr. J. Richard Carr M/M Vernon Cape Mrs. Barbara R. Read Mr. Matthew A. Carter Ms. Nancy M. Carter Mrs. Melonie Reed-Salway R/M Melvin L. Carter Mr. Bryan Cassey D/M David G. Reese M/M Justin H. Cason Mr. Randyll M. Cash Mr. John A. Rhodes Lt. Col. Farish C. Chandler, Jr. Mr. Kam W. Chan M/M Jared T. Rollins Mr. James P. Clark M/M William O. Childs, Jr. R/M Paul N. Rumery M/M Melvin L. Cochran Ms. Linda Cicero M/M Larry Salzman M/M Gordon R. Cole Ms. Lenora H. Clark Ms. Vera H. Sawyer M/M David Criswell Mrs. M.S. Clarke-Mullings M/M Marvin R. Schuster M/M John Daniell M/M Wendell Collins Mr. Harold A. Scott M/M Robert M. Coronato M/M Joseph M. Dare Ms. Sandra R. Scott Mrs. Gloria S. Crocker Mrs. Bonnie Mae Denson M/M Bruce E. Scranton M/M Scott Culpepper Ms. D. Kay Depoy Miss Alice J. Sechrist Miss Kimberly Cunningham Mr. Matthew A. Dwire M/M Daniel N. Sepe M/M James Warren Smith Mrs. Miriam C. Smith * Ms. Myrtle B. Smith M/M J. Stanley Sorrells Mrs. Lucille C. Stowe M/M M.C. Stowe Ms. Kathryn S. Stribling Mr. Wm. David Stufft Mr. Bill E. Sullivan, Sr. M/M Scott Sylvester Rev. Lantzia C. Thao M/M David Thieme M/M Charles C. Thurmond M/M Lyndell C. Timms Ms. Gizella Toth M/M Edward L. Trimmer Mr. Keith Van Arsdale D/M Neil E. Veydt M/M Richard N. Waller M/M Hellmut Walter M/M Freddy Webb Mrs. Janet L. Webb M/M Wayne Weimer M/M Steven White Mr. Tony B. Whitt Mr. Gregory L. Wiest Mrs. Martha Ann Williams Chaplain W. Neale Williams * D/M Harold Windus M/M George A. Woerner M/M Blaine Worley M/M John Worthington Dr. Clarence W. Wulf M/M John E. Zimmerman, Jr.

Mr. William D’Entremont M/M Harry Shane Dawson Mr. Bernard G. Dion M/M Dean M. Dobson M/M Alfred Dockery Mr. Joe Dosien M/M Robert P. Dosien Ms. Margaret Duck Mrs. Jane Christie Dunham M/M C. William Dunn M/M Danny B. Dyer M/M David L. Dyke M/M Virgil Elliott M/M Trace A. Embry M/M Don Enns Mrs. Julie Faatz Ms. Mary Lou Faulkenberry Mrs. Imogene B. Faulkner R/M Joseph A. Ferreira M/M Sam G. Ferrell, Jr. M/M Charles A. Fields Ms. Deborah K. Findley M/M Dennis Fledderjohann M/M Larry Ford M/M Jerry Fordham Mrs. Myrna Fouts M/M Dennis B. Fowler Mrs. Martha Frady M/M Don C. Frazier Mrs. Angela Freeman Mr. Tony E. Fulbright Rev. Christopher E. Furl M/M Mark G. Gailey Dr. Joyce A. Gann Mrs. Florence M. Gerrard Mrs. Anne L. Grace M/M Paul R. Green Mr. Daniel W. Griffin M/M Larry S. Griffith Mr. David Grubbs M/M A. Mitchell Hagins, Jr. Mr. Jim S. Hancock Mr. David A. Hankin Mr. Barron C. Harbin Ms. Ellen M. Harkness M/M William J. Harrod M/M Russ Harwell R/M Myron Heckman Dr. George H. Heisey, Jr. M/M Otis Hiland M/M Jeff Hogan Ms. Courtney Holder M/M Wayman C. Hollis M/M Robert G. Holmes M/M James T. Hoobler Mrs. Joyce Hostestler M/M Chess B. Howard M/M Dean A. Hudson R/M Charles R. Hughes, Jr. M/M Thomas Ingraham Mr. Jay Ireland D/M Steve M. Irvin M/M Kenneth D. Irwin Ms. Karen D. Jackson M/M Lester L. Jacobs M/M Walter Jakushev Mr. John Stephen Jenkins Mr. James B. Johnson Mrs. Reba Johnson D/M Bruce S. Johnston Ms. Carole Jones M/M Wade M. Jones M/M Bobby Kelley Mrs. Jean Kelsey M/M Merle H. Kelsey Ms. Myra Ketterman M/M W. Calvin King Ms. Marguerite P. Klages M/M Stephen Knight M/M James H. Knox Mr. John Krise Mrs. Margaret Langdon Mrs. You Ju Lee Ms. Cathy Lehnert R/M James R. Lilly

