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ISSUE 2 - JULY 2010

The Year at a Glance


"What a beautiful, sunny morning. It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it? We can't let the sun outshine us! We have to beam, too!


– Takayuki Ikkaku

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Dear Readers, So, here is the second issue of the new Sixth Form Magazine. This issue focuses on what you can do in the summer to satisfy your interests and things that you could do which would bulk up your personal statement. As usual, see included: the fashion page, the music reviews, the gig reviews and the things to do page. Also, just a reminder that you can find a list of open days, useful websites and past issues at Hope you all enjoy reading the magazine and have an amazing summer. Your Editor,

Jasmine Camm. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 02

The Big Lesson Sixth Form is a learning experience, not just in your subject lessons but also in your breaks, lunchtimes and „study‟ (free) periods. Here we have year 12 from the view of a few year 12 students and also the odd quote from the 13 student to sum up their whole Sixth Form experience. By Kieran Clayton When I started Year 12, I admit that I was a little apprehensive; and the silly thing is that I probably wouldn‟t be able to tell you exactly why, because I don‟t even know. But if I had to hazard a guess, I would say there were indeed several factors that most likely contributed: new environment, not really knowing what or who to expect and Year 13. After the first weeks, we had all found our places in Sixth Form (literally in the Common Room), we began to develop relationships with staff and fellow students who we would have never even spoken to before. Yes, I found the work load a bit challenging at first but I soon got to grips with it, even with a long commute. And as for the Year 13 thing, after a while it wasn‟t year 13 and year 12, we are just Sixth Form; one of my very good friends now, was one of the people I was initially terrified of, a member of Year 13. All I can say is I look forward to progressing more in Sixth Form and learning more about myself and others, including the new Year 12 we will welcome in September! (Although, we might get a little protective of our seats in the Common Room.) By Jasmine Camm I've loved being at Sixth Form, and as somebody who wasn't planning on coming here, i'd say that's quite a feat! The year has been filled with things that i'm glad to have experienced, whether I enjoyed them at the time or not. Cake, Cambridge and friends are a few words that spring to mind. Over the past year i've forged friendships with people that I never thought I would. There've been opportunities that have changed the way I look at things. And we've all become comfortable in each others presence; that alone is something that was unthinkable in lower school. The initial period was getting used to being here, then it was settling into your subjects (if you weren't going to change them again!), then it was January exams Panic! After the 'phew! we're still alive' moment, we got our results back, some good and some bad. All too soon, it was the main period of our AS exams when everyone was stressed trying to fit that revision in. And then, quite abruptly, it was the end of the year, now. This year has gone so quickly and it's sad to have seen it fly by so fast; but that's what happens and i'm sure next year will be just as awesome and just as short. Along with that, i'm sure there'll be floods of tears at the end... Then, we must take our first steps into the real world. Strange, isn't it? By You Lot

“Year 12 comes with highs and lows, fun and laughter, challenges and rewards, all in a years work ( and a lot of work that is).” “Although it's been hard and I've wanted to rip my hair out at times, it's something I wouldn‟t have wanted any differently. Everyone seems to be a lot closer now and we've all been given so many opportunities from fund raising for Manorlands to trips to Cameroon! Also, we couldn't ask for a better Annie! .

My whole 6th form experience was interesting. I made some great friends and once all the work was over, I realized that

I learned so much...

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 03

Helpful University Tips By Nicola Langthorne


ith the prospect of University looming, now is a great chance to really make the best use of your

time. It is highly recommended that you visit as many University Open Days as possible, whether it be to see one you are interested in, or just to get a better feel of University life and Campus. Look at the useful list of Open Days in this very issue or on to see when and where you can visit! A great suggestion from many sources, is to plump up your personal statements, whilst you have free time. Volunteer work, charity events and Enrichment Day activities are brilliant opportunities to do so. However, as time is running out we can't rely on school providing these. To do extra activities in your own time this summer would definitely be helpful for University Applications, particularly if they were sought for by you. Despite how nerve-wracking it is, Personal Statements are your chance to shine when applying. So, to really make an effort now and over the summer would be beneficial in the long run. Plus, not all voluntary work is boring! If you find something that interests you then it'll provide you with a way of having fun, filling up your summer and making sure you have things for your Personal Statement. Have a wonderful summer, readers!


