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Mehemea he ra-kau koe, ko te-hea ra-kau?


ANNUAL PLAN Bringing the Blueprint to Life

2017 . 2018



to Tūhoe taona, histories

Four exhibitions of Tūhoe

Cultural and career

and historic places

taona, Tūhoe history

succession options are

is made available in

and culture and work by

identified. Opportunities

Te Wharepuri. Tūhoe

Tūhoe practitioners are

are realised for

heritage is presented in a

presented in the Library.

individual whānau

series of exhibitions.

Register continuously

wishing to support

refreshed with updated

collective outcomes.


contact details. Trust

Leadership, experience,

Knowledge sources that

Board Records are

internships, exposure

are meaningful to Tūhoe-

processed. Workshops

to forums, projects,

Tribal development are

and collaborations

activities are encouraged

identified. Networks

with artists are offered

within and outside of

and partnerships

to provide a platform

Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua.

with necessary ally

for artistic and


are strengthened,

cultural expressions of Tūhoetana.

A Te Wharepuri community service is established. A service model is developed that

to achieve higher strategic advantage. Collaborative projects with Statistics New

enables Tūhoe whānau

Zealand are progressed.

to record their oral

A performance and

histories, preserve and

capability development

digitise photographs.

work plan is active across

Greater access to

Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua

information pertaining

and Tribals.

Will the Anamata panorama still allure the birds in 2027? “So let’s say it’s 2027. The Tūhoe register continues to be a key connector of Tūhoe whānau and Marae-Hapū. IT communications will be available throughout the rohe. Te Wharepuri and technology is a primary resource for Tūhoe Schools. Tūhoe have annual celebrations throughout the rohe, and in urban areas. Whānau and Marae-Hapū utilise Te Wharepuri as overflow storage for their taona, and use the preservation services to keep taona safely stored in homes and marae.” (Anamata, 2017).


I’d be a Kōwhai tree cause it attracts all the birds - but probably a stinging nettle. HERA MITCHELL Te Urewera, Nāti Tāwhaki PROJECT ANALYST - TE WHAREPURI

A Kahikatea because they’re tall like me. There’s lots of advantages to being tall, you can see everything. TYLEE HUDSON Hāmua WRITER

I named my daughter Kōwhai. So I would be a Kōwhai tree so I can be close to her.

BLUEPRINT PURPOSE Tūhoe leadership must be centred in their actions, have global awareness in their deliberations, ideas focused on growing Tūhoe self-reliance; autonomy will assure that continuity of Tūhoe culture, language and identity – our greatest assets and sources of our worth, honour and prosperity. (The Blueprint, pg 18).

TŪHOE BIOSPHERE Introduce the living system of Te Urewera

Support Tribal

Through the Te Urewera Board approved annual plan, sustain mahi


Our efficiency grows


Informing relationships


with all life and human


across Te Urewera


while investigating

Collaborate with

Te Urewera’s natural

Tribal Authorities to

balance, embracing

create future thinking

approaches that seek

opportunities and

to respect this balance.

experiences across a

Explore an expression of health of Te Urewera via the Stocktake o Te Urewera.

impact on Te Urewera are explored, assisting appropriate foundational developments.

range of Te Urewera themes, respecting the need to regrow our confidence and capability.

BLUEPRINT PURPOSE Te Urewera - our homeland. Encompassing te rohe pōtae o Tūhoe in its entirety. Our tikana of rights and obligations, our need to use our natural resources, our responsibility to bring employment, wealth opportunities and desirable lifestyle. (The Blueprint, pg 18).

Will Ōnukurani bring renewal? “By 2027, Tribal-led functions have improved our lifestyle interactions with Te Urewera, alleviating pressure on her living system. All functions other than core support roles are delivered by Tribals. A range of recognised Te Urewera management options are instinctive and Te Kawa o Te Urewera is a living document. Friendship agreements are mature and proactive. There is sustained evidence of a balanced and harmonious relationship between Te Urewera needs and Tūhoe prosperity. (Ōnukurani, 2017).


I would like to be an Ake Ake tree. Because literally, it means forever and ever. TE KAHU APIATA Hāmua, Nāti Rono TRIBAL BIODIVERSITY MANAGER, RŪĀTOKI

If I was a tree I would be a Eucalyptus tree because it can withstand extreme heat, drought and fire rises out of the ashes just like the Phoenix bird/Kaahu (bird that’s me) has a great aroma, many healing properties and makes good firewood. MOANA ANDREW Te Māhurehure PROJECT ANALYST - ŌNUKURANI

I would be an Oak tree, cause it’s strong and reliable.

TŪHOE PEOPLE Education Identify challenges, help determine solutions and develop Tūhoe educational achievement goals. Begin to create a work plan with members of Tūhoe Community of Learning (CoL).

health service for Tūhoe

Kāina Tahi

communities is brought

A whānau-focussed

to life. Improved access to safe and clean water is scoped. Medical Centre management moved to Tribals.


wrap-around approach known as Kāina Tahi is developed to raise living standards. Iwi to collaborate with Tribals and Crown services to assess the health needs

Initiatives that address

of whānau living outside

housing needs are

the rohe. Vulnerable

confirmed from the

Children and Youth

Housing Futures Report,

Justice pilot programmes

and developed in

A Tūhoe Medical Centre

are tested to restore

partnership with the

whānau capability.

