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Texas Charity Bingo, is group of bingo halls in Texas that organizes bingo games for fun and charity.

Play bingo games and use your rewards card at all locations of Texas Charity Bingo halls to gather points for special discounts and freebies.

Charity Bingo Games    

48 Bingo Barn Charity Bingo Charity 1 Bingo

   

Charity 2 Bingo Charity 4 Bingo Playland Bingo Redmen Bingo

Tips for Playing Bingo Games  Always arrive at the bingo hall before the time to occupy your favourite seat.  To increase the winning chances, always sit close to the caller so that you can get a first look at the number that comes out of chute. Stay attentive so that you do not miss the numbers being called. Read all the rules carefully before starting a bingo game.

Texas Charity Bingo Location:

223 E Hallmark Ave Killeen, TX 76541

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Bingo Bryan  

Play Bingo and win exciting prizes at Texas Charity Bingo halls in Killeen, TX. For more information visit -