M/M Joseph W. Lineberger Mrs. Brenda Luke M/M Andrew G. Lyon, Jr. Mrs. Mary S. Lyon M/M Keith Madden M/M James W. Maddox R/M Edward L. Mainous D/M R.E. Mallernee Mrs. Jessie Martin M/M John D. Matlack M/M Charles M. McCoy, Jr. Mrs. Barbara A. McKay M/M Jeffrey K. McKinney M/M Patrick M. McNair M/M Ralph T. Mead M/M Robert L. Medlin M/M Clarence D. Miller M/M Phillip H. Minor Ms. Nathalie Mize Mrs. Beadie Morgan M/M David W. Morgan Dr. Darlene Mosley M/M Joe Moss Mr. Larry M. Mullikin D/M Jon Tal Murphree Mr. John A. Murray R/M James W. Nabors Ms. Sheila R. New Mrs. Grace G. Newsome D/M Mark T. O’Farrell Mr. Gerald Orr Mr. Timothy C. Patterson Miss Janet E. Paull Ms. Deborah Pickett M/M Wayne Pinkham M/M Brad W. Pittman R/M Carroll Plemmons M/M James R. Porterfield M/M Edward L. Powell M/M Marlon G. Powell M/M Robert E. Powell M/M Daniel Pruitt M/M J. Hartwell Quattlebaum M/M Terry F. Queen Ms. Lorraine A. Redderson M/M Loyd Reuther M/M Jerry Rigsby Mrs. Kathleen Robinson Ms. Linda S. Robinson Mrs. Lidia Roman Ms. Betsy Russ Mrs. Karen R. Sanders M/M Robert A. Scott M/M Benjamin R. Scurry Mrs. Judy E. Seigler Mrs. Cecelia L. Severens M/M Ralph C. Sgambati M/M Robert C. Sheldon Mr. Van D. Shepherd M/M Christopher A. Shoaf R/M Dennis W. Short Mrs. Melissa J. Short D/M Conrad K. Shuler Mrs. Susan C. Sisson M/M John L. Skinkle Mr. Alvin Smith M/M Charles H. Smith Ms. Sandra F. Smith M/M Jud Snead Mrs. Julie L. Spence M/M Cale Stancil Mrs. Nan P. Stephens Miss Rebecca Marie Strong Mr. Thomas Suttles Miss Alisa Marie Thomas R/M Ferrell Towns M/M Vincent Trexler Ms. Mary F. Turpin M/M Michael R. Turpin M/M Larry G. Vallad Mrs. Linda T. Vandiver M/M Marty Vickery M/M Joseph A. Violando M/M Alvin Vissers Mr. Jeff Wagner

Mr. John Wagner Ms. Patricia P. Walker M/M Phil Walker Ms. Gloria M. Waters M/M Jonathan D. Webb M/M Ronald Webb Mrs. Grace F. Welch M/M Ed White Mrs. Jane C. White M/M J. Larry Whitfield Mr. Joe Whitlock M/M Larry Wilbanks Mr. Wayne Wilber M/M James E. Wilkie Mrs. Vera J. Williams M/M Raymond A. Windham M/M Paul M. Winkler Ms. Cindy York M/M H. Lynn Young Mrs. Jessie C. Youngblood M/M Ronnie Lee Youngblood