By Jasmine Camm s we all know, UCAS has made an entrance and we are all expected to have an idea of the Univer-

sities which we would like to apply to, by September. Throughout the summer you should be researching Universities in a range of ways, afterall, the more opinions you get, the more accurate your overall image will be. Prospectuses are available to view online and can also be ordered from the website of your chosen Universities. Also, attend as many relevant open days and tours as you can, ask the representatives of the University questions, ask past and present students their opinions and always bare in mind what YOU want in your University. Whilst researching, here are some things to consider: Student Satisfaction. Research Assessment. Student-Staff Ratio. Graduate Prospects. Quality of teaching. How much tuition time you‟ll have. The suitability of the local area. Is the course at that University right for you? Campus based? Big or Small? Is the work mostly coursework or exams? Do you/Will you meet the entry requirements? Yes, the rankings of Universities DO vary, however this is just because different organisations assess the Universities in different ways. Also, for students opinions... But do remember that everyone has different opinions, and one person‟s good could be another person‟s evil. So don‟t take it straight to heart.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 04

Summer Check List >> Print Me <<

HOMEWORK: We have provided you with this check list of things to do throughout the summer holidays... If you could complete the whole list then you are well on your way to making year 13 smooth sailing and obtaining a university placement.

Volunteer work Read a Few Books Work Experience Summer Job Draft Your Personal Statement Have Fun! Open Days Stay Over in Uni Location Narrow Down to 8 Unis Results Day! Be Positive... Attend Summer Crash Courses See Toy Story 3D Read up on Your Future Lessons Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Spend All Your Money! Complete This List Return this list completed (including the form below) and hand it into a member of the OSFM team and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a PRIZE! And there is no use in lying, because we will ask questions and use our psychic abilities against you. Not even Google could prepare you for this quiz... NAME:............................................................................................................................... TUTOR GROUP:..............

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 05


By Michaela Johns

With the summer holidays within our grasp, we‟ll all be jetting off to sunny destinations for a few weeks. In this issue, holiday wear is the main focus: bright print swimwear, hats, sunnies, kaftan cover-ups and statement sandals.

Trend 1 – Swimwear

Trend 2 – Beach jewellery

Trend 3 – Sandals £12

£25, Topshop

All From Topshop £28 £32, Topshop



£55, £67, SALE

£6, Fatface

Trend 4 – Cover-ups


Fatface £14 £28 £10, Fatface £20, Topshop £7.50, Fatface


£35, Topshop

£8, Topshop

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 08



Something for the guys

£17.50, Fatface

£14, Topman


£20, Fatface


£22, £85.50,

For the festival go-ers… There‟s a great range of festival wear in Fat Face at the moment, whether it‟s in the sale or full price. Since I work there, I can give you a 20% discount on full price items! £15



And Elsewhere... £16, Topman

£20, SALE

£8, Urban Outfitters

£8, SALE

£4, SALE

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 08

Fashion Show! A group of us recently went on a

By Olivia Sayer

day trip to Bradford College to attend an art exhibition accompanied by a fashion show. The fashion show, which was displayed in the Imax theatre, presented its audience with the work of students who had worked to a BTEC and Degree level, showing products of their final year collection. In my opinion, the collections were finished to a high quality standard, all portraying different themes as shown in the images.

Summer Courses By Jasmine Camm

Here are just a few examples of courses and classes that last for a short amount of time that count be of use to you, depending on where your interest lie. As there is such a vast range in interests that people have, I have chosen to share only a small amount. There are so many things on this summer and they‟re advertised in papers, on websites, in shop windows, just keep your eye open! The choice varies from archaeology digs on the moors to chemistry days at colleges. There are also a lot of summer schools occurring which are not limited to Universities, but there are also thing such as beginners languages. You don‟t need to pay for all of them! First Aid Course St. John's Ambulance, Harrogate. £20 3 Hours Bentham Pottery Course. Ingleton. £25 2.5 hours. Fashion Photoshop for ages 16-18 London. FREE. 2 days. Telephone: 020 8522 5700 (quote 'Summer Fashion Courses')

