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Adam Mansbach Illustrations by Ricardo Cortés Go the Fuck to Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don’t always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland. Profane, affectionate, and radically honest, California Book Award-winning author Adam Mansbach’s verses perfectly capture the familiar—and unspoken—tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night. In the process, they open up a conversation about parenting, granting us permission to admit our frustrations, and laugh at their absurdity. With illustrations by Ricardo Cortés, Go the Fuck to Sleep is beautiful, subversive and pants-wettingly funny—a book for parents new, old and expectant. You probably should not read it to your children.


‘The language? WTF! This hilarious, politically incorrect book is totally correct about the feelings of sleepless, brain-dead parents.’ Mem Fox, author of Possum Magic, mother of one

Adam Mansbach’s novels include The End of the Jews, winner of the California Book Award, and the best-selling Angry Black White Boy, a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of 2005. His fiction and essays have appeared in the New York Times Book Review, the Believer, Granta, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications. He is the 2010–11 New Voices Professor of Fiction at Rutgers University, New Jersey. His daughter, Vivien, is three. Ricardo Cortés has illustrated books about marijuana, electricity, the Jamaican bobsled team and Chinese food. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, the Village Voice, the San Francisco Chronicle, and on The O’Reilly Factor and CNN. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he is working on a book about the history of Coca-Cola and cocaine. FICTION HB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758843 • 32 pp • $17.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: Akashic Books

‘A children’s book for grown-ups! I really did laugh out loud—hilarious!’ David Byrne, musician, father of one



‘One of the best writers in the country.’ Australian

Garry Disher

In his sixth Peninsula murder mystery, Garry Disher keeps the tension and intrigue ramped up exquisitely on multiple fronts, while he takes his characters in compelling new directions. This is a grand master of the police procedural operating at the peak of his craft.


‘Leaves the reader wanting more.’ Australian Book Review ‘One of the best writers in the country… Blood Moon is a fine example of just how good crime writing can be.’ Australian ‘A rare pleasure.’ New York Times

Garry Disher has published over forty titles—fiction, children’s books, anthologies, textbooks, the Wyatt thrillers and the Mornington Peninsula mysteries. He has won numerous awards, including the German Crime Prize (twice) and two Ned Kelly Best Crime Novel awards, for Chain of Evidence (2007) and Wyatt (2010). Garry lives on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.


A rapist in a police uniform is stalking Inspector Hal Challis’s Peninsula beat, a serial armed robber is headed his way, and he’s been confronted with a home invasion that’s a little too close to home. Not to mention a very clever, very mysterious female cat burglar who may or may not be planning something on his patch. On top of all that, Challis has been carpeted by the boss for speaking out about police budget cuts and he’s missing his lover, Ellen Destry, who is overseas on a study tour. Meanwhile, at the Waterloo Police Station, something interesting is going on between Constable Pam Murphy and Jeannie Schiff, the feisty young sergeant on secondment from the Sex Crimes Unit.

FICTION PB ISBN 9781921758591 • 336 pp • $32.95 rights held: world

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 3



David Whitehouse Mal wasn’t like the other kids. He was born to do incredible things, or so his family thought. Then one day he went to bed, never to get out again. This is the story of the twenty years of eating it took Mal to become the fattest man in the world. The sheet that grew into the skin of his back. The fan mail he received. The TV crews who wanted to show him to the world. This is the story of how Mal became a planet, and his family became moons, caught in his orbit. Now Mal’s death may be the only thing that can save his family— because his life has destroyed it.

David Whitehouse was born in 1981. His journalism has appeared in the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the Independent, Esquire and Time Out, and has won awards from The Times and the Evening Standard. His first short film, ‘The Archivist’, screened at film festivals including Seattle and Berlin. Bed is his first novel. David lives in London.

‘The best new novel I’ve read in ages.’ Guardian ‘Staggering, inventive and heartbreakingly beautiful.’ Esquire ‘A soulful meditation on a fraternal love as singular as it is universal.’ Teddy Wayne, author of Kapitoil

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758188 • 304 pp • $29.95 rights held: ANZ world (excl. US): Canongate Books other rights: William Morris Endeavour




Mette Jakobsen This is a story about a snow-covered island you won’t find on any map. It’s Minou’s story. A year ago, the morning after the circus, her mama walked out into the rain and never came back. It’s a story about a magician and a priest and a dog called No Name. It’s about Papa’s endless hunt for the truth. It’s about a dead boy who listens, and Minou’s search for Mama’s voice. And it’s about discovering what love is. The Vanishing Act, Mette Jakobsen’s spellbinding debut novel, is a story you will never forget. ‘A perfectly poised, fable-like tale of loss, written with delightful whimsy, deep empathy and a beguiling sense of innocence. This book is a gem.’ Graeme Base ‘A beautiful, moving fable. The Vanishing Act is one of the best books I have read in a long time.’ Eva Hornung


‘A stunning new voice for fans of literary fiction… a thoroughly modern Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.’ HHHHH Bookseller+Publisher Mette Jakobsen was born in Denmark in 1964, and now lives in Sydney. She is the author of several plays. She holds degrees in philosophy and creative writing. The Vanishing Act is her first novel. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758195 • 240 pp • $23.95 rights held: world rights sold: Canada—HarperCollins Canada; Germany—Bloomsbury; The Netherlands—Atlas; US—W. W. Norton & Co.

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My Undercover Journey to the Dark Heart of the Hells Angels

Jay Dobyns As told to Nils Johnson-Shelton

Would you go to the gates of hell for your job? In 2001 an American federal agent did just that. No Angel reveals, in unflinching detail, how for one year Jay ‘Bird’ Dobyns infiltrated the Hells Angels and their seductive underworld of allegiances, violence and high-speed living. Bird left his family safe in suburbia and stepped into the Hells Angels’ clubhouse and their web of organised crime. He dealt stolen arms and drank with wanted criminals. He listened to the tales of broken men and women driven into the tattooed arms of biker gangs. And all along, whether on the open road or in seedy backrooms, death was only one wrong move away. This book is a wild ride through one of the world’s most violent, unpredictable organisations. No Angel screams along with the noise, power and force of the Hells Angels in full formation.

‘A hardboiled, rapid-fire memoir that is tough, tense and terrifying.’ Andrew Rule, co-author of the Underbelly true crime series

Jay Dobyns joined the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 1987, and within ten days was held hostage and shot in the chest. Between 2001 and 2003 he infiltrated the Hells Angels as an undercover agent. Jay was offered membership into the gang after proving that he was just as lethal as any other Angel.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921656477 • 320 pp • $26.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: InkWell Management




Ben Brooks ‘Jasper?’ ‘Who is it?’ ‘Abby.’ ‘Uh. Hi, Abby.’ ‘My period is late by two weeks.’ Pause. ‘My period is late by two weeks, Jasper.’

turns, Grow Up is a future classic, packed full of funny, smart, entertaining swagger. A comedy in three parts, it offers a revelatory portrait of the pills, thrills and bellyaches of growing up today. ‘Ben Brooks is a magical imp who pumps out dark nuggets of poetry and makes you snort with laughter.’ Noel Fielding


Jasper has his hands full. Finishing high school would be hard enough without a mother pushing him to overachieve, and his friends pushing drugs down his throat. And then there’s his stepdad, the murderer. Hilarious and heartbreaking by

‘A new literary bomb…I’m so excited.’ Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes ‘Liquid gold.’ Observer


Tears (not mine). ‘I think I’m pregnant, Jasper.’ ‘I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.’ I hang up. I am insensitive and cruel. I am scared.

Ben Brooks is nineteen years old and lives in Gloucestershire. His work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for the Dzanc Best of the Web anthology. Grow Up is his fifth published novel.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758737 • 240 pp • $22.95 rights held: ANZ other rights: Canongate Books

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The official companion book to the HBO® miniseries available on DVD and Blu-Ray

Hugh Ambrose’s bestseller follows the struggles and triumphs of four US Marines and a US Navy carrier pilot fighting in the Pacific region during World War II. Built on hundreds of hours of testimony, as well as diaries, letters and memoirs, The Pacific tells the true stories of men who put their lives on the line for the Allied forces; men who were dispatched to the other side of the world to fight an enemy who preferred suicide to surrender; men who suffered hardship and humiliation in POW camps; men who witnessed casualties among soldiers and civilians alike; and men whose medals came at a shocking price— a price paid in full. ‘Extremely good…The TV series might offer us a glimpse of that distant conflict in the Pacific. Hugh Ambrose’s book gives us the greatest generation in the round.’ Scotsman ‘A brutal account…for those who want more of the nightmare of those foxholes after ten hours of The Pacific, this book is for you.’ The Times


Hugh Ambrose

Hugh Ambrose is a noted historian and was a consultant on the documentary Price for Peace, for which Steven Spielberg and Stephen Ambrose were the executive producers. He was a consultant to his father on his books, and the historical consultant on the HBO® miniseries The Pacific. Ambrose is also the former vice-president of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, and has led battlefield tours through Europe and along the Pacific Rim. He lives in Helena, Montana. The Pacific is an HBO® miniseries presentation, in association with Sky Movies, of a Playtone and Dreamworks Production executive produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, the producing team behind the Emmy® Awardwinning and Golden Globe®-winning 2001 HBO® miniseries Band of Brothers. The epic ten-part miniseries tracks the intertwined journeys of three US Marines—Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda)—from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rainforests of Cape Gloucester and the strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and finally to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758676 • 512 pp • $25.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: NAL/Penguin



Ron Rash


Winner of the Frank O’Con nor International Short Story Award, 2010

Set in Appalachia, from towns plagued by poverty to barren farms, from the Civil War to the present day, these twelve stories are populated by characters who struggle through their lives, proud and tough, like the land itself. A farmer wonders what is stealing his hens’ eggs. A baited trap catches an unexpected thief. A pawnshop owner trades on the stolen goods of local meth addicts, like his own nephew—who is doing more than just stealing from his parents. A woman from a small town marries an outsider. Her love for him battles with her suspicions that he is the source of the fires ravaging the mountains. A young boy, the child of meth-addicted parents, sits in the remains of a crashed plane and lovingly tends to a pair of frozen corpses. This brilliant collection of short stories by a New York Times bestselling author and a master of the form will burn bright in your mind long after you have finished reading.

‘Burning Bright finds a narrow sweet spot between Raymond Carver’s minimalism and William Faulkner’s gothic.’ Washington Post ‘Elegantly sophisticated work…Rash certainly knows how to rivet attention.’ New York Times ‘Burning Bright is raw, honest and assured.’ San Francisco Chronicle ‘A searing collection.’ Kirkus Book Reviews Ron Rash is a multi-award-winning poet, short-story writer and novelist. His novel Serena was a New York Times bestseller, and earned him comparisons to John Steinbeck and Cormac McCarthy. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758508 • 224 pp • $22.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: David Higham Associates

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 9



Adrian Hyland Kinglake-350 to VKC. Urgent, do you read me? The fire’s here now. God help us. Kinglake-350 is a masterpiece of writing about family, community, country life and what happens when a day of ultimate terror arrives. Adrian Hyland takes a dramatic and compelling sequence of events on that day and weaves them into a picture of universal significance and deep fascination. On 7 February 2009 Roger Wood was the police officer in charge of Kinglake, at the epicentre of the worst bushfire disaster in Australia’s history, Black Saturday. As the firestorm engulfed the community, he risked his life, again and again, to try and save people. With the fire raging all around, he phoned home to warn his wife what was coming. She screamed that the fire had already hit their property. Then the line went dead. Black Saturday was a many-headed monster in whose wake stories of grief, heroism and desolation erupted all over the state of Victoria. This is a book about the monster—and the heroism of those who confronted it. PRAISE FOR ADRIAN HYLAND’S NOVELS

‘Hugely entertaining…a thriller that sometimes reads like a love letter to the remote communities in which Hyland has spent years.’ Sunday Age ‘Never-wavering confidence and flair to make the most seasoned of writers envious.’ Vogue ‘A beautifully paced novel that blends the best of the crime genre… with a gentle yet incisive narrative about black–white relations.’ Australian Book Review ‘A multi-textured novel written by a man with something to say…Popular literature of the stylish and substantial variety.’ Sydney Morning Herald NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758263 • 336 pp • $32.95 rights held: world


ANOTHER CAR PULLS UP at the roadblock. ‘But where are we supposed to go?’ the driver pleads when Wood doesn’t let them through. In fact, nowhere on the mountain is safe right now. Officially, he isn’t allowed to tell them anything, but he’s been letting them all know what he plans to do: shelter at the CFA. ‘Your best bet…’ He catches the look on the driver’s face—the dropped jaw, the wide eyes—and spins around. Jesus. It’s there. Exploding along the treetops, less than a hundred metres away. He’s seen bushfires before, but nothing like this, nothing this big, this close: massive whirls of naked flame, sixty, eighty metres over the trees. The first wild bolt of fear shoots through his chest. The radio is still screaming ‘Kilmore, Wandong. Kilmore!’ Still thirty k’s away! What’s this inferno doing here? How is that possible? There’s been no warning, no mention of Kinglake at all. There’s been an almighty cock-up somewhere. Roger Wood has a mental flash of what’s about to happen: Adrian Hyland lives in St Andrews, in the foothills of the Kinglake Ranges, and teaches at La Trobe University. His novels Diamond Dove and Gunshot Road are also published by Text.

chaos is breaking loose. The rules have just flown out the window, and that means it’s every man for himself. Except for him. He thumps the roof of the car. ‘Back into the CFA at Kinglake West! Safe as you’re gonna get up here today. Go! ’



Such is Life Whatever you call it—memoir, personal essay, biography, life stories—there is insatiable hunger for the stories of real people facing impossible odds, or dealing with the mundanity of life. Such is Life showcases many such tales, and explores the way these narratives help us make sense of the world, despite conflicts about privacy, truth and perspective. Some of the hunger for these stories comes from social networking, which makes connection easier and constant. Is this a culture that welcomes difference, or one that threatens to reduce identity to formulaic ‘likes’ and consumer profiling? The best personal stories provide insights—but sometimes at considerable cost. With contributions from Australia’s leading writers, this edition of Griffith REVIEW features memoir, essays and fiction that investigate how we understand ourselves, each other and the web of life surrounding us.