Alumni Donors 1931 Mr. Hugh A. Barnett 1936 Mrs. Elizabeth M. Judy 1940 Mrs. Myrtis Styles 1941 Mrs. Doloris S. Biddulph Mrs. Myree H. Bland Mrs. Magdaline Caudell Mr. Edward R. Franks M/M Derwood H. Godwin Miss Mary Frances Griffeth Mrs. Lorraine G. Lambert Mrs. Suzanne F. Rich 1942 Mr. Thomas L. Ainge Mr. John T. King Mr. Walter Styles 1943 Mrs. Edna E. Lyons M/M Patrick M. McNair Mrs. Dorothy S. Pierce 1944 Ms. Rhoda D. Quarles 1945 Mrs. Jane B. Allen Mr. Thomas A. Childress Mr. Leon B. Gathany Mrs. Kathryn Greenway Dr. James T. Lyons Mrs. Alice T. Schafer 1946 Mrs. Neta T. Schafer Mrs. C. Evelyn Sotack 1947 Rev. Dewey E. Bailey Lt. Col. Farish C. Chandler, Jr. Mr. Glenn E. Frye Mrs. Fannie E. Held M/M Paul A. Jordan Mrs. Myrtis W. Moore 1948 Mrs. Peggy A. Enlow Mrs. Helen H. Knight Mrs. Sallie Penland * Mrs. Bernice W. West

1949 Dr. Charles W. Good Mrs. Clara R. James Mrs. Amelia Stowe 1950 R/M Joseph A. Ferreira D/M Edmond Gary Mrs. Ruth M. Good Mr. J. Clifford McCrary Mrs. Dolores Schwertz 1951 D/M Leon S. Chechowich Mrs. Miriam Fowler Mrs. Alice G. Michie R/M James W. Nabors M/M Boyd A. Poteat 1952 Mrs. H. Norene Dougan Mr. M. C. Stowe Mrs. Buena Stowe Mrs. Bernice W. West 1953 M/M Eduardo N. de la Torre Mrs. Anne W. Grass Mr. Norwood Hotalen Mrs. Joan Johnson 1954 Miss Marillyn G. Adams M/M Joseph M. Dare Mr. Kenneth H. Holt Mrs. Carol J. Wright 1955 M/M Wilmer E. Engel Mrs. Joyce Hostetler Dr. John W. McCarthy Mr. John A. Siewert M/M Paul M. Williams 1956 Mrs. Jean Hotalen M/M Merle H. Kelsey M/M Donald E. May Mrs. Virginia L. Steiner Mrs. Grace F. Welch Mrs. Bernice W. West 1957 Miss Faith J. Cochran Mr. Gordon R. Cole Mrs. Judy Diederich R/M Ramon Esparza Dr. George H. Heisey D/M C. David Markle Mr. Thomas H. Williams 1958 Mrs. Carolyn Ballard Rev. Malcolm B. Cash R/M Jack C. Chapman Mrs. Wynona C. Clements Mrs. Barbara A. Edds Mrs. Terry P. Ellis Mr. Tom B. Frye Mr. Oliver A. Nealy 1959 Mrs. Rosalie Davis Mrs. Rosalie Davis Rev. Charles E. Leiphart Mrs. Dianne Nealy M/M Dwight Steiner Mr. James H. Thornton 1960 Mrs. Kathleen F. Carter M/M David A. Clark Mrs. Shirley C. Day Mrs. Nancy Elliott Miss E. Charleen Foster