But, if you really can‟t bring yourself to leave your house...You could always start following an online course or tutorial. These can be found in a number of areas (Youtube, Google... ) Although you need to sieve through a few less-than-great sites, it‟s fairly easy to find genuine and useful courses. Youtube is good for pronunciation of foreign languages, learning sign language and using polymer clay, whereas finding an online language course just works through Google-ing. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 04

Internet picks of the month By Ruby Whelan Want to keep up with the news, but also fulfil your daily satire quotient? This website is for you! The site basically takes news stories and re-writes them with more of a mickey-taking slant. According to the website; “We strongly believe that all news stories should be considered A Remarkable Special Event (ARSE), and as such each and every story we cover is treated like ARSE.” News ARSE – because they never let the truth get in the way of a funny story. I don‟t know what I like most about The Oatmeal; the crazy artwork, the silly comics or the fact that it manages to make learning about grammar both informative and ridiculous! The website consists of comics on various subjects, such as “How to choose a banshee” and “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you”; quizzes, such as “How many Justin Beibers could you take in a fight?” and “How long you could survive on the surface of the sun?”; and other miscellany, which is basically The Oatmeal‟s ramblings. My favourites have got to be the collection of dumb jokes, and the many grammar-related comics – they greatly appeal to my grammar-Nazi side. Updates are fairly random, and I doubt there is any kind of schedule. Now, as a person who enjoys cake and doesn‟t make a bad cake herself, this site is most definitely cringeworthy (and therefore hilarious). Think of all the ways a cake could be ruined by a professional baker, double it, and you have come somewhat close to the amazing level of stupidity that is humorously showcased on this website. From misspellings (and OH, there are thousands. Who knew you could spell “birthday” in so many ways?!), to shoddy craftsmanship, to just plain weird designs, this website pokes fun at them all. However, it‟s not all bad – check out Sunday Sweets for some wonderfully made, truly gorgeous cakes. This ever humorous and ever slightly insane webcomic is the baby of Jeph Jaques – he started it on August 1st 2003 and since then he‟s quite his job and lives entirely from merchandise sales – a pretty cool thing to do with your life. It follows the lives of a group of friends (it was just 3 people and a robot to begin with, and now I can‟t even count the regular characters), who usually hang out at Coffee of Doom – think Starbucks, but more badass. It updates every weekday, and has done for some time – if you want to catch up with the story (which I did) be warned, as there are over 1700 comics to get though. Alternatively, you could just read the wikipedia page and be lazy, yeah! It‟s also interesting to see how the artwork improves over time – shows what 7 years of practise can do!

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 10

Things to do Event


By Jasmine Camm


Further Information

Behind the Scenes Leeds City with Time Team Museum,

Thu 29 July evening

Time Team‟s Raksha Dave tells us what really happens on and off camera on the world‟s longest running archaeology TV programme. Part of the UK-wide Festival of British Archaeology -17 July-1 Aug. Cheryl Kellett 0113 2243732 Booking necessary

Summer Vintage Fair.


31st July

Ilkley Book Fair

Kings Hall & Fri 23 July to Winter Gardens, Sat 24 July Station Road, Ilkley

Secondhand and antiquarian books, maps and prints for sale. Woo!

The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Fantasy & Feathers

Sabai Pavilion Manchester Sackville Street Carpark Manchester

Fri 2 July to Sat 31 July

Prices from £14.00 to £26.00. Information: 0870 428 0785. The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in Manchester with just under 500 costumes to display. For a night of funny, fabulous frivolities, this is the act to see.

Tasting the Past

Museums Sheffield: Weston Park, Western Bank, Sheffield

Sat 24–Sun 25 July 11.00–15.30

Oakbank School/

At the start of the The next issue of Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine new school year is released to welcome you all back for another year!

Millennium Square

OSFM, Issue 3

Times: 20:00, 19:30, 17:00, 21:15, 19:00.

Also a part of the British Archeolody Festival, you can experience what food was like in the past and at the same time, learn a few interesting facts that you never knew about your food!

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 11

Things to own By Kieran Clayton

This Months Essential Item! Lots of Prospectuses

Editors Pick

FREE Chosen Universities Website

Cinderella meets Lara Croft

If you haven't already then it really is time to start collecting those prospectuses and searching for the right uni for you! Get ordering them, start now by visiting the website of a university you have been thinking about, all you need to do is fill out a form.