‘The best literary journal in the country.’ Age ‘The best literary journal in Australia.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘Admirable…a varied, impressive and international cast of authors.’ Australian ‘A cracker, a reminder of how satisfying on every level good-quality non-fiction can be.’ New Zealand Herald

Griffith REVIEW, Australia’s most awarded and extracted quarterly, is produced by Griffith University in conjunction with Text Publishing. It is edited by Julianne Schultz, a professor in the university’s Centre for Cultural Research, an acclaimed author and a member of the ABC Board.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758225 • 264 pp • $24.95




Arnold Zable A new collection of spellbinding true stories. From the songs of Arab diva Umm Khulthum on the banks of the Tigris, to the strains of a young boy playing the violin for his mother in Melbourne, to the swing jazz of the nightclubs and cabarets of 1940s Baghdad, a fisherman playing a flute on the banks of the Mekong, and Paganini in the borderlands of eastern Poland… Music weaves its way through each of these spellbinding stories. Each tale, each fragment of music, leads to Amal, the woman who saved her life by clinging to a corpse for twenty hours alone in the sea. These are tales of hardship, of yearning and of celebration. Tales that span the globe, and bring us back to Melbourne, to the powerful and heartbreaking story of Amal—her flight from Baghdad, her fears boarding the unseaworthy boat every Australian would hear about as the SIEV X, her survival when it went down, and her desire to have her story told. ‘Maybe this is why I am alive,’ Amal says, ‘to tell the story of the people who sank in the ocean.’ ‘Arnold Zable is a true storyteller: you hear his stories, not only in your head, but also in your soul.’ Good Reading


‘A writer who turns the unnoticed and the overlooked into something fine and lustrous.’ Courier-Mail

Arnold Zable was born in New Zealand and grew up in Melbourne. His books—most of them published by Text—include Jewels and Ashes, The Fig Tree, Cafe Scheherazade, Scraps of Heaven and Sea of Many Returns. He is a human rights advocate and president of the International PEN, Melbourne.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758478 • 288 pp • $29.95 rights held: world

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 13



John Ajvide Lindqvist Translated from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy

‘Lindqvist balances horror with credibly drawn feeling…and of course the setting helps enormously: they make a vivid picture, blood and snow.’ Age ‘Can a horror thriller be truly enjoyable? Certainly in the hands of Swedish author Lindqvist…Intelligent writing, poetic

imagery, a deft turn of phrase, this is no slice and dice shocker (except for the chainsaw duel).’ Adelaide Advertiser ‘MUST READ.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘A magician of genre fiction…Lindqvist again trips along that thin high wire between supernatural devices and psychological verities…between monsters outside and demons within, Lindqvist covers the haunted waterfront.’ Independent


On a winter trip home to the island of Domarö, Anders and Cecilia take their six-year-old daughter Maja across the ice to visit the lighthouse. And Maja disappears, leaving not even a footprint in the snow. Two years later, Anders is alone and more or less permanently drunk. He returns to Domarö to confront his despair, and slowly realises that Maja’s disappearance is not the first inexplicable tragedy to strike the islanders. Nor is everyone telling him all they know; even his own grandmother, it seems, is keeping secrets. And what is it about the sea? There’s something very bad happening on Domarö. Something that involves the sea itself.

John Ajvide Lindqvist lives in Sweden. His first novel, Let the Right One In, was published in thirty countries and adapted into two feature films: one by Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, and an English-language version directed by Matt Reeves, Let Me In. His novels Handling the Undead and Little Star are also published by Text.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758669 • 480 pp • $23.95 rights held: world English rights sold: North America—St Martin’s Press; UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ)—Quercus Books other rights: Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency




Alice LaPlante Dr Jennifer White’s lifelong friend Amanda is dead—murdered. Four of her fingers were surgically removed after death, and Dr White is the main suspect. But she doesn’t know if she did it. As the police investigation closes in, dementia takes hold of White, and she searches her everfragmented mind for images of herself in Amanda’s house that day. Is her shattered memory preventing her from finding the truth or helping her to hide it? Turn of Mind is a remarkable debut: literary novel and thriller, and a stunning exploration of a crumbling reality. Through White’s eloquent, fractured voice, Alice LaPlante examines the frailty of memory and how it defines our very existence. ‘Really terrific—ambitious, clever and human.’ Nicci French

‘Wonderful. This harrowing exploration of the slow disintegration of the mind is deeply touching and utterly heartbreaking, while also being a compelling page-turner. I loved it.’ S. J. Watson, author of Before I Go to Sleep ‘A masterful accomplishment.’ Joyce Maynard

Alice LaPlante is an awardwinning writer who teaches at San Francisco State University and Stanford University, where she received a Wallace Stegner Fellowship and held a Jones Lectureship. Raised in Chicago, she now lives with her family in Northern California. Turn of Mind is her first novel.

‘LaPlante’s characters are completely convincing, the plotting masterful.’ Donna Leon

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758423 • 320 pp • $29.95 rights held: ANZ other rights: Grove/Atlantic

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 15



A Sniper’s Story

Nicolai Lilin

Translated from the Italian by Jamie Richards

He was lying down straight, his legs extended, his hands joined over his heart, as if before dying he had tried to keep his soul from escaping. His face was completely white, his skin looked like marble, all taut over his bones, the veins on his neck and temples black. His eyes wide open, so black you couldn’t tell their colour. Free Fall is a brutal and engrossing war memoir told through the eyes of a young soldier. Nicolai Lilin was conscripted and trained as a sniper in an unorthodox Russian special forces regiment called the Saboteurs. This elite band, operating outside traditional military codes, fought their way through multiple assignments in the inhospitable terrain of Chechnya. Unflinching and unforgiving, Free Fall is a gripping account of one man’s experiences in a controversial and bloody war. PRAISE FOR LILIN’S BESTSELLING MEMOIR SIBERIAN EDUCATION

‘A fascinating and very readable account of life in the Siberian criminal underground.’ Rusty Young, author of Marching Powder ‘Terrifying, fascinating, horrific and violent.’ Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of Young Stalin ‘Makes most of what we call true crime writing seem insipid… a marvellous and illuminating book.’ Irvine Welsh

Nicolai Lilin was born in 1981 and grew up in the small republic of Transnistria, which declared its independence in 1990 but has never been recognised. Lilin left home to fight in the Russian army against the Chechens. Lilin later lived in Ireland, before moving to Italy, where he works as a tattooist in Turin. NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758409 • 400 pp • $34.95 rights held: ANZ world English: Canongate Books other rights: Einaudi



‘In everything that Raimond Gaita writes we sense a generous heart at work, as well as a lucid intelligence.’ J. M. Coetzee

Raimond Gaita People have often asked me how I survived my childhood reasonably sane. They think it was because my father and Hora loved me deeply and that I never doubted it. But as much as— perhaps more than—that, it was the fact that I came to see the world in the light that my father’s goodness cast upon it.


In 1998 Raimond Gaita’s Romulus, My Father was first published—the story of his father who came to Australia from Europe with his young wife, Christine, and their four-year-old son after the end of the Second World War. In the isolated landscape of country Victoria, Christine succumbed to mental illness, and a series of tragedies befell the family. Described by Richard Flanagan as ‘a profound meditation on love and death, madness and truth, judgment and compassion’, Romulus, My Father became a classic book and was turned into a highly acclaimed film. Now, thirteen years later, Raimond Gaita has put together this collection of essays in which he reflects on the writing of the book, the making of the film, his relationship to the desolate beauty of the central Victorian landscape, his father and, most movingly, the presence and absence of his mother and his unassuaged longing for her. Raimond Gaita was born in Germany in 1946. He is a professorial fellow in the Melbourne Law School and the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, and emeritus professor of moral philosophy at King’s College, London.

NON-FICTION PB ISBN 9781921758782 • 240 pp • $32.95 rights held: world

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 17



A new novel about the family we first met in The Secret River

Kate Grenville From the beginning Jack and I was friends. Somehow our way of looking at things fitted together. He never called me Dolly, the way the others did, only my full and proper name. Sarah Thornhill is the youngest child of William Thornhill, convict-turnedlandowner on the Hawkesbury River. She grows up in the fine house her father is so proud of, a strong-willed young woman who’s certain where her future lies. She’s known Jack Langland since she was a child, and always loved him. But the past is waiting in ambush with its dark legacy. There’s a secret in Sarah’s family, something kept hidden from the world and from her. A secret Jack can’t live with. A secret that changes everything, for both of them. Kate Grenville takes us back to the early Australia of The Secret River and the Thornhill family. This is Sarah’s story. It’s a story of tangled secrets, a story of loss and unlooked-for happiness, and a story about the silent spaces of the past. ‘Grenville inhabits characters with a rare completeness…She writes with a poet’s sense of rhythm and imagery.’ Guardian


‘Grenville’s craft is, as always, astounding, deftly melding subject and metaphor, story and image.’ Canberra Times Kate Grenville is one of Australia’s finest writers. She won the Orange Prize in 2001 for The Idea of Perfection. The Secret River, published in more than twenty countries, was awarded the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and was shortlisted for both the Miles Franklin Literary Award and the Man Booker Prize. The Lieutenant was shortlisted for the New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australian Premiers’ Awards.

FICTION HB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758621 • 304 pp • $39.95 rights held: world rights sold: world (excl. ANZ)—Canongate Books



he Hawkesbury was where the ones come that was sent out. Soon’s they got their freedom, this was where they headed. A wild place then and free for the taking. A man could pick out a bit of ground, get a hut up, never look back. You heard that a lot. Never looked back. Pa started a boatman on the Thames. Then he was sent out, what for I never knew. Eighteen oh-six, Alexander transport. I was a pestering sort of child but that was all he’d ever say, sitting in the armchair smiling away at nothing and smoothing the nap of the velvet. Best look forward, Dolly, he said. I don’t never look back. Never ever. That was how it was on the Hawkesbury. Everything hidden away. Those everlasting cliffs across the river like a wall blocking us in. I wanted to push back the cliffs in front, the ridge behind, shove them back so I could see all the things people knew but wouldn’t say.



Italian Nights and Days

Kate Holden

‘A sensual, sexy, brutally honest memoir.’ Marie Claire ‘This isn’t a rom-com Roman holiday and the lessons learnt in love can be bruising.’ Vogue

‘A story of loneliness and isolation, as the protagonist searches for meaning in her actions and struggles to accept her past and embrace her future.’ Yen ‘I loved this book for its honesty and its beautiful prose.’ Bookseller+Publisher ‘A stunningly talented writer.’ Guardian


Kate Holden’s bestselling memoir In My Skin told the story of her unexpected slide into heroin addiction and prostitution—and of her gruelling recovery. The Romantic tells what happened next. When Kate decides to leave her past behind in Melbourne, it is the beginning of a new journey. In the ruins of Rome and the piazzas of Naples, through poetry and passion, in strange streets and strange beds, she hopes to find truth. But this pilgrimage requires courage: in Italy she may find true love, or lose her heart altogether. Or even find herself. Sexy, dark and intoxicating, The Romantic asks: when you’ve traded in sex, what does it cost to love others—and yourself?

Kate Holden’s first book was In My Skin. It was published to critical acclaim and has sold to publishers in ten territories. Kate has also written a popular column for the Age newspaper for several years, as well as widely published essays, short stories and literary criticism. She lives in Melbourne.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758805 • 240 pp • $24.95 rights held: world rights sold: Brazil—Novo Conceito; Czech Republic—Jota




Woman and Mother

Elisabeth Badinter Translated from the French by Adriana Hunter Today, to be pregnant seems not far from entering into a religious order. There is an expectation that mothers will fit the bill of breastfeeding, nappy-washing, home-cooking supermums. So are mums who rely on formula, childcare and disposable nappies lazy or liberated? The conflict between a woman’s individual identity and her identity as a mother is not unique to our time. In the eighteenth century, French women overcame the problem by shipping their newborns off to wet nurses. But not anymore. Modern mothers are bombarded by advice from ecologists, breastfeeding advocates, behavioural specialists, even politicians. The pressure to be a perfect mother is overwhelming, and it’s scaring women away. And why wouldn’t it, when the expectation is that your child will become your god and you its humble servant?

In The Conflict Elisabeth Badinter, France’s foremost feminist thinker, questions why our ideas of motherhood have been skewed by unachievable expectations that compromise notions of self and womanhood. No matter which side of the debate you stand on, this bold and revelatory book is essential reading. Philosopher Elisabeth Badinter is recognised as a leading feminist writer, both in France and internationally, where her books have been translated into more than fifteen languages. Her publications include L’Amour en plus (Mother Love: Myth and Reality); X/Y, de l’identité masculine (XY: On Masculine Identity); L’un est l’autre; and Fausse route (Dead End Feminism).

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758416 • 188 pp • $24.95 rights held: UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada) other rights: Flammarion

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Michelle Aung Thin


Winsome is just married and filled with anticipation. Her new husband is a stranger—one of the suitors chosen for her and the other mixed-race girls from the men who apply to the convent. But as the night train rattles towards her new home she sees possibility in this uncertain destiny. She knows she is headed for a new life in the metropolis. She does not know about Rangoon, this city cradled in the arms of rivers. That it is about to be torn apart in the struggle between its ancient owners and new masters. That it will seduce her, possess her senses and change utterly her notion of what kind of woman she can be. When she meets Jonathan—when the monsoon comes—she begins to find out. Michelle Aung Thin was born in Rangoon and brought up in Canada; she now lives in Melbourne. The Monsoon Bride, her first novel, was shortlisted for the Unpublished Manuscript Fellowship of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, 2010.

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Burma, 1930. At their final marriage lesson, when the priest had talked on and on, Desmond bent his head to hers and whispered, ‘Our world is newer, faster and better—you will see.’ She took his hand in hers then and squeezed it. His skin had a peppery, meaty sweetness, a smell that seemed to stick to her dress, her hair and skin. She named it ‘the scent of men’. Beside her, he snored gently, his face no more than an outline, rising and falling in the dim light. She decided that she liked the sound.



Lloyd Jones From the author of Mister Pip—winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, the Kiriyama Prize for Fiction and the Montana Medal for Fiction, and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.


A woman washes ashore in Sicily. She has come to find her son, taken from her when he was just days old by his father and stolen away to Berlin. Her story is told by those she meets on her desperate journey— people who helped her, people who exploited her—each with a different version of the quiet mysterious woman in the blue coat. Lloyd Jones was born in New Zealand in 1955. His books include the award-winning Mister Pip, The Book of Fame, Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance and the short-story collection The Man in the Shed. He lives in Wellington.

‘Lloyd Jones is a master storyteller… he slowly reveals the secrets of Ines’s story and its emotional momentum sweeps us up and makes us fellow travellers.’ Weekend Australian ‘Jones’s touch is deft yet bold…[this is] a novel so fine, demanding and morally acute.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘Delicate and beguiling…a book of great mind and heart.’ Age ‘One of the most interesting, honest and thought-provoking novelists working today.’ Guardian ‘Haunting to the very final line.’ Daily Telegraph ‘This is a writer who knows how to tell a story, deftly, surprisingly, magnificently.’ Weekend Herald NZ

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758799 • 336 pp • $19.95 rights held: world excl. NZ rights sold: Brazil—Rocco; Canada—Knopf; France—Michel Lafon; Germany—Rowohlt; The Netherlands—De Bezige Bij; Turkey—Final Yayinlari; Taiwan—Greater Than Creative; UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ & Canada)—John Murray; US—Bloomsbury TE X T PUBLISHING :: 24



Helen Hodgman Jill and her dad are happy enough after her mother dies. Theirs is a simple life in the outback, far from the big city where a coathanger is being built across a sparkling harbour. Until Jack arrives at their door one evening, and steps inside to find the skinny, wild-looking child sitting with her grim-faced father. It’s the start of all Jill’s problems. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ threatens Jack, as he marches off to war. And he’s right, in a way—but this is no ordinary romance. Spanning the period from the Depression to the freewheeling ’60s, Helen Hodgman’s award-winning second book is a masterpiece, a twisted fairytale told with her characteristic dark wit. ‘Hodgman’s way with the Australian language makes Barry Humphries pale by comparison. Strange and mad as the story is, it’s sheer delight from beginning to end.’ Spectator ‘Deadpan comic talent. Hodgman has that certain something that makes this writing style and particular voice hers alone.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘What distinguishes Jack and Jill, Helen Hodman’s second novel, is her tone of voice: it is unique, entirely her own, owing nothing, as far as I can discern, to other Australian novelists, yet at the same time distinctly Australian… There’s formidable talent here.’ Sunday Times ‘Hodgman is quite an experience, quite a writer.’ Guardian

Helen Hodgman is the author of the novels Blue Skies (1976; republished by Text, 2011), Jack and Jill (1978; winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, 1979), Broken Words (1988; winner of the Christina Stead Prize, 1989), Passing Remarks (1996), Waiting for Matindi (1998) and The Bad Policeman (2001).