Mrs. Anne A. Fraser Dr. Timothy A. Smith Mrs. Virginia L. Steiner R/M Melvin Summy Dr. Foster C. Trout 1961 D/M Norman E. Allison Mr. David E. Boothby Rev. Milton R. Brown Rev. Melvin L. Carter Miss Faith J. Cochran Miss Ruth E. Damron Mr. Roy A. Elliott M/M David E. Head Ms. Judith King Mrs. Ramona P. McLellan Mrs. Joy G. Owsley Mr. David T. Peterson Ms. Helen C. Wyland 1962 Mrs. Sonya H. Cole Mrs. Evelyn Goss Rev. George A. Patrick Ms. Carol Roseberry Pierce Mrs. Janet L. Webb 1963 Mrs. Bettye Ann Catron Ms. Elmire Mende Miss V. Sharon Thaxton Mrs. Carolyn Wlasiuk 1964 Rev. David E. Hicks Captain Laura Omer Miller 1965 Mr. David R. Lampert Miss June M. McHenry Mr. Bruce Weston 1966 Ms. G. Gayle Babb Mr. Keith E. Smith 1967 Ms. Joyce Benfield 1968 Mr. Ronald R. Green Mrs. Denisa Miller 1969 M/M Robert L. Bower Mr. Alan Cushman R/M Paul B. Czigan Dr. W. Wayne Gardner Mrs. Linda Mangham Mrs. Judy C. Rollins Mrs. Betty Jean Smith M/M Dennis J. Smith Mrs. Rebecca S. Taylor 1970 Mr. Robert M. Borkenhagen Mr. Roger R. Dittmar Mrs. Elizabeth Fledderjohann R/M James P. McCloskey Miss Shirley L. Schimmel Miss Alice J. Sechrist 1971 Mrs. Patricia Eunice Durant Mr. Dennis Fledderjohann M/M Dale R. Knepp M/M Don G. Roxberry Ms. Sharon E. Sanderson R/M Jack Schreier Mr. Paul D. Shiffer Mr. Douglas E. Williams

FALL 2012 l 29

1972 Mrs. Cheryl Green Miss Mary Kaye Ritchey D/M Randy C. Stringer

1982 Mrs. Lori D. Byrd Mr. Terry M. Martin Ms. Willie Jo Meeks

1973 Mrs. Cheryl D. Arndt Mrs. Connie D. Bartmas Mr. Darrell Fledderjohann Mr. Phillip W. Gilbert Mr. David G. Hinkle

1983 M/M Gregory R. Austin Mr. J. Richard Carr Dr. Thomas M. Council Mr. William E. Eshbaugh R/M Richard C. Kauffman

1974 Mr. Charles L. Davis Mr. Joe Dosien Mrs. Debbie L. Gathany-Keeney R/M Myron Heckman Rev. Ralph H. Rollins Mrs. Karen M. Smith

1984 M/M Weldon D. Johnson Rev. Mark W. Nevius D/M Jeffery A. Norris Miss Janet E. Paull R/M Richard W. Pendell Mr. Gregory L. Wiest

1975 Mr. Richard L. Crutchfield Ms. Rebecca Dosien Mrs. Patricia Hall Mrs. Barbara Hinkle M/M Ken Mitchell Mr. Paul M. Rickman R/M David N. Teague

1985 Mrs. Cristina M. Beck Mrs. Jeanne Bretz Mrs. Dorothy J. Gill Mrs. Connie E. Hicks Miss Kerry L. Houghton Mrs. Veronica Salzman Mr. Carl Seaman Mrs. Betty G. Wilson

1976 Rev. Daniel R. Fledderjohann Rev. William R. Hall Mr. David A. Hankin M/M Vincent Higgs Mr. Cary Ho Mrs. Beth Holdcraft Ms. Patricia A. Jones Mrs. Ruth Moore Dr. G. William Quarterman Rev. Lawrence A. Smith 1977 Mrs. Denise Cashwell Mrs. Sandra S. Fledderjohann R/M Kenneth H. Furl M/M David L. Goodridge Mr. Kenneth E. Hazelton Mr. Forrest E. Rich Mrs. Debra Sledge Mrs. Karen C. Slovak M/M Richard N. Waller 1978 Mr. Richard Bartmas M/M Bruce Billings Dr. Steve M. Irvin Mr. Robert Mangham Miss Patricia J. McGarvey Mr. Michael P. Moore Mr. Marvin A. Parker Mrs. Kathy Race 1979 R/M David W. Bezanson M/M Levern Dye Mrs. Nancy Sue Hazelton Mrs. Claudia Irvin Dr. Darlene Mosley Mrs. Gay H. Page Rev. Boyd E. Race Mrs. Sarah Rich Mr. Kelly G. Vickers 1980 Dr. Kenneth W. Borland D/M Mark R. Fairchild Rev. David A. Holdcraft 1981 Rev. Rixie Burroughs Rev. Tony E. Byrd Mr. David A. Jacobson Mr. Larry Salzman Mr. Don W. Shanholtz Mrs. Sharon L. Wyatt

1986 Mrs. Cynthia A. Clark Ms. Sarah W. Garrett Mr. Steven R. Moreau Mrs. Donna L. Pine Mrs. Sandra G. Smith 1987 Mr. John P. Adams Rev. Lantzia C. Thao