Not the best looking shoes, admittedly. They're also not very efficient. But, if you're paranoid about being attacked, then these are the shoes for you! Just break the tip the shoe to reveal a hidden stun gun to shock your attacker. They were inspired by a woman who wanted to "intimidate her intimidators" and wanted to be "empowered without losing her femininity". Sure, the reasoning and the idea behind the shoes are great... Unfortunately, once you've smashed them, you'll have to buy another pair and explain to the police why you have a stun gun in your shoe. Ah well, can't please everyone. You may be thinking... „O, just another student card‟. Well yes it is that but this one offers so much more; not only do you get discount in popular shops such as Topshop/man there is also the added bonus of discount on all the EXTREMELY useful books in the UCAS book shop. Or if you fancy a bite to eat you can get discounts with popular takeaway chain, Dominos Pizza, plus a lot more restaurants. Of course there is more than discounts, you will also be kept up to date with the universities and courses you show an interest in. Best of all its FREE and it only take a few minutes to sign up! UCAS card FREE,

Changing the TV channel shouldn‟t Alien TV Channel Changer, be boring, and now it isn‟t! Imagine £5.99, SALE this... Your watching a really bad film, for example... Twilight, and you really just want it off your screen; well now you can do this with the added satisfaction of thinking you‟ve shot Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Back on planet earth... Sorry, this handy little gun will make changing the channel so much more enjoyable! Slinky Dog, £14.99,

Whether you had one as a child or not, you should have one now! The slinky dog has played a big role in all of our childhoods, thanks to Toy story! Now with the latest release of Toy story 3 there isn‟t any better time for you to get your hands on one... Whilst your at it... Get yourself a Mr Potato Head, Buzz, Woody In fact go mad and visit the Toy Story shop on the Toys „R‟ Us Website: HERE. Happy Playing ;)

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 12

By Kieran Clayton


eeds Fest 2010 is something that a lot

of you are looking forward to, for me though it was one of the heats for the FutureSound competition in which the winner of each heat gets to play at Leeds Fest that got me excited. The particular heat I attended was on Monday 5th July at the Cockpit in Leeds and I was going full out on support for Hail Animator; a fantastic, indierock, Leeds band. Even going to the extent of producing a t-shirt using an old poster from one of their previous gigs and a pritstick, which I had to take with me for maintenance. Before the music began we ended up meeting a few of the band as they wondering the room and of course ventured to the bar; I must say they were all very much in favor of the tshirt and were all genuinely grateful for our support. We stood at the back of the room for the first band, after all it was a competition and we didn't want to seem too keen on the other acts, although we still applauded... quietly. The first band, Afraid Like You, had a good sounds and lots of energy, but I felt like I'd seen them before, or at least the lead singer. We managed to make our way to the front for the second act, just to guarantee a position there for when Hail Animator took to the stage. This was a bad move though, the room got hotter and hotter the closer you got to the stage, and I felt like I should have been singing along or at least acknowledging that I knew the songs of the second act, when in fact I'd never heard of them in my life... BangBangRomeo. This interesting band had real variety in their act, starting with a acoustic song that really complimented the lead singers voice, and as the act progressed the songs were ranging from Rock to something about more dancy, at times. One thing catching my eye on the stage was the backcombed beauty of a hairstyle that was bobbing round in front of me, complete with colorful feathers and probably a whole lot of hairspray, this really was a hair-do to be desired, 5

Introducing... Band Name: Hail Animator Band Members: Richard // Adam // Bradley // Ste Based in: Leeds Genre: Indie The suspense built for Hail Animator as they set up their equipment on stage, we were all very much possessed with excitement, and we also found that one of the band members names is actually easy to chant unlike to the band name! The band opened with a track from their recently released EP – „We Live In Boxes‟ – „what you did‟ got the crowd limbering up and beginning to pull out the moves, it was time to make some noise! The band seemed on top form and hopeful about the competition even though the other band had masses of marked supporters (All wearing the same t-shirt… how embarrassing!), let‟s not forget, Hail animator had one too! After several tracks from their EP, including that track containing the line “we live in boxes” (Easier Said Than Done), we got to the new stuff, a nice way to end the set. Although, the night still managed to get better with the introduction to the first new song, „Are you Gonna‟, it included a dedication to “the guy down front with the homemade Hail Animator t-shirt” – making the t-shirt, I‟m sure, very much worth his while! The new material including the last song, „Start A Fire‟, definitely had the Hail Animator feel but it continues to be fresh and have something about it that sets it apart from the rest. After their set we resorted to the back of the room where we met the band again, had pictures and a good chat, making me very excited for the next gig! Afraid Like You BangBangRomeo Hail Animator