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‘Brilliant…compulsive.’ Guardian

Lionel Shriver Now a major motion picture starring Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly and Ezra Miller, directed by Lynne Ramsay (Morvern Callar, Ratcatcher), score by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

‘By far the best novel I’ve read in years… exquisitely crafted…a breathtaking work of art.’ Age ‘Addresses head-on the question that causes anguish to the greatest readers of fiction these days, middle-class women: when to, or even why, have a child?’ Australian

Two years ago Eva Khatchadourian’s son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high-school students, a cafeteria worker and a popular teacher. Now, in a series of letters to her absent husband, Eva recounts the story of how Kevin came to be Kevin. Fearing that her own shortcomings may have shaped what her son has become, she confesses to a deep, long-standing ambivalence about both motherhood in general and Kevin in particular. How much is her fault? When did it all start to go wrong? Or was it, in fact, ever ‘right’ at all?


Published in twenty-eight countries. Over a million copies sold worldwide. Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, 2005.

Lionel Shriver is the author of ten novels, including So Much for That and The Post-Birthday World. Her journalism is widely published in the Guardian, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, among many publications. She lives in London and Brooklyn, New York.

FICTION PB ISBN 9781921758492 • 480 pp • $23.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Serpent’s Tail other rights: InkWell Management




The adventures of a young woman whose principal interests are murder, ultra-violence and ABBA.

John Ajvide Lindqvist Translated from the Swedish by Marlaine Delargy

Lennart Cederström, embittered ex-pop singer, is foraging for mushrooms when he finds a baby left for dead in a plastic bag. He revives her and is utterly astonished by the sound of her crying: the child’s voice is a clear, haunting, perfectly pitched note. Lennart decides the girl will be his project. Raised in isolation, untainted by the dross and banality of the everyday, she will become the vehicle for a pure, exquisite music. He installs the baby in the basement and threatens to kill his downtrodden wife if she breathes a word. Meanwhile the child is growing up and developing a few ideas of her own. Only hers involve a hammer. A hammer, a very strong taste for violence and a strange ambition to appear on Swedish Idol. Imagine what will happen when she finds a friend who shares her interests. PRAISE FOR JOHN AJVIDE LINDQVIST

‘A dangerously imaginative man.’ Herald Sun ‘Brilliant and unexpected.’ Weekend Australian ‘A delicate balance between macabre and moving.’ Sunday Telegraph


‘Sweden’s answer to Stephen King.’ Daily Mirror

John Ajvide Lindqvist lives in Sweden. His first novel, Let the Right One In, was published in thirty countries and adapted into two feature films: one by Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, and an English-language version directed by Matt Reeves, Let Me In. His novels Handling the Undead and Harbour are also published by Text.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758577 • 440 pp • $32.95 rights held: UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada) rights sold: UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ & Canada)—Quercus other rights: Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency

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Nancy Huston After a childhood marked by pain, Rena Greenblatt has found the strength to build a successful career as a photographer. Like the ultrasensitive infrared film she uses, Rena sees what others don’t see, and finds a form of love. By photographing men’s bodies, she hopes to glimpse their souls. Away from her lover, Aziz, stuck in Florence with her infuriating stepmother and her ageing, unwell father, Rena confronts not only the masterpieces of the Renaissance but the banal inconveniences of a family holiday. At the same time, she finds herself travelling into dark and passionate memories that will lead her to a series of disturbing revelations. With exceptional flair and talent, Nancy Huston explores the links between the intimate and the collective, between destruction and creation. In the spirit of her bestselling novel Fault Lines, Infrared is a story about how childhood, family, and our culture all have a direct impact on our sexuality. ‘An intense and sensual novel, in which unapologetic feminism never for a minute excludes the desire for men.’ France Soir


‘There is something eminently subversive in Nancy Huston’s latest novel. A 45-yearold woman dares to talk about her sexuality, her immense desire for men. But even more, Infrared is a staggering expression of the power of art as salvation.’ Voir

Nancy Huston was born in Canada and has lived in France since she was twenty. She writes in both French and English, translates her work herself, and is the author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, as well as plays, children’s books and screenplays. Her novel Fault Lines won the Prix Femina and was shortlisted for the Orange Prize.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758683 • 208 pp • $29.95 rights held: world English (excl. Canada) rights sold: UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ & Canada)—Atlantic Books; US—Grove/Atlantic other rights: La Nouvelle Agence




An Erotic Adventure

Krissy Kneen A solitary young woman called Lilly pursues online adventure among the anonymous torsos of Chatroulette, and finds a soul mate. Leda’s first love brings tenderness, heartbreak and a powerful sexual awakening at the behest of Rachel and Paul—two very different best friends. In some families, husband and wife start to become like brother and sister. In others it is the other way around. For Aaron, it’s a bit more complicated. The people in these stories don’t know each other yet. By the end of Triptych, they will know each other very well indeed. Transgressive, sardonic, lyrical, comic; irresistibly erotic yet also romantic, Krissy Kneen’s writing has been acclaimed for its fearless honesty. In this suite of linked stories, she addresses taboos of all kinds with a subtle wit and an insistence on sexual pleasure that will delight readers. PRAISE FOR KRISSY KNEEN’S AFFECTION

Shortlist, 2010 ABIAs, Biography of the Year Shortlist, 2010 Queensland Premier’s Award for Non-fiction ‘To focus on the prurient aspects of this memoir…is to miss its gorgeous heart.’ Courier-Mail ‘All of creation radiates an erotic energy in her narrative…an assured novelist of any genre.’ Sunday Age ‘Sexy, sad and deeply satisfying.’ Emily Maguire, Age


‘That rare beast; a sexual memoir that is not only uniquely interesting and daringly explicit but is also poetic, offbeat, confronting and funny.’ Linda Jaivin, Australian

Krissy Kneen is a bookseller and writer. She is the author of a short collection of erotica, Swallow the Sound, and a memoir, Affection. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and no pets. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758706 • 272 pp • $29.95 rights held: world

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Wayne Macauley Power through service, says Head Chef. It’s one of the first lessons taught at Cook School, where troubled youths learn to be master chefs by bowing to decadence and whim, by offering up a part of themselves on every plate. It’s a motto Zac takes to heart. A teenage boy with a difficult past, he throws himself into the world and work of haute cuisine. He has dreams of a future, of escaping the dead-end, no-hope lot of his fellow cooks. He wants to be the greatest chef the world has seen. He thinks he’s taken his first steps when he becomes House Cook for a wealthy family. Never mind that the family may seem less than appreciative. Or refined. Or deserving. Power through service. But as the facade crumbles and his promised future looks unlikely to eventuate, Zac the Cook is forced to reassess everything. Sweet turns sour and ends in bitter revenge. Blackly funny and deliciously satirical, The Cook feeds our hunger to know what goes on in the kitchen, while skewering our culture of food worship. PRAISE FOR WAYNE MACAULEY

‘Bewitching…ethereal…hallucinatory…In an era when many Australian novelists are playing it safe…Macauley is an ambitious talent worth watching.’ Wet Ink ‘Some of the best fiction Australia has to offer…Macauley’s work is dark and more than tinged with melancholy; it is also often wildly funny.’ Age

Wayne Macauley is a Melbourne writer. He has published two novels, Blueprints for a Barbed-Wire Canoe (2004) and Caravan Story (2007). His short-fiction collection, Other Stories, was released in 2010. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758690 • 304 pp • $29.95 rights held: world


An enthralling and original novel about obsession, desire and the perfect jus.

You have been chosen Head Chef said each and every one of you it could have been anyone but of all the young people wandering the suburbs wasting their lives you and you only have been chosen. Do not waste this opportunity. You have a kitchen the envy of a Michelin-star restaurant the best teaching talent in the country fresh produce at your door it is up to you to use these resources and not waste them. Remember you are flying the flag for good taste gentlemen. If you’re not prepared to aim high then higher again I suggest you take your supermarket chops and go and eat them with the dogs. Head Chef pointed with a flat hand at the dish on the bench. Look. Taste. When I come back I will be tasting yours and I don’t want to be disappointed.


‘One of the most brilliant minds and speakers of our generation.’ Independent

The End of the Gods

A. S. Byatt From the author of the Booker Prize-winning Possession and The Children’s Book comes an extraordinary myth-inspired tale. In Ragnarok A. S. Byatt reinvents the finale of Norse mythology in all its intensity and glory. Also known as the Twilight of the Gods, it is the myth in which the gods Odin, Freya and Thor die and the sun and moon are swallowed by the wolf Fenrir—for it is only after such monstrous death and destruction that the world can begin anew. As German bombs rain down on wartime Britain, a young girl evacuated to the countryside struggles to make sense of her new wartime life. Then she is given a copy of Asgard and the Gods, a book of ancient Norse myths, and her inner and outer worlds are transformed. War, ecological catastrophe, reckless gods and the recognition of impermanence in the world are

just some of the threads that A. S. Byatt weaves into this most timely of books. Linguistically stunning and imaginatively abundant, it is a landmark work of fiction from one of the world’s great writers. ‘The kind of writer who makes you marvel at what she manages to put on the page.’ Glasgow Herald

A. S. Byatt’s novels include Possession, The Biographer’s Tale and most recently The Children’s Book, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. A distinguished critic as well as a writer of fiction, A. S. Byatt was appointed CBE in 1990 and DBE in 1999.

FICTION PB ISBN 9781921656835 • 208 pp • $23.95 rights held: ANZ other rights: Canongate Books




An Argument for Hope

Tim Flannery Here on Earth is a biography of our planet and our species, offering provocative and visionary solutions to the environmental challenges we face today. ‘A wonderful book. It is a letter from perhaps the world’s most thoughtful, and certainly most eloquent, environmental scientist on how we as a species might survive as chief stewards of planet Earth…Flannery’s erudite, engaging text is a worthy successor to his acclaimed The Weather Makers…Here on Earth is a must for optimists and pessimists alike.’ New Scientist ‘Tim Flannery shows us what is special about humans here on Earth; we are the first organisms in over three billion years who have changed their planet simply by taking thought.’ James Lovelock ‘An exhilarating book that offers hope, not hope that is merely wishful but a scientific and historical argument about why belief in the future of civilisation is rational and essential.‘ Tom Griffiths, Australian Literary Review ‘A wealth of irresistible detail that makes every page compelling.’ Sydney Morning Herald


‘This man is a national treasure, and we should heed his every word.’ Sunday Telegraph

Tim Flannery has written over a dozen books, including the award-winning bestsellers The Future Eaters, The Eternal Frontier and The Weather Makers; and his accounts of adventures in Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Pacific, Throwim Way Leg, Country and Among the Islands. Tim was the 2007 Australian of the Year. He is based at Macquarie University and lives with his family in a sustainable house on the Hawkesbury River. NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758720 • 336 pp • $24.95 rights held: world rights sold: Brazil—Record; Canada—HarperCollins Canada; China—Shanghai 99; Germany—S. Fischer Verlag; Italy—Corbaccio; Spain—Taurus; UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ & Canada)—Penguin Press; US—Grove/Atlantic

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Jessica Rudd Meet Ruby Stanhope. That’s her with the hangover and smudged mascara, taming the press pack, salvaging candidates, flirting with the hot journalist and imminent deportation. That’s her, semi-naked, looking for the toilet in her hotel room and winding up in the foyer. That’s her trying to get the Leader of the Opposition into government and the wrong guy out of her bed. ‘A light-hearted, skilfully written political romp…Campaign Ruby is the Gen Y comedy of manners par excellence.’ Age ‘From the first page…you know you are in for a fabulous time. It’s a rollercoaster, high-heeled adventure…Extremely enjoyable.’ Woman’s Day ‘Rudd is very good at balancing the serious side of politics with the slapstick antics that are de rigueur in chick lit. There are comic moments that are genuinely snort-worthy.’ Weekend Australian ‘It seems…[Jessica Rudd] is set to join the likes of Maggie Alderson, Anita Heiss and Melanie La’Brooy as a regular contributor to Australia’s contemporary commercial women’s fiction scene. Here’s hoping.’ Canberra Times ‘Very funny.’ West Australian


‘A fun, heart-warming read.’ Cosmopolitan

Jessica Rudd, 27, had three career changes in as many years—law, PR, politics—but is now going steady with her life as a writer. She hopes Ruby Blues (see right), the sequel to Campaign Ruby, will give her readers as many laughs as she had writing it. Jessica is based in Beijing.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758652 • 336 pp • $19.95 rights held: world




Jessica Rudd In Campaign Ruby, Ruby managed to get: • drunk • the Leader of the Opposition elected • Luke Now the balloons from the election night party have sagged, along with the electorate’s enthusiasm for the new PM. And Ruby is battling political and personal spot fires. To Do: 1. Screw things up with Luke 2. Turn 30 3. Deal with hormonal pregnant lesbian aunt 4. And imploding government 5. Avoid killing peppy intern 6.  Attend party after waxing accident 7. Cosy up to Pretty Boy 7a. Complicate things with Luke 8. Save the government from itself 9. Figure out who the hell she is 10. And who she wants.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758560 • 296 pp • $29.95 rights held: world

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Toni Jordan The secret to having people give you money is to act as though you don’t want it.

‘Light, bright romantic comedy… Toni Jordan has the winning quality of writing like she enjoys it.’ Jennifer Byrne, Australian Women’s Weekly

‘This is intelligent romantic comedy at its deft best.’ Age ‘Jordan clearly writes for readers: Fall Girl is there to surprise and delight.’ Sunday Age ‘A laugh-out-loud read crackling with satire.’ Weekend Australian


Meet Ella Canfield, evolutionary biologist. Attractive, if a little serious-looking—but then, she’s about to put her career on the line. Dr Canfield wants to prove that an extinct animal still roams in one of Australia’s most popular national parks. And she’s looking for funding. Meet Daniel Metcalf, good-looking, expensively dishevelled millionaire. He heads the Metcalf Trust, which funds offbeat scientific research. He has a personal interest in animals that don’t exist. First problem: There is no such person as Dr Ella Canfield. Second problem: Della Gilmore, professional con artist, has never met anyone like Daniel Metcalf. Someone is going to take a fall.

‘An elegantly orchestrated romance with some sizzling sexual chemistry…simply a joy to read.’ Courier-Mail

Toni Jordan has a BSc. in physiology and qualifications in marketing and professional writing. Her debut novel, Addition, was shortlisted for the Barbara Jefferis Award and longlisted for the Miles Franklin in 2009, and has been published in sixteen countries. Toni lives in Melbourne.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758836 • 308 pp • $19.95 rights held: world rights sold: France—Editions Heloise d’Ormesson; Germany—Piper Verlag; Taiwan—Ye-Ren; UK & Commonwealth (excl. ANZ & Canada)—Sceptre




The Annual Fiction Edition Griffith REVIEW ’s highly anticipated third annual fiction collection explores islands, both geographical and personal. This assortment of new fiction from the best emerging and established writers from Australia and the region promises a unique summer journey into localities of exclusivity, escape and enchantment. Island mentalities can delineate points of difference, uniting communities or separating individuals. The lure of islands has inspired and disappointed, from dreamy quests for utopia to the adventurers who reach new and troubling shores. This edition will surprise and delight, and will include the announcement of the 2011 winners of the Griffith REVIEW Emerging Writers’ Prize. Previous Griffith REVIEW fiction issues have featured Peter Temple, Nikki Gemmell, Kate Grenville, Rodney Hall, Toni Jordan, Luke Davies, Kate Holden, Nick Earls, Eva Hornung and many other leading Australian authors.