Standards Committee

Tribals. Support for sale

and Quality Control

and purchase processes

system is formed and

of Housing New Zealand

activated. A dental

properties promoted.

Support Tribal education activities.


BLUEPRINT PURPOSE Whānau, hapū, Iwi are the institutions of Tūhoe, the way Tūhoetana is practised, celebrated, transmitted, shared and evolved. Whānau is the nation builder, the origin of Tūhoe identity. The vibrancy and potency of Tūhoe is dependent on the vibrancy and potency of Tūhoe institutions. (The Blueprint, pg 13).

How will the Iwi flourish? “In 10 years time, whānau have access to a range of autonomous Tribal run, co-invested services. Tamariki, ranatahi and pakeke have in place a triballylead, inspired and purposeful education system. All Tūhoe have access to a high quality, and holistic-focused Tūhoe Health service. Whānau and Marae-Hapū deliver responsibility for housing among their members. Kāina Tahi options for Tūhoe wanting to end dependency are available through Tribals, and Tūhoe-driven intervention, diversion and rehabilitation services are in place to reduce local crime rates. Services operate in towns that are accessible to Tūhoe whānau living away from the rohe.” (Iwi, 2017).

TRACY MĀRIU Hāmua, Nāti Mura, Te Whānau Pani PROJECT ANALYST - IWI

Ka tohua ko te rākau Mānuka. He rākau ahi (whānai i te whānau), he ronoa, he rākau whawhai hoki. VINOOP XAVIOUR Kerala, India TŪHOE MEDICAL CENTRES - PRACTICE NURSE

A Neem tree. It is very bitter to taste, but it has many medicinal values. KARNNIE MCCORKINDALE Nāti Kōura, Te Māhurehure TĀNEATUA MEDICAL CENTRE RECEPTIONIST

If I could be a tree I would be a Kauri tree, because we are big and strong.



Te Penapena

Tūhoe growth is

Livelihood prospects to

Tūhoe futures are

gained collectively.

enable Tūhoe prosperity

protected with support


are supported and

and input from the

opportunities to

encouraged. The five Te

Investment Committee.

support infrastructure

Tohana priorities shared

Financial reporting is

for the Iwi are defined,

between Tūhoe - Te Uru

consistent with the tauira

advancing towards Tūhoe

Taumatua and Tribal are

Mātohatoha model.

nationhood through

enacted as below:

Financial terminology

creating tools aimed at

Mātaurana - through

and knowledge will

upgrading Tūhoe marae

investment in education.

begin to be known

preparedness to operate

Pakeke - areas of needed

throughout the iwi.


support for whānau in distress are identified,


with provision provided.

Aiding Tribal

Orana Pūmau - fair

infrastructure development to increase the accessibility of growth opportunities. Marae insurance criteria will be established; along with credible tourism ventures within Te Urewera, explored with Tribal authorities.

development framework created to assess economic development opportunities. Rūnana Aria - commercial proposals invited with use of the development framework. Te Hau Kāina - learnings from Te Kura Whare are provided to Tribal for the rigour testing of housing and land use priorities.

How will the fragrant fronds of Whairawa unfurl in 2027? “Sustainable commercial industries are well established and contribute to the wealth and health of whānau, hapū and Iwi. Education and training directed towards sustainable environments are established. Infrastructure is in place to support whānua and Marae-Hapū driven tourism ventures. Tūhoe marae operate sustainably and within their means. Iwi financial literacy is an everyday language within the Iwi.” (Whairawa, 2017).

TONY ATA Tamakaimoana, Nāti Huri TIAKI PĀ

Kai te pīrani ahau ko te rākau Miro, nā te mea he pai ki āhau te kai kererū. JENNA HUDSON Hāmua WHAIRAWA GROUP MANAGER

A Kauri because they’re tall and strong. PHOENIX APIATA Hāmua, Nāti Rono, Te Urewera MOU MOU KAI CAFE RINAWERA

I would be a Kawakawa tree because it’s used for ronoa māori, and is incorporated into our kai.

BLUEPRINT PURPOSE A commendable Blueprint is not in itself a measure of success. Strategy is not sustainable alone but must be accompanied by a crafted implementation plan. Our success in this endeavour is to be measured by the degree of applying Tūhoe values and priorities into the day to day operations of the new Tribal Authority. (The Blueprint, pg 18).

07 312 9659 12 Tūhoe Street, Tāneatua PO Box 56, Tāneatua 3163 TELEPHONE:


Bringing the Blueprint to Life: printed on Rockstock - a tree free mineral paper manufactured from milled quarry waste using no water and minimal energy non-toxic and low GHG emissions.

Profile for Te Uru Taumatua

Bringing the Blueprint to Life 2017 - 2018  

The annual plan of Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua for 2016 - 2017.

Bringing the Blueprint to Life 2017 - 2018  

The annual plan of Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua for 2016 - 2017.