1996 M/M Albert E. Anaya Mrs. Annetta L. Mayfield Mrs. Shannon N. Mitchell Mrs. April D. Persinger Mr. R. Bryan Race M/M Jonathan D. Webb M/M Paul G. Worley 1997 Mr. Scott Marshall Mrs. Loni J. Schultz Mr. Ronald J. York 1998 Mrs. Joanne Dodge Dunavan Rev. Christopher E. Furl M/M Jonathan C. Heffer Mr. Jared T. Rollins Mrs. Joy N. Switala 1999 M/M Frank L. Beaver Mr. Gary S. Fleming 2000 R/M John A. Blausey Mr. Brian R. Bojo Mr. Tuan A. Doan 2001 Mrs. Lisa K. Beltran Mrs. Jenny Bojo Mr. Brian R. Bradley Mr. Richard E. Griffith M/M Siripong Leal Mr. Kevin D. O’Farrell Mrs. Julie L. Spence Mr. Mark V. Teece Mrs. Kimberly J. Webb

1988 Mr. Timothy P. Beck Miss Kathy M. Davidson R/M Keith Hood Ms. Angie Ramage Rev. Paul N. Rumery Dr. Jack S. Stanley Mrs. Brenna K. Vickers

2002 Mrs. Vang H. Doan Miss Any E. Riley

1989 Mr. James A. Bretz M/M David P. Cornelius Mr. David G. Miller Rev. Robert H. Wilson 1990 Mrs. Lori Adams Ms. Anna L. Canady Mrs. Leanet R. Miller Mrs. Dianne T. Shiffer 1991 Mr. Richard L. Smith 1992 Mrs. Cassie Fletcher Mr. Robert K. Pine Mr. Lewis G. Shaeffer Mr. Wayne Weimer 1993 M/M Jeffery Little Mrs. Denise Weimer 1994 Mrs. Peggy L. Gilbert 1995 SSG Daniel W. Bowman Mr. Paul E. Fletcher M/M A. Mitchell Hagins Mrs. Amy L. Marshall R/M Jonas P. Wharton

30 l connections FALL 2012

2012 Mrs. Mitzi H. Council Mrs. Jody K. Griffith

Mrs. Rebecca Damron Miss Ruth E. Damron R/M Ferrell Towns

Memorial Gifts

James I. Piper Mrs. Barbara A. Edds Mrs. Harriet Rainwater

Clifford Allen M/M William W. Chism Clarence A. Bellefeuille Kansas City Life Insurance Company William E. Burks Mrs. Anne Burks Patty Carlson M/M Michael P. Moore Dr. Miriam Collins Ms. Linda Cicero Duane A. Darrow Mrs. Barbara M. Darrow Stephen Davidson Friends of Effie Connell Marjorie Eastling Ms. Joy E. Eastling Glenn & Marjorie Eastling Mr. Timothy A. Eastling

Judge James S. Rainwater Mrs. Barbara A. Edds Mrs. Harriet Rainwater Warren B. Ruby M/M David R. Burton Loretta Sanderson Ms. Sharon E. Sanderson Miss Florence Setterlof Ms. Barbara L. Anderson Mrs. Barbara L. Beeghly M/M David H. Butler M/M David P. Cornelius Ms. Dorothy L. Fillinger Mrs. Norma J. Gilmartin Ms. Phyllis M. Price Miss Shirley L. Schimmel M/M Donald G. Setterlof M/M Everett H. Skare Leon and Mildred Sisk Mr. Jan Sisk

Jerry Ensley M/M Billy R. James

Edward L. Sweet M/M John C. Norris Grace Bible Church

Dolly Eshbaugh Mr. William E. Eshbaugh

Helen Taylor Mrs. Rebecca S. Taylor

Dr. Samuel G. Ferrell Mr. John W. Allen D/M Neil E. Veydt

Peggy Thaxton Mrs. Barbara A. Edds

Lorraine Fisher Mrs. Arbutus Bellefeuille

Chaplain W. Neale Williams Mrs. Rebecca Damron Miss Ruth E. Damron

Rita Fluke Ms. Sharon E. Sanderson

Matching Gift Companies

2004 M/M Eric J. Brubaker Mr. James A. Carmichael

Dr. Kenneth Gangel Mrs. Elizabeth Gangel M/M A. Mitchell Hagins, Jr.