‘The best literary journal in the country.’ Age ‘The best literary journal in Australia.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘Admirable…a varied, impressive and international cast of authors.’ Australian

Griffith REVIEW, Australia’s most awarded and extracted quarterly, is produced by Griffith University in conjunction with Text Publishing. It is edited by Julianne Schultz, a professor in the university’s Centre for Cultural Research, an acclaimed author and a member of the ABC Board.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758232 • 264 pp • $27.95

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Arto Paasilinna The international bestseller. A novel of one man’s existential journey away from his life and in to the wild. With a hare. Vatanen is a journalist in Finland. The car he is riding in accidentally hits a young wild hare. The injured animal scampers off and the car moves on—without Vatanen. He has disembarked to find the hare and nurse it back to health. With the hare in his arms, Vatanen starts walking. Travelling through forests and seasons, he finds himself on a journey of comic adventures and near misses. Embracing this life, Vatanen decides to quit his job, leave his wife, sell his possessions and spend a year in the wild. As the hare slowly heals, so too does Vatanen. This is a picaresque tale of finding happiness where there was anger, simplicity where there was complexity, and meaning where there was none. It is a book in the wonderful tradition of Watership FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758546 • 208 pp • $22.95 rights held: ANZ world English: Peter Owen Ltd other rights: Gummerus

Down, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Life of Pi. It is a story you will return to again and again. It is a story of a man and a wild hare. ‘Paasilinna has been amusing Finns for thirty years and readers in twenty-five languages.’ New York Times ‘A fable of the joys of freedom.’ Boston Globe ‘A moral compass that points firmly north and out of doors, away from cities.’ Los Angeles Times ‘Escapism at its best.’

Arto Paasilinna was born in Lapland in 1942. By turns woodcutter, agricultural labourer, journalist and poet, he is also an awardwinning author of more than thirty novels, all of which have been translated into numerous languages. He lives in Helsinki, Finland.




Adventures in the Pacific

Tim Flannery Twenty-five years ago, a young curator of mammals from the

Australian Museum in Sydney set out to research the fauna of the Pacific Islands. Starting with a survey of one of the most inaccessible islands in Melanesia—Woodlark, in the Trobriands Group—that young scientist found himself ghost-whispering, snake wrestling, Quadoi hunting and plunged waist-deep into a sludge of maggot-infested faeces in search of a small bat that turned out not to be earth-shatteringly interesting. With accounts of discovering, naming and sometimes eating new mammal species; being thwarted or aided by local customs; and historic scientific expeditions, Tim Flannery takes us on an enthralling journey through some of the most diverse and spectacular environments on Earth.

‘Tim Flannery is in the league of the all-time great explorers like Dr David Livingstone.’ Sir David Attenborough


‘Flannery is perhaps the most gifted describer of the natural sciences writing today.’ Weekend Australian

Tim Flannery has written over a dozen books, including Here on Earth; the award-winning bestsellers The Future Eaters, The Eternal Frontier and The Weather Makers; and his accounts of adventures in Papua New Guinea and Australia, Throwim Way Leg and Country. Tim was the 2007 Australian of the Year. He is based at Macquarie University and lives with his family in a sustainable house on the Hawkesbury River.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758751 • 288 pp • $32.95 rights held: world

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‘So good I had to read it twice.’ New York Times Book Review

Tom Rachman A wise and moving novel about the unusual, endearing people who write and read an international newspaper based in Rome. ‘Rachman homes in on the human drama of the invisible people who make the institution tick, deftly capturing the petty rivalries and small kindnesses that give any workplace its human dimension.’ Weekend Australian ‘The Imperfectionists joins that short list of fine novels about journalism, which includes Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop.’ Age ‘A splendid original, filled with wit and structured so ingeniously that figuring out where the author is headed is half the reader’s fun…smartly satirical yet brimming with affection.’ New York Times ‘A winning mixture of warmth, wit, poignancy, quiet insight and powerful melodrama.’ Courier-Mail


‘A precise playful fiction, with a deep but lightly worn intelligence.’ Times Literary Supplement

Tom Rachman was born in 1974 in London and grew up in Vancouver. He has worked as an editor at the foreign desk of the Associated Press in New York, as an AP correspondent in Rome, and as an editor at the International Herald Tribune in Paris. Tom lives in London, where he is working on his second novel. The Imperfectionists was longlisted for the Giller Prize, 2010.

FICTION PB ISBN 9781921656880 • 320 pp • $22.95 rights held: ANZ other rights: Abner Stein & Susan Golomb Literary Agency




Humanity’s 100 Deadliest Achievements

Matthew White Which wars killed the most people? Was the twentieth century the most violent in history? Are religions, tyrants or ideologies responsible for the greatest bloodshed? In this remarkable and original book, ‘atrocitologist’ Matthew White assesses man’s inhumanity to man over several thousand years. From the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage to the cataclysmic events of World War II, Atrocitology spans centuries and civilisations as it measures the hundred most violent episodes in history. Relying on statistical analysis rather than grand theories, White offers three big lessons: chaos is more deadly than tyranny, the world is much more disorganised than we realise, and more civilians than soldiers are killed in wars—in fact, the army is usually the safest place to be during wartime. Our understanding of history’s

worst atrocities is patchy and skewed. This book sets the record straight, charting those events with the largest man-made death tolls without fear or favour. ‘Compulsively readable…A major work… Thorough, unbiased, sophisticated, rigorous, authoritative, and, I hasten to add, tremendously entertaining… Outstanding.’ Steven Pinker, author of The Language Instinct and How the Mind Works

Matthew White has worked as a law librarian for twenty years. He began the online Historical Atlas of the 20th Century in 1997, and his database of atrocity statistics has become the atlas’s most popular and widely cited section. His research has been cited by scores of books and scholarly articles. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

NON-FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758768 • 512 pp • $34.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: Brockman Inc.

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‘Reading this will put you one step ahead.’ Marie Claire

Neil Strauss Rules of the Game is the indispensable volume featuring Strauss’s how-to guide for pick-up artists, The Stylelife Challenge, and a new collection of Game true stories, The Style Diaries.

‘Rules of the Game spells it out in bloke-friendly sports talk: the game lasts thirty days—if you score in that time, you win.’ mX


The Stylelife Challenge is not meant to be read. It is meant to be performed. Whatever level of experience you have, whether you are a virgin or a Don Juan, with the aid of this day-by-day guide and under the tutelage of Strauss you will be performing at optimum capacity in just thirty days. Tested on over 13,000 men of varying ages, nationalities and backgrounds, The Stylelife Challenge will teach you the basics of approaching, attracting and seducing women. With Strauss on their side, readers will be well on their way to the pick-up guru holy land. In The Style Diaries Neil Strauss’s alter ego Style reveals secret true stories from The Game.

Fans have been begging for it: another compulsively readable book from the world of Neil Strauss, Pick-up Guru.

Neil Strauss is the bestselling author of The Game and Emergency. He is also the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt and Marilyn Manson’s The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. His most recent book is Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, an illuminating collection of his celebrity interviews. A writer for Rolling Stone, he lives in Los Angeles.

NON-FICTION PB ISBN 9781921520143 • 368 pp • $24.95 rights held: ANZ UK & Commonwealth (excl. Canada): Canongate Books other rights: HarperCollins US


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JONAH LEHRER ‘Incisive and thoughtful, yet sensitive and modest...a special pleasure.’


















JULY 48 All I Ever Wanted, Vikki Wakefield

49 THE TEXT PRIZE AUGUST 50 The Bridge, Jane Higgins SEPTEMBER 52 The Apothecary, Maile Meloy OCTOBER 53 Stay with Me, Paul Griffin 54 The Mask of Destiny, Richard Newsome

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Vikki Wakefield Sometimes she just knows what’s in my head. I’m angry with her, but mostly with myself… Rule number one: I will not turn out like my mother. Mim knows what she wants, and where she wants to go. Anywhere but home—a dead suburb and a mother who won’t get off the couch. She’s set herself rules to live by, but she’s starting to break them. Over the nine days before her seventeenth birthday, Mim’s life turns upside down. In the end, the same things look entirely different. ‘This is one of the most memorable YA books I’ve ever read. The voice is original, the characters are real, the language is startling and beautiful. And the plot keeps you trapped till the dangerous but hopeful end.’ Cath Crowley, author of Graffiti Moon HHHHH ‘I read this novel in one gulp, loving every moment of the narrator’s voice… Though Mim makes mistakes, and plenty of them, this novel contains none. All I Ever Wanted is a brilliant coming-of-age novel for teens.’ Bookseller+Publisher

‘Underlying this gorgeous writing is a page-turning plot driven by richly developed, wonderfully diverse characters…All I Ever Wanted is a sparkling journey into hope. I loved this book.’ Paul Griffin, author of Ten Mile River


Vikki Wakefield lives in Adelaide. She writes late at night and if she can’t read, she can’t breathe. All I Ever Wanted is her first novel.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758300 • 208 pp • $19.95 rights held: world


‘The Text Prize…is quickly building a glowing reputation.’ Sydney Morning Herald

The Text Prize for Young Adult & Children’s Writing is awarded each year to an outstanding unpublished manuscript. It aims to discover wonderful new books for young readers by Australian and New Zealand writers. Both published and unpublished writers of all ages are eligible to enter works of fiction or non-fiction. Judged by a panel of editors from Text Publishing, the winning book will be announced during the Australian Bookseller Association’s annual conference. The winner will receive a publishing contract with Text and a $10,000 advance against royalties. We will be accepting entries for the 2012 prize between May and June next year.

PAST WINNERS Richard Newsome The Billionaire’s Curse 2009

see page 54 for the latest Billionaire adventure

Leanne Hall This Is Shyness 2010

Wildgirl and Wolfboy will be returning in 2012

Jane Higgins The Bridge 2011

see overleaf HHHHH ‘The Text Prize is going from strength to strength, as the publisher continues to choose winners that push the boundaries of young adult fiction. The latest winner, The Bridge, is brilliant.’ Junior Bookseller+Publisher

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 49



Jane Higgins We rode to war in a taxi-cab. Dash found it in Fettlers Lane, near the old greengrocer. We’d gone there looking for food. We were fierce hungry and would have taken anything on offer but the hostiles had got there first. The City is divided. The bridges are gated. Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and desperation, waiting for a chance to overrun Cityside. Nik is destined for a great career with the Internal Security and Intelligence Services, the brains behind the war. But when ISIS comes recruiting, he’s not chosen. There must be an explanation, but no one will talk about it. Then the school is bombed and the hostiles take the bridges. Buildings are burning, kids are dead, and the hostiles have kidnapped Sol. Now ISIS is hunting for Nik. But Nik is on the run, with Sol’s sister Fyffe. Across the bridge. Looking for Sol. And finding answers to questions he’d never even thought to ask. The Bridge is a gritty adventure set in a future world where fear of outsiders pervades everything. It’s a compelling novel about friendship, identity and courage from an exciting new voice.

‘The Bridge makes The Hunger Games look like a picnic.’ James Phelan


Jane Higgins was born in New Zealand. She has degrees in mathematics and anthropology, and has worked on many human rights campaigns. She is a senior research fellow at Lincoln University and her specialty is youth studies. Jane lives in Christchurch with her husband. The Bridge is her first novel.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758331 • 352 pp • $19.95 rights held: world


HHHHH ‘The Text Prize is going from strength to strength…The latest winner, THE BRIDGE, is brilliant. Every sentence is skillfully crafted, with just enough left unsaid that the reader is always hungry for more… This is a breathtaking first novel.’ Junior Bookseller+Publisher




Maile Meloy


Illustrations by Ian Schoenherr A mysterious apothecary. A magic book. A missing scientist. An impossible plan. It’s 1952 and the Scott family has moved from Los Angeles to London. Janie feels uncomfortable in her new school, until the local apothecary promises her a remedy for homesickness. But the real cure is meeting the apothecary’s son Benjamin, a curiously defiant boy who dreams of becoming a spy. Benjamin’s father is no ordinary apothecary, and when he’s kidnapped, Benjamin and Janie find themselves entrusted with his sacred book, the Pharmacopoeia. And Russian spies are intent on getting their hands on it. What secrets does the book contain? Who is the Chinese chemist Jin Lo? And can they trust a skinny pickpocket called Pip to help them? Discovering transformative elixirs they never imagined could exist, Janie and Benjamin embark on a dangerous quest to save the apothecary and prevent an impending nuclear disaster. The Apothecary sparkles with life and possibility. This is a story that will delight kids and return not-so-young readers to the magic of childhood. ‘Inventive, smart and fun, an absolute delight.’ Rebecca Stead ‘A wise and astonishing conjurer of convincing realities.’ New Yorker ‘A master of her craft.’ Weekend Australian

Maile Meloy is the award-winning author of the short-story collections Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It and Half in Love, and the novels Liars and Saints and A Family Daughter. Maile lives in Los Angeles. The Apothecary is her first novel for young readers.

FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758171 • 336 pp • $19.95 rights held: ANZ US rights: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, a division of Penguin Young Readers other rights: ICM




Paul Griffin The door opens, and this guy comes in, kind of tall, clean-cut, definitely nice-looking, but there’s something wrong with him. He strikes me as both wounded and perhaps a little dangerous. And so it began. Céce and Mack never expected to fall in love. She’s a sensitive A-student; he’s a high school dropout. But soon they’re spending all their time together, bonding over a rescued dog, telling their darkest secrets. Everything is perfect. Until. Until. Mack loses control and makes a horrible mistake, and suddenly everything is impossible. Céce and Mack struggle to answer the question: how do you survive when the person you love can’t stay? Award-winning author Paul Griffin has written a story of first love that is both heartbreaking and uplifting, filled with characters, both dog and human, that will change the way you look at the world. PRAISE FOR TEN MILE RIVER ‘Griffin’s concise prose, humour and gritty realism make Ten Mile River a memorable read.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘A striking debut…the setting [is] authentic, the characters memorable and their struggles played out with a complexity that respects the audience’s intelligence.’ Publishers Weekly


‘This book’s got balls and beauty in equal measure.’ Phillip Gwynne

When he’s not writing, Paul Griffin works as a teacher, mostly with at-risk kids in high schools and juvenile detention centres throughout New York City, where he lives with his wife and his pit bull dogs. Ten Mile River is also published by Text. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758713 • 224 pp • $19.95 rights held: ANZ other rights: Penguin USA

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 53




Richard Newsome The police have finally caught the evil murderer Sir Mason Green. The third casket and whatever treasure it contains can remain a secret just as the Fraternity wished. Gerald can relax and enjoy his billions. Or can he? At his trial, Green drops dead in the dock. Forensics show he was poisoned by a dart—and Gerald’s DNA is on the blowgun. Then a mysterious cat woman steals the ruby, the key to the third casket. A mysterious woman with a store of poison darts, who happens to be Sir Mason Green’s niece, Charlotte. Now Gerald is on the run, with Ruby and Sam, wanted for murder. Can they beat Charlotte to the ruby casket and prove that she killed Green? It’s a quest that takes them to caverns beneath the island castle of Mont Saint-Michel in France, locked rooms in the Vatican and the ancient hidden city of Delphi in Greece to discover the secret of the three caskets and the great power they hold. PRAISE FOR THE BILLIONAIRE TRILOGY

‘Filled with secret passageways and deadly booby traps— you’ll be on the edge of your seat!’ K-Zone ‘Young fans of this James Bond meets The Famous Five adventure will be left hanging out for the final instalment.’ Age ‘Fast-paced, humorous and fun.’ Magpies

Richard Newsome lives in Brisbane with his family. He won the inaugural Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing for The Billionaire’s Curse, the first book in The Billionaire Trilogy, which was followed by The Emerald Casket. FICTION PB • EBOOK ISBN 9781921758539 • 352 pp • $19.95 rights held: world rights sold: Canada—HarperCollins Canada; Germany—Oetinger Verlag; Poland—Wydawnictwo Kamien; US—Walden Pond Press/HarperCollins


JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 55


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: : young adult & children’s books















PRINT & AUDIO BOOK STOCK LIST ABDOLAH, KADER 9781847672414 The House of the Mosque 9781921145193 My Father’s Notebook ABIDI, AZHAR 9781921351679 Twilight ADAMSON, ROBERT 9781877008955 Inside Out: An Autobiography 9781920885601 Inside Out: An Autobiography ADORJÁN, JOHANNA 9781921656569 An Exclusive Love AGNELLO HORNBY, SIMONETTA 9781921145179 The Almond Picker 9781921145735 The Marchesa ALGREN, NELSON 9781841955612 The Man with the Golden Arm 9781841956800 Walk on the Wild Side ALISON, JANE 9781920885410 The Marriage of the Sea ALLEN, STEWART LEE 9781841951430 The Devil’s Cup ALVAREZ, RAFAEL 9781847676535 The Wire 9781847675996 The Wire ALVTEGEN, KARIN 9781921351068 Shame 9781921351976 Shadow 9780857860224 Missing AMBROSE, HUGH 9781921656101 The Pacific 9781921758676 The Pacific 9781847678461 The Pacific [audio book] AMMANITI, NICCOLÒ 9781877008467 I’m Not Scared 9781921145827 Steal You Away 9781921520839 The Crossroads ANAM, TAHMIMA 9781921758287 The Good Muslim

BADINTER, ELISABETH $23.95 pb 9781921758416 The Conflict $29.95 pb BAIL, MURRAY 9781875847945 Eucalyptus $32.95 pb 9781921351693 Eucalyptus 9781875847648 Homesickness 9781875847655 The Drover’s Wife & Other Stories $45.00 hb 9781875847686 Holden’s Performance $32.95 pb 9781876485641 Camouflage 9781921351464 The Pages 9781921520457 The Pages $34.95 pb BALLANTYNE, DAVID 9781921520020 Sydney Bridge Upside Down $23.95 pb $29.95 pb BAILEY, ELISABETH TOVA 9781921758126 The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating $25.00 pb BARICCO, ALESSANDRO $22.95 pb 9781847671035 An Iliad 9781847670748 Ocean Sea 9781877008979 Without Blood $23.95 pb 9781921145483 Silk $24.95 pb

BARRATT, JULIAN & FIELDING, NOEL 9781847673220 The Mighty Book of Boosh 9781921520891 The Pocket Book of Boosh

$34.95 pb BATUMAN, ELIF $29.95 pb 9781921656644 The Possessed

BECKETT, BERNARD 9781921351426 Genesis 9781921758034 Genesis 9781921520211 Jolt 9781921520327 Malcolm & Juliet $34.95 pb 9781921758041 August $25.95 pb BEHRENS, PETER $59.95 CD 9781921145858 The Law of Dreams $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb

BERGNER, HERZ $23.95 pb 9781921656316 Between Sky and Sea $23.95 pb $23.95 pb BIRCH, CAROL 9781921758454 Jamrach’s Menagerie

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 57

$32.95 pb BIRNIE, LISA 9781875847754 A Good Day to Die ANNEAR, ROBYN $26.95 pb BLAINEY, GEOFFREY (ED.) 9781876485283 Nothing But Gold 9781877008177 The Man Who Lost Himself $34.95 pb 9781877008115 Henry Lawson BLOOMFIELD, STEVE ARMIGER, MARTIN $27.50 pb 9781847677785 Africa United 9781876485573 The Waiters ARMSTRONG, JUDITH 9781877008474 The French Tutor 9781921145070 The Maestro’s Table ARMSTRONG, KAREN 9781920885878 A Short History of Myth [Myths] ARMSTRONG, SUE 9781847675811 A Matter of Life and Death ATWOOD, MARGARET 9781921351198 The Penelopiad [Myths] AUNG THIN, MICHELLE 9781921758638 The Monsoon Bride

BLUM, JENNA $28.00 pb 9781920885540 Those Who Save Us $25.00 pb BÖK, CHRISTIAN 9781847672391 Eunoia $23.95 pb

BOURDAIN, ANTHONY 9781847670540 Bone in the Throat 9781847670557 Gone Bamboo

$29.95 pb BOWE, STEPH 9781921656590 Girl Saves Boy $23.95 pb BOYD, MARTIN 9781920885069 The Cardboard Crown $29.95 pb BOYD, ROBIN 9781921656224 The Australian Ugliness

$24.95 pb

BRABAZON, JAMES 9781921656439 My Friend the Mercenary

BREASHEARS, DAVID $24.95 pb 9781841953908 High Exposure $23.95 pb BRITAIN, IAN (ED.) $23.95 pb 9781921656705 The Donald Friend Diaries BROOKS, BEN $23.95 pb 9781921758737 Grow Up $23.95 pb $23.00 hb BUKOWSKI, CHARLES $34.95 hb 9781841951638 Ham on Rye $23.95 pb 9781841959962 Hollywood 9781847670403 Come On In! New Poems 9781847675491 The Pleasures of $27.95 pb the Damned

$22.95 pb

BURKEMAN, OLIVER 9780857860255 Help!

BURNS, ROBERT 9781847671127 A Night Out with $22.95 pb Robert Burns $22.95 pb $14.95 pb BUTEN, HOWARD $19.95 pb 9781876485696 When I Was Five I Killed Myself $45.00 hb BUTLER, SUSAN $29.95 pb 9781921351983 The Dinkum Dictionary, 3rd edition $26.95 pb BUTTON, JOHN 9781875847358 On the Loose 9781876485108 As It Happened $19.95 pb $19.95 pb BYATT, A. S. $19.95 pb 9781921656835 Ragnarok [Myths] $19.95 pb CAESAR, DAVID $23.95 pb 9781875847389 Idiot Box: The Screenplay $32.95 pb

CALDERÓN, EMILIO 9781921351617 The Creator’s Map

CALDWELL, ZOE $27.95 pb 9781877008627 I Will Be Cleopatra $32.95 pb $26.00 pb

CANNOLD, LESLIE 9781921758089 The Book of Rachael CARLON, PATRICIA 9781877008313 Crime of Silence 9781877008368 The Unquiet Night

$27.50 pb CASTELLANI, CHRISTOPHER 9781920885205 A Kiss From Maddalena $25.95 pb CATHCART, MICHAEL 9781921520648 The Water Dreamers $29.95 pb 9781921656552 The Water Dreamers

$34.95 pb $29.95 pb $39.95 pb $22.95 pb

CHARLES, KATHY 9781921520679 Hollywood Ending CHASER 9781920885380 Annual 2004 9781920885977 Annual 2005 9781921145322 Fifty Golden Years of The Chaser 9781921351082 Annual 2007 9781921351853 Annual 2008 9781921520808 Annual 2009 9781921656736 Annual 2010

$24.95 pb $23.95 pb CLARE, JOHN $32.95 pb 9781875847518 Low Rent: A Memoir

$32.95 pb $25.00 pb $25.00 pb $28.00 pb $27.00 pb $29.95 pb $29.95 pb $29.95 pb $25.95 pb

$32.95 pb CLARKE, BROCK 9781921351891 An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England $23.95 pb $32.95 pb 9781921656989 Exley $32.95 pb

$22.95 pb

$23.95 pb

$24.95 pb $25.95 pb $22.00 pb $23.95 pb $19.95 pb $32.95 pb

CLARKE, JOHN 9781875847525 Still the Two 9781876485290 A Dagg at My Table 9781921351990 The Tournament 9781920885328 The Howard Miracle 9781877008801 The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse 9781921145698 The 7:56 Report 9781921351938 The Catastrophe Continues 9781921520815 The Catastrophe Continues 9781920885007 The Howard Miracle [audio book read by John Clarke] 9781920885014 The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse [audio book read by John Clarke]

$24.00 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $25.00 hb $29.95 pb $32.95 pb $23.95 pb $24.95 CD

$24.95 CD

CLEMENTS, TOBY 9781921145650 The No. 2 Global Detective $23.95 pb

CLENDINNEN, INGA 9781876485351 Reading the Holocaust $24.95 pb 9781876485559 Tiger’s Eye: A Memoir 9781920885366 Dancing with Strangers $32.95 pb 9781921145865 Agamemnon’s Kiss 9781921351341 True Stories

$26.95 pb $24.95 pb $26.95 pb $25.95 pb $19.95 pb

$19.95 pb CLIFTON, JANE $27.50 pb 9781877008665 Half Past Dead 9781877008962 A Hand in the Bush

$23.95 pb $23.95 pb

$23.95 pb COETZEE, J. M. 9781921145636 Diary of a Bad Year $34.95 pb 9781921351839 Diary of a Bad Year

$35.00 hb $23.95 pb

$26.95 pb COHEN, LEONARD 9781921520419 The Favourite Game 9781921520402 Beautiful Losers

$23.95 pb $23.95 pb

COLE-ADAMS, KATE 9781921520358 Walking to the Moon

$22.95 pb

COMAN, BRIAN 9781921656385 Tooth and Nail

$25.95 pb

CONTINI, MARY 9781841958446 Dear Olivia

$50.00 hb

COOK, KENNETH 9781921520600 Wake in Fright [film tie-in]

$23.95 pb

CATT, JULIE $34.95 pb $24.95 hb 9781921520556 Normal CAVE, NICK $19.95 pb 9781847673763 The Death of Bunny Munro $45.00 hb $19.95 pb 9781921520631 The Death of Bunny Munro $32.95 pb 9781921656781 The Death of Bunny Munro $24.95 pb 9781921520877 The Death of Bunny Munro $19.95 pb [audio book read by Nick Cave] $39.95 CD $25.00 pb CHAMBERS, JEREMY 9781921656507 The Vintage and the Gleaning $32.95 pb $34.95 pb


$25.00 hb $23.95 pb

9781921656026 Wyatt 9781921656811 Wyatt 9781921656262 The Wyatt Butterfly 9781921758591 Whispering Death

DOBYNS, JAY & JOHNSON-SHELTON, NILS COREN, ALAN 9781921520655 Chocolate & Cuckoo Clocks $36.95 pb 9781921520266 No Angel 9781921656477 No Angel COREN, VICTORIA 9781921520792 For Richer, For Poorer CORTESE, RAIMONDO 9781875847549 The Indestructible Corpse COTTERILL, COLIN 9781921145186 The Coroner’s Lunch 9781921145889 Thirty-three Teeth 9781921351419 Disco for the Departed COURTEMANCHE, GIL 9781920885236 A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali COWLEY, JOY & BISHOP, GAVIN 9781921351969 Snake & Lizard CUNNINGHAM, SOPHIE 9781921351709 Geography 9781921351525 Bird CURRIE, CHRISTOPHER 9781921758164 The Ottoman Motel DAISLEY, STEPHEN 9781921656491 Traitor 9781921758379 Traitor D’AMBROSIO, CHARLES 9781921656347 The Dead Fish Museum DARRIEUSSECQ, MARIE 9781921520310 Tom Is Dead DAVIDSON, ANDREW 9781921520594 The Gargoyle

$34.95 pb DODGE, JIM 9781841954882 Stone Junction $25.95 pb 9781875847778 Fup 9781921520846 Fup $23.95 pb DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN $32.95 pb 9781847679192 The Complete Brigadier Gerard Stories $32.95 pb DUCROU, DANIEL 9781921656460 The Byron Journals $23.95 pb DUNCAN, GLEN 9781921656927 The Last Werewolf $19.95 pb DYER, GEOFF 9781921656897 Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi $23.95 pb $32.95 pb 9781847678621 Working the Room 9781847679376 Working the Room $32.95 pb EAGLEMAN, DAVID 9781847674272 Sum 9781847678973 Sum [audio book] $32.95 pb 9781921758201 Incognito $23.95 pb ECKSTUT, ARIELLE 9781841955827 Pride & Promiscuity $32.95 pb ELLISON, SARAH 9781921656583 War at the Wall Street $29.95 pb Journal $24.95 pb

DAVIDSON, LEON 9781921656071 Zero Hour

$19.95 pb

DAVIES, DEBORAH KAY 9781847678300 True Things about Me 9781847678317 True Things about Me

$29.95 pb $23.95 pb

DAVIES, JULIAN 9781877008818 The Boy

$24.95 hb

DELLA FEMINA, JERRY 9781921656866 From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor $25.95 pb DE LUCA, ERRI 9781877008610 God’s Mountain

$22.00 pb

DENBY, DAVID 9781920885175 American Sucker

$28.00 pb

D eWOSKIN, RACHEL 9781921758249 Big Girl Small

$29.95 pb

DHUME, SADANAND 9781921351402 My Friend the Fanatic

$34.95 pb

DISHER, GARRY 9781921145520 Snapshot 9781921145285 The Dragon Man 9781921145452 Kittyhawk Down 9781921145414 Chain of Evidence 9781921656002 Blood Moon

$23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb

FABER, MICHEL 9781920885915 The Fahrenheit Twins 9781847678935 The Crimson Petal & the White 9780857860019 The Crimson Petal & the White [tie-in edition] 9781921351044 The Apple 9781921351815 The Fire Gospel [Myths] 9781847678911 The Hundred and Ninety Nine Steps and the Courage Consort 9781847678928 Under the Skin

$32.95 pb FLANNERY, TIM (ED.) $23.95 pb 9781921520044 1788, by Watkin Tench $32.95 pb 9781875847419 Life and Adventures 1776– $32.95 pb 1801, by John Nicol 9781876485221 The Explorers $34.95 pb 9781876485450 The Birth of Sydney $26.95 pb 9781876485924 Terra Australis, by Matthew Flinders 9781876485610 Two Classic Tales of $24.95 pb Australian Exploration $19.95 pb 9781877008207 The Life & Adventures of $19.95 pb William Buckley 9781877008894 The Birth of Melbourne 9781877008573 Sailing Alone Around the $24.95 pb World, by Joshua Slocum 9781921145810 Where is Here? $19.95 pb FORBES, ELENA

$24.95 pb

9781877008597 Miles McGinty 9781921145797 Dreamland

$23.95 pb $32.95 pb

GLATSHTEYN, YANKEV $23.00 pb 9781921351716 Emil and Karl $24.95 pb GLAVINIC, THOMAS $24.95 pb 9781921351648 Night Work

$32.95 pb

$24.95 pb GOTTLIEB, ELI 9781921351600 Now You See Him

$32.95 pb

$19.95 pb

$32.00 pb GOTTLIEB, LORI $25.95 pb 9781921758065 Marry Him $24.95 pb GOUREVITCH, PHILIP (ED.) $24.95 pb 9781841959252 The Paris Review Interviews, $24.00 pb $22.95 pb

Vol. 1 9781847670335 The Paris Review Interviews, Vol. 2 9781847671134 The Paris Review Interviews, Vol. 3 9781847674494 The Paris Review Interviews, Vol. 4

$34.95 pb $34.95 pb

9781921656842 Evil in Return $32.95 pb FORD, CATHERINE 9781876485405 NYC

$32.95 pb

FREINKEL, SUSAN $23.95 pb 9781921758485 Plastic $49.95 hb FREEMAN, JOHN $23.95 pb 9781921520945 Shrinking the World

GRANDES, ALMUDENA $34.95 pb 9781920885717 The Ages of Lulu 9781921145247 The Wind From the East