We Live in Boxes OUT NOW! Available on iTunes or @

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 13

Music Katy Perry - California Gurls By Michaela Johns

'California Gurls' is the first single to be released from Katy's new album "Teenage Dream" and it proves that Katy Perry is one of the best performers in this day and age. With Snoop Dogg's opening, "Greetings loved ones, let's take a journey," we are transported to a California of beaches, bikinis, and the sun so hot it "will melt your popsicle." The song is little more than light, frothy pop, but that may be exactly what you need today when dreaming about the summer and a few months from now, baking happily in

B.O.B ft Hayley Williams Airplanes

ALBUM OF THE MONTH Eminem - Recovery

By Michaela Johns

By Michaela Johns

What I love about this song is the moving lyrics. Hitting number 2 after only a couple of weeks, it is loved so many others. Anchored by a powerful, haunting pop chorus, B.o.B. dips into something much deeper and complex than his debut #1 smash "Nothin' On You." Hayley Williams, lead vocalist of Paramore is brought in to deliver the chorus with a slightly fragile, longing beauty, matching the lyrics with perfection. Part II of the song also features a rap from Eminem that only complicates the subject matter. In my opinion, this is one of the most intensely emotional hit singles of the year so far.

After his flop last year with his album “Relapse”, Eminem definitely needed a recovery with a new album. Personally, I think he‟s made a great comeback with this album. He even admits to fans that Relapse was mediocre: 'And to the fans, I’ll never let you down again, I’m back/I promise to never go back on that promise, in fact/ Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was eh/Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground/Relax, I ain’t going back to that now.' With fresh beats, and appearances from the likes of Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne and Pink, I believe Eminem has found his feet again and given us a fresh perspective on his music and bars. He proves that he is 'not afraid to take a stand.'

Lady Gaga - Alejandro By Michaela Johns

Gaga sets standards high with her catchy dance-pop tunes she's been blasting through our ears for the past year. However this song is a minor slip up for her. I do agree that it is a good song, just not as good as the get-up-and-go tunes she's provided us with previously. I admire Gaga for her clever lyrics in the song and the beat is quite good, but I do feel that she has done better. Maybe it is also the music video she's done for the video that lowers standards too. It's great in a Gaga way, but I did get a bit bored whilst watching the mini-movie of a music video; it was slightly odd and dark, and I am definitely not a fan of her new bowl cut! Video aside, I do like the song, but I expect a little Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 15

Film & Games Film The Prince of Persia

Long ago in land far, far away, there once rose a empire that stretched from the steps of China to the shores of the Mediterranean. The film opens to a land plagued by war as the empire struggles to expand. It's set in built up areas which adds to the excitement, by making sure that all of the fights that occur are intertwined. I didn't expect the film to be true to the games that it was based on, but it was surprisingly full of free running action and acrobatics that made the games so great. The film itself has a gripping storyline and twisting plot which always keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next.

By Joss Cope-Smith

Shrek Forever After I absolutely loved this film! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x;s really funny and extremely entertaining. I saw it in 3-D and I would defiBy Christina Cooper nitely recommend paying that little bit extra for it (it's worth it). Rumpelstiltskin tricks Shrek into signing a pact so that he may relive his old bachelor/Ogre lifestyle for one day; for the small price of one of his childhood days. But crafty Rumpelstiltskin takes a rather important day - the day that Shrek was born. Thus, Shrek is thrown into a twisted reality of Far Far Away, where Rumpelstiltskin is king, Ogres are hunted and Shrek and Fiona never met. Shrek turns himself into Rumpelstiltskin, and in return demands that all Ogres are set free, but as Fiona is only half Ogre she is imprisoned, along with Shrek. About to be eaten by Dragon (Donkeys' Wife), Puss, Donkey and the other Ogres arrive just in time to save the day! Together they all defeat Rumpelstiltskin and his forces. Shrek and Fiona have 'true loves kiss', and her curse is broken once more. All is well, but will Shrek return to his designated reality? You'll have to watch it and see! Games By Joss Cope-Smith

This month we shall not be reviewing any games, instead we shall give an overview of a few of the most anticipated releases which everyone is waiting for.