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, Inc.

2005 Miss Kimberly F. Cunningham M/M James C. Rich Mr. Daniel E. Strayer

Louisa Graven Mrs. Jane C. White

2003 Mrs. Maralee D. Bradley M/M Matthew L. Leff Rev. William C. Stacey

2006 Miss Rachel E. Fenton Mr. Samuel T. Lee

William L. Hardie Mrs. Hazel Hardie Mr. Jesse Helms Mrs. Mary S. Council

2007 Mr. Adam B. Carrington

Richelle Hornbeek M/M John Westhoven, Jr.

2008 M/M Joshua R. Josef Mr. Paul K. Mallalieu

Rev. Ralph Lithgrow Mrs. Rebecca S. Taylor

2009 Mr. Michael B. Airgood M/M Andrew A. Beccue M/M Cameron S. McAllister 2010 Mr. Darren Dunavn Mr. Jonathan R. Haney Mr. Christopher A. Shoaf 2011 Miss Heather N. Hoekman Miss Sara E. Hummell M/M Gordon R. Smith

Jack Lyle Mrs. Grace M. Ensley Jack W. Martin Mrs. Clara Ann P. Crutchfield Pauline E. McCrary R/M Lawrence A. Smith Mary Kelly McNair M/M Patrick M. McNair Sallie Penland Cornerstone Church of C&MA, Asheville, NC First Alliance Church, Raleigh, NC

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. IBM International Foundation T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. Schneider Electric North America Foundation Teleflex Foundation


occoa Falls College launched a new Annual Fund “Campaign” this fall with a new slogan – “It Starts with Me.” And why not? Every gift received by TFC comes from individuals who have chosen to take “ownership” of some part of this institution – and it started with each of us. The desire to help build Christ’s Kingdom; the desire to make sure students who are called here do not have any financial roadblocks; the desire to help maintain facilities; the list goes on and on. But the bottom line is “It Starts With Me.” Where is my heart, and how can I help make a difference? So we challenge you to get on board.

Annual support from alumni and friends is key to maintaining standards of excellence in every facet of campus life. Membership in the Annual Fund is based on fiscal-year giving (July 1 – June 30) and is renewed annually. It is an investment that has eternal value! Gift Clubs for the Annual Fund were restructured to the following levels, effective July 1, 2012: $10,000 and up Founder’s Club $5,000 - $9,999 Fellows Club $2,500 - $4,999 Trustees Club $1,000 - $2,499 President’s Club $250 - $999 Loyalty Club $100 - $249 Century Club $1 - $99 Circle of Friends The listing of clubs in this edition of the Annual Report reflects giving for the 2011-2012 fiscal year in the former club levels. Please take time to look through this “honor roll of donors” to get a glimpse of committed individuals who help sustain the ministry of Toccoa Falls College. Every gift we receive is counted as a blessing from the Lord regardless of the amount or how it is designated. Here is how your dollars go to work at TFC: 4 100 percent of every dollar given to the Annual Fund goes directly to support student scholarships. 4 Every dollar for the “General” or “Unrestricted Fund” is used for infrastructure and general operational needs of the college. With a $15+ million operational budget, you can see how valuable each gift is. 4 Every dollar you give for a particular alumni, departmental, or building project is used specifically as you designate. 4 Estate and Planned Gifts aid in long-term financial stability and growth. Proceeds from these are used as designated by the donor. This includes real estate/property, insurance, charitable gift annuities, trusts, stocks and securities, etc. Regardless of the level of gift you make, the type of gift you give, or how you designate that gift, please know that not only are you making an eternal investment, you are also impacting future Christian leaders who will carry Christ’s redemptive message into a dying world. Thank you for the many ways in which you support TFC; and thank you for your continued prayers for an institution founded and grounded in God’s Word, His principles, and His promises.


Vice President for Institutional Advancement

FALL 2012 l 31


P.O. Box 800809 Toccoa Falls, GA 30598 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

TFC Connections Fall 2012  

Toccoa Falls College's Connection Magazine Fall 2012

TFC Connections Fall 2012  

Toccoa Falls College's Connection Magazine Fall 2012