$23.95 pb $29.95 pb

$34.95 pb GREEN, JOHN & LEVITHAN, DAVID 9781921656231 Will Grayson, Will Grayson

$19.95 pb

FUNDER, ANNA $22.95 pb 9781877008917 Stasiland $39.95 CD GAITA, RAIMOND $34.95 pb 9781876485177 Romulus, My Father 9781921351921 Romulus, My Father $16.95 pb [special edition] 9781876485412 A Common Humanity 9781877008993 The Philosopher’s Dog $34.95 pb 9781921758782 After Romulus GAITA, RAIMOND (ED.) 9781920885120 Why the War Was Wrong 9781921656606 Essays on Muslims and $24.95 pb Multiculturalism

$23.95 pb

$27.50 pb

$24.95 pb GRENVILLE, KATE 9781920885755 The Secret River 9781921520341 The Secret River $25.95 pb 9781921351860 Searching for the Secret River $29.95 hb 9781921351297 Dark Places $25.95 pb 9781921520259 Dark Places $25.95 pb 9781921351785 The Lieutenant $32.95 pb 9781921520488 The Lieutenant 9781921656767 The Lieutenant $23.00 pb 9781921758621 Sarah Thornhill

GRIFFEN-FOLEY, BRIDGET $26.95 pb 9781877008641 Party Games GALLOWAY, STEVEN $24.95 pb GRIFFIN, PAUL $24.00 pb 9781877008832 Ascension $22.95 pb 9781921520136 Ten Mile River 9781921351303 The Cellist of Sarajevo $23.95 pb $23.95 pb 9781921758713 Stay with Me GARGETT, KEN GRIFFITH REVIEW 9781921351020 Don’t Buy Wine Without Me 9780733313318 no. 1: Insecurity in the 2008 $27.95 pb $23.95 pb New World Order $23.95 pb GARNER, HELEN 9780733313509 no. 2: Dreams of Land $25.95 pb 9780733313868 no. 3: Webs of Power 9781921351846 True Stories FLANNERY, TIM $29.95 hb 9780733314339 no. 4: Making Perfect $24.95 pb 9781921351396 The Spare Room 9781876485191 Throwim Way Leg $23.95 pb 9781877008566 The Eternal Frontier $24.95 pb 9781921520280 The Spare Room Bodies 9781920885762 Country $25.00 pb GEE, MAURICE 9780733314537 no. 5: Addicted to 9781920885847 The Weather Makers $34.95 pb 9781921520082 Salt $19.95 pb Celebrity 9781921351822 The Weather Makers $24.95 pb 9781921520129 Gool $19.95 pb 9780733314544 no. 6: Our Global Face 9781921145346 We Are the Weather Makers $22.95 pb 9781921656293 The Limping Man $17.95 pb 9780733315480 no. 7: The Lure of 9781921145957 An Explorer’s Notebook $34.95 pb GEIGER, JOHN Fundamentalism 9781921351655 An Explorer’s Notebook $24.95 pb 9781921520372 The Third Man Factor $34.95 pb 9780733316081 no. 8: People Like Us 9781921656873 Here On Earth $49.95 hb 9781921656637 The Third Man Factor $25.95 pb 9780733316715 no. 9: Up North $34.95 pb 9780733316722 no. 10: Family Politics 9781921656668 Here On Earth GIBBON, MAUREEN 9758921758720 Here on Earth $24.95 pb 9780733316210 no. 11: Getting Smart $32.95 pb 9781921656200 Thief $32.95 pb 9780733318603 no. 12: Hot Air 9781921758751 Among the Islands GILLING, TOM 9780733319389 no. 13: The Next Big Thing FLANNERY, TIM & SCHOUTEN, PETER $23.95 pb 9780733319396 no. 14: The Trouble with 9781876485023 The Sooterkin $50.00 pb 9781920885212 Astonishing Animals Paradise

$34.95 pb $34.95 pb

$39.95 hb $24.95 pb $24.95 pb $29.95 pb $23.95 pb $39.95 hb $32.95 pb $24.95 pb $39.95 hb $32.00 pb $19.95 pb $19.95 pb

$16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $16.95 pb $19.95 pb


COOKE, KAZ 9781875847396 The Arts of Beauty by Lola Montez 9781875847662 Get Another Grip

PRINT & AUDIO BOOK STOCK LIST 9780733320569 no. 15: Divided Nation $19.95 pb 9780733321221 no. 16: Unintended Consequences $19.95 pb 9780733321269 no. 17: Staying Alive $19.95 pb 9780733321276 no. 18: In the Neighbourhood $19.95 pb 9780733322815 no. 19: Reimagining Australia $19.95 pb 9780733322822 no. 20: Cities on the Edge $19.95 pb 9780733322839 no. 21: Hidden Queensland $19.95 pb 9780733323935 no. 22: Money Sex Power $19.95 pb 9780733323942 no. 23: Essentially Creative $19.95 pb 9780733323959 no. 24: Participation Society $19.95 pb 9781921520761 no. 25: After the Crisis $24.95 pb 9781921520860 no. 26: Stories for Today $24.95 pb 9781921656156 no. 27: Food Chain $24.95 pb 9781921656163 no. 28: Still the Lucky Country? $24.95 pb 9781921656170 no. 29: Prosper or Perish $24.95 pb 9781921656187 no. 30: The Second Annual Fiction Edition $24.95 pb 9781921656996 no. 31: Ways of Seeing $24.95 pb 9781921758218 no. 32: Wicked Problems, Exquisite Dilemmas $24.95 pb 9781921758225 no. 33: Such is Life $24.95 pb 9781921758232 no. 34: The Annual Fiction Edition $27.95 pb GRIFFITHS, JAY 9781921758027 A Love Letter from a Stray Moon GRØNDAHL, JENS CHRISTIAN 9781876485658 Silence in October 9781877008429 Virginia 9781920885519 An Altered Light GROSSMAN, DAVID 9781921145230 Lion’s Honey [Myths] GUILLIATT, RICHARD 9781875847297 Talk of the Devil GUNDLE, STEPHEN 9781847679291 Death and the Dolce Vita GUNN, KIRSTY 9781877008122 Featherstone 9781921145568 The Boy and the Sea HAENEL, YANNICK 9781921758003 The Messenger

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 59

HAIG, MATT 9781921656415 The Radleys HAIGH, GIDEON 9781876485122 One of a Kind 9781876485207 Mystery Spinner 9781877008849 The Big Ship 9781877008870 The Uncyclopedia 9781920885359 The Tencyclopedia HALL, LEANNE 9781921656521 This is Shyness HALL, STEVEN 9781921145742 The Raw Shark Texts 9781921351228 The Raw Shark Texts

$19.95 pb

HALSE-ANDERSON, LAURIE 9781921656149 Wintergirls

$19.95 pb

9781921520099 Dog Boy 9781921656378 Dog Boy

HAMSUN, KNUT 9781921145544 Hunger

HUME, FERGUS $23.95 pb 9781920885373 The Mystery of a Hansom Cab HARMAN, CLAIRE $34.95 pb 9781876485139 Madame Midas 9781921520501 Jane’s Fame HUSTON, NANCY HARRIS, PAUL 9781921351686 Fault Lines 9781920885939 Film Buff’s DVD Companion 2006 $24.00 pb 9781921758355 Infrared HYLAND, ADRIAN 9781921145537 Film Buff’s DVD Companion 2007 $24.00 pb 9781921656422 Diamond Dove 9781921656309 Gunshot Road HARTIGAN, PAUL 9781875847341 Who’s a Pretty Boy Then? $17.95 pb 9781921758263 Kinglake-350 HASLUCK, PAUL 9781875847372 The Chance of Politics HATOUM, MILTON 9781847673008 Orphans of Eldorado [Myths] HEATH, ROBIN 9781920885434 Stonehenge HEATHCOTE, CHRISTOPHER 9781875847327 A Quiet Revolution HESSLER, PETER 9781921656040 Country Driving HIGGINS, JANE 9781921758331 The Bridge HIGGINS, JOHN 9781877008108 Salamanca

HOLLOWAY, RICHARD 9781841956039 Looking in the Distance 9781841953588 On Forgiveness $32.95 pb 9781841955780 Godless Morality 9781841956411 Doubts and Loves $38.00 pb 9781921520112 Between the Monster $45.00 hb and the Saint $32.00 pb HOLLOWAY, RICHARD (ED.) $26.00 hb 9781920885151 Revelations $27.00 hb HOMER-DIXON, THOMAS 9781921351662 The Upside of Down $19.95 pb HORLOCK, MARY 9781921758102 The Book of Lies $32.95 pb HORNUNG, EVA $23.95 pb 9781921520426 Dog Boy $29.95 pb

$23.95 pb KASLIK, IBI $29.95 pb 9781921351129 Skinny KELLY, NED $23.95 pb 9781876485894 The Jerilderie Letter

$22.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $32.95 pb $23.95 pb $32.95 pb $18.95 pb $19.95 pb

$32.95 pb KEY, JOSHUA as told to LAWRENCE HILL $32.95 pb 9781921351235 The Deserter’s Tale

$25.95 pb

HYLAND, M. J. $28.00 pb 9781921145780 Carry Me Down 9781921520532 This Is How 9781921656484 This Is How

KNEEN, KRISSY $23.95 pb 9781921520617 Affection $32.95 pb 9781921656729 Affection $23.95 pb 9781921758706 Triptych

$34.95 pb $25.95 pb $29.95 pb

$23.95 pb ISAACSON, RUPERT 9781921520167 The Horse Boy 9781921656392 The Horse Boy $14.95 pb JACOBBI, PAOLA 9781920885830 I Want Those Shoes $30.00 pb JAIVIN, LINDA 9781877008603 Eat Me $34.95 pb 9781875847334 Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space $19.95 pb 9781875847464 Confessions of an S&M Virgin $27.50 pb 9781875847563 Miles Walker, You’re Dead 9781876485917 The Monkey and the Dragon $19.95 pb 9781876485665 Dead Sexy

L a PLANTE, ALICE $34.95 pb 9781921758423 Turn of Mind $26.95 pb LAUDER, AFFERBECK 9781921520853 Strine $29.95 hb 9781921656804 Strine

HILLS, LIA 9781921520075 The Beginner’s Guide $30.00 pb to Living $19.95 pb JAKOBSEN, METTE $23.95 pb HITCHENS, CHRISTOPHER 9781877008054 The Trial of Henry Kissinger $24.00 pb 9781921758195 The Vanishing Act JOHNSTON, TONY $23.95 pb HO, JOSE SEVILLA $29.95 pb 9781921351624 Bone by Bone 9781920885533 Roses from San Gabriel $22.00 pb HODGMAN, HELEN 9781921758133 Blue Skies 9781921758355 Jack and Jill $25.95 pb HOLDEN, KATE 9781921351075 In My Skin: A Memoir $24.95 pb 9781921656743 The Romantic $22.95 pb 9781921758805 The Romantic

$32.95 pb KADARE, ISMAIL $23.95 pb 9781841959788 Agamemnon’s Daughter 9781921145063 The Successor 9781921351280 Chronicle in Stone $23.95 pb 9781921351631 The Siege $26.00 pb 9781847673411 The Ghost Rider 9781921656613 The Accident

$29.95 pb $29.95 pb $24.95 pb $34 95 pb $24.95 pb $24.95 pb $22.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $25.95 pb $25.95 pb $26.95 pb $32.95 pb $45.00 hb

LEHRER, JONAH 9781921656019 The Decisive Moment 9781921758140 Proust was a $23.95 pb Neuroscientist $23.95 pb

LESER, DAVID $25.00 pb 9781875847020 Bronwyn Bishop $21.00 pb LEVITHAN, DAVID 9781921656910 The Lover’s Dictionary $34.95 pb $14.95 pb LEWIS, STEPHEN 9781921145162 Race Against Time

$23.95 pb LIANKE, YAN 9781921145964 Serve the People! 9781921520181 Dream of Ding Village $22.95 pb LIBERA, ANTONI JONAITIS, ELENA 9781877008016 Madame $27.50 pb 9781875847501 Elena’s Journey LILIN, NICOLAI JONES, LLOYD 9781921656323 Siberian Education $32.95 pb 9781921145575 Mister Pip 9781921758409 Free Fall 9781921520242 Mister Pip $23.95 pb 9781921145971 The Book of Fame $29.95 pb LINDQVIST, JOHN AJVIDE 9781921145711 Let the Right One In 9781921351556 Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance $32.95 pb 9781921351372 Let the Right One In 9781921351778 Biografi $32.95 pb 9781921656859 Let the Right One In [film tie-in] 9781921520662 The Man in the Shed $32.95 pb 9781921656972 Hand Me Down World $45.00 hb 9781921656088 Handling the Undead 9781921656682 Hand Me Down World $32.95 pb 9781921656675 Harbour 9781921758799 Hand Me Down World $19.95 pb 9781921758669 Harbour 9781921758577 Little Star JORDAN, TONI $29.95 pb LINK, KELLY 9781921351242 Addition 9781921520273 Addition $23.95 pb 9781921520730 The Wrong Grave 9781921656668 Fall Girl $32.95 pb 9781921656361 Pretty Monsters 9781921758836 Fall Girl $19.95 pb LOUDON, MARY 9781921145117 Relative Stranger JULY, MIRANDA 9781921145995 No One Belongs Here More MAC, CARRIE Than You $23.95 pb 9781921145766 The Beckoners 9781847679857 No One Belongs Here More MACAULEY, WAYNE Than You [audio book] $39.95 CD 9781921758690 The Cook

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MAGUIRE, EMILY 9781921351310 Princesses & Pornstars 9781921520822 Your Skirt’s Too Short MALONEY, SHANE 9781921145131 Stiff 9781920885182 Stiff [tie-in edition] 9781877008504 The Brush-Off 9781877008511 Nice Try 9781877008528 The Big Ask 9781877008702 Something Fishy 9781921145445 Sucked In 9781921351440 Sucked In 9781921351150 The Murray Whelan Trilogy 9781921351914 The Next Murray Whelan Trilogy

$19.95 pb

MAUSHART, SUSAN 9781876485818 Wifework 9781921145148 What Women Want Next

$32.95 pb M c CALL SMITH, ALEXANDER $24.95 pb 9781841956299 The Girl Who Married a Lion 9781841957296 Folktales from Africa, Vol. 1 $23.95 pb 9781841957722 Folktales from Africa, Vol. 2 $22.00 pb 9781841954271 Heavenly Date $23.95 pb 9781921351143 Dream Angus [Myths] $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $32.95 pb $23.95 pb $34.95 pb $34.95 pb

MALONEY, SHANE & RUNDLE, GUY 9781920885465 The Happy Phrase

$17.95 pb

MANGUEL, ALBERTO 9781841958217 A Reading Diary

$24.95 pb

MANNE, ROBERT 9781875847037 The Shadow of 1917 9781875847709 The Way We Live Now 9781920885168 The Petrov Affair

$24.95 pb $25.00 pb $24.95 pb

MANNE, ROBERT (ED.) 9781876485764 The Australian Century

$24.95 pb

MANNING, ANNEKA 9781876485566 More Good Food

$35.00 pb

MANNING, FREDERIC 9781876485825 The Middle Parts of Fortune $23.95 pb MANSBACH, ADAM & RICARDO CORTÉS 9781921758843 Go the Fuck to Sleep

$17.95 hb

MARÍAS, JAVIER 9781841958866 Written Lives

$24.95 pb

MARIZ, RAE 9781921656934 The Unidentified

$19.95 pb

MARLTON, ANDREW 9781921656750 First Dog on the Moon’s The Story of the Christmas Story $29.95 hb MARR, DAVID 9781921520037 The Henson Case

$24.95 pb

MARSDEN, JOHN 9781921351471 Hamlet, A Novel 9781921520495 Hamlet, A Novel

$29.95 hb $19.95 pb

MARTEL, YANN 9781847676016 Life of Pi 9781841958491 Life of Pi Illustrated 9781920885892 The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios 9781921656255 Beatrice and Virgil 9781921758270 Beatrice and Virgil 9781847679246 Beatrice and Virgil [audio book]