First up is Call of Duty: Black Ops: This follows on from the previous Call of Duty in the series. However, it is a totally different storyline set in Vietnam. The Gamplay trailer gives the impression that the game is rather explosive as you fly around in an Apache helicopter with no goal. My thoughts? I think that there has been too much hype about it, and it's unlikely to be as well received as it's predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Secondly, Crisis II: This is the second instalment, as the name would suggest, that is set in a world where aliens have taken over and humans struggle to survive. One 'lone wolf' possesses a suit of armour that increases the strength, agility and cloaks of the owner. Obviously, this helps him battle it out with the alien threat. At first glance, the game appears to be a replica of Crisis I... not too sure about what the future holds for this one, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see! Finally, Fallout: New Vegas. Quite predictably, the game is located in the post Apocalyptic world of Fallout... But Vegas has been left unscathed. Not much information is available, but I can tell you that the game begins for you lying in a ditch, dead, after being shot twice in the head. I recommend buying all of these games, or at least renting to experiment. Such hype and build-up must mean some- Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 16 thing.

Random Facts By Jasmine Camm - Apocolocynposis is the fear of turning into a pumpkin. (Been reading a bit too much Cinderella here?)

Fact of the Month

- A cockroach can live for nine days without its head. - The number of people dreaming in black and white decreased after the spread of colour television.

A chimpanzee can learn to recognize itself in a mirror, but a monkey cannot.

- New Zealand is home to 70 million sheep and only 4 million people. - ‟Stewardesses‟ is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. - In ancient Greece teachers were paid higher wages than skilled craftsman. They also received gifts from citizens. - The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in their life. - If the gherkin in a McDonalds burger was taken out, then the burger would then be classed as a dessert due to its extreme sugar content. -A British law was implemented in 1732 which restricted the manufacturing of hats. This was done in order to protect the fibre industry in England. (No hats?!) - The blessing of those who sneeze started when the great plague took hold of Europe. The Pope therefore passed a law requiring people to bless the sneezer. - The phrase „in the dead of the night‟ was first recorded in 1548. Meaning the 'darkest time of night' and was used in Edward Halls‟ "Chronicle". - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. - Explanations for the meaning of this rhyme differ. From „pretty maids‟ and „silver bells‟ being colloquialisms for instruments of torture used under the reign of Mary I; to relating to Mary Queen of Scots and her unfaithful husband. - Bal du moulin de la Galette is fifth on the list of most expensive paintings ever sold. Painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, it was sold at over £86 million in 2009. - Le Louvre was originally constructed as the fortress of King Phillippe Auguste in 1190. - Deterioration over the years has revealed that a portrait of Elizabeth I holding a bunch of flowers originally saw her clasping a snake. Although, it is not fully understood whether the original painting was a portrait of the Queen, and why the snake was replaced. - The largest gathering of people to wear underpants is 116 - By Pants to Poverty in London. - A mysterious race of ancient Britons who had much in common with people today but belonged to another human species lived in Norfolk almost a million years ago, scientists believe.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 16

August Open Days

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops

20 08 10

Askham Bryan College – Drop in Day

21 08 10

University of Central Lancashire

21 08 10

University of Sunderland

21 08 10

York St John

25 08 10

York St John

25 08 10

Lancaster University

31 08 10

University of Aberdeen

And some for September...

10 09 10

University of Derby

10 09 10

University of Liverpool

11 09 10

University of Birmingham

11 09 10

York St John

15 09 10

Aberystwyth University

16 09 10

University of Glamorgan

17 09 10

St Anne‟s College, Oxford-University Information

Day 18 09 10

Lancaster University

18 09 10

Newnham College, Cambridge

22 09 10

Harper Adams University College, Shropshire

22 09 10

Aston University

26 09 10

University of Central Lancashire

And a few for October...

02 10 10

University of Lincoln

02 10 10

Newcastle University

02 10 10

University of Reading

If your university isn‟t here, check the Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine Website for a full list of University open days.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 18

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