$39.95 CD

MATTHEWS, BRIAN 9781876485627 As the Story Goes

$19.95 pb

MATTINGLEY, CHRISTOBEL 9781877008412 King of the Wilderness

$26.95 pb

$24.95 pb $59.95 hb $23.95 pb $32.95 hb $23.95 pb

$25.95 pb $25.95 pb

NOLEN, STEPHANIE 9781877008344 Shakespeare’s Face 9781921145841 28: Stories of AIDS in Africa

PULLMAN, PHILIP 9781921656194 The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ [Myths] $32.95 hb $34.95 pb 9781921758096 The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ [Myths] $23.95 pb $23.95 pb 9781921656194 The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ [audio $39.95 CD book] $34.95 pb RACHMAN, TOM $32.95 pb 9781921656033 The Imperfectionists $30.00 pb 9781921656880 The Imperfectionists $22.95 pb $25.00 pb RASH, RON $32.95 pb 9781921520693 Serena $26.95 pb 9781921656828 Serena $24.95 pb $49.95 hb 9781921656965 One Foot in Eden $29.95 pb $26.95 pb $22.95 pb 9781921758508 Burning Bright

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$22.95 pb NOORT, SASKIA $14.95 pb 9781921351136 The Dinner Club $14.95 pb NOWAK, MARTIN WITH HIGHFIELD, ROGER $23.95 pb 9781921758294 SuperCooperators $23.95 pb OAKLEY, BARRY M c CAUGHEY, PATRICK 9781876485597 Minitudes 9781877008719 The Bright Shapes & 9781876485849 Don’t Leave Me the True Names $32.00 pb OBAMA, BARACK M c DONELL, NICK 9781921351365 The Audacity of Hope 9781877008252 Twelve $19.95 pb 9781921520518 Dreams from My Father 9781921351570 Twelve [Young Adult edition] $19.95 pb 9781921351433 Dreams from My Father 9781920885618 The Third Brother $29.95 pb 9781921520624 Dreams from My Father 9781921520969 An Expensive Education $32.95 pb REED, KIRSTEN [audio book read by M c NEISH, JAMES Barack Obama] $39.95 CD 9781921520747 The Ice Age 9781921656446 The Crime of Huey Dunstan $32.95 pb 9781921520440 Change We Can Believe In $25.95 pb RHODES, DAN 9781847675620 Timoleon Vieta Come MEEK, JAMES ORBINSKI, JAMES Home $23.95 pb 9781921351747 An Imperfect Offering $34.95 pb 9781921145506 The People’s Act of Love 9781847675507 Anthropology 9781841958088 Museum of Doubt $22.95 pb ÖSTERGREN, KLAS 9781847670298 Drivetime $23.95 pb 9781921520723 The Hurricane Party [Myths] $23.95 pb 9781847670489 Gold 9781847675293 Little Hands Clapping 9781921351259 We Are Now Beginning OTTO, KRISTIN 9781847675309 Little Hands Clapping Our Descent $32.95 pb $26.95 pb 9781921520006 Yarra RHODES, DANUTA De MELOY, MAILE 9781921520778 Capital $39.95 pb 9781841956343 The Little White Car 9781921656279 Both Ways Is the Only Way PAASILINNA, ARTO I Want It $27.95 pb RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL $22.95 pb 9781921758546 The Year of the Hare 9781921758171 The Apothecary $19.95 pb 9781876485955 The Getting of Wisdom PACKER, Z. Z. MÉROT, PIERRE RINELLA, STEVEN 9781920885045 Drinking Coffee Elsewhere $23.95 pb $23.95 pb 9781920885731 Mammals 9781921520563 American Buffalo PAJALIC, AMRA MIGHTON, JOHN RIPPIN, SALLY $19.95 pb 9781921520334 The Good Daughter $25.95 pb 9781920885496 The Myth of Ability 9781921351358 Chenxi and the Foreigner PARINI, JAY 9781921758058 Angel Creek MILLER, REBECCA $32.95 pb 9781921351037 The Last Station ROACH, MARY 9781921520297 The Private Lives 9781921656132 The Last Station [film tie-in] $23.95 pb of Pippa Lee $23.95 pb 9781921145643 Spook 9781921520709 Personal Velocity $23.95 pb PAX, SALAM 9781921351549 Bonk $23.00 pb 9781877008931 The Baghdad Blog MITTELBACH, MARGARET & CREWDSON, MICHAEL ROBERTSON, KEL $34.95 pb PEARSON, JOHN 9781920885946 Carnivorous Nights 9781921145513 Dead Set 9781877008153 Bluebird and the Dead Lake $25.95 pb MONTGOMERY, BETH RUBINSTEIN, MATT $17.95 pb PEGLER, TIM 9781921145339 The Birthmark 9781921145728 A Little Rain on Thursday $19.95 pb 9781921351488 Murderer’s Thumb $19.95 pb 9781921656286 Five Parts Dead RUDD, JESSICA PELEVIN, VICTOR MOOREHEAD, ALAN 9781921656576 Campaign Ruby $25.95 pb 9781921145032 The Helmet of Horror 9781921758652 Campaign Ruby 9781875847136 Eclipse $23.95 pb 9781921758560 Ruby Blues [Myths] 9781875847693 A Late Education $25.95 pb PILKINGTON, KARL WITH GERVAIS, RICKY RUIZ ZAFÓN, CARLOS MORRIESON, RONALD HUGH $23.95 pb & MERCHANT, STEPHEN 9781920885106 The Shadow of the Wind 9781877008283 The Scarecrow $29.95 hb 9781920885854 The Shadow of the Wind 9781847679260 An Idiot Abroad MURGATROYD, SARAH 9781847679277 An Idiot Abroad $19.95 pb 9781921520341 The Angel’s Game $26.95 pb 9781921520990 The Dig Tree 9781921520433 The Angel’s Game 9781921351723 Dig 3ft NW $22.95 pb PINK, DANIEL H. 9781847677693 Drive $25.95 pb 9781921656712 The Angel’s Game MURNANE, GERALD 9781921656354 The Prince of Mist $23.95 pb PIPPOS, ANGELA 9781876485443 The Plains $23.95 pb 9781921656941 The Midnight Palace 9781921145155 The Goddess Advantage NELSON, CAMILLA SARVAS, MARK $23.95 pb POLSTER, BURKARD 9781875847488 Perverse Acts $14.95 pb 9781921351457 Harry, Revised 9781920885427 Q.E.D. NEWSOME, RICHARD SATHERLEY, GARRY $19.95 pb PORTER, ANDREW 9781921520570 The Billionaire’s Curse 9781876485245 The Arch-Traitor’s 9781921656453 The Emerald Casket $19.95 pb 9781921656057 The Theory of Light Lament and Matter $27.95 pb 9781921758539 The Mask of Destiny $19.95 pb

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MACKENZIE, ANNA 9781921520365 The Sea-wreck Stranger

PRINT & AUDIO BOOK STOCK LIST SAVAGE, ANGELA 9781921145223 Behind the Night Bazaar 9781921656545 The Half-Child SCHULZ, CHARLES M. 9781847670311 The Complete Peanuts 1950–52 9781847670328 The Complete Peanuts 1953–54 9781847670755 The Complete Peanuts 1955–56 9781847670762 The Complete Peanuts 1957–58 9781847671493 The Complete Peanuts 1959–60 9781847671509 The Complete Peanuts 1961–62 9781847678140 The Complete Peanuts 1963–64 9781847678157 The Complete Peanuts 1965–66 9780857862136 The Complete Peanuts 1967–68 9780857862143 The Complete Peanuts 1969–70

SPARKES, GRAEME $23.95 pb 9781875847198 Beyond Tijuana $32.95 pb SPENCE, ALAN 9781921351167 The Pure Land SPOONER, JOHN $45.00 hb 9781876485184 A Spooner in the Works ST JOHN, MADELEINE 9781921520204 The Women in Black 9781921656798 The Women in Black $45.00 hb 9781921520921 The Essence of the Thing 9781921656118 A Stairway to Paradise $45.00 hb 9781921656699 A Pure Clear Light $45.00 hb

$45.00 hb STEAD, REBECCA 9781921656064 When You Reach Me $45.00 hb 9781921758256 First Light

$29.95 hb

9781847675316 Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers

STRAUSS, NEIL $23.95 pb 9781920885984 The Game SHACKLETON, ERNEST 9781921351334 Rules of the Game $24.95 pb 9781921520143 Rules of the Game 9781876485306 South 9781921520587 Emergency SHERBORNE, CRAIG 9781921758430 Everyone Loves You When 9781921758010 The Amateur Science You’re Dead of Love $32.95 pb SÜSKIND, PATRICK SHRIGLEY, DAVID 9781847678591 The Essential David Shrigley $49.95 hb 9781921145896 On Love and Death 9781921351051 On Love and Death SHRIVER, LIONEL 9781921145087 We Need to Talk about Kevin $23.95 pb SYMONS, RED 9781876485634 Revenge 9781921758492 We Need to Talk about Kevin [film tie-in] $23.95 pb 9781875847365 The Stranger Inside

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 61

TABUCCHI, ANTONIO SIMON, DAVID $26.95 pb 9781847679369 Pereira Maintains 9781847673121 Homicide 9781847673183 The Corner (with Ed Burns) $26.95 pb TASEER, AATISH 9781921520174 Stranger to History SINGER, PETER & MASON, JIM 9781921145872 The Ethics of What We Eat $25.95 pb TAYLOR, CORY 9781921758119 Me and Mr Booker SINGER, PETER $25.95 pb TEMPLE, PETER 9781920885397 One World 9781921351181 The President of Good & Evil $25.95 pb 9781877008726 Bad Debts 9781921656095 The Life You Can Save $26.95 pb 9781920885137 Black Tide 9781921145001 Dead Point SLAVIN, HELEN $23.95 pb 9781920885298 White Dog 9781921145599 The Extra Large Medium 9781921351907 The Stopping Place $23.95 pb 9781920885502 An Iron Rose 9781921351204 In the Evil Day SMITH, ALI 9781921351389 Shooting Star $23.95 pb 9781921351105 Girl Meets Boy [Myths] 9781921656774 The Broken Shore SMITH, ALISA & MACKINNON, J. B. 9781921520914 Truth $34.95 pb 9781921520716 Truth 9781921351730 The 100-Mile Diet SNELLEN, MARTIEN 9781921656620 Truth $34.95 pb 9781921145704 The Jack Irish Quinella 9781920885625 Rekindling 9781921351884 The Jack Irish Double SOUNES, HOWARD 9781847675606 Charles Bukowski

9781847677624 Our Tragic Universe 9781847671295 Our Tragic Universe

TOFIELD, SIMON $23.95 pb 9781847674814 Simon’s Cat 9781847674845 Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence $30.00 pb TONG, SU $29.95 pb 9781921351518 Binu & the Great Wall [Myths] $23.95 pb $29.95 pb TREZISE, RACHEL $29.95 pb 9781921145919 Fresh Apples $29.95 pb 9781921351495 In & Out of the Goldfish Bowl $16.95 pb TRISTRAM, CLARE $16.95 pb 9781920885304 After

STEAVENSON, WENDELL TULLOCH, LEE $45.00 hb 9781877008542 Stories I Stole from Georgia $25.95 pb 9781876485054 Fabulous Nobodies 9781921520068 The Weight of a Mustard 9781876485153 Wraith $45.00 hb Seed $34.95 pb 9781877008047 Two Shanes 9781920885199 The Cutting STRACHAN, MARI $29.95 hb 9781921520198 The Earth Hums in B Flat $32.95 pb UGRESIC, DUBRAVKA

SCOTT, JOHN 9781877008559 Warra Warra

SOUTER, GAVIN 9781876485757 Lion and Kangaroo

$19.95 pb

$26.95 pb THOMAS, SCARLETT 9781921351594 The End of Mr Y $24.00 pb 9781847673350 Popco

$25.95 pb

9781847673060 Baba Yaga Laid an Egg [Myths]

VAITE, CÉLESTINE HITIURA $34.95 pb 9781921145100 Frangipani $34.95 pb 9781921145773 Tiare $24.95 pb VAN DER VLUGT, SIMONE $34.95 pb 9781921351327 The Reunion $34.95 pb $24.95 hb $19.95 pb $19.95 pb $18.95 pb

9781921656330 Shadow Sister

$29.95 pb WHITE, MATTHEW $23.95 pb 9781921758768 Atrocitology

$34.95 pb

WHITEHOUSE, DAVID $29.95 hb 9781921758188 Bed

$29.95 pb

WILLIAMS, ALICE $29.95 hb 9781921351112 Would It Kill You to Say Please?

$25.95 pb

WILSON, ANDREW $23.95 pb 9781921145360 The Lying Tongue

$29.95 pb

WILSON, JACQUELINE $23.95 pb 9781921656958 Falling Apart

$19.95 pb

WINTER, DOUGLAS E. $23.95 pb 9781841951003 Run

$19.95 pb

WINTERSON, JEANETTE $23.95 pb 9781920885960 Weight [Myths]

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WOODFORD, JAMES 9781920885489 The Wollemi Pine 9781877008436 The Secret Life of Wombats 9781920885267 The Dog Fence 9781921145933 Whitecap 9781921351792 Real Dirt

$26.95 pb $25.95 pb $25.95 pb $32.95 pb $34.95 pb

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WRIGHT, JUDITH 9781876485788 Half a Lifetime

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WRIGHT, RONALD 9781920885793 A Short History of Progress $25.95 pb 9781921351501 What is America? $34.95 pb

$23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb $23.95 pb

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YIWU, LIAO 9781921656514 The Corpse Walker

ZABLE, ARNOLD VASSANJI, M. G. 9781877008092 Cafe Scheherazade $23.95 pb 9781841956862 The Book of Secrets 9781920885403 The Fig Tree 9781847672834 The Assassin’s Song $23.95 pb 9781877008863 Scraps of Heaven 9781920885311 The In-Between World of 9781921351532 Sea of Many Returns Vikram Lall $29.95 pb 9781921520389 Sea of Many Returns VICE MAGAZINE 9781921758478 Violin Lessons 9781847679697 The World According to VICE $49.95 hb 9781847679703 The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts $23.95 hb

$34.95 pb $23.95 pb $25.95 pb $23.95 pb $32.95 pb $23.95 pb $29.95 pb

$22.95 pb VICKERS, SALLEY 9781921351099 Where Three Roads Meet $34.95 pb [Myths] $23.95 pb $32.95 pb

VON SCHIRACH, FERDINAND 9781921656903 Crime

$29.95 pb

WAKEFIELD, VIKKI $23.95 pb 9781921758300 All I Ever Wanted $19.95 pb $23.95 pb WALSH, HELEN $23.95 pb 9781847672575 Once Upon a Time in England $29.95 pb $23.95 pb 9781847671233 Once Upon a Time in England $23.95 pb $23.95 pb 9780857860057 Go to Sleep $25.95 pb $23.95 pb WATSON, S. J. $23.95 pb $29.95 pb 9781921758157 Before I Go to Sleep $23.95 pb $45.00 hb WELSH, LOUISE $23.95 pb $32.95 pb 9781841956046 Tamburlaine Must Die $23.95 pb $23.95 pb 9781921145551 The Cutting Room $23.95 pb $29.95 pb 9781921145803 The Bullet Trick $32.95 pb $29.95 pb 9781921656217 Naming the Bones $23.95 pb $23.95 pb

WEILAND, SCOTT 9781847670816 Not Dead and Not for Sale

$29.95 pb

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2011 ABA Text Publishing Bookseller of the Year Award in recognition of an individual bookseller’s outstanding achievements within the book industry and the local and wider community.


Nothing beats carrying a stack of Text Publishing books around with you—in your handbag or pocket. A large number of Text titles are now available for download to your preferred reading device. Here’s the list so far. And we’re converting more of our print books to ebooks every day. OUR EBOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM

ADORJÁN, JOHANNA 9781921799679 An Exclusive Love ALVTEGEN, KARIN 9781921799518 Shadow AMBROSE, HUGH 9781921776199 The Pacific AMMANITI, NICCOLÒ 9781921776342 I’m Not Scared 9781921776298 The Crossroads ANAM, TAHMIMA 9781921834271 The Good Muslim ARMSTRONG, KAREN 9781921799525 A Short History of Myth ATWOOD, MARGARET 9781921799532 The Penelopiad BAIL, MURRAY 9781921776991 Eucalyptus 9781921776977 Homesickness 9781921776960 The Drover’s Wife and Other Stories 9781921776984 Holden’s Performance 9781921776953 Camouflage 9781921776465 The Pages

CLARKE, BROCK 9781921799976 Exley

CLARKE, JOHN $23.95 ePub 9781921776823 The Catastrophe Continues $34.95 ePub 9781921776786 The Tournament CLENDINNEN, INGA $23.95 ePub 9781921776489 Reading the Holocaust $23.95 ePub 9781921776496 Tiger’s Eye 9781921776519 Dancing with Strangers 9781921799150 True Stories $32.95 ePub COLE-ADAMS, KATE 9781921799068 Walking to the Moon $23.95 ePub COMAN, BRIAN 9781921776427 Tooth and Nail $23.95 ePub CUNNINGHAM, SOPHIE 9781921799075 Geography $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub CURRIE, CHRISTOPHER 9781921834943 The Ottoman Motel $23.95 ePub DAISLEY, STEPHEN $23.95 ePub 9781921799266 Traitor $23.00 ePub DARRIEUSSECQ, MARIE $23.95 ePub 9781921799440 Tom is Dead

BAILEY, ELISABETH TOVA 9781921834318 The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

$22.95 ePub

BATUMAN, ELIF 9781921776014 The Possessed

$26.95 ePub

$23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $26.95 ePub $25.95 ePub $26.95 ePub $19.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $25.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $32.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $29.95 ePub

DAVIDSON, ANDREW 9781921776304 The Gargoyle

$24.95 ePub

DAVIDSON, LEON 9781921799112 Zero Hour

$19.95 ePub

$29.95 ePub

BOWE, STEPH 9781921799778 Girl Saves Boy

DISHER, GARRY $27.95 ePub 9781921776922 The Dragon Man 9781921776946 Chain of Evidence $32.95 ePub 9781921776915 Blood Moon 9781921776892 Wyatt $19.95 ePub 9781921799037 The Wyatt Butterfly

$23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $32.95 ePub

BOYD, ROBIN 9781921799167 The Australian Ugliness

$34.95 ePub

BECKETT, BERNARD 9781921799129 Genesis 9781921799136 Jolt 9781921799143 Malcolm and Juliet 9781921834356 August

BIRCH, CAROL 9781921834349 Jamrach’s Menagerie

DOBYNS, JAY 9781921776359 No Angel

BRABAZON, JAMES DUCROU, DANIEL 9781921799013 My Friend the Mercenary $34.95 ePub 9781921799433 The Byron Journals BUTLER, SUSAN 9781921799105 The Dinkum Dictionary, 3rd edition


$32.95 ePub

DELLA FEMINA, JERRY 9781921799693 From Those Wonderful $19.95 ePub Folks Who Gave You $19.95 ePub Pearl Harbor $19.95 ePub DeWOSKIN, RACHEL $23.95 ePub 9781921834646 Big Girl Small

BERGNER, HERZ 9781921799099 Between Sky and Sea

$27.95 ePub

DUNCAN, GLEN 9781921834219 The Last Werewolf

$25.95 ePub

$34.95 ePub $19.95 ePub $32.95 ePub

CANNOLD, LESLIE 9781921834233 The Book of Rachael

$25.95 ePub DYER, GEOFF 9781921799549 Jeff in Venice, Death $32.95 ePub in Varanasi

$23.95 ePub

CATHCART, MICHAEL 9781921776021 The Water Dreamers

EAGLEMAN, DAVID $26.95 ePub 9781921834257 Incognito

$34.95 ePub

CAVE, NICK ELLISON, SARAH 9781921776038 The Death of Bunny Munro $24.95 ePub 9781921776045 War at the Wall Street Journal CHAMBERS, JEREMY 9781921799273 The Vintage and the Gleaning CHARLES, KATHY 9781921776847 Hollywood Ending

FLANNERY, TIM $32.95 ePub 9781921776670 An Explorer’s Notebook 9781921776632 Country $32.95 ePub 9781921776571 The Birth of Melbourne

$34.95 ePub $26.95 ePub $25.95 ePub $26.95 ePub



EBOOK STOCKLIST 9781921776588 The Birth of Sydney 9781921776663 The Eternal Frontier 9781921776595 The Life and Adventures of William Buckley 9781921776601 The Weather Makers 9781921776618 We Are the Weather Makers 9781921799785 Here On Earth FORBES, ELENA 9781921799686 Evil in Return FREEMAN, JOHN 9781921776052 Shrinking the World FREINKEL, SUSAN 9781921834622 Plastic GAITA, RAIMOND (ED.) 9781921834882 Essays on Muslims and Multiculturalism GARNER, HELEN 9781921776441 The Spare Room 9781921776434 True Stories GOTTLIEB, LORI 9781921776069 Marry Him GREEN, JOHN AND LEVITHAN, DAVID 9781921776076 Will Grayson, Will Grayson GRENVILLE, KATE 9781921776403 The Secret River 9781921776397 Searching for the Secret River 9781921776410 Dark Places 9781921776380 The Lieutenant GRIFFITHS, JAY 9781921834363 A Love Letter from a Stray Moon HAENEL, YANNICK 9781921834332 The Messenger HAIG, MATT 9781921799006 The Radleys HALL, LEANNE 9781921799341 This is Shyness HESSLER, PETER 9781921834011 Country Driving HILLS, LIA 9781921799617 The Beginner’s Guide to Living

JULY– DECEMBER 2011 :: 63

HODGMAN, HELEN 9781921834196 Blue Skies HOLDEN, KATE 9781921776229 In My Skin 9781921799808 The Romantic HOLLOWAY, RICHARD 9781921799570 Between the Monster and the Saint HORLOCK, MARY 9781921834226 The Book of Lies HORNUNG, EVA 9781921776526 Dog Boy

MARIZ, RAE 9781921799877 The Unidentified

$26.95 ePub HUME, FERGUS $26.95 ePub 9781921776748 Madame Midas

$26.00 ePub

HYLAND, ADRIAN $25.95 ePub 9781921776878 Diamond Dove $26.95 ePub 9781921776885 Gunshot Road

MARTEL, YANN $23.95 ePub 9781921776168 Beatrice and Virgil $32.95 ePub MAUSHART, SUSAN

HYLAND, M. J. $22.95 ePub 9781921776458 Carry Me Down $34.95 ePub 9781921776090 This is How

9781921799051 What Women Want Next

JAIVIN, LINDA 9781921799907 Eat Me 9781921799921 The Monkey and $34.95 ePub the Dragon $32.95 ePub

JONES, LLOYD $34.95 ePub 9781921776106 Mister Pip 9781921776694 Here at the End of the World We Learn to Dance $26.95 ePub 9781921776687 Biografi 9781921776113 The Man in the Shed $23.95 ePub 9781921799822 Hand Me Down World $25.95 ePub JORDAN, TONI 9781921776472 Addition $25.95 ePub 9781921799815 Fall Girl JULY, MIRANDA 9781921799754 No One Belongs Here More Than You $19.95 ePub KADARE, ISMAIL $24.95 ePub 9781921799747 Chronicle in Stone 9781921799761 The Accident $25.95 ePub 9781921799730 The Siege $23.95 ePub KNEEN, KRISSY $24.95 ePub 9781921776236 Affection LEHRER, JONAH 9781921834202 Proust was a $19.95 ePub Neuroscientist 9781921776328 The Decisive Moment $29.95 ePub LEVITHAN, DAVID $32.95 ePub 9781921799860 The Lover’s Dictionary LIANKE, YAN $19.95 ePub 9781921834660 Dream of Ding Village LILIN, NICOLAI $34.95 ePub 9781921776281 Siberian Education LINDQVIST, JOHN AJVIDE 9781921776724 Let the Right One In $19.95 ePub 9781921776717 Handling the Undead 9781921799792 Harbour $29.95 ePub LINK, KELLY 9781921799631 Pretty Monsters 9781921799624 The Wrong Grave $25.95 ePub $32.95 ePub MALONEY, SHANE 9781921776373 Something Fishy 9781921776175 Stiff 9781921776182 Sucked In $25.95 ePub 9781921776366 The Big Ask 9781921799334 The Brush-Off $32.95 ePub MANNING, FREDERIC 9781921799310 The Middle Parts $23.95 ePub of Fortune

$23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub M c NEISH, JAMES 9781921799020 The Crime of $23.95 ePub Huey Dunstan

$19.95 ePub

SAVAGE, ANGELA 9781921799662 The Half-Child

SHERBORNE, CRAIG $23.95 ePub 9781921834264 The Amateur Science of Love SINGER, PETER $25.95 ePub 9781921799587 The Life You Can Save 9781921799594 The President of Good and Evil

$32.95 ePub SINGER, PETER AND MASON, JIM 9781921799655 The Ethics of What MEEK, JAMES $34.95 ePub 9781921834080 The People’s Act of Love $23.95 ePub We Eat SNELLEN, MARTIEN MELOY, MAILE $23.95 ePub 9781921776212 Both Ways is the Only 9781921799648 Rekindling

Way I Want It

$32.95 ePub MILLER, REBECCA $32.95 ePub 9781921799723 The Private Lives of $32.95 ePub Pippa Lee $32.95 ePub MONTGOMERY, BETH 9781921776564 Murderer’s Thumb $23.95 ePub 9781921776557 The Birthmark $32.95 ePub MURGATROYD, SARAH 9781921799297 The Dig Tree 9781921799303 Dig 3ft NW $23.95 ePub NEWSOME, RICHARD 9781921776120 The Billionaire’s Curse $23.95 ePub 9781921799426 The Emerald Casket $32.95 ePub $32.95 ePub NOWAK, MARTIN AND HIGHFIELD, ROGER 9781921799846 SuperCooperators $25.95 ePub OBAMA, BARACK 9781921776137 Dreams from My Father 9781921776144 The Audacity of Hope $24.95 ePub OTTO, KRISTIN $26.95 ePub 9781921776861 Capital $22.95 ePub

PAJALIC, AMRA 9781921799983 The Good Daughter

$32.95 ePub

PARINI, JAY 9781921776311 The Last Station

$34.95 ePub

PEGLER, TIM 9781921799969 Five Parts Dead

$27.95 ePub ST JOHN, MADELEINE 9781921776007 The Women in Black 9781921799358 A Pure Clear Light $23.95 ePub 9781921776830 The Essence of the Thing 9781921776250 A Stairway to $19.95 ePub Paradise $17.95 ePub STEAD, REBECCA 9781921776267 When You Reach Me $26.95 ePub 9781921834400 First Light $22.95 ePub STRAUSS, NEIL 9781921776700 Emergency $19.95 ePub 9781921834639 Everyone Loves You $19.95 ePub When You’re Dead $34.95 ePub

$23.95 ePub RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL $23.95 ePub 9781921776755 The Getting of Wisdom $23.95 ePub RIPPIN, SALLY $23.95 ePub 9781921834288 Angel Creek $23.95 ePub 9781921834004 Chenxi and the Foreigner $23.95 ePub

RUDD, JESSICA 9781921799600 Campaign Ruby

$32.95 ePub $26.95 ePub $25.95 ePub

$25.95 ePub $34.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $32.95 ePub $29.95 ePub $29.95 ePub $16.95 ePub $16.95 ePub $34.95 ePub $34.95 ePub

TASEER, AATISH 9781921834066 Stranger to History

$34.95 ePub

TAYLOR, CORY 9781921834189 Me and Mr Booker

$32.95 ePub

$26.95 ePub $26.95 ePub TEMPLE, PETER 9781921799198 Bad Debts 9781921799204 Black Tide $39.95 ePub 9781921799211 Dead Point 9781921799228 White Dog $19.95 ePub 9781921799235 An Iron Rose 9781921799242 In the Evil Day $23.95 ePub 9781921799259 Shooting Star 9781921799181 The Broken Shore $19.95 ePub 9781921799174 Truth

THOMAS, SCARLETT PULLMAN, PHILIP 9781921799709 The End of Mr Y 9781921776151 The Good Man Jesus and $24.95 ePub TOFIELD, SIMON the Scoundrel Christ $23.95 ePub $24.95 ePub 9781847679611 Simon’s Cat: $32.95 ePub RASH, RON Beyond the Fence $29.95 ePub 9781921834295 One Foot in Eden $24.95 ePub VON SCHIRACH, FERDINAND $19.95 ePub 9781921776205 Serena 9781921799853 Crime $22.95 ePub REED, KIRSTEN 9781921776540 The Ice Age

$32.95 ePub

$23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub

$29.95 ePub $29.95 ePub

$27.95 ePub WATSON, S. J. 9781921834240 Before I Go to Sleep

$29.95 ePub

$16.95 ePub WELSH, LOUISE 9781921799280 Naming the Bones

$32.95 ePub

$16.95 ePub YIWU, LIAO 9781921834325 The Corpse Walker $19.95 ePub ZABLE, ARNOLD $32.95 ePub

9781921799471 Scraps of Heaven 9781921799488 Sea of Many Returns

$34.95 ePub $23.95 ePub $23.95 ePub







Christian Dittus (adult) Antonia Fritz (children’s & YA) Paul & Peter Fritz AG Jupiterstrasse 1 CH-8032, Zürich, Switzerland p: +41 1 388 4140 f: +41 1 388 4130

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Peter Bolza Katai & Bolza Literary Agency PO Box 55 H-1406 Budapest, Hungary p: +36 1 267 5775 f: +36 1 456 0314

Luisa Yeh Bardon-Chinese Media Agency 3F, No. 150, Roosevelt Rd Section 2 Taipei 100 Taiwan p: +886 2 23644995 f: +886 2 23641967




Kristin Olson Kristin Olson Literary Agency Klimentska 24 110 00 Praha 1 Czech Republic p: +420 222 582 042 f: +420 222 580 048 FRANCE

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Marcin Biegaj GRAAL Ltd Pruszkowska 29 lok. 252 02-119 Warszawa, Poland p: +48 22 895 2000 f: +48 22 895 2670 ROMANIA

Marina Adriana International Copyright Agency Ltd Str. banul Antonache 37 70 000 Bucharest 1, Romania p: +401 231 8150 f: +401 231 4522 RUSSIA

Natalia Sanina Synopsis Literary Agency PO Box 114 Moscow 129090, Russia p: +7095 781 0182 f: +7095 781 0183


Amy Spangler Anatolialit Agency Cafer Aga Mah. Haci Sukru Sok. Ay Apartment no. 13/2 34710 Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey p: +90 216 338 7093 f: +90 216 338 7093 UK

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The 2011 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, page 49

Text Publishing Catalogue July-December 2011  

Text Publishing Catalogue July-December 2011

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